Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1847 Page 1
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r???????n^? ?? TH] Vol. XIII. Wo. 113?Wliole No. 4710. THE NEW YORK IIEKALU ESTABLISHMENT, Noitii-went corner of Fulton and Nojuaa Ota. JAMES GORDON BEMHETTrPROPRIETOR. CIRCULATION?FORTY THOUSAND. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price 2 ceatf per copy?41 | 2ij>?r .in mm?ray. lilt- in advance. WEEKLY Vl KHALI.)?Every Saturday?Price cenu I I *r r.o??y?$j 12)+ r?uU |??rr annum?nayuble in advance. ilij-K \1J> KOR K.L'ItOPK?Kvrry Htrirn Packet day? rnr* t?1.. crnf.s in?r cony?$3 pfr annum, payable in advance. HOLiUAV llKRALD?Pui>li?hed on the Ut of January and 1st of July of each year?single copiea aiipenre each. AUV?iirisKM??W. at the usual prices?always cash io advance. Advcrti-i-mei^s should lie written in a i>1?iii, legible manner. The Proprietor will not be responsible for errors tint may occur in them. 1 HINTING of all kinds executed beautitully and with despatch. All lettera or communications by mail, addressed to the 'st iMishment, must be post paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription uionev remitted. J, U. H. MAlllNtS WA.N'1'KU. u g jil Mb. if nnTlfr\:aninr coups flF The united sTTTEs, or that branch of the military service furuisliiuK soldiers for the different iwvul stations and vessels of war, having been increased by act of Congress, approved ad March, 10-17, by the addition ef SO Sergeants, 30 Cor|>ornls, 30 Drummers, 30 biters, and I,ftOO P'ivates. A rendezvous for the enlistment of recruits is now opened at No. 3* Chatham street, near the Harlem rnilroad depot and Taoimuuy II ill, where respectable youeg men desiring to enter a service which will afford them au opportunity of seeing for n.i] countries, are invited to call. 1'revious to euliiting it ia the Hur. of lire recruiting officer to explain fully the terms upon which thev enter the service. Opto .roui 9 A. M. to sunset. JOHN GEO. REYNOLDS, Curtain Commuidinit, Recruiting Rendezvous. Two dollars premium will be given to any soldier orcitizen. who will bring to the rendezvous, an acceptable or elficleu recruit. al lin'rc JMUNUE73 L1NNKAN HOTANIU GARDEN AM) NURSERIES. vaj W.M. R. PRINCE St CO. Successor, of William siPriner, and sole Proprietors of his immense collection aiknal' 'frees and Plants. i -union? We have no other Agents in the city but Clarke Ik Austin, S0.'i Broadway, where our new Catalogues mty he obtained gruis. . ? a23 3t*r HOARDING.?A suit of rooms, or more, now vaHIjJ CS1.'C he had, by a gentleman and lady, and oue for pm?,a single geutliman, anil on or before the 1st of May.? 1 low or four desirable rooms maybe had, and now engaged, at a lair and nandeiatr price, ill a c|Uictand retired street, near to Hudsoufand Dleecker streets, kor terms, Sic., apply at No. 30 Commerce street. N. B.?The present occupant does not move on the 1st of Mav. a23 31 Hi ApJL TO LET, in Hammond street; near Eaetory. an rii..lTj csllsnt tliree storv family House, wit(> marble mantels, Je'ASLbatli room, Ike. Rent $175. Apply to ... to erS.f VY8K. be SONS, 172 Pearl at. s&dL LARGE ROOM. 252 Broadway, opposite ihe Park, 1uj?T iii rhe Parthenon to let, helug 2.5 by 91 leet?suitable for v Pistol (iallrry or Drill room for ritle comiwnit-s or fl'r (.? . ;"r'ln\v?' Society er Club IIoilm. s223t#r t 'lO LET, IN 11 It O AD WAY, a line second floor, coed location for business. Also, a third floor, partly furnished, for single gentlemen. Apply at S9i Broadway lira). ______ _ 3t*rc COTTAGE TO LET. MA NFAV handsome Cottage to let on Oxford street, Hroooklyn, lLq miles from the Ferries, nosr the rcaideure of Dr. Cox. It has nursery, kitchen and serranta' rooms on lha basement floor; two parlors, library and dining h. II oil the first story; four large bed rooms on the second lleor. Siv nildirioual lots adjoining, with stable, can be had if desired. Omnibuses run constantly to the Ferries. Kent $300. Also?A residence at Redford, 2^ milesjl'rom the Ferries, will he rented with or without furniture, fur four mouths.? The house has ten rooms. There is a coach house, stable for four hnr?se, pasture for cow, Stc Kent for 4 mouths S2JU.? Apply to MOSES MAYNARD, Jr , at the L. I. Railroad office, 42 William St., Merchants' Exchange. a22 2w 111 STATEN ISLAND. MFOR SALE at.Clifton, several sites for gentlemen's residences, of varied advantages, with and without water view?with and without trees?some commanding ttie - i hathiug, front westerly, and near the Light House at the .Narrows AI?o, a superior Cottage Residence, delightfully situated, and highly improved. Apply to LEWIS LYMAN, Clifton, or to a22 3ti? *itc GEO. B. ROLLINS, 27 Wall street. "yjfl W NTEI1.-A Ft UNISilED HOUSE. The lady Hflff w 'f w ishesit can promise that good care shall be taken "f* of it, she having no children. A line through the Post Gince, addressed to Y. X. U., will meet with immediate attention. _ ?2I 4t*rrc M TO LET?A 1 nige brick store, with cellar under, anil hnl'ihcttd in front if wanted. No. 341 West street. Enquire on the preiniscn, up-stain. ap21 Jt*r f siTlHES ON THE ttl'H AND STH AVENUES TO LET.?No. Ci Eighth avenue, between 13th and | lUliitrcets. 142 G eenwich avenue, near the 8th aveuue. No. isn S.tth aveuue, between 12th and 13th streets. The dwelling part of each house, which is three stories in Sight, iv iih inarlile mauiies and sliding doors, w ill he rented leimmely if rrquired. O. II. WINTER. a2tl lw*r 31 Wsll street. | jgMV. 1 lir.Ni, Iroui tlie 1st ol .vlay next, the House and f ? fto,1-. Breadway. next to Stewart It Co'* building .--J?n3L Alto The Houses ami Store* Nos. 63, 67 and 66 Chambers 'ran, near Broadway. 4)i|i|r to PHILIP Bl.'KROWES, 44 Wall street, or to A.T. STEWART It CO, aplS tfrrc cor. Broadway and Reade street. TQ"LKT) MA HOW of neat new two itory f ottaee Home*, now finished, well calculated for respectable families, ?ituaieil on tlie north tide of 40th street, between Broadway and 6th avenue. The stage* pass regularly from 7 A. A!,, until 7 o'clock in the evening, every 411 minutes, for 614 cent* , end after the tint of May, every St) minutes. Rooms as follows: I baeeine ,ts, 2 | union, with sliding doors, and hard finished w 'li. 2d story, 2 rooms and 2 beurtmuis. Good dry cellars, llent $1*0. Apply on the premises. spll-lm'c WM. K. PENDLETON. Agent. FOR .SALE, awA A FARM offifty-two acres, must delightifully situated i jTW about five miles from Kliznliethtown, N. J., comprising * mi - luudsoine commodinos Dwelling House, fitted with nmiliie mantels, and every convenience for a respectable family: the whole, including gard-ier's house, barns, ice house, and ; other buildings, in a substantial state of repair; the orchard cou- j tai is twenty acres of choice fruit tree*. The esay accues from New Yofk, either by the various cars I from lervey < ,ty, or the lerry to Klir.ahethport, whence a rail i r<e l trnu runs within a hundred yard* of the house, rendrrs j tula property n-ry v/ln.ible to thole doing husiness in this ' city. Tlie greater part of the purchase money can remain for 1 thine year* on bonu and mortgage, at five per cent. VYHK k SONS. 172 Pearl it. Aim for vile, a dwclliug house, No. 361 Washington street mlt lm*rh FOK. trALli. I / a A THREE STORY HOUSE on 23d street, between | >j-;f tli? Jd and 3<1 Avenues. It is well finished, and replete . .JL-L w ith the Isio.1 improvements, including kitchen range, sma, cold and warm hatha, water closets, kc., Italian marble mantels tbroughour the house; a court y ard ot fifteen feet in frout, with reruailah and French windows. The house is one of ' row of six homes on the south side of the street. For further particulate apply to V V'RE k SONS, alglin'rh 172 Pearl street. frpi TO LET.?'i he store of house S3 Dey stieet; it is SO feet deep, and would be a good location for a wholesale JigClLcrocery store. Also, the second tloor ofliouse 66 Berkman stii-M. consisting of three rooms and pantries,with two bed rooms in attic, and a kitchen with Croton water end kitchen ange in it. Kcut S274. Erniuire of A. GILHOGLY k SON, n';l hn'r 78 N ass's a street. JmK ST AT EN ISLAND COTTAGES TO LET OR |r<"n LEASE?Three Cottages situ tied on Castleloii Heights, J'.'ASL esr t *po di Monte, Si.iten Island, surrounded by line line.,! trees, anu commanding an unsurpassed view of the city, tho lliy and its islands, and the Ocean, while the access is cisy, 'lie distance to each furry lining less than a mile. l iny contain ax follow4, viz :? I! ^ rtclle?A in. lor, dining room and 3 bedrooms. Crow's Nest?A parlor, dining room, library, t bedroom*, and a servauts' room*?atuclied c irriaRt house witli stable for 4 horses, (> ik I,n'id?2 p rion, large dining room, 13 bedrooms, Intbraom, hiiI 1 si rraliu' rooms?attached carriage house, with stable for i hoiins. _ Then- Cottages enjoy in common the use of 17 acres of beiutifnl woodland, enclosed, and in the midst of which they are erected. Apply to Madame ORYMLS, at her residence, Capo Hi limits. _______ I1" *awlm*r . iir..