Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1847 Page 1
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I TH] Vol xm. No. 93?wi10u No. 4?9?. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, ? . n# Hi..!.... aia. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. CIRCLX ATION?FORTY THOUSAND. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price 2 cents per copy?$7 25Mrennuw-pay?ble iu advene*. EEKJLY 11ERALI)?Every Saturday?ftice 6hi ceuU rents per annum?payable in advene*. HERALD FOR EUROPE-Every Stenm Packet day? I rice Bkiceuts per copy?S3 per annum, payable in advance. HOLIDAY HERALD?Published on the lat ot January and It of July of each year?single copies sixpence each. ADVERTISEMENTS, at the usual prices?always cash in advance. Advertisements should be written in a plain, legible maimer. The Proprietor will not be responsible for errors that PklN'riNO of*all kinds executed beautifully and with despatch. All letters or communications by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be post paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE^ 4 ? i^ 213 I'r.anL Street. SAMUEL THOMPSON AND NEPHEW. AaiNTS FOR THE "BLACE 8TAK"LI!?E OF PaCRFTS. 1827. Liverpool ta New Y?rk 1817. Skips Caplaint. Tnt Rrg Tm lf'n. Sea, T. F. Freeman, 807 1100 Liberty, P. P. Norton. 702 1300 Cornelia, F. M. French. 1005 1750 Ohio, H. Lyon, 768 1375 Simnel Hicks, T. G. Bunker, 859 1500 Empire, (new) J. G. Russell, 1090 1800 Puutbea, W. B. Lane. 723 1325 Indiuua, James 1). Bennett, 710 1:100 Huguenot, S Goodhue, 932 1000 Mannion, (now) W. Edwards, 905 1600 Peter Haunch, J. D. Post, 070 1:100 Elizabeth Deniston, F.W.Spencer, (too 1100 Devonshire, W. T. Thompson, 809 1500 Niagara, (new) H. Russell, 7:10 1350 Alias, (new) 11. Coffin, 790 MOO Chaos, (new) J. L. Wilson, 810 1I0U Sardinia, (new) K. Crocker, 802 , M00 America, (now) Weare, M80 1900 The subscribers would respectfully inform their friends and the public that they hare added several sjdrndid aew ships to been favorably known and extensively patronised for u perjod of more than tliirtv years, and hate 110 hesitation in assuring those who may wish to make encasements for the passage of their friends from England, Scotland ?r Ireland, that they will had these ships inferior to none in point of comfort, convenience and safety, one of which will sail from Liver|>ool, every six d tys, throughout the year, making delay and the consequent expense to emigrants at the port of einbarltatiou impossihle. A free passage per steamer from the various Irish and Scotch |iorts. with bread stuffs, and hospital money paid, may he secured all at the lowest rates; and wlieu those settled for decline coining out, the full amount paid will be promptly refunded as usual, bor further particulars, apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON & NEPHEW, 27i Pearl street. or to C. GRIMSH.V.W St CO.,.10 Gores Piazzas, Liv'nl. Drafts or exchange, payable at sight, are also furnished for any amount, 011 R. O. Olyn & Co., Bankers, London; C. Orimshaw K Co., Liverpool; the National Bank of Scotland; National Bank of Ireland, and Northern Banking Co, Apply as above. fel Im'r FOftldEWnQRLEANS, _ LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. A M. *mm' TO ?MJLsfcYERY ***** Ship 08WEOO, Captain Johnson. Ship HUDSON, Captain Page. Ship CLIFTON, Captain lugersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. Ship SARTELLE, Capuin Taylor. Hark GENESEE, Captain Minot. Bark J. E; WILLIAMS, Captain Parker. Bark HEBRON, Captain Oreig. The above ships are all of the first class, of light draft of water, mid commanded by the most experienced captains in the H ide. Their cabius are handsomely furnished, and every attention paid to the couifort and convenience of the passengers. Neither the captains or owners of the above ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precions stones, silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by, or put ou hoard of them, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the same, and the value therein expressed. For freight or passage, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 56 South street.. Agent iu New Orleans?John Woodruff 8t Co., who will promptly forward all goods to their address. p xsr nvDvi'u 1, rn<a wvur vniiir sun 1 iirf u. POOL EMIGRATION OFFICE. m m m m F^W?"BYRN^Tn!7)., 3C W^^^wTtoad, Liverpool, tue desirous of informinK the public of tlie United States, tbat they hart" found the importance of a direct Agency for the purpose of placing within the power of the friends of the passengers coming out to this country, the immediate correspondence with a respectable establishment^ from whom they can rely for attention and favor towards their relations leaving the old country. Persons desirous of engaging passages from Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Belfast, Londonderry, and Liverpool, direct to New York, Boston. Philadelphia, Baltimore or New Orleans, can do so on more favorable terms than can be obtained from Any other house engaged in the business in this country; being the oldest and largest establishment iu the passenger trade in Liverpool. The many thousand passengers that have sailed in the ships which have been despatchedfrom our office in Liverpool, and the different ports of Ireland for the last thirty years, is a sufficient guarantee ofour ability to fulfil with satisfaction any engagement for passengers that we may be favored with. DRAFTS AND BILLS OF EXCHANGE given for any amount, payable 011 sight, at the National Bank of Ireland and its branches; and also 011 all the principal towns of England and Scotland without discount. A list of the Packet Ships with their days of sailing, and the address of the Agents who act for us, can be had on application at this office. Apply or address by letter, (post paid) P. W. BYRNES It CO., 68 South street, corner Wall street New York. m!2 lm?rrc UNITED STATES AND EUROPEAN EMIGRANT OFFICE. m m ^^Ti'ERN AGENTS AND COMMISSION JtHP" CHANTS. THE subscribers having had long experience in the business, are prepared to offer every facility to those wishing passage (0 or from every imrl of Great Britain or Ireland, Havre, and the German, Belgian, and Holland ports:?on any of which places Bills of Exchange can be furnished, in sums tu ?iiii. ra-UMgc cui ai.iu ue ciiKiKeu irom Liverpool 10 unnoii, Philadelphia, Baltimore, or New Orleans, direct. Those wishing passage lion New York to New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, Savannah or Texas, can at all times be accommodated at the lowest rates. To those emigrating to the West, the subscribers have unemialled arrangements for the forwarding nf passengers to the Went, by the different routes, vix: to Buffalo, and the intermediate landings, and all parts of the Canadas?Chicago, Milwaukie, Baltimore. Pittsburg, Cincinnati, St. Louts. See., by stratnboats, railroads, and canal boats, of the first class?and great care will be taken that passengers will meet with no delay or imposition on the route. Letters (post paid) will receive prompt attention. For further particulars, apply to M. P. O'HERNfc CO., ino South street, corner of Dover, and JG West street, corner of Rector, r.'llm'irr W'AI.DRON O'HKRN St CO., Liverpool. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND. Jfe Sk MiUc.urt.GE Mt.UKI Dr., Jr., has ronovwHiis office to No. J6 Broadway, and continues to remit money, in sums Urge or small, to persons residing in any part of Ireland, in the same manner as he and his predecessor in business have done for the list thirty years and more; also to any part of England or Money remitted by letter, post-paid, to the subscriber, or personally delimited with him, with the name of the person or person* ill Ireland, Knglaiid or Scotland, to whom it in to be sent, and nearest po?t town, will be immediately tranimittcd and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or forwarded to the sender. j28 Im'rc . BRITISH AM)" NORTH A.V1KKK AN ROYAL MAIL BTKAM SHIPS of 1200 ton. r.Miwkf*, lltd 430 horae power each, under contract with the Lords of the Admirality. HIBKRNIA. Captain Alexander Rvrie. (' ALKUONIA, Captain Kdward O. Lotr. BR1TTANNIA, Captain John Hewitt.! CAMBRIA, Captain Charles ILK. Judkin*. ACADIA, Captain William Harrison. The four steamships now building are THK AMKRICA, THK NIAGARA, THK CANADA, THK KUROPA. Vesaels appointed to sail from Liverpool are the Cambria April 4, 1947 Caledonia, April 20, 1947 Britannia, May 4, 1847 Vessels appointed to tail from Boston are the Cambria, May 1, 1847 Caledonia, May 18, 1847 Passengers'Inggsge must be on board the day previous to sailing. Tassage money?From Boston to Liverpool, $120, do do to Halifax, $80. No bertha secured until paid for. These shitu carry experienced surgeons. No freight, except specie, received on days of sailing. For freight, passage,or any other information, apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., Agent, At HARNDKN k CO.'S, f. Wall st. [C7"*In addition to the above line between Liverpool and Halifax, and Boston, a contract has been entered into with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool ana New York direct. The steamships for tl\is service are now being built, and early next year due notice will he given of the time when they will start. Under the new contract the steamers Will sail every Saturday daring right months, and every fortnight dnriug the other months in the year. Going alternately between Liverpool and Halifax and Boston, and between Liverpool and New York. ni26 r _{!** ?. riTHK Proprietors of Steamboats wishing C ,A* v!t?iu^ Bells hung, would do well to pay a visit on MBHMHIbbhoard the steamboat* Governor, Thomaa Towell, Roger Williams, Utica, Palmetto, Princeton, Mountaineer, Iron Witch, Catalinr, kr., and examine H. Hos?r*T improved style of Bell Hanging, expresaly adapted for Steamboats. Put upnrat and strong, and warranted lor one year, by II. H., No. 8 Ann street. m28 1m*r A firinh I'll A Met' L'nu intn'o s r W^KuZINTiON.?A Steamboat of Northern build, w ith eiHBiicMliaaitMa a powerful engine, and in good repair, now nt a Southern uort. ii offmed for tale ot a very low price. She i? of I ightdraft, and well calculated for freight or paaaengera, or tor sale or charter, to the United Statea government, in their military operation! in Metico. To an enterpriaing man, with moderate means, tliia offera an opportunity for making money ?e1dom offered, an the owner ia willing to aell her at greatly Ina than her value, or to exchange her for land or other propertv. Kor particulars, inquire of JAMES W. SMITH, Jr. Eaq? at Iw'r No. M Chambers atreet. FOK. NEW ORLEANS, VIA CHAK LK8TON i, im ^ TO SAIL ON MONDAY, 12th inaunt, at r A. M. The coppered and copper faatened tUiSnWEBSeasteamer YACHT, John R.Crtuie, maater, will positively anil lor the above porta aa alnive. Kor lignt freight, to either of the above porta or paaaage, apply to the Captain on board, foot of Tenth at., Eaat river, or to T. F. SEC OR Ja CO., foot of Ninth street, or RUSSELL CRANE, bCoentiea Slip. N II.?No freight received after Saturday, 10th inatant. *Jlw?e I E NE' MTO LET.?To a small family only, front room on second floor, one or two atric rooms. front or rear, basements and coal raults in the houte, No. LM sprinf street. The premi*es nifty oc teen ?*!*>' irom u 10 T o'clock, r. M.f and I narticafirt learned at No. 5 Rector street. n5 4t*re S toTL/T a THE TWO STORY HOUSE, No. 318 Broome street, Kit the Crotou water in the kitchen, via ? large Yard. Enquire ?t 316 Brooine strerf. at 3fr I TO LKT. ' 1 m OFFICES in thaTsecond, third and fourth stories in the brick building No. 121 street. Apply to ?4'lw?rc JOHN R. HOOLR, on the premises. AA TO RENT.?Three Boon in building 287 Bowery, pre which may be finished to suit any eligible tenant, on jiitfLearly application to FISHER C BIRD, at lw*c Marble Works, 287 Bowery. I kjd TO LET.?The store of hou?e 23 Dey street; It is JO pjV feet deep, and would be a good location for a wholesale JeHlgrocery store. The dwelling hart would be let together or each door separate The second door consists of back and front parlors, with pantries, and is well finished; the two rooms are JO feet deep and 12 feet high, suitable for an artist; the third door has J rooms well finished; the fourth door is JO feet deep, 2J feet wide, and 10 fret high, with six window* in the roof, fitted xp foran eugrnTer or any business wanting good light. Also, the second door of house 06 Beekman street, run* sifting of three rooms and pantries, w ith two bed rooms in attic, and akitcbrn with Crotou water Mid kitchen range in it. Rent S27.J. Enquire of A. GILHOOLY k SON, m3llm*r 78 Nassau street. tTO LET IN WILLIAMSBCHGIi.?ThetwoMory brick front house, w ith folding doors; it contains seven rooms ami basement, in good order, pump in the yard, x lots of ground, carriage house, cherry, plum, peach and pear trees; 2 beds of asparagus, with a good grass plat, tastefully laid out with rose bushes and a great variety of other shrubbery, about one mile from Perk slip ferry. Ktiaiiire of Charles M. Church, 100 Chatham street, or of John Skillinsu, corner of North Second and Lorimer streets, on the urrniisrs m24 2w*rc staten island property. A* TO LET AND FOR SALE.?A large Cottage, pjl with thrre acres of land, including an etcellent garden, well stocked with the best fruit trees in full hearing; a coach houir, stables, and other outbuildings?situated in the Tillage of Tompkinsville, close to the shore; also a number of houses and cottages, situated in the Tillages of Tompkiusvillc, Stapleton and Clifton. Apply to F. WOLFE. Wolfe's Hotel. Tompkinsville. [TT" Farms and Building Lots for sale. Apply as above. a2 lw*rc for sale, tA FARM of fifty-two acres, moatdelightifully situated about five miles from Eliaabcthtown, N. J., comprising a handsome commodious Dwelling House, fitted w ith i mantels, and every convenience for a respectable family; the whole, including gardncr's house, barns, ice house, and other buildings, in a substantial state of repair; the orchard contains twenty acres of choice fruit trees. The easy access from New York, either by the various cars from Jersey City, or the ferry to Elizabethport, whence a rail road train runs within a hundred yards of the house, renders this property very valuable to those doing business in this city. The greater part of the purchase money can remain for three years on bond and mortgage, at five per rent. V YSE St SONS. 172 Pearl st. Also for sale, a dwelling house , No. 281 Washington strret. ml9 lm*rh For sale. Aafl. A THREE STORY HOUSE on 23d street, between IvTjW the 2d and 3d Avenues. It is well finished, and replete ^JKwith the latest improvements, including kitchen range, sink, cold and warm baths, water closets, he., Italian marble mantels throughout the house; a court yard of fifteen feet in front, with verandah and French windows. The house is one f?f ft row of si* knilIM on anutk *>ales i\ tlsas Is".. further particulars apply to VY8E Sc HONS, in!9 lm*rh 172 Pearl street. MA FOR SALE.?Will be sold at Public Auction, in Lambertsville, N. J., on Tuesday, 6th day of April, i^flLl8l7, all of that valuable new block of Stone Buildings, on the corner of Coryell, and Franklin street, Foundry. Machine shop, Factory, and three Houses, to the highest bidder, to close a concern. Two canals pass through said village to Philadelphiaaud New Yorktalso, Delaware river, New Jersey railroad, from Philadelphia to New York, within fifteen miles. Also, a new rail road about to be bnilt in said village ? In short, no place in the Union possesses greater facilities for transportation. The village is 15 miles from Trenton, 30 from Philadelphia, 60 from New York, 30 from Eaatmi, Pa., 30 from New Brunswick. For further particulars apply to the undersigned on the premises. J. P. RICH. March 23d. 1817. m23 2w*rh jKWJt 100 FARMS to actual settlers?most favorable climate, jK<Qft*oil tnd production, situated about the centre oflhe Unitnl Inii at the termiun^of the railroad from Charleston, 8. C. Particulars, printed in English and Dutch, can he had at my office, or at the Northern Hotel, corner ofCourtlandt and West streets. Families may reach there in eight days for $12,50. Several |iersons and families left ou Saturday lost by the steamship Southerner, and those who intend to follow the next trip in two weeks must be ready in time. NICHOLAS HAIOHT, al lw*r 62 Wall street, third,Story. FOR SALE?WESTCHESTER LAND. UMuM TO GENTLEMEN, in want of sites for country KMo-ats. To market gardeners in want of land for gardens. *4Lt.aml to all persons wishing a location in the neighborhood of New York:? 