Newspaper of The New York Herald, 26 Mart 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 26 Mart 1847 Page 1
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r THI ?t. ?lli, H. NUWkilt ?. ? Ml THENSW YORK HERALD^, JAMES GORDON BENNKTT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation--Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Eyery u?y, Knee > ewH per copy?9 Vj tier annual?payable in adrsnoe WEEKLY HKRALD-Erery 8atnnlay?Pnss ?X ceoo per copy?3 12?euiUi?tannum?payable in adranee. HERALD EOR EUROPE?Eeery steam Packet day? Price 6>? ceau pet copy?$1 per annum, payable tn advance. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Publithed on the lit of January of each year?tingle copies aiipenee each. ADVERTISEMENTS, at the usual prices?always cash Id u<lvance Adyertiaameiita should be wriuen in n plain, legible manner. The Proprietor will not be responsible fo? errors that may occur iu them. phimam mil ?rnil /i _.i ? despatch. All letters or communications. by mail, addressed to the establishment, uiuat be poet paid, or the poitage will be dm ducted from the subscription inonev remitted. JAMES (JOKDON BENNETT, Proprietor of the Nrw Yoke Hchild ciiiiiiiimmtet, WMloitn nt Feltns ead Naassn street" TO LU.T. XmA A BOWLING Saloon and Billiard Hooin, in one oi rjl tlie moat central situations in Philadelphia; the present 4mULproprietor having other bnaioeaa, which claims his tune, lie la not enabled to aire it the attention it requires ? Terms will be made known by addressing B. Y., Philadelphia Post Office. m?3 3'gbx <b?k TO LEI' n W ILclA viSBUltGH ?The two !;; ? story brick front house, wit'i folding doors; it coutaius J?el>aei en rooms and basement, in good order, pump 10 the yard with six lots of around, carriage house, cherry, plum, peach and pear trees; J beds of aspiragus, with a good grass plot, tastefully laid out with rose bushes and * great variety of other shiubbery, about one mile from Peck slip ferry.? Enquire of Cli.'rJcx M Church, lttO Chatham street, or of Johu Hkillmnn, corner of North 8econd and Lorimer streets, 011 the premises. m84 3w*rc mA UOOD CHANCE?* OR HALE, three year's lease, with stock, fixtures, sod furuiture of a Porter and Lodging House, one of the best locations in the city of New York, not two minutes walk from Broadway and the lVk;has been eatabliehed these last fifteen years, doing a good business. Kor particulars, apply to Mr MeQAMVEV. corner of Cherry end Hooieyelt streets. m84 3t*rc JknC KCHt SALE?Will be sold at Public Aucion, in l"|w Lambertsrille, N.J., on Tttesdiy, 6th day of April, JUUL1847, all of that yainable now block of Stone Buildings ?u me corner of Coryell.and Franklin street, Foundry, Machine shop, Factory, and three Houses, to the highest bidder, to close a concern. Two canal? pass through said yil lage to t hiladelphin and New York; also, Delaware liyer. New Jersey nilroad, from Philadelphia to New York, frithin fifteen miles. Also, a uew railroad about to be built in said village la short, no place in the Union possesses gieater facilities for transportation. The Village is 13 miles from Trenton, 30 from Philadelphia. 60 from New Vork,30 from Eaiton, Pa.. 36 from New Brum wick For farther particulars apply to the nndeisigned on the premises. J. P. MICH. <w, ion. Dusvin TO GROCERS. MACORNER STOKE to let, and Stock and Fixtures for sale, situated is the lower pert of the city-a firet rate stand for the retail Grocery and Liquor business ihe stock ia rerr *m*ll and will be sold cheap, and the premises let low to a good tenant l'osieieion given immediately. Euquire at 113 Warren atreet. m33 lw*rrq TO LET X/i ON let May ia Hammond etreet, near Factory street, i.-jW an excellent three-story residence, in a complete state JUilaOf ornamental repair, fitted with matble mant is hot and cold water baths. Ike.?A lofty row of irees in front of thi house. Heat $473 per annum. Apply to m?3 lw*ire VY8E b SONS. 172 Pearl street. JggL TO LEASE?The Mansion House and Farm of John L, Norton, at Far Hockawav, lately ocenpied by Jacob JiJULLawrence, Jr., adjoining the Marine Pavilion The h?use is 53 leet by 50. two story and attic, affording large and beau ilul accommodations for either a Boarding House or priv ite residence. The Coach houses and Htables are large and commodious; 60 acres of choice land, 30 of fresh and salt ii eadow, and 20 of beach and pasture; the ice honse filled The buildings with garden an? ground adjoining will be let sepa-ate if required. Apply to John H. Power, 120 Fnll'n sirenr. New Vork sn20 lw?r? m 'i u Lili.?ran ol ageuteei nuu e t itsuul: tauulv; or the second floor will be let readv furnished to one or two single geuliemrn, without board. The best el ice required Address box 1566 post offlee. in20 lw*ih | FUR HALE. MA THREE 8TORY HOUSE on 23d street, between the 2d and 3d Avcnnes. It is well finished, and reple*e with the latest improvements, including kitchen lange, sink, cold and warm baths, water closets be , Italian marble mantels throughout the h- use ; a court yard of fifteen feet m front, with verandah and French windows. The house is one of a row of aix house* on the south aide of the atreet. For further pcrticulan, apply to VYBEbSON*, m!9 1m*rh ?72 Pearl street. FOR SALE, Jmb AT PRIVATE SALE?The property known as No [> 186 Mulberry street, near Broom* straet. Lot 22 by IOC JBsllsfeet. A two story brick front house on the front of lot ?a kin nil two irarv frnmn hnnu nil ihn lid* nf 1st. villi b iirge work shop in the roar. S3 by 26 fact, with a eailar II feel drep in the name. Half oi the parehaaa raonty can ratnain 01 bond and mortgage, at 7 per cent. Enquire on the promiiea. tl< lm*rc TO LET, MProm lit of May next, three three-story brick hoaaea, now finithiug, at Hobokan, within three hnndrid yards of the ferry. They will hare Rood well and eiatern water brought iu the kichen,and other conreniencej, thai will render them deairable for either a large or small %-'ly , Apply to Mr A. Palmer, at the eaipeater'a ahop near the ferry 1 One of them ia foraale wi3 2w?irc | FOR BALE, < ^tA A FARM of lilty two aerea, moat delightfully ai | fi!? tu.ted, about five miles from Elizabethtown, N.J., JUl&cnmp'iiing a handsome enmmodions Dwelling House, 1 fitted with marble mantels, and every convenience for a re- j sixctahle f.mily; the whole, including gardener's house, btrnt, ice house, and other buildings, in a substantial atste of > repair; the orchard contains tweuty acres of choice fruit { trees. The easy access from New York, either by the various I cars from Jersey t;i.y, or rhe ferry to Elisibfthport, whence , a railroad train runs within a hundred yards of the house, renders this properly very valuable to those doing business < in this city The greater pert of the purchase money can re , main lor three yeais on bond and mortgage, ar five per cent. VYSK It *ON8,17* Pearl at. < Also for sile, a dwelling house,No. 311 Washington street m'91m*rh 1 FOR SALE OR RENT: ' THE THREE STORY HOUSE No. 14 Barclay 1 !