Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1847 Page 1
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/ f J iWWW, TH] Vol. xm. (to. low?Whole No. *700. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-west corner of Fulton and Nassau ata. JAMES GORDONBENNETT, PROPRIETOR. flin-frr. A Tfiiw wtnrtiv Frumifii m ? DAI LV HERALD? Every day, Price 2 cent* per copy?$7 23 per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY IlfcriALU?Every Saturday?Price 6^ mum Peteci'y?4^ 12>i cenl.i per annum?payable in advance. HURALD KOR EUROPE?Every Steam Paaket dayPi ire li1, centa tier aniiy?S3 per annum, payable in adranoe. HOLIDAY II EIUU.D?Published en tlie let or January and let of July of each rear?single copies sixpence eaeb. ADVERTISEMENTS, at the usual prieee?alwaya eaah in advance. Advurti t-meiKS should be a plain, legible manner. The Proprietor will not be responsible for error* that may occur iu them. 1'KINTINO of all kind* executed beaatitully and with despatch. All letter* or communication* by mail, addressed to the establishment. mast be poet paid, or die pottage will be delimited frwir the subscription money remitted. MTO RENT, from the 1st of May nett, the House and Store 2*0>J Broadway, nest to Stewart k Co'* building. Atae.ihe llousee and Stores Nos. 03, 87 aud 09 Clumbers street, near Bretdway. Apply to PHILIP BURRO WES, U Wall street, or te A. T. STEWART k CO., apis tfrrc cer lirosdwsy and Keade street. M'l'O LET Oil LEASE, (he lour itury new briok Heete, No. II Dey street, third bouse from Bioadway, lately pniatod tkraugbout and in goederder. It it well c.ii .iuimI far a Restaurant er Clab Hetue. Apply te Charlee T. ? i,>mw?ll, I4? Naaaau street, al8 lt*rrc MCOffZSi #n staten Island to let? situated at Pert Richmond, near tna Brick t humb, within a few rods of thn steamboat landing; luu ?en nswly papered and painted, and is in perfsat ordar.? Pesaessiea tan be had immediately. Apply te NEWTON HAYEB. ??17 lw?r Franklin Home, Broadway. BkjCR "HOUSES IN HftOOKLYN TO LETT Ad THE twe four story hasement brick beuaee, bnilt a ? 3 lew years siaee iu the best manner, in Tillary street, JifflLveii te the comer of Eulten street, near the Fulton ferry. re gee teal private families, thty will be rentad for $4M per anaaa. Apply te VALENTINE O. HALL, comer of Peerl and Beekmeu streets, Nevy^Terk. alG lw*c X-A TO LET OR LEASE?'ITe mmuien house and l*"Q farmefJeha L. Norton, at Far Raakaway, adjoining li'JM weetef ike MarinedtParilien. The house is 36 feet by ,&, rweatery and aerie, affording large aud beautiful aooeanmedsaoas for either a boarding house er private residence.? The teach heesea aad stables are Inrgs and oemmedieus ; 80 aeies ?t abaiee land, 30 of fresh and salt meudew, and 20 ei hssch and p-isturc; the iae henee filled. The buiidiags, with gardes and greasd adjeiniag, will he let separate il required. ApollJOMN M. POWER, Attorney, See., 129 Kullon st., N. T . nel 1 I w*i: " TO LET, MA ROW *r tintii?w two story Cottage flenses, yiow finished, wall ealowleied fur rsspectabm fcmilies, situated mi lha north side af Mth street, between Breadway <sd rick uremia. The stages pass regularly IVaaa 7 A. M,, uuwl i o'clock ia lite evening, avery 4* minutes, far g.V cents , and after ike Irat af May, evarv 3D iniautaa. Raeraa u follows! 2 basements, 2 parlors, with sliding deora, and hard fiuishad walla. 2d atery, 2 raaaaa and 2 bedrooms. Oood dry aeUara. Rent $120. Apply aa the premises. ?pll-lm*e WM. K. PRfTDLETON, Agent. MTli LET.?Theatore of bon?e 22 Day alraet; it ia it friar daap, aad waald be a teed loeatien far a whelaaala grocery atere. The dwelling part wauld be let tote I her er Men fear separate The aeepiid fleer oansiata af hack and Trent pai l era, with pantriaa, and ia well ftniahed; the twa rooms are it feat daap and 12 feat high, suitable for an artiat; the third Bear has f rooms wall fiaished; tha faurth floor ia it feet deep, 30 feat wida, aad It feat high, with aix windows in the roof, filed xp for an engraver or any baainees wasting good light. Alia, tha second floor efhouae 66 Beekman street, consisting af three reams and pantries, with twa bad rooms in attic, aad a kitchen with Croton water *nd kitahen range in it. Rent $273. Enquire af A. GILHOOLY k BON, m3llm*r 71 Nassau street. FOR SALE, MA FARM af fifty-two acres, most del iehtifully situated ahaat lire miles from Klizabethtown, N. J., comprising a handsome commodious Dwelling Iionse, fitted with marltJc mantels, and every convenience for a respectable family; tba whale, including gardaer's house, barns, ice houae, and ether buildings, in a substantia! state of repair; the orchard contains twenty aarim af choice fruit trees. Tha easy ateeaa from New Yeik, either by tha various can flam Jersey City, orthe ferry to Elrsabelhpert, whence a rail road trnin ruin within a hundred yards of tha house, renders this property vary ralaable to those doing business in this * city. The greater >art of the purchase money anu remain for thras yarns on hand and mortgage, at five par cent. VisK k SONS. 172 Pearl tt. Also far sale, a dwelling houae , No. 321 Washington street, mil lm'rh __ __^ ___ MA THREE STORY HOUSE on 33d street, between tkr Osl seJ 7,1 A v mm li met I? ia well filiilhail AllfJ rSlllntS JULwitk ilii latest improvements, including kitchen range, ink, unld aad warm bams, water tloHU, lie., Italian marulo mantels tkrnagkout tke house; a coart yard of fiftaan feet in frant, with verandah and French windews. The house ia one f a row efmx beiuee eo the loutli aide of the street. For further parliculare apply to VY8E It 80N8, iIB Im'rh 172 Pearl street. FOR SALE?WESTCHESTER. LANDmj? TO UNTUQUQfi in want of sites for country jra&.eaw. Te market gurdouers in want of laud for Brjmi. udflnw-aud to all us wishing a location in the neighborhood of .New Yerk:? MB aeree of land in the town of Weetcheatrr, within niun utiles of the < lity Hall, with the right of passing over Harlem Bridge free el'tell. lire nq|v offered at private sale, in tola containing frusn i to M acres each. The lauds are within 13 MI?U tea walk of lite railroad: fronton good roads; are in the nsignberhood of schools anu churches of different denominations; the water is (uod and locution healthy. Title indisputable. Terms moderate. Apply to OOUVERNEUR MORRIS, Morrisiana, Westchester CO., er to WALTER RUTHERFORD, 79 Naarnu st., N. T. m20 ln"rt_ ON hi PRICE HAT ST ORIS, fa KPRINU FAIHIONS FOR HATS AND CAPS.? gPsKHUWN It CO. will mrrodnce, on Saturday, April 3d, the new Sjrle of Caps for children and boys; also, the new etvls of liais for geiiiJomen, price $3, in the manufacture of whioh they lure made iucn recent improvements as will plaaa ihum in close eempetition with the most costly. The Cnhlie are invited to call at 171 Chatham Square, where i*hian, keenly, durability and economy are combined to adorn the he-id. ?2 lm?r LARUE SALES AND SMALL PROFITS. 