Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 7, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 7, 1847 Page 2
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I NEW YORK HERALD. New York, Friday, May T, 1MT. ll?f Weekly Herald. The Wttkiy Herald will be ready at nine o'clock to-morrow morning. It will contain all the news of the week, and be illustrated with a view ol the "Last Load," or "MovingDay in New York.' Single copies, in wrappers, sixpence each. OUR VICTORIES IN MEXICO. The Brand Illumination and Celebration. OUR ILLUSTRATIONS. The city of New York, for the first time in a great number of years, will be, this evening, illuminated. The occasion of the great demonstration is to celebrate the great arm glorious viciuu" have be?'n achieved b.V the American forces, in the war now existing between the L nited States and the republic of Mexico. Although it is ' not expected that the illumination will be general, yet it is thought thut it will be in every respect worthy of the occasion. It will be sufficiently so to convince those who, at their country's call, left their peaceable firesides, their homes and their families to vindicate their country's honor, that their sacrifices, privations, and exertions, are gratefully remembered by us. The following is the programme of the celebration Order of Arrangement. I. At sunrise a National Salute will be fireil from the Battery. and the national flag will be displayed from all the public buildings, and the Hkbald Establishment. II. A salute of One Hundred Ouns will be fired at twelve o'clock at noon, at the following place*, vis : the Battery, Washington Square, Tompkins Square, and Harlem. HI. The First Division of Artillery, commanded by Major General Kandford. and the other military corps, will parade in honor of the occasion The line will be formed on tile Battery at -J o'clock. P. M The route of tho troops will be from the Battery, through Marketflnld street to Broadway?up Broadway to Warren street?down Warren street to West Broadway?through West Broadway to Canal street?up Canal street and Broadway to Grand street?through Grand street to the Bowery?down the Bowery and Chatham street to the City Hall, where they will pay the honors of a marching salute to the Mayor and Common Council; and after firing a feu de-joit in the Park, will be dismissed. IV. The City Hall and other public buildings in the Park aud tho Herald Kstablitdimcnt.will be brilliantly illuminated in the evening, (being the eve of the anniversary of thn huftln nf P?ln Allfl \ The illuminations to oomuionce at eight o'clock in the eveniug; at which time Signal Rockets will be sent up from the City Hall, and the Herald Buildings. The victories which our citizens will this evening celebrate, are the results of American bravery, discipline, and gallantry, in a war, not commenced by the United States, but forced upon it by a concatenation of unavoidable circumstances; circumstances, the parallel of which have marked the onward progress of the Anglo Saxan race in all countries, and in both hemispheres. The war was not commenced by the United States; but the United States, in the fulfilment of the high and lofty destiny,was per ntceuitate obliged to pursue a step which led to it. But that step was not taken with the hope, on the part of the United States, that it would lead to war. On the contrary, it was ardently hoped that the cloud which covered the horizon at the time that Texas was annexed to this Uuion, would pass over ms without discharging its direful contents. It did not, however; and war, with all its horrors, burst upon us. That war, so unnecessarily forced upon us, is still in prosecution. Since its commencement, this great repuhlic, has, in every instance, been favored. The enemy's hosts have been encountered, and defeated by our citizen soldiery in numerous engagements. His bravest generals have been forced to acknowledge our superiority?his greatest strongholds are in our possession?his walled cities have fallen before our strength, and our arms are now penetrating, and ere this have, perhaps, reached nnH tlif* pnnitfll r?itv nf hm nntinn In the accomplishment of these successive victories, the enemy has been treated with the greatest forbearance aqd humanity. The calamities necessarily attendant on war have been mitigated as much as was consistent with the object in view, which was an early peace. Al every successive victory we held forth the olivebranch, and begged, nay, importuned the enemy, to come to peace. We have, time and again, tent our commissioners, duly authorized and empowered by our government, to arrange a treaty, by which the effusion of blood would be saved. We have repeated to them, over nnd over, that we were a peaceable people, and delighted not in war; that we would submit to any thing short of armed invasion of our territory, rather than go to war ; but in vain. The olive branch is indignantly rejected; our commissioners are contemptuously denied an audience; our protestations are disregarded; and the war continues. We have washed our hands of all ^criminality. We are now fighting in self-defence. On the heads of those who procrastinate it be the responsibility. When the hour shall have come when nations and individuals will be obliged to account, we fondly hope and expect that the misery and the slaughtet which have resulted from this war, will not bt charged against the United States of America. As our friends at a distance will, no doubt, expect a full account of this great 'celebration, we have made arrangements to send them a full uni perfect one. We shall give the fullest parlicu lars, with illustrations, of the celebration. our illustration!. 1. View of the Herald Buildinus. known as the N?:v York Herald Establishment, brilliantly illuminated 2. View of the splendid City Hall, with its hundreds o windows, splendidly illuminated. These particulars, and these illustrations, wil be of considerable interest, as forming a part of thi "History of the Mexican War." Single copie of the New York Herald, containing them, cui be obtained nt the office at any hour after ' o'clock to-morrow morning, at two cents each The New York Free Academy.?The Senati has passed the bill authorizing the Hoard of Edu . cation in New York to establish a free academy for the benefit of boys taught in the free school) of thia city. The bill limits the amount to be expended fo the erection of buildings and the support of th< academy, and the bill is to be voted on by thi people at the school election in June next. If i majority of votes are cast in favor of the bill then the poor boys, educated in our free schools will have an opportunity of obtaining a bette education than is now given in the public schools This will enable us to favorably compare ou school system with that of Boston, Albany, Phi ladelphia and Baltimore. Military Movements.?The law confirming the privileges and organization of the first di vision of