>>> street, (stable in rear) furnished if required. 1JflL ALSO TO LET-On 3d avenue, Nos. 173,17?, 171, Stores and Dwellings, suitable for faney dry goods. Kent 1 low, to guod tenants. Apply at 203 Broadway, Johnson, ( Lauphiuat Hascy, or to T. J. Hnll,S3Barclav street, before 3 A M. m!4 tf rc * MP OK SALE ?A small home and about six acrea ol ' land, situate at Kockawav. Long Island, in the Kock ( away aud Jamaica Turnpike, and within a quarter of a mile of the post office. One nere of the land is under peach I tieea two acrea tillable, balance in wood. . Alio, several other piecee.of land in the seme neighborhood. - I Enquire of John L. Norton, jun., 14 Delnncy atrent, or nt the office of John H. Power, 129 Fulton at. m3 3w*rc FOR SALE CHEAP, BmL In RURAL LIFE, fronting the benutiful Haritnn {;m|I Boy.commanding a Fall and entire view from the HighJliflLlands of Neversink to the Narrows. Largs nnd small farina, improved and unimproved property, so that the pur chasers can at all timet suit their fancy in a selection of pro perty. Also, fourteen vslnable building lots, at West Bloomfield, Pompton, adjoining the Methodist Charck parsonage, and op- t posits the New Episcopal Church. Terms easy. Parsons t i!c si mum of retiring from the city ton healthy location nay- . where aloug the shore, can obtain all information desired, bv let er pott, to W. O. HAY N KM, Key port, Monmouth county, Mew Jersey. fte la*re FLORENCE HOUSE. No. 4<X) Broadway, corner Walker Street, N. Y. teA JOHN KLOKKNliC, Jr., hai now completed hi* strange menti Tor openug to the public, et tne elegant Xj^and p ick us building above designated, and wnicn he ha* at great eipeine erected, a Hotel, to be conducted on the Kuto. eau plan. In addition to the commodiont Keataurant below, be has arranged extensive suites of dining rooms on the floors above, splendidly furnished with every modern improvement in lurniturc, decorations, Ac. Besides these, are seialle'apartments, similarly furnished, for the aceominndn'ionof individuals, or of small parties, where (as in the larger apartments) meals are supplied at their own hours, by carle, on the plan alluded to. Attached te the establishment, (iMiirsnce <|uite distinct from that with the | ubhe department) are some sixty bedroom* single und double, with el event parlors adjoining?the whole forming a first class hotel for gentlemen, to be conducted on s scale of convenience and accommodation hithert unattained in thia country. J V .Jr, trusta that it ia unnecessary f,<r him to aasure the public that his larder, lilt wines, and indeed his entire euliliaty department, will be of the beat kind throughout; and lie invites gentlemen who arc desirous of at tha same time obtaining 100m* and board, or either, teparataly, to call upon torn na above, where he will be happy to alford them every facility of examining his new and eommodions establish* Bient. iu2 lm?rc March 2. 1M7. v^l \j r. itu > t,#i\ rvn nflLP. to on* jKflthnudred actual aetrlera, of th bed atitlmoat productive ^adLwauila. Payment will be received in their produetiena. Thry are aim fit about the centra of the Uuited State*, at th* trtmiiint of ihe railroad from Charlea ou. H. C The elim-te agreeable, ateo'iy aud evremely healthy ; well wooded, with oliund u.t aprioga of water. Parricnlar* of thi* region of country inay be had in printed aheeta either at the No'the n Hntei,corner of Coortlnnd and Went atreeta, or the Tmatrra1 office. NICHOLAS HAIOHT, injl|w*rti SI Wall i reat. Id atorv FOR F ALE?WESTCHESTER. LAND nu* TO OKINTLttMKN in want of ntca for country To inaikrt gardener* in want of land for gardeoa, and to all peraona wlihiug a location in th* neighborhood of New York li:0 rrrea of land in the town of Wratcheater, within nine mile* of toe t'itr Hall, w.ththe right of paaaiug over Harlem Bridge free of toll, are now ofTced at private aale, in Iota eoi'tanii ig from i ro 10 acre* each. The laud* are within 11 minutes walk of the railroad; front on good roada; are in the neighborhood of arhoola and churchra of difTeient denomination it the water h g od and location healthy. Title in diepitiable. Term* moderate Apply to UOUVfcitNfcirR MOKRIS, Morriaiana, Wratcheater co., or to I m30 lrn*rc W ALTKR HUTH KK H'tlH I) 7? Naaaau at. N. Y, 1 , A COUNTRY SKAT FOR SALE. J A COUNTRY Heaidnuce and Farm on lha South j05?Jaide of Long laland, ab- ut 40 mile* from thia city; can reached i? three houra by the railroad. It Ilea on the i-M South Hoed. 4 milei Kaat of Babylon, and directly I oppoeire Fire laland; containe ITTaeree, about SO ol which are I Icucrd into lo'a carl under good improvement. 'I he Heoae 1 i . a moat convenient one, comparatively new, and auflicieut- i Iv large, having fue ronina on the ground floor, 'lha ont- , bniidinga cnuuit of a Barn., Carriage Houae. Ice . Route, he., are in good .rder It i aa a good Garden with a va trty of eieellent Iruita, Hlrawberriei, large Aaparagna ' bed*, and the ground* ab< nt the <um*r beautilully ornaman 1 red with flowera, with two wella oTSee llent eoft water. The land eitemla do en torhe Bay on the douth, and reachee I hack to rnflroad near the Thompson htation There is fine baking, fowling,he , and ia ooe of the healthieat plaeea in the lli.ited State#. Half the purchase mouey ran remain on mortu te at? t er ten-, for flva year*. It wilf he void rveecdingly low Apply to ,L GK.OUGD B KIMC. at the Office of the (,ong laland Kailrnad Co., U13 3w ewh WiUiam at., Mcrchanu' Lac has g a. 1 3 NE1 NE MAP OF THE COUNTRY I Si'.; x, J"1 "< V : * ?!