Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 3, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 3, 1847 Page 3
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r' " 1.1 ... . J_ . |j . ' JU POSTSCRIPT. I HIGHLY IMPORTANT INTCLUBENCE. THE OFFICIAL DESPATCHES FROM MAJOR GEN. TAYLOR. Kames of the Silled and Wounded AT StTSNA VXSVA. OFFICIAL DE8PATCHE8 FROM COMMODORE DAVID CONNER, OP TEE GULF SQUADRON. The Investment of Vera Cruz. Humored Peace Proposal from MEXICO. Battle between Fifteen Hundred Mexicans, | under Urrea, andj Two Hundred and Fifty Americans n nder Major Biddings. mv.. 11.E..1 *1-- ??1 auo uoieai ui me uiaxiuani. die. dte. Ac. I From the Washington Union, April 1 ] e have never published a number of the Urtton, that was fraught with more interesting papers than the present. Independently of the important letter of the President, and the admirable report ?f the Secretary of the Treasury, in re p'y, upon .he duties to be levied on imports into 'he ports of Mexico, we lay before our readers the very interesting despatches from Gen- Taylor, and a letter irom Commodore Conner, con. oerning the landing of our troops at Vera Oruz. The two sets of despatches were brought by the southern steamboat this evening. The despatches from General Taylor were brought to the Secretary of War by Mr. Crittenden, a volunteer aid of General Taylor. The Commodore's letter came te the Secretary of the Navy through the mail from New Orleans. Gen. Taylor's letters confirm the brilliant victory whloh was won by our arms at Buena Vista. The loss of the enemy by battle is less than was originally reported, though it is heavy indeed. Our own loss is considerably less, though it comprises ouieof the best and bravest men of our glorious army,made up, as it was, mostly of volunteers, cooperating with some of the finest regular troops in the world. But the loss of the Mexican army by starvation, desertion and disorganization is still more striking General Taylor's three despatches are respectively dated February 34th, 25th, and March 1st. They state, in the general's usually laconic, modest, but expressive terms, the beginning, end, and some of the most important results of this remarkable battle. The most important of these results is tho great loss of the enemy? their retreat, and partial, perhaps,total dissolution ?their latal disorganization?their utter incapacity to harass at this time our own troops, who have returned to their original position at Agua Nueva Gen. Taylor has sent a corps farther to harass him en the retreat, and to seize his supplies. The general further proposes to return to Monterey, and re-open the communication between that town and tho Kin Grande Tne panic of the Mexican marauders is calculated of itself almost to effect this obj<ctin a few days. We cannot but again congratulate our country on this brilliant victory. We subjoin a list of the killed und wounded of our army. The death of those brave men affects every American heart with the keenest sympathy. It is the cypress interwoven wi ll nic iquici. If we turn our eyes further the south, bright oehievernents await us, to heighten the glory of our country. We lay before our readers the only despatch trom Commodore Conner, which relates to tlie (tebarkation of our troops at Vera Cruz Neverwas any lending more happily efTeoted-with C er weather, and under more auspicious circumstances. Another and a later letter is received from the commodore; but it touches other topiss. The Secretary has received another letter trom a distinguished officer of the navy, under date of the 18th March ; and he items to epcnk of the s mrrtmder of the city and cattle at eertain in a few daye We shall wait for further accounts tiom ine army mid squadron ot Vera Cruz with the greatest impatience ; and hope that many days will not elapse before wo shall have the pleasure of cot\pr* dilating our country upon the pomttion of one of the th ongett military potte on the globe?the key of Mexico? which opens tut gate of the approach to the. cnpilal. otnr? writing the above, we understand that Mr. Crittenden left General Taylor, with his army, at Agua Nueva on the 2d March, at d h'ought the despatches along the usual route trom Mont rey to Camsrgo, under the escort of about 250 troops,commanded by Major Geddings, having along a train of some 180 empty wagons. As they approached Cerralvo, a small party was sent in to provide forage, tScc , when the enemy, under Urrea, were discovered, about 1,560 strong. Our troops were immediately placed on the defensive, and rect ved the auault of the tuverior numbert with the resolution of men determined to cut their w<iy through. They uere repulsed with a lust of about thirty men, while we lost about half the number. A nurl of our baggage train wasdestroyed, (40 or 50 of the wagons.) when the gallant Urieamndo his retreat in the direction of the Tula pass. Tne teamsters were unwilling to proceed without a stronger escort, and Mr. Crittenden was detained five or six days at Cerralvo, when Colonel Curtis arrived from Cam&rgo with a large body ot troops He was too late to overtak?U rrea, who had probably commenced his retreat as soon at he heard of Santa Anna's discomfiture. Colonel Curtis proceeded to Monterey, and the escort and train came on to Camargo, the enemy having fled as rapidly as possible, and tins may be the last that we tnall hear of them on 'his side ot Tula and San Luia for some time. We weie amused with an anacdote about the ammunition wagon, which, by some accidenr, was cut cfT with the others near Cerralvo. It was das'royed, as most of the others were, by fire, and when the explosion unexpectedly took place, killing tome, wounding others, and alarming all, it was regarded as a '"Yankee trick," and some wag said our wagons might, henceforth, si roll through the land unharmed, aaeach would uo irnarueu ait some combustible machine, desi yned to ensnare the Mexicans The Despatches of General Taylor. HrsnquASTisai Ahmy op OecvrsTion, > Camp on the field of bsitle, Buena Vista, { Mcxieo, Keh. 34 184/ Hri?I have the honor tn report that, having become adored on the uetli inat., thet the enemy had assembled in very h i?vy force at K.ncernacion, thirty milei in front el Agon Nueva, with the evident design ofattackug my poiluoo, I broke up my camp at the latter place on t/.e 'ilat, wnd took up a strong line in front of Buent Vista, i seven miles south of Sultillo. A cavalry force left at ; Ago* Nueva lor the purpose of cover log tho removal of supplies was driven in dnrirg the night.and on the morning of the 92nd the Mexiren army appeared immediately I in front of our p< aition At II o'clork, A 94 , e flsg was vnt, bearing irom General Mania Anna a summons of an conditional surrender. To wtdch I immediately returned I a negiitive reply. The summons nd my raply ere herew ah mclo-ed. The action was co u me need late in the afternoon between the hght troopa on tha left Bank, but i was not terioualy engaged until the morning of the 23d, when the enemy mane an effort to foiee the left flank of our rusitlon An obstinate and sanguinary conflict was ineimaiiivd, with short intervals, ihroughoutthe day. tha leioli being that the en> my was completely repulsed I Iron our lines. An attack of csv.ilry upon the rancho of Buvna Viata and a demonstration upon the city of Baltillo it-elf, were likewise handsomely repelled. Esrly in the r.lght the enemy withdrew Irom bis camp end fell berk upon Agmi Nuevn, a distance of twelve miles Our own loice engaged at ail points In this action fell somewhat short of a socmen, while that of the enemy, i irom ihs statement of General Santa Ats, may he estimated at 90 000 Our r-uccess against auch great odds is , 0 KcSlr h-nt encomium on tha go..d conduct of our troops. In o more drfailsd ttttr al report, I ei.-sll havo tho satisinciter. .! i : it gtng to the notice of tho goveriii/unt Ihe I cocspicutiM . gnilantry of particular ofticefH and corps. 1 1 >) be or rmittej here, however, to acknowledge my ' gr. at obligations to Brig. Gen. Wool, tha second In commi;?d, to whom I feel pnr'ieulaily inJebitdlor his valueLie set vices an this oacasicn. Our loss has baett very severe, and will not ptobobly mil short of 700 men. 'J he Mexican bos? ha? h- en in I mens*. I hall lake the rmliest op|>er .iritj cf fcrwi.rdii g s epri ret hst ol the rostualiie* of the d ijr. I aui, tii, rtry respectfully, your oh. di> r.raerv-iil, Z TAYLOH, . Major Oeneial U 8. A. commanding, jhs AntursxT (?