Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1847 Page 1
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7 TH] Vol. xra. Mo. llt>?Whols Mo. *710. THE NEW TORE HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-west corner of Fulton and Nassau sts. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. COtCCLATlON-FORTY THOUSAND. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price 2 cent* per copy?$7 5 per Annum?iu; ?l,lr in advancr. WEEK LA' HERALD?Every Saturday?Pnce ceota per copy-?$3 12}4 cent* par aniiunv?payable in advance. HERALD FOR EUKOPE-Every Stenin Packet d.yrrice canu per copy? $3 per annum, payable in advance. HOLIDAY HERALD?Published #nthe lit of January and UtulMuly ofanch year?tingle CO pi as sixpence each. . ADVERTISEMENTS, at tlur u.u.l price.-alwaya eaah in advance. Adveeti efneitf* iliuuld be written in u plain, legible maimer. The Proprittor will not be reapouaible for error, that may neenr m tliem. . . ... ... rtllNTINU of all kind, executed beastilnlly and with de< patch. , ? .. . . \]1 letter, or roonuriemcatiqne bymau, addressed to the vsr-iiiiuTiiiiPdi. uiufet he post piuu, or cue postage wui oc ue duerjK) (rata r.h? subscription money remitted. ????? , , MM J, * U. ti. MAK1NM WAMTtD. ft m II Mk II rpnctviarinf. corps uF toe united sTates, X u, tltar branch or the military service furnishing soldiers for lii? different naval stations anil vessel* of war, having been Increased by net of Cenfrese, approved 2(1 March, 1817, bv the a-.diiieu of JO Sergeants, 30 Cerpomls, JO Drummers, 30 hifera, aud i,uiio Privatee. A reiideavous for the enlistment of reeruits is now opened at No. 38 I hatbam street, near the Harlem railroad dei>ot and Tammany Hall, where resueetable you eg men desiring to enter e service which will afford them an opportunity of seeing for cige countries, are iurited to oall. Previous to enlisting it is the duty of Lite recruiting eftcur to expikin fully the terms upon which they enter the service Open .rom 9 A. M. to sunset. JOHN GEO. REYNOLDS, Captain Commanding, Recruiting Rendezvous. Two dollars premium will he given to any soldier or citizen who will bring te the rendezyous, en acceptable er efficient recruit. ___ 'm"rc ' FOR SALE AT HOBOKEN a number of Houses p-jjj| and Lots?Merchants, mechanics, and laborers doing bu baa^siiiess, or having employment in New York, willfind a healthy and desirable residence. There are four boats an hour to Barclay street, two to Canal, and two 'o Christopher, making eiyht boats per hour from Hobokau. Very rneuy streets are graded, and a number of houses going up? the compauy themselves liave built 80 or ltO within a short period. j'he ferripge to reaidouts of Hoboken is but a trille? tlrs head of a family pays 84 cents per month, and his wife 32 cents per month. The lax in New Jersey is so light as to be scarcely felt byeither the owner or teuaut of a house There arc some beautiful situations for cottages iu front of an open square, where the view of the river is unobstructed. Enquire at the clfice of the Hoboken Land and Iinpt. Company at Hoboken. a2? Iw'rc JML FOR SALE?Possession 1st May?The handsome t;af three (story modern built brick House 2IM Fourth EaBL'trret, opposite the Washington Parade Ground, suitable for me residence of auy geurleinan. Price Sll,300. $8,500 may remain oil bend and mortgage, and good commercial paper at ishort date takea for the balance. Apply to A. DE CAMP, osi board frigate Maaedouian, foot of Morris street. Pier No. 4, N. R. a28 2t is "re MTO LET?The secnud story of the house 183 Duaue street, next to the ooruer of Greenwich street, containing lire rooms, with Crolou water, Ike. Rent $200. Inquire in tee store 295 (Ireenwich street. a28 3t rc A TO RENT?A Cotton Factory, of about 3,000 spindles, with a building for looms, Mansion House, Store House, Workmen's Dwellings, Saw Mill, Grist Mill, w.oi -ii nufailing water power. The place and water power itr* well uiiAHtol to general manufacturing purposes, and on a navigable stream, retirement to New Vnrk or Philadelphia. Enquire of WARRINGTON St RICHARDS, i'JSkw*r 33 Burling slip. jmt NoncE-fi > BOARDING ~1<JHIJOLS AND flJB| OTHER INSTITUTIONS.?FOR SALE?The proJdL.'eity situate at Weehawken, N.J., two miles from the ta?>i.>iirii Ferry, known as the Monntaiu Pavilion, on the highest point in the neighborhood of New York, and from which is had the most magnificent prospect of the lower bay, aud the North lliver?consisting of a Large Mausion, Barn, Ice House, well filled, and out houses complete, in good repair, sod about twelve aeres of excellent land, in a high state of cultivation. The above preeeuts the finest *nd most eligible, as well as most convenient situations, and an epportnnity for the establishment ef a large Boarding School, or other institution where much ioom is required, that haa ever been offeied in the vicinity of New York,and pneecsiies advantages too numerous to be set forth in an advertisement. There is on the premises a large amount of fumitnre. nearly new, which, or auy part of which, may be had with the property. The properly will he sold low and the terms made easy, for which, or any information respoctiug the same, apply to COLEMAN m STETSON. Alter House, or te a36is10(c OSCAR W. 8TURTEVANT, No. ? Wall st. SNEW VORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMI'ANT?NOTICE.?On and after Monday, the Kith instant, the train that leaves 27th street at 7 A. M.. will be discontinued,and a car will leave the City Hall at S A. M. for Morrisauia: returning, leave there at 7 A. M. The car that leaves City Hallat i 30 P.M., will run to White llnius, and leave there at 0 .'<0 A. M. for New York. a24 lw r MTO LET?The second floor of the Uouse No. W Walker street, cousisting of three rooms, pantry, and one attic roem. The remaining part of the house u occupied by a private family. Hunt (200. a?7 3t*rrc M 'l O LET, in Hammond street, near Factory, an eicrlluut three store fsmily Hense, with marble mantels, bath room, ike. Rent $173. Apply to lift lllcvS,r VVSE St SONS, 173 Pearl st. W. ill RENT?HANDSOME APARTMENTS IN suites or single rosins, in the new brick building, 4'eA at tlte corner of Broadway and Houston street, oppositcSt. Thomas church, suitable lor single jtrutlemcn or Inini u??. j u ununiag i? suppiiea wiui orotuu water, ana is lighted by (u; and is under the oare of a steward, who re ides in the limine, furnislics tneala, wood, Ac. Enquire on theorem:..!, erof THOS. H. RODMAN. U Wail atreet. M I? * c M f'.vVlLIOS", NEW~BflR"/llfi)'N, Staieit Island.? Tlie proprietor begs to inform his friend* and the public, tint lie hna nndu considerable alterations and improve in .. in this eslsldishmeatsince the last acajou. lie lias erected a large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogethdr disconnected from the main body of the pavilion. These room i urn intruded for ttrnllemen only; they are of a comfortable mzc, light, aid wellventilated, and snperior in all respects to those generally denoniiiiatrd single rooms in the various watering places throughout the country. The proprietor ia now ready to treat with familita orpartioa wishing to II|U1 reoms lor the season. Letters addressed to him it tlie City Hotel, Broadwuy, will receire immediate attention. A steamboat rune between New York and New Brighton, at the following hours, viz: ? from New Brighton?At 8 and 11 A. M. and 2 and 5:20 P. M. from pier No. I North Kiver, New York?At 9 A. M. and 12 M, ml :t'j, band ? f. M., and more frequent communications will b? slabllslied as the season advances. 'l'lit I'avilien will he opened for the reception of company between the 1st and loth of May next, ut which due notice will be given. ipiitlrc F. BLANCARD. ROOM'S T O LET?Snitahle for manuil?tui'iiic pur I pfl poses, ia the building No. 7-1 Kultoo street, lately repair Jammed, a id with all mederu improvements. Apply to JAMES R. DEI. VKCCHIO, in the building, or to BIIOWN, BROTHERS A DO. a2.i?w*r?