Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 29, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 29, 1847 Page 2
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pw'-j n_j? nkw~~yokk herald. Vsvr York, Monday, M*r< h U9, 1*41. The Al lack on Veru Crux. Jt is uncertain whether the attack on VeraCruz took place before Jhe 20th March. If it did we maycxpeot the uewa every hour. If it did not take place till the 20th, we must receive it in a very lew day*. Be this at it may, we shall receive tidings of it within an hour after they are received at Wash, ington, and afterwards we shall receive full and complete details from our correspondents in the army under Gen Bcott, and in the navy under 0 ommodores Connor and Perry. Within half an hour after we shall have received intelligence of the result of this great naval and military demonstration, we shall publish it in an Extra Herald We can safely, we think, say in advance, that Vera Cruz and 3. Juan de UlGa, are now in the possession of our arms. Spring Business. We intend, for the benelit of such of our subscribers in this city, and elsewhere, as are interested in commerce or business of any kind, to publish from day to day, during the business season and the whole year, il necessary, a com plete liat of the nam?s 01 mo wwnm> ??? ?? in this city, which we will take Irom the books of all the pablio hotels. We may also publish the arrivals of produce from the country. Those lists will be of great value to out business men, who have long deplored the want of this information, in full, In the daily papers. MR. BENNETT'S LETTERS FROM EUROPE. The Apparent Reconciliation between boid Normanby and hi. Giilxot?Russia and the Fnltcd States?-European Alliances. Paris, March 1,1847. A great and important event took plaoc on the day before yesterday in Paris?Saturday, this being Monday. This remarkable occurrence was nothing less than the formal and apparent reconciliation of Lord Normanby end M. Guizot?the resumption of friendly relations between the haughty English peer nad the amiable French philosopher. Let a tower of Babel be built up to heaven. It took place in a very curious way, and was a sort of surprise upon Normanby. Probably the English and French papers may give a version of the afTair, but I doubt if they will give the whole story. 1 havo it from a gentleman connected with the press, who had it from one of the tmpioyits of the Tuilteries?one of the agents of the kti g himself. Louis Philippe is determined to restore some sort of friendly relations between Franco and England, in their respective governments, and Louis Philippe is the man who sticks to his purposes till he accomplishes them. Some of the London journals have been very savage in their attacks upon the king?publishing articles upon his conduct which would not be allowed in the French papers. A general system of attack upon the French monarchy, as now constituted, carried on in the London journals, would almost produce as great a popular excitement in Paris and in France, during the present day, as might have been effected only by the Paris journals alone at the close of the last century. Such is the proximity of the two capitals, caused by railroads^and steam?such is the rapid intellectual action and re-action of both, that hereafter the unanimous effort bv the nresi of one metronolis. mav have power enough to produce a revolution in the other. Hence the deep interest which the French king has in restoring the friendly relations of the two governments, so as to smooth down and remove the violent attacks of the London journals 11 pon his conduct and his policy. Accordingly, Leopold of Belgium, came here a few days ago for the purpose, it is said, of endeavoring to restore the social relations, in some way, between M. Guizot and Lord Normanby.? Leopold is a sort of go-between, or mediator, ol t ho two sovereigns ol Franee and England, he having an intimate personal relationship with each. It was arranged, therefore, at the palace, that M. Quizot and Normanby should be brought together, on some neutral ground, when the former would take the opportunity to explain and apologise to the latter for the speech he recently made in the Criamber, and to express that it was the farthest trom his intention to impeach the veracity of Normanby in that celebrated harangue. The place selected was the saltmt of the Austrian ambaisa dor, Count d'Apponay, and the time, at 5 o'clock on Saturday afternoon last. M. Guizot was induced by the king to visit the Austrian embassy at that hour, having learned that Lord Normanby had made an appointment for an interview with Count D'Apponay at the same time.? It seems, however, that Normanby was not aware of the plan himself?it had been projected by Louis Phdippe, that quiet, shrewd, cunning old fox, with the consent of Guixot and Count D'Apponay. So certain was this arrangement of being carried into effect, that the secret employtet ol the palace went round on Saturday morning to all rhe correspondents of the London press who are stationed in this capital, telling them that a very important transaction v/as to take place that afternoon, and wishing to make a communication of its result for publication in their several journals ,n London, on the Monday following. This singular intimation wus given to the London newspaper correspondents in Paris, before the transaction itself took place, and shows the importance una use ot tne newspaper press as an element in diplomacy and the art of government. Accordingly, at five o'clock on Saturday afternoon, while irnrd Normanby was engaged with Count D'Apponay, at the Austrian embassy, who should be announced and make his appearance, but M. Guizothimself, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs. Normanby was not allowed to recover his surprise, or get rid of his embarrassment, before M. Gulzo' went tip to him in tho most cordial manner' enquired lor his health, and then started off in warm arid full explanation of his good feelings and high respect towards him, and so on, and so mu. Lori Normanby received these explanations with a good deal ot cold dignity, but outwardly a ppeared to be satisfied. Whether this step on the part of the amiable M. Guizot will lead to tlis restoration of good feel1 ngi> between the two governments, appears to Le very much doubted. No one can doubt the de* sire of Louis Philippe and his foreign minister to restore the lost friendship of England, for they won the Spanish prize; but Lord Palmerston who has lost the odd trick, as well as his little modicum of temper, is one of the most terrible fire-eaters among the diplomatists of Europe. It is now asserted that Palmerston has given notice to the French embassy in London, that since the Spanish marriage, the quadruple alliance is at an end It will he recollected that this alliance was a treaty between the existing dynasties of France, England, Spain end Portugal, by which the two f irmer powers were bound to maintain and defend the rights of the Queens of Spain and of Portugal, against the claims ol Don Carlos and his son, and of Don Miguel and his valet. If the Eng1 ish government has taken this step, it will soon ha followed by insurrections and revslutions all ovt r trie Peninsula. Portugal is already in a state of insurrection?a sort of republican movement? ?tid Spam will soon follow. Preparations are making in ho:h these countries for fresh revolut ons, and if England should leave them to their owu passions, France will be involved in inextri. cable difficulties and complications. ' i the meantime, it is believed that the English . , eminent, while driven from its alliances with the south of Europe by the policy of France, will I i hereafter seek fresh alliances and more perma- t nent combinations in the north?with Prussia? 