Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 2, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 2, 1847 Page 1
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1 11 ? ? TH] Vol. XIII. No. DM?Whole No. 4718. THE NEW TORR HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Noilb-we?t corner of Fulton and Nmmou ata. JAMES GORDON BEHNETT. PROPRIETOR. CIRCULATION?FORTY THOUSAND. DAILY HKR ALU?Kvery day, Price 2 ceuts per copy?f? Mpcr annum?pei-able in advance. WK.I KI V in.a ALD?Every Saturday?Price 6X cents per ropy?$3 phiiii* per annum?payable in a<l ram* e. Ml-HAM) KOH KUUOPK?Every Stimm Packet d*yP r i > I'V rpnts per cnpv?S3 per annum, payable in advance. HOL.I DAY ll K1LA.LD-Publi.lied on the 1st of January and lstol Jnlvofeafli year?siugle copies sixinrnce each. _ A!) VKRTISK.\(KNT8, at tl.e u.ual prices-al ways cash in advance. Ailverll eme:it? .lionId be written In a jJ.niu, legible manner. The Proprietor will not be responsible lor errors that may occur in them. . , ? ... t I'lllNTINlJ of all kinds eiecuted beautitully aud with uespnrrn. All letters or communications by mail, addressed to the , ?" : iili-limeiit, must he post paiJ, or the postage will lie ile , d'irre.l from ihe subscription monev remitted f M U. S. MARINES WANTED. MM { :! . 9 JJ jT fTllPrVARINE COItPS OF THE UNITED STATES, j -1 or tliat branch of the military service furnishing soldiers I for llit different sMtiuus and vessels of war, having been | lucre.ised bv aet of Congress, approved 2d March, 18-17, by the i addition of SO Sergeants, 39 Corporals, 30 Drummers, 30 Fifers, and I.ihki P-ivatea. | A rendezvous for the enlistment of recruits is now opened at 1 No. S3 Chatham street, near the Harlem railroad depot and Tammany II ill, where respectable youeg men desiring to enter a service which will afford them an opportunity of seeing foreign countries, are invited to call. Previous to enlisting it is the dutv of the recruiting officer to esplain fully the terms upou j Which they enter the service Open ,rom 9 A. M. to sunset. JOHN GEO. REYNOLDS, Captain Commanding. Recruiting Hender.rona. Two dollars premium will be given to any soldier or citizen j who will hiiug to the rendezvous, au acceptable or efficient recruit. al lm*rc j CiTIzOFs NEW DAY LINE OK OPPOSITION BOATS FOR ALBANY AND INTERMEDIATE PLACES. Fare AO cents?Breakfast and Dinner on Board. ii e? w The new and elegant Steamer METAMOP .-XltZZMRA, Cant. T. 8. Knight. Mondays, WednesliMMMwitiKadays, anu Fridays, at naif-past sii, A. M., from the pier foot of Warren street, touching at Hammond street pier. The new and elegant Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS, Capt. A. Degroot, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at half-past six, A. M., from the pier foot of Warren street, touching at Hammond street pier. For ivusuge or frieghf, apply on board the Boats, or to Geo. Dohsou, at the office, 126 Wnrreu street, comer of West street (l"7* All persons are forbid trusting the abovr boats on account of the owners. a? r a-u"PL \ i i v i-> is * it e ' xi r j tin 1,1111,, i/rv 11, i , TT-w?w ^OR NEWBUIIOH AND FISHKILL, r?n? v?o??^ Landing at Van Cortland's, (Pet-kskill,) West , vwncaWSwE* Point, Gold Soringand Cornwall. The Steam- I rr Thomas Pliwcll, Cant. Sninl. Johnson, will leave the pier | foot of Warren street, for the above places, every afternoon ' (Sundays excepted.) at J o'clock, commencing April 10. Rc' urning?will leav Newburgh every morning at 7 o'clock. N. U.?All Baggage and Freight of every description, Bank Bilhi or Specie, put on board (if this boat, mast be at the risk of the on ner thereof unless entered on the books of the boat or receipted for. ap!> lm*r THE Proprietors of Steamboats wishing P. p.-N-'jrf^Mj^BelU hung, wonld do well to pay a visit on egwTff igvksHBm l?o.od the steamboats Oovernor, Thomas Towell, Uogei Williams, Utica. Palmetto, Princeton, Mountaineer, Iron Witcn, Catiline, Stc., and examine H. Homer's improved style of Bell Hanging, expressly adapted for Steamboats. Put up uaat and strong, and warranted for one year, by H. H.. No. 8 Ann street. m28 lm*r NOTICE. ween^ STATEN ISLAND FERRY.?On and r.-rv.-VPaswra* after HUN DA V, April 18th, the steamboats SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will ran as folhTyvs, until further notice :? leave statkv island At 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, P. M. leave nkvv vohk At 7, 9, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, ten minutes past 3, and at 4, 3, 6, 7, o'clock, P. M. New York April !3lh. a!3 r Jr-aea^PASSENUERS FOR ALBANY, TROY, the iutermed'ale landings, cannot do ityurnMiMli&lM better than take the new and splendid steamer AL1DA, in,in foot of Barclay street, ou Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at o'clfick, A.M. This boat is the haudsomest and most s|>lendid day boat on the line. The, are served up in a style eipial to any hotel in the city, and the faies are the same as for the inferior boats. a27 1 ? |C_ MORNiNU LINE AT HALF-PAHT SIX O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY AND TROY-Landing r-jh^lh Nat Caldwell's, West'Point, Newburgh, HainpitrogsMCltExba ton, Pntighki-epsie, llyde Park, Iuiincbeclt. Upper Red Hook, Bristol, Catskill, Hudson, Coxsackie, and Kiiidrrliook. Fare Rkdpckd. Breakfast and Dinner on board the Boat. The sre inihoat NIAGAR A, Capt. H. L. Kellogg, will leave the steamboat pier, foot of Barclay street, Tuesday, Thursday ami Saturday, at half past six o'clock. Returning on opposite da . s. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. HALL, at the Ullicc on the wharf. NIUHT LINE?DIRECT. From the foot of Cortlandt street. Passengers tailing this Boat will arrive in time to take the Morning Train of Cars from Troy west to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, and Lake George The low tire-sure steamboat EMPIRE. Cant. R. B. Macv. at<; o'clock. Leave* New York Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. For passage or freight, apply on board, or at the office on the whirfT The steamboat COLUMBIA, Captaiu W. W. Tnr>|>er, will leave the pier at the foot of Courtlaudt street, at 6 o'clock. For pas vote or freight, apply on board, at the office on the whirl. Hexular days from New York, Monday, Wednesday and Fi day ?? re 0 LAN sn.Yw NAVIGATION COMPANY^ U. 8. MAIL LINK TO COWLS, AND SOUTHAMPTON,* AND BREMEN. ?. THE splendid new steamship WASHS/V-INOTON, 1750 tons burthen, Frederick Hew itt, Commander, will start Irom New York on the 1st June next, carrying lite cmJJnlaSnse United States Mail. She will omen it Cowes tutu Southampton to land passenger* and freight, and deliver the mails for England, France and Belgium, und will then proceed to lire inerhaven. The Washington is built in the strongest manner,with a view to being converted into a ship of war. and subject at any time t? inspection by officers apjiointeu by the President, both during a id aflerconstruction. She has two engines of 1000 horse power e tch, and accommodations for 110 hrst class and 44 stcoud class passengers. Passage from New \ ork to Southampton, or to Bremen? First Class (120 Second cl us 60 Passage from Bremen.or Southampton to New York. First class (150 Second class , 60 Sue will carry about 3(10 tons freight, which will he charged according to the nature of the goods offering. All letters must pns? through the post office. Parcels, lor which bills of lading will lie signed, will be taken at (5 each. For passage or freight, apply at preseut at the office of the Ocrn Steam Navigation Lompany at 41 Broad street, and alter 1st .May to No. 44 Willinn street. Agents at Southampton?DAY, UHOSKEY it ROSS. - llrfmen?A. HKINA1K&:* at IU. IUvr*--WILLIAM IS KLIN. The second stemnrr of the line is indue course of construction. (1 will h- in refidiness in the ensuing f*H i21 Ini r /tfclaafiW BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN R? V AL MAIL STEAM SHIP, 1200 tout * "' horse power e?ch, under contract vrith tlie Lords of the Ailmirality. lUlir.RNIA, Captain Alexander Kyne. