Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 17, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 17, 1847 Page 1
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/ r m Vol. xm. No. 100?Whole No. 4700. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-west corner of Fulton and Nassau sts. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. tUlCULATIOS -POHTl' THOUSAND. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price 2 cents per copy?$7 14 )'? ' laetim?May able in advance. _ . WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price 6>i cent* per COJJJ ? J.J 12)^ cents per annum?payable iu advance. Hk KALI) Full EUROPE? Every Steem Packet dayPrice ?l4 ceute per copy?$3 per annum, payable in advance. HOLt DAY 1IERALD?Published on tlte let of January and In of July of each year?single copier sixpence each. ADVERTISEMENTS, at the uaual prices?always cash in advance. Advertisements should be written in a plain, legible m inner. The Proprietor will not be responsible for errors that ui iv occur in rhein. PRINTING of all kinds executed beautifully and svith despatch. All le'tere or communications by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be post paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted. M'i'O LET.?No. 31 Hammond atract, near Factory, an excellent three story house, with marble mantels. See. The rent is$l7i. Apply to VYSE St SONS, 172 Pearl struet. alGSt'c BtticE Houses l.\ BROOKLYN TO LET. gjvek THK two four story basement brick houses, built u pw few years since in the best manner, ill Tillary street, ieit to (he corner of Fulton street, near the Fulton ferry. to genteel private families they will he rented for $100 per mniiin. Apply to VALENTINE <J. HALL, corner of 1'e.irl md Bevkman streets, New York. alii lsv*C /> * A 111)1 SI! AND Fl' UNITI I RE TO LET.-A h-ds? pleasant two story and attic brick house in Franklin st., J:VJslL near Broadway, with croton water in the basement, ic, lurnishcd tliroughout in modern style. The same would he let to a small family or to three or four gentlemen at a moderate sum. and rooms kept in order. Address A. L. A., this ollice. alfi3t?rc M TO RETAIL DRUGGISTS.?To let a store with dwellings above, corner of Beach street and West Broadway, unequaled iu this city a* a stand for an apobtecary; also, an adjoining store, suitable for a dressmaker, dry goods, (kc. Ac. Apply to A. U. MUNSON, 71 f.'rdar St., or M. MONSON, on the premises, front 9 to 10 A. M. anil 1 to 2o'clock, P. M. alfi 2t*rc MFOR " SALE OR" EXCHANOTi?An excellent family residence, four stories high, M feet deep, in Third Avenue, between 11th and 12th sweets; lot 25 by 109; geed coach house, stable, Ac Apply to ALEX. M. GJlElG, 1 Hanover st? corner Wall. al6 3t*e COUNTRY REMJLNCE TO LET Oii LEASE. MA BEAUTIFUL and healthy situation on S7th street, near the East river, with about 20 lota of ground, handsemely laid out iu llower and vegetable gardens, fruit trees, Ac., with a stable and avery convenience lor a genteel residence. Stages are passing every few minutes. Inquire of Dr. .Schmidt, No. 6 Warren street, bctweeu 9 and 10 A. Si., and 3 sad 4 P. M._ alfi 3t*c TO LET OK LEASE-The. mansion house and miarm ot John Li. Norton, at far Kockaway, adjoining nid \vest of the Marino'l'avilinn. The house i.i to feet l?y two story and attic, affording large and beautiful accommodations for either a boarding house or private residence.? The coseli houses and stables are large and commodious ; 60 acres of choice land, 30 of fresh and salt meadow, and 20 nt bsach and p uture; the ice lionse filled. The buildings, with garden and emu-id adjoining, will be let separate if required. Apply to JOHN II. rO\VTt,R, Attorney, ate., 129 Fulton St., N.V. apM 1 w*c TO LitiT, MA ROW of neat new two story Cottage Houses, now tinislied, well calculated for respectable families, situated on the north side of 40di street, betweeR Broadway inidtilh avenue. The stages pass regularly from 7 A. M? until ft o'cloak in the evening, every 40 minutes, for GJa cents , and after the first of May, ever;.'.30 minutes. Rooms as follows: 2 basements, 2 parlors, with sliding doors, aud hard finished walls. 2d stery, 2 reoms and 2 bedrooms. Good dry cellars. Kent $100. Apply ou the premises, npll-lm*c wM K. PF.NPT.F.TON. \t-cn' XsjA TO LET.?1Tlie store of house 23 Dej street; it is ;Q fi^fis feet deep, and would he a good location fur a wholesale i!"ri8L","""*V store. The dwelling iiart would be let together or es.-li rtoor separate The secouil floor consists of bach and front parlors, with pantries, and is well finished; the two rooms are .'.0 feet deep and 12 feet high, suitable fur an artist; the third floor has :> rooms well finished; the fourth floor is 'jO feet deep, 2i feet wide, and 16 feet high, with six windows ill the roof, fitted xp for an engraver or any hieiiness wanting good sistiiig nf three rooms mid pantries,with two bed rooms iu attic, awl a kitchen with Crotou water ?ud kitchen ranee in it. Knit 273. Enquire of A. U1LHOUM St SON, mil 1m *r 78 Nassau street. jjjji TO LET IN WiLLIAMSUUROH.?The two story ..TeJ brick Trout house, with folding doors; it contains seven J^MLrooms and basement, in Rood order, pump in the yard, sviUi sis lots of ground, carriage house, cherry, plum, peach and pear trees; 2 beds oT asparagus, with a good grass plat, Putentlly laid out with ?_ bu.nes and a great variety of other shrubbery, about one mile from Peck slip Terry. Enquire of Charles M. Church, 100 Chatham street, oroT John 8b ill man, raruer of North Second and Lorimer streets, on the premises. m2l 2w?rc _ FOR SALfcl, MA FARM of fifty-two acres, most dclightifullv situated shout five miles from Elizabethtown, N. J., comprising a handsome commodious Dwelling House, fitted w ith marine mantels, anil every convenience fur a respectable; the whole, including gardiiir's house, hunts, ice house, a,id other hnililiugs, in a substantial state of re|>air; the orchard contains twenty acres of clioice fruit trees. The easy access from New York, either by the various cars from Jersey City, or the ferrv to Elizabethport, whence a rail rn.vd tram runs within a hundred yards of the house, rendei* ihih property very valuable to those doing business in this city. The grrater part of the purchrae money can remain for tlirec Vears on bond and mortgage, at live per cent. VYBE fc SONB. 172 Pearl st. Also for sale, a dwelling house , No. 381 Washington street. nil9 1in*rh ______ Arl A THREE STORY HOUSE on 23d street, between yTTyj the 2d and 3d Aveuues. It is well hashed, and replete .JaHLwitb the latest improvements, including kitchen range, sink, sold and warm baths, water closets, &c.t Italian marble mantels throughout the house; a court yard of fifteen feet in front, with verandah and French windows. The house is one f s row of six house* on the south side of the street. For further particulars apply to VY8K It SONS, mt9 tm*rh 172 Pearl street. FUR SALE?WESTCHESTER LAND. mum Tt) OKNTIiEMEN, in want of sites tor country |M|ii?u. To market gardeners in want of land for garden*. *abs.aad to ill persons wishing a location in the neighborhood of New Tork:? MS acrea of land in the town of Westchester, within nine mile* of the City Hall, with the right of paaeiug over Harlem Bridge free of toll, are na?r offered atprieate sale, in lots, containing from 3 to 30 acl>* each The lands are within 1} minute* walk of the railroad; fronton good roads; are in the neighborhood of schools aud'churches id* different denominations; the water is good and location healthy. Title indisputable. Terms moderate. Apply to OOUVERNEUR MORRIS, Morrisiana, Weatrhrster CO., or to WALTER RUTHERFORD, 79 Nassau at. N. V. m2tf lm*rc _ _ _ iiiNL PRICE HAT cSTUKE. f* SPRINO FASHIONS FOR HATS AND CAPSJpABUOWN It CO. will introduce, on Saturday, Apr.! 3.1, the new style of Caps for children and boys; also, the new style of Hats fur gentleman, price (3, in the manufacture of which they hare made such recent improvements as will place them in close competition with the most costly. The a' lie are inrited to call at 178 Chatham Square, where ion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adorn the head. a2 Im'r LARGE SALES AND SMALL PROFITS. rR $3 HATS can be had for $3,30, at MILLS' well known MRkdat establishment, 178 Broadway, (Howard Hotel.)