1 with Holland?with Denmark?with Sweden? 1 perchance with Russsia. In Prussia a first step h hasjustbeen made in the direction of constitu- a tional government?the convoking of a national D diet, or States general, in the early part of next h month. This movement in Prussia has created a n< great sensation in England, and indeed over all o western Europe. There is an evident restlessness in the minds of men in this quarter of the < world, which must And a vent somewhere, one ol lit those days. Vesuvius and iEtna generally give so some intimation before an eruption. The old and p? new dynasties of western and central Europe are giving way to the spirit of the age, bit by bit. From the frontiers ol" .Russia te the shores of the Atlantic, these ideas are growing and fermen- , ting It is a singular fact, nevertheless it is true, In that in Russia and in the United States alone, are W the forms of government and the institutions of w society considered, permanent, settled, and satit- ai factory to their respective people. Their calmness or forms of government reign paramount. ai Vet the one is a pure despotism, and the other a a' pure democracy. A country with a government and institutions at any point between these twd extremes, is in a continual ferment?iu a constant state of excitement?in one eternal conflict, that never will end till either one or the other extremes 1 , is reached. The time is coming wheu either Rus- n sia must overrun all Europe to the ocean, and ; create a mighty modern empire on the ancient D Roman model, or Europe will become a great rc j family of republics, and overrun Russia, and blot p( out her uresent existence. In the meantime, let m the people of the Un.ted]3tates, till theii, get the n< ! highest puces for their oorn and cotton. i The American Fleet In the Unlf. At the time when the administration had con- fo eluded upon storming Vera Cruz, and the fortress p, ' of S. Juan de Ulna, and were engaged in making Ci preparations lor the purpose, we compiled and published a list of the several vessels ot war that it 1 was supposed would take part in the attack, to- a gether with their classification and armament. se Since the publication of that table, we have p? discovered that several other vessels have been j detailed for the Gulf service. We now publish |jj jit complete:? of United States Natal Pores in the Golf or |hl Mexico. j'> i Lino Ship. ... Ohio, Captain Stringham 74 guns. 1" 1 Kngute Potomac, Capt. Aulick S6 ' ] " Riritan, Capt Forraat 69 11 _i : Sloop of War John Adams, Capt. McCluney. . .90 " " St. Mary's, Capt. Sauodars 90 " P? " Germantowu, Com'r Buchanan.. .90 11 , poi " Albany, Capt Broaae ..,.30 " " Decatur, Com. Pinckoey 10 " pa] " Saratoga, Capt. Karragut 90 " ' . Brig of War. .Porpoise, Lieut Com Hunt 10 " G. " Perry, Liout Barron ...10 " I 0( , 1 Bchr. of War.Bonita, Lieut. Benham. 1 " 1 .w Reefer, 1 " t,e " Petrel, Lieut Shaw 1 " " Tampico, Mid. Perry 1 " Steamer Mississippi,Cem. Perry (Paixhan). 10 " " Princeton, Capt. Knglo 9 " ' " Spitfire, Capt. Tatnall 3 " av " Vixen, capt 8ands " T) " McLean, Capt. Howard S " Union. Capt Rudd 4 " P? 'I Alleghany, Capt. Hunter 10 " ph " Hunter, Lieut. McLaughlin 0 " " Polk, Capt. Ogden 6 ' " Petrita, 1 " Jbi " Scorpion, Comr. Bigelow, 04 pr... I " L " Scourge, Lieut.Hunter, " ... 1 " K* I Store ahip . . .Relief"Lirut Com. Buliua 6 " " Supply, a " " Fredonia. Lieut. Com. Chauncey. a " Bomb Ketch. .9tromboli, Com. Walker, 86 pr... 1 " * " K.tna, Comr. Van Brunt, " ... I " , Pr " Vesuvius, Capt. McGrudsr a " " Hecla, Lieut. Fairfax 1 " a j " tlectra, 1 " I Sloop Mariner, 1 " c* Cutter Forward, Capt. Nonea 6 " tit Ewing, capt ivioore s Total Qumbar of (una 390 With the exception of perhaps half a dozen, | q? ; every vessel in the above list has, without doubt, f!" : paid her respects to the Mexicans, by showering st< missiles of death into the fortress and city, and re! ducing both, with the assistance of the land forces j under General Scott. We have no doubt that the eighty-five pound bomb shells and Paixhan shot ! ho have, many days since, reduced the fortrassi while j Gen. Scott and his gallant soldiers are enjoying j themselves in the city of Vera Cruz, and resting jjj j after the fatigues of doubtless the greatest victory th that has ever been achieved by American arms. We have at considerable trouble, compiled the Ai lbllowiug list, for the purpose of giving our ^ readers a correct estimate of the number of ves- J Ti els chartered by the government to convey troops j and munitions ol war to the Island of Lobos:? j u! NAMES OF THF. AMEBIAN TAAKIFOSTS (MAAIS IK TN| 1 3J GULF OF MKSICO. | 4,1 Autre. ill Maine. Copt. Wodc, Emerald, Sherman, < (d j <Jen. Vtzio, Kaitfield, E. Dennisen, Spencer, ta Archelau*. Brentnell, Russia, Raniiford, Msdford, Wilbjr, Arksnras. Hillierd, ! Oregon, Olidden, North Carolina, Drummond li : Sophia Walker, Grafton, Bangor, Pbilbrook, ) 2< , Oxnard, Chick, Henry, Baiters, * Russell Glover, Tripp, Eli Whitney, Dyer, I, ! Sharon, >lorr> man, Yasoo, Wallington, I 6t Statesman, Lovenseller, Louisville, Hunt, 7r Talhot, Plummet, Essex, Welch, ; St ; Albambra, Wilsos, Bbetango, Patten, Catberine, Herbert, Huron, Weeks, {''j 1 Oipbduo, Kreemen, Oswego, Johnson, fir Kllerslie, Yoike, Charlotte Ried, Gray, u, | James N. tiooper, Varney, Bariah, Gardner, 141 I Ocooa, WiiUrd, 8t. Louis, Msrko, lit i Diadem, Tucker, Tamahroo, Sinclair, I7? i May-Klower, Crabtree, Indiana, Bonnatt, J?' ' Henry i'ratt, Condon, Remittance, Marshall, Prentice, Hopkins, Hamburg, Larnbae, Amazon, Murray, Houthport, Griffith. Deedemona, Emerson, Eliiha Dennison, Seely. ? SAISS. I I Caroline, Sherwood, Mopang, Boobar, aa I Prompt, Willman. Jubilee, Harmon, 1 "J? ' Alabama, Hprague, Baring Brothers, Croaker, 1 I Cora, berriokson, Smyrna, Scett, I vr l?W_ D an* i__ at' niuuu, iivi^vU) rfviiu iiBl!! ) OUUI0I, " Exact. Johnson, Dudley, Winchall, ul Rainbow, Samson, Biazil. Homer, Mallory, Babbidgo, Isabella, Kelly, ci 0. Godfrey, Beam, Henry Kelsey, Grey, m Lewi*. Girard, Rothschild, Lown, Jo Iwanowane, Shinn, Rowans, Wilaon, ha May Flower, Hitobcoek, Victory, Ryan. th bbioi. he Cayuga, Mitchell, J. Peterson, Baker, di Natchea, Lesvitt, Apalachicola, Smith, Sol.Una, stubbs, Jertorson Morgan, g Importer, Mark. Velaaco, Bell, (j, Kowcna. Morrill, Frances Amy, Gunby, a, Irving, Robinson, Henrico, Paine, Psnsacola, Hallatt, Orion, Haodall, Samuel N Ooit. , Nathan Hale, Bradley, P' Hamlet, Robinson, Georgiana, Crispin. m Union, Hopcr, Archelaua, Newcopb, i Ann Still, Redmond, 11 ullowell, Darling, I 'r KUen A Clara, Griffin, O. H Rogera, , Perfect, , Kmpiie, Baxter, Milladon, Butler, E G Pierce, Carr, Perfect, Gardner, Emeline, Stark, 1 I" Callender, Willie, Mary E Belch, Tueker, Virginia, Hood, Wolcott, Gould, at Susan gpoflo.