Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1847 Page 2
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PIPPF^-? notions of Mr. Calhoun, we opine, can be pretty clearly made owt. The political creed of General Taylor is not distinctly known. He fias been a soldier, and not a politician. He would have gone for Henry Clay at the last election, and was opposed to the annexation of Texas. Thus much, we believe, is known ; and thus far General Taylor stands directly ooposed to Mr. Calhoun. But it is said that Old hough and Tough is a free trader,and it is a f iff well known that n? is a Louisiana slaveholder, a .State in which, perhaps, the people are more immovably attached to the institution than l n "^nnf h ( 'nrnlmu Absorbed in the two great questions of free trade and slavery, we may now safely consider all other aspirations of Mr. Calhoun to be. lie is jealous of the North on both questions, and of both parties, and particularly of a northern caudidate upon .the question of slavery, lie is distrustful ot intrigues, burgiins, and log-rolling with the abolitionists, to secure thelbulance of power which they hold in the north. His motto js that which Byron gnve to the Greeks, with a utile modification:? " Trust not for slavery to the Kranlu. They hare a king [Preston King,] who boys and sells, tu Southern men and Southern ranks The only hoj?e of slavery dwells." U'hexeupon, if Mr. Calhoun can not depend upon the independent ticket assutf'C ent to curry 'lie election to the House, and, if so, to carry it satisfactorily through the House, what better alternative can he adopt to cut ofl the abolitionists from all participation in the next Presidential election, than by casting his strength in the field uj>on the old muii of the moan tains! Indeed, notwithstanding die great achievement of Gen. .t?cott nt Vera Cruz, it so far falls away before the bloody field of Huena Vista, that Taylor, from the general uprising in his favor, threatens to supersede the necessity of a Baltimore convention in toto. And this is another prime obicct with Sir. Calhoun. \V. Collector at Vera Criz.?Mr. C. s. Bogurdus denies having received the appointment of Vera Cruz. Baltimore, April 13, 1847. -1 Ventral Illumination?Carpenter's Strike?Thunder and Lightning?The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad? Thtalrieali?The Markets, 4*c. Our City Council bare made an appropriation to defray tbe in penned of Illuminating the public building*, and bare recommended a general illumination by our citiivna in honor of the reoont glorioua achievement of our arnid. It will probably take place on Monday evening next, tbv anniversary of the buttle of Lexington. The.journeyineu carpenter* yeaterday made a general strike for highur waged, and paraded tbe stroets In grout numbera. with a band of music. They have been receiving $1 *14 per day. and now demand $1 SO. About two-thirds of the employer* laat night agreed to glre the edTunco demanded, but the other* dttll persist in rofutdng. Of course they will be compelled to give In. or give up the husiuoss. No mechauie ought to think of working for leu* than $1 30 per day. Wc had any quantity of tbuuder and lightning last night, between W unci 12 o'clock, the first of the aeason. The clouds lookod a* if a heavy storm of rain was about setting^ in. hut ft proved a false alarm, and we have a bright sun und clear sky this morning. Mr. Whoatley aud hi* *i*tcr. Mr*. Mason, appeared lust night at the Holiday street theatre, iu Romeo and Juliet, lu presence of a crowded aud fashiouabln auditory. The business of the Baltimore and Ohio llallroad is cloudily and rapidly increasing. The gross receipts for the last six months, ending the 1st of April, were upwards of $76,000 over the oorrcsponding six mouths of lost year, being over one per cent on th? ontire capital. The receipts last year were about $1,000,000. this year they will probably amount to $1,100,000. _ The peach and apricot trees iu this vicinity, are all in bloom, so mild and pleasant has been the weather of late Thi Mmi.ri.?There wore only 160 head of beeves offered at the scales yesterday, all of which were sold except 30 head, at much improved rates, owing to the light a-mmlw FViortU rnntruil from n. 44 fifl nor 10(1 Him on the hoof. Lire hugs of good quality art- bringing $7.? 8omo Indifferent parcels were sold at <>6 H7'j. Then1 were sales on .Saturday of tlftOO bbls Howard street tloui at $ti 62%, and 500 bbls at f>6 ftO. The intelligence from Kngluud showing a docliuu in the market for breadstuff* bus produced little or no effect ou the price of Howard street (lour. There were wiles of 600 bbls at ftO, ami 1000 bills at $6 62%. The unfavorublo English ncwi unsettled the market for City Mills, and two sales, com prising 700 bbls were tnadu to-day at *G ft0, a decline o ftO cents A few parcels of Maryland wheats reached (he market to-day. and sold at l ift cents for prime lots About 1700 bushels l'eun'u red sold at liO cents. Salei of ..Id. white corn at bft a 86 eta., aud of yellow at 00 a'.i'J cents. A sale of Pcun'a yellow at 91 cents. We <(uot? Md. Rye at 78 a 80 cents, und oats at 4.) a 46 cents Sale* of Stocks nt UaJtlmorr. << .000 Tress Notes ti\ 101.%', S2.815 City fj's, '00, 98% ; $3,30C City 6's, "90, 08,%'. U Sfi's, W, closed at 102 asked, 101% bid; Treasury notes, li'i, closed at 1U2%' asked, Ul2 bid; Treasury notes, ft2-5, closed at 102 asked. 101% bid; State 6 per cents closed at 81% asked, 81 bid; City fi per cents of 1890. closed it 99% asked, 'Jo,% bid; Bait and Oliio railway slu 13 asked, 12% bid. Philadelphia, April 13,1847. The Democratic meeting last evening was well attended. though a thunder-storm prevailed during most of the time. A resolution was adopted recommending that the illumination of next Monday evening be general throughout tho city and county. The nomination of Gen. Taylor for the Presidency, was alluded to In the scries of resolutions adopted on the occasion as follows:? Resolved, That whilst, as members of the Deraocratli party, we yield to none In devotion to our political creed and In eupport of the men nominated to rnrry out thi measures approved by It, yot we must ever regret, as un worthy of an American party, nn attempt to subvert tin enthusiasm felt by tho country at the surcess of thi country's arms to the strengthening of a party noml nation. Resolved. That every true patriot must condemn th< narrow and selfish feelings which could, in the ligur o exultatlou at the deeds or valor performed by the Ame rlc-an s-ddler, seek to tag. as an appendix to a partv no inination, the glorious results of our arms at Boons V Ista n the hope that some scattering rays of light from thi (plendid sun of tho national success might lie reflected upon partisan nominees. Hon. John T. Smith presided at I lie meeting, whirl was addressed bv the Hon. Charles Brown, (Jen. Hiran Walbridge, of Onio. l ot. .John W. Forney and others Tho illumination for Monday evening promises to Is very brilliant, from the preparations making on every side. In addition to the lighting of the public buildings, tiro-work;, appropriate to the orenslou are preparing by order Of the city authorities. The piano forte establishment of I) (1 Grove, Ninth sod Arch streets, was sot on fire early this morning, and the building with ns many as fifteen pianos, greatly . 1 i?/ ? ii i... i TV,., i .i...,v *2000; tho property ni however. fully insured I roo by the Savannah papers tlut tho U. 8. steamer Scorpion put into that port on tho 8th lout., for fuel and repairs to her engine, which still works badly, notwlth landing all the repairs nut upon it hero, tier officer* are of course awaru. boforo this that the city of Veru Crux has been captured without their aid. Tho opera continues to attrurt brilliant audiencea tc the chesnut street theatre. Tho attendance last eve nlng to witness the representation of Norma, comprised tho beauty and fashion of the city, and the vocal and in strumental must* was executed in a style seldom, if ever eus-lied In this city. Thla Is the last week of tho l)an$evit$ russiiitt, and the cnrioalty to witness their performances seems una bated. Hales of Ntocka at Philadelphia. ArRii. 12 ? Kiasr Boibd?8 sharai Bk of Keutuckv, 7Jl, $1 too Htste J's. 71; 2} State Navigation, 17; IJ Uirartl Trust, 21 ?22000 State J's, 72, S1000 Lehigh 6's, 68% Ants 8iir.i-Nilii Klrtningtoii Copper Co, 18%, 8900 1 S Treasury Notes, J 2-J, 101%, 10 Vickstiurg',; *100 l-elugli ti's. 69: 100 Morris Ciiial, 22%; ?joo State J's, 72*; 1 Mechanics' Bk, 27. Skco.nd Boaili?$1000 U S Loan, 8's, 67. 101; 2J Sclmylkl Navigation, 17; 100 C S Bank. 5; II Kentucky Bk, 70; $2:1 00 1' 3 Treasury Notes, 102: 71 state J's 71: JO Prnu Townsht Bk. 32; $1000 .Schuvlktll Navigation Co J's, 'GJ, 86%; M V icksliurg Bk. 11%. 81000 State j\, 721.; 2J 17 S Bank, J; 4 Li high. 28%; 100 Trias lids. 22%: " Commercial ItU, J'%. imi: tjsLi i? JO ths Vicksburg Bank, 11%; 1000 Headiu 11R ,10; $1000 L' S Tress Notes, Grs, 102, 1200 (J S Bsnk, I J, i<n Trias Bds, 21; JO Morris (.'anal, 22V Halaa of Block* at Boeton. \ratt 12.?Exi'HAW'it Dosan.?22 Boston and Maine 111 ,17 Western RR 101%; 50 East Boston Co. b20 d 15%; J V ast Boston Dividends 8V18; GJ Norwich and Worcester HI 40%: l?0 do s30d 19% VI do ?60j 49% , $9000 U States Treasur Seles 6 4>er cent 101%. The Loan Taken. [From the Washington Union, April 12 | We have the pleasure of announcing that the whoi loan of eighteen millique Is taken above par. at a prr inium varying from one-eighth to two per cent Th whole amount bid was $67,790,883, of which the sum t v'>4 92t). 