Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1847, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1847 Page 5
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r : 'niMnri ir |ii?utv?|H tub Uditid It*tci Biitain+ To othtr Inland. Torli. Total. I lour, barrel. 1,420,557 579,755 7.200,412 ' "ni Meal, barrel* 325,127 ? 225,127 Wheat, buihoU 1,400,942 515,125 1.916.3B7 t-'orn, Jo 8,508,170 575,985 9,081,161 Hy?, Jo 1,891 ? ? Oati, do 158,326 ? ? Barley, do 130,591 ? ? Till, (jive* us a protty corroct Idea of tho importance of our trade with Oreat Britain in our agricultural ata 1 lee. (bowing what portion (if the aggregate is carried on | with that country. The shipments of breadelufle from I this country to Kurope, for the remainder of tho season, will, without doubt, continue nearly In the sameproporlion aa they have commenced. Everything depend* upon the next harvest throughout Europe. Should there he a dcflcienoy, of whioh there Is at present every probabiliiy. the shipments from this oountry must oontinue ev tensive j oveu in the event of there being an average yield in the crops of Kurope. there must be a demand to sums extent for our Indian corn, which bas already become a permanent exporting staple. A very groat breadth of soil will bo cultivated in this conntry this year, with grain crops, in anticipation of an extensive demand from abroad, and unless tliat demand 1* fully realised, prices must rule in our markets extremely low. Old Stock Kxcluuige. $4000 Trea'y N'sC's, b90 102K 100 Reading KR 60 #4000 J.j b60 I02,1-? 400 Ceutou 34,t? 15000 Jo i00 102 75 do blO 36,1-. 4000 do 102 10 do 3414 i 4000 Alabama 5t bl2ui 65 40 do 35t> |IWi0 I States 6s, '46 103K 35 Mohawk RR sM Oi1-, 2300 Uuu4s 72 40 Harlem RR 41!-, i 2000 Jo ,'J0 72 50 do 41>? 100(1 Ohio Si, '60 07X 140 do' h7ds 4 l?i JU?) do Oil 340 do 1/30 42 0000 Kentucky 6? 90 440 do 51*4 10000 Readme Bds 71*4 200 do hlO 42 10000 do b30 7 2 340 do 42 2 six Bk N York I19>, 140 do >10 42 i 300 Farmers'Trust b30 31100 _ do... ?60 41Jk i 4? t>m 31 yt lUONorSiWor blO 49JA I *J? <lo b3U 32 350 do 49V do 31V 75 do 49V -j? <J? '? 3I?: 150 do s30 4 9)2 00 do 3I?2 100 do b60 50 100 do b00 31>] 15 Maoon RR 46V 400 Morm 81)4 350 Lout I?l?ud RR 27)2 5U do 21 50 do b60 28 fL ar ??. ~ ,,h' M ,l? 27V oO North Am Truit 8V 50 do ?30 27V [-? 50 Vickiburg bio U>, 200 do b30 28 ootid Board. .70 ?)u Farmers' Loau 317^ 150 Nor 8c Worr 50 V *50 do h3 32 100 do >10 50'J 7" do b30 32V 50 do 50)2 5" do b3 32 50 do 50V do b3 32 50 do 50.V 50 do b3 32 50 Harlem 52 V 70 do blO 32V 50 do 52V 50 do blO 32L 50 Stonington 46 100 v, 32V ?1 Read iot 59V 150 Nor & Wore bio 50V 35 Canton |10 36% 50 do 110 50V New Stock Exchange. 25 she Harlem *10 51V 25 aha Canton *20 35V 50 do a30 51V 75 do >20 35V 25 do 61V 75 Nor k Wore 49V 25 Cauton 910 35V 50 do 49V 25 do >15 35V 25 do thw 49V 50 do a 10 35V 100 do 49V CITY TRADE REPORT. New Yore, Wednesday Afternoon, Aran. 14. 'f ho market for floor continued firm, and aalea to a moderate extent were made of Ocnoiee, in the city and to arrive, at $7 62% to $7 87V?the latter price for an article of rather extra quality. Southern brande were very scarce and prices very firm. Sales of Georgetown wero made at $7 37%, and Philadelphia, at $7 25 ; Baltimore, Howard etroet, waj held at $7 60. A sale of Oswego was made at $7 08V, and a lot of Michigan, to arrive in May, at $0 60. The chief purchases made for export, were bought on French aooount, with a view of ultimate shipment to Havre. Corn was leu firm, and suWs of Northern yellow made at 96 to 96 cts.; Southern do. at 94 cts., and white at 91 to 92 ots., which exhibited a deellne during the present week, of from 4 to 6 cts. per bushel. Owing to a flair demand for shipment to France corn uisal continued to sell at $4 81V to $4 87V- Tho sales the present week, havo reached about 10,000 barrels, llye was steady at 90 cts. A considerable tot of barley sold at a flgnro between 73 and 75 cts. Provisions were steady, and sales of old mou pork made at $14 S7% to $16. Sales of lard in kegs were made at 10V cts. Oro ceriea ronunueu wuooui cnange. mere wu very nine doing in ooffeo. Considerable sales of box sugars woro made, but ou private terms. Ashks.?The market for pots was firm, and wo report sales of 100 bbls $6. There was no change In' Kesris. B>:nwn.-We heard of no transactions worth re- ! porting* ftsicADSTcrrs.?Flour.?We report sales of 1600 bbls Michigan to arrive In May, at 60. Several small , sales of Genesee, in the city, in all from 800 to 1000 bbls, i were made at $7 68?? a 7 815^ aud 7 87>i?the latter | price for a little extra. 1000 do Oswego sold at $7 68\, nnd a small lot of 100 to 200 do Michigan do at $7 76. Southern was very scarce, and in demand at full prices. , Sales of Philadelphia woro made at $7 25, aud 600 I Georgetown at 7 37>,'. Baltimore was held at $7 60. i and 68 25 was refused for a small lot of 4i HaxaU.'' | IVheal.?We heard of no transaction worth reporting. [ Corn.?We report sales of 1500 bushols Northern yellow 1 in th? s^ip, at 03c, 1000 do do at 89c. 12,000 do sold at j 95c. itn<l 7,000 do at 94c. 3.500 do at 96c. 6.600 do at ; 9.j? 6.000 do to arrive, at the saino price. 1.800 do De- j laware yellow at 94o. 9.200 do Northern white sold at 92c. j 3 at 8000 do. (according to the capacity of the vessel to | receive it) sold at 91c.; aud 9200 do; northern white at j 92c. Kor a superior tot of northern yellow, deliverable next week, it was said 97c. was offered. Corn Mral?We ] report sales of about 2000 bbls New Jersey, including 400 to arrive, at $4 87>?; 600 do. at $4 87X. and 200 do Brandy wiuo at $5 1V& Rye?The market was steady at 90c, aud Rye Flour at $5. Barley?Wo report sales of 8000 bushels to arrive, at a figure between 73 a 76c. Oati? Baler of 4000 bushels North rivor sold at 49c. Field Peat 1*7 bbls sold at ?1 19tf. ca*dlis .?Moderate sales of sperm continued to be matin at si a h. Copkec ?Tha market wai quiet, 187 bags damaged Rio sold by auction at 6)? a cash. cottsr?The sales to-day amount to 800 bales, at the prices of yesterday. Holders supply the market reluctantly at toe present rates. Kim ? Dry cod continued to sell In a retail way at 88 7ft. Tho cargoes of mackerel noticed bad uot Doen landed or sold. Kncir.?Buucb raisins were steady at $1 8ft; 1800 boxes oranges in poor order, sold at $1 37>? a $3, cash; { 10.000 pounds New York dried apples sold a 6.Xe. per lb. I 1 Hemp.?Thero was nothing new since last report. 1 Hides.?The market presents about the same appearance as at our last report. A cargo of Rio Orande are i held at about 13K cts8 months,and afew have been sold j l at about that prioe The stock iu dealers' hands Is j rather large for this season of the year, and there is not j a disposition to Increase this stock except at more favor- ! I able rates than demanded by importers. The stock, 1 1 however. In first hands continues light, and there is not j j much disposition to give way In price by first holders. i Ixpioo?dales of >ft ceroons of Caraccas wore sold by ; auction, and brought 6ft a 70 a 7ft and 77 cents, cash; < and 3 a 4 eases of Manilla do brought 70 a 80 cents, ' cash , LssTrica.?The markot Is rather more firm, from an Increased apprehension that the backward spring will | oause more of the spriag stock of hides to be kept baek i tn the tanneries next fall, than .has hitherto been calcu- i lated upon. Light and middling weight hemlock lea th*r "f good hide and quality. Is selling at from lft>* to 1 lfiXc ; heavy weight, at 13,Si a 11c.; good dyed, 12!* to 18c.; poor dyed, 7 to 10o.; oak leather, and all klndsof upper leather, is in excellent demand. There has been exported to Kuropo during tbo past three mouths. 1113 doson. say 6,lXH) sides. ' Lxsn?Pig was firmer, and holders were disposed to j advance their terms to $4 37?S. though no sales truuspired above $4 2ft. , Solas of 160 bhds. of Cuba, were sold at | I qiS a 22o . including sales of Cuba, yesterday; and today. 600 khds. were reported to have been sold at 21X a . ' ?c. | Naval. Stokes.?The transactions continued light, j . SpLri'S turpentine continued to sell at old prices; rough 1 was held at $2 76 per 280 pounds. | Oii.s ?American linseed, continued to sell at 80c. A t lot of selected N. W. whale was offered at 86c , but we t heard of no transactions lu any kind offish oils. , < Ksovisions. ? VVe report sales oflCO bbliold mess pork at 814 87X and 100 do do at $16; old prime do. was firm ! at |U 7ft; ft.0<0 pounds smoked shoulders, sold at 7Vic., ' , and 4.003 <K smoVed bams, sold at ?Xc. BetJ ?There ; ' wss no change In country mess or prims. 