61 $1 HATS eaa be had for $3,30, at MILLS' well known *kHat ostablislsmeut, 178 Broadway, (Howard Hotel.)? ties lenses are earnestly solicited to call and examine these Haw Ineionyhly, the subscriber being confident that the heautilel propnrtinas of the new style, with the unprecedented low prism will eoinmand the approbation of all. it?" Attention is called te die new style of cap called the Pet-Let Cap. _ _ _ a2 2w*r_ (HA HOW TO MAKE MOSTLY.?The axiom that "money Jgo saved is money nMile," is almost as old as the invention of money itself ; but the principle of selling n five dollar HAT r.ti tnres cellars aim liny ceuis, was urn estauiisneu via is nun practised by Robe risen, at the Phenix Hat Mailufactory, 119 Fallot at., N. V.. and 63 Fulton at, Brooklyn. This simple statement we believe will atlllice to make known one way " how to muke mouey." alO lm*rb "HATS, SPRING STYLE. tTJ B ANTA, No. #1 Caual street, and No. 130 Chatham at, JS3e??cll? Meleakia and Nutria Knr Hats at S3, and oaly charge 41 M for bis Aral 'luality Moleskin and fine Nutria lints.? If* baa kasdsome and (Titrable Hats at $3 JO hiring the appear asee aad luisb sf the higher priced hats. Gentleman wishing teeeeuemise is this indispensable article of dreas without sacrifice of comfort er appearance, will please aire him a call.? Also, a general assortment of caps ef various kinds at reduced prices. >16 ltn*c 7nlE LADIES' CONGRESS BOOT. . p, L AlOYTEAUX, 641 Broadway, desires to in - form his numerous and fasliienable lady patrons, that B phw, he has made arrangements for the right to manaCaeture the elegant elastic walking Beot, now so fashionalile in the bighewt circles ia England mid France. The recent im? iiroteuieiii in the classic stuff will enable him te make his I,oats and high aheee with all the elegance peculiar to his st> le ef work,ana yet withont the trouble eflacings. This naest valuable inrenrion remores all ine eon Sued pressure (rem the arch ef the foot, while at the same lirae it affords so elsstric spring in walking which cannot lie appreciated without h all lm*c SPRING STOCK OF _ BOOTS AND SHOES. SMITH fc HISLEY. . TAKE THIS METHOD of informing their customers J and pu. chasers ill general, of their eitrnsiee, and well selected aeeortaieet of Ladies,' Misses'and Children's Guilds, Iliiskiti*. Slippers, fee., of their own manufacture, tin <c ituek of Peg Boers, Hhoee and Brogaus, selected with great care, and purchased for cash, which will unable them to sell at. she very lowest prices. N. B -Store will be open until ten o'clock in the evening, giving Country Merchants an opportunity to examine their stock When not 143 < Intham St., directly opposite tlie Lhatham Theatre. in37 1m?rh I, WALSH S ' ' ' , FRENf'H BOOT and Shge Makers, No. 6 Ann street, fflfne ir the Mnsentn, New York. Fine French Boots 43.10. BFrench Imperial I'rcsa Boom made to order $< JO, usually JH seld for S>, Ml. fstent Leather Boots, Shoes, Gaiters and Slipimrs'constantly on liantl and made to orilsr at the shortest n"?ce. Raniiing, fte., done in me ateis. wmtiiiiH sun mall [iro'lfc ia our motto, No. ( Ann street, New York. m23 lm're _________ GREAT ATTRACTION. Archnj at Home, No. 5 John Street. A tlRIEVE begs toacnnaint Ilia frnnds and patrons V>Cc that bia nant has raturnail from F'nrope, via Bre men. ' jHty-'iftei a reaoleiire of seven month* at Andrnsbcrg, luid ether most celebrated district* of Germany. He |,W I,?o,i lo collect the beat arlertinn of singing and fancy bird* lie baa ever offered; also an nniiaual variety of rare and rar.av hirrla from all iwrta of the world, selected with great trouble, witheut regard to cn?t. N B ?Fancy rloga, Shetland pontes, Chincae, ailaer, and F'.nglish pliraisrrt.*, awana, and eyery yariety of linm-door jowls; faucy and breeding cages, bird seeds, Mb. A treatise on tlie manage mailt of breeding and raiaing Canaries, fce. I'. S ?Kellers post-paid will at all limee inert with prompt attnntiee from A. ORIKVF'., mil! lm*rrc No. 5 John atreet. N. Y. jy I.IIMI BR F.Kit I AN A IIV BIRDS and Breeding *'//B > Cages, Neat Botes, Stuff for Naata, Song Birds, Comwfe; mori and F nicy t sgea, with a fine colics t ion of rare anil ynluable Birds, Bird Seeds of all descriptions. All articles in the line in groat variety, for sale by' W. H. JOHNSON, MO Broadway, one door from Chamber* at. N.B. King Charles Sapniels, English and Scotch Terriers, or sale a* above. a7Jw#r FOR SALE, *\ _ A OOOD PAIR OF' BAY TIORRF.S, perfectly -IjErNspund and well broken. To be acen at the stable in 'i f N 'he rear of St. John's Church, St. John's Alley, a !0 Tie* rc A FTERNOON LINE. DAILY, . FOR NKWBURtlH ANIJ FlSHKIKK, handing at Van Cortland's, (Peekakill,) West Point, Cold Spring and Cornwall. The Steamer Thorjm* Powell, Cept. Saml. Johiitea, will leeve the pier fuel of YY srren street, for the above pieces, every afternoon (Sundays a**ept#d,)at 4 clock, commencing April to. Returning?will leeve Nawhuigh every morning at 7 o'clock. N 8.-All Uaggaga and F reight of every description, Rank B ilia or Specie, put en koard of this boat, moat be at the nak of the owner thereof unices entered on the books of the boat or receipted for. apt-lm*r E NE1 NI a?...' :* ui' ' . ni VIEW OF BUIUTLIR* CO.'I LINE FOR ALDaily. Freight taken at the Iiwmi WtHBh rmtM. Office 7 Seuth street. >18 Iw*e jmi THE Proprietors of Steamboats wishing BelL hung, would do well to pay a visit on WHBkliMH ftie steamboats Governor, Thomas Powell, Reger Williams, Utica, Palmetto, Princeton. Monetaineer, Iron Witch, Cataline, (te., mid examine H. HoMna't improved style of Bell Hanging, expressly adapted for Steamboats. Put ap neat and strong, and warranted nr ene year, by H. H.. No. t Ann street. m28 lm*r NOTICE. mm. STATER ISLAND FT.RRT.?On and r after SUNDAY, April 18th, the steamboats fTillilPnin SYLPH and if ATEN ISLANDER will reu as follews, until further notice :? Lisva statin island i At 6, I, 9, II, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, 3, i, 9, S, T, P. VI. , LEAVE NEW TOBK At 7, 9, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, ten miuutea past 3, and at 4, 9, . 