Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 18, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 18, 1847 Page 2
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era! of the t'ulted States at W*?hlnjrton. from one of th most trust-worthy gentleman of the arroy MirtMuiu. March 44. ' A letter from ? Mexican at Tula, dated the 11th Instant to a Mexican of thla place. state* that Santa Anna with om< division of his army. arrived at Hon Luis on the Tth ; tlio retreat waa disastrous to the last decree, far exceeding that which took place after the battle* of thcHth and !>th of May last; the soldiers absolutely flght'ng for a luoutliful of bread He suyathat the Mexican loss is at least 4000 lu killed ami wounded, and the army completely routed and dispirited The first acting battalion was annihilated ; the colonel commanding (Col Bcrra) w is killed and all the other officers either killed or wounded His letter gircn the name* of many officers killed and wounded In addition to those given by Santa Anna. ' I learn from various sources that Paymaster Dlx played quite a conspicuous and useful part In tho action of ftueua Vista " Next follows the capture of tho strongest commercial town and the key to Mexico?Vera (. ru* and the castle of Han Juan do UltSa This Oibraltar of the western contlneut. which was considered by the proud Mexicans as Impregnable. particularly as It has boon strongly fortified since it was taken by the French. has been compelled to capitulate unconditionally. after a few hours' bombardment, before two-thirds of the guns and bombs which had been aselgued to the siege had arrived In the camp Not only has this advantage been gained by our arms at that point, but In every nffulr near Vera Crux the Mexl can troops have been beaten and dissipated by a very Inferior force, like clialT before the wind Oen Scott haft no doubt, occupied Alvarado. to profit by Ita supplies of mules and borne*: end I*, probably, by tnla time, on his inarch to the table lnnds The utmost consternation has spread Itself over Mexico Their troops arc on tbe retreat No serious opposition is expected to be made at tbe National bridge, strong as its position naturally Is. aud capable of the strongest artificial defences; nor at Jalapa; and Indeed we can scarcely anticipate any very serious resistance until he arrives at the capital ltaalf. and become* master of tbe ''balls of tbe Montuzuuna." And again, we uuw understand that Chihuahua, the capital of an iuiportaut province, lias capitulated to a very luferior force in point of numbers both of troops ami of artillery. Thus beaten at uvory point by Inferior forces, with 4.000 of their best troops lost at Bueua Vista, and with 4.000 more put Aor* He combat by a parole of honor; with thalr armies either dissipated or flying before our victorious eagles, how can Mexico continue tbe war with any prospect of success ' Hit guerilla system is gone. Her oapital wiii probably be In our possession, or at least her tabic lands will be occupied so as to |>crmit our troops to advance with additional reinforcements to the capital. If it should be fonnd necessary to take or temporarily retain it. IVt understand thai reinforcemente art about Is 4* thrown into both our armies; and. if Mexico thould continue knotted, blind to her true intereiti, infatuated by her ridiruloue pride we mutt put forth our powerful arms in a more tigorout proeteulion of the war. We will not say what will becomo of Santa Anna, stripped of bis army We will not say what will become of tbe wealth and influence of the clergy ; but of one thing we are fully assured, that we shall no longer bear of the siily rhodomontadcof the Mexicans?of Santa Anna's His boost about gathering laurels on the banks of the Sabine; and unless providence has maddened thoee whom it Is determined to destroy, we shall no longer bear of the Idle demand being made, that our troo|? shall evacuate the soil of Mexico before she consents to treat of pence. If any reliance can be placed upon the accounts which we have received from Mexico, through tbe New Orleans Picayune, there is one Item of intelligence which wo are pleased to bear, viz : that there is still a government in Mexico who may treat with us ?nay, that Santa Anna is there, probably prepared, with the concurrence of tbe clergy, to assume the dictatorship. But he can scarcely hold it long, if he continues to be stripped of the charm of military renown, which has hitherto brightened his wrest. Or how long can he maintain it, if he eontinucs to deny peace to his couutry 1 ARMY INTELLIGENCE. Lieut. Dlvver. of the 3d regiment U. S dragoons, has opened a recruiting station at Albany. Numerous ftp plications are received lit hi* otnce. but rroin the nature of ttio service ami the required qualifications, a comparatively small number have been accepted. Lieut. Moore has opened a recruiting office at Watertown. In this State. Captain Walker's company arrived at Memphis. Tennessee. on the 9th instant, where they remained for several hours to inter the remains of John T. Beavers, one of the members, a native of Prince William county, Va. who died on the passage from Newport barracks. On the 23d March, two hundred and thirty volunteers left the barracks at Newport. Ky. for Mexico, under the command of Captain Wood. NAVAC IVTET/UOENCE. [From the Phil Oasotte, April 17.1 Vrsstn row the Was Devaktmivt ?Wc learn that the four propeller steamers, built at this port under the inspection of the Transportation Agent, R. F. Loper Ksq . In compliance with the orders of the War Department. are to be named respectively " Buchanan." "Walker." "Mason," ' Marcy." in compliment to the heads ?f the departments ut H ashiugton. These steam propellers are three-masted vessels, of about 200 Ions each, and are found and fitted out for service iu tbo Gull of Mexico, in such manner as v. il!. wc think, give credit to those who planned, and to those who have constructed them. [From the Savannah Republican. April 13. The U. 8. steamer Scorpion, A. Uigelow. F.?q.. commander, having made the necessary repairs to her machinery. and taken in a supply of fuel, got under why on Saturday, end proceeded on bur voyage to the Gulf of Mexico. [Correspondence of the National Intelligencer.] Vai rsRAito. Dec 20. 1H46. On the 3d Instant, the United States ships Columbus (Commodore Biildle.l Independence. (Commodore S'hubrir.k.) and Levaut. (Commander Pago.) were lying In the harbor of Valparaiso The Columbus from" Onhu. (Sandwich Islands) the Independence from Rio de Janeiro. in thirty-three days, and the Levant from California Several changes took place In the squadron Lieut Stephen Johnson transferred sick to the Levant from the ( olumhus. and Lieut J B. Itandolph transfered to till his place from the Independence. Several midshipmen also transferred to thu Lcvniit for passage home The Independence sailed on the 13th for Monterey, and on the 30th lite Columbus tailed for Callao and California. The Levant Is to sail for Norfolk on or about the U?th Instant. List of officers on board the Columbus: Commodore Diddle ; T. W. Wytnan, captain ; T. O Selfridge, commandant, P Drayton. II French. J. II. Strong. J. B Randolph, lieutenants; Madison Rush, acting do.; J. M Waiuwright. acting master; E. T. Dunn, purser; B Ticknor, fleet surgeon; T F B Gillou. passed assistant surgeon; Daniel I?. Bryan, assistant do : J. W. Newton, eltaplaln; M Yarnull, professor of mathematics ; H. B Tyler, captain marines ; N H Waldron and J. C. Cash, lieutenants do ; D McN. Falrftix and A. J. Drake, passm.A ww> irlaK ! nt.ian l.ln/anl f lnrLn ft >1 u m iM i i ,Ti? ' *?