Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1847 Page 1
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J TH Tol. XIU. No. il*?Wfcolo No. ITM. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-went comer of Fill ton and Rmm Ma. JAMES GORDONBENNEn, PROPRIETOR. ClltCUliATION ?FORTY THOUSAND. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price 2 cents per copy?ft 2ipei annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY Hfcll.YLD?Every Saturday?Price 8Vi cenra |*r agfy?t'J 12>. genu per annum?livable in advance. HERALD tOil EUROPE?Eyery Steam Packet day? Price 81a cents per cony?4? l'Br annum, payable in advance. uwuiuAi iiMi.AiiU?ruwini?u ?u utv i*i vi iuu 1st of .Inly ofeach year?single copiat sixpence eaali. ADVERTISEMENTS, ?t ill* usual prices?always cash in advance. Adi nrtisemetg* should be written in a plain, legiblr wanner. Tlia Proprietor will uot ba responsible for errors thai inty occur iu theiu. PRINTING of all kinds executed beautifully and with despatch. AM latters or communications by mail, addressed to the establishment, inust be paid, or the postage will be de ducted from the subscription money- remitted. r j| U S. MARINES WANTED. g g PpnEMARINE CORP^OT^llE UNITED STATT.B, X or that branch of tlse military service furnishing soldiers for the different uavsl stations and vessels of war, having beeu increased by act of Cougreas. approved 2d March, 1847, by the addition of 30 Sirgeants, MCorporals, 20 Drummers, 30 iifers, an>l 1.01X1 Privates. A rcudexvoua for the enlistment of recruits it now opened at No. :<8 l'batliam street, aear the Harlem railroad depot and Taminaay Hall, wbera respectable youeg man daairing to anter a service which will afford tham an opportunity of seeing for eigu countries, are invited to call. Previous to enlisting it is the duty ef the recruiting elfieer te explain fully the terms upon which they autcr tha sarviea Open .rotu 9 A. M. to sunset. JOHN GEO. REYNOLDS, Captain Commanding, Recruiting Rendezvous. Two dollars premium will he given to any soldier sr citixaa * who will bring to tha rendexyotu, an aeosptable or efficient recruit. al lm*rc AiA TO LET, in Hammond street, near Factory, an sipTjEf ccIleal three story family Honse, with marble mantels, .tiMLbaih reetn, kc. Reut $475. Apply to *3* lit exB?r VVSE It SONS, 173 Pearl st. TO REN^r-HANDSOME APARTMENTS If? IffW suites ar single rooms, in the new brick building, at the corner of Broadway aud Houston street, opposite. Si. Thomas church, suitable for single gentlemen or families. The building is supplied with Crotoa water, and is lighted bv gas; and is under the ears of a steward, who re sides ia the house, furnishes meals, gwood, Ste. Enquire ou the premises, or of THUS. H. RODMAN, 54 Wall (treat. a2.'? lw*c M>AVTL10N7NEVF BRIGHTON, Staten Island.The proprietor hega to inform hit friends and the public, that be lias made consideiabla alterations and improva i. iui0 rsmuiiiiiavuviiuvw mo i?i iwwuH. n? nu vrvci 0 e large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogether disconnected frcna tlia mail body of tks parities. That* rooma are intaudad for gentleman only; thay ara of a romfortabla aixa, ligtit, and well reatilated, and auparior in all respecta la tbo.a generally daaomiuated single rooms in the various watering places throughout the country. TUe propriatov is now ready to treat with families or parties wishing to engagn rooms for tha season. Letters addressed to him at the City Ilotal, Broadway, will receive immediate attention. A steamboat mna between New York and New Brighton, at the following honrs, viz:? From New Brighton?At 8 and 11 A. M, and 3 and 3:30 F. M. From pier No. T North River, New York?At 3 A. M. anjl 13 M, and 3 and S t. M., and more frequent eomtnnni eat ions will be established as the season advances. '1 he Farilieu will be opened for the receptien of epmpany hetweeu the 1st and 10th of May nezt, of which due notice will be given. ap33 tfrc F. BLANCARD. M ROOMS TO LET?Suitable for manufacturing pur poses, iu the building No. 74 Fulton street, lately repaired, and with all modern improvements. Apply to JAMES It. DEL VKA'CHIO. in the building, or to BROWN; BROTHERS ?t CO. ta3?w?re No. 39 Wall. MI'OU SALE.?A desirable reeideuce, with about an acreand_a half of ground, situated in Beekmantown, Westchester county, adjoining the line, and about ol a mils from Tarrytown ferry. It ip built of brick, two atoriee high, wilbacoleuaude running about 00 fact front, and an ob serratury en the top. It conlaiiu 11 rooma betidehitchtn, cellar and washroom, all enclosed witbin the building, It commands a magnificent riew of the river at far dowu aa the eye can raaah. Tha present owner purchased it for his owu ratideace, bat on sccount ef ill health was unable to occupy it. Terms moderate. For further particulars, apply to J AMES I. STEWART, comer of Dey and Greenwich street!. a24 tlstM'r JmL 'i'O LET?The lower part of House, 134 Laurens. uear Bleecker street, suitable for e smell family. Will JiaBLhe rented low to a good tenant. Croton water tu yard, k.aqu re on the premises, up stairs. __ a24 3t*r COTTAGE TO LET. _ A NEW handsome Cottage toilet on Oxford street, crooeuivii, l *4 miles trom the hemes, near the resiI'HM 1 ..I ii. Com. It lua nursery, kitchen and servants' kjiiuiomi the basement floor; two parlors, library and dining lull mi [lie first story; four large bed rooms on the second floor, flu additional lots adjoining, with stable, can be had if desired. Omnibuses run constantly to the Ferries. Rent $300. Also?A residence at Bedford, 3,\ milesffrom the Ferries, will be ranted with or without furniture, for four months.? The house has ten rooms. There is a eoach house, stable for four borsse, pasture for cow, fcc. Kent for 4 months tZJi.? Andy to . MOSKS MAYNARD, Jr. at the L. I. Railroad office, 42 William at., Merchants' Eichange. alt 2w fh VtaJ, HTOltr.8 ON THE 6TH AND 8TH AVENUE* fr.'lf TO LET.?No. S3 Eighth areuue, between 13th and 11th streets. .No. 112 Oreenwieh arenne, near the Slh arauue. No. ItiU Sixth avenue, between 12th and 13thstreett. The dwelling part of each house, which is three stories ia height. ? iili marble mantles and sliding doors, will be rented ss|ierately il" require!. O. H. VVINTFR. ?7ii I iv r 31 Wall street. TO le?", a A ROW of neat new two story (lottaae House*, now finished, well calculated for reapectabV families, ?ituu'ad on the north side of 40th slrset, hetweeu Broadwav vid *ith ayeuoe. The stages peas regularly from 7 A. M? until a o'clock in the evening, every 40 minutes, for 8M cents , md after the tirst of May, every 30 minutes. Rooms as follows: t basements, 2 pirlors, with sliding doors, and hard finished nulls. ?.! story, I roems and 2 hedreoms. Good dry cellars. Knot $18". Apply ou the premises. spll-lm'c W,M. K. PENDLETON. Ageat. TO LET.?The stare of house 23 Ley street; it is 00 A* feet deep, and would beagood location for a wholesale j'-Algrocery store. Alan, the second floor of house M Beeksu i timet, consisting of three rooms and pantries, with two bed rneaes in attic, mil a kitchen with Crotou water *ud kitchen tattge in it. llcut $275. Enquire of A. GILHOOLY k SON. nil Isi'r 71.Nassau street. . . STATEN ISLAND t 'O FT AGES "TO "LET OR ' vj LE \SE?Three Cottages situated on Caatletou Heights, , Vjs, ,e? ( apo di Manta, MM Island, snrronmled by fin* fine , tiaes, am] rnium.iudmg an unsurpassed view *f the eity, Bay < nl us islands, stiii the Ocean, whilt the aceaas is ease, tli* distance to each ferry being lew thau a mile. Tney co'iUitt as follows, via :? f. <gi telle?A pailor, (lining room and 3 bedrooms. ( row's Nest.?A parlor, dining room, library, 4 bedroomi, sirl l servants' rooms?attached carriage bouie with stable for 4 h.vne?. Osk 1-and?3 parlors, large dining room, 12 bedrooms, bathream, md 1 servants' rooms?attached carriage house, with Mablv for 1 harsee. Theic fottsgee mijey in eommen the nae of 17 a ores of baautifnl woodland, eneloaed, and in die midst of which thay arr erected. r ? Monti *11 Jawlm^r MILLS, HATTER, \ tl Offrri * Hat for$1 JO, equal to any sold elsewhere far '.a1** i at hn .well-known eelablnhment, 171 Rreadwav, II wxrtl Hotel ; and liarinc determieed lo purine the nimble sispeaee | riunple in the eale of llata, haa now conplelad hia a t mania lo supply any ilfuiaud Ur iiletneo lest inn thtir nrdera may hara a hat mads in any ft> I* ta anil their own taata in thraa hours, or laaa, if absolutely necessary. An espeneneed abater alwnya in attendance, that erary bat in . y In- In ed in lha head, and rest upon it to lha perfect eaaa ol t' a I- er. This being an important point, particular attennan will ha giren to it. a2'J 2w*r uNh riiJGhi HAT dTUKK! A Of KINO MSHIONH ['OR HATS AND CAPSII HOW \ It I O will introduce, on Saturday, April 3d, - MS !e pi Cape fir child.en and boys; also, toe new ' le "f (Ti-i fnr genilemen. price tJ in lha tmuiuf.clura of ... ii may Inse made audi recant improvamonta as will pie,-* [I,,n, i? doe* competition with the laoet costly. The (in c ?