Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1847, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1847 Page 4
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I NEW YORK HERALD I New York, Tlmreday, April 1ft, lftftT. I THE WEEKLY HERALD. I Our Illustrated History of the Bom I bardment of Vera Oruz. 'I'll. Wsokly HermlU will be ruady on Saturday uiorn ing, at 9 o'clock It will contain full acoouuu of the storming and oa pitulatiun ofthe city of Vara Cros, and tba Castle a H Sun Junu d'Clu*, with a list of the killed and wounda<i H ? (Jan Scott'* and Com. P*rry's despatches?Lata and Important now* from Northern Mexico?Situation ot Oen Taylor and hi* army?The foreign new* recelred by the recently arriTed packet ship*?Washington Cor reepondence. giving the future movement* of General* Soott and Taylor?The'particular* of Coi. Harney * grand and ?ucce**ful charge?and a variety of other intereiting and Important intelligence, aa well a* full re port* of the foreign and dome*tic market*, and a di geet of commercial, lluanciai. political and 'mUcella uoou* Intelligence from all part* of the oountry. It will be embellished with four accurate engraving* I representing a plan ol' the city of Vera Cruz and the poI sltlou of the castle of San Juau de t'luu ; the castle of I San Juan de Llua before the capitulation ; a diagram of the city of Vera Cruz and the position of our force* afI ter landing , and the appearance of Vera Cruz and San Juan de l lua after their capitulation. These will form a perfect illustrated history of the capture of the city and castle an important event in the war with Mexico. Single copies, in wrappers for the mail*, can be obtalnI ed at the office on Saturday at 6.1? cent* each, or $3 13>{ I par annum In advance. I The Charter Election?What U the Pnwptvl I for clean Streets I I We give in another column an amended and I corrected table, showing rhe result of ilie charter I election. It will be been by it that tlie Whigs I have elected their Mayor and the greater part of I their candidates for the Common Council. Their I majority for Mayor is about fifteen hundred, and I their majority on joint ballot in the Common I Council will be eleven?a good working majoriI ty?sufficient to keep the streets clean, and reduce the city expenditures. The Democrats have elected their Almshouse Commissioner by a handsome majority. The natives have dwindled down to the little end of nothing, and probably will not again show themselves as a separate party. But nous vtrront. This is the first time in eight years that the whiga proper have curried the city, and it rests on their own conduct whether they will be re elacted next year or not. The issue on which thp battle was fought was clearly and distinctly drawn before the election. That issue was clean streets and retrenchment. Our citizens, believing them to have been sincere in their professions of reform, ejected the party that has controlled the city for years past, and elected whigs in their stead, believing that they would reform the abuses practised by their opponents. If they do so, the people will have no rause to repent the way they voted. If they do not, they may, of course, expect the same kind of treatment that the democrats received. No party had ever such an opportunity of carrying out the wishes of the people as the whigs now have. Our citizens expect them to improve it, and we hope they will. In the way the election went, we see that our citizens have voted more according to their own judgment than according to the dictates of party. Mr. Leonard, the successful candidate for Almshouse Commissioner, has held that office for a year past, and is re-elected. His majority is about two thousand, while Mr. Browncll's minority is nearly as much. Here we see a difference of nearly four thousand votes. This is not a litlle curious. In two or three wards the successful candidates were elected by the smallest majorities. The whigs may draw a moral from this election, that our citizens will reward such of their public servants as do their duty faithfully. Later from Rio Janeiro.?We are in receipt of files of (?Mercantil to the 26th February, five days later than our previous dates. Several young officers of the Brazilian navy, who had made a voyage Cor instruction on board the United States frigate Columbus, under the care of Commodore Biddle, had returned to Rio, and were much delighted with their treatment and the knowledge they had acquired. The news from Montevideo is up to the 30th January?the accounts, therefore, are not latei than those thut we have before published. Quick Passages.?The fine little ship Edwina, Captain West, arrived yesterday from Antwerp in the very remarkable passage of twenty-four days, from port to port. The Edwina is a New York and Mobile packet. The Bremen bark Atlantic, Capt. Forster, also came in port yesterday, after a passage of only twentynine days from Bremen. The Capitulation of Vera Cruz and San J can dk Ult'a.?In consequence of the telegraphic wires between this city and Philadelphia being out of repair at the tunc when wc expected to receive intelligence of the storming of Vera Cruz and San Juan de Ulua, we arranged an express to convey to this office the news of the event whan it was received. G. H. Huddell, Esq., superintendent of the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore railroad, aware of the importance it would be to the commercial community to be possessed of it as soou as possible, afforded every facility to our express agent to bring it here in the quickest tune possible. His exertions assisted him very much, and lie is, therefore, entitled to the thanks of our citizens for hia praiseworthy efforts in the matter. Spirit or thx New York Volunteers.?We ars indebted to a gentleman of this city, for the following copy of a letter, received from his son. It speaks for itsslf. TIT V... r.... Kfae/iV. 1 a IT W. hava mat tba enemy and they ara oura aa Parry woald any Tba elty and oastle gave up yesterday ? ffa go into town to-morrow ? ? ? 1 am wall and parfectly happy , I waa never mora ao. Wa leave In a fa* dayi for tne Interior. Onr regiment la tha regiment ont nare -I hava had a fight with my company In an opan Said. Oar Bag la tbara ; tha eountry la aafe Arrival or thk Oxford.?This fine packet ahip, under the command of Cept. Yeaton, arrived yeeterday from Liverpool. She made the passage across the Atlantic in twenty-five davB. From the East.?Our usual favors, in the shape of Boston papers of yesterday morning, wsre received last night, through Mr. Cloves, of the New Haven route, Political. Tha ataatlon In Wnilaaubnrgb raaoltad in tha ehoioa of tha whig Uakat elmoat entirely Whig majority 104 la Nawark the regular whig oandidataa ware elected without much opposition Beach Vanderpool waa elected Mama. Of lo member* of tha Comman Connell, 11 A spealal town meeting waa held In Cranaton, R I on Monday, fbr tba purpoee of filling a vacancy in the delegation to tha Ooneral Assembly. occasioned by tha failure to elect on tha previous Wednesday No choice bolng made it was at length voted to dissolve the meeting Unless another is oaUad. tha old Senator and Representatives (Law and Order) hold ovgr. Matthew Mltohall has bean eleoted mayor of tbe city At tb? annual town meeting held In Fall River on Monday, the whip enooeeded In electing their entire ticket The vote for oounty troMurer *u, Mile, whig, MB; Anthony, looofheo 344, II. Read, 141 The municipal election In NcwOrlean* rame off on the frth I net In the Flret Municipality three whip and one dmocrat are returned to the General Conncll; and nine whip and flee democrat* to the municipal council, and one tie In the Second Municipality four whip are returned to the General Council; and thirteen whip and thro- democrat* to the municipal council. In the Third Municipality four democrat* are returned to the General < ouncll: the politic* of the Aldermen not poeltlrely Jutown further than that the democrat* hare a majority ? - Inn mi -Th? InwUi? OMdM of Anwrica. tL - I We have been fltvored with a copy of tlie annual port of the Commluloner of Patenta for the year 1846, = and proceed to give a synopsis of iti content* for the benefit of such of our reader* aa take an intereet In the de' velopcment of American Inventive talent. It appears that during the year ending December 31, . 