Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1847 Page 3
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1 I / ...... I. . II.. -II. . SptCtr. ?! k T'!i? Stale 114 Mi 78,165 00,171 161,124 ut Columbia.. 4.073 3 HOI 1,870 1,0.70 <1>> Camden. . 3,516 3,943 ? O.H 'J Rou:hwntrr;i HK... 43,OKI IH7.I7I 136,591 220,731 k Media,. . . 179,370 231,151 281,122 175.319 L'uio.l Bank 85,838 81,161 83.827 89.339 Sutr Bnik 77,181 88,509 133,822 197,903 Bank ol'8. C 51.290 48.425 41,023 44,3*76 $539,865 643,831 772,429 902.367 Circulation. Bank of tin* Stat*. . .. 997,769 1,382,216 1.101,731 1,42*2,822 Braucb al Columbia... ? ? ? ? do Cain-leu.. ? _ ? ? bouiUweileru' Kit ... 278,795 431,47-, 427,320 450,160 Jla ui'l*. fe vlechl ... . 27*2.8)., 459,9*20 417,09, 443,115 i. moo Bauk 6*2,010 116,935 150,915 157,220 irutt 13 ink 159,212 102,452 287,452 2*13,582 BnfcolS. C 116,370 110,667 120,887 157 313 81,926,6*21 2,863,698 2,848,400 2,929 517 JJepotitt. Umk OUlicStJto 602.781 518,283 570,910 5.V>,t2l Branch at Columbia.. 73,nil 59.522 50 578 76,88'. do Cain.ltm,. *31,403 36,886 ? WW SouIliwai.tcru till . 420.474 '2.*i.0-ll 34)1.882 361,0j3 fli Si Mich. 816,ijb*4 201,1.04 102.89-7 227,401 T.uio.i link 104.940 183.159 192.078 11)0,460 Kftua B?"k 160,886 239,15*; 210,087 329,041 Bank of B.C... 207,094 2.11,845 277.748 266,878 $1,883,312 1,754,478 1,911,687 2,074.611 Old Stock Exchange. S7C0 v 8 G'?, '50 104 50 slit N A Tru?t ?3U '.)% fc250o do 101k 75 Vicksburg b6 11 *A 85000 do 104.% 25 do 11% $('000 Tr'y Notts, C'ii 103k 25 Illinois 16)6 i -500 do 103k 00 Reading 00 $10000 do l>00 103)5 50 do 1)30 60k 80000 Ohio 6's, tO 09 50 Canton 35)4 $5000 Kentucky 6's 99% 175 do 35 Stood Slate 5)4 a, to 100 100 do bnw 35 $1000 do '61 100 25 do slO 35 S'nOOOPeun 5'? 30dn\* 7 3 50 do b 10 35 S)000 do atiU 73 110 do scrip 3)4 S10000 do 30 da> a 73 100 llarlein 52 $5000 Haadiog Bond* ,72k 50 do )i3U 52,% S10000 do 72% 10? do 030 52% $5000 do WO 72)4 150 do 52 210 shs Manhattan Btuk 09 300 do 51)4 125 Plleuix 05 100 do boo 52k 5 America 98k 75 Nor Ik Wor 49% 1C0 Farmers' Trust 32k 300 do ,yo 49)4 50 do briw 3L,% 175 do 50 1(10 do buw 32% 50 do b 10 5o 103 do 32% 50 do bl5 50 290 do 32% 10 Merchants' E1C0 9 400 do b30 J2% 25 dtouingloj 16 250 do s3u 32)5 200 East Boston 18 50 do isvs 32% 675 Long Island 30 50 do a 30 32 100 do blO 30% 60 Morris 21% 50 do 30* 175 do 21% 120 do 30% 150 North Arn Trust '.)% 200 do blO 30'J 1.50 do 9% 100 do s60 30 J00 do bit 9)2 50 do 1)10 30% 10U do 9% 2V0 do bl5 30% Second llosxrd. $10000 Treasury 6's s!5 103 50 she Loug Island 30 >'3mio do 103 150 do b 70 311 SI90O0 N V 7's,'48 1(11.% 50 N A Trust blO 9)4 25 alia Vickshurg lib 50 do blO !>\ 75 do b5 11% 50 do sDO 9b 10(0 Morris bCmos 22), 10 do 9% HID do 21 25 do 9% 1.70 do b3 21)4 25 Canton 35 2> do 21% 50 do inw 35 25 r.nst Boston 18% 50 do snw 35 50 Cong Island 30 250 Farmers' Loan 31*4 New Stork Exchange. 50 the Farmers' Tr s30 32% 100 she Nor Si Wor cash 50 KM) do sl5 32 25 do Monday 50 25 Canton Co s3 31% 25 do cash 49% 50 do s.7 35 25 do Monday 49% * > do cash 35 25 do bl5 50% 25 do Monday 35 25 do s4 49% 25 Nor k Wor U15 50 1'ITV TO A IXXT. RF.PnnT New York, Saturday Afternoon, April 17. The markets closed, to-day. without material variat ion in the prises of flour. The stock continued light, and prices Arm. Sales of Genesee were made at $7 7ft a $7 81M, with small lots of rather extra, at $6 ; sales of Troy were made at $7 7ft a $7 87X; and of mixed Mlchlgau, at $7 (ii.'j. Sales of Genesee, to arrive in May, were made at $6 60. and of Ohio and Michigan, to arrive in June, at $6 '2ft. There was a considerable movement in rye, and heavy sales were made at 95c. Towards the close of change, holders advaucod their terms lt'Oc. per bushel. Corn was firmer, owing to the reduced ftate of stocks, and some decline in freights ; and sales ofj Northern yellow were made at Aft, 96 a 98c., with lots to arrive in all May, at 85c. Meal was steady at $4 7o, with a fair amount of sales. North River oats sold, to arrive in May, nt 4ftc. Provisions exhibited no chango in prices, and sales were rather limitod. Groceries were steady, with a moderate iiwoynt of transactions in sugars; while coffee remained quiet without change in prices. . Ashes?PoU were steady, and we report sales of 110 brls. at $4; pearls remained rather quiet at $6 50. Bkkads tuffs?Flour?We report sales of 1,600 brls. Ohio and Michigan to urrive in June at (6 35, and ftOO do. Genesee in May. at $6 60; 100 do. Troy on the spot sold at $7 7ft; uud 300 do. at $7 87H; 300 or 600 JGonoseedo sold at $7 7ft u $7 6114; a small lot of extra do sold at $7 87)?a 86; and 300 do. mixed Michigan at $7 62>s; Southern was in a measure out of market; prices continued firm, and nothing beyond small sales was reported. IFAeol?We heard of no sales of importance, the supply iu market was limited, and held above tbe views of purchasers. Corn?We report sales of 8.000 a 10.000 bushels northern yellow at 96c; 3 000 a 5,000 do., sold ia the forenoon at 94c., and 11.000 during "I T,........ at UA? anil .'.OHO ,1 m .. t , |?. t . 10 (H)0 a 12 000 do. fold At 98c.; 9,000 a 10,000 do Hold te arrive in all May at ; and 10,000 do western to arrive in Juno, sold at the same price. Com Ural?The market wan steady, and we report Hales at about 4900 barrels New Jersey at 94 76. Rye? The market, was Arm. and sales made at an advanoo.? (1000 bushel? sold, to arrive, at 96 cents. About 16,000 do sold at the same prieu, and 3000 do at 98 rents. Holders ut the close demanded 100 coats per bushel. Rye flour was tlrrn at $6. with sales. Barley?We report sales of 3000 bushuls at 73t( conts. Oati?Sales of 6000 bushels North Hirer ware made, to arrive in May at 46 cents. J?*an?- 100 barrels sold at $1 6i}i oeuts. Peat? 100 barrels for shipment sold at $1 13)4. CasbLKS?Sperm continued to soil in a small way at 31 cunts Corncs?-Tlie market continued rather quiet. The last sales af Rio re ashed about 1000 to 150'J bags, at 7 a 7)*c, making an average of 7J? cents. Wo quote Java at 8>i u 914 eeuts; St. Domingo at 6X cents; I.aguayra at 7>? u ~)i eeuts, and Sumatra at 7 cents. CeTToa? Operators are anxiously waiting the arrival cf the steamer now over duo, and until her advices are reoeived. the market will continue very inactive. fish?v?'oreport talus of 2o0 quintals of dry cod at $3 90; 2CO barrels No. 2 Mackerel sold at $7 12>?. fr.eit?The stock of raisins is becoming reduced, and the market exhibited greater firuiucss. We report 6ales of 1)00 boxes at 11 96. Most of the stock remaining in market unsold was held at an advance. 10JO boxes of oranges, in rather poor order, were sold by auction, and brought $1 12)4 a $1 50, cash. Hsur?There was nothing new nincc last reports, hidki?Since our last report sales of about 13,000 hides have been made from first hands ; 7649 of which, Kio Grande. Montevideo, and Buenos Ayros, at 13)?c. six months, about 2000 Southern, at 9>ic. rejecting damaged ; 3116. thill and Metainoros on private terras; 37ti wet suited Houthern. at 6e, less 3)g'e pur cent, cash. lkatiivu?Is firm, and in considernble request, with n sligbt. improvement in price. 1 lie consumption of leather for the last sixty days has betn larger than for some year* back, within the sumo period of time. lsao.?No sales transpired worth reporting?$4 25 was offered, and 94 87)4 asked. MeLssiKi.?There wae no change in Cubits or Muscovadoos. The lest aulas New Orleans brought 38s. a 88.. on time; 39 hdds. damage^ sold at 22>{e. a i?H? . 90 parsnaval Stones?About 100 bbla spirits turpentine sold at 41e.; rough was held at $2 76 per 2 bOlba.: and tnr at 1W< Sc On.#.?We report sales of 2 300 gallons American linseed at 80c. cash and 83r. 4 inontlu: In ,V. W. whale there hasbucn more doing, and llic lust sale a were made in this market at 35c. a 37c, chiotly for export. Sales hara been also larirc at the cast, also chletlv for exuort Piiarmom.?The market woa steady without tranMCtloas of much importance; ho barrels old prime Pork sold at $12 76; old imt*H was steady a $14 87,'i; while some holders demanded $15 There was no cluing* lit new mess or prime. Mi) barrels up river bums and shoulders sold at 9 cents for tbo former and 7 els fur the latter. Beef-- Siiiu.ll lots, rosalted. uauntry mass, sold at $1*4 -J5 There was no change in ordinary country prime or muss. Lard was firm at Idc In barrels, and at 10,t$c lu kegs. Butter? There was not much doing?pail, for tablu use. as it arrives. mils at ?4'4e31 )%c; owing to the limited supplies, there was little doing and prices were, in a measure, nominal. Rick?The market was <|ulet, and no transactions were roported ; prices, however, were steady. Scum Beyond small transactions there was little doing in Clour, which we continue to qnota at 7a7,^ for Ohio new Soles were made of rough llaxsoed by the biislw-1 nu private term* Hois* -We report sales cf 100 boxes Havana whites nt 9If and 200 do do browns at 7'4'c; 100 hhds. Muscovado, s sold at 7 *aai>sc; fScw Orleans wc continue to quote at 7c, 7)?u7i!