_ No 39 Wall. K)* BALE.?A desirable residence, With about an aria and a half of ground, situated in Beekmantown. E'iMi Westchester county, adjoining the line, and about >a of utile from Tarrytoovn ferry. It is built of brick, two stories high, with a colonnade running about CO feet front, and an ob strvatory on the top. It coutams II rooms beside kitchen, cellar and washroom, all enclosed within the building, It enmm .udsa magnificent view of the river as far down as the eye rot reach. The piearut owner purchased it Sir hit own residence, but on account of ill health was unable to occupy it. Terms moderate. For further particulars, apply to J AMES I. STEWART, corner of Dey and Greeuwicn streets. s24 tlstM'r COTTAGE TO LET. MA NEW liindsomr Cottage to let on Oaford street, Broooklyn, 1 >4 miles from tlie Ferries, near the resilence of Dr. Co*. It kai nursery, kitchen and servants' re,mi. on the basement flour; two parlors, library and dining tnll on the lirst story: lour large bed rooms on the second Ijoor. 81* additional leu adjoining, with stable, can be bail if desired. (Iin utilises run constantly to the Kernel. Rent $300. Also?A residence st Bedford, miles.froin the Ferries, >s 111 he rented with or without furniture, fi>r four montlis.? The honse has ten rooms. There ii a coach house, stable for four hnrste, pasture for cow, Ac Rent fori months $250.? Apply to MOSK8 MAVNARD, Jr , at the L. I. K.nlroad office, 42 William St., Merchauts' Richauge. *22 2w fit ______ ________________ " TO LET, MA ROW of neat new two story Cottage Houses, now finished, well calculated for resectable families, situated on tlie north side of 40th street, between liroadwa> <nd Bill aseune. The stages |auu regularly from 7 A. M? mini It o'clock Iu ilie evening, every 40 minutes, for 6tA cents , and alter the first of May, every 30 minutes. Rooms as follows: 3 basements, 2 parlors, with sliding doors, and hard finished walls. 2d story, 4 rooms anil 2 bedrooms. (Jood dry cellars. Rent $100 Apply on the premises. si'll-lm'c W\1 K. PF.Nnt.r.TON, Agejt MTU LCTi?The store of hou?e 23 Dey slrrel; it is 311 foet deep, and would he a good location for a wholesale grocery store. Also, the second floer of house 66 Berkman sireef. con.istiiig of three rooms and pantries, with two bed rooms in attic, and a Kitchee with Crotou water ?nd kitchen cangr iu it. Rent ?r>. ^ ^?rOILHOOLT A SON. nJI lm*r 7fl Nassau street. f staTEn ill and < hi i uiK8 ro tjtTor fnfnf MbVtit?Three! ottages situated on Castleton Heights, J'iilLiif ir Csno di Monte, Rsalen Island, surrounded by fine loTrsi trees, and commanding an uiisurtnutsed siew of the city, the Bar and its islands, end the Ocean, while the access is easy, the distance m each ferry bring less than a mile. They contain as follows, via Bagatelle? A parlor, dining room snd 3 bodrooms. Crow's Nest.?A parlor, dining room, library, 4 bedrooms, and 3 servsnts' rooms?attached carriage house w ith stable for 4 horses. Oak Land?2 parlors, large dining mom, 12 bedrooms, bathroom. aud 4 self oils' rooms?attached carnage house, with stable for 1 horses. These Cottages enjoy in common the use ef 17 acres of beautiful woodland, enclosed, and in the tnidst of w hich they are erected. Apply to Madame GRVMK8, at her residence, Capo di Monte, all 2awlm*r IAOK HACK?A ainsll Chariot, as good as new, built to orJT der. by Colli* A Lawrence. To he seen at the stalile in 11,,. no nfSt John** ChwroH, 8t John1! Lwt. Mt i? 'c tiOK SAM'.?A < nearly new, built to order, with I1 [latent ailea, enamel leather top, and curtaini. To lie Bee n t Wood fc TomlinaonV Broad way. ati lot *e k. ciakke: fashionable ha nt tailor. VO.II-; william street, oppositk the new 1 .> STORES, between fulton and john I Mu<ot.i.- in the Hpriiip all hodira renew the outer covering? but man t* the only animal who liaato |iay for it. The qneation tin 11 arnea who will clothe him rhea|>eat and heat. I will, and , Mine la alnctl y a r iah buaineaa, both in Inlying and I tnalte the lineat quality of French Black Dreaa Coata for fit); lower ijoalitiea fit and til. black Cloth Harka $11. ready made. Every garment in the trade equally good ami cheap. _ ilfi lw?rc D\t,l I'.It It f.OTA I'E I'L \TES?L. 1J. Hmaar ?t to., No. (ft William atreet. aecond floor, have rereiveil per late arnvala, a fullaujldy of Daguerreotype I'latea, Nob. 20, 10 and 1,0, ot their fcraiiu, ao I'aToribly known throughout the United Hull . winch they warrant equal in quality to any ever im I. i, tie i i They olTcrlliem at pricva c e aiilernhly reAuc. J Ir im i iioae of' |,i*t tall. hemicala, vvarraeted to lie of b*.t quality alwaya for aale. L. B. BINSSE kCO., %M lw're No M William atreet, led floor 0 ?r a ne' K Mfive dollars reward.-lost-on fri- i day, the 23d iuat. about 12 o'clock, froin No. 81 i atreet. a N't WKOUNDLANb PUP, brim | about three monllu old, and anawera to the naiua of LION. Whoever will return him to tli? above number iu N'aaaau atraat, or at the office of tint paper, atull receive the above reward u28 Jt rc MKING CHARLES SPANIELS, ju.t imomtTd from London, very amall, and well marked. Saxony Cauariea, of the bell note and nightingale aong Bird >f varioua p.Urnia; Bird Seen., Sic. See., with a flue collection of rare aud valuable Bird., lor aale by a2l lw?rc W. H. JOHNSTON. 280 Broadway. ?7t KOK SALE.?A pair of fine lloraea, Wagont, aSTMIarurM, kc? kc., tin property of a gentleman?if j_A^aA_aold together would be ditpo.ed of at a fair price ? Apply to liia cuacbuian, who baa tin iu iu cliarge, at Dilk'a .table in Mercer near Bleecker atreet. .25 lw'rrc I lOlT SALE.?*i'he celebraietT Trotting Mare, 1 Aall,^'' Lady Waahingtou," 7 year, old, and Ilia trotted i I 1 ? > run couaecutive beat, iu 2m. 44 aec., and 3m 45 1 tec., to a wagon, aud the brown mare, " American Gal," 1 known aa tile De Forreat mare. Alao, a leather-lop wagon, made by Godwin, uaed only a year, and a low-wheeled, leather-topped tingle aulkey ; alto, a aat of double-harne.a, quite uew. Enquire at the .table in the rear of 06 Firat atreet, near Firat avenue a34 lw*rc HENRY A WEEKS. 'P _ FOR 8ALET-A aplendid pair of blood Bay . aUEr^Ilortea, long natural taila, of the Meaainger breed, 16 l . A high, of fine style aud action, own brothera, tlx and aeven yeara old tltia apriug, aound and kind, tingle or ' double. The oldeat can go in \ the other, iu oue year', j time, will make hit equal. They are iu a atate of nature ; and a mora perfect match or make cannot he found iu the State. O. W. F1SK, Albany, April 23 Towuaeud Houae. .24 I w rc " KOR"Sal?-A very fiue Bay Horae, ioug tail /LSr^uid mane, it tix yeara old. aouiid, aud kind every ' * * ? ??a atvliih driveraud handaoma taddle horae.? I? a fast trotter and untrained. Any person wishing >u<-h a hone will pleaae address boa 702 Lower Port Office. Price $300. a*8 3t?rr MILLS. HATTER, Offen a Hat Tor $3 30, equal to any aold elsewhere for J^>$3. at his twell-known establishment, 178 Broadway, Howard Hotel ; and having determined to pnnue the nimble sixpence principle in the sale of Hats, has new completed his arrangements to supply any demand Oentlrmen leaving their orders may hnre a hat made in any style to suit their own taste in three hours, or less, if alxolutrly necessary. An experienced shaper always in attendance, that every har may lie titled to the head, and rest upon it to the perfect ease of the wea-er. This being an important point, particular attention will be given to it. a23 2w#r "UNb PRICE HAT BTURK. fl SPRING FASHIONS FOR HATS AND CAPS.? J^BIIOWN Hi CO. will introduce, on Saturday, April 3d, the new Style of Caps for children and boys; also, the new style of Hats fur gentlemen, price $3, in the mmufacture of which they have made auch recent improvementa as will I place them in cloae competition with the most costly. The public are invited to call at 178 Chatham Square, where fashion, beauty, durability aud economy are combined to adorn the head. a2lm*r r* HOW TO MAKE MONKY.-Theaxiom that "money saved is money made," is almost as old as the invention ol money itaell; bnt the principle of selling a live dollar HAT for Biree dollars and fifty cants, was first established and is now practised by Robertson, at the Fhetiix Hat Manufactory, 89 Fulton st., N. V., sod 83 Fulton st, Brooklyn. This simple statement we believe will suffice to make known one way " how to make mmtev." alb lm*rh _ HATS, SPRINGISTYLiT fa BANT A, No. 94 Canal street, and No. 130 Chatham at, d^^iells Moleskin and Nutria Fur Hats at >3, and onlv charges $3 30 for his first quality Moleskin aud fine Nutria llals.? He has handsome and durable Hats at $2 50 having the appear aace aud finish of the higher priced hata. Gentlemen wishing to economise in this indupeusable article of dress without sacrifice of comfort or appearance, will please give hint a call.? Also, a general assortment of capa of various kinds at reduced tuq<Hts. a 16 Im'c # MRS. M. WILSON, 291 Urniid street, respectfully informs her friends, and strangers visitiug the city, tiiat she hns now on hand a large aud very haudsome assortment of Spring Millinery, to which she invitee their attrutiou. Mrs. Wilson's stock comprises en assortment of the riehest aud most fashionable Hats, snch as Chip,tCrape, Rice, and Shirred, with aclioice assortment ol Straws, which she flatters herself cau be sold more reasonable than at any other establishment in the city. Country Milliners will do well to call before purchasing. Mrs. M. WILSON, 291 Grand it.. between Alien and Orchard st*. Ten good Milliner* wanted at the above establishment, all 2m*rc THE LADIES' CONGRESS BOOT. bP. LABOYTEAUX. 