Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1847 Page 3
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I ? ti'h-re has been a larger supply of the better qualities than was iu the iuarki-1 l-ut year In proportion to the ?:*<ot the crop which lias al>o becu larger JM- . i a ? 1'heru was very little lauding to day and sales , were very tight The jobber* having lent off supplies to tin- interior us far us accessible to navigation, they now t stem inclined to await a further niovemeut. which may t be produced by complete communication with the hikes , 1 he si-uniiu being backward, it wax thought June would 11 mt,ru active business month than May. c loB.iii o.?We annex thefolloa^pg weekly statements | i or the receipt*, stocks on hand, sales and price* of to- i . lu 'he close of this afternoon, supplied by an in- 4 telligent broker, before referred to. fricct. Sold Rrceivcd Stock J ^ , , tkii week. Ihii week, on hand and NTtJirolfilS1*' l1* to 6 ItS hhdi IOChhdi 2369hlidi t ' i'*. ? 3^to OX , Maryland and Ohio. ? ? ? ? 12 t '-""Oecticut Seed... 3>i to 14 63 c?. B 10 40 c?. 146 c?. ? re",uy|va,imt do... 7 to 16 80 cs. 10 11? 100 CI. { '""'i 3K to'35 25 c?. 7.13 ? 210 ei. f. ff?Ktt* 26 , to 125 100 bit. 47 bli. 722 bU. VUlrt IB to 2S ? ? 623 bU. J'"jV 35 . to 45 ? ? 455 bit. or iJomintfo ? _ _ ? 1,046 ?r. 1 "j) business of thin week ii rather small; a good de- < ma nil is prevailing for the various grades, but otir < ?'ut' 11 very light, large orders cannot be cxe- ? Wiui.kbonk.?N W was inactive at 29a30o. Tho last -'",. Wll|( reported at the former figure. *? iiitKEv.?We only heard of 15 bhdrt drudge, which Bold at 29o. i,i ^ vi ?T? Llvurpoel, some engagements were J, uoa>y goods at ion. and is. 9d. for Hour. Tho packets. however, demanded 30*. per ton, and 3s for . """J1 :!w) tierces lard were engaged at 30* per ton. A | u" , ','t' provision* wax engaged ut 3*. 6d. Per bbl. , ?Ve heard of no engagements to the continent, or to j London. I Died. ' On the 8th May, Jacoo Conovkk, in tlio 20th year of i hi* age 1 lie friend* and acquaintance* of the family are invit- > ed to attend the funeral .without further invitation, thi* > (Sunday) afternoon, at 4X o'clock, from the residence j of his brother. George 8. Conover, No. 343 Hicks street, Brooklyn. At llot)r,ken, on Saturday, tho 8th instant. Euwasp 8. Mkmhitt, aged 21 years. ) The friends of the family, and of hU uncle, A. L. Van Boxkerck. are respectfully invited to attend hi* funeral, without further invitation, on Sunday, the 8th instant, at 2 o'clock. P.M. On the 7th instant, Richd. Kihksatrick, a native of t Westport, County Mayo, Ireland, aged 30 years. i ills friends, aud those of his brother-in-law, Patrick t and John D. Merrick, also the members of War re u ? Lodge, No. 263, I O of O. K., and tho order in general, ' are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon. from his late residence, No. 29 Pearl street, at 3 O'clock. J On Monday. May 3, Anna Maria, wife of John Splllett. a native of Maidstone, county Kent, England, aged ] 46 years. i At Brooklyn, on the 7th May, Hkishv Wrna, son of William and Mary Anne Webb, aged one year and six I mouths. The friends of the parents are respectfully Invited to i attend the funeral, on Sunday (this day) at 3 o'clock, * from his late residence, 66 Carlton aveuue, without fur- ' ther invitation. i On Kriday, May 7, Opt ft; Knioht, a native of New i Hampshire I liis friends and acquaintances are hereby invited to t attend his funeral, from his late residence. 140 Spring street, on Sunday, the 9th Instant, at 4)$ P.M. Boston papers please oopy. ; On Kriday morning, May 7, Mr. Wili.iam Tobiiv, in the 76th year of his age. His friends, and those of his sons. Joshua, of Albany. > jiiiuci, i uiiuiu. w mmm, jonn, tioorgu, ana reior robin. and those of bis son-in-law, William Conroy, are re- J spcett'ully invited to attend his funeral on Sunday af- f ternoou. at 4 o'clock, from his late residence, 88 Cherry street, without further invitation. Albany and Rochester papers please copy. . Friday eveuing, 7th instant, between 8 and 0 o'clock, ' Wilhelwisa, wife of J. C. Kohlsaat. aged 'J3 years. 1 The funeral will take place this (Sunday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from her late residence, 387 Broadway, to which the friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend, without further invitation. Her remains will be taken to Oreenwood Ceme- j tery. t SIO'R VITO V1TI his the houor of informing his friends, j the UHtMB of flue arts, and the public in general, that , lie his beeu travelling through his mtive country, Italy, for ie- j veril out In, and will shortly return to the United States, his [ idopied country, with i most superb and magnificent collec t tiou of ornaments, particularly adapted to the lefined tsale of , the citizens of the country, selected by himself. He has pur- i chased suuie splendid figures in marble and alabaster, sculp- , tured hy the most celebrated artists in Florence uud Rome, anil , designed after the antique and beat masters Also, beautiful , vases of agate, bardiglio. siati** enriched with alto and basso t relievo, and finely cnisseled decoiations, iu the chastest style. Some of the vases and statues are auitable for uichea and re- j cesses in parlors; some elegant marble fountains aud mantel { pieces, after the style of Louis XIV; some Mosaic tablea of ( pirtrndnsa. Sig'r. Viti would reapectfully inform his friends aud the public not to be too hasty in purchasing goods of this description, before examining his collection; aud feels confident iu stating, that duriug a residence of 32 years in Philadelphia, he lias never unreduced iu the United Slates a collection pi riirnsive and beautiful. Part of the collection has already I irrii<d ii. ihe United States. m93teod*rc f irp ht lapiu and okntlkmkn or njhw you A and vtciuity. are res|iectfully mformed, that there is an iflicu opened iu this city, (upon the Parisian plan) for the purwie ol facilitating persons of both sexes, iu firming honorable mil well suited connexions for Marriage. That such a plants [really needed iu this city, must ap|>ear to the mind of every alional person. The youth (more particularly) of both sexes ire bring railed, or come to this city, from all parts of the voUd. (fir pecuniary benefits or otherwise.) aud when here, in lie most of'cases, are com|?lled to associate with strangers and trangr customs?almost entirely without friends, except such is a very limuetl association gives them, the result of which .ssocinlion speaks iu terms nut to be misunderstood. Thi? plan proposes to assist all such persons in forming high aid lioiiorable associations, and prepare them for good inein era of society. Circulars setting forth the plan, location of dice. lie., can be forwarded to [icrsons, by addressing " Con deuce,'" Post office. (post paid). N. B. The Strictest tecresy observed. New York, May 1, 18-17. m!) 7t*rc BOARD JN THE COUNTRY. 4 FKW families can be accommodated with board at one of v the most delightfully situated aud healthy summer resiences in Otange county, one mile from the Hudson River , Hiding, at Cornwall?the best steamboats land daily to and ' mn the city?every attention will be paid to make it a deairale home for (hose who wish to spend the summer in the counIvirly .application is desirable. For further particulars, lease inquire of A. B. It D. Sands, corner Fulton and WilI am streets; R. Sinclair, 135 Houston street; C. H. Ring, l'J2 roadway. a20 lm*rc JPKCIAL KEPOUTINO.?Dr. Houston, Stenographer to 6 'the Senate of the United State*, inform* tho?e w tailing to leirr hi* service* a* re|x>rter on special occasion*, that he may - mid reused at the office* ol Dr*. Castle and Edwards, aurist*, i B mad war. Dr. H. receive* private pupil* in hi* syatem of stenographic I porting. 'J'erm* $200 each. 1 New York. April 20. Uf7 _ a22 1m r J t H ti ENS' PA NTS.?F. AHRF.NS, the well known a. Pant.* Tailor, ha* ju*t received a new assortment of enrli Doeikin* nnd Cassimeres, whith he is ready to make ; , to order, in the latest style, for only SI a pair, (worth $> a ). Al>o, oil hand, French and English Cloths, for Frock and . ess Coals, only (II; and a large lot of new style Vesting*, eip. 'lea-e call where you see the sign " Cheap for Ca*h,'' 20}? 11 street. m2 ttSun'r it) 1' it I S1C1AN S.?A Drugstore for sale, doing a good retail and counter practice, wherein a young physician i clear $1300 per annum. The proprietor Is obliged to visit ) rope tins mouth. For card* of address, apply to (?RAH AM . (I Dlllggists, Old Slip. nil 3tiseod*c I it INDIES AND WINES?