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward (J. Lott. BRITTANNlA, Captain John Hewitt.1 CAMBRIA.CaptainCharlOx U.K. Judkins. ACADIA, Captain William Harriaon. Tli* four slram.hips now building are THE AMERICA, THE NIAGARA. THE CANADA, THE EUROPA. Vessel, appointed to aail from Liverpool are the Cambria April 4, 18-17 Caledonia. April 20,1847 Britannia, May 4, 1847 Vessel. appointed to tail from Boatoa are the I xmbtl May I, 18(7 Caledonia, May 18, 1817 raa.eni;era'luggage must be oq board the day prerious lo ailing. Passage money? From Boston to Liverpool, $130, do do to Halifax, $30, ? No berth, teeured until pnid for. These ships carry expeiienced surgeons. No freigh', except speeie, received on days of sailing. For freight, passage, or any other information, apply to M. BRIGIl AM, Jr., Agent, At HAKNDEN k CO.'S, 6 VVall st. (7*7" In addition to the shore line between Liverpool and Halifax, and Boston, a contract has been entered into w ith Hei Majrs- V nf r.jioent, te establish a line between Liverpool and New York direct The steamships for rhis service are now being bnilt, and e.rly next year due notice will lie given of the time when they will start. I nderlhenew contract the teamen will sa'l every Baenrday daring fight months, and every I rruight during the other month, in the yeer. Going al terna'i lv i Liverpool and Halifax and Boston, and be tween Liverpool and New York. m2tl r - .. h'raYth On the national BANK OF IRELAND.?W. It J. T. X^^^5t,|k7aTs|>ecnn hsg lo inform their friends end the public, who wish to remit monev to ?w?n)l [ijr Ol ireiann, uw inrygnwMiiura lsrge or sin ill amount*, I Payable without diacoaet,) direct on the National Bank of Ireland, Uuhlia, erany of the numerous branches throughout the country. AI?o, drafts can be obtained, payable in *11 part* of r.nginnd, Scotland, .vid \Vale?, on application to W. h J. T. TAMCOTT, ?8 Sonth street, atflrh Second door below Barling Sfi|t. KtTH LlVfcHPOOC Saw -Regular pockMtrlfV of Jfith Mav.?The splrndid, fast sailing packet 'hip ?H KRIDAN, Opt. lien. U. Cornish, will poarierlv sail n* above, her regular (lay, Kor freight or |iassngc, having *u|>?rior furnished accommodation*, apply on board at OjJestts wharf, loot of Wall *trr*t, or to K. K. COLLINS, JS south ?t. Price of rnusaye $7J. The packet ship OARIIIf'K, f'apt. B. J. H. Trask.will snc, r"il '!>* Sheridan, and nil Jnne Jti'h. her regnlar day. *2T (ifiifik COH S.\LK?The hull of a vessel Just launched, W^TKV,n'' now >vine at Railway port. She will carry ahont jBfjfUllb'fofl to 300 tons; M feet ou deck, 2) feet beam. She will iu> war for cnnal, river, or coa?t service. Inquire of the iut?cribers,at Railway, New Jersey. JOS. O. LT'FBKRV, a# 1m?_r HJl. SIIOTH'K.I.L ?/* AT KOJl LIVKRPOOL?'J'iie well kriawiilAst sailing hfci'vVlk't ship IIOTTINOuLR. lotio ton*, f'apt. Ira ja* tiUf?'lursler. will meet with immediate despatch. 1 , licicht or pissage, having splendid lai\e nnn comfortahle roomi s id "aliiri, apply to the ('ajitnin on hoard, at Judd'a who I, I.. Riv. r, or to WOODIfULL & MINTURN, 11 _ _ R7 South street. AZ.*. ,NK? LINK'OK' PACKKTB TO AND KHQM W-oJfV' ' I' 'O'OI )L ? riie aplenilui fast sailing shin W?'ik <tna'vl DDONS, ( aptain (.'obb, will sail from New York oi i oij.iheild ol ^'ay. <"id from Liverpool nn ihellth Jr '? . In re'tnl.i.r day*. Her accommod itiiuia for cabin, 2nd r i , o,d 111,s,'Tigers arr unsurpassed by any other ?: I'll. ' on* wishing to proceed to Knrope, or those Wid1 - to send for their friend, can make the necessary ai~ ra.,g menu ou liberal terms on application to W. & J. T. TAPACQTT. *30 r ? South at., 2ad door below Barling Slip. I E NE1 FOR NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA AND EW VOItft LINE. Jjf& iffiS* s$jj> TO'^^^Tevery TE^TTYS. Ship OSVVF.OO, Captain Joluuou. Ship HUDSON, Captain Page. Ship CLIFTON, Captain Imjrrsull. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. Shin SARTLLLE, Captain Taylor. Itirk GENESEE, Captain Minot. Bark J. JEs WILLIAMSjl Captain Parker. Hark HEBRON, Captain Grcig. The above ships are all of the first cLs?, of light draft of water, and commanded by the molt experienced captain* in the trade. Their cabin* are haudiiiiiiely furnished, and every attention paid to the comfort and convenience uf il?. gtrt. Neither the captains or owners of the above ship* will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious atones, silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcels, or packages seut bv. or 1-ul on board of them, unless regular billi of lading are taken lor the same, and the value therein expretsed. For freight or passage, apply on bourd, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall afreet, or to h. K. COI.LINB. SC South street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff It Co., who w ill promptly forward all goods to their address. DKAFTS UN Til lb NATIONAL BANK. UF IK ELAND. rffe life. \,n!TT. TAW^^^R1, beg their the public, wishing to remit mouev to Ireland, that tliey draw drafts for I trgc on?tnall amount*, Ipayable without discount,) direct on the National Bank of Ireland, Dublin, or any of the numerous branches throughout the country. Also, drafts can j be obtained, payable in all parts of England, Scotland, and ; Wales, on application to W. 8t J. T. T APSCO IX , m; Lb South str?t, Now York, j PASSAGE TO AND FROM LIVERPOOL, AND REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, fee., BY THE BLACK BALL LINE OF PACKETS. M # TjKRSONS wishiniMiaTiage to L^erpooT, by the splendid 1 and commodinu* packet ship Columbia, which sails on Saturday, May 1st, her regular day, will please make immediate application to Captain K. <). Kurher, on board, at the foot of B felt man street, or to the wtotiweia Those wiahiiiK ft send for their friend., to come ont from Liverpool by the favorite packet Yorkshire, sailing from there on the 1st of June, or the above splendid ship, which sails from . there on the 16th of June, or any 01 the Black Ball Linn, can secure their passage previous to the sailing of the Boston | steamer of the 1st of Mnv hv Rftnlviinr In II. Persons remitting money to their friends, can litre drafts for any amount, payable on demand, on the Royal Bank ol Ireland, or qu Prescntt Orote, Ames St Co., London, which will lie paid in the rarioua branches throughout Ureal Britain and Ireluid. Apply to ROCHE. BROTHERS Sc Co. X5 k niton atret, New Yorlt. Passenger# Agents for the Black Bull Line of Liverpool Packet# n2lro OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFKKJK. iH&v iHS- I 273 I'karl Rthkkt. SAMUF.L THOMPSON AM) NEPHEW. Aormti t o* thr "Black Star''Liar, op Pacrpt*. 