Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1847, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1847 Page 4
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vii ordani ?J>V Wtoi. ?H<Mi br wbM jCMWM'j ^^ ^IrT^imTMrriahf to reply to ?r tonBtototo* .Mh. Heuellhill) mads MM atrlMMt ? ? tlona rather deiagalo'T ,0 Oha?Oter M the Houae, o.l rl?-eJ with an emphatic demand that tha Sonata ad* here to tha Kenate bill. Mr Foiiom remarked, with an air of extreme irony, that tha ***r>ator had battar Mibmit a iwaolatloa of can* sure ursinst the Home Committee. Mr Yocisu eb.erved tuat tha demand waa prematura; tvhrn it wi< withdrawn. Mr L-et a*, by uoauimoua conient, lntroducd a bill to authorize tha acknowledgment of convayaco.ea of land by tuv < ffl.'ar or soldier of tha army in Maaico.toba taken there by a Major I funeral or Brigadier Oaneral or Colonel of the army The bill waa read twice, and ordered to be engrossed for a third reading, and waa aub Kfquently read a third time and paaaed. Circumstances have occurred which render a (antral law of thli character abaolutaly neceia.ry. Subsequently, by a strong effort, tha rules wars procured to be a depended, and the Senate returned the conaid a ration ef the unanimous report of tho railroad comm t-aa in favor of tho looation of tha Now Tork and Erie railroad, according to tho majority report of tho commissi nera appointed at tho laat teaalou of the Leglsla turn. Mr. Pftrca atafed that peraona who owned tc 11 n 000 iut of the $S 000 000 capital stock. ware in favor of tha location of tha mail in P- nnsylvania A n' to lay the subject upoe the teble waa defeated ; tbm tha rrport of the committee whs adopted? ayes 17 noea I Tha mute of the road will, therefore, bo that designated by the majority of the commissioners. Inthe House, the wenute b.ll to revive the charter of the 'V:,?.hi gton Monument Aaaociation waa ordered to e thi d reading The u-uai amount of local business waa disposed of the House w ent into Committee of the Whole on the hill to establish free evening schools in tha city _f New York. Mr Bucoas with his usual zeal andearuastneas, opposal the passage of the bill. Mr. B. is accustomed to p ?k in a iatn? r loit.1 tone, and evinces great Interest m the tin- ot the Hou-e. The fn mi.h wit no the floorand followed Mr B.; ho raid nit gentleman on that aide oi'the houso had been reiv nci. y during the whole of the piesent session, and that it was not to bo m nutted to. mi Bi oi cjktt rose to a question of order ; he said tho Speaker hud no right to reprimand a member without an order of the House The Cmsib rrquested the gentleman to reduce bla point of order to wilting Tha gentleman w aa proceeding to comply with the instructions of the Chair, when The Srsaxxa, somewhat excited, persisted in hiaobJu g ition of the course of Mr Bascom. Mr Blubuitt, who wai writing in his seat, again called th-j t-peakei to order, t hu Srxsitan persisted. ili Walsh demanded that the Speaker shoulJ suspend bis remarks until the gentleman could reduce his point of order to writ ng. The Chais decided that the Speaker waa in order ; the Houre bring in Committee of the Whole, that gentleman wag entitled to equal righti with other members The 8rKAKKi resumed, and said ho wua not to be put 'own by each assaults ; he moved that the committee rise and repoit progress ; the motion being adopted the Speaker resumed the chair. Tho gentleman troin Seneca, (\lr. Batcom,) attempted to get the eye ol the Speaker, but, under extraordinary circumstances, was not rscognised Amid the most remarkable confusion, which it is my duty to observe was highly improper, the bill was referred to the Now York delegation to report complete. Mr. Biscom was permitted to make a personal explatalion in vindication t f his conduct, ami in reply to tho uxn>rovok<d attack of tho Speaker I regret to say that 1 am under apprehension that the present session of the House will not edd materially to the reputation which ibst department of tha government has enjoyed in loimer years. The literatuio appropriation bill was rcf. rred to the Committee on Colleges, Academies and Common Sctoolo, to report complete. The House, in Committee of the Whole, resumed tbo consideration of tho bill for the appointment t>f Legal Commissioners. A lengthy discn-sion occuned on the printing of the roue, and a motion to substitute the numo of Theodore S Betels for the name of Asphaxad Lcoinis, as a revisor, waa pending, when tha House adjourned. Baltimork, March 29, 1847. Fine Spring I Feather?A Suspicious Case?Recruits for the Seat of War?Van Amburgh?Dan Rice?Markets, fyc Blustering Murcii has blown himself out of existence before the lunit of his days, as tho weather this morning is as mild and genial as the mouth of May. The sun shines forth gwith unusual warmth, and there is neither wind nor cloud to disturb him. An arrest of rather a suspicious character took place in this city on Saturday. Mrs. Mary Ann Tyler, wife of (ieorge U. Tyler, keeping a small etora in Lexington street, near Lutaw, made a complaint against Mr. Joseph Cbendorf, of an attempt to commit a rape on her. She failed to bring any ev deuce to prove tbo charge, although she admitted that trie room she waa in was only divided from the adjoining house by a thin board jjiruutnt, uiruugn wiucu mere was a siove pipe h lr?. She asserted that she cried out and made a terrible noise, but it seems no one heai'4- Her husband had been heard to my tliat he would compromise the matter for $5U0 The State Attorney, on hearing tha evidence, dropped the charge of "intent to commit a rape," like a hot potato. Too company of Voltigeurs raised by Captain Eager, left here tuis morning, for the test ol'wa, via Cumberland and the Ohio river. All the companies fully organized, are put en route immediately for the Kio Gruiide. The news from theSoudi received last night, caused great excitement in our city. Official accounts will soon be received, as I perceive there is a company of Texans with Gaii. Taylor, any one of whom w.ll doubtless undertake the task of opening a communication with the R o Grande, if it is only for the g ory of the achievement. Van Amburg's menagerie is to make a grand entree to U iltiinore to morrow Dan Rice, the !*hak-perian clown, is starring it at the Front street Amphitheatre to ovetfljwuig houses. Dinwai.oiiCe a bu cher boy, and he is, consequently, the pet of the pit, as well ua-thodelignt 01 ih-s oxes Small sales of Howard street flour were making on Saturday a #6, though holders geiiernllv demanded #6 12fc ; ci y mills was held at #6 25 ? Stock iigtit, and no sales. Philadelphia, March 29th, 1847. The additional accounts received by the mail ; from the Rio Grande, are generally acredited here, not because they are better authenticated than those previously spread belore the public, I but because the defeat of Santa Anna was con | fidently anticipated from the energy and bravery of our troops. Where there is so much smoke, there must be some fire, and these startling rumors will be found to be the forerunner of the official despatches of a glorious action. Nothing official can he expected, however, as long as the enemy is posted between Monterey and Camargo. The Western tel-graph is nearly in working order again, and the communication with Pittsburgh is expected to be renewed every moment. This fact is quite a triumph to Mr. O'Reilley, who constructed the Western line, and is partly attributable to the posts being put about 260 fleet apart on the average, while ttiose on the Eastern and Sou'hern lines were at a much greater distance. During the storm on Saturdav communications were being transmitted Irom Pittsburg to Lancaster without ditliculty. The onlv breaks that occurred wore between this city and Lancaster, and they were exceedingly trifling when compared with the almost total destruction of the other lines <The Southern line will not be in order this week. ,wThe packet ship Monongahela, for Liverpool, ] which was driven ashore near Chester, on Fri- j day, has been got orf", and proceeded on her | voyage. The ship John Marshall, from Liver- j pool, driven ashore during the same gale, is still j aground. Males of Stocks at Philadelphia. Fisst Boaeo. March 30, 1847,? 300 ?hr* United 8iet?? j Bank 4X: S Kensington 68. 3800 U 8 Loan fl's. IH.'iO, I 109; 168 44-100 Htate 6's 70; S5 Oirsrd Bank II; 1000 lilt- ' neia Bonds, 8'*, 39X; 3000 do do fpec.lal SO; 3 Pbitadel phi* Bank 118; 198 Vicksburg do PX; 1S8 Mori la Canal 18 V * Arrca SAi.ri ?4 Merchants' and Man'Bank, Plttsbnrr, ! 44X 100 Vicksburg Bank OXi 18? Morris Canal lo'f; 360 do do 90. 8>.coso Boabu- 4300 State S't 70X; a Vicksburg II K 1 0*. 300 Girard Bank II; 100 Grand Gulf R R AX; 6000 I u. 8 Loan, S's '63, 103Xi *' KUmington Cower 18. Arras 8alk??60 lis* ling R R 9vXl 200 (nratd Bank i II; 160 Morris Canst 90: 400 17. H Bank 1A IVnn j Townthip Bank SIX: 100 gusuuehannah Csnal 13; 100 Vicksnutg H R 10 ? cuainkkuali intklliuksck.. State of the Flonr markets. Usarorf, March 37.?There lis* not been a aiugls operation in Oanosoe to day beyond th? usual retail - eoiand j About 1300 bbl* HotiUnmi flour have been taken far shipment to Kio at $7 a $7 13X, 4 rnontlia, with interest aided, and a part 4 months or. Grain?Tn? grain market is very dull?receipts orlate largo, arid for want of i buyers several lingoes have been stored. T1i< sales 1 hare been far yelioiv flat P4 a 06* weight, and white 86 a 88 c measure?northern round P6c weight. >'sw dltlAM, March 13 ?Tho sates of coin Ifje put week have been, in round numbers, 330 .ooo httshels- the ratgeof price* being *8 to ?0c. par bushel, for white and i yoliow; and yesterday the transactions, which weie vety laige, were mostly at (ho highest price ALBAisr. March 17 -We hem of small i ircela of Ge- , uease, in lota cf 160 litis , selling at >4 87X The marks!, which ia the early put of tee week had henn dull, towards tho cloie i sittmud u flrtner tone, mainly induced tiy the prospect of en immediate resumption ?