(Ei.mIi d to Diheiiture) ? Km s i li- li> the undersigned. ' randies, Otard, Dupuy ? Co., J. J. Dupuy; Bounemont Jk I flecker. | Tale and dark, of different vintages, in halves and luarters. irt Wines, pure juice?Harris (It Son's, and other brands? halves and Quarters. . Iadern and Sherry Wines?in halves nnd quarters. (Surd. Dupuy It Co. Brandy, of the vintages 1H13, 'CI, '<5, and '17, ol direct importation, (now lauding ex brig OaIr and bark lloye, from Bordeaux. LAWRENCE MYERS ?t CO, ? fllmVre 30 Snnth William street ^ />\ _( oiinlry dealers, hotel keepers, and all consumers o| Tea. f i III packages ol good Black Tea for 8' '5 3 ih. do Young Hyson I 50 I . Im nbore Tea* are extraordinary cheap. in cis will save considerable by making their purchases at " jteusive Tea warehouse of the * NEW YORK AND CHINA TEA COMPANY, ' lit nc K8 Catharine street. ,\ I LK.VIEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE, COSTUM KS, kc.?Gentleman or families having any super I* effect*, such a* < Inthi'g, Costumes, Jewelry, Fire f #tc . that they would convert into cash, may find it to L advantage to send lor the subscriber; who will attend at ? lesideuces by apiKuninient. I H. LEVETT. No. 2 Wall street. vl orders thr ugh the post-office, or otherwise, will re- 1 . prompt attention. m6 3i*ro ,> v WATER AND APPARATUS?J. Matthews, No. i . il nurd avenue, New York, tn-iuufjcture, of all ihe i in apparatus used for the manufacture, drawing or bottling I 11 Water A lithographic plate, with printed directions 1 e making of Soda Waier mid Syruita, also for the putting \ the apparatus ami lU u?r, Ike., will accom|>uiiy each ap. is, mZT lm?re Lit >111 MAKERS?Hoot* tor aale by i PETER COOPER, No. IT Burlirir Clip. ill laNR WAN Vlusiciaos wishing to join the . Build of the !)th Regiment United Stntes Infantry, now at h \dims, are requested to call on an officer of the Kegi ? hi iiatlibuu's Hotel, on Wednesday, from 4 to J P. M. In Intiaday from 9 to 10 A. M., or on the Commandant, at ui \d?ms. mOSfrc. |< IN I CEMEN'S DRE88?NEW CONCERN.?A 8. ' "V II.I.IAMS, Diaper and Tailor, 143 Nassau atrcet, he | r liceknian and Spruce, invites the attention of thoae in 1 J to hi< new and beautiful atoek of good* for gent's wear, lie will m ike nn in the very first style, clieaper than r bought in New York. Thoae wishing to practice real ny, by getting a first rate article at a low price, w ill do i give me a call. Also on hand, a beautiful lot of ready- y darks, Panta and Vests, cheaper th in can be bought in ' _ _ ml2w?c 0 iFESSOR of MCSlc - o. h. soEo.YIO.n takes this 'ti lode of informing his friends and the pnhlic that lie has to uk Chatham street, where he continues to teach Viooloncello, Ouitsr ard Singing as heretofore, either in j 1 or ail.sly. bv a new and itni roved method peculiarly I n, by which his pupils are advanced in one half the f .me. I , h Accordion taught. Terms moderate. m4 30t*c '' AOUOKDEON3. a t 11 rgest aaaortment in the city it to he found at the n ?itliatn street Bazaar. to Chatham street; and, if you f , get one, that ia the place to buy it, a a every instrument L i oiled in perfect tune and order. They also hare a new d liant, called the h lutiua, rcartnhling the Accordeou with C le of a flute. Their Accordeona vary in price from JO o . >0 dollars. Call, examine^ antl judge for yottraelrea. tl con taught, tuned and repaired. Don't forget the num l 'h;.il,on opposite! h unhrra street all lin?c CARRIAGES I subscriber offers for sale an excellent assortment of ? d t arnsges, all new aty lea, warranted equal in quality J5 lung in lliia market, and will be sold at reasonable " JAMES BREWSTER " o * re M and *T Canal street. *' ,o?.17 Dry Southern Hides, now landing,~per'Brig u.ces P. Bei.k, from Apalaehicola,nnd for sale bv d FEHHHE Ik IIBOOKS, I rA-and in Nassau street. J i E ti 1JNKA RT, mantifnrtnrers of PAPER HANO- si ;S, No. 343 Pearl street, Franklin Square. Wholesale V, ers will find themselves fblly remnnerated for calling S before buying. al lmia?r b * II *11 IMI I 117" ANTED?A sifwstion by ? respaetabl# young Woman .as [ TT I '.ark, or to do the general lion** work ofa small faintly. I .nod city reference can begiven. Apply at *7 Amity alien. I I n the basement. "?9 If c , WANTED?By Protestant girl, a situation a* plain cook. |, or a good waaber ami iron?r, ma smalljprivate family; j he best of city references iriven as to character and ca|iabili- t, y. Pirate apply at No. 100 Gold street. tn? lt*C 117" ANTED?A person that understands the rare ol'horses, TT a id coinpeteul to drive in single or double h aruesi.tu take e jart? of a cirriat*^* wmJ in hi4 1uw**l' 'ffivnllv nsftnl 111 a ' imall family, id Boh.!. If Mi < No bo- , tug men of Itendy habitt and good (*. ; iuiii rd apply, km- ai luire for reference at ilie oit'?c<? <?i '??*- lleralilL ma tfrrc *< FARM Kits' CLUB.?At a meeting of the committee of ^ the Farmer*' Club, ou the 8th of May, imtant, it wa* ., Resulted, That the relief committee of thi* city and of Jrookiyu be requeued to take into consideration the propriety ,, if making up a cargo of provisions for the Macedonian, that v lie may. a* soon a* possible, follow the Jameituwn, and glad- ? len. a* site liaa, the heart* of the uuhappy sufferers of Ireland tad Scotland. And be it further re sol red, That the relief committees be re- t| [netted to furnish the expeute* necessary for the royage of the M Macedonian. (Signed) EDWARD CLARK. * (Chairman of Committee. t II. Mcias, Secretary. " An adjourned meeting of the committee of the Farmers' i, Jlub will be held at the Repository of the American Institute, in Tuesday next, the 11th of May, at 5 o'clock. P. M. General ., ittendauce of all who take an interest in thi* charitable under- j-( akiug is desired. ei 11 /'Editors will please to publish this gratuitously. r. ro? it?? FOUND.?Mr. L. L Deming found 1 Shawl in the street on ? the night of the illumination, which lie has left at this w ilftce, and which the owner can have by applying at the desk, < md payiiiglor this advertisement. iu!Mt rc t! LODGINGS WANTED, by a gentleman and iiis wife [' without family, except an one month old. Sitting num. bedroom anu garret, with convenience for cooking. A \ easouable rent will be paid and references given and expected, ,| Address, |iostpaid, to M. F., 9 Varii-k street, St. John's Patk. J N. B.?The location must he near Broadway, between llie e I'ark .oid Broome street mil 11*r p TPO HOARDERS AND OTHERS-A lady would be r> A willing to accommodate a responsible gentleman and his e tdy with board, as equivalent to the rent of a house not ex- M 'ei'ding $:tuu or $380 per annum, in either this city Brooklyn ft >r Harlem. Or two single gentlemen would he taken on the s| mine terms. Communications, addressed " House." itud left at 'I lie Herald Office on Monday, will meet with immediate at- a eniion Children no objection. m9 2ti?*c BO Vltl) DOWN TOWN.-A few single geutlem-n, ,0 ? Oeutlemen with their families, can Tie accommodated t villi pleasant rooms and good hoard, at reasonable prices, by |, nakiiig early application at No. 81 Greenwich street, near ? Morris. References required. m9 1t*c y MTUSIC TAUGHT.? Removed to itii Broadwav, .1 doors h LvA above Urand street.?M. Dtimsday, Teacher of the Out- a ar, Singing, I'ianoforte, Accoidroii and Violin, continues to istruct I idles and ladies and gentlemen of New York. Ladies aushtat their own residences without extra chartte. j emu easouable. Instruments, Music and Strings, for sale Apply it 465 1) road way . m9 3t?rc MEETING ON tAPITAI, I'UN I SUM K NT.?The Anniversary Meeting of the New York State Society for the Abolition of Capital Punishment, will lie held this (Mondiy) evening, at the Anollo Saloon, 410 Broadway. Messrs. W. II. ('banning, Wendell Phillips, John Pierpent, H. Chapin, and other eminent speakers, will address the neetiug. Seats reserved for ladies. m9 It*r rO IN VENTORS.?A meeting of persons friendly to the Inventor's Institute, as proposed in a pamphlet recently ssued by the subscriber, will be held at Clinton Hall, in the lity of New York, ou the 19th day of May next. The plan of iperatiaus will be laid before the meeting, and free discussion will be expected thereon. All interesting address, prepared by i similar institution uow established at Cincinnati, Ohio, will le read. The meeting will open at 10 o'clock A. M. in the arge lecture room. Mechanics generally are invited to atend. SOLOMON ANDREWS. Perth Anilioy, April 30, 18-17, invl 4trod 3tdisfh NORWAY IRON, tanning.,ol best quality, for sale by, a30 cod 2w* r C. E. HABICHT, 85 West street. A CARD ?Oeiitlemeii leaving the city or going ou excurfV sions ciui have a suit of their soiled clothes renovated, the pots taken out. and the color restored, aud pressed in a first ate style, in a lew hours, at the astonishing low price of $1.? I Also, military clothing, gold and silver lace, aud carpets, rugs, t md table covers cleaned. Ladies' dresses dyed anil watered rom75 cents to $1 50. N. B.?Blacks altered to other colors. T. SMITH, m83t?r TO Allen st. CHARLES RIDUWaY, Hair Cutter aud Wig maker, kc. (late ol 25 Wall street,) 170 Broadway, corner of Maiden Lane, up stairs. m8 3t?r DANIEL SWEENY. R( Late 11 Ann ttreet, New York,) EMOVED TO 60 CHATHAM STREET-The undersigned, at the approach of the travelling season, deems t necessary to apprise those who may not be aware of the fact, hat, in order to extend his business, as well as his limits of , iccommodation, he has removed to 66 Chatham St., within a ew doors of Chambers; and nearly opposite Duane, where he ins opened a Saloon on precisely the same plan as his former me ; but in extent, comfort aud airiness, not surpassed by any u the city. The eulsTgemeut of his sphere has been demanded >y the increasing patronage of the public; and his present