641 Broadway, desires to ini form hit numerous and fashionable lady patrona, that to he hns made arrangements for the right to manufacture the elegant elastic walking Boot, uow so fashionable in the highest circles in England and France. The recent improvement in the classic stuff will enable him t? make his [mots and high shoss with all the elogance peculiar to his style of work, and yet without the trouble of lacings. This most valuable invention removes all the confined pressure from the arch of the foot, while at the same time it affords an elnslric spring in walking which cannot be appreciated without a trisl. all lm*c SPRING STOCK"OF BOOTS AND SHOES. SMITH k RISLKY. ^ TAKE THIS METHOD of informing their customers Hand purchasers in general, oftheir extensive, and well seWleeted assortment of Ladies,' Misses'and Children's GnijR ters, Buskins, Slipjiers, See., of their own manufacture, and a large slock of Peg Boots, Shoes and Brogans, selected with great care, and purchased for cash, w hich will enable them to sell at the very lowest prices. N. B.?Store will be open until ten o'clock in the evening, giving Country*Merchaiits an opiiortnuity to examine their stock when not otherwise engaged. SMITH St RI8LEY, 142 Chatham St., directly opposite the Chatham Theatre. nr?27 I m rh L. WALSH~&"CO., J FRENCH BOOT and Shoe Makers, No. 6 Ann street, near the Museum, New York. Fine French Boots$3Ji; French lm|>erial Dress Boots made to order $4 JO, usually sold for $6 JO. Tateut Leather Boots, Shoes, Gaiters and _ .vers' constantly on hand and made to order at the shortest notice. Repairing, See., doue in the store, t^uick sales and small profits is our motto. No. 6 Ann street, New York. m23 lm*rc iTioTAT-Trmr JUST RECEIVED, a large lot of Gentlemen's French Boots, tile best ind handsomest ever in this city aud will be sold at the low price of$3. Also all kinds of Gentlemen's Gaiters and P atent Leather Shoes, aud all the (I life re n I kiuds of Boots and Shoes. Ladies, you will find in tins store a great variety of Gaiter Boota, Slippers, Buskins, i nous^suppcrs, wnue ana uiack satin uo, white Mil do. and all other kinds and aizea, Misses'and Children's Boota and Shoe.*, Boy*' Boota, (laiters, Shoes aad Slippers of all the various kinds; all of which will be aold cheap, at XT Broad way, corner of franklin street. M. CAHILL. N. B. Country merchant* supplied by the package or dozen. np2 lm?r LESSONS OtT THE FIANU FORTE. aiAMttwa MISS C. C. WF.MYS9 can now arcommoHKaHBnll'lati' three or four more pupils, if immediate siI V ? plication be made at her houee, No. 347 Siith I I I I I (street, between Avenue* C and I). Will hare no objection, if desirable, to attend her pupils,at their own residence. Terms?Twelve Lessons for Five Dollars, or Fifteen Dollars per Wuarier?thrse lessons each week. sit lm*rr FOR NKVV ORLEANS?Louisiana and N-vv WOwVYovk Line of Paekets?The fast sailing packet shin BHlltaiWABASH, Capt. Hathaway, is loading, and will sail on Monday, May 10th. For freight nr passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans Wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, MS South street Agents in New Orleans, J. O. Woodruff (t Co, who will p ornptly forward all goods to their address. a2'j 4|?- FOR BELIZE, HONDURAS.?The B7rk JOHN kTvirWK. GARDNER, James Pedcrten, Master, will have dMMmsdispatch for the above port. For freight or passage apply 10 Captain on board, or to F. ALEXANDRE, at# >?r 2< Sou tig tree t. NEW LINE OF PACKETS TO AND FROM mCW^LIVERI'OOL.?TTie splendid fast tailing ahip JMmNEwSIDDONS, Captain Cobb, will aail from New York on niumlay, the 3d of May, and from Liverpool on the llth June, her regular days. Her accommodations lor cabin, 2nd cabin, and steerage passengers are unsurpassed by any other ship in port. Persons wishing to proceed to Europe, or (hose wishing to send for their I'rieuds can make the necessary arrangements ou liberal ternu on application to W. Sl J. T. TAP9COTT. ?29 r 8G South st , 2 id door below Burling Slip. AAA- I NION LINE OK I'Al K TS to and IroinLf MMafV vcrtHiiil ? I be splendid fast sailing packet slop EMgfilSKai'lllK, Cart. Russell, will sail from New York on the luto of .May, and Iroin Liverpool on the 1st of June, her . Vl.r f... -.1.1 very superior; ahe liaa alto iicellent accommodations for a limited number of second cabin passengers, in airy and spacious roiima on deck;and har between decks, for steerage passengers, are lofty and wall lighted; all of which will be talcau at rrduceri ratea. Th we wiahiug to secure bertha should make early application on board, at pier No 3 North lliw-r, or to w. It j. t. tap8cott, i a2tl r M South at., 2d door helnw Hurling slip. Family boarding it uool in the couk? | TKV.?An eiiierienced teacher haa for atreral years- \ Uken into her family a number of children, not eaceeding ten, i aa boardera and acholara. The oare and diacipline ia parental. | No pallia apared to advance the pn|>ila in their studies, and to rOMOT tbem comfortable and happy w bile under her charge. Great attention paid to their health and morula The location is very and healthy.' No day acholara admiltod. There are a few racaneiea. Koi terma and referencea enquire at No. | l ib Lauren, afreet. a2fi2w*c i TIMoLAT ti HULPHUH TiATTf^ No. 517 Pearl street, near Broadway. TIIF.8F. BATII8 hare been ratabliahed for the last twenty aix years, and are the only Sulphur Hatha in the city ? They are highly recommended by the moat eminent physicians, for the cure of rheumatism, salt rheum, chronic complaints, eruptious of the skin, fceMrdicaled Va|>or Baths also given daily, from t A. M. ?o I P.M. al Im*r rp<? MAN I KACTTRKKH,-Steam l'?wrr t.. In, with a X large and commodious brick hnilding, aituated in New Hsren, Connecticut. The canal and rail road pass directly by ?the ruginr ia new, of very an|ierinr workmanship, of about til horse jKiwer?the building substantial and convenient, with a quantity of iron shafting, pullies, fcr The whole will lie let. leased or sold, and can advantageous!y be adaoted to any kind of manufacture. Apply to Mesara. Watt fc Sherman, to Kg. chauge I'lace, New York. a27 2w*rr fpilK. POI.YTK' UNIT INKTITI TF, formerly ( ol. A Duff's military nrademy, at_New Brighton, Staten Is land, under the direction o| rrnieaaorll. Jaeger. will reo|>?n after the April vacation on, the. firat thiy of May neit, in tne above plaee. ( irrnlara containing terma and particnlara, may be had at Mr. LocUwond'a bookatore, 411 Broadway; and at Meaara. Fowler St Wei la1 bonkitnre, 131 Naaaan Hreet. Letter* addressed to Prof. B. Jaeger, New Brighton, Staten laland, N. Y. a27 6f c Boarding in bleecker street-two gentle" men and their wirea, oJ five or ?it single gentlemen, ran be arrommodated with, handiome, unfurnished rooms, with bed rooma attarhed, and full board, in a pleasantly situated house in ( arroll plane. Apply at present at9i Spring street. a2l lm*r HOARD?At 3J ileekman street, within luc minnte* walk of Wall street or the City Hal). A gentleman and wife ran be well accommodated with a large front room on the aecorn) floor, with rloaet attarhed and, tl wanted, bedroom adjoining. Also, several single gentlemen ran be neenmmndated. a23 Iw're SPORTING BOOTH?An entirely new article ol HlWM and Fiahing Boots, mannfaetured to order, of Goodyear a Metallic Rubber, and warranted perl'etgly water proof, for I ale by SAMUEL BROOKS, \ Mole Agent for Ooodyear'a Manufactories, i m20 lm*rb 100Broad way, oppoaiM Trinity Chnreh- | W YO fEW YORK, FRIDAY MC PB.OCtB.XIBS OF <B8 WAX. AFFAIRS AT VKItA CRUZ[From thu New Orleans Ploayuue. April 111.] t Our advice* by the Jona uru up to the 8th Inst. Otn. Twiggs, w ith a division