1817. Urtrpool to A'eio York 1847. Shipt Captain#. Tns Rrg Tni ti n. Sea, T. F. Vreeman, 807 1100 | Liberty, P.P.Norton. 702 1800 Cornelia, F. M. French. 1005 1750 Ohio, H. I.yon, 788 1373 Samuel Hicka, T. O. Bunker, 839 1.500 Empire, (new) J. G. Russell, 1090 1800 Pauthea, W. B. Lane, 723 1323 Indiana, Jamea D. Bennett, 710 1300 Huguenot, S Goodhue, 932 1680 Marmion, (new) W. Edward#, 903 If,00 Peter Hattrick, J. D. Poat, 870 1300 Kliiabeth Deniiton, F. W. Spencer, 806 1400 Devonshire, W. T. Thompson, 889 1300 Niagara, (new) H. Russell, 730 1X50 Alhu, (new) H. Collin, 790 1408 Chaos, (new) J. L. Wilson, 810 1400 Sardinia, (new) C. K. Crocker, (102 1400 America, (uew) Weare, 1180 1900 The (ubscriber# w ould respectfully inform their friend# and tlie splendid new shins to their line of packets between thi# port and Liverpool,which has been favorably known and estousivelv patronised fur a period of more than thirty years, and have no hesitation in assuring those who may wish to make engagements for the |uis*sge ol their friends from England, Scotland ar Ireland, that they will find these ships inferior to none in point of comfort, convenience and safety, oue of which will sail from Liverpool, every ail days, throughout the year, making 'delay and the consequent cupeiue to emigrants at the port of embarkation impossible. A free passage per steamer from the various Irish and Scotch ports, with bread stuffs, and hospital money paid, may be secured all at the lowest rates; and when those settled for decline coming out, the full amount paid will be promptly refunded as usual, k or further particulars, ?p(ily to ja.uu c.ii iiiu.MioUii ? .sr.i nr.**, 275 Pearl street. or to C.ORIM8HAW It CO., 10 Ooree Piazzas, Liv'nl. Drafts or eicliange, payable at sight, ere also furnished for any amount, on K. C. Glyn He Co., Banker*, I.nndon; ('. Grimshsw K Co., Liverpool; the National Bank of Scotland; National Bank of Ireland, and Northern Banking Co. A 1*1*1 >* as above. fet Im'r P. \VTBVrRNkfs St. id's NEW VDHK AND LIVERPOOL EMIGRATION OFFICE. JIR. iMfc. ?& ? T^VTBVRNT^^)., 36 Mat? ^wRoid, arc desirous of infurming the public of the United States, that they have found the importance of a direct Agency for the purpose of placing within the power of the friends of the passengers coming out to this country, the immediate correspou deuce with a respectable establishment, from whom they can rely for attention and favor towards their relations leaving the old country. Persons desirous ?f engaging passages from Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Belfast, Londonderry, and Liverpool, direct to New Yerk, Boston, Philndelphis, Baltimore or New Orleans, con do so on more favorable terms than ran he obtained frotn any other house engaged in the business in this country; being the oldest and largest establishment in the passenger trade in Liverpool. The many thousand passengers that have sailed in the ships which have been desimtchedTrom our office iu Liverpool, and the different ports of Ireland for the last thirty vears, is a fttfficient guarantee of our ability to fulfil with satisfaction any engagement for passengers that sve may he favored with. DRAFTS AND BILLS OF EXCHANGE given for any amount, payable nn sight, nt the National Bank of Ireland and iu branches; and also ?n all the principal towns of England and Scotland without discount. A list of the Packet Ships with their dap of sailing, and the addresa of the Agents who set for us, can he had on application at this ollice. Apply or address by letter, (post paid) P. W. BYRNES Sl CO., 5# South street, comer Wall street New Y'ork. m22 lm*rrc REMITTANCES TO IRELAND. M&- m- m Gr.OKGE MclnfflTeL Jr., has retnovc<niis oflic^t^^\T 56 Broadway, and continues to remit money, in sums large or small, to persons reaiding in any |>arl of Ireland, in the sai?*e manner as he and his predecessor in business have done for i the last thirty years and more; also to an/part of England or Scotkaid. Money remitted by lette{, post-|>aid, to the subscriber, or personally deimsiteo with him, with the name of the person or person* in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is to lie sent, and nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that ellert given or forwarded to the sender. jit lm*rc 14^- " UNION I,ink. OF FaUK TS to from Li dHMtWeemool ? I he splendid fast sailing packet ship KMMiiilitTillK, Cam Russell, will sail from New Vork on the 10th of May, ami from Livvr|>ool on the lat of June, her regular dayi. Her accommodationa for cabin passengers are rery superior; she has also etcellant accommodations for a limited number of second cabin passengers, in airy and spacious rooms on deck;and her between decks, for steerage passengers, are lofty and well lighted; all of which will be taken at reduced rates. Those wishing to secure berths should make early application pu board, at pier No .1 North Riv?r, or to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, _a20 r IK. South st . 2d door helm Hurling slip. AAtr VESSEL WANTED ? A good >esse| MMRJVof 2000 barrels burthen, to proceed to Hull, England. fljPV WOODHULL It M1NTURN, I rn I r " South street. 1 jag** FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and N?w , Vork Line of Packets?The fast sailing packet thin ' jfilkSfaWA BASH, Capt. Hathaway, is loading, and will I sail On Monday, May 10th. Eor freight or ixussge, having ' handsome furnished accommodationa, apply on board, at Orleans Wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, V> South street. Agents in New Orleans, J. O. Woodruff (kilo., who will ! p nmi tlv forward .all goods to their address. *2'J | EOR "BELIZE, HONDl'HAS-The Hark IOIIN I GARDNER, James Pede rsen, Master, will luae JttsiBb lispatch for the above port. Eor freight or passage I apply to Captnin on board, or to K. ALEXANDRE. a29ttt*r 21 Southatreet. EOR LIVEHPtiOL-New Line-THe paekel nPjNrW. slop SIDDONR, (.'apt Edward B.Cobb, will sail JSaMtta Monday, May lid. Eor irriglit or pssaage, having superior furnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall irteet, or to E. K. COLLINS, .1 South st. Price of passage (73. The packet snip SHERIDAN, Captain Oee. D. Coru'ih, will surcead the niddons, and sail May Kth, her regular day. a27j AA3P- FOR UVERPQiyL?New Line-Regular Pkclce't nXW ?f til* gist May?The superior, fust sailing URcket JIlMkship QUEEN OK ThA WtfST. Captain Philip Woodhoaae, 1234) tana hurt hen, will sail as above, her regular . day. For freight or passage, hiring splendid, Iargf und o o m f<>rti- 1 able sure ifom md cabin, apply u> the Captain on board, at west pier of fiurlin^slij^ or u> _. , WKUUHULL ft MINTURN, $7 South at. Price of passage $100. 