Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 8, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 8, 1847 Page 1
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IT?-,- . L TH] Vol. xnx. No. 97?Whole No. MM. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-weal corner of Pulton and Nmmii eU. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. CIRCULATION-FORTY THOUSAND. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price 2 cent* per copy??7 "^L^irff^ll'b-rver'y fcWrday-Pric. 8* cent. ,uy?f July ?i each year?single copies sixpence each. ADVERTISEMENTS, at the usual prices?always cash in advance. Advertisements should he written in a plain, legible manner. The Proprietor wUl not be responsible for errors that may occur in them. PRINTING of alt kinds executed beantitnlly and with despatch. All letters or communications by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be post paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted. Ja* TO LET/?To a small family only, front room on se|;;|W coud floor, one or two attic rooms, front or rear, baseili fl mi nil and coal vaults in the house, No. 130 Spring street. Tlie premises may be seen duily from 12 to 2 o'clock, P. M., and particulars learned at No. 5 Rector street. a5 it*rc TO LET. OKKICES In the second, third and fourth stories in i;i{V the brick building No. 124 Nassau street. Apply to 4UWL at Iw'rc JOHN R. HOOLE, on the premises. tTO RENT.?Three floors in buiidinc 287 Bowery, Which may be finished to suit any eligible tenant, on early application to FISHER C BIRD, r*C Marble Works, 287 Bowery. TO LET.?The store of house 2J Dey street; it is 30 i; JIV feet deep, and would be a good location for a wholesale LaULgrocery store. The dwelling part would be let together Of MPh fl/ir.F sAI.SMla 'PI. SI .un.w.l H/./ve o.?..isls ivf haolr anil front purloin, with pantries, and i? well finished; the two roomi are .vo feet deep and 12 feet high, suitable for an artist; the third door haa 3 rooms well finished; the fourth floor is 60 feet diet), 23 feet wide, and 10 feet high, with six windows in the roof, fitted xp for an engraver or any business wanting good ?U{ht. Also, the second floor of house M Beekman street, consisting of three rooms and pantries,with two bed rooms in attic, and a kitchen with Crotoa water end kitchen range in it. Rent ?^5. Enquire of A. OILHOOLf It SON. n3t Im *r 71 Naaaan street. 'ML TO LET IN WILLIAMSBUROH.-The two story Kj>M brick front house, with folding doors; it contains seren U?H^rooms and basement, iu good order, pump in the yard, with six lota of ground, carriage house, cnerry, plum, peach and pear trees; J beds of asparagus, with a good grass plat, tastefully 1 aid out with rose bushes and a great variety of other shrubbery, about oue mile from Peck slip ferry. Enquire of Charles M. Church, 100 Chatham street, or of John Skillman, corner of North Second and Lorimer streets, on the premises. m2? 2w*rc STATKN ISLAND PROPERTY. Mk TO let AND F?r sale.?A large Cottage Tjjl* with three acres of land, including an excellent garden, JsJHLwell stocked with the best fruit trees in full bearing; a coach house, stables, and other outbuildiugs?situated in the village of Tompkinsville, close to the shore; also a number of houses and cottages, situated in the villages of Tompkinsville, stapletou and Clifton, Apply to F. WOLFr., Wolfe's Hotel, Tompkinsville. [T/" Farms and Building Lots for sale. Apply as above, aj lw*rc run. sAL/fj, tA FARM of fifty-two acres, mostdeliglitifully situated about five miles from Elizabethtowu, N. J., comprising a handsome commodious Dwelling House, fitted with i mantels, and every convenience lor a respectable family; the whole, including gardnar's house, bams, ice house, and other buildings, in a substantial state of repair; the orchard contains twenty acres of choice fruit trees. The easy access from New York, either by the various cars from Jersey City, or the ferry to Elizabethport, whence a rail load train runs within a hundred yards of the house, renders this property very valuable to those doing busiuess in this city. The greater part of the purchase money can remain for three years on bond and mortgage, at five per cent. VYSE It SONS. 172 Pearl rt. Also for sale, a dwelling house , No. 381 Washington street. mlS lm*rh FOR "SALE! tA THREE STORY HOUSE on 23d street, between the 2d and 3d Avenues. It is well finished, and replete with the latest improvements, including kitchen range, old and warm baths, water closets, tic.. Italian marble mantels throughout the house; a court yard of fifteen feet in front, with verandah and French windows. The house is one ot a row of six houses on the south side of the street. For further particulars apply to VYSE it SON8, ml> lm*rh 172 Pearl street. FOR SALE.?Will be sold at Public Auction, in jjTTB Lambertsville, N. J., on Tuesday, 6th day of April, .LalA 1817, all of that valuable new block of Stone Buildings, on .the corner of Coryell, and Franklin street. Foundry, Machine shop, Factory, aud three Houses, to the highest bidder, to close a concern. Two canals pass through said village to Philadelphia aud New York;alao, Delaware river, New Jersey railroad, from Philadelphia to New York, within fifteen miles. Also, a new rail road about to be built in said village.? tu short, no place in the Union possesses greater facilities for transportation. The village is li miles from Trenton, 30 from i i?iinuci|?nin, wi irom new s orn, ju irom rjwion, ri., ju iroin New Brunswick. For further jiarticulars apply to the under-igned on the premises. J. P. RICH. March ?3d, 1147. rn212w*rh FOR RALE?WESTCHESTER LAND. tnR TO GENTLEMEN, in wnnt of sites for country JKWieats. To market gardeners in want of land for gardens, _WB*.and to all persons wishing a location in the neighborhood ofNew York:jOO acres of land in the town of Westchester, within nine miles of the City Hall, with the right of pasting over Harlem Bridge nee of toll, are now offered aU'rivate sale, in lota containing from 5 to SO acres each The lands are within IS minutes walk of the railroad; fronton good roads; are in the neighborhood of schools and churches iff different denominations; the water is good and location healthy. Title indisputable. Terms moderate. Apply to GOUVERNEUR MORRIS. Morrisiana, Westchester co., or to WALTER RUTHERFCiRD, 79 Nassau at., N. Y. ni2tl lm?rc ONE price hat store. ri SPRING FASHIONS FOR HATS AND CAPS? d^BROWN It CO. will iutroduce, on Saturday, April 3d, the new style of Caps for children and boys; also, the new style of Hats for gentlemen, price $3, in the manufacture of which they have made such recent improvements as will place them in close competition with the most costly. The public are invited to call at 178 Chatham Square, where fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adorn the head. a2 lm*r LARGE SALES AND SMALL PROFITS. CM $3 HATS can be had for $3,30, at MILLS' well known d^w?Hst establishment, 178 Broadway, (Howard Hotel.)? Gentlemen are earnestly solicited to call and examine these Hats thoroughly, the subscriber being confident that the beautiful proportions of the new style, with the unprecedented low inice, will command the approbation of all. XT'Attention is called to the new style of cap called the rocket Cap. a2 3w*r FliEN?H jvHLLlNERY." WANTED immediately, two silk milliners; also, two \\ straw sewers. To ex|>eneiiced hands, good wages and Hw steady employment will be given. Arndyat 110 Hudson street, between North Moore and r ranklin streets. s7 3t*r GREAT ATTRACTION. Archeu at Home, No. 5 John Strtet. A. ORIE VE begs to acquaint hia friends and imtrona VXfilli.1t ilia agent has returned from Euru|>c, via Bremen. *^|Vgafter a residence of seven months at Androiberg, ana "THSCthe other most celebrated districts of Orrtmuiy. He has been enabled to collect the beat selection of singing and fancy birds lie has ever offered; also an unusual variety of rare and fancy birds from all parts of the world, selected witli great trouble, without regard to coat. V. B.?Faucy dogs, Shetland ponies, Chinese, silver, and English pheasants, swans, and every variety of barn-door fowls; fanry and breeding cages, birdseeds, llcc. A treatise oil llie management of breeding and raising Canaries, Ice. P. 8.?Letters |>ost-pnid will at all tunes meet w ith |>*nmpt attention from A. GRIEVE, ui23 lm*rrc No.4 John street. N. Y. SPRING STOCK OF BOOTS AND 811 OES. SMITH It R18LF.V. A TAKETHI8 METHOD of informing their customers