Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1847 Page 3
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f -? -g-'T' fr< in February 20th to March tub. of ?404..'>00. the ad mil doi p j<? Id the circulation in that period was but ?202,7*J"i. Thl* ha* been produced by u reduction In tlii amount of uoten on liaud. It will be perceived that there U atlll a margin Left of ?0.714.740, which the bauk can have drawn from It in specie, before a further reduction iu the actual circulation will be required. The operation of the new systt in upon which the Bank of Knit Uud regulates its issue*, is so little understood tliut iV Is ' net strange Home of the Wall street papers make sueV ridiculous mistake's in their statements. It U surprising they will attempt to explain anything they kr.o* ho little a tout. A Wall street paper a few days aro, stated that the Bank of England would not let the amount of notes on hand full off. but would keep up ^bu amount for tho purpose of sustaining its cire nlution Was there ever so raueh nonsense coutalrt() jn go few words?? The issues of tho bank axe bast ^ upon government securitiej to the amount of .?14.00nnj upon bullion on ban I. Every pound sterling Usued over and abovo tbc fourteen millions, must !> 4 rPpr(;seuted by a pound sterling in bullion in the vu' jju of tl4U bank. The aggregate I sain i alwuy.s amount {0 ti,e government securities and bullion on hand, hi' ? tj,e issues arc not in circulation, the amount on b being from time to time Increased or diminished. >8 tj,c bullion fluctuates. The amount of notes on niwul deducted from the aggregate issue, must alvrn y, equal tbc fourteen millions government securitlc t nlul tiK, araount of bullion on hand, as will be socu by reference to the above table. Whenever u 'l* of bullion takes place, the notes on hand ,!.flst be reduced to keep up the circulation, and the bank at ull times keep u margin of the amount of these note* which it can rosort to at any tluio. The circulation of tho Batik of England cannot go below fourteen wjlliom if ovory pound in bullion should b? drawn fro-gilt. It 1*anticipated thut the dumand upon tlio bank for bullion for shipment to the U. State* nnd Russia, will be ) itrge; but no fears are expressed In tho financial circles 0f I.omlou In relation to tho result oven of a hear y jrHin for exportation ' fiit Bai\kert> Magnxinr furnishes tho return* of eirf station of tho private and joint-stock bank* in England and Wale* for the four wook* ending respectively the 6 th, 13th. 20th and 47th of February ult., and glee* *ho following as tho uvernge ending tho 27th ult., viz f'ivato bank* X4.649.980 'oiat-stock hanks 3,198.082 Average weekly circulation of the above hanks for the past month X7.717.962 On a comparison of the above with tho return* for the month ending the 30th of January last, It show* A decrease in the note* of private banks of. ?137,702 A decrcuse in tho note* of joint stock banks of 69,821 Total decrown on the month ?207,723 And us compared with the same period of last year, viz: tho month ending February 28th, 1846, It shows? An Increase in th? ? r ?i?*- i 1 * An increase in the note* of joint stock bunks . 89,667 Jotal increase on tho your ?171,445 1 ho fixod Issues ,,f the Severn 1 banks In England and V\ ales, exclusive, ?r tho Bauk of Knglaud. beingltMi private ba- ^kg allowod to issue ?4.999,444 1 7 Joint stoc^u bunks allowed to issue 3,418,377 Total f jje(j i#8Ue 8,417,741 It ap ^cars, therefore, that the following is tho coinparntive f^ute of tho circulation:? 3' >8 private banks are below thur fixed issue ?449,664 slio joint stock banks are below their fixed lMuo 440,196 Total below tho fixed issue ?669,769 Old Stock Exchange. 52000 Trea Notes 6's 101 200 slu Mor I 'atisl s6in 20 $6000 Heading Bonds 714, 13.6 do 20 o1,'?!!!! r> A?, _ 71- 4 26 Canton Co 31), SlflOO Read Mtg Bd* 68?? 60 do SOdvi 31 l, ?S6W? Peiui 6 s l?Co 71), 26 Erie Hit Scrip BSJe *J6000 . do b?0 71)J 60 Long Island BR 26V S6000 Ohio O's,'60 963a 300 Harlem RR 61? S1000 Kentucky Gs 9B 5jo do 61 ?000 State y,.6R, 97 260 Norlt WorRR bCO 60 V" ke?d'?K RR 60), 60 do >60 49),' 60 Bk Com Scrip 94)2 60 do blO 49? ^ UB H i)' 17 1i do 49? 75 U ? Dank Al? ?jj J., joa " ,D*Pk 9 60 do blO 49)2 460 Fanners' Trust 30>i 60 do 19', do b60 30)2 100 do sSO 49 S *r r?is , 30 660 do s30 49 60 Morris Canal 20); 176 do 49V *? do 20), 276 do 49 00 do stw 20 . , ? . Second Board. f fc&S Pe"" ?'s ,6? 7IX 50 shs Nor k Wor RR 49 f do b60 72 100 do ,60 46); i?T u 1 UT> , 71*? 100 do sen in'; MshsHaremKR blO 61 100 do bfiO 190 100 Long Island RR boo 99V 26 do ,10 48? 2 4? 26.'! 60 do 160 49V dor . 26j, 60 do 497; 60 .Moms Canal 1,3 20? 60 do b30 49? 1M rf!l 60 do >30 48? '"'k. .<1o.? - 20 26 do .10 18? <j nor* wopjjft 49 View Stock Exclunge. so ?n? Farm-rn'Tr *10 30 25 ih* Nor &. Wor S?t 19V J1*} ?j? *10 29V 25 do b3 49W 100 do *30 29? 100 do c 49V 25 Harlf y> RR r. 51V 50 do 8?t 49V b? <3o *30 50N 75 do C 49S 50 do c 50 V 25 do Sat 491,' ^ Jo Sst 5?>I 50 do c 49 2J 'N^br St Wor RR b30 49V 25 do Sat 49 "J do C 49V ( ITY TRADE REPORT. Niw York, Kridat Aftkrvoon, April 9. Tbe arrival of the ahip Southorner. from Liverpool, vvilli tbroo days later news, which appoared in tho columns of tho Herald this morning, had the effect of rendering our market for breadstuff* some less active, though nnattended by any material change lu prices. It seemed, that owing to a continued export demand for the continent, In Loudon, tho corn market In that city continued firm, with an upward tendency for wheat, whllo In Liverpool less animation prevailed, although arrivals wcro few. owing to contrary winds, and thedraln for Irclaud continued large. Tho sales of Genesee chletty to arrive, per river, sold to-day at $7 50 n $7 62>?To arrive in oil May. at $6 50. and In Juno at $6 25. In #heat wo heard of no movement of importance. Sales of corn were mado to a fair extent?Northern yellow at 100 a 103c.; tbe latter delivered alongside of ship. Southern white sold at 92, and a small lot of good Jersey white at Otic. Provisions continued steady, with a moderate amount of sales at full prices. Groceries moved more frcelv. and both nubile nml nrl??fn molasses. were made. chiefly of foreign discriptions, at fair price*. Considerable wile* of Rio eoffce wore madu at somo reduction of price* current ten days since. Aiiiei?Small tales of DOt* were made at $6. Pearl* living chiefly confined to few band*, they were bold at $6 60. without tales. however, transpiring. TUeswax?4mall tale* continued to be made at 26 a 27 cent*. IIrfaiuTi rr?-We report sale* of about 10,000 barrel* of <>i^is*ec. to arrive in all May. at $6 SO; 500 do, in six davs, via the river, at $7 60; "fiOO do, to arrive, at 57 V0S4; aud 600 do, deliverable bv the 25tb of June, at $0 *25 Southern flour continued steady. and we report sale* of about 600 hbla at $7 1QS?. fr'heat?Home sale* were reported, made to arrive, on term* which we did not learn. Corn?Wo report sales of 6000 bushels Southern white, delivered alongside of ship, at 92 cent*; 1600 do Western mixed, to arrive in June, at 77c; .1000 a 4000 do Northern yellow, delivered, at 103 cts; 6000 do, to arrive next week, at 100 cts; 3000 do, deliverable on Monday, at the same price; 1800 do Jersey white sold at P8o; 800 do Southern yellow, at 100c; 2000 do Northern yellow, to arrive in May, at 88 conts; 2000 a 3000 do, to arrive early, by the way of the river, at 103 conts; 12'tO do (in the city.) white at 'J6e, and 1000 do, Northern vellow. delivered iGoug side ship, at I03e. Com Mtal? '('he market continued sternly, and we report sales of 2000 bbl*. New Jersey, for exports to France, at $4 87>i. flyi?We report *ale* of 1000 to 5000 bushel*, to arrive In the early part of May, at 00c. and 6000 do, in the city, at 90c. Karltu exhibited no change. Oah?We report wiles of 3000 bushels New Jersey at 43c, 2000 do North River at 46c. Candles?The last sale* of 200 boxes Sperm were madu on terms* equivalent to 32c. Corn r. We report sale* of about 3,600 bag* of Rio at 7J?c at "No- and 100 bag* I.ngnara at 7Ja'c ; 308 bag* do Lejunra. damaged, sold byViuctien at a 7Si'c cash. Cotton?The same qutet lone pervade* the market, and an Indisposition on the. part of shipper* to operate at thu present, rate*. The sale* to-day were about 600 bale* to manufacturers, and at previous rates, there being no increased dispositon on the part of holder* to bring forward tbelrsupplies. Livr.srooL t'LAiiiriCATiorv. Nets Or/sen# UplanAi. Florida. Mob. (t Trxat nfeiior none, none none. none, none nrnir. Ordinary |nw 10% lOJi WV in^ II Middling ..I"\ II 1 II H?? 