artillery, has passed both houses of th< Legislature. This bill also provides for th< light infantry corps, and unitss them with th< first division of artillery, and thus preserves t< the city a body of disciplined troops oi which i may be justly proud, and which hns, on all occn sions, been ready to sustain the public authori ties in preserving the supremacy of the laws. Tfie military orders in relation to this will l found in another column. The Northern Railroad is again in good running c der: the late damage by the freshet proved bnt sllgl and was easily repaired. F ifteen or twenty miles mo of the road will he opened for uee in July next, and tl whole in November following fcel-. . .. TELEGRAPHIC. A RRTV A L or THE STEAMSHIP CALEDONIA, i at [ BOSTON. TWO WEEKS LATER FROM EUROPE, ! IMPROVEMENT IN THE CORN MARKETS. Advance in the Ootton Markets. Tightness in the Money Market. Another Decline in Consols. . Inactivity in the Bffannfaeturin? Districts. Total Loss of Packet Ship Rochester. die., AC., die. The Bteamahip Caledonia, Captain Lott, was telegraphed at Boston, at twenty-five minutes past eight o'clock yesterday morning. She reached the city, we believe, about ten o'clock Our special correspondent immediately began to transmit the news, over the telegraphic wires, to the New York Herald Office. The Caledonia sailed from Liverpool on the 20th ult., and her news is, therefore, two weeks later than that brought by the Sarah Sands. We give the news as received by the telegraph. The condition of the Bank of England excited some attention, and amongst comm**rr?i a 1 m*n nn liftlfl Hninf alarm.? The bullion was rapidly disappearing; and to keep it at home, the rate of interest is raised to counteract the state of foreign exchangesThere was an improved feeling in the manufacturing districts. At Manchester a better enquiry had sprung up for goods, and yarn ; and a fair business would be done if spinners and manufacturers would moderate their expectations as to prices. The Rochester, Captain Truman, front Liverpool to Mew York, on the morning of the 18th ult., struck on the north end of Black "Water Bank, between Dublin and Wexford, within 12 utiles of the latter place?immediately filled, and it wus feared she will become a total wreck. A greater part of the passengers were brought into Wexford by the Arklow, and the remainder were being saved by other boats. The Hibernia arrived out on the 16th. The proceedings in Parliament since the sailing of the last steamer possessed little interest; business would be wound up as speedily as possible, in order to prepare for the dissolution which is to follow in June or July next. Perhaps the history of England for a century and a half, does not present a time when less party feeling prevailed. Affairs in Portugal were approaching a climax. The tedious and unsatisfactory struggle between the insurgents and the Queen's forces was drawing to a close. The Queen's troops seemed unable to meet the emergency, and the protection of Great Britain had been solicited. Fears were entertained that the person of the Queen was not safe in the capital, as a rising was anticipated. The Prussian General Diet was opened by a 1 speech from the King, at Berlin, on the 11th.? ! 'PL. v:_ I i: i_ __ J __ i 1i iic ivmg uiauc an c&iruoruuiary spccin, aau as lengthy as it was novel. The United States ship of war Jamestown, Capt. Forbes, laden with breadstufls and provisions for the relief of the distressed Irish, arrived at Cork on the 12th tilt., on her mission of mercy. The lady of Mr. Bancroft had the honor of dining with the Queen, at Buckingham Palace, on the 15th. The West India Royal Mail Steam Packet t Company have purchased the Great Western for . ?25, Jenny Lind had arrived at London. Our accounts from Paris are to the 17th, by which we are put in possession of intelligence that the contemplated ,extension of the present system of free trade in food to the 31st of July, 1848, was all but certain. Dearth and its concomitants, discontent and disorder, were hourly increasing in France. Letters from Badajos mention a failure of an attempt made on the 25th to induce the inhabitants of the Portuguese fortified town of Gelves, to pronounce in favor of the insurrection. M. Ronge is undergoing a month's imprisonment at Breslau, for preaching without the permission of the authorities. A good deal of discussion and correspondence appeared in the papers since the sailing of . the Cambria, respecting Frederick Douglas, a negro, who went out as second cabin passenger . in that vessel, he being very properly refused a passage in the first cabin. The state of affairs in Ireland was improving. Matters had reached their worst, and wen now | mending. The latest accounts of Mr. O'Connell's health are very unsatisfactory. London Monev Makkkt, April 19. ? Notwithstanding the advance in the corn market, the market was better. Consols opened at 8(>J to 864, f?r money and account. Money stock was found to be extremely scarce, and 1 hence it was worth as much for present t transfer as for time. Consols are now 87 H for money, and 87 to 4 for time; Reduced i Three's 86 to 4 ; 34 per cents, 874 to 4 > Exche1 quer bills, 2 discount to 2 premium; Consol scrip, 2j to 4 discount. We have little variations to notice in foreign stock. Spanish and Portuguese came rather better from Amster . dam on tne itnn, nui remain nere winiout change. Lovdon Corn Market, April 19.?Through! out the last fortnight a heavy business has been transacted, both ijj wheat, flour, and r Indian corn; and the depression which pree vailed in the latter end of March has given r way to buoyancy and activity. The operau tions in foreign wheat were moderate, but f the transactions effected were on advanci, ing terms. Indian corn was held firmly, in r consequence ot the more encouraging reports i. from the provincial markets. In town-made r flour scarcely anything was done?nor was . there much demand for Norfolk, Households, or other ship marks; but American was in decidedly improved request, good brands being only ^ saleable at 37 to 38s. per barrel during the week ending the 12th. The transactions in all those nrticles were to a moderate extent, and rising; prieaa generally paid; holders feeling reluctant * to accept the previous rates. On the 12th, ' wheat advanced from 2s to 3s per quarter, 1 and flour met an excellent demand ut full rites. Indian corn was quiet, but steady in value. A further advance of Is to Is Id in wheat l0?h place on the 14th. Indian corn in demand, but the supplies are almost exhausted; and of . American flour the diminution in the Block is so ir considerable that the prices of the best brands re nrf ^u" onp shilling per barrel nbove the h, prices of the 12th. Yesterday, April 19th, the | market was the scene of much agitation, and nearly all that was on sale eagerly bought up, on | Freeh and Belgium accounts, at a riao of prices equal to 6s. per quarter over those of that day