Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 11, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 11, 1847 Page 2
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^ SU?a?^a?"i ' i-? NEW YORK HERALD Nrw York, Sunday April II, 1847. Thf Capture of .Vera Cnu and the Caatle*7?! San Juan d'Hua. Our special and extraordinary express, whirl we nave riau arranged ior some urne past on ihf Southern line between Philadelphia and New Orleans, arrived at Philadelphia yesterday morning at 9 o'clock, from whence the new s which it brotaght, was transmitted to our office by te le graph. It contained the glorious intelligence that th< crty of Vera Cruz and the Castle of San Juar d'Ulfia, had capitulated to the American urmy, and that the stars and stripes of the United States of America wave over these two strongholds of the enemy. We were prepared to witness un excitement on the arrival of this intelligence, but we bad no idea that it would be so ardent and enthusiastic us it was. The moment the news was announced, every lrlnd of business was suspended. The/uror was actually terrific. Joy, patriotism and satisfac lion wore pictured on every countenance. Our citizens exchanged congratulations?all were eager to impart the glorious news to their neighbore?our shipping, steamboats, public hotels, newspaper establishments, and places of amusement, were decorated with flugs. In fine, every consideration was forgotten but the last brilliant achievement of the American arms. By reference to another column, it will be perceived that a public meeting was held yesterday at the Merchants' Exchange, and a committee appointed to take into consideration, and recommend a public demonstration" in honor of the event. "Without waiting for a report, we took the liberty of illuminating the whole of our spacious establishment last evening. Various conjectures were afloat yesterday as to the effect which the capitulation of these two plaeeswill have on the government and people of Mexico, and what would be the future movements of Gen. Scott and the troops under his command. As to the lirst, the general opinion was that peace will immediately follow?that negotiations will be opened within a short time. In regard to the movements of Gen. Scott, we can inform our readers reliably, that ufter garrisoning Vera Cruz and the castle with tho Louisiana troops, he will move to Jalapn, a healthy position, and wait the course of events. If propositions for. peace be not immediately made, he will march to the capital on that route, while old Rough and Ready advances on the San Louis route. TXttLEGRAPHIC FROM PHILADELPHIA. HIOHLT IMPORTANT WAR INTELLIGENCE. TWENTY-FOUR HOURS IN ADVANCE OF THE NAIL. Extraordinary Express FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD, FROM Mobile to Montgomery. NINE DAYS'LATER FROM VERA CRUZ. THE CAPTURE OF VERA CRUZ AND THE CASTLE OF SAN JUAN DEULUA. FOITR THOUSAND MEXICANS TAKEN PRISONERS. AMERICANS KILLED AND WOUNDED, S I XT Y- F I V E. THE MEXICAN LOSS ON SHORE was zmnvn. Ait., Ac., Ac. The United States war steamer Princeton, bearinz the broad pennant of Commodore Con nar, arrived^at Penwacola on the 4th instant, and came to anchor off the wharf at half [mat nine o'clock in the morning, exchanging salutes w ith the Navy Yard as she passed. We copy from the Pentaeola (lazette of the 4th uwtant. The Princeton sailed from Vera Cruz on the 39th ult., and brings the gloriou* intelligence of the reduction tf that city, with the Cattle of San Juan dt Ulua, and their entire unconditional turrendei to our arms. We are indebted to one of the officers of the P. for the following summary of the proceeding in thin moat brilliant achievement, an achievement that will redound more to the glory of our army and marine among the nations abroad, than any that has yet had place in our annals. So says the trazette. Hut where is Buena Viata 1 The following is the narrative of the brilliant achievement:? March 9?Diecinbarkattou of troops coinuienced. 19th?Investment of the city completed. 18th?Trenches opened at night. 22d?City summoned to surrender; on refusal seven mortars opened a fire of bomb shells. 24th?Navy battery of three long 32 pounders and three 68 pounders, Patxhan guns, opened a fire in the morning?distance 700 yards. 29th?Another battery of four 24-ponnders and three mortars opened this day; the naval battery opened a breach in the walls of the etty. The r.ra mrsa vrrv dsatructiv* in lh> tnvun 30th?Early in tin morning tht tnnny propoitd far a tvrrtndtr Commissioners on the American side, Generals Worth and Pillow, and Col. Totten. 30th. Negotiations completed; city and rattle surrendered?Marieon troop* marrhtd out, and laid doom their amu?Aouriran troop* otrupitd flu rity and battrht* of tht tomn and rattle.? 4t noon on that day the Ameriran entign ma* hoitted over both, and ma* tainted by our vetmitt the garrison, of about 4,000 men, laying dowry their arm* aa prisoner* of war, and being rm-uuta their liomea on parole, five generals, siaty eu^ri^ o/lieera, and two hundred and seventy 4'oinpa^t officers, being amougat the prisoners. HM total lots of th? Aawicwi winy, from thy hftk... i-jfrijue./ J 1' _ , ?J day oflananvg, March 9th, 13 suty-frve persons ' killed and wounded OFFICERS KILLED Capt. John R. Vinton, 2d artillery; Captain Alburtia, 2d infantry ; Midshipman T. B. Shur brick. OFFICERS WOI NDKD. i Lt. Col. Dickenson, of South Carolina volunteers, severely; Lieut. A. S. Baldwin, navy, slightly; Lieut. Delo/111, 2d iniantry, slightly; Lieut. Lewis Neili, 2d dragoons, severely. All the wounded are doing well. 1 Of the Mexicans the slaughter it said to have been immense. The commanding General was stationed in the city, while hit second in command held the > Castle. 1 Their regular force was about 3,000, and they 1 baa about me .mine number 01 irregulars. Uut- i side the city was Gen. La Vega, with a force of from six to ten thousand cavalry. Col. Harney, with between two and three hundred United States dragoons, charged on and repulsed this immense foree, with terrible carnage, scattering them in al> directions. They had barricaded a bridge to protect themselves, but our artillery soon knocked away this obstacle, and gave Harney's command a chance at them. In the attack on the town and Castle, only our smaller vessels, drawing not over nine feet, were available. But few shot and shells were thrown into the Castle, the attack being mainly upon the I town. None of the enemy's missiles struck our vessels, and midshipman Shubrick, who was killed, I was serving over a battery on shore. # With the loss of the city, the hopes of the enemy fell, as they bad not provisions enough in the castle to sustain a protracted siege. The Princeton is commanded by Capt. Engle. As nhe sailed from Vera Cruz, Com. Conner's flag was saluted from the Castle of SJuande Ulfia; i the