500 acres of land in the town of Westchester, witliiu nine miles ofthe City Hall, with the right of passing oyer Harlem Bridge free of toll, are now offered aiu>rivate sale, in lots containing from 5 to 50 acres each. The lauds are within 13 minutes walk of the railroad; front on good roads; are in the neighborhood of schools and churches df different denominations; the water is good and location healthy. Title indisputable. Terms moderate. Apply to OOUVERNEUR MORRIS, Morrisiana. Westchester CO., or to WALTER RUTHERFORD, 79 Nassau at.. N. Y. m2fl lm*rc FLORENCE HOUSE. No. 400 Broadway, corner Walker Street, N. 1'. MJOHN FLORENCE, Jr., has now completed his arrangements for opening to the public, at the elegant aud apacions building above designated, and which he bus at great expense erected, a Hotel, to be conducted on the European plan. In addition to the commodious Restaurant below, he has arranged extensive suites of dining rooms ou the tloors above, splendidly furnished with every modern improvement in furniture, decorations, Itc. Besides these, are smaller apartments, similarly fnniiahed, for the accommodation ofindividuals, or of small |>arties, w here (as in the larger apartments) meals are supplied at their own hours, by carte, on the plan alluded to. Attached to the establishment, (entrance quite distinct from that with the public department) are some sixty bed rooms, single and double, with elegant parlors adjoining?the whole forming a first class hotel for geiitirmen, to he conducted tsined in this country*. J. K., Jr., trusts that it is unnecessary for him to assure the public that his larder, his wines, and indeed his entire culinary department, will be of the best kind throughout; and lie invites gentlemen who are desirous of at the same time obtaining rooms and board, or either, separately, to call upon him as above, where he. will be happy to afford them every facility of examining his new and commodious establishment. _March 2, 18I7._ n>2im?re NEW PAPKR HANGINGS. 1j3 PARES &. CO., No. 379 Pearl street, have tfceivrd their usual large supply of all the new patterns of every style aud quality of French and American Paper Hangings, Ilor ders, Views, Kireboard Prints, aud wide window Curtain Paper, which they offer to dealers, merchants and others, at extremely low prices. The most competent Taper Hangers may be hnd at very short uotice. in9 Ini'rc SOLAR LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, HALL LANTIIOKNS AND TEA TRAYS. THE subscriber has just opened one of the most highly finished Stocks of (liraiidnles. Solar l,um|is, ( liandrlirrs. Bracket's, Hall Lanthorns, Tea Trays, Clocks and elegant Cut Glass Vases, for mantel Ornaments, ever offered in this city orcountry. And city deslers will find it to their advantage lo call and examine the above stock, which can lie sold at wholesale and retail at reduced prices. JOHN W. MORGAN, m31 lm*re 1 *>f Kultoii St., one door from llroadw.av. DR ORANVI1XE8. PATTIBON has removedhit .. >iilriiee to SI I tni v>-rsif e PI,.,-,. la,I, ,m,I l.? Office lo No. 63 Chambem atreet. Office iioura from in till 2 O'clock. ml2lin"r TO STRANGERS, CHRISTIES' GALVANIC AND MAC,NE TIC CUR AT IVES. IN ALL CASKS OF HIIETM ATI8M AND NERVOUS Complaints, the rflicacy of these article* is truly wonder* fill; complete cures often being accomplished, wlien every other meant litre filled. Several physicians now recommend them in their practice, and the ordinary prejudice whirh it generally attached to articlet of the kind, is rapidly disnppearinc. Many of our most respectable citizens hare used them with perfect snccets, particularly in cases of (Jout. Tic Doloreux Paralvsia, Apoplexy, Netiralitia, Nervous Tremors, Palpitations ami the long train of Nervous Disorders. In the most afflicting cases of Deafness complete caret have often been effected. A great advantage in these articles, it the entire safety anil convenience attending them. The only Agency in New York for Chriitie'i genuine articles is at 1112 Ilroadway, between John street and Maiden Lane. No Drug store in New York, will ever be allowed to keep Dr. CHRISTIE'S Articlea. Many of thete establishments offer worthless imitations, agaiuat which the public are rep? ctivcly cautioned. mil lw*r MONEY LEVI. MONEY LENT.?The highest pricet advanced ui large and small sums on gold and silver watches, diamond, plate, jewelry, furniture, clothing, dry goods, kc., kc. JOHN M. DAVIKS, Licensed pawnbroker, 232 William street, near Duane. Pertons received in private office, by ringing the bell. m!7 lm*r TRAVELLING TRUNKS. JOHN CATTNACH, Trunk Manufacturer, No. 1 Wall street, corner of Broadway, hat now rui baud and constantly making a good assortment of Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, and Satchels, wholesale and retail. Alto, a superior article of sole leather Trunks, suitable for American or Eurnpeau Travel, and Portmanteaus lor the French Malle Potte. Orders for the West Indies, South America, kc., filled with despatch. niG lm?rc ,POWELL, OCULIST AND AURIST. ATTENDS to Diseases of the Eye and Ear, ami to all impf ilectlona of Vlaion, from 0 to 4 o'clock, at hi* residence and office, 361 Broadway, corner of Warren atreet. Opthalmia, Stoppage of the Tear Passage, ( aUractt, and Opacitiea, effectually removed. AMAUROSIS treated with great uttriition and success. STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cured in a frw minute*. Deafness, and all discharges from the Ear, permanently e.ttred. ARTIFICIAL EYES ineerted. Spectacles adapted to every delect. m Ian* re QU7L!7 I'ENS. TIIF. Subscriber would call the attention of the public, to hia au|>erior CJuill Pena, made entirely with the pen knife.? By long practice he liaa aucceeded in rcachintr the greatest possible perfection in suiting every kind of writing, at the same time they surpass by far, any metallic pen in elaaticity and eaae. They are carefully put up in boaea of 25 each, ao that they can he shipped to any part of the country, without riak of damaging the points. For aale by mlHin?rli F. TRENKAMT. No n William at. PRACTICAL BOOK KEEPING, . no. 118 <:r.o*n srar.rT. MR. C, C. MARSH, Accountant, author of die "Rcience of Lloithle-Entry Book-Keepiug Simplified," and the "Art of'Single Entry Book-keeping Improved," coutinur* to teach as above. Course of Instruction.?The public are respectfully informe ami assured that the plan pursued by Mr. Marsh in teaching this important branch is truly a course of practice in krrpin books, rather than a course of lectures on the theory. The pupil becomes familiar from actual use with all the hooka constituting a set, and a person of good catiacity, will by this course become a competent book-keeper in about a month, ami will receive a certificate to that effect Prospectus with terms caa be obtained at the Rooms, from 1 'A.M. to 8 P.M. mlJ lm*r W YO JEW YORK, TUESDAY M flUOftAVBZC TO PHILADELPHIA, AND SPECIAL EXPRESS FROM PHILADELPHIA ! TO THE 1 NEW YORK HERALD OFFIOE. ? ~~ l FOUR DAYS LATER FROM VERA CRUZ. The Bombardment not Commenced. Citizens Shot for Favoring Capitulation ARRIVAL OF COL. HARNEY'S DRAGOONS. The Foreign Residents Ordered Oat of Vera Ortiz. The Retreat of Santa Anna to Matehula ARRIVAL OF GENERAL TAYLOR AT OBRXlAZiVO. Ac., Ac., Ac. AVe are indebted to the Philadelphia ledger {or Blips of the following intelligence from the two armicH. It wan received by telegraph by that paper, and slips kindly given to nnr express .rider in Philadelphia. THE NEWS FROM VERA CRUZ. The Cutter Ewing, Moore, arrived at New Orleans on the 28th ult., front Vera Cruz, with lour (lays inter intelligence, that vessel having sailed on the 17th. The news of Taylor's victory at Rtinetm Vista was received ut Vera Cruz on the ltith, and created great rejoicing among the army. Owing to the rough weather, only a portion of the