Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 17, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 17, 1847 Page 3
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:*??????-- i, ? _ Old Block Eulungc, ?l*;,?[ v S6V *56 101 100aba Readme 60 tAA t > do ' i5 61 ? **> do blmoe 60? |5Q0 Try not??, 31-5> 10? 50 Canto,, 35? *iv2S 1? ? '* ?'.? Wdai-, 35V tJS ' " ? * Ifl'l 1W do 35? *S au bJ" 10:1 IM Mohawk RR 67 *S n. d_o M . I"-".' 150 do blmo. I* MU0 ?h?) 7'a, 90 ilayt 105 50 ilarlrm 12V 51SSS a. Ld0 . 10 4 "* do 52? IS i?liba"!lj ". *00 do blmo* 53 S3000 Kentucky 6'? to? 100 do linos 53 JS0!*0 do 00 loo do bio 52? cS L '0I18t''' ,3u ,u 56 do 52? M300 Paiuj 5', 72V M Nor Sc War 50? s. 000 do 72? 5(1 d? 50? SjOWI Reading Bdi 600 (2? J) do 50V. S50U0 do biO 72? 50 do b30 50? i.,000 do 72V 50 do buw 50? 0 ana barmen' Tr t.20 72? 100 do ?30 50 '('# do bill 32? 15(1 do 50V ! " do bl5 32? 100 do bOO 50? 0> do 32 W loo do blmoi 50 V '0(J do 32 V 100 do 50',, 00 do tOUaflO 32? 50 Stoning Ion 46 50 do b30 32? 55 Erin ncriji 82? do blmo* 33 25 do WL? 100 do ilo 32? 150 Long Island >.60 26,V 50 do (.30 32? 400 do b60 30 5o JtiorjH bio 21? 5o0 do b30 JO 100 do b5 21? 150 do b?0 30? 500 do blmo* 21? 100 do bCO 307. 50 do >60 21 350 do bCO 30 V 25 Seienth Ward Bank 'J5 200 d? blm<? 30,? 100 N A Triut blO !? too do bid JO 75 U 8 Bank 5 100 do 30 100 Vicksburg blmo* II? 50 do blO 30? 50 do bjday* 11 50 Eaal Boaton 17 25 V O City 85 50 do 17? Hon Reading 60 day.i 60? Second Board. $4000 Reading lionda "2U 50 <lu Loin Itlauul bio 'JO** SoO (to Morris bfimoi 10 22 ? 200 Jo bJO 30j* 40 do <14 lib 40 Can lull 34 Si 40 K.Ht Ilostou 171, 200 do b4mo< 34 V IU0 Koug Island l>30 3014 210 Kurmert' Loan 32V \ 10 do b'J 30 b; 40 do 32V | 10 do 301, 100 Harlem 42.V 100 do 30 V 40 North Am Tiutl 0 100 do 30W 40 do V 40 do blO 3U.S, New Stock Eu hiuigi'. 40 ihi Farmeri' Tr ?14 'J2V 24 <h? Nor ?t Wor b20 40 V 40 do <10 321* 40 do b20 4<>V 24 Nor It Wor <3 40C 24 do bt4 40^ 100 do ca<h 40!n 24 do culi 41).V 40 dw Saturday 40/, 24 do Saturday 20.1, CITY TRADE REPORT. Now Yonm, Friday Afternoon, April Id. The markets generally presented little change eluce yeeterday Flour, if uny thing, waa flrtnor. and salua of Genoese were made at $7 76 a $7 81 '? with a small vale of family at $8, and Michigan and Troy at $7 75. A aula of Qeuoeee waa made, to arrive In May, at $d 60. Southern and Wextern branda were alao firm, and aalei of Georgetown made at $7 60, and of Ohio at $7 50 a $7 76. Corn continued to fell at yaaterday'a priors, and considerable naloa of Northern yellow were made at 06 eta. Meal waa leaa Arm. and soles made at $4 68% a 54 76. Ilye moved freely at 01 a 93 cts. Oats sold freely at 48 a 60 eta. for good North River. Provisions were steady at previous priees, with a moderate amount of sales. Groceries were quiet, and sales of Coffee and Sugar rather limited. The reeclpts of Flour from Troy and Albany, It was said, would be much less than what bad been anticipated. A portion of the galea to-day wero wade for ahipment to France. Ashki.?Pota continue firm, and 40 barrels gold at $9. Pearls were held at $6 50. Beeswax.?Tho market was dull at 14^ a 37 eta. for yellnw. Biikaoati'ffs ? Flour?We report sales of 1000 bblg. of (Jenogee and Troy, on its war down tho river, at $7 75; 1000 do. Troy and 900 do. Michigan, in the city, at the game price; 700 do. Oeueaee gold for (shipment to France at $7 79; 100 do., fancy, at $9; and 2000 do., to arrive by the 20tli of May, at $0 60. Southern wua tirm. and we report soles of 800 hble. Georgetown at $7 90. A aale of 100 bbls. Ohio flat hoop, from Philadelphia. wag made at $7 75. and another lot of Ohio gold at $7 CO, and 400 bblg. " Haxalg'' gold at $8 50. Wheat? There were no sampled offered, and prices were nominally the same. Corn?We report galea of 10.000 bush, of northern yellow, to arrive by the 20th of May, at 85 cants, and about 24,000 to 25.000 do., in tho city, or on its way down the river, at 96 cents. The sales of white and mixed were small, and made at about 90 cents. Com Meal?The market was loss Arm, and wo report sales of 2500 to 3000 bbls. New Jersey at $4 75, and 300 do at (4 flKJi' live?We report sales of 2000 bushels at !>:) cents; 10.000 do. on private terms, and 10.000 to 16.000 do. at 01 a 93 cents. Uarlty?Tho last salos were made at 76 oeuts. Oati?We report galea of 15,000 bushels of prime North River at 48, 49 to 50 cents. Candles?The market for sperm was steady at 31c. CorvsE?The market waa quiot, and no gales of importance transpired. Cotton.?The market is quiet, with a limited amount on gale. It la probable the business will bo small until the arrival of the steamer. Fuh?We report sales of 1,300 quintals of dry cod at $3 90; and 1.400 bbls Halifax mackerel at $10 75 for No. 1, $7 12,'s for No. 2, and $5 12>? for No. 3; 200 bbs. south, largo No. 3, sold at $5 36. These sales embraoed about all afloat. Fa,-it?Bunch raisins remained steady at $1 85: 1.500 boxes Palermo oranges, part in bad order, sold by auction and brought $1 60 a 3 37)*; and 800 do. lemons do. at $2 37 H a 3 50. Hgiur?The market oontlned scantily supplied, and we beard of no transactionsLead?Tho market was Arm, but no salos transpired. Tho upper Mississippi, at last accounts, was open to navigation, and aa arrival of lead had taken place at St. Louis from Galena. Molasses?We heard of no salos beyond 90 hhds. (deck) oeuimon Cuba at 31c.; for better descriptions22c. was demanded; 90 hhds. common Muscovado sold, by auotien. at 17 a 19,V cash. Natal Stokis ?Spirits continued to sell at 43 a 43c. Rough was in better demand for shipment, and rather I mA?.. rfnl.... LaU... ?A... .11.-A.A.I l? ?? .1 I their term*. Oili.?Sales of about 1000 gallons American linseed ware made at 80e.. and 15,000 gallons English, sold, to surlv* In June on private terms. There was no chauge In N. W. whale, crude sperm, or manufactured, or salos i of note reported. PaoTisiowt.?The market continued steady, and wo report sales of AO barrels old dick* pork at $15, and 100 do. at $14 87,'?e.; 100 bbl*. old nrlmo, sold at $13 75, and ! 300 do. were reported sold at tne same price; 100 bbl*. { new mew, dellrerable all the year, at seller's option, sold at $15 37X. It was said the same was offered for 500 bbl*. more on the same terms; 950 bbls. do., was offered dellrerable In sixty days, teller's option, at $15 50, without a buyer. Bee/? Was steady, without sales of oonse j queues being reported, Lard?Was firm at yesterday's | quotations. Qvebcitsor Bar*?We report a sale of 13 tons at 33 cents Rica ?We report sales of 350 a 800 tierces, at $4 S7>? a $4 60 2>ekd.?The market for clover was dull, and we heard ! of no transactions ot importance in any kind. PKcsar.?We report sales of 117 boxes Havana brown i white, at 8c.. and 103 boxes do brown, at 7Xr. 180 hhds. Museovadoes sold on private terms, and 85 do , New Orleans, damaged, sold by auction, at 5V? a 6\c., , cosh Tonaoco? We report solos of 180 bales Cuba, and 37 do Havana, on private terms ; 31 boxes manufactured ! (39 's) sold by auction at 4 a 4\c. ; WHAi ri'isr?Small sales of Northwest wore reported I ut 30>4c., and of South Sea at 33o. Whiskkv was nominal at 97,tjc. Wqol?We have only to notico a sale of 50 bales white Smyrna at 13So , 0 mos. VaeioHTs?Rates continued to be unsettled ; 3000 barrels of flour were roported to be engaged In an American vessel at 4s. 3d., and corn at 14d., Tn sacks, for Liverpool. The pockets demanded 4s. 6d. for flour and ltd. for grain in sacks. A British vessel offered to take flour, it was said, at 3s. 0d. To Antwerp and Rotterdam, fleur was engaged at $1 95 per bbl. aud grain at 45c. In bags, and cotton In Bquare bales at Ic. To H&Tr* a.nil London we hcnril of no now itrr?niMtrnentM Txa? at Arctiojr.?Teas, imported iu the eLiips Itnitibow, Tonquin, he. Terms, notes at six months. Hyson?38 half chests at 49% eents per lb; 30 chests 48%; 38 do 47%; 36 do 46%; 31 half chests -13; 16 chests 43%: 19 do41; 10do89; 99 do 38%; 63 do 37%; 10 do 36; 137 do 33%; 48 cases 60. Young llyson?16 half chests 66%': 306 do 54%: 16 do 63%; 10 do 38%; 67 do 37%; 03 do 30; 31 do 33: 163 do 33%; 79 do 33; 30 do 31%; 116 do 31: 113 do 30%: 131 do 30: 30 do 30; 636 do 37%; 36 do 36; 147 16 half lb boxes 46; 671 half chests withdrawn llyson Skin?48 chests 38%; 10 do 36; 186 do 34%; 31 I do 34; 30 do 33%; 74 do 33. Twankay?100 half chests 37%; 80 do 36%; 190 do I 38%: 47 do 36; 38 do 34%; 178 do 34; 130 do 33%; 60 do , withdrawn. Gunpowder?8 hfchests 63%; 11 do 61; 10Mo43; 70 do 40; 10 d" 19; 60 do 37%; 3 do 36%; 38 do 53; 66 do 39; 7 do 37%; 406 181b. boxes 33%; 304 half chests withdrawn. Imperial -30 half chests 63; 0 do 61; SO do 43%; 33 do 41; 19 do 39; 64 do 38%; 66 131b bxs 10; 48 hf chests withdrawn. Pouchong?30 half chests 33%; 30 do 33; 38 do 33%; 94 do withdrawn Oolong? 