6, 7, eTeloelt, P. VI. New Terk April 13th. al3 r ' UNITED STATES "AND EUROPEAN EMIGRANT ! OFFICE. vHTsr^RN agents and commission CHANTS. THE subsoiibere having long experience in llie business, are prepared to olfer every facility to those wishing passage te ertiem tverv part ol (/rest Britain or Ireland, Havre, and the Geiman^ Belgian, and Hollnnd jairts:?on any ui niuui i'ikgh ijiiisui c.xcriaijge cnn up lunnxiieil, ill sunt* to suit. Pauinoui also b? eugaged from Liverpool tu Bostou, Philadelphia, Baltimore, or New Orleans, direct. Those wialiing passage from New York to New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, Savannah or Texas, cau at all times be acaotnmodated at the lowest ratea. To those eBiigretinf to the Wei, the aubacrihera have an equal led arrangements far the forward- I ins of pessengera to the Went, by the different reutee, xix: te Bulfalo, and the intermediate landings, and a(l parte of the Ciuiadfu?Chicago, Milwaukie, Baltimore, Pittsburg, Cincinnati, St. Louis, lie., by steamboats, railroads, aau eaual boats, of the first class?and great eare will he lakea that passengers will meet with no delay or iui|>eaitiou on the route. Letters (.poet paid) will receive prompt attention. For further particular#, apply te I M. P. O'HERN It CO.. 190 South atreet, eoruer of Dover, . and 38 Wast street, comer of Reetor, f.Qlm'rre _WALDKON O'HERN k I (> . Liverpool. REMITTANCES TO 1RELAND. ^ .Ms ififlfce Sta JlSBme See 30 Broadway, and continues to remit menev. in auma Urge or I mall, to peisoaa residing in any pert of Ireland, in the same ) manner as he and his predaceaaor in business have done fur , the last thirty years and mora; alsa to any part of England or Scotland. Money remitted hr letter, poat-paid, to the subscriber, or ' personally deposited with him, with the uanae ofthe person or I persons in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it it to ha 1 sent, and uearaat post town, will ba immediately transmitted , and paid accordingly, and a recaipt to that effect given or forwarded to the sender. j2ft Im're PASSAGE TO LIVERPOOL I'KIl BLA( K. ! BALL LINE OF PACKETS, AND 1 REMITTANCES TO IRELAND M. M. M. M.' PERSONS wantiiigpasvnre to Liverpool per the apleiulid packet ship YORKSHIRE,sailing from this port on Fri- 1 day next, die 18th April, being her regular day, will please make immediate application to Captain I). O. Bailey, on board, loot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers. i Those wishing to send for their friends to raise out from Liverpool by this fast sailing packet or anv of the Black Ball Line sitting frsm Liverpool on the 1st and Kill of every month, can secure their fi tends passage by applying to as. Those remitting money to their friends can have drafts paysMs on demaad on the Royal Bank of Ireland, and Messrs. Pressott, Grots, Ames Si Co.. London, w hich will be paid at their various branches throughout Great Britain and Ireland. A$o?hE. BROTHERS fc CO., J.) Fulton at., N. T., Passage Agent* for the Black Bill alO rh Line of Liverpool Packets. OLDTTSTABLTSHEO PAISAOE OFFICE. m. M jfe 2Vj I aaai. Sthks I . SAMUEL THOMPSON AND NEPHEW. Aui.vts roll the Bias* Utah" l.iisg or Pa?*vti. 1817. Liverpool to New Turk 18-17. Shi pi Coot aim. Tni Reg Tin H'n. Sea, T. V. True man, 807 MOO Liberty, P.P.Norton, 799 1300 Cornelia, F. 11. Freueli, loot n'?0 Ohio, H- Lyon, 708 1378 Runnel Hicks, T. O. Bunker, 839 1300 Empire, (uew) J. O. Kits-sell, 1090 18t)0 I'authoa, W. B. Lane, 783 1396 Indiana, Jamas D. Bennett, 710 1300 Huguenot, S Ooodhus, 992 1000 : Marmiou, (.new) W. Edwards, 903 1800 I l'eter Hsttrick, J. D. Post, 870 1300 i Elizabeth Danuton, f. W . 9k antar, ??w, 111MJ : Devonshire, W. T. Thompson, BUU 1500 i Niagara, (tisw) 11. Kusstill, 7;<0 1350 Arias, (ufvf) II. Coffin, 7y0 1400 1 Chaos, (new) J. L. WfllOBi BIO 1100 ( Aanlinia, (new) C. K. Crocker, 802 1400 < America, (new) Weire, 1180 1000 1 The subscribers would respectful It inform their frieima and j the public lhat they have add*] tevaral soleodid new ahii>? to their line of packets between tliia port and Liverpool,which hai . been favorably known and attentively patronised for a peried of more than thirty years, and hare no lieeitntieii m aiiunni these who may wisfi to make engage tneuts for the |MM?ftge ol ] their friends from England, Scotland ar Ireland, that the? will find these ships inferior to none in point of comfort, convenient# and safety, one of which will sail from Liverpool, every si* days, throughout the year, making delay and the consequent exr*nse to emigrants at the Port of embarks tion impossible. A free passage per steamer from the various Irish end Acotch porta, with bread stuffs, and hospital money paid, may be secured all at the leweet rates; and when thnee settled for decline earning nut. the full amount paid will he promptly refunded as usual. For further particulars, apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON It NEPHEW, ? 275 Pearl street, or to C. GRIM AH AW &CO., 10 Ooree Puazae, Liv'rdDrafts or cxchaiure, payable at sijrht, are also furnished fer any amount, ou R. C. Olvn & Co., Bankers, London; C. Oiiimhaw ft f e., Liverpool; the National Bank of Aeotland; National Bank of Ireland, and Northern Banking t o. Apply ^. hove ^ f*< lm*i P. W* BY II NBA k ' irs'.Mf.u FORJL AND LI VLB POOL EMIGRATION OFFICE. m M tv ^ arc dtnirona of informing ll,e public of the United State., that they have found the importance of a <1 irect Agency for tho purpoee of plncixK within the power of the friend. of th. pa?.eager* nnmttig out to tht. ronntry, the immediate corre.pondence with a rc.pect'ihle e.talili.hmeet, from whom they can relv for attention and furor towerda their rtlationa leaving th* old country. f'eraona deairnoa of engaging pawagea from Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Ticlfiat, Londonderry, and Liverpool, direct rn New Yark, Beaton, Philadelphia, Baltimore or New Orleam, can do an on more favorable terma than can be obtained from any other h'gi.e engaged in the bu.ineaa in thia country; being the oldeat a# largoal eatabliahment in tlie paaaenger trade in Lirerpool. ,, , The many thmnand paaaengera that hare tailed in the ahipa which hare been deapatcbed from our office lit Li verpooL and the different porta of Ireland for the thirty year., ia a Ihflicirnt guarantee nfonr ability to fulfil with satisfaction any cngagement for paaaengera that we may be favored with. DRAFTS AND BILLS OK KXiHANOK given for any amount, payable on light, at the National Hank ol Ireland and ita branrlifa; and alao "11 all the principal towna of F.nglaiia and Scotland without diacount. . . . .. . . A Met of the racket Shu* with their dev. of jailing, and the addreaa of the Agonta who art for nt. can be had mi application at thia office. Apply or eddreaa by Mte^fjwat^iOMn ^ M South afreet, corner Well itreet New York. ( m2J lm?rrc IV ? O :w YORK, TUESDAY M< TAMPICO, NOW IN THE POS AN OUTSIDE ?11 War Matters. VERA CRUZ AND THE CASTLE. [From tho New Orleans Delta.] The expectation of tho garrison of Vera Crn* waa, that the city would be carried by storm, and they had made great preparation for a rigorous resistance, which would, no doubt, haro causod great bloodshed and destruction. The streets were barricaded as they were at Monterey, aud