18-lti. the whole number of application* for patents received. was twelve hundred and seventy-two. The whole number of caveats filed during the same time waa four buudred and forty-eight. The wmwr or patents issued 1 iu 1846 wax six hundred and uisiteon, Including thirteeu . ! re-issues. Are additional improvements, and fifty-nine f designs. 1 During the same period, four hundred and seventy1 three patents expired r I Three applications for extension* wero made during the year; two of whiob were rqjeotsd, and one Is still pending Two patents have been extended by Congress dur| lng the same period The receipts of the office during the year 1946, including duties and foes paid in on application for patents, cuveats, ro-Issues, additional improvements, extensions, and for copies, amount, In the whole, to $50,264 16; of which sum. $11,066 90 have been repaid on applications withdrawn, and for money paid In by mistake. The aggregate or expenditures under the different heads ubove enumerated. Including money paid back on withdrawals, and for the restoration of records, drawings, and models, is $46,156 71. leaving a balance to bo carried to the credit of the patent fond of $4,105*46. On the first day of January. 1845, the amount of money 1 ' in the treasury to the credit of the patent fund was j 1 $162,459 69. which, with the balance paid In during the j 1 year 1646. will, on the first day of January. 1847, amount i ' to $166,565 14. Although the balance which the offloe has been able | I to place to Its credit In the treasury during the year just ' past, in consequence of the decreased amount received I on application for patents, caveats, (cc., (there being fewer foreign applications during the last year,) and the | additional amount refunded to applicants on the with- ; drawal of their claims, Is not so great as that of the pre j vlous vear. vet it is more than the averaira balance of j former yean, and Indicate* the flourishing condition and 1 prospects of the Patent Office. Thus far the office has more than sustained itself, and fully realised the anticipations of Congress, when it was reorganised upon it* present footing ; and if a oonclu! sion may be drawn from the activity of the inventive i ; genius of our countrymen, as exhibited In past yean, we J 1 i may nly confidently in the belief that this useful and , : I nobis institution of the government will never beoome a I charge upon the treasury. \ I The subjects of applications for patents are comprised | under twenty-two general olassee, each of them embracing many subdivisions. 1 < They aro as follows ' [ jSpplica- Pa'ttUi J tium. f. anted. " Agriculture, inciudiug instruments and opera- I tious 161 78 Chemical process, manufactures and compou-ids, including medicines, dyeing, color making, distilling, soap and caudle making, 1 ! utortars, cement, KC , tl 31 j ; Calorific, comprising lamps, fireplaces,stoves, grates, furnaces for heating buildings, cookI ig apparatus, preparations for fuel. see.... 139 68 Mathematical, philosophical, and optical instruments, clocks, chronometers, Ac 36 U Lever, screw, and other mechanical powers, as applied to pressing, raising and moving weights . 37 7 Stone and clay manufactures, including machines for pottsry, glass-making, brickmiking, dressing and preparing atone, cement, or other building materials 17 9 Leather, including tanning and dressing, manufacture of boots, shoes, saddlery, harness, Ac 39 Id Household furniture, machines and implements for domestic purposes, including washing machines and cracker machines, l feather dressing, Ac M 34 Arts, (polite,) fine and ornamental, inciudiug music, painting, sculpture, engraving, books, printing, binding, jewelry, Ac .... 36 18 Surgical and medical instruments, including trusses, dental instruments, bathing apparatus, Ac 36 18 Wearing apparel, articles for the toilet, Ac., including instruments for manufacturing... 16 16 i [We regret that the examiner who presides over the i following department or subjects, has not left It In our : power to continue his table in the manner we set out, 1 like tho above. His report is, however, very interesting.] Metallurgy and the manufacture of metals. Manufacture of fibrous and textilo fabrics, and all machinery therefor. . ' j Steam and other gas engines. i i Navigation, comprehending navnl architecture, pro- 1 poller*, marine implements. Ac. Civil engineering and architecture. j Laud conveyance. comprehending all kind* of vehicle* | | and implements of travel and transportation. I Mill*, comprehending all kinds of mill* for grinding and ' crushing ; horse powers, and other means of propelling them. j Machinery for working in lumber, comprehending sawmills. with thnlr implements, planing machines, stave machines, shingle machines, boring and mortising machines, veneeriug, fce. \ i Ktrc-arme and implements of war. f Hydraulics and pneumatics, comprehending water wheels, windmills,machinery for raising wuter. fire englues. filters, fee. Miscellaneous, consisting of such cases as cannot be placed iu any other classes. ' In tho first class, vis: Agriculture, Inclading lustru< incuts and operations, the patents Issued were for im , provemnets in t Dee-hives. Rake, grain. Buckwheat machines. HiiVr, horse, (hay) Churns. Rake, revolving ring toolh. I I 'orii-shellers. Seed, grain, he., apparatus for ] 1 Corn-shelling and cleaning ma- drying. chines. Seed, clover, cleaning. < Cultivators. Seeding, machine for aowi ig j Cutting cane, bruih, he. grain broadcast. Cutting grass and grain. Seeding, machiuc for planting -j Cutting grata. seeds. Cutting fodder. Straw cutters. Cutting and raking Stump extractor. t, ( uiiing grain. Threshing and reaping gram. Drills. Threshing grain. Krucea. Threshing machine, straw j Instruments for gathering fruit carrier and separator for. i drain, machine for cleaning. Threshing machine. K Dulling and peeling rice. Threshing and cleaning grain. Hulling cloverseea and rice.