Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 22, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 22, 1847 Page 2
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... " -' * ' V" * v CA.. >+. uiiu.r ? whloh hav. b*on Irtta to this oountry and to Inland. has continue! to be eery considerable. The weak portion of th Bank nf France, and at intervals, the pressure for tnouey in mercantile transactions, all tend to keep up :iu excited feeling amongst the alarmists The Hank of England has m ole no chauge in their minimum rate of discount ; hut we believe that very little of what is even considered the best paper, is discounted at their lowest rate, aud that both the brokers and the Bank have, of late, afforded discounts very sparingly for a description of paper which, in ordinary times, they would have readily received, in fact, the disposition of tlie Bank to limit the discount businuss is strongly shown in the rule they have just adopted with tho large diseouut houses, vis not to re-discouut for them bills which they have lakeu from their customers, but simply to lend thcui to wilhiu b per cent ou such bills as thev uiay select until the 17th lust only. It is understood that the gold seut out by the Cambria this voyage will amount to from three to fonr hundred thousand pounds Consols closed to-day at tid to Exchequer bills par to Js preiu.; Scrip of tlie .Sew l.oau, 1 discount The Foreigu market bud hardly possessed u feature worth notice. Its depression has been consequent upon that of the English bunds. The following are the quo- i tortious: Spanish .New Three per *euts ill's; Portuguese Four per Cents, IMto ; Dutch four per Cents, I to 91 exdiv.; Dutch Two-and-a-half per Cents. | . Spanish Three per Cent* 34*i The report* from the liiaiiul'aoturiu^ district* ol Kiigland and Scotland do not contftin such gloomy statements as those before noticed. 1 lie huvoptan limes says ? The change which has taken place iu the corn markets throughout the kingdom. has imparted more c ou li dance 011 the part of manufacturers,which, added to an increased foreign demand, affords just grounds for expecting that we huvo passed the worst point, and that ere long, we shall be able to unnouuee that our woollen and cotton machines are employed full time, tilling up numerous and remunerating orders. At Manchester, there is more conlideuce prevailing, and more extensive purchases have been made, both in cloth and yarn, but only ut late prices. The accounts from the woolleu district* arc of an improving character," Condon Monkv Mahkkt. Wednesday Kvetiltig, March ill.?The stock market continues drooping. To-day a large purchase of consols was made at 88*6 for the next account; subsequently, a decline occurred, and consols closed heavily at B8S; y fur money and the preseut account. < 'onsol scrip X to ,5? discount. Bank stock. 3 per cent reduced, and 3l? per cent. shut. Exchequer bills par to 3 pm. In the foreign market scarcely anything doing. Mexican 2I)?, Portuguese38X 4; Dutch4 percent 03.Spanish 6 per cuut 22>3, the threes 34. Shares very heavy. Markets. London Corn Market, April 2.?Wheat and flour receded 22d March; former 1 to 2s per qr.. and latter is per qr.; Indian corn was pressed on the market at reduced prices; from 22d to 20th, the downward tendency coutinued: aud further reductions took place on most of the articles offered for sale; on 20th wheat full from 3 to 4s; and iu some one or two instances 5s per qr. Flour , unsettled; American suleublc iu retail at 1 to 2s per hbl. below rates current on that day su'nuight. Hardly anything done iu Indian corn; a better feeling ill market on 31st. Wheat sold on fully as good terms as on the 20th. Foreign wheat sold at full prices. Liverpool Corn Market, April 3.? barge imports of bread stuffs has had tile effect of pulling down prices of all kinds of gruiu and flour. The fluctuations during the month uuiounted to Is per 70 lbs on wheat; bd per | 45 lbs on oats; bd per bO lbs on Barley; 4s per qr. on rye, | peas and beans; bs per bbl. and bs per sack on Flour; 2s ; per load oil Oatmeal; 2 I to 25s per 400 lbs on Indian corn; | aud 10s per bbl on Indian corn meal. Within a few days a reaction has been experienced in peas of 2s per qr; ill ' dour of 2s per sack and bbl; iu Indian corn of 5s per 400 lbs; and Indian corn meal 2s per bbl. aud the trade generally has as-umed more flruuess, with some heavy transactions in Hour, at 37 to 3Hs per bbl for Western ( anal: (Philadelphia and Baltimore 3bs to 3bs bd; New Orleans 31 to 35s per bbl on spot, with the usual allowftuces. Americau Wheat 10s to 10 ltd for Southern, to lis to lis Jbd ^per 70 lbs for Northern white; rye 43 to 50s per qr; barley bs Sid to 7s per 00 lbs; beans. H&rrico white 70 to 30s, and black eyecl peas bb to 70s per imp quarter. Trade to-day again rather firmer. Buyers of wheat at full prices. Flour supports the amendment. Indian Corn in request at 32s per 480 lbs for Northern yellow: and meal at 25s per bbl. The advices from the eoiitineut are of a more subdued character mid the tendency of prices was. about tile middle of the month, downwards, at the leading ports in the north of r'.urope. The weather seems to have been very tine all over the continent. At Havre, March 27, prices were still tending lower, and a further fall was anticipated. At the last market of Montivillcrs a slight decline of 2f the sack has taken place. Liverpool Cottos Market. March *26. ? Demand revived this week, the trade as well as speculator* having bought more freely; and au advance established 011 American of l'ully 'nil per lb. particularly in middle qualities. Speculators have taken 0300 American, 300 Egyptian. aud 100 Surat. and exporters 1600 American. 1300 remain, aud 300 Surat. Sales for the week. 33.810 bales. April I ? Early in the week there was a good at tendance of the trade, nud some large sales both to speculators and exporters at an advance of hid per lb. for American descriptions; but during the last two days holders have offered their stocks inoru. freely and the advance lias not been maintained, market closing rather heavily, without material change from last quotations. For Egyptian and Sea Island a good inquiry at extreme prices: in other kinds no alteration. Speculators linve taken 8400 American. 500 Egyptian, and 700 Surat, and exporters 3500 American. 100 I'ernam. 40 Egyptian, and 460 Surat ? Forwarded into the country, unsold the past mouth, 3840 American. 50 I'ernam. and 300 Egyptian Advertised for auction 16th lust . 400 bales Mastadon Sea island. Sales of the week 30.800 bales. Trices:? Ord. to Fair to Good to mid. good fair. fint. Sea Island.. . . 10 a 13){d 16* a 18d 1(1 a 34 Stained 5 a 6 7 a 8 0 a 10 Bowed, tieo.... 5^i a 6'., 63? a 64? 7 a 7)? Mobile 5>i a 6't 6s, a 7 7>4 a 7}? Alab. andJToun. 5l4 a 6 ? a ? ? a ? New Orleans . . 6>? a 6>i 6% a 7>f 8 a 8}? April 3?Market to-day very flat, and sales confined to about 3000 hales, comprising 300 Hurats at 4l4 a 4'4d; 80,Egyptian at 7^d a 8d; 100 Maranbams at 714d; and remainder American, at 6l4d a 7>jd. \ pretty good attendance of spinners, but tliey seemed disinclined to buy at present prices. Londox, April 3.?Coffee market buoyant and steady the last month, hut as tin* home demand lias slackened the in .I 8 or 10 days, a fall in value lias ensued. Hemp dull. Mops?Sales limited, but prices steadily supported. 