Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 13, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 13, 1847 Page 1
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THl Vol. XUI. No. I(N?Whole No. 4WH. HIGHLY IMPORTANT INTELLIGENCE FROM THE SEAT OF WAR. SPECIAL DESPATCHES TO THK NSW YORK OFFICE. THE OFFICIAL DESPATCHES (\ 1? MAJOR GENERAL SCOTT AND COMMODORE PERRY, RELATIVE TO THE BOMBARDMENT OF VERA CRUZ. Fifteen Americans Killed and FiftySeven Wounded. Mexican Lou One Thousand, ARRIVAL of baivtaajviva in thh city OF MEXICO. Stoppage of the Revolution. H,S PESIRE FOR PEACE. Tremendous Loss of American Vessels in the Gulf in a Norther. Arrival of the Steamer Sconrge, AT VERA CRUZ. The Loss of the Steamer Hunter. ATTACK ON ALVARADO, MOVEMENTS OK out &OUOH AJn> ebapy. His Pursuit of Vrrea, Ac. Ac. Ac. TELEGRAPHIC. IMPORTANTPKACKITTKLLIGENCE. I'm i la Delphi aj Monday. April 12,1847. The mail from New Orleans ben arrived, and bring* advleae of the 4th in*t. The paper* of that date eontain the detail* of the bombardment of Vera Cru*. The Princeton landed her mall* at the Belize. It i* atated that one half of Vera Croc 1* destroyed.? The Mexican loa* 1* about one thousand?one half wo men and children. Oen. Valdoz 1* among tho killed. The troop* diaper*od by Col. Harnoy were Tlaneheroa, and war* not eommanded by Oen. La Vega. The brigade of Gen. Quitman wa* to leave on the 30th to attack Alvarado. The gun boat* and small steamer* were to escort him. It was the intention of Gen. SooLt to uuih on toward* the city of Mexico. One of the editors of the New Orleans Picayune. Mr. Kendall, writes that Santa Anna had arrived at the capital, and wai dttirou* for peace. He had put a itop to the. revolution. The steamer Scourge had arrived at Vera Cruz 8pwlal Despatches to the N. Y. Herald OtUce. No. 1. Cauv Washinutov, ) Vf.ra Oaui, March 29, 1847. ) At i o'clock, tho Castle saluted the Mexican flag, and crossed to the city; at 10 o'clock the whole Mexican army marched out. and stacked their arms on the road near the Cemetory. Our army then marched on each side of the Mexican lines into tho town. Col. Belton took possession of the Castle, saluted the American flag, and then flrod a salute to Commodore Conner, as the Princeton left. Major Oencral Scott, from the government house, reviewed the troops as they marched through the public square. He is now quartered In it. All the best part of the inhabitants had left the city before the attack. On our entry, it looked like a deserted city. The number killed is not known; supposed to be large. The city is very much knjured by the shot and shell. Nine thousand Mexican troops were within twelve or fifteen miles of the city on the night of the 28th, and were driveu hack by Col. llarney, of the dragoons. The attack will be made on Alvarado, to-morrow, the Mth. It is important to have possession of it, as the country about it is an agricultural one, and will open the inarkot to our troops. HRIKr notks of raoCKKDINOS bf.fork vf.RA CROC. March 9th?The disembarkation commenced. I 44 K T?,? I.. .. 1..... . . 1 l mvu?x uti mivovuivuw mo vuuijiici>V| mv tuuruirn wuui'ii. 17 th?Ten or twelve mortar* wore on shore to-day. 18th?Trenches opened at night, aid?City Hnmtnoned to surrender at 2 P. M., and on refusal the flro was begun from seven mortars, afterwards incroased to nine mortars. 24tb?The naval battery of three 32 pounders and three 8 inch Paizhan guns began its fire this morning. J6th?A battery of four 24 pounders and two 8 inch howitsers opened to-day. 2Cth?The enemy early this morning commenced the negotiation for a surrender. 29th?Possession taken of both city and castle, the garrison marching out and laying down their arms. The trenches were open 7 days. The fire from our batteries was continued 3?l, days. During the sizteon days that intervened between the disembarkation of the troops and tho opening of negotiations, there wero five days of violent "northers," in whieh all landing of stores, See . was Interrupted; and during the seven days of open trenches there were two day* and night* in which it wus impossible to undertake any now work, or even, by clearing the trenches and batteries of large quantities of drifting sand, to arrest the accumulating damage. INorrit ial list or Kii.lrd isd Wdundhj ar.poav Vr.aa ( sl't. i'hom tiiv. Lisoiin to Tiir. Tiaivo Postrtiiow or tiir Citv aid t'asTLi:, via : > son mil 9ru to tiis 20th March. Kit . Navy-Ono eflicor and lix men in the shore battery No. 6. Army- Two officer* and six man. Total- Throe officer* and 13 men WocnerD Nary?One officer and lix men in the nliora battery No. 6, Army?Throe officer* and 40 men Total? Four officer* and 46 men. Total killed and wounded, 7 officer* and 66 men? milking In all 66 person* Namii or Oirtcr.rt Kitirn. ( apt. John II Vinton. 