Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1847 Page 3
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r I r?l I i l I l i II- m. II ! but rather on the (ground that a more favorable month of March und sowing soason is scarcely remembered In this country, and about J these fairest hopes lai realized, we believe that the overwhelming supplies of the suminer and uutumn will conduce to a depression of prices, the uiore iutense from their previous elevatiou. which neither a fresh alarm about the potato crop, nor thu reputed remissness of the Irish cottier in the cultivation of his land will be able, sensibly to mitigate. flour reached the lowest, price on the 36th ult., when i Westerns were largely sold at 36s per bbl They rallied 1 since to 38s and 3'Js . and close at 37s per bbl buyers and 37 s Gd to 3fcs sellers, lutliun corn was lowest on the 30th ult, when white could have been easily obtained at 4-iS and yellow United States ul 46s to 47s per quarter: , riuce then there has been a speculative demand at an Im- , provetuerit of -Is to 6s per qr, and prices of white closu at 4Sr to oils. ami yellow at Mis to A3*per quarter. Indian meal had been sold as low as 33s per bbl and has since advanced to 3 Is Gd to 3 >s per barrel. Wheat and all other descriptions of grain have been much depressed. | but a bet tor business is doing at present. White Genesee wheat i* worth IDs 0d to lis per bushel, of 701bs The closing prices exhibit a fall from the highest point of 7i p,-r barr el on Hour. Is Gd per bushel on wheat. 33s per piarter on Indian corn, and 10s per barrel on In dan 1 OEOTE, TOMK1NSON fc Co. Stock Exchange. MOO Tr notes, 3 2-J 1(13,0- MM Reading R R 39l? 1W0 do in I ,jn do 'GO 59 1 500U do tlO 101 100 do blmo 60 ] lots) Ohio sv'30 90 too do blmo 60 5<i0 Ohio 7's , 101W 33 Morris, 2?H Jl'l 1 City J's, '38 II1, loo do 20,'s 1 90 I 8 6N, 'M IDA 30 North Am Trust, 9>4 ' 'If I'euB J'? 7:1- j Oil to Ihfe St Trust, 101 2GU0 () Vft ? ?-' ? ?, JJU iianriu ?;.* i JOUO Ju 'in <j- >l0 J? <30 61>i ZK?I Kentucky 6's 100 300 do 1)00 Jl?| j 6i"l loading mtg l)d? 73 Hill Nor Si. Wor 4!)>i . HMO Holding lidi 7l''j 25 do blO 49,'j I SOOO do bOO 75 JO do 4t)>4 ! 23 Can ton, blO 37>i 20 Lung Island 29 I , ? > do i| 37K JO do b30 29 | I ,, do <60 3T.Ki 300 do 2*5i lii .Vlnliawk t>8 100 do b30 2B -'J Illinois B nk 87'4 100 Canton Scrip 4>< ltu Utading Hll b'JO 69>a 23 Stonitigton 17 Second Board. $23000 Trra'y Note<Ca 104^ $'i000 Heading lids 73 3-i'l do l')i>4 JO ab< Nor St Wore <10 4'JAi j 10C0 do 5 2-3 101 JO do 49 \i !JU ?hj Farmers' Ln 32'4 200 Long Island M*4 " 9 Jo b30 32>< CITY TRADE llEl'ORT. Nsw Yobk, Moxdav Aktkh.hoow, Mar 3. This being Mnndny. as usual, proved to be rather quiet j In a g?m ral way. Genesee flour, common to fair brands, on tho spot, could not be quoted abore $7 36 a 7 .30, j while sm ill sales of extra wero made at *J>7 87>^ a $9. 1 bouth?rn generally was dull at $7 23 a 7 37,'?. Sales of j < in.10s nj wore Hindu to arrive in all this month at $6 00. Samples of white Cleuesee wheat were shown,and held at $100, whin *1 50 was offered. A lot of Ohio was iiIho on tho market, for whloh $1 43 cents was asked, and $1 4J ofT.iro l. Sales of northern yellow corn in tho city, and for short delivery, were pretty freely made at HO rents, with one lot, due all uoxt week, at 02 cents. Small I rules of Jersey meal were made at $4 09 , while ano- j ther lot was reported sold at $4 C2Ji , which was the j price Rome holders demanded. Rye was quiet at 01 eta., j and oats steady at 00 a 53c, the latter figure being the siking price of holders. Provisions were more steady than at the close of last week, and moderate sales of old mess pork wore made ut f 13, and of old prime at $14.? A small sale of city extra mess beef sold at $13. A lot o| Lelsnd's eity cured hams sold at 12 cents, and another of Ohio at 10 cent s, brad in barrels was worth 10 a 10\i cunts. Groceries exhibited little or uo change since the clone of last week. The tea sale to-(l:iy. wan well attended, and about SCO packages were gold at au advance on previous sales. A?nt:??Pots we continue to quote at $5 00%', and Pearla at f>U AO; market quiet. Bkcswax?The last salts were made at 26c. a 26%o. DirADtttrri?Flour.?About 100 bbls. Genesee, said to be extra, sold at $7 87% a $8. aud some lots (I to \;00) Philadelphia, sold at $7 28; 200 do. New Orleans extra, afloat, sold at $7 37%. Further sales of Southern, on the spot, were tnadeat $7 28, $7 31% a $7 37%; 260 bbls ordinary Genesee do, were reported to be sold at !f>7 12%. The closing price for fair Genesee in the city, was ?7 26 u $7 60, and for Southern do at $7 2ft, to arrive. Prices current last week were maintained, and we report sales of 100U bids, of Ohio utid Michigan, deliverable during the ! present month, ut $0 SO. There was also a fair inquiry for parcels to arrive In June and July. Wheat?The receipts this far. via. the Hudson, liuve been very light, aud for samples on the spot holders were very llrm?for a lot of good Geneste wheat $1 60 was asked and $1 68 offered For a pared of Ohio, $1 1 > was demanded, and $1 40 offered Corn?Wo report sales of from 20,000 to 21.000 bushels Northern yellow ut 96c ; 3000 do, to arrive In ull next week, sold at 92c. Corn Mral -Hah s of 2.'0 bbls New Jersey were made at $4 60. Another small sale was reported at (4 62%. and a third do., under peculiar clrcumstauees. a trifle lower than the first. Some holders demanded $4 62%. %e?was inactive at 91c. Oatt?62c was naked while 60c was offered for North lttvor. Beant?A sale of 100 bbls was made at $1 37%. Csvdlks?The demand, for illumination purposes, caused rather more to be doing at 31c. at which the market was firm for sperm. CorrsE?No sales of moment were reported, while prices remained about the same as at the close of last week. Cottov?The sales to-day amonnted to 1000 bales, and were made chiefly to manufacturers at steady prices. Dura Ssivi?600 grey Arkansas sold at 20 cunts. Fish?About 100 bbls dry ctd sold at $3 HO. In the artsruoea holders advanced their terms to $4 per quintal. 'The enrgoor No. 2, Halifax mnekerel, previously noticed, c jusisttug of about 960 bbls, sold at $7 I2%c, whleh left none afloat unsold. Fecit?Bunch raiqlnS'Vrere firm, with an upward tendency. eausud by diminished stock. Sales of 400 a 600 baxvs were mads at $1 (0 a $1 96c. 906 boxes oranges. In bad order, were sold by auction, and brought $1 12% a 71 76; anil COO do. bemen* at $2 a 72 38c. I(imp The slock of daw rotted American. It was snr>. I tiObf J. had been angmeuted by new arrival*, to about 1000 bales. The market appeared to be inactive, and prices uncertain. Lstn?The market was steady at $4 37>ic. Liai naa.?The market has been very animated since the miction sale of last week, with heavy sales at improved prices ; the new spring stock is taken with avidity 1 he vast increase of emigration from Kurnpe, together with the war with Mexico, aud the known fact of a decreased production of leather, caused by the ruinous prices of last year, cannot but have the effect of maintaining high prices throughout the year. Molssscs?Some remaining portions of cargoes, Cardenas and Muscovados, were seld out at Saturday's j | prices. beyond which, we heard of no transactions of iin- i porta u oe. Naval Stohks?We report sales of 1000 bbls rosin on > private terms, and 100 bbls spirits turpentina at 43 cts. cask Some additional small lots were reported at the > same price. Haw was held at $3 50c per 380 lbs. 1 Oil?Males of 14,00 gallons, city pressed linseed, sold ' at 73c., cash. One of the largest hoi Icra of Knglish do. ' demanded 80c. for the same atloat. while owners of some smaller parcels in store expressed v.-illlngness to sell at 75* In wlialc and sperm, we heard of nothing uew siuco ' last report; 500 baskets olive sold at $4 50. i Pasvisioas.?W# report sales of 100 liarrols old prime pork at 914, and 70 a 100 do. old mess at $15 ; 60 bbls. of extra olty mess beef sold at $13 : 500 I.eland's city cured , haul neld at 13c.. and 4,000 do. Ohio at 10c. Lard?The i market was steady For a lot of 181 tierces 10>*'o. was ' asked, while lOe. waa offered. Freeh Orange county 1 hutfr, In pails, was worth 30 a 33c. Hi< r ?Since onr laat report (on Saturday afternoon and tn-day) the sale* have reached about 850 tierces, at " $4 a 94 60. ( SrtAa?Th* stock of foreign has been augmented to k lomr extent by reeent arrivals. Sales to-day were limit- v ed. though pries* current at the oloae of last week re- ? luaiued steady. Tallow?The last sales were made at 9c. though cur- n rent nic tations ranged from 8\ a 9c. v Tobali t?Sales of 36 hhds of Virginia leaf were made at a >t. and 15 do Rcutuoky at 4>?'c. The market r was steady, Whalv.hosk?Nothing new, ? Wnnarv?We quote barrels at 39c. A lot received i J" from New Orleans wo* held at 30c. FakienTs?The Liverpool packet of th* 5th engaged i r flour at 3s. An American was said, engaged barrels of Hour to fill up, at 3s 9d; 3s <id was offered ? for meal and refused. For grain in sacks. 9d a lOd were a said to be about current rates. To Antwerp aud Ilot- e tor Jam flour was worth $1 OS per bbl. u Kali s or Tfis at Alttiov.?Imported in the shin U1 Fauama. Terms?Notes at six month*. " j i!y?on?42 half chests at 71 runts par lb.; * 1 do 70 X. v 7 do 70; 24 chests 66; 10 chests 60; 10 half do 64; 66 I dofl3X; 20 do 68; 40 chests 39. h lly>on Slcin?44 ohests 49; >7 do 41>4; 10 do 41; 21 do 3d. 27 doSlX; 30 do 33X; 132 do .MX; 313 do 28X; 10 r do 26, 373 do 26?27 do withdrawn. Young Hyson?to half chests 71; 4!> do 70X; 213 do 70; 40 do ftVX: IS do 67; 70 do .'