1 ndigo--Markut firm, but little done Demand for iron improved. Oils?Coin Fish lauguid. and prices tend downward; sperm firmer and 30 a 40s higher prices paid; Am 88 a ?39; headmatter 90 a ?93; seed oils about 6d lower; linseed 33a: palm dull at 37 a 37s fid. llice?Car. in good request at 38 a 34s; at auction 33bbls Am tnken iii at JTh, 'liis tilt! highest bid. Saltpetre?Holders firm, ami priori rather higher Sugar?About 5200 boxen yellow Havana found buyers at 2* a 30s; 500 white sold at 34s. and a few days ago a cargo of lialiia, afloat, for consumption, brought 50s on the floating terms and conditions; on v.'9th ult., 150 hbils St. Croix, duty paid, sold in public sale at very high prices, chiefly 65 to 58s, quality very fine. Some sales of f'eruanibuco at a decline of Is to Is (id per cwt, A part was taken for export. and for refining in bond 'fallow dull, and prices dropping; tine PVC, on spot. 50s to 50s 3d; for arrivul his. Tea?Com Congou still 9 to 9>,'d; large supplies have come in the last eight or ten days. Wool?Demand moderate, but last sale's prices fully sustained; little on offer, and at next sales rather higher prices are looked for. LivtarooL Amkricax Provision Markkt, April 3.? During the past month a large business transacted at very firm rates. Ucef?Imports sold freely [as fast as landed at n7s (id to 00s per tierce for prime mess, and 100s for family and India; 100 half bbls market beef brought 40s each. Some old ordinary [lilts to HOs per tierce, and 30s to 3Hs per bbl. The greater portion of the recent imports have yet to come on the market. Pork much wauted; prime sold at 55s to (His per bbl . and prime mess 87s. Mess worth 70s to 7Us per bbl. Recent arrivals not yet landed. Dacon and hams eagerly sought after, especially former, which realises ti'4s (id to (i5s per cwt Oooil hams 55s t6 (Mis per cwt. Cheese?Abetter demand.and stock is nearly cleared at 40s to 50s per cwt. imports light, and fiue. in good condition, would fetch 50 to 54 per cwt. Lnnl maintained its value, though owing to the limited supply sales to no great extent; flue, in kegs or bbls,. worth 5fis lid to 67s (id per cwt. American refined sold at tills per awt., and bladdered at 70s per cwt. Duller advanced; American sold at 57s Ad to 60s per cwt. for ordinary and tine 75s to S6s (id per cwt. At Loudon?Lard?market doll?American its to 00s American < heese sells freely at 3Ms to Ms. Lm r.rpooi,, April 3?Ashes?A large sale of pearls to one of our dealers, price uot named, but understood to have been on low terms for obi and new lu other respects sales limited. Drugs, dyes. ite.?Iairge sales of saltpetre three weeks ago at full rates, since which market firm ; nitrate of soda. 14s lid a 15s (id per cwt; Indigo sold 3(1 a Id above November prices, and to a fair extent; no eiiange in SafHower; gambler i Js (id a 13s; hiueky shellac lis a lis; African gum copal 65s; cutch 35s; fin...I Ol... i?a on.I I.I. Polo,loin. 7. n H. nee i>ivf union brimatonn lit quotation* but demand limited; sumac steady; Sicily I I* a 11 x?> !. ati'l tlx 3d a tlx tid for Verona, rather lower: higher ratex paid for argolx; oporto red 31* a .11 tid, and white 40s a '>iix per cwt; eream tartar 60a a 72* tid a fair business doing: I.'>11 bale* madder root* 18.x a 60s, no change in madder*; email sale* Persian berrie* at ?12 2* tii| a A'ki; lehahoe guano in fair requeat at jL'? a ?m 10a; Peruvian ?9 a ?9 IOx, and lower descriptions of Saldanhn Bay, Patagonia. See., nt ?? 10a a ?0 per ton. Dyewnods Sale* ' ainpeachy logwood ?8 16a. and indirect wood jC7 IOx to ?8 per ton; St Domingo and Honduraa it 60a a ?6 M>*; Puerto f'ahello tuxtie ?fl 10*. Cuba ?'H a ?9, anil Savunilln ?6; xmall lotx xapan wood XI ~> IOx a ?17; camwood ?14; red xanderx' wood X I a X6. and gaboon Imrwood X':t 10* for xound ; a oonxlderable quantity of damaged *old a* low ax ?2 7* Oil a XI ID* early in month ? Naval Store*?1600 bhlx turpentine xold early In the month at ?x sd for mid to 10* 3d for fair; xinre which more money would be given; prleex quoted xhew an advance of 2* per cwt. and importer* are uearly xohl out Com roxin Ix 9d to 5x, ana tine transparent IOx till to 11* per cwt. and in demand. Tar exceedingly xcarce; Stockholm Ids tid to 20* readily: and a little Atner realised somewhat beyond our highest quotation Spirit* ?Turpentine advanced to 64* to 66x for Amer ; latter including puncheon* Stock of turpentine 31st March, 10,000 hblx, same period in I84fi. 46,000 Tar trilling; eame time last y.-ar .'kino ode?Linseed in good requeat. and improved uearly 2 s; selling with a good export demand at '48* tid per ewt buyer* of cod at ?27; xperm at ?0.1 to 04 and southern whale, by retail at ?32; little of former n mainx unxold or hax arrived of late. No pale seal offering; last price ?40 per ton Olive given way about 20* per ton; sale* limited with a dull market and lowering tendency, we quote Onllipoli at ?63. Sicily and Spanilh ?61 to ?.,; per tun seller*. Palm xold at ?86 I six to ?3rt on xpot with some inferior Gold Coast at ?.(t per ton l or arrival a fair buxincxs done at ?3ft to ??,-, to* price* about 10* lower, with a dull market ? Rice?Large xnle*. hut price* further receded tid to Ix on American; good and Hue Car 26* to26* tid per ewt; sale* 3000 tcx Market closed flatly, owing to the decline In out corn market. Seed*- Import of clover pretty large from the continent, laxt price* paid Itix per cwt Tot new Krench red, and 40 to 4;t* for old American, d p. (if American white littlo arrive*, nor of xowiug flaxseed; demand trifling, and of New Y ork, (brand 1848) small retail sales only at about 40 to .'>0* per hbd l.inxeed dull 49 to 62*per <jr for El. Sugar quiet, and price* de llnsd l? Od to ?a p?r ?wt la B?aad ? **! ? fjfrfJ* It b<*iow prices our rent 4th March le a?w accepted for J foreign; ntill a fair business has been done: sales Brazil* S30A bags; wo quote dry hrowa 42s ttdto 48s. and 4o to I 4hh for llav of which -Km*' p?ahag?* changed hand*; mid white brought 5? to 80s per cwt; stock of foreign 31,600 packages against 25.300 last year Tallow dull and heavy, and prices Is lower; best North American ouly saleablo in small lots at 50* per cwt. Wool-lu the last ten day* rather more confidence but not much done, the kinds most In request being very scarce; a few sales United States at about former rates. Import* s r Limarool.?The following is a list of the heaviest articles of consumption reported inward* at the I.iverpool custom house yesterday week ;?47.OHO bbl* Hour; 11.38,1 bbls. SO H libls. 1430 bags corn meal; 17,004 sacks. 25.010 bags, 73,041 bushels Indiau corn; 1802 bags. 1000 sucks. H090 quarters wheat; 47 bbls. 408 hams; til boxes. '470 bales. 42 hhds bacon; 43 bales. 708 bbls. II boxes pork. 35 boxes, 331 casks cheese; 15 bbl*. 480 tc*. beef; -.'TIT bag*.'1708 casks rice; 413 bbl*. 803 kegs, 1611 packages lard: 3230 bags. 881 hhds. 330 bbls, 40 boxes sugar In addition to these quantities of provision* there . were 37.210 bales cotton; 1132 bbls turpentine; 202 bags j cloverseed; 5 tierce*. 15 bbls. and 4 cask* beeswax; 75 hhds tallow; f>0 tons India rubber; 800 tens palm oil.? I.iverpool Mercury. Jlpril 2. LivcarooL, April 3.?Iron?A full demand with great steadiness in prices, which seems likely to be of some continuance. Present prices in Liverpool?No. 1 Scotch Pig A'4 5s; merchant bar ?'9 10s; best rolled do ?10 15; sheet ?12; hoop ?11 10; nail rods ?10 5, Haybk, March 31.?Cotton?The gradual decline every where in breadstuff*, and the encouraging appearance of the weather, has Induced speculators to como forward, and an advance of fully f.6 to 7 realized on all American. The imports this month havo added to our stocks ; and i notwithstanding the advance just taken place prices still exhibit u depreciation of f 10 as compared with those at the end of February. Sales of week Id.Odd bales. New Orleans 78 a 10of.; Mobile 81 a 95f.; Upland SO a 001'.; New Orleans, to arrive, Sd a 0If.; Upland do. SO a S3f.; Peruvian SO a itOf. Imports Id.337 bales. Ashes?Sales 400 bbls. American pot. 1st brands 1846. f 42 AO to 47 per AO kil. duty (fS 25) paid, an advance of f5 to 6. Rico? Rather more demand for Car.; sales 100 tierces at f 40 50 to 41 50. and 250 tierces to arrive f39 75. Whalebone declined?sales N. W. fd 30 tod 35; we quote southern at fd 00 per \ kil. duty paid. Stock 115 tons against SO last year. Autwebv.?Not much sugar having lately been brought to market, has caused It to bo in increased favor. At auction. 1000 bags Havana, 700 bags Manilla, and 1500 bags Pernambuco, found buyers at firm rates. Inquiry for rice continues auimated. and a large business done; < ar quoted at 17'itl. Coffee market healthy; sales 25 00 bags Java, and 1500 bags Brazil at 20?4tl. to 2ti>?tl. IIambcbg.?The favorable result of the public sales of ' coffee at Rotterdam bavo caused the holders of coffee to j enhance their prices, but buyers would not submit to j higher demands. 3500 bags Rio fetched 3 0-1 Oths to 3 i 11-ltiths for good ord, 3\ to 3,?? for ord to good ord. 4 to I 4'? for fine ord. 4>, to 5.'4fr for washed do; 1000 bags Dol mingo fetched 3'4 to 3?