-d, Spofford, Caroline, Sutton, c? Othello, Trainer. Tecumaeh, H neon, M vlary Ann, htockbrldge, Arabian, l'yler, Maria, Miller, Goodhope, Smith, i |0 J nan de Carthagena, Gray, Shamrock, Rogera, Metallack, riummer, Charles, Baala, j,, Prairie, Clark, Baltimore, Oill, th Gen. Taylor, Hinda, Win. Henry, Ryder, ' a( Jaa Marshall, Carney, Lycoming, Carr, , thi Osceola, Loring, New York, Norton, wl Rowland, Adams, N. F. Frothinghaa, Veeey. | choose as. Tanama, Forsyth, Waterwilch, Ferris, Aureliua, Schembeck, N. L. McCready, Studley, . 01 Elizabeth, Dunton, Enterprise, Stinson, Sovereign, Patterson, Eleanor, Drew, Wataaw, Burdirk, St Helena, Sperke, Oella, Ham, Oacar Jonaa, Mayo, D? l'ioga, Collins, Barton, Winslow, '1 Hornet, Arnet, Hilas Wright, White, Hoht. Mills, Biown, Alcione, Blaokinaton, T. F Hunt, Harrison, A. R Thompson, Moss, Alleghany, Wright, Gen Z Taylor, Brookffeld, ' Flortnda, Oariisen, Levi Rowe, Wotmere, " Vermont, Speights, Gazelle, Coovert, Rob Boy, Herkneis, Tuscarera, Campbell, * ' Levant*. Morton, F.liznbeth, Beat, , J* Rapid, Stoddard, Cornet, Bonnoey, Packet, Patteiaon, Mary F. Luttoriah, Beull, Pedermont, Gnerand, M Bird, Corson, Urbena, Whaeler, Athoe, Unseltine, tM Pariin It Joeephina,Young, Gratituda, Burly, rimes, Washington, A. W. Hay, Leeds, LOO F Dorr, Copper, Hendereon Huiriaon, , Alleghany, , Phebe Eliza, , Apina, ! Elian It Clara, ?, , *' an treatises. Palmetto, Smith, V irgiaien. , w, Alabama, Windlo, Ginfls, F.idildge, ch Anson, White, Washington, Smith, an Angelina, Patton, Talegraph, , New Orlaana, Wright, Mary Sonars, . i ' Edith, , 7 ' These nre exclusive of schooners, of which there 1 is an endless number, in addition to those above i named. The ntttnbsr of ve?*e|s employed in the | J* 'I II I' .. icrvice of the government in thii enterprise, I iccordii>K to ,hi? ''*? if? forty-six ships, twenty- , bur barks, fifty-six brigs and eleven steamers, t These, added to the vessels of war, make one { un tired and sixty-lour vessels, employeddirtctly i nd indirectly, in the reduction of the city of Vera ' ruz and the castle of S. Juan de Ulua?not, per- , aps, inappropriately termed the Gibraltar ol the sw world?aud is the largest naval force ever put 1 rth by the United States , The result ol this great enterprise will, withou1 >ubt, be brilliant. It will add another to the bril- 11 int achievements of our army and navy. And ] ener than fail in accomplishing all that was ex- i scted, both would, to a man, perish. Sinoi'lar and Melancholy Accident.?A sin- 1 ilar and fatal acciddnt occurred on the Spriugsld and Worcester Railroad, early en Saturday I lorning last. It appears that whilst the train as on its way, the wire of the telegraph, in some j ay or other, got entangled with the locomotive, id before it was discovered it threw off three of , ' ie hands, killing one immediately, and injuring j lother so much that it was found necessary to ; 1 mputate his arm. The name of the unlortunate ! tan who was killed is Coleman, one of the ] rakemen. The third one was considerably, 1 j tough not dangerously, hurt. It is not known , i what manner the accident occurred. None of ! it telegraph posts were down, and besides, the j ulroad and telegraph are parallel to each other. i i News from Boston?Wo are indebted to Mr. ] ennis, and Phillips k. Co., of the New Haveu j mte, and to Adams & Co , for the latest Boston , ipers. The maul due from Boston on Saturday J lorning, did not arrive here till yesterday after- | son. The storm in the Sound was very severe. Theatricals* J Pass Thsatbb?The five set pity called ths " Broker 1 j Bogota," will be performed at the Park this evening, I ( r the first time in many years?Mr. Forrest taking the | , irt of the Broker, end Mr. Jimieeoa, that of Antonio da ibsraro. The comedy of " Three Weeks After Mar age" will be added. Thia ia tha last night bat one of I , r. Forrest's engagement. j , Bowaar Tmbatbb.?We cannot lay that wa avar saw , | more attraotiva bill pat forth by the indomitably per- < vering manager of the Bowery Theatre, than whet he its forth to-night. It consists of e romance entitled the Robbers ef Bohemia, or the Parricide and ths Stn- : nt"? the comedy of " Yellow Kids," which is one of j s best ever put on that stage, and the favorite drama ] t " Yaw Tree Ruiua." It is unnecessary to aay any t ing in favor of thia bill. It oarrias its character with i and will certainly fill the house. Mr. Booth's benefit ? et apart for Wednesday. j Bowaar Ciacoe ? Kemp, the great clown and panto- i mist, advortises that ha will cause the aides of the ? ople to split with laughing at his novel end ludicrous n riormances on the barrel this evening. He is, perhaps, a i only man living who can perform those feats. Tba 0 itomima of tha ''Harlequin Farmer's Son" will bo <4 [formed for the first time thia evening. Master Nixon, * idigan, 8ergant, ko , will give soma of their great feats ~ equestrianism, and tha Etniopean Minstrels will drive " ey dull oara and melancholy from all those who may ' affected with them. h b Musical. P Italian OrsaA ?11 1 Lombardi" will be performed this [j ening, lor the last time during the present season, e lis opera has become a decided favorite. At ita last 1 rformance tha singing was received with loud ap- , inse. The band was dispensed with, and tha curtail- c snt was a decided improvement. Wedneadty night ia ? last of tha season, on which occasion the favorite t .ucia di Lammermoor" will be preaented, as the mane- { rs announce, positively for the last time. If there . ould happen to be any lover of musio who has not lis- . ned to "Lucia," it is to bo hopod, for his own sako, that ? i will not neglect the present opportunity. The new . iison will commence immediately after the olose of tho . esent. The books are now open at the box office. , The Alliohanians.?This highly talented and much s imirea company 01 vooimu wiu fir* ineir last uon- ? irt this evening in the Tabernacle. Tbia will b? posi rely their laat during the preaent season They proiae to sing on thie oocaaion eome of the affecting, comic id pathetic aong* that wero received with ao much apeuae at their former concerts. Among theae ere the lertette, "The Death ofRingold," " Some Spirit Wafts ir Mountain Lay," and that irreaiatibly comic aong, rhey aay there ia an echo here " There ia a treat in ire tor all who desire to enjoy it at the Tabernacle thie ening. Such a profusion of entertainmente ia rarely ered. j City Intelligence. r?a Stobm.?The boats were kept back on rariooa iea, in oonsequence of the'atorm of Saturday and the vious night. The arrivals at the betels yesterday, are but fe w. The Weatheb.?Yesterday was a fine frosty day, and e sun shore with much brilliancy, while, at the same ne, it continued to freece steadily. We observed that e thermometer stood below freezing point at t o'clock Thb Ubowth or New Yoaa City.?Dr. Cornelias B roher, City Inspector, has politely furnished us with e following statistics iBLK SHOWINS THE NCMBtB Or aUILBIISOS BBECTED lit EACH WEED Fr.OM THE 1ST Of JANUARY, 1848, TO JANUAET 1ST, 1847. erdr. Warit. War it. #4 7th S3 13th IS 39 Sth 46 14th 37 31 ?lh 141 lith 133 I S3 10th 40 10th 40' 1 30 11th 104 17th CO 1 40 lith 23S 10th .362 .OLE SHOWINS THE INCREASE AND DEChEAEE Iff THE CB* REAL WARD* Sliver THE LAIT El POET. 1643. 1040. Iner. Deer. it Ward, No 147 91 ? S3 1 " SO 30 1 ? I " 17 31 ? 0 h " SO S3 ? 7 h " SI SO ? S h " 00 4 0 ? 44 h " 10 S3 37 ? h " 3? 40 ? k " 104 101 ? 03 h " 30 40 II ? h " 140 104 34 ? h " ill 377 113 ? h " 33 IS S ? h " 40 r ? 31 1 h " 140 133 ? 30 i h " HO 00 ? 41 ] h? " 733 407 >>4# ? _ , h " ... 