Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1847 Page 2
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"-mmmt ?? I NEW YORK HERALD. , I ,ntv> l'o . ndnjr, Nkrrh 30, 1*47. I 'lh? ll<rxld for K arnpc. I The next edition of the Htra'd for Europe wilj I be published to-morrow, the 81st ol March, at twelve o'clock, in time to ?o by the Htbernia'* mails, which will leave here on that day. It will contain several highly interesting letters [ from Mr end Mrs. Bennett, on the political and racial condition of Europe; the correspondence between the Wat Deportment and Gen. Tnvlor, wh ch is of great importance at the present time; the latest intelligence from the Army and Navy ; ! and perchance of a baft* between Gen. Taylor and Santa Anna; full ami graphic accounts of the storming of Vera Cruz and the Castle of S. { Juan de U:G?. in case they shad be received in g time; a list of th" ves?-Js or war and transports ^ in th? Qnlf; the lnte?t accounts from New Mexi- ^ co ; the details of the revolu'ioa in Mexico ; Washmg on correspondence ; proceedings of the ^ Now York State L?gis'ature ; a lull report of the lion. T. Butler King's speech at tbe compliments'y dinner given to that gentleman by the merchants ot New York ; correspondence from ^ all parts of the country ; full reports of the New York markets ; b?*ide? a variety of commercial, ^ political, financial, and miscellaneous intaiii- * gence. 8 It will he embellished with a portrait of the 8 umenfed Caprain Rathbone, of the packet ship Columbia; an accurate engraving of the town of Marin; of thp ry of Vera Cruz; of the Castle 8 of 55 Juan de Ul6 ;of Saliillo; and a map of 8 the fl-id of opera-ions in Northern M- X oo. * Single copies 64 c-nts, in wrappers, ready for the mail, or f3 per annum, in advance. j The 5<wi of ih<C<*rtt B*ttli?Trtmtnd<iu ' ' > xcllerasot. a Tue city wa! thrown into a Mate of the greatest | a ex itement yesterday afternoon, by the intelll- b genoeof the defeat of Santa Anna by Old Rough i h and Ready. A I previous accounts and reports ' tl appear to be confirmed; indeed,sufficient is known tl to convince the most credulous that twe or three | tl severe battles have been fought between the j ft Americans and Mexicans. p The news of these desperate fights electrified al the whole city. It created a greater sensation af than the intelligence of the battles of Palo Alto and fo Res tea de la Palmn. It produced the greatest la euthnsinsm, and Old Hough and Ready was to placed ?n tb? h:ghest pinnacle of military fame th by the people. When we take into consideration ' vr that the Mexican force was over twenty thousand | cl effective men, and the American force less than 1 tl six thousand, the result of the conflicts appears ! truly extraordinary. j tl Tins d Hails ?f th r battles will bo looked for with a the most intense interest and anxiety. We give 1 all we received yesterday, on the outside of this ' s day's Htruld * ; ^ Attack on Vera Cram. I The public are on the qui vive for news from Vera Cruz. We may now hourly look for the result of the combined naval and military attack on f that point. I , The DlfXletn War and the Independent Trea- 1 ury?Their effect upon Commercial Affairs. ( As a general thing, the existence of a war, and | / ho adoption of the sub-treasury at the same : J moment, are deprecated ; they are considered j great drawbacks to the progress of the prosperity J J of the country, and they are, therefore, opposed v by those who wish to see everything in the world running riot. 1, There is no doubt but that the existence of a ' g war with Mexico has a very great influence upon ? commercial affairs, in every part of the country? d there is no doubt but that it nets as a check upon ? the movements of speculators, and keeps them wi?hin proper limits; it frightens the timid, and induces moderate capitalists to contract their i operation* and wait patiently the result. There 1 is a very large amount of money in this city lying I idle, waiting fit a poare with Mexico before it ' will come our. from its strong-holds. The natural off ctofa s ate of war is to create a mania for ^ hoarding up money, in the shape of gold and ; , ilver. The operation of the independent treasury act j, is more powerful in the time of war than at any 1 other time, as the expend tares of the govern- ( ment are so largely increased, and tho revenue < must be enlarged by extraordinary ns Theor dinary revenue of the government in times of peace j t hardly suffices f >r its oidinary expenditures, arid | J the collection of this amount in gold and silver i keeps up a o instant current of specie into the pub- . Ho treasury It will, therefore, be seen that the | payment of more than double the usual amoun1 j J into the treasury per annum, must have a very I I material effect upon the currency, upon the m ivemtnts ol our inoriied institutions, and upon ! \ the opera ions of commerce. ^ Notwithstanding these two movements are in ' t fall operation, the actual prosperity of the conn- | 1 try never was g-eater, never healthier. We are I , in >he full title of prosperity, and it is upon such | ( a basis that it cannot be very easily destroyed. It J | is not lounded upon the promises to pay of a bos' 1 of banking institutions, the value of which de- j pendsentirely upon the credit of speculators in every section of the country, but upon the real at ipie productions ol the Union, a demand for ' which exists in nearly every part of Europe, at i prioes far above remunerating points. Upon these, and upon the gold and silver of the conn try, our prosperity is established, and it canno' I he shaken until the great regulator tails?until the 1 independent treasury act is repented So long as > that financial system ofthe government remains in , full force,so long as the specie provisions of that act are preserved in all their purity, so long shall wo be free from the inflations and the fluctuations of j a paper currency. We have such faith in the power of the independent treasury system that we are disposed to abandon all other checks upon speculation. I It would bo well for the country at large if the ! Mexican war was closed upon any terms of'an lion. ! orable character, for there is undoubtedly a drain of treasure from us to a certain extent which ever can he replaced, to say nothing about the great sacrifice ol life ; but whatever influence that war has in restricting the movements of peculators, is beneficial to all classes. I .Nkwssapkr Postaox ?We have received a let ! terfroiri a subscriber in Aqitakanack, New Jersey, j stating that the Postmaster of that place compels uni to pay three cents pos'nge on each Herald. \ We would respectfully call tbo attention of the i ^aid Postmaster to the instructions lately issued ! from the Department at Washington. Onr rub- 1 cribers are requested not to submit to any postaga extortion, in any way or shape. I us Oalivorma Keguixnt.?We have accounts 1 rom V alparsiso, which state that Me ships Loo | Choo, Capt. Hatch, and the Susan Drew, Capt I Putnnm, with part ot the California regiment I ! from this city, arrived at that pla?a in fine spirits! ! The former arrived on the Kb December, and ! 1 the latter on the 18 h January. Hoth vessels sailed again for California on the 23d January [Kron tlii Boston Advertiser, March 91) We are indebted to a fiiend for the followin<, among I other iritr llivenre Iron Valparaiso, up to Jan -17 Ship. ' l,o-> Choc. Hatch and fbitai: Drew, I'ntrtsm, Iron .New Vork, with part of the Cnliforn'a regiment, arrived at 1 Valpsraiso, the former onilielS'h ftfly da a from Rio | Janeiro, the iHtteron the lOrli. in i ly una daya Irom Rm , Janeiro, and both uile i on the 931, forCalilnrala. U. H , sloop o( war Treble fitly seven day* from Kio Janeiro ' did not arrive i.t Valparaiso nnril Jan -.8 three days hilar the Leo Choo mid Hii?