>6; 73 <lo 66X; 63 do 60X; " 06 do 18- 8 '7 do 47X; 103 do 47; 10 do 46X; 20do4.4X: 80 do 46; 61 do 41X; 30 do 44; 30 do 43>,'; 20 do 42',; OH do 43; 364 do II X: fiftdo41: 72 do tllX;-26 do 40. d 170 do 30; 837 do SBX; 3f?3 do 3*; l?Odo37X; 87 do 37; ?' 779 do 3r M: 686 do 36 : 40 do 34 X; 49 do 34; 160 do 33?|: 133 do33; 136 do 82 X; 160 do 32; 3,3.62 do withdrawn Gunpowder?6 half chests lrtl); 7 do 07; 44 do 91; 10 j I do 93; 34 do .47; 13 do 60X; 30 do 43X: 20 do 39. 400 * boxes 44; 180 do 43; 160 do 42Xi fll'? half chests with- n drawn (1 Imperial?10 half chests 87; 11 do 86; lido 76; 14 do li 7.1U 9 do 70; 1 I do 6ftX; 20 do 67X; 3S do 60X; 146 do b 46X; 91 do 46; 44 do 47', 20 boxes 66; 60 do 44; 440 do ? 44X; 139 half chests withdrawn. ' Oniony 9ouchong--ll half ehcata Q8X; 121 do '26; .40 , doSSX; 2 > boxaa 30; 173 do 29X; 148 do 29; 600 do 2ft; U 407 half chests withdrawn. Nlngyong Souchong -30 half chests 21; 10.4 do 23X l'adrae Souchong - '20 boxra 71. I.axok Host na lUaor. I.nans.?Tha following statement gives the cargoes of two boats arrived by tbe Hudson. to M. C. Dunning He To of this city ! h Boat Gideon?3,000 bbla line food and lO.oOO lbs. dried ' apples t poet Friday?l.Of'O bnshels of potatoes. 1ft bbls. green " apples. 20 tubs butler, and 20 bbls. provisions. mo __Ji .1. ...!_ . .11 use l Died. I On Monday the 3d instant, after a short illness, t'a- , t h a at v r., wife of Thomas W Field, in the 27th year of t hai age. ... The friends and rolatlvas of the family are respectful- ti Jy Invited to attend the funeral, this (Tuesday! after- : "< tioon at 4 o'clock, from her late residence No 131 F.lm { ' Street. . .. , ' On Monday the 3d instant, at 1 o'clock. Avnnrw *( O't'onvoa. aged 46 years. I, Ills friends and acquaintances ore respect full, invited . to nttend his funeral on Wednesday, at 3', o''., from I Ills I it." reablenee. 77 '"ourtland street. ,, ti.) Huuilay evening, May 2, at tlie reaideneo of her in fath-r William Slater, No 93 l.lghth A Venus. Mrs j f, , ,i Wee e ii i. wife of John Worrell, aged 44 years I J* fr ..Is of the family and 11i? members of New i w if' 1 * n No I of the S of T and tlie order g. ne- j B(l rally, arc invited to attend the funeral on thli (Tueadav) afternoon, from the abort- residence. at 3 o'clock, without further invitation, ilor remain* will be taken to 1 Greenwood Cemetery. Suddenly, on Monday evening the 3d lnftant. AllJAH Sand*. in the 76th year of hi* ag?. Ilis lri.nds.aiid acquaintances are Invited to attend . hi* funeral this afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from 314 Third j (treat, near Lewi* street without further invitation, i lay- Sing Sing and White Plain* paper* iden<e copy. J In Cumberland county. N. C., on the 14th ult., John ! in the OUlh year of hi* age. a native of Luglaud. j but u r. rodent of thi* country lor 70 year*. At Buffalo, on the 39th ult., .Mr*. MvaoARtT K. Sr. John, widow of the late Gamaliel St. John, in the 7'Jth year of her age. .Mr*. St. J. was prominently distinguished, and may bo considered as historically identified with the growth and progress of Buffalo. She was a woman of tlio old revolutionary stump. At the lime Buffalo wa? burned by the British during the last war. the house of Mr*. St. J. was the only one saved from the flume*. She wa* then a widow with a number of young daughters dependent upon hur for support, and on the , officer in couimaud of the enemy 's forces learning this from her own lip*, he pluccd a guard around her dwell* ing to protect it from injury. At Detroit, on Sunday afternoon. the 35th ult., at 3 o'clock, after a short but severe illuess, Capt. IloHtar I, 11. N.. formerly of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Knglaud. in the 70th year of his age. lir. U. A. I'ahnki.l, generally known tlioughout the Western and South Western States as a popular public lecturer, died ut Manchester, Michigan, April 33d. Ho had been delivering a course of lectures, and died quite suddenly of hcmorrliuge of the stomach. 9 ? i Weekly Report of Dentil*, In the City and County oi New York, from the 2Ulida> of April to the 1st day of May, 1847. I Meu 89 : Women "2 : Buys 92 : Girls 82. Total 33(>. Dui.asls?Abscess, I; Apoplexy, 4; Ullima, 3; Angina, I; 1 Bleeding, 1; Blreduig from lungs. 1: Burned or bedded, 1; I Bronchitis, 7; < micer, 3; t asualiies, i; Cli lent infantum, I; Consumption, 33; Convulsions, 21; ( roup, 3; Cyanosis, I; ' one II311 Oil, i; lacuna > , 12; IJeliiium 1reinens, 4; I linn luir.i. 7; Dropsy, 1; Dropsy in the lieud. 111; Dropsy in the client, 3; I Drowned,2; Dysentery, 8; Epilepsy, 2; Erysipelas, 6; Kever, 11; Kever Bilious, I; Kever luterniillent. 1; Kever lullainms t'-y, I; K'ever I'uerperul, 3; K'ever llrmitnnl, ); K'ever Scarlet, I; Kever Typhoid, II; Kever Typhus, 18; Kever Conges- , live, 1; Heart disease of 4; Hooping Lough, 3; Inflammation, I I; Inflammation of bladder, 1; liitlauimalioti ol'loam, I; lnllamination bowel*. 9; Inflammation of cheat, 1; iiillvininnlion of kidneys, 2; Infliiniiuation of lungs, 32; Inflammation of stomach,, 3; Inflammation of liver, 5; luaaii i * y, 2; Inanition, 1; , Jaundice, I; .Marasmus, 12; Measles, 12; Old age, 2; Pulsy.l; ! Premature hirili, 2; Hheumatiam, I; Scrofula, 2j Teething, 2; j Tympanites, 2; Ulceration of throat, I; Worms, 1; L'u- j known, 2 Age?Under one year 63, 1 to 2 years, 27; 2 to 3, 38; 3 to 10, I 20; 10 to 20. 11;.2U to 30, II: 30 to 40, 31; 40 to 30, 31; 30 to BO. j 24; BO to 70, 17; 70 to 80. 7; 00 to 00, I; 90 to 100, 1; uu- | known, 6. CORN'S. 11. ARCHER, City Inspector. City Inspector's Office, May 3, 1847. WANTKl)?A situation, by a young in in, in a wholesale or retail West India goods store, or any other respccta- | hie business, ( an come well recommended, and has been in he above business for the last live years. A line addressed to L. S., at this office, will receive immediate attention. mi It* rc WANTED?A SITUATION bv a respectable woman, to I do Chamber-work, and Laundress. Host city reference j given. Don't object to going to the country Apply No. 18 ; Bth street. 3rd floor. inl lt*c i WANTED?In an office, a boy 13 or 14 years old. The j | best of reference required. Address Low cr Post Office, boa 1710. nd lt*c WANTED?T WO young women want Mtttatjooa ooe isa good cook, and w illmg to do plain washing; the otic r a 1 good chamber maul, who is a good washer and ironer, and wil- j hug to Ho housework in a sin ill family. tJood city references given for both. Call at No. 139 Mulberry street, aecond floor. ' ml lt*c 1 WANTED?R V a heallby young woman of good character i a child to wetnurae in her own bouse; abe han been , lately confined, and can produce good recomincndatioiis fur | cli iraeter and responsibility. Apply at the milk depot, 232 Di- , l.iucey street. m4 3t*rc , WANTED?A situation by ? raspsctiklt youf womaa as 1 nurse, or to do housework in a small family. Oood city I leferencc given. 1 I'lo lie call at 213 West street, between Franklin and Harri- 1 sun sis. ml lt*r | j WA N TED? V colored m m, as winter in * private family ? ; tlmve wlio have undoubted recommendations a* to cna- i racier and ability, can apply at 99 Water at. ml 1t*c j ' WAN 1 I'.U, liv a steady young woman, n silu.itiou as cluim- I 1 bertnaid ana to do plain sewing, or to assist in washing and irouiui(, or to doythe work ol' a small private family. Tire , best city reference given. Apply at No. 2 Jamea it., one door from I b.i loin street. w _ mt'U'iv Wr. would respectfully inform the public, that we have rrinoved to 201 Broadway, over the music atore of Mr. Anvill. DHIt BROTHERS. Tailors. in32ti*?rc WAN I f.I)?A situation as wet nurse by a healthy woman J w ilh a Irrah breast of luilk, and who lost her babe but a few days ago. Please enquire at 12 Whitehall. m3 2i*rc WANTKU?A situation as Farmer, or Gardener, by a man of long practice hi the Americau system of farming?the I reclaiming arid laying down of lands on ilie most improved piincirtles. Address a note and leave it at the office of the < llerald. or at Mr. James M. Thorburn It t 'o.'s seed store, tCi Broad way. or at No. 00 Frankfort street, for M. O. II 1 m3 3t*rc i WANTKl)-A Silent Partner, with from SI300 to S200U, to j in vest in a business of a private nature, already established, and from which 70 per cent, has been realized, in two , months, on the capital invested. To any one haviiig the above , amount in hand, this is a chance which seldom oners, as the , subscriber w ishes to enlarge the business. Those who are not too conscientious cau learn inore of the nature of the business ( by addressing a line to A. G., llerald office. N. B?All com- | munications will be considered strictly confidential. m2 3t*rc GENtLEVlEN'8 DRESS?NEW CONCERN.?A 8. . WILLIAMS, Draper and Tailor, 113 street, be i t?cm Cerkm in and Spruce, invites ilie atlenlion of those iu ! 