Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 26, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 26, 1847 Page 3
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) whi-h 'ho farmer! are laid to keep bock sow, In the hope o' re a'lr'esr higher price* hereafter. V. n . . aUticil accounts cin be produced to prove tb on e.'neis of thie opinion thi? point muit remain for some time to come one of uncertainty. Ai to the large supplies from abroad, we must bear in mind that n>t only this country, but also the continent, will want bieaditufle to an immense amcunt, until the new harvest is secured. Wears not sanguine, and do not expert any sensible or letting improvement in trade until it is e.iertained, beyond controvervy, that there is and will be a .ufflciency of articise of food in this and the coming year. Whilst most men of business lean on the side of cheerfulness, in the opinion they form ot our cemmer- > ci vl prospects, there ere very fnw bold enough to act f.Mrlesely up to it at present. Great caution is, indeed, . .r rcisvd in all important transactions, and thia augur* -omul inn luiure. we nave a striking illuitration of i is in thn tittle of our district; notwithstanding the ayrt in it c adoption ef " short time" working throughout tt a month, the prices el yarn* ant) goods hare not experienced any marked improvement. It is generally admitted that the consumption of cotton It is been raduced latterly from 30 POO begs to -.'0 000 bags per week. The production of yarns ana goods is consequently reduced 30 per cent, compared with 1B46. If our spinners and manufacturers will only persist in the treasure they hare adopted, it cannot fall to bring the piices of yams and goods in a due proportion with those of the raw material. 8o far, tho " short time" has dopressed the mine of cotton from J?d. to Id per lb , while the articles produced therefrom here not experienced the desired improvement The preecnt Liverpool mar 1 kot prices for oetton will, in all probability, be meintxined proity steadily. " Short time" working will be continued with a short crop, and full time resumed egain ii the supply of the raw material should prove sufficient, and moderate prices ba the consequence. The cotton wliir.h ia coming in the Liverpool market in about a month, is expected to entail a loss to the importer of ; a' out J?d to Id. per lb. Old htock. Kirkanga g-WSL' Sb's'50 102 300 ski Firm's Tr bit Hit IS 1004 do 1017a 330 do 2?>^ $ O'tO Head bdl i63 70423 Mortis Csnal I5>, S'ivO Tiea Notes 6's ltiX 7J NOrleans City Bk 05 fifOO Mor Canal Bds 54 12s 111 8iate Bk 15*. $l"o?0 Pern 5'a 20 Manhattan Oaa a' fMiM no t>7di 7Uk 25 ('anion Co 33V ! Ji#0# Jo btia leg 50 Nor St Wor 49$ S Oil) Jo bso 71 1(H) da (to 49*2 I 515 Mcadiag UK 59 390 do w/, '?' d? ?nw 59 lo Ciio RR scrip 82 i" b30 59V 21.0 Hailrm RR 47* *,? Jo *60 56 V 290 do a4ui 47 V t? ni i?, . ,, bM ** 100 <i? ?3? ?V , 5t Ohio Lifo It Tr lot 50 do btfl 48 I - to tarmar'a Tr 28V ivO do b30 48 Htcond Hoard. 5 ittflOO Roadin? Bonds 71 50 >hi Morris Canal 15V 13tt sh.s R?ad RR blO S9V 850 do 15V 1 :1 Mohawk 62V 50 do b60 1# ! 8) 111 Mate Bank 18 50 do hst 16 1 ?5"!k KR ,M do btO 16 V JnO Hailem RR 47% 50 do 15V ' 0 do 48 lofl do blO It 150 do Sac 48 50 Jo blO It i 50 do 48 50 do b.O 10 New Stock Kishaiice. 50 shs Canton Co c 31V 35 shs Nar <c Wor Fri 49V 25 do it 33v 50 da Sat 49V *5 ? do uw 33 50 do e 49V 1 123 Nor It Wor e 49V 50 d> Fri 491. "'0 do e 49V 25 do Sat 49V CITY I KAOIC HKfORT. Nbw Yohk, Thursday Afternoon,;.March 96. With tho exception of IndjflS corn, the markets exhi* Mted the name want of 4flHjk0>< noticed yestordsy. The increaaed mildaeia of fflM|aather seemed to leave li'.tla doubt but that boativtffifci teach Albany in a few toy a, when greater activity would be given to trade, including city butineia generally. Small aalea of Uene?ro flour were made at $7 a 7 12H. and of Oawego at $7 , h 7 (tfi.'a Southern waa inactive at $6 60 a 0 76. Corn, though it fold leaa largely than yesterdoy, yet maintain- I od pre* ioua quotationa, and cloaed with increaaed firmneia. The proviaion market waa dull. A aale of new meaa pork waa made at $16, and a lot of old prime at >11 04. Oroceriea were inactive, without change in pricea being noted. AfHica?Small aalea of pota wore made at $4 87}?, while j pearla were inactive at $6 35 Beeswax -There waa nothing new, and yellow re- , tnnioed at 37c BarfDiTurri?Flour?We report aalea of 800 to 600 i harrtla Geneaee, in atore, at $7 13K; 700 do. Oawego. at >7 to $7 UK; 600 do Oeaeaee. at the opening of the river, at $7 6K some aalea of Philadelphia w ere reported at }f> 60 Georgetown and Howard atreet, Baltimore, were held at 16 60 to ft 76. }Vheat?There waa nothing do- j login geod white or red, and quotationa were nominal 000 bushels common Southern, sold at >1 33K Corn? > The aalea reached between 60,000 aDd 60,000 buahola, including 10 000 yellow, deliverable in May, ot 80 centa ; 3.000 Jersey yellow, in atoro, at 05 centa; 1.600 do , under peculiar circumatancea, at 93 centf; 10,000 to 16,000 white, in stor t. at 86 centa; 10 000 yellow, deliverable on the opening of the river, at 98 to 94 centa; 10.000 to artive, at 91 centa, and S.OOO mixed were reported, sold in atore. at 86 centa Corn Mial ? We report aalea of 300 to400burrala Now Jeraoy, at $4 76,and 1,000do., deliverable in May, at $4 60. Rye? The laet aalea were made at 90 centa. Barley?Continued dull and pricea nominal. Nothing waa dalng ia oata. CiNiii.ta?Sales aontinued to ba made in a moderate way at SI eta. vvrr?- i ua marvel wai quiet without change in prices. Cotton?The demand to-day ii chiefly from spinneri, I wbo have purchased about 1300 bale* at a decline of ene , quarter cent en the prices existing on Saturday laat.? ' Uel'lera coutinue to el*J their supplies vory sparingly. Kiih?The market presented no change. Dealer* aeem- 1 ed to be waitirg for the resumption of river navigation, before anticipating much activity Fbvit?BuLch raisins were iteady at $1 86 per box, and at 96 for half, and 66 for quarter boxes. Lkad?The muiket was inactive at >4 96. ' hero waa little or nothing doing, and no charge te note in ptieee. Naval 8roa?.e? Spirit* turpentine continued to aell at 4! eta., whiie other deaciiptioni remained nominal ? | Pmatl aaie* oi roaia were reported at 60 a 64 eta. Oil*- Linseed, about ItiiO gallons city pressed sold at ; 00 ets. The last aalea ot English, to arrive, were made | at 88 a 84 eta. Theie wai ro change in crude sperm or whale The stock of the former was said to have been ; further reduced by sales at New Bedford, leaving only 8U0 ut lfOtt bbls. in first bands faovisioaa?The market was rather heavy for pork, { s.des of old rather light; 100 bbls new meat sold at $16; uud 100 bbls old priaao at $11 04c. Mora waa ofl'ered at , $11 76c. payable ia 10 day a. Old mesa we quote at $14 | 9.?. Nothing transpired iu pickled or emoked meats | wuitby ot note, in beef there was no chenge; 160 bbls sour ,>/ iir.u sold at $6 60c Lard?Wo repoit a sale of 160 1 kegs ot good quality at lOXc. There was nothing new in Cht e?e a. butter. Hist?The market was firm at the improvement noticed yesterday, though sale* continue to be limited. ?Kkt.a?The market still continued bare of flaxseed? Clover wif inactive at T\*Sc. la Timothy, no aalea ware repotted team? A cargo arrived from Cardenai, and will be ; Id market te-morrew. To day, no sales of moment trans- | pued hayond those to meet the wants ot the retail trade Tallow - The stock aontinuad lather light, with limited Mies of good rendeied at b^aSc. VV amir-The article was dull at 27){C. in barrels. Whali bom*.?Sales cf Noithwcst were lepoited at 3IH wuile neuth Sea was dull at 33>,'?34c Fin 10atS.?Bates to Liverpool were less Arm, and 7s. wast Me red and 8s asked lor dour. 2u00 bushels of gram I in begs ware eagaged in a tint class vassal at 28c , and 2* i was cfteted lor more in the same vessel and declined, another list eUss vassal, about 1000 tons, was taken up for the aeme port, at S4d. a 2ft<l for grain In buga. 24.000 busts IS of grain wara also engaged in a first class vessel ou the same t< ran* l'e Hsvie we continue our quotations; via: $1 78 for flour, and )?o. lor cotton. To London, we heard of no engagements Rlal F.statb at ^Auction.- House and lot 301 Petri [ si, It* I S3 8 $12000 2 lets on 10th eve- near 98th st. each 20a70, 1060 sach - oi ?a 9 do do adjoining, same aize, 1036 a,660 j 1 do on 36lh at near 10th IT. 90s88 B, 796 | 6 do doj* adjoining, inmt nzo, 7i0 each 3 660 3 do do do 738 oach, 9,160 4 do do do 760 each 8 0< 0 | 1 do eor. 94th at. and 10th nr. 90i70 1,400 I do on 11th ava- uaxt adjoining, aitme aize, 1000 oach, 3 080 BaOOKLTIf. 