#? PsifiLPV Harrison, Stevenson. Seldcn. Stewart Hrahuiu. Van Zand*. Young. Luce and (Jraham. uiid.-hlpmen ; V. K. Hall, boatswain; Thomas Robinson. gunner; Jonas Dibble. carpenter; If. C. Rodman, sailinakcr 'l'he Columbus is short of lieutenants, having lout one by death, (Todd.) and several scut hoiuu on aecouut of sickness The Independence busing seven. Commodore Riddle transferred Lieut Randolph to in Ailing up hercoinplemeiit. The InJepeudiiiiee made an exceedingly quick passage to Valparaiso from Rio. tieing only thirty-three days ut sea. aud having hote to one day out of that off Staten Laud She had a fine run and pleasant weather in the vicinity of ( ape Horn. We have no news from California herw up to this date The squadron are all on that coast Law Intelligence. Scsraiua Count, April 17?In Unio?Decisions.? Leery. Plaintiff in Error rI. Tilut. Defendant In Errar ?Judgment affirmed Whittimore. Plaintiff in Error. vs. Cuniws.?Judgment attlrim-d Bennett adi. Lee.?Judgment for plaintiff, with liberty to defendant to plead on payment of cost*, within ten days after notice of thla rule. Kuah adi Bennett.?Judgment for plaintiff, with liberty to defendant to plead on payment of costs, within ten days after notice of this rule. Poet a,it Smith ? New trial granted on payment of costs Dalertnr vs. Vnranil ?New trial denied Olingren vs. Dutile. Judgment for plaintiff Varick. Executrix. at In. It aeon -Motion to set aside report of referee denied, and motion for new trial on ground of now discovered evidence, denied. Painavf. lots. el at?Motion for new trial denied. Uvitkd Ststts Circuit Coi nr. April 17 ?Before Judge Nelson ?Charge of counterfeiting end uttering tare coin ? John R Woods was arraigned this morning on three indictments, for counterfeiting and uttering a quantity of cf Mexican quarter dollars, be pleaded guilty, scntene* deferred for a week, to give him an opportunity to put In afldavits in mitigation of punishment. Unite* Stubs Commisbiones's Orricr?Rlehard Fox and John Kerr, two seamen, belonging to the ship Burlington, were arrested yesterday on a charge of revolt, and held to hsdl in thesurn of f-JM to stand thslr trial. CortT Cat-tena*?CiaeriT f orm ?101. (I. IS. 10.39. (16.79. 87, 04. lift, lift 119.124, 190 to 13ft Superior l oort?09. 6, 1ft. I?. 90. AS ,ft4 Oft 00. 107. 114. lift, 117. 1 18, IIP, 121, 113 124, 103, 68. ft. 120 104. 10. 3. .Ml. 27, ftft ft?. 67. 23. 24. 41. 99. Al, 81, 87, 7ft, 12. 3ft, 30, 49. 13, 14, 1?. 49, 94. 286. ftO, 273, 90. 110, 9, 19. 100. 20. 100. 10ft. 110. |09. ftO, 821 80, 97, 47 Common ri?t*?, part lot ?1. 3, 7. 9. II 13, 16, 17, 19. 21. Tart 9d-24 0. 8. 10, 12, 2ft8. 10. 18, 90 Political. Mr. Ford (whig) waft on Monday re-elected mayor of the city of Augusta, In Oaorgla. hy a majority <<f upward* of a hundred vote*. At the annual town meeting in Fall river, on Monday the whip eueeeeded In electing their entire ticket The ote for county treasurer wa?, fc-llla, whig. 3?2 , Anthon democrat*, 224 g ia 8*neea county the democrat* hare choeen 8 supervisnra, the whip 1 Laet year the whig* had S, the democrat* 7. The return" from Wisconsin are unfhvorable to the adoption of the amended constitution The oonteftt if sharp and neither party seem disposed nrln the laaftt degree willing to gt?# ground Meetings ?re nailed by one party, and assailed by masses of their adverftoriee? and ?o tbirigft go in Wisconsin From the account" in the Jin per#, we uhould judge that tome scene# disgraceful to oli concerned, had been enacted in the streets on ftorne of these occasion* Pemml. The Hon N. Clifford, the Attorney Oeneral. left Washington on Wedn?ftdey morning, on a Tint of a fbw day* to Main*. On the occasion of ea-Oorcrnor Seward's late visit to T'hil td 'lphia. be was addressed hy a committee representing lbs Irifb adopted cltiienft of that aity. who proffered him a public dinner, which lift eery modestly dei'l.ned. '! ha Wiishington ( Ity Common Council hare passed n -'itulloii# of ft'tioiratioii of, and gratitude lor. the conuui t of (ien- rsiii Scott an l 'J'syior. and the naval com-, uiaidii iti Mexico, a* well aft'thtlr vatlonft commands w Ihftlx if'"? ' ?MiUM4 *1 huaoa V lata tod Van Crui NEW YORK HERALD. (lew York, Sunday, April 18, 1MT. The IMui Ship*. We have not yet received any intelligence of the steamers. We may ex|>ect news by one of ; them some time to-day. It is anxiously looked j for by our merchants. I The Philosophy of the ElectloiwState of Partlea?'The Position and Strength of the Radicals, There has been a great deal said by soma of the ultra organs of the whig party, and one or two itmi-iie democratic papers, ubout the^strength of the national reform party in this city, and the iufliu-nf** <it" fliui vote unon 11 ni late election. The organ of the votc-yourself-a-farm party ha* asserted that the election of Mr. Brady was partly produced by the votes of that party, and that these votes were obtained by the letter received, purporting to have been written bv that gentleman, upon the eve of the contest. We think we are prepared to show, and prove by official documents, that the election of Mr. Brady was brought about by other causes, and that the vote of the nulionul reformers was a mere bagatelle. More than ono-hnll' of the whig majority wus produced by u combination in the eleventh ward, between the whigs und the native Americans, by virtue of which the strength of the native American party was given to Mr. Brady, upon condition that the whigs voted for the native American Aldermau. The annexed tables exhibit the result of this compromise :? Oimcul Vtr?Cut ton Nxtitk Amkricxs Mooi Al dsrms1. IVardi. Ifayvr. *1l<Urmt n. 1 0 4 2 23 17 3 39 0 4 97 I ? 109 OH 0 jo i) 7 8ft 01 8 lao 170 o 307 41* 1 0 200 304 1 1 lft 1.190 13 117 110 1 3 387 300 1 4 03 40 lft 02 0 10 17# 198 17 207 284 1 8 81 90 Total* 8.078 3.303 8,078 Exceane of vote* for Aldermen oror Major.. .1.314 la the eleventh ward there were only fifteen votes cost forMr. Drake, the native American mayoralty candidate, while there were 1199 for the native American alderman, showing that 1184 native votes must have been given to one of the other candidates for the mayoralty. It is possible sum ? of the natives of tU at ward did not vote for either of the other candidates, but there is no doubt that most of them voted for Brady. We now come to the national reform vote, the official returns of which were as annexed : ? OrnciAL Voti caat roa National flcroRM Matos and iiMun, IVardt. Mayor. .Ildtrmtn 1 3 0 2 1 8 3 8 0 4 " > I ft 38 89 A 7 0 w s? 8 ? 87 9 a o 87 11 61 48 0 0 18 7 0 14 38 18 1 6 6 0 17 79 1 7 ?4 14 1 8 1? 0 303 413 303 Exeess of rotes for Aldermen over Mayor... 