*c. Tallssv ?bales were confined to small lots for home use nt about Tobacco?'The demand for leaf continued good. We have been favored by Mr. J. 8. tians, broker of this city, ivilli tlii- following statement for the week ending with this evening, accompanied with a table showing the exportation ofTobacco and Hegars from Havana for a series oi'yeors 50,0. 0 sogers were sold by auction to day, and brought $9 50 a $14 00 per M. S t a rvwent ov Ton.ioto fob riir Wxcic Endino I7tii AraiL, 1817. Sold fin rived Slnek Priett, tail v.'rek. tail week, on hand. KrndNkr(iamlfn2*12??? 7 ?hhl1'- '.^hhds. Maryland and Ohio. ? ? ? 8 " foiinccticul Head... J to 12 130 cases. 42 c?. 527 cs. 7.*?>a Pennsylvania, do.... 7 to 13 100 cases. 130 cs. 130" 10.11 Florid* l)i to 70 ? ? 320 " lbivioiA 25 to 123 37 levies. 182 bales. TlObsles. ( n lit 18 tn 25 300 bales. 100 bales. 818 " 4115 ysrs. 8b Domingo 10 to 18 ? ? 1.048 hales The market during the whole week has been quite lively ; cuius to some extent In the various grades were effected, and the prices well supported. I.ateadvioes from Havana, concerning the new crop of Tobacco, cOTitlrm the previous report of scarcity ; Partido 1 abntco is to be considered as entirely Inst. TlneltO, Maya bt ' atln rine nnd St. Sebastian, will fall short, nud the leaf said to bo very husky r.?r ? i vtioiv nr Tobacco and Hsoabs fbom Havana r item. Ik,. Stgart, M. lai'i 3,Hin,(;:i7 1818 151,923 1813 1.833, 73>$ 1815 119,271 181 1 1,230.212 1811 119,088 1813 2,188.802 inn 152,109 181 2 1.018.990 1812 180,727 This will show that the nvurnge export of Tobacco In the four vsars preceding 1818 was 1,519.277 lbs., which Uhvss a balance in favor of I94C of '2,331 380 lbs. or 01(7, It Is to be seen that In tho exportation of Hegars there Is no proportion with the production of Tobacco ; the nvoirge export of Hegars In the four years preeedlng J - consequently It show* that where the tobacco export* tlon increased 00 per cent, that of eegtn augmented | only 10 per cent. w'* of 20 000 Ibe Northwest,'wore re- ! ported ou private term* rilluNH.?Hate* were aga'n unaided 4 vend wne engaged to lake lu 3..00 bhlx. <>l llour at Norfolk. ;">r Havre, lit <.1 60 per Mil I'or another ve-,-i in go to . Norfolk to load for Havre. >1 44 waa offered for tlour. nnd 17d for grain, und declined. The closlngrutcs by i American vessels for Liverpool, wuru 4a. for llour. and l id. for grain in sack*. The packet* naked something more. Brlllfh vessel* it wua eaid. were offering to load at lower rate*; but owing to the scarcity of produce for ahlpuieut it will. for a time, probably, be found difficult for them to All up at auy reasonable rates. It was said some of Ihetn talked of leaving for tho Canada or New Brunswick timber trade, where freight* were said to be good, or nearly equal to Hour at 4>. a As. pur bhl. It was reported ou change, that two of them had engaged cargoes of com in sacks as low a* Sd. per bushel, though many believed there wan aomo mistake about It. Wo heard that one. during the after noon, offered to engage grain at the prioe slated. To Havro. rules were dull. Owing to the small quantity of produce to go forward, rates generally, were more or less nominal. With larger arrivals from the Interior pricus will, likelr. again ad vance and become steady Married, On Wednesday, April 7, at the rcsidcnco of her father, by tho Rov. Mr. Leo. the Hon. S. A. Douulass, L*. S. Seuntor from lllinui*. to Mis* Mabtiia 1) , only daughter of Col. Robert Martin, of Rockiughum county. North Carolina. _______ Died. On Sunday morning. lHthinxt . Ellen, infant daughter of William and Ellon \Vright, aged 2 month* ami 21 day*. The friends of the family are respectfully requested to attend the funeral, this (Monday) morning at 9 o'clock, from tho residence of her father. No. 81 Nuxxuil street. Her remains will lie taken to (ireenwood comotory. On Friday eveniug. the 16th iustant, Uaniki. Bowie Van Bepbkn, iu the 30th year of hia age. son of Michael Vim Buuren. The friend I of the family are renpeotl'ully invited to altund the funeral, front No 118 West Fourteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues, on Monday afternoon. (this day.) at 4 o'clock, without further Invitation Ou Sunday moruiug. 18tli Inst. Mrs Hannah Still- i well. In tho 76th year of her age The friend* and acquaintances of tho family are re- , spectfuliy Invited to attend her funeral, from tho resl- 1 deuce of fir. J. K. Still well. No. 8 Ridge street, this day. (Monday,) at 3 o'clock. P. M. Oil Sunday morning, April 18. Ass F.lizahetii McLaughlin, daughter of Elizabeth E. and Francis McLaughlin, aged one year one month And 18 days. The friend* and acquaintance* of the family arc invited to attend her funeral, from the residence of her father, 181 Mott street, to-morrow aftrrnoon, (Tuosday.) at 4 o'clock. On the 16th April. Ann Eliza. Infant daughter of Geo. | H. and Mary Louisa Bowler, aged 4 months and 1'4 days. I At Newark. New Jersey, on the 17th April, Oswald C. Moans, aged 31 years. MISSING, since Saturday evening, 17th instant, a young i mail shout 21 years si'age, about 6 feet 6 inches high. | slender made, dark, hair, black eyes, igniter I appearance; hud on a brown clotli vest, fancy striped punts, with button* on side near the hoots, with slraps, black frock coat, and brown mixed overcoat, clotli cap, and laced boots. Left unexpectedly, under a deranged state of mind. N. U.?A liberal reward will be given for any such information as shall lead to his discovery or return to his friends, at 93 East Seventeenth street, comer Third avenue, or at the Exchange Hotel, (late French's) Fulton street, near Broadway. apl9 2tis*rli CHILD LOST. S l'KAl l\U or enticed awsv irom i.>z front street, on fsunilav the 18ch, a little Oirl, three years old, dressed in a Iitfltt calico frock, white pantalets, anil light silk shawl. Whoever will aire any information respecting the child will reCeiv? the thanks oilier parents. al9 It* je _ FASUIONJ1BLE MERCHANT TAILOR NO. 116 WILLIAM BTRF.ET.OI'POBITE THE NEW STORES, BETWEEN FULTON AND JOHN streets.?In the Spring all bodies renew the outer covering? i but mau is the only animal who has to pay for it. The question . , then al lies who will clothe liiin cheapest and best. 1 will, and ! can. Mine is strictly a cash business, both in buying and sell- I lug. I make the liuest quality of French Black Dress Coats I for $20; lower qualities $10 and $18. Black Cloth Sacks $11. I ready made. Every garment in the trade equally good and cheap. al9 1w*rc DAtM'iiK K EUTYFESI j As " discoveries" and|" iinproveineiits" are " the order of the | day,7 Each artist claims that his work ought to carry the full sway. So Walsh has now a " I'rocess," of course the very best, At the Bowery, 111, yes?there they stand the test. But brag and folly nut aside, his work invites iuspeciiou. Then judges will decide his is a line collection. Now making Ilia arrangi meats to take some thousands more, He still " hangs out his banner" over the sugar store. al'Jlt*rc 111 BOWERV, near Broome. I'tAMAiNMlll'. MR. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH, having postponed the closiiigjof hi* Academy uutil the lit of May, will receive new pupils every day thia week to his DOLL All WRITING CLASSES. Hours for ladies, II A. M. and 12V? and 4)9 P. iM. For gentlemen 9 A. M. and 3, 7, and 8 o'clock, P. >1., daily. Rooms 2119 Broadway. al9 1t*rc FRENCH PAPER HANGINGS AND SHADES. SOLOMAN St HART, 213 Broadway, opposite the Park, hare now in store their IVtll assortment of Paper Hangings and Borders of all descriptions, for parlors, bedrooms and halls. Thay have been selected in Paris with great care, and comprise the best assorted stork in the city, and at prices lower than have ever heretofore been offered. Also 011 hand, a large assortment of French Window Shades, for sale at unprecedented low prices. ap!9 lm?rc SIGN.S. CARVED WOOD LETTERS of every description, beautifully gilt, at 10 cents an inch. The public arc invited t# call and examine them, at JOSEPH KENDALL'S, apl93tcod*rh 7 Henry street, near Oliver. Wt N TED to employ a ruling BUM of tWeut> -one years of age or upwards, as Secretary ol a cuutpauy about commencing business, and but a small salary can lie paid the first year. Answers are expected in the hand writing of the applicant, and a city reference to be named as to integrity sua resperislolin . Address B. A. at this office. apl9 lt'rc L'i>m >K Y\ A Vri.l), TO go into the country, and take charge of a country news- I paper a few weeks. One that is a practical printer, and 1 would be willing to devote his whole time und attention to the paper, at a moderate compensation, would lie preferred. Address O. P. <<., Failed S.ates Hotel. apN L't*rh | WANTED, bv 1 young woman, a situation ai clumber- I maid, or taking care of children, and to nuke herself | cent-rail\ useful', has no objections to a hotel and hoarding house?beat of city references if required. A note add issued 1 X. V. at this office, will receive prompt attention. spl9 3t r I APARTMENTS to let, furnished, for single geutlrinrn, with breakfast and tea if required. Possession given on or a few days before the 1st: 11 Warren St. a!9 3t*c TU MERCHANT TAILORS?Wanted, by a young nun of active bnsuiess habits, with first-rate referruces.a situation as Cutter in a respectable Tailoring establishment. Address B. R., Herald Office, which will have immediatu atleulion. a17 'JtSatMtcTu* r WANTED, BV an Association of Voung Men, n inite of rooms or a l ore room ... Itros.t ws v or v Ir in I r V .11 ir.l.le lor ? res,t.... room. Address Excelsior, at this office. a 17 2feod*rc wanted. A SILENT PARTNER, with from SlOoO to $ engage in a business of a private nature, already established. and froin which a large fortune can be realised in a few year4. One who has that amount in hand can li tre proof of the same , by addressing 1 line, st ktllgMM Iftd iddriW, t<> A P., HtTtld ! office. All commuiiictlious will he considered itricrly confiOtntilli . 