>a tnrt'.ed to e ill at 171 Chatham Square, where 'o aoly, durability and eooauaiy are combtued to adorn at lm*r ii I!- IV TO MA if It MONkV.?Theanom that "money ,/? a**ed is in i.ev me le," is a tin est ae old ee ike iarantion nf i. ...e hot the principle of Mlluig a dee dollar HAT l<? Bsree ill Iters end fifty eaote. waa drat aaaablishad and ia now ?.l bi II -lierteon, at ?ha ri-ewii Hat Manafkctnry, 89 1 et \ 1 sod St h'altoa H, Brooklyn This pimple - ? is i befirse will auAee to make known one way I c oi'l' < - . _ __ *" HiNO STVLE. 1 . * N . ji < eael stiee'. and No. IIP f'htthem ef, 1 . . leakm end Nnuie Fnr new et S3, end tmlr ehtr- 1 lsi fl * for h.a I rat cnslity Sk>laakta and fine Nutria Hats.? 1 ie nee re-Ss. ere * d datable Rata at $1 JO having the appear , r . d finish af the higher priced hate. ' i'nilrmeo wishing o se IB bie inriisi ensebte a/Hi le of ilreee withont eef r, .f i letert ur appearance, will plaaee aire hita a roll.? As a as eee- itaront ( ears ol ranona kimla at reduead t i , e si* till r \* i >N I HI- '"IAN'i F< iKTK. . vtiaa i i u rtiris ... ...? hr*a ... f..tiI mor* j.nj iU. if iiamriialt a|? . l,tii,?* h? made il liar haaia, N<?. H7 Slilh . I " I 1 I i ? A 'mH l. ami 0. . im ... . i.m, il daairabla, id attcad h*r papili M , tli## < m* i*?i<tr-ic?. 1' !"? ,? !.? ? *. fi>t Fir* I>>ll?n, or Fifteen Do||i. . tj i t ^lutr li .nnt? 4irli wrrk. *11 Im'rf it,, I. A I All itAi; I'lUN. li it/ ,tt I June, A*?. 5 John Striet. . A (Illil.VI ht.i u> *r.iit?4at bit frirmli anil pa from I m tit llrrimn . ' ? i* itiicaif wnn m?mli? at Amluihrrg, mi<1 r tr> .1 rrlrbratad ii.lriau of Ui rmtnv II* I Itn trlrdinn .1 ?lnfir,* nut] , '. ???, it *4 . alio *n minimi ihtitiv of rare , . I< I m *11 part* of lit* wort,I, lalaetail Willi great i.. t.,t|. \ I . t . A M poaiaa. Chit.***, lllrtf, and I . u. I?im and ai?iy lariely of bam-donr . aa ?. ,iitt?.l?.hr A rttitt on t .t t- It ; ,?| |?,| raiatag I luiitl. hr I . ? ; ?! : >. I m II til nmtt mart ?nh prompt < i n * A. fmiKVF. < No l Joha atrraf. N. Y. I ^'atput.s ; V tt.iiU tall ihr *(trnti< n of r*p- | . } t ' tit i i i t i itt,, .nt *f procuring arrq , .. J .... . utoitmrni ?f Witch** \ H> t loir ,ul trrth rt. m,tr by lk> Irlrbritad maker J ..I .* ' |t*?ht**?, hr whom they ?,? ap|minted t .t if.iifcrli.iiH htrtr* ihr> hart alio cooilaiilly ? tirfnt -. i ?i ?, h. tht moit eminent ,t? * . I ..I.I .1 Otinrnt of lerr- ' i , t , . K rt t . i, It .* Invrrr. (w Urn n ... , k. r a fc illfcll * < <> . II Mtrth,*.' fc,. h ,nt?, I f ? i t.f n Willittn itreet. I N il * If h I o >M f.toti*** to git* tfcrir undiluted *|. c t..u?hi - tpaiim# of t li/.*.i?rui, L)mliti M,i ,11 othrr hint." atM lmJuwi?*o I E NE IS ? - NEW YORK AND II AM.KM R til.ROAD | CjMiMPA.NY-NOTK fc -On ?11?r Mu?<l?y, ;h? I w ill ba di?a<mitinuad and 111 will rata tba cln il-cliato a. m fill murillhii. raturuina ihi? tbara at t a st. J 111# iv tbal laaaaa <- Itr Halla! J '? p VI ?ill run In Wbita rlii'11 anil laaaa >1 jU I \| I t \?m V oik .'I 1 ? i mukni no link at half-Fam six U t. lulk for albany ani) troy?landtag i caluwalla, waabf'oial, nawbur^li, 11 ami wtoa, pruflkarpaia. i|v,!? park, klnnaback. i'll*! Krii hunk, bnaiol.laukill, llaawu.cviiailua, vul kiudarbook Fill Htm tie Braakfait and Dinner on hutril ihr Boat. ilia alanaitioai N i a< i all a < i|< ii i K?ll ,-k mil Inn tba ataamboal piar, liwl of Hue III at.mi, Tuaadav, TKuri'lay and aaiurda), al balf paat an a'tletk Ka'urujug on uppaait# dan. f'or paaaaga or fraiglit, apply on board. or iw f 1) iiall. al tba oleta an iba wlmf MtillT LINE?DIRECT f rom ilia foot ..f CorUanili atraat paaaangi-ri Ukn.g thia Boat Mill arriff in lima lv tnkatlia mornin| Tiiii wf can frou i'ruy ?aal tw lloffal . and uortli i to saratoga, and labr laaorga tba law 1'iaaauia alaauikoal empire, i apt h . flacy, at 6 o'cloak. laaaaa naw york taaailar. tbaradty and salui^f. rur paaaaga or fiaiglit. apply an board, or at tba otfl<a uai tba wharf. the ataatnbwal ( oi.l'mbia. t. aptun \x w tlfftr, will laaaa tba piar al tba loot of cvartlaudl atraai. at ( or i oak for paaaaga ar freight, apply on board, at tba olio a ou tba whul. regular day a from naw yark, monday. u'adnaaday and krldaa ra citizens new day link. of' ul'pusi i ion boat* i for albany and intfuimediate rlal ks f'arr ml aanta? braakfaat aud dmaar oa board. ??_ 'l'ha uaia aud augaal btaaiaar ME tamo w - aiir""kn a i .ro T a ir",.?l.. M?a... U'J 1 hKHHhdays, anJ Fridays, at l>?lf-pest hi. A M ., froin 1 the pier foul of Wum air**'., teashiag ' Hammond strem pier. TVt new igdrlriut Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS. Cap* A. Degmot, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at ha|f-|?ai six, A. M.. from tlio pior foot of Warren atroot, touching at . Hammond atreel mer. For passage or meght, apply o" board A< Boats, or ?o Geo i Dohaon, at the office, 128 V\ arren afreet doner of Weat eweei (T7~ All persona are forbid trusting the aboee boats na at< count of the c waste. a? r Ntw" YORK ALBANY AN l> THOl LIN! earn, FOR ALBANY AND TROY direct, from the foot of Courtlandt street. The low itrei HHBHH^baaro steamboat EMPIRE, ( apt. It. B. Mac\, at 8 o'clock. Regular Days, Tuesdays. Thursdays and Saturdays. HOT" Fasaeiytera taking these Boats will airier in time to talc the moruing Train of Cars from Troy West to Buffalo, atnl north to Saratoga and Lake George. Q7* For Passage or Freight, apply oa board, or at the office oa the wharf. Steamboat COLUMBIA. Captain Wm. W. Tapper, Mod. 1 days, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 6 P M. aJn r AFTERNOON LINE/1L)AILY\ jm. FOR NEWBL'RUH AND FlSIIKILL, Lauding at Van Cortland's, (Paolukill.) Wet Point, Cold spring and Cornwall. The Steamer Thomas Powell, Cant. Saml. Johnson, will lease tlia pier foot ot Warren street, for the abose places, tsery afternoon (Sundays excepted,) at 4 o'clock, commencing April 10. Ileum iug?will lea*" Newbujgh erery morning at 7o'clock. N. B.-All Baggage aud Freight of erery description, Bank I Bills or Specie, put ea board ofthis boat, must be at the risk of the owner thereor anises euterad ou the books af the boat or receipted for. ap?lm"r Ow. THE Proprietors of Steamboats wishing ^^ma&MABella hung, would do well to pay a visit on ^ aboard the steamboats Oofemor, Thomas Powell, Roger Williams, Utica. Palmetto, Princeton. Moontaiuoer, Iron Witdn, Cataline, Ice., and examine H. Homii's improved style of Bell Hanging, expreaaly adajited for Steamboats. I'nt up naat and strong, and warranted lor one year, by H. H.. No. I Ann street. mJllm'r NOTICE. jmi. STATEN ISLAND FERRY.?On and after SUNDAY, April 18th, tlie steemhoats MMh SYLPH and STATEN INLANDER will ran as follows, until farther notice :? LBAVU STATER ISLARU At 8, I, 8, 18, 11, A. hi., aud 1, 3, I, 4, J, 8, 7, P. M. LISTS REW TOSS At 7, 8, 18, 11, A. M., and 1,1, tan minutes past S, and at 4, 3, 6. 