Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1847 Page 3
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>, .. H IJ.I ' ! ' St'll further RedncUaa^-DUuioiiil Painted Gold Pens.?J. V. Savage, sells a ({old pen for 75 cent* only, 'a'til silver Pencil included. Alto magnificent |>eu lor $2. which is the best and cheapest in the city. Poiuts warranted. Don't mistake the number, 92 Kultun atreet, Gold Pcna with Silver Pencil Cane for 75 cto.? ' W. GREATON It Co. 71 Cedar atreet, up ataira, keepa < usually ou liand a large and wsll-selected stock of Oold Peua of every deacription, from a common article at 75 cents, uu to Leu brown's celebrated premium |>eiis, all of which will be sold for cash lower than any other bouse in this city. Being remits fur several of the best pen makers, enables tliem to supply the wholesale trade uu particularly advantageous term*, fiiei sell at retail the genuine Albert G. Bagley pells with silver pencil-case for $1 75 only, which is lower than they ceti be bought for at any other establishment ill the city. Dressing Caeca. Tile compact forms <*'?! prrlect utility of these articles, render them an iudisepnsable ompanioii to officer* of the Army and Navy, or any whose business or pleasure calls tliem from home. As each article contained in them has been selected by the subscribers, they can warrant iheui to perform the office for which tiicy were respectively designed. _ . G. SAUNDERS k SON. 177 Broadway. MetjiUlc Tablet Razor Strop*?The Subocrlb?i * w on Id call the attention of straiitiera and the public to their i?.ortni?ul of the above, beyond cavil the beet article manufactured. O. SAUNDERS k SON, 177 Broadway, opiwaite Howard Hotel. 1'lano Forte* and HIuilc, at Atwlll's !401 Broadway, The muaical world is invited to examine the very valuable aaaurtment of superior finished Piano kortei for sale, from the Ionic established factory of Nunui Sc Fischer, of various styles of furniture, with the AColian Attachment, harp e'o,n, 6u\, kc., of rosewood, mahogany and black waluul, with t, 6ft and 7 octaves. Also, second hand Piano Fortes, of different makers, piyio bet ches, nraaic stands, &c. Tlie stock of Standard and New Miuic is very large, embracing h11 the popular music published in the country, as w ell as new music publishing daily. Instruction books and exercises Of endleis variety. Orders atteudrd to with care, and despatched by ATWILL, Music Saloon, 201 Broadway, near St. Paul's Church. M.' 'I a i. w??s^ai^?. Navigation of the Ohio River. Placet. Time. Stale of River. Wheeling March 30 9 fuet. Loulsvillu April 9 9 fuet 9 inches. Cinclunuti April 0 Pittsburg April 11 11 feet. MONEY MARKET. Thursday, April IS?3 P. M. There was a very general improvement in the stock market to-day, and price* for nearly all tho fancied advnuced a fraction of one per cent. Long Island went up l is per ocnt, Partners' Loan ft, Canton ft, Harlem ft, Norwich and Worcester ft, Morris Canal ft, Reading .ft. and Pennsylvania a'? ft. Th* transactions were to Home extant; but the market did not close do buoyant at the flrat board aa it opened, Indicating a want of permanency In the improvement. In the face of the present condition of our markets, and the probability of a large part of the new loan being called for at on*e, there can be no basis for an Inflation to any extent in the fancied. Government stock is In demand at an advance, as it is one of the safest securities In the market, and in times like these such Investments are eagerly seised by our more careful capitalists. At the second board Harlem went up ft per cent; Long island, ft; Reading, ft; Farmers' closed atgirices enrrt-ut. iu thu morning. Lantern railroad stocks are generally firm. Concord sells at 38, aud Fltchburg, since its bridge bill passed, at 34ft for old?31 a 21ft for new. Maine continues to fall, 9ft having beeu accepted in some Instances; the cost of its new line from South Andover to Essex city is alleged to produce this decline. Worcester is less sought for since its Milford branch failed, and tho movement to renew the Framingham branch makes its Saxonville branch even more hopeless of profit than ever. The Railroad Cowuittuo of the Legislature of Massachusetts, to whom were referred the petitions for various railroad routes from Boston to the valley of thu Blackstone. and thence to New York, have reported against the air-line projects, and iu favor of the Walpole route. This route commences at tho terminus of the Walpole Railroad 1* Walpole, thence passing through Wrentham, Franklin, Bollinghom aud a corner of Blackstone, through the village of Waterford, in the town of Blackstone, to th* watt side of Blackstone river, opposite tho village of Blackstone, and there intersecting with the Providonce and Worcester Railroad. The length of the line to be constructed on this route Is 17 miles, of which 14ft are a straight lino. It has no curve of a lots radius than R6O0 fsot, ami the maximum ascent ii 35 foot to the mile for 8X mile*. Thero were petitions before the Committee for three etherroutc.s: 1. The Milford route?commencing at the terminus ef the road now lu process of construction from the Worcester Railroad in Frainingham to Milford. and theaeo running through the towns of Mcndou and Blaekstone to a convenient point at the State line, near the village of Wooniocket. The length of the road prayed for is only 8 8-10 miles. 2. The Central, or Pettee route?commencing near the Mill Dam in Boston and palling through Brooklino, Brighton, Newton, Needliam. Dover, MedSeld, Medway, Franklin, and Uellingham, to the State line near Woonsocket; thero to connect with the proposed line to .Middletown, New Haven and New \ ork. The length of the line prayed for in this State, is 84 $3-100 miles. 8. The Perkins route?commencing at the South Cove in Boston And passing through Roxbury. Dtdham, tValpole, Modfiold, Kraukliu, Medway. and Jtellinghnm. to the Statu lino in Blackstone; to oonnoot nJpo with tlio proposed lino to New York. Length in the Htato 3 j t6-IU0ths miles. Tho committee come to tbo conclusion In the outset, that the energetic, thrifty, and wealthy population of tho Valley "of the Blaekstouo?whither all these four routes tend--aro entitled to what they ask for; communication with Boston by railroad. And they suggest, that in effecting thli object, it is desirable and Important to accommodate a considerable portion of the county of Norfolk, now without railroad rommunicatinu with Jloston; and that other thlugs being equal, that route should be prefonrrd which would accomplish tho object with the least expenditure, and which would least impair the efficiency or ability of other existing roada. In refureuco to the alleged necessity or desirableness of a new railroad routo to New York, tho committee do not eoaslder that auy such exigency has been shown as would warrant the required expenditure; that tho four existing routes will amply accommodate all the wanta of the public; and that it ie policy to protect rather than to Impair these existing routes. The committee then come to the eholce of a local route for a railroad from Boston to the valley of the Blackstone. The Milfbrd route, they rejoct, as being the longest and the least direot. and aa falling entirely to afford the desired accommodation to the county of Norfolk. To the fettee and Perkins routes, considered as local routes, the committee object on aoveral accounts, but mainly, that the expenditure requisite for their construction would be vastly disproportionate to tha object to be attained, and that they would seriously and unnecessarily interfere with existing roads. With tbesa views, tho committee report in favor of the tValpolo route, as furnishing the inoat desirable medium of Intercourse between the county of Norfolk and the valley of tbu illackitoue anil Boston; aa involving the least cxpundltura of any of the routua proposed; as being nioal likely to bo actually conatructed; and aa Infringing. tha leuat upon existing roada. The auutxixl statement exiiibita tha quantity of certain artlclaa exported from New Orleans fcr tha week amllng April 8d. Inclusive. distinguishing tlu tlnatlon of tha shipments:-? CouMMrt or Nrw Far Kit'laml ?Cotton, hale*. 11.326; Flour, bbls., IT "-St; corn. bush . 104 423; bread, bbls., 700: lard, bbls., 1.260; lard. kegs. 1.127; staves. 