3d Artillery; ( apt. Albnrti*, 3d Infantry; Mld*hipman T. B. Hhubrtck. Navy. Nami:s or Orricr.a* Woranr.d. Lieut. Col. Dickenson, H. Carolina Volanteer*. severely, Lieut. A. S Baldwin. Navy. Mightly: Lieut. Dclagin Davidson. 3d Infantry, very slightly; Lieut Lewi* Nelll, 3d Dragoon*, severely. All the wonnded are doing well No. 3. Cam* WifHivnrnv, ) March 29th. 1147. ) I i*t or V str.i s Asnonr lln? n Sai *ifi< ios. Skip. Diadem. ? ? Dismasted. Hark Mopjng. ( apt. Boobear, (?ov. stor?k, Towl loai. Origt. Caroline, t apt. Button, j, t,ov. stores, Bilged. Mary Ann, " "'ill, C*l't. Decker. " Total Ios*. Orion, Cspt. Hanilall, " Bilged. Kileit h Clara, - Doubtful. 'sr/l'eoncr# " ' ,OM 8?"V r, ?7. Battler*, Total loss, rhebe r.ligs, f apt. Hottsrd, 14ov. stores, Tight,bad titu'ii. Louisa, Cape. Smith, Total Ios. Klienora, " ftes .Nymph, (opt. Drew, " " Blanch. Capt. K. Hayrn, " Harriet Smith, ("apt. Williaan'n, " " fofrnw, ? " ? Ellrn, r ?pt. Smith " " O'carIgor,". Off in * few d'?. T.H. Walker, Total Iom. A (I, Morton, w Bilged. Tionic, ?? " Mary Priam, < apt. Onhiia, " " Pacific, t ape Mich., - Total lo... Ytlaai o. ? " ' I'-nlerori.e. - Diamante!. (aroltur, ? * " Noam or Twr Carri.t. Jfnif. Pattcraoii, ? .lolni Tottcty ?~ ? ? Prnaacola, - ? ? Nattre trainman, ?? ? ? I E NE" i THE PLAN OF THE | ?V- ? 1.1. Plasa de* Armas. 9. Plasa del Mali. 3. Plasuela da la Contaduria * . (4. Plazuela da la Caleta. 0. Soldiers' Lodging House* 1 8. Small Sand;H111s. > ? 7. Small Lakes. ~ A. The Walls, f B. Gato to the City of Mexico J 0. Gate of Las VUles. * D. Hospital for Females. iTTsea. Gate, ft F. Mole. O. Fort of Santiago. H. Fort of St Jooe. THE ARMY. Ofltclal Despatches of General Scott. Head Quakteks or the Asht, > Camp Washington, before Vera Cruz, > March 93, 1847. ) Sia : Yesterday, seven of our 10-inch mortars being in batteries, and the labors for planting the remainder of our heavy metal being in progress, I addressed, at two o'clock. P. M., a summons to the Governor of Vera Out, and within the two honrs limited by the bearer of the flag, received the Governor's answer. Copies of the two papers (marked respectively A and B) are herewith enclosed. It will be perceived that tho governor, who. It turns out. is the commander or uoin piuce*. cuunu. ngmuai. mi plain term* of the summons, to suppose mo to have demanded the surrender of the castle and of the city?when In fact, from the non-rrtvol of our heavy metal?principally mortars?1 was in no condition to throatan the former. On tha return of the flag. with that reply. 1 at once ordered the seven mortars, in battery, to open upon the eity. In a short time t ho smaller vessels of Commodore Perry's squadron?two steamers and live schooners?according to previous arrangement with him. upprouchcd the city within about a mile aud an eighth, whence, being partially covered from the castle?un essential condition to their safety?they also opened a brisk fire upon the city. This has boen continued uninterruptedly, by the mortars, and only with a few intermissions, by the vessels, up to nine o'clock this morning, when the Commodore, very properly, called them off from a position too daringly assumed Our three remaining mortars are now (1*2 o'clock. M.) in battery, and the whole ton in uetivity. To-morrow early, if the city should continue obstinate, butteries Nos. 4 aud 3 will be ready to add their lire. No. 4. consisting of fuur 24-pounders aud two 8 inch Paixhan guns, und No. 3 (naval battery) of three 3-2-pouuders aud three 8 Inch Paixhans?the guns, officers, and sailors landed from the squadron?our friends of the navy being unremitting in their zealous co-operation, in every mode and form. So far. we know that our Are upon the city has l>eeii highly effective, particularly from the batteries of 10 inch mortars, planted at about 800 yards from the city. Including the preparation and defence of tha batteries, from the beginning?now many days?and notwithstanding the heavy Are of the enemy, from eity and castle, we hare only bad four or Ave men wounded, and one officer and one man killed, in or near the trenches That officer was Captain John R Vinton, of the United States third artillery, one of the most talented, accomplished, and effectivo members of the army, and Tl Artillcrv hnn<ji'*ntf:m. ) c*mr Washiwataw. March 34. 