Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1847 Page 1
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TH] vol. xin. no. wr?wivoi* no. ???. j THE NEW TORE HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-west corner or Kulton and Num Ma. JAMES GORDON BENNEn. PROPRIETOR. CIRCUI.ATION?FORTY THOUSAND. I DAILY HERALD?Lverj" day, Price 2 cenu per copy?$1 ilAper annum?payable lit advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday-Price cent, per cony? IV >? cent* per annum?payable in advance. Ill HALU FOR EUROPE?Every Steam Packet;.| cent, per copy?A3 per annum, payable in advance. ( HOLIDAV HER ALD? PiiMi.litd eu ibc UtofJauuarj and " I) vl t-n:li l car?angle copies infill" A U V ERTI8EMKNT8, at the usual prices?si ways cash in adrauce. Advertisement* should be written in a plain, legible manner. The Proprietor will not be responsible for errora thu may occur in tiiein. . , ... PRINTING of all kinds executed beantitully and witi despatch. All lettera or communications by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be post paid, or the postage will be de ducted fro in the subscrintion innnev remitted. THE SMAK8PEARE NOVELS?Now ready, THE WVUTH OF 811AK8PEARE, by K., Williams, Esq. IV ce Fifty t ents. 1lie Publishers have this morning ready for Uelivei y ihe above celebrated production. It is beautifully embellished, and altogether ihe sweetest historical tiction I that lias yet seen (he light. BUUGE8S, STRINGER k Co., ^infl li?r _ __ 222 Broadway. \\r ANTED?A pemoa that Itrfmtioi the care of horses, , v ' a ill c onprtsiit to drive iu|aiugle or double h take care of a cariiage. and make himself generally useful iu a arriill family, in South Brooklyn. Noue but young men of steady habits and good recommendations, need apply. Enquire for reference at ihe office of lha Herald. mO tfrrc LEHIGH COAL.?Proposals will he received until five >' lock. P M., on Thursday, the third day of June nest, for delivering a' the I'nited Mates Naval Hospital, near East Brooklyn, two hundred and fifty tons of the best, hard, white e>h Lehigh Ceal, weighing 221(1 lbs. to the ton. 1 lie coal must lie of the hardest white ash Lehigh,of the best qn lity, entirely free from slate and dirt, and of tne following sues, ninety: One hundred tons of egg, broken and screened! fir for use in grates or stoves, and one hundred and fifty tons of "steamboat coal." The whole quantity must be delivered by the first of Septembernrxt, and will be subject to such inspection as the Snrgeouol'the Hospital may be pleased to direct. Paymcut will be made within thirty days after properly approved bills have been p.esented to the Navy Agent. The contract will uot be givi i to any our who does uot furnish satisfactory security for its faithful execution. rhosc who propose for the contract must state the rate per ton of 22-10 lbs., free of all costs and charges for weighing, deliver!,iq, kc., and direct their communications, post paid, to the "Surgeon of the U.S. Naval Hospital, New York," endorsed "Proposals for Coal." U. S. Naval Hospital, New York, May 8,1817. lnK I' IWlWS BOA RU.?A few gentlemen, who desire breakfast and tea only, can be accommodated with board with a respectable and private family. The situation of the house is unusually pleasant. The rooms are large and grounds spacious. Charges moderate. Enquire at No. 223 West 17th street, near 9th ave> ue. m8 3teod*ic BOGLHH H i PER)ON FLUID, or Vegetable Hair Composition fnr preserving, cleansing, curling and beantifying the hair; completely eradicating'scurf, dandriff and other diseases of the skin, causing a healthy action in the blood-vessels, nerves, Ac., which feed and nourish the Hair, thereby praveuting baldnaaa and grey hair. The Hyperion if a vegctihle uonipouud, which, besides its tonic and stimulating anilities, combines in itself a thorough cleansing wash, blaaded with a silky, glossy moisture for the hair, better than nny oil create or putaaruui, yet free from their deleterious effects, and possessing intrinsic values never before attained. lix u iixsmic properties noiirisn tue nair in iu rmuryo stare, accelnrsie in growtli, sustaiu it in maturity, and continue the So.session of healthy vigor. silky softness, and luxurious reiintl incy to the Intent period of life, Oeuial and purifying, it dispel* jouif, dandrilf aud all imupurities of the akin. Equally powrrful are it* re-productive power* in baldneaa; and in iiiitnerMa* cases where all oilier articles have failed it. has restored tlie hairtnits full plentitude of pristine beauty. Price 73 cents anil $1 per