>t river tinv .'anon; and price* approximated cloaei to N'ew i'otk < tatione. Tlie *al?* of the week aniou'lt to about , id hit, beside* the cost maty silcs to the tiado, and | p.. klai-ern account. W< h vu no UiUmucUous in corn- 1 ' '"" ' 1 - . JL. -J- J til mmX to NM88,eltheu>h we nlinBil that laleifcav* *> ? "Umi whiok have ? Ohm ; ?The mm in atreet fNiuu diriH tttveokliaf* boon very Halted at Mo Mo. oad Ma Tor oora ul ryo, and Mo. o 40o. for NU oothara Cotton nrkit. New Oiuni.Much 90.?Tho good damand which existed daring tno pant wook fall off on Monday, and purchases continuad confined to smell paroala, and at : arjr Irregular price* until Friday, when mora buy era appearing, tba market acquired in ore firm nee*, and >a covered part of the decline of V a X?. which had boon generally submitted to The aaiea of the week amount to 10 000 bale*, aa follow*:?Monday MO, Tueadny >000, Wednesday 1000. Thuraday 8M0 Friday 4JO? and to-day 9400 balea Taking tha decline in freight* into oonaideration, prloaa of cotton are in reality X a Xc. lower than laat week. We quote Liverpool cleaaiffcatlon: inferior 9a OX; ordinary 9X a 10l<; middling lOXalOX; gcod mldoiicg 10X a 10X middling fair 1IX a liXi talr 11X a UK; good fair la a 13Xi good floe la a 14. *T*Taami?T of Cotton. Stoek on htnd on 9epiem?er i, 1144 balea.. i.llt Arrived tiaat to date 574 IM An. ved to-day tfT sai'ia Exoorted to d*te >14,7(7 Kxp ned to-day 5077-341.(44 Stoek on hand and on ship-board not cleared > 9 944 1147. 1144 1B4V (II Receipt* np to March >0.., .575,41# 758,663 716 61' 676 ' 99 1647 1116 Export* to Droit Bri.rin 176 664 345,491 France 53 281 74.38* Apai.achichicol*. March 30.?the iodiipoaition of bolder* to offer their cotton*, an I unwilling-ne** of purj rh.i-itr* to pa> the advanced rat.* demanded . ha* limited the transaction* lince Tu>'*day t > a few hundred bale* a i day. the market gradually stiffening, and closing to- i 1 day Xd. higher than our quotation* ol Tueaday A rej laxation in freight* ha* bad some influence in advancing > ! prices We quote LivsarooL Clamificatiow. ... 1*47. 1846 Info'ior pone. 5 s5V I Ordiuary to *ood ordinary SmiltiX 6 "<>X ! , OeoH muld iof toXe <-X ^ "'X i Midilliug fair ? all ? *7>g F->r ? a- 7V?8 Ucod lair ? i? 6X*SX N?w Vurk Cattle market. March 30?\t market-800 heef cattle, (about 000 I from the Soutb); 130 cow* and calvea; 400 sheep aud I lamba. . i leaf Cattle?The irarket haa been rather inactive j 1 aince our laat, but though tbe sales have been light,pricea 1 remain at $6 60?$0 per cent. ISO head unsold. Cows and Calvea? The supplies continue to incaease, ' and meet a ready tale at steady prices, which range, ac- i coi ding to quality, from $13a$36 to $37 10 All told. Sheep and Lambs -Market very dull, and notwithstanding the offerings were smaller than they have been for upwards'of a year pasr.some 80 head remain over un 1 sold. Buyers do not evince any anxiety to purchase, yet prices remain Arm at quotations a fraction lata than ; those current last week ; tne sales being mostly at from i $1 35a f 3 60d$4 60. Hay and Straw?Good timothy and cloveraaed sells at 63){a76 cents per cwt, for loose. The market at present is rather poorly stocked, but fresh supplies are expected | down the Hudson as soon as the navigation will permit ? Wheat and oat straw is worth $3 36 the hundred bundles. Passengers Arrived. Hatrr?91iip Argo? Mr U Brsiut, Dr A C Morrogh, end76 ! in the siesrsge. Nkw Ohlkans?Bark Ann Welsh?Joseph lughim, Aleiis | . Shirley soils iu,he stenage. C-'oroiali ImpurwUoog. havbk?Ship Argo?8 pkgs mdie Morain It Haaghwont?8 ' E i'obieyutto, Tils It Morra?2 d Atbry-4 L t'revori?7 i Morn; k lieliu?2 Si x. Kiuicuger k Co?t Hitchcock It Co?13 ! Noel St Ue Comey?21 Heohard k Hnttor?3 J H Taffany It I Fi i?5 Kenard St co?1 \ Freunne?3 Meeke k PUie?20 bis ; Schrage, Hep at co-1 K Reaujaynel?34it pigs lead Pillot It I Lr Barber?3 pkg. rnd-e PD Mullet?3 C tiaguebin?3 A k i U Mailer?I J C Ruheimer?9 E Bidier?1 Boisean k Husch ; ?1 J Alien?S Stoddard k Loveriag?2 L B enrtia?1 M H ! Smirh kco?8 Amler k L>*inbm\nn?2 T Brady k eo?4 Lachuie k Tai'.ehe?6 Cerf, Be-r k IC F lloardesuiu? 1 Winter?17 I'ooaon, I'iae k Kilt?1 W Breuer?4 W Sierras i ?I M Lockwood k co?I C K A Hiuiicks?9 C Dord?3 C Kignrg?1 G Buckingham?I H Iivic?1 Chriitmann?2 Mariet k Boleat? 1 Morgan?1 Bern k Reese-1 Reimer k l Mseke?8 D Fairchild k co?1 A Peyrot?3 c Morlot? 4 U T/evio?t L T Len k co?1 T R Tnigoemond?3 A Baker?1 Diamoi. k Kreres?I Loois Fellows k Schsll?I T ? i Greene?4 Gaffe k Cotter?14 M Gourd k co?I Miles k rat. nam?2 E Cergoiixis? 1 C Gcttinett?JG Collins?4 E Thayer?5 Wms.-er kco?2 M Tesaer?8 Jolly k Frerie?3 SOerrou?I G Kinder? I Rosseufield k Frerie?1 H Kodmer? 3 ?. ' k F Poppe k co?3 A Grant?I R Frerie?1 & Lawrence?I : Born k Hcliuehard ? i ch ist k Constant?' Schmidt k An arew? i n wiuumi et ro-? ijiueiy et uecgtt?z m n Smith fc co? 1 L Cook Ic co?1 A Arnold?3 P Marry?3 Solomon?1 K Duhoii?I J M Harper?I C Uanguy?1 box ! rpicee Do Khan k Moore?4 R G Warn wright Ic eo? 2 Maxnin Ic Uoidiu?9 Benkaid Ic ttntloa?I Hmery Ic ; ? t (J Krafc? I SCareea?1 C B Maybee?1 Booth Ic Co?14 K R H Height Ic co?2 8 Hual e'l?I Dixie Ic Brooks?6 WilI kiueon Ic Bteteon?3 I. tbrte Ic Fiuii?1 Fello* a, Van Aiadale , Ic <;.>op?r?1 J Lolimauu?I 11 \ Fo?ler?1 Allen, Hagiu Itco ! ? 3 Haindrn Ic co?I 8 Williatou fc co?I Reed, Taylor Ic co ? .1 Lane, Lami m Ic Co?ft Little, Aldeu Ic co?I K Bokrr-4 I Wright, Sturgea It Saaw? 3 N Pie ce It c?1 Brown Ic 1 Watherell ? 1 l M hlodgeltlt eo?4 Umber Ic Dambmao?5 ; Pad ill Ic Blain?3 C M Tr.raui?I Bomli, Baker Ic Bradiah? | 1 i P Woodhead?I F A Delano? l Lewia Ic Kairmann?3 Cai',learn Fila k Soleae Itco?1 Townoend Ic Thorlepaou?I i; Buckingham?1 8 Cochrin?l JO Ely Ic Harr a n?I W Benjamin?1 M Gnntraw?1 A Seignetre Ic co?13 Keplee Ic , co-2 Meeke, Plain It en?28 Koger. (iuillanuirr Ic eo?II Lceschiglic Ic Meaendoreft?11 Bo n It Schnelia'dt?1 Mallet k B .rgh own?2 Vie or fc Ackelia?1 Woll a Haiileulery?I ; C Vixen?5 H Boker?V?9 T 11 Oa<e?10 Beukaid fc Hntton? 3 Win Vmi Seht?2Keimealc Aiecke?1 Curbil?liT H Hardt ?2 E Hen?i Horatmuin Ic fcoua?1 Die.ller?2 Schoialet I Brotheir?3 A G'aet-9 H Wiener?I R Itipu ingBro-hera? . 2 Roury & co-9 Pet. Brrmb'Ui t It Chum?2 VWau fc Si-ler? . I F Tbor.pecker?I 1'olkerlt Mollmaun?1 H E.cher? I T R ; Herrick?32 .0 De b?ux-22C I'ayeua? 4 L B fiiafre Ic co?2 Schmidt Ic Audrea?4 M Brogaarder?ft C Oiguoux?2 A H Wa.d-2 J Dup'e?1 J Lanmouuier?1 Lets! fc Bouland?2 J Kinerie?20 A Barley?2 Cotrilllt Kerning?i D ?l Lichen dahl?27 A ? Steward?2 J J Siewvt?1 Lo die fa?lnr?3 G Vorn Baric-0 Bu'lio Ic Lander-I W H Mann?14 E B S.ran(er fc Brother? 1 H t ondheim?28 Thiinu Maillard?10 D airehi'd?I Wm Hali.h w?4 Brown, 8eam?n Ic Doubur? I 6 W S Phippa It eo?l J Biewa er It co?1 8milh Samtner fee to?2 N fi erce?2 Ueraiiines It B"icar<4?2 E K Folltmbee ? k. J Bum-2 M ' nth man?I 8 tiomer?4 L Brad? It co?7 I Boieeau * Kucch?i U H Kellog.?2 C'mler It Dambmann? 10 II Eicher?i 8ehro?dier It Sueiltr?1 Vicior Ic Aehel>a?2 Y. Lippnld It co?F 1 horaoeekeu?1 Sehmid' It Andrea?U Q Heaicnberg?2 Lane Lamaon?I K T Br wu Ic co?1 b"iea j i a arie A Bciraonr?I do B Richard.?SO 'en. nlaater Wm 1 Whrtlock? I pekg M Liouard?I box apeiie J 8 Hill??8 Spiea, Lhtia'?02 ?,r tteuec?1 fiurk Ic Hcef?6 INilliu, 41/ baaketa wine 67 pekga n dee co order Maeaoiacan? Baik Guillu d?'65 tnika ieo*y 2 bagi cofI fer9cra a xuibogH 3 do ?eed 2 do ahali I do gum 657 coila I cordage 4'3 I'ralea drtea 1060 goat akina 4171 aheep do 17 pk- a toito aa .hell 10 naiea aguna leaee Jit ion. b< <ti ebony 212 b ig. bird pe n er. 149 do gum 4 c*ak< oil 2374 bnlea I barrel bee.?ex 3 boxea notuirg II pkg. old copper 1 box apecie P J Faruhatn Ice ?4 era a mdia A Merri 1 i ai cc/tta?Hark KeuamgCon?3190 baga aaltpetre 110 b f hnare 1 ft 9 buff haua 69 bdia cow hides fti caara eenja i'avei 11 n4l< ro r n.ii- M li l-? ??'in' cioili 41 b'ler gnnny b<g. 17,500 loi ae do 233 looae buff. hidea 41 halea buff hideaI76ca , abellae 10 balra goat akina 19 ca<?a I tc dye 76 295 ba dry g n1 ger I8u b ga aaltpetre 2 caara ailkt 21 c.aei ahallac 17 caaea ihellac 10 b .lea gunny bags Cro> ker Ic Warieu. Doineatlc liupomtflong. New (lglea!.*? Birk Ann*8 ha'ra cotton 329 k?ga 1 ird 161 lieic?a do 10 ha e? pel lira M Wilbur It ' coif? 1/6 bhla pork Suydam flace Ic co?!0? do 91 uercea 'aril Pa. yen. ted Ic bchumaktr -4l h .da agar J. hn Foleya?106 do E D Morgan?4 bales p.lrrie. Parineta Hogera 4c co?4h:id. anfir Wright Ic co?10 bbla linaeed oil I bateau. Merle It ?antmd?33 odla leather Lei ham err Ic ro?26 bbla laid Tnemaa H Maghee It eo?1 nox m<ae Harper It Br there?I do D Appleton Ic eo? Ift balea hemp Freaci. Burnett?161 bhl. mola-aea Joarpo Taylor?V bale, peliriee I do fuia 204 hidca Bto m It Huirhaona b boxe. mdae Dieiz Bmclicra It co Sew OiiLgana ? Brig Brothe*a- 67 hhd. Ad .ma It Hnthorn ?54 do He an Leea Ic co?21 Co George Leland Ic < 0?71 hbl. J M H.ut k > o?II tierces N T Hnhb'rd It eo?45 bnl. H H Bronyrt-18 do J G Mark ?urray?183 d.i 580 Lege Work k Urake-562 bbla Gondhoe fc eo?25 balea Tucker k Cooper? 