Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1847 Page 2
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I NEW YORK HERALD.' H Ktw Vo THur.dajr, April I, IH4T. K?nr*Fwm hurope. I The steamship Sarah Sands probably left Liver pool on the twenty sixth of la* month, and is now about half-way on Iter voyag*- She will bring I twenty-two days later intelligence from the other I side ot tho water, and will no doubt arrive here in the course ol next week. Her news is anxiously I look- d tor by the mercantile community. I We expect, however, to receive later intelliI genco than what we received by the last steamer I through the medium of packet ships, some of I which, judging by the prevalence of easterly j winds la'ely, must be near shore. The packet ship Silvie de Grasse arrived here the day before yesterday, alter a passage of twenty-eight days from Havre. The same winds which favored her j have doubtless influenced others. After the Sarah Sands, the first steamship from t England will be the Cambria, of the Canard line, f which will leave Liverpool on the fourth of this 0 month. She will bring five days later news than s the Sarah S rods will 0 Immediately after late news arrives, whether u by packet or steamship, we shall issue an Extra ? Mkr/lld. ( The Olorlous S.WI frsa tlM Arm jr. , We publish in this clay's paper tha whole of , the important news from the seat of war, toge- a ther with the list of the killed and wounded, as , c known. ^ This news was obtained by us several hours in J, advarou of the mail, and at a great expense. As j soon as we heard o( tha damage to the Southern 1 line ortelegiaphs by the late storm, we arranged a , Southern express, in anticipation ol this news? and sucoeeded in bringing it here ahead of the i mad*. The different railroad lines, particularly ] the Wilmington and Delaware line; also E. S. , SandforJ, Esq., of Adams It Co., made the most praiseworthy exertions to send the news to this ! city in the quickest time possible. We publish on the outside, to accompany the details of the glorious intelligence, amapoi the oountry where this great battle tork place. It was drawn by the lamented Col. Yell, ex-Governor of Arkansas, who, with many other officers fell in the last great battle. It is a correct topo- ' graphical view of the battle-Aeld. Wu have no room to-day for comment. We shad merely say that our officers and soldiers must have fought with desperate fury, or they , could not have achieved so brilliant a victory | against such overwhelming odds. j i The Corn Trade of the Culled States?Its Pre- j < sent and Prospective Condition. The greatest anxiety exists in this market tela- ! tive to the resumption of navigation on our lakes, ! rivers, and canals. The season is very back ] ward, and the cold weather holds on longer than ( 1 usual. Last year the Fndson river was open on ; the 18th March; it is still closed in the vicinity of 1 Albany, and from the appearance of the weather, , there is no immediate probability of its opening ' Last year'navigation on the canals of this State < was resumed on the 15th of April, and on the upper lakes on the 4th April. We regret to learn from the canal board that the canals this year | will not be opened until towards the close of the month. Under existing circumstances this is particularly unfortunate. Our stock ol breadstuff* in this . market is exceedingly limited, so much so that a ; day or two of unfavorable weather has a material influence upon prices, and there is every prospect of the supply becoming reduced to the 1 ; smallest quantity before the general avenue of re- | ] Ctfipts is in operation. Had there been vessels | i * enough in this port to have taken away the brcadstufls offering for shipment, we should have been ' completely cleaned out, but fortunately for the homn consumption, vessels have all through the ( season been scarce, and the stock has been pretty i < well sustained. 'I he resumption of navigation upon the chan- , ncla of Communication with the section of the 1 country bordering on our great western lakes, is a matter of vast importance, not only to the consume is in this country on the seaboard, but to the whole of Europe, as the quantity of produoe of | every description, which has lor the past Ave months been accumulating at the different points* s immense, and must, upon its arrival in the < markets, have a tendency to depreciate prices. The influx of breadstuff* from the interior must j greatly exceed the deflux, as tho difficulty which has heretofore been experienced 111 relation to vessels and freights cannot be obviated. There : is not a sufficient number of vessels in existence unemployed to carry forward supplies as rapidly as they will bo required on the other side, or to ' the extent they will be pressing forward from this . side. There is not the slightest doubt but that we j shall have an abundance to meet every demand ' from abroad, no mutter what may be the amount, j The last crop of grain has, as yet, hardly been touched, particularly that ofcorn. The aggregate , ( exportation of this grain from this country to Europe since the 1st of January last, a period of about three months, does not exceed five millions bushels, which is hardly n tenth part of the surplus on tiand previous to the last harvest. ! Accotding to the estimate made by the com- I inissioner of patents, the crop of Indian corn in i the United States in 1846, was about 160,000,000 bushels; this, with the surplus of the previous year, would swell the aggregate supply on' hand , in the fall of 1846, to at least 000,000,000 bushels. It would be safe to calculate upon a consumption in this country of at least 860,000,000 bushels, which would leave a margin for exportation of 150,000,000 bashels for the year ending in the fall of 1847. Of our supply of wheat we can spare a fifth part of the crop, which, in 1846, according to the abov<* authority, was about 125.000,000 bushels. This would lie equal to 6,000,000 barrels of flour. Of this we have exported, since the 1st of September last, lull 1,000,000 barrels, leaving a balance of about 4,000 000 yet to go forward, in the event of its heIng wrnted. It will be seen by the above calculafions, that we have a surplus of breadstuff s in this country j greater than the greatest estimated defic ency in | the harvests of Great Britain. The best authori- | t tea in England calculate upon a deficiency eq tal to aixteen millions of quarters of grain, equal to about 145,000,000 American buahsls. Suppose j one half of thia deficiency should be required from this country, we shall still have 30,000,000 i bushels of wheat and corn to supply the demand from nthe?r Aonrsv u The quantity of broadstutts shipped from this country to the United Kingdom, from September 1st, 1846, to March 27, 1847, according to the moat ; official returns, was at annexed i? amrMtcsTi or BssAcsTurrs rsoa thi Ubitsu Statss re llBKST -IIITAIB ABU IsKLABD Sloar........ |bt. I4??r? Whe^t bin I ?7I Ml Com Mom .... obis. i bin. 6 Oil S40 K>? nil (It. dbs> M*,0?? tlsrley, t??b?it 110,071. Of the com exported, 2,939,416 bnsbels were shipped from this port. 1 besa shipments are but a drop in the bucket compared wi'h what we hare on hand destined for the tame markets When we look at the large number ui vessels, which ha/e been required to carry forward ihc quantity of breadstuff* exported within the past 1 six monthe, it will be seen that a sufficient ' number cannot be obtained to transport from from thie county one quarter part of the turplus 1 we ehall have. It therefore becomes a matter i for eerioue consideration what we are to do wiUi the flood of food which will aoon be pouring in I upon u* from every section of the country. It is our opinion, in view of these eircum* ounces, that priees, on this side of the At* i lanne, most come down All the com* | WrimtIon our speculators omn perfect, omnoo* : sus'ain them. The tblug will be reversed on the other aide, the difficulties experienced here in : aending forward supplies, must keep prices up to the highest point in Europe. Musi ceJ. Itilur Orssa.?"Lucia Ji Lsmmermoor" wea performed last erening, to close the scaaen It was an seallent performance, and was rac?ir*d with th? fr?at?nt applause. Th? house was well filled. end the very bast / feoling pre railed. The tisaa between the acts was tskeu up bv conversation relating to the nest season. 