Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1847 Page 3
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CW^?i JUUHJ J- J UJ Coici TImj compact briii, and perfect ntili'y of these articles, render tliem an iiidisrpusable ooi"-uimii a* offlcers of the Army and Nary, oe any whose l.u.i' e .? or pleasure calla thain from home. A? each article contained in them has heeu selected by the sub.crihera, they can warrant diem to perforin the office fur which they were respectively designed. 1 O. SAUNDERS St SON. 177 Broadway. Important to Da^uerreotypUU.-sIu?t received per lale liirru pncln/U? 111,iK/O fnll-dztd plates, tnths, at $10 80 per dozen. 12,0**0 quarter " " 2 70 " li.lKM) medium " " 1 8(1 " 5 per cent olf froiu the above prices, on all orders amounting to till) dollar*. A Wo on hand. Voigtlauder'a German Cameras, received direct from Vienna. Chemicals, Sto. for sale bv ANTHON V CLARK St CO., 217 Broadway. i erins, iu current funds. 3t Navigation of the Ohio River. Planet. Time. State of River. Wheeling April 21 7 feet. Louiavillu April 1? B}?feet. t inoinnati April A J'ittuburg.... April 21 & feet. !* :aymi u _ i j. . m.t MONKY BIAIIKJKT. Sunday, April 25-H P. 31. Thu stock market during tlie past week, has been ra I lior quiet, anil price* roinaiu without any material alteration, The late advice* from Europe have had no particular Influence upon our markets, and every thing appears to be statu t/uu. Wo see nothing calculated to give any great activity to the stock market, or to have a favorable influence upon price*. Money is plenty, a* much so as we can expect it to be in time* of the greatest prosperity; and still there uro no indication* of any improvement in any of our securities but those of the government. Every thing depends upon our relations with Mexico. With tho prosperity existing in every department of trade uud commerce, there would bo the greatest inflation in commercial affairs, were it not for the hostilities existing between this country and Mexico, in the event of a peace with Mexico, there would bo immediate relief in the tiuancial affairs of ull dorses, and such an increase in public confidence as would tend to a rapid advanenmant in the market value of nil our public securities. Wo cannot admit that tho Mexican war has in fact an injurious effect upon our commercial and financial affairs; the Imaginary effect is 110 doubt sufficient to depress things slightly, and at times considerably, and tho mero fact that war exists cannot but have a bad influence upon all flnanciul finnfnttnnf Thupn in tint. in mil* nnininn tho most remote probability of & peace with Mexl, co being very soon brought about, but the war will hereafter be attended with very little expense, as the enemy will be compelled to foot the bills as fast as they are created. The tariff of duties established by our government upon all goods imported into Mexico, it is estimated, will net a revenue of about ten millions of dollars, and a direct tax can be levied In the cities of the Interior, upon public and private property, upon tho churches and the clergy, to make up any deficiency in tho expenditures o', ? r and above the reveuuo from customs. Those intimately acquainted with the Spanish character, are of the opinion that the Mexicans never will make a treaty of peace so long us our armies are upou their territory and our navy in their waters. If that is the case. ?e shall nevor have poaco with that country until wo have revolutiouiied the people, and made tbvin fool the iuOuenco of our Institutions. We shall bo obliged to establish a military government iu the city of Mexico, to gurriton every city, to retain possession of every seaport, and to adopt u system of contributions for the purpose of raising funds to meet all the expenses. We shall then see which country will hold out tho longest. Fortunately for us thero Is a vast amount of wealth iu Mexico, and there is no other people 011 tho face of tho earth so well calculated to turn this wculth to advantage as the universal Yankee nation. Under the indomitable energy and perseverance of the Americans, the mines of Mexico would become immensely productive, and the mineral resources of that country would becomo rapidly developed. If tho Mexieau people, or tho Mexican leaders, persist in carrying on hostilities with the people of this country, thero will bo no alternative for us hut to tuko possession of the whole territory, from the Oulf to the i'uoltlc, cut it up into States, appoint Governors, support lliew with a proper military force, and make the Mexic ins pay tho piper. The evils and burdens of war will soon he removed, and the people of that beautiful, but much abused, priest-riddeu country, will have cause to u.etH uim any wo luvauca 11. The "annexed statement exhibits the quotations for stocks lu tliis market, for each day of the past week. and at the close of the week previous. It will bo perceived that tlioro ban been no materlnl alteration in prices, but that the tendency has been generally downward. Uhotatioss kob tiif. PnmdirAL Stocks is thk Nkw York Masiit. Mat. Man. Tun. Wed. Tht. Fri. Sat. OhioCs 9!) 99 ? 93* 99 98* 98* KtuiackyC's 93* ? 100 993a ? ? ? l'snusy IviuiiaO's 73 73 ? ? 73 72* 72V Illinois 40 ? ? 39)6 39* ? 39 Indiana 6's ? ? ? ? 39 ? 33 lUndiuf URBonds... 7?X ? ? 72* 72>4 72 72.)*' Heading iMtg'e Lionds. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? U.adirg Hit 60 00 ? 59* 59* Ml1* .58* Norwich St tV'or 50 49V 49V 50 50 49V 49V KrieRR.otd - ? ? ? 59 - ? Krie RR, new 02V ? ? 82* 82V ? ' 81V Jl.nleia Itlt 52 51V 31* 30* 51* 51* 51* Loag Island 30* 29* 29* 29* 29 - Muhuwk 07 ? ? ? ? ? ? MrmimsUm 46 47* 47V 48 ? 47* 48 K-liners' Loan 32* 31* 31* 32 32* 31* 31* Cautou Co 35* 34* 31* 35 35 31* 35 Merris Canal 21* 21* 20* 2(1 19* 19* 19* Virksburir II* II* ? II ? 11 ? l.'.S. link 5 - 4* 4* 4* 4* ? J .n it Boston II* ? ? 19)4 ? 2o* ? N. .t mencau Trust... t"9* 9* 9* 9* ? ? ? A comparison of prices ruling at tlio closo of the market yesterday, with those current at the closo of the previous week, exhibits a decline in Ohio 6's of * per cent; Pennsylvania O's *; Illinois 0's 1; Reading Bonds *; Heading Railroad *; Norwich & Worcester *; Frio scrip I; Harlem*; Farmers Loan 1*; Canton Co. *; Morris ( anal 2*. Htouington advanced 2 per cent. Five dollar bilLs of a broken bank, altered to Thomaston Bank. (Maine) are in circvl ;; in ; they are well done, and liable to decoivo. The amount of coal transport I on the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad during the week ending Thursday, tho 22d inst., was 29,179 tons, making the aggregate lor the season of 295.303 tons. The shipments of coal IVoai the Lehigh mines this season up to Saturday. April 17th, were 13,910 tons. The business at the Custom House of this port for tlie wtjk endiug the '24(1 instant, inclusive, compared with tliut for the corresponding week iu 1810, presents tlis annexed statement. Imcouti iwto ths Port or Nrw Yost. Revenue from Citi'omi. . lr'il VUhtotii. 1846. ltl!7. Mrrclcnd ?e, free... $1,071,799 359,477 decreiie ill,442 ,.lo dutiable IIOU.OIII 1,5112,013 increase 762,913 Specie 6,667 12,131 increase 6,7117 VrIuc of Imports .., $1,877,476 2,134,764 increase 237,278 Dutiesou same. ..... 296,607 466.959 lucres** 116.362 This statsment exhibits soma curious results. The aguregato increase in tho vsluo of imports for thu week was $-267.'2?8, while the increase in ths duties amounts to $1111332. It will be percetrsd on reference to the nhovo table that the Increase In dutiable imports was very large, reaching uoarly one hundrsd per cent, compared with tho Heine period lost year, while the falling ofT iu free goods imported amounted to about fifty psr cent. This accounts for the grqat Increase In the rlutlws. without s corresponding increase lu ths total value of the Importation. The exporte from this port for the week ending April '23d. Inclusive, have not been so large as usual; they have, however, bpon quite large, showing that the declino iu prices for breadstulTs on the other side has not detorrcd shippers from pushing forward supplies. The falling off !n the quotations for Indian Corn in Liverpool mated roinidemhle excitement nmong holders and shippers in this country; but when wc look at the high i point reached on the other side for that grain. and coinpare it with prices current here, or with price* for (lour and wheat, It I* a matter of much astonishment that it was maintained so long. Precious to the recent decline prices were purely of a eperulntlTo rharaeter ; they are now more healthy, and thorw'ls more probability of present rat"* b ing sustained than when tliey were more inflated, and so much above remunerating points. F.iroan fitoM Nnr Vouk,?Win r.snivo Aran. 1.1, luoi.rsivr. To finrir Bbitaiw.? Meal, 11.028 bbls; corn, 11)0,084 bush: (lour 8.8H8 bbla; wheat 10,703 bush; b< nns 8.140 do; turpentine 3 371 hbla; wliale oil 883 gals; cotton 373 hales; oil cake 140,801 lb*; rleo '200 tierces; oata 10.014 hush; bacon 330.984 lbs; beef 160 tierces; beef 12 bbls; cheese 10.408 lbs. pork 147 bbls; stores 10,300 M; whalebone 13.