Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 29, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 29, 1847 Page 1
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IT H J * 1. I'll, Mo. sr.WhcK M*. KM THl NEW YOBK HlftALD. JAMES UOHPIIM BBMKTV, PROPRIETOR. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Erery cay, Price I cent. pereopy-f K per sunum-peynble iu udyuaoe. ... _ WKkKLV IU-.LALD?Erery Situnloy?Priea #\ eentt pe-- copy?J 1SK e eut? ivt aneura? pey.ble 10 advance. HERALD EUR KUKOPt-Ev.ry str?ra Packet ? (cent* p;r copy? $S F?r annum, payable in ad T ANNUAL PICTORIAL. HERALJ^rubltthedon (h. lit 01 Jtyury of each Yeai-eui*le eou'c MTpeue. cach^ A OVERTIME. the oaoal ttf iu .ill mice AdvertieemenU thoald be tten in ? plain legible manner, rim Proprietor will not be retpooeible for "mV^irjouTi^mdeTxecnted beuatiiully and with All letter, or eiimmnnieatinne. by mailV.oi'taLVwfll'oe die Mtabliihrannl, innet be poet p*ld, or tne PO't*** w,u B? ?* ^'msoottZNNK^ Proptjewr oflhe R|TABLilBMRF"T. x.ttk ?mi ?p??? il xwd Nimt iitm > . M FOR SALE ? A small bouse and about si* acres of frT? l-nd. situa1- at Ruck sway, Long lcaud, un the Rcka-?mL ?T and ' maiea Turn Ike eud within a quarter of a iui ? of the poet office. Osei acre of tbe land it uuder peach lines, two acies tillable, balance in wo- d, A'so, seriral other piece* of land in the si me neighbor hood _ Kuquira of Jehu L Norton. Jr., II Delaney street. or at tbe offl-e f -folia H Power, '30 kaltun etreet. mill if re TU LET, Jad THE UPPER PART ?K HOUSE261 Boring st , to r-M a small eenieel family( the parte eooeiat of two par-UHleri with fading doort, marble mentcla, oaniry betweea purlers?3d etorr. I'large front room, bed room and poitry; t aitic rooms, togelbe' with a large convenient kitchen, with pantry, i roto* wit-r, Ike., large plcaeant yard with grape Vine giaaa plat?b*ing but 3 dooia from Rudaou (treat, where stages pass every 3 mruutca, reoderiug it a very desirable'oc'tian. mU3t*re TO LET MTHE STORE No 174 Grand at, northeaat corner of Mulberry at; it la fltt>d ap iu modern atyle, wi'h three *argi- show wind"we; a desirable location lor a hat. dry gooes hardware, er boot aud shoe store. Apply to mitlw'ri! O. F OfiBORN, 147 Mulberry at. I . TO PAPLR MAILERS MT iE subscriber, intending to retire from bovineta, offers to Itr his Paper Mill, from and after the Itt April It ii ia complete order, feita, wist, and jackets (iu iii? rnaohicei It contains reu engrres and two Fou'dinier mv Wines with all e-her apparatus for making every quality of paper. An eacellent act of araidy handa, now -oi ting in the mill, wul he giad to cestinue in it For further particulars apply to Messrs. Barclay It Liviugaton, 30 Server etreet; or in peraou on the premises; or by letter, addressed to HENRY BARCLAY, m'17 iw?th Ssuac'ties. Ultcr Ceuntr. Ajgk TO LKl' I s UbIL'.lAviBBUrtGH-The two [ ;;W story b' iek front hones with folding doors; it contains eu rooms sod basement, in good order, pump m the yard with six lets of ground, carriage house, cherry, plnm, peach and pesr irees; 3 beds of asparegue, with a good grass pur, rasrofallv laid ant with roae Pushes end n groat yariety of eih-r shrubbery, about one mile Irom Peck slip terry.? hnqui'e of Chg'lea M Church, 100 Chatham street, or of Joh. -Skillm-n. corner of North Second and Lerimar streets, en the premises. mil 3w*'C MKUU be snld ?t Public Auc ion, in Luribartaville, N.J.. on Tnesdiy. 6th day of pril, 1(7, all ol that vaiuable new black of B one Buildings rncrof Coryvl and Franklin street Foundry. Machine shop, kactory. and three Houses to the highest bidder, to close a concern Tw i canal' pass th ough said vtl age to rhilafelphia and New York; alto, Lrelnware river. New Jerno rilroul, from Philadelphia to New Vork. within fifteen miles. A>ao, a new rsilmad about to be bui't iu said village la ah >rr, no placs in the Union pnsaestes gieater facilities for traaspnrtarioo. Tbe village ia 13 miles from Trenton, 30 from Philadelphia CO from New Vork,30 fiora Eii'foa. Pa 30 Irom New Brunswick For further particulars apply to the undet-. sig ieil on I he premises. J. P MICH. March 2tit. 1847 ni33 3w*th TU GKOCEESl MA^4IRVEH STORE to let,and Stock and Fixtures for sals, ? turned ia the lower part of the city-a first r-te stand for the retail Groce y and Liquor business 1 na stoak is vcr sm*ll and will ha sold cue-up, nd the let low to t gor d tenant Possession given irnmedi nv. c.Hqnire at i is warren aireet. mils iwwrrc TO LET ON lit May in Hammond treat, near Factory street, ,')ft n ezeellent three-story reeidrnre, iu a complete atate J^fdL'K aruamru'sl rerair, fitted with rnaible mai.t la. bot oud wild water baths kc.-A loliy row wf ireaa in front of lb h-rass Kec t 847i pc ???tim. Apply to nrSI lw?rra VY8F. h HONS. 17? Pearl attaat. 1-UK.SALE. MA THllF.K 8'OKT HOUSE on 13d street, Patwrau the 2d and 3d Avenuea. It ia wall Auiabad, aid rvple'e with the latest impri.vesneriis incednu kitcV ca t?i', liek, cold aud warm baths, water ducats lie luline maibla mantels ihrouguont the h uia; a court yard of ACfou feet m front, with verandah and French windewa. The bo*<e ia nae of a row of nix houara on the sooth aide of the atreet. For farther particulate, apply to VYHEkSONR, rait ln??rh 72 Henri atreet. FOll SALE, MA FARM of Arty two aerea, moat delightfully ai tnrttid. rbout Ave miles f'im Elizabethtowa, N J. cdrt-p isiug a hand torn t omninndioits Dwelling Hnnsa, tip no with marble mnntela, and every convenience for a reapfcetahla f- mtly; tne whole, including (ardener'a hmaa. Hern*, ire house. ai d other buildings, in a aubatantial state rf repair; the orchard contain! twenty acrea of choice filit tr.*? Ihe eeay eccvaa from New York, either by the variona cara frntn Jtrrey I i y, or ilte t'erry to Rtizabethport, whetca a railroad treiu runs within a hundred yarda of the honae. Tendrra (hispr. prr y eery valuab'e to 'hose doing buarueaa in tm* city The g eater part of the putchasa money oau ra ua, i.i f ir three yea s on boud nrd mortgage, at fire per cent. VYS*. It KONS. 171 Pearl at. Alan for a le, a dwel ing house, No. 311 Washington atreet m f lm?ih FOR SALE OK RENT. Jwa THE THREE BTOBY HOUS$ No. 14 Barclay 'ITiM atreet. (atahle in roar) tarnished if require 1. ALSO YO LET-On 3>i avenue, Noa. 173,176.171, shores uud Uwelln gs, suitable lor fancy dry gouda. Rent 1 m to em d 'ensiita. Apply at 203 Broadway, Johnson, Lanphin 8i Ha>cy. or to T- J. Hall, 61 Barclay street, before 9 AM. mil tf >c FOH SALE CHEAP, Jtul. In HURA' 'LIKE, fin ting the beinufal Karitan '-' jiff list .com amSVge fnil and entire view from the Highda of Ntveia.nk to the Narrows. Large and small fa-uin. unproved and unimproved property, ao the pur abaaira con at art times suit their Lmcy w a selection of pro pcity. Also, f nreett v.'Ip ible building lota, et Wear BloomAeld, Pi mpt. -i eiljomii g the Methodist ' hurch paraoi.age, and a ibe New E pi sc. pal Church. Trims easy Famous drsi ona of retiring from the city to a healthy location uLywheie tioug the sh ir*, can obtain all information desired, by let er port, to YV O HAYNEs, Key port, Monmonfh county, New Jersey. f>6 lm'rc , < -111 e.c i.' i-Ul'lAtittO To hlL'f OH u'i'jj l.l- ivfc?Three f' aiin?led on Caatlaton >aiHfcil'i|hli.ncar Capo di Monte. Ht-itrn Island, aurroandm b, fine loirst trees, and commanding an autnrpaaaed view i.f the v. ity the B:.y audita islauda, and the acean, while the vcccaa is easy, the dialauee ro each ferry being laas than a ratio. Thee contain as follows; is iu telle?A parlor, diniug room, and 3 bedrooms. Con's iSest?A parlor,diuiua room, library, 4 bedrooms, end 3 servants'rvoius?attached, carriage honae with stable for4 hurses. Oak Laivd?2 parlors, large dining room, It bedrooms, batb . room, ami 4 aervanta' rooms?attached, carnage honae, with table lav 5 horses. Theaa Cottares enjoy m tonni n the me of IT aeren of beautiful wood! find, enclosed, and m the midst of which they hi a tiaced. Apply to Madame Orymea, at Lor residence. Capo di Mont*. t'e>4 Ira sod* re. fL.V/ltt.'Mrib ltUU?ib. No. 4'K) I'roadway, comer IValker Street, N. Y. i jJ JOHN Kf.OhENUK, Jr., Ilea now completed Via i. 