1 he list j is pretty weU filled with subscribers, and as there will be a great many stranger, in the city during the nest f| two ^on'bs. the manager, anticipate a good season And ? n fhis moit successful operm ?#as#n bes ended. During . tht? term which we her# been permitted to listen to the beantif?! aound. discoursed by them, the company hare [ been growing more end more a jhome; a better acquain tanoe ha. of couree come to esiet between ua (we mean ihe public) and them They appear to hare bean grati- ! , fled it ?be manner of their reception, and wa ara car[amir indebted to thorn for their artiatical aervicea, which K baa enabled ui, aa it were to enter within the compoaer'i ? wneium tmnctorum, and to emjoy the refiection of their ? n.pired geni'ia It is s thing to do.ire that such so #? ti abliabment might be permanently located in our midat. . A'hat bettar relasation, for man of buainaaa, than to J, ,ijoy an craning at the opera? It la an excallant mode k I softening down the rigidity of mind which too con- , tant eserci.e in the counting-house or ware room iu- f uces ; and it i? also a moat agreeable substitute fur the , (lice ?f the professional mau, or the library of the i . indent. Tba opera is for sll, end wa hope all are for the i pera. The new season commences ou Monday night. ! ? 1>*a*d Cokobbt or Sacbe* Mcsie.?The Italian i i Ipera Company will giro their first grand concert of acred muaia at the Tabernacle, on Saturday evening ' test It will be a grand affair, no doubt. The chorua b md orchestra are to accompany them, and such a must- ' al treat aa la not often enjoyed at the Tebernaole may [ ie looked for. By tba way, why would it not be a good dee for the Italians to give such a concert every Satur- f lay erening? sura wa ara that there are a great many >eraona in this city who would pitronize such an enter rise; and as Saturday ia an ertning unoccupied by the I i egular opart, it might happily turn to account in thia way. j CitaiaTT'i Mirstibls.?Tha Napoleon of negro minitralsy haa entered an bia seventh week ih thia city, and the people are atiU aa anxions aa ever to hear hla troupe. The moat raanarkable lecture ia, that hia audiences ere characteriaed by the most respectable oitiaens. Tabibnaclk.?a grand musical festival will be given at the Tabernacle, on Tuesday evening neat, in compIJ ment to Mr. U. C Hill, previous to hia departure for Europe. The musical aooietiea, and the leading vocal and instrumental talent of the oity, will assist on the occa aien, and will, no doubt, attract a orowded house. A novel kind of conoert ia to be given at the Broadway Tabernaole this evening, where several hundred young ladies will sing the " Geography olthe World," in illustration of a new system of teaching that science. I Da Meyer and Burke have tendered their servioea for j a concert, to be given at St. Louis, in bid of the Iiish Re- I lief Fund. l'heati Icaile. Park Thkatbi: ? Last n ght Mr. Forrest took a benefit . st the Peik, on which occasion was presonled "The Bro j kerof Bogota," and "William Tell." Mr. Forrest's person" j ition of the brokor is really an exquisite piece of acting' it does not call for so much force as some of the charac. ! ters which the great tragedian plays, and hence avoids ' what some deem a faulty point in his performances.? | Mr Jamtesuu is entitled to all praise lor the manner in which he avquitted liimseil of the pait assigned to him, j that of tbe ' nold bad man" Antonio tie Cabarero. "Wil- j llam Tell" is a great piece when it has a Forrest for its ! leading character. The familiarity of every one with ; the passages of history upoo which the play ia built, l gives it a sort of individual interest to every beholder. It is not tuiprising, then,that it should be wiineesed with 1 leelingt ol the deepest interest. Tbe house was crammed, every bench being occupied Mr. Forrest was thus I made to feel that he was indeed among friends. It will * he seen by the bills that he has been ro engaged for | three nights, and will appear to-night as Spartacua, in the "Gladiaior." Bo wear Thbatbe.?We have the pleasure of inform- ( ing the patrons of thia establishment that the manager thereof has succeeded in effecting an engagement with ' the well known end celebrated Dan Marble, and that ; (hie distinguished and attractiva actor will perform here ' for two nights He will appear thia evening in two cha [ meters?an Sam Patch, in the play of " ham Patch in France," and as Lot, in Mr. Marble's original piece, | ' Hue and Cry." This will be a tree' that the friends and admirers of Mr. Marble will quickly enjoy. We ' must remind them, however, that the engagement is necessarily short, and will conclude!to-moriow evening. 1 This is a very judicious movement on Mr. Jackson's ' part, and will no doubt amply repay him, as well at add to hie already extended popularity as a caterer for the , entertainment of the public. The opera of the " Alpine Maid " will be added thia evening Bowser Ciaccs ?There is noplace of amusement in Lbi* oity in a mora flourishing (Uta than tha Bowery i Clroue?neither ii there any place in tha cily where a < f reater amount of amuaement can be enjoyed at ao cheap i i rate The company cannot be excelled, it la composed ( iif gentlemen and ludiea of the first auipbitheatrical ta- , lent in all ita verleties.LThere i? a bill put forth this even- ] lug unusually good Meaara Kemp and Col - promise to ] give an exhibnion of ail the moat approved methoda oi , aelf defence ; Mr. Brewer will astonish all who witneaa hia extraordinary gymnaatic feata, which cannot be ex celled ; Mr sergeant will perform hia great act of changea. The tarry pantomime, "The Harlequin Farmor'a Hon " Other piecea will be performed?tne whole forming a bill that ought to fltl the houae to the utmost Jaaaxa Wallaox.?Tbe Wallack arrived at the Aator Houae laat night, looking aa youog and gay aa he did 20 years ago. Hia engagement at tha Park commances on Monday, and hia namarona frianda and tha public in ganaral may look forward to a rich treat in his great represantation of Don Cmiar da Baaan. Ilia per I or- , mauca of thie character has been lauded by the English press to the skies. In London it attracted lull houses lor orer 200 nights I Mr. anil Mrs Gilbert, favorably known to the drainatio world of Boston, are about to leave for England. i , Md'lle Dimiar was to taka a benefit at tha Albany i J aeon on Tutaday night. i MoJemo Macarte, tha celebrated female equestrian, , has made au engagement with Sands, Lent k Co of the Howard Amphitheatre, Boston. 1 Mr Collins, the delineator af Irish character, is play Ing at Mobile, where he commenced an engagement on :te 24th J Blangy i* dancing ut the American theatre, New Or- !J eana. ,1 The Keana made their second appearance at the St h ;harlea, en the 23d, in "l'he Wife's Secret." I Mr. Murdoch is at tha National theatra, Cincinuati. >< Signor Blitz is amusing tha public at St. Louis. Police Intelligence. Maruh 31 ?K?co?iry of Stolen Property.?Officer t 'rince John Davis and Constable Joseph, recovered yea- \ erday a aat oi pearl, consisting of earrings, necklace and ireastpin, valued at $40. the property ot Mra. Stone, No. 1 . 