1?47. ) Hi* :?I have the honor to report for the information of the general-in-ehief, that on the aid instant. nnd a* soon a* the chief engineer had reported that the batteries were sufficiently advanced to receive aeven mortar*, I placed that numhor In battery. By 2 o'clock on that day I was prepared to open the fire upon the city of Vera Cru* At qunrter part 4 I received the order of the general-ln-chief to commence firing on the elty, and the batteries No*. 1, 2 and 3 were opened with great animation and apparent effect. From the moment the batteries opened on the afterboon of the 23d instant, the Are ha* been Incessant day and night. On the 23d. and during the night, battery No 1 waa under the command of Captain Brook*, of the 2d artillery; battery No. 2. under the charge of Lieutenant Shackelford, of the 2d artillery, and battery No 3. under the charge of Captain Vinton, of the 3d artillery, and until the hour of hi* death, about 4 o'clock, p. m . whan the command devolved upon Lieutenant Vanvllct, 3d ar tUlery Tbe *cverolo*? to the ariny by the death of Captain Vinton, woe the only lone wo *u*tainud on the flrat day Several of the men wore allghtly wounded The fire from the city and from the eaatlo on our batterlee, with ?hot, *bell?, and rocket*, ha* been intermitted. but with brief period*, olnce we opened our batterlo* ; end we auit aeeribo our eafety. under *ueh a heavy and eenetaat fire, to the *kill and aclence of the olSeer* of engineer* tn tbe construction of our hatteriee W YO ?EW YORK, TUESDAY 11 CITY OF VERA CRUZ AND THE F IfI Aft' K> yr J. Fort of St. Barbara. LT Fort of St. Ofrtrudo.'* M Fort of 8011 Jarler. N. Kort of San Mateo. O. Office of the Captain ofthe Port P. Kort of San Concepelon. Q. Gate Merced. S. Convent of San Kranclsco. T. Convent of San Augustlno. V. Convent of Santo Domingo W. Kort of San Juan. X. Convent La Merced. Y. Kort of San Kornnndo. Z. Convent do Helen, now unoccupied by religious inmates, but used for the Artillery. who wan highly distinguished In the brilliant operation* el nt Montorcy. He fell, last evening, in the trenches, a where he was on duty as Held and commanding officer, ti universally rogrotted. I havo jnst attendod his honored n remains to a soldier's grave?in full view of the enemy h and within reach of his guns. tl Thirteen of tho long-needed morturs leaving twenty- 'i seven, besides hoavy guns, behind?have arrived, and o two of them landed. A heavy norther then set in (at 3 meridian) that stopped that operation, and also too 6 landing of shells, llence the fire of our mortar batteries u has been slackened, since two o'clock, to-day. and can- c not be roinvigoratod until we shall again have a smooth s sea. In meantime I shall leave this report open for a jeurnalizing events that may occur up to tho departure v of the steam ship-of-war, the Prinoeton. with Com. Con- y ner, who, 1 learn, expects to leave the anchorage off Sac- o riflcios, for the United States, the 25th lust. * March 24?Tho storm having subsided in the night, wo commenoed this forenoon, as soon as the sea became 11 a little smooth, to land shot, shells, and mortars. The naval battory, No. 5. was opened with groat aetl- '' vity, under Captain Aulick, the second in rank of tho " squadron, at about 10 A. M. Ills fire was continued to 1 2?o'clock, P. M.. u little before ho was relieved by C'apt. u .Mayo, who landed with a fresh supply of ammunition ? " C?pt. A. having exhausted the supply he had brought ' with him. He lust four sailors, killed, and had oue 11 officer. Lieut. Baldwin, slightly hurt. The mortar batteries, Nos. 1. 2, and 3, have fired but 'J languidly during the day for want of shells, which are now going out from the beach. 