'J? arrangements for opening to the public, at tne rlegnnt >pacioua building above designated, and wnich he hu n, grant eipenae erected, a Hotel, to be conducted ou the > 0 o. can pian. lu uddkiou to the eommodiona Keatauraut below, he haa arranged extensive auitea of dming room a on tha tl >ora nhoee, splendidly furnished with every modern improvement iu furniture, decoration!, 8<c. Bcaidea theac, are smaller apartments, similarly burnished, for the aecomuioi'a ion of individnala. or of amasl partiea, where (aa it the 11 ger a| artmeiita) meal, aro supplier' at their own hours, by rorlr, the plan -llnded to i rteched to the ectnbliahci ft, (e tr uce ipnte distuibt from that with the public de parimeu ) are toana sixty bedrooms tingle and double, with eUvui t I arlorn aojoiLiug? the < hole forming a drat clata h, t I lot nr.iitleoien, to be coudncted on a acale of convenience a. a (. . mm' tin,ton hithert > nnattaint d in this conntry. J K . Jr , lru? a that it ? aunecraiary for him to eaanre the politic fl at I.ia larder, hia winea, end indeed hit entire culinary department, will be of the beat throughout; aud be invites itenilemen who are deairoua of at the same time o.tsi org .uomn ai dboird, or either, separately, to call upon hmi aa above, where ha will be happy to afford them eveiy facility of cramming hia new and eommodiona establishmem. tna lm*re M i'fh 1, U?7. nv, Uf i.HU>DUfcD FARMS FOR SALE to one illylelhtii.died actnal aelflera, of the bear and mna'productive nods. Payment a ill be received in their prudncions. ') h- y a'n aitu'trd about the centre ?l the United States, at the rermiuu, of (he r,.ilro*d from Charles uu . k. C The elim.te agreeable, atea >y and ex remtlv healthy ; well wooded, With abnndint apricaa of water Particulars of thia region of country may be bed to printed aheeti either at the .id- the ii Hrtet.corner of Conrtlaud and Woat attee'a, or the Truateen' office. NICHOLAS HAIOHT. mlllw*rti #1 Wall a reat, 3d atory. " Frnr7>rLn5^vtrsTuv.iKa't ML LAND TO GENTLEMEN in went of *;te? for country JfVml aaaia. Toinailtri gaideueia in want af land far gar*dnaa? drua, and to all peraona wlahing a location in thn neighborhood of New fork Jf 0 i crea i f land in the town of Weatcheeter, within nine tuilea of tr.e Citv Hall, with the right of passing over Harlem Bridge fiee of toll, are now nffeed at private aale, in loll en- tami tg friun J to SO aciea g.ich. The landa ate within IS mnutra walk of the rail.oad; front on good roadi; are in the ueighboihood o,'schools ann ebnrrhea ofdiffeient denomination the wa'er ia g od and location healthy. Title indisputable Terms moderate Apply to OOUVb,?NEUR MORRIS, 1 Morriaiana, Westchester CO., or to tn29 ltn*rc W ALTER RUTHERFORD T? Nassau at. N. Y A CoUN I KV Sh.A'f FOR SALIv ' A (lOUNTHV Residence and Farm on the South I ^MRaide of L>ong Island, about 40 miles thin cttyj cau ^A*.he I etched in three honra by the railroad. It liea on the " Id South Road, 4 milea Kaat of Babylon, and directly oppioaitc hire Iilaud; contain! I77acrea, nbont JO of whichare bancs J into in'a and under good improvement. 'I ho fle-ise It a moat convenient cue, comparatively new, and sufficiently 1'ife, bavttg five tooma on the ground llnor Ihe netbuildings ccnnat ofaMarn. (Jrainerr, Carriage llonae Ice House, tkc , are in good arder It i aa a good fjarcen with a va-ietv of atcellent liuua, Strawberries, large Aaiiaragua beda, anilirhe grounds a*,at the hcjaiar heintifull; otoaoian ted i' ill flu '-era, with two vrella of exec lit nt aoft wtter. ,'iie loud extends do ?o to the Bay on the 8ouih,ana reeehea back to ratiroad nrar the Thompson Nation. There ia fine fc i-g. ovling.lie and ia ooe nfihe healthiest placet in the*' .men fiairtha puiehaae money can remain on mort. e r r ent lor live yeara. It will be a- Id rvreedingly I "W An ly to UEOROjl il U K. at the Office of the L- ug Je! .to i head Co., ml I 'W iwh 41 Wilium at, Harcl anti' KiehnBii. E NE~ NE AFFAIRS AT SALTILLO. ; TBB POSITION OP CKNEBIL TATLOB. ! y THE &KXMKXSH. SM <hc. <Stc. AFFAIKS AT SALTILLO. SALTILLO, February 30. 1947 , I am writing is said, on the eve of a battle. , The enemy is in forca on every aide. Santa Anna ties '* informed hie citizen soldiery (bis regular*, 18 000) Oat f1 our stores are ample and profuse, aud ail is at their com- tc mand? only rush to arms ; and, from all accounts, right I0 well hare tlioy obeyed the call. We are making all kinds of preparation ' . Mr. J ore Dix and Coffee ten days since brought up 300 . 000 dollars ; Majors Colquitt end w as ton arrived hare I trom Monterey last night, with some seven wagon loads of gold and silver. Ninety wagoua, loaded with pro- ' ?' visions from Monterey, and intended for (Jen. Taylor's camp, were ordered to be parked in the main plsza, and I not to be noloadad 1 was told that there were on hand t. 180 004 rations besides some 90,000 pounds of Mexican " flour that bed been captured by our forces. Would not all this be a nice little prize for Santa Anna, saying r nothing of the officers' baggage, money, Sen , six buntired waroni nni fffl *? -* ?4 " _ .n..rwa?, wui u?h ui mt niinir i complete, and any quantity of medical supplies, hospital . tore*, fcc., tod ammunition la t> a greatest ebiinJuuc? u Just think of it! I'll dwell no longer on a th-me to mo .. o unpleasant. But wa moat and wUl whip them. . t waa oat at camp tbo day before yesteiday. and itayeJ . all night. In the oourae at conversation with Oen. Taylor, I asked him if ho eould realise that Gen Baota . Anna wa* really approaching with inch an army. The old "war horae" ihrugged hie iheuldera and replied n " Let thorn come ; they will go back a good deal faster " . He haa no feara. tj Brevet Lieut Col May, with 400 men and a taction of ' .. artillery, waa ordered out io-day to milte a reconnois- ,, anca and dialodge a body of cavalry, aaid to be en i ,, oamped about ten milea distant, on the Ban Luis Potosi road. 1 ^ P S The expreti it going ; I have only time to toy j j that May hat been forced to retire, with the Ion of at least ' one officer, supposed to be killed, and ten men. Oen. Tay | * lor hat returned to Ike heights above the town, and will there await the attack of the enemy. Jill it excitement ? and buttle, and tome confusion. THE K1NCONADA PASS. A The following la interesting, as it shows what natural " defences the army will have,If compelled to retreat from 1 Saltillo. , di We left the eity (Monterey ) by the Saltillo road?the a same Ampudia took in bia retreat it loads all the way it through a narrow valley. There waa nothing worthy tli of note until we got to the oelebrated Rinconada Pas* A little village ia just at the mouth ofit.which must be very at old from the look* of domestic tree* about it Here is a ' < splendid gaiden belonging to a grandee, which is in very way superior to Arista's It is. however, in a 18 state of dilapidation?the walls are tora down in several r* places We faund plums, apples, pears, citrons, lemons, 1" oranges, peachos, and the oldest looking flg trees I ever j "< aw. I gathered a bouquet of beautiful flowers in it? tb roses, poppies, batchelor's buttons and sundry others.? ; r? The boys got plenty of radishes and tomatoes. We en tt camped all night, and moved on through the pass next merning. None but a most cowardly people, devoid of I at all military sagacity would evar abandon such a strong ?i hold. They hud two breaat-woiks on the hill, up which j r< the road ascends, and could have swept to destruction all | T the nations of the earth had they attempted to pass ; but | ?