Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1847 Page 3
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( ^99^" i * - -Ji. Citarih, liCuien, 1; Casualties, 1; Cholera infantum, t;Coii< sumption, 38; Convulsions. 20; Croup. 11; Cyanosis, 1; Debility, 3: Drlirium Tremens, 1; Diarrhcra, 7; Dropsy, 1; in the head, 7; I'l tlie chest. 3; Dysentery, 7; Epilepsy. J; Erysipelas, 2; Fever, i.j Fever Bilious, 1; Fever Intermittent, 1; Fever Puerperal, 4; ( ever Remittent, 1; Fever Scarlet, 3; |> ever Typhoid, 1; Fever Typhus.7; Feier Nervous, 1; Heart, Disease of, ti;Huopini; Cough. 3) liillHinmatitiu. 1; Intlarninitnni of brain, 10; lnllaminitiou ol bowels, 11; lullamm ation of lungs, 27; Inflammation of stomach, 3; Inflammation of throat, 1; Intemperance. 1; Killed or Murdered. 1; Lues Venerea, 2; Malformation, 1; Marasmus, 11; .Measles, 19; Old Ace, 3; Ossification,*1; Palsy 2; Poison, 1; Premature birth, 3; Rheumatism, 1; Scrofula, 3;l Small Pox, 1; Spinal disease. 2; Si hirrus 1; Unknown, 1. Aye?Under one \ ear, at,|I to 2 years. 43; 2 to 5. 2C;ii to 10, 17; lUlu2U. 11 : tfl III *Ji e> . I MI?an . " ? I. . sal .? en 10 ; GU lo7U, 1G ; 7U to (10, lV;*8u W9H. 2 : '90 to 100, 1; Unknown. ^ , CORN'S. B. ARC 11ER, City lusprctor.ij City Inspector's Office, April 5, HIT. I " WANTED, IJ\ A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, a Situation, eithyr to attend on children, or to do Chatnberwork. The heit ol city reference may be had, ou applying at 183 We at Broadway, brick basement. aG,2r r WANTED, \ SITUATION, bv a respectable Young Woinau, as Cook; -a. h :i no objection to assist in washing. The best of city n lerenoe can be given. Calls will be receited at 312 Greenwich street 3 days, iI'not previously engaged. a6 If r WAN 1X1)7?A situation by a Protestant young woman,, to " do Chamber Work, or to do die Plain Cooking. Washing md Ironing ol' a private suiall, iiuiettfamily. Good city re leretice given. Ple i?e call at ili Kourth street. W\ N'l'KD?lis- i res|ieet.ible young Woman, i situ ition in a | rivate family to do general housework or waiting.? '1'he heat of reference given. Enquire at 134 Perry strert. in the grocery store. a6 2t*r \Jtr AN'TED?A small siaeil Billiard Table,. in good order. " ' A note addressed to Bo* No. 2008, stating where it can !>? seen, will receive attention. all lw*rrc A I'll VSIC I AN. iir.ictioing in this city, who must leave in . *. few months, vv lilies to dispose ofhis furniture and practice. or terms, w hich w ill he nloilcratfc, address M. D., office of this paper. apC 3t?r TillS is' to certify that" HEYM AN LI'.OPOLD, NK W1 MAN LEOPOLD, and MARK HENLER, were, upon examination before Justice Drinker, this day, discharged from a arrest nude lor perjury, on die complaint of Edward Seligerai'.d Louis Newsdat. f Signed 1 S 11. STEWART, April C, 1817. Clerk Police. nfi lt>r TWKNNTY-FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. STOLEN from a man between tho hours of 7 and 9 o'clock o i Wednesday eraning last, a large gold leeer watch, No. 3GI9, M. J. Tobias, maker, reel chronometer balance, gold dial. Information about aatd watch given at Hi Broadway. a6 lt?r KELIEF FLR~~M ACTgDOXJA\' " LIST of tendert tmdt* and donations rcceired, up to this diifp. from narfie* (Viandlt? tn fKa rtfsufferinir numan Uy, and disposed to aid it in tfic iifdt and most direct manner. March 3. .7?Congress of the United States?the ship Ma cedonian 25th-?The Executive of the United States?the preparation of the shj" ffit sea as a merchant vessel. lith.?.poniiion of the cits-of New York, through the Finance Committee, by vote under power, $i,000, to be invested in Indian meal, on the opening of the river. Messrs. Davis. Brooks Ik Co.?ofTer use of warehouses 68 Broad st. and 2B and 20 West st., w ith men and help free of charge. Captains Sturges and Sydney Brooks, each offer a steamboat to low ship to New York. Divon St t^uin oft'er their services as stevedores, with services of 20 men and horses for two weeks, in loading Macedonian gratis. Their tnen each give one day's labor Iree. New York. New Jersey, and Merchants' pilots, offer their services to pilot ship to sea free of charge. ISth.?Miss A.M. Hoffman. Secretary of I.adies' Belief Society, Brooklyn, contributes 100 bhls. tnral, 5 bbls. pork. 17th.?I). Gallagher, 10 bills, meal. S. S. Hill offers to insnre $i,000 at 7i per cent of ordinary rate. Itev. W. H. Bellows, oue package of clothing. I!t'h.?Mrs Heugnaa, I hoi cl itliinf. State Society, by G. W. Fraser, $10,000. R. W. Jaioi a, I bbl. meal. J. J. Ring, 1 bbl. meal. 20tli.?P. D., 10 bbls. meal, for l.ondon. R. B. 5 bbls. meal. 22d.?Henry Morris offers to load Macedonian gratis, with pay to laborers. G. W. Blunt offers cnrouotneter gratia. J. Van Dyk. of New Brunswick, all surplus. Alderman Peters of New York, 1000 bushels of corn. P. D., 23 bbls. ifiesl 25tli?Albany Executive Committee, 20,000 bushels corn, bcr. G. Pessinger, I bbl. beef. 30th.? Matlaewan Presbyterian Church, 25 bbls. meal. Youngs, Hawkins & Co., send 10 chests of tea, for relief of sick in Ireland. Miss Harriet Huithes, I bbl Indian meal. Davis, Brooks Ik Co., t; bbls. corn meal. Charles M. Conolly, 157 bbls. corn meal. Com. John C. Stevens, N. Y. Y. C., 10 bbls. I idian ineal. Col. N. Low, t bbl. Indian meal. Citizens of Shrub Oak Village, Westchester county, 21 bushels com, by J. Everinitham. ?p6 ltr GEO. C. DE KAY. " AID TO IRELAND. THE COMMITTEE on BREADSTUFF'S and PROVISIONS inform their fellow citizens throughout the country, that they will be happy to receive contributions of Breadr stuff* and provisions, and ship them free of expense to the " < entral Committee ofthc Society of Friends in Dnblin," for general distribution among the famishing |H>or of Ireland. But tho freight must In all cases be paid from the interior to New York. Communications on this subject may be addressed to either - of the Committee. The freights from New York to Ireland will be paid by the British Government. GEORGE BARCLAY, ROBT. B. MINTURN, Committee JAMES REYBURN, .Committee. WILLIAM REYMOND, GEO. McBRIDE, Jr., The afternoon and weekly papers, which cmi afford to publish free of charge, will please to copy this for a week or two. _ aBlwr FOK~SADK, A FINE ASSORTMENT OF BROAD BLACK CLOTH, TV C'assimrrr and Doeskins,of a very superior quality, which 1 lately received from Belgium. GEO. VLOTO, nf, tw'rc 03 Liberty street, upstairs. TO CHKMiSTSTf>KTOl'ilSTS, AND -MED 1 CAL MEN. TO BE DISPOSED of at a sacrifice, on account of ill health, an excellent and well established concern, and particularly worthy the attention of any young man. Itembraces a good and profitable business. Apvlv t" CHARLES 8. FRENCH, lit. 7t?ri- Otfice of A. w \THON, 77 Nassau street. k.MKHi Mltl.'i; 1 ILACK CAI'i.S. &r. -7/ the Xeu< Store. Xo. 377 Uroadway. VATILLIAM SCOTT & Co. have just received a large a?" sortment of new ami clrgant goods, which they are offeting unusually cheap: thev particularly invite attention to 5 cartons white figured acini veils, at SI 00 3 do needle work Collars " 75 * do do do " 1 00 20 dozen fycm'd lawn handkerchiefs at 9 00 which tlicv believe to be fully 30 per cent cheaper than the usual retail prices. a6 lw*r TO SHIP CHANDLERS, DEALERS IN NAVAL STOREg. CAMPIIINE, SOAP MAKERS. Ste. THE undersigned, having succeeded to the business of Messrs. Cook St Adams, Tate Turpentine Distillers. Ice., is in-epared to execute orders to any extent for Oamphine, Spirits Turpentine, Soft Turpentine, Pitch, Tar, Rosin. Soft litch. Spirits Tar, Varnishes, Coal Tar, and every description of Nival Stores, of the first quality, and which he will sell on the wi.?Rr iivurauir ifrms. 11 ivini* riTecrvti an nrntuifeniOTi wim Mr. Thnmis Cooke, late of the above firm, to superintend the mtnufscturing distilling department, the undersigned feels assured that Ins articles will be found equal, if not superior, to those of any other house in the United States JAMES T. TAPSCOTT, Successor to Cooke St Adams, 86 South st. We take th a opportunity of addressing onr old friends and customers in behalf of Mr J. T. Tapscott, to whom we most cordially recommend them for any article in his line, feeling assured, from our long acquaintance with him (he having been formerly in our house), and the facilities he possesses, of his being able to give eatire satisfaction to all who may favor him with their orders. THOMAS COOKE. afi_ B. ADAMS. PIANO FORTES AND MUSIC ?oyMn AT ATWILl.'S, 201 Broadway.?The inusica) world is invited to examine the very fTaO) e V valuable assortment of superior finished piano I ? x ill fortes for sale from the long established factory of Nunus k Fischer, of various styles of furniture, with the AEolian attachment, harp stops, etc., etc., of rose wood, mahogany, and black walnut, with fi, 8^, and 7 octaves. Also, second hand piano fortes of different makers, piano benches, music stands, etc. etc. The stock of Standard and New Music is very large, embracing nil the popular music published in the Country, as well as new music publishing daily. Instmctioii books and exercises of endless variety. Among the new and fashionable music Is the Dances of the Vienna Children ; Fantnise, by Herx, from Lucia di Lammermoor ; O. Mother, He's