Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 5, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 5, 1847 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. 5few Vork, Monday, April 5, 1MI. VrwK Awn Bnropr. We are daily nnd hourly e.x|>eetiug late news from England. There are several packet ships due here, which must arrive within a very short tunc. Easterly winds prevailed during nearly the whole of the last month. They must have tavorvd them. It any news should come before the arrival of the .Sarah Sands, which vessel left Liverpool on the 26th of March last, we shall issue an Extra lleruht the moment it shall come to hand. Greut importance is attached to the next news trom England, by the mercantile portion of the country, for, by its tenor, they will receive advices that will he their guide for many months to coiue. If the scarcity of food is as great in Ireland and other countries now us it was at the last accounts, they can tuuke their calculations to furnish it, and know the prices at which they can afford to purchase. Alalia for Europe, ( The line pneket ship Margaret Evans, Captain Tucker, for London,will sail this morning. She will take out the latest American news to Europe. Single copies ot the Ant' 1 ork Herald, in wrappers, for her mails, can be obtained at the office. ___ The Charter Election?Fun Ahead?The < Prospect. To-morrow week will be a busy and exciting i day in this city?for on that day our annual char- I ter election will take place. As usual, there will be four sets of candidates presented to our citizens?those of the wbigs, democrats, natives, and national reformers, or vote-yourself-a-farm- j with-a-bnug-house-npon-it-party. Variety, it is said, is the spice of life. If it is, , we see no reason that it should not be the spice of politics too. At all events, we will have a vanatv nf <*anftirtnt?u uuHm1If#>,I tn ilia nannlc- hilt which of them will be successful is hidden in the womb of time. The nominations, as far us tlicv have come to ' our knowledge, ure as follows:? Cmr Nomisatiosi. i Mayor. .ihns tfourr Com. Whig Win. V Bradv Democratic. . .J. S. BrowneU M. U. Leonard. Native Kliaa O Drake John Lloyd. The whig candidate for Alms House Commie- ' eioner is not yet nominated, neither are all the ( candidates for members of the Common Council. I The locufoco, or dirty street party, are in aglori- ^ us state, of anarchy and disunion. They have 5 thrown to the winds the " usages of the party," and determined to run three or four tickets in some of the wards. The natives, usually the n first in the field, have not, like the whigs, yet \ nominated their Common Councilmen, neither 1 have the vote-yourself-a-farm party, but we sup- ' ??ose that both of these parties will do so in the ^ course of a day or two. The whig candidate tor Mayor, it is said, is a ' rather clever kind of a man. He is comparatively unknown, hut would no doubt make a tolerably good officer. The locofoco candidate, on the contrary, is well known. He has been a prominent politician for many years, and can command as many votes probably us any man in the party. He held the office of Register, the duties of which he performed to the satisfaction of his constituents, and the public at large. Whether he will be elected, we of course cannot say, but we would not be very much surprised if he should be. The splits among his party, while they will have the effect of defeating their candidates for the Common Council, will bring out all the voters of the several factions, who will caat their ballots for their particular favorites for the Common Council, but united in voting for bim, because there is no split on the mayoralty J ticket. If Mr. Brownell be elected, he will, to 1 say the least, be the largest Mayor we ever had I at the head of our municipal government. He I will make one twice as large as Mayor Mickle, j and three times as large an officer as Mr. Brady t would make. Thus, then, Mr. BrowneU has two points in his favor, viz: his weight in pounds and ounces, and the unnnimity with which he was ft nally nominated. We may, however, udd another point, which will be equally as potent as either of the other two in influencing his election, and that is, his popularity with the tire department. The native candidate has been an alderman, but will probably never be a Mayor, although, perhaps he would make as good an one as either of the other two candidates in the field In this condition are the different parties at the "present writing." The locofocos are sadly disjointed?the whig* are united, and so are the natives, because there are not enough of them to kick up a row. If the whigs and natives unite, they might, if they rhose, carry the city with ease ; and we would not be surprised if negotiations are now on foot to that end. There is some mystery in these two parties delaying so long in j making their nominations of candidates for the i Common Council. If such negotiations are on J loot, and should be successful, the locos will be i knocked into a cocked hat or the Common Council Chamber. It there be no union, the 1 t loeos will be successful, as they have been in ' former years, provided tliey adjust their family quarrels. If they do not, Mr. Browned will bo ' our next Mayor, and the whigs will have a majority in the two hoards. The prospect for fun on Tuesday week next is very promising. In the interim all partu s will strive their utmost to wheedle, cheat, humbug and deceive each other,as well as the dear public, who suffer from one party us much as they do from the othaj*. We advise all parties to bring out their big guns. The Telkuuaphs ami the Storm.?( Htr readers i arc aware that the severe storm that recently visited this part ol the country caused considerable damage to the several telegraph lines connecting with New York. For many days alter it took , place, telegraphic communication was entirely suspended?not a single line was in order. In | many places, particularly on the line between ( this city and Philadelphia, the posts were blown down for distances varying from one to fifteen i miles, and it has cost nearly as mucn io put ineiu ; in repair as it did originally to construct tlirm. We are happy in being able to inform the public that almost all the damage repaired, ami mat within a day or two, as we arc informed, every line will be in working order, and much Mronger and more capable of resisting the clements than they were when first constructed.? ; indeed, all the lines are now in operation except that between this city and Philadelphia, which, wir.g to the imperfect manner in which it was "instructed, suffered more ln.iurv ihan nuy of the \ 'V ers. The proprietors of this line confidently ' xiectto have it in working order to-morrow or ( rmxtday. The experience which all of thecom) have pained bv the last storm, has been irr.ed to advantage The posts have been placed j t ir. *he ground more firmly thin ever, and this, ' J *"?th the new heuvy iron '"ire, will, we hope and c believe, prevent the numerous and very annoying 2 interruptions that we have had for soma time ? l Lost Monev RESioatD.?From the editor of p tiic yational Poii?t Gaxcttt we learn that Thomas s I', JShallcross, of the city of Wheeling, has recovered a part of the money stolen from a gentleman i * who had his valise broken open and robbed on h board the steamboat Hibermo, No. 2, on Sunday ' 1 morning the 11th ol March, at Wheeling. The > i ioney will be returned on application in the ' editors. , i POSTSCRIPT. g n UAl.F,PA8T FIVE (TV LOCK, A. >/ tl HIGHLYI INTERESTING NEWS ' FROM MEXICO. HI bl Four Days Later from Vera Cruz * MC HAS JVST BEES' RECEIVED BY SPECIAL EXPRESS M FROM PHILADELPHIA. ni hi TULL PARTICULAR* ' ?; Wll.1. BK OIVKN IVAN St EXTRA HERALD, ? At Half past Eight O'Glock. * Our New Drtx. We present the .Vcie York Herald to our readers n.iluv in nn nntiri'lv nnw fir.