< the cowardly scoundrels, as soon as thay got the newa j P that Worth had got round into the Saltillo rosd, abandon ' ed all their work* and Aid 0 INCIDENTS. fcC , OF THE WAR. j J}, [From the Cincinnati Enquirer, March 33 1 We netioad yesterday, that Cspt Walker had bis horse j at the saddler shop oi Isaao Young, to try on a new **d | (( die. While there, a great big specimen of Kentucky man- ! | utacture came in. and in a voica something less than i e| thunder tones, asked saac if Capt. Walker was there ? j ,j, " 1 want to sue Cspt Walkei the Texan rarger." *' Let i ma introduce you to to the Captain," said Young turning j ^ round in the direction where be stood. " What! you are Captain Walker 1 you I why I expected to see a man ! c| about my aiae"?he waa six foot two and well proportion- I ^ ad?"one that could walk into the d d Mexican* , ^ rough abod ! but. my little friend, I should think they I lB would swallow you ; give un a shake of your hand ; old ! ID fellsw, for you are one of 'am " The Captain gave him 1 tl a grip, which from the wnthings of tbo Kentuokian's | C1 | countenance, d d not seam to be of the pleasantest kind. ! mounted nu none and rode off. military. Col. McClung U fait recoveting frem the wound reeolv- { <1 in the battle of Monterey. He is so confident of bis j ability to re-enter the field, at an early day, that he bes applied to the President for a command hi one of the new regiments. naval news. [From the Norfolk Herald, March 36 ] The U. 8. frigate St. Lawrence was launched from the '? Oesport Netrjr Yard yesterday atternnoon, in beautiful I pi style, in the presence of a large concourse of spectators 81 The St. Lawrence is one of the class of frigates plan- . & oed by the Board of Nary Commlsaicners, under the > '1 law for the gradual increase of the Navy, which was i *1 passed ia 181(1 ar '17. and hsr keel was laid in April ]83<i 1 lt since which time the work of building has been prose- i ? cuted at convenient seasons, until a few monthe pent, | when the order wee given to complete it. under the di- w rectiou of Mr Hartt, the present Naval Constructor.? 1 This gentleman, however, was absent duiing the pre- (> ;> tr.nion for the launch, and that responsible business was ,a nisigned by the Commandant to the direction of hie son, cl Mr 8amusi T. Hartt, to whom the result is most credits- *1 Me and praiseworthy. To him we are indebted for the following statement of the dimensions of the t*t Law rence:?Length between perpendiculars 17C feet; breadth ol beam (moulded) 46 ieet; depth oi bold to gun dack 31 i H feet 4 inches; gun deck to spnr deck 7 feet 1 inch; bur tben in tons (measurement) 1663 60 96 These wme the original dimensions; but we learn that they hsve been slightly altered er modified, and the tonnage increased, by tiie new method of estimating. bt Armament?Main deck?26 tnirty two pounders; 4 w eight inch shell gune Sper deck- 4 medium 31 pound- ; 01 era; 4 eight inch shell guns; 13 light 33 pouudera. T I liough this shows a force of only 60 guns she is pierced tk' for and can carry 60. M The work of floisbing and launching the St Lawrence ,n has been atscompli-lied with an expedition and success I c< which reflects credit on ull who were engaged in it, and ! ?> <>n none more than the worthy Commandant of the Yard, ! k Commodore Churlee W. Skinner, who ;had the supervi i fu sion of it. ! L AU 8 (team bark was seen lithinst, latitude 28 4ft, ; longitude 7436, by the Mary 3c Elmbeth, at New Yoik . from Uonaives, which reports tho steamer as steering ' for the Moro Castle. Imprisonment por Debt in Maryland ?We I" have received tho following copy of the bill passed * by the legislature abelishirg the erreet and imprisenoien: " et non resident debtors by ncn-resident creditors, it will ' tie seen that it is now in force, but whether it applies to . those already in prison en sudh suits, will be a subject _ for the lawyers A Bill entitled an act relating to arrest* in ciril cases in the State of Maryland. Section 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of *. Maryland, That from and after the tenth day of March, ia the year eighteen hundred and forty-ieren, it ihsll not be lawful to arrait and hold to bail on mesne process any person who may be a non-resident of this State at the time of issuing of process against such parson or persons for any debt contracted without tho limits of this Sta'o. Sec 3 And bo it enaoted, That if any such non real- ' dent snail be so arrested, be mey apply by petition in writing to the Judges of the court beforo whom tho writ by rirtue of which he may haye been arrested may be returnable, er to either of them, setting forth that n* is net a resident of the Stat* of Vlary land, end that the dsbt ore auto of action for which he waa arretted, wet net romrnciea witnm mil mote; una on ill* production of as- | tisfectory proof of tbo materiel allegations of iuch poti ! f tion, it shall bo tbo duty of tbo toid judges or Judge to 01 order the discharge fioui custody ol auoli non-raaidaut. , w Sec. < And bo it enacted, Thut it lUoll bo competent 2 for non-raaideata, orreotod e* aforaiaid, by petition, to I have tbo fact of uon reaidence, and the fact ol tbo place j of contract onqtiued into, and decided before tbo re- I (a turn day of tie writ on which ho may bare boon ar ; reatod. ' r' Soo 4 And be it enacted. That tbis act shall not he con "trued aa effecting, in any degree, the law of attachment! Ofcnino of tuc Lake and Canal ?-Tho followirig table exhibit* the da'.e ol the opening of the lake and ^ oanai for tbo laat twenty yeara: Fear. Lake optn. Canal open. tu IMS April 4 April lb ru, ? a ' j# l*44 March 14 " 18 mi 1848 May 0 May 8 iw j843 March 7 April 30 ,h i841 April 14 34 it. " 37 ' 20 ?( 1889 "II "SO 1838 Mtrchai ' ia ,85,7 May IS " as mi 1888 April 37 " as ... 18M May ? < is m I8'4 .....April 0 17 ' i883 " aa is 1M2 37 as l*8> May .. is jgj l*88 T' 8 " 30 I ?a " 10 May a icS 1SW April 1 Match a7 , u0 1"7 " 34 " 9| GBit,man VlKWOF thk Irish Faminb ?The PrUi- po tian Slate Gazette aaya?"The state of things between th the lttndud piopiMtui and tho populntlon of Ireland, it an calculated to bring about a great egrarian revolution, and in ordar, aa it ware, to buy oH thia revolution for of one your, Lord J. Russell ia pirpanng to laviah the in- de come of a kingdom. Tho uttempt ia weak, and will Gil Tbo great convulaion which menacea li o and property in Iiaiand ia tba rcault of conturioa of folly on thopait of tho londed proprietor! and tba dogoneiacy of tho peo- | M plo. Tho wealth of tko countiy bua atood aull, and tha i population increased; and whilst England haseffaced tho ! laat traces ol politiual oppression from her law*, Ireland haa only tranaformad these newly acquired liberties into , tlientaanaof her own destiuction. We. therefore, bt- j I bete that these measures will fail in Ireland, although Ni Parliament will probably adopt them. Their failure, ba l.nw aver, will be a heavier blow to tho credit of the tin whig statesman, than if they bed not attempts d to do ' th< (u> thing. ne vv ro W YORK, MONDAY M< rr n : *i\ 1 " -'a rCORRE3PONDENCE inwnN thb VAR DEPARTMENT AND GEN. TAYLOR(Continued) IitADqcAKTicks Amur op Occupation. > Camp ov?r Monterey. Dec. 14. 194#. j Sir i ?I tap* respectfully to re(>ort that the movement | iwards Victoria ha* commenced. The regular troope ixcepta portion of the dr-igoone to jo<uin route) inarcri yesterday uoJer Ur.-Ridie' General Twiggs! the vulunera under Brigadier General Quitman marciied this oming. I xhafi leave to-morrow, and expect to overhe the columns et Mouteniorelos In my communication of the tt.h instant, I a'luded to 1 ? occupation of Tnmpico, and the force which I con- j dernd sufficient to bold that place I fully approved cf ; te first moeanraa taken by Major Oananl Patterson to 1 arti'oi: Tnmpico, ei.d after giving him instructions to ! ispa'ch thither a legiment of volunteers iu addition to ie battalion of artillery, was not a little surprised to J sirlrom hiin that he had, besides, ordered the Illinois ; riltaOe hy water, end proposed going there himself to i uume the ooininand. This proceeding I ooasidere I not j ply wholly unnecessary, out as a direct und unwar- i intnble interference with the pi ui which I bad already I aiiicniiuicatril to General Pal tu. son for a combined move 1 ieii( upon v ict'iria; lor while tha lUinoia regiment* | ere to proceed by water to a place wlicru their services i ere not needed, the rennesvee regiment of horse wu ?bj bi c/uiproantteil by uwrchitig, unsupported by in. intiy.fioni Vlnumvras to Victoria. By special express succeeded in orrtstiug this Utel misdirection,and 1 have 0 vv hopes of concentrating a respectable lorce at Vio>ria, us fi st intended I wish my report of interference! aoult stop here, but notber ul the gravest charactvr.has been brought to my utice, to wliicu I beg leave to invite tha tamest ntten- , on of t*n-gunt-rsl In-cnlef and the Department of War. I a en tin.