1 lot aorner State and Hicka at. 94:6x80 1,87a 3 do adjoining, oach 94:4a80, $1,400 each, 4 3o0 Married. On Tburaday morning 96th inat-, by the Rtr J. B j Stiattoa, Tneaiaa Hanoaaton, to Mias Mart P. Bxaaaa, daughter ol Elijah C. Baikar, Knj , oi tbi< city. DM. On Tkuraday, 96th inat, Jam Louiia, daughter of Pt'er and Saiah Hejzer, aged J yeara and 6 moitha. The liienda of the tnniiiy, and membera of the Kureka Ledge, No 177 I. O ol O F., are reapectfully lnrited to attend the funeral, on Friday, the 96:h inat, at 4 o'clock, T. M . from the reaidonco of her parents, No 989>f Bleacker atreet. Veaterday morning in the 10th year of har ago, Ka THAHir*i lUAiikix, inuuu uuugnier ui lue late Jine( 8''fh? Irienda of the family are invltad to attend bar fu- j nerid, to morrow (Saturday) atteinooD, at 4 o'clock, from tha residence of her brother Charlea E. Shea, No 28 Or- , chard atreet. On Thuraday morning, 2S'.h Inat., Jamas Baowis, a ] native of Vlultifarnham, county Weatmaath, Ireland, but an old and reaper table inhabitant of this city, aged66 y rare, 2 montha and 17 daya. His lunaral will take place on Saturday morning, 27th inat., at 9K o'clock, from hia late residence, No. 68 Perrr atteot, fioin there it will be conveyed to ht Joseph a ( Church, 8 1i Hvenua and West Washington place, when , a luncral acrrica will take place. 3 On Wednesday evening, the 24th inat, of consump- | tion, in the 29th year of her age, Mear Bmabkord Barita. wife of Sidney WtStringhaca. The relativea and friends of the family are invited to attend her funeral this Friday afternoon, at halt paat S o'i lock, without turtber invitation, fiom No. 86 Cranberry street. Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, yesterday the 26th inat, in the 6lst year of bis age,Thomas 3. Bewna. His Irivnds and those ot hia brother Samuel Bowne, are i reapeatlully invited to attend hia funeral, from the reai- ' deuce of bia brother. 145 Washington street, Saturday, t>i" 37th Inat, at 2 o'clock, P. M. Hia remains will be taken to the Greenwood Cemetery for interment. 3 on Thursday morning. 2ftth inat., Johis Airno Phiuerois, of New Orleans, in the Slat year of hia age The friends of his late tuicle Francis Pliilippou and of Aug A Alleverd and O. Merle, are reqaeatud to attend ).is lunrral, this (Friday) af'ernoon, fromthe residence of the Utter. No ft Blake's Buildings, Court atreet, Brook lyn. at 2 o'clock. Ilia remaiua will be taken to Greenwood ( rmetery for interment. SCOTLAND AND IK BLAND. 1 RELIEF PER MACEDONIAN. ! TlllH bliir lies At Pier N?. 4, North Itiver, irsdv to ?e- i l eivecoftMbatioea. Hhe will remain at ihe Above place t ant I filled, or lor three weeks. ni3#i?w?wh o. C.;DEKAT. ] RICHARDS It CO., No 90 Ann Strut, j HAVE just published THE MILLER OK M ARTIONE. j. a tomanee, by Henry William Herbert, the author of ' " Mermsduke Wwil," "The Villa#* las." "t'romwell,'' ? ' The Brorhsrs," Itc.. pries S3 csats. This story of anflagsing i tsrest will Vis 'eretred with asirsrssl fsror, for it cannot lie considered inferior to tb?'be it works ot Junes or Cooper. We have always eonsidt red " MarmaduUe Wywil" by the same author, at a model <> pare Easliih sty'e: andiheauf- ( cess of his late woilt, "The llmnnu Tiaitor." is evidence of his popularity. The Miller of Martigne is composed with ' quia as mach cere; and we can discover m its pDt ?nd details ' ?the scenes of which are laid in Prance, d uin* lh? divs of Maxarm?the pwgtess of the author's mind. Indeed, there rau he no d' ubt th t, if Mr. Herhert continues to advance, as hi has hitherto done, his r potation will soou be eo-eiteo?ivs with that of 'he best European writers of romance, mft StisltW*c ( AID TO IRELAND. t THE COMMITTEE on Bteadstnffs and Provisions, iu- ' form their fellow citixens through >ut the country, that I they will be happy 10 receive contributions of B>esdstufli ! and Provisions, and ship them fieeof expense to the " '.en- , tral Committee of the Hoctety of Friend* in Dublin" for general diitiibne on among the famishing poor of Ireland Commuuieatiuo* on this subject may be addrexed to either of the Committee I The freights from New York to Ireland will be paid by the , British OoTeinmeut. GEO. BARCLAY. ) KOBT. B. V'INTURN, | J\MKI REYBUKN, ! Committee. WILLIAM REDMOND, I 1 GEO. McBRIDE, Jr. J j uV" The afternoon and weekly papers, which can afford to publish Iree of charge, w tl please rpoy. m26 itfh I SOLDIER* FOR MEXICO. ' COMPANY E, I0TH REGIMENT U S INFANTRY, t ?|<H18 Company is now rreuiting, and will be ou the way a. to Mexico as sooe as the ranks are fil'ed ; meu of good : ' character, disposed to serve tieir country,are invited to enter 1 to eerve during the war To all such good encouragemeut \ I will be given. Early application should be made, ?s the ranks will BO' n be flllr d By act of Congress, a Farm of 16S acres, j or 1100 Treasury Scrip, slid a bouuir of Stl will be given to 1 aarli sold er, iu additi iu t? the rvgnlar pay, c. mforuble and genteel clothieg, rations, quarters and fuel. Every attention is gireu to make the sold er eomfortsble, I and the heat medical attendance, Iran of charge, iu esse of I sicklies*. t J will he paid to any citizen or soldier who may bring reCroit* III the rendezvous. ' Ei.r pa-nculars, apply direct at the Uendejivoa*. Arsenal, entrance tu White street, between Elm and Cautre. THOS. POM'LEY. Captain, lOih Ufautry. An additions' rend xvons has hern opened for the above 1 Company at 2'A Folton sue, t, opposite Washington Market. T A GRIFFIN, I mSG 5ns* rre td Lient. 10th Infantry BLEACHING POWDER?1#0 casks Bord's Bleaching Pewdera, now luiding from the ship Thetis, from Galway, and for sale by PEK88E It BROOKS, unSr 65 and 67 Nassau at. WIGS AND TOUPEES. BATCHKLOR'S new invented WIGS and TOUPEES are the moat perlect specimens of the ait of wig making yet offered to the public?they are (0 admirably adapted to the peeuliaratyle of each individual, 10 light id their con a rm tion, and natural in appearance, aa to defy detection. A large anil well aelacted aloek always on hand, at the ouly musutaeturera.Wm Batehrlor 2 Wall Broadway, j , Copy the address. felt lni'rh | COPYING.PAPER. "AA REAMS anperior Copying Paper, American m?nalV/aJ nfacture, wuich ia warranted to take a perfect imprestirn, and sold at a price much lower than the foreign? For .ale by PEKSSE It BROOKS, 120 r Paper Warehouse, At and (7 Nassau at. DAGUERREOTYPE PLAlES. ! JUST Rr.CEIVED per ahip Burgundy3000 Oaguerreotype Platea, full aixe 6000 dn do medium aixe. from the beat French mannfrcturea For aale at the lowest prices, by LOUIS L. BISHOP, Importer, ! mil 2w*r 13 Maiden Lane, npsiairs MiLLlNERy. MrtS. H AZEN, 461 Broadway, corueroi Grand .treat, , will open on Tn.aday, 30t'< March, instant, her apart menta of Fashionable Millinery. in26 3'*re j MESMEKISM?TRUTH TRIUMPHANT. ' Another surgical operation.?Mr bhaw will rere't hie la e as'ouiahing reanlta in hnman inacep- i libit.ty. This Evening, at the Wealey.n Meihodist Church, No 78 Allen atieet, near Ornnd. A rariety of reanlta will be produced intereaiug to every body poaaeasing braina. The i world, iucludiug prejudiced Doctors and akentici, are chal- , lengedtoahow that -any Soilnaion is practised in prodnei.g I these reiult*. Commence at past 7. Admittance I2R rt*. i ! The pr-area, of science camot be impeded. mg lt*rc U.H.B NEW yvOtiK, -THE LuVxK'n iiK VENiaE, a '? ale ol Domestic .Treachery ." with a portrait and autograph. price 12R cents, just published by H. Long It Bro. 3} Ann street. g"Thi? ia a yery pretty story. It has nil the merit* and the defects of Sue's writirg.. We rery cordially commend it >o all per>ons of br th aexes who hire the misfortune to be in 1 love. To all such it is a perfect treasure "?Norwich Chronicle mil 3t*r PEARL STREET HOUSE, 8i Pearl street, New York. REDUCTION IN PRICE?'Tee subscriber respectfully 1 calls the attention of Oie travelling community, and ea I?C? 111' y i;uiiuo? uivu, t t me ?