<>'18 bush; barley 3,331; tobacco, manufactured 10,101 lbs; tobacco, leaf, 3.304 do. To Fr.?\i r.?Hyo 10,248 bush; flour 7,03!) bbls; rye flour A'2t) do; staves 0,000 M; hides HO07 lbs; tallow 21.838 do; wheal I.H'21bnnb; meal 120 bbls; whalebone '2 1 778 1b*; rice 287 tierces; cotton 482 bales; lard 7.800 lbs; ashes 47 bbls; lmms 11.10Albs. I'n PriaiiH Wr.n Inuki,?Dry flsh 2.100 lbs; pork 10 bbls; beet 6 bbls. To Hhitt 'II Wear Irrurt ?Pork 082 bbls; beef 32 do; butter 4 l')0 lbs; lard 1.871) do; l ire .1311 do; flour 427 bbls; no al (13 do; oats 300 bush; cheese li? 00 ibs. To Bmrtsti Neu rit \mi hiuais Colonis* Hii-'ir 1.071 bbls; putter 13,147 lbs; beef 13 bbls; cheese?01 lbs; pock ; 313 bb',*; meal 'Je t do. Tltfl dee'iue In freight* In thl* port within the past j mouth hits i rim greater than the decline in the price of taraadst^ll III Umpool, with th? exception of Indtau anji; Happen on this ?Me stand la a position fully a 1 favorable, with tlio above exception, a* when price* ' wore at tbe highest point*. Old Stock Eutiange. $500 Tren Notea ?'a I031i 30 Canton (!o 1,30 33 i 20000 iln ]U3l4 230 do Scrip 4 3P00 St ite 5's'38 bio 98 G30 Nor fc Wnr 491'I 3000 do 90 23 do ??v I 4000 Ohio O'a'00 loo do boo 49'? TO00 do 9n 'a jl) do -9iiiy 4') 3000 do 93 73 do 493' 2000 Ohio7'a luljlf 30 do ,30 49'J'} 730 Ohio 6'a '36 98 223 do blO 49C 2000 do 97>,' 30 do bCO 49V I 2000 illinoia Special 39 43 Heading 38V; 3000 Alabama 3'i 62 430 do 58** 2300 City 3'a '38 , , 91 100 do b30 58V? 5000 Reading Honda b00 72>* 200 do s6U 384? 10000 Indiana Honda 38 2(81 do 58*3 3000 Peun'a 3'a ?13 O'.'V* 10 Krie scrip 81% 17 Commerce lull 91 200iiurlem blO 31' ; 600 Farmer*' Truat 31>? 10O do 51V? 130 do b3fl 3I;!? 130 do blO 3I? 130 do sGO 314^ 200 do b30 31'? dp , 'Jb'ii 50 do 1,30 3ivl 25 N O Canal 63 200 do a60 51*? 45 -Morris Canal 19 100 do 31% 10 do 19>V 30 do 5|M 100 do blO lov, 100 do blO 313? I 20 Manhattan Oaa 93'a 100 Stouingtoii b30 48 ' 280 Illinoia Hank b30 16'4 iccoiiu lionril. 4(HI slu Reading RR sM 53 150 slis Rending Hll bGO 58 If 8W do >3 68 60 Illinois Stnt<* Bank lti( 100 do U30 68 60 Morri* Canal loll 19 [ 60 do >'J0 67>| 60 do sGO 19 ' 100 do bbO 68 86 do 18J? ! 100 do 97^4 60 do blO 19 160 do ?90 68 50 Farmer*' Loan 313* 200 do *10 58 60 Am blicli Bank 91 200 do >90 68 100 Nor Ik Wor b30 49*> Now Stock Exchange. (26 *bj Nor Ik Wor cash 49tf 60?b* llmltin RIl bnw 51J-. 26, do Monday 49j? 60 ilo cash 5lVi 25 do ca*Ii 19*. 60 do Munday 51S 1 25 do Monday 19', 60 do >15 61;> 25 do buw 19>i CITY TRADE REPORT. New Yokk,Satubdav Aftebnoon. April24. The markets for breadstuff* closed rathor lioavy? though for flour to arrlvo and in tho city, at very little variation in prices. The Atlantic States and seaports have boon draiuvd of both flour aud grain under the previous stimulating intluinco of high prices, leaving stocks unusually low for the season, which, combined with the backwardness of tho spring and tho lateness of tho opening of communication with the interior, havo had the olfoct of sustaining prices in tho face of apparently unstable markets abroad. The demand for domcstle use operating upon reduced supplies, must also tend to maintain tho prevailing stiffness in quotations, at least until sufficient time elapses for tho receipt of produce from the interior by tho way of tho canals, See. Small sains of Troy, Michigan, and Ohio, were made at $7 7.5 ; and one lot of tho first named at $7 93\?. A sain of Richmond county was mads at $7 30 ; and of Georgetown at tho same priee. A sale of Genesee flour was made, to arrive, in May at $8 30. Sales of Northern yellow corn were made at 98a97>? cents ; and of Southern white at 90c.j and of mixed do lit 9Jc. Sules of New Jersey Meal were made at $4 73c. Itye sold at 93c., and North River Oat* at 30o. per bush. Provision* were sorao firmer. Old Mea* Pork aold In a small way at $13; old Prime, do, was firm at $13; new Mesa was held at $10 30. and uew Prime at $14. Smoked Beef aold at 13e. Sales of Lard were made in kegs at 10)$e. a 10?,c. A lot of "Dana'* Hums sold at 9!$c,and Western pickled do at 9)4. Groceries were steady. and sales of Sugar were reported at firmer rates. In Coffee there was not much doing, while prices remained unchanged. Aliu s.?Pots were firmer, and we report sales of SO blilfl. at $3 06)$. Pearls rcmninod at $0 30. Beeswax.?The markot was quiet, without change In prices. PiSKAUiTcrri?Flour.?We report sales of 3000 bhls. Genesee, to nrrivo in May. at $0 00 ; 300 bbls. of Troy In the city sold at $7 73, and small sales of Ohio and Michigan, ( -' or 300 bbls. do,) wore made at the same price: 400 barrels of Troy do, sold at $7 !)3)$ Southern was firm, mid sales of 7 a 300 barrels Georgetown made at $7 30, and 300 do Richmond country nt $7 30 a $7 02}t. IVheat?No samples were offered in market, while prices remained nominally the same. Corn ?We report sales of '1 a 3000 bus. Northern yollow at 07)$ cents; 7000 do. at 07 cents; and 3000 do. at the sumo prieff; 7000 do sold at 90 cts; 3 a 3000 do. Southern white sold at 90 cts; 3 a 4000 do Southern mixed at 9'2 cts; uml a small lot of Veliow. in bngs. at 90 cts. Corn Meal ?We report sales of 000 bills. New Jersey, in the city, at $4 73. Rye?Sales of 9 a 3000 bus. were made at 93 cts. Rye Flour? Small sales were reported at $5 19)$. Oah ? Wo report sales of 0000 bus. North River at 30 cts. The following is the quantity of breadstuff* received In this city, down the Hudson, in the lost woek:? Hour, barrels 13.949 Corn, bushels 34,330 Rye. do. ^ Oats, bushels 67,900 Hurley, do 9.200 Wheat, do 8,768 Candles?Sperm were steady at SI ets. Coffer?No sales of consequence were reported, and quotations remained unchanged. Cotton?The sales to-day amount to about 3000 bains ?at the prices of yesterday h mi?Wo report sales of 600 qtls. dry cod at $3 03.and 800 do. at $3 90. Theae two sales comprised the two cargoes noticed yesterday, leaving nothing afloat. Mackerel wore firm at $11 for No. 1 Halifax, and $7 12>4 u $7 33 for No. 2; and $7 12*4 a 7 23 for No. 2 Massachusetts, and if-10 23 for No. I do. Scaled herring wore firm at $1. Fruit?The market for raisins was stsndy. and wo report sales of 4 a 7000 boxes of bunch at $1 90 a 1 93; 700 boxes of oranges, in indifferent order, sold by auction at $1 76 a 2 Oo.'i, and 40 boxes lemons, do., at $2 31*4, cash. The sale of both was stopped, the bids not proviDg satisfactory to owners. I Ik nr?No sales of any kind transpired. Hides?The market is brisk, and somo six thousand hides have been sold from llrst hands during the last three days, mostly Western and Southern, at previous ralrs. A sale of 10.000 Matamoras and Now Orleans is advertised for Friday, the 30th. by L. M. Hoffman Ik Co. auctioneers. Leather?'Tho market continues very bare, with active sales, principally to Western purchasers. Middling weights sell freely at 18 cents per pound; other descriptions remain without material change. Lead? Thcarticle was held at $4 37^4. Moi.Aint.H-Nn sales transpired, while no change was noted in prices. Natal Storks?Yesterday 3000 bblsrough turpentine sold on private terms. Spirits, under peculiar circumstances, it was said, sold at 43c. hut other sales were made, chiefly in a retail way, for home use. at 47. 49 a 60 cts. i: sin was hel 1 at 70c. On.?Further sales of American Unseed wero made at 80c cash and at 83c on time. Nothing was reported In wlinio or crude sperm; sales of tho former wero reported at .New Uedfordat 33c. Provisions?There were buyers of old mess pork at $13; old prime was steady at $13. with small sales; 70 bbls of new mess aud prime were re|>ortnd sold at $18 30 for the former, ami $14 for the latter 300 bbls new niejs wero offered, deliverable during the year, seller's option, at $13 60; 312 tierces (Dana's) hams, to arrive, sold at 9>4e. and 12 hints pickled Western do sold ut the siine price. 10.000 lbs smoked beef sold at I2e. In country mess beef wo heard of no change, l.nrd?We report sales of 400 keg* at 10)4<i, ond 600 do at 18)4- Cheese anil butler contiuucd in good request, with a fair ninmlnl ,,f i.rrlvnls Annexed is tho amount of provisions received In this city down the Hudson in the hint week:? Reef. tenk 637 Pork " 899 Hice?Since our last report about 'iOO tierces have changed hands nt $3 60 a 54 76, chiefly at JU 26. ?'I'here has been more doing, aud nt some firmer prices; since our last report, including to-day. sales liavo reached about 1000 hlids., 200 ofwhich consisted of I'orto Rico, at 7>4 a 8 cents, and 100 do Muscovado at 7>? cents. Tallow? The market was inactive at a0 cents. Tobacco?60 lihds. of Virginia and Kentucky leaf sold at 3 a 6c We are indebted to J. S. (Jans. broker, for tho following tabular statement of the week's operations. receipts, stocks uud prices, to the cioso of this afternoon:? Priori. Sold Htceietd Slock Ihil vetk. thiiweck. on hand i!?'