bottle. Prepared oolv by VVM. BOOLE, Boston, and for sale by A. B. St 1) SAN 1)8, druggist*, 108 Fulton street, corner of William-ulso, at 27) Broadway, and 77 East Broadway, New Vork. m8.10t?r ABRAH AM KASTOR, Fancy (roods, 391 Broadway, inform* bis friends and the public that lie lias removed his business from 393 Broadway to 391 Broadway, two doors l>elowbia formerestabliahinent. m8 14t*rc Fi 1 S ! FiTS !! FITS ! ! !?The Vegetable Extract as prepared by fit. Hart for the cure of Epileptic Fits, (or falling sickness) is one of the most impoitaut discoveries of the present age. Many in this city, who one year ago would have give i all they possessed in the world ceuld they have been cured of a disease so dreadful, are now enjoying good health, with hut a trilling expense, from the use or this most wonderf?l medicine. Mrs. Jas. Bs'tliolf, of Chester, Orange Co., N. Y., was ? low with the disease above mentioned, that her fr'ends thought she conld uot 'ive from on* hour to another. The Vegetable Extract was administeaed to her, and she soon recovered, and is now enjoying good health. Also, Mrs. Jas. Bradley, 115 Orchard street, tf. Y.; C. H. Baughton, 202 18th at., N. Y.. together with many others, some of which w* are not at libarty to line. The medicines, with full directions, are carefully p uked in box** and sent to any part o( tha United States. Prices per bos S3, S17 and $34. Single bottles, with necessary medicines, $2. Prepared ouly by DR. S. HART. Principal Office, 338 Broadway, N. Y., next door to the Broadway Ta barnacle. mi It* re G1 B. t LARkE?OENERAL TAILOR,?A new "aid ff fashionable assertment of all goods suitable for gentlemen's wear, bought for cash, aud therefore will be made to nines*re law. Bestquality black French cloth dress Coat $20; lower qualities 10, 17. 18, $19. Other garments in proportion. Ssck Coats of *11 kinds kept roady oiade; Pants. Vests, ttc. Call at lib William street, opposite the New Buildings. Faeieut for cut, quality, workmanship, and low pricaa. in7 2ti**r REMOVED FROM 323 GRAND STREET fjSjPY)ti 178 Bowery. Mrs. M D. Hodge, First Pre-^M^t Ojgymium Dress inakei aud firat premium Straw hatVV^f' manufacturer, invites the public to inspect her Silk aid Straw Hits, Dresses, Flowers, Ribbons, etc., at 178 Bowery. From her 17 years experience in this city, and past of her friends itnd the pnblicN I). Straw II its cleaned and altered. The trade supplied with patterns. \xy- Good milliners and dress maker* wanted. m82w*re FOR SAti ?A VIOLONCELLO of sweet tone, and ta good order. Apply at 90 Liberty street, between the hours nl"2 end 1 o'clock r. M. m7 3t*rrc ? ~ CANAL BOAT DKLAWARITKOK A-sifift SALE. lying at Albany Basin. Aoy |>erttliSSBSSS&SBsnns wishing to purchase please enquire on bos id. m? lt*r . STEAMSHIP SARAH J8ANDS, FOR 1,1 VKHPOOL.?'This ship will sail on TUESDAY, 11th inst., at 2 o'clock P. M , from the foot of Clinton street, E. R. Pasisci^9liKe aetiger* will please be on hoard with their baggage at 1 o'clock. 1.urease not to be ased on the passage to he milked " below," and sent the day previpus. Shippers v ill please cleartlieir goods on Mondiy. All bills against the ship must be sifued in duplicate by the captain. Letter bags will close at the post office, Gilpin's new room, and Keuyon's foreign Irtier office, at l^? o'clock. Parcel* mast be sent to the consignee's office, 76 South street, on Monday. in8 <t*r FOR SALE?A SPLENDID Centre Board sjjjyra^. Yach', ont year old, iloop r gged, about 18 tons, copA4j4#>S? per fastened throughout, bnilt with whole plank top and no in and for beauty of mode' nnd for speed ran not be suipis-eil by any vessel of herclsss in the harbor. She carrias s Urge pre ss of cs iraas, ai d it ofTcrad for no other reason than being loo itrgr l?r thr owner For partieeiers enqnire of TOMPKINS & LIVINGSTON, n8 3t*r 191 West street. * STEAM SHTP SOUTHERNER FOR CHAKLESTON-ThesteamshipSOUTH w UttSMwOkh. ERNF.R, ( apt. M. Berry, will leave the mOTwHIbO?