loopholes were arranged for the gunners, rows of pickets made, and sand bags thrown across the barricades. On the flat tops of the houses cannons and howitters were so arranged as to rake the streets. Kvery house was a fortification. There was. too, an abuudanco of ammunition; and 110 doubt had the city been stormed, thousauds of persons would hare been killed, and our army, especially, would hare suffered disasters far moro heart-rending than any which have yet occurred in this war. It was therefore a proof of the humanity. as well as of the wisdom of (Jen Scott, that he preferred the slower but less sanguinary modo of investment and bombardment. To the mercenary soldiery who garrisoned Vera < ruz, and who wero desirous of emulating the glory of their brethren at Monterey, by slaughtering our men from behind the safe defencos of thick stone walls, and from the secure terraces of tho houses, it was no doubt a disappointment that the streets of Vera Crus wero not made to run with tho blood of innocent women and children, who would be Slain in tho inevitable roufusion of tho storming of so strong a place. This was the ambition of Morales; but fortunately the effectiveness of our shells brought the citizens to their senses, and they united, as well us the National liuurd. in protesting against any further resistance Morales saved himself from tho chagrin of deposition by resigning, and (Jon. J.andero, second in command. succeeded him?aud I10, with more wisdom and regard for the lives of the people, proffered the capitulation of the city. Tho damage and destruction caused by our shells, especially by those shot from the navul battery, were awful indeed The houses in Vera < rus are mostly built of coral roek, unit yet the I'aixhan shot would pass through as many of them as lay in their range. Those which struck the roofs, would pass through two or three stories, and then burst, destroying everything around, and in some instances actually throwing down the sides of the honees Tho eastle was not at all Injured; one man in it was mioa dj usoeu. i Din iramenn* fort meat ion. covering ileveu seresof greund, *u well supplied with ammunition. There were more then a thousand 13-inch shells, argor thun any used by our army, and two hundred of the finest guns in the world. Many of these were made itjllarper'i Kerry. In this country, and some of tiiein were quaint, old Spanish brass pieces, dated as far bark is 1031. The strength of this famous castle bas uot l>een exaggerated. It was a just remark of an officer of the British fleet, in reply to an inquiry of Com Perry, whether he thought It could bo taken by a naval squadron. that "with athousand British or American seamen or soldiers to man the castle, it could blow to atoms all the narirs of the world, before they could make nu ini- i prcssion on its walls.'' The city would have been uttery untenable without the castle It could not have been occupied an hour under a Are from the castle In taking possession of this fortification, many valuable Mexican documents, tending to throw some light upon the InLcntions of the government, and others furnishing valuable historical information respecting the castle, and also relating to the political history of the Republic, came into the possession of our officers. We look forward to their publication with no little curiosity and interest. All the valuable provisions in the castle were filched by the storekeepers and sutlers, who lived within its walls MONTEREY AM) THE RIO GRANDE. [From the New Orleans Delta, April 11] The steamship Telegraph. Capt. Auld. arrived yesterday from the llrszos. whence she left on the 6th inst VVe are iudebtod to Mr. Paster OM of her passengers, for the Matnmoras Flag of the 3d Inst., for the Monterey Pionter of the '23d ult.. and for such verlial information as was current on his route, lie loft Saltillo on the 33d ult., and Monterey on the 34th. At both oftheee posts every thing was quiet, aud no apprehensions were entertained of a different state of things ensuing there. Very many of tho wounded, both Americans aud Mexicans, were dying at Saltillo. The report brought to the city by passengers on board the Schooner Henry I.oug, on l-ridny. that a battle bed been fought between lien Taylor aud tiio forces under liens L'rrea and t annics. proves to be incorrect. Urrea kept hovering about Col. ( urtls s eonumiud, but having been advised that Gen Taylor, with a party of some '00 men, were advancing from Monterey, ho withdrew his forces. On the ICth March. General Taylor met tin- division of Colonel <'urtifl. and having been epprisi-il that Morale* had i-anccntrateil in tho vicinity 3f liaunis with a command of innin 4000 men. he act out iu pursuit of the gallant general Ha followed him ss ftir a* Caldereta, but his foroe should he literally Hying miliary to overtake him. aad It is doubtful if they would uven then lie had crossed clear over tho mountains lien. Taylor had returned to the camp near Monterey, where his men were quietly enjoying a respite Irom thc'ir latigut The rcgitnent of Colonel Curtis, 3d Ohio volunteers, hail arrived, without molestation, at Monterey, on tho Klh ult They are represented a* a well disciplined, One looking body of soldiers Information baring reached Camargo that, fanaies, with somo ?30 men, was at a village or rannhe sailed Capurero. twouty miles south of l erralve, Captsln ?rey. hotter known as Mustang (irey. and a party of Tesan Hangers, hail left in pursuit of him Artful a* he Is. he will find It no easy task to dodge Mustang; as for fighting him, ( ansles never fights' The road now, from ( ainargn fo Monterey ? from the llrazos to Haltlllo?Is clear, and may be travelled by small bands of Americans, without any fear of danger or obstruction. . As we have already hinted, it is understood to be the design of (Jen. Taylor, as soon as he gets tho necessary reinforcement, to inarch on to Hautillo, and at a point between that and Mexieo, form a junction with Gen. Scott AFFAIRS IN MKXICO. We give below the communication addressed to General Santa Anna by Geueral Fcna llarrugan. which serves to give a clear idea of the nature and origin of the late revolution. Excellent Sin?The excesses of all kinds committed by Don Valentin Gomes Farias find the present Congress, the very eriininnl apathy with which both lievc looked on the topic which at present Is of the greatest interest to the nation, viz . the foreign war. and (lie rnprehensihle llstlessness t hey have displayed In procuring the necessary material for (ho heroic army under tho command of your Excellency, exhausted the patience of the Inhabitants of this city, anil compelled some of the stationary troops to unite with the principal batallons of tho National Guard.and proclaim the plan which 1 have the honor of now transmitting to your Excellency It has not boon sought to Introduce anything new into It The federal system which your Excellency came here to rn-oatahlish remains intact. lna*rauoh as it meets the national will; it has been endeavored to respect as much as possible the arrangements of the year 1814. In order to establish the provisional government which will rule over the nation, until the people can elset tbelr representatives free from the Influence of all parties. For these reasons there has been no opposition to this movement. In the capital, save from that portion of miserable wretches, the eyesores of society, wno have wished RK H ORNING. APRIL 20. 