*** The type is from the foundry of Messrs. James 0 Honnor & Son, whose refutation as type founders ai s well known. J We shall take every opportunity of adding to of he interest of our journal, and deserving a con- JjJ inuance of the extensive patronage we at present si njoy. ? Nothing shall be left undone on our part to deterve success, and maintain the proud stand we in aave so long held. b< The Packet Ship Yorkshire.?The packet ship to Yorkshire, which arrived a few days since, made the Bunks of Newfoundland in seven days, and gi but for heavy westerly winds, and large quunti- re ties of ice, shetthere encountered, she would have ~j been at the dock in New York, in the short passage of fourteen or fifteen days from Liver- ia pool. We have this from one of tlie officers, u< which injustice to (.'apt. Bailey, and for the in- p, formation of our Boston friends, we deem it a a proper to mention. c( ;? sli Steamer Sot tiiknkr, hence, arrived at Charles- ni ton on the Hist ult. cc Naval.?The transport and bomb ketch Ilecla, ^ tailed yesterday. She was towed to sea by the Duncan C. Pel I. The following is a list of her pr' i Dicers:? foi T. A. Hunt. Lieut. Commanding; 11. C. Klagg. K. C. pu lowen, Henry Moore. Lieutenants; John II. Parker, ga U-ting Master; Thomas PuttiKou. Passed Midshipman; wii rbomiu I'enaale, C aptain's Clerk; Josiuh Snow. Boat- Pt? wain. ? ca. Theatricals. w| Tabk Theatre.?This evening Mr. W'alluck will com- au .. th acnce a short engagement ut the l ark theatre. lie wt, rill make his first appearance in Don < wsar do Bazau, vhlch is decidedly one of his best, if not his best, churae,cr. Wo have no doubt that this distinguished actor fo] Till bo received in a very flattering manner. Ho will ilso appear as Dick Dashall in the farce of ' My Aunt." i'he favorite little comedy of "The Lost Letter"'" will conclude tko entertainments this evening. Bowery Ciacrs.?The friends and udmirers of Kemp, the grout clown, have an opportunity this evening of dia- ^ charging the many obligations they are under to him, g<; for amusing them so much the past winter. He is up for 3d a benefit, and he richly deserves n good one. Ho will be 11 more than himself this evening, and promises his friends a great treat. He has arranged) and will produce a new In comic ballet, entitled " Kun and Physic, or tho < inlvunic bl Battery and the Doctor's Bag." in which ho will take the part of the Doctor's Bug He will also perform his great barrel act. and give a scientific display of the art <JI of self-defence, with Mr. Cole. The equestrian port of is the entertainments will be richer than usual. Indeed. jt there is a bill presented which ought to Kttract a larger auditory than the house can contaiu. Bowkhy Theatre.?Tho manager has been engaged for some time past iu preparing a splendid spectacle, which he will produce for tho first time, this evening. It is entitled the " Naiad Queen," and from what we have beard of it. we can safely sny that it will bo as successful and gain ns much applause as any thing ever produced on this stage In order to have It as brilliant j is possible, he has succeeded in effecting an engagement rvith the popular dameuie, .Miss J. Turnhull, who will icrsonate the principal character, viz?the Naiad Queeu. re rhe whole of the excellent stock company will take part tc u it. and from the admirable cast of characters, no n! toubt can be entertained that it will be performed in a at manner satisfactory to the public, and crcdltablu to tho tt theatre. The performances will commence with ' The tl Lady and tho Devil," and eoncludo with the new piece. e> The Trumpeter's Daughter." The new grand spectacle N will be performed betwoen these pieces. Large as this establishment is. we expect that huudrcds will be unable w to obtain admission there this evening. Such of our w citizens as intend to take ladies with them, bad better bi secure their seats aad go early. | p Musical. Italian OrERs.?Tile second season will commence on i Wednesday evening next, with Donizetti's favorite ope- j; ra, " Lucrcziu Borgia." There is every prospect of the > second season being as successful as the first. It tells w well for our city that this tulentcd company of artists are so well patronized us they are. j) L'. C. Hill's Grand Mi sical Festival.?This splendid uffuir will come off. ut the Tabernacle, on Tuesday cl evening next, and seldom have we uoticeda forthcoming ^ concert with a greater desire sor its success than on the present occasion. .Mr. Hill lias been long and assiduously lc engaged In the musical profession In this city. He was jy the main instrument in forwarding the Philharmonic Society?of which he Is still the President?us also the ol Sacred Music Society. He is about to leave the country, iind the entire profession, with one voice, has come H( forward to give him a complimentary benefit previous to Ills departure. There cannot be the slightest, doubt of lie TabernMcle being crowded by the friends and adnirers of Mr. Hill's musical abilities Hud long standing )HI is an eminent artist. But. apart from liis claims as a \\ irofessional man. we would sav. who will be absent from f? i.mIi .. n...l>.l >....? .. t n, 111 y. Inil Ik.. I...,.11.... lie city will appear? We refer to the advertisement in mother column j, ('unit i \Mimiihi l?.?This evening commences the k ighth week of lliis exceedingly popular hand. Their " mdlenoes are composed of the most select ami fashionn- y bl? people iif the city. Many who lire scrupulous in re- d gard to theatres. can be seen every night ut Christy's, listening to the touching, plaintive negro melodies of {. this countiy. which are given with such sweetness and it harmony that they are nightly visited by the same an- > diences -a proof beyond doubt, of the able management o anil versatile talent of the company. Letters arc every vi day being received from all parts of the I'nion inviting e them. Their success is without precedent. n a IlrnsoN Hivkr Xavihatjov?\VY L'ive several ',l . ii extracts trout the Albany papers relative to lite tl weather at the north, affecting the navigation of k the Hudson Kiver. They indicate a flood. s| [From the Albany Argus. April 3 j n Such impatient people as scold the Hudson for remain- h ing provokingly embargoed by ice. w i'l do well to const- s der tbe aPology which our ancient river may offer for 11 its seeming obstinacy. u On the 1st of April, the thermometer in this city stood sl nt sunrise at aero?at noon 31?and nt sunset at is deg 'I This is the coldest weather known here by "the oldest 1' inhabitant'' on nil Fool's Day. Snow fell on Saturday " upwards of Id inches, three or four inches on Wcdoes- " day night; and again three or four Inches on Thursday ; J1 night At this present writing, tlio sleighing in this w city and vicinity is very good, and in most of the liar- \ row streets the snow is two or Ihrcc feet in depth. , " A gentleman from Fulton county, says the enow in ; 01 tliat region is four or Ave feet deep Another from I ' Schoharie and 1 lie mountain towns in <ireeue county, j ft states that the suow fell two feet, on a level in the last ] storm And a gentleman from St. Lawrence informs us I 01 that in all that region, the storm was unprecedented - i fl that tho snow was every *h?re at great depth, piled up g literally cightc<u feet in 1'arts of that county und ? Lewla 1' The temperature of jCftorday was milder and more in keeping with the season and we hope toon to take leai e (| of all inn present wintry aspects. [t