1 want, to his new and beautiful stock of goods for gent's wear, 1 1 which ha will tmku tut in the^ very first style, cheaper than i ' can be bought in New York. Those wishing to piactice real ! ' economy, by getting a first rate article at a low price, will do ' well to give me a call. Alio on hand, a beautiful lot of ready- I made Sacks, Pants :uid Vests, cheaper than can be bought in \ 1 town rpt 2w *c REMOVALS?B. M. PICABIA has removed from No. | 117 to 122 Front street, WM. GEO. STEWART has removed from No. 9i Wall i street to 122 Front street. COPARTNERSHIP?The undersigned have this day en tered into ccpartneuhip, for the tmusaclioii of a General Commission Business, to be conducted under the lirm ol I'icabia St ' Stewart. B M. Pit aBIA. | , WM. GEO. STEWART. New York, May 1, Hl7. They offer for sale yio.noo Havana and Principe Segare of | . severil brands, very hue, as follows : La Victoria, Emulation, Congresos, [ Li Etiraria, Europa. Regalias, Lafayette, Kaperatta, 'l'rabucos, , , San Roman, llionds, Panetelae, JustoSauz, Krai Plantation, London Size, j : Novedad, Yueai'a, Pressed. The w hole entitled to debenture, in lots to sit it. For sale by . ' PICABIA k STEWART. ml 3r * e 123 Front street, near Wall. | r PKii^tiSstlR OF MTTsIf .?G. R. SOLOMON takes this ! i mode of informing his friend* and the public that lie has . moved t.? <?8 Ch.ithuin street, where he couttuues to tench Vio- 1 u Iim, Violoncello, iiaitar ami Singing as heretofore, either in . classes or Muuty, by a new and un, roved method peculiarly t us own, by w Inch his pupils are advanced in one half the in I 11 me. 1 Kiencli Accordion taught. Terms moderate. m4 30t*c TP O Ti\lLOKh?The advertiser is desirous of obtaining a 1 ',3 A situation u a iniurilnnii and tc?i cuttvr, iii semi' respect j ihle t uloiinn establishment. He has been accustomed to cut I . laiiuloons a id vests, and can give references that will br a rvery way satisfactory. A line addressed to 0. 1). E. K., low r posi office, will be attended to immediately. ml 3t*c WASHING> IRONING done in the best manner, it 150 Wooster street, second floor, back room, by a retpousible person. Downtown orders left with J. McUabe, 70 c Nailtti street, will be punctually attended to. Clothes sent r or and sent horn#. ml 3t*c - c NOTICE?At * DHtiniof Lom Bhonnto, held at War ie i Hall, Comer of Hem \ and Oliver st ieets. ?.n Mond veiling,.May 3d, it was unanimously resolved to have 2j cents v ?er d i> i i addition to their pay, in consequence of the awful H iigh price of provisions, to enable us to support ouiselvesnud t| 'urn; lies. By order of the committee. ml lt*m HALL'S INTELLIGENCE OFFICE?Removed from Broadway to No. Ill NASSAU street,between Urn kmui a i .d Ann. in4 3t?c e ( t (HU) ? A RARE 5 HANI K ?Mm of oaf rpilo? J 3) 1 vl/Vs and business habits, wanting employmrnt vhere they ? ui b* their own bosses, and who have a cash ca- I litul of $35 to $200, will do well to call at 117 Fulton street, i nd examine a new and useful patent article, that can be sold ! n every family in the Union. Such a chance to make a for- i H ie, o i so small a capital, seldom oilers. Letters postpaid 1 nl I receive attention. myi If re 4 ALDBN, 117 Fnlton street. r() PHYSICIANS.?A Drug Store for sale, doing a good 1 i ieuil and counter practice, wherein a young physician j ui clear $1500 per annum. The proprietor is obliged to visit I l '.urope this tnmith. For card* of address, apply to GKAH A M I i ( O. [)i ugt jstf, ()ld HI , m 1 Si iseod ?c _ iiO ALL DEALER*' IN PERFT MKRV AND FAN 4 V SOAPS.?MON8J. .M. UK < IPLKT, Perfumer of thirty ears practice in the best French establishments, having been ni|do>ed in preference to all others, will prepare Perfumery ~ nd Fancy Soaps of hII patterns and varieties, from 'be most 1 iquisiie and refilled ever made in Paris, to the middling and 3 iterior qualities sui'ed to all parts of America. Sorts readily alcalde in the most I vslnonuMe cities, and sorts in demand in ountry places and nil villages of whatever grade, tery low for l*> ash, at Comstock A Co., Wholesale Perfumers, 21 Cour.landt ') Lreet, lower or south side, a lew doors below the Western j ' Intel. This direction is tie* essary to Avoid mistakes, a* w e ave no connexion with any other concern in New York. ''r mt 3i r 1,1 rHE COP \H I < ERSHIP heret< fore < xisting bi tween 'lie CJ undersigned under the firin of Babhidge at Morrill, is this ay dissolved bv mutual consent, the business of the concern til be settlrd by t aivm li ihbidge. in which he is authorised it< ine the nam*-of the firm. CALVIN B ABB I DOE. <i New York. May 1st, 1817. JOSEPH MOKIULL. Th? subscribers have this day formed a copartnership under | ^ ?? firm of Bvhhidge St Harney, and will continue the Uro m 1; >d HhipJ;kore buenesa at 101 South street. | >nv HI, IHI. ( ALVIN U.VBBIDOE. 2 FUANrlH HARNEY. ,,, k il> I'M IREL A N D.?Ttir l on Brr.vliluffi.iiMi "? Pmviiinna, inl'.inn ftirir fellow Citizen* thriwuhnul the miii'iv. tint they will be happy to rem*. contribution* in ?V re l.Miu tii and rroviiiona, and *hip them free of ezpenae to ' ' UltraI ' "innniilee of the Society of Friend* in Dub* ii. fni' irvnrrnl diatribution among tlie Fami.liing Poor of " eland. ? Tim freight in all ra*r* i* to be paid from the Interior to LS e\v York. f oinmiinicationi on the aahjcct may be addre.acd Bi i either of the committee. The freight* from New York to Ireland will be paid by the mi ritiah Government. ihi (JEOROE BARCLAY. lin ROBERT U MINTURN, JAMES REYBfJRN C WILLIAM REDMOND, ^ OEOKUE McBRIDE, Jr. The Afternoon and Weekly Paper*, whieh can afford to puh- W h tin* free of charge for a week or two, are rerpieated to cory. "" ml Iwfh _ _ pu 11 i\N O Balance of the cargo of brig Yiiginiaftoin South n. R America Irom analy?n m per lor to any other kind in i , lemarket.* ui ?uit purchaieri, at Trappell'a rri torea, Brooklyn,near Fulton Ferry. Atyily to . ,,, . ,?i i, MICHAEL TR \PPELL. _ '0'rc WANTED. * 'J VFFaW active young Men to go South or Wwt to net sa .tri Agents far the sale of new end popular Publication*?iSOO . rer end above their espense* will be men red fo them ?n wrim, wi'li nn . I'portuoity of dealing $1000 per year. Home men w m our employ will no doubt make oyer fflOuO per year J ear of alI sinenses. Each man will have hit district. It will . necessary lor them to have at least $25 to $;>0 to obtaie M?d fitting out. Apply at KHI*N( lis Publishing Hall Jill . rondw-iv* up stain, Office of tne Fluff of our Onion \1 be post-paid J5 '"i r wh jVu; U.K.?2 screw presses. 1 very large suitable for can < " l. / -uf, or >i medal prts.v; 2 good turning Utiles, I *nif- c*ifl If I . ii wood turner or pattern muter; s lot of emery wheels H I t??r polishing, made in the bedt style; I Urge of Mo n ks, I anvil, I paul drill, 1 pair of tin-smith's shears, together the nh ihitni machinists tool*. To he seen it I! .11 ()M ElKHi. nrti o.8 Ami street?the small press to be seen at Mr. B A T-" p|* il?? , nd, No. Itfffand I?'i8 i rn're -.treef, o; p.-?site I ami ^ re? Price Huty Dollars. lw*r ii ????mtm?? | LLUMINATI0N8.?10,000 Varieg.tsd Lamp*. suitable for a. ill* Ilumination thmt it to ulu pltce on Friday Lv?uiug ur*t--far talw in ?]uantitiei to tuie jmrclitstrt Apply * Ca*tl? Omrdtra. KRjr NTH fc. HEISLR m4 if rc Illumination: illumination:t?ufo?u? 'uper, the ?aine article that was ?o exteutieelyr usrtl throughut the United State*, at the illumination for LaLi>ette. ?U'd t the lite illumiaatiou# in Philadelphia. Baltimore. ItC. lie.? i hey tre iiunuiactured b) the name person (H. li. Pereyea) they are the heat?the cleauent?the aafeat, and above all, the cheapest article that can be uied for the occaaiou?the coat being only one ceut a piece. For sale by J. C. C. Holt's Mutic Store; 15C r'ultou st. aud by Turner k. Fisher, 71 Chatham street. nit 4t*c " ANDLKtl KOuTilK ILLU.VIIN ATION.''?Samuel J mid, Sou. & Co., have prepared some of their patent S.rru, t audit,, of (he proper length, and put up ill bundle, of 100 aud upward,. Tlie.e caudle, will not require any attention alter helping, until the tiute of extinguishing. They are left r-t the follow tug ?tore?, w here a auppfy w ill he kept for tale: AJBlutliger fit I o . Ill llroadna) ; Samuel Kip, i'i'J Bioadway; ll.olcr l)r.ggs, 081 Broadway; J. fi.. W: Ctecry, 7111 Broadwa> and 142 Walker street; S. V. Albro, cor. Bowery St Bond; Daniel Holt, cor. Market aud .Madisun alietla, aud at their owu itore, .'j9 Fulton street. uri ttia?rc F<>u S ALc.?A puhlic heuae in the upper part of the city, A in which the lodging department alime |iay? for rent, ligliti, and luel, besides a protilahle bar and oyster business. A* the location I, one ol the be>t in the city, ami the business lucrative, any one desiring sucli an opportunity will ideaae in ike early application, at 100 Barclay street, where full particular* can lie obtained. in> 4 :itis?re LIVE INBUKANCE. ~ ' L r torn " J he Golden Itule"?e paper devoted to Odd pellowLahiii?of 1st May.I IKK INSl'RANCK.?There ia no subject which uddreaaea itself with greater emphuaia to the ininda of llioae whose pecuniary menus are limited, and whose auhsiatence depend* upon their industry, than lliat of Lite Insurance.? I la importance i. becoming more eilensirely recognized, day hum un> and t>i its consideration (lit- public in mil is directed vv 1111 zeal and anxiety. The companies advertising in 'he I lolden Unit* are therefore bediming matter* of geueial speculation and inquiry, and He in our turn are often called upon lor our init* or elucidation. In a recent number we attempted lo exhibit the principles upon which the Mutual Companies [rauiact their ahate of this uepaitmeiit ol' business. Wu now propose to allude to the terms and conditions of another coin natty?the National Loan Kund Life Assurance Society of London, whose geueial agent for the United States. Canada, See. is Urn. J. Lennder Starr, of Oriental Lodge. In the liret place the Society is endowrd with an auiple ni-tuil capital.? And here, at a glance, we inay see a leading trait that distinguishes it moat favorably. In emergencies, such u prevailing epidemics, the evident superiority of a bona fide cash capital need nnl be indicated to tboee familiar with llie fluctuations of business. Again, by llie articles of this institution, the usual objection to life insurance is ftilly anew eied.for ill its accommodating terms the situation of the laboring classes of society has met full consideration. However precarious the means of the insured, he cannot sutler material lost In any contingency; nor even temporary iucouveiiienre, for slier a limited period he im> borrow back two-thirds of the premium he has |>aiil, Lad thus reimburse himself almost to the esteut of Ills advances. In this way he makes provision for the present, also, in guarding the future. Certainly no more econotrrral disposition of the proceeds of frugality could be made. The whole complexion of the system is like the Savings B ink operation, with the additional merit of a shield lor survivors against the frequeutly disastrous results of bereavement. '1 hen, again, the payment of entire premiums is not required in advance, hut they may lie divided into semi-) early or quarterly instalments. In addition to these advantages is that of participation in the profits of the enterprise, which is accorded to those who are insured uur life. 