Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1847 Page 1
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\ I rjp J ! jr Vol. XIII. No. U8?Whola No. ?!il. THE NEW TORE HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, VorlhtvMt corner of Fulton and Numu itf. JAMES GORDON OENNETT, PROPRIETOR. CIRCULATION?FOUTY THOUSAND. DA1L . . !'i ;<: . 3 cent* per copy? ? Si ! r amuim?payable in alliance. Wi'.KKLY H Kit. ALL)?Every Saturday?Price 6% cento I. -. 11 y- A3 134 renin per annum?payable in advance. HERALD KOK KUKOl'K?Every Vtmrn Packet dayIs in ;, cento tier ropy?$3 per annum, |?iyable in advance. ilOLI DA V HERALD? Published on tlie Dt of January and l?t ' July ofcach year?ainiile cupiea sixpence aach. M) VKR'i'lSr. uENTS, at the uiual prices?always cash in :. H i re. Ail 1 cm eineuta "houId lie writ'eniu a plain, legible in mner. The Proprietor will not be responsible for error* tliat may occur in them. PltlNTINO of all kinds executed beautifully and with drip .tch. Al' letters or communications by mail, addressed to ths f tsblishment, mast be post paid. or tbr postage will be dfPencil fr.on the subscription money remitted. FAUA1 KOltSALE.?\n exoellent Farm of 75 acres, i??j|hilfau hour's rule from the city, Willi abundance offruit. ? urr .inn woou, ui iifi.uiii scenery, anu very iitaiiuy situ ii.>u It will be sold very cheap. Apply 63 Cham here i-'-1 ' 'lii! , from Broadway. mC lw*rrc jg t TO UKT?dtote 413 Broadway, witli a large room ou |";lf the story. 111 'r1 -fiLIIB Broadway. Htore 72 Lispenard street. Also, two large rooms oil Broadway. Al |.l v at 74 hiipeuard strrat, up stairs. m7 3t*rc y d ROO ?i TO LKT?-In a private lamiV. fti'uuhed or Jj7.1.J uuturiiisliad. withibrankfast, if required;* desirable loJliW-ritiou tor a siufle gentle man Apply at 28 Whitest. io; it * i rc j'. \ TO Lh'J ? The first rate modem built two story attic Ij-Sif lioii-e No. 131 Ke.ulr street, with folding doors, marble c'dhLmaiitels. painted walls. Sto., he. The above premises wilt or Iht to two separate lauiiliti if desired. Hent moderate, ror farther particulars enquire at the Drug Store, No. 130 Bow ery_, comer of Broome street. Also, for sale cheap, an Iron Sale, in good order, intended to be built in the wall. To be seen at Bacon's Iron Vard. No.4U Water St. TO LKT?To a family of vndonbtnd mapaetabilityi bills l!,rt'belarge nod commodious three-story dwelling, n.'iilNu l!t(i ti'irat aseiiue, licit to corner of lOlll street, cousisiuoj ol back parlor on first floor, two rooms ou second floor, and three rooms ou third floor, with l"rge clo-e'S and clothes presses in each story; hick kitehrn.and half of counter cellar. Crotou water in house. No objection to children. Can be seen from 9 A. -M. to 6 I*. ,\1. Kuuuire ou the premises. mT 3t?rc a -HA.SI ILTON liuiJSK, at the Narrows near Kort Hamilton, I,. I. The Subscriber begs to inform his fricuds and the public, that this favorite place of resort is now open for the reception of company. Steam boats will commence running about the 13th of May. ^Snges leave Fulton ferry, Brooklyn, at 10 A.M., aud 4 THOMAS MKINKLL, hurt Hnmiltoil, Mar 3, 1317. m62iv*rc J ?4 SODA BISCUIT BAKfc'.RY?To let, and lease for fi'sji i-le, I'arr's celtmated Soda Biscuit Bakery, with .team engine and machinery, now baking nearletwe huu.lie I barrrls of flour weekly. Will be dis|iosed of and possewion given immediately. Apply to m3 7t-r JAS. I'AKR, 73 Mntt street. f l*AVILIONTNKW BIMOH roWT Stateu Island.? I f 'ijf The tivoprietor begs to inform his friends and the public, .'-13MB_ilnt lie his made considerable alterations and improve me.,11 in this cstabli.hinent since the last season. He has erected a large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogethtA' disconnected from the main body of tbe pavilion. These rooms are intended for gentlemen only; they are of a comfortable size, light, anil well veutilated, and superior in all respects to thost generally denominated single rooms in the various wa'eriug places throughout the country. '1 In proprietor is now ready to treat with families or parties wl .liiuK to engage room* for the seasou. Letters addressed to him at the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate atIwtloa. A steamboat runs bs i u Naw York and New Brighton, at the following hours, ? From New Brighton?At 0 and 11 A. M. and 2 aud 5:20 P. MFrorn t?i?*r No. I North ltiver, New Vork?At 9 A. M. and 12 M, aud 3>?, 5 and 6 P. M? and more frequent communication! will he established as.the season advances. 'J'lie Pavilion is now ready for the reception of Company. ap25 tire F. DLANCARD. MTU HUNT? A Cotton Factory, of about 3,000 spiudies, with a build ng for looms, Mansion House, Store (louse. Workmen'! Dwellings, Saw Mill, Grist Mill, witn an unfailing water power. The place and water power are well adapted to general manufacturing purposes, and on a navigthle stream, coqe&.ieut to New Vorlt or Philadelphia. Enquire ?f WjRRINGTON ?t RICHARDS, a28 2iv*e 32 Burling slip. ROOMS TO LET?Suitable tor Hu?ft(talia| pur y7 g poeea, in the building No. 74 Fulton street, lately repair JalaLcd, and with nil modern improvements. Apply to JAMES It. 1)KL VECC1IIO, in the building, or to llUOWN, BROTHERS ?c CO. a25 2w*re ; No. .VlWrtll. MILLS, IIATTER, f J Offers a 11".t fr rSl 58, e.yn J t<i any wJ.I aliewhere for :tr his .well-known establishment, 178 Broadway, Howard Hotel ; and having determined to pursue the nimble sixpence principle in the svie of Mats, has now completed his arrangements to supply any demand Gentlemen leasing their orders may have a hat made in any style to suit their own taste iu three hours, or less, if absolutely necessary. An experienced haper always in attendance, that every hat m. be lit i d t i the head, a d rest njeuu it to the perfect ease ol the win < r. This being an important point, particular attention ? ill he given to it. a23 2w*r \:% IIJ'.v i'O MARK MO.NKV.?The axiom that "money siectl is money made," is almost as old as the inveutiou ol money it?ell ; but the principle of selling a live dollar HAT for ?ori''"doll n s and lifty cents, wis first established and is uovs liraetise l oy Robertson, at the 1'henix Hat Manufactory, ?9 Fulton s!., N. V'.. a.ul oil Fulton si, Brooklyn. This simple St ituniieit we believe will suffice to make known one Way " how to m ke mo xy." >10 l?*rh HATS, SPUING STYLE. )' V.N'T No. 91 Canal street, aud No. 130 Chatham si, JgfK.elli ilnleskiii and Nutria Fur llata at $3, and only charlcs *1 a,i for his tirsf quality Moleskin and tine Nutria lists.? *nce n i l i; :n11 ul the higher priced hit*. Gentlemen wishing toeco. ij tin* iiidi*p*ii*able article of tire** without ?acrtti. e of comfort or n|, will pieate give him a call.? Ai -o, a?-ctie il a* of cap* of variou* kind* at reduced I alft lm*c * f A I- UKS'I il MIl,LINtflvv-MRS. UNDKKWOOD i-MA i i f, tfullj inform* lier f'ieud* and the public, that fL\ .lie In* removed to 110 Hudaou atreet, between North ?' i -.I K'*( U11n street*. *211 2w*rrc IKS >1. WII.SU.N, 231 liiwuil atreet, respectfully gjT ' J-V>inlornu her friends, and strangers visiting the city, C'-, Jr th*t he h-< now on hand a large and rery handaome a"*- H,.'irrnient of Hiring Millinery, to which she invite* tlnlr attention. Air*. Wilaoni ftoek compriaea mi Mortm >1 iich.-at and moat fashionable Hat*, audi aafdtip, t rape, Kiev, and Shir,ad, with a choice aaaxrimeut ol Straw i. which *he flatter* herself can he aold more raaaonable tli u tanp other cit*b!i*hmetit in the city. Country Milliner* will do w ell to ce il before purchasing. Mr*. M, V/ILSON, 291 Grand at.. !-tw?en Allen and Orchard at*. Ten g. I Millinera w ">''d at the above establishment, an lm"Te ________ . i. vt >: < i i.M . iux >T. ? I'. !. \llt> i l'\ l.'X. Cll Broadway, deairea to int-. . f ,rm hi* urttneroua and fashionable lady patron*, that >j he .i r,i,de arrangement* for the right to manufacture v-1? !he <-l-? art clastic walking Boot, now ao fashionable in the Itighc- t c ode * iu K.ngl.-md and France. The recent im* nrovemeo in the eltutsic tuff will enable him to make hi* li tot, md hi.i i v'i it -i with all the elegance peculiar to hia atyle of work, anu v' willmiH the trouble oflaeing*. Tie' "i t vain ili- live ition reinore* all ihe confined pre*aare t. on to.- nit of lite I'oik, wh'le at the aame time it afford* an el* vttio 'p. tog in walking which cannot be appreciated a rri t *M Im't l.i ii 'tv A 1' THliS. ,t"^ Ji K- ( I'.IVI-'.i), a large lot of Gentlemen'* Kino h Bn :*, the bent and handaomeat ever in li id w ill !