110 According to this, only 110 votes were cast for Brady, provided every national reform vote cast lor the aldermen over and above those cast for their mayor was given to the whig candidate. This does not look much like the whign being indebted to the national reformers for the election of their mayor. | The comparative strength of tho whig and j democratic parties, at the roeent election, is i pretty clearly exhibited in the vote of Joseph R. Taylor, the whig candidate for Alms House , Commissioner, and J. Sherman Brownell, the I democratic randidate|for Mayor. Mr. Brady, 1 as we have shown above, was indebted to the na! live American party to a great extent, and to a limited extent to the influence of his name among the Irish. The national reform party was a mighty small concern in the matter; and ths idaa of their supposing themselves strong enough to hold the balance of power between the two great parties, a ilppitUtili- ri#?h nnrl rirl irulniiM I The New* from Mexico?It* Character and Importance. i We yesterday received im;>ortnnt intelligence from three divisions of our army, Herving in Mexico. The adviccti from Santa Fc are to February 10th. They contain detail* of the horrible massacre at Taos, and subsequent battle*. The ilutea from El Pa**o are to January 29th. i Major Clarke had arrived with the artillery.? I Colonel l>onit>han was hastening preparations to I advance on Chihuahua. He had heurd of Gene! rul Wool's leaving for Saltillo. Capt. Mitchell's company had puehed 21 days advauce on the maiu line, which wan expected to move on the 6th of February. Capt. Doniphan was confident of taking Chihuahua. He reported 5000 Mexicans there, but this wus, doubtless, an exaggeration, as no Mexican supplies or reinforcements I could be expected nearer than from Durango. I We give tiiis, because it confirms the iutellil gence received by the way of the city of Mexico ' and Tanipico. | Colonel l'rice, with three hundred men 1 and four howitzers, had udvanced to Puebla, i in New Mexico, where the Mexican* had fortij ficd two strong large houses and a church. On | the 31st Janunry, he attacked them. At the first charge of the dragoons and infantry, seven J Americans were killed and several wounded. Cupt. Iturguin was fatally shot in the lungs as he was gallantly lending the rompnny to the attack. The church and houses were stormed. The Mexican* retired, and the dragoons pursued, killed l.V) or 200, and a complete victory achieved. Total American loss, 12 killed, and 30 wounded. The steamship Alabama arrived at New Orleans from Vera f ruz on the 2d. General Quitman, with his division, had proceeded to the capture of Ahorndo. Com. Perry, with the Mississippi, two sloops of war and the musqnito tleet, were to operate with him. Gen. Twiggs' command left on the 31st ult. forPuente Nacional. Gsn. Worth was actipg Governor of Vera Cruz ; he w as to follow on the 5th inst. for the same destination. The accounts from Gen. Taylor state that be had returned to Salnllo, after a fruitless pnrsuit of Urreo, though he was at one time neor bim in the \ tcinity of Marin. Gen. Tavlor was pushing forward large supplies towards Ran Luis Potoai, in advance of his own march. This is the intelligence from the three points of our arrny in brief. Tb? details, together with some important news from the city of Wciico, and the detailed official account of - inu Anna of the battle of Btiena Vista, are to >e found on ths outside of this day'* Htrald. It appears by the advices from the city of Mexico that t- inta \nn* reached tnnt city on the 2lth. It is v.iH thi? be took sides with the enureb party in it,* revolution, ?uH was immediately in? i ftuguratad Prssidsnu las Arouoishop of Msju- j co luul agreed to let him have five millions of dollar* with which to drive the barbarians, meaning the Americans, from Mexico. No intelligence had reached the capital of the capitulation of Vera Cruz and Sun Juan de Ulua, and every effort was making to prosecute the war against the United States. According to Santa Anna's detailed official despatch of the battle of Bucna Vista, he still udhcred to the declaration previously made, that negcciation would not be entered into until every American soldier was withdrawn from Mexican territory. It may be that the surrender of Vera Cruz and Ulua will change the mind of the Mexican. Revolutionary Blood at Vera Cruz ? You'no Allen McLank.?Among the many feats of personal bravery, performed by our army in Mexico, tbo following one of Midshipman Allen McLane should immortalize its gallant author. During the siege of Vera Cruz, be was attached 10 cupt. .yuiick, communucr 01 one 01 me nuvui batteries. In the heat of the engagement, Capt. Aulick wished some brushwood, in front of him, which obstructed the view of a Mexican battery, removed. It was on an uncovered spot, and shot and shells were rained in a perfect deluge upon it. Still the removal of the obstruction was of vital importance, and he called for volunteers to cut it away. In an instunt young MoLane leaped over the embrasures, tollowed by two seamen, and advanced boldly on the brushwood. In a few minutes their rapid and steady strokes were heard, as they hewed away, atnid the bursting shells and falling bulls, that threw up the sand around them. At length, a clear und open range was mudc to the battery, and McLune and his comrades leaped, unhurt, within the embrasure. It was nobly, gallantly done. It was sufficiently dangerous for a man to show his head above thft works, without standing in the open road, a fair mark for the guns. Young McLane is the son of the Hon. Louis McLaue, and grandson of Col. Allen McLane, who served so bravely in our revolutionary war. He has proved himself worthy of tho stock from wkjcb he is descended. Tit* Rem*lt or this Election.?The whig members of the Common Council elect convened last evening, and organized by appointing Jatnes D. Oliver, of the 15th ward, chairman, and J. M. Allen, of the 8th ward, secretary ; after ...LI.L .1 I ..>Ani*?/r WHICH, IUCJ UUJUUIUCU Ulllll n CUIICBUaj ntlllll), next. Of the numerous individuals who have been spoken of as candidates for the several appointments to be made by the new common Council,the following named gentlemen, together with some previously given in the Ilerald, are deemed the most prominent:? For President of the Board of Aldermen?Morris Krankliti, of the 7th word; Abraham It. Lawrence, of the sth ward. For Prttidtnt of the Board of Assistant Aldermen? L. W. Stevens, of the 16th ward. For Comptrolltr?fc-gbort Hanson, of tho Sd ward. For Receiver of Taxes?Joseph R. Taylor, of the 14th ward ; John Hono of the 16th ward ; Garret H. Strikers [The last uainod held office under the natives.1 For Counsel for tKe Corporation?Theodore F,. Tomlinson, of the lith ward ; Nathaniel Blunt, of the 16th ward. For Corporation Attorney?James S. Thayer, of the 16th ward. For Puhlic Administrator?William Dodge, of the Sd ward ; James Oridley. of the Stbward. For (Voter Purveyor?Andrew Bleakley, of tho Sth ward. For Superintendent of Alms House Loughborough. (This gentleman ran for County Clerk ou the native ticket, and thereby defeated the election of Morris Franklin three years ago.] For Superintendent of liepairt?John Can. [Held office under the whigs in 18VJ J For Superintendent of Street!?Wm. W. Lyon. [Late a deputy sheriff under Sheriff Jonos.J For Superintendent of Lampt and Gat?Charles Roddle, of the 10th ward. For Superintendent of Pavements?Whitfield Case.? 1 Assistant Cnnlain nf the 13th ward nolicnl ; for Kttptr of City Pritin?Owon Breunau. of the fitli war-l ; J amen J. Be vine, of the 10th ward. [Late deputy fber,ffs under burill Jones ] Per Phyiician of City Priion.?John B McComb, of the 8d ward. For Kttptr of City Hall?Isaac Rhinos, of the 4th ward. (Former keeper under the whig* In 1343 ] For Cltrk of thr Board of Jhtitlant *3litrmen ? William U. Green, of the 7th ward. Buena Vista.?The "regular subscriber," who is desirous of seeing a detailed account of the battle of Bueua Vista, must have mislaid one oi two numbers of his Herald. Brown & Bell's Fleet at Vera Ckuz.?The following letter will be read with pleasure by our citizens Orr Sscaincios, Maroh 38,1947. I forget the date of my last letter, but the day after I sent It a steamer appeared In the ofllng. carrying a rod broad pendant; we soon made her out to be the Mississippi. and took It for granted the gallant Perry was in her. That afternoon, a French bark anchored under the Castle, got underweigh and stood out. at the same time a small man-of-war steamer, the Hunter pursued the bark, hove her to, put an officer on board, and stood bark towards the anchorage. It had now grown dark, and a very severe, although short norther, began to blow. We saw nothing of the Hunter or bark until morning, when both were discovered hard aud fast on Tajats reef, with signals of distress flying, and evidently going to pieces. 