? 7 m3\'It iM"u Maryland and Ohio. ? ? ? ? 6 Cumiecticut btcd... 3 to 12 219 rases. 23 cs. 331 ci. 7. Ill* Pennsylvania, do... 7 to 13 162 cases. 123 cs. ISO cs. 12 16 Florida 3|i to 70 60 cases. 19 cs. 267 cs. 4.12X Havana 23 to!23 ? ? 710 hales. I it ha IB to 23 73 kales. ? 623 hairs. Vara. 33 to 43 30 lia|,os. ? 433 hales. St Domingo 10 to 10 ? ? 1,016 bales. Sold at Auction, 18 hhds KentncUy, 4% 3J-?; 4 hhds Kentucky, 3 rases; 13 eases Florida, 8; some Itavanaand Cnht in had order. In tho forepart of this week the market was inactive, and every one suapendtid operations until the arrival of the ( nmbrla. after which tho market became more animated Home trade la rather Hat. and will likely continue to bo so till the canals are opened for navigation Wtmrsnsr..? Wo report sales of 24.000 His. Northwest. at 30 cents. There was nothing new in South Sea Whisibv,?We heard of no salrs--thc market was dull. Fseiohts.?Rates in general ware rather dull, in tho absence of produce to go forward 1000 barrels were engaged to Liverpool in an American ship, at 3s fld. A vessel was asld to hare been engaged for a port in Ire- | land, to load with grain, at I2d, (probably Knglisli ) To Liverpool 40s was paid, per ton, 13,r heavy freights ' To Rotterdam and Antwerp, grain in bags wa'a engaged at 24K cents, and flour at 106 cents A vessel was en. I gaged (In Norfolk ) to load with (train for Dublin, at 1,1(1. The doling rate* for Liverpool wo quote at 3* fld. for flour, and at lid. a 13d for (train. Died. On the 31th April, Meat Kuncii eldest daughter of Wm. K. and hither II. Dennle, in tho 11th year of her age Tho friend* of the family are reepentfully Invited to attend her funeral thl* (Monday) 2flth luitant.. at 4 o'clock, P.M., at the retldenc* of her parent*, las Mercer atrcet. t)n Sunday evening, the 3.1th initant. after a ?hort and revere iilne**. Wili.iam .Jabvis, In the 77th year of hi* age. The relative* and friend* of the family, al*n tho*e of hi* *on?<;eorge and Walter, and mn-ln-law Joieph J Mutton, are respectfully Invited to attend hi* funeral on Tuexdey afternoon, from hi* late residence. 112 Orange .' troet. New Fork. 5 ,'i Id, nly, of mea*le*, on Sunday morning, April 21th, i 'ihiii. . W. Peck, aged II month*, infant *on of KbcniM'M. and Catharine Perk. The relative* and acquaintance* of the family are re- i epeetfully invited to attend the funeral thl* afternoon nt 4 o'clock, from No, 7fi Carmine street, On Sunday, the 31th Instant, of consumption, Statu j t?, with of Leonard H. Hegur, aged 33 year*. Th* friend* and acquaintance* of the family, and al?o | the members of Wu* blurt on Marine Tent, No 3, I.O.K.. ure respectfully invited to attend her funeral at 3 o'clock, on Tuesday, the '27th instant, from her late residence, 47th street, corner of 8th avenue, without further n t ee. 2 April Id, Nicholas Nelson, aged 0*2 years and 7 mouth*. New Orleans papers please copy. TO TIiK PUBLIC.? VIvattention has been called to two article* in me " l)ajly Cnrouicle,''a newspaper published in the city of Philadt-Iphia, respecting the arrest oi Madame Weiss, in the city of Wilmington. As the said articles are void of truth in nearly every particular, au*l may tend, if allow- 1 ed to lemaiu uncontradicted, to injure my character as a public I otiicer and a mau of humane feelings 1 deem it a duty 1 owe to my?elf, a. well as the public, to set forth the facts as they occurred on thut occasion. Ou the 12lh of the present mouth (April) a writ was placed in my hands, as United States Marshal lor the District of Delaware, commanding ine to arrest and hold to lmil a certain Jon- j phiueWeiss. Understanding that she would leave Philadcl- j pliia in the cars for Baltimore ou Sunday evening, 1 took to my assistance Mr. Moody, Aligh Constable of Wilmington, as my j deputy, and awaited her arrival at the depot of the ilailroad, | w here the train arrived at about twenty minutes past twelve on Mouday moruuig. I inquired of tbeconductoi it Mrs W*U w as in the cars. Ilu replied th it she w in in the last cm in the i train, which had been chartered by a Mr. Marshall, lb# lessee of the Walnut Street Theatre, who had locked the door of the car, and had the key inside. 1 informed the conductor that 1 had { a writ against Mi. Weiss, that it war my duty to ane?t her, | s ating to him, at the same time, that Mr. Trimble, the Agent of the Company, had authorized me to say to any of the conductors, that if there were at any time in the cars persons | against whom 1 had process, they should not be carried on, but he subject to my arrest, and that he h id authorized me to us# his name for this purpose. The conductor said Mr. Trimble 1 had given him uo such instructions, and he could not interfere ' to uiu-ine, but at the same time lie weut to the car door and rc- j que?ted Mr. Marshall to open ir, w ilk which request Mr. Mar. shall positively refused to comply. I then iuforined Mr. Mar- ' shall thai I was the Marshal of the United States for the Di*trict of Delaw are, ami that I had a writ for Mrs. Weiss, and lint i lie limit open tli? oar door immediately, or 1 shonld be compelled, in pursuance of my duly, to break it open. Ho replied it I did so it must be at my peril. I then, w itli the assistance ot' Mr. Moody, art?rntilcd to fore* in the door, but wis prevented IVom doing ho by .Mr. Marshall and his confederates pushing against it on the inside. Mr. Moody then obtained an iron insiruineiit, with which w e soou succeeded in opening the door, and entered the car, whereupon Mr. Marshall immediately blew out the light, with a view to prevent in* from making the arreat 1 then directed Mr.'Moody to bring another light, and before lie returned 1 arrested Mrs. Weim, but wan Prevented limn taking her out ot? the car 0V Mr. Marshall and hi* associates holding uiy arms and limbing me away from her. When Mr. j Mood , again returned with a light, it was elau blow n out aa at | lirat. I then found that more energetic measure! were necessary, and proceeded to use them, with only the force sufficient to the performance of my duty. The lady wai then as carefully and cautiously led out of the car as was possihla under | the circumstances. She raaile uo further resistance, and walked quietly and at her own pice, to my private dwelling, anil was not " dragged up a steep hill, at an uiiusu i| apced," as falsely represented ny tha Chronicle. I furnished her at my house with on* of the best rooms, and used every exertion to make her situati >ii as comfortable as possible, in w hicli 1 make bold tossy I succeeded, as Madame Weiss, after she obtained bill t i the action, expressed herself perfectly satisfied with her treatment, and returned me thanks tor the manner in whirh 1 had conducted myself towards her. I complied w ith every request she made for Iter accommodation, and permitted Iter sou and one of the young ladies under her charge to \isitand remain with her all night, and until her release. The slight injury Mr. Marshall received was wholly owing to his own conduct in resisting the execution of legal process. It inny lie proper to s y further, that there lias been no excitement in the city of Wilming on in consequence of the said arrest, or from the manner in which it was made, as is falsely stated in the l lirouicle, but that nil persons acquainted with the facta justify and approve of iny proceedings in this disagreeable duty, imposed upon me as Mir-li, I of the District of Delaware. a2(> Itrc ALEXANDER PORTER, Marshal Del. Dis. ~ G. >1. OLA KM-., FASHIONABLE MERCHANT TAILOR. streets.?Ill the Spiiugall Indies renew the outer covering? but mail is the only animal wrt) lias to pay for it. The question then arises who will clothe him cheapestud lu st I will, and can. IVIiuc is strictly a cash business, both in buying and selling. I make the finest quality of French black Dress Coats for $20; lower <|ualiur* $111 and $10. black Cloth Suck* $11, ready made. Every garment in the trada equally good ami cheap. a28 I w ? re TO STRANGERS, CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC AND MAGNETIC CURATIVES. IN ALL CASKS OK RHETMATI8M AND NERVOUS Complaints, the efficacy of these articles is truly wonderful; complete cures often being accomplished, when every other means have failed. Several physicians now recommend them in their