Iocs ion has been selected as a central position for citixeus as well is strangers, lie therefore solicits the attention of the public, loth resident and transient, to bis new position, where they vill lind not only the substantial elements of life in every reluired form, but each ol a quality that has secured liirn the remtation he uow eitjoys, and which he is determined to inainain. As the above is the only establishment he either owvis, or is u any manner uominally or otherwise connected with, he , ioi>es his lYiends and the public will remember that this is the 1 inly saloon of the undersigned, and sole proprietor, ' DANfEL SWEENY, ' 66 Chatham a tract. j' SWEENEY'S " HOUSE OF REFRESHMENT, * tVO. (ki CHATHAM STREET, NEW YORK t Bill or Fare. ' flout Beef 6<1 Boiled Mutton 6d ' flout Lamb 6d Curnad Beef 6d ? flout V.ul 6d Pork and Beam fid I] dout Pork 6d Beef Soup. * Cd 'J flout Chicken li 6d Mutton Soup 6d u flout (Joose L 6d Chicken Soup la ' flout Turkey la 6d Veal Pie 6d " lout Duck L 6d Meat Pie 6d ' lout I'ur U ('lain Pie 6d ' JysterPie Ii Boiled Fish..... 9d ,'fuckeu Pot Pie If llice or Muih and Milk. 6d 1 desert. i Turn Pudding 6d Apple Pie 6d 1 udian Pudding Cd Plum Pie fid i luet Pudding Cd Peach Pie Cd J ireud Pudding fid Apple Dumplings fid ,, lice Pudding Cd Mince Pie Cd ? Juatard Pie Cd Cranberry Pie 6d > breakfast and tka. ,. leef Steak fid Hot Com Bread Cd , feal Cutletf fid Indian Cakea fid j, ilutton Chopa fid Boiled Eggs Cd s l.on and Eggs If Fried Eggs Cd if Tied Tripe Cd Broiled Mackerel fid j fried Sausages Cd Buckwheat Cakea fid I 'ried Fish Cd Tout fid * ''ried (.'laina 6d Hot Muffins Cd J* fried Liver fid Hot Rolls fid j? fried Ham 9d Fried Potatoes 3d " fish Balls fid Tea and Coffee, each... 3d iuh 6d F.itra Bread 3d a llewed Kidneys fid Browu Bread 3d \ !?->- OPEN ON SIJNDAV. a12 1inr ,, MERCANTILE MUTUAL INSURANCE " COMPANY. Jj No. 63 Wall Street, New York. ti [ N conformity with the requisitions of the Charter, the Com- C L |HUiy submit the following statement Imouut of Preinimns not marked off April 3d. 1846.S 101,472 20 Do on Policies issued duriug the year end- , iug April 3d, 1847 3C2.099 08 r Total amount of Premiums. $463,671 37 " ["lie amount of Premiums marked ofl during the 1 year, u above, was? )u Marine Risks... $317,160 92 1 3u Inland Transportation and Navigation Risks... 30,271 01 $347,431 93 ! , .ess Return Premiums 46,14 2 64 j '.dried Premiums for the year $301,891 09 j ','j Paid during the same period for? le-iusu ranee. ... ... ... ... $31,276 26 yi ii|ieuses 13,746 II $ nterest, Commission, and bud debts.... 23,673 32 > lariur Losses 141.682 86 11 ulaud Navigation do 26.966 64 4237,243 09 $64,618 00 fl ,?sa deficiency on 3d April, 1846, as per published .,1 statement 11,996 26 ,t Profits to be divided ... $62,661 76 ? The Company further report their assetsufollows, via:? P fills receivable $636,723 90 A full and unsettled claims to be closed by cub, or J 1 notes 16,968 38 '? Making the usets, liable for losses, more than HALF A MILLION OF DOLLARS. The Trusters have declared a dividend of seventeen per cent n the business of the year ending 3d lust., payable in scrip oil P.' nd after the 2d Monday iu May neit. ' By nrdcr of the Trustees, April 20th, 1847. KI.LWOOD WALTF.R. Sec. TBUBTF.ES. ? Thomas Hunt, ( . yrus I'uH is, | ^ Win. C. Langley, Herman Bokef, , Henry Shelden, Clias O. Carleton, \ . Jas. h Iceland, Lucius Hopkins, I ir Tliot. S. Nelson, Daniel O. Haviland, . Wilson (4. Hunt Thomas Achelis, Stewart C. Marsh, Levi Cook, George Hastings, A. I.egoui, C. Vv! A. Rodgers, David I,. Hayrs, Henry Jrssop, Alms S. Baker, Jas. McCullough, Henry A. Stone, S Septimus Crookes, Leonard Kirby, ~ Clias. I'ayen, Jas. C. iWllock, I',1 (/hu. H. Rogers, Oliver \1altby, H. K. Muring, George I). Plwlpi. JOSFsPH WALKKR, President. \ LLWI8 (jRWidHV, Vice President. F.i.t.wonn WstsTKW. Secretary. a2ttw*re 1*U MAMUKACTUKlLRtl?Hteiiiil Power to let, with a large and commodious brick building, situated in New ]| laven, Connecticut. The canal and rail road pis* directly by | v?.c < .? nr TT, Ml very Sii|>rnnr woncmmsnip.oi ADOUl 4(1 I ( orse jxiwer?th? building miUuntinl and convenient, with a unntity of iron shafting. pulhea, flic The whole will he let. (], ased or sold, and cm advantageously be adanted to any kind f manufacture. A only to Me?srs. Watt k Sherman, 40 Mlltngl PlacOt Wow York. a27 2w*rc ioLAK LAMPS. GlK-ANlX >LES, HALT.Lan. II THORNS AND TEA TRAYS. Ll rHF. ?tib?criber ha* jn?t opened ime of (lie mott highly fuuhrd Stock* of (Jtmnaolc*, Solar Loop*, Clmiidelirra, Irnckct'*, Hull Lanthorna, Tea 1 ray*, Clock* mid elegant Cm IIk<* Va*e?, for mantel Ornament*, ever offered in tlii* city rcountry. And city dealer* will find it to their advantage to *11 mid e?nmine the above ?tock, which can be *old at whole- ki lie and retail at reduced price*. yi JOHN W. MOUOAN, id lm*rc 154 Fulton *t.. one door from Iiromlway. w BLACK i iKTAklAN OATS AND OTHLK KRK8H '* 0 IMPOllTKI) NF.KD8?'The mhicriber* offer for sale, * w hiiihrl* black Tartarian and Potato Oata, Kngrli?h and talian Ray fira*a, Lawn Or***, white and red Clover, Vic- L iria and Knight'* new green Marrow Pea*, with a very large p nil general aaaortmrnt of vegetable and flower ?eedi of the , eweat kind*. Two and three year* old vine* in note mutable or forming a grapery. via: Black Hamburg. St. Peter*, white nation, Hannerettia, Tokay, Krontignae, Chaaaela*. Maacaine Sic. Sic. Olobe Artichoke root*, 2000 double choice fn lahlia root.*, now ready for aalc. Alio, plant* adapted for rnamfnting city gardens. Careful men h! all times to put i. m in order. DUNLAP A THOMPSON, Seed.ineu, ,.t, "?L'W*JL - ',V' Broadway, [AtiH SAI.F. Receiving ami Conatantly ?? I 1 hand, Batter. Cheeae, Lard, Mtaa. Thin Me** and Prime ^ ork, Smoked Ham*. Shoulder*, and Beef, Mackerel, Shad, | (W almnti, Dry and Pickled ('odftdi. AI*o, Molaate* in hog*- J, had*, tierca* and barrel*; Sugar* in hog*liradi, hove* and liar- i l?; with a general n**ortineut of grocerie*. Hold in lot* to y,, ccoinmodate purchaaer*, at the lowed caali price*, by i, CLARK, KIHK Si CO., 228 Fulton mreet. b(, N. B.?A large quantity *moked Meal* and Chee?e, *lightly i amagi d. I . In ^nbl it low price*. all Itn'rrc j,| r,/Ul TO LKND on Bond hioI Mortgage on m "4?DjDUU ( ity or Brooklyn Real Kktatr, in ?am* to in it applleaiita. Thi* mim belong* to an r*tate in tru*t, ami >! 'ill he loaned for a term of year*. Apply immediately, to S . BROAD, No. II Wall atreet, in the Croton Water office *' rcito* Hoc**, wkw Yobs, i i _ _ _ _ Collactof'a Otfler. April 17, l$47. t 3POP.WALS Will br rrccvf.l j< tint ..rficf, until llir Utli <i?y "I >Uv Mil, si 11 u cluck, 41., for Auding mate **.u WildiM* Licln iiouaeou Eiccuiiou Kocka.iu Lou* iIkuiI Sooutl, agreeably tu the fullowiuc ?(>eeificaliuua, the rawing. >u relation to which will be eiuibiteil at thia office, > auy peraou diayuaed to hid, vii ? OF THE i-OUNDATION 1 here are several rocks, composing the group called Eie* utiou Rocks, and the largest and moat suitable oue is to be rlected for the site of the building. An iron curb of 33 feet iu diameter, of sufficient thickness rid height, is to be suuk, enclosing the rock, forming a subinti il and close colTcr dam, and a quantity of proper matelal is to be placed around it for the puri>ose of excluding the rater, and lor additional security. The water is then to be oinped -nit mil in lock ci t down ItvtL The rock not being of sufficient extent tb receive the full He of the base of the building, tiie deficiency is to be made up nth concrete, or split gruaite, well bedded iu hydraulic celent. ? THE MASONRY. Lnoii the foundation are to be laid six courses, each two feet tick, of hammer dressed grauite, making the whole height of did masonry 12 feet. The first course is to be 22 feet, and the ixth course to be 25 feet iu druineter. The huuiuer of conectiug the stones and courses of the solid inaxonry. is by jog1*9 let into the joints and piojecling 6 iuches luto the centres f the stones immediately above, thereby formiug a couuectiou oiwcontally between the respective courses. Upou this solid uuuonrv is to commence the wall of the suerstructure, 25 feet iu diameter at the base ,and carried up 41 Ml I - the deck of the lantern, w here it is to be |9 feet in diamter. The wall at the base is to be 3 feel 6 iuches thick?the r-it fott* courses are to be e.ncb 2 feet ill Might, to be earned P vertically on the inside to the height of 8 feet?from thU(|j? rail is to be carried up uniformly to the uuder side of the ueCR here it is to he 1 foot 6 in alles thick. The whole of said wall ? be of hammered grauite, each stone making the thickness of re wall, and laid iu the best of hydraulic cement; rebates are i be mude for the door aud window shutters of suitable size i iMM i\C them. The tower is to be covered with three atones forming the ; Ml, which IS ||) be IS net Itt diameter, and one foot thiek M i it centre, and nine inches at the outer edge ; to be bainuier 1 rtflwd true end fitted together e lovely, ami the joints oopper* d so as to be perfectly water tight. On the lop of said deck a i rejection of octagonal shape ol the dimensions of the lantern, siug