Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 3, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 3, 1847 Page 2
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run ii 7 NEW YORK HERALD. ? : -a Gi Viw York, Ratald*JT, April 3, ?47. mj Tcltginplilr. We learn that the telegraph between Baltimore at and Philadelphia was so nearly repaired yester- ^>a day afternoon, that the operator* expected to open the communication at sunset last evening. w The Malls. ^ Oar peper is so crowded with important mat. th Hr this morning, that we have been constrained yj to leave out several columns of advertisements, etters, news items, &e , Jcc., &c. f0 Mall for Kuropx. The splendid packet ship, Margaret Evans, rp which has been so successful in her passages under vCaptain Tinker, will sail this morning. The |t clipper ship Rainbow, Captain Benjamin, for Liverpool, will also sail this morning. They will jt , take to Europe the recent important intelligence ^ lrom Vera Cruz and the Kio Grande. Those wfl desirous of sending the latest news can obtHin rej. ? copies of the Daily or Weekly Herald, in wrap- ^g| per*, at thethe office. 0pt The Weekly Herald. riVl Our weekly sheet will bo ready at 9 o'clock die this morning. C8t t It will contain the highly important news front bo Vera Cruz and Buena Vista; the official list of the fro killed and wounded, in the recent battles; the in- net teresting letters from Mr. and Mr* Bennett; the in i correspondence between the War Department sor and General Taylor ; a list ot the vessels of 1 war and transports in the Gulf; the latest cat accounts from New Mexico ; the details of the aft revolution in Mexioo ; Washington correspond- me ence j proceeding* ol the Mew York State be- Hoi gi-lature ; correspondence from all parts of the 'ar oounfry; full reports of the New York markets?; j Scc.,&c. gf The illustrations will consist of an accurate view of the city of Tampico, and a map show- ^rQ ing the battle ground of Buena Vista, the towns i th( of Saltillo, Monterey, Jto , which will be invalu- jjs able, at this time, as a reference. Those who purchase our paper in the office tllt e*n send it in our mail bags at the old rate of Postage. Singh' copies, 6^ cents each. 0jjj -TT I ] The News fiom Vera Cms. ^Cl We present to our readers the exciting and im- on portant news received by us yesterday in advance of the mail. Ko The city ol Vera Cruz has b?en cut off from all J?( communication with the surrounding country? Gu the water pipes have been destroyed, arid nothing l? left for the inhabitants to do but capitulate.? ! 281 This they have, undoubtedly, done before this I hei time, and we may safely say that at the present hour the stars and stripes wave proudly over the )r0 Cattle of 3. Juan do Uiua and City of Vera Cruz. 1 be The details, as lar as we have received them,will 1* be found on the first page of this paper. : in We refer our readers to the article referring to j0 ihe new policy which our government has determined to pursue in the luture conduct of the war. | jjj It will tell throughout the world. hi The Important Hcsulteof the Mexican War. 1 The Communication between the Atlantic hi and Pacific. The tone of the article which we extracted c( ftem the Mexican journal, El Rtpublicano, and C{ published a day or two since, would lead us to fQ infer that, notwithstanding the last glorious vie- ; p tory which old Hough and Ready and the j spirits under him achieved over the Mexicans ; * at Buena Vista, we cannot look upon peace, y fill relations between us and the enemy being . restored an hour sooner than if no such battle took plaee. Wo have yet to learn, however, what ^ effect the capture ol Vera Cruz and S. Juan do Ul6a will have upon the government in Mexico. It will be recollected that that journal stated in ce effect, that no matter what the result of that bat- ! w tie might be, the only course left for Mexico was i jjj to prolong the war; to continue it as long as pos- ftC sible, with the view of making us feel the burden j Pj of it; and lorcing us to sue for peace, and then | pi for her to insist upon a restoration of b-sr Texan , j* territory. El Republicano, as we before re- ' maiked, is the truest index to public opinion 1 B, in Mexico; and as such, the article which 1 , we extracted from it is worthy of, and, we c are led to believe, has received the grave conside- ; h ration of the administration. That declaration is convincing proof that, if we wish to hasten peace, I i we must make the enemy, and not ourselves, ? feel the harden of the war. We must karrass i a them in every possible shape, nnd leave no stone unturned to deprive her of the means of ? coutinuing it in the manner she thas, we be- ' l eve, decided upon. We have shown ourselves, agnin and again, desirous of peace. We j have, in the spirit of magnanimity and generosity, j * extended to our weak neighbor the olive branch. ! " But she has disdainfully refused all overtures. We 1 *, are therefore engaged in a war which it rests with P1 her to terminate, and which she can termi- j nate within a month, if she chooses so to j w do. As she has proclaimed her unwillingness , * to do so, and insists upon prolonging it with the (u view of making us feel the burden, every consi w deration of self-interest and natural instinct, irn- m peratively demand of us to conduct it in such a \ 'o manner as will injure us the least, in blood and til treasure, and compel her to pay the cost of our I of exertions. In this way wc may accomplish a peace within a rcasdnable time. j tt This is manifestly our policy, and it will, wo ( " are convinced, be more efficacious in conquering tt peace, or ia conquering the Mexican gove.rn. ; ^ merit, than if we achieved another series of victo- , p ries, equal to those, in brilliancy to oar arms 1 and discomtlturo to the enemy, el Palo Alto, j b Reaacade la Palma, Monterey, and Buena Vista. 0 This, too, is the policy which wc have reason to 1 believe the administration have decided upon, i 1 and which they intend to pursue immediately. The Secretary of the Treasury, we t are informed by Washing'on correspondents, | ; has been constantly engaged since the adjourn- \ meat of Congress in pieparing a tariff of duties i to be collected in the ports of Mexice, which wil| be thrown open to the commerce of the whole world, m the same manner in which the British threw open the markets of China, and collecting auvl retaining the money raised in this way to partly indemnify us for our expenses in conduct- i ing the war. Vera Cruz is to be the principal 1 1 colleoting depot. Tampico, Laguna and Maia- J moras will be the secondary ports. Thtte four , points am selected because they are the gate* to the most important and moet populous section* of Mix- ! tco, and becaute of their geographical position to the I 1 ** />/ mtHtnflr // j tt r ?r / n f ths / nunfri/ ... ft ?"