praclice, and the ordinary prejudice which is generally attached to articles of the kind, is rapidly disappearing. Many of our moat respectable citizens have used tliein with perfect sncceas. particularly in cases of Gout. Tic D.rloreux Paralysis, Apoplexy, Neuralgia, Nervous Tremor*, Palpitations and the long train of Nervous Disorders. In the most alllicting cases of Deafness complete cures have often been effected. A great advantage in these articles, is the entire I safety and convenience attending them. The only Agency in New V'ork for Christie's genuine arti- I clcs is at 182 Broadway, between John street and Maiden Lane No Drug store in New York, w ill ever be allowed to keep Dr. CHRISTIE'S Article*. Mauy of these establishments offer worthless imitations, agaiust which the public are respectively cautioned. a2fi 21 * c gj SA REWARD.?LOST FROM ON BOARD THE WCeV/ Mouth ferry boat on Thursday evening last, on elderly man, about five feet niue inches ill height, with tliiu while hair, dressed in a brown drab frock coal, gn-v pantaloons, drab clotli vest, cotton shirt, canton Itanuel under shirt and drawers, boots newly footed-, in his pnekeuherr is probably a large blue silk handkerchief spotted with white. For information that will lead to the recovery of the body, the above reward will be paid, on application to William N.t Icin. Ill Kulloir street, Brooklyn. a2f> Iwina'c pAMlLY BOARD!NU^SUHljOL FN-THE ( (>IN m. livr.?An esperienceu ifaciirr Ins lor several yearstaken into tier family a number of children, not exceeding ten, as boarders and scholars. The care and discipline is parental. No paint spired to advance the pupils in their studies, and to render them comfortable and happy while under her charge. Great attention paid to their health and morals. The location is very retired and healthy. No day scholars admitted. There are a few vacancies. Koi terms and references enipnre at No. 1S6 Laurens street. ?26 2w*c ir.Sil.WUNIAL TO DOCTOR T. II SMITH. < Packet Ship 11 k mk r Clay, April 23. 1847. UIK :?We, the undersigned, on I ehalfof four hundred and , eighty passengers, on board the Henry Clay, beg you Mill accept this humlne eipression of our gratitude and respect. We assure you thst?e firmly and conscientiously believe, that were it not for the prompt and efficient BUM Ifloptsd by you, in arresting the progress of disease, that many would have fallen victims to those contagious disorders so usual on bo*rti emigrant vessels. a We cannot conclude, without expressing our high admiration of the kind and urbane demeanor observed by you towards every individual on board. HENRY JOHNSON, JOHN CONWAY. EDWARD I IAN LEY. Ail KM vlUIH, GEORGE < AHOON, I.I KK DOOLINO, IVM. HEPBURN, <:. K. BURTON, JAMES LACY. JOHN KILPATRICK, ROUT PATTERSON. JOHN 11. BEAUMONT. UtviTrn Status Hotel, April Zlth, 1817. Op.TTi.rstrN You will be pleased to accept my siucere thanks for the honorlyou hare done me, and I beg to assure you it is, tml always will he to me, a source ol gralilicatioii, to alleviate the snfferingt of my fellow creatures. All I did, gentlemen, was, (to the best of mv ability,) to arrest the progrr as of those diseases so prevalent on board shins conveying emigrants, and in which, gentlemen, I so happily sncceedea ; and 1 feel gratified that my endeavors were not lost, but met wiih your warm approbation. I remain, Gentlemen, Yours, obediently. T ll SMITH, M l).. np2f? r (Late of A'henry. Ireland.) J1 \ I i i1 --V. K i Llh.( I >..l) PAHTj Of returning our sincere thanks for the kind, generous, and hit- ! mane treatment, we received from Mr. Josrjdi Cornell keeper i of the F.ldridge street gaol, and his lady also. Our prayer is, tlint all seamen who may he detained in nrir.on, will l??? fortunate enough to fall into as kind hanus, particularly if any should be sick. Signed, William richardson. OSCAll LEONARD WINNERLUND. Pirk J JOSEPH CUIIKV. ( OEORUK RICHARDS, Seamen detained in gaol as witnesses in behalf of the United States. AmiL 23, 1847. *26 lt*rc HTHK. SEASON 18 FAST APPROACHING when A Diarrhrra. Dysentery, < holera Morhne, and the Mlni complaint of children (Cnolera Infinitum) becomes prevalent in virions sections of the country. The most universally celebrated preparation is Dr. Wheeler's Balsam of Moecatello, a purely vegetable remedy, that has never failed in a single instance to restore patients, even when in the last stairs of disease. It is for sale at Dr. Wheeler's office, 29 Greenwich street; .Mr. Milhau's Apothecary establishment, 1H3 Broadway, where references will he given to the first families in the city of its efficacy. The attention of persons from the country is earnest I) celled t > this valuable medicine. aflS lm*r< WANTED. -A situation, bye respectable youngman coachman, footman or groom ; h is no objection to go in the country. The best of city reference can lie given, and is required. Please enquire at No. Hi litli street, opposite Union Park i" r WANTED?A situation by a respectable, young Protestant Girl, to do either chamber w ork or washing. No objection to go a short distance in the country, flood city reference. No. 41 Hivingston street?can be seen for two uays. afO |frc I^RENt II AND GERM AN BO 1RDING H AN J k 5 by a geutlem'iri, in a private French or Gennui family who speak German and French. Address I'. K., at this office, fating location of the house, price of full board, and board without dinners, eicept on Sunday. .i2ti 2t*c WAN'I LI) i Si I ? , if ,,r Vclive 'Partner with $6W t $10M to enter in a mechanical business that pays 26 percent profit. Out that can take charge of the books, and do the out door business, please address .L J. K.,at the lower ponvoffice, statu g where ho interview can he had. *23 4t*r<: % PAH'! ill \TS t i let. furni hecfoi uufuruiihed, foi i\. gle geatlemeu, with breakfast and tea if required, at 114 Leonard stieet, a few doors east of Broadway. Possession given immediately. *20 lw*rc U ANTED." VFKW active young Men to go Booth or West to set as Agents for the sale of new and popular Publications? fl.wo over and above their expeusrs will be insured to them in writing, wi'h *n opportunity of clearing $I(hio |?er year. 8*-me men now ill our employ will no doubt make over SIOOO per >eat clear of all eiLggar*. Each man w ill have bis district, ft will tie necessary t#t flic in to have at least $2j to f..'#A to obtsiv good fitting out. Apply at FRL.Nf H*S Publishing ll ill 1)2 'I road way, np stairs, twice of the Hag of our Union VI letters must be post-paid. a2lm#* jhOR BALE V PI ' nearly new, built toordtr, with T patent Miles, enamel leather fop, and curtains. To be i -f Wood & rnmlbison's, Broadway. a23IOt*rR BilLiaru TasLE" and L vmi's.for sale-a? etcelleut Bilhsrd Table, also a lot of t amphine Limps, c hi be dihp"?ed of bv an innnerfiate application. Inquire at tlic Billiard Saloon, No. fiO Nassau street, in the basement. n?.'i 3t c tiiii ( \ftI iiE (1! \l\ \a \ im AT A MEETING held on the 21th instant, for the purpose 1V of preparing and presenting ft suitable testimonial to LI Kl ) TENANT CHARLES O. HUNTER, of the high respect of the Citizens of New Vork, for hi? gallant conduct in the capfore of Alvarado-?A Merman William Hhaler wa* called to the rhiir, and I*. S. Eddy wan appointed Secretary. On motion, the following resolutions were presented, and tuiftiiimonsly adopted :? Resolved, That admiring the energy, intrepidity, sagacity and success of the attack and capture 01 the port of Alfarado, by a single America* vessel, when a whole squadron had heen ordered. t?y the f'ommsuder-in-i hief, to this glorious dnty, at an net characteristic of an American nasal officer, unfettered b) the mere etiquette of long delayed " orders^" thrilling every patriotic heart with Pride; and that recognizing in the prompt action of Lieut. Charles <i. Ilnuter, of the United States vessel, [he " Scourge," a commander to he admired, we will tender to him the comph merit * if a sword worth} of the man. Resolved, That in furtherance of this object we invite all otir fellow citizens, who desire to participate in this testimonial, to tneet at the Drill Room, over the f rnire Marks'f, (Land street, on Wednesday evening nest, at 7>* o'clock. WM. SHALER. LATiirmpS. Ehdv, Secretary. a2.y'ltisewh DAOH KR H KOTYPK TI, ATKfi? I, B Bin.,- It tin., (<fS. William afreet, second floor, have received |>er late, * full of DaifiiarraotYpa Plat*.. No. 20, <n ?nd On, ol their11rand, ?o favorably known throughout ilia I'niteil ft'.!