ope inch above me outer edge of the uv*ck, is to be form- i d so that the copper of the lantern shall be oue inch lower ' tin the centre purl of na dies, thereby preventing the wutev pom driving up uuder the copper of the lantern. At some ! u it able place in the deck there is to be au opening for a scut- I le. 2n bv 21 inches : a rebate is to be cut iu the deck for Lh*> I cuttle. WINDOWS. DOORS, fcc. Tliere are to be twelve window*, to contain each si* lights | f II by 8 glass, to be wlutt is called double thickness. to have rallies. nasties and shutters ; tin* sashes tube hung \v ill, butt 1 luges, tlie abutter* to be Iiuiik with suitable binges, with books j iiu fastenings to koep them secure w lieu o|ieu and abut. A < ood substantial outer door 2 I'eet 10 tucbee by (J feet 10 incites, | one in two parts with hinges. and fastenings and lock. The j linges of tlie door and window shutters are to be of copper, and II tlie wood work of tlie exterior to be of tlie best southern | leart pine, well seasoned. There ur? to be provided and put | ip, two iron cranes, with tackle for hoisting up the buul, also a I tillable copper ladder for the entrance door. A brick cistern capable of holding 1,600 gallons, is to be contracted in the cellar or basement. A mind rooking stove with oast iron funuel is to bu provided ltd placed in the building. THE FLOORS, Itc. There are tobe four Honrs, composed of iron girders, covered vitli North Kivrr slate, laid in cement. The stairs, the steps, lid risers, are to be cast iron, with u hand rail mill balusters of vrnuglit iron. There are to be plank paititions as shown on the plan, in vhicli are to be sis doors, each 2 feet 6 inches, by (i feet 10 itches. 4 panne led 1 inches thick; good hinges aud latches ij all the doors. The ceiling of each room is to he furred, lathed and plasterd; also the wood partitions and the walls.of the rooms, are to v furred, lathed and plastered, with good lime mortar, well moolhed. LANTERN. There is to be on octagonal Lament of wrought iron, 7 feet 4 iches high, of sufficient diameter to contaiu tu each aide of lie Lantern t lights, of which the two middle ones are to be 24 j 24, tlie f <ur side lights to be 24 by 9, and the four remaining r upper and lower lights to be 12 by fi?all of French plate lass of suitable tbickueas. There is also to be in each side of lie Lantern, underneath tlie above glazing, oue copper pane, 5 by 12 inches. There is to be a post set at each corner of the octagon, X icli on the face and two iuches deep?the posts are to pass lirough the stone covering, aud secured two and-a-hnlf feet ill he masonry below it. Upon the top of the posts there is to be girder of tlie same eize aa the posts, for receiviug the feet of lie rafters and copper covering of the roof. There are to be iglit rafters X inch thick and IX inch deep ; tliev are to conerge to the centre of the roof, and to be secured in an iron itig of 9 inches in diameter, and so as to eanee the roof to rise feet above the eavet. There is to be an iron framed doc/ in one of the sides of he octagon, to be covered with copper, to shot tightly into ebates inch deep. This door U to be l\irniahad?with strong urn button* and handles. The copper covering to the roof ana : Inor is to weighs ounces to the superficial foot. On the top of the roof there is to be a ^traversing ventilator 5 iuches in diameter. In four sides of the octagon there are to ie ventilators fitted in the copper panes for regulating the Iraught of air, and constructed in sucn a manner as to exclude he wet. Tw euty inches outside the Posts of the lantern, there to be an iron ratline, the Doata of which are to he 1W inch** quaru, to run up 3 feet, and to be let into the deck I inclies, and ecured with lead. There is to be one horiionta) iron rail \ nch square, lantern and railing to he painted with two coats of il paint. Also, all the woodwork to have two coats of oil aint. There is to be (Viroished and fitted up a suitable copper ightniiig conductor. The whole is to he completed in a worklanlike manner, 011 or before the 15th day of November nest. No payment to be made to the contractor for the above work ntil it shall have been completed, inspected and approved by he undersigned, Collector and Superintendent of Lights, or uch person as he shall appoint for tne purpose. a28 t!2M rrc (' W. LAWRENCE. BOGLES HkPERION FLUID,or Vegetable Hair Composition for preserving, cleansing, curling and beauliyuig the hair ; completely eradicating scurf, dandrifT and tlier diseases of the skiu, causing a healthy action in the lood-vessels, nerves, 81c., which feed and nourish the Hair, hereby preventing baldness and grey hair. The Hyperion is vegetable compound, which, besides its tonic and stimulaing qualities, combines in itself a thorough cleansing wash, ilendcd witha silky, glossy moisture for the hair, better than ny oil, grease or pomatum, yet free from their deleterious efects, and laissessing intrinsic values never before attained, ts balsamic properties nourish the hair in its embryo state, ccelrrule its growth, sustain it in maturity, and continue the lossession of healthy vigor, silky softness, and luxurious relundancy to the latest period of life. (Jenial and purifying, it lispels scurf, dandrifT and all imupurittea of the skin. Equal y powerful are its re-productive powers lu baldness; and in uinerous cases where all other articlea have failed it has retired the hair to its full pleutitude of pristine beauty. Price 5 cents and SI per bottle. Prepared only by WM. BOGLE, Boston, and for sale by A. 1. St D. SANDS, druggists, 11)0 Fulton street, corner of willam?also, at 273 Broadway, and 77 East Broadway, New fork ml 30t r Family boarding school" in the coun TRY.?An experienced teacher lias for several yearsiken into her family a number of children, not exceeding ten, s boarders and scholars. The care and discipline is parental Jo pains spared to advance the pupils iu their studies, and v render thein comfortable and happy while under her charge. Jreat attention paid to their health and morals. The location 1 very and healthy. No day scholars admitted. There re a few vacancies. For terms and references enquire at No. 16 Laurens street. a36 2w*c ^OARDING IN BLEECKKR STREET?Two gentle L* men and their wives, o* five or six single gentlemen, can e accommodated with handsome, unfurnished rooms, with ed rooms attached, and full board, in a pleasantly situated ouse in Carroll place. Apply at present at 95 Spriug street. a2l lin*r PROTON HOSE, DAY'S PATENT.?The inventor of I this article offers it for sale, pledging himself to replace without cost, if it bursts difftnif one season's use. The new ?;?? Mintr> lor covering uir msiur runner tuiir, navuig aicer l iuy eiperiineuts, been perfected, the ho?e is now offered as le perfect article origiutillV contemplated, wiktn the inven on was patented. It is uow all right. For sale at Nc 13 'ourtlanut street. HOKACK H. DAY. in'* I Imrc haiYy jTTmfkkm" hahy jumpers. rliK ATTENTION of mothers and of nurses, is invited to an examination of this indisi>eiisahle article to a quiet ursery, w hich may be found of every variety ami price at DO Broadway. 8 A ML. BROOKS, aT? 1 in rr Age in for the Manufacturer. LHO ll> 11A fl< I )N I'. 3ATOHELOHS instantaneous Liquid Hair Dyr, is far stiperi or to anything yet ouinl for coloring Inn in i eautiful and permanent black or brown, without staining or juring the ?kin. The wonderful facility with which tins reiirkable liquid effects tlir desired object, ricite* the ailmira on sud astonishment of thousand* wlimrr loud in it* praise, old wholesale mid retail at WM. BAT( HKLOR'S, No. 2 Will street, Hir llUliwir. Price?Bottles for the hair, I 50 ; for tlie w linkers, $1. Beware of worthies, counterfeits, .gents in Philadelphia, Roussel ; Washington I. icy, J . (.ilihs. *16 tm*c MIMATUKK i'A 1 NTINli. iT K. McDOUOAL has taken the room No. II, in building " known as Plumhe National Dagguerean (iallery, corner ' Broadway and Murray street, where he would be nappy to lend to any orders in miniature or water color sketches. ?I1 Im'e iTOTICE.?The co-partnership heretofore rusting uniter n the nainc and firm of HF.NRY k KAHN, is this day ilisilved by mutual consent. N. KAHN is alone authorised ti initiate and settle all outstanding accounts ol the said firm.? ew York, 21st April, IM7. L. HF.NRY, N. KAHN. The subscriber will hereafter continue the business of Imirtinit French Artificial Flowers, materials for Flowers, rathers. lie., on his own account at the same place, 53 Nassau reet, (up stairs.) N. KAHN. a23 2w*r VlK'S. ZKDUO, No. 1,7 1 >ivisr ?n Siukkt, ?OULD respectfully inform her Iriends and the public in general, that she lias constantly on hand a full and faslinable assortment of shirred bonnets; straws, plain and fancy; so, Tuscans, of a su|ierior quality, and mourning bonnets, lie ladies from llif country, as well as the city, are requested call and eimniue her flock before purchasing elsewhere. apR Im r SCOTT'S BAZAAR. NO. 5 DEY STREET. JANDS SCOTT has removed to No. 5 Dey sticet (the I ..r i.:_ r.....a i... i ,__La;.i ncc, wlierr he will ?crvr up Diiinern, lie., hi lua old atyle, at gave an much anliifactinii to hia cmtamcra. A variety of lint Dinuera w|ll bo given each day, from 12 till ofevery cleaeriplBon, at liia old price of One Shilling, and no Iditionnl charge fnramall eatraa, aa Inrad, butter. kr. Tlie fineit I.iiiuora that Ofc.1 be procured are at lua bar, and e lieat flavored Cigars. lie will hrbappy to see Ilia old friends, and respectfully socita fhe patronage of the public in general. Steaks. Chops, Cold Cuts, Poached Kgga, Rarebits, Tel, offee , ate., at any time until 12 P. M. liia tables will be supplied with tlie best European and all e New Yorkptpsrs. a.y lin'e M. WISE, OPTICIAN. FROM GERMANY.