'Da ' ?<! Opod Middling llG lift llf. lift lift 12^ Middling Fair lift 12 12ft 12b,' lift I2>J F ur .... 12 12<4 12'? I2f, I2\ 13 Fully Fair I2J% 13 none. none. I3?? IT'a Jtond F.iir tJ'? IV/i none. none. 11'? It Fine none, none. none. none, it US Full?The market wa* quiet, and no change in prices noted. There wa* a small cargo of Dry ( od afloat, and held at ?3 ?3X * 53 75 r*i:tT Nothing transpired of importance, nnd no rbiuge in nrlees worn Hor?k 10 Vial""!" Rio Oranda rold ?t JJf. n?h, which wia ati advance of 2 eenta per lb. 1I? >tr?Nothing new traneplred. and prices remained firm at yeaterday'a quotation a, I c*D The market remained qnH at $4 2S for plge. Mnuiir.i?We report galea of 2.>0 hhds and 2t tlereea of Trinidad and 208 do Clenfuefoa on private tcriua; 400 hhda New Orlonna rold at 3le; 111 hhds t uba do rol l by auotion (damaged) at 10X, 12)$ a 17r, raah; 17 do do Cuba pound at 23c, 00 dayn: 10 a 30 easka St. Croix aold iu atoro at 3.7c. Naval Sroari?Rough tnrpentlne waa held at higher rate*, whtli" galea wore l'mitad; aplrita continued to move In a moderate way at old prleea. On.*?IVc report aalog ofHOQO gallona l.ngHah I.inaecd on lloalon neruunt. at 70 a 00c. ami H00 a louo do \nter lean, city prnaaed. at HOc; crude Hjierui and whale eon tinned <iull nt, former ratea. I'noviaie*#?Wn report galea of 100 hhla new mega pre-U at f 10; l'>0 do new prltne tlo, at $13 33; I.'10 do gon 'a ? add at $13 Ml; 100 do old aotlnd prl|ie ;?4 HlJ-.-o it-if -t email tale t>l 30 bMa rl| y tie -a -aid at. 'o l utinlry ui"?? ?(Taped at !! 76, -t I We report salea of 100 paeknges and firkius lit 10c. Small pale* of pickled shoulders were made ut U'^r: . pickled hams were steady at 8'* a 9c. and No. 1 lard in 1 ljfol* at 9 a 10c: New butter contluued in deinaud at full price*, white cheese remained ut former I rate,. ? Klei: We rt port rale-of so threes prime piaUl v i,t : $4 70. ' Salt?Wo report sales of 2000 sucks Liverpool ground I at 90c wan inactive, while nothing was doing i worth naming in flaxseed. Suuab?We report sales of ahout 320 hhds Cuba Muscovado, at ti>j u 7*?c; 30 do Porto Rico sold on private terms; 17 boxes damaged Havana brown sold by auction at fl?a u 7MC cash, and 40 do ilavanu white at 8t,e do; 103 do lluvanu brown (damaged) by uuction, uLso brought tif-j u &lic cash; 120 hhds St. Croix. In store, sold , at H>,' a 9l.;C. Tuuacco?173 bales Kentucky leaf, fair to good, and some flue quality, aold by auction, ou time, at 3 a 3J? u i 4>a a 6 a ti a O^c. Wiialcboxe?The market was dull, aud no sules reported. Wool?The sales were confined to shout 30 bales foreign, on terms we did not learn. Kkriohti?Rates were houiu easier. A ?iuull ilritish vessel was taken u|> for Londonderry. Ireland, to loail with grain in bugs ut 22d; to Cork and u market at 22d for grain in bags was paid; H000 bushels of eorn in sacks, was ntiid to liave been engaged to Irelaud at 20d A Ilritish vessel, it was reported, wua engaged for tlour at 6s.. and grain in sucks ut 20d. to Liverpool. it was reported thut a vessel for London had taken some grain in sacks at Itid.. tint.*it was afterwards contradicted hy the agent of the vessel, who reviewed it i in tho light of a banter, uud said olfers had been freely made for grain in sacks, to the sumo vessel, at 20d. Wo heard of no engagements to direct in Kuropo ports in ' American vessels. Teas at At'CTlox.?Imported in the James Doorman and l<oui(Uu Terms?Notes ut six months. Hyson?14 chests ut 08 cents per lb.; 30 half do. 48: j 100 do. 57l,: 13 chests 26; 85 do.. 29 half do., and 100 1 bxs withdrawn. Voting Hyson?10 half ebosts 63; i32 do. 60),'; 22 do. ; 49; 29 de. 48; 31 do. 47>,; 6 do. 41.V. 44 do | .0; 43 do. 37,4; 70 do. 30; 89 do. 33.',; 15 do. 32.4; 56 I do. 33; 61 do. 304; 111 do. 30: 858 do. withdrawn. Hysou Skin ?155 cheats 39; 93 withdrawu. Twunkay?10 half ohests 324; 50 do. 33; 150 do. 30; 60 do. 38; 8J do. 35; 81 chests 34; 310 do. aud 305 half do., withdrawn. Gunpowder?19 half chests 384: 20 do 334; 70 do withdrawn. Imperial?17 half chests 46.4; 10 do 34; 69 do withI drawn. Souchong?33 half chests 36; 137 do 32.'*; 229 do and 100 chests 30. Congou Souchong?98 half cheats 19; 100 do 18; 207 do withdrawn. Nlngyong Souchong?33 half ohesls 284; 55 do 20; 279 do withdrawn. Mohoe I'ouehong?10 chests 23; 313 do withdrawn. I'ouchoug?20 half chests 16; 135 do withdrawn. Stiepoy Oolong?55 half chests 304; 18 do 264; 75 do withdrawn. Nlngyong Oolong?21 131b lixs 394; II do 30,'.,: 29 do \ I 28^8 do 26),'. orange I'eKoe?83 liair chests 'J >. Oolong?10 half chests 60. Married, At Brooklyn, on the 8th instant. hy the Rev. Mr. Ilar' rl?. I'onm. Stromi Hi'ohks, to Caromnk K. Moitt:, both of Brooklyn. On Sunday, by the Kev. Mr. Rice. Alonxo B. Wriiiiit, . to Mies Marhia A. Scaring, all of Roslyu, L. I. On Sunday evening. 4lb Instant. in St. Mary's Chureh. by the Rev. Mr. Starr. Mr. Wm. H. Pom:, of Isle of i Wight County, Va., to Miss Ann Uovohertv. of thin 1 ! city. (jr>? Norfolk and Portsmouth (Va.) papers. will please I copyIn New Orleans. February Ith, by tho Rev. Mr. Convey, Ventura B. Lunar, or Havana, to Miss Catherine ! S. Parker, of New Vork. Died. i On Friday. 9th instant, Marv Bhojj, daughter of Wil; Ham II. Bronx, aged 7 years, 1 month and 4 days. All the relativen and friends of the family, and the | Mutual Lodge No. 67. I. O. of O. F., are respectfully tn1 vitod to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, llth instant, at 1)? o'clock, from Nos. '118 and '1'10 Blesckrr street. On Friday evening, the Pth Instant, Kmzabktii. daughter of Bernard and F.lizubctli Hantgen. aged II , months and 19 days. iter menus aim ucijuuliituucc. huU mono or the family, aro rospoctfully iuviteti to (ittend the funeral, on Sunday. 11th instant, ut Vi o'clock, from No. 309 Third direct. Of consumption. on Thursday, tint Htli instant, at tint | American Hotel, in this city, Frkdkrick Uhokrkr, in : the '27th year of his age, for the last nine years faithful to his trust in that establishment. WANTED, BV A FAM1LV residing in thr country, near Baltimore, Maryland, (loveruess to instruct two boys, one of ten 1 years of age, and the other seven years. The best references , will be reoHired ns to capacity anil character. A lady who un- , lerstands French would lie preferred. For information respecting; the situation, apply at No. lUti Hands street, Brooltlyu. a 10 3t*rrc " wanted:" ~ A FIRST RATE fashionable Cutter; one who is comtie- ' rent ill cutting all kinds of clothing, may hear of a tier ma- I nciit situation by giving his real name and reference, tiy ail- j dressing L>. O. at this office; w ill be attended to with despatch. I 111 lit ? rc WANTED " A MAN WHO PLAYS THE PIANO .AND VIOLIN well, and who cau carry his violin with him, to travel with Oeneral Pom Thumb through tin- principal American cities. I One who speaks French w ill lie preferred. Apply at the Ainci riean Museum. alult'rh ' FUlrNl), ; A BOAT about 12 feat long, supposed to be a yawl boat, I painted with a green bottom and a yellow atreak. The | ow uera ran find the same hy calling at the corner of Wall and 1 ; South streets, on Robert Tilford. ato It* rc DISMISSED. THE complaint against HENRY t J. ENOLE, for false pretences, made by Kufus Story in December last, has been dismissed by the Orand Jury now in session. alO lt*rc for sale, A DRAY PHAETON, almost new. and incomplete order, built by Collia & Law rence. To be seen at the stable, in ! 111! reai of St. John's f'hurch. St. .John's Alley. alO 2w*rc PLEASURE BOAT WANTED. WANTED?A Sail Bout, about twenty feet in length. A I sw ift sailer and stiff?she must be in prime order in every respect. The price must he low. Address M. I. the ofolfice of this turner statu,o ft,,* -its .?* ---I * "- i * ml where she may be sten. alolt'r NOTICE TO HOTEL KEEPERS, fcc.