1800 bbla. i i old mess and prime, long held by one bouse, was re- . I ported sol 1 on private terms ; but supposed to be at J $7 60 for lbs prime, and at $9 60 for the mess Lard.? , We report sales of 1300 keg* at lOXo. Butfr?ISO , packs gas common Ohio, sold at 11X a 12o. i 1!ice?Tho market was quiet, and no transactions i transpired. flrr.o.?Nothing of moment in any kind was re- , porled ! , Bci.*a.?We report sales of about 2000 boxes Havana , browns and whites, part said to be for export, nnd part , for refining, on private terms; 66 boxes brown do. sold ' by auction (damaged) at ft 70-100 a 6\ rts Toescco.?We report sales of 26 bhds Kentucky leaf at 7 et#.; ?0 casoe of Pennsylvania seed do, sold at 13 eta. and 13? bales of 13 eta.; ft4 boxes manu- i factored Virginia lump*, sold by auction nt 4,7<. 8}tf, 6X a eta. WHAt.r-DONe.?1Tha market wa* dull, and nothing transpired *lnc* lMt ?*P?rt W'hisicv was inactive at 27X at* , I Pa? ioht?.?An engagement of 600 bbl*. eorn meal. In a British vowel for Liverpool, waa aald to be made at 6s J fbr flour, and at lfld for grain In sacks. An American | r,)?s l wn* reported engaged to lo?<t with grain, one half in bulk and one half In saoks, for the same port at IM 1 per bushel. A vessel was engaged to proceed to Phila- i deiphla. to load for Nants, on term* we did not learn To 1 Antwerp the rat*s were $1 60 for flonr, 38 cts for grain, and 8 >?. (sterliug.) for rie?. To London wo heard of no engagement?to Havre they were dull. x* t *r Acctio*.?Imported In the ships Congress anil Rainbow, 'farms?Notes at six months. Hyson? 8) half obei.ts at 64 coats per lb; 22 do 63X; 90 j bote*. 47. Hy?ou Twankay?137 half chest*. 9?. 1 Younf Hyaon iinhalf rbrat*6dX; II do 63; 302 doBlXj lSOdoB!; vOdo68X; 63 do 66; 83 do 8CX: 36 do and 7 ] botes'6. It do and -33 half chests 89X 24 do and 161 c botes 49; 64 do 4#X. 60 '1? 47; 34 half chests 3'?X; 70 do I ag 40 do ."814; ?3 do 3H; 171 do37X; 00 do 38X: H4 do j 36 |n i do?.?H; 2l8do36; 12 do 83, 10 do 32; 46 do 31J<; 111 do 81; 6cws#*69X; 7 do68; II do86X; H6 half ahest* ] withdrawn. Hyson Skin?136 half chests 36; 70 chests 9AW; 7i do . 30; 18 do 2*H\ <>? 38; 141 do 96X; 160 half ehaaU withdrawn Gunpowder?38 half ehests 84; 60 botes 66X; 38 half , I chests 66; 60 box** 62X; 18 hf cheats 40; 17 do 49X; 60 | )ii withdraw!. 11 - Impartad-dOhfahaataMi tT do UMi U boxaa MM; A* lulf ohatt* 4IM Twaekaw?47 half OhMta 49; 100 do 44; OS do 37; BOO do 3*2. Nlngyong Souchong ?111 hf cheats 55.'?; 250 do 21; 14 do SI. Oolong Souchong 5 hall chest* .11, I l.l do .Mi, So do j SO,1,; <M do 3j. Souchong?50 abast* IBVJ: SOO do withdrawn. Congou?198 cheat* 18; 174 do withdrawn. Pouchong?76 half clients 19; 67 do withdrawn. ^ gBMBSasaHBaBSS Married, At Rahway, on the 8th lnataut. by the Iter Mr Embury, Euwaku Tiwmon. of New York, to Miss Stum Maaaw ell, of Hubway. Died. The funeral of Captain John A. Pkirck, of the packet ship "Utica." who died ut lea on the Hth January last, will be attandad from the house of hi* fathor-iu-law. Stu pUen u Munu. 003 Broadway. ou Friday afternoon, thu 16th instant. ut '2 o'clock, file relative* uud friend* arc reipnctfully invited to attend without furthor invitation M At Jamaica. L. I., April 13th, Mr*. M a it t Leonard B ii own. ugcd BO years. Her friends and those of her son-in-law. the Rev. O. li. Suyri H. are invited to attend her funeral from her late residence, ou this day thu 16th instant, at 3 o'clock, P. M. Ou Tuesday, thu 13th lust., Ahraiiasi P. Llvcrul, aged 30 years. The friends and relatives of the family, and also the members of Greenwich Lodge No. 40. 1. O. of O. F , are respectfully invited to attend ids funeral this day, thu 16th inst.. at 'J o'clock, P. M., from his late residence. No. 194 Canal street. At Lyon's Farm's, N. J., on the Oth instant, Timothy Bioi.ow. well known as one of the worthy Revolutionary soldiers, ugud Bj years. PROPOSALS FOR .SMALL STORES. NAVY AGENT'S OFFICE. New York. SSEALED PROPOSALS, endorsed "Offers lor Small * Store*," will be received at (hi* office until 12 o'clock, M., ou Monday, tiie I7ili of May uett, for the supply of the following article* for the use of the Navy. at tliia station, during the fiscal year ending UUth June, 1848 Dolls. C'ts Brushes, shaving each, Brushes, scrubbing leach, Brushes, shoe each, Brushes, clothes each, Buttons, navy, vest I>er gross, Buttons, navv, coal per gross. Buttons, dead eye per gross, Blacking, boxes of per dozen, Beeswai, in lg lb. cakes per nouud Combs, coarse per dozen, Combs, line per dozen, Cotton, spools of per dozen. Grass, for hats per 100 hands, Handkerchiefs, cotton each. Handkerchiefs, silk, fancy colors each, Jack Knives each, Looking Glasses each, Mustard seed per pound, Needles, sewing, assorted per thousand, Pepper, black per pound; Pepper, red per pound, Razors, m single cases each. Razor atraps each, Ribbon, hat per piece, Soap, salt water. per ponnd, Soap, shaving, in cakes per dozen, Silk, sewing, blue black per pound, Scissor* each, Spoon* each, Thread, black, whit* and blue per pound. Tape, black and white per dozen, i Thimble* each, These article*, to wit. Mustard Seed and Pepper will be ! required at New York only, and in the raw *tate. All the article* must be of good quality, equal to the be*t of I those generally used in the service, conformable to the sample* deposited at the Navy Yard. Brooklyn, and delivered ; there at the contract prices, free of all incidental ripense to 1 the government, subject to the usual inspection of the Yard, | in proper vessels or pnekages, in such quantities, and. at such . times, as may be required ; and, when desired, in good ship- > ping order. Ninety per cent, payable by the Navy Agent in > thirty days aAer bills are filed with him, approved in triplicate, 1 and ten per cent, ou the fulfilment of the contract. Contract will be entered into with the lowest bidder, giving | bond in one-third the amount as estimated, with two approved sureties ; but no proposal will be considered without a guaran; ty o5 one or mure responsible persous, conformable to the acts ! of Congress, of 3d March, 1843, aud 10th August, 1846, that the : person or persons whose offer may be accepted, will eiecute i such contract and bond within five day* aAer being notified : of such acceptance. In case of delay, or failure to deliver, the Navy Agent will I procure such stores as may be required, and any excess he may pay over the coutract prices,shall be charged to the contractor, and deducted from his bills. Please apply for forms. PROSPER M. WETMORE. Navy Agent, a!3 law4wrrc _ _ 4 South-William ?treet. TO COMB MAKERS-Hoofs for sal* by PETER COOPER, No. 17 Burling Slip. a* Ira*rre MADAME AMEDEE PESTRAIX begs leave to inform 1 the ladies of New York, and vicinity, that she ha* con- I, taully on hand a beautiful assortment of ladies' Bonnets; consisting of lawns, straws aud sillu, of avery variety, aud begs 1 those persons about purchasing to call and examine her goods before buying elsewhere. MADAME AMEDEE PESTRAIX, I No. 42K Canal street, up stairs, Northwest corner of Broad- ; way; two glass cases at the door. al4 2t*rc LOEHLERT, IMPORTER, late of 247R Grand atreet, wishes to inform his customers and the public that be has , re-opened his store, at 439 Broadway, for the sale of his well ; assorted stock of Lace (foods in general, comprising real Valencienuea, Regency, Smyrna, and other Thread Laces, together with other articles,sucnasGuimp*, Kid Oloves,Fringes, white and black Veils, Linen Cambric Iiaudkerchiefs, etc.; at whichstaud be brietiy says his customers will benefit by calling to select for themselves. al2 It is*rh ft O R PER TON for large Nut, under cover. The ; fflW subscribers have reduced the price of their best ri?l,.rJ It ml a.I, l?.l >.l'nll,,u..- Ami. VI. EVo.,,,1 Store $5 50; and Nut 15 25. There is uo pea or chesnut in the Nnr, nor any Nut ihip|ied with the Store. Lehigh Coals at the same twice; all delirered free of cartage. THOMAS Jt P. DOLAN, 203 Mulberry it., and 263 west 13ih st. between areuues 9th and 10th. 127 6w?re PAPER HANGINGS. | FRENCH PAPER HANOINOS.