17 hairbarrela 26 kega to order. MARITIME HERALD. POUT OP NKW YORK, A1A11CH 30. ?? II M If M > antvr.iasa 1 49 I moos arTt ioiu I iUIf SklTS G 21 I HiriH WITH I 21 M ' = I Cleared. Bark Philadelphia, (Brrrn) Oreve, Bremen, t St T Poppe. | Bnga Angora. Moore, Nacvitsa, Holt fc Owen; Merrimack, l olin.i, Oalveelon, Bidder k Perk; Savannah, Dixon, | ' Savannah, S:ur?n i 1 * i m a fc ( o i Scha Middlesex, B'lier. Llnabeth City, N C. Pla t k Pier- ; i d; Ann Maria, Jones, Newberu, NCtAnu, Hopkins, pi- j tersbmg, Jamil Huutar k Co; Charlotte, Loinez. Kirhmond, i N L Met ready k Co; fcxcel, Veil. Providence. Barges Porpoise, I)r,ike, I'h i 1 ml a 11 hie; Orh, Hipp, do. Saturday?Shin Constitution, Diy, I biladeiphia; biig Creole, Meani, Bermuda, Taeker at Ligbtbuin. Arrived. Packet aliip Argo Delano, Iron) Havre, Jan 31at, With mdie to W Br ship Devon, lleltf, 41 d lya from Liverpool, and J daya fniin the Delaware, with 200tnoa aalt to enter. On ihe , 2Sth mat, at 5 P A, (he D came to anchor in the Deli ware at i the Tall of ihs Browu .Voti, and at 10 o'clock, in t e late | gale, had to alip both tlmus and anchor*, and put to tea; lay to under bare polra during lhagile; put in here to rcfl-. La't at anchor i i the Del iwar? British atiip John Fielding, from St Johna, and bark Ohio, from Bordeaux. 'J he D haa a I hi- Ji ladelph'a P'lot on board. I Birk CJuilford, Jackaon, from Madagiacar, Jan II, Bt Helelana, Feb II, with ivmy, kc. Arret .VI. bark Star, McFarlaud. 11 dart from Salem. 8t Helena diatan'40 iniirs, beariu 8 E, ap. ke brig Amrneua, bound in. Left at the Op* of i Oitd Hope,.Inn 20, U 8 aloop ol war Viucennea, for Ht H?- I leu a. soon. 2jih waa spokru by the U 9 relief achoouer I Taney. I Baia K niingtun, (Jorh-nn, f n Calcutta, Nav 27th, and I Sand Head Dec 2nd. H- Helena, Reb-nnry ith, with a iltpetre . ka to Drotker k Wan u Spoke, Dr.: 14th, 1st 47 N. Ion 17 ( /., hark I'opmnueit. (ol Si >>pii an.) 1 iltou, 1} moniha nut. 30u I bbla apm oil?to cruise off the Malabar co'tt Captain Til" ' ton report! ibe bnk in .tumid, o| .n?w Be.i'ord, off D.eii i 17 inoutha out, with 400 bb:a. A lto bark Heels. two tiioniha 1 before. among the .Maldivua .'aUuda, oil not reported. Left at St lleleua, bar Dtauon, Beuoett, of Mew Bad Ord. 110 I bt)l?, 10 >pa,m? to rruiaa for a mon h. and home?all well. Park Diaco.of .New Bedford, ou < arrcl ground, 1061 bbla I Perm oil. At the Cape of (iood Hope, laitcd btatea ehip I VfCennra. Iroin Macao, boineward bound?craw in a aickly I The Kmnng'on has experienced very heavy weather on llit* coart, and his btea ij e.a* a noiln of Bermnd.a. I Match lOih, praaed about 4 tniiaa to (he leeward, e batk water lagged?nothing but loner meats atmling, and atrirped of aail.end iikji u?Iml the appearanre ol an American , built vesael Pne K eaine to anchor on Frid *v nightrff the I bar, an*i on K.tntday, in the gale from N W, paried one of I her clnina acd dragged with the other anchor II miles Ski, from the Hook Bark Ann Welah. IT- gn i, 17 daj a frem New Orlenaa, to E D Hurlhnt fc Co. 11. ig Brnh-rs, Mayhew, 14 da- a Iroin NewOrlraua, to Brett < fc V'.ae?anchnted ?'hi ba> i.u Friday ni,h*. and tode otit i he gale ia tofety, I Mcnr Amanda <)|>h-!i . Dotlge, 23 *laya from Franklin, I ?. Silled in romp .it) with rl.r ||?, U-r IIill for Bait.mote. 1 h 1 A Or .me to anchor on I'.idiy r.ight t IT yiurantir.e md rode I out ti c gnle in ?-lrt/. 1 Schr Mien, Krller Boston. * olaaaea. I Si hr Kio (, Hoi;-? I h<l.niel| hia, ecu'. 1 Hehr Margaret. Crane, Peletaburg, cotton, kc. CJeli.W Ship ( htrleaton, B on ii. f. in Clinical ;n, Willi col on, ;o (4 Bulkier. British 'h*p f hirh t'e, from St Johns, NB. Alan, two brigs, unknown. 'J h . pilot a. PIi 1' in tama opvc't-iday naorning, having i |. he. in 'dr. in .he late gale, while layirg too, M miles a. I i ftfc of Che Ho k, Ilova ho it, kc .succeeded iu rigging a spar ! 1 . U.w-UJJfJl.l!i'i.MLmi.UL..-J Mkwww.fcr wBUB ?? im> tbo Mir 1a ^Kttai ?My Kyalua^ fee rff.S *M ** "" Ir^k" f ?ota?Us5y^'ihe eaehwe/fa Xeftw! i bar m rn day, ud imm ap to ika aity oa Sunday. Harald Btartna < Treepondonoe. . _ St Ogoaoia Siraidi, March 11,1MT. Shin Atia. Win tor, will probably aail to-day far Omlway. Bark Rug. Mi'chell, from Palermo tor Boatoa, aae. Brig N' rh America, B adoury, (ailed lSib nil for Cuba. Brig Deroiit, Tiofvter, tailad 4h mst for licee. 8c h' Bangor, Lnffaaa, (tiled 4 h iait f< r Porto Cabello. At Hamiltoo, ichr Kilt, Halleit. mat to hut tailed yeittrdty for M York. JHlaccllaiiroaa fUeord, Lott or thi Pilot Boat Tmoi. A. Moboar.?During the tOTcief'leoi Friday eight, the pilot boat Thot. A. Mo-ran mat d'ireu atboie aboot too mile to the etttwtrd of Fire Inland Light, and meat to piecea. Tha crew cluug to her to the latt. aad were by an iaieipotition ol Piorideace, tar?d Tbey hen all arriyed ia the cur. The Thoe. A. Monti w<a at one time a Phil delphia pilot boat. We are regaaated to leturn thauka to Mr. rtmuh. he becerolrar keeper of the Fire Itlta-i ' icht, far the vary hndacma aad kind manaer la wb'rh he hta treated ihe ere - of the Mo>|<> while ther remained ua the itlaad. This ia a t the fliat iaataaee of hit beueroleaet that haa cone to oar Kaowledk# Scat CoLOMita. (#f New Tork) Heady, mater, it reported by Cept Deering, of the Kaitu W Liod. at tbit port, to b re beea l?tt ?t Lohoa, oppai'e Meacenaeo. prerioae to Jaa 10 Cnpt Deer ng ateiea that he aaw 'he ma ter - f toe t'olambart - oa eri Jro of whom h-obtaieed tbia iof-rmatlou. <>a refrriug (-> our fortign lilt. we fi. d a report of her aiiliuglrom Hi dr Jauerr; oa the ISth Ja >, lor Vloa'erideo There nam a?ake eithrr in the d ie rv tailiag l om Kin or ia oapt Dteiiog't IU rment. TheC lumbit ami e and remparntireiy anew reaanl belougi g to he U SC. Baal at Kio Unnde, Huxil ui <i wtt b >uud to the Hirer Platte, mi'b artlai It cargo of marc mud ae. Brio 1'aioit. Hooper, from Nre Orleaar. with coro and flau-, bound to SI go, licit- d, pnt iuto >o f-Ik ou ihe 24 a lu itireaa, leakiLg f eely: ihc L* hid a r u,h paataae, ineouute ink a a rict olaever- galea particularly oe the 2lat iuttaot, ia at 31 an > coirpn'liog ha crew in c uiequei ee of h?r Iraki g a -frt-ly, to li. b en t a reaael by thr -wing orerbo&rd 'dm hagt co'U, tad <00 barrel* fl ur, i be leak continuing t' iuereaar, compelled ncr to maae the ecarrti p ut. ScHa St'atir. Wardwc'l, from the f oaat of Africa for SaInio cjoie iu'0 the Bay ou Kridtv night -a * a"uc? ou Kama Btr, Button I he craw la t k. r and laudrd oa one of the lalandi; at darliaht on 4a urd-y mi oing ihey want ou btard again, ad found her perfectly tight. She came off at h gh watrr, wi h dnmig* to ruddrrouly. aud waa taken ro a atle, and waa to have beru taken io 4al<m on Monday. Pnip MoFfoirotHct a, for Lirarpool. went during the gale of Friday uigh'.. in ihe ricinty o' I heater Delaware Hirer A aieamhrm on Saturday auc. ceded in moving her about 20 f?et f i>m her engine puaitum, and when the left on Suuilay iioou, ihe ttctmer Sidney wat tlouga-de, and woa'd lu nil probability aucceed in towing har off at next high water. uk kill nusan, Sterling, at nonoiB from Cork. siperieuecd r. u.h we.the'on 'lie pis#>ge, and on tn 21th Jan., in long 17 20, hiring encountered n severe gale f oni VV8W to WN W, carried ?wny her ko* sprit. f re lepmvt, top gallant innai ano tails bulwarks. Ice; had rue boat sti rs, lost another, and hid one of the crew washed overboard and drowned. Launch?A fine thin of 420 tons, called the Joshh Quincy, owned by Mestrs Brarehill Ik Howe, of Beaton, was lauacliedat Medtordon Thursday. I'he ' Q is said to be of superior model aud workmanship, and ihoioughlv fastened; is mieoded for the freighting business, and will be commanded by Captain Cale.i U Groxier. Shif Mase.-e.?The erase of thii ship having strnck on the Pniitast Havana, is stared to hsve been that a French ship, the Tigra, which had previaatlr struck on the Puuta, had anchored in mid channel alter getting off. Ship John Makshalc, from London, in the Delaware ri" ver, was driven a>h re ou Chester, during the storm of Friday night, aud remiined ihere on Saturday, P.M. Sche Harriet reported ashore yesterday, camenp to tie city yesterday, sprang a leak and knocked offhersh > ?will have to discbarge to repair. 8chr Benj. Bioklow. reported ashore yeste day h'salso come tu the city, aomewhat damaged, lost false keel, sprang a leak, and received other damage. Mpokea. Ship Emma Watts, from Liverpeel for New Orleans, Feb 22, long 62 40, 1st 24 25. Ship U?v nshire, from Liverpool for New Orleans, March 3, long 73 12.1st 23 22. trie Florence, Fa'es, from New Orleuns for Watarford, I, March 2, Cape Carnaveral. Schr Oltomin, I'endleton from Seatsport for Matansaa, Much 12, lat 24 40, long 70 40. Whalemen, [T^- Pee retort of bark Kenaington at this port, blvp lama* Loner, from Nan for Pacific Ocean, waa ?pckeu Feb7. lat 21 42. long 22 10. At Talcahnana, Dec I, (by letter) Messenger, Downs, NB 1400 rp 300 wh, to recutt for a short crniac. end heme. Had spoben on Oast of Chili, 0*t 19, Oeo and Satan, Taber, NB, loco bbli. 'nd hasrd of her afterwards takings ?ha; Nov 13. Swift Jenkins, NB. 400 ap (reported Oct 21. 