Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1847 Page 3
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chucked all undue inflations in prices for our principal staple*. fj' the independent treasury act had not been in f eJ ! lien, r, the) e would not have beensuih a large importation of specie, and the strict enforcement of that ait will keep the bulk of the specie imported, in the country. it is pretty well understood that the currency has a very /reat iniiuunce upon prices of every species of property, and in proportion to the depreciation in the ctyreiicy, prices become inflated, Had the banks been without uny such restrictions us the independent treasury imposes upon theni, and had they continuud to bold tho government depositee, there would doubtless hare been an expansion on the part of these institutions cipial to any heretofore experienced. Prices for goods^ wares and merchant!lee would have become very much lull ated, aud the spinners of Europe would have been able to manufacture fabries for our markets, amidst all tho restrictions imposed at home by a tight money market, and hi^ii prices for breadstuff*, and we should have received P'tyineut for exports, In cotton, woollen and other manufactures, instead of receiving it in specie. Nothing hut the great improvement In the value of our currency, aud its influence upon prices, has prevented a largo importation of foreign manufactures. So long as the Independent treasury net is rigidly and^religiously enforced, so long will our importations continue moderate, while it will aid and increase our exports. By bringing prices in our homo murkets down to a specie level, we stand in u inoro favorable position as sellers, while we become buyers only in proportion to the ability of other nations in underselling our own manufacturers of similar articles, if ur own markets. Heretofore we hate purchased at paper prices and sold at specie prices. Mercltaudise manufactured in Europe, under a currency reduced nearly to a specie standard, could be sold in our markets, regulated t>y a depreciated paper curroucy, at enormous proflts ; and the result was that our markets were frequently overloaded with the manufactures of Europe. The independent treasury does away with all this, and it is therefore platuly to be Seen that the present financial policy of the government acts more powerfully as a protection to our domestic manufactures, than all the tariffs wo ever had. The manufacturers of Great Britain understand perfectly well the operation and effect of the independent t rcasury uot, and they have abandoned all idea of reali'/.ing. so long as that act continues in force, such prices for their fabrics as they have heretofore received. Our own manufacturers never were in a more prosperous condition ; tlioy are thriving better under a specie currency and a low tariif, than they ever did under an expanded paper currency and achigh tariif. Nearly a hundred thousand bales of cotton will bo consumed In the United States in 1817, over and above the consumption of any previous year, and fair proilts are realized upon every kind of manufactured goods. The annexe 1 table exhibits the quotations for stocks in this market, for each day of the past week, and at the close of the week previous. With one or two exceptions there has been very little variation in prices :? Hi'otations von the Priwcifal Stocks ik the Nkw York Market. Sat. Mo a. Turt. IVeJ. Tht. Fri. Sat. Ohio 6'* 98 98 98.V 98V 98V ? 98V Kentucky 6's 100 1?0 ? ? 100 V 100V 100 V Pennsylvania 5's 73 V 73j? 73V 74 V ? ? ? Illinois 10 ? ? ? ? ? ? Indiana 6's 38 V ? 39 ? ? ? 38 Rending Hit Boml*... 73 V 7i 75 74V 74V 74 72V Heading .Mlg'e Bonds. 71 72 71V 71V ? 71i* 70V Heading Hit 59V 59'a 59V 00 61 60V 58V [Nurmoii <K Wor 49% 49% 19% 49% 49% 49% 49% F.rie JUL old 58% ? ? 58% ? ? ? Krif 11R, new 82 ? ? 81% ? 