week. In other circumstances such an advance might have made an unfavorable impression on the stock exchange, but the reverse is the case. Liverpool Cotton Market, April 16th.?In consequence of later accounts from the United States in the earlier part of the week,.with reduced estimates of the crop, there was an improved demand from the trade as well as speculators, and exports at an advance of Id to Id per pound upon American description. e Boston steamer arrived yesterday, and the information she brought of the great and sudden falling off in the receipts at the ports as compared with the last year, produced a very animated demand, and the market closed with firmness at an advance upon last week's quotations of jd to I upon American, and Id to Id par pound for nil other kinds. Speculators have taken 25,500 "American, 1,000 Egyptian, and 3,700 Surat ; and exports 1,650 American, 230 Pernamhuco, 50 Maranham, and 170 Surats; the sales of the week 66,130 bales. According to the report of April 17th and 19th, the demand for cotton had been more moderate since the 16th; the sales do not exceed 7,000 to 8,000 bales; prices were receding and the market had a quiet appearance. On the 18th the sales reported include 3000 American at 6|d to 7|d ; 100 Pernamhuco, at 8d; 100 Egyptian, at 7$d to 84d, nnd 3000 surats at 4d to 5u. We may further observe that the market closes fully Jd per 'h lower. Fair bowed Georgia 71 to 71; Mobile 71 to 7fc; New Orleans 7J to 8. Virginia Election. 1 ne iucilliiuuu pi|inn ui rw huuikmj s'?? iiiu I nui un from the Thirteenth, or Little Tennessee District, which cleat Fulton, the whig candidate, by the eloae vote of 11 plurality oyer McMullen, the highest democratic candidate, aa follow* Fulton. McMullsn. Gordon. Cur. Folk Countiei. Whig. Dem. Dem Wmhington.334 149 410 371 723 Wythe 322 19S 91 309 553 Kauell 291 123 142 414 41* Taiewell 160 136 268 100 627 Smyth 228 102 84 275 371 Grayson 215 242 19 150 331 Carroll 148 319 15 121 268 Scott 205 308 108 276 531 Lee 190 508 14 237 578 2,096 2,085 1,177 2,253 4,398 Fulton'* (whig) majority oyer MoMnllen (dem). . . 11 Total democratic rote for both McMullen and Qoodson 8.962 Whig rote 2.096 Democratic majority in t strlot 1.166 Polk'* majority In 1844 3,145 Whig gain 979 It will be observed that Fulton (whig) polled a much better vote than hi* opponent* united, compared with the (trength of the partie* in 1844?the whig rote for him being only 167 vote* leg* than Clay'* in 1844?while McMullen ana Goodson fall 1,136 short of Folk. The return* above are from the Wytheville Republican, copied into the Richmond papers. The return* from the 14th district, or Kanawha district, are still Incomplete?and the result doubtful, but the prospects are now favorable to the success of the democratic candidate. In the counties beard from. McComas. whig, stands 74 ahead of Thompson, demo crai, m iuuuwh . , McComas. Thompson. Clay Polk. Dem. Whig. Kanawha 643 309 983 443 Jackson....) ? _ . 303 365 Mason J 2 maJ 416 363 Cabell 104 " 387 346 Wayne 31 u 190 184 Lewis 386 360 339 684 Doddle"*1! 473 784 479 760 Wood 379 847 633 330 Fayotte 6 maj. ? 349 163 Taylor (ties) (new oounty) ? 1,814 1,740 3,668 3,537 McComas ahead 74 Clay's maj. 131. The following counties remain to be heard from :? Clay. Polk. Nicholas 333 300 Braxton 186 156 Ritchi 104 354 Part of Barbour, (Congress vote In 1843.) 45 111 ailmer, (new county) ? ? 668 731 I)em. maj. in the above counties, 163. To which is to be added the vote of Ollmer, a new county. the political character of which is unknown to us. If Its vote should be democratic, Thompson is doubtless elected?but the majority either way must be mall. ' nDsidering this district still in doubt, the Virginia rfnegation elect stands 7 democrats, 6 whigs, one vacancy, occasioned by the death of Mr. Dromgoole, and one member still undecided. We have no recollection of any election for membeis of Congress where the oontest has been so close in so Urge a proportion of the districts. Thus, in the 1st, M. 4ih. and 13th districts, the majorities in each are l< se It,an 70, and in three of these districts they are less than M each. Taking the aggregate vote of tne 1st, 3d. 3 1. uud 4th districts, the two parties are about equal in those districts. The democrats have elected Atkinson l?y 69, Dromgoole by 31, and Bocock by 13 majority. The whigs lutrn elected Goggin and Flournoy by about 100 each, and Fulton by 11 majority. Preston's (whig) majority in the 13th district is 333. In the nine districts of Eastern Virginia, although the whigs have an aggregate majority of over 1000, the democrats have elected 6 members, and the whigs 4. The democratic majority in the State is about 3000. In 1844 it was 6800. Lkoislaturk. According to both the Richmond Enquirer and the Whig, there will probably be a tie on joint ballot in the Legislature, thus:? Dem. Whigt. Senate 31 11?Dem. maj.. . .10 House ...63 73?Whig maj...10 83 83 Losses a yd Oaiys.?The following is a complete table of losses and gains in the election for members of the State Legislature :? Whig Gains. Whig Losses. Louisa 1 Caroline (Senator) 1 Dinwiddie 1 Culpepper 1 Gloucester..., 1 Charlotte 1 Elis. City and Warwick... 1 Accomac 2 Buckingham 1 Monongalia 1 Greenbrier 1 Harrison 1 Franklin 2 Tyler, (rep.) 1 Fanquier I I lleurv 1 Montgomery 1 Floyd. I Monroe 1 Oiler end Mercer I Patrick I Cabell and Wayne I Pendleton I Braxton, (cc. (rep) 1 Logan 1 > 19 8 Net whig gain 11?which sweeps off last year's democratic majority of 99. Theatrical. Vina Theatre.?This evening. Mr. Forrost, who has boon delighting the admirers of tho legitimate drama for some evenings past, will appear in his great character of Richelieu, In the play of "Richelieu." Although 1 his of itself is sufficient to fill the house, Still It forms only a part of the evoning's entertainment. After the comedy of '* Simpson 8c Co." with which the amusements of the evoning will commence, will have been finished, Mr. S. Pearson will sing a patriotic gong in coiumomoration of the American victories in Mexico?during which a large transparent likeness of Gen. Taylor will be exhibited. To-morrow evening, Mr. Forrest's benefit and last appearance will take plaoe. Bowerv Thea,tre.?If novelty and excellence consti tote attractions, the Bowery Theatre will be crowded to overflowing to-night. The new national piece entitled "Tho Battle of Buena Vista and the Bombardment of Vera Crus" will be produced. In the first Mr. Vache will perfoliate old Rough and Ready, and in the other Mr. Clarke will pereonate Oen. 8eott. Gen. Santa Anna, "the great defeated," will be repreeented by Mr. Tilton. The "Golden Farmer," a domeatic drama, tnuch admired, will form part of the evening'* entertainments.? On the whole the bill put forth this evening Is every way worthy ef the Bowery Theatre. Alxxandrr th?: Magician.?Mr. Alexander's engage, ment in New York Is drawing to a close, to-morrow night being bis last appearance. Wo