11 'i 0 r _ Lost. " LEFT in one of the Droadwav and Ninth street line of Omnibuses, on Tuesday, the 1 lit 11 instant, a volume of Plutarch, belonging to the Society Library. Whoever has possession of the same, and wil{ bring it to 26 South William street, (up ataira) anal! be suitably rewarded, nil roa*wi MONTHLY NOTH K UK. J.I LAWSON KKLLEI having returned from visiting his eastern offices, will consult gratuitously with all patients, at his New York office, 42G Broadway, until Thursday afternoon, 22d April, daily, from 10 A. M. to4 P. M. aplO It rc Tift. LvjMEASURABLE SUPERIORITY OfUOU* ItAI D'S Italian Medicated Soap over every other preparatiou for beautifying the complexion. is so universally conceded, that even the foul tongue <*f detraction is becoming silenced in view of its merits; and certes most brilliantly clear, white nnd transparent does the skin heroine, which is frequent Iv submitted to its delicious emollieuce ! Fragrant as the dispenses a delightful aroma. Medicated as the choicest rollings of Hippocrcne, its singular powers are effectively displayed in the removal of all cutaneous disfigure, meuts?-such as pustules, ringworms, saltrheuin, morpheu, tan. freckle-, sunburns, redness, roughness, chaps, cracks and chafes. Ouuratid's Pouure Subtile possess the astonishing chemical Property of uprooting superfluous hair from foreheads, hps, cheeks, amis, fee., without injury to (he most delicate skin. Beware of impositions, and bear in minil that the genuine preparations of Or. Felix Gouraud can be obtained at his depot, 67 Walker street. 1st store from Broadway. Agents?Bates & Jord to, 120 Washington street, Boston; Brown, 76 < hcstmitst , Philadeli hia. *19la * t C liKI N (; K E K 11 O F b ;fT 11K A LTI i H E8TOIIA 1 IV K. For the cure of Coughs, Colds, Liver Complaiur, Hosine of Blood, Pain in the aide and chest, for Purify ing the Bloon. eradicating all eruptions of the skin arising from a w ant of tone in (tie stomach, kor sale nt all the wholesale and retail Drug lie store of Messrs. 11 vy dock, ^oorlie* & Co., Importertju.d Dealer* in Drug*. Oils. ?/ ., 218 Pearl street. The clficacy of the Health Restorative is no well known to the public, that the proprietor considers the publishing of reitiOrates at useless, hut those desirous of examining them run do so b> j ill ig the principal office. np!9 MdtTh lmo*c IM | CAHPETlNii [156 100,000 yards of Brussels Three Ply and Ingrained 10.0U0 yards of Oil ( loth and Matting. 10,000 Window Shades, Rugs, Mats, Table Covers, and every article couurrtcd with the trade, on vale cheap for cash. YVM. McOROHTi, 1A5 Chatham street, ain I mis * r Pi I | hove the Theatre, T<1 DA< .1 ?KHIAN AU fi'Sj >. PLATKS?1500 star brand, full sixe. (000 a medium aiz.e. INRTRl VI ENTB?"Vnightlwder," of all aura; American, Roach a in ike, warranted attperior QUlCKBTuKF?An accelerating liquid, utcd by tlif tnoat aurcraaful actiat*. Koranic in |nta intuit. JOHN ROACH. Optician, al# lw*e 02 \ .s. mi afreet. l'H EM1I VI WALNl T < >1L 8HA\ IN'< S S<I VP. /~5 ACTION.?A counterfeit article of our celebrated Walnut vJ Oil Military Sharing Snap ia now being offered round ll., city by a perann repreaenting himielf aa onr agent. We hereby cnutinn the public againat being deceived with it, and beg to atat, that we have no agenta whatever, nor baa any one any right to nae our name* on the labela. The genuine aoap, manufactured by the inventor, Dr. !'. D. Vroom, baa our far-simile aignattire to each label. mJll.n'.r VROOM fc FOWLER. V Ponrflandi .? 'ft I IK I \I()N Ml Tl A I. IN St It \ M I. i (V v., 11 o| . ? 1 for the buaineit of Marine and Kire riaka, oil or bnforr ihe lat of May, at No fl'l Wall atreet, in the office. now occupied by ihe agencv of the Krnnklin Kire Inauraiice Company of Phil, adelphia. The book of aabacriptiona, to the cnpitafatock of SIOO.WH), will remain open for a lew daya longer. Tlir profit, ol'ilie hiiainea. to be divided between the Stockholder* and the inaijred. 'I he nook of application for Inaurance* >a now open at No. 5ft Wall atreet. T*f?tri?: . Lambert Snydam, Stephen Allen, David Auaten, II. Al. Lawrence, Jamea O. W are. John Jnhuatnii, Joaepli if ip luad, K.dw. K. Collina, Wm. II. Una el Paul Spofford. Kord Suvdam.jr R. P. Buck, Setli </ro,veuor, A.ti Thonunoii, .loatph Handa, John r. .Warmth, N. II. Wolle, Jno. I. huigaford, Shepherd Ku.ipp, (lenrgc lUnelve, J.I). Yin Biiftii. Kdwinlloyl, John Va" Neat, O. Lee hnapp, E. T II. flibaon, II. A. Hohertann, Aw. Wright. C. II. Hand, Richard llell, I. T. JohneM*. K.. J. Anderann, I*. M. Wetmore, .Xliit \5 oodliull, Joaejih Kowler, ( haa M. Leupp, W. S. haitoutr, N. W Merrill, II II. Mil-well, A.Peignr?e II. L. Rmilh, Fred. I, Talcott, F.d. Paveiotrdt. alTJiiarc LAMBERT 8UVDA.M, rreaidcnt. t g u. 0. MARINES WANTED. j| g 31 3* 'FHEMARINE COKpToTtHE united states, A or (hat branch of the military service furnishing soldier* for the different naval sUBons and v estels of war, haviuc been increased L>y act of Cuugreas. approval! 2d March, 18-17, bv tha addition of 20 Sergeants, 30 Corporals, 30 Drummers, 30 infers, auil I .(mo Privates. A rendezvous lor the enlistment of recruits is now opened at No. 38 Chatham street, near the Harlem railroad depot and Tammany llall, where respectable youeg men desiring to enler a service which v? ill afford litem an opportunity of seeing foreign countries, are invited to call. Previous to enlisting it is the duty of the recruiting olhcer to ev plain fully the terms upou which they enter the service. Open .rom 8 A. M. to sunset. JOHN GEO. REYNOLDS, Captain Commanding, Recruiting Rendezvous Two dollars pieuiium will be given to any soldier orritizeu who will bring to the rendezvous, an acceptable or aihclent recruit, al lin'rc SALESMAN WANTED who is acquainted with the lace and embroidery trade. Apply between 8 anil 111 A. M., at al7 3frc ' PETER ROBERTS, 373 Broadway. OAS FIXTLKliS OK ALL KINDS."" JAMES O. MOFKET, 121 Prince street, third block west of Uioailwiv, has on hand and is constantly manufacturing OAS till AND AL1ERS, BRACKETS AND PENDANTS, j in all their VRf-ie'ies of patterns and sizes. Contracts will also be taki n for fitting, in the iioate?t and most beautiful style, | Churches. Hotels, and all other public buildings, as >\ell as j private dwelling', at llie suoriesi nonce auu uu uit iiujh ic?amiable terras. N. B. All kinds cf gai tixtures regilt, rebronxed and lesilvered apl7 lm*r i7hlf.\7\ N SI LV KK. JAME8 (x. MOKlf'KT, No. 121 Prince street, third block west ol' Broadway, is constantly manufacturing Uerman Silver, of v irions numbers and widths, which he will warrant to be equal to any other, foreign or domestic, for quality, and w hich he will sell at wholesale and retail at reduced prices. I'. S. All goods sold will be delivered in any part of the city " I > I' >. li I > II, free ol 'expense. upI7!lll*r Cn ill S \V. FIKUf?Ti;o7 No. u Boiling .Slip otferfor t sale a large assortment of Printing, Writing, Wrapping, IIsrdware, Envelope, Hanging, andcolored P.pur. Paper of any size or quality made to order. The highest market prices paid in cash lor rags, bugging, bale rope cuttings, gunny bigieing, grass rope canvass, and all otherkinds of Paper Manufacturer s stock, by CYRUS W. FIELD tk CO , a 17 lui*r No. 9 Burling Slip, N.Y. ; E iIEGA NT TAPESTK1E CARPKT1NG8. JUST RECEIVED BY' THE PATRICK HENRY A ; large invoice of new and choice luiturits of Tapes! rie Carpeting, which are this day opened Air examination. Persons desirous of obtaining the latest ami busi styles, would do well to call early and make their selections. SMITH tx KNAPP, al7 In * i 2H Broadway, lopposite Cite Hall ) PO DEALERS IN FANCY GOODS A Mi MILLINER V. A L ADY", who has had some years' experience in a city at the KontIs, and contemplates going more la,gely into the above branches there, wishes a situation, for a few months, in some extrusive establishment of the kind in New Y'ork, where she can render herself useful. Her object being to acquire a more extended and thorough knowledge of the business in all its various branches, the amount of compensation for her services will he a secondary consideration. Tlia he:.t of references given and required. A line dircctej to K.'