33 half chests 34; 113 do 33%; 600 do withdrawn. Nlngyong fttiepoy?43 half chests 36%; 100 do and 169 131b boxe?33%; 16 chests and 300 half do 33; 16 chests 30. Black Leaf Souchong?44 half chests 17%. Congo?01 half chests 17%. Married, On Thursday, I6lta instant, at Ht. John's Church, by the Her. Dr. Walnwright, Horatio P. Carr, to Jo?rrinss E . eldest daughter of James Bingham, Esq., all of this city. On Wednesday evening. April 7th, at New Rochelle, by Her. Dr. Colt. Moses T. Hrnosn. of New Rochelle, to jstoiinettc Ai ot.-ita Atwood. of New Harcn, Conn. Died. On FrlJay, the 16th Instant, after a lingering illness, Mr. Oroins W. Piranos, In the 36th year of his age His relatives and friends, and those of Bartholomew ] Purdy. are roepeetfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday, tho 18th, at 3 o'clock, flrom his late residence, 85 Elizabeth street. On the 18th Instant, after a short but severe Illness. Harriet Louisa, daughter of John IV. and Mary Ann Dtieape. In the 6th year of her age. _ {JJ- Philadelphia papers will please copy. Ou the 13th instant. In the 39th year of her age, Mrs Msar Therksa Soar, (late Miss Riley.', of Thurlow. in the couuty of Tlpporary, Ireland) wife of Thoe, Sony, of tbia city. On Vvcrlnesday night. April 14th, Mr. Ocoaor. Musao, In the 43d year of his age Tlin friends and acquaintances of the family are requested to attend his funeral, tills afternoon, at 3 o'cloek, from the residence of his brother-in-law, Mr. John Blight. 197 Jackson street. Brooklyn. His remains will bo taken to tho Greenwood Cemetery for Interment. At Brooklyn, on Friday, tho 10tji instant. Mart Ass, the wife of Thomas Ms-George, and daughter of the late William Grey. Her remains will be Interred In Greenwood < ometery ' Tho friends of tho fkmllr are Invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday next, at 1 o'clock, P. M , from 198 Front (treat. I At Nygek, Rockland county, on tha 16th Inatant. of I consumption. Mr. Viwcevt Caorrca, for many years a 1 resident of this city, aged 69 years llis relatives and friends, are ruspcctfully invited to atteud his funeral, this day (Saturday) at 3 o'rlvwk | P. M., from 163 Tlioiupeon at reel. .' # York, without I further invitation. " NE WYOHK SAi: H EI) M USIC .SOCIETY" THE ANNUAL ELECTION, for officers of this Society for the ensuing year, will be held, ill accorduuer with the byedaws, on the 20th instant, (Tuesdat ) at the Coliseum, iju Broadway, at tg past 7 P. M. By order. air atrc GF.OkGK VVHITI.OI K.BecV. COUTH (CRN COTTON \ AH\.?Best Southern Yarns of )3 the following descriptions, are offered to country trier chants, at the Ion est mar ket prices, viz : North Carolina factories, assorted, Nos. j to It) South Carolina do do do ? to II Georgia hard twisted Varus do 7 to 12 These Cotton Yams are made from purr cottou, and the complexion of the goods is unsurpassed fur clearness. Buyers can have an> assortment of numbers put up to suit their wants, w ilhout extra price. Also, Paterson and other New Jersey Yams, at low prices, together with Batu, Wick. Warp, Twine and Wadding, at 10 and 20 Cedar street, half a block shove Pearl street, up stairs. *17 If r T. N. ( NLKHHII.f. St CD. SILKS. PLAID SILKS, STRIPED SILKS, Brocade do. .Moire I'eltin do. Pekiu Chiuoia Silks, Feux du Bengal do. Light Summer Silks, at low prices. Foulard Silks ,of all Iriudr of Plaids, Stripe,, Brocads.and India Suichews ; also, Black Foulards . ? BLACK SILKS. Black Paris patent high Lustres, from 20 to 41 inches. Parts black watered, wide and narrow. Black Pou de Boies and Taffetas, eiery width. Rich striped Plaids and figured black Silks. Treple chain Marcelliues. for summer dresses. black Canton Crape, of different w idth.. Do do Figured Pongees. Silk Grenadines, Bareges, 4tc. PARIS MANTELETS AND V18ITE8. * Jiul received 3 eases ol' new and beautiful V isites, Manic- 1 lets and Kigolets, ilecidvdl/ new. Also, 3 casus of Couvenanter Holies, ricltly eutbroideicd, ! Willi ..nd without Visiles, at extremely low prices, witli a large : stock ol' Fancy and Staple Goods, at ill Imowwi JAMES BEC h 4. CO., Broadway. ! S'l~\ slOkGE'S SOCIETY. AT an adjourned Meetiug of this Society, held at the City Hotel, oti Thursday Eveuing, the 13th hut., it was unanimously Resulted, That inasmuch as the meuihera of this Society I'eel dei pit iiBetted by the calamitous state of Ireland as w ell a. by the de?:itutiou and distress existing in Scotland, and on the Europe.i i continent, it is deemed proper to postpone the Anniversary Dinner usually given by this Society on St. George's Day. JOSEPH KOWLEil, President. Hewn OwBiv, Secretary. al7 lw re \'i;\V EMBROIDERIES. JAMES BECK it CO , hsvu just purchased a large invoice of NEW PARIS EMBROIDERIES, nt a great sacrifice, which they now olfer to their customers at derided bargain.. Also.a large invoice'of MUSLIN INSERTINOS, EDOINOS, FLOUNCING8, and Muslin Hands. Also, Lace Capes, Collars, Scarfs, Dresses, Visiles, Shawls, Laces, Editings, Inserting., st Greatly reduced prices at apl7 enil2wt?r JAMES 1IECK it CO., 35*J Broadway. MHLn'S'tiAKfiKV ' A Free Exhibition of Crutchell's Solar Gas, every evening, from 8 rill 10 o'clock, for ten nights. al7 lt*rc AID TO I UK LAM). Committee Room, Prime's Bpildhvos, ) it Wall street, April I6ih, 1817. J TREASURER'S Report continued for April i, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, li?Received April ith from John J. Palmer, contribution from citizens of Poughkeensie, by M. J. Myers, $69. From F. A. Paddock, ft. From G. N. Edwards, Secretary and Treasurer of Committee at Platt.burg, a further contribution, $50. From L.H. Woodruff,Hartford, bv Stanton, Knapp Sl Woodruff, S20. From a youth, saved out otitis pocket money, $1. From Thomas Clark, of Kingston, per Mr. lien uri?H< f?. rrum *r iiiiaiu nusnru, uy r.. n. i.fiiuinnu, 5>.i. From O. C. Ooddard, by John J. Palmer, S10. From committee of citizens of tlse 9th ward, N. V., per Lambert Snydam, Treasurer, $102 57-100, being the 2d payment. From Black well It Burr, 87 Water street, $5. Received 6th?From an Irishman "B," 90 cents; from Uriah F. Carpenter, |$5; from Thomas E. Davis, proceeds of a lecture delivered by Bishop Hughes, at the Tabernacle, $504 11; from Mr. Dyckers for tickets for said lecture. $25, less |>aid for advertising the same $4 50. Received 7th?From a lady of Warsaw, Va. by Edw. Prime 150; from the weekly offerings of St. Paul's Church, Sing Sing Rev. Charles Tomes, Rector, $59; from Edwin Bartlet, of N. York, by Thomson Neale,$50. Received 9th?By Mr. Donnelly, from two Isdies of Tarhorougli, N.C., $2; bv Van Arsdalc St Wamock, Irom Elizabeth Kelly of Rhiuebeck, $50; through George Barclay, by Henry Peck, Chairman of the New Haven Irish Relief Committee, from the New Haven Hibernian Provident Society, $200: from citizens of Fair Haven, $165 50; from various contributors in towns in the viciuity of New Haven, $11 50, in all by Ilenrv Peck, Esq., $150; by James Reybun. from Henry Barclay, collected Irom among the people of Saugerties, Ulster Co., (in addition to 2 boies of clothing, containing 352 garments) $405 48; a tribute from Conscience, $1; from John Mead, collected in the town of Walton. Delaware co.. N.Y.. by H. C. Porter, $56 5C; from Coe, Anderson St Co., balance of contributions from citizens of Tallahassee, Florida, $83. Received 9tli? From James McKimrain of Raleigh, N. C. by James Hunter St Co., $131 50; from C. F. Peake, J. M. Poiticr, and P. Dorian, Coinmittre of the citizeus of Pensacola, in Florida, draft on Roberts St Williams, 99 Water street, $325; from Executive Committee of Clay Township, Knox county, Ohio, through J. 11. Brown St Co., Philadelphia, $99; Irom 1st and 8th districts of the 8th ward, by W. F. Havemeyer, Treasurer, $73 12: balance of collections at St. Mary's R. C. Church, N. V ., Rev. Win. Starrs, Pastor, by Mr. Drumgold, $11. Received, 10th?From W. N. Seymour, collected in Christ Church, Greenwich, Couii., Rev. B. M. Yarrington, Pastor, $21 75; from inhabitants of the town of Andes, Delaware county, by Henry Dowie, $12. Received 12th? In a note signed F. R. S. $3; from Clark St Jameisou, Committee of citizens of Edinburgh, Ohio, by McBride St Lord, $85; Collection in the chguel of St. Paul s College, Flushing. J. G. Barton, rector, by Sir. W. Chisolin, $52 62; addition to the collection of 11. C. Church, of the Nativity, Rev. R.Kein, pastor, $14 43; from his Hon. Andrew II. Micfcle, Mayor, contribution from citizens of Litchfield,) Ct., $250; "A gentleman,', bv James Cody, $5?in all $250; from Christopher Campbell, $1 12; by Moses It. Grinuell from citi 7.ens (ii u#tkh, *12/ /u; irom citizens ol Newark Vnlley, $37 42?ill all $166 12 remitted by James Wright. Keceired 13th?Caali, "J." $2; from Lambert Surdam, Treasurer of the !)th ward committer, balance of collections $6; from the ladies of Moiiticello, Sullivan county, N. V., proceeds of a donation party, by Hon. A. C. Niven, through