7 no packet (hip Constitution, 1000 tons hurfhen, f apt. Jno. Britton, will sccceed the Queen of the Writ, and Mil on her regular any, 21at June. ?2f, . *"' 'J/4.i'-V,' L-?The On* Inst saiUaf DM IhI TOj^[V*h!P HOI I H i.KN KR. Cnpt. A IrtnndeT 8. Palmer, JWWMfeWO tons hnrthen, having mmt of Iter cargo rugngid, will Mil in n few days For lialanc* of freight, or passage, having eacrlleiil accommodation*, apply on board, foot of Dover street, K.ant River or to WOODHL'LL It MINTURN, _ *^6_. , _ 07 South afreet. Boarding in blkeckf.r street-two gemiemrn and their wire*, oj fire or aix aingle gen lemen, ran be accommodated with bandaome, unfurmalied ronmi, with bed room* attached, and full board, in a pleasantly aiiuated houae in Carroll place. Apply at preaent at95 Spring afreet. ?21 lm*r 15 0ARD?AtM Beeltman street, within fire minutes "walk AJ of Wall atreet or the City Hall. A gentleman and wife can be well accommodated with a large front room on the aecond floor, with cloaet attached, and, if wanted, bedroom adjoining. Alio, aeveral aingle gentlemen ran be accommodated. __ _ _ aB lw*rc BEDBUG POISON. WATSON'S INFALLIBLE BEDBUG POISON.?1The erjierience of paat veara proves tins preparation to be the moat effectual dcatroyer and banialier of Bedbugs ever discorered. It needa but one application to satisfy the moat incredulous of it* wonderful and immediate effect*?I'rice 2a. Sold wholesale and retail only at Apothecaries Hall, 36 Catharine atreet 476 Grand street, and Ollcott, McKesson k J Co., 127 Maiden Lane; and I.W Fulton atreet, Brooklyn. a8 lm*r NEW VORK AND HARLEM. RAILROAD Co-Tl,a nnrnial election for thirteen Direcfora of this Company will be In Id at the office of the Company, No. 4 Tryon Row, on 7'neaday, the lBtli day of May nest, between the hoitra of 2o'clock P. M. 7 lie transfer books will be cloaed ten days prior to the election A- KVLE, Jr. Secretary. i New York, April $1, 1147. alt tmyltrc W YO NEW YORK, SUNDAY M SPECIAL REPORTING.?Dr. Houston, Stenographer to tlir Senate of the United Stales, informs thirse w ishiiiK to secuie Lia services as reporter on ?|>ecinl occasions, that lie may ; be addressed at lite odices ul Dra. Castle and Edwards, auriats, . 381 Broadway. Dr. II. receives private pupils in Ilia system of stenographic reporting;. Tema $200 each. New York. April 2D. 1H17 a28'1m r IsLET Up K WAKHKHBh AND EU11N1TUKE WANTED. LA I ES OR GENTLEMEN having au[>erftuous effects o iktapow of, such as Wearing A| 'wirel, Furniture, kc., Can obitm e fair cash price for the same, by send in* lor the sui.acn.ier, through the Post Oliice, or otherwise, who will attend at their residences. J. LEVF.NrtlY N, i.X. Broadway. upstairs. Lubes can be attended to by Mrs. J. L EVENS'!'YN. tl>12 lni*rc SPORTING BOOTH?An entirely new article ol liuiitinft ami Kiihlng Boots, uihiiuIfactuied to order, of Goodyear a Metallic Rubber, and warranted perfeatly water proof, for sale by SAMUEL BROOKS, Bole Agent for Goodi ear's Manufactories. rn?tllm?rh IIUI Hrnailwav.opnosiie Trmitv fhnreh. CARRIAGES. T HE subscriber offers for saje an escellent assortment of | ^u"<| uaumncs, an n*n si) ict, wnrrauicu equal in qua my to any thing iu lliii market, and will be sold at reasonable prices. JAMES BREWSTER itilil 1 m * re 24 and 27 Canal street AM1LY BOARDING SCHOOL IN THE CotTNThy.?An HMllaca teaeher DM foe several yearstakeu into lirr family a number of children, not exceeding leu, a, boarders ami scholars The care and discipline is parental. No pains spared to advance the pupils in their studies, and to render thein roinfortablr and happy while under her charge, (ireat attention paid to their health and morals. The location is very retired and healthy. No day scholars admittrd- There are a few vacancies. Koi terms and references enquire at Ny. 136 I,-mrena street. . a26 2w*c hAi.i JhMl'hKS! HAbY J UMl'l'.Ks! Hp HE ATTENTION of mothers and of nurses, is invited A to an examination of this indispensable article to a quiet nursery, w liich may be found of every variety and price at I00 Broadway. SAML. BROOKS, lH ltn'rr Aft1*'" ^"r M inn faeturer. i t s IMI'UKI i'.li .-a AM) ULALEKS IN WOOLLENS. HMIOKON A CO., Refinishera of Cloths, Cajuimerei, Ac.. No. 311 West street. 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Olaas (lent for ( locks and Bow Windows, Sir,. Sir. (iLOlit?K KDWAHLS. 1 lm*r 114 and ltd Nassau street , RK H [ORNING, MAY 2, 1847. NEWS FROM THE SEAT OF WAR. FURTHER FROM VERACRUZ. Despatches from O-en. Scott. AFFAIRS IN CALIFORNIA. <Stc., &c. IMPORTANT FROM VERA CRI Z. [From tho New Orleans Picayune. April 23.] The best advice, lead to tho impression that a battle wo* fought ut Cerro Gordo. nearly midway between the Puonto Naclonal and .lalupu. on '1 hurgday or Friday lo*t. We have heretofore announced the advance of Oeneral Twiggs's division into tho interior. When last heard from he waa beyond the Puenle Nacional and In close proximity to the Mexican army; Gen. Scott waa expected to arrive at (Jen. Twigg's headquarter* on the nlgbt of the 11th ln?t. Gen. M orth left Vera Cruz with the lust division of the army on the 13th, aud bivouacked that night at Sau Juan?about twelve piiles in the Interior. He probably joined the advance on tho 13th. Santa Anna whs said to be at Cerro Gordo, where La Vega and Canalizo were posted with a considerable command. The Mexican foroe at that point, when joined by Santa Anna, was <-kiini!U'*a at nrteeu thousand strong?cunsiatlng of two thousand regular Infantry. three thousand cavalry, ami the . einatnder Irregular**. The pans of t.'erro Gordo Is forty-four miles from Vera Crut. ami la naturally a very strong one Home difficulty is anticipated in forcing It. Humors state that Santa Anna cau obtain any amount of irregular force he inuy desire Reoonnoileriiig partii i from the American army had been tired upon and several woundod?amongst whom was Captain (now Lieut. Col.) Johnson, of the Topographical Kngincers, who was shot in the arm and hip whilst examining the Mexiran works at (.erro (iordo. Intelligent officers. who arrived in the Massachusetts, entertcrtuin very little doubt that a general engagement has taken place. A number of soldier* have been shot in passing the rood to and fro All accounts represent the Amerieuns as confident of victory, ami the Mexicans as burning tor vengeance. Our next advices from Vera Cruz will, we doubt not. bring us the details of an important engagement. V'kra l'?i l. April 13. 1*17 A German gentleman has just told me?it Is now 10 o'clock. A. M. that tinuta Anna was at his old hacienda of K.ncelro day before yesterday. This place Is close by Jnlapa. Caualizo ami l.a Vega ure at I erro Gordo, where no less than three heights have been fortified Gen. Scott went out last night; (Jeu. Worth, with his division, marched this morning, and will bivouack tonight at Sail Juan, on the other side of Sunta Kc. Gen. Twiggs is at Plau del Hio, close by the Mexicans, and there are those who think it more loan probable that he has already had a brush with them. It is thought the position at ('erroGordo can be turned, and in ease l.a Vega and Caniilir.o make good their retreat that they will make anothsrstand at Los Dtos. Time will show. The hospitals are full, and the sickness is said to be on the inorease. I still cannot learn that there has been any well authenticated cases of vomlto, although many have died of fever. Vr.r* Cri;t., April 14.1A47 The Massachusetts sails in half an hour, and I hasten to send you the latest intelligence received fromthe ad vanco of our army on its march towards Jalapa. Despatches were received hero yesterday