orresnondenoo of the Albany Journal.! ' p ri ATTiai s'.. Saturday evening, March U7.1847 Aalt! si it important that lumber dealers and others occupying r wharres in Albany and Troy should bo apprised of the tutouul of snow, and of course water, in the woods atthc , r t"urces of roarnoble Hudson, 1 think It mv duty to In- si form you that lu tho woods wort of us tfic snow was o ibout thirty tncbca deep resterday, and that eld and J ?olid. Y oeterday, in the afternoon, it commenced blowug and snowing from tbe noiiheaat, and such a storm is n sot within the memory of a certain antiquated personage a >ft?n quoted 1 he wind had blown a perfect tempest, h nd tbe snow ilea in wreaths from five to six feet hirn In c; 'tar street# As It has blown so much into drifts,! am ft inabie to My how deep It has falirn in tbe woods, but It t' i the general opinion it 1* from two and a half to three p et, and very heavy and damp, making in all five feet of u retty solid stuff It ie still snowing, but more mode- w ritcly '1 ho presumption la that there is as much in si ehroon and too towns adjacent. ft The late severe snow storm visited Buffalo, where it oi ran accompanied by lightning and thunder. At tbe ti nagiictie telegraph office the battery room was, for some oi iin?. lit up by one constant sheet of electric flame, that le laved around Its walls with a quickness peculiar only to si (- it One of the more intense th-hes of electricity, it tl - saiil took effect upon ouc of the operators?removing w tim rather hswtllv aud unceremoniously from his seat at ft h? macbinw pi Intklliqesce prom Africa.?The brig Mar- ' arct Ann, Captain Phippv, arrived yesterday oin Mesurdo, W. Africa, whence she sailed on le Kith of January la?t. We are indebted to ( "apt* 1'. for the African luminary to the 13th. We make the following extracts:? [From the Luminary of January 13.] The arrivul of the " Liberia Packet" on the 6th inetI ul the arrivul of the " Margaret Ann. " on the 8th. i ought us about twenty letters, a large package of int. | rlodicals, almanacs. minutes, missionary reports, ?< ., besides tire boxes and barrels of goods for the hools. These were all highly appreciated: but the inely help sent us iu the persons of brother Morris, sisrs Johnson and Brush, excited our warmest gratitude, ay they long live to bless Africa with their good exames and earnest endeavors. The amount of goods sent nee the landing of the bark Pons is about $4000. Ho is the Lord opened the hearts and hands of his people hese goods, however, will all be needed, with an addion. before the yenr shall close, as we have about 163 stive children to board and clothe, including the new ations about going Into operation. Liukrali i v.?With pleasure we acknowledge the 11b ulity of the officers and crew connected with the vests of the American squadron. During their late visit i this place they gcuerously sent to the stewards of the K. Church, now undergoing repairs, nearly ninety ollars. to wit:? Frigate United States $41 oO Sloop of war Marion -J9 00 Brig Dolphin 17 10 $87 00 [From the LumiDarv of Dec. 9.] A few days ago a slaver was taken between Shebar and alliuas with live hundred and sixty slaves, which was igmented to live hundred uud sixty-oue by u birth hieh took placu a few moments after the captors gained le deck. A decretion, however, soon occurred, as live ' the unhuppy wretches died before moruing. Some cu may be formed of the way in which the slavers do le business, from the admission of the captuin of the ivlng vessel to the prize officer?that iu four hours om the time he let go his anchor, he had taken in ood. water, and slaves, and was standing to sea. Wo learn that the colony at Sinoe has suffered greatly , consequence of the late rains. The upper settlement, here the principal part of the farming was done, has :en completely inundated by the freshet, and the crops itirely spoiled. The inhabitants wore obliged to retire 1 the upper part of their houses, as the water came over 1 le lower floor to the depth of some inches. The people ' o making nreoaration for rcmovinct to some more cli ble location, whore they may In future bo beyond the i inch of u similar disaster. In the mean time their case i Dneals loudly to the sympathies of the generous. 1 [The U. S. brig Boxer, J. E. Blip ham, Lieut. Comd'g. j rived at Monrovia on Saturday. .'8th ult.. In fourteen t lys from Kabenda. The Boxer has boen employed the t ,st four months in cruizing on tho Southern part of the >ast, as fur as St. Paul do Loaudo. and duriug that time ( iw but two American vessels. On the 24th of Septenitr. early in tho morning, eight miles South of Ambriz. brig was sceu close in with the land; she proved to bo J fast sailing sluver in the act of embarkation. The vi nity of the Boxer interrupted their operations, and f le made off with threo hundred slaves, one-half the imbcr they intended to have taken. She showed no r ilors during the chase, and succeeded in making iter ? capo. Tho beultb of the officers and crew since licr ( parture front Boston, in January, 1846, has been, wo v e happy to say. remarkably good. I Wo hove now in our harbor the following vessels of t ir?U. B. M. sloop of war Kuvorite. Capt. Murray, who c ings despatches to the Governor, of similar purport to n rmer ones, which it is not tbought advisable to make ( iblie until tho meeting of tho council. The IT. S. fritu L'nited States. Com. Reed. Capt. Smoot; sloop of r Marion. Capt. Silnonil. and brig Dolphin. Captain pe, all from wiudward. We uro sorry to learn that there have been several ses of coast fever ou hoard the United States, two of c ilch terminated fatally, viz: Wm. Johnson, seuman. w d David Boyd, murine. The officers and crew, with o i; exception of the few cases above mentioned, uro all 1 ill. But little sickness on board the other vessels. *> _? p Political Intelligence. f Tho election in Connecticut takes place to-day. The c [lowing is a list of the candidates :? t GlBKHNATORIAl. TlCKKT. ' Whig. Dem. ' Governor Clark Bissell. Thoa. T. Whittlesey. Lieut. Governor..C. J. McCurdy. G. 8. Catlin. 1 CoNUHEStilONAL TlCKKT. ( Whig. Dem. t District Jas. Dixon. W. J. llamersley. 1. " S. D. Hubbard. Saml. Ingham. I. I. A. Rockwell. N. Billings. h. " T.Smith. Geo. Taylor. The State of Connecticut is probably a whig State. l 1846 the whig plurality was 3567. and in 1840 it was 9. Plurulity elects. The annual election will take pl&co in Rhodo island i Wednesday for state officers and members of tho leglature and its two members of Congress. The followig arc the candidates OustsstTotui Ticket. Whig. Democrat. Governor Klishn Karris Henry Ballou. Lieut. Governor. .Edw, W. Lawton. . .Jno. I). Austin. Congressional Ticket. Whig. Democrat. 1st District Robt. B. Cranston... 