Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 11, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 11, 1847 Page 1
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r i MM TH] Vol. XIII. No. l(NN*Wlwl? No. MU7. THE NEW TORE HERALD, ESTABLISHMENT, North-west corner of Fulton and Nauau ita. JAMES 60RD0N BENNETT,PROPRIETOR, i Vinv V liATlUfl -*VKT 11 THUD BATS as. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price 2 cenM per copy?17 2il*r annum-payable in advance. _ . WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price 6<? ceuta l",r 9?>Py?tS 12)4 ceuta iter annum?payable in advance. HERALD FOR EUROPE?Every Steam Packet day? Prire6Ji ceuta iter copy?$3 per annum, payable in advance. HOLIDAY HERALD?Published on the lat of January and lit of July of each year?single copiaa sixpence each. ADVERTISEMENTS, at the uaual pricea?always caah in advance. Advertisements should be written in a ulaiu, legible mauiier. The Proprietor will uot be responsible for errors that may occur in them. PRINTING of all kiuds executed beautifully and with despatch. Ail letters or communications by mail, addressed to the rsublisbment, must bedpost paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subsr.nption money remitted. ON IS PRICE HAT STORE" ft 8PRING FASHIONS FOR HATS AND CAPS.? Jd BROWN It CO. will introduce, 011 Saturday, April 3d, the new style of Caps for children and boys; also, the new style of Hats for gentlemen, price $3, in the manufacture of which they have made such recent improvements as will place them in close competition with the most costly. The public are invited to call at 178 Chatham Square, where fashion, beauty, durability and economy are eombiued to adern the head. a21m*r LAKUE SALES AND SMALL PROFITS, ri $5 HATS can be had for $3,30, at MILLS' well known J^mHat establishment, 178 Broadway. (Howard Hotel.)? Gentlemen are earnestly solicited to call and examine these Hats thoroughly, the subscriber being confident that the beautiful proportions of the new style, with the unprecedented low price, will command the approbation of all. 3 /"'Attentiouis called to the new style of cap called the Pocket Cap. a2 2w*r _ LONG BREED CANARY BIRDS and Breeding Ifa*. Cages, Nest Boxes, Stuff for Nests, Song Birds, CoinjBKzi mon and Fancy Cages, with a fine collection of rare and valuable Birds, Bird Seeds of all descriptions. All arti vii-a-iii me line luereei rariri) , iui ?m- iiv W. 8. JOHNSON, 280 Broadway, one door from Chamber* *1. . N.B. King Charles Sapuiels, English and Scotch Terriers, ior sale as above. a7 2w r spring stock ok BOOTS AND SHOES. SMITH k RISLKY. 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AaS TO LET.?The store of hou^ 13 Dey street; it is 3 !"' feet dee|i, and wonld be a good location for a wholesale JwlB^rocrry store. The dwelling part would be let together or each floor separate The second floor consists of back and front juniors, with pantries, and is well finished; the two rooms sre 50 feet deep and 12 feet high, suitable for an artist; the third floor has 5 rooms well finished; the fourth floor is JO feet deep, 2,'j feet wide, and 16 feet high, with sis w indows in the roof, fitted xp for an engraver or any business waiitiug good light. Also, the second floor ofhouse 66 Beekinan street, consisting of three rooms and pantries, with two bed rooms in attic, and a kitchen with Crotou water ?nd kitchen range in it. Rent S27J. Enquire of A. GILHOOLY <t SON. m3l lm*r 78 Nassau street. jjjA "TO LETTN WrUHAMSBUROij .?The twoTtmy pvf brick front house, with folding doors; it contains seven and basement, in good order, pump in the yard, with six lots of ground, carriage house, cherry, plum, pencil and near trees; 2 bed* of asiiaragus, with a good grass plat, tastefully laid ont with rose bushes and a great variety of other shrubbery, about out mile from Peck alip ferry. Enquire of Charles M. Church, 100 Chatham atreet, or of John Skillnun, comer of North Second and Lorimer streets, on the premises. m2t 2w*rc M FOR SALE.CHEAP, AS THE SUBSCRIBER IS rcnttlig from business, the old established soap and UmL caudle mauulkctory, Not. 10, 12 and 14, vix: dwelling, soap house, shop and stable, with all the fixtures for carrying on an extensive business, which can be sold as fast as manufactured: together with a large stock of goods. Terns made easy ou the real estate. Enquire on the premise*. JAMES 8AMERENDYKE. ?8 Iw z&cn Relief street, Philadelphia. STATEN ISLAND PROPERTY. Art TO LET AND FOR SALE.?A large Cottage pTS with three acres of laud, including an eicelleut garden, "ML?" stocked with tin* hest fruit trees in full touring; a coachhouse, stables, and other outbuilding!?aituated in the villageof Tompkinsville, close to tto short-; nlao a numtor of houses aud cottages, aituated in the Tillages of Tompkinsville, Stapleton aud ('lifton. Apply to F. WOLFE. Wolfe'a Hotel. Tompkinarille. O"Farina and Building Lot* for aalc. Apply aa above. a2 lw?rc "FOR SALE, Art A FARM of fifty-two acres, tnoat delightifully aituated ttTjW about fire miles from Elir.ibethtown, N. J., comprising J^ULa handsome commodions Dwelling House, fitted with niaride mantels, and every convenience lor a resectable family; the whole, including garduer's house, barns, ice house, and other buildings, iu a substantial state of repair; the orchard contains twenty acres of choice fruit trees. The easy access from New York, either by the various cars from Jersey City, or the ferry to Elir.atothport, whence a rail road train nuu within a hundred yards of the house, renders ihis property very valuable to those doing bnsiness in this city. The greater part of the purchase money can remain fur three years on bond and mortgage, at five per rent. VYSK k SONS. 172 Tearl at. Also for sale, a dwelling house , No. 321 Washington street, ml# ltn*rh FOR SA LK. tA THREE STORY HOUSE on 23d street, between the 2d aud 3d Avenues. It is well finished, and replete with the latest improvements, including kitchen range, old and warm baths, water closets, kc., Italian marujc mantels throughout