^ for ord and good ord; 180 Lagunyra fine ord 4,Ja'lr; 100 Havana good ord to flue ord 4 i 5-l(iths to 5'tfr. Of sugar, stock so small (scarcely 250 , tons) that there are no sales of note. We quote white I Havana 7>? to 8J*. brown do 6.V to 7,V white Bahia 6>i | to 7>i, do Rio ti>? to 7>g'fr, brown Bahia and Itlo 5'4' to ii'4fr Rice rather flatter?sales 80 casks Carolina at 17J> ' to 18 V 800 casks Cassia Liguca 07?d. Pimento firmly I held at 5)?d. 'JOOO Rio hides sold at 5)ad. At public sales of wool. 700 bales Chili unwashed and coarse. 2?4d to 3>4, and 234 boles Peru 5 to 5^4' fr; 40 bugs Muoklenburgh fleece Wools 19 to 22. Calci'tta, Feb. 20.?Saltpetre?Transactions limited, although a reduction of prices has been submitted to. Raw silk?Thu uluiost unprecedcntedly low prices which holders of late have been willing to acoept. have ut last inuuccd it lew purcnasers 10 conic lorwara, auu a uiuuerate amount of soles have been reported the lost ten days Silk piece goods?A moderate inquiry experienced, aud the quantity of good cloths lately offering having boon rather limited, previous quotations haveibeen fully maintained. China, Jam. 128.?Sales of the month larger than could have been expected, considering the approach of the ChiucBu new year, and the high rates demandod for tea. Cotton ugalu advanced, und cotton yum consequently more inquired for. Tea?Before the arrival of the mail large shipments had been made on Chinese account uuder respondentia; some purchases also in settlement of accounts; however, within these few days buyers on speculation, anticipating some alteration in the duty at home, have come forward, and been eager in their inquiries for com Congous; an advance of 2 taels has con; sequently taken place, and at these rates about '20 to 30 chops settled. Greater activity also after other descriptions of bluck Was. Transactions in green unimportant ' on Lnglish account; the Americans have taken about : two-thirds of the crop of V H. Stock of Canton green tea lurge. and offered at low rates, but no transactions entered into. The shipments to '28th Jan. 1847, 30.906,214 lbs black, and 3.082,110 lbs green; same date 1846. 32.380.104 lbs black, and 6.542.708 lbs green; decrease of i black, 1,443.890 lbs and greeu 1.800.698 lbs. Haw silk I advanced about $7 per picul; shipments moderate. Tsatlee 400 to 430; Taysanm 300 to 326; Canton No. 1. ; 330; No. 2, 320; aud No. 3 290 per picul. Shipments to ! date. 16.669 bales; same period last year. 12,714. State of Trade. Lancashire, Thursday, April 1.?The trade in the cotton mills ten miles round Manchester is the same do I pressed state as noticed in our last. The distress amongst j factory operatives increases every week. The silk trude nt Manchester. Middlctan. Kailsworth and vicinities, is in a moduralelv hculthv state. Fancy work is exceed j iogly brisk The wololen cloth triide at Saddlewortli is |>y no means as brink as in usually the rase at this season I of the year. Manchester, Tuesday, March 30.?The tone of today's market bus been decidedly Arm. There has been I a great disposition on the part of buyers to do business I at the rates asked this day week, both in goods and yarn; ! but the rise in cotton has induced those who can hold ! to seek an advance, which has materially checked operaj tious. For those qualities of goods and yarn, especially 1 the latter, suitable lor India, slightly bettor prices have ' been obtained. Rochdale. Monday, March 'JO?The llaiiurl market has been quiet to-day, with u rather thin attendance of buyers A small manufacturer stopped payment last week , his liabilities are said to be about X'lOOo. The ' principal creditors are the Halifax wool dealers The wool market has been slack, but prices lirm. Broke wool, ; from lOd. to l id. per lb., is very scarce, which will have j its due effect upon prices. VoRRsiiiHE.?In the cloth halls at heeds, last week business continued exceedingly dull, but prices were steady, and stocks moderate. In the warehouses there was some little improvement, and. ou the whole, manufacturers were in rather better spirits. On Tuesday lust there was some improvement in the piece market, anil a fair average business was doing, chietiy in low ! goods. There was no alteration in either the Kuglish or foreign wool market. At Wakefield wool market there was rather more doing, and prices were firm. At Bradford there was considerable activity in the piece market, large purchases being made both for America and the continent, without, however, any improvement in prices. 111 I he wool market there was a butter demand, both for combing and short wools, at firm prices. In the yam market there was considerable improvement, both for the home and export trade. During the month there was a slight improvement in the Barnsley linen trade, and the weavers generaUy, were well employed. There were large orders on hand. At lluddersfield, on Tuesday. there was a large attendance of buyers, principally on American account, but there was considerable caution In making purchases There was not much doing in the home trade At Halifax there was a better feeling. owing to the fall in corn and the promises of spring. In the demand fur yarn there was a slight improvement, I n wools there was not much doing, but prices were deI cidedly firm. Leicester Trade,?There is no improvement in the demand for worsted and woollen goods. The line weather, it is hoped, will lead to some increased demand for ! cotton, angolas, Stc. Wool is without alteration, but firm at present rates. The mills coutiuue to work short time, and worsted is very dull of sale. Oi.asoow I'm ino.v Market, March 30.?The market , is rather hotter this week, but not any increase in business. We quote mixed Nos. 70s. to 7Js. tid., cash. Hoard of Kdiicnf Ion. President Harris in the chair. The minutes of the preceding meeting were reiid and approved. Hrporti?Of Finance Committee, in favor of appropriating f?000 for building a brick and stone wall round the new school bouse in the loth ward?adopted. Of same committee in favor of appropriating the sum of $3,437 for fitting up und furnishing suid school house ?adopted. Of Special Committee In relation to a communication from the Stnte Superintendent recommending that .'>00 eopiesoi n iiommetu anncxnu in me report he printed in blank; that the name shall be tilled up annually under t lie supervision of the county superlntemlaut. and when mo prepared, shall be the auuual report of thin board to be transmitted to the State superintendunt, and that a eopy of the report of the committee be transmitted to the Secretary of State Rtnoluliont.- Mr t ontr Nieol then olfercd the follow; ing repolutioiiM: Kenolyed. That the Common Council be. and are. hereby reMpectfully requested to cause to be deposited with the City Chamberlain, to the credit of the ( Commissioners of Common Schools, and tlio treasurers of the various corporote schools entitled to participate in the apportionment of the school moneys, one-fourth of the ninountN apportienod to the several ward and corporate sehoola. km per the eopy of the apportionment made by the Hoard of Kduration on the :ilst day of March. 1817 The following U the apportionment: ? Arroa i lovMca i ok Si iiooi. Movr.v koii thk. Yka*1H47. Whole amount apportioned. . . $10!),143 36 Schools of the I'uhltc School . Society (including the sum of | $3,118 .*>1. apportioned to the school counccted with the Almshouse of sal I city) .... lit.Mi Hi Ward Sehoola. Ist Ward. 6.491 47 4th " 10.006 HI " Hth ' 6.1 A4 63 " 7th ' 4.10H 0?i " 10th " 6.074 0!) " 11th " 10,034 73 ' 13th " .1.396 SH 14th " H.S69 63 " 16th ' 3,033 81 " 17th 6.197 81 $63,600 68 Harlem School 1.336 17 V orkville Public School 1.374 46 Manhat tanville Kree School 1.018 30 Hamilton K rcr School 341 61 ViochanlcfT Society School 404.66 N'cw York Or|dian Asylum School. .1.077 63 lloin Cath Orphan Asylum School. 1.616 46 l.eake ik Watts' Orphan House. . .. 