* combination machine. Pulling wire-grass and wheel Threshing machine, cultivator. ~ Winnowing machine.' , I Ploughs. Winnowing mill. Plough, hill side. Yoke, horse. '' Potatoe, machine. Yoke, ox. S : Kake, horse or grain. C In the Second Clan, rix. Metallurgy and Manufacture af Metalt, and Instruments there/or. ' Andirons, conveying air Metallic plate*. p through. Nail machine. I p Bella, improvement in hotel- Nail plates, apparatus lor feedBedstead fastenings. ing. Bomb lance. Nails fur shoeing horses and " J Carriage steps. oxen, i Compass. Rivet lor pickers. I Copper, tin, lie., double seam- Sand cores for castings. ! . ing. Snah fastener. Currycomb. Saw-dresser. Door and other knobs. Screws, bolts and uuts, cut- ' Door knoba, casting. ting. l I Diajr knobs, shanks for. Screws, wood, threading. g i Kile. Screws, wood, nicking head-. ( Kiles machinery for cutting. Silver anil gold,, washout and < rorge. amalgamation. Horge billows. Silver wan-, manufacture of. i ' f urnace. Shutters, apparatus lor closiug i 4 furnace fur heating scythes. and retaining. | (Jnards to cap-spinnera. Shutters,opening and fastening ' ' Harpoons. Spikes, improvement in ma- , f Hooka tor fishing. king. Knives, Ice., machine for pol- Shears, circular. : iahing. Spring bearer,for window aaah 1 Latches, night, improvement Spoons of block tin. I in- Steel and iron,manufacture of. t : Latches, faateuing. Steel, caat, manufacture of. Latchea. Stirrup, aafcty-apring. j Locka. Tyre. 1 Metal. wire gauze. | Metalic compositions. Wei ropea. Inlhtlkird Clat'.vit:? i of Pi>>rou? and Ttx tilt *"hstaiuti. including JIj kinttforprtpaiing JlOrti of Wool, Cotton, Silk, Fur, Paper, d*c. Cap spinner. Loom for silk ribbons, i Carcing machine Mule, aelf-acting. | Carding engine. Net m tkmg machine. ! 1 1 |Carpet*. Sewiug michiue. ! Cloth finisher- Sized paper machine. ; Cloth, machine for menaving Spinui ig-wheel. on the loom, Temple for looma, self-suing ' . Cloth. Wadding, pelise*. % , ' Cotton. Warp, net fabrics. Flocks. Weavera' harneaa. Qui, cotton. Weavera' or bowline knots, Hemp. machinery, for tying. Hemp, breaking end scotching. Yarn drawing, frame for rcgnHemp brake. Isting. lacqnaril frame*. Yarn doubling, twisting, and I moms. reeling. Loom, improvement. In Clan JV ? Cktmical Proctttct, Mannfocturn and Com/ oundl, including Mtdicint. Dyring, Color Mak ng . J) ttilling, Soap and Candlt Making, Mortar*, Ctmentt, j 4-c. Acid, mode of separating the India robber, softening, pre- i oleic from the stearic. vioua to grinding [leer, vegetable. Oils, fish end other, process of I , IIleeching paper. cleansing. and lev, moulds for. Pirserrtog meat by meaus of a ; ( imposition for making fringe vacnmn. and t?s-,cl moulds. Preserving timber by impregComposition, plaster, or fire- nation. proof cement. Proceaa, preparing wheat for Cnmpoaition for bleaching lea- tlouring. tber. Soap, improvement in the ina[lead bodiee, preferring nuUcture of. Dyeing fura, wool, and hair Soda, stannate of. kioa. Spirits of turpentine and ro?in, F.vaporating litjuida by iteiam. mode of manufacturing . ' </u, apparatus for generating Sugar making, improvement I l improvement in tha ma- in nufactnre of , Sngar pan. Ice, accumulating Sugar, manufacttirr of from , preventing Snrgic.l operation.. In Clan V?Color (fc, eompririnm Lamp*. firrpUcti f f?r Hratinr Huilding,, Cook: n i* ApporHni, Preparation! of h'uel. pc ] ' uriif w*,,r "r 'if Lnrop., improvement in. bating liqnid., L?. , | him,i.y top., improvement Lump, light Hon**, fhimney., cleaning. {'"E!,>.bUr" r "*'""7 < n?l, mn<leof font.vine . | |, bet air l.nmpe, improvement in. i I Knroace, air heating. f'nT.f'.i"" .raite,; teEJ:tfefcsu. Bifr ?*?? ? building. ' "tm* "M,io4' r""?" I Jrie-lmmer., improvement in v'mluu!" *n'1 fhimn'>r j Retrying corn. ' n ' 7 ?^ ' mnn } if* 111 " ! libl ga, tnginti, ineMUng tot Ur 1 lktrrfor, ani parit tkrrtef uuu. i" i"ion. loioing. preventing Pinion, improttimm iu. P^1h(. Snow plough. -'/ 'o. *.>m, improvement Snow plough, for railroad* ih: ?v J Spark-arrester. steam-boilers. Steam engine. Sas engine*. Steam whistle. Class VII.?Navigation and Maritime Implemtnti, comprising all Vessels far conveyance mi Water, tkeir Construction. Rigging and Propulsion ; Dicing Dream, Life Pre terrors, fc. Boat, iudta rubber Propelling canal boat< and Cordage. other vessel*, flatche*. Propeller. Propelling reeeeU. Steering wheel* for veaaela, rropelhug wheel. improrameut iu. Clata VIII.?Mathematical. Philotoithical, and Optical Jnatrumenta, including Cloeka. Chronometers, fc. Calculating machine. Level. horizontal, inclined t'locka. and plumb. Clock,,turret or town. Magnetic lire alaitn. Electrical conductor. Magnetic letter-printing teleElectro magnetic telegraph. graph. Electric diaphragm*. Watcher, Sic. Olaaa lens. Clata IX.?Civil Engineering and Architect' re. comprising works on rail and common Roads, Bridget. Canals, Wharves, Docks, Rivers, triers. Dams and other internal Improvements ; Buildings, Roofs, fc. Auger torn pari* of, to keep wind Bridge*, timber, improre- and water out. ment in. Inclined plane*. Bridge*. Railroad a witch. Bridge, anapeuaion. Railroad gat*. Bridge*, truss-frame* for. Window*. Dam, coffer, portable. Window ldiudx. Dock, Boating, dry. Window *hutter*. Door*, improvement iu hotClass X.?Land Conveyance, comprising Carriages, Cart, and qther Vehicles used on Roads, and parts thereof Axle* for carriages. Carriage truck*, chain appliad Axletree, revolting. to. Brakes. Car*, railroad, coupling. Brake* for carriage wheel*. l,ar, safety. Brake* for car wheel*. Sleiglu. Brake for railroad car*. Truck, railroad. Carriages. Tirea, aetting upon wheel*. Carriage*, detaching horse* Wagon* and sleigh*, drawing. from. Wheel*, car. Carriages, railway. Wheels, railroad. Carriage spring. Cites XL?Hydraulics and Pneumatics, including Water Wheels, Windmills, and implements operated on by Jiir ! or Water, or employed in the Raiting or Delivery of Fluids. Cistern*. Molasses, Sic., apparatus for ; Cock*. drawing from cask*. Engine, fre. Pump*. _ e rnuoeis. Water Wheel*, r iltar* for water. Windlass. Ki I taring water. WindmilU. r liter. Close XII.? Levtr, Sereu>, and other Mechanical Power, at applied 'o the Pretelng, Weighing, Railing, and Moving Weighti. Balance Platform. Jack Screwa. Frees, hay Press, hay and cotton Raiting and moring heavy Weighing, packing and pre**- I weight*. ing machine. Weighing heavy bodiea. Cla-t X'11 ? Grinding Mille and Mill- Gearing, including G tin Mille, Mechanical Movements. Horse Powers, ire. Applet, grinding, and making Bolting flour, machine for cider. Grinding grain.paint,drug*,fce. 1 Hommony, machine for Horse power. Mill* for cracking and grindV*ill feed. inf. iljllt. Mill atone*. Will, vngar Smut machine. Clan XIV.? Lumber, including machine! and toolt for \ prepr ring and manufacturing, inch a$ earning, planing, I morticing, ehingle and etave, capentere' and coopers' im- ! vlementl. a?ki Plane*. Carving machine. Planing machine. >ths. Sawmills, dortising. Shingle machine, ilortiaing machine. Stares. Clae* XV?S one and Clay Manufacture*, including Machine!.for Po'tery, Glate Making, Hrick Making. threesine a-d Preparing Stone, Cementl, and other Building Material?. Brick machine. Clay, potters', Brick press. Glass furnaces. Cloee XVI ?Leather, including Tanning and Dre**t'ng, Manufacture of Hoote, Shoes. Saddlery, Harness, <pc. Boots and shots, lastiug. Hides and skins, Boot and shoe trees. Leather, Boots, crimping fronts of. Mail bag, Crimping tool. Shoes, Harness saddles. Tanning, Harnesses. Trunk, travelling. In Class XVII?Household Furniture. Machines and Implemsts tor Domesti" Purposes, including Washing Machines, Bread and Cracker Machines, Feather Dressing, *e. Bedsteads. Mattresses. Bedstead screws, cutting. Meat cutters. Brush trimming. Teakettles. Coffee roasting. Washing machines. Coffee pot*. Claes XVIII.?Jlrts, Polite, Fins, and Ornamental, including Mwie, Painting, Sculpture, Engraving, Books, Printing, Binding, Jewelrg.TC. Books. Pianoforte. Daguerreotype plates. Printing press. Daguerreotype pictures. Printing calico. Daguerreotype miniature*. Printing in colors. Metallic reeds. Plate-holder, self regulating Musical instruments. suspension. Pencils. Typography, universal. Pen case. Class