? " - - - - -? usisuail ir unlinilaial te% / all ami evamiup tKsian Hau tnor ughly, the subscriber bsing confident that the benutil'ol proportions of the new style, with the unprecedented low price, w 111 command the approbation of all. Attention U called to the new style of cap called the Pocket tjip. a2 2w*r fjL HOW TO MAKE MONEY.?The aiiom that "money saved it money made," is altn.nt aa old aa the invention of money itaelf ; but the principle of aellinc a live dollar HAT lor three dollars and fifty cents, was first established and is now practised by Robertson, at the I'hunil lint Manufactory, H'J Knlton St., N. v., and 63 Fulton at, Brooklyn. This simple statement we believe will suffice to make known one way " how to make money." alO lm*rh I "*"1 NOTICE THE undersigned iifforms the public that he will not pay a note of &33,i which he (ave to Mr. Ceopnld Fleisrhner in payment for a house a few days since?which note is made payable two months after date?as he intends to test the validity of the tale oil which the note was firm. a 1.1 3f re _ SOLOMON HKCHT._ HATS, SIMUNfi STYLK. rtt BANTA. No. !M Canal street, and No. 130 ('Inthnm it, J^sttrlls Moleskin and Nutria Fur lists at S3, and only charge* (3 30 for his first quality Moleskin and line Nutria Hats ? He has handsome end danhle Hats at $2 30 having the appear ance and finish of the higher priced bata. Gentlemen wishing to economise in this indispensable article of dress without sacrifice of comfort or appearauce, will please give him a Call.? Also, a geueikl assortment of caj>* of various kinds at reduced prices. __ _ alO Im * c I'lM.Xi II MILLINER.?Whnted iadttdiaiely, a gtfa \\ food hat irimmer, to one that understands her bnaineas * well, and isqaick, $6 per week will be given the year round, the same in dull times, as o e will l?e required permanent. Apply at Mrs. Underwoods, 110 Hudson street, betw<? i North Moore and Franklin afreets. _ all 3' * re ^,1. 3f lets. .,1. WILSON, :3VI ( trnid street, respecilully informs brr friends, and strangers visiting the city, VwC/ thai she has now on hand s large and very handsome iissnrtraeut of Spring Millinery, to which she invites their attention. Mrs. Wilsons stock coini>n*et an assortment of the richest and most fashionable Hats, such as Chip,'Crape, Rice, and Shirred, with ? choice assortment of Straws, which she flatters herself can he sold more reasonable than at any other establishment in the city. Couutry Milliners will do w ell to call before purchasing. vi?. M vi.'11 srriaj Jul Grand st . betwean Allen and Orchard si*. Ten good Milliners wanted at the above e?tabli?hment. all tm'io LuNO llltr.Ki) ( AN VH> ilIKDS and Breeding i'mt? Cages, Nr?t Boxes, Stud' for Nests, Song Birds, ComJhi.'r mon and Fancy t 'ages, with a fine collection of rare and t.K nimble Birds, Bird Heeds of all descriptions. All articles in the line in great variety, for sale by W.H.JOHNSON, JIIO Broadway, one door from Chambers at. N'.B. King Charles Sapniels, Fnglish and Scotch Terriers, or "le as move. a7 2w*r Ft iWELL, uCHLrST Xn u A(JH1"HT7~ ATTKNUSto Diseasasof the and Kar, and to nil imperfections of Vision, from 9 to 4 o'clock, at his residence and olFiee, 2!i1 Broadway, eorncr of Warren street. Optlknlrnia, Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Oataraets, and OpiCire*. elfeetnally removed. AM vl HOSIS treated with great attriinon and sticeess. ft 1 KAtliS.d L S, or Squinting, cured in a few minntei. t)e I'ness, and all discharges from the Kar, permanently ""artificial f.vf.s inserted, v, taeb idapted toeverv defect. m Im'tr 'I ' ? I'h VI |>'l g TUP. subscriber has just received a remeut (without mercury,) fur filling teeth, invented and recently improved by one ol'the first Surgical Dentists in ihe world. It is belie vedl n be the best article of the kind ever offered to the profession it'ot sale at the Dental Depot of joAf.pii t. MIJRriIF-V. M Broadway. Orders by mail, accompanying fl.ean have ajar sent by re(nrn express. E N E irr mi , ; ir~7~-": NE mANO.-Th? carf i of tli* brie Vircmia, about ituce undred toui from South America, and t'roin an ans!\ ,i? pronounced superior to any other kind i.i the trinket. The Unauo u dry, and will be odd to close the concern at one and | a half cent j>er pound, and ii an object to the burner* i f the country The cargo ii at Trtppell's stores, Brooklyn, near Fulton Ferry, anil .similes may lie aeen at the office of BFOFFORD, TILESTON St CO., 119 Water street. u>9 lm#rh HOLMES KITCHEN KAN< il.N. THE proprietor ha. been engaged in manufacturing snd selling Kitchen Ranpes for tbe twist 13 years, snd lerlj war ranted to engage that for private families and boarding houses there ia no ranee in use at preseut that will answer a belter purpose, and if not it will be removed free of any expense to the purchaser. Numerous references can be given to any person wishing to purchase. Pries range from $?5 to $15. Grates of the newest patterns for parlors, bed rooms and offices. Ranges and Grates set, and ell descriptions of tire works built et the shortest notiee. Smoking Chimneys cured and warranted; if nut cured no charge is made. A. OILHOOLY tk SUN, Proprietors and manufacturers, 7k Nassau street. fe 27 1 ra * r OA UK LACES. THE subscriber offers fur sale an excelleut assortment of good Carriages, all new styles, warranted equal in quality to any thing in this market, and will be sold ut reasonable prices. JAM*.3 BREWSTER, rn!8 lm*rc 26 ami 27 (/anal streets Ififw teas, old IavX cokkee. " GROC KHIhlS, fee., at Wholesale and Retail.?J. O. FOWLER is daily receiving from Auction choice new Green and Black Tea*, J a# a and other Coffees, White and Brown Sugars, and family Groceries of all kinds, which he untie sing at a small advance on the wholesale prices. Families and dealers from the country would do well to call and examine the above stock of goods before purchasing, btorea Nos. 260 and 428 Greenwich ami 76 Vesey streets. N. 13. Goods packed anu delivered to the boats without charge. m83 1m?rh ANOTHER CHALLL NGE. r.r vinwir ?w.. v*.- .i-.i? u to compete with us iu the saja of Window Shades. \Ve I are uow making large daily additions to our stock of Shades, and pledge ourselves to be undersold by none. As to the oirtlity of our Shades, we have but one word tossy. They took the premium at the life fair at Newark, N. J. e inrite the cililenaof New Vork and the surrounding country to give us a call, and we will prove the truth of our assertions. DUNCKERU BEEKER, No. 38 Chatliam street, noar Chamber- street, m!9 lm*r New York. NJSW YORK CASfff T UDOK1NG ESTABLISHMENT. NO. 72 WEST BROADWAY and No. 93 Charch street. Gentlemen's garments made in the most approved French style on the following reasonable terms. Fine French Cloth Dress Coats $L5; Frock (.'oats do from $13 to $10; French Cassimere Pants $4,30 to $3,30; Dress Vest of satin $3 to $4,30 S. St G. WYANT, mh 23 lm*rh No.72 West Broadway and 93 Cluirrh s'. BRUSHES! BRUSH ES!?The subscriber respectfully invites the attention of the public to his estensive assortment of Brushes of every description, at the BRUSH FACTORY. 337 PEARL STREET, Frmklin Srjuarc. Constantly on hand, Paint Brushes, Whitewash in. Window do. D usting do., and all kinds of Fancy Brushes, which he oner. for ale at the lowest prices. JOHN 1C IIOPPEL. al3-lm*r CAMPHINE. COOKE'S PATENT ( AMPH1NE, is considered the best manufactured in the United States. Dealers in the article would do well to give it a trial. It is perfectly fiee from anv resinous substance; and consequently burns with a clearer light, and is not liable to corrode the lamps. For sale very low. and in uuontitiei to suit nurrhaser*. hv J AS. T. TAPSeOtT. IT e Bnecescnr to (looke St Adams. Bfi South SToTIck. T.SHEPHERD HAS opened store 049 11 road way. for the sale of I.ncea, Embroideries and French Fancy (rood*. T. S. if selling: ulT cheap at 427 Broadway. He continues nit busmen* an here', fote at JTO Broadway. a9 lw*r GREAT ATTRACTION. Archc.u at Home, *Vo. 5 John Street. .iy m. A. GUI F.V F begs to acriuaiut hi* friends and patroni "yirff that hin agent has returned from Europe, ri i Bremen, 'AX' + after a resideuce of seven mouths at Audioaberg, aud TalUCthe other moat celebrated districts of (leruiany. He has been enabled to collect the best selection of singing and fancy birds he has ever offered; also an unusual variety of rare and fancy birds from all part* of the world, selected with great trouble, without regard to co?t. N. B.?Fancy dogs, Shetland ponies, Chinese, silver, and English pheasants, swans, ami every variety of barn-door \ fowls; fancy and breeding caves, bird seeds, 4tc. A treatise on the management of breeding and raising Canaries, Str. P. 8.?Letters post-paid will at all times meet with prompt attention from A. O H11? V E, in?1 .m'rrc No. 5 John street, N. Y. FOR SALE, <\ A GOOD PAIR OF BAY IIOR8E9, perfectly 1 /A2r^sound and well brokeu. To be seen at the atx'de in ' ' ' ' the rev of Sh John's Church, bt. John's Alley. 10 re THE LADIES' CONGRESS ROOT. t> t innvTL'iirv en n ?? ,.i .i?; ... tt ^ form hi* numerous ami fashionable taJy p'itrooi. that B|W? he hns made arrangement* for the right to niinufactura the elegant elastic walking Boot, uow co fashions hie ia the highest circles in L lgland and France. The recent in*, movement in the elassie stuff will enable him to make ins boots and high shoe.; with all the rleginee p^cu 1 to his ?ty !e of work, and yet without ilie trouble of lacing** This most valuable invention removes nil the confined pres ure from the arch of the foot, while at the same time It affords an <d&*tric spring in walking which cannot be appreciated , without a trial. ail lm*c LliSSONS ON THE J'lANO FOKTK. 