Commodore is a passenger on board, having been relieved by Commodore Perry before the commencement of operations. The Princeton having landed the bearer of despatches for Washington, and Col. Totten, sails immediately for Philadelphia via Havana. TKL.BORAPHZC FROM BOSTON. AftlZTAL OF TUK Packet Ship Washington Irving AT BOSTON. ONE WEEK LATER NEWS UDflM rTTDAHT? rnum JCiUnurri. HIGHLY IMPORTANT ! COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE, i { I , The Decline in Cotton. State of the Grain Markets. I LOAN FROM RUSSIA ! TO THE BANK OF FRANCE. I SHIPPING INTELLIGENTE. Arrival of the Sarah Sands at Liverpool. dee., dec-, dir. The packet ship Washington Irving, Captain I Caldwell, arrived at Boston at 7 o'clock yetiterday morning, from Liverpool, whence she sailed on the evening of the 21?t ult. We are thus indebted to our little neighbor, Boston, for European news seven days later than any before received. We are beaten this time bv a Down East packet, and we acknowledge the corn. That's fair. Our Liverpool dates are of the 21st. The intelligence to this date was transmitted to the A>td York Herald office, over the telegraphic wires, in Hashes as bright and as brilliant as the Hashes of the cannon at the bombardment of Vera Cruz and S. Juan de I'lua. Annexed is the news. The Sarah Sands arrived at Liverpool on the 18th. The Constitution, Cupt. Britton, arrived on the 20th, with damage to spars, Str. The Surah Sands would leave Liverpool on April 1st for New York. The steamer Cambria, front Boston, arrived at Liverpool on the 16th, with damage, having, on the evening of the 4th, fell in with a floating bed of ice, and injured her paddles and sides; ' hut her firnt build and appointments enabled lo r to surmount all difficulties, and bearing south, sire escaped further danger. Mr. O'Connell's health waa daily improving at Hastings. He walked daily on 1 lie esplanade, and took carriage exercise. The Karl of Shrewsbury and Sir James Murray hud visited him. The Emperor of Russia bus purchased from the Bank of France the greater portion of the French 5 per cent, stock, held hy that establishment, to ( tiie amount of 50 millions of francs. The treaty was concluded and signed by the Government and the bank, and the Russian Charge, and approved by the bank directors, on the next day. As soon as the fact was known, 3 per cents rose I franc, (20 centimes,) hut afterwards receded. The French papers, though allowing that the transaction gave immediate relief to the bunk, vet were alarmed at the power thus obtained by the Emperor Nicholas. It seems that the first advances in the business ' came front the emperor himself. All kinds of cotton had declined ^d. per lb.; but at this reduction purchases in Uplands,which were placed at 6Jd. per lb., could not be made to any extent. The totalsales of the week, including 2,600 lor exportation, were 16,450 bules. The Timt* states that Sea Island forms an rxceptiou in the dow nward tendency of cotton, being firmly held, and commanding full prices. F.uglisb and Irish flour being extremely Jiflicult to sell, each was nominally cheaper, and ! American in alow request at an nhatcment of two shillings to two shillings and sixpence per bid. ludiau corn?in the absence of further orders from Ireland importers being generally more urgent to etfeef sales, a reduction of four shil- i lings to five shilling* per 480 lbs., w as decidedly established. The accounts from America, just received j liowever, juote extravagant rates for grain ?nd flour, which, with greatly advanced | freights, and low rate of exchange, would | scarcely clear themselves at the present enrrency. ' Indian corn per 480 lbs. free, 66s. to 68s.; Indian meal per 196 lbs., free, 31s to 32s Flour 196 lbs , U.S. sweet, free, 40s. to 41s. United States and Canadian, sour, free, 36 to 36 billings 6 pence The Loudon corn trade was very firm ott Wednesday, March 17th, for wheat, English and foreign, of which the supplies were only small, and much below the greut demand which existed for immediate use, from the matters, and for exportation to France, although higher prices had not been freely paid. The business had i been at fully the prices of Monday, and sales were j generally refused unless at higher rates. 1 Indian corn, of which the arrivals were larger ' 1 sirsetha change of wind, was to be obtain i J at lower rates, tteiv being numerous buyer at hand for this grain, where the prices show on) tendency to decline. The reports of the extensive arrivals of flow and Indian corn at the port of Liverpool, had no produced any influence in the London market where the supplies were far below the present de mind for every article for the hotue and foreigi trade. On Tuesday and Wednesday, March ICth anc i/m, several parcels ot American Hour wer< purchased at Liverpool for shipment to France and coastwise. The demand was freely met by holders, anc the prices ofTuesday were without change.At the market on the morning of the I9tl there was a very fair attendance of buyera, and a tolerably good business was trans acted in wheat and flour at the full prices ol Tuesday. Western Canal Flour reulized 40 shillings pel bbl., and the extent of sales since Tuesday was estimated at 80,000 bbls. Indian Corn was one shilling to two shillings per quarter lower. More business was doing at the decline. On Tuesday March 16th, in confirmation ol increased arrivals, we have to note for that day'; market, a liberal supply of most kinds ol grain and produce coastwise, and from abroad, especially of Indian corn and flour, of which the importations are abundant, and the export to Ireland considerable. Transactions in every description of wheat were upon a limited scale. According to the fondon Timt of the 20th ult., the arrivals of grain of all kinds have in creased since Wednesday. Wheat has been dull of sale at Monday's rates. The Cork Reporter announces the arrival of 3d cargoes of grain at that port between Saturday and Monday, the 13th and 15th ult. The market at Brandon, on the 13th, was remarkably supplied with oats and potatoes; there were seventeen loads of potatoes offered, of good size and quality, at an average price of from 9d. to Is., and the main street was choked with carts loaded with oats, many of which left the market unsold. The municipality of Paris continued to supply bread out to the poor of the best quality at 2d per pound, paying the supplement out of the city revenues. The amount expended in this way for the three months ending on the 81st of March, will have amounted to 120,000 pounds. Baron Rothschild has devoted 5 millions francs for the purchase of breadstuffs in America to be sold in Paris. The profits, if any, to be given to the poor. Our readers are referred to the appropriate head for the latest ship news.. Theatricals. Pari Theatre.?Mr. Wallack appeared again Last evening at the Park In ''Don Closer De Bazan," and Frederick in the oemedy of " F.rnostiue." There was a tol....l.l. Y....,u,. ..,,1 .11 ....... /.SI. TV... - . OU.. R.