Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 1, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 1, 1847 Page 1
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TH] Vol. Xin. No. MO?Whole No. *717. THE NEW TORE HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-went corner of Pulton and Naarnu Ml. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. ORCU*_iATION ?PORTY THOUSAND. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price 2 cents per copy?$1 75 eer snnnm?payable iu advance. _ WEEKLY it F. R A LD?Every Saturday-Price 6* cent, per cool ?$1 12>J cents per annum?payable in advance. HERALD FOR EUROPE?Every Steain Packet dayPrice f>V eenta per copy?$3 per annum, payable inindrance. HOI.(UAY IIEEALD?Published en the lit of January and 1st of July of eajn year?smile copies siipeuoe eacu. A D V CRT ISEM K NTS, at the uiual prices?always cash in advance. Auvertinncnt* should be writreu in a idem, legible manner. The Proprietor will not be responsible lor error* thai may occur in tlieru. PRINTING of all kinds executed beautitully and with deaMBb. ill letter* or communications by mail, addreaaed to the establishment, must bepqst paid, or the postage will be dodueled fr?m the aubarrietuni inoner remirted J, H. 8. MAKdNKTTpANTKD!*"^j| " Jit it rpTlfr\iAiiiNE corpB oP The united sTatEs, a or that branch of the military sorvioe furnishing soldiers for the different naval stations and veaacla of war, having beeu increated by act of Congress, approved 2d March. 1847, by the addition of 30 Sergeant*, 30 Corporal*, 30 Drummer*, 30 Fifers, and 1.000 Private*. A rrndexvnua far the enliatment of recruit* ia now opened at Nn. 38 Chatham atreet. near the Harlem railroad depot and Teminany Hall, where respectable yoneg men deeiring to enter a terrice which will afford them an opportunity of seeing forign coun'riee, are invited to call. Previoua to euliating it ia tli* duty of the recruiting officer to explain fully the terms upon which they enter the aervice Open .rom t A. M. to sunaet. JOHN GEO. REVNOLD8. Captain Commanding, Recruiting Rendezvous. Two dollars premium will be given to any aoldier or citizen who will bring to the reudezyous, an acceptable or efficient recruit. *1 1 m* re CITlZEfrS NEW DAY LINE OF OPPOSITION BOATS FOR ALBANY AND INTERMEDIATE PLACES. Fare 30 cants?Breakfast and Dinner on Board. --t. The new and elegant Steamer METAMO" RA, Capt. T. 8. Knight, Mondays, Wednes-ddKaSaSSim.lays, and Fridays, at half-past sir,-A. M., from the pier foot of Warren atreet, touching at Hammond street ' pier. The new and elegant Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS, Capt. A. Degroof, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at half-past sis, A. M.. from the pier fpot of Warren atreet, touching at Hammond street pier. For pasMge or frieght, apply en beard the Boats, or to Geo. Dobsou, st the office, 126 Warren street, comer of West atreet. All persons are forbid trusting the above boats on account of th* owners. " *7 r ""afternoon line, DAILY, ' FOR NF.WBURGH AND FI8HKILL, Lauding at Van CortWid's, (Peehskill,) Wast ssSJimBBBKiaa Point, Cold Spring and Cornwall. The Steamer Thomas P# well, Cant. Saml. Johnson, will leave the pier foot of Warren street, tor the above places, every afternoon (Sunday* excepted.) at 4 o'clock, commencing April 14. Re .urning?win lea?'1 tsewaurgn every morning at 7 o'clock. N. fl.?All Baggage and Freight of every uricription, Bank Bills or Spreie. pat on board or this boat, must b<- at the risk of the owner theraof unless entered on the books of the boat or rreeir'ed for ap*-lm"r vpeme. THE Proprietors of Steamboats wishing r ?r-:aL?Bells huug, wonld do well to pay a visit on 1*.VtsiMBHw hoard the steamboau Governor, Thorns' Powell, liege r Williams, Utica, I'almeoo, Princeton, M> . tainrar, Iron WitCn, Cataline, Itc.. and examine H. U' Mv?'? improeed style of Bell Hanging, expressly adapted ' at,,m. boats. Pat up iiaat and strong, and warranted V" h_ H.H.. No. 8 Ann street. ' ?^J^r * NUTICE. r n-fTN aft?7" SUN lttl^'d^iteainboats' a^JgSE&Sm SYLPH sr . ^fV idi iVnVS ?i run as follow,, until fugt^ nuotfJ?? tN BLANDER will A. a a lo '"'-SVC STSTKN ISLAND At ?, e, ?, 1* ,J A M nn(1 |t g, S, 4, 3, ?, 7, P. M. ,, , a LgSVK stw TOUR l >i *< , 11, A. M., and 1, 2, ten minntes past 3, and at 4, 5, ,, 6, 7, o'clock, P. >1. fw April 13th. ______ alt r M PASSENGERS FOIV ALBANY, TROV, ~-it"'2aBjaa^ tl,e iatermediate landings, cannot do v,U!gmb belter than take the new and splendid Meatner ALIDA, from loot of Barclay street, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 6J< o'clock, A.M. This boat is the handsomest and meat splendid day boat on the line. The meal, are served up ill a style equal to any hotel in the city, and the lares are the same as for the inferior boats. a27 1* ?ic , PEOPLE'S LINE STEAMBOATS FOK ALBANY, Daily, Sundays Excepted? '>-w*dWa8?lie? Thruegh Direct?At 6 o'clocK, P. M., from the Pier between (Joartlsudl aud Liberty street,. Steamboat IS VAC NEWTON. Cant. Wm. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday and Vriday eveniugs, at 6 o'clock. Steamboat UT.NDH.1CK HUDSON Capt. R. O. Crntten dea W'll I,ou Tuesday, Thuraday and Saturday evenings, tti o'clock; At Fiye U Clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places? from the foot of Barclay street. "reamboat SOUTH AMERICA. Capt. Tlios. N. Ilulse, trill leave on .Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat NOKTII AMERICA, Capt. R. II. Fuery.will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afteruoous, at J o'clock. The above boat, will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time for the Morning Cor, for the East or West. Kreit'bt taken at moderate ratea, aud none taken after o'clock, P. M. it All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, williout? written order from the captains or agents, Fer pK- ixe or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. F' H I I,T/, at the oOiee on the wharft 026 r 1RNINO LI^k'Tt h VJ.K-r.VHr" si_x"o < Lot k. W-OB? hUHAMIAfll A.>IJ 1 ItU * ? Landing r Caldwell's, West-Point, Newburgb, llamioiir.^rwBflTn ion, Puughkrepsie, Hyde Park, Kliiuebeck. Upper Red Hook, Bristol, Ctukill, Hudson, Coxtackie, ana Kinderhook. 1' akk Rmiiorn. Breakfast smJ Dinner on board the Bont." 'JTie steamboat MAQAHjVi Capt. II L. Kellogg, will leave the steimbost pier, foot ol' Barclay sftvet, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at half-put six o'clock. Returning on opposite <layt. for passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. HALL, at the Office m the wlmrf. NIGHT LINE?DIRECT. From the loot of Cortlaudt afreet. Passengers takiu^ thin Boat will arrive in lime to take the Vleruiag Train of Car* from Troy weat to Buffalo, and north ta .Saratoga, and L?ke George 'J'he low preasnre slearnbeat EMPIRE, Capt. R. B. Macy, at 6 o'clock. Leaves New York Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. For passage or freight, apply on board, or at lire olfice on the wharf. Thr steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain W. W. Tnnper, will lease tlie pier at the foot of Courtlandt street, at C o'clock. For passage or freight, apply on hoard, at the olfice on the wharf. Regular days from New York, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. ais re OUfciAN SfEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. U. 8 MAIL LINE TO COWtH, AND SOUTHAMPTON, AND BREMEN. .p. as-e- THE splendid new steamship WASH-INGTON, 17W tons burthen, Frederick a/QHewitt, Commander, will start from New -.