*s?.?ii, of the army, Washington, D. C a ? ' '. . : (Translation) [gammon* of gaol* Ann* to (ion Taylor ] You ate surrounded by txvonty thoutand man, *n<l cannot, in anv burian probanility, avoid suffering a rout, and being cat to piece* with your *roope ; but a* you de?erva consideration and particular eatsam. 1 with to cave you from a cataatrophe. and for that purpose give you this notice, in order that you may surrender at discre tion, unlt-r the assurance that you will be treated with tho consideration belenging to the Mexican character, to which end you will be granted an hour'e time to make up your mind, to comtneuca from the moment when my flag of truce arrival in your samp with this view, 1 astuie you of my partlaular consi deration. Ood and Liberty. Camp at Cncantada, February aid, IM. AST LOPEZ DE SANTA ANNA To Oen. Z. Tamoa, commanding the lorce* of the United States. Hcad<U'artchs Amir or Occcvatiov, Near Buena Vista, Feb 2a. 1947 Sis ? In reply to your unto of this date, summoning me to surrender my forced at discretion, 1 beg leave to say that 1 decline acceding to your request. With high respect. I am, sir, your obedient servt, Z. TAYLOR, M*J. Oeneral U. S. A Commanding. Senor Qeu D. Antonio Lorn di Hanta Anna, Commander-in-Chief, La Eucantada. Hkadouartkks Armv or Occitvation, Saltillo, K? b. as, 1847. Sir ?1 have respectfully to report that the main Mexican force if yet at Ague Nueva Our troop* bold tne poaitlons which they bavn so well defended, and are prepared to receive the enemy, should ha venture another attack. An arrangement has been made with Oeneral Santa Anna foi an exchange of prisoners, by wbich wa shall receive all, or natrly all, of those captured from us at different times, besides the lew taken in the action of the 231 Our wounded, as well ai those of tho Mexicans which have fallen into our hands, have been removod to this place, and arc rendered comfortable. Our loss in the recent actions, so far as ascertained, auin'.iriis to killarl 4*n u?ah?,1.4 -?- . One company of the Kantuoky cavalry ii not included in this statement, its casualties not being yet reported I respectfully enclose a list of the commissioned officeri killed and wounded, embracing many names ol the highest merit 1 am, sir, very respocfully, your obedient servant, Z TAYLOR, Major General U 8. A oomd'g. The Adjutant Gfnrrai. of tho Army, Washington, D. 0. hltanquartias armt of occufatlon, ) Aooa Nueta, March 1,1847. ) Siri ? I have the honor to report that tho troops of my ; command occupied their original camp at this place oi j the '17th of February, the last of the Mexican army leav ' ing the morning of that day in the direction of San Luis { It is ascertained that the enemy is ii< lull retreat, and in i very disorganized condition; the men deserting and dyinf of starvation in great numbers I despatch a commnm this day as far as Encarnation to barrass his rear, am secure whntevor military supplies may be found there. From the statement of Mexican officers, particularly of the medical atafl' left to succor the wounded, then aeems no douht that their loss in the recent action ii moderately estimated at 1 600, and may reach 3000 men 1 killed ana wounded; besides 3000 or 3000 deserters Many officers of rauk were lost 1 onciose a list oi thi 1 names of our own killed end wounded, made as com plete as practicable at this time. One regiment (Ken , tuckv cavalry) is not included, its return not being ren tiered. The enemy had fully reckoned upon our total rout and had made arrangements to intercept our retreat, anc : cut off the army, stationing for that purpoao, corps of ca ! valry. net only immediately in our reur, but even belou Monterey. 1 regret to report that they succeeded ntui | the village of Maria in destroying a train uf supplies and kilkng a considerable number of the escort an< team stars. Col. Moigan, 3d Ohio regiment, on bismarcl from Cerralvo to Monterey, was infested by the Maxicai ; cavalry, with wjiich he had several rencontres, bnt final lv dispersed them with small loss on bis own part. Capt Graham, A <4 M.. volunteer service, was mortally ; wounded in one of these effsira 1 have no doubt that thi \ defeat of the main army at Buena Vista will secure oui I line of communication from further interruption, but still propose in a few days to change my head-quarters t< Monterey, with a view to make such further arrange mints as may be necessaiy in that quarter. The dispositions made to harrass our rear, viudicati the policy and necessity of defending a position in frou of 8<sltillo, where a defeat has thrown the enemy fu back into the interior. No result so decisive could havi been obtained by holding Monterey, and our commuiii oations would have been constantly in jeopardy. I am, sir, vory respectfully, your obedioat servant, Z. TAYLOR, Major Gen. U. S. Army commanding. The Adjutant Gknkbal of the army, Washington, D C The Killed end Wounded. Assistant Adjutant General's Office, { Army of Occupation Agua Nueva, March 1, 1847 ) Lilt of thi Kamei uf Killed. Wounded and Milling oj the Army of Occupation, in the Battle of Buena Fseta February 33, 1647 general staff?regulars. Killed?f 'sptsiu: Geo, aniitant sdjntant geatrsl. Wounded?First Lieuieuaolt lleiuy ?V Berth >m, engineers very slightly, livltd lieut: hraueis T Bryan, topogritphicn engineer., very slightly. riHT USOIMKRT DRAOOORS. Wounded?Cupctiu: tuocti Menu severely. Pr vatei I Hollow**. co p-ny E, severely; Anderson, c miujr E, ae | ve'tly; Sherro 1, company E, slightly; Lwrniii, company A i eye ely; swett. c?inp.uiy A, ttverely; Waggoner, cumpa uy A, (lightly. (KOORD REGIMKRT DSAOOORa. IVounded ? B?t 1 en eo'one.i: C A vlay, severe contusion Pnrtslc: IV F Erbe, company K, severely. THIRD (KllIM NT AHTILLCar. Killtd?Private Cli'i>ti(u F Waininger, cotnpinvC. Wounded?necnud Lieutenant: .H?mu-I W rroth. severe ly. i or.,oral: KobeitOuus company C, severely. Private! | WmH'JtUou.c mp ny O. aeveitly; Jacob Weyer, compni] | C, (I ghlly. Kac.uit: Jesse (Joituer, 3d in'autrv. burnt ae verely by -eeide.ilal eiploaiou of a cartridge. Oiderly Sai | grant: downing, c mpiuy E, (lightly. Corporals: Wolfe con.p-iiy K, ae*erely; Boyle, eowpuiy E, severely. Mnai cian: Tue.her, company E. supposed mortally. Aifilicer Living..od, company E, acverely. Pr.vataa: bell, coin pan K, d ugcruuslr; F<sk, company E, (lightly; Kemp, compan. E,slightly; Mcitiay. c.mip-uy f, slightly; Smith, compan: E. aaveielv; Lev>er, coinp.iuy E, slightly; Sh ,ue, romper E, mvrtally; Kelaey. company K, reveiely; McDonnell ( rr.p uy E, d.ngeronaty; (iillam, company E, (lightly KoIk ar, company E. (lightly. Muting?I'nvat a : .Mucus A Hitchcock, company C Young!,company K; Morgan, cnmpaov p.. FOURTH RgOIMKNT AKTILMRT. Killtd?Private! : Holley. comp my b; Weekly, eompa i B; HII,k?, company B; Doughty, Company 6; Green, recruit 3d infantrv. IVoundtd? Kitat Lieutenant : I P J O'Brien, (lightly Rergca..l: tauten, company b. sliilitly Lance sergeant Pi tt, company I), aliglitly. Privat-a : Hanuami, romptny 11, III h.?|Mial : Pubei. company IS. mertally ; Beagle, com pauy B, in tioap'tnl ; li-iner, company B, in hospital; Floyd company B, aliuhtly: Baker, com. any B, (lightly; Tharman company U, in hoapital, Brown, comp my B, (lightly; Birch company B, in hoapital; Butler, company B, iu hoi|ital Clark, companr B,iu hoapii&l. VOLURTkani? Ml(' IUIPPI RIFLES Killtd?Virat lieutenant; K L Moore. .Second lieutenant Fraucta McNul'y. berg?nr, . heo Ingitm, companr A Privates; C C'sulliran, company A; beab, Jonea, company B;Toomaa !l l itley, cmpany B; L Tniherville, company B; W H Wilkinaon. com any B; Wm Conch, company C D N Egg eaton, company C; James Johnson, ci uipnoy C J> hn Pieaton, company C. Sergeauti: W W Phillips, coin pany E; J H Luuiord, aomprny *> . Corp rali: F M tlobiu ami, Ci nip any E; Joecph C Hcrilla, company E. Privates Pobert /\ Joyce, company Kg-Willfm Dellrre, company K Bertram: B II igeny, tompany T. Corporals: J-mra W Blake ly, company F: D L Butler, company F. Priv <t*a: P Dnrie vant, comp ny F; Biephen Jones, company F; Enoa Garrett, company F. Corporal: J M Ateiauder, company G. Pii vat- a James H G nvei. company O; J 8 Bond, company G L A cooper, company G; W M Be ly, company G: Moberi pelt?, company G, Biohaitl E Parr company G; vv D Hai tiaon, c.,mn?uy H; fat Kariden, company