*cv mm> mis uuusc 11 UUW Oj'cu I and it offered lor their patronage at the low price of ORE DOLLAR PER DAT. I t location for buaiuvaa it not tnrputed in New York, end 1 every comfort, with good living, clean bedt, airy rooma, lie., 1 ran here be had at well at at the moat extravagant honiet ? One call will anrely aaiiafy any one of theae facta and inanre an attentive patronage for the honae. in262w?rc LAW C. BISHOP, Proprietor. WOOL. J 1CAA POUNDS Ameiican Kieere Wool foraaleby > 1 ,OUU E K.COLLINS. h iu26 tl rc 56 Mouth atreet I 1 PLATINA, IN WIRE, Ingot and Plate, juat received by L. B BIN8SE It CO, 13 William at, m?6 lw?re no at?ira. | I PuPIpH i.O>KliiblO.N Ai>l) PRlEiaTCHAKT axpoted !?A lecture on the nnchriatian treatment cf female* . in the ennfetaioual, by Popiah I'rieata. And "Mi modua, rt | fiaia auie damno solve". cohtcr. Sit locoa et tempua ractna, uec ai einito votein." Will no delivered at half ptat 7 o'clock, | at the 'J'abeiuacle, on Wedueaiay evening, March Slat, by the Rev. ?. LE A HEY,'late a Monk of La Trnppe, and WM. HOOAN, formerly a Pricat in f hilndelphia. The lectn'e I will be illuatrated by a aad catalogue of incontrovertible quotarioni from Peter Dent' Latin Tkeolocy.and Biahop Hughes. | , and Krurick't, which catalogue Mr. Leahey hat trauaTated and publialiad with the original Latin on one aide and the En- , glith on the other, aud will be lor tale on [he evemug of hit lecture?price 35 centa. Ladiea are pnaitively prohibited from e ,ming te thia lac- ( tuie; alio, youtba. Admittance35 centa. oiH 6tia*r CUTTER WANTED. 1 A YOUNO MAN that hat had tome experience in a good i ra. abop in ihe city, to go a ahort diatanco in the country, by < applying between 13 ana 2 o'clock, the gentleman can be teen I at A WHEv.LER'S, No 4 Conrtlandt at mM li'c I WANTED, IN A KAMILY thati'oea not rtm.-ve on t'?e firat of May, by a lady and her daughter, a parlor and bed room adjoining,' with board, in the vicinity ul Hi. Paul'a or the rark. ' Add-eat T. A. Z. at ihe office ol thia paper, m252i*r I WANTED?A Situation by a Gentleman of ene-gy and good address, and who can refer in men of known woith and ataiiding in aociety in ihiaoity^haa no objection \ iu unin aui n'?* u-iu, tuuiuiarciai iir uinenvilf, II corrtl' I poudeat or cnnfiJeulial ag-nt. or to superlnte> d a public or J pi Irate concern. Address,O F. CHILD, M Prospect airect, l>rooklyn ail 2i*r WANTED. , A SITUATION by a respectable young married woman, aa Wet Nurse?has a child two weeks old The beat of cit* references given, on applying at 101 Madison street. mailt" r WANTED. i BY a Y"Uiig Woman, a situation as seamstress or nurse, in a small private lamily. The best ol city releienre given aa to character aud rapacity. Please apply at 20G Mutt St. in23 4t"ie nEW YORK CA&H TAlLOKlNli ESTABLISHMENT, 1 NO. 72 WE8T BROADWAY and No.OS Church street. Oeetlemena garments made in the mist approved Freneh style ou the following reasoua"le lermi. Kite French Cloth Dress Coats 113; * r.,ck Coats do from $'3 to $'6; French Ciusimere Pauts $1,30 to $3,30; Disss Vest of sstin $1 to $1.30 8. It O WYlNl, m"3 lm*rh No. 72 West Broadway and 13 Church at. ~ DALLEY'8 h CON NELL'S PAIN EXTRACTOR. CCOUNTRY merchants can be with ihe true s articles, iu any quantities, and at prices that cannot fail ' to suit purchasers?but to get the original and genuine, the number. (No. 21 Courtlandt street.) must always be sought. v COMHTOCK It CO f N B? M/anfsH 94 ? 1(1 ,_..ll._. ? ? r A.M I State*, each toforniih hi* own team fit ln?*rc V FRENCH MADDER. i ALWAYS ou hand and for tale by the importer, i C. E. HABICHT, mil Jw*rc IS Weata'rect. b MUSKETS AND PISTOLS. I e 1 AAA Ship Muaket* IUUU sow) American Banded Muaket*.with bayonet* . complete in the moat peifeet order. 100 pair Ship I'lstol*. . 100 Revolving 6 bnrret l'u'ol* 100 Bowie Kn ee*. 300 Doable tarrel Fowling Piece* ? 100 Hiogle do do Sporting ariirle*. Una material*. Toel*w&.c., eeery thing I required b? the Sportsman or Oun*mith. For aile by ' 128 I in Are A W HPIKHfc ?() . 01 Maiden Une. CYRUS W. KiF.I.I) It CO , No 9 burling ?lip, oiler toi 1 aale a large aaao tment of Printing Writing, Wrapping, 1 Hardware, Envelope, Hanging, and emoted Paper. I . Piper of any aixe or quali'y in ui,. to order. The highest market prier* paid in cash for rag*, bagging. ; r b le rope cutting*, tunny Digging, gran rope.cauea**, and all other kiuda of Paper Manufacturer's atoch. by n CYRUS W t'lKLD k CO, , ! 04 lm#re No. Hnrlinr alio. N V . " NEW PAPER HANGINGS k WINDOW SHADES * Nicoi.a* Pi a k k Co., No I7S Pearl atrert, I MPORTEttS and manufacturers, hare joat opened a eery extenaiee supply of eeery atyle and quality of American ind I ranch Paper Hangings, Bordtri, Firebnard Prints, and wide Window nruiin paper. Also, a aplrudid aaiortment 1 i ?f Painted Window Shades, and flitU'sa for the same, a which they offer to merchant*, dealer*, and other* at the a rery lowe*t prieea. P/Tlm*rc a CUSTOM hOUsk, hbW YORK,4 J Nn_.._ _ Collector's Offi. e, March Id, 1847. J OT1CE? Persons haeing goods in the publi a'ote. No. j ; II Washington (tract, are notified th?ton iha 3l*t March inetant, all goods remaining in said ato'* will be irmoeed to ' the United States Bonded Wa'ekouaa, corner ol Broadway md Kichang* PI ice, at the risk and expense ol ihe owner, I eonitgnee or agent, ml tllsf re C. W LAWKKNCK. Cal'r K PRACTICAL BOOK KEfcFlNL, ! no. 88 cents ithckt. [ r MR. C. C. MARSH, Aeconntant, anthor of the " 8e ence ' of Double-Entry Bnak-Keemng 8implili?d," and the 1 a "Art of Single Entry book-veeping Improved," continues ! n to leseh a? above. __ I tl ,untie oi iiiiirnction -ine pnnrc are rnpeetfnlly inform ed and aianred, that the pliu punned by Mr. Vnnh in leech- a ing thii imp rteut hr-nch, n truly a conrie of practice in c harping hnoki, rniher then e ronrw of let tnrei on the theory. 1 '1 he pupil hecomei fimilter, from actual me with all the n hoiike conilituting e iat, and a perion of good capacity, will r< by thii conrie beeome a competent book-keeper in abonta p month, end will receive a certificate to that effect. Proipectm with teimi can be obiained et the Hooini from al I A. M.. to > P. Mj i'liSlL GUANO.?The cargo of the brig Virginia, ebont three p hundred loni. from Houtli America, end from au aualyiii . prononnct d inperior to any other kino in the market. The !' tioano ii dry, eud will be told to rime the concern at ene end a hall cent per pound, and ii an ohjeet to the farm no! 11 the conntry. Tne ei-go ii at Trappell'i ilntei, Brooklyn, near Kniton ' Kerry, and aatnplei may he teen at the office of BPOFKORO, TILK8TON It CO., H# Water itraet. * m!) Im*rh p' II ALl. LAN I Kit The larnait aod inmt j a/Vy iplendid .-aiorline'-t of Hall La terniol cut, it rngiayed and atained glan, ereri (Tried tothe public Whole- ? lafo dealeri will pleaie ctamine and judge I r theimelyei, (JKOROK KDWAKDM. in?U*re 1U and It# Naaiuu itrpet. 11 J.j-- ..Hi''i-L!"i*iiP J . .. TEN DOLLARS REWARD. r 09T, no the lid iaat, io Wall itreet.a amall poekat book, Li containing too $20 bill*, and about $30 in amall bilti. I ha above reward will bo paid on the pocket book nd iti content! at the oAce ol thia paper. H O. DE FOREST. n?J5 lt?r M Merchaata'Eachan?e lost; f~kN the 14th inatant, la Naaaau atreet. between Fnlten and " John atraeta, in the inuruiug, between 10 and II o clock, I > * if 7 Hollar Bill The Under will bn liberally re- | vardtd end receive the tnrnks ?1 the owner by letarniug ibe ameio.Mr H. Dolauowaki, Ml Waverly Place 'i he bill was on the Mtchauica' Baukiig Aaaocieti jn . in2i 3t*r pocket book lost. ' i f\N Monday evening, either in one of the Waverlyline ol j O itaiea, or between Part Place and Murray atreet, con. | aw lug a imall amount of money and ran ua memoranda K liberal reward will be given if found ard left at the Telerraph Nevi Boom, Poat'a Bmldinga, corner of Beaver acd Hanover eirveta mil 3' fh BANKKKS. MERCHANTS, PATHONB OK PUB LIC INSTITUTIONS AND OTHEK8-An acive nan, foity ait yrara ot age. yet paaaeaaing considerable enerIV, end eecellent bnaineaa habile, and qualifi 'itiona, who haa jeen for a great uu ' berof yeara engaged in the dry goods bulineaa (in which, however, he haa not been aucreaafnl) and who can g>ve icference to many of iha first bonaea in thii city iu>l elsewhere, aa to alerting inrrgrity and irrep'oachlhle nnral character, wanta a permanent respectable aitnatinn. where the emu ument wonld be from $S00 to SMOp rr anuum I \ tew lines nidi rued B. N. H , Brooklyn Poat Office, will ue immediately ait?ndrd to. mil 3t*rc UNION MUTUAL 1NSUKANUE COMPANY. THE Corporator) of thia inatitution, organised on Haiurdav.tlie 20 h of March, 1147,hereby give notice that ? book will be opened THia uav, at No. SI Wall atieet, for aut>icriptiou entile capital ?iockof 100,000dollar*, a* required by he charter, for the bnaineaa of MarineTransportation and N.vigition Hitki, and alio for Fire Hlika, the profira to lediride'i between the Stockholderi and thoae doing butiicas with the institution A bonk will alio bo optu to reeire applications M inaurauces, and continue open till | '.1 outlay morning, 29th mat., to wbieh tine the truateea have u'journrd to complete the organization, lie. Tbustbbs. Richard M. Laurence, Stephen Allot, Lambert Suyilam, James O. Wt.d, Joseph Buuchaud, Edward K Collins, Paul Spofford, Keitlman i Huvdain. irth Mrusrenor, Abraham (5 Thompson. John t*. Neamiin, IN. H Woll'r. Shepherd Kuapp, George Uapclye, Kiwin Hoyt, John Van Neat, t T. H. Gibaon, Robert A Kobertaon, C. H Sand. And other Traaiaee to be associated ml4 5tewh LAMBERT Sl'YUAM. President. J us i FU ulITiTbTu,"fH E~5irlRTT15V"'76 * ENGRAVED UN STEEL, by II. 8. Sudd, from the paiutiog by T. H. Matteeou, aiae of the plate, 23 mchea by 19, no flue paper, 3) iuchea by 24; prints 22; proofs on India paper 23. J. NICAL, 66 Carmine at, N. Y. m?4 3t?rh PREMIUM WALNUT OIL SrtAVINOEOAP CAUVION? A counterfeit article of our eelehrated Waluut Oil Military Sharing Soap ia now being offered round the rity by a peraon representing himaeif aa our ageut. We hereby rauti <n the public agaiuat being deeeired with it, and beg to atitte that we hare no ageuta whaterer. nor h'e any oue any right to use onr namea on the lube's. 