*rr Drew had sailed. The ship Thoa. Tetkiria. Artlier, with aooihar portion ol tha irgimeot, vrhi h ielt Rio in company will, the otbeis, w?? not reported ?o hara touched, nor do we know if it v>*a so intended. Em>aration ?o* thk Year 1847?Since the arrival ot the last'steamship we Lave carefully perused our foreign exchanges, with the view of ; ascertaining whether there was any probability of the shortness of the crops in England, Ireland, and other Europe in countries, influencing emi- 1 gration to this country, on as large a scale as we were iodueed to believe it would. The result of j our labors is a oonvichon that within the next twelve months, there will be a'greater flood of emigrants here than we have ever had before, in the same spaoe of time In Germany, we learn that the most extensive arrnng-ments have been made, and that thou* snnris and tens ot thousands, will embark early n the spring, many ef whom arc, no doubt, ; now on iheir way. Whole villages of peo* i >l<s have made tip their minds to turn j heir backs on the land of their fathers, and ' eek new homes in our country. Th.? people of ! 1 illxnd, too, are d termined toamigrate in large lumbers. Hitherto but comparatively few Holmders have left their country; but it appears thai i ne dire neoessity which oompels the Germans 1 nd other European people <e l id adieu to the ome of their childhood and all its pleasing asociations, has had the same influence on them, ["he British press states that there will be a com- | ilete outpouring from Ireland. The Chroniclt en* aboMt to emigra'e; " but unfortunately they re those whose loss will be severely felt, as they , wssess pecuniary means and are not destitute " * k> ureal was the demand for ship accommodation 1 .t the last dates, that in Liverpool the price of | teerage passages to New York bad risen from I hr?e pounds to four guineas. The Germans and Hollanders, who are ooming ere in large bodies, have purchased lands in tbe Western States and Territories, to which they , vill proceed immediately after their arrival. We ; ire informed that the Hollanders have purchased in immenss tract of land in Ohio, in the neighor hood of Mmmee, all wild, and that they iav? employed agents here to guide and direct | i liem when they arrive. The Irish will oome, as j J ley always have done, by single families. Qf i iesa, there will be many substantial, sound 1 Li-mars, who have for pears cultivated a small ; arch of five to ton acres of land, and been j b!e to save a little from thoir industry, , Iter providing for their families. The un- I rtunate condition of things in their native ' nd, and the want of confidence in tbe pota. i as an article of rood hereafter, have compelled ? iem to muster all they had in the world, and in- t ?st it in our happy land, where they oan pur- J case a farm for the same amount of money that ley would pay in rent at home for one year. j Many of our people are under the impression, i 1 tat it ii the poorest classes of emigrants that will 1 riive this year; but this, we think, is a mistake. < rhe majority ol them will doubtless be people of , mall, but comfortable means?such are those ve have mentioned above. The very poor and iestitute cannot ra so money sufficient to pay for eaving their oountry. Very Late from Montevideo.?We are indebted to 'he kindness of a gentleman of this city for - i-aa? r he ^ he following very interesting tetter irom iuwuw rideo. It is the latest received t? Montivioio, January 16th, 1847. I (The Montevidean troop* under Oen. Rivera, have token he city of Pisendua, on the river Uruguay, after a bard j ought battle of Ave hours, in which upward* of on* houaand men ware killed, and the butchery after th# ! lattlo was very frightful. The blockade, a* enforced by England and France on luenoa Ayr**, amount* to nothing, aa all the small ves el* go and com* with whatever cargoes they please, rithout any molestation. The prices of goods are such in Buonos Ayr** as to pay othing from the business, and freights are only ten dolirs per ton Business never was so bad as at present in Montevideo, nd those who have money are obtaining four per cent a lonth lor it. on good security. Nothing offers any inucement to engage in business at the present time, and m t so continue till the nesiegiag army is withdrawn nd we have communication with th* country There are large stocks of hides on hand, but they can>ot be put en hoard at laas than 9 ots. per lb The be?<*ging army give us a faw cannon halla every veek. anffl-lent to keep ua reminded that the war aud lege are still in existence Col Floras, of the Montevidean cavalry, in the camp, its been lately deleated and cut up by (Jen. Servando Joiner. Nkws from Havana ?The brig Brazil, Captain Bevitit, arrived at New O Iran* front Havana, ? hence she sailed on th* 13tb, bringing accounts of nor# marine disasters on the coa*t of Cuba The British bark Buteshire, Capt. Cunningham, was vrecked on the night of tbo 31d ult, on the Mucara*, ihoui Ave miles N N. E of La Punta del Diamante, (Dienonil Point.) The crow were saved, and arrived at Maantes on board the coaating schooner Minerva on the Ith inat. The Butrahire was Irom London to Havana, 136 ton* burhen, and consigned to Messrs. Villoldo and iVarurop. The Eoglith brig Nancy, hound in ballast, from Kiogron t* Cleniuegoa, wss totally lost on Cape Breton about ha same time. Toe orew and passengers we>e picked ip by a small Spanish armed vessel called th* Donacion, uid taken into Trinidad Tbu brig Cumberland went ashore at the same place a aw day* previotia ? ne C-4n|| iipu vcuuvu64 x uuuiia jrico uu<i nivvr, ived on the 9th from the Colorado*, with cargoes of tour and materials trom the wreck of the ahip Ocean I he captaiu and crew of the Ocean were passengers on toard the achoonera. Tho Brituh mail achooner Lee, left on the 11th, for fera Cruz with the mail* intended for the ateamer. The Iritiah ateamer of war Vesuvius, waa expected to arrive hnrtly at Havana, with the mail from Mexico, which tad been prepared for the Tweed Several Mexican aohoenera were in port at Havana, rhree of them were advertized tor aale in the Havana >epere. The frequency of wrecks has awakened general atteriou, and tne government ia loudly called upon for moie light-houses to be conatruoted Hnilcai, Italian Oprba.?The favorite opera of " 1'Lombardi," for ithaa now become a favorite, waa again presented a' Palmo'a laat evening. It ia with a feeling of regret that we bid adieu to the aterling music of thia opera, although we feel asiured that ita pluco will be admirably supplied by that which if to follow. Tho performance laat even' ing waa excellent; the leading parte were performed in a manner which adda to the praise due for former preacutatione. We are sorry to And fault with anything but joatiee to Barill and Benedettl clsima that we should notice the fault of the chorua in the third scane of the third act, where the vaci intrrne were out of tune in " Jill. ..i mi r The chotuaea in ' I'Lombardl,*' however, have done much credit to the performera, and aave thia one mistake they have promptly sustained the leading porta throughout the arriea of mghta which haa witnessed the preaentation of thia beautiful opera. There ia one night more in the preaent season, and that, Wednesday, is given to " Luria,'' which will then be performed ? a happy conclusion fcr aa aucceaaful a term * the opetu nved nek CHtiiTv'a Mhvitbcls continue nightly to draw crowded houaea? many respectable families have been denied admission, in consequence of every seat having been filled Such a run of success attending Ctkiopean representation, we have never witnessed in this city. Christy knows how to cater for publlo taste, and hence the untiring wish to witneaa the performances, vocal and instrumental, of his unrivalled troupe. The Swiss Bei l Bi*iier* commence a series of entertertainmente, in this rity, at the Tabernacle, on Monday avaning, April I9ih The Ktmiopiais Opens have Just eonclu rd a Southern tour, and are now proceeding on an Kast. ern (rip. Thia company ia under the management < f Henry Watson, batter known to New Voikera as (lovernor Dorr. _____________ Political and Personal. The towns of Manliua, Cammilui, Clay, Lafayet n Dewitt and BpofTord, in Onondaga county, have ordered new elections to teat the question of "License or no license." The Hour# of Representatives of Venezuela