-A large and Mtensirc assortment of choice and rich French Paper Hangings, with a rariety of beautiful Fire Board Patterns, just receired per packet ship Utica. from Havre, and for sale by JOSEPH PIOGOTT, 52 East Broadway, and 91 Dirisiou street. A fine collectiou of American and otlier Patterns constantly Dn hand. alO lw ec A GOOD FIT. AT SANDFORD'S CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, 127 Fulton street.? We hare just receired a beautiful and well selected assortment ef Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestingst suitable for spring trade, which we guaranty to make np in garments to suit the most difficult, as to style, fits, workmanship and prices. It will pay well for those risiting our city to call at 127 Fulton street and see. N. B.?Every rariety of Outfitting constantly on hand and old cheaper than the cheapest. SANDFORD BROTHER. 127 Fulton street, m6 lm*r neat door to the Herald Office. BEDBUG POISON. WATSON'S INFALLIBLE BEDBUG P0I.80N.-The experience of past years proves this Preparation to be the most effectual destroyer and banisher of Bedbugs ever discovered. It needs but one application to satisfy the most incredulous of its wonderful and immediate effects?Price 2s. Sold wholesale and retail only at Apothecaries Hall, 36 Catharine street: 476 Grand street, and Ollcott, McKesson It Co., 127 Maiden Lane; and 139 Fulton street, Brooklyu. a8 lm*r QUILL PENS. THE Subscriber would call the attention of the public to his superior Quill Pens, made entirely with the i>en knife.?* By long practice be has succeeded in reachiug the greatest possible perfection ill suiting every kind of writing, at the lame time they sur|>ass by tar, any metallic |>en in elasticity tiid ease. They are carefully put up in boxes of 25 each, so that they can be shipped to any part of the country, without risk of damaging the (mints. For sale by m!91m*rh F. TRKNKAMP. No. 99 William st. SULAK LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, 1IALL LANTHORNS AND TEA TRAYS. THE subscriber has Just opened one of the most highly finished Stocks of Girandoles, Solar Lampa, Chandeliers, Bracket's, Hall Lauthorna, Tea Trays,.Clocks and elegant Cut Ulass Vases, for mantel Ornaments, ever offered in this city jrcountry. And city dealers will find it to their advantage to I rail and examine the above stock, which can be sold at wholeisle and retail at reduced prices. JOHN W. MORGAN, m31 lm?rc 154 r ulton at., one door from Broadway. TIiAVELUNG TRUNKS. TOILN CATTNACH, Trunk Manufacturer. No. 1 Wall , v siren, ciimrini jiruauni) , [in now on nanu ;uu coiuuniy ui.tkiuK a food assortment of Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, uid Satchels, wholesale and retail. Also, a superior article of sole leather Trunks, suitable Tor American or Kuropeau Travel, and Portmanteaus for the Kreiich Malle Poste. Orders for the West Indies. South America, lie., filled with lespateh. mfi tm'rc CROTON HOSE, DAY'S PATENT.?The inventor of this article offers it Mr sale, pledging himself to replace t without cost, if it bursts during one season's use. The new \ nachinery for covering the insiue rubber tube, having after nany ei|ieriineiits, been perfected, the liose is now offered as lie perfect article originally contemplated^ when the uivenion was patented. It is uow all right, hor sale at No. 23 oourtlanui street. HORACE H. DAY. mil Im o I MI'OHTANT TU tlKW'J L&MfciN riKNTLEMEN, I WISH YOU AI.L TO KNOW, that 91 L* Murray, corner of Washington street, is the only place n this city where yon oan depend upon haeiug full attention laid to the repairing, cleaning, dyeing and altering all kinda >f Gentlemen's Clothing at snort notice, on reasonable terms. 3ive me a trial, and you will find that for ait shillings only, rou can have your coats made to look equal to new,without the lid of that great ileatructor, steam. Cleaning and dyeing, suiie ier to anything ever done in this city. Please call, or send a iqte to 91 Murray street. Gentlemen, prepare for Spring in A. CORTibSOS, from London. m2 tm? rr money leNT. MONEY LENT.?The highest prices advanced in large and small snms on gold and silver watches, diamond, ) late, jewelry, fnniiture, clot lung dry goods. Ac., Ac. JOHN M.DXmi, Licensed pawnbroker, 232 William street, near puaue. Persons received in private office, by tinging the bell. ml7 Im'r i'K A( 'I M A I. HOOK' K KI.HINt,, so. 89 ci. pa a stuf.kt. MR. C. C. MARSH, Acconntant, author of die "Science I of Uouhle-EntTV Book-keeping Simplified," and the Art oPSingle Entry Book-keeping Improved," tontinues to 1 tesch as above. Course of Instruction.?The public are respectfully inhume ind assured that the plan imrsncd by Mr. Marsh in teaching this important branch is truly a course of practice in keepin books, rather than a course of lectures on the theory. The pupil becomes familiar from actual nae with all the books constituting a set, and a person of good capacity, will by this c.uir-c bee line s competent honk-beeper in about a month, Prospei-tn* with l?mi fun be obtained at the Rnnm, from 9 A. M . fo? P M _ ml) Im'r 1 GEORGE LOWDEN, G5f> BROADWAY, FLATTERED by the very great encouingement Ik has received .inee hi* commencement in bliiiifn, respectfully inlicit* VI inspection of hi* new and varied assortment of Thread Laces, Embroideries, staple and figured Muslins, Chrmiietts, Lace Capes (the newest style), rich Parisian Collar*, Infanta' ltohea, French Cambric Handkerchiefs, richly oniroidered, hem stitched, Riviere. Home very superb Paris Needlework; Lone Shawls; a general assortment of silk and rotton Hosiery; tne best quality of ladies' and gentlemen'* Kid Gloves; white and black Demi Veils; 2cartoons of black Brussels Lace, very cheap; Point Lace, d'Alsncon, rich ignred Lace for capes. All these goods are entirely new , and, ?einf purchased for cash, ladies will find this a very desirable >pponuuity of effecting a very considerable saving. If ACITUM PAINS for sale, with all the apparatus for makv ing Hngar. Price ilMO. Apply to ad I*arse PETER COOPER. No 17 Bnrling filip KiAWflAVgiK. ?100 casks block uslde of Manganese LvA ground, for sale bsr a*r PKBM? <t BROOKS. tikvt Nassau at. 1 ? ijll msmmammmaeatm 1 | U. I. MAJUNjU WACTCD. j| M 51 jlSBSb 11 TpnCTvlAHINE CORPS OF THE UNITED STATES, X or tliat branch of the military service famishing soldiers fur (lie different naval stations and vessels of war, having been increased by act of Congress. approved id March. 1#47, by the addition of 30 Sergeants, 30 Cor|H>rals, 30 Drurameri. 30 frifers, and 1,000 I'rivalea. rendezvous for the enlistment of recruits is now opened at No. 38 Cliathaui street, near the Harlem railroad depot and Tammany Hall, where lasiiectable youeg men desiring to enter a service w hich will afford them an opportunity of seeing foreign Countries, are invited to call. Previous to enlisting it is the duty of the recruiting otGcer to explaiu fully the terms upon which they enter the service. One. frnm QAM I JOHN GEO. REYNOLDS, Captain Cuiim.j.iduig, Recruiting Reudexvous. at lm*rc ~ w A vj'I;"b~ " BY r respectable Young Woman, a situation to wait on a lad)', to travel to any part of Europe. Beat of city references given. Addre;'. a note to Mia* 11. 11. E., totlie lower post olfica,between the lioura ol ID and 2 o'clock. nli 3t*rc RESPECTABLE YOUNirWOMAN wautT"a s i t u ation as Chambermaid or Waiter in a respectable family. No other need apply. I'leaae call at the corner of the 3d avenue and 12lh street, front room, firat lloor orer the grocery store. Can lie seen for two days. _ali 11 c WA N TED?A situation by a respectable young woman us (chambermaid or waiter. Is a good plain sewer? good reference given. Enquire at 243 Mod atreet. aii H*c wanted; BY a respectable Protestant youug woman, a situation as plain cook?is a good washer and irouer, or chambermaid or waiter. Good reference can be given Please call at No.8t ilamer-dey St., front basemeut. Can be seen lor two daya. a 13 lt?c WANTED?By a respectable young woman, a situation, iu a respectable family as Cook or Lauudress. Best of city references given. Apply at 1IW Barrow street. alt 2t?c WANTED?A young man to attend a grocery and ship store. Apply 179 South street. a!3 31*re WANTED, by a young woman, a situation as chambermaid or water, or taking care of children, and to make herself generally useful; has no objections to a hotel and boarding house?best of city references if required. Application to be made at No. 13 Suffolk street, in the rear, first basement. all 2t*c WANTED A SITUATION by two respectable girls, one as conk, washer and irouer, the other as chambermaid, and would liave no objection to assist in the washing and ironing?would hate iio objcctiou to go a short distance m the country. Please apply at 135 Thirteenth struct, between the 7th and till avenues. al5 lt*c ttfUWYn PARTNER- WAN T ED.? Eh he r special or iJUUVU general, with from to $6008, in a business that will pay such a profit aa to return the