-WV. I?..V , , I.' U.. ... Utuvi . . wcfkhfti Utnouoof excellent entertainment; and the managers have been apparently well repaid for their new effort to glvo to their patrons agreeable amusement. Tomorrow night Mr. Wallack takes a benefit, and will, no doubt, find substantial cause to congratulate himself, and remember that he has here inauy. very mane warm friends, whose manner of receiving him on his first uppearaare during the present engagement, was only an indication of what they wore willing to do when called upon lu their turn to contribute for his benefit as well as their own. The bonofiolary will appear In the characters of Holla. In the tragedy of ' Plsarro," and Frederick in " Ernestine.*' Rowcar Tioitki:.?The putrons of the Bowery continue to attend it every night to witness the "Naiad Quevn," which is, without exception, the most splendid ffalr sever put forth on the American stage. They do not seem satisfied with with witnessing It once or twice, tut go every night. In addition to the ' Natad Queen." the manager promises to revive the thrilling drama "Jack Rhupuord." with the original cast, and produce it on Monday evanlng, after the "Naiad Queen" This Is enterprise and liberality unexampled, even by Mr. Jacksou. It will be duly appreciated by the public, who arc never slow to reward energy when properly directed. The comedy "Catching an Heiress*' will also be played. This Is a bill more attractive than any we have ever seen. Bowkrv Circus.?This place of amusement has been very well patronised during the week past, and grows lu favor with the public every day. Mr. Kemp's feats astonish and amuse all who behold them, and the eaurstrian performanees are excellent and much admired. The manager puts forth a bill for Monday, better, If possible, than any he has yet Issued. Kemp will perform a feat never before performed here. Ho will go round the arena on a globe which he will move with his feet. He and Miss Jesselyne will perform in the Harlequin frolics; Mr. Charles Howes will give some daring exhibitions on the flying rope. A variety of other amusements are also offered. Ocneral Tom Thumb has again visited ns, to remain a lVw days, previous to his departure for Baltimore. Wash ingtnn. Richmond and Boston. It should be borne in mind by the curious, that the General is the only man Of his own exceedingly diminutive proportions in the world. Soe advertisement of American Museum, in another column. Mr. Leonard, the Irish comedian, has been engaged at the St. Charles theatre. New Orleans. The Adelphi. in Boston, it is thought from present indications, will bo entirely successful. They arc now playing the burlesque on "Cherry and Fair Star." to full Louses, and most respectable auaienccs. Henry riadde. the great comedian, is engaged at the National Theatre. Cincinnati, where he appeared on tho inst., in "Grandfather whitehead.*' Mr. Kean played at the St. Charles. N. O., on Saturday evening, the 3d inst., at the benefit of Mrs. Karren. Musical. Italian Orr.ka.?'" Lucretin Borgia" was performed lust night, at I'lilmo's. and we are most happy to notice the l'act that it was admirably performed. Bcncdetti lias, in a grant measure, recovered, and sung once more like himself. I'tro gave her celebrated drinking song in nioet excellent munner and tone. It is a charming tiling, and who sings It like' Tiro Barili has improved upon her former representation of Lucrezlo. und Bonev outiuio was perfectly at home In the Duke Alfonso. Ills performance In the first scene of the second act elicited great applause. The scene between Biirill. Bene'I' Hi. and Beneventuno in the third act. was loudly encorcil. and repeated to the delight of the audience Between the third and fourth nets, a beautiful Hun between I'leo und Bcncdetti. and two choruses, arc introduced. \ I together, the opera was well given uud well received. It will be repeated on Monday uight. Ciiristv's Minitrlls will eontinue their immensely J-.FU1U1 ?"? ??" """? longer, which will positively be thoir last in till* oitr. a" tliey en u not forego their engagements elite whore for a longer period. City Intelligence. Tint E.Mrnir Club.?This patriotic band paraded tbo olty lent evening. with torchon anil a lino band of music, which played severiil culivoniug air* during the march. When panning the Herald office they dUcbarged a quantity of Woman Candles. and other description* of flreworka. which added uiuch to the brilliancy of our illumination. The ( lull wan under tho command of Mr John Auitin. and made the demonstration in honor ol the capitulation of Vera Crux and San Juan de Ulua. Thi WraTHta.?The "clerk of the weather." yesterday. kicked up a dust, and the wind blew heavily in the course of the day. Wo bad some heavy threatening* of rain and thunder stortu. The wind moderated a good deal up to iyi o'clock. Fibe.?Tbo roof of the gas bouse at corner of Centra and Canal streets, took Are about 1 o'clock yesterday morning. It was promptly put out. Religion* Intelligence. Cslkmosii?Aran..?11. 1st Sunday after Caster 18. 'Id Sunday after Faster. 24 St. Mark the Evangelist? 3d Sunday after Easter. Rev. Dr. MoCullough preached his farswell sermon. In Trinity Chureh, Wilmington. Delaware, on Sunday moming last. On Wednesday. March 17, the church edifice recently crceted in the village of Windsor Locks, Connecticut, by the Congregational Society, was dedicated to the worship of (Tod. Invocation and reading tbo Scriptures by Her. C. B. Everest, of Rainbow ; introductory prayer by Hev. F. L. Robblns. of Enfield ; sermon by the pastor, Rev. S. H. Allen, from 1 Sam', vll. verse 12 ; dedicatory prayer by Rev. Dr. Hawea, of Hertford; concluding prayer and benedirtion by Hev Dr. Robbins, of Hartford. The hooee Is a plain, neat, and w?U-proportioned brick edifice, 70 feet long, and 42 In width. ft Is announced that Dr. Chalmers has lataly entered upon pastoral dutlee In connection with a new chnreh In the west part of Edinburgh. His opening sermon Is spoken of as peculiarly redolent of the masculine Intellect of tho man, and as re-asserting in the strongest manner ? ..Unlnlae A/aall*. .eebl.. .Us. * -UI.U luun K* rni piiMnyiri. VI ? MTV, WVIHUJJ UMIT, IW WUICU bU roice bee bMB Uft?4 np to clear!7 and to long. Ctaaicat -Tba B?t Joaaph Ranaom, to rbarry Valloy. Otaego county Tba Mot J. H. Betta, to at. Peter'* rtjurrb. Monroe. Connecticut. Tba Bar. Joseph P. Taylor, to Cbrlet Church, Reading, Connecticut. Tna Rar. Alfred Lomlerbeck. from the pariahea at Be|rVdere, Boone county, and Rock ford. Winnebago county, lllinoie, to the reetorahlp of Grace Church, Galena. Ilflnota. The Rev Jamea McKlroy, from the Prinelpalahip of the Virginia Female Inatitute. and Reotorahlp of Boyden Chapel. to