1 ----- -j^MI8S C. C. WKMVSScau now accomm.r 1 date three or four more pupils, if immediate ap- * gTTjA plication be made at Jier house. No. 317 8ixtb t I I Z I street, between Avenues C ami I). 1 wni have no Objection, if desirable, to attend her pupils at their own resideuce. Terms?Twelve Lessons for Five Dollars, or Fifteen Dotlara pgr Quarter?three l? s oninch wek. >13 im*rr ' Clf i/KN'S NK\V lMi I.I.SK Oh (II'I'OSH IO s HI I \-| S ] FOB. Al.BAN V AND INTtRMKDlATK PL, AC ICS. \ Fare $1?Breakfast ami Dinner on Board. m?. The now and elcu.'uit Steamer METAMO- \ r . N HA. Capt. T. 8. Knight, Mondays, Weilses- t days, auu Fridays, at halt-pnst six, A. M , from | the pier foot of Warren street, touching at Hammond street pier. The new and elegant Steamer KOOF.R WII.LIAMfl, Capt. A. Degroot, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, ath'lf-gist ' six, A. AI., from the pier foot of Warren street, tonchiiiK at 1 Hammond street r"<-r. t Dobson, at the elficc, lA W arreii street, corner of Vv?st street (?7" All persons are forbid trusting tne above boats oil se count of the oiwseiii eT r AFTEHN( >' ?N LINE, DAILlT FOR NKWBUROn AND KI SHRILL, - yLliji mi Landing at Van CnrllMid's, (Fee kskill,) West ilUBk Point, Cold Hining and Cornwall. The Steamer Thomas Powell, Capt. Saml. Johnson, will leave the pier foot of Warren street, lor tlie above plaacs, every aftenionn (Sundays eaoepted,Vat4 o'clock, anmrnciicing April 10. Returning?will leave Newburgh every morning at 7 o'clock. N. o.?All Baggage and Freight of every description, Bank Bills or Hpeeie, put on board of this boat, man be at the risk of the owner thereof unless euUirud on the books of the l ont or r<>Ceipted for. ap9-lm*r NEW YORK, AI.II V.N 7 \NI) TIUli LINK w?FOR ALBANY AND TROY direct, from the foot of Coiirtlandt street. The low pros IHfe sure steamboat EMPlREsCapt. R M. Macy, Saturday Evening at 6 o'clock. Regular days, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. DAY LINK. Steamer TROY, Capt. A. Qorham, NIAGARA, Capt. II. E. Kellogg, having been put in complete order will take their stations hi the line in a few days. Rl/~ Passengers taking there Boats wiUarrirelin time to take the morning 'I rain of Cars from Troy West to Bulfalo, and North to Saratoga, and Lnke George. 1L7" For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the office on tlie wharf. ' r- Freight taken on the most reasonable rerms. alle <M,?k SCHUYLER St ( o.-s LINE FOR \LAN Y. Daily. Freight taken at the lowest MHaHlKflHi am. oftire 7 Hi.iqIi street. aid lw*e THE Proprietors of SteiiiiiiMisnt wishing Bells hung, would do well to |?y a visit on BiIaMBmmi hoard the steamboats Governor, Thomas Powell, Roger Williapis, Utica, Palmetto, Princeton, alsuntsineer, Iron Witch, Cataline, Ice., and eiamiur II. llosiaii's improved atyl* of Holl Hauling, rxpreaaly adaptad lor Hterui. boats. Put up neat end it rung, and warranted (or one year, by II. II.. No. t Ann street. ip lB*f MMk. NOT ILL?On 0.1 id after Monday, U ? r J jar )^1 ike Steamboat STA'l'KN ISLANDER, hfifiBHnwCaptain Van Pelt, will mike the following triiw to and from Slatni Llaud until further notice, riv.:? i /. are Stateu Lland at 8, 10 and 12 A. M., 2 mid 5 I'. 11, ) Leave New Yurk at 8 and 11 A. M., 1. 'i/i mid 6 P. M. I rolG g_ . iNOTlCK. M,. BTATEN ISLAND KEIlItY.-On and *fu'r SUNDAY, April lOtli, tbe itoamhoati SYLPH and STATION ISLANDER will ran u folluivi, until further notice i tin ititki iiu'd At ?, 8, 9, 10. II, A. M., and t, 2, 3, I, J, 8, T, P. M. i.Bavk err* rona At 7, 9. 10, 11, A. M.. and I, 2, ten mi,litre Hut 7, and at 4,1, ? , fi. 7, u'clutk, P. M. Nan- Ynrlt April fi'li aft r^ FOR LIVhKPtMjL?'i he well knowntai' auiling frv-jrjlVf t he t ahip HO ITINOI'LU, moo tnua, r.apt. In, JHiMlfailurtUr, will meet with imtnidiate desiatah. I oi height orpassage, ha runt ?|'l?i:djrt large anrl eomfnrtahl ri nma and rebiti, apply to the t aittain mi board, at ,ludd\ wharf, K. River, or to WOOUHULL k MI NT I KN, al3 87 South afreet. h OR BF.LEAST.?The fiat aailine A I, aonpararl KC*S> I" ?"PP?r '? !? led Bntiah ilnp LfcTI I IA llr.YN. JflttUflEw 800 tuna remitter. W. Pirrie. mam-. lunnii a lara? Porli.,., Ml her cargo engaged, mill hire iniijirdutiIfjiiiiJh lor Uie above port. for balance affreight or |l<w(r armlvte JOBKPH ilu.Nll URA t. 1 ' _ ?!> 8outh 1 F0K GL V?GOW H ?.< #! LAH I \ KfcTOfr '?i 11> I "i Il,w "r- t Bark MHb\NN IIAULLY, < apt- K ?e<>tr, torn, will >ail HS HiKKf, her regular day. p.,r freight or imnir, having splendid accommodation.'. ipply on lioard, or to WOODHULL k kMfNTTTHM, . . . , ? Si roth Mrrrl. '1 ho regular packet ship SARACEN, SOO to-n, I T. iliv. k.n?, will oneceeu the Arm Ilnrlw>, mirl <n| ),rr regnlor day. AJKT- FOR HALF.?The hall .<f n vei-.el hunched, i id now lyi nfo' Rnhway port. Shi'will carry about JullUmi.*! 10 'JIW to,,.; 86 feet <?' Heck, 23 leet ben to She will j oner for canal, river, or conat aervice. Inquire of the >uh?erihero, at Rahway, New Jervy.^ q nf, lm*r HJ< MIQTwEf.I. lAX- Pocket Shir LITER POOL,from Liverpool i? di?. WFWIWch irgii.L under general order. I rum vent utile Burling MMMite lip- All gOOU* not permitted miut he sent io piitil >c tore, *1' iNO'i'H I -wnt lliden roitnignc. to order per Bark fir'.NFS KV from New Orleam, hnee hern Uniled. JHsMHwThe Consignee will pie i?e c.ill iiainrdivttl> at the oilier ol the aubicribi n, and receive the sainc. all tltrr K. K. COLLINS, M South at. AJKg- PACKET SHIP UTiCA irorn HnW-^Cnn*? ?? iigneen for thia ihip will pleaae nenrl their permita ( JBMliCaa on hoard, at pier No. 4, Nil. All good* nor permit- . ted in live dapa, mutt uuavonhhly lie sent to the public atore. II 1 ' * A VV V o :w YORK, SATURDAY 1 The Mexican War, THE M UShl-l PLACE OF VEK t CP.1'2. The fashionable time of tin- market of Vera Crux in five o'clock iu tlio morning. Here most of the principal inhabitants ami host-dressed people resort in nil seasons, except thu period of raiua ami nortlu-rti itorin*. niuuv to make purchases, but moro for the pleasure of ' seeing and being seen." and to gossip and lounge about till murine. At sunrise tbey return homo?take their " tlrst ' breakfast?and go to bed again till eleven o'clock. At the present time, with ships of wur blockading the coast Mill threatening their gut.s. tlio market euniiot present the mtue variety as usual: under ordinary circumstances, however, few places of public resort ill any pnrt of the world can present a more motley uud p!cture.-'i|U? appcaranoo. There you uiay sue merchants of various countries, chiefly Hnglish. American, and French, chatting,with a cigar in one bund and a huge eliro of crimson water melon iu the other, and tlie KinrlUli \ ice consul choosing u now struvr hat while thecommandante of tlie garrison Is drinking cocoa-nut uillk The small farmers, if otic may honour any of the indolent Mexican cultivators of the soil with such a designation, present an uppcarnncc almost as showy, and far more roinuiitic, than the military, and do not come, for the most part, on business or the display of their produce, so mucli as td display themselves. '1 he officers of tho army arc gaily dressed in white and gold, or red and wtaito with broad silver laoe; while those of the navy appear in blue and gold, and the artillery officers wear tho Battle but with red facings. The .Nicxlcuii farmer, when not actually engaged in lite disposal or his produce in the market, comes prancing across tho country on his little inuttlcsooio and highly-caparisoned steed, and dashes into thu market-place as a cahrllrro. lie pulls up abruptly with a great dust, a great jingling of brass and silver buttons and ornaments; alights amidst the cloud of dust and sand lie has raised, like one who lias performed sonic feat of skill to ucUniration. and enters tho market with a stately air of graceful vainglory, appearing conscious of general approbation, and anxious to display a general courtesy to everybody in return. His dress 1* almost invariably of some dark velveteen, slashed in the arms and open at tho knees, so as to display very white and flue linen underneath, either very full, or else neatlyerlinped, worked, and plaited. Ills tombrtron lias a small round crown, with a very large brim, encircled !>v a silken cord and gold or silver tassel, A large white ltankerchief is often worn under his hut, with tlic broad angular points hanging down over one shoulder. His buttons and hooks-aiid-cyes, and clasps, and buckles, are very numerous. and most of them are of silver. Ills horse's bridle is heavy with silver, and he wears a long sheathed knife or sword at his side, depending gracefully and threatenieolv from .. !...]* r.ooolhU ..?,l tl- ........I... ..... ...... f.- ....J ....J...