'I he genni e aonp, tnanelartured by the inventor, Dr P.O. Yroom, liaa our fee aimile aignature to each label. m23 1m*rc VBOOM ?t FOWLER. 3 Courtland at. NEW TEAS, OLD JAVA COFFEE. | GROCERIES, lie., at Wboleaale and Retail.-J. O. ' FOWLER ia daily recairing from Auction ehoien new Greeu and Black Te a, Jara and other Coffees, While and Brown Sugars, and family Groceriea of all kinda, which he ia offering at a email advance ou the wboleaale pricea. Families ana dealers from the country would do well to call and ezamine the chore stock of gooda before purchasing. Storri Noa. 250 and 422 Greenwich and 70 Veaey streets. N. B. Gooda packed and delivered to the boats without charf. In 23 lm*rh CHEAP FOR CASH. Ij3 AHKENS, Draper and Tailor, 20>g Ann street, hega to > inform hia patrons and tha public in geueral, that he has >u hand a rery large asioitment of French Clothe, C'asaimeres. Doeakins, Veatmga. kc for the aoming season,which any tug been purchased entirely for each, will be made op ia ihe beat possible style 25 per cent under Broadway prices. No humbug?eali and see. m2S lm?rc UA&i OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED. 1 ADIES sad Gentlemen having any oast off or auperfloui m-m ciutniog or furniture to dispose of, can obtain a fair eaih | price for the lame, by sondinc a note, or by calliag on the subscriber, at hie residence, or through the post, which will be pnncimUy attended to. H. DIBOICB, Tlx Canal at. lTp Stairs. N. B.?Ladies can be attended to by Mrs. De Boer. Old stock and job goods bonght, of any description and amount. m2S lm?rh J. STOUVENEL fc CO., . No. 29 Gold itreet. and No S John street, near Broadway. MANUFACTURERS, wholesale and retail dealers in CHINA, GLASS, AND LAMPS, for oil and lard; Gas Futures of erery description. Solar and Gas Lamps, Chandeliers, Brakets, Girandoles, Candela- ! bras, Itc , lie. Trivaie Homes, Churches, and Hotels, fitted up with Gas, at a great redaction in price, and ail articles warranted. A complete assortment oi the richest cat, pressed and plaiu Glass constantly on hand. All the shore articles made to order, and a'l kinds of Glass Ware matched to any pattern. Lamps altered and repaired. Goods loaned ,o parties. Oil at wholesale and retail. New ityle of Hall Lamps and Lanterns. O"" Packages for the country sent free ot expense. m23 lm*re ! G. B. CLARKE, MERCHANT TAILOR, 116 William street, opposite the New Stores?I flatter myself that 1 hare nerer yet made I garment to measure, that the purchaser has not recommended me to his friends, and they to their's, so that my business increases in a geometrical ratio. It shall be my endeavor to give still greater eatiefactioa. The geuus " Sack" kept ready made. Finest French Ureas Coats made to measure, $10. Lower qualities, $14, II, II. A few Overcoats, One, still left, price $11 All goods bought and sold for cash. ait lt*re CHERRY PECTORAL" TfH IS elegant and surpassingly excellent remedy for colds. A coughs, consumption and all affections of the throat and Inngs. Sold in New York by Hoadlev, Phelps It Co , lit Wa'er at; Rushtun It Co., Br adway : Henry Johnson, Apothecary, corner Chambers street and Broadway; J Million, 111 Broadway: J. It A. Meakim, SI". Broadway, and druggists throughout the Uaited States and Canadas. The formula of this preparation has been published in the public medical journals, and has received the highest commendation of seveaal medical colleges and schools in the United States, as well as the distinguished medical an'horities of British Ameriep 114 la?rh COAL?PEACH ORCHARD, RED ASH. LARGE nut. $6 50; egg,broken and atove,$STS:Lehigh, lump,$5 JO; >gg, stove and nut, $4 74: these are cash prices, less 40 ets. for tartage. My coals are all under sheds and dry, re-screened from my coal yard, 241 Elixabeth street and corner of Hamnersley and Bedford atreets. fll Un*re JACOB WEEKS. Jr. TRAVELLING TRUNKS, Itc. JOHN CATTNAC11, Trunk Manufacturer, No. 1 Wall 1 st eet crrner cf Broadway,has now on hand and eonstanty making, a good a>sortmrnt of Trunks, Valises, Ca pet Bigs, and Satchels, wholesale and retail. Also, a supcior article of S'le leather Trunks, suitable for Anie'ican or European Travel, and Portmanteaus for the Kreuch Mailt Petit Orders lor the West Indies, Month Ara-rica, Itc., filled with despi r.h uifi lm*rc MANSAHtQUA HOUSE, SOUTH OYSTER BAY, LONG ISLAND T'HE snbtciiber takes this method to inform his friends and the public, that he has taken the above houae, which will be opeu for the reception of viaiters on the first day of na'cn inn. and Doata will he In readineaa for (routine. A Stage will leave h'armingdale on the arrival ot the morning and eveniug tiam of ears from Brooklyn or the above House C. K 8NEDECOH, Proprietor, rati Iw* ' late of the Oyater Bav Home M<3NEY^ENT\ ! MUNKY LVNT?The higheat prices advanced in large and small sums on gold and silver watches, diamonds, plate, jewelry, furniture, clothing, dry goods, he., kc JOHN M. DAVIKS, l icensed pawnbroker, 2J2 William street, near Dunne Persons received in private office, by ringiug the bell- | ml7 Itn^r H. UKANVILLE 8. PATlloON bus rem ved mare- : sidence to U University Place, corner of IJth street, and us Office to No. 61 Chambers stteetJOfflee Honrs from It till I I o rlnrk. m 12 lm*r I HOLMES KITCHEN RANGES. ! rlfK proprietor has been engaged in raannfactnring and ' selling Kitchen h anges for the past II ye rs. u"d feels j varranted 10 engage that for private families and boarding ! innses lhat there is no range in nee at preseut will answer a letter purpose, and if not it will be removed free of any eiicnse to the purchaser. Numerous relerence> can be given o any person wishing to purchase. Prices range from tVj to 147. Oraies of the newest patterns for parlours, bed rooms sd offices Ranges and Urates set, and all descriptions of fire works milt at ihe shortest notice. Hmoking Chimneys cured and warranted, if not cured no hargeismade. A. UILHOOLY A 80N, Proprietors and manufacturers, 71 Nassau street. fe!7 lm*r INSTANTANEOUS HAIR DYE D ATCHELOR'8 Liquid Hair Dye, is the be?t article ye L> offe ed f?r coloring the hair to a perfectly even an atnral black or brown, without staining or iijuring the skin t i* nrouonnced by hundreds who hay* nsrd it, the only per ! ?ct Hair Dye yet discovered. Hold wholesale and retail by i VM. BAT'. KLOK, > Wall street, near Broadway. Oa m"r kj OK WAV IRON always on tnaud and for sale by lbs , .N Manufacturer's Agent, C. E. HABICHT, mil tw?re ffi West strong. QUILL FENS. I rHK Subscriber would call the attention of the public to his superior t^uill Pens, made entirely with the pennife. By long practice he has sncceeded io reach'ng the restest possible perfection in sniting every kind of writing, t the same tune tliev surpass bv far, auy metallic pen in i lasticity and ease. They sre esrefully put up in boiea of | i i o?cn, in urn imy cmi or srnppea to any part of the coon- < jr. without riak of damaging the points For aale by mhl9 lm*>h K TKKV KAMI*, No ?? William at. ' ANOTHER CHALLENGE. i 3NCR M'?KK we challenge the New York Phnde dealers to compete wi h na in the aale of Window Shades. We re now making 'nrge daily additiona to oar atoek of Shades, j I nd pledge ourselves to be nnderaold by none. Aa to the 1 uality nt oar Hhndea, we haee bat one word to aay. They I ix>k the preminm at the late fair ati Newark, N. J. We iu- I its the citisensof NewYotkand the aarronndiag country 1 give na a call, and we will orore the troth of nor naaertioue I DUNCKtR It BKKKfcH, i No. M Chatham street, near Chambers street, I mil lm*r New York, I ~IMPROVED MAGNKTiV MAC HIM VS. AOOKEHEAD'S GRADUATED MAGNETIC MACHINE. rHIS instrument is an important improvement oyer all , other forma of inanufietnre, and haa been adopted by the I ledicalprofeaaion generally, as the uioat effeetnal magnetic I laehine in use. It in perfectly simple in construction, and * fierefore not liable to set out of order, is the case with i in liar inatrameuta. It admits of perfect coutrol.and can he RAbyaTyD to any power adapted for any infant, or tuffitent for the strongest adult, at the pleaanre of the o|>etat'ir. 