300 sp 120 wh) 23d, Wm C Nye, Chnrch, NL, 1000, (reported no date, 240 ap 1100 wh.) Arr at Callao, Jan 12, China, Fisher. NB, (and sld are in Feb 5;) 11th. Ilnussean, Smith, do, (and aid again 27th;) Feb J. Condor, Taber, do, and prnbiny rem lined 11th. Md Jan 12, 4-h .a Carroll, Andrews, Nan. The amount cf oil tbeye vessa's had is not atated '>n Off Shore Uround, in Sept, (by lettsi) Marcus, Taber, FH, 40# Dble. Foreign Porta# Callao. about the letter part of Jan?att ships Loo Choo, Hatch, and Sman Drew, with the California ragimenta from New Fork via Hi Janeiro. (Repotted by the enpta'n of a whale shiu * ho ' ame overland ) Feb II, brig On ario. Kellv,fr"Ui Valparaiso, eriivsd Jan 20 to re nrn to V. Bok St, Joseph, tlob<ou. from Balrim ire, via Valparaiso and Arica, arr Jan 13, aud aailed Feb 2. tor l'a>ia. Brig "i.gyle, Cssk< m Baltimoia vii Valoara an. arr Jan 20, > ud s d again 3'ar far V. The A left Bal'imo'e Sept 74 aud arrat V Jan 3 Gi.asoow, March 3?la port, brigs Widow, (Br) Uorum, for Boston. Idg; Sarah, (Br) for do. Hr.nnauuiA,< bile, Jan 13?In port, baik Klis-.bath Hull, Bobbins, for B s on, resdy for sea. Mbs-ina Feb i$?, bark Tennessee, Fnlleitoa, for V t tales, tine. Sld Jan 20, bark Washington, Bartlstt, New Y ork, rinltimore or Boiion. Surinam Fen 22? >n port, brigs CaJet, Day. cargo not a >ld; Spartan, Sanoders fur Boston, 60 ds; I* eudea. Carter, uuc; Ursmous, Howe, for Gloucester, to sail urns day. 8t Thomas, March 10?lu puit. brig Se'ma, ol Ra b, fiom N Y oik for Ireland before reported: achi Melville, Allen, for Turks Island, uext day; Mary, , loi Newborn, NC, net' day. Vsi-varauo, Jan 27?In pott, ship Augustine HeerJ, Rweetiin. from Bo'teu, srrived 24th; bus Isabel, Diebert. f in Cailao, arr 2Hh. f >r N?w Yo'k, 10 days; ship Admittance, I'rteriou. 109 days from New Orleans, for San Bins, arr I an 10. and aid a few davs alter: ships Loo Choo, Hatch, and Susan D ew, Pntuain both from N York (last liom Bin Janeiro, Nov 29. arr at V, the former lan II, ths latter I9tb. aud b' th sld on the 23tl, for Ca ifornin 1 hey have on board part of the regiment enlisted in ih.s city. ffssas Port's Alexandra, Vs. March23?Sld brig Anu Carolina. Reynolds, Waterlord, Irelaud; achi kn arprise, Londonderry; Victory, N York. 24 h. si hr Albert M H II. Halifax. A pslschicola, March 27?Ar Bark Cullusios. McDonald, fm Liseipool, br gs John Browar, uttoo, fIII Boston; Aurora, Bak> r. fm Pe sa olx; >4 h snip "ir Hows d uoeglaas, ObiIv* , fm Liverpool; 13:n brg Bele. Mye s. fm Nroik. 4 >d 20ih b ig Lawrence < opeland Baler, tor Pruv d??ce; llihship Oceanua, Stevenaon, Trira'e; scv r Uctavia, Koo? l< s. '?cw, ic?r j"inna on vs, i rrcivai. risvau ucri an'P Jes ia, Olive*. Lir.rpo I; brig Columma, Webater NUilras In port, ships Uanu lea?, Rogers Im 1-irerp <ol. Ids; Ksstel. ' urner f? d ?l?; ll.ischi d, Comforth, fm do ld|(; B>. H .w rd Dougl-es, Onilvy, Im do wig; Crgent. Hoxe-s, fin da wte: b'fVgf uMiii'ir, Pauersoii, for do I g. Cumberland. Pnwe I, fm do wig; M rirnrerr, "arrm-.n, fur do Idg; Z King, Lirerniore, lor N fork. I?'g; Camberln d, Hiseuck, fir Besfoo. log; C..Unsure McDonald, fm L.verpool, wtg; Jol.n B'nwn, Sutton, lip Doilou, ? tg; brig# Delaware, Borden, for Kail Hir?r. ids; k tt IV k. Areiy, fm NTork, ti|; Almrda, Rowland. fm do wtg; Belle, Myera, Im do wtg; Aorora, Biker, fm Penaaeola Boston, Match 21? \rr aclir rg eaa. On 2'tb, 40 miles E of Boat,<n Light, law an inward lined ship under rlo e reeled topsails Mi rd, U b alrp J tincsiown ; baika Vuak, in gum, Hamilton, Water; brigt Henry Lerda Tahautn, Catharu e; achra Adeline, Ilaniim, Boatoi; and from the Koada, b tk Lawre-ce; brig Hobt Wall : achr Martin; the two former hsrii g ancboed there on Friday, the laat on Hat u div. pchr Gil Blai am ed ou Thura ley night. Nothing went to act on Batuid<y. 7ih. a Irrig l.oma W>-leh. el?r d, W timing ou, NO; achr Sarah Hall, Hall Baekaport,for Phi ladelphia. KaLL Kirr.n, March |i?Arr aloopa M' nnt Hope, Godfrey, N Vink; 26th, T w Ti-orn, do. 2Jth, aid, aloopa Aeiial, Hatch d r;2oth, C> cjoette. do. Ccobhetowk, b C, Vla-ch 21?Arr, achr Weacnatrgs, Vo k. New York. Lid, aclira Mary Ann, Allen, N York, Grecian , Gcrrick, New Yo k. Gloucssteb, March27? Arr brig Amazon, Dana, Suinam, 2ld nil. Momili, March 21?Arr ahipa Britiah American, Milea, L Terpuol; Vouierry, MeM inns, N Orli ana; biig Sea, Norton, N York; achi Jerusalem. Orerat, Biazoa Soni'go: Alida, Wnldrou, do CM, Br ahip ben Neyia, Brnce. Liverpool; Sp bars Hoaa, Koig Barcelona; *p brig Lo euzo, Gilpiu, do; tchi Cinderella, Bake-, Apalachicola; Ndw York, Kr.owu, Brazoa b .nr., go. New Oai.Fani, Mar.h 20?Arr ahipa Una, (Br) Maeh, Ll erpool: llej ih, Co'b. 1, <r,d?u; Caledonia Brauder. Boyd, Lir'l; Astracaii, Fold, do; barka A bigail, ( Br) Dailey, do; Delphi#,Cuitia, Havic 1st Keb; brig Patrick Hrnry, , point; schn buian Ltiuww, Coz. Charleston; Victoria, Key West. Cld, ahipa Deucnieon. Baikar, Hayra; Waahing ou, Benson, Liv I; B.Iiz ibeth Brace. Day. do; Midd'eiez, Elliott, Havre;.! esaore, Jat-ksou, NY'ork; Emily Taylor, ttowra, Boaton; baika John II Gardiner, Peteraou, Belize, II in; Vi giuia, (Hw) Jauaaeu, Gotrenbnrg;, Miuurt, N Yoik; Hen-y kelaey, Gray, Golf of; briga Florence, I'ote, Cork and a market: Oter.(Br) Wallace, Trinidad; Nucha MeKvera, (Br) Barry, Cork; Sal radon, Black, Havana: Jamrs Roach,Brnwu, Guifof Meiico; k nrotua, Lunt, Corkanda market; Snp' iv Koopman, Gull of Mexico: scire Eliza Ann, F aucrvide-, Tampic?; Koane, Kornbrck. Mobile; Thames, Stvplrfird, NYoik; barah Elizabeth, Webb, I'euesenla. Below, 5 ships and several small vrs,els, th-ie uainea ui.kiown. 19th-Arr ship Adeline, I',ae, from the Downs, Jen JO.hrige Brazil, Bevens, Havana; John Marshall, Collins, G.lveston; Colonist. (Br) Mulnail, il-lifii, Nh; scha Uranus, Phillips. Brazoa 8t Jngo; kiting Arrow, Cnlamar, Llccolurille; William and JCl.ta'rth, Beach, Brszoa St Jago; Mount Vernon, Swatey, Golreaton ; Josephine K etc hum. Brazos St 'ago; lippec uoe, Carlton, Gdveslou; iV.?tervii|?. Herd, do_; Gen Harrison, Oris, Maragordo; Samuel K Jr.cuemi, incuiui. M "i n Itiu; Morm, Thoirpion, Kr> War. CM, jhi|'? (dueru Vieio-ia, Haulett, nn?re; I heeanerke, Cltike l.i?'i; barka Caihvina, Swifi, Havana: Lidy tuoi, (Hi) Wilionii, few Itoea;brig* Tra> ait, ( Br) run, *t Vin cent: Ame>ica, Treadweli,' ardcurii; idi Frederick, Thump tun, Tampi'O. Nokmii, March 26? 6rr Br bark Snaau, Sterling,' o'k ? 1 he S eiperieuced riogh weather on the piaiagt. Reporta John Marthal, Kaynei, fruiu 1,'verpool. went up Jamr* Hirer thii morning; b ig Un.on. Hoop-r, frnm Mew Orleina in Jiitre-i (tee miicelliuroui). brig Mnehief, Orant, Belfa.t; pilo' bo t Kel<ef, Kntlierly, i' om a nun?repur;a in Hamp:nn Ilrntl-, itbr ,?a ah m I homaa'on,bound up Jarnea Hieer; ichr e ugineer, Norf ,ll>, for New Vork; ihip Ve?p?ii*u, do. for Belt ut, aud a brig name n n aieertainrd 'rnm lamri Hirer. Cld. Br brig Kuibiem, Dandaon, with W8e bn torn f,r Liverpool 8ld, ihip Veapaiitn, Brewer, Pelf it; >,rki W?ii\euineon, Hubiuion, Cork; Alivtb, Dorr, do; brig Union, Mne'iell, do Mtw Ur.DPunu, March K?Arr icha AeKaah D, Hewlett, Philaneh bia MgwauarroaT, March 23?Arr icbr Signal, Carrier, 'Jeorgeiowu, DC. CM, bi k ranch its. Fieri e. Borto Hic>. PoaTL.aD. March 26?Arr biigi Alceuni, Driikwater. Mf :anrai, llth luit: Potoii, Patterson, do, ?th; Cordelia, bbtw, (.'ardenai; Caroline, Heard St Marys; ichri Rival, Biown, [>rd?nav Tin it it; Sarah, Fitta, Norfolk. Pocasiet, Match SO?Arr ichi China, Barlow, Mew York, fir Ware h in Flvmol'th. March 26?Act Joieph Farwell, Newark. FiiiLAi>ti.raia. .March J9-Arr schr John Rrudolph, Haley, S York; Ringgold, Cnomil, Att.ksnss, ingar; James fir ?onr, k.ldiidge, N York. Bacifle, Htevem, r? Harm; sloep Keport, '1 timer, Brookhiren; barge y anatouing, G.lbert, IS York. Hichm mo. Maieh 26?'aid aehi Poeahontai, Smack, New York; Allegro, O'rely, Boston. SihpwicM, Match J6?.Vr ichr Annabella, Gilford, I'hilalelphia CtitM. March 26?bid 26th, ithr Albert, (of Beeerl') lloilydon. I'h, Wii MiaoToa. March 27 ?Arr, ?, lir Mejee'ic, Harding, Posion. brig I'art'i'ga, fivrstow, Si Thomas; Jooai Smi'h, H.ugbion, New Yoik 2',tbcld. achr A J Dc Ho?>ett, BoInk, N York; S 'h, Coquet, Anld, Boiion; 27th LadyFulfolk, Tnthill, Port an I latt; St Pier e, Uiy.'iu Bangor, Ma; Vla.y, I itiby, Havana; Tho u. Wamwiiglit, Mew York. By Last Wight's Southern Mail. {let a Id !!arl''? Corrttpondance, Pmii AOKLrHi*. March 19 -4 I' M Arrived, ""ark Ohio Lewia, Bordrmi; ichi Kob'ri llmcr, [ I, saen, Boat n; Mil" Brown, Niikr aon, Providence; I'omniercial, '0I1-.10J, N York, J hi Thompsi n. FalkeuLcig, do; J blra.lou, Btud.u-s, do; i' M Wareiy. Wcldeu, Mew ItilM, 51 ek in mm, N York: John Thoiriioi, ralkeakarg. dot Triumph. Wad#, d ; Meriulan, Daih elds, alilmora; Ee\ipst, Lucy, Port Penn. Dal; bug* Dolphin, Lamb, New York. p^.ll.n?nM? Kecord. Balk John Wblih, Ann, hauee for Londonderry, IreInn'i, ucnuata'rd the gale o' Friday last, off Brand; wine Buoy,and t;?ptain Ames, hi ordar to say# ill* vassal and those on board, wan obliged to cut away nil hia mania. Tba vesuel will ba t <wed up to the city for repaiia. Bi Bmc Mnar Ann, Lauglay. Pom Halifax, N 8, for Philadelphia, wan dr ran ashore oil Friday laat, on tha ni par and of Haedv lalaud, and will ha? t niacharga a portion ol bar cargo before aha ;an ba got off.?Pmlada! phia Exchange Booka ? _ _ Host FifliB BnLTiMoaa, March i?? \rr ?taoner Georgia, from Norfolk. [ Vrnaed Saturday, P Ml Report# in Hampton itoada, ship Maryland, Kalnn, from Liverpool; off New Point I aabip.and off tha I'otomac,auo hsr, bo lt atamhirtoff Poplar lilaad abark at auehor. x-eamer Hora'd, taw off Poplar | Inland, a bark bound np: and off Bwaa Pout, a large ah p ashore, newly on h-r beam aud ? thinks aha will have to ditch ran before tba rao ba got off C.d, ahip John Oanlap. Niirrla, <'orhi bark Ph-nix Booth. New Ortaaoa, Tia HamI too Rotda: brig