Tand purchasers in general, oftbei.r extensive, and well sell lected assortment of Ladies,' Misses'and Children's OaiJm ters, Buskins, Slippers, See., of their own manufacture, and a large stock of Peg Boots, Shoes and Brogana, selected with great care, and purchased for cash, which will enable tliein to sell at the very loweat prices. N. B.?Store will be opeu until ten o'clock in the evening, giving Country Merchants an opiiortuuity to examine their stock when not otherwise engaged. SMITH* RISLEY, 112 Chatham St., directly opposite the Chatham Theatre. in27 1in?rh _ ^ &OOTS AN D SHOES of the first quality at great barBgains, at MAC'S New Store, 106 Canal street. ITie aubIMscriber would call the attention ofhis numerous friends ^ and customers and the public in general, to his large and w ell assorted stock of all the different kinds of Boots, Shoes. I falters, dec., that the market can afford, which he will sell low for cash. Ever grateful for the full share of imtronage he received for the last ten years while in tliei employment of Others, and now having commenced business for himself he rail assure his friends and the public that there shall be nothing wanting on his part to please and give satisfaction to all those who w ill be so kind as patronise hiin at 196 Canal street. New York. JOHN McOUlRE. uiO'lin* rli L. WALSH & CO., J FRENCH BOOT and Shoe Makers, No. 6 Ann atreet, near the Museum, New York. Fiue French Boota$3M; French Imperial Dress Boots made to order $1 Jfl, usually sold for V> SO. Patent Leather Boots. Shoes, fiaiters and Slippers" constantly on hand and made to order at the shortest notice. Repairing, Itc., done in the store. Quick tales and miisII profits is our motto. No. 6 Ann street, New York, mil Im* re. LOOK AT TH18. .11. ST RECEIVED, a large lot of (ieiitlemrn's eaU^VFrench Boot.-, the he.t and handsomest ever in lluTcit} and will be sold .it the low Price of$i. Also all kinds of Uentleincii's (iaiters and Patent Leather Shoes, and all the different kinds of Boots and Shoes. Ladies, you will find in |I1- 111.... n||M?v *"IWIIJ 111 uwicr 1IIK1U, OII|i|irr?f UUSWIIIS, Tie*. IIou?e Slippers, white and black ?atin do, white Kid do a id all other kinds and aizea, Mi?aea and Children's Boot* and Shoes, Boya' Boola, (ratters. Slices and 8lip|ier* of all the I arious kinds; nil of which will be sold cheap, at 367 Broodwav, comer of Franklin street. M, CAHILL. N H. Country merchants supplied by the package or dozen. apt tm'r. MONEY L15NT. \flONEY LENT.?The highest prices advanced in large i?JL and small sums on gold and silver watches, diamond, li late, jewelry, furniture, clothing, dry goods, lie., lie. JOHN M. DA VIM, Licensed pawnbroker, 23il William street, near l)uane. Tenons received in private office, by ringing the bell, to 17 tm'r WINDOW SHADES I WINDOW SHADES!! CITY AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS, Upholsterers, Pedlar*, lie., cau tiud the largest, best, and cheapest assortment of Hhade* and materials for making and hanging Shades in the city?at KELT* Ik RIKER'S Exclusive Window Hhade tn!? tm*r Store, 131 Chatham street. W ?SK( KoaWf " Ml M South streets E NE N THE SCENE OF WAR TWO DAYS LATER FROM VERACRUZ. MILITARY MOVEMENTS. Sic. fee. fee. THE ATTACK ON VERA CRUZ. [From the New Orleans Mercury of March 30.] We leern from Mr. Scldon. passenger In the ihlp Oswego. Copt. Johnson. who left the above port on the 19th Inst., that nothing of importance had transpired since the Railing of the Kwlng. Oen. Scott had completely surrounded the city, cutting off all communications from the Interior. There had been landed ten mortars, the balance being on board the ship Charles, which, owing to the severe wenther, could not land. The ship Yazoo, Capt. Waltington. was lost on Rcsso Reef, near Vera Cruz, on the lath Inst , during a heavy norther. [She was a fine ship and belonged to New York.] All of Col. Harney's dragoons were saved but one man ^40 horses were lost, belonging to Harney's command. Three men from the storeshlp Relief were lost In rescuing the lives of the dragoons. The Yazoo Is a total loss. The ship Louisville had arrived In safety. The ship Oregon, Capt. Oliddon, which vessel sailed one or two days after the Oswego, has arrived at the 8. W. Pass, and will in all probability be up In the course of the day. Capt. Johnson, of the shiy Oswego, died this morning at half past two o'clok, on his way up the river. [From the N. O. Picayune March 30.] The ship Oswego, C apt. Johnson, arrived from Vera Cruz this morning, having nulled on the 19th Inst. Col. Duncan lost several of his horses In the gain. The loes of horses Is severely felt. Capt. Kearny, of the U. 8. Dragoons, had not landed, and we do not know how many of his horses may have been lost. One dragoon was drowned from the Yazoo. Com. Conner flred a salute on the 17th, lu honor of General Taylor's victories. To the Koitor of tiie N. Y. Herald? Dear Sir ,Tho following extract of a letter received from an intelligent ship master of this city, commanding one of the transport ships, I enclose for publication in your valuable journal. ; Yours, lie., D. Off Sacrificios, March 17, 1817. " Supposing you would like to hear what Is going on nt Vera Cruz, I inform you that my ship is anchored within miles of the city and castle, and within plain sight of both. Gen. Scott landed at this placn with about eleven thousand men on the 9th Inst. The city is now completely surrounded by our troops, who are placing heavy guns in position, and will commence throwing shot and shell upon the town in a few days. Thus far there has been but little lighting, but it will require a hard struggle to capture the city and castle. The weather has been stormy for the past three days, but Judlng from an occasional gun from the castle and forts in the city. Gen. Scott is making his way towards the walls, anu if not annoved bv a 'tire in the rear' I no small mark by the way,) wfll soon be in the city. The landing of the troops ?u the moat brilliant display of the pomp and circumatance of war,' I hare ever witnessed, and caused eyery American heart present to thrill with emotions of pride and admiration." THE TEMI'KR OK THE VERA ORCZANOS. [Krom the New Orleans Delta, March 30.] A letter published in the Republicano of 13th Kcbruary last, and copied into La P atria of tidth inst., throws some light upon the reception of Atocha's unfortunate mission to Mexico, and also npon the condition of the garrison of Vera Crux. it says that the proposition of Senor Atocha to open negotiations between Mexico and the United States, and to suspend hostilities, is viewed with universal disgust. "We hope," says this letter writer, " that the government will not be taken in by this Yankee trick. So excited and decided is the popular mind against any such proposition, that if an order were issued by the government to receive such minister, it would be torn to pieces, and those who would issue such order would be in a like danger themselves. This embassy of Atocha's so alarmed and excited the people that they threatened the ambassador with violence, but General Morales ordered out the garrison, closed the f;ates. and dispersed several groupes of people, competing them to retire to their houses. This general is a man of much energy and is very decided In his determination tot light. Hi* troops have such confidence in him that they eagerly desire an opportunity of giTingthc Yaukccs a lesson. The garrison of Aivarado is much disgusted by the failure of the government to send them reinforcements. It is said that General Guinea is to be sent to relieve General Morales of the command of Vera Crux. The government cannot understand the situation of thing*, or they would not supersede a general who i* appreciated and known by the people. Such a change would create universal disgust through the whole of Vera Crui.'? INCIDENTS OK THE WAR. The Camargo correspondent of the Af. O. Tropic gives tome intcre*ting incident* of Gen. Taylor'* manner in the battle at Buena Vlata. " During the battle'' he says, " the lid Kentucky regiment of infantry beaame cloudy engaged with the enemy's ' lancer*.' From the overwhelming number of the lancers, the Colonel considering hi* regiment lost, and about to bo cut to piece*, dinpatched bi* Adjutant to Gen. Taylor, to any to him that - hi* regiment was completely nurrounded :' that he ' wu* fighting hand to hand that' in all probability he would be totally annihilated,' and to ' ask Gen. Taylor what be should do.' " Gen. Taylor promptly replied to the Adjutant,(whose countenance wan the perfect picture of denpair.) in the cooleat manner imaginable, saying:' Go tell your Colonel that he has got them just where he wants them, and now Is the time to give them Jeuct * whereupon the Adjutant wheeled his horse, clapped his spurs to him, dashed up to the little band, and shouted at the top of his voice. 