-ial lrtter, addressed under date of Nov Idth, ] > the nommaiidiiig officer ut I'oint Label, Com. 1'eny, of je navy, writes thus " Since 1 wrote you by Lieut. Anderson, I have visited raw Oilvons, conferred with Uov. Johnson end Generals ssup and Brooke, all of whom unite with me in placiug real importance upon the immediate possession, by a liliuiry gsrri on, of rumpico " I have on huard this ship < ight pieces of artillery with >1 the requisite appurtenances ami munitions, norro ed oin the stare arsenal of Louisiana, by Uen Brooke? .leo, Lieut. Crittenden, with forty-live infantry, recruit* >eii Brooke assures me that four hundred mounted riomen, hourly expected at New Orleans, will be inline laLly despatched in the steamer Massachusetts, so soon they arrive, but 1 fear there will be difficulty in landig the hoi sea on account of the rouglinea* of tha sea at ie ut Tiimpico." 1: ia hardly necessary to make any comment upon the love. It will be eean at once that, by the advice of'offl us at distance, totally ignorant of my views and inirring no responsibility lor the failure ol operations, a rge and efficient corps of cavalry upon which 1 had iclioned for iinpurtant service in the interior,has been m rcepted without authority,*and sent where it i* not seded and where it may lose many of it* horeee. Hat) ie mounted riflemen been eent back to Jrflerson bar icks, they could not hare been more completely lost to ie present operations 1 have now no assurance that any reinforcements o lpplies will reach me through New Orleans. The ad ice of Gen Brooke or " Governor Johnson" may divert' icruita and the most impoitant objects of supply to ampico, under the new principle of war, tbat the nemy, after destroying his heavy guns, will attack a lace which he dared not defend. W 1th such proceedings on the Rio Grande and In New irleaus, 1 cannot be held responsible lor the efficient rosecutioD ot the object* of the government here The Bperture of Gen. Patteieou from the full end precise inructions 1 had given him is, iu my opinion, a legislate result of the position ol quasi independence given 1 that officer by the Department of War, against which have protested, and again protest. A* for the interferlice of General Brooke, the Wer Department, I cannot aubt, will give that officer the most stringent orders in 0 case to stop or divert the troop* or auppiies that may 1 destined lor the army under my command. While I am considered competent to exercise the i lief command in the field, it is no morn thsn munihli I let subordinates, and, above all officer* not earring with l? army against Mexico, should be compelled to keep i their proper place*, anil not to expoee to naxard, by iscbiovous muddling*, tho *uoce*a of military opera- < on* involving the reputation of the army and the ! juntry. 1 am, air, very losptctfirily, your obedient servant, Z. TAYLOR, Major General U. S. A. Ccmd'f. The Abxutart Oknxbal of the Army, Washington, D. C. 11**0,1)0** **, Btoonn Division, 1 Armt or Occutation, , Matomora*, Muaioo, Dec. 8th, IMS. ) Si* On the 221 of November I bad the honor to ir> rm you that 1 had boon apprised of the capture of Tarnico, and ot the measure* adopted by me tor occupying nil holding that place, and thai 1 intended to go tliete y *ea and aaiuine my command. 1 regret te *ay that le general commanding the army in Mexico ha* disproved oimy proceeding* Herewith 1 lend copioiof te letter ol disapproval, and of my answer. I am orared to mnvo by laud from tbie point, and am uaing raiy exertion to obtain mean* of transportation, and ill leave here a* soon a* those means can be obtained. [ hope to match in eight or ten days, but a* tramporu- ! nn hn* not been provided for me, or officer* ot theqnarrmaster's deportment assigned to me, in time to proire a sufficient amount,! do not consider myself re>onsible in any dcgie* for delay caused by want of it. I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant, R PATTERSON, Major Gen. U. 8. A. Commending, on. W. L. Mahcv, Secretary ol War, Washington, U.C. IleADgVAKTica* Aumt or Oceirr*Tiovt ( . Camp near Monterey, Nov 28, 184(1. ) Sin?Your commumcatioii of the 24th inet. has just 1 :uu received and laid before the commanding geneial, ho direct* me to express hi* entire disapproval of your I del * respecting th* Illinois regiment of foot, and the j ennussee horse He now direct* that the movement of ose corps towards Tampice iu the maimer suggested, I t at once suspended, and then carried out only iu'he ode prescribed by him in previous iustructions. It is < insidered by the geueral that 1,000 men, ot waich say { .to-half regular troops, ore more than sufficient to deod 'l'ampieo, and it it not hi* purposo to devote a turgor ice to that object. Tne battalion under Col. Gates, or ! leut Col Helton, together with one regiment of v*lun- i er infantry, as directed in the instruction* by Major | are lutsnded to compose the garrison of that I see, and may even be reduced if circumstances inquire, no Alabama regiment having already started, will not >n called, al'hough a different arrangement wa> pro- : lied. The Teunnssea horse ai d the Illinois brigahill now march from Matamoros, the former regiment , una immediately recalled to that point until it can irch, suppcited by a columu of i ilautiy. 'ihis march ill be under your own orders, I tiie general desires be informed when it will nice, that ha may reilate his own march accor 1 am directed further to tay at the general disepoves of your order directing Co . unter to proceed to ow Orleans No officer in the I, except the generhimself has any right to ordt. an officer out of the inntry, and the general sees nothing in the oase to jusy a departure trom regulations aud usage. 1 am, sir, very respeo'lully, your obedient servait, W. W. S BLISS, Assistant Adjutant Usneral. sj. Oen U Fattxrioiv, commanding 2d division, Camargo, Mexico. A true copy: 8ETH WILLIAMS, 21 Lieut 1st Art'y, A. O. C. Hr.*dqu*RTca* Skcosd Division, Asmv or occurATion, U. S stsemer Corvette, Sd December, 1848 Major -1 have tne honor to acknowledge the receipt your letter of the 28th of November In accordance itU tbr orders of the commanding general. I have so*, nded the embarkation oi the Illinois loot until I have cmved the instruotious which you eav weiesentbv tijor McCsIl, who 1 hope will sooujom >o?. I dome to y 'hat I havs g.ven i>o urdtrs to the Teuuesse* regi ml of bono except lor it* improvement in police and icipliue In my loiter ol the 94th of November, I inlined yon that I (honld order tb* regiment o' Tenorse borie to preeeod as directed in your letter of too Mi the limn month. 1 am therefore somewhat at* loss to iderstand why the commanding general shuui i, in this so, direct ymi to expresato me " bi? en.ire elsupptuv " of my proposing to do precisely what I had oeeu 01 red by htm to do. Although 1 think i had a clear right order" Captaiu Hunter, 3d dragoons, to proceed to in Orleans and bring out the bo. sei and equipments for mpanica 1 H'aud ' K of that regiment, so that the man sy be Rt once mounted and prepared lor the Held," and at there has been no departure from the regulations of e army; yet as the ccmmandiDg general disapproval ol is stap, and as Captain Hunter la now on tho boat with e, I will order him back to Camargo. Aa I hers baan { ry any us that all my proceedings in Mexico should erit an receive the approbation of tha general com- | snding. i c.annnt but ragiet that any act ol mine should ; set with liia disapprobation 1 bare also to acknowledge tha receiptor extract frem ! ecial orders No. 179, the original of which was sent 1 rect to Col. Bakar. Althot gli he was under ay imme te command, and atatioued at the same plaoe, I have remark that I neither sent up of approved any appli- ; tion of Coionol Baker's to go to Washington; that his j rrespondence with beadquaiters was otraot, and did t pats through the nsual channel, t.olouel Baker's | giment will now march with only one fl'ld offioer, (the ijor) I venture to request that hereafter ail corrai- I ndence with ofllcera under my command be passed . rough the usual channel. This is a courtesy duo me, 1 I shall expect it On my arrival at, I will ascertain the means transportation, an.l inform j ou when the column uu r my command will move. I am, sir, vary respectfully, your obedient servant, 11. PAlTlkftvOtt, Major General U B A Commanding sjor W. W 8 Bum, Assittaut Adjutant Ovne< a),haad , quarter* Army of Occupation, Monterey, Mexico. I HcanaoAKTaas Abmt or ion, I Camp near Monterey, Dec 3i, 1440 ( 'te?Agreeably to the plan announced in my naspatrh . 