'I wo-tliiroe of the profits are aannajtr divided siitoiig these as a bouui, and tlie amount is either paid in money, added to the amount of the policy, or deducted from the ensuing premiums, at the option of the insured. I'art ol the capital of the company is prim niently invested in the I 'uited States, in the names of three of the local directors, is trustees?avail ihle always to the insured in cases of disputed claims, (should any such arise) or otherwise. In view of these considerations it would seem to he the imperative duty ofall who duly appreciate the uncertain tenure if mortal existence, but whose eager affection is too ex| ? -led lor the limits of mortality, to see to it, that those w hom they love do not live in risk of ultimate destitution, (treat is the lazird tint pertains to conjugal, parental, filial and social rel iiious, and great the consequent suspense and anxiety, for tibipntoiia is the march of death. Money expended to lull this uxiiiral restlessness concerning the future is money well expended. Bur w here profit and peace go hand in hand, as w e numbly suggest they may here, it is almost infatuation, it sat least temerity, to t eat lighily a subject of such general interest. We pay a premium for fne insurance, and we liiuk we do well?why .' Because in the event of fire our properly is no'wholly lo t. Shall human enjoyment and human need find n lowar v stimate than worldly eitnte I Let every prudent lllall h ok to this IliHtlir Al I. J.I lot Int.. !. subject; null that he may do llni, we refer lum to ita impir iuiU I lie ul discussion iii tlie )>nm|>iilet printed by tbe National Loan Fund Life Assurance Society. .. In conclusion, it may be a* w elt to remark thai tlie gsMit'cnieu composing tlie Board of Directors, a'd who meet weekly at tlie otlico in Willi street, are among the BOSI rsspfttlbls and esteemed mrmliers ol society, anu whose reputation for striet busiMM integrity stands unsullied iii our community, till 11re St;nst hirrionTok th'tHiSr abli shmknt~*ok A 8HKKPKOLD of 180,000 heads, in westkkn VIHOINIA?The raismguf sheep I'o the production of wool lias received a wonderful developemrnt since the inveu'iou of spinning machines and the establishment of large mauufacloriea where this material is converted into tissues of such vai ions k inds and iiualities, as to he adapted to the use of every slass of society. Wool is a universal merchandize ; it finds purchasers in all lie markets of the world, and the stock on hand falling always iliort of the demand, it finds a tale as easily and readily us gold rod silver wares. The establishment, therefore, on a large scale, of a sheep"old, conveniently situated and administered w ith the help of sufficient funds, must necessarily produce excellent results, in if become the source of brilliant profits to those who shall urest their capital in it '1 lie first ami most efficient element of success in inch an enterprise is the riteut, the nature, the situation, and the cheapit ss of the toad on which the slieeidiild is to he placed,as well a? the proper temperature and salubrity of the climate. Westrru Virginia bring generally mountainous, is the counry oest adapted to the breeding of sheep 'lhese animals ove the highland, and thrive in temperate regiona. The clin ite of that part of the American Union is so favorable to the beep, that they are left to graze all the year round without shelter anil almost without care. This life in the open air, ei en during tlir most rigorous winters, not only does not in he least d'giee impair tlie henllh of the animal, but protects hem Irum those co iiagious diseases w liicli iu other places deuroy m a short time the flocks. There is no ezample of such i scourge iu Western Virginia ; there the farmers trust the realtlr of their flocks to the protection of the climate, and t" lie wholesome food winch they tiud on tlie declivities of the mountain!. However, all the lands in Western Virginia ara not equally nlaptnl to tbeestahlislnnent of a large slicepfold. Those must be selected the Soil of which IS rich, and which lie contiguous. Old are not too fir liom water communications to transport tfie wool at a small expense either to the home market or to the e iports for foreign exportation. '1 lie proprietor of an estate of 100,000 acres of land offers it to tapitalisU who would like to put into execution the pp.posed r jri-l. This land is situntril in Logan county. Western Virginia, jetwecii the ttfih and :t8th degrees of North latitude, anil toeesses every advantage required for such au establishment. 1'lie soil is rich and mountainous, with ihe exception of souie I it lands, whirl, will be veiy useful for (lie culm atom of tlie trodnce necessary to the suproit of the shepherd'. The laud s watered by the Saridv.the (iuyandotte and little Cole rivers, ind other stri tins of less importance. The .Sandy is navigable luring i good part of the y ear for flat hosts, and small strammaU during rhe rainy season. The fSuyaudotte, not abound UK in wat? r like the Sandy, is still navigable for canoes dnrng several mo .tlis of the year, and for flat boats when the vaters are higher The Little Cole is also navigable for flat mats and canoes in the tame circumstances. All these three ivers empty tutn the Ohi< , one of the greatest and most imlorlint means of communication in the United States: the tandy and (tuayaiidolie directly, and the Cole through the treat Kanawha river. The title to this proper v is complete and perfect, and the it le documents are deposited in the otfice of 1 heodore Sedgsick, Ksq, Counsellor at Law, 56 Wall street, New York, I kvnrre nicy ran ijc eianniM-d. The plan of the sheepfold, wherein are indicated minutely llttie r*j lines and receipts, points out the reunite of the enerprise.?The data oil whicli the calculations hare beeu bunded aie positive, and e?ery one may very easily verify hem. The plan and the survey of the land are to he found ti the office of Herman ( idiom, Eeq. 45 Wall street. According to thin plan irfis necessary to employ a capital of M50,000, to establish a sheepfold of 120,000 sheep on 100,000 icret ol land. From the first year the capital receives the increase of 6 per entuin, in the course ol the 5th, 6th and 7th years is wholly eimbursed, and nfter this date the owners of the sheepfold re* eive an annual income of S6U.OOO, and will he possessors of ii establishment which will nave s value of.$100,000. Let us dd to these considerations that there is not the least risk in fie enterprise and nothing uncertain in iu results. In fact, the vool, which is the source of the income, is an article of ready ale in every market, and the land and sheep, which represent be c k| it 'I art solid stock which can be realised at anj time. \ subscription hill is open at die office of the said Herman ( Idams, Esq., 45 Wall street;New Vork, where all information nd cxpl iiiatious desired may be obtnidrd, and the calculations stilduhing the above results examined. 11m* undersigned, the proprietor of the land, subscribes for Afr'iOO, and he refers to THEODORE 8KDOWICK, SAMUEL I). RUGOLE8, SIDNEY BROOKS, of Davis. Brooks k Co. HENRY W. C. MALI. As soon as the subscription shall b?* filled ap.a meeting of the iibscrihers w.ll he called to deliberate upon the form and the rticles of the Association, w hich it may seem best to adopt. m4 ii ft| LOl is ( HITI I. NOTICE 'J SHEPHERD has opened store N Biomftwn. J"i die sale of Laces, Embroideries, and reuch fancy Goods. 'J'. 8 has moved Ins cheap selling store from 127 to 199 Broad* 'av, above ifnw ard street. He continues his business ss usual at No. 270 Broadway. Wanted, a person to make dress caps for ladies, at 270. rnyl lw*rc LTOUNO PHYSIC ?IT8 TRIUMPHS, OR CIIRONO. I THERMAL PACTS?By Wtn.Tnrner, Esq , A.M..M.D. te Health Commissioner of New Vork. It is a collection of eases in which the system of medical actire called C hrono-therm ?l, lately promulgated iu Loudon f Dr. Dickson, Ins been followed by a favorable result."?S* . Ky. Post. "if is a compendium of chrono-thermal facts which all should ' Mvpniiitf d with, l>oth for their corporeal benefit and instnir* du."?True Hun. "We are acquainted with some of the parties who hive reived benefit under the t hroiio-thermal treatment."?N. Y. lobe. "We welcome the novel and attractive system into the pub* abide the scrutiny and verdict of the people"? 17.. of the I i.ion. "It is a mode of treating diseases adverse fo bleeding and 'tigging, and in some respects re*einh|tug, or perhaps we igTit more ; r??peily s ?y including, h> dropa tnv.ann Preserving ' u?ut all that is not absurd and murderous in ' Old Physic."? ti men to- herm i signifies time tad temperature, and dicates that nafnre. in iti derang* ment\ only needs to have ffi lent time .vud the projier degree of temperature to recover * irlf. We rejoice in e\erv thing which gives nature fair pity. ' rash away the dirt, cool down the fever, and give lite its a inee, - Boetou t nrom I y ps " It deserves the attention of all who nrc seeking information r to the best means of preserving health and curing disease.'' ( N.Y. Tribune. K- r sale, price tiW cents, by WM. H. GRAHAM, Tribune Hidings. New Vork , /LIBER k CO., Pliila # , - \i . Dicl gi's i hroi -Thermal System of Med.