2d do Wilkin Updike Tho election in Virginia takes place on tho 16th Inst. Police Intelligence. Aphil 3.?Burglary.?The dwelling house No. 67 Monte street, occupied by Mr. Styles, was burglariously enred on Friday night by some bold robbers, with a false ight key, stnallug therefrom four silver table spoons, id several spoons of German silver. Tho inmates of ic house were disturbed by the movements of the lieves, gave an alarm, when the rascals made good their icape, taking with them only the above named articles, o arrest. Pickpockets at Work *1gain.?Mr. William Morgan as relieved of his "duinmv'Mnocket book.Ion Saturduv. bile panning along Front Htreet, containing $'216 in ank bills, by noma expert knuck." The money was rincipally uncurreut. and no doubt, that, in less than i ne hour after the robbery, the whole of the " swag'' was 1 smashed" into gold, and the thieves playing seven-up i ir drinks i Arrest on Suspicion.?Officers Doty and Bapp. of the i 3th ward, arrested on Friday night, a man called Robert, i [evens, having in liis possession a leather trunk, tilled l ith wearing apparel, supposed to be stolen, for which n owner is wanted. Apply to the clerk of police. I sees Market. The accused was committed by Justice etcham. , Petit Larcenies.? John McMurray was arrested on a , barge of stealing a pair of pantaloons, worth $'J 50. be- j mging to Timothy Mehegau, No. 95 Beekmau street. ( ouimittod for trial by Justice Osborne. Auu McLeod was caught in the act of stealing a tin j Iter bo*, belonging to the New York and Brooklyn > tpress post. Drought in by Officer Trainer, and Jus- j ce Kctehaiu committed her for trial. I A boy. by the name of Wm. II. Smith, was arrested | i Friday night by u policeman of the Ilth ward, hav- , g in his possession a lot of copper rivets, said to bo , olen from the shop of Mr. Abner Mills, in avenue D. j id when arrested, he was endeavoring to sell the same Michael Moran. junk shop keeper. No. :143 Stauton st. Policemen on Special Jhity..?His honor the Mayor sued his quarterly order on the 1st of April, detailing le following policemen on special duty to attend the Mowing police offices:?At the Tombs?A. M. I'. Smith. i'iu. 11. Stephens. John Davis. John II. Uurley. George elyea. I.orenaa I). I mornings. John S. Austin, and iciib A. Roome. Second Distriel Police. Jefferson Maret?Thomas Lawrence. Joseph Geary. James H. Welsh, lid Gilbert F. HayS. Third District I'oiiee, Ks-cx larket?Vlexnuder Stewart. Thomas McGivjiey, John Fhlkehart. and Beuj. II. Willis. William Stokcly was etuiled to attend the Circuit ( ourt in the City Hull. Aran. 4.?Important .Irrest ?/' a Fugitive Countern'trr.?Officer Wm. II. Stephens of this city, and officer till well of the Brooklyn police, arrested, on Friday last. i the city of Brooklyn, a man calling himself George lortlieruian, alins Gordon G. Montrose, alias Johnson, n a charge of being a fugitive from Lancaster, f'ennsylunia. where he stands charged with passing several $ 10 nunterfeit bank bills, purporting to lie on the Mechanics' ml Farmers Bank of Philadelphia. It nppears thnt the reused, together with two of his " pals," called D. Davis ml W. P. Rldgley, left the city of Brooklyn about the st of March last for Philadelphia, and put up at lie Mansion House, corner of Eleventh street and Maret. Davis was urrested in Philadelphia, and iibsequcntly Ridgely In Baltimore, both for passing this purious money. Nortlierman was pursued from Baltilore to Philadelphia, where the officers lost his truck, iiforniatiou was immediately despatched to officers tephens, setting forth the the same time giving description as near as possible to the accused, when ftcr a vigilaut search for several dnys the above officer ucceeded in arresting this king of tiie "kouiackers" ill irooklyn. whom they conveyed before a magistrate and rocurcd his committal to jail. Upon the officers soarehig the residence of the accused in Tallmun street. Iiey discovered a quantity of engraved bank plates 1st finished, a lot of tools for engraving, together ith a copperplate printing press, bank note paper, c. This man. it seems, is nu excellent engraver. Iiirh renders hint competent to execute tlie counterfeit f almost any honk bill ill circulation. He will be hold y the authorities of Brooklyn to await a requisition out tlie Governor of rcnnsvlvitnin. .Irrtit on Suspicion.?Officers Watson and Snekman. f the Sixth ward, arrested on Sunday, four darkies eall1 Oeorge Thompson, Sarah Thompson, Elizabeth Hlgins. .mil Abby Bundy, havlug in their possession n piece I muslin and a gingham dress.which were evidently ston, for which an owner is wanted -apply to the above dicers, at the 6th ward station house I linkway /ioA(re>j/--Oilicers Watson and Sackman, of lie 6th ward, arrested on Saturday night, a black fellow liled teffry Smith, on a chnrae of knocking down and obhlng n man railed Jesse Whitrhouse. of Ht> Anthony trcet, of two dollars, whllo pacing through the Five oints. Committed by Justice Drinker for trial Petit Larceny A woman called Ann l.ucas, was arreted by officer Watson, of the 6th ward, on a charge of icsling a teu dollar gold piece tromu man while in a crib u the Fi?e Toints. locked up for examination by usticc Drinker T\t Mock Policeman CawMt is Boston.?Some few eoki ago. a man, calling himself Georgo Klngsland liaa Sweat, pasted himself off, at various boarding ouses in this city, as a policeman, exhibiting a star anu lub, by which falsa representatlona ho obtained credit >r board, stating that ho only received his pay every wo week*. but before the two weeks expired he would rocuro board at soma othor housa, and, in this way ravcliad around the city, cheating many a poor widow oman out of her just dues, the real police, however von got on his track, which caused him to leave this city ir Boston, where he has been practicing the same false ^presentations, adding that, he was a .New Vork officer, u important secret business, intlmatini' that ho win on ark of the Boston " swag'' of jewelry This story went a for a short tlino, until pay day came, and finding he ft without settling up his bill, ronslabte Clapp wasennilted by the swindled parties, which finally resultad In ir arrest of Klngsland. and upon his person the "star" as found, and on being locked up he acknowledged bla lie representations, and said be w(? the same man who aj ed the officer la New Vork. To Colonel John H. Sherborne, on reeelvtiur I Souvenlre of Oeeeolo. V CALKS LYON, or LVO.VIDALf . 1 have had friend*, and many a token Hath been exchanged in day* of yore? Sad relic* now of friendships broken, And boy-hood o'er. This glittering gem upon my linger, I , Was dear woman's gift of old. And o'er it. sweetest memories linger. Of love twice told. The broken rosebud, now a crumbling I ! Within the little casket there. Tells me of fortune's tickle humbling? | And hope's despair. That crayon sketch, so softly glowing, Seems touch'd by Lawrence magic bandit breathe* of bonnie heather blowing, J in Scotia'* native land. i Von *unnv curl that lies surrounded By pearls of Omar's purest die. ! | Once in summer breezes bounded. i I Till death came nigh. j Thine is a prouder gift, dear strangor, Thau offerings of the mine or wave? Mementos that u martyred ranger To thee in prisou gave, ( No tear within his dark eye started, Nor murmur of his wife' or child; ] In kingly pride with Life he parted? 1 And dying, smiled. This plume waved o'er hi* head in battle. The Murut of his nation free; "Twa* broken by thu bullet's rattle, And won by treachery. I This raven lock, ho brightly gloaming , In glossy bounty. onco ho wore? I Anil, in the conflict wildly streaming, 'Twos red with gore. Kmprinted on our nution's pages. 