10.100; baef. tea . 69.1; b?af, bbls., 607; pork, bbls , 635; pork. tea.. 49; bacon, paokages. 109; whiskey, bbls.. 78; tallow, packagea, 104; rice, tea , 26. For Inland -Corn. bush.. 167.832; Hour, bbla.. 21,269; corn meal, bbla . 637; bread, bbla, 836: staves, 9.000; tallow. casks, 66; bacon, boxea. 60; pork, bbla., 349; beef, b'ola., 162; beans, bids.. 490. For Scotland.?Cotton, bales. 1.364; flour, bbls., 3.318; corn, bush., 10.236; hemp, bales, 3; lard. kegs. ojj. isrd. bbls., 221; pork. bids,. 100; peas, bbls.. 10. for Franei.?lotion. bales. 3.310; flour, bbls.. 10,406; wheat, bush., 99.498; hides, bundles. 97; tallow, bbls.. 183. lard, bbls., 47; easier oil. bids.. A3; staves. 7.000 For llvnia.?Cotton, bales. 1.202. For .Ifrira. (west mint)?Tobacco, lihds., ]|2; tobacco, bales. 138; tobacco, casks, 3; lumber, feet, 15.000; floor, bbls.. 16. For Spain.?Cotton, bales, 932; tobacco, bales, 910; staves, 33,000; hides. 418. For Hritinh Mirth . lmrrira.?Hour, bbls., 700; pork, bbls . 211; lard, kegs. 100; hemp, bales. 14, For Citha.?Flour, bbls , 1,066; corn, bush.. 17.360; hams, C8: ks, 16; cornmeal, bbls.. 376; tallow, bbls., 37; Krapty oasks, a lot: lard, kegs. 1.596; lard, bbls . 213; rice. t??., 6, cheese, boxea, 34; sausages, bbls . 31. Tho liomo raluo of the above shipments, was estimated at $1,616,226. The value In the markets, to whieh tha shipments were made, with the addition of freight, cannot be much short of two and a half millions of dollars. Tho shipmentsofbreadstuffs from New Orleans arc noarly equal to tboso from this port, and exceed those from any other port Inithe country. In 1846, the>alun o f agricultural exports?such ns provisions and breadstuff* ?from the L'nltcd Htates. was hut $16.016.902. The exportation of flour alone, since the I at, of Sept.. 1816 a period of a hunt seven months, will nearly equal the above aggregate for 1846. From the returns published yesterday relative to the quantity of broadatulTs exported to tir 11 Britain and Ireland since JBept 1, 1846. we should Judge the home value of I hose shipments would heat [, ti fl.ioODOO and th* foreign value about fortt/.ffwa i,( . diHi'i. \t this rate the value of tha ship. ,4?ntl of bread stud's to all parts of the world fbr I be year must bo The vatae of cotton exported thus far thin year, will not vary much from forty milliomi of dollara, and it would not be far out of the way to eati1 mate the value of the total exportation of agricultural J product* from tbo United State* since tile l*t of Sep. tember, 1840, at one hundred milliomi of dollar*, leaTing a period of about tlve mouth*, to add to this amount for tliu year. Old litock Exchange. ! 85000 U 8 6?. '56 103 V 250 Harleui I 10000 T Note* 7* bCU 1II2V SO do 52\, i 12000 Kentucky 6* 99 210 do 524? : 1000 II St'K B(l? 30 loo Nor It Wore 5uV 10000 Alabama Sh 63)? 1.500 Jo SO* ' 125X n i 72,3 la Auburn & Hocli M I 55adi'if Bi', 25 Pateraon 103W ! .l1,!0 . l1" Mort Bill 70 25 Stoningtou to I 220 aha banners' I 321. 50 do blO 10 I J}0"'," , 2l*a So Kant Boston IfiU I 20 Merchant!. Bk 107 SO Long Maud 28 29 Manhattan Bk 89 SO do 28V 55 Bk ( ommerce, full 90 200 do bOO 28V 25 N O City 85 so do 20'C | id Head lug 1.0 S,' luu do ?iU 2?>J [ 25 Canton bid 3SV J SO do bid 29 100 do 35>k 10 do bli 29 200 do bOO 36,k 100 do 29 I 75 do '36 200 do b60 29k I II Mohawk >00 01 200 do )>90 30 100 do 60d G6k Second lloard. | j $0000 State N Y i?, '48 98 10 Harlem blO 12 ! 110(10 Trea Note. St 1.30 109 10 L Maud ?lweek 29k | 100 sha Kariuera' Lu 32k 30 do 29k 10 Harlem 12k 110 do 29k SO do 12k 21 Heading CO 200 do 13 ISO do 80k SO do blO 13 10 do ?3 60k' 200 do WO 13>a 10 do ?3 60,k 200 do blO S3 100 do 90d? 01 New Stock Exchange. 10 alia Farmer*' Tr *10 32k 25 aha Nor k Wore c S0?, 71 Nor k Wore c 50,k 21 do Kri'y 50S 21 do blO 50k 21 do alo 50k SO do F'ri'y 10k 100 do all SO*, CITY TRA.DK REPORT. Ntw York, Tiii/ridav Aptkrnoow, April 16. The market for Hour continued itcady, and galea of I Michigan and Uoncace were mud* ut $7 75 a (7 81,k ; Southern wan firm aud ooaree. A gmull gale of Alexandria wna inado at $7 37'j. and a parcel of Brundywine at $7 60 A lot of Troy brought $7 76. No xamplcg of wheat woro offered on 'chaugu. and quotations remained ! unchanged. Corn wag ?omo less Arm. Couaiderable gale* of Northern yellow were made at 96 eta., and of Southern white and mixed at 90 cts. Meal, with a fair amount of galea, waa ateudy at about $1 81V Provisions were rather quiet, without change in prlcea. Groceries rontluue to more in a moderate way, at about preview* price*. There wag not mueb done in augara ; while a lot of Rio coffee gold at 7k eta. Aa the time approarheg for the expoetcd arrival of the steamer*, the markets bo come influenced in the amount of Rale*, accompanied with more or lees dullne** in price*. The atock of flour and meal, however, being light, price* continued to be well sustained, though sale* were comparatively limited. It was supposed the Cambria might reach Boston by Sun- , day next, and that the Sarah Sand* might reach thi* j j city by the same time or before. AiHr.i.?The market* for Pots continued firm, and we report sales of about 175 barrels fresh, at f>5; Pearls remained nominal nt $0 '26. BaxADSTrrrs?Flour.?We report sales oflOOO barrels Genesee and Michigan at $7 75; 500 do. Genesee to arrive, at $7 68,^; 600 do Michigan, in the city, at <>$7 6'2>?; 500 do Genesee to arrive soon, at $7 75, and 170 do, in tho city, at the *amn price; 000 barrels in the city at $7 81l4, and 800 do, Troy do. at $7 75. Southern brands conliuued scarce and prices tlrm. Philadelphia woj worth $7 '.25; Baltimore was held at $7 37>* a $7 50.? We report sales of about '200 barrels of Alexandria at $7 37Jt, and 600 barrels Brandywine at $7 50. H'heat? No samples were offrrod on change, and we heard of no transactions worth reporting. Corn?Sales were made to a fair extent, though on terms which exhibited a slight concession In favor of buyers. The sales of Northern yellow were large, and amounted to 67 a 68.000 bushels. all of which brought 95c., including a portion to arrive in a day or two; 1000 do, Southern mixed, white, sold at 90c.. and 1*2,000 do Southern white and white mixed, at the same price. Corn Mral?We report'sales of 100 bids Jersey at $4 68% and '2000 do at $4 81% Rye?Sales of 6000 bushels on the spot were mado at 9'2c. Rye Flour?300 bbls were sold at $6, and the market was Arm at that price. Oati?We report sales of 3000 bushels North River at <10e Ha?Male* i\f 3000 bushels were made at 74o. Benin?were worth $1 .>0. unJ Peat $1 lib, Candles.?The market was gome less firm, and moderate gales of sperm were made at 31c. Cotton.?There was very little done in this article today. prices are without change. Cofkkk.?We report sales of 300 bags of Kio at 7>?c. Java was worth 9Jtc. a 10c. and Laguayra 7%c. Fish.?Dry Cod wore firm, and 000 quintals were reported sold at $3 90. There were several parcels of Mackerel sold, in all about '200 bbls. at $7 '25 for No. '2; and $10 '25 for Massachusetts No. 1, and about $11 for Halifax do. b'ariT.?The sale of oranges and lemons advertised for sale to-day by auction was postponed on account of the wenther. Raisins continued firm at $1 85. ( 'gathers.?We report saies of *000 lbs live geese, Western; on private terms. Ouano,?A small sale of South American, good quality, was made, for spreadiug on Long Island, at $35 per ton. Hestr.?Nothing new since last report Lead.?There was no change. The market was Arm. but we heard of no gales of Importance. Metals.?40 tierces sheet zinc, (damaged.) sold by miction at 4 a 4.1*0., cash. Moi.ahgi.?We report sales of 100 lihds. Trinidad at 30c. Wo quote Cuba, at SI1* a '2'2c., and New Orleans, at 35 a 30c. Navai. Stores.?As freights can uow bo obtained on moro favorable terms, thero was more export enquiry, and turpentine was firmer, while sales of spirits continued to be made at former prices. A vessel was taken up to load with uaval stores for New Castle, England. Oils.?American linseed continued steady at hoe., with a fair amount of sales. 15,000gallons of English, do. sold on private terms. N. W. Whale was dull, and sales in Providence, were made at 33)ac.; crude sperm sold at the East, at $1 03. There was no change in manufactured. Provisions.?Moderate sales of old mess pork were made at $14 87>a a $15. and old prima continued to be hnlrl ? *! ! *?A* IOO M.l? ...... ?