W. H. Smith, 63 I'iue street, $100. Ilecriveh 14th?Donation from the citizens of Tuscaloosa, and inhahitaiila of the town of Jouesburo, in Alabama, by John Duflre, Esq, $360: from R. Christopher $6; A. SI. Received 16th?From a friend in Alilford, Ct., by Mr. Greeley, $2; froin II. B. Spnlmau, Akron, Ohio, $6; W. J. H. $6: from Brown, Brothers k Co., donation of the Ireland Relief Committee of Nashville, Tennessee, by Win. (rowdy, Benjamin Litton, and Wm. Eakin, sub-committee, $1200. Total receipts of money to this L6th of April, ineluaire, $116.268 19. a!7 It re MYNDF.RT VAN HCHAICK, Treasurer. FOR SALE.?100 Farms, to actual settfers. of the best and most durable lands, and located about the centre ol the United States, and tight days passage from New York. Their produetious are equal to any, and the climate mild and ' extremely healthy. Every necessary information, with printed descriptions and inapt, may be had at my office. A Purchaser of one of these Farms wants a family who are accustomed to farm work, to go wilh him, to whom he offers 1 advantageous terms. Apply to NICHOLAS HAIGHT, J?I6 lw*c 62 Wall street, 3d story, in front. i IO * WOOLLENS.' HMIOEON It CO., Refinishers of Cloths, Cassimeres, kc . No. 341 West street. The Gold Medal has been awarded by the American Institute, for their superior manner of refiiushing. Orders may be left with Messrs. WOLCOTT k SLADE, No. 63 Tine street. WM. C. LANOLKY It CO., 62 Exchange Tlace. " D. BRICHAM k CO., 60 Pine street, to whom they may refer. N. B.?Two thousand dollars insured on goods for accouttt of cuatomeie. >16 lm*c s"c;< ha 7. \.\ii. NO. 6 DEY STREET. SANDS SCOTT has removed to No. 6 Dey sti.-et (the street of his former success), and his opened a splendid place, where he will serve up Diuners, kc., in his old style, that gave so much satisfaction to his custsmers. A variety of hot Dinners will be given each day, f(M> 12 till 3, of every description, at his old price of One Shilling, and no additional charge for small extras, as bread, butter, kc. The finest Liquors that can be procured are at nis bar, and (lie best Savored Cigars. Ha will be happy to see his old friends, and ruspeotfiilly solicits the patronage of the public in general. Steaks, Chops, Cold f'uls. Poached Eggs, Rarebits, Tea, Coffee , kc., at any time until 12 P. M. His tables will lie supplied with the best European and all the New York papers. a6 lm*c WINV?OW SHADES'" WINDOW SHADES!! CITY AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS, Upholsterers, Pedlars, kc.. can find the largest, best, and cheapest assortment of Shades and materials for making and hanging Shades in the city?at KELT* fc HIKER'S Exclusive Window Shade m9 lm*r Store, 131 ?'liath.itn street. NOTICE. AMEETINO of the Stockholders of the Bridgewater Cop per Mining I ompany. will he held at the Hotel of D. B. Steele, hi New Brunswick. N. j., on the firat Tuesday in May neit at I o'clock, for the purpose of electing seven Directors, to serve the ensuing year. March 2Jth, 1817. j. dobhon, Sec'y. tnll #t? WekSatrrc NEPTUNE HOUSE. NEW ROCHELLE. THE subscriber respectfully informs his friends, and the public generally, that his house will be o|>eii to rrceive Company, on or before the first day of May; also, that he is now prepared to make arrangements with families for rooms, and board, for the coming season. Its location and conveniences, offergrent inducements to those who wish to be near the city, and well accommodated?also good bathing. a8 3w*r C. f. RICF,. MRS. "ZTTfTLItT. ^,,. 1,7 Division .Street, WOULD respectfully inform her lrietnls and the public in general, that she has constantly on hand a full and fashionable assortment of shirred bonnets; straws, plain and fancy; also, Tuscans, of a superior quality, and mourning bonnets. The ladies from the country, as well as the city, are requested to rail and examine her stock before purchasing elsewhere. apB lm#r h >KSALF, ADRAY PHAETON, almost new. and in complete order, hnillhy Colli* 8t Lawrence. To be seen at the stable, in the ir ,,f Mt. duhn's t hurch, St. .lohu's Alice. sin 2\v rr TO CAPTAINS AND <>\\ NKlf.s OF S'i l .A .M BOATS. The undersigned having leased and fitted up the house on the Long Pier, foot of 19th street. North river, as a steamboat hotel, in order to accommodate the up town residents, invites all Captsins of steamboats to make this landing, free of wharfage. P. DE LE REE, Proprietor. N. b.?Boars or barges for pleasure or fishing slwsys to let. Passengers taken at all times wherever tliey wish to go. all Im'i IJdOR HALE.?Receiving on commission, and constantly on A hand, Butter, Cheese, Lard, Mess, Thin Mess and Prime Pork, Smoked Hams, Shoulders, and Beef, Slaekerel, Shad, Hrlinon, Dry and Pickled Codfish. Also, Molasses in hogsheads, tierces and barrels,' Sugars in hogsheads, boxes anil barrels; with a general assortment of groceries. Sold in lots to accommodate purchasers, at the lowest cash prices, by CLARK. KIHK li CO., 228 Fulton street. N. B.?A large quantity smoked Meats and Cheese, slightly damaged, to he sold at low prices. all lm?rrc ^ CAK!) TO THE LADIES. MADAMF. B. LF.VYN, late from Berlin, begs to announce to her friends and ladies in general, that sha has just opened a Millinery Establishment in this city, at I7t Bowery, with a vrry extensive and magnificent assortment ol all articles in that hue. Her present stock of goods has heeu selected |,y herself with the utmost care?is entirely new, and in Point of elegance, richness and variety, cannot he surpassed. Madame Lkvtn, in (act, feels confident that her establishment will he found w orthy of the patronage she solicits, and request! ?? early call. madame b. levv n. 174 Bowery, \ B.-Wanfrd n Iwly to Mip*rintfnrf the sale*. lm?rc PKE M il M WALNI T OIL 8HAVINO 8()AP. CAUTION?A eonnterfeit article of our celebrated Walnut Oil Military Shaving Snap it now being offered round the city by a person representing hi nisei I as onr agent. \v e hereby* caution the public against being deceived with it, and beg to state that we have no agents whatever, nor has any oue any right to tiae our names on the labels. The genuine soap, manufactured by the inventor, Dr.ff*. d. Vropm, has our fac-stmile signature to each label. ' __ . m2J lm*rc VROOM k FOWLER, 3 Lourtlaudl si. L| US. MARINES WANTED. Jf M fif JSt If npHfiTvIARINE CORPS OF THE. UNITED STATES. E or that branch of tlir military service furnishing soldiers for tlit different naval sUHnns and vessala of war, having been increased by act of Congress, approved 2d March, 1817, by the addition of 30 Sergeants,30Corjiorals, J# Drummrr., XI hirers, and l.OUO Privataa. A rendezvous for tha enlistment of recruits is now opened at ! No. 88 Chatham street, near tha Harlem railroad depot aud Tammany Hull, where respectable youeg men desiring to enter a service which will afford them an opimrtunity of smug for ' eign countries. are invited to call. Previous to enlisting it ia i the duty of the recruiting officer to eapUiu fully the terms ujhiii which they enter tha service. Opeu from 9 A. M. to sunset. JOHN OEO. REVNOLDS, Captain Commanding, Recruiting Rendezvous. Two dollars piamiuin w ill be given to any soldier or citizeut who will bring to the reiidezyoos, au acceptable or rlliclen recruit. al lin*rc 1 WANTED.?A situation by a respectable young woman as chambermaid and waiter, ia a good plain sewer; good city references from her last place. Please enquire 213 Mott street. all It* r j WANTKU. A COOK for a Dining Saloon. None need apply but those having a thorough Know ledge of the business. American preferred. Apply at 217 South street. al7 2t*je. WANTKU. A SITUATION by a respectable Woman aa Nurse, understands the care id an infant, or to do chamber work and tine washing mid ironing, in a small family, (.rood city reference given. Enquire nt 181 Houston St., up stairs, betw een the It. - I L-I...U..I. -. .IT Its. I TO MERCHANT TAILORS?Wauled, by'a young mm JL of active busiuess, willi lirst-rnte references, a situation m Cutter in a respectable Tailoring establishment. Address B. H., Herald Office, which will hare immediate atleulion. alT StSatMStTu > r WANTED, BY an Aaaociution of Young Men, a auitc of rooini or a large room in Broadway or vicinity, mutable for a reading in. \ddrt?s Kaeelaior, at this office. al7 2teod*rr Salesman WANTED who b acquainted with tlie lace and embroidery trade. Apply between II and ID a. M>, at .17^lt*re _ PETER ROBERTS, 373 Broadway. | WANTED, BY a respectable Young Woman, a situation to wait on a lady, to travel to any part of Europe. Beat of city rel'ereucea given. Address a note to Miss II. 1 I E., to tlie lowrr post office, between the boors of 10and 2 o'clock. all 3t*rc ALADV fully competent, wishes a situation in a morels acquainted willi dilferent brandies of plaiu and fancy needle work, and well versed in figures. Apply at No. oil Cirreu street. a IS 3t?c (; A S F1 XT r ilKS OF AL L K7nT)S. JAMES (1. MOFFF.T, 121 Prinue street, third block west of Broadway, has on hand and is constantly liianuki turing OAS CHANDALIERS, BRACKETS AND PENDANTS, in all their varieties of patterns and sues. Contracts will also be taken for titling, in the neatest and most brtutiful atvle, Churches, Hotels, and all other public buildiugs, as well as private dwellings, at the ahortust notice and on the most reasonable terms. N. B. All kinds of gas fixtures regilt, rebrouzed and reailvered. apl7 lm?r (iKKAlAN SILVER. JAMES o. MOFFF.T, No. IS! Prince street, thud block west of Broadwav, is constantly manufacturing Orrmau Silver, of various numbers and widtlia, which he will warrant to be equal to any other, foreign or domestic, for quality, and which he will aril at wholesale and retail at reduced prices. 