'i83 was hid above par. and the remaindc $3.8(54.300 At par. Thus It will be pstrenimd that th bids at a premium largely exceeded three times tb amount of the loan advertised Considerable sums ar taken for trustee* and executors, for savings hanks an persons not In buainees. for actual Investment, and wh desire to pay the money immediately The secretary however has gtiardad against calling in the loan mor rapidly than it Is wanted ; for, were be to do so, It wool tusks the government pay interest prematurely, end dt raug" the business of the country t>y too large a call fo pod. in any one month An intelligent corrcspondenl In a communication published by us last week, calculate that the money would not be all wanted until the lat a February next, which would require something loss thai two millions of dollars of the loan to be paid monthly f which P*'*1 *n_in?talment wonU no ?nu Hi cireuiauon T.O OtTOM til* melBf f?! jaying rucceedlng tnatelmenta from time to time Bl caalng hi the loan thlj way?which wo ara a ecu rod wlJ In. Ho no?wh Jit a large amn in lotereat will b? aared U t h? gnrernment, no braer rail* will ho mad* for onocli at any one time, and the bualneas of the country will b< nndioturhed. Tin Wda of fifty-eight mllllona for thla loan, demon etrate the juat confldouce of the people In their own gor eminent, and tlia ample roeonreee and wealth of th country No doubt thla auepldoiu roault wa* aided b the recent glorloua victoria* at lluena Vlata and V??r ( i U7. under our horolo leader* Taylor and Scott, hn the aucctaaful reault of tlio tariff of IH-ld whlrh. It I d, monatrated. will yield an annual rorenue of thlrt million.'* of dollar*, and the new military contributor under the new Mexican tariff. aJao contributed to awe the bide. H> undcratand that the cuatom houae at Vera Tri I e large and egcelleat building, and ara thla month a mi our brave oflteri will be ccUactlag the new dutte ! A* the** good* of our own, mad of oil other oouatrlM [ would, under the law of nation*, ho liable to no new duty or conflaeation after a peace, what an inducement it afford* to carry into Mexloo a large supply, not merely to eell during the war. but which, after a peace, would even be (till more valuable, cape dally if Mexico should then renew her uld prohibitory and protective tariff' Aud what an inducement doe* thU furnish to .Mexico to i consent to an early peace; for, if *hc does not, we may not only break down her revenue from duties during the war, hut for a long time afterwards, so long a* the supply of good* imported now will be sufficient tor the want* or ?k? r~- 1,. ... ,?n utter a neaee COHMBBCIAI. CTTKIXIGKMCK. Arrival* of Produce, ?c., Down Ua* Hudson, Mom>a>, April 12 ? E.keord Line. Ba*?? E. tons?ii?o.-IS33* flour A Van LuntrorJ k I o?339 bag* corn Down & Canr?294 bales wool V G Hall?91 head cattle W Olyphant , I -uaatr and Caxal Line. Baroe Jtrrmon.-42L I bill* (lour Cowing h Co?110 do H D Van Buaklrk?240 do J C Merritt?115 cask* Si boxea oheeaa 39 packages I butter Bowman & Stanton?133 do U casksashaaTB i White It Co?? bbla aeed 24 coaka cbeeae Smith !i 1 Howe?165 do S Furry?230 do 3 boxea do Fenner It Bur, lluKham?14 boxea do 34 casks do Perry It Sweezoy?AG | bbla onion* O P Scot Hie?24 caak* cheese J Smith?14 I boxen do 31 tuba butter John Boyre. I New Vona and Taor Line. Barue New York.? 330 bbla flour F M Vail?180 do 302 bbla middling* Clark I It Coleman?388 bdl* paper S Kingaley?97 bdls measures 02 do bound S Bachelor?164 bdls paper J W ; James? 1 o bdls back stuff H Collins?30 do J Lubalet?43 boxes glass J DPrince?30 dozen scythes Clark It Wilton?10 bids lamp black Q K Dodge?13 bdls skins J Hopkins?30* boxes scales J Deale?346 bbls 9 casks 9 tierces 3 bbds 4G bags dried apples 29 cases paper T Paris It Co?30 cases starch J H Haskell?20 bdls scoop* Van W It Tucker?673 kegs spikes various persons. Boat,C>I4UTai.-?ve.?3.000 bushels barley 100 bbls flour. SLoor Attica, from Coxsacrie.?340 bales hsy 4500 bushels corn 1600 do rye Barker, Kirtland It Co. April 13.?Trot and Erie Line, barge John Paine.? 1364 brls (lour C M It Sandford?140 do J Smith It Co? 110 do Huge It Co-900 do A C Tefft?6 casks ashes B Stsgg It (. o. Old Albaxt Line, barge John Worts?3000 bush, rye, J N Cobb?2000 do corn J Schuyler. Boat Cordelia? 4000 bushel* rye T C Durant Boat Superior?3000 bushel* oat* T C Durant. Boat Brewer?4000 bushel* oat* 800 do *horts 76 brl* beans T C Durant. Boat R F Slack?1000 bushel* rye T C Durant. Baaur. Wave, froiu Catsklll?230 aides leather J Hyde, Jr?120 do J It G Brooks?105 do Bullard & Co?278 bales hay 600 bushels corn 1000 do oets 600 do rye, to captain?2000 do corn D Connovcr?62 cattle 67 sheep. Bnrgo Mimiinr.from Newburg?375jjcalres 10 barrels eggs 50 kegs butter to captain?100 rolls oil cloth Albro lloytkCo. Steamer Splendid?1000 bushels oorn 1500 do oats 380 bags meal 100 do feed 30 brla flour to captain. tmilSS .Norfolk, fr<un FishklU?236 bags meal 10 hugs rye flour 20 do feed 45 Calves Capt. Briukerhoff? N. Y. & trie H. R. barge S Marsh?22 pkgs butter?22 calves Capt D1U?51 do 26 tubs butter Capt Coleman?9 do 30 calves Capt Clark?60 do 19 tubs butter 11 barrels flour J & Thompson?8 tubs butter 10 sheep 37 calves Capt King?50 do 20 sheep 16 tubs butter Capt Leeds? 136,704 quarts of milk havo arrived ^by this route during the past week. State of tire Flour Markets. Piiiladelfhia, April 5.?Depressed by the foreign | news, holders, in order to effect snles. submitted to a i slight decline. About 1500 bbls mixed brands sold nt $6 I 62>a' ; some factors ask $6 76 for staudard shipping j brands. Corn meal dull at $4 62>?, buyers offer less. Cora has also declined, and sales of 3000 bushels Penn! sylvania yellow reported at 96 a 98c. Wheut in request I for shipment at full prices. We notice some small sales i good Pennsylvania rods at 154c : 2000 strictly prime at i 150c, and small lots of whites at 152 a 155c. Ni:w OtUUlit, April 5.?Wheat?demand very active | and prices buoyant ; among the sales arc 3000 sacks at { f. 1 35. 1400 at *1 36 and 3100 at a still better rate. ParI tirulurs not transpired yet. Corn?not very active? sales 900 sacks while, in cotton sacks, at 80c ; 300 white i nud yellow at B2>4c ; 937 white, in old bags, at 85c ; 3600 | and 600 white, mixed and yellow at 87,'a, 1000 ut about I the same rate, aud 400 white at 88c. Oats?small sales ! at 75 a 80c, including 114 sacks ut 79c. Cora meal ? i sales 270 bbls at $4 50. Savannah, April 9.?There has been a fair demand for ] corn throughout the week. The sales amount to about | 8000 bushels, at prices ranging froin 90 to 95c per bushel. Ratuils from store at f>l per bushel. The receipts by the I Central Railroad, last month, amounted to 30.000 bushs. ! Hour?we hear of soles of one lot of 274 bbls Georgia flour at "f>6 per bbl; two lots. 60 und 86 bbls each, at fC 25, and 47 bbls do at $6 50 per bbl. No sales of northern except at retail ciiahi.?:?ton, April 10.?There have been considerable 1 transactions in corn during the past week, the article continuing very Arm. About 10.000 bushels N. C. in ' i bulk, common to white provision, sold to dealers nt frou: ' I Mil, I in,. Of Onnnriii in l.unu OlUUl nur. " n.... ? , ?"i !" * ' lially to arrive, sold at Uftc, Lugs included. The recelpti of til in article by railroad have fallen off considerably ' amounting last week but to ubout 8 >00 buslu-ls. Oats? ' A cargo of 0000 bushel" arrived yesterday sold readily a ' ftiic. Wheat?Some 3000 bushels Georgia white and red Bold nt $1 25 a $1 20. Hour?There is no stock on baud [ The reeoipts for some tiuie past have altogether bcei ' oontlned to country brands, which were takeu immcdi j ately by bilkers to supply their present wants. There j ceipts of this description during the week, amounted ti 2 til I bbls, oil of which have beeu sold at from $6 25 a $ 1 50 200 bbls Baltimore, arrived last evening, have no been offered yet. We understood, however, that fron other parcels it arrive, sales had been, at $7 a $7 2ft. Southern Cotton Markets. .N'rw Orleans, April ft.?'The market continues quia ?the ouly sale we hear of is ono of 600 bales?Northon advices have imparted rat her more firmness to factors. Havassiii. April 9.?There is but very little Cottoi on the market, tho selling stock having been reduced t< about 7;0<K) bales?tile transactions have consequently been light. We contiuue our quotations of lost week one or two slight alterations, and quote: Inferior, nouc ordiuary to good ordinary. 9*i a 10*,; middling to goot middling, 10% a 11; middling fair, ? a lUi; fair to full; fair. Il'i a 11H- Hound bah-a of a similar quality are '1 i to ?fc. per pound cheaper. The receipts this wee I 1 amount to only ,1.1 Iti bales l.'plund. against 3, 881 bale) ' | corresponding week last year. The receipts ut all th ports to the latest dates, are 1.505,185 bales, agnins . , 1.630.105 bales last year, showing a falling off of 12 1.91 ; bales The sales of the week, sum up 1.973 bales as follows J 171 at 10; M at 10',; 33 at 10*,; 56 nt 10*,; 2ft at I0\ I 287 at 10\; 40 at 10 13-16; 62 at 10Jj;53?at 11; 197 a ? I 11**; 419 at 11',; 89 at 11,*,; and 31 bales at ll>*c. pe ? | lb. Long Cottons contiuue neglected. Wehearof sales! only 131 bales at the following particulars: 1 at 24; 2 a 2ft; 0 at 26; 30 at 26**; 2 I at 29; II at 31.*,; 18 at 32; 3 , I at 33, aud 9 stalueil at 10 cents per pound. f New York Cnttlr Market. - J AraiL 12.?At market. 533 Beef Cattle, (400 from th , ; South.) 140 Cows and Calves, and 500 Sheep and Lambs s I Beer Cattle.?Trices are a shade higher thau las 1 week, vix : $7 to $10. 50 unsold. j ' Cows and Calves?Continue in good request, nm i 1 hnvo arrived freely during the week. We quote prlcoi i at from $! '? u $27 to $35, and a few of extra quality ni i $45. ? I Smir and Lambs.?The sales nre vet reinarkabli 1 Hinull. buyers show no disposition to ojMTiltO, but pricni are fully ojiiul to lust week's average. We quote tilt range at from >2 SO a $3 AO to $5, liar akd Straw.?The market is abundantly stocked with Hay. nnd now that the Hudson is open, is likely t( remain ho. Prices have yielded a little, and may b< i ([noted at 50 a 75 etc per cwt. Straw, $2 2ft a ft2 37>i I per 100 bundles. PameiiKen Arrived. London?Ship Toronto?Mr Lamacke, New York; Riehar Smith, Henry Muutford, William Newton, William Willsoi C P Smith, of London?133 in the steerage. Havana?Bark Rapid?Mrs C Mason, child and servani Miss S C Mason; A Rosinea. Wm Lowry, of New York: \ , Anion, Boston; K A man and A Pedrrnon, of Havana ami 2 i the s'aernge. i Havana?Bail. Elizabeth I, at Philadelphia; J Keirne ' Rodger*, New York; llenry I Burden, do; Mrs J I. O'Sull van, do. Kortlgn Iraportntloim. HtVAN*?Bark ICapid?921 botes Moses Taylor? 