^ east side of Peck slip on Saturday, the till ?t 4 o'clock, P. M. No Be 1 lbmscii.ed until paid for. All B II* of Lading signed by the Clerk on board. No freight except specie received ou the day of departure. For freight or passage, apply to 8POFFORD, TILF.STON k CO. ni(t Itr 48 South street. J* a-w- - - FOR Ll VERPOOL?The magnificent nsw Steamship SARAH SANDS. Capt. W. C Thompson, will sail punetnally on the llth of May, having superior tacominodations for a limited number of Second Cabin Passengers, ? ho will be taken at a reduced price. Persons lies'roes of engaging second cabin passages for their (Viends in the (tld Country, to leate Liverpool on the 20th of June next, for New York, in the above steamer, can do so at inrices cliaigad lor steerage i>**sengers, by applying to mi fit'c P. WT n YRNES Hi Co., 83 South street. FOR LIVERPOOL?The splendid new - "'^""hip SARAH SANDS, 2000 tons, s/?rtd& Captain W. C. Thompson, will sail punc *-?iL&Aiifc^UL[tually oa the tltli May, having excellent ac rommqdatians for second cabin passengers Persona desirous el embarking in her will please make immediate application (terms yery moderate) on board, foot of Clinton street, or Ui joseph McMURRaV, ?,4 Corner of Pine and South ate. UNION LINK Of PACKvTS to and from Li WrHV '>ri.,?il ? t ha splendid fa?t lailin* packet sliip EMJgMatePlRE, ' apt. Rusaell, will Mil from New York 011 tin- Urn of May. and from Liverpool on tlie lit of July, Iter regular days. I!?r accommodation! for cabin puseugen are very superior; she haa also excellent accommodation* for a limited number of second cabin passengers, in airy and spacious yootna on deck;and her between decks, for steerage raasengera, ars l-.fty and well lighted; all of which will be taken at reduced ratea. Tins* wishing to secure berths should make early application on board, at pier^Nn j ^?^A,)l8,*r^jT> ravl r flfl South it., 2d door below Burling slip, fOR NEW ORLEANS?LOTJisIANA AST) KfJPfV NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS.-roeitiveWr'flhi s'r "rat and only regnlsr |>acket to sail Monday, May Kim ? i tie fast sailing packet shin WABASH, ('apt. Wm. Ililhaw'ty, is now blading, and tvill positieely Mil as abore, her regular day. Forfieightor iwasage, haying superior furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS, M South it. Positively no freight will be received on board after to-morrow, Saturday evening, 8th inst. Shippers may rely upon this vessel sailing punctually as advertised. Agruta in New Orleans?John O. Woodruff 8c Co., who will promptly forward all goods to their address. m7 r N(>TH K.?All persons iuterrated in the charter FfSfV".' Bark TENN KS8KE, Fullerton master, for . .'tgWtew^l'it*. will please to take notice that sh* is now ready to re. Civ hercargo at liicr No. 10 F.aat River. m\i, 7t I ''EHKINS It DELANO. DO South at. .'idtig- FOR SALE?If applied for immediately?1The hfljwV '{"'h * HESAPF.AKfc, 2(7 tons burthen, built in iAMm" iltimore by Messrs. John A. Robb k Co., of Maryland u hue oak and locust, Mlted on the stocks, thoroaghfy copper fastened, and coppered on th* marine railway, Boston, 8 m-ciths since- is a last sailer, carries 2.70 tons gross weight, 2?o M fret \V P lumber, IYI.000 gallons molasses, or MOO bblij diaws 11>< feet or water when deep loaded; hnilt under the superintendence of Mesert. Henry Jones 8t Co. Vessel n -,v lira at the south aide of Long Whsrf, Boston. Apply to , HENRY JONES It (io. ( unmnghtm's Wharf, East Boston, or to PERKINS It DELANO, tnd7t*r No. 38 Booth street. 4AC" FOR SALE?The hull of a vesseljust launched, ""w '>'""( ' R th way port. She will carry abont /efeStBfieJVI lo inn tons; St. Icet on deck, 23 feet beam. She wTT i at r for c nvl, river, or coast survice. Iu<|uire of the snbacribera, at Rahway, New Jersey. 4PI.UWHK' \ E NE N TBS aXAHI OSLSSkAIItB AND ILLUMINATION IN NEW YORK CITY, In Honor of the Victories OP PALO ALTC, RES AC A EE LA PALJMEA, MONTEREY, VISTA, VERA CRUZ. TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND HUMAN BEINGS IN THE STREETS. die., die., dif. The grand celebration and illumination in honor of the following vlctoriea,?eehieved by tha army and nary of tha United States, in the prosecution of the existing war between this republic and Mexico, took plaro in this elty yaaterday AMERICAN VICTORIES IN MEXICO. Palo Alto, Sacramento, Rctacade la Palnia, Vara Cruz, Sa n Paaqual, El Embuilo, Los Angclea, Pueblo tie Taoa, Meaa, Mora, Monterey, lot Canada, Buena Vlata, El Uraclto, San Francisco, Alva ratio. The city presented a grand and gorgeous spectacle, from sunrise to late at night. At sunrise thu booming of Amerlean cannon front the Battery resounded from tha Narrows to the Palisades. The repeated echoes hail not died away, when, as If by the hand of a sorcerer, tun thousand flags and banners of bunting, of brilliant hue and large dimensions, wero thrown to the breezo, and floated gaily and joyfully over the City Hall, Custom House, and other public buildings. The hotels, newspaper offices, &c., Ac., were likewise handsomely decorated. The spacious building on the cornor of Fulton and Nassau stroets, known as the Herald ncwsrarer Establishment, was the