H; Jacob Locke com: any H. Sergeant: Gar Anderson, compuiy 1. Privatea H G T otter,eouip ny I; 8 Branch, company I- J Peaie company I; A Collingaworth, company 1; J W Viuaon company I Hounded.?Colonel: Jefferson Davie, eererely. Captain! Joe M Sharp,severely; .1 P Stocksw, (lightly. istLienreu ants: A B Corwine, slightly; Caruol Posey, slightly . Her gegMc DM Hollingiworlh, comranv A, slightly Priva'ca: George Brook, company ?. dangerously: H D Clark, com pauy A d-njjrernnaly; W H Blubblefleld, company A, severely; 8 P Siunblefietd. company A, slightly; H L Shook, company A, severely; J M Miller, company B severely; G H Jones, company B, severely; 8ol Newman company B, aeverely; J W Donnelly, company B, slightly W A Lawrence, company B, (lightly. Sergeant: W H Scott, ?. ini-nuy ingiiiiy. L-orporali: J A McLaughlin, company C, iliifh'If. Howard Motrin, company V, crcely; Sim C Suit, compay C, alightly; J W Collier, com nuy (J, nlightlv rmaten: J M Baniea, company C.alighly; J W Csan. company C, aOTerely; Levi Slrvaua. company C,'lightly; Uicli'd ciaridy, co K, reeertlr, Jcha Kcneiliv, no E. alightly; J C Laird, company K, alightly; A. B. I'uckait, coiomov K, aetccIt ; Robert F x,c mpanr E, namely; lauica Wmgh. C iinp ny Ml. everely; J it Bigby, company F, d mgeronaly; Thcmna Courtney, company F, alightli ; J >V Mo ill, company F, ntveiely; J L Simpaon, couip>ny F, aeterely; T J Maloue, company F, nliglily. Co. porafa?A. II Aikiuaoo, company U, (lightly; r Sinclair, company O, alightiy; G W Harmon, company O alightly. Privatea?P Bor. nit, U,; B F Kavarda, company U. aaveraly; J Hammond, company O, alightly; C VV Oitiba, company G, tightly; A J .Neely, coinpiay G, slightly; J Thompron, compauy Q. slightly. Coiporal?H?nry Lanil. itmpauy H, aryeicly. eeigeant?A M Nawmau, company H.slightly. Ciivaira?Thotnna Wh la. company H, dangerously; wm Wirraoa, company H, a iglule; S 0 Car aon, company H, slightly; S a dwarda, company H, aorerety; John U<r, company H.aluhtlv, Win H MrKiuney. con pany H.slightly -eigeant?P M Maitin, company I, severely. Fnvetea?T D Raudplph, company LNTHMft J Hedrpcth, company 1, dangerously; T U McClana .an. Coin, any 1, ilifhtly. Mitiing?Prime?F M Schneider, company B, auppoaod pria. nor. Coryoral?J ? Stewart, company il, auiipoied to he killed. riaiT REOIMCDT OP ILLINOIS TOLCKTPKRa. JBMcd?Colonel: John J Hatdiu. Captain: Jacob W 7\ bu.aie. Fint lieutenant: Bryan H Hnugi ton Principal Mnaician: Austin W Fay. Privates: Francis Carter company 0, Merrit Hndaon, company C; Augustus Caoausht, com8any D; John Kmciton, r .mp oy D. Mlaa Bedell, company 1; Hoory H Clark, ocpany E. William Goodwin, cm cany E, Jamaa J Kiuman, company E, Randolph H Marin, company E; Om?i ny 8 Richardson, company E; Samuel w Thompson, company E; Charloa Walker, Company E; C Mays, company H ; Matthew Bandy, company H; William Smith, company H; Thoma* J Oi Inert, company H, John Whito. company H; John B Bach man, company K; Ingharnt laibaoitlo. company R; Conrad Borrh, comp ny K; Jnnn Gable, company R; Aaron Ricrsted, company Ki '# 'Ph ^hnt*, company K. George fiuou, compauy K; Wm Vanklahark'r, company R. Wounded ? Frisates : Michie' Feoton, company B, badly: Jan T Ed?on, slightly; Frnncia Qniun, slightly; foltrr' lerncna, slightly. Corporal: Patrick Mehiui. badly. Private: Jamea Koblui, company C., alightly. He,-g??ut : Johu C B'rr, compiny D. hidly rriyitci : Albert Kerahaw, company 0, bidtv; Watson R Hichardaon, company K badl> ; Williira Siryrnaon, company K, badly; .lob Brow compaov F, al'ghily rtoc <nd Lianteoant: Hczakiah Ryina, r.'iglilly. PiiTataa : Jackaon hy.un, Ci mp-ny If, alfghMy; William l-.oc, company li, aligntly; Ban I Penaer, compaiy H. badly: Oeorya Slack, coinoanr R, alightly: Kraiterirk Rrkow. company K bidly. Firat Lieutenant : John L MeI onnelf, alightly. Pri'atot : Hohint, al'ghily, serying wuh C liipeuy b, 4th ar'il ery, Waahi'gton'a battery; Brown, alightly. do: Richatdaon, in hna;; Rateo, in hoapital, d i: Buff i hoapiial, do; McLeau, in hoapitel, do; Philipe, in ancoep RtoiMitiaT iLLtatoia yoLCtaTRKne Killed?' aptaiti Woodward; Licntenanta A B Honntree, Fl uher, Fcignaon, Honnina T Kelley, Steal, Uartlaa-n, Ailicrtoo, Price. Piiraiea?Wm Rcnyou, e< m jany A; Wm L r-mith. eompany A 1 orporal; llihba, ci.mpaayC Pn?a c?: W.odl ng, eompany (y; I'aCon, comnuiy c; 1 hetman rompany C; MeMiehel. company C; Gable, eompany h; B O'conner, company r-; Lorn, company H; Louie, company H; Ctneainann, company H; Schoolcraft, company H; Leer, eompeuy I: Da?ii, company I; Cook,company 11 Bradley, company I; McLrnry, company 1; U (/lark, com j my l i Hogan, eompany 1; Pgnlret, company I , Abernaihy, | company K; Boqo?t, eomp-jit K| W M Joneai, company R; ?, hiuaey, ?OB Duty K, 8 C Marlow.rnmpany K; Kobe Ma-low, I company KtWllkce, company K: iUglaud, company K; Vv i HI Jojei, company K; Jeukiue, com (way O; 11-11. cora|>aay , U. Firet sergeant: Fayaoui, company B Priruea: Kin- Ot ' ineraoo, coinpiay B; Kiscr, cominuy B; Duruck, com p my w B: ?|-ippen. oompiuy B. th - iraunrfrd?Captaiua: Coffee, oupany B; Baker,company t0 B. Lieutenants: John A Pickett, compauy B; Fugleman. l] company B; Wot, company B. Adja ant: Whlteaide. comI p?y B. Sergeant: J w l-amer, comp ny A, Privets: 11 i Auldrnlae, company A; Burnet, compauy A; Bird, cotnpauy I" I A: cooper, company A; Cbeek, company A; Demnsev. in I coup my A; Hutchiuga,company A; J, co opauy A: di Ma aker, couiiauy A: rate, couipeny A; O W Kaiuv, coin- w paoy A; Mohim, company A. White, crmpicy A. SerSeaut: Browo, c mpany C. Priva-ea; Burke, company C; H yyaot. company c-j Cla-age, company Ct ka-ly, corny any C; Feake, coinpany C; F -lila company C; Fletcher,"eom- J" pauy C; J N .Noll-ud, coini-anv C: M-nUemery, Com- It poiy Cj Ricketls. company c-t 11 C Sini-h, company C; at Vat Camp, company C; .vlexwell, comp-ny C; D?rcr, w company C; Tid-i, company C; Fiaher, rompa-y C; H 11. ,a company E; Mtlcy, cniopanv r ; Kob.urun. loHip.ny _ c.; Wright, comp ny E B ruaui, company H. Irndgei com- V piny H , Conk, coinpnuy H; t-elaineir, romp-ny 11; Geiherd, |? co.upauy H; I.-dergeber, company H; Rtnuel-erit. company (1: Talout. company H; 1'raenkle, compauy H; Uppaign. to couipcny R; Fi at aergent Kci-1, company 1 Private* : ot lleukler, cojipvny, 1; While, company I; M nrinort, com pa- Q ny I; Fiihcr, company 1; St oug. company I; Kell, company aI I; McMurty, campauy I; Warcneim, compauy I; Hiliouau, . company I; Hamilton, eompuiy K; H-ge. compauy K. Kr lev, compauy K; G. T Montage, coinpany K; K M-rluw, ?h coinpany K; Ji hu Hr gland, company K; N Raniaey, cumpa- al ny K; Wil-r, c mpuy G; Ale am. Company O: Scott, com- ut Sauy B; Goodale, company 11 Quartcrmaaier Be peant : tli ur-kmaater Hemeaut \1 jor : Keitcr. 0| Afiaatng?P-lvataa : Mellon, company II; Siuael, company > H; iVletaiuger, company G. comranv tina vol i-ntekhs. '' JTi'ttcd?Firat Licntcuani : Campbell Second Lieutenant: tli Loonhanl Corporate: Voort and King. Privates : Clatk, 01 Donovan, Doaoiioc, Forche, Hayea, Godwin, Fnnicy, Me- at Lean. Kl lice, Largaton 0( /founded?C*pt Conner? Piiva'e, F esekind. j, Afiteing?Privates Smith. Lang. < orpor I: Breed. Private: Gil.erman. Strgenm: Donop. Privates: B u io; Milfer " indiana tolcntebbs? Hrigodt Staff". to /Founded?Btig General, Joseph L u a ?luh ly. m > iteoND ainmrar Indiana volunteer* Ci Killed?Caiituui: T B Kinder, Willi tin Walaer. Pecond BI Liruiei.aat: I'll 'ma* C Parr. Hergeoa't Ale Henry Dozier, . cornpiny E. Pi it dec FrancialBailey, company A; Cha-les H GoS, compauy A; Warren Robinson, company A; A Hie- , Dbeua. enmnanv AJohn Mhnulfa mmrBn,. n. 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Munciao: A M D, slightly. 1 i Sergeants: J Carathcs,company f,slightly; V Vestal, com. pony P. slightly. Corpn sis: J B shop, company F, slightly; , | A B Catlloa, company F, slight1 y: N B Sicrens, compmy r, } slig itly. Sergeiut : P D Kelse, compa y O, slightly; E 1 Bl'lnck, company 11. b .<11 y. Corporals; T Rawlins, coin- I n-ny O, sligh ly. H Wilson, company H, sererely. Priv-tes: | r T Uoen, com piny K, slightly; H Mn yauy, company U, ? slightly; M Qaten, compmy O, slightly: J Mcviil'on, , compmy O, si ghtly; W Adams, company H, sererely, W Benetie'd, oompany H, seyerely; K Colbert, company ' H, seyerely; V Swain, company H, severely; J Ingle, company H, slightly; A Smith, company H, slighily; W D ; > Wicr. company H.sliglnly; N Knmley. company I, badly; A C Karris, company K, badly; O McKuight, company K, \ slightly ;(J Wi'hait, company K, slightly. 