- ri,i;" i.a-.Ti itt>a 10 OF. NTLEMKN. in want of tiles for country Rd^St'cata. To market gardeners in want of bind for gardens, +4tmy. ind to ill persons wishing* locatiou in the neiichtiorhooi! of New York:? , SUA teres of land in the town of \> eitchester, within nine ni:b s of the Cm II ill. with the right of passing orer Harlem IMdgc f e of toll, are newv . If a red stpr irate sale, in lots eontain 10.: from i to 30 n'Wi each Tlie land* are within 13 win i;es walk of the railroads fronton good roads; are in the neigitb -rliood of sehools unit chnrches id' different denominations; ilie water is Rood and location healthy. Title indisputable. Terms moderate. ^ MORRIS. Morri'iana, Westchester co,, or to WALTER RUTHERFORD. 79 Nassau sU, N. Y. rn70 1m*re ________________ MILLS. HATTER, r * Offers a II it for $3 30, erpi il to any sold elsewhere for f.V ii hi* |wrl!-kriown estHblithmeot, IT8 Broftdwav, Fioward II>iH ; ami hiving determintd to purine the nimble mipfdCf principle in the sale of Hr(?, ha* uow completed hit ?rr?? ge?nenti to supply any demand GfutUme t Uavinx their orders may ha?e a hat made in any style to stiii their own Ustr in three hours, or I MA, it' almulult| V nectsSsUy. MlAne t| erieuced thaper alwaya in attendance, that every hat I insy he need lo the head, and rest upon it to the perfect eaae ol the wen er. This being an important point, particular attenHon will be given to it. a2.i 2w * r ~U.\b HIIOK MAT S'i'Ultfc. r* JjPRINfJ FASHIONS FOR HATS AND CArsJs?HROVV,N it CO will introduce, on Saturday, April 3d, the new Mj'le of Caps for children and hoys; also, the new style of Hits for gentlemen, price S3. ill the m Iiiufactnra of vouch they lure made such Mini improvements as will pi,cc them in close competition with the moat coatly. The public are invited to call at 178 Chatham Square, where f is lion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adorn lb" ! " d. _ hJ lm*r \ HOW I'O .VIAK hi MONEY.?The asiom that "money jg^-. snvi d is money made," is almost ai old as the invention of money itself; but the principle of selliitR a five dollar HAT p., Roar d. liars and fifty cents, was first established and is now practised bv Robertson, at the I'lienii Hat Manufactory, TO r at: .a at., N. Y., and 03 Fulton at, Brooklyn. This simple , aieincnt we believe will suffice to make known one way " bow to make in of v. alOJin'rh H ATW, ?I'H I N(; STYLE. n\ 11 A NT V, No. <M t anal afreet and No. 130 Chatham at, ^'"1 M ib'skin and Nutria Fur Hats at *3, and only ehaer.a !-> Ii.s first oPelit* Moleskin and fi.,e Nutria IlaU.Ih III- in1 ' i'd do ole llata at %2 V) having the appear a,i if' if 1 u; b ivr priced lull t leiilleinei wishing to i*ci ai. . .this t id.?pe laahle article ofdriwithout saC11lice of contort or ap|icaraiice, will please em. him a call.? Also, a ?eneral aasortmentor caps of various kinds at ieduced prices all lni?? E NE N THE LADIES' CONGRESS BOUT. bP. LABO YTKAUX, 641 Broadway, de-ore* to in* i form liia numerous anil laahionable lauy patron*, that w hi- ha* mailt- arrant!f me ill* for the ri^lit to manufacture the elegant clu'JC walking Boot, now ?o fa?liioiiahle in the hittheat circle* in Engl md ami Krance. '11m- tecum improvement in ilia rla**ic >tufT will enable hiiu to make hi* Loot* ami liiL'li (hoe* wilh all the elegance peculiar to hi* *t> U of work, auu yet without the Uouhle of lacing*. Tin* ino?l valuable invention remove* all the confined prc? ure from the arch of the foot, while at the aanie tune it nlforil* an elavtric apriug iu walking which cannot he appreciated without a trial. *14 litl'iSPRING STOCK OK BOOTS A Nl) SHOES. SMITH St UISU-iY. - TAKE THIS MKTilOD nl informing their cititoniera fWHnd purcliaaer* in general, of their citeiiaive. and well ?elalected uiortQif nt of Ladie*,' Mi?se*'and Children'* Gai* JA ten. Buakin*. Slipper*, Stc., of their own manufacture, ami a large *tock of I'cg Bout*, Shoe* and IJrogani, aeleeted wiui great care. :uiu | uruiasen lor lm.Ii, which will enable them to well r,t the very low cut prices. N. B.?Store will be open until ten o'clock in the evening, Kiviiiij Country Merchants an opportunity to examine their tock when nut otherwise eugageil. SMITH St R1SLEY, 112 I hatham St., directly opposite the < 'hatham Theatre. m27 lm*rh L. WAI-.SH & CO., J FRENCH BOOT mid Shoe Makers, No. 6 Ann street, uear the Museum, New York. Fiue Freuch Boots $:t i't, French Imperial Dress Boots made to order $1 usually sold lor $(i 30. I'.itcnt Leather Bouts, Shoes, Gaiters and ^ jiers'Constantly on linnd and innde to order at the shortest notice. Regiairiug, 8tc., done in the store, Quick sales and small prcflfc is our motto. No. 6 Ann street, New York. bM lm*rc 1,( ) "K AT THIS. JT'HT RECEIVED, a large lot of Gentlemen's French Boots, the best and handsomest ever in this city and will he sold at the low price of$S. Also all kinih of Gentlemen's Outers and Patent Leather Shoes, and all tin different kinds of Boots and Shoes. Ladies, you will find ii; this store a great variety of Gaiter Boots, Slippers, Buskins Ties, House Slippers, white and black satin do, white Kid do and all other kinds anil, Misses' and Children's Boots am Shoes, Boys' Boots, tsailers. Shoes anil Slippers of nil th? various kinds; all of w hicli will be sold cheap, at 367 Broad way, corner ill Fianklin street. M. CAHlLL N. B. Country merchants supplied by the package or dozen api I m * r Lkssoxs on tiii; piano foktit _.^q>-rt'ierT?MISS C. M'KMYSS can now accommo i i '1"" ihree or four more pu|>ils, if immediate ap IiTm|P''cm'0" al her house. No. 347 Stxu I I 3P X I street, between Avenues C and D. Will have no objection, if desirable, to attend her pupils Ri their own residence. Terms?Twelve Lessons for Fire Dollars, or Fifteen Do! (ars per Quarter?tlirer lessons each week. al3 Im'rc Bifi l>.-\ BIRDS, BIRDS. FOR SALE, a few eery superior Mocking Birds? also some very fine South Cnruliua Red Birds; likcivist Canaries in full song and plumage perfect. Apply al rSvii U Lispenard st, basement. alb fit*C URKAT ATTRACTION. Archey at Home, No. 5 John Street. A. GRIEVE begs to acouaint hia friends and patrons ^Tlkll l,l..,..nil,.,. .( iv?- ic -i. n ^Jfc/atier a resilience!f seven mouth* at Audrosberg, nnd 725-tthe other mo?t celebrated district* of Germany. H? has been enabled to collect the beat aelection of singing and fuicy birds he has ever offered; alio an unusual variety of rare and fancy birds from all part* of lite world, selected witli ureal trouble, without regard to cost. N. B.?Fancy dogs, Shetland ironies, Chinese, silver, and English pheasants, swans, and every variety of barn-dooi (Tfwls; fancy and breeding cages, bird seeds, kc. A treatise or the management of breeding and raising Canaries, Ike. P. S.?Letters post-paid will at all tunes maet with prontp1 attention from A. GRIEVE, ni21lm*rrc No.5 John street, N. Y. FIVI* DOLLARS REWARD will b^jtiven foi the delivery, at No. 14 Barclay street, of a Ulacl Newfoundland Dog, with a white spot on the brcas and a leather strap around the neck, and answering to the uaint of "Tally raud," which dog disappeared from the above num ber during the night of the 18th inst *22 3t*rc " FOR SALK, A GOOD PAIR OK BAT HOR8F.8, r*rfectll ' "I ' and well broken. To be seen at the stable it ' ' s a the rear of St. John's Church, St. Jolut's Alley. alO 2w?rc mm. NOTICE.?fiie Steamboat NlAGAR V ^?f the Troy and Albany Day Line, Iraves on HSMMBlta Saturday Morning, at Half-|>ast Six o clock. >22 * rrc NtW YORK, ALBANY~AND~TROY LINE KOR ALBANY AND TROV direct, from r ^ tlie foot of Coartlandt street. Thelownrrs SSfiBHBcsure steamboat EMPIRE, Capt.K. B. Maey at 6 o'clock. Regular Days, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 0T/~~ Passengers taking these Boats will arrive in time to takt the morning'i rain of Cars from Troy West to Buffalo, am! north to Saratoga and Lake George. (Tv For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the offict on trie wharf. Steamboat COLUMBIA. Captain Wm. W. Tupper, Mon days, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 6 I'. M. a20 r AFTERNOON LINK. I >A I LYl Ma.. FOR NEWBURG1I AND FISHKILL C. jv-AIL .. i Landing at Vail Cortland's, (Peekskill,) Wvs WHIb Point, Cold Spring aud Coniwall. The Steam er Thomas Powell, Copt. Saml. Johnson, will leave the pie foot of Warren street, for the above placrs, every aflenioot (Sundays esaepted,) at 4 o'clock, commencing April 10. Re urniug?will leav* Newhurgh every morning at 7 o'clock. N. B.?All Baggage and Freight of every description, Banl Bills or specie, put on board ol this boat, must be at the risk o the owner thareof unless entered on the books of the boat or re eeipted for. apfrlm'r CITIZEN'S NEW DAY LINE OF OPPOSITION BOATS FOR ALBANY' AND INTERMEDIATE PLACES. Fare $1?Breakfast and Dinner on Board. 