* beside bis left thigh. lie continually salutes with his lint removed ?t arm's length, but seldom smiles. There, nlao. do you see ludh s dressed in full Spanish costume, and in all Horn of bright-coloured Mexican dresses, abounding in jewelry, necklaces, und gold crosses (or rather crucifixes) und rotat ion, while their slipper* display alt manner of curious devices in coloured beads and embroidery. The most busy among all the visiters of the market ure. of course, the master* of the different femlut; and, in fact, of ull the houses of refreshment; the proprietors of the punch- hi p* coining to buy lumps of ice for their pouch, the iru being brought down to I lie market by native Indian* from the mountain Orizaba. Tlio vegetables arc In grcut abundance, and present a very gay anil bright appearance, owing to the crowded number of baskets tilled with ; larlct and yellow totnatas, uud with pepper plckle-pods of till sites, and as bright us Hume. The fruits are large uud luscious, the water melons being tile most numerous, and after thcui the pine-apples. The meat department of the market Is odious, both to the sight and smell, licef I* usually t old by the yard, iu dry strips; and butter by the pint (as u liquid); while poultry, as not uufrequently found, consist < bielly of large parrots uud uiucuws. Such fow ls us they hav?aan* thiu and discoloured, liut, of all the beautiful sights, a .Mexican fish-market ranks preeminent. Their variety of colours, their rainbow clearness and delicacy, their glauciug changes with the point of vision, or change of position iu the light, and their extraordinary splendour, are not to be described. Hero. also, you may see a species of ware, certainly not ut all common, to be found in the market places iu gcueral. viz: guitars.? They are very small, and of a rude structure, manufae luna by the Indians, and habitually taken by the agricultural " labourers" into the lields along with their other implements of husbandry. II speaks, eloquently enough, lor the amount of labour pcrfsrined; and those musical cultivators of the roil, lulicu in conuectioa a 1th the Mexican farmer previously described, may bo regained aa a tolerably la r symbol of ,tho result of mn?t personal conteats. und ot all practical results with a hard, sinewy persevering, matter-of-fact, long-headed. ami by o 11,tans forbearing or scrupulous people, like those who aro now carrying lire and sword (side by rids with pet'y trade) iulo tins wild and romantic country. INCIDENTS ETC. Of TIIE WA7?SOU* OK THE MkP.oKS. [From the Newark Advert iter, April 3.] Major General Taylor comes ftoni an ancient Virginia family, which emigrated from knglaiid. with other Mends of liberty, and settl"d in the eastern part of V irginia. near two centuries ago a fnuiily which has since been greatly distinguished in its various branches, and which include* within its connection:: such names as J times Mudi on. John Taylor of Carol inc. Judge Pendleton. General Hunt, ke tie (iennrul Taylor's father was Hie of the most daring of those enterprising pioneers who settled "the dark and bloody ground'' which ilellnes the Indian word Kentucky, uu 1 many anecdotes are lold of his prowess in desperate uueoiinlers wifli the lavages. 11c became also a tnuu of emiueneo in civil life, ind was a member of the electoral colleges which voted or Jefferson. Madison, Mouroo, and Clay. He died on is estate near Lexington in 1MJ0, leaving four sons, of shorn "old ifack" is the third, and, we believe, one or ,wo daughters. The eldest son General James Taylor, vlio was a quartur-master-general in the army during he war of eighteen hundred and twelve, now resides at Newport, Kcutucky. at the advanced age of eighty ,-ears. Ifis more distiuguished brother was born in Konucky two years before its admission iuto the Union, and s uu*. therefore, about .',ti years of age. Having a stout rignroun frame, he was early distinguished for fcuts of uauly character, and rnauy amusing anecdotes are told >f his achievements in the sports of ooyhood. The same 'oresight. tlriimcss. and decision which liave since so at;racteil public admiration nro suid to have characterized n* whom course uirougn Ml the slutting circumstances if life. 80011 after tlie alTair of the < ihetapeake and Leopard, previous to the war,of 181.1. he being then 18 irears of age. received from .Mr. Jcfferpon (in 1808) tlie ippolntmcnt of Lieutenant In tho 7th lufuntry. and commenced that military eareer which has now boeu crow 118?1 with imperishable fame, lli* strict observance of duly nuil diet inguishrd merit it* a dipciplinarinn. noon commended him for promotion, and at the opining of tlie war of 18112. we find him a captain in hi* regiment. IIuvIngbeou entrusted with the command of Fort ilarri<011 on tlie Wabash, willi a gHrrlsou of 00 men, lie gronty distinguished liiuipelf in that year iiy hie sue.cossful defence of It against a formidable attack by a urge body of Indiana, and was rewarded by tho President with the brevet rank of Major. Hip well known ekiil in Indian warfare, acquired in hit brilliant career in the Northwest territory, secured for lilm (lie eommand of the lit Brigade of tho Army of tlie South, and it wn> at the head of that division that he won the bloody battle if I.ako Okec-Chobee during the Florida Campaign of 181)8, and for which achievement lie wap brevettcd Bri(adier (ieneral. After four or live your* arduoup service hi tlio swamps and hammocks of Florida, he was assignid to tho command of the 11 ret department of tho army it Fort Jnpup?where the order to Texas and tlie Hio rande found him". By his marriage with 11 lady of Ma yland. (Jen. Taylor has one son and two daughters-/lie of whom it married to ( ol. Davis. of llio MIsM.'slpi i egimrnt, who wax severely wounded nt linens Vista lint to pursue his military career further in the midst of he glowing enthusiasm of tlie country over bin brilliant ichievcmcnts in Mexico, would tic idle, and the receipt if the Southern mail, as we w rite, eouipcl.) u.t to defer u lotice of tho higher i|Unlities which coiuuiund hiui to thu [From the Boston Pally Advertiser.] No doubt CJtu remain that the Recounts of the recent igliul victories are true, in giving the name of this il!; inguishod young offlcc-r (t splniu (luorgo I .in :oln.) as Among the slum lie was a son of (Joernor Levi Lincoln of Worcester. lie had an opkortunity which lots occurred to few to distinguish liinselt at lit* liAtlle of Kcsaca do la I'altna. on the 'Jilt i A *. lie saved the life of Ltouleuunt. ( linrlrs I). Jordan >f ilia Kth Infantry, who having been Already severely rounded. ws? about to tiu pinioned by the bayonet of u rii-Xleitn. when Lieut annul Lincoln fortunately came up. uid eas successful in cutting down thcassatlant with iiin alire. Ho also cut down a second Mexican, who n;>iroaohed them with similar designs The eonlllct nrmrred ncur the roml on the edge of the pond or reta a. n roar of the position of the Mexican battery, upon vhlch i nptain .'lay made hi* celebrated charge lis vat soon niiide Captain and Assistant Adjutant (Tenors!. Vom the 7th July Inst, when the new offices of that [rade were created by net of Congress And at the re<1-1 t session of Congress, the Senate continued the I'rcct eommisaton of i nptain trom the !?lh May. eonferred ipou hlni for " and meritorious services at leaaea de la i'alina lie has, fallen at hueiut Visiu. itide acting chief In the stalT of Uragadtcr < initial MariheII, of Volunteer:! from Kentucky [I com the < inolnnatl Signal.] Dan H'.'iirlc, distinguished for his daring bra vary in .he old Texan and present .Mexican wars, ia the h n of il l Arthur llonrie. formerly of the Broadway Hotel and 'etirl hi <t House. In hia youth as w# well remember. :oul co- and Indifference to danger were prominont I.. ... I. , > I a ,, wrliil'li till- I. 11.1 W ill . lit 111 11. Id*nt H pretty fair evidence. Own evening. m my j .1 . ign. Ui<< < It ill leotli'* *tnge arrived ill the liro.ulway 11 aft er Dun tmd n-.'i*t' d the p;i**engi r- u hi*, villi two others. jumped Into the roach for tin1 purpo e if riding round to til" *t.ihle. The driver. George Lenr Inee dead. Imd tied the line* to the box, mid wa* juri lominji forward from the boot" to re*ttmo Id* real vhen the home* too; fright nt the report of the gun of n lepnrting ateauier, mid dwelled furiouely off toward* tin ivi r?toward* the corner of Front. and lip toward* Liiddw ; up Ludlow to Oongre**. mid down to Lower Muriel. where tho frightened bu,i-ts were brought in, by timing In contact with the market Inure rail* During he whole of thi* perilou* routo. linn *nt emlly in hi* cat. smoking a cigar, betraying no *ign of fonr, and pake, or rather shouted (for *penking nntldrt that upo?r waa n*ele**.) hut onee?(and that onec to deter hi* Tightened and eereatniug companion* from Jumping out ' Hold on raid lie. Von II Ina ok your neck*, certain ' 1 you Jiiiii|i ! VV'uil and *ee whnt. cninc of ii We uipiM nod to he particularly Intimate with one of |lnn'? lightened companion* on that occH?ion [From the Mat omni a* Flag. March I3.J The energy and persevering Industry of thi* gallant iflieer. 