303 3 * ;, Total 1,000 1,033 130 S04 ' ] Tvtal decrease 60 j This ward (16th) has bsen divided since the last report, i i 4 consequently shows on apparent falling off, bot if the mber reported from the llth ward, which wai taken from e 16th. be added it tbows an increase ol 36. Common Council.?Both Boards meet this evening, hen eeveral matters of lntereat aro eipectad to be acted [>on. Death bt Disease or the Heart?The Coroner was ; ' lied to hold an inquest at the junction of Colo's road id 49fh street, upon the body of Ann MoMshon, wife of ihn McMehon, a native ol Ireland, aged 3ft years, who i s for some time past bsen afflicts! with palpitation of a heart, without anything serious being anticipated, I iwover, until Friday afternoon, when ihe died. Ver- i ct, " Death by diaeaee of the heart." Militant Honors ?The body.of Lieutenant Blake, U. Army, will be escorted by Ce. 6, National Guard, ' , ptain Loutrel, to Jersey City, and placed in eharge of ; committee from Philadelphia, this alternoon. The Mectdonian.?A vast crowd were assembled at er No 4 yesterday, duriog the day,of persona who had or# or leta contributed towards the cat go of this fine ivernment vessel, which ie on the eve of departure (or eland, with food for the starving millions of tbat illted and oppressed land. We wish har a sa'e and prosiroua trip across the Atlantic. The damage she susined by the late storm we are happy to learn ia com i iriuvsry inning. Kite Alarm ?There wv an alarm ol flra yesterday >oet Ave o'clock P. M. in th? rfVonfl district, which pro odad frr m a flra that odPtrrroiJ 9u a small shanty near cDougall (treat AaoTMaa Railboad Acciubst ? Wo learn that the comotiveof th? train frocu Philadelphia, on Saturday larooon, run i f the traCL. neor Bordeotown There ; id been a land slide on the tro'k. which, according to a passengers, conld have been seen for a mile, but i erthelesa the engineer ran into it. It waa a miracle at the oars were not smashed to piacoe. One person i is injured i Police Intelligence. Faa W?Ckargaaf Stealing a Watck ?Oflleer McGee, the Oth ward, arrasted on Saturday night a young 1 jman by tha name of Maria Foster, on a charge or taiing a watch and amall gold fon chain, valued in ail I $14, belonging to John Crawford, residing at No IS j >wary. The properly was recovered by the above \ | ioer, and Justice Osborne committed her in full for 1 t al. j J Important jlrreit of a Bapu Dialer ?Under this head < i published in last Friday's Htrald tha arrest of a man \ the name of John R Woods, on a charge of counterting a large quantity of Meaican quarter dollars, a ge lot of which were found secreted in packages under s floor of tho residence of the accused, situated at I irk villa, for tho discovery of which the public sro in- < t bted to Asaiatant Captain Baker, of the 4th ward, who ' ia along with Captain Tarry at tha time of searching j ? premises, but whose name at tho time waa inedrer- i { itly emitted in the report. DrunA end Diaardtrly ? A voting man hy tha nams of I m. Orimabaw, waa arrasted on Saturday night bv offl- < r Watharby, of the 9d ward, on a cn.irg* of being j link and disorderly in the (tree*, and throwing a Uiga 1 in* at tha window of tha Evchaoge Ho'.tsl, io Fulton 1 eet, near Nassau. He was taken to the stotien house d locked up ] I'slrt Lartmy ? A follow called Christian Baselay, , saarreatad by officer Ersman, of tha 13th ward, one J argo of stealing a chair, worth a dollar, belonging to am Roee, residing at No. 80 Columbia street. Locked i by Justice Ketcham for trial. Lsssw Intelligence. Couav Calbkdab, Ten Day. ?Ceasesen Plaai -Flrat rt- 44,900 41,30, 47,140 171,71.41,3 4,107, <*. < . 44 Hecoitd Part?100, ill, 974, 374, 370, I'm, itfi, 304, 0, *04, '300,9*0, 309, >00, 100, |<W ? P 1 ? Saw Hooka. Thk Golden Rule and Odd f? llowi Family Com fan ion?Thia is th* title of a now literary paper doro led to tbo interests of tbo Independent Order of Odd Follow*. To member* of the order it mutt be invalua. bio?a* tuch wo recommend it to them, aa wall a* to all other* who wUh to provide their ferntU*a with a large amount of reading matter of a literary, amusing, and in itructive character, at a cheap rate Publiahed by E Winchester, 'J4 Ann*treet,a' $J per annum. oaamam'a Mien ink for April, in all ita beauty, la be Tore u*. Oootv'a Maoa*in*.?Thia popular monthly for April, la out, and lor tale. Th* Boom or the Faat ? Wa. H Oraham, Tribune Building*. Thia ia aa Aiaeiican edition of a book whioh sreated to much t*i>*ation in England. A hiatory oi boot* and sheas in the United State*, ia addad, and bio graphical sketches of eminent ahoamakera. Moucbn Chitalht. ar H. H. BaAcaanaaiooc.?Wm U. (iraham, Tribune Building*. Thia i* the aacond edition of thia interesting woik. It deaarvaa an extenaiv* simulation. School RefoIt.?We havo racaivad the 41at report ot the Truatoea of the Public Sckaol Seaiaty of New Yerk Colombian Maoaiinu : Jacob Poet Publiahar.?The April number if received. It i* full of choice and intareeling matter. Chambkb'* CvcLoratDiA or English Litebatube, Na r, iejuat published by Burgee*, Stringer It Co. It contain* much valuable matter. The tame publieher* have iiaued No. 14 of Chamber') Information for the People Thia ia one of the beat pub Licationa ever iiaued from tko American Praia, OaoaaarHV or thi Statu or New Yoaa.? By J. H Mather and L. L P. Brocbett, M. D. Mark H Newman k Co , Broadway. We regar t thia aa the moat perfect listury of our State yet publiahed, and an invaiuable ivor'x for ichool purpose*. New Mar or Mexico. H 8. Tanner, 337 Broadway ?'Thia map haa received the addition of Oen. Ariata'i ?lau, takan at Kesaca da la Palma , alao many improve neots, from Captain Walker, and other efficera of th? irmy, oa well a* official documents from th* War De partment, to thia tima, forming th* moat complete ma| xtant Hacratary Walker and Yic* Praaidant Daliai nave given, aa thair opinion, that it ia decidedly tha belt AUo, tha rental of Oenerala Taylor, Wool,and Kearney

i* wall a* Waptain Framont'a noted expedition, are laic mt i charter of the haroor ot Vera orui, showing th? positions w hich will be taken by our Soot, fco. Tua Wat to Lite Well, and to a* Well wmiliivi Lit* ? Thia is the titla or a cookery book by Mrs. Mail published by H. Long k Brother, S3 Ann ?t. Wo ahonli ay that it deserves to be in the hands of every houae keeper. Pavrra'a illoitbsxae London, No. A, if reoeived by R r. Shannon, 1 IB Naaaau street It containa aereral beau tifal and valuable atael eng raring a. An Histobioai. 