144 Houston street Thia property, together with a gold watoh, two gold chains and a gold pencil and pan, valued in all ut $314, was atolan on the 4ih of last September, by two sneaking thieve* called Bill Johnson aad Bill Barber The balance of this pioperty will, in all probatiit.ty, ba recovered to day. .A Promising Son ? A young man by the nnme of Reynolds robbed his lather, a few days ago, of $43(10, in bank bills of tha Chlcopee Bank, Massachusetts, $300 of ! which wero in t's ana 10's, and the balance in l'a, 2'a, and S's. it appears that Mr. Rey nolds, Sen., resides at a place called Monson, near Springfield, Massachusetts, and his worthy son having made free with tha above sum of money without permission Irom his pe, is supposed to have either made his way to Boston or thia city oj Dithontol Sorvmt.?A servant woman, by the name of Harriet Knox, in the employ of Mr. James C. Church, No. 23-2 Canal street, left the premises, yesterday, taking 1 with her a silver watch, and a long black si'k shawl, the property of Mr. Church. Thia woman, it appears, was ' procured liorn the Moral Reform Society, but it seenii - he has imbibed but only u small propoition of reformation. Rubkery'of Silver.?Some sneaking thiaf, entered tbe I dwelling house, occupied by Mr. John Carr, No. 113 j Ludlow street, stealing therefrom four silver table spoons, four tea spooua, a gold pencil case, nod $2 in 1 change. No arrest. Suppmtd to bo Robbed ? A man coiling himself Jerry Van i.amp, was picked up last night, about nine o'olock, in Church street, near Liapenard street, in a state ol intoxication. and brought to the ttttli ward station house by one of tbe officers oi that ward, and when examined by Captain Baker, he atated that he kept an suction store at No 144 Broadway, and had baen robbed of bis watch and something like $18 in money. Thia stary was ?mnawba( doubted; however, he was locked up to tee whet story ha will tell when aeber.' Uone at Laot ? The Irian aervant girl, by the name of i Rose Kelly, who wee in the employ ol Mr*. Roasner, 4'J Wurien street, aod whom we mentioned a (ew day* ago a* having nearly been cheated out of $78 by Jiibn Oitllegher, who pretended to uiarry her merely a* a trick to obtain po**e*aion of her money. luthia, however, lie was luckily liustrated by the efficiency of Capt. Boudinot, of the 3J ward, and hia officora, who reatoied the i money again to Koae, and ahe then declared ahe'd have nothing more to do with him. But ale*, poor girl, Jack "tipped" her the "blarney" again and (be believed ! him and off they started together to Newark, N J , a? I he ten), to *ee a nice little piece ol land. Vat mark her emprise, the in at morning to find that her lover had j forced cpen hnr trunk in the eauree of the Light, en ) j volatile ? hole of ha.- mo ey. confuting of near $100, | and made hi* stcape. leaving her witboat a penny. Yv . terday ahe returned from isewark, and appbed at tha police office, In order to obtain anistanco in flnditig tbi? I t lithles* awein Ptiit Larcinin ?Officer Smith, of tha 16th ward, ar. : ie*ted jealerday, n lellow celled Abraham R'C.n, whom he oaught in the act of stesln g a cant iron wheel, bel.>cgif,g to one of tne locomotives, from the railroad <!? , not at *?d street, 4th avenue. Committed by Jvatice lloome for trial. Hugh Keria wai arraated by cQcer Rl.ler, of (ha >d ward, on a charge of stealing a valise and bat esse, , valued at $8, belonging to Theme* K. k'itxgerald, No. 1 Maiden lane. Locked up lor trial by Jttitrca Oeborne. Theodosiu* hither we* arrssted for stealing a brace j and bit, and o'her propaity, valued at $8, belonging to John liugan, of No. Ml third avanua Locked up for , trial r | Hereon al and PoUUaal. Mr Richard Corria, formerly a native of thia city, but for soma years pest oitiaen ot Mabtla, died in that city on Friday, the lOtb Inst Ha bad bam for aome time past tailor of the Bank of MohUa, and waa generally We pec tod mfflNM' dm** ?* ' WW Ml I '"ItQ******- <******? Hjliyg nOM til IA0HI0I | THE CALIFORNIA EXPEDITION. Indian Troubles in California. . Wc have received, l?y the over land route, the Xeigkbor, a new paper, published in English, at Valparaiso, of the 27th of January; also a letter 10m a special correspondent at Panama. The following intelligence is taken l'roin the , Frit*d i? By tbe arrival of the Brooklyn, Richardson, 1A days rom St. Barbara, and 31 days from Monterey, important wwi haa been received from California A file of tbe la'ifomian trom August 31, to September 19, has been aceived. From its columns and other sources, we preent oar readers with the following summary of intelli;ence. September 38th ?The Alcalde of St. Barbara, T. M. tobbins, Rag , received information from Lieut Oiliea>ie, commander of American forces at Ciudid da los Lngelos, that the Californlans and New Mexicans ied risen against the American forces at that place, onaisting of about forty soldiers. The enemy with heir superior number, compelled tbe Americans 0 retlrs to the Government House, and there to efend themselves until assistance could arrive.? L number of Californians proceeded to the Port of St Pe1 en an/1 rnsHu nriannur nf Mr A1* vinrtmv rwlU/vtnv nf the 'ort, and Mr. Johnstene. the only foreignsrs residing bar*. Thay took from the former $8 000 id apecia. The Lmo'ican Boston abip, Vaodalia, lying tbara, thay want ' board under pretence of trading, when they took be vessel under their own direction Mr Oiliaapia bang unable to aand a latter, despatched a messenger, who iora a paper, (being the wrgfcper of cigars) upon which vas written '' Believe the bearer." On leaving C da ios i Ingalos, he was pursued by a number of armed men, his lorte was killed, while he was obliged to conceal himself u a thicket. On his arrival at St. Barbara, the authorities u: nlshed him with fresh horses to hasten forward with he intelligeuce to Com Stockton. The small force at at Barbara was making preparation or defense, when the Brooklyn left lor Oahu, 37th. Annexed ia the letter from our Panama correspondent : ? Panama, February 34th, 1S47. Iambs O Bbnnstt, E?q.? Si a?The U M. ship " Colusnhus," 74, bearing the Jroad peadant of Commodore James Blddls, sailed from Falpeiaiso Dec. 31st, 1848, and from Callao Jaa. 10th, 1847. fir California The U S. ship "Erie," Lieut Com. Charles C Turner, ailed fiom Payta January Sth, with Col Mason, 1st Iragoons, U. 4. and Lieut J M. Watson, bearer of lespstcbes to the Pacific squadron, on board, for California She will probably arrive by ths 1st of March. The U 8. sloop of war Preble) arrived in Valpaiaiso ?n the 38th of January, and intended sailing on the 1st ?f February, for California, touching at Callao. [From the N. O Picayune, March 38 [ By the way of Havana we nave later aocounts irom he raciflo. We mentioned on Saturday that an American sea captain had arrived in Havana from the Pacific, md we give some items of news brought by him. We rsve now to correct some of the particulars before retorted. Tiro California expedition touched at Valparaiso indeed ol Callao, as we mentioned. The Loo Choo and j iusan Drew arrived ou the 18 h and IStit of January rom Rio. Tney sailed again on the 33J for California, during ths voyage there died on the Susan Drew two I nen: Thomas Kent, of New York city, aged 38, of peri- I onitis, end William Palmer, of the same place, aged , ibeut 88. David Strong fall overboard from the Loo Choo ofT ; )ape Horn in a gale Efforts were runde to rescue him { n vain. He was liom Oxford, N. Y. About ten minutes ! d'ter this casualty, an officer who had been veiy active n making efforts to save him fell dead upon the deck ? ['his was Lieut. Wm R Tremmells, of New York city, ' iged 88 Upon post mortem examination his heart was j uuud to have been diseased. The third ?hip in the expedition, the Perkins, had net j trnved, but it was thought she might have passed on i vittiout touching. The sloep of war Prebls arrived at Valparaiio en ths ' 6th of January, and had not sailed when our informant : el t there ou tno 38 h The French Admiral's ship Virginia, of sixty guns, Sir George Seymour's flag ship, the Colli gwood, the i ^arysfort, and the steamer Samson, were lying at Vallaruiso on the 97th of January. The French trauaport L'Allier arrived at the same >ort on the 33d, with three hundred and fifty troops, and >thera were expected. Supposed to be on their way to . Tahiti. Moat of the above details we learn from the Ntighbor, i newspaper publisned in Vulparalio. By a passenger who has arrived here from the Pacific, we learn that he left Valparaiso onthe98:h January, , Panama on the 33d February, Chagres on the 3fith, and .hence he sailed by way of Carthagena and S-.uta Martha, and reaohed Kingston on the 4th, and Havana on the I Oth. He reports that on the 11th