XIX?Fire-arms and Implements of War, and Parti Thereof, Including the Manufacture of Shot and Gunpowder. Cannon, Cotton-wool. Class XX?Surgical Instruments, Including Trusses, Denial Instruments, Bathing -Apparatus, ire. Bath. Scarificator. > hair. Spinal disease, apparatus tor UNMptioa, instrument for tin- cure of. preventing. Teeth, cylinder turnkey for Lancet, spring. extracting. [.eg, artificial. Trusses. Pessary. Traaa pads. Scarificator. Clan XXI?Wearing Jlppartl, JlrHrlet far the. Toilet, 4c., including Inilrumcntifor Manufacture. Dresses, ladies', guide for cut- Shell or horn, machine for cutting. ting. Ilat bodies. Skirts, ladies'. Hat, ventilating. Stock, self-adjusting. I lata. Tailors' measures. Pocket hook and watch safe. Tailors'shears. Skirts, ladies'. Clan XXII.?Mitccllaneout. Arithmetic. Tobacco leaves. Bomb lance. Whips. ' igars. Paint mill, grain, Itc. Dead bodies, preserving. Bath, portable, hot. Harpoons. Brake, self-acting. Hatches. Carriage, connecting the perch Horses' tails, holding up after with. knirking. Klertro magnetic telegraph. Ice, improvement in accomu- Lead, making tubes and pipes lating. from. Ice, machinery for cutting. Looms for coach lace. Ladder, fire escape. Looms, power, method of drivPulleys. ing shuttles. Rat trap. Nails and spikes, wrought. Roasting coffee. Range, cooking, laving oil in machinery. Screw machine, iliell and hom, machine for Steam engine. cnttiug. Hteam hammer, robaeco, machine for rolling. Stove. , < The Commissioner thinks it advisable to establish a | ureau of government devoted to agriculture. j i Wo also find In this report abstracts of the patent I 1 ,aws of Oreat Britain, ke... France, Austria, and other J European countries, which we condense for the benefit j f our reader*. 1 Tlio expense of procuring a patent in Ireat Britain, is ?110 a Ireland, 130 cotland 80 unada 2 FRANCE. The brevets of Invention or patents urc granted for vo. ton, or fifteen years. The tax prescribed is 600 ranee for 16 years, to be paid by annuities of 100 ft-ancs acb. under penalty of forfeiture if a ycur elapses with- , ut payment. At STRIA. The fees are for every year the patent lusts:?for the Irst five years 10 guilders, convention money, each year. ] r jO guilders in the whole; for tho 6th year. 16 guilders; 1 or the 7th, 20 guilders, and so on increasing 6 guilders iiorc eneh successive year, so that the 16th year Is 60 ii biers; or for the whole 15 yenrs 425 guilders or florins, about 45 cents for each guilder.) Half the foe Is paid at. he application and the other half at the beginning of very successive year, according to the number of years tc. BAVARIA. The term is limited, at the highest, to fifteen years, cxliv Hiiorlal crrRTit. fur n. Inntror norintl nnrl fn rnsn nf he Introduction of u foreign patent, the time allowed U die term still remaining of the foreign patent. The fee la, for the first tiro yorr* S florin* per year; for .he next five year* 10 florin* each: aud from the tenth rear HO, 30. nnd *?> Increasing each successive year 10 florin*, the fifteenth year being CO florin*; In the whole fifteen year*. 370 florin*. wrRTEMBtrna. In the kingdom of IVurtomberg the duration of the patent 1* limited to ten year*, except by spocial grant. The fee required yearly 1* from live to twenty guilders; half at the delivery of the patent, andtbo other half attha beginning of oach *ucoo**ivo year afterward* SAXONY. Talent* extend for 10 soar*. The fees are regulated dv the greater or lea* Importance of the patent roqneated, In no rase do thoy exceed no hundred dollars at the first execution of the patent. Rt'SSIA. The Russian patent law allow* patent* for Invention*, Sic , of home origin, and also for the Introduction of foreign inventions, lie. The term of tbo former may be from Ovo to ten years, but th*t of the latter cannot exceed six years. The applicant must, at the same time, pay the fee required; which is, for three yoars, IK) silver roubles, for 1 live years, ISO; for ten years, 4A0 silver roubles; and in rase of inventions or improvement from abroad for year, 60 silver roubles; for two years. 130, for three years, 180, for four year*, 240; for five years, 300; and for -ix years, 360 silver roubles DELOIITM. The fees are for 5 yoars ISO florins, for 10 year* 400, ' for 16 years 600 or 7A0, according to the Importance of ilio Invention HOLLAND. The law of this country ! almost the same ae that of Belgium?so are the fees. PAPAL STATES. The fees are dotenntnod by the Importauea of the Inmention, he ; also the time aud duration of the the patent s fixed by the same rule. i d* in or roe requires is ten aouars ror one year ; ind for the Introduction to dm of an already known Inontlon, lie., fifteen dollar* for one year. If an extension of the tern be desired, ono-thtrd more mint be paid ; tha first payment In oil case* to be on the lollmry of the put<nt?the second within the first quoror of eaoh successive year of it* term. Wo cannot oonrlude thin subject without testifying >ur appreciation of the industry, research, and desire to urnlsh the country with desirable Information, which icrradc* I his report. The whig members of the Maryland Legislature rail ij?on the whlgs of that State to assemblo in couuty meetugs on or before Saturday, the 99th day of May next, nd elect delegates to a Convention to bis held In Cam rldge, on Wednesday, the Iftth day of June next,, for he purpose of nominating a candidate for Oovernor Tlie ( hsrter election in Ann Arbor. Mich., on the 6th net. resulted in the success of tho entire whig ticket | Pin TwsArer?The mw play of " Wlsemuth fc Co " VII presented for the second time lost evening at the Perk. It U put upon the stage in a manner that doee credit to the managers, and is played as well as it is got up if, therefore, it ?is dull, the fhult is in the pieee Itself. There certainly is the material for an interesting dramatical piece iu the plot of ' Wissinutb." and more, the characters an- well drawn Perhaps soom little byplay. something a little more lively than llrm present displayed iu it would render it more attractive Messrs. Barry. Dyott, and Bass, certainly make a good display of the respective characters, Count Platten, Wolf, ana Wissluuth. with which they are severally entrusted, and the minor parts are all well written aud well read A few touches by a skilful dramatic hand would make popular,? pieoe which is now. perhaps, good, but certainly not very showy. Dan Marble appeared in two of his pieces, the ' Game Cock of the Wilderness.'1 and the " Stage Struck Yankee." in which he ahowed the audience that " some things could be done as well us others." Good natured Dan is always a favorite. The company sustained him and themselves admirably in his pieces, and the house was delighted with ail. as it indicated often and audibly. To-night the Italian Opera Company, just arrived from Havana, appear at the Park in Verdi's grand opera of " Hernani." Bowkrv Theatre.?The same bill that was played last night to an extremely full house, will be performed this evening to no doubt as large an audience. It consists ofthe "Somnambulist." the grand spectacle of "The Naiad Quoen," and the Hibernian drama, "Brian Boroihme." Jwhieb is as good, if not a better one. than hus been produced at any time during the soason. We never have seen the Bowery more successful than it is at present. Night aftur nlglit it is crowded to the utmost by large and fashionable audiences, who seem delighted with the bill of fare which Mr. Jackson provides for them. The