-? f 10 12t? was offered for 93 barrel* more, and refused: new prime was worth about <>13 25. There was do change in Bee/, l.ard?Was steady, and lOe. was offered for a lot of prime in barrels and refused. We refort eali>* of 250 kegs at 10^c Hitter?WM steady.witli nereased arrivals in palls, by the river. Rier.?The market was steady, and we report sales of 200 tierces at $4 2ft a $1 SO. Skf.os?Nothing new transpired. Suoab?The market was rather quiet, and we heard of no sales beyond 100 hhda of Porto Rico at 7c a 8c. The last sales of New Orleans were made at 7e a Tobacco?The market for better qualities of I.eaf was steady We report sales of 114 cases Pennsylvania Seed Leaf at 10c a 14c. and 100 coses of Connecticut do at 7o to 71gC. Whalebone?For North West 30c was offered and refused. South Sea was held at 32Xc. Wiiiiket?Was dull at 27Hc. Wooi.?Seventy boles were received by the river to-day. making 370 since the opening. There was nothing of moment done in foreign or American. Prices remaining unchanged. A small lot of Buenos Ayres. in bad order, sold at auction, and brought 5>?e easli " Kbfiohti.?Rates wero heavier, and some engagements made at lower prices. It was reported, that 15,000 bushels of grain in sacks were engaged to go out in a British vessel at 14d. A vessel was engaged to load with | grain at Norfolk at I8d, in sacks. Another foreign vessel engaged 000 bbls. of Rosin, to be taken in at Wilmington. at 5s. The vessel taken up yenterday to load with grain at Philadelphia for Nants was engaged at 40 cents for corn, one-third in bulk, aud Ins remainder in Barks. A vessel for Cork ami a market was engaged to load with grain in sacks at lMd. A British vessel, it was said, took flour at 4s Oil 1500 bushels of barley. Ill bags, was engaged for Liverpool at I5d 00 lbs weight to tho bushel. To France it wus said flour was engaged at 100c per barrel. To \ntwerp ashes were engaged at ties A vessel wns taken uj> to load with naval stores at 6s 6d for Newcastle. England The closing quotations in American vessels to Liverpool were about 5s for flour, uud 16d for grain in sucks To London wu hour of no engagements. Real Estate at Acction.?4 lots corner of 11th avenue and 59th street, each 25x100 725 2 plots of ground on each side avenue II. between 18th and 19th streets 6,100 Married, On Tuesday evening. 13th Inst., by the Rev Dr. Seabnrv. Hesrv K. Ricnahnsov to ( iiabi ottv. Roporsi, ; daughter of the late William Mclntire. all of this city. Died. The funeral of C aptain John A. Tr-iarv. of the packet ship -L'tlca," who died at sea on the 9th January last, will be attended from the house of his father-tn-lsw. Stephen B Munn, 503 Broadway, this afternoon, the Itlth instant, at 2 o'clock, ills relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend ?ithni>< Cm-h. Hm. In thb dlj, on the 16th Instant. D? wis Kci.i.i nr.*, of I nrk, Ireland. aged />o ycttre. The friend* 'if hi* nephew, John Kellcher. are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from the I ity llnapitiil. (thla) Friday afternoon, at 4 o'rlock. On the 23d nit., in ( heater District. South Carolina, after a short illness. an<l deeply regretted for her many virtues. Ja.vr. It., wife of I)r John A. Walker, of that place, and only daughter of the late llenry 1'. F.dnmnds. of this city, aged US years. IJOIt SAI.K.?ton Farms, to actual settlers, of thr best and a mnst durable lauds, and located about the centre ol the failed States, and right daya passage from New York. Their productions are equal to any, and tne climate mild and estremely healthy. F.vrry necessary information, with printed descriptions and maps, may be had at tny office. A Purchaser of one of these Farms wants a family who are accustnmnd to farm work, to go with him, to whom he offers advantageous terms. Apply to NICHOLAS HAIOIIT, Iks IS tw?c 62 Wall street, 3d story, in front. J~' IMIMimiltN AN'I) l>bIN WOOLLENS. HMIOEON fc CO., Refintshers of Cloths, Caastmeres, kr.. No. 341 West street. The Uold Medal has been awarded by the American Institute, for their auparior manner of refintshing. Orders may be left with _ ? Messrs. WOLCOTT A SLADK, No. 61 Puie atreet. WM. ('. LANOLKY V i n.,?i Esrhange Place. D. RRICHAM k CO.. 60 Pine street, to whom they may refer. , , N. H ?Two thousand dollars insured on goods for sreonnt or customers. ?'* 1m** NOTICE. UNCIRRENT MONEY of all kinds bought at the low it marktt rates, hy TAYLOR BROtIILRH, ate, It*,- cor. Wall and Pearl st. ^I\ i'?i l i ' TTea.ii Notes for sale by 3 TAY LOR BROTHERS all) It*k cor. Wall and Pawl *( J L J| U. U. MARINES WANTED. II S S3 j?& 33 nrHEMAKINK COUPS OP THE UNITED STATES, * or that branch of the military service furnishing soldier* for the different naval sUUoiu aud vessels of w?y, having been j increased by act of Congress, approved 2d March, 1847, by; the addition of 30 Sergeants, 30 Corporals, 30 Drummers, 30 tifeis, and 1,000 Privates. A rendezvous for the enlistment of recruits is now opened at I No. 38 Chatham street, near the Harlem railroad depot and Tammany Hall, where respectable youeg inen desiring to enter * service which will afford them an opportunity of seeing foreign countries, are invited to call. Previous to enlisting it is j the dutv of the recruiting otficer to esplain fully the terms upon | which they enter the service. Opeu from 9 A. M. to sunset. JOHN GEO. REYNOLDS, Captaiu Commanding, Recruiting Rendezvous. I al lin*rc A 8IT1 ATI ON WANTED, by i respactabU Proti ta 1\. young woman, in a private family, as Cook, Washeraiid Ironer, or Chambermaid and VYaiter. Good city reference can be had. Please call at No. 242 Sixth avenue, between 15th aud 16th streets. alG lt*c A Fartnek vvaxtkd, " AT the Coliesum Bowling Saloon, No. 450 Broadway, withMiree doors of the Olympic theatre?-to a person with a mall capital, this i-. i rhince seldom met with?the place Is well established, and doing a good business. Apply as above alter 3 o'clock in the afternoon or evening. ilfl ll'c WANTED?A situation by a respectable young woman ia chambermaid, or plain cook. in a private family?best of city reference given. (pply513, ith itreet all H*c BV a respectable Young Woman, a situation to wait on a lady, to travel to any part of Europe. Best of city ft-IVrtncti iiivtn. Address a note to Miss H. II. E., tollie lower |>ost ullice, Between the hours o( 10and 2 o'clock. ali 3t*rc Al.AIIV fully competent, wishes ? iituntiou in a atori? i> acquainted with different brandies of plain and faney | needle work, and well versed in figures. Apply at No. Ill (iteen street. alC 3t *i: FIVE DOLLARS REWARf). LOST, last evenitiK, a purse containing fifteen dollars and a half, near tlie corner of Pike and Division streets. The | tinder will be entitled to the above reward by leaving it at No. 1J1 Cherry street, or to the subscriber, >16 lt?c JOHN W. I?c it QLAS. Aaron c. blkics Sale op paintings, c?r ties, Ike., will be continued to-day. and w ill commence this morning at 10 o'clock w itli the Oil I'aintuigs. a Pi ]t * <NOTICE. THE 8HIP WRIGHTS OK NEW YORK and BROOKLYN, are requested to attend a meeting on Kriday eten I nig, the Kith iuat., at D. Hughes. Ij'i Madison street. ip!6 Ifc Uv order of the Comiitittee. TO DkaOKs in fancy goods and MILLINERY. A LADY, who has had some years' experience in a eitv at the South, and contemplates going more largely into the above branches there, wishes a situation, for a few mouths, in sotne extensive establishment of the kiud in New York, where she can render herself useful. Her object being to acquire a more extended and thorough knowledge of the business in all its various branches, the amount of compensation for her services will be a secondary consideration. The best of references given and required. A line directed to A./., care of Samuel it. Beach, Washington city, giving address and references, will ireeive prompt attention. alfi it c \ A1' r. E S m >AP, FOR si IA VIN (57" THE SUBSCRIBER has just received direct from the manufacturers a fresh supply of this celebrated Soap, which he offers to the trade by the esse or dozen. WOODWORTH, Successor to BONFANTI, 325 Broadway. r/ ews ir >,or, r..