186000 s< gars W H Thomas?I.IIIUO0 do Itenauld St h ranbois?5000 do t odrya?:5h00 do K Kcharte?2000 do W W Russell?1000 d K PaTcnstrdt Scliumaker?186000 Horn it Burchard?2 boxs Aguirre Ik (lalway?12000 srtui Oliver it L'ordes?2000 do \ |: h'embel?2000 do Seth IJasomen?100000 do 12 bales Ju Willi ' Jr?253000 segars Lille it Kasines?30000 do Joseph Maiizaned r ?150000 do 18 bales K T Bances?66000 serars John Mathews co?30000 John H Kober?15000 Lionel 'loses?20 bales J . . Ledon?2 cases L TriniiiK'r it co?20000 segsrr K (huge?I c? Pon it Palauea?30000 segars K Stoughtou?5000 to order. ii London?Ship Toronlu?32 casks tl B ftlorewood St co?I ? do Chandlrr, Howard it co?63 do Cumniing. Dodge St co? pkgs Selerage, Koop it co?20 clt A A Low St Bro?22 pkgs i C. Meyer St sons?10 crroons Wtrhelhausoii it co?2 casea O peuueim St co?10 casks Phel|is, Dodge St co?I do Clark McCoiiuiii?3 pkgs Vyse St Sons?3 bales Joseph Coiuialicases White St Slielfiehl?3 ilo James Lee St co?II pkgs Bini gur St co?21 do Duncan it sons?279 liss William Chance? *' do Scaur U It Downing?II do Morgan, Walker it Smith?3i shepperd St Morgan?10 bales 11 W Y St H. Mali?36 ele|i|ia teetli K T Kisclial St Van Htadt?2 esses Mrs C Dord?I do J Kiduer?I do Bartlett St Welford? I bbl Robert Merrill?1 i II C A Kutz? 1 bdl I' 11 Aspinwall?1 bag sovereigns John Ori 8 wold?I case W H Rose?I bbl Davis St lll.ack?1 rase Mr I) H chant?I bot oovereigui Albert Ballard? I do do lleebe, Lu y low St Co?one bear and twoi>ouie? A Sni > ill?13 cases 3 lib I cheet to order. ('om'twBO?B.atk Magdeliu?119 eks oil 269 liars enpp How land it Aspinwall ?1269 do do 917 do tin Alsop it I liaun< 611 ilo copper 12 seroona bark 121 bags corn I bt K Bartlett? I cka oil 0 Lulls whalebone Slate, Unrulier it Howell?2 bis N Seaton. Ma raNtas?Bark Oilbert?10 hts Sturges it co?I p do Meyer St Sturkcn?500 M Taylor?100 D I urtia, jr? if Young, Haw kins itco?330 J Thompson?6 J Matthews Stco r 85 hlids do 1000 segars Ooodhue it co. t Pali.hmo?Bark John W. < atrr?195 csntnra brimstone 10 e bts lemons 1918 do oranges Chainherlin It Phelps. i *maritiame herald". ? PORT OF ITO7W YORK, APRIL. 14. d . . - M MM MM r I ton mir.* !> 2J moos Riar.e... ... .. 4 M ri? >KTI 6 IflfJH water * 16 f Cleartd. B Ships?Argo, (packet) Anthony, Harre, Win Whitlork. J * Ohio, Bird, Lirerpool, TTnialon, New Vork, Hull, Oharli 1 tan, 0*'i Bnlkley; Burlington, Cook. Philadelphia, Wm r, Dark?-B Bohlen. (Breml Melneke, Natnna, Stnrges It Co i Brigj?Andrew King, I r.her, (_ ork. prett It Vo?e; Lady the Like, (Br) Deeinm. Bermuda. >!iddlefon It Co; I^ou; * Beaton, Robertson, Apalaehicnla, L D Hurlbut It Co; Llude * Williams, Mobile, Sttirge*, < (carman It Co; I de. , Philadelphia, Badger It Terk. Sthrs?Adriniee. Walpnle, Norfolk, J Hanter It Co, R . cheater. Bingham, Richmond, J It W Briggs, Harriet Cha dler, Avery,do, M L MeCread y It Co; Minerra, Burnet " Philadelphia; Orecian, Cliaee, Boston. Hteamer? Yacht, (new) ( rane, Charleston. J Hjnop?Wakclield. Sanders, Slew Bedford, a Bargea?Porpoiac and Comet, Philadelphia. Arrive*!. ., HhiP Tariar, Lock wood, ('anion, 89th December, IIMA, to \ y * d*ui of Pliiladelphin. 13tfi Jan., aaw a large ship t la shore ,,n SW point n< Prliiee's Island. (Straits of Snndt, befoi ill "J""' by the J U Adams,) inaats all gone and wreck ileaei ? m iP'P Agnes Witlierrl fm Canton lor New York, waa le u !' , . L- "V"" "'J A'1' of March. I'nli Feb. lat. it 1* S, Ion il .2 V.L eschanged .igoal I With illit> Oneida, fm C anion, bout: ; ?JSWV*&E: llth Much. lit. J 418, long. X M W, boarded Britiah ship Hebrides, fin London, bound to Bombay \ time time, boarded from British ship Lima, fin (Haseow, bound to Port PNNip. N8W, i with emigrants. llth March, 1st 0 3fc 8, 33 30 W, exchanged | signets with British siiip Bellaires, fm Calcutta, bound to Deinuara, with coolies; escliauged signals with Bntiali bark Mary Mnir. fni Bshia, bound to Cowes, flu Palermo. Mb April, tpokr John W Later, liound to New York, llth April, I at. 31 N, Ion*. 7J 13 W, saw Bremen ship Luiae, steering waat. Ship Toronto, J Pratt, from Lomlou and Portsmouth, March ' 19th, to Johu Oriswold. April 4th, lat 43 30, loo 41 30, paaaed I sereral icebergs 10th, exclianged signals with ship Shenandoah. I Bark John W Cater, Brown, from Palermo, Ykb 31st, with Int't. fce, tof hambertain It Plielpa?veaael to Smith It Boyuton. The cnutaiH and a number at* sick on board; luat one msn overboard, r eb ttd, 1st 31. Ion 11 23, spoke brig Osceola, for Palermo. April 3d, lat il?, Ioii 03 30, a|k>ke schr Vesper, of Norfolk, lor Barbadoes, 10 days out. . Bark Pons, of Philadelphia, Cheney, 47 days from Waterford. (Ireland) with ballast, to master?100 passeugens. Spoke (no date) lat 41 It, Ion S3 30, Br bark Ant, from Briatol for New s York. 1st inst. lat 43 30, lou 40 30, ship W yomiug, from Liverpool, llth March, for Philadelphia. Bark Uilbart, Melchon, of Boaton, from Malantas, 3Lsl March, with sugars, Ice, to J O Ward. Br bark Highland Mary, Crosby. (4 dayt from ??, with passengers, to ?. Short of provisions; has had very severe weather during the paaaage. Hamburg bark Magdelin, Ariieaen, 85 day* from Coquimho, with copper, kc, to Alsop fc Chauncey. Left no Am Itwli in port. 3d mat, lit 29 14, Ion 64 20, spoke bark William H Shatter, Holmes, from tlie Cape of Good Hope, via Rio Janeiro .for Boatoii. Bark Rapid, Ward, from Havana, April 2<l, to M Taylor. Br brig Margaret, (bafore reported) Montgomery, from Newry, Feb7th, with iron and tin, to Geo Milu. March 7th, lat 15 4V, Ion 41 50 W, previously blowing a gale from S8E, 9 AM calm, at 10 wind ilew out auddeuly from N W, blowing a bur ricane: loit ihc topsail from cloae reef, the mainsail, although stowed, was torn to pieces, nothing remaining but the bnltrope, foresail iniich damaged, trussels of lower yards both broken, iujuring the lower masts and rigging; half past 10 main topmast went off by the cap, when she fell off before the wind, and ran before the sea; succeeded in gelling wreck ol maintopmast down, staving the long boat, aiiu injuring deck; the gale lasted 14 hours. Oil (he 17th March, lat 45, lou 41 10, experienced a similar hurricane, lasting four hours; lost trysail mast, gaff and sail, fore yard, jib-booin sprung, part of bullwarks, and skylights stove in. March 2tth, 1st 42 16, Ion 47 30, s|ioke schr Rossell, Bell, of Greenock, 47 days from Cadiz, for St Johns, NK, with loss of bulwarks and ataiirheons, and otherwise damaged. Also, ship Prince dr Joinville, 11 days from N York for Belfast; Captain Lawrence kindly supplied us with provisions. Br brig Caledonia, Lyas, 10 days from the Gut of Cansa. with plaster and fish, to Jaa H Braiue. 6th inst, lat 40 60, lou 70, spoke Br brig Emerald, from Ireland for New York. Brig New Orleans, B ram hall, from Boston, with lath, to master. Schr Kalos, Waide, of Eaatport, 11 days from Havana, with 401 boxes, to Sturgess k Co. Vessels left before reported. Same day, spoke Br bark Sir Edward Perry, from Loudon lor Baltimore. ... ,, Schr Ceres, Marstou, 15 days from Machias, with spars, bound to Baltimore Put in in distress. On the 9th instant, 50 miles Eof Block Island, in a gale from SSW sprung aleak. Schr Osage, Rodgers, 4 days from Baltimore, with coal, to Schir October, Baiter, Richmond, with llour, to Allen k Paxson. Schr Wankinco, Crowell, Boston, mdse. Schr Alabama, Smalley, Salem, mdse. Schr Greenway, Couch, Richmond, with flour, to Allen k Paxson. Schr Croton, Chase. Boston, mdse. Schr Ann Hymau. Totten, Newbern, NC, with naval stores. Schr Eleanor, Ann, Long, Virginia, corn. Schr Richmond, Keller, Thoinaston, lime. Schr Challeuge, Foster, Thoinaston. lime. Schr Fortune, Lowell, Thoinaston, lime. Schr Franklin, Bearse, Thoinaston, lime. Schr Talent, Nickersou, Boston, plaster. Schr Clarion, Nickersou, Boston, plaster. Schr Detroit. Bacon, Boston, molasses. Below. Below Bremen ship Louise, Audriens, from .Antwerp. Br brig Emerald, from Ireland, with passengers. Also, 3 ships and 2 brigs. The Natchez reported as below in the evening papers, was not iu sight at suuuown. StUled. Ships Hugnenot, for Ireland; Arcole, Hoodless, for Marseilles, and others. IttlaccUaneou* Record. Picxet ship Anno, Anthony, for Havre, will sail thin tnoruiuf. Packet ship America.'* Eaiilk, Chndwick, (or Loudon, having been detained, will sail to-morrow. Bn. ship Oreuoiv, at Baltimore from Liveriwol, waa thrown on tier beam ends and ballast shifted, and did not get righted fairly for twenty days. On the 6th ult, lat 49 25 N, Ion 41 30 W, in a tremendous heavy gale, lost fore-topmast and main-topgallant mast, and mainsail, inizen topsail and foresail blown from the yards, besides sustaining some uiner siigiu uumage iu spars i anil rigging. Brio Aiiclk, Reynrgou, from Philadelphia for Donegal, I, with contributions, returned t* the Delaware on Monday, with i Iom of several staiicheniis and other injury from being in collii siou with a schooner, off the Delaware Cape*, on Sunday last. Ship, of New York, Murray, muter, fm New Ori lean*, with a cargo of wheat, Sour and staves, for Brest and a . market, put into Norfolk on the lat Mutant. On the night of the kk, ncphMIII a g.ile otr (.'ape Hattrran, the T. sprung a ' leak so hadly u to compel the crew to work the pumps ' throughout the whole night, having, at one period, 22 niches water in the hold?and continued to leak so freely aa to make i it prudent to bear away for port. , Bk Bhio St Andri'.w, in Hampton Roads, from Belfast, experienced a succession of heavy gales, being for live weeks t iu one almost continuous gale, and has sustained some damages iu her bulwarks, he. On the 1st, at 6 P.VI, lat 37 30 and long 02 \V espied a hrig with the signal of distress flying; immediately bore away towards her, and when within a few feet of her 1 she went down. Did nut .ascertain her name, hut supposed her from her build to be Spanish or Portuguese. She had her lore and main topsails set, the latter torn to pieces, main topgallant 3 sail perfectly adrift, foretopsail gone, jib, (lying jib, anil stay i; sail down, he. Had been abandoned from the fart that her j boats were gone. j Ship FltsncK.?The steamer Patapsco came on Huuday from the w reck of this ship, and brought about 100 barrels of her cargo, Capt Banner report* quite favorably of the ship's present position; since the suction engine has been at work,lias lightened about two licet, and thinks it probable may yet be gut t ?", Nodes- to Marin em. Captain Theron B Worth, late of ship Kouohusett, of Sag . Harbor, lost ill the Pacific, says?" Pell's Island is not on any chart. It lies in lat 26 2 N, Ion 171 3 W. It has very ahosl water, and a reef extending SK and 8, round to SW, 22 milrs f distance. The island was not iu sight from the deek of the i Konohassrtl when she struck. The above situation is correct ; without a doubt. 