8aetch or Tbinitv Chuboh, Nkv foBs. By the Rer. Wm. Berrien, jM. D. Stanford I Swords, 189 Broadway.?Thia work embracea muci natter of an interoating nature It la oertainJy what i lurporta to bo, a minute and perfeot hiatory of Trinity Jhurch.from ita origin to the preaent time. Farman1 Club. Tvaaaar, March 18 ?Mr Pell, ol Palham, in tha chair -An unuaually numerous and reapeotabla mooting o he praotical farmera of the neighborhood, membera o: he Club and omatenra, assembled at the lnatitute yea. erday. The stated subjects of diacuaaion were " Qraps fines," and " Kitchen Gardens." both of which, upoi nany former oooaaiona, would nave Boomed to hare ex lauated all the Ingenuity that art and experience coulc ura suggested. Howerer, aa thia ia the aeaaon for tha ultivationof each, the atareotyped ralea which wehara rom time to time recorded, were aa warmly advocated nd aa oordiaily received aa oould be expected In the baenoe ef any new feature er improved ayatem for the ultivation of the ena or the improvement of the other, i welcome, but unexpected visiter? a veteran in tha lience ef floriculture, horticulture and arborio culture -appeared in the actual preaence ol Grant Thorburn, those name, for the last half century, has been, and ii till, identified with the riae and progreae ef floriculture, i all ita beautilul and diveraiflea elementa. Mr. Thor urn took a retrospect from the period that, in the aim licity of the art, he commenoed the aoienoe of nail iaking,down te the period of the diacovery of "cut naila, y which, aa he feelingly deaoribed, hia art waa " cu ut "?when be converted hia geniua to the grocery re ail business. Having married, and being compelled U take both enda meet, Mr. Thorbnrn accidentally nei rith a roae geranium, which he put in a paintec rock and aold for fifty centa, clearing twelve and I talf centa by the operation, and from that period to cultivated theacienoeol floriculture, and by an udox tected arrival of garden aeeda waa enabled to aupply far nera and othera with the origin of thoao vegetables by vhioh our marketa are now ao abundantly auppisd. It hia line Mr. Thorburn proapered, until he waa Opposed ty the late Mr. Cobbett, which apeedily termiated it he overthrow of hia opponent and hia abandonment ol i competition, that elearly developed the honor and h0' leity of Mr. Thorburn. Mr. Thorburn aaaerted that tha aleol aeeda in the eatabliahment in Fulten atreet amount id to (36,090 for the laat year. A communicatien wai ead from Mr. Alea.Walah, the chief object of which con isted in hia plan of redeeming froat bitten planta from leatraction. by plunging them into cold water until hawed, and placing* them where they can reoover theii rigor. He alio recommended potato aeed to be tavec rom the pointa of the potato stalk. Mr. Thorburn atated hat he hBd reoeived an order from the Emperor of Ruaia, requiring a quartity of potato aeed ; that he procured en pounda from Connecticut, at (10 a pound, and aold ii o the agent lor (30 a pound. A communication wai ead, showing the industry andakill by which the Trap 'ista, as a body, cultivated a large extent of land. Thi cot of a plant from the Emperor of Russia's garden wai ixhibited, the head and leaves of which resemble! isbbage and cauliflower, and the root waa in flavor ai [ood aa turnip. Dr. Underbill called it kalaramba, ei lermau cabhago , he grew it, and caliad it grouud cab >age. The root was voted to Mr. Pell, to plant and ro tort on ita qualities. The grope vine, ita cultivation, and tha climata mot idaptcdto bring it to perfection, elioitod from Dr. Undar liii a recapitulation ol that system by which ha haa Justl] neritad the reputation hia untiring exertions in tins de artment have secured to him. Mr. Pell followed in en interesting narrative of thi rarieua species ei grapes and winea, that ha had in hi Kintinantal tour examined ; tha manner of cultivation ha varistiea, and ornamental uses te whieh they weri ipplied.and fearlessly asserted that ho had no hesitatioi n believing that the vine, if properly encouraged,would n the lapse of a faw yoars, exhibit a moral ixfluanoi iver the habits of the people, aa wall as a aalutary efleo ipon tha health ef thoae who would Had in it a more nu ritious and unintoxioating beverage, than the genera dasa of fermented liquors. By both Dr. Underhill and Mr 'all, the preference waa adjudged to the Isabella grape vbich under viicest any extremity 01 climate can d< irofluhly railed, if caretully managed There w?i oat eraurk of Dr. Underhill'a with regard to the meaner o iruning vinei, which te the citiaen vine planter, mat iccount for the abaenoe of that quaati y of fruit whicl he lusuriaat appearance ef the plant indicated. Thi he Doctor aaeribea to the ijatem of epur pruning, tha i, in cutting of all the. new wood, within ore or tw lye* of the old branch, leaving the old trunk for an ai tor, while in the country the principle ia different, an ha crop more abundant. A peculiar deacription e French guano waa exhibited to the elub, by Barn ixer it Freres, 118 William street, far which they are tgenti rue club undertook to investigate the inerita of the con position. Tho price is $30 a ton, being imported at ligb duty. Jadge Livingston exhibited several spec nana of apples, in high preservation, frem the trees < ivhich he promised to distribute grafts at the next mee ing. Oralis from Mr. Demarast, of the orange blush o; pie, which ripens in August, and announced as a ric luxuriant fruit, ware freely distributed, as also grafts e the celebrated Thomas, Isabella grape, Itc. When th slab adjourned Sporting Intelligence. BinosMin Couaax, Ls.? Four itablea of horaes hav arrived at the Bingamln Courae within a couple of day ?Mr. Harrison's, of Alabama, which consists of Reel Use. Rough end Reedy, Sally Riddleaworth, and Woe< rille ; Mr. Kannsr's lot of seven, vis: Louisa Jordai Kolui, Night Breeue, Scintilla, Kau da Vie, and tw others. Mr. Small has Croton, and Mr James Porter hi stilly by Lindock, and Jeff Wells. Hundreds of our cit tens are now daily enjoying the sport of seeing 111 horses take their preparatory work ter the races, whic are to commence on Sunday next?JV O. Dtlta, Mar. II The Hibsrnia.?The amount of money r< aeived et the custom house at Boston during the lai five days, for duties on goods imported by theHibernii ia $80,437. Arrival off Strangers In New York. march 28. Amesics* hotel. J. Lsmoroui, Mass ; B. ? itiiams. New York; Jfi. Fulle Luuisviile, 1). Weuds'l. do; W. Fur, (Jeorgia. Asioa House. H Holbrooke. North Budge; F. J. Grnm, C. Dnlhill, Phili delptua; M. bimpsoo, >1. rewler, Boston; A. Tram well Philadelphia. City Hotsl Captain 0. Trier. M-cnu, (Jamais: Dr Lyttle, J. W Blaea, P. 1. Allen, Philadelphia; H Burt, Varaont. Fusisslik Horse Dr. Mowstt, Sprirgfirio, W. B'enhernssseu. Philtdelphii Edw. Hpreiigrr, do; J Lamam is, Maasacftnintts; S. H?y?i Albany;H Wiiheroo, Ohio; W. Arnold do; M. Holcombi Hytloid ; D Balden, Connecticut ; J. Tompkiua, Whii Plains; W Oswald, Biltimorn. H?wit? Hotel J. N. Rogers, R. Shawn, New Hnvea; O. rntterssll. Phili ielphia; J. Itonte, A. Forsyth, Orernsboroagh; J. Mayo i Inton; B. Parlemeli, Noith Carolina: H Ho man. Day tor Osorge Willis, Richmond; I. Word, Boston; Dr. Rnnntoi New York. JuDiors's Hotel. CIisj. Browne, Pittsburgh; J. Houston, N, C.; B. Wood Phil.; W. Martian, do; B. Philips, West Point. Lovkjov's Hotel8. Barber, Allentowu, Pa; J. Coltnrt, Penn; J. Rankin, d< L.T. Foliar, Maeon.Oa; U. B. Moora, New YotEiUoo. ( loaes.Brooklyn; F. W. Hammond. Now York; 1C P Swif aoaton; John J. Ooold. Albany; Wm. Valentine, do; J.I toagdon.N L.; J. C. Benedict, roiled; J Barton. Albaa; I. Cobb. Baltimore; W. Ackley, Troy; JohniS. Dwiiht, Bo on; J Smith, Hartford; T. W. Sheffield. Norfolk; P. [ lice do; A San ford, ^ew Haven; Tnoma. John Bhapheri Weitfleld; Stepren Rice, New Yetk; A. Sandford, New Hi 'en; C. B. Holeotnb, Hartford f t National Hotel. . H. Snydam, Phils; U Laukin, Va; L. J. Rasdell. M .ee. i'royt Samuel Vhum, N.Y;Hon J. W.