haa confirmed the grant made to Vespasian Ellis for the exclusive navigation of the Orinoco by steam, during a period oi 'JI years. Hon. HeDty Clay, who left New Orleans on the 1st instant for bis residence in Kentucky, intended to atop a few day* at Natchez, Mis* John W. Stevenson, Esq , of Covington, Kentuoky, has been nominated by a democratic meeting in Mason county, as a candiraln for Congrras from that (Tihbatt'a) dir. trint. Major John P. Gaines, who waa lately captured by the Mexican General Mlnon, ia the whig candidate ilia friends calculate upon hi* release before the next mooting of Congress Hunter Woodis Esq.. has been nominated as the democratic candidate lor the Legislature, to represent the city ill Norfolk. New PoeT Route from the Atlantic to the P/r inc.?The new Mmistiv in Chili piofem mote hbeikht) in their poli ics than their predecessors They nave i sculled soma of the persona ?xiled for allexe I polltied offences leal year They have also opened tha trade llur svveial years back pr? hibited) wrh the provinces if the Atgantjm. republic, and ra e.tatdisheJ a post lor tho c< r.vej ance of mails across the Cordillera of the Andu to Buenos Ayrea Taking advantage of this post, colleapondencu might ba conveyed hence to Buenos Ayrea In about fifteen days during tha anmmer months, and with a sts-amer from Buenos Ayrvato England the whole Hiatal cs could he covared in 40 to 4.1 days, which would beat the Panama route by some 19 days. City Intclllcnne*. Masoiags w High Lira?We understand that the p.. Dr. J McE , of this city, will lead to the alter, thia day. Mrs J? , widow of the late R J , Eaq , formetly one of oar ltrf eat merohanta. The btidel knot will be tied at the bride'a magnificent coantry retidenoe, near Hudaon. After the ceremony, the happy pair will leave for Albany, there to apend the remainder of the week They will be married by the Ear Mr. Knox, of thia oily, who with the (room and a few invited friends, will leave here thia, P M., for the realdeno* of Mra J. Paillim It Co.'a Eteaaaa boa our thnnka for Boston papers of yesterday m?rnicfr, brought by the New Haven route, some hours in advance of the mail. Tuc Wkatmiu?Yesterday was quite a mild spring dav, presenting a v-ry agreeable contrast to the weather of the previous day. The thermometer, at five o'clock P M , in Wall street, stood at 64 degrees. At the same hour on ttunday it stood ona degree below freezing point. Thc L*tk 8to*m.?'The storm of Friday and Saturday baa made sad havoc with the mails and magnetic telegraph Unas- The wire* are down both south and waat of Albany. The eastern train of oara which left Bosten on Saturday morning, arrived in Alhenr at 9 'clock, A M , on Sundav. drawn by aix locomotives. The heaviest snow was found at tha western end of the route At noon on Satu day, there had not been any great fall of snow waat of Uiica, on the line of the railroad. but on Bunday evening there was nothing received by the Western train from beyond Syracuse. The Hudson rivar baa not remained closed to late at this to far aa the records show, but twice in thirty years. Democratic Mayoralty CoisvatiTicn.?This Convention met laet evening at Tammany Hail, but sdjoureed wkhnut making a nomination Tha three prominent candidates. if we are correctly Informed, stood aa follow* at the las' ballet J B fowler 14 J. Sherman Brownell \ IS Mr. Oiilender IS Mr.wwe.nww In a ehnina IM Ki??* ? A fir* occurred yesterday morning In a small building in P ka atreat. rear of Cherry etreet. Damage trifling. Alto in a amall home at 48th atraet. near Bloom ingdaie read, ocoupiad by Mra. Millar. Damage trifling. MriTaaiova Ca*e or Potto*!** - On Sunday evening laat the <"orouer waa notifl-d that a woman had died a-iite anddenly at N* 98 Sheriff atraet. On repelling tn ther be atcertained there war* aom* circumstance* of a auspicious character connected with the death of the deneaeed, a Mr* Elisabeth Ann Wright, (wile of Jsmas Wright) a native ef tbia State, egad -id year*, and therefore deferred holding en Inquest upon the body until yesterday. with a view of obtaining mora aa'iefaetorv information relative to thie mysterious case of poisoning On prooaeding to the house yeaterday morning, the Cor-ner found that notwithstanding he hed announced hie intention of inveetigeting the cause of death, an M D residing in Third street, had given a certificate letting forth that the deeeaeed cant* to har death by disease of tho liver; and it may ba proper hero to remark, that physioiaos ar* not authorised t* give certificate* when thus called at the laat moment. The following ovi lence waa adduced before the f'oronor in this case Manr Bba*kn. residing at 98 flherifl* atraet, being iworn, dapo'ed. that the deceased and her husband, havng bean turned from the house in which tbey resided, lame to live with her about a week ago; aho seemed iretty wall, except she had no appetite; on Friday night ho was takan with vomiting, and vot ited every minute hrough the night, end throughout tho following day and light, until within an hour of har death; ah* complaiuad if much pain in her stomach, and af cramp in har lags; lso of cramps in her hands and Angora; she waa vary hiraty, and wantad to drink continually, until near har leathi aka waa vary pale; her eye* wer# sunken; har hroat was sore; and it wat with difficulty that she could wallow even drinks; her lips wore very dry and of a iluiahcolor; from the time she began to vomit she comilained of a burning heat in her stomach; ahe died be .ween Mend 1 o'clock on Sunday; I know of no cause for herdeath except what I have stated Dr. Thomas Holms* made a post mortem esamination of the body; found tho stomach highly inflamed in patchea. ulcerated la different parts, and the mucus membrane softened; the intestines were also much inflamed The Jury rendered a verdict efeeatk by taking ' poison. FotsaasL or * Colored Ci.ebotman?Quite an excitement prevailed yesterday in consequence of the funeral of the late pastor of the First Presbyterian Church founded ia New York, belonging to tho eelored population, named Wright. A large proceision of colored citizens assembled and formed opposite hi* residence in West Broadway, whence his remain* ware carried, the coffin covered with black voire,t through that ?treet to Canal, down Broadway, through Chambera.and thence to Fraokfort street church, whore a funeral oration was preached by the He v. Mr. Coxe, sad the body was removed to the burial ground, through Chatham and op the Bowery. The coffin wo* borne on the shoulder* of j four men, (colored,) Into and from the church, in Frankfort street, and tho prooesaion was headed by the "Terence Division No. 1, of tho P O. of U. 8 T.. of tho oity of Now York, instituted 1st April, 1840," bearing n 1 black flag, surmounted with crape, on which waa tho above inscription. The brothers of the order were decorated with white badges, sod an immense oonconrse of the colored population lined the streets on the route. The whole proceedings ware interesting in-rEiiiTinu MrATnTica or Mobtalitt ?Died, at Ssiore'Snug Harbor, Btaten lilind :? Jlge. Samuel Smith, July 97th, 1840 8U Benj Rodgera, July 80h, " 90 Matthew Cook. Aug. Id " 80 Patrick Rice, lug 14th, " v 71 Jam?? H. Brown, 8e|it. 8th, " ?7 John Valyea, Oct. lat, " 97 Alex. McOregor, Oct 19th, " 48 Themaa Carter, Oct. 97th, " 94 C}<as. H Hunt, Jan 18th, 1847 67 Mareu< Reason, Feb 18th, " 78 laaae Williaina, fob 17th, " 94 John Williame, March 3d, " 86 Fredk Oodkins, March 6th, " 87 Keaaon Ricketts, March 14th " 96 James Simmon* March 14th, " 67 John Bragg, March 91at, " 69 Average li/a 96. Theeti l?ela. Pa** Thcat**.?Forrait appeared laat eveniag at the Park. In the character of Bapliata Febro, in the " Broker ol Bogota," and wa* auataiced by Mr. Jamiaaoa, aa Antonio da Cabararo, the caat being Ailed up by Mr. Barry Mr* Hunt, and the excellent itock company new on the board* at our fashionable theatrical raaort. Mr. Forreat and Or. Bird were mutually moat fortunate in torming each other* acquaintance ; the former in that he found en author who *o well umte-stood bia geniui, and the latter that