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Privates: E Mnrrii, compiey A. a ightly; H C Y vvallHce, company A, alightly; U Winloek, comp-uyA, a Y (I ghtly; J Bnrnalt, company A, alightly < orporal: 8 Alay- i V hall, compear B, mortally. Piivaies: BU llranham, compa- i a , nv B, aeve'ely; A Brta, compiny B, icrcr?ly; J vv uliaina, , I ; company B, alightly; W at bartl'tt, company B, alightly; E t Burton, company C, slightly. Act 3d Lieutenant: W S Wi; thars, ecmpaDy , severely Sergeant: J Whaarley,compa- I ny C. alightly. Corpora): C C Smedley, company C, slight- v ly. Privaes: J Cabill, corapmy C, slight y; J C awlurd. , > company C, slightly: M Davidson, compmy C, slightly; VV , D Parcell, company C, sligh'ly; W lleudreu. co C, mortal* 1 ly t H Burditt, c.o D, mortally: P Hamilton, company D, ie- 1 v; -ly Co poral! J Craig, company D, slightly. Private.: t H V sntleet, Company D. severely) A 3 Montgomery,enrurur n I),severely. Co poral: J Je mi on. company E, severely. friraies: I' Welsh company E, aaverelv; J H Van den a r, ' Company E. severely; J Honk, compauy E, slightly :W Park, t c m, any K, slightly: D Walker, eosnprny E, slightly; J } , Yelton. compauy E, slightly: J Hunter. company K, seveie; ly; T J Bruner. eogipiny K. sltgh'ly; VV tt-ioger. company i 11 O, severely; T Hnghea, company O. severely: M A Daren- r, port, company G, sli.htly. Se-gesnl J Ward, eomyany II, i c , murtally. Piivnte ; F Onk, company H, tnoilally woqnn'ad Corpor Is: T Koi. company H. slightly; H Crnig, company r r 11, slightly. Privates: We Daily, company 11, slightly; It t Holder company li, slightly; .1 Wellington, compauy H, \ ; slightly; O Himmons, compauy H, slightly; e. .1 Cthtll. coin; panv I, mortally; J Hedmsn, compauy I, ilig'itly; Edward MeCuller, cotnpiuy I, slightly; Win Blunt, rompany I, lightly. Sergeant: W Ltllmd, company K. aevereli. Prtrates: W Waifoid, company K, mortally; B Terry, company I K. severely; O idesrey, company K, alightly; W Howard. I company K, slightly; .1 Montgomery, company K, slightly; U W Keed, company K, slightly. T Mining ? Private: J Callrtt. 1 I aRRSlvaat cavslrv. c ; Killed?Colonel : Arehincld Yell Captain : Andrew H t t Porier. Corporals: K. M. Banders, W Qimherlin. Privates : Wm rhipps, II ('enter, II H lliggins, O VV Martin, J ' , BtPelhsm. J Kay, W Robinson, D Megan, P Williams. A 1 T'avne, H VVynn. Corporal : D. Stewart. Private : T C. 1 Kowland. t Wounded ? Vint lieutenant: Thos A Reader. Sergeants: G Y Latham, Z D Boy-rd, H L Hamilton. Corporal : M L < Poplin. Privates : M Kelly, B V Nienolson, W B Searcy, . 1 Joseph Penter, C 'lay lor, L McGrnder, J f Allen, M ' G aham, D Logan, A C Harris, J Wilmouth, Franklm VV ' Biown, O Jones slightly; K .MeCool, J Williams, L B Beck- J with, J Uay, L A Twrouskt, W Turner, J Bigerst IF, slight- ' , ly; VV Gibson, (lightly; It Arnold, slightly; J Lowalleu, f slightly. Sergeant ; J D Adsms, slightly. Sergeant major ; r I K Nan Privates : J John?on; C Snlltvan, v Mining? Pnvates : L Settla, Jos tlroen, Gea Norwood, ? I M Parker. . . W. W 8 BLISS, ? , Assistant Adjutant General. 1 Eitract of a letter dated Mowtrbrt, March 3, IB4?. 0 "I gend you an extract ot a letter from an officer who |f I distir guished himself on that glorious Held, which is ten- ,, dareJ thrice glorious from the diaparity of force, and the R ! peculiar circumstances under which this memoratile ti J battle haa beeu '.ought " 0 ' Extract of a lettar dated I ^ Sictillo, March 1,1847. ? "Our aoouts* bring in word that Santa Anna hai gone H ' for good, and that hi" whole infantry have dispersed.? 0 There is uo doubt of it. We shall not see him again on B I this line. t| "To-day Colonel Warrenf received a despatch from ? the governed Informing him that Ameriom oommis- f, sioners were now in tha city of Mexico, and had written ? to tho Mexican Congress saying that they were there to make an honorable peace. H The goeernor re<|nested permission to return to Hal- ? tillo, to assist in keeping order, and promising to comply ? with any requialtion made on him." "We are informed that the scouts followed Santa " Anna forty miles." f( ^ 'Colonel Warren is governor and commandant of ;r saidiio." ' {"The governor alluded to it the Mexican appointed by the iv'exicsn government to adminieier the laws i within apiescribed territory, in which Saltillo it eituated. The request was granted, and he is now acting in w concert with Colonel warren to keep order and prevent celliaion*." __________ ei 1 he Despatch of Com. Conner. ri U S fiwir Rani ran, t n\ Off Racritirioa, March 10th, 1947 $ b Sir In ay last daspetcb, dated on the 7th iuat., i in- ir formed the departmout of the arrival of Major Gen. Scott ra at Anton Litarde. Moet of the tranaporta, with troope ti and the materiel of the army, having arrived about the tt seme time, a ap edy direrahaikatien was reanlved upon, a< | it being quite important that we ahould rffact aland ri Ing before a norther should come 011, a? this would delay j ui two or thrse days After a Joint reeonnotsisnee, h< I made by the general and my sell in the steamer retritn, p j the beach due west from bacriflcio.., one ot the |?>i its m spoken ot in my prevloua Inttnra, was aelectad as the raoat ti suitable tor the purpone The unchorigo near this place |>i i being extremely contracted, it became neceaaary, in or >i I iter to avoid crowding it with nn undue number of vea at 1 aele, to transfer moat of the troops to the veaselsof wer for transportation to btcriflcioa Accordingly, on tbo ci morning of the Oth, at daylight, all neceaaary prepe )e i tioin orb hi launching and uuirbeti g the beats, de ol | tailing oAeera, he.?having bean previously made, tbia b< J tranner was comm*noed. 'lTta frigates received on board c! between twenty five end twenty eight hundred men si 1 each, with their aims and acoontrcments, and the ly aloepa and .mailer vessels numbers in proportion ai < Thla part of the movement was completed very p 'ticceacfully about II o'olock A M, and a few s ! a nutee thereafter the squadron under ay com tl [ mend, accoaponied by the rommending gen- ti ml. In the etenmrl ip Massachusetts. ar.d lueh of J* 0 transports ? heil been flee tad for tho purpose, got t" ider way. Tho weather wai very floe?indeed we iul(l act Lara been more favoted in this particular than P* a were. We had a fresh, and yet gentle breeze from M e southeast, and a perfectly smooth sea. Tho passage ' 8acriAcios occupied us between two and three hour/. dl ach (hip came in and anchored without the slightest >u (order or confusion in the email (pace allotted to ner? I* i? harbor being (till ?ery much crowded, notwiibatnnd- ? g the number of transport* we had lalt behind. The embarkation commenced on the instant. Whilat we ere transferring the trosps from the shipa to the aeif a'? (sixty-five in numbeid, i directed the ('earners ^itflre and Vix?n, and the five gun-boats, to form in a Pr lie parallel with and close to tha beach, to cover the Ti ndiiig. Tbis order was promptly executed, and these nail vessels, irom tha lightn- ss of their draught, ere enabled to take positions within good grape JJ inge of the shore. As tho boati severally rs- ^ lived their complements ot troops, they assemble J ,h 1 a line abreast, between the fleet and the gm- P* >ats ; and when all were ready, they pulled in, gather tinder the guidance of a number of the officers 10 ' the tquudron, who had been deta.led for this purpose w' en Worth commanded this, the first lino of the army, ?" id had the aatistaction of forming his command on the ca ?ach and neighboring heights just before sunset. Four c" .ousaud ive hundred men were thus thrown on shore, most simultaneously. No enemy appeared to offer ?* i the (lightest opposition. The first line being landed, ,e boats in successive trips, relieved the men war and transports of thiir remaining troops, r 10 o'clock P. M. The whole army (save a lew raggling companies) consisting of upwards of ten dl lousacd men, were thus safely deposited on shore, with ?l it the slightest accident of any kind. The officer* und "} amen under my command vied with each other on thia caslon, In a zealous und energetic performance of their ?