81% ? llarltin UH 52 51% 51% 52 51% 51% 51% Lona Island 29%' 29 28% 29% 29 28% 28% Moliawk - 68 - 70 ? ? Ktonington 47% 47 49% ? ? ? ? Farmers'Loan 32% 32% 33% 33% 33% 33% 33 1 -anton To 37% 37% 38% 38% 39% 39% 40 Morris Canal 2U% 20% 20% 20% 20 20 19% Vicltsburg ? ? ? ? 11% 11% 11% C. S. mik ? ? ? ? ? ? 4% liait Boston ? ? 21% ? 20% 24 ? N. American Trust... ? 9% ? 9% 9% 9% 9% A* comparison of prices current at tho close of the market yesterduy, with those ruling at the close of the previous week, exhibits an improvement In Ohio 6's, of % per cent ; Kentucky 6's, % ; Farmers' Loan, % ; Canton Company, 2% ; and a decline in Indiana 6's, of % per cent; Reading Bonds. 1 ; Reading Railroad Bonds. % ; Reading Railroad, 1 ; Harlem, % ; Long Island, %; Morris Canal, 1%. The comparative market value of the bends and stock of the Reading Railroad Company, is a matter of considerable comment. The bonds of the company are selling at twenty-eight and thirty per cent below par. while its stock only ranges about twenty per cent below par, showing a greater depreciation in tho bonds than in the stock. Compared with other companies, the stock Is either too high or the bonds too low. The bonds of the Norwich and Worcester Company are only ten per cent below par, while its stock is fifty per cent below par. llarlem Bonds are only five per cent below par while its stock is fifty per cent below par. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad ,bonds at par, while its stock is fifty-three per cent below par. Thn vhiolt Viavu rn/?a?fl? r*e\! %?? relative to the sain of Heading Railroad Company bonds, to liquidate its floating debt, have fallen through, in consequence of which the bonds payable in 1850, have fallen back to seventy-two per cent, a decline of three per cent. The probability, at ono time, of the arrangement proposed being perfected, had a favorable influj once upon the market value of the stock, but the advance has boon lost since tho suspension of negotiations and the probable failure of tho contemplated plan for tbe removal of the flouting debt. The receipts of the Norwich and Worcester Railroad Company, for the month of April, 1840 and 1847, woro as annexed :? Norwich and Worcester Railroad. Receipts in April, 1848, *19.689 22 Receipts in April. 1847 21,130 51 Increase in April, 1847; $1,441 29 The fare to Boston, up to the 1st of May. was flve'dollars. Since that time it has been four, a reduction of twenty per cent. What effect this will have upon the receipts, is as yet undecided or unknown. The charges are now tbe same on all the routes to and from Boston. There is very little prospect of an improvement in the financial affairs of this company, with such a limited increase in the receipts as exhibited in the above statement. Tbe company is incumbered with a debt beyond its ability to bear, its losses in steamboats, within the past year?the loss of tbe Atlantic, and depreciation of others?will swallow up the surplus earnings of the next five years, if there ehoul*. chance to be any. The actual travel this season has been considerably lots than last?higher fare* having kept up the, receipts?and it ie not only compelled to run in competition wiM' onu of the beet appointed route* to boston?the Stonington?but with other new one* calculated to diminish the revenue, and materially interfere with its prospects. There Is not a railroad and steamboat route between thin city and Boston, depending upon its share of the through business between the two cities, for dividends, that will ever realizo one. In the course of another year, two new routes will be opened?one this season, via Kail Iliver. and one next, via the New yYork and New Haven Railroad? and the travel will become so divided and so distributed, that it will give very little business to each, and that little will not pay, amidst the competition which must inevitably exist between the various lines. Stock Kirhange. U 8 5s, '53 95* 25 shs N O City 56 $>00 Tress 6 pet. notes 101*2 ino Mech's & Tr, N O 85 $3000 Ohio lis,'60 0a,'i 200 U 8 Bank 4>( Sii'tlO Ohio6t,'56 9S'4 70 Canton Scrip 4l? gMMO Ohio 7s 10214 150 Heading RR 60 wt/ 1/v, uv> :ty'& Initio Kentucky 6* 100>s? 100 do snw 59V ??i III! Indiana Sterling 3R 100 do j8)4 *6000 Rend* Mori Bds 70S 250 Canton Co 40 5,1010 do b60 70)2 50 do b!0 0 > ,000 do 70 60 do ''3? 