1'. S. All goods sold will be delivered in any part of the city or Brooklyn, free of expense. ap!7 lin'r C VRU8 W. FIELD it t (?., No. 9 Bulling Slip, offer for aale a large assortment of Printing, Writing, Wrapping, Hardware, Envelope, Hanging, and colored Paper. Paper of any aixe or quality made to order. The highest market prices |>aid in cash for rags, bagging, bale rope cuttings, gunny bagging, grass rope canvass, and all oilier kinds of Paper Manufacturers stock, by CYRUS W. FIELD St CO , a!7 lm"r No. 9 Burling Slip, N.Y. WOOL, TWINE, NAILS, fyc. OA AAA Lbs. Twine, suitable for fleece tyeiug. OUjUUV ioo bales Cottou Seine; 230 do. wrapping do. 70 bales Loudon and Bridport Seine Twine, ass'd sizes. HO do. Shoe Threads.various qualities. 3,000 casks Cut Nails, Brads, and Spikes. 2,000 lbs. first quality Uilling Twine, 2 and 3 thread. Korsnle by CEBRA Ik CUMMINO, a!7 It * r lot'. Pearl street. ELEGANT TAPESTRIE OARPETINGS. JUST RECEIVED BV THE PATRICK HENRV A large invoice of new and choice patterns ofTapestrie Carpeting, which are this day opened for examination. Persons desirous of obtaining the latest and best styles, would do well to call early and make their selections. SMITH U KNAPP, al7 Im *r 201 Broadway, (opposite Citv Hall.) TO DEALERS 1N FANCY* < IUODS AND MILLINERY. A LADY, who has had some years'experience in a city at the South, and contumtdatea going more largely iulo the above branches there. wieMs a situation, for a few months, in some extensive establishment of the kind in New York, where she can render herself useful. Her object being to acquire a more extended and thorough knowledge of the business in all its various branches, the umount of compensation for her services will be a secondary consideration. The best of references given and required. A line directed to A. Z., care of Samuel B. Beach, Washington city, giving address and references, will receive prompt attentiou. alS 4t c LIQUID HAIR DYE. BATCHELOR'H instantaneous Liquid Hair Dye, is far superior to anything yet offered for coloring the hair to a beautiful and permanent black or brown, without staining or injuring the skin. The wonderful facility with which this remarkable liquid effects the desired ohject, excites the admiration and astonishment of thousands who are loud in its praise. Sold wholesale and retail at WM . BATCIIELOR'S, No. 2 Wall street, near Broadway. Piice?Bottles for the hair, $1 it); for the whiskers, $1. Beware of worthless counterfeits. Agents in Philadelphia, Eug. Roussel; Washington Citv, J H.Oihhs. a!6lin*c A LETTER LOST.?A letter directed to Air. Robert Morissou. Any nersou who may have received the said letter by mistake, will do a favor by seudiug it to L. Villier, Broadway. al5-3t*e TO PASSENGERS 1'ER CAM Eli I A. THE person who engaged berths No. 80 and II, Cambria, 1st May, will please call at the office and settle lor the same, as their address has been lost. If not called for on or before Saturday, 17th instant, they will be sold. 1). BRIUHAM. Jr., Agent. a!6 2tis rc At Harnilen St Co.'s. 6 Wsli street, N. Y. MTNTATT'H E PAINTING. Mil. McDOUOAL has taken the room No. 11, in building known as I'lnmbe National Dagguerean Gallery, corner of Broadway and Murray atreet, where he would be happy to attend to any ordera in miniature or water color sketches. a!5 lm*c CHURCH OF THE HOLY TIUNITYT ~ _ ? BROOKLYN HEIGHTS. 'T'HIS Church will be open for the eaamination of Pews an A Monday, 19th. Tuesday 20th, and Wednesday 31st inst., at four o'clock P. M.. and at four o'clock P. M., on the lust named day, they will be offered for rent in the Church, and on the following Sunday, the 2Jth instant, the Church will be for dinne service at open 10X A.M., and 3^ P.M. a9 llt"?rt: DR. IRA G.FUAZr.K, the celebrated Cancer Doctor on the Indian method of practice, will be found at the United States Hotel, New York city, or Itis assistant, en the third Monday in May, for three days only, ouce a mouth. Advice given free of charge. Specimens of his works can be seen on those days. The time has come when eaneers can he cured without the use of the knife. Dr. K. treats on all other diseases, sud will e<>> t mie thaough thr season. all lm*rc TO COMB MAKERS?Hoots foesale~~br PETER COOPER, No. IT Burling Slip. aft 1 m fee ____________ A T SANDrORD'SCASH TAILORING ESTABLISHil MENT, 127 ho I ton street.?We have just received a beautiful and well selected assortment of Cloths, Caasimeres and Vesting!, suitable for spring trade, which we guaranty to make up til garments to suit the moat difficult, as to style, fits, workmanship and pricea. It will pay well for those visiting our city to call at 127 Fulton street and tee. N. B.?Every variety of Outfitting constantly on hand and old cheatM-r thau the cheapest. 8ANDFORD BROTHER, 127 Fulton atreet, tnftlm'r next door to the Herald Office. BEDBUG POISON. WATSON'S INFALLIBLE UEDUUO POISON.-The experience of past years proves this preparation to be the moat effectual destroyer and lianiaher of Bedbugs ever discovered. It needs but one application to satisfy thr moat mere iiuioua 01 ii* wiMiurrmi uiu immraiiir riicm?i rice c*. Sold wholesale and retail only at Apothecaries Kill, % Catharine street; <76 Grand 1 treat, and Ollrott, McKesson It Co., 127 Maiden Lane; and 1M Kulton itreet, Brooklyn. a* lm*r QUILL PENS. TIIF. Subscriber would call the attention of the imblic to hii superior A^uill Pens, made entirely with the pen knife.? By long practice he haa aucceeded in reaching the greatest posaible perfection in suiting every kind of writing, at the aatne time they aurpaaa by far, any metallic pen in elasticity and eaae. They are carefully put up in boiea of 26 that thev can be ahipped to any |>art of the country, without riak of damaging the pointa. For aale by ml9lm*rh K. TRKNKA.MP. N".W William at. SOLAR LAMPS. GIKANDOLES. HALL LANTITO 1? NS AND TEA TRAYS. Till' aubacriber has Just opened one of the moat highly finished Stocks of Girandoles, Solar Limps, Chandeliers, Bracket's, Hall Lanthoriis, Tea Trays. Clocks and elegant Cut Glass Vases, for mantel Ornaments, ever offered in this city or country. And city dealers will find it to their advantage to call and esamiue the above stock, which can be sold at wholesale and retail at reduced prices. JOHN W. MORGAN, m3l lm*re 161 Fulton at., one door finm Broadway. - TRAVELLING TRUNKS. JOHN CATTNACH, Trunk Manufacturer. No. I Wall street, comer of Broadway, has now on hand and constantly miking a good assortment of Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, and Satchels, wholesale ayd retail. Also, a superior article resole leather Trunks, suitable for American or Kuropean Travel, and Portmanteaus for the French Ms lie Poste. Orders for the Weet Indies, Couth America, lie., filled with despatch. ml lm#re CriOTON JIOSF., DAY'S PATENT.?The inventor of (lilt article offers it for sale, pledging himself to replace it without cost, if it bursts during one imnn'i u??. The new machine rjr for covering the inside rubber tubr, Imrinit after many experiments. been perfected, the hose is now offered as the perfect article originally contemplated, when the inrentiiin wn patented. It ia now all right. For sale at No. 23 Courtlannt street. llOKACK II. DAY. na'il Imie IMPORTANT TO GENTLEMEN. GF.NTI.KMKN, I WISH YOlf AI.I. TO KNOW, tlitt94 Murray, corner of Washington street, is the only place in this city where yon can <lc|>eiii| upon having full attention paid to the repairing, cleaning, dyeing and altering all kinds of Gentlemen's Clothing at short notice, on reasonable terms. Give me a trial, and yon will find that for ail shillings only, you can hare your coats made to look equal to new,without the aid of that great destructor, steam. Cleaning and dyeing, suneriar to anything erer done in this eity. fMease call, or send a note to 91 Murray street. Gentlemen, rtrepnre for Spring in time A. CORTISSOH, from London. m2 Im're ATT>!li<:r IsiiST. MONEY LENT?The highest prices advanced in large and small sums on gold and silver watches, diamond, plate, jewelry, furniture, clothing, dry goods, kc., Ike. JOHN M. DA VIES, Licensed pawnbroker, 332 William street, near Duaue. Persona received in private office, by ringing the bell. tot? lat'r PRACTICAL BOOK KEEPING, (10. 