1841 SESSION OF THE A MERICA1 SW OF A RANCUEKO. to degrade the National Guard by laying they belonged to theui. The great dostrs whleli Seuor Knrius hiui to ooncoal the ec&iidaloui waste of the very limited meatu ef the oxchequer whish lias been made by the leaden of those miserable wretches, under pretext of their pay and outfitting, it the reason that he willies to sustain them to the utmost, ctou to the sxtent of sending bm this nfternoon a ridiculous message to surrender myself to him, the which 1 answered in a manner which your excellency will see by perusing tho eopy of my answer to him, whioh I enclose. I likewise send you various other documents, by all of which you will perceive that all wo have done with a view of removing tho executive power from the iiauds of the Vise President, has only boeu for the purpose of establishing a legitimate government, which will not he wedded te any party whatever, hut will direct its whole sttcntlou to the untiuii at large, and tho war in particular in- which latter mattor your Kxcellency lias noted with such decision, and on the Issue of which depends tha future lot and well-being of the republic. I have tlie satisfaction of offering my respects, and assuring you of my distinguished consideratiou. < iod uud Liberty ! iiirti inn l/r. IjO. I I UAJUl.UtA > Mexico, Feb. 2Hth, 1H47. [From tho ltepubiicano. March 17 ] Wo insert a communication on this subject froniSeuor Artcaga. from which it appears that the removal of the silTcr plate from the ( 'athedral was not accomplished.? Hawuver, tho government (Joes not duny tliat the order wus given for its rcmovul. that arrangements had been made for Its coining, and that finally, as they were on tho point of taking it. a counter order was issued. This Is our persuasion regarding this transaction ?indeed, it is publicly known to be so MEXICAN OIUiKR (IF BATTLB. The following is a translation of a Mexican order, found on the battle field of Ruena Vista : Several ordere of the 20t/i to the 21?l Feb., 1H47 1 General officers of the day. Don Itafael Vasqucr.; Aids, Col. Jose M. Bermudes and Lieut. Col. Don Florencio Aspeitia. And for to-morrow. Don Franelseo Mejlit. General ofHcsr of the day ; Col. Don Carlos Urito and Lieut. Col. Don Gregoria Klatt, Aids. In the morning the army will continue its march, which will commence at II o'clock, precisely, in the following order : The 1st. 2d, 3d and 4th battalions of I.ight Infantry will take the lead, under the order of Gen. Ampudla, so that he may be able to avail himself of all advantages that the circumstances may require. Immediately after the battalion of Sappers, and in its rear, and at tho head of the division of Infantry of tho van, under tile orders of Gen. Pacheco, will be placed the company of Sharp Shooters and three pieces of Id's, with their respective Artillerists and reserve?as likewise the ammunition, composed of 100 round shot and 109 grape for each pieca, and ^0 boxes musket ammunition, each containing 1)000 cartridges. Division of Infantry of the centre, commanded hy Gen Manual M. Lomliardini. will follow : at the head of this column there will be live Id's, as above named and ammunitioned, and also SO boxes of musket ammunition At the head of tho division of the rear, commanded by Gen. Ortega, there will tie five pieces of H'a. supplied with men ami ammunition as above, and also its SO boxes of musket ammunition, each containing 9600 cartridges. The division of cavalry of the rear will follow closely on the lost of infantry, having at their head the "Hussars," and in their rear the general ammunition train, escorted by the brigade of horse artillery. Afler the ammunition train all the camn follower*. Of all classes, with the bnggnga of all hinds. laundresses, cooks. &r it lining distinctly understood that no woman will bp allowed to mix with thn column The rhiaf in charge of the commissary dnpartninnt ia Don Pedro Kavjnl, who la alao In charge of the baggage train. Ilia Kxeellency, the fieneral in chief, furthermore ordera that the different eorpaahall to-day receive from the commissary three daya rationa. for the'J I at. 32d and 23d, and that tney re<|nire the neaeaanry meat tiiia afternoou for the first meal to-morrow morning, which the troopa are directed to eat one hour before taking up the line of march . and the aecond will be taken in tlioir haversacks to ba eaten in tlio night, wherever they may halt. This iaat will couaiatof uient.two Liacuita. and half a cake of brown sugar (pilonrtlla) for each man ; for on the night of the 3lat there will ba no fire* permitted, neither will there be aignal made by any military inetrumenta of music the movement ut early daybreak on the morning of tiic 22d having to be ma,In in thu uioat profound silence. The troopa will drink all the water they can before marching and will take with them, In their cantuena or other vessels. alt they pessibly can carry ; tlmy will ceonomixe the water ail they can. for we ahull encamp at, night without water, und ahull not arrive at it until 12 o'clock on the following day. 1 lie chiefs of corps will pay much?much attention to this last iualruetlan Kach inula belonging to the ammunition train,and the horaea of officers. will receive two rations of corn, which they will take with them, and these will he fed to them to-morrow night at dusk, and on the following morning at daybreak The horaea' girths will only he slackened, and the mules will not lie unharnessed while they are eating The lixlit brigade will likewise obey this order on ttin night of the 'list only loosening their saddles n little 'I'll* horse* and milieu will ail ho taken to water before commencing the march. Knob division will tnka with it It* respective medical *ta(T. hospital attenilnnt*. meilirine*, tee., a* regulated by the Medical I neper tor General The Chaplain In ' hlrf will provide eaeh division with it* chaplain lie will, al*n, a* lo-inorrow I* a feast-day, order mas* to lie said at f> o'clock in front of the position occupied by tha vanguard ; at 7 o'clock In front of the centre ; at H o'clock in front of the rear-guard ; and at B o'clock in front of tho division of cavalry. General Don Francisco Peirei is ordered to be recognised as second In command to General l.omhardini.and General Don Luis Gorman as second to General Ortrgn To faollltatu the duties of the conductor-general of the baggage-train, tho cavalry of < data and nil the I'reiidial troops are hereby placed under his command Ills Excellency the General in Chief recommends to every officer punctual compliance with and obedivuev to each and every part of this hi* Genoral Order By order of his K.xrsllency, MANUEL MlCHELTOntNA. Chief of tho General Stall. STILL LATER FROM NEW MEXICO. [From tho St. Louis Reveille, April, 10 ] Mr Bogg*. of Independence, arrived in town yesterday. In the Amelia Hanta Fe date* had been received as late las the 18th of February, thirteen days laler, though the Intelligence Is pretty much the same ?