heavy artillery intended for the attack, had been landed when the Ewing left. Gen. Scott had given the foreign residents notice to leave the town, and they had generally gone on board the foreign vessels of war off the port. Many citizens of Vera Cruz were in iwor of an early capitulation, but the military vidMfctly opposed any movement of the kind. It wis reported by the foreign residents, that several citizens had been shot for proposing the surrender, although few doubt but that our troops will carry the place in u short time. The firing from the city and castle was continued, but has, so far, been harmless. Col. Harney arrived at Vera Cruz on the 16th, with his dragoons, after having been cast away near Anton Lizurdo. The report of the re-capture of Midshipman Kogcrs was premature, he being, unfortunately, still a prisoner. Nothing had transpired of any importance,subsequent to the previous accounts. The steamship Mississippi had not arrived wiicn tlie cutler P,wing lett. The lowing brought despatches from General .Scott. TICK NKWS FROM OKNKRAC. TAYLOR. The steamship Telegraph arrived at New t">rlcans the same morning from Brazos Santiago, which she left on the '23d nit. No positive intelligence had been received from Sen. Taylor's camp later than that brought by Lieut. Crittenden ; but from the best information that could be obtained, it appears that Santa Anna had retired to Matehuala,where lie was endeavoring to collect forces. An officer arrived at the Brazos from Matumoras just as the Telegraph was ousting off, with information that General Taylor had arrived at Cerralvo with a thousand cavalry, in pursuit ofUrrea, who tied in the direction of Victoria as soon as he heard of Taylor's approach. The communication between Camargo acid Monterey was re-established. The Massachusetts regiment was ordered to garrison Mutainoras. iikn. serin's division. During the night between the 12th and 13th. a rcinf reemciit of sot) Mexican* entered the town by the beach, north of General Twiggs'* position, the Investment not being there ipiite complete The wound of Lieut. Colonel Dickenson, of the Talmetto regiment, i* doing well. No other officers thnn have before been mentioned, iiave been killed or wounded. Communication* bnve passed between the French and Spanish consuls in Vera Crux and General Seott They demand protection. See., which will be granted as far lis pOSSIOU". A schooner. name not known, went on the beach high and dry on thr night, of the Cltli inst The vessel which hud Colonel Harney's command on hoard went ashore on niani|iiillu shoal The Alabama went to her assistance. It is known that upwarda of one hundred men had been taken out of her in aufety. There were anid to he five feet water in her hold. Further partieulura by next mail. C?mr ok tiik. BK.itr.oixa A?my, j .1 milea below Vera Crux. March 0. 1H47 $ I arrived ut Anton Iflzardn to-day about. 12 o' the steamship New Orleans. which eame to at the anchorage among the fleet. Immediately after the ateninahip'a anchoring, the Massachusetts aailed by ua. wheu General Scott appeared in the ahroudN of the reaael. and inquired for < Ion. Quitmun. As soon us the (Jencral responded to the call. (Jen. Scott remarked?"(Jen (Quitman, we are to land In the enemy's country. What is your force on board aud the condition of your men'"' (Jen. (juitmnn replied?" Six hundred and fifty, and in good condition." " V'our position, sir. will bo in the second line, under the command of (Jon. Patterson." Shortly afterwards. (Jen. Jcsup visited (Jen Patterson anil tendered his personal services and those of his staff, which were accepted, and they are now on shore. ' all ready," if circumstances require. Purser Tboinas B Nolle, of the Navy, attached to the frigate Potomac, who caine passenger in the steamship New Orh-uus. finding it i mpractlcable to join the ship, has volunteered his services to (Jen Shields, has been accepted us his Aid. anil is now uctiug in that capacity. At 11 o'clock the fleet set sail for Sacrifleios.the Princeton leading, with the llaritan in tow At 1 o'clock, the steamer Vixen, with five gun boats, took a survey of the const and anchored off the shore opposite the Point, when the troops landed. The first and second, and purt. of the third, lines are now safely landed on the beach about five miles !>elow the city of Vera Crux, contrary to ull expectation, without any resistance. The first line composed of 2d and 3d artillery and 4th. 6th. 6th and Hth infantry. Captain Hlnnchard's company I.a volunteers (attached to 6th infantry) and ( apt Williams' company Ky volunteers (attached to 6th infantry.) under command of (Jeuernl Worth, disembarked on bouril the barges between Sacrifleios and the main land between 2 and .1 o'clock. P. M.. and fore el in line on the 4th Infantry, preparatory to their de, ilure for the shore At a signal gnu from the Massachusetts, at 4 o'clock, the first line "gave way" on their oars and pulled heartily for the landing This, with I tic ?fill In i' ,.f tin. II,...I fr, on Anion l.i?ir,ln wis .1, si,If,I. ly the most magnificent view ever presented to the eye of an American citizen I have a perspective draft of it. which I will send you with the general account of the battle. The second line, under Hen. Patterson, composed of Urn Quitman's. Urn. Shields' and (ion.Pillow's brigades, with some artillery, landed directly afterwards, and Oen. Twiggs', the reserve line, made up of the 1st and 4th artillery, mounted rifles. 1st, '.Id. 3d and 7th infantry, are now Innding. and before daylight will probably lie on the beach, as also a battery of heuvy artillery, under ( apt. Taylor. The Mountain Rocket and Howitzer company hove their battery planted. AU the troops that have yet landed are formed in line of bottle and will rest on their arms during the night. Notwithstanding we havo now about 0.000 troops on shore, not a single whisper eon be heard along the whole extent of the line?all are listening for the flr?t signal of alarm If the enemy should visit us before daylight, they will find us ready to give them n warm reception. During the lauding of the troops to-day. I was much pleased to see Com. Conner in Ills small bout, superintending In person the landing of the troops. f'AMr or Tin: Biuiinisn Aomy.March 10. 1847 At '4 o'e.lock this morning, the camp was aroused by a brisk tire from the eneuiy. and tha balls rarne whistling 2 through ' m thicb aa hail," breaking on* man a thigh. RK E [ORNING, APRIL 6, 1847. ind wounding two otherx. Instead of beating the long tb< roll," aa usual In caaa* of alarm, a small detachment. un- lar icr Cnpt. Uordon. was aunt out to reconnoitre H? bad : not proceeded over two or three hundred yards, whan he 1 Tot round hi* command In the close vicinity of a body of ab men He hailed them, and they anawared him In Fng- ! an llah. but the Captain not admiring their accent, with- | ilrew his small force a short distance, and again hailed, on when he was answered with a rolley of musketry from wi their whole body, which was returned by the detachment ; co and had the effect of compelling the Mexicans to retire towards the towu. Nothing but the sagacity of an ex- | pcrleneed and able officer prevented the capture or destruction of the whole of the reconuoltcring detachment. Th<> steamer Spitfire, ("apt TatuaLl. at sunriae took ou position In front of the castle and towu. and commenced a fire, by way of" opening the ball." which she continued jjr for about nu hour, which was returned by the castle and u, city. of shortly after the Spitllre commenced firing, the First and Second Division,) moved iu a column up the beach f towards the city, about a mile, and proceeded to Invest M1 the place. A Mexican force of f'avalry and Infautry. j? numbering, perhaps, four or live regiments in all. showed nj themselves ou thu snml heights towurds the city, at the u, distance of half u mile from our advanee. and common- j? ced firing musketry One of the mountain howltxers w and rockets were placed on the hills, and tired a few tu shots and sent a few rockets whisxing through the air. without any effect The Mcxieans appeared to bo a littie shy of them at first, but soon