-YVmited. by'a respectable Young Man, a situation as book-keeper or bar kec|>er, or to take charge of a public house. Is fully comjie- ' trnt, nod flm give security if rei|iiircd. Reference l-ivcii to last employer, whom (lie advertiser was with nearly three years. No objection to leave the city. Hasan estensive connection, winch he could influence. Address, paid, to J. \V. cart of Mr. J#PEARCE, II Wall street. alt) 3t?r S'ODA WATKR AND APPARATUS?J. Matthews, No. * 111 Third avenue, New York, manufacture, of all the modem apparatus used for the manufacture, drawing or bottling il'Sodi YVatrr. A lithographic plate, with priuted directions I for the making of .Soda Water and Syrups, also for the putting upof the apparatus and its use, dec., will accompauy each ap. par.itns. tn27 ltn?rc THE SUBSCRIBERS OFFER FOR SALE, wholesale, and retail, fresh iegetable and flower Seeds, of every deseriplion; Onisv,Seeds for lawns or permanent meadow, as may be required; early Potators, Asparagus, and Olobe Artichoke Roots; Fruit Ornamental Trees, Shrubbery, and Herbaceous PI ints, warranted as described, with a very large collection of green and hot-house Plants, and a general assortment of Fancy Articles in ourliue. Bouquets, of the tnost choice and delicate flowers, at all seasons. Dl'NLAP it THOMPSON Seedsmen and Florists, 61) Broadway. alO Iw'rc Nursery, 8th avenue and 116th sf. i LIQUID HAIR DYE. NO EQUAL.?The improvement of 11116.?ALKXANDERM TRICOBAPHE, which instantaneously colors tiir Hair a natural Black or Brown, and gives it the beauty and elasticity of youth, and is warranted neither to wash or run off, or soil the skin. 'I lie proprietor, since its improvement, presents it to the public with the utmost confidence, as having no coital, and as a perfect dye. r/ir sale hv Riisliton it Co., Bmadw ay ; J. S. Aspinwall. Willi.iin street : Johnson, Moore St Taylor, Maiden lane ; and \. B. St P. Sands, New \ ork ; anil by the sole agents for the I | United .Stale-, R. St. ?!. A. WRIOIIT, | alO Irn-ire Philadelphia. NEW TYPE AND NEW ATTRACTIONS* A M AUNIFH.'ENT STORY. BEAUTIFULLY illustrated with fine wood engravings.? The SUNDAY DISPATCH, thelargest three cent pi|>er iiublishrd kiu the country, for this week, April II, 1617, will be one of the greatest papers ever issued m this country at Three Cents per cony. In consequence of the large and rapidly increasing circulation of the Dispatch, we hate been compelled to procure an entire new font of type, on whieb tbe Dispatch for this week w ill be printed. la It will contain the first port of one of the most thiilling mid romantic, stories of the day. entitled THE FIRST FALSE STEP. Or the Path of Crime, splendidly illustrated with Wood Engravings, in Strong's best, style. The number for this week will contain two Engrat ings from the most life like designs, drawn hv one of the bed er lists of the age. The story itself is of the most esciting character, and should he read by all who wish to he initiated into the manner in which the tempter lures his victim frnm tb<path of rectitude. Minna Woodward, the Heroine of this -lory, and Her adventures, rinnot fail to evcite the most livelyinlerrst in the reader, whtlethe whims and freaks of some of t lie jit her characters w ill he liighlv amn-iin We haie also the pleasure of announcing (lie STEP MOTHER, iiv TIr?: author or thk " si?Tt.n-is-r aw;" A Thrilling Story of Life in New York. As mini were di?iprninteil in procuring full copies of the " SfSTER-INL AW,'' we advise those who wish to receive llie Step Mother complete, to send tlieir nemen to the office in time. RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD. NO. I?.? A curious History of some of the Early Sects. A Sketch of one of the B'hoys. V fiuwhy in New Orleans. MISCELLANY?Peotry, Extracts, Clippings. Items of I Fact soil Fancy, fcc., ke. EDITORIALS?.John Orahsm soil (lie Bible in support of Ti m|>er.ince; together w ith a V ariety of Articles on various subjects; Weekly Oossip; News of the Week; Local News; Police Recorder. Late News by Telegraph, kc., kc. I'll I' E THREE CENTS; nr$l a year by mail. Office 41 ; Ami Street. The PISP AT' II contains thirty-two columns, of which lwenty-ni will be made tip of choice Reading Slatter. WILLI AMSON k BERN'S. Publi.liers, N. B.?Advertisement* for the DISPATCH must be handed in he .1 o'clock on Saturday to secure insertion, s, our large edition compels us lo go to press st sn early hour. aid lt"r i HURCH <>F THE H< >LY TRINITY . BROOKLYN HEIOHTS. miHS ( httroh will bo open for the exsminntion of Pews on JL Monday, l9thyTne*day 20th, and Weilnexdajr 21st inst., at fonr o'clock P. M., and at lour o'clock P. M., on the last named day, they will be offered for rent in the Church, and on the follow tug Sunday, the 2Jth instant, the Church will be for Hiring service at. 10^ open A-Mm P.M- ?i0 11t*re PAIMiR'n AM ; I MiS. I FRENCH PAPER HANGINGS? A Urge and extenaire ...rtT.ient of choice and rich French Paper llttKiiiKs, with h i.iriety of beautiful Eire Board Patterns, just received per on In I ship I'lira, from Havre, and for sale by JOSEPH PIOOOTT, M East Broadway, |' and fit DivUion street. 1 A line collection of American and other Patterna constantly ' on hand. alfl Iw ec | PRINCE k i NK v H I' n, mil t ersof PAPP R H V N'.. | JiN'OB, No. M'i Poarl street, Franklin Square. Wholesale (>>< -L ?v ill Itnd themselves fully remunerated Ibr esllug i as at'oie b?lor? buying, a) I mis* r 1 FIRST WARD. rPO THE DEMOCRATIC ELECTORS OK THE * HR8T WARD.?In offering a Ticket for your ?ii|>|?>rt ft flu- eu?uing (barter Llectiou, we consider it due to our- r - Im-s. mhI it* spec tin I tu our Democratic fellow citizens, to ^ -late the ii 'suiis which intiueiice us in so doing- ]j It i* iiiiucn ssur> for us to state what has Touic been too ap? tj parent to eiery voter, that the Registry Law, adopted by our r Caeueral <'uiuuiittee to regulate our Primary Klectioua, has v entirely failed iu securing that freedom and fairueat iu the es- | t erase of the elective franchise for w htcli it wu design* d, while it has, on the contrary, become in the hands of the unscrupulous . ew. the meaiu of tre iding itudir foot the rights of the many. I his truth, notorious throughout the city, hx* heeu most par- j ticuhrly fiagrautly manifested at the Ute Klectiou of the I* irsi ( I Ward?i total disregard of fairness, a barefaced violation of < good order and private right. a deliberately concerted and unite V emitted scene of violence and ruiliauifm, characterised the 1 r.lection, and drove from the polls the hoMc*t voter. Hired ( prize lighters froin other wards openly dared to brow beat and t drive citizens of the Ward from expressing their political c Opinions. Number* of individual i from other Wards falsely , 1 |>erioiiatrd those whose names were on llit* Poll List, and were permitted to cast their spurious votes, while w ell-know n residents nl' the Ward ; known to hundreds preient to he ancli : men whose names w ere on the |>oll list for years, wcrn refuaed the right of suffrage. We, therefore, in the eiercise of llio'e [lolitical rights which w e hold to he the moat valuable possession of American citizens, protest ing against the fraud and violence by w hicht he free w ill of the people was subverted at the Inst Primary Election, and believing that a majority of the legal democratic voters of the Ward supported the Ticket upon which our names were placed, offer for the support of the Democratic Electors of the Fir-l Ward, at the neat Charter Election, the follow nig ticket : For Alderman. S. A. C11A PO. For Assistant Alderman. JOHN PATTEN. For Assessors. John Mc.Miohael, Nicholas Ditnond. Fur Constables. William Hackett, Axel Freeman. For Inspectors of Election. 1st District?K. B. Daly, J. A. Uidwell. id District?John Scott, It. .Morris. 'id District?M. Cline, W. Lynch. (Sigurd) Arthur Burns, John Scott, W.W.Tate, John Dow ling, Michael Doran, Jr. John McMichael, Prter Stukey, Joseph L. Palmer, William Lynch, John I.ahcr, ' Japies Regan, William Johnson, Johu Byrne, J, D. Kreudenlhal, John Puiuu. 1 JOHN Mc.VfK'HAELi Chairman. J no. Dowi.imii. ^ Secretaries. e?i?e.i. SIXTEENTH W.CSi) * INDEPKNDENT CITY REFORM TltKETAldrrman?Tlltonotw'. Mahtini;. Assistant Alderman?John 1'. Ct uMixm. Aiuuurt?(leotie L. llaveiuoyer, and j Abr. McBride. I To the friends ol' cood order, this ticket U recommended.? Washingtoniaua w ill yive this ticket a long pull and a sto ny 1 pull, and a pull altogether, for they know that JOHN P. CI MMINUS j was our of the original thirty*one who formed the first Washington Soeirnjin this city. Democrats, and ill fact all, vote I'm John P. CummiiiKs?if he ia elected, it will be by the votes of good ineu, not demagogues and pnrtirans?he will represent the ward for the goon ol all. You all know him; if not, ask, and then > ou cannot fail to vote the above ticket, aioifrh MANY DEMOCRATS. POST OK Kit E, New York, April#, 1817." 