the house; a court yard of fifteen feet iu front, with verandah and French windows. The house is one of a row of sit houses on tto south side of the street. For further particulars apply to VYSK k SONS, ml9Jm*rh 172 Pearl street. POK SJALK?'WKSTCHKSTKK LAND. TO lll'MTt I'UL'M c._ jR^Hfals. To market gardeners ill want of laud for gi rtletis. ^Mk-and to all persons wishing % location in the nektihbortiooJ ol New York:? MO acre* of laud in the town of Westchester, within nine mile* of the City Hall, with the right of passing over llarleni Bridge free of toll, are now offered at private aale, in lota containing from 3 to 30 acres earli The lands are within 13 minutes wnlk of railroad; front on good roade; are in the neighborhood of-aehooU and churches of different denominations; the water is good and location healthy. Title indisputable. Term, moderate. Aflgjuv ^ QRRIg Morriaiana. Weiteheater CO., or to WALTER RUTHERFORD, 7# Naaaao at, N. Y. wH lm? re AUANTIK s, Ac., VERY CHEAP. mMkODOO AILANTHUS, twelve feet, at 30 ccnta, if ordered SCWl by the dozen or more; and 16 feet for 73 eeiita. 4000 Irilamn fir, ail feet for 30 centa; eight feet 73 eenta, and ten feet $1. Hilver maple, twelve feet 30 rent.; Iillern to sitteen feet 73 centa. Tatter mulberries, nine to ten feet 30 centa. | WM. R. PftlNCE k ( O., Trinre's Ntirseriea, k lushing. N. B ?All delivered at Fulton market wharf. a9 Jfrc AFTERNOON I.INK, DAILY. Mas. FOR NF.WBUROH AND FISHKILL, Lauding at Van Cortland's, (Teekakill.) West SHtaMMMliB i'oint, < old Spring and Cornwall. The Steatner Thomas Powell, Cant. Sam). Johnson, will lease the pier loot of Warren street, for the ahote places, every afternoon (Rnndiya eicc|ited.) at 4 o'clock, commencing April 10. Returning?will leave Ne wburgh every morning at 7 o'clock. N. B.?All Baggage and Freight of every description. Bank Bills or Specie, put on board of this boat, must be at tlie risk of the owner thereof uulesi entered on the books of the boat or receipted for. ap?lm*r JfrKXr FOR SALE?The hull of a vessel juat launched. jJHWWaml now lying at Rnhway port. She will carry about jmfc'tiO to 300 tons; 96 feet on deck, >3 fact beam. She will answer lor canal, river, or coast service. Inquire of the subscribers, at Rahway, New Jersey. JOS. O. LUFBF.RY, aS Itii'r H. H. 8HOTWELL Notice Conaig nees per packet ship Sheridan l.jierpool, will please send their permits on Urlrtnt whurf, foot of Wtll etieet, immediately. All kocmU not |>ermittrd within five dtyt will be Mat lo the Public St.ire. tlO rl? AdKL- MOTH I; l'\( KKT HARK 0K.NT.8KK, from ulJwW New Or|pnn?, it diich*r|(ing nt Pier It, K. H. ConjmUttm ?i|{nee? will pleue tttrml to the receipt of theif iintneilittelv. ?ll)rh UKr I otttifpeei ,.t barit ANN HAMLKY.fmmUlwmSWWitow. will tend their iwrmitt on Inttrd. All good* not JUMHatpetmilteil in five dtyt will lie tent to the public tore, ^ *h> X#5> < ONSl<i.N'KKH per thip Honthernnr, from I,iter WfjMfWi-ool, will plrtae tend their permit* on botrd, foot of jmtlhoirt stirrl, iminriliatrlv. Allgoodtnot permitted """woUBfiRitw E NE" A When (he Ai - ' 7; ?J--T rv " ~ ; ' =.%."--J: : * - -y-;: 5' FROM THE WAR QUAATE&. INTERESTING FROM VERA CRUZ. MARINE DISASTERS. SEVERAL VESSELS ON SHORE, AND A SLOOP OP WAR LOST. The Ohio Apprehended to be on Shore. LATEST FROM THE BRAZOS. Movements and Intentions of G-en. Taylor. ARRIVAL OF TROOPS. QUEER LETTERS FROM SANTA ANNA. Hli Determination to Again Ascertain Wlirtlu-r Uenernl Taylor la Always ??Konyli," and Kvrr " Ready." Rumor of Hanta Anna's Advance oil the City of Mexico* EXCHANGE OF FMBOXTBRS. News from Santa Fe. NAVAL AND MILITARY NATTKRN. dir. die. dir. NEWS FROM VERA CRT*. [From the Baltimore Hun. April 10.J AVo have received by our 'overland express." the New Orleana Pirayunr of the 3d inat., which, by uu arrival from Vera Cruz, him aoine Items of new* that occurred previous to the battle. The Mississippi steam frigate, reported ofT Vera Cruz on the morning of the 20th ult . arrived the ufteruoon ol that day, with Coin. I'erry on bourd. llis broad penant was hoisted the next day 011 the Mississippi, but it is said he designs using the frigate Karitan also as a ting ship, according as circumstances may require. A violent norther prevailed on the list nit., by which five small vessels were driven ashore. One of them, a brig, was sunk, but her rrow was rescued by boats from other vessels. One of them Is said to he the French hark which so recently eluded the blockade, auil run in under the guns of the castle. A niuu of war schooner Is said to have been lost iu this gale, but her name is not known. The Archelaus passed, when a short time out from Veracruz, a largo ship ashore, which I apt. Houtellu supposed to be the Ohio. Tne weather at Vera Crux was extremely hot, and the men, previous to the siege, were almost exhausted by the continued effects of the sun and the burning sand. [From tlia New Orleans Delta. April 2.1 By the arrivsl of the IT. H. transport scbr. I.ouisans. Capt. Howards, from Vera Cruz, last eveiiiug. we nr.) iu possession of the latest news front the fleet. The Louisiana left Hacrifloios on the 2Uth : during the passugo site encountered a severe norther, which lasted Ave days, hut owing to her excellent ijualities as a sea boat, mid me hK111 01 iht commander, sne was mauled to weather it, k?eping on her course. f'uptain S. brought up despatches to Col. limit The duy before ho loft, the air ?m filled with tlio bombshell* ami shot, of every description. discharged from the it on a of the rastle at the Meet. Many of them panned over hi* vessel, as she lay at anehor. though moat of them fell abort of Htiy of the vessel*. doing no damage One f lu ll exploded in tlie air, a abort distance from where the Louisiana lay, neat tiring It* content* In every direction some portion* of whicli. he believe*, fell on anohber vossel in a direct line with hint, but doing her uo injury The Hhell, at the time it exploded, appeared to be about a* bigli a* theinnxt-head I'upt. M. say* that our aruiy opened it* batteries on the city