would recommend any of our fellow citizens who have not enjoyed an even ing with him. to visit him this evening; and although he is possessed of no supernatural power, we defy the closest observer to give the least explanation of how he accomplishes his extraordinary tricks. One and all leave him nma/.cd and confouuded. Vacxhall Oardvn.?F.aton continues his task of walking one thousand miles In one thousand quarters of an hour, and from the prosent appearanoe of this unrivalled pedestrian, we feel confident ho will perform what he has undertaken. Hundreds of our oltisens went to witness his performance yesterday, expecting to see him give up the contest against old Time." But they were obliged to eonfess at leaving, that he, although only 77 years old, will no doubt come out the victor. Mnaleal. Italian evening the favorite opera *' I Lombard!" will be performed by the Italian ' OperaCompany at Palmo'*. The opera of " Semiramide" has been in rehearsal for some time past, and will be | produced in an appropriate and creditable manner next , week. Last evening Hlgnor Benedetti's benefit took place. . Christy's Mi\ftiu:i.s.?The price of admission t6 Lbiec delightful minstrels is only twenty-live cents, and no one can spend a more agreeable evening, for any sum than they afford, especially to the lovers of Rthiopi so music Their voices are good, and so drilled from const ant practice, that the greatest erltie cannot detect | i be slightest error They will give a ooncert this eveI tilug at Mechanics' Hail Vtw In. Mr. Tin Terww Iiimi'i Aniimt, I ii Vm Iuii.I M-.U, N . in mi mini -R L. i Shaw tn ViM etreat I b>* u decidedly Um beet , work for the marlttm. eotumuoitj ud the beet adapted to oonvey perfect iMtrurt.oo U all who dwtn to Learn the prolbaaloo of MBiukiv thai wo bar* ooor aoow It haa roar he J a second edition. Md liiinoo to rwl twenty, aa It no doubt wUl Wo ehall ha to am to oar respecting tbla raJuabto wort and la tha meantime it ahould And a place la every library and on board eeery kip Tmk Etmii I km ansa -W. hare received from the author. Dr Horace Wella. ?d Hirtfre-I Coaa a mail pamphlet, which be aayi la In anawer to a request ine lr by eeveral artentlflr and medical oeietlee ot Kerop* who hare deeired him to furntah them with the evideaee ol hli priority of discovery of the application of pea or vapor fur the performance of aurfiral operation* He need not hare rone to eo much trouble, becawoe it le well ascertained that he. ead ae other perann la the fla corerer In Europe however It may not be en well known aa It I* here The maea of testimony which he produree from the moot reepectahle eoarcee will aet the matter at reet there aa well ae here C'nimiiii' Nroawiiine ma thi h*n r The IMh and 16th number* of tlita valuable work la taaued and can be obtained of Burgees, Wringer k Co and II Loug k Bro . 3d Ann atrvet CuaMaca*' CvcLerams 01 haoLKH Ln in ri a. No*. 8 and tf, la alao laauvd by theae publlahere H. A Munion k Co. No I'd Beekmsn atraet. bare publiahed a neat little map of tha enviruna of Naw lurk. WHO 1 llll Ul Vila KWWJIUW1I -mv. ? v. . plying to them It is neatly got up. uJ la valuable u a I reference J. DIaturnall. No 104 Broadway Lava publish..! a Mrruct map of the aaat of war In Maaloo. beiug a eopy of \ Gen. Arista's map takan at tUa battle of Kaaaca da la i'alma. L. Nagel baa published a very good iikanaaa of Wlgaurs Clocca, aa aba appeared at lha l ark Theatre MaRTIN'# ossenwood, lLLUeTR*ve?, kc ?'The high 1 raputation of tbii work la admirably tuataload by the tin )> number. Juat ImucJ Our balovcd Greenwood i> amiably represented. and we would advise the lovers of superb ungraviuga to secure a oouy of the early impressions The price of aaeh number la fifty cents Thi American Journal or thi Mimen. giitnti for April. 1847. Lea li Blanohard. Philadelphia ?Of all the worke issued from the proas on mrdiral waiters, tkla la. perliapa, the moat valuable We recommend it to the profeaalon. Illustrated Live or Gen Scott, A S Barnaa k Co., 01 John street, and Burgeaa. Stringer fc Co ?Tbla la a history of lien. Scott's life from his birth to the rapture af Vera t'rua. It will bo road with interest at the prvaent time. The Poceet Hkceoner, J. H. Jeunlnge. I i3 Naaaau street.?A very useful pocket companion, containing , for reckoning timber, plank, aaw loga, boards, wage*, he., with a table of distances on the eanala. Tiie Caftivitt or Nafolkon at St. Helena, by Count Montbolon, Noa. 5 and 8, Mr. H Graham. Burgess, Stringer It Co., and Wm Taylor, N. V.?The bare mention of tbe publication of this valuable work la sufficient to obtain for It a ready and extensive sale. Washington and his Generals ; oa, Leoknds or the Revolution : By Uoorge Lippard? Burgess It Stringer. Long St Brother, and Wm. Graham, New York?A beautifully written and very Interesting work. We hopo that it will have a large circulation. Streaes or Squatters' Lirr. and Far West Scenes : By Solitaire?Burgess & Stringer, and Wm. H. Graham. New York.?This is a capital work?abounding with fun, humor, and scenes and incidents of the West. Tancred; ok. The New Crusade : Uv u lirwi?wm H. Graham, and Burgess 8c Stringer, New York.?It la sufficient of thla work to say, that it la from the pen of D'laraeli. one of the beat English wrltera. Flirtation : By Lady Charlotte Berly?Burgeaa.

Stringer 8c Co.. Wm. H. Graham. Long 8c Brother, and Wm. Taylor, New York.?We are confident that thla work will be read with interest. Wm. Taylor 8c Co. have published the " Dead Shot,' being No. 6 of the minor drama. City Intelligence. The Weather.?The thermometer atood at noon yesterday at 74 degrees. Illumination or the Bakqe Offic e.?Mr. Gillean, the able and indefatigable manager of the light house and revenue ayatema of this port, will act the Barge Office, at the foot of Whitehall, in a moat brilliant blase this evening, from S to 10 o'clock. He intends it shall illuminate the harbor, and be the grand feature of the evening. Castle Garden.?The citisena will have a line opportunity of seeing the grand military parade, by a visit, to-day, to the only delightful and health-giving location in this city, Castle Garden. The proprietors have used overy means in their power to render the garden an attractive resort. The promenade commands a view of rural and sea scenery, which cannot be surpassed. It is said by sages, that medicine should only be uBed on rare oocasions, but the natural doses of mountain air and sea breezes, administered by Frenoh and Heiser, are always sure to have a salutary effect. We hope to see the garden crowded. A Visiter Legally Distinguished.?The talented and respected Samuel D. Parker, Esq., District Attorney of Boston, who is at present in our eity on one of his annual tours of observation, was present yesterday at the trial of Levi Harris for forgery. Judge Edmonds had the discriminating politeness to Invite Mr. Parker, as awell tried veteran in tho science of criminal juris prudence, to a