-^^yjfdkLI York on the 1st June nnt, carrying the United States Mail. She will loacii at Cowea ana Houthampfon to laud passengers and freight, and deliver (he mails for England, France and Belgin in, and will then pre,cerd to Bremcrhaven. The Washington is on ill in the strongest manner, with a view fo being converted into a ship of war, and subject at any time to inspection by officers appointed by the President, both luring and alVyr construction. She has two engines of lOOfl h irte powut each, and accommodation, for UO hrst class and 44 aecotjd class nasseugeia. PaaPSge fro in New York to Southampton, or to Bremen? r irst c>ara $130 Second class CO Parage from Bremen or Southampton to New i ork. First class $G0 Second class , 64 She will carry abont 300 tons freight, which will be charged according to the nature'of the goods offering. All letters must pats throng!) the post office. Parcels, lor which bills of lading will he signed, will be taken at $3 each. For passage or freight, apjily at present at the office of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company at 41 Broad street, and alter lat Slay to No. 14 William street. Agents nt Southampton?D AY,< RUSKEY 8t ROSS. Bremen?C. A. IIKINKKEN & CO. Havre?WILLI \.M I8ELIN. The second steamer of thr line it in due course of construction, ?nd will Iw in readiness in the ensuing fill. a2l Im r BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN XyT&uhHO Y AL MAIL STEAM SHIP, 1200 tons ?^^JyiLt^VusP and 4.10 horse power each, under coutmot c=aiK&MK9Bbw w ith the. Lords of the Admirably. I1IB .UNI A, Captain Alexander Ryrie. CA LEDONLA. Captain Edward G. Lott. RRITTANWlA. Ointain Johu Mawitt.0 CA MBRI A, Captain Charles n. K. Judkins. ACADIA, Captain William Harrison. The foar steamships sow building v? THE AMERICA, the NIAGARA, the Canada, the euro pa. Vessel* spaniuted Ni mil from Liverpool are the fuieibrie. April 4, 1*47 Caledonia, 4(lr1' '! I Britannia, May C IMT Vessels appointed to rati from Boston are the Cambria, May I, 1*47 Caledonia , , May 16, 1*47 Ppwengars'lucgage must be <>n board the day previous to sailing. Passage money?Brom Boston to Liverpool, $12", do do to llslifm, J'fl No berths secured until paid for. These ships (tarry experienced attrueons. No freight, except Specie, received on days of sailing. For freight, passage, or any other information, apply to 1). BRIGHAM. Jr., Agent, At HARNDKN !t CO.'S, f. Wall st. (1/'In addition to the almfe line between Liverpool and Halifax, anil Boston, a contract lias Wen entered into with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line heiwecn Liverpool > id New York direct. The steamships for this service are ii w being tin ilt, anil early next year due notice will he given f the tiinn when they will start. Under the new contract the 'earners will sail every Saturday during eight months, and i very fortnight dnring the other months in the year. Going al It.rnautly betweeu Liverpool and Halifax and Boston, and he tween Liverpool and New York, m!46 r i'KM-TS ON THE ui lU.Nnh f -'JBAMI OK IRKLAND.-W. fc J. T. rjTfyi^lkTapscott lieg to tuform their frienda and the public, who wish to remit money to -Taesr -,ny j, ui of Itelanil, tltat they draw drafts fo large of tun til amounts, (payable without discount,) direct on rite National Built of Ireland, Dublin, or any of the numerous bra' dies throughout the country. Vlso, drafts cm he obtained, payable in all parts of England, Scotland, and Wales, on application to W. Ik J. T. TAP8COTT, 86 Smith street, i Second door below Burling Slip. A-JsAb KOK LI v Mil'i itHj? New Line?Kegnlar packyjt'Xk'Kv ct of 26th May.?The splendid, fast sailing packet hip .nllHHIIMN, Capl. Ilvo. B. t.'omiah, will i ,< si nve, her it gular day, I .!,.! ? ,c ;.s ot", It ring superior fnrniahrd nrcommo, . l i b > truOrl i'k wh.uf, In vt of Wall street, F? K. COLLINS. W South at. | ,,ce uf passage $,.i. Toe pacliet ship OARRICK, Capt. B. J. H.,will ?ucseed the Sheridan. and tail June Mth, her regular day. aV7 E NE1 k FRESH BEEF AND VEGETABLES FOR THE NAVY. Natt Aoemt'* Ornate) S_ .. __ New York, Nth April, 1817. J EALED PROPOSALS, endorsed "Proposals lor Fresh Beef. Sic," will be received by the Nayr Agent, at hit olftce No. 4 South William street, until Monday, the 34th of May next, 13 o'clock, M., for the supply of all the fresh Beef and Vegetables which may be required for the use of die Navy at tlii* atetion during the tiscal year ending ou SUth June, Ilia. It must be of good quality, the beat the market affords, and offered f^r by the iioui d. It will be subject to such inspection as the Chief of the Bureau of Provisions and Clothing may direct, and be delivered on board any vessel of war in the port of New Vork, or at the Navy Yard, where it may he required. Ninety per cent of the deliveries will be paid iu thirty days after bills in triplicate, pioptrly approved, are Died with ifur Navy Agent, and the letnaiiiing tan par ceumii the eipiratiou und completion of the ooutract. Contract will be entered into with the lowest bidder, firing bond with two sureties, in onethirdtlie estimated amount, for its faithful performance; hut no propose) will be considered, without the guaranty required by law of one or more responsible persons, that i he person or persons whose offer may be accepted will execute such ooir tract end bond within Dts days altar being untitled of such acceptance. Incase of delay or failure to deliver, the Navy Agent will procure the supply necessary.andany tresis he.iuay pay over the contract prices shall be charged to the contractor, and deducted from his bills. PROSPER M. WETMORE, a34 lawSwSrTC Navv Agent. FOUNTAIN HOTEL, i ' Liout st.. Baltimuuk, > ' January *7, 1847. ) THURSTON, } Prol'ri*t0 ' THE undersigned having succeeded the late tmn of DIX St KOUG. in the proprietershipof the kounuiii Hotel, so long and widely known urn one oitluf most cnuiniodiouy establishments in Uidtimore, take tliis method of informing the travelling public, that beside the great improvement made last spune, in the addition of an entire new wing to the house by which a large number of lodgings were added, as well as an extensive Bathing Establishment, they have recently had constructed a new Ladiea'Ordinary, Attaid up in the most unique and beautiful style, aud also a private sitting room for gentlemen, which is entirely free from the bustle necessarily incident to the more public parts of the house; an arrangement highly dasirable, and which they flatter themselves cannot fail te please. In connection with those improvements, thu whole interior of the house has undergone a thorough revision? very thing appertaining to the upholstery of the establishment has been renewed, and attendants for the chambers selected with a strict view to their entire capability in every respect. The table will be found at all tinaee fully supplied with every thing the market affords, served up in a superior sty le, while in the way of wines, lie. lie., nothing will be kept but what is of the best quality. Added to these facts the attention and eourtesy which will lie rendered by their assistants, acting under their own personal supervision, to those who may favor them with a call, they flatter themselves will not leave dissatisfied, as no pain or eipense will be spared on their part to meet the wants of their guests, and trust their hopes of a liberal patronage will not prove uulounded. Baggage taken So and from the Hotel, free of charge. ARTHUR L. FQCJO, fSJUw3mrrc FHINEA8 THUR8TOW. CLARET WINES IN BOXES AND CASKS-808boxes Medoc St. Julien. , 80 boxes Dnaru St. Jalien. 400 " Cabarrus Chateau de la Grange. 22 Chateau Ronjeaox. 110 " 10.12 and 1833, Pontet St. Jalien. 100 1837, in pints, do. dp. 3d " 18^7, in pints, Chateau La Ross Pergaspn. 800 .. Chateau Laroet, Latotu, Lnoyille and Lafflt*. 10 fine Canteuae Gorte. 20 11 fine Chales-u Marganx. 130 htjfU. SLtslnhe MdSt. Julien. J? J2"and Vin Cabarrus. ? , Latour and Lalfitte. * Tieees fine Burgundy, tRo man ee and Chambertin, for tale by JOHN SCHMIDT, s7 1m 2taw?r 100 Wall street tt&nn REWARD?AMERICAN COMPOUND?Thi vpllvv popular, pleasant, and specific remedy is warranted te cure effectually all cases of a delicate disease in a few days, under a forfeiture of the above sum. Persons using this celebrated article nerd fear no exposures, as it leaves no odor on the breath, requires no restriction iu diet or business, aud is adapted to every age, sex and condition. It coutaius no mercury or noxious drugs, injurious to the constitution, but cleanses the system from infection. Thousands of long stauding cases have been cured by a single bottle, while the great majority are rad ically cured with half thf quantity.. This is uo trumped up "humbug;" it has long been, and still is, used in the private l?riu:no? 01 piiysicnuis wun unerring iuccch, caring nineiynine of the one hundred cases. Trv it. mid convince yourselves. Sold Wholesale bv CuMTtJCX k Co., 21 Courtlandt street; retailed at Bowery and Grand, Bowery and Walker, Bowery and Houston, Bowery and Fourth its.: Market street, comer of Fast Broadway: E. L. Cotton, 265 Bleecker street; Hammond k Co., comer of Broadway and Chambers street; corner Fulton and Water streets, New York; comer Fulton and Cranberry streets, Brooklyn; Third and South streets, Philadelphia? corner Charles and Pratt streets, Baltimore: C. Stott, Washington City: Robertson k Cormick, Norfolk, Vs.; and P. Cohen k Co.. Charleston. 