- J fie?the only true mid successful system?price six shillings; e postag# on which, to any part <>l th# United States, is only , r< i emits m4 lt*rc OMETHINQ NEW FOR IHE LADIES.?MOUNT 'EAGLE TRIPOLI.?A sample of this truly remarkable ii'ie na* ncen put into our hands tn have its merits tested. " ? have done so, participating in the common irliirtance to d'llr with the ten thou and different powder* for polishing Mioses. T he geological < harnctcr of tills mineral, which is said to I riritin Tripoli, being reported to lis as quite remsrUsble, we J re taken the trouble to satisfy ourselves, and find that it is I illv what it is pronounced to be?superior to every other arle hroiiglp into the market for burnishing all finished metnlic p glvs* snifters. a fliis is ssid to be found in en American bed of teceiit ill .co- n T. in a rare state of purity, and pronounced by geologists to fi perfectly pore Tripoli, fire from the Mies or Calcarenns rths, commonly united with the foreign Tripoli. V- this article seeins destined to displace rotten stone, sshit- , , and all other cleansing and polishing agents?for which I * ommunitv is constantly throwing away money?we feel "1 iheriy 11 invite the confidence of families, and other con- ,, nrrs of sueli articles, to lint Tripoli, as a thing which may relied on for its uniformity in ipialilv, it being not a mere paration, but a simple refinement of that peculiar earth, icli hat been long known to commerce as Tripoli?end lie" this earth ha* been found in a purer state tlianeser before J ser in thia country or Kurnpe. J torn the high character or the gentlemen romprismg the " tint r.sgjr Manufacturing Co., and the rare eicellence of ?i native 1'ripoli, above spoken would seem that till* o] cle in their hands is destined to occupy no rontemptihle ( re among the staples of the country "i igenta for thia city LON'rt k 1)A VKNPOHT, No 10 Matt *t ??7tdltWrr w awi w mmvKi. | JACOB 8. PLATT. Auct. ROCKERY. CHINA AND QI.A8S WAKL.-On Wednesday, 5th nut. at lO o'elk. J %COB 8. PLATT will sell in the Urge sales ioom fu*t il<?or over the euctioii room, ' Corner of Piatt ami Gold streets, by catalogue, 70 rat* * and 1 cwm, opent (J on the ihflvei, sound and in good order Earthen, China *nd glass Ware, making a complete assortment, iu lot* i to suit all CMlWi of dealers. C aulogues this day, at \ i o'clock. ' at the auction room. ml lt*c A. C. i'LTTLh Auctioneer. LARGE SALE OK SILVER WARE. SHEFFIELD PLATED WAKE, China, Dinner and Deceit Sets, English and America** Mautel and Solar Lamps, Girandole*. Gts Fixtures, ( hau^eltera, C locks, Vases, fit'* at I'ilj Droolway, (late Gardiner ? Furnishing Warehouse) on 'Ihursd.y, Mav 6th.?A. C TUT'l LE will sell as above, at 10 o'clock, on the premises, the balance of the stock of the late Gardiner's Warehouse, comprising the most valuable assortment of rich ! house furutsliiug goods offered at auction this season, con- , lifetinvt of a general variety of superior articles, imported ? pres*ly for retail sales. Full particulars iu catalogue*, which will he ready on Wednesday morniug, and tliv goods cau be examined till the hour of sale. ml 3t*rc .1, VV. BltOWN. Auctioneer. NEW AND SECOND HAND Kl HNITCRK, House Furnishing Articles. ie.??J. W. BROWN will sell on rtioaday, 4th May, at 10^% o'clock, at No. lttBioidwiy % large assortment of excellent second-hand lurniture from la* i iuilies. Also, to pay advances, will be peremptorily sold, a large stock of superior new Cabinet Furniture, comprising ! solas and mahogany chairs in variety, wardrobes, dressing bureaus, French bedsteads, woh stand.*, centre and card tables, 1 hah BittrfliMi, ate. Alto, tolai lampt, rich liriudolti, iiory and other table cutlery, tea trays, plated te * urns, table castors, ! with a great variety of totlier house furnishing articles. Cuta* ; logues if now ic i-l\ . ins 1 ttil*. \V. D. VRTV, Aucti<tuter. |_JOUHEHOLI> Fl UNI 11 *HE-Will be sold at auction, | ( Aiiilionv sheet.) the Furniture contained in Mid house,' ! consisting of tli* usual variety of l'arlor and Bed Room Arti- , elf*. _ m.l 2tis* re A. C. TUTTLK, Auftioneer. ELKOANT and F.uhionible Rosewood. Black Walnut and Mahogany Furniture .it Auction on TUKSD A V. May . 1th. at the Coliseum itooiiia, 150 Broadway.--A. * Tl'TTLK I will sell as above, at 10 o'clock, a large and valuable assort- j ment of rose wood, black walnut and mahogany Parlor Kuruitiire, en suite, of the order of Louis XI V., Louis XV., and hlizabeth, covered iu crimson and imperial plush,consisting of Solas, Tete-a-Tetex, Faufeuils, de Salon and do de Dame, ! Churn, Rosewood Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstands, sofa, aide I and Centre Tables, Kxtciision and Dining do, &tc. Also, Boudoir Furniture, viz: couches, divans, Sic., covered in rich di i lint, flkc,, Catalogues ready, and the Furniture may he examined on the morning of Nue? ml 8iMkTir RCMOli ATi flperfcmeg k Kel?\ have removed their , Carpet and Floor Oil Cloth Warehouse to No. 285 Broad- | w ?\ opposite Sttwwtfi. ml "it A i IRD rhomas Kirk respectfully informs iite public, that he has purchased from Mr. Samuel Smith his entire \ interest in the old established and well known KAT1NO 1 HOU8K, oil the corner of Bowery and Sixth street, (at the ! junction of Th?rd Avenue,) and having entirely refitted and newly furnished the establishment throughout, he hopes, by ! his experjeuce iu the business?his nast efforts to please, (hat in it been iu the employ of Mr. Smith a number of years)?and i the a nrance of hit future application and assiduity. to merit j and receive the patronage of the old customers of ttie tstab- j lishment, and t!?** pnblie in Mnsnl The public may rely upon finding every delicacy of the sea son, at all hours of the day and evening. m'llw'r THOMAS KIRK ! LI-TCHITCHK, A CHINK8F. CATSUP.?This very superior and original Cnunp, made from the jiulp of Li- | tchi, a ? hinese fruit, noted for iu pungent and delicious acidi- | tv, and its i?cu liar digestive properties, ia prepared by Wm. j Osboni 6l Co. from a recipe presented to them by an attache to i the Chinese embassy. \Vm. C) shorn Co. offer this Catsup ! for enriching gravies, soups, meats, wild fowl, &c. with n confidence tnattis merits are uaeqmalled by any imm ?r entrap j iu existence, more particularly those designated as Loudon sauces and catsups, which are made anywhere hut iu Loudon, j It w ill be sold retail at the Family Groceries at the very j low pi ice of fifty cents a pint bottle, and w holesale at M. UKNNKTT'S, 196 Front street, New York. m2 1m*r | KLMOVAL.?Morru L. Samuel, Agent for Morris Tobias, :il Miuorrs, Loudon, has removed to No. 18 I'Utt street, near < fold.. m2 3l#rc OKI A Si CU M DKKlNci KSTABLISHMinNT.?Prmcinil office, 490 Pearl strret, op|*nite City Mall Place, New 1 oik.?All orders promptly executed at the shortest otice. Dyking. Cleansing Delaines end Alpacas, Lace and muslin Curtains Merinoes and Moreens, bleached, Thibet*. I loths, Castiuieres, Damask urtnins, Silks ana Sattins, Camels hair Shawls of the j Ribbons ami Kiinnes, most costly name, hhawls ofever'i rscriptiou, Broche Shawls, Drrsaes ol ail kinds, Meiinoea do. <? irments of all descriptions, Garments of every descrip- , Damask Ciirtaiua, tic. tion. Carpets, Kuits, Table Co- . vers, etc. BRANCH OFFICES* 2ki (irernwich street, between Murray and Warren, 'I'd Grand " Norfolk and Suffolk, 710 Broadway, opposite Waverly I'lace, 237 Bleecker street, " Morton, 189 Kulton street, Brooklyn, 208 Bioad street, Newark. mSlw'rc Htl LAD IKS A N lis.KNTLKMK N OF NEW Voii K and vicinity, are respectfully informed, that there is an otlice opeued in this city, (upon the Parisian plan) for the pur- j pose of facilitating persons of both seies, in f irming honorable and well suited connexions for Marriage. That such a plan is : girally needed in this city, must appear to the mind ol every i rational person. The youth (mure particularly) of both arses are bring called, or come to this city, from all parts of the world, (lor |iecuniary benefits or otherw ise.) and when here, in the most of cases, are compelled to associate with strangers and strange customs?almost entirel y without friends, except such | as a very limited association gnes them, the result of which association speaks in terms not to be misunderstood. This plan proposes to assist all such person i in forming high anil honorable associations, and prepare them for good mem hers of society. Circulars setting foith the plan, location ol I other, tkc., can be forwnrded to persons, by addressing " Coil fide'tce," Post other, (post paid). N. B. The strictest secresy observed. New York, May I I it 17. ml lw'rc : WINDOW SHADES!!.?Once more we challenge the New York Shade dealers to compete with us in the sale ol Window Shades. We are now making large daily .additions to our stock of Shades, and pledge oortelvea to lie uiidrriuld by none. As to ilic rjuality ol'our Shades, we have hut one word to say. They took the premium at the late fair at Newark, N.J. Weiuvit# the citizens of New York anil the surrounding country to give us a call, ami we will prove the truth of our assertions. DUNCKb'.H it Ur.KKKII, V,, Ul'l,*ll.*m ,t*..*l -I I... myl 1m*rc Nfw York. i C'OUNAO BRANDY, both iwle and colored, in cuki o | 2 30 gallons, landing and for sale by BOYD It 1IINCKRN, ml Ct*r Room 9 Tontine Buildings. Dl: ELL 18 removed to No. 221 Tenth street. live doors (Vom M avenue. __________ m2 :ti i 105,] ' ( A K IM'.'VlN( i." [1W. 100,000 yards of Brussels Three I'ly and Ingrnin | 10,090 yards of Oil cloth and Matting. 