\.srs. FREDERICK A. WOODWORTH, successor to BUNFANTI, 325 Broadway, invite* the attention of wholesale purchasers to his extensive slock of Fans. Nearly one thousand varieties, and all of recent importation. al5 lt*rr IN PURSUANCE OK A.NOKDER ()FTHIF. SUKHOOATE OF THE COUNTY OF NEW YORK, NOTICE is hereby given to all persons having claims again .t JOHN RICHARDS, late of the city of New York, decease. , to present the same with vouchers thereof to the subscriber, et her residence. No. 14 Oak street, in the city of New York, t or before the 18th day of October next. Dated New York, the 15th day of April, 10-17. aid ltawfim*rc JANE RICHARDS, Administratrix, . iftS I rk (WW! Slit iititi.Sii.niiii, $5,0(111, St.Iintir$:t.iww, *2.ontt ! ltijUVvj ?To loan ou bond and mortgage, oil imI proved real estate in this city. Apply to Wui. Corp, No. 2 II .11 of Records, or at No. 8.5 Walker Street. alii lt?c LIQUID HAIR DYK. BATCHELOR'S instantaneous Liquid Hair Dye, is far superior to any thing > et offered for coloring the hair to n ! beautiful and permanent black or brown, without staining or I injuring the skin. The wonderful facility with which this rennrkable liquid effects the desired object, excites the admiration and astonishment of thousands w ho are loud in its praise. Sold wholesale and retail at WM. BATCHELOR'S, No. 2 Wall street, near Broadway. Price?Bottles for the hair, SI 50 ; for the whiskers, $1. Beware of worthless counterfeits. Agents in Philadelphia, Eng. Roussel; Washington City, J ll.Oihbs. alt ltn*c A LETTER LOST.?A letter directed to Mr. Robert Morissou. Any person who may have received the said letter by mistake, will do a favor by sending it to L. Villicr, 305,y Broadway. al.5-3t*c TO PASSikiN't i h l( S 1Mb It C A MHRIA. THE person who engaged berths No. 80and 81. Cambria, 1st Alay, will please call at the office and settle for the same, as their address has been lost. If not called for ou or before Saturday, 17th instaut, they will be sold D. BRIGHAM. Jr., Agent, sic, 2tis re At Haruden St Cn.'s, 0 Wall street, N. V. I IH'J iV.XIN 1 V r.lV752\ It I UI.M.M'ilt U[ lllli.-Sl". GEORGE'S SOCIETY. THE tiaty-firat Anniversary Dinner of the St. George's Society, ol the city of New York, will lake |>lace at the ("it v Hotel at i o'clock, P. M., on Friday the 23d Of April blatant, when the members and friends of the Society are respectfully invited to attend. Tickets may be had of the Stewards at the following places: THOMAS WARNER, 18 City Hall Place, D. BRAD8HAW, II Barclay street, JOSEPH HETSH. 292 Broadway, GEORGE JOHNSON, II Spruce street and al6 lw*c 234 South avenue. .vil.N lATUKE I'AlNTiN?X V?" R. McDOUGAL has taken the room No. II, in building ly?. known as Plumbe National DagKiirrrui Gallery, corner of Broadway and Murray street, where he would be happy to atlrnd to any orders ill miniature or watrr color sketches, al j lm*o _ CHUKCH~oF THE HOLY TRINITY, BROOKLYN HEIGHTS. THIS Church will be open for the examination of Pews on Monday, 19th. Tuesday 20th, and Wednesday 21st inst., at four o'clock P. m., and at four o'clock P. M., on the last mined day, they will be offered for rent io the Church, and on tlie following Sunday, the 2.'dh instant, the Church will he lor divine service at open lilt, A.M.. and jVj P.M. ..'Itl'.-rr GOLD LEAK AND DENTISTS GOLD FOIL.-Kacto ry No. 92 Reade street (in the rear,) warranted of superior manufacture. Gold Foil $26 per ounce, lirst |lllity| exlra deep and lemon color Gold Leaf at the very lowest market prices. Established in 1836. a2 2wis*r J. L WAUflll, Practical Gold Bester. To hosiers, drapers" sirnmiaktcrs. icT? Wanted, by a young man, a situation in the above business, ait salesman, tie has a thorough knowledge of the trade. Address J. M.? It tHU oflct. lH 3t*ri DR. IRa C?. Ki?A/?er., tin* cclCt>rwal dancer Doctor on the Indian method of practice, will be found at the United States Hotel, New Vork city, or his assistant, on the third Monday in May, for three days only, once a month. Advice | given free of charge. Specimens of his wmks can be seen on those days. The time has come when cancers tail he cured without the use of the knife. Dr. K. treats on all other diseases, and will continuethiwih the season. all Im*rc TO'COMB MAKERS?Hoofs for title by PETER COOPER, No. 17 Burling Slip. I m * rrc A (i'no'i) FIT. At sandford'scash tailoring establishment, 127 Fulton street.?We have just received \ beautiful and well selected assortment of Cloths, Cusimrres and Veilings, suitable for spring trade, which we guaranty to make up in garments to suit the most difficult, aa to style, fits, workmanship and prices. It will pay well for thoae visiting our city to call at 127 Fulton street and see. N. B.?Every variety of Outfitting constantly on hand and 1 aold cheaper thaji the cheapest. SANDFORD BROTHER, 127 Fultoa street, | mo hot iirn cioor io me iifrniu umce. HEDBlKr POISON. WATSON'S INFALLIBLE BEDBL'O POIRON.-The eyienencc of put years proves thin preparation to he the most effectual destroyer anil banither of Bedbugs ever diseorered. It need* hut one application to satisfy the most incredulous of its wonderful and immediate effect*?Price as. Sold wholesale and retail only at Apothecaries Hall*'* Calharine street; 476 Grind street, and Olleott, McKesson St Co., 127 Maiden Lane; and 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. 1 ?i Im'r t bilJILL REN'S. TIIF. Subscriber would call the attention of the public to his , superior C^uill Pens, made entirely with the pen knit', .? , By long practice he ha* succeeded in reaching the greatest possible perfection in suiting trery kind of writing, at the same time they surpass hy lar. any metallic pen in elasticity and sue, They are carefully put up in buses ?f 23 each, so | that they can he slopped to any part of the country, without risk of oars aging the points. For sale hy m 191 m * rh F. THKNKAMP, No. 99 Willi un *t. M >I,AK LA < i I?f AN IX ?LLS, IIAI.L LANTHORNS AM) TLA TRAYS. TIfkl subscriber huj^ust oimued one of the most highly finished Stocks of (nr.indole*, Solar l.ani|*?, Chandelieis, 1 Bracket's, Hall Lauthorus, Tea Trays, Clocks and elegant t ot Class Vases, for tnautel Ornaments, erer offered in this city orcountry. And city dealers will liud it to their advantage to call and examine the above stock, which can be sold at whole sale and retail at reduced prices. JOHN W. MORGAN, m3l ltn'rc 134 h ulton St.. one door from Broadway. TRAVELLING TRUNKS. " JOHN, Trunk Manufacturer. No. I Wall ! street, corner of Broadway, h is now on hand and constantly [risking a good assortment of Trunks, Valises, Car|iet Bugs, I and Satchels, w holesale and retail. Also, a superior article of sole leather Trunks, suitable for t American or European Travel, and Portmanteaus for the i French Malic Pnste. I Orders for the West Indies, South America, lie., filled with , despatch. ml Im"re (3ROTON HOSE, DAY'S PATENT.?Tha mvmmr of J thin article offers it for sale, pledging himself to replace . tt without cost, if it buret* during one ouoh'i n<f. Tlir new <, machinery for covering tlie inside rnhber tube, having after many riperitnenta, been perfected, tire hose ii now offered ai tlie perfect article originally contemplated, when the invention was patented. It ia now all right. k or sale at No. 23 ! . Cnurtlanut street- HORA('E If. DAY. nil Imr* IMPORTANT TO GENTLEMEN. C1ENTLEMEN.I WIHH YOU ALL TO KNOW, that 91 Tf Murray, comer of Washington street, is the only place ? in this eity where you can dejiend upon having full attention paid to tiie repairing, cleaning, dyeing and altering all ktnd.i of (Jenlleaien s Clothing at short notice, on reasonable terms (fire me a trial, and you will find that for en shillings only, you can have your coatamade to look equal to new,without the a aid ofthat great ilcatnictnr, steam. ( leaning and dyeing, Minerier to anything eeer done in this city, ('lease call, or send a note to 91 Murrtfy street. Oeutlemen, prepare for Spring in time A. CORTISSOS, from London. m2 lm*re yIOiV1.;v U.;NT VJONF.Y LENT.?The highest prices adesneed in lari.c ^ e" and small sums on a-ibl audsileer watches, diamond. \ plate,Jewelry, furniture, clotlUng, dry goods, Ac., Ac. JOHN M. DA VIES, [.icetued pawnbroker, ], 232 William street, near Dtiane. Persons receired in prirate office, by ringing the bell, m 17 Im'r j PRACTICAL BO< >K KEEPING, J Mn .. .. "lo- M srargT. e MARSH, Accountant, author of die "Science " "f Double-Entry Honk-Keeping 8im|ilified,'' and