1 . THE Ureal Northeru Mail, supplying the Httdaon Kiver | olftces, will, iui and after this day, close at this olftce at 3j? ' , o'clock, P.M. < s'<2trc KOBT. MOniUS. P. M. i I1USH EMIGRANT SOCIETY. 4 t an Election for Officers of this Society for the ensuing | * V. year, held on the Mh instant, the following named persona . were unanimously elected :? ! President. , ork.uory dillon. \ Vice Presidents. i joskph stewart, huoh relly, f james mathews. Corresponding Secretary. , ' Florence McCarthy. i Recording Secretary. CHARLES 8WEENV.. , " The Kaecutivc Cotninittee for the following year will onto ' 'lit of c? ' celts Ingohlaby, Terreuce Donnelly, I I harlesM. Nanry,' William Wataou, R. B. Daly, James Reybum, Thomas Swanwick, John Nicholson, I John Manning, James Olwell, Charles E. Shea, Francis Slanu. a8 3t*is r } 1 IK > A K ll< I' Mi, Kl.l.ACAMI'ANK AM) ICE- , i LAM) MOSS EXTRACTED, 4 III. not these three herhrf nrowsrliisllv nntsni. bh<I 11.. ?l*-?.- . 1V selves a salutary and permanent benefit to tW throat and 11iii '? when diseasedAnd yet they constitute but one third of tile ingredients that " MRS. JERVIS'S COLD CANDY" 1 . in composed of?every material of which is admitted good by ( I every physician, in relieving and positively ruringthe early : effects of a Cold, Couch, Hoarseness, Sore Throat, Wlioojv- 1 hi); Couch, Influenza, fcc. These efficacious herbs rombined w ith saccharine, (sugar,) which in itself is acknowledged beu- \ efloial, leases no room to dsubt that i MRS. JERVIS'S COLD CANDY * j is really a simple and certain remedy for the above diseases.? I I Besides, look at the , PROOFS. I in a list of references ths?t are continually published, of our most EMINENT MEN. i " >*Sold by MRS. JERVIS'S, No. 379.BROADWAV, cor- | ' uer of White street. Auekts.? Rushton It Co., 10 Astor House, 110 & Bid Broad- 1 way; illackett, :i6l Bowery; Biiriiton, 49 Ninth avenue; Brig- '. ham, 17 St lODuveuue D; Nelson, corner of Catherine and Ma- [ dison sts.; Lecount, corner of Grand and Division its.; Mrs. ' ' Hays, 139 Fulton st.; and 1 Atlantic St., Brooklyn; E. R. T. , ' Williams. Broad street, Newark. , f r Each package is invariably signed MRS. W. JERV18. rut up in packages of Is., its., 4s., and our dollar each, alll 3tls SalVlDiTii re ' EAST HAY. MR. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH will receivr new sub- | scribers duriiiK This Day and Evening to hi? Dollar , 1 Classes. Mr. G. guarantees a beautiful improvement to all 1 (old and young) in " 10 Lessons of Our Hour each." flours I lor Ladies,from II to 2 o'clock P. M. daily; Gentlemen, u A. 1 My 3. 7 and 8 P.M. . r- S.? No Pupils can be received to the llollsr Classes this ! season unless their names are registered this day. a 10 It* rh _________________ TOWN8END N. I'NDERHILL St CO.. of Nos. u, 20 J and 22 < edar street, New York, would hereby inform their friends and euatomers that, in connection with their Brown Sheeting establishment, they have just completed nn additional room for the sale of Bleached Goods, aud that, from this time forward, they will constantly eihibit for sale every variety of Bleached Sheeting* and Shirtings, from of a vard to 3 yards i wide, aud Comprising! the very nest styles, both heavy and line. ' Also, a large supply of smooth yard-wide Roods, of Rood l iittality and Tow pnre, frumC to 7 cents |ier yard, accordinR to < the price of the same article in the brown atate. I TOWNSKND N. UNDERHILL, GEORGE W. POWERS. I New York, March 9th, 1847. alO lt*rh THE MEDICAL COMPANION. * I { Til P. author advocates on the merits of his discovery, Do- I mestic Practice, as indispensable as far as nature sanctions science benefits, snd the paramount duty of responsible free ! man enjoins. Full and gentlemanly pledges can he given for ' ( this new era and popular revolution in .Medicine as this system " of practice is now matured, and ran meet substantially and s safely more tbsn a majority of the wants of the world in tnedi- ? cine?as an evidence, at least our bundled cases of the various diseases of the country have been cured by the head of one i runny, w linoul loss ol a |iatirnt, as provril hy document. Tills Hook, of (12 jmgrs, embrace.. more tlian can lie detailed iu such a notice as this. Invrstigntioii is necessary, as the pro- . per inrans of mulinl justice to the character of the discovery. 1 1'he author will pledge that, if this hook, the price of which is I two dollars, does not save its full value of cost in any case of importance anil general character, or if the articlrs in either of V the two principal divisions on external poisons, such us Hydrophobia or Kevers, Congestive, Child Bed, *ce?be not fully < worth all the purchase money to the satisfaction of the purchaser, that lie will be at liberty w ith full right 10 return the book in good condition, within the reasonable time of a few weeks nftrr purchase, and receive the amount due. The author will ] give any pledge thar a gentleman can exact in this whole enter- i prise. He w ill observe that he brings to the notice of patients, I such symptoms as Headache, Chills snd Kevers, cold ami hot stages, the language of nature, and intelligible to even children, to obviate all practicable difficulties in medicine. I This work is aold by Messrs. Burgess, Stringer, 8t Co., of i New York; Mr. Vaiden, < liarlrs City County, Va.; Mr. J. I> .|?- i lee. Mobile, Ala.; Dr. C. M. Vaiden. Carroll County, Miss.; J and by the author, Thos. J. Vaiden, M. D., Oainesvtllr, Alabania. THE ECLECTIC 8 VST KM ? OF DOMESTIC PRACTICE is intended to correct first ' symptoms of diMiif, <?r timely direct for medical aid.? i The cure of at least one hundred cases of the various diseas* * i of the country by the head of one family, proven the value of r this new and original system. Free people can appreciate Unreason of attention to first symptoms, that the physician cannot j possibly see, much lean correct. When disease get* ahead, j fever, like fire, may become uncontrollable. II black or green .1 vomit, with slough*, engiie, the case U hopeless, almost uni* versally. Certainlv, the tlr?*t sy miitoms, as headache, pain* of the head, eyes, neck and hack, chill and feverish circulation, not corrected or thought of by the patient, should be properly treated, as tliey arise on the spot, .and at the very moment. In severest fever*, the worst poisons and most terrible epidemics, the principles of precaution and premonition are paramount a tnd universal. J No chill, no matter how common, especially if it induce the j inalign habit of relapse, can be overlooked by freemen, who are competent to give a brilliant solution of this great problem, I tl, and necuir the most splendid revolution in medical science, itself eaalted to the proper dignity of medical philosophy. | Nothing short of full investigation will do justice to tlie author's discover.e*. His work, the Medical <'ompuiion, as me- |> dicincs are put under all proper pledges and fairest test for b botb, that any gentlein.ui can exact. THOS. J. VAIDEN. M. I)., March IB,)$47. alO lt*rh I T<> PHYHIC1AN8. i \PHYSI< IAN, who is obliged to visit Europe oil hauiies#, rr has a Drug Store to dispose of, in which a voting ph>siciau V can clear $1500 per anuutn, besides good counter practice, Btc, For card* of address apply to (ill AH AM Ik CO., Old Slip. lB 'i COO r w li. DLAKKfi, j E'ASH ION VBI.K MF.R< HANT TAILOR. 11# William ; F street, opposite the New Stores, between Fulton and John streets.?In the Spring all bodies renew the outer covering? ?w hut man is the only animal who has to pay for it. Thevjiiestion r then arises w ho w ill clothe him cheapest and best. I will, and can. Mine is strictly a cash business, both in buying and selling. I make the tinest quality of French Black Dress Coats lor $20; lower qualities BIB and $1H. Black C loth Sacks $11. . re-.d\ made. Every garment in the trade equally good and I cheap. at)2tis*c J CR HOW TO M V K E MONKV'The axiom that "money sl saved is motif y made," is almost as old as the invention of 1 money itsejf ; but toe principle of selling a five dollar HAT lor three dollars and fifty cents, was first established and is now .p practised by Robertson. <t the Phmix Hat Manufactory, no r'u I ton st.. S. \ .. and ??? Fulton Brooklyn. This ?impU ? tateinent we lielieve will suffice to in.ike known one way how to make money." *10 lm#rli | ^ AMIDOX tT7 BROADtVA )\ PI INVITEE attention lo his Spring Style of GEN- b? JJ^TLEMEN'S HATS, GENT'S, BOYS' AND INF \ NT'S C/APS. The Beaver llafs he now offers, for brilliancy. ligbtnc.' and durability, vrill be found suivrinr ia ?h