1 ol raylor. in the dl?ehnrge of hi* arduous dubs a* ( oinini**ary General of aub*l*t#uce. 1* a* eoniplcuoil* a* tho bravery and *kill evinced by hi* brother, RK JJ MORNING. APRIL 17, 184 (Ocu. Taylor) in tbe glorious victoria* which ha ha* achiev I over the Mexican* With a zeal which ?ur , mount* every obstacle. Col Taylor areata* forward troop;; and supplie*- here ono day und at the liraio* the next, he ?vms ever on the go. ami always on hand where hi* pretence U nrcotsary to husten forward tha mean* requisite to further the various uiilltary operation* of the gallant old General, lie iuove* about front one phiee to another, with *ueh rapidity that we cannot keep the run of bfm. Yesterday ho wa? with u? for a moment, and again ha is off to hasten the movements of troop* at the It rasa* The North Carolina regiment which ha* debarked there, i.s to be ?ont up to take the |.laro of the Mi**lx*ippiaiU now here, who are to be for , ... ? ... ..iuiihttj. ?>i noon ?? transportation can i l>" furnished. Of Col. KTjrlor, wo shall take occaslou | b< r.after In make moro particular mention. [Krotu the Vow Orleans UulUtlu. April 7.] Smno of the sailors who hail boon brought from the vessels at Vera t'ruz. fur ths purpose of assisting In placing tin- murine butteries in position, were detained aslioro by one of the heavy northers that prevailed during the siege of that eity. Some of theui having been despatched from the eutronehmeuts to the commissary department for provisions, took a utar direction, passing over a range or sand bills. Instead of the usual route. (In the way. one of them captured u donkey, and mounted him. without saddle or bridle, or. in his own words, without rigging or spars, steering him with a cudgel by striking him ou the side of the head. The wind and sand were a littlu too severe on the top of the hill for the comfort of the animal, and the donkey made hi.t wav to the leeward, despito the exertions of the sailor to prevent him. who was compelled to get as far back on the animal as ho could, to prevent him from slipping over Ills head as he descended the hill. As soon ns ths donkey iiad got to the leeward of the hill, lie obstinately refused to go any further; the sudor kicked him in the side and heat him with the cudgel, hut to no avail. At length tin discontinued his exertions, and quietly sat on the donkey's haunches, apparently willing lo wait the pleasure of his donkeyship One of the sailors, who appeared to lie amused at his shipmate's difficulties, song out to him. In u ??r- . n.irny unrr re you ai alienor, Jack ? No, sir, laying too fir n fiiir windf" says Jack, and at the some lime moving liltnuplf farthrr back on tbc animal Well, what arc yon lining an far aft why don't you ail further forward ."' again inquired hia friend.? Promt,< (lie rulca of the arrvice allows the commander I to ait on the quarter-deck of Ills own craft." About this ' tluir the wind shifted a little, and lilew the sand in the face of the stubborn donkey, and lie attempted to turn round, bend to leeward, hut. standing on the nido of the hit. the sand pave way under Ilia feet ami down came the J jaekasa and the jnekstiilor. one over the oilier, heels over i head to the ImjUoiii. As they wore rolling down, one of the sailors sung out?" Lu(l a little Jack" "I.tiff be | d?d." Buys lie?"don't you see breakers ahead,"'and i laying on the ground, kicking away, hard us 1m eould. culled lustily for a line, as " his craft had shipped a sou, and all hands were overboard." The donkey seemed to j understand mutters, took advantage of circumstances, i and made oil with all the precipitancy he coubl. leaving i the sailor to pursue his journey on foot. INOIIIKNTS AT Bl.'ENA VISTA. The " Great Western,"' or " The Heroine of l'ort ! I Brown," as alio la often called, still sticks to the army, j Indeed, it is only when sho is abroad with the soldiers I that she appears to lie at home. At tlie present time her 1 tent is pitched at Saltlllo. where she exhibits the same rough-and-ready goodnature, the same e.tpi it du rorpi, i which lias distinguished her-ince sin "Joined the army." She keeps a rcetuurst, or mets-housc, nmre especially for | the otheers, and gives u kick to a saucy customer, or a cup of coffee to a favorite oue. with equal facility. She does a steak to a T, hut he who would attempt to " do" her V.I,ill.1 II nil liin.n.t 11.. 1-1 .... i - 1 one guy a word against the American army, aud slio u cure lirst to act hint up and then to knock him down Olio instance. hy way of illualratiini : On tho evening of tbu buttle of llnena Vista. l-'ch. 'Jild, n little < iToiniuuto fellow, in all the haute ami all the bewilderment of John Oflpin in lii* involuntary equestrian feat from Islington, rode into Mullillo and up to the (|uarterg of the Grout. We*tern He was trembling 80 tliHt one would imagine an invisible electrifying machine wag operating on ills nerves, "Why, what's tho matter with you. Miss Nancy ? wlni' s skeercd you now said thoamiable hostess. "fill, Mrs. Uourdotte !" snl I the counterfeit soldier? the apology for a man. " we'll he all slain by the Mexicans; Gen. Taylor is on the retreat; it's all over witli us; we'll l.e either shot, or sen! to tho mines. Oh! I would'ut rare." he continued, in a whining tone. " I wonld'nt enre. but for my old woman and three children in tho ' States.' I know, John,' said she to me when I was ruining uway ? I know your courage will get you Into a scrape- -you are too impetuous, John,' said she; and it was true for her. If I whs not I might still be n waiter in a respectable restnurat In New (irleutis. Ilnint you got a cup of coflcc fur in". Mrs. Bourdetto (such is the Great Western's nnttrimoninl name]. Iiaint you got a cup of colfee lor mo just to quench my thirst?" "Not u it- n drop, tVntsou." said the Amazou woman of the ramp, sternly. ' Ko yon, you diinlnutivo i realure. whose heart lias got tlic shaking ague?you any Unit Gen. Taylor has retreated?*' "Oh 1 saw It." said the little num. "saw 1L with my two eyes." "It's a? no-such-thing," said the Great Western, emphatically; "Gen. Taylor never rotrcats- the Anierl- | ran army no or retreats it never has since I joined it nor ever before, to my knowledge; so clear out. you skunk, you, or I'll give you what you tffd not wait long 1 enough for the Mexicans to give you." Anil here she brandished nil old sword, which she had converted into a curving knife, over the head of the little man. from which ho ran olT still faster than he nui from But nu V i ta This scene was not well over, when news arrived of the death of ('apt. t.ineoln. On hearing it. the large knife fell from her hand site fell herself on to a chair and wept like n child. "you knew the < aptnin well, did you not. Mrs. Botirdette?" said n person present. "Knew him!" said slic. wiping tho big tears from her bronzed f??c w ith her greasy apron "Knew him.' I did'nt know any one else. It was ho enlisted me six years ago. In Jefferson llarrneks. shortly after my first husband joined the regiment?and we nave lived together, thai Is, I he has cat at my table, all the time since. Ah, there I was no runaway in hiin. But. poor dear man, I mast go I Slid see to him this icry night, lost them rascally greasers I should strip lilin. and. not knowing him. I could not I.In. I..,.,.,,I .. I 'I Off nlii! went to the blood-stained battle field, sought I among the dead and dying till aim found out the corpse ! of the brave enpt.. wliieli a he brought to Saltillo and had ' decently Interred. She now keepa Ids aword and oilier equipments, and rows not to purl with Until through life. Tho following incident goes to illustrate the great numerical force of the printers with the army. (.en. Scott on a recent occasion, wanted to have some general orders printed at a given time. He sent directions to the office of the Tanpito Sentinel to hnvo them done. Ho was told that in conac<|Ucnco of the scarcity of hands tho work could not he accomplished, lie then, ou morning parade, ordered all printers to step forward three paces, from tho ranks, when several hundred men, all printers obeyed tho order. MIMT.t It V I NTKld.I'i I" V tt, The New Orleans Commercial Timet, of the 7th inst., has the following : ?' Wo have been permitted to peruse Several private letters, of a very late date, from the city of Mexico, written by persona of the highest respectability. and whose sources of information are ample They state, as a matter of positive certainty,]that negotiations for pence between the I 'nited States and Mexico lire under advisement, and that tho return of ftuuta Anon, who was hourly expected, would be tiie signal for the eommencenisnt of overtures These advices are simil r to those received lit tho North, and to which sevwrnl of the journals in that quarter have given publicity. The outgivings of the Northern press ou tide subject were, w ever, little mora than conjecture. Our opinions arc bused upon more reliable Information. Ilrig. C.cii < adwallader arrived at New Orleans on the 6th Inst, on his way to Mexico. We understand he lias