the " Art of Single Entry Book-keeping Improved," continues to teach aa above. ( nurse of Instruction.?The public are respectfully informe and assured that the plan pursued hy Mr. Marsh in teaching J. this important branch ia trnly a course of practice in keepin " hooks, rather than a course of lectures on the theory the pupil heroines familiar from aenul use with all the P hooks constituting a set, and a person of good capacity, svill hr tltts ccurse become a competent book-keeper in about a month, ' and w ill receive a certificate to that fleet. I rospactus with u-rms cau be obtained at tin Rooms, |V,,m 9 > a AM i to I Fi M. ml) m*r lj Oji *t-ni <1 iw ? xi m>mm? *" '*? ? '*** +" ACiTION HirviVMM. JACOB S. PI.ATT, Auctioneer. r^KKMXN WD FREN< II FANGV GOOD8 AND < L i'LKRV.? Jacob S. PUtt will sell this day, at 10 o'clock, by i italogue, LMK) lots, consisting of an assorted case nf J, 1 a id i#?KM Tool!, Brushes. J000 card* Skinner's Steel Peus, liOo 1'dxes Percussion < ?ps. J000 boxes Hook* and Eye*, Ciinbf, Sois*ui>, Violins Flutes. Flageolets, Razor Hour*, Mathematical Instrument*, lie. .Also, Marbles, Bead-, silvered Forks, tailor* and women's \ silv ered, steel and plated Thimbles, Suspender Buttons, Razor Hoiu -,\\ ufers. < arpenter*' Pencils, Mathematical Instrument*, Suutt Boxes, Flints, Gfrutan Plate*. Violin*, Flageolets, etc. Also, a large lot of gilt and other jewelry and fancy goods, | viz:?elegant and rich Slides, Buckles, Finger Ring*, Ear Drops, Uoiies.aud gentlemen's Pius and Brooches.fancy Boxes, tine gold Pencils and Pens, Soaps, Perfumery, Colognes, Tooth lii ii itiea, etc. ill u e IACUB S PLATT, Auctioneer C< ROCKERY. CHINA. GLASS. EARTHEN AND * Si ONE WARE GENERALLY, iu packages from the shelves-?Jacob S. Piatt** seventh regular weekly sale of crockery, china, glass ;uid earthen ware, will take nlace iu the large safes room over the auction store, on TUESDAY, 20th iust , instead of Wednesday, 2Dt, and w ill cousisl of an entire new importation of desirable ware, also an invoice of English china, in eit> of new est pattern* ; also, the French plain and decorated porct I tin w hich was not received in time (or sale of 11th ins* Catalogue; will he ready oil Monday at 12 o*clock. a 10 It* a WM, \V. SHIRLEV, Auctioneer. \i\ PA I 'KAGES or 'jco lot* from the sheltes of choice *J\J i rockery ? I. \\ h. UOGERT will sell at auction this day, FRIDAY, April Ititli, at 10 o'clock, at the store, No. 212 Pearl street, best light and dark blue Dinner, Tea, Coffee and Toilet Ware to rnatcli throughout. Also, common Cc, Edged, Dipt, ^ el low, and other Ware; also, rich and other China Tea si..,- .ii ... i. . . . i i .... - . - mi iu i-'ii man11 ?> inm-a .it- 4ii'i mail ueaiers, ai i monuis credit al6 lt*c UNTINU8 IT AUCTION. \LI.\ ^ will ?II on Saturday F.vening, at 7 o'clock, at 'J.n Broadway, i collection of Oil Paintings, unionist whi< h .I'vri il 1.1 intrinsic merit Also, a quantity of # Kugnivings andnd hand Frames, with various other article* of use alG2t*c ll.M W1LL1AM8, Auctioneer. A1 i HON NOT It K?l.irri, Kinbroideriea, Hosiery. I)rata Good 6u.-W1LLI VMS it DUFKIKLD will sell This Da\ , at 10 o'clock, at No. VJ Beaver afreet, a larte and desirable * ^ Mtuient of Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, adapted to flio city retail and couutrv trade. Also, an invoice, Fringes, I phoLterers Trimmings and Merchant Tailor*' I iooil . AUo, FuriMn- of superior Gingham Lawns, of receut iui portation. t italoguesn wiesul . ilSlt*je rpo 5k SOLI) BY tl < l It' v M' TA l ri-KSALL'S. J- N". 4lv Broadway, on -Monday, April 111, 1UI7, at ll o'clock precisely, on account of the Insured, ail invoice of saddles t.!ightlj damaged at the late lire at Robert Spencer fit Co.'s mamilictoi .at HrooUl vn, consisting of Spencer s patent spring Side Saddles, quilted Sales and Seats, Girths and Slippers complete. Gentlemen's Shaft* and Somerset Saddle* with mounting, complete The shove or of the very best description and of the latest atvle of finish, and w ill lie sold \\ ithout reserve. alG 3t*rrc HORATIO illliL, V'ir11(. IMI Qfiafl TASKS ROOTS. SlIGKS, AND BROGANB? OoU COLRV. K \SK & HILL, will sell on FRIDAY MORNING, April Pith,at 10 o'clock, at ID I Broadway, without reserve, on fi mouths' credit, 3.'>0 cases boots, shoes and brog ins. These goods are fresh from the manufacturers, seasonaide. nod suited t" the Southern, Western and City trade. < dialogues and goods are now ready for examination. al3 2t*c UANDSO i KURNITl RK?At No. 39 Weal Washing. to:s Place?A. 1 . TL'TTLK will sell at auctiou, on Friday. April 1 tit!i, ?f 10 o'clock, at the .above house, the entire furuitine coiiiained theiei'ij (being the property of a family declining housekeeping.) ( misistiug in part of Rosewood Sofas, and Ch sir>, covered hi rich delaine; Couches and Arm ( hairs; .Mahogany Sofa; Rocker, Dining and Tea Tables, Alabaster Gutnie < lock. lieli Girandoles, and Mantel Ornaments, < bin * and Glass Ware, Brussels Carpets, Mahogany Bed-ifcads. Dre^.ine Miire*ii? ?ml T?Kl?u d* Feather Beds, curled hair Mattresses, I'aillnsses^r. Uho. Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will be com* nie.ired. i it.tlogues revlv dii the morning of sale. alf> 2tkc W ?!. <i M < |, V I (illl.l.N, A net nmeer. (1 RK AT FURIOSITY HA LB.?Aaron C. Burr will sell, VJT hf hisstort?, No. HO Bowery, on Thursday, the 14th April, ut lu o'eh-ck, A. M., his cabinet of Shells, Birds, Minerals^ 40 valuableoriginal Oil Painting*. Also, a very Urge collection of Kngrui inns, by celebrated masters, and a valuable lot of rare < )ld Books, from I00 to 300 years old, with a number of Acta of Parliament, passed 1G4I, in black letters. Also, a rare colleci ion,of Coin .Petrifaction . IntitittltiiiiWlft variety of Gsms, ( uriosities, Sic.; well worthy the attention of counoiMsenrs. being the collection of many years. Also, a large number of complete Cabinet* of Stones lor family instruction. a 12 lw*c \< )TiCE: IK undersigned infomvs the public that he will not pay a A note of $38,>j which lu- gave to Mr. Leopold Kleischner in payment lor ? house n few days since?which note is made payable two mouths after date?as lit intends to test the validity of the sale on which the note was given. 15 : , SOLOMON HECHT. II S, 8PM si, STYLE. BANT A, No. IM (.'anal street, and No. 130 (Chatham at, d^*?ells Moleskin and Nutria Kur flats at $3, and only charges $3 .Ml for his first quality Moleskin ami fine Nutria Hats.? lie has handsome ami durable Hats at $2 40 having the appear mice and finish of the higher priced hats. Gentlemen wishing to ecouomise in this indispensable article of dress without sacrifice of comfort or appearance, will please give liiin a call.? Also, a general assortment of caps of various kinds at reduced prices. aI6 lm*c HA rs! HA rs! HATS! rj KNOX, with his accustomed brevity, would call the J** attentiou of his friends to his new sty les of SPRING FASHIONS, which are now ready at his store, No. 128 Fultou itrHL Ha would, with his usual philanthropyt invito strangers to his establishment, where they can obtain hats of zui equal quality, and .it lower prices, Mian at aiiy other store in the city tl6 0tw*r MTO LET.?No. Ill Hammond street, near Factory, an eicelleut three story house, with marhle mantels. Her The rent is$i7i. Vpply to VYSK fc SONS, 172 Pearl alt It* c HKICK 11( )l; SKS IX imuOKLYN TO LKT. I,)') THE two lour story basement brick houses, built a few year* since in the best manner, in Tillary street, :li'JML <<*\t to the of Fulton street, near the Fulton ferr> iu k enter I private families, the y will he rented for $101) i?rr aiiuuin. Apply to VALENTINE <). HALL, corner of Pearl and Beekmau streets, New York. alG lw*c V HOI'SK \ND Ft HNITI RE TO LET.?A j?pleasant tw > stor y and attic brick house in Fraukliu *t., t 'j|l near Broadway, with crotuii w tier in the haseinnit. see, iuruished throughout in modern style. The same would he let to a small family or to three* or four gentlemen at a moderate sum. and rooms kept in order. Audress A. L. A., this office. alfl3t*rc MfO RE'i ML OKI OUI8T8.?To let a store with dwellings above, comer of Beach street and West Broadway, unequaled in this city as a stand for an ?t|MH.iccary; also, ati adjoining -tore, suitable for a dressmaker, dry poods, See. &c. Apply to A. C. MONSON, 71 Cedar st., or M. MONSON, on tlie premises, from'J to 10 A. M. ami 1 to 2o'ch ck P ! al5 It* ie MFOR 8 iU OB I.