seat on the bench; but Mr. P., with hie usual modesty, merely took a seat within the bar. He has long been considered the model for all distriot attorneys, and we cannot but hope that every public prosecutor will emulate his learning, his seal, his industry, and his unruffled temper, in every matter of public interest. Suicide.?Coroner Walters was called on Thursday evening, to hold an inquest at No. 60 Anthony street, on the body of a oolored woman, named Caroline Weeks, who came to her death by taking a quantity of laudanum. Found is the Water.?Coroner Walters held"an Inquest also upon the body of an unknown man, about 45 years old, who was found floating iu the slip at the foot of James street, on Wednesday night. Verdict, death by drowning. Fire.?A Are broke out at avenue B and 8th street, yesterday morning, about 2 o'clock. The flre was soon extinguished. Damage trifling. Another.?The Hudson River Factory also took fire yesterday morning, and the frame building was destroyed. Liberality or a Wall Street Broeer.?A laboring man named John Farroll, picked up in Wall street yesterday, a thousand dollars in bank bills, belonging to a broker in that street. Upon taking them to the ewner, who carefully counted them, and pronounced the amount correct, he was presented with a shilling, as the reward for his honesty and trouble. It was weak-ness in the man to refuse the gift, as he was poor and in want of a dinner,without the first sixpence to buy it,but It was upon the Impulse of thn moment, and done before reflection. Hunger reminded him of his folly, but it was too late. The shilling, the broker, and the thousand dollars had disappeared, and the poor man wandered through the streets pennyless. Brooklyn Intelligence. The Hioiiwav Rorbekt.?Pursuant to notice, a meeting of the cltitens of South Brooklyn was held on Wednesday evening last, at the Grammar School, on the coruer of Atlantic and Henry Rtreets. to take into consideration the bust means of preventing a repetition of the outrages against life and property that have been latoly committed there. Resolutions were passed, declaring it expedient to abolish the present system of police, and have a day and night police on a new system appointed. Messrs. <1. U. Lamar, K. W. Dunham. A. Mann. Jr.. J. A. Underwood, J. M. Moriarty. and J. N. Taylor, were appointed a committee to confer with the Common Couneil on the subject. Until the new force be properly organised, it was resolved that the cltixens be requested to organize themselves into a nightly volunteer patrol. law Intelligence. Sufreme Court. May G?Present, Chief Juatico Bronson, Mr. Justice Beardsley. Mr. Justice Jewett.?The Court t lis morning after hearing some motions for judgment on frivolous demurrers, took up two reserved causes. The argument for the second cause was not enni-ltiilori when the court adiourned. Court or Ueskral Sessions, May 0.?Before Recorder Scott and Aldermen Benson and Turner; Jonas 1). Phillips. Esq., District Attorney, ad interim.?Pleat of Guilty ?James Davis,Indicted for having on the 33nd of April last, stolen a quantity of clothing, alleged to be worth $43, tho property of Adonis Caruthurs, was permitted to plead guilty of petit larceny, and was sent to the penitentiary for the term of one year John Williams, also Indicted for a grand larceny, in having stolen a quantity of jewelry, belonging to Clara Maria Rolpb. pleaded guilty to a petit larceny. Plea received, and the accused remanded for sentence. John B. Rule, indicted for obtaining $33 68 by a false token, entered a plea of guilty. Plea reoeivod, and the accused sentenced to 9 months imprisonment in the peuitentiary. No cases being ready for trial, the Court then adjourned until tomorrow morning. Circuit Court, May 8?Before Judge Edmonds.? The Forgery Cate?The evidence for the defence was not closed when the court adjourned Nkws from tiik Sandwich Islands.?We have files of the Friend and the Polynesian to the 2<>th of December last, from which wo make the following ex tracts:? By the Currency Lass, from Tahiti, we learn thnt the French have completed the fortification of extending a wall Ave feet high and four feet wide around the town. No one is allowed to go beyond it, without a permit from the governor. All porsons are required to do within doors after 8 o'clock in the evening. On the 34th of October, H. B. M.'s ship Orampus. Captain Martin, sailed for Raitea, for tho purpose of persuading I'omare to aeeept the propositions of Gov. Brunt, and restore quiet to the island. It is supposed - - " - 1.- u-- ...<t 1 ?.l ,u. mat PD? wui BCCfUO, IM fun linn nuuncu iiimu nuu IUC rainy Mason is commingon. which would cause distress among the Tahltlaus In the mountains. Trade is very dull. A schooner from Tahiti, bound for this port. (Honolulu) with French uriests on board, is reported ns ninety days out, and not yeard from. Koakanu. the murderer of Puhl. was executed on the Ath inst... at 13 o'clock. M., at Kailua. Hawaii, in presence of a a large concourse of people. The offlcers and crew of the U. H. S Shark left about the JOth of November. for California, in 11. B. Co.'s schooner Catborongh. Sereral new and very rich reins of copper ore hare lately bean opened about 70 miles below Hault St. Mart's near the northern shore of Lake Huron, being within . about thirty hours run of Detroit. In a single snaft, 1* 0 tons hare been taken out, of excellent copper, ready for shipping. tana mot i Council. B>ittu or Auitnttt-Thinday Evening?I'rerent * th? Pre*ld?ut In the ? hair and a quorum of membera.? Tha minutaa of the preceding meeting ware read and approved )'"<iiani - taverni wera presented and referred. kT?rrt- I mm committee on favor of bnild'"I ??"< Erorn committee on police watch and prl- *) M-n> In fa*or of allowing auudry bills to phyeiciatil for ^ "'' "i. at nation houses Krom committee on lands aod place* In favor of refunding to John Crow $24 50, j t at m ten Irapraad opon uiin lor violation of or- i a dlnaace fa .furoprtail** ?The Board concurred with the Hoard 1 of Autslants la appropriating a ram not to exceed $10.- u Of' to he expended on new M'huol bou*? in 12th ward ) /'apera/reaa IA? Wo irt at The Board concurred with the Board of Araiatanta In ordlnauca for >"idd:nr >.indrj aewer* in resolution to pay O. 8. Bart- j1 jrf I .1 for prep trin { Indexea and mlnutea of proceed- 1 agt la Buard of Assistant. ' fl?^e./t- t nun the ( omuiiltea on Landa and Placer, j n faw of allowing the Washington Monument Assoc i- I i wet a monument to timers! Washington. lu I I Hamilton ? ,inr- a-cepirii anu rrwiiuimn wiu|iv>u . from t nance i ommlttee In favor of appropriating j it 4.17 f..r lb* piirpoaa of building a new ichool houac ! In 1Mb ward J In fhvor of appropriating a sum equal to that expanded la prncumif a portrait of Major Havemeycr, to bi* I applied to Ilia pr-ouring ?f a portrait of the present 1 mayor of Ih# etty?Concurred In. trun I inane# * mmittae Id favor of paying Ktephcu , ' ardlwar. th# deputy.keeper of Jefferaon Market Co- j ' .i- ;i ? < to> .. r\ i ... rendered JuriiiK the year. i incurred la in of granting tin- i?