of the army, left Vera Crui on the morning of that day lor Jnbipa. There was the Mime doubt in the army us to whether there would be anymore lighting that na? always prevailed amongst our tio >p.i after a battle with the euctny. The remaining divisions wero to proceed rapidly iu the direction of the city of .Mexico. Although the opiuion wus ijuitecurrent at Vera Cruz that the Mexicans would not make a stand betweeu that city and the capital, yet there were some who regarded future uollisloun us certain. Amongst these was Col. Kluney, who had receutly been as far into thu interior as Mango dc Clava", Santa Anna's haclendu. It nit- U1BI lUI'll Y UUUtTlllKlU HI t ITU V-TUZ U1HI IUU Puuutu Nacioual bail been abandoned. This was the point at wblcb the first resistance to tbe march of the American forces uponthu city of Mexico would be made; but though tbe defence of this point was given up. It wan not certain that tbe progress of our army into tbe Juterlor would not bo disputed ut others. Indued, it was u-'Scried tbut tbe forces destined to defend tbe National Iirldgu (i'ueute Nacioual) bud fallen back a few leagues in tbe direction of Jalitpa, to u stronger position, where preparations were being made for a stout defence An intelligent utbucr. just from Vera Crur.. tbiukslt quite probable that a battle may have occurred about tbe 14tb iustaut. Humors from tbe city of Mexico represented Santa Auna as mow intently bsut upon war than ever. Tbe reports arc not tbe best authority, in so far us the wishes of Santa Auus are concerned; but they indicate tbe tuuiper of the public luiud, whicb Is as good au iudex of bis purposes as any other. Our correspondence gives all thu news astir at Vera Cru/. at tb? time of the departure of tbe Ions. Tho next arrival will probably bring inoro definite intelligence upon which to l'orm an opinion as to tbe probabilities of protracted war or speedy peace. [From tho Vsra ('rut Kaglo, April #.] This port being now open to the free admission of vessels lFoui all quarters, wc antloipipate a brisk business. depending so much as tho Mexicans do, on others, for their necessaries of life. There are a vast number of things. Rnd most of them styled necessaries, which we arc In great| want of at present, and it ;will take some limeto satisfy the demand. The fact that tbe city has been so receutly relieved from investment and blockade is, of course a reasonable excuse for the present scarcity; but it must be admitted that wo are badly off indeed Our impression is that a closo Investment and blockade for a week or two longer, would alone have compelled the city and nustlc to enter into capitulation. Provisions were v, ry scaut?it is next to impossible to got 11 good ' ineal now, with tho numerous advantages of our stores and open gates for tbe entrance of tbe produce of tbe country?we ought, therefore, to live a little better than we do, having such numerous facilities, and most heartily trust that the people of thu country will see the advantages they would derive from such a trade.? We think they will do so. and will bring in enough of the good things of life to fill the stomachs of us all. to satiety. As it is. our markets arc very badly supplied. A-lld III XIIriff? flllffh liiiHnw n.?r?s ursrl mtllf ?" s.w?l??U , ? ????. - BR" ut (if the (|uosMon. A good article of Uoshen butter would richly he worth fifty cents per pound, and milk ! fifty cents per quart. Kggs sell readily at seventy-five and eighty cents per cloven, aud everything else is iu I proportion This is a lamentable state of things iu a country like Mexico, where the soil yields almost sponj tnneouely, aud where a little labor and atteutlou is putd | so bouutifully by uaturo. The continued absence of j the people ol the country is useribed to fright, but wo , would hope that their interests, if nothing else, would 1 cause them to duff their fours, aud risk their precious bodies within bargaining distance of us, at least. They will find the American soldier, if rough when contending with an cucuiy. full of generosity aud kindness when j dealing with a friend or neutral The salo of the vessels beached ill the lato norther is progressing very last by order of the Board of Survey. | Mr. Wulshigbaui, the public auotioneer at Vera Cruz, lias his hands full. Fortunes, on a small srulo, are being inude at the purchasing business. The wounded in the Mexican hospitals at Vera Crux are suffering much from their wounds, and the medical attendance is represented as meagre. It is said that u number of the Surgeon* were killed and wounded beforo the occupation, by thu bursting of one of our shells. Messrs. Hart aud Wells were to open a theatre in the captured city on the 8th or 9th instant. It appears that they have already got together au excellent company of comedians, and it was expected that they would reup a golden harvest during the occupation. THS TROPHIES. The number of cannon captured by our forces in Mexico exceeds 600, most of them heavy pieces There ; wers captured at ltoaaca de la Falma 8 At Matainoras. say '20 At Monterey, about 50 At Vera Crut, town and sastle 400 At Alvarado.. GO Total 63* MILITARY MOVEMENTS. [From the New Orleans Mercury. April *21.] i oi. natiKliuad, liaarer or despatches from Gen. Scott, having In charge the trophies of war takeu at Vera Crux, arrived thin morning on the ship Elizabeth Dennison, on his way to Washington. The E. It. left Vera Cruz on tlia same day as the schooner lona which arrived yesterday, and therefore brings no later news. On Sunday afternoon Capt. Blair's company of (J. S. troopa left Pittsburgh for New Orleans. on board the steamer Saranack. Wo understand the splendid towboat Mary Kingsland has been chartered to carry Cant. Walker's dragoons and horses to Vera Crux. The ship America, with the .Maryland and Pennsylvania troops on board, which left i here on Sunday lust, put to sea on the 9th inst.. with a fair breeze ?A. O. Delta. NAVAL. The U. S. sloop #f war Levant, Hugh N. Page, Esq., Commander, 64 days from Itlo Janeiro, anchored in Hampton Roads yesterday afternoon. The following is a list of her officers:? Commander. Hugh N. rage; Lieutenants, 1st Robert l Handy; -2d. Rlohard 'Forrest; 3d,.Joseph H.Adams, (bearer of despatches from Hon. Henry A. Wise, Minister to Brazil, who proceeded on to Washington yester1 day afternoon in the Baltimore boat) ?Acting Lieut. I George W iiaminersly; Purser, J R. Rltteuhouse; Assistant Surgeon, W. 11 drier; Acting Master, J. Horsey Read; Midshipmen,, II. A. Colborn, Samuel R. Franklin, W. 1) Whitiug. Wm. M. Gamble, Geo. M. Dibble. Win. W. Lowe, G. W. Young, E. H Ncevell. Charles Wooley: Captain's Clerk, Wm. V. Taylor, Gunner, S. M. Btckwith; Carpenter. John Orcen, Passengers?Lieut. Stephen Johnson, Mids. Dulany. Forrest, Mid. J. G. Sproston, and 11. M. Hill, citizen.? Norfolk Beacon, .Ipiil 28Ik Aliunt, April 28, 1847. i Chancellor Walworth?Probable result of hit Declination? The Lcgiilative Jlffairt. I cannot adequately Jbscilbo tho deep disappointment and sorrow, tbnt the lata declination of the Chancellor has caused In this community, and 1 am convinced that communities In nvory part of tho State, that have tho capacity to understand the Importance of tho labors devolved by tbo constitution upon tho commissioners of the code, and the Chancellor's peculiar ability to perform his allotment of theso heavy duties with high honor, partake of tho chagrin which bis resignation has caused in this Immediate vicinity. 1 think that circumstances and events which have not publicly transpired, have controlled hi* ultimate conclusion, and effected a revolution In his sentiments. There are men narrow and vllo enough to say that the Chancellor la looking forwnrd to tho chief pluoe upon the benah of thu Court of Appeals, aud that his strong preference for this office hoi constrained him to offer this deollnation?that cannot well he revoked This Is not true. I confidently predict that he will retire on tho expiration of tho office which he now holds. 