'rheuewand elegant Steamer METAMO Caiit. T. S. Knight, Mondays, Wednos ScawMkday s, and Fridays, at hair-past six, A. M , from the pier Toot of Warreu street, touching at Hammond streel pier. The new and elegant Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS, Oapt. A. Degroot, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at hall-past lix, A. M.( from the pier foot of Warren atreet, touching at Hammond street pier. For passage or Irieght, apply on board the Boats, nr to Geo Dol>aon,at the office, 126 Warren street, comer of \Veit strret Ov*" All persnnsart forbid trusting the above boata on ac count of the owners. a7 r m?. THE Proprietors of Steamboats Bells hung, would .1? well to pay a visit oil JSmmSHIb hoard the steamboats Governor, Thomas Powell, Roger Williams, Utica, Palmetto, Princeton, Mountaineer, Iron WitCn, Uataline, Stc., and examine II. HOMra's improved style of Bell Hanging, expressly adapted for Steamboats. Put up neat and strong, and warranted lor one year, by H. II.. No. < Ann street. m28 lm*r N OTIC K. Msk STATEN ISLAND FERRY.?On ami P afii-r SUNDAY, April 10th. the steamboats itedyiBBls SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will run as follows, until further notice :? LEAVE STATE* lll.AXO * At e, I, 9, in, II, A. M., and 1, 2, 3, 4, J, 0, T, P. M. LEAVE MEW TORE At 7, 9, 10, 11, A. M., and I, 2, ten minutes past 3, and at 4, 3 6, 7, o'clock, P. M. New York April 13th. _ siS r just^^^Tshed TilK KliDGK-ANCHOR : OR, YOUNG SAILORS' ASSISTANT, fly William JiraHy, S. Af., 17. S. N. THIS WORK, AS ITS TITLE IMPORTS, is designed aa an aasiatant for the roting Sailor through the rnrifills branches r?f hifl Pllitnns t,e?r?..;nn 1* ?n.l?i.,a rv >A> r.. I instruction! in every department of seamanship, with tin pic directions, which will impart to the young officer a great (leal of valuable information in the duties of his profession, and enable him to act in thu most judicious manner in many trying emergencies. In addition to many inggettiona, which will prove valuable to every grade of containa more thorough (leafriplions of the various articles belonging to the various elaaact o vessels, than any other work ever published in this country; and is smbellished with over seventy engravings in illuatrntiou of the subjects treated of in its pages. The work is furuivhed with over one hundred pages of tables, which arc valuable, not only to the seafaring man, but to all who are in any way interested in maritime pursuits. The entire work i* conl uued in a volume of 430 pages, octavo, stereotype edition. It it printed ou line pajier. and bound in handsome style. f or sale by H. L Shaw, No.22V Water street, New Vorls; also, at the Sailors' Home, ( apt. Hichardson; also, at the- Seaman s Friends Society, No. 83 Wall sliest; at Goin, I'oole and I'eiit7.'s Shipping Ollice, No. 39 Burling Slip; and at most of (lie Nuutic il St, mil Stationers. New VoiK. iWlvv'r ' o EaN stea.m navigation company! U. S. .MAIL I.INF. TO COWF.S, AND SOUTHAMPTON. AND BRF/MKN f",Til F. splendid new steamship WASHINGTON, ~7 f\ I: ?v?* 17J0tons biirtlieu, Frederick llewitt, Commander, viggiaa ' * ? will start from New York on the 1st June nest, carrying the United Slates Mail. she will touch at ( 'ow es anil Southampton to land passengers and freight, and deliver the mails lor Kngland, F'ranee and Belgium, and will then proceed to ilremerhaven. The Washington is built in the strongest manner,with a view to being convened into a ship of war. and suliject at any timo to inspection by officers appointed by the President, both during and after construction. She has two engines of ICK1 horse power each, and accommodations for HO iirst class air' It second class nssseiigsis. Passage from New V ork to Southampton, or to BremenFirstclaes $l?0 Second class 0(1 Passage from Bremen or Southampton to New York. F irst class $130 Stroud class CO She will carry about 300 tons freight, which will be charged according to the nature of the goods offering. All Inters must past through the post oflue, Parcels, lor which bills of (ailing will be signsd, will be taken at $3 each. For passage or freight, nunlv u nnuni ? I 11,- ,.(Kre ..(' rl.e Ocean Strain Nat Ration ('nmpany at 41 Broad street, and alirr 1st May to No. 44 William street. Agents at Southampton?DA Y, < ROSK F.Y Ac ROSS Bremen?C. A. 1IMNLKKN Ic l U. Harre?WILLIAM IBKLIN. Tlie lrcond steamer ol tlir line is in due ronrse of eonatrnclinn, and w ill Ise in readiness in the ensuing fall. a2l I in r FOR CHARLK8TON~R C.-The Steam J 8h'P SOUTIIKUNKR, ('amain IM. Berry, will s-?'?Wt leate the east side of Perk Slip on Saturday, the 24th inst., at 4 o'clock, P. M Freight will he receiecil this day. No herlh secured until paid for. No fieigi't eice|d specie rereieed on the day of departure. St>erie teill he rereieed until 12 o'clock on Saturday. All lolls af lading signed by the clerk on board. For freight V?LE8TON Ac Co., a22 3t rrr No 119 Water street, lint- I'M h KTS Kill II A V It K?Second Line.?The packet ship UTICA, Captain D. B. Swan, will sail ttffifr "? the 1st of May. KorB,(r)e^,?r/^^^JI^ly ,0 ttl lomlrc No r,8 Wall street, tai- NOTICR.--AII persons are hereby eantioned wWmFW against trusting any of the Crew of the British Slop .JffifilicUHHLAMACIinKK. as neither the captain or oousignees will be accountable tor any debts of their coniractI'KIISSK Ac BROOKS. a2:i i 2? NEW I.INK OF CAt Kl.TiCfil AND FROM NRfflFV LIVFRPOOL?The splendid and fast sailing MMMBp packet ship LI V LB POOL, 1290 tons burthen, will MiMrmnNew V'ork on the '16th of April, and from Liverpool on the 6th June. % _ V>r?ott* winhing to seenre berth* to proceed to Europe, or thorn* winhing to send for their friend*, c oi make the nerriiMiry nrr*i?gemenfi? ?nd hi?e them brought out in thin magnificent packet on liberal term*, by ai)i?lylug to W k J. T. TAMCOTT,* South st. Id door attdtre bslow Burling slip. 'I W YO EW YORK, SATURDAY ] PB.oan.ziss or tbb war. INTERESTING DESPATCHES. DETAILS OF THE ACHIEVEMENTS OP T1IF AMERICAN ARMS IN MEXICO. iVi'. air. Ac. TUB CAPTl'UB OP AI.VAltADO. Anton I.izaudo, April 4. 1847. Tliu litlU steamer Scourge, Lieut Com. C. (J. Hunter, has had u aliort and glorious cruise. She has done mure in oue week tliuu tliu whole s juadrou during the war On the 29th ult. tdiu arrived off Sacriflclos. Without anchoring. the was ordered hy Com. Terry to proceed and blockade Alvarado. until his arrival. She arrived off that port in the evening, aud tired duveral shot at the fort. Com. Hunter then manned his boats with picked crews, with the Intention of cutting out vctwula. taking forts Stc. 5u'. (.'apt. II. wastogo in oue ; Lieut. Blccckur lu another, and Lieut. Murin in the third ; but nbout midnight the winl freshened, with a heavy dwell, and they were obliged to abandon tlio onterprizo for that i nigiit. 1 I'.arly in the morning she flrcd a shot at the fort, and i stood in t >wards the bur; shortly after a boat was soon coining ft out tile shore, displaying a flag of truce. ' It contained the Captain of the Port, who had conic to ' surrender the town to the Scourge. Ho stated that the military had deserted the place, and that the S could enter tile river, which she did, and unoliorcd off the city. Lieut. Marin, who . -peaks Spanish remarkably well, was immediately despatched ashore to demand of the authorities the unconditional surrender in hirty minutes, of ' the city, forts, he.. Stc. This was complied with, when j Passed Midshipman Temple, with tlvo men, landed to take possession of the place, t The Scuurge then stood up tho river, raptured four schooners, one of which was burned, another abaudoned as worthless, and the remuiuing were safely taken down in? -i?? ri... u ? _Y"i?? ? 