1 measured the distance four times between j Oahu sud Pell's Island, with a good chronometer?twice in a _ run of six days from Oahu; also with many lunar observations." , Spoken. It Ship Brewster, from Liverpool for Mobile, March 17th, lat , 24 2G, Ion 37 23. ' Ship Stephen Baldwin, 44 days from Liverpool for New Or. leans, with passengers, March27th. lat 21 23, Ion 31II, short of * provisions and water; was supplied by the Leland at Charles3 ton. i: Ship Timuleou, Dyer, N Orleans to Havre, March 27th, off Cape F lorida. < Ship Sliaiidoue,3 days from New Orleans for Havre, April ' 1st, Gary fort Reef N N \V 23 miles. , Ship "Mailer," of Boston, fin I.iver|?>ol for New Orleans, " March 31, lat 19 10, Ion G8 30. t Hark Bojtoniaii, fm Boston for N Orleans, April 7, lat 32 10, 0 Ion 73 30. I Bark Louisa. Oallagher, 3 days rrom I'hilaileiplua lor Ils; Tana, April 8th, 1st 26, Ion 71 30. ; Br bark (leorge, 3 days from Havana for London, April 3d. | lat 23 10. Ion 7fi 46. c | Brig G W Knight, Safford, from Portland for Cardenas, 8th I April, off South Shoal. . Brig Venus, Im Mobile for Boston, A|>ril 2d, off Mantanilli 1 Reel. . Br brig Albion, from Belfast for New Vork, March 10th, lat ' 49, lou 33. , * Br brig Lady, from Dundee fur New Vork, April 1st, Ion It, t Inn 69. Schr Ontesie, from Havana for Baltimore, leaking badly, j miking3,000 strokni per hour, April 6th, lat 31 30, Ion 78 13. Whalemen. > Arrat Matlapoisett Wli inst. bark Cachalot, Taber, Atlantic Ocean, 1230 bhls (R30 ?pm oil.) I Arr at Provinretown, 12th, bark S|*rtan, Cook. North Allan. lie Ocean, 330 bbla sp oil. Arr at New Bedford, 10th, ship Mary, Corey, Pacilie,l30fl , bbls wli 300do sii oil, and 8000 lbs bone. Spoke, Oct 22, Alez> anrler, Jones, 8H 2700 (130 sp) and boiling: 21th, Neptune, Nicholas, do 600 bhls. At 8t < arlos, Dee 20, Kellowes, Stone, 300 s hbUGCOsp;) Aeiisluiet, Rogers, KH, 700 bbls; Pantheon, F River, 2tU) sp. 8|>oke Jan 22, lat 10 03 S, Ion 48 19 W, Neva, , I ase. frrronbort, 2:100 hbls. Touched at Upola. Navigator Is, April 20, Heb Sim ins, NB. 183 sp; (and aid May 8, for Japan;) ' May 24, Chris Mitceell, Nam. 800 sp (and aid June 3, for tho line;) 26th, Oanges, do70Osp (and aid June 14, for the South;) [i June 3, Henry Astor, do700 sp (rep April 19,800) (andaid Junr 13. for the line;) Itlth. Massachusetts, Cash. N B 1300 sp (and n slil July I, for do;) 23th,ChasW Morgan, Sampson, do 000 ap (and aid July 7, for Keejeea;) 29th, Elizabeth Starbuck, Neut, y 100 ap (and ?ld fulv 16, Gil 8.) l* Alio, arr ahip Phcniz, Clark, (late Bassetf, who remained at Peniainhucosick) Pacific Ocean, 900 bbla ap tOUOdowh oil. and ? 900 lbs bone on board. (Sold 300 bbls, mostly ap, and some bone.) Reports at Sydney, NSW, Aug 3, Factor, NB 200 sp 2000 we; 7tn, Pleiades. Wareham, 260 ap 4341 wh; 26th. Hoogj ley, Warren, 292 ap 773 wh; Sept II. Ina; NL, 2l3sp300wn; u 16th, (Sen Pike, Pierce, Nil 200 sp 200 wh. S|toke Dec 6. Olym pia, NB 273 ap 2300 wh; last of Jan. Mogul. NL, for home, oil y nnk. Also at Sydney, June 13, Stieghtz, Bridgeport, 180 sp t 800 wh: Ohio, Lowen, Sll,2t moa, 200 sp 1130 wh; Orion, Nant, |(J 930 an, (both reported there July 13, oil unknown;) 8ept23, k London packet, Howland, Nan, 11 mos out. wtg 200 bbla to fdl, \ (an error; there are but two London packets, of NBandFII, I, both Capt How land, and both much longer out;) Canton packet, Sherman, NB, rejig. ,g The Cachalot, at Mattapoiaett, has 830 bblasp 130 do wh oil, 17 2000 lbs hone; had sent home 130 yi in addition, U Arr at N'eutucket, 9th. ship President, Pacific, via Edgar town, t ikrn in by the camels. ? Sailed from Pernambuco, 9th ult, Black Warrior, Cliap|iell, _2 (from Pacific) New London; prev to9th, , (eitherthe ('has ... Phelps,or lite F.ugene) <1 Pendleton Jr. of and for Stonington, U Arr at Mystic, 9th, bark Allbree, Taylor, Pacific, 2100 wh 130 sp. Himfce Dec 26, Neptune, Sli, 100 wh; 27th, Neptune, llt NL, 1100 wh, 100 sp, for Talcahuana; Jan 19th, Josephine, 811, u clean, NWCoast; heard frotn same day. Com Perry, NL, 1400 j0 wh. In Newbay. Hannibal. Brown, NL, 000 wh. At PernamImco. March 8th, Chas Phelps, Ston, 1800 wh for home. Spoke March 9tb, Black Warrior, NL 1900, for home, j. Also arr 8th, ship Meteor, Lester, fm Pacific, Coast of Chile, j, Jan I, 1*00 bbls wh 290 do sp oil, 20,000 Ihs bone. An at New London, Rtli. ship Mogul, Coaat of Chile, 2300 er bbls (130 sp) oil, 22,000 lbs bone. ... Arr at Hag Harbor. 6th. bark Franklin, llalsey, N Zealand, 17 1610 bbls wli 160 do spoil, .3000 lbs bone; Rth, snip Martha, jj Drake, Pacific, 2330 wh 180 sp, 21,000 Ihs hone. _ At.Ponce,3lli ult. Belle Lie, of ProviiiCftown, 13 sp; Two 7< Brother*, Plan, oil not staten. On Coast of Chile, Nov 21th, Georgia, N L, t wha'e ; Dec 2Tth, Cadmus, HH, 140 sp 1100 svh;28tli, W C Nye, NL, 13IK> wh. On tie Per 22d, B Rush, Warren, MM libit; had taken 2j0 on i2 Chile. Spoke Per 20th, Triton, do 1040 At Talcahuana, Pee 14th, Hudson, 8H. 120 ?p 1040 wh. Otf Cat* Hom.Jan l#th, Wm Tell, HI!, 80 up 200 wh. Arr at Hubert Town, Oct 19th, Awashonks, of Falmouth, oil not alatrd. At Sydney, NSW, No* 14th, Majritic, Smith, NB, 1240 wh 240 ?p, touched to recruit. Touched at do No* llth, for itore*. Ac, Chri* Mitchell, Nan, oil not ttaled: had tpoken 7th, Ansel Gibbs, FH,(70fl,wh 120 sp, 17 month* out. Sunken Feb 3d, lat 51 S, 45 W, bark Venice, Lester, of and M for New London, from Pacific, 30 months out, about half a r cargo. No date, Ac, Midas, Davis, NB, 28 mos out, 1100 wh; Rambler, L Nan. 37 mos, 1350 tp; Martha, do II mos, goo sn. Spoken, March J, lat 22 .70 B Ion 33 40 W, ship Hope, Wileny, lr; fin Coast ofChili for N Bedlord, with lOttO bolt up aud 340 do whale. H Horn* Porta. Bostojv, Arrtl 12?Arr bark Trident, Thing, Glasgow, Fell . 23; brig Cervantet, Hard, Hull, 1st tilt; brig Siran (Br) Cann, Olas|mw, fith nit, hri| frarelle, Churchill, Havana, 2fithnlt; " brig llio, Farnham, Mattel; Henrietta, Fiteh, Sagna H '! Grande, 1st Inst; sehrKgremet, Hav, Hasana;sehr Alatamaha, Luce. Charleston; achr Mellville, Allen, Washington, NC; schr George Thoma*. Diver, Georgetown, PC; sclirs Mariner, Nickerson; Robert Bruce, Dlosson, and T II Thompson, Brown, Philadelphia; srhr Hopewell, Spear, Philadelphia; sclirs Francaa Helen, Tas lor, and Louisa Ree*ea. Caviller; rtiilrdelphla; schrs Oscar, Adams, and Geo Klota, llnbhell, Philadelphia! schr Amanda, Nickerson. Kingston, N York; steamer Governor, Howes, N York. Ifith, 5l? PM; put into Ifyanni* at 9 AM yesterday, and came out at 4 this morning Telegraphed, bark Miquelon, from Hligo; signal for a bark and V a brig Arr llth, aclir Pandora, Geyer, Ipswich. Cld. ship m Kentucky, Rogers, New Orleans; barks Constance, boater, re Norfolk, to oadfor Kurope; Anna Reynolds,Mathews, Phils; t- brig Louis Walsh, Leland.; achr* Leander, Kellsr, ft Capo Haytien; FA Heath, Curti*. Cardenas; Italian, Petting gill, Hegua It Otande; Kne, Nicketsoii. Georgetown, PC; id Lion, (vhelden. Alexandria; aid. bark Oalindo; brig Ar?o. Detroit (Jetty. N YorktechrOioeuw. Black well Providence, lu port, Aprils, ships Lelaud. Baxter, fm Liverpool; Grenada, fm Liveroool; Alliance. Tucker, for Havre. Id*, Lady Bale. (Br) Audcison. for LiveriH>ol, Ida; Boner Sherman .Lowell, for llatre, ready;Thetis,(Br) Hall, for Liverpool. ready: ou?brook, (Br) Maftnre. fm Belfast. dis: barks Ardeuues, Gardiner, fm Rio. dis: Wave. Bofardus. lor Boston. Id*; Rowland. Jarvis, An do, dis; Hamiltou, Hallett, do do; Numa, (Sjteuish) Pisaca. fm Havana, do; Mamretta. (Br) Nichols, for Liv'l, Idc; Hudson, (Br) Pines, do d<K Industrie], (Fr) Kreborn*, for West Indies, Ida; Caledonia. (Br) Hunter, for Livl, loading; Zealous, (Br) Richard, for London, ready; Arethusa, Bearsr. for Bordeaux, ready; Romulus, (Br) Saugster.) for Liverpool, Idc; Arfylc, (Br) Brockntaii, do do; Jupiter, Carter, for Havre do; Wt'Tliueiou. (Br) Bleukui, far LI til, Idf; brics Emily, Sherwood,Tor S York. Idf: Emma, Huclies, for Bait, do: Areas, Keen, for W Indies, uo; Moses, Bulklev.for N York, Ida; Atalanta, (Dan) Dahnert; fin Newcastle, jdf; Bomholm, (Dan) for Copenhagen, do; Sarah Louisa. Duling, for Matau-zas.dis; (Juluarr. Bobbins, for Bostou, ldg; Montezuma, Thomas. for A- a~ u-x-w:?m.hh. r?Aim. k.;. More *' V!ldn?gr1'>N"YT Cl3, id* Alida. Waldron, Calhoun, Trzas. lu port, ships Glssgow, Mason, Harre:Monterey. McMauus, Havre; Win Ooddard, Potter, Havre: Orlando. White, Trieste; Henry. Griffin, Cowes'ke: Mary k ranees, Hubbard, New York; Thomas Wright, Gardiner, frt; Br ships Ore jnock, Walker. Liverpool; Coromaudel. Broadlopt. do. Coramodore, Pritchard, do; Agamemnon, M'Kaudv, do; Portland, Robinson, do: Ageuora, Oiffney, do; Samuel, Lcighton, do; Importer, McLaren, frt; Wathiugton. Wilkie. frt; Chieftain. Langton, frt; American, Miles, frt; barks Reform, Lewn, N York; Lucy Peiinimaii. Ruddell, dis; Zenobia, Kuowlton, frt; Br barlu Ottawa, Dryuan, Liverpool; John Munn, Watts, do; Champion. Cochrane, fk; Sally, Bruce, frt; brigs Selnu, Smith, New York. ... . Nanti.'ceet, April 9tb?Arr schrs Northern Bell, N York, 80 hours: 10th, E