enrly ou the umrutoig of the ',10th: the llring was ri turned from the town, nmd that from the castle <|Uirk ened. and he could heur it without intermission till out thirty inlie* at sea. The culminating smoke from the guns ?the frequent Unshoe of light that preceded eneli discharge?and the loud and booming reverberation of the canuon, as it travcriecd over the surging waters of t lie (tulf. he represent* as a pccnc at oucc sublime and awe. inspiring. I p to the time the Louisiana left, the Meet had not opened It* Are on the castle; and although the Mring on our lines was kept up wit bout cessation from the time of the investment of the city, yet it did but little iivjury, owing to the natural bulwarks which our uion Hud in the sand hills, and the artificial defences which they have thrown np Home alight skirmishes continued to take place, and astray Mexican would be now and again made prisoner We have but little doubt but that, before now, the star spangled banner Jloat* from the hnttioumnt* of the far-famed castle of 8 Juan de L'lun There were, when the Louisiana left, a t rench sIoojmof-war. a Spanish ileops-of-war. and an Knglish sloop-nfwar and schooner, lying inside of Sacriflclos Island. The Spanish sloops-of-war had a large number of passengers 011 board, the greater part of Uiem females, who were anxiously awaiting the result of the light. It was suspected. however, that these passengers were citixen* ol Vera Crux, who shrewdly suspected that the castle and town would not be able to bold <?ut against the Americans. and very wisely got out of harm's way. Armv or Imveitmksr, i Vr.SACarr, Maivh ID?Sundown. ) Our fatigue parties, making the entrenchments, have boen discovered by the .Mexicans from town, and they have opened a heavy and ftpli lire on thcin. A report cam., inlo enmn n short, tilllff MlK'O. I killL 1A m?ll KbH been killed by the rxploeton ?f * ahell. i inquired ft! headquarter*, but no report haa lieou made there of it, nor ran I trnce it to any authentic aource, and nHu,. queutly place uo reliance upon it. There are IWO men from lieu Worth'* brigade <>u fatigue, and It w.ll indeed l>e miraculoiia If they xhoiild all eeeapo the Are of the enemy, which, while I am writing, la keverberallng through the air in quick aucceaaion To-morrow, or the next day, the mortar bfttteriea will be planted, and the Are will he returned npon the town and raetle. It aeema to be altogether probable that eventually the garrleon. will bo taken ly (torm, hut. not until hreaehea are made with the heavy artillery There la au opinion prevalent among the ofllcera in camp that a atom of the citadel would *ave Kfe, but I preaume ... - v ?v' W YO NEW YORK, SUNDAY 1\ PPEARANCE AT VERA CRUZ uerieau Flag was Hoisted over the - ycx v-:-?*- t 7. - z . ^ * l-L; % " THIS SALUTE FROM TBB OA (Jen. Scott is th? beat judge of that, audno one pretends to know what hia views are. [From the New Orleans Picayune, April *i.] Besides the U. H. achooncer, the ship Huron also had arrived. They left Vera ('rue together, nud only a few hours later than the Oregon, ('apt. Sowers informs the Picayune that one of the shells nad killed fire men ol one of the Louisiana regiments. lie mentions that in tiring the salute In honor of Ocn. Taylor's victory, a gun of oue of our vessels of war wa( accidentally shotted. It took effect upon the schooner St. Helena, then going in, knocked away a stancheon and killed four mules. Capt. Weeks, of the Huron, brought over a shell thrown by thu Mexicans, which fell among the ath infantry, and buried itself in the sand without exploding' The Picayune says it is decidedly an " ugly customer." twelve inches aud a <)unrtcr iu diameter. It was thrown on the 16th. Captuin Uliddou of the Oregon, has reported that he heard a rumor on shore that Santa Anna was advancing upon the city of Mexico, by forced marches, at the hcau of 9.000 cavalry, with a view to put an end to the conflict going on there He was confidently expected by the 17th of March The Picayune thinks lucre Is nothing improbable in this rumor Santa Anna would be glad of any pretext for retreoting. ami his presence in the rapitu would bring matters to an immediate crisis. C*wr strom: Vkua Cm i. > March 19?Forenoon. 1 F.very thing lias been (pilot since yesterday at lliif time. Last evening the Mexicans nmuscd our men by throwing shells aud Paixluiu shot for an hour or so, uiu since then have not deigned to ^rvet us with a siugb HUH mime VI mil own men I'VllMUvr llieuixciVCS MlglllCl iu not beiug tired upon tbix morning. Last night, a largo party of our mon, under rover o the darkness. selected the ground and made all the exea vatioux aud preparations for planting hatturiex withii live or six hundred yardx of tho enemy'* work*. Cupt Talcott'x howitzer buttery went out to xupport the party in case of an attack ; but they either were not dixcoi ored, or elxe the Mexicaux did not deem it prudent o meet to disturb them. Mahcii 18, 1847?Afternoon. After I had cloxed my letter tbix forenoon the enemy opened, with round shot and xhell. from all hix batteries directing hix tire at different point* of our line*, bin maiuly at the pointx near the cemetery?the calm of tin morning only foreboded a storm I ranuot learn, how ever, that the tiring had any other elfect than amusing or exiixpemling our men by tuna, although mixxilex flew nil round them. it ix now certain that a portion of our heavy guns ami mortarx will be placed in poxitiou to-niglit. and all wil be in readinexx to commence operations on the town by the day after to-morrow. It ix thought probable thai lien. Morale*, the eomuiandante. will be ilrxt xuiiimoiit-i to xurreuder, and on hix refusal tile bombardment will u once commence. Gen. Scott lias a sufficiency of lioav; 1 ordnance to destroy the city, no doubt of that ; yet tie ntoralr upon the castle, were all the morterx lie require* lnxt fall now here, would be fur greater. The city uiigli have been taken by assault any night since tile invest men!, wax coinpleto. but it would have cost live or xevei hundred men, aud