193,1 left this place, en the 10th instant lor Victoria. . ving previously pnt in motion the troops destined for ' ?t roint At MortomoisJos a junction wasrlfsctrd on ; s i7ih with *he id iofautiy, and id regiment ol Ten I c saee loot tram Camargo, and it was intaadad with tho | RK i 3RNING, MARCH 29, 1) whole force (117 3,600 man) to inarch on the lP'h for Viotorie But th* very evening of my errivil at Montemorvlc* a deapitch arrived from General Worth, commanding ut fialtillo. with the Intelligence that Santa Anna dengnad to take advantage of the div?r*ien of forca towar.'* Victoria, an.t by rapid inovenent to atrika a heavy blow at Btltillo, and it tucoeuful, than at Oaneral Wool'a to ecu at Ferr*.* Under these circumitanoea, and with na ma.11m of judging how far thii 1 ..formation might ha well founded, 1 deemed It proper to raiuru to this point, with the regular foice, and .hus ba in a position to reintori.e baltillo if ucceveary The volunteer* uoder Brig. (Jen. Quitman, reinforced by a field battery, ware ordered to continue their av.irch, and effect a Junction with General Calttr.ou at Victoiia, while I returned hither with {lateral Twig*'* division, now incraaaad by the-id infactry. la the mean time Major Ueu. Butler and Brig. Gen Wool being advi<od by General Worth of a probable attack upon hi* |io?itiou moved r.ipidly to Join him with all available force at Terras and vlonterey, while order * WPTM elfai i?:t*/>r?e.?i hu V1..I lie- ? V--*-.. ? from the roar. The Utter general proceeded in psrson ti Hultillo, and assumed the command, agreeably tu instructions which I had given before my dspuiture to meat a Ciits like the present I had proceeded beyond thl* point on my way to Hal tills, whan I was me: on the 'JOt t by a despatch Lorn the (tout, am ouiicuig the early arrival of General Wool's column, and alio that the eipected concentration and movement of 'he Mexican troop* upon that position had not token place: indued, that their advance post* had ra titer been withdrawn. Deeming the force now and soon to he at Saltillo quite sufficient to repel any demonstration at this iu.axo-1 fom San Luis Pot xi, I have not thought It worth while to throw forward Uea Twiggs's division to that place, and after resting It to day, I shall, to-morrow, put it xguiu in march for Victoria, moving forward myself to that point. iMqJor Uuneial Putersuu is supposed to be now well on bis ranch from Motamorai to Victoria, where his di vision, except the Alabama regiment. tin. garrison a! Tampico,) will he hruught together. With a lorca hold ing in observation the passes Irom Tula, the garrison al Tampion may ho much reduced with advantage to th< seivice. 1 shall withdraw from that place at once th? mounted riflemen and recruits that had been sent there 1 respectfully inclose a latter received yesterday frorr General Hants A una in reply to my cnmmunioitlon o December 4 a copy of which h <s been forwarded. My last official date from Washington is Nov 10th. I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant, 7. TAYLOR, Major General USA commanding. The Adjutant Uxnsb*lo( the Army, Washington,D C [tkawslation ] General?The communication of your excellency oi the 4th Inst, and the enclosed printed sheet, infoim me the government of the United dtates have ordered tns release of Gen Dies de la Vega, and of the Mexican officers who nocompanied him, thus carrying into affect an exchange for the prisoners of the brig Truxton, a* agreed upon betweon tho commanding general of Vera Jruz and CoamoJore Conner. I shall give notice ot this event te my government. I shall alio make known to it the measure* your exoelloncy has taken for the liberation of the Mexicans who were detained near Mainmorts, and in the name ol 'he republic, 1 give you most sincere thank* for this trait ot humani'y and generosity wb'ou, te a certain extent, ullsviates the distresses consequent on a state of war 1 hava th* honor to offer t? your excellency my esteem and high consideration. Headquarters Han Luis Potest. Deo. 17.1840. ANTONIO bi>r&Z DE 8ANTA ANNA. Oen Z Tatlo a, Major General commanding the army o! the United State*. Hbad?uaetc*s Akmt or Occupation, ) Monteinorelos, Dec 30,10-10. $ Sib Your commuoicatim of November SOth, with enclosure* relative to the occupation of Tampioo, kai been rooeived. The prompt, and, in my opinion, anfflcient meaaurei taken t garriaon Tampico, the moment that Commodore Terry airivad at the ifrazai. were duly reported to thi department; and I regrat that it should hava been consid ered necessary to giva orders from Washington to garri son a plane voluntarily abandoned by the enemy, am within the theatre of my operations; hat, abovo all, tha tbndiveison of a large body of rogultr troops to the point by the orders of Brigadier General Brooke ahouli be approved, as seams to be the case. Those troops an not required at Tampioo, bat are muoh wanted at otho peiqu. In mmrJ to tha direct c.orrasnnndanea with Main < Patterson, I have nothing to add to what ba baeu auid in furmor letter*, except that confusion au< embarrassment have raaulted trom tbi? unusual oourie aud I must again inaiit, while Invested with tba ohia command, upon being left perfectly Iraa to employ thi offlcota and tba troopa undar my order* aa may, in mj own judgment, aaem moat expedient for the public aar vice1 am, air, very respectfully, your obedient aarvant, Z. TAYLOR, Major Uanaral U 8. A. oomd'g. The Aniii raw Qknkbal of the Army, Washington, D. C U* a. icastes* Army op OccursTiow, ) Catnp rear Victoria, Maxico, January 7,1847. $ Sir:?! have the honor to advise you that, on tba uBtb altima, Brigadier Oan Quitman occupied, without rcaiat once, the city of Victoria, capital of the bta'.e of Tamau lipae The enemy had a body of aoine 1,600 cavalry ix he town with it* advanced picket at Banta Eugracia but it tell bark oa Oeueral Quitman approached, and ii understood to ba now at Jaumave, in the direction o: i'ula. At Tula there ia a atroog division of observation u nder the command o( Oan. Valencia. An examination of the meuuiain pan leading to Tali show* that it it entirely impraotlcabl* lor aitnlary a; wagons. Such is al-o believed to be the character o ha Manta Barbara pat*, which opeut in the direction o Tarapico I amend here with the divition of Brig Oan Twiggi on the 4ih instant, and was joined on the same dav bj the force which Mvjor Oen ratterion conducted frori MatamorW. Tha force DOW collected here iaovor 6 Oci strong, and, I atn happy to add, In excellent hoal'h, am in good condition lor service. I am unofficially adviaed that Major Oeneral Scott ii now in tba country, undar order* from tha government I propose to remain at tbie point until I can hear Iron him, and determine what diapoaltion to maka of ths troops now here I am constantly expecting detpatchai Irom his hear quarters. The reconnaissance of tho mountain passe* leading to Labrador**, alluded to in ray commauira ionof Decambei ill. was completely successful so lar aa to determine the character of the ruutca, he ; but i regret to teport that, on the return of tho party to Linares ihe escort was attacked in a difficult pass of the mountain, and the k?IC gigs and ten men of the rear gourd cut off It ia hoped that the rear guard may have effected their ts'.ape.anl u. ill yet join u i The officer and nor.-commUiioned of fleer f the mar gnatd are in airest.and the tormer undei charges I tm happy to say that no blame cau attach to Lieut Col May, who commanded the escort, for thn unfortunate occurrence ilia detailed report will ba for wardrd hurt-alter. We have newspaper* from tha city of Mexioo to thi 19th of December, at which date the Congress had take) no action in regard to the war or tho election of President The couotiy seem* to be in a very distracted condition and the tone of th* public preaa mora deiponding thai heretofore. 