'Boys. General Taylor says we've got them juat where we want them, and now's our time to giTe them h-rll.' The intrepid Kentuckians caught the impulse like electricity, raised a cheer, and with their naked Iwiyoncts, In less time than I have been relating it, routed tnem completely. and drove them from the field. " About half-past 3 o'rlock. on th? 23d. when Santa Anna saw that tils all depended upon his breaking Gen. Taylor's line, and silencing Bragg'* battery of six pounders. which had been pouring death and destruction into his ranks all day. he ordered one desperate charge, of about five thousand infantry. upon the battery Bragg saw them approaching, and fearful, from the overwhelming numbers, that he might lose his pieces, prepared to take another more dcfenceable positiou. The eagle eye of the gallant Captain Mansfield, of the F.nginerr corps, saw. at u glance, that the fate of the day depended upon Bragg'* holding his position. lie immediately rode up to General Taylqy. (who, from his position, had not observed the movement) cxpluincd the circumstances to him. and then said. " I beseech of you, sir, that you will not allow the battery to move!' ' No, sir ! no, sir ! not at all!" said the General. " Tell him not to move one iuch. but to give them grape and canister.' " While Bragg was slaying them, right, left and centre. General Taylor quietly rode up behind him without be tie more grape. Captain Brngit" Those few word* *o completely inspired hi in anil hi* men. that they fired with redoubled rigor, and the reiiult *how* the effect of 1 a little more grape." OEXKRAI.S TAYI.OR AND WOflf,. [Krom tho Washington Union, April A.] General Taylor ban promised to forward, at the earliest opportunity. " a correct lint of tile casualties of the day " Wo rthall seize the curliest moment to lay them before our reader*. But thin detailed letter ha* not yet arrived. In which he will -bring to the notice of the government the eonaplcuoua gallantry of particular officer* and corps." Yet so sensibly impressed in lie with hie "great obligation* to Brigadier Gen. Wool," that he cannot but do justice in hla flrat ileapatch to hi* valuable aervieea" on thla occaaion. Thla la a high compliment to General Wool, which be will no doubt highly appreciate. It I* exactly what we expected from the character of the -gallant aecond in command." We underatand a letter haa been received from Gen. Wool. In thia city, (not oAclal. for we hare already publiahed all that bear* that character from the army of Buena Viata.) in which he paya the hlgheat compliment* to the bravery and aklll of (Ienerul Taylor. General Wool catiuiatea that thla brilliant and glorlou* victory wa* won by a number of troops abort of four thousand, whilst Santa Anna confeaaea that he himaelf had twenty thouwand troop* with him How long will it lie before the Mexican* will confe** the diaparity of the conte*t. and consent to do ua justice? They must now eee, In spite of their obstinate pride, that in everything appertains to war?in men, money, munitions, the command of nil the weapons of war. the skill to use them, anil the chivalry to wield them?they cannot copo with the Amer cans In the Held. (From tho New Orleans Mercury, March 30.] It is with regret we notice In some of our papers extracts from letters purporting to be written by persona in tlic immediate confidence of Gen. Taylor. Many of the expressions said to be uttered by him nru so at variance with the character of tho man and his usual mode of addressing his oAcera and men, aud are so low and vulgar, that we take this opportunity of denying them in toto. The expressions attributed to the General arc. "Boys, give 'em Jessie," aud "Give em hell," etc. etc. By a reference to the official correspondence, and the tone of all respectable letter-writer*, it will be perceived that in no one instance has the general been charged with descending In the scale of the gentleman and the soldier, and we venture to say that the expression* attributed to him have their origlu only in the excited limtKiiinimiir ui n ri?i? irbicr-wiiiorn. Tliin taking a liberty with a inan e name, whone exalted ntntion and general eoolneM ami bravery in battle, place liim a? far above three manufacturer* of word*, la tlie height of preeuniption, and we are nurprincd that they were ever permitted to And a place in a respectable Journal. MII-ITARY. [Krom the Newport New*, April 6.) A company of volunteer* of the Uth regiment, Captain .lohnaon arrived at Fort A damn on Saturday from New Haven, Conn. Captain J. Inform* u* that tola company baa been raiaad alnce the llth of March, and that It la full. Aaathar eompanp la Mag raiaad In Connecticut, W YC EW YORK, THURSDAY which will probably quarter at Fort Addam* aa soon as fUU. I naval intelligence. U. S. ahlp United States, and brig Dolphin, were at | rurt i raja, tape verae. on ine linn .uarca, auu wuuiu nail 14th, fur Coast of Africa. Theatric aia. Pans Tricar bi ?WallacK again appeared at thla house last night. He gave an entertainment of a high order?It was a great dramatic treat. The new comedy of "Fxnestinc" was, indeed, excellent?if by Planche, It was one of hi* happiest effort*?there was a variety of character*, and each drawn with great individuality, and true to nature?the scene* woro striking and full of interest?the dialogue wa* pi(|uaut and spirited?there was a vein of sentiment and chaste humor alternately per- j vading the whole, and occasionally touches of deep pathos and tenderness. It was a delightful piece, and the character of Frederick wa* played to the life by Wnllack. Like hi* Dashali. it wa* exactly adapted to hi* best style, and nothing could exceed the fidelity and beauty of the picture. We nhall notice it more in detail hereafter. "Don Ciesar de' is full of life and iuterest?It U one of the most brilliant and entertaining piece* on the stage?there is a tinge of extravagance, in thi> nlnf Vint, tin* an#?nc*a ar<? fiTpitinir tltrotiirh. out. and the tableaux presented art* very effective The character of Marltana la a happy conception, though not entirely original, it having been suggested by the '^iotre Duine"' of Victor Hugo?the lights and shades of her varinhlo nature were well drawu. and her disinterestedness, her love and her ambition, with her deep and glowing feelings and affections, well portrayed. In nil the range of Wallack'a characters, in none has he been more happy than in that of Don Caesar dc Baxan. as in nil others of this class, he is unequalled by any living aetor ?perhaps has been surpassed by none, ft was a truthful, living personation?a brilliant performance?natural, discriminating, and spirited throughout? of a dashing, bold and reckless nature, ever self-snerifieing and generous, unit possessed of many noble traits of character? having wasted his estates by prodigality and riot, and degraded his high rank by his conduct and his poverty?passionate and brave, and ever ready to draw his sword in the cause of innocence and oppression, his character is one which, spite of his vices and his las principles, we are led to admire, and which enlists one's deepest sympathies. It is a noble mind perverted for n time, but which is true to itself in the end. Wullaek's acting of the part was perfect. His recklessness, his philosophy in rags, his unsubdued spirit and gaiety in misfortune. his enivalric bearing, his impassioned and noblo nature, his playful humor, hlN flashes of wild merriment, and traces of deep and generous feeling?all were admirably given by Wullack. In conception, spirit, fidelity to nature, in point and efTeet throughout, we repeat. It was perfect. Bowi:av Tiikatrk.?Tbcro was another very large house at the Bowery last evening. Kvery individual of the immense assemblage was delighted and amused with the gorgeous spectacle of the "Naiad Queen." Applause loud and long greeted the fair danteuse, Miss TurnhuU; and nt the fall of the curtain, ail shouted, with the conviction that Mr. Jackson has excelled himself in producing this great piece. It will be separated this evening, us it will be, we expect, for many nights to aome. Indeed, it would be a great disappointment to the patrons of this establishment, if it were withdrawn hefore they bad all an opportunity of seolng it. Bowkxt Ciacus?There is another capital bill put forth here this evening, and one that we think will draw a large house. The manager of this establishment eertnlnlv iloitArviiii in pui.iirn fnp Vila uvnelInn> In ?