1 cannot sav what steps tho Legislature may adopt to remedy the difficulty whictnlhls unexpected act of too Chancellor has originated, but the disenlution and rc-organlsatlon of the present Board of Commissioners of the code,is mentioned In high quarters as an inevitable contingency. Tho bill reported by Mr. Bowie, from the Committee on Military AfTalri, for the organisation of the first division of tho New Vork State Militia, passed the House this morning by a vote of ffil to IB. The bill guarantees all the privileges and Immunities hitherto enjoyed by the nalfbrm regiments of New York and Kichmotid. The Senate was engaged during the entire session In debating the bill for the organisation of the courts of this Btate, which I sent you yesterday. Political find Peraonnl Intelligence. ' William M. Murphy, of tlreene, Is the whig candidate for Cong ss In the t'th Congressional district, In Alabama. The new town of Lawrcnoe, (Mass.) chose five democrats. as selectmen, to servo for tho ensuing year Their nuinos are Nathan Wells, James Stevens, Charles A. Abbott, Dr. Howard, and 8. Howell. The citizens of Newburgb have determined to present to Col William (1. Belknap, their fellow townsman, a beautiful dress sword. The sword is an excellent blade. nI I,., V.1 I * V. ~V,I?V. I. ....I 1... ........ ?J nrvauimu, . ..n .. u , n,. ir ... ........ i,j a richly ehaaed chichi, in which in a (fold plate, with the following engraved Inarriptiona:?Kort Kric. Aug l.'ith, -1H14; Palo Alto, May 8th. 1848; Koaaru de la l'aln)a. May Oth. 1848, Between the bnnda on the acabhard la tha following inacription. on a aolld gold plate " Preaented by citlzena of .N'ewbtirgh. hia native town, to l Si. W'm O, llelknap. U. 8. Army." Col. B haa l>een ennatantly in aervlee. at the inoat eipoaod atationa, and with the army tinder (ten. Taylor, from Ita entry Into Mexico, and haa lieen in every battle, from Palo Alto to that of Buena Viata. He auataiua a high character aa a rigid diaclplinarian. and la at thia time inapector general In that department of the army, \ Commodore Conner haaaeceptod the public dinner recently tendered him by a number of our citlzena. Governor Johnaon. of South Carolina. haa leaned hia proclamation appointing Thuradav. 6th May next, a day of general thankagivlng for the triumph of our arm* in the war with Mexleo. linn John V. Mnaon la to deliver tiie annual addreaa before the alumni a annotation of the college of North t a rolina, at the approaching commencement of that InatltntioB. RK H )RNING. APRIL 30, 1847. Virginia Klactlou. The returns received by tnall yesterday. Mttla the question of the ulectlon of Atkinson, (democrat; In the i district?also render it nearly certain that Flour- 1 noy (whig) la elected in the third diatrlct, and Preston ( (whig) in the l'lth district. The Riclnnuml Enquirer save 1The Lynchburg mail . yesterday brought us eery bail news of the elections, which aatoulshed both purtics If the rvporta from the various counties which we find in the Lynchburg papers (principally in the Virginian), aud which we publiah today. be authuutic. we have no hope for tho success of Messrs. Tredway uud Chapman in the Hidlfkx aud Monroe districts The upalhy of the Halifax democrats cannot be too strongly censured. They have recklessly sacrificed a valuable aud faithful representative, who was fully worthy of their oordlal support. Hut to the particulars, as we tlud them in the Lynchburg papers:? Klournoy * whig majority in Pittsylvania 101 " " Henry 41 Franklin til 316 Tredwuy's democratic majority in Halifax Jus Klournoy'a majority 107 Patrick is to hear from, which we fear win in-m, i>i? majority. Thi* district guve Mr. Folk 018 majority, which ia almost swallowed up by tile defection in Halifax. The Richmond WAig of Wednesday, Bays:?"The wliigs are now pretty sure of tire mombera or Congrca* from Virginia, instead of one only. n? at the last session. or of three, us admitted by tlie Enquirer of yesterday?to wit Joliu M. Botta. of the Richmond diatrict. William L. tioggtn, of the Albemarle. John 8. Pendleton, of the Loudouu. Thomas S. Flournoy. of the Halifax; and Wm II. Preston, of the Botetourt. We hare n chance for two or three othera?but. considering how shamefully tho State haa been gerrymandered, a gain of four ia very gratifying?especially as we hare lost three other districts by an aggregate vote of only 115?viz: the Lyncliburgh diatrict oy a majority of JO. | which. but for the course of the whiga of Campbell, we might have carried by 150.) the Petersburg diatrict by lb, and the Norfolk diatrict by 78!" tirst District?Complete. 1817. 1814. Ithinson (D). JKnfts (If.) folk. Clay. Norfolk City ? 32? ? 231 Norfolk County ? 99 ? 37 Princeu Ann ? 18 ? 78 Niuisemond ? 31 ? 117 Ule of Wight 208 ? 877 ? Southampton 3V ? 65 ? Hurry 40 ? 5fl ? Suite! 183 ? 201 ? 550 470 691 483 Atkinaon'i majority... 80 Tolk's majority. .230 Whig gaiu 150 In 1813, Atkinson's majority was only 5 rotes. Second District- Full returns give? For Dromgo de (dem) 1.634 For Bolting Iwlug) 1.615 Majority 10 Third District. 1 Elournoy (If ) 7\tdway (D.) Clay. I'olk. Franklin 83 ? ? 55 Henry... 41 ? 52 ? Piltnylrajiil 191 ? 203 ? Halifax ? 308 ? 697 315 308 251 752 Flournoy's uiaj.thus far.. 7 Polk's majority. .501 Whig gain 508 There Is uu apparent win of 100 votes ill the majority In llaltr&x county, as stutva in the Virginia papers, the actual vote being fur Tredway 666, Flouruoy 347?majority 30b (instead of'40b, as given in thoso journals). The total vote of the above four counties is, lor Flournoy 1,763, for Tredway 1,766. Thus wo see that there will be another close run in this district, as we predicted before any returns were received from it. Patrick county, to hear from, gave I'olk In 1844, 3H6; Clay, 369; majority for I'olk, 16. In 1840 the same countygave a majority for Harrison of 68, and In 1843 a majority of 60 for Gilmer, whig, for Congress. It may uow increase Klournoy's majority, or possibly it may overbalance it. There can, however, be but little doubt of Flournoy's election. 7\o*{flh Ditlrict. Pretlon (IV) Chapman (D.) Clay. Polk. Botetourt ? 33 ? 301 Monroe 34 ? ? 4 Roanoke.... ? 76 ? 102 &rxrz\ ?? Bath - 30 ? 61 Kloyd loo ? ? 173 Greenbrier 330 ? 368 ? Alleghany,,,,.........? 36 ? 06 686 176 369 700 Preston's majority thus far 619; Polk's minority 331; whig gain in the above counties 860 The counties to be beard from are Giles, Mercer, Logan and Pocahontas, which voted thus In 1844 :? Polk 981 Clay, ...1 644 Democratic majority 337 In 1840, the same counties gave Van Buren a majority of'401. We have no doubt of Preston's election, by a majority exceeding 900. Fourth Di$triet.-~The election of Boooek, democrat, is confirmed. His majority over Irving will be from 10to 16. Full returns from Campbell county give Irving only 7'4 majority. The General Result As at first stated by us. the democrats will, probably, have nine or ten members, and the wbigs five or six iu the next Congrosaionul delegation from Virginia. state LeUISLATURE. fVhig Gains. IP tug Lame. Loui?s I Caroline (Senator) I Diuwiddie 1 t ulprpper (rep.) I Gloucester I Charlotte 1 City and Warwick... I Accotnae 2 Buckingham I ? M. and Middlesex (rep.).,. I ) Greenbrier I Franklin t Fauquier I Henry I Montgomery I Floyd. I Monroe I 14 Net whig gain 9?equivalent ta a reduction of 18 on the democratic majority of i'J last winter. The Scnato will !>? democratic, the House of Delegate* probably whig. Police ln(elllg?nc?. WurgIon/.?The srgar manufactory of Mr. John Anderson, was burglariously entered on Wndncaday night by aomo thief, and the iron aafe waa attempted to be forced opon, evidently in the search of money. A large quantity of aogara waa carried oil by the robber*. No ' tweet. -Irrut of Fugitive Burglar.?Officer Wm H. Stephens, of this city and L. H Smith, of Philadelphia, arrested yesterday a black fellow railed George llatlato. on a warrant Issued by mayor Swift, of Philadelphia, wherein the aocusud stands charged with burglariously entering the clothing storo of Mr. Nathan Levering. of the tlrm of Levering It Clifton, located on the corner of Second street and Spruce street, Philadelphia, in the year 1843, stealing therefrom clothing valued at (60; and since that time the raaeal has eluded the watchful eye of the police until yesterday, when these faithful officer* detected the accused on board of tne U S. ship Macedonian, where he had engaged ai cook The rascal " spotted'' the officers on the dock, and knowing bis guilt, accreted himself in the hold of the vessel, amongst the water tanks, whore he was found after an hour's close searching. Commodore DsKay vary politely rendered the officers every aeslstauoe, upun learning their business, by causing all liands to be piped upon deck and orders given for a general search, which resulted in the