7, o'clock, P. 11. Now York April 18th. sH r ~ M just'pCTlTshed THE KEDGE-ANCliOR: OR^YOUNG SAILORS' ASSISTANT. ny William Brady. S. M , U. S. If. rpHIt WORK, AS ITS TITLE IMPORTS, U deeigned A a* an aaaiataut for the young Sailor through tlic mioua brauchea of hia arduoua profaaaiou. It aantaina aaaful inalruciiou* in every department of aeamanahip, with am. Sla direationa, which will impart to the young officer a great aal of valuable information ta the dutiee of hi* profaaaiou, and auabla him to act iu the moat judicioiu manner in many trying emergenciea. In addition to many enggeationa, which will prova valnable to every grade of acumen, it cenlaina mora thorough deecriptiona of the varioua article* belonging to the varioua claaaaa ut veeaela, than any other work ever pablietied iu thia country; and ia embellianed with over aeventy engraving! in illualrationoflhe auhjecta treated of in ita page*. The work ia furniahed with over ana hundred pagaa unable*. whicii are valuable, not only to the aeafaring man, but to all who are in any way intereated in maritime pureuita. The entire work ia contained in a volume of C30 pagaa, octavo, eteraotype edition. It ia printed on fine paper, and bound in handaome atyle. For aale by U. L. Shaw, No. 222 Water street, New York; the nailora'Home, Capt. Kichardaon; alao, at the Seaman'a Friendi Society, No. 82 Wall street; at Ooin, Poole ami Penta'a Shipping Office, No. 39 Burling Slip; and at moat of the Nautical atorea and Stationers, New York. a20 lw*r PASSAGE TO A ND^ROM-LW^>1)0U *ANlJltLMITTANCES TO IRELAND, kc , BT TUE BLACK BALL LINK OF PACKETS. JfiBEL ISttb ?BKL NS wiahiug paaaage to Ltv^pool, by the splendid immodioua packet chip Columbia, which aaila on Saturday. May Ut, her regular day, will pleaae make immediate'applicatiou to Cap'ain E. O. r urber, en beard, at the foot of Beekmau atreet, or to the eubecribera. Thoae wiahing to aend for their friende, to come out from Liverpool by the favorite packet Yorkahire, Bailing from there en the let ofJnne, or the above aplendid chip, whien aaila from there on the 18th of June, or any of the Black Ball Line, can aeeere their paaaage previous to the Bailing of the Boaton ateemer of the let of May, by applying te aa. Peraona remitting money to their friends, can have draft* for any amount, payable on demand, en the Royal Bank ol Ireland, or on rreacolt Grote, Amea It Co., London, which will be paid ia the varioua bnuichea.thr?ughout Ureat Britain and Ireland. Apply to ROCHE. BROTHERS kCo. 33 h niton atret, New York. PaaaengeraAgenti for the Black Ball Line of Liverpool Packeta altrc "|? UNION LINE OF PACKETS to and Jrom Lie veamol.?The aplendid faat Bailing packet ahip EMjHHBbPIRE, Cept. Ruaaell, will sail fiom New York on the 10th of May, ana from Liverpool on the latof June, her regular daya. Her accommodationa for cabin paaaengera are very auperior; aha ha* alao excellent accommodationa fore limited number of aecond cabin paaaengera, in airv and apaciona rooma ou deck;aud her between decka, fur ateerage paaaengera, are lolly and well lighted; nil of which will be taken at reduced rales. Thoae wiahing to aecure berth* ahotild make early application ou board, at pier No 3 North River, or to W. k J. T. TAP8C6TT, ap33 88 Sonth at., 2d door below Burling alip, for new orLeans^T iOuiaiana and New York Lii*e of Paeketo? Poaitively the Arst and only JHlBkregular Packet, to aail on Thuraday, April 29th?The faat ceiling packet bark GENESEE, Capt. M inott, i* now loading, and will poaitively aail ae above. For freight er paw a age apply oa board, at Orltan* Wharf, font of Wall atraer, or to E. K. COLLINS, 38 South (Lett. Poeitively ne freight will be receired on board after Wed aeaaay evening, 18th mat. Ageuta ia New Oi leans, J. O. Woodmff k Cu., who will promptly forward til goads la thair addraM. a2S FOR LIVf.KmWl.-TU A. r. caWfcfad aid connar fastened British shin HO V AI, SOVEREIGN. JflMfeJ. Flood commando, hiring a considerable portion of herratgo engaged, will meat with quick drapatch. A law aabin passengers can ba accommodated. Apply on board, or to JOSEPH MeMURRAY, >211 if'c M Boutli street. FOR SAL L?The hall of a raaaeljuat launched, adflflflWand now lyiug at Railway port. She will carry about jHHMa2S0 to 300 tone; 96 faat on deck, 2J faat beam. She will aqswer for ciuial, rirar, or ooaat aarrica. Inquire of the lubacnbara, at Rahway, New Jeraey. JOB. O. LVFBERT, ag 1n*r H. R. SHOT WELL AtfBP- NOTICE.?All persona ara cautioned against bar iJHffWhoriiig or trusting any of the caw of the British flHMwfrig Regard, as no debts of liiair contraatiug will ba paid by the aaptaiu or consignees, WOODHULL k MINTURN, at! rrc t7 Santh afreet. THE LADIES' OONUK.ESS BOOT. _ P. LABOYTEAUX. C4l Broadway, daairea to inI _ form his aatnarous and faahinnabla lady patrons, that Kfmae ha has made arrangements for the right to maiiufaatnra thsalegaal elastic walking Boot, saw an faahionablt in the kigheatctrains in England ud Fraaua. The ratant irtd Cnramant in the alaasic staff will enable him ta maka hit 1 ota and high ahoea with the eltganee patellar ta his rty la af w-ark, and yet without the trouble of tenuis. This moat valuable invention remoeee all tlie ran lined P*aerare from the arch of the foot, while at the same time it afford! in elastric spring iu walking which cannot L-e appreciated wjliiual.a trial. _ alt lm?c SPRING BTOflK OF BOOTS AND SHOES. _ SMITH It RISERY. _ TAKE THIS METHOD nf informing their customers jTand purchasers in general, of their extensive, and well self levied assortment of Ladies,' Mioses' and Children's Gai^Vtars, Raskins, Slippers, k* , of their own manufacture, tnd a Urge stock ef Peg Boots, Shsea and Bragana aalactad nith great fare, and parchaaed Ihr cash, which will suable hem to sell at the eery Inwaat prices. N. B.?Store will he open until tan o'clock in the evening, i tiring Conntry Merchants an epiairtumt 1 ta examine their itock when not otherwise engaged. SMITH It RI8LEY, 142 < 'hatham at., directly opposite the Chatham Theatre. m27 Im'rh L. WAI.SII & (~0~ J FRENCH BOOT and Shoe Makers, No. t Ann strest, near the Mnaenm, New York. Fine krench Doors BJ V; i French lm|>erial Drees Boots mnde to onler $1 SO usually i sold for $6 SO. Patent heather Boots, Shoes, Gaiters and i ja rs'constantly on hand and made to order at the shortest lotict. I^tsiniig, Ac., done in the store. (^uic|| sales and imail prniiji our mono. nu. o aiiii nicer, ntw i or*. ' m21 _ _ " LOOK AT THIS ; JUST RECEIVKD. * large lot of Gentlemen't I French Boota, the beat and handanmeat erer in t hit ritv and will be told at the low price of$V Alto all kinda if Gentlemen't Gaitera and Patent Leather Nhoea, and all the (liferent kinda of Boon and Shoe*. I.adiet, you will And in j hit atom a great eariety of Gaiter Boota, 81 ippera, Bntkina, j 1'iat. Hniiaa Klimwra, whita and blank aatin do, white Rid do. : ind all other kinoi and tint, Miatea'and r.hildren'a Boon and Ihoea, Boyt' Bnota, Gaitera, Bhnea and Slippera of all the ' rarioua kinda; all of which will be told eheap, at #17 Broadnit, corner ol Franklin atreet. M. C AIIII.I. N. B. Country merchant* anpplied by the package or doien. ,, ip2 Irri r NEPTUNE HOUSE. NEW KOCHELLE. , rllK tnbteriber reapectfully inform* hit friendt, and the j public generally, that hit home will ha open to rrceire oinpanv, on or before the firtt day of May ; alto, that lie It now ] rtpared io make arrangement* w ith familiea for roomt. and | loard,for the coming teaton. Ita location and convenience*, j ilfer great inducementa to thote who with to be near the city, ind wall accommodated?*1ki good bathing, al lw*t C. F. RICE. I W YO fEW YORK, MONDAY M TO IMPORTERS AND DP:ALERS IN WOOLLENS. HM1UKON k CO., Kefiuiaher. of Clotii., Cauirnere., kc . No. 311 Well atreel. 