>c until ' the low price of $.1. AI?o all kind* nl t i i b io n'v I r .iter mil I';'eiif Leather Shoe*, and all the dilft leot ki.tiUnf Boot* awl Slice*. Ladic*, yoa will find in this viol i gr*-?tvariety of Gofer Boot*, Slipper*, Burkina, Ties, Ilonie Slipperi, white and lilNrk satin do, white Kid do. nu 1 all o- in-r kooit and vigej, i?li?*ea' anil ( hihlren'* Boot* and Shoe*. I! Boot.. Gaiters, S hoe* and Slipper* of all the various i, all of which wilt be aold cheap, at 367 Broad w ij-.c, or of Franklin itreet. M. CAHILL. ?V li. ,fry merchant# anpplied by the package or dozen. apt lra*r VT ^ I/XfK AT THIS? Ladies* Gaiter Boot*,:! tr -J m de, good article*, of v.arioin color*, only Ian *hil1, la ioii at 171 II wriv, directly oppoaite Delaney at. , i F,. DOWNS. i i , i - \ v I It i r.S, ot th- In II note ai.d Night I I. eel ...I oilier rare nml vein,hie Y,..- Is. I n "1 '-(her cages; birrf seeds of alt drscrip A;i ,!* , Vc. Kin* I hnrlrj Hponii-ls, KiikIisIi and 8 toll i t i u 1 , f'l ? 'Ik bv \v. 8. JOHN .TON, 280 Broadway, one door n-l t\v*e i . n * t Stewart k ('? .'s d y goods store. ... , ? v. .. j 11. - .v, vy iiic. yi'nlln hit .mil Kaney Bird *y> ri. . anufsetorrr. No in jil Aveune, between 9th aud i street.. N. V.?On hand a splendid assortment ol ( i , and oilier re res. new pattern; also wooden and wl| ,, wire in.i h ey roods, brsides splendid singing and In.nib e.l bird e .;!i la, paste. *c . tee.; also some very Ire i.e. . Inn ol . 'her plants, for sale. ;j u YVi:.- woik lor ansries, windows, Sic., made and rem2 Iw'rre : :i )nous ami)'i'onik?-Attraction. /' ?J in gr? .' .utartio-i fur tlm city is now at a :ti !! ?' , no. > John,street, where nature's song i t its inn i ct vaiietv, is only tube obtained from lb.- lit (Is* Itnbiii to i lie cork of the North, i > s ii it i, kin j ' ii-irlee s, inifls, Italian flreyhnunds. Set te, i. i ri ;. vevs |'.hi idlaml and every variety nf fancy Dogs; id .i s' . ! .1 i'liiiiea, tie. lie kc. i'..- i. . a (hi.r-i'-iill. mil at ell times meet with prompt a. ( !<ikvk, & John street. n It. i1 -ui j >le of laky 'i'viriets, imported espresaly. m.'i'tn. r ?ty ... i- 'mt ls.\|,k?a pair of line, Inst and showy v^ili r-i , w i^oii--, harnesses, kc. kc.. the property of < - .il.-man. If sold together, would lie disposed of at i i - i-.1- a|vly to liia coachman, who has tliem to a: O'llt's table, in Mercer, near Bleecker street. mY Tt* rc . '..lilt \?A pair of handsome nay ? . " Hill r, years ow, warranted sound; can be -n at Jonea'stable, Mercer street, between Prince tti3 lw*rc V*, YTI-MKHI at wholesale only,? Louts Perret, No p' .. i 11 i dm atrei-f, up stairs, importer and agent fur several <l ' ' ' o Hiiifncturer.s, oners to the trade a most eonudete it i in . \v .ti ,'hjs of every description, of tins 8i" i ' < uiiiry meichauUand dealers iugeneral svpl li-."| it to tip.r advantage to call as above before p-ir- ii i i > -wlier ?j0 i in a r d'.v ii) It. a i a1' ()!(h h a nh?Louisiana and New .-r ? " i i i p ickets?the fast sailing packet ship A- emfwsyv \ ii mjii. apt. Katli.iway, is loading, ard will sail " it., i in. May iwli. Kor freight nr passage, having i. :i- i lird .mmodatuins, apply on board, at Orir-ui.i yvii.n l, fool ol yv all street, I--. K. i'OJLLINS, South street, o 1 i.. .V I'n -.ii. J. O. U'oi.drnlf It Co., who will mot i * ir-.varnsll goods to t'u-tr sddrcss. *29 o-J *. ' ,HM, t 11,- liii,. |.,,( sailing liarkt t s",' "'KKNK.ll, Capt. All-lander 8. V.I met, JnXlaNais ' tons burthen, liavnig nput of her cargo engaged, w ill > . in a few day a Kor balance of freight, or pass ice, having excellent accom * or aW (T South street. tt 2 N E1 ===? * STAGES AnVcan'ad/0 THE Albany, Rocli?ter, Buffalo and h'^Viib"-^*??PlMe., y? Eri#"pt Kp^ltor, j^ST'*,., ' fei?w, p.. Oreen 6.r> ft"*??. isr g; a?*5=; tSSS. tea CITliiKN'8 VP w m 4*vTiSwr- -- - m3 30t+rc f?S"-fe|rSi| & .jSte Thu^^^WrLLIAMS, Capf. Dolwoi, ,, theoffice j'i "^nrrtuu'ntt tl>e Bol,?\i?r to Ge0fort,id tn"-? brzzsfbSg'srs. AVTEKNOON LINK DAli V ~ n"""?-w II Irav ? Ne ibni^h k f?,n"" '?""K April io r? Bin: firAI|B?^'?*e Md Ki.h?'^^"yratTo'cloik. idiSbsE as.K,.*?I5 jwae.', r.,? Witfln, <Wjn^Vr]m,ftf01 M<JS? unproved ?ty, uf jj* ?c- and examine H. |(oMr.?. " H.. No. I Ann atreet. ' warr?nted for one year, by NOTICE 5*im^ smmmmMHib SYLPH and STATKN ISLANDER will run na ibllowi, until further notion :? leave it at e v iii.aid At , I, ?. 10, 11, A. M., and I, 2, S, 4, }, 6, 7, P. M. 1.eatp. psew tori At 7, 9, 10, II, A. M., and I, 2, ten minute* past 3, and at 4, 5, 6, 7, o'clock, P. M. New York April 13th. al3 r MORNING LINK AT HALF-PAST SIX O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY AND TROY?Landing f a.AIk Nat Caldwell'*, WestJPoint, Newburrh, Hamp HSBIS&aton, Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park, Rhinebcck, Upper Red Hook, Bristol, Catakill, Hudson, Couackie, aud Kinderhook. Kark Reduced. Breakfaat and Dinner on board the Boat. The ateamboat NIAGARA, Capt. H. L. Kellogg, will leare the steamboat pier, foot of Barclay street, Tuesday, 7'huriday aud Saturday, at half-past six o'clock. Returning on opposite days. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. HALL, at the Office on the wharf. NIGHT LINE?DIRECT. From the foot of Cortlandt street. Passengers takiug this Boat will arrive in time to take the Morning Traiu of Cars from Troy west to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, aud Lake George The low pressure steamboat EMPIRE, Capt. R. B. Macy, at 6 o'clock. Leaves New York Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. For passage or freight, apply on board, or at the ollice on ths wharf. The iteatnboat COLUMBIA, Captain W. W. Tupper, will leave the pier at the loot of Courtlsudt street, at 8 o'clock. For passage or freight, apply on board, at the office ou the wharf. Regular days from New York, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. ail rc PEOPLE'S LINE "STEAMBOATS FOR r_s <llL?JkALBAN Y. Daily, Suudays Kicepted? eawwikThrough Direct?At 6 o'clock, P. M., from the Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streeta. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt Wm. H. Peck, will leare on Monday, Weduesday and Friday evenings, at 6 o'clock. SteamboskHENDRICK HUDSON Capt. R. G. Cvuttenden, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 6 o'clock. At Five O'Clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Placet? from tire foot of Barclay street. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Cant. R. H. Furry, will will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Suuday afternoons, at S o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, ('apt. Thos. N. HuLe, leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at S o'clock. Tire above boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time for the Morning Cart for the East or West. Freight taken at moderate rates, and none taken after 4>. o'clock, P. M. 1T7** All persons are forbid trnstiug any of the boats of this lint, without a writteu order from the captains or ageuts. For passage or freight, apply on board tne boats, or to P. C. BCHULTZ. st tha office on the wharf. mire (K'EAN STEAM NAVKIATION C<LV1 PANY. U. 8. MAIL LINE TO CO WES, AND SOUTHAMPTON, AND BREMEN. THE splendid new steamship WASHINWTON, 17iU tons burthen, Frederick Hewitt, Commander, will start from New *IWMllJnfiX York on the l?t June neit, carrying the United States Mail. She will touch at Cowrs ant) Southampton to land passengers and freight, nnd deliver the mails for England, France and Bel gium, and will men proceeu to Dremernaven. The Washington is built in the strongest manner,with a view to being converted into aship of war. and subject at any time to itispection by officers appointed by the President, both during and after construction. She has two engines of 1000 horse power each, and acoommodations Tor 140 brst class and 44 second class rwssengeis. Passage from New York to Southampton, or to BremenFirst class . $120 Second class, ... 00 Passage from Bremen or Southampton to New York. First class $130 Second class ?. 00 She will carry about 340 tons freight, which will be charged according to the nature of the goods offering. All letters must pass through the post office. Parcels, for which bills of lading will be signed, svill be taken at $3 each. For passage or freight, apply at present at the office of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company at 41 Broad street, and alter 1st May to No. 44 William street. Agents at Southampton?DAY, CROSK E Y 2c KOSS. Bremen?C. A. HE1NEKEN It CO. Havre?WILLIAM ISELIN. The second steamer o( the line is hi due course of construction, and will he in readiness in the ensuing /all a2l Im r BRITISH AND NORTH AMF.RICAN y^jQBfTi^IUJYAL .MAIL STEAM SHIP, 1300 ton. ami 130 horse power each, undrr e.,nirirt . HRub with the.Lords of ths Admirality. I! 111 CRN I A. Captain Alexander Kyrie. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward O. LottBRITTANNlA, Captain John Hewitt. 1 CAMBRIA,Captain Charles ||. E. Judkint. ACADIA, Captain William Harrison. The four steamships now building are THE AMERICA, THE NIAGARA, TIIE CANADA. THE ECROPA. Vessels appointed to sail from Liverpool are the Camhria,. April 4, I8IT Caledonia April 20,1817 Britannia,, May 4, 1847 Vessels appointed to sail from Boston are the Cambria. May 1, 1817 Caledonia . Slay 16, 1847 Passengers' luggage must be on board the day prtvious to sailing. Passage money?From Boston to Liverpool, $120, de do to Halifax, $20. No berths secured until r*'d for. These ships carry experienced surgeons. No freight, except specie, received on days of sail.tig. For freight, passage,or any other information, apply to D. BRIOHAM. Jr., Agent, At HARNDEN It CO.'S, 6 Wall at. ITT*" III addition to the sborr line between Liverpool and Halifax, and Boston, a contract has been entered into with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool antfNcw Yurie direct. Tim ateamahipa for tint terrice are now being built, nod early nut yew due notion will be gire? of the time when tliejr will start. Underthenew contract the rteainer* will tail every Saturday during right montlie, and every fortnight during tlie other montln in the Tear. Going al ternatrly between Liverpool and Halifax and Boston, anil be tween Liverpool and New York. mSS r - ? nit UTS ON i nK .\ATMI.V\I. sft&erflfSb BAHK OK IRELAND.?W. k J. T. gl/-vTkff ^ftv4^S'''apecri?t beg to inform their friends and ^-???tf?U?4uJthr public, who with to remit money to part of Ireland, that they draw drafts fn large or atnall ainounu, (tar/able without diacount,) direct on the National Rank of Ireland, Dublin, or any of the numeroua branches throughout the country. Also, drafts can be obtained, payable in all parte of England, Scotland, and Wales, on application to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, fti Sonth street, aid rh Heconrl door below Burling Slip. H) It LI VK.KPOOL?The niaguitirrnt new 8teamshi|i KAU AI! HANDS, ( apt. W. C ^iWylr'fKJ^^Thiimiwrin, wtll sail punctually on the llth of May, baring su|ierior acrominodations for a limited number of Second Cabin Passengera, who will be taken at a reduced price. Persons desirous of engaging second cabin txssages for their friends in the Old Country, to lea<e Liverpool on the 20tli of June next, for New York, in the above steamer, can do so at prices charged lor sleeragejiai.sengerx, by applying to in i lit g P. W BYRNES u t o? 11 Month streyt. * - KOR LI VERPOOL?-The splendid new sS/feaB* atrnm-liip SAUAIi 8ANDH, ymiii tons, Captain W. ('.Thompson, will aail |>unc _tually on the llth May, having excellent ac. s*^M^BlM?commodatinna for second cabin pasaeuger* and the greater psirtion of her berths being engaged. Persons desirous ol embarking in her will please make Immediate application (terms rerv moderate) on hoard, loot of Clinton street, or to jW.fh McMURRaV. (/Oi'i r "I I ini and South *"? UNION LINK OF PACK*-T8 to mid fromTJ IwSfl^T^rpool.? I he splendid fist selling packet ship KMJMMHiBriltK. Cant. Ktmell, will sail from New York on the 13th of May. end from Lirrr^ol on tlif 1st of July, her regular d.?)s. ft(er accommodations for cabin pessenR^rs^are very superior; she has also excellent accommodations for a limited number of second cabin passengers, in airy and spacious rooms on deck; and her between flecks, for steerage passengers, ere lofty and well lighted h|| of which will he taken at reduced rales. Those Wishing to secure berths would make early application on bdard, at picr N^ i m>n r M South ?t., 2<l door below Burling ?lif, "*? NOTICK.?All j>?r?iiin interested in the charter wSWWol the Rnrk TKNN R8SKK, Kollerton master, for JflBafaSligo, will pleaae to take notice that she ti now ready U> receive her cargo atpier No. 10 but Hirer, my6 7t*i 7MUUN8 It DKLANO. 39 South at W YO JEW YORK, SUNDAY M American temperance house, Worc?i?r, Msssachusetrs.?The subscribers having leased and thoroughly repaired, for a term of rrara, rl>?r above commodious heuse, situated at the station of tlie Boston and Worcester Railroad, assure their frieudt and the public, that every exertion will be made to secure the comfort, and merit the patrousgc of the travelling community. TUCKER k BONNET. Thoi. Tucker, formerly of L. I. Railroad. ) 11. T. J m7 13teod"rc A. & G. BRANDON, BLOCK LETTER SIGN M A nuk ACTURER8, SIGN 1? n N T E R S, NO. * TRYON ROW. Adjoining the llarlrm Railroad Office, New York. ^|1||E anteriority of our Wood Letter Signs for beauty, J.* a'.d durability, have been fully apPreciati'dby many of the principal men of business, which fact will Lrcoine apparent by reference to the Washington Stoier, William street: I . S. Boole I W irehou re; Aator House: Kathhuu's Hotel: Judaon's Hotel: Natiousl Hotel; ft-rU 111 s Hotel;Merchant's Hotel; Mercantile Library; Naukin Tea (.'oinputiy, (kc , 4tr , Jkc. To strangers> visiting the city we cmi refer them 10 many uf the principal firms in almost every city iu tin- Union. h2S codiin'rrr JACOB BkAlbTKU NipNllUly iu forma ins frjanifa. ud die public generally, that lie lias commenced (lie General Agency and I oltlinisaioii Business at (lie (tore ol' \V. II. Bobsled, it Kndr street, corner of Broadway (in La Karge Buildings), wlieie lie w ill devote Ilia time to effect sales in Real Kslale, Furniture, Groceries, and merchandise iu geneHolding an auctioneer'! cotmn'ssion, lie is prepared tn attend to nut-door sales of Herd and Personal V.state; also, to the selling uf the Furniture of families, at their own homes, which will at nil times receive particular attention, ami | ptiuciu il returns made. lintels or private dwellings will be.appraiaed correctly, and disposed uf at the shnrteat notice. Liberal advances w ill he made on such articles aa can be emu fluently store J; and money loaned on stocks, notes, and nth r collateral securities, for snort periods. A register will be kept fur the sale or letting of bouses and lots, and other tenements. To save time and trouble to both landlord and tenant, a correct description of the premises, with the terms, are always ue'ed. myl lmeod*r W il lili vlaTKDTEXi:HANUK UItOKtflt, Lalarge Building, coruer of Broadw ay and Resdc streats entrance Jt Keade. B ulk Bills, Gold and Silver Coiu, Wafts and .Votes ol Hand bought and sold. New Voiik, Ma,- myl lni(fod?r COLIWIBIA HAI L, "lLBAN1)?\ SI'IMNGS.?Tlfis establishment will he open, and rt ady for the reception of visiters, on the 1st day of May, 1847, by its old proprietor, ml 3weod*rre IIKNRY llliLL. B~ OAIUjTNG ~.V1' HOBOKKN", Ferriage If ran.?The subscriber has taken, ami. is now furnishing the Atlantic Hotel, lloboken, and will be ready in a few days for the reception ofboerdere. The House js situated contiguous to the Kerry, and of easy access to the city. The view of the Bay tnd Narrows is unobstructed and delightful, and uo pains will be spared to render the Atlaullc Hotel a quiet, agreeable, and comfortable home. al8eodlin"c K. R. F.DOAKTON. MONTKVKKDK'S BILLIARD AND BOWLING N Y LOON, No. 1 Barclay street, three doors below the American Hotel, New York. The subscriber would respectfully infirm hidfriends and the public in general, that lie lias K1Vh SI'LKNDI 0 BILLIARD TABLKH constantly kept in gyod order. As the tables are in separate apartments, the proprietor thinks it wilt be Dime select and ag-eeable to gentlemen visiting his house. Kaeh gentleman visiting the above establishment, will be furnished with a private cue and apron for his especial use, and with the best of attendants. His Bar is alway stocked with the best of Liquors and Began to he found in the city of New York. Also, TWO GOOD BOWLING ALLKyB, iu the Basement; halfthe usual price, that i.s, twelve and-a-halfcenu |?r string. Also,a large room i for Domino playiug. I During the season the choicest Oysters that comes to maikft. Notick?Gentlemen will please to communicate at the Bar any neglect of duty of the attendants. FRANCIS MONTEVERDE, ml 2taw*r No^J Barclay street,JNew York. rp'HK AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANK.?A milling J- of the shareholders of the Americau Exchange Bauk for the choice of counsvlloa and directori, will be held at the director*'room ou