Going Away, by Lover ; Music We Love Most, What Joy to Greet, from 1 Lomhardi ; Lament of the Irish Emigrant, Sentiment of Love, Spider and the Ely, The Hours We Dedicate to Three ; all the music from the oiieraa of Switzer's Bride, Beauties of Bemirainide, II I'uritaui, Maratina, Lucia di Lammermoor, lie. New edition of Jt is the Chime, 'Tie Now the Promised Hour, A Life in the Woods, Love not. Quick Steps, Huzza Quadrilles, Lover's Hongs, Hongs of the Sea, Moore'i Senna, Parlor Melodies, Ijv G. P. Morns, Esq..The Bong of the forsaken, Carrier Dove, fourteenth edition ; The Seasons, Palo Alto Quick Step, new edition of Songs of the Sabbath, National Soiigs of America, Bepository and Moonlight Waltzea, Garland Waltzes, kc. j Orders attended to with Care, and dispatched by AT WILL, Music Saloon, "lr 201 Broadway, near St. Paul's Church. j At a large mkktTno of the citizens of j THF. SEVENTH WARD, withont distinction of party. I the undersigned gentlemen were solicited and kindly consented to plaretheir names before the reflectng voters of the Seventh Ward, for their support at the coming Election:? MICHAEL WALSH, for Mavor. WM. SHANNON, for Ainu House Commissioner. ROBERT UILSBOROW. for Alderman. JEREMIAH G. BARNUM, for Assistant. D. LVON and S. ADAMS, Assessors. ad 2t*e a7 jTgTbra n don. Successors to F. A. MUNDEN, R L O V K LETTER SIGN manufacturers, SIGN PAINTER S. NO !l TRYON ROW. Adjoining th" Harlem Railroad Office, New York. RtFtcmtvcr.?Washington Stores, William street; Rath' bun's Hotel. ludson's Hotel National Hotel, Perktn'sHotel, V S Bonded Warehouse, Nankin Tea Company, kc., kc, js!9 2m rrc _ "Took at tins"" JL'ST RECEIVED, a large lot of Gentlemen's ] s^Vl'rench Boots, the West and handsomest eyer in tills <;itv and will he sold at the low price of$A. Also all kinds j of Gentlemen's Gaiters and Patent Leather Shoes, ana ell the different kinds of Boots and Shoes. Ladies, you will find in j this Store a great rariety of Gaiter Boots, Slippers, Buskins, ; Ties, House Slippers, white and hlack satin do, white Kid do, ; and all other kinds and sites, Misses and f.htldren s Boots and Shoes, Boys' Boots, Oaiters. Shoes snd Slippers of all the | various kinds; sll of which will be sold cheap, at *7 Broid way, corner of Franklin street. CAHILh. N.B. Country merchants supplied by the package or dozen. j sp2 I m r ! SCOTT'S BAZAAR? NO ? D E Y STREET SANDS SCOTT has removed to No. i Dey street (the street of hta former tuceeas), snd has opened a splendid place, whare he will serve up Dinners, kc., in hi? old atyle, *1 St tave so much satisfaction to hit cusumers. A variety of hot Dinners will be given each day, from 12 Mil S?J avarv description at hit old price of One Shilling, and no | additions] charge for small extras, at bread, butter, kc. The finest Lieuers that can be procured are at hla bar, and the bast flavored Cigars. He will be happy to see his eld friends, and respectfully soBelts the patronage of the public in general. Rseslta, Chopa, Cold Cnts. Posened Eggs, Rarebits, Tea, Coffee, kc , at any time nntil 1? P. M. , H subles will be supplied with the best European and all the New York papers ad lm?c NEW TEAS, OT.p JAVA COFFEE. GROCERIES, kc. at Wholesale and Retail.?J. O. P"OWJi i Jm "*"Y rtceiving from Auction choice new Grtll and nlack Java and other Coffee*, White and Brown Sugar*, r?reiily Orocerirt of *11 kind*, which he L offrrinf at ? *m ill advance on the whol**a)a price*. Fomnieii and dealer* the country would do well to cull ftui) e*ami?.o the above stock of good* he fore purrha?irig. Store* No;. LM and Cf'i'uni* ich and 76 Vesev at reft*. N. LI floods packed and delivered to the boat* without m21 lm*rh I " 1 1 >*'' 'h II .o Meet hit Hatters' Plu h < n J7 'on Sniffs. Tstde I overs kc kc ..for sale he PETfiR t>. Mt'LLF.R. Impoiifci. Ho*' * Nassau meet, opposite the Poet Office I I U U. 8. MARINES WANTED. JJ || I is is TPHItNIARINE CORPS UK THE UNITED SfATF.S, A or tlaat branch of Che military service furnishing soldiers lor the different naval sUUnus and vessels of war, having hern increased by act of Congress, approved id March, 1817, by the addition of Jl) Sergeants, 30Corporals, 30 Drummers, 30 bifers, and 1,000 Privates. A rendezvous for the enlistment of recruits is now opened at No. 38 Chatham street, near the Harlem railroad depot and Tammany Hall, where respectable youeg men desiring to enter a service which will afford them an opportunity of seeing foreign countries, are invited to call. Previous to enlistiug ir is the duty of the recruiting officer to explain fully the terms upon which they enter the service. Open from 9 A. M. to sunset. JOHN OEO. REVNOLD8, Captaiu Commanding, Recruiting Rendezvous. al lw*rc I MASONIC NOTICE. ~ 1 ARMOUR- LODGE, No. 8, of Port Chester, W*?tchr<er Co., N. V., having solicited th? co-operation of St. John's , Grand Lodge of the Slate of New York, and invited its officers ami member*. anil the member* of the subordinate Lodges under its jurisdiction, to be present and assist in performing the last Masonic rites and funeral obsequies, over lite remains of their late worthy brother, P. M. Gilbert Lyons, deceased, and also to assist in erecting a marble monument to his memory, (tc. | Notice is hereby given that the Officer* and Members of the Grand Lodge and of the subordinate Lodges, will assemble at the Lodge Room of Darcy Lodge No. 9, No. 187 Bowery, on Wednesday, April 7th hist., at 8 o'clock, A. M., and will proceed from there iu procession to the foot of Pike street, East river, where the steamboat IOLAH w ill be iu readiness to receive thrui. w ith their families and invited Irieuds. The boat will leave at 'J A. M., proceed to Port Chester and return the same evening. All sojourners and Members of the Fraternity in good standing, w ith their families, are. respectfully invited, s By order of HKNRY C. ATWOOD, U. G. M. Charles K. Lin chal k, G. Secretary. New Yoiik, April, 1UI7. al 3t#rrc .viaso.\k nci'rn'i't?i yution. The members ok the masonic fraternity under the j urisdiction of the M. W. Grand Lodge of the State of New York, are hereby Cautioned that a publication in some of the daily papers, headed " Masonic Notice," for a procession and excursion to Port Chester, does not emanate from the only regular Grand ledge of Free Mason* in this Slate, of which the Hon. John D. Willard, of Troy. i< Grand Master; Isaac Phillips. Esq.. of this city, Deputy Grand Master, and llobert R. Boyd, Esq., Grand Secretary; and further, that there isiio Lodge of Free Masons at Port Chester, under the juris diction ol or recognised by said Grand Lodge. a6 ilt*chl TO COMB MAKERS-Hoofs for sale by PETER COOPER, No. 17 Burling Slip. af, lm'rrc V acl'I'M pans for sale, with all the apparatus for makiii./ SiPrice tttOO. Apply to a6: w*m PETER COOPER, No. 17 Burling Slip. THE I NDERSIONED would respectfully inform his friends and customers that he has removed from his former place, 123}* Fulton it., to 80 Fulton St., between William and Gold. J. rLUNKETT, Hatter. a3 lw?r WANTED, AFEWaetise young Men to go South or West to art as Agents for the sale of new anil popular Publications?$:I60 1 over and abore their espenses will be insured to them in writing, with an opportunity of clearing $1000 per year. Some men nosv in our employ will no doubt make oyer $1000 per year clear of all espenses. Each man will hare his district. It will he necejsary for them to have at least $25 lo $50 to obtain a Siiod fitting out. Apply* at FRENCH'S Publishing Hall, 29:1 iroadway, upstairs, Office of the Flag of our Union. All letters must he post-paid. a2lni*r LOST (>li"sToILKN: SEVERAL VALUABLE DIAMONDS, of the following description, were lost or stolen from the subscriber, on or { about the 20th January last, viz * I large Diamond, near *! ? carats pure white, nearly circular form. 1 large Pearl Breast Pin, surrounded with a diamond snake 1 | with a ruby head, j 1 Pear Hna|>ed Diamond, 3% carats. I * I Circular Diamond with a yellow tinge, surrounded w ith a ' I diamond star centre stone, weight about I carats. -1 1 Ear Ring in the form of a bunch of grapes, composed of j j diamonds and pearls, with a diamond knob to it. ' ! Any person giving such information as will lead to the recovery of the above mentioned property, will be very liberally rewarded by the subscriber. RICHARD C. DERBY. Inf irmatioii to be left with Mr. COZZENS of the Ameri- 1 c?n Hotel, or to Officer RELVEA, Halls of Justice, New 1 York eily, ' New York, April 5, 1817. a5 3t re 1 cartage! book lost. ! LOST?A small Hook, containing Accounts of Cartage for James T. Lew if and H. Scathweyd?marked Patrick Hughes, Cart, No. 1703. Any person (hiding the above, will conTer a favor by leaving it at 184 Front street, or 134 Greenwnli Avenue. a4 3t*c ! kttQfl RF.YVAHD?Lost or stolen, from tlie pocket of the ypWG subscriber, April 2d, on board of the steamer Fairheld, two bank notes of the Bank of Delaware, of the, denomina tiou of $100. Banks and brokers are requested to detain the notes if offered, and direct a note to the subscriber, care of Rev. George H. Fisher, comer of Greene and Houston streets. Fifteen dollars will be paid for the recovery of either note, at 3*eU .1N(). A. PORTER. I NOTICE. ; IN ACCORDANCE WITH A NOTICE HERETOfore given, on the 30th ult., of the SUM' CARPENTERS | ' of New York and Brooklyn, they are hereby notified that an 1 adjourned meeting will take place on Tuesday Evening the ' fitli insl., at half past 7 o'clock, at D. Hughes , 159 Madison street, as business of importauoe will be laid before the meet- ' ing. ap!3t*c By Order of the (Committee. 