Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 12, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 12, 1847 Page 1
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If __ ' TH Vol. XIII. No. 101?Whole No. MM. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-went corner of Pulton and Noaaau ate. JAMES 60RDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. CIHr irt . m. AVil JT VX\1 I TI1W9AJ1V* DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price 2 cent* l>er copy?$7 "J'tf ?4!?>"jIiI** iii advance. WEEKLF HERALU?Every Saturday?Price 6>? cenu W.Sopy?13 I2?Vi cenu per annum?payable in adi once. HtuALU FOR KCKOPE-Every Steam Packet dayPrice <j>i cent! pel cnpv?SJ per aiiiiuni, ]*yable in advance. HOLIDAY HERALD?Published on the 1st of January and lit of July of each year?single copies sixpence each. ADVERTISEMENTS, at the usual prices?always cash in advance. Advertisements should be written in a plain, legible tuouiier. The Proprietor will iut he respouaible for errors that m iv occur in them. PRINTING of all kinds executed beautifully and with despatch. All letters or communications by mail, addressed to the establishment, miut he post (laid, or the postage will be deducted from the suhscriptiou money remitted. 11N1 'I i'lvlOb IIAl ftTUIvE. n SPRING FASHIONS FOR HATS AND CAP9.dt?l)I!OWN Ik CO. w ill introduce, on Saturday, April 3d, the new style of Caps for children and boys; also, tne new atvle of Hats for gentlemen, Price $3, in the manufacture of which tliey hare made such recent improvements ss will pi tee tliern iu close competition with the most costly. The public are invited to call at 178 Chatham Square, where | fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combiurd to adorn % the head. a2 lm*r_ V.ARUK WALKS AWL) SMALL PROFITS. n $S HATH can be had for S3,JO, at .MILLS' well known d^mHat, 178 Broadway, (Howard Hotel.)? Gentlemen are earnestly solicited to call and examine these Hats thoroughly, the subscriber being confident that the beautiful proportion* ofthe new style, with the unprecedented low price, will command the approbntiou of all. Xy Attention is called to the new style of csp called the Pocket Cap. a2 2w*r .-a-. LONG BREED CANARY BIRDS and Breeding i . ,'daj Cages, Nest Boxes, Stuff for Nesu, Song Birds, ComJyKii mon and Fancy Cages, witli a fine collection of rare and riia? valuable Birds, Bird Seeds of all descriptions. All arti< rlcs in the line in great variety, for sale by' W.S.JOHNSON, 280 Broadway, one door from Chambers st. N.B. King Charles Sapuiels, English and Scotch Terriers, lor sale as above. a7 2w* r SPRING STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES. SMITH ?t RJ8LF.Y. J TAKE THIS METHOD of informing their customers and purchasers iu general, ufthrir extensive, and well selected assortment of Ladies,' Misses'and Children's Gaiters, Buskins, Slippers, &c., of their own manufacture, s large stock of Peg Boots, Shoes and Drogsua, selected with great care, and purchased for cash, which will enable * ?. w ??? ai uir irry lowcil prices. N. B ?Store w ill be o|?n until tea o'clock in the evening, giving Country Merchant* ail opportunity to eiamine tlieir slock when not otherwise engaged. SMITH It RISLEY, MS Chatham it., directly oppoiite die Chatham Theatre. _tn27 lm*rh J BOOTS AND SHOES of the firer quality at great bar gaina, at MAC'S New Store, 19C Canal street. The subscriber would call the attention ol'his nutneroui friends and easterner* and the public in general, to hit large and assorted stock ol* all the different kinds of Boots, Shoes. Oeitert, he., that the market can afford, which he will tell low for oath, hirer grateful for the full share of patronage he received for the last ten years while in the employment of others, and now having commenced business for himself he can assure his friends and the public that there shall be nothing wanting on his part to please and give satisfaction to all those who will be so kiud as patronise him at 196 Canal street, New York. JOHN McOUIRE. m9*lm*rh l. WALsn & c;o~ J FRENCH BOOT and Shoe Makers, No. 6 Ann street, uear the Museum, New York. Fine French Boots $129| French Imperial Dress Boots made to order $4 50, usuallysold for $6 JO. Patent Leather Boots, Mines, trailers and ,j>crs'constantly on hand and made to order at the shortest. lioUre. Repairing, he., done in the store, (juick sales and small profits is our motto. No. C Ann street, New York. 0 ni231m*rc " ~ LOOK AT THIS. " JU8T RECEIVED, a large lot of (rentlemeu's French Boots, the best and handsomest ever in this city and will be sold at the low price o!?$J. Also all kinds ol" Gentlemen's (Jailers and Patent Leather Shoes, and all the different kinds ol'Boots and Shoes. Ladies, you will find in {his Store a great variety of Uaiter Boots, Slippers, Buskins, Ties, House Slippers, white and black satin do, white Kid do. and nil other kinds and sizes, Misses and Children's Boots and Shoes, Boys' Boots, (Jailers, Shoes aud Slippers of all the various kinds; all of which w ill be sold cheap, at 367 Broadway, corner of Franklin street. M. CAH1LL. N. B. Country merchanls supplied by the package or dozen. np2 lm*r M'l'O RENT.?Three Boors in building 287 Bowery, which may be finished to suit any eligible tenant, on early application to FISHER h BIRD, si iw'c _ Marble Works, 287 Bowery. 'Pit I CP M OFFICES in tlie second third and fourth stories in the brick building No. I'j-I Nassau street. Apply to ullw*re JOHN H. HOOLK, on the premises. a TO LET.?'The store of house 2:t Hey street; It u ill feet deep, and would be a good location for a wholesale grocery store. The dwell tint Part would be let together oreacu floor separate The second floor consist* of back anil front parlors, with pantries, and is well finished; the two room* are .10 fret deep ana 12 feet high, suitable for an artist; the third tloor has J room* well finished; the fourth floor is .10 feet deep, 2i feet wide, and 16 feet hiifh, with si* windows in the roof, fitted *p for su engriver or any business w anting good light. Also, the second floor ofhouse 66 Beekinan street, consisting of three rooms and pastries, with two bed roams iu sttie, and a kitchen with Croton water ?nd kitchen range in it. Rent *2?J. Enquire of A. OILHOOLY k SON. in3l III *r 78 Nassau street. a TO LET IN WILLI V MSlii lit ill -The two story brick'front house, with folding doors; it contains seven rooms and basement, in good order, pump in the yard, with sis lots of ground, carriage house, cherry, plum, peach and ne-r trees; 2 beds of asparagus, with a good grass plat, tastefully laid out with rote bushes and a great variety of other shrubbery, about oue mile from Peck alip ferrv. Enquire of Charles M. Church, too < luiliam street, or of John 8k ill man, oorner of North Second and Lorimcr streets, on the premises. m2l 8w*rc _ _ MKOR SACK I HI'.VI' AS THE SlM.SCRIBEli IS ri tITfcig from husiiirs*, the old established sosp and Candle manufactory, Nos. 10, 12 and 14, vix: dwelling, nap house, shop and stable, w ith all the fixtures for carrying oh an extensive business, which Can be sold as fast as manufactured; together with n large stock of goods. Terns made easy on die real estate. Enquire on the premises. JAMES 8AMERENDYKE. aft Iw /.keo I Relief street, Philadelphia. i a i a vENT5E3CR35 i*k < jPEivPYi tro I.ET AND FOR HALE.-A large Cottage with three acres of land, including an excellent garden, well stoclted w ith the best fruit trees in full bearing; s house, stables, and other outbuilding*?situated iu the village of Tompkins* illr, close to the shore; also a number of houses and cottages, situated iu the villages of Tomnkinsvitle. brapleton and Clifton. Apply to I __ K. WOLFE, Wolfe'? Hotel. Tnmpkinsville. "/""Fermi and Pudding Lota for sale. Apply a* above, n* lw'rc ."r" ToB SALK, tA FARM of fifty-two arroa, most deliglitifully situated about live rmleafrom Eli/.abethtown, N. J., comprising a handsome commodious Dwelling Home, fitted with mantels, and every convenience for a respectable family; llic whole, including gardurr's house, hams, ice house, and other buildings, in a substantial state of re|?ir; tlie orchard contain twenty acres of choice fruit trees. The easy ;?i cess from New York, either by the carious cars fiom Jersey City, or the ferry to Elirsbethport, whence a rail road train runs within a hundred yards of the house, renders this property very valuable to tliose doing business in this city. The greater I'irt oftlie purchase money can remain for three years on bond and mortgage. at fire per cent. Y YSE 8t SON'S. 172 Pearl it. Also for sale, u dwelling luiuse , No. 1181 Washington street. m!9 Im'rh Mil; SAI.K. tA THRKK STORY HOUSE on 2J.1 street, between the 2d and 3d Avenue*. It is w ell finished, and replete w nil the latest improvements, including kitchen range, old and warm baths, wider clonals, Sir.. Italian marble mantels throughout the house; a court y ard of fifteen feet in front, with verandah and French w indowa. The house is one of a row of si* houses on the south side of the street. For larllir r particulars apply to V YSK St SONS, in 19 l'ii' rjt 172 Pearl slrret. * J'UK S VLh?