/; / ' 3 X l :A i 1^: "S L \ ? %h> -a \* 11 \ I %4 // % ( 2ft fib * O o f si * O * r- J^ u% She Positions of the Bneampii Rketchid tty C? Hkid Quartkm, Aqua Nitkta, / m' Meiico, Fab. 10th, 1847. $ Ht Dcak'Sir?I an lure tha Amarican people feel a deepw I ything that ralataa to tha army in Max- t ?. f rJ n* tear valuable paper haa bean thrown open a ;o thoaa who may deaire to inform tha public of auoh ii - , formation aa may ba of deep intareat to tha whole com- j nunity, and aa your paper haa a mora wide circulation t ban perhapa any other, I have) (elected the Htrtli j he medium through.which the public, ud the friend* < f he army, may be informed of aome of our late diaaatera t feel it peculiarly my duty, aa well aa from inclination, ( o afford the oorreet particular* (ao far aa we have them) f >f the capture of Major* Borland and Gainea on the 93d t ran. laat, with their aelect command, amounting to about d lighty officer* and private*. I alao encloae you a rough ( iketch of the poaition of the country around Saltillo, and t be hacienda at which they were captured, which you t nay uae aa you aee proper. 1 On the 19th January, Major Borland, ol my regiment, ( received from Generel Wool permiaaion to make are- t sonnoiaaanee on the main San Luia road, in the direction ^ >f the 8alado. He left my camp, which we* in advance | if the main army aome fifteen or twenty milea, with \ ibout forty aelect men, with Capt. C. C. Dauby, com- < >any R. They reached a large haoienda, Incornacion, ( >n the 90th, aome forty milea in advance of my reginent, where they remained until the 2-Jd; they were i Mexican Affair*. 1 NKWS PROM AOUA NITXVA. [From the Albany Argua, March 39 ] Naea S?Lvii.Le, Aoua hiuvvA, } Can* TaVLoa, 14th Feb. 1847. j No doubt ere thia you have been appriaed generally, if the movement* of Gen. Wool'a command in Mexico: >ut I have time and opportunity to give you a few detail* vhich may not be without intereat. About the 39th November, Gen. W. reaumed hia march owarda Chihuahua, when he received notice from Gen. Taylor that the Chihuahua expedition waa abandoned, iuu that we would take up our soaition at Parraa. At Konclova Gen. Wool waa joined by hia rear diviaion, in dl about 279# men. Of theae, two ccmpaniea were left it the Rio Grande, and tour at Monclova, while Captain >alut waa collecting flour and corn for our column. On the 3th Dec we encamped before the town of Par. aa, the wheat and win* country of Mexico. Tarraa con. aina about 7000 inhabitant*. The people received ua ler* aa at all the other town*; no reaiataDC* waa offered, ind not a a ahot waa (rid at or Iroir. nnr i>r?? Th. dl? ance we marched from the Rio Grande warabout 4MJ nilai; and the entire march of the command wee about )0O milee. At I'arraa, Gen. Wool received order*to collect for the xe of Gen. Taylor'* army all the flour, corn, barley and rata, that could be obtained in the country. We had juat ntered on thi* duty, when Gen W. received notice from IrigiGen- Worth that Santa Anna waa on hiiway to ialtillo, with a superior force, and waa expected in tour lay* from the date of hia letter, and entreating Gen. W. o Join him with hia column,in order to repel Santa Anna, re (Worth) having but SOU effective troop*. Gen Wool 'eceived the notice on the 17th December, in the aftertoon. In two hour* our column wa* in motion, with it* teevy train of 360 wagona, containing ammunition, hos>ital store*, end fsixty day* rations for the entire comnend; and in four day* we marched 190 mile*, and rlaeed ouraelve* at Agu* Nueva, 31 mile* In advance >f Saltillo, and between General Worth and Santa Anna. Sut Santa Anna came not. General Worth also called or General Sutler and hi* forces. General Taylor had fone to Victoria?at least he wa* on hi* way to that dace?but returned to Monterey on receiving notice rom General Worth that Santa Anna wa* approacning. Tne result of all thia waa to deprive General Wool of ahat he regarded as essential to his efficiency ui tbs leld?namely, his principal stsfT officer* and *11 hi* wagon*, ammunition, hospital store* and provisions ; saving him only his baggage train?in short, reducing um to mo cotiimanu 01 a Drigade. This was done by Major General Butler. General Wool protested against t, aod appealed to Oeoeral Taylor The reault waa that Jenerul Butler waa ordered ta Monteiey, and General Woel waa placed in command of all the traope In and aear Raltillo, about 4600 strong ; and tbia command, although General Taylor haa arrived, la continued. 1 muat cloae, for an express baa jaat arrived, informing that the advance of the Mexican army u within thirty or forty milea of thia place. If ao, we may expect a battle in the eourae of a few day*. Although Gen Scott baa stripped General Taylor of all bia regular troops, excepting a few companies, leaving us only volunteers, 1 trust, iT the ensmy should attack us, we shall give a rood account of ourselves. The conduct of Gen. Scott is regarded here as extraordinary, and may lead to unfavorable consequences. General Taylor waa entitled to ample support, rather than the withdra sal of hta moat effective force, at the haxard of results which we cannot altogether foresee, but which he, and all our command hare, will strive to turn to the honor and success of the American arms. It is raining for tha first time in six months, in this section of the country. NlWt FROM CALIFORNIA. [Correspondence of the Alb my Argus] WssHinnTon, March 10. 1047. 1 am indebted to flon. Ju Ige Douglass, ol Illinois, for 'I I *> mission to examine private letters received this day w ro :w YORK, FRIDAY MO; 3ETWEEN 3ALTILLO AND m ' 1 %. ! r vj isifesc *oad to honterc if ifrl f | If 5 s : % V |c 2* fRf "' K\V^ Ml 5,^? m. ra* % Pfail 13 VfflL I 8 M* % ^ II Yk\ . "S>\ liW 54?~~!T^lr/n \ III Mi. Jpp4 \ S ^APTVKc '%*'. te ; ,y- ? s M I ;: I P J||F: '> | -: -; '3 *fe ii A i 1-' tl %'' =J&; 2 % m A* u / I j? (V !!JJ!'ci "" t? lent# of donerals Taylor and Wool ?! A* Veil, of the Arkaniu Keglment, Kebti here joined by Mgjor Oeine* and Capt. C. M. Clay, and hirty-two men from the Kentucky regiment of Mounted yolnnteera. They then determined to proceed with heir force to the Solado, when it wai known there waa lome 300 or more Mexican troop*. They left on the ironing of the 23d, and travelled only a few milea before t blew np a cold rain, and, aa they were without tent*, hey returned to the hacienda which they had juat left Text morning they were aurpriaed to find themaelve* nrrounded by a brigade of cavalry, 3,000 atrong, under he command of Gen. Minon. To eacape waa impoaaible? md to light waa madneaa and folly. They were, thereore, compelled to aurrender upon the condition* that hey ahould be treated aa priaoner* of war. Thua, my lear air, you aee we have loet aome of the moat rallant oiHcera of our army, and about eighty of he aelect eoldiera of the Arkanaaa and Kentucky reginenta. They marched them off that morning for San -UM Potoai, under a guard of 140 Mexkcana. The najora, it i* aaid, were permitted to ride