< ity. I cannot but express to the department the great itfufaction I linve derived from witnoaiDg their efforts I ^ i contribute all in their power to the nuccess of their !" ore fortunate brethren of tho army. The weather still | in uiUnuliiK fine, to day. wo u e engaged in landing the tillory, hones, provisions, and other materiel. Thn " rumer New Orleans, with the Louisiana reginont of c! jlunteere, 600 strong, arrived most opportunely, at u! nton LiJiardo, Juat uh we had put ourselves in motion. 0 he joined ua, uiid her troopi were landed with the rest *' nother transport arrived at this anchorage to-day. Her c< oops have also been landed Oeneial Scott has now rith him upwards of eleven thousand men. At hia re- 0 ueat, I permitted the marines ol the squadron, under * aptain Kdson. to join him, aa a part of the 3rd regiment ~ f artillery The general In chief landed .this morning, " nd the army put Itself in motion at an early hour, to e. irm it* lines uround the city. There has been some . istant firing ol shot and shells from the town and castle " ipen the troops, as thny advanced, but without result. ? am still of the opinion, expressed in my previous com aunications, as to the inability of the enemy to hold out 11 or any lergth of time. The cnstle has, at most, but four 7 >r five weeks provisions, and the town about enough to D ast lor the SRme time I am, very respectfully, Itc, ? I) CONNER, Commanding Home Squadron. {' ion. J. Y. Masoiv, Secretary of the Navy, Washington J' MILITARY CONTRIBUTIONS. ) rHE GREAT MOVEMENT OF THE AGE. I t Important Documents. a c To the Secretary of the Treaiury:? ' v Sir: Tho government of Mexico having repeat- ? ully rejected the friendly overtures of the United 8 States to open negotiations with a view to the re- '' itoralion of peace, sound policy and ajust regard c o the interests of our own country, require that he enemy should be made, as far as practicable, c 0 bear tho expenses of a war, of which they are ti he authors, and wtrch they obstinately persist in h irotracting. c It is the right of the conqueror to levy contrl- J* mtions tipon the enemy, in their seaports, towns, b >r provinces, which may be in his military pos- ^ lession by conquest, and to apply the same to de- ? ray the expenses of the war. The- conqueror u jo'sesses the right also to establish a temporary n nilitary government over such seaports, towns, a >r provinces, and to prescribe the conditions and " estrictions upon which commerce with such !' duces may ho permitted. He may, in his di?- ^ tretion, exclude all trade; or admit it without c imitation or restriction, or impose terms, the n ibservance of which wil be tho condition of carry- t: ng it on. One of these conditions may be the ij tayment of a prescribed rate of duties on tonnage t: tod imports. jj In the exercise of these unquestioned rights of var, 1 have, ori full consideration, determined to irder that all the ports or places in Mexico which t low ate, or hereafter may be, in the actuul s losses-ion of our land and naval forces by con- c pies', shall be opened, while our military oc- I' upation mav continue, to ihe commerce of all 1 leutral nations,as well as our own, in articles not ? iontrabatid of wai, upon the payment of pre- 0 Oribed rates of duties, which will bo made known f ir.d enforced by our military and t;aval com- * nanders. 1 V.'hile the adoption of this policy will bo to impose 8 1 burden on the enemy, and at the same time to ? lepuve them ol tho revenue to ho derived from ? tad *, at such ports or places, as well as to secure n t to ourselves, whereby the expenses of the war . i -.K ? 1 -.- -i - * u.iy irouiuuiiouru?nju^i in me general U nterest ofcomuieicts ai.d the obvious advantages it uniformity in the exercise of these belligetent f ighis, requires that well-considered regulation* h i;d restrictions should be prepared for the gui- * lance of those who may bo charged with carrying ? t into effect. , You are, therefore, instructed to examine tho i existing Mexican tariff of duties, and re ort to me r l schedule ol articles of trade, to be admitted at i uah ports or pluces as may at any time b9 in our 1 nilita-y possession, with such rates of duties on 1 hem, and ulso on tonnage, as will be liktlv to , rroduce the greatest amount of revenue. You t vill also communicate the considerations which i nay recom nend the scalo of duties which you I nay prepare, and will submit such regulations i is you mtty dcetn advisable, in order to enforce | heir collection 1 As tho levy of the contribution proposed is a nihtury tight, derived from the laws of nations, , ho collection and disbursement of the duties will \ >c made under the orders ot the Secretary of War ? irid the Secretary of the Nav/, by the military and i laval commanders at tho ports or places in Mexi- 1 0 which may be in possession of our arms. The eport required is, thereforu, necessary in order { o enable me to utve tho proper directions to the j Var and Navy Departments. r James K. Polk. & Washington, March 23,1847. h Tbcaiurt D*r*i?TMrsT, March ?0, 1847. 1 Hm : Your instructions of tho 'J3d instant have been 0 eceived by this depirtment, and, in conformity thereto, c present you herewith, for your consideration, a scale it duties proiioied to be collected as a military contribu- ' ion during tho war, in the potts of Mexico, in posseeaion J if our nrmy or nuvy by conquest, with regulations for j] he ascertainment and collection of such dudei, together j.1 villi the reasona which appear to mo to recommend their " idoption. J It is clear that we must either adopt our own tariff, or * hat of Mexico, or establish anew ayilem of duties. Our } iwnUiriU could not ba adonted, because the Mexican 1 xnorts and import* are se different from our own. that ' lilf jrent ratea of duties aro indispensable in order to col- * ect the lirgest revenue. Thus, upon many articlis * iroduced in great abundance here, duties must be im- 1 >osed at the lowest rate in order to collect any revenue , ' vherem, many of the same articles are not produced io ' lexico, or to a very inconsiderable extent, and would 1 berefore bear there a much higher duty for revenuo. A 1 reet change is also rendered necessary by the proposed 1 xoction of duties on ell imports to any Mcxioan port in " ur possession, from any other .Mexican port occupied ? y tis ia the same manner This measure would largely 0 lcrease tho revenue which we might collect. It Is re- . ommendod, however. for reasons of obvious safety, that d its Mexican coastwise trade should be confined to our wn vessels, as well as the interior trade, ebove any port f entiy in our possession, but that, in all other respects, no ports of Mexico held by us should be freely opened t the rale ol duties herein recommended to the vess. is nd commerce of all tbo world. The ad valorem system f duties adopted by us, altbougb by far the most just id equitable, yet lequires an appraisement to secertaiu ae ecuiel value of every article. This demands great lercantiie skill, knowledge, end experience, and thereire, lor the want of skilful appraisers?a class ot officers rholly unknown in Mexico -could not at once be put ato successful operation there. If, also, as proposed, leie duties are to bo ascertained und collected as a liliUry contribution through the efficers ef our army nd navy, those brave men could more easily perform ItiV't any other duty than that ef estimating tl-.e value f every description ol goods, wares, end merchandise The system of specific duties already prevails in Mexi. ?, aod may be put by us in'.o immediate operation; sod ', as is conceded, specific duties should be more burden; ims upon the people of Mexico, the more onerous the peration of these duties upon tbem, the sooner is it like r that they will force their rail nary rulers te agree te a saoe. It is certain that* mild and forbearing system of ' srfera, collecting no duties In their porta in our poaieion on the Oulf, and levying no contributioi a, whilst iir armies purohaae supplies from them at high prices, y rendering the war a benefit to th* people of Mesico ither tban an injury, ha* not hastened the conclusion of peace. It may be, however, that specific duties, onerus as they ere, and heavy contributions, accompanied 1 a vigorous prosecution of the wsr, may mote speedily isnro that peace which we have felled to obtain frim agnanitnons forbearance, from brilliant viotories, or om proffered negotiation The dutiea, however, whilst ey may be ?i<eciflc. end therefore more oneroue, then [ I viIorem ?utiee, ahould not be ej high ? to defeat v ivenue. ^ It ia impoaeible to adopt aa a baala the tariff of Mexico, , rom?e the dutiea are extravagantly hlgo, defeating im- <] triation. enmmeroa, and revenue, anl producing tunu- ti lerabla f.