# of court room at Harieiu 1 to tba rwligiou* society, aa a place of public worihip uu huadays la favor of concurring with tlia Hoard of txaiatauU In , i I I Mating to pay for medical attcuilanoo upon policeman 'I homaa Koy who van Injured while lu the i liacbarg# of lo? lutv .incurred In i In favor of paying to (i?orge Duffy >74. for the loss of a bona which be backed off a wharf into the river Mr. ' Duty claim* that the dock waa not lu proper and aafu condition He|M>rt accepted and reaolutiou adopted. Kroui the < .turn It tee on Roade and * anale. In favar of eonelructlng eewer In tlreenwlch etrnct from Unitary I'tace to Morna atrart Accepted, and ordlnanca concurred la In fnvor of leaning lot in < hryntle street near Walker, ] the aama (formerly occupied by cugtoa company No 16. Iteport fr HI ' IIUI11 toe no I-Ire Department in relation to the Mayor'a veto of tha bill to orgaulte engine ' coiripany No j> It wae pmpoaed to argauise the company by confirming the lint of noiuluationa, not withelandlng the veto of tha Mayor Tha veto wav sustained by a vote of t to t. Aid Miiotti then called up the veto of tha Mayor, In rrlattoa to ex eupervieore Aid Brieeew moved to refer It to Committee on Law* Motion to refer wae hot?vote || to S It waa then, after aome diacuaslon. decided by a vote ..f II to 1 t > pay the Mupcrvieore of IH4I the amount of ' judgment obtained age met them?for their refuaal to | award to Judge l.ynrh the amount due to him for ecr tlmw rendered I" the city notwithstanding the veto or i the Mayor 1'elitiou of Bernard Duffy, for remission of fine for driving rub without license Referred to Committee on Tolie*. If Aid Livihostov presented a petition from many eitiifni. to bare copies of lb* records in the Register's OAce made. with i i deles. ke with a resolution restricting the price to 1 x cent* per folio for copying the records. Aid Preixe 0^( ?ed the resolution arconi|ninying the petition He u I that be had been informed at the ; Register's Office tb it this work would cost $100,000. i lie would prefer that ? office of Register be made a J salary office, and that li t amount saved to the city in , this manner be applie t ti the gradual payment for this work The debate!>vg i to grow interesting, when it , was discovered tbatthvr wssuo quorum. The Board therefore i tu adjourned to next Monday P. M. Bntan or Assistant otsstv-Nell Orny, Esq . President in the chair ? H lloutc, Cail'e Garden? A petition was presented in sundry persona to have a boat house erected at f asti t-arden Referred. Fencing f-e/s.?Report an I lesoiutiouln favor of causing the vacant lots lying bet * en 17th and 18th streets, and avenue B and Broadway t? be fenced in. Concurred in. demur JJ.? Report and rest litlou in favor of regulating and paving avenue B, betwi.n 13 lit and 18th streets. Concurred In. Sewer in Greenwich Street.? Deport and resolution in favor of building a sewer in Greenwich street, between Battery Place and .Morris street. Adopted. Vetoed by the Mayor.?A cominuulcation was received from the Mayor, vetoing the resolution passed, allowing John Wright the privilege of erecting a building at the bulk head of f'oentles slip Ordered on file. Blaomingdale lload.?Resolution from the Board of Aldermen, in favor of opening Bloomingdale Road, between the 7th and 10th avenues,according to law. Concurred in. Sewer in Cliff Street.?Report and resolution in favor of building a sewer iu Cliff street, between Bookman and Kulton streets. Concurred in. Privotc Drain.?Resolution in favor of granting ptrmtssion to James Brady to oonstruct a drain from his buildings on 13th street, to connect with the sewer and the same?concurred iu. Appropriation of Public School.?Resolution In favor of depositing oertain moneys to the credit of the Board nf Education for a school house in the 14th ward ?concurred in. TC ./ < 1!.,nnnt or.,I .oiolnilnn In foirnr of regulating and paring 29th street, between the fith I and ith avenuos?concurred in. Third street?Report and resolution in faror of eaus- j ing the sidewalks in 3d street, between avenues A and I 11 to be flagged?concurred in. Adjourned until Saturday evening. Pollen Intelligence. A Charge of Fraud.?A singular charge of fraud or ; forgery has been under investigation before his honor the Mayor, for the last few days respecting the obtaining of six pipes of Madeira wine, valued at $600. on Thursday. (yesterday.) a week ago. from the firm of Peck li Van ! Ilurgin, No. 60 Front street, by means of an order ! purporting to be drawn by Depuy, Mann It Sweet, No. 114 Warren street, near West street. The wine was de- , livered as per order, marked cash; and the order further stated that it was to be shipped that day ; 1 consequently Peck & Van Burgtn knowipg the house | to bo good, delivered it forthwith, and ou the following Saturday sent down for the money, and then was informed that the order was fraudulent, as they never authorised any such purchase. The matter was placed in the hands of officer A. M. C. Smith, of the lower police, and in a short time the porter was found who assisted tho enrtmau in placing the wine on the cart, and from him they ascertained that tho six pipes ; of wine had been taken to Barclay and Livingston's, in Brood street. Upon enquiring of that Arm respecting the receipt of the wine, they stated that a broker by the name of DAvid H. Burns, doing business at No. 100 Wall street, deposited the nbove 6 pipes of wine with them for salo. This, with other circumstances connected with the caso. and the similarity of Burn'a handwriting, and that, of the ordur. justilied the Mayor in issuing a war- ' rant for the arrrest of Burns, for the purpose of further j investigating the matter. We are informed that the Muvoi held Mr. Burns to bail in the sum of $3000 which he gave, and was liberated from custody. Arrest of lAJters.?Officers Mansfield and < reagin. of the 17th ward, arrested, on Wednesday, a black fellow called Bob Vermilyea. alias Jaoksou, and his wife, on a charge of entering various stores under pretence of purchasing small articles, and while the woman Is making the bargain, tho black rascal is conoealing property nnder his cunt. On searching the dwelling of these thieves, the officers found quite an assortment of arti- , cles. such as combs, brushes, handkerchiefs, kc . evident ly all stolen, for which au owner is wanted. Apply to the above officers, at the 17th ward station bouse, corner of tho Bowery and Third street. Atiemptini; to pats Had Money.?Officer (Iriqilel. of ?tho 4th ward, arrested on Wednesday uigbt a man called Patrick Oreen, ou a charge of attempting to pass j three $6 spurious Ulobe bank bills on B Kellguian. N'o. 131 ('liatbam street. Detained by Justice Drinker for | anamination. Rohbrrunf a IFatch.?The dwelling No. 239 Fifth St . wan robbed la.