of January there was an ' arrival at Callao from California, and givos us much the , taaie details of the massacre of thirty Ainuiicans in the interior of California which we have Deforo had. City Intelligence. Th* WiATHca.?We were viaited by a light enow j itorm yesterday me ruing, and tha day was sxtrsmsly lull and gloomy throughout Tho stroots ware muddy ind walking axtromaly disagreeable. Wo have had lat :etly so many changes in the weather?almost with every ratistion in the compass?that it ia im|toisible to cslcu. lata on the weather, even for a day. Yesterday was the last dsy of Metch, and accoidiug to long es ublished usage, the month lies notgone out lixe a lamb," which we attribute to the fact of its not having " come in like a boa," according to the predictions of tho oldest inhabitants. The liver is not j et open through to Albany. It began to freeze heavily about 10 o'clock, undar a bright iky and beautiful moonlight. msveasltt Contsrtion?After some twenty ballot , ings at Tammany Hall, laat night, tha vete stood?lor Isaac D Fowler 33, J. Sherman Brownell 19, Eccles Oillender 13; thera was a vote of three for Mayor Mickle throughout. The question will probably be decided on Friday evening, at the adjournnd meeting. Fibki?Afire waa discovered yesterday morning at the turaiag factory of Mr. Milla, No. 117 Attorney street, it was promptly pat out. Damsge trilling Another fire occurred et No. 11 Carlisle street?the house was much damaged, and a man in the premises liLd i nanow escape from sufiocation, b?iog asleep at the I imo of the fire. Another man, a German, had his leg i ractured tn Jumping Irom one of the window*. The pre- I nisei were entii elj occupied by Germans. Another fire oocurrcd yesterday morning et No. 80 vliidison street The house was occupied by J U. Fleet. Jamoge trilling. Tho fire was caused by a bed accilentelly taking fire. Baeaowav.?That part of Broadway between Fulton od John, ia a* full of tuts and boles, that it really caniot be traversed by oanibusee or other vehicles with alety. It has been tinkered and cobbled several times uring the winter and spring, but like a patient in the i >ands of a quack, it is worse after every dose it receive*, hun it was at flint. New York is not only th* worst ' [orernad, but the worst paved city iu Christendom. If | itir Common Council, who in matters of economy " strain it a gnat and swallow a camel," would authorix* th* ituss pavement to be expended throughout this great tbo | -ou(hfer*,we would save money ond have a pavement : :bat would be good for * century. But retrenchment ia th* order ef the dey ! Th* Rite* Boats.?Almost all the Hudson river I beats have been overhauled, re-painted, and refitted da' ring the winter, and ar# now as bright as a new button ! Navigation will cummsnce regular it next week. The 1'ivoriie boat North America, will leave here lor "Al- | any and intermediate landings" to-morrow. IlncMJiTino roa thk Navv ?The government have mm. d instruction* to their officers In this city to reciuit j from oue thousand to eleven hundred men for the navy We no doubt that twice this number can be easily obtained hore. In fact, there will be a rush to the re eroding oflice. Bee advertisement, Exhibition or Paintinos ?A magnificent painting the scriptural picture ef the parting between Ruth. Or pah and Naomi, which excited great intareat at Wash' j logton, ia now being exhibited at tho above location, that < the eumirer* of the fine arts arta may sea it previout to its being sent to ita destination.* k Co's K.xeaxis.?Wo ara undar obligations [ to this enterprising concern for Boston papers of yesterday morning. delivered at an early hour list evening. UaaAorttu Burning ?Bernard McGary, an industrious bootmaker, residing in the fourth story of the building , comer of Leonard und Church ftreets. while trimming a pamirhin? lamn about bnlf-nast A nVl(W*k laat Avnninr which he had on hi* lap lor that pup'Ota. w*i it, the act of lighting the name, when it accidentally nptet ! on hi* person, enveloping him in flame*, burning hi* : liodv, arm* and haute in a dreadful manner The 1 polico of the 8th word were immediately on the pot, and with their utual efficiency, readily estln K'ti'hed the Are, with but trifling damage to the tonm The unfortunate man wn at onca conveyed to the city Hntpital in great agony, where every meen* were uied to relieve hia ttifl'aring* We **w last niaht At the Htation House, the skin of the left hand of thi* poor fellow burnt brown, It living been slipped off the baud nearly complete, resembling a brown glova. with ihe nails perfect on eaoh flngei, but not a particle of flaah 1 nt:eched to the skin It certainly had a very singular appearance, and would make quite an item for a museum. Accidskt?A boy fell at the comer of Market and Division streets yesterday and broke hi* arm. He was en gaged in flying a kite. Kite flying Just now is a dangei| ou* amusement. Dial) rsoM his Njusir.s.?The coroner was called yesterday to hold an inquest at the city hospital on the body of Patrick Kelley, n native of Ireland, aged 97 >n*is, who came to hi* death by a wound inflicted by tobn Smith, on the tfeinoon ol the 17th ult, (St Patrick'* day) oo which occasion the deceased and Smith had tin altercation at a porter house, at the corner of Co?ntie? Slip and South street end which resulted in flmili stabbing Kslley, who was tben aonveyed to tha city ho-pital, where ha died about 3 o'clock yesterday morn iug Verdict acro ding io the foregoing tact*. Dura ?r D? lisil'm TaaMtiss - The coroner held an inquest also, in tha city prison, upon the body ef Patrick Simmons, a native of Irelanl, aged 40 yeais. who died ttddenly on 'I uesday afternoon Verdiot ? death by do* lirium tremens. ___________ l?t-illgeni'i, U. fl Comrtasioieta'a Ornc* ? M*soh 91?Oeorge Stewrut, Joseph Wilcox, Thomas Dunning, and Oliver Inylor, r*tt of tha crew of tha ahip American Eagle, were errsa'ed yraterday, and fully committed, on the cbaigeof atealing flbeen places of broad cloth, partol the cargo. Tbay broka open oue of Ihe caaaa contain* log the olotha, and carried off the quun ity named. Cover CataSDAB, Thia Day.?Common Pliai?Part 1. -87. 14.8,71,78. 41.fl.fl. 997, 48. 40, 81, 84, M, 1, 19, 190, 10,77. Part 2-118,118, 117, 118, ISt. US, 197.198,181. Tha Ray Elder Harney, a veptiet clergyman. Or ho erred aa soldier daring the revolutionary war, tied at franklin, Herkimer county, en tha 18th laat.,in tha ran hundred and twelfth year of hia age. Annul mt Mnhwi ? Inr Tart. kabob tl. iUIUClX HnTBL I I W. Anthony. J. Anthony, Uui; W. Dywiui, Piahkill; M. 1 t M. Clark*. M Belknap, New bnr?h; W. Tucker, fbilndel- I j pbin; H. Nicoll, Atabtmn. / A?tok Hol-?e Captain Baily, Ship Tofkthire; W. Spragne, A Bpranne, . . Providence; Philip Kilhem, Liverpool; W. Hclfeaateio, Chi- ' ct|o; K Armitmng, H. Howard Proyideaen; G. 1?rod head, | Staten la and: J. Wallaak, George Hiae, Kentucky; D. ' i Oreeuoueh, J Adama, M. Brown.; A. Hieke, Provi- ! deuce; G Jackanu, Boetoa; D McKeener. New Bedford; A. I G.bba.New Bedford; 0. Hovay, W. Whitney. Boiton: W. Burr <11. Bridgeport; W Yatmm, A. W. lhompeoii, Ph ladelthia: Mr. Cotbnn. Weahiugtou; Mr. L'Oonro, Maisa. bu eui; K. H?oker, Peuna*lyaaia; P Binken, Bflatoo; W. Sownieod Baltimore; J Mxthewa.J B Jamea, England; J. I t . tlurch, Chicago; H. I.wiuin Wc-ghuroke. | a Citv Hotel. tl George Hitchcock, Po-tlaod; J Brodia, do.; L Hiver, ' _ N Y ; H. Salmon, Baltimore; J. O. Keily, Albany; Z Piatt, . Pratt a T i I le; J Whitfield Va.; Dr. Oten. I'hila ; K. Browne, 1 O browoe. do.; ifl. Sberman, N J ; C. Beaie, Va ; J Mayneer, Brooklyn: M Hart. New York; J. V?ughan; M Smart, ~ Phila ; Bunbury,do ; D. Jonea, Maaa.; CI. Uirard;T. Lena, b Crotoa Falla. \ Cbotoh Hotel. R. 8. Doty, H. W. Wilcoi. Home, E Holding. MtaaAeld; r ? Maaon. Beaton; if M K. Halaey, Boug Harbor; G. C. Bnuth and lady, Pawtaebet; E. K. rope, Leaoi. Clinton Hotel Paol Chate and lady Miaa Hyde, (ireeafield. Maatachuaetla; A. Guduev, Providence; H. B. Hettam, Shafteabnry, j a Vermont; W. Wataeo, A. Brown, Liverpool. b DuNNINd* HoTBL. ' | b M. Dimmick, Arhville; K. O. Kiting. Btaten (aland; J. Van I Etten Uman College, Schenectady; S.O. fihattuek, Hndaon; I H. Andrewa end lady, Pittiburg; K. D. Northrop,New Milfjrd; 8.S. Davenport, A. Wright, Cold Bpringa, A Eaitehn Pearl itiiit Hoi-aa. j, Thomaa Brown. H<g Heibor; M A. Starr, do; Bamnel A . He.rly, do;A Wilder and two children, Bridgeport: Thonaaa H. Eldridge, Bag Hrrbor; John Beaoain, Long laland; Timo- ? thy Clark, New H .yea; ?. M. Eaaiga, New York;T. B Bin- 1 tor, do; A. Mead. Oreenwich B C Deforeat. Bridgeport; b Nathan Gould do; B Blake. Albany; E.8. G ay, Bag Harbor; n R Dibble, IM(? Hirn: C F. Webater, Kentucky; J. H. |a Richard., Waalnngtou; Rufna Smith, do; W. Fir gnaon, Sullivan co;J. W Staple* a?d Indy. H. Duly and ladv, Joaepli . Marcy, Boitoo; Joahna Vincent, Hadley; C. F.; J Miia belaud, Newbarn: Oeorge Bartholomew, New Haven; 1 D ram, Vt?rtin?Till?, Ohio; H. Wooater. Deap Hirer; J. J. v Lowe, t aai-x.: H C. Wooater and lad/, do; O. Martin. East i Haddam; C. Chadwick, Camden. I Frank Lira Houie. , I.. Hollliter, Cmuscricnt; P. Nortman, Kentucky; C. ! f Hunt, Falla Filiate; <J Felton, Ponghkeepaie; W Haatie, ' Long lilaad; Ur. Ehuoa, Virginia; J Havaa, 8. Rice, H. * Faiaiaa, J. and S. Hill. J Todd Philadelphia. i Howard Hotel. i J. P. Howard, Long laltnd; K. Earlo. Philad; J. Meyrich, a R. Moyriah, Man; E, Laming Be ghtieoke; W. Mason, ( Boat >u; W. Dnckary. Prov; C. Dovent, M. Davenport; W. ' i futon New York; T. Rider, Weal Poim;J. Shoemaker, Bait; W. Jeraey. rserfolk; J. Dnnean. Ohio; 8. Moa'e. Bait; J A. Henry, ft Johns, N. 8; T. Tiadale, do; J Humph-ars, < Kv.J Mheppard J. Newbold, E Pea?e, Philad: A. w?'8#ld, j | Malt; O. Bnubnry, Tenn; J. Norria. Utica; C.Torer. Wateryiila; K W. Lamer u. Canada; Thomas Roe, Hamilton, Ca- i nada; John Maid Quebec; N Wilhy, St. Jnhas, N. B; H. Bart Baugertiea; N. Vlarah, New Orleans; W viyaraaadfa- I mil y, Hartford; W Baekna, Bait; J. W intera, Philad. Grorg# I Caitia. Wnrooiier; 8. "awyer, Beaton; Mr. Downing; A. I Ha aou and family, 8. Edwards, Pene; H. Talbot, W Akay, 1'roTidauca. Judion'i Hotel. j H. Clarke, Ohio; J Beugnem, Phila ; M Wright, Syraeuao; 1 A. F eld. riow York;H. Phelps. Michigan; L. Watt, Boatnn; < T. Wardwoll, Providence: C. Gilbert, Boaton; M. Clarke, Princeton; M Alaey, dor M. Paeher, New York; M. Patton, t Va Col. Shawe, do; J Wilaon, Richmond; E. Ely, do; J. t Caoniustou, Now Haven; A Hitcheeek. Wsterbury; J. I Johnaon, do; L. Bradford, Conn.; N. Paahor, Pann. Lovejov's Hotel. L. McCheanoy, Troy; A.Baymonr. II. Smith, Buffalo; W. C. Wooater, Chatham Fonr Cor era; K. Joyrer, Waah teuton, Co; R. L. McDowell. Tyuiugham, Mm.; R. B. , Maaoi, Bridgeport: H. M. Allan, L. Bew, Albany; T. L. , Kiuaaley, (i N. Beealey, Unca; A. W. Eld-idge, Weat , Troy; 8. Attman, E. M Bennett; P Short. Buffalo; H H . Baker,Troy; '.J Nicliola, D. C. lodge, Winfield S. H. Blan- i chard, Utica; E. A- Whipple. R. W Skiff, Springfield, Mail.; . A. B. Vernard, B Norton, Purtamonth, N. H.: Loei Mann, . L. Howard, Randolph, Mats ; F. Mayuard, N. Y.; J. May alt Albany; li Smith Enfiald, M?aa ; C Poat, Naw Votk; J. H. Conre at. S-afford, conn : R. M. White, G. L. Badger, New Jeraey; J Bollock, C. nu ; H. W. Holiaway, R.I ; J. 1 Benner, Clf Telind, Ohio; W. Bryant, D D. Badger. Boaton; * J. B. tcherick T. C. Serro?a. Mattewan; W F. Seymour, * Georgetown. D C..; E. tr'Brieo, Norwich; A. Wilaon, J P.>u .nkeepaie; E. L. Harria. Concord, N. H ; O C. White, { Katoutowu, IS. J.; T. A. Bailay, Phil ; J. G, Dorman.New 1 National Hotel. D. A. Maa?n. N.J; iv. Hulileele 1 my; W. T, Hooae, N. Y; VI. II. VlcCnllough, N. iO. Wyckoff, Somaiyill-; J T Mitchell, 8. Hmiih. N. C; B. H. Wood. Philad: E. Bronaon, N. Y; J. Crag, P. Jonea, Pkilad; H. H'we, I. sorntk. Boaton; A Doiielaon, Ohio; Wm Brown, N. Y; Henry Hankie, A. Bird, N. C; P*. K-lloga, N York; O H. Mean, O W. Talb>t. vi??; s Po'dy, Boaton; 1 hernia Hopper, N. J;N. C. Smith and lady-, N. Jersty: A. Cammau, Somervilte; J. Hyeraun, IS. J; Mr. Motley, Ohio. . New Enoland Houie. < R. W. B. McLellau, Adaina; t.Biiaa, Pittsfield; Mist Wi - , bur. Hailfotd; A. U. Ci lot, Will, .uuton; W. C. Ames, . H. Island; J. W. Part'idge, Philadelphia; U. H. Johnaon, , Fall Rivat; W. L. F'librr, Providence. ( I'eabl Steeet Houie. , Royal W IIiama, Portland; Theodore Jones, Machias Port; 1 Moses Hock, Pa; J. McHarrich,Canada; E Helmea, Baruas; J. M Jaca-on, Richmond, Va j John M. Crayton, N. C.; Wm. Ransom, dn; K. L. FuOTiiuian, Virginia: C Yaat, Boa- j toa; R.'Pattin, Ohio; John Folk a, d<>; Stephen Knox Lea- < via, Ohio: H. W.chn ch,Taunton: C. Eaaterhoofa, Briatol; y Wm Lnndiez rail Kiyer; Able Proctor. Boaton: John Ho- . !.. U/.IL.r V.r.i I.. Wnn.rlr N " : ; fareen Wnmsck, N C.; R. 8 Hall,d>; L Rica, d i; 8. . TK inai, fhiladniphia; H. Bailty, Esq . Va ; Mrs. Hopkins and Mm Hopkins, i^ew Jrraey; 8. Grim*-, Cona.; 8 Joaa. Boatau; P AB'i, ladr and daughter, Philadelphia: C Jones, . Jr., Veimooi; R Haat'nas, Albaay. N. Y.; R. Strong. Va. . Pacific Hotel . Capt Ford, J. Ludluin, >. R. Gould, Albany; W. ?v. . Wri|ht, Brooklyn; J. B Cummioga, A 8tooth?ff and family, I , New kork;J. Moac'i, Albany; J. Stevenson, Wa hingion; < Cant. J. J. neillv, Trey; M. Robiaaoa, New York; ?. G. i i frown and lady, Miaa Brown, Philadelphia; Mr. Hoieomb, B. ! . rcwn, Albany. IRiTHica a Hotkl. . J. Fowkea, W. Adiiance, Pouahkeepeie; A. Foreman, Phila; P. Wearer. Maryland; R. Babeeok, Detroit: D. Kvaaa, New York; 8. Smith Putnam Co; Hon. H Danniaten, , Orange Co; B. Fitch, L. Brittnell. Buffalo; 8. Eddy, N. Y. I Tammany Hall I 8. Pendleton. New Ha en; Jamea Jackson, Long Inland; < Chirlea Klae, South Carolina; Maitbaw Powell, Cincinnati, I Ohio: W. F. Shaw, eitoo; John W. Leada, Stamford; Ho- ; ben Shi well, Sing King TaiLoa'a Houat. Wm. O. Hobbird, Oswego. N. *.; Mrt. Hackataff, Baltimore; William Paliner, Jr, Richard W. Miller, bat Had- I dam ; J. Williami, Philadelphia ; J. P. Foater, Oliver Par- i nab. Hartford i Tsxmont Hocax. i L. Sexton, Hartford; C. A. Wooioridge. Manoheater; C. i W. Burrill, Syracnae; Thoa Adama, B. P. Starr, Hartford; I K. E. Edwarda, Boaten; A. W. Boabam. New Haitford; W. | Knapp, Muter Knapp, Greenwich; J. C. Cue, Suffolk co; I H. Bamber, New York Milla. Unite* Static Hotkl. Mutar J. Griffon. Lyme; J. G Lamina, New London; D Felt, New Jersey; J. P. Aping, North Caroliea; H. C. Fonte and family, Mra. Robert!, Philad; P. G. Macomber, New J Bedlord; Capt. E E. Wianell, Boaton; G. Robioa, Hartford; E P Marvin, New Haven: B H Morse, J.H.Wheeler, , Litchfield: J Sbadworth, E. 8. Woodford, Buffilo; E. Allen, Sooth lladley; E. A. Parker, C Wnaplea, New Britain; R. J. Mace, Coou; J. Beccher, L. Wina ip, New Haven; T Pit- * kio, Conn; E. E Hnggina, New Haven; C. Parker. T. B. ' Clark, Meriden; W. Jameaoa, J. Pratt, Middletown; J. Day, I Jr, J Gilbert, W. Hotchkiii, New Haven; C. A. Haaluna, 11 Boaton; J. Clifford, Baltimore; J. 8. Norton, 8. M. Glndwin, Middletown; J. Mataoa.R. Champion, Cyme; L Cue, W. . H. Daufoith, Hartford; J.Sillman, En-tHaddam. . WESTERN Hoi XI. P. H. Laming, Albany; J. B. Walla, Client J-J Gilleapie, ; . Troy; G. Rockwall, do; J. C, Stephana. Chieago; Mr? H. i i Holmea, do; A a. Oillott, Cabotevillo; W. K. Rollo, do: H : Smith, do; J. Herviug, Haynaville, Ga.; O. Ballard, Tail- ; loo; K. M. Pupa. do; A. Marrlam, Anbnrn; H Merriam, A. | , Kisgabnry, Bo kwrll, Conn ; 1. Taleott, do.; H. Rowley, ' I Vermont; C. E. Kudxera. Phila ; Jamea Harria, d : William < Luther, do.; Jamea Becftwith, Baltimore; H. K. ; I K. Hawley, Phila.; J. IU>?ley, do ; C. White, Baltim .re; < H. H Jorrs, do ; L. H S h'eter, do.; J H Smith, Jr , Ohio; , i F. heid, Trenton; J. Meadowa, Ciocii nati. 0>io;Dr. K. K. { < K"adea, Boaton; Col Howe, do.; David G.eiory, do.; M. Milier, Albeuy, N Y.: John J. Cooper, New Brnaewick; * Jamea J< kneon. New Yoik; 8. M. Chaddiek, Cona.; W A. Camp, do ; H. D.Hall, do ; W.T. Fiah Lee. Maaa.; George Atlleboro, Richard kveett, do.; A.J Ward, Va.; John L. Hanoanaon, do.: J T Madam, r'ohoea; Tbomu T. Aah, Phila; John R. Hopkiui, Sotnerville, N. J. Where Is that Melt Bag > . , Editoh or thx IJaaaLD < Will you inquire of the Poat Muter whnt became of i the mail beg lound oppoiite 98 Maiden Inne bv a milkman. about twenty minute* paat < o'clock on tne morning of the aiet Marchl Whoie buiinea* ia it to look after i tbeae matter* I la the mail carrier bound te notice the number ot bag* put iuto hie charge, or in ho ona likely to 1 make any return of the number he deliver! 