no good commensurate witli the out lay of human life would have grown out of it. In tlii poxitiou matters now stand. NEWS FItOM riFN. TAYt.OU's tllVISMN. [from the New Orleans Tropic. April 3.] We have conversed with a gentleman who houorahl\ participated in the battle of "Iliiena Vista." in whirl conversation we derived several items of interest, whirl we proceed to give to the public. Lieut. Crittenden, who recently left this city fin Washington, carried witli liiin a requisition from Gen' Taylor, upon the government, for ten thousand addition al troops. Gen. l'uylor. it ix thought, will advance on San Lub i oiosi su soon as inn reiniorccmcui, uaucu ior arrives. Tho regiment ?f Louisiana Volunteers. it in confident' ly believed, will have an opportunity to distinguish themselves, a* they will In- directed to open the communion tion between Tauipico, which must necessarily ho tin banc of operation*. antl Han Luis Totosi. The bodies of tlio officers who fell in the buttle of Hue na Vista. have been placed by tlioir friend* in cofllim, in which pulverized charcoal wan introduced, the coffinplaced, temporarily, in vault* at Suliilln. until remove to their late homes, which will probably be done an noon an the communication between Maltillo and t iiinargo it opeued. Major Borland, Major Gaines, (Japt. ( asslu* M. Clay and their commands, numbering about eighty-two men who have been prisoners in the castle of I'erote, were ti be dslivered up at Vera Cru*. (apt. Ileady. from L.ouinville. of the Kentucky regi uicnt, who. with eighteen men, were taken by the enemy some time siuee. were to ls< restored lo < ten Taylor's encampment. (From the Baltimore Sun. April 10.) The schooner Star, i apt. Minor, arrived on the 'id lust from the in mi I li of I lie Rio (irando. having sailed on the 'i >th, one day after tlie Telegraph. The Ticspisr of the 'Id lust, lias no letters by this arrival, but in Indebted to i apt. Minor for a copy of the Malum unit Flag of the '14th tjuite the most interesting matter contained in the Flag. are two letters from Santa Anna, translated by the Flag, (with other letter/we hare before seen.) from papurs of Victoria de Tamaullpne We lay thum at once before our readers. They show how compiute was the discomfiture of Santa Auna and how tcr ribie lii.n losses. lie repcAts the old story, notoriously uutrue. that we had nine thousand men. and twuuly-sil j|)ooes of artillery in Iho action 1'u (hii. /bin Circiaco Fatqur: Am;* Nckva, Feb. !15. 1 rt 17. Mr K?it.i mid Kairno?The haste with which I sent off the Inst express to the government hindered me from writing to you the news of the deeds of arms We have fought for two whole days. The enemy awaited us at n point called the Narrows. The battle of the lid wot r particularly bloody on both sides, but It was impossible to take the principal position of the enemy, which h another Thermopylae. although wo drove hlui from Uv? positions aocl took two banners and three guns. Th. blood ran hi torrents, and it is calculated that botl armies lost three or four thousuud men in killed am wounded. Our bayonet charges resulted in the dcatl i of hundreds, but the enemy could uct bu completely routed on account of tho strong position lie occupied We gave him to understand that the .Mexican soldie I can tight bravely, breast to breast, and without belii| deterred either by strength of position, nor by broken nee* 01 ground, nor liy Hunger unit unrm. which oc fui fered with heroic rMhpiatioti. Tim otrength of the ene my wa* <MKM> nirn nml l wunty-nix piece* of artillery. Wo have to lament the death of Col. llorra, Lieut tod, Anono*. and the commander* of Imitation* an< K<|iiudrniix, i.uyunda. it ion. I'ena, henideH other officer* (fen. I.nmhardino, Col. Urttn, Col. Itoelm. (Jen Ange (human. Mont Col* (Jailoxo. Monterdeoea. Andrade .lleotercal, Onljano. Ilaxave. Onate. and other chief* am officer* are wounded. I loot my horxe by a giuiohot in one of the flrxt charge* We arc ueatitut* of nece**arie* for the wounded, and therefore charge you to *eud on immediately the provl ions In your place, *o that they way meet the army RK E 10RNING. APRIL It. 184 ON THE 29th OF MARCH, 18it City and over the Castle of San I jjjf?'? ?----: -' -*?**;' *?'. . ..- ' ,-r:'- bSTLZI AMD AMERICAN FLS i which hi! (loon Itn duty and saved the honor of the n tional arms. Ood and Liberty ! SANTA ANNA. To hit Fxctlleruy O. Ramon Jldamt. Auua Nt Keb. 'J6. 1847. Mr Dkah hurry in which I wrote 11 ' last letter prevented me froui .tending you a copy of 1 despatch to the government and the general order issti to the troops on the Held of baltlc. I now aend It, u i suppose tho triumph of our uruiN has been celebrated your town. The want of supplies, together with tho d; outerey, which broke out in the army, compelled me listen to the opiulous of the general, und chiefs of t i army, and regulate my operations accordingly. Th i unanimously determined that the army ought to ( baek on points where supplies might l>e had. 1 hu i therefore, determined to retire by way of I'edral. Vai i gas auil Mutehuule. where I can establish a hospital the woumlcd. who amount to more than 400. and also 1 i the sick: uftor which I will return and seek the uneti provided tho goreruieut furnishes the necessary ream i ces. I have informed the government to this effect un< I the present date. I hern take occasion to state as the world should know it. that the treasou of a mil Mexican prevented me from gaining a complete vlctu I over out invaders. A soldier from the regiment of i rassiers, a native of Sultillo. deserted from Kncamue and informed Gen. Wool of my approach (i n \V precipitately struck his cauip. abandoning a par; of i train and some provisions, ami occupied the impreg hie position of Angostura, which it was impossible to ( dure, notwithstanding the great advantage gained , our troops, who took live of their |w)sitious. three sin i ni colors and us 11 in 11 v pieces of artillery. God i Liberty! SANTA ANNA f The companies of Capts. Webster ami Kelt, of Massachusetts rn|(imi'iit, Imii