1 " SEAMAN k MUIlt, . No. 321 H road way. WILL OPEN ON TUESDAY, the 6th of Arril, anery full and complete assortment of Dry Goods, selected eapressly for the approaching season, and for the Broadway trade, to which they invite the particular attention of purchasers on that day, and during the remainder of the seasou. Their assortment will embrace every article usually kept in the largest dry goods establishments, consisting of?Fil de Chevre and Poil de Cnevre, plaid, striped and plain. Bawges iu great variety, comprising all the new styles. Urimanls, in plain and full chintz colors. French Printed Cambrics, Jaconets, Lawns and Organdies. . i Black snil Colored Silks, some of which are very elegant, and having been made expressly for the Paris Trade, are pre-! sumed to be equal to any yet offered. India Goods received by the Rainhow and Navigator, consisting of striped plaid and kroclie figured Silks in superior quality, and never before offered in tins country?well wonli the attention of purchasers. Shawls, Cashmere, Long aud Square; a general assortment. Very superior Canton Crape, with deep rich fringe Embroidered iu white, colors, and plain colors, from low price to the most COftif producrd. Housewife Linens, of the celebrated make of Messrs Richardsoii. Sons & Owden. Diapers, Nankins, Sheetings, (sc. ! Mourning Goods, a very full and desirable assortment not ' surpassed by any stock in this city. I Plaiu Goods for Friends, consisting of Shawls, Bilks, De 1 L.H1HPS, mm omrr varieties. i Kuglisli Long Cloth. Cambrics, Jaconets, Mulls, lie., Sic. < Laces and Kuihroideries, Col Urn, ('hemizettes. Cape*, Lace and Mtisliu Robes. Handkerchiefs and Laces of all description. 1 > Hosiery, Glovesand Handkerchiefs, a general assortment. i Paris Nouveautes, lie., lie. < Seaman St Muir, in presenting themselves to tlie purchasers < of Dry Goods, beg leave to state the general principles upon < | which their business is conducted. i 'J'heir purchases in the United States are made at the lowest I market pneea. And 111 foreign countries, by cnmjietent agents, and at the lowest rash value. Kvery article offered for sale at their establishment is marked < by one of the firm, and never above its lowest cash value, and 1 shall be at least as low as the same article ean be purchased I elsewhere in this city, and none of their assistants are permitted to make any devistiou from the marked price, and no purchaser will be offered some articles at less than cost, and others at an | exorbitant profit. , Persons visiting their establishment are entitled to, and shall ; receive |>oliie and kind treatment, and will never be urged to purchase articles which do not please them, and any breach of this rule, when reported to the principals, will be immediately | corrected by dismissing the offending party. ; , The propriety and justice of these principles are most obvious. They secure to those acquainted with the price of goods an equivalent for their money, and protect those uot so acquainted, from imposition and fraud by overcharge in price. Since their establishment was opened, their success has more than exceeded their most sanguine expectations. This they attribute to tile strict observance of these principles, and they feel satisfied that if tliey are adhered to, and carried out in their integrity , the confidence of the public will he secured, and their business increased to any reasonable amount. I , a!t Sjt.M&tTuisrrc PKINFK &"I NK ARtTmanulaeturenTi>f PAIT'.K H AN<? ING8, No. 343 Pearl street, Franklin Square. Wholesale purchasers will find themselves fully remunerated for calling as above before buying. s i lniiv?r HATS !~ UATST HATS ! KNOX, with his accustomed brevity, would call the J^*>aftention of his friends to his new styles of SPRING F ASHIONS, which are now rraily at his store, No. I'MKulton 1 street. He would, with his usual philanthropy, invite strangers to his establishment, where tliey can obtain hats of an ; | ruuai >|uhum , auu si luwtl prices, ui.iu ni any owrt siuic m I the city. m31 lwnfr , ONE) PRICE HAT ST< >KK. ' ' (" SPRING FASHIONS KOR HATS AND CAPS.? 1 J#>BIlOWN St CO. will introduce, on Saturday, Ayril 3d, the new style of Caps for children and boys; also, the new ' style of Hats for gentlemen, price S3, in the manufacture of i 1 which they have tnadc such recent improvements as will 1 place them in close com|>etition with the most costly. The 1 public are invited to call at 178 Chatliam Hquare, where 1 fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adorn the head. .vtlm'i J "LAKUH MALES AND SMALL PROFITS. I CM SJ HATS can b? had for at MILLS' well known ' dP^Hat establishment, 178 Broadway. (Howard Hotel.)? ' Gentlemen are earnestly solicited to call and examine these Hats thoroughly, the subscriber being confident that the beau- 1 tiful proportions ol'the new style, with the unprecedenttal low " price, will commaud the approbation of all. j ' XT" Attention is called to the new style of cap called the , J Pocket Cap. a2 2w?i NEAPOLITAN IU>.\NKT.S. J THE subscribers respectfully call the attention of I Dealers and Milliners, to their present style of Neapo- t wptt>Htana, which are superior to any hitherto inanufartur- l ed by them; they are also manufacturing anew style called the Gossamer, with Bowers of the same material to cor- | respond, which are indeed exquisitely beautiful, and we feel confident that our Neapolitans and Gossamers, will be the most fashionable Bonnet worn this season, by the demonstrs- t< tiou made thus eerly in their favor by the most fashionable v ladies of our city and elsewhere. i < PATTISON NOE ?t CO.. li Patentees and Manufacturers of the Nea|>olitan Bonnets, | p mllmis*rc No. 23 Delancy St., near the Bow rry. ; .s A * AKI) T(> THE Ladies. ' ; MADAMF. B. LEVYN.Iate from Berlin, begs to announce ? to her friends and ladies inseneral, that she has just * opened a Millinery Establishment in tiiis city, at 171 Bowery, | p with a very extensive and magnificent assortment ol all articles in tint line. Her present stock of goods has bten selected by | herself with the utmost care?is entirely new, and in point of elegance, richness and Tariety. cannot he surpassed. Madame Lt?ri*. in (set, fsels confident that her establishment will he found worthy of the patronage she solicits, and requests an early call. MADAME B. LEvYN, , . 174 Bow*rv. J V B.~\V'*nf*H i Udv fo siip*ruif*nH fh* a?W m20 1m*re COUNTRY MILLINERS. PETER ROBERTS, 373 Broadway, would inrtte the at- J, tention of those who are pnrchasing their Spring floods, J to hts stock of Lac?, vit:?Maleine, Point de Paris. AletiVon, Brussels and Pompallon. for trimming hats: Black and White Lace Veils; Brujells, Illusion Point and fancy Nets?end a u great rariety of other goods, which he will sell at eery low " prices. al lm?r j CARRIAGES. n THE', subscriber offers for sale an eicellem assortment of V good Carriages, all naw styles, warranted equal in quality 5 to any thing in "to, -?k.t,?dw^yS so^ri^nabl. ? all lm?rc 33 and 27 Canal street. 11 PORK??0 barrels old Mess Po'rk, ~ Jj tor tale by K. COLLINS, .it 34 South itinit I t, "ffPOOI/?l,30elflF'Alheriiln Fleece Wool, Washed and un. i * VY washed Wool, for sale by f. K. COLLINS. a air S6 South street. a ETTTTO(?RAI'H\r, STONES.-A lai^e assortment of all mes, hlne and yellow, by the esse, for sale by A. ROLKERIt MOLI.MANN, f at tw'e No. !(# Pearl street. i 1 ?bAi'rniiimiT^T^: I \ PLATF.B AND INSTRUMENTS, warranted to be of ??- F perior quality. E'orsalehy JOHN ROACH, Optician, Hg Nassau street i * N? B Tb< ?c lots hare been just itMitMi and sn offeie?| i I cheeper than ertr sold at heretofore al Jt*o DR. TOWNSEND'S SARSAPARILDA. I THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY MEDICINE IN THE | WORLD. THIS EXTRACT ia putupiui|uartbottlea; it ia> ait tune a cheaper. |ilea?diiier. anil warranted tu per lor to anyaolil.? It furi-i ifuiaaea without vomiting, purt{iu|{, aickcuiug, or dehilitaluiit llie patient. The sreat beauty and tuperiority ol'thia Sarsapurilla ovrr all other reineiliea la. while it eiadicatra diseaar, it uivigoratev the bojy. IT HAS PERFORMED Holt THAN l.i.uou ci'KCi thutfar. 1,000 cl'RKa or HhFI'MATIIM, l.uog cuRAt or Dvarr.ratA. (2,300 ci'Rr.a or OrMP.RAL Dfbilitv, autl want otNervoUa Energy. 3,000 Female CoMrl viNta and ovr.R. 7,000 cuBm or Ui?E*?r.? , . , Of the blood, viz* Ulcer*, Scrofula, Kryiipelaa, Salt Rheum, , Pimple* ou the|face, Ike., he., together with numerous rui. ul' Consumption, Liver Complaint, Spinal Affections, Ike.? 