7 QUERY 7 Cheep Sogers?Taste Before Von Bay, To TKR KpiTOS Of TNI He*AL1) t ? Sia I *end you a nnmple of a newly invented augnr, which hue got the color end fooling of the beet St Croix, it la aent to you in order that you may caution familie* not to buy without examining or without tatting, u thie , article la nothing more than aalt and a amall quantity ef molaaaoa It poaaeaeca the farm of augar in erery way j but tutn. It haa deceived aome of tho oldest judges in the city. It gori ahead of down cast wooden nutmegs and grindstone beeswax. It la the lateat invention. T. C. & Blleeelleneoas. The late anow atotm wa* remarkably severe con aide ring the lateness of the seuon. Tk* smaller toads for many mile* around Albany are completely choked up, though la many of tho highways the road ia excellent. The railroad* have resumed] operation* after great It,convenience and much labor. The Houaa tonic train, which left Bridgeport on Siturday morning, rvaobed tho itato lioo about 11 o'clock on Saturday uirht.und was eight hours in making 3d milea. At Boaton on Monday morning tne thermometer it stinriaa stood at 'J1 The Barometer at 1 P M. 99 47 ? 1 uaioay muming it iiibikcu <> n. ma |ianau|aia ?mv wont up in the llocheeter and were detained tt Hudeen on Kriuay ware still there on Tuesday. The liver it again froten still' above Hudson, new lie having made.? ! Ice waa a loot deep at Albany at laat aocountt. Spring navigation baa fairly opened on Lake Ontario. , The itee-nert America, Admiral, and Eclipse, are running their regular tripe between Torooto end Rochester, Niagara, Lewieton, Queeneton, end other ports on the lake. The shipwrights and caulkers at Boston struek for | higher wages on Monday. They were receiving $3 40 per day, and demanded $9- Part ot the employ era have acceded to their terms There hare been 189 steamboats In commission on Lake Erie sine* 191* There have been built thirty-Ave propellers lor iakoa Elie and Ontario since 1841. At Cincinnati, on the 19th, the river had riaen four faet four inches tinco the day praviona, and the water was etui on the tlse. Tha population ot the city of Reading, Pa., is 18,000.? In 1840, it via 0.0O0. Tha High Court of F.rrors and Appeal*, in Mlssimippl, delivered en opinion lately in the vaiioui bank cases I e tore them The substance of tha opiaion it?" that the law of 1840, appointing truster* attar a Judgment end terleiture, to collect the eisett of the bonka lor crtdltvrt, it tntteioed end decided to ba still ib operation, and thai iho act of 1840. known a* the late Briicoa act, it void t i and ibat trustees appointed under it cannot take potteition of aaaett and tell thsm in derogation of any rights acquired under the ant of 1813. lTn>'er this decision the troatees, under the fact of iSat.will be rennired to proceed in the collection of the debt* of banks in the meat paedy manner tha law authorises. No aolo of aaaets, os providod la the ect of 1848, con now bo msdo." The stoomhoot Clinton, Copt Adorns, which left New OrlooM for Bayou Bora on tho 91st, took fro ot I o'oloek in tho afternoon, and, with her cargo, was coasumod. Oao dook bond, two dock pooooagors, tho bar-hooper, tho second engineer, tho oook and chambor maid, wot* drowned. Tho mail woo burnt ipttHag XbMIImbmi I ?m ftw OiUUn ?anMjr, Utnk 91,1MT ?proprietor*' w. Mirse $ACO ?eBtrano* AM * died?three year aide to otr7 (Mr appropriate weightti four yaw olds allowed 6 1 bs, and all war that age 10 lb*?two mlla baata. ,iiyj I W. Small* gr. h Croton, by ChorDter, dam by K. Mnckle John?0y. o 1 1 i C. Harriaon'a cb. o. Rough and Ready, by Sham- T rock, out of imp Lady Hope-4 y. o 3 9 dau I. H. C. Carnal'* ch. f. Matilda Bynum, by imp. T Olaacoa, out of imp Delight-?y.o 9 a I. Daridaou It Co 'a ch m. Tarantula, by imp. Bel I honor, dam by Stockholder?0 y o 4di* and Time. 8:4WJ$ - 3:M Croton wa* the favorite. Ha won tha Irat heat from Bat ha Rad River Ally altar a long and thorp conteat. Tha Am acoud heat he won vary handily. It will bo noted that Atli he Ally?named, by the way, alter a fair lady of thlt city Boa -wat tha only thing in the rioe carrying weight for Moaner, March 31.?Swaapatakat for three year old* -throe tnbaoiibara at $800?forfeit $100 ?two mlla Fra< eat*. Olo William P. Greer"* ch. g. Red Bird, by Gray Ore Eagle, out oi Leopard*!* 3 1 1 Han 1. F. Kanner't ch f Scintilla, by imp. Glancoa, out of TorohUght't dam 1 3 3 M'". lime. 3:60-8:66^-8^0X M., The Ally wat tha favorite at heavy oddt before tha Nei tart. She won the flrat heat by only half a length, and Nor y a tavera ttruggla. Red Bird won the next heat gha andily, and the third heat quit* at hit aate.?Picayunt. J*ho Legislative Summary, March SO ? Senatt ? t"J! l resolution was introduced calling for certain Tre oformation respecting the affair* of the Waihington nd Saratoga Railroad, which, altar tome discussion, by ontent of Mr. Harris, wat laid over until to-morrow. Tha question of the power of appointment wat ditcutaed y Mr. Spencar. No quettlon wat taken. The comuttea of the whole then went through with the bill to mend the general election law. Adjourned. f Hautt ? A report wat lubmitted by Mr. Burnell, from : . ha Judiciary committea, adverse to the petition* in relaion to Trinity Church. Tabled and printed. Mr. Laa- not 'em, from the majority ef the railroad committee, re- the orted in writing against disturbing the location of tha "J. Y. k E. railroad Mr Wright submitted a counter rstort. Mr. W. alto raported lu favor of tha bill appoint- ?x> ug a railroad commissioner. The Houae. under tha re- hall tommendatioa of iti oommittee of conference onthaju- { nfl licial diatriot bill, inaitted oa its ameudaaeata. The lite ary appropriation bill pataed. Alae the Clinton State ; *v< iriaen Dill, and the bill appointing eommitaionert ef the pro sods, and en pleadings and pr?otice. The death of Aaa fr . (V Carpenter, deotkeeper, ?u announced by Mr Bloea, ind reaolutiona of eoudoleaoe adopted. Aite, on tno- 1 ion of Mr. Sickles, a resolution for the payment of his oft ter dism daring the setsion te his widow. Adjourned. for ? ^ I The PIsM^lucMtath and Puiquot will >e teived op free this Say. at" The Plaee "M Hassan street, Von 11 to 1 o'sloek. la addition, James O'Meara will pr*cice et tha kur. Ap Lost?A Cheek for |l,UOU, drawn on Com- Hai nercial Bank of Penaiylranie, in Pbiladaluhie, dated iiih Maren, and payable te draft ea Mew York. Said check waa Lo< i> clcad in a latter to Mr. Joo P. Hand, of New York, and ui sailed oa tkat date (23th,) which has not reached its destmi- * ion. All peraona are cnationed "gainst negotiating aai<l Me :heck. par meal of which haa been atopped. A iew*rd will -p., >e paid lor IU rceovary. H?, Philadelphia, M.h Mareh, KIT. I Bor Diamond Pointed tioid Pena, 91 D Only? ?t, rbe time it laat approaching when the gold pea will taper- Cet lede the ute ol all others With all the elasticity and , Chi imoolbneas of the qaili, it Combioet aa indestructibility ' Dw which pertains to it ouly. Competition has linsliy redness Per he price so as to bring a good pen within the reach of all. J. Pall If. Savage. 