arrived at Matainoras ; I former was stationed in the Plaza. tile oilier in Kort redes. In Captain Webster's eoinpany not a mau on the siek list, and lie lost not a man on the voyi Tile Flag speaks warmly of the appearance of the u r The two Kdgocouhc companies of North Carol volunteers, left Matainoras for famargo on the 20th i where they would await the arrival of the rest of r regiment. , Three companies of the Virginia regiment went I. the river past Matainoras on the 21st to I auiargo. i A difficulty occurred in Combe's billiard room at ,\ tiimoras. ou the 171li tilt . between II. C. lie la ltosc I I Mr Mulligan ; when the former was instantly s r through tile head. lien. Taylor, it is thought, will advance on Kan I, I 1'otosi so soon its tho reinforcement called for arrives. THK MISSACHK. (From the Little Hock Democrat, March 26 ] A letter of tho 14th ult., received from an oftlcei , Captain Pike's company, states that, the body of a nu tier of Captain Danlay's (now Lieut. < nine* ) eoinpa ' by the name of McCallastcr, from Clark eonnty. 1 . been found hung a few days previous, with a is . around his neck A pnrty of some of his coutradesfr Lieut, (iaines's and Captain Hunter's companies 1 been searching for him two or three days. and. wl 1 they found him. lie was stripped of Ills clothing, nud . pea red to have been dead two or three days. Near K spot where he was found they discovered a cave, am it oVer one hundred peons (laborers), who. they were tistled, were the murderers of ttieir comrade. It urn with rage at the unprovoked ami cold blooded muri ' the party, in a moment of excitement, fell upon the <' I urdlv wretches, ami killed some I went v-siven op tli of them, iinil took the residue prisoners, and eiin them to camp. This act on the part of the voluuti was severely censured by General Taylor, who threat ed to send those engaged in It to < amnrgn. aud enip them in loading and unloading steamboats. Agai this treatment of them. Colonel Veil had reinonstra without effect. Hut it is hardly probable that threat was carried into execution, as it Is likely t their services were required in the defence against attacks of the Mexicans, which must have followe few days afterwards. ItK<tt'ISITION FOR TROOPS. We Understand, says the New Orleans Pirayu of the tld in t., that Guneral Hrooke received despatch from the War Department, on thoj, Instant, leaving It toh is discretion to mus into service several regiments of volunteers to join G Taylor. This order was issued from the departin upon the receipt of Col. Curtis' requisition at Washl ton. It is further understood that inasmuch as crisis is past to meet which tile requisition was mil Gen, Hrooke will wait further orders from the depi III en t before acting in the premises. MKNITIONS OF WAR. The New Orleans Picaynnr publishes a letter receii by the last arrival.from Mr Kendall at Vera Crux, wh contains the following unguarded expressions : " lint ten inortars have been landed so far, out of great number ordered, and so far as I can learn no oth have arrived. A henvy responsibility rests upon the V Department in not having the ordnance here in dues son. for hero are some li.OOO or 15.000 men coikiplet paralysed, as it were, for their essential arm in the tack upon Vera Crux. They may come in by the tl those already landed are in position, or they may no such is the position in which Geo. Scott now finds ii self." We undertake to say that the President. Secretary War, the Ordnance and Quartermaster's Departnie have met the responsibility of the occasion, with the ergy which became their position. We do not sp lightly tipon this matter We have been favored with jdous details from the proper department?with limes of renulsition. the times of cliarterimr l.mili mill aatllng of tho I rauaport* -thr nnlOMMtltdiinlnt Htnre*. mill engineer*' f*ii|>l>lk?>?i. kc fcr., which w i embarked. We undertake to nay that more artli could not have ticcn shown than in furniahing the nci i Mtry ntWoiM for the ojipl lire of Vn I ru/. ami tin- J i tie. We *hnll not now recapitulate the*e item*. It I* i llcient for ui to atatc at present. that live trnnapi i have boon nent from New York and two from Old l'< i with theae atorea. One of them, the St Cloud, ha* ( > rlcd ordnance men. with ?oine atorea. She had arrival i Vera Criu. Tho 'J'aiunroo. the hark Vernon, and I Chart**, wore loaded with tho principal and inoat tcrial atorea. Tho Tamaroo, In addition to ordna I store*. and engineer*' aupplica, carried ton mortar*. had al*o arrived at Vora ( ru*, according to the Ia*t i r cial account*. The Vornon 1* reported three daj a i ( iu the marine lint* of Now York to have arrived at ho*; and tho Charlea, which wa* o(T Chan dolour ialai between Mobile and the mouth of the Ml**i**ippl. the 7th March. I* aiippoeed to have, a few day* after I time, arrived at I,oho*. In fact. it. i? the opinion of beat informed gentlemen here that they have arrive! I Vera t rn* within a day or two after the date of the I K deapntehea. Theae three ahipa earry :W mortar*. 41. I liblnrh ahelta. II twenty-four pounder aiegr gun* i carriage*, howltxer*. hcaldc* ftOO round* of amniuull 1 for each gun. kr , lie And *ince the *hlpm*ut of thi more than WOOO ahell* and morw than 3,000 barrel gunpowder have been forwarded for Vera Cm* I The public preA and It* correspondent* ahould bo in careful, bi'ftire it ralaea a *uapudon or gel* up a clai '? againat the adtuiuietratlou -ever/ mcmlier of which ' ' 1 " pipppppp < ?< ? km* ' -! -**? t.^palyui [ERA] 17. 17? I' uau de Una* ? I c i t ? I i II i i c IId // fa *~L ""' "" .?