40 ?,VH) do B9? 100Harlem RR op* 51* $ ,nii0 Rending Bondi 72'-4 160 do 1>30 62 $,000 do 72 60 do 6 U> 25 alia Bk America 100 60 do o|'g 51V 560 Farmers' Trust 33 100 do m>0 52 Kill do - ?lfl 33 * 75 Nor 8t Wor l>20 49V VI do bnw 33 100 do b30 49V Kill do bOO 33)ii 225 do 49V 50 do blO 32V 150 do ?10 49V 4011 do 32V 150 do 49V 30'1 Morris 19)4 50 do ?I0 49.V gun do any 19 50 do b30 4 954 100 do 1>60 19V .50 do 49S 150 N A Trust 9% 160 Long Uland 2RV 100 N O bnw 70 60 do 1)43 29 Second Board. 55000 Reading Bonds 72 100 aha Reading RR 38V 5:1000 do 72 60 do a3 38V $1000 do 72 160 Farmers' Loan 32V $80'i0 do 72 60 do 32V $6000 do 110 72 1.50 do 32V 31,000 do alO 72 60 do blO 33 100 aha Reading RR 58V 60 Canton Co a3 19V too do al2m 57 60 do ?3 39V 60 do 1,3 38V 50 Vickabura 1112 50 do b3 68V 200 L Island RR b90 29'? 60 do b3 68V 60 do b20 28*4 1.60 do a3 58'4 CXTV Tit A1)K UK PORT. Nv.w Yoaa, StTVKnaT Arraaaooa, May H. 'I'be market for brendstufTs continued Arm, though anion of Hour were aoinn leas extensive than they were j yeaterdny. Uenoase, on the spot, sold nt. f." 76. trilli | small anles at $7 HIV To arrive in all .Vi.r. sales r< ' freely made at $7 7.0, with some parcel* nt, 57 OJ.1;. To j nrrive in June, sales wore made at $8 75. and iu July, nt f'J 61)4 Sales of corn on the spot were less active. A lot of Northern yellow, deliverable next week, command1 1 07c. In the forenoon, a rale of the sumo quality was 1 . i t (in the cily). During 'change, some parcels V were offered at 98c. Some lots to arrive within two weeks were offered at 95o. A eale of Michigan wheat , wan made, to arrive in June, at $1 40. Large sales of rye, in the city, were made at $1 03. Bye flour eold at $:. 133{, and ineai, at $4 75 a $4 87),'. A lot of oats, canal, commanded 50c. The provision market was considered firm, but sales were limited. Old prime pork sold at $13 06a $13 12}{. A lot of pork bams sold at Bjtfc. Lurd was some firmer, and No. 3, in kegs, actual tare, sold at 10>*e. A sale of prime Beef wan made at $9 33. In Groceries transactions were light. Very little Sugar was landing, and not much activity was looked for till tho trade was thoroughly opened to the West via the Lakes. Coffee exhibited no chuuge. Ashks?The receipts thus far have been light, and the stock in the city has been reduced to about 330 bbls. both sorts. In the two principal warehouses. We continue to quote Pots at $5 13Ji; Pearls, at $6 00, with small sales. Bkkswax?Small sales reported at 26c. for Northern yellow. BaKADSTUi-rs?Flour? We report sales of 500 bbls (ienesee at $7 75; 10.000 do. Michigan, equal to (Jenesec to arrive by the 20th May, $7 00; 1000 do. to arrive in juiy. ml 710 uu; uuuu uo uenesec. on the spot, at f>7 83>j'; >00 do. at the same price; 10.000 bbls Genesee, to arrive , in front one to three weeks, at $7 50; 5000 a tiOUO do. to arrive in July, sold on private terms, and 1000 do. In June , at f>0 10.000 do. sold, to arrive in all May. at $7 50; 500 do. in all the same month, at "f>7 ?v!3w; 1000 bbls Os- > wego sold, to arrive In July, at $0 64>i; 6 a 800 do. on the spot, sold at $7 ?