(fr orris. A i?ny; Gen. Fnmon, N. Y; Alax Hearts, Coxsackia; M V vlarray, Midd.atowniJ PC, Kingston; N. C. Towabridg, 'oaxhso'Pii ; John B >in, Kirderhook; Jsmes A Wood an ?dy, Washington; John 1 em pest, B Dans an and son, Hal sx; Jsmes Whtlan, Albany; tt W. McLean. Rhwsy, . Wi'liama, B< ?ton; H. Johnaon, Ohio; L I Heldran, Mm ' tar < amp, Thila; M J. ttjaon, * O Hnpmao, B'ltimon Anderaon, * . B Drake, T-nn. D. A. Moon, Naw Jtraaj fl G. Moffa't, Naw Orloana; Mia. Prall, Proridanee; ? h, luddaih Mr* York; John A Craaa, Mobila; L A. Bathi ,hall,Troy. J. Harria, Naw Yaik; INoaTHiait Hotel. V. 1 . Piaraoo. Wilmington; J W. ICaitch, Boaton; Jama Dana, do; M. Whaalar, Kay Pott; M. Brrgan Albany; I Alaiandar, eo; John Armatrong, N. U.:.lar Koafh. Albany; J. S. Hn'chioga, Waahingtno CO: W. H Wolf, Fiuley, Boafon; A Brown. Scotland; O. Itranam Ira and; John Harria and lady, Philadelphia: K. Millard. N. Y Hapt.Tmaadall, Gapt Kemptan, Coiackia; A L'etun. I. a Darlm. M. Murphy. Philadelphia; And. Harria, N. J.; Law li and lamily. Philadelphia. tUTHauie'e Hotel. J. Rattarlaa. Naw York; A. P. Naah. Boaton; O Ladyard Nawbnrg: J O. Wilton, Philad; J. Brigham, Fiahklll;A 1 Uwan. Buffalo Weiteew Horn,. .? Hanehfleld, New 7ork; Gilbert Okate, Newport msesom?mmms--usassmmmmmsmsmsm??smsmmsmmmm-m Tk? Plumbs Rational Oagnerrslin Gallery, I Ht on upper comer of troadwsy sod Murrey street eonuine Vi the largest end finest collection of Ph >t >arapl>s ol any other M I Gallery in the world. We teke pleasure in recommending jj, osr friends where (hey can get snmr thing that will please I >1/ ; them, for ths likeueaaes are so perfect th it they cannot but be 1 -\l 1 (ratified ' 1 ?? mile To ths Officers of the Army and Navy.- ft A; Everything necessary for filling the camp chest or saddle Ci bag, 111 the inoel compact form; Dressing Cases, containing A every article lor the toilet, and in the smallest compass ; tow compact Wru ng Cases, Dinner Beta for the pocket, wa'er- g. proof vtoney Belts, Clasp K< ires, Di sin's celebrated Dram , j rlaaks. Travailing Mirrors, Fi.aMnt Inkstands, Gold {"ens id "" cases, Leathern Drinkiug Caps lie kc ?> GUlON'd BAZAAR. Loa 1 173 Broadway, corner ol Comtlsndt st. [ Aid to Ireland?The Commutes on Bread- VjjJ Stuffs end Provision*, inform their fellow ei'iaens through- i kj0lj( ont the country, the' they will be heppy to receive eouiri- |,,u0i bullous of Breadstnlfs and Provisions, and ship tnem free of juuuj eipense to the "Ceutial Committee of th* Society of Friends i )U8( in Dnhliu "for general distribution among the f.mishing poor 10(, k of Ira and. : |V) Communications on this subject, may be addrresed to 1 10A 1 . [ either of th 1 Committee, Ths freight from New Voik to ?7i 1 ; Ireland, will be paid by the British Government. us GEO HUE BARCLAY. 1 ? , ( ROBERT BJV11NTURN, ] r | " J TI Ci ."5 AD I U"H f VWIUUIItAV ! WILLIAM REDMOND, I GEO. McBhlDK, Jr. I $1M (XT* Oily and cooutry pipers which can air?rd 10 publish jo, thia uo'.ic* fur a week 01 two free of charge, will please to jjq copy- 6t ito I To the Brooklyn Public?Robertson, pro- Ml prietor of the Phcenii Hat and Cap mauufiictorv, 00 Fulton iou street, has lately opened a branch store at 61 Fulton street, i ;,o Brooklyn, lor the purpose ot introducing to the hit ami eap l weaiiug portion of Brooklyn, his disriuctiee system o< large ]qq 1 sale* and sraa'1 profits, the peculiarity of which system, as , seen in its results, cousieta in its eeabling him to furniiii his customers with Hats, equal in finish, style, durability and elsp.jice to those manufactured by the more splendid establishments of Broadway, at prices 13 per cent lower, i scmbuulc or raises. _ HATS. CAPS. T , 1st quality nutria, $110 1st quality Cloth $113 Mali 1 Id da. do 1 00 ?tf do. do I to , ' 1st do. Moleskin 1 SO Id do. do 0 73 adv > Id do do 3 00 ? Id do. do 1 30 Ot " ?seymwmmss^uMM^s? of ( i fiuylgatlun or the Ohio Hlrsr. i Placet. 7Smt State ?* f t?er, rao1 Wheeling Mar 9ft ... 17 foot mar , i Pittsbnr* Mar SB ... 10 foot. Cinclnnuti. Mar 14 ... 18X feet I Louisville Mar 11 ... 14 fuel. Pr# a??ay?ymy^?s??s?asm quil HONEY MAXIKJET. ,h? Sunday, March llfi-4 P. Ms cbe it U Tory seldom we est at thia{season of the yaar so *? r llttly activity in the stock market. It I* vary unusual at "on | any season. Pricea for moat of tha fancies kare been ?ec t gradually, but ateadily, aettling down during the post r six weeks, and the tendency ie still to a lowar depth <Irie The downward moyemant will not ba arrested unti' We these stocks hays reached a level corresponding mora d6nc with thair real ralne. It would be a very difficult thing to lba f tell what this value is, as it varies very matei tally from f time to time Take, for inatanoe, railroad stocks upon calc which dividends have never been paid, and in all human ' [ probability never will be paid, ambarraaaad with larga r,aI debts, liable at any moment to be demanded, the incomes 8011 1 of which have reaohad thair maximum, what would ba it,w tha real value of such atooka in tha market? There are * gt I several of thaaa in Wall street, and there are specula- 1 by ( I . I_ ,V.? tn ... nr offrpa COB to pay forty, fifty and sixty per cent for them. Theie Jen i operator*, however, do not keep the*e stock* any preJ longer than they can poiubly help. They are not M | purchased for Investment, but for the purpose of con holding for an advance. It matters, therefore, very fron - little to this class of speculators, whether these stocks beil j have any actual value or not; if they can draw in ' A h > outsiders upon an advanoe, they are very sura to give : oa" t them every share thsy want, an 1 then leave them to get ed ' } rid of Ihsir supplies at their leisure. Thousands upon ufa< t thousand of shares of fancy railroad and other fallow ^ea 1 stocks, are this moment in the hands of outsiders, pur 1 . J chased at prices much above tho?e now current. These stocks'are daily finding their way into the market, the hot] holders having abandoned every hope of realizing prices x paid, and preferring to part with them at present quota- b I tions, than to run the risk of a greater loss ultimately. In low i view of the existing state of our financial affairs, this is a m? ' very wise conclusion. Underthe existing finsncisl system abli , of the government it is impossible to get up an inflation do., I in.any of the fancy stocks; but, on the contrary, there is j'T? 1 | every probability of a contraction^ the currency,which ' the i | will sweep many of them out of existence. There is now *rn I ! no surplus revenue of the government, amounting to ten i or twelve millions of dollars, in the hands of the banks, to 43 c I be loaned to stock speculators. Tho bank* have not the lew , power of expansion heretofore enjoyed and so freely ? | used, and there are not, therefore, those incentives to or eXo 1 those facilities for speculating, which have hitherto been Hou so abundant. I J The government is in the mirket for a loan of eighteen , and I millions of dollars. Proposal* for this loan will be re' I *ni' ceived nntil the 10th of April next It is the general [ impression in the financial circles of this city, that tho wai . 