Mid?a, ?tch?ergrr, Havan>; fhra Actraoa. (hioinh) su.liran, Nnts>,n, N P, Oorcta,Cantrilla Norfolk Id, harka - eboo a, Tbomiaou, Coik; Borneo, Huntington, flymeu h Earlaud; ba-nb J-ckto , Hodgadan. sikp. I aI mo: Pi cant. Bomb, baw Orlrana; Creole Coflio, Mootsvideo md a market; 0 >ng a>a. Clavpoolr, Golf of Mexico; Mary, do nana, B'axoa Inland; bnga J ana Stanley, (B> | Young, l.oultiud<rr\: Jnsrphut, Gray, ' tiniest >n; selus Mary Augusta, liewct.New Utlcant; dt Mary, Ftey, Golf of Mexico i THE CRYSTAL, niO GRAND STREET, adjoining the Bntchora' and 1 w Drnvera' Bank ?The mbacriber baying i eturu-d to hia old quarteri, and haying eular.ed ft Establish-uent and refitted it with new larnitire in a style to bear faeorablr I ompniioo with any house in this nr hov other city, b'ta leave to solicit the p t ouage of his?ld friends and tne public. ha is coufiileut that bit stock of Liquor*, Wines Alas and Bet art, it equal, if not superior. to wtiatann be found iu any public h. iwe in INew V o.k, > nd he hopes by alteotiou to business to win a liberal ah ire of p tronage. Atttchedto the Esttnlishment at* rooms f.r arbitration, and ot 'er pr.vtie i nd at eeitil p itpnsca. A so. a tp rious aud airy Billiard Ko mi, whete grnt'emen en enjoy that healthy and p eaannt cxercita, frr e from interruption -nd confusion Confident that a visit to the '.Crystal ' will conyiuee the most fssti bou. of the respectability aud superiority of ihi# Establishment, he re-pectfully presents it to the publir, I feeling ante that by politeness and at'euilon he will tutu aa comiuuauce of .ha p.tronage which lit* already attended hit enterprise St'rc GEO. 1). IE8HINE. PRhMlUM WALNUT OIL. SHAVfNOSUAP CAUTION?A counterfeit article of our celebrated Walnut Oil Military Sharing Soap ianow being offeied round the city by a person representing himself as oar agent. We t hereby eauti n the public agaioat being deceived wito it, and beg to state tit tit we have no agents whatever, nor hie any one any right louse our names on the label. 'I he genuire soap, aim nlnctuied by the inveutor, Dr P. 1>. Vroum, has our fac simile signature to each label. rn23!m?tc VBOiMl it FOWLER, 3 Coortland at. CHEAP FOR CASH. PAHRENS, Diaper and Tailor, 38X Ann street, bees to inform his patrons and the public to general, that he has ou hand a very large assortment of Preach Cloths, L'aesimeres. Doeskins, Veatings, tic. for the coming season,which having been purchased entirely for cash, will be made up in the best possible style 23 per cent under Brosdwaypriees. No humbug?ral and see. m24 1 tn re NTORE OP AN HCyjlTlEs, ORIGINALLY at No. 38 B-oadway, has beea removed to V./ No 313 Broadway, up stairs. Amateurs and Conoissenra ' are uvited to call and examine a moat beau'ifnl eollectinn of Ancient Pictures and valuable specimens of Ivory, Porcelais i Silver, Gold. Ike , which have never before been in th.scire , Remember 313 Broadway mlt Itn* WuOL ISfin POUNDS American Fleece Wool for sale by K. K. COLLINS, | in20 tl rc 54 bonus stieeL COAL^-PEACH ORCHARD, IT ED ASH, LARGE nut, (330; egg,broken and atove,(373;Lehigh, lump,(330; egg, stove and nut, (3 75; these are cash prices, less 30 cu. for cartage. My coals are all under aheda and dry, re-aereened from my coal yard, 234 Elizabeth atreet and corner of Ham meraley sud Bedford streets. Hn*rc JACOB WEEKS. Jr. INSTANTANEOUS HAIR DYE. BATCHELOR'S Liquid Hair Dye, is the heat article ye offe'ed fcr coloring the hair to a perfectly even an I natural black or brown, without staining or injuring the akin j It is nronounced by hnndreda who hava uaed it, the only per ; leet Hair Dye yet diacovered. Sold wholesale and retail by i WM. BATCi ELOR.l Wall atreet. nearBroadavay. I fH m r ' VOKWaY IKON always Ion (hand and for tale by the , iu Manufacturer's Agent, C. E. HABICHT, mil lw?rc 15 West street. CTEAM POWER?Rooms to rent with Steam Power 9 Apply to H HOE It CO , , ml02wrh 50and 31 Gold atreet ffl jTvn REWARD.?THE NEW YORK, Albai. yjj A YJ V/ and buffalo Telegraph Couipaus will bay a ie' ward of (100 to tiny petaon who shall give s^eli info maiiou i as shall lead to the conviction of any individual, n'der the i following law, for wilfully injuring ihe Telegraph Liae or Property. T 8. FAXTON, President, i Utica, Oet 3th, 1846. I An net to facilitate the construction of Morat't Electro! Magueic Te.egraph. Passed May 13,1845. . The iienp'e of the State of New York, represented in Senate 1 and Assembly, do eoaei as follows :? Sec. 1? The proprietors ol the patent right of Morse's Elec ! tro Maguetie Telegraph, may be, xnd ore hereby authorized, \ to construct liues of said Telegr.iph from noiut to point, nud ' across any of the waters within the limi a of this State by the i eretlionof posts, piers or butmeuu for sustaining the wires of the same : Provided Unit the rams shall not, in any in stance ha so constructed as to endanger. Or itiinriously inter. ' rupt, the navigation of such waters; and, provided also, tl at the private rights of individuals aha'l be iu no wise impaired i by llie provia.ona of this art; nor shall this act autnorize the I construction of any br.dge, or other similar erection across any of the streams ofwa'er in this rttate. Any person or peri son* who shall knowingly or wilfully injure, incleat or destroy any of the said lines, or the materials or pioperty perj lur ing thereto, aha'l, on conviction thereof, be deemed ! guilty of a misdemeanor, and he punished by line or iingribonmeiit, or both, at the discretion of the Conrt which snail i have and take cognizance thereof. ! eec 2 The Legisla'ure nnv at anv time almr. mmlirVm rep-tl 'his set, and the same shall take effect immediately. Keepers or owue'i of Junk Shops and all other persons ere ! requested to give notice itt tfie Teleg-nnh Office, in Pen's [ Buildings, corner of Hanover street end Kxeheuge PHce, ?r to the undersiguel, of any persou offering copper wire for sale O. LIVINGSTON, Secretary. Nbw York, March 5, 1MT. No. 10 Wall street, in# lm?r ; /~1 U AN O.?The cargo of the brig Virginia, abont three I vJf hnndred tons, from South America, and front an analysis j progonucd inperioi to tuiy other kiuu In the market. The ; Ouauo is dry, and wi'l be told to close the concern at one ! at.d a hall cent per pound, and is an ohiect to the farm rt of I the eunutry. Tne cargo is at Trapped's stores, Brooklyn, near Fulton Ferry, and samples may be seeu at the office of hPOFFOKD. TILESTON It CO.. 14# Water street. m# lm*rh u H. clakke, \| 7.HCHANT TAILOH.ilt Wi|,iatn street, opposite t'<e *tJ. New Sro'es? I flatter myself th .t I harene ?er yet made a garment to measure, that the purchaser hue not recommended me to his Trends. and they to thetr'e,eo that my bueiuets mere .tea in a geometrical ratio. It shall be my endeavor to aire still greater satisfaction. The genns " Beck" kept reedy made. Finest French Dress Coats made to measure. $30 Lower qualities, $14. 18, li. A few Overeoata. fine, still left, price #16 All goods honrht and sold (or cash. mj# lw*r ; J. aiOUVENtL fc CO , ATo 2P Gold itrerl end No 3 John street, near Broadway MANUFACTURERS, wholesale and retail dra'e a in CHINA. Ot.Aaf, AN D LAMPS. ; for oil au<t led; Ots Fixtures of every description, Solar and I 0?i Lamps, Chandeliers. Braseu, Uiiandolea, Caodela' brat, he , kc. Private Homes, Charrhes, and Hotels, fit'ed op w th Gas, at a great reduction in price, and all a, tielns wa rented. A complete aiaoriment of the richest cut, pressed and plniu Glass 'nmtiuuly on hand nu ins Honrs articles maui 10 order, and a I kiada or Ulais War* matched to any pattern. Lamps alto ad and repaired j Goods 'oHoed .n pirtiss. Oil ?t wholesale and retail. New j si v ie of Hall Lamps tnd Lai.terns. (I r~ Packages fur the eonntry test free of expeese. m23 Ira*re PEARL STRlv T HOUaE, 88 Pearl itriet. New York. REDUCTION in PRICE?Toe subscriber respectfully calif the attention of ihe travelling comuiuuity. and espriidly business men, t > the fact that this house is now open aud it offered for thrir patronage r.t the low price of ONE DOLLAR I'EK DAY. I location for butinesa is not surpassed in New York, and erery comfort, with good living, clean beds, airy rooms, tie , can here be had at well rs at ins most estr.iTagant houses.? Que call will surely saiis'y auy oue of these I'actt and lusure A esteusive patronage for the house. m2S 2w rc 8AML. C. BI 'HOP. Proprietor. ~ .NEW YORK CAtm TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, NO. 72 WEST BROADWAY and No. 93 Church stree'. lUeiit'emrns garments made in ihe mist approved French : style on the following reasoua >1# terms. Fire Krenrh Cloth i Dress Coats g 15; Frock Coats do from $'5to$'Si French Cassimere l'auts $1,50 to $3,50; Diess Vest i f t iti" SJ to $4 iO H it (J wyant, m?5 lm*rh No 72 West Broadway and 93 Church st. ~~ PLAT IN "A", IN WIRE, Ingot and Plate,just receivedhy L. B BINSSE It CO, (3 William tl, m!9 lw?re upstairs. : COPYING. PAPER. | f W ) RKAM8 superior Copying P>par, American man, A V/ uUciurc, woich is wrurr inted to take a perfect im pression, and sold at a price much lower than the foreign? for aalt by PER88E St BROOKS, f2li r Paper Worlutui*. S'r n- d i?t Nassau at ; UAGUERREOTYPE PLAJ/ES. JUST Kr.CEIVED per ship buigundy? 