perfect order and quiet which characterise this establishment, together with the manifest desire of the manager to please his patrons, makes this one ofthe best attended, as it certainly Is the most attractive place of amusement in the city, in no place in this city other than this, can the public attain so much amusement at an ahann a. rata Nothlnir that has the remotest ten* dency to displease the moat fastidious la ever produced, while "no expense is spared to bring out every thing that oan please. Dowtar Ciacua.?Ho great has been the suocess of Mr. Kemp in his great feat, traversing the arena on a globe, and ascending the inclined plane, Ac., that at the solicitation of his friends he will perform the same thing this evening. This, however, will be but a small part of the evening's amusements. The double act of horsemanship by Mr. Carroll and Miss Madlgan?the grand twelve horse entree?the great performance of Mr. Howes' on the slack rope?the graceful equestrianism of Master Nixon, aud the harmonious performances of the Negro Serenaders will likewise be given, as will also the pantomime of Harlequin's Frolios. Ma. O. VaaDEitHorr sails from this port on the 10th Inst., for England?he has now been in this country nearly Ave years, during which time he has made many friends in publio and private life, and we doubt not that his talents and character will ensure him a great sucoess in his own oountry. Thsrs Is a place vaeant upon ths English stage which his re-appearance will Immediately fill. Those who have seen him in Hamlet, Benedick, Fauloonbridge, Mercutio. Ranger, tt hue gtnut omne, a range of characters unfilled since the retirement of Chas. Kemblor will understand the place which we assign him; though others, with whom wo do not ugree, have admired him equally in the loftiest rolet of tragedy ; at the same time we must admit that his Alexander, Antony, (in " Antony aud Cleopatra," which was revived for him at the Park Theatre.) Mathew Elmore, and the peculiar and difficult part of Kitely. (" Every Man in his Humour,") he displayed powers of a high order, which entitle him to indulge the most ambitious hopes. We have always spoken of him most favorably in our columns, and we cordially wish him the success that his talents as an actor, and his exoellent qualities as a man amply deserve. Mr. Leonard has taken Mr. Collins's plaoe in New Orleans. where he is now playing Irish characters at the St. Charles theatre. His aotfng is very highly spoken of. M'lle Augusta is still at the Orleans thoatre, as are also Messrs. Fredericks and Parsloo. Owing to indisposition, Mrs. Koan was obliged to bring her engagement atjhe St. Charles theatre, New Orleans, to a sudden termination. Mr. Kean took a benefit on tho evening of the 31st?playing, on the oocasion, '-Richard III." M 'lie Blangy appeared for thejlast time at the American, New Orleans, on the 3tat, dancing in the beautiful piece called the ''Painter's Delusion." Madamo Augusta was to commence an engagement at tho French theatre on Monday owning last. Mr. Murdoch lias been performing with brilliant success in Cincinnati. Ho has fully recovered from his late indisposition. The Swiss bell ringers aroat Trenton, N. J. Musical. Italian Ofliia.?" Lucrezla Borgia" was again per* formed last evening at Palmo's, before a good house. It improves very much upon each new presentation, as in fact does almost any opera of a high order of composition. The duo and ohorusscs introduced between the 3d and 4th acts, are well given and well received. The drinking song by Pico is, after all, tho gem of the piece ; perhaps it may not pass currant fur so great value, but it is after all the little bright spot to which very many of the audionce look forward with the most pleasant anticipations, and enjoy with tho greatest zest when it is sung. All the performers were in good voice last evenlug. The audience was a fashionable one, and all the time at the opera passed off charmingly. There will be another performance on Friday evening. Thk Italian Taourz.?The arrival of a new tronpe of Opera singers in this city, whilst we have one yet In locum lencm, argues well for the Increasing taste for the fine arts which is daily taking place among our citizens. This compauy Is probably the largest and most completely appointed and equipped that has ever visited our city. It has been selected with tho greatest care and discrimination, by men of the greatest experience in musical matters, and when it is known that it is under the management of the well known empresario of Havana, Don Franelsoo Marti, who is probably one of the most energetic and clever theatriral managers in the world, it may bo readily Imagined that there is nothing mediocre about it. From the prima donna ahtolula down to the youngest chorister. everything is comprised in its ranks--an entire orchestra, a magnificent wardrobe, in fact, everything save a theatre, they carry with them?and nothing is wanttug in the least degree that can derange any of their calculation*. The whole company numbers seventy-two persons, quite a young army to travel with. As they intend to perforin this evening at tho Park Theatre, we will take the opportunity of mentioning some of the names of the moro prominent of the troupe, names which from the accounts given of them, we have no doubt will soon become familiar favorites with tho public. We first would mention the Prima Donna absolute?I.a Signorinn Fortunate Tedesco. This lady has enjoyed a very great European reputation, from her performances at Milan, Vienna, Oenoa, Turin, he., and wo have no doubt that her standing a* an artiste will be by no menus lessened here in New York. Thu ucxt lady is La Sonera Liuga Caranti, the prima donna. She also line a very high Kuropenu name. 8ignorlna Soda Marini is the oontralto and prima donna, and Signorina Teodoliuda (ierli la the comiirlmaria. biguoriua Lfdigl Sborgl, second douna. Of the tenora wo hare 8 ignores J. B. fjeveri, Xatalo Ferelli. and our old friend Peroxxi, whoiu we welcome back to New York. Ouiseppc Promontosi. srooud tenor, l.iugi Vita, prlmo basso baritone absoluto. Metro Novelli, prlmo basso profondi absoluto. l.iugi llataglini. primo banco. Metro t'andl, bauso comprimario. 'i'he Orcheatra comprise* aomo in out admirable performer*, and will be led by Hlgnor Llugl Ardlti, who, we are Dure, will becomo a favorite in ttiia city. The performer on the double baaa ia Hignor J. B. Bottcaini ; and he la undoubtedly the moat magnificent performer on that lnatrument in the world? at leatit such ia the opiuiou of Hocainl. We cannot now apeclfy all the performer* iu the orcheatra. which la made up of thirty-two person* We would merely aay that it ia aa complete a band aa could be got together iu thia country. The whole of this large trouo? 