great attraction In the lower part ofthe city. From the topmost story to the besement, it was resplendent with beauty and glory. One hundred and fourteen flags, large and small, military and naral, were suspended from it. Of thete, there was one whioh was much admired on account of its aged, tattered and worn appearanoe, as well as because it was used by Colonel Arculariue' military eecort of Washington's friend, General I.a Fayette, to Connecticut, wbbu that distinguished friend of the Father of his country, was visiting the United States in the year 1824. This precious relie bore the following Inscription, in white letters: 0000000000000000000000000 oooo oooooooooooooooeooooo 8 COLONEL ARCULA111U9' ? | ESCORT OF LA FAYETTE, | to f Connecticut, AeorsT JO, 1824 ; 2 Presented to the Voteran Corpe of Artillery, by 2 1 Quarter-Master William H. Miller. " o S 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 "? At noon, a Mluto of one hundred guns wm flred from the Battery, Washington Square, Tompkins Square, and Harlem. At two o'clock the military formed in order : The city at sunset began to pour its Inhabitant* iuto the etreets, to witness the magnificent illuminations and fire-work*. The surrounding country sent its thouAPPE which wcr? gorgeously illuminated with en infinite quantity of sperm candles, wae exhibited a transparency with the following inscription:? oooooooooooooooooooooooonoooooooonooooooooo o e American Victories In Mexico. f o >.. ' - a o oal ramknto, ? ItlMCl P( LA PiLMi, Vttt ClUI, san Paahual. El Emsudo. | Loi Aniiei.os. IYerlo de Taos, ? j Mux, Mora, 5 5 Monterev, I,a Canada, x % Viita, El Bramto, 2 San Francisco, Alvarado. OOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOeOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Tho second story, comprising the editorial rooms, wan much admired. Every pane of gla*N waa illamlnated with two lights, before each of whleh was a star, neatly and tastefully arranged, while from each window the " atari and atripea," the freemen's banner, was pendant. Tha third, fourth and fifth stories were also brilliantly Illuminated. We now eome to the roof, where several pyrotechnic artists of acknowledged merit were engaged during the evening in firing rockets and other descriptions of fireworks. The chimnlee, too, were decerated For the first time, probably, in tha United States, theaa im portant and necessary appendagoa to a building, were made to contribute to the featlvitiee of the occasion. On top of each was a brilliant Chinese lantern, which added muoh to the general effect. In front of the building, on Nassau street, were knag several naval and military 1 W YO EW YORK, SATURDAY THE IIEItALD Bl'ILDINGS, B! rnuat svsmi: VIEW FROM FULTON', B1 and* over the different ferries to join In the nam# plea lure. Tho BtraetH were never so deuiely crowded, nay packed with human beings. It it a safe estimate to set the number down at two hundred thousand. The Military Proeemlon. A more beautiful day for the procession could not havo been asked for. The morning was delightful; the sunshine danced upon the windows and church spires .Jul old Sol climbed towards the lenitli. Preparations for the march wore oarly discoverable?dean and handsome uniforms were seen hero and there throughout the city, dodging about in every direction. Polished sword scabbards and polished muskets and bayonets glistened and twinkled in very joy. as if the guns and sword sheaths know what tho occasion was that called them forth. Towards noon the military began to rendezvous by comnanies: aud sounds of hussars. lancers and droffoonl were ?een galloping towards their appointed ground, while Infantry. rifles, and staunch artillery men made their way to their arsenate and drill rooms. Two o'clock being the time appointed for tho procession to leave the Battery?an hour beforo that time found Broadway crowded with pedestrians of all ages, conditions, si/.os and colors. The elite and the unwashed million, instead of quietly waiting until the military passed up town, rushed, by common consent, towards the lattery. We s.ay '* towards," fur only a small number, comparatively. gained admittance to tho Battery ground itsulf. Women, with babies, old gentlcmun. with little boys, and old ladies, with half grown girls, in charge, all crowded aud elbowed and fretted in a most delectable manner ARANCE OF THF CITY HALL, IN FRIDAY BVBITIKt 11 j j| : ;|'|.. J ? ic.