30u0 Daguerreotype Platts, full sue null* do a . medium siie. from the best French maniif'Ctnies For sale rt ti e lowest prices, by LOUIS L. biSHOp, Importer, mil 2w*r 12 Maidru Laue. up a'airs MASSAPLCiUA HOUSE, SOUTH OYSTER BAY, LONG ISLAND THE suhsc-ibcr trkes thia method to inform his friends and the public, that he haa taken the above hooie, which i will be open for the reception ef visiters on the first day of i Match lost, and boats will be in readiness for trouting. A Stage will leave Far mm go ale on the airival ol the morning and eveni ng train of cars fiom Brooklyn or the abovs . House. C. E 8NEDECOU, Proprietor, I raft 2w* ? late r.f the Oyster Bar House ; DALLK Y'~S PAIN EXTRACTOR MERCHANTS AND DRUGGISTS can obtain their apriug supplies of the ouly rename I'aiu Extractor at ' orr depot. Liberal term* are made with wholesale pur chasers and with agents. Fresh certificates of Its remarkable rfn.atey tu Bums, Piles, i Rheumatism, fcc. lie., Immalied gratis. Wanted immediately seven! travelling agents, witli means, i and well racommendrd H. DAI.LEY k CD , fl* lin*re No Vn# R oadway Liquiu HAIR DYE. NO EQUAL?The improvement of ISdtl? ALEXANDEh d THICOBAPHE. which instantaneously colors the Hair a natunl Black or Brown, and gi?es it ihe beauty and elasticity ofyon'h, and is warr-ntedneither to wash or rub off, or soil the skin. The p-oprietnr, since its improve ment, presents it to the public w ith the nlmo .t i otifi.lvnef a( ' having no equal, and as a peifct Dve. For sale by Kushrcu k Co , Broadway ; J S Aspinw.all, Willinit arret;.John sou, Mo re k Taylor, Maiden Lane ; nod A B. Si f) Rands, ' New York?aud by tl e sole agent. fot the ' uiml Htires I feld 1 to * re It k G A WHIGHT. HiHadelpMa MOURNING COLLARS AT WHOLES AM. 'PHE best to bv f-iund in the eify, at W. T. Sinclair's 44 H | A 4;anal airert. Hoatherti aud country dealers will (iiid it to Ih'ie Hssafsfe to eall hefnv* ibev'poret.asa, fin tm f ' PRIVATE LESSONS IN GlRM A ?. A LADY from thv north of Oermaay won't) be happy to i\ drroir a pnr'ion oi h i time Is riving instruction in Germin at the rande, eo of pupil* Application in person or by .iirito No. I aid II Clinton Place. mil lm?? Hill m I iWiil LI -l> lllllll I I IJWMMW1 to lorg andwidali known unit of toe most loauttw establishments* this method of Informing the travelling public, that beside the gieat improvement made last spaas, m tna addition of an entice aew wine to toe houie by which t Urge number of lodgings were added, as wellasan extensive Bsthing Eitsbltshmeut. they have recently had constructed a new Ladies' 0<dioary, fitted up m the must nniqoe and be intifpl style, and also a private sitting room fur gentlemen, whicn is eutirely f se from the buttle necessarily mcideut 'o the inwe public parts ol the house; au anaiiKeuiant highly desirable, and which they flat er tnemselves cannot tail to please, lis couuection with th-se improvementa, the whole interior of the home has undergoes a thorough revtiioo?every thing appertaining to the upholstery of the establishment his been renewed, and atleodaata I lor the chambers selected witn s strict view to their I entire capability in evciy respect The table will no found at all limes fully sappl.U* with s vary thing tho market affords, served up in a superior style, while ia the way of wines, Ito lie. nothing will be kept bat what is of the bast quality. Added to these facU the attention and courtesy which will be rendered by their assistants acting andsr their own prr unalsapervision, to those who may Tavox thvm with a call, lh?y flu tor themselves will not leave disaatisllad, as no pains or expensa will be spuod on their put to meet tne wants of tbeir guests, and irnst thair hopes of e liberal patronage will uot prove unfounded, Baggsge taken to end from the Ho'el. free of rhvge. AKTHUH L FUO". rea-aw3mrrc PHINE.aB T/iUKsTON. SIXTH EDITION,<J ST PUBLISHED, Disk tsics of the ?kxu iL system, ?*d ? > popular snd profess onal leadi-.g. hy E<iwa:d H. Ditou, VI. I)., author of sund y >uigii-al rs>ays, p. 270, tilth edition. The value of tins < xcelirut Ire .tits is brsi proved by the fsct thti it ha? psineu through sis editions in out year it c >nlama a Complete review of the origin and progress of every kunwn disc tee of thssrxuil syst. m??y,.h lis, strirtu e, the consequences of excess and sell-abuts, he. &c., ui language adaited to every leader. The Nrw York aud Boston vledi c-il Journal, Tribune. Post, Mirroi, he. have expressed the highest opinions of its merits. For sals by CHARLES H. KINO, cerntr of Broadway rnd John ?<reet. Price, $1 2i. m2i2t*r nil Itl si V H UM' ItlNu >1 V r.ll.Y \n laniNi. t -Mm U i?o. 1 contains the remedies nud every article nerets-.ry for the speedy cere of O-norrhmt, Gleet, StriciU'e, fcc.? Box No 2 contains the remdits for the trearmeut ol S>philis. Ui all i t? forina aud sages. Jta .h boa contains u concise description of every form of private due Tlia<a whu hive been exposed, or are luhoriue nuder any fo?ni of delici'e disease, will le trn wuhut Htiy farmer trouble Or consultation, the nature of ihe affection, and be in poaanaiou of the proper metna of removing it, by.purchasing thia box. NOTICE. The afflictad, who need mtdicat aiJ, aud wish to be treated properly and pnv.itely, ahonld aecure thia b?i b'traugers cjournlag in the e ty ahonld aecure the box before leaving, to gu-rd airaiust couaeriueueei. Persons in the country enclosing %i and <*e cniuug the ease, will have the box forwarded to their address wilhout exioaure. Hold by J. O. Kay, 136 button street, Lamp Store. Ptia Building. prire 6i per bcx The Doctor may oe privately nud confidentially consulted in Cases of Jelicate dia aae, and all affections of urins'V land genital orgaus, at Ins office. US Ful .on steel, Sun Building. Entrance lo ihe office through the Lamp Store l.etters poai paid, euelosi-g a fee, will he ca>efully attend'd to, and all recessaiv advice aud medicine I'orwnriied to the writer. Advice gratis to those who purchase the box. N.B. Dr. Convert' Invigorating Cordial,, the moat celebrated article iu cases of genital debility, impoleucy, nocturnal emissions, and llie various physical and meutal affections, and s d derangements arising from onanism, or early secret inditcie: habits, for tale as above See Dr. Convert' long advertisement iu this paper. Hours of consultation Iroin 10 A.VI. ro 2 P.M. m261m*re IMPORTANT TO GENTLEMEN. CiENTLEMEN, I WISH YOU TO KNOW, that #4 * .Murray, corner of Washington atreet it the only place in this ci'y wh-re yon can depend upou having fall nt'en'iun i aid 'o the rep iring, t lenning, dyeing and altering Ml kind of Gentlemen's Clolhiug at sho't notice, on reasonable terms. Oive me a trial, aud you will ft,id'hat fori shillings only, you can have yi-ur coats made to look equal to new, without ihe aid of that great deatrrctnr, steam Cleaning and dyeing superior to anything ever done in thrwcity. Please cell, or tend a note to #4 Murray stre't Gent lent en. prepare for Kpri v iu time, A CORTIbSUB, from Lundsn. m21 2w*rh 'Hill1. MAKhlh.ll WlhttrUVS I'ltlVATt MEDICAL X COMPANION, by A. M. MauriceHU, professor of dia eases ol Women, just published. Price fl. 'the iin,.orlant secrets here contnined, though of a nature sfrifl Iy intended for th? married yet to those contemplating marriage, it is equally important The various subjects trrated of in the " Married Woman's Private Medical Companion." are of a nature wiih which every female, either married or contemplating marriage should become conversan', especially the gieat Franch disco very here contained, to ignnrunce ot the existence of which the life of many a wit# has fallen a sacrifice: us also restraining m my prudent pers/ns from the dread of poverty or prospect of a large family of children, from marrying. To the female r-filleted with the virioue complaints arising from a stoppage, irregularity,i ecline or retention of the inei ses, it is iiivalur.Sle as containing the censes, symptoms, and ihe most carta remedies for the removal of her complaints. Every- husband and every f ther, as also every young man 'emplatn : to become rv.e. will r ere flud suggestions, once possessed, no i'reuuiary consideration will inthem lo part will their own happiness, the intuit piness of their children, depe.iu up u being possessed ol ' important secrets co.tuited in this wora. How true it is n knowledge is power ; how often it is that what we acr for one dollar we would uot part with fur thonsanda. On t e receipt of oue dollar, " 1 he Marr ed Woman'. PriMedical ' ompnninu" will be sent, free of postage, lo a part of ihe United S ates Address, post paid, Dr. A M '"nuriccau, box 1221, New Yo kcity. Office No. 64! Broadway N. Y. N B.?Travelling and ofhrr ageuts sending f r halfa doxen or more c pies, are allowed the most liaeril discount The great demand for thisv-.r1- *?d (he liberal discou t allowed, enable pedlars, travelling merchants, aim olher realise handsome profits Irom its sale. A few more agents wanted address,post paid, as ?bove. ml! ImDfkWrc A OUK~b P'OK CULDS. MllSb CAHKOLL'S M.