1 be Mississippi went out and brought off the people, but the vessels aro both lost. That morning Commodore Conner made his Inst signal?" Commodore I'erry commands the squadron." Bell and Brown's crafts, (the lnusquito Scot) which anchored close to inch other, began to smell powder?the men waved their caps, and the officers eyed each other with evident satisfaction. Wo know that I'erry would flght anything, aud felt assured of a brush with the Castle. The Ohio arrived the next day. and we all felt proud to see this thing of life walk the w aters. On the ovouing of the 33d General Scott having planted hie mortars, summoned the city to surrender, which was politely rejected. His hattcrios thenopen* r. and Bell and Brown went in and took a position ju it within range of the long guns of thn Castle, butfrc n which they could throw their shells into the city. >o you understand what I mean by Bell and Brown ? W1 y. the Spitfire, Vixen Bontta. Reefer, Petrel, Falcon, ana Tamplro. all built by Bell and Brown of New York?the flying artillery of the squadron, and an tho little brats generally mora together, we familiarly roll them Ball and Brown. Bell and Brown then went In and took a ruking position, on the evening of the 'JJud. and tired awuy until It was quite dark, doing great damage to the poor devoted town. Whan we stopped firing, ( apt Tatnall. who commanded the expedition, got all tho captains on board hie vessel, (the Spitfire.i and they concluded to staud up boldly the next morning lu front of the town, and draw the tire of the C astle. We thought some of us must go this time. At early daylight, we got undor woigh. The Castle soon opened on us. as did alio the guns of the city. 1 he shells burst under us. over us, and uil around us?such a row?but Bell and Brown was still tbere, and for the space of one hour, did these small vessels stand (ha tire of the second strongest fortress in the world. Il sounded very like Alvarado. only the enemy threw shcllr instead of shot. Commodore I'erry had given no order for this attack, and of coarse could not oountenance such a desperate undertaking. '1 he gallant sailor, however, let us alone nntU be pereclved the fun was getting too hot, he then hoisted the recall, hut tbs signal would not be seen for some time, (some of us are short-sighted) and when It was answered. It was obeyed slowly?very very slowly. At length I'erry became impatient, anil sent his Klag Captain to bring us off. saying those fellows will never come nut ol the tire unless they are forced. Capt. Mayo pulled down to us and cheered each vessel as shs name out of actlou; of course ws all returned the compliment, and soon reached the anchorage ?t Hacriflclos, feeling woll pleased with our day's work Talk of the Impregnability of B. Juan de L'lua ? it is all d-n humbug hxcuse tua strength of the Impression We arc victorious?the Amerioau Hag floats above both C astle and city. I wouid send you tho particulars, but this letter will doubtless arrivsaday after the fair Voui indefatigable exj resses have further spread the glorious , news through the land. Musical. CimriTt't Mi.HTHfLJ concluded their performances In i (his city lMt evening, and. as usual, bad a rospectablr house To the tact and talent of their manager, E. H ( bristy, thoy owe their great success We understand they perfhrm in Newark on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening*. The Aegtilns are well patronised at rhiiadelphia Slvorl and Hers were to give a concort hI Armory I Hall, New Orleana, on the evening of the Pth. 1 bey oi. fneed a moet attractive bill tor the occasion The Swlsa Dell Ringers are to perform at the Tabor' nacle. during several evenings, tins week I Sporting Intelligence. New Oblcasi, Tni'bsoav,April 8?Jockey ( tub Punt >700?-Three mile heats i A. L Dlngaman's b f. Brown Kitty, by Birmingham, dam by Tiger?4 y. o 8 1 1 ' I) K Kenner'e ch. f Louisa Jordan, by Imp Jordan dam. by John Richards. 4 y I 2 3 Kirkland Harrison's ch c Rough aid Ready, by Imp Shamrock, out of imp. Hope, l y o A 3 2 William J. Minor'* b f. Sleepy Maggie, by imp. Qlenooe. out of Betsy Nialuu*. * y o 2 4 dl* T B Pcindexter * (William A.Stuarv'i) gr f Bally Ward, by John R. Orlme*, out of Lisbon Maid, 8 y o 4 ill* James JaoksoB's H Liasldson .V Co.'s) ch in I'#, toiUAiv by BeUhaaw, dam ! ) stockholder i XI ? i . , i i?i i i i in Theatrical. Pais Tua a tar.-To-morrow night. Mr* Vasou and Mr. Wheatley cotnmeuce un engagement at tho Park ? ' They appear first In " Fatlo," Mm. Mason sustaining the part of Olauea, and Mr. Whontley that of Oiraldl Faxlo Two esoelleut oeertures by the orchestra are promised, j and the cTuning's entertainment will wind up with the farce of the hton Boy."' The management of tho Park certainly keep uu an interest, at a good old rate, this season CertaliJy there is no chance for complaint; I and wu hear that thuro are rich things in store for thu patrons of the Park. In some new coinlculitles which aro in rehearsal at present Bowcar THdttt.?Miss Julia Turnbull took a benefit at tho Buwcry, la?t JoToutng., on which occasion . the house was completely tilled. The entertainment . was sufficient of itself, t o till tho house, otsu if it had not been for the benefit of a, favorite actrces. In the first place cume the " Mysteries of I'aris,'' or the Prince and thu Slabber ; theu the 11 Spirit of the Fountain." in which Miss Turnbull appeared, 'i bis was followed by the third act of tho .Naiad Queen." and all coucluded by the " Alpine Maid, or Swiss Swains." The dancing in the '-Spiril Ulc Foil u tain" and the "Naiad Queen" was beautiful Miss T. introduced " I.a Tarnn [ tula, ' ttie " uranu i .mum rue 01 i.u iionurga. i.u Venetlana," ami a" t rand I'as Seul," in which she wu assisted by a full cur i <( ballet. All thing* went off charmingly, uud til < fair benetluiary was, no doubt, a* wall pleaded with results a* were tho thousands who were entertained. Tho manager* uunouno* Mrs. Shaw for Mouduv evening. In the play of " Love." Bowluv Cincos.?Thie place of amuaainent contluuea to attract crowda. Kemp, the clown, tukce a bouellton Monday?hla lait appcuraucu. Voung Alexander, the neorouiancer. opeus with hla Uluaiona und legerdemain to-morrow evening at the Minerva Itooina, Broadway. Mlaa C. Chapman took a benefit at tho Albany Odoon, on Thursday evening. The Vlennoisu dancer* arc to muko their firet appearance at the llolllday atreut theatre, Baltimore, Monday evening next. Gen. Tom Thumb held bia fli nt levee In Richmond, on Friday evening MM* Auguntu appeared fur the last time, at the Orleaun theatre, on the evening of tire 9th iuat. City Intelligence. Fines.?