their horaea, ml wear their aide arm*. Captain* Clay and Danby were mounted on donkey*, and the men were forced to ake it a foot. That evening Capt. Henrie, the intarpre:er, mide hie eacape, abd reached my outpoate on the tBth, from whom I learned the particular* of their cap ,UIC. We hare not hoar J from them eince, except lome rumor that they attempted to escape, but were prevented. dated November US, 1840, and also a copy of the Califotlien, a newspaper printed at Monterey, and dated Oct. 14, 1840. I father from these sources the following, which seams to be all the intelligence of any importance hey contain:? Commodore Stockton, commander of the Pacific xjuadron, and Oovernor General of California, met with i public reception on his arrival at Yerba Buena, on the itn of October, which did him great honor. A proeatlion was formed, and a military escort, under command ifCapt. J. Zeilon, U. 8. M. C., Capt. Jno B. Montgomery ind suite, magistracy of the district, and the orator of ho day, foreign consuls, Capt. John Paty, senior captain >f the Hawaiian navy, Lieut. Com RudaceflT, Russian lavy, and Lieut. Cem. Bounett. French navy, proceeded o the water, headed by a band of music, and received ^nm fl frnrn hta Knrea ll? ?aa nnn/litntnrl frmm ika wharf to the front ol tua line by Capt Montgomery and lodge Bartlett, when he waa welcomed by Colonel fluteeM, in brief and pertinent addreaa. Com. Stockton repli* d in an off-hand apeech, in which te graphically deacribed the incidenta connected with lia voyage thither. I regret that I have received tbe eport of hia apeech too late to give but the following street: ? "With the command of tbe U. 8 aquadron in the Pacific Icaan, my predeceaaor, Com Sloat, banded to me the oinei.ion of Monterey and San Franciaco; at the same ime, however, 1 received information that aeveral of our elle w-citixene had been maaaacred, and that the Mexican orcoa were collecting near the capital, the 'City ef the tngela.' I reaolved to defend the territory, Monterey ind San Franciaco being of but little importance without loaaeaaion of tbe interior, I determined if poeaible to confer the whole country, and make California oure. " A lew daya after, having lett the Savannah at Monerey, and the Portamouth at San Franciaco, 1 went with lie gallant offlcera and crew of the Congreaa in purauit if the enemy, to aettle the qaeatien of poaaeaaion liy fair ight We landed at San Pedro, and marched with 8W> nan iu all, direct for the 'Camp of the Meae,'about 30 nilea diatant. where Oovernor Pico and General Caetro, with aeven piecea of artillery, and 400 men. well mountid aud armed, were ported. We left ourahip behind tie, without any hope of retreat in caae of dlaaeter. We took io roundabout way. Wa went atraigbt on the main road u broad daylight. They remained etationary in their fortifled nop till Uiey could almoat aaa the aun reflectid from he beyonete of my gallant marinea, whan thay roke up their camp, buried their guna, diapereed, and lad. Alter all their bragging and thraate, they would lot, under the moet favorable circumatancea, atrika one wematlew l.lnnt fnv ike nenllel nf tkaip PAttnlPW WA tnnlr >oa?e?aion? and in the Dane of our country. Wo hoiated :ho atar panic led bannor. AH who ware apprehended, ind all who gave themaelvea up, were alike treated with ea|>ect and kindneaa We returned to our ahlp and to VIonterey, leaving in the city Captain OiUaipie, with a iraall force of about AO mm. " On arriving at Monterey, a courier biougkt iutelii fence that Sutter'a Kort, ,on the Sacramento, waa hreatened by 1000 Indiana We immediately, with the Jongreaa and Savannah, came to your aid." The proceaaion accompanied Governor S. to a place rovidad for the oocaaion, when they partook of a aollaion, drank toaata, and wonnd up with a ball. Governor Itockton'a headquartera are at San Diago. One writer aaya, ' I wiah I had time to relate loma of he dering acta performed by our troopa?aome of the rolun teei a fight like tiger* On the errival of our troopa * San Diego, 'the enemy were in poaaeeaion of tho own, and had e piece of artillery on e commanding hill, dur troopa charged up the hill, drove elf th* enemy, captured their gun, and took poaaaaaion of tho ?wn. In truth, if wo could only get at the rebela, wo . vould make ahort work of it j wo have fighting howiver aimoat every day, but tbey invariably run, and wo cannot catch thorn. In tho laat fight that occurred, we Sited two men and their horaea, and wounded four men. I he enemy are coDatantly on the hilla around ua, and it a quit# common lor our lad a to aay, 'Come, lot ua go out RK I RNING, MARCH 26, 1847 p ? SALADO, IN MEXICO. Vi I i I i =-- j III \> ?% *%. W& th 3 fe- ^ ""V// MV foi 4% *y\ i do . % t is St 5 * {f W\\W 5' o\ % ~A P' c. I o hi ?\ ? * \ r? > ^ VI 7s\ * io--^S|>gg; *? Sj a n vlJ tr * # s '-i 5 ni J & a, "i - ' > ?r b? rb '-"4 ^ k is h tf r t# s II? 11 ti I "o * ? o -?? 0 w > S. li -y V- v # li O zs4 :' l i a 'i- ? 14 I /? i - " v- -' n /1 ? I I I : I, t V I before the Reported Battles. A nary 8, 1*47. by General Minon. That rumor, however, I do no* 11 credit, nor la it believed by any one. Our diaaitere did not atop here. On the 'Wth, Captain Heady and 17 of hia men from the Kentucky regiment, ( mounted volunteer*, was aurpri.ed on the road leading c through the Bolonnli Paaa, and all taken prieonere; and jI regret to aay, hare not been heard from since. , The whole army ia maddened with auch dlaartera, and i mortified to find our force inaufflcient to march upon the ? enemy. The government will learn, when it la perhapa t too late, that we have underrated our enemy; and that I to "conquer peace" amid the prieata and the churahea, ' the climate, and the influence and atrength of Santa . Anna, 40,000 troop* muat be brought into the field. < However, that'a not my buiineia? that belong* to the ' Kxecutive and Congroi*-mine i* to fight when an op- j portunlty offer*. , When Gen. Taylor will be able to move from here God only know* ; not till he i? ordered by Gen. Scott, and haa a reinforcement. We have only about 8 000 , men here. That ia not enough to attack San Lui* Pototi, except Gen. Scott can draw ofl? a portion of Santa Anna1* force* from San Lui*. However, my impreaiion , ia.that we ahall march Irom here about the l*t of March, t in the direction of the city of Mexico, whether by San j Lui* or Zacatrca* U uncertain. Your*, A. YKLL, Cel. Com'g. I Aikan*** Regiment Volunteer*. J. G. BxrrxcTT, K?q., New York. andaeo If we oan't get up a flaht' We