original capital invested in the course of 12 or 15 inontlu, as the advertiser can show to the satisfaction of any one whe is desirous of entering into> a lirsl rate business. Address Manufacturer. Post office, stating when and where an interview may be hau, which will be strictly confidential. al5 lt*rc REWARD.?The Members of Engine Company No. W 20, offer a reward of Twenty-Five Dollars for the apprehension, or such information as may lend to the detection of the person or persons, who set fire to the eugine house of the Company, during their absence at the fire, on the morning of the 13tn inst. By order of the Company, JOHN CLEMENTS, Foreman. jas. uo^oiii e, nec y, ai:> u-r A LETTER LOST.?A letter directed tn Mr. Robert Morisson. Any person w ho may have receired the said lefter by mistake, will do n favor by sending it to L. Villier, 30,'iX Broadway. a 1.1-3! *< BOARD WANTED?By a gentleman and wife, in a private family, or where.there are but few boarders?in the neighborhood of Broadway, above Canal street?would require a parlor and bed room attached. Address "Hamilton," office of this paper. a 13 It*rc LOST.?Ou Friday, the Dili instant, near the comer of Fourth street and Broadway, a small green |Hirkel book, containing about fifteen dollars, a gold pencil, and some en5raved visiting cards. A suitable reward will be paid for its elivvry at 115 Fulton street. ? aprl3 3t? r LOSTOK T A KEN THR0L'Gil M1STAKE. ONE half pijve Brandy Raaleau Chanuyer's brand marked C A near the bung, on lauding from brig Leon, from La Rochelle. A suitable reward will be given on returning the same to the owners. CAZET It A8TONI, al4tt?c 64 Water at. WANTED, A SILENT OR ACTIVE PARTNER, with from three to five thousand dollars capital, to enter a mechanical and mercantile business, which will pay from JO to 100 per cent, profit per annum, at an old eatablisned stand. Please address O. P. Q., Herald office, atating where aii interview can be had. at J 3t*r AID TO IRELAND. Committke Room, PitiMg'i Buildings, I J4 Wall street, April 10th, 1847. ) THE Committee acknowledge the receipt of the following donations, which they have shipped in common with their own purchases, viz:? Per brig Boston, for Cork: 23 bags and 32 barrel* provisions, 12J bags corn, I box clothing, and I ham. receired from the citizeua of New Haven, Henry Peck, Esq, Chairman. Per bark New Haven, for Cork: 21 barrels rye flour, 10 bags corn and 1 box beans, being the secoud donation from citizeui of Williamsbugh, per J. C. Moor, 108 Beekman sL Per bark Lisbon, fonLiverpool: 80 barrels flour, from Citizeua of Rome, 120 barrels meal from citizens of Newburgh, Jer John Bereridge, Esq , Chairman, and 33 bags corn from hirst Reformed Dutch Church, Fishkill, Rev. F.M. Kip, Pastor. i ci siii|i rjuiujiv, tur uitti|>uvi. 182 barrel* com meal, from citizen* of Rochester; Silt* Cornell, chairman; 12 bu*hel* rye and corn, from citizen* of Ooihen, per ,John a. Crane, chairman, and 80 barrel* of com meal, from citizen* of New-burgh, per John Bereridge, chairman. Per bark Expre**, for Cork: 2j bag* corn, from citizen* of Hicksrille, L.I, per Samuel Smith-, 2 bag* com from a citizen of Newburgn, per Alfred Port, Esq , Treasurer; 3 bozet clothing from citizen* of VViustcd, Coiui.; 37 barrels com meal, and 3 bag* corn from citizens of Olencove L. 1.; 93 bag* corn from citizens of Goilieu, N. V.; one half barrel shad, and a roll of leather from the German Society, per C. C. Gunther; I bag of clothing, from Wilson it Lurbery; 1 bundle clothing from MariaGerd.No 9 Bethuue it.: 1 bundle clothing from Man L. McKitnm, cor. Bleecker auu Carmine si*.: 1 barrel buckwheat from J. Corwin, Suffolk County; 1 bag |>eas from citizens of Rome: 4 bundle* and 1 box ofclotliing from donations unknown; 13 bags bread from "a friend," per Wm. Redmond. The Committee have likewise the satisfaction to acknowledge the following donation*:? The Courier It Enquirer, their whole bill for printing, $113 73 The Commercial Advertiser, their whole bill, same. The New York Daily Espies*. one half of their Bill, 27 93 The Daily Globe, about three-fourths do 33 Do The Journal of Commerce about one hall of their large bill, ?ay, 30 11 The Eveuiug Post, one half of their bill, 22 4 4 The New York 8uu, more than half of their bill, 23 73 The New York Herald, their whole bill, 100 75 The Daily Tribune; deduction from their bill, The True Hun, do do do Stacy B. Collins, reprint of 1000 copies of pamphlet* entitled " Distress in Ireland." Anonymous, printing circulars to clergy, I 00 Clark, Dodge fc Co., Brokers, Prime's Buildings, Wall st.. for changing large amount* of uncurrent money without compensation. Capt. Isaac Kisher, of New Brunswiek, brokerage on a purchase of corn ineal, 18 00 Joseph Nsylor, IB Broadway, storage and donation, say $81 Walter S. Griffiths, Lent'* Basin, use of his barge. Mr. Alexander, 71 Water street, sundry cartage. Boyd's and Duptiy ttc Schenck s City Expresses, for free deliveries. Any contributor* who have been neglected will pleau to eomtviin. MYNDERT VAN SCHAICK, Chairman. ?U ii re Ali) TO IRELAND. Committer Room, Primk's Driinians, i 34 Wall strdet, 13th Apiil, 1817. y THE ward committees of the several wards in the city ol New York, for the reliefof Ireland, which have not yet paid in their collectioiia, are requested to report without delay. M. VAN SCHAICK. Chairman. Those papers which can afford to publish this free of charge are requested to copy. al4 2tr New Yoke. April 19th, 1847.4 222 Water street. S HALL COLBV'S CONCENTRIC DUPLICATE MARINER'S OOMPASS. WE die undersigned, .have used and tested Mr. Colby ? uc\% iy in vnjicu .?i iniici ? vuui|'oi?. Thia Compass, we believe, possesses high merit for iti arcuracy, sensibility, and correct oscillations, less embarrassed by local atmospheric and coast attraction*, electric curreuu, be. We m??t cheerfully recommend thim compaa* to the commercial world a* being sale and superior to any in use. (Signed) ('.apt. H. TH A VEH, Steamer Oregon. THOS. HOWARD. Pilot. " Capt 8. V AN PELT, Steamer Knickerbocker. alJIt'rc WILLIAM WILCOX, Pilot, " NOTICE. r|A|lE undersigned inform* the public that he will not pay a X note of $38,j which he gave to Mr. Leopold Fleischuer in pnyment for a house a few day* *ince?which note is made payable two months after date?as he intends to test the validity of the sale on which the note was given. al5 Ifrr SOLOMON IIECIIT TO LEND on Bund and Mortgage on sptlU jUvU City or Brooklyn Real Estate, iu sums to suit applicant*. This sum belongs to an estate in trust, and will be loaned for a term of years. Apply immediately, to 8. 8. BROAD, No. II Wall street, in the Crotou Water office basement. all nndlHl * if MINIATURE PAINTING. MR. McDOL'OAL has taken the room No. II, in building known as I'lumbe National Dagguereau Gallery, coruer of Broadway and Murray street, where he would be happy to attend to any orders iu miniature or water color sketches, ali 1 ui c HEALTH. HEALTH, HEALTH. IT WILL RELIEVE THE AFFLICTED-ITS POWERS ARE ACKNOWLEDGED. No. 12 CLARRIOIV IT RETT. GEIST i.E.*ir. ?:? I CONSIDER it the duty of eeery man to manifest hit grantnde for favori received, and more especially when relieved from sickness. For several months I have been afflicted by a violent cough, which settled on my lungs and inflamed the glands of my throat ao that respiration was nearly impeded, anil the tonsil* so painful that I could scarcely swallow sulh cient fond to sustain nature. I tried several rrmedies, hut without permanent benefit; but after using two package* of your Medicinal Cough Candy, the change was astonishing?a free discharge ol mucous immediately commenced, while a gentle perspiration pervaded ihe afflicted parts,the iutlamm.itinn allayed, 10 that I now feel lhat I am perfectly recovered. I remain, your sincere friend, LEON I DAS OSBORN Nesv York, April 6, 1247. I. Pt;asr. (k Son*. o'v- Sold by J. PEASE & SONS, No. I.'i Jlivision street. Agents?Ru.ihtou St Co., 10 Astor House, lib Broadway; 336 Broadway; Johnson, 273 Broadway; 100 Bowery; 176 Spring street; 117 Eighth avenue; 3ti Catharine street. Brooklyn, 139 Fulton street. Newark, N. J . ?'i'J Broad street. nl i It*C t in Ki ii i iF THE ii<)UY Tkimty, BROOKLYN HEIGHTS. THIS Chnreh svill be open for the ev imination of Tesys on Monday, t9th. Tuesday 20th, and Wednesday 21st init., at four o'clock P. M., and at four o'clock P. M , on ilie hist named day, they will be offered for rent rn the Chnreh, sjid on ihe follow ing Sunday, the 2'ilh instant, the ( hurch will be for divine service at open I0)f A M and