H Adams, Baltimore, via N Bedford. New Bedford, April 10th?Sid schrs Ellen Rodmsn, Shearman, New York: David Crockett, Snow, Hartford; aid, Gorinthian, New York. ? ..... New Orleans, Aprili?Arr ships Reinittauce, Marshall, Tampico 31st ult; Prentice, Hopkins, do, 27th ult; Amazon, Murray, do do; Sophia Walker, Ural ton, do do; Merlora, Wilbur, do do: Catheriue, Herbst, Vera Cruz, 22d ult; Talbot, Story, do 2Mb ult; Oxuard, Chick, do do; barks Jubilee, Herman, Vera Cruz; Emeralds, (Sp) Kremoga, Havana; Baring Brothers, Crooker, Tampico; Carolina, Sherwood. Sacrificios; brigs Abrasia, Portergeld. Vera Cruz; Harriet, Coleman, Taintiico: Fortuua, (Sp) Scinsat, 48 ds fm Malaga; schs Oregon, ,eteh, Tampico; John RoalifT, Randall, do; Outwa, (orison, Brazos Santiago; Uazelle, Stearns, do; Maria Louise. Jacques, do: Mary, Hill, Matagorda: Mary Enter,Carter, Rio Orande; U S schr Sarah, KIdritlge, Brazos Santiago. Cld ships James Caldrr, Palister, Liverpool: Monument, Frost,Cadiz; Brbarks Lilius, Harrison, Cork; John Bromliam, Roy, Cork and a market; Sapphiras, Johnson, Liverpool; Ann Rankin, MeArthur, Glasgow: ship Panama, Gillespie, Cork and a market; hark Edinburgh, Jackson, Loudou; brig John Marshall, Collins, N York. Providence, April 10.?Arr, schrs Dart. So overs, Savannah; M Marcy, Cresting, Philadelphia; George, Camp, Philadelphia; sloop Roger Williams, Sturges, New York. Sid, schrs Wm Wilson, Baker. Philadelphia; Ariadna, Baylis, do.; Mary It Eliza, Sharp, Philadelphia. Portland, April 10th?Arr schrs Effort. Wood, New York; Maize, Verill, do, for Thomaston. Cld, brig Oscar, Clough, Cuba. Philadelphia, April 13?Arr ship Torquin, Wilson, New York; bark Smyrna, Pepper, Palermo, 50 da; brig Science, Curtis, NYork: schs 0 K, Dole, and Nidua, Stover, do. St Marks, April 3? Arr brig General Wilson, Minor, New York, Savannah. April 9?Arr achs Lucy Blake, Buckstone, Matairsa*: Caroline, Baker, Boston; Rochester, Davis, NYork.? Cld schr Ruth Thomas, Amsbury, NYork. In port, ship Scotland, Mills, Havre: Br shins Yeoman, Purdon, Liverpool; O. Queen, McBride, do; Sherbrooke, Viggors, do; Naomi, Wilson, do; Rosalinda, Hay, dn; Br barks A Edmonds, Carr. do; Caledonia, Bond, do; Peel's One, Askant, do: B King, Wilson, Idg; Qern Victoria, Patching, Hull; brigs Savannah, Dizon, disrhg; Ohio, Brings, do; L Baldwin, Bassrtt, do: Chas Joseph, Leigh, Boston; Clinton, Andrews, NYork: schs Columbia, Kuapp, disclig; Man-, ('base, do: Reaper, Loring, do; Julia Eliza. Bagby, NYorkr James Colby, Boston. Salem, April 11?Arr brig Esther, Glorer, Cayenne. 18th ult; schr Mary Clark, Small, New York; aid 10th,sell Win. Peim, Hubert, Georgetown, DC. Foreign Porta. Calcctta, Jau 23?lii port, ships Hercules, Madigan, from Newcastle, via St Ubea, just arr, to load for NYork; Ooodwin, TV...;. c,._ h,..,? os,k. L .n.ll, f,.. ,l? r. U..L. barks Lenox, Howes, for do abt Feb Li; Gubiare, Bars tow, for do, unc. Cayenne, March 18? In port, brig Gazelle, Cheever, from Salem, 25 ds passage. ClEwrrKuoi, March 25?Arr, schr Potomac, Smith, Philadelphia; 21th, brigs Commerce, Cour, Boston; 23d, schrs Kincline, Marshall, Charleston; Baltimore, Scarp, do; 20th, Ann Dale, Kingston, Ja. Cowki, March 6?Sid Robert McWilliams, McDonald, Philadelphia. Cork, March 13?Arr Br brig Mary, Wyman, NYork. Gibraltar, March 3?Arr Justina, Johnson, Palermo, foi NYork. In port, Feb 28, brig Consort, Lowry, fm Philadelphia, disg, in part, for Trieste. H avaisa, March 31?Arr brigs Cordova, Ingraham, fm Provideuce; 30th, Martha Kinsman, Griffin, for Norfolk, 13 dspas; Tower, Grantham, Charleston; sell Oregon, Denis, do; 28th, brig Chastiue, Homer, NOrleana; 26th, brigs Adam. Bagley Belfast, 25th, Mantilla, Davis, Portland; Clio. Osgood, do: Northerner, Witham, Bahia Honda; Charlotte, Shakford, New Orleans; schs Harp, Sturderant, do; Polos, Berry, do; Abnet Hall, Nicholson, do. Sid 30th, hark Aim ira, Hutchinson, Portland: Grandee, Keller, Sierra Morena; 30th, bark J. W. Bloodget, Loring, Cabanas; brigs Martha Washington, Silvey, Matanzas; Naraguagus, Leightou, Cardenas: Maria. Knowlton, Baltimore: schs Geo F.vans; Keller, NYork; Rochestea; 29tli, sclis Dresden, Skolfielil^ Jarrico; Monterey. Mclntyre, Neuvitas. In port and advertised March 31, bark Henry Harbeck, Marvin, for New York; schs Florence, Thurlow, and Dolphin, Berry, for Boston; and others as reported by the Sutton. I.acpavka, March 13?Arr bark Venezuela, Dill, fm Philadelphia. Sid 12th, brig Stephen O Bass, Pettingill, New Or leans. Limkhick, March 5?Sid Cjnern, Martin, NYork. Lonuor, March 15?Arr bark General Taylor,Redman, New York. Laouavra?March, 21?Brie Caracas, Wortinger. for Phils, via Porto Cabello, soon: schr Crolon, Hall, lor N Orleans. Matamzas, March 20? In |*irt, bark Mary Lowell, Hamil ton. unc; brigs William Henry, Cole, for New York; Genius De Wolf, do; Margaret, for do, 6 days; Trios, Latnpher, foi Boston; Ann, Kemmick. do: Montrose, Poland, for Portland Sarah Louisa, Darling, for Charleston; Richmond. Steams, fo Philadelphia: Galen, Chase, unc; Orb, Davis, do; Louisa Pierce,do: Pemaquid, Forest, do; Albion Cooper, R.ulbird do; Osceola, Pierce, do; Gaspian, Willoughbv, do; Ceres Sawyer, do: Franklin, Bates, do; schrs Cadet, Towler for? York; Medmm, Winter, Boston; Ottoman, Pendleton, do Caroline, Shanks, Norfolk: Advance, Fogg, unc; Wm V Wyer. Cole, do; Vandalia, Hill, do; Helen Mars, Adams, fo New Orleans; J RJewitt, Adams, unc. PalkRmo, Feb 21?In port, ships Franris, Torse, forN York Propontos, Silver, Boston; Barks Charles William, Keating from Cadiz for N Orleans; Lepiiuto, . for N York: Chu apeake, for Baltimore; James Smith, for N York: Isabella, do I alena, do; brigs Ottoman, for Boston; Iris, lor Baltimore. <?i ,. uu i?u..,>: p-_i,ic v ? . tliarril n?Oiu UI >K Odimnjii', . York having repaired) IIrut, whence shr prucrrd* to Rorhell and NYork. Kio Jaivf.iho?Feb. 21?III port, ship Mexican, Drminc, fo Nrw Orleans 2 days ; Barques Lctiti, Lewis, dodo; Hoina Wingate, fm Baltimoie, diseg; Baltimore, LeBron, do, arr 23 Alvarado, Ames, from Lisbon, for New Orleans; brig Sila Mnreau, Long for N Orleans, 5th .March. Saciia I,a Granpk, April 1?In port, brigs Abby Amelia Colborn, for NYork. Idg; New York, 8lec|ier, for do, nei day; (Jen Lincoln, Goody, for Boaton^do: Cachero. Usher, fo do, 3 diva; Porto Rico, Giles, for Charleston, 3 days; schr; H<ipe, .Mitchell, for NYork, 3 days; Belle, Harnmin, dug. Tamnco, March 29?Arr ships Orpheus, Freeman, fm IS'ev York. 22d, brig Harriet, fm NOrleans; schr Vela, do. TnicsTr.. Feb 27?In port, birk Merlin, Hallett, for Palermo next dav. to loid for Boston; iu port about Feb 22d, ship Kle ment, Springer, to load for ( ork and a market, deatinatioi changed from Palermo and Boston. Thiisidad, Cuba, March 23?Arr, brig John B Dodds, Paine from Boston, 13 days passage; 21st Sept, Eurotas, Kilby, Boa ton. By Last Night's Southern Nail. Herald Marine Correapondeitee. Philadelphia, April 13?4 P.M. I Arrived, Br ship Peron, Betis, New York; Br brig Corfu ] McMann, St John. NB; brigs Biroc, Bailey, New York; Sulla ! Bangs, Boston; schrs St Helena, Waagatt. New York; Mar Ann, Fountain. Chiucoteague; Charles. Steeltniu, New York N H Hall, llerriman, Boston; Roswell King. Jenney, New port; DT Willetta, Smith, New York; John Randolph, Haley Stonington; Consul, Raines, Norwich; S R Paynter, Nfill, di Phoebe k Margaret. Piue, do; Undine, Penfield, New York Catharine Wilros, Jones,do; Spy, Lewis,do; Madison, Kille do; Delaware, Hill, do; barge Star, Longhead, do. Clearet hark Turk, Eldridge, Boston; brig Germ, Small, Island c Lobos; Br schrs Victoria, Hammond. Halifax; Calla, Richer schrs Emily, Woods, St John, NB; Angler, Burgess, St Jag de Cuba; M B Mahony, Dole, Charleston; n R Paynter, Neil Albany; Spy. Lewis, Newport; Catharine Wilcox, Jour. Bridgport; Julius Priugle, Crocker. Providence; Escort, Smii! Boston; Eugene, Brown, do; Jaue Elixa, Morton, do; Ireni Bryant, do: Consul. Raines, Norwich; John Kandolpl Raines, do; Phoebe k Margaret, Pine, New York; Dclswari Hill, Portsmouth, Nil: barges Shark, Stevenson, and Middlt ex, Wilcox, New York. Home Port*. Baltimore, April lj-^Arr, ships Seamin, Myriek, fmtli Pacific via Kio de Jancrio, Feb 21; Br ship Oregon, Evan: Liverpool; Br bark Sine Duffus, Thompson, Greenock; hri Maria, Knowlton, F.avans; brigs Zoroaster, Brownell, Ne York: Dover, Crow ell, Boston; Boston, Nickerson, Boston schrOutesie, Cornell, Havana, April 2nd; Ellen, Reed, Li guayra, March 21th; John Hancock. Yeung, Matanxas; Suva ami Ptioabe, NewbnryiKirt; Amelia, Smith, Nrw Yoak; R cuius, Davis, New York; Cld, bark Countess of A/ran, (B; | Henderson, Cork nod ainarket; schrs Ann Klixabeth. Adam I West Indies Sid schn Queen, Kldridgr. for Boston; Orl Hubbard. Tampiro; Curlew, Miller, Charleston. Norfoi.k, April II?Arr ship Talma, of NYork, Murra fm NOrleaus, with whrat, (lour k staves lid to Best and a ma krt, put in leaky, (see miscellaneous); Wm Dawxtvn. (B , Belfast, iu ballast; pilot boat Aid rrporta in Hamptr Roads, ship Gen. Harrison fm Alriaudria lid to ('ork, and hark, brig,names not ascertained: srhs J R Hootliud. Msllor I- 1-- ' ? ii ? - # _..! r... b Ti:?I. .17.. ti i.; Dr aliip Henrietta fin Liverpool lid to Baltimore, and a llrrmt ' ship (lormelly the Orace Brown) Inl to Bait. I2(h, arh Car j line, Shanks, fm Matanxav. Cld'ship Antwerp, Robertso Liverpool; brig Hnrtrnae, for Cork, i Ha.vrTO* Roani?Br brig St Andrew, Hmifey. R3 day? f Belfast, (the St Andrew will proceed to Philadelilphta, ai miscellaneous.) Br hark Warwick, \Veek?, 18 daya from tl Unworn. The W. encountered very ?eve weather on the pi sagr, hut sustained no d.linage. She will proceed to Bait, Foreign Porta. MaTAPXAS, April 8?III port, barks Nathan M Bride Brown, from Boston, dijp, Mary Lowell, Hamilton, fnt Pni land, do; Walter, Thompson, for Philadelphia, in C daya; brii Cere*. Sawyer, fm Portland, :10th uIt^ Charlotte, Littlejoh Trout do, diac; Orb, Davil, iliac; Caapian, Willoiiirhby, fro Pliilail, disc: Oaceola, Pierce, diac; W P Walker, Kdgecom arr lit inat: lolan, Chaie, wig