1 lie (fold liaa breu awarded by lha American Iiucilutr, for their auiierior maimer of rolinuhing. Order. may be i.n m ilii Maura. WOLCOTT fc 8LADE, No. ?3 Piua .treat. WM. C. LANULEY k CO., M Kicking. Place. " U. UKICHAM k CO., 60 Puia Ureal, to wliolll they may refer. N. B ?Two thuuaand dollar, imured on good, for account oi ru.toiner.. _ a 16 lin'c | MERCANTILE MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY. No. 68 Wall Stkxkt, K'tw Yog it. IN coufuriuity with the requisitionsof the Charter, the C'ein( II) auburn the faUoWiuj'lUWBMt>7 Amount of Premiums not marked olf April 3d, 1816,$101,172 2V Do on Policies issued (luring tint year tiding April 3d, 1017 302,09V 08 Total amount of Premiums . $163,371 37 Tli? amount of Premiums marked olf during the > ?ar, *? aboee, wu? Ou Marine itiaka .. . .....$317,160 92 On Inland Transportatien and Navigation Risks... 30,27 1 01 $317,131 93 Less Return Premiums 13,112 31 Earned Pi ami nini for tli? year.. $301,89 1 09 Paid during the tain? period lor? He-insurance $31,276 26 liiieim1! ** ... * * 13,713 11 lutvivit, Cotntuisatuu, and bad dubta.,. . 23,673 32 Marine L..a.ea 111,382 86 I iland Navigdiou do 26.263 31 $237 >13 09 $61,618 00 Leas deficiency on Id April, 1816, at per published laieinent 11,996 28 Profit" to be divided . ... $32,631 73 The t in|>ony furthtr rr|>orl their assets asfollow", tit.:? Bill" receivable $333,721 90 I salt and unaettled eliita* to be closed by eaah, or noiei 16,938 38 Making ilie uuu, liable for leases, more than HALF A MILLION ofr DOLLARS. The Tnivteev ha?e dralared a dividend of aerenteen per eeait on the 111 meat of the year ending 3d iust., pa) able in acrip on and alter the 2d Monday in May neit. By order of the Trnateea. April Itth, 1817. F.LL WOOD WALTER, See. TRUSTEES. Thomaa limit, CyrusCnrtia, W'm. t . Lang ley, Herman linker, Ilei. 1 v Mielden, C'haa. O. Carleton, J at. hieeland, Lucius Hopkins, Tiioa. S Nrlaoa, Daniel O. Flariland, W ilaou 11. Hunt. Thomas Aelielia, Sir n art < . Ms rati, L?ri t'ook, (iemge lia?, A. Legoux, C. W . A. Rodger", DarnfL. Sayre, Henry Je?a.i|>, Alexia S. Baker, J as McCiilli.ugli, Henry A. Stone, Septimus ( route", Leonard Kirby, t has. Payen, Jaa. C. Hal lock, ( has. II. Rogers, Oliver hi. Maltby, H. E. Muring, George D. Pliel|>a. JOSEPH WALK ER, President. LEWIS GREGORY, Viee President. V, , vn.n Wot.. U .M TO THE LADIES. PETER ROBERTS, 171 Broadway, hai ju?t received per rseent arrivala. a aplandid asaortme nt of (ooda. Tha following comprn# a few, vis Thrsad and imitation lacea of scare daacription, laca capri, eollara, aaarfa, and maatillaa, embronlarad miiilin aapaa, aollara, eliamiaatta and caffa, cainbria handkarchiefx, in embroidarad reverie, hsndelieh and tapa bordara: si Ik, thread, and kid glevex; JUO breakfast am. capa, from Ha fid to 7a. Alao, 30o doa. aotlon and ailk hoaisry, HI par cant below the uaual pricra, al lm*r NEW JERSEY, Ill b'sON" A DELAWARE RAILROAD COMPANY. NOTICE IS HERKBV OIVEN, tliatBookaof Snbxeriplion to tha Capital Stock of " The Naw Jsraey, iludaou old Mieliware Rail road Company,* will ba opened at tha Cochran llouae, iu Newton, on Saturday, tha lith; at laaaa P. Ueinar'a Hotel, in Branchville. ou Tueaday, tha 18th; aud at Maahanira' llall, comer of Broad and William atracta, in Naw: ark, on Thuraday, tha SOth of May next. Tha booka to ba 0|iened each day at 11 o'clock, A. .VI, and cloaed on the laat day at 1 o'clock, r; M.; and al tha tima of aubaeribina for aaid alock, fue dollars will be required to be an eaek share aubacribad. NawToa, Suaaax Co., N. J , April It, 1847. J. K. EU^ALL, 1 JOHN BELL. I JOHN MOORE, JACOB HARNBECK, Junr > Commiaaiouats ROBERT HAMILTON. HAMUF.L FOWLER. MARTIN RYERSOfi. J apM tot *rrc L)ANU,L y WEENY. (Late 11 Ann itreet, New York,) Removed to w Chatham street.?The undersigned, al the approach al ilia tra? aaaaon, deeina it uaaeaaary to appriae those who may net ba aware of tha feet, that, in order to extend hia buainaaa, aa wall na hia limits of acaomaiodetiiiu, ha haa removed to 06 Chatham at., willuu a few Joara of Chain bara; and nearly opi>oaita Duana, where ha baa opeued a kalosu en precisely the aama plan aa his fortuar ana . but in extent, aomforl and airu.esa, ual surpassed by any iu the city. Tha enlargement of hia inhere haa bean demands* by the inciaaunni patronage ef the public; and hia preeent loestisn hsa bean selected as a central pueitisn far cittaana aa well aa strangeri. Ha tharafors soliaits tha attentioa af ike public, bath raaidsnt and tranxiaut, t* lua naw poaition, whsra they will find ust suly tli* aubatsntial slsmentx of life in avary rsqsirad form, but each af a quality that haa secured Inn tha rsputatisn ha naw sujeys, and which ha ia delarnained to maintain. 1 Ai the abova i? tha snly aaublfihmant ka either owns, sr ia in any mauusr nominally or otharwiae councctad with, ha hoses hia frisndx and tha public will remember that this ia the ouly aalsou sf tha undersigned, aud sole uropristor, DANIEL SWk'.ENY, M Chatham sOMA SWEENEY'S HOUSE OF REFRESHMENT, NO 64 CM A Til AM STREET, NEIV Y0RK. Bill or Far*. Root Beef 6(i Boiled Muttee 0d Roaet Laiib Gd Corned Beef 6d IGiUt V# J fld Pork mud B? *A Roast Fork 6d Beef Soup ad lineal Chicken Is 6d Molten soup fld lineal Oooee Is fid Chicken Soup U Roaat Turkey U (d Veal Pie (Id Heut Duck I* id Meat Pie ad Koaet Pig la ( Una Pie fld Oyster Pie U Hailed riah......... . Sd < nicken Pet Pie la lliee or Muih eud Milk. fld DeieiT. Plum Pudding fld Apple Fie ed Indian Pudding (Id I'lum Pie (1.1 Suet Piuldiug ad I'eacli Pie (Id Fined Pudding (id Apple Demplinge (hi Kite Pudding 8d Mince Pie fld Caeterd Pie fld Cranberry Pie ad BMeecpiaT tru Til. BeefSteak fld Hot C0411 Breed ed Veal Culleu fld Indian ( akea Od Mutton Cho|<s fld Boiled Lgga fld Ham end k-gga la Fried tgge fld Fried Tripe fld Hreiled Mackerel fld Fried Sauaagea fld Buckwheat Cakee fld Fried Fieh fld Tueat (Id Fried ('lame fld Hot Maffine fld Fried Liver fld Hot Holla ed Fried I lain 9d Fried Potatoee Sd Fiah Uella fld Tee end Coffee, eeeh ... 3d llaah fld Fitra Breed, 3d Stewed Kidnera fld Brown Breed Sd tt r OPEN ON BUND AT. attlmr GUIDE Ti> S( M N I) TEETH. DR. A. C. CASTLE, 3*1 Brnedwar,comer of White street, cella the attention ol the publir to hia anterior and appro red method of |>reaerf ing artificially eouud; teeth whirh are earoua and conaidered eaeleaa. The editor of the F.i ening Poll aaya: " Dr. Castle, in hit practire of eighteen reara, l>ae obtained aa enriable cmineiiee ; lie opera'ce on the teeth with great akil and ability ; hia eom|ioaition for filling decayed and aore leeta, while it lEiiiTt all. tins tin i.srecT i*u icieri, it randera the tooth perfect in erery reapeet. H la put into tlie tooth while in a soft atate. without any leui, end bee.unea bard, h ue nerruii* peraoua it is |>eeuliarl>' adapted. We liare tried it." epd l?*r _________________ Ci (litBIN'S DR AM ATH AND Ml SB M. AOLNI V J No. 2 Barclay atreet, (Aator iluase.) New Y ork SHcNOKA OIOVANINA CIOCCA reaj.eetfully lufurma tlie Manager! of Theatres throughout the l.nited Statea and (.'anailaj alia will reteru from her Weateru toar about lire let of September. MR. W. ( OltBVN itauthorised to tet u litr u?nt, and will attaud to *11 proposal* of angagttaant* on litr b?Ti?lf All inmmuuicaiioiii mutt bt pott twid.. ill St*re N OTIC If',.? Th? <o-partn?'thi? heretofore *11*111111 an due 111* name and Irm ,.f Hf'.NHT k KAIIN, it tin* day 4>tsolstd by mtltil tntiHt N KSIIN 11 *!<.? authorised)* |n|tiH?t? and stills ell etwtandmg wcouub ul the said firm ? Ntw Tofh, lilt irll, JIh*. I. HKNK V N. KAIIN. Th* rtbscribtr will hereafter eoatinut th* l,nti**t* of Im Fsrtiag frtntn A'tiflcia) FloWtr*. materials for Flowtr*, ttthtrt. nr., an ma own account *t 111* ar.uir plaee, SI Nuhi ttraat, 'ap stair*.) N. eAMNT .Klfr OLA RET I CLARET! CLAKKT! I^ITC lUlBCRtBER wonld Inlorm tha pitl>lic that ha keep* cpmtaatiT oa hand,at lut riort, No i Barrlay ttrtti ttmr of Broadway, uta b*?t .mo. ? of i i*r*t wj .