- ^' IBT. n- faithfully done its duty In tint vigorous prosecution of the wur. If Vera I rut and the castle are not taken, it must be owing to some fatality for whir.h the administrative powers at Washington are not responsible We have |IV never Keen men more active in diseharging their duties. * and more proudly conscious of having done everything (-j which they could effect towards taking the castle. In |1(j fact, we had the pleasure of hearing two of the most ju efficient heads of the bureaus stating their tlrin belief, today. that before this time, the castle of Han Juan d'L'luu t(* Is in the possession of tho American troops. One of them specified the capucitv of our battery train to cast more than I.Ml shells every liour into the limited area of |(^ the eastle; the bomborduieiit. too. to contiuuo during V(, the day and night; and asked how it was possible, with ] such engineers as we had witli Ocuural Scott?witli for ^?'0,,el Tot ten and his admirable corps ?and with such p|ir an Immense weight of uictnl ns they would discharge? dismounting the guns upon the parapet, breaking down ? the arches of the casements, icc. ktc.? the eastle could resist the power with which it would be assailed '! ler NKWS SANTA VK. all [From the St I.ouis Reveille. March 31.J Ive Mr. Thomas (Caldwell, whose arrival at Iiidepviidenee I V was noticed yesterday, eaine down lost evening on the rn- steamer Bert rand, and to him we are indebted for Inter ion and more uutheutie information from Santa Ke. The imiI accounts published yesterday, as copied from the Ej/iuh.s tilor extra, are. in many particulars, incorrect, mid were ns- not obtained from Mr. ( but merely from ruuior at lure dependence, after his arrival by Mr. left El Paso on the Idtli of January, mid Santa lids Ke on the 3d of February. The massacre of (Joveruor iud Dent, the I.ees, and others, was nemeLrnted at Taos 011 the lHtli of January. and Immediately runner* were Kent (I,,. out by the Mexicau* to different town* in t lie province. tll(, calling upon the inhabitant* to u**i*t in the murder of the American*. On the 19th. the night after the murder of Bent uud hi* rompanion*. at Tao*. Mr. Komulu* Culver. of Clinton county, L. L. Waldo, a brother of the doctor, and Benjamin I'ruett. of Jackson county, with linn bvi' other*, were killed ut Moro, a town of some 2000 in,11 habitant*, *ituatcd To mile* from Santa Ke. II,,\ After till* outrage, the insurgents. to the number of 2000, collected at a *mall town called i.a Cauinda. notiir tiventy-tive mile* from Santa Ke. Col. Price, hearing of tlii*, immediately went in person. at the head of 3'i0 l?. men. and drove {hern from their position. killing thirty4|ll| *ix of their number. !?,( Thl* engagement occurred between the JOtli aud 'JStll of January, and wa* followed by another between Price and the insurgent*. at hunnbada, a *uiall town in the pas* of the mountain*. It wa* understood that Price hud aguin succeeded in driving thciu before him. but their loss iu this latter engagement was not kuowu About the time of the battle* between Col. Price and ' 111 the insurgent* at I.a ( aniada and l.unsbuda. Captain llcndly, of the Kay county volunteer*, who wa* on the "y. east *ido of the mountain*, iu charge of a party of grauol y.ier*. hearing of the massacre ut Tao* aud .Moro, imme**? 11 lately repaired, with alsuit !H) men, to the latter place, oni where lie met a large body of the enemy, and un engrgenol mcnt ensued, in which < apt. II lost hi* life. After his fall, his men, under eouimand,of their lieiinp tenant, fell back on Vegas, and reported to Santa Ke tlie the condition of things, and the probability of a well-ap'pointed force being able to defeat the eneiny at Moro ? On reeoipt of tills intelligent- at Santa Ke. t apt. Morin. '">? of Platte, with some 200 men. was despatched to Moro. h'ri and on his arrival the inhabitants fled, leaving every ovv* tiling to tlie mercy of the Amerlrans. The town was Irty burnt, and everything possible for the enemy to aubsist "h d upon wus destroyed cr* ( apt. St. Vrain, of Port St Vraiii. headed fifty voluneu teer* from among the clerks, attache*, teamsters. Stc of >b>y Santa Ke, accompanied Col Price on his march against the Taos rabble. During tho tight that ensued, Col. St ted Vraiii, killed a Mexican, one Jesus do Tafolia. who had the ?? ijoy Dent's coat und shirt. None of the Armljoswcre hat among tho rabble; they appeared to be all "greasers;" the that is. loafers Among them one Cortes, of Moro valley. " H was prominent. >iin? or till! M Louis volunteers worn willi Prlno, save it detachment of ( apt. Fischer's artillery Tho gun* Mn, were mounted at Kurt Marry, and under eoiuiuaiid of | a ( apt. Fiedler Don . . . Vigil, Secretary of State under let Bent, wan now anting (lovernor of Santa Ft. ter A great deal of sickness prevailed in town, but rhiolly en. among the teamsters, broken down a* tliey were There ent were from three to five CR-atha per day. Albert (J. Wllng. (ton, sutler of I'rlee'a regiment, lias died Col. Mitchell the 1 apt Hudson. Adjutant Walker ami l.leul. Klliott and ,de, other* well known, were all well. The troop* had been irt- discontented principally from inactivity Mr. ( harle* Town, well known in St l.oui*. wa* the only American who escaped tin- uiaaaacre Hi* father-inlaw [a Mexican] gave hiui a good mule, and he brought the new* of the disaster to Santa Kc. It ha? been statf-d that Bent wa* killed at noonday; this i* not no he wa* killed at night It ha* also been rumored privately, that Frank Blair wa* killed This I* another mistake lie V" wa*. at tile time, in the mountain* with (>eo Bent ' "r >1 r Caldwell met Major < lark 160 miles below Santa Fe. At F.l I'iuwi he left ( ol. Doniphan and command, all r y well. The (ilasgow* and the rest of the trader* were well, but losing froiu their necessarily heavy expenses. |n" M'tlottln wa* only detained at Chihuahua ( ol. Doniphan would, beyond doubt, inarch on ( hi* huahun, but was not likely to Is- taken by surprise, a* he was exercising great caution. The Santa Fe theatrical corps had gone south on a rather dilfercut campaign Mr ( met Lieutenant Simpson at I in mile creek that number of miles from Independence lb-bad withhinitwo eak w?ggnn.s and ten men. conducting a heavy mail. There was snow falling on the plains from tin- Kith February 1 to the lutli of March almost uninterruptedly "K The mail which Mr C had'charge of. he wa* obliged n<"' to leave on the Arkansas, and it probably would he de"'ri' tained ten or twelve days