\Vi;>T'Cili;STKK IJANII vets* TO OP.NTLK.MKN', in want of s^es for country To market gardeners in want of Tand for gardens. ?ie?>.aiidt all persoM wisliinga location in the neighborhood of New York:? MM acres of laud in the town of Westchester, within nine nub's of the City Hall, with the right of passing over Harlem llrldu'e free of toll, are nowr offereifatlirivate sale, in lots containing from i to JO acres each 'Flic lands are within 15 minutes walk of the railroads front 011 good roads; are in the neighborhood of school* and churches id" different denoininafoiis: the water is good and location healthy. Title indispiita|.|e. Terms moderate. Apply to OOUVERNEUR MOnRIS, Morrisiana, Westchester co, or to WALTER RUTHERFORD, 1<) Nassau ?U, N. Y. I s i?:;t) lm*rc XTJANTHI S. fc'c., VIOKY < IIKA P. Mgamil AILA NTHl'S', twelve feet, ?t .'id cents, if ordered by the doarn or more; and Id feet for 7J cents. 4000 I Iialsain lir, sit feet for AO cents; right feet 7i cenla, and j ten feet 91. Hilmr maple, twelve feet Jo cents; fifteen to siateen fert 75 cents. i'aper mulberries, nine to ten feel 50 cents. "WM. R. PRINCE*.CO., Prince's Nurseries, Hushing, v 11 111 .i.i:._s ... 1?- ? 1?e AI< rj;i? s'<LINK, DAILY, , Kill NrAVBtROH AND K SHRILL, r ..Titf-?^ Landing at Vafit.lortLiid'a, (rVekajull,j\Ve?l i hiiMMnw Point, Colli Sprint mid < ornwall. The Steamer Thomas Powell, < 4lit. H im 1. Johnson, will leave the pier font of ?Vmt?:t iitreet, |nr tip- above places, every afternoon (Sunday a eaceptrdA at t o'clock, commencing April 10. Retnnimc?will leave Newburgh every morning at 7 o'clock. N". B.?Ml Baggage anil Freight of every description, Bark Bills "r Specie, put on b"? rd ot this boat, niuat be at the risk of the own? thereof unlets entereil on llie books of tlie boat or receiptcd for. Sp9-lm?r i rAf. 1'Oft H.VLtj?The hull of n vessel just laiinehcd, ll0,v l>niR at Kihsvay (mrt She will carry about ,r" tonal SW feet on Jerk. 2:1 feet beam. She " ill - i-vier for ranal, river, or ro,-.t service. Inquire of the , ?.|i. .cither , at R.ihwa), New Jersey. JOS. f?. LI FBK.RV , r. im? r _ H. H. SHOTWF.LL " i"4;6w NOTM -Ke?Coniin nees per packet ship Hheiidan wWCTWfrom Liverpool, will please send their peimitt on A^U&w'ioard, (>rlr.-n? wharf, foot of Wall street, immen I\. Ml noils nut permitteil within fiyt- days will he tent to the Public Store. . alflrh tutvk: N(" " :itkTVaRk^lENEsEE, ffom tJnWy New Orleans. ia discharging at Pier If. P.. K. ( on- ' liguei s will please altciul to the receipt of their ' 7*7. .mmeilialelv. _ alA rh 1 u*- 1 on ijpeea ol l.y.k ANN 11 A It I.K \ , from t liaswMhFWhiiU' wi'l tv'in their permits on board. All goods not I MMiHbiieiniitieii in five da.a will he sent to the public j 7r.. , !!,n wA'sc- f ONHItj.N K.LH |*r ship Southerner, from Liver ] y9WPy |mi I will please send thalr permits on board, foot of MMKa'H'i er street, All food* not permitted , rrrry. , E NE ADDITIONAL EXTRACTS PRO.U TUB FOREIGN PAPERS BCCElVfiD 11V THIS PACKET SHIP WASHINGTON IRVING, NEW YORK HERALl) OFFICE. Interesting (fommercial Intelligence. die., die., die. On the l?th March, Consols were hold ul 88?,' a ,lj, being a slight decline. On the 18th. the Bunk of Engluud declured a ilivldond of 3lj per rent, payable April 6th; and the Governor declured hie iuteutlou of moving a bonus of oue per cout additional. The United Wesloyno Committee* of Education nud Privileges. It in said. are opposed to the government system of udurution. Parliament, during the week ending March lUtlt. was occupied with a long discussion on Ireland, which terminated in permission being given to proceed with the government measures; the discussion on Cracow; the [ ten hours bill, and after ono division all the clauses of it passed, and the factory bill. The statement of the London Morning Post, that Parliament will be dissolved on the 1st of June, is now said to be incorrect. An English paper says, "there are nt this moment in London three pretenders, vis:?the Count do Mnntcmoliu, aspiring to the crown of Spain; Don Miguel, aspiring to that of Portugnl; and Prince Louis Napoleon, entertaining hopes of yet wearing a revolutionary diadem iu France. | According to a letter in the Cologne (iazette. Prince ! Metternic.h has expressed his dissatisfaction nl the policy of Prussia with respect to the constitution : audtliat the I effect on his mind nun been to Induce him to make overtures to Russia for u closer alliance with that power. This, at all events, is a testimony to tlie sit rity and good faith oftheKiug of Prussia, end shows that in Austria. at least, tho constitution is rugarded as reality. The Unirereal German Gazelle announces that Prussia has just concluded a treaty with America for the reciprocal extradition of crimiuala. A commission of Russian physicians are at present occupied in Egypt in investigations relative to the plague. The Belgian government has authorised a company to establish a large factory at Liege for the manufacture of gun cotton. Tho Moniteur publishes a despatch of Marshal Iiugaaud. dated Aumale. the 1st tilt, continuing tho previous account of the submission of the celebrated califu of Abdel Kador, Thalcb Ben Sulem. An aeeouut of the loans advanced on the security of the poor rates in Irelaud for the building of the workhouses. obtained on a motion of Sir J. Graham, shows that a total amount of XI, 14ft.800 has been so advanced I of which X1.0ti'1.3l'l remained unpaid on the 3th January. 1847. Tho Xalional cstiinntee tho population of Turin nt 1.063,879 souls. It Is subdivided as follows:?Fixed poptiI I at ion. 945,721; Moating population, including collegia and hospitals. 88,176; garrison, 19.701. Of the populu! tlon there aro 666,427 persons not married. A Vienna journnl states the total amount of the expenditure already incurred by tho tustrian government for railroads at 60.000,000 of Morins. (about TJ3.000,OOOof franca.) Tho sum apportioned for 1817 is 10.000.000 of florins. It Is said that the northern powers have addressed a joint note to the differcut Italian governments. Inviting them to exorcise a rigid surveillance over the press, on account of the communist doctrines itt such extensive clrc ulntion. By a parliamentary return,publishsd on Monday morning last, of the proposed amount of capital, nnu of the sum authorised to be borrowed, in the railway bills deposited with the Commissioners of flltttnrl for the present sesaion of parliament, it appears that the amount of capital is JC82,553,150: amount to be borrowed, .?41.314,069, making a total of ?123,807,409. At a aale of rare books, which commenced In London yesterday week, a very beautiful copy of the Mazarin bible, which Is attributed to the press of (Juttenberg. at Menu, nnd of which only 14 copies are known to be in existence, was sold for ?600 to buyers for the Americau Museum, at Washingtou. Kever is represented as prevailing extensively iu < >ls?go w. The prospects of the operatives in the manufacturing towns ure gloomy. The Livtrpool Mercury says :? 1 ' Throughout the manufacturing districts, at Die present moment, short time is producing its uecessary eon[ sequence?short commons amongst the operatives. Many of the mills are workiug only two or three days a week-others are altogether closed." The Pruttian Uniorrtrl (inretle states, from St. Pc tersburg. 4th inst.. that the Russian army in the Caucasus has recently made great progress, overthrowing all obstacles, and defeating in every ruse the forcoe opposed to them It does uot, however, appear that any important battle has been fought. The Livtrpool Mail of the 20th, says "It was reported on 'change vi,nti?nU? thut Oi? I-?