'J'lii*. ?e arr awurr, mint appear incredible, but we have let* ' ten from physician* and our Ageut* from all parti ol the United Sute*. informing u* ofeitraoroiuary cure*. R. Van Duskirk, Esq., one of tin- most respectable diuggiat* in Newark, New | Jer?cy, inform* us that lie can refer to;more than one hundred and fifty cases in that place alone. There are thousand* of cave* in the city of New York, which we will refer to with pleasure,and tu men of character well known. UNITED STATUS OFFICFR. Capt. O. W. McLean, member of the New Jersey Legislature, late of the United States, Navy, ha* kindly sent u* the following certificate. It tell* it*own story: Railway, Jan.'JO, 10t7. A year since I tiai taken with the influenza, and my whole system left in a debilitated state. I was induced to try Dr. Towusend's Sarsaourilla, and after taking two or three buttle* I was terv much relieved, and attributed it entirely to the said Srrtaparilla. I have coatiuued taking it, and find that 1 improve every day. 1 believe it saved my life, and would not be 1 without it under any consideration. G. W. McLEAN. THE EDITOR. John Jackson, Esq., editor of the Railway Republican, published the above certificate, and remark*, in an editorial, as follow*? The success of Dr. Tow useud * preparation of Sarsapari!' t appear* to be of the Most extraordinary character. We publish two certificate* in it* behalf, one from Capt. McLean, of this town, and ouefrorn Rev. Mr. White, of Staten Island, a iiriitleinan well known in Railway. C apt. McLean believes the medicine to have saved hi* life, and Mr. White seem* to entertain an equally strong confidence in its efficacy. Intelligent men like these would not praise so strongly w hat thev did not fully believe to deserve it. SCROFULA CURED. This certificate was handed into Dr. Towusend's office this ' ncok, wiu vuilklu?l*Tir I'lUtcs nisi Ills oaiaai'SVUl* HAS JlfllCCL control over the most obstinate diseases of the blood. Three persons cured in one house it uuprecedentcd. THREE CHILDREN. Dr. Towrjerd? Dear Sir: 1 have the ploosuro to inform ycu that three of my children have been cured ol the Scrplula. by the use of your excellent medicine. They were afflicted very severely with bad sorea; hare uken only four bottlei; it took them away, for which I feel myself uudtr deep obligation. Yourt, respectfully, ISAAC vv. CRAiN, 106 Woottei street. New York. March 1, 1847. opinions of "physicians. Dr. Townsend it almost daijv receiving orders from physicians in different parts of the L moil. This it to certify that we, the undersigned Physicians of the city of Albany, hare in numerous rases prescribed Dr. Townsend'siSarsaparilla, and believe it to be one of the most valuable preparations of the Sursaparilla in the market. 11. P. Puling, M. D.. J. Wilson, M. D? R. B. Brings, M. D? P. E. Elmendorf, M. D. Albany, April I, 1840. The following ia front one of the most respectable physicians on Long Island:? Oreerfort, July 10, I8tti. Dr. Townsend:?Dear Sir?It is with satisfaction that I say lo you, that I have recently witnessed, in several cases, the most beneficial results from your Extract of Sarsaparilla.? Being engaged in the practice of medicine, I have prescribed it in set rral cases, and never without benefit. In the removal vf diseases arising from a deranged state of the digestive organs, laundice, &c., it Tar exceeds any thing of the kind ever before ifferrd to the public. Yon will please semi ine two dozen, the. Ice. Respectfully yours, 8. II. I'RksTON, M. D. Dr. Townsend?Being afflicted with Dyspepsia, for along :iine past. I have endeavored frequently to eradicate it from the system by the use of physic in various forms, hut I found i mi at last, tin- more i usra pnysic. me weaker the organs nt life became, rendering uncertain the tproajwet of effecting a en re, llrrenlly this complaint developed itself fearfully, I causing ulcerations about the throat and trarhea, impairing seriously the organi of life iu their physical functions. In this state Twas recommended to try your aarsapartlla Syrup; after using two bottles 1 find myself relieved from this complaint, and all its distressing synuitoms. In my case, by its life-giving influence, it lias restored the system to its natural state. My coulideiice in its power to effect a cure iu ease of general functional derangement of the organs of life, impel tne to recommend your Sarsaparilla to tbe'afflicted. Yours, Ike. JAS. McALLlSTMl, M. D-, Albany, August 30, 1845. 9'J Broadway, Dr. Townsend, Sir?Some I time since you requested my opinion of the virtues of your Compound Syrup of Saraapariila. I am now prepared to give it. I havt used it iu my practice j and prescribed it for the last few months, and must give it iny decided preference over any thing of the kind with which I am acquainted, both as to its medicinal virtues and the reasonable price at which you sell it. lis scrofulous affections. cutaneous eruptions generally, dyspepsia, indigestion, costive habits, and liver complaints, I am much pleased w ith its effects. In these complaints, or any other where Marsapnrilla is indicated, I eau with confidence recommend it (to the patronage of the profes iou as a valuable auxiliary for removing disease in some of its most troublesome forms, and to all, as a safe and valuable medicine. BKNJ. J. WEfclKS, M. D. Brooklyn, Not.21st. 18IU. DY8PKP81A . No Huid or medicine lias ever beeu discovered which so nearly resembles the gastric juice or saliva, iu decomposing food and strengthening the organs of digestion, as this piepaiyUio'i of HarsapariTla. It positively cures every case of dyspepsia, how- 1 rver severe or chrouic. Broorltm, March 7, 1840 Dr. Townseud?Dear Sir?In the summer of 1815, I was severely atnicteil with a disease of the throat, rhest, and stomach; the mueuous membrane became so aflerted that almost every article of food 1 took produred such a nausea, or irritation, that it was with great difficulty that I could retain food. > I confined myself almost entirely to the use of eocog; even this I was often obliged to throw off. I c.ui scarcely describe 1 the horrid sensation I suffered; it appeared to me,that from the rated, and I was apprehensive tint I had not only dyspepsia in it* worit form, but that I was threatened with bronchitis. The disease became so inveterate, that it produced a rupture of a mail blood vessel. I was confined lor several weeks, lost my flesh, and felt weak, and wearied by the least exercise. At 1 this tunc 1 fortunately saw your advertisement, and recoguized ' several names 1 knew to be highly rrapectable and entitled to | EOMMCt, 1 remembered to have seen Mr. Van Zandt of A I" 1 liany, for a number of years in very bad health. From these | lacts I was induced at first to procure one bottle of your valuable preparation of Sarsapanll i. In justice to you I Icel bound to .assure you that F esteem it an invaluable medicine for such diseases as I have described. It has restored ine to health and treiigth; I have used about four bottles. To teat its efficacy, I Iter using one or two bottles, I omitted for some days to t ike it, snd soon found that I required more, as the disease was not ntirely subdued. I regard tta certain cure for dyspepsia and af crious of the throat and chest; it is soothing, and operates like a harm in composing the stomach and allaying a cough. 1 intend ) n future, ho keep a bottle or two on hand for the use of my mUt, With gicst regard, I our friend, LAW. 1.. VAN KLKECK. Mr. Van Klerk was formerly Sheriff and Clerk of Albany ity and county, and recently in ihu War Department at Washington. RHEUMATISM. More than one thousand cases of Chronic Rheumatism haie ' ' iren cured by the use of l)r. Townsnid's Sarsa pari III. The following certificate was scut us yesterday :? , New Yohk, Dec. II, lulu. t fo Doctor Towrsv.wd Sir?i think it my duty to return you my own sincere thanks i lor the benefits I have experienced by the use of your Extract if S.trupanll.1. I was afflicted for many months w ith Rhrnms- ' tic pains, and also inflammation of the Liver ; the suffering, ' w Inch I endured from these diseases rendered my life a bur ileu to me. I tried every remedy that was prescribed for me, from three of the best physicians in the city, hut without ri reiving any permanent benefit. I considered in>self incurable; but bv the advice of a friend was induced to try your rum- 1 nound. I had but faint hopes of success, but I ain happy to say j i una nui i.iHin niorr man nan a uuuie nruire i experience!! I relief. Tliix induced ine to persevere in iu use, and two botlies have effected an entire cure. It is now some months since I used your remedy, aud I am grateful and happy to nay I never I enjoyed better health. I ?hall take (treat pleasure in recommending it to the afflicted, for by its use I firmly believe my life was saved. Willi the greatest reapect, allow ma to subscribe myself i i our grateful friend. w.\i. B. MORGAN, IJ I anal street, comer of Broad way. 1 GREAT FEMALE MEDICINE. i Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla is a sovereign and speedy core i 1 lor incipient Consumption, Barreness, Leucorrhtca, or Whites, i 1 ihstrnrted or difficult .Menstruation, Incoatinenee of I'riiie, r involuntary discharge thereof and for the general prostia- , 1 ion of the system?no matter whether the result of inherent i 1 sine or reuses, produced by irregularity, illness, or arc ideut. , Nothing cim lie more surprising than its invigorating effects 1 in the human frame. Persons all w eakness and lassitude lie- , bra taking it, at OSCS heeome robust and full of energy , ' under its influence. It immediately counteracts the nerveless ess of the'female frame, (w hich is the great cause of barren- ! ; iiess. : It will not be expected of us, in rasss of so delicate a natnre, ' to exhibit certificates of cures iierformed, hut we can assure 1 he afflicted that hundreds of cases have been reported to lis. levvral cases, where families have been without children, liter using a few bottles of this invaluable medicine, have been , leased Willi healthy offspring. Ua. Towixseud?My| wile being greatly distressed by weakless and general debility, and suffering continually by s pain md a sensation of bearing down, falling of the womb, and with ither difficulties, and having known cases where your tnrdione has effected great cures, and also hearing it recommended or such cases as I have described, I obtained a bottle of y our ! , '. tract of Harsa|?rilla, and followed tbe directions you gave j ne. In a abort period it removed her Complaints and restored o r health. Being grateful for the benefits sfir received, I take ileasure tu thus acknowledging it, and recomtncudiiig it to the 1 mi-lie. M. D. MOOJIK, corner of Oraml and Lydiii* sis. I Albany, Ang. 17, 1814. Coxsackik. Sept. 28, 1848. j D*. Tow.asrMt),?To all whom tlna may concern-?This is ]