8. C. all linenil*r <ta jsAA TO LEND on Bond and Mortgage ou wfOjUUv City or Brooklyn Real Estate, in soma to suit applicants. This sum belongs to an estate in trust, and will he loaned for a term of years. Apply immediately, to S. S. BROAD, No. 11 Wall street, in the Croton Water office basement. _ al5-eod2in?re BRUSHES! BRUSHES!?The subscriber respectfully invites the attention of the public to his extensive assortment of Brushes of every description, at the BRUSH FACTORY. 337 PEARL STREET, Franklin Square. Constantly on hand, Paint Bmakes, Whitewash do., Window do. Dusting do., and all kiuds of Fancy Brushes, which he oners for ale at the lowest prices. JOHN K. HOPl'EL. a 13- m r TIMOLAT'S SULPHUR BATHS, iVo. 547 Pearl street, near Broadway. THF.SE BATHS have been established for the last twengp six years, and are the only Sulphur Baths in the city.? They are highly recommended by the most eminent physicians, for the cure of rlieumatism, salt rheum, chroatc complaints, eruptions of the skin, keMedicated Vapor Baths also given daily, from I A. M. to I P. M. al lm*r NOTICE. BRADNER & CO., have removed to No. 9 Nasaan, between Wall and Pine streets, opposite the Custom House ips lin*v "FRENCH PAPER HAN<MN6TAND~SHADES. SOLOMON Jc HART, 243 Broadway, opposite the Park, have now in store their full assortment of Paper Hangings and Borden of all descriptions, for parlors, bedrooms and halls. They have beesi selected in Paris with great care, aud comprise the best assorted stock in the city, and at prices lower than have ever heretofore been offered. Also on hand, a large assortment of French Window Shades, for ?;.!? at unpieredenttd low piicis. ap!9 Ini'nCOUNTRY" MILLINERS. PETER ROBERTS, 373 Broadway, wonld invite the attention of those who are purchasing their Spring Moods, to his stock of Laces, viz:?Maleine, Point de Pant, Alrii'con, Brussels and Pompallon, for trimming hats; Black and White \ Lace Veils; Bruiells, Illusion Point and fancy Nets?and a ' great variety of other goods, which he will sell at very low [Ticye. | al lm*r ("^KOTON HOSE, DAV'S PATENT.?'1 he iusr.icor ot J thi> article offers it for iale, pledging himself to replace it without cost, if it bursts during one season's use. Tlie new machinery for covering the inside rubber tul>e, having after many eiperimeuta, been perfected, the hoae ia now offered at the perfect article originally contemplated, when the invention was patented. It it now all right For sale at No. 23 Courtlandt street HO RACK H. DAY. m3l Imrr BEDBUG i'UloON WATSON'S INFALLIBLE BEDBUG POISON.-Tlie exjiertence of past years liroves this preparation to be the most effectual destroyer and oanither of Bedbugs ever disI covered. It needs but one application to satisfy the most incredulous of its wonderful and immediate effects?Price 2s. Sold wholesale and retail ouly at Apothecaries Hall, 36 Catharine street'476 Grand street, and Ollcntt, McKesson St Co., 127 Maiden Lane; and 1)9 Fnltou street, Brooklyn. at lm*r N E W YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD Co-The annusl election for thirteen Directors of this Company will he held at the office of the Company, No. 4 Tryon Row, on Tuesday, the 18th day of May next, between the hours of 12 and 2 o'clock P. M. The transfer books will be closed ton days prior to the election. A. KYLE, Jr. Secretary. New Y orV, April 26. IIM7. ii28imyl8rc lu lMUUivl tatSs AN L> llKAEElta IN WOOLLENS.! HMIOEON tc CO., Refinishers of,Clothe, Caasimeres, lie.. No. 341 West street. The (.fold Medal has been awarded bp the American Institute, for their superior manner of refinishing. Orders may be left with Messrs. WOLCOTT k BLADE, No.6) Pine street. WM. U. LANGLEY k CO., 25 Broad street. D. BRIOHAM k CO., 60 Pine street, to whom they may refer. N. B ?T wo thousand dullart insured on goods for aeeonut of customers. e!6 lm?> I'O MANUFACTURERS,?ISteam Power to let, with a large and comraodioua brick building, situated in New Haven, Connecticut. 'Die canal and rail road east directly by ?the engine ia new, of very superior workmanship, of about 40 horsepower?tha building substantial and convenient, with a quantity of iron shafting, pullies, kc The whole will be let. leased or sold, and can advantageously be adapted to any kind of manufacture. Apply to Meaart. Watt k Sherman. 46 Exchange Place, New York. a27lw?rc IAjiE POLYTEClfftlc" INSTITUTE, formerly CTol Duff 's military academy, at New Brighton, Stated Island, N. Y., under the direction ofProfessor fi. Jaeger. will reopen after the April vacation on- the, first day of May neat, in the above place. Circulari containing terma aud particulars, may ba had at Mr. l,oek wood's bookstore, 411 Broadway; and at Meters. Fowler k Wells' bookstore, 131 Nassau street. Leterra sddreased to Prof. B. Jaeger, New Brighton, Stolen Maud, N. Y. a27?t*r BOARDING IN BLKECKER STREET?Two gentlemen and their wives, oi five or eix single gen lemen, can he accommodated with handsome, unfurnished rooms, with bed rooms attached, and full board, in a pleasantly situated house in Carroll place. Apply at present at 95 Spring street. *21 lm*r til lUII_lf U ~.,l.._ (... ?..T.'.T.. T".iu D of Will street or the City Hall. A gentlemni ami wile can be well accommodated with a large front room on the aecom! floor, with closet attached. mid, if wanted, bedroom *<!joining. Alto, several single gentlemeaemi be scconimodair ?"d. ?24U??re CJPORTINO BOOTH?An entirely new article of Hunting O mill Fishing Boots manufactured to order, of Ooodyeare Metallic Robber, and warranted perfeyly water proof, for tale bv SAMUEL BROOKS, Sole Agent lor Uoodyear't Manufactories, mjfllm?rh 100 Broadway, opposite Trinity f'hnreh Orrica or tiie N. Y. Oat CoMearrr, < April I}. 1147. < THE President and Directors have thit day declared a dividend of Ihur-nnd-one-half per cent on the capital stock of this Company for the sii months ending 1st February last, payable to the stockholder! on and after 8aturday die 1st May The transfer book will be closed from the 24th instant until that date. By order, _ all tm tr C. \j. EVERITT. Secretary. LV.VailLr IIOAlTuT.Nti SCHOOL IN THE COUN" TitY.?An estierienred teacher has for sereral yearstaken into her fimil y a number of children, not esceeding ten, as boarders and scholars. The rare and discipline is parental. No pallia spared to advance the pupils in their studies, and to render them comfortable and happy while under her charge, (irear attention paid to their health and morals. The location n \ cry rrt.rrd and henlthy NOHJ ChOISIi ulmiftcd. rbM arc n few vacancies. Foi terms and references enquire at No. IM f.mrena street. 2\s *c I (JAK U l AG EH. PPHE subscriber offers for sale sji eicr llent assortment of -i good Carnages, all new styles, warranted equal in quality ! to any thing in this market, and w ill be .