hi* brilliant production* fell into hand* which thonld at once rreaent them to the public in *?ch a lisht ai to display their beau tie* fully. The "Broker of Bogota" contain* specimen paasage* which require* a Forrest to diiplay them to advantage : and they have the requisite presentation. and are thu* held up In all their force and beauty The last piece last evening was "Three Weeks Ifter Marriage," in which Mr. Barret, Mre Hunt Mr Bees, Mre. Vernon. Mr. McDoual, Mies Gordon, and Mr* Dyott wore caat. There wa* a tall house. Tonight Mr. Forrest appears once more as Metamora. Bowebv Thbatxb.?The startling drama of the "Rob, bars of Bohemia," was performed laat evening to on* of the largest houses of the season, and was received with o muchgratiBsation end applause by tho audienoe, tha1 the manager haa determined upon repealing it thia eve ping, at d with it tha comedy of "Yellow KIJs," and the dram* of tha "Yaw Tree Ruins." We venture to say that no bill which the manager of this popular place has ever put forth, will meet with more encouragement than thia will. It provide* a variety of romantic, comic and dramatic enteitainment. which we would look in vain for in any other establishment Another crowded bouse iM-the Bowery to flight, of courso. To morrow evening Mr Booth will tak > hi* beneBt. Bowser Ciacc*.?As might have been expected, a tremendously lsrge audience attended last evening at the Bowery Circus to witness the extrsordinary and uu. parralolied feati of Mr. Kemp. tho celebrated Rnglirh clown and pnntomimist He really aurpaiaed hlnaelf in hie extraordinary and wkimaical performance*, and, a1 might have bean expected, elicited moat enthusiastic plendita from the audience. To night he will appear again in the ''Harlequin Farmer'e Son " The niual equestrian es?rchea by Meaare Nixon. Madigan. etc will be performed. together with the novel,yet harmonious out pouring* of the Ethiopian Minatrela. We adeiaa all who deaire to apend a pleeaant evening to viait the Circua this evening. ! Booth'b Bat*tit?The beautiful play of "A New Way to P?y Old Dili's," tho " Somnamnola." and th? "Prompter'* Daughter." will be performed, at the Boweiy Theatre, to-morrow evening, for the benefit of the great tragedian'* aon. Several volunteer* together with tha inimitable atock rompunv of Mr Jack*on, will appear on the occaalon. We wish him a bumper. Scttjt* at th? St. Criaai-f* Thratb>, Nkw Oh. mrr*?Last night, any sine Delia of the 3lst inat, after the curtain had dropped on the firat act of tha " Soldier of Fortune," Sol Smith came forward and announced to the audience that ha had btM furniahed with new* of importance from the army, juat received in the city, which they might wiah to hear in anticipation of the morning paper* Tbia proposition was received with loud applause, and the nawa wai read After the pentaai, immense and deufenirg cheering arose from al< parts ol the house which was lullowed by three cheeaa for (Jen Taylev. After this the orc.he-tra played " Hail Columhia" and " Ynnkoe Doodle." The enthualaam waa tremendoua. bijjnor Blitx lain St. Louis,astonishing the Miitouriana by hi* legerdemain. The new theatre la Meeting gtraet, Charleston, waa sold a few days ago to a company of gentlemen in that city lor $10,600. Dan Marble la (till delighting tho Alhnniann praoti rally illustrating to them that " some thing* cam b* don* ai well a* others." Mile Dimier, Mr. Dunn, and the Chapman* are at the Albany Odeon Tha Viennese children are at Philadelphia, at ayary whare, completely successful Mile Pl.tngy waa to commence an engagement at tho American Theatre, New Orleans, on the 3id Inat. She la to he assisted by M ile Valleeaiul M. Bouxary. Tip* Ravel* playid their last night at Mobile on the 311Inat Mr. Murdoch cemmotced an engagement at Cincinnati on Monday nigh' of last week, opening with " Hamlet " The Seguin troupe epen the Chesnut atreet theatre, Phila lelphft, on Monday neat The K?ans wern at last advices expected daily at New Orleans, to coinmenco an engagement at the St. Chart a A moat diabolical attempt at poiaoning waa perpetrated hy two aervant girls in the emplny of vlr. M. L Davis, ol Shrevcport, La., on the 0th inat. A quantity of arsenic wa* throw i> into a cr ffee pot, and Mr D., bis wife, and two gnrtta, (Mr. i.nd Mrs J. N Howell,) partook of the poisenad coO'ee. Tbo attempted mnrdeia were not etfectid, however,and the wemen have beeneecured. i Osmbmms OMUMIL | Bo*i? or ALDctMKK?March 29 ?1) I. Jackson, *?<l . President, in tb? chair. | Jt Canal etreet Pier and Hewer ? Report and resolution fa in favor cf extending Canal street sewer 300 faet into the tit river and building a pier over the same, at an expanse of $18 noo?Adopted oa Unpaid Ji>e?etmente.?Report and resolution in favor lei of selliog all property on whioh assessments remained Wt unpaid?Adopted fa Charcoal Ttealere' Leeanee ? Resolution in favor of re- if, during the license of charcoal dealers from $10 to $j 30 fa Adopted. [ h0 Pier 17. H R ?Report and resolution in favor of grant- . ttG ing exclusive use of Pier So. 17, S. R , to Eira Fish k ho I Co.?Adapted wi Jteicsr in 93/A etreet ?Resolution in lavor of building re a sewer in 36'h street. ?Adopted ! m, Settlement of Claine ? Renort and resolution in favor ' w: of p?< i-g to Jnstic-a Matsell and Marritt, and otbere I two thirds of the amounts olaimad by tbem for servioes | du performed on Suudava and for whieh thajr they have I da obtained judgments. inatead of carrying up the oaaea to the Court of Appeelt Referred back The amouat jr, claimed is set down at $6 046 94 la, Keeper* an BlackwtU'e -Communication from pl< tha alms hnnaaCemmiaeioner, ratting forth that the nura- , xi bar of keepers o? Bleckwell'a Island cannet consistently 1 thi be rvduoed ?Orderadon file. . $? Quotum of the t ard ?Resolution in faver of ?m?nd | ing the rules ol the Boerd, so as to aiake tsn constitute a U, quorum, instead of nina Adopted. m, Hew Division of the Fifth Ward ? An ordinance, di an e ei. ?4 into Ave election districts, was , loi Kim IUO rum w??? ? ? , adapted. ! w Appointment of jSatitlmnt Eng;? *?.-Resolution In ; W favor of appointing John Barry and Hiram Arrant* Aa- j fu infant Engineer* of ik* Fir* Department. Adopted j ii? Opining of Elements itreet ? Report ?nd resolution in i no favor of opening Uth atraat, batwaan Broadway and tka i th I Bowary. provided thoaa intaraatod in tka measure flla a i ha bond with tka Comptrollar, that tkay will baar tha ex- ' wi panaa, in case tha Supreme Court ahould not confirm tha j it, action of tha Board. Adopted. | foi ReargmUaatian of tkt Dapartminti.?Aid Livingston i da than cailad np Ooo No. 98. but after introducing tha nub l?et it wa* discovered that a quorum wa* not present an Furthar proceedings war* tharofor* thrown aside until da tha next mealing of tha Board. a i Board or Asiiitawt Aldrrmmk, March 90.?Nail ?? Oray. Esq.. President. in tha Chair. Long hi rod Farme?A communication waa received ? 