-A Are took placoat No.344 Sixth at. yeaterday morning, and waa promptly put out by the policemen of the district. Another fire occurred in the dye house of Mr. Kiel), No. 107 Troy street, originating in the chimney attached to the premise*. The fire was soon extinguished. Damage trifling. Dkath bv aci*a Branro?The Coroner waa oallud to bold an inqueat yeaterday on the body of a girl five , year* old, named Ann Kllia Krtevor, who came to her death in conaequenco of her clothes taking fire while sitting near the side of the lime kiln of Mr. Knapp. In Second street, near Avenue B. This Is the third or fourth rase of the kind that has occurred at the ssme place. There must be great negligence somewhere about the management of the premises Tu question Police Intelligence. Grand Larceny.?Officer Garrison, of the 10th ward, arrested, yosterday morning, a boy by the name of Kdward Travers. on a charge or stealing a gold watch and a breast pin. valued in all at $60, the property of Mr.MUes I P?*lfnn litflfiiui Kntrliiini rnmrnittoil tho iir.ruiPil fnr a further examination. Afreet of a Stage Driver.?Officer* Brown and Leonard. fttai<o inspectors of the chief's office, arrested yesterday a man by the name of Abraham (-'ester, driver of stage No. 337,11th street line, belonging to Hunt and Lout, on a charge of racing and otherwise driving iu a disorderly and furious manner in Broudwny. endangering the lives of the citizens. He was conveyed before his honor tho Mayor, who tiued him $10 for the violation, and revoked his licence besides, This is tbe only system to keep those chaps in any way orderly ; and the Mayor intends, we understand, to inflict tbe same punishment on all who aro detected iu the like manner.? Good. Arreet on Suspicion.?A black fellow called Isaac Williams was arrested last night, by officer Kenney, of the 3d ward, oil suspicion, he having been found secreted in a building in Spruce street, evidently with iutent to steal. Locked up by Justice Gsborn. Caught Again.?A fellow by the name nf Frank (Ionnick was caught yesterday, alter a loug chose along i'ark (low, through Theatre alley. Into Ann street, where he was grabbed by officer Daly, of the 1st ward, having iu his possession, which he was endeavoring to sell, a sword, three wigs, and other articles, the property of John G 1 aylor. of 38 Prince street. 1 his fellow is not long from BlackwuU's Island, where he has served out a term of sentence for stealing bojks. Taken before the Chief of Police, and committed. Stealing a Milk Can ?Officers Bloom and Norrix. of the Chief's office, arrested last night two fellows called Win, Laughlin and John Edwards, whom the otHcers found in Chatham street, having iu tliolr possession a large tin milk can, belonging to John Brown They were taken before Justice Osborne, and committed for trial Jtrreet of a Stage Drioer.?Officer Leonard and Brown, stage inspectors, arrested yesterday. Joseph Morey, alia.Yankee Jo, driver of stage No. 3d. VYaverly line, belonging to W. 8. Hlocuro, ou a charge of furious driving in Broadway, near Prince street. Taken before bis Honor the Mayor. who for the violation lined hiui $lu, and revoked his llcsuse. Albamy, April 18, 1817. Important Proceedinge in the Legielature. The judicial <1 strict* have come to be the great feature of legislative dispute and objurgntion, and passitmgle discussion. A matter whicb ought nut to occupy the attention of thu legislature two entire days, hns been agl tatud several weeks by private committees, until at length j the pride of party and the power of gold have put formidable difficulties lu the way of the adjustment of Ihli important question. Verily It Is a pity that virtue aud sagacity should not be prominent principles In the human character; through the absence of these attributes, how many woful knells of and harmony huve been rung in Christendom. The Seuate, this morning, received a message from tho House, conveying the information that the House "insists" upon thu ultimatum for the division of the Statu Into judicial districts which I sunt you yesterday. The House insisted upon this ultimatum last cveuiug, by a vote of 01 to 34. Mr. Johnson, tho chairman of the last Seuate Conference Committee upon this question, immediately rose, upon thu announcement of the mes-ago from the House, aud moved that the Senate ' adhoro'' to the Senate bill. Mr. Joacs moved to umendthe motion; hu moved that the Senate do " Insist" to the bill. Mr. Kolsom said It would bo an act of al<surdlty, not to say of madness, to rofuse to organtso those districts ' What, sir! shall wo have no courts? Shall wo have nothing to regulate socioty ? Already c< rtaln portions of the State, eveu with courts in cxisionoe, are cursed by auarchy ; and, if the proitositiuti of the Senator from Delaware (Mr. Johnson) is acceded to. the entire State will be subjected to like evils. Sir, 1 go for compromise ; I go for concession ou both sides. I believe we are approaching au era when the prcseut state of parties will be lost sight of; aud when we see old " Knugli and Heady" a candidate for the ('residency, I hope the whole people will sustain hint. Sir, I hope to sue anethcr com lUlllce 01 CKUIorenoe appoinivu m VIM ci nil muioum mi* judtmuut of this question ; ] am. therefore, opposed to the motion of the Senator from Delaware, (Mr. Johnson,) and I will rote against it. Mr. Komom having sot down, Mr. Ira Harris got the floor of the Heuate. and uttared several prurient common-places, presumed to he in vindication of the House bill and the refinement of the House committee Sir. (said Mr. II.,1 it is nothing more than political considerations which actuate those gentlemen, (the democrats of tho Senate Conference Committee.) Now, sir, let this subject be considered irrespective of parly considerations ; any candid man would consent to divide the districts equally between the purties And what is proposed by tlio Huunte hill ? It proposes to give the party to which I am attached, only two of the districts ; and here we have a committee of conference, pertinaciously Insisting upon having six of the districts Now I submit that no Mcualor can be justified before the tribunal of his own conscience, in adhering to an arrangement so entirely illiberal. 1 warn Senators, that the tribunal of public opinion will not acquit them, under the miserable plea that the compactness of the districts will not be preserved by the House bill There ia no way by which this duty can be accomplished, except by the present Legislature ; there Is nothing involved in the question, but whether the fourth district shall be wb'g or democrat.c; and now, I hope Senators will reflect before tlicy insist upon this bill : Mr. lUsiow said the Senator last up (Harris) has shown that the whole aim ot his colleagues is to secure half the judicial districts; tins not the .Senator shown that he is solely governed by political oouslderations.'