*., which thajr warrant equal in quality in any a*?r im iKirfcd by thorn. Thay uffrr in?m at price. er>ii?i<lar*bly raducad Iron thoaa of jaat Ml. Chamlcala. waoamad to ho of bi?t quality alway, lor aaia. L. B. BIN'MHK A CO., tti Iw-w No. 13 William atraat, tndflouf. Adci'iOii nirricKH. THOMAS BKLL, Auctiouter, SALE OE splendid household liiruitui* thin da>, at lot, o'clock, A, .M., at I'D limine street. \t the same time will be sold * red setter dog. full blooded, and w rrantrd perfectly broken; and an English spaniel, liver 1 colored, of the purest breed. A rare c banee for spoitsmeu. a2t> U*r _ j Ai I HON NOT'H E -II. Dl I LI /KM will Mil m Tuesday, 27th, and Wednesday, 28th April, at JO Broad- , H ij, upstairs^at 10 o'clock, the balance of the stock of E. OEU A KDIN .comprisiuctlie riebest assort men lot FRENCH DINNER and TEA SE i'S, offered at auction. Also, the handsomest Collection of Vases, Etruscan, Medi- i cis. Antique, Popuo, renal sauce Louis XV, Ore. Arc. Also, to close consignment, Silver Plated Ware, assorted Silver Waiters, Plated Tea Sets, Caudelabras, Use. To be sold without reserve. Also, KtchCut IJIiss Ware. comprising elegant Decanters, Celery I rus, Tumblers, Pitchers, Eruil Baskets, Picierve Di bi s. Champagne*. Willes. Sic. ALo, Mech tniral and Htll Lamm, bronze and bra**. Also, rirlt Chinaand Gilt Krencu Clock*. Thu sale is |?oai* tively llit- last which Mr. F. Gerardiu intend* lw have, anil coin* 1 pi"t?es lha most sj?11-11dt?i assortment of good* offered this insou Tin- whole of which is of the newest and richest st> le* i imported froui l'uria. Catalog ut i and goods ready ou Monday, 26th April. N. B ?The attention of Ladies h particularly requested to | thin sale, as it includes the most fashionable and elegant collection of uoods, particularly Cila** Ware and Vases, which r. >11 be offered lot h *16 St ' C Km BEHOLD i i RNtTl RK~ BEDS, BEDDING, he . at the corner of First Avenue and Second street.?A. C. j TL'TTLE will sell at auction on Tuesday, at lO^a o'clock, at 1 the above house, the entire furniture contained therein?Con* j sitting of a general assortment worthy the attention of dealers | and otlic i . i i/. :?M tple n o! walnut bedsteads, hair mattresses. bed*, boL ? .? idcI.i i , i.i 'tiny, oil cloth, ball lantern, wiudow ?h ?11* . ?\? .l o, Kitchen Furniture, at the commencement of ihctnie. \Iso, I i'ulp.t and Cushions, suitable lor u committee or othei ro< n? ip86 BLEE( KER vV M ALL ABY?Auctioneer*, WILL SELL at auction, on Tuesday the 27th inst., at l? o'clock, at the old cabinet manufactory establishment. No. 51 ileekinan street, a complete assortment of rosewood and mahogany furniture, in Elizabethan Louis XIV., und modern style, all made in the neatest and best manner. Catalogues to ' be h id at the warehouses or at the auctioneers' office, No. 1 Broad street. _____ *24 3texS*rc l.KH U. ROLLINS. Vuclio.M er. STATEN ISLAND PROPERTY.?GEO. B. ROLLINS will oil Thursday, April 211th, at 12 o'clock, otter at auc ' tion, in the Merchants Exchange lit this city, the elegant, spacious and delightfully located mansion of W. VV. Van Wag- ! | nen, Esq., at ( liftou, Stateu Island, about half way between | | Van derby It lauding and Clifton dock, ou a line elevation, about j I 500 feet from tbe water or bay, and commands a very extensive view of the hay and Itarhor, Long Island, the North River, j Jersey shore, Jkc.. The mansiou is 50 feet square, with 9 fret piazza oil either side, is built and huished in the best manner. The ceilings of the first story are 14 feet high ; the lot it 200 by 101 fronting a private avenue, 70 feet wide on the south, and a ! square ol 150 leet and an avenue 50 feet w ide on the north. * Also, at the same time, will be sold 50 lota of ground, 50 by I 100 and 50 by 150 on New \ ork and other avenues, the grading of which will l?- ?nms<i;.iUv I A bulkhead ha* already been erected in front ef the property, | and a ferry landing will be completed at an early day. a216tis*r | J. M. MILLER, Auctioneer AUCTION NOTICE?Leather at Auction?J A M K8 M. MlLLhlt will *? ll. at the store of William Mil.ks, No. :tu?. Pearl street, on Thursday, the 2'Jth instant, on six months' credit, >000 Sides Oak and Hemlock Sole Leather, 1000 finished i I ppei !. nther, with other articles. a22 Iw*rc By EDWAKE TEA('0E. Auct?oiieer, Store 177, 8th avenue. 1 MARBLE MANTELS?On Wednesday, the 28th inst., at \ 12 o'clock, Mm at the comer of 17th street andOth avenue, j consisting of carved Italian, Egyptian,black and gold mantels, j finished in the best style, to he sold without reserve. Sale ; positive. t I N. B. This 3*le was advertised for the 0th April, but post- j poned on acconnt of the building taking fire on the morning of i sale. a22 lw#rc | (2!'KC1AL REPORTING.?Dr.t Houston, Stenographer to Senate ol the United States, informs those wishing to t?eeuie lus services as reporter on s|?ecia! occasions, that he may be addressed at the otiices of Drs. Castle and Edwards, uurisls, IB! Broadway, Dr. II. receives private pupils in his system of stenographic reporting. Terms $200 each. New York, April 20, 1817. a22 Im r ft i n HfUl ?THE ADVERTISER is established in yj) Ivjl/l/l/# a safe, profitable Money Business, and not having means sufficient of his own to meet the wants of his customers?would be pleased to make an arrangement w ith a geullemau who has the above sum and disposed to have it employed, with an opportunity of receiving an income for it, worth more in proportion than his capital. If not disposed to ; take any risks, nis interest will be guaranteed w orth $1500 ner annum. Communications treated confidential! v and all in fur; mat ion made satisfactory. Address " Jaines," (his office. J a26 2t?r MISS M AN\, having liken the Belmont lb use it w Brighton, Btttin Island. it now ready to receive boarders. I The house lias been thoroughly painted and repaired. a33 2w*rc IjYOR 8 ALE?A small CharioLas good as now* built to or* der, bv Collis It Lawrence. To be seen at the stable iu the mar of8c John's (murch, St. John*8 Lane. aB6 i w o BOARD?At 58 Beekmau street. within fin minutes walk of Wall street or the I ity Hall. A gentleman and wife can be well accommodated with a large front room on the second llour, with closet attached, and, if wanted, bedroom adjoining. Also, several single gentlemen can be accommodated ?2j lw re VAULT GRATE8.?I fpoo an entirely now principle, wai ranted not to get out of order; they nave now been hi use for over two years, and are highly Approved of. Builders, Baggers, and owners of property who hare aoylregard lor the limbs of our citizens, are advised to look at them. A sample cau be seen at J, B. Waistill's, H6 Hudson street, New York. WM. ROBERTSON, Hardware Merchant, I a 26 lw*rrc N#w.irli Av,n..i. br.... ri.. A.mKHH an Ex! 1! ingk bank dividend n.e American Kxchange Bank lias this day declared a dividend of Three and one half (3^) per cent, payable to stockholders on and after Monday. May 3d. Transfer Books \vill he closed from 28th April to 4th May. Bv order. J. J. F1SK, Cashier. Nfij York, April 14th, 1147. a!Stniy3?rc ttl K h\V AKI).u.i'I'm-.d*\ cyning, AprilSOth, by VP a lady, either in the Philadelphia cars or in crossing the ? QnrtUndt atiMt fcry to Kao ITinupikof |dd tpictaclis, , in u ri d morocco case. They are valuable to the owner from j family association*. The above reward will be paid by applyiug to Mr. Kdwiu Kyal, Mansion house, Brooklyn, or at the i desk of tin* Herald office. a24 3t*rc M ltS. MKAllS, 781 Broadway, (corner of Tenth street) ' New York, who lias had the nonor to educate tlie daughters of tnany of tlie first families of this country t whose names are with permission attached to her circular, is induced under their tl lttentt| patronage respectfully to rmtil f. th ?t in CO? queuce of having increased accommodations for pupils, eight morn young ladies as boarder*, and a few more day scholars can be received intothe establishment, which will complete the limit to which Mrs. Mears confines herself. That the uofitai aod ftiinmnf of nof |npUi are uwp> Ml '.1 in v I id as well as WIIBIBfl acquirements. am! the foreign languages, (Freuch being the language of the inmates of the catablllhincati) Mrs. Mkars appeals with confidence to her numerous patrous. ? The summer term commences on tha 7th of May neit. ?2l fit* re A LEX. 8KIGNKTTE BRANDY LANDING, per brig Union, at pier 7, NR., received direct from their own house in Rochelle, in half, quarter and eighth nines. For sale in lots to suit purchasers, by A. 8EIGNKTTE k CO., a2l dtil * I'- 36 Bearer street. BEIGNETTKlBRANDY JLANDINO.?Whalf, anar- I tcr, and eighth pipes superior quality, 4th nroof. A neignette Brandy landing, per Georges from Rochelle, entitled to debenture. For sale by JOHN CASWELL Sc CO. n21 3tin r 87 Front street. TO COMB blAKKKS?Hoofs forjaie by 1 I' 4'OOPKK, No. 17 Burling Blip. s6 lm*ere BABY ii MPERS! BABY JUMPEE8. THK ATTENTION of mothers Slid of nurses, is invited to an examination of this indispensable article to a quiet nursery, which may be found of every variety