'ram Mr William Nila*. the purch aor of cartaln lota of 'b the Long laland Farma, fating hia intention to takapoa* otl ion of tbo aamo on tko 1st of Anrll neat, on whioh "f day the leaao to tha city aaplraa Referred to Commit tae on Charity and Alma, with powor. Caurtlandt itreet Piar ?A ramonatranoo wa* tocaivod u( egainat laa*iag tao pior at 'he foot of Courtlaadt atraat for a teamboat landing. Referred Kuloo of the Board?Reaolufion in favor of amonding rule* of the Board *o mi to mako tan membara a quorum, ?" inataad of nina. Adapted *1 Coentieo Slip ?A communication waa received from tho Ju ?tr> ot commiMionera.ralatlva to tha filling np of Coontioi Blip, and reaommanding that tha paving of tha aama be deferred until the proper inclination *1 tho grado haa n be?n ascertained fco Referred. w< Hoot Rimer Improvement ?Resolution by Mr. M'Elratb, 1 in favor of repealing a raaolution ad ptod at the laat meet- an ing of the Board, directing a atay of prooeedlagi in the ba matter of building a bulkhead along Front and South to treota. botween Corleara and Walnut treat* Referred inl to a a racial committao. wl Pork Fountain? Report and resolution in favor of am- oo: belliahing the fouotaia in tha Park, according to a plan tin of the Commtttao on Landa and Places; and appropriating < $0 ft00 to defray tho expenses of the aamo. Adopted p4 Cleaning of Slipt-Resolution in favor of causing the g4 slip* between Charles and Hammond streets to ba cleaned ont. Adopted. Sale of Lola ?Raaolution in favor of aelling to John M Morrell. certain lots at the corner ot tOih at and 4th avenue, for $1 200 Referred. Hop of tkt City ?Resolution in favor of causing tho 1 map of the city to be corrected whore the name* oi street*, fcc have been obaored. Adopted. Canal Street Sewer and Pier ? Report and resolution ] from the Board of Aldermen in favor of extending the ha lower and pier foot of Canal street, at an expense not In exceeding $IS 000. Concurred in K< Opening of lit ft Street ?Report and resolution from the almoin favor of oponing 11 th street, between Broa-l- } T way and Bowery. Concurred in. g, After disposing ofe few other paper* of minor interest, tii the Board adjourned uotil Monday evening next. ioi - V) Police Intelligence. A, March 29 ?Charge af Perjury - Officers Stewart and Prince John Davia, two attacnea at the Lower Police, ?r j reeled yesterday three men bv the names of Her erman li* Leopold. Mark Henler, and Newman Leopold, keeping Je 'ore at No 67 Maiden lane, on a warrant iaaued by Jua- Y< tice Drinker, wherein thev stand charged on the com- T; plaint of Edward Seliger and others, with the orime of perjury. It appearg that ma perjury consists in ma ae- I cased partiea making an affidavit before Judge (Jlshoeffer, I yli flrat Judge of the Court of Common Pieaa, on or about the 98th day of October last, wherein it waa set forth that Edward Beliger was a non-resident debtor, by which g' affidavit a writ of attachment was issued against 8aliger, l 1 holding him to bail on the suit?when, on the contrary, it is alleged that Mr. Beliger is a resident of this city, but transacting business at a place called Mackinaw, Illinois. 1" The licensed parties have demanded a hearing in the n case, and the magistrate appointed 4 o'clock Wednesday afternoon for the investigation Jlrreit for Receiving Stolen Goods.?Officer Dennis- Ci ton. one of the ntlachlt at the Court of Sessions, arrested, T yesterday, a man by the name of Michael Farrell, a gre- j b" I car, keeping store at No. 85 Canal street, on a bench | ? warrant, wherein he stands charged with buying a ptir I of gold earrings, one breastpin and a brooch, valued in j p all at $8, ftom a boy called Anthony Rodgers, the pro1 party having been stolen (rom Mr. James Rodgers, watchmaker, at No 410X Broadway, and bought by the | accused Karrell, lor tares shillioga, knoviug as it is al , * leged. lull well, the property to be stolen, at the time of i purchase. Held to bail in the sum ot $600 to answer. Burglary ?The shoemaker's shop occupied by Thomas j M Sullivan, No ISO Laurens street, was burglariously en- A tered on Sunday night, by some " krac snaen." forclDg b off the bolts of the door, stesliog about $IS worth of boots B and ahoes therefrom, and escaping with the plunder No ? arrest A Entry Rokkery ?The residence of Mr. L Robinson, h No. 64 Amity street, was entered on Saturday uight be m twean the hours el 0 end 10 o'clock, in the temporary { ' absence of the servant, who was gone to the grocery L tore, by a thief supposed to he a black man, who stole y from the premises a cUret colored overcoat, worth $96, together with a ladies' dress, worth $6. In all $66, and made his escape before the return ot the servant. The c rascal was seen to he lurking near the house shortly be- i. fore the robbery ' Hont Stealing ?Two old thieves, called John Mo M Gruth led Wm McLaughlin, were both caught In the 'J act of stealing two horses, which the raseala were aairying off on their backs, when deteeted by officer Fille man. of the 4th ward, who ascertained the animals be- I! longed to Mr. 1 igart. 141 Chatham street. It appears > B the horses wore made of wood. JusticeOsborae looked . them both up for triel j r Jt I tempt to Pick a Pocket.?Officer Moloney, of the j q 3d ward, arrested on Sunday night, a man calling him q self Kdward Richaads, on a charge of attempting to pick ! u the pocket ot N.S David >on. However, when bn>u?bt : i before Justice Osborri", the evidence not being sufficient | ' against him. the mag G'rule discharged him from custody. ' PUkoneit Stream ?A woman by the name of Jsne 1 Jj McCormick. a seivant in the employ of Mr. Henry Ca y daso. No. IS Chatham street, was arrested on Sunday j night by officer Oarvey, of the Oih ward police, one (I charge of stealing from her employer several gold rings h money and goods. Committed for examination by Justice Osborne. # Stealing T.ampt ?A fellow called Bart llaley was ar. | rested by <>ffl^er Riley, of the 0th ward, whom the offi. t ? oer found on the Five Points, having in his possession < a , six bra?s lamps, evidently stolen, for which an owner is j I I wanted. Apply to l.'oloual Snow,r}erk of police, at the : J i Tombs. The accused was looked up for examination 1 J Jlrreit of a Chicken Butt her ? Officer Espie, ot the 7th I p I ward police, arrested on Sunday njght a fellow calling | IIIIDPCII JOIFpil VilippiO| VU U?|?IVIWU <r. ui'iua 14 chickens-the cffl'rr found th? operator veiy busily g engaged in an opon lot. chopping vtf their heads and < stripping off their feathers, in order to conceal their iden- [ 1 ttty. Aa this appeared to he rather a foul act, the officer k ' conveyed the operator aud the fowls before Justice j, I Ketchara. who very prudently locked the supposed thiel * up, and likewise the chickens, to await en owner I Stealing a (fetch.?A woman called Hannah Johnson 1 was arrested on Sunday, by officer Watson, of the dth ward, on a charge of stealing a watch beloogingto Tho- . maa Bowe, No 6> 'harry atreet. Locked up for exam- ; nation by Justice Osborne I Caught nt Lest ?About two weeks ago, a Mrs. Bruce, r residing in Ble?cker street, had stolen from her premises I a shawl, worth $4. together with a bonnet, supposed at t the time to have been done by a female, who was seen * to leave the house,and no tidings were heard of the stolen Lj articles until yesterday Mrs Bruoe was passing along f Ludow street, when she onserved a black woman will | her identical shawl upon her back Mrs Biuc.e Imme diately followed her. ?n I alter pasting threugn several I streets, she brought up at No IIS Mul*>erry atreet. ' where Mrs B'tice demanded bar shawl, and upon being dsuied, she obtained the assistance of officer Donnelly, one ol the efficient poliennen of tbr | 14th w ird, who imtn? diately took the woman Into cos < toly. and conveyed bar before Justice Ketoham, where t she gave the name of Eliza Stephens and waa locked up far total?the officer then returned again to tne preini ea in Mulberry street, whore on searching the room, be 1 found two guitars, one a very good one en* plated fruit I basket, one cbinn fruit do, e new bed tick, eight new i shirts, several silk handkerchiefs, a Hob Roy shawl, I together with a lot of German silver spoons, and knir ? and fork*, sod twenty -eight pawntickets, embracing various articles of clothing, for all of which an owner j is w iiited. Apply at the 14th Ward Station House Centre Market. < The Felibf Ship JxMas rows.?The James. J town sa led from the navy yard, Charlestown, for Cork, Ireland, yesterday morning at half past eight ; o'clock, with a s'rong breeae from N W The ends ol tho wharves along the whole line of our harbor, ware peopled with speotetor* to witness her departure Under I her three topsail*, single reefed, eh* dashed along at the I rat* of ain* miles per hour, end peeved every vessel I I bound down the harbor as if they had been at anchor From hermlasen peak flrated the stripes and state, and , from bar main royalmaat head a large white flag with o } green shamrock in the centra The steamer K B | Forbes, Capt Morris, with a party of gontlemen on t hoerd, accompanied her down to the lighthouse, wnete E parting cheers were given and returned, and then the > gallant ship's eoarsas and topgallant sail* were sot, and away she went full twelve knnt* an hour Oood luck a' i lend her and these on board, and may they return apeedi- i, ly end safely. The following is a list of her officers: r Robert B. Forbes, Esq , comm mder; Cspt E W Macon- ? dry, l?t officer; Cepl. James D Farwell.31 do; < spl J fnmes H Keote, ?l do ; Capt John H White, 4th do ; 7 Luther rarks Jr., surgeon; WilUnm P??le, guuner; Wil- 7 I Hum Jones, boatswain; (era W Brlnti.eli, carpenter, j George F Clsip siilmsker The pus*r. George J, - " ! man Jr., ram? to the aavy yard, wdli hie luggage. 