* Ma wonld pertitnlarly laaila thr autmian af hotels and pabli* honsa*. wham h* will supply by thtgalloa 01 mar beat ant thtir eonyenienra. lit IWeTs aaaarad (bay will ta satisfied fur gistug hiai 1 tall. a>( Im'rr <. HARI.KH fc< KLHT Orrtor. Ootoi* Aa< aoi 1 r linaan, ( April JOth, IMT. ( NOTI' v. TO WATF.R TAffPr.Rft-Water rent* art dne and entile oa the firet of >1ay, at tbia Office, So. 7 Old Alma n< *, rear of the City Ball. Water uhera who a;* ilrairwtit of not ham* it shut off will plraav be punctual in thatr ipuy taan ta. all 1*ie KOOMB TO Lh-T, with board on the firet of May, on the 2d floor, a eery tlrairahla aiute of imau, at boaa# No. 1J2 Broadway. Relerenea* firhitngud if required Ala- , rooma for tingle gentlemen. Apply at 471 Broadway until .lie lat of May. __ a2ti lw*r noARDINo IN BLKECin,K HTRfcFl Two gaatJamen and their wicee, oJ fire or ait tingle gantlrtnrii. enn 1* accommodated with handsome, tinftiriushrd rooma, with tied rooma attached, and full hoard, iu a pleaaantly situated lionse in Carroll place. Apply at present at *ii Mpring straat a2l lm*r 'piif. LtTNOS Obaarrationano the aatare^ostisi,iyap A turns, and core of Asthma and ( onaumption, (by a new node of treatment,) made during a restdenre of three vaart, n France and F.njilarid, illnatrated by SIO lat* casea. lyo. pp It ?By Or. W. HALL?Office np|u>*ite the Attnr House, enranee I Ann at. a22 Sl*r j* uK 8ALfc.~Iter riving on commission, and constantly <>? r hand, Bntter, Chirif, Lard, Me*a, Thin Mt?? and ?l,w* fork, Smoked llama, Shoulder*, and Heel", Maekerel. Sn*d, Salman, Dry and Tickled Codfish. Also, Mola*?ea in hogenidi, QtfeM and barrel*. In h of ah sod*, botes Mid bt? ela; with a general aaaortmenf of groceries. Sold in 1-ta m iccommodate purchaser*. at the lowest eaah price*, bf CLAllk. KISK ?l CO.. WS Fulton .treat V. Fl.-A Usv? quantity smoked Meats and < 'herae. slightly hinaged, to he sold at low price*. ?M lm# r" HA LI. I.AMTKH MS. 9 (WW| THE LAHOKSTaml m..*t aplen.liH aamtfmeat U,"VVF of Mall l.antern* of rut. engraved ami 1W"?? lw> errr offered to the public. Whole*,le dealer* will plea,* all ami etaminr and judge for thrm.rli ri before j.oreh,?iiig he where. Ornamental *tifft I,intern* for **U Ola?* Brut in < lock* and Bow Window*, 4cr.. fcr OKOROE EDWARD*. ?l ln*r 114 tad 111 Nmm ttnm RK H [ORNING. APRIL 26, 184' A Wail from Uu Wait, UU iHKLAItb 11 TH( I'uHTT-IKfSRTU till ?? TK Union, Jin. 1S49. In the laud of our falbara la wailing and daath , In tbu laud of tba Saxon la mualo and uilrUi . Tlio naw j ?ar la coma, and wa rlaw It with faar, Tha Saxon will bail It. and fvaat on good aboar ; Tbaaold heart of tha Saxou lallgbtaoua aad gay, Wbila oura. warm, bueyaut, ara aunk wtlb dlamay Tba balla of tba Saxon ara beaming with ligbt, Wbila falling In tbouaaud* witb hunger and auld, Tba puma of tba Saxon la filling with geld. Wbila tba fauiiua of luurule our avpulcbraa arwwd, Tba luugbtur of ruyalty'a Joyoua and loud At tba prauka of a minion uufaallng and gay Wbo uiakea ua tba autgeotof aoiuic diaplay, And night after night, ua aourt guaalpa ralata, Tba faruu ia repeated witb merriment graat Vou aak wbat'a ouratata in tbia laud of tba Waat So long by tbara Saxoua daridad, eppraaaad Tbu following liuua. paun d witb augulab aad pa la, Will our conditiou at thia time axplam acsnc tur Riaar. Tba uioatb'a Deoember draitr and dark. And tbera'a Imprinted many a mark Of aboalaaa faut upon tba auow, l.uta fallal! on the patb balow I'pon the mount the leafless trees Drop tlakos with wary passing bruese. Auii frozen into crystal cliill Tho waters of the dropping rill. A little half-clad Infant, one Who long with breathless haste had rua ; With liiiping weak and plaintive ary, Arrests a strungrr panning by, And ghastly was the talc and brief Of that poor wasted ohihl of grisf :? "My father is as cold as stone. Anil sister's left with him alona Ills litis are white ; his eyes are dins, lie will not speak whan we kiss him ; He wonld awake?so sister said. If she had meat for him and bread He brought ns food till he grew bad. But not a hit since then wo re had, Neither of fire a single spark. All day, all night. Is cold and dark Where is your fatherplvlng, whersf" He answered, "near tne village there " By pity and the poor child led. To that doomed spot the stranger sped. Whore, over eorses shroudless psle, Walled the sullen northern gale ; Where perished first the brave and strong, Thi^sell-devoted to prolong The lives of wife aud children dear Left callous to the fate that's near, Where slept the living 'niongst the death, Together both fond bier ana bed. Where e'er bar children lying low, Tha mother sunk in tearless woe, L nable the last rites to srave 1' or them a coffin and the grave i no prosperous nays nave passeu away Of cufllna for ignoble clay. Thus uo* our dead and dying fare, 1 Dlese'd long with Saxon rule and aare. CHI Tilt ICCORD. An ancient temple stands alone, And burial ground, o'er which no atone, Sculptured. caryed. with railing high, Tails wliero the waary worn lla ; Though frvah-torned earth, just oast away, Provus many ware but laid In slay ; . And to that spot a few now wand ' Their way, who 'naath some burthen band? Thu burthen of death and despair. Kor light's the cofBn which they bear, The shallow grays to plaeo within ; Its boards frail, undrosaed and thin. An infant child, in death's sloop souud, And in a shawl wrapped closely round, la laid down too, with anguished lore, Uncofhned, on the lid above. A mother's breast has bean Its blar i Herself it was who bore It here; Who. faint and feeble, watched alone, Whtla the sold earth was o'ar It thrown, And on its sunny locks the clay Kail pitiless and heavily. if numbered was the golden hair Of that one victim, spotless fair, And the Almighty, from his throne, Did mark tliut single scene alone, What retribution must await Those who brought them to that state t Long, too, forewarned of their lot. And might have saved them, but weuld net. What tato with horror can compare To that of doath for want of fare ! And Chat, too, In a fertile soil, To sow with rare and reap with toil, Then see shipped off to other lands The harvest saved by native hands; Aud dig the famished reaper's grave As it floats heavy o'er the wave. Soon may pass pestilence away? Its progress, power, no hand can stay Oft merciful, 'twill quickly kill, And us resigned leave to its will. When man's wild ravages ones eeaea, May come prosperity aud peace; If vanquished, we may think with pride How brave, devotedly they died ; And If victorious, o'er their grave The laurel in triumph plant, to wave. Rut on starvation's hideous tomb Rests unrelieved and dismal gloom. Where inem'ry. maddened, may the spot llut haunt, to shudder at their lot. SCEWE TIIB LAST. A maiden shuts n cabin door, And languid treads the path before, With features cast In fairest mould. So changed by sorrow, she looks old, Though wanting years yet of the time When youth has reached Its bloom and prime. With eouifort, food?exempt from woes, Hhe would have bloseomed as the rose, And have attained to beantv rare, In eorrow, wretehedneaa. stil^fhlr. The tears which off her dark eyee fall. nam on nor nanda. and noaoni chill. The earth li atilf. Iter feat are pained And cut?tho path behind le itatnad With <|uick*ued pace the moor ia a roe aed And uuto view aha loon ia loat An old man tome time after etraya With tott ring rtep. and anxtnoa gat*. The path hie grandchild fair had gone, fur ha liad inland the tender oue. Who laldoui left hia fevered bed She waa not nigh, where had aha aped ' Who wae not wont to tarry long, With terror the old man grew atmng. And in haata wildly he aroae. Put on hia coverlet of clothe*. Then ventured out for her to leek, f.maclatod, trembling, weak Soon ha eepye her near her home, Tran<|uil ? reeling all alona. ? Ho called?he Alt no pulae, no breath, for her rapoee wae that of death The letting inn ehone coldly en The featurea of the fainiahed one. On her pale cheek hi* lurid ray I aet color faded long away, And unbound o'er her ahouldora fhlr DiMirdcred fell her raven hair A ad there wae fallen by bar tide A parcel email and careful tied, A pound of uieal. there waa no more, And cake of brunj. thla waa the (tor* f ound there, the prloe of theae waa high. Which aha bad Journeyed far to buy; Vet food wae plentiful beeld* Where abe and many hundred* died, fly alien ruler*, for them atored. \ *1 they on* pound would not afford. i urn ii 1 wm ui "in ur jvung tu ?? 