*{?. lug nmphltheatrical amusements to tho public at mo small a coot as he does. He engages the first talent of every variety without counting the expenses,and throws himself on tne liberality of the public for a return. So far he has not been disappointed, and so long as ho continues to amuse, as lie has done for some time past, he may In confidence rely upon being remembered. The Keans appeared in " Ion," at the St. Charles theatre, New Orleans, on the evening of the 30th ult. Blangy is still dancing at the American. New Orleans. Mr. Collins has boeu engaged at the Mobile theatre for five nights more. They don't like to purt with him. llerr Alexander had arrived at Havana, per U. H. steamer Scourge, and was to proceed to New Orleans. HvtaL Italian Orr.aA.?The second season of the Itallnn Opera opened last evening with " Lucretia Borgia." Tho opera is exceedingly well got up. The cast is excellent, and the scenery and costumes compare favorably with the other splendid things, which the company have produced. Signora Pico as Mtfto Orslni. won the marked commendation af the audence, especially by her celebrated drinking song in the fourth act. Signorina Barili was in good voice, and gave great effect to the part of Lucrezla. Benedettl and Beneventano were also listened to with a great deal of pleasure, and the performance of the latter in the first scene of the second act, was loudly encored. The house was well filled and all went off in capital order. At the close of the performance. Barili and Pico were loudly called for. and appeared, the latter modestly declining to come forward until repeated caltfl were hv her hundrada nf MnnHa will be another performanc of the Nauic opera ou Krid uy night. Christy's Minstrels.?Mechanics' Hall is overflowing every fair night, with the most refined and delighted audiences; so much so, as to oblige the manager to limit the number of tickets for admission. There is a strain of melody so sweet runniug through their songs, as to please the most fhstidious taste. Their chaste and laughable burlesques would put the grave fathers of a conventicle in a roar. To our car there is nothing more delightful than the simple touching airs that accompany these negro songs, particularly when executed by performers so experienced as these popular minstrels. Like all s|>ontaneous and artless music, they linger on the ear until they become incorporated with the memory. The Italian singers, at Havana, gave their " adieus" on the evening of the '20th. and were to leave for this city in two or three days thereafter Political and Peraonal. Mr. Hubert. S. Kngllsh, long and favorably known as a resident of Philadelphia, died in that city on Friday last. The ancestors of Mr. Kngllsh came over with William 1'enn, and settled in New Jersey, on the river Delaware, Immediately opposite Pennsylvania, who chose the place ou the other side, in Buck's county, known as Penn's Manor. The family connections are nearly all of the ...Society of Friends, from whose connexion the father of '.Mr. t. was removed for marrying a lady not a member of meeting. Deceased was the father of Thomas Dunn Knglish. of this city. I lit! election In Illinois take* place ou the l'Jtli in*t. Tint "Liberty party ' I. made the following nomination* for Judge* of tl urt of appeal*:?Wm. (ioodeU, of Ontario; Alvin st< t. of Oneida; Horace Dresser, of New York; and Leon . >'*, of Washington. The Roard of Supervisors < ! Albany county hnre flxed the salary of the County Judge to be elected under the new CoiiHtitution at $1800, and that of the Surrogate at $1400 per annum. A large and enthu*ia*tl? meeting of the friend* of General Taylor a* a candidate for the Preaidency. wa? held at the Court House, Philadelphia, on Tuesday evening. The meeting wn* avowedly got up without dl*tinction of political partie*. Geo. W McClcllan wax called to prexido. assisted by thirteen Vice Presidents Resolutions laudltory of Gen Taylor and expressing a determination to make hiin the next President, were read and adopted. Rexnlntlnn* of thank* to (Jen. Taylor and the brave men under hi* command, were offered on Monday afternoon, In both branchee of the flalttmore Common Council. A general meeting of the cltixen* of New Orlean* wa* called, to be held at the Commercial Kxchangr. In St Charlea *tr*et. on the 30tli ult. in honor of the victory lately achieved by (Jan. Taylor and hi* command at Buenn Vista. A poMIc dinner ha* been tendered to the Hon P. (loulf? by his friend* in New Orleans The Invitation ha* been accepted by Mr. Route, and the time I* yet to be designated by the committee, who have the arrangement of the affair iu their band*. The municipul election In Charlestown. on Monday, rexultrd iu no choice of Mayor. Only two Aldermen were elected?Dexter Bowman and I'hlneox'J Stone, both democrat*. It I* xtaled that the truxtcc* of the " Botanica-Medicnl College of Memphis.'' have expelled Dr. W. Byrd Powell from hi* professorship; *nd that he hn? instituted a suit ag ilint those concerned in the affair. The pr. ic**or*hip of Anatomy and Operative Surgery, recently vacated by Dr. J. C. Warren, wa* filled on Saturday by the election of O. W. Holme*. A new profex*or*hip wax created, to which Dr. J. B. S. Jackxon wa* elected?Hoilon Ex. Mr. Lover wax to deliver a lecture at Franklin Hall. Mobile, on the Wednesday evening of last week. Subject?" The National Character of the Irish." Tiir. Anti-Rent Outrages and the State Organ.?The Albany Niatmman, remarks as follow* upon the source* of the recent anti-rent trouble* in Columbia county. The *llu*lon to " Kwjulre Brown'' and " Require Smith.'' i* said to be a rap over the knuckle* of some aspiring politician* who court the favor of the unti-renter* :? " The anti-rent outrage* in Columbia, a* in other counties In the third senatorial district, are fomented and encouraged by certain unprincipled lawyer* in this and other cities, who derive a lucrative Income from their knavery. The tenants pnyn certain sum per ncre to the anti-rent ftind, which Ix expended In feeing these lawyer*. For $100 the lawyer* promise each tenat who occupies a farin of one hundred ami sixty acre*, to ' get him clear of tha rent." In many instances, the tcnantx have unwisely paid this amount to the lawyer*, who have of course swindled them by the operation?and now the urmer raiure to pay rant, on tba ground that they h?v? paid $100 In eaah to Eaqulra Brown or fcaqutra smith. In ordar to ba raharad from paying rant altogathar IRK 1 MORNING, APRIL 8, 1& City Intelligence. Thk Wt.AiHi a.?Yesterday was another fine sprlngltke day. of the right iort.'' The thermometer In Wall 1 street, about 1 o'clock, stood at M cleg. The day through - I out continued flue. The Sra?:?:t?,?The utmost activity pre rails nearly In all i|uart?rt about the city, in paring and cleaning the streets. Cedar street still continues In a most deplorable ' condition?particularly In the vicinity of Broadway. .??n. uium: out. jrfnecunT morning in in* , building in Oold street. belonging to Hoe k Co. The fire originated In the part of the building occupied by Mr HtcUvenel, glass cutter. It wan promptly put out. The Fair or the TsANinouRATios Chi'Ech at thk Mint.rva Room*.?Among the many ways in which the charities of the public have been appealed to in be| half of the sufferings of famine stricken Ireland, thia is, I perhaps, the most congenial to Christian philanthropy. It up|>ears. that in making the purchase of the Transfiguration Church, the poor anu zeulou* members, with uoblo hearts and open hands, advunced the money to the extent of some $6,000. on church securities. The awful statu of the affairs of Ireland appeals painfully to the feelings of kindred and friends here, and the urgency of the case requires them to realize from the church as speedily us possible. In order that wants which can know no delay may be promptly relieved. Under these circumstances. it Is uecessnryfor the church to raise $6,000. and of this sunt certain munificent gentlemen tender $3,600, if the remaining $1,600 can be urocured. To effect this, the ladies of the church, with that wonted grace and energy which ever characterizes the movements of the fairer portion of humanity, have projected the present fair, in order to discharge the claims of those poor member* on whom the calls of distressed Ireland press more nearly than the public at large. So high and holy iu object will not be without it* success. Upon visiting the Minerva llooms. in Broadway, we found n very desirable assortment of useful and fancy articles, which of themselves offer great inducements to purchasers, a few of which wo enumerate. At the post-office, which is immediately opposite the entrance, a very vnluable diamond riug. to be disposed of by chances. At table one, a splendid Are screen and n case of rare Chinese insects; two, a superb embroidered chair, the handiwork of the lady who has it in charge?really beautiful ; three, a handsome silver Iray ; four, elegant Bibles and prayer books, and a variety of caps, aprons, and other useful things ; .In ?