? Nothing else under heaven influences his action! Sir we have no scruples In putting ths constitution undei our feet if we avow such sentiments ! I say let us adhere and there is an end of It, the people will reach the proper motives of every one of us, and i will tin lest Sir. does not that Senator know that if one district Is changed, all the others must be cbangsd in order to nri.aurrn tha rat In of ononis! ion: sir. t-aifl the SellUlO with emphasis.) I say udbne aud 1st'* pee what the rami! will bp. Mr. Jon said he hoped the Senate wonld not adhere because such un art would preclude all coinprom'e ; under 11 rule of the Senate the bill would be loet, if tb'-y adhere; he hoped new cominitteea of conference would he appointed, aud he had no doubt that committee* ot ihe right calibre oould elfevt a compromise Mr J. proceeded to analyse the metal of which th< conference committees hitherto appointed weie compos ed, aud he arrived ut a complaisant conclusion, that i hey were oouipouud* which could not bo mixed by auy ort of possibility; he hoped, therefore, that coinniilluvof <1 fferent moral and physical characteristic* would be appointed. . cssr*. Vaw Scwoowhot.w and Taucorr Qnlehod the exciting and Interaeting debate Mr. ialunltis an bonest geutietuan, and waa a member of Ihu laat oeiiali t oiifereiieo Committee '1 he onliro session waa occupied in the debate, and tho Houata adjourned without voting upon lb# i|tie?tlon 1 he bill lor the organisation of the Supreme Court Is complete, and will bo reported to the Senate very noon the country li indebted to Cbaiicullor Walworth for much of the profouud Judicial taleut which this lull w.h evince; Mr. Walworth has been frequently consulted by the .Senate Judiciary Co nmittee. and bu b.m constantly advised end aaaieled the oionmiltce A beautiful aword la al out to lie pri Bunted to General Worth; funds are now b' lng snbsciihad In ttila ciiy to purchase the sword: It will lie of the very bit) quality. I one hundred and tlfly dollars wore sulwcr.bcd yesurd ty. Lieut. Dlwer. of the dragoons. Is recruiting for the service In this eily. I u idcrntnrid he baa had some seventy applications, and be huiacc-roled only seveu ineu out of the eeventy; he is selecting the very oest men. Tho cltiiens of Hochester are to inset and exchange rnnirratulHtlons over the recent triumphs of American | valor, and the nroud suce< as of American arm* at t'aio | Alto, 0? ia i'ltluiu. MeuWivj', Lu?n? Vilte, Y ?ia | Utu, aud a, Juab i< IM? Religions Intelligence. Calcnuak. April l??Second Sunday after g ith. St. Mark the Lvaug'list.third Sumhy after baster. I be Right Rev Bishop Hughes will preach laHt Pe- ; tor's Church this day at half-pint ten A.M. The Rot. Mr. Murphy, from St. John's College, Kordliaui. will prcuch this morning In St. Jaunts' Church A monthly meeting <>f the Hoard of the New \ ork City Tract Society will be held at the Tract House, Monday evening April IVtb. at half-past seveu o clock. The l'reabytery of New York will meet in the Rutger's street Chureh in the city of New \ ork, ou Monday. April l'Jth at half-past seven o'clock P M . and will ho opened with u ssrinou by lbs Moderator, the Iter. VS liliuiu hi. Schunok. The Presbytery of bllxabethtown will hold its next stated meeting In Chatham Village, on the third I'ues- j day ( JOlh) of April, at three o'clock P.M.. to he opeuud 1 with a sermon by the Rev. J. Trumbull t'.ly, the Moderator. ou '-The true succession of the Christian Ministry, and the mode of ordination to that office.'* Letters hare been received from the Bishop of Cal- i uutta. announcing his safe arrival at the mouth of the Hooglcy, on Doc. 7. after a prosperous voyage. The bishop neld a confirmation while at sea. The Orphan Asylum Society, In the city of Now York. *P^?tS to hold its Porty-tlrst Anniversary at 1-J o'clock uu i uc*uay umi. hi um Apouu saiouu, en uruauwajr Tho Roman Advirtiier, of December tit), in an article ; compiled to (how (lie impossibilities of St. Peter'* at Uou>? being ever crowded. giro# the following curious i statistic* Ha to the comparative cupucity of the inoet \ celebrated churchei In Europe :? Rtrtoni Sguartyardi. St. Peter"*... . 51,000 13,600 1 Milan Cathedral 37,000 0.260 ' bt. Paul'* at Home 34,000 8,000 St 1'iiul'a at London 26.600 0,100 St Pctronio at Bologna 2I.4H0 6.100 Klorance Cathedral 21,300 0.07J ' Antwerp Cathedral 21,000 0.000 St. Sophia'a at Couatantiuople 23,000 5.760 St. John. Lateral) 22.000 5,726 Notre llaine, at Par.i 21,000 5.260 1 I'm Cathedral 13,000 3.260 St Stephen'*, at Vienna 12.100 3.100 Si. Dominic'a, at Bulogua 3.000 St. Peter'*, at Bologua 11,400 2,860 Calliedral of biana 11,000 2,740 St .Mailt'*, Venice 7,000 1,760 Tho Plena of St Peter'*, It U added. In lta wtdeit llmlta, allowing 12 (BSCMM) to the quadrate meter (aquaru yard.) liolda (124.000; allowing four to theaawe. drawn up , in military array. 2M.OOO. lu 111 narrower limit*, not comprising the portico* or the I'iaxza Huatlcucei, 471.000 | crowded, and 13S.U0 j In military array.'' Another reform la about to be Introduced by the pope. : The Swlaa mercenaries are to be diabandud, and Roman* will In future form the guard*. An English weekly ultra-Tractarlan paper gravely In- ; forma lta readera that all the late aeceealona to Popory | have nrlaen In conaeqnence of the Bishop of Worcester's determination not to allow the ''coufeaslonal." nor to j Miuctlon the absolute forgiveneaa of sine by the prieat, In 1 hi* dloeeae. Amongst the recent oonverta to Catholicity In England are the Ladlea Anabella and Olivia Aoheaon,daughters of tho Karl of Goeford; XV. II. Buckle, Esa.,nis wife, son, and dangbter; the Rev. Edward Caswell, author of a volume of sermons, and hi* wife; Mr. Robert Suffleld. of St. Peter's, Cambridge: and two brothers of of Mr. Halgh, of Leeds; Mr. O. R. Klngden, II. A., of Trinity College, Cambridge. The Rev. John Purees has relinquished the parish of Union Church, llumphreysville. aud accepted a call to tho I'urish of St. Thomas's, Bethel, Conn. The "Rev P Manninor HtrvUer ho* accented a call to the rectorship of Zlon Church, East Blooinneld. Outario county, W. N. Y. The Itev. Wm BakeFhavlng accepted a call to the charge of St. 1'aul'a Church.' Parii Hill. Oneida county, haa removed from Fairfield. Herkimer county, and enterod upon bis duties In tho tlrst named place. The Itev. 13. \V. Wliitcher has resigned the missionary station of St. Peter's Church, Oriskauy. and St. John's Church. Whiteskoro'. and accepted a call to the Hectorship of Trinity Church. Elmira, Chemung county. Ths Itev. Henry Loekwood has removed to the vicinity of liochoster. Ho officiates at Christ Church, I'lttsfurd, in tho eamo vicinity, but has relinquished the charge of Honcoye Falls. Mlsrclliuteons. At Buffalo, on the loth, the Ice had so for given way that several steamers hud made their way through it. 1 he Rochester and l)e Witt Clinton, and tha propeller Princeton, succeeded in making their way through outward, and the steamboats Madison and New Orleans came in during the day. Tho London left Black Itock, and found no serious difficulty in her passage A great Are occurred at Petersham on Thursday morn* ing. The Are broke out in the button factory of J. D. Foster, and destroyed almost all the buildings on tha west side of the common. Including TwitobeU's tavern. A cottago, occupied by Mr. P. W. Barr. a store occuniod by Lyman E. Sibley 8c Co. (building owned by J. 1). Foster), two shops, one occupied by a Mr. Shumway. a large dwelling house and two barns, owned by Mr. Silas Foster, were all uurnea i uo goo an in .