-v ^ ^ VIEW FROM flag*, banner* ano jack*, nnd about one hundred smaller on?? Th" 'orgeat ireaanrrd forty feet in length, and i waa reapb dent with tho flood of light poured upon it i oy tue muiiimiiuuii 01 m? quiiuiiik ? Appearance of the City Hall, Ainu IIihim Building*, mid Uallcry of Kliif Arts, In lh? ' Park. No sooner had tho military boon diazniaaed from tho Park In the afternoon, than tho tide of human belnga commenced pouring in at every avenue, to wltneaa the magniacent spectacle presented by the Illumination of the City Hall. Alma Houae buildinga, and tinllery of Fine Arte. In tho lllaminatlon of the City Hall. 3(148 aporra candloa and 700 variegated lampa were uaed. while around I the top of the building wero illuminated (ranaparancica. I on which were painted? PALO ALTO, 1 RF.SACA DE LA PALMA. f BUENA VISTA, MONTEREY. VERA CRUZ, ? OENF.RAL TAYLOR, GENERAL SCOTT. r In consequence of tho hurry in which our engraving of the City Hall waa prepared by the artlat. this waa uu- * avoidably omitted. i No leaa than '143(1 lights were uaed In Illuminating tbo 11 Alma House building, while the Gallery of Kino Arts h alao made quite a handsome diaplny The Commltiee of f1 Arrangemonta were dealroua to have the Hall of Record * Ikewlae Illuminated, but the fear of an neeident or de - RK H MORNING, MAY 8, 1847 t LLIANTLV ILLUMINATED, SG, HAY 7, 1847. ELOW NASSAU STREET. The police were on the ?round, and their service* were necessary to keep the omnibuses, carts and cabs in order. Boys In their teens fired off pistols, and the younger tir chins their torpedoes and fire crackers among the crowd, and cheered with thu greatest enthusiasm, ns company after company of our citizen soldiers wheeled into line, V...COUOU mu piavcucu wiuas in uu?u a|i)juiuicu jnnuen Tho scene on the Buttery, while the companies wort preparing for the inarch, was indeed imposing. The sun was by this time obscured hy clouds, so that the elTecl of its bright rays upon the thousands of glistening bayonets was lost ; but there were dashing officers in briglil uniforms, mounted upon proud chargers, prancing aboul the ground?adjutants Hew from post to pod>? companies marched, eounto?Vnarched, and then stood sternly bj their arms, as their countrymen did who won the victories which were being celebrated. These milltury displays now udays have more significance than they bat two or three years ago. and men do not forget that thej may be called upon to act the soldier in the field, as wel as the militiaman on parade ; and, in truth, we shoule have but little to fear for them, if our uniform coinpn lies were called upon to defend their city under uuy cir cunmtances. Those hardy sons of tho cleaver, as cavalry the sharp-shooting riflemen, with an infantry force liurdly surpassed in discipline, would he a hard nut foi any foe to crack. At 3 I'. M. tho various brigndes made their appcaranct upon the parade ground. On the right of the line was posted the Bquadron'i>f horse artillery, under command of lirig. Gen Storms?on his left tho line of Brig. Gcu I THE PARK, SPLENDIDLY ILLI1 V, MARCH 7, 1847. BROADWAY. itruetion of the important doeumenta kept in that buildup, Induced Iho committee to abandon the idea o( loing till*. A grent variety of beautiful rocket* were Uncharged from the City Hall during the courie of the ivenlug, and altogether the neene may be more readily raagined than described. tireat credit i* due to Mr. dlller. aupcrlntendcnt of public building*, &c., for the norgetlc manner In which he carried the arrangement* d the commit tee into effect, 3H workmen having been .ctively engaged for throe day*, from r> o'clotk In the norning until 10 at night. View of Hroiulwny. In tin evening the *cenc wa* *urpn* dngly beautiful >artlcularly In Broadway the Bowery, and other great horoughfarea Standing in the Battery aud looking up-town, Broadvay appeared to bo in one grand blare of light The I rat principal place that w* obierred wai Caatle Harden, rlilch wa* illuminated in a ?t>Iandid and crorieoti* man it. Towing up Broadwny the next object which attracted ttcntlon, waathe hnuae No. I, occupied hy flan W aldington during a part of the time of the rerolutlon, and low the reaidence of Mayor Mickle. In addition to laying candlea placed In the window*, tlila hnuae waa tooned In front with rarlrgntod lampa,which prraentd an Imposing appearance. The next object of Interact wm the booaa No. 17 [era: l George P. Morris was displayed to great effect. We noticed ( apt. Vincent, with 111* beautiful company of Light < Guard parading with the Brigadier Tho com- ' mand of the General, computing the the various gnus of ' the eervioe. containi one regiment of which the city ahd ' Statu may well be proud?the Hying