\? H 1NOE?Ao excellent family residence, four stories high. M feet deep, in Third Avenue, between 11th and I2tli streets; lot 26 by IU?, aood coach luni.-e, stable. &.r Apply to ALEX. M. i.KEh. i II in .ei i st.. . ei wall, all >t?c CCH NTK V KESIUENCK TO LET Oil LEASE. A BE \ I'TIKUL and healthy situation on 57tl? street, I'*"9b m',,r'h* East river, with about 20 lots of ground, handJa'JflL sotnel >" I aid out in ilow er and vegetable gardens, fruit ? See., with a stable ami every convenience for a genteel residence, bi lges are parsing every few minutes. Impure of Dr Schmidt, No.6 Warreu street, between V and 10 A. i\l., and 3 o.d t r M. , ill 31*c i I UL . i N ICR -Wanted immediately, a jdg \- i hat trimmer, to one that, understand* her business well, no! . 1'iicU, $ ? per week will be ^iven the year round, rln- -.ainc iii uull times, a* one will be required permanent. V* ply at Mm, Underwoods, 110 Hudson street, between North tore id Franklin streets. ill 3t*rc i liTA N HON NETS. ^-grv THE subscribers respectfully call the attention of Dealer* and Milliners, to their present style of NeapomJHy I it ans, which arc superior to any hitherto inanufactureil by them; they ire also manufacturing anew style called the t ?os.hoi r. with flowers of the same material to correspond, which are indeed ei'juisitely beautiful, and we feel confident that our Neapolitans and (Gossamers, will be the most fashionable lionnef worn this season, by the demonstra* ti hi mole thus early in their favor by the most fashionable ladies of our city and elsewhere. PATTISON NOE It CO., Patentees and Manufacturers of the Neapolitan liounets. ml ltniK*rr No. 23 Delancv st.. near the Bo wen FIN . WA T( JHES. 7\ THE Subscriber * would call the attention of cap* tf-yrttainsof vessels ami others, desirous of procuring acru ril<' "Timekeepers," t" an assortment of Watches which they hive just received, made by the celebrated maker Jules Jiirgeiisoii, < openhatreu, by whom they are appointed lole agents for tin* I 'lilted .Ships. They have also constantly on hand watches of every description bv the most eminent makers, t ?g?*fhcr w ith i large ami valuable assortment of Jewelry and Silver Wan*, which they are selling lower, (when lualily is compared) than air. other house iu New Vork. b. HAMMOND Hl t'O.. M Merchant's Exchange, first door iii William street. V. B.-H. II. >. will continue to give their undivided atle,,tioii to tin repairing of < hrouotiiep i, Duplex, and all other fu ? watch* .. in26 lm3tawis*C A l'A lK op i'< i'MKS I; < 'l( SAhh f\ \ HANDSOME pair of sorrel Ponies, about J^rN fifteen In id higli, kind and gentl* in liarne?i. and last as desirable, are offered for !>! . .(able, Nil. 2?i I licrrv atreet. A wagon and' harrieiawill In auld with the poniea, if wanted. alA2l#r "mUSTG. I . . ? w,. THE PIANO TAUGHT on very moderate j"* ** nijCClIW1' 1111 . *') " ^ ^ 1 ',1<' eiiiarieoce in r W A tear Inn* wi?!i. ? to tike two or tliree more f ! f I I (pupil*. S!i* leachea tne science thoroughly?term* tliree dollar* per montli. A line addrraaed to Mnaic, m the Office of thin paper, aha i.e attended to mi li?i?*rr IkOSHITKH'M (li .iid Scriptural Picture of the Parting he IV turen RUTH, 11IIl'AII AND NAOMI, with other pie lire* painted by this artnu at Ilottie, will lie eihihited for a Vwdiys at the (irinilr Building, corner of Broadwray and hamtiers street. Open front nine A.M. till tea P.M. Arlmia jn:i 2i renta: Season Ticket*, AO rents. ap9 6lia* NEW YORK 41.1)AN V AND TROY LINl". f Oil A I.I) 4 N 4 AND TROY direct, from r a.A"[im ,,S the foot of < i.urtlsiidt atreet. The low preaKtaannllMMH* sure atramlmat KM I'IRK. ('apt. It. B. .Mary, i'lnriliy Evening at <i o'eloek. Regular ilnya, Tueadaya, rhnratlaya, and Saturday*. I? VV I.INF.. Steamer TROV, f'apt. A. O.irham, Nl AOAR 4, t'apf. H. v Kellogg, haviint been put in complete order will take their in the line in a I'e w daya. . Paaaenper* taking these Uoata will arrire'in time to take lie morning Tiain of t'ua Irom Troy Weat to BufTalo, and Mnrih to Su ifng*, ami I..ike Oeorgr. i: >- For Passage or Freight, apply on hoard, or at the office in the wharf. XT' Kreitht taken mi the moat reasonable terma. alle iproa. s? HI W.K.It 4* I O S I,INF FOR AL" 11 \ N Y . Daili. Freight takenattlie Inweit .etgtAMataMjm oee. Office 7 Sonih atreet. alf,lw*c NEW y<>RK \ \l> ALBANY. INDEPENDENT l.INF?THROI OH DIRECT. PASSAGE FIFTY < F.N'TS. waai. THE new and splendid . aimer KIT VAN r-ae^'kr?t^^'NKI.F, f apt Pro B. Higga, will run the e a I WtakMienure se.?.ni |e',ving N?w York Monday, Vedneadav and Friday, at 0 o clock. P.M. The ateamer Rip oi Winkle ia fitted up with State Room*, and fur* i-hed in a anperior ?ty|e. For freight or pa?.agr, apply on oard.orat tlie office nnthe dock, foot of Robinson ?t., ol ts ai . OKO. T STANM \ AAe. FOH VT *v OrLeANR Couiaiana and New VsTifV ^ "r'< Packets?Positively the firat and only eygikflifae1 eg" I r picket in .ml on Sitnrnay, 17th in.f. The ml .nling parker Bnrk FRAN* IS III Hit, < apt. < offin, i* ow loading, and will |io?itin | n| a. above. For freieht r p.. .age, apply on hoaid, at Orleans YVharf, foot of Wall , or fo F. K. < OI.I.INS, V) Month atreet Piaaennera will ideaae he on hoard to-morrow. Saturday, at Jn'rloek M., at wNith time the Bark will tail. Positively no eight will he received on board after thia, Ftiday, morning. Amenta in New. (Means, John O. Woodruff fc ( o., who will rnmptly forward all tooda to f.heiraddreaa. The packet hark, ( apt. Minott, w ill succeed the 'aaueii Burr. alt r iv FOR SALE.?The aliip I I'M A, bin-then per i*. , dN[ik HINCIU.N,A?mu, I " AMVSKMKRTB. .ski OND Ml.HT I'l- THK. ITALIAN npK.Rv' i PAKK THEATRE ?KriiUy E??ui?ig, April 16li will' . lie iwrforinr J, ?'! liinr III tin. city. Vrrili Urtud Optra, ofHKHNANI. or th? I a?tili*n Noble?Hrruuii, Sic. N.ule Pert-Ill; Dou Carlo*. King of Mjwiu, Luigi Vita. Don Huy (.>.? mi/, tie Sil?a, I'lelio Norelli; Elrira, inec* of tin- Urnie. Sign*. Koituuata TrdiWOI Oiovaua, (lie nurse, Teodolimla Oerli. Boxes $1; Pit 10 ceuts; Oallery IJ ceuu. Doors open si a quarter past 7 o clock?the Oper* will coinin. ire at prrrtvely a quarter tfl^k. BOVVER* THEATRE.-A. W. Jack sow.Plo|?ri??o* H K. Htivki??, Stage Manager?Friday Arr^v MrA loin? Will be performed the scenic spectacle i IlL NAI AD QUEEN? Rupert.Mr. Clarke; Amphibeo, Mr Steveiia; BapiiMte, Hadaway; The .Naiad Queen, Mis* Turn bull; Idei, Mrs. Booth. __ Previous to which will be performed MV POLL AND MV PARTNER JOE-Harry Halyard* Mr Stevens; Watchlul Waxend, Mr lladaw ay ; .Mary Mavbud, Mrs Serge .ail. To conclude with the BATTLE OF M O .NTQ ATZ?Count Tekeli, Mr Neatle; lir*ide Fer, Hadaway; Cf iitine, Miss J ; Drake. Dress Circle, 2'> cents; Pit and Gallery, 1^1 vents. Doors open at 6>d o'clock. Performance commences it 7. CARU-BOWEH V THKATKE. MISS JULIA TURN BULL respectfully inform* her friends and the public generally, that her BENEFIT and last appearance, will uke place on Saturday Evening, I7lh ! iiisl., uuou which occasiou she will have the honor of appearing as tlie Queen, in the magnificent spectacle of THK NAIAD QUEEN : And also, for the first and only tune at this theatre, as Leoliue, in THK SPIRIT Or THK FOUNTAIN. In addition to which, will be performed, THK ALPINE MAII) : And tlie celebrated play of THK MYSTERIES OF PARIS. Bos Book now open. ipUttii^c MI1I/1II.LU9UU13II ii. i ii r.v i lit?r niliiy ttniius, April lull. In commence with thr laree of AN OBJK< T OK I NT K. H K ST? M r .Marmaduke Pri mrose, Mr Holland; Mrs Major Culverin, Mr? W Isherwond. Alter which tin- grand o|>era in 3 act*, entitled ERA DIAVOLO?Kra Diuolii, Mr*. Timm; Lord Allcash, Walcott ; Zerlina, Miss Mar) Tailor. To <-o:n-luile with THE BUMP OK BENEVOLENCE? Guy, Mr Holland; Barbara Brickdnst, Mi** Clarke. Dies* I ircle, Ml rent*; Upper Boar*, 23 cent*; Pit, one BhilI III-; 1*1 i V Ite Boies, Jo; Orchestra Holes, $3. Doors open at 7 o'clock ; I urt.u it 7 o'clock precise!. OWERY AMPHITHEATRE, Thia evening, April 10th The performance will comineiice with a GRAND CLIMAX or EUt I LIBRIUM by Mr. Kemp. Alter which, the Engliah Pantomui# of HARLEQUIN'S KROLIC, by Sir. Kemp and Miaa Jeaselyne. To which will lie added, KEATS UPON THE KLYING CORD, by Mr. Charles Howe*. The whole to conclude with MATCHLESS GRACE in GROUPINGS, by Mr. James Niaunaiid his talented children, t Boies, 23 cents; pit, I2>? cent*. Door* open at 7; performi an or to commence at half-|*ut 7. PALMO'8 OPERA HOUSE. A CARD. The managers ?r the Italian opf.ra company sincerely regret that in consequence of the indis: position of Signor Br.NEUETTI, there will lie no performl ance to-night. _ _ alfi WALN in ST. THKATKK, I'll ILADKLPUIA. E. A. Marshall, Lessee.... W. R. Blare, Manager. BENEFIT AND LAST NIGHT BUT ONE OK LES DANSF.USES VIKNNOISK8 FRIDAY EVENING, April Ifith, the performances will commence with PAH DEH FLKUILS. Alter which the OLD GUARD?Hsversark, Mr Richings. To he followed by PAS l)E8 MOI8SONEUR8, by S8 Dansenses Yiennoiars. Alter which, FAINT HEART NEVER WON FAIR LADV. To which will be added, LA TVROLIF.NNF., by 21 Dansenses Viennoises. To be followed by the WANDERING MINSTREL. ; To conclude with GALLOPE DF.S DRAPEUX, by 48 dsnseuses Viennoite. 