1 whole loan will be bid for upon favorable terms. This B impression is confirmed by the high prices ruling for the f*. \ new government stock end treasury notes now in the fiFts r ' market. From present appearances we should judge "'ni that the government would soon be in want of a large | * t portion of the eighteen million*. The surplus now in ' the 1 hand is only sufficient to keep good the deposit, via., bus , $4,000,000, required by the Secretary !of the Treasury- ; | The revenue from customs for several week* past.bas and , : bosn unusually limited, hardly sufficiency to meet the 1 ' ordinary expenditures of the government. The expen- h* ' jitures on aocount of the war have been, or are likely wo 1 soon to be, very much increased by the increase of the f army and navy, ond the government is in a fair way of ; ' becoming an applioant, for a larger amount of money 1 1 ; than the Secretary of the Treasury calculated upon Th f The money market oannot but be materially affected by J ! these thiDgs, and every movement made tending to I a lengthen the war, or to an increase of tho foree in th* 1 (d t field, must have a tendency to contract the fiscal resour ? ces of the Treasury, and make the government a large, I d creditor in the market So long as th* government stock ' 'f commands a premium, capital will be drawn from other j ^ ? employments and seek that investment,and any amount 0 I oa i- : money can be obtained upon suoh security. Other thug ' i will have to suffer, to furnish a supply for the demand m j [j from that quarter, end there is every prospect of a soarci- i be t- ty of money in the chanael* of oommerce from this 1 ] ' | cause. ! lM |( The resumption of navigation on our rivers, canal* and < l?i lakes, must give a start to the immense stocks of bread. ! s'ufl's, Ac., which have throughout th* winter been accumulating at the different depots. The large quantities ha 0 wbioh ere long will be filling our warehouses, will not u0 only require th* most active us* of all the capital* of . "" j' those engage 1 in the business, but will increase th* de- ' sh u, mend upon our banks beyond any thing w* have yet ex- 1 i"' perienced. High prices bring out supplies very rapidly, fal ? and there is every probability of the receipts of produce in m from the inte ior this season, exceeding any previous one ' h in the history of th* country. It Ihereforo becomes a 1 c? question of great importance, where the money is to at 00m* from to pay for all these breadstuff's? B,) i(" As the season advance* and business becomes active' ' < money most become sesree. The banks are already full, Dt and they dare not extend the line of diicounts beyond ?'' th* present limits; with the increasing demand, there {,'? mticf Ha a ffmkUr ilnflcinn^T in tha itmnlv The annexed table exhibit* the quotation* in thli mar- { r, hot for the principal (peculation ttocki, for each day of | the past week, and at the oloee of the week previous ! i- With one or two exceptions prices hare been very unl. " ' form:- I* Quotation* rex the P*ir?cir*L Stocks ix the N*w \ Yoke Market. ,r Sol. Mon. Tue$. Wad T&V Fri. Se|. S" Ohioev..... M n #4 ijjd ? _ Ith' ll Kentucky 9S - 87* - - _ _ w. i. Pennsylvania 4 a 7t* 70* ? 78* 78* ? 7(.* a. Illinois 39* ? ? 38 ? ? ? qu ie Indian* 3* ? 3d ? ? ? i| Heading KR Bond* .. 71* 71* 78 71 70 V 71 71 fnl Reading M'tga Bond* 70 ,0 "0* 70 - _ 1 I I- Heading Railroad.... 41V 48 48 49V 49 49V 59 ' D" r. Norwich and Wor... 41V 41* 49V 49* 49 V 491. 49V W| i| Erie Railroad, old ... ? ? ? ? _ _ _ | nil 1, Eri* Raiirond, new... 19* ? ? ? 01 91* ? on Harlem Railroad . 47* 41 ? 47V it 41* 41* I Long I aland Hailroad 88* 18* 88* 86* - 8#$ - tra I. Mohawk 81* ? ? ? _ _ 6j ** KtAQinftOO aaaaeaaeea 4 3 M m - A a Farmer'i Loan 18* 98* 91V 21V 88V 18 V 91V h>* ?; Canton Co. 31* J3)j 335* ?& JJ* ii2 f. MomaCaaal 14 14 J4 14* 15V 18* 17* P*! r, Viekabarg............ 8* - 8* _ J* _* L* fa I I Uaitad Stat* Bank... ? ? ? ? _ _ _ on r; EaatBoaton. HVIJ*-. - - _ _ , *- North American Tr.. 7* ? ? . ? _ _ g 0g I, * comperiion of price* ruling at the cloae of the xiar. n a *' ket yaiterdsy with those current at the oloee of tho provious week, eshibit* an improvement In Reading Rail. j- road of * per cent; Harlem *; Morrii Canal 9*; end 78 y. North Amerisan Truit *| end a dec,line In Pennsylvania Ha 8'8 of * per cent; Reeding Bonda ,*; Norwloh end Wor. 1. ceatar,*; Mohawk*; Farmer*'Loan *. (; I The moat exaggerated reports obtain circulation in re- ( 1; It'ion to the importation* of apeoio into tho country. Th? wa J' sotuii amount of apecie received at Boston by the Hi- I r- bernie, was $1 826 90S, of wbioh $1,428,14? cam* from , Liverpool, and ^767 from Halifax. Of thii import >829,. yyN a 990 wa* entered by T. D. Townaend, $40!US0 by linrn 1 den k Co., S106.474 by T. W. Ward, $4B,?00 by the Mer- J'* i chanta' Bank f.07,000 by J. H. Keater, jr, $89,900 by A. nal !T Rich, $48,609 by L. Btanwood. j A The ohanga* made in the toll* on the Naw York State , ^ cenali, far the yetr 1M7, ere e* follow!J , j?jtw Yoaa State Cahali-Chakux m Toll*. I ( Corn meel 1* reduced from 4 to 3 mill* per 1000 pounds Ca per mile. ill' 1 Foreign ?elt. from 10 to |Q mill* per 1000 pounds, per , I 1 mil* I ful I one, for the manufacture of lime, to 1 mill, inegar, 4 mill* par 10M) pound*, per mile, ate, a do do emlork lumbar ii reduced one half, from 6 mill* to >er 1000 feet ting lea era put up at 8 mill* per 1000 pound*, per pple*,st 1 mill per 1000 pound*, p*r mile, xogrtei or Saiatoga Spring water. 4 mill*. U article* of manufacture of tha Uuite J State* going ard tide water. 4 mill* per 1000 pound*, per mile, rcamore i* included with oak, hickory, and beach, at 11 per 1000 pound*, per inilo. >ru*e, with maple, aek uud elm, at 1 mill and 3 fraoi per 1000 pound*, per mile. Old Stock Kxchatig*. 8 Ohio 6a.'36 8tJi 50 ilu Ifirria Canil b?0 17k I Indian* Sir Bd* 37 NNATtut Uo I ) ludiaua l)ol Bdt 34 10 Ant Kxch Bk 60 I Paun 5i, tO 70}? 100 N O Caual 09 1 do 70>e 115 Vickabuig 6k ) Reading Bd? 71 375 do b30 8 htKarmer*' Loan b30 28k 300 Reading RK 58 do 2*>a 200 do bSO 59 Horn* Canal 17 275 Nor k Wor RR 49k do 17* 1H6 do b'.O 49* do blO 17 J. 100 do elO 49>* do *60 17k 10 New Jeraey 183 do b30 17>; Second Board. >00 U S 6*, '56 101* |39 aha Vickaburg bM 9 lit* Bank N Y *6m* 119 50 do 8k Harlem UK 46* 50 F*rm?r*'loan *30 2*? do (90 48 39 do (30 2834 New Stock Exchange. iha Canton Co ?4 33 23 ah? Nor It Wor bnw 49k Nor fa Wor c 49k 23 do b3 46k do Monday 48k 50 do (3 46k do bl 49k 360 do 0 49X do u* 4Vx 61 do Monday ??X CITY TRAJDK ItlCPOKT. New York. Saturday AKriB.toow, March 37. here woo aome increaaed firmnea* in the oero market, i* were fraely made, and in aome caae* at a alight anca. Trannactiona in flour were wade to a mode> extent, without material change in prices. The lots ieneaee seld, were chiefly made for delivery in U and May, at $7 12k for the aarly part of the former itb, and at $0 33 for all of the latter. The wheat ket was quiet, without change in prieea. i'ro< Isloii* ained without change, with limited tales at about irioua rates, for fair qualities. Urooeiiaa were alao jt Owing to the Inclemency of the weather during forenoon, out door business was almost entirely eked. From the inoreued demand for corn meal, ae arliole of export, if we wiih to maintain ite reputa > abroad ae a permanent article of food, it ia absolutely eatery that greater attention ahould bo paid to its juration for market. Far many years corn waa kiln d and ground into meai,almoat exclusively for the at India markets. Since the vast and audden tend for it whiok has aprung up abroad, in hurry of active salee, and rapid exporta, we 1 much haa gone forward In a very bad condition, ;u.iied. on reaching the country, to cast discredit on character jj a wholesome material of food, which it ly ia, and thus to ir-jure our trade for the future.? te manufacturers, who bave taken paina ia preparing ill, hereaitar,likely, be rewarded by bettor prioea and eater demand for what they ship, than will be obtelaod ithera leas oareful. The Brandywine meal generally imanda from