1 ? . uu w. .... u uv ? A. Ji., Itlicuunm (III Kla-co-Tolpaui. which contain* about *even thousand inhabitant* l.iuut. Marin was immediately sent niihore; hu demanded tiio eurreudcr of the place on the same teruiN that were given to Aivarado. lie wuh compelled to roiiHo the Alcalde from hi* bed. made hint atummble the Junta, and gavo him the thirty minute*. All wa* complied with, and tile place regularly aurremlnred. i The Scourge then got under wuy, aud stood down the , river for Aivarado. She spoke the Spitfire, which had been Rout up after her. The gallant ofllcor* ami crew | ot the Scourge were thou iuformed that (leu. Quitman. , with 3,600 men. and Commodore I'orry. with a squadron of thirteen sail, had arrived at Aivarado. All thought that the Scourge had been captured; and thoy were in I roar* of laughter, when Passed Midshipman Temple do' llvored up the command of tho place to Commodore 1 Perry; the Passed Midshipman having only five men to t garrison the city and eeven forte. The Commodoro took all tho squudrou up to Khi-Co-Talpara, and then returned to Aivarado, aud suspended C aptain Hunter \ from duty, [t THE BATTLE op LOS ANOEI.OS, ETC. City ok thi: Amocli, CAt.iron.viA, ) Jan JO, Id 17. ) Want of conveyance ha* prevented my communications being forwarded to you for three or four month* 1 oast. I have nut seen a flrrnl.l far ?l* mnnthu I some you huvo beard of the defeat of Captain Mervlnc, of the navy, who had to rotiro on board the Sun I'edro. > I huvo the happiness to inform you that the honor of our liag has been retrieved by the 8tli (a Jackson day) on the banks of Wic Rio San (iubriel, and on the 9th on ' Urn plains lie la Mesa, where Com. Stockton showed the Californiaus that he was again in the tleld; and they saw that they, tho best of horsemen, on the fleetest horses, could not stop his progress through their country. ' I have neither time nor languago to do justice to the > Commodore. The incidents of this week are full of in. tcrcst. In the murch of our forces, on foot, 160 miles, to this place, thuy hud every difficulty to ovorcome. Tho artillery was three times iiiilimbcr<4l by the artlllciy t officer, to tiro befere the river was forded, and as muuy t times the Commodore ordered not a shot to be fired until (he river was passed, lie jumped from his horse, ut a ' uiomeut ths guns were stopped in the middle of the | river, seizing hold himself, with one of his bursts of entliusiusin, which thrilled every beurt. uud sent the object i of his solicitude onward with cheers. f The commander of the enemy sent a flag, with two commissioners, to maku a treaty. The only answer returned was. that the deluded men forced into tint field i should be pardoned; but no others. 1 have not before this had the opportunity, nor have I ll.n.ln 4U ...... .1^1. .V.uiuni. ;vu, >u? inn union's runr III ini.1 city, soon after Commodore Stockton left it for Montu[ rey, in September, l'bey did so, however, and again hud t the command in the city. In October they tired the roof of a farm house, where about twenty Americans, under .Mr. Wilson, were defending themselves, and took them prisloners. They also took from their families Messrs A. M.Thompson. Daniel Hill, Thoinas I'ark, Thos. KobblDs, and marched one hundred and twenty miles to this place, and discharged them ; marched them back ; and In December, as Col. Fremont was approaching the town of Santa Barbara, again brought them here, near Monterey, on a journey to Han Francisco. They took from his bed Thomas O. I.arkin. U. H < onsul. and by violent marches, hurried him to this city For thirty to forty days these Americans were imprisoned, but well treated, and closely guarded. Mr. I.arkin received from the inhabitants and -olfleers fruits, clothes, money und furniture, and food sufficient for a dozen men. As the Commodore drew nigh, these prisoners were discharged, one by one ; Mr I.arkin after the , last battle ; the *. alifomians making friends at that late hour fast as possible. i'l AHANU. FROM VERA CRI'Z. [From the Washington Union, April 22.] We understand that letters have been received at the , War Department from Major General Scott, as late as the 5th instant from Vera Crux, lie encloses throe general orders, which have been issued to the ariuy. We lay them before our readers. The general orders No. 80, lie submits as his detailed report of the transactions of the army, connected with the capture of the city, and of the OMH of Shu Juan <le t ltja. lie adds that in the enumeration of " the active and efficient," lie might ha ve given the names of many junior tleld offloers of arI tillcry, who assisted at the hattcries, besides Held officers ofinlantry, both regulars and volunteers, who commandI ed the working parlies lu, and the guards of, the trenches. lie states that he may vol supply the omission at . some future time, nnd that both officers and rnon ae! <|uircd much distinction on those arduous and exposed 1 J duties. The General was using every exertion to procure wagons ami teams for transportation for further opera" tioris. In the mean time the city aud camps remain free from signs of malignant fever, and he hopes will continue healthy for weeks longer. With proper care, no iiortoin apprehension* ure entort,lined of any great mortality in the garrison* to lie left in Vera < ruz and the eastlu?nor among the hired people of the quartermaster'* nud commissary ?departments because the Americans will principally, if not only, occupy the water front of the city, sepuruted front tho inhabitant*. uud open to the sea breeze*. On that front, looking to the castle.there are. ut tho extremities of tho city, forts San Jago and Conception, and near the mole, spacious and w< ll-vontilatrd public buildings for the troops, hospitals and depots. This is believed to be the best disposition for tho health of the troops. A medical board had then also a part of tho subject under consideration, and might change the distribution of the troops taking the ensile Into consideration?and perhaps It might be found necessary to throw down, for better ventilation, a part of the walls of the city. Hut the greatest source of malignant fevers Is found in tho want of ordinary cleanliness in doors and in the streets, on the part or tho inhabitants I.very tiling is doing, or will be douc, to correct. ^v>so filthy habits. lie lias ordered two companies of 1st infantry from | Tnmpico to strengthen the garrisons The inhabitants of Vera < run. under the excellent government of < ten Wortli. are beginning to bo assured of protection, and to recover til* cheerfulness of their spirits. The Genoral_ho? some idea of selecting and sending home some of the hcautifril bronze pieces taken ! with the eastle and city. (I IB out of more than 100.) I They are held liable to be restored at tlio pacification. | but lliey need not be roelurcd wit bout the untrnmmelled | consent of the l.'uited States The General, however. I proposes to send only a small number, about a dozcu. us trophies In is about to send other trophies flags, rlors. an> tundnrds?by Col. Ilniikbead. selected on account. of i ininent services in the siege, and partly beon usouf his Infirm health The number of these object* is small, compared with the strength of the garrison* before lie closes his letter ho announces the arrival, by water, of I HO mules. He expect* t" receive an equal number froui Tampico on the uext day. besides '200 from the country near Vera Cruz The following Is tho conclusion of the despatch :? " The land expedition that I set on foot the 30th lilt., under Hrig. Gen, Unit man. in conjunction with Commodore Perry, against Alraradoand the works at the mouth of the river, has not returned, though 1 learn unofficially that it will be bnrk to-morrow. The joint forces found that the places had been abandoned by Hie enemy, who left some guns?taken possession of by the naval expedition. My objects in uniting witli the commodore were :*l. To neutralize the Inhabitants in'thnt direction, by assuring them of safety to persons anil properly; and 2. To open a market for the purchase of horses, mules, and beef cattle I fear that we have not succeeded in the purchases. The commodore had In view the opening a harbor for his smaller vessels, nnd to obtain good water for hi* squadron If the enemy had chosen to defeud his forts, at the mofith of the rtv*r. a land force would havo twen necessary to take them in the rear " IlKTAIlA Of TIIK OPKRATION'S l?KFORK VKH.t CRUZ. II KAURI'ART mi OK Tilt A HUT. Vera ( rux, April 5, 1M47. Sir: I have Hie honor to transmit, herewith, by direction of the genernl-in-chlef, reports of subordinate comnianders, concerning the operations of tho artny before I Vera Cruz, together with a list of killed and wounded I | during those operation*, and general order* No. M, which j rk a MORNING. APRIL 24, l: the genoral-imchief liu asked the Secretary of War to c<'i<sid?r hi* detailed repot*. i am very respectfully. your obedient servant. ll I. SCOTT. A A. A. U. The Adjl'Tamt Uenkiiai., U. S. A., Washington City. A HTILLKlir llKAtKtl'ARTERI, Camp Washington. March IH17?6, p. in Sir: Since my report ot this date of operation in the batteries up to 4 o'clock, a in , the hour when the troopi are relieved. I have to state for the information of the geueral-kn-cbief that the onciuy opeued a brink tiro on our batteriesaoou after sunrise this morning, without any effect; but about 10 o'clock, most of their batteriei were again opened oil us, and one man of compuny "II.' Jd artillery, was killed at Lattery No. 1, and three men were severely wounded. A shell fell into battery No. 3. where four meu of com pany " K."' 