ever before produced, while hi* Silk I 111* ere not inferior (o J tho,e produced by ant other etUblinhmenf. < "tintr> Dealer* who may want a few line heta to complete 1 ?o assortment, will Iter* find the place, end the article they went. I|d fill* f IM'j'S t HATS ' IIA1 S ! I [ M K NOX, with hit accustomed brevity. would call the JJ i^ilj?ntio? of hie friend* to hit newitjlet of 8PRINO FASHIONS, which lire now retdy nt hit ttore. No. 12* Fulton ? street, Ne n nuld, with hit uanal philanthropy, invite atrankir, to Im establishment, where the> can obtain butt of an J ennal quality, and at lower price*, then et eny other ttore in the city. tt Iwit'r I "i NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. | ^^|Pk THE subscriber* respectfully cell the attention of ?l Q^Mneelert end Milliner*, to their present ttyle of Netpo- 1,1 litan*, which ere tunerior to any hitherto mauufactur- I _ ii i ? 77 them; the y ere alto manufacturing anew tlyle ralleil the Oosslmer, with (lower* of the taine materiel to rorn spond which ere indeed etqiMtilely beautiful, and we RMl E confident that onr Neapolitan* end Ooatainers, will he the *P moat leahioiiehle Bonnet worn thit season, hy the demonttreion mad* thu* early in their favor by the rami fashionable ! Indie,ol out (it) and vleeis here, I ATTISON SUE k ( O.. t I ill i and M.ulllfWclu,eia ol ll.i **, H| dilui Houlil l?. I J ml ltil? M y?, SI UfUney m? *hu tft? Sqwwv ' 0 AUCTION NOTICES. { ___ . W. w. SHIRLEY. . r, ^ I OCK ol a Lamp Dealer?Monday, April 12th. 10 o'clock, 1^ -* at thi?lurc Nu. 108 Brmdwii) , catalogue sale b) J.M. B. ? b?8ert. of all kind* sol ir, laid anil Spirit Lamp*, rich Giran* flw I IV hghu, It nielli.- Solar, t niphine anu ?*iI Lami*; *y leli stained glass Lantern*, Shade* ami Globe* all kind*. "1 In* * * i hole to be so|il w itla fixture* ul' (he stoie, worthy the notice .. i ret iilem tud In ke< pen. *10 lt*M? J : i W BKOWN \lie!Iohm r IJi A I'CTION NOTICK.-J. W. BROWN will <11 at auc- I ^ this day (Saturday,) April 1U14, at 7 o'clm k, No. 142 I iroauwav?12 inahoir. Solas, of \ariou. pattern*; mahogany pai hairs; pressing Bureaus; Wardrobes; marble top Wash* tdiul.4; r reuch Bedsit til*; centre and card Tables; Ottomans: loans, &tr. Also, I hina Tea Set*. with other article* of A rockery; rich Girandole* and Solar Lamps; Table Castor* ami ^ utlery. with a k'real variety of other house furnishing artiies. Also, au invoice of portable Writing Desks: Work !* J use* and Dressing Cast*. al0 1t*r l'2t V KOYAL Ol KLftCY, Auctioneer. A LI ABLK BOOKS.?An extensive and valuable col lee* \\ tipuol choice and excellent Books, consisting chietly of Vlt Lugluh editions, many of them illustrated with fine Ktigra- j.'j , -w ;?% .w .VIHIUf? XJI Idir OIlU WMIKHM HWU*? IIUUI - \| rrivatc Library ; an invoice of Greek ami Lit in Classical Works. Ike. Ike. Also, a lirce Mahogany Book Case, and a ihare in New York Society Library?will be sold This Kvr- |? ling by Royal Oilrley 6c Co., at their Room*, 'JOI Broadway, * ror itr of Duaue street. aplO lt*r jjj' N ElRKNCH AND KNGLLSH DAY AND BOARDING r SCHOOL for Young Ladies, will remove from Murrti) P itreet No. 23, to Chambers street No. lt>j, New York, ou the Si 1st of May next.?Miles. Vasses, from Paris, have been obliged to take a larger house from the encouragement they receiv- to rdat their present establishment. They will take Boardiug Scholars at a moderate rite. Nothing but French spoken in lie family. Mmes. Vassea do not think it necessary to speak '-m much of their establishment, already well known for the pro* H tress of the children, deserves the in a very good reputation.? \li?s Vass&s hav iuu the new method which she received in a c Iery high school ot Pari*, where she taught after having been iducated there, the young Ladies who are under her care le in al l' he branches oft thorough education without any paint y U ill. The Drawing Lrmni will l?* included in the twice of .lie term. The F.uglish department w ill be more attended than . rrejr, m31 epl0lc34 It i ^ Nr.w York, March, 1847. i ' MPART OF A HOU8K, with a small genteel family, li w anted by a geutleman, w hose family coutisLs of himself, wife, infant and servant;a front Parlor and Bed | - tiooiii adjoining, w ith one or two suull bed rooms, and base- { ) nieut or kitchen, will he required. Locatiou must he pleasaut, , ind terms moderate. Address, ('. S. A-, this office, a 10 t*l\ 1 j, FtSH SAEEI 1 B <1 A OOOD PAIR OP BAY HOR8K8, perfectly ! 1 rt V^*""?1 *nd well To be seen at the stable in 1 U^?^??tbc rear of 8t. John's Church, St. John'* Allry. : C - K()K WALK. j A fine ?tyliah Bay Horse, kiml ami sound, haa F 1 i. hi. mile within tlw three minute*, ami can j iJ^J^travrl hi. twelve miles in the hour easily. Alio, u ti pairnt airltre. leathern top waRun ami harnea*. The pre ent owner sells them only for want nt? use. Can be aern at o Uisbrow'n ?iahlr<. Bowery, near Kiithlh street. For partieu- a ars, applv of W. K. UISBROW, or J. KTTAM, Jr. , al0 3t-rc 225 (Jreen street. t I 1 l?-' till* V.I VV INlillO V ' P j 1 linRSKS, &c. ^ JOHN WILLIAMS, Vetfriufry Surgeon, respectJjMl^ fully inform* hi* niiinerou* trimd*<! the public, I p iiZJL tint In' continue* practising successfully oil the difrrrut diseases incidental in thai noble Aliiim* 1 the horse, at hi* ?i >hl established V'etrrinary establishment. at the *igu of the 1 iolilrn florae, No. Ill I hryalie street, near the corner of * Broome, New York. Mr. Williains, iu thanking hi* numerous friend* for their kind latrnnage, during a'periou of twenty >ear* in hi* eiteniiive | T lusinesa in this rit j, receiv nig from *ii to eight hundred horse* | er annum in hi* iulirtnary. takes the opportunity of informing j hem that,he has recently still further improved hi* infirman, intl ha* tilled up a number of new and convenient roomy hot tall* for sick horses, which will lie attended to with hia w ell i ci ,iiowii rare, punctuality and attention. The fact of Mr. Wil- j inn* being regularly educated and brought up to the profes- ! L) ion in the armira ol both Kuglaud and Krance, and hating had > nticli experience, it a sufficient guaranty that those entrusting L lint \> irh the care of their horses, may rely upon the utmost kill and attention being paid thetn. Mr. Williams would also uggest to his friends the advantages to he derived from cmdoping hi in iu the examination of horses for sale. His service* \\ re offered to both Che purchaser and seller, and his accurate . mow ledge of the perfect formation of thr horse, cannot but | irove beneficial to either |>arty. Mr. Williams'liufiruiary is at I'il Chrystir street, where lie i* | ilwaya to he found and coiuultcd, and where horses committed . o hi* charge w ill have the full benefit of hi* rare and long ev lerieuce. Hi* charges are moderate, and soiled to the times. N.B.?The owners of horses, and the public in general, are nvited to call and examine for thrinselvea. Z s~Dr. Williams' Liniment for sprain*, brui*ea, lumbago, In-n in it i*in, Sic., (go., in-,y lie had a* aliose. alO 3t*rr FOR SALE, " ?*1 A i'HKSNUT IIOH8K, It hand* high, can go hi* * IgTN wile in hurues.* in 2in. 16*. The reason for the owner H - ' st-nariine \a ith linn, i?, that lie is going travelling for six / noiitli*. Apply at J. HURSBON'8, * i'i lW*C Livery Stable, 177 Twelfth ItlNL j. I'KIVATK LKSSUNS I.N t i lb K.MAN. A LADY from the north of Germany would he happy to devote a luirtiou pf her time to giving instruction in ti?r nail at tVe residence of pupils. Application in peranti or by 1' etter, to No. 8 and 10 Clinton Place. ml6 lm*r kTTsivF! LA ROV SUNDERLAND having returned from hi* recent Southern tour, lias the pleasure ofannouubiug a courar if experimental Lectures, in the Lyceum Hall, (ttrnadwny, lear Prince street,) Wednesday, Thursday. Friday, and Saturlay, of the present week, at 7}j o'cjock, P.M. lie w ill attemiy i series of results in the minds of his audience, Kxtatie, Millie "ill, Musical, and Wonderful, illustrating the laws and eoudi f, ions which Ptodnca the excellencies, mysteries, and miserie di jf Human Nature. Tickets 2i rents?three for 40 cents. <j Gratuitous Lectures to Ladies, the free treatment of diseose, riittisdav, Friday, and Saturday, as abort, at J o'clock, P. ,M. w a7 4tis*r aii; sic. ;n THE PIANO TAUGHT on very moderate jjj terms, by a lady who has had experience tu [y rf^TT! teaching wisliea to take two or three more | ? Slo- teaches the science thoroughly?terms three dollars per y noulh. A line sddreised to Music, to the Office of this paper, tha le attended to msifmla*re jt MUSIC. fl BALLS AND PRIVATE PARTIES furnished with the ! r Violin, llarp and Piano Forte, or ?uy number of lustru- I nents. The music selected from the moat faahiouable Ope S ?! as. Bv L R. AYLIKFE, 8. AYLIKKE. * J. AV LIKFE and O. AxLI.dFE, Brothers, Professors. . No. 1Z7 Elm street, corner of Howard- ml2lm*rh ? Gold leak and dentists gold koil.