-t Sunday by some thief of a small lady * gold watch, together with a heavy gold chain, valued in ' nil at $100, bclougtDg to Mr* Hernandex. supposed to , have been stolon by a Dutchman called Mis Krtetas Robbing a Till.?Officer lleadla. of the Fifth ward, arretted on Wednesday hint, a man called Mis Frtelag, a Dutchman, on a charge of atealiug from the till of t Uus I'ope. grocer, corner of Walker and Church atreuta. $4S? 47, in bank billa, gold and ailver. Sixteen dollar* of the money haa been recovered by tho above otllcar Justice Drinker locked him up for trial. Grand Larceny?A black fellow, called Jacob Minturn. waa arretted yeaterday en a charge of aleallng an overcoat, together with a lot of wearing apparel, valued in all at $40. the property of Tboinaa Kawtou. retiding at No. O'J Naaaau street. Committed for trial by Justice Drinker. Burglary.?Tho prrroiaaa. No. 114 Greenwich *trcet, occupied by P. & O. Ilodenpyl, agent for the S'rlhcrland Society, was burglariously entered on Wi duo Jay night, aud six accordion*, a French jewelry box lw<> alabaster vase*, a dozen French gilt enulT boxee, and va rious fancy article*, valued lu all at $DW stolen Oflatr Dwycr, of the 1st ward, arrested a man called Bernard Nerlin, yesterday, on suspicion of having committed the above otfence. The accused was detained for a further examination. Second Ward llntrl?Grnmt lllnmlnatlon Tciilght, Whoever visits this Hotel about lite hour of Ltt'ich, Tries one of Botnrr's Juleps Ins Ninsshrrs, o ios Paueh? But doea not leel bis palate, with s greater relish, play. That mikes him taste of necur through the bdsuitaf ihe day. ' Tia a famous old retreat, kept in s good old at) ie. Where many, to enjoy themselves, will walk go J old mile Now all who (ee| a prole for our victor) 'a elation, l'o-mght just tike a view of the bright illumination At the .Second Ward Hotel, lor the glory of the nation. Portable Dressing Cnsra, of an entirely nrw anil compact construction, furnished with artielea. the aise nl which do not detnetfrom their usefulness in forming an rle gant and complete appendage to the toilet; also, |>eruliart> adapted to the wauls oi the travelling public. For sale by (I. HAl .NDK.lt8 * HON, 177 Brosdwsv, opposite Howard Hotel Metallic Tablet Kaaor Htrop?Tlie attention ofdefileri is invited to ihii srticlc, being m.tdp of thr best in.v terisl, city miuuractnre. and under the subscribers imnieilistr sttliervision. Thev hive, iu all case*, rendered to purchasers the most pet feet satisfaction. Q gAUNDERH h HON. 177 Broadway. ? f?w doors sliove t ourtlsadt at Gold Pens?Country Merrhanta and others in want of these now indis|>eiiss Ie articles, will tool at r ? cvtablishment of J. W. Orealon It Co , No. 71 Cedar st-eel. he best assortment kept in this eity-con.pri.inf Pen. of .11 the most approved stvle* made this epuniry. Every constnience is afforded purchasers for try log. selecting and r? rhsnging pens: and without their pricey ruber wholesale or retail, the public are assured the! in both, I'rtees and tiuMily they will there find ioducemeuu to imrehe* tl?. are not to be I'oued at any other place. Gold Pone?Great Deduction?J. Y. Ravage sells a Gold Pen for 7J cents; the $1 73 Bagley Pens for $1 JO Also, a magnificent Ten for $3. which is the best and cheapest in the city. The trade supplied on the best terms. Don t busink# the number, M Fulton ktroet. \ ' . rt ? _ PnOGRA!ffil!R ft the Anmiiyemeati uuufte by the Joint ft*"''' Committee appointed by the Common Council of IV City oj New York, lo make arrangement! for the Colouration of the Great and Qtorioue Victorie I that have been achieved by the Jlmerican forcee in the war now exllting between the United Statee and Mexico. Ji~r. I he Commute# have (elected Friday, the 7th day of lay, luslaut, tut the day on which to celebrate the Victoriea f Palo Alto, Krsaca de la Paluia, .Monterey, Bueuu Vi?ta and ' era Crux, and tha arrangements for the day are u folio Wit? r At sunrise a National Salute will be fired from the Battery, nd the natioual liag will be displayed from all the public uildiugs. II. A tfalute of One Hundred Guus will be fired rt twelve 'clock at noon, at the following places, viz: the Battery, Vathinglon Square, Tompkins Square and Harlem. The First Division of Artillery, commanded by Major Oeleral Sand ford, and the other military corps, will parade in toiior ol the occasion. The line will be formed on the Battey at 2 o'clock, P. M. The route of the troipi will be from the Battery, through ilarketfield street to Broadway?up Br tadway lo Warren treet?down Warren stret t to West Broadway?through West road way to Canal street?lip Canal street and Broadway to rrtiid street?through OraiKl street to the Bowery?tluwu the dower y nod Chatham street to the City Hall, where they will ray the honors of a marchiug salute to the Mayor and Comnon Council, aud after firings/ae-de-joie iu the Park, will be Itsmiased. (The military being under the command of Major General Saudford. all ODriw desirous of uniting in the celebration will report to him.) ^ The City Hall and other public biiildings in the Park (with he exception of the Hall of Reconds) will he brilliantly illuminated in the evening, (being the eve of the anniversary of the battle of Palo Alto.) The illuminations to commence at eight o clock in the ereting ; at w hich tune Signal Rockets will be sent up from the City Hall. On Saturday, THE EIGHTH DAY OF MA.V INSTANT. . In honor of the Illustrious Dead that have fallen in the battles of Ptlo Alto, Resaca de la Palma, Monterey, Bueua Vista and Vera Cruz. ^ From sunrise until sunset the Bags on all the public buildings will bs displayed at half mast : and the keepers of all public buildiugs, and the shipping in the harbor, are requested to display their Bags in the same manner throughout the day. The bells will be tolled from twelve o'clock uoou, until one o'clock P. M. By order of the joint siiccial committee. L1V. LIVINGSTON, ) B. J. ME8KROLE, I Committee of KIIRP.RT BENSON. \ the Board JOHN FOOTE. ?f Aldermen. WM. A. WALKER. STEPHEN H. FEEKB.l LEWIS 8. DOD, , Com. of the JAMES ROBERTSON, BoarJ of Ass't. THOS. M'ELRATH, Aldermen. DENNIS MULLINS. J New Yoee, Mar 3.1*47. 