frt; Louiia. Pierce, diac; W Henry, Cole, for New York, in 3 daya; arhra J R Jewelt, A ama, for N York, in 3 daya, November, Stokea, d^ic; Advanc Kngf. for Portland, in n nays; Only Son, Bnrke from Norfol arr lat Inst. 8ld, brie Montroie, for Portland; icltra W 1 Ms era, for N York; Medium, for Boaton. GITANO.?The am of the brie Virginia, about thr bnndrrd tons from South America, and from an analyi Pronounced superior to any other kind in the market. T <htann is dry, and will be aold to cloae the concern at one a a half cent per pound, and ii an object to the farnteri oft country. The cargo ii at Trappell'i itorei. Brooklyn, near Kult Kerry, andlamplea may be aeen at the office of NPOKKORD, TILK8TON k CO., 119 Water itreet i ni9 Im'rh HOLMES KITCHEN RANGES. THE proprietor hai been engaged in manufacturing and a ling Kttehen Ranges for the naat I* yeara, and feels w ranted to engsge that for private families and hoarding houi there is no range in use at preaent that w ill anawera beti purpose, and If not it will be removed free of any ei|>enie 1 the purchaser. Nnmeroua references can he gieen to any p ion wiihing to purchaie. Prieei range from $23 to $4.). Oral of the n? weit patterns for parlors, bed rooms snd offices. , Ranges snd Orates sat, and all descriptions of fire wot built at the shortest notice. Smoking Chimneys cored and warranted;if not cured [ charge is mada. A. OILHOOLY k SON, rroprieton ana nianuwccur?r?, /o rtassau ?rrrei fe 27 lm*r OAKKlAGKS." THR subscriber offers for sale an excellent assortment good Carriages, all now styles, warranted equal in qual ' to any thing in tTiia market, and will lio sold at rraaonal ; priori. JAMRS BRRWiTER, ' mil ln>?w tl and tt r.anal itrrot N K W TKAS, OLIJ JAVA iTlJFKKK". GROCRRIR.ll, fcc., at Wholesale nnd Retail.?J. O. KO1 I.KIl isalaily receiving from Auction choice now Ore anil Black Toaa, Java and other Coffees, White and Brie ! Angara, and family Urocerioa of all kinds, which he is offeei at a small adtrance on the wholesale prim. Rainilies and fli lors fieim the country would do well to call and rsamine t shore stock of good? before purchasing. Stores Nos. 2j0 a IJJ Otagdwich and 71 Vest/ streets, N. B Oood? risked and delivered to the boats withe chargei mil lmar) Antral of ItnuiMn in H?w Tartu APRIL II. I Amtiitiii iloTBJU. { II. M. Mallory,Cumins; Thus. J. Leonard. Philadelphia; C. I W Little, Buatou; Major Lee, U. 8. A.; H. Daltoa, Boston; II Sjn-orer, Utica; C. Buulra, Bosluu; Louia Peroffi, Havana; Pierce Novelle, do. Aitoh Hoist. James Maxuire, Mra. B111I1, Providence; Dr. Beech, Philadelphia; D. Maguire, Washington, D. C.; 8. Longfellow. Portlaud; W. H. Seward, Auburn; o. Crook*, Nrw York; Dr. (- minings, Buatou; M.Cheeaeboro, Providence; B. O. Taylor, Troy; O. Rajnsdeli, Buffalo; A. Kauisdcll. New London; P. jSorton, Ky.; J. Batchelor, a. Bout. T. Moseley, O Ileed, Boston; ii. Hunt, H. Livingston, T. Livingston. Utica; A. Mi on, Providence; T. Oranuis, J. Holleutes, Utica; W. DicltJ0"'Canada; T. Taylor, R. llart, II. Kellogg, Troy; H. Houaton, H. YVarreu. Boston; J. Allan, .Mancheater; J. Borden, kali iV,e'i J. Lhidge, Liverpool; D. Chambers, Boston; ( apt. ' " c ?' lo. Wilarme. Ita illCOIII, SI1I|I J. ?(. ^U?1U1. ricu. I ly; J. Lever, Trieste; L. Vita, Citt Hotel. Mr. Mason, Washington; Rev. M. McLean, Freehold, N-J-, J. Jonas, West Point; C. Postrr, Boston; Miss Dwight, Norwich: Mr. Adams, do; E Cariieuter, Albany; Van Krik. Catskill iH. Church, J. Moou, do; J. Dennis, iiostou; F. Colt, W. Bachus. Mass.; II. Dickerman, North Blenheim; D. Story, J. Story sua family, I'oughkecpsin; C. Buckley, Mass.; Capt. lirndrr, Cauaiulaigua; Captain Coukliu, Chun; II. Gregg. J. Ham, Boston; J. Kemliar, D. P. Brown and family, A. Siliero, J. Stone, B. Evans, Plnla.; N. l)avem>ort, Freehold. CaoTon Hotel. K. B. Pierson, Ohio; A. Philips, Boston; II. Coffin, Nantucket: II. 8. Cartrr and lady, Tallmadge, Onto.; Smith Sheldon, Albany; S. Kellogtr, Ulica; Z. Hill, Home; A. Fellows, Mechanicsrille; E. Blackmail, New York; S. a. Cady, Canaan; P. Dlackiuslou, D. Maliory, Mass.; P. Starke, Clinton; KM. Vail and sou, Troy; H. Arnold, A. W. Richardson, New Orleans; S. S. Cobb, Geneva; Z. J. M'Marten, Auburn; S. H. Nickrrso'i, J. W.Nicholas, Pawtucket; Capt. Davis and lady, New Bedford; H. II. Hull, Bath; T. K. Budhead, U.S.A.: Mrs. Sheldon and sou, Albany. Di ssino's Hotel. Wheeler Church, Bciimugtou, Vt; Caut. T. Ketcham, Huntingtou, L. I; T. Clayton. Cane of Good Ho|>e: 8. L. Godfrey, Thomas Biddle, A. Eddy, Beumngton, Vt; T. Bacon, Lansiugburgh: H. Pease, Saratoga, Spa; J. Atkin. Greenbush, N. Y;W. C. Barker, .Vloreau, Saratoga, Co; A. ?..Clement, Vt; 11. Day, Green co; L. Teal, Kiiotituu. Faster* Pearl Street House. E. Perder, A. Altou, Ohio; N.J. Wnrdin, Bridgeport; John Seymour, Auburn; L. Bradley, N. Canaan; D., Sherwood, N. Jersey; Charles Daniels, Bridgeport; G. H.l ootier, H. Cooper, Sag llarbor; T. B. Worth, Soulhold; E. C. Rogers, jun., H. King, 8. Long, Sag Harbor; George Jones, Long Island; H. L. Ayrea, N. Cauaan; Mrs. England, Liverpool: D. Meeker, R. Cameron, Bridgeport; A. Bibbius, Fairfield; Charles H. Sou ford and lady, Biiugewater, 11. J. Allen, Wooubury; Kobt. Irwin, N. Milford; Jaines Latino, Natchez; E. H. Pratt, New Orleans: Mrs. Tirthall. Conn.; Charles W. Pect, Bridgeport; M. T. Baldwin, N. Milford; Luther Daau, Franklin, Mass.; W. W. Oilman, New York; Francis Peck, Baltimore; 8. M. Hayden, Essex, Conn.; John Deuisou, C. Kelson, Deep River; James Pierront, Troy; A. Arnold, Simms, Conn.; William T. Cameron, New Haven; P. A. Buel, Wallutgford; H, Fiumau, Hartford, Colin.; William Bakrr, New Haven; William H. Bull, Meriden, Conn.: II, Smith, Prospect, Conn.; William Cooper, Sag llarbor. ? Eichanuk Hotel. Robert Slee. Joseph Slee, Poughkerpsie; John Vashagan, N. York; Rufus E. Newman, N. B. Richards, W. Butler, Mass.; N. Stickuey, Connecticut: Wm. Detts. Heurv Beudall, Horace White. Albany; O. H. G. Buttrick, A. r. Caae, Vernon, N. Y.; R. Stone, Albany: J. W. Coburn, R. W. Snow, W. Stanley, C. H. Harris, P. H. Dutton, Boston; H. W. Thompson, L. Thompson, S. Lewis, Vermont; Benjamin Otis, New Hampshire. Frarelin Hotel. Jacob Stair, York, Pa.; W. McCulloch, Woodstock, L. Marsh,do.; 8. Luse, Newark; W. Van Dervtn, J. T. Bancroft, Boston; J. O. Pitts, Geueva; H. Seymour. J. Cntliu, Col. Storms, Troy; 8. Hayes, Albany; A. Harris, Troy; R. Crope, Connecticut; E. Pntchand, Watrrbury; C. Pettibone, Sandusky ; M. Sadler, Brock lord; J. Hopkins, Virginia; W. Lawrence, Hartford; T. Dale, New Haven; C. F'oote, J. Adams, J. Beers, Dr. Beach, H. ilarrall, Bridgeport; L. McMauus, L. Tucker, Albany. Hnwtnu Hotel. Thomas Rogers, New York; J. Grant Richmond; A. Fiakr, Salem; J. Vaublew, Philadelphia; J. Milfin, New York; J. Stewart, B. F.llis, Ohio; C. Silvev, Chillicothe; I). HardenBoston; J. Bnbcock.West Plains; L. Dayton,New Brunswick; It Manninir. Rochester: J. Maliory, Herkimer; 8. Priest, Her ktmi-r Co: It. Hnalr, Bristol; J. Reynes, Mass; U. Crowe, Troy; J. Mende, Albany: J. Cramer, C. Richard*, E. Ron, Troy; S. Williamson, J. It. Williamson, trie; O. Van Deboe'Tt, C. Mathews. Schenectady; Jos. Curtis, Rochester; W. Cramer, George Ohlen, P. Murray, Schenectady. Judson's Hotel. S. D. Jacob, Tennessee; t. Bassett, New Sanders: J. Denham, Chicago; H. Cnnvrrs, Norwich: C. Bower, Mass; H. Whitaker, Norwich; W. Van Bostwick, N. V; M. Lathrop, Northampton; H. Breiman. Norwich; It. Ztilph, Providence; E. Collins, E. Smith, Hartlord; J. Lathrop, Northampton; W. Carpenter, Delaware; 8. Buckingham, Ct; O. Wilson. Phi lad; K. Tyler, J. Hence, Mrs. Hobtnson, Mrs. Northam, Hartford; N. Benton, Dr. Bislion, W. Holley, New Haven. Lovejoy's Hotel. N. Rixford, Mansfield, Ct; C. Douglass, Sag Harbor; W. Burton, Cohoes; J. R. Arnold, Conn; D. A. Lipperly, Troy; 1 J. liartshorne, James Osgood. Boston; Lewis Lawrence, New Haven; Oeoice Gibbs, B. II. 8|>ear, Providence; Jas. C.Clapp, Key West; C. Iteed, Spencertown, N. Y: Orreu Ilislee, Ke?'< sington. Ct; W. R. Taylor, Bristol, R. I; Solo. Carter, Bos; ton; W.H.I Newell. Syracuse; T. Woolridge, Jr.. Marblehead; George G. Gove, Boston; Martin Merrill, fiaukhamstead, Ct; J. Wrikes, Co; t. K. Milligan, do; 1L Smithe, Orestus Beach, Tollaud, Maine; O. W. Ditmsis. J. B. Bvldy, Seneca Kails; H. Jones, Cohoes; George Wells, A. Brewster, J. Brewster, A. C. Daniels, C. 8. Newcomb, Troy; David Manneriug, Bridgewater; Thomas McVitv, Troy; 8. S. Streeter, Berlin; D. W. Streeter, Pen Van; C. Bloomingdale, Jr., Stillwater ; H. H. Morgan, Herkimer, N. V; Wm. H. Bartlett, Paris, Oneida Co; James Henry, Jr., Little Kails: J. 8. Wheaton, Lansingburg; 8 Mallony, Catskill; R. L. Mulford, Rcnssalaerville; 11. B. I'eck, Coxsackie; Charles Ensign, It. D. Bardwell, Troy; Lewis Little, Hudson; Joseph M. Dake, Saratoga Springs; A. Bell, Austerlitz; John P. Plank, Herkimer, N. Y; William Dvgart, Lambert lienslrr. Frankfurt; J. Wager, C. Warner, Trov; C K. Koss. E. Sfiaw, Trenton, Oneida Co; A. Doolittle, Springfield, Mass; Charles Curlisle, New Haven: Lew is Holcomb, tiraiiby: John J. Derose, Morristowu; 11. Bell, Metuchen; J. Packard, Galena, Illinois; J. Wilson. Huntsville. Mo; S. J. Patterson, Bridgeport; 8. Van Valkeubiirg, Albany; D. D. lyes, Charles Shelton, Chester, . Ct; Samuel Button, Jewetl City; Keuheii Suell, Herkimer ' Co; Oliver Alien, N. Y; C. Cook, H. L. Slulford, Hensselaerville; Jacob M. Vaiidrrheyder, Troy; E. J. Ilaling. Saratoga Springs; A. P. Barrnigrr, r. G. Clements, Troy; N. H. Batch eller, Arlington, Vt; J. llaskiu, J. J. Williams, Troy; Benj " J W. Wooster. William Henry, Albany; C. W., Sche nectadv; George Shoemaker, I). S. Hans. Seneca Kalis; C. H i Russell, William Ingram, Troy; Louis Mansea, John G. Kreensan, II. B. Waddinglove, N. I; A. L. Harrison, Mr. Kevser, Albany; S. L. Ripley, llaverstraw; George Bradnrr, Ohio; Edward R. Johnston, J. B. Matlaek, G. P. Shepherd, Philadclpliia; J. Yale, Boston: II. Smith, Bridgeport, Ct. ' National Hotel. " Albert Cameron, Sotnerville; Tlios. Parker and lady, St ' John's, New Brunswick; Miss