- -si- ? -?? < _ o-J J .?..p pvtu UII urr in tho channel Inst week, woe the (tlcurlg. lndun with bread stuffs fVoni America, and bound for Ireland. Whatever the name of the vessel, she was burnt to the water's edge, and all hands lost." In relation to the seizure of some Kngllsh vessels at Oporto, nnder pretence of huvlng violated the blockade orders, the Liverpool Mail says : " It has created a great sensatiou among the merchants here. A more palpuble robbery was never committed ; the port was blockaded at a lime it was impossible to leave the harbor, and notice was given that after tho UOth. all vessels which hud not left the port would be seised, tho blockading party knowing at the same time that the weather und tho bar would inevitably prevent their leaving." In the House of Commons, the great Cracow debate, which lasted severnl days, was concluded, by Mr. Hume withdrawing the motion which brought the subject under the discussion of the House. The exportation of specie for Constantinople and Alexandria. from Marseilles, rontinnes lo a serious extent. Tlie steamer Tnnerede hud on freight I.fiOO.OOO francs, and the iiosphorc 'J.700.000 fraucs. for Constantinople. The British steamer Spitfire had 300,000 francs for Alexandria. A million of francs was embarked 011 the 13th ult. on Lsianl the Cain-, for Alexandria. This steamer not leaving before the 14th, it is certain that a large amount will lie sent on hoard. The Sultan, acting, It is sold, under the advice of the umbnssndors of the Oreat Powers, has given the Oroek cabinet one month for compliance with his demands ; after which all diplomatic intercourse will be broken off. unless prnpigr confessions be made by the government of tfrecce. Letters from Pisa of the 7th instant bring the intelligence that a political movement took place in that city ou the occasion of the arrival ot the Archduke Ferdinand d'Kste. nephew of the Kmporor of Austria, who had been civil and military governor of (iulicia during the mussneress of last year'. A petard was deposited in the palace and discharged by a train, but fortunately uo life was lost. The Circassians have nearly exterminated the Achenes, it native tribe In alliance with Russia. The Achenes were at Casnhan. where the Circassians fell upon them, mid put 3.000 of the men, women, and children to (lie sword. It is reported 1 hut a conspiracy had just becu discovered, In which Hatix I'scha. lately Minister of Jus ni v. auu it great innny iiuiuenliul Incus*. were compromised. Numerous arrest* ha<l been made. hut no particulars had got \\lml (Jrvat excitement pervaded all classes. A lotlrr from Algiers, of the tith. mentions that one of the largest tribes of Murooro. had made on attack upon tho dotra of Ab<l-el-Keder, near ScTra. in which the K.mlr lout about fifty meu. Thla in mentioned a* one of the most important event* which hoi occurred since the occupation of Africa by the Trench army. Account* from Irelntid state that emigration I* rapidly Increasing. and along all the IIucn which lead from the Interior to the ports of embarkation, a continued stream flow* toward* the west. It ia aunounred in tho Dork paper*. that over two hundred tenant* of the Duke of Devonshire. In the south of Ireland, many of them holding large farm*, and all of them in eoinforiahle circumstance*. am about to emigrate: and *o great is the stream from tho north-wast of Ireland, that the Royal < anal < ompany have found It necessary to put on un additional packet-boat, for the exclusive use of emigrant* from Hligo. Donegal, l.cllrlra. Longford. and Weetmeath. '1 he mercantile classes of Dublin are now much depressed. and many tradesmen, despairing of the country, intend to emigrate At a meeting held on Monday, a petition was adopted to the Legislature, setting forth their distress. U the usual meeting of the Repeal Association in Dublin, on the |4th ult.. a letter was read from Mr. John O'l onnell. in whieh he states that his fnther is ordered to the south of I'.uropc by his pliysielans. and he adds that they promise him restored heulth and constitution by next autumn The repeal rent for the seek was declared to lie ?30 There were on hoard the Ya?sel. f aptain \ Irhurg. at. Rotterdam, on the I Ith ult., hound for New York, about 100 emigrants, the greater part of wh"in come from different parts of the countrr, and arc said to he in very good elrciimstance* It'i* affirmed that several other snips ere deslttaed for the same purpose; and we hear a report of no loss than 0000 emigrants, who will shortly leave that city to go to the I nlted State*. AaniVAl. or Till. AsssM Htsm.?The Sarah Sands nr. rived in the Meraey en Wednesday From her log It appour* thnt ahr l?ft New * ork on ihr '.'4th of February, nt three p. m. light wind from 8. W On the 'J.1th ut four p. m., one of the air pumpa' lever* broke abort off. dlacon nee tail, anil run under caniaa for the neitfour daya, but the wlnda being light nhend. made little progreaa.? On the id March, got up ateani. which carried the veaa?l to long. 49, when ahe encountered 11 aucceulon of heavy galea from 8.H.E. to E.ft.K. On the 7th. during a heavy gale from the eouth-raat. loat bowaprlt and foretopmaat. and being alterwarda aet to the north-earl t'.V tho current*, boro away for the north channel, previous to entering which, finding the port air-pump lavar W YO NEW YORK, MONDAY M cracking. in the same place whero the other broke, disconnected for tweuty-four hours. and put two preveuter platen on It Ou Sunday. otT Iuistrulilll. ?u ill eempauy with a fleet of inwurd bound vessels. and since then beat down the ehaunel uguiust a strong gale of wind from the South. Her experienced commander. Captain Thompson, speaks In the most glowing language of the success of the experiment ; he says that at the highest speed the machinery always worked steadily. Tin ship U perfectly I cany, and could carry uny amount of canvas and stays in j the worst weather. She Is to sail ugaU> for New York , immediately.?Liverpool Chronicle, March 'JO. Impobtxmt CosrcsTtos tcrwrrs Remix ami tin: ' B*\? or Vha.m.1:.?We have received by extraordinary express from I'uris the Mo nil cur Pari*- j if it of Wednesday evening, which contains the fcUowiaw article ?" \n urrungement hus been con- | eluded by the Hunk of Fruuce for the disposal i of a portion of the government stock, of which it is proprietor. Ou the 27th of February lust, the Kinperor of Russia gave, through Count Nesselrode, orders to M. Kisselelf. his Charge d'Affaires in France, to present himself to tlio Minister for Foreign Affairs, (M. Ouizot.) to inform liiui that tlio lluHsiuu goveruuieut was ready to purchase the French government stock, of which it wished to dispose at the medium price of the dav (March IItil iust.) to tile extent of 00.000.000f. (Ad.UOO.UOO sterling.) 't his sum will be placed in rush at. Ht. Petersburg!!. at the disposal of the Hank of Fruttee. The Mini-dor for Forulgu Affairs immediately put the Charge U'Affuires of Russia in dbmmuuieation with tlio Minister of Furnace aud the governor of the bunk. Tlio proposition submitted by the orders of the euiperor have been discussed and accepted, and a convention to tlint effect was signed yesterday, the 16th of March, between the governor of the bank and t lie llmrge if Affairs of Russia. This convention has been approved by tile eouueil-goueral of the Bauk of France at its meeting of Ibis day." In the I'assagn de l'Opera the funds upon this announcement rose rapidly from' 77f. stOe. (Hie | closing price < r Uio day) to 7fl'. 6c.?Lundun Timet. ' | March l!?. Ireland. IIu the midst of appalling scenes of destitution mid , death, fnod is pouring into thin country from all parts of tlio world, yet without seeming to arrest, in the least , . degree, the "rapid stride* of fuiuiue. The fork Hejiurler save that, in three consecutive day*, no leu* lliaii la vcm- , I sets arrived in that harbor laden w itli grain. Ttan markets' are well supplied witli Indian corn, which ha* gene- ' rally declined in price, as well a* other kind uf hrend*tult* .All the account* agree that the distresses in Ireland, and suffering of the people, are unmitigated, and surpn** all t itst the imagination ran picture. And it i* sad to learn thai the spring sowing has hardly hegiiu'in a majority of the rural districts. No provision i* therefore made for the ensuing your. The fork Kramintr snys : ? I roni the melancholy accounts wo receive, day after day. from gentlemen of undoubted accuracy and intelligence. of the general neglect of this propitious season for cultivation of the Innd?of the extensive tracts of country that are still untouched by the plough, spade, or harrow?of the stupid apathy and sullen despair that seem to huug like a dark cloud over the minds of all classes?landlords, middlemen and farmers?we nrc reluetantly compelled to bellcvo that the present season of calamity i* but the precursor of one more terrible, mere appalling, tnoro destructive to human life."' The tide of emigration, it is also said by the Liverpool Mercury, 'continue* to How with a rapidity really fearful, when it is considered that the class of emigrants is altogether composed of the morn sound and hoalthy portion of society. The comfortable farmers, the temperate, 1 industrious and saving, the young and able-bodied, the I possessors of a small capital?these are the individuals i wno arc uying irom tuetr nativo country ah if It were I I plague smitten. What will be the cud of it all, c loci only ' ! knows !" I ' France. 