recommenced spreading ? their liuenlong the hill, nnd firiug their muskets (.'apt. j,, Tuylor was then ordered to try their mettle with a sixpounder, which had not been tire .1 but u few times be- rtl. fore they withdrew behind the hill, and left for some (|. place secure from danger. Ill this tiring, there was one Mexican killed. it (fen. Worth succeeded in taking his position on the nl right of tlii- line of investment by II o'clock. The line circumventing the city, when completed, will run along a chain of saiul hills about three miles from the city ranging from 3(M( to I .100 feet high, and completely over- a( looking and commanding the town nnd fortifications, but the heavy guns from the castle can be brought to bear upon the right wing of the line, where no doubt thuquartors will be very hot. As soon as (leu. Worth bail occupied his ground.dcn. Patterson's division took up its march, with Hen. Pillow's brigade in advance, for the purpose of forming on the left of (Jen. Worth. The advance, however, did not proceed over a mile before they became engaged with the enemy in a thick otuster ot chaparral. A rapid lire immediately ensued, which lasted about twenty minutes. The Mexicans retreated, and no loss on either side, that I could ascertain positively; though I have heard it repeatedly this evening that flvu dead Mcxieans had been round. (len. Pillow Hgain cotnmencod extending the line, but owing to the g/ent difficulty and labor of rutting n road in tile chaparral, through which lie had to pass, lie had not proceeded more than half a mile up to 4 o'clock. P. M., when he again came in contact with the eneuiy. who were in ambuscade. The firing was so heavy, and appeared so to increase, that (len. Patterson despatched the New Vork regiment, of (len Shield's brigade, to the assistance of (len. Pillow?but only one company of the New Yorkers arrived at the nnlnt of attack < ; >>? Pillow had routed the enemy by a charge. In thle engagement two of the let Pennsylvonions were slightly wounded, viz.: M. Crann, of company C, and T. Tlce, of company K. A body of Mexican* vie shortly afterward* discovered tlirougli n glass. on the left flank of (Jen. Pillow's command. at a house known a* a magazine, and I expect it has been occupied a* Much. A six-pounder wan brought to bear on it frum one of the height* in our possession, which caused them to leave without ceremony. Toward* sundown (Jen. Pillow's brigade, very unexpectedly. succeeded in renching one of the highest point* in the rear of the city, and plunting the Stars and Stripes," which they greeted as one of the Tennesscans said?with three of the biggest kind of cheers. " The batteries from town and Castle kept throwing 13 inch shells and 44 pound round shot, at the entire line until dark. One of them exploded immediately In front of (Jen. Worth and staff, ami a portion of it passed through Capt. lllanchard's company, but fortunately without injuring any one. Gun. Quitman's brigade now moved forward and encamped ou the right of Gen. Pillow. CtMr or the Bihieqiwo Ahmv, ) 3 miles in rear of city, March 11, 1847. $ This morning, shortly after daylight, the batteries from the castle and the town opened on our lines, and continued with short intervals throughout the day. 1 sincerely regret to announce that among our losses today, is the death of Cupt. William Alburtis. of the dd infantry. llis head was shot off with a '44-pound shot from the city, while uarclilug with the regiment to join Gen. Twiggs, at the north end. Capt. Alburtis was a printer, and former editor of the Virginia Republican, at Mnrtlusburg. Va. There was also killed by the cannonade private Cunningham, of Company A. Mounted llilles, aud a drummer boy of Company B, 4d Artillery, bad liis arm shot off. About 7 o'clock this morning (Jen Quitman's brigade was ordered to relieve (Jen. Pillow from the position he had occupied during the night, in order that his troopa might get their breakfast, and nrocuro water to Uut , ring the Jay. The Mexicans saw our party leaving tinheight, but Hid nfft see the other coming up with their cavalry. expecting, no doubt, to steal upon their rear, but they were very much mistaken, Gen. Quitmun advanced to the top of tho hill, and a rapid tiro ut long shots to kept up for about an hour. Capt. Davie, of the Georgia Regiment, with '20 riflemen, were aeiit at skirmishers. to incline round under the hill und engage them at close quarters. Ah soon as they observed rapt. Davis about '200 advanced on him, but with his small force he held them in check until Col. Jackson, with the balunce of three companies, and Col. Dickenson, with his regiment, came to his assistance, when the enemy were compelled to retreat under tho cover of the guns of the town, with the loss of several dead and some wounded. Our loss in this uflnir this morning, is seven slightly wounded, vis :? Mouth Carolina Regiment?Lieut. Col. Dickenson.Win. II. Ballad. Lewis (.'oka. and J K. Phillips. Georgia Regiment ?B. K. MrDonougb, (son of the exUoveruor.) John (J. Kubank*. Thos. G. Scott, (of Mississippi.) Capt. Davis, who commanded the skirmishing party of riflemen, was very highly complimented for his gallant conduct by Col. Dickeuson, Gen Quitman and Gen .Patterson. The column of Gen. Twiggs moved up this morning, with the Mounted Rifles in advance, at9 o'clock, to take position on the left of the line The undertaking was a most arduous one.but with Gen Twiggs there is "no such 1 word as fail.'' Win n his cannon eould not be hauled by 1 horses they were pnlle 1 and lifted by his men, and they 1 were taken up and over saiul ridges thai I should think it utt"rly impossible and beyond the physical : trengtb of men to nuruiouut. The advance of this otuinn arrived at their destination on the sea shore above the town | about '2 o'clock, and the rear closed up at sundown i This entirely, now, circumvents the place, und the en- ( tire liue investing occupies a space of ground about 8 miles ill length. As tile troops lay stretehed along the hills and valleys, with the Mars and stripes dotted here and there, fluttering in the breeze, they present to the view u majestic and sublime appearance. The enemy are now completely within our grasp, and whether they eau rend asunder the chains that bind them to the confined limits of the walls of the city and Castle, remains to be seen. Gen. Worth occupies I lie right. Gen. Twiggs the left, and Ueti. Patterson the centre. If either of these ofltcers can be moved from their positions one foot liy any force that can be brought against them. I am very much mistaken. Having our position, in the course of two or three days tlie mortars and heavy cannon will be plnutcd on the heights, when the enemy will have an opportunity of witnessing the effects of our shot upon their city I was informed at a late hour last night that Col. Persifor K. Smith. his Rifles, has had a very pretty tight with a force of about 800 from the city, and compelled them to retire in quick time, witli a loss of about 'Jo killed und severnl wounded, nud sustaining a loss of two or three privates killed und wounded. I liuve made diligent inquiry Into the health of the army to-day. and the surgeons state that they never knew the army to be in better health und condition, and no evidence of any tiling like romilo. Order* Issued by Cominodor ( onner. regulating the ' rU.-itioti Of t)M troops. ' 1J. 8. S. lithim', ) Avto.n Litaroo, March 7. 