been assigned to the conimand of all tho posts on the llio lii-muli*. uiilil thu reinforcement* for Men I nylor have j all nrrlvwl, whon ho will juln tlx* main body on its advance to Suu Luis. A apontanooua project for presenting on behalf of our citixvn* a apb'iulld *word to I >!. JalTerxon Uavi*. aayg tho I'ickthurg Smtintl. no a testimonial of lh? estimate of ' liiii service* felt by tlio people of the state lie ha* lion- | ored, has been get on foot. Already n very co'isidoraUe j amount ha* been raised for thiapurpOM. A letter received at the Merchant*' Exchange, from n grandson of John Adam*, who I* an officer on board th? Vixen, cruising olT Vera Cruz, state*. in unqualified term*, that Col Harney had raptured A1 vara do. The letter in dated March Jhth?fhitnn Transcript. Kigbty-flve C. 3. regular* recruited at different po*t* j nlonjr tne line from Alhauy to buffalo, came down the river night before luet. to take lip their ((barterson < in- | veruor'g bland. Major T. II. Seymour, of the I H Herslee, lui* gone \ to tort Adam*, Newport, H I . to drill tho recruit* of the New England regiment. The citixoua of l.ouiyvillc have resolved to ereet ? a 11 i to tile niouuine at over the remain* of l.ieut < Nil Clay | ami the other Kentucky officers who fell at lluena I \ iita XAVAh. f I'rnm the W'a.huigo.ii Union, Apr.I II.J Kslrart of n IrttfY from a Wldthijiman on board thi I' S Stiamrr Mitiit$(ppi. (hi Tuesday 1 accompanied ( aptain Mayo, on rhore In hi i gig; e. iid by hie direction I raised n llag stall in front of the tent of Men. Hrntt. The old hero complimented ine l y ahylng It was done in a snnmantlkc manner, and treated me with great, politeness. in tli? meantime a iiortlu r aro*e, and neither Captain Muyo nor inyaelf eiiuld return to the ahlp; *o on rliorn we remained, nmrli to my discomfort The fleet (.art of tho night I threw inj i If upon the boat cushion*. nnd afterward* erept in between two army officer*, who very kindly allowed ine a part of their blanket. The next morning we returned to tlo rlilp Juit 111 tluie to join my dlvialon. nnd to r pair again on shore to relieve the party at the naval bat- t tory. hicuteiuint DcCntnp, Midshipman Shubrick and my If were tho officer*, under the command of the gallant. < aptain Mayo Wo reached the bat tery at A, p m , and n le ved < aptain Aulick Nothing an* dono by ua that night, although we were l.i pt nil the rirr by a steady stream of shot. Inccsnntlv poured into 11*. One of our men had hla leg broken: and while lying on the *nnd very near Where I was standing. waa hit again on the same limb, nnd Imd It again fractured. So you may judge how they peppered u* In the evening the army engineer* repaired our br-a t work*. Tim r supposing we were silenced did not annoy us after darkMidshipman Shuhrlck MrOaw. and myself, Ilirew our kcIvci down iu the open air until daylight' when * UEK A 17. found we could hardly atand. so completely wera we benumbed hy the heavy dew Our blood was soon set lu clreulatiou. however by exerolsa at the gum. Each ship ... ut u gun. making tlx in nil. with their crews, ammunition provisions . (kc Ours was an 8-Lnch I'alxhan. and we lmd forty nten to work it. Our battery was a splendid piece of work, made of bags of sand, with regular embrasures, and bomb-proof Had It not been ?o. many of us must have lost the number of our mess. Wo bred away briskly for two hours before breakfast; and immediately after we went at it again, wbilo the city poured one continued shower of eighteen pound shot and large shells into us We were careful to take deliberate aim. and ulways did execution It so bnppoued that I tired our gun the priuelpal part of the time Poor Shubrick discharged seventeen rounds, while I was looking at the enemy's battery through the glass, the better to direct the tire. I then came down and told Shubrlck I would take a spell, when he banded uie the match. The gun was ruu out and primed, when Mr. Dei amp told me to take the glass, and see exactly where to aim. As I wus obeying this order, poor Totu Shubrlck. standlug by my side, near the right truck. (1 being opposite the breech of the gnu.) said. " Hold on. Joe. let's see what you are pointing at : I kuow just where to fire," putting his left hnml on my right shoulder Those were his last words. Just ut that instant, (and tlio glass still at my eye) an 18 or *J4-pound shot passed between us. barely escaping me. and struck liiui on the left side of the neck. Wo both fell, and all supposed I had been hit; hut in uu instant I was on my feet, and beheld poor Shubrlck lying ou Ills back, aud the blood gushing in streams from his neck and bead. He was instantly killed. Wc went on, however, and tired away for two hours, uutil every battery was silenced, except one small gnu on the extreme loft of the town, which did no damage. Our am munition was now Retting abort. Hint we Marked our tire uucl went to dinner. Our good Cap! Mayo guvo u* terrapin soup and Madeira wine, and otber extras. I tired our gun (ho rest of the day. and trust it did good execution. I nm certain wo demolished one battery, leaving not one atone upon another. The ruemy tired about 1.100 shot and shell at us, and only killed tthubrick. one man from the Albany, nnd a volunteer belonging to a company stationed near ua. \ man very near me, at our gun, had his hand broken, and a marine whs knocked down by a spont ball. Thus you may infer how well we were protected. We were always on the look out and whenever the smoke was seen from the enemy's batteries the word waa '-down,'' nnd every man would fall flat. Two sheila exploded within twenty-five feet of ua, blowing up 180 poundsof our powder,knocked our provisions and water about, took out a piece of Lieut. I'rally's lint, and never injured a man To-morrow wo bury poor Tont Shulirick. IIow deeply we nil deplore his logs ! A better messmate I nevor had. lie had u strong presentiment that he should be shot, and left a letter directed than: "To lie opened should I he among the 'missing." I opened it in presttuco of ( apt. Mayo nnd others. It stated his desire to have all bis things sunt to Midshipman Scott, and contained a lock of luilr for lib mother end others, aiul a ring to S. ('apt. McKenzlc has made arrangements for tlie proper disposition of his effects, and lias written a beautiful letter to his father. I hope we shall raise, by subeeriptiou. a Uuudsoiuc sum to erect a monument to his memory in Washington. [From the Portsmouth (Va.) Chronicle.] The Lnitcd States steamer Union came out of the dork on Saturday last, and the frigate St. Lhwronee took her place to bo coppered. The frigate Cumberlnnd. recently repaired in dork and coppered, wus hauled under the shears on the sumo day to receive her mattB. The Union has gone down the river on uu experimental trip. II eraM Foreign Corrcupondencc. London, March 3, 1847. The Provision Market ?English Politic* -Coroner'* fiiqueete in Ireland?The Englith IJuHj-et?State of the I'inancee?The Mvnlpcnsier Marriage? European I'alitici?Ether Excitement ill Europe? free Trade Public Opinion an the elate of Ireland- Theatricale Tlio aspect of the time* ig gloomy and foreboding: a long anil severe winter lias bceu gouo through, and still h severe frost closes up the face of uuture. By last night's mails the melancholy fact is made known not only that breadstuff* have become more scarce and are risen in price suddenly and enormously hi every market, but what is worse, that there is no doubt they will rise ' still higln r. in this threatening condition of things, nr. counts arrive from foreign Kuropoan ports whence supplies have hitherto lteen received, that the various governments are preparing to put a stop to uny further exportation* of wheat from their countries. Russia, it is said Iiiik already, by an Imperial edict, put a stop to the exportation*, and thus shut up the supplies from the Baltic W hat will be the end of it all is hard to say. for tlie condition of the large class of the poorer sort here in Lnglaml is beginning to lie as bad almost as that of the unfortunate people of Ireland. It seems us If the judgments of (iod wi re pouring out in full measure upon the nations of K.urope Seldom has there been recorded tn history a period of so much suf fering and distress among nations as is witnessed in the present duy. What a commentary upon l lie wisdom of | Kuropeau gyvernments ! Let. them say v.hat they will of the experiment of popular rule in America, but what I shall lio said of the experiment of monarchical and nrisi toeratic empire, when, after to many hundreds of years of long trial, the end of it ull In tills day is witnessed lu the heggary. misery and suffering of the great masses of the people? The most interesting and striking event In the political world since my last communication, has been the great and desperate attempt at a rally, nmde by the shattered and disjointed opposit ion, with Lord George Bentinek at their head. The plan was artfully contrived, so j as to