and price at 100 Broadway. HAML. BROOKS, a2l I hi * ic Agent for tin* Manufacturer. WIGS \.mi rn ALPS?dTbbLKKTNo Broadwty, continues to sumdy these articles, of the best quality.? After the 1st of May his establishment will be removed to 261 Broadway, three doors below his present stand, where he will ihoppl to lot hw frieadiind CMtomtri. mwiMy NEW EMBROIDERIES. JAMES BECK 8t CO., have ju*t purchased a large invoice ofNKW PARIS EMBROIDERIES, at a great sacrifice, which they now offer to their customers at decided bargains. Also, a large invoiceVf MUSLIN INSKRTINGS, EDGINGS, FLOIJNCINOB, and Muslin Bands. Also, Lace Canes, Collars, Scarfs, Dresses, Visites, Shawls, Larrs, Edgings, Inserting*. at Greatly reduced prices at apl7 cod2wisi JAMES BKCK JO. 359 Broadway. fre bKuooisfs and apothec aides a w.ii M. established concern, that has for the last few years netted a profit of $1000 over and above all expense for sales, fmpaired health being tlie* only ressnn for selling. Ypply to H. Pike, jr., 201 Broadway n23 1fendisfre Philip oariiardt, the artist tailor.WK IIA V E long had it in our mind to say a word in regardto tiie admirable garments made by this gentleman We have h id many stubs of clothes uiade in New York, hut never found an artist excelling the one mentioned above. Mis garments are mado of the best of cloth, and all of 25 percent cheaper than can he bought. The l ist suit we purchased of him, mid for which we paid $35, could not he bought elsewhere for lass than $5<) We hone our friends who w ant a good lit, ami reasonable prices, will call at bin store, corner of I'hamlrera lUtu utd W?t Broadway. aidtw^f i trmm^ PKOI Lfc?8 LINE STEAMBOATS FOR r..,? N A LB ANV, Daily, Sundays Excepted? trhi. taMHBk Through Direct?At f? o'clock, P. M., from tin* Pier between Cniirllaudt and Liberty streets. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Cant. YVm. H. Peck, will lerve oil (Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening.*, at fi o'clock. Steamboat HENDRD'K HUDSON f'apr. R. O. Crutten den, will leave onTueaday, Thursday and Saturday evenings st ft o'clock At Five Ox lock, P. M ? Landing at Intermediate Places? from the foot of Barclay street. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA. Capt. Thos. N. Hulse, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. St? amboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. R. H. Fnery, will leave on Tur?d*), Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. The above boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time for the Morning Cars for the F.ast or West. Freight taken at moderate rales, and none taken after Ha o'clock, P. M. /-" All persopaare forbid trusting any of the boats of thia line, without a written order from the captains or agents. For passage or freight, apply on hoard toe boats, or to P. C. S< H I L i'/, st the office n i the wharf. *26 r ii an?. BiPASS Af ?K RED I CF. D.? For Albany dil~~The last and elegant sie.iiner RIP VAN etiAw8A**Rei WINK I.K, < apt. Geo B.,I(orgs, will leave the foot of M'drinaon street every Monday, Wednesday and I h iidnv evening at ? o'clock P. M. The Rip Van Winkle is tif'ed mi in siirerior sivlr s nl !>. nn rnnii.ri .. ..i. ... other the river. Hits boat will arrive in Albany in ample lime for the Eastern and Western ears. For freight or ' passage "Plily on board, or nt the office on the dork, of (IKO. F. STAN LEV. a2B It'e FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line Regular Packet axS'TV of the 21st May?The superior. fa?t sailing packet JIlTiltr ' i QUEEN OF THE WEHT, < aptain Philip < Wnodlioase, 12 V) tons burthen, will anil ai a bore, her reg ular ! day. For freight or passage, having splendid, Urge and comforts- , able state raomi end cabin, apply to the ('aptain on board, at wrat pier of Burling alio, or to WOflDHULL & MINTL'RN, 117 Sonth at. ; Trice of passage $ Iflfl. The packet ahip ( onatitvtion, Iwm tona burthen, ( apt. ./no. ! Brittou. will scccred tha Queen of the West, and aail on her I regular day, flat J tine, aTO I A A*: I'At KET SHIP LIVERpOOLi for Liverpool", ! WPjMfVwill tail tint day, at 12 o'clock precisely. Passengers JMUKawili please be mi board steamboat Hercules, at , W hitcoall dock, at that time. Letter bags will closest t lie ' utii il places at half-past II. lB AAA- l-til! 1.1V EII TOOL. THa Am faat sailing packet I jtfjMfWsliip SOUTH EH NEIL (apt. Alesander S Palmer, .aMMHMlt'U tons biirtlien, baring most of her cargo engaged, | wilt nt in a lew days For balance of freight, air imsaagr. baring etcellent accommodations, apply on board, foot ol Dover street, East Hirer, or to WOODHULL k MINTURN, n2ti fl7 Smith AMU* BRITISH BRIO Hf.OAlllt. V'HOM III LL ~< on nFtxV'1*1"''* of thia rrs-*l will please tend theirperteita MiL'n ,0 ? 17 South itrert. | ' c AldSM.*!* 41ft P.\KK THKATHK.-M.,i, performed, the tr??ed, ol FAZIO?Unnldi Fail,. Mr Wheatley; Uuke ->f Horeuee, Stark; Uartoio, Barry - I'lnWrio, Siitht i land; Uianca, Mrt. Maaou; ( .,,iuit?,k Udabrll Abbott; Clara, Mi*. Flyuu. 'I'o conclude with lire Fairy Extravagant., entitled the INVISIBLE J'UI.Nt K?BlouzabelU, M... Oordou.TI.e I?r...te Kurt bond, Mr. Fiaher; Don Leaiuler, Mr.. Hunt; X<|umicl.ttit:i?*t, Katr Horn. Quae. (I; Fit JO cent.; <iallery 2i cent. Door. ?|ieu ma nuartrr to 7 o'clock? Uie |terforinauce will C 'tQiingiccr i'- i ncufply i my.Urr I '-'.k7 BENEFIT Ob .MRS. SHAW. BOWERY THEATRE.?A. w. J.ta.oN, Proprietor--H E. Stkvk.i., Stage Manager?Monday Evening, April 26th, will be acted the jlLrN< 11 BACK?Julia. Mra Sha w ; Ma.ter Walter, Mr Nealie; Sir Tliomaa Clilfortl. Clarke; Fathom, ll.tdaway. To conclude with the comedy of the LOVE CH ASK?' ?nit nice, Sir. Shaw; Foudluve, Vache; Waller, Clarke; \V i Idrake, Nealie; Neville, \ euua; Widow (Jreeu, Mr. Maduou; Lydia, Mn Jordan. Die.. Circle, 2J cent.; Pit aud Gallery, 12>k cent. i?oor* open at 014 o ciock. i t rmrinnticr *-uminn.-f~m n> 'tiPALMU'S iU'T.RA lit")L Sb ?A CAK D. ^IU. 8 BENKDETTl siucercly regrets to announce to llus )) patroii*i ot itit otwru, to lit* friends and (lie public, tint Sigunriua Unrili's indisposition compels luei to jtoslpoue his benefit to Saturday neat, May 1st, oti which occaaioii Donizetti's opera of LUCIA Dl LA.MMERMOOH will be purfoiuied. Between tbe acts Mile Jliinier, from llie opera ol Paris, will lauce Le Pa* lie la Sylplmle aiul Le I'aa Styriau a25 St MITCHELL'S OLVMIMI THEATRE?Monday Evenine, April 20th. tin- etilemiumcuts to cninmeuee Willi the comedy f h' ASH IONAB LE A Kill V \ I.S?Sir '1 honiaa Odeti, Mr. Niekiusou; Mr*. Mode. Sirs. Titmn. Alter w hich, the opera of the < II11,11 OK THE M. P'S? Griiiliard, Mr. Sicltiiiaou; Mar), Mr*. Tirillll To be followed by the farce oI'LENL) ME KlVE SHILLINGS?Mr. Goliglitly, Sir. Holland; Mr. I aptaiu Plrobba, Ml*. Lhcrwond. To concludej with the farce of A DAV WF.I.l. SPENT. Dress Circle, SO cents; t pper Boies, 85 cents; Pit, one Shilling; Private Botes. $5; Orchestra Botes, $1. Doors open at 7 o'clock; < urtaiii rise at 7fa o'clock precisely OLYMPIC THEATRE?M188 < LARK beg. respectfully t > announce, that her UE.NEK1T will lake place on THURSDAY EVENING, 20th April, On which occasion will he produced for that night only, the id, till, and Jlh acts of the crlehrslrd comedy of LONDON ASSURAM Lady (lay Spanker Miss Clarke. With other entertainments. B"t hook now open. ap26 lt?c A ~\l Cllfl'. I .Y Mr Si: CM SPLENDID performances, hoth Afternoon and Evening, at 3 and 7^g o'clock, when will be exhibited a Dioramic and Panoramic representation of tbe FUNERAL OK NAPOLEON BONAPAHTK. with all the pageantry and pomii ofthe occasion. Also, will be exhibited at all hours, perfect models of TWENTY OK THE LARGEST DIAMONDS in the world, worth, ill the aggregate, over (nO.flOb.OOO. Great Western?Ethiopian Ministrels?Living Orang Outang, Ike. Admission 25 cents. Children under 10 years !2){ cents. tt are WALNUT STREET THEATRE. PHILADELPHIAE. A. Marshall. Lessee?W. 11. Biake, Manager. KIRST NIGHT OK MR. MURDOCH, The annilar American Tragedian. MONDAY EVENING. April 26, 1017. Will be performed the admired Play of the LADY OK LYONS. Clanile Melnotte Mr. Murdoch Pauline Mrs. Coleman pope To conclude with the Farce of SOMEBODY ELSE. On TUESDAY?Sir. Murdoch's second night. OPERA HOUSE, CHE8NUT SI REET, PHILADELPHI A.?Monday Eveuiiig, April 26. will lie presented the BOHEMIAN GIRL?Thaddeua, Mr Frater ; Devijshoof. Seguiu; Count Ariihrim, Meyer; Arline, Mrs Seguni ; Gipsy lf.ueen, Phillips; Bulla, McUowan. Prices?Hre?s circle and Piit'turtte, 50 cents; Family circles, v. .i. i.?... Poms open st 7 o'clock?to commence a quarter lielure eiglit o'clock (W-IJUKAT A'1-riiAt.fTIUN qSR in the Elegant Saloon attached to the "Bkoadway Hocm," (corner of Grand and Broadway,) every Evening. commencing at B o'clock. THE proprietor, grateful for the patronage already bestowed, h;u determined Hut no effort shall he wanting 011 hi a part in order to preserve a continuance of it. He has therefore engaged (in addition to several professional ladies and gentlemen of acknowledged vocal talent,) [r>-8IONOH VALENTINE ??n The celebrated Ventriloquist, Vocalist and Guitarist, fcwbo will make his first appearance this evening, (April 26.) The bar is stocked with the choicest refreshment. London Pictorial*, Punch, Slc. Ulc.., will be fouud on the tables. q ADMITTANCE 6k ( e\ts...'; aJ6lt?r THE ORIGINAL SWISS lit: LI. RINGERS. IN CONSEQUENCE of the very flattering success, this Band have been induced to give another sarits of Concerts prior to their departure for Europe, at the APOLLO ROOM, No. 410 liroadway, Commencing on MONO A V. April 26tli, and every Evening during the week, (except Tuesday.) They will be assisted by MISS M.J. MAKIUB AND GEORGE A. IIOYT, Graduates of the New York Institution lor the Blind. Tickets 25 cents, no half price.? Doors open at 7 o'clock. Concert commence* at 8 o'clock precisely. I flange "t pn.grMinnie each evening. *25 lw*rc A8TLE G LRDEN i* aou ??i ?