eveuing from (Jen. Twiggs, slating that the enemy had been discovered, and that in a reconnaissance some eighteen miles beyond the National Bridge, at a point called the Black Forrest Puss, ( apt. J. E. Johnson, of the Topographical Kngineurs -now Lieut. Col. of voltlgeurs?was severely wounded with a shot through the una and another in the thigh, it is more than probable that ere this (lens. Twiggs und Pillow have had something of a " brush'' with the cuemy. Hanta Anna is known to have arrived at this pass with a forre said to he l.vnoo strong, consisting of 2000 regulars and the balance of irregular troops; of whom 3000 are cavalry. The point above natned t> a very stroug one, and naturally atfords great advantages to tho enemy, but my word for It, they will not hold it long after our troops assail t. When Capt. Johnson was wounded in his reconnoissance, he was with an escort of the 2d dragoons, under Cspt. Hardic. [From the Vera Cruz Eagle. April 13.] It Is strange that tho presence of the Americans in this place for ten or twelre days only, should have wrought such u change la the general aspect of affairs. The city, the day we entered its gates, was the most wo-begoue looking place that could bo liuagiued. There was uothing to eat. notiiingto drink, and nothing but soldiers to talk to. Now. trie streets are lined with eutablcs and drinkables, and every stop upon the side-walk is made within a few feet of an American. Streets that were then filled up with fragments of stone snd mortar arc now cl arod of the rubbish, and nothing >n left to tell of the destruction the city sustained, but tho broken doors and windows, and a few of the houses iu the vicinity of the gata of Mercy. The natives themselves seem to have uudergono u change also, and 110 duobt have, for being freed from the presence of their own army, who daily levied contribution from them, they have tile protecting ariny of our own General, who suffers the commission of no wrong to go unpunished. This is enough to change thcro; and our prayer is, that the difference between the two Governments may become so apparent to them? the preponderence always being ou our side? that, emulated by our course, they may shortly establish fur themselves a government upon our own iiberul principles. Like those of Tainaulipa* and Nucva Leon, they are better off whilst their territory is being occupied by our troops than they over were before, 1 he harbor is crowded with American ships; the quay is Ullcd with American poods, the streets with Americans ; and, although our possession of the place may inconvenience proprietors. who have lived off of the poor, to the many it is a blessing. affording incalculable benefit to those of the ''upper two bit ts " With the advantages of American commerce and industry, a very few weeks will elapse before this city of Vora (.rui will he a place, and its inhabitants, who have suffered so much of late, will ho in the enjoyment of all the comforts of life. We have been told that as soon as permission is obtained, wbieh we suppose will be after our boys get there, the old diligence line will recommence operations, and run regularly between Vera Cruz and that place, making the trip up iu less than 24 hours To those of our citizens who may be going thither, this will be a great convenience, besides an Inducement forthose"to hum'' to visit our army Many are too timid to rest long at Vera Cruz during tho prevalence of tho vomito, and by this arrangement, tliey can reach here ut 12 M., and be off in two hours. FROM l.F.NKRAI, BCOTT'S CAMP. [From the Washington Union, April 30.] The last despatches received from Ueu. heott. up to this time, 4 o'clock this evening, are dated on the bth of April, from Vera Cruz. The following Is the last letter which had been received from him, at tho War Department :? li funqt-sRT or Tiir Asmv.) Vera Uruz, April 8, 18-17. ^ His?A vessel, unexpectedly, being about to sail, this morning for New Orleans, I write In haste, principally to forward, hy Col. Danklioad, a passenger, a package of papers from the acting Inspector General, containing lists of prisoners of war paroled, ike.. he. The movement upon Jalapa. announced in general orders No. 91. herewith, commences to-day. Major Gen. Patterson will follow to-morrow. This movement is forced in reference to our very inadequate means of transportation; hut made in the hope of doubling those means Jalapa is the first point, from tho coast, which comhiuos healthiness with the reasonable prospect of obtaining some of the heavier articles of consumption for the army?as breadstuffs, fresh beet and forage. Another expedition sails this morning for Alvarado, to ascend lliat river some lorty miles wltli some prospect of obtaining a thousand or more horses for ravalry, draught, and packs. I have the honor to remain. air. with (treat respect. your obedient servant, WINEIELD SCOTT, lion. VV. I,. Marct, Secretary of War. A large bundle of document* aeniunpanied thU letter from Oen. Scott, covering the following report from Col. Hitchcock, relative to the prisoners of war who were captured in Vera I rut, Han Juan do I'lua, and Antigua. lairroroa OritaaL'i DtraavMcwr, Vera rrua, March a, Im-17. General: 1 have the honor to lay before you the following described parcels of papers relative to prisoners of war. 1 Original paroles of honor given by the officers of the MuxTcan army and nary, prisoners of war captured at Vera < ru* and the castle of San Juan de I'lloa, pledging themselves not to servo during the present war between the United States of America and Mexico, unless duly exchanged The whole number of officers whose signatures are affixed to these papers Is 306; embracing four geueral officers a number of colonels, lieutenant onlouels, majors, captains, and lieutenants, with a considerable number of officers whose designations ar? not distinctly recognised, as t hey are unknown In our service. Home few. no doubt, from inadvertence, have omitted to affix their titles, and these, for the present, remain unknown, but. call be ascertained. Ail who have signed these peiiers are, however, understood to be commissioned officers 'J. Original paroles of honor given by the commanders of the several corps, regiments, bodies of the national guard. 4re., of the late garrison of Vera Urux and cnstle, try which the garrisous are pledged. In conformity with I lie terms <? ma rapmuauon, no* 10 serve during tne present war, unless July exchanged The total on three roll* I* 3.7H'J. 3. A lint (copy) of the name* of the officer* embraced in parcel No 1. (above,) commencing with that of the governor of Verafruz. General I.andcro, with a copy of hie parole In Spanish. and a tranelatlon of the name The parolee of all of the officer*, being niinllar to that of General Landero, have not been copied 4 ( omplete copies of the several paper* described In No. '1, (above,) to wit, the parole* for unllated men In addition to the above described papers, I ?end the copy of a paper embracing the name* of 41 Mexican officer*. dl*po*edof by the order* of the commanding general, a* exhibited on the face of this paper The original of this paper, down to tbo signature of the major general commanding, i* in the hnnd* of General I.andero. These 41 officer* are not included with those who havs signed their parole*; but to show the number of officer* prison* r* of war, or captured, should be sdded, making I.').' Besides these, a verv few are supposed not to have signed their parole*, being *lek In the city when the papers were prepared. I have visited the hospitals insesreli of them without success It I* to be remarks d that a considerabl# number of ^ ERA arras have been found In different psrtg of the city, evidently thrown aside by citizen soldiers, who. after the capitulation, disappeared In the crowd, and of whom uo aceount baa been taken. Theie may be eatimated at about one thousand, aud ought to lie considered as pa rt of the troops overcome?making the aggregate in the city and castle at the moment of surrender exceed 60 00. 