-old at reasonable I prices. JAMES BREWSTER I mil lm*rr IS sad 17 Cmustreet. I W YO JEW YORK, SATURDAY SPECIAL OVERLAND EXPRESS j Tk TUB NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE, j IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO, FIVE DAYS LATER FROM VERA CRUZ. ARRIVAL OF STEAMSHIP MASSACHUSETTS AT YEW ORLEANS. POSITION* OF SANTA ANNA PROSPECT OF ANOTHER FIGHT. Fifteen Thousand BKezicans under Santa Anna at Oerro Gordo. MOVEMENTS OF THE AMERICAN ARMY. Capt. Johnson Severely Wounded. ASSASSINATION OF AMERICANS. NO VOMITO AT VERA CRCZ. . PROCLAMATION OF GEN. SCOTT. General Taylor's Letters. &c. etc. &C. Tbe I'nitod States steamship Massachusetts, Capt. Wood, arrived at New Orleans on the evening of the 22d inst. front Vera Cruz, whence she sailed on the 14th inst. The New Orleans Picayunt and Helta receive d by her their correspondence, with a file of that invaluable journal, (.. V...,. I '.... A Cr., ...ut-u . i... extracts below am made. Moses Y. Hearh came passenger in the Massachusetts. He left Tampico on the 12th. and brings dates from the city of Mexico to the 3d inst. The only disease prevailing at Vera Cruz was diarrham, and grcut numbers were sick. Two privates of the first regiment of Pennsylvania volunteers had been tried and found guilty of theft. They were sentenced to one month s imprisoninent'in the caHtle, and the forfeiture of one month's pay. Gen. Scott hud issued a proclamation to the Mexicans, urging them in strong terms to remain at their homes, and no longer countenance the military tyrants who had been leading them to destruction. He proclaims himself und nritty as the friends of all peaceable Mexicanst and determined to protect them in all their civil and religious rights. The Vera Cruz Eagle of the ,13th inst. says that the repprted strength and position of Sunt* Anna und his forces arc fully credited. The following is frpni the correspondent of the Picayune, of the '23d inst. Camp at Sam Jvam, April 14, 1847. I arrived in this camp ut 11 o'clock last uight, from Vera Cruz, the road, for the most part, beiiTg through heavy sands. The division of Gen. Worth, froin the excessive heat and wearisome road, suffered incredibly. The news in camp is stirring. An express has come down from Gen.'Twiggs, to the effect that Santa Anna was before him ut Cerro Gordo, with fifteen thousund men, us near as could be judged from reconnoissunccs made by Captain Hardie and other officers of dragoons. Lieut. Col. J. E. Johnson had been severely but not mortally wounded while examining Santa Anna's works, which appeared to be a succession of breastworks, on the eminences in the vicinity of Cerro Gordo. Everything would now go to show that Santa Anna is determined to make a bold stand. A dragoon, who had been sent down expressly by General Twiggs, was yesterday found shot by the road-side, just beyond this. His papers had not been touched. The Mexicans are plaviug a bloody and at the same time bolder game than is usual for them, as it is thought they have killed no less than fifty of our men within the last three days on the road. Gen Scott stopped last night nine miles from this. To-night lie will reach Gen. Twiggs' position. It Santa Anna is as strong as he is represented, he will probably not he attacked betorc two or three days. I write on in great haste. G. W. K. The following letters arc from the Delta of the 23d iVera Cn z, April 13, 1817. As I Rtated in inv letter of this morning, the brigade of General Worth took up the line of march For Jalapa, but from rather sudden indisposition the General did not leave with them. About one o'clock an express reuched the General, with important information, which Mated that the column under Gen. Twiggs had fallen in with a large force of the enemy at Cerro Gordo, a strong position beyond Puenta Nacionni, and that a skirmish had taken place between Twiggs's advanced guard and tne enemy, in which ("apt. Johnson, topographical engineers, was severely wounded, and several others. In half aii hour after the reception of this news, (Jen. Worth had mounted nis horse and was off so suddenly, indeed, that I missed hint, notwithstanding I repaired to his quarters to gather the particulars as soon as I heard of it. There is no doubt at all but that Santa Anns, with from twelve to fifteen thousand men, is between us nnd Jalapa. It is conceded on all sides, that if Gen. Twiggs docs not whip him he will at least keep him in cheek until Gen, Scott, who left yesterday, reaches him, which will be to morrow night. Major General Patterson left here with two brigades of volunteers on Friday, nnd he has no deubt reached the ndvancc before this hour. General Twiggs had between 2,SOU and 2,700 men under his command, and I entertain little tear for his safety. Gen. Patterson marched with Shields' nnd Pillow's brigades, and all the force except the garrisons of the towns ; and Quitman's brigaue is either at the scene of action or on the road to it. Gen. Pcott, 1 think, was pretty well satisfied before his departure that fanta Anna was in the neighborhood of Jalapa; and was making good time towards that point, before the express reached him. A terrible battle will be fought at Cerro Gordo, or there *-ill bo little or no fighting. An intelligent Mexican told me to-night, that there would be no fight, and that .Santa Anna had with him fonr prominent members of the Nntionul Congress, with the aid of whom he hoped to negociate a peace. 1 he ve, truly, that if is the wish of his Excellent v to win the strife, but whether he will embrace this occasion which, by the way, is an excellent one, I cannot say. The horses of the Tennesson cavalry arrived to-day from Tampion, and as soon as they are landed 1 ex;s'ct Quitman will leave here. Vkra Cue/, April 14? 1*47. There has hen a skirmish at Puente Nacionsl, and wc hourly look for the intelligence of the capture of Cerro Gordo, n strong mountain fort, twentv-two miles from Jalopn. A decisive battle is expected at this point, for it is the best vantage ground this side of I'erote. Gen. Santa Anna was nt or nenr Jalepa, nt the last accounts, but by this time, there is scarcely n doubt that Ccrro < tordo is carried by assault, and the army in snug quarter! at the healthy imd delightful city of lalapa. Vera Cruz is as quiet and well governedas any citvin the United .States. It would improve the health some to throw down the walls nnd let in the fresh air, as the commander thinks of dolnP If the army takes any more of those beautiful brtiss 2t's. I hope they will be sent home as trophies. There are in the town and castle nearly one hundred ol them. They are of splendid workmanship, and superior to nny the United State:- ha.< of tliCMime calibre. They are worth about .ft.i.OOO a niece, and would look extremely | well in the "white settlements." r ii 1 1' 'i ii f n'~ v: 1 RK H MORNING, MAY 1, 1847 Vkiu Cbuz Anchoraoe, April 12. A large detachment of the squadron leaves lor Tuspan, commanded by the Commodore in person.

The officer* anticipated something of a fight in that city. Gen. Patterson had recovered from bis illness, I and was at the head of his division. At Tuspan it is believed there are upwards of two thousand troops, under command . of General Cos, with some sixty pieces of cannon. The squadron captured ut Alvarado sixty pieces tfheavy cannon, ul 1 serviceable,and in tine order, with the exception ot throe. The greater portion of the uriny is now on the road to Julapa. Humor has it that Santa Anna is there with a large force, and intends to dispute the pass near thut place. The romi/o line not yet made its appearance. Mexico. March S'J, 1st?. The city of the Montezuma X U In a most extraordinary lituatlou at this present writing Purias and the "Coii siuvmuuiuisis ii&u a clTIi wui' or twvnty-threo davs' iluratlou. la which nobody wan killed. and neither party I lout or gained an Inch of ground. That i?, no on* win killed of tbo fighters, unless we Count Soiuu accidental deaths ; but u great number of harmless citizens lost tliair lives by ilio iuoussaut tiring up and down tlie streets, with wblcb the belligerents amused themselves instead of going wltbin reueb of each other. i^Sunta Anuu wrote lovingly to both parties, and did bis Dest to urge them to eat eucn other up, but as soon as lie could reach the city with some forou he threw them all overbourd. lie is playing for the dictatorship, and is. in fact.elothed'with absolute power nt this moment. He bin induced the clergy to aid him with money to meet, and, as be says, to exterminate Seott and the " perfidious invaders." Hut bis plan undoubtedly is to make peace, whilo ho is yet