82 CStDAR MR. C'. C. MARSH, Accountant, author of the "Science of Double-Entry Book-Kteping Simplified," and the , " Art olSingle Kntry Book-keeping Improved," continues to | tench as alKivc. Course of Instruction.?The public are re?i>ertftilly infnrme and assured that the plan pursued by Mr. Marsh in teaching | this important branch is truly a roiir-e of practice in krepin books, rather than a Course of lertnrcs on the theory. The pupil becomes familiar frotn ac'uil use with all the books constituting a set. and a person of good capacity, will by this course become a competent book-keeper in about a month, and will receire a certificate to that effect. . Proai>eeiu? with terms can lie obtained at the Rooms, from 9 A.M. to 9 PM mil lm*r 'h^'ANTfcasks hiofk rftTrie' of MangHuese* AvE around, foi sale by e9f I'KRSHK k BROOKS, ? Si 67 Nassau at. AUCTION IIOTICU. SPLENDID FASHIONABLE ROSEWOOD ANDMAHOOANV FURNITURE KN SUITE, AT THE LARGE ROOMS NO. iju BROAD WAV ON WEDNESDAY. APRIL 31. WITHOUT RESERVE.?A. C. TUT 1 LE will hell at auction, at the above rooms, on Wfduasday, April 21, at 10 o'clock, a large assortment of fashionable rose* I wood and other furniture, )rltc principal parthaviug beeu made j to order, of the best materials, of superior workmanship, and will be warr<uited) comprising iu part rosewood, parlor, and boiidouir furniture en suite, fautuils, etiiores, secretaries, sofa 1 tables, mahogany, parlor, bedroom, aud hull luruiture, Ike. 1 Also, by order of assiuuees, 110 patent wiudhu* bedsteads, of various descriptions, and worthy the attention of tlie trade and others. N B.?The furniture may be esainiued the da> previous. I *>uliW rc S PLKNDH) SALEOh KM 11 FREN( H C H1NA; ENU lull, American, and Bphemiaii Cut Glass Wai?; Japuuery, China and Iron Stone Toilet Sets, Bronze and Gilt Clocks, Ike., ut No. 2HJ Broadway, late Gardiner's furniture warehouse, ou Monday, April lVth.?A.C. TtJTTLE will sell at auction o i the premises No. 2U3 Broadwa>\ on Monday, 19lh iust.. at lU o'clock, without renerv e. the entire stock of the above good*, (as announced in previous advertisements, iu order to close the same previous to the 27th iust..) comprising the most choice assortments of hue French China,Dinner, Dessert and Tea Services; rich Cut Glass Ware; French, Bronze and Gilt Clocks; Mantel Ornaments, Jap&uery, Block Tin Wure. Toilet Sets. Ate., offered ut auction this season?the whole being of recent importations and expressly for retail sales, w ill be found worthy tlu* attention of the trade, housekeepers aud others. Catalogues now ready. a!7 8a3tM*rc UIU l'AI."NTINU? AT Al tTIU.'N. A LEVY will sell on Saturday Evening, at7 o'clock, a*. 203 Broadway, a collection of Oil Paintings. auioiif-t which are several of intrinsic ineriL Also, a quantity of Engraving* and second hand Frames, with various other articles ol use a 16 2t*c rpctle Solo by ai < tuiv at tattehballu A No. 416 Broadway, on Monday, April 10, IB 17, at 11 o'clock precisely, ou account of the Insured, an invoice of saddles slightly damaged at the lata fire at Robert Silencer It Co.'* manufactory, at Brooklyn, consisting of Spencer's petent spring Side Saddles, quilted Sales and Seats, Girths and Slippers complete. Gentlemen's Shall* aud Somerset Saddles with mounting, complete. The above are of the vary best description and of the latest ityle of finish, and will lie sold without rvaen aid WM. (i. McLXI ('lll.lN, \ ur! on,e?r. /1REAT CURIOSITY SALE.?Aaron C. Burr will sell, AA at his store, No. Bo Bowery, on Thursday, the 1 Ttfti April, at 10 o'clock, A. M., his cabinet of Shells, Birds, Mineral*, 50 viliiableoriginal Oil Paintings. Also, atery large collection of Engravings, by celebrated masters, and a valuable lot of rare Old Books, Trout 100 to 300 \ ears old, with a number of Acts of Parliament, passed 1651, in black letters. Also, a rare collection of Coins, Petrifactions, Antiquities, and a variety of Gesiu, Cariosities, Imm wafiL worthy tnt ittMQOn of oouoiflMVii being the collection of inauy vears. Also, a large number or complete Cabiuets of Stones for family instruction. al2 lw*c Til P. I NflON MUTUAL INSI RAN< R CO. will ope. for the business of Marine and Fire risks, on or before the 1st of May, at No 69 Wall itnet, ia the oAmi bow occupied by the agency of the Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Phil adelphia. The hook of subscriptions, to the capital stock of $10(1,000, will remain open for a lew days longer. The profits of the business to be dividod between the Stockholders and the insured. T he hook of application for Insurances is now open at No. j'i Wall street. TnrsTitr.s : Lambert Suydain, Stephen Allen, David Austen, K. M. Lawrence, James O. Ward, John Johnston, Joseph Bourluud, Edw. K. Collins, Will. H. Ilussel Paul Spoft'ord, Ford Suydain, jr' II. P. Buck, M'th UrniVenor, A. (? Thompson, Joseph Sands, John I1. Nesmith, N. II. Wolte, Juo. I. Kiiigsford, Shepherd Kuapp, George Ranelye, J. D. Van Buren. Kdvvin Hoyt, John Van Nest, G. Lee Knapp, K. T. II. Gibson, II. A. Robertson, Aw. VVright, f. II. Sand, Richard Bell, I. T. Johnston, K. J. Anderson, P. M. Wrtmnre, Alb^ Woodhull, Joseph Fowler, < hj*. M. Lcnpp, \V. 8. Faitoute, N. Jv. Merrill, If. H. Miinsell, A. Seignette, II 1,. Routh, Fred. I,. Talcntf, Kd. I'avenstcdt. _?n (tin re LAMUKRT HU Yl) AM, President. c o u S us, Co i, i) s, AND INFLUENZA. TIII .HK ia no season of the year that the abort diaeaaea are mure prevalent than the present; there ia aearcely an individual liaa not got a cold or cou|{li of aonae aorl, and tnany think iheinaelrea <itialifietl to be their own doctora. Alaa ! how often has tliia deluaion cauaeil many who were afflicted with a comtnon cold or catarrh to uae enme unit rum. or in many caaea some remedy, the efTevtof which waa to dry the eapectoratiou, cauaing the luilrgm that ought to have been cleared out, to be retained, and a deep aeated conaumption waa the reault. Kvery case of conaumption cominencea with cough, eacited from the individual having taken cold; and in the majority of caaea thia slight rough is entirely ueglected, believing that it will aoon get well of itself, but it still goes on?the progress of the disease ia so inaiduoua that the patient does not miserve that he ia daily grow ing worae, and before he ia aware of it, his lungs are diseased to such an extent, that few remedies will remove it. In proof of this position go tothe consumptive and commence with his disease, and lie will tell you daily that he ia getting better and soon will he well,and ill many cases thia w ill be their cry until the day of their death, but you can easily perceive that they are growing worse daily, and will wonder how they can thus deceive themselves. Much my reader may he your case if you have cold or cough; but do not be deceived, you have mi insidious enemy to contend with, and do not rest until von have it eradicated from your system. SCHKNCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP always succeeds iu curing every case of cold, and hundreds of cases of consumption might be pre vented by the use of this medicine. Its ingredients are purely vegetable, and being an Indian remedy is therefore different and superior to all others. Very many caaea of consumption, liver cumidaint and dyspepsia, have been cured, w hich had batfled all other remedies, the certificates of which can be seen at the office and refereuce given to persona of unimpeachable re racitv, who have ei|ierienced the benefits of this medicine, which is to be had at the proprietor'! office, No. 4 Courtlaudt street, near Broadway. Also may he obtained at 271 and 192 Broadway; 121 and lflfl Fulton street; 77 Fast Broadway; 167 Bovyerv; I7B Grand at ; Williamsburg!); corner of Fulton mid Cranberry streets. Brook I yu; 65 Montgomery street, Jersey Citjr; and of agents iii o|| parti Of tin: I lilted State*. Please rrmember that P. 8. Beekmau is no looser an agent of mine, and the proprietor will not be responsible for any medicine purchase d of him, as he no longer sells the geuuittc Sc he tick's Pulmonic Syrup. J H. SCHENCK. a 17 Sa Til TSt r HAKLKM PARK TROTTING COLFRSK. APUH8K OK THIRTY DOLLARS, to com* off on Tue. il*V, April 20, free for *11 trotting horse, tlwt never won n purse; mile hot,, best 3 in J, in harness, to come off at 3H o'clock precisely. Kntries to be made at Green St Beviua' on Monday evening. April 19, on or before 9 o'clock. a!7 If re _____ IL WOODRUFF. t'l'O LBT.?The Mansion Home of Dr. Mott, at BloomingdHle.frontingonthe Hudaon River,with garden orchard, arable, out homea, and MVUfl acres of ground, age, paaa the premise! every half hour. Apply between 10 and 12 o'clock, to 8. B. H17TC11INOS. a 17 lt*rre l!