1 The two reports of Col. Bunkhead, chief of artillery, both of this date, copies of which 1 enclose, give the iuci- 11 dents of tiloso three butteries. Buttery No. 4, which will mount four 24-pounders. and two 8 inch Paixhau guns, has been much delayed iu the liands of the indefatigable eogineere by the norther that tilled up the work with sand nearly as fast as it could bo upended by the half-blinded laborers. It will, however, doubtless ho in full activity early to-morrow morning. , c March 23.?The Princeton boing about to start for Phi- n ladelphlu. i have but a moment to continue this report. \ All the batteries, Nos. 1, 2. 8. 4, and 6. arc in awful ae- d tlvity, this morning. Tho effect Is, no doubt, very great, li and i think the city cannot hold out beyond to-day. v To-morrow morning many of the now mortars will be g in a position to add their fire, when, or after the delay of f< some twelve hours, if no proposition to surrender should 1 be received. I shall organize parties for carrying the city t by assault. Ho far the defence has been spirited and e bstinate. t I enclose a eopy of a memorial received last night, c IE CASTLE OF SAN JUAN DE UL .. ,J' : . - . W i li .. . " * . ki-t-- - Krom morning of the 'i3d to thl* morning, the tint- *i\ terieahav. been in charge of ( aptain MrKen/.ie, of t>ie n Qd artillery, and t'apt. Ander?nn and Brevet f apt. Tay- p lor, of the M artillery i Yesterday, about lit o'clock in , I waa nble to place n three more mortara In battery, but owing to the highnra* i of the wind, the ahell* could not be landed froin the atore a chip, and our fire to till* time liae been eery moderate. ? not exoeedlng one Are In every Ave minuter boat night I interceded In moving three 21-pounder f gun* to battery No. 4, with the neee?*ary ammunition o and implement* which hare be*n placet In battery I One more 34-pounder. and two 8 Inch howltxer*. will r be moved out to-night, and to-morrow morning, (a* we a 'hall douhtlea* obtain a aitpply o| ahella to-day, the alorm having abated aufllclently to land them) I 'hall t be able to open the fonr batterle* with ten monari. four d It-pounder*, and two B-lncli howltiera, with Increaaed a effect and renewed vigor. o I can bear taatlmony. front peraonal ohaervation, to the akill and gallantry of all the ofllr.era detailed on artillery Hervioe under my direction, and of the eheerfulncaa i -* 'i i. ?. n.,,1. >i (ftiau nvrnuilKTH (f| Vll? UlCU 111 UIH priUIUlWICB Wl ? laborlnu* ililtiea I harp the honor to b?. respectfully, your obedient servant JAM KB BANKHKAD. 2<l Artillery, Chief of Artillery l.ieut. Scott, Aet'g. Adj. General. Army Headquarter*. 1.,~ AaTiLi.aar HtiDti'tlTili, I ir (amp Washington, March 24, 1H47 ?ft p ui | 11 Sir : Since my report of thle date of operations in the d * ^ , I / a i)( uT Jb ? A- u ;>?t* RK B IORNING. APRIL 13. 1& 'OSITION OF THE CASTLE OF J , | aossa IfiSS IMS'1 SB fH \\ v\ wi-t^s l^:W ,*.' V; & 4U --7- ; \ ;ti \ PF?V \t l;i VluJrl <^fc/ '? \", Ti.\ .... ^ M A $7' ' v- \ :X : igned by tbo consuls of Great Britain. Franco, Spain nd Prussia, within Vera ( riu, asking mo to grant u ruco to onahle the neutrals. together with Mexican wolen and rhildron. to withdraw from tho scene of avoo about them. I shall roply. tho moment hat an op]>ortunity may bs taken, to ||| I 'hat a truce can only bo granted on the application f Governor Morales, with a view to surrender . That iu Mending safeguards to the different consul", oginning an far back as the 13tli lust., I distinctly admnished them -particularly tho Kronch and Spanish onsuls?and of course, through tho two, tho other ronuls. of the dangers that have followed 3. That although t that date I had already refused to allow anv person fhatHOcrer to puss tho lino of investment either way. ot tho blockade had been left open to the consuls and thur noutrals to pass out to their respective ships of rar up to the 'J'Jd instant; and 4th, 1 shall enclose to the memorialists a copy of my sumions to the governor, to show that 1 had fully considerd the impending hardships and distresses of the place, acluding those of women and children, before one gun tad been flrod in that direction. Tho intercourse bcween the neutral ships of war aud the elty was stopped it the last mentioned date by Commodore Perry, with ay concurrence, which I placed ou the ground that