-vir. mo icy a i store, and the furniture generally in the housed and tavern, were principally saved. Mr Shuinway lost about | <3000 worth of palm leaf hat*. The hay aud grain in j the bams were mostly burned. If Petersham had had a ! good engine, most of the property would have been I saved. The steamboat Isaac Newton brought down from Albany more than 1000 passengers. B. 1). Colvin, a clerk in the post offlce at Buffalo, has been arrested, charged with having, in February last, stoleu $344 from a letter mailed at Youngstown, for Messrs. Colt & Farnhatn, of Buffalo. There was a slight fall of snow at Albany on Thursday evening. Mr. Abvaham l'ranger, of Lyons, shot himself with a rifle on the SOth ult.. In a paroxysm of Insanity. The Jewelry store of Joseph Dyer, of Middlebury. Vt., was entered on Thursdsy of last week, and robbed of $1,400 worth of watches, ohalns. rings, spoons, pens. &o i he property was subsequently found In the loft of an old building in town. There will be busy times on the canal as soon as the water Is let in Huuitreds of boats at Albany are impatiently waiting to start out. Isaac Xicholls. a lion tamer belonging to Betty's travelling menagerie, died last week, from wounds Inflicted upou hliu by a lion ou the 13th Docember last. t? PhllaUolnhl* t-ilnw chandler advertises for the Illumination Ta(y)lor candles,'' warranted not to run. The great bell roeently cut In London for a ehurch In Montreal, contain* twenty-five ton* of metal. Th* Georgia railroad coiapiencing at Augusta, la expected to he completed and in operation to (. roe* Plain*, near the Tennessee lino, by the lit of May. About fifty Mormon*, mostly women, from Lowell, from Sandwich, and from the Stat* of Main*, left Boston on Monday afternoon, for Illinois. The Kingston, 0anada, harbor 1* still closed with le*. The Canada papers mention snow hank* twenty feet high, and snow in the woods of five feet depth, as auiong the things which are in that region. A young man named John McGec met with a horrible nccidunt in one of the quarries in the vicinity of Philadelphia on Krldny last, lie was blasting, and aftor charging a drill, was too quick In withdrawing the needle The rapidity of the friction caused a premature explosion. and the unfortunate man was blown up and horribly mutilated and burut. one of his logs was blown entirely off. lie was still living at lost account*. The steamboat Newark collapsed a flue on the ltkth, about 45 miles below Pittsburgh By the accident elsven men were scalded severely, two supposed mortally, and one other dangerously. tjulte an excitement was rreatcd at Pittsburgh on Friday in consequence of an attempt to kidnap a negro man. who was charged with being a fugitive slave. The tr M rtnnrinrt worn firrMifid The engine of one of the cotton prewei of Thomas I.. Mitchell, of Apalachlcola. exploded on the 30th ult. Tlio building war entirely destroyed. The machinery wan blown about tiOO feet from where It itood before the explosion took place. No Uvea loet. There are now on hand, and ready for shipment aa soon aa navigation opcna on the L'ppor Mississippi, 173.600 pigs of lead. The United Statue Dlatrict Court of Texaa comuiuncoa lta aeeaiou on the first Monday In May, at Oalvest on. _ _ J. G. Mghtlwdy'i Printing Ink JIanufar tory, No. 211 Hose stieet.fOld bngir House,) eomerof Dusue, New k ork. i-nra Fine Card. Fine BUck, News, and Colored Inks, if r superior Quality, for sale ou the most reasonable terms All eiders will be, promptly attended to frum any part of die States. Sw a?anwpwii'ii imrr?g?er Navlgmtlou of the Ohio lUwer. Nsesi. Tim*. Statr ?f After Wheeling April 13 UK feet (.ouiaeiUe April 9 9teet9lna. Cincinnati April 6 netabarg April 11 U feet. MONEY MARKET. latnntay, April 17_A. P. M. The etock market was not ao buoyant to day. Quotation* are eery unsettled, tbn goed stock* having idranerd. while the fancies fell off. At the first hoard, 1' S I s, Hod, Improved K per cent ; Treasury Notre, * - U L'I, n W t>.i,nIaI...U K'm U, j AairiMS Trust end Vlcksburg also ad?anced M per c >nt , Farmer*' Loan daellaod % per cent ; Morris Canal. it; Canton. Harlem, ft Norwich and Worcester. H i Heading. Htonlngtrn and Long Island. closed at yesterday's price*. 1 fee sales wero to some extent, and tlisre appeared to be a disposition ts realise at present prices In antlelpetion of a decline. Great anxiety exist* for later news from Lurope. The stoek of the Commercial Dank of Wilmington. N C.. f 100,000. has been subscribed, and the Institution will go Into operation In a shorttlme. The meeting fur the election of dlrestors is to be held on the 98th Inst The talne of exports from this port for the week ending the 18th Inst. Inclusive, was 11.930,718, of which ? 0118,376 were shipped In American Tassels, and 8334,Me In foreign reesele The quantity of certain articles exported for the seme week, distinguishing the destlnat ion was as annexed : Commerce or tiie Tort ok New ? one EiroRTi r..h rs-K wtr* To Great Britain - I lour. 1A079 barrels; meal 11.1 SO barrels ; corn. 314 449 bueb. is ; peas. 800' bushels; cotton 090 bales: oate. 9.183 buebel?, lardI 14 913I lbs; rice. 06 tierces : che.xe, 44 968 lbs; beans. 3 948 bushels; baron. 104 391 Ibx: eaboe. 80 barrel.- whale olU 100 gals ; cloter seed, 37.819 lbs ; pork. 948 hsrrcls ; wheaf. 8.930 bvthels. , , . ... , I To ! atari Wheat. 11.73? bushel"; in".,!, 910 barrels, I rwlt 14-1 uui rys. 6 H18 t-u'Wei rice, 804 tUreas; bides, i SI Uri l/n% 49) flour, M" UmU, MUM, flit Mm; hop*. 3 do; ham*, 10.961 lbs; whalebone. 16 836 do; tallow. 33.000 do To Beitish North American Coloviu?Pork, 133 barrel*; flour. 300 do: beef. 110 do: ricu ' I 3/1 lb* To IIritiiii Weit Indie*?Flour, 883 barrel*; corn. 99 bushels; beef 3.3 bbU; butter. ? 113 lb*: lard. 9.396 do; oat*. 1.300 bushels; meal. 339 barrel*; rice t>3 078 lbt; pork. 664 barrels; c hue no 7.643 lbs; bum*. 604 do: pigs, ; Bboop. 909 To SeAxiin Writ Indies ? Corn weal. 75 bbd<; do Cfl barrels; flour 900 do; butter, a 400 lb*; dry Ash. 13 340 do; pork. 13 barrel*; beef, 10 do; cheese. 9.109 lbg; rice l'J.443 do; lard. 6.669 do. Tba auiouut of coal transported on tlx* Reading rail* road for the week ending the 1Mb lust, was 90 703 ton*, maklug the total for the season. 980.194 ton* Th* urnount transported by the Schuylkill Company this year, up to tba 16th inst. was 6,099 ton*. The unnexod statement exhibits a summary of tbo appropriatious made at the last session of Congress it foots up a good round sum : ArrRorniATioNs ar Congress, 99th S>*ision. For the civil and diplouiatio WKpouso* of the government $4,449,790 <7 For the support of the army and volun 32.178 461 88 For the support of the navy 9.307,968 10 For the support of ths Post Olflce Departnient 4.146.400 00 For the support of Indian Department. . . 1.364.904 96 For the support of the Military Academy. 191.906 CO I',,,. und euulniiliiir ateunishius.. . 1.000 000 no For revolutionary and other pensions. ... 1 369.700 00 For concluding pence with Mexico 3 080,000 CO t or tiio eroction of light-bouses *13.830 00 Miscellaneous 640.343 18 Total $67,033,676 08 'i'h? appropriation* for the ?upport of our land and aavol force*, wore made upon estimate* of a rigorous pros*. cutiou of ths war until the close of the flsool year, in 13-13. it will he seen that the three millions, for concluding a peace with Mexioo, are Included in the total. !f this sum is expended within the next year fur that pur- jH pose, a large part of the appropriations for osirrylng on the war, will net be required. Old Itoek Rieluinge. H $700 U 3 6's, 'as 104 60 slis N A Trust i30 elf $2600 do lntM 76 Vicksburg bJ 111? S5OO0 do IOlC 26 do lift $10000 Ti'y Neles, O's 103m 36 Illinois lnQ 86000 do 103m 90 Heading CO $10000 do boo 103H 60 do bso eolf $001)0 Ohie S'?, <60 98 50 Canton j;V? $6000 Kentucky 0's 91*6 do 86 SOKIO State 6*',, MO 109 100 do bow 36 H $4000 do Ml 100 |86 de slO 36 $2u000 Penn 6's 30 day* 73 60 ds blO 16 *6000 do *60 73 110 do strip 3U $10000 do 30 days 73 100 Harlem 69 Heading Bonds 72U JO do bM J2W i""?" do 72# 100 do 1.30 631? H ??50W) do boe 72Ji 160 do 32 210 >ht Manhattan Bank 89 300 do UK 126 Phem* 05 100 do b?0 32V 3 America 98M 75 Ner k Wor ?(.J> 100 burners'Trust 32W 300 do .*0 saQ 60 do bnw 32M 173 de JO H !SJ i? bnw ,2ft 50 do blO 30 12! 1? ,2S J0 de bit 30 J?? ' * 32m 10 Merchants'Ex Co * H 1?? 4? h30 33M 2J Stoningtoa 48 260 do ,30 32# 200 East Bosto. 