4 N>ut te.i minu et too late, and was lait behind.? button ? Pott, North 29 I p The comet will crots the plane of the earth's orbit on * theJOhlnat (Monday) at midnight, and the tail will swerp across the same plane lbs same evening at about J1 7 o'clock. This comet was discovered at Cambridge, on ' the 4rh inst. by O P Bond, Esq , assistant at the obeerva- J tory there. 1 Uw Intelligence. j 1 Cotnrbw pLaaa. Mtaon SB?Mr*, fn?<> Hfft | <>4? met Palmer.?Thia wti an action of treapeat. to raeo- (,ut ir damagea for being run over by aaleigh The plain- I rit f, a vary reapectable old lady. certeicly apwardi of 70 | iol ra of ago, waa croaalng tha Bowery from Grand afreet on i the evening of tha J4th or January, 1B48; ju?t a* ihe aded one of ber feet on the curb atone, the defendant [rt a driving down the atreet vary rapidly, and witbin a , at of the narb, with hia wife and another lady in hie >igh, before Mra. Horten had time to get bar other : at on the aide walk, aba waa knocked down, <he irae and aleigh paaaicg over her; aha waa taken i in a atate of iuaenaibility, and carried to the [ . Jf uaeof her aon in-law, and. upon being, examined, c u found to have one of her riba broken, her f?ca lace ted.and et*>erwiae very much injnred.and waa for three 1 >otha o or fined te her room The defence waa. that it , dot ia an unavoidable accident, and that the old lady bar- loo If had not need due diligence Thejury rendered a vet- , **" 3t for plaintiff for (400 For plaintiff, Mr Walte; for P. fandant. Mr Nimonoa. David Higgxnivtham at Ihvmat Monrat end Ralefl rrguvm ? i hia waa an action to recover $8d tha be- I ace of a bill of work. The defendant em played the wtl aintiff to put a tin roof on their a to re in Greenwich at. , T.i ia defence waa, that the work wai badly- done, and i awl at tha bill waa overcharged. Verdict lor plaintiff for JJJi t as. w. Before Judge Daly ?Jateph McK'da apd Jfmn 0*1- f **' ipt'a v*. Janathan if. jlllan ?Tbia waa an action fffr jney had and received It appeared the plaintiff had inter eat in a honaa in Oliver atraet. and laauad a land- : rd'a warrant, plaoad it In tha henda o/a man named ' ate is, under inatructiona to levy on tho furniture Prr? atari, In purauance o hia inatructiona, lavyod on the [*7 rniture, bnt did not remove it, and if wea taken poraea- 0| t in of by aome other paraoa and aold, but by whom did hav t appear. I na evidence against the deiendaDi wee, tea at he ad mi (tail he bad the proceeds of the aala in hie (he da. and would held it far the right owner A son an it u naked upon varioua grounds, bat tha Court denied , A1* and let the cause go to the Jury, who found a verdict jL: r the plaintiff far $>03. For plaintiff. Mr. Brady; for op( fendant. Meaera S B Bloat and Palmer. I thai John Oilliltnd ot /naac IVertl and another "This wet ate action of treapeaa, brought bjr the plaintiff againet the i U?u fendant It appears that plaintiff ia March, IMS. lot V \ itore in Varick atreot to a man named Manly, to be > JJ cu;ied by him aa a dry gocda store There were some ;turaa on the preaiiaaa at the time of the lotting, . the longing to the plaintiff, and bv the terms of en e agreement Manly was ta have them, and with pro hers, which he was to prooure himself, to At 1 P*' i the store. In pursuance of the agreement anly contracted with the defendant. Ward, who ia a j rpontor, to put up tho fl*tv.rea. In Itting up, Ward [ But ad tha plaintiff's fixtures, togethor with mateiials fur- ! the ihed by himself. It afterwards turned out that wo anly was unable to pay either the rent or Ward's bill, a latter am >uating to >60 and gave np tbo store an 1 tures to tho plaiotltt'; Ward than took procaadioga j w; ainst Maniy in ona of tho ward courts; obtained a t dgment. upon which ha iasuad execution, placed it in ] a bands or tha otherdafeadaait, Cerpeutar, levoted on ; , a Axturca, and removed them. Tha dafence is. that aPr, was'at tha plaintiff's request that Ward did the Br< >rk. Adjourned J we LTnitv.d Statu Maxshal'S Ovrice.? Charge of Cruel d Unuiual Puniihmcnt ?Francis Gardiner, mate of the i CQ. ik Falmouth, oi ibis port, was arrested about nocn \ e'e day by Deputy Marshal Collins, on a oberge of having ; bl. licted unusual punishment on a seaman named Patera, ulo tha vessel lay in tha harbor of Havana Tho case | . . mea up te-morrow for examination, and in tho mean- , IV le Gardiner has been held to bail in >330. i ](t Joust CALKwnt*, This Dat. ? Common Pleas-First i 3d rt-03 39, 37. 148, 71,71 41.8 3,397,45 49, 61,35, S3 ,J eond Part-73, 77, 79, 81,83 83, 87, 09, 91, 93. 1 ~ i pes Arrival of Strang ore In Saw York. I toi MARCH 29 . J* American i.orn,. )r Jsrvis, U S A'roy; ?. Pr.u.fooc, Newburch; Alex. { ibert. Booth Carolina; 1. Toekei, Georgia; James Limoix, Massa.haietts, i Astox Hocsr. B. Hniecmb, J. Smith, Cerrasn ; H Root and family, Al- J0' ay; J. Wil r?er, J. Watermin. Or Be-ck, I'; K Kirk- t*r id, Baltimore; rj Wells, Boston; R. Ker-htwe. Phila; H. tep Wa hiugton; W. Holmes, Ireland; W. C .fBn Boston; j Cage, Phil <; B. Bock. Baltimoie; D Dowa. Z Lathrop, 1 iii>; W Phillips, Balem; it. Hewland, Net York; J. . reenongh M. Mantel!, Boston; E. Post. Provide e; J. adlee. G. Robiaaon, J. Oikes. B >st'?o: J. Hnn er, Va; T ! ... trria M. Prior, vUrylsud; E. Chuchill, Havana; F. > sir- W g, Phila; K harrv, Ba'timore; J. Still, P'iti; J. Walk#-, I PI a; Mr Temple, Albany; T. Leonaru, Mobile; H.Kvsi.g, Ci: . Nonas,M.Jliles G. Harris. Phila; J Frotherham, Boston. L\ < itt Hotel. _ I. Diliard, Nnrh Carolina; K. Kogtrs, Philadelphia; ? Moil. New Jerser; < . Dusteu, Mississippi; E Wil- I ins, Virginia; C. Wi li.n.s. New Vcrk; J. Bailie, do; M. 1 ukins Boston; w. Bryant, do; Hon. J Skinner, New ark; F. Forbes, Virgiuu; Charcliili Beale, do.; Captaiu i ' Her, Georgia. 1 Cboton Hotel. i , D. Jackson, Plymouth; W Whitwell, Boston; Rdw. How- i ,m ad. New Bedford; J A. Potter. Providence; J. Drayton, I ce 'ashington; G. A. Preach, Bafftlo Clinton Hotel wi I. Is. Lewis, Stooiag oj; K. S. Williams, P-ovidene e; A Ce Tucker, SUten isWud; F. P. Law> er, ffrattieboro; H. D iipm, Springfield. Dvnnino's Hotel. i? f. F R. Do Witt, had* n; 11. II. Van Neas, Poughkeepeie; ' L?pham, Hudson: A, B. HowUy, do; W. Tiumau 1, ?n liladelihia; J. Faiichild, ''o ; G Guun, Mr. Huntley ;n, 'ashington; A- Oelamatrr, Trenton; B. A instroug, uviu. 1 Eastehn Fbaul cteeet House George Bragg Boston; Heurs H t lark, Baltimore; J. H. i? irte', Leomiua er; J W. L Nturges, Be.tin, Md ; Chas.W. ; ingle, do: U. Graham, Leominster; Mrs. Ca'p-nter, -ew- , Wi iryport; John Britmsn, do; Johu Harrison, Long Island; . 