'be aaagnetic force ia imparted in a continuous manner, and rith no unpleasant sensation to the most lei icate patient. It rqaires no assistant in its nse, and is, ia every respect, ' 11 vet i y miinini. ICach machine n compactly arranged, with the battery end II neeeaaary appliance*. rnt up in neat rotewond cnae* Acompauying eaen ere full direction* regarding it* n*e end ap- | ' l'c?tion i Owing to the faeilitie* pesaeaaed by the inhaeriher le ()radu?ted Magnetic Mach'iiea are ?*!d at pnee* equally iw aa th"*e ehirged for inferior artiolaa. They ran be readi- j i aent to any pari of the ennotry. , , I'riee pI the machine*, ft $11 and $14 each, according to | j teand ftniah; and each inatnimeut i? warrauied. Many of the cure* performed by thi? machine ?r*truly , nnderlul, aome of litem in diaeaiea of the moat tediou* rltd kinful character known to the medical profetaion. In all rrrona complaint* the effect* are almnat magical. I'h- ateian* and other* are cancioned aeainat pnrchraing the nitationa of theae Machine*, under whaterer name, a* .hey ill he found el little or no ?nlu*. I Manufactured and for aale, wholeaale and retail. > y I n C.MOOKHKAl) I ftT |$| Broadway, New Yoik APCWOH WWW1M. JACOB 8 PL ATT, Auctioneer. 1 TAA CASKS AND LOTS of Maaon'a patent iron, atone | "V-f and Freuch plain aud decorated China. 50 cratei J kartheaware: 100 caaea, or 5000 doien, Tumblera, Gobleta, : r i.d Wm#(!aaara. M0 a'oian J. Biowu'a patent atone Juuk j Bottlaa, for manuUcittring. I Alao. 50 packagea American (Jlaaa ware, 100 Solar La""pa, f g 576 Saaperding 1 amna, 150 acta Tea Treya 500 Caatora with ( aeaorte*! bo tlea, 200 giaae Lampt Alao, of the Wteat import- j atiiwi, a latge invoice ol ailver plated Waitera, C'aat >ra, < ake Bavketa, (. audieati ka lie. Alao. apl'n 'id Clock*. Vawa ? Ornameuia, Lookiug-alaaare, Wmd"W Curtauia and Cebi ne Furniiurr; I large cut-gla*a Lhitdtliera. uevt, i nd having ae?e al thooaaud eut-glaaa dropa, pruma.tic. I Alio, 200 ae.a fine ivory Knivra and Foika ' Alao, aeveial artirlea ?f act diamouda, via : Bracelet*, Pine, Jl b: iiehee, ke. b The anove will be aold by Jacob 8. flail, at the auction II room 23 Piatt atreet, Ttiia Day. riele to commence when the cluck arrikea 10 N.B-Among tbeae good* are a>me 5 ttl'tlia l chut blnrh. e.... P?-l. bAm.i. a- ** L - ever been imported into this city, Also, 6 worsted diinask A >V i^wCmtdus with covenug complete. The attention ofd^era, h >t?l eud steamboat proprietor*, eud "Uo of faunlira desiring houte luruiahlug articlea, la directed to ihe aale N B?Catalogues are uow ready. Ladies attending thia . ale. orgtving ordera f?r luruiahlug, will receive proper at- I , tentiou. | 1 N B?T?e practice baa heroine a > rommou that porchaaata ! do not citl for goods (urchaaed at auctiou aalaa. (and thia be- | ing a peremptory ante nf every lot flared by the ou; ijurer.) . it la deemed eapedient that in all carea thoae that aie not ' known to tha auctioneer promptly call out their addieai and pi ire of residence, ar.d it ia hoped that no offrne* wi 1 he . lakeu at th>e requisition, u ia aa tnncti to protect real pur- i < haarra at fur gn other |i'ir|>oae, a? it p-otecca Mat 111 III . aera Iro n being luipuaed upon by fictitious bidden. j into It* re JaCnU g. PL at l\ Aucttouerr. Diamonds, kc-jacob s. pl*tt win ten thia i Dav at 3 o'c'oek, at the auctiou r- on, No. 21 Plntl at, corner efO'Id street, Uart.clea of Di&uionds, comittiug of , ingle and clutter rings, pins. broochea, and three aplrudtd bracelnta, all richlv aet For the other aiticlea in the aale. to eotntnaoca at 10 o'efogk, comprising 700 lota of China glaai ware, crockery, ailver pi.tied warea, large pier end mantel gilt frame lo. kn g, g aaaea, pepier m.iche gucda, rich clocks ' and vaaea. window . urtaiua, <00 tot ivory table cutlery? 01 ' piece* ceh leu. fine actn of Japan tea trail, lamp* girandole*, ailver pi ted knives, lurks and spoons, in sella, he. Keterence lor pniiculara. aee under auc ion head lu the Journal of Commerce tod Kxpress N. B.? Tl.e aale wi l commence when the clock atrikea 10, and be rnutiuned ti I -II i. a .Id mtS It ' rrc j JOHN M., Auctioneer BOW 1,1 NO SALOON at Auctiou.?This Day, at twelve | o'clock, ou the premises, lit Broadway, (Exp eaa Build ingx.) 1 will sell to the highest bidder, for cash, the Leaae of ( the apnoioux and eligibly located Bowling ealoon, and six j new Al'evs. The leaae hat twn yeara to run from the first of , May next?together with the Balls, Pius, Kuruilure, Bar and Fixtures. *tocg of Liquors, Segara, kc J. It. W. gives hit prrsoual attention, as usual, to tales of Furniture. Uroeeriea, kc. tu any part aif the city or vicinity. m t lik g KOYAL OUHLKY, Auctioneer SPLENDID KMBKLLiSHr.U B H'KS? On Hctarday Kveiling, will besojuby KOYAL OUHLKY k CO.. I jut Bro-dway, corner oflluane street, an extensive and unci aiinon assemblage f Books, consisting of tuperb vo)um?a of modern illuatrarrd works. galleries, pictnresque scenery, an eilraordiuary collection of books of emblems, ia rnriona languages. eery a- eienr. work', with engravings by lbs old masters. hooka sailed to the arlist for ornament i| designs, in the uatful and fine arta, specimens of eany piloting, portraits of illnatriooa men, works on meda's and coins, aima and armour, heraldry, lives of eminent pointers, treatises <n par ting and colors, dictionaries of painters, let. Ca'alnguta are resdy. m26 3C*rre WILLIAM U. M?LAUUHL1N, Auctioneer. G1 RE AT HALE OK IMITATION AND PRECIOUS f STONES, comprising upwards of 100,004 with an extensive i.ssortmrnt of Jewelry,: Silver, rud I'l&ted Ware, and Kancy Uoods. AAKON C. BIFHlt will sell at public aueiiou rt bis . store No 80 Bowery, his mti e stock of valuable goods, i eommeueiiii on Tueai'ar, the JOth day of March, and will J continue the sale until the stock is disposed of. Dealers and manuUciuiert are iaviied to aitend, as rare opportunities 1 will be offered. Thesale will commence with the stones | On the 15th day of April, he will offer at pablic auction, j i his cabinet of Knells, Birds, Minerals ; 50 valuable original Oil Paiutiugs. by old misters; also, avery large collection of ' II Engravings, by celebrated masters; also, a valaable lot of 1 rare Old Books, from 100 to 300 years old, with a number of ( acts of Parliament, passed 10)1, iu black leuets; also a rare I collection of Coius, Petrifactions. Antiiinilies. and a variety , t of Oema and Curioai.ies, well wostliy the attention of con- I . uoisseurs, being the collection of many years Catalogues ( cau be obtained the d ?y before the sale mil Iw is?rc H. UUCi.UEKaU. Auctioneer. ' SALE OK THE CUHIOU8 MECHANICAL MUSEUM t cfthe Lafayette Baxaar, 140 and 1S1 Broadway. H. Due- j luxeau will sell at auction, on Friday. Mth March, the large collection ol Mechanical Clocks and Automatons, and Musical Instruments of the Lafayette Baxaar. Among which | arc? The Celebrated Automaton Dancer on the Tight Rone, whose movemeuts are as natural and graceful as a human be- < iog's. and rival ihe celebrated Ravel Family. Alto. The Miugirc Bird taking I rasons from its mispress, is | truly surprising, aad surpasses every kind of mechanism yet known. Also, over sixty Rare Curiosities, which are of the most unique character, comprising an Automaton Klnte Player, white music it delightful, and equal to any performer, besides every poaaib e Automaton contrivanca. j Also, au Harmouican at powerful at a church organ. i Also, two fine Organs Alto, a line collection of Chineae Kignraa, Painting!, In- I sects, Telescopes, Microscopes, and Electric Machines, lie. The Museum will be arranged for examination on Monday, Ud March. For farther particular! apply to T. A Artenlt, Lafayette ' Baxaar, or at the office of the auctioneer, 30 Piatt it Also, Hale of Three Splendid and very Powerful Telescopes. made bv Lerebours, Optician of the Observatoire in Paris These Teleseones will be warranted perfect, or the | money refunded, by T. A. Artault, the owuer, and will be sold at auction, at the Lafayette Baxaar, 149 and 151 Broadway, on Friday. 