'Jd artillery, were slightly wounded. Tin shell fell on one of the mortars, breaking the mortar bed and throwing the mortar thirty feet from the plutform miuiui-i uiurvor ul'i run oe ouiamcil troll! tUe orduulici depot. and tbi- uiortur will bu remounted. We have been restrained by the wunt of shells fron throwing more tliun our every five minuted durlug tbi day. A full supply will be in pluoe to-night, uud as sooi a* it is dark enough to send them to the batteries with out being observed by tho enemy. I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, JAS. UANKHKAD, Colonel Second Artillery. Chief of Artillery. Lieut. II. L. Smrr. Acting Adjutuut General. Arm, Headquarters. Ahtili.khv 11?. a our aim r. h,. Camp Washington March 24, 1?47. hih:?I have the honor to report for tlio information c the general in chief, that on the 2 Oil instant, and as son as the chief engineer had reported that the hatterli* wei sufficiently ad winced to receive seven mortars. I pluec tliat number in battery, by two o'clock on that day was prepared to open tho fire upon the city of Ver ( rur. At quarter past 4, I received the order of the gi neral in chief to eommeuce tiring on the city, and tit batteries Nos. 1, 2 and 3. were opened with great nuiuu tion and apparent eifect. Fro in the moment the batteries opened on the aftei noon of the 22nd instant, the tire lias been incessai ilny and night. (In the 'hind, anil during the night, battery No. 1 w? under the command of Captain brooks, of (lie 2nd arti lery ; battery No. 2, under the charge of Lieutenac Shackelford, of the !lnd artillery, and battery No. I under the charge of Captain Vinton, of the 3rd arti lcry. and until the hour of his death, about 6 o'cloci I'. M.. when the command devolved upon Lieutcnau Vanvllet. 3rd artillery. Tho severe loss to the army by the death of ( aptai Vinton, wna the only loss we sustained on the first daj Several of the men were slightly wounded. The tin- from the city und from the castle on ou butteries. with shot, shells, utul rockets, lius beuu inter mitted, but with very brief periods, since we opened ou butteries ; und we must ascribo our safety under such i constant and heavy tire, to the skill and sciunce of th officers of engineers In the construction of our batteries From the morning of the'23d to this morning, the bat terlcs hare been in charge of (.'apt. McKeuale. of the 2< artillery, and Capt. Anderson, and Brevet Capt. Taylo of the 3d artillery. Yesterday, about 12 o'clock, M., I was able to pine three more mortars in battery, but owing to the high noes of the wind, the shells could not be lauded from 111 store-ship, and our flro to this time has been very mode rate, not ezcnediug oue fire in every live minutes. I.nst night I succeeded in moving three 24-pounde guns to battery No. 4, with tho necessary amiuunitio and implements, which have been pluccd in battery. One more 24-pounder and two H-luch howitzers will I moved out to-night, and to-uiorrow morning, (as w shall doubtless obtain a supply of shells to-day, th storm having abated sufficiently to land them.) I sba bo able to open the four batteries with ten mortars, foi 24-pounders, and two 8-lnch howitzers, with incroase eifect. and ranewed vigor. 1 can bear testimony, from personal observation, I the skill and gallantry of all the officers detailed on ai tillery sorvice under my direction, and of the clicerfu ncss and steadiness of the men ill the performance i their laborious duties. 1 have tho honor to be, Respectfully, Kour obedient servant, JAMES BANK11EAD, Colonel,3d Artillery, Chief of Artillery. Lieut Scott, Act'g. Adj. General, Army HcadquarUri AtiTii.i CRT llriDitiunTiHi, < auip Washington. March -J6, 1847?8>, o'clock Sir : Since my report* to army headquarter* at o'clock. P.M.. lust night, l have to state for the informi tion of the gcncrol-iii-chiaf that during last night a coi tinned firing front our batteries, with some increased r: pldity from what it had been during the day, was ke| up, with what damage to the city is not known, furth< than the destruction by tire of a building in the vicinit of one of the churches, and the almost certainty thi every shell fell iuto the city. In the course of the night one additional 24-pound< and two 8-inch howitzers, with a supply of uuimunitio were transported from the ordnance depot to battel No. 4, rand were|placed in battery, except one of tl 8-inch howitxers. which has not been placed in positioi us the platform for it has not yet been finished. Tic battery of four '.M-pouuders. and one 8-incli hot itxer. opened the flro upon the city about 7 o'clock A. > to-day. and with the three mortar batteries, have kept constant and rapid Cre until late this afternoon, win the firing temporarily ceased, in couxequenco of the pa sage of a white flag to and from the city. The firing to-day has evidently been very destrurti' to the city, and several houses have been destroyed I lire. Four additional platforms for mortar* have been cm structed to-day. and will receive, before the tnorniu that number of mortars, which will be *unt out to-nigli anil will bo reudy to be npeiicd on the city early to-ino row. Measures have also been taken to send out to tl trenchea to-night a full supply of ammunition. Wit fourteen mortars, four 'J4-poiiud guns, asid^twn 8-inr howitxers, a decided and effective impression must I made on the city to-morrow. No accident or injury to any person in the batterh and trenches has occurred to-day. i 1 have the honor to bo sir. respectfully, your obcdlori servant. JAMES Colonel Chief of Artillery. Lieut. II. L. Scott, Acting Adjutant General, Arm Headquarter*. Artili.v.rv llr.snqt'ARTr.RS. I Camp Washington, March drt, 1H47. ) Sir,?I have already reported to army headquarter the operations in the trenches and batteries up to o i l' OK, P. M . of the 34th instant. On the night of the dUh. another dt-poiinder, am two A-incli howitzers were transported from the on) niyice depot, to buttery No 4, and the '44-pounder, an ono of the howitzers were placed in battery; the plat form for the other howitzers not being finished, and b H o'clock, on Hie 94th, they war* ready with the othi throe 24-pounders. to open the fire upon the city Th fire from this battery was continued, with hut very littl interruption, the whole of the day (tho dith) with si| nal effect, and from tho opening of this battery at o'clock, ?. m., to 1 o'clock, r m., tlie enemy kept up brisk and well-directed fire upon it of shot and shclh many of the shot passing through the embrasures, bu fortunately no hgury was sustained from them. The mortar which had been dismounted was roplncci; and a full supply of shells was received during the nighl All the mortar batteries continued a moderate fire dur ing the night, the tiro being limited to one in every fiv minutes, until early next morning, (the dith.) when th firing was Increased to about one hundred and eight; discharges of shells and shot per hour, aud continued t< about A or I o'clock in the afternoon, when the pussag of a white (lag caused a cessation of the firing for ai hour or two. It wua again renewed, and continued al night, uud to about 8 o'clock, a. m. on the dfith. whoi the firing was stopped from all of the batteries, by orde from head-quarters, in consequence of an offer of th authorities of the city to capitulate During the 3dth platforms for four additional