Wednesday, 2d June next, from 12 o'clock M. to 1P.M. Inspectors of Elrctio.cs.?Messrs. James Mills, J. a. Edgar, W. Hurlhurt. Per order, a30 2taw toje2*r JOHN JJFISH, Cashier. ! FOUNTAIN HOTEL; i Lkiht st., Baltimore, > January 27, 1847. ) ARTHUR L F004J, ) Pm, I'HINEAS THURStfON, J 1 roi'rietors. THE nlidersigued hating succeeded the late firm of DIX St FOGG, in the proprietorship of the Fountain Hotel, so long and widely known as one of the most commodious establishments in Baltimore, take this method of informing the travelling public, that heside the great improvement made last spring, in the addition of an entire new wing lo the house by which a large number of lodgings were added, as well as ?n extensive Bathing Establishment, they have receutly had constructed a new Ladies' Ordinary, fitted lip in the most unique and beautiful style, and also a private sitting room for gentlemen, which is entirely free from the bustle necessarily incident to the more public parts of the house; an arrangement highly desirable, and which they Batter themselves cannot l.ol to please. In connection with those improvements, the whole luterior of the house has undergone a thorough revision? every thing appertaining to ihe-upholstery of the establishment hat lie en renewed, and attendants tor the chambers selected with a strict view to their entire capability in every want The table will be found at all times fully supplied with every thing the market affords, served up in a superior style, while in the way of wines, 4tc. Ike., nothing will he kept but what is of the best quality. Added to these facts tilt- attention anil courtesy which will be rendered by their assistants, acting under their own personal supervision, to those who may favor them w ith a call, they flutter themselves will not lenve dissatisfied, as iio pain or expense will be spared ou their part to meet the wants of their guests, and trust their hopes of a liberal patronage will not prove unfounded. Baggage taken to and from the Hotel, free of charge. ARTHUR L. FOOO, ft 2taw3mrrc PHINEA8 THURSTON. NEW JERSEY, HUDSON It DELAWARE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. NOTICE IS HF.REBY GIVEN that Books of Subscription to the Capital Stock of " The New Jersey, Hudsou and Delaware Railroad Company," will be opened at the Cochran House, in Newton, ?n Saturday, the litn; at Isaac P. Bemer's Hotel, in Branchville. on Tuesday, the 18th; and at Mechanics'Hall, corner of Broad and William streets, in New; ark, on Thursday, the 2ftth of May nest. The books to lie aliened each ilav at II o'clock. A.M.. and close.I mi i1im1.hI (lay at ] o'clock, 1*; M.; and at the time of aubacribing for anlil stock, fire dollars will be required to be ou each share sulNewtois, Srasr.x Co., N. J., April M, HIT. J. E. ED8ALL, \ J01IN BELL. JOHN MOORE. JACOB HARNBECK, Junr. 'Commissioners ROBERT HAMILTON, SAMUEL KOWLER. MARTIN RYKRSON. ipM tot *rrc " NOTICE. BRADNER It CO., hare removed to No. # Nassau, between Wall and line streets, opposite the Custom House apl Im'r LIQUID HAIR DYE. NO EQUAL.?The improvement of 1S46.?ALEXANDER 8 TRICOB AHilE, which instantaneously colors the Hair a natural Black or Drown, and sires it the beauty ami elasticity of youth, and is warranted neither to wash or rub otf, or soil the skin. The proprietor, siuce its improvement, presents it to the public with the utmost confidence, as harinf uo equal, and as a perfect d) e. per sale by Kushtou It Co., Broadway; J. 8. Aapinwall. William strert: Johnson, Moore It Taylor, Maiden lane ; and A. B. It I). Sands, New V ork ; and by the sole agents for the United States, R. It. U. A. WRKiHT, all lm'rrc Philadelphia. AKf8IAN-|>> El NO EST VBLI8HMKNT DEPOT for the reception and delivery of gooda. 122 Mrilliam street, Nsw fork?COURT it DESCIIAUX d>e and finish in a uew and auperior style all aorta of good', tewing silk and twist, either pi <in or shaded; trams, orgsnsint, and spun silk; Mphyr worsted and woollen yarn; sewing Cotton, MMV, linen, and cotton yarns, Itc. Damaged or faded goods. tibbons, silks, satins, merinoea. Thibet and Casluoi-re shawls. girnpa, frinites. cords, and las el?, ladiea'and gentlemen's garments, itc., dyed and cleaned equal to new articles. mC 30t?rc DKA K.N h.S.S I ( KKIJ.--3?1 Broadway ? I rI,err lully Cirri f>lV with tl?? ropiest of I.o ut. Mr In tosh, to slate that lie war invalided Immr in rnmriiiiriic? of total deafness and discharges Irom the ?ar?: that while in New York, under the professional care of lira. Castle and Edwards, Aurists, (381 Broadway) he entirely recovered lira hearing, and haa returned to mintary duiiea. Signed, II. McNevan Surgeon to H. B. Si. forces, Jamaica. AC0L8TIU OIL, for sale?A airecilie for incipient deafness, pains, noises, collections in aud dischargee from the ears. mt!30t*r CLIEEHUG1I. HAIR-f UTTER AND WIQ MAKER. haa removed to 118 Broadway, entrance by the store of Mr. St. John. Hatter, directly opposite the City Hotel. Clirehugh's removal was not anticipated, and haa been oeca. sioned by the agent lor the premises, the details of winch will be published in a few days, aud will exhibit a piece oftreach ery, almost without a parallel. mg Ht*r IKfkfk All.AN fill 8 TREES, lor street planting, )for sale cheap, now standing in the nursery lii Orvenwirh lane, op(ioaite Charles street. Apply to lleuiy Speera, uiniu the premises, or to WINTER It Co. 31 Wall street, over the Mechanics' Bank. Also, Forest and Itrnarneiital Trees, of all kinds, m'r I It* re CAST UKK GLOTU'lNi; ANL) f IJ !< NITU l( E WANTED. LADIES and Gentlemen hariug any cast off or superflous clothing or furniture to dispose of, can obtain a fair cash price for the same, by sending a note, or by catling on the subscriber, at his residence, or through ine post, which will be punctually attended to. H. DF, BOEH, 71X Ctnal at. Up Stairs. N. B ?Ladies can be attended to by Mrs. De Boer. Old spick and job goods bought, of any description and amount. ______________ Im'rli A I AMI)?Thomas Kirk respectfully informs tin- public, that he has purchased from Air. Annuel Smith his entire i.Mcrrst ill the old established and well known EATING HOUSE, on the corner of Bowery and Siilh street, (at the junction of Third Amine,) and having entirely refitted and newly fit i.hed the establishment throughout, lie hopes, by his riper.i ire in the business?Ins past efforts to please, (having been in the employ of Mr. Smith a number of y ears)?and the assurance of his fulnre application and assiduity, to merit aud receive the |uttrouage of the old customers of the establishment, ami the public in general. The public may rely upon finding every delicacy of the season, at all hours of the day and evening. mllw?r THOMAS KIRK MONEY LENT. llff ONEY LENT ?The highest prices advanced in lsru* Mid ainall autna on gold andailvyr watchee, diamond, plate, jewelry. Tuni'tore, rrntluiig.dry gooda, lie., Ike. JOHN M. DA V I KH, Licenaed pawnbroker, 213 Willinm afreet, near Runue Teraona received in private office, by imging the bell * *wl*r INDtHV khaT)K8.?Opce more ?i challenge the'New Tv York Shade dealera to eotnpetj with Ha in the ?ale of Window Hlmdea. We are now malting large daily additiona to our atock of Shade*, and pledge ouraelvea to he itnderaold by none. Aa to the quality of our Sliadea. ,we have but one word jo vay. They took the premium at the late fair at New* aik. N(. J. We invite the eitiaena of New \ ork and the aurmundiug copntry to give ua a call, and we will prove the truth of out aaiertiuna. DUNCK l.ll It flfcLKKR, No. M Chatham atreet, near Chambera atreet, myl lm*re New York. MISS MANN, having taken the Belmont Houae at New Brighton, Btaten laland, ie now ready to receive boardera The honaa haa been thoroughly painted and repaired. Ilitw ? , _..Jfg ?RK fi ORNING, MAY 9, 1847. REMOVAL?PAUL A. BREZ, Importer of Watches, has removed In- office from No. 'it (. <<urtlantll street to No. 29 ;.ir e street. rni lw*r , t l.OlHINd. a KULL AND FASHIONABLE SUIT, READ V M A D E . from at the LLolii'iNcf Warehouse. rnfi !0t r No. |fl2 Fulton street. _ LI-TCHI TCHE, A l HINESE < ATBUP?Tli?rvery superior ml original Catsup, made from tlit- Jiulp of Litclii, a Chinese fruit, noted for iti pungent and delicious acidity, aud ita jveculisr digestive properties, it prepared by Win. Osborn St Co. from a recipe pre?euted to them by au attache to (he Chinese embassy. Win. Osborn fe Co. offer this Catsup for eurichiuy gravies, soups, meats, wild low), fee. with a confidence that lis merits are uneriualled by any sauce or catsup iu existence, more particularly those designated as London sauces and catsups which aie nude unv where but in London. It w ill be sold ii-tail at the Family Groceries at the very lov. price of filly ci uts a pint bottle, and wholesale at M. BkNNETT'8. 