1 Advices from Franco state that Queen Christina has j arrived at 1'arta from Madrid. She was immediately ' > watted on by the King of the French, at hor residence in the Hue do Coureolies. The King. Queen, and the Prtnoes and Princesses of the Royal family, paid h visit ' to her on Monday. Thu scarcity in Kraucu continues appalling, hut at- ' though llie distress Is Tory groat, it is probable but few 1 will die of starvation. The beat informed persons an- ' tleipatc. for at least six weeks to eomo, increased ditti- ] cultica. and an augmentation of tbo price of bread. Immense orders for (lour had Won sent to Kuglaud. and WWa partly executed, and large supplies woro te como from the ports of tho Baltic, the black Sen. and til" 1 United States. Portugal. Intelligence Iin? been received from Lisbon to the 10th, | aud from Oporto to the 11th lust. Saldaulia still continues ut Oliveira do Aiemia, four leagues from Oporto. 1 I'ovoas, the Miguelile general, has arrived at Oporto, and haa been received iu thu most distinguished manner by Das AntAs aud Sa da llaudelra. The blockade of the Douro is Atrictly enforced. The English merchant Ahips, tlie Emma Graham, the l.aura, the Lusitania aud the H'ilberforce, all freighted with wine, wcru captured by the brig of wur Sera di Polar, and sent to Lisbon for adjudication. it is, however, raid that they arc not lawful priles. as no information of the tinai and clhcient blockade had been transmitted to tho consul at Oporto The Queen's troops, on thu gtjlh ultimo, raptured Almeida, which surrendered on terms without firing a shot. The capture of Altnuldu frees the district of Ouurda from insurgent* An iniute took place lu Narugusea on tho ,1th instant, on the orcasion of the colcbratiou of the anniversary of the defence of tlint pity, of which tho followiug notice is , given lu a letter dated Saragassa. the tilh, published by El Eipanal:?"All passed oil quietly during the da\, hut. in the evening, largo masses of peoplu gathered hi . the t'orso and principal streets with cries of Long live tiie i* oust i tut ion of 18:17 ! down with the constitution of 1814 ! Cries of' Long live Espartero." became more aud more frequently mingled with ahuutx of "long live Canedo ! deatli to tlio traitor*, to tho Afraurcssados. uml to iK. r'.aia. n .. i- - , W....U10 ,.iKhl in uiet'iening ue crown dispersed, and all wus again tranquil." In tho session of the Chamber of Deputies of the 10th. tho Minister of the Interior. when noticing thin movement, declared that the cabinet were determined to conduct the government with a spirit of tolerance and conciliation which would not exclude tlrmness nnd the steady udniluiatrntlon of justlce. Thi-i statement was received with much satisfaction by the < 'Lumber. I iltuuln. I AdvircH received in Paris. from St. Petersburg, bring 1 account* of scenes of murder and pillage whicn have i lately taken place In the government of Mohilef. in i White ltussiu. where several villages have been the then- i tre of massacres resembling tboae which took place last 1 year in ijali. ia. It appeura thut at a banquet given by the ofricars of a ltussinu regiment to the principal Inhabitant* of tho pliiee where they were quartered, on the occa'lon of their leaving the garriaon, toasts were given hostile to the government. Hnd iitcii to the person of the Kmperor, whieli were received with acclamations. .Meanwhile, an iusurrectiou took place among the peasants on the property of several of the principal inhabitants who had sigunlized themselves by the manifestations hostile to the government at the abnvemcntioned banquet. These peasants assembled in hands, excited by drink, pillaged tin* chateaux, murdered the proprietors amid the cries of hong live the Emperor."' and even took the lives of those individnals of their own class w ho would not share iu their proceedings. It was said thai troops despatched from the seat of the provincial government had stopped these scenes of murder and devastation, hut that like proceedings had taken place elsewhere. Foreign Theatricals. I J The Misses Cusliman. at the last accounts, were playing at the Theatre Kuyal, Williamson Square. Liverpool, with great success. In spenklng of Miss Susua. the Liter/mot Journal says that her Marlanua. in thu play of the i ' Wife.-' was a great performance?the heau ideal of a i , wouiau. In nil but physical attributes, to win and wear I the devotion of a warrior like the Duke. | On Tuesday, the same paper states. Miss (iishmnu plsyed Romeo, and on Wednesday, Meg Merrilies, which i wns as wondrous a performance aw ever In speaking of I Miss t'ushinan's lleatrlee. It states :?It was a just and I noble conception, finely sustained by an artist abounding I in genius. It pruuouurc* her the greatest living actress j ou the stage. Mr. Scott has been playing Richard III . Damon. 1 Rolln. ntul Othello, at the Theatre Royal, Adalpha. lo such satisfaction to the audience, that he has been called 1 nightly before the curtain to melve their approbation. llorvcy l.eecb. the well kDnwn person!fu r of tlis- mon- ' 1 key race, under tho assumed name of Senior Hervlo ' I Nano. died at Hhoredltcb. In his lOtli year. I Mrs. Iluller. formerly Fanny Kemble. recently appear- | ! c I on th" Dublin hoards. after an interval of hnin \ : years, in tho " llnnchback .'' lira triumph was complete. Wilson, the vocalist, has commenced In Paris a series I of musical idlrci. Intended to llliistratethc lo-auties and ' I pecnllnrititi of the musical composition* of his native I I country. I The Liverpool Theatre. Is on sale, and some par- ' ! tics thiuk of converting it into a chapel. Jonny Llnd has offered Mr. Hunn A' 1000. asrompcuaaI lion for his claim on her. although In equity she does ' not consider hini entitled to a farthing. If Mr. Runn ^ ! declines this pro|K.-al -In- rclVr i him lo to r solicitor. She will certainly appear at the (Queen's Theatre ' Mr. Mairendy In engaged to appear at the Manchester Theatre id at the Theatre Hoyul, Liverpsml Mr. II';. y Russell wn? giving concerts in Liverpool at the last dates received from there Lola Monte*. the celebrated danituif. has addressed a J letter to the Timet, contradicting the numerous articles . ?hich hare appeared in the French papers She compluina that the Jesuit party, which she detests, have conspired to indure her to quit Munich. She sayi: "They have actually offered nie AO.OOP francs yearly If I i would quit Bavaria, and promise never to return This, ; as you may imagine, opened my eyes; and as I indignantly refused their offer, they have since left not a stone unturned to (jet rid of me. and hare never for an ! Instant eeasad persecuting tne. The late change In the minister that von allude in was a pontaneous act of ills Majesty's, anj you pay mn too great a compliment in supposing that 1 was ii party to such a measure Sine* my rcsldoneo here, [ ran -afcly soy thai. 1 hare In no way Interfered in any affairs not 'concerning myself." The Timet expresses a belief that Lola Monte* owes her birth to eitner Kngland or Ireland. Mtnto of Trade. Mamiii si i a, Friday. March 18.?We haT? hail a little more doing for cloth this week hut as this has , arisen from the manufacturers having in some cases receded a little in their demands, it Is doubtful whether it ran be called any improvement. The prospect of a decline In the staple operateaTagainst effecting la'ge sales The dyers are very slack, a certain sign or a bad home demand Yarns aru readier sale, but not dearer. The German and Huatian houses are now In tho market and will no doubt be entanatve purobaeeri I RE H OKNING. APRIL 12, 184 MtaU' of tin- Food Maikrbt In Kurapr. Lowos Cokm Kichaioc. March 17.?The trade hu* ecu very llrm thin morning for what, F.nglisli unit broigii. ot which the supplies have been only small. ninl nuch below the great demand whi<*h exist* for iuimoliute use by the millers, uud for exportation to France. Although higher price* have not been freelv paid, the juxlnes* lie* been ut fully the prices of Monduv. and I ir1<>* generally