8'slye, Memphis, Tenn.; A. Blakemsu, Biidgepoit' Jas. 4 ayfisld do; H. R-vmond, Norwsik; H. S Avers, New ia uiaa.; k C. Booth Brid<ei>ort; D Blis wod, New Jersey; Phelps, Glastenbury; C B cu us and lamily, Brooklyn. I ?? PRANILIN Hstll. ' m. N Svoug, Philadrlpiua; e>. Coner, uochester; J. Sherman, ew York; W. K dd, Rochester; M. Pruet, Little Falls; R crl Ison, Philade'phia; J.Clarae, Masselun; A. Hyde, Massa- de imsetts; Dr. Mount, Spriegfl-ld. 1 j J. Fa kins, Ol io; J Norton, Kentucky; O. Norton, do; W. North' roliin J Bngirt. Pn Udelphia; M i.iuily, ubari.; M Hadlty, Mo trail; J. J mailt , do; J G.fliu, *1. cli uv; h Patterson, Mojtreal; L Wa e hoots, 8t.Joh.ia, N. O. Brad ry, Hudton; W Unit, Bangorlaa; 8 Barstow, Y ; J. Wntaon. do; D Kckl rd, Mmmippi; W. lilton, >;J. Wiisou, Ohio; R. Bai y. Butt >u; W > ole baltimnre; .. Haary. New Biuniwick J. Bee-om, P?; B Dela..., New 81 avao; C. Wiotlow Bitioa; R Marah Virmnia: K. Eliakor Q Etdeod<?ff, C tiuffiaid. J. Faiuaol, J. K'rkpitiick, . . Sparry, B.K Foa, J. ho a, Aug. vorna, R. Warner, J. iLdeaaiap. A Martin, W H. K>rr,(*. Brewer ?ud T Blake. <|>1 'aihiugton G'eya. Pmladelphia, eacoit to the icmaioa of alateLient Blake, U 8 e-rny ta JUDSotf a Hotol. H Thoradika, Ohio: n Warr. Hertford; J. Oood-i'h. hieago; L. I'rait, W tod eel*; M O floor, Briatol; i he Bo etria, Ceoneeticut; *., Fittaba-kh; Lit at U a- (J hen, U. 8 A.; I ieur sl >c?m do.; can Pit in in, d ; W. ithrta. Ohio; O Gilbert Boa.a; L Caiman, Pniladela a; W. Ihirlwall. Bo>ton; C. Uhe, Om. ; G. Browne. A uubvrgh; J. Hona on. N C.: B Wood, Pbilade'pkia. Lovuov's Hotkl E. H. M?ao, Uloaeeattr, X. Brawn, Boaton; J. Flanagan, 1 una: J X. Laabota, Boatou; D. B Fruuklio, Ric .m nd;T. 1 Hammond, Ha tford; A.J. A-r"Wamith.FortUnd; Mr.Den ia?t>, ornn ; W. Lewis, w Troy; O Allan, Norwich; E. . Kinu-r. Oiwtg.; T. C Finning, Newbn g; W L t aidr, F.;U K Whituov. N.Y.; H. hauaon,? b.B. Van Ltvert, 1 W Wood, Wilmington. N C.;W. Hmtsell, Philadelphia; I. B Worth Steiksnoro, Vt.; C. H. Waidroa, Prineatan; B. I Chaae, Newark. National Hot. l. Joteph Farman, Philadelphia; J R. Weldin, Pittsburg; on Daler. jr., Henry Waldie. Richmond; H. Ba ton, Kali iivsr; Honry Levitt, New York; Jarnet Bailey, New Jer- 1 9'; A. Gillespie* and lad/, N Carolina; E. Miilard,. New ork; E. M. Vlsddor, South Mi dlatown; Jamra Johnson, P. Hart, Washington, 1). C.; H. Jacobs, Piovidaaca; 8. Itborna, Boat m; 8. Oliver, Philadelphia; Albert Gam man, law Jcrasy; H. P. Wirt, Boatou; Mra.Orkney, Newark. NOUTHKEIf HOTBL Thomai B Heodera-a, N Y ; O. Gtah'm. da ; P. Mo- ! liuuia, Pott Kithmond; 8. I'oi.per, H> sheser; A. J Fi'l-r*ld NY ; J. H' Brown, K n crhook; J 8 H yt. Htbstctndy; t. King >nd lady. Albny; I. C Schuyler, Peatsill; .Vims Graham, R 'Ihompioa, Philada phi/: C. J. Rolen and tan. V. l*. Permit, N Y ; B. W Koih, Jts Davit, lotion; Mr. Mit'ar, A. B. Walker N.J;Thoi. A Ayrii. H. ' , ioic U'ko. N York Francis C Millar, 8 P. Meiick, Cnti- : ill; Th mm Em.wood, Bergen; Joseph Font; M. Mnrphy, | 'ettsvil.e. Pacrpio Hotkl. B. Bnrekhard, Tray; E. Dabu is, do : Mr. French. Gee*in; M Hunt, New Je>ss>; L. P Hoi r run b, Troy; B. n, Vortn, Mr. Reader, Phils 'elphis; Mies M Haskail, Mm T. R isskell. Miss r. Smart, Boston; O. P. ..rocketi, Pi'lsbarg; Chad lor, Norwich; N W.ight, * Ibtny; Cap , Sherman, I . 'oughkcctsie; J. J. Hcbooumiker, W tin aell. H H. Baca- 1. as, H Brown, A'baor; B lohoem. Philsdtlp-ia; Ur ionght ard lady, Richmond; Mr Gouldiag. Hoanssdtle; A. . De Woir, J. I>e Wolf, J. B ska, D. M. Moou. New fork; W. E. Burthm Virginia; H < headier, Norwich. 1 Pcasn Strbkt House. 8. Hard, Now Jersey; W. T. Horn. Pili.bro', N. C ; Goo. I >. Halwe'l, Philn ; Ctut. Bu-gest, tl m >uth ; Capt J. 1 towns, one Dam .crar; C. R Ring, Cnlnmmt, Ohi r; Mrs. E. A.Tow n,(..t H-nly, Phils.; R Maeren, vn.j A VImi- 3. it, N. H.; Laaell, Bo.ten; J. P. Bmt, C. K. C'tte NO;; /. E Bp nit. W. W. Millar. J. P. Bniitb, N. G : D. Hen-try, ' o .edttick; Z P. Fithar, Ohio; I, Dillao. Buff i'n; O. Ege j ion, S. Hignr, T Brninerd, Wheeling. Ye ; P. P. Horn ? d I k-iy, Bosloe; H Lawrence, Providence; A. Uowner L. Doi ea, Phil a.: R. Prime. Providauca; Byron Ta. kor <nd lady, \ * /una.; < hsrles Snrt, Ya ; G. 8 Robi n, Phi>a.; d Dick ami, ' 'a., t-apt O Colin. Newborypniti A L Decker ' olnmbas. ! Mile; Warner H, I. ludiaoa; G. Do. b r, Norm Y mon h; ' ) >a> O. Ueitar Ne- Jersey; a Bliss. A Pa tis in. Ga.; H mI . as i > Maii maratt H ^.ifli' Vaf nAitl* Mr D nlv Rasiah- I i H Hairing., i hi ; B P<*tri, N I h imv t l 1 ' Omrge C?e. Weareh..t?r, T Ark'ev. Philadelphia-, O. Stale.. Bn.t.l nit. Ho?fo,t Mm.? hu.?ti. H. j? MOWS WathtagfHi; H I ?rtnr, New.rk; ). Balioch, .\orlh | .aro.ina; J. HUi.Im N. York pi _* r Hall Ch.-lf. b. Br.wa t. N.wtm; J >V Fran-., Hopkica KdVftrd Ncwt'tWiij Hi '** n *i g *ing _ _ _ Taylor Hotel. O T Rotera. Milt"., n H. Wil 1.01., Marion, O : J J. 01 A Ma'tin,^ew Brnoawirk Y 1 A W-d-<d *>'?? > J * , . I'niT.D Hr.rr. Hotel. fll J W (. rrnt Norwich; H. W M iUou, On'ario: J Bri d j*1, p" tryi'o'i; k. k h.duivi-n ,t fju diooro, i' ; ? Hn"k. H. it >u. W H. Well. Aidrrer, ?1tt? ; w it B't.nan. Pivmoorh, V f.j j W. Me, " YnTk -B A. L r MjA 8* K t-t.nlrr, Noitn Caroline; F kerrit. New O It. i ft. Cm'V j * "t .. 8 H'gfl Jd \l'i? ? i n *j j"' t Ward, do : J kimu, i'm budjt, " do ; k.A. Mamaou, D.dJum; Suford, Newton, ^ r 1 ?.,p "ic b"1, ^,t<r.hB''rl 8 B""t ".win., N.J? !m". I*"'"2 ' ? BJnt' d;.: ometoek. Now London _ Ma no?y, 8i. M?i hen.; k,. J. t L.rrabn , T I rli imor. :P. ? Brown, Newhere. N b ; T?o?. W? or*. _ (irgtti-o, V. c ; J. 8. Knot 1 Lady, Bahimnrai Capt. 8 temptm, Rahway. VI * ^ ~ m Hotel A. C. Tint, Attlehoro'; W Cooper Kartpt; J. A- Pasrth, ;ewia.ou, Va; H W. Cooi Olan't Falla; 11. Waahburn. 0 "'fnnti, N t ; J. J. Hopper. Oiond?ga;L. Kanehaid latternnUi John C. Mniea, Pater. > < J tt Tyrrell, Jaraev -It?; K ACUrk Midole own: I Ju'iiad, C. * Joined, liinhrnlge; A Richmond, J H. Fellow., New York; E O ? i. Baker. Philadelphia. ? ? (J The Bi.ack Pka ?'The Sierlf quotes the tol o atrig letter from Oderea of Ihn 9?'h nl'I-'1 he trade rf P i leaaa waantrer mo'o fl >uri?liirg thon In 184S. In the otir.e of that t< ar. I 441 ?ea?ela entered onr hert'or. , .( n-l I ftU tailed from ii ?'t-e e*po>te amounted to ti. / #.1 OS* t-fl'.p.'iTH rouble.(91 0*9.490 .,) an.l the Impoite ro ? ,74o 017 ffe t.Te rouhloa (*0 ?0? ?0Jf) fe mine togethar II total ol 40* * 4<Ji r? a w?t ahoe ing an inPrea-e >a nmtiered ?!!* tho amount of th? preeedlnr for. of ? SI* S?0 roiihlea The I ' "'!? of M48 oon?ia dj f A 810 . ltd . g'-.-tiT* rouhlea (4A,3u 30*1 ) i.i metrhni ite el d 014 ?0> ruble. (7 0i*4'4oi ) in ?i"-cia The ahmt r(. p lorted laal jeer e?eeede i 9 000 000 tca*Wert r4iiret?r. r g a value ?.f 1* OHO i On ofrrll -ctive rouble. (00 oi.o (to f) r be 1-irge.r quaniity of grain ever exported (rum (Mexa 1 n one yeer There wer > .till lying at O la.ta, on lh? l.t || oat 794 000 tietwera of wheat (1,415 ami haorolitre.,) {. nd ? OO'iiiatwei. ol other grain (198,?60 hectolitre.,) to.ido* *0,000 tsotwar* of flax eeed." ? ??? kid to Inlud^-Tlu Committee on Breedfft and f roeisiona, leform their fellow ciitrns thronehthe eenetry, that they w.U he harpy to teceire to?tniotts of Bread*'afft and Provisions, nod ship tnem free of sue to the "Ceniial Committee of the society of FrieoJs Jniliu " for general distribution among the f miatiing poor ire and. lommaaiaarioos an this subject may be add retard to it of tii Committee. The freL lit f. m New Y oik to land, Will ba p*idbv the Bntiab O "rtmirot. ] J AM Em HKYB'H >, > WILLIAM REDMOND, I Gfc.O MeUHlDK. Jr. J y~ Li y hud country paper* winch sen affard to publish i notice for a week or two f/oe of ehargr, will pioaee to T ____________ St Co Butcherr_A Mall and Stand for wlr, ate beticeia of it# eattle a weak It la one of be very bex 'tiena iu oae ofihe down t'<wu toarkelt. Tne owner-ill I it verv cheap, ha hiving other Ouamata on trod which cute h a ginne that mien nun to it ib t la ueea>*ary. ' p I'ticulara a'drra* by note to A. B. C , Hoiald efiea, no will receive att'Btioe. Premium Goaaaauaf Wigs?' trengin In it of aotalaed olegeat article, is tbo ahapa of a Wli or apeo b-foro ioaeiug town, wunld do wall to Oill and er mo tha astenaire aaaorteiaut of roeay made (Juaaemer ft at Ciilaert k Fletcher'a, Practical Hair Cellar* and f Makers, No. lit Broadway, {opp iai;e Howard Hotel, wire. Mo. ale casual, , _ f'liiLaoaLrain March K7, IS47. [Froan the Pub.ic Ledger ] he a.hvea cf the Morris Canal Company hay# been >meiog to priee for several re**, aud, we understand that a re amount til the stock ha* b e t re'so off the market, to des perm/neat investment It it also stated that eot-ugh he stoek is now in the poxesaiott of the individuals who e emered upon its perchate, wrh tbo riow of improeiug Canal, to control tha heimota affaiis oi tie work, tad that y h>ve aire idy centred apau the par ous to bo eleoted as '? v. a.,* i. vcteri. t inn mtimi 01 inr iiwuBowtn, mi ?? , . \ ril uair '1 bar* is osncb 111 ibc eouditiao ol tba coal rrtdu his btfttf fo ucoarif thn owitn of this Can*1, 