* published yesterday Mr Hoggs learned that Mr Hoi Sublette, benrer of despatches, had reached Hanta Fe The mall left on the pintnn by Mr. Caldwell had reached Independence, but was not forwarded por Amelia ? Mr Bogg* ha* In hi* possession Gov Bent's pipe, which wus found on a Pueblo Indian The Mexican who shot < apt. Burgwin was captured, and shot, while a prisoner, by one of the volunteers.? Wm Bent had gone, a second time, to the < heyenne village to raise a force to avenge his brother's death Complaints wsre made by the volunteers that < ol Price had not been severe enough, himself, with the Mexicans. Mr Hoggs had captured, eighteen miles from independence, the second one of the teamsters who r?sently murdered thoir comrade on the plaius Their names E R A I r. * FORCES. I J I I I n C o ar? Armstrong and Smith. They accusu each other ? f The uiurdereil mail wu named I.owdan. T1IK PUKBLA INDIANS. In the recent inauarre and subsequent engagement* In New Mexico, these Indian* acted a cousplwuou* part We learn from the Indrvendenci Expositor that when : the fortified church of Taos was fired by the American j force*, a Put-Ida dquaw appeared on the rampart*,,bear- ' ing a flag of truce Thin wa? shot from her hand. "In 1 theae engagements." aaya the Expo tit or, "the Indiana 1 fought better, and did more execution than the Mexi- ' enn* They would kill our men with their arrow* at a diatanceof one hundred and fifty yards;" while on horaebark they were perfect Parthoans i INCIDENTS AT llt'ENA VISTA. The Matauioraa h'tag givoa the following incident of ' the battle-field of Btifiia Vista The hcrooa of it are t the veteran Miaaiaelppiaua. under Col. Jeff Davis. and ' the heroic act la unequalled in the annul* of warfare. ? and although no act could add to tlio reputation of thia 1 gallant regiment. It serves to ahow the ituff they are t made of. lira Bennett, of Covington. Ky . and Carson, I of Port Gibaon. Miss., atood aponaor*?' all of which I they aaw. and part of which they were 8 The let Mississippi regiment, under command of Col > Jefforaon DaviH. coated Itself over with immortal glory ? Originally it numbered <JSO some odd. but auddeuly " transferred from the comforts and genial atmosphere of t home, to the almost vertical aun of Ilrncoa Island, lust t August, disenae made frightful ravages among it* men What It lost in this way. in conjunction with the killod at Monterey, and tholo discharged in consequence of wounds, reduced It to considerably less tliun four htm- p drod strong. With this diminished force, (weakened still inoru by the extraction of the Totnbigbee ami Carroll county coin putties, which guarded Gen Taylor's t tfiit.) thl* skeleton regiment kUHlalneil and repelled. d willi Immense slaughter. a charge of throe lime* their number of Sanla Anna * best lancers. Tim laueer* tlrst T bore down upon one of the ludiana regiments?we for- ? get which one?and dispersed It. The Miasissippian* j endeitvuped to rally them, but before they could do *o. were in. turn themselves charged. Colonel Davis, contrary to all. custom, instead ot forming in a bol- c low square, stretched out his men in the form of a crotchet. The lancers came up at a rapid gallop, hut so perfectly astonished was. not only the chief officer, but his men, at so strange a mode of receiving a charge of cavalry, that they involuntary halted. For a few second* they gazed upon the unruttloed countenances ef t the riflemen opposed to them, but feeling there was no f time to lose, the order " Adilante !" [forward] was pom- , pously given The crochet was filled in an instant ; and just as they wheeled tiieir horses, with lanees set on both prongs, the intrepid Mississippi Colonel, standing t inside the fork, called out " Boys, fire ' and at them with I your knives Simultaneously with the sharp crack c of the rifles, a deafening shout went up, and bowieknives and revolvers flashed in the direction of the lancers. Strange as it inny seem, many of the lancers were J actually dragged from their horses ami stabbed to death. *' in this unusual manner this splendid body of horsemen wore beaten back, ( apt Kustis. of the 1st dragoons, says the achievement is unparalleled. Whether it is owing to * the native daring of the men, or the infusion Into their 5 bosoms of their ( olonel's spirit, we leave everybody to ' draw their own cotielusions. It is due to the 3d Indiann regiment to say, that they were afterwards brought up to support the Mississippi regiment, and fought valiantly, p Tito American forces were, at one crisis of the battle of Bueua Vista, in a eery precarious position We cannot say positively that this anecdote, which we relate as ri coining from Oen. Taylor himself, applies to this juncture of the fight, bu' it is stated upon what may be eon- K siderod good authority, that Oen. Taylor, In giving an d account of the bottle to Lieut 1 ol RiaMpo, of the t< Virginia regimeni, sain mai " 11 mere nail neen only n regulars I" lbe battle of Bitena Vista lie would probably bare lost the day. as the Mississippi regiment of volun- ( teers was whipped three thui? without knowing It; that p when borne down by overwhelming numbers they fought | oujustasif nothing uncommon had happened to them. , auil by dint of unduranee and a wonderful alacrity in ? ripping up the next innn to thein. they retrieved the , fortunes of the field." As related to us the (leneral t tells this story with infinite gusto. As reported by all, ,, the Mississippiiins under Col Davis, on.that day of terror. fought^with a TAlor an 1 intelligence unparalleled in modern warfare. Kach man seemed to consider the fate of the day as depending on his individual prowess, and H stood up to the ruck with a dogged determination eon- * forinabio to this predominant idea They learned this business at Monterey but at Minna Vista they buttered s their instruction f. A letter from