-auda and tmuggling There are alaoaixty ar- n cle?, the importation 01 which into Mexico ia at:ictly ? rohit'ited by their tariff, embracing moat of the neeaa- ? iriea ot life, and far the greater portion of our prodncta g ad fahi ica. v c Among the aixty prohibited artielea are augar, rice, ti otton, boota, and halt boota. coffee, naila ot ali kinda, ti ether of moat kinda, flour, cotton yarn and tkread, aoap n T all kinda, common earthenwara, lard, molaiaaa, tirn ar of all kinda, aaddlea of all kinda, ooerae woollen r loth clothe lor cloaka. ready made clothing ol all kinda, t( lit, tobaoco of all kinda, cotton gooda or teaturea, chief- tj r ?uch aa are made by ouraelaree, pork, freeh or aalted, i| noked or cornad, woollen or cotton bUnketa or counter- a anea, ahoea and alippera, whent, and grain of all kinda. * uch ia a liet of but a part of the artielea whoee importa- ti on ia prohibited by the Mexican tariff Theae prohlbi- | oni ahould not ha permitted to cantlnue, becauaa tbay 3 tclude most of our prod icts and d prevent ra collection at revenue. We turn irpm the prohibition* to the eotuel dutioi jmleedby Mexico. I he duties are specific throughout, th upmosturiversslly by weight int.,retire ot vUu- aol e generally protective or exorbiunt. and without anv of crimination lor levenue The duties proposed to ha Br ibetituted are mod-rate when compered with thoee im- Mi >*#d by Mexico. beiog generally reiluced to a itai.dsrd fit ore than one-halt below the Meslcea du ies T he'In- W ii are alio baled upon a discrimination throughout, for it venue. and, keeping in vi.'W the customs and habits of al e people of Mexico, *o different troin our own, aro fix- pa I in each ceee at that rate, whloh, it ii believed, will of oduoe In the Mexican porta the largeet amount of re- i nue. In order to realize from thla ly item the largeet amount revenue, It would bo naceeiary that our army end ne- j ' should seize every Important port and place upon the alfof Mexico, or California, or the PeAific, and open e way through the interior tor the free transit ot imTti and exports. and eeprciolly that tht interior pateage rough the Mexican u/Amui should he ercured from ucean . ocean for the bm'fil oj our commerce, and lha' of all the trld. This nuasure, whilst it would greatly increase c ir revenue from these duties, and facilitate communi- j] tiou hetwaan our forces upon the eastern and western ast of Mexico, would probably lead, at the conclusion a peace, to results of incalculable importance to our b vn commerce and to that ot all the world. c In tha maaiitiuie, the Mexican government monopoly tobacco, from which a considerable revenue is re- ' izrd by Mexico, together with the culture there, a bich yields that revenue, should be abolished, so as to minish the resources of that government and augment , ir own. hv collecting the dutv u.iou till the imported : bicco. The Mexican interior tiaeiit duties should -V to be abolished, ami their internal government duty on ~ tin and bulliou. The prohibition ot exports and dura upon export* should lie annulled, end e?pe- B' ally the henry export duty on coin and but- * an,| (o aa to cLenpn and facilitate the purchaie of : rpuitf, and pcimit the precious metal* untaxed to ? a.v cut freely fro.?n Mexico into general circulation ruickatlrer and machinery tor wot king thu mine* of pra- 'J' out Qme'al*| in Mexico,: lor the same reaion* ahould 'fj to be admitted duty tree-, which, with the mennuroa , tore Indicated, would largely iucrea*e the production 'j1 id circulation of the preciou* metali, improve our own , tij immerce and industry, and that of oil neutral i ower* In thu* opening the porta of Mexico to the commerce 81 [ the world, you would preient to all nation* with whom 0< 'a are at peace the beat evidence of your deiire to maintin with them our friondly relation*, to render the war jj; 1 them productive oi a* little injury aa ponible, and " von to advance their intereat* ?o iar aa it safely can be 1 .. one, by affording to them in common with ourielve*, i " 1* advantage* ol a liberal commerco with Mexico. To {' xtend tbi* commerce oou wiil have unaculed the port* of '' lexico, repealed their intern r transit dutie* which ob- " tract the paaiuge of merchandise to and from the roast; . ou will have annulled the goverament duty on coin and | I' uJlion, and abolished the heavy export duties on tne ' * reciou* metal* 10 ai to permit them to flow out lrcely if the benefit of mankind ; you will have expunged the { 11 ang list of their prohibited article*, and reduced mora ban one-half their dntie* on import*, whilst tha freest " cope would be left for (he mining of the precious metal*, j 'c I'heee are groat advantage* which would be secured to riendly nations, especially when compared with the exlusion of their commerce by rigorous blockade*. It 1* ruo, the duties collected irooi these imports would be n or the be.*u fit of our own government; but it it equally " rue, that the expenses of the war which Mexico insists " ipon prose rating, aie borne exclusively by ourselves r ud not by foreign nations. It cannot be doubted but hat all neutral uulions will see in the adoptiun of such a ourse by ytu, a manifestation of your good will tosard* them, and a itrong desire to advance those just n 1 humane principles, which make it the duty of belliereuts. aa we have always contended, to render the war a which they are engaged, as little injurious as precti- ' able to neutral powers fi These duties would not be imposed upon any imports r nto our own country, hut only upon imports into Mcxio, and the tax would fail upon the peeple of Mexico in ?' ha enhancement to ihem of the prices oftthese import*, a (early ail our own products ure excluded by the Mt si- _ an tariff, evenin time of peace; tliey are excluded ulio uring the war, so far as wn continue the system of lockading uuy olthe porta of Moxlco; and thoy are nlio ! xcluded even from the ports not blockaded iu possession , _ f Mexico; whereas the new system would soon open to ,, ur commerce all the porta of Mexico, as they shall 'all v ito our military possession. Neither our own nor foreign fl rerchatits ure required to seud any goods to Mexico, nd, ii they do so v luntarily, it will be because they can g rake a profit upon the importation lli-re, and tne re- , are they will huve no right to complain of the duties . avied in the ports of Mexico, upon the consumers of | hose goods, the people of Mexico. The whole money i j ollected would inure to the benefit of our own governncntaud people, to sustain the war, and to prevent, to hat extent, now loans and increased taxation. Indued, ( n view of the fact that the government is thrown upon ' ho ordinary revenues tor peace, with no other additional eeources hut loans to carry on the war, the income to bo 1 F ,V.? It la lialia* a,l will >e largo, if these suggestions are adopted, would he tigbly important to sustain the credit ol the government, 1 0 pievent the embarrassment oi the treasury, and to are the country Irom such ruinous sacrifices as oc- ' urred during the last year, inoluding the inevitable Rgacy to posterity cf a large debt and onerous tsxaion The new system would not ouly arrest the oxenure transfer and ruinous drain of specie to Mexio, hut would cause it in duties, and in return lor < mr exports, to re-fiow into our country to an amount, wrhsps, soon exceeding the nine millions of dollsrs vhicb it had reached in IH3A, even under the restrictive aws of Mexico, thus relieving our own people from 1 1 greivous tax, and imposing it where it should loll, ipon our enemies, flu people of Mexico, as a cattribution levied upon them to conquer a peace, as well 1 s to defray the expenses of tho war ; whereas, by adaitting our exports freely without duty into the Mexican inits, which we may occupy irom time to time, end Hording those goods, including tho necessaries of life, t less than one halt the prices which they had hcri tuure paid for them, the war might in time become a nncfli, instead of a burden to tiie people of Mexico, ud they woalJ, therefore, be unwilling to terminate die output It is hopod, also, that Mexico, alter a pea?e, . vill never