1 roui fauilua dlra nil druadad grara Tbara fraad by death. *W?p auunl y* gbaally daad, by Saxon* baggarad and by baioua fait Tu iraka thi* purchaaa frtandlaa* poor, Hon Ihaai did ilia tba inaaua procura* lor oaa what* waak of luduitry. Kis panaa, no mora, (bat waa bar fba. 'I bough prarliaad. an ill d aba draw Ilia thraad Iroui aarly dawn. tlU daylight fled What waa fur (bi* long waak bar flara, What fbrmahad charily did ahara 'I "hat wratehad far a tba old man got; That aba waa ratting, ha knaw not 'Ilia aha^k hi* Intallaala awuka. And an bit mind a light now hrnka, l.lka tbat which ojwa iba alaepara ayca tt baa ro ma ad dialurbad by la.dnlgbt arlw*. And b? ran Ond (>> aarapa M tar Iroia blaaing laia-a wbiab round biaa play (>n bar ba naat una franalad look. 'I'waa noted In tha judgaaot book And tbua h? ( < *? aa Ur did rataa lllaiaalf aprlghl. with hearenward gaaa ? " (>h bow niy toml It nay not ba, * lioth tblrat fur rrngaanaa child, for thaa. " Wboar orphan band an oft did raat * In irifhnay on thla agad braaat; * 1'|>M -k.? i ---! ? ?' . ? . ??iii > m> >nu, |iny. writ#, " And M??nl the*. (Waal our. uioru, night; l/ord ? tlirjr bar* drw-rtrd them pay, '* And t<> "? thy propl* dour thin day " Who with falac hopot did u? drlud*. " Till thry bought up. f<>r?a tailed our A>od, '* With anlanin prouiliMW of aid, ** f alar .a* all thr* him ?>?r madr, " Aught thry ** Uft a* -onr livaa war* Mid * To add rant p?r rriituin to thalr gold, ' Our rhildran a brrad to doga la raat. " And thry arr Irft to pariah fiat T hay aiakr a boaat of all thry do ' Tii at and any wa r# gralaful too, If thry aurh tiattrrtBg unruon lay " I 11 to thalr aouia. thay arr aatray ' To author* gratrful of our wo* 14 for paltry aim* thay now haatow. " Which would not on# good uaaal prwrld* " for lhaar that Uagrr tb# daad haald* " And who hut fur thaw now would ba " from porrrty and fhmtar frr# A ii I .fair-.i aa th,.a* rlarwhrra " Th* (ail 1.1 a a hi* too to (war A wtlhi ig rurar on our 1*1* Ml Aa if th igli aom* uah-dy apall, for ainr th* hour Ibry did intruda, ' Taara ur may ?ay ha?? h**a our fcod, " lutltrd by our atrlfa thay raa* [ERA 7. ' And through It ?tlli their rule maintain; " With narrow and malignant apite. ' To mlaury apread auutued their delight ' To peril aoul. and darken mind " Were all their lawe for ua doaigned, " To liuporeriah, ruin, decimate, " And foater bigotry and hate " What feeling now do they dieplay " t or ilia they're ruueed. wbut aympathy, " Hut acutCa. with hitter worda and jeera, " Which gall our wound* like polaoued apeara ' " And try to turn to account " Thw dread calamity a amount, " To atill more profitably prey " Upon thia laud another duy ?? / tuu ICii 1UIVI1V VVUIOUIKI, " AuJ break the chain with which they're bound. " To keep ua poor degraded atUl " The slaves of their deepotio Will, ' Their base aud dirty work to do, ' And fight their battle* for Iheiu too " Alas aa wa re for age* doua. " To our uudoing atill w? wou. " They who'd befriend ua oft have alulu " To raiaa our foea to wealth aud fauie; " Aud our owu misery prolong: " Nona elac on earth uare done ua wrong " To aata their arariou and pride. " liear hapleaa one thy brother* died " And oft didat thou weep for the day ' Of Sabraon'a aad victory; lu Afghanistan a ravine wild, " Kail tuy brave boy. and ouly eliild. " I'roud Albion?don't thy aona call thee " I.and of the prosperous and the free ' " I by (lory ia their favorite tnaat? * Thy weaiih and power, their aonalant boaat ' Waa not that glory ahiefly won " lly u*. the people you ve undone * " Thy wealth and power ia plunder, crime, ' In ev'ry land and every elline * And vet with all thy riohe* pride '' Km pi re and prala of wooden walla. " How oft have thine own people died " Of hunger, near thy regal hall* ' " Oh' that I could afar proclaim. ' With worda of light, tny burning shame; ' And to the loathing world display, " Thy heartleeaneaa and infamy " indue It on the mounlatna high, " And stamp it glowing on the sky, "That all who hear,appalled, our woe, " Might too. our wrongs, and thy guilt know. " Of all thy empire none did share, " So long a* ws thy fostering earn, " Ruled ay thy govcrnuiout alone, " tUnca we were swindled of our owu, " Nay of thy kingdom great aud free " Part integral you say are we? " That we must owe"- who cau gainsay? " To thee alone our misery. " As foind have you governed well. " And made oar pleasant land a ball. " Yet frotn this ruined 1-le may lava burst, " To lay thy power. tyranny, lu dust " Fate* most afflicting bitter atroka. " What bava we done to thns provokaf The canting and salf-rightuoue aay, * Oar sins brought this calamity * if eln, 'twas that of beariug long " With alarlsh sufferance, so much wreag " It must be better guilt to share, " Than to uieekly suffer and forbear. ' If It ware caused by si us of these * I'atlent. sinking under woes. " Kndured with christian meekness, still ''The martyrs of misrule and ill ? " No hope, but heaven, their lot to cheer, '"Ker all the torment suffered here " Might we not like the psalmist, say. " When the proud, wicked, us arraign, **The've washed eur bauds in tnuoeaaey, " And alaausad our hearts in vain." Thus, with a voles excited, strong, The old man raved of right aud wrong In truth's Imaaortal words severe, Although no living soul was near ? With his white head defeneelvas. bare. His giant frama aud floating hairlie seemed, as it did round him Sow, I.Ike some tree withered, eapp'd with anew. His faculties that did return To their old shrine to fiercely burn, Illume and uiakc the ruin bright "I'-re taking their immortal flight, Now glimmered faintly in daeay? I onfused became his memory And In a tone prophetir deep, 7'hough heavy with approaching alee p. " Weep no mure, dear child, said ha, " For we aliall yat hava liberty? * The liberty which dccpotc glva? ' The liberty, with health, to Uve? The liberty to en much get" " With labour as shall life sustain ; " And In our land, which yet shall ba " From misrule and oppression frea. " Our Father, he to whom ? pray * Give us our daily broad thU day, ' Shall yet for ui a table fair " Hera In tbi* wilderness prepare, * And we shall eat. ha feebly cried? " We shall sat. and l>e satisfied. " And our oppressors shall' ho ceased, His spirit raiisoiued. was released THE LSMCWT. Wuep hapless Erin, bereaved and distressed, For these thy children?most faithful and best. Weep for thy strong sons, the noble and brave Who died for the loved ones, I heir death did not save Weep too (br thy orphans and widows bereft, To mourn and sillier all desolate left. Weep for thy maidens so chaste and so fair, Cnt off in life's spring time, and blighted with rare. And weep for thy little ones sad pining away, Like to the aged wretched. In glad infancy, Weep, but deepair not, though dismal their flight. Their spirits rejoice now In realms of light. And bless thy poor exiles, kind, generous ever. Who forget ne'er their country, though fate may them sever ; Of their earning, the first-fruits, still sareful to send To eomfort a parent, or succour a friend, in this season of trial Thus did tlisir aid save The livee of some thousands, else doomed to the grsre And blush for thy gentry, lords, grovelling and low Who still meanly eroueh at the ft-et of the foe. And whom to oppress their own eountry they aid, To ha by abuse and derision repaid ; Yet