190 Froul street, New York. ml lm?r I 111 W ) ?A RAKE CHANCE.?Men of enterprise s5 Ivrvvs anil business habits, wanting employment where they can be their own busies, and who have a cash capital of $3i to $300, w ill do well to call at 117 Fulton street, aud e la mi ne a new and useful patent article, that can be solil to every family iu the Union. Such a chance to make a fortune, on so small a capital, seldom offers. Letters postpaid will receive allrutioii. iny4 1 in * i - ALDEN, 117 Fulton street Ola AH l.'l' f OLAR KTI OLAR HPF? C|7|IE SUBSCRIBE.!! would inform the pulilic that he A keeps^coiisuully on I.and,at his store, Nn.l Barclay street, corner ui uroauway, me Oust quality oltlarct Wine. lie would ptniculnry nivile the alWulion <>l hotels nod public houses, whom he will supply by the gallon or battel, a* inay beat suit their convenience. lis feci* assured they will be satisfied for giving hint a call. a2Mm?ic CHALKS KCKF.RT. fXUANO-Lalutce of the cargo of brig Virginia from Smith W America, from analysis superior to any other kiml in the market. For sale in Iota to auit purchasers, at Tmppell's Stores, Brooklyn, near Kultou Kerry. Apply to ni>i imih MICHAEL TRAPPELL. LIFTOFF WAITDROBE AM! FUOTTUKE WA NT I2D. LA 1E9 0E CJENTLEMEN having superfluous effrcts to ilii[>ose of, such as Wearing A| paid, Furniture, Ike., can obiain a fair cash price Tor the same, by sending for the subscriber, through the Post Oilier, or othertvise, who will attend at their residences. J. LKVENSTVN, SMi Broadway, up stairs. Ladies can be attended to by Mis. J. LEVKNSTY N. apt! Im*rc A CARD TO THE LADIES. " MADAM K B. LEV YN, laie from Berlin, begs to anuouiice to her friends and ladies in general, that she has just opened a Millinery Establishment in this city, at 171 Bowery, with a very extensive and magnificent assortment ol all articles in that line. Her presrut stock of goods has been selected by herself with the utmost care?is entirely new, and iu Point of elegance, richness and vnriety, cannot be surpassed. Madame Lkvvn, in fact, feels confident that her establishment will be found worthy of the patrouage she solicits, and requests an early call. MADAME B. LEV VN, 174 Bowery. N. B.?Wanted a lady to superintend the sales. ni20 lin'ro TIMOLAT'8 CHJ Ll'll U K HA TILS, No. 547 Pearl street, near 11 roadway. THF.SK BATHS hare been established for the last twentysix years, and are the only Sulphur Baths iu the city.? They are highly recommended by the most eminent phyacians, for the cure of rheumatism, salt rheum, chrome complaints, eruptions of the skin, ItcMedicated Vapor Baths also given daily, from I A.M. tn I P.M. al lm?r BRUSHES ! BRUSHES!?The rabaarlbcr respeciiti11y invites the attention el'the public to his extensive assortment of Brushes of every description, at the BRUSH FACTOR V. 337 PEARL STREET, Franklin Souare. I i.nstiuitly on hand, Paint Brushes, Whitewash do., Window do.. Dusting do., mid all kinds of Fancy Brushes, w hich lie offers for alc .it the lowest prices. JOHN K. HOPPEL. al3-tm*r , CUIUS VV. F1KLD"U t <?., No. 9 Buiimg Slim offer lor J sale a Urge assortment of Printing, Writing, Wrapping, Hardware, Envelope, Hanging, and colored Paper. Paper of any size or quality made to order. The highest market prices paid in cash for rags, bagging, bale rope cuttings, guiiuy bagging, grass rope canvass, and all other kiuds of Paper Manufacturer's stuck, by_ _ U > una W. r IKLil) St uu., al7 lm?r No. 9 Hurting Slip, N.Y OBE'S PATENT PREMIUM EXTENSION 1)1NINO TABLES, with metal plated slides, for private parlor* and dining rooms, hotels, steamboats, he., unsurpassed for elegance, durability and convenience, warranted never to get out of order. A large a*aortment, the largeat in the city, and unequalled for variety, together with a general assortment of elegant aud fashionable Cabinet Furniture, constantly to be found at the wareroomt, No. 413 Broadway, where the public are respectfully invited to call and einmine, i a27 lm*rc 4! F. HOBE. 443 Broadwar. roT) A(i HE lilt l A N ARTISTS. PLATES? 110(1 star braud, full size. 1(100 a medium aize. INSTRUMENTS?"Voight lander," of all sizes; American, Roach's make, warranted superior. QUICKSTUFF?Aii accelerating liquid, used by the most successful artists. Fur sale in lots to suit. JOHN ROACH. Optician, alR ltn*c 82 Nasnuii street. (i L1 CM A N SI LV ER. JXSffES <4. MOFFET, No. lit Prince street, third block west of Broadway, is constantly manufacturing German Silver, of various number* and widths, w liioh lie will warrant to be equal to any uther, foreign or domestic, lur quality, and which he will sell at wholesale and retail at reduced prices. I*. H. All goods sold will be delivered in any part of the city or Brooklyn, free ol'espense. a|'l7 tin* r TO THE LADIES. PETER ROBERTS, 373 Broadway, haa just received per recent arrivals, a apteudid assortment of guods. The f, Itowing comprise a few, viz :?Thrnnd and imitation laces of every description, lace capes, collars, scarfs, and mantillas, embroidered muslin capes, collar*, ahetnisetts and culfs, cambiic handkerchiefs, in embroidered reverse, hamlslirh and ta|>e borders: ailk, thread, and kid gloves; 300 breakfast em. caps, from 2s (iu to 7s. Also, 300 doz. cotton and silk hosiery, 20 percent below the usual prices, al lm*r PRACTICAL SOOK KEEPING, no. 88 crusH street. C. MAKSU, Accountant, author of die "Science of Double-Entry Bonk-Keeping Simplified," and the "Art orSingle Entry Book-keeping Improved," continue* to teach a* above. Course of instruction.?The public are respectfully infonne and auured that the plan pursued by Mr. rvlarali in teaching this important branch i* truly a cour?e of practice m keepiu Irooka, rather than a course of lecture* on the theory. 'Ilia pupil become* familiar from actual use with all the book* constituting a ?rt, and a person of (nod capacity, w ill by this course become a competent book-keeper in about a month, and will receive a certificate to that effect. P*os|iectu* with term* cau be obtained at the Rooms, from 9 A. M . to a P. M. mil lia'r iI A IjIj I.A.NTKKNiS. 3nnn i ll K. '' AROE8T and moat ?|>lendid assortment j""Vr of Hall Lantern* of rut. engraved and laiined glass ever offered to tbe public. Wholesale dealers will please call am! examine and judge for tbemtelre* be lore purchasing elsewhere. Ornamental street I.interns fur sale. Glass Bent for Clock* and Bow Windows, lie.. Sir. UEOROE EDWARDS. a! iin*r >14 and Ilf? Nassau tieet. MElNIlARi)T8 LETTER8 FOR SIGNS. THESE letter* are remark abb lor durability, and a brilliancy of rh*a gilding u - iunlWd by any other article io the city?which brilliancy I* x> Arrautrd to stand exposure to tbc weather. >' arc alto japanned of any Color tliat inay be desin d 1 ? left at 19,Ann street, also M. Campbell's, 8th ax 'it'llr 14th aircet. Reference, flic irns of tbia ortir? II B ?xt?r Hi Co., 14.1 Maiden l?nne. alJ6in*fh DBUG POISON WATm ' INFALLIBLE BKDBL'O P0I80N.-The eijiei o of past J cm* l?rovvs this preparation to lie the tnost eftecfuiil e'troycr and baiipdier of Btdhiiga ever discovered. It needs but one application to satisfy the inoat inertdulous of it* wonderful and immediate effects? I'rice 2s. Bold wholesale and retail only at Ai'othtoarits Hall, ?.