Parker, do.; H. 8. Shutna' Prim Yen; Wm. Shuldcr and lady, Newtown; II. I). Hewitt, Washington, D.C.; S. A. Smith, Sangerties; M.P. Welcount, ? .. , ^ 1.. ,, ,,, vt 1>. * .I LefllS IJ. .Iiowrn, Jr. nrn?i?, j. ?. .... ... ... N.Y.; P. Whittelsy, Leeds; K. Whittelsy, Jo.; Charles Hitclir cock, Lausiiigburgh: B. O. Frlter, do.; James Wilker, Sche' necudy; H. P. Pulling, Albany; Samuel Maether, Batina; J. H. Willet, Lansingburjth: J. Myrcs, Jr., do.; J. C. Scolly, do.; Wm. Maple, do: J. 11. Scolley, do.; M iss Maple, do. NoRTHERJS Hotel. ; J. A. Edsall,Cincinnati: M. Smith, Hicksville, N. J.;A. H. 1 Van Slyck.A. A. Bradt, J. T. Clutc, Rotterdam; A. Darcev, r Hartford, Washington co; Sheriff Van Slyek-Scheneetady: T. 1 iiirgins, Troy; J. Dnihury, Philadelphia: T. Duibury, do.; John Duihury, do.; W. T. Shank, Proridcuce; W.L.Peter, ' S. Ilidgrley, Philadelphia; H. Fresley, I.oudon: K Krviur, White Plains: O. Jenk, Farininglon, New Jersey: 1{. A. Jack ton. t^hina. New York; R. 8c II. McClelDn, Hebron, New York; J. T. King, aud lady, Kinderhook; 8. Smith, Mra. 1 Smith and Miai Smith, Albany; C. Rich, Troy; W. R. Craven, do.; W. Clark, do.; W. Whitull.New York. New England House. J. C. Russell, Great Barringtou; K. p. Russell, do; C. J. I.alor, do; A- rreller. Kent; W. Loney. Baltimore; T. 11. Johnson, New Jersey; B. Hatch, New York: D. Bctts, Lower Sandusky; J. I). Post Mendrn; L. W. Carroll, Norwich; Helh Daniels, Oxford; E. Edwards, Norwich: Ahsel Canause, Kellingly.Ct.; T. w. Plimpton, Boston; G. W. Moredoch, Plaiulield, Ct.; L. H. Clark, Connecticut; Dr. Lows, do.; A. Howard, Boston; 0. D. Stone, I'laintield; W. W. Nason, Great Kalis; M. K. Karh, New London. Pacific Hotei. J K. T. Pease, New York; H. Meach, Albany; A. J. Clark, do; 11. I.. Robinson, N. Y. k. E. It. R.; K. T. Huntington, Ah bany; Rev. A. B. Bullions and lady, East Hampton; John Deyrmand. Albany: Wm. Deyrinand, do; S. Schuyler, do; W Potnroy, Daton; J. W. Koote, New York; J. L. Marron, do; ' W. Redding, do; J. Stevenson, Washington; M. McQuiun r' Scotland; Wm. D. Russell, Albany; P. Dix, do; J. Buckber, )' do; ('apt. Reily, do; Thomas Karnum and lady, Auburn, Mrs. f Lemberson, Syracuse; U. Edwards, Johnstown; W. E. lliiS' sell, Mass.: M. R. Tyler, Pittatown; Col. L. R. Reedc, do ' John Brandee, Berlin; James Roach, Albany; K. Matthews I do; S. (). ( base, do; 11. T. Holcouib, do; II. C. Scribiirr and I nly, do. Pearl Street Hoisf.. Joseph Haten, F. W. Savage, and John Hazen, Oarretteville J. L. Kirkfield, Franklin, Ohio; Hiram Yiuall, Camden; J. G r' Bryant, Mount Vemnn; L. B. Pratt, Maine; A. Jl. Breeding ,! Kent; Wm. Paine, B.T. Paine, Ohio; J. Lombard, Springfield ' H. W. Cook, Wallinrford; Wm. Butts, New York; O. Hast ings, Meadvtlie; C. 11. Smith, Citrleville; C. Shiiler, Cana Dover; N. B. Palmer, Buffalo ; S. Patten, Albany; E. W ie Trumbull, Cant. IVabody, Salem; John Dole, Win. Broad s, hurst, Boston; Wm. S. Shuuks, Ala. ig Ratiiki n Hotel. w C. Hnllhert, Pittsfield; N. Waahburne, Albany; F. Me i; Knight, Buffalo: A. Wilkinson, Cohof?;E. Bennington. Troy a- J. Warner. Buffalo; F. Parker. Detroit; A. Tiffany, Buffalo in W. Rierson, Rochester; J. Simmons, Buffalo; H. Randall, do e- I,. Reed Gilhoa; W. Cooper, Fishkill; F.J. Haley, Newark r) F. L. llsley, do.; F. BcnnrtL Baltimore a, Taylor's Hotel. >, A. Ogden, Windbsven; A. Huuey, Manchester : L. Porter New Jersey: C. S. Conicrstock, Rochester: 1". J. Richardson y, Maine: A. Miller, Rock-sburgh, N. J; 11. Tcel, Harmony, N r- J; N, Zembls. 8. C. r) ITnited States Hotel. in | W. 11. Taylor and lady, Nrw llasen; J. L. Baldwin, Tioga, a ' Pennsylvania: 11. E Clap, Connecticut, D. Stuart, l'lul idel y, I phia; 11. N. Lowe, lady and child, 1'atrrson; J. W. Beers a. Cornwall; T. W. ISurtiss, Long Island; J. Sullivan, Boston ... I l it \ |.,r?l,.?i ,U .1. H.t olev t ani o- Malthroa, New Haven; j. Hitchcock, Watcrbury; J. W u, Front. Brattleboro; N.O. Hnlrhkiaa, New Haven; A. C. Wei inure, Me ride; F. A. Atwater, Capt. Sheffield, New Haven; A m Hathaway, Windaor; A. Wtnaton, Uriatol. Connecticut; II re Parmelee Buffalo; J. A. Vaiann, Maryland: A. Carroll, Oe te neva; Itaiiau opera company. from Verona; N. Beckwith. C ? J. 8lie|dierd, New London; Capt. Conn, Boatnn; H. N. White Maaaarhuaetta; O Harrington, Kate*; ('apt. Smith and wile Connecticut; R. I). McMurray, Mnaaachuaetta; G. 11. Ilaal inga, J. H. Myera, Pittaburg; L. Pardee, W. K. Allen, L. 1 Hart, F. C-Hale, New Haven; J.C. Booth, Watertown; J.L Wileot, Berlin; ('.apt. Cair, A. Barter, jr., Warren, R. J.; J * Burrougli. Providence; P. ( liaae. Warren, 11. I.; Captain J. II ' Jolmaou. Maine; W. C. Howard, Laser; 1). Baldwin, Preator Connecticut; I). N. Fraiier. D. N. Tlioruton, Troy; A. A Jj Wood, New London. WptiTran Hotel. T. S. Adell. Prekaltill, N. V; W. Cooi>er, Europe; B. f . 1 Neweomb, Macon, (la; A. T. Fordliam, I.aii*iiighiirgh;W. H Iy Barniim, Limerock; N. B. Stevena, Norfolk; Mra. Butaforil tV Salisbury, ( t; Miaa A. C. Ilolcomb, Falla Village. Ct: llai lem Roya, Norfolk; E. Atkin, Johnatone; Z. Preaton, W. < ? Preirihone, Hartford, Ct; Lniaim Potter, Enfield, Ct; L. II ee Perkiua and lady, Hartford, Ct; S. B. Sertoli, Baltimore; Wir ia Sheaker, Minerva, Ohio; T. 8. Fry, Philad; Dr. Strew, Hyui he aet,L. It M. Heath, Union Villvce; II.L. Petteva, Waahnui nd ton co; Wm. I'latt, Waterford; T. S. Conklin, VVaterlon; l] he Gifford, /.Brown, Laaton; W. Spencer, Springfield. Oliin Mra. H. Halimer, Providence, Chicago; W. P. Laton, Norwie on Ct; Miaa Byengton, Marietta; Ohio; B. F. Durent, T. I llnigeh, Kenaielcarville; T. W. Cundall, Enaton, Washing ton; Mra. Mill* and daughter. Schenectady; M. Murphy, Syri citae; T. Carton, Utica; T. (I. Pitta, Geneva; E. Van Volkei burgh, L. Van V olkeiihnrgli.Maldenbridge, N.V; T. B. Hhngj Ohio: H. Ct Blair, R. A. Doolittle, Hitchrockvill, Ct; \V. r el- Ingraham, Laaton; LewiaChaiunvu, Mia* Fairchilil, WeatfieU ar> H 0- Gay Lebanon Spring*. N. V; II. Jonea, Fonda; L. Belli lei diet, Pawtnrket; Thoa. Davia, O. Hunt, Providence; F. W ter Lrneat, New Lebanon. Ct; S. M. Maddick. Ct; L. P. D. Mnw to Whig; T. Beecher, Chicago; T. H. Story, Cooperatown; w er- B Button, Boaton. tea ??aa??????iwm^m I, Hn OREOORV, No. 3 Rooaevelt at , one door front CH mJ ham. it artl I engaged in the cure of private diaeaaea i no heretofore. A long and ancreaafnl practice in thin branch < hia profeaaion, haa afforded him a wide field for prnleaitoni ohaervation and improvement, which, together with the m Hem diacovenea in chemiatry haa invented Dr. O. with facil ? tie* of rnring hia patienta apeedily and effectually. m?l3w?rc . ifv KMRHOIDEHIK. LACE CAPES, Ac. ?le .V Ihf Ntw Start, 1So 377 Broadway WILLIAM SCOTT k < >. hare Jmt rrceivr.l * ? nortmnit of new an 1 elegant Iffentwin fo feriifg uuu.nullir cheaps they puftieularljr iiiTi ,,, i carton. white figured demi veil., at *1 on II <l? needle work^ collar. i( ^ (J >*n 20 dov.n bem'il lawn h.ndkerehief. at 9 00 "* which they helieveu. be fully 30 ,-er cent cheaper thaot ret .,I price.. j viiMi imiti IM^'-Pluilii Hair Saatinjf. Ilattcri Pluih, Ci | ?? lw* ? Nmm rtrcct, tn? Port Oflct. MONTHLY REPORT FOR MARC H. _ H or THt bicw vo?? MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 70 chambers street. H CA8E8 8IH ('E88FULLV TREATED. 1 * ?o?um|>ti<?u 3 Partial Dvaluess ' Abdominal Dropsy, 1 Induration and Enlargement 3 I al pit ituiu Heart of tile Nick of the iiiadder 4 Oonorrhtsa (ll-niali ) M 9 Si-muml Weakness 3 Suppression of Menses ? ri"el ?f Midwifery 7 Kalinin Womb, with bearing H J fii r down pain, caused by u/. J, 'umu,'Ji" eeratiou and iiLtlammatien ^8 b Primary Venereal! ol os uteri 3 Secondary V Willi 2 Ditaiuesa and Pain in ilia i Irritation in Urethra Head 3 feline of Bladder, female 4 Oleet. 3 do i 1 nl 1 a in iji at ion ol the Eyes 3 Incoutiueiice ol'Urine 4 Cases Dyspepsia 1 Ulcer on the Noae 1 Cancer Uterua, incurable SUROJCAU OPERATIONS AND CURES. 1 Encysted Tumor removed 5 Strictures in Urethra H from the inside of the Lip 2 U rinary f istula H 1 Fissure in Female Urethra 3 fractures of Uie Leg H of live years' standing, 1 Fracture of the Arm H very painful ; two caute- 3 Bad Injuries of the Hands H ' attended to H riiniiuiu .? .. . Several Ahcesses opened 1 Enlarged Tonsil removed The iioor attended to between 1 and 2 o'clock. DR. HOMER BOSTWICK, al4-2w*rc Surgeon aud Physician, 76 Cliatnbers at. FOR .SALE, A FINE ASSORTMENT OF BROAD BLACK CLOTH. Casaimere and Doeskins,of a very su|wrior quality. which 1 l .iely received from Belgium. GEO. VLOIO, *> lw*re 63 Liberty street, upstairs. lOniA'li W RltiEE V . HAS REMOVED from No. 6X Pine street to 73 iu the tame afreet, near Pearl. al2w*r A. & (i. BRANDON, Successors to F. A. MUNDEN, BLOCK LETTER SIQN MANUFACTURERS, AffD SIGN PAINTERS, NO. a TRYON ROW. Adjoining the Harlem Railroad Office, New York. Rr.rcKEivcc.? Washington Stores, William street; Rathbun's Hotel, Judsou'a Hotel, National Hotel, Perkiu's Hotel, U. 8. Bonded Warehouse, Nankiu Tea Company, Ike., he. jal9 2m*rrc _______ COUNTRY MILLINERS. PETER ROBERTS, 373 Broadwaf, would invite the atteutiou of those who are purchasing, their Spring Goods, to hit stock of Laces, viz:?Maleiue, Poiut de Paris, Aleu'con, Brussels and Pompullon. for trimming hats; Black and White Lace Veils; Bruxells, illusion Poiut and funcv Nets?and a great variety of other goods, which he will sell at very low prices. nl lm*r "CardsTcakds !' FOR SALE by JOHN J.MIRABEAU, 100 Nassau street. Marked Cards of every dcscripiton, and directions for taking advantages iu the following gamesBluff, Poker, Brag, Seven Up, Faro, Vingt-et-un, he., by oue who is practically acquainted. Those who wish to receive lessons in advantages, that require dexterity, must inquire as above. a8 lm*r """ TIMOLAT'tt SULPHUR BATHS, No. 547 Pearl street, near Broadway. THESE BATHS have been established for the last twentysix years, and are the only Sulphur Baths iu the city.? They are highly recommended by the most emineut physicians, for the cure of rheumatism, salt rheum, chrouie complaints, eruptions