IU P M. *9 II' *rc G~ OLD LEAS A.N D DKN J ISTS GOLD t-VVlL ry No. 92 Ucade street (in the tear,) warranted r I superior muinfacturc. Gold Foil $26 [>er ounce, first <|uality, eslri deep and lemon color Go d I,cat' at the verv lowest market price*. Kttabliahtd in IB3S. _ . . _ nJ2wia*r J. I. WAUrtH, rmftinnl Oold Bentrr. rfV) JHtsiKUs", FuaTKIIh" SHIftTMAKKKH.' M. Wanted, by n young man, animation in the above buaiiirtn. na aaleiman. flc Km ? thorough knowledge ot lli<" trade. Addrenn J, VI., at lhi?office. nit 3t'rr Dil i if A < >. HlA^KK. thf Celebrated Cancer Dor tor on thr Indian method of practice, will br found *t the I 'mini Statea lintel, ,Nr w York rity, or Itin aaaiatant, ?n the third Monday in Mar, for three dayn only, once n month. Adiire Itiren free of charge. S|>orimene of hi* work* nui be veen on thone dayn. The time han come when cnncern rim he cured without the nit of the knife. Dr. K. trrnti ou nil other diaeaaea, tuid will eoiitiii?? through the immiii. >11 lm*fC CAPTURE OP v EH \ CRUZ. A FULL ycount of the capture of Vera Crn*, with tilaiN Jm. of the city and caatlt.anda line engraving of thn tiocnbtrilment, will l<e found in the illnatranted life of OF.NKRAL WINVIF.LD IVOTT, which ia erobellivied by forty engravingn on wood, by the beat tirvata, to be paibliahed on the lath mat. Prica tirenta, mid a libetal JuCuU it to fhoae dealing in ehenp jmblirafionn. aU3(*r A. 8UAKNKH Ik (. O, 31 Jolin at, ! APCTHM WnOB. | I plf.oant paintinob, Ci Stc.-VAN ANTWF.RP ta PINK will *ell thia day. , (THUU8UAV, April 15.) at III o'clock, at I0J Fourth at, the I ' entire elegant lurmtuie i f a family breaking up houaekeeping. j j Tor particular* of which, ace catalogue*,which era now ready, ' and the Courier It Enquirer. all lt*c 1 I W. W. 8HIRLKY, Auct'r. j i KdA PA( ( ROCKERY?J. M. B. BOOERTwill 1 ' tlO aell at auction, on Friday, April Ititli, at 10 o'clock, at , 1 tint atorc. No. fil2 Pearl atreet, catalogue sale, in lot* from the I abelvea, to suit w holeaale and retail denier*, a full aaaortnieut j of beat light blue, daak blue, lea cotfre, toilet, aud dining I ware, to match throughout. AUo CC dipped, edged, uud other , > uiui?u? ".IV ?<? ?iiiKiiaui wart', pr'-Titii unu rmrgliiii China. > | ricli tr* sets, 4ie.. at lour months' credit. >11 lt*c K VAN Iji KE, Auctioueei. SPECIAL SALE OF NEW CABINET FURNITURE at the Wareruuuu, No. 88 Broadway.?Catalogues (of tli?? large and extensive suieof new cabinet furniture, to lake place (to-morrow) Friday, April lull, at the above olsce, by order ul aeveral manufacturer*,) are now ready .and the articlea can be examined. Sale to commence at 10)^ o'clock, preciaely. For particular* tee Courier St Enquirer nil It rc VAN ANTWERP lit PINE. HORATIO HILL, Auctioneer. QRA CASES BOOTS, SHOES, AND BROOANS.OOV COLBV, KASE Si HILL, will sell on FRIDAY MORN 1 Nl?, A|iril lGtli, at lit o'clock, at 191 Broadway, with| out reaerve, on G mouth*' credit, i'jU ca*es boot*, shoes and tiroj gsns These good* arc fresh from tbe manufacturer*, season- j able, and suited to the Southern, Western and City trade. I Catalogues and goods arc now ready for examination. all 2t?c ' JACOB S, I'LATT, Auctioneer. Auction sale.-jacob s. platt win ?eii thisday, Thursday,* 1.1th iust. at 10 o'clock, at 109 Ninth Aveuue, Chelsea, the atoce fixtures and moveable* of a coaifectiouary | and oysler saloon of ibe first class, consisting of white marble top and black w alnut table counter* with mirble top*, chairs, glasses, jar*, show cases, soda fountain, counter scales, and all the requisite article* uecrstary for carrying on the : business. | Also the elegant lloor oil cloth, in I piece, cost SI 10. | The above hate been recently purchased, anu are almoit , | equal to new. Furniture.?Also the furniture contained in tbe above bouse, I comprising a general laaortmanu. >16 If rc j H andsome furniture-ai no. ? w**t #Mhing. i ton riace?A. C. TUTTLE will well at auction, on Fri- ' day, Apnl 16th, ti 10 o'clock, M the above house, use entire i furniture contained therein, (being the property of a family declining housekeeping.) t ousistiug in part of Rosewood Sola*, and Chairs, covered in rich dalaiiie; Couches and Arm Chairs; Mahogany Sofa; Rocker, Dining und 'Tea Tables, Alabarter Gothic I lock, rich Girandoles, and Mantel Ornaments, China and Glass Ware, Brussels Carticle, Mahogany Bedsteads, Dressing Bureaus, and Toilet Tables, Quartette, do.. Feather Beds, curled hair Mattresses, Paillasses, Ike. Also, Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will be comI niencru. Catalogues ready on the morning of sale. all 2t*r LEOANT AND FASHION ABLE FURNITURE AT AUCTION?Rooms No. 451) Broadway?On Thursday, April lltli, without reserve.?A. C. Tlittle will sell at auctiou, j on Thursday nest, at 10 o'clock, at the above rooms, a large and valuable assortment of Cabinet Furniture, made to order, comprising, in part, the most costly and valuable portion of the stock of Mr. P. Cartcneau, French Cabinetmaker, consisting of i ! rosewood and mahogany Secretaries and Wardrobes, with French Plates; Sofas a la Paris, Tote a Tctes^ Fautuils, Ktag] ties, Fautuil de Dame, do. de Salon, rosewood Chairs decoupc, ; rosewood Sofas, Tele a Tete, Fautuils and Chairs, En Suite j de Louis XIV., mahogany and rosewood French Bedsteads, Dressing and Toilet Bureaus, Dining and Tea Tables, Hall l Stands, ate.: comprising tbe most valuable assortment of parlor, i ball and bedroom Furniture yet offered at auction. N. B ?The Furniture is now ready, andean be examined till tlir boor of sale. al3 3l ?r ... ..._|N Vu,IIOIIMr< GREAT CURIOSITY 8ALE.?Aaron C. Burr will .ell, al Inastore, No. 80 Bowery, on Thursday , the 11th April, at 10 o'clock, A. M , his rahinel of Shells, Birds, Minerals, 10 v illi ilile original Oil Paintings. Also, a very large collection of Engravings, by celebrated masters, and a valuable lot of rare Ol ! Books, from KJtl to :t00 years old, with a number of Acts of Parliament, passed IG1I, in black letters. Also, a rare collection of Coins, Petrifactions, Antiquities,anda variety of Gems, Curiosities, kc.; well worthy the attention of connoisseurs, being the collection of many Vears. Also, a Inrge number of | complete Cabiuets of Stories for family instruction. aU lw*c 1URTHDAY OF HENJLY CLAY. The celebration in honor of the great american statesman. i( DEMOCRATIC^ lUJl/oS OF NKW JfORif, next, t)u- 13th of April. The follow lug gentlemen compose the Committee or Reception : Abraham R. Lawrence, Wm. V. Brady, Hamilton Fish, Egbert Benson. Ambrose V. Kingslaud, Henry hi. Danes, James Brooks, Moms Franklin, Jacob Acker, N. O. Bradford, Wm. D. Green, by whom the guests of the evening will be received at the Saloon, at half past 7 o'clock. The President and Vice-President, and the rations, committees connected with the celebration, will meet at the same hour and place. The President of the evening, the Hon. J. Phillips Phoenix, will lake the chair at 8 o'clock precisely, when the company generally w ill he conducted to their seats by the Committee of Arrangements. Tickets may be had at the following ptacea:?Geo. F. Nesbir, Esq., comer of Wall and Water streets; Charles Chamberlain, No. 9 Spr ace street; Express Office, and the Apollo Saloon. By order of Executive Committee, ROBERT C. WETMORE, Chairman. Iohv T.'Dnmir. Secretary. all to 15c Agffi WE are requested to call the attention of persons de tTttW sirous ot purchasing real estate, to the sale ol House and JLSiliLot. No. 25 Mercer street, by Messrs. BLEECKER St ] iVI/ieCABV, on Friday, 16th mst. at 12 o'clock, in the Mer! chants'Exchange. For further jiarticnlsrt see their adrertise inent in ('ouricr St Enquiier. al3 It"r FOK SALE OH TO LET. MTWO dwelling houses and bam, with one acre of good land, pleasantly situated, half a mile from Factory ville ferry, on Staten M ind, plenty of all kinds of 11 tin; afao one hundred lota of ground for building sites, or for | marketing business. To be sold low for cash, or for pro|ierty in Chicago or Illinois. Impure 203, Johnson St Co.'s clothing i store, Broadway, near Fulton St., or on the premises, i aU ifr P H. JOHNSON, wt* LARGE SALE OK STANDARD ROSES AT AUCTION?W. Franklin St Son will sell ou Thursday ?Jhw. morning, April 13th, at 10>a o'clock, at their store. No. 13 iiroad street, a large and splendid selection of imported Rosea, of the newest and finest variety. al3 lt*c NOTICE. setae To Gentlemen wishing Gardens put in order for the ]pRq|'he Summer, and likewise those wishing gardens laid sJkauut in a handsome and unique style. Boxwood for walks, roots, trees, and