-u. > r. V I -A 1 . I htc, civ^hi, nwnv uiuu- mm luucy m-ufirnu ; nix, lur^f wax doll ; seven. work boxes, mechanical toy*, (very curious.) and rleh head ornaments ; eight, lacquered table ; nine, contains u tempting array of refreshments of all kinds, pyramids and rich cakes ; ten. handsome toilet table, large doll ; eleven, an elegant picture, " The Mftdoua," and a carving iufwood, " The Annunciation." Ai'Rora Borkai.ia.?The northern part of tlie heavens^ was beautifully illuminated lust night by the appearance of t his phenomenon, which created much admiration from crowds in all parts of the city. The appearance of the aurora borealis would seem to indicate, "according to the oldest inhabitant," a change for the better in the weather. We may soon, therefore, look out for real spring weather. Dkatii hit ArorLKiv.?The Corouer was called to hold an inquest yesterday at the Kinanco Hotel, No. 1 West street, on the body of Jajnes Morgan.a native of Kngland, aged SO years, who retired to bed on Tuesday eveniug about 8 o'clock, in his usual health, and was found in u few hours nfterwards in a speechless state, and died before medical aid could be obtained. Verdict, deutb by apoplexy. Dkatii rv Drofav.?The Coroner held an Inquest yesterday, at the comer of Pearl and Kim streets, on the body of Ann Kllzu Kelly, a native of Ireland, uged 'i5 years, who curnu to her death by dropsy. Verdict accordingly. Dkatii ok as Kmiorant.?The Coroner also held an Inquest at No. 74 Mulberry street, on the body of Catherine Caughlln, a native of Ireland, aged forty years, who arrived at this port from Liverpool, in the packet ship Columbia, on Tuesday last, and died shortly after landing from the vessel, from bowel complaint and debility, produced by sea sickness, Ac. Verdict accordingly. PnllftA Aprii. Tj?*1rre?t of a Burglar.?Officers Willi* and Whikliart, of the Third District Police Office, arrested on Tuesday night. a black fellow, called Daniel Thompflon, on a charge of burglariously entering the premises No. 186 Bowery, occupied by Mr. Hiraui D. Pitt, on Monday night hint, stealing therefrom $'.210 in b&uk bill*. On frisking the black rascui, the officers found on his person $191 'J9. evidently a portion of the stolen money; also, a silver watch worth about $8. Justice Timpson committed the accused for a further examination Burglary.?The dwelling house No. 65 Suffolk street, occupied by Mrs. Champion, was entered last night by some burglar* through the rear window, who stoic therefrom a muff, a black cloth cloak, mantilla, a shawl, an umbrella, a copper kettle, and a box containing some family relic*, and made good their escape. On the Sneak.?Some sneak entered the premises No. l'Jl Wost Sixteenth street yesterday afternoon, about 4 o'clock, and stole from one of the upper rooms a silver watch with a gold edge; also tho rascal carried off the table cover from the hall. No arrest. The cate of Leopold.?Justice Drinker investigated the charge of perjury against Heyman Leopold and others, reported a few days since. It appeared that Seligre and Newstodt were indebted to Leopold, and the latter issued an attachment against them as non-resident.s The complaint was groundless, and accordingly dismissed. Law Intelligence. Court Common Pi cas?April 7?Before Judge Ingraham? Cameron 4* Brand vi. Edward H. Mercier.? This was an action of replevin to test the rights of the parties to a quantity of dry goods. The plaintiffs alleged that defendant obtained from them the goods in question by falsely representing that he was worth $3,000 out of debt, and that his property, if sold under the hammer, would produce $5,000. They proved that they had sold goods to the defendant from 1843 to June -JOtli, 1846. and that ho frequently, during that period, made the representations above mentioned?within a month uftoof #tin luci# iiit 1st ttf trruuls whUli warn nn u oru/lif nf fnnr month1), the defendant failed, and referred his creditors to his father-in-law as the person to settle his affairs. It also appeared that the defendant sold the goods purchased from plaintiffs, when mado up, at the cost of the materials alone; from this circumstance, the plaintiffs alleged found and issued their writ of replevin on the 31st of July last.and obtained possession of part of the goods. The cause is adjourned. Vor plaintiffs. J. T. Brady and Nelson Chase?for defendants. Mr. Scoles Before Judge Daly?David Perry and Thama* Bigg*, ft. Henry I)owit.?This was au action to recover $000. balance of money advanced on butter sold by plaintiff's for defendant's account. The butter was sold to a Arm in Providence, who paid but $'JA7. leaving $000 unpaid. The defence was that defendant sold plaintiffs the butter. and that they sold it for their own account, and did not lend or advance the money, but. paid it for the butter. Healed verdict. Kor plaintiffs. Messrs. N. B. Blunt and C. Judson; for defendant, Gerard, Piatt, and Whiting Surr.Rion Court, April 7.- Before Judge Oakley.? Frederick H'anmaker and wile vs. Jl. Jarobi and wife. ?This was an action for assault and battery The parties lived in t lie same house and some difficulty arose between the females of both families, which resulted in the assault and battery complained of. The jury rendered a verdict for the defendants Walter Feeler vi Jakn Tout.?This was an action to recover brokerage fees for selling a farm The defence set up is that the plaintiff had no agency in the sale, aud that he had admitted the fact to the defendant. United States Marshal's Orricr, April 7.?Larceny an the High Seal.?Thomas Nelson, one of the crew of the packet ship Liverpool, was arrested this morning on a charge of having stolen a gold watch of the value of $100, belonging to Mr. Biatnen. the first mate, a few miles outside the Hook, as the vessel was coming into port. He was held to ball In f'JAO. United States Circuit ('oust, April 7.?The grnnd jury came Into court this morning and returned a true bill ngainst James II. Leeds, indicted for cruel and unusual punishment Court or (Iene.RaL Sessions.?April 7.?Before He corder, Scott and Aldermen Gilbert and Stonrnll. John MrKeon, Ksu., District Attorney.?Pint of (luilty? Cyril* Russell. indicted for obtaining good* to the amount of $17 00. from the Arm of David Terry k Co., by mean* of fBl?e pretence*, entered a plea of guilty, and era* sentenced to pay a Ann of $100. Richard II. Griffith. alia* Limping Dicli. indicted for burglary infthe third degree, in having broken into the workshop of James Whitehall, on the night of the 1'ld of January last, and stealing property worth about $10, withdrew a former plea of guilty, and entered a plea of guilty, and was sent to the State prison for two years. Anastatla Bodel, alia* Mtilea, alias Nichols. Indicted for keeping a disorderly house at No. 4A Graud street, pleaded guilty. Judgment suspended on acrount of the accused having left the premises, kc. Trial for (/rand Larreny.?Isaac O. Raymond was then called to trial, on a charge of having on the the 10th of January last, stolen a piece of casalmcre. worth $'J7. from the store of William Molls, in Oreenwlch street. Kor the defence, it was satisfactorily shown by respectable witnesses, that the accused was at the house of Kphralra Prog. No 186 Seventeenth street, at the time the offence was said to have been committed. The jury, without leaving their seats, accordingly rendered a verdict of not guilty. Counsel for the accused. J. W. Green. Esq. Trial for Higbu-ay Robbery.?A young man. named John Kisher. was then placed at the bur for trial, on an indictment charging him with having on the evening of the 4th of March last, knocked down Boiias Miller, and robbed him of $'16. The jurv found the accused guilty of an assault and battery only, and the court remanded him for sentence. Coi-aT CtLtsDts, This Day?Circuit Court?7,16, 03, 33 to 40, 41, 43. 