refused unless at higher rate*. Indian I lorn, of which the arrivals have been larger since the | 'badge of Wiud. is to be obtained ut hover rates, there .icing numerous buyers ut band for this grain, where the jrlcoM show any tendency to decline The reports of the xtcuaivo arrivals of Hour and Indian covn ut the port of Liverpool, have not produced any influence in the Lon- i Ion market, where the supplies are far below the pre- ; lent deuiuud for every article for the home uud foreign1 fade. I.omion 1'oux F.xciianui:. Mosiiaa, khircli 15.?The -hangc which ha* taken place in tiie weather since FriIsy. mad he regarded us highly favorable, and should here be no return of frost, a very *hort time would prujably uutliee to work a wonderful improvement in the upset of tin- country The wheat plant i* naturally auckwurd in conuequeuee of the long continuance of Vost. and the late keen uorth-east wind* have given it i somewhat, ituhcullliy appearance; but we are inclined Lo believe that no actual mischief lias been done, and v* tile breadth sown lust uutnuin was great, there I* no reason to take a gloomy view of our futuro prospect*. This, however, cannot alter the present position of affairs, and u* the stock* of corn on hund are unquestionably short. whilst comparatively little assistance can be calculated on from the continent of F.urupe, It will ro|iiir? u very large importation from America to cause ?ny material reduction in the prices of fisal in this country and Ireland. Owing to the long prevalence of i>a*terlv winds, supplies from the other side of the Atlantic have for some time past been moderate; hut it is certain thai large quantities of Hour, wheat, and Indian Born are uow on passage to (freat Britain, a portion of wliieh may he daily expected, uud we attribute Itic want of activity observable in tlio trade it Liverpool on Friday, to the Oclief that a few day* would suffice to bring to hand a considerable supply. At tliis morning's market there was n uioderuto show of wlient by laud-carriage samples from the home counties. Nor WU" there much fresh up from more remote part* of the kingdom, lied wheat, was held 'fs. to .la., and white Is to .'.*. per quarter above the rates of this day week. I'he demand was certainly less uctlvo than it has been if late, but u* factors were very lirui. needy buyers hnd to pay the adrnneeil rates. Foreign wheat was taken to i numerate f*u in n>r shipment to Iriiucc ami llclgiiim, it tonus fully i>i|ual to thou- ot Friday. being qultn 'In per quarter above tlx* currency of this tiny sennight. l'u w u-inude Hour moved off tardily. nor was American in uurli request; but neither kiml wiih at all rhmiKr. Willi rather a small supply of barley, this gralu hung icuvily on hand, and though wo do not doom it nooo>inry to nltor quotations, thu turn was decidedly in favor >f the buyer. Malt win also rathor cheaper. The fresh irrivals of oats were scanty, und the dealers were under he necessity of paying the advance of Is to !ia p?r qitaror. insisted on by the factors. Ileaiis were is to -Ja per luarlcr cheaper, and peas Is to Js per i|uartor higher liuti on Monday last. LlVKRrooi, Corn ?\cha*ok, Friday, March IP.?On Wednesday and yesterday, suverul parcels of American lour were purchased for shipment to Frauce and coastvise. The demand lias been freely met by holders, and .he prices of Tuesday were without change At our uurkct this morning there was a fair attendance of buy?rs, and a tolerably good business was transacted in sliest and flour at the full prices of last Tuesday. Wcstsrn canal flunr realised 40s per barred . and the extent of wiles since Tuesday is estimated at 30.000 bids. Indian corn was Is to'is per (jr. lower, but more business was doing st the decline. Tlksdat. March iti.?In confirmation of tlie prospect uf increased arrivals, we have to note for this day" s market a liberal supply of most kinds of grain produce, coastwise and front abroad, especially of Indian corn and flour, of which the Importation Is abundant, and the export to Ireland considerable Transactions in any description uf wheal w ore upon n limited scale, and a doclinu of 3d per 70lbs from tlie rates of Tuesday last was generally conceded. Knglish and Irish flour, being extremely dilll[-iill to sell, each was nominally cheaper, and American In slow request at un abatement of to ?e tid per barrel. Indian corn, in the absence of further orders from Irelaud to-day. aud importers being generally more urgent Lo effect sales, a reduction of4s to oo per 4Hlbs was decidedly established. Tito accounts from America received llits morning, however, quote extravagant rates for grain ind Uotir, which, with greatly advanced frrighW. and lower rates of exchange, would"scarcely clear themselves (I our preseut currency Avksaoi 1'ri< ?: r>i on .us, ? mauk l r to Svit roav uii IFAf. Bily. Oafi. Hyc. Btant. Peat. Imp. weekly arerage 74 3 i2 1(1 it 2 Ji 1 J2 7 il II Aggregate average uf live six weeks which regulates duty T3 I 13 ^ 32 3 ii 1 13 > -16 0 [From the London News. March IH.j Accounts pour in from all corn-growing countries, to the effect that there is no want of grain If there were hut vessels to carry it. About nix millions of quarters of wheat, mailu, rye and barley, have been announced by mercantile authorities as available for .shipment on the opening of the navigation in eastern Kuropo ; but everybody is startled at the amount of tonuago required to carry so much. Assuming, in round numbers, tire quarters to represent one ton, a fleet of 1.300.0000 tons burthen would barely suffice to convey that quantity to our shores Two thousand four hundred ships, of .MX) tons each, or four thousand eight hundred vessels, of 330 tons being more than all Kuropc possesses of either class alone, would but suffice for the emergency. Still, under the intlueuce of the high freights now paying for grain, we may assume that it will all be sunt forward In successive shipments, although at tbo risk of displacing tallow, heuip and linseed to a large amount. Hut the abstraction of this HUioiint of tonnage from the usual course of our merchantmen, will obviously be of serious detriment to thu channels of trade whirfi they usually feed. f From the Liverpool Mail. March 30.) business was excessively dull in the early part of the seek, tho scarcity of money, the advices from America, lite favorable weather for agricultural operations, and Llic depressed state of the manufacturing districts, all Having u tendency to limit the demand for the lending tapirs, and to keep down prices On Wednesday there was a slight improvement, which sgaiu manifested 11 elf yesterday, and a general confidence Is entertained Dial all circumstances taken together, trade will lie round to he III u ri ally more healthy eonditiou. anil with much bs-ttcr prospects, than ul the same period laal year. Immense quantities of provisions, of all descriptions. are on llicir way hither from America, nml will continue to pour In upon us for soine time The quality of these imports is inucli improved of late, compared with those formerly received, and u better mode of pack iUK -M ii >111<i |i\u rv iur me r.iiKimii uiurKci, nil" i>eeu iiuopi 1 ed by the cur era in tti*> I'tilled Stntes Inconsequence of tfie temporary snaps-nalon of the navigation laws, mmiy foreign vessel* have been chartered for grain port*, nml other* -Dutch. Hussion mid Norwegian lmve arrived in ballast. in search of engagement* for the American provision trnde." fKroni the Liverpool Journal. Mareli -JO ) In the iniilat of appalling scenes of destitution end dentil, food is pouring into the country from nil pnrt* of the world, without tending to arrest in the lenat degree the rapid atrlde* of funiine .So dny passes wilhout minnuucenienta surh as the following, copied from the Cork Hruortrr I? On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday we hud the latisfnelion of iinuotineing the arrival in our harbor of no lea* than ti vessels laden with grain and every dclerlptlou of bread studs. VVu have lo-dny to point atteulioii to the extraordinary large import* since our last publication mentioned In our Cove note. Among theui are cargoes from Marseilles, New-York, I'hlliulelphia. lljcs'a. Trieste. Alexandria. Vienna. < arril, Vigo. Cainlnlio, Oporto, Sim Sebastian, Leghorn, t cphulonia. < orfu, Venice. Constantinople. Valentla, Hilbna. and < orunna. making In nil fis cargoes of grain from Saturday to Monday Inelualvo.'' Last week the arrival* al Dublin of vessels with bread tisIV-* were from Klo da (Irojo. Higiiadeni. Boston, Hllboa. Alexandria. Odessa. Bilhou. Antwerp, Hamburg, Borleaux. ami Baltimore. There has hot been such n market of oatsnnd potaUies in Bandon for many month* as on Saturday There were 17 loads of potatoes of very good <|itnlity. and some if them of good slae ; average price from 3d to In fid 1'ha Main-street was so choked up with ears of oat*, thnt t was with difficulty the police kept a pussagn through I .hem. and many loads left market unsold. The supplies (says a Belfast report of the 13th of March) coming to market, particularly of wheat. keSp rery small, and we do not alter our 'imitations Webavo iad a good many arrival*, froin the I nlted State* and he Mediterranean, of ludian corn. ,Ne , since Krhlny ; irleen, lu con*ei|uenee. are rathrr lower A letter from Oalatx (Moldavia) of the Mth ult -ays? ' I-nun waut of ships, only ? small portion of the corn "olleetcd here at the end of la*t year has been shipped, ind. eou?e<|Uoiitly. the magaxine* of all the port* of the lantlbc are still full. The quantity now at Oalatx. and >thcr places tear, oannot be estimated at lees than ,100.0(H) hectolitres of wheat. MW.OUO luaixe. 