*'? Catharine street* 476 Grand street, and Ollmtt, McKesann Ik. Co., 127 Maiden Lane; and 119 Kultou street, Brooklyn. a8 1m r ANOTHER CilALLhiNGE. ONCE MORE we challenge the New York Shade dealers to compete witli us in tbe sale of Window Shades. We tn now tfi:?L in ir Itirifr it.silv mlditiuna tn mir stork nf Shade*. anil pledge ourselves to be undersold by none. Au to the iiuulity uf nur Shades, tae have bill one word to say. They look the premium at the late fair at Newark, N. J. We invite theritimil of New York anil tlie surrounding country to give ua a call, and we Will prove tlie truth n( our assertions. DUNCKKHfc SEEKER, No. 31 t.hnlhain struct, iiuu Cliambnfa street, m!9 lni*r New Vurk. TO UAI'TAINTS AMJ UWNKKS OFSTibAMBOATS. TIIK undersigned having leaaeil anil fitted up the hotiae on tin- Long Pier, foot id I9tli street, North river, as a v'eaml>OM hotel, IU onler to accommodate the up town residents, invites ail Ci|iiiiu of steamboats to make thia lauding, free of wharfage. P. DK 1,K ItKK, Proprietor. N. B?Boats or barges for pleasure or fishing always to let. Passengers taken at all times wherever they wish to go. all la*ie IMIKMII M WALNUT'OIL SHAVING NDAF. C"3 AL'TION.?A couiuerfeit article of our celebrated Walnut > (III Military (Shaving Hoap is now being offered roiiuil the city by a person representing himsrll as our agent. We heieby caution the public against being deceived with it, and beg to stales that w e have no agents wnaterer, nor has any one any right to use our names on the labels -The TMiuine soap, manufactured by the inventor, Dr. I'. D. V>voin, has our facsimile signature to each label. mil 'i. r< VWOOM b POWI.V.H, 1 S'ssulsnill it NEP1UNK HUUSK. NfcW UdClihLlsK. THK subscriber respectfully informs bis friends, and the public generally, that bis Imuse will be o|ieu to receive company, on or before the first day of May; also, that he is now prepared to make arrangements with families for rooms, and board,for the coming season. Its location and mnvenifnpaa, offer great inducements to those who wish to lie near the CItV, and well accommodated?also good bathing, ag Iw'r C. KICK (JL<11'HI \ t i. THK CHEAPEST gents and boys Fashionable Tailoring nuil ' b illing Establishment in New Vork, is JACOB VANDKllUlLTH', M Maiden Lane, between William nrnl Nassau streets, where tnav be fiiund over fire tin mil ready made garments, winch will lie sold wholesale or i. mil. at the very lowest possible pi ices. Also, more than five hiiiuhrd pieces of fashionable goods, whicb will be made to order in a style of elegance that cannot lie surpassed. Vou will do wel! to call, as you can save from three to seven dollars ou a suitOn not forget the number, M Maiden Lane. alt Im'rre (ilJIDKfo 'SOUNDTKKTH. DR. A. (i. CASTLE. 3$l llrosdwav,corner of White street, calls the attention of the public to his superior and approved method of pi r serving artificially-.iinid lueil. which i and considered ustlft#. Th* editor of the JCt ttttng fV?sl ssys: ! " Dr. Castlf. in tws ipctice tj eighteen yttais, iuM obtained an enviable eminence ; lit pperatca on the teeth with great ski* and ability ; his composition for filling decayed and sore teem, while it rkiiita all ac-ips a>n mrr.cTiPfo AOgrrrs, it ten- ! ders the tootb |?erfect >4 every respect. It is put into the tooth while in a Kilt state, without any twin, and becomes hard. Kor nervous persons it is peculiarly adapted. We have tried it." apt I m r < <>r\Tl; v miu.inI PKTKK ROBKKTN, 373 B'??a?i vvaw-ould bivita 'lie attention of those who are purchasing their Spring Csoodi, Pi his stock of Lace*. viz:?Vlaleaie, Point de Paris. Alen coti, Brussels ami Pompallon. for trimimng hats; Black and >> hits Lace Veils; Bnixeja, Illusion Point and fancy Nets?and a great variety of other goods, which he will sell at ttry low prim. at tin?! [ E li A Courtt of Co wet Hatlon. The new Count It atiou uulborlzwe the eetablUhment of tribunate of corn-illation Jobu I.. Slovene, ILeo . of New York, lately wrote to the Dauiab consul at l'hiladelphia, for euuie general facte relating to thu basis on which courts of coucillatlou have bwu established in Denmark. Mr Stevens received the following reply froui the Danish consul, which the former gentleman sent to the State Senute in the form of a petition. The Senate hue ordered It to be printed , ^ J'HiuauELPHia, Dec dfl. Itf-M. jun.i l, otevess, c-sq . new xora. Sin?It in with grunt pleasure I respond to your cull for any information in my power respecting the institution of " Conciliation Courts" iu my country, established for the first time iu his majesty's Wet India possessions. by an urdinancu of Murrli I, 1766, uud afterwards iu Denmark proper, by un ordinance of July 10th. 1706. in Norwuy by uri ordinance of Jauuary 30th 1707. and in bis majesty's West India possersious. on the new plan, by an ordinance of Dec. 7. 179b As a striking evidence of its usefulness, I feel happy in belug able to state from the Oortmmtnl [nlrlligtnctr of December 13th. 1?4.>. iu uiy possesssion. that by official reports to the Hoard of Justice for the years 1043 uud 1844. it appears that in the year IS43 the number of cuses brought before the conciliation courts in Deumaik proper, amounted to 31.33H. of which 31,613 were settled, 309 positioned, and 0.637 referred to the courts of law. of whlon. however, hut 3 HI7 wen- actually prosecuted by writs; and that iu IB14 the number of such cares amount,d to 33.014, of which 16,334 were settled. 37ti postponed uud 7 104 refurred to the courts of law, of which, likewise, but a coin paritlvely small uuuiber. (say 3460) were actually prosecuted at law; thus presenting the gratifying result, that out of 31.338 for the year 1813. b it 3,617, and of 33.094 for the year 1044, but 3,469became suits at law. ISt reports to the same effect from His Mujesly's West India possession* for the year 1H43. the result is equally gratifying. inasmuch as out of 733 cases 633 were settled, and ouly 191 referred to the courts of law, of which but tB became actual suit* at law. The great principle laid down with us for the institution in question is that no oourls of lnw shall take cognizance of any private civil suit whatever, unless the same shall haro been duly tried before the competent court of conciliation and, in failure of u Settlement, thence referred for further prosecution at law It is therefore not optional with the parties to a suit of this kiud. to avail themselves of the above institution or not at their pleasure; but it is an imperative dut^?an absolute requirement?from which there is no dispensation. From the above principle it follows, as a natural consequence, that the subject matter of any suit at law of this description must lie identical witli UM case submitted to the Court of Conciliation, inasmuch as nothing cau be adjudicated but what has bceu duly tried at conciliation. with the exception of cost and Interest from the day of entering suit, as the law may direct. If, therefore, a certain specification be required by law in the writ, the sumo ought, from prudential luolivus at least, to bo udopted in the up- plication to tlio Court of Conciliation. With ft TIHW tn fn nilit II t A lllao/ * Ivnai. oolieta ?n,l to simplify their proceedings. it lies been deemed expedient by the Danish laws, tn admit even verbal applications; and. in the summons to the parties, they actually dispense with any specification at all beyond the mere uamci of the parties, leaving it to the commissioners, in ease of failure of a settlement, to specify the case In their certificate of reference. Considering, however, the importance of giving to the aaid specification the full extent of ground which the eventual suit at law is intended to cover, the plaintiff will, in most cases of importance and difficulty, find It his interest to huve his application drawn up in writing by a professional lawyer; and this bus accordingly become the common practice with us iu such eases, serving a copy thereof on the defendant, and receiving on the original. the reference to the commissioners, in case of failure of a compromise. Said written application may also very conveniently serve as a voucher iu confirmation or explanation of any compromise that luuy result from the proceedings had. With regard to cases entitled by law to a more summary proceeding than is generally admitted in the ordinary eourse of law, and wnere a trial at conciliation before some other court would naturally involve a delay inconsistent with the despatch originally eoutemplutcd. this duty has with us been assignud to the respective judges having jurisdiction in the matter, before allowing legal proceedings to coiumenco. Of this description are, with us, all cases coming within tlie jurisdiction of police courts, marine courts, courts for the settlement of petty debts, and ordinary courts of law. where a summary mode of proceeding may have been authorised by law. with a view to the nature uf the case ; us in the Distance of a claim by bill of exchange, or the position ot the parties, where one or the other of them may be s sojourner only. A similar dxception flrorn the rule, hut from other considerations, lias been made in favor of proceedings before the orphan's court. The main object of tlie Rbovu institution being a flnsl settlement of tiny subsisting controversy between the parties to it, without recourse to vexatious, long protracted and exjieusive law proceedings, it becomes indispensably necessary for its attainment that any compromise so entered into and concluded by the parlies should be rendered equally conclusive with a decision of the Supreme Court, both as regards irreversibility by appeal, and promptness of execution by the Sheriff There