have only lott one man aince wo have been here ', The Ce/i/ernten*aya ; ?"The Vandalia haa juit arrived from the *aat of war, bringing the newa of the defeat of Capt. Mervino, with a party of 3J9 men, by e party of Californiana. Captain Gilliapie capitulated at Pueblo de* Angelo*, and aecured hi* retreat to San Pedro, where he had embarked hia troopa on board the Vandalia, but joined Capt. Mervino, and waa with him at the time of hi* defeat Kjve Americana wore killed and aeven wounded. Santa Barbara waa taken, and Lieut. Talbot and hia party are certainly prisoner* " " The Californiana have determined to fight Almoit every man ha* turned out, and they *ay they will be killed if taken, and are determined to conquer or die. Ceatro 1* hourly expected from Bonora with 400 men. which added to their preient tore*, will make about l&OO men and all well mounted.". The U. 8. frigate Congrea* had left Monterey for San Pedro. RETORT OF T1IK MKN OAtTURRD AT INCARNACION, ELONOINO TO FIRST KENTUCKY VOIJUNTKKRH, CAVALRY ) Lieutenant, Gen R Davidion. Corpoial, John Suigert Muaician. Jama* Herring Private#, J O. Baite*. Cvrui Cabreat. Robert Cochran. / Dougherty, A. W Holeman, John A Scott, A. Wilkeraon, H. 8. Wood, and Wm. Whitehead. The above are from Captain Milam'a con;pany. Wm L. Paine, -J<l vergeent from (Captain Pennington' company. Privatea. B 8. Dowell, Wm. Fuck, Jobu Scott, Jaioea Kenedy, A. Ware, J. W. Johnaon, John Magner, Benj R. Myera, laaac Bodgera, and Wm Kelly The following are from Captain C. M. Clay'a company : Captain, C. M. Clay. Privatea, Alfred Ayebright, David Barry, A. C. Hrvan, Benjamin Chapman, John J Kinch, Harriaon Igo, David C. Jonea, C E. Morney, Wm Ratcliff, John Richardaon, and Jacob Walker, (private in the Tenneaaee regiment of cavalry, aent to Capt. C. M . Clay'a company by (Jen. Butler) The above conetitute the command under Major John P. Oainea, who left camp on the morning of the 18th inataat, and who are aaid to be captured by the enemy. E. M. VAUGHN. Adjutant lat Reg Keatuoky cavalry. Camp at La Evcatada,Mexico, Jan. II, 1847. The following la a Hat of the namea of the memberaof the Arkanaaa regiment, raptured at Ertcarnecio.i : Major Solon Borland ; Captain Chriat-.pher C. Danley, (company B) Firat S-rgeunt Simon Ceaon, (Capt. For ter'a company, A.) Barrier, Jamea Richmond. Privatea, Robert Adama, Jamea Crooka, Wm T. Edwarda, John Magreaa, Moaea Nelaen, George Ramaey, Waahington Toggle, Oliver P. Bilbey, (Capt Danley'a company, B ) Eruaey Brown, Wm Ruaiel, Ezekiel r Martin, Charlea 8. Moeney, Paul Williama, and Pulaaki Wnitten. Second Sergeant, Charlea E Lyona, (Capt Hunter'a company, H ) Privatea, George Underwood, Wm J. Raevea, Wm R. Speegle, Thome* Webb, Ruaael William*, (Capt R j O. Prenon'a company, fl.) Joel W Curtia, Richard Steel, Richard llaggiaa, Tbomaa Smart, (Cant, Inglith'* company, O,) William Montgomery. Joaeph Jeiter, Stephen Jeater, Anderaon Stinaon, Andrad Marahall, (Capt. Dillard'a company, F,) John Kinley, and Wm Holman By order of Col. Yell, commanding Arkamaa volun- ' teers. U MEAllES, Adjutant. NAVAI. INT*I.M"KNCK. The U H. brig Washington ia to bo ready to tail from Philadelphia on Saturday. Sua goat to tha tlull. Tha U. S. steam propailar Trumbnll, is to leara Phila dalphia to-day, for Tamplco. A popular moating ia called to moot at tha Broadhrad houaa in tha Dataware Water Uap to day, to consider manures relative to tha extension of the Morris and Essex Railroad to the (>ep, and from thence to tha Lack- | awana coal bads, agreeably to the charters , IER A CORRESPONDENCE IJJ UBTWEKN THE 1 rAR DEPARTMENT ANO GEN. TAYLOR- Tb (ConHnued) 1 HicAD<tuabticm Army or Occupation, Camaroo, 8ept. I, 1046. . j: Sir?Bofore marching for the interior I bag leave to J01' tee on record tome remark* touching an important tcr anch of the public service. the proper admini tration rec which i? indispensable to tho efficiency of a campaign. refer to the td'iartermasUr'a Department. There is at i* moment, when the army is about to take up a long 1"' to of march, a great deficiency of proper mean* of tram- ! rt, and of many important supplies . On the '18th April, when first apprising you of the in- i eased force called ont by me, I wrote that 1 trusted the K ar Department would " give the necessary orders to e stall department for the supply of this lurge additional rcei" and when first advised or tho heavy force of1 'elve months' volunteers ordered hither, 1 could not s >ubt that such masses of troops would be accompanied, ' (>1" preferably preceded by ample moans of transportation 1 &d< id all other supplies necessary to render them ettkeient. j lot it such has not been tho case. Suitable steamboats ' tiil, r the Rio Grande were not procured without repeated 1 tht forts directed fiom this ipiarter, and many weeks elapsed I ifore a loJgement could be made at this place, the river l'" ling perfectly navigable 1 m5 After infinite delays anJ embarrassments, 1 have sueieded in bringing lorward u portion of the array to this K? lint, and now tho steamers procured in TittsburgU are " t arriving. 1 hazard nothing iu saying that if proper resight and energy had been displayed in sending out litable steamers to navigate the Rio Grande, our army '?' ould long since have been in possession of Monterey. <1" Again, as to lan t transport. At this moment our wa- "" on train is considerably loss than when we left Corpus ,1U hristi, our force being increased five-fold Had weds- Wl ended upon means from without, tho army would not w uve been able to move from this place. But fortunater the means of land tramport existed to some extent in *1 le country in the shape of pack mules, and we have ot irmed a train which will enable a small army to ad- au auce perhaps to Monterey. 1 wish it distinctly under- I'11 :ood that our ability to movo is due wholly to means ct rested here, and which could not have been reckoned | 811 pon with saiety In Washington. et I Lave adverted to the grand point* of water and land ansportatlon. Of the want of iniuor supplies, the army P* a# suffered more than enough The crying deficiency "> camp equipage ha# been partially lelieved by the iaaue ' cotton tent# of indiflereut quality. Our cuvalry ha# ,0 ten paralyzed by the want ot hormi ihoei, horse sfioe nil, ami even common blacksmiths' tool*, while many ' nailer deflcieucie* are daily brought to my notice. 