shrubbery of every description constantly on hand, at the subscriber's, where all orders for lsyiug out gardens will be promptly attended to. aH 2tis*c R. STEWaRT. Gardener, 147 Chrystie st FLTLNISHED APARTMENTS TO LET, suitable lor single grutleiuen. Enquire at No. 119 White street, near jitre street. _ al3 3t*r ri t TO I I r 1 TO f 1 A TO , UA LO : ii A i o . iiaio: I fa KNOX, with hit accustomed brevity, would call the i J^^.ittcntioii of his friends to his new styles of SPRlNO j FASHIONS, which are now ready at his store, No. ltt Fulton I street. He would, with his usaal philanthropy, invite stranI iters to his establishment, where they can obtain hats of sn equal quality, and at lower prices, than at any other store in the cm-. aid ltti?r MKM. M. WILSON, 291 Oraud street, respectfully ! ^;\\i"forms her friends, and strangers visiting the city, aNnf-that she lias now on hand a large and very handsome >*** aasiirtineut of Spring Millinery, to which she invites their attention. Mr*. Wilson s atock comprises an assortment of the richest and most fashionable Hats, aueh as Chip.jf r*|ie, llice, and Shirred, with a choice assortment of Straws, which she Hatters herself can be sold more reasonable than at any other establishment in the city. Country Milliners will do well to Call before purchasing. Mrs. M. WILSON, 291 Grand St., between Allen and Orchard ats. Ten good Milliners wanted at the above establishment. al3 2tn*rc NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. I ^THE subscriber* respectfully call the attention of aSf \\ Dealers and Milliners, to their present style of Neapo?jM9 hlaos, which are superior to any hitherto manufacture ed by them; they are also manufacturing anew style called the Gossamer, with flowers of the same material to corres|>oud. which are indeed exquisitely beauiifol, and we feel confident that our Nea|x>litaiis and Goaaamers, will be the most fashionable Bonnet worn this season, by the demonstration made thus early in their favor by the most fashionable ladies of our city and elsewhere. PATTISON NOE It CO., Patentees and Manufacturers of the Neapolitan Bonnets, ml lim*?rc No 21 Delaucy at . nS%r the Bnwerv XT A lit OF PONIES H )R SALE. ?fl A HANDSOME pair of sorrel Ponies, about ,rt 1, fifteen hands high, kind and gentl* in har'1 .? V. nets, snd fast as desirable, are offered for sale on favorable trans. They can be seen at Chichestrr's stable, No. 2f> ( berry street. A wagon and harness will lie sold with the ponies, if wanted. *11 2t*r i MUsTC. " v~_?s THE PIANO TAUGHT on very moderate ,'r I'olWjJtei ins, b> a Lilly w ho Ins Ind experience in f it- Tfff,ea''luiig wishes to take two or three more She teaches the science thoroughly?terms three dollars per mouth. A line addressed to Music, to the Office of Uiia paper, sha he attended to. m<Hmis"rr KOH8ITEKU Grand Scriptural Picture ol the Parting between RUTH, ORPAIi AND NAOMI, with other pic lures pamled by tins artist at Home, will la- etliihited for a few days at the Granite Building, eorner of Broadway and Cliamliers Street. 0|a-n from nine A.M. till ton P.M. Admit sioil 2.'i CUM s; Season Tickets, 10 cents. si>9 fit is NEW \<>KK AND ALBANY. INDEPENDENT LINE-THROUGH DIRECT. PASSAGE FIFTY CENTS. ms. THE new snd splendid steamer RIP VAN r n.AlIL??NWINKLE. Cant. Geo. B. Riggi. will run the WmHHuentire season, leaving New York Monday, Wed. ie?d iv and Friday, at G o clock. P.M. The steamer Ilip Van Winkle it fitted up with spacious State Rooms, and fur, nished in a sn|?erior style. For freight or passage, apply on board, or at the office on the dock, foot of Robinson st., of al.1 2i *c GEO. T. STANLEY. NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE FOR ALBANY AND TROY direct, from rLgrVMiain the foot of Courtlanrtt street. The low prevMMMBHu sure steamboat EMI'lRE. < apt. R. B. Macy, Thursday Evening at fi o'clock. Regular days, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. DAY LINE. ; Steamer TROY. Capt. A. Oorham, NIAGARA, Capt. II. i t.. Kellogg having heeii^put in complete order will take their ntntions in ilic line in * tew daya. rr >- P.-iairngera taking thene floata will arrive'in time to take the morning Train of Can from Troy Weal to Buffalo, arid North to Saratoga, and Lake George. fly For P??aage or Freight, apply on board, oral the office on toe wharf. " Frei 1 I raken on the moat reaaonahle terma. attr AiCv. Mill NF.W OKLF.ANH.? Louisiana anil New vyWyVYork Line ofPaeketa?Po.itirely drat and only regnjUUwLhir packet to sail tlita week.?The faat nailing parket ll irk I M \ N< IS III HIl, ( apt. Coffin, la now loading. and will positively be d .pn'eht nj feasel to port. For freight or paaage, h iTing snperior arronunodationa, apply on board, at Oili-'.a whatf lootof Wall si reel, or to I'.. K. COLLINS, M South afreet ,, . i N -w Orleaor, John 0 Woodruff St Co., who w ill p: .1101 tlv forward ft* gr>orla to their addree.. The picket hark Ocnenee, Cnpt. Minott, will aneceed the Franc. llnrr. nil NOTICf'.?l he hi.g ine K.MKKALU will pay hflTMJV no dehta couti^"icJ . the crew. ffrhuKm *13 2f*rc SAMUEL WHFI.AND. &&&" NOT1CK?r< iii*nnl tn or<f??r per Baric katjyV'?KNCSKK. from New Orleana, hare been landed. .JBW-elit'l he Consignee will please call immediately at the ottii i it tin juIijcri'iera, and rr> eire the < ime all Jtrc K. K. COLLINS,M South it. AAcy PAl K 1,1 Sill! I I 11 \ from Hal ! on fcTaMfV aigiieea for thiaahip will pleaar aend their |>ermiri '"ULHf'Mm on hoard, at pier No. I NIL All goodn not permit* led in lire daya, muat mmenidahly he lent to the public atore. all FOR BALK.?The ship UTK A, hnrthen per re. MHMVgiitei J2J tona. Apply to jj|?g? alt Itre Bon) It 111 NCR FN. Again. JlAty Notjrk?All peraona are furhtti tniating any of jjYTffV'he crew of the Dritiah Bark F.lleralie, from I.iverng ' lei 11 aa dehta of thrir rormerlng will not be paid.hy , the captain 1 at) r J. McMl'RRAY, 6? South at. AMWUPUPIi. | Y Evening, ?i^S*hh. will MT be performed, l-i time .u this city, Verdi's Grand Oin-ra, of HERNANI, or the Caafiliaii Noble?Heiiuuii, Hig. Natalr Perelli, Don Carlos, King of Luigi \ its; Don Huy Go oiezde SilmPietro Novrlii, Eli in, niece of the Bode, Signs KortunaU Tedeeco; Oiorana. tlio nurte, Teodohuda Oerli. Boies $1; Pitie cents; Gallery 85 cents. Doon open at* quarter paat 7 o'clock?the Opera will commence at precisely a uuartrr to 8.^ Kriday, second and last night ol'the Opera. BO WERT THEATRE.?A. W J.cuus, Proprietor?H E. STtvtM, Stage Manager?Thursday Evening. April 15th?Will he iwrfuriued the acenic spectacle THE NAJAD QL'EEN?Rupert, Mr. Clarke; Ampluheo, Mr Stevens; JUap title, ilsdaway; The Naiad Queen, Mitt Turubuil; Idea, Sirs, Booth. Pre vious to w hich w ill he performed the BOM NAMfiI-'" j LIST?Col. Rosamhert, Mr. Neatir; Colin de Trap, Hadaway; Ernestine, Mrs. Booth; Madame Gertrude, Mrs. Sergeant. To conclude with the drama of BRIAN BOROIHME? Brian Boroihlue, Mr. Booth; Emma, Mrs.Mergeant. Dress Circle, 25 centi; Pit and Gallery, I2X canta. Doors open at 6% o'clock. Performance commences at 7 MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE?Thursday Eve 1U uing, April 16th, tu commence with (lie luce of MY LITTLE ADOPTED?Frederick Soinert, Sir Walcot; Hot* May bum. Mra li Isherwood. After wliicti the grand opera ill 3 acts, entitled FRA DIAVOLO?Fra Diavolo, Mrs. Tunm; Lord Allcash, Walcolt ; Zcrliua, Miss Mary Taylor. To conclude with the GOVERNOR'S WIFE?Hickory Short, Mr Holland. Dresa Circle, 60 cents; Upper Boxes, 26 cents; Tit, one Shilling; Private Boxes, $6; Orchestra Boxes, $3. Doors open at 7 o'clock; Curtain rise at7>$ o'clock precisely BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE, This evening, April : litli. The Mrliirinaiire w ill commence Willi a GRAND CLIMAX or EUBILIBR1UM by Mr. Kemp. After wliiclt, the English Pantoimue of 11 ARLEQl'IN'S FROLIC, by Mr. Kemp aud Miss Jesselyne. To which will be added, KEATS UPON THE FLYING CORD, by Mr. Charles Howes. The whole to couclude with MATCHLESS GRACE ui GROUPINGS, by .Mr. James Nixonaud his laleuted children. Boses, 26 cents, pi'. 12^4 rents. Doors open at 7; performance to commence at lull-past 7. PALMO S OPERA'"HOUSE Chambers st.?Friday evening, April lOlli, 6th performance of the opera LUCREE1A BOROIA?Lucrezia Borgia, Signs C. Barili; Alfonso I, Sig. Bcneveulauo; Geunaro, Sig. S. Bruedetti; Maffio Orum, Sigra It. Pico; A|>ostolo Gazxella, Sig. Martini; Jacopo Liverotto, Sigra Boulard; Ascanio Petrucci, Sig. Beuetti; ' Ololeriie Viteliozxu. Sig. S. Pali; Gubetta, Sig. Sauquirico; Rustigliello, N. N.; Astollo, N. N. O" Opera Books may be liad at the Box Oilier, rntc'xs?1st Tier Boxes aud I'arquette, $1; 2d Tier, 60 cents; Private. Boxes for 8 persons, $12; do. do., for6 persons, $18. IJ.7- Seats can be secured at the Box Office, from 10 A. M. till j o'clock, P. M., daily. 