work noon the pussioiiH ami cupidity of the Irish muiuucrs, m imprn. ily uu*ir iu*Bintnnvv, m jft'iunf? a ni.ijority. and overthrowing tho government of Lord Jolin Russell. The fulcrum on which this movement was bused. was n great eleemosynary railway hill, whlcii was made a pretext for bribing Ireland to combine with the protectionist*, and overtiirow the ministry. By thia hill a loan was to he raised of ifi million* sterling. to be scattorcd profusely all over Ireland. It wa* a huge halt for speculator*, jobbers, and the greedy nrniy of locusts which wcro ready to rush together, to obtain, in a general scramble, a rich share of spoil The halt took lor a time; the Government trembled in Its seat. The krlieme. however, wa* so barefaced, the manliest coucootion of artful speculators prepared to work upon the worst passion* of inen. that when it was seen that It would take, anil that tho golden bait was working upon a majority; In tho House, a general alarm was created throughout the country; the funds were alfeeted as inueh as ever they were on the arrival of news of sonic national calamity. At length Lord John Kussoll ranm out with the decided declaration that lie would stand or fall on tho issue of that bill. Then tho Irish member* were themselves alarmed; they knew well that the opposition had not the confidence of the country, and that It would be impossible to form a government out of all Us materials. \ caucus was held; there was a hesitation between the golden offers of the protectionists and the good will and actual good deeds of the existing government The question really was. should a present good, however incomplete, performing by the present ministry. be rejected for the inintiI>^tnutin.1 shadows of golden ) vinlfiiij* of prosperity delusively held out to them by the I bill' So blinded, however, were they by the rieli And golden visions, Hint they could not bring themselves absolutely to reject tile " bird iu the bush.'' though they were rather afraid If they stood by the scheme they might lose the "bird in the hand." Accordingly It was decided to get Lord tieorgo to postpone his measure for a fortnight Here, however, they were Hoik united by Lord John Russell; he refused to consent to keep the go. verument and the count rv iu suspense, and hy this flrm stand the whole nITair and scheme was exploded and the government triumphed this tluie. What other device may yet he resorted to remains to be seen The Irish are having a great deal done for them, hut they urc discontented and and want more There ere elements of dissatisfaction brewing 011 all hands, while the ever and and daily increasing of the intensity of the famine and the dread of what may yet happen before the next barvest. places the government ami I lie rouutry iu a position of extreme embarrassment and difficulty. A singular and striking fart oeeurs ttinost dally In In land by which an Idea may be formed of the perverted and lanatic spirit of the people there against the Kngllah government, while nil the while that government is supporting the masses o-i well as it can. out of an exhausted treasury. II is the strange determination. [>ossessed by all the Irish juries on coroner's Inquest*, where distress appear* iu any degree to have attended the death, to bring iu n verdict of "wilful murder against Lord John Russell " -Vrcouuts from Ireland re preaelit IIIIH eliariieUTiaiie ni.y u* '! niminiii ovcur wnri', The annual budget wn? opened mi Monday of U?t week, by the whig Secretary of the .Twmtfj. or an hit title hero in. t lianccllor of the K*eln-'|ti"r I'lila tinnunl huilget la the great ti nt lo the country, of mliitati-rat proa portly and akill. iiml of national prooi.crlly. '1 lie whig government on tliii. Iti llr*t < xtiiliiMon. dooe not eoine off with audi flying color* a* Sir It Peel hu* liecu in tlie ol doing f?.r yearn pact. In theDililnt of peace. (?iich in the overwhelming iliia*tcr of the torlie.) it loan of eight million.- alerting m obliged to lie rennrted lo. turnery on the governim lit. Thin ha* produced a among all clnMe*. though it wu* not unlooki'd lor ill however, to be oblige I to borrow in a time of pence, In ulway* onilnou* and 11 imd tign Mont Inrkjr linve the roiieervatlTv"' lie. n 111 getting out of office In tliene bad time*, mill en tin,' nil the diffirtilllei of the day upon the nhonlder of the whip- Winn timer are lietter. tliey will lie ready to< In Kg..In According to the otneiiil Matrinent nl thii ' lianeeUor. the aetuul revenue of the part year con-lderably exceed* the e-tiuiale.-. Thll in owing to t lie free-t rfido or nut i-te.rilf |Killey. and prenent* to the world one of the *t.rongc*t argument* in favor of the ny ' "in of removing commercial restriction*. and abolishing all protection and fnwirilinin to nnv particular trndlng r|n?? It i? the very nyniem whieh lian been nolnng contended for by the democratic party in tho I nit'd State- and there l< no doubt but that t tic policy, argument*, niul rpeechr* of your grcai American stale*, men. mid public journalist* on thl* subject..hav e had a great share in producing tli>. revolution in favor of a liberal pulley and unrestricted trade in t'.ngland flic he. n.d.l therefore, which will hereafter How lo the t ntled Stater. by the abolishing of the K.ngllrh protective *y*. tein. may. in no amiilt degrnc. lie attributed In democratic influence and pol >y. Surely. a few Iron dealer* In IViiii*ylvania, will nut lie able to rtciu tlie torrent of tlii* great and n*eful policy in the linttiel State*. The Monti.en?lcr marriage dispute luia ended in a peraonal quarrel between Mou- (iul/otaiid I.ord Normanby, the Kliglirh Ambassador at Pari* I,mil* Philippe hml agreed with t|ue?n Victoria, at the < bateau d, that i L D IMft Twu Cent*. hit ton should not marry ijuMn Isabella's tiattr till tflf the yiuou wut married and had Issue ; theu M. Oulsot told I oru Nonnauhy that in fattitmsnt of ibis ?nta*a merit. tbo young Uuku ?hoUld leriauriy not be uiarrUd till ajtcr th? tgueeu . aud accordingly tu?y ware inardaA five uiiuutua after the toucan of Spain Lord Normsuby called thit a mean equivocation. and M Uuiiot Justified it levi'ore I lie Chambers by saying lie wat dealing with aa enemy Lord N. It offended because he wat tricked, and M. O. it otTended because Lord X. hat published Uta trick. HcDee they are.with daggers drawn?their quarrel tlUt all tbo fatbiouahle world at farts with excitemeat. The King's friends will not attend the balls and/slst of the Knglish Lord when invited. aud the opposition crowd to hit talon. It It a paltry little rivalry of the ball rooi^ which serves mightily to uuiuse the gay world ut Paris. The American discovery of the use of vthsr is all its ruge at thit moment In London aud i'arls. Lv?u tht ladies have taken it up. und almost long to have operation* performed upon them. A wealthy Hussiau nobleman at Paris has just had iiu eye taken out. on which there was* terrible cancer, with perfect ease, by uieaut of the elhar. ll Is the wonder of the day till tome other new thins khu.ll Liu u! art i?d tft npniihv thu llifhf mimU <?f lifht m/\?_ taU. Excltumcnt 1* the order of the day with thoaa who ara at rate They pant after excitement, and lire by it. To the othor*. breail It the topic of tbair anxious thoughts, and they ure tullatieil if they ran gel bread. Aliuoat aa many die or are miterahle for want of excitement, aa those who die or are wretched for want of bread. It la only a want, under a different name. All are iu want? such it uiau t The greul argument of Mr Webtter and the tariff whig* in the l' State* it, that if any branah of butiiieet prospers by protection, it in pood fbr the working men by rtitinp tho wage* of labor. That thit argument it bated upon a deception, all experience manifeett. and ctpecially at thi* moment tlie experience of all the agricultural population throughout England. Kor. tbnuph at this moment tha emplnycrt are receivlnp an enormout price for thalr produce of til kinds, greater than tbey have ever lareived for many yeart pnti. yet. wage* remain the same without any rite. Hence it it inamfrtl. that when employ ert of fabor can. if they pleaae. give, good wage*, It by uo meant follows that they will. Public opiniou ia at length settling itself down upon one fixed basis with retpect to Ireland, via that tha Iritli landowners are the proximate cause and prodneera of the terrible rnudltion of Ireland. They drove tha peasantry by their cxarllons, to diet upon tiotatoee, and the miserable situation of tbe people, and tne cruel conduct of the owners of the soil, was not known to tha world, or rather was not cared for. till the potatoe flailed and the strange spectacle *?