-dicated Vapor and Snlphui Baths, 184 Fultou street, opposite Church street. A i certain cure for C?Ids, Coughs, Rheumatism. Sore Throat. aud all inflammatory diseases incident lo tn> ciiangeahlr | state of the weal her. The nulphur Vapor Bath is particni la ly recommended byr our first physicians as a cure for ell eruptions and diseases ol the skin. No danger of taking Cold sfler the nse of ihete baths mifilin'r LEFT OFF WARLIROHE AND FURNITURE WANTEDS LADIES OK GENTLEMEN having superfluous effects to dispose of, such ?? Wearing ipinrel, Furniture, ice can obiaiu a fuir cash price for the same, by sen.ling for the I subscriber, throngh ihe Post Office, or otherwise, who will I attend at their residences. J. lEVENSTVN, ... . . . . *66 Broadway, upstairs. Ladies can be attend*.! to by Mrs. J. LEVKNsTWN. j (*16 lin*rc | NEW FAFEU HANGINGS. i CI 'PARES It CO., No. 37# Pearl street, have received i X their usual ts-ge supply of all ihe cew pittams.of every i style and quality of French aud American Paper Hangings, ; B rdars, V aws, Fueboard Priuts, and wide window Curtail. : Pepar, which they offer ti, dea'ers, merchants and others, at . extremely low |i ici I The competent Paper Hangers mar ha had at very | short notice. m#1msre I DANCING ACADEMY. MK. 8AKACCO, Italian Ch.:rogr?phisi, and Mile. *nge line, first teacher of the Parisian Daucing Acadernv ol Mr Csllarius. respectfully inform Ladies and Gentlemen the Amateurs ol Modern Dancing, that besides tits graceful dances ANGELINA-. New Waits in 5 steps o their invention. T AKANTELLE? Dance of Nspies J Muxorka, Welti Manirka, Redowa, Walrr-lledowa, Polka, Cotillon of Pr lka, Bi'dWaltxes They will learn also the POLKA-MAZUHKA-RU-SK j A dance recently iuvented lor the Coojt of the Emperor ol I Kutita | in ? -TM music ol the Polk* Maeurkn Rune can be only I found nt Mr. Soracco's, No M Canal itreet, east corner of tSrnadnay. m* lin*r? 8EGAR3. : HAVANA AND ST. JAGO LEAF TOBACCO A A. SAM >NOS. 94 Broadway, hp stairs, (opposite Trinity Church) offers for sale, in lots to snil parches ; ers. at wholrsale and rctsil. I'm kales Havana Leaf Tobacco, wrapper* mid ditwra50 " Yguanv " * " ! 'it " Cumberland U.rbor. K " 40 " St Jugn Leaf Tobacco jk " 15 " " " dark wrarpery. 12 rases old Conneetirnt Seed Leaf Tobacco, Rood col or* , Also, Messrs of all brardsand classes, including toine iiu poted evpreaaly for private smokers, together with others | suitable for the trade. Just received, a few ol the new brand ".(Jl!a*mUAmco," imported solely by the subscriber. | Orders received and puurmnilv sitended io for sll classes olsegirs. Also for sale, all kiuus rf .Smoking Tobacco, o Americsu, Hpsni h. German, and Turkish manufacture, in clndinR the celebrated Hcarfalnttt. i Also, Scuffs of all kinds, including the celebrated "Corcn hahrcn" and "Nai.hitochks." A A. BAMAKO, fkl lm*re 94 Bfceadway. Up Staira. BLEACHING POWUfcH?10# casks hold's Bleaching I'awders, now Itnding irora the ship'I he'ts, front GalI war, end for sale bv J'EHSSK A BROOKS, intir '.5 audl.T Nassau st. , WINDOW SHADES t WINDOW HHAlJKIf!! CITY AMD COUNTRY MERCHANTS, Uphol.tereri Pedlars, Stc , can find the largest, test, no a dustiest assortment of Hhades and m teriila fur m"ki-:g and hanging Shades in the city?at KELT* Ik RIKKU'B Exclusive Window Shads m9 lm*r More, 131 t li -th.vo street A GOOD FIT. AT HANDFOHD'S CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT. 137 Kultou strret We have just received s beautiful ami well selected assortment of Cloths, Castimeres I and Vesting! tuitab.e lor spring trade, which we guaraut) to make up in garmeuls to suit tnv most d.tlicult, as to style, Gts, workmanship at d prici s It will psv well lor those visiting our nity to call at 1Z7 Fulton streei and see iv u ?Kvery variety o! Uotfittiug eouftantly on hand and old cheaper than the cha.ii eit. 8ANDFUKD BKOTHF.K 127 Fulton ,tnrt, mt lm*r nen do >r 'o tiie Herald dice TO DENTISTS. . 'pHK anbsetibi r hat jn?: receirr-l i, cement (without mer 1- cury,) lor filling te-th, invented and improved by one cl the fi,at Surgical Deotiitt in tha world It it be litvnd to be (lie hot article of the ki> d ever offered to lite profoiiaa Kor sale at tba Dental Depot of JOdKPJI T.iTURPHKT, _ , , 406 Broadway Orderaby mail, tea vi,g $1, cau have jer ?mt by | retain eapren. flj |m?rh 6nOn,M|,'N PATE >T iHIKHKD ?DHfKN j V/Wllfcim embracing oyer twenty at.le* a?d price., vary ins from below $2 to lib per dozen, lor ?*le te j jobber* and ripo.ten, and at rrt'i), by the only inainlaciu rer of the t .brie in the Dcited State*, and ejclotive owner of I , all the patent* for processes in the rranufaciure of ii.??e ?o?J", H. II. DAV. , 'v. Itii rre ?i (V.- l.?.li .10. MUtNfcY LENT. ONKY L1* NT?The highest prices advanced in large i and imrll intii* on sold and *ilvcr wr.tehe*. diamonds. Plata, Jewelry, fiirmrnre,?lothu.g, dry goody. Ae., tec JOHN M. DA VIES, I icrn.rd pawnbroker, . 213 WiHiam *tteet. near Doene. rarsnna received in piivaie offie*. by ringuiH the befl. m 17 1 m* r d? ,\l W | UK. W AMD?AMKMIH A.N HOMPOl/ND-Thie popular, pleaaaidt, and irecific remedy 10 wur ranted to core effectually ill caaea ofa delicate dtaeaae in a 1 fe e d >) *, tinder a forfeiture of the above *uin. Person* using th.a celebrated a. tide n?rd fear no esposnrea, a* it leave* no odpr on the breath, require* no reatriotioii in diet or hu*|. e*? 1 and in adapted to every age, ?f.i anil condition. It contain* no mercury or noxinn* Hrtig*, ii'jn'iou* to the eouttitn'inn. but* lh? system from in fee ion Thousand* of long 1 standing care* fav* been cured by a ali'g.a bottle, while'ne i I groat majority are radically cured with half the quanti'T I Thi* ia HO trumped op " liurnbag, it ha* long been, aud ati I is, used in the piivate pr-etice of phyiiriaii* with uuemita *ucce*i, curiug ninety-n ne of the bund ed e .e* Try it, and | convince yonraelvea Mold whole**!* by UouiToc* k Co., I |i Conrtlandt ttrret; retailed at Bowery and Urn d, Bowerv end Walker, Bowery end Houston. Bowery and Fourth *t* : ! Mariet atreet. on er of East Uroadwav : K. L. Ho.ton. 2f.J 1 Bleecke-?t.;Mammond fc Co.,corner of Broadway ami < h ?mher* ?t.i cor. of Ktiltnn cud iter *t , New York; for. Knlton aud ' ranberv, Brooklyn; Third and South at. Philadelphia; I eorner Charles aud Piatt ilreets, Baltimore; O. Stott, Washiogtoe City; hobcttten at Horrnck, Norfolk, V.i ; aud P. Ho I heokCo.,,bari??i?u,h, C, wl3weo*l*r * ! 1 s mmweawft ji. . j.' 1 ?u'. i'm,? j ^brSTssra^ar rheum, erysipelas. dropsy, foaMani, v soma, bunions, scalut, tooih-aci a, paw 10 ''' ma or braaut, pimples, my worm or tetter, b-rber's iieh, eruption of the ahin, Sic., lie. ww t jh1? ev u"m;e ^ , M. T. rH.iK.M Joba ?tre?r, wu cured of Quinsy 8or? Throat by a few applications, be says it is tba boat raa?4r he eerranw JOHN E. KEEI EH, of the Brooklyn Oruhsn Asylum, wat cured of K. rnmicic Faius, Pain iu the Side ko He aaj it it the beat tamily remedy be ever taw, and would not be without it nudcr auy consideration Mr F A. PB.ADLV will testify to the astonishing raliel he obtained from ihi of tha Linitnenr. afar ha hid tried nary thine he.conld hear of withent benefit for LuAtinmatoiy Khs'iniatitm Rraideuce 7 ChryaUe atrael. HON. F PHlcE. ol 41 Warren aueet, will taaufy to its auperior medicinal rirtuea. _ COM. OEOKOE DE*AY waa cured of Rbeumatie Gout. Residence Mlb atreot, near Tih arenas . , . _ N?w To?K, Wo?., IML Messrs S. J. IneuaaoLL k Co.: (Jbrtlbmbu: I am not giveu to pafflnf tbo Tariona nostrums of the day into existence, or raise my voiee in their favor, yet the se rious couv ction that yours la no ef intrinaio merit, (fiom the asrnaishiuf relief I h re received) and e teal benefit to the afflicted, induces ma to vfier my humble testimony. 1 am now FIFTY-SIX. YEARS of apt and have been afflicted with KHEUMATIMM for the last teu years. In Apiil las 1 caught a very severe cold, wluch increased my Rheumatic paint, to that i waa coufinea to the hosts. 1 c in> family pbytici tn, who attend ed me until the first ol May without rcl'uviug mc at all ln fact, I grew <*onc, and to mneh to. I wat coiltned to my bed. I continued in mm* way for nearly 2 tnontha, suffering eTery thing but death unble to alaep. raiar my armaor tnov? without suffering the moat excruciating pain. A Iriead of mine called upon me. who h,d been cured with HOAKE'8 IODINE LINIMKVf. induced me >o try it, which I uid The A at application fare ma relie'. 1 coutinurd to atvly it according to directions, audi' 12 honra wot completely reliered fiom pun I continued to use it until 1 haU used two bvttles, which effected a perfect cure. I hare had uo return of the paiua siueo; hare attended daily to my mechanical, business. I would not be without it under any couatde atioo, and adriae all who are thus alBiCtrd to try it atouce. know ug it to be the only reme dy that can be relied on. Yoara. fcc. ' WILLIAM I. JOHN80V, euth Third, near Fourth atreet, Williamabtug LOSS OF THlTuSR OF TUJt ZJ-LIMUS .O New York, Oct. 34, 1343. Messrs 8 Ingeriou., It Co.: Gentlemen: It iawith feelings of tho utmost gratitude I ofler yon my humble testimony u favor of your meat ralaable liniment. About fiftcsu mouths ago, while engaged at my work, I waa taaau suddenly with a severe pain in my ankle, which for two days aud nights deurived me entirely from sleep or My mother canae me to be leinored home, and sent for a Doctor who attended me fur sometime and Anally told mo that ho could not help me. and advised rav being KENT TO Til hi HOS ITAL. I went aud remaiued there three months, under the care ot the able aud scientific Physicians attached to that institution While ihere I was leeched twice; had Ave blisters on my ankle, and enpped three tiin?a. Finding no benefit from that mode of treatment, they con .luded tv trv cold water, which they coutiuosd some time, and receiving no relief^ abandoned it. My foot and aukla d eadmlly swollen aud black, and cold as ice, 1 was again brought noma, having ?iven up all hopea ol ever getting relief At this tins a rieud procured a bottle of Uoake'a Iodine Liuimeat, and aentitto me, advising nle to make a thorough dial of it. Stiange to tell, I left almost iuimedUts reTief?the pain which sad beea seated in my ankle, seemed lo be hrekeu up and scattered. 