4t Flnt Division N. Y. S. Artillery. DIVISION ORDERS. New York, May 6,1817. The Major Oeneral haa the pleasure of announcing the pas ace of the law confirming the organization, rights and privileges of (he Division, and the other uniformed corps in this city. The thanks of the Division are justly due to the members of the Military Committees of hotfi Houses for maturing and facilitating the passage of this important act. and particularly to Hon. John H. Bowie, of the New York delegation, for his unremitting atteut ou to their interests The Commissioned Officers of the Artillery, and of the uniformed lufantrv in the City, ore requested to ntteud a meeting at the Artillery Drill-Rooms, Centre Market, on Monday evening next at 8 o'clock precisely. By order of Major General Sandford. R. C. WETMORE, Div. Ins. Fmt Brigade (Light) Hone Artillery. Brigade Orders. New York, May 6,1817. The Brigadier General has much pleasure in promulgating the above Division Order for the Government and information of the Brigade. B. order of Brigadier General Henry Btorms. H. G STORMS, A. D. C. Sixth Brigade New York State Artillery. brigade orders. New York, May 6, 1847. The Brigadier General has the gratification of promulgating the foregoing order, for the information and government of this Brigade. By order of Brig Genl. GEORGE P. MORRIS. James Phage*, Brigade Major. Ftret Brigade New York State Artillery. brigade orders. New York, May 6,1817. The foregoing Division Orders are promulgated for the information and government of the Brigade. The Brigadier General congratulates the Brigade upon the tuti.e. ?ttli? let in?tsiinnff til* uniform euros of the cilV of NewYork. B>' order of Brig. Gen. WM. HALL. D. 8. PRALL, Brigade Maj.andlns. Military. Our uniform corps will parade lo-day with increased gratification, in consequence of the pissage of the law preserving their organization, rights and privileges. Thia important net includea the Light Infantry companies, aa well aa the h i rat Diviaiou of Artillery, and tliua preserves to the city a body of volunteer troops upon whose discipline our citizens and magistrates havelalways relied with confidence to ensure the peace and safety of the city. The Joint Special Committee of the Coin. mon Council of the city ol New Vork. appointed to make arrangements to celebrate our victories in Mexico, give notice that the puhi<c buildings in the Park (except the [lall of Hv cords) will be illuminated ou the evruiug of the 7tli day of May instant, being the eve of the anniversary of the battle of Palo Alto; and the citizens residing on the principal public thoroughfares of thia city are invited to illuminate th- buildings on the same on that evening; and also all such others of the citizens as shall (eel disposed to join in the illumination. By order of the Committee, L1V. LIVINGSTON. Chairman. New York, May J, 1#47. Sixth Brigade, New York State Artillery, BK10A.DE ORDERS. New Yoek, May 4.1147. In compliance with Division Orders of this date, the brigade will parade, fully uniformed, armed and equipped, on Friday next, the 7th instant, in commemoration of the glorious victories recently achieved in Mexico bf the American forces ? The line will be formed on the Battery at half past 1 o'clock, P. M .precisely. A salute of one hundred gune will be fired by the Eleventh Regiment, at Washington and Tompkins hqusrrs, at noon, and a ftu de-joie will be fi ed in the Park, after the review, by the Infantry of the Utli and 38tl> regiments. Colonels Ming, Warner, and Yates, will make requisition upon the Commissary General for the necessary ammunition. The several troops of Hnssars attached to the Brigade are detailed for special duty. Their commandants will report to the Brigadier General for further orders forthwith. By order of BRIO. GEN MORRIS. James Phils*, Brigade Major an^napcclor. Celebration?A Glorloua Flog?The first flog railed after the memorable battle of Monterey, it now in the keeping of G. D. Pesliine, the host of the Crystal, No SIS Grand street. It has been loaned to him by an officer of the U. B. steamer Princeton, and will be elevated this day and Haturday, in henor of the celebration of our lata glorious victories. ____________ The ChasteneM and beauty that distinguish ihe Neapolitan Gossamer Bouuets, mauufa. tared by vlsssrs. Pattisoii, N'oe U. Co., of 23 Delancev street, are becoming proverbial, and it is next to impossible to persuade those who have once worn them to admit even a Comparison between litem and anv other stvle. The beautiful .flower trimminr made by the nnr smile men. it no leu beautiful or desirable ihu are the bouneu for which it iainteuded. Gonln gives notice In coneeqntnee of altering I ia Mlnre he la obliged to use, for a few dtye. a room in ln> tear building, the entrance to which it through the ball door. Hia coatomera will fiud die uaual full aaaoriment. J. N. OKNIN. ft 111 llroailway, o|i|h?itr Hi. Tuul'a. Navigation or Uia Ohio Itlver. Plat ft. Time. Htatt of Hirer. Vheeliug ...May! 6 feet. Louisville. . May 1. ... A f t 8 Inchen. standing < lnrinuati April 30 ... 0 ft 8 Iiichee.receding llttsburg MayS ft SI feel, ruling. MONRY NARKKT. Thursday, MsyrSUi_AP. M. The stock market at the ft rat board waa nearly at a a land atill to-day, aa regards prieca. Treasury Notes, tie. Ohio 7a, Heading H?nds. North American Trust. Ilarlem. and Long Island cloeed at yesterday's prices Carmen' Loan advanced l? percent, Canton l?; Xerwlcb and Worceetcr 't; Reading Railroad 1; Morn* Canal fall off )a p?r cant , At the aeeond board Canton want up I par cant; Handing fall off and Treaaury Notea X, Farmers' I.oan and Long I aland aloaad at priori current In the morning. Tba i aladonta bringa fourteen daya later Intalllganra from Luro|<a Our advices aa jet. are talagrapbla, and wa are. consequently. without dataila relatlaa to tba markeit Mo far aa wa can judge from tba aaeonnla r?" elred. the newa appaara to be esreedinglj fatrorable in a eoinnierctal point of view It la rertalnlj a eery attraordiuarj etrrumatanca for eorn and oottan to rlaa rlmultaneously The Philadelphia elty loan of haa bean taken aa follow* fId ouO at a premium of from two ranU per one hundred dellaVt t" per eenl. and tba balance In one bid. at par. auppoeed to lie for aecouut of aoue of thue a energetic and eptrtted fellow rtusens who hare hown eo much and ao laudable a teal In promoting tba rouatrurtlon of tbe C entral Railroad It la for the payment of Inetalmruta on ber aubeert|itloe to thla that tba elty will need tbe money now borrowed A counterfeit Ibr. e dollar bill, purporting to be on tbe Merlianiee' bank of Newark \ J , dated May let. 18 id, payable to 1 bar Dunn, haa been detected The alguaturee are evidently engraved. nnd that of Mattblna VV, Hay. oaehter followed wtlb a pen, bat tbat of tbe preelvlent. J A 11 el ?e jr. Iietng lighter In tbe genuine to lie. -ould not admit of the pen following over the engraving Tbe engraving, paper, he , la well calculated to deceive; and It being the Ar*t counterfeit <4 tbat denomlnntion on tbia hank, the otircra i< the bank were at some loaa The wbola appraranra of iim t ui ? ?<lruiraMy raiauiatoJ lo darrira 1 ha book OM?r iaati.4 any thraa'a datad \!ay lot, IIM nor >4 any Itanalullna payabta to < bu nun* Tha rt<-? Ipta of tha trio Rtllrml Company far the month of April. I*M an a 1*47. ??r? a* anaasad Nia V?aa a no tin Rtn an<r. April, lMT->or frutgfct. . ?l??t II aal Mil I.7M II Total Iioo-l 14 April. l*4? 11.471 N Incraaaa. |3.?i7 44 Thla Inrraaaa la ?Hual to about twaaty flaa p?r raal Vlout two-tbirda of tlio ruaaipta of tbla t'?npaay arc from fraigtya Tha ax porta of fwtroign and domaatic morrhaudla* and apuria from tbt* port la tha mouth of April. dlaUacaiah.