1H47. $ Sir:?The embarkation of troop*, which i* to take place to-inorrow morning will bo rouducteil in the fol- ! lowing order:? . The Baritan. Princeton, nnd K.ditli. will reeelvo oil bonrd the tint line. consisting of the let brigade of re- ! gular*. and ( apt. Swift'* company of *upper*and miner*. The Held batteries of ('apt. Taylor ami Lieut Taleott, will also be landed witli tlii* line, but will lie taken up to J Sacriflcios, In the vciwela in which they now are. (ien. . Worth command* the tlr*t line. . The Potomac, and the steamer* Alabama and Virginia. , will reccire on board the dd line, eon*i*ting of thu l*t i brigade of volunteer* and the South L'aroltua regiment, lien Patterson coin maud* the dd line. The Albany. St. Mary * and Porpoise, and the steamers | Massachusetts. Petrlta, and Kudorawlll receive on board > the reserve, consisting of the dd brigade of regular*, i (ien Twiggs commands the reserve The surf-boats will lie towed a* follow*:?The Prince- , ton 10; the Petrlta, 10; the Spittirc, ]the Vixen, SO; i and the Kudora 10 | The llaritan will use l.'i boats, and when the troop* i are embarked, she will take them to the Spitfire I The Potomac will use do bout*, and when the troop* | are emliarked. she will deliver them to the Vixen?the Vixen going alongside for thcin. The Albany will use 10 boat*, and when tho troops are embarked, she will lake them to the hudorn The St Mary's will use in bouts, and when the troops f are embarked, she will take them to the Petrlta. , The Princeton will use 10 lioats, and when the troop* t arc embarked, she will tow them The vessels of war. on board which the troops are emliarked. (exeept the I'etrita) will supply the troops witli water and provisions while on board. When the boat* are taken to the vessel* which are to ' tow thein. respectively, each vessel scudlng them, will urwiii iwu i.muiniHiin mill iwo .vutislllpincn. I" remain f on twmrd the towinp ship. to look out for them. together ? with two wsmfn for each boat, who are to lie kept In the bout*, to steer them during the tow. r Kaeh ship will have her marine* in readiness to land | upon notice I am, Tory respectfully. I). CON.NKR, < ornd'g Home Squauron " (b.OKH ()ri?h? for D?.ra??atioi?. I The small TCMela of the Mquadron will anchor In a ir a line ahead, parallel with the beach, for the purpose of g enTcrlnp the landing; with sufficient space hetwienthc fr several vessels to permit the boat* to pars n' J .Ul the eurf boat* wlU ttret be employed to landing dl [ERA 1 -y p first line, then the second line.end se on, until ftll ere idad. I When the troupe ere embejked In theee bonte. reedy ' lending, they will form neer the fleet. In the line reest?the 1st Division occupying the extreme right, d the other Division felling In. in suooesslon t The boat* will move towards the beech In this iler. passing between the several covering veeaele, and II land as near to each other as a due regard to mutual nvience will permit D CONNER, Cowd g Home Squadron [From the Washington Union. April 3.] A letter has been received In this city from an officer Vera Crux, on the 13th He describes the landing of ir troops, and their meeting with no serious Yesistanru. bout 3.000 of the national militia were hovering round, lug occasionally, at a long distance, without doing ischicf: and scampering oil at the smallest appearauce ; our troops in pursuit The caatle had fired several J iots. which generally fell far short of the object, tien : wig^s had moved above the city; the pipes, which had i ippltud the city with water, had been cut oil? snd the l vestment was then almost totally complete The gum ' one battery had been lauded ?the other was every j oincnt expected. [The Paixhun, would cast shells obably more tliau 4.000 yards.) It is supposed by the riter. whoso letter we hare seen, that our troops would ike the town, as a more effectual means of bombarding tc castle. The capitulation of S Juau Ue Ulna wus ipected in a few days after our butteries had been put p. and the failure of supplies would effectually contriate to the result. The number of troops present wus ore than sufficient to invest the place They could larccly fall short of fourteen thousand. We understand nit all the bomb vessels have sailed for their place of L'stiuation. and may have arrived before this time; but is expected that the castle will surrender before they Tive. GENERAL TAYLOR'S DIVISION. [From the New Orleans Pienyuuu, March "18.[ The U. S. steamship Telegraph. Captain Auld. arrived I the S. \V. Pass on the 37 th instant, at 11 A. M.. sevenr-two hours from Brazos Santiago, which place she left a the '34th instant. On the evening of the 35th en>untored a violent norther and was compelled to lay to ght hours, receiving no damage, and throughout which M proved IIIII111f a noble sea steamer. From Captain Auld we learn that no positive Informaon had been received from (len. Taylor's camp since I ao 3d of March. From the best information obtained it ppcars that Santa Anna had retired to Matehualn with i effect a reorganization of liis broken forces. iiuil front hich place a gasconading proclamation won issued, laiming n victory ut Bucna Vista to the Mexican rms. Gen. Taylor had removed his camp from Buena Vint* 3 Ills former position at Agun Nueva, and as the Teleraph was casting off from the landing at Brazos Island, crtain Intelligence was received to the effect that Gen. "aylor had come through to Cerrnlvo with 1000 horse in ursuit of (Jen. IJrrea, who fled in the direction of Vlcnria upon learning that (Jen Taylor was after him. "he communication between Cam urge and .Monterey nay therefore l?e eonsidered as open and uninterrupted. Col. Cushing'H Regiment of Massachusetts volunteers ind been ordered by (Jen. Taylor to remain and occupy datnraoras. all the other tried regiments being ordered o Aguu Nucva. from which place he will shortly take up lis line of march for San LuIb I'otosi. The ship Remittance arrived off the Brazos on the [3d. with four companies of Massachusetts volunteers on mard. They were landed on the morning of the -2Jlh. rhe remaining companies of the North Carolina Kegtncnt had arrived, and were being disembarked on tin; noralng of the 34th. Supplies were being pushed forwnrd by the river boats io Cuuiargo. nnd wagons, mules, kc., being hastened forward to replace those captured and destroyed by the ;nemy All excitement bad subsided, and the (Quartermister's Department at the Brazos and mouth of the ttio (Jrntule weru exerting their utmost energies to siip>ly the necessary means of transportation required for lie additional forco of (Jen. Taylor, and replacing tliu ecent heavy losses. Among the passengers by the Telegraph are Major diaries Thomas. (Quartermaster II. S. A., and Mr. A. C. iVakeman, his secretary, ordered to this place on duty, roin Brazos Santiago last, and recently from Gen. Wool's Uvision of the army. The above intelligence, in regard to (Jeneral Taylor's noveinents. is confirmed by a letter from a responsible lource at Camargo. from which wc make an extract: Camaroo. Mkxico, March 19,1847. I have just seen and conversed with a gentleman liroct from Monterey?his information I think can be elied on. He states that (Jen. Tuylor has returned, linco his last battle, to Monterey,with a portion of cavalry IU<1 fflLir IlilX'MH (if lilfhf (ipfHInru un/l lnf? war i I* ihout ltfM) troops to look up 4ton. I'rroa. who In on this lido of thn mountains. and said to have tjooo troops ? avalry and infantry (ion Taylor umrchod in the di ectlon of Monto Morales, a town about 120 miles south if this, and report says, on last Tuesday night (ion T. ind his little band were within twelve or fifteen miles of he Mexicans. If (ton T. overtakes them?peace be to :heir ashes. lie whipped Santa Anna on the other side >f thn mountains, and now he lias couie to clear out ill this bottom land. AU.UV INTKLLlliK.NCi:. I apt. Riddle, and five companies of men. arrived at Pittsburgh on the 3d. and left by steamboat for New Orleans. AU well. The citizens of Columbus. Mississippi, have had made a superb sword, to be presented to Lieut. Col. McCluug as a small testimony of their appreciation of the valor displayed by him at the capture of Monterey. NAVAL. A letter from an officer of the U. S. bomb ketrli llecla dated off Havana, 20th ult , with a sight of whirl) we have been politely favored, gives us thn following in formation:?The U S. bomb vessel llecla left New York on Tuesday afternoon, March 9, at half-past two and arrived off Havana early on the morning of the 20tl ?officers and crew all well. The first week out wc hat a succession of gales, accompanied with heavy rain Tho brig, however, ha* proved an excellrut sea boat am a much faster sailer than auy of us anticipated If tlih wind holds, we will be off VeraCruz in cigiit days, read} to prove our gap." [From tho Washington Union. April 3 1 The board designated by tho Secretary of the Navy to design the four steamers Is tely authorized by Congress is now sitting in Washington, and is comprised as fo| lows :?Commodores? Charles Morris.L Warrington ami Joseph Smith. Kugincer In Chief?Cbas H. Tlaswell Chief Naval Constructor?Frances (Jrlce. Naval Conitructors Samuel Hart und John Lcntbul. Knglmwr C. W. Copeland. 