Col. Met lung, who was shockingly u wounded at the eapturu of Monterey, written from that city, ituder dute of March 1st states that when news t arrived of the advance of Santa Anna towards Saltillo, with an overwhelming force, t apt Willis, of Kentucky, p whs at Monterey, slowly recovering from a vtoleut at- ? tuck of pneumonia, in which hie life was almost despaired of lie set ofT at once, reached Oen Taylor's eauip before the buttle came on. and perished in the thickest of the fight. Col. Met lung suys ol' himself: " 1 am 1' slowly rucoveriug. though still unable to sit up '' OCR It KI.ATIONS WITH MKXH <>. fKrom the Washington Colon. April 17 ) We understand that the President of the Cnlted States | l< niKiui id can i in in < isiiiciy fiin.ut ii.uikj morn volunteer " troop* int" the public service. They urc principally in- " tended to nil up the placed of the volunteer* whose time 111 I* about to expire. It Id probablo that ninny of tliein will renew their engagement, but to provide for any poe- m diblc id deemed best to make tbo prudent call These troops are intended to strengthen the three divisions of our army, vi? : nt Hanta Ke, the army In the h' direction of the Itio Grande. and tbo column of Vera hi Cru*. w The administration I* determined on a vigorous pro- N suCUtlon of the war. Mexico may be blind to her own ? Interests she limy obstinately determine against any tl pacification In that case she will And the K.xecutive of the I nited States as resolutely bent upon carrying on th* war as she can he. until peace can be made between the two countries It ls the true policy of the I 'nited State* to profit hy the victories they have gained I'eaco or , war, the olive branch or the sword, I* left to the decision of Mexico Whatever may he said against the administration, the last complaint will tie its want of energy And to this great end of peace, the administration has labored both in dlplomacv and In war. with all possible energy Almost for the first time (n modern history. It ha< had to do with a nation professing to lie civilised, which absolutely spurned all negotiation, and from the very first to the very Inst, has refused to entertain or consider any terms of peace whatsoever By all its love of peace, the administration was suuimoued to subdue such an enemy before peace could by any possibility ha obtained. With what foresight, with what energy, with what ronstaney In ttie face of appalling difficulties, both nt horns nnd abroad, this wise work of necessary subjugation has Iicen earried on by the government and by our gallant officers and soldiers, until now It seems to he on the very verge of aeeompllshmsnt. Is known to ths country and to the world, and will hereafter form one of the most resplendent chapters In our national history In leas than eleven months, the northern nnd western provinces of Mexico have been occupied by our arms ; ths flower of her armies driven before us In Inglorious rout; lisr principal seaports selied nnd block sded ; her principal strongholds seised with carnage, as I my...SE-e...< 3?- . *rr ~~ t jji* LD Hrlc* I'wg Umm. at Monterey or oaptured In almost bloodless vlotory kf & llinikl display of military ecienoe and combination, SO at Vara Crus ; till ut laat her fairest central cities. and van her ancient capital Itself. new (Mm to offer theairlves u an open and easy prey to our oonquerlnc KM. Nor ban our policy, In turning our conquest! to sdraa.age and in effectually crippling the reoouroes of eur inemy. lagged behind our victories in the field * 1 eady a comprehensive plan of military oontributloM, romptly devised by the administration, and brought iut for execution at the fit moment. Is Just going Into iperatiou. which will transfer in no small measure, to iur conquered foe. the future burdens of the war Thaa, J1 that arms and policy cun do to secure peaoe with uch u nation as Mexico, has been triumphantly doaa iy the administration, even while crippled as It has been y the delay of Congress In furnishing the forces needed jr the prosecution of thu war More even than this, 'orseeing that one great dlfflcnlty in the way of permaent peace must arise from the want of a government la loxlco strong enough to make peace Mid to nanntil : aguiiiat the risk of sudden revolution. the adintulstralou has windy permitted, in tli? return of Santo Anna, lie presence upon tliu scene of operations of tha on* lexloau leader. from wbo?? paramount Influence with lie puopla tho formation of aucb a government seems at resent mo t to be hoped for The conquest of Santa inuu ut tii o bead of the Mexican a nil tea. U praciaaiy but feat of our arma from which, the atata of that oaunry ooualdarad, u permanent peace ia moat llkaly ta wring it ia the aottied policy of the adminiatration tn be intereata of peace fully toaacompllah thia conquest Of he ohoaeu Mexican leader. Much bait been done towards t already. But the efforts of the adminiatration wUL mow no relaxatlou The arintea both of (ieneral Soot* uid of (ieneral Taylor will be promptly reinforced, until iTcn Mexloau pride, yaln-glerioua and obetlnate aa It nay be, (bull ana and feel the utter impossibility of eon* .inund rueistanoe Wa hare heard it suggested, but wa will not youob for the accuraoy of the eatlmate, that tha ormcr army will be in all about 30.000. and the latter not eas than 10,000. The end to he thua aaeompilahad ia anil worth the price of ita accomplishment. for that end t?aecure and permanent peace, with juat indemnity. ARMY INTELLIGENCE. At Roeheater. on the 16th. Cap! Wilder received a leaps t eh from Col Temple, of the 10th Infantry,daalrhafc f practicable, to have hia oompany In readlneea to al Yom Fort Hamilton,for Point laabei ,by the tint weak la day. ( apt. Campbell'! company loft Anguata, fla., oa tha 0th for Mexico. A detachment of 10 recruits arrived at Newport, R. I., in Thuraday laat. Liouta. (ioodloo and Graham ha to opened a new remit ing depot in Cincinnati. ('apt. Kiug, of tlie regular anny, arrived at St. Loaia n the Uth. on board the War Kagle, from Uaiena, with Ixty-flve L'nltcd Statea recruits under his oommand. 'heir immediate dvatinatlou was Jelfersou barracks. I.ieut Chaa. K. Smedua, of the Vlokiburg volontaara, rat regiment Mississippi rifles, paaaad through New Tleana on tho 11th, on hia way to Buena Vista to aaumpany home the remains of Lieut Ha I.. Moore, of that ighuwat, who foil in the battle of the 33d February. It U reported that order* bare lieen tamed from tk* 'reasury Department for the recall of the United States "iiduii cutter Forward, Capt. H. B. None*. Item tk* lulf station The United 9tatea brig ForpoUe. In the late gale, wa* bilged to throw over her guna. and haa been ordered t* s'ew Orleana to go Into dork and repair. The U. 9 ateamahlp Princeton, Capt Engte, aa&ed roui Pensacola on Wednesday evening. 