1 respectfully request that the above atutornont, which itake injustice to inyielfand the service, may be laid ifore the general in chief and Secretary of War. 1 am, sir, very reipectlully, your obedient servant, tvl /. TAYLOR, "P Major General U. S. A. commanding. Q' Tho Adjutant Gxnkmal of the army, Washington, O. C. 1"' *u Win UiritTHtsT, Washington I September 21, 1846 $ co Sir:?A letter of Major General Taylor, of the 1st mat. l!j ldreased to the adjutant general, and by him laid kelo-ie ('c le, pursuant to the request therein, is of such an extra- ot1 rdinaiy character, ana impeaches in such unqualified inns the munagement of that bruuch of tlie public serice cemmitted to you, that 1 have deemed it to be my uty to order a copy of it to be placed in y our hands, und ) direct your particular attention to it. '; The avowed object of Generul Tuylor in presenting !u lese complaints, or rather accusations, against the tQuur- " trmaster's Department, is to make thou a matter ot tec- u rd. I am extremely unwilling, and I presume you can- P ot be less so than myself that they should there remain, 11 without explanation or investigation. 0 1 am fully aware of the great difficulties unavoidabl e a the management of the Quartermaster's Department od a< be sudden occurrence of a war, when the country was c lot prepared for such an emergency. General Taylor n oust be presumed to be as well acquainted with all the ireumstuuees of embarrassmeut attending the Quarter- P aaster's Department us any other person, and yet his ar ' aignment of it is not qualified by any allusion to them " 1'he inference is, that, all proper allowances made, he 11 onsiders that the management of tho ullairs of the P Quartermaster's Department ha# been such as to desetve ' lenaure. Such appears to me to bo his meaniDg, and l< uch, 1 apprehend, will he the general impression result- 0 ng iiom the perusal of hia letter. If this censure is 11 eally deserved, it is pro|>er thut those obnoxious to it 0 hould be ascertained, and deult with as their conduct f leserves ; but if, on tho contrary, it shall he found that 11 he officers of the (Quartermaster's Depaitment have docv u' heir duty in a proper and efticient manner, as I trust rill be the cose, steps must be tukon to remove tho orro leous impression, and vindicate their official conduct. Very respectfully, youi obedient servant, h W. L. MARCY, Secretary of War. dsjor Gen. Thomas S Jtivr, Quarterauster General United States Aimy. 1 N B. The copy has been furnished to tho Quarter aaster General by the Adjutant Generul. New Ohlkans, December, 6, 1846. Sib,?Whon I received your letter of the 21st Bepiem- ? >er, on the subject of Major General Taylor's complaints, was apprehensive that neglect or omissions ohjI ocurred on the parti of some oua or more of the lubonli ' lute officers ol the department, by which hii operation* " iad been lerioualy cinbairassod ; but I hare looked into 11 he whole matter, and I am bound in juitico to tay that v 10 clan of officer*, not even (Jeneral Taylor aud the noit distinguished men arouud him. have better or mora S aithfully pertormed their duty ; and if anything ha* d teen wanting which they could have aupplied, it has keen becauae the proper ordera were not given, or u imely requisition* made. c In conducting a war, it ii tho duty of the government ' o designate the object to be accomplished ; it is then the luty ot the general who conduct* the operations to chII or the mean* required to accomplish that object. If he I ails to do so, he is himseii lespousible for ail the conse- J lueuces ul his omisniou General Taylor complains ol Jj want of water and loud transportation, ramp equipugn 11 ind shoes tor bis cavalry horses. A* to water tianspor- ' tation, I find that he railed for a single light draught f, iteamer early in May Lieut. Colonel Hunt could not nl I juco obtain a suitanle boat ; hut he executed the oidel tl is soon as it was possible. L to in May, or early in I' lune, (Jen Taylor, considering four boats necessary *j ippointed his own ageuts to obtain them. I was at the .ime taking measures, under the ordeis of (Jen. Hcott, ? o obtain suitable boats tur the navigation of tho Rio $ Jiande ; but having no reliable information in relation ;o the navigation of that river, and believing Ueneral ray lor's agents possess* d ol the requisite knowledge, I 1 preferred that they should ciecutu his orders ; uuil I *; limited my action in t^e matter to doubling tho number h cul'ed loi by (Jen. Taylor, and authoriz'Ng a turthar in '' crease, if considered nr ccssaty tiy hi* bio'.her and one ? of his agents. The number required t.y the general u was, I beliove, nearly quadrupled, ultimately, by the J officers of the department. As to the complaint ot the t general that the ate*mors iioin Pittsburg were then i (September 1st) just uiriving, it is proper to atute that these wero the vt ry boats procured by one ot his own 1 gents When at Pittsburg, 1 inquired into the delay ol ibose boats, aud it i* but justice to Captain .Handera, (Jen Taylor's agent, to lay that no effort wii spaied to get tliom into service ui early as possible. A* to the complaint m regard to the want of lan.I transportation, it is propoi to remark, that there was no iolormation at Washington, so far as I was inform# I, to enable me, or the War Department,to determine whether wagons could be used in Mexico. Ueueral Taylor, though he had both mounted troops and topographical engineers, had not supplied the want of that mlorini.tiou i besides, be hud not, us lar as I koow or believe, intimated to any department hit intentioua or wishes in regaid to the meuiu of transportation to he used. It was known that he had a wagon train amply sulgcient lor double the force he commanded before the arrival of the volunteers- added to that, he had tienoral Arista's means oi transportation, and ho was in a country abounding in mules, the menus of transportation best adapt# I to the country, and the only means used by the mil my. A gen oral la expected to avail himaelt of the resources ol the country in which ha operates; if (feneral Taylor failed to do so, and was without the necessary tiansportatinn, tie elonu is lespontible? those means were limited only by ' his own will, lie had till-.en of iho isilernnutei'* i Department able to havo executed his orders, end willing to cariy out his views ills authority ulino was wsut i< ing. I As to camp equipage, you are aware that the appro- | piiation which I asked lor last yvir was stricken out, and that not a cent was appropriated which con! 1 lie 1< gaily apt- lied to that object before the 9fh and lltth