10,000 Window Shades, Rugs, Mats, Table Covers, and { every article connerled with the trade, ou sale cheap for cash. WM, MefJRORTY, 154 Chatham street, ; aid Imis'e Kirst ih or above 'ho Theatre. . -v SWlt.NV 1 AN AKIP.S, ><1 the bell nolo and NightVfi.i ingale song, long breed, and oilier rare and valuable I Birds: fancy and other cages; bird seeds of all descri|>. I 12Kl.,;ll., fcc , ate. K nig Charles Spaniels, English and , Scvtch Terriers, for sale hy W. H. JOHNSTON, 280 Broadway, one door | mi I w?e host A. T. Stewart kCn. s Qiy goodsstawe. | .- ; w. U vlUl.NK, vviltc H(IKKKR*aiid T.ncvVird cage Manufacturer, No 48 3d Avenue, between 9th and , 'Jm*f Huh streets, N. V.?On baud a splendid asanrtmeut oi j r!i?C fancy and oilier cages, new pattern; also wooden and , willow ware and fancy goods, besides splendid singing and I long breed birds, with seeds, paste, Ike., lie.; slsn some very lar^r Lemon Trees and other plants, for sale. N. U. Wire work for aviaries, w indows, kc.. made and re- i paired in2 iw*rre j ?p HOMES FOR HALE ?A pair of handsome nay -teiE^^Horai's, 1 anil 6 yvvrs old, warranted sound; can he ^l^JUseru at Jones' stable, Mercer street, between Prince and Houston. m3 lw?rc MKOK SALE? Knur King 4 harles' Spaniels, of tin best quality, imported here in the ship Hi. James, from London. Also, one dog of the Newfoundland Inieo, one of the best that ever was offered for sale in this city, II mouths old, and weighs 130 pounds, well trained and is an etcrllenl watch dog; they will be all sold cheap if called for this week. Call at 220 Elizabeth street. m3 3l*re jpv WAT( 11 t-.-Sg at Wholesale only ?Louis I'eirel, No ? fiu " street, up stairs, iinporterand agent for several AlJs Swiss mnnufscturers, offers to the trades most complete assortment of Swiss Watches of every description, of this Spring s importation. Country merchants and dealers m general will lind it greatly lotht.r advantage to call as above before pnremuing elsewhere. a30 lm*r < llr.AP AND I .V IT.1)1 I'll )l s'jjl VVMXInw lOTHE WESTERN STATES AND CANADA. tieSa; Ml 11V TAI'srOTT'S EMIGRANTS PASSENGER LINKS, OlRce, 80 South street,New York. The subscribers continue to I'orwsrd Emigrants and others , to all parts of the Western States and I anada, at the very LOWEST RATES OK PASSAGE, hy Railroad. Slenmboatjiid Csjisl, to the following places, via | 7,, >1" ?.iu ? Iiuni'lin i? Utica, iyr?fM?, Oswego, Auburn, Rochester, Bit 11-do, Krir, I'd. < li vtliiul, Huron, Hvt-'liisliy, Maumce, Monroe, Toledo, Detroit, Mackinaw, Mil wauliie, Racine, HoOthport, Chicago, (<rren Bay, I'olUTille. Pitt biirg, P?. Wheeling, Portsmouth, Ohio. I'm kersburgh, < incinnati, Louiavilla, Ky. Si I.oiiii. Ovleui, Dnbuqne, Honil Head, Darlington, Hamilton, H'bilbv. Ijibnnc, tyilaenston, Kingiion, Toronto, Sandwich. Montreal, And all other intermediate ntacea. Teraoni proccrdinit to any part of the Weil, or Canada, would do well to call on W. V J. T. TAI'St OTT, At their General" Kmtgrattnn Office, SO South street, New Vork. T?p?co:t"? Kmigranta' Travelling Guide can be hail on np>licatiori, free. Wl3 R|*W I n h , Kill I IVLRPOOL?The splendid new sftZSMKn ate .m.hip SA IIAII SANDS. IMOO tone. Captain VV. < Thomp on, will rail pnne tu-llv on the llth .May, having excellent ac. amai^^^BBRtawcommoilatious for lecond cabin piuii'iigeri mil the greater portion of her bertnt being engaged. , f'eruiiii ileairooa ?I embarking in her will pleaae make imnediatr application (terms very moderate) on board, foot of li. ti n atreet, 011? JOSEPH MeMURR \ t. ml Corner of Pine and Month ?ta. XS&- KOK LI VKR POOL? I he only regular packet of aJfUJ^the llth of May?The new magnificent, last aailing, Siiti^.ud U.oiite packet .hip HTKPIir.N WIIIT.NKV, 1111111- . won tons, Capt Pophim, will .ail poiitieely on thi Ith of May. The accommodation, for cabin. Id cabin, and steerage paaengeri, are un.urpaa-.ed by any other ee.iel in port, and a* a ] umber of her paaaengen are already engaged, those deairoua | I'securing berths should make early application on board, foot , f Pine atreet, or to JOSEPH M MURRAY, , ms ' omer of Pine and Month atrMU. I Mdhe- "Toil i.ikTTrrooi.-oni, iiegV.T.r Packet-liTe i jdrJflfWi m KMifirri.t, I nt sailing nml fitorifr i t? k^r HlSi'liip PATH M K HKNRV, burtlim R9I ton a, ( apf. Miito, Will tail positively on flie 6th of May. ; The accmnmodationa for cabin, second cahin and steerage ' Msrnger* are unsurpassed by any other vessel in port; and a* * till rrt!?#?r nf r?R?s*llir?Tat ir* al..a?i. -.1 -L a , - ? ? <?-.??? 'mrukpii, fringe nr^ir' I1 11? n( irrnrini bfrthiinonlil mikt tirlv ipplirmiiiii onboard, ! 1 Kit of Maiden lane, or to JOS. MeSlrRIM Y, I ml bonier of fine and South a'rerta. i 11 4ft- Sti l l' I. Pmiimtipti rack*!ahipSIOOONM J. , I in i " I o II r Iraae lie no hoard the ale imlxii.t I f, MiSaKhlt' I I.I.S at Orleeca Wharf, foot of Wall ' rta da\, (Ttie?day,) at 12 o'clock, at which time the ahip will ] "I better ba*a will rloee at the tianal placet at half peat II 1 'dock. __ m4 rc J 4*^ Kill NEW OR LEA IHIA N A AND % Jgkfy NKW YORK LINK OK !'A< KKTS The fa.t ? nUlfaa aiiling Packet ahip Wahaeli, ( apt Win Hatha* iv, (i in>* I'>n<)II1|C and w ill aail mi Monday, May Hltli. Lor lrai|(lit r pataage, haritit atiperior furniahed accommodation!, J'l'j/ a hoard, at OrTeana wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to I h ..III . ti. S,,.)th atreet IViaitieelv no freight will he recen nl k i innrd after Sa'nrday eveninf , May Iflt. M Axenta in New Orleana?-John Q. Woodruff k ' >., who A ill promptly forward all foodt to their addreaa mt ! I" AKkmnikUR. I PAUK THEATK K'..?Turid?y Uraeing. Mty 4, will be crforiitrii the Trstfrdy of \l K l AMUlt A?Mf'iuinf4, Mr rorrrit; Erroigtou, Mr. Bury; Walter, Chaufrau, Nuh"foo'ii'i iu.Jf v? ith (lie esrrev&K&oza of IN VISIBLE I'fttINC E ?The JuUtiir Furibond. Mr. A Andrew*; Lou Leondei, Mr s. Hum; A|?ricotiua; Mi*. Knight. Hot $!, Pitiu ctuu; Usilery 26 cent* Doors opeu at a quarter to 7 o clock?the i* r form an re will commence at precaely a quarter past 7. . fJUWKHI lHK.lTKK.?A W Juk?o\ Propiletoi?*4 13 E. Stkikm, Stage Manager?l ueedey Kveoinr. 31 a> 4 , will be performed the tragedy ol b AZIO? B uuc a, Mi* Sh*w; CJ.raldi Kaaio, Mr Nt alie; Bartolo, Mr V athe. To conclude w ith the drama ol the L AS J UAiS Or PC).VIPEJI?Arbtce*. Mr Booth; Burbo, Mr HaUaway; >ydia, Mr* Sergeant; lone, Mrs Booth. Die** C ircle, 26 cents; Pit sud Gallery, 12>* cent* Door* open at o'clock. Performance copnnencea at 7>g. PALMO'S A HOUSE.?A CABD.?8if. * DETTl respectfully unnonuces to the natron*?ol thaUnera uud the public geucrully, that hi* bKNtHT williake j uc* on Thursday Evening, Mny tith, with Donizetti'* Opera, LCCIA 1)1 l.AMMKKMOOK. ? ? . Between the acta. Si "lie D1MIEK, ftrcin the Opera ol Pari*, will dance Le Panic la S> Iplude and Le Pa* Styrieu. iii2 4trc M~ Til TmVTT* Theatre. IHS ( LAKKES BKNKk IT.?Reports being in circulation ol a character not likely to he weakmeuby an muei.doaiul 44 other kittle pleasantries," in one of the Sunday papers about " benefit cast*," w hich report* and pleasantries Impule erroneous reaaoua for the uou-oc curie net of my benelit at the Olympic ou Thursday evening last, 1 think it due to mysell to explain the real cause of my lo** on that occasion. ()u Friday night, 2Jd of April, I received official information that my bcuelit wiu fixed for the following Friday evening, 30th ol April. Being aware that that was about the wrorat night but one in the whole season, from it* proximity to "mov iiig-day," 1 wrote a request to the management that my benefit shuiihl be postponed, at least, for a week, that my fiieuds might have tome chance to evince their usual kindness. I wim informed hi repjy, that circumstances rendered the immediate li urination of my benelit imperative, hut that I mnrht ih.. . Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday, if i ^referred either, l?? ! the Friday. Taking it for granted that the " circumstance" i could only he the engagement of a alar, 1, to avoid any " luck- ! erings." accepted the Thursday night, and named the Id, till nud #tl? act* of " London Assurance, the novelty of which nt the Olympic, 1 depended mainly upon tor attraction at so unpropitious a season, as others hau depended on three acts of the 1 School for Sc&udnl," the fifth act of " llichard 3d" and the Grot act ofM Sounambula," See. The cast was put up in the green room. It is an absolute rule in the Olympic, uo one in engaged for u particular line of ; business, auu tluit noue can refuse parts but ut the peril of their engagement; which rules 1 will presently illustrate forcitdy. I On Mouday I wa? informed that Mr. Nickinsnn had refused his part, Sir Ilaroourt Courtly, I reterred to the "rules" in vain. I ll-* man igeiiirnt sustained the refusal; :nid IfliQ '< LVOid "bickering," 1 obtained a volunteer Dazzle, ana Mr. Walcot consented to play Sir Hurcourt. The piece was called for rehearsal on Tuesday?when, and not till when?too late to ob tain further auxiliary aid, Mr. Kverard and Mr. G. ( lark refused their part.