1 OPERA HOUSE, CHF.SNUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Dress circle luid Parijuette 50 een't ' Familv circles 35 eentt I FRIDAY EVENING ' TRIE 16th, 1847. Will Iw prtitiiteil W U Race's opera, called ma&itana. I Don Jose de Santarem Mr. Seguin, II Don Cirsar de Bar.*". Mr. ntlifi Maritana Mr*. Seguin. To-morrow r- THE BREWER OF PRESTON. MECHANICS* HALE, NO. 473 BROADWAY. between Orand and Broome street*. NINTH AND POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK. Thn Battering hmh attmainc the performances of CHRISTY'S M IN 8 T II E L S, ami the Solic'tatiftiia ofthu Heads of numerous Families, have induced them to forego arrangement* elsewhere, and continue (heir immensely popular concert! for ON E WEEK LONG ER. commencing Monday, April 12, and continuing throughout the week, introducing a variety of NEW MELODIES, BURLESQUES, ke. Admimoii, 35 ceuta. I)oor? open at 7. Conceit will comwinooitio'clock all iw?rc THE ORIGINAL SWISS BELL RINGERS. T'HIH Celebrated Band having returned from their iccond lonr through the Southern State*, the West Indies and Texas, will gite a series of Concerts at the ( ) TABERNACLE. bAV~KVKNINf>, April' 19th! ami every evening during the week, (except Wednesday.) They will be assisted by MISS M. J. MARILTS ANI) OEGROE A. HOVT. Graduates of the New York Iimtitutiou fur the Blind. Ticket* 2i rente, no ball'price.?Doors open at 7 o'clock, concert commence* at B o'clock precisely. Change of programme each evening. alS9t*rc philharmonic society?fifth sea son. THE SUBSCRIBERS and member* are reaiiertfully iiiinformed that the fourth and ln?t Concert of the preaent season will take place on Saturday, April 17th, at tiie Apollo room*. Application* for Associate Membership for the next season, should be sent to the Secretary before the Annual Meeting iu September. By order, a.'.6teodr J.JL. ENSIGN, Secretary melodeon, "?:t bowery. SPLENDID ATTRACTION.-Miscellaneous Concerts and Ethiopian Performances, by the Sable Brothers, every evening this week. <?rand Sacred Concert* every Sunday evening. Admission C'a cents. R. It C. WHITE, Proprietors, alt JtWEItSa*rr free concerts EVERY EVENING, at the "Ojiera Hotel "No. 43 Chambers street, next door to Pnlmo's Theatre. Vocalist*? M iss Wilsou, the beautiful ballad singer: Mr. Kidder, the relebrated improvisttor and buffoaluger. Mr. Chtiine w.ll preside at the piano. (T7*"The Alea, Winea, Cigars, Liquors, lie., at this establishment, cannot be sur|>as*eJ all Stia*rr I PARKER'S EXHIBITION BALL will lie reoeated .t TAMMANY HALL c i Monday eveiling. April l!Ml?, when all those dances that give such general satisfaction, will he repeated hi flu* s ame order as before. Tickets $1, to admit a gentleman and his ladies, can he obtained at the Hall. al$ lt?c I TO < Hw fiS FCA\ ER5 tJOR COR. ANGLAIS a complete nud superior instrument. Will be sold slow. Address box 1Kb P. O. a>6 lt#rc PRIVATE LEttbONE IN GERMAN. A LADY from the north of Germany would be happy to devote a portion pf her tune to Riving instruction in i irrmau at the residence of pupils. Application iu person or by letter, to No. ft and 10 ( 11iiton Place. in 16 lin#r All SIC. BALLS AND PRIVATE PARTIES furnished with the Violin, Harp and Piano Yurie, or any number of lusfrumenti. The music selected from the moat fashionable 0(>e R. AYLIFFE, 8. AYLIFFE, J. AYLIFFE and O. AYLIFFE, Brother., Professors. No. 127 Elm street, corner of Howard. m!2 lm*rh ACCORDEONSL THE largest assortment in the city u? to be found at the Chatham street Bazaar. 55 Chatham street; and, if you j want to get one, that is the place to buy it, as every instrument ] ia warnnted in perfect tune tna order. They alto L ^ enew instrument, called the Flutina, resembliugthe Accordeon with the tone oft flute. Their Accordeoot eery in priee Aen 50 , cents to 50 dollars. Call, examine, end judge foi yourseWei I Accordeon taught, tuned and repaired. Don't forget the num1 her?55 Chatham, opposite Chambera street. all lm*c CENTRED ftISTc Ol ic-K TROTTItfiT, L L NO. 1?Purse $250, two mile liaaU.under the saddle, to come ofT the Otli of May. No. 2?Purse $250, two mile heats, in harness, to come olf I7t Ii of May. $50 of each purse will be given ft* the second best horse. No. 3? Purse $150, mile hears, best 3 in 5, under tlir saddle, tocotne off the saine day of the match between Sir Andrew and Emperor. The above purses free for all trotting horses except I.any Suffolk No. I?Purse $100, mile heats, be st 3 iu 5, under the saddh . for all pacing hone* except James K Polk, he to a wagon, to Coine off the I'ith of Mav. No. 5?-Purse $30, mile heats, best 3 in j, under the saddle, t come off May 1st?for trotting horses that never won a purs over $.*0. Iu all the above purses three or more to iu.?k? a field. If but one horse starts for either of the abote purses there will not he any thing given by the proprietor. To close April 2L, by 'J P. M., at Green Beviu t'. JOEL ( ONKLIN, Proprietor. Centreville, April 16, 1847. *16 lt#rc MEINHARDT'S HI!ASM LETTERS FOR SIGNS. THESE letter* ye remarkable for durability, and a brilliancy of the gilding uneqinlDd ' " any other article in the city?which brilliancy is wr ',ni 1 to stand exposure to the weather. They are nlao cicg i any color that may be de?ired. Order* left nr. P?t? Ann street, also M. f xmphcMV 8th avenue near 18th <?ttt. Reference, the siguatofthii office and C. H. Baitr. U t o., Ill Maiden Isuif. all emfh On f t. ur Tin. N. Y. < ?sa Light Cowr# April 12. 1817 } ' IMIE President and Directors have this dav declared a dmJ. dend of four*and-one-half per cent on the capital stork of this f 'omnany for the six months ending 1st Februa/V last, i?a\able to the stockholder, on and after Saturday the 1st Ma. next. The transfer honk w ill l?e closed from the 2ftn instant until that date. By order, all tm Ir C. L. EVERITT, Secretary. NAVAL STOKKP. Cl RUDE Tf If PEN TINE for druggists, .hip J chandlers, ink makers, Ac. Spirit* Turpentine of scry snj?erior quality, and which will he put up in packages, suitable for shipment to any part of the ? "nn. Pitrh? K fin* artirl*. and 'it" Tar? IU>i>emak*ra' ami linn tar of rtrrllent quality. Roaiut?Roap makera' and oth*r dtacriptiona, rannua qualiVarniahei?Briiht and fnmmm Vartflahea, r*ry mperinr. Thr almrr artirlra ar* offered for aal* at low rate* and m lnt? to auit porrhaaera, by JAR. T. TAPRf OTT; Diatiller and Mantifartnrer, turrMinr to allr f'ook* k Adam*. M South at. \VH< r5 !* VVH'IS1 STR ANOF.RH and CITI/KNR wiahini a (Irat quality Wis or Toup**, ar* Hinted In inapert the ?it?nair* aaaortm'rtol WNI. BATt HK.LOR where thay ran arlrrt from tho larftfat atnrk in th* I'mtrd State*. Thar* la alway* a b*?t |i|arr to procure an artirl* in ???ry huatnrat, and thr haat plat* to lint a 1V1* or Toupee, la at Batrhelnr'a mannfarlory, No. 'I Wall rtreet, uaar Broadway. Prirate room* for Attln( Wifv f'opy th* addma. llSlm*r > It INI K V I NK ART. manufacturer, of IAPKRHANOI.NfJS, No. JU Pearl atreet, Franklin Rquarr. Wholeaalc I'lirrliaarra will find th*ma*lr*a folly rrniunrratad for raflmi; aa ahovr h*fnra huvin*. a] tmia*r CroKTlVlJ HOOTS?An entirely' n* w article o| 11 ulitiiia I? and Fialunc Boot* mauufartiirrd to order, of (loodyrara Mrtallio Robber, and warnuitrd twrfertly water proof, for aal* by RAuMUKI. BROOKH. Rol* A?