must be opposed to its sole hope repeal What reek they of ruin, when ia*hinn is leal, I)rainless as heartless, averring the while, Alien legislators hare ruined their isle Andlilusli for the trusted If men be so base, As to barter ft alty to thee for place, On whom thou hast lavished affectum and gold, To he to for* brutal in time of need sold And now. by thy trials and sufferings so sore. TI.AM .U.I, k. .,..1 k. ?,, And that thy children, though thinned thev rnav be. Shall shake ofl their f. 11 r? and set llMWH RW From that loathed dominion, that grind* them to aerth Dealing (trlfa. peatilPiiee, famine and death. And seek for thy Icador*. the bonnet among The earnest and gifted. the aenlou* and young, And whether in moral or phya'eaJ fight, Fray liearen to strengthen. establish the right HHAMKOCK. Intelligence from Canada. [Frotn the Kingston Whig. April IS ) Yesterday the ground was covered with mow to the depth of two iucfies. retarding the labor* of the ploughman. To-day It la milder, but atlll ohilly. The i elaleav lag the harbor rapidly, but *o much Is duaceudlng freui tha Uay of Qulnte and palling down the bt Lawrence, ai itUl to Impede navigation By Sunday or Monday at farthest, the ieo will be uil out. and then the opening of navigation may be proclaimed in reality The 10th -lay of April ii a very late dale for the commencement of the spring huiineii in Kingiton harbor Several schooner* have left the harbor for the baud of the laku, and levural otheri hevu arrived from various ports Thie morning the first itvatner of the (cueon made her appeerance the Transit, from Toronto with produce, and die Is to he followed by the line of uieil lake iteamere [From tli? Montreal Herald, April 10 | The Official liaxrile itnnouncul thn assembling of Parliament for the despatch of business on the Id of Jane In connection with tlii* subject w? have oleo great pleasure in mentioning our belief that the Judicial and mlniaterial varanrlee will he filled up In a very abort time, and that the appointment* will be of ? nature to give aatlifactlon to all truo conservative* If the completion of the new oabinet be auch as we have reason to expect, we shall have great cauae to congratulate our readers that the attempt at coalition ha* turned out a failure Tha British inhabitant! of Lowar < anada might have aeocpted such a niinietry. for tha sake of peace and good government; hut it ie clear that their readings must have been against It It eould have commanded none of their sympathies [From the Kingston Whig April IS.] What every man of rational mind foresaw, has occurred the American force* have compelled the city of v... i mi in enni t ulnt > after* Tcrv brief maistauce i Men loo often make tin- wlah the parent of the thought The Americana deaerve to be well trouaerd for their unjurliflahle Invaelon of a free country, Infinitely leal powerful than their own; but it rarely hxppena that nation" or men get what they merit, either for weal or for woe The aympathlea of the < anadiana. one an<l all. are (Wrongly eirlted in behalf of the npprcaaed Mexican"; hut our aympathlee too often warn our judgment hence the belief, or rather the hope, that In thl* moat eruel anil nnneceeeary warfiire. the Mexican" would ultimately pre. aeree their country from alavery Snch a hope mnat now he henlalied Nothing now reiualna for the nnforttinatca, hut their capital city, and that the cruel apoilera can take whenever they chooae to advance upon it It la aomewhat aurprlatng. that weak aa Mexico ronfeeaedly la. ahe abould have had tha temerity to eope "ingle handed with what mo"l now be conferred, though aomewhat unwillingly of the mart powerful nation" In tha two heai lap a (tea. A Are oeeurred at fait I atnbridge on Thuraday niaht hy which aeveral ahopa and atoraa were burned out Tha uffereraare llarvey and Burton.hruah raakera; Mr. Danaia furnltura dealer. Huatlnga I'ana. who loat a large lot of Waal India good* In the building In which they wara at^reil and Meaara Allen k Coleman, tinmen Two flrcmau were aererely injured hy the cx|iloaion of a barrel of alnohol I?ti the llth Iriat l.etwien 7 And Ao'cloek, the bagging and rope manufactory of Jairn-a t.oonay, in Lexington Ky , wai daatroyad by flfa ?rS2?7~~ LI), Prtca Two Cents. Trade bet wean the li.ltcei Sintea and IlauoTer. I Cor. of the Loudon Ttima ] March 14. 1847.-The ratification* of a mort Important treat* of navigation and commerce, which goet Immediately into effect, between the b'uited State* und Hanover. hava juat been exchanged here liyth* Hon. Dndley Manu. Henipotentlary c f the termer Government. and Huron vou halke of the latter The high contracting purtiea have mutually agreed to vxtclid to vcretde of each other the indirect or na Mr. Hicurdo calla it. triangular carrying that ia a Hanoverian hip may export corn or any other description of Ameri cau produce to Lnglaud, I ranee, or elsewhere and carry hack tha proelucta ofthoau countriea. if permitted by their reapective UoTernmcnti. while Amarlcun veaeeto are to enjoy the aame privilege in their lutercouraa with Uanoveriaii porta Aa an equivalent for the Inequality of the population, and products, auel tea port* of the two countries. Han over ha* obliged herself that no higher or other toll ball bo lo led or collected at Bruntbauaen or Ktade. on tba rlvvr Llba, upon the tonnage or cargo** of vv*a*l* of tbu l ulled State*, than U levied and coU*ct?d upon tba tounuge and cargo** of ve**eU of tbu kingdom of Hanover; and thut tbc vessel* of the L'nitud Statu* ahull ba subjected to no charge*, datuntion. or utbar in*onvuuisuo* by tbc Huuov*Hau autboritva in paaaing tba the ubovementioued place front which r**aol*oftb* kingdom of Iianorcr a 1im.11 h* exempt, and. a* itipulatad In article W. " In order to augment tbe oommcrclal rulationa balweeu tbu United Statu* and Germany. th? kingdom of Hanover beruby agree* to abolish tbu import duty on raw cotton and also to aboliab tba exlating transit dutie* (of7>,d pur 1001b.) upoh leave*, stem*. and (trip* of tobacco in hogshead* or rank*, raw *otton in bal** or bag*, whale oil in cuak* or barrele. and rice in tiercaa or half tierce*, and, ftirthcr, the kingdom of Hanovar oblige* itself to levy noWeacr tolla on tne beforementloned article* which are destined for or landed In porta or other placn* within It* territory on the Weeer; and it moreover agree*, If the etate* hording npon the said rivmr (Prussia. Ilcsse. Brunswick. and Llppe) will consent at any time. however ?oon. to abolish t he dntiea which they levy and collect upon the said artielea destined for port* or other place* within the llauoverian territory, tta* kingdom of Hanover will readily aboliah the Weaer tolla upon the same article* destined for porta and place* In th* said State*." The treaty i* in force for IS year*, and further, "iiutil the end of IS months after tbe CJovernment of Hanover, on the one part, or that of the United States, on the other part, shall have given notice of It* intention to terminate the asme hut ee*.#, ?jiu? hereby expressly stipulated and ngreed. that if the kingdom di Hanover shall determine during the mid l?rm of II years to augment the eziotnix import duty upon leave*. stems, or strips of tobacco. imported in hogsheads or casks. a duty which at this time doe* not exceed 70 rente (33d). the Government of Hanover shall five a notice of one year to the (Iovernmeut of the 'niled State* before proceeding to do ao. and at the expiration of that year, or any time subsequently, the tluvurnmunt of the United Htatva ahull have full power and right to abrogate the prcecnt treaty by giving e previous notice of aix month* to the (Iovernmeut ef Hanover, or to continue it at It* option, until th* operation tin-roof ahull have boon arrcated In th* manner drat specified." Tint*, the vessels of the United Statu* hereafter are to navigate the Kibe aa ftoely. whether aa reaped* tonnage or cargo, aa Hanoverian veaaela. Thia will bwwt materially the ahipplng Intereat of America and faellitato iutaroourae with Hamburgh, which ia already a oonaidarable importer of cotton, nee. and whal* oil Th* etipulatlon relating to tranait dutiea remove* a tax of about AQO,000 per annnm from til* article* provided for in their movement to th* Zollveretn It la believed that they will henceforth i>aa* through Hamburgh and lirenian to Auatria and nwitaerland. ins toad *f paaaing through Trie*to and Havre, aa heretofore With respect to th* Weser tolla(adegrading relict of th* dark ago* of the /ex (a/i'ontt), the appeal of Hanover to th* state* of the Zollverein to abolish them la ao dlree* and solemn that it la lm|>owiblu to be withstood for any considerable lsngth of time:?" In order to augment, by all th* means at its bestowal, th* commercial relation* between the United States and Germany."