1 am, air, very respectfully, yonr obedient servant, Z TAYLOR, Ma|. Oen , U. 8. army commanding. Tha Adjutant al of tha army, Washington, D. C. Banking In Franca. [From tba Pari* fti?cle, Feb 90] The Bank of France is perhaps the only one in F.u rope that does not issue notes or a lower value thsn 600 f The provincial banks authorized at Lille, Rouen, Lyone, Bordeaux, Marseilles, and elsewhere, heve promissory aotns of 9M)f. The 13 branches of the Bank of France dtelf issue notes of that amount It is, therefore, in Purls alone that tne fiduciary c rculstion fluds itself deprived of thie new medium of exchange Such an anomaly it tb<> lass explicable, as Pari* is, in France, the focus ol wealth sn-l th* centre from which all the re Irralii raUinta Th. ..r.ul.linn in >h v...v ? -? ? ? "*? r,v vince* la eflected almoat exoiuaively in tha form of meratio tpecie. Out of the capital, the bank pap?r it "lmuit nuki.o*n We coilld cite e eertain town where, lu orlerto obtain money in crowua lor a nolo of SOOf, the noldermuat aoatain a loai or diaroant wbiah amount* to iluioat half per cant Tba circulation of tba Bank of France in Fart* Itaalf ia, in round number* tl? oou.oodf; tha circulation ot tha thirtaan branchaa tikan altogether doca not raproaant, on tha ivr raga, mora man a.OoOOVOf, that of tba ntna provincial Dauka, iituaU-d in tha o;4at of our principle can re* of trada and oetnmeree -lew not axoaad Oo.OOO OOfl raue* Thu* Iron Vtl.taka^lO franc* to 1 OO.IMX),rod 'rare* oombtuta* tba aun total of tha bank notoa *auad in the department a, uotwlhataedlog the feoilitia* rfior-led by ttia piomiuurv note* of t*Ol for the eaten nuu of tba fiduciary circulation Whir, let na aak-why ibooid thoaa una lacilitiaa be refuaed to the inhabitant* >f Pari*, which city at preeent require* for ItaelfaloDe wice or tbrice the number of bank note* required by he re*t of France? The object of the bill (pr^et da lei) 'ubmitiad to the Chamber of Deputie* I* to authorize tha dank of Franoe to iaaue, in Pari* itaalf, on the acena o! t* privilege*, promiaaary note* (ceupwr*.) of atOf Would it not be aipedient to go farther, and to promote he iitue of eewpwre* of MA or lOOf * The bullion of th* innk I* made tor the mpply of a metallic currency- In ivery country which enjoy* a well-regulated eircula ion, the principal sum* ara repreaented by bank note*, ind metallic apacie form* the odd amount. Now, we rwuld aek whether the Interval would not be immode ?te if it were admitted that the add amount Inepecle may 'xtend te ?4Vf ? if it were neceaeary, in the exchange ot * loteofAOOf., to receive a kibgremme nod 3X> gramme* o1 dlverbeiideea note of 360f? In Rngland, where the type >f gold ipecie 1* the pound aterllng (iftf 'Jfc.l the tore aign, the loweit amount in hank paper i* fft (I Jflt), and :on?i>nueritlv repreaenta flva time* the valne of the ilgbett metallic uni'y (The double loverwign, or 4U* itoce, i< *n exception ) Tba political economiete and ,t iteamen of Ureut Britain?a country where the mott l.fT-rmt lyatem* have been Med- agree in thinkiog below thie limit there would be danger, and that iborn it there woull no longer be any advantage to somroercial intarcouree. Since the value of lbs loweit milk-note* ha* bean raitoral to ?8, the circulation of tank-paper in Kcggland appoira to be tattled on the moat olid ami rational bate*. Tha different eyetame in action u Scotland and Ireland ra*t for *up|?rt upon the Bank London, and could not eurvivn the loee ol that 'upport i month Bank notea of I3?f. or Ibof are etiil more leceeaerv in Fariathan in London In fact, the common iivi*or of the bank bullion ia fer lower in France than in the other eide ef the Strait*. Oold aerves amongat our neighbor* u a standard of Li ERA :?? " H->- ? nr.,?~ tut t -.-- rsi 347. value ; it is sdvar that fulfils that fartc'ion in tha raat of I Europe. Gald ia specie in England, and an articla ol merchandise in France. It ia aiirar that forma tha btsii and ia tha almost exclusive agent of the metallic circulation in thia country Tha Bank of England redeems j ita notes in gold. and tha hank of Franca ia silver, apaclo The metallic divisor of tlia bank notea represent 1 lug in England a value of -J3f 300 . whilst in France it i only represents a value of til., it fallows that the fldu1 ciary circulation cannot realty exist or be developed in France, to long aa the bank unity remains aa far aa it ia at prevent from the metallic unity If it is wUhtd to , have an efficacious ayatem. uat.? of 136f or louf must be created. On this condition the circulation of bank e notea may riaa from sw two oOJf, its present level, to , 600,000 OOUf, or OiO CH 0 OoOf. Ons word more. Our metallic circulation has been estimated at a considerable C sum . A few years ago it amounts 1 to more than 3 000 000,000 francs. This mart ot specie is now reduced in a serious g proportion, and the reduction threatens to derange the r equilibrium of commercial relations. On one side, the J redoing of the 6f pieces bearing the effigies of the re- | public, Napoleon, and Louis XVIII., has rendered ? large c quantity of specie worthless in a pecuniary noiiit of view On tha other hand, iha mines of .Mexico, which supplied . * I Europe, have ceased to yied the same produce since ua- , ' 1 archy baa etfaced, in that unhappy country, the last a traces of Hpauieli oivilmtion Tout, whilst our resei ve t in procious metals continues to exhaust itself, the sources 'j which served to renew it kiui about to close . at all 3 evoats, for a time. There ia, therefore, an absolute necessity lor filling the void which ia disclosed, arid this . hiatus iu the circulation can alone ba filled up by bank J paper. The example of the countries where cradit ia ^ I more atvancet than with tta ihn n,nail,.n ~r s Ithe Bunk of Fiance; circtiiuataueei ar* about to compel I us to demand trom that groat establishment all toe aer- t vices which it ii naturally called upon to tender to the e country. I j The Corn Tradt of France. [Krom the Pari* Presae, Feb. 20 ] 1 t The exportxtioui ol Sour from New Vork for Vranee, * , j during the mouth of January, did not exceed 1U.600 bbls i . whiah would not even neve been sufficient for the sup| !>ly ol' the packet boat* trading regularly between New ! | , ; Tork and Havre; and yet one of the vessels, the lew*, | ( , was turned from its destination In Fraoce end sent to Li I verpool These tact* aud these figures protr* how well: fouuded were the reproach#* an I tne ad tic* which M. I C. Dnpin ad.lresied a few days ago, in his report on the i law relative to the c tasting trade, te ths inercuants whe , by their position ure more-particularly called on to ianpoit Aniericau corn into France. It it not, in tact, lamentable that in preeeuce of tho immense luauurces of ferod by the markets of tho United States, our porta on [- the A'lautic bare only imported about 000,000 hectoli tres, wliiiat those in the Mediterranean have receised , nearly two millions and a half 1 The wiarksts of the Union base been almost entirely abandoned te England, 1 end ine hsaobuined there groat supplies. Out tits time [ lost may be yet partially reoorered Thanks to the ra- i pidity of communieation between Europe sua the United States, orders transmitted by the steamer which I-ares Lire rpool neat Thursday, would arrire in ths different -tmerioan market* trum the :10th to Mtfc March, and ths eorn thus ordered might arrive in France in tho course of ' the month of May, at the very moment at which wants will be most pres ing. As we stated in the mouth ol Sept. the supplies which the United States sre able to send to Europe ought not to be calculated at less than 6,000, | 006 hectolitres, of which S 006,600 or 6 600,006 in wheat or Sour. At the last dates, only halt ol these ' aupplie* had been exported, and consequently late , comers have no reason to dread that they will find th* f market* empty. Nor ia it probable that their puruhaaea. I however considerable they may be, will cause a new advance in the price of Atneric m wheat and tour. Let tcra and newspaper! from the United S.atea are unanimous in stating that tha advance had attained the highest , limits to which the compe<ition of speculators oould . push it New, from a oomparisou of the prioea of New , Votk, Philadelphia, New Orleans, k:, with those of the ( markets in Franca, which, unhappily, are far from mam , lasting a tendency to deoline, it evidently appears that , the Importation of American corn offers tha strongast guarantee of profits being realised. Lf rooi omtr sources I ' Our private letters letters state that tho prioe of broad ' in Paria was to uudorj(o a further advance of two cento ; per kilogramme on the lit of Marob, whan