\f<>f Max 11 trkaway and < harles Courtly; which reftuala were auo itistained by the pumagemant. Deprived of the only niece which was n feature in my bill?left, at the eleveu'liliour, to worn out stock nieces, and, ns a natural consequence, a comparatively poor house, 1 forbade my name !o be put up on Thursday for a benefit, the lion's share of which wan to accrue to the treasury. Nevertheless, my benefit wan underlined in Wednesday's bill, and I, thereby put to the extra cost (>f advertisements and hills, to inform the public that I had no interest in the night. I refrain from comment, to return to the illustration promised above. For refusing a part in a revived piece, w hich had been originally playd b| uiothor I ><!. while I was in tha company, and/which part 1 had, originally, by courtesy, and the nature of business ida\ ed by me, a l ight to?for refilling to play that part second hand and worn out. and as a stop-gap, the origiiial i*rfora)fi haviug seceded from the compaa). I was e< n* polled to leave the theatre. (though there was another lady in it as capable as the original,) and so to lose in the term of my absence, until I was re-engaged, four hundred dollars; and for what? For doing, with at least a plausible reason, that which I has been sanctioned by the management in three instances, to | my further loss of at least one bundled dollars for share of he- j llfflt, and nearly twenty dollars lor printing mid advertising. i As to the closing of the theatre being in any way attributable j to my benefit uot having taken place, or anything connected w ith if. that is obviously too ridiculous to lireil remark. # One . would he apt to fancy that fact a sufficient reason for its re- ( inniiiirig open. However, it is enough to state that the manager j has hinmell declared through his proper officer, that he closed the theatre simple because it was his pleasure so to do, and it is well known that ne hud eo determined, prior to the prevention of my benefit. Simple facts, uuguhh d and incontrovertible. I leave the ! above lor comment to those w hom talse reports, "bickerings," j and "other little pleasantries" ma\ have deceived, ml Iit ( ON8T \ VI I A < LAllKK. j AMEHJi A A Ml tiEUM. SPLENDID performances, both Afternoon and Evening, at 3 and o'clock, when will be exhibited a Dioramtc ; and Panoramic representation of the FUNERAL OF NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, with all the Pfigeautrj and pompofthe occasion. Also, w ill be exhibited at all hours, perfect models of TWENTY OF'HIE LAKUEST DIAMONDS in il.e world, worth^in tlie ?iiKrr|cate, over $90.0U9,0(K). ^ w.v-. >r v??viu lilTlllK vmu| vyutaim. Sic. Admission 25 cent*. Children under 10 yenr# reuu. u2* If rc BEN UK IT OF ME. GEO. LEW 18. PionMor WALNUT STREET THEATRE, PHfLADELPHIAK. A. Minhill, Le?tc-W. II Blike, Malinger?Turaday Evening, May 4, will be performed the piny of I1ZARRO ?Italia, Mr. Geo. Jamison, Elvira, Mr#. Coleiniu l'oiie; Cora, Mis# Fisher. After which 2d act of LA BAYADERE?Zulce, Miu M? Lee; Fntima, Miaa Walter# To be followed by the OLD GUARD?Haver?ac, Mr. Rirhiiigs. To couclude with LE E8PAGNOLE, by Mi## Lee. To-morrow Mn, Blike's Beuefit, when will be presented the pln> of FASHION. CIIES.M T S'lilEET TIIEATlt F," I'll ILA DELPHI A. Tuesdny Evening, Mays, will be presented the opera of CINDERELLA?r'elii, Mr Fraeer^ Baron Pompofitio, Mr Meyer; Altdoro, Mr K iiniiah; Dniidini. Mr Segniii; Pedro, Mr W F Johnstone; I rider el la, Mr# Srguin; Clonud.#, Mr# Phillips; Tliisbe, Mrs Palmer. To-morrow Eveuinc?'J'he Elitirof Love. Prices? l're?. errclr and Pnrijurue. 5U cenu; Family circlri, 25 r ents; Private four#, $5. Door# open at 7 o'clock?to cumtnence a noarter before eight o'clock / 1 (II flit HALL, l!It(M>KI.VN ?THE SWISH BELL U RINGERS will give ONE GRAND CONCERT, ThisiTtniiLMay4ih, usistsdby Miss Bartoa, the accomplithsd foounts TraM !j cants. Nn half price. Concert to commence st 8 o'clock. m4 !t*rc (M?.N( fciRT HALL?NEWARK, N J .-Miller f* Har-1 J bert. IsfMcti.-i1 irst Night of MI88 CHARLOTTE BARNES.?This (Monday) kvenhig. May 3d, willbcictrd tin* Drama of TVE VOl'TllFUL QUEEN?C hristini, Mine | C. Barnes. Fancy D Mice, by Miss Lsnetts D. Levin. Afier which A NIliHT OK EXPECTATION?Madame Verdlay, Miss C. Barnes. To conclude with the Farce of HUNTING A TURTLE? Mr*. Turtle, Mrs. Harrison; Timothy, Mr. Nelson. [?/** hours open at past 7 o'clock?performance to commence of 8. m3 3t#rrc /!1RAND I ON< ERT8?With Ventnloquism, Imitations. vX 5tc. every Evening, at the Broadway House, corner of Grand street and Broadway, by several professional ladies and gentlemen of acknowledged vocal talent. Also engaged, 8ignors T>. and G. VALENTINE, the unrivalled Veiuriloquists, Vocalists ai d Guitarists. To Commence at 3 o'clock. Admission 6*4 cents. m3 4ti**rrc MINKKVA ROOMS, 100 Broadway.?Moudiy% May 3d, and every evening during the week ?Extraordinary success.? Last week of the Mysterious arid Oriental Soirees of Mr. Alexander, in his brilli?utly illuminated Mystic Temple. Hit eitraordinary tad incomprehensible Nof FOBMuitijr. i? mglrlv received by fashionahie and crowded audiences, with overwhelming hursts of applause, aud every demonstration of wonder, astonishment and delight. f hauge of performance every evening. For programme see the small hills. Doors onen nt 7 o'clock. Prices of admission?rarquette 50 Cent*: 8*1000 89 rents. C hildren accompanied by their parfuta, half price, myf lw*rt IjlATON. TIIE ? ELKBKATED P El) KMT 111 AN . who J walked One Thousand Miles, in one One Thousand Consecutive Holing in C anada last Summer, has commenced the Extraordinary heat of walking one quarter of a mile every fifteen minutes, for 260 hours, at VAUXHALL GARDEN, on Wednesday morning, Anril 28th, at 8 o'clock. The above feat will terminate on Saturday evening. May 8th, at G o'clock. Mr. Eaton is 77 years of age, and if he accomplishes this feat, 1 must he considered the wonder.of the tune. Admission.?Tickets One Shilling, for which Refreshments IT/"" Ticket! for the whole performance!, without refreshn? ,:11, T\ rent! ml tm8 re Al'Ol.l.O ROOM.-The SW188 BKl.L KINUKKH, in bidding " adieu'' to their many warm and generoua frienda of New Vork, whose kind reception, mended to danger* Orate a distant land, will i-rer nne a may ?|><,t among!! the reminiscences of the paat, reaped fully annonnrr their r'ARKWKl.l, <'t)S't KIITS, on Monday, Weduesdvy, Thuradny and Saturday evening!, May 3d, Jtli, 6th and 8th, assisted by MISS BARTON, the accompliahrd Voraliat. 'J'irketi I'i eent??no half price. Duora open at 7 o'clock, t'oncert to commence at 8 o'clock. m2 Iwi**r C"7A8TLK liAKDK.N i? now open during the day, affording J thoee desiroua of visiting tlieie premises i,n e?eellent oje portnnity. The room i? the lmgest in the l/mted States, designed hy C . Pollard. The painting it AI Fresco. by I appelli. Trie t'oamoramic Viewa have been re-arrangea, and can be aeeii ar all timca. The outer promenade! cotninaud a line view of the harbor and Narrow!, with the ndjaceut scruery. Admiaiion UU cent!. On Hnudny r.vening.a t'oncert of Haered Mnnc will be given hy Doqworth'i justly c< l> In-vied r.met hand, aJVfre i Mhi HANIC8 11 \LL, No ITS Broadway, h#-tw? en XiVHyOrand and llrooine street*. which haa been recently improved and enlarged, and ia now one of the moat eon1-3 " venient, well-ventilated and i levant halla in thecily. MONI1AV , May 3d, .'inrf ecery nicAt during lAe wrrk, CHRISTY'S WK.hl,'KNOWV.AND ORIGINAL BANI) OK MINSTuKLS, Whoae previona concert! in llna eity were |iatronired to an eatent unprecedented by any aitnilar amnaement, have the honor of announcing that they will recomemence iheir popular and inimitable entertainments. introducing a variety of NKW MONOH, BUHI.K.SQUK8. lie. J hange of programme every evening. D 7" Admiaaion 2) cental doori open at 7; concert will commence at floelock. mi l Iwrc < KN'i'liT;V II.I.K i ill Ksi.-I'AI INft. WKDNK8DAY, May Mh. at i o'clock V. \1.?Piirw $30rnile heats?beat 3 in m.der the saddle; for which five r?t iue best racers in the l/nited State* are entered V. J. Odine enters r g. Village Hoy. J. D. McMunu inters. eh. g 1 apfaiu Wtugfi. A. < ook eiitera ch m .Mary Blane. J. Woodruff enter* r g Roanoke. H. Woodruff enters. h e Tornado. Admittance to all parts of the font a# 30 rents. I,n i i M'I I ' <>N I ! N notii I-. i?> iiVMI* * HOOLS \Ni' AmB OTHKR INHTITt TIHNS -H>K BALF.-The | roiaMLtarty situate at Weehawken. N. J , two mile* from the . iTfThaTkeii Kerry, known a? the Mountain Pavilion, on the licheht |K)int in the neighborhood of New York, and from . wnich is hail the moat magnificent prospect of the lower hay, mil the North Kiver?consisting of a l.arge Man*ion. Barn, ' [ce House, well filled, and out house* complete, in good reH?ir, and about twelve acrea of ice||ent land, iu a high aUte ?f cultivation. The above presents the finest and most eligible, as well as noat convenient situations, and an opportunity for the eatab irhment nf;? large Boarding ftrhool, or other institution where nurh room i* required, that lias ever been offered in the virility of New Vork, and P"*?e?*ea ads antsge* too nuintrous to set forth in an advertisement. There is ?gi the j remises a large amount of furniture, nearly c %*. which, or any part of whi<h,maybe had with the proerty. The property will he sold low and the terms nnde aay, for which, or any information respecting the same. *p| ly n ( oLKMAN V STETSON. Aator H?nse, or to aJf.iaimr M8i 1HW 811 RTEVaST No \V.,|| at HATS' haTSi HZTil "g KNOX, with hia accnatnmcd hraviry, wnnld call fg 'he attention of hia friend, f . hia new atyleaj^w f 8f'l<IN?? k'ASHIONH which are nn> af l,.a ai,?. i? j?8 Kitlrnn He wunld with hi? "?nai pliilnnihf?|'y. irite .iraniani t" bin e?tnbliahliieiit, mliare thay ean obtain !,)? <>r aoeqoai quality, and at lower pncea tbati at any her .tore in the pity. i'*' lwi?