1 His patriot name will ever dwell? I The Napolcou of soldier sages, The Indian's William Tell ' New York, 1847. ! I City Intelligence. I Thk Weather.?Yesterday was remarkably fine, and .he different houses of public worship were thronged with, large congregations. Seldom have we witnessed a iner Easter Suuday. Common Council.?The Board of Assistant Alder- ' ncn hold forth, as usual, this evening, when it is to bo loped that the members will display the same degree of lburality in favor of establishing lines of magnetic telegraph wires between the several lire alarm stations, ah hey did on Monday evening last, in voting $8,000 for he purpose of embellishing the Park Fountain. Court ok General Sessions.?The April term of the ourt of General Sessions, commences this forenoon. j Fire.?There was an alarm of fire in the 4th district. ! esterdav morning about :i o'clock, which proceeded 1 rom a shanty at foot of Rivingtou street. The Are was 1 tut out. 1 Emigrants.?The city is beginning to swurm with migrants already. Many destitute creatures appear ] imongst them. A poor woman was found wandering in i last Broadway yesterday, looking for the asylum, to l rbich her husband, named Thomas Gannon, who had [ icon taken out of some house in Roosevelt street, had ' icen sent. Should such named person be placed in any ' if the public institutions, it would be charitable to make .u effort to find out the lodging place of his wife, Mary lanuon. The Park.?The grasx is beginning to sprout up 1 uickly since tho removal of the nuisance that had been ( brown upon the ground during the last few months. ] The Streets.?One of the labors imposed upon Her- y ules, was to cleanse the "Augean stables." a work rhich could scarcely have been more difllcult'tUan that f cleaning tho streets of New York from year to year, 'his work lias been going on for the last few weeks, and till the streets are not clean, nor are they properly lived. The whole matter has evidently been got up or the approaching election, aud to serve as a mode of i anvassing for votes?tho thoroughfares being only at- , ended to. The condition of Cedar street, as well as nany other streets, at present, is a perfect disgrace to he authorities. We call the especial 'attention of tho members of the "ire Department, to an advertisement of Mr. Robert Mclntlre. Law Intelligence. Common Pleas?April 1. 1847?Before Judge Duly? laron fan falkenburgh vs. Robert M. Hartltu and Jamct Van Valkenburgh.?This suit, which has been ou .rial for three days, was brought to recover agaitiwt the lel'cndants (who were heretofore partners together utile r the firm of Hartley Ik Van Valkenburgh) as aceep - ( ;ors of two bills of exchange amounting together to about $1000. The drafts were drawn by Rogers &. Sinnickson, 1 )f 1'hiladelpbia, on Ilurtley &l Van Valkenburgh, for an i udebtedness of the latter to the former linn for some , cargoes of coal ; the bills were forwarded by H. St H. :hrough a bank in Philadelphia to a bank in New Vork 'or collection. They were not paid at maturity, and returned to the drawers in Philadelphia. Sometime after] wards the drawers, R. <k 8., transferred the drafts to the plaintifl* in this suit. It was shown by tlio defence that wheu the plaintiff received the drafts from R. & 8., he paid only $350 fur three notes of bis own amounting to $'.2,500. aud for the drafts sued upon. It was contended by the counsel for the defendants that the notes of plaintiff for $'2,500 were giveu as security for the firm of H. k V.. and that this was a payment in behalf of the acceptors, and worked an extinguishment of the ncgotiabiity of the drafts. The plaintiff's counsel opposed this riew by the allegation that the notes of plaintiff for $2,>00 were given n>r an individual indebtedness of James Van Valkenburgh and not for the debts of Hartley & Van Valkenburgh. The defence also contended and gave some evidence to show that certain property which iiuco belonged to the lirm of II. ik V. had been transferred by James Van V. to the plaintiff, with tho view of payiug the debts of 11. 2k V. including the drafts iu question On the other hand the plaintiff's counsel insisted that the transfer of the property to the plaintiff was a private affair of James and Aaron Van V., and with which the hrm of 11. & V. lxtd no concern ; upon which point considerable evidence was given. The Judge charged the jury that It was a question of fact for them to determine which of tho respective counsel had maintained his propositions ; that if they were with the plain ' tiff's counsel on the points nliove used by him, they 1 "hould find for tho plaintiff ; if. on the other hand, they , thought tho propositions of the counsel for tho de- ( fondants sustained, they would find for the defendants. Verdict for defendants. Mr. Thos. Kosscndeu, for plain tiff; Mr. E. L. Fancher, for defendant Hartley. Court ok General Sessions.?The April term of this -ourt opons to-day. and by tho politeness of one of the irputy keepers ot the prison, we were hauded the followng list of prisoners which are returned by the keeper to .lie court for trial and sentence :? vlurder 1 Assault and Battery with lighway Robbery 4 intent to kill 2 Mayhelui 1 False I'crsonuting 1 Jigamy 1 Bastardy 1 durglary. >'27 Witnesses 4 Forgery 4 Tetlt Larceny 1 Irauil Larceny 13 Abandonment 1 Convicted 2 ? False Pretences 3 Total ..86 Prisoners committed iu the week ending 1st of April, 151. Discharged, 128. Sent to filackweil's Island. 64. Remaining in prison. 140. Arrival of StmiiKcrs In New Vork. APRIL i. American Hotel. Thomas Meyer, Philadelphia; John Field, do. Astok House. K. Shepkiiu, Vs.; A. (Iray, Baltimore; W. Wood worth, do; John Jackson, do: J. Epson, do; B. Eastman, do; /. Prsit, Prattsville; .1. Kendall. .Manchester; II. Small, Boston; B. II,ill. Kentucky; (.'holfield, Boston; T. Lohuell, do; J. Bradford, do; L. Tappan and family, do; Rice, do; M. Snow , do; J. Rogers, |Mnrehfirhl; E. Follanshee, Boston; I). Pratt, Princeton. ( ity Hotel. 11. Powell, Phila.; ( Imrles Prince, Boston ; John Parker, I . 8. Navy; J' Sliowoek, Paterson; F. Sylvester, Pliila; < i. Edwards, do.; J. I'ringle, do.; A. VI. Henry, do.; Captain Michael, Phila.; R. Dudley, Richmond; W. Noyes, Miss. I'i.inton Hotel. John Galhrnitii, Belfast, Ireland; II. B. Whipple, J. W. Whipple, New Vork; A. Brisbane, N. V. Eastern Pearl street House. Dr. R. 8. Wilson, Georgia; Sturgess Selleck, Lafayette, la.; A. Joues, E. Farwell, Master A.Jones, Jr., Master O. Jones. Unity, .Vie.; lsaae Iteddinirtnii, Maine; W. P. Seeley, Danhury; Aimer 1) Smith, Hag Harbor; W. Moore, Maryland. Fma.nklin Hotel. John Allen, New \ ork; R. M AM u chard. Albany;W. Page.; Boston; A. U. Hill, Arkansas; W. Van Allen, New Haven VV. Clinton, Buffalo; C. ilaw Icy, Utica; E .Lee, Soutliport. I liomas Dale, New Vork; Edward Rough, A. Dryesdale, passengers per Stepen Whitney. IIowalio Hotel. A. Marshall, Maine; B. ii tscoin, Boston: Dr. ParkliiII. Florida; Dr. Duval, do; 8. Robinson, Portland; J. Baker. Boston; aI. Newell, do; 8. Earl Howard, Burlington, Vl.; E. it. Hoar, Mass.; P. Butler.worth, 1L 1*. ,H. (guackeuboss, Albany; J. I hatterloz, do; H. Barstow, Detroit. Judson's Hotel. II. Woods, Boston; W.McHohster, Ohio; E. Owinne, do. Lovejov's Hotel. C. B. Davis. Baltimore; W.L. Harrows. N. Haven: J. Hhel don, Jordan; E. Howard, Boston; C. W. Mink, Albany; T. A. Hughes. do; Vv. A. Neal, I'liil idi Iphia; John Mesnco, do; J. Duck, B rit.; J.T. Lee,, M. B. Chryaeler, Hudson 1!. h'enea, Pleasant Valley; O. M. Ward. Newark; M. D. Bucklin, I'roy; J. Hievrna, N.V.jJ. Downs, Phils.; VVni. Seoon, N.V.; It. A. Parish, Boston; Vv. Savward, do; H. Hnowden, do; J. II.; J. B. I,other, do; A. Morton, Gloucester, N. J.; B. Mill. Pittsburgh; J. T. Barrett, New-burgh; John T. Keane, hlinna, N.Y.; John C. Unwell, Bennington, Vt.* Hot Ft.. Licnt. Barnes, 1. 8. N.; Edwin Houston, Phil.; D. Emery, H. D. Heuueaiy, Maine: II. D. Kennedy, Mrs. Barclay, Conn.; James Duuney, Pottiville; Wm. Harvey, ateamhoat Alida, I'. 