entrenched behind American bayonets, and perhaps, with the help of American gold, ho will put his enemies where they ranDOt interfere with him. As soon as he liass clear field. ho will use his army to seize the possessions of the church, to maintain and inrreace it as a foundation of a throne Whatever bo pretends, he has his eye on the church property, and has twice put forward Goinez Farias as n cat's-paw to grasp it. bur, when he fouud the clergy too strong for him. he made no I scruple t<> attendee his tool and eouie out en the other ide. [From tho Vera f'rus F.agle. April 13.J Kssta Asst.?Again must we appear before our readers without having any positive Information as to the doings and whereabouts of the enemy. Humor, in the mean time, is rife with news, and we must, perforce, ? t down to ber account many things which, however much we may believe them, we dare not give to the public as veritable. Our of the most important outgivings, up i to this time, is, that Haata Anna, seconded by I.a Vega, and a force of near 13.000 strong, have taken a position between this and Jalapa, which is said by thosa familiar with the country, to hit very strong. This report we And very generally believed by many officers of the army, and by t he citizens of the place. A Plot Discovered.?Some day last week a number of Maxicons were discovered in the aot of inciting the cltlxcus of Tampico to revolt and drive tha Americans from the place. We aro not advised of the particulars, but learn that Colonel Gates banished them from the city, forbiddiDg their return under peualty of death. Th* Castle.?The castle of 8. Juan da L'lUa has undergone a thorough cleansing throughout, making it approach much nearei to a place In which an American soldier ought to reside. We are Informed that a more filthy place could scarcely bo Imagined at the time our troops took possession. Otis. Patterson.?It gives us much pleasure to he able to announoo the recovery of Major General Patterson, or, at least, so as to l>e able to assume the command of bis division of the army, lie loft this city on Friday evening last, and will probably reach his command the the same night. Kikcution.?The execution of the colored man. Kirk, Bcii.izeu ai mo l uucu states, convicted 01 fummiuinn a rape upon the person of a Mexican woman, and tboft, took place on Saturday evening laat. A large concourse of people were present, to witness the drat execution under American authority, which hux ever taken plaru since our occupation of this country. It will, no doubt, prove a salutary lesson to many, who would destroy the safeties guarantied to good rituens, were not such punishments sometimes indicted Breaeinu 17 or General Headquarters?Yesterday evening, at 5 o'clock, General Scott and his staff left their quarters In the I'lara, and started for Jalapn. They were escorted by Col. Harney's 3d dragoons, und will probably be up with Gen. Twiggs, of the advance, in two or three days. Ai.varado?'1 he port of Alvarado, which has been closed for several months. If now open to our commerce, and to all neutral vessels not having on board articles contraband of war Worth's Drioade?Msj. Gen. Worth, with the first brigade, will probably leave Vera Crua to-day, following In tho footsteps of his Illustrious predecessor. Tbu government of the town and dependencies have been turned over to Col. Wlleon, of the 1st infantry. The Hospital?Many of our gallant soldiers are now prostrated by disease, and tho hospitals are filled to overflowing with them. The disease most prevalent Is diarrhoea, which In many cases has proved fatal. RaraniTioiv to To'stan.?On Friday last, the sloops of war Germantown and Albany, and two bomb vessels departed for Tuspun On Sunday, tho Ifaritun. with one hundred additional marines from the Potomac sailed for the same place, and yesterday, Com. Perry, witli tho flag ship Mississippi, aiid steamors Spitfire and Vixen having bomb vessels in tow. The retrel. Bouita and ktca followed suit. Tho ohjeot of this expedition is to take possession of Tuspan, which we understand will bo sffooted by landing tho sailors and marines at a convenient point. [From the Ksgle of the 10th instant ] Military Commission.?Besides that of rape, two other casss have hewn adjudged before tho Military Commission They were for theft, committed by two private* of the 1st Pennsylvania Regiment of Volnnteors. They were sentenced each to oue month'* imprisonment in the Castle of 8 Juan d'l'lua, and a flno of one month's pay, Dkatmi.?It is with feelings of deep regret wo feel ourselves compelled to announoe the death of T. J. Lott. late of Covington. Miss On the 7tl> instant, private Henry Dickson, of company F.. Charleston, South Carolina Division volunteers. The deceased was the son of one of the most respectable professor* in the medical college of his Slate, and will be long remembered for his urbanity of tnauner* and kindness of deportment towards his fellow soldiers, oue ol' whom pays this passing tribute to his memory. or nir. Axmv, I Vera Crui, April 11, 1847. | Major Oonerul fleott, Oeneral-ln-chlef of the Armies of the I'nited States of America, to the good people of Mexico. PROCLAMATION. Mexicans ! ?At the head of a powerful army, soon to bo doubled?a part of which is advancing upon your capital?and with another army, under Major flenersl Taylor, in march from Saltillo towards San Luis l'otosl ? I think myself called upon to address you. Mexicans! Americans are not your enemies: but the enemies, for a time, of the men who, a year ago, misgoverned you, and brought about this unnatural war between two great Republics. We are the friends of tho peaceful Inhabitants of the country wc oocuny, and tho friends of your holy religion, Its hierachy and Its priesthood. Tbe-ssme church is found in all parts of our pwn country, crowded with devout Catholics, anu respected by our government, laws and people. For the Church of Mexico, the unoffending Inhabitants of the country, and their property. I have from the first done every thing in my power to place them under the safeguard of martial law against the few bad men in this army. My order*, to that efTect, known to all, are precise and rigorous. Under them, several Americans have already been punished, by fine, for tbe benefit of Mexicans, besides imprisonment; and on?, for a rape, bo* been liung hv tho nook I* thin not a proof of goo<l faith and energetio discipline? Other proof* shall he given an often us injuries to Mexicans nay bo detected On the other hand, injuries committed l>y Individuals or parties ef Msxioo. not belonging to the public forces, upon individuals, small parties, trains of wagons nnd teams, or of paeit mules, or any other person or property belonging to this aruiv, oontrary to the laws of warshall be punished with rigor; or if the particular offenders be not delivered up by .Mexican authorities, the punishment shall fall upon entire cltios, towns and neighborhoods. Let, then, all good Mexicans remain at home, oral their,peaceful occupation*; but thsy are invited to bring in, for sale, horses, mules, beef, cattle, corn, barley, wheat, flour for bread, and vegetables Cash will he paid for every thing this army may take or purchase, and protection given to ail seller* The Americans are strong enough to offer these assurances?which, should Mexicans wisely accept, this war mar soon be happily nnded. to the honor and advantage of bath belligerents Then the Americans, having converted enemies into friends, will be happy to take leave of Mexico, and return t<> their own country WINFIELD SCOTT llxaDquaXTEM or tiic Astir,) Vera Crux, April 11, IH47. } Gtntral Ordtri. A'e 105.?1. The country fifty milee round Tumploo will constitute a separate military department, to l>e called the Department of Tamplco, and the country lite same distance around this city will constitute another separate military department, to he known I as the Department of Vera Crus. ! 