i) certify that my wife used oue liottle of your Sarsaparilla preious to her Confinement, under tfie most alarming and delicate . ircutnslances, being troubled with the dropsy, swelling of the set. nervous affeelious, and very much debilitated; with my | eranasioii. and the recommendation of those who had used it, i he was induced to try it, with little or no faith; and sulfite it j ay. the medicine had the happy and desired effect, not only i ' a trie hours of confinement, but alter tbe expiration of one I reek of its use, the dropsy and nervous affection gave w av to ' ' n astonishing degree, and her health ia now better than it liad ! |] een for a long time previous. | " Ifthis will be of any service to you or an v one who doubts * lie success of the medicine, yon are entirely welcome to it. 1 subscribe myself your mosi obedient and obliged servant, S. S. JAMESON. i ALMOST A MIRACLE. 4 Read the following, aid doubt if von ran, that c"niumption annot. be cured. This is only one ol seseral hundred cases 2 4*t Townvend'x Sarsaparilla has cured Hsoorltv, Sept. II, 1818. * Dr. Townsend?Dear Sir : I w as taken a little over syear J go with s severe cough nnd pain in my; side?it increased on !_ re very last indeed. t was pronounced ny pnysioians innate he duick consumption. I raited large quantities of had mat- b 'r, had night sweats, and sinking; very faat?my doetnr said lie nuld do nothing for me. I went in the hospital in hone of eing benefitted, hut was prononneed there as incurable. 1 was nw greatly distressed at the lungs, and could hardly breathesoon became emaciated, and eipected to die; was confined to av bed, and waa obliged to hare watches?indeed I cannot gire on any description that would do justice to my esse. I was I upposed by my friends to be past recovery; I bad tried a great J umber of remedies, and all seemed to be of no purpose. 1 read f some most eitraordsiiary cures performed by your medicine, nd to tell yon the trnth, I suspected there, was some humbug . ?them. But I waa induced to try it?I done so, and am very J haukfnl 1 did. 1 cannot say that! am entirely well, but I am * o far recovered as to be about my business, and hope to be en- ? irely well in a few weeka My cough and pein in the side, ud night urea's have left me, and I raise bat very little, and ] m fast getting my usual strength. I feel it a duty to give you J statement of my case to publish if vou please. r PtTF.R BROWN. 47 Lutre street, Brooklyn. r Principal office, 128 Fulton street, 8nn Building, New York; ' tedding It Co., No. (1 State street, Boston; Dr. Dyott It Sons, 12 North 2d street, Philadelphia: B. 8. Hence, Druggist, Bsk imore( Dnrol It Co., Richmond; P. M. Cohen, Charleston; Vright It Co., lil ( hart res street, New Orleans; 105 Bonth 'earl street, Albany, and by principal druggists generally I oroughout the United States, West Indies, and the Csnadas J Nona gennine, unlesa put np in the large squaie bottles, i *''irtie 1'tart, and signed with the written signature of t I. P. roWNBKNP, and his name blown on the glass si ImNThfcfie r ACCTIQJi HOTICEH. H..... JACOB S. PLATT.Aurtiuucer. AKDWARE AND CUTLEhV SALE-Will b* ?ulJ I Im Day at 10o'clock, at the Auction Room, No. 23 Piatt sticet. comer of Gold street, a general assortment of Hardware and Cutlery. Alao, 'Ji Anvil*; 20 Beck irons ; 100 doz. Philadelphia Shovel* and Spades; Inn del. horse, shoe, hair ami scrubbing Brushes; 3 cases C S. Screw Augurs; a quaulity of Files, Clark's enamelled Grid irons and Fry Pans, German door Locks, Ike. Also, 30 lots Hardware, old stock. Also, 'J casks Zinc Hooting Nail*. Also?Cuder w arden's inspection?I risk patent tinned Tea Kettles. Also?100 lots Table.Knives and Forks, and Pocket and Penknives, Scissors, IUzom, ate., Ate. Also-?30 lots Sheffield pattern cards of line Cutlery, Knives aim Forks. Pocket and Peukuives, Scissors, Razors, Ate. N. B.?The attention of country as well as city dealers, is directed to this sale. Catalogues at the Auction ronvn ? month*, for sums of $100 and upward#, for appro*rd rity Pal*r' __ fcO 11 ? r ( JACOB S. PLATT, Auctioneer. ^ROCKKRV, CHINA. GLASS AND KARTHKN/ VV AHK?Auction Sal*- on Wednesday, 7th hut., at )u o clock, in the large show room, over the Auctiou Store. No. 2J Piatt, comer of Gold ?treet.?Sale peremptory, and country dealers are directed to the Name.?-Consisting of 60 ei it? , making a comnlrte assortment, U now opened on the nbelve*. and will he Hold in lots to hiiit purchaser#. Also?1MU nestn japmnM T6a Trayn. For particulars, see under auction head in Journal of Commerce, and K*pre?s and evening papers. at, it* i j EB. A. CHILTON, Auctioneer. L KG ANT HOISKHOLD Ft RMTIRK. SILVKR Plated Wire, Ike. -K. II. L. LUDLOW A CO.. will sell at 10 o'clock, Tuesday, April 0, the Household Furniture of ;t gentleman declining house-ktM-piiiR, at Nor. 821 Broadway, two doorsjabove 12th street, removed there lor convenience of sale, Consisting' of Louis llth and 16th style Rosewood Furniture, Sofas, Chairs, Tables, Kt&gere*, Ac.. Ac., of carved rosewood. Mso, jMaliogauy Furniture, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Dress Tables. Cluirs. Ac. Ac. Also, Beds, Bedding, Table and Bed Linen. Also, Silver Plate, and Plated Ware, China, Glass, Ac. Ac. Also, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets. Ac. ' Also, two Piano-Fortes, nearly uew, one rosewood and oin'? imhog tny case. ( atalogues ma> he had the day pre* ions to sale at office 21} \\ til street. an UU* i JOHN J. SWIFT. Auctioneer. Handsome furniture-swift at morgan will neU ou Wednesday, Vpril 7, at 10 o'clock, at No. J>i Broadway, a vcrv large and handsome assortment of Furniture, splendid piano, table anil bed linen, xilvci ware, Sir.Ike. For full particulars, see their auction head. aS 2tis'rrc VALUABLE OIL PAINTTNOS, A-it h'e. H Rati Seventeenth Street, near Unien Square. C. TUTtLE will sell at auction on Wednesday, April .* 7th, at 10 o'clock, at the above house, the entire furniture contained therein, together with a valuable collection of richly framed oil paintings. Among the number w ill be found a valuable "Holy Family, wirh the infant Saviour reposing," byOuercino; "A Spanish Mutie Partv," by Velaanuer; Landscape by Oainsborongh, very fine; "Flower piece," by Mario da rion. Also a Pastoral Toilet, by Boucher, and nianv othera equally valuable, and well worthy the attention of connoiseura and others who may be in want of good pictures. Sale peremptory, being tH. property of a family aecliutng housekeeping. Catalogues now ready, and may be obtained* William street. _ ".IOSKPH II E( .EM A N. Auctioneer. Ijll'RNITURE SALE.?On Wednesday, April 7th, at 10 o'clock,at 72 Laight street, ncarSt. John s Park,New York, Elegant Furniture, consisting of splendid rosewood Piano and Stool,roic wood plush covered Chairs, Rocker and Divans, Sofa, mahogany full h reurh ( hairs, Cottage do. mutic Stand, marble top centre Table, dressing Bureaus, >Va?liitands, hat do, pier Tables. King's pat Rocker,quartette Tables, set mahogany dining do, French plated pier Glasses, French Bedsteads, maple do. Brussels, 3-ply and ingrain Carpets; English oil Clotli., stair Carpet and Rods, w iudow Shades, patent nleoslatie lamp, hall and mantel do, Girandoles, splendid mantel Clock, handsome plated China tea Set, while and gill French China dinner do, ivory handle Cutlery, cut Glass, splendid Oil Painting., Xic i V.,? . I..II I ,i., ?.i . ?..n linn of GreenhoiMr Plant*. Also, Kitchen Furniture. The fumiture Inu been used hut ! a short lime, and is of the best manufacture, nearly new. I alnlogues may he obtained at the house, or at tlie auctiou room, 7 Front street, Brooklyn. aOlt'r J.A$1ES COLE, Auctioneer. , POSITIVE SALE of valuable Real Estate on East Broadway and Division street.?James Cole will sell at Auction , >u Tuesday. April 6th, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Egdiange, hy order of John B. King, Attorney for Patrick Dowicy East Broadway and Division street?The J story brick House No. 39 East Broadway, together with the two 3 story, brick Buildings in the rear of the same lot. The front house is very lubstantially built with a basement and sub-cellar, with four rooms on each floor. It is 26 feet front and 30 feet deep. Tinrear buildiuirs are also occupied as dwellings. The lot is 26 I'eet front and rear, and 75 feet deep. Oue half of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage for a term of years. Also, the two frame Buildings known as Nos. 192 and 191 Division street, together with the two story frame Building on the rear of the lot. The front houses taken together are 2S feet front on the street, and 35 feet deap, more or less. They are three stories high, with cellars under the whole. The rear House is 25 feet 6 inches front, and 17 feet deep, two stories high, with cellar mid basement. The first story of the front i houses are occupied as stores, and there are II rooms besides stores and garrets. The rear,house has eight rooms. The lot. 28 feet front, 2i feet rear, 89 feet on one side, and 76 feet on the other. To purchasers desirous of making a profitable investment, tin-present sale affords a most desirable opportunity. The sale will be peremptory. 