3p>- Doors open at hal!-|aut 7, Performance to commence at I o'clock. _ _ WALMJT ST. THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. E. A. MiSiiuLt., Leasee.... W. R. Blake, Manager. LAST WEEK OF LES UANSEU8K8 VIENNOI8E8 THURSDAY EVENING, Ajvril 16th. the performances will commence with a POPULAR OVERTURE. After which, the tint grand divertisement by 36 danseuaee Viennoise.rthe popular PAS DE BERGERS. To which will be added, the 0|ieratic Farce of SOME- , BODY ELSE. To which will be added, LA TYROLIENNE, by 24 Dansenses Viennoists. Aftrr which,tliefarceof DID YOU EVER SEND YOUR WIFE TO BURLINGTON. To conclude with GALLOPE DES DRAPEUX, by 41 danseuses V leanoUe. OPERA HOUSE, CHESNUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Dress circle aud Tarquette 60 cents Family circles .. 26 cents THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 16th, 1247. Will be presented Bclhui's opera, called LA SONNAMBULA. (ount Rodolpho Mr. Seguin, El vino Sir. Frazer. Amiua Mra. Seguin. , To-morrow evening MAR1TANA. I . MECHANICS' HALL. NO. 472 BROADWAY.between Onuid and Broome streets. 1 NINTH AND POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK. The fluttering success attending the performance* of CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, I and the Solicitation* of the Head* of numerou* Kami He*, hare ' induced them to forego arrangement* eUewhere, and continue I I their immetuely popular concert* for ONR WERK LONGER. I commencing Monday, April 12. and continuing throughout the , week, introducing a variety of NEW MELODIES, BURLESQUES, lie. I Admiaaion, 25 cent*. Door* open at 7. Concert will comj mence at 2 o'clock. all lw?rc AMERICAN MUSICAL INSTITUTE. HANDEL'S MAQNIFCENT ORATORIO, JUDAS MACABEES. ria*T TIME IN NEW TO*(. On THURSDAY Evening, April 15, at the Tabernacle. Un der the direction of Mr. George Loder. Mr. H. C. Timm will preside at the Organ. raiNciraL solo*. Mr*. E. Loder, Miss C. M. Rolph, Mr. J. A. Johnson, Mr. S. B. Bennett. Ticket* $1 each?for sale at the usual place*. N. B.?This Institution never postpones on account of the weather H. MEIGQS, Principal, al5 lt*c 416 Broadway. THfcl ORIGINAL SWISS BULL RINGERS. THIS Celebrated Band having returned from their second tour through the Southern States, the Wast Indies and Teats, will give a series of Concerts at the . . TABERNACLE, prior to their departure for Europe, commencing on MONDAY EVENING, April 15th, uiu every evening during the week, (except Wednesday.) They will be assisted by MISS M. J. MARIU8 AND GEORGE A. IIOYT, Graduates of the New York Institution forthe Blind. Ticket* 25 cents, no half price.?Doors opeu at 7 o'clock, concert commences at U o'clock precisely. Change of programme each evening. al5 9t*rc FEIE cojnclkts EVERY EVENING, at the "Opera Hotel."No. 43 Chambers street, next door to Palmo's Theatre. Vocalists?Mi** Wilson, the beautiful ballad singer: Mr. Kidder, the cele| brated improvisitor and buffo singer. Mr. Chlime will preside at the piano. fly""The Ales, Wines, Cigars, Liquors, lie., at this establishment, canuot be sur|>a*sed a!5 3ti**rc 4* laitefe-c.-aUsir' THE PURSE OF THIRTY DOLLARStocomeofThia Day, it closed witli three entries, to come off at o'clock precisely?mile heats, best three in fire, under the saddle?if fair weather. J. Breckenridge enters b. h. Tornado. E. Hyde " b. m. Lady Cricket. C. 8. Bartine " ?. g. Boas Butcher. To be governed by the rules of the Centrerille Course. ?? It*re HIRAM WOODRUFF. FKIVATE LESSON a IN GERMAN. A LADY from the north of Germany would be happy to devote a portion pf her lime to giving instruction in German at tke residence of pupils. Application in person or by letter, to No. 8 and 10 (diuton Place. ml6 lin*r MUSIC. DALLS AND PRIVATE PARTIES furuished with the MJ Violin, Harp and Piano Forte, or any number of Instruments. The music selected from the most fashionable Ope ras. B v R. AYLIFFE, 8. AYLIFFE. J. AYLIFFE and O. A YLIjjKE, Brothers, Professors. No. 127 Elm street, corner of Howard. mI21m*rh ACCORDEONS. I THF. largest assortment in the city u to be found at the i Chatham street Baiaar, JS Chatham street; and, if you i ' want to get one, that is the place to buy it, as every instrument is warranted in pet feet tune and order. They also have a new i | instrument, called the Flutina, resembling the Accordeon with . ; ihe tone of a flute. Their Aerordeons vary in |ince from M ! I cents to iO dollars. Call, eiamiue, and juage for yourselves. I Accordeon taught, tuned and repaired. Don't forget the number?ij Chatham, Opposite < ha in lie rt street. all lm*c "MEi.NIIAI! DT'S" 111! ASS LETTERS FOK SIGNS. 'TMIESK letters are remarkable for durability, and a hrillian- i A cy of the gilding unequalled by any other article in the ] city?which brilliancy is warranted to stand eipnsure to the w eather. They are also japanned of any Color tliat may be desired. Orders left at I8>s Ann street, also M. ( ampbrll'a, 8th tveiinr, near 18th street. Reference, the iigna(nf this office and C. II. Baxter St Co.. Ml Maiden Lane. all Smfh STEEL BEADS?Just rectiwcl. assorted tries, from No. 1 to 12?for sale by W. II. SMITH It CO. all It * r * Maiden lane. " THiJEVE. DR. WHEELER, Oculist, 2*i Gresnwirh street, devotes his csclusive attention to diseases of the Eye and Opthslmia Surgery. Artificial Eyes for sale, and inserted on reasonable terms. Office hours from 8 A.M. to 1 o'eloek P.M., afler which he visits out-door iwlients. A pamphlet containing remarks on diseases of ihe eye. with numerous instances ofgrrat cures ' ||'erted by Dr. Wheeler's mode of treatment, can be had gratuitously at Ins residence,or the same will be forwarded to ui> one making application to linn by letter, post-paid. allltis'r Urni i. or i mi: V V < Liuii t < osfraiT. / April 12, 1817 J THE President and Directors this da> declared a dividend of foiir-aiid-one-lislf per rent on the capital stock of j this Company for the sis months roiling 1st February last, twy- ' ' able to (lie stockholders on and after Saturday the 1st May nest. I The transfer book w ill lie closed from the 2ltln instant until ! that (late. By order, all tm lr C. L. EVERITT, Secretary. NAVAL ST< ?REB. CRUDE TURPENTINE, suitable for druggists, ship chandlers, ink makers, lie. ' Spirits Turpentine of very superior quality, and which will he put up in packages, suitable for shipment to any pan of the I world. Pitch?A fine article, and eifra sire. Tar?Rone makers'and thin tar of excellent quality. Rosins?Soap maksrm'and other descrijitions. Virions qualities. Varnishes?Bright and common Varnishes, very superior. I The aliove articles are offered for aale at low rates and in lots to suit porchasera, by JAN. T TAI'HCOTT; Distiller and Manufacturer, tueressor to allr Cooke fit Adams, 88 South at. I U'TfTS! wKJS! STRANOF.RSnnd MTIZF.NS w whine ? ?r?l quality Wig i or Toqmc. are invited to inapect the fitfmiyt asaortmcrtof WM. BATCHELOR. where they ran aelert from tho Urfesit atork in the United Htatea There is alwayt a beat pltei to procure an article in every huMfieaa. and the beat Pjifl to buy n Wiff or Ton pee, i? at BatchelorS manufactory. No. 2 j Wall atreet. near Broadway. Private room* for fitrin* Wifa. j Cofiy the add rest. al3 lm#r | WOOL aA HAO POUNDS Flrter Wool, from Jtniouy to mr* i tlv/jVfvfvPilium 30,000 pounds .upnrior Country I Pollnl Wool.. Al.n, Koftif n Wwil.. of rwinn. qu?liti*?, for | : by VALKNTINK O.TIALL, II 1ti.*r 2(0 Prurl .Iron, for. Br* kinnn >lr**L i.vH'ohTanT 'fo vlkrchasit tailors. THF. ApVF.BTISF.R, w ho.r rnf.yrmrnt for nnmberof ; yr.r. in onr of lljr fir?t lion**. In thu eity, * forrinnn, i bu Mpir'd, would likn to mikr ?n nmniirmrnt with mmr tnhionililr hnii.f. to rrrrirr hi. own ruitomrri, or to fill th. lunation "f forrirun A tin* *dilrr??*il to "Forrmnn." po#t J olfirr, wiH b* .ft?iul?d to. .12 3t*r 1 A RKWARD?l.nt.orwkon from thrnorkot of thr yji I v "|Mil*?rrih* r N'rw V'ork.i (pur mororro l?>rkri hook, faded by u?*. fontaiwitis a .twill .monnt oi' mo- j nry,ai.o .undry nutr. of hind. and nrifu ilur and paid, [ toil" tlirr with i"rrr?l memorandum paper., u?rful to tlui own* | rr ofno rilii** to my other |i*r?oo. Tli* above rrwiiil will lir Kivrn fur thr toiil o.,< kef Iwx.k ! with th? nofea, d-aft. and memoiaiidtun piper. if delivered, to | M AII I,ON Bit KM AN, 41 Wa.hincinn .tr?