9. The senior officer In each, in the absence of the i frcncral-ln-Chlef. will make his ordinary reports and re| turns to the Adjutant General at Washington, and those of a special character to general headquarters in the field 3 The siege tralu and troops in this vicinity will he nma in rmani 10 maron, in me direction ni iiuapa. iu? fa*t a* the mean* of transportation can he furnished; oath mftn with four day*' hard brend and two of baron or pork (eooked) In hi* haversack; and each corps or detachment with a train containing estra ?uti*l*tance for at loaat tan day*, uiad* iff ah In the rase of the advanced division. 4. Thn march will b? In tha following order :?I. Tha troop of the 1st dragoon* with the <>eneral-ln-( :hlnf, 'J. A (action'of tha siege-train escorted by ( apt Winder and hi* company, with a detachment of recruit*, early to-morrow morning ; .V The |*t division of regulars; and I Brigadier-General tollman's volunteers, with another auction of the ?iege-train A. It the otb Infantry be not back in lime. Brevet Maj : Gen Worth will leave order* tor It to follow without do >% ' UUJL I L,.. ... 1 .1 I, l i III UJJ. ERA ft ? ' ??? 1?7; and If the horaM of th? Tmdmm carol ry aboil not bars arrived whan Brig. Otui Quitman morelieJ. that regiment will follow a* aonn at re-mounted 0 Every corpa or detachment tnat foUowa the moveinant. from thtr depot, will take charge of any loaded train, for the army, which the Ordnance. Quartermaater'a, C'unmliaarlut. or Medical Departmente may have lti rvadlmar By command of M?J Oen. Scott. H. A. SCOTT. A. A. A. O. Head QcitTtai, I?t Division. ) Vera Cruz. April 111. 1847. ) Ohmii No. 9 ? (F.xtract) ?Tho government of the city la hereby turaad over to Col Wilson. lit Infantry, to whom all person* on bualnrss will make application. Dy order of Maj, Oen. Worth. W. W. MACKALl. V A. O. Munition* or Was.?Capt. Hngar. Chief of Ordnance, ho* aent lu the following Hat of captured anui and ammunition to A. A A. Oen Scott: Taken in the Castle or San Jian rt Ulca.? 3 10 inch guna. English. (1 mounted); 11 8-inoh gun*. Eugllah. mounted: 13 43 pounder*. Iron gun*. W P F. mounted: 38 '14 pounder guna, W 1' F. iron: 28 11 pounder Iron gun*, old, mounted: 37 '14 pounder bronze guna.mounted. old Spaniah; 4 1-1 pounder bronze guna: '2 13 Inch Irtin mortal *, very old. ou bed*, pear shaped chamber*; 3 13 inch atone inortara.brouze; 3148 13 luch shells: 3415. 10 luch ahvlla. 3l>7'3 8 inch shell*; 300 10 lucli shell* strapped and loaded: 130 8 inch ahella, strapped and I loaded; 533 Ulnchsolid allot; 38 8 Inch caunlatera, till j ed; 388 8 inch apherieal cnae allot, loaded: 3130 43 pd. ' allot: 830 43 pdslleUa; 1051 33 pd shot; 1578 34 pd shot: | 984 13 pd shot; 3048 10 pd solid shut, slrupped; 413 i musket*: 413 musket accoutrement!; 38 musket curl{ ridges, (boxes;) 180 sponge* and rammers; 383 hand; spike*; II worms, 00 linstocks; 33 poaa-boxe* Taken in no. Fear* or Via* Cava.? 8-ineh k< howitzer*. W I' Foundry, mounted on West 1'oint Iron I carriages: 4 43 pd iron gun*. W P K, mounted: 4 33-pd I do do do do; 8 34-pd guns, W P F Iron; 1 ld-pd Iron gun mounted; !> 34-pd bronze guns, new, mounted on Krencli barbette earrlage*: 3 IH-pd S C anil Ouv'n and bronz* guna. mounted; 30 lfl-pd bronze gnus: 0 13-pdi o do 4 9-pd do do; 0 8-pd do do; 1 8 pd do do.; 5 4-pd do do 6 13-Inch S C mortar*, on bed*; 3 10-inch S C mortars with beds; 1 lo-ineh 8 C mortar, dismounted; 4 *ton? mortar*, bronze; 14 mortar* and gun*, calibre not nocer talnnd; 135 very old guns, unfit for use; 1 very old 13 inch S C mortar, a plaque, unfit for use; 30 9-iuch shells I strapped and loaded; 1.031 34-pd shot. 9,300 lQ-pd "hot 304 9-pd shot; 31 musket cartridge*, boxes; 36 oongrevi rockets. Taikn fhu.m noon on the Field?168 e*copet* 3636 muskets; 3373 mu*ket accoutrement*; 3 standards 96 carbine*; 351 uou-commis*inned officers' swords; 6' drums, 34 bugles, trumpet* or horns; 3 life*; 31 l>aud in struments; 133 set* escopet accoutrement*. Beside* the article* noticed in the Invoice, there ur> large quantities of ammunition, implement*, small ami" standards. &r., stored in the niagaziue* of thu town and castle. These magazines could not b? exumined minutely at the first visit. LATEST MOM THE CITY OK MEXICO. The fill of Vera Crut wan unuouueed in the city of Mexico on the Hint of March. Santa Anna ImM an address on the let of April. Haying. among other things, that ho was dctcrmlueij to oppose the advance of tJho Americans upon the capital, if tho nation would stand by him and second his efforts. Gen. La Vega and Got Soto were at Puente Nacional on the 17th of March. Between the 37th and 30th two brigades of Infhntry, and one of cavaly left tho citv ol Mexico to meet Oeu. Scott?about two thousand In all. Santa Anna wax to leave on the let iuat. at tho lien ! of two thousand more troops, lie had declared that hi would die sooner die thau sign a peace. OFFICIAL. [From tho Washington Union, April 31.] Letters have just been received at the War Depart ment from General Taylor. Tho lust bears date on tin '.mil of March. A previous letter runs as follows; au. it pays the proper tribute to the gallant conduct of Col Morgan, of tho Ohio volunteers:? JliAiorriHTisi Army ok Occur atiow, J Camp near Monterey, March 51, 1847. ) Sir?1 deem it my duty to report somewhat more ii detail the ocrurreuce* attending the Interruption of on line of communication with Camargo, and the survie recently rendered hy troops on that line. Pursuant to previous orders, issued before the advanc of the eueuiy upon Sultillo became known. the 2d Olti regiment had occupied three ports on the line?Golont Morgan, with companies, taking post at Seralri Lieut. Col. Irvin, with three at Marin, and Major WuJ with ?? at Punta Aguda. On tho list of February Col. Morgan was ordered to concentrate his regiment and move forward to Monterey. The enemy had alreu dy beguu to iufest tho road, but Col. Morgan, who re celved the ordor on the night of tbo 13d. was able t< bring up Major Wall's command, uud march tbo nex morning. On the road he was advised that a train on Its saj from Monterey had been attacked that day (14tb) neai llamas, and the escort and drivers, with a few MOM tlons. killed or made prisoners On the morning of tlx lath, Col. Morgan was joined by twenty-Ave drivers utx wagon-masters, who had fled into the hills and ei caped the fate of their companions. [Oil reaching tlx scene of the disaster!, he found the drivers horribly tna tilatcd.aud several bodies thrown into the flamee of tlx burning wagons.] Ftndlug no wounded, the march wu eontluued to Marin, which wu found to be almost dv sorted The enemy's cavalry, under Gen. Urrea, ha bee* before Marin for two days, and several skirmhbt had taken place betwlien them and Lieut. Col. Irvin' command. The arrival from Monterey of a reinforci ment of Infantry and two field pleoes under Major She; herd, (1st Kentucky reglmont,) had caused the Mcx cans to retire, and relieved Lt. Col. Irvin, who knew n< thing of Col. Morgan's approach At Marin it was ai oertained that the escort of the train (thirty men undi Lieut. Barbour, 1st Kentucky regiment) had beeu sui rounded and captured. At 11 o'clock at night,Col. Morgan resumed his mare! and first met tho enemy near Agua Fria. Forming h command in square, ana marcniug in inai orair. n continued to San Francisco. having on the road icvcri encounters with tha enemy, who attuuipted, withoi uceeaa, to break hia formation. From San Frauciaco messenger waa despatched to Lieut. Col. Irvin, then or camped at this place, who promptly took up the marel and. with two pieeea of artillery, joined Col. Morgan .1 II o'clock, am The enemy, who bad in tho meaiitlm nontlnued hla attacka, now made a flnal elfort, but afte a aharp action ofa few minutea, waa drlvou back, and r? treated from the field The loaa of Col. Morgan'a command. In thrao affair? was three Americans and one friendly Mexican killed one wagoner mortally, and one aoldier allghtly wounded The enemy is auppoaed to have sustained a considerable toas. hut from the nature of the engagement, it* amount [ eould not be ascertained. We have to lament the fall o Captain D. K. <Iraham, saaiatant quartermaater In tin volunteer Jcrvlee, who waa killed in the action, after be having in the moat gallant