663 37 Protostant Half Orphan Asylum , School 1.320 39 | Human I utholic Half Orphan Asylum School 613 81 Institution for the Hlind 634 33 Colored Orphan Asylum 1.137 35-$l99 143 30 Resolved, That the Common Council he. and are. hereby respectfully requested to cause to he deposited to tlie credit of the Board of hiluoatioti. the sum of | $1,700 for the payment of t lerk hire, and the necessary ( inridental expenses of the said Hoard during tlio ensuing year. Both resolutions were adopted The llonrd then i adjourned. NEW YORK HERALD. N?w York!, Thn^M|ril U, 1841* The Foreign MalU. Owing to the most gross negligence some where, the mails received by the Cambria, at Boston, did not arrive in this city last evening. They remained in Boston for twenty-four hours ; but it is to be hoped that they were forwarded last night. If so, they will reach here this morning. of We last evening received by Mr. C. t'loyes, of the New Haven and Springfield Hailroad, the Boston pajiers of yesterday morning, which gave us the Cambria's news somewhat in detail. We are also indebted to Colonel A. D. Munn for the Liverpool Mercury of the latest date. With these nnners we are enabled to make out a pretty full summary of the foreign news. We thus find ourselves indebted to the kindness of private individuals by the folly of Cuve Johnson, llut what can we expect from a man whose department is so managed that important government despatches are received by a mail steamer, and sent to Washington by the wuy ol New Orleans^ We will look out for the future. News from Europe?State of the MarketsSpeculators Defunct. The Cambria, at Boston, brings fifteen days later intelligence from Europe, und the advices are exceedingly important, interesting and unfavorable ; speaking after the j manner of men anticipating high prices for our agricultural products. The news is bad for speculators in breadstuffs in this country and in Europe; but it is good, very good for those who have nothing more to do with hreadstuffs than to cat them, and get all they want to eat us cheap us possible. The consumers are very partial to such advices as these; and it cannot, therefore, be said that the European accounts are very unfavorable. It appeurs that the decline in hreadstuffs bus been produced utmost entirely by the immense supplies which had, for several weeks previous lo the departure of the Cuinhria, been pouring into Liverpool and the principal ports of Ireland.? The market has only been affected to any extent thus far by the two legitimate influences, supply and demand. The favorable state of the weather, and the fine prospect relative to the growing crops, had no doubt an effect upon the markets; but it was only in connection with the other influences, that they could have operated at all upon prices. From the continent the accounts in relation to the season were very flattering, and all the indications were decidedly favorable; but there is u long time between this and harvest, and Coil only knows what win turn up between this and that. So far as high prices are concerned, it was the general impression in England that the crisis had passed, that they had seen the worst, and thut from this time forward the course of prices would be downward. Such wua the state of the markets when the steamer left, that it is impossible to arrive ut any satisfactory conclusion in relation to the movements going on! but it is pretty certain, that if the receipts of breadstuff's continue as large as they have been, there is an end to high prices this season. Quotations for cotton were about the same us on the 4th of March, when the Ilibernia left.? The speculative movement had subsided, and the market at the latest dutes was very inactive. We do not look for any improved movement in this staple until breadstuff's have settled down considerably below current prices. We do not notice any material change for the better in the London money market. Consuls remained much depressed, and the Bank of England was losing its bullion very rapidly. From 'lie 13th to the 27th of March, the bullion had fallen from ? 10,78(5,340 to ?10,320,340, a reduction of ?4(i(),000 in fourteen days. The Cambria brings ?420,000 in specie;Jand it was reported in London that the three steamers leaving in April, in the Cambria, Sarah Sands and the Caledonia, would bring one million sterling in specie.? The Hank of England must be very much weak 'tied liy tins la rye and steady drain of bullion, and unless speedy measures are adopted to stop it, the embarrassment in the money markets, on the other side, must be more serious than any yet experienced. The Sarah Sands was advertised to sail on the bill insl. If she sailed on her day, site lias been at sea sixteen days, and will he in between this and Sunday. Her news will be two days later. The Caledonia has been at sea but two days, having sailed on the 20th; she will not he here for two weeks. War Despatches.?Our paper yesterduy contained the official despatches of General Taylor, giving the details of the buttle of Huena Vista, and those of Col. Sterling Price, commanding the nriny in New Mexico, giving the details of the suppression of the revolution in which Oov. Dent and other civil ollicers were murdered ; the details of the battle at the Pass of Embudo, and those of the buttle of Pueblo de Taos. Our readers are acquainted with the gallant manner in which our troops deported themselves at Buena Vista; but the behavior of those in vr...., ii? .... l.11: ,v... c?i.i as well as in its results. Nothing could exceed the during and bravery with which they stormed and captured Pueblo de Taos. Tli it town is represented as a place of great strength,? surrounded by walls and pickets. Within the enclosures it contains two large buildings, and a large tower, the exterior and interior walls of which were pierced for rilles. The attack was tnude on the church, und after a desperate resistance, it was taken. These despatches are so important and interesting that we shall publish them in the IVtrkly Herald on Saturday next. American Ocean Steam Navigation.?It will he seen by an advertisement in another column, that the steamship Washington, the first American ocean steamer will leave this port on the first of June next, for Cowes, Southampton, and Hremen. The Washington is a splendid vessel, built in the most approved manner, and is under the command of Captain Hewitt, who is well known as one of the most skilful and gentlemanly commander.-!. The manner in which sh< is built, renders her capable of being converted into a vessel of war at n day's notice. Launch.?A fine little steamship, of 500 tons burthen, called the Iris, built for Messrs. Mason & Thompson of this city, will he launched at half-past three o'rlork this afternoon, from the yard of Messrs. iiishop & Simonson, foot of Sixth street. She is intended us a packet be iwcrn rorio ivico iinu Mt. xnomns, in place ot tlu* steamer Aurora, which vessel was originally intended for this business, hut purchased by the I'nited States Government, and is now in the Gulf of Mexico. The RrvoLt'TioN in Venkzi kf.a.?According to a passenger who arrived yesterday in the Rufus Soule, from Marncniho, whence she sailed on the 26th March, the insurrection which broke out af-( 'arnccas, was put down by Gen. Pacz ; the ringleaders had been taken, and all was <)uict at the last accounts. QCy- The President has recognized James II. Cansten, Consul of Ecuador .for the city of Washington. oreninci of the C.vnai.s.?At a meeting of the Hoard of Canal Commissioners, held at tnc New State Hall. In the eltv of Albany. April 19, 1S47; present Messrs. ( lark. Disscll, Hudson and /ones, It was Resolved. That the t'anals of ibis State he opened for aviation on the first day of May next S. CI. A UK, Tresldent Nathaniel Josss, Secretary Pauk Th?4??? ?The "Hunchback" wu performed at the Park last evening, Mr*. Mason personating Julia; Mr. Whoatley playing Sir Thomas Clifford, and Mr. Ban as Master Walter. Mrs. Muaou again accomplished u perfect triumph over the difficulties of dramatic personation, and illustruted how perfectly the voice, and in truth, all the physical faculties may t>u made subservient to the will. and. by feigned action, draw out the sympathies. us if they were ingenuous effusions. There are few actresses capable of producing a greater effect in the recitation of pathetic passages thuu Mrs. Mason. It is impossible for the audience not to enter into the spirit and seutiinent of the passage which she reads, with ull that energy of grief or abandon of uuhappiness which she is capable of assuming when occasion requires. The performances concluded with "Simpson lit Co" which wus well performed und well received. Bo\w:hv Tmkatkk.?Mrs. Shaw appeared last evening as Margaret Kllmore, in the play of "Love's Sacrifice,' and personated it as she alone can do it. and much to the satisfaction and pleasure of the great multitude that i.i..i ... I,.,,. vo? i..,. ti.i* Mri). Shaw's best characters. If not the best?and