92 Ku ton sr. is selling for $1 25 the same hind of Th tea sold elaewbaio nt $1 10. Also, n magnificent pen for $1, Oti ohich is ths bast and cheaprat peo in the world. Nil | Jan Premium Wlga ?We would reotmmsnd Q;i be uafjrtanaie bald periona to rail and exunins the new tyleof Wua. manufactured by Gilbert k kieichar Their ' Htl1 istnral-liks appearance,adaptriion to tha phyaiognomy, light- j An icaa and beantr of Am h, all combined, form auch peifrct 1 , leadi of hair that they mnat be aeeu only to be appreciated So 179 Broadway, oi poaite Howard Hotal. Yoi NB?Private rooma lor fitting wigs. 1 A Usui tic sand Ohio Tclrgraph?Ths Line ani letweei Philadelphia and Pittsburg is working regularly. I . . Jesoetchsa se-'t bv mail, (post p id.) to Philadelphia, will . dol in telegraph-d to Pitt-bu gk and mailed to pUcea beyond, at h)y hs rate of fif y cents t >r fifteen words or figures, exelus rs of i ' tddreas and .ignmure. Th Gold Pens?'There setms to be something recnliarlv attractivs in the stock of gold pens kept by J. W. 1 Jrea.ou k Co ,71 Cedar street. Their establishment has, for gr.a leme time peat, been thronged wnfc a crowd of visiters, and he superior qn ility anil very low pnre of thair pent,induces i ths ilmsst every visiter to become a purchaser. They are aelliug ? lis diamoad pointed pens for $1 50, and warranted Bayley >eus for $1 7}, pencils included. All other styles of pens in the iroportion. ____________ I oft A Bonnet for the Queen-?1The beatutlfnl yjsi Ssnpolitm Bonnet, made for the Pattisnn, Nee k . Jo , of 21 Dal ncy atieet, it now ou its way, bntthemakera lavs still a ii-ga atoca of ihea'me kino on hand that are 1 inile as suitable for Repnaiicao heads, and to the inspection if which ihey inviie ihe attention of he Codies. They are ?*>' sartainly the neatest thing ever lady wois. Oo tee them. the The Old Second Ward Hotel.?This Hotel, Jul be oldest in the Second Ward, has lately been repainted, p|j, rfiited. and replenished wiih .eve-y tiling j-hit can pleats ita ' , nual crowd of viaite.a. Tlie bar sad lui. cli room look no- tier mirabiy. and atalavou o'clock, the splendid lunch, for which ihe p'ace hat become so famous is served up in profusion. Wh ever knows Martin botner, (and who does not know , sell iiu>7) the popular and nuentivs on -keeper, hi* aasnraac* that ?a( ivarvjring in the way of nice drinks, in us-be truly " first * rate." Whan the Second Ward Hotel is visited once, it is du lure to be visited a second time. ^ Portable Shavlna Ceees?The undersigned ; IK hx?e deruted ihair uneea.ins attention to improving and par- [sj Foeting that* u.rfel and ueeetsvy articles, and have on hand , i largo variety. ol aou.tinotion moat anitabla to the wants of o? the travelling rommnnity. tie O. BaUNDERS k BON, 177 Broadway, "" A few door* aboae Comtlandt at, 81 < ?????? Jai Metallic Tablet Razor Itrop?The above .. baa bean bafora the pablie lor the latt thirty year*, and duriug the same period ihe manufacturer! have eouauntly en- ! am i.avored to improve it> utility, a pioeeaa by which it haa al- h waya uilainrd ita enviable reputation. Mcrebaau will lad, | ipon iuapactiou of the quality of materials uaed in ita maun- one aeture, and ita excellent dniah.that it ia an artiale which can . >e warranted with confidence to aire the meat pe'f-etaatia rar faction. For aale by G. SAUNDERS k SON, ten 177 Broadway, oppoaite Howard Hotel. ???? not To the Brooklyn Public?Robertson, pro- 1 irietor ef the Pbsaaix Hat and Cap manufactory, tt Fulton .nl treat, haa lately open, d a branch etoro at <1 Vullou at'eat, 1 Irooalyn, lor the purpose ol introducing to the hat and cap la 1 reeling portion of Brooklyn, hia diatinctire ayatem of large aleiaiid iina<l profits, tbe peculiarity of which ays'agn.aa cre een in ita resells. conaieta in iu enabling him to (dmten hie thr u.turners with Ha<a, equal in finiah, atyla, dnrabili* and iterance to those manufactured by the more apleudideatailiahmenu of Broadway, at prieea S3 per cent lower. u, aoHcowLi or rnioua. , HATS. CAF8. olai at quality nutria, $3 50 let quality Cloth $ 1 S3 j id da, do 3 01 3d do. do IS* at do. Moleakin J 30 3d do. do 0 75 tbe Id do. do 3 oo ... 3 do. do S 30 #t had Aid to Ireland?TH* Committee on Bned* 1 ju tuff, and Provisions, inform the<r fellow ei ieeua throngh>ut the country, thai they will ba happy to reeaiee eonri- 1 ln* jutiooa ol Breadatuff. and Froviaiona, and .hip (nam free of oxi expense to the "leutial Committee ot the Society of Mauds n Unblia " for general d.atributioa among the f.misbing poor afire ?ud. .jg Commneiceriona on thi* anbjeet. may be addreaeed to 3m either ol th i Committee. Ihe I'icUbt fo m New Yoikie jm Ireland, will be p*i<i by :h? Briti.h ?ornament 501 GEORGEBARCLAY. 1 a ROBERT B MINTURN, v* JAMES REYBi'B -, 1 Committee u WILLIAM REDMOND, I u Or.O McBKlDE, Jr. J , 1(0 U7* CI y end country paper, which can aff.rd to pnbli-h 50 ihia notice for a week or two flee of ebarge, will p(ena<- to 500 copy 6t too ?mn????na????a?a | 100 Savigatlou ol tna Ulito mivai, 'JJ Placet. Time. Stat*?' li.f Wheeling.. Mar 34 . .. 17 feet .. Flttaonr* . _Mur 3d ... 10 f?M. ?. Cincinnati Mar 14 1?H feet 300 Loniaville Mar 11 ... 14 fact. 50 a??awm?a?a???1a? ; SOU HUSKY RARKBT, ' Wadneaday, March 31?0 P. H. ^ Our stock market continues vary much depressed, ; M perticulurly aa regards fancies. Under existing circua- 1 stancea Government and State securitiea are very wall maintained,'{although the bast of tham rungs several per cant below prices currant previous to the difficulties which now beset {.the money market, j Money la scarce and in demand; the rate of in- i '0I tarest in the street ranges from seven to tan \ n* par cant, and there la every proapeot of the mar. j hot becoming more etriugent The buaioeaa season . has not yst opened, in consequence ol the pro- ,ei traotsd auapen.ion of navigation on the river and cana'a, ( and there la every probability ol our spring trade an being much later than u?usl. There are a nura- 1 iDI bar of packet* long over due. sad their arrival is ' ac anxiously looked lor, on aecount of onr short supply o f Hi good* and th* large amounts of apeci* repotted to be 00 board. " j thi At the first board North American Trtut went up % j bn par cant; Vickaburg ' <; Harlem Hi Csnton Hi Farmers 1 LosnJi, Morris Canal and Reading closed at yesterday's 1 #t. prices; Norwich and Worcester fall olT H- 1 At tha second board the sales were to limited extent ; Oi North American Trust advauced H\ Norwich end Wor- : ^g coster H P*r cent upon prices current in tho morning, to Morris Canal fall off H Tho operations of Wall street are in a manner sua. j pendtd. to await tho speculations of soma Pltiladalphians ' fa< Iu tho stock of the Morris Canal Company. This con- I T1 ..?> k.. ?1. K... ??.I I... k. ik. ...jl.I 1 qu W*,M "??" " ?? ?? ?UIW wi fnj u; IUV vwpaiv* . ^ and effort* of eur naif hliors. It* history it intinxtely op connected with every kind ofipeculnlve horror. The I 90 New Yorker* her* been, time and again, it* vlotimv, and : until a very ]*te moment h*ve Ueen the suffering pro | _ prietors of ail the ttock, the bulk of the bond*, and the t* whole of the difgrace. Through the ioterroiltion of a * better fortune-a kindlier etar -tlii* bignly productive I i,% property i* daily ilnding (it i* to be hoped) a permanent ( location in our *i*t?r city. It haa beau blown up from at doller* per share to nineteen end twenty dollars^ : Within the last aizty days, and i* now in a condi ion to ! i make the count*rmove. It would be a blading to ee< New York, and to thoee who deal in (took*, if this ?f)j miserable ooneern wai traneferred permanently to any eol other point. The epooulatolne of Wall street are Joit j V now in a vary uncertain pcaitlon-nnoertain for the time t M] being. The ultimate result no man in his sense* can 10 doaM The veins ef the article* retaining the poor rt- ?n ma'ne of the speculative spirit ef peat day* he* been m* toetod by time, end no trie of the moat ingenious can in* em tk.ii ?y h, Hon^lc Railroad C?p?y hav. .WcUr.d . ur P*r c*nt- on tha preferred capital nt, on tha 10'h April ^ NirttoBnl Biokh., declared a semi-annual dial d of three and half par cant, payable 10th April he annexed statement exhibits tha semi-annual dial da of tka banka In tha city of Boston ior tha ait mon b. rnf ApriU, 1M7 Bosre* Ba.Mt?Amount or Diaiosttst. . iVt'ZL ?'" ?< lotie, s?2?S 2 p*rc,ot tH.otU ton.... . ;*; JSS LJ2WI" " uton. ^^2* ** Percent ai.M? r ,# ? < ^ \ Parent 14 ? i a a a a?a a a a a a aaa a a a a J?0,WH 3 D#f C6DC 15 UOft -Sg ?S 400,000 3 par cent 14 too ?*?-?2S 'Xporcent 17,'jO# ' v JS#.0ao <K ur nnt ?Ma .V f"*'' MO,000 3 par seat tl 000 130.000 4 par cant 4 000 'b"!;--d ? ??? >hrre?; ioV5!i riCugUud 1,000.000 4 par cant 40 000 ' '' ?0 0M 3 per seat 33,100 wmut.,. .. 