-k?cio ? ry No. U2 Resde street (in the rear,) warranted of su|>erior nauufacture. Gold Foil $26 per ounce, first quality; eslra leep and lemon color Gold Leaf at the very lowrat market trices. Established in 1836. 1 a2 2wia*r J. I. WAUOH, Practical Gold Beater. I Pit ICED up outside Sandy Hook, a uul I.oat, with four ! oars, rudder, and one wash deck bucket. The owners can lsve the same by proving property and paying expenses, by ap- ' " d\ ing nt the store of Mr. William J Komer, 179 South strret. s8 3t*r WINDOW .SHADES! WINDOW SHADES!! 1 niTV AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS, Unholsterrrs, I Pedlars, fcc., can find the largest, best, and cheapest asortment of Shades sad materials for makiug and hanging lhades in the city?at si KELT* k HIKER'S Exclusive Window Shade m9lm*r Store m ftsAs? DRAFTS ON THE NATIONAL BANK * ' La J OF IRELAND.?W. k J. T. Tapacott beg to in, IWMH m foral their friends and the public, who wish to emit money to any part of Ireland, that they draw draft! for _ irge or small amounts, (payable without discount.) direct on | I In- National Bank of Ireland, Dublin, or any of the numerous * u uichea throughout the country. ' *' \1.?>, drafts can be obtained, payable in all parta of England, tcotland, and Wales, on application to i an W. (k J. T. TAP8COTT, BH South street, f.! alii rh Second door below Burling Slip. I ' PASSAGE TO LIVERPOOL PEK BLACK In HALL LINK OF PACKETS, AND 1 ?' REMITTANCES TO IRELAND. j bi | o PERSONS wanting passage to Liverpool per the splendid I c' p.irket ship YORKSII IRE, sailing trout thu port on Knap ueit, the hitli April, being her regularday, will please | " lake immediate applicatieu to Captain I). II. Bailey, on lioard, , " >ot of lleekman street, or to the tuliacribera. i " Those w ithtiig to send for their friends to come nut from ,i v et pool by this fast sat I not packet or any of the Black Ball 1 .iue sailing from Live rpool on the 1st and I'ilh of every month, an secure their friends passage by applying to us. Those remit tin* money to their fririini ran have drafts paya- nl le mii drinand on the Royal Hank of Ireland, and Messrs. r* reacott,(beta, tpwkCo..Loaapa,which will be paid at " leii various branches throughout flreat Britain and Ireland. Apply to lux HE. BROTHERS It i (>., li Knltmi at., N. V.. : *' I'js-agc \geni? for the Black Ball i J*' aiorh w* of Liverpool rackets. jj l-OR 1.1Vh ItfOOI.-Tlie New Line-Regnlar tu (TTarV I'aeket of the 21st April.?The snperiot last sailing RMa packet ship LIVERPOOL, I I.W tons burthen, I apt. V oliu MUridge, v^ill *>til ** above. her regular day. j bur freight or p.tssaae, ha% ing ckgnut and superior arrommo- I stioua, applv to the Captain mi board, at wwf pier of Hurling ! r' lip, or to WOODIIULL k MINTL KN, ?7 South at. I" Price of passage ? c* The packet ship Queen of the We?T,?? toil* burthen, f'apt ' th Inllip Woodhoitse, Mill sccceed the Liverpool, and nail on . rr tegular day, 2l*t May. ali r ' A A fir FOR LIVKKI'OOL.- Thefiii# f;i*t tailing park e l" ?lii(? HOI 'THKH.NKII, ( ipt. Xleiuider H. ralineJ. ci fBfljfiBHdl) ton* burthen, Mill meet with despatch. . y 1 r ur n* I mice of freight, or paaiiage, having eicellent acconv lodutiou*. apply on board, foot ol Dover street, Kasf Ki\er, or N WOODHCLL <k JVflNTVRN, alO 17 South street. 1 1 NION LINKT)FPA< KKTSTO VTN&FROM KWPV. MVhRt?OOL.-Thr Mdendid fast sailing and favopjUKanrile packet ship OHIO, 1 apfaiu Mird, Mill sail from |'W y ork this da^, at 12 o'clock, and from Liverpool on P ic 20th of May. 'I bote wishing to secure berths or to seenre sasnge for their friends from the old roimtrv should make krly application to W. &. J. T. TAHH'OTT, CO Houth street, second >1# hi door bflow Burling Blip. AAg- FOR OLASUOW?RROULAR PACKET OF ' 'O. 1st Oh M \A ? The line new Br. Packet Hark MilC VNN If \RLLV, < apt. R. Scott, MO tons, w ill -,,1 I alijive, Iter regular day. For freight or passage. having r deudid accommodation*. apply ?>n hoard, or to w WAobHLLL A* ItAllNTPRN, * , . #7 South street. . The regular packet ship BARAf-KN, >00 tons, t apt. N. "r . Hawkins, will succeed the Ann llarlev. and sail on her 1 ht Hilar dav, ' L1 X*3r- rAf'.KKT SHU' UI'KKN OK THK. WK8T |Wy KRO.M I.I VK.RI'OOL.?I iinaigtiar* will plnaa* f 1 pUlfoa*' "'I thair permit. <"i bnairl, nl wi.'siib of Hurling J 11 >. without tlalav. Ml EooHa not paimittaH in lira Ha\a mti-t 1 -fiit m Public Store. WOODlil'I.L ?V. MINT! UN 10 . IT fbnitli at rrat. , JSdBt I'A'KKT Still' lloTTIVtll KH, from l.iVat l'f">l. i< diaohariring loot |'ika -.traat nn'isn'f. I ' Eb "ill pl'*?? attain) l? rfrripl ,,f gi.nrl-. .Ml (O"0a mil 7 rmiltt'l in fi*a H.tvb muat ba aanttn tlie pnblir Mora ' 10 WOODHt LL It MIN'l i HN.r 8>othit NofH f, Ml paraont aia r intloOfi aaainM tr>i?t fWV in, (nv of lh? rraw nftl.a Br. hark \ N \ II A HI.K.A pmMmwat* no ilabl- <>f tbaira will ha pan! b\ I aptain >>r < on- S i KI.'f. WOODHULL fc MINTl.'BN, * a 10 (7 South atrfot I 7 I i (3mm of bark ANN HAMLK) from Oil*' ? ' [RWfV(ow. Will .anil thair paimi!- on l.oaril All foot, not MMbparmiltarl in fi*e (Ufa will ha -ant to llm pnl lit ill ; ^ ,? (ONMIO.NKKS per ihip Southerner, from Liver- II HHICTVr00^ pl^**e *e;id their permit* mi hond, foot r.f 12 street, immedi*te|\ All Rood1 not permitted < five dsyi mutt be ?ent to the puo|ic *tore. I *n if# WOODIirLL St MINTI RN ' 3 11^ NOTH K.?< oh*ik nte? per packet fthip Hheridan RMVfrom Liverpool, will please send tlieir permits oil A. WMmh<>*r<l, Orleans wliarf, foot of Will freet, imvne* m itely. All unod* not permitted within fne d?>i will he sent fe the Public more. *10 rfi t I h&A. VOTIl K.-PAt'KK.t II\llh t.KSi siVl , VToi.i " fffV Vt? C? 11? O... ta diacbarfciiig ' " *! " ' i !\ MMfei -Ituan will plaatr Mtfn'l i.. .1.. .(ifipt .il ihfir It lantMKWlv. (M rb AMI SIOIKWS. LAST NKliiTOKMR. WaLLAI K ARK THEATRE.?Saturday Kveaiux, April Imh. will be l>ei|i>riiicd the new < ouird> entitled EnN EST INK? | ederick, Mr. WalLck; Viacouut de 'aiii|M-urtille, Mr. Il?r I ; Charles de Aspreinont, Mr. Ht<rk; Ernestine, Mrs. Abbutl irir, .Mrs. Hunt. fo conclude with the iliuu in three sets, entitled DON EXAIl DE IIAZ AN?D?n Ctraar lie llaaan. Mr. Wallack tarles the 2*1, Mr. Stark; Don Jo?e. D|ott, .Mariiuia, Mm nit; Couutessda Koloudo, Mri. Barry. lio?r? $1; I'll jO cents; Gallery 2i cents. )oor? open at quarter to 7 o'clock. Curtain rises at a ijuartct i^7. _ __ " I'AKK TllliATlSh. i' ARIL?Mr. WALL it K'S BENEFIT AND L VST ( V APPEARANCE.?.Mr. WALLACE has the honor ol , iiuuticing to his liicnd* and the public, that his Benefit and t appearance will tike place on Monday ueit, Vpril it, on which occasion win or rnuru wi>- ?"ipe i>..j ??. / \ It KO?KulIn. Mr. Wallark : Alonxo, Mr. Droit i Orw nbo, .Mr. Bass; Sentinel, Mr. u. Andrews; Elvira, Mrs. jbutt; C urn, Mrs. Hunt; with, by express desire, the new medy played u iili the must distinguished success, entitled ItNESl'INE. Tlie principal characters by Mr. Wallack, n. Hunt, and Mrs. Abbott. alO lfrh BENEFIT OF MR. STEVENS. IOWERY THEATRE.?A. \V. Jacr?o*, Proprteiur-ll. ' E. Sini.M, Stage Manager?Saturday Evening, April th?Will be performed the areitic spectacle THE NAIAD UKEN?llupcrt, Mr. Clarke; Ainphibeo, Mr Stevens; The aiad (|ureu, Miss Tiirtibull; Ides, Mrs. Booth. Prev ious to w hieh, llic dram i of tlie MY I'OLI. AND MY AKTNER JOE?Zincs, Sir Boolh; Marry Hallyrrd, Mr [evens; Mary May bud. Mrs Sergeant. To conclude with < AI'TAIN STEVENS?Harry Splashn, Mr Neafie; llloiide. Mrs Booth. Dress ( ircle, 25 cents; Pit and Gallery, I2>i cents. Doors open at ttks o'clock. Performance commences at 7 ' o| ITC HELL'S QLV Mi ll THEATRE Saturday Eve. 