/ ? It ik also in contemplation by the administra. t on, to rnak? one ol 'he tnoat important movements that could be made for the interests of humanity, and 'he extension ol commerce over the Miote world, vizi ? the cetaOluhment ofa line of r<,mmun\cati .n over the M xican territory, aerate the / .hmut <f I'thwintfpre, Hwwicnalco, between the Pacific and Atiantv. ocean* and throwing it alio o/vu to the commerce of the world. Humboldt, in hia great wotk on Mexico, dwell* particuluily on thi | -itimua as being the moat advantageous place in j whoh this communication can l>e established. We have at some expense had e graved the tn ?p which we publish in this day's papor, far thu purpoao of conveying to our readers an accu- : r ate representation of the feasibility of making :liia communication at a comparatively trilling j ? Oit. On'he Oulf aide it will be seen, lies the bur of Huosacualco er Goazacoalco. At the ' . trance ol this harbor is a bar, on which are \ ecu feet ef water. Alter passing that bar, iiv re it* good navigation as far a* the junotion of j s livers Klo de Saravia aid Rio del Tasso, I uch is about forty-five miles dis'aut from the , ilf. Thus we have, in the first place, forty-five lea of the one hundred and forty-six miles? s whole breadth of the isthmus? navigable no expense. Our readers Will then look at the tcific side of the isthmus, and almost in a rect line with the harbor of Huasacualco, they ill perceive the bay of Tehuantepec, which is so protected by a bar, on which are sixteen et of water. This harbor is at the mouth of e river Chimalpa, which, it is believed, is nags ble for boats as far as the town of St Miguel also represented in the map?and which is rty miles distant from the Pacific ocean. We ive, then, it will appear, eighty-five miles of tatable waters across the isthmus, leaving the tnaii der of one hundred and forty-six miles, r.\ fifty five, to be overcome by railroad?which is perfectly easy and practicable to do. rhus, it appears that our administration have in contemplation to carry out an enterprise ' it has engaged the attention of the whole irid since the ditcovery of America; and have able <lata that it can be accomplished with : little expense. This communication once ned, the whole civilized world will dea most important advantage from it. To United States it would be of the great* moment. Oregon and California would within ihree weeks of New Totk, and m New Orleans it would afTord a direct con* :tion with China and the East, and plaoe with* our grasp the gorgeous wealth of that, at preit, distant quarter of the world, f these two projects be carried out, the Mexi. is will certainly come to a peace immediately er they shall have bien accomplished, and a lasure perfected that will receive the approba* I n and confer sublime benefits on the world at ; l.atkr from the Cafi of good HoPX?arrival i thx U. S Ship Vincknnks ?The Vincennes | ji lved at this port in a passago of fifty-eight days j c m the Cape of Good Hope. Two days before > Vincennes sailed, the British mail steamer p iddington arrived, having on board the new f< pernor, Sir Henry Pottinger. The war with p ) Kaffirs continued, a battle having been re- 44 itly fought,in which the natives were victorious, b tting the British troops to flight. Two British 44 icers had been rnu dered within a short time, f1 ["tie Vincennes left Macao on the 14 h Novemr'ast, touching at Rajali Bassa and the Cape, w her way home She has been absent from ji i United States twenty-two monttta, during fr licti time she has visited Canton, Macao, Hong v ng, Amoy, Shanghae, Ningpoo, the harbor of 41 ido on the Inland of Japan, the lsiand of am, (one of the Manaan group) Chimmooon i coast of China, snd Kio de Janeiro,and has tr led upwards cf forty thousand miles. On the h h ult, while lying to in the Gulf Stream in a ivy gale f rom the N. W , fell in with the schr. g nity, of Wilmington, Del , bound from James b ver to Providence, in a sinking condition; took o im her C?pt Steelman and crew, (six in num- c r) four hours aher which the schooner sunk. is due to Capt. Steelman to say, that his con- ! ict on the occasion was noble and praiseworthy the extreme, he having been at the helm for 1 t rty-eight hours without water or sustenance of | t ly kind, the sea making a complete breach over < t e vessel the whole time, and it was only through [ ? s intrepidity and perseverance, that the lives ol 1 s crew were preserved through the previous ! ' ght He was the last to leave the sinking ves- , I, and not until he had seen his crew salely on ( yard the Vincennes. : < The lollowtng is a list of the officers of the Via- ' < snnes :? i ' Hiram Paulding, K?q., Captain; Samuel 8wartwout, ' ( lias. F. Mcintosh, Jaa. F- Armstrong, J as. C. William- | , in, Lioutenants ; A. J. Bowie, Acting Sturgeon Daniel mmen, Acting Master ; A. Y. Mason, Jr, Purser ; Kobt. . Wall, Assistant Surgeon; Israel C. Wait, Passed Mid- ( lipman ; C. Francis, Jr , Captain'* Clerk ; Wm. C. West, j lex. A. Hrmmea, K. W. Henry, Midshipmen j John aaunon, Boatswain ; Gerard Henderson, Carpenter ; ; beo. C. Herbert, Sail Maker ; Wm. Arnold, Gunner, j Musical. OkaRd Vocal and IjisTanMKjital Corcrbt of Sachiko ! csic at the Broadway Tabe*isacle?To-night the > alien opera company give their first grand concert of I cred music at the Broadway Tabernacle. This con- 1 rt promises to be the greatest thing of the kind to bich the attention of the public has been cahed during e present season. Signoi a Pico, Signor Barili, and 8ig >rs UenrJeUi, Benevcntano, Sunquitico, Petti, Martini id Benetti, with a full,chorus, and big. Rapetti's cornets orchestra, will not fail to furnish a musical enterInmont of the highest oiJor No less than fourteen oces will bo peifwiad during the evening, as may be ten by reference to the advertisement in another coiinn. U. C. Hill's Grakd Musical Festival la to take place t the Tabernacle on Tuesday evening next Mr. Hill ia bout to leave lor Europe, and this ooncart la givon in umplimcnt to him prior to hia departure, by the mem' j era of ?ever?l musical societies and others of his friands 'he talent engaged for tne occasion ia excellent?Big. j ico, Misa Juhii Northall, and Miss Jane Andrews, of ; buy ; together with Signers Benedetti, Beneventano, , re among the vocalists, and Slgor Rappetti, Heir ichmitz.aiid Messrs. H. C. Timm, Edward Hodges, are mong the instrumental performers. The last concert of Herz and Sivori, at New Orleans, n tho uveiling ot the 'J4th ult, is represented as having ei-ii a brilliant affair. Ttieutrtcola. Parr Theatre ?The sterling tragedy of "Macbeth" ras last night presented at tho Park. Mr. Forrest play' lg Macbeth, and Mr. Jamieion personating Macduff Irs. Hunt played Lady Macbeth. We have only room to ty the perlonnnnco ws* excellent. Mr. Forrest ap. ears to night as Virginius. Bowery Cihcus.?We mutt inform our patrons, as ell as the public at large, that in addition to the usual peeing'* performance, there will be a grand parform' ice this afternoon, as there will bo on every future 8arday afternoon, for the amusement of such persons huso household or business arrangements do not per- j it their after ding in the evening. Mr. Kemp will per- ; rm all his great tricks. The Dulcimer Band will sing . >?t play their choruses, songs, glees, See , and in addiju, the " Harlequin Farmer's Bon," a iairy pantomime i ; great morit, and which has been received with the , reatest applause, will be pariormad, as well in the aimoon as in the evening. These attractions, added to le great equestrian feats of the