> Nassau street. mTO LBT.?The two atory and attic Brick House, 177 Duaue.l'ark, between Hudson and (Ireenwirh streets? one of the best localities in the lower iwrt of the city for a private dwelling, with large yard. Croton water, 8tc. Injure of ALFRK.b K. LAORAVK, sl7 2t#r ( om?rol liuchv inOrMawicl)Mi. B| ( OTTAOK ON STATKN ISLAND TO LET? Pleasantly situated At Port Hichmond, near the Brick aUlflLCMiurch, within a few rods of the steamboat lauding ; n*i wen nrwiv patieren <11111 oainten, mm 11 in |>erirct order.? Possession run lie had immediately. Applr tn NKWTON HAVKB, el? Iiv * i f ranklin Home, Broadway jnJK AT At < TION.?The I,nuesi and heat selection of ail 0Qvk kinds of choice fruit tree* mid grape vines ever import .aJtww ed L11 America; tliey are all in excellent order, lo lie old liy Win Kranklin Ik tJon, at tlieir >alet room, |j at., to-day, April I7th, at 10tj o'clock. al7 lt*rc HATS! HATS! HATS ! rl KNOX, with liii accnatomed brevity. would call the J^^attmition of hia friends to In* new styles of SPRING FASHIONS, which are now ready at hia ?tore, No. 12V Fulton treet. He would, with hia uaual idiilaiithrony, invite atranttert to hia eatnbliahincnt, where they can obtain hala of an equal quality, and at lower pricea, than at any other atore in the city. a IS ttia'r s IMU N (n ST Y11K 11A TS K< > K. <; i ; N T LK M K N. THK MOST APPROVKIJ and dtairable styles are J^mnow ready for inspection at aale, of the firat quality Silk and Bearer, mid jot up in a atyle that cannot fail to anit the moat tutidioua, at the Sales Room, an William street, Merchants' Kxehangr. U. W., late Howe's, mbtff, 12t* FWVtSrc NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. ^we THK subscribers respectfal^ call the attention of Dealers and Milliners, to their present style of NeapoHHylitans, which are superior to any hitherto manufactur^ ed by them; they are also manufacturing a new style called the Gossamer, with flowers of the same material to correspond, which are indeed exquisitely beautifbl, and we feel confident that our Neapolitans and Gossamers, will be the most fashionable Bonnet worn this season, by the demonstration made thus early in their favor by the most fashionable ladies of our city and elsewhere. PATTISON NOK It CO., Pateutees and Manufacturers of the Nea|>olitan Bonnets, ml Inns* rr No 2't Delancy si . near the Bowerv musicT , -g.j,*,.--,, THE riAPtu rAUUM l on eery moderate jj term a, by a bidy wlio liu had ex)>eneuce in X IT TT! ,rar'|""" w',,,e" to two or three more Sim trachea the acieuee thoroughly?term* three dollar! par month. A line addreaaed to Muaic, to the Office of tliii pa|ier, aha he ntipmifii tn wliinw RossiTKK'S (fraud Script oral Picture of tiie Parting he tweeu liUTH, ORPAHAND NAOMI, with other pie tnrea painted by tin* artiat at Rome, will be rihiliited for a few daya at the (franite Buililmc, corner of Broadway and Chamber* atreet. Open from nine A.M. till tun P.M. Admit aioa 23 canta; Seaaou Ticket*, cent*. apt) r.tia* MEINUARDT'S BRASH LETTERS Kol< SIGNS. TIIF.8F, letter* are remarkable for durability, and a brilliancy of the gilding unequalled by any other article in the city?which brilliancy n warranted to atand eipoaure to the weather. They are alao japanned of any color that may be deaired. Order* left at IU)j| Ann atreet, alao M. Campbell'*, llth atennr near 18th atreet. Reference, the iigna of thla office and ( . II. Baiter It Co., I tJ Maiden l,ane. al]6mfh Orrtcg or the N. y. Oaa Lioht CoMranr, f April 12, IBI7. J fpilK Prrndent and Director* haee thi* day ileclarrd a dtrt-I. dend of fonr-and-one-hllf per cent on the capital atock of thi* Company for tlie aix tnonthaending lat Kehritary laat, pa\able to the atoekboldrr* on and after Saturday ine lat May neat. The tranafcr book will lie rioted from the 2ltn inatant until that date. By order, "lltmlr C I,. FVFRITT. Secretary. WIGS! WIGS! STRANOF.R9 and CITIZENS wiahing a firat quality Wig or Toupee are incited to inapeet the eatenaive aaaortmei'tof WM. BATCHELOR. where they can aelcct from thy lariteat atock in the United State*. There ia alwaya a heat place to procure an article ill eyery buainea*. and the lieat place to buy a Wig or Toupee, i* at Batcnelor'a manufactory, No. 2 Wall atreet, near Broadway. Pri*atc room* for fitting Wiga. Copy the addreaa. all Im r l&kr FOR NKW ORLEANS?I,oiti?i*n* and New KfwJvVork I,ine of Packet*?The laat tailing packet hirk KNF.SKh, < apt. Minott, ia now loading, and w ill Mil i liuraday, April 20th. For freight or paaaage apply on board at Orleana Wharf, foot of Well atreet, or to F,. K. COM,INS. V. South atreet. Poaitirrly no freight will he rcreired on board after End*} ereniug, 28th inat. _ . _ , Agent* in Sew Oileana, J. O. Woodruff ft Co , who will promptly fnrwardull good* to their addre** *17 XAjy" KOR NEW ORLEANS-l,oii.*i4?? and .Nat MfryVT'trk I,ine of Pack. U-Poaili?e|y the firat and only jbtmhtorrkuliir packet to sail on Hatunny, 17th Mat. 1m Iiw^tHiiiiiit packet linrk KHANt 18 BIJRR, Capf. < ofli?, ia now I'.,tiIi.ik, and will positively tail M ihotr. for Ireiffht or passage, apply on lioard, at Orleans W litrf, lodl 01 Wall street, or to _ V.. K. COLLINS, M South street IVsenaera will please he 0:1 hoard to-morrow. Haitinlay, at !2oV|(?rk \|., at which time the Hark will sail I'onueely nn freight will he retired chi board after tins, Y\ridiv, morning. Agents mi New Orleans, John O. \\ oodrun k Co., who will promptly forward all goods to their addreaa. The p rkrt hark <fe?esee, Cape. Minott, will succeed tha Francis Hurt *1* |?7>l( ^Lfi.-'l he ship I 'l FrA, burtkr'n per retei 5SA frwia. Apply to JMMi initrc BOv D U IIINf KLN, Agents wmmsrn*m -.miu jh. AKUMKXIVT*. < MR. MARBLES BENEFIT " PARK THEATRE.?SetiirtayEeeniug, April 17th. will be performed, the drama ?.l SAM PATCH IN kRANCE. ?Sam Patch, Mr. Marble; Victonne, Mn, Abbott. After which, THE VERMONT WOOL DEALER?Dea- I I ttruuumr llutiful, Mr. Marble; Amanita, Mm Kite ll?ru. ' After which BLACK EYED SI SAN, William, Mr. MarblTo conclude with, THE 8TAOE STRUCK YANKEEDiggory. Mr. Marble; Jenny. Mn. Dyott. Boies $1; Pit JO centa; (Jallery tJ cents. Doora open nt a quarter to 7 o'clock?the performance will commence at precisely a gnarter pant * ' BENEFIT OF MISS TLKNBLLL. BOWERY THEATRE?A. W. Jackson, Proprietor?11 E. Stkikns. Stage Mauagei ?Saturday Eeeniiig, April ITtli, will he performed the grauJ drama THE MI S'JnfcRfES OK PARIS?The Clioriueur, .Mr. .Neafie: Prince Rodolpb, Mr. Clarke; Tortillard. Hade way; Kleur de Marie, Mrs Sergeant; Countess Sarali, Mr?. Joidan. Also, first time. SPIlUT. OK THE FOUNTAIN. To be foliowedrby the third act of THE NAIAD QLEEN. To couclude with the ALPINE SlAJD?Swig, Harlairay. Uresa Circle, 2J ceula; Pit and Oallery, centa. Doora open at o'clock. Perfoi tnauce commence! at T CAKD?BOWKKV THEATKE. MISS JULIA TURNBULL respectfully informs her friends and the public generally, that her BENCh IT and last appearance, will take place on Saturday Eveuing, 17th lust., uuou which occaainu she will hale the honor of appearbig as Ilia t^ueen, in llic magnificent spectacle of ! . THE NAIAD QUEEN : Anil also, tor the first and only time at this theatre, aa Leoluie, i in THE SPIRIT OF THE. PMl'NTAiv I In ailditieu to which, will lie performed, THE Al.l'INK MAID : And the celebrated play of , n _ THE MYSTERIES OV PARIS. Box Book now open. aplt>2lia*e Mill II ELL'S OLY M l'lt TIIK.ATRK?liiiky Kfrinuv. April I7tli. to coinmenrr willi ihe opera of KHA DI AVOLO?Kra Diavolo. Mr?. Tuuin; Lord Allcaih Walcot; /rrlina, MiaaMary Taylor. Alter wbicli, tlie dramaentitled MONS. JACQUES?Moua. Jacques, Mr. Nid.inson; Nina, Mra. Timio. To be followed I y tlie laughable farce of TIIL SECRET ? Tliomaa, Mr Hulled; Angelica. Mui Roberta. To conclude with llie farca of SKETCHES IN INDIA? Ureaa Circle, iO cents; Upper Boxea, 27 cents; Hit, one Slidj ling; I'rivate Boxea, $7; Orchestra Boxea, $1. . Poors o|ien at 7 o'clock; Curiam rise at 7^ o'clock precisely PAL.VIO S OPERA HUl Hkl, Chambers street.?Monday evening. April 12th, fifth night of the second season, I and last night but one of Donizetti's Opera of LUCRE| Z1A BORGI A?Luerexia Borgia, Signs C. Barili; Alfonso I, Sig. Beneventano; Oeiuiaro, Sig. 9. Briiedetti; Matho Oratui, Sigra R. Pico; Apostolo Gaxxella, Sig. Martini; Jaco|>o Liverotto, Sigra Boulard; Ascanio Petrucci, Sig. Benetti; Oloferne Vitellozxo. Sig. S. Pati: Gubetta, Big. Bauquirtco; Rustighello, N. N.; Aatollo, N. N. IT^" Opera Books may be had at the Box Offier. Pa ices?1st Tier Boies and Parquette, $1; 2d Tier, M cents; Privates Boxes for 8 persons, $12; do. do., for 6 persons, $lg. fTy- Seats can be secured at the Box Office, from 10 A. M. tillt o'clock, I'. M., daily. 