ienew her present prohibitory and protecivo system, so nearly resembling that of ancient ;hinaor Japan, but that liberalized, enllghtentd, a'<d j egenerated by the contact and Intercouisa with rur ; teople, and those ot other civilized nations, she will con- i inue the tar more moderate system of duties resembling I hut prescribed by these regulations. In the meantime, it is not just that Mexico, by her oh- I itinate persistuuce in this contest, should compel us to j ivertbrow our own financial policy, and arreat this great I latien in her high and prospeious carter. To re-impose 1 ligh dut es, would he alike injurious te ourselves and to ill neutral powers, and, unless demanded by a stern ne:essity, uugwnerous to those enlightened nations which lave adopted, coritt mporaueonsly with as, a more liberal commercial policy, ihe system you now piopose, of mposing the burden us far as practicable upon our ei-omes, the people of Mexico, end not upon ourselves or I ipon friendly ration,* appeals to be most juat In itsilf, j tnd is further recommended as the only policy which ; s likely to hasten the conclusion of a just and honorable ?eace. j A tonnage duty on all vessels, whether our own, or of leutral powers, of one dollar per ton, which is greatly I ess than that imposed by .Mexico, is recommended in | ieu ol all port d'ltiee and charges. Appended to three j egulatiotis ?re tables oi the rates at which loreign mo- | icy is Axed by law, as aho a separate table of currencies . y usuage, iu which a certiflcato of valuo is required to e attached to tbe invoice. There is also annexed a table I if foreign weights and measures reduced to the standsrd j t the United Hstea, together with blank forms, te failitate the transaction of business, it it recommended that the duties herein suggested hall be collected exclusively in gold or silver coin. 'besa duties can only be collected as a military contibution, through the agency of our brave officers of lis army and navy, who will, no doubt, cheerfully and aithfully collect and keep these moneys, and ccount for them, not to the tieaaury, but to be Secretaries of War or of the Navy respectvely. It is reeommsnded that these duties be peiormed by tbe commandant of the post, whether naval or niliury, sided by the pay mastor, or purser, or other offi- 1 er, the account* of each being countersigned t.y the Xlior as a check ui>ou mistakes or eiror, in the sans | manner a* i* now tlio rase with the collector or naval iHicer of our several principal ports, which has inticluced to much order and accuracy into our system. It ta luggea'ed that, as in tome cases tbe attention ol the comnandant of the post might be ueceasary for the petfornance of other duties, ho be peimittsd to substitute ume other officer, making known tbe lact to the Be retarie* ol War or of the Navy, and subjact to their lirection. I have the honor to be, with great respect, your obetent servaut, R. J. WALKKR, Secretary of the Treasury To the PaxiioxtvT Wasmisotois, April 1, 1847. I Briliik Mtdialitn. The excitement upon the Oregon question having sub- I ided, and the British minister near this government bo' j lg vigilant of the Interests of commerce, and anxious for prospect of [teace with Mexico, has maintained a regit ' ir correspondence through the British agouti at Hava- ! .a, with the agents of tbe same government in Vera < iuz ^ ttl the city at Mexico, and hat advised II. B. M.'s Homo j 1 mists r of Foreign Affairs, Lord ralmeraton, punctually ( f (he progress of tho war, of the seoret agencies employ- | t d by this government to open negotiations, ot Ike plan t f boundaries and the terms of peace we propose, of the uarrel on the Wilmot proviso, and so-forth?embracing lany important tacts and deductions not published either c a the jeurnala of Mexico or of the United States, or Lon- ' on or Pans , and in view of the apprehension of an Euro. I ?an alliance against us, and ou th# ground of Intercept- 1 ^ rig the designs of such an alliance In the establishment 1 j if a Franco.Spanish monarchy in Mexico, it la intimated j hat Mr- Pskenhem has recently huld teveral infoimal ' j :onfsranees with Mr. Buchtnan on tbe expediency of i Irltish mediation to the extinguishment of the ex iting war with Maaico. Id thaaa coaveraation*, 1 , ha object of Mr Pakanham la atatad to ba to i certain th# dlapoaltlon of the American goveixaaot prior to tha daaratch of a apacial agent from jondan with overture* of Har Britiah Majaaty to th* go arnmant of Maaioo, aa the buaia of a pear* with tha | ,'nitad State*. It ia aaid that Mr. Buchanan haa given re < ncouragamant to inch Intervention, hut haa aolamn y claredit to he th* |>u<po*a oi th* United ttetaato aat* a hia quarrel hatwaan oeraalvas,without aaking or raeog | laing th* oacaaai' y of any foreign Intervention wh?t??. < ver; and that a pate* n.uat h* th* r*?ult of war, mid not 1 (, * pi and that ita tarma meat he dictated by tl * overnmaDt of tb* Umtad Utah* anbject to anch motiftatioua a* may ba agreed upon between the high ron , i -'ictiog parti**, independent of any lnterpo<itlnn of any i lird party in th# compact; and that the Britiah gove*n- ' tent muat take it for grentad that th* inlaraeta of th* \ nbjacta af Har Brfttanic Majaaty will b* Jnatiy comidard hi tha right* of private lodividtnl* and non combe- ' inta, both in tha proaacution o! th* war, and in the **t> *m*nt of a paarn In reply to <hia *>?ur*nc?, It ia fu har intimated, that the Britiah mimatar haa aspraaaad it a tha pnrpoaa of hi* govornaant, ahouid any European liance giow out of thta war with Mexioo, with a v.ear > the rituMiahmant of a Franco-Spaniah monarchy >n laxico, (hat aa tar from co-operating in auch a tyeva lent, the govarnmant of (iraat Brgam haa had auftcieut 1 " ????? 1.1 I 1 n?e to Justl'y her opposition, even to the extent cf deration of war. We cannot truer thia information to any reliable suoriiv, and should without hesitancy deamnca it aa ablutely apocryphal, did it not beer loma manifestation# truth upon Its face Our own mpreeeion ia, that tha itish una ster ha? kept a vigilant eve to tha alTairs of xico. without committing niiiieif or his government her, to the Si-crnary of State or to Mr Buchanan. ? may, however, be mii'aken in this impression; ?ud may be such conferences as aforesaid hava ac tuly takou place In auy point of view, tha dataimined iclflc attitude of Uioat liiitain ia, pethaps, laas a matter cboioe than of neceeaity. W. WaiHinoTOH, March II, 1M7. Tit Pro,p,el, of tK, (Tor-rkr frotpt.l, a/ a Psoas ? Tht Thr? MUUon, of IK, Diplomat!, CK*>t-Tk* /..urnsy 0/ Mr fVrbtltr, and Its i TotaliU Rsiuits. "lheie is every r?ason to expect that Vara Crut is *t lis time ia the occupation of General Scott-tbeie it very reatou to beliavu that General Teyior is sofe, or bat Santa Anna is annihilated?tbare ia every reason to ucourage the pre turn pi ion that a peace will speedily a attained. And, in tha settlement of a paaca, if a lino annot be had across the continent from Tauipico, a arallel will he taken from the mouth of tha Rio Orandav nd if that cannot be acquired, Mr. Calhoun'i line will e tuken, following the Rio Giando up to 8-1 deg N L , lence by that parallel across to the Pacific, giving us u laxican territory of ten degrepa of latituda, including the reat basin of Lieut. Fremont; or tbet vaat interior voltaic desert surrounded by snow capped mountains, whore 'aters are Inst iu tne immense salt lakes, and exhaled by io sua, or absorbed by the smis Whether that desert, beie even an Indian cannot subsist, shall be cultivated y free or slave labor, when acquired by the United (hate* i due form, is a question yet to be asitlod. But even in liadasolato region, tha future trade of the Pacific actosa te continent, miiy build up citiea, aa did the transit of ie merchandise ol Egypt, and Assyria and the East, in le oeaerta 01 Araoia. But the war ia drawing to a cloae?it cannot hold if mta Auua ia destroyed, aud Vara Cruz ia in the armed ;cupaiion of the Americas force*; and ao eery likely re both theae reaulta to the facta at thia moment, that m only doubt ia aato tha coat, and not whether reaulta lemselve* have been accooipliiabed. Ihe mail ot to-night brings ua no further newa from 10 Brazoa ; we may poaaibly have aome more itUTing itelligence to-morrow; or it may that several day a will aye eiapaed before anjther achooner or ateamer will avo arrived Irem the Clulf coaat. in the