300,000 barey. and 100.000 rye. The corn of the last harvest In doldnvia I* expected to reach this port early in May text, and the total iiiantity is estimated at J.07ti.<NH) leetolitre*. Western Kurone will tliu* be able to furdsh herself from the ports or the Danulx*. after tho next larvest. with nearly 3.000.000 hectolitre* of corn More han II*) vessels are now detained In the Danube by the A letter from Nice state* that great agitation prevail* imonget I ho peasantry of Lombard v. o* I ng to the dearie?* of proiielon*, and thai, disturbance* wore anpro- , londod. T*o regiment* had arrived In the neignboiit?"d of Milan, and othora were on their mereb. The nuanian Minister of f inance haa officially contra lleted I bo statement thai tho Russian government Inondod to prohibit the export of grain and meal 'Din j ostrlctlon la merely meant to apply to Toland V firman hae beep leaued, prohibit log tho exportation >f com from Helen lea. The weather In f ranco had boon magnificent, and noat favorable for the growing crepe. Ho desirous i* the [oteminent to eecure tho people fund at any price, that I rullt hlilllchr baa bel li given to lie agent* to puri llll-e ill tho (tour that can lie obtained In Kngland The exportation of com in IH4H. (?ay* a Ht Peter*- I oirgli letter, of tho tat ult..) amount* to 1.000.000 chotsorts more thuu in the preceding year. The demand or all klud* of corn thl* year give* reason to presume hat the exportation from Hu*ala w(t| greatly exceed | hut of all former years. But It appears from a state nent which haa bean drawn up, that tha stock of flours not only not exhausted, hut that this oity alone b able ERA] 7. to deliver seven times the quantity. ami that a continued 3C demand is much to be desired tor our merchant# aud at agriculturist*. since the demand takes place just in a at year wlun Russia can conveniently supply it. It is pro- *< liable that lust ycur aud this will bring Russia '10.000,000 H reudy mouey more than usual '1 Accounts from the rural districts of Oormany coutinue to speak of the scarcity of provisions and the ' spreading desire for umigrut ion (chiefly to America), not A only among the poorest classes, but ulso among the . . bautrn, or small land proprietors ; and It is probable that before long the question of providing facilities of , emigration will be brought before the authorities of the * several states. . at Kovorable uecouuts have beeu received of the growing ?u crops in Kgypt. )0 The accounts of thefqpd riots iu Kelgiuui have, it Hp- I's pears, been grossly exaggerated. Ti Ry a circular from the Minister of Commerce and ?V A|fletKm In Prance, the prefects are called upon to !'.! make a daily report to the government, of the state and promise of (he grow ing crops of corn. " F.l f'ro Jtl Comercio says that 0000 wagons ure em- | ployed in transporting to Sautuiuler grain for exportation. and that an enormous quantity bus been attracted r( there by the speculation of the Kreuch government, iu u, which the Duke of ltlaiuures has a large interest. p, Iu the prescut high prices of the principal articles of , |? food, says a (I0I7. letter of the 11th ult. the hopes of the i is public are generally fixed on the next harvest Accord- j b ing to aeeouuts tliat have been received, the winter corn | " which has lieen sown promises fair ; audits the land is iu , " very good condition, u line crop is expected. As Inst ti rear was not so unfavorable to the potatoes as tile year c before, we iii;i? perhaps entertaiu a hope tliat this year 1' will lie still less so. The department of Dcux-Scvrcn. lit France, has been !' agitated for some time past, in consoquunee of the continued rise in corn. \t the last market of Parthenay. wheat reached the high price of 4tif , anil even at that * price tlie supply was taken off at once. Home excitement | wits apparent, but It did not break out into any disturbance, Kenrs were, however, entertained of troubles at j Tlicuexay for the approaching market-day of the tilth. Iu this state of things the authorities thought it prudent to send to lite Prefect und lioneral De Hremont ; for additional forces. Those gentlemen Immediately set , out. uceoutpanied by a detachment of the titli chasseurs; ' but on tli" way. a second dispatch having arrived wilh ' ' less alarming news, the troops were ordered to return to ; ' Niort. The Prefeetaud the general proceeded to Partlic- , 1 nay. aud having concerted with the authorities relative j < to the ineiisures to be taken, returned the next day to * N'lort. The market of Saute-Vanssnis, on the Utli. was ' ' marked by some disturbances in consequence of the 1 s inn 11 supply of eoru and the augmentation of price.? Some arrest* were effected, after which order was re-established. ' Accounts from Havre of Monday, the 16th ult , state 1 that the wind having veered round to the east, no more vessels had arrived with corn. In consequence a slight I rise of prices had taken pluon. Our accounts from Madrid arc of the 11th. Ministers i J had biwii questioned in the Fortes relative to the high (i Drirc of iirovUinim fit. Mmlritl mm w??I1 mm to tho m*nrrifv " felt ill certain provinces. In reply to which tlmy oh- j, served ihut government could not take upon Itself to prohibit exportation, although In certain places the local authorities bml done so. They mentioned that $ while Alicante and Murcia wore complaining of the high l' price of corn, in l,n Mancha and < astile. the complaint was. that corn was not bringing a sufficiently high price, p We learn from tlio public papers that immense eiporta- n tions of corn for France are taking place at Santandcr. and it is hinted that the Due do it! an tares, (furou t liristina's husband, is no strunger to the speculation. y MImccIIiiimous Commercial Intelligence. f I.oidov Mom;? Mihio:r, Wednesday evening, Mareh 17.?The arrival of the stonmer with the American mull has had no influence in improving the value of public . securities. Consols opened ut 88*,. nearly equal for mo- . ney and account, hut the market soou gave way to 88li ' and IWS'. For a considcralie time the only change was from buyers to sellers, at 8H'j for account, and the In- , ' lest i|Uotations wero Hrt' i for money, and SriJa S f?r RC" i count. The market closed weakly, some very large j | sales of stock having been made by brokers, who act 1 t usually for influential parties, during the day. There was no purchase made on ucrount of the eonimlfsloner- . for the redemption of the publie debt, and hence it was ( inferred lliut the broker was supplied to the usual amount ( by sales uiade ou account of the savings banks. Till is a contingency whicli the high price of provisions hd<1 want of beneficial employment by too many of the laboring classes may be expected to increase in amount, in consequence of the withdrawal of money lor subsis- 1 tenre. The scrip of the Loau was done at \ and T? discount, t Kxchequer Bills wer? par to 3, and India Bonds 3 pin j There was a large sale of Three-and-a-Quarter per cent stock made for the opening at bUJi, ex-dividend, alleged , to be on account of a public company. Notice was ' given this afternoon that the Fast iudia Company had ' advanced the rate of Interest ou their bonds to 3>s per . cent. This, and other similar cases, will increase the . difficulty of keeping F.xcliequer bills afloat, unless the rata of interest is further advanced. The probability of the bank directors'going a step fur- ' thor iu advance in their minimum rate