1* under the cole direction of Siguor Federico Badiali. who haa come on with them from Havana, und heaidc* Bile the part of Itnor and comprimario. Signor Badalll ia the immediate agent ofSignor Marti, of Havana, and the whole of tbl* company baa been selected by him iu Italy, with the greatest care Blguor Marti ia a man who dooa not stand at expense, and on* who moreover ia well able to expend; and the oltitena of New lork have now an opportunity of profiting by hi* energy und tact. '1 he opera of " Hern&ui. or the L aatilliau Noble." which will be represented bv them to-night, at the Park Theatre, will demonstrate tbuir capabilities to the utmost, und we are oertain that any anticipations that may have been formed, will not bo disappointed They perform but twloe here before going on to Boston, to fulfill engegement* that were entered Into for them aomo time since, and on this account, those who wish to hear them, ought to do so cither to-night or to-morrow. Osa.vd Obatouio this xtckiko.?Judas Maccabees is to be given by the Musical ^Institute, this evening at the Taliernarle. We have only tlmo to call the attention of our readers to the foot, and to refer them to the advertisement. Tho concert will be a truly great affair. CiiaiiTr's Mi.vsTsr.i.s are still doing an excellent business. They remain three nights longer, and those who have not teeu them bad better enjoy a pleasant evening at Meehanins' Hall, where they will hear good chorus pinging, genuine wit. and Inimitable burleiqu* Cachuca danolng. Th* ti.LioHAiiiai?Thia popular troupt of vooalieta will give one of their charming outortalnmenta In theAihemaum Hall, Railway, N. J., to-morrow (Friday) evening, Hcrr and Slvorl gave their laet concert at Mobile on the evening of Monday, the fith, on which occaalon they ha<] a brilliant audience, and the entertainment went off with nu telat that tcetiflw) unralftaklugly to tho power of thc?e eminent maaturi In melody. Tnoy louvo ?:my warm friend* in Mobile. Nlwcllniieoiu. On Saturday week, R. L. Wil*on, editor of the Chicago Journal, wae icverely wounded by the prematura dixoharge of cannon while loading It ; toeing hi* thumb Irom hie right hand, hi* thumb and three finger* from hi* left, fracturing hi* wriet. (left arm.) and making a evere fleah wound In the earn* arm above the elbow, levering all the innerle* Ha 1* now doing well The Erie Canal will be opened either on Monday the Qfith ln*t. or the Monday following that date A fire broke out in the Pino*, a wood near Henipiteed, L. !., and did conelderable damage before It could be lubduod. * Cltjr Inf lllfmii Tiu W(iTHii-Tli It?iiti-T? Dt'?r.?Yeeter. day tu agreeably Una, fbr tbla parlod of tba eprlng ?eaeon, but tba duat waa blown about pretty liberally. The etreeta wore wall filled with olouda of duat Tbe wblgi. It la confidently bopad, will give ua decent atroati. now that they are again In power. Ifoui Ntrront. (tracer Amia.?An auotioneer named Cbryatal. and a member of tho legal urofeealon. Mr. Haofcett. had un altercation yeeterday In the vicinity of City Hall, whan blow* were exchanged. Both partlea were arretted by tbe Mayor, and one of the member* of the Common Council. ! MtcTiNo or THt Bar.?The bar committee on judioial nomination*, convene J at the Vice Chancellor'* Room, pursuant to adjournment. After having filled up the committee, by the addition of throe members to supply vacancies, and given the chairman power to supply further vacancies. Mr Jonathan Miller moved an adjournment to the 14th May next, In order to ascertain the actlou of the Legislature in reference to the city courts. (Superior and Common Pleas ) if not oontlnnod, it would be necessary to nominate an additional number of judges, and he thought the whole ticket should be made at once. Mr. Anthon moved an amendment, that instead of naming a day fur the adjournment, the chairman be authorised to call the committee together as soon as the action of the Legislature should be ascertained, which was adopted. Farmers' Club, Tuesday. April 14.?The Formers' Club assembled by adjournment, to this day in order to despatch some unfinished matters, and distribute such grafts and scions as might bo offered to the members, aud interchanged for mutual benefit. Judge Liringeton having been elected to the chair, the Secretary read several translations from the transactions of tne Royal Horticultural Socletyfcif Paris, on the method of multiplying the variety of grupus by planting the seeds, by which the author obtained eighty-nine different specimens, and seemed doubtful of the correctness of the name ''Isabella'' being applied to the American grape instead of " Alexander." The same paper stated that Angora pears bod reached generally to tne size of two and three quarter pounds, and frequently to five pounds weight. A letter from Mr. Law was read on the aubject of turnips, and ouc was exhibited possessing eyes like a potato. Judge Livingston produced a squash from the West Indies, that when divided resembled a pomegruuale Two potatos from Bogota, of an unusual sixe for that climate, were exhibited, raised from tubers, and considered in that oountry a prodigy, from the circumstanoe that the people cultivate them annually from seed. A letter was read from Mr. Park Fay on nis mode of cultivating, manuring, and saving the potato. Col. Clarke presented to the Club, seeds of largo splnnach. splnnach with sunflower seeds, and squash seed?lime and loam were proposed as an antidoto to insects, as applied to the roots of fruit trees. Mr. Holmes, for the some purpose, advocated a solution of segar stems in the spring season. Mr. Hyde read a long and useful article on the rise and progress of the potato disease, whioh, as It was moved to be Inserted in the minutes, we did not. as well as from its length, take any note of. A long discussion ensiled upon tne merits of the proposed agricultural college, the -Ul?. t- .kl.l, .> C,.m . 1 111.-: dlsousslQn at Albany j and after the graft* and seeds were distributed, the duo adjourned. Faib or the TaantriouaATion Church, Minerva Rooms, No. 404 Broadway.?We hare been desired to state that the Ladies' Fair will continue open on Thursday and Friday evenings, 16th and 16tb lust. Board or Education?A stated meeting of the board was to b* hold this evening, but a quorum not being present, the President declared the meeting dissolved. Police Intelligence. Aran. 14.?Jl Charge of Grand Larceny.?Officer j Burley, one of the attachee at the Lowor Police, arrested yesterday a man by the name of Bastlne Lacconia. on a | charge of stealing a pocket book containing $70 in bauk bills, the property of Mr. Charles H. Harrison, residing 1 at No. 310 Pearl street. On searching the prisoner '18 sovereigns, 7 five dollar gold pieces, and 3 twenty shilling gold pieces were found. In his trunk a gold watch and chain, together with $33 in silver, and a bill of exchange for 6.940 franca. Committed to the Tombs for trial by Justice Osborne. Sujiyoeed to ba Stolen.?A gold lsver watch was taken from a thief yesterday by Captain McOratb, of the 6th ward station house, at the Tombs, for wbloh an owner is wanted. Apply to the above officer, Illegal Voting.?An old loaferlsh looking fellow oalled Hugh Dugan was arrested on Tuesday by one of the 3d ward officers, on a charge of illegal voting at the 1st district poll in the 6tb ward. Charge of Stealing a Watch.?Officers Murphy and Costollo, of the Cth ward, urrested, yesterday, Harriet Winder, Mary Jane Doughty, Eliza Williams, and Julia Barto, on a charge of stealing a watch worth $30 from Johu Kelly, while in a "crib" on the Five Points. Locked ; up for trial by Justice Osborne. Grand Larceny.?Officers McManus and Wooldridge, \ of the Sth ward, arrested yesterday Patrick Caffrey and i Mary CafTrey, on a charge of robbing Henry V. Orlswold j of $46. Locked up for examination. Deetroying the Ballot Box.?Some dozen men entered the 3d district poll of the 17th w ard, on Tuesday evening, | when th* the tickets for mayor, j upsetting the ballot-box and scattering the ballots all over the floor. Illegal Voting.?Officer Barang. of the Sth ward, at- ; rested yesterday, (Tuesday) a man called Hugh Boylan, on a charge of illegal voting at the 6th district poll in the Sth ward. Committed for