77" Doers open at hall-past 7, Performance to commence at I | o'clock. BOW CRY AMPHITHEATRE, This erening, April 17th. The performance wrill commence with a GRAND CLIMAX or EQUILIBRIUM by Mr. Kemp. After which, the English Pantomiue of HARLEQUIN'S FROLIC, by Mr. Kemp and Miss Jesselvne. To which will be added, KEATS UPON THE FLYING CORD, by Mr. Charles Hotves. The whole to eouclude with MATCHLESS ORACE in GROUPINGS, by Mr. James Nixon and his talented children. Boxes, 2i cents; pit, I2)? cents. Doors open at 7; performance to commence at half-past 7. ? ->! ! AN'(: ^ JTaLL, ~ 1 l%I " ? * DHUA u vv A r. HHWMn CJrand u><l Broome streets 14 NINTH AND POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK. Tlic flattering mccru attending the performances of CHRISTV'S minstrels, | aiul (he Solicitations of thr Heada of numerous Families, hare induced thein to forego arrangement* elsewhere, and cuutinue their unmeusely popular concerts for ONE WEEK L 0 N O E R. commencing Monday, April 12, aud continuing throughout the week, introducing a variety ol NEW MELODIES, BURLESQUES, Ice. Admission, 25 ceula. Doors opeu at 7. Concert will commence at I o'clock. all lw*rc the original swiss bell ringers. THIS Celebrated Band haviug returned from their second tour through the Southern Slates, the West Indies and Tirana, will giso a series of Concerts at the TABERNACLE, prior to their departure for Europe, commencing on MONDAY EVENING, April 19th, and every evening during the week, (except Wednesday.) They will be assisted by MISS M. J. MAR I US AND OEOROE A. HOYT, Graduates of the New York Institution for the Blind. | Tickets 29 cents, no half price.?Doors open at 7 o'clock, con. cert commences at I o'clock precisely. Change of programme each evening. al9 9t*rc "free concerts EVERY EVENING,atthe "Opera Hotel,"No. 4J Chambers street, uext door to Palmo's Theatre."Vocalists?Miss Wilson, the beautiful ballad singer: Mr. Kidder, the celebrated improvisitor and buffo singer. Mr. Chlime will preside at the piano. [!~7~The Ales, Wines, Cigars, Liquors, Itc., at this establishment, eannot be surpassed alj 3tis*rc minerva ROOMS, 400 BROADWAY. mr. alexander, rpilE Great Necromancer from Paris, will appear in bis ce ' A1Y8TKRIOUS AND ORIENTAL SOIREES, on Monday, April 19th, and every evening during the week, at hia magnificent TEMPLE OK ENCHANTMENT. For particular*, teethe bills. Price* of admiaaiou?Parquette io cent*; Saloon ti cent*. Children accom|uuiied by their iwrentt, half price. Doort o]>en at half patt ti?('ommsuce at naif peat 7 o'clock, a 17 lwia*rc GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTALOOWCJtar, . 1POI.LO ROOMS, BROliJlH'JtY qnHE CONCERT OK MISS JOSEPHINE BR AM SON A will take place on Wr.DivEaDar Evctvino, April JUt, 1847, on which occaaion the will be ataiated by MISS HARRIET BRAMSON, MISS MATHILDA KOR8INSKY, MISS ( LARA M. ROLPH, MR. HECHT. and MR. if. C. TI.MM, who will preaidr at tlie Piano. PROGIU1MME. PART t. 1.?Grand Kantaaie, Lucia de Lamtnerraoor, llertr. .Miaa J. Brainaou 2.?Duet uf tlie Opera of Jeaaonda, by Spoltr, aung by Mia* Koraiuaky and Mr. Hecht 7.?Song, Here let me dream of dayanow vaniahed, from Lull, by C. Jarvi* Miaa C. M. Rolph 4.?Duett, variation* Sur una Cavatine de la Ceucrrntola. Hertz Miaaea J. and H. Bramaon J.?Song, Die Kahneuwacht, by Linpainter Mr. Ilecht PART II. I I.?Song, Polacca,' by V. Pucitta Miaa C. M. R 2.?Duel, Italy, a favorite air. with variation* from Lucia di L immennoor? Bruiiner Miaaea J. and H. II. 3.? Duet of the | Opera, The Marriage of Kigaro, Mozart?Sung by Miaa Korainaky and Mr. Ilecht. 4.?Song Die Schualbeii, aung by Miaa Korainaky. (Krantz Abt.) J.?Kantaaie Brilliant?Sur dea Motifa de L'Ainbaatadrice, par H. Hertz Miaa J. Bramaou Ticket*, 30 cent* each, to be had atthe.Muaic Store*, and 79 Fourth atreet; and at the dnoi on the evening of the < 'oncert. Door* oneu at 7 o'clock?( oncert commence* at I o'clock. N. U.?Mia* B. having coinmeuced Tuition on the Piano Forte, will attend at the reaideucea of her patron*, or give in traction* at her dwelling, *9 Fourth atreet, on the moat rea. aouable tei m>. { Miaa B. would call attention to the following from Alderman Enga. Nrw York, December 9, 1817 Miaa Joaephiue Brain,on ha* been for aoinr time a_teacher of music in in) lamii) mi me piano, aim i auinorir.ea ny my two daughters (Villi of competent year* to Judge) to say, (list among the teachers tliey hare had, (all of them in good standing at professors) alie 11 mmt competent to teach. They tell me, alto, that one quarter of her trachiuK haa been worth to them three of tome other*. Her modesty and musicalftalenti in my |K>or judgment, with the fact that her precocity of iliill, I Itiie* her a rank that older members of the profession might I en?y, recommend her to those who would haye their daugh- I ters proficient on the piano. al7 ItlljMldlii? P. W KN(iS. ! TARbRNACLb. IIOTKSIM AND ARDITI. A URAND Vocal and Instrumental Concert will be|i*eu tV at the TABERNACLE, Saturday Keening, April 17 Kihst PaaT. I. Overture?Composed by ilossiui?by the eatire troupe of musicians attached to the Ital an Opera Company. I. Orand Introductory Chorna?from the Opera of Hernani; which has elicited so much applause during the two evening* of (he performance of that beautiful Opnra?by the entire, full, and effective chnru* singers. J. Cavatiua of Hernani?by Higuor Natale Perelli. 4. Duo?Violiu and Dunbfe Base?upon the Prologue of Lucrezia Borgia?com|M>scd and executed by Botesini and Arrliti. j. Duo and Tercetto?from the 2d ' f Hernani?by Siguori?tr ua Tedesco, Biguora Perelli, I Novtlll. sm'ond i'iut. 1. Overture?By the entire Orchestra:?from the Opera of Bellini. Norma. 2. Cavatiua of Kigaro?from the Opera of Rosaiui. "II Barbiere ill SivigTia," by Hignor L Vita 3. ( avatiua of Koaina?from "II Barbiere di Siviglia"?eircuted by Signoriiia Tedesco. 1. Kautaaia?lor the Violin and Double Bass?known by the urine nf " Virata 13*11 Zing iricomposed and eieculed b) the two Professors, Botrtim and Arditi. i. Duo?from "II Barbiere di Siviglia," of Kotiua and Kigaro, b) Sigiiorins Tedesco and Signor Vita. Tickets (I?To be had from nine until five in the afternoon, at the Tabernacle, and at the Door in the evening. Concert to commence at S o'clock. ?I7 lt*rc J'"1 PARKER'S KXHIBITfON BALL wili ba repeated at TAMMANY HALL on Monday evening, April 19th, when all those dances that gave such general satisfaction, will Ire repeated in the same order as before. Tickets $1, to admit a gentleman and bis ladies, can be obtained at the Hall. aid 3t*c '] 11 OlH >h I'LA YERsl nOR SALE?An ezcelleut t OR ANULAIS. a complete r and superior instrument. Will be sold low. Address tog P. O. *MII*W I'KlVATh LKtSHUNtf IN ULRMAN. A LADY froin the north of Ocrmsny would W happy to devote a portion j'f her time to (mop instruction in (Jrrman at the residence of pupils. Apilicaliou in person or by i letter, to No. *n>nl I# < Tin ion Place. mlg ltn*r Ml SIO. BALI.8 AND ritlVATK. PARTI F.8 furnished with the Yhnlin, Il*rp and Piano Forte, or any number of Instrument*. The mo?ie selected from the moat fashionable Ope R AYLIFFE, S. AYL1FFF.. J. AYIjIFFE and (>. AYLljfFfc., Brothers, Professor*. Wo. If? Elm street, corner of Howard- tall lm*rh ACCORDEONS. 'PMF. largest assortment in the city is to be fraud *t the I l hat ham street Bauar. to Chatham street; and, if you want to art one, that it the place to buy it, as every instrument is warranted in perfect taae ass order, They also hive anew instrument, called the Flatina, resembling the Aecordeon with the tone of a flute. Their Acenrdeont rarv In priee from M ; cents to Jtl dollars. Call, uuainine, and judge for yourselves. Aeeordenii taught, tuned and repaired. Don't forget the number?M I'liatham, opposite Chambers street. all lm*e Trtfc siWKT?T&S oFJ'kn k<7h IXTTT wUle^l., anil retail, fresh vegetable and flower Seed*, of every ueacriphon; OrasssBeeda for lawns or permanent meadow, as may be required, early Potatoes, Asparagus. and Olohe Artichoke Roots; Fruit Ornamental Trees, Shrubbery, and Herbareons Plants, warranted as described, with a eery large collection of green and hot-house Plants, and a general assortment of Fancy Articles in our line. Bouquets, of lb* most choice and delicate flowers, at *11 season*. DUNLAP k THOMPSON Setdsmru and Florists, tht'r Broadway. W'l" lw*re Ntirvei y. Dili avenue and unth at >111 M E Ik INK \ It'P, manufacturers ot PA P E It HAND IN OS, No 111 Pearl street, Franklin Hqiptre. Wholesale pnrrhasrrs will find lliemsrlvea fully rr muueratssl lor calling as above liefore hn vine a I Itn**r S(7T)A Vv ATER AN& Al'^AKATTlt?J.' iiitihew."TTo. Ill Third avenue, New York, mannfaciure, of all the modern apparatnsuaed for the naanuf*r lure,drawing or bottling 1 nfSodv Water. A lithou [rapine. piste, with printed directions for ihe malting of Soda Water and Si nirw, also for the.putting up of the apparatus and its use, kr., will accompany each ap parous sir lm*rc i a TO fll LATEST MOMENT TBI4boraphic. AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. LEOMLATIVK