>J>? a 7 75; and 1000 bbls Ohio sold, to arrlvo in June, at $0 75. Small sales of Genesee. on the spot, were made at $7 81'4. Corn? We report sales of *4500 bushels Northern yellow . made in the forenoon, at J>1. During 'change 3000 bushels sold, to arrive next week, at 97c; *4000 bushels were offered at 05c, to arrive in two weeks; 1 >u0 do mixed was reported sold at 93c. short delivery. Due or two par- , eels of yellow were offered on 'change at 08c. IK/ieaf? , A sale of tillOO bushels Michigan, to arrive in June, sold 1 at $1 10. Rye?The market was firmer, and sales of about 45.000 a 50.000 bushels were made, chiefly for export. at $1 03, which was an advance of 3 cts since yesterday. Rye flour was also in good request, and 000 bbls were sold at $5 1'JJ^; some holders demanded f>5 45. Meal was steady. We report sales of about 1000 barrels ' at $4 75. and 700 do at f> 1 87>? Oats?We report sales ' of 4000 bushels canul at 50c. 'White pea Beans?-100 bbls sold at $1 50. The receipts per Hudson Hiver for the 1 week, are as follows:?70511 bbls flour; *44.735 bushels | corn; 37.059 do of rye; 4037 do corn meal, and 70,365 bushels of oats. Hoots am> Shoks.?The boot and shoe trade is very I good at present. In all its branches ; the manufacturers ! arc full of orders?the dealers aud jobbers are doing a good business with the West and (Southwest?and the city retail trade in also very active. The latter, however find sonic difficulty in realizing the advance demanded and obtained by the manufacturers. The labor- I ing clauses, however, are doing no well just now. that i they will not long object to paying the storekeeper* the l advance demanded, when they ure convinced of the pro- ' priety of it. 1 Candles?Sales of sperm to a fair extent were made j at 31c. Coffee?Tho market was rutlier quiet, without change in prices, and no sales of consequence transpired. 170 bags damaged ltio sold by auction nt (i \ a 0??c, cash. Cotton?The sales to-day were entirely to spinners, and amount to about 1000 bales; prices on the better grade, which appear to be the only kind in request, were decidedly full, some very choice parcels bringing 16 cents. We auuex the quotations at which operations are making: ? Liverpool Classification. 1 JVew Orleans Uplands. Florida. Mob. 4* Texas ' Inferior none, none none. none, none unit'. * Ordinary II ll>? II 11V 11'4 11 % 1 Middling IIV 12 IIV 1|(? 12 liij I Good Middling lift I2?4 UX 13 ! Middling Fair I'J 13?.. 13l,{ 13?? 13>4 13?? 1 Fair 13V? 13$ 13$ 13 ?.? 11 14* Fully Fair 13j? II none. none. II,V 14}? . Good F'air 11 11 none. none. 14$ 16 ' Fine none. none. none. none. none. none. 1 Fisu--We report sales of 350 quintals dry cod nt $3 91; ] and'300 bbls. small packages Massachusetts mackcral, sold 1 at $10 30 for No. 1's; at $7 60 for the No. 2's, and $5 60 1 for the No. 3's. lim ing*?From 1 to 2000 boxes scaled herrings sold at $1 00, and small sales of Mngullln do., were made at $1 40. Grain and Ounnv Bans.?We report sales 10,000 duck nt 21c., and 3000 linen bags at 20c. The market was bare of gunnies; small sizes especially wero scarce, ( except a few used for cofTeo covers. Hemp?Nothing new since last report. i Hides.?The tanners being nearly supplied, the demand is consequently light, and will probably continue so for two months to come, until the dealers begin to lay in inctr block lor tin; rail, which is usually about August and September. The news by the Caledonia is unfavorable as regards those markets. Lead?The market was quiet at $4 37%, which was the last Belling price. , Leather?Sales for the past week have been large, and at the highest quotations for fresh tannages. A pub- ' lie sale will take place on Thursday, at the stores of 1 Messrs. C. .M. Lupp & Co., where 0,000 sides of sole ' leather will be offered. The following were the current rates for the week :?Middling wis., good stamp, 16% , to 17%c.; good, damaged, 13 to 14c.; heavy wts. 14c.; oak 1H to 23c. Upper leather, of all descriptions, very I scarce. Molasses?The market exhibited no change. We report sales of 400 hhds. of Trinidad on private terms. Naval Stores?Wo report sales of 300 bbls. spirits turpentine, at 40 a 41c. cash. In rosin and in