the ntercourse could not fail to give to the enemy moral aid ,nd eouifort. It will be seen from the memorial, that our batteries lave already had a terrible effect ou the city, (also uowu through other sources.) and hence the iufrrencr hut a surrender must soon be proposed In haste. I linve the honor to remain, sir. with respect, your iiost obedient servant. W1NKIKLU SCfl'IT Hon. Wn. I". Marcy. Secretary of War. A Hi*.AD Ul'AKTUI 01' THE AHMV I Ol* THE Uniteij States ok Amk.hii a ) Camp Washington, before Vera Crux. March *i*J, 13 17. The undersigned. Major (Jeneral Scott, general-illhief of the urinles of the United Stutes of America, iu ddltion to the close blockade of the roast and port of 'era Cruz, previously established by the squadron tinier Commodore Conner, of the navy of the said Stales. mvinir iw?w fnlk in tad oil I h<? siniil rifv vv if 11 ah fWM. rbclming army, no an to render It impossible that its arrlson should receive from without Hucoor or rc-lnoreemeut of any kind; and having caused to he eslabished batteries, competent to the speedy reduction of he said eity, he. the undersigned, deems it due to the lourtesies of war. in like eases, as well as the rights of lumauity, to summon his excellency, the governor and ouimander-in-rhicf of the pity of Vera Cruz to surron UA, BEFORE THE CAPITULATII :rrxi~ ? . -irr: . - _ * 'ztztzz ' ~"."I-.. - . sts tr- r* t w- . i." " .. . . - -.Z.. v. rattertoe uplo I o'clock. a, in ..Of hour when the troopi ire relieved. I have to rtktr. Tor the informal ion of tin ;oneral in chief, that the cm-ray opened a brisk lire or uir batteries soon after "murine tbin morning. wlthou ny cff.-ct ; but about 10 o'clock most of their batteriei rcre again openM on us. ami one man of company B. 2rtlilcry. waa kilted at battery No. I.aii'l three men *eri crcrcly wounded. A shell fell Into battery No. .1, where four men of com -any F . 2d artillery, were wounded. The shell fell on ne of the mortars.'breaklng the mortar bed and throwng the mortar thlrt* feet from the platform?another aortar lied can be obtained from the ordnance depot nd the mortar will be remounted We ha?e been reetralned from tho want of shells froin hrowlng more than one every five minutes during the ay. A full aupply will he in place to-night, and as soon it It. Is rlart enouirh to send iK,..? is il... k..n-.?lss with ut being oboerred by the enemy. I am. very reepoclfully, jour obedient ?or?*ut, J AS. BANK HKAD, "? Sooond Artillery. Chief of Artillery V? L. S< ott, Acting Adjutant General, Army Headquarter* [Tranelntlon. I V?.n* Can*, March 24. 1B47 The uiidereigned. ennaula of different foreign power* ear the republic of Megico. moved by the feellrig.of hulanlty excited In their heart* by the'frightful r**ult* "f lie bombardment of the city of Vera < rm during ye?ter. ay and the day before, hare tho honor of adore**! n| [ERA 17. JAN JUAN DE ULUA. -r* i K*\ 8 & \ lSi\ ! \ ? 3f \ ' 3! ii 1 V ir ?' ''J' Zv&tY Jr " i der the name to the arms of the United States of America. present before the place. The undersigned, anxious to spare the beautiful city of Vera Cruz from the imminent hazard of demolition its gallant defenders from a useless i llusion of blood, and its peaceful inhabitants--womeu unit children inclusive -from the inevitable horrors of a triumphant ?*sault. addresses this summons to the intelligence, the gallantry and patriotism, no less than to the humanity of his excellency tho governor nnd eouiniandcr-ln-chicf of Vera ( 'ruz The undersigned is not accurately Informed whether both the city of Vera Cruz and the castle of S. Juan dc I'lua be under the eommand of his excellency, or whether each place has its own independent commander; hut the undersigned, moved by the considerations adverted to above, may be willing to stipulate that, if the city should by capitulation, be garrisoned bv a part of his troops, no missile shall he fired from witnin the elty, or flout its baslious or walls, upon the castle, unless the castle should previously fire upon'the city. The undersigned has the honor to tender to ills distinguished opponent, bis excellency the governor and eornuiander-in-chief of Vera < ruz. the assurance of the high ruspoct and consideration of the undersigned. WINK1KU) SCOTT. B [Translation 1 The undersigned, commanding