46 to 30. Superior Court?7. A, II. 13,18, JO, 45. 53, 64. 66, 66. 67 to 71. 75. 76, 79, 83. 87 to 93, 06, 06. 97, 101, 101, 104, 107. 108, 110 to 116, 117, 168. 118, 119, I'lO, I'll, 113, T14. Common Pleat, 1st part -46, 77, 101, 113.133,137,139,141.143.146. 33. 100. 56 33 39 115 !ld part?IW, 4?, 84, 4.T6, 186, HO, 4*4, 81,' 194. It ia now stated that the will of th? lata Judge Martin, of Louisiana,waa act aalda, not on account of the blindness of the taatator, but lieaause ha attempted to defraud the the State out of the probata tax of tan par rent, which la. In that Slata, placed on bequests to foreigners The property, it la alleged, waa bequeathed to hla brother In New Orleana. but with a secret understanding that It ahould be divided among hla relatives, moat of whom reaide in France. The Htata tax will be $30,000. At Richmond, the committee for receiving and for. warding donations for the relief of the suffering poor of ' Ireland, have ohertered the line berk Bachelor. Capt. Horton, to load in J east River with previsions, end go direct to Dublin, consigned to the Cssunittee Beelctf of meads. 3ERj4 17. Antral of Strangers In Haw York. APRIL 7. AnssicAN J. Oulick, Pennsylvania; J. M. Cummins. U. S A.. A. Jnhus, Nrwburch; H. 4k>we. Pennsylvania; W. Seiu?lism, Yonkris; Mrs. and MU? Bournes, Mrs. Ward and tamily, BosIon; J. B. Manchester. New York; A. Shemman, Washington City; Thomas Yard, Philadelphia. iituh noni. . ( aplaiii Jsoueson, ship Unicorn; H. Freeman, Uttea; Oro. Smith, Conn. ; J Woods, Oenesee;H. Til den, Boston; K. Tobey, Jo., J. Redmgton, do.; D. Mifteu and family, do: T. Newton, Arkansas; Mr. Bayley, Matanzaa; Gabriel Jordan. Va.; L. Andenreid. Phils; J. Tilden, Man.; A. Camming. (Jeoigia; W. Holtoii, Button; J. Tyler, do.; J. Abbott,do.; J. Pabre, New Bedford; B. Locke. Ky.; M. Turner, Ohio; 8. Kirly. Boitou; D. Waterman, N. O.; J. White, Mas*.; C. , <Jri(fitli Kvansville; 8. krnthiughani, Button; H- Moijan, Aurora; W. Uatitnei), I'hiU.t K. Caldwell, do.; Geo. Peabody, i do.; R. Lee, do.; K. Dunn, Boston; 11. Ktuhton, Detroit ;Ca(>t Delano, slop Patrick Henry; J. Sayles, Albany; J. Davis, Conn.; O. Davison, Saratoga; Dr. Oreeu, N.Y.: L. Hitchcock, Oneida; J. Goodwill, do.; if. Kelly, Troy; C. Rogers, do. ... cltv hotel. R. AtMclit, Havana; Capt. Reif, J. Williams, C. Selvidgr, Boston; W. Rvan. Hallowell; (.'apt. Veeder, ( anandaigua; C. Mcintosh, U.S. Navy: J.MoCullock, N. Y.; D. Morton, fcrie; I apt. Wood, ship J. Macy; Mr. Ducharson, (rondalr; W. Post, I Memphis; Dr. Bonie, U. S.*?looi> of war Viiicinues; ii. Pike, Baltimore; Lieut. Armstroug, U.S. Navy. . Clinton Hotel. e.. D. Cliapin, Springfield, Mass.; Miss Stebbins, Hartford, Conn.; Miss Woodbridge. do; I. Isaac Babbitt, Boston; I . Liie pitt, Providence, K. L; J.M. Stewart. Troy. Croton Hotel. H. Warner, Waterloo; R. W. Latlian. Baltimore; G. Rogers, Boston; Rev. D. Malin. Philadelphia; K. Bosworth, Troy.H Bos worth, do.; R. A. Mood, do.; C. Mills, Uloversvillr; J. L. Walker, Schenectady; J. McCarthy, Salina; C. Lynch, S;iacuae: J. K. Haiinan, St. Johns; J. Hammond, do.; J. Pickard, do.; N. Rogers, Albany; L. Diukwarned. C. It. Duryee, N. Y.; ('apt. J. H.Davis, shin Albany; F. Drinker, Troy; W. Lown, do.; A. IL Lcgar, Ohio; AsaC. Titft, N. Y. Di/nnino's Hotel. O. 11. Curtis, Kgremont; F. Eddy, Great Barriugton; R Wheeler, Hudson; J. F. Jennings, Rniuebeck, J. S. Stewart, N.Y.; W. Jones, Salisbury: R. B. Mitchell, do.: W.H. Davis. N. Y.; G. H. Lee, Sharon, Ct.; A. S. Pattisou, Salisbury, Ct. Kiciianue Hotel. J. D. Miller, New York; S. Tuttle, New Haven: fc. M. Vahkleeck, Pouglikeepsie; J. W. Watson, New York; R II. Man, ills., Dank, M. Swill, Boston; K. Btone, Alliauy; I apt. Barnes, New Haven, W. H. Rice, Dover, N. H; G. Stoddard, do; N. 8. Russell, do; O. Tuttle. Mass.; B. Tuttle, do; N. K. Curtis, Troy; Wm. Osgood, do; N. O. Smith, Audover; B. M. Smith, do; S. Tucker, do; H. Woodbury, Conn.; I). It. Harris, do; N. W. White, Hudson; R. L. Lewis, do. Gsirrni Pis hi. Street House. Charles Hohson, L. I.; J. Wilcox, Port Chester; Daniel Abbott, John Stittsou, Southford; Joseph Sackett, Rareuswood; N. W. Miner. Roxbury; J. W. Warder, Kentucky: William Tweedy, Buffalo; H. L, Randall, Rosbury, Ct: N. Wildman, Daiibury,Cl; George Richmond, New Milford; D. Fairchild, Brid|{e|Hirt; H. B. (Hover, Newtown, Ct; S. Stebbiiu, 11. S. Tweeds, A. Caswell, Danbury; K. Field, Boston; .Mr. Kedlield. Laser. Ct; M. Rosa iter, Great Harrington; II. Iloyt, Rochester, N. V. Franklin Hotel. J. Baker. Pliilad; James McOhee, Bellas!; Dr. Eleaaon, VaJ. Reely, Troy;M. Watsou, Catskill; B. Beecher, Rome; W. Montgomery, Danbury; P. Calhoun, Bridgeport; W. Montgomery, Conn;H. Tycli, Albany; E. Strong, Woodborough; U. Bacneldor, Albany; W. Vassar, Poughkeepsie; C. Heuistrat, Troy: W. Woodsworth, Mass; 8. Beardsley, Newark; J. Incersoll, New Bedford; W. Treadwell, Albany: J. Southard, Port Jarria;S..Seymour, do: J.Megus, Philad;C. Norcom, N. C; R. Wynn, Middletowu; T. Carter, Pa: (Apt. Tucker, Worcester; Oen.Jewitt, Texas: C. Haunin, Boaton; S. Houghton, N. V; H. Cauthross.Masa; H. Seymour, I'iermont. Howard's Hotel. W. Sliawe, Boston; X. Carter, Pa; A. Bradley, Middletowu: S. Decli, W. Wheeloch, St. Lawrence Co; Col. Brittoo, New Haven; J. D. Hayes, Canada; E. House, Troy; S. Thompson, (Jtica; K, Thompson, C. Dnrant, Albany; H. Mathews, Oswego; L. Myers, ? Eraser, W. Stiusou, Buffalo; 11. Patterson, Philadelphia; Y. Fellows, Lowell; R. Jackson, Baltimore; R. Sutton. Washington; J. Baily, J. Kiehl, Philadelphia; J. Harper, Philadelphia; W. Holmes, Michigan; S. Patterson, Indiana; J. Brady, Tarrytown; J. Crowe,Albany; ? Dickens, Dr. Westervelt, Staten Island; C. Valentine, Washington; James dray, Boston. Judson's Hotel. n tlril.:... at t. r> . i> sir-., .1. cl:. cago; 8. (joodridge, N. V.: K. Chappel, Norwich; H. Dickson, Conn.; C. Root, Greenfield; W. Tuttle, Hartford; W.Hilliurd, Northampton; 8. Kendall, Dudley Beech, Hartford. Lovejov'o Hotel. W. M. Haugh, Peekskill; E. Francis, Newark; T. J. Wardwell, Providence; J. Weeks, N. H.; A. lugraham, Briatol; W. Moahier, Ueneva; J. R. Ken wick, Boston; C. L. Howes, Newburynort; 1). Lang, N. Y.l D. Barnes, Middletown; T. Gray, Phi la., J. Fisher, do; 0. L Williams. Berlin; C. Hunt, Conn.; R. A. White, N. J.; K. B. Kellogg, Hartford; H. Tilliard, I'liila.; Mr. Kees, Canada; J. T. Waring, lookers;!) W. Evans, Brooklyn; W. Daniels. N. Y.; J. N. Husted, Lyons; H. L. robin, Mass.; (J. R. Phelps, do; E. H. Winchester, Sharon; G. (J. Burbauk, Boston; A. F. Butler. Syracuse; N. O.Abbott, Syracuse; J. Ritcliie, do; R. W. Bissell, Sharon; K. Carpenter, Troy ; S. H. Stru, do; M. J. Dodge, do; P. Hone, Watertown; Dr. Bloom, do; Mr. Corwin, do; J. M. Stewart, Troy;Mr. Thayer, Jefferson, Orange Co.; E.Ostrander, Troy; H. Holmes, do; H. Lovelaml, do; O. Foadick, Conn.; A. Robinson, Bennington; Mr. Barritt, N. Y.; F. M. Hodge, Syracuse; D. Ainly, Orange co.; O. llaiiley, Wayne; W. French, T)range co.; J. Wilson, Poughkepsie; E. Paddock, Middletown; L. D. Vauaauds, do; N. Ross Portland; D. Kimball, Boston; J. S. Hovey. Rome; K. C. Barker, Detroit; D. Bryau. Jr.. Utica; A. Bartlett, Devereux; I). J. Dodge, Pittafield; W. Merru, Metlieun; W. Harding, Boston; K. Deane, Taunton ;C. W. Seely, Seneca Falls; B. Blake, Taunton; D. Miller, Pawtucket; C. P. Durham, Durhamville; P. D. Shireille, Amsterdam. National Hotel. G. W. Einogh, Rondout; J.H. Davis, Priucetou; J. B.White, do; C., Louisville; C. L. Webb, Mexico; W. B. Stewart, New Jersey; A. L. Howe, Springfield; M. Taylor. Philadelphia; S. B. Bowen, do; Doctor Thomas, lady and niece, Pennsylvania: J. M. McCully, New York; D. Davis, FishkiTI;L. Y. Vediler, Schenectady; C. Foster, Richmond; J. M. Carmen, North Carolina; Doctor Martin, Virginia; J. M. Woming, Albany; W. H. Harrison, Waterloo; \f. Johnson, Amsterdam; 8. A. Smith, Saugertica;|K. F. Loomia, Somerville; Miss A. N. Elmeiitlorf, uo. NnHTHr.ts Hotel. Augustus Marks, Alfred Marks, Haverslraw; T. Cole, Patterson; W._ Decker, do.; N. Parrish, Monroe couuty: Col, Filer, Mississippi; Thomas P. Ashe, Alabama; A. Allien and family, James It. Tyler, A. C. Prudem, J. Thompson, Long Liana; J. Harris, Albany: J. Crilley, R. Taylor, Newark; It. Ward, Boston; A. Brown, Scotland; Mr. Pixley, Columbia county; B. Cornwall, R. Jones, 8. Watson, Philadelphia; J. Allen, New Jersey. New Enuland House. J. W. Jones. Geneva; J. Rochester, Ohio; W. Newell, Boston; M. Ladd, Windham. Pearl Street House. H. Hurd.Ohlo; D. Tiffany. N. Y.; W. Broadhead, Baltimore; J. K.Mrllvaiu. ( Inin.; A. E. Danieis, Franklin, blast.; J. P. Smith, North Carolina; W. Clark, New Salem; Robt. Gray, Randolph; J. L. Warren, itaciue; Cltas. F. Hauna, Ky; (."apt. J. Chase, Blue Hill, Me.; J. Ilill, Boston; C. A. Buruside, do.; W. A. Beard, Portsmouth. Pacini: Hotel. J.C. Cuvler, H. Meacli, J. Carson, Albany;8. O. Kendrick, Colioes; 9. S. Shephard, M. Harris, Alliauy; Miss J. A. Andrews. Trov: W. B. Phil ins and lailv. Wvoinimr; C. C. Lew* ia, N. O.; E. Jones and lady, R. O. Lansing, Boston; K. Barry, W. C. Allen, Gloversville; Ca|rt. W. Wheeler, Capt. Salua, Syracuse; Cant. Krilly, Troy; B. Marsh, Albany; J Banford, Amsterdam; B. Bircliard, Troy; H. C. Whelpley, Albany; Capt. Vedder, Syracuse; S. ('. Henry, Maat. Henry, Coventry. Ksriini \'i iloTKI.. I*. Saurin, Buffalo; A. Cronyu, Bouthport; C. Miller, Boaton; A. Clemenla, New Jeraey. W. Lee, Troy; W. Jonea, It. Mitclirll, Salisbury: L. Jackaon, Geneva: G. Rutherford, J Clary, Auburn; S. Kaircliild, N. Y.jE. Holmes, E. Wilson, W. Beardslay, Auburn; O. Lee, Sharon; P. Barnes, Stock hriditr; P. Cliapiu, Mass.; A. Patterson, Conn.; B. Pattiaon, .Mass.; E. Barber, Auburn; A. Cliuz, I'liila.; J. Hart, U. S. N.; W. Post, Conn.; Mr. Howell, Sullivan Co.; O. Crandell, Westerly. Tammany Hall. W. Bulkier , Albany ; J. B. Kerria, Moiimouth, N.JjW, Pewsier, Shrewsbury, N. J.; H. Disherinan, Albany; T. Smith,do; C.Oallouey, Phi lad.; j. C. ( haver, do; J. T. Pigott, do; J. B. Slatts, N. v.; L. Corton, Newburgn; B. M. Van Nost, do; J. II. Brook, L'tica; W. C agger, Albany; C. B. Thompson, Le Roy; H. W. Elliott, Oranga county; J. B. Wood, Westchester; J. Brown, Kail Village, Ct.; Mr. Banley, Croton; Col. Cash, Siua Sing; Moses Gallup, Plalnfiald, Ct.; Mr. Blydniburgh, L. T; J. Hraniff, Stateu Island; T. Walton, Brnokheld, Ct.; J. Clement, Slug Sing; J. Cord, do; W. Roar, Norwich, Ct ; J. ( hadwick, New Hartford, J. B. Stalls, Goshen N. ?.; E. Ditniiid, Clinton, N.S. Seely, Stamford, Ct.; J. I). Warren, do; T. N. Smith, Ulster. Tavlor's Hotkl. W. H. Allvii, Hartford; S. Jones. Boston; J. T. Richardson, Maine; K. F. Cory, N. V.; J. lugraliam, Dansville; J. Lawyer, N. J.; John Snow , Rochester. Unitkd Status Hotkl. S. Hall, Plaiufield; C. Taylor, West|K>rt; E. II. Wakeld, A C. Hectinau, W. 11. Shiiimau, J. Rice, II. Motchkiss, N. II (i.irtou, B. Andrews, N.II; E G. Pitt, W. J. Armstrong, N. C; ( apt. i oung, Liverpool; j. ii. Hutching*. .> i ; ( apt. YVaUuii Ship Ileiirurr: M. Tucker, Drrliy: K. B. Millard, Norwich W. (lay, O. Hill*, Farrington; N. H. (larton, ('apt. Slolrhrop N. Haven; K. O. Goodman, P. Pitkin, S. lladlry; J. It. Slit ciicll, H. E. Mrrriman, A. Lcwia, A. Blakarll, K. Hay, F. Mailman, K. N. Hendrick*, I., Dunbar, I,. I). Jacob*, Brialol; ("apt. Ward, hark Aiitoleaii; H. I., Welch ami Lady, Fannington: Miaa Parker, ilo.: A. Stowe, do; J. K. Hone, Eaat Brookfield; G. (I. Hone, do.; K. Wolcnlt, Connecticut; < aptaiu Doaue, Kaaea; Tlioa. Elma, Illinoia; R. I. Maxwell, Virginia J. Ilallet, do.; 8. N. Childa, do.; J. VVilwm, Ohio; H. Dull* ban, do.; Cliaa. (Joodman, Button; O. M. Crane, do.; (I. P Bradford, N. V; I). I.vmaii, Durham; L. B. Baiaetr, Briatol. Wk*tv.*!? Hotm.. ./ameaOky, lloaton; C. Valentine, do; T. T. Mr Don gal I f 'harleatou, S. C.; (.'apt. Carr, Warren; J. A. Stowa, Hartford Ct.; H. O. Day, Ac run, Ohio; J. Manrheater, Phil-td.; M ra Bain, do; Matter Bain, do: Bryant Knight, Chatham; M. C Page. Hartford; Cadet A.J. Sleminer. Weal Point, J. Leofield Walden Vaahha, N. Y.; O. W. McKill, Waaliinatou: J, F Blatchford, Troy: M. Hamhlin, do; J. Ktiaael, Jr. Baltimore Thorn** S|ieer, Chicago; I). Cady. Rome; L' (I. Wright, At tica; S. Heimatrent, Lanaingluirg; M. Van Oliuda, Syraciiae; Miaa Lard, Middlejon; M. Blunt. Jr. do; <1. M. Dayton, Wor center; Maaa.; J. F. Harkneaa. Albany; Miaa R. Ilarkneaa, do L.J.Seely, Perth Amboy, N. J.; O. W. Beiaael. White Re gion; E. C. Johnaon, Rurheater. SticTH Amf.rican s.?Hy the arrival yesterday, of the Titi, from Havana the 22d in*t., we hare received our uaiinl tile* of papera to thnt date Pnper* from the city of Limn, up to the 9th February, have been received In Havana containing notlcea of event*, atate of tiling*, progrea* of Improvement* In remmerce, rond*. etc.. aceewory to a higher degree of civiliantlon. a* now prenented in Peru. Ecuador, Bolivia mid t hill. The moat important (juration now agitated iu Peru, wa* the conceaaion of extraordinary power* to the fGovernment by the Council of State, for the dofeneo of the country, and particularly toward the iiceeaaary menaurea to meet the danger with whieh the public peace wa* threatened by the expedition of Flore* The expedition had given ri*e to a negotiation among the government* of Ecuador. New Granada Pern Bolivia and ('hill, for a general coalition to rc*i*t the Invader*. The Government of Peru had adopted certain meaaure*. In view of Flore*' anticipated dcacent on the country which were very prejudicial to commerce; but, a* It will be remarked, they will be immediately ahandoucd. when new* arrive* of the complete failure in Europe of Flore* plan*. nounee erery thing in the moat xallxfactory idate, the country tiring in a profound tranquility. In erery department of tho ndininixtration the moxt judicious reformH hare taken place Credit ia re-established. a good system of finance ha* been adopted, road* hare been opened In all direction*?particularly a railroad from Valparaiso to ftantlago. All obstacle* to the exravatlng tiie canal l)el Maura hare bean remored. Notwithstanding the projected coalition, the gorcrnmant* of I'eru and Boliria are far from lielng in the l>a*t harmony, owing to rariou* mean* of reprisal taken by the latter, In conxequenco of certain reform* made in her tariff* by the former. Amnngxt other*, i* the following That Perurlan good* Introduced in Boliria by land, and by the only act of Coblja, (ball pay tha tame due* ai ---LL-li ^ LD. PiIm Two > * city of Aneux, dratroytng eighty edlSrcM, and Indue lag a Iom In property ron?um?sd of ?300000 An earthquake wan Maid to have almoat rompleUly destroyed the city ot ( oniato ItM duration waa from rfrs to alx secondI A > aiparauo journal uaieu in* ivth January, iummi the arrival there, on the preceding day. of the American transports conveying the troop* to California The Government of Chili, with a view tothe protection of ita merchant marine, haa resolved to limit the collection of guano from the northern coaata of the Republic. to tile ahorea of the deaert of Atacaaa. and to the adjacent lale, which can only be carried in vanaela calling under the Chilian flag.??V. 0 1\mti, March 30 Miscellaneous. At the opening of navigation, naaaengera are tube conveyed up and down the Hudson between thla city and Albany, at $1?for the peaaage either way On the 34th ult. the ateamer Detroit attempted to get out of Chicago harbor, but waa prevented by the lee. The attempt waa to be renewed next day. Conrad J La Grange, who waa ao severely beaten by a gang of rowdies at his own house, in Albany, on tha night of the 39th ult., waa on Monday morning still alive, but in a very precarious state, being attacked with convulsions. Tha ice haa been out of the Erie canal, between Bulalo and Tonawauda, for some daya. The ice Just below Albany was on Sunday some 6 or feet thick ; but was fast softening. A second ship has been chartered by tha Jerseymen, and is at the wharf nt Newark, raady to reeaiva bar freight?contributions for the suffering poor of Ireland and Scotland. Wall done. Jersey!, On Monday morning the keeper of the eoonty prison at Newark. N.J. was alarmed at an aarly hour, and on repairing to the cella, found that a man named Dennis t arr, had suffocated himself in hia apartment by atowhing up the apertures, and setting Are to hia bed. Ha had previously opened the veins in one of his anna. Ha was quite dead The cotton factory at MlUedgvllle, Geo , commenced operations the latter part of krbruary. with about 3,000 spindles The yarn, which I* in market at Macon, la said to bo of the best quality They are abont to commence weaving when a much liinrer nnmUr nt nlnSlaa * will be m>t in motion. Jones' cotton mill, at Rochester, la calculated for MO looms. 