r/f OST respectfully informs the ciliirns of New V'nrlc and ' I tbe public in general, that lie baa located himself in this NO. 4'i7 nilOADWAY, Where may he round a large and complete assortment of SPECTACLES AND READING GLASSES, lit GOLD, SILVER AND STKF.L KRAMF.S. Mr. W. would also remind ilie public, to whom he is partially iowii by his annual viniti to Saratoga Springs Tor the last fen tare, that by his knowledge of the Optical science he is enaed to determine the Glasses suitable for anv eve. Persons , ith weak eyes can he supplied with glasses wnicli w ill greatbenefit and not strain the sight. Particular attention is called to a new style of Perspective round Glass, of the finest Hint, which, through their high dish and true ground, produce the purest vision, and have en highly recommended aa the best in their effect upon the e, for preserving and improving the sight in continued writg and reading. (L/^fJhortsighted persons, and such as have been operated w-- -C Cataract, can also be suited. rr>- Mo V?. * it < i i_?j i,., ? ?, nm uinine>i im wujiyrior cji\RiKjr? in i?iu inn1*, nnd oliritathr palronnge of *11 w?nt of hi* intiele*. [JT/~I will warrant *11 Specracle* purrhaaed from me to it tlir tight for five year*, or exchange them witliont ?tt* urge mil Im*r f At \ MUAt Hf.W, BMIUI IDI, .YltilllB. AN1B. t KI.IK8 AND M OBCHKTO KH, kc? kr-Now < the aaon for the application of the aubaeriher'i celebrated preratiom for the extermination of *11 apeciea of vermin, in limit home*. liarna, garden*, kr., kr. They h*?r been in general u?r for the laat fire yeara, anil thf .1 evidence n( thfir efficacy i* the lact, that they are no er niiirly ill uap. No hotel, hoarding or prirate home, ateain at, or other reaarla, ahould fail to ayail themaelrea of a rcrin rradirater for the eiterrnination of vermin, which uiviria y are to he found about their premiaea during the autntnrr niitha. The preparation* are entirely free from any deadly uieral poiaon. god rag be need with aafety. The celebrated II piper haa -Inn many, many rmlliona of flic*. Kor aale by l>K LEWIl KKITCHT WANllKIl, 13 l.iberty reet near William; or of C. 11. KING, corner Broadway , dJohaSUecL ?4lm?er | AUCTION WQTICM. Ll I). NASH, Auctioneer. Store 11* kulton street. CAKHIAUK MAKKU'S STOCK?Wednesday. at lu j o'clock, at No. 22i Green street, the stuck of a carriage i maker, includiug one two-seat leather top Baruuche, one two aeat Hockaway, one new Wagou, oue unfinished do, three secoiid-haud Wagons, oue leather to|> Barouche, oue Sleigh, i llobe and Bella; alao, aimtlia' Tools. Aurila, Bellowa, Vices, j Tape and Dice, Sledges, Hammers, lot of Iron, old wheels, be. Alao, the atock of the Taiut, Wood and Trimmers' shops; lot of Benches. Fixtures, be. . N. 1).?The above articles can be aeeu at any time before the 1 aale ui9 u*c WM. W. SHIRLEY. Auct RkiTAII. kI'li.N 1SIIINU Ilardwaiu stock at auction, by J M B. Bogert. Wednesday, May 12, at 10 o'clock, at the J store No 432 Hudson St.. near Morton, a general assorted re- : tail stock of Hardware, Cutlery, Plated War's, Tin and Wood ' Ware, l-amps, Clocks, Tea Trays, Baskets, Bird Cages, Hue Pan Knives. Gold Pens, and a great variety of other useful goods, the atock of a dealer. Sale positive, rain or aluue, for ' cash, in lots to suit retailers and ftmilic.. >* lt?C 1 BLKhCKKK b MAJLLABV will sell at auction, ou Wednesday, the 12th instant, at It) o'clock- at their cabinet warehouse, No. 34 Beekman street, a magniliceut assortment of Rosewood and Mahogany kurniture. Also, two uew rosewood city made Pianofortes. The above articles can be 1 examined from uow until the day of sale. tn7 It* rc VAULT UKATKH?Upon an entirely new principle, warranted not to get out of order; they have uow been in use for over two years, and are highly approved of. Builders, Baggers, and owners of property who have any,regard for the limbs of our citizens, are advised to look at tliem. A sample can be seen at J. B. Waistill's, Hit Hudson street, New York. WM. ROBrlRTSON, Hardware Merchant, sU Iw *rre Newark Aseulie, Jersey City npHE IMAIKASl KABI.K SI PKKIOHITY tiKOOl A HA) OSItiliaii .Medtrati'd Soap oyer every other preparation for hesiitifv iug the eoinplexiou. is so universally conceded. that e?en the f-.ul tongue of detraction is becoming si ......... - ?. ...... mum nriiiiiiiiiy clear, while nnd lran?l>areiit uiii'.. lilt' skin become, which is fieipirnt ly submitted to ill delicious rmollieiice ! fragrant as lite attar ol' roses, it dispenses a delightful aroma. Medicated as the choicest culling ol llippocreue, its singular powers are effectively displayed n the removal of all cutaneous disfigureincuts?such as pustules, ringworms, saltrheum, morpiieu. tail, freckles, sunburns, redness, roughness, chaps, cracks ami chafes, t roll r ill d', roudre Subtile posse* trie astonishing chemical property of uprooting superfluous hair from foreheads, litis, cheeks, arms, ke., w ithout injur, .o the most delicate skin. Bewtre of imposition*, mid hear in mind that the genuine preparations of l)r. K* lis (Jouriud rail lie obtained at lus depot, ti7 Walker street, 1st store from Broadway Agents? Bales k Jordan, 129 Washington street, Boston; Brown, 76 ( hrstuutit , Philadelphia. a 19 8w*r TO 1 ;vi Poirt 1 l'7l(y A.N D L) lb A L k Tt? IN WOOLLENS. HMIGEON Ik (' (J., He finishers of Cloths, Cassi meres, Ike., No. 341 Wcat street. The Hold Medal has beru awarded by the American Institute, for their superior maunn of refiuishiug. Orders way be led with Messrs. WOLCOTT It 8LADE, No. 63 Pine street. WM. C. LANdLKY k CO.. 23 Broad streot. D. BRIQHAM k CO., 60 Tine street, to w hom they may refer. N. U.?Two thousand dollars insured ou goods for arconnt ol customers. alC ltn?c 1|3(>Il SAldd?A VIOLONCELLO ofIWISttoss^ and 111 good order. Apply at 96 Liberty street, between the In?ti i * of 2 and I o'clock I'. M. i?i? :it rrc ' OAS FIXTUK EST )F A LI * KIM is. JAMES O. MOKKET, 121 Prince street, third block west of Broadway, lias tin hand and is constantly manufacturing OA S C H ANDA LI E RS, B K ACK KT8 AND I'KN DA NTS. in all tlieir varieties of patterns and sixes. Contracts will also be taken lor lilting, in the neatest and most beautiful style, Churches, Hotels, and all other public buildings, as well as private dwellings, at the shortest notice and ou the must reasonable terms. N. U. All kinus of gas ftstures regilt, rebronzed and resill e red at>17 tin'r S~T7|{IA k CO.'S DYKINU ESTABLISHMENT.?Principal otKce, 490 Pearl street, opimsite City Hall Place, New York.?All orders promptly executed at the shortest olice. DvF.IISfl. C LKAfSlltYQ Delaines and Al|>acas, Lace and mualiu Curtaius Mrrinoes and Moreens, bleached, Thibcts, Cloths, Cassimeres, Damask Curtaius, Silks and Sattins, Camels' hair Shawls of the Ribbons and Fringes, most costly nature, Shawls of ever' i.escripuou, Broche Shawls, Dresses ol ail kinds, Meriuoes do. Oarmenu of all descriptions, Osrmsnts of svsry descripDsmask Curtains, lie. tion. Carpets, Rugs, Table Covers, Ite. BRANCH OPFICK3. 9*Jt fir*ani*.'itk iImoI Kafurnsin Mi.n?<l W?? 361 Grand " " Norfofk and Suffolk, 740 Broadway, opposite Waverly Place, 267 Bleecker street, " Morton, ID!) Fulton atreet, Brooklyn, 208 Broad street, Newark. ml lw*rc CHUkCH'S VEGETABLE "LOTION. THIS celebrated Cosmetic effectually eradicates eruptions ou the skin, |>articularly pimples, blotches, tetter, tan, freckles, and cutaneous excrescences. The use of the Lotion for a short time, will establish a clear and brilliant complexion. Sold in bottles at 76 cents each, at 1M Bowery, corner of Spring street. Also by Mrs. Hays. Brooklyn. a291m*r Pill MP OAKIIAKDT. 