fugitive being brought to light. lie was taken before Justice Osborne, who committed him to the Tombs.prior to being couveyed bark to Philadelphia, wbioh will be this afternoon Recoi try of Property.?Policemen Sllliman and Orequel. of the l-ourlh ward, found last night '2 large chests of youug hyson tea, marked II. Jc A., No. 114 aud 148, also the name Kainbow written thereon. Supposed to have been stolen?the property was standing in front of No. 1-iA Chatham street, and two or three suspicious looking shape ware seen to run off from the chests upon the approach of the policemen. Apply to Captain Smith of the above Station House. Filtl baretny.?A fellow called Abraham F'lagg was oaught ia the act, by officer Sands, of the 9th ward, of steering the Sun newspaper from the premises No 18 Kactory street, belonging to Jaoob Kobb. Locked up by J UlilfrJi \lapflH jlrroit on Suopiclon.?Officers Van f/Ott and Met 1*1 land, of Ilia lftth ward, arrested two women on Wednesday night, having In their possession two valuable ladles' hats, on* apparently Imported, of a rich manufacture, with a white frame; the other a lilac (Ilk; both fully trimmed, evidently itolen, for which au owner la wanted Apply to the above oflloera, at the lath ward statluu home, in Mercer utreot, near Amity street Fugitivt from Nrtc Jtrity ? Officer Dennlston of the < ourt of Sessions, assisted by officer Wlllistou of the Fourth ward, arrueted a fellow called Kelnbart Wagner. wliuua they found playing the fiddle in a dance house In Water street. on a rharge of atealing $tlH, In September I ant, from Mr. Illllyard. redding at Waahington. New Jersey; he was taken before Justice Osborne and committed to await a requisition from the Governor of that. fftate. From Kingston, Jam.?The Savannah Republican Ins received files of the Kingston Journal to the 10th Inst. < Elections were to be taken up in the several churches at Kingston, on the Iflth inst., and also in all the Weslevan chapels connected with the Kingston Circuit, in behalf of the suffering Irish and Hcotch. Collections were also being made in the several places of worship In Grenada, in aid of the suffering Scotch and Irish In Antigua thereare bright prospects of a largo crop and high prices F.vcry thing looks cheering for the ag riculturists. The yellow fever had broken out In her majesty's ship F.ndymion. 44. This vessel was to have sailed on the 11th Inst, for Santa Martha and < arthagena, but in consequence of the sickness of her crew, her destination was altered to Halifax, N. B The Journal publishes n statement of the Planters' Hank of Kingston. * In conformity with the act for the regulation of banks In that Islaud '' The amount of notes In circulation Is put down at ffll.'Jftt *s; other liabilities ?rt!?,870 (Is Id making ?161,1*7 14s Id To offset this the hank haa specie and other assets to the I amount of ?979,407 10s ad J 1.' M U Ij A I??fc? ERA - - ?????? Law Intelligence. Circuit Court, April 20.?Before Judge Edmunds ? Trial Jar Forfry ?Third dey ?The otuse was remined this morning Eneas P. Clarke w? re-called, mid bis croie-exainlnatloD proceeded witb. it Did any of your family go up witb the remain* of Smith f A. I do not know: 1 win not In the country at the time wbeu Babcock presented the draft : I asked him why it wa< not presented before; Gilbert laid Harris bad liia own reaaoni; 1 think I made tome remark in a low voice ut the time to Mr Gajteutw. aliout the genuincneaa of the draft The witness underwent a aevere cross-examination. but the remainder of bis testimony wan of uo importance. Willi cm 11 BKioroan examined by O'Covoa. Is a mure bant redding In the city of New Vcrk ; knew Sidney Smith intimately for ten or eleven years Is named us one of the executors in bis will ; was on terms of strict Intimacy witb bim : there wus not the slightest alteration in our intimacy to bis doalli ; saw bim the Suuday before bis death aud the day after ; bad an interview of about three hours witb him tlui day before be died ; he thought at that time that be bad not long to lire ; witness asked bim if he bad anything to say about his iiflairs ; be said no, that everlbiug was arranged to his satisfaction ; 1 n the course of the interview be made uo allusion to the draft in question, or at any time before or after. Bv the Court?III anvof these conversation*, did lie mention to vou whut hu was worth' A.?No. Witness has no interest In thiit prosecution, furthur than to acquit himself honorably of thu trust reposed in hiin; the interview 1 had with him on Monday lasted ahout three hours; has corresponded with Smith while ho was abroad: saw him write au infinity of times; was well uoquuintod with his handwriting; saw the draft now produced on the day it was presented; never saw or heard of it before; I am confident it is not thu handwriting of Sidney Smith; 1 never hnd a doubt on thesulyoct. Cron-txamlned hy Srracr.m?Q.?State what was the commencement of the Interview in regard to busiuesa matters. A.?After the usual compliments. I said to him that life was uncertain, and then asked him if he had settled his affairs, that as he had written to rau he had made me one of his executors, and that I hsd come to the city to see hiin. lie replied that he had his affairs settled to his satisfaction. The remainder of the witness's cross examination was of no interest. Reward L. Beadell, examined?Is a physician; attended Mr. Smith during his last illness; was witli him when he died; his voice was feeble, but he was disposed to converse; he continued to talk until near the time of his death. Daniei. 0. G4??sir examined?Is bookkeeper of the firm of ( lark. Worth k Co; has been there uine or ten years; knew Sidney Smith in his lifu time; saw him write frequently; considers it impossible that he wrote that draft Doctor Swcrr was here called and examined by Mr. O'C'omor?Is a practising physician residing in this city; knew Sidney Smith; saw him onre during his Illness; thinks it was on the 18th July. 1844; was In his company for about half au hour; his voice was feeble, but lie did not seem to have any difficulty In speaking; he spoke freely. Ds vixi. D. Oaisnkr, re-called?Witness remembers sending to Mr. Smith, while in Kurope, his account current to tho flrst of January, 1844; after he arrived here in July he acknowledged having received it; lie also acknowledged it by letter; letter read. The remainder of the examination related to thu settlement of Mr. Smith's accounts with the firm of ( lark fc. Co. Mr. O'Coror road another letter written by Mr. Smith to Mr. Clark, from Rome, in which he says?" I 1 received yesterday the \ru> York llrraldi you sent me. and I need hardly suy they were most welcome " Cron-txamintd by SrKRCtR.?Mr. Spencer proceeded to oxainine thu witness in order to test thu accuracy of his reasons for believing the draft to be a forgery, and produced a letter written by Mr. Smith, and wus examining him as to whether Smith wrote Uiu body of the letter aud thu superscription; the witness stated that the body of tho letter was in Smith's handwriting, aud the superscription in that of the'witness. Mr. O'Conor objected to the mode of examination, after which a long discussion took place between counsel on both sides, which occupied the court uutll the hour of adjournment. .Court Calendar?Thin Day?Common Pleat?66,00 til, fri, 30,37. 08, 09, -.'7. 10. 