16 lt*r ROYAL (JI'IU.KV, Auctioneer." CONTENTS NEW YORK GARDEN FURNITURE, I SUMMER HOUSES,kc.?Friday morning, at half-past 1 10 o'clock, will be sold, by Royal Gurley Ik Co. on the pre- 1 tuises, 355 Broadway, the furniture and contents of the New , York Garden, consisting of Summer Houses, Tables, Benches, Large Lamps and Posts, about 30 in number, Trees and Bushes, I Trays, 60 do*, stnill tumblers of the best manufacture, (kr. Kte. ! The Summer Houses, both open hiiiI enclosed, were made of I the best material, and in the most substantial mauner.and would probably accommodate about 1000 [arsons. The whole to be sold to the highest bidder. l5it*r ItEAT SALE OF SILVER WAREJBILVER Mot V * TED SHEFFIELD AND BIRMINGHAM PLATED WARE; ENGLISH AND AMERICAN GAS CHANDELIERS AND GAS FIXTURES; ENGLISH AND AME- I Rl< AN RICH MANTEL LGHT8, CANDEL.ABRAS St GIRANDOLES. MANTEL CLOCKS AND VASES, SO- . I tit tvti k-itL-vi'ii i ampu Priitr i.'! tiv nivivi: DESSERT AND TEA SETS ; ELEGANT TOILET WAKE, RICH CUTOLA89, FINK. JAPANNF.RY, IVORY TABLE CUTLERY, ami a large assortment of other sUidr and fancy House Furnishing Articles. The subaciiber has iug reeenllv purchased the entire stock iu trade and establishment of Mr. Baldw in Gardiner, 28.5 Broadway. known as "G ARDINER'B FURNISHING WAREHOUSE," has concluded to dispose of the whole stock at auction, anil will have the first sale on Thprsdsv, the 8th April, at the store as above, which will consist exclusively of the entire stock of Gas Chandeliers and Gas Futures, Lanterns, Solar and French Lamps, Candelahras and Girandoles. The second sale will take place on Wi tistuuv, the lltb April, and will consist, also, exclusively of a splendid assortment of Silver Ware, and Silver mounted Sheffield and Birmingham Plated Ware. The third sale will he on Motsnav, the 19th ol April, of the stock of Rich China, dinner, dessert, and tea sets, and the Cut <llass. The fourth sale will he on Fbipav. the 23d of April, embracing the most splendid assortment of real China, and Granite Toilet Ware, Fine Inptnuery and Blocktiu Ware, Ivory Handle Table Cutlery, Ike. ht-aii the above Roods are of recent importations, of the inn-1 fashionable description, and iu the very best condition. [TT^The trade will find ureal inducement to attend these sales, as it is intended positively to close the concern. t .. "Further particulars of each sale will appear in the newspapers of the day. J.J. PHILLIPS. a. c. tuttle. Auctioneer. N. B.?The desirable store containing the above goods to let n lease from 1st of May next, and the elegant and costly fixurea for sale. Apply a* above. a.5 2t*rc J. W. BROWN. Auctioneer. Elegant cabinet furniture.?j. w. Brow* w ill Mil at auction, on Tuesday, April titb. at 10 o'clock, [postponed from 31st till., on account of the weather,) at the 1 nare rooms of Joseph llayton, No. 218 Broadway, (under the American Museum.) the entire stock of elegant Cabinet and Household Furniture, comprising mahogany spring seat, | French, \ French, and other pattern chairs; sofas of various styles, ottomans, divans, elegant dressing bureaus, with mahogany anil tnarble tops; French bedsteads, secretaries and hoiik cases; wardrobes, marble top and otlier wash stands; marble | top, centre .and side tables; card, dining, tea, quartette and work > tables; hair mattresses, and palliasses,with a variety of other articles in the line This being a larger stock than is usually offered at auction, will be found worthy the attention of those about purchasing furniture. Every facility will be afforded for packing and shipping. Terms cash, city money. a3 3t*r W.M. DUMONT~ Auctioneer. Three story brick house and store, and Frame Building on Rivington street.?DUMQNT Ik IIOHHACK will sell on Tuesday. April 6th, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants'Exchange, the new three story llrick House uul Lot, No. 230 Rivington street, next to the comer ofWillvt ilreet, w itli rear frame building, 16 feet by 44 feet. The house is ill yood order?Lot, 25 feet by 100 feet; house 36 feet deep, title indisputable, terin? accoinmodat ing. The said house now tnii s for 5550 per annum. mM apt,3.5.6. r I1AR"FIXTURES EOR SALE CHEAP.?Consisting of jl# i i <iiint**r. Mark walnut rop, wun kiii wrnamenia: i aor. [?rtirf Chiim, Oil ( loth*. Lamp*. Table*. Sipus, tttiirifdi OUs?iv ire, Refriijenitor*, Lookinjf-C JltA-Me*. Picture*, Icc., with evearticle* lor fitliiiK up a Bar, on a modern plan?I he whole harm* heeu in use but a lew and will he sold very low. if applied for immediately to I). T. COON, in the Rotunda of Vferehatit'a Kirhanye. II 3t*f u.\<;ri;i!Ki;i ?'rvi'K PLATK.S: J 1ST RECEIVED?A large assortment of Daguerreotype Pl.itfs; small, quarter, hall ami full size. For sale hy WM. H. SMITH ?t CO., } jt*t No. 4 Mww Um. TO TAIEoKsT IjS(>It S\LE?A large Cutting Table, ll,l,Teet by 6, originally belonging to Elliiriidorf k Lord. Inquire U.I Jolm Ityett a.)3t*re MB NOTICE?(?II and after Monday, Marrli r ?.<dEI?>Uth, the Steamboat STATEN ISLANDER, difastMUWla ( apt a in Van Pelt, will make the following rips to and frotn Staten Island until further notice, viz:? Leave Staten Island at B, 10 and 12 A. M . 2 and .1 P. M. Lease New Vork at 9 and II A. M., I, 3!k and 0 P. M. it I# DKAFTS ON THE NATIONAL HANK < >F IRELAND. mt ml \WrTd'. TAFSlCTt, bee t!^n^^!" their "^^^Land he iniblie, wishing to remit money to Ireland, that tlmy draw IralM for large or small amounts, (payable w ithout discount,) lirecton the National Dank of Ireland, Dublin, o, any of the lUincrotia branchea throughout the country. Also, drafts ran ir obtained, payable in all parts of England. Scotland, and Males, on application to W. St .1. T. TAPSCOT'I. af, tin South street. New Vork. W IN ION LINKOKPA1 KETsftfAND EHdSl ulnM^.LIVERPOOL?'The splendid, fast sailing and fa?oEtfil&fite packet, ship OHIO, f'apt Bird, will sail front Vcw Vork on Tuesday, April 6th, and from Liverpool on the nth May. Those wishing to proceed to the Old ' onntry, should make arlv application on board, foot of Dover street, or to the subrrtbers, as her accommodations are rerystipenor, and on|> a imited number can be taken, or tboae wishing to send for their riends. can make the necessary arrangements to have them iroiight out in her Oil favorable terms, by applying to W. It J. T. TAPBCbTT. M South street, s? Second door below Burling Slip SCOT LAND A N D~ ff{ ELAND. RELIEF PER MACEDOS1AX. THIS SHIP lies at Pier No. I, North River, ready nCTgfVta receiye contributions. She will remain at the MRptgiborc place nntil filled, or for threeweeks. mti 2w ewh O. C. DEKAV. tg- gHip siproy*, m litem, - lg ?>nncn*rfing order, a' QrJeant wnari. MMfalnot of Wall (tract. CoDaigncea will pieate attend to empt ortneir foods. a4r PHR MEW flRr.WWW3.r^,.,M. ,?A Sew dn^V Vorlt Line of Packeta?Firat regular packet totue IfliflKpceed the F.dfar. The faat ?ailinn packet Bark TCvNCIS BURR, Captain Coffin, it now loading. and will loaitieely tail at aboee. For freight orpattage, haringanpainrtrenmmodationt, apply on hoard, at Orleana Wharf, foot >f Wall (treet, or to F.. K. COLLIN*, VS Sauth atreet Agenta in New Orleana. John O. Woodruff li Co', who will rompily forward all aooda io their adarrea. M XM*- FOR SALK?The hull of a vreaeiju-i launched, kMtWy and now lying at Railway port. She will carry abont Mk?Vlto 300 font: M feet on d-ck,2J feet beam. She rill anawer for canal rirrr or coaat errice. Inpuira of the uhtcrihert, at Rahway, New Jrr.ej U FBFRV a lm*r H * BHOTWELl ' .1 - J J 1 AMtSKMKSTH. I ' SECOND NKJHT OK MR. WALLACK Park tukatkk.?Tu???iuV ramma. April mL, will br performed tin* drama ui llirtc acta,entitled l)ON CA1/AR OK BAZAN?Duu Ccur l)?r Hi/an Mr. Wallack. Cliariea flie 2d, Mr. Stark; Don Jo?