/.., care of Satnuel B. Beach, Washington city, giving address ami references, will receive prompt sttention. al6 It C Li^UlD HAIR DYEr" BATCHELOR'8 instantaneous Liquid Hair Dye, is far superior to anything yet offered for coloring the hair to a beautiful and permanent black or brown, without staining or injuring the sliin. The wonderful facility with w hich this rcmnkable liquid effects the desired object, excites the admira lion and astonishment of thousands who are loud in its praise. 8..Id wholesale and retail at WM . B ATCHKLOR'S, No. 2 Wall street, near Broadway. Price?Bottles for the hair, $150; for the whiskers, $1. Beware of worthless counterfeits. Agents in Philadelphia, Eug. Roussel; Washington City, J H. Oibba. alllB*i CllUKCli ok Till-: HUM TRINITY, BROOKLYN HEIGHTS. THIS Church will he open for the examination of Pews on Monday, 19th, Tuesday 20th, and Wednesday 21st iust., at four o'clock P. M., aud at four o'clock P. M., on the last uamed day, they will l>e offered for rent in the Church, aud on the I' llowing Sunday, the S6th instant, the Church will he f"; illV1 IK- service at open 10',t AM., and 3>? P.M. a9 llt*rc Dlt.l 11 A G. FRAZ ER, the celebrated Cancer Doctor on the Indian methud of iiractice, will he found at the United States Hotel, New York city, or his assistant, en the third Monday in May, for three days only, once a month. Advice given free of charge. Specimens of his works can he seen on those days. The lime has come when cancers can be cured without the use of the knife. Dr. F. treats on all other diseases, and will co-oinue through the season. alt lin*rc HKDBUG PCM SON; WATSON'S INFALLIBLE BEDBUG POISON.-The vf exiierieiice of past years proves this preparation to be the most effectual destroyer and panisher of Bedbugs ever discovered. It needs hut one application to satisfy the most incredulous of its wonderful and immediate effects?Price 2s. Sold wholesale and retail only at Apotliecariea Hall. 36 Catharine street; 176 Grand street, aud Ollcott, McKesson is. Co., 127 Maideii Lane; and 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. aO lm*r QUILL PENS. THE Subscriber would call the attention of the public to his superior Quill Pens, made entirely with the pen knife.? By long practice he has succeeded in reaching the greatest possible perfection in suiting every kind of writing, at the s nne time they surpnas by far, any metallic pen in elasticity and ease. They are carefully put up in boxes of 26 ejeh, to that they can be ahipped to any part of the country, without risk of damaging the points. For sale by inl91m?rh F. TRENKAMP, No. 99 William it. SOLA K I ,A M PS, GIK A NIH >LKS, HALL LANTIIORNS AND TEA TRAYS. THF. subscriber has just opened one of the tnost highly finished Storks of Girandoles, Solar Lamps, Chandeliers, Bracket's, Ilall Laulhorus, Tea Trays, Clucks and elegant < ut Glass Vases, for mantel Ornaments, aver offered in this city or country. And city dealers will find it to their advantage to call and examine the above stock, which ran be sold at wholesale and retail at reduced prices. JOHN W. MORGAN, m31 lm*rc 161 Fulton St.. one door from Broadway. TltAV EL LING T ItUNlLS. JOHN CATTNACH, Trunk Manufacturer, No. 1 Wall street, comer of Broadway, has now on hand and constautI) making a good assortment of Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, aud Satchels, wholesale and retail. Also, a superior article of sole leather Trunks, suitable for American or Europeau Travel, and Portmanteaus for the Frrneli Mailt l'ostc. Orders for the West Indies, South America, Ike., filled with despatch. tnR lm*rc VACUUM PANS for sale, with all the apparatus tor making Sugar. Price #1600. Apply to >f,2w*rre PETER COOPER, No 17 Burling Slip. LV| PGR I AN FTu GENT LLMEN'. GJ.ENTLE.MEN, I WISH YOU ALL TO KNOW, that 94 Murray, comer of Washington street, is the only place in this city where you can depend npon having full attention paid to the repairing, cleaning, dyeing and altering all ktuds of Gentlemen a Clothing at abort notice, on reasonable terms. Give me a trial, and you will find that for six (hillings only, you ran have your costs made to look equal to new,without the aid of that great il est me tor, steam. Cleaning and dyeing, superior to any thing ever done in this city. Please call, or semi a note to 91 Murray street. Gentlemen, prepare for Sliring in time A. CORTISSOS, from London. m2 Im'rc i l\j j.virua i uio > u uLrtLrji\?i iin WOOLLENS. HMIOKON Si ( ()., Rcfiunheri of Cloths, Cassimeres, Sic., No. 341 Went street, i he tyuld Medftl has been awariled by the American Iusti* tule, for their superior manner of reftiijsliinc. Orders may be j left with Meiun. WOLCOTT Ik BLADE, No 83 Pine street. VVM. LANULKY ?c CO .08 Exchange Place ! " D. liKieilAM ii. CO., 60 Piue street, to whom they may refer. N. B.?Two thousand dollar, insured on goods for account ol customer,. altiltn'c m ijtt's haxaai;. NO. 6 I) E Y 8 T K K K T . ^ANDN SCOTT ha, removed to No. 4 Dry sti jet (the kj street of his former sncrnas), and hss opened a splendid idaee, where he will serve up Dinners, Ike., in his olJ style, that gave so inncli satisfaction to hiscustsnters. A tsriety ol hot Homers wjll be given each day, fmra 12 till 1, ofet ery description, at hi, old price of One Shilling, anil uo additional ehaige for tin ill eitras, aa bread, butter, he. The finest I,Minor, tluit can he procured are at hit bar, and the best flavored Cigars. Me will he happy to see hia old frienda, and reapectfully solicit, the patronage of the public in general. Steaks, t hops, Cold Cuts, Poached kggt, llarebits, Tee, Colf'-e , tkc., at any time until 12 P. M. His table, will he supplied with the best European and all rite New Yorkpapern. al Im'c VV'lNIJOW S11A I > K S ! " W l' N 1H >W SIIA I > E S ! CITY AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS, Upholsterers, Pedlars, &cc can find the large,t, best, and chespest assortment of Shades and materials for making and Vanging Shades in the city?at KELT? Ik RIKKR'S Exclusive Window Shade rn'ilm'r Srore, 131 I hatlinin street. ~ N PJl'TUN K HOU8ETNK W ROCHE LLE. ~ THE subscriber respectfully inform, his friends, and the public generally, that his house will be open to receive company, on or before the first day of May; also, that lie is now prepared to make arrangement, with fnmilies for rooms, end board, for the coming stetson. Its location and conveniences, offer great inducements to those w ho wish to he near the city, and well accommodated?also good bathing. *a JWr _ C. F. RICE. FOR SALE, ADKAY PHAETON, almost new. ami in complete order, built by Colli* Ik Lawrriirr. To be seen al tlis stable, in I ol 8t_.lohn's '' III! cell, Ht. John''. Mil-". nlogw're TO CAPTAINS AND ?>u NEKS i Ii 3l EAiVlBOAT3. r|3HE undersigned having leased and lilted up the house on A the Cong Pier, foot of loth street. North river, as a steamboat hotel, in order to accommodate the up town residents, invites all Captains of steamboats to make this landing, free of, P. UK LK REE, Proprietor. N. 11.?Boats or barges for pleasure or flailing always to let. Passenger, taken at all timrs wheirver they wish to go. all IWr oil 8A I.K ?Receiving on commission, ?od const only on baud, llinter, I hee?e, l.ard, Mess, Thin Mess nnd Prime Pork, Smoked Hams, .Shoulders, and Beef, Mackerel, Shad, Salmon, Dry and Pickled Cndfiah, AIso, Molasses in hogsheads, perees ami barrels; Mngars in hogsheads, limes and barrels; with a. general assortment of groceries. Sold in lots to accommodate purchasers, at the lowest caah prices, by < I,ARK, FISK tt CO., 228 Fulton street. N. I) ? A I see <| ii a lit it y sinnked Meats and I 'heese, slightly I imaged. to he sold at low pricea. all la*iw A CARD T() THE LADIES. V/I AL7A M P. I>. I,hv V >, late I pom IJerltn, i?#*us to announce ItJL to her friends an<l Indies in general, that she hn? just opened a Millinery Establishment in this city, at 171 Bowery, with a very eiteiisive ami magnificent assortment of all nrticles in that line. Her present stock of goods hat been selected by her .elf wini the utmost care?is entirely new, ami in |>oint of elegance, richness and variety, cannot be surpassed. Madame Lewis, in fact, feels confident that her establishment mil he Ihu-.d worthy of the patronage the solicits, and requests an early call. MADAME 11. LKV\ N, 174 Bowery. N. B.?Wanted a lady to superintend the sales. m2fl Im*rr MHINHARDT'S BRASS LETTERS FOR SIGNS. fFMIESE letters are remarkable for durability, and a brillianA cy of the irihliiiK unequalled by any other article in the city?which brilliancy is warranted to stand exposure to the weather. Thty are also japanned of any color that, maybe desired. Orders left it Ann street, also M. ( ampbell's, 1th avenue near Iftth street. Reference, the signs of this 1 i II Baiter k('o 143 len Lam I I Oppicb or tiir. N. V. Gas Limit Compact, ) April 12. I?I7. ) rnh President and Directors have this day drcla.