8, 111. * Court ok Common Plkai?April -29?Before Judge T'lshoeffer.?Chat. Buckerlineer vt. Monz. Videlio rt al This cause was summed up this morning, after whicli the jury retired, and in a few minutes returned with a rerdict in favor of the plaintiff for *940 5'J. Henry H. Cliallit vt. Frederick ^11 kfair et al.?This win" an action for assault and battery. The plaintiff in a colored man, and the defendant keeps a grocery store at thu corner of Church and Anthony streets, the other dofendant is his clerk. It nppeared the store is much frequented by colored people of both sexes. About five o'clock outhe morning of first of Nov. last, the plaintiff was at the defendant's grocery store; and it is ullegud refused, notwithstanding he was repeatedly oalled on to do so, to leave It; the barkeeper then proceeded to put him out by force, and a muss ensued; the defendant, who was in his bedroom, was informed that there was trouble below stairs, came down and fbund his clerk in thu grip of the plaintiff, and attempted to extricate him, but was unable, upon which betook up a ruler and struck plaintiff ou the head, and continued to strike him until he let go his hold. Thu defendant put in a plea of justification, and his counsel insisted, that under the peculiar circumstances of thu ruse, he was justified in what he did ? There was a great deal of conflicting testimony. The case is adjourned. .Miscellaneous. The wheat fields in many parts of Berks * ouuty. Pennsylvania, are said to present a very unpromising appearance. In West Jersey, the peaches and early apples have suffered from the protracted cold weather, lusome of the peach orchards the crop is said to have been all destroyed by the cold of Friday and buturduy nights. The Potomac fisheries are once more yielding abundant rewards for the labors of the fishermen At Alexandria, ou Monday, shad sold at $4 76 to $6 60 per hun drod. and herring" at $2 ftO to $.1 pur thousand. The whoat prospect, so far as present appearances warrant a judgment, is unfavorable The rlosn covering of Ice during the latter part of the winter, left the fields looking quite dead. They are beginning to look green, but there arn many spots where the wheat Is nearly all killed.?^nn arbor (Mich.) Journal. Connecticut river was talliug on Wednesday at the rate of about an inch nu hour The new flouring mills, on the Welland ('anal, anil the additions to the old ones, add thirteen run of stone to the number at work last season. A man named Morse, belonging to South Dedham. drowned himself at Andover, on Sunday last, in a fit of delirium tremens. On Wednesday night, the buildings known as Dean's factories, at Mystic Bridge. Connecticut, wore Bred by incendiaries and burned down, together with a grist mill and dwelling house. The ceremonv of laying the corner-stone of the edifice designed for the use of the Boston Athenaeum, took place on Tuesday forenoon, at 10 o'clook. and was witnessed by a large number of citizens Honorable Josialt Quincy, one of lbs projectors of tho Institution, delivered an address appropriate to the occasion, and the usual ceremonies were observed The Athenaeum property, real aud personal, is valued at $311 000; its library numbers 37.000. and it has a choice collection of paintings and statuary. hast week a young lady In Boston had eighty-four dollars stolen from a trunk. Hhe has since that time received an anonymous note, stating that the money was only taken as a loan, and will be repaid with five per cent interest. The rowdies (or " highbinders,'' as they are called,) In Albany, have commenced a war upon the I'nited States recruits who hap|>en to pass through that delectable place. On Monday, five or six dragoons (unarmed, of course,) were set upon by a gnng of these fellows, with clubs and other waupons, and so severely beaten, that three or four of them were borne off insensible It is hut u short time since a man was killed in AJbuny by n gang of these desperadoes. The wheat crop on Long Island is represented as bearing a 'starved and thin appearance." promising bat a meagre harvest The springs are low TV... ..C n.l.1,.1 O... I l..l? n..r In linnli. county. Pa., was illuminated, on Tuesday night. mint brilliantly, In honor of our Mexican victories Tlio St. Andrew* and Quebec Railroad la about to bo commenced Amenta are said to be now tn the t'nlted State* for the purpose of engaging competent engineers contracting for locomotives. he On Sanday afternoon at abonl half-past 9 o'slook a portion of Coal Hill, above bligo, I'a .gave way and rolled down.with a tremendous noise A quarry about half way up the aill, received the detached portion which, had It came to the bottom, niuet have destroyed considerable property The steamer from Buffalo, bound for Chicago, arrived at Mackinaw on the 'lilt. and found it Impossible to proceed auy further on her Journey In eonseqnenoe of the Ice in the Straits The boats from the upper Mississippi report It to be falling, with thirty inches water on ihe tower Rapids The Illinois is also falling slowly, but is yetk good stage for the largest packets from I'eru down 'Hie Missouri ; had risen from three to four feet at Wssteon. tiut is ! again falling rapidly with seven feet water in the channel The river is rising at this point, and there is now j ten feet water In the channel The weather 1s quite j cold, ami on Saturday night lee was made In exposed situations, and it Is feared that It will kill tile fruit. | which Is now In bloom. It elondud up yesterday after- j noon, and had much the appearance of rain The boats from the Missouri bring no satisfactory Information In regard to the mysterious disappcaranee of Mr Nnrris ( olburn who was exported at Independence, from Santa Ke. some days ago tint had not arrived A party composed of eitlxen* of Jackson county, had returned. at our last accounts, front a search on the Santa Ke road, without making any discovery V not her party was preparing to g?i out for the >?mn purpose Suspicion is entirely removed from the young man. hitherto spoken <if*s his' relative " and who is still st Independence lie brought with him. and deposited at a store In that town, a patr of saddle-bags containing the proceeds of Mr i olhurn's trade for the winter, amounting to some fl" 000 or $90,MO This money was principally In drafts, and could only lie used by Mr. I'ollmrn'a endorsement. In a letter from this young man, received I at this place, and dated on the 1.1th, lie says he has boon unexpectedly detained at Independence, waiting fur Mr i olburn to come In It Is understood that Mr I olburn had a mall from Santa Ke with htm. and he may have Wen murdered to get possession of the drafts, trsMUnr uotes. lie., which it was likely to contain ? Si /-suit R?pu*K?an, jJprii 90 Prte* Two Cwlb H e- r ? I Ackiicwl?dpi*nt of tlx* BritUh OovtromMt of oar Eiertloiu In btluir of auflnrlnz Ireland. [From th* Waahlngtou Union, April 3a.1 It affords u* xlueor* pleaaure to give publicity to th# H following despatch from Lord Pehneriton to Mr Pakenbam (a copy of which waa coumunlcaUd by th# latter to Mr Buchanan), couTeying the thanka of the Drltlah government. and the Brltiah nation, to the cltixon* of the United State*, for their liberal contribution* to fHere the auflerlng* of the Irlali paopla The nentl mania contained In thl* deapatcb do honor to hi* lordahlp, and prove that he poaaeaee# a warm Irlah heart They wlU, In hla own emphatic language. " tend to draw cloaer. M and to render atrongar and more lantlng. thove tie* of friendship end mutual esteem" which now so Happily bind the kindred nations together; a consummation calculated to promotu the highest interests of both countries, and to extend the blessings of liberty and law orcr the whole earth: ? * Foaciow Office, March Si, 1847. " Sih?1 hare rood Ted your despatch, So b, of ths 1-lth ult, stating that measures hare been taken for the purpose of raising a subscription In the United States for ths relief of the destitute Irish poor. " And I hare to instruct you to take every opportunity of saving how grateful her Majesty's Government. an<1 the British nation at large, feel fbr this kind anil honorable manifestation of sympathy by ths cltissns of the United States for the sufferings of the Irish people. It might, indeed, hare been expected, that a generous and high-minded nation would deeply commiserate the sufferings which an awful visitation of Proridenoe has indicted upon so large a population descended from a the same ancestors as themselves. Liut the active and energetic assistance which the people of the United States are thus affording to the poor Irish, while it reflects the highest honor upon our transatlantic brethren. must tend to draw oloeur. and to render stronger and more lasting those ties of friendship and mutual esteem, which her Majesty's Government trusts will long continue to exist between the two great branches of the Anglo-Saxon family?separated, indeed, from earh other by geographical position, but united together by oommon interests, to which every succeeding year must add increasing extension and force. " I am. Ito , J PALMERSTON " To the Right lion Human PakenhaM, Ice." Steamship Snrnli Hands. At a general meeting of the oabln passengers held In the saloon of the steamship "Sarah Sands," this 99th day of April, 18-17, called for the purpose of considering the propriety ofcxprcsaing their approbation of the conduct of Captain Thompson, the commander of aald ship during