> exhibited to the world of a whole nation being fl>d by charity out of the English treasury. The inevitable effect of the gcnerul feeling will be tho establishment of a poor law for Ireland, making tho land support the people as it ought to do. While the , Irish landholders have driven their tenants to live like cattle, on nothing hut potatoes, their inn rt-rKit-nii eiiravagauur uu* urougm uioiiucive* into no enviable position. Imagine if you ran. their situation. The whole rcntattof Ireland in about twelve million* sterling. and eight million* of thin pro** a* intcraat upon mortgage*.into the pocket* of the usurer*, bankers, uiol money lender*. The theatrical world 1* now in all ita brightness and ^lory. The t^ueen'.* Theatre ha* made a splendid opening t ianlnid a* u tenor, ha* rn sted a grcst actuation, he 1* said to surpass all eotnpetlturi. The public are all on tiptoe for the arrival of Ml** Jenny I.lnd. Ml*, lUitlsr, after aevcral abortive negotiations, i* at leugth engaged l>y Maddux, and will appear in London again afer performing ut Manchester, where ahe ha* obtained u decided triumph. < oucert* and musical soiree# ure now In full activity and new piece* are continually succeeding each other Wallace'* new opera. " Matilda of Hungary," for which musical expectation bad long been anxiously waiting. Iia* at length been brought out. and ha* mea with decided success. Altogether, not\* hhslandiug tba dtillne** of political event*, and t lie gloom which banga over thu moral world, musical theatrical and fashionable affair#. have bat none of their vivacity, nor asysk found any decrease in the real an I number of their ve I tarlea un t worihippora. W. Ululin, Dee. I'd, 1844. The Annexation of Cracow?The Sanctity of Treatime ?Commercial Affaire?Englith Church in Berlin The political calm which hail pervaded Kurope forth* hut Ave or nix vean. after being disturbed by U?* " vexed lueation" of the Spani-h marriage, ha* received a fresh shock from the annexation of Unoox to the Austrian monarchy. Thiicw-ut though it might bar*' . I ecu for?oen ever autre the I vat I'ollah lusurrgctiou 1M taken the Trench and Kngh-u newspaper wrltor* (If not the cabinets themselves) quite by (urpriie. uud railed * ktnrin of indignation against the three northern power*, the luprrtieiul observer. would seem likely to produce a general conflagration. The French journal* ?r* particularly outrageous : and. by the high touc of offended I morality they indulge in by the maimer in which they talk of ' the sanctity oftrcatn a " the breach of internatloual pledger.", ami ho forth, yon would iuiagin* thalr nation to be quite hutnarulato in that respect ThU, hovtuvcr. la far trolu being the ctae; the treaty of 181t, wboae inviolability they now tneiat upon liaa b**n broken ao repoatedly by tliuuiaelvc* a., to auahl* the three |>owera to make me of the of lite tu auayut argument against them, with great effect The very mutenee of the dyna?ty of Jniy ia a tin grunt breach of Um compact entered into at Vienna, and the arparation of llclglum front Holland, if poaaihle. U a at HI greater on*. It la true, that not only Knglaml. hut even Austria. I'ruaaia. aud Russia. yielded a tardy and reluctant consent to both there arta. but under what rlrcuiuatanrca ! The Jirty revolution was begun aud ended In the three days, and the prtvioua order of tiling- eoubl only he restored at the expense c.f * general war The disruption of Belgium wm effected Austria wan engaged In Italy, Russia In Poland. and Kngiaad In the internal struggles attending on the passing of tl.- reform bill ; by IjM assistance of the French, the Belgian* were enabled to establish an independent kingdom In lHSi a French army dislodged the Dutch from the eltadrl of Antwerp in 1K31 ; Lord Palmeraton, who was then under the fluence of that areh deeclTer. Talleyrand, wai induced to join in the confederacy against Holland . and the the three northern powers were obliged, bongri malgrt, to submit to circumstances, to wink at the bole made In the treaty of Vienna, and to acknowledge the fait accompli. This time the boot is on the other leg . hot It inay be confidently prognosticated that the result will he the same There will he long speeches In the French ( hautbers. protestations, interpolations, and Ir.minttktions. and then anne new topie will lie started?soma mare's-nest tie discovered in Morocco, the Aandwtch Islands or at the North Pole ; and Cracow will ha gradually consigned to oblivion .Neither in this country nor In \ustrladothe governments appear to entertain the least, apprehensions of auy serious difficulty; the whole military establishment continues in ttatu qua?not a regiment has changed Its quarters. nor a soldier mora been called out than the usual uumtier There ara rumors indeed of a large Ktisatati army having been assemhled 011 the frontiers of Volhynia: hut this Is a standing dish, which is served up about every six months, and is now grown quite stale These views I am well aware are diametrically opposed to those you may have formed from the perusal of the French and F.ngltsh journals, whose dicta are chiefly listened to by the American public in questions of F.uropean policy But violent invective and eloquent declamation will serve to bolster up the most flimsy reasoning, and in this ease as well as in every ntaer. It Ui best to hear Ixdh sides before giving a final verdict. Commercial affairs just at present wear rather a gloomy aspcet; money is scarce, and the partial failure of the crops lias produced a scarcity of provisions, which la | painfully frit by the middling and lower classes One of rut-iirni, iiuuncn ill urcr<iaii. nrnmrr e* t to. Slopped pty nirnt the other day; their liabllitlo* lire *nld to esceed gttOO.OOO. on.I many of our principal merchant* will ba henry loam In my next. 1 nhall give you lome further particular* of the tu'inrtary nml financial *tute of thU country, ami of the ditoslrou* consequence* occasioned by tlio iiiiinln for apeculutlng iu railway share* It i* only within th>> lost few year* that the Knglllh nu<l American resident* of Berlin hare been aeeommodateil with a place of worship. which. Iiowerer. warn altus ted at ? distance from the centre of the town, and In a very ineligible neighborhood Through the exertion* of the rhuplaln. Iter. Mr liellson. whole aeal ou thta occasion cannot be t<"> much extolled, a more appropriate loralr ha* now hcen obtained In the principal street of this metropolis, calle.l the Linden. and on Snnday thw I '.'ittli Novumhcr. dlyine scrrleu *u performed there for tlie first time It wa? attended hy a nnmaroaa and re! spcetablu congregation irielnditig the Lugltah Ambon**| dor and l<ady Westim roland. the American Mlniatnr, ! and Mrs Donelaon. and the member* of the two l.egaI 11'in*, and I hare no doubt thl* new arrangement wiM i tund inalcriaJly to the comfort not only of the reaidenta, l.iit of ihe travellers of both nation*, who pa** through licriin in considerable number* during the snmnier *oa| aon. Baai ia. Kab I'i. IB I? Onrn/n? uj tSr Prmtian Stit't (Jr.nrrat- Tbt Probable Kfftet A new era ha? dxwnr I upon l'ru**l.'i f or the flrot time Hluce tin- cxi?teuce of tho lii"uarchy. the Htatew hare ben called together by the King 'I liey meet in \pril The excitement produced by tnl* event throughout till thrmany i* e*tv**lr? It 1* true tho proceedings of the HI 11 , * uenernl are restricted to Ult ra money itIfiiir* and taxes not the luxe* on Import*, for I that already In-long* nfl.ifivi I* *<> tha /ollveraiu but : to hold the pnr.o-nlrln-r* III" hold n man'* thought* utid purpnt--* niul mor-- wnf ? Klur't Some nuppoae 1 thiil tli" uniting >f lb if-t-tnhly will 1*> tha beginning oj vii'l I'luiniC " iii Ocrinnii norlrty ami polltlca?that it may foil"* tin- I'irwf of tha Ktatat General in I rani*, which preceded their revolution in 1700. But untie can fore*"!' tlio ri-ult l.utlu-r. not fur frrnn Berlin, begun the |fr. at religion* revolution which changed the face of l .iirn|in, and cli-viitrd the condition of the civilized world. 1 crimp* the opening ot tlie Pruaalan State* < imeral may 1m another utoti In tno progTcr* of human Improvement. I Germany i* all alive. OAio. ltd ai.iiimv ii r. 11 it i uB \mTHs, a.ntb. ! IV kljk8 AND morchktok8, ke? ae-Now it the | ????on for the npplie.tmn of the ?nbtrribe. '? celebrated prei lAr.tiiou* for the euuin ition of *11 tpeeie* of vermin, iaI letting It-ultra. h*rn?, Car-1 - m, he., lie. The . litiv" b? en in > r -i - for the but flie yean, and tha ' be?l evnle-ire id then i 'f - >ey in the lart, tint t ryare to eiten.ively in n*e. No hotel, boarding or |>ri??te <>nta, tittinboat, or olher vr.nel*, ihoiild fid to avail themieliet of ervlie*ter for the esterminatioa of vermin, which invariably tie to lie found about their premme* during the lummer month*. The preparation* are entire! free from tnvne*?ly ; mineral potion, and ciin b? u*e4 with nxftfy. 1 he celebrated ' flypaper ha* ?(tja m*>iv, mriiy liilnion* of Ijiet. For ?da by DB I,K Witt F'- VC IITVV \N1IHR. P Liberty , .tree, near Willra.o; ...oft II. RING, corner way ! and John Sueet. *s ''W**JLNOT1CE. BUADNKK *t < Q-, lava iei?oved m No * ,N??yii, between VV II n I *iree ?, ..p|? ?ne t ie < attorn IF eve, apt lm*r I

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