'I'll K ARTIST"'I'Al'l.OH.WR HAVE long bad it in our miud to say a word in regardtn the admirable garments made by this gentleman We have had many so its of clothes made iu New xork, but never found an artist excelling the oue- mentioned above. His garments are made of the best of cloth, and all of 26 per cent cheaper limn can be bought. The last suit we purchased of him, and for which we paid $36, could not be bought elsewhere fur less than $60. We hone our (Vieuds who want a good lit, and reasonable prices, will call at his store, comer of i'bsmhers street and West Broadwav. a26 2w*r ?W YORK. AND HARLEM RAILROAD Co.?The annual election for thirteen Directors of this Conuiany will he held at the office of the Company, No. 4 Trynn Row, on Tuesday, the 18th day of May next, between the hours of 12 and 2 o'clock P. M. The transfer books will be closed ten days prior to the electiou A. KYLE, Jr. Secretary New York. April 26, 1247. ' a28tmyl8rc PUNCH PAPER HANGING?'AMD SHADE?. COU1MON k HART, 243 Broadway, opposite the Park, ?3 have now iu store their full assortment of Paper Hanging' and Burden of all descriiitious, for parlors, bedrooms and halls They hat e been selected in Paris with great care, and comprise the best assorted stock in the city, and at prices lower llinn have ever heretofore been offered. Also on band, a large assortment of French Window Shades, for sale at unprecedented low prices. apIS I in* rr Brandy wine corn meal?notice to ship. I'KRS?The subscribers, Millers at Brandywine, in the State of Delaware, beg leave to notify shippers of Kiln-dried Corn Meal, that they are liable to he deceived by an imitation of the genuine Brandywine Meal. A miller at Weit Troy, and one at Waterford, in New York, besides several iu the State of Pennsylvania, having forged the mark of the subscribers, by placing Brandywine Mills, iu conspicuous letters, on their barrels. Shippers will please take notice, that in addition to the word* Brandywine, the namea of the subacribenare alto used ou all their packages; and that their only agents in New York, are Messrs. John L. Buckley k Co., and Messrs. Allen fc Paxson. All # * n#?rie*lir A i\f nnuiarila Ifl Ka? ?Uol. and themscivea, iu the maunfacture of Kilu-dned torn Meal, Justifies them iu mying that they will furnish an article, which will keep lor any desirable length of time iu all elimatea. TATNALL ?c LEA, JOSEPH T. PRICE It CO., JAMES E. PRICE. Baatsnvwitsr. Mh.i.i, 22?1 April, 1147. n3> lm*rc BARKER'S COFF F. E HOUSE, NO. ao UEV STREET, EORMKRLV OK U JOHN STREET, NEW VORK art Irn'rr a, STEAMSHIP SARAH JHAN DS, KOR LIVERPOOL-Thia ahip will sail on TUESUAV, 11th inat., at 2 o'clock P. M , from the loot of I linton street, E. R. PasessagS^^^^^fcm ledgers will please \>e on hoard with their baggage at I o'clock. Luggage not to be uae.l on the passage to he marked "below," ana sent the day previous. Shippers "ill please ill ii i in-11 ?p ioiL mi Mi, ml'v All lolls against the ship must be signed in duplicate by the captain. Letter bags will close at the post office, < 111 pin s new room, and Kenyoii'a foreign letter office. it Ij^ o'clock. Parcels must he sent to the consignee's office. 78 South street, on Monday niB 4t*r *4^ KIR LI V'ERPOOL? New lone? Regular pack wf!y4rV et of 2llth Maj.?The splendid, fast sailing packet SmitHEm 'hip SHERIDAN, Ca|it. Oeo B. Cornish, will positively sail as above, her regular day, For freight or luuuage, having su|*rior furnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, loot of W ill street, or to E. K. COLLINS. M South at. Price of passage $7V A Ac,' KOR LIVEKI'vjOL,?1 ha only regular packet of KwwWthe 111 h of May? 1'tie new inagmliceiit, fast sailing, dlUlbOld favorite pacge ship STEPHEN WIIITNEV, hurthr,, lllfMI tons, ("aiit Potihani will sail nnsiiisslv ?? tl.? I lilt of May. The accommodations for cabin. 3d cabin. ami steerage pasarngrrs, art' unsurpassed by any other vessel in |xirt; and ai a number of her passengers aic already eng tgrd, thoae driiroua of aernriug bertha ahoiild make eaily application on honrd, foot of Hue atreet. or to JOSEPH M MUHRAV. ml Corner of Pine and South atreeta. NEW I.INK OK I*A* KKTS TO AND FROM MKlufW LI V KIU'OOI,.?The aidemliil faat sailing ship j?M&SIDl>ONS, Captain Cobb, will aail from New York on .?lo?d,iy, the 3d of May, and from Liverpool on the llth lane, her regular dnya. tier aerommodationa for ralun, 2nd rAttn, anil steerage passengers are uuaiirpaaard by any other alnp in I?irt. Perauna wishing to proceed to Kuro|ie, or thoae wishing to lend for their frirnda can make the net eaaary ar r.iukrmcm* on liberal tertna on application to \V. k J. T- f APHCOTT. q29 r 86 Month at.. 2ml door below Hurling Slip. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet "I 'l.e 21 at May?The auiienor, faat tailing packet JjUiKkfa alnp QUEEN OF THE WEST, I apuin Philip Woodhouae, 1230 tone burthen, will aail at above, her regular day. For freight or paaiage, having aplendid, large and comfort* able atatn rooma and cabin, apply to the Captain on board, at west pier of Hurling slip, or to WOODHULL Si MINTURN, fT Booth at. Trice of passage $100. The |iarkct ship Constitution, 1800 tona burthen, Capt. Jno. Uritton. will accceed tha Queen of the Weat, and aail on her togolair day, tlat June. all MIR NKW OHLKANS-LOLWANA AND JwWy NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS?PositiveJIHMlMbly fir at and only regular packet to aail Monday, May Kith.?'Tlie faat aailing packet shit. WABASH, Capl. Wm. Hathaway, ia now loading, and will poaitively aai| aa above, her regular day. Fur freight or |taaaage, haying superior furulahed aceommo.latioiia, apply oil hoard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atreet, ir to E. K. COLLINS, 36 South at. Poaitively no freight will be received on board after to-morrow. Saturday evening, 8th inat. Shipper! may rely u|am thu veaael aailing punctually ai adrertiaed. Agents in New Orleana?John O. Woodruff A Co., who will promptly forward nil gooala to their addreaa. m7 r AAW- Ff)R SALE?If applied for immediately?The WMrl^Bark (CHESAPEAKE, 2(7 tona burthen, built in i#a?labHaliim<ire hy Meaara. John A. Rohh A Co .of Maryled white oak and locust, salted on the atocka, thoroughly copper fastened, and coppered ou the marine railway, Boaton, i montha since; ia a faat aailer, carries 330 tons gross weight, i20 M feet W. P. lumber, 00 000 gallona molsaaea, or 2300 bnls; iliawa IIX feet of water when deep loaded; built under the nperintendence of Meaara. Henry Jones A Co. Veaael now lies at the south aide of Long Wharl, Boston. Apply to HENRY JONES A Co. Cunningham's Wharf, F.aat Boston, or to PKRKIN'S A DELANO, m<i7t*r No. 3? South atreet. I'(lit S.\ LK.? llie hull of a veaael , tut lauiielo d, j arTrV1r"' "ow lying " lUihwuy poft. Khe will carry about Mmimm-''1 R? 3(KI tons; 95 feci on deck, 13 feet lieam. She ?ill answer for canal, river, or coaat service. Inquire of the aubacrihera, at Railway, New Jersey. JOS. O. LUFBERY, aflm? r II R SHOT WELL aAv, Milt SALE?A SPLENDID Cmm Imiil *TTfy Yacht, one year old, sloop rigged, ahout 18 tuna, co|e . sMWiSta I'er fastened throughout. limit with whole pl.iuk lop 1 and lioitoin, and for beauty ol model and for a|ia-cd can not lie 1 lurpnaae.l by any veaael of Iter class in the harbor. She carries a large press ofcanvssa, and it offered for no other reason than being too large lor the owner. For particulars enquire of I TOMPKINS A LlVlNOHTON, i in lt?f IX West atreet. i XAiC- I'M I.KT SHIP ST Nil OLAS, from llsvr. J Consignees per this shin. will pfrsse tend their |>er 1 jHftjBCwm.u on hoard, at Pier No. (, N. II All goods not I .wrmiurd in five days, will he aeut to the public atore. I Jit !l !?!? ? 1 CITY AJIVIBMBm \ PARK THKATRE.?Monday Freeing, May IOiIi v*>11 u ; perforuied thy romantic play called the ROBBERS? harles De Moor, Mr. Auderaou; Maximilian, Mr. Barry; I franc is 0? Moor, Mr. Dyott; Herman, Mr. Htarlt; Amelia, To conclude with the farce of SOMEBODY ELSE? liana j Vloritx, M?. II urelt; Ernest, Mr. Dyotl; Minnie, Mra. Hunt; .ouise, ,\li.s Horn. Boaea $1; Pit Ml cenfa; Oa'lery !i eeutj. Doors open nt 7 o'clock - ,,c performs'.ce > ' commence lalf-past 7. BOWKRY THKAXHiv?A W Jacgsoe, Proprietor?H. E. Srgvyws, Stage Manager?Monday Evening, May Ulh, will he |>erfortned OTHELLO?Othello, Mr. Murdoch; [ago, Neafie; Caano, Clarke; Roderigo, lladawav; Duke, VIiliter; Diabanrio, Boutli; Dcidamnua, Mrs. Wilkinson; Emelia, Mrs. Madiaou. To conclude with the Nautical drama of tiie FLYING DUTCHMAN?Vanderdeckeu, Mr. Addis ; Captain Peppertoal, Vache; Lieut Mowdrey, Clirke; Peter Von Burninel, Hidnway; l.estelle Mrs. Sergeant; Lucy, Mrs Booth. Dress Circle, IV cents; Pit and Gallery, 1JK cents D a open at KJK o'clock. Performance commences at 7KPALMO'S OPERA HOUSE?Monday Evening, May I", ?Eleventh Night of the Second Season?Will he performed Kossiui's opera of II BAIIBIERE Dl 8IVIGLI A?Count Almaviva, Sig. S. Patti; Dr. Bartolo, Sig. A. Sanqnirico; Bosnia. Siguora 11. Pico; Figaro, Sig. K. Reneveiitano; Basil 10, Sig L Martini; Berts, Signora Boulard: Fiorello, Sig. Bruetti; Ainbrogio, Sig. N. N.;an Officer. Sig. N. N. 1st tier boxes and pariiuettc, SI; 2d tier, Kl cents; Private boxrs for eight |iersons, $12; do for 6 do, $10. Doora open at half paat 7, performance to commence at 8. PALMO'S OPERA HOUsE.