the Reetorahlp of WoodrlUe pariah, Buchanan. Botetourt county. Virginia. Tba Rer. Franela J. < lore, from being Aaalatant Defoon In Trinity Cburrb, New Vork, to the Reetorahlp of tbe church In Broadbrook, Coonwtleut. Rar Thome* C. Pitkin, of Roebcnter, b** accepted the call to the aaaoelate reetorahlp of Trinity Church, New Ilaren, Connecticut . liwhwil# Wimng at thi BariMMgtJTh* iff art s? Tiaoiiii 1?iw m the Bum. r As soon as the Extra Herald, containing the important announcement that Vera Cruz t and S. Juan d'UUia had capitulated to the t American arms, the city was thrown into a state of .intense excitement. It acted like . an electric shock in Wall street, and in , other business parts. After the business of the morning was disposed of, a number of patriotic . gentlemen issued a call for a public preliminary 1 meeting at the Exchange, to take into conside' ration trie most appropriate method of testifying > the public gratitude for the noble efforts of our soldiers, and their great succesa in defending tne bonor ot the oountry. > The call waa in the following words HONOR TO THE AMERICAN ARMS. The undersigned, deeply sensible of the gallantry displayed by the army and volunteers of the United States, from tbe commencement of the existing war with Mexico. and espeoially on tbe fields of Palo Alto, Resaca de la Palma.* Monterey aud Buena Vista and on tbe shores of tbe Pacific, as well as by tbe united forces of the uruiy. volunteers, and navy, in the capture of tbe city and castle of Vera Crux?and being desirous of uniting with their fellow citisens In some appropriate expression of i their admiration at the consummate skill, bravery, and chivalry, displayed on those occasions, recommend that a preliminary meeting be held this day, at half past 3 i o'olock, P. M., at the Merchants' Exchange, to take Into consideration the meet appropriate method of testifying the public gratitude for tne noble efforts and the triumphant success of tbe defenders of tbe American flag : A. If. Mlckle, James U. King, Schuyler Livingston. J. Oreen Pearson, ' W. 9. Wetmore, O. A. Worth, r James Lee, C. W. Lawrence. Ch's Aug's Davis, Prosper M. Wetmore, > Joseph Lawrence. Isaac Townsend, u. a. Henueuy, Francis B. tutiing, John A. Steven*, W. W. Deforest, L. B. Sheperd, R. H. Ludlow, E. C. Benedict. N. Weed, Towneend Herri*, June* Brown, E. Burr. Lookwood De Forrett, Mortimer Livingston, A. O. Phelps, Joseph Hoxie, * * David S. Miller, Edward prime. Stephen Crocker, John Ward k Co., Samuel M. Fox, BenJ. R. Wlnthrop, Drake Mills, G.H. Moore It Co., D. k A. Klngsland k Co. W. Whitlock. Jr., Reuben Wither*, Win. Chamberlain, Win Barton. Wm. Barnuwall, J. S. Bog art. M. O. Roberta, David Ogden, I Franct* W. Edmonds, Wm. M. Clark, | O. D. F. Grand, A. K. Foster, < E. Boouen Graves, J. L. Aipinwall, Wm. P. Wright, ~ L.'L. 81urge*, | Robert Emmett. R. C. McCormlck, i Frederick Schuchard, Geo. Godfrey, Charles E. Anderson, Henry E. Davie*, George Douglass, Wm. 8. Connely, BenJ. Rijynor. Andrew Warner. John A. underwood, Charles W. Sandford, J. Addison Thomas, George P. Morris, Abraham M. Cos sans, Amos Howes, Henry Storms. The following ofloers were chosen: JAMES oHtlNG. President. tf U As swell e > m. n. wnm "?? **) i James Brown, James Lie, } Vice Presidents Edward Prime, | Wm. Chamberlain, J Proip?r M. Wetmore, 1 J. 0. Van Bcuren, > Secretaries. J. A. ThoniR*. J Mr. King haying taken the chair, laid that the meeting waa called on the epur of the moment. We have received intelligence. Mid he. thia day, by which we are informed that the honor and dignity or the American flag haa been again auatained by the brave soldiers of the republic. There la no American who will not rejoice at the reault. The merchanta of New York aee in these last successes a prospect of early peace, and are particui larly interested in giving their opinion on it. 1 trust that while while we rqjolce in the success of our arms that a pence as honorable as the most ardent patriot enn desire, may be speedily made. Hu then directed the attention of the meeting to a aeries of resolutions, which were presented and read by Prosper M. Wetmore, Esq., and which are as follows : Whereas, The eitisens of Now York have this day been apprised of the capture of the city and castle of , Vera Crux, and of the large forces intrusted with their defence, and Whereas, this victory, and the othors proceding It, are events in the National History of marked interest, establishing tho power, resources, skill and valor of the American Republic, giving assurance to the world that our country is equal to every emergeucy,and its people ready for every strugglo involving tho national honor, therefore it is unanimously Resolved, That we hereby express our admiration and gratitude to the soldiers and seamen of the nation for their gallantry, good oonduct and heroic achievements, during tho existing war with Mexico. Resolved. That the victories won at Palo Alto, Resaca de la Palma. Monterey. Buena Vista and Vora Crux, aro not more to be admired fbr their brilliant results than for their examples of patriotism, courage, fortitude and chivalry. | , Resolved. That while we fully appreciate those illustrious I instances of devotion to our country, we cannot but express our gratification at the consequences which most result to the national character, from the decisive proof offered to the world that, while we prefer peace, we are ready to meet the responsibilities of war.

{ Resolved. That it is due to the brave men wbo have achieved these glorious triumphs, that their deeds should be acknowledged and remembered, and that to the gallant oommanders In these bloody fields, to their ublo assistants, and their brave subaltern soldiers and seamen, we should thus publicly offer the homage of our admiration. ; Resolved, That in order more effectually to carry out . the objects of the mooting, a oommittee be appointed to | take such steps as will be most appropriate to evince our I grateful sense of their service, to those who have thus elevated the American character, and to recommend ' sueh proceedings as may be best adapted to carry into { effect the intentions of tola meeting. ^Resolved, That the oommittee and the representatives of such other bodies as maybe willing toco-operate with them, be requested to meet at the Mayor's office, on ' Monday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, to confer together and to mal(t> the nooessary arrangements. Resolved. That while tendering a just tribute to the gallantry of the living, we should remember the devotion of those who have shed their blood and surrendered their lives in sustaining the National honor. To the relatives and friends of those who have fallen in the hour of victory, we oxpress our sympathy and oondolenoe. Resolved. That with all its triumphs and successes. I war has no charms to the merchants