'A mug, April llltli, to cotnuieuce with THE CABINET t U EMTIO S-Toin Polish, Mr Holland; Mr Rosewood, Mr ? ickiuaoii; Lucy, Mix Huberts. 1 Alter which the CHILD OK THE RF.GIMF.NT-Loh- u its, Holland; Grenade, Nirkinsoii; llodulph, Mrs Tiiutn; larie, Mi.sMary Taylor. 11 To conclude with FAMILY J AR8?Delph. Mr Holland; J ig, rt. Y|i I onoii r; Mr Porcelaiu, Mr .Niraiiiaou; Liddy, Ins Ai.o ' t raise. Dress I inle, <n cents; 1 'pper Boxes, 2i cents; Pit, one Shil Kt Private Mas, $5; Orchestra Boxes, $3. Doors open at 7 o'clock; < urlaiii rive at o'clock precisely )ALMOS OPERA HOUSE, Chambers vitrei.?leeoal night of the Season?Saturday Evening, April Intli, . ICond performance of Donizetti's Opera LICRE/.IA OROI \?LQCfStil Borgia, Sigua ('. Banli; Alfonso I, mm. I eueveutano; (Jcnuaro, Sin. S. Benadetti; Alallio Orsiui, . igra K. Pico; A|>o*tolo Oar.xrlla. Sig Marttui; Jacopu .iverolto, Sigra Botiltril; Asriuio Petrucci. Sig. Beuetli; llol'ernc Vitrllott", Si*. S. Pali; Uubelta, Si*. Samiuirico; lustighello, N. N ;?Artollo, N. N. Opera Books may be had at the Box Offiee. Pricks?1st Tier Boxes and I'anjuette, $1; 2d Tier, 50 rents; 1 rirates Boxes for R persons, $12; do. do., for 6 |>ersoni, $10. V"/- Seats can be secured at llie Box Office, from 10 A. A'. II 4 o'clock, 1'. M., daily. Performance to commence at half-post 7. Doors open at 7 'clock. UOWERY"AMPHITHEATRE,'This evening, April loth. D Tlie performance will e .minenee with FUN A.ND 'HYBIC?Pestle, W. II hen, Viinc'ta, Mrs. Aymar. After which a St', EN I'l ML LuSl'LAY between Mr. iemp and Mr. ' 'c. To which will lie added a PAS DE DEUX by Mri. Ayinar nd Mr. Maihgan. The wholrj to conclude with Mr. Knnp's tremeuduas IARREL ACT. Boxes, 25 cents; pit, 12),' cents. Doors open at 7; performace to commence at half-past 7. VALXIT ST. TIIKAKi., I'IIILATiKLI'HIA. K. A. .Marshall, Lessee. ... W. H. Bi.aks , Manager. j HIRD WEEK OF LE.1 j^NSEUSKS V1ENNOISKH, 1 , Forty-eight in nunibs^^nder the direction o( MAD. JOSEPHINE WEISS, Maitrrssede Ballet des Theatre de Vicune. SATURDAY EVENING, April lO.the performance will nmneiice witha POPULAR OVERTURE. Alter which, the fascinating I'AS DES FLEURS, by 42 auseusea Vieunoisc. Alter which, the comedietta of LEND ME FIVE HHILIN OS. To which will be added, LE PA^ ROf'OC O. .viler which, nit corce ui uii* v n\tii ^ i.% >11 o .>l x To conclude Mill) PAS DE8 MOISSONEURS, or the Oieatsheaf Diuice. uThTHXTTuusE^ 1 CHESNUT STREET, PHILADKLPHIA. Dress circle mid Parquette M cents Family circle*,.. , 3J cents SATURDAY EVENING, APRIL 10, 1W7. Will he |>re>eiiled llie Comic Open, called I THE BREWER OK PRESTON. D.iuirl Knbiusoit, the Br?*w er. W *? ? Iti'orge Kohnisoii, the Officer, S ..Mr. rrazer. Toby CroMbelt Mr. Spguin. B?b Sir. Holmnn. Kmc ,.... Mra. ftarutn. . '? /" On Monday K\t nnitf tin* Op?ra of NOHMA. i MKRICAN MUSEUM.-POS1TIVELY TWO DAVi ' V ONLY?Friday and Saturday, April 4th and 10th. ' Magnificent Exhibitions and Performance., acli Morning at I1J? o'clock; each Afternoon at 3 o'clock, , ' and each Evening at 7, and attain at o'clock. Poaitively no Free Liat except the I'reaa. GENERAL TOM THUMB! he moat wonderful, extraordinary, interesting and pleating i Man in Miiuaiure in the known world, passes through | this city this week, on hi. way to Baltimore. Washington, Dir. ; and Ine Manager has prevailed upon liiin to remain and exhibit here TWO DAYS ONLY, Friday and Saturday, April Olh and 101/t. Lei no one delay seeing hint, for it is . UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE >r him to remain louger lhan these two day.. To aeeoniinoile the great crowd, of his lrienda and the pnbltr, the little iriieral will hold four distinct Levee, each day, vir.., in the I .Morning, from half-past II to 1 o'clock, hen he will appear in hi. extraordinary and POPULAR PERFORMANCES, eluding hi. Citiren". Dress, in which he will relate hislli.iry, Travel., Ike., sing a variety of songs, dance the Pollra, trior's Hornpipe, give representation, of Napoleon, Frederick ic Great, Grecian Statues, fcc. He w ill also appear in hi. j taguifireut Frenrh I OURT DRESS, >*om before Louis Philippe, King of the Kreneli, and the in incipal I 'ourt. of F.uroiie. After w hicli he w ill appear In hi. I i BEAUTIFUL SCOTCH COSTUME, I1 i which he will dance the Iliciu.ANn Fi.iNo.ltc. In the af- | moon, at three o'clock, the little (ieneral will appear on the tage in the Lecture lino in, in his Citixek's Dress, in which I ' r will relate hi. History, Travel., lie., and exhibit hi. extrarditiaay performaiicea and imitations, including Napoleon, rederick the Groat, Songs, Dance., Grecian Statues, sic. He rill also appear in the EVENING AT SEVEN O'CLOCK, iiid again at half past eight, in the same splendid and amusing erformances. In addition ip which will be produced the oilier plendid performaiicea announced below. Morning Visiters not admitted to the Afternoon or Evening Performance. THE LIFE OF GEN. TOM THUMB, Vritlen on account of his travels, Sic., and containing all hi. longs, may-be had at the Museum, price sixpence?also a beaufill Gilt Medal with a likeness ol the General, price one shiling, for which llie Geueral gives a receipt (a aiss) to his frtale patrons. OREAT WESTERN, the Yankee Comedian. ETHIOPIAN MINStRKLS. Miaaea WHEELER and JULIEN. GEN. TOM THUMB'S CARRIAGE, with one of his 'onir. and their harness. TWO MONSTER SNAKES. 20 feet long. WAX MODEL OF THE HUMAN BODY, to be .een at II hours, at an extra charge of one shilling. MADAM ROCKWELL, the Fortune Teller. Admission 2i cents?Children under 10, UJn cents, afi 2t?c GENERAL TOM THUMB, THE MAN IN MINIATURE. JPSWIVKLY FOR THREE DAYSfONLY. He will | hold hia Publie Levers, at the Jackson Hall, reniisylvania i euue, Wasliiiigton, on MONDAY EVENING, April 12th, id Tuesday and Wednesday, 13th and IIth instant, day and ! ruing. Hours on Monilay Evening from 7^ to < o'clock. On uesday and Wednesday be will hold I- i i iiitr.r. i.r. v r.t.*. irhday.nt the following hour*?from 11,', to I, from 3}, to i, I ' ill from 7>i to 0 o'clock. Uoora open li.ill au hour in advance. | This eitmordinnry and nitere.tiiiK litilr inin lou i<crforincd ; rfore I | FIVE MILLIONS OK PERSON H, tiring the laal three year., including Her Majeer t^ n eii Vic- , I iri* of England. the Kins iml the liueen e>f the French, Niholasthe Emperor of Roaaia, and ail the PRINCIPAL < ROWNEI) HEADS AM) NOBILITY fKurone. It is now about four yedr* *iin:e the little General p|>eareainl Washington, and his weight is precisely what it whs , t that time, \ \7. ONLY FIFTEEN POUNDS ' He is perfectly symmetrical in all his proportion*? IK IS NMAUI.Klf THAN ANY INFANT THAT KVKTl W VLKKI) AUONK, id it intelligent and graceful beyond conception. He w ill | Jatr his History and Travel*, give ail account of his recrnori before the f row ned Heads of F.iiMpf, and appear in all f hi* WONDERFPL ri'' OKMANf KS id beautiful cnstitm* 4? tugs Dance*, (Grecian , itne*. imitation* . <. ?? Hoiiaparte, Frederick the reat, Ike., c*.:. lie will also appear in the beautiful < ourt ' res*, worn before Queen Victoria; bis elegant Highland Cos I me, Ike. The magnificent Presents, jewel#, Ac., received from Queen ' ictoria, l.onis I'liOlippe, the Kmperor of Knssia, and other j nropean Hovei corns, will b? exhibited. The (vein rn|*selegant MINI \TCHK F.Ql IPAf?K. moisting of Pigm) Ponie i Elfin 1 oAchmiiiad , votfnan in Idvery, will be si mi in front of Jackson Hall, j er day at 1 o'clock and o'clock, and will promenade ' e public afreets daily. NOTM K TO TIIK IM BLIC ! I I This is iNwitively the Lvst 'I iwi that General Tom Thninb . , ill ever be seen in Washington, he retires forever from ' iblic life, as ioouas lie Ills jmikI a brief \isit to the principal ( ties in the Union. IIis engagement* aie such that he cannot ait Oeorgetow ii, as he Hpi>? ;m on Thursday nest at the I,) | urn Hall, A h'sandria, and proceeds direct to Hichrnond, and orfolk. . I Admission 26 cent*?f hildrrn under hi years, J21# cent*.? Hi-served Places, of) cent*?f htldren half price. al0?t HaAMrh I \ MECHANICS' HALL I JO. ri BKOA I) W A Y, hrtw. m (?IAJHI .nd Broome street*. , " EIGHTH ANT) I, AST WEEK. CHRISTY'S i M INST I! K NS EVERY NIGHT T?MS WEEK. Admusion, 25 cent. Door* open it 7. f'onccrt will coni- , f ence at I o'clock I Imnge of printrmnmr erery evening. M lw*r ' F REE COM EKTS f VERY EVENING, it thr <)|?