company, and the ^ymastic displays of Mr. Cole, render the Bowery Circus oe of the most, if not the most interesting place wherein > spend an afternoon or evening. It is worth more than in price ol admission to witness Mr. Sergeant in his act f changia, or My. and Miss Muddigan, in "Cupid and Zehyr " Bowery Theatre?This evening la set apart for the ene fit of the celebrated Dan Matble, a fact which, in onjunction with the announcement that It is the last light of his appearance, is sufficient to draw as largo, If lot a linger hotiso, than he has witnessed since he came imong us this last time. We can, with all confl lence, ecommcud tho New York public to visit the Bowery o-night, becuuse Mr. Marble will personate hi* beat :h?r?cters, which are Deuteronomy Dutiful, in the Wool Dealer," and Samp.on Hardhead, in the drama of the "Backwoodsman." We understand that the maimg*?r has engaged the mu h admired danssuse Mils Turnbtill, and ihat talented lady will very abortly appear on the Bowery stage; and further, that be has in reheated a grand spectacle, which will shertly be produced Bnd which will undoubtedly have as much aucceia as any piece that he has yet produced. The Boitor Adelfhi is to be opened on Monday next. It,is said to be a beautiful little place,and is to be devoted to light and elegant vaudtsvillu, brought forward altogether in the French style. The Adelphi Is said to be ODe of the very nicest sort of Little elegancies. It will, no doubt, become quite a pet. Equestrian performance* are now the favorite theatrical spectacles at Boaton, where they have Rockwell k Co., with Needbam, whose Don Quiaote is wonderfully praised, the youthful MtFarland, and Mrs Gardner. At the Howard Street Circus, Madams Macarte is perform- < ing; aad the wonderful horse Bucephalus is said to waltz wonders Police Intelligence. fUghn ty Robbery.?Officer! Coitello and Keener, two active men of the Tib ward, arrested oo Friday night two black fellow* callad Jabn Matthewa and Smith Corey, on a charge ?f knocking down a man by the name of Robert Hickoy, while- pessing'alODg Orange atraet, on the Fire Toiiite, and straling from hla peraoo a gold watch, valued at $00 Justice Oaborne committed them both for examination. I'oiit Lire nun ?John Oagar waa arreated yaaterday or stealiug an oveu-oat belonging to Thomas Plunkett. Locked up lor trial fy Jnatice Krtcham. Jain 4 Jiit'd was likewise oaugbt aud taken before the tame iniglstratn, on a charge ot ataaling a kit of mackerel belonging to Baker 1c Archer. Looked un fir trial. A leilow called John Kilay waa urraetcd by officer Reeve, of the 4th ward, oo u chaige of atealing a pair of boats, worth $4 belonging to Francis Priest, 100 Ctr thaiino atreet Locked tip by Justice Osborne for trial. Law Intelligence. Common fovea, April d-Oalore Judge Ingrr.ham? Culbtrtve Oilltn ? In (bis cause, reported in this day's paper, the Jury returned a verdiot for the platintifT lor $100. Sporting Intelligence. At New Oilttans on the 3A:h, there were four entries for the pur?e of $000, to be run for on the Blngaman (-cPr'". namely : Hrowm Kitty, Verifier, Mary Bowan, and Falified. It was to be a race at two mile hoots, and ha baiting opened heavily at odds oo Brown Kitty. - - '-J X. . . 1 - 1 .1 MAP OF THE I8THMUS IW MS s r*lc or i'f'?-t !jRUZ "% C'ULF OF ... '' 'izfcj?* N TTHUANTtkfC (jy* ! SANTA ^ ^^^K$g^|^^>,T?HUANrEP?C PACIFIC OC? Tha following it a description of tha oo tin try ambrac- j ag tha abova named lathma*. It it taken frem tha Msxi- 1 an Diario t? J Oottacoaleoa it a large portion of territory belonging t > the state of Vara Crut, tha fertility of whiah rendeit , mitable for every kind ol enterprise, and particularly f >r tha cultivation of cocoa and tobacco. To thia ?d van- t iga it adds otheri not leat important, among which are , t aituation, one of ita tidea making a part of tha coast of <; la Mexican gulf, ita boundary on tba east being the State , f Tobasco, Mid, on tha south, that of Oojaca ; and its j sing watered by numerous and large rivers, among f iem tha Ooazacoolcos and Toneladaa, which, flowing . ora tha skirts of the Cordillera, the natural boundary { etween it and Oajaoa, continue their course to the sea, ( ad form entrances mora or less commodious for vessels, , hich, if they are not of great burden, may penetrate the | iterior and discharge their cargoes at a great distance ( om the coast, for the Ooazacoalcos, particularly, is na- , igable through its whole course, and at all seasons of ta year In addition to this, the land being in some parts ^ >ft and liable to be overflowed, and provided with nu- , lerous water sources canals of communication may be , pened, which will facilitate traffic, and give life to indua- , y, and commerce with the neighboring Stataa, whether . i national or foreign produce. t In view ef the riches possessed by the territory of < loazacoaloos, neglected riehes which the hand of man < as never yet touched, it is easy to imagine the theatre t f abundance and prosperity, which it may speedily be- < one, with little cost or labor. Covered with dense t srests, which furnish timber for building of every da- < cription ; with wDun-Jant streams ei mur, < ?? . lizo the soil, facilitate transportation, furnish water i owerfor machinery, and contribute to subsistence by 1 he flsh of every kind which they yield ; situated under 1 ha vivifying skies of the tropics, surrounded by the best itates of the Union, and adjacent to the prosperous pe- I linsula of Yucatan, and furnishing other inducements to i be consideration of enterprising and industrious men, it 1 nust become, in time, .when civilization smooths the < oad of progress for us, when we pay more attention to i tutorial benefits than to political abstractions, and when , lestiuy has pronounced a thus far to our domestic broils, >ne of the most interesting portions of the Slate of Vera 3ruz, whic.i nature has destined to represent a gieat pait n our territorial prosperity. A territory such as Ooazacoalcos, absolutely destitute of population, requires, in order to render it productive, the aid of colonization; and, therelore, one of the legitAld to I r* land?The Committee on Breadstuff* and Provisions, inform the?r fsllow ei izeus throughout ibe country, thai they will be Pappy to receive contribution* of Breadstuff* and Provuion*, and thip tnem free of expense to the "Ceulial Committee of the Society of Friends m Dublin."for general dutributton among the Lmisbu g poor of Ire and. Communication! on thie eubjeet, may bo addressed to either of th > Comfaitter. The freight from New both to Ireland, will be paid by the British Government GKOMUr. BARCLAY. 1 ROBERT B MINTURN, I JAMES REYBUK v, ) Committee WILLIAM REDMOND, I GEO McHHlDK, Jr. J City and country papers which can afford to publi*h this notice for a week or two free of charge, will please t?> copy. It Diamond Pointer Gold P na, 91 95 Only? The lime if fait approachitir w t.en the gold pen will supereede the uae of all other*. V\ ith all the elasticity and moodiness of tae quill, it combines an indnstructiD.lity wbieh pertains to it only. Competition has finally reduced the price so a* to bring a goad pen within the re*en of all. J. Y. Savage. 