is. no doubt, something very startling iu tills proposition ut the first glance, inasmuch as the Commissioners thereby seem to be invested with a power, apparently too inoustrous to Ire wielded by any authority in the country Iokb than that of the Supreme (,'ourt; but. on a closer inspection, I presume the alarm will in a great measure subside, even with the opponents to the whole scheme, wliaa it is considered that it iuvolvea no question of jurisdiction with tlia Commissioners?no right to enter Into anj legal investigation of the mutter beioro them?nor pown io puss juuguieni on wie parxn rt. wim or wiinout iueu consent. The whole action of the Commissioners Is !i flirt limited to a mere mediation between the parties without any other power or Intluence over them thai what their weight of character is ralculnted to give and. if successful, the parties themselves become the ne tors; they make the compromise, and they sign the bond while the Commissioners are merely acting us wituessei to the deed; and when a contract is entered into nmJ concluded by competent persons, under such eirruin stances. It is. by itself, clearly of a validity not to be sel aside by any courts of law, and might, therefore, witli great propriety be left to stand upon its ground, without requiring judicial intervention for its execution by legal authority The above system msy Le adopted upon a greater or smaller scale; (t may embrace the whole State or It nmy lie confined to particular cities or counties, accordingly as these communities may desire its establishment or not. llut to the extent it shall be adopted, it must, of necessity, la- full ami romprelienslve In its operation to answer the object of its institution In my country it tins had a fair trial; it has been in operation, as above stated, throughout the whole conntry. for more than half a century, and has proved itself highly beneficial to the community ; but whether it will meet with the same favor in this country, when so introduced. or lie equally successful in Its operation, may he a matter of doubt, considering the great disparity existing Itclwcen the two countries, both as regards the form of their governments and the character of their people?a difference which may have an important hearing upon the i|Uestion at issue. The system is. in itself, not without its practical dlfflcul #s, requiring, as it were, somo independent agency f.,r their adjustment, which office has been very beneficially exercised with us by the General Board of Justice, ami by the high sheriff of the country, llut your government is differently organized, and presents no su> h salutary aid or supervision, and will hardly ndmit of a substitute therefor. The people of Ibis country e?cm, moreover, to be over jealous of any lnterfW^edca with the management of what they are dfjposed to cull their own affairs, aud cannot, be supposed to look upon the above Institution with as much favor as \t really deserves at their bands, f appreheud.ou the contrary, that they wil.flnd their personal appeal nin e before the Commissioners within closed doors, and the discussion of their conduct in the special matter before them. In favor of a compromise on the score of expediency, both in a legsl and moral point of view, to tie an interference with thoir independence?a mastery over them to whirl they will not willingly submit; pretending, ul the saup time, that a compromise without it Is within their reach through their attorneys. If they choose to adopt It; for getting, however, thill the main \ ill a will Is- wanting viz: the executive wiirriiut to carry il into effect. Should any In>" or, ,i,n sutOcct he framed with a viev to iiconrn;,o.,*?e prejudice* or tin* Kind. by making i ! <>|.tiuiinl with the parties to avail themselves of thin In stitutlon or not at their pleasure. I apprehend thai tin scopo and purpose of the institution will be |osi altogether, and nothing l?*ft but wliat wit', i-<- -,n abti'e vlx. : that of registering new rorlraeti. Instead of set tling existing controversy j. l?'i*. therefore, In my opinion, of ronaideraW Importance x< r tlie success < f the system npt to give way to prejudices ot litis description. 1 lrt?t to meet thorn by argument, in showing that the proneeding* required before the commissioner*, together with the personal appearance of tile parties, if practicable, tinder tho penalty of paying cost of suit afterward*, do not all interfere with their right, warn in court, to ent.r upon the subject or dec i I lie It altogether, as to them shall see fit ; gad though the Injunction so understood y qualified, tony appear to be of trifling import, the practical result is fnr from being so. Inasmuch as a meeting of the parties heft)re Impartial men, in most eases will turn out to l? a considerable step towards an actual compromise I have aboyti alluded to an abuse to which till* institution is exposed ill registering new contracts lusti ndof settling existing controversies. 'I ills abuse, so referred to. may no doubt be harmless, and even beneficial In plain and simple run s. bearing upon a single point, and being, tints far. as it were by anticipation, oti it par with Issues at law in general But if not carefully checker! or declined by the commissioners, such Indulgences mny. In more complicated ease's, ami those of longer standing, lend to diOlouUIvs and embarrassment* not easily overcome ov solved in the sequel. The sueeess of an Institution of litis kind, is altogether dependent upon | the character of the commissioners to whom ibe mediation shall bo committed The community, cannot, I therefore, be too e,ireful in their selection Ability and *enl combined wl Ih honesty bf purpose, and weight of character with tho community, to ci^uiaud respect and confidence with parties, nro t'?< most prominent qualities required. It ought not, iu tny Judgment, to be nn office of profit, buy devolve upon some persons of public Spiri',, qualified for the tnsk. and willing to render the service* required, front a philanthropic disposition to lessen the evils of litigation. In the clly of Copenhagen one of the Associate Judges of the ordinary courts presides over the conciliation court, aesistod by two members of the city council. In tho othdr cities the city council nominates six of ihr most respectable, honest, and intelligent uieu, front whom the fllltxeii* in general elect, by a majority of votes, twe to act as conpmlsslouers Iu the counties tho high baill I Ili-M* 111 -mmmmmmmmmmmmmrnrnm L 1> . I'rire i'vvo VMMfc asts an commissioner. from an expectation th.t hi. n?.i tion will give him additional weigh? withtheJ??JTL promoting an amicable arrangement No fj, S but for the nerving of the numinous, other mmiiiJTm chart;u?l to the treasury. It will afford me great pleasure to follow up thli expo Itinn by any additional explanation you inay reqalroat my hands. In which caao you will please to addraos mm at Washington. where I propone to ba from tha lot of January to the 4th of Maron naxt. 1 bare the honor to be. rary respectfully. Your moat obedient currant, STEEN BILLS New Hooka. Live, or the Exult Buirmi Dh.m.i i?t?--Br Thomas Campbell. Leigh Hunt, lie. lie In two niiuaui Carey St Ilart. Philadelphia The title of thle work Implied what the nature or it is. It will form a valuable addition to tha libraries of our cltixena. and deserve* an extensive circulation. The price is extremely low, iOe. per volume The C.ur.t dt i 'oloshieke. ?A Tale of the Convent of Paris: trauxlated from the Kreuch of Madame Charle* Keybaud \V 11. Cirahatn and Burgess It Stringer. Nsw York. This is a very interesting work. The Ei ehoheev. oh Momthlt ('mi ich Orrstisu, for April. IB47 Hulkeld Peck St Stafford, Now Haven.? We .iiould nay tlutt this work is well deserving the patronage of the religious community. The present number contains an interesting quantity of letter prose, and a good portrait oi tho Ilov Mr. Waiuwrlsht of this city. Mexico. ai it Was am> 1?. by lirauti Mayer?Zeiber Ik Co., Philadelphia. anil II. Long & Brothers, New York. ?This valuable work?valuable at this time ?is now be. ing issued in numbers ul a cheap rate. IInrmr or 1 nr. RrroBMATiof in Germany: by Lao. polii (tanks; translated by Sarah Austin. Lea It Blaaehard, Philadelphia The Tourist's Guide, oh PEticiLLiNas in England ami ox the Continent : By J. II. Sherburne ; Bur*ess fc Stringer, and H. Long and Brother, New York.? This is a very agreeable and valuable work, and wall deserving the attention of such of our citlsons as design to visit the old world. ilenry II. Sadd, 3!