*nt for Ooodyear'a Mannfartoriea, m*llm#rh tllA Broadway, npt-natt* Tnnitv fhnreh VA< I T'N1 I'AN'H for Ml*, with all th* apparatn* for making Sugar. Price S1 .->00 Apply to at* PV.TKR ron^FBL No 1? Rurliu* siir> M VNl'lAlffT.^r..?100 ctaka block oiid* "I Alanaaur.* iruund, fur aal* by ruill k BROOM. ?k< / LATEST MUi, ?we? TELEURAFHIC. AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. LKOISLATIVK PROCEEDDIOI. Senate., April It, 1*47. Mr reported the Huuau bill, malting appropriatiuut fur the canal, to aa to make It conformable with : the Senate bill It was referred to the committee of the j whole, having the latt named bill under conelderatlon. The bill fbr the benefit of the New York Institute waa ordered to a third reading Tbe Senate thru wuut Into committee ou the canal appropriation bill After *01110 debate. tha Houaa bill m taken up; and tbo whole aubject waa debated until the hour of adjournment. AwMy. ALBji.fT, April 16, 1M7 The House commenced buaineas by reading blUa a third time. Tbo bill in relation to tbe Auburn 'and 8yracuxe Railroad waa defeated by a rote of 67 to 36. A motion to reconsider waa laid on the table. Tbe following, among the third reading bill*, were paaa ed:?An amendment to the act in relation to sick and disabled seamen. authorlxea the Seamen's Retreat to erect a building a* a refuge for the mothers, wires, and daughter* of aeauen vailing out of the port of Now Vork; | for tbe appointment of Wreckinaatera on the coast of | Suffolk, ttueena, King*. Richmond, and Weatehestar i counties This bill authorize* tbe (iorernor to appoint the wreckinaatera but it waa reoonaldered for amenduu nt*. ao aa to gire the appointing power to the eupervixor* of tbe counties To charter Syraouee city, was I recommitted, there being oppoeltion to the bill, Mr Bi/bncll offered a reeolutlon, that the House ln! slat upon Ite amendments to the Senate Judicial Distrtets j bill. Adjourned. No question Buffalo, April 16,1647. Tbe merket Ftill eontlnuee quiet. Flour Is worth (6 l'JJe per barrel ; wheat 106 eenta per buahel, and corn 60 cents ; but thoen price* are merely nominal. Philadelphia, April 16.?10, P M. We hare kept this despatch open to the latest hour, expecting that the Southern new* would hare been telegraphed through to-night from Washington ; but ws are?di*appointed, ths Baltimore lins being still Interrupted BY THE MAILS. Washington, April 14, 1847. IVar?The Army andtfhtNavy?Vera Crux? Jiuena Villa, frc. fye. The plan of the campaign of Oen. Scott was an admirable thing; and but for the expoti of th? Spanish aid, editing /,? I'atriu at New Orleans, would have cost a much leas expenditure of ahot and shells to the reduction of Vera Cruz and the Castle, than were necessary as the result of that untimely information to the enemy. Otherwise, so cautiously were the designs of the co-operate action of the War and Navy Departments in fitting out the enterprise kept a secret, that the Secretary of the Navy in his instructions to Com. Conner, did not specify the great object of the occupation ofTampico; but said to him that the advantages of the occupation of that port, directly and indirectly, it was scarcely possible to over estimate. The object was in point d'appui tor the enterprise against Vera Cruz ; and it was desirable to detain Santa Anna in San Luis Potosi by a feint of a movement in that direction upon the capital of the enemy's country. This ru?e was success' fill. Santa Anna was detained in Sun Luis, nartlv from necessity. we orlmil mnrm i for the purpose of arresting the progress of I the American army, via Tampico, into the heart of the country; because the com1 bined positions of Scott and Taylor, according to arrangement, appeared very plainly to be with a i view to the concentration of both divisions upon San Luis by a simultaneous movement. The success of the stratagem was, therefore, com; plete, and as the result has proved, the very art 1 of the withdrawal of the regulars from General Taylor facilitated the defeat of Santa Anna by ' attracting him across the desert, thus saving to the American army of the North the alternative of awaiting reinforcements, and provisions and water tanks for the very long march over the arid country, between Agtia Nueva and San Luis i l'otosi. The defeat of Santa Anna, so complete and conclusive, of course was the result of the deter| mined intrepidity of Taylor. He was not to he converted into u mere passive spectator, while there was a prospeet of meeting the enemy, or of driving him out, however great the odds in the enemy's favor. He had tried them several times before, itnd knew exactly how to estimate the comparative value of American and Mexii can soldiers. It cannot be controverted that the march of Santa Anna across the desert, especially I the last fifty-six miles in thirty hours, is one of ! the most brilliant marches in the history of modern times ; while at the stone time, having failed in the design of taking Taylor by surprise, I the exhaustion of the enemy s troops only served i to contribute the more speedily to their overi throw. ihit the services of the navy, so effective in securing the successes of the army, ought not to be. overlooked. The navy in the blockade of a 1 stormy and pestilential coast, abounding in dani gers, yet barren of the glory of brilliant achievements, had but a thankless task to perform. Yet, they did it with cheerfulness, only murmuring ! that they had not more to do. Save one or | two things, the conduct and spirit of the nHvy through all this Mexican war, have been equal to all tne emergencies of the most danger: ous and sickly coast on the face of the earth. They have lost n number of ships, and manv valuable men from the northers, the reefs, and shoals, and the climate; hut the sacrifice is wonI derfully small in comparison to the wrecks which | huvebeen avoided, and the casualties and inferj tions which have been averted or arrested by good management and good discipline. The landing i by the navy hi Vera t'ruz of the army and anna| nient ol (ieneral Scott, without the loss of a man, and with almost the celerity ol it 1 march through ortr open plain, stands without a parallel for the excellence of its arrangement and the beauty of its execution ; and, taken in connection with tin- formidable and bristling riiKiir 111 me imy, una me frowning walls ol ! Vera Cruz, und tin- distant ntums ; and, looming hijjh like u monarch over them all, the i snow-shining summit of Orizaba, and the bright 1 v, and the sparkling ocean, und the gallant snips, flanking the seventy surf-boats laden with | the arrny, moving with the regularity of no many detachment" in the field to the shore, and the foreign "hips of wnr stnnding by like spectators, why, eir, it wan e pageant never to he forgotten. Vet, after all, it hail not that brilliant terror about itj that magnificent ferocity, the keen, "harp, effective clatter and rattle of the hot work at Huena Viatn,? Where the mountain height* re-echoed A* tile hattls thunder pealed. And Bragg swept down the foemen. I.Ike a reaper in the Held _ There is glory enough for all ; nut the shame ) of such as have fallen short of the soldier'" courage, or the soldier's proper and redeeming hu| nianitv, will go down to posterity, their memories contaminated with an indelible disgrace ; j while for the brave, who have discharged the soldier's task in war, and the soldier's honor and magnanimity to the fallen and defenceless, there shall lie given the brave man's enduring reward. W. Wasiiiv,m\, April 14, IH?7 Among the nrrivals in town to-night, we have Cnpt. Dan Drake Henrie. from Mexico? the earn': Dan who made that brilliant nin of the ganntle' from Incarnacion, as one of the prisoner* of Mnj. Guinea's command, raptured >it that hncirndn abont forty ntilea south of Burn* Viata. Capt. Henrie looka quite recuperated ; but says that another such a victory would finish lirni completely. It will be recollected that he wna one of the Mier prisoners in the cattle of I'ernfr, and has had altogether aomc exceedingly rott>:h usngr by the Mexicans, We learn to-day that Meaara. Corcoran h Ktg?f-hrokera of thia city, got some $14,000,000 of tip loan at nn eighth per cent premium, bnt o n|in Informed that tlii* amount covers tic ff p, ?.? i u . >" ? iti'liviil.i '' 1 l oin Thumb had two erowdad aad laahiouabl

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