we are of opinion that thu audicuce were of the same opinion, because they repeatedly interrupted her with applnuse loud and hearty. This evening she will appear in her great character lou. Uoweur Circuh.j?The performance* at this place, every evening, reflect infinite credit on the talented company attached to it. It is attended every night by large audience*, who are in no way sparing of bestowing well merited applause on the numerous actor*, a* they succcsiiively appear and go through with their part*. A fine bill is put forth for to-night, which will 110 doubt draw u large house. Mb. Alexander.?This favorite necromancer performs again this evening in the Minerva Koouis. in addition to other feats, he promises to perform those styled the diabolical supper." the "singular shot,'' the "rapid flight," and many others that are worth seeing ut double thu price of admission, which is fifty cunts to the purquette, and twenty-five to thu saloon. Musical. Italian Oi-kra.?In consequence of thu sudden indisposition of Signora Barili, ' 1 Lombard!" was not performed at I'almo's last evening ; but " Nina" was substituted in its place. Hweet "Nina!" It was well received. i'ico was in good voice, and sang with great spirit. Uunedetti was not in as good voice as we have known him to be. yet he sang well. Ueueventauo was as he nearly always is. in excellent singing order ; aud Sanquirico was in his elumeut. it really is a wonder that " Nina" should have received a cold shoulder from the music loving public. It certainly contulns many charming points, which will bear to be brought up in the memory after the sound has died away. The Camfanalooians.?This wonderful company of musicians will give their third grand concert this evening, at the Tabernacle. They advertise to perform several of our most popular African melodies as well as some of thu Cauipnualogian waltxes. They will be assisted by Miss M. J. Mariusand Geo. A. lloyt, graduates of the New York Institution for the Blind. Kim Bramion's Concert.?Miss Bramson won golden auImIam. uoawI.ih " AAiinnwf Maai* narfnrniunfmu amply sustained the estimate we bad formed of her precocious talent. The audience was exceedingly large aud fashionable.Sirirroa Bcnedetti's Bknefit.?The friends?they are very numerous?of this distinguished artist, will have uu opportunity on Suturday evening next, of making a pleasant little demonstration of their regard for htm. On that evening,as may be seen by advertisement. Signer B. takes a benefit. On which occasion " Lucia di Lammermoor," the favorite Lucia, will be performed. M'lU Dlmier is also to appear iu a dance. She is said to be uu arliite of great promise, and destined to occupy a high place among her competitors. The Havana Italian opera truupt arrived in Boston or Monday evening, and put up at the Merchants' Exchange Hotel, State street, They are to open at the Howard on Friday evening, with ''liernani." City Intelligence. The Wf.ather.?The thermometer yesterday ranged up to 76 degrees, and was higher for a short time iu th< course of the day. The weather was extremely warm and close during the day. Kirk.?A fire was discovered about half-past 3 o'clock yesterday morning in a stable, corner of 11th street and 3d avenue. The tire was put out, damage trifling. East Broadway and Dry Dock Line ok Stacks.? Messrs. Mackrell 8c Simpson, proprietors of the Easl Broadway and Dry Dock Line of Stugos, exhibited, yes terdav, four new and splendid vehicles that they liav< added to their line. They are extremely neat and commodious, and, drawn am they were, each by four ,spleni did horses, presented an interesting spectacle. W? hope the liberality and enterprise of the proprietors wil be rewarded. Death iit EriLtnr.?Coroner Walters was called yes terday to hold an ln<iuest at No. 17 Sullivan street, or the body of Mary J. Jackson, a native of New York aged 40 years, who died suddenly at the before namec place. Verdict, death by epilepsy. Death ?y Congestion ok the Lungs.?The Coronei held an Inquest at No 108 Twelfth street, upon th< body of Joseph Lewis, a native of Maryland, uged 3i years, who came to his deuth by congestion of the lungs Verdict accordingly. The Result of Intemperance.?Coroner Walteri was called to hold an inquest also ut No. 44'J Cherrj street, on the body of Jane Dorsey. who died suddenly yesterday. V erdict?death by delirium tremens. Anothf.r Dead Infant Found.?A male infant wa yesterday found in the slip at the foot of Amos street It was cocveyed to the !'th ward Station House, wheri the Coroner held an inquest upon it. and the jury ren dered a verdict that it came to its death by cause un known to them. Police Intelligence. Cliarnr uf Fait* Pretencet.?OOlcer Hurley, of th< Lower Police, arrested yesterday in Brooklyn, a man bj wie name ui jiiuwh i iioiipn. uu a wiumui i.inucu uy urn efficient magistrate. Justice Drinker. wherein he stand charged, on the affidavit of Mr. Win. K. Strong, woo dealer, No. 285 Pearl street. with obtaining from bin (Strong.) on the 8th day of December last a quantity o wool valued at $2!H) 71 by fulse and fraudulent repreaen tations. It appears that the accused called upon Ktroni iu December last, and stated that he wished to puruhns a lot of wool on a credit of 4 months, representing at th same time that he had a son by the *name of Alfret Phillips, residing at North Lyme, Conn..who owned a sa tinett factory, which ho had purchased about 2 year since for $4..'>00, and had paid one half down and was al lowed four years time to pay the balance; he also furthe represented that his son was only owing $50l), whlct was duo about the 1st of January last, and otherwise ou of debt. Consequently upon these representations, Mi Btrong was induced to sell him the above bill of good on a credit of four months; and now, since the good have been delivered, Mr. Strong lias ascertainei that the son Alfred was largely in debt at the time c inukiug these representations, and that a short tim after he failed, passing his property and elfects into othe hands. Thus it is alleged by Mr. Strung, he has beel defrauded out of the above named property by th said false representations. The case is to undergo an in vcstigation before the magistrate ou Friday aftcruooi next, at 3 o'clock. Burglary.?The dwelling house No. 61 Norfolk street occupied by Mr. Win. Werrey. wns entered on Tuesda, night by some burglars, and the following property stolei therefrom:?Six silver tea spoons, marked J. M. W. one pair of sugar tongs, two plated, table spoons. II Ocr man silver table spoons, five forks, one knife, and abrea knife, valued in all at about $15, which tho thieves car ried olf without detection. .1 Touch Case?Quite a decent looking man by th name of James Wholey. of Chautauque county. Nov York, now staying at Lovejoy's Hotel, was induced t accompany a black woman called Mary Simpson, alia Jane Caldwell, whom lie met in Broadway on Monda; evening last, to a "crib*' located at No. 202 Williau street, near Frankfort street, where he remaiued a shor time until a knock came at the door, when the wencl put her sable head out of the window and said, "yoi can't come in, so it's of no use your knocking at th door.'' However, this alarmed the man. who put on his hat and left for his hotel, am lo ! the next morning on examining his pocke book, he found to his surprise that nearly $201 in bank bills had bocn extracted ; immediately oi discovering his loss, he repaired to the police office ant engaged the services of officers Davis. Joseph, and Hue who at once set to work, and In the course of tho daj and night succeeded in arresting the black woman, to gethcr with Mat Barron, ,licorge Thompson aliai Warren, and Kllxa Ann Wilson, alias Warren.on searching Mary Simpson, tho officers founi on her person a .daguerreotype likeness, which wa at once recognised by the officers to be Mat Bat rou. This at once put the officers on the right semi which resulted in the arrest of the whole gang of touch ers. On searching Barron, $25 in bauk bills were fount, on his person, and at another crib, kept by these partie at No. 35 Sullivan street, being well frisked," anothc lot of money was found, amounting in all ti $154, a portion of which lins been indoutificd b Whaley as the money stolen, although the princlpi part has evidently been " smashed " by the rogues, it order to prevent detection. The