-t? dttriB| thi 11\. affording J those desirous of visiting these premises an excellent opportunity. The room is the largest in the United States, designed by C. Pollard The painting it A1 Fresco, by Cap|>elli. Tm Cotmoramic Viiwi km bus fHifiagid, and eta be seen at all times. The outer promeiiades command a fine view of the harbor and Narrows, with the adjacent scenery, kdmiaaion ISM cents. On Sunday Evening, a Concert of Sacred Music will be po-n bv DodwnrtlPs justly celebrated corner band a2.5tfrc CI RAND < UNCART, at PINTEUX', < afe del Mille < X lonttea Saloon, 307 Broadway, The celebrated Mr, Neiia, who will play on nine instruments at once, is re-engaged for one week more, which will be the I one. np2ti r 'rc VO( ALI8T WANTED.?A married lady and gentleman ^of respectability and voca^taLmts, (the lady also acting certs, mil with another young lidy, who u in clliricnt amgt r. t<i join them. Further particulars given by addressing h not, to " Vocalist,"HeraldOffice. u2t> it*, TO MUSI CI AN S.?Wanted to purchase i Violoncello,? Any one having a good ins'riimcnt, which lie would veil rt'itionifilr, may lino n purchaser by addressing W. M., at thu office,statingprice,fcc. apis Jt*r HOBOKKN rHOI'KHT\ FOR." BALK.- tares situated on Oardrn and Meadowr-.streets, Hoboken, V. J Apply nt the office Of the Hoboken Land end bntoreaei rompany it llolmken. *23 I w rc NO'lll K-TO BOARUI.NO SCHOOLS AM OTHF.R INSTITUTIONS?FOR SALIv-The pro party situate at Weeliawken, N. J., two tniles from tin en Kerry, known as the Mountain Pavilion, on the highest point in the neighborhood of New York, and fron which ii had the most magnificent proipeet of the lower bay and the Norlh River?consisting of i Large Mansion, Barn Ice House, well filled, and out houses complete, in food ie pair, and ihont twelve acres of excellent land, in a high stall of cultivation. The above presents the finest'and most eligible, as well ai most convenient situations, and an opportunity for the estah lishmrut of a large Boarding School, or other institution when much room is renuired, that has ever hern offered in the vici oily of New York, ami possesses advantages too numerous to he set forth in an advertisement. There is on the premises a large amount of furniture, nearly new, which, or anv part of which, may be had w ith the property. The property will be sold low and the terms made easy, for which, or any information respecting the same, apply to COLKMAN fc STKTSON. A.tnr House, or to a26is lOtc OSt Ml IV. 8TI HIT. V A NT, No. 0 Wallst. HATS I HATS I HATS! PB KNOX, with hia accustomed brevity, would call the i^kftrfentinii of his friends to his new styles of SPRING KA8HION8, which are now ready at his store, No. 128 Fnltou treef. He wonld, with his usual philanthropy, invite strangers to his establishment, where they can obtain hats of an equal quality, and at lower prices, than at any other store in the city. _ _ a22 Stis#r MRS M. WILSON, 2)1 Grand street, respectfully Y hiforms her friends, and stiangm ridtui 'he city, isft^thafshe hisnoyv on hand n l-ir^e Mid M r\ hands assorimrrt of Spring Millinery, to whicn ihi invites their Attention. Mrs. Wilson s stock comprise* an assortment of the richest and most fashionable llats. sucli as Chip,{Crepe, Rice, nud Shirred, with a choice assortment o Straws, which she flatters herself can be sold more reasonable than at any other establishment in the city. Country Milliner! will do well to call before purchasingMrs. M. WILSON. 291 Grand at.. between Allen and Orchard its. I Ten good Milliners wanted at the above establishment. | ni:ti>in*rr MKTn'O < HAIILK8 sSPANFLLS, just im/H?rt.< from London, very small arid well marked, anion) .Canaries, of the bell note and nightingale song. Mm! Cages, of various pattern* ; Hird Seeds, fkr. ?c., w i I Ii foil collection of raru and valuable Bird*, for sale 1>\ iiZt:n*rr W. S. JOHNSTON, 280 Broadway. CKNTREV ll LB < Ot BSE, L I. Pi R9FJ TOTHR 4MOI NT OF $780, for Trotting and Pacing llorw. will dose Tin Day, Monday, April 20th by 0 o'clock. P. M., ;it Green k Bevins' Hotel. K or paiticu* nrs, sec handbills. JOKL ("ONKLIN. hot ll#r OENTUEVIIJjK'i oI ltSK, i-l.-THOT'l iSo. H I NO. I?Purse $2.30, two milr beats, under the saddle,to route off the 6th of May. No. 2?purse $2.00, two mile he ?fs, in harness, to come fl !7rh of May, $j(i of each purse will be Riven to fhr second best horse. No.3? Purse $130, mile best*, best tin 3, under the saddle to come off the same day of ihr match between Sir Andrew and Emperor. The above panii tree for all trotting hornet e ice pi Lady Suffolk. No. i?Parse $100, mile heats, bc?t t iri under the saddle, for alt paring horses ecrept James K. I'dli, he to a w .igon, to come off the Iftth of May. No. .3?Pius* $10, mile hesfs, best t in .3. under the saddle, to come off Slay lat?fhr trotting hoi ?es that nerer won a purse over $.30. In all the above purses th ? r or more to make a field. If but one horse starts fur either of the ab ove purses, there 111 not beany thing gi?en by the proprietor. To close April 26, by 0 P.M., at (Jretu k Kevins'. JOKL t ONKLIN, Proprietor. Centreville, April 2f?fh, 1017. a26 7?*r HARLEM PARK TlvoTTI\< r t t M i; T^IIK rUHSK OK TIIIHTY DOLLAR*. ndterliaed for Tbia Day?Mil' bean. "r-t th ? in lite, in harneaa, it rmttpunrd until Monday, Ami 3Clb, at half-|>a?t 3 o'clork. KNTRIK8: J. Ilrnwn entera a. b Truttee. Jnm>a Reynold* t g. 1,'nton Star. Jamtt f 'onway t. g. Butcher Boy. SI !tt*rr H. WOODRfFK. yr"Kfftr pJTr ofUnr Pfr.r**?, TF^i.T ^Sff^^lfarneat, fcr , Vr , the pmiuirty of a gentleman?il l**"'1' together would he iliapoard of ai a fair priee Apply hit roarhmaii, who haa them in rharge, at Dilk't ttibleto Merrer Rlrrrker atreet. aSilwatrr tf\ ToilF ceTeCTRM Trotting Mat#, 1*1 L Lady Waahingtnb,"? yrara old, and h't trotted f H / i-iwn contemner heat* in Sin. II aer , and 3m l.'i trr , to a wagon, and Ihr brown inarr, " American Gal,*1 known aa the De Korreat tnnre Alto, a leather-top wagon, mailr by Godwin, need only a year, and a low-vt heeled, leathertoppad tingle anlkey ; alto, a art of doakle-harne**, quite now K.ininire at thr atable in the roar of A6 Kirat atreet, near Kint avenue aSMlw'rc IIKNRY A WKRKB *<\ - Mill SXtK.-A aplendid pair of blood Ray J?ir*Hurtea, long nalnral tail*, of the \1r?*inger breed, hi 4Jrf_A-h*nd* logh of fine atyle and anion, own brother*, tit and aeren yeart old ihn tjiring, aoiind and kind, tingle , double The o|deat ran go in !!& ; the other, in one \rti'a Urn", will inake hit equal. Tbay are in a fate of nature , ai.,| more perfenl match nt make rannnt be found in the *tata. . .. O W F'lMK, AI ban V, April 21. Townaend Home *?4 lw*r? . X.WHl W - * ?"