at the weekly meeting to-morrow, has been the subject of anxious in- i nuiry and discussion throughout the whole of the day. The commercial letters from the C'nitcd States are generally represented as holding out the certainty that a very mush increased amount of ths precious metals will bo required to meet the fall iu the exchange, which was generally expected to fall lower tlian It was at the date of the sailing of the present packet In ths higher monetary circles, therefore, tlie opinion is much more uniform than it was last week, in favor of ihobauk being now justified iu making another move in advance. The transactions in foreign securities were of no interest either in number or amount. There was not a bargain marked in Spanish bonds. Chilian were done at 93; Kqiiador. '!.TB; tlrenada Deferred, 3; Mexican. fl1.,'; Dutch Two-and-u-Hnlf per Cents. and the Four per Cent Certificates, 91*>. Hailway shares were flat. Parm Bocrsk, To snav, March lt?.?The market has again been excessively heavy throughout the day. The general opinion which prevail* that. notwithstanding the declaration of the Minister of Finance, the gorerunien will be ultimately compelled to resort ton loan to relieve its necessities, tends to depress the market; added to which a report was in circulation that an intimation hud been made hy the Hunk of F.nglnml that the loan made to the Hank of t rance would be required to be repaid at the time specified. uud could not I? postponed 1 I'he increasing price of eorn ami flour in most of tIt? markets, and the consequent calls which will be made on < the government for assistance in procuring supplies, tiso , increase the general gloom: ami from the opening everything showed a downward tendency; Threes, after being down to 77f. Mr closed heavy at 7i f. ft.'ic.; fives at llif ( We The market closed as follows ; Three per < entc. | for cash. 77f. 70c.: for account. 77f. j.x\; Five per t ents i for cush, 11 of. 60c ; for ncconnt. Il-'tf. Itic ; Hank of | trance shares. 3340f ; Mpaui'h Three 31'*. ditto, Five: . ( and Neapolitan, not quoted. I The Share Market has been also extremely heavy; all the lines throughout the day offered, and at the close the quotations generally lower. LiKKfnot. ("in iov Marki.t, Kridty. March lit The same limited ileumud for cotton which prevailed last week has been maintained during the whole of the present. The policy of working short time is now so extensively adopted by the spinners that the estimated diminution of the weekly consumption is bales This, together with the uiiremiinerating character of every brunch of the trade, has tended greatly to limit the sales, the present relative value of manufacture* and of cotton controlling any disposition on the part of consumers to hold any large supply The Boston jdcamer which arrived on Tuesday, is represented to have brought extensive orders for goods : ami the lrnd? .inti- ] clpate from their execution Nome relief under the heavy 1 stocks they bold, and also a favorable action upon the I exchanges. But. although this circumstance lias tended j t to give confidence, it lias not. .hitherto, influenced any ' 1 increased demand ; and the total sales of tile week, in- j ' eluding 3.600 for export, have only been. 16.1.(0 baleAll kinds of American have been freely offered, tin ' limited state of the demand affording to holders little ' opportunity to make progress in sales ; the authorised quotations of fair" qualities of all kinds are reduced I ' id per lb.; but at this decline, purchases in I plands. 1 which It itinera at. ti7,'d per lb . cannot Is- made to any I extent remain- have been taken to some extent for export: they are freely offered, und In them, as well as | iu other kinds of llraxil. and in Fgyptlan. a farther de- ' elinii of '?d per lb. lias been submitted to. Surats are , 1 only in limited rrqueyt and they have declined l,d per 1 lb. 1.0(g) hales of Vtnerican have been taken on ?|ierii- I Istion. und 1.130 of American. ti-'iO of Sural and 1.330 IVrnam* for export To-day the sales arc 3 .000 bales ' ' otton Is freely offered ; prices are the sanm as yester- ' day Sales litis week 330 Ses l-land (ieorgis. 13d a '; Htulned ditto, - ; u.jso I'plund. bowed .'Nil ' a 6\d; 6.I.M) New Orleans. a 7%'d; 3 300 Mobile, t fi.Vd a b'sd i ' Iriroarr To tliin date. 1847 .bags 907 ' <! I ' Mama time 184ti bags '474.301 i Biotas. 1 | On thi* date. 1847 UV..m i Name titn.- I - l'i hags -:tl .7CK) M?i II Total sales up to l'4th March 1*17 bags 'lti.1,030 1 Ditto to '40th March. 1848 bags 481 .840 I l.jvrarooi. Tan i ? f i mm, March 19.?Nugar.? The ! luarki't continues dull, without any (treat change In ' price The sales consist of 200 hhds B IV. 1000 latgs D?n- 1 gal, and MM mala Mauritius I'oMtgB ThlMMI(l the week has been very moderate, amounting only to "On 1 barrels and bags Brazil. at former prices, and Win boxcllarana all faults. Molasses- The trade are unwilling j to purchase nt lata price* and the only sale reported ha- , been an infert'T parcel of pemeriirH from the quay at vis per cwt f olfi-e The transactions are quite uuimport .int thie *e*k, tbey comprise '40 tea Jamaica Ifo bags nio. and .iO bags ( orta Ttlea at steady prices 'Kt cases t.aat India ffinger brought 44m to 47a 8d per cwt and a small lot of black pepper '4\d per lb No sales of cocoa or pimento Klee ,'i00 tierce" < arollna sobl at 2 'is 8<l to 97s, and A0#0 bags Bengal at 9#e tld toVIs !?d for low mbldllng to fair white, being a decline of Is per cwt Hum The market la not sulttolcnlly settled to enable qnotatfttions to lie accurately adjusted Hie business la very limited Tea -Throughout the l>nM week the market ' has be< ii heavy, mid oiles >tIfTts-illt. In effi t-l. unless at ' lower rates Turpentine -No sales are reported, hut previous prices are fully maintained, and In contc<|uenre of a largo purohaao In LnA n. OWt m prim have a further tandency to advance. Tar A small parrel of Archangel tar (900 bbla) bae been sold at l!Hi The business in Montreal pot and ptarl ashes bae born extremely Urn Had, but the quotations remain unaltered Seeds?I here has haw mora doing at tha raoaat dec lino -about mo to ? _L?^1 M II' LD. . % Price Two C'enta. 10 bug* of Prouvh red rluvereeed haw been taken 47s Oil to 4tt* OJ sod small lots of n?w while ; 63* to 66* per cwt. duty p?hl. sisu. about >0 casks old flaxseed at 47s (it to 60* p?r . ask. uercitruu burk goes off slowly at the highest quota' ous Olivu Oil?TUs business immaterial. do change i prices A r.irgo of Malays offurod by auction to day, id withdrawn at i.'6j 10s. tbu owner declining to accept ss. Thcrs Is ii ' change to notlcs 1b Ktsh Oils Noting has bean douo this woek in Southern Whale OU uuoud Oil is stationary, but Pale Raps has W?u sold at tlier lower prices. Oil of l'urpcntiue coutluuss in fair unaud. aud the quotation* are unaltered Palm OU Is eady, aud the sales this weak amount to about 760 tons X'iti to Ills per tou. Heuip?The only sales re tried are those of bales Jute, at fuU rates, say 4il9 s le ?-10 10s per tou The Tallow market Is dull, but itoreburg V C. is pretty steady at 61s; 100 oasts of old illow. of good quality, were forced off at 60s. in other rta eery little has beeu done American Lard is rather glier. (.although '160 kegs were sold during the week at m lid;) 1000 kegs brought 66s to 67s, and 167 bbls. 66s ir ewt. fKrotn the Liverpool Journal, March 10 ] The gloom eoutiuues. and the talk is that no marked lief need be expected for a mouth or two ; that the niiuiited orders sent out to every place for corn have >und a response hardly expected ; that there now apuurs to be no want of breadstuff*. and that the quantity i to he reguluted nuly by the rapacity of vessels to riug it ; that without going to the New World therw Is lore th?u enough for our wants in tho Old one. and tint the result of abuoditnl supply necessitates a demand ir gold ; that com must he paid for, hut that, as all the ommercinl navy Is engaged in transporting food, the uyment must be immediate, and. of coarse, in specie The further talk is that the ran on corn tends. In the itenn time, to diminish the draw on bnUion ; that, aihotigh we import more grain, we Import leas of other ouiuiodltiei ; that the usual supply of cotton la stUl In tmerira. and that the average of nearly all other article* xeept sugar, is under an average ; that the bank is la.nring to relieve the pressure as much us possible, by cfusing to create further alarm by raising the rate of ntorest. London Tiivm Ur.roav, Thursday. March 18 ?Aagar - Iii Hit' Wi'Nt India market only 13 hbd*have hesn told. :.hih? boxes