case has been take with great care by Justice Drinker and Mr. Stcwari the clerk, in order to make a clear case for a jury. Th officers, too, deserve great credit for tho business lik manner they have done up this job Justice Drinke committed the accused for examination Jlrrtil en Sutplcion.?Officer Hepburn, of the 15tl Ward, arrested yesterday a black fellow called Hat i tnmn. noving in nia pnnBuaaiun a cnronometcr inn piece, which tho reaml wa? endeavoring to Hell ii Orango Htreet?it in evidently Htoien?for which tu owner in wanted. Apply to Air. Snow, the clerk o police, Tomb* A Worthy Sou?Officer Brtdgeman. of tho Oth ward nrreeted a boy by tho name of liuorge Kink 011 Tuoadii' night, having in Ilia pomeaaion $40 and a watch whirl tho officer vu led to believe he had atolcn I'pon tak ing liim to the atation honae. the young raaral acknow led that he had atolen tile money from ilia mother, wh< reaidea in Philadelphia, and that' he had camped to thli city to have a frolic. A letter waa deapntched to I'hlla delphia to aacertaln the truth of the hoy'a atatemeut In the meantime. Juatlce Koome locked him up. Sporting Intelligence. New Ori rapx.?Aietairle (ourae ./ockey t lnh Hn. cea?Laat Hay. Aionday. April l'2th.?Proprietor^ Pura. !ft300?"1 wo mile heat*. J. Van Lcer'a gr. e. I>y Imp. Glencoe. out of Gal!J?lopade. 4 yeara old 3 11 Kirkland llarriaon'a ch e. Hougli and Wendy,-by Shamrock, out of imp. Hope. 4 yeara old 1 '2 4 J. St II. t nge'ach m. Kllen ("arnell, by Bolaharzar, dam by Leviathan, 3 yeara old 4 4 '2 J. J Hughe* rh h. Warwick, hy Stockholder, dam hy Leviathan, 0 yeara old '2 3 3 Time, 4:01?8:M?4. A great match race haa been made, to come off or Thuraday next, on the Bingaman Courae The match It for $3000 a aide, four mile hcata ; Col. William K. John aon. of Virginia, namea Hevenue?Mr. William P. Greet of Kentucky, namea Mr. Sewell T Taylor'a Kanny King Both partieajtre very aanguine,?AT <5 Picayune 131*. m 1^111% wfr' f m^mw MgHBHSSBBnBS99K5KfiS9RBBBSBBBHBHBaMP! T HI 0URHINilH op ALVARAOO AND JALAPA. ' The Retreat of &a Vega from Puente Nacional. i >U. AM*. AM*. , [ The sloop-of-wnr St. Mury'a, Arrived at Mobile, aiii nounccs the capture of Alvarado. by Lieutenant 11 alitor, of the steamer Scourge, without Uring a gun. The St. Mary's brings despatches from Coui. Perry.? She has a great number of her crew sick [Kroui the New Orleans Delta. April 13. J I)y the ship Louisville. Captain Hunt, we have news | from Vera Crux to the 3d inst. Kroui a conversation with several gentlemen who came passengers by the Louisville, we learn that the people of Alvarado hud sent up uu embassy to surrender their town, on a guarantee of the safety of the lives und property of the citizens. The town of Jalapa also had sent its Alcalde, with a civil escort, proffering the surrender of that town, and praying inai a iorce no seni uy me uniicu amies 10 take possession of llio town, and to protect the right*, of the citizen*. tieii. Twiggs had taken up the lino of inarch for Jnlapu on the 3d April, with a column of -2300 men. Colonel Harney had left the day before with his regiment, '2d Dragoons. This enterprising and gallant officer had succeeded, by the most incredible exertions, in mounting the whole of his regiment, and it now numbers 300 strong, and a nobler band of cavaliers never went forth ' to battle. I.a Vega had been at I'uente Nacional, with 1 -2000 men and nine pieces of cannon, but not being sup| ported by the government or the people, had concluded ' to abandon the post, and marched olf his force towards the city of Mexico, immediately after his departure tile citizens of Jalaps assembled together, aud determined to send the Alcalde to tho American camp, to surrender the town Col. Batikliead, with the -2d Artillery, is under marching orders, and would follow Twiggs' column with a long train and large military force. The country people begin to come into Vera Cruz, bringing vegetables and other market supplies. Oen. Worth had enacted a larilf upou all articles brought into the city to be sold. The market was wwll supplied witli beef, mutton, vegetables, fish and [ oysters, at moderate prices. All the grog shops?except two respectable hotels, that have special license ft-om the | commander?are suppressed, aud liquor cannot be sold within too city, without the consent of the General in commaud of the city. , A great many laborers are employed in cleaning tho streets of Vera Cruz, which are in a horribly filthy condition. A stench pervades tho whole city, particularly that part which suffered most from our cannon, it is supposed that there must be many persons buried bcueutli the ruins of the houses destroyed by our shells, everything gets along smoothly under (Jon. Worth's govornnicnt. Several volunteers were under arrest for outrages against the .Mexican people. Thoy are to be tried under <>uu. Scott's order, issued some time ago in Tauipico; and it is said, from the tone of sentiment prevailing in the army, they will bu severely dealt with. Several persons, who straggled out from our camp into the country, wore murdered, and their bodice "wore afterward found horribly mutilated. The American Ea^lc. a ucw Americo-Mexican paper, hue been started iu Vera Cruz, by I'eopleH, Barnard and Jewell. From the first specimen of paper, the couteuts of which have heeu previously published in our paper, we augur much for its success and popularity. It is certainly a great improvement upon its predecessors. El Indicatlor and ' El Locomotor, (ion. Scott has taken active aud extensive measures to complete the train for , the main body of the army as soon as possible. A largo number of mules are now on their way to Vera Cruz, aud large orders came over hero for other supplies. When the army is encamped at Jalapa. the supplies will be landed at Antigua, which is forty miles nearer to 1 Jalapa than Vera Cruz. The army was in excellent health, except some sickness, of an unimportant cliarnr' ter, among the Pennsylvania Volunteers. The troops out of the city are very disagreeably situated on the sand-hills, and among the lagoons, and are very iinpu. tient to commence the march to a more agreeable position. ' Passengers, per ship Louisville?Majors Whiting 1 and Heynolds. ( 'apt Cross, and Lieut. Taylor. U. S. A.; Captains Marks and Colt, U. 8. N. i Alt.MY ORDERS _ ? i Wan Department, oknkhal ordkiis. f a ... ij .. t. ) Washington, April 15, 1847. 1. By the 5th section of an act of Congress, upproved ] March 3, 1847. the President is "authorized to accept the services of individual volunteers to All vacancies which < may occur by death, discharge, or other cause, in ? the volunteer regiments or corps now in the service | of the United States, or which may be received during the existing war with Mexico/' And it being very desirable to All the ranks of the volunteer reginlcnts, the respective colonels arc requested to take prompt measures 1 and give the necessary instructions to recruit their ' companies to the full standard of I0U privates each. 1 It is supposed that many individuals may be found near the camp willing to enter the volunteer service, and who r may now he legally enrolled on the spot; but, to ensure ? the requisite number to All vacancies, it is suggested to 4 the commanders of regiments, that other measures may be tuken, by sending such company officers, not to exceed three in number, as may be out of health, or not un4 willing to engage in the important duties of recruiting r for their respective regiments, to the districts in which r they were raised, with all the necessary and proper instructions. The President, duly appreciating the ardor and patriotisui ,of the voluuteer officers, trusts that asuiiieieut 14 number may Im? found .whowill cheerfully leave the camp for a temporary absence on so indispensable a service, the " more especially as it is well known that the duties in campaign often impair the health of many valuablo officers, upon which class such details usually fall The names of the officers selected and the places to which they may be ordered will be reported to the Adjutant ^ General, who will forward the rolls and supply such other instructions us may be found necessary. None. ' but effective able bodied men will be received. K The recruiting oSmr for the volunteer Mr vice, . who may be detached by their colonels, w ill be furnished willi muster rolls, in which they will immediately enrol r the name of cuch individual wiio may engage to enter the service for the period of the war; mid the perrons so enrolled to till up companies will be entitled to one ^ day's pay and allowances for every twenty miles they L" may travel from the place of enrolment to the general 1* rendezvous, by the nearest mail route, being at the rate of seventy-two cents for a private of infantry, and one ' dollar and forty cents for a private of mounted oorpa. The regular monthly pay and allowances commence j from the day the volunteer arrives at the place of rendezvous, If ho l>e received as an effective able-bodied re, cruit. 