the voyage, the object of the meeting being approved they proceeded to the election of Capt. Thomas Sanders. Royal Navy of England, aa Chairman, and Mr. C. Jerome, jr., ofNew Haven, Connecticut, as Becrats^y; after which the following gentlemen were appointed a committee to draw up an address, to be submitted for approbation at an adjourned meeting to be held at three o'clock Houorable S. O. Goodrich, of Boston; Captain Simon H. b 8., of Canada; Sydney Bellingham. of Ireland. The meeting was re-organised at three o'clock, and the following report was submitted by the committee. REPORT. It eaunot be necessary to enter into any detail respecting our voyage for its incidents, are freeh in the minds of us all. It will be sufficient to state generally, that it haa been attended from the day of our departure by an almost constant succession of head winds and opposing seas. About three-fourths of the time the wind ban been directly or nearly ahead, and wc cannot reckon la all more than four days of fuvorable weathsr Under I these discouraging circumstances, It must bo admitted that wc have occasion rather to bo surprised that we have made our passage so quickly, than that it hae been so much prolouged, a success which we are constrained so attribute as well to the efficiency of the propeller as to the superior sailing qualities of the ship. One point deserves to be especially noticed, that whenever the weather has favored her, the vessel has admirably performed her part. In view of these circumstances, your committee recommend that thu letter accompanying this report be presented to Captaiu Thompson. BrcAMirnir Hahaii Hanoi, ) (>ff Handy Hook, > Thursday, April 99, 1847. ) ro rapt. Wm. t . Thompson :? j The undersigned, a committee of the cabin pa*a# tigers on board the Sarah Saiidn. in obedience to their luslruoI tlona. take pleuiure in expressing to you the sentiment* | of respect and kindness with which they erenow about | to take leave of you und your good ship. Though our I voyage, now happily about to close. baa been attended by adverse wind* and consequent delay, peculiarly calculated to annoy the officer* of the (hip. we are bound to My that whatever vigilance, seamanship and gentlemanly demeanor on tlielr part could accomplish for the safety of the great Internets committed to their care and the comfort of thoie on board, hae been done With sentiments of siucere regard and a strong oouvietiou that the Sarah Sun da will prove worthy of the high reputation of her commander We are. dear air, respectfully youra. 8. U. tiOOURlCU, ) SIMEON LEE, > Committee SYDNEY BELLINOH A.M. j Our Cttjr bubecrlber). As ih? doubt ninny of our city aubscribera uro victims to the ubuurd custom of changing residences every lirst of Muy, we request them to leave their new addresses at the otiice of publiI cation as soon as convenient, so that they may ; be regularly Herved with the Htrald alter moving j dav. 1" ..ti v/i BOAT.S. Tlir. undersigned having leased ami fitted up the house oat the bong Pier, foot of 19lh atreet North river, as a steamboat imtel, in order to accommodate the up town resident*, invites all) apuuia of steamboats to make ihia landing, free o wharfage. P. DE I.E HKE, Proprietor. N. B.?Boats or harges for plrasure or tubing alwa>s to let. Paaaengert taken at all times w herever they with to go. all !m' r i'KK.MUM U'ALM T ?'II, SUA VI NT. flOAlT CAUTION.? A counterfeit article of our celebrated Walmtt Oil Military Shaving Soap is now being offered round the my by a peraon representing himself aa onr agent. Wa hereby caution the public against being deceived with it, and beg to I sttte that we have no agent* whatever, nor haa any one any 1 right to u?e nur naint-a on the labels. The ?-auine ?oep, menu ' factored by the inventor, Dr. P. D. Vi?oia, haa our fac-eumle signature to each label. m?3 Im'rr VltOOM fc VOWI.EK 3 ' onrtlaiiHf at _THE largeat aaaortment tn the city ia to be found at the Uhatham atreet Bazaar, 55 Chatham atreet; and, if you want tn get one, that is the place tn buy it, aa every instrument I is warranted in perfect tunr and order. They also hare anew I instrument, called the Khitinn, reveinhling the Aecordeon with I llie* trans* of? Huts' TKnr Atrt-irdrfina ?*rv ia nrirs fvniw Tcenta to 40 dollar*. Ctll.ciimiM, and ju<igr for youraaWra I Arcordeon taught, tuned and repaired. Don't forgrt the uam her?M Chatham, oppoaitr Chamber* atreet all lm?f Orricr. or tut. N. v Oat liuiit Coariat, i | April 12. 1817. J HE rreaident and Director* hare thia day declared a dividend of fonr-and-one-half pet cent on the capital atorV of I thia Company for the ait month* ending lat February- laat, payj able to the tlorkboldert on and after Saturday the lat May ! nett. The tranifrr book will be rioted from the ?4th intrant until that date. By order, | *17 im ir C. !<. EVERT ii. Serretayy. |)HIV E N I N K Alt 1', maniiI w'.urert ol f Al'l-.It II A NlV I INOS, No. JI3 Pearl atreet, Franklin Square. Wholaaale I purrhaaera will find themtclret fully remnnerated for falling [ aa above liefnrr Inn ing. a.1 lmia*r I T?? UAOUKKK1AN ARTISTS. PL ATK8?l.'iOO alar brand, full aize, 1000 a mrdiutn aire INBTRUM ENT8?"Voightlander,"of all tuet; Amencaii, Hoarli't make, warranted auperior. tjL l( KSTL'FF? An accelerating Inpiid, uaed by the net 1 aticceaaful artiata. For aaje in loto to auit. JOHN KOACII, Optician, all lm*e 83 Niuti atreet. (1 UANO-Thr cargo of the brig Virginia, about three * hundred tona from South America, and from an aiialyM* j pronounced auperior to any other kind in the market. Thn 1 tjtiano la dry, and will he aold to cloae the concern at one and | a half cent per pound, and la an object to the farmera ol thn country a ( /fhe cargo ir at Trappell't atoret, Brooklyn, near Knltoaa 1 Kerry, and aamplea may be aeeu at the office of HPOFFORD, TILE8TON ?t CO., MB Water atreet. j mllm'rh OKKMAN SILVER." ~" JAM KM O. MOFFET, No. 121 Prince atreet. third block welt of Broadway, it cnnatantly niniiiifacturiur Herman Silaer, of earioiie number* and widtht, which he will warrant to Im- equal to any other, lort-ign or domratic, tor qnality, and whieli he will tell at whnlraale and retail at redueed price* P. S. All gooda aold will be delivered tu anv part of the city i or Brooklyn, fin- of etpenae. apl7 1m*r C7 v 111 M W FIELD >'" No 9 Surfing Slip, offer Cm S ?ale a large assortment of Printing, Writing, '.Vrappng. Hardware, Envelope, Hanging, and colored Pape r P*|ier ol'any aite or quality Itiadr to order. The highrat market price* paid in cash for rags I lagging, hale rope cntriuga, gnnn) trigging, graat rope canre?*. and all other kind* of PapeT Man of winter atofk, by ( VHl'B W FIELD fc CO . illlMl. VI- .. Vi...H?? lalle V V HA MY J i J \1 PK \i > ! MA lf\ J? mVi.K*. TIIK ATTK.NTION ofm.'U.r.? lu.d of m-rm, U iioiu<l tu ui tinmiiu^oq of thin im!in|*n*!?lr article to a quirt nurnrry, which mnj bt found of every variety n?u l?nc? rt 100 h road way. 8\>1L. BHOOKH, *SS im*rr Ajretif for the Manufacturer. SOLAR LA M PSJ I IfAN IMlI. K.S, HALLLANTHOIINS AM) TEA TRAYS. Til K anharnbrr baa Juat nprnrd our of the moat bighlv fiu lahed Bt'?eki of Uirjndirdea, S?dar Lamia, Chandelier., Ilrarket'i Mall l.anthnnn, T? a Traya. I'ImIii hJ Irnnt I ut (Jlnaa Vtaea, for mantel Ornamenta, ever offered in thia citr nrrnilRtrv And city dealera w ill find it to their advanlaur in rail and i aamnie fhr abnyr atnek, winch can be nold at wholeaale and retail at reduced I ricea. JOIIN W M OH (JAN, mJI Im'rr IS4 k niton at., one door from Broadway. OAS KIXTI K*Cs OK ALL KINOs! rWlk.H (i. MOrKET, 121 Trincc atiecl, third block wcat of Broadway, haa nil hand and la itnnalantly manufacturing i.\?? H CNDAUERft, BUA< KKTH AND PEND VNT*, in all their variel iea of patter,la and atae*. Con tract, will alan he taken for fitting, in the neait at and moat brantifnl atyle, hurrhra, llulrla, and all nllinr pnhlir building., a. well a? private dwrllinga, at the ahorteet notice mid on .he timet rea annahle term.. N. B. All kinda ofgaa fivtnre. refill, rehrnnard and reaib farad apl7l?*?^ "MONEY LENT. MONEY LENT -TO IiimI.mI pricet advamrd in large and amall anma on fold ami atlcer yaatchea, diamond, plate, jewelry, fnrniinrr, clot lung. dry gnoda, fcr , fcc JOHN M. DA VIES Licci-d pnwubr.'k. r. 238 William atreet, near 1>U' w reraoni recairad ta private nftae. br login* the ball I an I*a,

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