-A CARD?Sig.'R. PRO respectfully announcea to the petrous ol the opera and the public generally, that her Benefit will lake place oil Saturday evening, May 1,'itli, at I'aluio's Oiiera llou.c in'l it A ME ilPAN MUSEUM-SPLENDID performances, this Alternoon ami Evening af 7 and U to 8 o'clock JOHN DUNN. "THAT RASCAL JAifc," Is eng g'd for a few days, together with the celebrated ill a I'M AM L'IMir v vTluu fill a- vvurnnn Mr. HARRISON, the Impromptu Singer, Mr.Conovrr, Coinic Vocalist: Mini Rubers, Mi-s Juli Ike. THE MOVING DIORAMA OK NAPOLKON'S FUNERAL. Will also be exhibited ?t each and every performance. Admission 2.) ernta. Children under 10 yeara I24< cents. in \ II rc CVSTLK OAR DEN ia now open during ihe dm. affording those desirous of viaitiue these premises an excellent op portuniiy. The room ia the largest in the United Slates, de iimed hv P. Pollard The paintitig it Al Frajen hy I'appelli The Coamiiramic Viewa have heen rearranged. and can he teen at all timet. The outer promenade! eoinmnnd a due view of the harbor and Nsrrtlwt, with the ndjaceul scenery Adiuiaaion 124% cents. On Sunday Evening, a Concert of Sncreil Music w-ll be Siven bv Dmlwnrth's jnxtlv celebrated cornet hand '2,'frc ME< II \N U S' II ALL. No 172 lit"id? iv. hetwrrii i ii ind and Broome street, CHRISTY'S Immensely popular and original Hand id MINSTRELS Respectfully announce that thev will continue tlieir pleasing concerts for ONE WEEK LONGER. Admission 25 cents, to commence at 8 o'clock. Change of programme every evening. m'l lw*rc MINERVA ROOMS. PMi Broadway?M lay, Weilne,. day and Friday evenings. Mv/lOth, 12th. 14th ?Immense success.?Last week of the Mysterious and Oriental Soirees of Mr. Aleeander, in his brilliantly illuminated Mystic Temple. His extraordinary and incomprehensible Necromancy, is nightly received by fashionable and crowded audiences, with overwhelming hursts of applause, and every demonstration of wonder, astouithtnenl and delight. I'hainte of performance every evening. For programme see the small hills. Doors open at T o'clock. Prices of admission?Parquette JO cents; Saloon JJ cents. Children accompanied by their parents, half price. ty> SOCIETY LIBRARY, 4'onier of Broadway aud Leonard street.?In ronssiiuenre of repeated solicitations, from a number of highly respectable ttmilies, this celebrated hand of HELL IUNOF.RS, have postponed their engagements in Boston, and will remain here another week, at the Society Library, commencing Monday, May 10th, and every evening during the week. Thuy will he assisted hv Miss Maria and Miss Julia Bartou. Mrs. Barton will preside at die pianoforte. Tickets 2A rents. No half price. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Cnncert to commence at I. N. B. Positively their last 4'nucerts in this city, as they o|>eii in Boston the followink week. my!) Iw *rr THE ANNUAL EXHIBITION of the Pupil. of the New York Institution for the Blind, will take place at the Broadway Tabernacle on Wednesday, the exercises commsnc ing at I P. M. precisely. Tickets one shilling, to be had at the door. mf ltis*rc AMUIEMENTI ELSEWHERE, WALNUT STREET THEATRE. PHILADELPHIA? E A. Marshall. Lessee?W. R Blake, Manager ?First Night of Mr. FORREST.?Monday Evening, Mar 10, will performed the tragedy of JACK CADE?Jack Cade, Mr. Forrest ;Wat Wotthy^Mr. Jameson; Widow Cads, Mrs Jones; .Marianne, Mist Fisher. To conclude with the LOAN OF A LOVER?Peter Spy It, Mr. Chapman; Oertrude, Miss Fisher. On Tuesday, Mr. Forrest's second night. CHKSNUr STREET THEATRE. PHILADELPHIA. Monday Eveniug, May 9. will be presented Weber t Grand Melo-dramatic Opera of DER FREY8CHUTZ? Adolph, Mr. Eraser; Caspar, Mr. Seguin; Beruhard, Mr. McGowau; Kiliau, Mr. W. F. Johnstone; Zamiel, Moos. Beunie; Prince Ottocar, Mr. Walters; Wilhelm, Mr. Bauer; Linda. Mrs. Beguin: Rote, Mrs. Phillips. To-morrow evening, Auber't Opera of FRA DIAVOLO. Prices?Dress circle and Parqoctt*. ? cscts; Family circles 25 eenu; Private hoses, 85. Doors open at o'clock?to commence at eight o'clock. UNION COURSE, L. I.-TUOTTING. m T ^10m*3k TUESDAY. May llth, at o'clock. P. M. heats, best in five to wagons, wagon and driver to weigh J00 lbs. C. Burtiue enters s. g. James Berry G. Spieer, enters b. in. Lady Ellen C. King enters br. m. Sal, from Philadelphia H. Woodruff enters . bk. g.Jackt.ade Immediately alter, mile heats, best in five under saddle, for pacing horses :? J. Woodruff enters r. h. Roanoke J. D.McManu enters t. g. Captain Waugli II. Woodruff enters p. g Tornado The extra train of railroad cars will leave at 2 o'clock. The race will come off immediately on the artival of the cars. in9 3t"clil G. 8PICER. CENTKEVILLE COURSE, L I THREE MATCHES IN ONE DAY. iff I A T 3 o'clock on Monday, .May 10, match mile heats, uuder il. tlie saddle, for $100 a side. A. C.oiiklin, names b g Sir Andrew. J. Whelpley, " g. g. Emperor. At 3 o'clock, match mile heats, under the saddle, for 8100 a side. J. Brown, names s. g. Marengo. H.Jones, " ...g.g. Billy Grey. Also, match, mile heats, to wagons, for $100 a side. JOEL uONKLIN, Proprietor. N. B.?Admission to all parts of the Course 50 cents. m7 st*rc Crntrrville, May 7, IH7. MTO LET IN JERSEY CITY?On Montgomery and York streets, one pla e fitted up nice for s restaurant; one for a fancy or dry goods store, and several rooms for private dwellings. Kuuuire of JOSEPH CROCK Ell, in9 3t*C Western Hotel S DAHLIA CATALOGUE FOR 1047.?The subscribers have this day published their new Dahlia l ata which is included every choice variety cultivated by the liist .nnatriirs in fuigl.tnd. imported without regard t? coat,and the pla ta sent out at aa low. or lower rates than in London. It is, moidiHT. 1111 uiidriiiitble fict, that our col* lectioa enriches, annually, t very other in tin* country WOO _ atioug healthy plantsare now ready lor delivery at from $1 per dozen to 93 each. None are cultivated by 11 hut what are Aral riualily tlowera, he the uriKinal coat what it may. Alan, a .liperb collection of Verbena*, for beddinu out. moat of which are new aorta, under name, and of the moat dazzling, delicate, or I lire white color*, delivered in pots, in flower, at $1 'ifl |iri dozen . S i for 10; the*, may he turned iatn Ike itround at once, and w ill be one array of beauty from June to November. Alan, the very fine IVtnniaa, Brauti, Parfait. and Lady Alice ! I'?rl,3i cent* each: Hebe, very rich mulnerry, veined with crim*ou purple, M cents. Thia ii the heat Petunia ?i have ever had in America? blows hi the around all lie aer-a ni. J. M. THORBL'RN Ik < " . 11 John at., and 461 Hruadwa [L7" A few baskets, containing each half a dozen Dahlias, at SI l>er dozen, may lie aren and are ou aale at the atorea, and a fair specimen of the whole a'ock. m7 3tis*rc M M A I K.N ISLAND I t JTTAtJfc^ToTirFoR LKA9K?Three( ntt.iges aitualed on < aafleton Hriabts, near 4 iapo di Montr, Staten Island, surrounded by line loreal treea, anil commanding an unaiir|aiaard view of the city, the Ray and ita island*, anu the Ocean, while the acceaa la easy, the dialaiice to each ferry being leva than a mile. 'I hey contain aa fol|ovyav viz :? liagatellr?A parlor, dining room and 1 bedrooms. 4 row'a Neat.?A parlor, dining room, library, 4 bedrooma, and 3 aerranta' room*?attached carriage houae with stable for 4 liorsea. Oak l.and?2 parlor*, large dining room, II bedrooms, hath* rtMiin, and 4 aervanta' rooina?atucTieil carriage houae, with stable for 1 horses. These 4'otbigea enjoy in common llie uae of 17 acrea of beautiful wooillaiid, encloard, and in the inula! of which they ire erected. Apply to Madame ORYMF.8, at her ruaidencr, 4'apo di 1 Monte. alltueviueOr HATH! HATH! HATH! fU KNOX, with hie accustomed brevity, would call f? d^?the attention of hi* friends to hia new styles ; of 8PRIN44 FASHIONS, which are now ready at his store, No. 136 Fnltnu street. He would, with hia uau.-il philanthropy, invite strangera to hia establishment, where they caa obtain hats of aiaqual ijnality, and at lower rncea, than at any I other store in thecitv. myl 6tia*r I IDWOVKIl KltOM J2I liltANI) HTKKI.T "Y,to 171 Bowery. Mrs. M I). Hodge, First Prr-^^ \ MB^mium Dress makri and first prcminin Straw ha' Hps# ^** manufacturer, invites the public to iu*|>ect her Silk a id Straw llata, Dresses, Flowers, Ribbons, etc., at 171 llowery. From her 17 years e*|ierieiice iu tins city, and pa?l efforts to jdease, she hopes to merit Slid receive the patronage of her friends and the public. N D. Htmw Hats cleaned and altered. The trade supplied I with patterns. IT" Oood milliners and dress makers wanted. miZw're 1 MFiVF. DOLLARS RBW ARD.-Loel, on the eves) 1 iiitf of the 6fh intf , a *m.ill l>|??*rif | hu?hy tail. markril with tmi alx?"t tftf brr*?t, ami bulh lor* leri while. YVhorrer Will return ?f?i<l 0Of t? A. tfiirir | j John *ti ?ef, will rerei?^ fh* above r** warn; m'? ??#c LESSONS ON THE PIANO FOKTE. ,r MISS C, C. WEM VMS can now accninmoItmMsW'I'I1, tlirre or four more pupils, if immediate a|r IBM I 1nldifntion he made at her house, No. Ml Siilli I I I I estreat. between A?rnu??l mni I). Will have no objection, if desirable, lo attend her pupils at their own residence. Term?Twelve Lessone for Eire Dollars, or > Keen l)olI ire iter Onarrer?ihree Ireeone earh week. sit 1 tn * ,, I'l.A V ?H)|(TI.S PoK HIKE. , r.-r - J, V. HENDKMON. Manufacturer of! j | C--*? fcg Droedwev, has constantly on ! l f PL "*?~"^|liend an aaaoilinent of superior Rosewood and I I 3c I I a Mahogany riannfortaa, he|>t espreaaly for hire. Also an eslenaire and well selected stock of new ; uud popnlar MuaiC, Violin and (fnitar Seringa, kc. Revere! Heroiid-haanl Pianofortes for sale cheep, Ml ilroadmi. hetwi'on M|iring and Prillre atieete. aM Itaw lm?r | ^166] CAIU'KTlNu. f lATii 100,000 yards of Bruaaels Tltree Ply aud Ingrain j III,(KM yards of Oil (doth and Malting. 