101 of which arc in actual operation. The production la 8,a00 yard* per week of cotton fabrlca. Number of handa employed '150. The new and aplendid building of the Federal atreet Baptlat Church, in Boaton, waa to be dedicated yeaterday afternoon. The aixe of the building ia 66 >* feet on Row* atreet. and 00 feet on Bedford atreet. The principal tower ia located at the angle of the building, on Rowe and Bedford atreeta, and Is 18 feet square. The height of the main' tower ia 86 feet, and the spire ia 90 feet high , thus making the entire height of the apire and tower 170 feet. The height of the aide walls of the building ia * feet. At about .1 o'clock last Friday morning, the ship Joe. Porter, lying in the river opposite the city of Savannah, and about to sail for Philadelphia, was boarded by three "crimps." who demanded the release of two sailors belonging to the ship. The first and second mates, and carpenter of the Jos. Porter, attacked the pirates, and finally drove them from the vessel. One of the villains shot the second mate in the face, and it Is feared be will lose his sight In consequence. The "crimps'' escaped. The dvud body of J. Moses, a money broker of Mobile, wus found in tho woods near that city, a few days ago.? He had been missing for about two weeks. There Is no reason to suppose tnat any foul play waa practised towards him, as bis money, watch, costly rings, ete., were all good upon his person. W The coroner of New Orleans, lately, on the 30th utt., held an inquest on the body of a black boy. a runaway, . name unknown, found dead in the jail at Algiers. It appears the hoy had been severely whipped, and than left without medical aid for five or sis days. Verdict, died from the effects of excessive flogging. On the night of the 24th ult. at Indiana, Penn , a Dr. Shuttle having been repulsed In his addresses to the daughter of a Mr. Hill, disguising himself proceeded to Mr. H.'sfarm and set fire to the barn, then went to the dwelling bouse and attempted to throw in asheUcbargod with four pounds of powder. The missile exploded as it passed In at a window, and n fragment striking Shultse, tore oil Ills under jaw and injured his laidy badlv Tlw houei' witk much shuttered. and the ham waa burned down with ita contcnta of two thouaanda buahels of grain, five horned, harness, Vic. The Incendiary wu found lying upon the ground, and was lodged in prlaon. Steamship Hibernia, Hnrrison. from Boston for Halifcx and Liverpool, was aeon 'id lnat. at 9 o'clock, A. M. off Cape Ma hie The Houac of Assembly of Barbadoea hare paaaed a vote for granting iliOOO sterling towards the relief of the sufferers In Ireland and Scotland. JOSEPH WK1GLEY. HAS REMOVED from No. 4* Piue meet to 73 in the name street, near I'earl. al >w*r A. * G. BRANDON. 8ticce??or? to K. A. MUNDEN. BLOCK LET T E R SIGN MANUFACTURERS, S 1 G N P A N T E R S, NO. 'A TRYON ROW, Adjoining the Harlem Railroad Oflire, New York. RKKr.HK.Mtr..?Washington Stores, William street; Rath bun'* Hotel, Judaon's Hotel. National Hotel, Pcrkin'a Hotel, U. 9. Bonded Warehouie, Nankin Tea Company, he., Ac.'J 2m*rrc COUNTRY MILLINERS. PETER ROBERTS, 373 Broadway, would invite the attention ofthoae who are purchasing their Bpnni Oooda, to hi* stock of Laces, > it:?Maleine, Point de Paria, Aleu'e.on. Brussels arid I'ompallon. for trimming halt; Black and Whit< Lace Veils, Bnuells, Illusion Point and lanev Net*?end n great variety of other goods, which he will aell at very low pi M-t'N. "1 i?n~r CARRIAGES. THK lulucriber offers lor sale an excellent assortment of good rirriwri, all nrw styles, warranted equal in 1'ulil v to an\ thing in tTiia market, and w ill be <ul<l it rvaamiaMe price.. JAMK.S lilt KWNTER mill I in'rc 17 and 17 I atialetrert. : " DAGl/EK HKOTYl'K PLATES AND INSTRUMENTS, warranted to be of Mlienor quality. Kor ule by JOHN ROACH, Optician, K Naaaau lUMt N. B.?These lota hare been juat rtcrirnl, and are offered cheaper tlwn ever mid at heretofore. at tt'e ~~ QUARTERLY BEACON. JUST PUBLISHED, the second number, at the oAce, S Franklin S<|itare, Pearl street.?Coutaina tne Vahoo entire, the moat n itty aafire on the follies and superstitions of the nan: alio, entire. Cpiitiautr Pro red Mnlatrr.a reprint; also, I a ?hort enqriry, Who was Jeaoa Christ! for aale. Alao, each ] uftheaboie, in |>art?. Alan, first nuinlier of the Quarterly containing the celebrated Three lni|Kiatera. N. B. New edition of Hirnio1 Life of Jeana, Volney'a Ruina, Vale'i Life of Paine, Panic's Worlu, Voltaire'? Philoeo ^ plural Dictionary, and othei liberal works, tracts, lie. mli eodlm'e XcrKK FOR rOLDS. MRS. < ARROLI/S Medicated Vapor and Siilplmr Batlaa, IRt Fulton street, opposite Church street. Acertain cure for Colds, Coughs, Rheumatism, Nor* Throat, and all inllam History dtirases incident to the changeable state of the weather The Sulphur Vapor Bath u particularly recommended by mr first physicians as a cure for all eruptions and diseases of the ?kiu. No danger of taking cold after the use of these bathe, in lb lm*r TO DKNTISTS. THE anbacriber haa juat rerelvrd a cement (without mercury,) for filling teeth, invented nut recently improved by our ol the fimt Surgical Dentiata in thr world. It in lielicvrd to be thr beat article of the kind ever offered to the profetainn. For tall- at tlit- Dental Depot of joAkfh t. murphey, OA Broadway. Order, by (nail, accompanying |l, can have ajar Mat by return rxprraa. f3l lm*rb "(LOTH I.St.. THE CHEAPEST grnta and hoya Faahinnahle Tailoruor and Clothing katabliahment 11 New York, ia JA4-OB VANDERBILTs', 3t> Maiden lair, between William and N.iaaau itreeta, w here may be found over five thousand ready m ule garment,, w hich w ill he aold w hulraalr or retail, at the very loweit po,tilde price,. Alio, more than fiee hundred piece, of faaluonablr good,, which will be made (n order mi a ?tyle of elegance that cannot be anrpaaaed. Yon will do well to rail, a, you can ?avr from three to ,rTen dollar, on a anil ? Do not forgrt the number, A Maiden laute. ma* lm*rrc IJP2 Kmi.tiitr.iv, CornKK OF JOHN ,^-ntFKT, TO THOSE WHO SUAVK THEMSELVES. R(From the llo,ton Traveller.) I NO'S VERBENA < RKAM.-Thia .having compound ia now all thr rage a, well among tonanrfal profrtaor* as among fho.e who prefer to gallu r tb< ir own ditirnal eropv? The harlier, aay that a pot of it la-!, twire a, long a, the aataw ipiantjty of any other naponarion, preparation; while those who aie their ?iipence, derlare that with the Verbena Cream a I dull ra/.or w ill til,ure a rnioothr r Care than moat of the old I aiMp, with iharp ?terl; betide, it i? fragrant to the aenar, Ice ; 1 and what ia better than all, in their hard times, it 11 ?old almost 1 for a aong. 1 Wholeaale and retail hy < HARLES H. RINO. I IVI Im*rli Druggtat, I<I2 Hroadwav, corner John v< \ _ , BRITISH AND NORTH AMEKH AV TJ.IMl* ROYAL MAll, STEAM SHIPS or ItMtan and 430 horae |*iwer each, under contract wiA the Lord, of the Admirality. IIIRERNI.A.Captain Alraander Itprie. < ALF.DONIA. Captain Kdwaid U. Lott. RRITTANNIA. Captain John llew.rt 0 CAMBRIA, Captain 'harlr. II. E. Judkint. ACADIA,' aptain William llarriaon. The lour ateamahtie. now liiiildlnj are THE AMERICA, TIIP. NIAGARA, THE CANADA, THE EUROPA. Vraarl, appointed to aail fiom Liverpool are the I amhrta April I, IM?7 ' aledoma April 70, l?47 Britannia, May 4, 1647 Veaaela appointed to vail from Boaton are the Cambria, May I, 1*17 Caledonia May 16, 1647 raaarnger,'luggage muat be (>u hoard the day previnu, to tailing Paaaage money? From Boaton to Liverpool, |IR, do do to ii i.!.. *4a >i?i bertTia recured until paid for. Than* ahi|M> parry iiiierienceil anrgeona. No freight, evrrpflVcie, repaired on day* of aailiiig. Knr freight, paaaage.or any otlirr information, apply to I). BKIUII AM. irT At 1IAHNDK.N k. C6JL ? Wall* [T7~ In addition to tiir alHivp linr between Liverpool and I In 11 fa a, and Boaton, a contract hu barn entered into with Har Majeaty'a government, to eatabliah a lina hatwaan Liverpool anifNaw York direct. Tlia tenmahi|>a for thin arreice ara now being bnilt, and aarlv neat year do* notica will I* given oftlw lima whan llir> will ?Lart. lender the new contract the teaman will tail every Matnrday during right month*, and [ every fortnight daring the other monttu in tiw year. lining al ternataly helween l.ivarpo .| *i(il II?|if>v ?nd Bn.tmi, and ' < 1 mm Liverpool and New York. "'**> ' ' at ta*irt

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