25th of March. Colleges, Universities aud Srhoola have in this sale a good ' chance to boy a capital inatrnment. mhll Ctis'rh FINE WATCHES'. , THE Subscribers would call the attention of eap- ' I Bgijaint of vessel and others, destious of procuring sc- j j wcume i iinnaecpcr*.- 10 an aaaortmeut ol WiicIim wuuii the* haye juat received, made by the celebrated maker Julca Jurgeuaoa. Copenhagen, by whom they er* ai>- f peiutcd aole agent* for the United States They have a'ao conatantly on hand watehea of every description by the mutt 11 eminent makera, together with a large and valuable assortBirui t.f Jewelry ar.d Silver Ware, which they are telling . loner, (? lieu quality ia compared) than any other hnuae tu I New York. 8 HAMMOND It CO . J 44 Merchant'* Exchange, n lirat deor in William stree' " N. B?8. H.St Co. will continue ta five their undivided attention to the repairing of Chronometer, Duplex, and all . other hue watehea m26 im3tawia*c ? wi Ho8K HILL 8TABLEM, eoruer 24th atraet and Third Avenue, (oppnaite Full'* Head.)? Kor Hale, XJLUe* pair Orey Horaea, 16 h nds high, oue Pair Irng ( tail Baya, 16 hnnda ; 1 pair ahort tail Biya, 16 hand* ; I pair short tails, ,6K hind* h gh s 1 pair Bay Horaea, loeg taila, ! UK handa high ; 1 I heauut Pacing M?r-, all atu"d and hind, from Cayuga ' ounty. J KKl HEY. mil lw?rrc I 4|_ (UK nALb, a pair 3 minute Can id tan Pom ea ? ! -UB^On Batukdav Moniviivo, 17tii mat, ?t 10 o'clock, M , will be aold to the higheat bidder, a pair nl' ' black i auadiaii route*, together with a flrat rate Bnggy, Harueaa, Blankeia. Ac. complete. 1 hey inav be aeen at the atahiea attached to the Ma aiou Honae, (whete they will he aold ) II ciia alteec, Brooklyn, every moruiug from 1 o'clock A I P M. ml) 3t?rc GuEAT A ITKACTION. Archty at Home, No 5 John Street. V/TJf A. OHEIVEbega to acquaint hi* friend* and patron* ^ fetliai hia ag-i t haa reiururo from r urope, s 11 11, ,-niau. dMsr*f'*r a iraideii' a of aeveu inoutha at Androabeig. ** ? and the other mnat releorated district! nfUerminy. a He haa been euahledto collect the b'at selection of tinging and fancy birds he haa ever otfeied ; also an uuu- ) anal varily of rare and fancy birds Irom all parts of the world, aelected with g<eat trouble, without regard to coat ft. B ? Fancy dogi. 8 iet-anrt ponira, Chinear, silver, and English pneasan a, swans, and trf y varietv of barn-door fowl* ; fancy and bleeding cages, bird seeds lie A treatiae on the management of breeding and raising Canaries, Ire. P. * ?Lenera pott-paid will at all timet meet with prompt at entian from A OKKIVK, f 11123 ln>?r,c No 1 John atree'. N V. ( Sl'KlNG MYLE HAlafuR GEN 1 LEM EN \ THE MOST APPROVED aud desirable styles are | now ready for inspection nt tale, of the fi'tt quality , Silk aud Beaver, and got up in a style tha' cannot fail to tun , the moat tasudima, at the balaa Kootn, 40 William meet, Merchants'Eichange tr26 1ft* FWlt8 rc , r* Kftt'X. HAT'i'kiH, 7m ; Mk No. Ill Fulton 8t*rrt, JPm fin now hi* new atyle of ePHI.NO FASHION ready for | customer*^ It iajirouounced by eonnoiaaanra to be the " ne i?. wnLny, numo wnn u?nitfD. PI13 >WH*rc I NOTICE! 1 H Tttf CO-PARTNERSHIP hitherto existing between i*? PLUNKETT fc PAH DE88U8 wee diaaolyed by ma tual MUMtM ihe lit inatant. WM. ROBERTSON, Jr., end JULES PLUNKETT here till! d?y formed a cr-partuerahipnnder the firm ot R< RKKT I PON It Co., and will eoutinue the Hat and Cap bniiorn on J Kobertaon'r well kunwn principle at the Phaanix Hat and Cap mannlactory, ^o. n Fnlton atreet, New York, and at their 1 Branch alore No. 63 Fnlton atreet, Brooklyn. New V Qrh. Much IS. 1647 m!7 I6tr NEAPOLITAN HON NETS. J THE anbacrihera re pectfnlly call the attention ol ^EjDrnlen and Millinrri, to their preaent atyle of Neepo9VHMN, wtueh m rapxior to auy hitherto inannfaetnr- * ed by them: they are alao manufacturing a new atyle " called the Uoaaamer, with flowera of the aaaic material to eorreapnnd, which are inderd exquiaitely beautiful, and we I feel cor.flilenr that onr Neapolitana andOeaaamera will be the I moat faahionable Bonnet worn thaaeaaon, by the demonalration made thua early in their fan r by the moat faahionable iadiea of onr city and elaewhere , PATTISON NOK It CO., J I'axenteea and Manufacturers of the Neaimlitan Bonneta, * mil lmia*re No 23 Orlancy at., near the Bowery. j ~TT WALSH hlxT, i - HI EN' H BOOT and Blioe Makera, No. 6 Ann atreet, Vnenr ths Mtisenm, New York. Fine Krenrli Boot* S3 40; v IB French Impenal Dress Boots made to order, ft 10. nan * ^Jally aold for t6 10 Patent Leather Boota, Hhoea, Oaiiera ' and Blippera' constantly on hand, and ma'r to order at the *j ilmrteat notice Keiainrg, lie., done in the atore. Quick " wlea and small profile la onr motto. No. 6 Ann atreet, New ' York. mrt3 lm*rc . BOOTA AND HHOE8 of the firat quality, at treat bargains, at MA'I'd New Hf>re, 106 Canal a-reet. The IB snbaeriber would call the attention of hia numerona frienda and enatomera and the pnbhc in general. to hia larpe and wall aaaortrd atock of all the different kinda of ] Boota, Hhoea, Oaitera. lie., that the market can afford, which ? .. _:fi--ii i? r... ?. - - ?? .... ...... r.ici iiainiai ior ine iuii mare 01 " patronage h* reeeired lor the last ten yeari while in the cmjioyment of others, and now hiring commenced business for 1 vmsell he c n assure his friends sn<l the pnbHe ihst there >' ihall be nothing wanting on his part to please and fire aatisaeiion to all those who will tie so kind as patronise him at 196 Canal street, New Vork. JOHN McOUlRK. mt lm*rh I QUICK HAL,ICS ANO SMALL PROFITS IB OUR J MOTTO?Fins Boots at S3 50. cite made, and are 1 equal to those usually sold f >r ft}. Fin* French calf A dress Boots at $4 50, equal to the best sold in the city. '< Fa'ent leather Boots, Bhoet, (Jailers nd Slippers, on hand ind made to order on short notice All goods warranted to lire satisfaction. Mending. Ore., done in the store YOUNO A JONKR, 4 Ana street, ? Ullrn ee Near the Mmssm ROOMS TO LET. i AIIK.NTI.K.M VN of ictired habits can he aeeoramod tied with a parlor and bedroom attached, with breakfast snd " tea, in a genteel prirste family residing in an elegant house jJ in the vicinity of Broadwsy and Union rlsce. Address, with real usine ana reference, to O. P. at the Herald office, will P eiert with immed'ale alicniion. m26 iteodi*3w*rh FITTA^I) I'KOPRIETORS, FARMER*, kc. r WANTKD? By a married man, with a small family, the : management of a farm, on shares The adrerriseris " practically acquainted with all the moat recent impiore- P menu in scotch and Kcglish agricnltn'e, ealtle, gardening, tultiratmn of frmt trees, Ac. Ac His wife has a perfect know ledge of the man geuteut of a dairy, re tnng of poultry, r vr The leosl 1 . .. . .-lwfcur icinrciICV CUD Of KITBH J Anqfraa AtTirola. ofBca of thin |>apf r mtt |w?rr * nurnc* or thk iSiw Ymi Piaa In. Uompat,) a i?T7Tr#Mi. 'Naw Voaa, Frb. It. l?4T ( i i V'T? i V!* ?' diractora liar* this dur d? elarad a iliviHcnil of font prr e#nt payable to th? aioek10'dria. on ijajl nfi ar tha liili mil . At the office of the eotnpa uy, No 7? Wall atrar' The tranafer hooka will !> aloecd / until tha I5ih mat By orUaa. ? ??! * D LNDKUllILL, Secretary ,, AaUSB?!Bn?-H PAHK THKATKK?Kiiday K?eni?r. March J6th IM7, will ba performed, the ir itdrofKINU L.V.AK?Kite -ear, Mr- Forroet, Edjar. Mr Jamieeoa. [Juke of Cum rail, Sutherland; Cordelfa. Mr. Hunt;, Mr. Abbo t; lerui; Mra Dyott: Aranthe, Miaa Gordon. To conclude with the comedy ol IS HHfc A WOMAN I? lir George Seymnnr, Mr. Ci Ai.drewj; Captain I harlaa :|ir<lud, <J. Barrett; Fiauk,; Lady Caroline latter, Mr* Hunt ... , Door* open at b Jf-paat 6 o'clock ; performance will com tenet at.7 n'c'oelt. BKNKFlfoF MK. It S. CONNJI. QOWEHVTMEAThE?A W. Jacuaow, P.opnetor?H O H.hivwa. Stain Matjltr?KritPr rr?,.t. Much lit, wilt be performed the Jitiut of MARGARET Ur lU HUl'N L? V?Captain Buridau. Mr. ? S. Conner; Ma aret ol Burnnidy, Mm. Mndiaou. To tin followed by ll?n dinmn ol VVALLACE? Wallace, Ir K. H Conner; Lady Helnu Max, Mm. Jordan 'J'o conclude with PAUL JO.NK8?Long 1 oni t.othu, lr. K. H Conner; batr Plowdeu, Mm. Booth. Crnit Cuiln ib centa; Pit and Gallery l>H crota. U port ntieu at m o'clock. Performance coininnacan at 7. BENEFIT OF MISS MAKY TAYLOR. VflTCHKLL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE, Friday .vfi. Kveoiaii March il? I ha perforinaucea will commence rith MY LITTLE ADOPTED-Fredeitek Somcra. Mr iValeoit Alter which will be performed the CHILD OF THE 1EOIMEN I ?Lob wit*, Holland; Grenade, N ickinaon; Male. Miaa Mary Taylor. To ...include with ilia tare* of KAMIL Y JAK8? Dnlph, lir Holland Dreaa circle, JO eeuta; upper boiea. 