Artillery, under command of Col. Vates This truly magnificent regiment ia of the fame organization at tlmt of "Capt Bragg'e," which 1 gave the Muxicane such a bountiful supply of "grape " ' at the buttle of Buene Vista'' ?and thatof Capt. Waah- ? ington's of the same arm During the marching salute, f this regiment particularly attracted tho attention of General Gainca, who was in tho Mayor's suite, at the Hull Brig. General Ilall's command was also out In J full force, and as usual, the best possible discipline. At J a o'clock, I' M., Major General Sandford, the commanding General, was received upon the ground, under au ! escort of horse, with an extensive and brilliant retinue, i accompanied by Adjutant Gen. Stevens, of the State; i tim MHitin Committees of the Senate and Assembly.? i At this period the linos were reported ready for the re- I I view, by Colonel W'etmore, the Division Inspector. ! i Tlio general officers dismounted, forming au escort to j I tlio reviewing officer and the military committees? after which, the general officers from the centre of the lines, I upon a signal given, led off. and were joined by the en- | tire command, in tremendous cheering in honor of the I day and of their distinguished guests.who h*ad so recently exerted themsi Ives in saving this useful and praiseworthy organisation from destruction, contemplated by a few disorganising spirits. After tins display, and grateful "appreciation by the soldiers of their legislative friends, the line broke into ! column, nnd eommeueed the tnareli. Through the ra- j rious streets which it passed, the buildings were decorated with flags, nnd the house tops and wiudows thronged with 1 human beings fin arriving at the east gate of the | Park, the line was halted, while ( ol. We tin ore conduct- 1 cd to the front of the City Hall) his Honor the Mayor j and lite Mayor elect, the Adjutant General, the com- ' nittees of the Legislature, the hoards of Aldermen, and the Boards elect, with other distinguished gentlemen, 1 among whom stood erect the observed of all. Major General Guinea, of the United Stales Army, commanding tliis Military District. Immediately commenced the inarching salute, iu honor of these dist inguished gentlemen. Where all appeared to so much advantngs, it is the tnore difficult to particularize. After the passing of the long artillery train of Colonel Yates, in perfect order, came the gallant Captain Vincent?and it was diffloult to decide whether to award the marching palm to them as a company, or to that perfectly disciplined regiment tlin National ( Juard-both were the admiration of the beholder*, and both evinced an amount of training not excelled by the regular service. This parade hai won for our city troops very high commendation, and the parade, falling a* it did upon a day on which was promulgated their re-organlzatlon and permanency us u body, gave the whole alTuir great spirit and effect. After the firing of the J'tu-de-joie in the Tart, the officers of the division, with their distinguished guests, accompanied* (Jen. Sundford to his quarters, where they were untertained with an elegant collation, and the t company exchanged congratulations upon the victories t so gloriously achieved by our army, not forgetting the i distinguished generals who were in command. The Herald Building. At eight o'clock precisely a rocket was discharged i from the lofty roof of the New Ydrx Herald Estasr lijiiment, and before the whiz-z-z-z which marked Its I flight towards the Heavens bcearne inaudible, the nine I hundred aud fifty caudles which had been previously placed in the eight hundred and ninety panes of glass which the building contains, together with the Innumerable variegated lamps,which were so adjusted as to compose a beautiful star in front of the building on Fulton street, were instantaneously ignited . A loud huzza followed this exhibition, and innumerable were the rom, pliincnts which the coup ri'ail elicited. It was acknowledged by all who saw it as a splendid [ sight. On the front of the publication offie*, the windows of IMINA TED, jj|(! O Broadway, occupied by Mr. O R. Hurnham. Thle I building wan illuminated from top to bottom with go* | The fourth itory wag illuminated with four large atari 1 each having eight gae humeri?the lecood and third ' were filled with traimpareneieg with the iiamaa of all the celebrated officer* of the army and navy But the principal attraction wiu the window on the up-town aide of the hoiue,inaide of it were exhiblteil erven email wreathe of eTergroons of natural flowers, enclosed In