7th Inst, bound o Fhiladelphia via Havana. Providence Election.?An unBurceaafal atempt was made at Providence on Friday to elect hree additional member* for that city In the dologatlou ,o the (ieneral A**ciubly. to fill the vaeanelea whleh re> ualnod after the general eleotion. Thero being thru* vhlg ticket*, there was no choice. Tbo whole number >f vote* wa* UlGli, and the highest caudidate bad t?M Texan Indian Point.?We jmsaed a dav at this ilace lapl week, and were pleased with the visit. Wo found every tiling livnly, a number of house* gains ip This place is on the south *ido of Lavaca bay, MB* wonty mile* above the pas* and is the depot for the lurmaii colonies west, at which most of the emigrant* ire lauded. At prcseut, the resident population of lnliau Point, we should estimate at about four or 11V# huntred? mostly Ucnnsiu V essels drawing sight or nine set can como within a short distanoe of the Point ly the way. we would state for tbo information of thoe* oing to Indian Point, that a new road ha* beeh opened roni Kilpatrick's to Hatch'* plaoe. which not only borteu* the distauce (sveral mile*, but make* the road lurb better By this nsw route, the distance frem Vlenrin to Indian Point is estimated at about S4 mile* - Ts(uria (Ttxai) ldrocat* Miscellaneous. A whig convention in Iowa has uomiuated lien. Tapir for the Presidency There is a great deal of building going on at Burlingun, N.J . this season and carpenters are receiving Fblla.It.liliL IiP,.1,.! f,.r I I. ui i* W On tho CtU inat, Mra. Oaylon Otis, of Loekport, 8. C,. rbllc in a tit of mental derangement drowned herself ml infant In a hogshead containing only about eight nclies in depth of water. The ice left the rircr about a mllee below Bangor, Me. >n the 14th inat. The line of telegraph between Philadelphia and Read ng, auil Pottaville. will be completed about the 16th of dny An affray took place at St.-Louie on the 8th, betweeaa wo citizens of that place, in whlah several abota were lred. Nothing very aerieua reaulted, though one of the ihota took effect Public meeting)) are beiug held all over Illinois. te nourn over the loaa of the noble heart) who lately fell at luena Vista The remain* of tho gallant Hardin are in their way home. A specie* of fly almilar to the ImfTvlo gnat, la killing he horses in Illinois. Sad aecounta are given of mortally among the noblo annual) from thla cauae Some negro alnrea. who lately forced open the atore ef Mr ( lark In St MartinsTills, I.a . and robbad it of e mint it y of gooda, were taken up before a J nation of the eaee, and condemnad to reeelre thirty-nine laahea, and ) wear an iron collar for six mouths Snow fell thick and foot for a ahort tlma at Phlladalhia on Sunday morning Robberies are getting to ho of alarmingly frequaat oojrronee Id Montreal. , A largo ipiantitr ef coal, belonging to the T'nlted State* nvernuient. and lying at Key lv eat, waa, on the 3d inat . iacorered to be ou tire. There was about two thousand sn* in alt, and it ia so tuuch Injured that the steamers iow reject it. On the Pth indtant, Mr. Lewie Hrennan. a drover ef arhon county, Prnndylvania. ww driving man eowa ictwrrn ? untie and Coal Ca*llr,on the publto road. 10 wait mot by a tall. *lim man. who demanded hi* nuney. Ho refueed t<> give It up, whou the fellow drew i revolver. ami flrod nil barrel* at him, all of which took (feet Mr II In otill livfng. hilt very little hop# Id encrtalned of hie recovery Tlio murderer made hid eeape. The largo omnibud dtahlo iu Poplar, near Front dtreet, 'hiladolphia. wao burned on Kurtduy Tho horeoe vera 11 tared, but the proprietor. Mr. J Ulenat, ha* loet a real ijuuntily of other valuable property At Wheeling, on the nth. the book* were opened for ubarrlptlone to tbe dtock of tho bridge company, and Ao.000 were inbecrlbed It nan thought that >40,000 lore,would bo dubecribed in that City. A Judtioe of the peace of Crawford county, Pvnniylania. had been Indicted for padding couuterfdit money. Tho Kennebec river id wtill eluded with ioeat Angu*ta L hat been known to be blocked ad late a* April 39,but It dually openn from tbe I at to the 'Hit of April The harbor of Kingston, t anada, I* at length open, 'he dteamboat Ontario wa* to leave liocbeeter for that lace 011 the 17th The Mayor off harleaton acknowledged the reeelpt of K) dollar* from Lafayette t liambera county, Ala , for tie relief of the auflertng Irlab and Hootch. A ?ingiilar and hitherto unknown malady prevail* mong the rattle in Tesaa Along,the whole linn of the 'ttleinenta on the Uuadaloupe. the ( olorado, the Braaoe ad the Trinity, thoueandd of rattle bare peridbed In f anulrn, N. J., they make dhinglun of paper, which rn aaid to lie preferable to the wooden article The Itorhester wateli returns for the yoar ending <to lie let inst , show that. 6f>!t person* (M>4 males and 74 male*) were arrested within the year Of this numrr there wore charged with burglary 3, arson 1, assault Ith t -n 11v weapon* 'J. larceny 16; assanlt and battery 4. the rest were taken up hy the watch for drunkenneae, agrancy, prostitution. Sic 113 went ?ent to JaU. 43 la lie ill lux bullae and the real discharged. Sport trig Intrlllcencei Qt'itriON roa SroHimi.x We uuderatand that a ueetlon of considerable interest has arisen amongst tba porting circles from the facta elicited, it appears that dwln Stevens, F.sq . and a Mr Browsr, of this city, rhlle on their return from Baltimore a short time ago, ot into controversy relative to the time at which the ars would arrive in the latter city; Mr. Htavensooni riding that tliey would be too late to oonnect with he train or boat for New York, and proposed i make a bet of ten to one that soeh would be he case The hot was ?reenter! by Mr. Brower; nd H A. Wllloughby, Ksq , or Brooklyn, who was i their company, made the stake-holder On the arIval of the trains at (Irny's Ferry, Mr B Instead of pro ceding in the cars to Philadelphia. engaged a cab and lartcd with all speed to the Now York boat, whleh he cached just as she was about leaving the wharf, while he rest of the passengers were left behind. Mr. Brower laving got on board in time to mine through, the stakes rere delivered up to him by Mr WUIoughby On the ither hand. Mr Stevens contends that he has not lost lis bet. Inasmuch as the passengers In the train did not irrlve In Philadelphia In lime to connect with the New fork line In consequence of both the interested par. lea claiming to have won the bet. the matter has been eferred to an umpire, who is to give his decision npon :ha question mi Wednesday next In the meantime very old sporting authority is getting pretty tborongny examined for a parallel case, If possible 4

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