2d centa; pit one (hi Iing; private hoaea Is Orcheatra boiea,$S Jlonn "h" " 7 o'clock ; curiam riaea at nal f pan: T. PALMOS OPERA HOUSE. Chamber* atmnl?FBI DA X EVENING, March 2* li Domx-tti'i Opnra, LINDA DECI1AMOUMX Saturday Evening, .March 27th, ei'.ra performance and laa light of Douiiat'i'a Opera LUCIA Dl LAMMEHMliOll. Opera Oooka may be trad at the Box Office. 1st tier Botea ind I'a queue $1; 2.1 do, JO centa; Private Boxea for I perioob. $12; do for 1 peraona, $10. Seata can be aernrrd at the Dux Office from 10 A. M. till I P M , daily Peiformance to rommeuce at 7>4 o'clock; door* open at 7 < IKCUtt?lio w btvV Add em 1 HE A 1 Kb ' HIS EVENING, March 26?The entertaiamente w ill * rotnm-noe with a star i.nd Wal x Entree, led by Mr Jcmea Nixon and Mr* Gnlleu. Mum. 1 tanner at the French Hercule*. The Dnlciuier band of Miaeirela will play a variety of Negro Songa, Choruaea, Gleet, Ike. Hortcinanahip, Vaultiug, Tumbling, Rope Performance, Pea ?n conclude with the Comic Bel etof LUBIN AND ANNETTK-Lubui, Mr Mitdi?iui; Annette, Mix Jeaaelrne. Door* open at 7,wrlaimuet cotnneeacea at H paaiT. Boica li rente Fit It*. amahfc-div museum. SPLEN Dl D performance., both Afternoon and Keening, at * ami 7){ o'clock, wh?n will be exhibiied a Dioramic and Panoramic repreerntatinn of the FUNERAL Or NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, with all the pageantry and pomp of that occaaion. Alan, will he exhibited at all hoora, pe leet modeli of . , TWENTY OK THE LARGEST DIAMONDS in the world, worth, in the aggregate, orer $90,000 000. Great Weate.n -Ethiopian Miuatrela?Lmng Oiang Outang. lie. Admiuion 21 centa. Childreu nuder It yearn 12K centa. mil WALNUT BTREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. E. A MaHaHALL, Leure.... W. R Blake, Manager KIKTH APPEARANCE"IN PHILADELPHIA of the celebrated DAN8EUBES VIKNNOIBE, Korty-etght in number, under the direetiou of MADAME J. WEIHS. Maitreaae de Ballet deaTheatree de Vienne. KRIDAY, March 21th, 1247.1 the performance will comnence withfihe fuclnating PA8 DEB KLEUR8?By 142 Danaeuaea Virnaoiae. A'ter which, the popular farce of the WANDERING dINSTKEL. 1 |T? be followed by the Second Grand Dirertiaement PAS ONGHOId, by 24 danaeuaea Viennoiae. To which will be added the laughable farce of TOO d AN Y t,OOK8 SPOIL THE BROTH. 1 To conclude with a Third Grand Dirertiaement the 3RAND PAH ORIENTAL, by 41 Danaeuaea .Viennoiae. ! Le Jeunea Danaeuaea will appear in three grand direriacmenta ererr craning dunng the week. : HRANI) VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CON- I UT CERT at the Opera Hotel, 42 Chrmber at'eet, next door o Palmo'a, Ererv Erening, commencing at X put T o'clock ! The proprietora hare engaged toe aemcee or Mine Glenlaon the celebrated Englian roealiat, with Mr H.rriaon, the I ;amed Improriaator. Mr. Chlime will preaida at the Piano, gdmjaaion Eree. The nanal Reliahea, with auperior Alea, Winee, Liquora, kc. nM 4tie c MECHANICS' HALL, 172 Broadway, between Grand and Broome ttreeti, EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, WITH THE exception ep THunauAT Erxiriiaa, CHRISTY'S MIN STRELS, RESPECTFULLY announce, that for the better accomodation of their numeroua audiencea, they will gire their iuimitable concerts. erery night th'a week, at the tooee popular and elegant Hall. Adiniaaion 11 centa Doora open at 7?Concert to commence at I o'clock Change of programme erery erening. mil lwia'rc SELECT CONCERTS EVERY EVENING! jn ine r-.itgam saioon aitaenia 10 me BROADWAY HOUSE, (comer of Broadway and Grand ttrtet.) Commencing on monday evening, march 22<L at I o'o'eUek precisely. VacALiiTa* Mr*. NEWTON, Miaa DE MORTIMER, Mr. LYNCH, ud Vr. NEWTON. K /~ Admittance cent* 'm20(ti**r MUNU. THE PIANO TAUGHT on rcry moderate SH lermi. by a lady who ha* bad experience iu rf M M (I (Mchinit wiahaa to takn two or throa mora * "pupila 8ho trachea the icienca thoroughly?aarm* three dollar* tar month A line addreeaed te Mnaie, to tha Office of thia paper, a hall ie attended to. ml lmia're MUSIC. BALLS AND PRIVATE PARTIES lurnuhed with the I Violin, Harp and Piano Forte, or any number of lmtru leuta. The mu*ic seleeied from the m?*t faahioaahle* Opei'i. By I R. AYLIKKE, R. AYLIKKE, J AYLIKKE and G. AYLIKKE, Brother*, Profaaaora, , <o 117 Elm itreet corner of Howard mil lm*rh r r- n MK1T1SH AN U NORTH AMEttl- ' HI CAN ROYAL MAitu STEAM SHIPS s/jm.o 1 1200 tone and 4 40 hora* power each, uuder coat: act with tha Lord* of tha Adm' raltv. H1BKRNIA, Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALEDONIA, Captaiu r dward U. Lott. BRITANNIA, Cap<aiu John Hewitt. CAMBRIA, Captain Cliane* H. E. Judkiu*. ACADIA, Oaptiia William Harrtiou The four ate.mihipi now building are THE AMERICA, THE NIAGARA, THE CAN ADA,$l THE.EUROPA. Veatel* appoiuted to anil from Liverpool are the Cambria April 4, 1*47 Caledonia April Id, 1*47 Britannia May 4, 1*47 Veaaela appointed to ia'1 from Boaton are the Hiberuia April 1, 1*47 Cambria May I, 1*47 Caledonia May 1*, 1847 raiaengera' luggage tnnatbe onboard the day previoaa to . ailing. Paaa gr money? Krom Boaton to Liverpool, $130, do do to lalifax, $20. No .bertha aecured until paid for. Theae ahipa carry experienced aurgrona. No Ireiehr, except apecie, received oa lay* o4 aailmg. Kor freight, peerage, or aay other tnforinaiioa, apply to !). BUKiH AM, Jr.. Agent. At HARNCKN k CO.'8, ? Wail it. 07* addition to the above line between Liverpool and liilifax, ami Boaton. a contract ha* been entered i nto with I ler Mejeaty'i goveruinent, to eatabliah a line between Liv irpool and New York direct The steamships tor this setice are ttdjt being bu11 r, and early nevt year <tue notice will j M given or the tiM when they will start. Under the new i tontxeet th>- steamers will sail every Saturday during eight ' mniTlu. and every fortnight during the other monthe in the ' fear. alternately between Liverpool, and Haliftu mil Boston. and between Liverpool and New York. m26 r , Bliia fuH bHAKLhtlTUtij B. C The I 4 7lMi Mi eteamehip SOUTHERNER.*'apt. M. Bar ! ry. will leave the eatt aide of Peek ~ VaHJKrvJ1 y morrow (Siturday) afternoon, at 4 o'eleek. * a few ra ire passengers eaa be accommodated. Specie will be received until It o'clock to-morrow. For paaaage, apply to the Hire of SPoFhOKU, 1ILESTON It CO., roJtlt'r 14# Water at NO'I lUJL.?Paaaengera per packet ahip HUHtfrflWWCIUH, for Liverp ol, will please l>e on boardfsteam HHbboat HKKI' iirleona whirf, foot of Wall tr??t, 'iV-morrow. gaturdav, 27th, at <> o'clock, M Letter )aga will eloae at the usual place at half-peat 11 o'clock, in26 lire ^ee rvOTlcF? Paaaengera per Packet Ship MDBi.lVil, nlfa lor Liverpool, will pleaae be on board tha steam{ HHfahnat Hercnlea, at Orlaana wharf,foat of Wall atreet, in Saturday, 27th mat, at 12 o'clock, at which time the ahip rill a-iil. Letter baga will cloie at the usual placet at half oat 11 o'clock. mhtirc WaN'I'KU?luiinedinielv, a good Ship or Barb, l&CVVto load lor New Orteana. Datpateh givan. Apply filbto K. K. COLLINS, in26 H South street. PASSAOK TO AND KHOM LIVKHPOOL. IfMrV by the New Line of Packets?Packet of the 26th Hp Ma'di ?The splendid fast sailiag picket ship , vUtMtlUS, 1100 tons hurthtn,l.'apt Eldridge, will'aatl from New Yoik on the 26th March, and from Liverpool on the Ith May. Prrtont about embarking for the old country, or those rithing la send fur their friends, will not fail to see the ad nofgestobe derived from selecting this line of maguilieeut Irpa, se their great capacity rent'era them everyway moie omfort ible than ships of a (mailer claas, and their acrommoationa lor cabin, second cabin and alteraga paaaengera , are uperior to any other line. Peraana wishing to secure berths ahonld not fail to make arly applies ion on board at loot of Wall street.or to W. It J. T-iTAPSCOTT, 86 South street, m25 r second doors helew Bulling alip. | FOR LI VKRTOOL?To sail on the I7th inatThe faat-seiling I'acaei Ship BAVARI4, Howe MMhinaster. having moat of her cargo engaged, and going u liotird, will poa.lively sail aaabove. For balance of freight or passage, having v-ry handsome nd eilenaive tta'e room accommodations, apply on board, at , icr 13 E. R., or to WOODHULL ?t MINTURN. mJI rh *7 South atraet. t JaM^ FOR LIVEH POOL?New hue regular packet |^9^Wfor Sltreh 2tth The splendid fastaaliiug packet B^Hmthip HOS4IUS, A. Eldridge, Master, wJl sail as J ibove, her regular day. For freight nr paaaage, apply on board at Orlaar.s wharf, | sot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 36 South street Price of onstage, $73. Tne Packet ship hlddona. Edward B. Cobb, master, will rtrr?