mortar were constructed, and that number of mortars wa placed ill battery, which increased the number of inor tars in battery to fourteen. Tho troops remained lnao tire during this duy. the weather being too tem|>estiiou even to repair the damage made by the high wind. On the 'iTtb, the men were employed in removing tin sand from the trenches, which had been nearly filled u by the moving of it by tho wind Tlie engineers constructed this day throe more plat fiiruis for mortars and the mortars were being moved ou in the afternoon, when they were ordered back to th ordnance depot, as being then unnecessary This day. the U8tb. tho artillerists are still In positloi at the batteries, and every thing in perfect readiness foi any service that ran lie required there. I estimate the number of shot and shells discharge! from the batteries at about two thousand live hundred but have not yet received en official report from tli chief of ordnan'-e "f the exert number need Having had the honor to lie entrusted with the rom imind, end having been almost continually in Ih trcnchee, from the 77d Instant. when the hattcrir* wor opened upon the city toe late hour yeelerdey afternoon when hostilities ceeaed. anil baring had arduuua dutie to perforin. I hero to acknowledge the able aupport have received from the officer! of every department <1 the service: from the artillery officer* for their cheerfi and skilful management of the gun* In the batteriei from the active chief of ordnance, ( apt. linger, am other officer* of ordnance, for their lno*t efficient aid from the officer* of the quartermaster's departinenl (particularly Captain Cross and Captain Irwin, their proinptneM In forwarding the ordnance and *up pile* to the hattorle*; and I have wit ne?*ed with murl admiration the high professional intelligence and un tiring exertion of the engineer officer* on duty In th trenches I xhouhl not omit to mention that two young officer of the corp* of topographical engineer*. Lieutenant Derby and llardcaetle. volunteered to serve In th' treiichn*. and did serve well and gallantly for twenty four hour* , My adjutant. Lieutenant Nichols, wa* alway* in at tendance with me. and prompt and active In every dutj required of him I have the honor to be respectfully, Your obedient servant. JAMK.S BANKI1F.AD, Colonel and Chief of Artillery Lieut. II L Si ott, A. A. A. (I. Army Headquarter* llr.*nnc*ai rat. Rvoiwrar Mo Hirirwrv. > i amp at Vergara, March 74. |at7 $ Yesterday a number of Mexican* were reported to ha\i been *een up the Puebla road, and to-day, after dinner, I detached Lieut. Roberta with bla company (C) to pro 1 j'.i. . . ..... ' urn- . . [ERA 847. ceed in that direction. and crossing toward* tho aaa. to return by the beucli. About tvo-and-a-haJf mile* from till*, near the Pucnte del Medio, be discovered six men, who displayed a white ling, and invited him to approach 4upposiug they would surrender on discovering Ills force, he met them on the bridge, but found Lin v hud thu salmi emaciation from him: and disco. vercd that tliey were several hundred strong on the ridge which commanded the bridge on the opposite aide. Uncertain what wui hie strength. they permitted hiui to withdrew under cover of (ho height oil till* aide; while they still displayed the white Hag: from which position lie sent information to camp of what had occurred. By the general's direction I marched to his support with about .'00 men. On approaching tho place, we udvuueed to reconnoitre, when the enemy opened a lire of musketry from u large body, stationed on either side of the road, on the hill risiug from the farther end of tdic I'uente del Medio, a handsome stone structure thrown across a sumlt stream of fresli water, running into the river Antigua The bridge was barricaded with abutlis. and utitrenrlimeiits thrown up on the heights I directed Lieut. Roberts to display in the chaparral to our right, and crossing below, to turn their left, while , Capt i'opo. witli two companies, crossed ubore and turning their left, advancing the remainder by the road and bridge. Lieut. Roberts having before been over the ground. | reached their left Hrst. aud drove them with greut spirit | from their position. Wo pursued them about a utile, when sunset induced ] y me to iialt. and recalling the skirmishers, we rolnrucd to camp about seven o'clock. We had four men severe- | ly wounded I hope not dangerously two sergeants and ' two privates. We found three dead Mexicans in the pursuit . but ,f the contest having been ill the bushes, others may have i, escaped notice. An otllccr wounded, as was supposed .,, mortally, was passed in the pursuit, lint on our return ,1 tlie place could not he found. I I have great satisfaction in speaking of the proniptl? tilde and spirit evinced by tlir whole command ; hut the activity and gallantry evinced by Lieut. Roberta and the , le two subalterns serving with him on this occasion ? Brevet \ 2d Lieutenants Maury and Hatch?deserve particular notice. . We took four muskets and many cartridges. The enemy were estimated to be over two hundred and fifty nii'U, and supposed to b<> an advanced parly of a [? foree of some strength. collecting between us and the i 1'uento Nacionel. i our obedient servant. I'KKSI KKK K. SMITH. <olonel. i Lieut. \V. T. II. Brooks:, A. A. A. (ien. 'id Brig. C.t?tr Washington, refori; Vkha Cm?z, ( | .March 'JH, |yl7 ( Sin: lleforo leaving ramp with the despatched in wiiich ? you inform tbn President of the United Sin ten of the , brilliant Hureenn which him attended your attack upon thin city and the castle of San Juan d'llua. I acino a mor went to aollcit your attention to thu merits uud aervicen of the officers of engineers who huvu beeu engaged in tiiat r uttark. ;1 if there bo uuything in tiin ponition. form, nnd arrange. p ment of the trenched nnd batterien, or in the manner of , their execution, worthy of commendation, it in duo to J the ability, devotion, and unremitting zeal of Uicho offlI rem Ily extraordinary and uudpnring efforts, they wore r euablcd. few ax they were, to'arcompllsh the work of many; and no far ad the nuceenaof your operations before p thin rity depended on labors peculiar to their corps, no words of miun can overrate their services. ? The officers thus engaged are Major John L. Smith. Captains It K. Lee and John Sanders; hirst Lieuts. J. L. Mason, P. (1. T. Buauregerd. and J. J. Stevens; Second ' I.leuts /. it. Tower and U. W Smith; Brevet Second n Lieuts. (J. B. Mc( lellitn nnd J. (I. Foster. The obligation lies upon mo also to speak of the highly w meritorious deportment and valuable services of the ? suppers and miners uttached to tlie expedition- Strcnu1B ous as were their exertions, their numlier proved to be jl too few, in comparison with our need of such aid. liail lr their number been fourfold greater, there is no doubt j the labors of the army would have been materially lessened, and the result expedited. n I have the honor to be, vory respectfully, your obedient p" servant. JOS. O. TOTTKN, j. Colonel and Chief Unglueer 0? Major tien. W.'Scott, commanding the army of the United States. Mexico. (iimtial Orveki, ) lit a n r?:?? ok rhi: Anmt, No. 87. ) Vera < ruz. April 1. 1847. Notwithstanding the strong provisions of printed General Orders. No. '40, proclaiming martial law. many i. undoubted atrocities have been committed in thie neighborhood, by a few worthless soldiers?both regulars and volunteers?which, though stumping dishonor upon the whole army, rcinuiu unpunished, because the 7 criminals had not been seised and reported by eye witi. Besses of the atrocities. It must bo evident to all who honor their eountry or j. respect themselves, that law and order cannot be uialntinned in tho army, unless every good soldier shull give r his personal aid to authority. This was invited and ex,. peeled under that printed order; but cruel have b*sn lt the disappointments of the generul-in-chief and oil the good ottlcers and soldiers of tills army r Oue more appeal is made to the ninety-seven honornu ble men, against, perhups. the three misereantB in eveiy J hundred Certainly the great muss ought not to allow themselves to be dishonored by a liandful of scoundrels. , who scout all religion, morals, luw and deceucy. There' fure, let uvnry bad man be denounced In his act of guilt. r. seized, aud reported for trial; and this army will march 1 in triumph, uud bo everywhere kindly received and supa plied with necessaries and comforts by the peaceable ,n and uuolfendlng inhabitants of the country. As one preventive to outrages -mid all ofllcers will seek to apply others?no man will be allowed to stray ro from his camp or post. In future, without a written permission: and no such ii.Ttniuinn will t.? .rlvon !? ?? soldier not known to be solior und orderly in his oon_ duct. This restriction upon tbo good I" the fl?t evil ^ brought upon them i>y undetected criininuls ..'All killing of rattle even for food, and nil seizins upox rJ poultry, vegetables, and other private property, oven under the pretence of supplying the sick, must Instantly )0 cease, except by express order of some officer of high j, rank. Arrangements have been made to supply the h army and its hospitals by purchase, and individual offi10 cers or soldiers must, each, purchase for himself, fairly and honestly, as at home, all comforts, not supplied by .? government. Xly command of Major General Scott : lt II L. SCOTT. A A. A. General. A i" F AI ItS ON I'll K ItIO QBA.NDK. [From tho N. O. Picayune. April la.) The steamer Maria Hurt, G'apt Kiddle, arrived yesterday from the Brazos; by her we have a eopy of tho .Ma tniuoras Flag of the 7th lust No events of interest had occurred on the Hio Grande s Col C uniting arriving in Matamoras on the Oth inst. !