of New York, who hail those triumphs and successes chiefly as harbingers of an honorable peace, ho Intimately connected with the best Interest of tnc whole country. A committee consisting of the following gentlemen, to carry into effoct the above resolutions, was then raised : i Hon. A. 11. Micklc. Mayor, James U. King, | James Brown, M. H. Otinnell, I Kdward Prime. James Lee, 1 Prosper M. Wetmore, Win. Chamberlain, J. Addison Thomas. J. D. Van Beurcn. C. W. Lawrence, J. D. P. Ogdon, Wm. C. Bryant. Henry K. Davie*, L. B. Shepurd. B. R. Winthrop, Moses Taylor, Henry NicoU, T. li. Hyatt. John MoKeon. Win. C. Bouck, J. W. Webb. Jon. L. White. ( has A. Davis, W. W. Campbell. Geo. W. Blunt. James Brook*. H. D. W. Bloodgood. Philip Hone. 8. P. Lyman, K. C. Benedict, Jaa. W. Gerard. Stewart Brown, Schuyler Livingston. K. K. Collins. K. F. Purdy. John C. Hamilton. J. Philips Phoenix, Wm. Whitlock. O. D. K. Oraut, Chan. W. Sandford. Wm. B. Maclay. Rotwrt H. Morris, Several gentlemen were culled on to address the ineet, ing, but none coming forward, the resolutions were unanimously adopted, without discussion. Aud tike meeting then adjourned. Police Intelligence. *1rrttt of a Fugitive from Juitier?Officer James W. Pierce, of Boston, and officer Austin of this city, arrested yesterday morning, a desperate looking chap, by the ! name of Thomas Moonoy, whom the officers found in a " den " in Watur street, on a charge of robbing a roan by the name of Benj. L. Harriman. ship builder, residing in Boston, of $1200 in bank bills, together with a gold lever watch uud chain, worth $160. It appears that about the 16th of February last, this Mooney, togethor with a cab driver, called Lot Boshy, > under pretence of driving Mr. Harriman home, took him out of town on the Tremont road, it holng in tho night time, stopped the cab, seised Mr. Harriman by tho throat, and compelled him to deliver up the above sum of money and watch, and then made their oecape. Boshy shortly afterwards was arrested, and is now in Jail in Boston, and Mooney made his escape to this city, and thus managed to evade the efforts of the polioo, until caught yesterday by the above officers. The nrisonor consented to return back to Boston with officer l'ioroo, without a requisition; consequently Mr. Pierce ' loft in the 6 o'clock boat, having the prisoner in custody. Burglary Tho blacksmith shop occupied by Mr. I Conklin Hoyt. No. 343 Klvingston street, was broken open Last night bv some thieves, and a lot of iron bars stolen, valued at $30. No arrest. .Irreit of two " Sneaks."?Officers Mansfield and Creglor, of the 17tb ward, arrested, on Friday, two young 'sneaks" ealled Bill Watson alias " Gen. warren," ana BUI Cling alias " Bubby," on a charge of entering the premises, occupied by Mr. Mulllna, on Monday afternoon last, breaking open bureau drawers, stealing therefrom $13 in money. Justice Ttmpeon looked them both up for trial. Silling Obieen* Books ?Officers Doyle and Parrison, of tho 4th ward, arrested yesterday a young man by the name of Edward Thomas Scofleld, whom the officer found in the vestibule of the Astor House, offering for I >ols WaaIs at tia vaa AAVtt #t tiatnrl Vvafnra I list I no Drinker, end In default of boll In $400, ho ?u eommlt| tod to the Tomb*. Sualing e JVatck?Officer O'Brien, of the 6th word, ' arretted yeeterday women celled Elisebetb MeDoneld, : on e charge of etealing e wetch veined et $16, the pro1 pertjr of John Rich. Jnetioe Drinker looked her up for PtlU Ltrttni**.?Officer PeodervDle. of the lit word, : arretted yeeterday e fellow celled John Ada mi, on e charge of defrauding John McDonald out of $6 S3, i Locked op for trlel. Edward Brown wet brought up for . dealing e pair of penteloone, end $1 In money, belongI ing to Jaoob Smith. Locked up for trial by Justice { Tlmpton. Jacob Buje. John Otllen, end Chaster Reder, 1 were all emoted on a charge of atealiug $0 SO from a ! am ell girl, e? ahe passed along the street, committed by J Justice Roome. _ Canada.?Major General Charlei Gore lias lieen appointed to succeed Major General Hir Charles Hope, as commander-in-chief of the British forces In Canada, after April 1st. General flora's son, Lieut. James Oore, has been appointed his ald-de-eamp. Ha Is expected to arrive here lu the neat British steamer, being now at HaUBai. i ... J . - " Court N CH?*rrBv. April 10?Hon Anthony L Roberfphn | , Assistant Tic# rbancollor ? Cum argued at Albany - i Hamu'I Tifuflos rt Sltphtn P II*. Douglas. ft. al The defendant wao <'ntitl?d to pot in an unswer to protect himself against n case whioh. if made I out. would charge him with costa. but not so | aa to claim any right. Aa both parties are in fault, each are to bear their own: but the defendant. Douglas. must release hi* intoreat In the premises in [ queatlon, and an Injunction iaauc against him to provent any sale or Incumbrance thereof Richard V. Drwitt rt. Samuel Ban/, ft. al.?On a re- | ferunce to compute damageo ou a bond given on the al- J 1 lowance of an injunction, a counsel fee for amending pleadings, arguing to dissolve the injnnction. and preparing for tlie hearing, ia allowable: but not ooets previoualy paid for a l'avor obtained frem the court. 1 : Interact also Is to be allowed on the full amount of the bond, whose collection was delayed : .Master's report to be modified accordingly Robert Brice vs. James K. Rrict, rt al.?The bill docs not sufficiently charge fraud on the defendant. Lewis, in reference to the first deed, and the only evidence to Impeach the second deed, goes to show that It was given to Lewis fraudulently, to enable him to justify as ball for the defendant Brtce ; the admissions of the complainant to Mr. Wheaton wore not necessary to enable the latter to perform the business for which ho was employed as counsel and aro therefore not confidential. The bill dismlasod with costs. Frederick A. Sharps et al.vs. IVallare Smith and others.?Objections to tostimony before a master must be urged by a motion to suppress, and not by exception ; twelve exceptious In this cose overruled on the marlts. as well as because taken by defendant Bundy. and not by Wight. Tbe Interest of the former In the amount reported due from the latter, oould only be to have It as large as possible ; the oomplalnants are also entitled to oosta. ffsnry C. Millar vs. Henry Smith.?A partner lias no right to extra compensation for extra labor, unloss ex- I presaly stipulated for ; all the exoeptions except the second overruled with oosts. on which costs are to be allowed the oomplalnant. The oosts of tho parties to be paid from the partnership assets. A stranger 'to the suit, assignee for either of the partners, may oome in on the hearing for further direction to ' ; have the amount paid over. The interest of a j partner In partnership property, may be sold by a sheriff on execution against him, subjeot to tbe