of 1 Inva 11 it. and 3.700 bags IVraxmbueo war* iflfered at auction. Tlio sound portion or the Havana vn? bought in above the market value. The damaged mid nl very full prim. 43a to 31a for brown to good yeiow ; tile i'eruamliuco nearly all hold, brown to fair gray Ida tid to 53a fid. 3.000 boxen of white Havana in bond vero all bought in at 33a fid to 34a fid. 1.000 boxes of In'erior quality Hold privately at 33h? a few Iota at 34a for inc. Coffee Tlio sales to-day cunaiHtad of 1,000 ban 04 eylon, 3.000 bags of I ox la ltira. and 30 barrala of Klo S'ativo Ceylon Hold at rather canter raleo ; low to good irdinory 4Ih to 4.1a fill, and Coata Kica at 3a to 3a decline tio was taken in at 43a per ewt. .Miscellaneous. .U the Department of State, April fith. 1*47, fnformaiou has been received from K. tiardiier, Kaq., Conanl of lie I'liiteil Mtatei for the I ape Verd iHlanda, of tha death f Jonathan Sheldon, of DuancNhurg. Schenectady ounty, New Vork. captain of the ahip Coral, of New ledford. on the 33d of January last. The city authorities of Philadelphia have appropriated .VHl towarda a puhlie illumination, in honor of the vieory of Buena Vlstu. The Manchi iter (N. II.) .IwmVin reports the Inea of rancestown Academy by lire. Loss estimated at f 1300? io Insurance. f hurlM. Reed. Ksq. of Krie. Pa . hax agreed to transinrt by steamboat, free of charge. from Detroit to lulTalo. any donations collected in the State of Michigan or tho relief of Ireland. The burk Factor, in the emptor of the Irish relief eomnittec of Boston, cleared from thai port on Wedneailay or Cork. Ireland, with a cargo of provisions valued a* 138,808 14. A new wharf. l.iO feet long, ifl to be constructed at iloOcester, Pa. The Massachusetts Legislature has granted to Am.icrst College. $33,000 to he paid during Ave years In iqunl annual instalments. The basin at Albatfy is tilled with heavy tow-boats, freighted with thousands of Mils, of Hour, and Ihotiiwin'ti if buelioJs "f grain, reudv for a Mart on the -bo. t-et no. Lire. A whole lici t of steamer* uiiij fail crall entered Llit* basin anil the outer harbor ?- soou as llielevgaia way fjomo 35 or 30 were waiting for that cveut. Memphis and Na?hville hailed the new a of the late vic.orlrn In Moxicu with illuminations uud salute gunn The tanner* In the vicinity of Ottawa. Illinois, enter :ain foam that their wheat crop* havu been greatly in ured hy the aevcrity of the winter. A shocking murder waa perpetrated on the Fastern shore of Maryland, on Saturday, the 3d inatant, on the leraon of Mr Johu li. Fairbanks, a highly respectable reIdent of chapel district, in Talbot county J'hw perperatorof the horrid deed was Joseph MUlis. young man u the employ of deceased. Several young whales have lately been aevu within .bree uiiles of the mouth of the Delaware Deaths in the city of Savannah, from lint 34th Vebnitry to the 30lh March, number 31 ; of whom 14 warn while and 13 colored persons. At the public commencement of the 1 nlvervity of Transylvania. on the 3d instant, at Philadelphia, the degree of D.U. was conferred on one hundred and hfty-alx persons, and of M.D. on beveu. A tire broke out in the oil store of John Jordon. In 1'iitprson, N.J. at 11 o'clock, on Wednesday evenlug, and destroyed before It was subdued between $10,Wt and $11,000 worth of property. \ man named Hobcrt Brand lately committed sulfide at Muffs hotel. Buffalo, by stabbing hituself in the ?ld? with a dirk knit* Tapers in his possession Indicated that, he had had much difficulty with a person in New Orleans named McDowell The steamer John Owen, which left Detroit on Friday week, was not able to reach Cleveland, and waa obliged to return The steamer Ch impion wae to leave Detroit* on Saturday morning for Cleveland UU,J j r . sod Ibo New OrK'siis for Buffalo oil Mouuai li e permit ling The eastern division of thv public wurks. the Ohio Cuual. was to he open on the 5tb The propeller Delaware is up at Buffalo, for t hicago in a few days, lee permitting ' The steamer I ntWd States was looked for at Buffalo (on the at ti l as swob as the ice could possibly be penetraled. I Htrnlsv vnl r..v( .I,..- In \l I....-*. 1 I onlanci- with custom u numlwr of tlie Boston pa pars cere IK'I Issued mi I liar day. I.ant week u plumber. named Patrick i ody. of .Newark, s J was. bv mi accident exposed l? ii stri-api of tuelu-l ail, a considerable <|iiiiulity of which wan thrown Into ii* eyes mill upon liia neck uu<l fare A portion of the net a I penetrated between the lids in u fusej statu. auil noulded itself to the hull of the eye. roierinc nearly the a hole nurture. Violent inflammation, of roiirne. followed, nit. hy proper mefllcnl treutuient thin ?tie subdued, anil Mr t is now enabled to puraue his ordinary work tin tlie 3d. the river at l.oniiiTlllr had fallen all tneiiea within twenty-four hour* Depth of water in caual, on the 'id. wven feet Weather eleur and warm The eold win so revere Ht t'llnton. 1.11 . on the nights of the 13th and I Ith nit . that the young corn waa (tit. down by the front, and feHr wrere entertained of ih? rnit being in a great measure destroyed The Tottdo /l/rtrfr of the 30th, announces the arrival of u bout from Deflunee w ith tilHHl bushels whaat Robert Owrn 011 Charity, ami Ita F.flWta In Practice. To regenerate the world from ita present Igmorajire. poverty, disunion, interior passions, criuiea. and mikery. -barlty must lie made to pervade Immunity. How is this mighty object to ba accomplished * 1 hairlty, purr, genuine and universal, which an-the only trus rharaaertsties of this first and highest of all virtues, is an affrvt mly of art eflleieut cause. It can never he created, pure, genuine anil universal, xeept through a correct knowledge of the natnral. fixed uid iliirhatiglng laws of human nature. And when this knowledge Is taught to. received and understood by any being, the mind of that being without either merit or demerit attributable to hint, cannot nvnid being filled witli this divine i|tirtiity. wliieh will destroy the germ of all anger, hatred, violence, envy, jeulonsy. oppression. and injustice, of riery description; and, in deuil thereof, will Implant tho seeds of good will, kindness. M fleet ion. with a cordial, never-dying de-ire to pronote the hlghesi snd t>e-t Interest aud permanent Itapilness of man, without exception of color, clime, or east" \nd this alone Is that charily which tliinketh no evil ut w hi<-Ii ardently desires the permanent good of all, tiul thai will with inexpressibla^tuasure. actively exert ill Its powers, pcrseveringly thkflugh life, to aid'ln lh-? iccoinnlislimcnt of this great wosk to stay end prevent he daily lurrcasing evils of Ignorance, poverty. disunion 1 ml crime But how Is thin great and happy change In human 'xlstenre to In- now efTpetcd in opposition to the ttnixer til lose of individual wealth, and of ennse?jn?nt M-fflslirtess I |ty the most simple of all proves rs: merely by trndually superseding the inferior, vicious. injurious, or ill arranged elrenmstances. which Ignorance lias modlo pervade the world, by superior, well arranged. Tlrtu his and rational clreunistunces; for as these are, so wtU man be. all the world oyer ?b it ever maybe tin- present Ignorance and error <>f every latitude and lot filmic. This entire change front the evil and inferior arrangements of the world. 10 the good and superior elreumwliich 11 w ill l.? f..~ Ik* I.....I. ~r .11 11 pvervwhere exlat, way be etTeated tltroucboat theater* rlvllt/ed nation". *? rapidly * the railway* ?r? nn tiperacdiiiK old roadn. ami pteam navigation la otitponilng the uncertainty of adverse wind? and wave*. There ia a good time coming. Nt? koaa, April 10. |m|7. (tOUr.RT OUT.*. J.aki: Knit (>pi s.?Tlf -following in I'mm Mi" IlitlVilo Krprr??. i>t ?|ie 9tli:?Hut it aliouM I e in iniud. that pun phnuld tli" Mclawarc work bn way through the lee, there I" un certainty that nlh< r? will he a Me to follow her A ?>?t wind often block* ftp tin: ! . in the Height*.Ihood of HiifTalo. after "ten nhont? hnre pn*r>cd through it while scattered by the en't'.wlnd;- "The propidlor Delaware rained "team yenterday morning, aud put off westward To the eirprle' of every one for tnthe naked eye the lake prevented an unbroken atirfnee of Ire *he picked her wny alone, and by ono o clock I* M . had made aome twelve or fifteen nillca. Should phe And no won- travelling farther on than phe encountered on the Arid of her Jotmiej will get through with little trouble or delay. W m- ' renpt nably aspect a boat witblu tb? aeattwrat) I'.tu hour*

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