behind him Mr. Solomon '"y Mil Id otto had not arrived at Santa Fc. and the presumpS,H" tion is. that hi*despatches must have taken him. by way of Bent's Fort, to California ' apt Murphy had arrived "" * at Santa Kc with the government fnndn. >rte ,lnt NAVAL NKWS. ar- The following ir * liwt of the officer* llUehtd to the i at frigiitc I 'nlted Stateo, which wn* al Porto I'raya ou the the i>th Mnrcli laet. aliout to nail for tlic leward eoaet again: um. ( oininoiloro (loo Head. nr(? < it plain Joecpli Smart. Sim H. Boll. Dlfl. ill " (I A. Prontlae. ,120 Ud " Auguatua II Kilty, ho- 4th " W. H. Brown, id.?. itli ' ( mihUtuk H. Scott, on Oth (ico K Hurnt. lint Hoot Surgeon Thoo. K Dllluril the Acting Manter. Kohert It It Ml. I nt Purrer, II. II. Bridge. I net. Marine Olflcer T h Sloan iNMt Aanlntant Burgeon, II. O Mnyo. mil ( oinmodore'H Secretary. Win. Wain. Ion Panned Mhlnhlpmcu, W W Kolx-rt* and Jullen we, Mycrn. of Mldehi'pini'U. S, I). Hpence; I II. .McC.nuley; Will. K DeKoven, J I) Dauel*; Wm K Mitchell; lloatnwnin, iore Michael Hall, Carpenter, fl K lop Ami; (limner, I?h*W nor Itankin Hailmaker, J. K. 1 ranter; \ eoiuau, W. II. Hear' ha* don, .Mwater * Male, Ooo. K. Doda. - - 1 ^ LD. K * V M * i Pf , .*?*f#'JP Mil PHft Two Coots. UNITKD STATK.X ANU^EUROPKAN KMIORANT CHANTS. rHE subsn ihrrs having had long experience in the business, are p ripired to offer aiery facility to those wuhiu Iiuiir to or I mm every part of Great Br nam or Irsbal, iisvre, and the l? ertnaii, Belgian, and Holland porta:?on any if winch placet B ills of Exchange can be furmihed, in sums o tun. I rw|( cau alto be engaged from Liverpool to Boston, 'hilade Iphia, Baltimore, or New Orleana, direct. Thacn vitiling paaaage from New York to New Orleana, Mobile, ;harleaton, Savannah or Tetaa, can at all timet be acfommolated at the lowrtt relet. To those emigrating to the Waal, be subscribers have uiieoualled arrangeroentt for tlie forwardng of pa.tteiigrrt to the Weet, by the different routes, vix: to luffalo, end the intermediate landings, and all pane of tha aiiaiias?Chicago, Milwaukie, Baltimore, Pittsburg, Cininnati, St. Louie, fee., by steamboats, railroads, and canal >oaU, of the brtt class?and great care will be taken that laateugert will meet with no delay or imposition on tbn oute. Letters (post paid) will receive prompt attention. For "rther Pilars, apply to ^ p O'HKRN k CO.. 160 South street, corner of Dover, and i6 West street, corner of Rector, lt*9 lin-rrc WALDRON O'HERN It CO.. Liverpool. 11 KM ITT ANt'ES TO IRELAND i6 Broadway, and continiies to remit money, iu sums largo or uiall, to iiertima residing in any part of Ireland, iu the same tanner a? he mid his predecessor iu business lutfe done for the last thirty year* ami more; alto to any |iart of Kugland or Scotland. Money remitted by letter, post-paid, to the subacriber, or personally deposited with luin. with the uamr of the |>eraan or persona in Ireland, Filmland or Scotland, to whom it is to b? sent, anil nearest post town, will he immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and a reeeipt to that effcet given or forwarded to the sender. jll lm*rc (?L L) K.ST A B1.1HH Kb PASS At i'K OKt'lCE. M. Ml IHl. Si MKF.T. 8AMUKL THOMPSON' AND NKPIIKW. Aor.NTs rok tin: "Black 8tak"I.tar ov Packits. 1617. Liverpool to New York 10tT. Skipt (aji taint. Tin Reg Tnt tTn. Se.1, T. K. Freeman, 807 1400 Liberie, P. P. Norton. 7911 1300 Cornelia, F. M. French, I06i 17i0 Ohio, II. Lyon, 76H 137* Samuel Hicks, T. G. Bunker, UjO IMO Empire, (new) J. G. Russell, ll)!W 1100 Pauthea, \V. B. Lane, 721 1303 Indiana, James D. Bennett, 7III IJOO Huguenot, S Goodhue, 932 1660 Marinion, (new) \V. Edwards, 9Ui 1600 Peter Hatirirk, J. I). Post. 670 1300 Elizabeth Deiiistim, K. W. Spencer, imti 14<M Devonshire, A\r. 7'. Thompsou, 889 liOO Niagara, (new) II. Russell, 730 U50 Atlas, (new) If. Coffin, 700 1100 I hails, (new) J. L. Wilson, 810 U0U Sardinia, (new) C. K. Crocker, 802 1100 America, (new) Weare, 1180 1900 The subscribers would respectfully inform their friends and the public that they liaie added several splendid arw ships W> their l ine of packets between this |iortana Liverpool,which baa hreu favorably knowu and extensively patronised for a period of more tliau thirty years, and have no hesitation in assuring those who may wish to make engagements for the passage of their friends from Kugland, Scotland ar Ireland, that they will Hnil these ships inferior to none in point of comfort, convenience and safety, one of which will mil from Liverpool, every six days, throughout the year, making delay and the cousaqnant expense to emigrants at the port of embarkation impossible. A free passage per steamer from the varions Irish and Scotch porta, with bread stuffs, aud hospital money paid, may be secured all at the lowest rates; and when those settled for decline coming outj the full amount paid will be promptly r?funded as usual, bor further particulars, apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON k NEPHEW, 275 Pearl street. or to C. GRIM8HAW kCO., 10 Gores Piaazas, Livid. Drafts or exchange, payable at sight, are also furnished for any amount, on R. C. Olyn k Co., Bankers, Loudon; C. Grimsliaw k Co., Liverpool; tlie; National Bank of Scotland; National Rank of Ireland, and Northern Ranking Co. Annlv M ibOTt. frl lm*r FOR NKW ORLKANS, LOUISIANA AND NKW VOHlt LINK. m m M m to sTTCTJvkry teWTIys. Ship OSWKOO, Captain Johnsou. Ship HUDSON. Captain Page. Ship GLIKTON. luptiin Incrrsoll. ShipLOUISVILI.K, Cspt. Hunt. siiip SAKTKLLK, Captain Taylor. Dark UKNKHKK, Captain Minor. Dark J. E: WlLtlAMi Captain Parker. Bark ITKBKON, Captain Orrig. Thr abort-ships arc all of the first class, of light draft of water, and commanded by the moat ri|>*risiirrd raptaiui in the trade. Their eabina are haodaoinrly furnished, and erary attention paiil to Uie comfort autl rourcnienee of the passengers. Neither the e iptsun or owners of the abore ships will be res|H>iisihle for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, sileeror plated ware, or for