1 will here barely allude to the fact. that, during the siege, a Mexican force, principally of cavalry. and supposed to number about 2.000. hung upon tiie rear of the American lines, and brought on repeated skirmishes, in which they were always driven aud worsted. With the papers referring to the prisoners of war captured at Vera Cruz and the castle. I enclose, also, the I original and copy of a parole of houor from I.ieut Qui| ros. who was taken prisoner at Antigua the '-'d tnst . aud I an original list of eiirht (tit nrtiuinrri teUen with him to. i getlier with a copy of llio same lUt These eight pri' Hollers aru now confined at the castl* of 8. Juan u'Ulua 1 have the honor to bo. Tery respectfully your obodleut servant. ?. A. HITCHCOCK, Lieut. Col. A. Insp. Gnu Major Gen. Winfixld Scott, comin'g the army of the I . 8 . Vera Crua, Mexico [We hare no room for the rurloue document* referred to In Col. Hitchcock'* report, embracing the nauiu* of the officer* comprised in the various column* , but a* u matter of curiosity. we tubjoin the traualution of the parole, which run* in the following maimer : i iiiitl1i ion. "The undersigned, coinmandnrit-gcucral of the State of Vera Crux, on retiring from the town, bind* hi* word | of houor, promising not to serve during the war between Mexico nud the United State*, unless ho be regu: larly exchanged. "vtka i'hit, March 29. 1*17. i ''The following officer* of the Mexican army prisoner* of war. captured at Vera ('rut and the castle of S. I Juan do L'hia. are under u pledge of honor similar to the 1 above," &*. Hern follow the name*.] Similar parole* are enclosed from different corps of the 1 Mexican army. affairs in California. ! [Correspondence of tho New Orleans Picayune ] H\v*-*a. April 8, 1817.?The British steamer Deo. ! which arrived last evening from Jamaica, brought to ' this place Captain Kinory, of the Topographical Kugiueer*. who accompanied General Kearny to California. ' aud Lieutenant Gray, both bearer* of despatches, the former from General Kearny, and the latter from Com' modore Stockton General Kearny arrived at the frouj tier settlements of California in December, found the , Calllbrhia* had rated in a body and expalled the AmeriI can* from the country, or obliged them to take shelter I on shipboard. General Kearny met the enemy In force at a place called San I'as<|ual. when an uction took place, and where, at the expense of more than one-third of the ^ little band that accompauied him. say 100. he ilefcntcd , the enemy, and cut his way through to San Diego. i am sorry to lniorm you trial disputes or u serious nature have taken |ilneo between General Kearny rind Commodore Stockton. Stockton bad refused to obey the instructions of his government, declining to giro up the eomiuand of the civil government of California to < ienernl Kearny. Into thia dispute it ia to be lamented 1 that Stockton drew Colonel Fremont on hia aide. It la to be hoped the I'reaident will cauae this affair to be investigated at once. The Independence, bearing the broad pennant of Commodore Shubrick, arrived at Monterey. California, on the d7th January. Commodoro liiddie, in the Coltltnbua, waa also expected iu n few days. Tlio storeahip Lexington had arrived. It was supposed that on the arrival of Commodore Diddle he would issue an order for the urrost of Commodoro Stockton General Kearny had gone to Monterey with his few remaining men.? Commodore Stockton remained at the head of affairs in Los Angeloa. None of the ports on the Pacific had been blockaded, and vessels were entering und discharging at Mazatlau without any molestation. On the 8th of January, near tho Pueblos do los Angeles, a battle took place, in which the Californians were defeated with considerable loss, and the peaceable possession Of that territory to tho I'nited Slates restored Commodore Stockton accompanied General Kearny on the occasion?in fact, the expedition was composed principally of sailors and marines. On arriving In front ol the enemy, Commodore Stockton proposed to General Kearny to halt, but it being on the Htb of January the General very laconically replied that ho would not on that day do so, and the engagement commenced. GENERAL TAYLOR O.N THE FIELD OF BATTLE. Lieutenant Corwino writes to the Cincinnati Chronicle, and gives the followiug interesting sketch of Gen Taylor on the battle-field of Duena Vista :?l'J)y way of illustrating an important characteristic of Gen. Taylor, to wit, determination, I will briefly relate a scene that occurred od Ihc buttle ground of Ilueua V ista, during the action of tlic 23d. At a timo when tho fortune* of the day deemed extremely problematical?when many on our side eren despaired of success - old Rough auu Ready, ax he in not inaptly stylcd.whom you must know, by the bye, in short, fat. and dumpy lu person, with romarkahly short leg?took his position on a commanding height, overlooking the two armies This was about thruu, or perhaps, four o'clock in the afternoon. The enemy, who had succeeded in guiniug au advantageous position, made a fierce charge upon our column, and fought with a desperation that seemed for a time to Insure success to their arms The struggle lusted for some time. All the while, Gen. Taylor was a silent spectator, his countenance exhibiting the most anxious solicitude, alternating between hope and despondency. His stall, perceiving his perilous situation, (for he was exposed to the Are of the enemy.) approached him and implored him to retire, lie heeded them not His thoughts were intent upon victory or defeat. He knew not at this moment what the result would be. lie felt that that engagement was to decide his fate. He had given all his orders, and selected hiH position If the day went against him. he was irretrievably lost; if for him. lie could rejoice In common with his countrymen, at the triumphant success of our arms. Such seemed to bf bis thoughts?his determination. And when ho saw the enemy give way, and retreat In the utmost confusion, he gave free rent to his pent up feelings His righl leg was quickly disengaged from the pummul of the sJi die, whern it had remained during tho whoio of t.h? fierce encounter?his arms, which were calmly folded over his breast, relaxed their hold- Ills feet fairly danced in the stirrups and his whole body was in motion. It was a moment of the most intense interest. His face was stifTused with tears. The day was won?the vietory complete?his little army saved