12 KnUon st, ia selling for $1 2b tne same kind of pen aold elsewhere at f I SO. Also, a magnificent pen for S2, which is the best and cheapeat pen in the world. Bilious Fever generally begins with yawning, stretching, pain in the bone*, languor, giddiness, a swelling abeut the region of the stomach, bilious vomiung, and other unpleasant symptom* Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills are one of the bet medicines in i he wsrld for the cure of feves, became they pnrge from the body tho e morbid humors which ai* the cause of every malady iurideut to man. lo alt C'ises of fever, froui lour to eight of said Indian Vegetable Pill* thiinld be t ken every n gbt. or il 'lie sympii m* are violent, night and miming Th a plan, if p-operfy ca ried oat, will, in a ahort time, aubdue ilie roo*t violent attack ol ferer ; at the aame lima th* digesive otg-us w.)l be reaiored to a health* tone, > d the blood to comple'eiy purifi-d that fevere at well ai every other disease. will be driven from the body, and health and vigor will be given to the w hole frame. Office* devted exclutively to the aale of Wright's Indian Vegetable Pill*, wholesale and retail, 199 Race at, Philade!Shia;288 Greenwich at, New Fork; and 198 Trement street, oston. An Kstsy Fitting Hat Is truly a Comfort? We know ol no better place to procure auch than of KNOX, 128 Fulton street Hun building. He will make you a hit to fit, let year head bo ever so diffirult to suit. No headache with one of his bearers or moleskins. We speak from experience. Use a s* ufi Cent" Jar of Perln's Orris Tooth fasts, if yon wish clear end pearly white t*eth. and sweet breath?Large 50 cents. Use a*' 25 ceut" bog of i'obleue da Parle et Alabatre, aud get rid ol Freckles, Pimrles, Ton, Ike. For sale at E. M. Onion's, I" 7 Bowery Also, Townsend's Sarsaparilla, Van Humbert's Female Pills?S'leach. Shooting Gallery, at Rich's Gymnastic Academy, Nos. 159 and 161 Crosby street, one door be:ow Bieecker. Mens. Mourqnin, respectfully inform* his friends and the public that be hus opened a Gallery for Pistol practice, at the above named institution, where he will be happy to see his former patrons. Perfumery and ToUet Articles, of Labln's, Gueiiain's, l'atev's, Round's, Ito , manufacture Hazors from every approved maker in Europe (warranted), with a large asaortmc t of Scissors aud Nail Files. Also, Dressing Cases, tcataiuiog all that is necessary fer the toilet, in the moat portable and ei.mpact f-rmi N. B ?Agent* for the sale of Round's Hospsand Perfumery, G. 8AUNDEKS It SON, 177 Broadway, oppoei e Howard Hotel, Metallic Tablet tuier ati-vp?** IIS HI UUIV haa been before the paolic lor the last tntrty Teart Mono hat receiTeil ?o mauy encomiutnt in proof of utility, or enjoyed itt enTiable reputa'ion. A liberal diiconnt made to wholesale purchasers for tale by O. 8AUNDKH8 ft. SON, 177 Br adway, (a few doort abate Goortlaudi itreet). 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The proprietor of thia oatablithineut wishtt It peifectly understood tb t ha haa no eonnoetiou with tho plnee called beong ial Thorns, bo having loft it aomo mue uiontha ilnce. Archer, MU G.eentvleh street, haa Introduced hit new fashion of hate for soring, with entire row i style ol lining, whieh ceriaiolv ia the moat beautiful article that haa bean offered to the public this season. I To the OAeera of the Army and ffnry.? iEvsrptbiug necetaary for fl'ling the enmp cheat or tadd e bag in the moit ccmpect form ; Oi eating Ca?t, containing every article for the toil-t. and in tha nnalleaf oompaao , compact Wilting Cat'i, Dinner Set* for the Docket, water 'roof vlonty Belli, Clup Koiret, Dixon'* eeloora'ed Drum Fla.k*. Trartiling olirror*, Pocket InkiUndt, Gold Pont in cate* Letthern Drinkug L npt, ft fcn UlJiO BAZAAR, 171 Broadway, coiner of Ocortlrndt it. Good Diamond"RdiTted-tiidd Pena In Cai aes, fir ooly $| m, and magnificent Banle pent for tl 75, ' ("geihtr with *ome d.'ftn different knuliof tureuorgod i?'/A ?T??lly ch-ep??re told -hoimale and ret 11. by J | W.Oreto u fti Go., 71 Cedar itreet. From their oitment, l w* th'ik hand or taate il my gaiitletnaa or lad . ea i he tnitrd. ant iheir pne-* w,M be lonnd to be lower than thoae ol any oinir b uea in ib- city They alto keep tm hand go d Pent tnd Pencils, gold and til rer I tumbles, lie ; and repair gold peni at ihe .hOrtest no tice. Great and Cheap?The Original Phenlz Hal Store, IIS Pulton itreet? All who want to e 'trie out wi h a splendid H it, to-mnrrow, to ait nith Broadway, and all oiha pert e of the city, ihonld etep down to Divne1* atfeabon number in kaltou .tree'. I he h,,.,,v nf hi, h.te i.po Te.b'al Bnt the ettr?o,i)inaiy cheapne.. of l?eToe'* h i makes 'hem tke eighth wonder of'he world, ' la it pmtible 1 one gtn'leman will ?ay to another, 'thatTou paid Deroi only inch a price for that hat 7 Why. I paid a dellar mor iu Broedwe* lor mine, tad it will not begin t0 compere will ypurr' Tliia u ? P*t?n*n ol trery diyi couvert'tloa?I I blind no lot.|?f, end go to Uevoe't for rout bet, toy Kulw , ItTtgl 1 1 . 1 . . _ L I'-l Diiniti \ OF HUASACUALCO, ; ; xxoo. ! I of Whe CortiAe tying portion MILES ; author. -A 1*. "V*', M E X / CO TS" Wh? If nod to tho ? of ace _ upon l <^~v -jg /\y^ " pernor ^ / j ^ execu \ 1 y<r / i yfiS J /\ anotht , / LCHIAPAS/ j N't st<c? /? ^-7 >? / / not mi / <g&^~y / Unite* i//;/ij?i ( /7 ( / / Collet -agF \ / V / As?l*t ALT. I / \ / Const] SS^V V / ,w? 11 Sfestyfta / the w rWvsfc, \ / dence IJk\ / ?d? * <> IKv,, / / Si. / / as / trust* ?2 /t /V w . " 'Y ' *. gv com pi took tioatii tattoo Thi will b wbiol the ai lattice* of the State, well understanding the advantage* i terest which might remit from that measure, issued a deoree, j it wil April 98 h, 1827, establishing a basis for the colonisation 1 the at >f the isthmus of Goasacoalcos, which basis sets forth | he obligations of the mpreiariot and of tbe colonists, < Bo un is well a* the privileges of both, and all the details ne- 1 Th. essary for the successful establishment of tbe colony, I per c be immediate government of whioh was committed to by oe in arent or inspeotor, with a salary of three thousand stoek lollara a year, and a grant of land in one of the sections of W eserved by the State. As the deoree referred to author- issue sed the executive to cede vaoant lands to Mexican or i office oreign emprnariot, who applied for them with the pur- the a >ose of settling on them. In the following year, 1898, the p here were granted to Don Francisco Giordan and his in isaooiatna 300 square leagues of the vacant lands of Goa- j of tb lacealcoa. to be colonized within the term of three years tend* >y 600 families from two different countries, who wera to I fer si levote themselves particularly to the cultivation of the ; assig rinn, olive, and the silk worm. ! wiJl The agitation into which the public was subsequently | made hrown by the invasion of the Spaniards under Barradas, provi ind the occurrence of the cholera, prevented the tmprt I suiof tarioi from complying with their engagements, and they | sequ. lolicited a delay of another three years, which was Depa rranted them by the legislature. Finally three expedi- , ai! ions were fitted out. two of which having the mis'ortnne men! :o