>3 Greenwich, has published a beautifully engraved portrait of Robert Burns. Every admirer of the great bard should possess a copy. It ean be obtained of Dinwiddle, No. 134 Nassau street. J. Disturncll, No. 103 Broadway, has published an accurate map of the valley of Mexico, and the surroundiug mountains. It Is an excellent reference. "Taii'mnif or Youno Physic, o? Ciiiioso.Thermal Pacts," Is the ttte ofa pamphlet by Win. Turner, M. D., aud published by W in. II. Granam, Tribune Buildlogs New Yoaa Leoai. Obsebtek for May, is on our table. It captains several interesting cases in the English and American courts. Hubscrlpttons may be addressed to the editor. Samuel Owen, Esq., 11 Ann street. Tin. Family Kitchen UaiuesU, by Robert Bulst ?J. C. Kiker, New York. ? We take pleasure in recommending tills manual lo the public as one of the best wa ever saw on the subjects of wlileh it treats. It Is the result of thirty years experience. Posthumous aid otiiis Poems, by Charlotte Elisabeth M. W. Todd. Park Row?A very neat eompilatioa of poems by this celebrated poetess. It deserves a large sale. The Wonders or Nature and Art, or Truth hrhaniieh than Fiction?Burgess. Ptriuger it Co.? This is a work from the pen of the author of the " Pastoral Life and Manufaeturusof the Ancients." It treats of the structure and functions of the human body?the influence of alcohol on digestion?chemistry, Ike . and a variety of other subjects of iuterest. The Wkonus or Women, by Charlotte Elisabeth, J. H. Taylor. 1 ft 1 Nassau street.?A very instructive and interesting little work. * Graham's Mroabine.?The May number came to us ou Saturday. It is good; excellent. u. lion, jr., 130 Fulton street. lias published ''The Song of tlii! Shirt," words by the late Tims. Hood, and nrrunged by S. I)., Dyer; also. . 'Fairest Flower. I Sue Tuou Drooping,-' words by Mr. Baltnauno. music composed by Miss Augusta Browne; Pennsylvania Odd Kellown <ir.ind March, Judicated to J. It. Chandler, Ilso ' Dear Father Drink no Mora," n tvmperanea ballad, and thu Xylon Walt*. dedicated to Mrs Chas. Wittington The C'11,rmnian Maoazisi: for May is received. It la an excellent number and will sustain the enviable reputation which this fuvoriteperiodical has maintained so long. Tm Character or rut Oentlema*. an address lu the Students of Miami I'niversity, by Professor l.iubur For sale at ail the bookstores. Tiie Dowrat.rii, on the Last Will.?W. H Graham. publisher. Cmsustiar Pahi.ob Mauaxihe?F.. F. M iles.publisher Titr. Anciiu ect, mv Wm. H. Uanlett, No. 7.?Win. II. Graham. Tribune Buildings. ?An excellent work, showing the author's perfect ar<|ualntunoe with the subject, and containing valuable designs and estimates of thu expenses of buildlug. Illustrated Mauazire. llurgess. Stringer It Co.? This monthly sustains itself admirably. It Is au excellent magazine. We have just received thu May uuuibsr. Holthsuse'i Law Dictionarv ; edited by Henry Pennington. F.*<| , of the Philadelphia liar. Lea k | Dlatichard. Philadelphia.?Tills is a work which, as thu preface ssys, has long been needad in this country. It is [ a valuable work for the legal profession, particularly tu students. We recommend it as such. , Meamlr and SwtnLRiiona, or the Itclation ottk* Developments of Mesmerism to the Doctrines and Discln, sures of Swudenborg. By Professor Bush Jno. Alien, 111!) Nassau street.- The title sufllciuatly explains the 1 nature and object of this work. John Allen. II!) Nassau stuct. has pnhllshud No. 1 of i Tracts run the Tims*, being a letter to a Bwedenbor I gian ; and Pmooiii *a, a Satire, by Juo. CJ. Saxe Oodet'i Maoasisr for May. has been received by If. ? Long and Brother, In Ann street It is euual to Its * boat number* Nichoi.'* lLi.i <TiiATri> Nr.w Ymi.-Tlib lit new nud beautifully llliictrnted work, piibliabcd in number*, by c. U tk F. ft Nlrhola. bach number i* to contain mz ateel engraving* Curium* I'ahi or Mauaci.*p.?Thi* monthly i* npow i nrw voiuinr. IIm editor i? now ? T. Headier, K F. Mild, publiadirr laviaiai-r I'anvrr?'Taylor & Co. Aalor lloufo. barn juat itemed the Inviaihle I'rincr, a fairy extravaganaa lu <>no act, by J. H riauelic. being No. 7 of tho Minor Drama, in proceM of publication l.i a .v IIi.akiiahii, 1'hlladclpbia. bare pubHahtd a neat little book, entitled "Oaneral Principle* of Engllali < .luminal" rrlcu ii cent*. Idiot* in Mas*a< ih'sktts.?Tim coiiiininsiom era appointed liy the governor under n legialalivo resolve of IH|i?. hnvc performed their duty lu part,"ofta. <pilring into the eoudition of the tdinUuf the commonwealth, of nacertaining their number, and whether anything can la- done for their relief." Tho rranlve eompelleil Hie nomuiiaatoncr* to report lo the prcarul icgialatiire, but n* the inveat'.gatlcti* ure not completed, tho governor reI commend* tlir.f proviaion lie made for continuing the ! power* of the coinniiiaion until the next aeaaion of the | general court. Return* liave been received from 171 I town*, having a imputation In theni arc *ai(t to lie .'>43 idlota. -lit of whom arc male* and 3i# are fetnale*?W.) are lex* than 'Jo year* of age. and are. of . covirao. proper aubject* for iuatruction of the whole Kb) are aupported entirely at the public charge If the other town* rilould preaent the Haute proportion, it would appear tlint there are upward* of IOOi) idiot* In the commonwealth. of whom 30U urv of proper npc for Inatrurtlou I The commiaalouer* wave atriven to obtain liiformaUcu , reapectlng the treatment of Idlota in foreign eounirlaa. , and particularly re?jieetlng tin- aeboolii which have been , I recoolly and uccenaftilly eatablialied in F ranee. Trnaaia, . 1 olio Hwitaerliiud 'J licy have already obtained atifflcieui evidence to prove, in tbelr opinion, tbal other eouatrtw* 1 liave aet an example of aucceufui attempt* to inttrurt tho moat ignorant and degraded of men. which It liehove* our coiiimouwoftUh apei dily to imitate Tho coin. . m xaioncra hnvc por?oualIy Inspected tho Idiots in about in (own* m the state, Ond that the conditio* ut' the*., eniortipiatc* t* very materially Inlluenowd by tin* i rhiilooter of thoxo wlio liav# them in charge t ' - lu aonu town* we found the Idlota, were under . i the charge of kind hearted bnt ignorant peraona. to bo entirely idle given over to iliaguating and degrading j habit*, and pre-ruling the *ad and demoralising a pec J Incle of men. made lit tied'* own image, whom neither i li. ir (.? n ri' taiiu nor tho rrtmi?n nf lift*..! im j the leyl or the brute*. Ilk other town* iili< (? wh<\to appearance. bail no more capacity than thoae Ju?t mentioned, were under the charge of morn Intelligent pernon*. nn<t they prim nted a j different rpoctacle they worn hi'iilthy, cleanly and iudiiatrioua. VVc fnniid aome, of a Tcry low grade of Intellect, at work in the field*. under the direction of attendant*. ; nnd they cermed not only to be free from depraving : habit*, hut to he happy nnd tiwfnl 'The Inference to he drawn from thl* I* eery important If |x>nton* having only common *en*e md eouiiuou liuinanity, hut without the 11 haulage of experience or atudy, ran *o Improve the condition of Idiot*, how tnucli could lie done by tliono who nhould bring thij light of arlence. and the experience of wire nnd good uicn In other onuntrle*. and the farilitle* of an inetitotion adapted to the training of Idiot* How much, we nay, could h- done hy *uch pcr?ou* toward* redeeming the mind* of tlii* unfortunate clxe? tiOiu the wa*te and deeolation in which they potf UoV' Accompanying two rcH,rt I* a rcry intereatlng latter from Mr. * ikndW? Suinner. now In Pari*, itcaeriMug ml niltelv t tench Haylnm or ?chool for IdTot*. and inci . dentally diving general information reapecting their treatment in other rouutric* of Kuro|>e. Mr Suiourr UtU> begin* hi* letter . ' My dear Dr. liowc?In the report that the committee for the examination of the condition of Idiot* In Mo*?achuaett*, of which you are rbairman. will make to the general court. I do not doubt that you will hitid upon the iwcoaatty of adopting. In the State of Maxrachuaett*. I auch lueaaure* a* experience ha* ehown may l>e auceeaafully i mployed to arenre the phyairal comfort and moral culture of thin unfortiinati da** of our fellow being* Wo copy the part-ag* and print one of it* word* In italic*, to allow tin' uiamu r of the writer the matter of the epiatln 1* excellent. The whole expebae of the rominiaaion thu* far, la dated to lie lea* than forty dollar* ; > *<> we think the eomiuh II In la ahouhi bo empowered tV f coutiuue their dutle* hvtlvn J'eit.

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