-rd a dmdrnd of fiuir-aiid-? ne-h ilf per cent oil the capital stock of this ( omiiaiiy for the ?ix months eliding 1st February lad, pay>ble to the stockholders o.i and after Saturday the 1st May neit. The transfer hook will be closed fVom the 2tin instant nntil tint d te. B> order, d:l tm lr (\ J,. KVFR1TT. Secretary. ! vINS. ZKG Din, No. f>7 Division Siiu;it, W?l LD respectfully inform her friends and the public in ? koiimmI, lh?t she has romtantly on hand a full and fashions Mr assortment of shured lienor!*; straws, plain and fancy; Mae. fin-ans, of a superior quality, am) mourning Bonnets. TIt In from the Country, as ts ell as the city arc requested to c II ?id t xHtniue her vtock lu rorr pinch dug elsewhere, api im*r i AUOTIOH IIOTICII. Alt OB 3 PLATT lucii neer. Lbl'lON fc?.\Lh.?Jacob 8 Piatt will .ell. This llav. at 10 o'clock, at the auction room, corner ol" Piatt aud Pearl street.*, 300 (V.slu, rv?i and lot* Hnrdwnre and Cutlery Goods. Alan, polished Trace*, No. 3. in casks ol" 200 pairs each; Clarke patent tariff butu, anvils. sauce-pans, lock*, curry* i coinba, Ac. | Alto, a set of Sheffield pattern carda, from the well-ktiowu house of Jackeon, Stacy A Smith, embracing pocket and table cutlery, razors, scissors, shear*. Ac., suitable for the retail trade. -n o, Ml bote* horse, wool and collOil cud*. AUo, .'Hi dozen corn and grassscythes. -Vl .o, M) coils Manilla, ami '40 coil* bal* rope. Also, 3 cn?h* assorted hailed bras* kettles, *171111 vine. Also, 00 ream ; tissue paper, and 1U reams sand do. Also, iooo pair French oik suspenders. AN \ 2000 boxes Kuglich aud I- reach percussion caps, hook* and eyes, steel peg* inultutii in p-irvo, mathematics! instru incut*, eoppt , is,^ measure*. tuuif boxes, marbles, G? r* m i-i silver and |dat ! t Lie and tea spoon* una fork*, French toilet soap, gun w.dJoig, tooth brushes, pur*e?, youth.' velvet cap*, inkstands, col .ant, Ac. A Mo, Mlilr and ilx.scrt kilirx* and fork.!, carvers, pocket auJ pen k .nr,, resoM, ?ci.s?ri, shear*, bowie knives, dirks, fcc. A No, Jj wt? ivory table L:,nt, ami forks in *et? <>l* 11 |>iece>. Alio, 1(100 pair i?ili,hril truce*, iwd, till, chest and plate lock*, bolts, curry comb*, iron table and tea auoona, dog anil hallrr chains, brsce and bitts. Imll biaces, bench rices, blue back ami coinp.ii* *aw?, screw urirer*, aaw eeta, lap borer*, ?*vr knives, nuIters, i tpa?*es. jemliarps, butcher kuises, 4tc. Also, ilitk* and bowie knives. Also, an invoice, yfilluoo value, ol French manufacture of saws, Sic , of hue finish, worthy attention. i itilofuesin ,cad*,. tl'J It'ic JACOB s. PLATT. Attetloaear. CROCKERV, i HINA. (iLASK, AND EARTHENWARE.?Jacob H. I'latt's neat sale of Crockery aud Ulassware, front the shelve* and by the crate, w ill po*itiv*ly tike place on Tuesday, iWh April, at 10 o'clock, in the large ties room, oyer the auction room, corner of I'iatt and fkild streets, consisting of select invoices; and the ullenliou of country, as well as ctt y dealers, iadirected to the same. Most of lite w oe is now ready Inr examination. Catalogues on mowing of ia|e, *19 it" rc L aUi 'iT. A .\ 11. I. V i' i r .s > I \ if s \ I. K OF AN. TKirrriKs. .1/ the MiiK'iiiH JuvaiKiin, 000 Ilruudwau. All. PAhKER. *i 11. LEVV. Ax. ..I - It 111 AllllU d 'Hi most respectfully inform their friends, aud the public in gcntrd, that they havereceived order* from their principal* to sell off their stock ? f Antiquities, consisting or majiificont Japan Lacquered Porcelain in grout variety, .and of richest kinds of furniture ihit can l.e lound in au> country. Ancient Dresden Porcelain of the t'lics: qualities, Porcelain u'Lcvres in the tiuie ol Louis AIV., \ ouetiaii BocacUor Wine (Jla**t? of great antiquity \ ancient < arvod Furniture, comprising Carved and lid.iid Cabinet* of great beauty ; Carved ami IiiluiJ < hairs, of thetiuu"* ofCitliMiue de Medici* and Louis XIV., and a bli I tU d inn ( hair o\ feet nigh, former!? in the posae??iou td Hugo do Oroot, a Dutch nobleman, at llie time he was n State prisoner at the Fort Loe\ enstein, near Brfda, (Holland,) beautifully carved, ana of great curiosity, such .as has never hern seen 111 this country, to be sold at Public Auction, by UO\ AL GL'KLF.l Ik Co., Auctioneer, <ui Thursday, April 22. in 17. and now ready lor examination^ with Catalogue*. Sale to comment c positively at 11 o'clock, rain or shine. N. B. The public in general arc respectfully invited, (and particularly the ladies) to call and examine this magnificent collection, bring the handsomest that hu ever been offered at public sale in thin country. Please call, examine, and judge i nweiti >10 4t*rc J. W. IIKOWN, Auctionoor. / CABINET FURNITURE.?J. W. BKOWN will >ell at auction, on Wednesday, April 21st, at 10 o'clock, at thef ware, rooms of Joseph Havton. No. 210 Broadway, his large stock ol* superior warranted cabinet furniture, comprising French .sola*, chairs, ottomans, Divans, See , in mush and hair cloth, elegant marble top dressing bureaus, wardrobes, inarble top centre and side tables, mahogany French, \ French, and weephack chairs, rocking and easy chairs, worktables, quarsettedo, sofa do, nnrblc top and other wash stands, curled maple and rosewood Italian chairs, elegant secretaries and bookcases,>e? ing chairs, hat and timbrel la stands, couches, Ininp'cs, French nedsleans, hair matresses. palliasses, wi igfMt vartar of other articles In the Jine. Thw being \ ver\ I ?ri$e and well selected stock, will In? found well worthy of attention. Catalogues and goods ready for examination the day previous to sale. Every facility for packing and shipping. al9 Stia * c WM. H. JONES, \ Elegant kuhnituhe-a mm <>n tu.- \ April 20, 1847, at 10)^ o'clock, n Ware I- f W illiam Frost, No. 722 Broadway, (op < New VoiU ll?>t? embracing the entire stock of ele ibinet F urniture, tnadi iiiuler the immediate inspection Mr. Frost, for city sales, well worthy the attention of pe i . desirous of obtaining articles that can "be warranted Catalogue of goods ready on I Monday mornin cash* a 10 it * rrc SPLENDID I <)N ABLE HOSE WOO 1) AND M \IIOOAN \ UNITURK EN SUITE, AT THE LARGE ID ;s NO. 150 BROAD WAV. ON WEDNESDAY, API WITHOUT RESERVE.?A. C. TUTTLK will it the above rooms, on Wednesday, April 21, at ! n ^e assortment of fashionable rosewood and o he principal |?rthaving been made to order, of ?ls, of superior workmanship, and will be wan g in part rosewood, parlor, and boudouir fun. ituils, etipores, secretaries, sols tauics, mating in, mm iihii iiirniture, sic. Also, by order ol .. 10 patent windlass bedsteads, ol various descriptions, and worthy the attention of the trade and others. N. It ?The furniture may be etainined the day previous. ?|7 SiTnlfcW"re _________ SPLENDID SALE UF RICH FRENCH CHINAj ENG lUli, American, and Bohemian Cut Glass Ware; Jauanery China and Iron Stone Toilet Seta, Bronze and Gilt Clocks, itc., at No. 2U.') Broadway, late Gardiner's furniture warehouse Oil Monday, April IVlh.?A. C. TUTTLK will sell at auctioi on the premises No. 2111 Broadw ay, on Monday, 19th iust.. at It) o'clock, without reserve, the eutire stock of the above goods (as announced in previous advertisements, in order to close tin same previous to the 27th inst..) comprising the most choict assortments of fine French Chins,Dinner, Dessert and Tea Her vices; rich Cttf Glass Ware; French, Bronze and (Jilt Clocks Mantel Ornaments, Japauery, Block Tin Ware, Toilet Mela &.C., n(Tried at auction this season?the whole being of recen itnportalions and eipressly for retail sales, will he found worthy the attention of tht trade, housekeepers ;uid others. Catalogues now ready. a!7 SaltM'rc SILKS. PI,AID SILKS, STRIPE J) SILKS, Brocade do. Moire I'ekin do. Prkin Chinois Silks, Feus du Bengal do. Light Summer Silks, at low prices. Foulard Silks .of nil kinds of PI lids, Stripes, BroOades aud India Snichews ; also, Black Foulards. BLACK SILKS Black Paris patent high Lustres, frotn 20 to It iuches Paris 111 irk witeied, wide and narrow. Black Pou de Soies aud Taffetas, every width. Rich striped I'laiils and figured Id.irk Silks. Treple chain Marcellines, for summer dresses. Black Canton Crape, ol different widths. Do do Figured Pongees. Silk Grenadines, Bareges, Sir. PARIS MANTELETS AND VISITES. Just rrcened 3 crises of new and beautiful Visiter, Mantelets aud Rigolets, decidedly new. Alto, 2 eases of Cotiveusiiler Robes, richly einbroidereJ with and