general of the free and sovereign State of Vera Cruz, has informed himself of the contents of the note which Major Oeueral Scott, gencrul-tn-chicf of the forces of the Cuited States, has addressed to him under date of to-day. demanding the surrender of tills place, and castle of 1 bin; and. in answer, has to say. that the above named fortress, us well as this place. depend mi hi* authority; and it IteinK liin principal duty, in order to prove worthy of the confidence placed In him hy the government or the nation, to defend both point* at all coat, to effect which he count* upon the ueccaaary element*, and will make it (rood to the laat; therefore hi* excellency can commence hia operation* of war in the manner wlitch he may consider moat advantageous The iiudcraittncd has the honor to return to the general-in-cliicf of the force* of the United Slate* the demonstration* of esteem he may he pleaaed to honor him with. <iod and liberty ! Vcat < hi t, March 3'j, 1847. JUAN MORALK8. To Major (iencral Scott, gcneral-in-chlef of the force* of jhe United State*, ailuated in aigbt of tbl* place. UN. ' ' ? ^ ..j.---- . --i ' a collectively. Oencrul Scott. commander-la-chief "f the * army of the l:nltod Stato* of the north, to pray lilin to i auapend hi* hoatllitica. Hint to lirutit a reaaonahle truce. L ailftMeiit to enaMc their rexpeetite compatriot* to leave < the place with their women and children, a* well a* the I Mexican women and children The ran neat of (he underaitrned appear* to them too conformable to the dialing hle?? of clvllltatloil. iind they have too high an opinion of the principle* and *cnlinient? 1 of General Scott, not to |>e full of confidence in the puree** of thi* rcc|uc*t They pray htm to have the Rood ne*? to rend hack hi* anawcr to the pnrltmrnlairt. who la the hearer of thl*. and to accept the afitranrr* of their reapectful cnn?ideration T. OIFKORD. ( onaul He aa Majeate flritannitue A Ot.OUX. I<e eonaul de aa Majeate le Rnl dea Kran^ai* KII.LIPK. fi |)K K.St ALANTR. It I lift h . WtliLll tx IIKN It I DOI-KIKK. < annul <le H. \1 le Rol il? Prtl<MW?. A true translation "f tli?- original paper. fur the Heeretiiry of War K P. ?? AMMON, A.A.D.t'. llr?n?0'a* i i n? or tiii: Akmt, < amp Waahington. before Vera < run, March It. |A47 I hare tht* moment rerelTeil your note of thin date, ' inquiring whether. In uiy opinion. It may not he a nereaaary meaaure of eipMllrnry to atop for llio preeeut th* InUrcourw heretofore allowed between the neutral 1 i. ,. ??? i t?. ?\ ? < ??. no it J ... LD Hrtce Two Cents. vessels of war ofl tliU roa?t and the city uud rsstle of Vera Crux. I promptly unswur in the iiftiruiative couaidsring that both place* aru now bi eluded by our squadron undar your command, aud the city not only invested by tha army, but actually undar tha Bra of our land batUrtm. The Intercourse?the subject of your note?cannot, it teams to ma. however neutral In its intended oharacter, on the part of the foreign ships of war presont, fall to five the places in question, under our Br v. much moral aid aud comfort. With high respeot. fcc . he., WINFIF.LD SCOTT Commodore M. C. Pissv, U. 8. N., commanding home squadron, he. Usitkd Stated Strambr Mittiiurri, > Off Sacrlflcioe Island, March 93, 1847 S Sir The citv and caatle of Vera Crus being now slosely besieged and blockaded by the military and naval orces of the United States, it has beoome necessary to jrevant all communication from outside, unless under the ktuctlou of a Bag of truce. I am. therefore, constrained to inform you that all intercourse between the vessels sud boots under your unuuiaiid aud that part of the American coast suoompassed by the United States forces, must for the prmoni cease. With great respect, 1 have the honor to be your moot obedient servant, M. C. PERRY, Commanding Home Squodrou. Commander H. S. Matdois, H. B. M. sloop Daring. Capt. Mamurl in. i.a Por.ntr, commanding H. C. M. naval forces. Gulf of Mexico. Capt. O. Dubut. commanding Krensh naval forces. Gulf of Mexico. Headquarters or the Abmt, > Vesa Ch i, March 3?, 1847. < Sir The flag of the United States of Amsriea Boats triumphantly over the walls of this city and the sastlo of San Juan de Ultia. Our troops have garrisoned both alnee 10 o'eloek. It is now noon Brigadier Gen. Worth is In command