one large one, each bearing the name of some departed brave.and In the centre the words. we rejoice, yet mourn "( iBy Itlnggold. Hardin. Veil, Lincoln, McKee, Brown ' (In one aide atood largo treea. banging orer it like weeping wlllowa. and on the other a large figure of a waeping lady The large parlors were all thrown open to publlo view. and the whole waa kept up till 12 o'clock Within a few door* of thi* laat place, ia the Atlantic Garden, which waa decorated and Illuminated *o gracefully a* to attract the attention of all passer* by DELMO.MCo'a HOTEL. Thi* was much admired for the brilliancy oflt* Illuminations.and the neatness and taste with which the lights were arranged rack's itoTKL was beautifully illuminated In a manner to excite the j admiration of the thousand* who bad the pleasure of aeelng It. j LD. mm two cram.' [judhom's hotel m the opposite side of the street, *u much admired Like other public plaoM, it waamoit brilliantly lilumlnaled, and presented a beautiful appearance Man; of our lltisens stopped a while to admire it. We now pas* on to the city motel, rbloh waa illuminated and decorated In a manner wothy of the groat occasion. Like the other hotete, it waa i complete blase of lire. In front were hanaome trans m reticles of 9 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooeo GENERAL TAYLOR. 5 THE LANDING OK THE AMERICAN Timers | AT YL'RA Ckl'S. 3 8 CiENESAL SCOTT. 5 UOOOOOuOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOuO TIIK C'ROTON MOTEL iliod the lustre of myriads of lights from its many win* ? - /*? at- . 1-- 1 _ ? i ? AmaaaS a (rl ka nil t\f mnsl.i Hilivmed thu icene with most agreeable and refreshing music. The thousands who were out to witness the Illumination, involuutarily clapped in front of this ?dilii f. and for a while forgot that other parti of tba city wcra worth seeing. now.tun HOTEL. In going up Broadway, the next hrilliantly distinguish odbuilding ?u tba Howard House, with It* innumerable lighU. and iU admirable tran .parent llki-noss *f ny.t. tkU-or, which was mnch admired. rathim Ho-rr.r. Next occupied the attention of the million. It was much admired, not because it was illuminated in as splendid a manner as any public building that bad been viewed between it and the Battery, but because it was adorned with several splendid transparencies, gnoooooof oooooooooog ooooog oooooooooeo? eeeeooeoet gtati.oa j pai.o ai.too worn, o atr.wa viiiio riori.ry ' 500000005 oooooooooos ooooo o ooooooooooo? oooooc.ww.l4 SoooooS ooooooog ooooooono2 I MAY 0 IUJACA <* aisiunol.lig 5000005 0000000& ooooooooo5 SouoooooS 000000000*8 g WORTH $ MOVrEHEY I 50000000 ? 00000000005 Names dear to the heart of every American, were exhibited in front, and beautifully illuminated. Tba bo* of applause, which continued dnring the evening opposite this building, in the best proof of the manner in which these transparencies were appreciated. THE FRANKLIN HOt'SE. x This favorite establishment was behind none of Its compeers in its endeavors to add bHtiancy to the festive scene going on around it. From top to bottom it was Illuminated and decorated in a really beautiful aadebnste manner. The perfect aeeuracy with which the eaadlee were arrauyed, and the strong, light which they cast on the neighborhood were remarked by all. We now proaeed further up, townwards. At the junction of 1<Sllton street the scene woe truly splendid. On looking down Fulton street, we saw the splendid illumination of the Ntw York Herald KitasLisHMtHT on the F.ast. and the numerous flags displayed about and around there. Towards the west, and immediately in our front, shone conspicuously the monument erected to Major General Richard Montgomery, who lost his life in fighting the wars of his adopted country. unu um uib monumfni erecveu to tne memory 01 i uumu Addl* Kinmet, who, beoause of his attachment to liberty. waa obliged to expatriate himself from the eoll of hia birth and flee to the United Htates.the land of freedom and the safe refuge of her perieeutvd rotariec. Here he waa allowed to cherlah hia principles unmoleated, and here he spent the remainder of hia daya?admired and reepeeted while living and mourned and regretted when dead. THE AMERICAN MUSl'EM. This establishment was. like the other public hnlldlnga that we have referred to, splendidly illuminated. An excellent band of music played several enlivening airs during the evening, and added much to the festivities ot the occasion. We then reached the ASTOR HOUSE. I'roceedlng further, the Astor House and American Hotel, with all their splendor,burst upon us. Both