8. Engineer; J. B. Patterson, Jouenboro; A. J. Tremain, I' 8. A., Alex. Rodney and family, Boaton; J. 8. Andrews, 8. V. Van Brunt and lady, Baltimore; Adam Jotce and I idr, \a aahingtnn City; .lames Baker, Peiisacola; J. L. Mather anu family, New York; C. M. Noion, Saratoga. National Horn.. T. Robbins, Ogdeuibure; VV. M. Morria, do.; J. Denny, dp.; J. Both, Troy; M. Heed, Hula.; C. F. Hoichhias, New Raven; L. J. Skinner, lady and child, Boston; VV. Paiham, Phila; E. L. Morton, Hudson; J. B. Tyler, Mass.; H. Smith, Boston; J. B. Bessinger, T. 8. Wood, New York. TrARL SretFT Housr.. N. L- Clements, Ohio; 8.1,. Bitting. J. A Bitting. North Carolina; Joseph Roemer, Ohio: John Fox. J. Wormier, Ra"iue, Henry Newhottae. Milwaukie; E. O. Heed, Ohio; J as Briant, Beverly; H. Chaae. Bostou; Joaeph Strafford, 8t. /ohns; Samuel N. Prince, John Dale, Boaton; Darid N. Kelly, ilastachusetU; J. W. Bareer, New Jeraey; Samuel P. Hale, W. Paint. J. Thornton, Jamta McDonald, S. L. McCorkle. Jhio, M. Brixgs, Virginia; trancia L. Zemp, South Carolinr. W. Moutgomtry, Ohio; H P. Hickox, Illinois; A. Chew. >hto; W. McCorkle, W. B. McCorkle, 11. Sturgis, North Carolina; R. Rankin, Maine. Pacific Hotcl. J C. Andrewi, Troy; Capt. B. B Earnam, M. Blair, Capt II D. Eowellaand lady. Essex, N. V.; D Ilm-ell Albany; M F Ashley, Fort Ann; Henry Van Vleck, H. Hivtr R. ft.; 8 P. Sehoonmskei, Albany; Capt. Sherman, Poughkerpeir; C. C. Hopkins, Peelukill. ratiibus'a IIotci.. H. Kelly, Chicago; II. r. Jones, Buffalo; Mr. Patterson, do; Mr. Farnham, do; Mr. Murray, do; M. Ilolcster, do; C. Dunbar, Pliilnd.; R. McCollum, Syracuse. Disitki) Htatfh HoTr.i. George 8. Baker, A. E. Heller, Capt. George Conner, Cnpt. Cook, Boaton; John 8. Hutchinson. Liverpool; J. C. Kallis, Cincinnati, Ohio, C. M. Davis, D. Saunders, Wilmington; J. Weaver, Port au Prince; M. Allen, Massachusetts; W. Baylies, Jamaica, W. I.; A. Heaton. Thomas Atwater, New If*sstK ansas' ikijsrt: #.* . Columbus, Ga.; Mr*. Gain. WUwJI, Boston; W. 8. Heath, Apr P. Barnes. X). Jordan, 8. J. Hathaway, North Carolina; N. C Hall. New Haven. cre* VVtll CM HoTCl.. _ ? of II Merritt Brigg, Suffolk, V'a.; O. II. Hynn, J. Sinitb. I?**?j . Mr. Kasky, Albany; j. L. Kobiusoii, Vielleboeo, la.; 1 trad Mather, Buffalo; W. P< ase, Hvtford-M . Andrews, do; W. will II. A. Pratt, Rhode Maud; D. Culver, Hartford; t. Richmond Klllingly; A. S. Jerome, New Havno 'lu,a To the Officer* of the Army and Navy. - tlio 1. very tiling uacraaary for filling the camp chesi or saddle bag, . hi the moat rnmpm l form, Dressing t??, containing every article for the (toilet, and in the smallest compass; compact was Writing Cases, Dinner Set . for the pocket, water-proof Money Bella, C lasp Knives, Dixon's celebrated Drain Flasks, 1 ravelling Vlirrors, Pocket luksUuds, Gold Pen* ill caves, Leathern oftl Drinking Cup*, See., itc.t GUION'S B AZAAll. 173 Broadway, corner of Courtlaiidt ?t. 1 Splendid Spring Oooda, Shawls, to^T.'JUr- ... It AN, OAKDNEK ? CO., of 21.1 Greenwich street, display i large and elegant assortment of superb Spring Goods, cone 'riving all the latest and most uiagiiiticeiit patterns of the prelent seasou, among which Ladies' Dress Goods and Spring Am pattern Shawls are in endless variety, also a large stock of Car- ?t pets at from la. Gil. to 6s. They arc to he sold at from 3(1 to IU Jt per cent le w than rhe usual price, and will doubtless soon of mange bands. A in All (hone who desire to preserve and beautify Am heir teeth, and imparl a fragrant sweetness to their breath, in ihoulduse "PEINE'8 OH It IS TOOTH PASTE," 23 and .0 tent sue boxes, at E. M. Guiou's, 127 Bowery, corner Grand >treet. Also, to improve the complexion, "Tablette of I'esrl Detl jud Alabaster," 26 cents; Towusend's Sarsuparilla, fl; Van ha L i'!1 " fXerman Keinale Pills, SI; Butidelocipic'. Female I ills, 76 cents; Kolger's Olosaouiaii, $1. Diamond Pointed GolA Pens, ~|l 115 Only.? T Tlie time is fast approachinv when the Gold Pen will super- HIOI iede the use of all others. With all the elasticity and smooth- i? . less of the uu ill, it combines indestructibility, which pertains lo ll only. Competition has filially reduced the price so as to izec jring a good pen within the reach of all. J. V. Savage, 92 ... e niton street, is selling at $1 25, the same kind of pen sold rlsewhere at SI 50. Also, a magnificent pen for $2, which is cerl :he best and cheapest pen in theflworld. j The Until of lleauty ?The beauty of Cleo- in t patra has formed the theme of many a |>oet, but it is not equally a ell known, tlist she wai indebted to art for the perpetration of Jiat marvellous loveliues which so enchained her regal lover. ope It is on record, however, that she daily laved herself ill a hath, ^v,,. :omposed of the otto of roses, and expressed ,ju ice of raspberries. The mines of Potosi would scarcely yield sufficient oil- mot rer to defray, for a lifetime, the expenses of this luxurious bath. How grateful, then, should the present generation be to Dr. GourautL for having, in bis Italian Medicated Soap, sup- co. plied the means 'of beautifying the complexion, far beyond , my thing that thel ancients ever dreamed of. This exquisite ur soap not only clarifies and whitens the skin, but it gives ita and smoothness and brilliancy absolutely marvellous. Besides removing all cutaneous disfigurements, such as pimples, ling- unt worms, chafes, cracks, roughness, tan, freckles, specs, spots, [ho ind a host of others, it is the most delicious soap iu the world for vhaviug, and mothers should always use it to wash their babes, trill Avoid the numerous noxious imitations of Gouraud's Soap, erel under all sorts of names, jis you would avoid a pestilence. The only depot which the Doctor Has in me ciiy, is&ioftvaiktr ?treet, first store from Broadway. p0(i The Hole Agency In this city for Roomers nc' Perfumery, Shaving Cream, Heaps, See., is at Moss's, (late wot Rommel's) 306 Broadway, where also the subscriber often the . largest assortment of the choicest Foreign Perfumes, Toilet rel1 Soups and Toilet articles, at prices more reasonable than any other establishment. He res|<cctlully invites ladies and gen- _ tlemen, and all who wish to purchase that which is really good, rf'' to call at Moss's, (late Roussel's,) 305 Broadway. The Plumbe National Daanrrrean Gnl- |f[J[ tery, on the upper coruer of Broauway and Murray Jkk itreet, has on exhibition some specimens of the recent im- too ,>rovement made in the Daguerreotype art, whirh show that 40 he proprietor is not satisfied with sur|>aasiuc all others, but has 10 lucceeded in improving upon his former superior productions. 26 ?,?????, Navigation of tlx- Ohio River. 76 Plaree. Time. State of Hirer. 60 Wheeling March 30 & feet. 'ittsburg March SO 3 feet. 'f!. 'incinnuti March 14 feet. ijJJ. Louisville March 29 11 feet. 30 '-w MONEY MARKET. too Sunday, April 4 -0 P. M. The stock market closed yesterday very Arm at the 200 urrent quotations. Notwithstanding the advanco dur- '7? iug the past two or threo days, there was an upward ten- 10 dency in prices at the adjournment of the second lroard 30 yesterday. Wo should judge from the uppcaraucc of ^ our political, financial and commercial affairs, that there tow was every probability of an improvement, to some extent, in the fancies.particuiarly in those which have any 21m margin of consequence. Jjjj The receut change in flic complexion of our relations too with Mexico, has given ti very great impetus to opera- 12j tions in Wall street, and had ;i favorable influence upon 23 prices. The influx of specie, the commencement of that id portion of the Independent Treasury act requiring the 26 expenditures of the government to be made in specie, 25 and the prospect of a vory large and profitable trudo this 30 season, have had a tendency to inflate prices of stocks 26 and give the bulls a chance to make up some of the sc- M rcre losses they have, within the past three months, ex- 60 perieneed. Although there are so many causes for an '00 improvement iu the stock market, It would be well for those engaged, to not expect a very extravagant advanco. Those who realize small profits, will, in the end. make the mqst money. Speculators for a rise are too much in the habit of looking for a continual and porma- ' nont improvement, the moment a favorable turn takes Fn'' place in the market, and in waiting for prices to reach a certain point which they set their minds upon, lose, be- "n fore they are nwarc of it, the advance which had already taken place. It is very difficult to induce holders to rc- ><:r alsi alize at n lair profit, when the prospect is very favorable for an advance, ami we must admit that those who are !