of the two places. Articles of capitulation were signed and exchanged at a late hour night before last. I enclose a copy of the uuc urnruii. I haw heretofore reported the principal incidents ot the siege up to the :16th instant. Nothing of striking interest occurred till early In the morning of the next day. when I received overtures from Oeneral Landero, on whom General Morales had devolved the principal command. A terrible storm of wind and sand made It difficult to communicate with the city, and impossible to refer to Commodore Perry. I was obliged to entertain the proposition alone, or to continue the fire upon a place that had shown a disposition to surrender, ft>r the loss of a day. or perhaps several, could not be permitted. The accompanying papers will show the proceedings and results. Yesterday, after the norther had abated, and tha commissioners appointed by me earlv the morning before, had again met those appointed by General Landero, Commodore I'orry sent ashore bis second In command. Captain Aulick, as a commissioner on the part of tha navy. Although not included in my spec lac arrangement made with the Mexican commander, I did not hesitate, with proper eourtesy, to desire that Captain Aulick might be duly introduced snd allowed to participate in the discussions and acts of the commissioners who had been reciprocally accredited. Ilcnee the preamble to his signature. The original American commissioners were. Brevet Brigadier General Worth. Brigadier Oeneral Pillow, and olonel Totten. Four more able or judicious officers could not have been desired. I lutve to add but little more. The remaining details of the siege ; the able co-operation of the United States squadron, successively under the command of Commodores Conner and Perry ; the admirable conduct of tbo whole army?regulars and volunteers. I should be happy to dwell upon us they doserve; but the steamer Princeton with Commodore Conner on board, is under way and I have commenced organizing an advanee Into the interior. 1 ni* may D? ueiayeu a few uays walling in* arrival of additional meunH of transportlon. In the meantime, a joint operation, by land and water, will b* made upon Alvarado. No lateral expedition, however, xlintl interefere witli the grand movement toward* the capital. in consideration of the great services of Col. Tottan. in the siege that lias just terminated moat successfully, and the importance of his presence at Washington, as the head of Hie engineer bureau. I entrust this despatch to his personal care, and beg to romuiand hiui to the vary favorable consideration of the department. I have the honor to remain, sir. with high respect, your most obedient servant, WINflKLD SCOTT lion. W. I,. Marcv, Seerctary of War. Propooition for thr appointment of Coiumittionrrt I have the honor of transmitting to your excellency the exposition which has this moment been made to me tty the Senoreo Consuls of Kngland. K'ranee. Spain, and Prussia. in which they aolicit that boatllitles may busaspeuded while the innocent families, in this place, who are suffering the ravages of war. be enabled to leave th* city, which solicitude claims my support ; and considering it in accordance with the rights of aflltated humanity. i have not hesitated to invite your excellency to enter into an honorable nrromniodation with the garrison; in which case you will please name three cominlaaionera who may meet at sonic intermediate point to treat with those of this place upon the terms of the accommodation. With this motive I renew to your excellency my attentive consideration. tlod guard your excellency, ho On account of the sickness of tho commanding general, JOSK Jl'AN DK LANDI.RO MajorUeneral Scnrr. Copy for the Hon. Secretary of War K. P. 8CAMMON, A. A. D. C. Crtdtntiah of Committionert on the pari of Me Unit id Statu. In consideration of the proposition the undersigned has received from Senor (leneral I.andero, the actual commander of the cltv of Vera Crux, and it* dependencies, that three commissioner* he appointed on the part of each belligerent to treat of the surrender of th* said rity. with its dependencies, to the besieging army hefore the same?the undersigned. Major (leneral Srott. general-in-chief of the armies of the United Htate* of Auierieu. ho* appointed, and does hereby