1'ollcc Intelligence. A mil. 6.? Charge of l.ihrt.?Officer Burley, attached to the lower police, Arrested, yesterday. a young mau by tlie name of John 0. Smith, a cleric in the office >f llerdmun Ik. To. No. (il South street, on a warrant issued by Justice Osborne, wherein he stuuds cliargi d with having written an advertisement (which is said to be in the hand writing of the accused) and caused the same to be published in one of the daily newspapers, purporting to be authorised and signed by Joseph McMurray. shipping agent. No 100 I'ine street, which advertisement set forth that Mr MeMurray was the agent fir the U. S. ship Macedonian, now loading with breadstuff for Ireland, and that upon her return trip sin1 would bring back emigrant passengers at $10 each, one third r>f which would be given towards the stnrviug population nf Ireland, together with other libellous matter, thereby holding Mr. MeMurray up to ridicule before the eyes of the public. Justice Osborne held the accused party to hail in the sum of $MK), in default of which, he wascomnitteil to the Tombs. Stahhing with Intent to Kill.?Officers Smith. Ogden aid Miller, of the lltli ward, arrested on Hunduy night l Dutchman, by the name of Jacob Beagle. on a charge if stabbing another Dutchman, called Adam Kuapp with t knife in the left breast, passing through into the lungs, nfllctlng a dangerous, If not deadly wound The affriiy t seems took place in a Dutch porter house, at No. 34M ttunton street It appears that but slight hopes are enertnined of the wounded man's recovery Justice Tlmplon committed the prisoner to await the result. Hurglmry.?Borne expert ' kraoksnien" entered the dore occupied by Mr. John <J Ilolen. No. Kit Broadway, in Saturday or Sunday night, by false keys, and stole herefrom pistols, dirk knives, pen knives, and other ar:1clos, valued in all at between to ftoti .ilrrent an Suoptrion.?A fellow railed Win Robinson sens "nabbed" by officers Ilervey and Wetsell. of the rhlrd ward, whom the officers found secreted In the new uiildiifc on the corner of Robinson ami < Ireenwich sts . videntTy with intent to steal. Taken to the station louse and locked up I'etit Larr.eniet.?Officer Motiuire, nf the Twelfth sard, arrested a fellow called Peter Snyder, whom lie deeded in the act of stealing a wagon Imdy Locked up ly Justico Rootne. Susan Palmer, (black) was caught ly officer McKrnney. of the Thirteenth ward. In the act if stealing two shirts and a pair of pantaloons. Iielongog to Isaac Morris. Locked up for trial by Justice rimpson Interfering with on Officer?A man called Peter I ughc*. wild taken into custody on a charge of interfering villi officers Squire* and Ogdcn of the 11th want, while n the discharge of their iluty Stealing Hell I'ulli.?Some small potato thieved were Coins the round* on Sunday night. in the l.'ith ward, irciiklngoff the bell pulld. The following house* suffered >y the depredation* of these ram-aid No* 5. 7. H and 10 Washington I'laee ; No*, l'i. -fa. as and aft Waverly Mace; also, the hell pull* from the door* of the New York Intel.?They were all carried off by the thieve*. Miner I Inn eons. In Nantucket the whole number of building" now Iniehed in the burnt district. i* 14ft?they are mostly of vood. and are said to lie handsomely got up. Besides hese there are dome devrnty-five store* and dwelling* in -nurse of erection or about tq be commenced. At a ball lately given by the Duke do Nemours, all the [entlemen attended dressed In the full fashion of a eenury ago The steamboats, schooner*, he., owned on the Amerian side of Lake Ontario, arc 140 in number, and have l total tonnage of id.040 ton*. The Cumberland I'altey report* the Mississippi as Islng fast at the Lower Rapid*, supposed tol/e out of the own river. At Pittsburgh, there were, on the Itli Inst six feet rater in the channel, and the weather delightfully ploatnt. ( nmphiint i* made at Pensaoola. Florida, that slave leehanies are employed in the navv yard at that placereally to the detriment of the white workmen hereto, re employed upon the government work Almost, if ot all the white brick tnanons. for instance, have been >*cbarged and the work cootlnued by aUvea. - , " . ! l m LD. W? Two Coots. Common Cotrndl. Boaku or Assistant Aldiumln, April t> ?Noil Oraw E*j , Preeldent, In the Chair *' F.nrine Company No 21.?A remonstrance ?u ptare D ted against the reorganisation of Cnglue Co No M ?Referred House of Detention. Harlem ?Petition of rundry perrons rasldmg In Harlem, for permission to use the Court room oonaectsd with the House of Detentlou, at Harlem, as a place of public worship?Referred Private Stiver in front street.? Petition of Samuel Coddington, for permission to construct at his own empense, a sewer from his premises. No IS Front street, to connect with the sewer in Broad street?Referred, with power Tenth .tvenue.?Petition of sundry persons to hare Tenth avenue, between 26th and 40th streets, rcgulaUd, Ac.?Referred Twtntu-fourth Street.?Petition of sundry person to have curb and gutter stones set on 24th street, between 6th and 7th avenues. Compensation for Repairs ?Petition of F.dward Oray for compensation for repairing certain piers?Referred fortieth Street ?Remonstrance against setting ourb uud gutter stones in 40th street?Referred (trade of 29fA street ? Petition of Michael Flynn. to have 29tli street, between 2d and 3rd Avenues, graded, Ac. Referred Telescope in the Park?Application of the AmurloMl Institute, to obtain permission to put up a temporary frame building in the Park, for the reception and exhibition of a new telescope of great powers, recently completed by Mr Lewis Lcweuburg, of Williamsburg. R^ ferred fire .harm Telegraph?Resolution by Ass't Aldermen Kecks, in favor of appointing a special committee to inquire into and report on tho expediency of establishing a telegraphic communication between the several fire alarm stations in the city Adopted /.rate of Pier.?A petition of Cbancey St. John, Ibr the lease of a pier on the north side of the city. Referred. fifth .henlie?Petition of sundry persons to have the side-walks in the ath Avenue, between 17th and Slat streets, flagged Referred. Visit to (he U. S. ship Macedonian.? Invitation of Com. DoKay, to visit the V S ship Macedonian, previous to her departure, and partake of hospitalitlee on board. Invitation accepted, nnd resolution to visit the before numed vessel on Weduueday. adopted. Celebration bu the Rechabites ? invitation to attend a celebration, to be given by tho Order of Rechabltee. Adopted. l)ru Dock Street.?Resolution in favor of opening Dry hock street. Referred. Nursery for Juvenile Paupers.?Resolution In favor Of selecting a suitable location on Randall's Island, for tho ' " < OUin.lJ, IVI > ><: III UIUIIUUIIUUII v> JU.Vnile paupers, now occupying the Long island Karma. Adopted. Regulation of Eighth .Ivenue.?Report adverse to the petition asking for a delay in the regulation of th? 8th avenue, between 4-Jd and 63rd street*. Accepted. Hammond Street Pier.?Report and resolution in Itvor of leasing to J. F. Fowler, the pier at the foot of Hammond street, for the landing of steamboats. Adopted. Cleansing of Situs.?Report and resolution in favor of excavating the slips between Charles and Hammond streets, so that they shaft be live feet deep at the bulk head at low water Adopted. Pier at the font of Hank street.?Report and resolution in favor of building a pier at the foot of Rank street.? Adopted. Earl Hirer Piert.?On motion of Assistant Alderman Dougherty, the committee to whom was referred a resolution offered by himself, in relation to the propriety of extending various piers, and building others, between Catharine aud Ciouverneur streets, the committee reported! 