<"u able to hold; those who cau carry their stocks, lnde- C01J pendent of any reverses lu the money market, or In | not prices, Lave at present more inducements to hold than """ to sell, as the chances in favor of n further advnure arc iutt much greater than those In favor of a decline tlu> The annexed statement exhibits the quotations for l^'' docks in this market for each day of the past week, and *\ilJ it the close of the week previous It will be observed r'Vl that there has been u considerable improvement in most J1 Hm; of the fancies $6 Quotations koh thk Principai. Stocks in the New f York Market. I Sot. Man. Tut. Wrd. Th'y. Fri. Sat. Rn Ohio 6'? 95V ? 9I? - 95 V - - ?t Kentucky 6's ? ? 98 ? ? ? ? t Pennsylvania 5's 70V 7flV 70 V' 70'a ? 70 V ? Illinois 99 Wi 39 V - 39V - - J'? Indiana 6's 38 ? ? ? 38 ? 39V do lU-adiiig HH Bonds.. 71 ? 70V ? ? 71,'4 ? 1.01 Heading M'tge Bonds. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Bd\, Heading Hail road.... .V.I 59 59 58?? 58V 59 COW ,1 Norwich & Wor 49V 19?? 50 50 V 50V 507,' 52'4 tl Erie Railroad, old... ? ? ? ? ? ? 58V . Krie Railroad, new.. 82 V ? ? ? 80 V ? ? t? llnrlem Railroad 18V 48.V ? 48V 49V SOV wh Long Island 26j? 26V 26V ? ~ <k>?4 28* .5,0 Mohawk 63 ? 62V ? ? ? ? tJ.O Stoningtpn 44 ? ? 44}? ? 46V 47>? (j0 Farmers Loan 28 V 211, 211SM 29 29V 29V 31 ,,,, Canton Company. ... 33,V 33V 31 31 31?, 3'.', 3t;'4 Morris Canal 17 V Vi% 19W 19 V 20 20 20? J','"1 Vieksbiire 8V 8', ll)?J lo\, IIV II IIV ll" United Stales Bank... ? ? ? IV 5V 5V 5V at Kasl Boston 13', 14V ? ? II HV 1'V ub North An'n Trust... 8 ? 8 9 9V 9V 9.', Wll A eompnriaon of prices ruling tit the eloae of the mar- in ket yesterday, with those current tit the close of the pre- ' vlous week, exhibits an improvement, in Indiana li s of >|-| 1,V per cent; Heading 11.R., IV; Norwich and AVorros- ha ter3; liarlem 4??; Long Island 2V: Stonlngton 3.V* Farmer'a Loan, 2Vi Canton Company 2Vi Morris Cnnal 33,'; Ylckaburg 2V; Kaal Boston, V; North American lie Trust IV. thl The New Vork and Hartford railroad company has been ''rj organized by the election of director*, and the stork- ro< holder* passed a resolution recommending the speedy sol completion of the road as far as Bristol. This road is ^ intended to eouneet with the Harlem at aoine point in 1 the vicinity of Homers. Bristol is about one-third of the t'(l distance between Hartford and Danbury. and we have no doubt but that the road between Bristol and Hart- in ford will be speedily constructed, it is in good hands. We can take care of this end of the line, including Dun- ral bury. an The Independent Treasury act lias be n in oporatiou partially, for throe months. It has been in operation in he its most unfavorable light; the payuieuts to the government have boen required iu specie. while the expenditurcs of the government have only liken made iu specie tU. since the 1st of April. Its operation, therefore, up to the 1st Inst.. was altogether a onesided atfair.and tended very much to crump tho money market, aud to cause an bb accumulation of specio in the liuuds of the sub-treasur- ?< ers. On the 1st iust. the sub-treasurer of this port had in hand $1,600,000 in specie. Notwithstanding this ac- j.4 cumulation and thu transfer of nearly a simitar amount ! to the Mint at. Philadelphia, from this city, within the c,r past month or two the banks here have about a half u million more specie on hand than on tho 1st of February 110 last. al Srtcir. in the New York Ciiv Banks. I1? .lug. IBIfi.Aoe. 1816. Feb. 1817.?Jp. 1847. National Bank 217,3.6 219,80(1 165,212 253,000 W Hank of Commerce. .. .501,198 581.081 800,759 964,01)0 ] Merchanta'Exc. Bank . 119,333 111,086 196,218 130,000 Merchants' Bank 1,073,121 1,090,068 700,153 l,23fl,ono ,A, Mechsnics'Bank 669.612 521,113 432,>62 .392,'*>0 Bank of America.. . . 883,71 1 1,058,113 612.83 860, SK) 1'? Trade-men's Bank... 99,009 106,319 81,296 w" Union Bink 420,821 111,183 645,035 511,'810 bt| Fulton Bank 120,371 113,203 172,368 150,000 wo N. Y. Dry Dock Bank. 12,783 13,909 11,000 vt Seventh Ward Bank.. . r93,783 103,189 160,077 73,900 i.c North River Bank... 176,?n<} 107,190 111,195 100,<100 Greenwich Bank .... 33.261 27,805 78,000 50,000 R, Phasnix Bank 309.119 .101,030 531,613 406,"0 P. ,k2 r n 1"" I,n">,:ai wo,a/a wr.on .. Leather Maimr Bnuk.. 112,710 152,.'133 190,311 UO.OOi }' Bink of New Vorlc . 177,720 528,383 600,000 306,001 ?< \mtricin Lie. B.tuk.. 512,ill 186,136 611,136 130,00. butchers 8i Urorers\. 121,411 103,111 116,300 73 oik Ti bhftmci B.uik 61,Oil 101,133 90,000 100,00. , UtyBuik. ji.ny, U0.8I7 150,000 .tJtihaKlu Biok 300,163 221,983 300,000 250,00. Mech HiiikV Amoc'.h. Ill,931 32,551 115.000 90,00( r, viech. 6t Traders' Bk . 66,081 48,031 5<>,noo 7.5,oo: _ , 7,430,100 7,314,103 8,201,468 8,001,000 F.,timated on ship board, in port 3(81,000 *11,701,000 u On hand February 1 8,701,468 79 lucreear *199,532 JJ Thia Ineroaao. under the clronmrtnn. , in more Ihnu ,j.j wo expected. Wo supported tlio banks Mould have loot n larRo amount. Tho statement w.> published n few days 5<! since, exhibited an luiportntlou at Ihla port and Boston In 4, opoele of 17,073,443 from tha 1ft of January to th? l?t of ? \ I ; i', 1817 By arrival* nince.Jthi* amount haa been In- ' Md to full eight mlllotu of dollar*. A large portion til* amount hut found it* way into the channel* of >?, and upon the opening of iulaud navigation, it find it* way into the vault* of our banke. The nest rterly return* of iho*e Institution* will be inude at cloae of thl* month, and we liave no doubt but that * - AU.4 ,l?? ?||1 uVMilft umount or Hpvciu on uuuu ui ui?v iuuv .M 1 reported above A very Urge amount of excbungo purrhuxed for remittance by the llibernla. the pro* In of which will be returned lu specie by the nteuuier ic 19th of tills month, or the 4th of May lie amount of Treasury Notes outstanding on the 1st ipril was not so large as on the 1st of March last, as be seen by the anuexed comparative statement : ? Theascry Notes Oititandinu. ? March lit. April lit. ount of tlie .several issues outuiding prior to the act of 22d ily, ltttti, as per records of this llee $.161,180 97 S29.033 U ount outstanding of the issue nlei act of July 22. 1846.... . . . 3,790,600 00 4,283,200 00 ount outstanding of the issue ider act of January 28, 1817. .. 2,318,030 Oo 3,369,030 00 $8,673,830 97 7,989,33J 14 luel caiicelled notes in the |uls of the accounting officers. 912,030 00 330,300 00 $7,733,780 97 $7,612,833 14 his shows a falling off of $100,947 83 within the past ith. It will Im; observed that the decrease has been he issue. July 22. 1816. aud those previously authorL he tariff of duties on imports aud tonnage, entering lain ports in Mexico, and regulations for collecting same, published this?Sunday?morniug exclusively his paper, are without doubt the greatest commercial reincnta of the ugo, and will, when carried into full ration, prove the greatest blessings to the people of cico. they have ever had extended to them. This com cial movement must prove immensely important to all commercial nations of the world trading withMcxl* Nearly all the outrageous restrictions which have ctofore existed in Mexico, in relation to the import ; export trade of that nation, have been removed, and ler the favorable tariff perfeotod by the Secretary of Treasury, there is every probability of the foreign le of thut republic being rapidly and largely lnlsod Wo eon form no idea of tho amount of rcvei likely to be derived from this source, as it is lm* sible to estimate the extent of the trade under the r system. We nro under the impression that It will k so well that it will, in tho event of peace, be very ictantiy abandoned. Old Stock Exchange. noo Trsy Nfs 6'? bit) 101 123 slu Nor Sc Wor s30 53 K) Ohio 6 s '36 9.3 100 do s60 32 HI , do 95,V 130 do b30 32V HI Indiana Bils b3 39 100 do b30 32 V H? <?? 