3. Volunteers will be sent in convenient detachments s to places of general rendezvous or depots, where they . will be immediately inspected by the commanding or . other proper officer and surgeon, and auy found defec? live or unsound will be rejected as unfit for service. As '(l soon us out? hundred recruits are assembled for any one _ regiment, they will immediately be put in route for the n amy in tho Mid. 4. Kor tlie convenience and better accommodation of the volunteers raised in the United States, the following ^ military posts ure designated as places of rendezvous or recoiving depots, where ratiuns and quarter* will lie furnished, to wit :? y f'oluntreri recruited. n 111 the eastern States Kort Adams. H. I. ; New V'ork and New Jersey.. . .Kort Columbus. 1 unit j Maryland and Virginia Kort Monroe. North and South ( urolina and $ Kort Moultrie. ? Georgia < Charleston, S C. v Michigan. Ohio, Indiana, and t Newport Barracks. 0 Kentucky I Kentucky. s Iowa. Wisconsin, Missouri and J Jefferson Barracks, y Illinois f Missouri. 1 Arkansas. Tennessee, Missis- J New Orleans Barracks, t sippi. Louisiana ami Ala... ( Louisiana. 11 6. By the Otli section of tlie act to raise for a limited 1 time ail additional military force, Stc . approved Kebrua8 ry 11, 1817, "each non-com missioned officer, musician. 1 or private enlisted or to be enlisted in the regular army. ^ or regularly mustered ill nny volunteer company for a ' period of not less than twelve months, who has served or may serve during the present war with Mexico, and who j? shall receive an honorable discharge,'' lie., will be eutltied to a warrant for one hundred ami sixty acres of '> land, which he will be at liberty to locate in one body ' upon any of tlie public lands that may be snbjeet to pri" vale entry; or he may, at Ids option, when honorably 1 discharged, receive Treasury scrip to the amount of one 7 hundred dollars, hearing six per cent interest, payable semi-annually, ami redeemable at the pleasure of the " government. Lent this provision of the law may not ho fully under' stood by the votornn soldiers of the regular anil volunteor corps, who may linvo received the land iiminly on the expiration of their lirst term of service, they an- informed that In case of re-enlistment or re-enrolment, either by companies or as individual volunteers, for a second term, for the period of the war. they will, on rey ccivlng an honornble discharge at the expiration thereof. ^ he entitled to a second laud bounty of ci|unl amount, or the Treasury scrip for one hundred dollars,a< they may t prefer, lly order : It. .JONES, Adjutant tleneral. 0 r Mir.mnv. ' I he Government has taken up the ship America. Capr tain Mcterren. to convey troops to lirazos Santiago The |irice pair) for tin- voyage is said to be *1 1.000. The 11 vessel is of tlie first description, and of 1100 tons burthen The troops which have just come down frotn Mav rylund and Pennsylvania are now going on board.?jV. O. Picayune, Jlpril 13. if NAVAL I NTEt.LKiENCK. We learn by a letter received from the U. 8. ship Potomac. says the I'ensacola Gazelle, that Midshipman James ^ II Moore, had been tried before a court martial, nl r-a1 criflcios. upon charges preferred by I apt. Aulick. of the said ship, and we are happy to say that he was honorably acquit ted.?Philadelphia Bulletin. Personnl nnd Political. Mr. rhillips was the gentleman who was elected Mayor of Hartford on Monday last lion. John J Crittenden and Kx-Governor Letcher arrived In Louisville. Ky.. on the ltitli. A Democratic Convention was to be held at M on I go' incry. Ala . on the 20th, to nominate a candidate tor Governor. Among the appointment of officers by ilm canal hoard we observe the names of Abm Van Arnntn lames Ilrady Henry Kdsall. nnd A. N. Beardsley. nil of this city ? The first named as a collector of tolls; the seroml as a superintendent of repairs; and the last two as inspectors at boats George Washington Warren was, on Monday, elected Mayor of the new city of t. hnrleslown. The party candidates were rejected, anil Mr. W. elected as the CitlJ sens candidate." receiving a majority of 414 over all. Abraham H. I lowland lias been elected Mayor of New r Bedford Mr. Howland wn* the regular whig candidate, although lie received many votes from the opposite party. . a. _ I I I I tew IntelUfanom Vmrtn States Cimcrtr Covnr April 31?BofOr. Judge Nelson?Hmjamin O. it'ildrr i? Crandall Rick, Jo An St?4>n? and others.?Thin was an action for the infringement of a patent right. It appeared that one Daniel Kltigerald, in 1813. obtained a patent for a new and useful improvement in the construction of iron ebests or safes to resist the action of lire by the application and use of plaster of I'aris or gypsum in its raw statu, or prepared, either alone or with mica. Fitzgerald assigned to r'.. VVilderin consideration of f 1800. and h Wilder again assigned to the plaintiff, who now alleges that defendants have pirated liis rights under thu patent, and manufactured and sold a large number of safes constructed ou the same principle as that of plaiutiff 's, from which they have rculized considerable sums, and now bring* action to recover do liiugex. For the defence It Is contended that the invention or improvement is not new, that plaster of Parii hail lieen long previously known both in Frauce and kngland. aud used in both countries in all tire proof buildings. The case is adjourned. For Plaintiff. Mr Seth U. Staples?For Defendants. Messrs. H. Kintnett and F. McCarthy. Cincur Corkt.?In this court there were only two small cases tried, after which the judge adjourned the court until Monday next. Commox Pleas, April 31.? Before Judge UlshoetTur ? Cook ami Smith t'?. Thomas Halt.?This was an uclion to recover $378 brokerage commissions. The plaintiff's are ship broken, and alleged that they were employed by defendant to procure a charter party of the ship Geneva, that accordingly they set ou foot a negotiation between the defendant and the owners, that thelattur finally oh- , tallied the charter purty. hut refused to pay tho coinuiia Mini. 1 ini ueieuce was unit planum ciiny named the vessel, anil that it wan Mr. Ogden. another ship brokcr. whom the defendants employed. that negotiated ami obtained Ilia charter party, and wan paid for it. To thin defence the plaintiff replied tin-re win a custom among brokers in the city, that whoever named the vessel Drat was entitledjto be paid the commission, or at all eventu one half. Tha Judge charged the jury that the only question wus whether by the rendition or the alleged services,the plalntiffH have a claim against defendant. There are three ways by which a plaintiff may sustain his claim in a legal tribunal. First on a contract entered into between the parties; secondly, if there be no contract then he must invoke the general law; and thirdly, in the absence of any agreement, and the general law doea not reach his case, then he muHt resort to custom, and if there be a general uniform usage or custom, it stands in the place of the general law; but tbe custom must be reason able, and consistent witli law, to give it validity. In ap- . plying those rules to the evidence ill tbis cause, you are j to say whether plaintiffs have established a custom 1 which covers their claims. I have already remarked 1 that the party who sues for commissions must uot only I have rendered services, but must do so at the request of fl the other party, or give proofs that his services were H afterwards recognized. l'o maintain his action, it ib ah- H solutely necessary that employment must be proved, | either by stipulation or recognition. If you are of I opinion, from the evidence, that a custom has been I proved, and that they rendered the services, then you " ought to find for the plaintiffs : if not, then your verdict should bo for the defendant. Verdict for uefeudant For plaintiff, Mr. E. benedict; for defendant, Mr. Cutting. United States Commissioner's Office.?Before Commissioner Morton.?Charge of Issautt with a Dangerous Weapon.? Hubert Law. second mate of the Ante ricnu Hiup i anar, was arrested yesterday. on u charge of having assaulted James Bail, one of the crew. Iiy striking him on the head with a stlok of wood. The case stands over for uxauiination. lu the Superior Court, the cause of Adams against the Ocean Insurance company, was called on. which is au action on a policy of Insurance. The cause was tried twire before. Corst of General Sejjioks?April 21.?Our reporter In Wednesday's paper made an egregious blunder lu the case of Patrisk Mc.Vlanus, convicting him without the consent of judge or jury. Court Calendar Tiiis Day.?Superior Court?13,18, 123, 103. 