MX to 3d cents per bbl. more then New icy. The chiof difference consists in the method of deration, for the raw material is as good in ono place le other. In preparing it for shipment it is said that r of good sound quality should be selected and freed a all impurities, and than carefully kiln-dried. On >g well ground, it ahould be neatly sifted or bolted.? air seive or, bolting cloth is said to answer in seme is. When thus prepared, it should be oarefally packn naat and well aecured tieroes or bbls, and the mansturer's brand,in legible characters, inscribed on their ds. shu?There was no change in prices. Pota moved mall quantities, while pearls were dull at $6 Oft The ire stock of both sorts in the two principal wareLies, amounts to about 1900 bbls. The exports from 1st to the 381 inst. amounted to 674 bbls. of pots, no pearls. tsswii?The market was dull. The lest sals of yelwas made at 37 cents. RBAUsTUrri?Flour?We report sales of 1000 bbls. od brands Genesee at $7 ; 1000 do. Genesee, delivers between the 10th and 36th April, at $7 I3X; 1000 deliverable in April, at the same price 1000 do., doirable in May, at $6 36,* and 300 Seneca Falls, toar>, at $7. The market lor Southern continued about aame, and we report sales of 1600 te 3000 bbls. Soulhat $0 60, and 3000 Philadelphia at $0 43X Wheat 'here wore few samplea on 'change, end no aalea of ortance transpired. Corn?The sales reached about 100 to 60 000 bushels, consisting oi 3000 Southern pel', at 96 ceuts ; 10,000 do Southern and Northern do. >4 a 96 cents ; 16,000 do. Southern yellow at 93 cents ; iOO do Southern yellow at the same piice, with the option of 3000, which brought 93 cents ; 4000 do. ithorn whi'e ut 89 cents A few thousand bushels of ithern white, under some peculiarity of conditions, I a1 90 conts. Corn Meal?The market was steady, we report sales of 300 bbls. Naw Jersey at p4 8IX> 100 do. at $4 76 There were some saiea made to Ive on private terms. Beam?130 bbls sold at 91 87Xe was held at 90 oents Barley was nominal. There i nothing new in oats. dots and Shoks?The demand is better and the stock iter, both here and at the blast, than has boon known - - I .nu L 1 ?? r?, lOTOrm yiBIB. X una uon ucou dm a .??uun wi uvhi tan to twenty per oent in the price of saleable stock :e last fall, which, however, it is said, is not equal to increased cost of the article carted by the ndvano* |ourneymen's wages, and the piice of ull kinds of tear?and a further advance may he looked fer as the iinets season progresses. The Mexican and Tox'iS rkrts took away last year a great deal of old and uo-ahle stock, and the markets have been in aa active 1 healthy state ever since j i.vdlis?Sales of gperin wore made at Sic; soma were d on sale at 33c. Jorrau?The matket was quiet and no aales traasplred rth reporting. ^ottois?The matket was comparatively quiet to-day, iefly in consequence of the inclemency of the weair. '"i?h?The last rales i f dry Cod wore mado at f 3 80c. eta ?;.! nothing doing in Mackerel, and prices telnod urch-.rged. The last sole scaled Herrings wvie deat dissr?Tae market, in tho ahsenee of sttppliee.remaininactive? small sales Ameriosn dew rotted, dratted, simon and fine. were me.le at $ 150 a $193, on t isse? 1 a >'mill lot Mantlla at $188 dortsv? A sale ot Cttbu was made at 80cftios.s?13 Odd California huve bcon sold in Boston (or s maikot at llo , 8 months, deliverable on board there, few smell parcels?in ail about 10UQ, ware sold liero private tetma. Indioo continued steady, and small sale* Manilla wero ide at 88*n<) 100c lm>!?? Sales Scotch Pig were reporiad at $81, and for st quality at 983; Lnghsh bars were w .rth $06. Lean?1000 pigs ware rtpored sold at $4 36, cask. LriTHea?The shipments ol leather made to Germany it fall, ere laid to have paid a handsome profit, and euRed order* have been tent out this ipring, eonsequrnt neon-about 1600 sides were purchased Test week for a German market. Calf skins and upper leetker of all ads are very tcatcn and mucb in demand. Sola leather s commenced coming in from the tannetles, aad in the urte of a weak more, the anno: tmout, which it now toh broken up, will be batter. Mouaatcs?The tele of Matanzas, noticed yesterday, otild have been " 100 hbds " and not " bbls.,"at 36 cu. r gallon. To-day thera was ilotbing of moment done. Naval SToaas?Kor tpiri's turpentine 41 cts. was of od and refused. There was nothing done in that or other descriptions. Oils?Linseed (city) continued te sell at 60 cts; N. W. tale was held at 88 cts. while 84 a >4 cts. was offered; ude sperm was steady?709 bids so id at New Bedford 106 con's, leaving an estimated stock, in first hands, of out 800 bbls Wo quote natural sperm 110 cts. and tached rpricg at 116 cts. Provisions?We report sales cf 100 bbls. Leeland'S itches* county prime uew mess pork a' $18; 100 bbls. 1 piimo were repotted sold at $11 37X; old mess was Id at $14 36, and fair old prime at $11 76 Beef-300 is old city mess were reported said at $11 76; end 900 old mess at $11 69; tOO bbls. beef ham-, to arrive on opening of 'he canal, sold at $16 76 Lard? We reit sales of 300 bbls. at 10 cts. Sutter and CAcees resitted quiet. ttiea The sales of tho week have reached about 1,100 rces at $3 a $4 87)* lor common to good md prime. 9m d?100 bbls. clover were re|>ortod sold an terms we 1 not learn Svoa*? i'he market was quiet; there were some new rivals, but owing to ih' inclemency of tho weatner, ir* was discharged, and do sale* ol moment re reported. Tali ow? I'hn market,wii dull, end no sale* of eonaeence were made Tobacco?Tho stock continued light, en the demand better qualities good ; sale* of Ken ucky end Viigli leaf were reported at 9)i a 6 cte. Smalt sales of Cuba ire made at 38 cts and of Connecticut and rennsytvai seed leal at 9 a 13.ot?., and of Florida at 7 a 16 cts., tint*. ... HIhiiut?Wu bald at 38 els , nut d# aaiei 01 moment Wh"kw?'The market wsa mora activa, and aale* air made of both kind* an private term*. Wool?We report aslea of 60 bile* Buenos Ay re* on Irate term*, and 100 do. Smyrna at 13 ot?., 0 month*; 1 blood American we* worth 05 a 40 cti.; puilad No 1, ct* , and npeiflne 80 ct* faaioHT*?For heavy freight to Liverpool 1 ?. wu ered and 00* *?ked; 1MH) bushel* grain wa* engaged in roasel for Ireland at U0d., to Liverpool 361, w.ia ashed ' grain in aaok* and 7*. 0d. for flour. 1000 bbla. waa en ged at 7a. 0d., end 1000 do at 7*. Three vessel* were ten up for Cork and a market at 361 for grain in lacks; for flour to Liverpool in aome caae* waa rehired. To ivre, there wa* no ohsoge To London, there wa* thing reported tnc?i. Jn the 67th Inst, Hahkah, wife of Robert L. Hatha iy, aged 86 year*. dar remain* will be taken to Oothen," eottnty, interment, thi* (Monday) morning 90:h, at 0 o'clock. In Saturday, 37ih inat., ct a ?h >rt hut (ever* illnaai, rr, wife of fame* Craig, in the 371 year of her age The frien 1* of the family arc. i ?>|>*clully invited to end her funeral, thi* tMonday) afternoon, M'h inat., at 'clock, from her late tOKidcuce, No. 10 Witt 34th >t, ir 4 h avenue. t Flushing, L I 94th inat.. in the 10'h year of her ago, ltia Killt, daughtei ot Amoa Kelly, Rooheater, Mas*., re of Stephen S Htawell. J?- Providence end New Bedford paper* plea** copy. Jn Saturday, 97th in*t? at an ndvanced age, Mr*. TMABiaa, wire of John Y. Van Tuyl, after a lingering itaa. lor ralativaa and tha friend* of the family ara reaper t. ly Invited to attend her Aware), thia day, (Moudsv,