encounter shipwreck only one, composed of French i parti lelonlsts, arrived at Goazacoalcoa. This one was not ; sigm nore fortunate in the end than the other two, for the i offlot olonistx, on their arrival, separated : some of them es- 1 ablishing themselves in places different from those i Tl lesignat. d; others emigrating to different States, and ' Unit lome dying, either from the diseases of the ceast, or lean in consequence of the destitution in which they were ' era f left. It is certain that the colonists complained of having con| con deceived by the tmwrtiariai, whom they accused per c ?f violating tha terms of the contraota ; harmony, there- o, [ora, was wanting at the moment whan it wat moat 0f F need* i in order that the icheme of colonization might 1 thirt ba accomplished ; and thia circumstance, in the end, oc- ble. rationed dissensions among the empretarioi themselves, nowi and consequently prevented them from fulOlling the en- -i nlKj , gagem ants which they had contracted with the govern- . wjjj inent which, in view of what had occurred, annulled ' blan I he grant of lands made to them; and thus was defeated ! astj? a project which, if prudently managed, would have pro- i jn ar duced happy iesults, I jtr| This is the country to which our government beioi has now turned its attention. 71 . or it ? ' ; It ali ntvigaUoii or the Ohio Stiver. or Bt flares. 7Vs?e. State ef Ri**r. 33, Wheeling. . .Mar 30 , ? 0 feet. ruar Pittsbiirg .Mar 86 , . . 9 M. < llalll Cincinnati .....Mar 14 ... 18){foet. u,r] Louisville Mar U ... 14 feet. jgg7 f?? ? " '1 1 i ? Mo MOSKY MARKET. Tl Friday, April 3?6 P. n. The stock market opened very firm thia morning, and peri there waa an improvement in aeveral ef the fancies at the *?n' first board. Reading went up X per cent; Canton X; U. jj| State* Bank X; Harlem j# Ohio 8ixes, Norwich and wb Worcester, Farmers' Loan, Morris Canal, North Ameri- aD<l can Trust and Vicksburg closed at yesterday'a price*. j At tho second board Harlem want up 1 percent, aad inte North American Truat, Norwich and Worcester, and U ta'{' States Bank cloaed at price* currant in the morning. ^0'0 There appears to ba an upward tendency to prioea. and oasi the fancios will, without doubt, he favorably afiected by aud the improvement, in the complexion of cur relations with ^ Mexico; but whatever advance is created by the present (an appearance of things, cannot but be temporary. A re- die aetion must soon take place, as tha only true regulator o1 7 price*, the currency, has experienced no material altera- ' trai tion. Several packets have arrived within the past day and or two, with cargo#* considerably larger than those ||'ceg which ccme in earlier in the season. The payment of thot duties upon these goods in specie will draw a large '1 amount from the banka. It is true that these packets 'rf> have brought a large amount of specie, but the banks get j\ very little of it at present It has to go through the regu f at lar channels bf trade before it finds its way into the n'? suits of the banks gho The valae oi merchandise imported into and exported ten fiom this port for the month of March, 1846 and 1847, ?.bl was as annexed :? lav Commerce or the Pobt of New Yoaa. cvi March iS? IS47. Jed Merchanoize imported. .$1,710,MS 6 817 6*3 Dec. .3901,SSI j Merchandize exported... 1,651,S|7 3 903,089 Inc.. .8341 191 oai Excels of imports' $8,093,452 2 914,674 3,153,778 j*1 The excesi of import! over expoits, of thia port, for l<H the month of March, thia year, was $6,163,778 less thsn so in the corresponding month last year. The increase in tlu the value of met chandise exported has been nearly as great as the decrease in the value of imports. { to The receipts of the Erie Railroad Company for the 'tr month of March, 1846 and 1847, were as follows New Yoaa and Erik Railboad. ci? From freight $14,860 63 ml From passengers and mail 6,943 43 ^ $30 094 08 P* Same tima last year 13 089 66 ltr pu Increase. $7,404 43 ba w( ?or 68>*percent. The receipts of the road i r the last three months, as compared with the same time last year, have keen ss "C follows:? 1846 1847. rtl January.., $13iM9 83 16378 08 February 11 382 68 17 930 70 March 13 689 66 30,094 08 Total $37,071 17 63 387 88 1 37 071 17 I Increase $16,316 69 I ?or over 43 per oentThe Register of the Treasury Department has made *7 oertain rigulations concerning the United States stocks Wo bavo made liberal extracta from the efflcitl report 1 j ,rom the department, as the lsrge amount ef these Hooks Ai already in the market, end about being Usued.muatmak* them interesting and important to many. I Treasury Rkoilatiors corcxsriro U. 8. Stock 1 ' "-? -- ?'"i""!! iaanad hv the United State* AIL U|R UCIVIU-? ?? v. , _ will, after the first ol April next, be signed by the Regie- b< ter ef the Treasury eud'ionprened with the eeel of The n department. They can be iesned only upon the written erder ef the secretary. A description of the existing loans snd of the d< nominations of the oertiBcates issued at for them, is appended to these regulations. No eertll- tfa cates of the loan of 1944 will be issued without the t( amount being thus expressed by engraving in the body 0) and in the margin of the certificates, and by the large ^ figures in red. . In regard to the loan of 1*43, measures have been taken to call la all the certificates for sums above two hundred dollars, in which the amount is expressed In . writing, with the view of haviDg no oertiflcatss of that , description in circulation, exoept such as are lor sums jj between one hundred dollars and two hundred dollars ; No transfer will be sanctioned for any fiaotional part of 11 one hundred dollars 01 any lostf, except of the loan oi l< 1943, where the certificate was originally Issued for , such fraction, and of the Mexican indemnity loan. g I Trantfcrt of Stock I All transfera ef stock must h# m.ide on the books of j the Treasttiy. in tbe register's offlot, and none can be mads withiu inirty days before the flutdayof January and tbe first day of July, sxcopt the Mexican indemnity. j The certificate to be trensferred, or of which eny part J is to be transferred, must be produced et the office of the Reliefer ol the Treasury, In order that tha tama may ba I I oaooelled, and that such Dew certificates may be issued, J as the case may require. No certificate can. in any case, ' r be ieaued for lees than one hundred dollars, except In the J i Mexican indemnity Tne party in whoee favor a certificate was issued, may af p iar in person at tha register's office, and there execute an assignment of the certificate, or any portion of tha ? ainouat for whioh it was issued, with directions to trana- { l. >r the tame to the assignee 1 e Tha following form of a transfer Is recommended: , a " for value received, do hereby aealga uato <he within certificate of sleek, Issued Vy the Treasury J i ment, and do hereby su*h ri/.e (he He?Mer'of the I ry to tianefer the said tto: k on the books of the ! '0 I ant 4 * led ^ suted in presence of J? , of in the State " M re it is intended to transfer a portion only of sny :-5 ate, the assignment will vary accordingly, by SJ " one thousand dollars, (or whatever may be the SJ 1 i assigned,) part of a ceitiflirat* of