\ Dyott; Mariiaiia, Mrs. Hunt; < ouuteaa df liotondu. Mra. Barry. After w liich the popular farce uf MY Al NT?Dick Dauba"t:V1 coinrn'pure witli tbc comedy of THE MAN WITHOl'T A HEAD?Mr. Obliuona Top, Mr. G. Barrett, lloicr $1; Pit JO centa; Gallery ti cetita. Dlkjt* ttot'ii at ouartiT to 7 o clock. C urUin rmea at a uuarter |*a*t 7. Bowery theatre.?a. w. j?c*?o*. propiteiui?h. E. Strn>?, isuic Manager?Tuesday Evening, April tilh?Will be performed Ui? scenic spectacle THE NAIAD QUEEN?Rupert, Mr. Clarke; Idea. Mr*. Bootb. Previous to torspectacle. the LADY AND 1 HF. DEV II.? Capt. Wildlose, Mr. Neafie; Jrrrmj*, Mr. Hadaway, Zepin rina, Mrs. Madison. _ _ To conclude witli TRUMPETER'S DAUGHTER? Pliilpot, .Mr. J. 11. Booth; Michael Angela, Mr. Vachr; Madeloii, .Mrs. Booth. Dress Circle, & cents: Pit and Gallery, Ulbl cruts. Door, open at I,}, o'clock. Performance commence, at Ml l't HKl.l.'S OLVv.PH THEATRE?Tuesday Evening, April oili, (o commence with AN OBJECT OK INTEREST?Mr. Marmadtike Primrose, Mr. Holland; Kanriy Cribbles, Mm Clarke. Alter which the Opera of the CHILD OK THE RF.GI- J MENT-Lobwitr, Mr Holland ; Grenade, Mr Nickinaoii; 1 Marie, Miss Mary Taylor. To conclude with jLjiio REWARD?Valentiue Hum-stall, Mr. Walcot; .Mr. Dumhletou, Air. Nickinson; Amelia, .Miss Roberts. Dress Circle, 60 cents; Upper Boars, li cents; Pit, one Shilling; Private Boxes, $6: Orchestra Buses. S7. Doors open at 7 o'clock . < ori.on rue ,t 7 o'cl, i I. p, < , !, Bowery *,\ m'phitheatrk, ti.i. .faV, ami" whs- I .The performance will with KIN A\'D ' ' PllY SIC?Pestle, W. II. Kemp, Aiuietta, Mrs. Ayinar i Alter which a SCIENTIFIC DISPLAY between Mr. Kemp and Mr. C olr. To wbich will be added a PAS DE DEl'X by Mrs. Ayinar and Mr. Madigan. I t>Tn?sollu'a'eate co"clllJl' w''1> Mr. Keuip's tremtndona n\Kivr.L ACT. Boxes, 26 cents* pit 12M rents Doors uneu at 7: perform. Jlice to commence ll lull ,11.. 7. " KIRS 1' NIGHT uK THE 8E< UNO SKA SUN. I PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE, Chimbni street ?Wcdiiesuesday Evening, A|>ril 7, lir?t isrtcumaiice of DoniaetliH Opera LUCRE/1A BOROIA?Lucrezia Borgia, Signs ( Barili; Alfonso I, 81a. Beueventauo; Geuaaro, Hig. A. Beua' detti; Maflio Orsiui, Sigra R. Pico; Apottoln Oaczeila, Sig, , Martini; Jacopo Liverolto, Sigra Boulaid, Ascauio Petrucci, ! Big. BenettiiOlofe rue Vitellozzo, Sig. S. Pan; Oubetta, H'?Sanquirieo; Kustirhello, N. N";1AjtoTfo. N. N. (T^ Opera Book* may be had at the Boa Office. prices?Ut Tier Boies and Parqnette, $1; 2d Tier. so e?uu. frieates Boxes for I persons, $12; do. do., lor 6 persons, $10. O" Seats can be secured at the Bog Office, from 10 A M tilH o'clock, P. M., daily. Performance to commence ti half-past 7. Doors open at 7 o'clock. operahiiouset CHESNUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA Dress circle and Psro'ielte jo cents Kami I v circles 2J cceils TUESDAY EVENING. APRIL b. 1817. Auber's celebrated Opera called KRA DIAVOLO! * hra Dinsolo Mr. Eraser Giacomo Mr. Seguia /erlina Mrs. Beguin Wednesday Kerning?The Postilion of Lonjumeau mechanics' hall. NO. 172 BROADWAY, between Grand and Bmonie street*. EIGHTH AND LA8T WEEK. , CHRISTY'S m i n s t r e l ss EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK. Admission, 2J cents. Doors open at 7. Concert will commence at 8 o'clock. Chang* of programme every evening, si lw?r free concerts EVERY EVENING, at the "Opera Hotel," No. O Chain- ? bers street,Hiest door to Palmo'a Theatre. Vocalists?Miss I Willsa,the beaut il'ul ballad singer; Mr. Harrison, the cele bratrd improvisitor and buffo singer. Mr. ChHme will preside I nt the piano. ... ' I il7"The Ales, Wines, Cigars, Liquors, 4tc., at this esta- ! Id isnineiit, cannot be surpassed. apCJtia*r I CIRANI) CONCERT EVERY EVENING AT PINK TEUX'8 Cnfe lies Mille Colonnes Saloon, 207 Broadway. The last week but one of the celebrated Mr. NE1SS, who will ' play on nine instruments at once. a0 lt*r<: u. c. hill's grand musical festival, at the tabernacle, ON TUESDAY EVENING, April 8th, 1817, given in compliment to him. prior to In-, departure for Europe, by the , Members of the Philharmonic Society, the American Musical Institute, the Sacred Music Society, and other members of the profession, with a part of the Italian Opera company. j PROGRAMME. Overture?Full Orchestra?La Gazza Lotira Rossini Solo?Oboe Seuorae Rihas?Elige Ernest i part i. ROSSINI'S ST AIIAT MATER. " Mtahat Matter," Stc.?Huartette and Chorus? " < ujus Animam"?Air . Si*. Benedelti " t^uis eat Homo"?Duetto Sigra. Pirn and Mis* Norlliall " Pro Peccatis"?Air , Sig. Benrventano " Ria Korea Amoria"?Solo and Chorui. Solo.Sig. Beiievrntann "Kar. ut Portero,'?("avuliua Mrs. Edw. Loder " Inflammatns"?Finale?Air and Chorua. Air. .Miaa Nortliall Part II. Grand Overture, as performed at the Philharmonic Society G. F. Bristow Song?Mrs. Coder?Sweet Melody C. K. Horn Solo Viidin?Sig. M. Rappet'i Chorus?Krom rreacioaa Weber Irish Ballad?"Aleen Mavoumeeu" Mias Andrews S. C. Ant.sws i Song?Mr. Danirl B. Bell?" My Boyhood's Home.".. .Rookr Overture?"Jubel" Weber Pianist Mr. II. Tiinm ! Organist F.d. Hodges, Mna. Doe. Directors Geo. Loder at U. C. Dill I Tickets, $1 each, for sale at the usual places?at Mr. Per[ kins', No. 1, Wall street?and at the door. oncert to commence at a quarter before eight precisely nti Its PRIVATE LKSSONS IN GERMAN. A LADY from the north of Germany would lie iiappy to devote a portion pf her time to giving inatrnctiun in tier- , man at the residence of pupils. Application in person or by i ; letter, to No. Baud 10 Clinton Place. mltilin't STORE OF ANTIQUITIE^T* ORIGINALLY at No. 38 Broadway, has been removed to No. 315 Broadway, upstairs. Amateurs and Conoiaseura ' ] are invited to call and eiainine a moat beautiful collection of I Ancient Pictures and valuable s|>ecimrns of Ivory, Porcelain, i | Silver, Gold, itc., which have uever before been in this cit\.? ! I Remember 3l'i Broadway. ml8 lm'r DANCING ACADEMY. MR. 8ARACCO, Italian Chorograpbist, and Mile. Angelina, first teacher of the Parisian Dancing Academy of ' Mr. ('ellarius, respectfully inform Ladies and Gentlemen. | the Amatenra of Modern Dancing, that besides the graceful j dances ANGELINA? New Waltr in J steps of their invention, j TARANTELLE? Dance of Naples: Muzurka, Waltz-Mazurka, lledowa, Wnltz-Redowa, Polka, i Cotiltou ol Polka, and Waltzes?they will learn also the POLKA-M AZURK A-RL'8SE. A dauce recently invented lor the t'ourt of the Emperor of i Russia. I I N. B.?The music of the Polks. Mazurka, Russe can be only I fonnd at Mr. Saracco's, No. 511 Lanal street, east corner of j I nroadway. nv> im?rr j MUSIC. ?-ajaSEfcsta THE PIANO TAUGHT on rery modern'.* n'flmSHflHterm*, by a lady who liaa had experience in ^Tf 3K T^^Ttcachimt wishes to take two or tlirre more llf > > pupils. She teaches the aciruce tlioroiiithly?terms three dollar* per inrmth. A line addressed to Music, to the Office of this paper, shall he attended to. tn!? Imis'rc MUSIC. BALLS AND PRIVATE PARTIES furnished with the I Violin, H&rp and Piano Forte, or any number of IuMrn- ? ments. The miotic selected from the most fashionable Ope- . nu. By K.AYL1FFK, H. AYMFFE. 2 J. AYLIFFK and O. A YLljjKK, Brothers, Profemor*. > i No. 127 Kim atrtet, corner of Howard. ml2 1m#rh ( THEXfiiw AL INSTIll ( TION. DRAWING. H()(>M. RF.AD1NC*, lu\?Mr*. VKRNON continues to re| ceive pupil* at her resideuue, 87 Walker street. inll lw rr I 1 POPISH CONFESSION AND PRIESTCRAFT 1 EXPOSED. REV. E- I.KAHEY, late a Monk of I.a Trappe, will lecture, 011 Saturday, Monday and Tuesday Kremlins, at 7 1 o'clock, April :id, ith and 6th, at the Society I. .irary Lecture I Koom. comer of Broadway and Leonard street. Subject? '1*1%.. ... '..<* I.'. r%. | by Popish Priests; and "Sit. modus, etfinis, sine dam mo, solve cohere. Sit locus et tempus, tactus, nee siH-niifo votum." The Lecture w ill be illustrated by a sad catalogue of inr<>ntrnv? rtr ble Quotation* from Peter Dens' Latin Theology, and Bishops , Hughes' and Kanrick's, which c iLnlogue Mr. Leahey h?s | translated and published with the original Latin on one side of the page, and Mie Knglisli ou the otlier, and will be for sale on | the evening* of his lecture. Price 26 cent*. Ladies are jhjsi| tiyely prohibited from coming to this lecture; also youths. \dmittance 26 cents. a2St#rr I ROMAN WM. REV. K. LKAHKV, late a Monk of La Trapiie, w ill lecture on Thursday evening, at 8 o'clock, April 8th, at the ( Broadway Tabernacle. Mr. Lenhey will show that he was a Monk for seven years, j and that the fate Pone released hnn from his vows of celibacy, i I got married in Philadelphia, and his wife was seduced from I him in the sixteenth year of her age. by Conspiracy between Priest Million, of New Orleans, and Bishop Keurick, of Phila, delpliia. In corroboration of the above statement, Mr. Leahey w ill ?* hibit original document* from tlie late Pone of Rome. Bishop , Kenrick, and John Swift, Mayor of Philadelphia, rhe lec* turre will be illustrated hy a >ad catalogue of incontrovertible quotations from Peter Dens' Latin Tneoloe>, and Bishop* : flushes'and Kenrick's, w hich catalogue Mr Leahey lias trans* | luted and published with the original Latin on our side of the page, and the hnglish on the other, and will be for sale on I Thursday evening, at the door of the Tabernacle?Price 26 i cent*. Ladies are positively prohibited from coining to this Lec- , I ture; also youths?Admittance 26 cent*. Mr. Leahey will appear in hit M?mast Dress 1 IIVm.KVf PARK TROTTINU fOlIRUK \TI RKK OK THIRTY HOI.I. \ RS *ill ..