examination. -Annthmr ? A mnn rftllofi Thnmoj Dnnnollw nrvaat_ ed yesterday, (Tuesday) and committed to tba Tombs j by the in spectors of the 7tl) ward, on a charge of illegal ' voting at the 7th diatrict poll In the 7th ward. Detain- ! ed for examination. New Brunswick.?The province of New i Brunswick, since the settlement of the North 1 Eastern Boundary, has been rapidly increasing in wealth and business. The free navigation of the St. John river has caused an Intimate connection between our cltlsena and those of New Brunswick In the business of the river. A new spirit of public and private enterprise has there been awakened, and we now find the Legislature disposed to afford liberal grants for the improvement of the river, and for helping forward the enterprise of the citizens of the province. In one branch of the Legislature two grants have been passed, SDd will undoubtedly pass the other branch, for the purpose of removing obstructions in the St. John river. Six thousand dollars were granted to remove obstructions from Frederickton to Grand Falls, and two thousand dollars to remove obstructions above Grand Falls. These are very liberal grants, and show a deter- , i mination to help forward the business In that section. ' and to do what can be done to attract trade and travel in that direction. The expenditure of these appropriations will do much to Improve the navigation of the St. John, particularly for steamboats, In which the public there are now specially Interested. They have a boat running In the season of open navigation from Frederickton to the foot of Grand Falls. They have also a steamboat above Grand Falls, strclohlug its way far up the St. John, and commanding the travel on the Tarious confluents of that river. In addition to these links In the chain of travel, a com- < pany has been formed for constructing a railroad from 1 St. Androws to Quebec. Moses H. Ferley. Esq., of St. John city, i^now on a tour to England for the purpose of disposing of stock and attending to the interests of the , association. It is reported also that John Wilson, Esq., : of St. Andrews. Is now in the United States for the purpose of engaging engineers and other competent persons , to begin the work immediately. Mr. Wilson is about to I make contracts for locomotives and other necessary inaI chluery. ] This looks a little like getting rather ahead of Brother Jonathan in an attempt to outflank the State of Maine. We can hardly think. howeTor, that the railroad if commenced wilt extend to Quebec, or that it will ever be found to supersede the Atlantic and St. Lawrenoe road, it is, however, Important for our people to keep an eye ' open to what is going on among the men of cosiness, wealth and influence in the Provinces. In addition to the above movements we notice that arrangements are being made for constructing a magnetic teiograpii irom nouiiix 10 yueot'C, oy IDS way or St. John and Frcdoricktou. The Legislature ore to pay ton thousand dollars upon the completion of the Uno ? Bangor Whig f Courier. At a meeting held at Tampico on the 11th ultimo, for the purpose of receiving the report of committees previously appointed to collect subscriptions for the Irish relief cause, the oommlttue returned $607 28, and adjourned to meet again on the 17th. Messrs Hart and Wells, managers of the theatre at Tampico. offered their house on the 12th for a benefit, to be devoted to the same charitable purpose alluded to above. The Corporation of Troy have appr it.ri.ited $600 for the purchase of a sword to be prosenW t<> (Jen. Wool, who was for a long time a resident of that city. PUuio Fortes and Mask*, at Alwlll's StOl Bro.dwsy, The muocal world is invited to Hon. e lhe very valuable i f super or finished 1'iaiio Fortes for sale, irom the lo.ig etubliahed f ctory of Nunns lit Fischer, of various styles of furtituie, with the A?..liau Attachma it, harp stops, Ac., Ac , of rorewood, mahogany and black walnut, with C, 6K and 7 octaves. Also, secoidhand Piano Fortes, of different makers, piauo be iches, music elands Ac , Ac. The stock of Standnrd a id New Musie is very large, emhra? cing all the ropulir music published in the country, as well as new music publishing daily. Instruction books and tierciees of endless variety. Orders attended to with care, and despatched by ATWILL. Musie Saloon, 201 Broadway, near St. Paul's Church. Gold Pens with Silver Pencil Cam for 79 eta.? J. W. GRKATON A Co. 71 Cedar street, up stairs, keeps constantly on hand a large and well-aelected stock of Gold Pens of everv description, from a common article at 75 centa, up to Levi Brown's celebrated premium peue, all of which will lie sold for cuh lower than any other house in this city. Being aiteuLs for several of the best pen makers, enables them to supply the wholesale trade on parlieulaHy advantageous terms. They sell at retail the genuine Allien O. Bagley pens with ailI ver pencil-cue for $1 75 only, which is lower than they can be bought for at ally other establishment in the city. > Dressing faaea?The compact form, and per" |?*-1 miiny in uirnr arucirs, renuLT llidn nil iiiuiiepuaaui* companion to officer* of the Army and Navy. or any whose | business or pleasure calls them from home. As each article ! rontained in them has heen selected by the subscribers, they i can warrant them to perform the office for which they were respectively designed. O. SAUNDERS k BON, 177 Broadway. Mot aJUc Tablet ilazor Strop The Subscribers would call the attention of a*ramiers and the public to : their assortment of the above, beyo id caul the best article j manufactured. O 8AUNDERS It SON. 177 Broadway, opposite Howard Hotel. i Diamond Pointed Gold Pi ne 7* Cent* Only, i with Silver Pencil. J. V Srvege, 92 Fulton street, sells a Rood I pen for 7S cents, only. Also a m igniucent pen for $2, which is I 'the best nnd cheapest in the city, without any etceplion. , I Points warranted. The Mannfaeturarn of the Celebrated Neapolitan Bonnets, Messrs. Pattison, Noe & Co., of No. 2tl Delancy : street, have made made one of the urestest hits, not only .*! * bonnet itself, hat also In the mannfsctnre of the beautiful | llower trimmings, made of the seme rich material as the bonnet. I Altogether they make the moet chaste and really elepnt boo! nets that ever graced the head of lady fair. The ladies will doubtless call on Messrs. P N. It Co., and see the specimens. Clttaana, and Rtnui|en visiting the city, bo| ing in want of a Wi^or Toupee, we would advise to cell end 1 examine the extensive assortment of GOSSAMER WIOS end TOITPEES manufactured by GILBERT It FLETCHER, lVartlral Hair Cutters and wig Makers, No. I7t Brosi_ way, opposite the Howard Hotel. i I ' III .11 ?I _ . ETtniag BdlUM of the Herald. TO TBI PUBUO. On and after this day, we shall regularly pubish an evening edition of the iVeio York Htrald, for the use and benefit of our regular subscribers in all parta of the country, and the numerous travellers that daily leave this city in the after* noon, in the railroad cars and steamboats. This edition will contain the latest intelligence from all parts of the world, much or little, to the hour of publication, including the news that tnay be received by the mails that arrive after our morning edition is printed. Such a paper is needed by travellers, as well as our subscribers, and we are determined to supply them with one. Newsboys unci venders, ofhigh and low degree, will take notice of this new arrangement. navigation of the Ohio River. Placet. Time. State of Wheeling March 30 9 feet. Louisville