of j May. When the appropriations were ma le, ttioutHceis of the department were poinpoileil to obta.n mateiials i wheresoever they could get them, and sm h as they could get. Cotton cloth was necessarily substitute ! lor 1 linen in the fabrication of tents. I ton e no doubt a great ' deal of the material was of the quality represented by , General Teylor, but that was, under the circumstances, unavoidable '1 he officer* obtained the best they could get, and deserve credit for their cxoitions, In placo of the censure they have teceived. { I am somewhat n loss to imagine why the deficiency of shoes fot the dmgoon horses was made a subject of complaint against tne Himrtermaster s department A blacksmith is allowed by law to every troop of drag, ons It is tbe duty of every commander of a troop to have his shoeing tools complete, atiJ to have, at all times, tbe necessary shoe and naif iron; and it ia the duty ct the regimental commander to see that timely rtuuisitions no made. Now, if those officers fnilef to have what was necessary to the efficiency of their commands, let Oen. T*> lot bold tbcrn accountable Tim (^uatU-imaatei'a department ia not responsible for their neglects. Aa 1 came through the western country to thia city, I was informed that a ie|ioit wua circulating that (.leuaral Taylor would havo taken forward, to Monterey, a much larger force cf volunteers, hut for the neglect of the I Huartermiist.r's Depaitinent to f?>ri>eli thu ineaua of ti importation In teply to that repot t, I fMMOl ully usk j our attention to the letter of (ienerat Taylor ol the it of July, to tho Adjutant-General. There ha telle you, thiough that officer, that lie piopoare to t| erute from ('a margo to Mentetey ; he tells you that ho will operate with a column of about 6 Ot'tl men ; that he muit rely ou the country for meat, arid I'epot att'airargo fur btead ; , and adda, aa the leaaon for not taking a greatrr force, ' that a column exceeding six thousand meu cannot he attpplied on that route with Urea 1 alone. I (eel, air, that every officer ot the department has per formed hia duty faithfully, if not ably, and that the chargea of Oeneral fay lor are both unjust and unmet ited. Aa ragaida myself, I led that I have performed ray whole duty, noth to the country and to the army, and if the slightest doubt remain on that subject, I owe it to ruy self to demand au immediate and tliniough investigation of my outiduct, and that oi the department, from the cum L D. Txhn* !* VmoUt. iir<jmeut ot o|wr<liuu? on tha T?un frontier Well vious to, n> during the war. aiu, air, tuoat respectfully, your obedient servant TH 8 JK8UP, Major General, Quaiteimnitor General a Hon. Wn L. Miner, Secretary of War, Waetiiiigon city. Wn DcraBTMaNT, Washington, Oct 1. 1840 lia I have the honor lo enclose herewith, for your urination, a copy of an application of the QuartarmasGeneial, for orders to proceed to New Oileans to di t in person tho operations of his department in tha ithwest, and a copy of the communication which haa ) day been addressed to him, comply tng with his rent upon that subject Very respectfully, your obedient servant, WM L MAR':?, Secretary of War jor tieneral X Tsvt.oa, United States army.Comer o, Mexico. Quartermastcr Gsrs sisal's Orrtca, I Washiisotoiv City, Sept 31, 1840. { lis A careful review of the difficulties attending operations of the branch of the public service count to my administration, has convinced me that an of:r of rank, willing to assume ell necessary responsiity, and with full authority to do so. should be near i scene ot the more important operations of the rrmy. I propose, should it meet your approbation ai d that ot i President, to proceed to New Orleans end take upon iot 11 the general direction of the affairs of tho departmt there and on the frontier, in order that every exincy nviy be met and provided for without the delay d inconvenience that results fiom waiting instructions im Washington The only nossiblo of lection that could be urged against a proposed measure in my esse, it seems tu me, is the estion of rank?my brevet of major-general making i the senior of every clttcer now serving in Mexico ; it that 1 waive?I do not detire military command, and ilhont a different commission fiom that which I bold I oul l net accept it. I propose to go in my capacity aa i officer ot the stall', toady to obey the orders of tieneral tylor, (ien. Butler, (Jen Patterson, Dsn. Wool, or any her officer whom the government, or the accidents of rvice may place in command of the army, or of any seirnte division ol It. My only object is to benefit the inntry by seeming the utmost efficiency to the mee- * iron of my owa department, and by that means giving feet to the whole service i propose to visit the depots near the army for the purists of inspection, and such other posts and places at e proper discharge of my duties may render necetstry. With great consideration and respect, I havo the honor be, sir, your obedient servant, TH. 3. JK8UP, Quartermaster General he Hon Wis. L. Mascv, Secretaiy of War, Washington city. War Di riKTHEST, October 1, 1046. Sir:-I have received your letter of the Mth ultimo, in bicb you propostvjo proceed to New Orleans and take ion yourself the general direction of the affairs of ths larteriuaster's Department thcro and on tha frontlere of axico, in order that every exigency may be met and nvided for without the delay and inconvenience that reIts from waiting instiuctiona at Washington. Though I do not conceive that you could take any mmand iu the line without an order or eaaignanent et eto by the President, yet your waiver of any claim to i so, und your proposition to go in your capaeity as an deer of the staff- quartermaster general?ready to tey the otdera ot Geooral Taylor, General Butler, ueaal Patterson, General Wool.ur any other officer whom ia anvfirnmnnt nr (lt? nrf iilanli of sotvioa mow nlaae immiind of the nrmy, or nuy separate division ot it, with le express understanding thut you repair to New Ormos Hud tlio teat of war, only for the purpose of Jireetig end supervising the duties of the Quartermaster'* apartment, end causing them to he executed in e morn rompt and efficient manner than you could do while utionerl here, will remove all questions that might Lherwise ariso iu relation to command in the line. Yeur proposition is therefore approved ; and you will ccerdingly proceed to its execution without delay, othr thau what may be necessary lor preliminary arrangetent. Besides giving a general, and, o* far