stock to "and isiug the register to transfer " one thousand dot the said stock, fco." in a certificate is to be divided among several, thn lent will name them, and the respective portion* Ti ransferred to each. Our in a portion of a certificate Is left without being as- ... , a new one will be issued for the part so reservod owner thereof. It is desirable that the assignment reali rtlficate of tha loan of 1842, ehould, in all casei; ba ouUj he certificate. to be signed by the person whose name is in the caz" :ate as the payee; if it be the name of a firm, then vies i of such firm m it? name; and if there be several wer is, then by nil of them, except in cases of trustees, tois, See , when by law any one haa the authority 10 u oho of such property. also ihe certificates of the loan of 1943, on assignment is t,ut red at the end of each, and is to be filled up wben- . inch certificate is intended to ba translerred to I"? ? * Son >r J , c ?The execution ef the above assignment, when rjT( ide at thii Department, must be witnessed by a 1 States Ju^go, District Attorney, or Cleik, or a tor of tho Customs, United States Treasurer, or taic ant, and American Minister abroad. United States rjoe ,1, or a Notary Publio. If wimesssd by eitberofthe . itter, bis official seal must be attached. In all cases * itness must add his official designation and resi- j . If assigned by a corporation, it must bs de serinthe assignor. When it has not been previouely ? evidence of the official charaoter of the person -7 g must be furnished, as that he is President or J' ?r of a Bank, aod also proof of his authority to jj, the assignment. Executors, administrators, and ! ? es, where the stock stands in the name of the net- , 15?, ev represent, must furnish legal evidence of their j , 1 characters, to be filed. ; |v ' desirable that these certificates should be written j ' the loan certificate. *' an such party is not personally known to the offl I "f.* n affidavit of his identity, taken before any officer ?!i stent to administer oaths, may be received charge is made lor effecting the transfer of any :T' . The only expenses are those incurred in authen- , lg tne necessary papers previous to their presen> now oertifioata issued upon a transfer of stock, iear interest from the first day of the half yea r in i such transfer is made, and interest will be paid to i isignee for the whole of that half year. If any in- , has accrued prior to the first day of such half year, I ?. 1 be paid only to the person who was the holder of \ ~ ock at the time such interest accrued Srtom. Provisions roa Pabticulak Loans. " ty land loan ?f 1847, a act of Feb II, 1847, authorizes the issue of n six ent stock instead of bounty land, when preferred . ' irtain persons engaged in the military service. This is issued only upon the certificate of the Secretary ar, showing the party entitled thereto ; and when . d, is transferable on the hooks in the Register's i. The interest will commence on the day on which | pplication for stock is made, and the completion oi roof authorising its issue. ( order to secure aa far as practicable the advantages .. e said stack to the persons whose services are in- j id to be thereby rewatded, on applications to trans- j lid stock, complete evidence of execution el such nment, on a day snbsequent to tho issuing thereof, j la be required. And in oasis where the transfer ia Oi i by attorney, bis powers must be exeouted and 1 M sd, or acknowledged on u day subsequent to the it- ' i*' r the certifioate by tfae Secretary ot War, and sub- i ent to the issuing said scrip scrip by the Treasury j p, irtment. <i I assignments of tho certificates by the War Dapart- Fi :, atborizing the issue of stock, must be made by the es to whom issued, and not by attorney. Sucn as- : ?; nents must, in all cases, be witnessed by one of the d, >rs specified in regulation No. 6 Mkxican InoxMNiTr Loan. , (fa lis stock is issued on the owner assigning to the tfa .a aiatoi ihn fourth end fifth instalments of tne Mex- i hi indemnity certificate*. Stock i* issued to the own- i ^ or their pro rate share of the $330 000 provided by {res* for this purpose, which amounts to 10 87-110 1 ai sent on the amouut oi the original certificate. 4y i this loan tho interest is payable on the tenth days n ebiuary and August, at the city of Washington For g y days before those dates, the slock is not transfers- 2 The sums in theso certificates ate writtan. Blank ! b, era of attorney for makiDg assignment of the 4th 0I 3th instalments are furnished at this office. Stock bi not be issued in favor of parties claiming under : k assignments of tho indemnity certificates. When [ Cl ;nments are not wirnesied by the officers mentioned , ai ticlo No 6 above, there must be an unequivocal affit of ownership by the party clairaiog to be owner, ' tl re it will be considered. Loan or 1847. v le law of January 38 1847, authorises Treasury notes c ock.or both, to be issued to the amount of $33,000,000 ro authorises the funding all Treasury notes issued, : tl ithorised by any prior law. Under the act of July a: 1846 $3 000,000 were issued On the first of Feb- y y,1847. 'here wora outstanding notes oi all other r ts ?3o7 98" Total stock authorised by tot 38'h Janr, 1847, $38,367,980. This stock is redeemable after fi 1> be or coisTF.aTina tneasuav Notes into Stock. a he bolder of such will call at the office of the Treasr, or Assistant Treasurer, and obtain blank receipts t i schedules to be fiilsd up. This must be done with i ect accuracy. The notes and receipt are then pre- -j :ed to the Treasurer or Assistant, who will compare r schedule with the notes When i t I be copied into his books, and a duplies'e prepared *j en nil is complete, he will pay the interest in inonoy, r sign the receipt for the depositor. At the same time j will take irom him, on the duplioate, an admission of oorrectuoss of the schedule and oi the payn ent of the ( irest The depositor will then send the receipt so obied to the Register of the Treasury, on which stock ^ I be issued, if, on comparing the schedule with his ( ks, no error appears. The stock will heissmed in all as to the parly depositing, unless assigned by him ( witnessed as provided in No 6. The person who < ds the certificate to this office, should gtva the resi- ( csofthe person to whom the stock is to be issued, ( d other description if necessary for certainty) with place whore he wishes the interest paid. ( C'ourow CsaTineATca. be certificates to whicu coupons are atteohed being | lsfersblo by endorsement and delivery," a blank oisemant by the payee will be regarded as valid in hands of any person presenting the certificate. Far- j desirous of avoiding acoldeat* tost may arise from t cause, ran do so by taking special andoilaments. 