PRUCEEDUtil. Senate. Aluh April 10. lad'.' Tke debate on l lie various motions on tke Judicial Districts BUI was continued 10 lk? adjournment without any .jumiIuu being uk.u The prospect at present I*. that the Legislative recess will arrive before the Stat* is districted Assembly. Albasv, April 10. lwt; Bill* were passed to provide for tba compensation at Jurora In Naw Vork ; to provide for tka opening of Washington Park, In Kort lirecn. Brooklyn ; to reduce the number of foreigner* korvlng on juris* BY THE MAULS. Washington, April 18, 1147 (M Hiti. Between Brown's Hotel and the Capitol (hay are tearing up the great avenue, root and branch, and replanting it in paving atonea. Peter German, the good mail who hue ainoothcd the path of Congress to the grave, furnishes the cobble atonea, and lias employed all the little fanner* for ten inile* round in gleauing the country for the boulders. Meantime ihey are proceeding in the work lighting the Capitol and ground* with gas Wo had thought there was already a superfluity of gun in the Capitol. Generul Tom Thumb has gone southward, he and his associates having cleared for their three dtiys in Washington at least a thousand dollars. Large dividend for so small a capital. Father Kitchie claims Gen. Taylor as a democrat. fShould'nt wonder if both pnrties would run him. What a curious state of things. The democrats in Congress denounced General Taylor as inefficient, and yet they cluim the honor of his victories. The whins denounce the war as atrocious, yet they claim the honor of all its results. How are we to have_an understand nig i now shall we split the ditlerence 1 We learn that Gen. Ltromgoole is campaigning in Virginiu in defence of the admission of Santa Anna into Mexico, on the ground that he win pledged not to adopt the guerilla system, but to iight pitched battles, and make a peace when fairly beaten out. The best reason, however,is that of the President,whose object was to kick up a row with Puredes, and drive the Mexicans to terms, by compelling Santa Anna, in order to secure his power, to sue for jn-ace. The prospect is that the job will turn out not so bad a speculation after all, especially with the ship canal acroa* from Wassnquulco, or, as the Mexicans spell it, Huasacualco. Mr. KichardS. Coxe is giving n serica of admirable papers in the Union on the Mexican indemnities, in reply to"u late speech of Mr. Pen dleton, of Virginia, in the House. We understand that Mr. Bancroft is to he employed to write the history of the Mexiran war The National (Taylor) tVhig came out again this morning, very salty upon the administration The experiment is a little in advance of the right time for the campaign of '48. Wait till the hell rings. W. Washington, April 15, 1847. U. S. War Sttamtr*. The government has built a lot of war steamers under various contracts and rx|>erimentb, and with scarcely an exception, they have all failed, und have been constantly subjected to repairs and alterations for their improvement. Perhaps the Princeton is the best of them all, und she draws u depth of six or seven feet more than is necessary for a ship of her tonnuge; her draught being about twenty-one feet. The Mississippi, in a single shot may be dismantled, as her wheels and machinery are above the water line The Polk, revenue cutter, is now here undergoing alterations, fee., &. Perhaps the plan for an experiment of Mr. E. F. Aldrich, of New York, is about as good as any for a fair trial, without incurring a hazard of an useless expenditure. He proposes to build a sleHin vessel noon a plan invented by himself of the following dimensions?180 feet long, 28 or 30 | feet beam, and 17 or 18 feet hold ; the vessel to I he staunch and seaworthy in everv resnccl. and to have a speed of not loan than ten miles per hour. The government is togive a stipulated pries for the ship, provided It perforin* a* per agretv ment?the vessel to he finished in t welve month*, and four months to he allowed in addition for necessary alterations, for increase of speed, perfection of machinery, kr No more than an ordinary amount of fuel to be consumed, Jte. The Navy DmMMI could scarcely have a I more eligible offer, as it will either secure a good j ship at a contract price, or have no cost# to pay whatever if the experiment fails, | The subject of steam navigation is the great (juestioti of the day. It is already regulating not only the commerce but the governments of the ' world. Its moral influences are commensurate with its physical result*. To the Tinted State*. ! so abundant in materials, and in the advantage* of its is the xummum bonum of th* I age. In this view, all ei|?eriments tending to the full developement of the capacities of steam navigation are of the greatest importance, and they should lie especially tested where it can be done without pecuniary sacrifice to the government. W. Al??wt, April 10, 1047 The Judicial Dietrich. The extreme probability that tbe present Legislator* will fall to divide tbe State Into judicial district*, In obedience to the requirement* of th* Constitution, ha* ere ated some speculation and excitement at the Capital I The varlou* committee* of conference appointed to effect a compromise between the two Hoaxes, have utterly I failed after protracted consultations, to r*port a plan of i division which would reeelv* the eoneurrenee of both House*. The ("ommittee of Conference appointed by I the House have asserted their determination not to eon| sent to an arrangement which ha* received the sanction or the whole Senate; and the Senate ( ommittee bare done a tike thing In reepeet to a plan which has received the sanotion of the House. Mr. Jomnio*, the Chairman of the Senate Committee of Conference, made a report this morning. In whleh he says the committee on the part of the Assembly, have proposed the following ultimatum hint Diitriet?New Vork. Second?Richmond. Suffolk. Queens Kings. WestChester. Orange. Rockland. Putnam. Dutchees. Third?Otsego, Ulster, Sullivan, Delaware. Sehoharle, Greene, Columbia. Albany. Fourth?Schenectady, Franklin, b Linton. Kisex. War run. Washington, Fulton. Hamilton, Saratoga, Montgomery. Rensselaer Fifth?Madison, Jefferson. Lewis, Oneida. Herkimer, St. Lawrenoe Sirth?Tioga. Oswego. Cayuga, Onondaga. Cortland, Chenango. Broome, Tompkins Seventh ? Monroe. Livingston, Steuben. Chsaung Yates. Ontario. Wayne, Seneoa Eighth?Krle. ( hautauque, Cattaraogix. Orleans, Niagara. Genesee, Allegany, Wyoming This. then. Is the ultimatum of the House and I think that they will not recede from It The Senate Com mtttee or Conference proceed to observe that " the positive assertion of a determination by the committee of the Assembly that they wonld agree to no system which would not Include Rensselaer county in the fourth district, forced the conviction upon the minds of the Committee of the Senate, as startling, and evincing a spirit of coercion upon the action of the Legislature, ami as embracing objects other than a fair division ol the State Into judicial districts ." ? The Committee, after presenting the grounds of their objection,observe that they "cannot eonsentto the adop Hon of any such principle, unless compelled by necessity, nor do they believe a majority of either hranch of I the Legislature will be found who will urge such a pnn the formation of the fonrth (llrtrlet. for the rruon tliit In rase the Legislature should fall to district the MatIt might be seen that tha fanlt ahould not attach to the oinmlttee of tha Senate for reJerUng propositions at once repugnant to Juatlee, and, aa Ay believe. again the plain and express provisions of the t'onetltutlon The rommlttne of the Senate feel sensible that their act* upon tha subject under consideration will be scrutlnlsail hv an Intelligent people , but as they have endeavored to discharge their dotirs fairly though firmly, tbey are quite willing t? leave the Issue made by the conferees of tno Assembly to their dispassionate Judgment, satisfied that every concession which Jostlee demands has been j made," "Nothing cantfb gained by I weak and pusillanl nous course,-' (say the committee in conclusion.) "when principle is Involved ; and although party seal m.iy l? and generally is, exacting, yet reason will ultimately pre vail The committee on the part of the .Senate having tailed In effecting the object for which they were ap pointed, respectfully submit their report, embracing as It was Intended, the facts that have transpired Iwtaccn tin respective committers of the ftenste and Assembly, and the considerations by which the conduct of your aom mlltee has been governed 1 When the reading of the report of tha Committee as concluded, Mr llard rose and moved that It be recem , milled to the < onferenre < oinmlttee The senator els < | borated In severe terms upon the obeUuncy of the SniKg f 4

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