as practicable, a eisonal superintendence to the current business f your epartment in that dire.tion so as to impart to that busiest the utmost energy and efficiency, you will icquue ito and report U|>on the previous arrangements end exem'iiurrs of your subordinates, many of which have een complained of in certain quarters as inefficient, extravagant. Past errors in arrangements or xpeuditures, if any, should b.t ascertained, reported, and s lar as practicable, corrected ; and all future disbursements will be kept within the limits ot the regulations o f io army and the exigencies of service, taking care that le latter shall not suffer from the want of auy reason hie or proper means which it is within the compose of io Quartermaster's Department to supply. You will cause full information, Irem time to time, to s sent to this department of ttfa transactions in regard > your branch ot the public service Very respectfully, your obedient servant, W. L MAKCY. Secretary of War. revet Major General Thomas s. Jetur, Quartermaster General U. S A. Personal and Political. Antbeny Kennedy of Jefferson county, is the whig sndidato for Congress in the Tenth District of Virgfia. Dr. Judson end his associates, arrived at their deetinaion at their missionary ground in Burmah, alter a pes age ot 13V? days. Mrs. Judson was ill duriag the voyage ut it was thought that the tropical air would prove fa otable to her health. The Virginia Legislature adjourned on Tuesday. The ipeakers of the two Houses dslivered a; propriate valeictory addresses. The Mayoralty Convention in Brooklyn, lest evening mauimously nominated K B.Stryker, the present in umbent. TO TAILOR?. [T is only uecusiry for those who wish to reeeive a l .horiush sad correct knowledge of the srt of catling til tie vsntut styles of gsimeuts, ss are worn st the protest iuie. to ntitsiu .1 copy ot Stiiirmeis' Celcbisted Workou the being reconiaieudril by the in-tt eminent in the moo ni iiviiik iniTrinr iu an uuirn, u cduuiui mil me mirumtiuii necessary to make m person proficient in hit ait.? lie rulea art plmiu, and being di reared of all complexity na it* admeaiurement, rendera it euily understoed, so that a enwii of moderate opacity can in a lew hou a apply the one successfully to practice, without any other iinunctions inn thuae contained in the book. '1 he above c m be obtained ol the antnir ; or, if desired, ci,t 10 any part of the United States, price per copy, bound, 10 ; do., p ipei covered, (t. W. H MTIhKMtl'tl, m'i2t lineod'c No. II] Hroadwae. I Mr, '.IHi.Ull IAIIM l?? I'/if, UNITfcU l STATICSfor the District of Looiaiana?Josiah Barker rt I vs. the Kxecutors of Chester Clark, Thomas Hunt at alii rquity ; bill and amended hill ?It appearing to the Conrt tat W and T. Van Uuakirk, Luke Davis, Mrs. Alice Mead, aeeutrix ; Walter Tagger It t :o., William U Waddell. Orimlo Kiak, Austin .Melwlle St < o., Mantel T. Stoat, Piokey (t Berime, H. booream St Co., Weymau, ('lark It Co., i,(ni Hunt St Co., Van Wyek St Phillips, aud T. W. Pinkaey, entile out nt the State of Lonisiaua, aud all or meat of them u the city of New Vnrk : It is ordered that the said defendants do plead, answer, or lemur to the said bill and amended bill, on or before the Drat Monday in April neat, and that a copy of thia rule be served npun them personally, or published iu one of the newspapers i'Uiilishrd in the eity of New York, at least three times week, for four weeks, previous to that time, at the eapiration i f which period, in default of aucl> answer, the said bi.l and amended hill shall he taken pro eonfeaso. I ceitify the above to ba a true copy from the minutes of the said coort, of the order this day taken in the above cause. KD. KANDOI.rH. Clerk. New Orleans. Keh I, 1847 117 JwJtew r rKOl'USAL.3 POK. WOOD 'PHK snbscrther will receive nntil the 1st of April, 1MT, X proposals tor the delivery of MO cords of best seasoned Oak wood at Fort Colnmhns, Governor's island. Cnmmanications to be endorsed "Proposals for Wood," stating ike price per cord of 121 cubic feet, and giving the place of residence of the bidderi, and the nnmea of tree snrewee for the laithlnl performance of the contract. Kor informatioa relating to particulars apply to No (id Greenwich street. (Signed) H. D VINTON, Captain and Assistant Quartermaster. New York. March 1 IM7. me eodtolit Arc PKOi'OrtALS FOR COAL. fjk IVK HUNDKKD TONS of best qn.ili y, broken and screened, red ash Anthracite Coal, wanted by the anbleriber. for the nse of the troops at Unyetnor'a Island, proposals for the delivery o* which will be received at th Iguarterm-sler's Ullire, an Greenwich street, uatil the let o April proximo : to he endorsed, " Proposals for Coal." Th# lelivery to commence in the month of May, aud to be com dieted by Uie ls> of August. H. D. VIN I ON, Capt and A. Qnaitcrmaa'er. New York, Meteh >, 1147. w e#d?Al rre LBtWOMH I.N UKAWiNC, *c. MONd. H. LAKDKIUCH. lately from Pane, wishes to employ soma of Ins time iu giving leseons in drawing luil wa'er color painting (aquarelle.) Having been a papilof tne celtbrated Hedouie, and pos iwaring fully tse manner ol' that great master, ne recommends iiinself especi 11 v to the I'diaa wishing loamuire these :ampliehment of ilrnmnn noil paintiue ffuwere, a* wall M to ha gentlemen ai d b'Mrifiuii achnnle la and iroaod New Vork, fin all the other bnnclira of hn art Karrarnraa?He*. A vairm, Ree. T. K. Rehroedee, D. U . L. <1 Ue Luxe, h ?n P. A. Lamate, Kaq , Meatia. Pitlot k Le Rarhier.t olloinb k laelin Mehrage k Koop Application* for trrma inay be tnade al tba Mar. A. Verren'?. M Kianklii a'.reet. and at'it New afreet. flTeodla>*rc ^ ~ i | a ka w | l<) LBN t) on bood and moruaite, ta entile to auil applicaata, on food productire eatale in Una city. Apply to 8. 8. BROAD, No. II Wall atreet, in ^he f'rotoo water office baaetarnt, who hae a home aud lot for aula, aituated oa ?ih atreat, oppoatta Wellington Mi|nare. N U heeeral am ill tiima of tnoaey to lewd* oa Brook Ira real eltafc Apply ae above )tl eoillm'r II .Hi. Si.A I lNO, HAKDWAKE, &C. nnrta' cr tTaina patcai. ALL PATTKHNrt af Table Canary at maniifactnrera' pricea . warranted C.B. filea, Outsell. kc on the a'erItnf liat; '1 race < haiae. Knob Loelte. Prying Pau*. Aunla, Wee, ke fce kc A (nil aaanriment of llair Moth. ai the rednceil pricea, with a eeneral aeeoitmeut of at> pie Hhtffield m? uirminitnum iinoqi, <t low )>ric? 10 uie naae JOHN A f?K.? BOt/taD, Mil Ifod'rh M John up ifatra U.C. 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