tbo lourpouud loaf will aril for If. 10c. (lid) It waa oven appros bended that it would riao, in the oourae of the spring, to r If 3uc., o prioe it haa already attained in eleven depart meats. All will depend, however, en the extent ot the ' supplies procured from abroad, which are expected to ' arrive between the 16th of April and the middle of May 1'he quantity of grain required to meet the deficiency ot 1 the late harveat ii atiil estimated to amount to seventeen day*' consumption for the whole country, or 110,00(1 1 torn of flour It ia impossible to reckon on Anne' rican produce with any degrea of ceitainty. The French were late in the markets ef the United Slates, and (lie pi ices being limited in the ordera, it waa very probable, ooaaidenog the riae in pricea at 1 New York and elsewhere, thai they oould net be exa- 1 outed France will sccerdiugly be ebilged to depend I for her aubaistenoe on the grain aha may be able to draw < ' from Turkey and tha ttouth of Russia. The Frouch daj partments, in which tha scarcity ia moat felt are those of ' tbe centre, the teat, and the north vast, in several ol , wuich the hectolitre ef wheat sold aa high aa oOi At 1 dirashurg, mid in other marketa of Alsace, the price ia still 49f. The population of thoso departmenta exceeds I 11,000,0*0 of souls. Tho Rhone end other rivers, which i chord the principal means of transport, have been of little avail thia winter to disseminata grain threugh the , country, thoir channels having boon either too lull or too shallow to admit of navigation The woathvr, so far aa we have gone, has been favorable, although bearing a great aimilitudo with that of tha beginning of the year 1813, ol diaaatious memory, i in north-easterly wind which haa ot late prevailed bus hitherto caused no injury, but if it coatinuo much longer it will inevitably prove lata! to the winter wheat. The I average price of the hectolitre of wheat throughout i ! France ia now ad franca. i The Stmapkart di Mantilla publishes a latter from ' 0 dessa, announcing that tha breaking up ot the ice in j ! that harbor, took place on the 4th of February, and that j | upward ot AO vaaaola, ladan with corn, had sailed for tha j Buspborus. I Tho Rtfarmt states that bread at present sella at 01 centimes (So) the 31b. loaf, at Lona-le-Siiunier. Exoibi tent aa this price ia, it is exoeeded in several towns both in Alsuos and in Lorraine. Tne Mouch* states that tlis 1 merchant! of Saint fiiienno, in Brittany, had, In conquince ol the high pricea of provisions, freighted a ship 01 4i)0 toua burden to proceed to the Levant for a cargo or wheat, which thsy wore determined to sell to the lass sfllusnt classes at (l'St cost, Tha .Uniifir du Afard an bounces that the price of wheat had risen two franca the hectolitre in the market ol' LiLo on Wednesday last ? The Commtrei de Dunkirfue states that a further riaa lias tnken place in the com market of Borgues. Tha To- ' trial* dc la Hturlkt ste'ea that at tha market of Nanoy < on Saturday last, tha Cidi ol February, thot there ware I at it) hectolitres o( wheat adored lor sal? to a population ' of 411,000 souls. The consequence waa a riae ot one fiane , the hectolitre. i . The Htlorme publishes the following loiter, dated 1 Odessa, Februaty 4 ' ' " All the wheat in this port ia in tho hnnda of speculators, who have raised the price, in couaequence ot letters irom Franca end England anouncing t further rise in tha 1 price of corn. Yesterday, after the arrival of those let tars, a cargo of Bessarabian wheat was purchased lor f foiioa at 30 roubles the schetwert. A Oreek merchant purchased Polish yellow and red wheat at 13 roubles the schetwert. Old wheat, which is scarce, Mils at 3# roubles." Tradk at Sinoapore?The Singapore Free Prett publishes a comparative abstract of the official returns of the trade ol that island for the pest and present year, of which the following are the ptincipal items. The total amount of treasure and merchandise imported in the peat official y>er, is, in company's rupees, 3# 963 378: exported 33 608,737. The to ?1 ol roor chundtz* unpurted from Oreat Britain is in company's rupees, 7.093 t-WO; from Continental Europe, 846 8 iW; Cat- ; cutts, 4,789 800; China, 3,768 414; Java, 1,43(1,397; tho teat being ciueliy made up by the trade wi h the neigbbonng islands, and Eastern Archipelago. 1'be expoils to (J re at Uiitain ol merchandize on in company '* nil oos, 3,103.403; Calcutta, Obi 19o; Conlinaiital Kurope, 606.708, i bias, A 433.603 1 ha liudo with the UniC-d Stales oi America is extremely unail?imports, m company's iu- ' pees, 48,643, exports, 36,381 Tnat with New south Wales is incroaaiDg; tbo imports being in company's i rupee*, 131*31; the export* 103,703 the whole commerce of the place i* ateedily increasing, and ihow* what ' u perfectly tree trade t an effect in a pUe? having no oouiraerce ot It* own, a mete wilderii***. Yot with thi* ucce*alul example he I ore their eje?, our ruler* appear j unwilling to ex en I th? principle to other place* aiuiii larly circumstanced. Th* whole expeii'ca ol Ming a pore are moie than covered by an oxen* dut>, ? hich 1 doe* not affect It* internal commerce; yet tue mania lor j i regulating i* allowed it* full courae at Hongkong, and t Aden i* loaded with diitie* and port charge*. Ai>v*irrr*Ks or a Half-Sovkrkio.v.?A letter , ' fiom.Naw York, trauimittad by the Lainhru, and direutad to Ilioherd him i, Lrq , Liverpool, duly arrived, but, bgr a 1 1 mittalta at the I'oet Ortice, it waa sent forward in the Leo 1 don hag. The Poitmaater-Oeoeral, ol aourae, returned j 1 it to Liverpool, and, alter the necraaary delay, R waa j throwu into Mr. tibial'* bo*. On proceeding to open it, i Mr hhiel fonnd adhering to the leal a haif-aoveieigo, i ' bright and undimmed a* when it waa uaed aa a auhatltnte 1 for a *eal ? Liverpool Journal. '< Hemir roxIreland.?-The following is a Hit of the cargo ot the United States relief ship Jamestown, which cleared yastarday tor Cotk, in Iraland ' 1 177 barrala braad i 413 do baana ; ftS3 barrel*, 3,043 j I bag* corn ; 1 half bartal baef; It barrala, 1 half barral. i 1 14 boxra, 3 bundle* clothing , 3 tttrcva, 1 half barral, I | ] hag bean*; ba barrala, 1 hull barrvl flour ; 100 tiaroe* ham*; 400 barrel*, 1 hail barral poik; 10 barrel*, I half do oat meal; 733 barrult, 4 Shi bag* oorn meal, I barral, I box oat* ; dd barral* pea* ; 04 bat rail, I h*g potato** , lUti h-ilf barrel*rice ; S3 barrel*. 10 bag*, 1 nos rye , 1 half bartel merchandise ; S bag* wheat , <J box** fish The cargo i* valued at fJi>,7l4 ? Journal, ii Hatch 37. The Gale.?Daring the tiny yesterday the weather was extremely unpleasant, ram lading m torrent* half the time In 'lie evening a heavy wind et in, eod about midnight blew a perfect hurnoaue. It i* leered that great injury wax dona the (hipping and *?* ipii upon thacosMt In Brooklyn greet injury waa done to fruit and ornamental tree*, cellar* ware ftllad water end unfinished building* ronildaraMy dam*g< <1. , Tbi? morning th* mow commenced tilting, tccompmi <) | by aitrong nor hwart wind - Brooklyn Jfcagf*, Hatch 17 ggg? ===== LB. PilM ?W? OdM. On Boaid Stxambh Ouoox, > HfftL Oath, Sunday, 4 o'clock, P. M > We left Boston, Friday P. M.., wind S E , rain tig gently; arrived at Stoningtou same it half past 8 o'clock ; wind increased, accoanpa. lied by rain and sleet, and snow squalls a' interra!s during the night. Yesterday morning, the wind shifted suddenly othe N. W. and blew a perfect hurricane all dny md most of the night. This morning the itorm had so far abated that Capt. Thayer loncluded to come our, and at six oc lock he Oregon and Khode Island left, the Ore on ahead, and soon came up with and 'Uj<ed the Worcester and Cleopatra. After leaving h-w London light boat, till olf and past Sayirook, we encountered a heavy sea, so the Wormier and Cieopatra were obliged to " hug" the hore all the way, whilst the Oregon, although leavdy laden wuh freight, kept steadily on her ourse, gradually gaining on them all (ill now, at he time of my writing, which is four o'clock. I'hey appear us a meie speck, viewed with the pj glats fro'ii the pilot house. The Oregon has proved herself a first rate sea Irttf. Wm h II VIS on K/se r/l Pu??a;?? TAsmevU 5. Pitman, Lieutenant* John S. tilacum, John flaclc m ami Henry Lie Wolfe, and Afty-fiva nen from Providence, R. 1 , on their way o Port Cilumbtis, preparatory to immediate imharkation for Point Isabel. Captain Pitman received orders to embark last fhursday morning; next day they left Fort Idums, their place of rendezvous, together with heir camp equippage, and arrived at Providenoe ind left same evening for Btonipgion. List night at 10 o'clock, in the state roam saloon on board the steamer Oregon, a wedding same ot!', in presence ot a large and fashionable audience. The ceremony was performed by Justice Capron, of Stonington. 