10,0(10 Window Shades, Rugs. Mau, Table rovers, and every article cojittcied with tlx- trade, on sale cheap for cash WM McORORTV, IU Chatham street, all I mis e h irst door above the Theatre WIGS! WIOM! QT!lA5lir.IUl ml I'ITI2RNH wishing a first quality Wig CJ or Toupee ire lulled to inapect the ettenaire aamrtBlent of >VM. DAT* lli'.I,OR, w here they can avlcet from III') largest stork ui Ihe United Wales. Them is al waya a heat plaoe to nrornre an article in er-iw bnamree. aud the heat place to buy a Wig or Toapee, la *t P r< helor'a manufactory. No. 2 Wall SI reel, near Roadway. Private rootna for fitting Wiga. Copy the address. a|j |mer X # \ \ "I 1 I . 1 * TO TBB LATEST MOMENT TKL.KURAPHIC. Affairs In Albany. LEGISLATIVE PUOCEBOISUM. kiwu. Alu.nv, May b, 1b47 A report was brought la favorable to the Improvement of the Crooked Lake Canal. The literature appropriation bill reported, complete, and the r.ubject U now under dieeuaelon The bill for the amendment of the Brooklyn city charter wae ordered to a third reading. Nothing of further intereet wae transacted In the Seuate prior to adjournment ?ihhm1j i Ai.ha*v, May a, 1?47 The bill from the Semite, relative tofraudulent auctiou sales, wan ordered to a third reading, and passed a* wan alno the bill, from the name body, with regard to the lm provement of the (rooked Lake Canal. A motion wan made to make the bill in relation to landlord aud tenant, the order of tho day for Monday next. Lost. Mr T. Smith offered a resolution extending the day appointed for the recess to the 30th inst. Laid on the table, under the rule giving rise to debate The canal bills from the Senate were taken up, but were not disposed of when the House adjourned. Alhawv, May 7?7 P. M. The Senate bill for the division of the State into judicial districts has just passed the House?ayes 00 The Pacific railroad resolutions have passed both houses of the Legislature Ai.banv, May 8th, 1847?8 p M. There lias beeu considerable animation in our market to-day. a Sales of Hour to the extent of 3,000 bbls were uad? at $7 60 per bbl., to be delivered on the 36th of May On the spot extensive sales were effected at >7 6fiS,a$7 fid 6.000 bushels of wheat on the (ienesee Valley Canal.were taken at fcl 12)f. Yellow corn brought $1 per 00 pounds, and white 03 cents; mixed corn, 90. Rye stood at 94 cents per >6 pounds. Oats. 49 cents per bushel. The receipts of breadstuffs into Albany, by canal, from Klour, bbl* 11.757 Corn, bushels.... #6,113 Wheat, bushels. .. 123,900 Barley " ...30,610 PiTTtarao, April 8, 1847. The river is becoming quite low at Pittsburg, ami there are only about feet of water in the channel. Flour sold to-day at $4 76 a $4 87, but the generul asking price is $6. A sale of 1000 bbls. choice brands was made at $5 26 The stock is light, and the demand continues good. The money market is tight, caused by the curtailment of bank accommodations. BY THE MAILS. AflUri in Washington. Wasmiwotom. May 6, 1847 Mr. Atoeha'l Ltlhr to Mr. Rtjon?Tertnt of Peart A letter, purporting to be a oopy of one written by Mr Atocha to Mr. Rcjon, while the former was. lately, iu Mexleo, containing a statement that the United States government would be wllllngto make a treaty, offensive and defensive , with Mexloo, is, I perceive, in course of extensive circulation. The letter may or may not be genuine?it is not my purpose to question its authenticity? but.Mr. Atocha never received authority to make such an offer; nor was he ever given to understand, officially or otherwise, that such a proposition has ever been, or could ever be, for one moment, entertained by the government of the United Status. It has always been the policy of our government to keep clear of entangling alliances. The wisdom of this course has beeu abundantly vindicated in our past history But if we ever could be Induced to depart.froin this policy. Mexico, of ail the nations of the earth, is not the one with which we could, with any hope of avoiding incessant broils and bloodshed, enter into an alliance offensive and defensive. That country hu not, unhappily, since she became independent, given evidence of the possession of any extraordinary dUoretlon, rendering an intimate alliance with her either safe or prudent. Her treatment of this nation, whose friendship she ought to have cultivated. has ever been wayward and unkind But were she a paragon of prudence and wisdom, an alliance, offensive and defensive, would still be out of the question I The idea of such a thing has never been entertained by tlie administration. It is poasible Mr. Atocha may have become acquainted, in conversation, with the views of the administration, regarding the terms of an adjustment of our difficulties with Mexico. On such cognisance he may have based his assurances to Mr. Kqjon that the terms set forth in his letter to that gentleman would be acceptable to the government of the L'nlted Htates. But it is evident, from what I have before remarked, that he must have strangely misconceived the views of the administration. 1 have frequently stated what these viuwsare. It is, however, like tracing lines on the sea shore?the Impression is effaced by every succeeding tide of rumor, and it Is necessary to retrace the lines after every ebb. Once for all, then, the administration will require, as the conditions of a treaty of (>eace, the cession of New Mexico und the Californlas, although in regard to Lower California. I think, if its possession stood in the way of peace, the administration would not insist upon it This, with the right of way across the isthmus of Tehuantepee is all that will be insisted upon. Although the lino of th? thirty second degree of latitude, from it* intersection with the Kin Orande to the head of the (iuif of California, would appear to be fixed upon by gene ral content, an an equitable boundary, itill, snoutd Met ico now proffer negotiation. I am confident our government would not chaffer about boundary It In disposed to treat In a liberal spirit with a a nation which, however perverse it han proved in forcing this war upon the United State*, hoe yet evinced an beuorahle gallantry in tta prosecution worthy a belter cause OALVIENS1S WtiHtsoTos, May 0. 1847 Hurrah?Mart Olariout S'txct from the Yankrt f'o tunlam. We have a telegraphic report to-day from Fredericksburg. briefly announcing the decisive overthrow of Santa Anna near Jalapa, by den Scott You will have received the despatch We have every reason to believe it to be true, and that there Is no mistake about ft This will locate den. Scott and the body of hit army very comfortably in Jalapa. or Xalapa, (but always pro nounced iiaiapa) at which point he will be above the Irrrti calirnltt. or hot lands, of the sea board, where the yellow fever and the dysentery are so prevalent In the summer Jalapa I* in a finer and more delicious rlimale than Monterey, and the army will doubtless remain there to recuperate and to receive reinforcements, in expectation, in the meantime, that the mission of Mr I rist will be more successful as a peace mission than the long and unprofitable Journey of Henor Atoeha But some say that den Scott Is authorised to offer the enemy peace after he has thoroughly licked them, especially 11 there be auy person or person* in authority within his reach. Peace, however, is an ignet /alum -it appearalways within reach, and yet we can't catch It. Santa tnna. too, it seems, has proved himself a moat "artful Dodger." _ CF.HRO GORDO Wsshisiotosi, May 7, 1847. ,J.. Million/ ini/1 Ik, W.?.? n( Ik.. \r. ? TU guilty parllet?Tht prorarafiong?The immediate caugeg, the objeetg, and Ike regullg, witk tome patting tjieeulaliong on prntptclivt rontequeitrtt to lit and lo Mexiea?enal and independent inveetigatian Our text cover* a very comprehensive surface A inc. thodiral research would occupy the Herald for twelve month* to eoine, at the rate of twelve columns a day? comprehending the minutlm of the wide field of investigation suggested. But we only propone to toueh upou point or two. a* staked of triangulatlon. To thin day the question of the origin of the war recta between tho President and Mr. Calhoun. Mr. Benton charges it upon Mr. Calhoun, In the modus operandi of lie annexation of Texan; while Mr. Calhoun charged It upon the President, in marching old Zack across the desert, from i orpus < liristl to the Kto Grande. Wo believe they are hoth right, and that Congress id equally tmplicated. It ts a triangular thing The annexation by Mr i alhoun was the base line of the war. the inarch of the arm* to the Rio tlrande was the perpendicular, and the tacit assent of Cougress.a* accessory after the fact, was the hypotenuse, closing up all side*, being equal to the square of the two other sides, and reducing the war to a mathematical demonstration. The provocations of the war. without being specified, in the outset, were set down as a single provocation by Congress, to wit, 'the act of Mexico " The act is not specified But we are sure it was either the act of Mexico in refusing to entertain Slidell as ambassador?or tinact of Almonte in returning home on the annexation < f Texas, or tho act of Parade* in ousting Merrera, or the set of Arista in crossing the Rio Grande to capture Gen Taylor, or the various acts of Mexico in the evasion of payment of indemnities, or the act of that government declining to sell out to John Tyler But of ail these, the act of tho American Congress of the 13th May, 1840,