*e I ONHIONF.KH par Bnlitli bntU K1I.HV from (Hw 1,1 VPI r'""l ari ii it ?fed In and tliair parrni''. BWn' " i',l 11 1 N' 1 Nmili III? a r. will,mi' T1 ?,?.il? nil' lirrmittad in (Wi-ilna mm! lia >enl to tin- |.in '.tore W Hi J T TM'flCOTT to Sontli ?i ml ? TO (II LATEST MOMENT TELEGRAPHIC. Philadelphia, May S?10 P. M, .Vi * have received Baltimore and New Orleans dates I up to Monday. They contain no later news front the army MeConos. in hie district, leads about three-half the j eouutien heard front A large flro occurred few days ago In Orifflo. Oeorgia, by which fourteen valuable stores were consumed with their contents, and ueariy the whole town was destroyed. The lose .'alls extremely heavy on the inhebitants. hales of Howard Street tlcntr at $8 78; City Mills *7 Affairs in Albany. LKOISLATIVK PKOCKBDINGS. Imto> Alsanv. May 3, 1*47 A general bill wai reported for the incorporation of Bridge Coin panic" Mr Johnson, by consent, brought in a bill for the repeal of the Kxcise law. which bill was objected to, on a motion to order it to a third reading Mr. I.kstkb gave notice that be wruld to-morrow move for the suspension of the rule*, with a view of or during Mr. Johnson'* bill to a third reading. The bill to compel railroad companies to relay their track* with heavy rail*, was ordered to a third reading. The vote ou the passage of the bill for a freo academy in New York, was re-considered, and the bill rt-coninutted fur umoudiucnt. which disposition was agreed to by its friend*. The bill relutive to connecting railways at crossings was passed. The bill to amend the charter of the Merchants' KxI eh angu company iu New York was reported. Mr 11 akitin brought in a bill allowing a defendant In un action of slander or libel to give in uvldence. so far as regards any facts that may tend to show that the alleg' od slander is true, or that it was uttered or piihltkhed under the belief that it was true. The jury to decide upon the ctfect of such testimony, as to the justification or mitigation Mr Hahd brought In a bill for the appointment of a 1 railway commissioner, which was reported hack wit h amcndinen ts The bill for a free academy in New York, as well as the Judiciary bill, were further debated I Adjourned ft awn My Albany, MayS, 1S47 The general manufacturing bill has been befors the House almost the entire session The clause for the requirement of one-third of the stock of these associations to be in the form of a Heating capital, was struck out. An amendment was then moved and agreed to, requiring a vote of two-thirds of the stockholders in In tcrost, to increase or diminish the capital of an institution. The bill was not finally disposed of. The general insurance bill was taken up. and but Uttls progress had been made on It wheu the body adjourned Albany, May 3?fl P. M No boats have arrived to-day front west of Shenecta.1 V ??.l -- 1 .?-> ? . ..... .1 ivuui.uiiik ui interest to send you BY THE MAILS. Afkln in Washington, Washivgto, May 1,1847 The Ffor, and the Plant and Protpeclt of the War tn <M further jirtiecution, examined. The war with Mexico ia rapidly approximating it* final crisis, whpn it will terminate in a speedy and satlsfatory peace.or deteriorate into a Seminole campaign?a port of hunting down of the remaining armed native* In the mountains, and the road-sides, and among the chaparrals. From all that we can gather of the opinions of the government, the Administration expert (hat Santa Anna has come down from Mexico to this side of the ( ordil , leraa, ostensibly to fight, but with a real design to enter Into negotiations. It is thought that the clergy, to save their church treasures from sequestration, have a distinct understanding with Santa Anna upon this point, and will sustain him in a movement for peace. This may be so. and it will be conclusive of peace if it Is so. If it be otherwise, the American troops are destined to revel in the halls of the Montexumas One very persuasive inducement for the rapidity of the movement of Santa Anna toward the sea-hoard is the protection of his personal estates between K1 Kncerro and Jalapa He has extensive herds of horses, mule*, cattle and sheep on those estates, rattle to the uumbrr of 60.000, itissald; and doubtless is apprehensive that if they come within reach of the American army, thev will fall under Col Benton's Lieutenant Geueral plan of' military contributions'' But no doubt he would be paid as any otherprivato oltisen ; because, the plan of quartering upon the enemy proclaimed by the organ of this Government last summer, as the future system upon wbloh the war would be conducted, lias never been adopted by the generals lu the field; probably, in that they suspected it to be a part of the plan of the Lieutenant General It may be. that In advance ot this despatch, your overland and telegraphic express will bring you intelligence 1 of the decisive overthrow of Santa Anna by (sen Scott, i if, iudeed, the Mexican dictator be *o near to the American army as is represented. The two brigades which he despatched from Han Luis f'otosi for the relief of Vera ('rux. on his leaving Han Luis for the city of Mexico are, it is supposed, a portion of the army of ld.OOQ men represented to bo on the road between I'uerte h'aeianal and Jalapa; their march to Vera ( rus having been Intercepted by the news of it* capitulation A tight between Scott and Santa Anna may bring us to the land mark of negotiations at once, and without further dlfflculty Hence the general anxiety to hear of this anticipated collision in the event of Santa Anna falling hack on the route tn Mexico, and still maintaining a hostile attitude, the co-operation of Gen Taylor will beoome in dispensable to the forward movement of Gen Scott in pursuit of the enemy. Gen. Taylor will find the best route to be the very route taken by Santa Anna across the desert from \gua Nueva to Han Luis Taylor, with his water tanks, (a good number of which he had preoared for the march over the sands to Han Luis, when he was saved that trouble by the disastrous activity of Santa Anna,) but, with his water tanks and caoutchouc bottle*, be will find no difitrully in crossing the blank, fiat, dead, inhospitable waste. Hanked by broken ridge* of sunburnt mountains. lying between lluena Vista and Matehuala, a distance of about I3U miles, on the way to Han Luis, the other liO miles beiug through a region partially supplied with wells, and a lew cornfields Arrived ut Han Luis, at the head of an army of l'i.OOO men, for it is scarcely possible, after leaving the most limited garrisens at Mataworns. < ainargo. Monterey and Haltillo, that Geu Taylor will be able to move forward with a larger force in season to concentrate with General Hcott on the way to Mexico, when General Tavloe llie,. (,*11 -.rl? l - head of a forcr of twelve thousand men. he may ex pent to meet at that point, a Mexican force, behind their fortifications, of at least '20.0(1(1 Should the Mexicans fight, the reduction of San l.tli* may detain him iome days. and may render a ?tay of a month there indispensable for tlie approach of munitions and'proviiionf from the rear, before he e tuvll resume hie inarch of four hundred mllen to Jaiapa along the eaetern baee of the mouutaina. i or m arly the eame diitance to Mexico directly through | the poptiloue interior In n etraight eoutheru direction, over frequent doacrtc. and Ihroiigh narrow mountain defiles. Twelve thousand inen would be ecarcely sufficient ! for the interior route, calculating upon Ihe leaet annoy[ ance from the population, and the coaat route I* long wearlaorueand unprofitable eter the reduction of San Luis I'otoai U'e Un> w net whef arc ihe purposes of the administratlon with reaped to the movement# of (?en. Taylor We .|onbt. indeed, whether tlie Secretary of War calrnlatee upon llie n?-ee?iiy of a hosttla march upon the olty of Mexico We auppoae thai lie expert# that march will not be called for. and that, therefore, noschedule of Inetrur Hone requiring the deacent of (ien Taylor beyond San l.uie ha# liven transmitted That the city of San l.uie i# embraced in the plan of defined operation#, we are aa sured Cits Taylor will have received inatructiona to more forward a# eoon a# the reinforcement# despatched to hi# command shall have arrived , and we know ftall well, that a# eoon a# he la ready be will go and oecupy the city of the milieu withont regard to the resistance It may oner, or any unexpected contingencies that may befall him Lpon the occupation of the city of San l.uts Potosl, therefore, it la expected that 'ten I aylor will pause for further instructions 19,000 men will carry him through His own estimate of the number required was 90.01*1 ; but that was before he had defeated and dispersed the chivalry of the .Mexican arms undar Santa Anna Before the encounter with Santa Anna Tayiur would have lieen justified in not venturing acrose the desert with less than -20.000 men After Santa Anna's defeat, and dispersion of Ins lilwrsfors. old Hough and Heady would ha equally supplied with a force of 1?? 000 We assume that Taylor will push forward to occupy Han hula Potoal, ami that there he will await Instructions, reinforcements and supplies, and that it the army under General Scott on the way to Mexico should iui perluusly require Old /ack's assistance, he will pish forward to a Junction through all impedimenta Meauttiur . we hang on to the lu pe of interceding in terventng. and concluding negotiations We arc tired of the war Vera ? rui was enough for the most bloodthirsty We want peace, and we t ang on to that hope with almost despairing tenacity I'espectfully. IHE DOCTOR IWi.TiMOHr, M?j>, 1S47. .1 fin# Nam f'olontl Pirnn II Miln Tom Thiimh 7V IV'nnn/i# Ckit-lr*n. 4'i ><in*o Saturday avrninn wo hnvo hail a lino fall of rain, lb* firal for npwnrU* of ri no nth II Imo rlrarnl Ihr al tnoaphnrn. anil tfvnn to ihr ,,f i?itnro a brlflit ;i' >

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