'ran? arable certificates will be issued on surrendci- ; those with coupons. , Lost Csrtivicates. | j ill applications made to tho treasury for renewal of i tificates of stock lost or destroyed, must beaceompa- I t d by the following documents , | s statement, on o ith or uffirmation, by the applicant, iwing the time, place, and all other circumstances sliding the loss or destruction of the certificate, with its nber, date, amount, the rate of interest it bears: the 0 to any. has been paid; in whose or it was issued; when made payable; together with iry other particular rotating to it, withiu the knowge of tho upplicant. In instrument in writing, to be signed by the appliit, with two sureties, reciting the particulars hereinore specified, by which such applicant and hi* sure shall jointly and severally agree to pay to any por1 who may establish a valid claim to the certificate alleged to nave been lost or destroyed, the full value ireet on demand, with interest until paid; and also le y to the United States any sum which shall appear to ve been erroneously paid to such olaimant, pursuant > the said application, with interest until paid. Huch inument is to be executed in the presence of a judge or trict attorney of the United Btates, or a Judge of a sums or superior ceurt of eny 8tate, by whom the suffi incv of the sureties, in double the amount claimed, ist be certified. A ? niiUliA aiim-tisemnnt of the loss or da rx uwpj wi ? |?wumv ? notion of a certificate, made by the party In a newsper publiihed at or necr the.piece of aucn lota or deaction, accompanied by the affidavit of the printer or bliaher ot the aame, that the aaid advertisement had en inaorted in the aaid paper for (ix conaeoutive seka. The annexed atatament exhibiti the amounta, dates of t authorizing the loans; datea of redemption, and deminationa of oertiflcatee of thi leana of the United ; itea : ? Uisitcd States Loana. Data of act Btnominatintu nount of awkorio- IVhtn re- of loan. ing it. doornail*. certificateo 1 343.999 93..Apul IS. '41 D?c. II, #2 j "a*,,oo.*lV?Oo 1,6*4,311 IS..Mar. 3, '43 July 1, '531 10J 5,490.909 *o..July 11. '4* Not. II, '561 "J'*#; ' ,'C011' j 119,000 0*. .Aug. 10,'44 Aug. 10, M lu blank. ( SO, 10(1. 104, 100, W0, 3 000,909 9*. .Jan. '?*, '47 Jan. 1, V* J 1,400, 3 OOO.'.l.liuO, f 5,000, 10,000. innty land) fAttheple?-| lorn lr.hll'47 J ,Uf* of )? ,00' 6C0- ' mount an f '*" '? 47 \ the ro- f 5 000 ceitun.,. J L Terument J Authorised ; and also pending 000 i,00of treaanry notes, med under aet of July 33, 111*, and 307,930, issued prior ereio. The aggregate amount of these loans, exoept the lunty land loan, is $41,365,117 M The loan autho zed by the aet of January 36th, 1147, has not all been gotiated. Proposals for eigh teen millions srlll be retired until the 10th Instant. There is no doubt but iatit will be all taken at r very fair rate. The favorable Ivicea eomlng to hand, almost every day, from the seat f war. are indicative of a more apeedy termination of setilities than has previously been anticipated; and the overnment will And it less difficult to raiae the amount F money required. Mew Stock Kxclusnge. 15 aha U A liauh c SW 200 ah* Nor A Wor o 50k i0 N A Trust e 109 do Set (0k I Canton <o al9 35 1*0 do >1 Son (5 Nor It War Ap 30 v V i*o do b7 30k 0 do si 50 > 0 do b3 SflK 10 do C S?,s 190 do bio S*x Old Itork Ricliange. 5000 US Is,'56 10154 130 aha U 8 Beak blO 5k 15 0 do lot 15 do sjg iiMK) Km *? largo bond 96)4 * do 5* rooo PrunS'a 70* 150 Reading R II 39 (0*0 uO 71V SO do b50 S<*)4 1000 Morris Bds ?9fl C5)4 ?? N Hater A Hartfind 99 loco do t|0 at 100 cantou Co i>60 JjW WdO Reading Bends 71)4 (0 do s26 33J4 20 shs North River Bk 96 50 do ?c*ip I, 50 Farmers' 1 r a 39 v9? 400 Harlem H H 4914 40 do Sto 14)4 too do h66 5054 50 do 29* 100 do t>30 '0 50 do bid 3?54 45 Nor A Wor 50V 00 Morris Canal 2? 3(0 do 5< K *9 do slO 19k ISO do >10 sov 59 do I9K 1*0 do >19 iflvg 50 N Amer Tr 'J,* 125 do 50)4 ?0 (iu b3? OS SO Long U'.d H A b*0 27 09 do >'0 9 IVI d> b,0 27)4 00 d< b30 9 k 25 do 26 V 20 Am fc'.tchsriga Bk 09)4 so do ?6J4 3) vicksburg R R It 75 do 2?*J V) do l#H 30 Atoalagton R It 46 90 UBBaak Sdo 5 too da J* P : ' I Monit Hiftf. I I run?rs'Lota bO SO i N AnerTniil ? > d? bS JO SO Yicksberg H't ^ do bli SSM SO do b'O 100. d? bJII 30'? SO Harlem SOU dor k Wo/ S07, SO d > S?V do bS SI 50 do i'fi do bS SI 200 do MO SI do b3 SI SO do .y .rto _ bS 51 Si Rait B> ?ton I4U 0 Aun Truot 8^ 25 Canton Co Si>? CITY XliAOU HEPtiRT. New Yobs, Fbioat Afnanoos, Aran. 8 le markets for breadstuff* continued firm to-day.? remarks, made some time since, in reference to proe time and extent of supplies, Rave thus far been fully zed. We then atat-d that no large additlona (unsold) d bo made to our stock, till the opening of the Erie il. The present state of our market confirms our rs. Moderate ^sales of Genesee flour, on the spot, e male at $7 60, while considerable eslea were made rrive on the opening of the riser, at $7 36. Sales were made, for delivery in May and June, at lower ratesat au advance on previous engagements. The sup of cora was less aoundant, and prices very firm ? te yellow, in the city, sold at 08 a 00. and seme, to ari, at 06c; parcels of white commanded from 00 to 01c. s firmness in provisions, noticed yesterday, was main ted to day, with a moderate amount of sales. Grocoi were steady, though sales were limited. jHKi-We havn no change to note in prloes. end con 10 to quote pots at >1 37% a $4 93%, and pearls at as. wax was steady at 3?c iBBADiTorrs?Small sales of Oenesoe flour at 60; 160 do Jersey extra at the same price; 200 or 300 scratched Genesee at $0 19 s $S36;300do Michigan, iveratde in May at $6 36: Sou do. Genesee to arrive tn Albany by the first boat, at $7 36; 300 and 400 do wego, in the city,at $7 1S% *')0 do. Oswego to anira, 17 36; and 1,000 do. Genesee do, on the opening of river, at $7 3I>*; 300 do. Michigan do , in the city, at 25; -2,000 do. Western in May at (fl 35; 3 000 do. Oe. tee in June, at $0; 1.000 do. Cleveland City Mills, In May, $0; 300 do. Troy, to arrive the 1st of May, at , and 3,000 do. on arrival from St Joseihs, at Jo 36. isor?The sale of Genesee made yesterday brought >o. To-day the market was soantily supplied, and no es of consequence reported. Corn?The market aed with an upward tendenoy. We report sales 6.000 bushels northern yellow, deliverable in iy, at 8So ; 1,600 do. mixod In the city, at Mo : OOOor SO.Ot 0 Northern yellow do. at 98*. j about 00 or 0,000 Jersey white at Olo; 6,000 Northern yellow arii ve on the opening ot the 98o; 6<>00 do in the y, at the same price, and 3000 de sold at 90 a 99 c?a:s. rn ileal? We report sales, 600 bbis New Jersey at 76; 000 do at the same prioe, and 1600 do open the ne terras. At the olose, holders demanded $1 87% > Jersey, and $6 s 6 13% for Brandy wine. The de. ind was geod, and the market closed with an upward idency. it ye - 8000 bushels were sold, to arrive, at 90 nts Oats? We report sales of 8000 bushel* ef Jersey 42% cents Barley was nominal at 75 cents. Corrrx-Small sales of Kio were reported at 7% a So. re supply continued limited. There was no change in va. Caudles?Sperm were steady at 81 a 82 eta CoTvcif ?The salea to-day have been qnite small, and e market well supplied at our quotation* tiivaarooL CLAisirieATieis. New Orltant Uplands Florida. Mob.