-r? Hotel " No. 43 ( hem- I * m trrit no w f d/inr ?? I'.lmn TL??le? "< ? I ? LI Meon"thetwautTful i.nliid singer; Sir. Harmon, the eele- ' uteti iinpru?uitor iml l>n(To *iuct*r. * 1?1 iine will itf Kidr j th* piano. rt/ The Ale*. Winei, < ir*n, Lf\uorit lt.C., at tin? rtta- I iilitiitftt, cmhm<b? iirfiirti { VOCA I- CA )NCKRT. |MIK ILHLK V S (four b,other. and two airtera) reatiectfnllg ' L announrr to the luiblie that their first Mu.iral hnterl.tin- | tit in tin* city will be giveu <*? Monday etening, April 12th, llir Apollo Saloon. 1 | ' PROGRAM MR. P?ht I. 1 f liorns?" Hail, Smiling Mom" Ijmpfiirth. J , Ballad-" Blind Mu'l Bride" , Telford. Glee (Oentlemen'i toicca)?" Luttow't Wild , I Hunt" , .. .. Vou Weber. i. Madrigal "It* Toiet?)?-" Hirt fare tM, lui." , ' Willagf (ISitt) . Pant 1 * Quartette?" Burial of Mr?. Juilaon" Air by ll'*?. ( Duet?" Kairy Sisters" ... ' appola. Vmg?" Revolutionary Tea" .. .words by fleba Smith, K?<j. |t Serenade (Gentlemen'* voices)?" Stan of the Summer . Night," word. by Longfellow B J. Baker. Plan J. , Hong?" Mldahipman'a Karewell." (Quartette?(Gentlemen's rmeei)?" Boat Glee". .C. Jarvit. Song?" My Mountain Pine" 8. Nelson. llujirtette?" When Winds breathe .oft". ..... .8 Webbe. Carta of admixing, M cents, tn ha had at the Muuc stores, d at the door on the erenuig of |n-rformanrn. I>oor? open at 7, tinging to commence at I o'rloek. sf ttia*r IOHSITK.R'H Orand Scriptural Pietnre of tl?e Parting be tween RUTH, ORPAM AND N AOMI, with other pie rt t pmnird by thit artiat at Rome, will lie eahibited for a ? da,. at the Granite Building, eortier of Broadwav and timber* ttrrct. Open from nine A.M. till ti n P.M. . Sea-mi Tu'lieti, ifteenta. ipbuti." . I AN' \NPhl .?ll'u r?.|u bln.l .aid. nt langnoo '1 (round, f... .ale h, ? ?* rfcjiMK fciinooum u km n<nm m. - 'I* 1 11 11 TO THE LATEST MOMENT. TELBCiRAPHlC. MILITARY OPERATIONS IN I* AWT A PR. SEVERAL MORE SKIRMISHES. Defeat of the Insurrectionists. Murder of Eight Americans. New Ctovernor of ZTew Mexico. SICKNESS IN SANTA FE. &c. &c. fee, PiTTiiirRuii, April H?10 P U Tint Ht. I.ouU Hi a illt of the 3Ut ult., contain* fnrhor particular* of the military operation* In New o. Several action* had taken place between our troop* nd the. InaurructlonlaU Col. Price, with 360 men. had it uctlon with the Mexican*, at Coinada. In which the I werlcan* were victorious. and the enemy lout 34 killed, mil aeverol Wounded. Another action occurred a few daya afterward* at San* i'ada. with an equally triumphant reault The American*, after the battle In the valley of Moro, retired to Vegas A reinforcement of '100 men wae eent rrom Santa Ke under Col. Morrison, on whoee appearance the Mexican* abandoned Moro. after murdering eight American*. The inHurrectioniet* are mnetly cobi poeed of the verrleet rabble. Don Vagil. the Secretary of Slate, under (ior. Bent, was acting a* Governor of Santa Ke. In u akinutah between the volunteers under Captain lit. Vrain.andthe Inanrreetionlata, a Mexican wae killed, wearing Gov. Bent'a coat and ahlrt. There waa much sickneaa at Santa Ke?three to five death* occurring daily, moetly teamster* PHii.aDKi.rHU, April 9,1847 One thousand barrel* of flour sold to-day at $7, at which price there are more sellers than buyer* Grain is nnehanged. Sugar is active at an advance of one cent. Meal Is improving. The Baltimore telegraph la Ht ili out of order AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. LKUISLATIVKPROCEHDINOS. Senate. Albany. April 9, 1817 'l'hc Senate has been engaged upon privato rlalme tolay Anecmbly. Albany, April 9, 1S47 A bill waa preavntvd to amend the charter of the Long aland railroad. The bill to Incorporate the city of Syracuse waa reported complete. The bill from the Senate to amend the election law, ao in to make the oath conform to the provision* of the new -onitltution, was retorted with amendments, one of which require! thirty days residence In a district, to acquire a title to a rote. Mr. Devi.iw opposed this amendment, and the question was stiU pending when this despatch closed Anisr, April 9, 1W7 There Is a freshet in the river, and ennsldemhlo ice running down. The tow boat Enterprise, laden with flour, fcu , wss struck by a cake of ice last night and sunk. BY THE MAILS. InterMllny Intelligence from Wsuhlngton. Washington, April 7, 1847. Dmpatrhet from Vera Cruz?7Tic Pro?p*et of its Capture. Despatches liave this evening lieen received front (ieneral Scott, dated the 18th nit., accompanying a ropy of a general order issued in camp until'* 15th, announcing to the army the news of (Ieneral Taylor's victory at Buena'Viata, and offering congratulations thereupon. The despatches contain technical details of tho operations for the investment, and a general summary of what has happened since the despatch of the 14th ult. < ieneral Worth has taken up a position within seven hundred yards of the walls. The enemy has continued to fire shot and shells, with scarcely any intermission, liut their fire has been almost entirely innocuous. General Scott complains of the non-arrival of his mortars, hut states that he intended to o|s*n his fire on the city on the following day (the 19th). It would appear from the accounts in the New (trleans palters, that he did not commence until the 20tli. He is confident he can take the etty in a few days. The castle will he apt to hold out tor some time. The citizens are willing, and even eager, to surrender the city, it is supposed, hut are afraid, as the garrison of the castle has threatened to tire upon the city, should it make any attempt to strike its There is every reason to believe ihe castle will hold ont to the very last, dmtild the broils in the capital lie quelled, i force might he sent to raise the siege.? Almonte might easily place himself at the heed of a body of troops, and arrive in time to suceonf the castle, that is, if Almonte he strong enough to venture on any such step, and furthermore, if lie could procure cannon, of which there is doubtless a scarcity, unless he should strip the public fortifications. It seems that there are in< numerable factions in the capital, and that all there is confusion. Parties without number nr? asserting, eneli it" own particular opinions. Some are for pence?some for < iomez Farias? some f??r the clergy?some for Santa Anna?some lor Almonte. In this state ol things it may be impossible lor any force to proceed to Vera t'ruz in order to ruise the siege of S, Juan d'l'lris. Hut there is an enemy more to bo dreaded than any such force. In two weeks, |ierhaps less, Irotn the date of (ieneral Scott's despatch, tho rtrmito, in all probability, will have made lis spjr a ranee. It generally commences its ravages in he first week of April. If it should spread its tesiih-ntiul wings over our army, General Scott tvould be obliged to break up his camp ami - -k leiilthier quarters. 'I lie garrison of the vould lie comparatively out of tin* reach of its nlluetice, while our men would be exposed to its aoret assaults. with this furl before litem, tl|e garrison of the castle will scarcely surrender intil the last extremity. The only thing then left, m surli an event, wmM ;te an active and continuous assault. The ritv -annot stantl a bombardment three days. It ;iiust fall within that period from the time our fire in first directed against It was *uid tlm Icneral Scott would not an pt the aurreuder of lie city without that of the matte; but bo inuv *ind himself compelled to take the city tor the uirpose of getting a favorable position whereon o plant his mortars to he Wrought to hear upon he e^stle. The rapture of the city will he nulling. The real fight will he at the capture of the ortreus. It will be a terrible fight?that is, tf the rnrrison prove true men, and do not surrender, ieneral S-ott cannot remain long enough to ?tar%e it out, and lie must ta'*r it by ussnuh In ibis assault the navy may hn\c a share. An escalade will probahlv he attempted on the sex id* ?ltl.??~l. .. ....II i? - ? l j , ..mivuiii ii nui ur it hi??m n iznrn'jiif tuttpriae. One tiling is certain, Orneral Moott knows he has but n short tint'' in which to obtain poaaeaainn of the rity and castle, and it to be presumed he will make the heat of it. I do not think there need he any apprehensiona as to the result. The capture of Vet t'lu/. Ilo'vc" r. m ill f" liij |!je J.,, ptitui t.| tli u ! : h '/ardour |>ur' will remain to be nccompliahcd. CUWflVMr 1