18 60 do nw 32JJ 67J Long Islaud 30 H ?u * ,3? 32 100 do blO sow 60 Morris 21W 50 do 3*3 I! NT i,0A ee 21# 120 do 2#$ 150 North Am Trust 9# 200 do blO 30V H 160 do 9W 100 do ,80 30 JUS *J? blO 9M 60 do bio 3CW I 100 do 9)< 200 do blJ S?>4 H Second Board. $1000(1 Treasury d's til 103 5# ih? Long Island 32 $25000 do 103 150 do bSO (0 $19000 N Y 7'i,'41 lulV 50 N A Trait bio ?W 25 ihs Vicksburg llv 50 do b 10 OK 73 do 1)3 1 IK 50 do >30 OK 300 Morris bOmoi 22% 1,1 6rt 100 do 21 25 do |M 150 do b3 21V 25 Canton 35 25 do 21H 50 de law U 25 East Boiton 18b, 50 do raw 20 50 Lout Island 30 250 Firman' Lam 31% New Stork Exchange. 50 shi Formers' Tr i30 32% lnO shs Nor Si Wor cash 50 100 do *13 32 15 do Maidiy 50 23 Canton Co ?3 3--% 23 do euh (9!4 50 do s3 30 25 do Moudiy *' }! 25 do CMh 23 25 do bl5 SR* 25 do Mondiy 35 25 do 14 49jJ 25 Nor Si Wor b 15 50 CITY' TRADE REPORT. New York, Satukdat Aftcrnoon, April 17. The mark*to closed. to-day. without material variatlon iu the prices of dour. The atnck continued light, and prioea Arm. Sales of Genesee were made at $7 7$ a $7 Slid, with small lota of rather extra, at $8 ; sales of Troy were mads at $7 73 a $7 87%: and of mixed Michigan, at $7 61%. Sales of Genesee, to arrive la May, were made at $8 50, and of Ohio and Michigan, to arrive in June, at $6 33. There was a considerable movement in rye, and heavy salos were made at 93o. Towards the close of change, holders advanced their terms 100c. per bushel. Corn was flrmer. owing to the reduced | state of stocks, an<l some decline in freights ; and sale* of| Northern yellow wore made at 94, 00 a 93o., with lot* to arrive in all May, at 85c. Meal was steady at $4 7o, with a fair amount of salee. North River oat* seld, to arrive In May, at 44c. Provisions exhibited ao change In prices, and sales were rather limited. Orooerios were steady, with u moderate amount of traneactlons In sugars: whilo cuffoo remained quiet without change in prices. Ashes?Pot* were steady, and w* report sale* of 110 brie, at $4; pearls remained rather quiet at $0 50 IIheaosti'rrs?Flour?We report salee of 1.400 brls. Ohio and Michigan to arrive in June at $0 31. and 400 do Genesee In May. at $0 SO; 100 do. Troy on the spot sold at $7 74; and 300 do. at $7 87X: (00 or 400 Genesee do sold at $7 74 a |7 81)<; a small lot of extra do sold at $7 f-71; a $8; and (00 do. mixed Michigan at (7 Southern was In a measure out of market: prices continued firm, and nothing beyond small sals* was reported. IFhiat? We beard of no sales of importance, the supply in market was limited, and held above the views or purchasers. Cam?We report sale* of 8.000 a 10.000 bushels northern yellow ut 00c; ( 000 a 4,000 do., sold in the forenoon at 04 o. and 11.000 during 'Change at Ma., and 4.000 do., at tli* suuse pries ; 10 000 a 13 OOo do. sold at 04e.; 9,000 a 10,000 do sold to arrive lu all May at 81c ; and 10.000 do western to arrive in June, sold at the same prio*. Corn Mtol?The market was steady, and w* report salee of about 44 jo barrels New Jersey at $4 74. Jtys? The marhet wna firm, and salee made at an advance.? 3000 bushels (old. to arrive, at 04 oeuts. About 14.000 do sold at the same price, and OOO do at ( eents. Held crs at the close demanded 100 cents per bushel. Rye Fleur was firm at $6. with side*. Barley?We report sales of 8000 bushels at 73X cents. Oate?Sales of 4000 bushels North Rlrer were made, to arrive in Msy at 43 cents. Beane?100 barrels sold at $1 83X asnts. fees? 100 barrels for shipment sold at $1 12X Candles?Sperm continued to aell In a small way at 31 eents. CorrEE?The market continued rather quiet. The last sales of Rio reached about 1000 to 1600 bags. at 7 a 7X*i making an average of 7X cents. We quote Java at 8X a 9H eents; St. Domingo at 8X eents; Lag uayra at 7X a cents, and Sumatra at 7 cents. Fish?We report sales of 360 quintals of dry eed at $3 00; 300 barrels No. 3 Mackerel seld at $7 13)4. Fur it?The stock of raisins Is becoming reduced, and the market exhibited greater firmness. We report sales of 1100 boxes at f 1 83. Most of the stock remainimg in market unsold was held at an advance. 1830 hexes of oranges. In rather poor order, were sold by auction, and brought $1 13X 81 80. oaah. Hemp?There was nothing new since last rsports, Hior.s?Sines our last report tales of about 13.000 hides have been made from first hands; 7640 of whlab, Rio Orande, Montevideo, and fiueDoa Ayrss, at 13J4o, Six months, about 3000 Southern. atSXc. rejecting damaged : 3116, ( hill and Matamoras. on private terms; 376 wtt salted Southern, at 6c, lees 3Xc per cent, eash. Leather?Is firm, and in considsrsblerequest, with a slight improTsment in price. The consumption of leather for the last sixty days has bet n larger than for same years back, withiu the same period of tuns. Lead ?No sales transpired worth reporting?84 34 was offered, and 84 3?X asked. Molasses.?There was no shaage in Cubaa er Mnseevadoes. The last sales Nsw Orleans brought 34s a 36., on tims; 38 hd(ls. damaged sold at 33X*- K>X*-t paysNaval Stores?About 1U0 bbls spirits turpentine sold at 41o ; rough was held at |3 74 per 3 801b*.; and lur at l87Xo Oils ? vv's report sales of 3.300 gallons Amsrlean linsesd at SOo cash and 83o. 4 mouths; lu N. W. whale thsrs has been more doing, and the last sals* were made In this market at S6o a 87e, chiefly for export. Salae have been also large at the east, also ohlefly for export. Provisions.?The market was steady without Iransactioas of much importance; 86 barrels old prims r, > s a . a a.a a. a... .1 _ ? 814 IF7L/. rurtc rout at io; oia ines* *? s??wu? - ? ?i/?, while mmt holder* demanded $16 'luer* w?j uo 'hung# iu new mm or prime. W> barrels up river hams and shoulders *old at 9 cents for the former and 7 et? for the latter. Small lota, reft ailed. country mvss. sold at $17 36 1 hera waa no change In nruinary country prune or mess Lord warn llrm at lue In barrels, and at lOHc in keg* Huffs r? There waa not much doing?pail. Jor table use, an It arrive*, evil* at 37*31X0; owing to the limited supplies, thvru waa little doing and prlcee were, in a measure, nominal Rici-The market was quiet, and no tranaaotlona were reported ; prioee, however w*ro steady hr.itDi?Bvyoud rmall tran*aotiona thore waa llttla doing in Cloutr. which we ouuuuue to quote at 7a.H for Ohm new. bales wore madu of rough flaxseed by the buohel on private term* report sales of 100 boxes Havana whites at i)4c and 300 do do browns at IXe; 100 hhda ...u?oovado sold at y,)(a.Ho; New Orleans we cout.nue to quota at <o, 7Ha<Ho Tai.low? rules were confined to small lots fbr home use at about b\v Tobacco?- i ue demand for leaf continued good We have hven favnrtd by .?.r. J H Gatis, broser of this ally, with the following sialeintmt for tbn wt.ek eudiug with thi* owning accompanied with a table showing mr exportallon ot 'I oliaoco and begars frouj Havana for a series of years 60.0 0 segars were sold by auction today, and brought $8 (0 a $13 Oj per at. Statcmbkt or Tobacco roa int Wtis Eitaiwe ITtb AraiL, 1817. H*td Hicnttd Seek Pricti. Uit wtk. Ian with. s.. hand. Kr.dNrC.Ttt'ii'*to 7 "hhdA. 1^77 hhda Mir; I ind nid Ohio. ? ? ? ( " Co nivcticat bvvd.., 5 to 13 130 run 13 ca. 637 cs. 7#H Pennsylvania, do.... 7 to 16 lWcasas. lMsa. lit " .. ' '? Florida 3H to 70 ? ? 3SP " t IUv.ui* 36 U) 126 37 hslcs. 183 bsles. 7:eb*l*t. I t uni 13 to 16 3l>0 bales. lui b.l.-a i.ill " ,?<H ?. coi few Domingo .Ml to U ? l,a?4bi.l< ?j0( ta i 1'ks MikM during Ut? wfe?i am UM " fc

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