1? P*r*f" ein its iraproTamni-t Wo learn thst ihe Csool wi'l bo ibtA for business ou tkodth <f April, *g*r ramojtbcsilisr a Jast yoor. Ail the improfomcafs on tho line ui iho ?r#rfc profHMsmf satisfatcoHy, and.wih tba iiififtd litroi wbich ooruia ourern'iainff individuals tro calling to ic, to oitlst for coal, its ousiaoss will, no doubt, bo immousouc o sod over what it was last \ uar?of m mora guiuo abiong tlio stockholders asserting u as their boliel t die receipt* for tolls oa eo?l jh ? ^ oar will *? <} reooip s for eo-l tolls i>o tho ttrb-iylfcill 1 ?nal. 1 bo toll the la tor named Canal is 16 coots ? the Morris 7f cents, ridsd it passes through; lor any snorter duuaec ooe ceut tea per mile & ilioad iron pays iM coat par ton | or Io. and bar irou and stool 1X ccau. Ibis taoal Is ninety os long, and tnoagh it ii said to bo admirably located, has far bee* a great loss '? i osroers Kpeoalatori ao?l moio hare Hold enatrel of it almost from i* beginning, nlject of whose I>bora i? hare beeu io diyrt tho k from ita I'ginmte purpoao of a canal to Auesse in bank. It ii earnestly d? ra<l iliil tho prtml ? rt I 'J- d?era : wu>k from i't present lonirol, and to placa It in tho bauds m?o who will m?ks it n>,o ieally uiofo , ?tjr bo attended ib iDtctu?tod tho indications mo that it will be. ro tho Brooklyn Pukilo.?Robortoon, proctor of tm Pticojix 11 tt iuid Cap aiauafsctnr*. W Fulton act boa latelv opau d I branch atoro ?t tl Kollon It'OOt, soslvn, lor the Viurroseol introducing to the hit andeap a iug po'tijn of Brouklya, hia die met to sweat of largo eondimi'l profits. the peculiarity of which ay.'an,,ai id io ita recalls, eonaiata in ita e?ahnrg him to lira1," hia tomara with Ha-a, rqoil 10 Aniah, atyla, dnrabill'y and > -nee ro thoae mviniaotured bv the mora aplendid com* aliment, of Brjadw?y, at prieaa 13 par ocnt lower. schedule or ruicaa. HAT8. CAPS. quality natna, SI *0 itt quality Cloth $1 13 do. do 3 0* 2' do. do ...... 10# do. Mo'eskin 1 50 3d do. do #71 do. do 3 no do. do. 2 M (t Portable Ahavinq Gaum, of tho moot comtt form and ale^a c finish. A be-utifhl appendage to the et tamo, aud the moat complete yotolfi r?a,auitabla ro tho nl' ol (ho trsYelling public, being manufac'tt oil of aueh terialaaaBi/t to be affected by rh.uae of climate. U. ?Atl?DEKi St lOH, 177 Broadway, A law doo'i aboro Conitlandt 't. Metallic Tablet Razor gtropi?lllerchant* 1 dealara are iaritad to call and examine the yarieui pat* ns of tho above. at the manufacture re a. dAUNDiCns k SON, 177 Broadway, A few doora chare Courtlandt street. hatigatl>in of UM Ohio lUTu. PUcti. Bar. Stilt * Rwir. heeling ....Mar 9ft ... 17 feet igHira ... .... .... . Mar 98 ... 10 feet. ne.hio.'itl Mar it ... 18>? feet ininvlUe Mar 11 ... 14 l-et. MONEY MARKET. Monday, March !19-8 P. n. rhe stock market opeaed a little bettor tltii morning. lea to greater extent than usual were made, at a alight provement In pricea. Morris Canal went np 1 per nt; Harlem ; Vickahurg % ; East Boston M , Nor ch Sc Worcester ; Reading Railroad fell eff >? par nt. At the Second Board there was a further improvement Harlem of Jtf, per cent ; Vickehnrgh. K; Norwich d Worcester, X ; Morris Canal fell off, \ ; and Readf closed at prices current in the morning. There appears to be a very strong upward movement Morris Canal; prices have advanced within the past sek four and live per cent, anl the sales have been ite large at the improvement. The whole movement a cornering epilation, and it would be we 1.for those t in the game, to keep clear of it. It will make nnd ir the fortune* of many speculators, aod the gran 1 ash, when it cornea, will sink the concern to a deeper pth than it has yet lunched. We would advise the out. leis to give this stuck a wide berth The Union Insurance Company if St. Louis hare de sred a semi annual dividend ef twelve and a half per int. The Citizens' Bank at Worceitar, Mass., a aemhaanual vidend of tbrea per cant. The importance ef the trade between this ecun'ry and a Z'dl Varien is avary year becoming mora apparent ne annual increase is very large, end the Increase la e population of tba German States will cempara wry vorably with this country. We easex a list of the ivsreign German States composing the 2A\ Yetein. isms States coMrnsiiso the Zoll Yaaeiw?Tmi FerVLiTien. ?States which acceded with their whale territory? P.puldiu* nt |Jkg Mtkti ef I flil . The Kingdom ef Pruseia 18 471 7e* i. do do Btveria 4 ?S* N7 . do do Saxony 17?7 too i. do do Wurtemberg 1.080 7** i. The Grand Duchy of Baden 1,818 94* >. do do Hesse *84 711 . The Electorate of Hease 70* 884 . do de Sixe Weimar of Eiseaack 241 h?s i. The Duchy of Nassau .. . 4'2 .*71 i. do do Brunswick 246 000 . do do Saxe Meiningvn 146 980 I. do do Saxe Coburg Ootba 144 044 I de do Saxe Al'enbmgh. MA 3s2 . do do Auhel'-Desaau 02 4*1 >. do do Anhelt Berneburgh.. .. 40 921 I. do do Ashalt-Rm hen 42 1*2 The Principality of Lipp? Uetaaold 101 4 ?l I. do do Schwartzhurg Rudelstadt... 08t-*l . do 7* do Waldeck... 49 743 I. do do fehwartaourg Seadethau?*n 47 909 i. do do Reuse Lohenstvio- Ebsrsdoif. *2170 I. do do Hohenzollern Sigmeriageo.. 43 927 I. do do Rhanhanburg Lippe 87 783 L Ha Ha Ruiiai Dreiiv X3 anl I. do do fteuai-Schlei's SSfliS I I. do do Hobeczollern HacHngan.., 30 I ?1 I Th# Landgrave of Homo Homburg,. . , 34 >63 I t. The Free < own of Ftatikf rt-oa-tha-Ma's 68,#31 I 8<ot?? which neeed?d wiih oaly a part I of their territoriea? I Tho K ingdom of Hanovar with t ho romaty I of Hohenotf-in?tho Daily wirka Elbin- I grodo, Polio. Ftlleratehrn itoutnern I part,) and aoma parte M tho 8any wickt I of Gifhora. Kna??he*k, Wol'ingorodo, I P,>ine, and on the H irz mountain# ?lh I tho villagea 01 Biockeakiug and Odor- I brack 27,830 I . Tho Kingdom of tbo Nothoilanda with tho I Grand Duked >m e> Ltmamburg 178,904 I Too Grand Durhy of M#ckloor>org.4chwa I rin, with tho village* of ftoiioar, Pfoiaa- I band, and 8boD"b?ok 1 COS I . 1 ho Grand Uuchj- of Oldonburg with I tho prinoipaiity of Birkanlold 90 480 38 Mi MS I The population of Prnaaia has incraoaod In tho nino I ear*, from the ood of 1814 to tho and of ISIS, an are I igeof 1 0 '3 per oont par annum At t'10 aamo r.t- of I icrea<e in the o h r Z<11 Vrrein Statoa, tb sre will f o a I rpulation of about thirty m.lliona in tho whole, at the I id of the year 1947. I The annexed at atltnent exhibita the average quantity I ' rertain artlcloa, ch<efly imported from tho United H :atra on hand and consumed ia the Zj.I Vvrrin. for tbo H to > oari fiom 18-17 to 1841 and for the year 1844 B t oMMEici i r th* Z >tt Tcaci.v lkJ7 l lit. B rlicl*? chi'fltV if ? oivermae 101.5 B port d from ihr. Cont hi. d nnd Contuwrd and B the U unhand on A a'id in Hit. B Quantity falter. Quantity Value Qtmtnle I). I art Oun/alt Dollar>. B aw eet'on... .... <04,081 3,601, it] 4UIO 4,710,331 B ution iwiataud w?d- H diua in-nqta'tmed B ,o Great hi nam .. 331 III 8,171,014 971,103 14,7SI.S7S onaren in lOdTra B anditrma 194 331 801)10 300.3*3 1 794 724 Ill 448 114 4 <9 041 09) 1 3119 Ml male oil <49,110f 1,944.100 , 437,371 9, 34 III B ... $,4,010,014 $31,319,310 H <1 her tnlnntal arHticlee parity imported from tho United t* alutfa 311074 1719.170 4"tl.'J0 1.119 7 0 "lath 117 319 111 633 1 <7,333 083 7a '"*? 1)0,841 I8HJJ3 114.3*4 4,1-03 8.(1 irgrr rod uihar lino 144 IIA 10 3*0 11*406 eiipcr ei d pima ta. I 713 JOt,001 03 0,6 *19 6*7 a-'U andciu. amiu 4 117 11 009 IS 43 433 120 ^B n?? 3 3 9 0 5)31 viii 1,013*04 10.331 80 <ot il l i a 1)0 U0M i.11,1,14 ^B -a 1871 101,7 I h oil 570 339 ^B ;*fl'ied angir 14,414 ISO $8> 01141 411,HO ^B [ <f rrhiitd < g%r (fan. I..... HO 1130 I'.OU 5 1,28 ^B ;<nr uaar, for rr. ^B fiarng 1.111815 1.15179* 1,4 6,?79 7.703 1<* hit 4I9S9 471175 10) 33 2 '31 '7 ^B "die i. 317aj 3,4 0.181 31 143 4 710 174 ^B a in. apr-iin, r en*. and n< ltd ill.,. 5*. 21 371 983 111 683 1,1)4 0*8 ^B >Hrd ft n in 199 18 ) 019 41.701 |l*-'> ^B 'at, rutin# 13 Ml 117 6 2 2> 467 198)0 ^B ?*l 0) 677 S04 3*3 94.701 4*3 0 5 ^B I 1101 37 ' 0 ) 1*1 e-.134 ^B e-iawat 4,7l0 133 1 37 8,6-3 281 041 ^B Te al am ,ant $38,010,393 863,311,3 : ^B

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