11 favor of carrying out the spirit of Mr. Dougherty's resolution. Report accepted and the resolution adopted Pier foot of Duane street.?Report und resolution in favor of leasing to 1'. B. Lynch a portion of pier at tha foot of Duane street?adopted. Repair of Hulk Head.?Resolution in tavor of causing bulkhead, aloug West street, between Morton and Barrow streets, to be repaired. Ganievort street Pier.?Resolution in favor of repairing the pier at the foot|of Uansevort street, at an expense not exceeding $1000?adopted. Fifth Ward Station House.? Report and resolution tn favor of leasing, for a term of years, the Fifth Ward Station House?adopted. Papers from the Hoard of .llderwrn.?Sundry paper* from the other Board were then taken up nnd referred to appropriate committees of this Board; alter which Hi* Board adjourned Arrival of Stranger* In Now York. APRIL 5. American IIuiii.. Dr. Roger., N. J; J. French, J. Van Baren. Albany; R. Saunders, ilartlord; .>1. Lyon, Westchester; H. Horn, Long Island; Levi Alver. Washington; F. Will ford, Fredericksburgh; D. Sears, Jj. I apron, Waldeu; Hiram Bennett, N?wburgh. Alios Hot sr. J. Hubble, R. Ilsvtley, J. M'Coun, Troy; M. Sibley, Ooaa* daga; C. Alger, Stockbrtdgr; .1. Stevenson, M. Temple. Albany; Si. Holmes, U. S. N; J. Henderson, Albany; F. Rum, Otsego Co; J. laiuler, liaitlord; J. < 'mills, I'lnlad. Geo. Co* Boston; Thomas Aake, Throg's Neck; J. Morgan. Va; J. Van Scherhcrd, J. Corning. Troy; J. Parkhmiat, Baltimore; J. Everhart, Long Island, A. Reynolds, Buffalo; W. B. CoUla. Troy; C. Griffith, Manic; M. Osborne, Kickooal; J.TUoBrson, Cincinnati; 8. Wheel*right, Baltimore; E. Breden, Va, U. Eaton, Baltimore; A. Lil>ey, Bo,ton; N. Taylor, J. raal, E. Lambert, I'lulad, W. Scliares, Pan*. City Hoti l. J. Ewiug, WatliiiiRton, Pa.; J. Wlirlan, I'lnla.; M. Gilbert, II. S. N.; O. Livingston, do.; A. Stmraes, do.; E. < eruenUf. New York; B. Hammond, Providence, J. Stone, Phila-, E. Eire, do.; M. Barrett, Neva York. Cli.yto* Hotel. i ('. Porter. Albany; W. Cunningham, Liverpool; t. Trine, i England; W. Dudley, do.; Mr>. Dudley, do ; Mm Soov fiela, do.; J. Wright, Jo.; j. Mott and lady, New York; D, Lf Barclay, Newhtirgli. CnoTon Hotel. 1. H. Kurd, llarwick; J. C. Taber, I'lnla. } . Dur?:*i?iij'i HOTBL. I L. Kellogg, New York; K. II. llarken,. Albany, D. Cropper. jr. W. H. Sharp, jr, Hudson; W.J. Htewart, Duclieae on; I J. bold, Hudson; M. C'aufield, St. Albans, Vt., , Eichanue Hotel. L. Rhoely, renn Yan, John Ooomley, Rochester, Dr. W. ' H. Watten, Buiralo, G. W Stanly, N.W. Butler, Phils. Na than llntchins. George White, Benjamin Tuttlr. H- Smith, lio - ton ; G. W. Stevens, 11 D. Dav i?. New Hampshire; Daniel . I mill. Jam, I II,ram O-good, lludvoa. V. V.; 3ylv. t*' i II , lloio. "|" ,|>. I > i a nl turki r, Plltali* Id. Mana; 'I t\ 1111 nil ItuChli ,, II. W. Dili ton, Kiclind huo w, Boston, J. Weeks, L. IT Lewis, New Hampshire; II. Bnttncle, W ft. 1 Rise, Utica. N. Y ; rf. L. Babcock. tfass., D. W. Whiting. Conn.; Sainuel Stevens, Vermont; II. Thouilison, New Jersey . B. W. Wilson, do.; George Bullard, do.; A. E. Wright, Philadelphia. Kksyrliis Hotel. I apt. Nye, W. Genu in. shin St. James; J Nagles, PhiUdel phia; J no. Crofts. .1. Stotf, Hudson, C.fAdriance. C. Swan, roughkeepsie; W. Hubbs, Jersey ; N. Secor, Brooklyn. Ilowaao Hotel. W. Tyler. .VlassachusnMt; T. Hardy, PhiladelphiaJHon. Mahlon Dirkerson, New Jeraey; J Morrell, Sing Sing, M. Boucher, Canada; G. Sheldon, New York; II. Gillett, Canada; J. Uiulry, Bristol; S. Patterson, .1. Mathelon, Rochester; T". Kyle, England; J. Patterson. Philadelphia; N. G. Marphjr, Pittsburg; W. Junes, W. 11. Thompson. Baltimore; H. Waters, Ohio; L.Tavlor. Philadelphia; S. Wilmot, Lenngton; Col. Diisoii, A. Dollarman, G. Hazlenrt, Philadelphia; M. Lindsay, Montreal; H. Kergusoii, New York; H Stan*hergli, Troy; J. Mi Kern. I . Watt, E. Hallory, J. Watt, Geo. b.nylehart, Geo Gay, Albany; lie* Morton ( onuell. New Haven; N. Graham, Jaines Hardy, Philadelphia. Juuson's Hotel. E. Hey nolds, H. Smith, A. ICawsou, Ohio; B. Bullrn, Arkansas, L. Whilniore, ' .Mr( lung, J t asey, I'hiIn, Dr. Bigrlow, N. York; O. W. Smith, ('. ( nggrtt, Richmond, H. Wood, Boston; W. Ilollrstrr, Ohio; b.. tiw me, Columbus. Lovejoy'o Hotei.. II. J. Mavnard, I'lnla; K. b.ames, I'tiea; 11. S. Smith, T. C. Moore, N.York; N. S. Greene. Herkimer Co.; J. A. Ifendrr, i*i.11. tt' v i ?.t,,u v ,iu t...... i,,n? at York; N. Howell, Canada; I). Mrlour, Jefferson, Mm., H. Harrison, Canada Kast; ('. McAdams, Morristown; J. f ildwell, I'hila.; M. K. Tanner, Auburn; A. Manvrl, Sing Sing. Natiomal lliiirx. Win. K. Thome, Jamra Browrr, Henry Perkins, J smew Mussel, New York; Daniel Whntley, Charles Van Hrietbeek, Phils; >1. B.Stafford, II. Harrington, New York; J. K. Keller, Buffalo: B. T. I,you, Schenectady; A. K. Striker, Bloomingdale; W. Totn|ikint, Tompkins' ( ore. H. Kerris, II Sears, Pittsburg; James Johnson, T. 11 Brown, Ohio; YL Stamford, Baltimore; J. B. Jamirson and lady, Miss Mclutire, Newburg. North* hi IIoti i . II. Van Ilrtiiit and lady. Washington; A. Joire and lady, do; A. Kodney, Boston; H. Barnes, I' S. A.; Mr. Harsey, Alida, Mr. Barclay, I). K.mory, Maine; A. Anderson, I'strrson; T. Born, do; J.Baker, PensaroU; S. T. Andrews, Baltimore; J. S. Andrews, do; A. H. Kreeman, I'. S A.; J. H. Patersou, Joneoborrnigli; J. Downey, Pottarille; II. D. Kennedy. Norwirh; II. Houston, Philadelphia; W. H Heath, I'rnn.; Mr. Osbome, I it s kill. Pacific Hots i.. C J. Hosevelt, New York, < apt. Sherman, Prughkeepsia; N, K.Ashley, Port Anne;.l. P. Hrhoniiniakr c I). Russell, Albany . J. C. Antlrews, Troy; ( . K? II iptkell. Peek.kill; H. Van Vlcck, I sin. D. K.d?arils and lady , Capt. Bamnm. Miss Blirn, K.sser; B. M. Vandervoort, Paterson. Pkaai. Street Hoi'ii;. I? Jenkins Hebron, Ohio; R. Sprinkle Rochester, Ohio, J. B. Hanson, Plnlad; W. R. < ummiuga, Darby Urookliiie. Ohio; R. Mason, P. S. Spenrer and lady, Bunion; D. Ilowea, T. S. Playton, North ( aroltna, S. Dodge. Boston; S Miller, T R. Miller, Albany; II. Parker, West Troy; H M. Kerran, S. Lawrence, I'liilail, D. Rodgers, H. T Parsons, R Person*, B 9. Ware, S. N. Crocker. T. H. Mace. Ohio. RATiint it's Hot i u. llo|ie Williams, Phils, II. Cooke, N York. J. Reynolds.Va; M. Atridge, Auburn; O. ( aieiuo i, Montreal; II < ssr, Uamilton, Canada; J. Miles, Js. Underbill, Seneca Kails, M. t sray, Ohio. WiSTIJa Hotsx. K. Riclitiionil, Hillingly: A. S. Terome. N Ileeen; ' N. Kimch. Baltimore, W. if. Robinson, lluttleneugh; Nainl. W. Hrocliiilaiid, T B Rider Bvron A Knetglif, * batham; Thoa. Krirell, Sins Co; V C. Hall, Norwich; Mr L. < obb, Ring Sing. II. Duboso, Philsd; I apt II. P. < arr. Ha.hinglnn, K.dw. Lyomgston, William J. II Pierce, CUrenea R. II. I lupin in Balston Spa; Henry (J. Rn limond; C. I). Agans, Troy; John B Wick Persbam, Ttioinas II. Layman, Plnlad. PEARL STREET HOU8E, HH Pearl street, New York. KKD1H TION IN PRIfiK.?The aubacrtber rea|*etfully I nils the attention of the travelling community, and eaprriallv bnatneaa mrn. to the f.irt tint thin Itoiiae it now o|>en and la offered for their patronage at the low price of (IN K DOLLAR PK.R DAY. I Ita location for bnatneaa ia not anrpaaacd in New York, and j picrj- comfort, with good living, clean beda, airy rooini, lu . can here be had aa well aa at the moat eitraragant honaca ? ( One call will aurelv aatiafy any one of theae facta and inanre an eatenaite patronage for the lionae. mjft Jw rc HAVL. C. RIHHOP. Proprietor. SECOND WARD HOTEL WHO iloea not know tint fine LUNf 11 HOIJHK., at NoHi Naaaau atreclf On in there wlaen you wijl, Dartirularly at II o'clock in the forenoon, when the table dianfava for viaitcra, Turtle Soup, Stew, Dolled ( raba, or tome other Inaury. It ia truly a capital place for Refreahmenta; for Hoi d A. Smith know how to anit their I'r^nda and cuatomera. At the nan 1 on find Martin Botner?eeery body knowa him, who ever atnptred at the Aator lloiiae, or Lovejoy'a, in thia citv. or < nlemau a National Hotel, in Waahington. "Mart" ia like a loadalone ; Ire draw a hit frienda became they like the wtrvliouWe ..I again, the Me rood Waul Hotel la one of the he t place- in tliia cit> to obtain a good Lunch, or set an eieellenl glaaa of ajn or liquor of any kind m'

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