100 000 3 par cant 14,000 * Leather Daalart'... lo iooo 4 par cant 30 000 ?. ?; 1,000 000 3 par rant 44.IH.0 ?}* , 1,000.000 4 rarcant 40 000 !?' , 40*,u00 3 p-r cant 13.000 ?*t 400 1 00 3 per cant 14,000 ??; oro 000 3JS par cant 30 000 shicgton M0.1,40 3 per cant 14,000 $10,180,000 06! aro Amount Inat October 603.000 Kxcets from laat Oeteber $10,000 here hag for several yoara pant baan a ataady increase be dividends of thn Boston banka Tha capital has inoraasad so much In prt portion as in this olty, bat dividands will aqual thosa af oar banks, notwith iding the diflerenoe in the legal ret* of intereat. Tha ve aemi-annnal dividend* average about three and a f par oant on tha aggregate capital. All tha banka loiton appaar to ba, Judging from tha dividend*, doing try profitabla bnainaaa, and the steady inoraaaa in tba ttta of aoma of tham, ahowa that thay ara recovering n tha diflcultiaa thay onoa labored undar. 'ha fallowing tab la axhlbita tha comparative proita ha ohlaf manufacturing oompaalaa of Now England eight yaara, and part of tha ninth?tha authority aa noit of them being tha ultimata and highaat aoutaa. MaNvraOToaiNo Cexraffiti or Naw ebola t?a. 183#. 8.0. Ill 1. lilt. Ill) lilt 1848 1818.1847. platon* "} 4 * * 11 u 1* ~ iltoo*.... I it 14 II ? rail* I II 4 ? T 14 14 "i ldlaaas* ? ? 0 I 4 II 14 15 ? inmaok*.,.. 11 it inn JJj li ? moot 11 7 8 I I 14 II II 4 folk 11 I II t I 11 a it 8 nreaee 10 ] 7 I 7 18 14 18 I It 11 4 11 I 8 11 II II 3 achate tu* ? ? ? S 4 14 II 1018 >ot I I 8 II 10 M II ? ckopee. ... I 0 1 0 I S it I ? i|bt ? ? ? 111 I U 18 km* 3 8 I 8 I 10 II 14 ? mar to ? 10 I I II 15 II 3 mdike... .1 I II I 8 14 13 U * a ? ? ? ? II u It I ? ihui 10 I I S I 14 II to I kson 10 0 I 3 I 11k li II IX iAt rail**... o o s i 17)2 a# UK i she ea 8 8 0 1 8 1 8 II ik I 4 I I I II II Ml lOskeag*.... I 0 8 4 7 0 10 lonia* ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 81 rk* II It I 7 6 }JJ II 10 I 'ha average capital of thoaa oompaniaa marked with aiteriak, range* from aiz to twelve hundred theuaand lore; though there are ezoeptione, falling con* id erabelow tha firat amount, aa tha Palmar, Otia and orndika; and other* aa much ezaeeding the lait, aa Oreat Fella, Amaakeag, Merrimao, and Lawreue*. 'he dividend of the Hamilton, in lMk, waa in new re*: an aztra dividend, of -the aamo amount, and In t *hape, waa made tha aame year by the Appletan and well. Tha aggrogata dividend of the Appleton for period of tta aziatonoa which preceded tha Irat year ha table, vis., ten yaara, waa 1M per oanti that of the milton, whoaa time of operation ia but about a year iger, 114 per c#nt. 'he Maaaachuaetta wa* not In full operation till 1841; ', aa a diatlnct corporation, the Middle***, until 1M1| cotton mill of tha Lowell waa impended July, 1649 ? v lOA*. ?r 18. ntl. latLJtt >d to re new the machinery and enlarge the pre peri of the oorporation. The Middlesex in 1841 made an ;ra dividend on reserved profit*, from manufacturing_ s of land and ronti, of ts per eent; the oapital, then >0,000, being increaaed in that ratio Thia ii net iuded in the table. Che original iharea of the Great Valla (I>M) were KM each; the subsequent depreclatien ef the property, , in 1839, to a largo ieaue of new aharea, rated at $400, I to a almilar one in 1840, whoae par vain* waa (till fur. r, to $100. The form of dividend baa from the flrat of ;he*e latter datca b-an ao many dellar* perahare, (aa in mary, 1840, $11 per share, in July $90 do) the old and i now atock being put upon one common footing. Thia ount, in erdor to ita uniformity with tha reat of the table, i been converted into a per centage rate, which ia reek id by the lateat valuation of aharea. InJuly, 1844,a atill ther creation of new atock was made, evon to the ext of 40 per cent t the whole number of ahaiea being r 7,600, the oapital one and a half mtlliea*. 'he York made an extra dividend of 10 per eent In 4 -, the Merrimao, a similar one, and of like amount, 1846 ; the Amoakeag, a dividand in the form of newly ated aharea, of 96 per eent, in July, 1844. These ae companies havo, for aeme yoars, taken the lead la current priooa of too market \ of the first named, the ;regate dividend from January, 18*4, (the earliest do. red,) to the present time, haa been 174 per coat, 'he single dividend mado the present year, 1847, by majority, butjiot as yet by alt of the companies,la anted. The Freaoott, a neW company at Lowell, which I hardly gone into operattion, has been merged, aineo mary, la the Massachusetts Cotton Mills, and the pay. out the reserve fund of tha latter, in consequence, ilaina the unuaual amount of its dividend. Old Stock Bxehanga, >3 U 86s, $1, coupon 10314 Si shs Vieksbarg sM )0V )* d.i '56 101 e, 10 Morris Cen?l ) -! '* do K1K 10 On 19)2 M Peon 5s sS6 70)2 *5 U tea h Sehcnetady 114 t* Monis C'IBdt ?6* (6 50 Mseon ?|V M Not It Wor Bonds *3 15 Canton 34 hs Merchsn-s' Bsuk ISC ISO do Ilk Illinois Bank b60 17 50 do MO 34 N A Trust b30 Ik 50 Wor It Wor 49? do _ s30 IN Readies BR 5?tt Farmers' Trust 8 IS to atO toffc do 1>M *00 Hurl m b>3 4* do iM Uli 110 do stO 4S? do bta *0 150 do ISY Viekal urg 10K 25Btoaiigton 44H Socoi'41 Board, shs II a Bisk ,4X 100 aSa Beading BR 5IK do 4)4 50 .vloiris s30 i* Merit Wor 5644 las do - It I* ^ *>4 A Trust bta * l do bN 5?| 54 io MS 8 Now Stock Rirhangt. I aha 17 S Bank 4W H aha Canton alt 3464 IN or It Wor 4tfi 15 de a I 3?fi i Canton 34 5# Farmers' Trust M i do S3K 50 de tlO MM CITY TRABM REPORT, Nnw Yenn, WapisttDsr AvTaniseoa, March II. The market for flour end eorn maintained to doy the irewvo urmuBM uoiiov-i jtnvrnij, ana Baits of Of* m? in "tore war* mad* at |7 39, and aoma lota of a tlo oztia aold at g7 I7jg Thar* arara eonatd*rabla lea mid* to arrive in April at $7 UX and later lath* won, on t*rnta which did not traoaplr*. Cora aold inly at 99c a 98c for Northern fallow, part to arrlra, d whit* Southern at 99e a 90c. Provi?i->n? remained ic'ira, without change In prioaa. In grocatiea, trana* tiona ware very limited It being packet day for tba hernia. 'Change waa thinly attended, and traoaae'lona moat deacriptiona of produce rary light. Aalongaa 0 ritrer remain* oloaad at Albany, no groat revival of :aln*aa can b* expected. AiH'a ?Some SO bbla were aold, including both aorta, $4 87X for pota. and $8 9* for paarla Btvawii ?Wo report aaloa of 3000 lba. yollow at 97c, BuEADeTtirrf ? Flour? Wo report aalea of 800 bbla. ineaae at 97 38. in atoro ; 300 do. aold at $7 S7X ? 400 Obio andOanaaoo at $7 3? a $7 lllg $7 I7X waa erad for 800 Ooneaao.a little ontra, and related ; 8009 60"0 bbla. do. wero aold,for fntnre delivery,an private ma; and 8000 do , d llverabl* In April, at $7 l?X ? utharn flour waa in fair requaat, and wo raport aolet 1600 bbia Georgetown at 98 *0 Thorn war* torn a aalea Philadelphia reported at 98^1). NVol ? tare waa natbiog now, and n aalea rapovted ef oont*. Okie* Ctrn?Vf* report aalae of llOOO buahalt >rtbarn yellow, t* arrive, at 99o | 180(10 de. at tba Inn of tb* purrhaaar, neat mooth. at 98o A rale of ou0 do. w >a alio reported at the tame price T oo eir> ee of gnnthein white aold at 99o : and a am?ll lot of ml do , in atoro, waa reported aold et 00v Cam Meal iOOP bbia New Jareay aold at $4 79 and 400 do >t 87X ' ho met hot ciotod Arm *ya-We report Ire ut .000 u<hel?, to arrive, on privet# torme, tup<od to bo about 90o. There waa nothing now in U*r1 i?i Oalt a^dlm.? The market waa Arm, and r.mall aalaa ma le 33 rta 'ottos.?The etlea,to-day. her i bean chiafly to apliv re, who hove taken aheut 090 bale* at full price*. ,'orree.?Th# market waa qniat, and no aaio* of con* wore itpoited ki*H ?fl.nce laat report, shout 300 quintal* dry ood Id > chief!v by retail, at 9? n'H h 9* 79. Mackerel ntinued firm at ||0 79e$ll, lor Halifax No. I; ai,d a 97 99 lor large No. 9. Theft waa no bhango ig wagaknantt* Hmaa.?9,000 Montavldao, averaging It ponnda, 19o i ?0 Southern, at 19a., and 409 graan aaltad tout barn, ppaaad So, 6 montha; 114 New Oriaana, alightly da igad, 7*., eaah. ilBMv.?Tha ttipply oontinuad light Tha laat, with all aalaa of American daw rotted, draaaad, ware made

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