of these great buildings were magnificently and tastefully Illuminated and decorated. On the topmost summit of each building, was the unfurled flag of the Union, waving gaily and gloriously in the evening breeae. The first mentioned building shone resplendent with its Innumerable lights, which cast their refulgent rays on tbeatreet and I'ark in front, and on the ten thousand admiring eltiiens congregated there. On the top of tha building there was a magnificent display of firs works. Attached to the front of the building waa a beautiful transparency. At a given signal the match was applied, aud in an Instant was successively displayed a magnificent spectacle, exhibiting, in transcendently beautiful colors, the names of the principal victories in Mexioo, in tha following order:? oooooooooosoooo oooaoooooooeociooo O ALTO. O O SI'KKA VISTA. O ooooonooooooooo oooooooeoooooo oooeoooeoooeo o vcsa cans, n o mootebcv. o e sbiaca. o ooooooooooooeo ooooooooooooo oooooooooeeo A loud and prolonged cheer followed these brilliant demonstrations, and while the ten thousand admiring spectators were praising the patriotism of the proprietors of t hat extensive establishment, they were attracted to the AMERICAN HOTEL, which appeared to vie with every other public place In giving eelat to the great celebration This favorite resort of our army and navy ofllcers, presented a spectacle mai renorirti me grrairxi create on an concerned in iretting It up. It wax illuminated with Itxthnuxand randlrx. ami from top to bottom prcxentrd a acme xeldom erm On tho top wax a magntflcant flag, and in front and about midway to thr rtrrrt wax a xplmdid Moral natrd t ranxparcnry. Flrcworkx of th? mo?t brilliant description a era off. to thr admiration of ail who brbrld thrm. In tho murxr of the oxenlng a wrll arranged continuation of thrm. extending tho wbolr width of the building, was f.rrd and presented in vorlegatrd and dualling aplendne, tho wordx OF.ooooooooo * I A \ I.OK. g o ^r.oooiM tonoo 3OOOOIHX)OO C oonooofHXVto > * ?i utt, i *k>i* *"in *tvr. 4 raaar. g z OOOOOOOC OOOOOOOOOUOOOOOO V.MHJOl o Worda cannot cxpraaa tho uutburxtx of nllitudartn with which tUla maguif.cant dlaplay wax granted It appeared to ua na If tan Iboutund tiu<w tan thousand grateful volcax woro trained to tho ulmoxt in npprobw! tiou of it xo tarlflnally loud ware thay. When w?i commenced to give un account of fbU grand illumination, wo Intended to continue It aa bir ax Broadway ealeuded. but our rcputlcr* were uimbhj tx> taakv thrlr way through tbv lmunnac iuu?> of bur.xtn being* that blocked up fbxt grva* thoroughfare. wfth tnan, women and children vmnlbruoo. private "arrlagoa, haoka and caba - It wna UnianwlNo to tuku a survey oj that atraet In detail, and give an account of ito appear anco In tlma for thtx day a paper We moat contwnt ooraalrra with apoaklng of th? remaining part of Broadway in ' general tcrma From the American IloW to the uppermost part of the city, It wm superbly gorgeon* The nnmerona light* that adoraed the window* of the honeep. on both side*. turned night Into d*y. In the middle of any pert, any person could hare read * newspaper with perfect ease The Clnh House ehone conspicuously particularly that of the young men. which war really b<mut1fUI The house of C. W Lawrence, . our worthy Collector, ehone eat brilliantly and beautifully among the number TilK I'.tHK TIIKATRK. In turning from Broadway into Park How, the meet conspicuous of the brilliant object* which attracted the eye* of the many thousand* aaeetnbled. wa* the Park Theatre Thia time-honored building ahnne conspicuous on the oeeaaion The atatue of the Immortal bard, whleh graeea it* front, aeemed to oh*erre with gratification the glorious and e?er-to-be-remembered aoene that wa* being enacted below. Old Drury wa* net backward in malting a suitable demonitratlon within It* wall*. Mr. S Pearaon *ung a patriotic ecng worthy of the occasion, and a lar^e transparent llkenem of General Taylor, the hero of Buona VlaU, wa* exhibited to the admiring thousand* who attended to wltacM the performance of Forrent, the American tragedian. Wltheut were seen fly* splendid tranoparenclee, commemoretlee of the principal ylrtorle* arhleeed by the American arm*, which were arranged oyer each entrance to the building In the following manner : j ooooooo ^ ooooooooo g oooooooooo coooooooj UOOOOOOOcr o J r. ALIOS LA IALMA | MOHT**r.T J *. r"TAS i OOOOOOO S OOOOOOOOO ( OOOOOCOOOOI OOOOOOO i OOOOOOOOOO 6 Thee* transparencies excited a great deal of attention I V

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