equitable : Uen of the other partner, to have the same applied to pay partnership debts, or reimburse his payments for such debts. As neither party applying for this fund has i had notloe of each others rights, there must be a r?feI renoe to a master to asoortath them. Spoolal directions as to costs. In Re. Thomas Metealf.?In Re. Lewis Little.?These petitions disposed of In the above case. The Farmers' Loan and Trust Company and George j , H. Conant. et. al.?The nrovlslon of the statute author ising tho execution of on Instrument by the President . and oasbler of an institution formed under the General I Banking Law. does not authorise the execution of sueh j instruments by an attorney of sueh oflloer, under a general power, but a delivery of a mortgage by the officers < of the company as security fbr a debt, is a sufficient assignment. The defendant had notice of snch assignment, ! and afterwards settled with the bank. The satisfaction > piece was mere evideneo of payment, whleh could bo rej nutted. Ordered foreclosure and sale' | Rantom H. Ollltt re. Simeon D. Moody.?The same re. i i Samuel Partridge.?The provisions of the revised sta| tutes. prohibiting the board of directors of moneyed corporations from doing certain acts, do not apply to any ; institution under the General Banking Law, or any other corporation not required by law to have a board of | directors: the penalty operating not on the institution, but the officers. The mere omission to redeem bills in specie, doee not constitute insolvoncv within the meaning of those statutes. Decided that the delivery of the : stock in these cases, being for a sufficient consideration 1 and without any fraudulent intent in fact, were valid, ; and the bills must bo dismissed with costs. Cadwpllader C. Clute et al. v. Henry Lovett et at.? As the evidence shows an unsettled account between the i defendant Yates, and the defendants Lovett and Bar- I hydt?Ordered a referonce to a master to take that account. so that if there be a surplus, it may be paid to the complainants to satisfy their judgment. Daniel Johneon and wife, adminietrator, fc.of Wilmot Swart v. Jacohut Swart.?Decided, that an admlnistra1 tor has a right to die u bill to settle his account with . one of the next of kin of tho intestate, who has convert- ( ed part of tho property of the intestate to his own use. If a farmer recovery for the same cause is set up by an- i swer. there must bo a referonce to a.master under the . <18tli rule, to enouire into tho truth. depends upon tlie evideneo on which the recovery was obtained, whether tho new claim was part of tho same act for which the damages in the former suit were re Covered, uraerou, reiureucu in u. mniiicr vu uio ius ac- i count, and enquire into the identity of the two causes of action. Superior Court?April 10? Decisions in Banco?Win. Myer et al vi. Jllonzo H. Lane.?Motion denied without routs. Joseph W. Trusts ads. Chas. II. Jldolph.?Motion denied without coats. James II. Suydam ads. John Brown.?Judgment for ' plaintiff on demurrer, with liberty to defendant to amend < on payment of costs within ten days after noties of this rule. John II. I,. McCracken ads. Hugh McCorquodale.? 1 J udginnnt for plaintiff on tbo demurrer to the first and second counts, and for the defendant on tho third, fourth, . fifth and sixth counts, with liborty to each party to amend and plead de novo on payment of costs within tun . days after notice of this rule. Susan Ji. Day ads. Richard M. Clark, el al?New trial granted on payment of costs. Court Calendar roa Monday?Circuit Court.?10, 18. 22. 73. 74, to 78. 80, 82 to 89, 91, 91 *4'. Srperter Court --8, 13, 18. 20, S3, 64, 66 to 71, 79, 83. 91 to 93. 96. 96. 101, ] 107, 112, 114. US, 117, 118, 119, 121,123,124,103,86,6, . 120 ( Sporting Intelligence. New Orleans Races.?Louisiana Association Jockey Club?Eclipse Course. CarroUtou?Spring Meeting, 1847. ' ?Third Day, Thursday, April 1st?The Louisiana Association Purse $300?Ten per cont. added?Two mile | heats. A. L. Blngaman'sgr. f. Sally Ward, by John R. Orymes; 3 years 6 4 1 1 A. Lecomte It Co.'a ch. m. Isee Turner, by Leviathan. dam by Stockholder ; 4 years 61 69 Duncan F. Kenner's b. m. Night Broese, by Imp. Leviathan, dam by Sir Archie ; 4 years. . . 19 4 3 VV. J. Minor's b. m. Sleeping Maggie, by imp. Uinncoe, uarn Doutoy jiuiuuu ; a yours r o a ro. i Tliomas K. Leofu'g ob. m. Tarantula, by Imp. BeUhozzar, d&m by Stockholdor ; 0 years 4 S Sro. Klrkland Harrison's b. h. Reckless, by Steel, dam Miss Belt; 6 years S dr. j | T. B. Polndoxter's cb. m. Marietta, by Priam, dam Canary, by Sir Charles; 4 years 7 dint. Time?3?3 ;47>,?3:46?1:12 Arrival of Strangers In New York. i Atsil 10. , America* Hotel. J. Rankin ami family, Fishkill; D. Leonard, Troy; J. Forayth, Philadelphia. Astor. G. McKay, C. Al?r, Mats.; Mr. Gordon and family, Boaton ; P. Dickerson, N.C. ; B. Maury, Boston ; J. Sommrrrillr, England ; C. llagan, Lancaster; W. Reeve, Tennessee ; A Murdoch, Baltimore ; R. Horton, Providence ; T. Dunuelr, Rhode Island ; A. Sloo, Couu.: O. Mellen, N.V.; Waterman Sweet, Amsterdam; R. Clirenue, Hartford; Mr. Croswell, Albany ; T. Lockwood, Troy ; W. Havs, Boston ; J. Simpson, ftoiin. i B. Dyer, Boston ; W. Bu shue 11. Poughkecpsie. Citt Hotel. K. King, Phil; S. Glover, Va.; Mr. Perusal and family, Paris; T. Kllis, Tltibodeauxville: C. C'ouradt, Baltimore; T. Caldwell. Phil.; J. Chestwick, Clarrmont; D. Aimes, Springfield; C. Gay, Rome; J. Sou ires. Lanraboro'; W. Shenhard, New liaven; L. Twitty, Yale College; D. Craton, W. All 11 rr, North Carolina: R. Brown, M. Story, Providence; M. Decker, Sing Sing; C. Smith, Phil.; A. Litton, St. Louis; P. Fane, Trenton; J. McCulloch, Delaware; J. Mcintosh, Florida; T. Valentine, I Charleston, Va.; N. Waldron, Phil.: I). Claiip, Peelukill: Dr. Wall, 11. Aramouy, United States Navy; Jos. Lough, Baltimore. Crotoiv Hotel. Miu Thaur, Ct: Mias Thayer, Ct; George Ketchum, Mar shall; John Ford, Saratoga; J. W. Nart, Oswego; R. Campbell, jr., Bath; T. M. Adsit, 11. Fort: C'lnu-les Blood, Bath; C. C. Shepard, Areade;A. Underhill. Venice; A. C. Purdy, Alet 1 Purdy, Macedon, N. Y: G. W. Lelands, Urica: Mias L. M. 1 Bradley, Rochester: T. I). Dale, Buffalo; W. L. Hawlu, C. 1 l)ant, 11. R. Richardson, Bennington; J. A. Dewey, Lyons; C. R. McNulty, New York; T. L. Uigelow, Peunyan. . Dvnnino's Hotel. 1 H.J. Egleston, Rochester; D. Dakin. Sing Sing; H. R. Mil- , lard, Delhi; D. II. Agnew, 7? Gordon, Iron Works, Chester ftl.. fVtlllSS Iv.ill III. 1 Kll'iianoc HoTII.. I K. H. Howard, Buffalo: Gov. Seadl, Baltimore: John Bigg, Haveratraw: Mr. Lee, Phila; A. 8. Sinclair, Michigan; J. G. Juliet, L. Uland: Mr. Sauford, Danliury; J. Orr, Ireland; K. A. Nichola, J. 8. Wright, W. Taylor. D. Donglaat, N. York; O. Titua, H. Rice, N. W. Wilton, t onn.; O. 4itilet, N. W Butler, N. H.; H. biaughlon, 8.Tucker, N. J.