+Texat ferror none. none. none. none, aoae. h"0*. rdinary 10% 10% 10% 10 V ilk It iddli-g... 10% 11% 11 1 <S 1IM tlV r?0" Middling...Ilk 11% US 11% 1'S >3% iddling fair 11% 12 12% 12% 12% 12% nr 13 12% 12% 12% 12% 13 rl'y Fair 12% 13 none. nouo 13M 13% oud Fair 13% 13% note. none. 1<% U ne none. noue. none. none. 14 14% Fish?The market was quiet, and we quote dry cod at I 8-2%, while mackerel continued flua at yester* iy'a lates. Fboit?300 boxes lemons sold at $3 60. It was said e crop of oranaes in Sicily had been vary short, and iat prices had advanced; the sal* yestsiday ef 860 boxes rought throughout $3 87%. in bunch raisins tkare as no change. H?Mr.?The market continued very bare, and in the xence of transactions, prices were almost nominal ? ianilla was held at $190 per ton. wwwg 10 um ww ith Mexico, the u*ual supply ot Sisal has been, to a rent extent, cut ofl'. Before the war it brought $123 a ISO par ton; o rood nrtiole if now in market, would ring a mucu higher priee. A house in 8outh street rasntly receirdd a specimen of hemp, manufactured from car grass, which grows wild in the Western and Southru States, which appeared very strong and of excellent alor. It was, in the present state ef the market, v-lued t $160 per ton. Lead ?Sales were reported at $1 23, but at that prieo ie market was not active. Molasses?New Orleans remained steady at 80c, 'hilo Muscovado exhibited no change, and no sales of onsequenoe were reportod. Natal SrosKS.?8|>irits turpentine was the only arete which cootinued to meet with solee to any extant, nd that chiefly for supplying domestic consumption.? nights continued stui about the shipping point (or ough turpentine. Oiua?American linseed was very Arm at Mo., at which urther sales were made. English remained steady at S6o. i W. whale remaiued at 37c. We report sales of 3360 ellons, natural spring, at 110c. Provisions?The firmness observed In the market yessrday was maintained to-day, and wo report sales ol 860 bis. old mess pork at $14 AO; prime do was held at $12 6 a $12 37X; beer was Arm. aud sales of 60 toe prime was nade at $21 60; 37 do India mesa at $13 76, and some lots >f Winchester Co were reported sold at $14 60 Ltrd ? ['he market aai firm, hut we heard of no chango worth eporting Uood naw fresh Buthr was lu demand at UK cts; CAesse waa steady ler txport at 7 a 8 cte. Htca?The eales yesterday and to-day reached 160 tea. ibiefly at $4 26 Seeds?A lew tierces of rough flaxseed, for crushing, old at $11 o0; there was little or nothing doing in clever tr timothy. Sue in?There were some cargoes landing, consisting >f New Orleans and Weet Indies, samples of whioh ware iflared in the market; but no sales transpired beyond mpplying retail wants, while prices remained about the tame. Tallow?Small sales of rendered wore reported at i 0 cis. Whalebone?The market remained the same; feme tales ot N. W. were reported at 81 a 8O4 eta. Whisbkv was dull at 97K a 28 cents Wool?The markot was steady. We reports sale of 10 balaa Hu nn Ayres at 10c. 6 mot. American Wools were steady, with small sales, without change in prices. Freights-Rates, tnough nominally ttia name, w*ra rather slack. We hoard ot fiw engagements t he iota offering wore not large, while most ot thevsiel* striving were previously engaged. 3*00 bushels ol Com worn sngsged, nlt.-r 'change, to Liverpool, at 23d, and 2 a 800 tierces ot Rio* ot 73s. To Havre paces were the same, but rather dull. Real Estate at Auction.?Lot wi'hbuillings thoreon, on 26th St., near 4ih avenue, 20x96 0 3 424 3 story brick house and lot 52 1 at 23x100 7.U00 3 do do on 21st st. near 31 avenue. . . 3 400 Farm at Flushing, containing 70 acres ; 714 House and lot Bi West ilr-a da ay, 23i30 3,760 House aad lot ut Manhattanvilln 1,460 Arrlvula ??f Produce. &? New Yoke, aeril 3, 1847. Baeoe H. Suvdam ehom Hudson?lou bushels oorn 5. Manning: 62 tubs, Capt Coleman; 34 do. 48 calves, Capt. Blake: 33 tuba butter. 39 calves, Hoy t; 178 calves, own. r| 20 bbl? Hour, Capt. Griswold; 61 bags rye, Capt. Hoyt; IS boxes camp equipage, lot tent peies, Capt Wilkin, W. H. A ; 26 rolls leather, J. Bishop; lot ohair stuff, Baldwin; 428 baskets, V. Yanduxsr; 108do, L. Junes;2 tons I looms, J. Ryersen; 66 bundles spring steel, lot ship timber, owner. Basoe Bam'l Lasns feom Hudson?6000 bushels corn, S0,>0 do outs, 1100 bariela rye flanr, 800 bales hay, 100 barrels ale, Captain Bahoe Industry feom Oak Hill?6000bushels corn, 2000 do oats, 138 bales bay, 30 do straw, Captain. SLoor Comet raou PocaHREtraii?023 barrels ala M Vassar Ic Ce. Family Provision Market. The many markets and various meat shops present rather a meagre apptaranoe in the show of floe beef, fat mutton, fcc. Poultry of good quality source Fish fdenty, with ah .d from the noutb. There is a falling off u all green vege'ables, the season, so far, being very backward, and consequently much against earlv gardening or hot house varieties for the epicure. Eggs very high; only eight for Is. table er rniCKS. Apples, br?...$! 26 a J ? Turkeys 0 66 a 1 30 Beef, en's pee..3 It a 0 16 Sea Base 0 I a 0 10 Do.romed ,... .0 6 sO 8 Striped do 0 a 0 10 Beets, hooch. ...0 00 aO 0 Flounders. bu'h.O 10 a 0 13 Lima Bn?K P?h 0 IS a 0 IS Eels, per lb... .0 0 aO 8 Carrots, bunch..0 03 aO 0 Fresh Cod, lb. .0 3 aO 0 U'eruin.t,nucha 3 tO 0 Blnck Fish 0 0 aO 8 ()iiiou?,btish.. . 0 .3A a U G2)f Clnma, 190 3 0 a 50 Veal, pound ... 0 7 a 0 12 Cmbt D 13 a 0 If 1 PotaUMM 1 0 aO 0 Lebiters .... ...A 6 aO ? Pork.freah 0 II a 0 12 Bntter. freak... t 13 a 0 If ; Ham I 12 a 0 II Eirgi, I>?r dot., .g ? at lSjf Tonguea .0 G3Ka 0 73 Cneeae, per lb. .t t a t It Tama WWa 0 0 Lard, do ...... 0 9 a 0 It Kowli, do 0 fiSWa (I 17 Tama Hid'i.doi.l 0 a 1 25 Teal. 0 3l\Ja 0 00 gaUi/V. doien. .0 23 aO A Chickena, do... .0 Tl>?a A 62 Black Dock. ...0 0 0 ftata of tka Flour tlarkatt, Ph'ladvi pmia, April 1.?Flour oontinuee in fair da1 mend, ilk a very raduoed atock. and eale? oompriaa nh"ut 1 00(i b'li. mixed hrunda at $4 I2X too bbli $4 l?K 900 bbla Weetern $5 95 an.liOODble Huaquehanne, a cnoica brand, at 94 AO. the market doling vary Arm, i aama boldere taking $4 -2A for a-audard brands Rva ; flour aella in a email way at $4 87)4 Corn m?al? A04 bnla add at $4 41, and $4 AO ia now aakad, wi'h $4 8<)4 offered for iarre lei a. We notloe aalaa of S 000 huahela good PenneyJvenia red at 182)io. Rye?A lot of Paun. aoid at 80o weigrt. Corn rather quiet; 4.000 buehela aoldatOOe. for kouihern, and 02 eenta. f r Peon, yellow, troth weight Oat* acurce and wanted. 91?rrled? , On Thnraday evening, April 1, by the Rev Dr. Ferria. I Q. W Rvcaaaan. Jun , to Mart Adema, daughter of Philip Harmon, E'q , all of this city On I huridiy, March 94, by tha R>v. J. R fl'ewnrd, Mr. Bamcel M- Fuhdcw, to Mita Barbara Mrrtrrox, both of tljn city Q&- Oca: ga coun'y oarer* will pleaae onyy. 1)1 it, OnThureday, April lai, Blavdira Maria, daughter of Andrew L. and Margaret Fi?tchut, ag-id two yeari, four montha and twelve daya. Tho frienda aud reletivei of the f imily are respectfully { invited to attend the funeral at- Ik r father'* residence, Quarantine, * I. on Sunday ufterno.-n,at 8 o'clock. I he ton laavea Wliitahal' at I o'clock In Brooklyn, on Tbuitday morning, auddenly, of palay, Mr JaMi-a Phinolr marl ia pa-utar, a i.ative of England, in tha 69th year of l,j-< age. The funeral will take place fro n the reiidence of hi* ion-in?law, Uenry Jobnten, in Ade phd a'.reet, near Myrtle avenue, on Bunday, at half-pea' I. HU remain* will ha taken to Greenwood came' try tor interment. '

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