manner. I would recommend to particular notice the gallant conduct and energy of Col. Morgan, throughout theeoperation* Lieut. Col Irvin. Maj. Wall, and Adjutan Jollno, Id Ohio regiment, and Maj. Shepherd, are nisi entitled to notice for good conduct and valuable services I am, air, very respectfully, your obedient servant, Z TAYLOR. Major Oeneral U. S. army, commanding The Adjutasi OtneaaL of the army. Washington, IM The last Icttcrfrom Oeneral Taylor.of the'.18th Marel reports that onr communications with the rear are no measurably secure, no interruption having taken plae since that reported on the 20th ult A train arrived o the 1 11h. under escort of the 1st Indiana regiment an another we* dally expected. It la understood, that th regular cavalry of L'rrea had retired from that qnartt across the mountains; a natural result of tho retreat < the main army towards San Luis, and of onr precaution to securo the trains. All was quiet at Snltillo. Th troops in good health, and the wounded rapidly reoovei ing. The inhabitants, both at Saltillo and Montere; were generally returning to their homes, and, in tli country, are engaged in planting thoir crops. THE BATTLE OP CEKRALVO. Cawr S(AI Camakoo, MniCO, ) March 16. 1847. ) Col, A. M. Mitchell, < om'dng at 1 atnargo. Sir?Agreeably to your instructions. 1 have the bom to report the oircumstancoa attending my recent uiarr from Monterey to this place On the 4th lost I was o dered to eecort to Camargo, Mr. rittenden uud Maj< Coffee (bearer of despatches from Head (Quarters) wit 1 Ave companies of Infantry and two piece* ofartlllur | A train of 160 wagons arrived at Monterey from Ssllil il... ill, i?.l I l>>.lpiirtA,l In unit lift the fnllowlll day. In order that th? train might prnossd with th* escor Accordingly, on the 6th lust . I inarched from Monlere, with three companies. 1st Keg. Ohio Volunteers con manded by ( apt* Howe and Kulisr; two pieces ofsrtl Isry under Lieut Met arter. and a small detachment < Arkansas bav^ry. commanded by Livnt Thoiu|i*oD making my corflinand about 3T0 men In all Tho massacre at I tamos and the attack np?>n I o Morgan's Regiment at Ague brio, baring occurrsd a fc< days previous I was persuaded that tii* enemy was I fores at some point on my route and the marsh was rot ducted wit it as much circumspect ion as the many etuhnr rearing circumstances of so large a train would pcrtol It being Impossible to protect the train at sU points wit tto entail a fores, I marched with I companies and or piece of artillery In front leaving 3 companies and piece as a rear guard On Sunday afternoon the Till Inst . wlten within a mil ofOerralro I was attacked by the Mexican cavalry,uttdt t funerals Urren and Roiuaro Mating learned from m advanced guard that the enemy was approaching over a eminence in front, and that large bodies of l.ancerw wci Kwesplug rapidly around on both flanks, the wagon tus tcrs were directed to park tlin train with as much reler t.y as |M>esihlc I adtaneed my artillery and three con panics of infantry a ibort distance, and immediate! opened with eainlster shot upon their linn charging me I front. Although apparently aomewhat confused, tin continued to advance, but were promptly checked by It lire of th? Infantry aupportlug the piece, one or two men rounds from wblcn compelled them to fall back. M attention was uext directed loan annoying discharge i escopetteson mt left llauk. proceeding from a party the enemy which had taken a position In tha chaparr In that quarter. Placing the gnu in battery on t> left, this parly was soon driven from their cover In tl | meantime, many of the drivers baring deeerted the teams, the frightened mules hail dashed Into the ch parrel on both abba of th* road ' \l>out 40 of the wage were Immediately burnt by tho Mexicans?among the that containing uiy ammunition? which, however, kill and wounded 10 of the enemy by Its unexpected expl 1 slon. Having thu< broken the centre of the tmla, the cnet I forms# in considerable force | a. ... u me end the rr guard, distant at the lltno, about two utiles, and n wsaksnsd by the absence of ( apt Hows * eompai LD. Price Two Canute whloh by tome mliundcrttundlng of urdert bad htfttnad to the front at the commencement of th? fight To lnture tba tafety of tba t.leoe of artillery and Capt. Kent-ally* company, now left alou# In the rear.I directed Cupt. Bradley,?with bit own. Lltnt. .VePlka'a and Meut Thorn peont commend.? to endeavor to open a communication with the rerr guard At ihla juncture, Capt Keueally hlintclf arrived. ?itated that hit company wat aurrounded, and that he had rcoclved under cover of a flag the following communication:?" The Colonel Langberg offert to ail the aoldlert life and tecurlty 11 you turrender yourttlf " L.MLLIO LA.NGBfc.RG, Foreign Officer Upon receipt of tbla note, Cept Keneaily had rcquated ... r1.,mf ?r?J l .-.-v.? v.i? one hour to consult me.?wtilch limit, and permission to visit me. was politely granted by General Romaro. commanding the Mexican fore* In bit rear Capt. KeneaUy nn furthurnioro kindly informed. that the ?n?my'a fore* umounted to ltioo men and three General* 1 Immediately returned to General Kontaro. a brief reply, uud deeired tbat the parley might be terminated. boon after. 1 despatched Capt flraaleT. with the force previously designated to comiuunicato with the rear, and assist iu bringing up the wagons, which bad thus far been successfully defended by Capt Keneally. Capt. Bradley cut through the enemy's line in the meet gallant manner, ?his volleys wsre responded to by the artillery and musketry of tbo rear guard, and in u few minutee I bad the satisfaction of seeing my little band again united around 100 of the wagons which we had succeeded in saving in the ubseuce of ( apt Bradley uu this duty, u parley was sounded by tlis enemy still in force between I us aud the town, and which portion of hie troops General | I rr?acommanded in person They reiterated their de! mitnd for u surrender, and desired to know, why I had fired upon tho Geueral-ln-rhlef whilst a trure existed. To I tlielr tirst demand I sent tho same reply that had been previously communicated to (ieneral Komsro; and alee J that during the time my fire was continued in front, I was ignurunt of the parley misting in the rear Towards night the enemy drew off towards tbs town, In which direction I also continued my march, with little progress however, as the wngons closed in mass were much ^ impeded by lh? thickets skirting the road It soon became quite dark, and supposing that the enemy would oppose my entrance into the town. I deemed It beet to wait until daylight before making the atteek As my men were suffering exceedingly Sir water, 1 found it | necessary during the night to drive off a party of Lancers ' stationed near tho stream, dlstnnt from us about half a mile. At dawn on the 8lh inst, I took possession of Cer' ralvo without opposition.?the enemy having evacuated it j during the night. Discovering that there were but 10 or l'J rounds of ammuuillou remaining in the cartridge-box-. o?.. I was detained at l erralvo, until the arrival of Col. Curtis' command on the tilth instant. Obtaining from hint the necessary supplies, I proceeded on my march and arrived at this (Mist on the I Jtb instant. There were kiiledjin the alfuir at Cerralvo, on the ?th instant, two privates of aptain Bradley's company F, 1st regiment Ohio volunteers, and fifteen teamsters. I was Informed that I he Mexican loss in the engagement ' amounted to forty-flvo killed and wounded?which number I believe to bo nearly correct. I take great pleasure in stating that ths officers and meu of my command, met the overwhelming force by which they were surrounded, with the greatest ooolnees nud gallantry. Lieut. A. McCarter ana Sergeant Wm. Howell, did good service with the artillery?firing with great rapidity and accuracy Lleuts. Jas. P. Kyffe and. V. mij nan, iraiiiiminu lufl DHUlf QUUH with which they were entrusted, with promptuess ut 1 gallantry L. (JIDIMNOS. > Major lit Keg. 0. V. Com'(lg Uetaehmenk INCIPEMTS AT THE CAPITULATION OF VERA CRUZ[From the Auburn Advertiser.] U. 8. St.oor