*, O. B. Boyd, N. B. White, L- Lewit, Providence; O. Thompton, L. Thompson, 8. Moore. Boston: Gen. Lyman, N. B. Osgood, K, Stanley, H. I V. Johuton, Cambridge; H. Burton, H. t. Carter, N. H.Carter, Lowell; H. L. Cheney, W. Uuttou, N. H. EttTr.SK PkaRL STREET Hol'tC. _ 1 W. Hibbard, Hadley, Matt.; O P e.lder, Boeton; J. F. Hull, Kaat Windsor: J. 11. Jnhiuon, Bridgeport; W. H. Harrison, N. Y.; C. Hallett, Bridgeport; Geo. Chiptnan, Philad : Chat, j .Murdoch, Baltimore; W.W. Gilmer, NT A.; Wet. Miles, L. j Ialand; K-B. SanTord. Ohio; A. P. Chapman, 8tybrook; Ho- j race Parmelee. Buffalo; e.. Bardwell Jr? Hatfield, Matt.; 8. j Hhepard, E. VViudtor; J. T. Hull, do.; Vim. Comttock, New j Canaan. < Frakhuk tlot'lC. ; p. Crane, St. Louit; C. Maton, Waterrliet; M. Young, Norwich; J. Baily, ('ahoet; J. Lithgow, Louitvilla; J. Hubble, ; Catenoria; D. B.irr, Waehiiigtou; 8. Thayer and family, ; ] Quincy; J. Johnton, Ct; B. Kirtland, Albuiy; H. Patton, u. , ; 8. A; VV. Leonard. O. Euglelurt, Albany; 8. Redseecher, Lanrtiter; C. Zeuer. Pa; 0. Riven, Matt; M. Richards, Troy; ; .1. Morley, New Yoik; Jamet Bulee.Troy; 11 Henry, Botton; i W.Huer. 8. Clark and family, Albuiy; it Heuttii, Ct; W. ! Willard.N. C; I). Burrell, Bridgeport; F. Baily, Wiacouiiu. | Howard Hotel. f). D. Howard and family, Howard Hall, L. I.; George Otv, beny ;M. Sawyer, Portland; R. Gregory. N. Carolina; 1. i McKee, 8. C.j, M. Stevem, Cauada; IL .Vidian, do; M. Hatham, n Amsterdam; R Patterson, Briatol; 8 Brittol, Iowa; I .vtarran, * Ark.; W. Kendall, Albany: W. Bulla i, do; J. Miller. Spring- i tield;J Kat. Toronto; D (.anting, W Troy. j. Moffa i, Erie i Railway; P. Cobarh, Albany; J. tfiird, B ilureore; W. Ruaeell, , do; J. Carroll, Smitnficld: C. Bilvey, Ohio; L Stephens, Pa.; | i R- Boylc^ do; T. Piatt, Phila ; W. Sprague, N J.; J. Noylea, , ' v?" irn IMBPWB. do; Jimn Meredith, llainiltnu, Canada; , J Mr. Thomson and lamily, Toronto; A. B iLggiua, Boaton. ' 1 f> ? JlD.OW'e HoTCL. B.rhelpa, Conn.: W.Ncott, Tiffin, Ohio: C. Fo.tor.Roma; > ?"rv,SS Tilfin, Ohio.; J. Lincoln; Norwich; Cant. J Smith, Hartford; A. woodruff., Auburn; C Oilbert, Prov.) L. Boetwiek, Montreal; J. Sheltou, New Haven; J. Living?tou, J. Caaey, M. Lairaoui, Phila.; O. Oilbert, Do.ton. ..... R*TM?DI*'? HoTRt. .. ... 4 J. Lima. J.Mitchell, 0*o\ J. Bradley. Baltimore; H 011l'hant, J. VVarner, Attbnrn; T. Dole, M. Chnaty, Buffalo; P. &lnKi Michigan; L. Billiard, Chicago; F. Butte, Albany; E. MuQigau, Buffolo; S Cajnerpu. Rochester; D. Moree, Buff tin; | P Hoberte, Philadelphia; O. Cooke, Albany; Z. Foote.Le Roy; W. Lyon. Ohio; A Porter, Niagara Falls; J. Canther, Waterville; W. Butte, New Jersey; IL Noyea, Oeneeee; H. Jaydeo, Milweukie; fc. Wheeler, touingaou; C. Miller. Boaton; E. Duron, Philadelphia; ML Gooding, Columbtu; B. H ilrey, I. Leede. Philadelphia; N. Pierce, R.. Taylor, Boeton; O. , Heuderaon, Portsmouth. Lovgjoy'e Hotel. . ? . H. D. Morgan, Hartford; J. Carter, Ball.ton Spa; JLA. | Wilcoi, New Haven; I). Carr, Troy; N. P., Richard., Oeor- , ma; F. b. Porter, do.; Meian. Sedgwick, Connecticut; J. H. Qoedetl. Yonkera: W. H. Baund. Leonard.ville; W. P. Bwift , lltica; J. Morriaon. Jr.. Tr'.jy J. lUwkinj, Philadelphia; E L. Bifiiman.Naw Haven; J. T. Artemw, Phila^ J. Andrew., t Boeton, J. liyma.1, O. Hortoii, N. Newhaftr. Trov; J. Adriance, fottghkeepalei A. Deniil.ion, Newbnrph; PtMer Colbum Albany- A. J.Btorm.. K. Roea, Nyack; L. Tremain, < f'ofwStoiSi.Tft!"/?: j1 ' thorn, WaUitown; E S. OoraUue, Cohoea; H. Miller, Adam* j 1 % W Hayvrard, Geneva, $ Shaffner. Reetkbnrgh.'M Jagvoh L'niontvWn; LF. Beadle. J. Creoket; Coqperitown; T H Donighati. Xtorheittr; W. A. Total ?u ton, Poughkeepiie; S. frfam*. MiMetowa; II. Oatrnm. Ch*rle*ioii; P. A. Britton, Daneva; fiHlffgiii*, Albany; C. H. Tyler, ('onneetiotit; Wm, Preacott. Wm. Pr#*cott, jr.. Bo?tou; C . L. Rich, Ricliford; Mr Porter. Philadelphia. National Hotel. Wm. Stronr, Joseph Brad lev. Springfield: J. D. Miller, C. Mills, Little Kali*. N. Y.sC. Millard. Cat.kill, N. V.; Truman Root. Saratoga Spring.; W. J B. Smith, W. B. Smith, Philadelphia: Julia; Mom.on, St. LouU; Thoina, MAiite, Middletown: Jatnen Kobbiu*, Waihiutftown; John Jlike*, Samuel llernden, Baltimore; Peter Water*, Atmterdam; A. S. Siawirt, Boa loll; Jape* Lee, lleury Wataon,/ Norfolk; 'Jaoob sure*, riniaueipnia. , New Etula.nd Horir. MU* 8cbrlick, New York; H. H.'Eldridge, T. P. Paton, Philadelphia; John A. Chamberltn, Roodstuck, C-t; H. Siurgea, 0h,?- ? Northern Hotel. T. Griffith anil wife. Troy. N. Y; 0. B. Uaiue. Philadelphia; Fork; Mr. D. Hpgan, J Oale, Albany; M. Nicholla, New Lebanon; R. M. Carter, lady and family, Troy ; J. N. Wilcoi. Mobile, Ala; 8. Robbina, A Lorell. Broome coomy. Pearl Street Hocce. O. Cramer, O. 8. Terrill, N. O.; B. Latimer. New Hagara* town, O.; W. B. Woodward, Sandwich; R. B. Hancock, Hriviklyn; J. Q. Hedge*. Ohio; J. W. Smith, S. Hill; A. O Ledden. Edenton, N. C.; R. C. Tikob, N. Y.; J. Sheyock Meadviile; T. Chapin, Canajoharie; J. McWhorter. Chemung co.; 0. Smith, Ohio; O. W. Brown. Bo.ton; O. Savory, W. B. Smith, Salem; J. McColtrath, Portland; E. Brown, Button. Tati.or'. Hotel. J. Ring, Worthiueton, Matt.; O. SerrHle,.Albunt; B. Conrey. New Bruntwick; H. L. Warner, Racine. New Jeraey; R. Martin and lady. Matter Martin. New Haven; 8. W. Parka, C. N. Butler, Jamettown, N. Y.; Dr. Pratt, Hartford; 8. Eager, Ohio. eu Tamkant Hall. C. Baker. Albany; P. Soger, do.; H. M. Boelim, 'Staten Itland; L. B. Preaton, N. Y.; M. Lining, Ct.; J. Hewett. Trarelaton: D. M. Owen*. Sing Sing; H. Ferry, N. Y.: A. W. Lawrence. J. Poegg, Haeeratraw; C. Bank*. Bottnn; I.. Lur* uey, Bradford county; H. A. Phelps, do.; Mr. Searor, Ohio; W. S. Chicheater, Lantingburgh; W. Larkin, West Carliale, Ohio; A. L. Landet, Toronto. Wectern Hotel. Dr. Sweet, Amsterdam, N. Y; J. Hill. Bnonton: Mis* Rag, Smithrille, N. C; C. B Brace, Canandairua; P Perkint. Fiwdonia, Chatauque co; H. M. Partridge, H. D. Tomer, W. E. Hart. Elmira; 8. Batchiler. Saratoga; J a* Cl?uve and lndy, Wickford; 8. E. Pettee, Norwich, Ca; T. W. Pierce, Boitoi; H. D. TreJwell, Elmira. N. Y; O. W. McKie, Ma*a; T. f. Bronton and lady, MrJBanue. 8. M. Carter, Ohio: Henry B. Cuwlec, (laidwalla; Dr. D. 8. Craig, Mra. Charlet Smith, Rahway, N.*J.; A. McOoodtll, Troy; V. Whitney, Bingbamptom N. Y.; P. Hamilton, Auburn. Pacific Hotel. Mr. Cord and lad v, V.J: C. Weeka, Jamaica; Mr. Aleaanander, Phi!ad;F. Fiteh, Albany: E.T. Huntington. 