#n rn# nnwiii. win wii win turn, nwr rfmur ony tttuile uk antiquumkm, '\KMIINALI.Y *t No. II Broadway, hat boon removed to . " No 3IJ toroadway, np twin. Amatturt and Ouoiaaeura re Uvitfd to rail mid examine a mint baati'ifol collection of Lncint f'irtnrta and valnnble apectmrna of Ivorf, Porcelain tlver, Hold he , which have navar before been in thiaetre lememher Hi Broadway mil lir' cakk1age8. IMIK tubteriber offert lar tale an eteallent aaanrtment of good t 'omagra. all new ttylet, warranted eqml la quaty to any thing in thia market, and will be ao'd at reaaonabla licet. JAMKH BHKWHTKR, ill 1m*r? II end 17 Canal afreet. havana hsoaks. W\/\ nnn HAVANA BKOAHR. of the follow- j <" "yLe y v / v/ve inii branda Dot Cnbanoa do Itegaaa, divl'anatelaa, do l.ailiea, I olonea, f.nbrey. dot Compaeroa. San Koman; La Yemeni! inn, ha , for aale by mil lw*a M. ANUULO, II New at. n< ivatk lemnons in olkman. VI.ADY from the north of Oermnny would be hnppy to 1 devote a por-ton ot her time to airing inatrurtlon in Oa?nn at the reetdenee of rtipile Application in peraon or by | tttar, to No. I mid II Clinton l*lac|. mil lm*r Vi ?\ I?| TO THE LATEST MOMENT. fBLIOBAPBIC. biohlt zkfoktast FROM MEXICO. ANOTHER REVOLUTION IN THAT REPUBLIC. Bzpolsion of domes Farias and Znstalation of den. lalaa. HEPOHTH OF OKN. TAYLOU'S POSITION. NOTNINQ AUTHENTIC. Menean Accounts of the Achievement! of Santa Anna. etc.. Ac. Baltimore, March 26?10 P.M The schooner Home, from Tampico, ha* arrived at New Orleans, bringing accounts of a revolution in Mexico, with the expulsion of Gomez P.,,.. ? >k. -f c? Salas. Gen. Taylor, by one report, u said to have fallen back on Salhllo and Monterey, without a general action ; and by another, it is said that he had a battle at night with the Mexicans, killing about 400 of them, and losing none. I The Mexican papers say that Santa Anna had cut off his retreat, by interposing the forces of Minon andTorrejon. Painful Intelligence from Fort Leavenworth. to., 4tc. Washington, March 25, 9 P. M By the Western mail we have painful intelligence from a small party of teamsters from Santa Fe, sixty in number, who arrived at Fort Leavenworth in a most distressing condition, being almost starved. Six of their companions ware frazen to death on the road. A great tire occured at Columbus, Geo., on Monday last. It broke out in the cotton warehouse of the Lowell Factory agent. Loss estimated at about sixty thousand bales. Albany, March 26, 1847. The Boston Railway Company's steam ferry boat is now running between this city and the railway depot. The steamer America was at Rochester on Wednesday, from Canada. The steamer LJrired States was to have left Cleavelan I on Wednesday jast for Detroit. Buffalo, March 2ft, 1847. The price asking lor Flour to-day is $6 2ft, but tha ?a?a i- I. : 1 ?" ' ? tuwicijr uuiuiuBi, no saies nivinfi ueon made as yet. Some transaction* in Wheat, to arrive, have taken place at 106 cents. BY THI 91 A.IL.8. Washington, March 23,1847. Newt from the Frontier Army. In order to satisfy the natural anxiety of the public to learn all about the present position of General Taylor, his two last despatches, dated the 7th and 14th February, are to be published to-morrow. The contents of the former I have already glanced at, in my letter of yesterday. That of the 14th was dated at Agna Nueva, and reiterated the general's determination to give Santa Anna battle. Doctor Jarvis arrived this evening and had a conversation with the President. He states that he brings the latest authentic news, and that the rest must be regarded but as rumors, which may or may not be true. General Taylor, he says, had fortified himself at Agua Nueva?Santa Anna was without artillery, and consequently he (Dr. Jarvis) enteitains no apprehension for our little ariny, who are well supplied with that arm ?that the pass of Rinconada was occupied at each end by American troops, furnished with several pieces of artillery, and able to maintain their position against almost any odds. The information he brings gives things a more cheering asnect than tiiev hsva wot ninrn uni<< ih? Hr> news of the advance of Santa Anna. AU com munication with the Kie Orande is certainly cut off; but there is a sufficient lorce to remove every obstruction. The requisition for fifty regiments of volunteers is considered as rather extravagant. Galviknsis. Washington, March 24, 1847. Critical Aipect of Affaire?The Htrakl't Havana Ntwt?Otn. Taylor and tht Adminittratxon? The want of Harmony between t'ltm elucidated. You may rely upon it that the Havana news in the Herald of yesterday, received in town this morning, has deeply exeited the apprehensions ol the "President of the United States and all men in authority" and out of authority, at head-quarters. In juxtaposition with the dismal reports from Mexico, it has so lar attracted the public apprehensions as to have led to rumors of the imperative necessity of an extra session of Congress. There is another report afloat this morning of the defeat and surrender ol General Taylor in his retrograde movement to Monterey, which nobody believes to be true, because it is the universal opinion, so strongly has Old Zack fastened himself upon the popular approb ition, that he is like Napoleon's Old Guard?"The Old Guard may be annihilated, but they never surrender." The Union publishes two late official letters from the head-quarters of the Commissary General of the North, at Agua Nueva, some thirty miles beyond Saltillo, on the edge of the desert, intervening between that point and Matehuala, a breadth of a hundred miles on the way to Man Luis. From the first of these appears that Gen. Scott had advised Gen. Taylor to fait back from Saltillo upon Monterey, a judicious recommendation ; but under the peculiarities of his position at Agua Nueva, and its advantages from being on the edge of the desert, across which the enemy, it was thought, from his crippled condition, would not be able to march, and from other briefly stated but cogent military reasons, General Taylor preferred to stand fastupou every inch of the ground he had won. He rather preferred to keep the desert between him and the enemy than to admit to positions on this side, which would afford every facility of annoyances, depredations and descents upon tho American lines But strong as are these genuine military considerations, 'here is yet one over which the rninmiiiuliiif/ nl thA Nior?l? l??a#l naaW?>.a ? second choice?hi* troop* were volunteer*, and a rctrogade movement, without a fight, would have doubtles* given him as much trouble a* a retreat at the point of the bayonet. The volunteer* cannot recognise the policy ol a retreat, when there i* no enemy in tight; and, beside*, a retrogade movement only increases the distance between them and the " halls of <ho Montezumas." We may further say, that from a letter reoeivrd in this city from an officer under Gen. Taylor, the volunteers left under his command are not by any means under the best condition of subordination. They are rather represented as reckless of camp duty?aa controlling their company officers, elected by them, and as under no direct obedience except the personal observation ol the commanding general. This fact is corroborated by the complaints of Gen. Taylor to the War Department, of being divested ol hisregalar troops, and it also explains the demand, at the last session, for ten regiments of regulars, as better calculated for Held duties than volunteers. The volunteers goto Hght, hut the hari discipline, and harder restraints of camp lite, and retrograde movements, ure features of an active campaign to*Inch they do not so readily subscribe. 1 he regulars are, 11. .. rnlnru na _ .. ...1.... J ... vm iviuir, wiuivpciibniiio fioi a iiuucub, <wiu <11 it sort of school of discipline and subordination to any large force of volunteers. It is impossible lliatthe volunteer can make a good soldier without sacrificing some of the privileges of the citizen. The citizen acknowledges no superior ; but obedience to superiors, from the commander to the corporal, is the funuamental law of the army. It is Irom the lighting qualities of the volunteers that we look to Uie escape ot Gen. Taylor, und his absolute defeat ol the Mexicans; but whether he has dropped back into Monterey, or advmi.c d back to Saltillo, or whether he may have bi en entirely cut off or cut up, we guaranty you l"? 1 the official returns will substantiate the posticus

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