** I TO TUB I LATEST MOMENT TKL.UURAR1I1C. t_ . _ _ _ ;r^a Virginia Klcatlon. PMiLAt>ici.rHi4. April V> 1*47 Hm" UltritK I Wtttls luHiU Atkinson 100, Sussex to Uuar from, wtileh will sleet Atkinson I Mlconh Uuuitt ?Vsry ciuss Ilia wblgs olaiiu I Boiling, uud- the democrats Dromgools; the offlelal r*- I turns must settle the question ' Loo sin Dnraicr ? Closebetween Irving and Uooock, favorable to former. Fikth DmaicT?Claimed by both parti#* One re i turu elects Ooggln, another 8 F. Lock Sixth Duriiicr.?Uotts' majority 017 Ukvkmh Distiui t.?Bayly D elected, but uo ttgur s j aro given. II Domic I .?llvale ia douhtlesi eleeted over Newton. Tam il District.?Kennedy runs well, but Joe* not ' beat liedingor. Fiftkkvth DovaicT.? Hawkins elected Kdgiugton, whig delegate, la chosen in Ohio county Marshall electa a whig, and Brooke a Democrat PHH.aoKi.riii*, April 34, l?47 Nothing from Mexico to-night BY THB MAILS. Affairs in Washington. Was iiiwotom, April 34, 1047 ! TKt Tnaty with llanovtr?Mr. *1locho?Mr Triit. The commercial treaty lately concluded by our governuient with the Kingdom of llauovor, and the grand 1 Duchies of Mechlenburg and (lldeuhurg. of the ratiflcaI tlon of whleh by the Senate, 1 advised you the day after I it was passed upon by that body, has been returned by I the last steamer, ratified by the other contracting parI ties, and will be officially published in a day or two Tu 1 the extent of our commerce with those countries, it is ' tlio most advantageous treaty ever made by the I'nlted I States The commercial advantages secured to us by it, are very great, and that, without any commensurate benefit accruing to the other parties to the treaty To. bacco is admitted with hut a nomiual duty?seventy I cents on the hundred weight. American commerce : will be henceforth relieved from stadt-tolls, and other | imposts; and not only are wo put upon an equal footing ' with the most favored nations, but advantages are sc1 cured to us such as are onjoyed by no other nation The ! King of Prussia was taken completely by surprise upon j the publication of the treaty; and a correspondent of the j London Timri, whose letter appears in that paper of the ! O.Vd 111! ?.Ill? e?? 11- ?I. 1 ...iivui 11auiuuig, gouuuij ueraiffl m? ltriti?b government for Its stupidity iu permitting ours | to acquire such extraoidiuary advantage over It. [This letter from the London Tint* we bare bad in type for ^ several days, we publish It in another part of this day's : paper?Ed Htrald ] The news of the ratification of the treaty was received In London at a most opportune period, just when Parliament was engaged In discussing the navigation laws, and it had a most beneficial effect In the debate on that question, frequent allusions were made to the treaty, as developing the policy of the I'nlted States All through K urope it has created an immense sensation; and it Is geuerally believed that the Zollvsreiu will feel compelled, in self-defence, to Imitate the exnmple of Hanover, Nlechlenburg, and Oldenburg The publlo must bo very credulous, if it believe all the rumors circulated about Mr. Atocha's overtures to the Mexican government. Mr. Trist's mission to Mexico, and other things as highly exaggerated as either. 1 have before stated the facts in connection with Mr Atocha's visit to Vera Cruz and Jalapa. and in relation to , Mr. Trial's journey to Louisiana It Is possible that Mr. Atocha may hare spoken, and perhaps written very I freely about the oonditions of pence, ice when ho was In 1 Mexico; but it is very certain he never had authority to make nny overtures whatever, on the part of the I nlted | States. If ho did make an offer of settlement on the line of the twenty-sixth parallel. It was an absurdity for , which he bad neither warrant nor instruction. In fine he went out as bearer of despatches, and in that capacity alone. It is but just, however, to say. that be positively denies ever having mnde any such offer as that hs is represented to have made It is not at all certain that Mr Trlat will go to Mexl| eo. When he shall reach ISew Unr..? luiiild th? *>' ?? from Mexico warrant hi* proceeding thither, he will do 1 ho. He will go. If at all. because It U deemed neceiaary, should the preaent aspect of things continue, to hare ' (otne agent of our government near the Mexican capital, who can at once close with any pacific overtures which [ maybe made by the party in power lie carries no In' structloni to any officer of the army or navy of the | United States, to make a treaty. No military or naval i i officer, now In the service, will be employed in a diplomatic capacity, as far as Mexico Is concerned ' j _ _OALV!ENSl8. ' j WxHHisotov, April 24. 1847 i Currents Calamoiititi We Join Issue upon this ground, and we pledge you by the record, in due season to make good the point, that ! Mr. Trlst has gone down to Mexico with despatches ' from the State Department ; and that our original an . ! nounremont in the Utrald, last Tuesday, of the purport, import, and report of those despatches, and of the jourj ney of Mr. Trlst, will turn out substantially correct ? The sick brother was a collateral matter?the main pur| pose was to have Mr. Trlst on the spot in Mexico, ready 1 to strike for peace on the first invitation or favorable in diratlon on the part of the enemy No. sir?wo shall not permit (and we speak this with rather an emphasis and a meaning) every young whipster to Interpose his superior information to our detriment, until he shall have estuhllshed by the record the title to the censorship he would exercise Mr. Webster is still detained in the city He may pne *lbly remain till the first of May, to be present at the ceremonies of the laying of the corner stone of the Smithsonian Institution which will be very brilliant and imposing Mr Dallas Is preparing his addreae for the occasion. Wr suppose it may be called the aor' u?r-stone address. The cabinet hate a sitting to-day It is expected that ' they will be apt to think of the Mexican war and of the I honorable peace which we had expected to be hatched out by this time , but the very eggs of which now seem to be spoiled from over-sitting or from the hens Wing ! off too often, and suffering Hu m to cool. 1 lion Dixon II. I.ewis, we regret to say. in the act of getting into a carriage on Pennsylvania avenue, ibis 1 morning, broke out the bottom of tin carriage with his great weight?his legs crossing over till) coupling pole, and nearly touching the ground between the wheels, the residue of the honorable Senator being Invisible Inside the hack ; hut it wus a curious spectacle to the "outside barbarian," to see a hack standing by the sidewalk, with two such substantial legs sticking through the bottom as those of the honorable I hairman on Kinance We understand that Mr I.ewis. without Injury, extricated himself from the dismantled vehicle?paid the driver an allowance, and sent off at once to procure a charabanc with a better bottom The Virginia election* ap|a-ar to W going rather whiggisli this time We suspected that some districts would turn out s>.no what I.cakr-u for father Kitehie and th? bilks up about the vite bifdln." John M. itotts. though lie couidn t head John Tyler lias headed the padre, hut has not beheaded him yet. thank goodness Just wall till the next time. If you want to see the lur fly Mr licdlnger. in the Krederlek district, appears to be elnwly shaved. It is apprehended that the Harper * Kerry eagle must have taken cold We understand that three more companies of volun teers for Mexico will be taken from Washington city, if lliey can lie rained The voltigeiir*. under ' olonel Andrew*, have gone down, via the Ohio river ( apt Dan D. Ilenrie i* again on the qui cite; and we hope he will raise a good company, go down, and pick hi* Hint arid | try thein again The regulation* of (ien Scott are about the tighte*t i *nd most uncompromising for the disorderlies that we I have yet read of in military history; and all loafers had I better for their own comfort, before joining hlni rend i the laws as he lays thcrn down lie deserves the praise I'M Ml iiuauiauw uini l"r UIP n'<|iiiniilli||| l)| catnp duty Owing to the cold wladn the *had and herring have not run ii|> the Potomac an freely a* ?* ejpectid We truit thai thin will not raune any diminution nt nalim ii in tin1 l oliimbla Mr Smith O'Brien ha* written a fln> letter to Hon flen M. Delia*. tho \ ic?-l'reindcnt Ohrien ntill r-pcnkn hopefully of a puliry on foot for " ecparnte leginlatlon,' when, my dear Smith, y, your only policy in the policy of gunpowder lay. my darlint. it you arc not afraid ot tin* arlnt of the rraythur At all event*. we go for th? atari itiK poor ftrnt. and the repealer* afterward* Any way that will belt promote the good ot the people of Ireland, we go for; but they want bread to begin with That * the flrvt thing W Ai mar. April 44, IH47 rht F.l'rlnui I'h' Kmigm nt Hill It i* already known that the limine of Anacinbly barn Inaleted upon their amendment to the bill amending the general election law. which prohibit* pernonn who hare hot upon the renult of an election from voting at nnrh election The bill, with a mcnnago annouuriug their de termination to Innint upon the amendment, wan ?cnt from the It mine to the Senate to-day A motion wan made to Iny the bill upon the table; there were eye* II and n<** 11, and the mot ion wan carried by the ranting rote of (he Prenldent There will be a atruggle In the Senate; it ? nearly equally divided on Ihlr queatimi and Ife full ri te ran tic hnd I believe the nuirniinient will p??n Mr. Ilerrt* reported the emigrant bill to the Renal''

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