from the disgrace of a defeat, and he could not refraim from weeping fbr joy at what hnd seemed to so many, but a moment before, as an impossible result may the noble and kind-hearted old hero lire to enjoy the honors of his numerous brilliant victories, and many other honors that a grateful country will ere long bestow upon him." MILITARY INTKLMfSKNCK. detarhment of 110 U. S. men, left binitliville, V C .on the 28th, in the schooner T. II. Savery, for the llratos. < apt. King's company, belonging to the 1 ftth regiment, arrived in Cincinnati on the 24th, cn route for the seat of war A company of forty men. under command of f apt a in Thompson, of the 0th infantry, arrived at Newport. H I., on Thursday, from Maine The IT. H. steamship Jas. L. Pay left for Vera Crur. last night, having on hoard the following passengers : 1 Oon. C'adwnllader. L\ S. A.; ( 'apt. Hooker, assistant adjutaut general; Col. Croghan, inspector general; Lieut. Loe. adjutant, llth infantry; Lieut. Mead, navy; Col Randall, paymaster; Maj Forsyth, paymaster, Nlaj Sturey. paymaster; Mr Douglass, sutler 2d regiment Tennessee volunteers; Messrs Tollane, Hart. I'IiipdIs. Stacey, T. A. Arldy. VV. H. Nice and I lias W Woodbury.?X. O. Picayune. 23d. (.'apt. Steene, of the 1st regiment of dragoons, who was wounded at the battle of liueua Vista, arrived on Wednesday. 21st. at St. Lottil MJserllnnrou*. Loud complaints are made in different parts of New Jersey about the unpromising state of the crops. Apricots and peaches have been destroyed, and. In many places, apples and plums have shared the same fate. As is hoped that the May rains, always so enriching, will work happy changes In their appearanre. Mr. Whitney was to appear before the Legislature, on Friday evening, in the Assembly chamber at Albany, for the purpose of explaining his project of a railroad from Lake Michigan to the Columbia river At the Croton I'olnt fishery, on Saturday morning. 24th ultimo, the fishermen took "2" shad, and JAW to 2000 weight, of bass, at one draft of their nets Officer J. J. Rogers, of the customs, seised the steamboat Oroat Western, yesterday afternoon, ou a charge of violating the revenue laws The allegations are that some three years ago Captain Walker, the owner of the Western, purchased a horso In Canada, aud brought him down on his boat to this city without reporting hi m at the custoui-huuse, not thinking it necessary to do so. Last winter the horse was seised, and has been condemned; and, we understand, the Secretary of the Treasure it I me ted that there was no other alternative than the stdrure of tin* boat -Buffalo l'ourirr..1}ir>l M A crevasse wua made by the giving away of the l?T?e opposite < aptaiu WUiod'i plantain?. In la/uuwlif, I n on the 10th nit The breach i? about twenty leet wide and ten feet deep, f ront two to three hundred person* were employed during the week in endeavoring to stop it, but up to the Itith ult had not euceeded altogether A titan who eall? hi* name Thnma* llronghton, waa brought into the Superior ' otirf. of thl* eonnty, on Friday laat, and sentenced by Judge Itattle to bn executed on Friday, the VII?t day of May Hroughton waa convicted laal fall of the murder In thle town, altout a year ago. of lie Sllva. the I'ortiigneae. and appealed to the Supreme Court on a point of law Ilia appeal waa dinallowed.? ll'ilminglon (,V. C ) Ckronictt. The froat* which occurred on the nigbte of the 22d and 33d ult did much damage to the wheat cropa In i the neighborhood of Rochester. There waa a enow atorm at Rochester on Thursday The proapsrla of the wheat crop in Ohio and Indiana, la more flattering than it wits a few weeks liner In New Jersey the farmers want graas for their rattle There ia no pasturage of any ronae<|nenre, nnd th" winter stock of fodder la nearly exhausted Two steamboats, two brigs and thirty-six schooners were reported as having arrived at Bangor on the itith An entire new train of cars and a new engine were put upon the Stonlngton railroad on Wednesday The jail of this county la now without r prisoner the Is -1 and only one having left on Saturday I his speaks well for the morality of our county. We hop thnt It may long continue like a drunkard a pocket-empty IFyomtng Ntiv Vorktr I LD PrtM Two tenu< ?; ?-^.arg Alvarado. 'Twas In the merry month of March, When all tha ham arc mad oh! And summer's auni began to parch The folk* In Alvarado. They thought that they might warmer be, For later new* they had, oh ! That force* eoon. by land and tea. Would come to Alvarado. And true enough at Vera Cru* Was Scott, that hasty lad. oh ! Debating how he might confuse The boys of Alvarado. For on a time those tawny folk liad treated rather tad. oh ' The gentlemen, who made a Joke Of taking Alvarado. And yet he thought twould never do, Though all around were glad, oh ! To tench the oastle who was who, And fail at Alvarado. For if he chanced to have a thought, That uiaybe once he had. oh i ub gam *- > a-uippuwa were nuugui To loss ut Alvarado Thun by bin will did Qultmau take, Full many a gallant squad. ob ' And girded mi bis sword to make Descent on Alvarado. Ami Perry. too. his anchors weighed, Itiii heart within hlui glad. "h ' To put poor i 'miner in the shade, I by lulling Alvarado. Ahead went Hunter with hla crew. A steamboat like a shad. oh ! IAnd nailed to arm* hi* gallant crew, Alireaat of Alvarado. The Mexleanoe piled their arm*. Aud with their face* ?ud. oh I * Might hundred, Htruck with falae alarm*, Han out of Alvarado. On came ench gay and gallant ahlp. On came the troop* like mad. oh Gut not a soul there wue to whip. I'nlea* they fought a shadow. Five *ailor.? *at within the fort, In leading of a lad. oh ! Aud thus wuh polled the pretty sport Of taking Alvarado. Religion* Intelligence. ' ii i.MilR?M*i ?I. St. Philip and St. James, the i Apostle*; 3 Fourth Sunday after Master; 1) Fifth Bunday after Master?If ligation Sunday; 10 Itogation Day; . II Itogation Day; 11 Rogation Day, 13 Holy Thurfday; Hi. Sunday after Aseensiou Day; 13. Whitsunday; 34 Mouday in Whitsun Week; 35. Tuesday in Whitaun . Week; 30. Mmber Day; 2H. Mjaber Day; 2'J. Mmber Day; 1 30. Trinity Sunday. Rev John J. Lawrenro, missionary of tho American ' Board at Dlndigul. India, died at Tranquebar. 