> The following items are nil from the Flag of the 7th We received no letters by this nrrival: d A depot has been established at China, and one just I- below I nmargo, at Santa Anna. Owing to the shallow d ness of the river, Keynosa will become one ultimately -- (.'.apt. Arnold has reached ainargo with two reiupay nles of dragoons and four companies of Kenlurkians r Lieut. Leslie Chase, formerly acting assistant quartere master at this plaee, has been appointed judge sdvorate " for tho westeru division of the I nitcd States army. The [- appointment is a good one s Major Gorman. 3d Indiana regiment, who distinguishn ed himself well at lluena Vista, accompanied by Lieut i; I A. Pickett and J. A Iluckmaster. passed down the t river to-day. after tarrying a short time In our city ? These gentlemen were all wounded in the buttle The L two last belong to St Louis * aptain Steen. 1st drnL genns. wounded iu (lie lug. also wns passenger on the same bunt. B [From the N. O. Tronic. Anril 1.1,1 We have received the Monterey I'ioiirtr of thi' '.'Uth of March, and tint Maluuiorus h'lug of tin' 3d Hint We cnn discover nothing of interest in those journals Through tho politeness of Mr Lyno, of ilonderson i county, Kentucky. we are indebted lor several itoms of I information Mr l.yno lias in charge tho remains of i the lamented and gallant Major I'. V Barbour, late of >" the 3d regiment of i nited states infantry, who fell at 0 the storming of Montory They were yesterday placed on board the steamer Ucncral Pike, to bo conveyed to s llendarson county, Ky " Mr. I.yno left Monterey on the U'Jth of March. That place was garrisoned by the Louisville Legion. (hnersl '1'aylor was encamped at Walnut Springs, s about four miles from Monterey Ills form consisted of a sipiadron of dragoons, under i ol Kauntelroy. and tlie f Mississippi regiment of volunteers, under I ol Jelforson P Davis, the latter numbering only ? I-* men ( ol. May expected soon to visit tho United States Oenoral Weol. with about live thousand troops, was t encamped at Buena Vlstn It was reported that Oen B I'rrea was at Linares, at the head of two thousand eavalry, and a corps of artillerists There was some pros 1 pert of an affair coining oil. between the respective f forces of these two general" Mr. Lynn speaks in the most grateful terms of the I rourtesy and kindness of lieueral Taylor, and his Adjutant. Gen Bliss lie was treated by then with the greatit est kindness and hospitality army irrM.M(?ic.nrci. [From the New Orleans Picayune, April 15.1 K It is a subject of regret that the little handful of brave " volunteers from this State, now at Vera ( rus under b < apt Blanebard. have been ordered to remain in gsrri " son in tlie city and castle, wldie the army mow* into ' the interior '* It Is to be presumed thev were selected for this duty II ne less liable to sufb'r from the rose,Tie than the regulars 'i Another company of volunteers under ( apt W'illiauis. is associated with them In garrison duty Brevet I ol !l Wilson is left as governor and commander of the place ' Forty volunteers enlisted at Rochester for Captain Wilder s company, started froin that city for Fort lluiDiljT ton on Wednesday last, under charge of Lieut. McOarry They arc represented as being a healthy ruhnst set of ' young men. who were in excellent spirits at starting 0 Knlistments were still going on. s Thirty-eight recruits, from the Albany rendexvous, s came down the river Just In advance of Lleift MeGarry's t command Dr. Turner. U S A . who brought from Monterey the first authentic account of the battle of Buena vista. . passed through Detroit on the Iflth, on his way to Fort f Knelling I upturn Winane who has been recruiting men for the army at Monroe Michigan, had hie company nearly full on the 17tll Pnlltlrnl. The i anal Board lias a<ijoumed over (o the 3d of May, to enable the Asling Commissioner* to visit tkair respective divisions of tho canal, and see that they are in readiness for navigation on tne 1st of next month 1 Tin- divisions Inrlisrgc of th respective Commissioner--, I are as follows ?No. I, Nathaniel Jonas; No 9 DP Btssell j Ne 3, John T Hudson , ' II I ' . 1 1 > LJ). Prir? Two Cuiti. Low Intelligence. Unitko 8t4TK( Dhrkilt Cocut, April .>a n?fur? Judgo Bette?Charltl Vale, r? Ike .Srku?nrr Quirk an J. John Swctlry,claimant. -Thie wan a libel filed bv Vatee, etuting thut he bad entered into au agreamcut with the claimant, who wa* owner of the achoouer. tn tail bar. for wbich be. tbe libellant waa to be entitled to half the freight, and when libclluut a portion of it amounted to $'J5ll. belli it tbe vuluu of one-bulf tbe veeael. then the claimant wiie to conrey and tranafer one-half to him, wbich claimant afterward* refuted Tho II boll ant prayed that the I ourt might decree one-half of the achoouer. her tackle, fcc., to be the property of libellaut. and that the auld clnimaut might he decreed to execute a bill of aalo thereof, uud that the regl.try of the said achoouer might be In the namea of tbe raid 11bellaut and claimant aa joint owner*; or. in default thereof, that the eaid rchooner, her tackl*. he . be da creed to be aohl. and tho proceed* of eaid mile brought into court, kc t'oi iit. --The facte and circuuietaurea in proof, in thle cull**' and the Lirocuudimr* uud urirumente of the reeoeo tive advocate* being all carefully regarded. It la considered by the court that the title and Interval proved by the llbellant to have lieeo acquired by him In the aaid vessel, was to an equal moiety thereof iu partnerahlp with the claimant, mid not of a half ownar, in the acceptation of the maritime law. It U further considered hy the Court thut iu view of the burthen of raid vessel, her ownership and employment, and the character of the title proved hy thu libcllaut. the caae made by the libel in this behalf and the relief prayed therein, do uot come within the competency of tbia court M a I ourt of Admiralty and maritime juriidletion. Whereupon. it 1* ordered and decreed that the libel in thU behalf he dismissed. Uut in iu much aa the aniwer of the i'hiiuinnt interposed on oath, ha* been falsified In every essential particular by the proof* aud the proceeding* of the claimant in the premise* having been shown to he Inequitable and oppressive toward* the libeHant, it is ordered that no coats be reentered by the claimant against the libellant in this behalf. U. 8. < oMMissioaca'i Orricr ? Before Commissioner A. Gardner.? CAerge of rlerolt and Imnbordination? ! ('barb's Thorns*. mate of the American ship (iaselle, was arrested yesterday under a warrant granted by the ' Commissioner On tue examination it appeared, that on the 11 th April last, on the homeward voyage from Bordeaux to this purl, ( upt Mather, the master of thu vessel, came aft. and gnvu the mate some, orders, which he obeyed; after ?omo lapse of time, he came up to thu master, ordered hlru forward, struck him in the face, ami pushed him, telling him. at the same time, that he had no business there; and used some very gross and insulting language, trndiug to excite tho crew to mutiny. lie was held to hail iu $100. Coi'ht or Oi:xcm*l Siiiiom, April 'J3.?Before Recorder Scott, and Aldermen Benson and Walker. Jonas II. Phillips, K?q., District Attorney ad inltrirn. Senfence.?