appoint, denerals W J Worth and (1. J. Pillow, with Colonel J. <J. Totteu, chief of engineers?all of the army of the said States, commissioners on the part of the undersigned to meet an ci|unl number of commissioners who may be duly appointed oil the part of the Senor (leneral I.andero. to treat of the surrender of the city of Vera Crux and its dependencies to the arms of the said State*. Done at ( amp Washington, the headiinarter* of the tinny 111 uir winiru "WHI P I'l niiii-iiv?, iuu ?vui uaj U| March. In the year of our Lord 1847 WINHELD SCOTT. Gen. LanJtro'i letter notifying thr appointment of Mexican Commit lionori. In virtue of your excellency's having accepted the proposition of accommodation which 1 proponed to yon In my despatch of to-day. and in accordance with the reply I hare just received. 1 have ihe honor to inform you that I have named, on my part, the Senorea I olnnela D. Jom Outlerrer. Vlllanueva. I> Pedro Miguel lirrrera. and Lieut. Col. of Engineer* I). Manuel Koble*. to whom I have entrusted*!!" com|?'tcnt power to celebrate said oceommodation. having the honor to enclose you a ropy of the expressed power. I reiterate to your excellency the assurances of my high consideration tiod and Liberty. Vera i ruz. March 26th, 1847. JOBK Jl AN UK LANUKBO II I ADQI ? II 1 I IM 01 THI AaMV, \ Camp Washington, beforo Vera Crut, ( March '26. 1846 $ Outlines of instructions to the commissioners appointed on the part of the Cnitrd States, and coiumiMiontd by the undersigned to treat with such person* a* may be duly authorized on the part of the city of Vera t ru* and its dependencies, on the subject of the surrender of ths I siunc I Tho whole garrison or garrison* to be surrendered ! to thn arm* of thn United state* n* prisoner* of war. J. The garrison* to hn permitted to march out with | tlm honors of wur mid to ground ttrmn to nueh force a* I limy l>n appointed l>y thn underpinned, and at a point to I he agreed upon by the commissioner* :i The surrendered plaoea to he immediately garrison I ed liy American troops t Mexican officers to preserve their side artnn and private effect*. including horse* and home furniture, and tube allowed, (regular and irregular officers.) at the end of day*. to retire to their respective hone* on thn usual parole, with the exception of nueh officer* an thn two partiea may ilnrui necciwarj to aoeompany the rank iiml tile to the United States S. The rank and file of regular regiment*, eorp* or companies. to remain ax prisoner* of war. subject to be sent to thn United Stain*, (with such Mnxlnan officer* a* may lie nendnd with thetnnn.) and to bn riot bed and subsisted by the I nited Htatn*. at thn nltimatn eo*t of the Iwlligerrnt that may bn agreed upon by a definitive treaty of peace ti. The rank and flic of thn Irregular portion of the prisoner* to lm detained day*, and subsisted (If noreasary) for the lime by the I nltnd State*, when they may !? permitted to retire to their respective homes, their officer* giving the usual parole that the said rank mid tile shall not serve ngaiu until duly exchanged. 7. All the malerirl of war. and all public property of every description found in thu city and IU dependencies, lo belong to thn United State* , but] the armament of i Ihc same, not injured or destroyed in the further prosecution of the ariual war, may )mi considered a* liable lo lie restored to Mexico by a definitive treaty of peace A If \1f>?Irktt I'fiminlaalMiim /imrlirt* fenrvt tfi*i want of j>ow?t or authority, to treat of the surrender of the caetle of S. Juan do t'lua. the American coinmirKtoaor* will urge the former to a*k for eueh power*. and grant any necenaary delay to that end ; but if ?ueh power be not nuked for. or be not. on application, obtained, the American coimnl**loneri> may. hraltatlngly rnneent to refer the ruhjeet hack to the underalgnod for further in*t ruction* to meet that etnte of thing* WINKIKLD SCOTT Notk.?Articled * a x not, of couree. giyeu to the Meilean eommimilonera A true copy froin the original paper. K P SCAMMON, A A D .Camp Sir pinpniiftnnt |n? Ikr Mrtiran ( ammntiontrt la thr Ornrrmi-in- Ckirf. Ixt The garrtrou will eyai oate the place within * tima to la agreed upon between the belligerent patllea, r< tif? *

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