5, 60. 24, 41, 23, 61. 85. 87, 76. 12, 36, 30, 42, 43, 44, 10, 49. 04. 208, 00. 19, 106,29,100. 106.116. 109.59.82,,39,68,63,74.111, 122, 31. Common Pltus?'H, 27, 28, 32. 33. 34,36. 38.39, to 40. Miscellaneous. The main building of the Bellamy Print Works, at Dover. N.H., owned by Benjamin Poor, was entirely destroyed by tire,on Saturday afternoon last. Insurance on the works $6,500, fully sufficient to cover the loss. The Qrst Invoice^of goods arrived at Cleveland, from Buffalo, on the loth. The wheat crops in the neighborhood of Cambridge. Md., ore said to look very promising, and an abundant harvest is expected. Rev. Charles Robinson, of Lenox. Mass.. for 16 years a missionary at Siain. died on the passage home?whitli he undertook on account of bis health?ou board the hark Draco, of New Bedford, when one week from St. Helena. His widow and four children have arrived la New Bedford, in the Draco. A beautiful picture of the Virgin Mary has lately arrived in Natchez, apresentfrom the King of France to the Right Rev. Bishop Chase (of Nncbez.) It is said to he a muster-piece. Major Taylor. U. 8. Agent for the preservation of the timber on the public lands, has made several seizures recently. Last week he returned from Garey's Ferry.J where ho has seized about 00.000 feet of ranging timber J which was cut from public lands ?St. .tugiufi'/ie Heralil, ' Jlpril 0. The Green Bay land nflice was opened for business on the 8th. The Fox river on the 8th was nearly free from ice and was expected to be uavigable in a weok. A steamer, the Experiment, is to run duriug the coining season Mween Buffalo and Port Dover, ('. AV. A wealthy planter in Lowndes county. Ala., Mr. Morgan Smith, called his negroes (about 100 in number) together. r? short time Bince. and told them of the distressed condition of the Irish poor, whoa the slaves immediately raised a subscription among themselves, amounting to $oO, which was duly applied. A grain store at Lansingburgh, owned by C. P. Ivos, and containing about 1)2,000 bushels of grain, consisting of corn. rye. oats and hay, gave way on Saturday morning last, and about two-thirds of the building fell, and is liow a mass of ruins. The grain was liougbt on rnmutis sion by McKarlaud U Co.,and owned by Johnson & Hons, New Vnrk. Loss estimated at 400 bushels, j A fall of aerolites lately took place in the neighborhood of l)ubiu|U c, Iowa. In one instance, a large stone, some six feet in diameter, and resembling a mass of sulphur, in its descent went through a large tree, crushing it to atoms, and entered the earth to the depth of about 12 feet, whence it was afterwards recovered by those who\ saw it fall. There was a destructive storm in Mason county, K v oil the night of the 12th inst. The houses were unroofed, barns blown down,aud much other damage done. John C. Ilolden.of Booue county, Ky.. committed sni- ' cide last week, liy cutting his throat with a razor. The residence "of the late Judge Jeremiah Townley, oi Annapolis, Md., was consumed by lire on Tuesday morning last. Travelling nnri Dremliig Ciuti, vvlimr inpi" liorily consists in their extreme porta bili t., while, byajudi cioua arrangement, the articles contained ill them are ofsutfi cieut and convenient size for n?e?this, together with the al> HK* of al] useless contrivances, renders them the ehe?| i i ami most compact articles of the kind maniifnctiired. O. SAUNDERS 8c SON, 177 Broadway, op|>osite Howard Hotel. Metallic Tablet Razor Stroj?._Tlie aubacrlhers would call the attention of stiangers and the public t< , I heir assortment of the above, beyond cavil the best articlr manufactured. O. SAUNDERS 8c SON, 177 Broadway, a lew doors above Court! unit st. Kmslilonnhic lint*. John N. Renin, No. 411 Broadway, justly celebrated among fashionable gentlemen a the ti ue eoniioiseiir in finishing hats, invites those who hav* not already Use spring style, to call and KatlC. Ills silk bat? are the most superb ever offered the public. Advice to Hat Wearers.?Never Buy a hat unless the brim suits your form and coiiuteiiauce, for on that drpends its beauty mill elegance. An experienced litter is always in at tendance, at < renin's, who w ill .lint sell a hat unless it suits the form and size of the purchaser. This is the reason of the popu larity and preference manifested for his hats; it is this that has canard them to be enrolled as the ne pins ultra of hats. mill farther Redaction.?Diamond Pointed Hold Pens.?J. Y. Savage, sells a gold pen for 7.7 cent! Also a magnificent pen lor $2, w hich is the best and cheapes pen in the city. Points warranted. The trade supplied on thi best terms. Don't mistake the number, 92 Fulton street, Piano Fortes and Mualc, at A twill's, No. '401 Broadway.?The musical world is invited to examine tin very valuable assortment of superior finished piano fortes for sale from the long established factory of Nduns St r lecher of various styles of furniture, with tne /F.olian attachment harp stops, etc.. etc., of rose wood, mahogany, and black wal nut, w itli 6, C3x, and 7 octaves. Also, second hand piano bote of different makers, piano benches, music stands, etc. utr; The stock of standard and new music is very large, emliraeio all the popular music published in the country, as well as net innsic publishing dally. Instruction books and exercises i t endless variety. Orders attended to with care ami despatchei I, y AT WILL, Music Saloon, 201 Broadway, near St. Paul's Church. Hold Prna 78 Cent* Only, Silver Pencil Case included?J. W. Oreaton 8c Co., 71 Cedar street, keep J large a id well selected stock of Hold Pens of every* detent], lion, from a common article at 75 cents up pa Levi Brown's ct i lebrated premium I'en.andare rearly }o supply the wholesal j or retail trade on better terms than can be found at am otbel establishment. fJeuniiie Albert (7. Bagley Pens SI 75onlyjj wiili silver Pen and Pencil Case. Persons buying to sell agaii' will find it', their interest to riatniiie their stock before p'trji clnsing elsewhere^ .7. H. Llglithmly's Printing Ink Mnnnrnrtory No 28 Hose street,(Old Siigir House ) corner of Diisnr, Ne?( York Furs Fi ;e Car, b Ill.I, ....W..I I I..I . if n superior quality, for suie mu the most reasons id r terms VII orders will lit* |>r<nni>lly attended to from any part of tin Statu. 2w MONEY MARKET. VVctliKMlny, April '2I_B P.M. The telegraphic accounts from Boston. of the now brought by the Cambria, wore ao imperfect. that on markets this morning worn completely unsettled. ant there iva? very little disposition to operate Stork' were heavy, an d prices drooping. Somo of the fnnrie fell off a fraction, but reeovcrtiil at the second board. When our paper* from Boston catne to hand, it wa too late for any influence upon the market, consequently wo have no effect to report. We hnve given the mar! kefs in full In our column*, to which we refer thost Interested The commercial accounts arc highly inter rstlng and important, and inuat produce a greet *enra tion in every part of the country. The Mechanics Bank has declared a dividend of foUt per cent, payable on the 1st of May The Merchant* insurance Company of Boston hnV< declared a semi-annual dividend of 10 percent, payab1 < on demand. Application will be made to the legislature of Conner ticut at the next session, for a charter for a company t< | 4 . - ?

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