( harles .Morris, indicted for haying about two months ago, committed nu assault and battery of a very aggravated chnracter upon the person of a Miss Margaret K. Van Ostrand, of the 9th ward, having pleaded guilty, was tills morning placed at the bar, and after a severe reprimand by the ( ourt was scnteuced to be im' prisoned in tho 4>eniteutiary for one year, and pay a fine of VJ50. and to stand committed until the flue bs paid. Trial of Carneliut Sullivan.?This trial, which wae commenced on Thursday, was then resumed, and thn case submitted under the charge of tho Court. The jury, aflur a hrtct consultation, rendered a verdict of not guilty. Plea of frut'Ky.?Thomas 11 AUender, indicted for a grand larceny, in having stolen a liar of gold and somu Jewelry, the property of Henry Melville, with whom he was an apprentice, was permitted to plead guilty to a petit larreuy Judgment iu suspended. Trial for Miedemeanor.?Stewart C. Allen waa then railed to trial on a charge of haviug. on the afternoon of the 14th of December last, committed a gross act of indcocnry in one of the streets of the 10th ward. Thu testimony adduced in the case was unfit for publication. Thu jury after a protracted absence, found the accused guilty, but rccoinnieuded him to the mercy of the Court. The Court thru adjourned until to-morrow morning M Lecel I an eoua. The Boonavllle (Mo.) Bulletin appeared with the name of Thomas H. Benton at its head as a candidate for tile Presidency: wheruunnn that ui> in the editor, rc'iuibiiug liim to withdraw the name. <kc At Columbia, Tunn., ou tho night of the ISth inat, an affray occurred between two men named Judd and Andrews, both of whom fired pistol* Judd waswounded severely, though it is thought he may reeover. A meeting for the relief of the atarring poor of Ireland wis held at tho Choctaw agency, ou the J3d ult, and $170 aubacribcd, principally by the Indiana. Morau. suspected of the murder of Brenner, the drover, near f'oltsville, la , baa been arrested, and U now in confinement. A gentleman named Ira I). Bugbee was on the morning of the J4th lost found lying in one of the streeta of New Orleans insensible. lie was conveyed to thehoepitul. where he died He arrived in New Orleans on IB# 11th lust., from Florida, upon commercial business and It In known that the day before the accident happened he lind in his possession a large amount of money W hi ther lie bad disposed of it or deposited it with eomn friends is not known, but he had none of it upon his person when found, it ran hardly be supposed that he would have had uone, unless he had Wen robbed Mr. llugbee was knowu to msny gentlemen of this City He was formerly rushtcr of a bank in Portland, Maine ? Pieuyune. Col. Waring, of Columbus. Ohio, lately sold his lost year s vintage, amounting to suveral liuudred gallons of I native wine, at $1 'J6 per gallon. The culture of the grape is Increasing rapidly on the Ohio river. At Louisville. Ky.. on the 7 th, a young man named | James McMillun.wHS poisoned to death by drinking aoda i water from n fount which liud not been used slucn last season The verdigris from the pipes is supposed to have produced this tragic result. I)r Wm. Webb, of Windham, ( onn , hung himself on Friday morning, the 18th inst Temporary iussnit v is assigned as the cause of this melancholy deed. Tho upper Mississippi Is failing?only three feet water on the I pper Kapids and three and a half feet on the Lower llapid". At this city there arc si* feet in the rhaunol, and from twelve to fourteeu feet to Cairo The Illinois is in good condition, seven feet water to Peoria ; and the Missouri three and three and a half feet at Weston, and four to the mouth.? St. Lmiii paper, UM The thermometer nt Columbus, Ohio, on lundsy morning, 11th, was down to t'O degrees, and yet the peach blossoms were not killed. The air was very dry. The Siamese junk Keying sailed from Hong Kong for Kngland. on the 7111 December. Shu Is about 700 tons burthen, and manned by a crew of 80 men, Chinese and Europeans, under tho command of an experienced captain Shu is to be exhibited in England for a time, and I lien I., I 1.1. /.r,? - .. The railroad bridge crossing the river Raisin. at P?- * tersbugh. Michigan, has been destroyed by Are. The business of tlii: road will not be interrupted by the aoeldent. In the Munielpnl Court of Boston, the trial of Brown, Bell anil Morton, charged with robbing the jewelry store of .Messrs < urrler k Trott. is still pending i lirislopher J onion. a young lawyer of Rochester, was on Monday taken before the Police Justice of that city on a charge of perjury At Hartford, on Thursday, the thermometer stood at hh deg in the shade On Monday morning the thermometer stood in Palhl, Delaware county, at i above zero. Tim following account of an I'.gyptlnn tragedy is given in one of the t rench journal# A great excitement bait been caused, la February last, at Alexandria, logypt, by a stati'inunt to the ell net that thu brother of Al-Uey had cut his sister-in-law in pieces, and had wounded hie own wife with a tabru blow It is stated that Al-Boy himself, who was ill I'aramania. charged with divers couimlssiona from government, had sent to hi# brother three whit* slaves, and that the latter, a few days alter their arrival, fell siek. and died successively. The brother of Al-Aey, not doubting that these unfortunate creatures had been the victims of poison, and knowing the jealous character of his sister-in-law. accused her of the crime, aud tlia latter, in her fury, spit in his face The man then drew forth his sabr ai d hewed his sisto* into pieces, and struck even his wife, who had essayed to "top him. It was expected that this matter would be submitted to the viceroy, and that justice would lie mnted to the guilty Gl'FDK TO SOUND TBETH. Dll. A.C i AHTLE.MI Broadway,comer of White street, calls'he attention of the public to tin tnnerinrirul approved method of pn reiving artificially sound; teeth which ore cor-mm anil considered useless. Tne editor of the Erevtinff fast says: ' Dr. < s?tlel in his practice of eighteen years, liu obtained in enviable i mmenee ; he operate* on the teeth with great skill and ability ; his cnmixvsitiori for filling decayed sad sore tectn. wiinc ii nr.ii* 11 ai.i. acidi Ann mrti rinu Annii, it r"u ileit the tooth jwrfrct in errry reaped. It la jmt into the tnotli wluli* iii a toll *tate, w ithmit Any pain, and heroine* liard. K?r neryon* pr-raona it la peculiarly adapted. Wt Imi r triad it." n|it tin*r IIAI.I. l.ANTKRNH 3(WWtTIIK J IRHtNT an t imMat aplrndid auaa|arn| yVrVrV/ of Hall I.Aiifrnn ft rut. rnyr.i?>-d anil Sftinud yUaa ever offered to the public. Wholeaali ilmlrr* will pi rare rail and riAinuir and jmlar fur tliemarlvea twlore pan liaauut t hu whi rr. Ornamental atreet Lantern* for talc. (ilaaa Unit fur t lo< k, and lk"Y Window*, Sir , Sir. OKORHR KD WARDS, I lm*r - IM and 116 Nnaaau atreet. MKJNIlARDT'S RKA.SSi LliTtERS FOR. SHINS. TIIKSF. Irttrra are remarkable fur durability, and a brilliancy III thr Ifil'luili unequalled by any other article in thn city?which brilliancy ia warranted to aland eiiHiante to the weather. They are alto ja panned of any Color that may draired. Order* left at 19)? Ann Atreet, alao M. ('ampbeU'*, mil aaeniir. near l!l'h alrect. Reference, the aiyii, of tin* "din omI< II IMatrr Ik t n, 11] Maiden Lane. all Am* (it FOR BALK Recalling on commnaiou, and comtantly on hand, Butter, f'lieeae, l.ard, Meaa, Thin Meaa and Prime I'lirh, Smoked llama, Shoulder*. and lleef, Slackerel, Shad, Salmon, Dry and IVhled < odhali. At Mol .-%*?*? in bof*. lir.ifU, t?erre? and barrel*, Suimm in hog?he*d?, hosts and barrels; with a general assortment of groceries. Sold in lots en accommodate purchasers at thr lowest cash prices, by CLAKK. FISK Ac CO., IflKulton ?fw? N. B.?A large quantity smoked *Metta and Cheese, slightly damaged, to hi aohl it low prices. * " jw^rtrf ( L< )THT.Nc? TIIK CIIKATKBT gents and boys Fashionable T?ilor?n| and Clothing Kstablishmrnt in New York, is JA< Hn VANbKRBIIeTH\ ? Maiden Lane, between William and Nassau streets, where rnsy hr found over five thomsn I " ?" made g\rtm*nts, which will b? >)d wholesale * ? retail *r T *J Very lowest possible prices. Also, more lnan flee jisaorrfl pin of fishion tblr goods, w Inch will HiiidS to or?lrr ' ? | style of It gauce that cannot l?e surpassed. V j?i? *1" JVJJ to rail, as you can tart from three to seven doFfW on a sun Do not forest the eenbe?, M Me**ee mM iie*rrc

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