of the skin, heMcdicatcd Va|>or Baths also given daily, from I A. M. to P- M. _ f28 lm*rc XnaO DOZEN PATENT SHIRRED SUSPENDERS, OUvv/ embracing over twenty styles and prices, varying from below $2 to $20 per dozeu, for sale to jobbers and exporters, and at retail, by the only manufacturer of the fabric iu the United States, and exclusive owner of all the patents for processes in the manufacture of these goods. H. 11. DAY, nh If rrc 23 Courtlaudt street. STORE OF ANTIQUITIES. ORIGINALLY at No. 38 Broadway, has been removed to No. 316 Broadway, upstairs. Amateurs and Couoisaeurs are luvtted to call and examine a moat beautiful collection of Ajicieut Pictures and valuable specimens of Ivory, Porcelain, Silver, Uold, etc., WIIICII nave never ucruic ..... ...,. Remember 316 Broadway. mil lm*c 'XMIE UNUERSIONKD lias the pleasure of informiug his X friends and the public, that he lias commenced business at No. 210 Broadway, comerof Murray street, where he will at* tend to the study of Cutting and making Garments to suit ail persons that may favor him with their patronage. He would say, from the experience he has received in some of the principal cities of Kurope and America, in the latest Krench, Eng lish, and Ameriaan style, that all will receive that graceful appearance that will please the most fastidious. Also, all persons will find prices te suit the times, luid goods of the best quality and workmanship. Persons finding their own Cloths, can have tliem made and trimmed in the neatest and cheapest manner possible. Aj the spring is approaching, he w ishes his friends and the public to call before buying elsewhere. N. 11.?All orders executed in the quickest possible time, and on the shortest notice. JAMES LAPINE, a3 2w?c Entrance by Mr. Plumbe's Gallery. ANOTHER CHALLENGE. ONCE MORE we challenge the New Vork Shade dealers to compete with us iii the sale of Window Shades. We are now making large daily additions to our stock of Shades, and pledge ourselves to br undersold by noue. As to the auality of our Shades, we have but one word to say. They took the premium at the late fair at Newark, N. J. We invite the citizens of New Vork and the surrounding couutry to give us a call, and we w ill prove the truth of our assertions. DUNCKERJt BEEKER, No. 18 Chatham street, near Chambers street, ml9 lm*r New Vork. ttlOO REWARD"-THE NEW VORK, Albany, and 8-vJVr Buffalo Telegraph Company will pay a reward of ilbu iu any person who shall give _ such information as shall lead to the conviction of any individual, under the following law, for wilfully injuring the Telegraph Line or Property. T. S. FAXTON, President. Utica, Oct. ith, 1846. An act to facilitate the construction of Morse's Electro-Magnetic Telegraph. Passed May 13, 1841. The people of the State of New i ork, represented iu Seuate and Assembly, do enact as follows:? Sec. 1.?The proprietors of the patent right of Morse's Electro Magnetic "1 eli-graph, may be, and are hereby authorized, to construct lines of said Telegraph from jioiiit to point, and across any of the waters within the limits of this State by the erection of posts, piers or butinenu for sustaining the wires of the same: Provided that the same shall not, in any instance b- so constructed as to endanger, or injuriously interrupt, the navigation of such waters; and, provided also, that the private rights of individuals shall be in no wise impaired by the provisions of this act; uor shall this act authorize the construction of anv bridge. or other similar erection across any of the stream! of water in this State. Any person or persons who shall knowingly or wilfully injure, molest or destroy any of the said lines, or the materials or property pertaining thereto, shall, on conviction deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and be punished by fine or imprisonment, or both, at the discretion of the Court which shall hare snd take cognizance thereof. Sec. 2. The Legislature mar at any time, alter, modify or repeal this act, and the same ahull take effect immediately. keepers or owners of Junk Shops, and all other persons are requested to give notice at (lie Telegraph Office, in Tost1* Buildings, corner of Hanorer street and exchange 1'lace, or to the undersigned, of aiiy person offering cornier wire for tale. C. LIVINGSTON. Secretary. Nr.w York, March 5, HIT. No. 10 Wall street. m6 lm*r | KJtW AiliJ.?Lom or tttoleu, uti Tuesday, the *sWUrl8th Fehruuiy ult., in the neighborhood of Loosbaid street, Loud >u, a Banker's Leather Case, coutaiuiug the uut ermeutu ned Bank of England Notes, viz:? Cue ?1000 No.e, 13th June, 1816 No. 68,676 " ?1000 " " 66,737 " ?1000 M " 68,836 " ?1000 " " 70AM " ?1000 " " 70,663 " ?1000 " " 70,666 " ?300 " 12th March. 1816 J1.309 " ?300 " 71 33,276 " ?100 " 11th May. 1846 37,107 " ?200 " 10th March, 1846 38,362 " ?200 " " 39,888 " ?200 " " 40,488 " ?100 " 9th May, 1846 84,172 ?30 " 8th October, 1846 40,132 " ?30 " " 43,360 " ?20 " 3th October, 1846 83,274 ?20 ' " 83,273 " ?3 " 2d December, 1846 33,900 ' " ?3 " 13til January, 1847 39,630 i " ?3 " " 94.426 T'a> meat of all which has been stopped at the Dank or Kug' land. | Whoever will giye such information as may lead to the recovery of the above described notes,, shall be entitled to receive the above reward, or a proportionate part thereof for any portion of the notes so recovered, if lost, or ujsn recovery ana ' conviction of the offender, ifstolen. For further information, apply to J. A. WHITING, Esq., 61 Wall it. ' m28 2\v?r i cast off* clothing am) furniture : wanted. LADIES and Gentlemen having any cast off or superflona clothing or furniture to dispose of, can obtain a fair ensn price for the same, hv sending a note, or by calling on the subscriber, at his residence, or through the post, which will bo '. punctually attended to. H. DE BOER, 71)4 Canal st. Up Stairs. . N. B.?Ladies can be attended to by Mrs. De Boer. Old stock and job goods bought, of any description and amount. m23 lm'rh PRIVATE DISEASES?F.STTBUSIIKD A. D. 1840 FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY.-The Members of the Now York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, estnb lishcd for the suppression of quackery continue to direct their particular attention to all diseases of a private nature, and can confidently promise to persons requiring medical treatment, a safe aud permanent cure, without injury to the constitution or confinement from business. Invalids are particularly reiiuested to make application to the College on the first :,p|>earnjicr of those diseases, ss a vast amount of suffering and time may he thus avoided. One of the members of the College, for many years connected with the principal hospital# in Europe, for the cure of those complaints, attends for consultation daily, from 8 A. M. to 8 I'. m. Terms?Adviet and Medicine 8.3?cure guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY INVALID8?Persons living in the country, finding it inconvenient to make personal application, can have forwarded to them a chest containing all medicine requisite to perform a radical cure, by stating their cave explicitly, together with all symptoms, time of con nml ./ nit, rl ,l,#wlt,r? if inV KRll SncloS ' ing t-i, post paid, addressed lo L W. 8. RICHARDSON. M. D.. i. 9i_Naisau street, New York. " VELPKAUTI SPECIFIC PILLS, FOR tbe radical cure of gonorrhoea, gleet, eminel emtsiionn, >ui<l *11 mncnpmnfrnt dincluugea from the urethra. [' Their Pills, the result of twenty yews ei|>erience in the Ilosl" t'ital de Charite in Peril, we pronounced by their celebrated ^ inventor, Profeiior Velpenn. ? tut infallible remedy for ell diseases of the urethra. They effect carein a much shorter r* time than any other remedy, without tainting the breath, disagreeing witn the itomach, or confinement from business.? u Price $1 |ier bog. [. (INSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED. THE TONIC MIXTURE, |irri?rad hy the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Cltv of New 1 ork, in h confidently recommended for all cases of debility produced hy J. secret indulgence or eicess of any kind. Ilii an invaluable remedy lor impotence, iterility, or baxiennoa, unleii drpt-ndt ing on mv/lormation. i- Single bottlei f I each; cases of half e dozen $i; carefully r, packed, and eent to all parti of the Union. J RICORD'S ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. "LI OR the permanent enre of primary or iccondary syphilis, E" J; renereal ulcrri, nndei, or any complaint produced by an injudicious uie of mercury, or unskilful medical tiatment.? l< All personi luspecting venereal taint remaining in tliar syifem ' should use this powerful purifier without delay, aa no person can consider himself safe after hsring the venereal diaeese, without thoroughly rleansiug the system with this jnstly celtbrated altersrire Sold in single bottles at $1 each: in cases of half a dozen for af FJ ; carefully pat Itcd and sent to all parts of the Union. ?l CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF SARSAPARILLA u- GENTIAN AND SASSAFRAS. '* D REPARF.D by the New York College of Medicine and M. Pharmacy, astablished lor the suppression or quackery.? This refined and highly concentrated estract. possessing all ? thr purifying qualities and cnrative Powers of the aliore lierba, is confidently recommended by the t'ollegr as superior to any esfract of Sarsa|<arijla at present before the public, and may be m- relied on as a certain remedy for all diseases arising from an ,f. impure state of (lie blood, such as scrofula and salt rhetiim, ring worm, blotches or pimples, ulcers, pain in the bones or joints, nodes, cutaneous eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or nuy disease arising from thr secondary effects of ayphilis or an injudicious nae of mercury. Ilold in single bottles ats 7J cents. ),a " in cases of half a dozen bottles J1 }0 " " one dozen " 00 ( ases forwarded to all parta of the Union |r* N- B.?A rery liberal discount to wholesale purchaser!.

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