1 give a transcript from the record, as entered by Captain Pitman himself in its proper place in one ol the Bibles in the saloon?" Oh board steamer Oregon, March 27 li, private John Hughes, of the K. I Company of Infantry, en route for the seat of war, to Mis# Mary Cargr-ve, of Providensa, R.I. The ceremony was witnessed by the officers of the company, and a large numoer of passengers of the steamers Oregon and Rhode Island." The Oregon leaves for Biomngton at eight o'clock this morning. OmviLLK, Orange co., 1 Naw Yosa, March 15, 1847. > March, of Vtntribjquitm?Narrow Etcapt of ? u/tiolt audunct?'J he Town of OtitvilU. Long a reader of your interesting paper, I row, or the Arst time, make myseli a contributor ol a few items, which will, at least, interest soma of the thousands who every where ask for the Herald A stranger in this mountain Title, which is tha present terminus of the New York and Erie Railroad, 1 thought a lew moments snatched to narrate a very exciting accident which occurred here or Saturday, the 13ih instant, might not be misspent * An itinerant magician, ventriloquist, Ac., had advertised that he would give an entertainment in his line at the Summit House, a little tavern situa'ad nearly at the top of the mountain, in the "No ch," about half a mile from the village. He had hung his curtain, and sat his table in tha attic of the main building, 16 by 21 leet, about one half rhe room being occupied by the audience, aiostly vdult natives, Irish, Yankees, conductors, engineers, baggage-masters, contractors, Ac , on toe railroad. All were well amused till nearly half his intended performances were ended, when, quiek as the quickest lightning, the whole of tha Moor on whicti the audience were seated, or rnLlier on which they were jammed and piled, fell, and precipitated ull hands on the second Aoor, which also gave way, and landed all safely iu the cellar, uinong soft-soap, candles, moln?fss, wiae, barrels, bueon, tubs, churns, tin pans, and many thar articles too numerous to mention, stove and novc-mpe, liuui, oroxen cnairs ana benches, with the fragments ot the two floora. Luckily no otto was hurt, which seems aim oat miraculous, as there wora about seventy persons in all, and tiiey tell 16 lect. 1 wiah 1 could daseribe the scone that tallowed, aothat my readers might imagine its horror. All waa utter darkaaaa, and lor three or four seconds atill aa death; while aucha cloud ol duat and ashes aroaoaa uo light could penetrate. It aeewtad to ua that oae halt were killed and the reat wounded. "Oh,oh!l nut killed- My leg ia broken?oh ! Get off of me. Uo take me out. Father! father! Where'a my wife! Fire! Oh! You are stamping rne to death! Ou! Fire! Help that woman, where'a my boy I Oh! oh! oh! Help! help!" These are a tew of the ejaculations which lrighl aloae uttered from the throats ol 60 or 70 men women and children, as they lay jammed iu that heap of ruins, all mixed together high'y-pighty, wedged in so fast that only a few ot the upper onea could move. Hut in ten or iifieen minutes we had ah crawled out, and laughed when we found no one waa hurt. Ere 1 elese I tn tut say a word about Otisville. Though 'ns a little vitle, 'tis an active one, aa more freight u brought in her.e than the railroad can take away as fast as m desired. Grain, ship timber, oars, chair stuff, fcc , lorm the principal freight winch is now brought in at this place. Many Germans and Irish tue arriving, seeking work westward on the line. Mew stores are buildinir, shops opening, and lulls are being levelled and streets opened. A spneious hotel, conducted by Joshn k Co , secuios tne patronage, which care for the comforts ol the traveller and Yankee energy and enterprise must always receive. It seems to nte that were the citizens ot your citv aware of the incalculable benefit their ity must derive from the Mew York and Eno Railroad, when completed, they would not remain so supine in regard to it. Even the sixtytwo miles which are now completed from the Hudson to this place, pour into the city so great an amount that the price o! some articles which oitizens daily consume has been reduced from V? to 50 per cent. 1 would write more, and speak of the delightful view Irom the Shawangunk, and the delightful breezes from the woods and lakes ol Sullivan, which play across it in the summer, and which your citizens can have any day in the summer for a trifle; but I must close. II F. F. A er G . BRA Jt DOM. Mnrcesiors to K. A. MUNDEN. BLOCK LETTER SIOJI MANUFACTURERS, AXD SIGN PAINTERS, no. 1 Tnrcn uf, Adjoining the Harlem H.nlro.nj Utf.ce, New York. Rgrgnrisc*.? Washington .Atom*. strsat, Hub sun's hotel, Judson'a Hotel. National ho?l, f'arain's Hutei, U. 8. Bonded Warehonse, Nankin Tel Company. lie. ke. jal? Iro'rra ~ HEVUNU iYAHD HUTEI. WHO doe* not know llua fin* LI.'.N' ll HOUSE, tt No. tl Nmn street I (A i in there when yon will, partiervlarly at II o'clock in the forenoon, ?iwa the tab'a for visiters. Turtle up, St?w Boiled 1 ri?., or acme other Insure. It it truly a capital place for hefteahneuu ! for Floyd It hmilb know liost to sua their lr<oa<1s oil customers At the aaa you find Martin Botaer?e-ery body k"owa Afm, who ever flipped at the Ailor House, or Lovrjoy's, id this "itv. or Coleman's National Hotel, in Washington ' Man la like a loadstone; he draws his friends hecsnae rhey like the ittiaetion. We uy, the Second Ward Hotel is one of [tie het t placee in the city to obtain a rood Lunch, or ret an rieellent I'laas of ale or liquor of any hind. mhy lair RHLlMATInM. P?l.NS AM) PI IhKM.A- t)K TUK. JOINTS, SCHOKUI.A. DISEASES OK THE RRlN he. he ?Kiwti'a t oMeovrspUTRi r ofHydriodate of Potaaaa Uaraapanlla, and Yellow Dock.?Thie medicinal remedy i' pablislied lor the sole benefit ol th >se from rheums turn,pains and stillness ol the joints, swelling ef'.he mass* lar snbstances uea'tlicui, ern|>tiont or the skin, end diseases arisiag from an impnre state ef the blond, he. Krom seas fide eiperimenta, nnder the direction and supervision of the moat eminent of the Kacnlty, it has rcceired their aauaimoae recommendation, and many hare pronounced it the beet pevs I hi e combination of remedies for the abore named diseases. It is prepared from ths purest articles, sad is warranted t> lire satisfaction. It thine, parities and quickens the etrcale tion ; allays irritation, and leaves erery part ot the aaimal tconouiy in a perftct stats ol health. The great and increasing demand for an article of thu kind Ilia indaeed the proprietor to bria| it before the public, toer ill may hare the benefit of it.and know that there is * remedi lor tlieae most distressing oompiaints. It la raeomisen ied la roll confidence,and nteda bniatiial to convince the moat in treiluloaa of ita snrimstt.g propernea. Prepared aud aold by Cll AHI.:'."4 II y I NO. Druggist, iW Broadway C'W.Johaet N. II. Be enre In nbic.y the written sign neofU. I. H i an over the cork of each Hoffl? ?J? Im^e 192 Hroadway. Cobbku of Iohn rrntBST, TO 1HOSK WHO bHAVK THKMSKLVKN, RIFVooi the Boston Traveller J I NO'S VERBENA CREAM?Thie shaving compound ie now all (be rage, as well amona tonaorial prolessois ea amor.g those who prefer 10 gather thairowu Jia'nil crops ? Tlie hMhvrs say tnat a ,*it of it lasta twice ae long as the same quvitityol auyn'.he? ssponacions prep*ration iwblle those who sava then siaptueia dtcluc that * irli tha Vetbeus ( iraai a dnlt tator will insure n smoother f*ee 'hm most ol th? cle soaps with a sha-p steel, bes det it is frsrisnt to the r??se softening'o the skin, a great dsttreyer of freeklet, pimp'c* lie ;aniTwhat is better lhaa all, ia tkeie hard limea it i*so( w'l"!esale*bl'' CHAMLEB H BIN'.' ITI ioi'rh Druggist. IM Broadway, coiner ' ,pj ?*

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