or Wab Albany, > Anton I.isardo. April 4. Ib47. { a On the 19th day of March, 1847, the cereuiouy of tb? 1 capltulatlou of the city of Vera Crut and tha aaatla of Han Juan d'l.'lua took place, and. by apeclal good fortune, 1 obtained an opportunity of aeuing the glorioua pageant. It wax a bright, beautiful morning, and the whit* i ; doiuve, towvriAud fortresses of the eity.were bulking In r the yellow aunbeama, when the boat containing our e party put otf from the ship. We bad a delightful passage to the shore. where, after running through tha e breakers, we landed and found ourselves among a* mot ,j ley au assemblage on ever wu? collected. OtUcers, Rol1 diara. sutlers, reportara for tha press, eainp followara, >, hangers on, loafers, "gentlemen of leisure." dogs, pigs, 1 and cats,all mingled promiscuously together on theleog , level sand beach, and all striving to be heard?gabbling like so many geese, or tho multitude at the tower at liubel. . i Wo had not been longou ahoro before I had an upper > | tunity of seeing the gailaut Worth, of .Monterey uutot I riety. lie rauie gallopiug down on hia Hue steed, u*' companled by his stall of officers, and when be had or* r rived opposite thv spot where our party were standing, r be halted te give some orders, and 1 had a fine opportu] nity of scrutinising his appearance lie was draised lis ? full uni.orw. and was one of the noblest looking man I I hud ever beheld. There was a look of decision, of tlrmnogs and bravery about him, that at onea proclaimed him uo common mau. Seeing us all attentively and . rather curiously regarding Ulu>, be politely raised hi* * cka/irau, and with a kind toned "good morning, gantWa mau," galloped oil toward thv city. A large party of us. auuslstlng of a number of dark* 4 In the paymaster's and quartermaster's departments. n several nuvui officers aud citizens, started over the sand s hills for the spot wlivre the capitulation was t* take place. This was a tluo level plain, extending from the ,. southern gale of the city nearly two miles, aud wal |. smooth and even as a bowling alley As we advanced ). toward thv city, we found the ground almost covered >. with round shot of every sue, that had been thrown ,r from the enemy's batteries at onr army und aver and f. nuon we came 10 great holes, eight > r ten feet In depth, where the terrible h lis from ilie 1 iislln hideUuek, V, und. after exploding, scattered iheir lragiueuls all is around the plain Now aud then, horses and mules if that bad bcru destroyed by the shot, could be dtsoried i| lying upon the ground, with myriads if birds of prey it shrieking around them, aud tearing the Brsli from th-fr a ! white bones. i. | Having arrived upon the plain, we took a position i, ; whore we imagined we should have a linn view of tbw .1 wuum scene, uui wo naj n<>t oeen there more then ? twenty minutes ere cue of General Scott's aids rut* r galloping over the plain, his horse covered with foam, and his subro dangling In Its sheath with " (ifnllcmcn, thu General directs that this spot shall be kept flour. The Mexican troops arc to march nut here, and you will be obliged to take up another posi' tlon." Away he galloped bark again to bis post, and oar | party separated, and each looked nut for nimseif. One , of the army officers, who was not on duty at the time, and myself, proceeded to a hill covered with a thick growth of rhiiparrai, which overlooked the whole field, and where the intense beat was modified by a cool, freeh breeze that rams sweeping over the great waters i ! of the Gulf of Moxico. and paseed with a rustling ' I sound through the tangled boughs of the slmost impervious rhaparral. beneath whose shade we reclined 1 and gazed upon the magnificent panorama beneath us. < There spread the expansive plain on which the Mexicans wero to lay down tholr arms ; the city of Vera < ruz, with its old time worn walls, ramparts, domes, steeples and fortresses, battered down, broken Into fragments and defaced by shot and shells; the old grim ' 1 castle of Han luau de L'lua, with the half-iuaslod flag of w I Mexico waving above It, as if in distress, and beyond, r the great, solemn, sleeping sea, on wbteh the Immense " I fleet of stiips ot war and transports were quiet'y riding, '1 their masts, yards, and wilderness of rigging, clearly de| tiucd against the yellow suulil sky My companion had an excellent telescope: and it aliordod us a most exi eellcnt view of all the surrounding seeuery and of every' thing that transpired j About 10 o'clock A. M. the American army marched r* ; up in two distinct columns, the regular troops on the 1- right and the volunteers on the left, and took up a poslI tion In such a manner as to bring a large portion of the level plain before montlouud within a hollow square, with a slight opening at thu end nearest tile city for the Mexlcnn troops to enter At tbn further end of this hollow square a white flag was planted, and there the American generals took their ttslioo. to reoelve the swords of the vanquished It was a gran.I sight Homo ",r I twenty thousand soldiers drawn up with tboir bright ,l arms dashing in the sunbeams, and with the gay colors r" of the dillereut regiments floating on the breese. while ,,r I every bill top aud other spot where a view oew'd be nb*' | tained. was erowded with anxious spectators About II f o'clock H loail vail or trumpet* told that tba Mvxlaau array wore approaching, and in a few momvtlt* they warn "* ??? to d elite from the aouth gu?e of tha olty and anUr 1 the plain when- they were to lay down their araa. Tha f' aoldieraaud ufllrer* made an excuUent appaaranae being | ' well dreaaed and accoutred , On they caina to tha wailing aouud of tha moat ' i mournful muaic I tear hoard, the general ortloer* at tba h'-Ad and a multitude of aitiaene following, loaded down i with their gooda and chattel* their little all: Home had old trnuK* upon their aheuldera, otheri bag* filled " with provUiou*. and from appearaueeo, wa J ridged that n the town had been abandoned to our trocne Woman i and i-hlldreu. tba old. the young the nit, tha poor, the laino, the blind all bed lied (rum the city with their 1 littlu treaaurea, n? if the p?wtllenoc ?a* ahodt to enter h there, and in a ead und inournfiil pmveeahm. came ?' thronging from their heme* My heart aehed for them, 1 and I aincerely ?yiopathieod with theru ta thtdr deep dial rea# Tha Una of Mexican troopo and eitiaena axle tended from the city gate to the white flag,where eat tha American general otfieem on heraeback to reoetoe tba \ etunpiered i, Attar remaining for aoine time on the hill, uit eompanlon and myaalf deecendml. and went along tne whole line of the Mexican army, aalutiug tha prinripal nfflcore n* we p?*M?d, which *? alwayereturned with the great, , e?t rourtrey On we went toward thn gaie of the city, ,v admiring the prelty eeuorlta*. who were reclining open n ! I lie ground among the troop*. with their feet and ?? ,y kle* entirely, and their botome mora than half nxpvted, i',, with their dark ttaahiug eyaa. anil loug raven hair haugpn lug down almost to the ground. On wn went. Mopping v to exchange a few word* with one. and a auiile with ano u( ther. until looking suddenly behind u*. we fniind tba* r>f wc had left our countrymen and all anccor fur away, *1 and that we were absolutely alone In the mid-1 of tha in | Mexican army. If 1 had my misgiving* i?e I paw the dark j-? and threatening look* rvt upon uiy romrado and myIr aeir, liy the aruied and iwarthy horde* of the enemy, I u- | took good rare not to ahow lhein. hut wont <iulctly on, n i I though I felt n* If I wa* walking on tha edge of a prrci-m ! pleo, from which one falne step might precipitate mo *d among the rock* below. lo- 1 Hud any evil dlapoied Mexican taken a fsney to have a shot at u*. who. at euch a time, could ever have 1> nv ed out the a?*?a*lu ' IVc were both entirely nn-rme<l, a'- inft !-d' tho ill-Ill icy "I uur situation, thou i loo* rnv < are not to let the \iexicau soldier* |wrvehelUaiid wan iy, , quietly on, until wa found oureelvee before tba gete ?*

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