*t,or I to the ?ul>?rrib*r at thr U. H. Hot*I, Phil idelidii .*. I HAM'I. MOOIIK, r*r M. B. Nrw Vorlt, April 9, IIII7. .12 3i?rrc JltlM K (c UNK ART, mmulirtnrrr. ol PAI'Kll HA.NO* INOS, No. 311 I'rirl itrrrt, Franklin Square \* pnrrhiirr. will find thrm.elve. fully rtmunerated for Calling ia above brforr hnyinr. ?9 1mi?*r flftMlVfWI SJiofS^u entirely n*w .rtirl* of Huntin* 47 md Fi.hin* Boot, manufactured to nrd*r, of Ooody**;'. M*t*llir Rubber, and warranted iwrfertly w?t*r proot.for Ml* by BAMTF.f, BROOKS, i Sole Agent for Oondyrar1. Maaufactonat, mMlm*rb IMBrvadway.oppottu Trinity Cbuah ?? 1 i 1 -?.. ! j* m .< ii ?' ?i u i> *o via LATEST MOMENT. J TBLIOHAPHIC. VKEADFl'L EXPLOSION AND LOSS OF EIGHTEEN LIVES. PiliL.DEi.riu. April 14 1*4, A dreadful explosion occurred Ihl. morning at tlx o'clock, in Dupout's Powder Mills. near Wilmington, Delaware The ooucusslon was I'ult here, distance thirty miles The pecking houee. drying house. and six thousand pound* of powder were destroyed The following person* were killed, all of whom were engaged in the mills :?Win. Oreen. Matthew McUraney, Daulel Doughorty. Michael Houlton, Samuel Brown, Michael OBrl-m, Wui. King, Patrick Connor, Win Connor, John McOln? nine, John Dougherty, David Althaus, Bernard Shields, Charles O'Brien, Malcom Baxter, John W. l'eunington, Thomas Holland, and Thomas Lynch One man, whose name is unknown, was wounded. The unfortunate men uuuied above, were literally blown to atoms. AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. LKGIBLATTVK PROCEEDINGS. Senate, Albany, April 14, 1047 The bill for the establishment of evening schools In the city of New Vork was reported, with amendments, aud passed The Hurl Oate Pilot Bill was passed The Plauk Road Bill was taken up and disposed of la committee, tuid referred, to be reported complete The bill relative to betting on elections was taken up, but not disposed of at the hour of adjournment Assembly, Albany, April 14,1047 The Erie Railroad Bill was taken up, and a motion being made to strike out the enacting clause, It prevailed by a vote of 00 to 34. A motlou to reoonslder was made and rejected?so the hill waa Anally lost A bill was reported for a convention to revise the Brooklyn city charter. A report was made on the Judicial district bill The committee of conference do not agree The minority committee on the lioense law reported ? bill amending the present law, so as to authorise licensee for retailing liquors and wines for medical, machauleel and sacramental purposes, and abolishing all lfconsea eicept such, and extending the act thus amended to the whole State. In rogord to the Judicial District Dill, the oominlttae of conference agree to the second, seventh, and aighth districts on the House bill, but disagree mainly on the third and fourth districts. Laid on the table Adjourned. ( Albany, April 14, 1B47 We are threatened with another freshet. About eighty recruits left here, this morning, for N ew York, from Ithe \ recruiting depot of Capt. Oouverneur Morris. BrrrsLo, April 14, 184T. The market is quiet, (lour la worth >4 13)4, and wheat 106 oents Corn is nominal. BY THE MAILS. Washington, April 13, 1347. The Loan. Mr. Walker was in |?erfect ecstasies when ha opened the bids for the eighteen million loan Nearly fifty-eight millions offered. Hurrah! What do you think now of the tariff of '46 and the potato rot 1 Where now is the necessity for the tax on tea and coffee 1 The fact is, the Mexican tariff was a far better expedient with the money lenders and the people. Better tax our enemies for their shirts, than our friends, the farmers, at home for the cup of hot coffeo. The farmers drink a iwwer of coffee. In manv of their houses an old woman coming to Bpend tlis day would be badly treated without her coffee for bre&kfust, dinner and supper. The farmer* only eat three times per diem. Coleman here has a nice lunch at 12, but he has no coffee. Gut i every body may drink colfee now. They are not going for to tax it. Mr. Walker is astonished at his good luck. Well, well, better to be born l lucky than wise, for a lucky inan can't fail to get I rich. Vidt, John Tyler und Corcoran J. Kigga. ] No tax on tea, neither. Well done Brinkerboff, : and hurrah for Rathbtin. Lord have mercy I on us, how all the old spinsters will glorify Mr. Walker. Well, tney will, hosa !? But the loan. The Wall street fund mongers fell behind the mark. Their long faces yesterday I told a dismal story. John ward and Squire ' Morgan, (he is a squire, ain't he 1) put in for some seven or eight millions at an eight per cent advance. No go. To use the expression of a bidder coming out of the treasury, "they didn't get a cent!" Same of Winslow for a million or two. Same of the seven million* bid by Havens, Henshaw, and others of Boston. Money is too abundant for big s|>eculntions. How the West and South are chuckling at the overslaugh of the fund mongers of New \ ork. 'Tis said that #100,000 were made in this city by sales at advanced premiums for the allotted stock or portions thereof; and that the individuals of the second-hand purchase bought with a view of gouging the New York brokers, and licked 'em at tneir own game. There never was such a sorry set of looking fellows on the face of the earth as the Wall and State streets, when the successful Hoosiers, Squatters, I'ukes, and Suck* ers,were announced as the friends of the treasury. A great many of the successful bidders are clerks, town merchants, butchers, cattle-drivers, and the hone and sinew of the country generally, in parcels ranging from #500 to #100,000. This is a grand idea. It is transmogrifying the power of the money lenders, par rxetllmtt it is giving the easting vote to the hard-fisted democracy. Wr uhmilfl not u'omlor if u'auM find it to his advantage, in the event of a treaty of peace, to invest his portion of the three millions in the State Treasury stock. There is no disputing the fact that this is a great country. Yours, truly, Two-and-Hai.f Pe* Cent. P. S. For further particulars, inquire in Wall street. Washington, April 13, 1847 Detention of Mr. Webster?A Cast on hand?A Florida Case of nearly Ttoo Millliont?State menl of the Cast?Account of the Triumph of Urn. Tom Thumb in the Federal City?Fit it to the White House, Src. Mr. Webster is still detained in the city. It ut not a small matter that would detain so diatin guished a lawyer. Ergo?it must he a great matter that detains Mr. Webster. And ,ho it is. A Mr. Si be 11 of Florida has a heavy claim which he is prosecuting against the Treasury ; and his eounael'are the Vice President, Mr. Webster, Mr. Ilernen, Mr. llenrv I). Oilpin, and Mr. Thomas L. Smith, of this city, late Register of the Treasury. The claim covers a margin of SI,700,000 Mr. Sibcll owned a large property in Florida, jirnding the late Seminole war, saw mills for live oak, and various other improvements upon a large trnct of land, the whole of which were broken up by the 1T. S. army, and his whole business destroyed. He petitioned Congress; and at the session of '45- '6 an act was passed for his relief to the amount of |?I8,0O0. He was not satisfied And at the last session a bill was passed authorizing the claim to be settled by the Secretary of the Treasury on the principles of equity :msl liiutiro I|p|ti*r fhr HrmnnH far Ol AAA for indemnity. It in n tremendous claim. The evidence mi the ease in to he compacted into e brief hy Mr. Met ullough, of the depertment, nnd presented to the Secretary of the Treasury, upon which his derision is to be made. Upon nil of which it m most likely the Secretary will refer the matter to the next Congress. Meantime, Mr Webster's journey is suspended till Saturday. Gen. Tom Thumb to-dny vinitod the white Mouse. The cabinet were in session ; but on the announcement of the distinguished visiter, they all came down, and joined th< Presidents family in the ceremonies of the reception of lb" little warrior. He cracked jokes tyitn them, told t anecdotes of his royal associations in Europe. | gave several "of his songs, and as an especial | mark of respect to the President, he danced the I I'olk-a. In the afternoon he had a gorgeous levee I at .larknon Hall. All the fashion and beauty ol i the metropolis were there?headed by several ol the rorps diplomatique and their faniilie* And at the close, when his splendid Ltl|?puti*r equipage, with his 5hetlsnd Ponies, his bonder carriage ; and then his out-riders, all tricked oft in their silver and lace, drove up, an unmetm

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