w irliout Visiles, at extremely low prices, w ilh a large stock of Fancy and Staple Goods, at ali iseod2wr JAMES BECK V CO. 319 Broadway. NEW EMBROIDERIES. JAMF.8 BECK k CO , have juat rurchaaed a large invoica of NEW PARIS EMBROIDERIES, at a great sacrifice which they now offer lo their customers al decided bargains. Also, a 1.1 rue invoice#,.f MUSLIN IN8KKTINU8. EDG ING9, FLOUNCINOH, and Mualin Ban<li. Alto, Lice Capes, I pilars, Scarfs, Dresses, Visiles, Shawls L.icra, Edgings, Inserting*. nl Greatly reduced pricea at >p!7 i .iil'.'H IM J AMES BECK k CO.. Jj'J Broadway. HATS! If A H S ! HATS! fll K VOX, with hia accuatomed brevity, would call tlie J^>atti rition ?f lui frirnda to hia new atylea of SPRING FASHIONS, which irr now ready nl hia atore, No. 120 Fulton mat Ha woald, with Ma samal philanthropy, nana atraw geratohi* establishment, where they can olitnin hnta of an ecjual quality, and at lower pricea, Ihnu at auy other atnre in tin city. al'i 6lia* r MRS. M. WILSON, Stl Orud street, respectfully 1 tfSf Vinfoirn? her friends, and strangers viaitinK the city, w&iap that she haa now on h ind a large and very handaome iiaaortineut of Spring Millinery", to which ahe invitee their attention. Mrs. Wilson* atock comprises an assortment of the richeat and moat faatiiuiiahle Hat* audi aa I hip,'Crape, Rice, and Shirred, with achoir.e assortment of Straws, which ahe flatters herself can he eutd more reaanuahle than at any othereatabliahment iuthe city. Country Milliner, will do well to call before purchasing. Mra. M. V/ILBON, 2<il Orand at.. between Allen and Orchard *ts. Ti n good Milliner* wanted at the abore establishment alll 2tn*rc NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. TilF. subscribers respectfully call the attention ol MA' Dealt-re and Milluiera, to their preaent atyle of Neapo" Nl lilana, which are superior to any hitherto mannfactttr ed by them; they are alao manufacturing anew atyle called the Gossamer, with lloweri of the eume material to corraapond. which are indeed eii|uiaitely beautiful, and we feel conlident that our Neaiiolitun* and Ooaaamera, will be the IS...I 1,1. It .., u ..... ,I.I... ,1.. tiou made thus early in their favor by the moat fashionable lad if* of our city and elsewhere. PATTISON NOK & CO., Patentees and Manufacturers of the Neapolitan Bonnets, ml irim ir No t>PtI?ef t. Bwthe BowrrVi NEW YORK ALBANY AND TROY LINE FOR ALBANY AN I) TliOY direct, from r ^ the foot of Court! urdt street. The low pre* fUufllilMHliiiirr steamboat COLUMBIA, TIim Day, (Monday) at 0 P. M.; KMPIKK, C apt. K. B. Macy, Tuesday Kvening, at ft o'clock, (l 7"" Passengers taking these Boats w ill arrivejin time to tike the morning 'I rain of C ?rs from Troy West to Buffalo, and north to Whitehall and Lake ChampUiu. DAY LINK. Steamer TROY, Capt. A. Gorharn, NI ACIAIIA, ('apt. II. K. Kellogg, having been put in complete order will take their stations in the line in a few days, d y" For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the office on the wh o f. Q /*" Freight must he put in charge of the freight agent, or the company will not he responsible for loss. al!i PA9SAG1 60 CEN1 FDR ALBANY DIKFA'T the fist and r.jH&lI* Nelegant ste.oncr RIP VAN WINKLK, ( apt. tmmHmmrni.r.K B. Briggv will leave the foot of msou street tins (Monday) evening at 0 o'clock, I\ M. The Rip V 111 Winkle is lilted tip in superior style, and has no connection with any other on the river at thc present time. This host will arrive in ample time for the Kastrrn or Western cars. For freight or p usage, apply on hoard, or at the office on the dock, of < ?KO. T. 8TANLKY. a If! tf * rc FtlR LI VKRP(M >L?The well known fait sailing MnTovVLr'f'l-rt SLi| IIOTTINODKR. 1000 tons, ( apt. Ira ?lMaiMM'"r*|rv, w ill meet with immediate desnstch. Foi m ight r passage, hating srd lid laifce ana cnmfortabla rooms ami cabin, apply to the I nptain on hoard, at Jndd's wharf, i: River, or to WOODIlULL MINTURN, *1-1 R? South street. ?52^ F OR BKLFAST.?The fast sailing \ I, toni?ered ^T,yTV nn<l < i|'|'i I un niM Hrili-li slnp I.K.TITIA IIKY N, "(10 ton, r*Hnt?r, W. I'irrir, ina.lrr, liovinti * liryr (.. ition <if h*r cirgn *iie*ird, will h;i?r iinmrdiate ili.j.irrh lor ih?- ilnirr imrt. Kor Mlinct of Imclit or nuiiiffe *i>nlt to JOS MM I Mr MURRAY, ill r W nontn unit. KOR OLAWJOW -RKOULARPACRKT OP *#3HiW,'niK. I?t OK M A V?'I'lio linr nrw Br. Packrf U n it JnmL\NN HAIll.LY, < Apt. Il.irotl.MI ton*, will -?il .1, ttl.'.t *, hrr i rtnl ir il iy. Kor lYciiM nr [i>vui|r, Itariiil r<I>1 i.I nrr.iiiiini<iiUti<>u?, opplv on bniu.l.or to WOODIII U. I* it.MINTt'RN, a 10 H7 South street. The regular packet shin H\FAf'F..V, VH) ton*, < apt. N. T. Ifiwkois, will succeed tlie Auu llarley, and anil oil her rffuiir day. AA/v* FOR HALF,?-The hull of a vessel just launched, tfMNgWand now I yiviir at Kahway port. She will carry a ho at JllflMlfis^'/O To 300 f >;r ; !K# fret oil (feck, 23 feel benm. ,SI?f will a i?w er for canal, river, or coui inrvice. Inquire of the '.itb?ci ibrrs, at Iiahway, New Jersey. JOS O. LUFBF.R V, af. Im'r _ H U MIOTWF.LL . A /, Kt)K N K \V . \ 1 joiiifti'tiia at ill TTrw KP^JfV. N'mk Line of Packet*?1The fn*t sailing packet bark I'tMvRnOKN I.SF.h, ( 'apt. Miitutf, i? now loaning. and will i.l lniiriula>, April 20th. For freight or passage appl) ?>ii h' Oilc.uiH Wharf, foot <?l Wall at reel, or to K. !(. ( OLLINM. .% South, Posit iw I) no height will be recti* *-ci oil board alter k riday evening, 2114 li i t. Went* hi New f )rlc?< ?, J. 0. Woodruff It Lo., who will promptly how ol ell good'. io their *ddr**17 NOT1CI . 1 '. ' s.rTlffil \'V I . ... I v. WHrwVpcol. i* rliarlnieuur nnnr rpr ?ei*| order* at Orleans jp*NMUwh:<rf, foot of \Y 11 Ni.c t. C on* r itr% w ill pte**e Cell and .ittr;id to the rvcsdpt of thei g tl imifiediati ly. All goods not permuted Hill In* aciti to the public store. all AIHtlEMtm. PAKK THEATRE.?Moutlav- Evening, April lo.h, will lie perforineU, itif in|Mf of r A/IO?liiriral Fazio, Mr Wheatley; Duke ol'How'irf, Htark; U .nolo, B.rry . Bianca, 't?'c?wIuiI< aulitlu the tton BOV?Captain Poph.m, Mr O Buruli Mr Dab.ler, I i-ner; Fanny, Mr? Huuk ? .. Boiea $1; PitM centa; Otllery li ceuta. Dooraopeu ataquarterto 1 o'clock?<he pertormance will commence at prec;?ely ? quarter p??t 7. BOvVrlKf l HKAi'lth..?A. W. J AC a ao.a. Proprietor?It. E. STrvgm. Stage Manager?.Monday Eveuiug. April IWli, 'will be performed ilia play of LOVE ? l'lie Conntea*. Mra. Shaw; Huon, Mr. Clarke. vt . - After which. WALLACE? Wallace, .Mr. Naalrc. Kirk- j Patrick, Mr. Clarke: Lady Helen Mar, Mr* Jordan. Pre.. Circle. 2) centa; I'll ?ud Oellery. 123k cent. Door, open at B)^ o'clock. Performance commencea at 7 MITCHELL'8 OL\ MPIC TUEATRE?Monday Ever.. iiil, April Kith, to roiiiiurucr with the I.roe of the M AllIII CI) HAKK?Mr. 3 lighty, Mr. M'aleot ; Mr.. 'Iricirao, Mia. Anna Cruiee. Alter which ttie opera of FRA DIAV'OLO? Fra Diavolo, i Mr.. Tiiuin: Lord Allcaah W.lrot; Zerliua, Mia. Mary Taylor To conclude with the farce of l.K.ND ME FIVE 8HILL1XG8?Sfi. Golighiiy, Mr. Holland. I Pre Circle. M cent.; I.'ppur Boaet, 20 cent.; Pit. oue Shilline; Private Bote., $j; Orchestra Doora opeii at 7 o'clock; Curtain rt.e at 73? o'clock preciaaly P ALMO 8 OPERA 1101 tfE, Chamber* at reel.?Mouda y A evening, April lyth, tilth uight of the aecoud aeaton, and lui niK'it hut one of Drmizrtti'a Opera of LUCREZl A BOHlil A? Lucrezij Borgia Signa I' B lrtli; Atfonao I, Big. Baaereutauo; Oruiiaro, kiit. S. Bmedetti; Maflio Oiiiui, Sigrn H. Pico; Apoatulo (inzzrIU. Big Martini; Jaco|>o I I.trerotto, Higm Uoulard; Aacanio Pctrucci. Big. Benetti; I Oloferne Vitellozzo. Big. B. Pali: IJubett.i, Big. Banouirico; Ku.tighcllo, N. N.; Aatollo, N. N. VVwaUDtr, April 21?Verdi'. Opera of 1 LOMBA11DI. Fain.v, April 23d?l.uat performance of Donizetti'. Opera I of I.L'CRF.ZIA BOROIA. JT]/" 0|?*ra Book, may be had at the Boz Office. Pnii-i:.?lat Tier Boze. and Parquette. $1; 2d Tier, M cent.; - p,;. .i... n.,.?< t;> n at. ,i.? A.. r... a,. \\~^ S< ji.< csn i.e m cured at the Bo* cJrtice, 'Prom 10M. | till i o'clock. P. M;-. r Ui?ii>i'|hii it h*ll-pa*t 7,Performance to commence at I ' o'clock. PALMO'S OPISKA HOUSK i A CARD. SIONOIt S. BENKDETT1 Respectfully announce* to the Patron* of the ITALIAN OPERA, that hi* Benefit will . ukr |ilace on Saturday Evening, 31th iiisl., at Palino'i U|iera HoU?c. with Douiaetti'* Opera Ll.'CIA Dl LAMMER.MOOH. N IL?The tree I at i* *ii?