30th Dae. on his way to Madras, where he designed to take passage for this country, on account of 111 liualth His family are now on the passage The .dint ir la Hthgion say* that the eontlnual aeeea1 aion of distinguished members of the Church of EngI laud to the Catholic Church, Is one of the moat remarkable signs of the times Scarcely a day paases that one or mure conversions of eminent Protestants, generally ecclesiastics, or the relations of ecclesiastic* I anuounoed ThU state of things naturally Ala the , mind* of the Catholics with joy and hope; and the 1?it < confident uuion^ them begin to think that there la noi thing no very extravagant in the prediction made by Mr. I O'Conncll Home vears .since. that Hume of thoee then i living would *ee high mans celebrated In Westminster . Abbey. His Holiness Pope Pius IX. has been pleased to create Thomas ( hlsholme Anstcy, Esq., of the Chancery Bar, i Knight of the Order of St Gregory, as a mark of approbation of his great exertions in the cause of Catholicity, und especially for his labors in obtaining the repaid of ' statutes which imposed penalties un Catholics for the j exercise of tlieir religion. Tho brief of Ills Holiness conveying this dignity, bears date the 19th February, | 1S47. A copy of the work written by Henry VIII. In answer to I.utber. which had belonged to the celebrated Arch' ' bishop Craiimer, and contained his autograph, was sold | in London, for the sum of ?36 10s. Tho Rot Itenry Palmer. M. A., a clergyman of the ' i hurrh of England, has published a pamphlet in defence "f the slure trude. The French .Ministry havo bronght forward a bill for i establishing a Collegiate chapter of St. Denis, In acoor; dance with a Bull of the late I'ope, but ell the members , of tlio Chapter will bo nominated by the King. A Society for the better observance of Sunday has been formed under the (.auction of the Archbishop of I Toulouse. We hear that difficulties hare arisen at Home respect ' ing tho rc-ordlnatiuu of the Rev J. H. Newman, and , that they arc of such n nature un are not likely to be 1 overcome. It is reported that a near relation ef the Rev. H New. 1 man. and a former editor of u RomanUtic periodical, I has resigned his living in the Church i j Mr. John Uerrith was ordained an evangelist by Crawfordsville Presbytery, at Hob Koy. Indiana, April 9, i 1847. Rev. James 11. Johnston, of Crawford* vllle, 1 preached the sermon ; Rev Samuel G. I.owry, ef BalnI budge, presided, proposed the constitutional questions, | and offered the ordaining prayer; and Professor F.O , I llovey. Of Wnb:l*h College, cute t U charge ' J ti.i.tii ?i. linxi.ii.? V F Roberts, from Hag Harbor, Long Island, to Poque.tonock, Connecticut. The Rev. C. R. Klshor, from the Diocese of Massachusetts, to ; the missionary station of " Manchester Mills," Connecticut Rev. A. Nichols, from Redding, to Newton, Coni ncotlcut Rev Samuel D. Denison. from ht Paul's, : j Portsmouth, Rhode Mand. to St James's, Great Bar I tinglon, Massachusetts Rev. F. D. Boggs. from Fills* , luthport and PtscaLawa. to Trtuity Church, Swedes borough. New Jersey Rev. Isaac Smith, from St Peter's, Spottswood. to St .James's, Plscatawa, New 1 Jersey. ! money lent. MONEY I.F.NT ?The hightat price* advanced ia large uid mall >0011 oo gold ud eilrer wale he*, diamond, plate,jewelry, furniture, clothing, dry goods, lie., he. JOHN M. DAVlPS, Lirenaed pawnbroker. 333 William atreet, near Duaoe. renon* received ia private office, by ringing the bell. *30 im?? ! a nutu krtjh axlenoe. ' ONCE MORE we challenge the New York Shade dealer* to comi-ete with ti? in the *ale of Window Shade*. W* I arc now making large daily addition* to oar Mock of Shade*, and pledge ourael vet to he nnderaold by none. A* to the quality of our Sludei. we haie but one word to *ajr. They took the > premium at the late fair at Newark, N. J. We lame therm rem of New York and the lurrnundipg country to give a* a call, and we w ill prove the truth of our a**rrtmn*. DUNTKER It BERKER, No. it Chatham *treet, near Chamber* Mreet, tnl# lm*r New York. . WANTh;u SEVERAL Agent* wanted, to?npply the'eonntry trade with Drug! and ready prepared Medicine*. The (lock I* of *o large * variety, larger than waa ever before offered by aay i eitabliahment in the United Slate* that agenta, merchant*, and pedlar* ran get inpplied with large or unall^uauutim. AI vi, the public can receive the moat skilful triad iAll and nr gical (treatment, by lh* well known Dr. Solomon Heine, formerly of Hudaon and Reade *treeu, who u engage* for that particular purpose, and ha* hia office in the rear of the Store. Apply at the Herman Drag and Medicine atore, No. Iff Chamber* afreet, New York *1 Im'r ivLah ET ' CO R ET i cLAH ET 'PHE HCBHt RliiEK would inform the pelilir that be l keep* comtantly on hand, at In* *tore. No. I Barclay atreet, ; corner of Broadway, the beat quality of Claret Win* He I would paiticularly invite the attention of hotel* and publia ' houaet, whom lie will tupply bv the gallon or barrel,aa eiay | be?t *ii11 their convenience Ifv feel* assured they will be I eatiafied for giving Inm a call. _ I *24 I in're ? IIARI.KS L< K ER T PtlllTir i.kltHARDl THE AKTIwl I AI I.UR-? WE HAVE long had it in our mind to *ey a word in regardte the admirable g?nnenta made by thia goutlemaa *Ve b*ve had many *mu of rlothe* made in New York, bet never found *11 artiat eirelliug the one mentioued above, (lie garment* are made of the lie*t of cloth, and all of 3k per cant cheaper than evi be bought. The laat anil we parchaaed of Inm and for which we paid til conld not be bought else, when- for leu than $K>. W* hone oar fnandi who wont a good I fit, and rraaonahle pneea. will call at hia atore, coreer of i livmhrn areeet and We?i Broadway. tlliw'i i rii lAl'TAINS ANliTlWNER8~OK STEAMllOATS. I rpilE undersigned havtug leaned and fitted if di* hnw aa | JL the Bier, foot ol IHh atreet. North rrrrr a* ateaia Iiuat hotel, mi order to accommodate the up town rvaidvmla, ibeiter ell laptaina vf etaamboata to make Ub? Wading. ftee of a liar (age P. I>K Lt RKK. Propneeor N B -Boataor bargee for pleaanre or fiatiing alware IB let. Paaeengera ultru it ill timer wherever tliey with U) go. nil lm*rc I' iiK ,\111 M WAI.NlTf OIL NIIAV'lNc"; 80Ai". (1 AUTION.?A counterfeit article of our celebrated Walnut ' Oil Military Bha?nif H>uy< ia now b*nut offered round the < ity hy a |?reoii rvpneetiling hi me* If u our urat. We hereby caution the public agwnet bring deceived with it, aad beg lo natca liuil we liave uo nrvuta whateiv^uor In* any uue any right to nae nor nninea mi the label* The <renuide aoap. ina^llaetured by the inventor, Dr. P. D. V.v,o>ei, haa oar fae-ataule aiiniatnre to each label. m21 1m* re VROOW It KOWLF.R. 1 trwirtlandr at. "NKl'TUNK IKM'Sh. NKW KO'CHKLLKT" THE anbsrriher respectfully informa hta fnenda, and the linhlie generally, that hia houme will he open to receive company, on or before the firet day of May-, alao, that he ta now prepared to make arrangemente with famlhea for roome, and board, for the coming ace ion. I ta location and coavenidKrae, offergreat iiidoeementa to thoaa who wiah to be near the city, and well accommodated?alao good hathing. a? i?*t c. r. rice L^tlk MA LE ? lleeetvine on ernnmiaainn, and eonataatly on " liand, Butter, I heeee. l.ard.Meta, Thin Meaa and Pume I'rirlt, Smoked llama, Shoulder*. and Beef. .Mackerel. Bh*d, Hilnion, Dry and 1'iekled Codflah. Alao, Molaaara in hog* iieada, tiereet and barreU. Sitgnre in hngtheada, boaea and bar rela; withe general aaaortment rif groeenea. Bold in Iota to accommodate purrhnarra, at the lowe?t c?b prteea, by CLARK. KISK U C O., ?l Knlton atreet N. n.?A large rniaiitity ainokcil Meata and t'heeae, alighth ham-aged, to lie aold at low prieea. ell In* rre krknc u i'ai'kr hangings and shad kb. SOLOMON Ik II MCT. ?C3 Broadway, orpoaite th? Pari, have now in at- ir tliei. lull aaaortment of Payer I! 'agin' J and Borden of all deeeription*. for parlora, hrdrootna and Italia | They have lieao arleeteo in I aria with great care, and eom! | ri-e the brat aa-mrtrd atoek in tbe ejtv. and at prieva Inwer | t h.-.n I..<ve ever heretofore been offered. AI?o on hand, a large aaaortment of Krvnch Window Bhauee, I for aalv at unprecedantsd low pnoea aplt lm*rt j