any letters, paresis, or packages sent by, or lait oil hoard of lliein, unless regular bills of lading are taken lor the same, and the value therein espressrd. I-'or freight or passage,apply on board, at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, id South street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff It Co., who will promptly forw ard all goods to their address. P. W. BYRNES v CO.'S NKW YORK AND LIVERPOOI. EMIGRATION OVUt K. life. life life life P^wT BYHNR^Pa)., Mi |Uu?l, hre desirous of informing the public of the United Hute*. that, they have found tlte importance of a direct Agency for Uie purpose of placing within the power of the friend* of the pnasenders coining out to this country, thr iiuinediate correspondence with a respectable establishment^ from whom they cam rely for attention and favor toward* their rrUttou* leaving the old country. , Persons desirous of engaging imssagr* from Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Belfast, Londonderry, and Liverpool, direct U? New York, Bostou, Philadelphia, Baltimore or New Orleans, can do soon more fatonble ffrm> than can be obtained from any other house tvi the nu>ine*s in ttm eoanfry; bring tlir oldest find largest establishment in the passenger trade iu Liverpool. The nuiiy thousand passenger* that luve sailed in the ship* which have been despatched from our office in Liverpool, and the different portii of I re In*, id for the last thirty veirs, is a sufficient guarantee of our ability to fulfil with satisfaction any engagement for p**srtigers that He may he favored with. DRAFTS AM) BILLS ok K.YCII ANOK given for any amount, lityable oil sight. at the flank of Ireland suJ iu branch**: and also ?ui nil the piiucipal tow u* of Kugl.and and Scotland without discount. A list of (be Packet Ships w ith their day* of sailing, and iho address of the Agents who act for lis,ran lie had on application at this oflu e. Apply or address by letter, (post paid) P. W. BYRNK8 fc < O.. South street, corner Wall street New York. mft lm#rrc ^ , dkai-'tsOn i hi. \ \ rn '\ \X hank, of* IIIKLAN'I). >Hiy tlfov lUlfc \V.flt J. 1'. T^f'M IM l', beg to inlonn their liieiids and theiitiblic, w isliiug to remit nion? v to Ireland, that they draw drafts for large or small amounts, (|Mivahle wuhour discount,) direct oil the National Bank of Ireland, Dublin, or any of th?* numerous branches throughout the country. Also, draffs ran lie obtained, livable in all part* of huglaiid, Scotland, and Wales, on application to W. It J. T. T AP#COTT, ati lit) South street, New Yorlr. _ i BRITISH AND NORTH AMKRIOAN <o M K ? ROYAL MAIL STKA.M SHIM of I2U0 toua itud l'JO fiur.t* (Kiwcr enili, under ountrti't will, tlic Lord, of I Ur A ,1 in I r. I It y IIIBKRN I \,CnptMii Wi.ndrr Ryrir. i \ I.KIlOS I A, ( .pum K.ilwanl O. I1KITT V.NN1 A, Captain John llcwitt.i I AMBRIA.4 apjJiiii Charlea II. h. Jtidkin. AC A 1)1 A; I 'nptaiii William liarrinou. Tlif four .teamalupK now building: are TDK A.MKRH A, THK NIAGARA, TIIK ( ANADA, I'llK Kl'ROPA. Vf?rl? appointed to from Liverpool are the ( iiiiibriH April!. 1117 I'aledouia April 30, IB 17 Britannia, May 4, 1B47 V'eaaela appointed to .oil from Uo.toii ate the ? imbria, May 1WT Caledonia May lo, l?47 luggage must l>r on board the Jay previous to Sailing. 1'is.sgr iiiiuiry?Krotn Boston to Liverpool, $110, do do to Halifax, fiW. No berths secured until |ia|j fur. Tlicar ahtpa carry experienced aanuxu. No freight, except *|>ecie, received on tlaya of tailing Kor frriitlif. |>aae-<gr,or any otlirr information. a|>|>ly ro I). IIHKrllAM. Jr.. Agent. \t HAHNDKN fc t O.H, C Wall at. In addition to the above Illir between Liverpool and II ilif i?, and Boston, a coutract baa been entered into with Her Majesty's gm eminent, to eatahlish a line between Liverpool and New York direct. 'Die steamships for this service are I now bring built, and early next year dnr notice will be given j of the tune w lien they will start. I iidrrtlienew coutract the I ateamera will aail every Haturday during rigbt montha, md I rrer> fortnight iliiriug the otlirr montha m the year. Oniag al trruatrly between rr|?iol and Halifax and lloatnn, ana be twren l.iverpoitl and New York. m? r i* Pii W I KKW.tail.-Ut or Stolen, uu Tuesday. the F\JIbtli hehruary ult., in the neighborhood of Lowbard atrcet, London, a Banker's Leather Case, Containing tho uiidermeiiiioned Bank of k'.ng laud Notes, viz:? One JL IIMu Note, IJtli June, 1S?? No U.07O " 4,10U(I " M,TtT | " 41000 " " 00.110 , M 41000 " " 70AM 1 " 41000 " " 70.001 , " 4 IiKXI " " 70 JO* " 4100 " mh March, 1846 II,DM J " 4M0 " " '>*.?? ! 4 nil " 1 lib May, Ut6 ?l?lK tvw imri viarcti, '?"> " X200 " Jti.tU X2U0 " " 40,IM Xloo " 0th May, l?tr. 84,171 XM " Mill Oct.,b?r, 18It. 40,112 LM " " 11,160 " 4.20 " ith October, I8Pi I?J,I7? " i.20 " " 03,271 " XI " JdDeretnber, 1846 11,out " XI " 12th January, 1847 MAM " XJ " " .. . . 84,1*6 Pa> trient of all which hai been (topped at the Bank of Km* Uutl. Whoever will give audi information a> may lead to the rerovery of the above described uotca, ahall be entitled to receive the above reward, or a proportionate part thereof for any portion of the notea eo recovered, if loat, or upon recovery and conviction of the offender, ifatolen For farther information, apply u> J. K. WHITINU, Ka<j.. (I Wall at. m?2w*r oaST f>FTr?CTTc)'] n i n<T AS11 F1 IiniTI RT. wantki). LA I) I KM Gentlemen having any cael off or vnperflotu clothing or fnnntnrr to diapoae of, ran obtain a fair raah price for the aatue, by lending a note, or l>> rail ink "U In* vubacriber, at hi* residence, or through the ia,?r, which will be ptiiirlually attended to. H. I)F. BOKH, 7I,'? Oeual at. I p Nton N. B.?I.adiea ran lie attended to by Mra. I)e Boer. Old atock and juli anirtb bottghl, ol au> ilc.cription and am 1,1*1 Im'rl. | ' c'akriaofcf*. TIIF. anbelilbrroffera fot ,?le an evc llnil aaaotlment ol Kood t art i.iuea, all new -t > lea, w at reefed e.|U?l inqnvlity : g? * - baa i'i" s I at'i lan'rc ? .ml 17 CanJautei.

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