|>endrd, eirrpt lor the pre**. I aplX re BENE KIT OK \V. II. KEMP. BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE?Mouday evruiua, April IWh. The perfortntner will commence with Mr*. Ay| inara. the SYREN OK THE SCARF.. To he he followed by -Mi** Jeuelyne in a Pa* Setil ; Mr. J. Nixon and hi* children in their aurpriaing leal* ; Nlr. ( arrnll and Mi** Nladigan in* double act of llor*emaii*hip, and Mr. Madigau in hi* great principal art. Mr. Kemp a* FOLLY UUIDINO THE WORLD. To conclude with THE IDLE APPRENTICE, Peg., Mr. Kemp. ) John Oo**in, the < Inwn, will appear. Boxea, 2j cent*, pit, I2,S cent*. Door* open at 7; ptrfortnnice to commence .it lnlf-pnir 7. OPERA HOUSE, CHE8NUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Dre** circle and rar-iuette 50 cent* Family circle*,, 35 cent* MONDAV EVENING. APRIL l?th. 1W7. Will be preiented Auner'i opera, citled FRA DIAVOLfL Or, The Inn of Terracina. Fra DiavoL- Mr. Fraxcr. Oiacoino Mr. Neguin, I Zerlina Mr*. Sequin. To-mnrroiv evening THE BOHEMIAN tilRL. WAI.M'TST. THKATUK, I'll I LADKLI'HIA e. A. Mahihali.. Leasee. ...W. U. Blake, Manager. I it Night of Mr. BOOTH, who i* engaged for aix nighu. 11NT)AY EVENING, April 19, will he performed the A NEW WAY TO PAY OLD DEBTS. Sir Oil* - Orcrreach Mr. Booth. Wellborn Richiug*. Lady All worth Mrs. Blake. Margaret Overreach Mia* Fisher. IFrotli, Mr*. Joue*. Miss A. WALTERS in a favorite dance. To conclude with the new farce of SOMEBODY ELSE. I NIBLO'S GARDEN LOT.. THIS EVENING, A FREE EXHIBITION OF CRUTCHELL'B SOLAK OAS, every evening from 8 to 10 o'clock, for ten nights, i This Gas is now beinK introduced into the Capitol and Public | Buililiiitfa at Washington, and in the City of Lexington, Ken, tucky ; there are now upwards of sixty Steamboats, Churches, | Factories, Public Buildings, and Dwellings, illuminated by l this Oas. Keterence is made to the following steamboats on 1 tha Ohio and Mississippi rivers:?Magnolia, Bulletin, Belle, : Creole, I'ike, Nos.7 and R, and fourteen others. Cincinnati? LI Ilev. J. T. Brooks, Rretur of < lirist Church ; this Church is lit hy a single burner from the ceiling ; Presbyterian Taberon1 cle do.: Broadway Hotel. William Tell do., Exchange Build> ing. M. T. It C. Day's Oranite Building; Fulton Manufactory, do; Miss Longwood, residence ;U. K. Shoreberger, do.: J. Strader, do.; J. Lockwood, do.; Globe Mills, Covington, Ky.: N. Stateu Hotel, Wheeling, Va.; Methodist Church, Alle, ghanv, Pa.; H. Tiffany, Baltimore, Md.; Coleman's Hotel, Washington City ; Morris Tarkar, Morria Factory, Philadelphia. i Several of the above partirs hare had their buildings lit up with Coal sud rosin gas, and have abandoned those sources, the Solar Gas being found chea|>er, cleaner, and more suited In health. In two instances the parties had coal at their own doors. JOHN HKIRRING, Sole Agent fortlie State of New Vork, lias nn apparatus in operation in Crosby street, between ; I'rinee and Houston streets, in the rear of Nibl','s lot, w here he will he pleased to show the same to any person from 10 A.M. [ to 5P.M. He has also certificates from those who are now using the ligiit in his taissesaioii, which will satisfy the most sceptical. npl!) 3tis*rrc THE OUlGl.SAL SWISS HELL KlM.EKS. fillS Celebrated Baud having returned from their second X tour through the Southern States, the West Indies aud Texas, w ill give a series of Concerts at the TABERNACLE, prior to their departure for Europe, commencing nn MONDAY EVENING. April 19th, and every eveuiug during the week, (except Wednesday.) They will he assisted by MISS M. J. MAUICS AND GEORGE A. IIOYT, Graduates of the New \ ork Institution for the Bliud. Tickets 25 cents, no half price.?Doors o|>eu at 7 o'clock, concert commences at 8 o'clock precisely, Change of programme each evening. al5St*rc MINEliVA ROOMS, 40? BROADWAY. M II. A L E X A N I) E 11, THE Great Necromancrr from Paris, will appear ill hi* Celebrated MYSTERIOUS AND ORIENTAL SOIREES, , { on Monday, April 19th, aud every evening during the week, at I | his inaguitieenl TEMPLE OF ENCHANTMENT. For particulars, see tlie bills. Prices of silmiuiou?Psxnitstie So Mn| Saloon 21 n uts. ( hildren accompanied by their nareuta, hslf price. Door> Op?l at half |>a?t 6?1 omimtat iiall' |Mist 7 u'cliick. t sl7 lwia*rr VOCAL CONCERT. TIIE ILSLEYS (four brothers and two sisters) will give their Sremid Musical Entertainment, with an almost entire change of piogrammc, on Monday eveniug, April 19th, in the Apollo Saloon. I < arils of admission .'iO cents?to be had at the music stores, and the door on the evening of performance. Doors o|icii at 7, singing lo comnicnce at llo rkiclt. ill) lt*C <Thand concert, AT PFNTEAl'V CAFE DES MILLE COI.ONNE8 SALOON. 'M)l Hroadvisv, positively the last week ol the engagement of the celebrated Air. NElSS, who will play on nine iustmmi nta at once. a!9 it*rc SELECT C( t.\( EHTS! EVER V EVE NINO AT "TIIE BROADWAY IIOI HE," (Corner of Broadway and Oram! street.) BY seieral Professional Ladies and Oentlemen of aeknowlidged vocal talent. Ai>>ii t t sirr. 6ls < ran. The Bar is stocked with the choicest rrfreakmeots. Punch, ! Pictorial and ( ity Papers, Periodicals, kc., on the tables. , I aplOtM is* re LAST WEEK. UOSSITF.R'S grand scriptural painting of tlie parting of llutli. < iipali ami Naomi.Willi other |nctiirrs painted by tbe artist t It me. will be exhibited for tlui week only, at tlie I Orauile Buildings, corner of Broadway and Chambers street. I Open from 9 A, M . till 10 P. M. Admission ill rents. I alH fin- C i \i;i.\vi;m, festival. I FLORA'S FESTIVAL. THE LAST TIME, will be performed in the Tthrrnach- on WEDNESDAY EVENINO, April ilt-t. I I'pwards of EH HIT III N DH ED well traiued young singers will unite in this, Mr. BRADBURY'S Farewell Festival. Ufa M JtMkW'r NEW YORK SACRED MUSIC SOCIETY. THE ANNUAL ELECTION, for offieeraof this Society for the ensuing year, will be held, in iccordanre with the hyi-lsws, on the 20th m.-lant, (Tne? ' i ) at the Coliseum, 4S0 I Broadwav. at la past 7 P. M. Bv r, al7 :tt rc tJEOH WHITLOCK, Sec'y. PRIVATE LKSSOa IN GERMAN. A LADY from the north of ? o?uy would be happy to devote a portion pf her mm ? ?vinjf instruction in (hrI man at the residence of pupt! ,>j lieauon in person or by letter, f" No h uid in t lint 11 m!6 lm#r I PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY?FIFTH SEA SON. THK HL:BS< RIBF.RH and member* are re*j?ectfu!ly inin formed that the fourth and last Concert ol the present m ason will take place on Saturday, April 17th, at the Apollo rooms. Api?lirations for Associate Membership for the neit season should be sent to the Secretary before the Annual Meeting in September. By order, utttodc J I.. ENSIGN,Secretary A( i OKI >E< ink" HPHE largest assortment in the city it to be found at the A Chatham stieet Baraar. S.'i Chatham street; and, it you want to get one, that isthe plan- to buy it. as every instrument is warranted in i>erfect tune and order. Tbey alto have a new instrument, Called the Kluiiua, resembling the Accordeon with the tone of a Bute. Their Accordeoni vary in price from 30 cents to 30 dollam, ? ill. eiantioe, * .-i iao|t i-i jniui ?iv.. Accordentt taught, tuned and repaired. Don't forget fbe number?-05 Chatham, opposite ( hambemstreet. all lm#c BIKDH, Ml HI ? . til K UK . ~ f*. FOR HALK, a few very anterior Mocking Birds? fjm also some vei\ line Month < aroliua Red Birds; likewise .'pDM'aiiarie* in full song and plumage perfect. Apply at * - i/t Litpenard ?t, basement. al9f?t*e LKKSoNS ON TIIK PIANO K()l< IK i tail m MIHH i . ( . WEMYH8 can now aeeominor* >.rrKjf ejjdate thm -<i fur more pupils, if immediate a|?2k A III plication be made at her house. No. 14? Niith ffS? XX Xstreet. between Avcuucs I' and lb Will have no objection, if desirable, to attend her pupils at their own residence. Terms?Twelve Lessons for Five Dollars, or Fifteen Dollars per Quarter?three lessons each week. all lm*rr VflNiATi UK PAIN! FFRt MR. McDOb'(i.\b haat ikenthe room No It, in building Ivi. known as riumbr National f)agguerean Gallery, corner attend to any order* hi niiuiature or water color *ketrhra. 1 *!Um*c ?sT. tiKUlU.K'S IKTY. ,4 T an adjourned Meeting of fhia Society, held at tlic City . m Hotel, on Thuradar Kvrning, the 1Mb mat., it wa< nnanc rnotuly Kenolved, That inasmuch an the membera of tbi? Society feel deeply affected by the calnmiton* afaic of belaud, a* well na by the titution and diatreaa evicting in Scotland, and on the J.w.opean continent, it i? deemed proper to postpone the AtmiveiMiry Dinner nonDy given hv tliii Society on St t ?ci rgc'.t Day. JOSKPII KOWI.KR. r.rodent. , Ilraar Otr.*, Secretary. *17 lw re D ?ii v I. t :m? i < iim n il >Mlm In f - i?: P in dm ihle I idt, iod located about tin centre I 11.I lited State*, and eight days |>?s *e from New NnrU. Their pi'nliictioin ai? equal to any, and the climate mild and < therm 1} healthy, h very ne?? *rv information, with printed de?em?-'inna and m. p . may lw had at my other. A I'ltrrh >er of one of tin He Ka una w ant % a tamilv who are arctiaiomrd to farm w ork, to 8? wi?h him. to w horn he nfTt ra adv antagcoii* leirr.? Applv to NI<|lOl,\S IIAU'HI, abi I w *' t?2 Wall afreet, 'Id atovy, in front. "" ' NuTI7vi*r. ~ JlllVDNen V ' O , l.?t? r.iiv \..l ff> Nn. 1 N'.??n, l? Jiv.n . \V 'II ti'l Tiii. Mr* ?, op| !'? I . "?t"m lluiii ( Im'f .1?