39>b 325 do 32 V K) Morris Cul Uds s90 67 50 do blO 32 V shs Merchants' Bk 106V 75 do 52V Bank America 98 130 do sOO 32V State Bank 87 100 .lo 1)60 52V Illinois Bk 17 100 do Ii60 32 J<> , 17V 75 do 51? 1ST idos b6u l7?$ 300 d? 31V North Am Iruit 9 V 50 Heading 59X do b30 9V 943 do 60 Jo ?10 9V 130 do 60 V Jo slO 9)# 200 do 60 V Farmers' I nut b3 31 50 do blO 60% do blO 31 150 do 60)2 do bl5 31 50 do blO 60% do b30 31 60 do G0% J? 3014 130 Long Island 272 <" ?00 307? 30 do 28 ... J? 1.10 313. 100 do 28 V Vicksburg bl5 ll.V 30 do *90 28V Morris 20V 130 do blO 28V Jo blO 20V 100 do b30 2flS Ju , 20)4' 30 Harlem 31m lo bio 20V 330 do 52 do ?90 2(1 100 do s30 52 ., Jo blO 20V 150 do b30 5214 Manhattan Bk 88 100 do 52V United States Bk 5 100 do *60 521? I Macon 67 200 do 32V Canton 36 100 do ?60 52M Jo 36V 23 Stonington 471? do sl2 Wedy 35 30 do sGO 47 Jo blO 3CV 20 New Jersey lt2V Canton Scrip t3 3V 36 Last Boston 14 V a* i?i?r w J? 1<V Nor St Wor 52 Sreood Board. shs Long Island 28V 25 sha Canton 36 U 8 Bank 5 V 330 Harlem 52 V .... J" 3.V 230 do 32V Illinois State Uk 17 V 30 do slO 32V Nor Ik Wor 51? 100 Morris 20V <Jo 51V 30 East ilostou llV Jo blO 51V 30 Formers' Loan 31 Canton 36 New Stock Exchange, shs Farms Tr b30 31V 50 slis Nj$ Trust hl.5 10 Jo b!5 31V 100 Nor ?t Wor blO 52 do blO 31 30 do b3 32V do ?3 31 23 do b30 52V CITY TRADE REPORT. New York, Saturday Afternoox, Aprils Aie market for breadat tiffs continued flrm to-dav, and iw of Indian corn wore made at somo advnncu. The iply whs inuch reducod, and tho market closed vsry 11. Smnll sales of Ocnesec flour were made at $7 60 In re. and considerable sales wore made for future delly. at somo improrcmcut on former prices. Meal was ) firmer, and soles made at full prices. A sale of them wheat was made on private terms. Provisions itlnued In better demand, and the improved feeling iced yesterday, was maintained to-day, with a fair ouut of sales, at full price*. Groceries were rather ctive. especially sugars. Coffee ooutlnued firm, as supply of Rio was stllllimited. It was bclloved that If fine mild weather experienced to-day, endured for a ' or two longer, it would have the effect of opening the or to Albany ls11>:a?Tho market for pots continued steady, with all soles at $4 87,'i a $ 1 93?4 ; pearls were quiet at 60. IrKtwAX?Small sales were made at 27c. iHKAUiTurrt?Flour?Wo report sales of 600 barrels iiidywiue at $0 75 ; small solos of Genesee wero made $7 60, and 800 do mixed Michigan wore reported sold the same price ; 3.000 Western sold, deliverable in ie, at $3 01 ; 1,000 do Ohio, do in June, at $6 ; 1,000 Genesee sold, deliverable lu all May. at $6 60. and 00 Genesee, do do. at $6 37}? ; 200 Southern 1 at $6 62>?. Wheat?2,000 bushels Southern J on private terms, and 700 do Southern mixed at 30. Corn?The sales, including parcels in storo and arrive, amounted to about 80.000 or 60.000 bushels, of Ich about 4.600 or 6,000 Northern yellow sold at $1 j 00 do, deliverable in ail next week, at 98c ; 5.000 or 00 do Northern fellow, to urrivo. at 96c ; and 10,0<H) to arrive, at the same price ; 10.000 do mixed Mtcliliisold. to arrive in duly, at 76c; 3,000 do Northuru [low sold, to arrive iu june, at 85c. and 10,000 do Norsrn yellow, to arrive in dune, at 77c ; white was sold 92c. Corn Meal?We report sales of 300 bbls deliverle by the 10th April, at >4 76 ; 600 do at $5 ]iye s Arm at 90o. for short delivery. There was no change Oats or Jiarlry. r'tspiia?Sperm were steady at 31 a 32c. orrn: ?The last sales of Rio were made at 7% a 8c. ie supply continued limited, ami tho markot firm : 60 gs damaged sold nt auction, and brought OS, a 6,\e, ?h. 'otiox.?The sales amount to about 1000 bales, at our otations. The market is well supplied, considering s limited demand front shippers, although several of it largest holders refuse to offer their supplies at I be sent rates. h'nti?One cargo, consisting of 260 quintals of dry I. sold at $3 02>ti ; <400 bbls. Massachusetts mackerel d. No. 2 at $7 26. and No. 1 at $10 26; 500 bbls. more re offered at the same prlco; 600 ft 600 boxes sealed rrings sold Ht 86c. Ili sir?No sales transpired worth reporting. Quotums were nominally the same. I.vAn?The market was rather heavy nt $4 25. Molasses?There was Tory little (lone, ond no change price* worthy of notice. Navai. Stores?Sninll sales spirits turpcntfeie wero ide for rash at -W a 43c. and on time at about 44c. Oim. ? American linseed (city) continued tlrrn at 00 <1 I'.nglish at !-6 cents. Sales ot crude sperm were made New Bedford. ut 103 a 104 cts. The government conict of about 40,000 gallons. chiefly for l.glit-housos. had en taken at about 107 ets. In this market further sales naturul spring were made at 110 cts. I'motiiiosi?We report sales of 000 barrels old primo rk ut $12 26; 130 do old mess, at $14 6-.>y; 100 do new sss. at $15 60; 100 do Boston packed, at $15 75. Betf is steady, and we report sales of 76 tierces India mess, $22 7v; 100 do country mess, was reported at $11 75: 0 bids prime do were reported to bo sold ut $0 26; 200 Is. sour prime sold at $6 62,1a'. l.ard?Sales of 400 kega re reported to be sold at IO1* cents. There was nothing moment dune in dry suited or pickled meats. [ticc? \ few tierces and barrels wero reported sold at 1 26 a $4 62 J?, for good to fair prime. Hr?:r>s?We reported sules of 6.000 bushels Ohio new iver. at 7Jj cents. No sales of rough flaxseed wero rorted. 4t o a*?Considerable supplies wern being landed, but sales of moment transpired We i^uotc New OrUans 7c. a "V; Muscovado at OS a 7'ic; and Brown in xes. at 6\' a 7>?c. Wiiii.reo.vr.~Tbe t^arket was r(uiet, and we <juote N at 31 a 3l)$c; and South Sea at 32c. Knunnn- A vessel was taken up for ' ork and a mar t, to load with grain, half In bugs and half in bulk, at, [I per bushel; 10.000 bushels stern engaged to Liver ol at 22 a 23d. To C ork and a market a eargo of flour s reported engaged at 7s 0d. To Liverpool, 18,000 ,?hrls of Oats were engaged on private terms, and 7?a is said to bo paid for heavy freight. To Havre rates to rather dull at provious prices To London "o ard of no new engagements. rai. Lift ate at AccTto.v.?House and lot 100 Oold street, 28.8x66 2 6,800 >use and lot 3 Loonard stroet 2,S00 niae and lot on 23d street, near 4th avonue, 26x08.0 0,000 wo adjoining housoa and lots, same, 6?oo each 11,000 Teas at Auctio*.?Imported In the ship Tonijuin. arms?Notes at six months. Hyson?31 chests at 4.i cents per lb; 8;i half do 38; 61 xes bfij-ta i 10 do 66; 60 do 39. 1 ouug Hyson?14 half chests 7?; 9 do 06)*'; 180 do 01; 7 do 06: 176 do 66V,; l ? do 64X; do ; t; 11 do631$; 4 do ft'iii; 24 do 62; 163 do &OJ4; I lis do 40: 60 do 47; do 46S; <>; do 40; 00 do 41; 222 do 43; 69 do 43>$; 241 > 42; 170 do 4(1.*$; 62 do 38'$; 01 do 38; 44 dog.Jg; f>2 1 37; 198 do 30',. 11 it do 30; 210 do 35!,.; It.'i do 23; t do 32; .'10 do 31; 260 do and 80 boxes withdrawn. Hyson Skin?74 chests 31. 10 do 29, 60 do 37)$. 01 do !,. 71 do and 34 half do 24.V Twankay -10 ch?wt? 30)$, 06 do 30. 116 half do 34, , 0 1 36)k. 44 do 36 Ounpowder?4 half eheets 04)$, 66 do 60, 9 do 47 V 19

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