(I this >l*v .1 1 oVJ.ittk pr"ti'?l)'. rmlf lir.t- It.?t litre' n 1 liits iinilrr the tadHIr, IV* It *11 irnttinf hor*. tJi.t il'vcr , irotlH for mon*> KNTRIF.8. < S. n.itint 'tiffr- l> m t.*dy l,?"ii?rd P Pougherti enters h. r fdiuclierliieli n Tutrix enter* h. m. Marirsrate. O. h letcher enters ?. t Sir Walter. I . I nderhill enters a g. Ned. To br governed by the rules of the ( fnirei die l"our>e Mill \m u oorini h ^ r,.,r?.-F UNION COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING faMfecaittfr-- : TltK following (buses will com* off about the I at of May ? ' Put notice will bo nitni. Ptirse $100?Mile Hears?heat , i;i firo, to harnest, for Horace that norcr won a purse ?rar $100 O Bpicer enters h. m Lndr Kllen. I Mr. Kin* " . . br. ? Sail. I Sir. " ., bl.g. Jack Cade. 1 Pane $100?Mile Kaata?bait in fire, to wstona. for hertce 1 thatneetr won a purse orer $100? wajnj and dnrar to weigh OOOpounda. , ? i | C. S. Bartine ? I Jatnca Berrey. p. Spieer " b. m. Ladr fcllen. Mr. Kii'g " br. m. Sail. Mr. " bl.g. Jack Cade. at lt*e O. SflCF.R. ?n ^ m bai.i^a ?mv n6iun...?;, yeara old; t?lL driven in doithle lianieaa. Ilia mate hating met . ' ^ an accident ia the only reaaon for parting them, ia an eicellent aaddle horse kind, and perfectly sound, and a fast trotter. Apply at (12 Chatham street, comer of Duanr at., I New Vork ^ it Jt?e TTTT)CtT TWTS i: - *1,000 poimtia, an liable for deserts |nt " foraalebs ' KBRA 1 CITMINO. I a* !t*r |0o Tearl streev J 1 .'L 'L' ''LA . I.".' TO TB8 LATEST MOMENT, TELEGRAPHIC. CONNECTICUT ELECTION. REPKKHKIYTATIVK RETC1WS. IIaktfork County, April 6?1 A. M. llartlord, Avon, Bristol, Canton, Fast Windsor, i'.nlu'ld, Farmiugu.n, Manchester and \Wth? *ruin.'Id have returned 10 whig representative*. Broomlicld, Fast Hartlord, Oranby, Clas . iibury, Marlborough, (1 gain.) and "ioulliington, have returned 13 democrat*. iiurllllirtoil arid Hart! mil 1 1 from. Berlin and .South Windsor, tailed to elect today. and will hold anotheri lection to-morrow The city of Hartford guve whig majority i>n tlie ."State ticket. The lirst Senatorial district lias gone winy, nud the second and third democratic, beingtlm s.tuio ih last year. A few towns have been heard front in New Haven, Middlesex and Tolland counties, enough to [trove the re-election of James Dixon and S. IV Hubbard. The roads are in u horrible condition, tlieral??rc the returns come in very slowly. The abolition vote has fallen off. Last year, the democrats had 8 majority on joint ballot, m the Legislature; this year it is doubtful which will have the majority, but it look9 favorable forth' whig" Albany, April 5, 1847 A salute was fired this afternoon by the Albany Republican Artillery, in honor of the battle of Buena Vista. During the discharge of the artillery, a most shocking aocident occurred to Thot Fitipatrick, a carman. Ho had drawn one of the pieces to the ground, and while occupied in assisting to load the snme, u premature discharge took place, from the effects of which he was so seriously injured that his life is despaired of. While engaged in the service of ramming down one of the charges, and before lie had withdraw u the ramrod, the gun exploded, and one of his arms was so horribly lacerated that he was comi... 11 A.I Ai.kmit ?A i_ the loss of his arm, he received a most awful wouud in the breast, from one of the splinters of the ramrod. The unfortunate man has a wife ami three or four children. The ice still remains perfectly firm opposite he city, and, ns a consequence, the steamer Commerce is stuck about three miles below. The weather is quite warm and agreeable, and we have been blessed with a beautiful day. BY THE MAILS. AFFAIRS IN WASHINGTON. Wasuinotojj, April 4, 1H-17 News from the Army?Father Ritchie?(ienrral Butler?Mr. Marcy?Mr. H. M. Paint Still Alive?What he says of Santa Anna as the infended Spanish Viceroy?A Mysterious Cast Reasons why neither irrcat Britain, nor France, nor Spain, lean interfere in this War?Peace at hand. The steamer Powhatan cante up the Potomac this afternoon decorated with banners, the usual signification of good news from the army. A large crowd were waiting at the wharf. Hnd, as soon as the boat landed, Father Ritchie having received Hit "extra," mounted a wood pile, and read the news to the people, which you will have received through your regular sources. Father Wili'liif is a man (it the tienole : and there is not ii soldier, doomed to the dull arts of peace, who njoys, with higher enthusiasm, the "big doings" of the little army of I'ncle Sam in I.a lltpubliru Me r if una. General lUttler leaves us to-day, wo understand, for Kentucky. There is some talk that he is to take the place of Mr. Secretary Marcy, in the War Department, while the said Secretary is to go down on that diplomatic mission as the custodier of this hill Jof three millions. hepmay be something in this surmise ; because ilia events of the hist twelve months, and the contingencies of the w;ar, will justify any reasonable presumption of this character. Mr. Payne, who was, lust summer a year ago. so frequently and mysteriously shot at, and still escaped like a cut with nine lives, is now in this city, upon some business connected with optical instruments for the National Observatory, no doubt. The first part of his prophecy, of.the return of Santa Anna to Mexico having been fulfilled; he insists that the second branch of his program me,', to wit: that Santa Anna is to be the Franco .Spanish Viceroy of Mexico, will vet come to |)hsh. It will be borne in mind that Mr. I'uine was some years ago in the seafaring life in the Gulf, and that he has said, that at Havana he. was entrusted with papers of the Viceroy plan to deliver to certain foreign ministers here; and that he opened these papers, and finding out the plot, refused to deliver them up. Hence the mysterious attempts upon his life. The papers having been delivered to Mr. Huchunan, it is to be presumed that upon the information they furnished, he administration determined to forestall old -spain by bringing in .Santa Anna to put down the .cry scheme which these foreign intriguers had lesigued.through his agency to carry out. Mr. Paine is! still of the opinion that Santa Anna is at the bottom of this Spanish scheme; nit whether lie be or not, the Mexican nation, irovernment and people, are brought to a condition from which there is no cscajx*. They must make peace with^the 1'nited States, or else maintain war without means, and yet he under tlm compulsion of large contributions to the support of their enemies. i Itf.tuin wi? titfllovsv Imu nn rlpaicrn t<? 111 tfrterf, Mr she known that the rights and prosperity ot' her subjects will be respected, if no b>that assurances have been given to that effect; and, indeed, without any such sficcitie itm.urauces, from the respect which has been paid to private property, of all norm, by the American army; nor is she in a condition to embroil herself in this ouarrel, even if she were ho disposed ?neither is France, nor Spain: tor who know n, that were they to espouse the cause of Mexico, but that John Hull nnght side with the ( nited States, in order to be revenged for that Montpensier marriage?that alliance in the teeth of the treaty of Utrecht, of the royal houses ol France and Spain. We can aee that France and England arc looking on w ith mutual distrust of eiicTi other in respect to this Mexican war, and that unless a full reconciliation, and an alliance can he had between them, that neither dare interfere, to say nothing of the pressing emergencies of a famine, and fn* necessity of supplies front United States. We consider, therefore, that there is no possible sortiof danger of nny Kuropean interference in this war, however long it may he nrotrneteH ; nit on the other hand, we expert it will be closed irfore the nations of Furope are prepared to heiir i>f such a consummation. W. Halti-mouk, April 5, 1847. foster Monday? Hrand Xalional Salute -The Telegraph Repaired? Railroad Meeting?The Market?, tlrf To-day, Kas"r Monday, is a pretty genersl holiday tn Baltimore, especially among the ( aihoiich and Upiseopnlians, and it has been en ipart as a day of rejoicing for the victory ot Rurna Vista. The Hags have already been hrown to the breere in rverv section of the ri'y. \ ealute of 100 guns is to lie fired at 12 o'clock, md another at 1 o'clock this afternoon, and ' lumber of dwellings are preparing ?o llluinir his evening. The weather i? glorioualy finereal spring weather?and the day willbeajov?us one to this community. 7*he telegraph between this city and Philadelphia in now in working order, and I learn (he New York line will be repaired in a few days The loss of the telegraph for the rust week has been seriously felt in this Sity, una the commercial community of New York, us well us the press, during thin stirring season, must hav " riously felt tnc deprivation. The railroad meeting on baturday to niah' demonstration in favor of submitting to ' |M*burgh dietation was a small affair. It * * tended by but lew of (Ik stockholders < i road. !,nd in fart th<" whole matter u'i> ? eu'