event ot the annihilation of Santa Anna, and a lea of peace from Mexico, a diplomatic oomaaiaaion 'illperu.ipa go down, aay, Messrs. Benton, Din, Critteneu, aud Johnaon of La., with the diplomatic cheat of tree million* in apecie We underatood that Mr. Webater begins hia Southern >ur by a viait to tlie grave ot Jefleison, a vary good lea. It will do ihe aage of Marabfield no harm to lucurate an hour or two over the aihee of the aage of Moncello. All that we apprehend ia that the hoapitality oi to South will extinguish the identity of the original Dalai, und leave him in the aeme dubioua poaition in which re fiod him during the day a of the Tyienan dynaaty, lat epoch of a neuter in thu administration of the fades al Government. W. Important Peace Intelligence. PNinaeaLrHia, April 3, 1847. A gentleman arrived in thia city to-day direct from "ampico, who atatea that intelligence had bean received rotn San Luia Potoai to the efl'ect thai Santa Jinna A ad arwardtd a recammandation It tkt Memtan Congrtu In tie for ptac*. Five or aix thouaand aoldiera had deeert d from hia army, and the balance wero in a meat deplo able condition. Upwarda of three thouaand were killed nd aeventeen hundred wounded during the late battle ear Saliillo. The intelligence from Vera Cruz has created great ax) itemeutaud exultation among thia community, though tie courae of events there are not more success fill than ras confidently anticipated lrom the ample preparationa or the affair. The U 8 steamer Scorpion got under way yeaterday dternoon, and had procooded ua far as the Point Houee, vherusome disarrangement occurring In her machinery, ihe returned to the Navy Yard, and the damage being lurriedly repaired, she again put of and hp to thia time ins uot returned. Sales of Stocks at Ptzlla^lslphla. Avail. 3,? First Bomn?700U. 8. bark. 6; '100 do 4%; 100 Uirard Bank, 11%; 160 Vickshurg. Dili; MO do, 11.%; 100 Mollis Canal. 30%; 160 do. Ul; 100 do, cash, 31; 101 Chesapeake Canal Stuck, 66; 97 Reading Railroad, SO; 17 do, 80%, 83 do, 'J9%; 4000 Heading KR Bonds, 71%'; ? Far > eis' It Machanic*'Bank, 61; 8 do, 61%; 1000 Schuylkill Navigation, 6 04, SJ4. J010 Huaquenaonah Canal Bonds, cash. AO-, -000 Illinois Bonds, 40; $110 U. 8 Loan, A, 63, 04%; 900 Lehigh. 0. ca*h, 69% AKTkR 8alks ?$100 Schuylkill Navigation, 0, 06, 80%; 10 U 8 Bank, 4%; 0 Mechanics' Bank. 3dl? Skcord Board?11,100 U 8 Lonri #'a, 67, in lota. 101%, 600 do, '?, 60, 10J; 60 Morristnwn RsilroaJ, 10; bOOOReadiog Railroad Bond*, O'l, 7I>J; 60 Vicktburg, UK; 1 IBs Suiquehannah Canal Bonds, 60K; 37 Lehigh, 38, 16 Uirsid Bank. UK; 0 Commnrcial Bank, Natchez, 10.K; 60 Reading Railroad, 38; 300 U. 8. Treaaury Notai, 0'?, 10*. Arraa Balks.?360 U. 8 Bank. 4*; 3413 State 6"s, 70*; 00 Vickaliurg Railroad, 10*; 60 do UK, 11 Hcltnylkili Navigation, 87; 100 Girard oank, iO*. BiLTiuniE, April 9, 1847. Quite an exeiting incident occurred yesterJay alterloon at Van Amburgh's menagerie, in the presence of :rowded auditory, principally of ladiea. He had juet le.'t ine ofthaoagea, and had enterad another, in which waa i lion, a tiger, and two leoparda. After playing with the ion a few momenta be turned to careaa ona of the leopards, when the lion aeited him by the right braaat. hie :apaciotia jaws taking in a large moiety of his body. The inirual exhibited no ferocity or anger, but immediately ft go hia hold, and aeatod himselfquietly in hia cage. So {uietly waa it done on the part of the lion, that the audence would have thought nothing ef it, if lad it not cauaed a ahriek of pain from Van Am burgh, when ha fell againat the tide of the cage. He waa immediately taken out, and Dr Qibaon being preaent, waa :alled to hia relief. On hia back and braaat the trace of .be teeth of the animal ware lolly indented, but the flash ivua not broken. The lion turner baa just recovered from a dangaroua illnoaa of several months duration, and laving during that time been arparated from tneanimala, in bad probably loat some of hia former power over hem He waa alio in a vary weakly condition, or the ion would, in all probability, have come off aecond beet n the encounter. Tmc Maaaara?The flour market continuea inactive, ioth aellera and buyera having come to a atand Howard itraet ia held firmly at $6 13*.and City Mills at $6 36. t aale of 000 barr la oorn meal took place yeaterday at 14 37*. The aupply of Maryland wheat eontinuea very ight. We quote good to prime at $1 31 a $1 30, ind ordinary to good, $1 10 a $133 Salea of prime 'annay lvania reda at $1 S3, and of white at $136 a $1 46; choice Maryland white for family floor, will iring $1 66 a $t On The demand for corn ia rathar hater; aalaa of Maryland whiti at 77 a 78 canta, and of yelow at H6 a 80?a very choice lot brought 87 Oata 43 a 14 centi Rye 78 a 80 canta. Clove raced dull at $4 to M 60. flalai of Btoeki at Baltimore. Aram 1.?$000 Baltimore 6a, 1800, 07; United Statee Is. of 1067, closed to-day at 101 nuked, 101 bid; Mary and 6a cloaed at 03* asked, 8-J* bid; Baltimore 6a, of1890, at 07 6 16 aiiked, 07* bid; Baltimore and Ohio Rail nad aharea 43* aaked, 41K hid. Awrui.LT DeaTaucTiva Via* in New OilkaisS ?Our sity has not, for a great length of time, been vieited :>y u deatructive a flra aa broke out at about 0 o'clock thla morning. On both aidei of Chartraa (treat, from the custom houae half way down to Bienville, nearly all oi the extenaive establishments there have already been destroy ad. The flra originated In the atera of Ravalet k Huet, in tlio aecond atory of the building, one door below Cuetom-houae atrret, on Chartraa ; it then croaaed to the opposite aide of Chortree street At the hour of going to prere, nine of our largaat atorea, with immense atorlu of dry goods, kc . ko , are already bnint. Among thoae who have autfered era? Simpson, fancy dry goods; Ilavalet k H uet. dry goods. Ice ; Albert, hat store; Heilman, dry gooda. kc ; Gerringer, Vignaud, Loiaon k Sylvester, Simmonet, Emanuel k Co , Oucongie, druggiat; Mace. It would be difficult at the preaent moment te eat treat e the amount of loaa, nor oould we get any particulars of the extent of insurance; bnt perhaps $?0n,000 ia aa naar aa may ba tba loan, up to the time of going to prere We have again vieited the acme of destruction, and aa our firemen seem to have overcome tho element, wa lodge that it cannot extend much further.? AT- O. Tim", March 36. The steamship Hibernia left Boston at 10 minii?s past 1 o'clock on Thursday afternoon, for lalifax and Liverpool She ia crowded panel[era, taking out 114 to Liverpool, and 6 to Halifax. The illir-ers have given tip their state rooms, yat still many ipplicanla for berths bavu been disappointed The Hticrnia carries out about 60.000 letters, and a large queo ity of newspareri.? Boil in Journal. Polillesii. Mr. P K Wagner, of the New Orleans Ceuver, was m the 30th ult- elected State Printer by tba legisl tut* ?f xmiaiaaa Salea of Stock a at Bnslue. ExrNAxar Boaid, April I.?2 Concord RR 6?*. 4 Pitrbburg RR, new stock, I JO; 1 Boston end Maine Rp 160*; 10 Western RR 101*; 41 Bos'on and Wore star RR 116; 60 Farmere' Loan, blftd. 30*; 100 Long islnn I KR96*; 100 East Boston' o 14 1 16; I Boaton Library I3K; 80 Nor k Wor RR 6010; 2? do, hind, *0*0, 06 do, 6iu MIL. OOA iIa a/IV 9A /In. hlOI. Wk M f1?. 1^. V0^;'9? do! idOd, oojp.'i* do, li I, WlV Philadelphia < altle Market. Aran, 1--Offerloga Conai?t? of 1,060 bead o( l)#r('at la, iDCludioc iOO tak?n to New Yoik; 300 < owa and alrea, 3#0 awine, and 97t> >h-?p Pricaa?Bratraa moatly all aoid a* $4 a V>V tlie 100 lha Cow* and cilrn aall within ths range of $1 "t * JUW or freeh, $13 a $3A lor eprmgera, and $t a $11 for dry sowi. Swine at 11 freely at $7 a 1\ the 10)11 s Sheep aoUl at $l)( a $4 earn, at> in q i<lity Hay acaree, and nrmga batter price*; good Tnuo'hy bringe 60.',. a 90- the cat, ?nd large ?ait a o f >tted hay were m? le at Wr. h?v. tie 100 ila Straw? Vary^litila in market, and pricaa lira, at $< a $7 the 100 Foreign Markets. Maraetaa, March In ? Mo.eases tailing ' I r?-, an 1 not much In demand Vtr h -ve had no ? ami n "f lata, and It would ha dtffl utt tu .iy what th-artic.e wonld command at present. p'lsb i? dull barely ; hla,33>i ra. being tba la?t paid l" cod. Va<reU ama n rcxrce Freights $2!^ Irr box , b>? n 0 :or hi.da t?tr, ik)4HaO foi hhda. of 110 gdluiis fcaih trge in f 11 don, 0 per cent prem New Vork, per can* di. \

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