1 continued the ate rf it lor several wees* with increasing suceess, and until 1 nad used soma half a doien bottles, which has sffscted a perfect cure, and nothing but e slight weakness remsinieg. Words are but feeela ex Kresetous of the gratitude I leel towards you, drought, as i ave been, trow a state of wretched heislessaess to perfect: health 1 shall ever pray for your prosperity and happinaas. Truly and sincerely yours. Signed, MARY MeALIsTfiR, 132 Sixteenth street. 1 hereby certify that the above eertilicate, signed by my daughter, is trae in avary respect ANN McALISTJCR. State ol New,'York, city and county of New York, (<w>. personally appeared before me, Attn and Mary J L. a. JMcAliater, aud being by me duiy sw rn, doth dels**"*/' pose end say, thst the above certificate signed by? them, it true in every respect. Sworn to before me this 24th dsy ol October, 1344. Signed, T. VAN TINE, Alderman ol the Ninth Ward. FAIN TILLER. Messrs. S. Ingeusoll It Co ? Gentlamen?During the menth ot September last, my wifs sprained her ankle to bed ly that 1 was oeligsd to aarry her np stairs aud put bar to bed. I made on my mind that she would not be able to walk again I for a month, at least, but to my surprise. after making alow thorough applications ot 'Koike's Iodine Liniment," she w?? tne next morning entirely wall. 1 have aire b??n for year* troubled with chilblains, and hare triad erery thing 1 have heard of, bni outer tonnd anything that rate me so oh immediate aod permanent relief, as the ass vf yonr "Iodine liniment." Yoari truly, 8YLVANU8 WHITE, 273 Bridge street, Brooklyn* Brooklyn, Dec. 16,1646. ?. INUERSOLL, eole proprietor. Principal Depot. 238 PKAIlL Street. 8. INOKRSOLL. sole proprietor. > or sale, also, by all retpeetable druggists* feb eod3ui*r OK. CONVITRS' 1M VMt?.?ftA t UNU I.OKLMAL, 'OK GENITAL DuBILITY, IMFOTaNCY INCON* 'IMNJCNl E, OK NOCTt/ilNAL EMISSIONS, 6te., Ire ? This eelebiatrd and powerful remedy has t>r?u used with the meathnppy effect in the i-raat ice ot tin mam physicians and surgeous ia the Britiah Empire, f iance and nrmiuiy. Indeed,,f<i remarkable rem the suras. that the late " Bit Aatley I wiled It ae the "harbinger of life." The ate el this eo dial willfully snst-un this high encomiam. The highest medical authorities in the Uuited States ecommead it *s stipe ior to any ther article fer the care of the above distressing rumplniuu. '1 hi proprietor dses not offer this remedy to the afflicted ?s a Catholiceu, but as a spaaifis or the following deplorable aftechous, the eousaguenoe of early, indiscreet cccrst habits sfyouth, o the excessive wdn'geuce of the passions in riper years, vie general physical prosrrstian, nervosa irritability, to.por ol the liver, palpita'ion of ttm heart, dyspepsia, costivsuess, puiu in the heed, dimuessnf visien, vertigo, lunacy, loss of muscular energy, psrslosis, weakness of the back and lower extremities, lassitnJe, no tnrn?l emiscisns, gleets, impotenay.or rusmcture and total desay of virility. Meataly, the victim suffers aberration of mind eonfuaionol ideas, loos ol memory, dejettion, or meltneho'v forebodings; aversion to social intereriurse, timidit*, eelf-distrest, and leva of solitude. Those art aomo of the sffeetafsf this violation of the law* of man's j hjs eal and soe>nl bstag. Hundreds ot eases of suddea deel se or eousumption may be traced to ihe above bsnefui praociees. Young men in cities, and particularly in ibe sena ry, where these so itaiy habits prevail to an alarming sxtenr, and those, t o whose matrimonial allianeos h.ivo net baen prodaetiva of thuae happy resnlts which ahanld stteod the sennasisl stats, will peiecive tBii advertissment treats el an important anbjset to them. Young man, if you would be relieved from these evils, and be restored to roaalir vigor ol body and mind delay sot to procure this cordial?it is the only aneheref hope for von. ( be mode of effecting a cure, sue the hints and fall die] closures which aceoauanv the ntedioine, are high y minor aut to the married aid single. Fries $3 per bottle; tit naif doteu , or tit pe' dozen N b ?This Cordial eonulnt no Moreury, or any miueral substanoe. Sold wholesale asd retail, by J O FAY, 136 Fulton street. Lamp Store, Sun building. New York. I"/"" The " Cordial" will bo for * srdedte my part ol tha city or country by addressing at, peat paid, amount enclrsed. Also, for t'le by Dr Wodsw-rth, to Nenb Main street, "rovide oe, It I : at lit Washingtan etreat, Beaton) No. 4 , Broadway, Albany; mid by Martin and Wbitalay, 366Ma ket street, Baltimore. Md ; W. Williams, Buffalo; and of Dr. Ha'sted, Roches'er, N. B.?Married persons, and those contemplating mar-iage, conscious of physical inability from certain eausea. may e. n fideutially eonsnlt Dr. Couve's, pcrsouallyor by lettsr. P'St p id enoiosing 63. at 136 Fultsu rtrser, IM y. 116 lm*r Sruit HTiU suiJTH?Au entirely new artiale of Ha. ling and Fishing Uoots, mit fustnred coo-der of U>t<.yftn Metallic Kubber, and warranted perfectly water proof, for ale by SAMUEL BHOOKS, Sole A* ant for Oo dyear's Msnofae'ories, rrXI Im + rh 108 8m?4?av. nfivosi'e Trinity Chureb. ULOlnlNii. THE CHEAPEST gents and boys fashionable Tailoring ai d Ciothirg Es'ablishmont in 5t* Y? rk. is JACOB VANDEH.BIL1 8', 36 Maiden Lane, between William end Nassau streels, where r. ay bs found over five thousand ready made garments, which wi 1 he sold wholesale ?v retail, at the Very lowes> possible prices. Al?o, more rh?n five hundred pieces ef fashionable goods, which will be mtee to order in e style of elegance that cannot bu surpassed. Yon will do well to call, as j ou e >n save from three to seven dollars on a suit. Do not foigct tha number, 36 Maiden Lane, mjo lm?re PRIVATE DIHEAStW.?ESTAJBlASitElr A. U U40 I FOR THE SUFFKESSION Ok QUACKKK Y.?The Members of the New York Colic*# of Medicine tad. Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quackery csetinno to direct their particular attention to all ill' eases of e private nature, and can eonfi<!eutl7 promise to persons requiring nodical treatment, a safe and permaeeai core, without injury totlio constitution or confinement from business. Invalids are particularly requested to nuke uppli cation to tl:e College on the first appearance of those ofseosss, as a vast amount of suffering and tine may be tores avoided. One of the members of the relieve, for many years cos eeted with the principal hospitals in Europe, lor rfce cure of those c'lmplaiulf, all'iads for eonsullatioa daily from I AM. to t r.M. Tenas? Advice s.-.d Medicine, ti?eare rusranteed. LMFOKTANT TO COUfiilHY IN VALIDS?Per*,i livicg in Die country, and finding it iuconvenrentto makv l ersci'.f.l application, cau have furv.awied to them a chest do* taiamg all taet'ieiuc requisite to perform a radkel cor?aby vtjlmg ihrir cava explicitly. toreiher with al! tymptckis. Urns of contrMdoa, and treatment received eisewbrx*. it any, .S4 kzcloeixg ,5. ''^^^'VlTuLlSON, M. D? so NjiwuitrcM, New York, VELritACH SPECIFIC PILLb. CI OB the radical curs of gonorrhoea, gleet, semtuai sail C sions, and all mocopuruTeut discharges from tbe urotrua. These rills, the result of twenty year's experience in the Hovpitu de Cberilo in Paris, are piciounseJ by their eels .-,,..1 ,..,n> ii Professor Valpc::u. an infaMikls for aililitesaee ?>' the arethra Tiler sTect r. enrs in a raatft . r'fcf tiro* than ? other reintu', without tsisring IM d'?.t?Teei m v?'' th* atotnacb, or ?<M^?taom frota hymiH* % Pfie? p"' Hoi. CCNpi iTl'TlONAl. DKB1JUIT1 CUKIti>? THK IONIC MIXTURE, prtw-tH nr Me Co>le<r? > Veilisme and rl>?rma?y of the Cigy of N?* York, >? taafhleutly reeotnreeded for nil v*seaoffitbility protlnead o? sceret iu4dlr? or eicrca of nay Wimi. It ii an inrelna reiatilv for impotreee, aterifitr, or k*rrt?B?ai, xoltaa depeading on malformation. Single Nittlea 51 each; catas ol rmlf* ?5; cmf?!:y packod. tad ???* tool! yrtioftho Uaioo. K1CORD1A ALTIhiV'VH MIXTURE [i?OR rlit ponnooent cure of pritun teeoadarr typoi'ts venciai ulcers, node*, ci any riompj*.:,:'. oreduceo l?r at irundicieca use fit n.rrctu7, or ur.nkitial medical troatiosal All perrons impeding venereal taint remaining in tlietr sysloni, thouid P'e t!.i? powerful purit er v. ithout duay, ?e ee yrin.n cm connder nioiielf ? .!? alter loivii... the vanertt) isease. withont thoroughly ele&aiiag the inir j wi"h ?i >i justly celebrated ultertlive Said ib tingle bottles at $1 t.ieh, in cases of half a dosea for 15: carefully packed mil sunt to ell i-artsofthe Union. CUNCKNTK.AT JCD EXTRACT i liOIAHRAfAR ILL A GENTIAN AND BASAKRAS, VlWKFAilKll by the New Vork ( oiltee of Mediate* lt4 Ptiarniatp, established for the annpresj ou ol qtiackarv Tim refined and highly iMMUirilN attract, poaaeeeiBg *li tht j urifying ; n ill tie i red rotative powers of (he ebo-e htrhi it confidently reeuni'.isodad hy the Cello*# * taper.or to as y?? trier of fi. toj .-ills at preirnt before the p.' l:?, md ta?y bt rslttd on ni a e?ruun rtttiedy lor all di tense* aril ingfrouiaa Unpurt tut? of the Mood, s< ch as aeruiu'-.ui4 tali rhauta rus.! trerra, Notches or pimptM, alcera, pais it tht bones or Join, aodas. entaneon* truptiont, tort throat, creny dilute itni' < from tUtttutUiTMetll of syphilis or an in adieinet cm of maiesrr. 8oM in single bottles ?t ? ? cants. ' in cues of hall a dotau bottltt 13 M " " one doaen ' MM? f ates forwarded to al> rcrts of the L'n'ca. * N B ?A ye. r liHeral <l.s.,..ut't to whMnrrte pnmlitsers. O.'fi'e opaa frets I * VI. it. ? ! M W N RICH \BD*ON, M. D DkVV K Nisstu street, New Yoik.

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