April 7 9 feet 0 laches. Cincinnati April 0 Pittsburg April 0 9 feet. MONEY MARKET. Wednesday, April 14th?6 P.M. Stocks were a little better to-day, some of the fanoles improved a fractioa. At tho first board. Harlem want up X per cent.. Treasury Notes X, Ohio 6's X, Reading Bonds >4, Vlcksburg >?, Norwich U Worcester X, Kentucky 6's, Pennsylvania 6's, Morris Canal. Farmers Loan, Reading, Canton, and Long Island, yesterday's prices. At the seooud board, the sales of the leading railroad fancies were large, at a further improvement. Norwich Si Worcester advanood 3a, Harlem XThe slight upward movement In the fancies has, without doubt, boeu produced by tho announcement that the government loan had been taken at a small premium. The whole amount bid for was $67,790,683, of which $64,990,683 was bid above par, and the balanos $9,864,300 at par. The whole loan of Eighteen Millions was taken ata premium varying from one-eighth to 3 per ot. Considerable sums were taken for trustee# and executors for savings banks and persons not in business, for actual Investment. it is not strange that such an announcement should have a tendency to Inflate the fancies for a time; it cannot, however, bat be temporary. It is stated that the Secretary of the Treasury will call for five millions ui iud iuau m uucq, kuu iu tuo otuui vi iuv mvjbicau government not being disposed to make peace, the balance will be called for more rapidly than anticipated. If we are compelled to prosecute the war In the Interior, a much larger force than we have at present in the field will be required. The population of Perote, Puebla. and the other cities of the interior is very large, oompared with those on the seaboard, and will require large garrisons to keep in a state of subjection after they are captured. It Is estimated by those intimately acquainted with that country, that a force of fifty thousand men will be required to enter the city of Moxioo with any degree of safety, and a force of fifty thousand men more to garrison the places we have already captured, and those wo must capture on the way to the capital. The position and Influence of Santa Anna have not improved by any means since his defeat at Buena Vista. His military reputation has not gained much by the result of that engagement, and we doubt his ability to carry into effoct any treaty of peace he may be disposed to make. He has lost what little influence he once possessed over the people of Mexico, but he is shrewd enough to adopt whatever policy may Increase his popularity with the masses. If we can form any opinion of the policy of Santa Anna from the tone of the letters recently addressed to the leaders of the two revolutionary parties in the city of Mexico, we must come to tho conclusion that he is not disposed to use summary measures to put down the opposition, but rather disposed to eonoiliate all classes and establish himself by mild means Whatever may be the private opinion of Santa Anna In relation to peace, which cannot but be favorahle etnoe his defeat at Bucna Vista, ho will go with the strongest party, and there is no doubt but that their voice is still for war. A vory small portion of the Mexican peoplo have aa yet experienced any or tne horrors or an invuaion of their torritory; until they do feel them there La Tery little probability of peace upon terms such aa our government will demand. The Fulton Bank has declared a dividend of Ave per eent, payable on the 1st of May. The buaineea of the Miami Canal, for the month of February, thla year, oompared with that for the aame month last, exhibits a falling off In the tonnage and In the transportation of merchandise. In the month of February, 1340, embracing 34 days, the number of tons arrived was 10,496 u * ' cleared was 1.M9 Total 13,049 In the month of Februarv, 1947, embracing 33 days, the number of tons arrived was U.300 " " " olearcd was 479 Total 11,999 Thus It will appear that the amount of tonnage was 99* tons less than last year, but the time Included In the oomparlson was two days less this year than las^ The amount of business, therefore, fbr corresponding period* of this year and last Is Just about equal. It will be seen, however, from an Inspection of the table, that the upward business was 1074 tons less than last year, but the downward business was 709 tons m?r* than last year. The amount of flour arrived Is pretty well sustained Fork In barrels fell off mere than half Whiskey hat alto fell off nearly half. But corn ha* Increased mere than six times. In 33 days thero arrived 93,044 bushels. The amount of lard is 181,900 pounds less. Perk and bacon In bulk has increased 001,881 lbs. The amount of articles classed as merchandise has increased considerably, both In the amount arrived and clashed. Upon the whole, therefore, we may anticipate a pretty fair Vilinlrinss nn/tn Oils asnsl whan if shall Km /istamail the only Impediment being the re pair* to the aqueduet across the Miami River abovo Dayton, which waa very muoh injured by the groat flood, en the lit and Jd January lait. The annexed atatement exhibit* the quantity of oertain articles of domestic produce exported from the port of Philadelphia, for the first three months in each of the past three years :? Escorts raoM Philadelphia. January'at. to April it. 1 fl 15. IMS. 1817. Klour, barrels 29,245 91,199 113,DM Corn-Vital 11,162 24.711 73,794 Rye Klour 1.638 3.217 2.648 Wheal, bushels >30 20,936 131.134 Corn 23,782 34,381 383,301 Oats.. ? ? 1,4*0 B*rk, hogshead. 282 ? 208 Bea.u And peas, bniheis ? ? 1,8<6 Bread, bariell and kef* 1,878 11,390 8,841 Beef, baxraia 330 948 307 Pork 688 1.316 811 Hams, pound* 37,923 88,118 148,941 I .aril. . 203,818 412.123 231,4*7 Butter 141,419 120,488 181,311 Tallow 161,441 1*1,338 02,124 Lheeae. >6.2*0 36.499 6?,790 _ (bain 887 ? 3,630 Domestic*... j T?,H _ - $gj,811 Naval stores, barrel* 5.482 887 477 Otli, 6?h, gllous 12,038 6?i7 Rica, litrcca 843 884 870 Tubacc... h'lfaha.di 48 167 188 Wool, pounds ? >.037 Tha value of domosUe artlclee exported from Fhlladalphia, for the first quarter In tach of ths past flvs years, was as annexed:? 1313,...$149,130 1845... $337,663 1847.... $1229,316 1814.,. 333,196 1846 807,339 The Imports Into Philadelphia, for the first quarter of each of the past two years, were as annexed:? Imports irto Philadelphia. January Itt ta April 1st, ibis. 1847. Coffee, bags ?h7? ?.??? Cotton, balsa li'?!" Hides, number J'1?3' 19.384 Lend, pigs .. . . 13434 26,820 Molsases, hogsheads and 7?437 9Jul Molasses, barrels 8,616 4,131 Slolasses, gallons ? 4,742 ltlce, tierces 1,300 1,431 Sugir, hngshcsd and tierces 13.773 16,319, barrels 1,808 3,427 Sugar, hoses 1,082 14,400 Sugar, begs 9.300 28,938 R alt, tons 100 ? Salt, bags 3,904 39.366 Salt, bllah 21,80(1 20.932 Tobseco, hogshead 76 221 Tobacco, botes. 3,910 2,874 1 lie rcTonue noin cimininn ni m pori ci i uuaui tpuio, for the month of Decomber, 1816. iunl the tint quarter of 1847, compered with that fw the corresponding period the prorlont year, exhibits an Increase equal to about fonrteen per cent, jlttkct raoM Customs?Pout or>ai.rHi*. ntt.v- 1846-7, December $54,frlt <2 $172,lti? 11 .1 miliary 223,16182 218,82849 February 241,7*1 17 210,401 10 March 3H7.800 13 237,447 81 $727,490 31 $030,153 54 727,400 34 Increase $111,303 20 The aggregate exportation of breadstuff* from the United States, distinguishing the shipment# to Oreat Britain and Ireland, from Sept I, 1846. to April 10th, 1647, wort as annexed;?_

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