?not Hanover alone, but th* whole nationality of Germany,?"the kingdom of Hanover agree* to abolish th* abovsnamod transit due*, and ugr*?s that,if the state* bordering upon th* said river Weser shall consent, at any time, however soon, to aboliah them also." The ulterior object which th* American l'lenlpotentiary evidently had in view exhibit* a masterly knowledge of the sulijcct, and he cannot fsl under existing circumstance* to accomplish th* total abolition of those due*. Prussia has a treaty of commerce and navigation with the bolted States It require* oniy a twelvemonth s notico to terminate it. Th* United Slate* may now say to her.?"Abolish your transit duty, your Weser tolls, uud reduce your tobacco doty from 3.S thaler* per 1001b. to the llauoverlau standard, np ?itl at.rogate our truaty with von an-' resects out from the indirect carry lug'' tan I'rusM resist* Assuredly not; for a policy of tills kind would prove a death stroke to tier navigation, which sh* ,.|,?p|.l...? ... Ul-I.l., I ..fia-i.tinnllw -.1 extend! tin- eoniutnpllon of her trading itaplen. bu* 1 clear* the ranoug impediment! of tin- highway!, obtalning a free trauiil to the frontier! of Auitria, K ranee a ad ; Mwltierleud for the laid Hapten 'I h<i King of lluuover him been eonetantly riling lu ?h<? cITectlon of hii sulject! ila hue inarraavd hi* popularity again by tlilijudirlou! convention, whuh U calculated i to extend hia fama throughout Oirraany Thi operation! commence at a moat favorable period, daring the ' luipeuiion of the navigation lawi of t.nglaad. by vrhieli veeeeli under hii flag are entitled to carry corn from America to k.uglaud. Why ihould Ureal Britain heeitatv to change her navigation lawn, and to make advanlageuui reciprocity treatiei lintllar to thoee of America ' li it not humiliating to Hritiih pride, to bear Ik acknowledged in i'arliament by her leading itateemen, that the I nited Statu, not u century old. have the flret eoiumerclal navy in the world ' Why ia it lo * Because : the I nited Hletee are ulwuyi wide awake to their Internet! In < rder that Urcat Britain may profit by the new pon1 vention between Hanover and the United Htatee. it I ahould be pnhllnbed for tlte uec i f Parliament, ae her navigation l!W! ure tinder a wnrrhing exnininution it) the llouao of ('oinniou!. and particular attention ahnnlit tie rolled to the 1 'itti article. which read! thii? ?"The . I nited Stele! agree to extend all the advantage! and privilegi-e Included In the atlpulntion! of the preeent treaty to one or more of the other Slate! of the (o nusrile ( onfederatlon which may wteh to accede to them by the mean! of unofficial exchange of derlaratlone. provided that eueh State or State! !hali ronfer "miliar favor! npon the !ald United Matee to thoee eonferred by the kingdom of Hanover, and otwervr and he eahjert te the Mime condition!. !tlpulatloni. and obligation! 1 Oldenburgh ha! already availed hrreelr of thin privilege. and other Slate! will follow Hanover and Oldenburg eonititute a Steuerverein," but tliey were taken eingly. It being the ohjeet of the American Plenipotentiary to preeerve the political eoveri ignty of the ladivldual "tatee a! there l! no duly empowered representative of the whole confederation Mleffllani owe. A brig *> launched nt Itrlfaat, Mr on the I nth ln?t , called tlie I rorhletit / Taylor The jury in tbr ra*? of Ball. Brown. and Morton, after having hern out about twenty our hour*, ratnr Into j rourt at U'a o'rlork thl* miming with a verdict of not guilty, for lh<t whole throatbmlon Tranitripl, Jlprtl 14 I The magnetic telegraph ha* bawn extended froin U'aah. Ington to I-rrderirkahurgh, in Virginia Utn. Taylnr'e plantation, atmut thirty intlr* ft am i N'atohea, I* *ald to ha overflown A hunt a tlatirn horeoa warr atolrii by the Intlian* from the vicinity of Aualin. about the '.'Oth ult The bnuee of t.lnatliaii Atklni. of Wrrtflrlal Maat , waa horned 011 Kritlay night. and Mr A . who war an old man ami lived alone in the bnuir wi^urned taj death before be caiulai he reaa ucd On the Vlh luat . Mr* Ann 4-U-lla Moorr waa declared guilty, in the court of Tallap >o?u In tbie State, of murder In that firat da-grew for killing hrr huahnnd A letter lu the U'flumfika O wet at aitya ' Tbr caaa hat* excited In our county much Interact the wbolat evidence otrruinalantial. yet ao Hear and eatlrfaetnry that no alouhl of tlm guilt of Ilia prlaamrr real* on thr uiinai atf any oue She liatencd to tha reeding a.f the rrrdl- l ol the jury with the ulmaet eouipo?ure Inalred. during the trial, which occupied thr whole day. *h" teemed totally 111-11(! rent II a|-|-a-ara fioiu the evidence that Moorr wrnt to bed at bla ii?nal line tbat -luring the night, and while aah-ep ?lia- frartiira--l hUaknll In aererel plai'i-* with an ate Ha- lier-l iaitnr *ia or eight gay* after tha- fauil ail wa* perpetrated, ami rrl'eeaied that It waa lua wife that aoiniuilled thr aaeaga a" and that he knew of in- raaaon for her hatred of blui tfoAafe Ibral 4 It I* *?l<1 that a company la about tat br e>tehli*h?d In t harla-etoti fair manufacturing enttcu yarn exclueteely with e capital of (SO 900 in there* of V>"i>->*i k Tha taack la nearly all autaerrl>>e<l In the caar r.f I'lrrpont autha-r ?i h wlrr. publleber, Jualge Woodbury. at B-ieton hra alrclded that tha aale of tha Copyright a.nly ex ten-lad tta riglil to tha fiyrtght then axlating The puhllahrr who at the end a.f the 14 yewra went am veiling I* to tae o-nnoh r- .l lli? mere agent of the antbor. end muat ageoant to him lit ell eucb win Three men. named Armetramg Hinlth end Itig dim hate Been arreita-d at In-la pi ml-nc, lo - n charge of tiae1nffniurdi a man named Baldwin I live all tae longed to i? H?nl? ( n'mptti;. ?nil )Ml li mI4 lo htvt bnen the only Indueeineiit fur the lommlaaton of th# crime The (irlenni-r* nrr to l-a a-nt to 8t l.oull far trial ThOina* Wal"b. ?li" e?eap*d from hi* guard In Kktn Bayou. [I baroka* N alio a J a few wrrka ?lnco. ha* been raamtly arretted and huug Th* Memphla annual canferenee of til* Methodiit'copal httrrh. rrportnl nt It* late acealnn. niti* thnnaand *ll hnntlrrd anil eerenty-two dollar* mlleeted for tni**iouarjr operation*, in uaali. with about two thourand dollar* additional, du* on notea and pledget MILITARY 1NTPXI.IUKNCR. On* million of eartridge* were shipped an board th? Iowaye*t*rday forth* u*r of onrarmy in M?ilro An*thar lot of wagon* ware al*o takan on hoard 5r f,*ut* Era. .tpril lfi ? TO CAPTAINS AND OWNERS OF STEAMBOATS. THF. underiigiif d having leated and fitted op th? ho??a * ih* Long Pirr, foot ol 19th *lrret. North n?*r, a* a *tre? boat hotel, in order to accommodai* tlie up town reeidenu, iavite* all t aptaiii* of etaaraboate to make tin* landing, ire* " eliirf.ige. P. UK l,K IIF.K, Proprietor N. B.?Boat* or hsrci for pleasure or fiehmg alwai* to rntvengeM taken at ill time* ? herever lli*V * "'>10 *11 lm*r VI ANOANKHK,?ltio caake block olid* ol Man*e?*tW 1*1 nonrnl, for ?*le by . _ ? air* PKKMK k BKOOKfl, ?? *r Nwaaa *

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