_ " * ' *0 VB1 LATEST MOMENT TELEGRAPHIC, l'liii.iUCLriiu, Aprl( 13 lt?47 l.urdner t brokerage otter, in Walnut atviet near Third, Wttt Injured to-lay, and Ul?t,?i i omnlbuaalnblei, Kanaiugtou. dettroyed, by fire TUe Baltimore telegraph U uguln Interrupted Thomas Sully. Jr the eminent artUt, dl i udi uly to-day BY T1IK HAILS. Affairs in Washington. Waiiiimotov, April 17, 1*17. Tlit Profits* of the H'ltr?Tut Prospect* of a Peace?The Plan of Subsequent Operations? Santa Anna?Advantage* of hi* lie-establish ment in Power?Terms of Peace? CaliJ'umia? Jluasacnalco?3/r. Ifebster?A/r. Ritchie an,I Gen. Taylor anil the Presiilent, Hx. We huve an intimation this morning?ami it is only from the respectability of our authority that we give it wider sea-room, to wit?that i pleu, or overtures, or suggestions for peace ha\ r been laid before the cabinet front the clergy in Mexico, or from an instrument of that factionthat powerful faction in the control of the domestic government of that country. Our observations of yesterday on the return oi j Santa Ynna to power, were in udvance of the , news from the South of his triumphant in-uullaI lion. It appears that lie was inaugurated several | days before the reduction of Vera Cruz, so that ! his ultimate policy of peace or war, remains yet i to be known. Within a week or ten days, we j shall hear from Mexico of the sentiments I there entertained oil the question of a { peace, after the reduction ot Vera Cruz j nnd the castle, and the forward > nicnt ul Cieacral Scott, en route tor the capital. Our impression is that it will bring Santa Anna to terms; for the entire route between \'era Cruz unil tlie city of Mexico seem* to be thrown opcu and abandoned, except .? small battery at Puente National, and u garrison at the castle of Perotc on the plateau table lands. The country will afford supplies to the * army, and twelve thousand men will be sufficient for the march upon the halls of the Monteztintne, in the present disorganized and disturbed condition of the country. Simultaneously with the reduction of Vera Cruz, Santa Anna will learn in Mexico of Mr. Walker's or Gen. Scott's tariff system. Thia measure will illustrate most conclusively the fact, that the United States are determined to tight out the war to nn indefinite durution, if the Mexican people are agreed. Taking all these things together, with the utiev exhaustion of the Mexican treasury, without hope of replenishment, save in a sequestration of the treasures of the church, it ih very fair to presume that Sautu Anna will be induced to submit 1 overtures of peace to his cabinet, with the saving reservation of the artny at his buck to enforce a j compliance, especially with the connivance ot I the clergy. The two brigades sent down by Santa Anna I to the relief ot Vera Cruz, if not cHptured by the I forces of General Scott, will have been informed I by rumors of the state of affairs in season to ??mire their esirnne ?in Valium im route through the mountains for their retreat j into the interior, saving u retreat back to San j Luis l'otosi. All the old stagers und revolutionizes, excepting Santu Anna, the ablest and most perfidious ot them all, have been turned adrift. Herreru, Paredes, Arista, Antpudia, Salus, Rejon, CJotne/ Farias (one of their very best and most advanced of their statesmen), and even Almonte, j the prottgi and bosom friend of ?anta Anna, j are all thrown overboard, and yet before : thirty days are over S^nnta Anna may be exiled, j and one or the other of the rejected malcontents | placed again at the head of affairs. Rut Santa | Anna has learned too much of the power of the ! army to let that .slip front his fingers. If the ! army leaves the capital, he will leave it; and if I Cen Scott has to encounter further resistance, i it will be the resistance of an army headed by Santa Anna. So far, then, from apprehending the danger of a supersedeas of Santa Anna, it would not be surprising if the next intelligence ' from the city of Mexico were that he lied been, by assent of all parties, pronounced a conditional . or unconditional dictator. If thy* is done, Ik vi ill lie shrewd enough to refuse the empty title, , satisfied, like Ctesar, with the substantial author1 ity ; und by such modest declination establishing I tile authority of the office whirh he declines. We are gratified that Santa Anna has been so triumphantly sustained. Looking at the grea' ultimatum of peace, we regard his ascendancy as a most essentiul desideratum, on the single ground of the presence of an authority competent to make peace, and powerful enough to maintain it and hold it sacred, after such peace shall have been concluded. From all the lights around us. and from consul. tniion ?f thetn most deliberately, it in probable that a treaty, ceding a boundary to the Untied j?tuteB along the line of the Rio (irande to the thirty-second degree of north latitude, thence in i a Htringht line from the Paso del Norte, across to ! the Pacific, will be satisfactory to this govern| ment. This will give us, including the disputed i territory of Texas, some GOO.UOO square miles foi an extension of the era of freedom or of slavery, or of both, as the question may fie settled. In addition to this cession, however, the government of the United Slates will ash a right of way across the isthmus from fluasaeuuTco to Tehuaiiteper; for which privilege a bonus will he allowed to the Mexican government.? This will be, perhaps, the most serious impediment to a treaty, with all its advantages to Mexico, to the United States, and | to the commerce of the world ; for the Mcxi1 cans may construe n into a scheme for outflank; iug them, with the design of their total subjugn tion and extinction as an independent ronfederacy. Put nutm rtnonn. I'rom late advices from Captain Fremont, who, j it appears, is still alive and flourishing, it is said I that the (irent Ifasin of Upper California, Hanked I nil till Itu iilmnul iiuitnuuulilo wva.i?,?.. ? ? -1 . j . uivru 111 n I IIPf~flUU stretching through ten degree* of latitude, north and south, and at least six degrees fast ana west, so lar from bring llir utterly waste and uninhabitable volcanic dpsert as supposed to be from the previous partial exploration**, in in the interior a well watered, productive country, ! country, possessed of all the facilities tor ' a fine grazing region, and capable of sustaining a large pastoral ^lopulation. We wish that i this may no case; but, from the scarcity of the I Indiana, and the absence of game, we -.till are j appreh* rtsivc that the Great Basin is not, for purl poaes of colonization, w orth two of the poorest cabbage-heuilH ever sold in Fly market. But that is not the object. The purpose is a compact, open territory to the harbors of the Pacific, from the east of the Bocky Mountains. We understand that the President proposes in e.ill out ten thousand volunteer*, under the fiftv thousand net ol May 13, 18-lti, to fill up the vacant spaces of the regiments and divisions in th* j field. From this it would appear tlint while all are expecting preliminaries of peace, the administration is still dubious of the continuance of the war. It is all right ; for these recruits may be necessary to keen open the line between \ era Cruz anil the (mils of the MontezuniHs. Meantime, Gen. Taylor is to push forward upon >iiii Bins, ami through that route form a junction witlt lien. Scott, by a march aoitthward along the eastern base of the mountains to Xulapa, thence in the straight road to the capital, taking no trouble to garrison any tow n south of Snltillo. because tip' base of tlic combined operations w ill beat Vera Crux, to which place supplies will come more readily by sea than by ? land march of at least five hundred miles from Monterey southward to Xalana Mr. Webster is mil in the city, nrnl limy lm yet lor several days. Father llitrhie, we perpend, givea hinmelf unnecessary perplexity respecting the whigs, the rieiiiorrHtir wings, running (len. Taylor for the I're-id. ney, and goes into an untimely argument in show tlmt the old soldier won't ran. any Imvv. lie may l<e compelled to run, aud so may Mi. I'oik. Taylor, at all eNent", may run it he' will. It is a privilege which will he allowed him, for standing his ground so well in sundry hard light with the yellow skins in Ohio, in Florida, and in vlrxico. lie is pretty generally supposed to be the first pumpkin in the pile. The weather, tor a day or two. h:t? been chilly, .'ltd this afternoon brings us the premonitory V lllptoms of il Wet spell. Miecellaneously, Thk Itoi ron. Wa?hiv?to.\. \pril It', Im7. 'I'Iii 'J'trn Mi/rtcrir?. The Mysteries of I'aris have been detin-d. and tltcy arc an nglv record?the mysteries m j Washington nrc pretty well undersioi d. a d are ! i.biindaiit of interest to the Initialed, and ol won ! dei to the traiiefr not nduiitt'd behind the ' scenes. I3nt tlicre are two mysteries "joa wluch

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