8. Schur* lerdo: O. Honae, Troy; J. B. Cromwell. Highland Millt; R E. Ruthoven, Carbon date; M. M. Cable, L Joy. T. M. Donald, Albany; J. McDonald, Burlington; Wm. Border, N.York; (3. rarmann Wiihinvfnn H f! M Alavinilar PniUd* .f T *. man ami lady, Troy; H. T. Meach. Albany; D. W. Joyea, Troy; B. Becker, Port Plain; H. Nilaa. R. OBIeapie, O. Child*, Buffalo; J. H. Talfaa, Danesville; J. H. Crane, Achenectadv: E. M. Crane, N. Y; J. Sandford, Amsterdam: M. M. Waatrilla, Bloom field; W. F.rgleton. Albany; Mr* F. Ororca and daughter, Philad; 8. H. Aldan. Albany. Tbemont TEMFEHAwcr House. O. Pendleton, Camden; Mia* Oilman, Boaton; F.. H. Gregory, Troy; J. Richard*. Boaton; fl. Have*. Ohio; O. W. Weaver, N. Y.; Wb. H. King, Argyle; W. J. Fraiar, Berlin; H. Bollea, Hartford. Uwiteo States Hotel. Stephen Wolf, Conn.; R. Rouse, Greenville, N. C.: E. T. Brainard, Newark; W. A. Crandall, R. Island; Capt. Brew*iter, Stomnrton; j. E. Stratton, Man.; 7.. Day, New Haven; O. Weit and *on. flhrewabnry: C. C. Warren, Ma**.; Q. L. Miner, Milford; J. North Jr., Cornwall, Conn.: W. Jackaon, Philad.; M. Bcekwith, Conn.: E. L. Bengar,Boaton; A. H. Barnes and lady, Alhanv; D. Allen. Conn.; C. Jewett, Boaton; C. B. Whittlesey. N. Haven; J Elmer. Jr., Illinois ; J. Engliah, N. Haven; T.'Fitrh 2d, N. London; J. M. Seofi*ld,(N. London. ?1 For Diamond Pointed Gold Pang In Stlrer Pencil Cases.?Those who want Oold Pen* tan get the same article of J. W. Oreaton It Co. 71 Cedar street, for $1, that others are selling for $1 23. Purchasers of Gold Pens, both wholesale and retail, are invited to examine our stock, comprising Pens of every description, from Levi Brown's Premium Pen down to the more common qualities Every facility ia afforded them for trying the different kind* of Pens and determining their relative merit*. I*. Gehlert, Importer, late of MT 1-9 Grand st, wishes to inform his customers and the public, that he haa re-opened hi* store, at 439 Broadway, for the tale of his well assorted stock of Lace Good* in general, comprising real Valenciennes, Regency, Smyrna, and ot her thread lseea, together with other articles, such a* guimpa, kid gloves, fringes, white and black veils, linen cambric handkerchiefs, Itc., at which stand he briefly aays his customer* will benefit by calling to select for themselves. 2t Navigation of the Ohio River. Placet. Time. State of River. Wheeling March 30 9 feet. Pittsburg March 96 9 feet. Cincinnati March 30 10 feet. Louteville March SO 11X feet. MOOTSY MARKET. Saturday, April 10?fl P. M. The itock market opened a little better thla morning, but before the adjournment of the flrit board price* fell iff a fraction. The market, however, cloeed at a alight advance on yesterday'* price*.. The aalee were to a moderate extent. The packet ship Sheridan brought $160,000, St. Patrick $10,000. The Cornelia, arrived thla morning, with $146,500, to Brown, Brother* It Co. The Norwich, Conn. Fire Inaurance Company have declared a dlvideud of five per cent. We understand that the bid* from thla city fbr tho new loan of $10,000,000, amount to more than twenty million*, and that the bid* from all coaree* amount to more than forty million* of dollar*. This doe* not look much like the government going a begging for money, it la suppoecd that the bid* range from par to one per sent premium. The annexod 1* a comparative statement of the open Ing of the Hudson river for the past ten year* Hudso.m River?Dat or OrxRiaa. jt3G April 9 1612 March I 1137 March 31 1813 April 13 183 8 March 18 1814 March I* 183 9 March 25 I81J fob. 84 181 0 Feb. 25 1816 March 1* 181 1 March 26 1847 April 7 It will be observed that In the pa*t twelve year* the river ha* opened twloe in February, eevon times In March, and three time* In April. The anxiety to get breadstuff* Into this market from die krtarior, never ?u greater, and the river remaining oleflM so long, made M peculiarly unfortunate. One hundred and eighty-two bale* and oasee of domeetlc cotton goods were exported from Boston In the month of March, and for the previous nine month* 33,904 bale* and cone*, making an aggregate for the ten months, of 23,086, against 35.543 for the corresponding period last year. Thu rnnutad tahln Avhihlta lh? Iivuai In fhn *\f Boston, by fire, In each month In the year 18-46, and the amount of insurance :? City or Bojton?Kirk Imcrawcr ako Losses it Firk. Less. /mured January 28.JI8 7,312 Krbruery 25,BUG 13,110 March 11,822 11,293 April 8,130 7,330 May 171 171 June 38,GOO 84.160 July 31,710 29 710 Annuel 7,211 4,911 September..,, 1,400 1,400 Sctober 13,921 1,371 orember 619 109 December 11,208 8,907 Tout 187,606 114,810 Thu looses exceed the Insurance $72,880 for the year The Memphis Insurance company, with only twontyflve per cent of Its capital paid in, has declared a dividend of fifteen per cent for tbo year, on tho whole stock. The Indiana Stale Journal of the 31st ttlt. contains a long and Interesting report from Mr. Merrill. President of the Madison and Indianapolis Railroad Company, upon the condition of this Important improvement. He supposes the entire work will be finished by the 1st of July next; and should It be, he says the freights the current year will be 40,000 tons, the In and out passengers 31,000 in number, and tho aggregate receipts $136,000. And In ensuing years he estimates the earnings at $160,300 to $200,000. The profits of tho work, so far, he states st 11 >4 per cent a year, and thinks the prospect is that thoy will ratbor Increase than diminish. Old Stock Exchans*. >115,000 Traa* 6 par ct nts 101W 100 *h*a RhiIuii MM 11000 do tM 101W 3*0 do ?Jt *3,300 Ohio 6* of CO 90 V M Canton 3>X >300 do 90S ? do 30d? 33 *3000 Reading Bond* "l.\* M do *90 M 13000 Illinois tperinl 40 30 Mohawk 04.V 10 aha Merchant*' Bk 10CV 30Lougl*land 30 Mechanics' IOCS 130 do 2?SJ* too Farmer*' Loan h30 30S 2?? . do h30 tola 130 do *00 Ki'i 130 Harlem 31V 100 do 30S 100 do SIK 30 do *30 30J* 30 do blO 3ltf 00 do 3fl,s 30 do bio 31W 00 do bio 30 V 300 do s.20 SIM !33 Morri* 2ok 30 Nor li Wor IBM 75 do 20V 30 do hlO 49M 12 do 20M 275 do 4* 30 do *6m 20 100 do *J0 40 03 Vicluburc 11 M do 49k DO do llM I" Erx RR MM DO do >H II 1 Maeon 43 00 U 8 Bank 123 East Beaton. 11 Second Board. 130,000 Fenna 3'* . . 7lM 30 ?h* Morri* hi 21V i'jnno Illinois Bond* M0 41 100 do bl3 2l\ no ?h* Harlem RR 31V 100 do bl3 XI no do 3lV 30 do JlV 30 dp 51M 100 do U13 22? 00 Farmer*' Loan 30k 100 do 22 30 do Tn#*d*y 30*4 100 do 22 30 do b30 3IM 23 do 22 30 do *10 31 100 Eut Boston U 100 Morri* b30 21V ftlvickiburg 11V no do 21k 30 Norwich b00 IBM New Stock Exchange. .10 ah* Morri* cash 20k 20 aha Nor & Wor blO 4Iik 23 . do rash 20)* In < o h 10 49ja no Canton Co cash :?i 23 < o *3 tutf 30 do Monday 23 100 < o raah 4t 23 do bS 33 30 to Man 49 23 do b4 33 23 < o M 4 BM 23 do anw 33 30 to *3 48 30 HarUm RR *3 31* CITY TRADE RBPORT. New York, Satvrdat Arrtanoow, Aran. 10. Tho arriral of seren daya later new* from Liyernool. ir ought by tbu Washington Irving. at Boston, bad a cndeucy to unsettle the market. There seemed to be lome discrepancy of opinions with regard to the purport >f the news, so fltr as breadstulTs wero concerned. In .bis respect some merchants viewed the news In a fsvorible light, and considered prices were b maintained than they anticipated, owing to tb exlstlng*?lu ^ ii'