raw turpentine, no sales of importance were reported, while quotations remained about the sume. Oil?English linseed was heavy, and sales were made atG8a71c.; at the close, 05c was the highest offering price reported. It was said the Caledonia brought accounts of heavy shipments to the United States; estimated, by some persons, at 2000 tuns, equal to 000,0011 gallons, part having arrived; the remainder being on its way. Sales of city pressed American were made to the ektent of 000 a 1000 gallons, at 71c. cash, showing a decline of 2 cents per gallon. In whale and sperin there j was nothing new. rnoviiions?The market was firm, though not active. We report sales of 4 to 600 bbls. good old prime Pork at 1 $13 12%. and 400 do were reported sold at $13 00>4 a J $13 12%. There was no change In old mess, or in either kind of new. Beef?200 bbls. prime were sold at $!> 26 j Lard?The article was some firmer, and 200 kegs No. 2, ( actual tare, sold at 10%e. Kresh Orange county Butter was worth 20c. a 25c., and Western dairy IHc. a 22c. Cheese in a small way was firm at 7%c. u He. the supply 1 beiug light.. The amount of beef received f?r the week , ending to-day by the Hudson l-'.ver. was 1,040 bbls. , Rice?The market was firmer, but no sales of conse- , quence were reported for export. 200 tierces changed 1 hands, chiefly on homo account, at $4 60 a $4 87%.? There has been a larger supply of the better qualities 1 than was in tho market last year,in proportion to the site of the crop, which has also been larger. 1 Si'riar?Thero was very little landing to-day, and sales 1 were very tight. The jobbers having sent off supplies to | tho interior as fur as accessiblo to navigation, tiioy now soem inclined to await a further movement, which may lie produced by complete communication with the lakes Tho season being backward, it was thought June would prove a more active business month than May. Tobacco.?We anuex the following weekly statements ] of the receipts, stocks on hand, sales and prices of to- 1 tiacco to the close of this afternoon, supplied by an in- 1 telligent broker, before referred to. 1'ricrt. Sold Received Stock this week. Ihiiweek. on hand ' KrdaNr(i?TZ,r 8 hhd^ 106 hhds 2369 hhd, Maryland and Ohio. ? ? ? ? 12 ] Connecticut Heed... 3% to 11 63 c?. 8 10 40 ct. lilies. ! Pennsylvania,do... 7 to 16 flOcs. 10 11? 100 cs. Florida 3% to 35 25 en. 7.13 ? 216 cs. I Havana 25 to 125 100 bis. 47 bis. 723 bis. Cuba It to 25 ? ? 623 bit. Vmwm ? ? -- ..... . ? w 130 Dlf. 8t. Domingo ? ? ? 1,046 sr. . | The business of this week Is rather small; a good demand Is prevailing for the varloua grades, but our I market being very light, large orders cannot be executed. ' Whalf-honk.?N. W. was inactive at 29a30c. The ' last sale was reported at the former figure. Whiskky.? VVe only heard of 15 hhds drudge, which sold at 29c. Frf.iohts.?To Liverpool, some engagements were 1 made?for heavy goods at 25s. and 2s. 9d. for flour. The packets, however, demanded 30s, per ton, and 3s. for , Hour ; 300 tierces lard were engaged at 30s. per ton. A small lot of provisions was engaged at 3s. (id. per bbl. I We heard of no engagements to the continent, or to London. canal receipts at albany, fbom tilt l?t to tiik 8tii. | Hour, bbls 11,757 i'eas and beans, bu.. 345 i Ashes, do 100 Potatoes. do.. 140 < Beef, do 78 Clover and grass Pork, do 613 seed, lbs 3.100 Whiskey, kc., galls. 300 Flax seed, lbs 2.600 j Corn, bush 65.113 Butter, do 11.400 : Barley, do 30,510 Cheese, 8,300 Oats, do 12.000 Lard, do 100 ' , Rye, do I ooo Wool, do 7.600 Wheat, do 123,900 Sundries, do 356,500 .Merchandise, lbs 14.862.064 1 J- , 'J..... Died. On Sunday morning, May 9th. Mrs. Hassif.t Ghiffi!*, J aged 49 years. Her friends and acquaintances arc respect fully Invited i to attend her funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from her late residence, II Hester street. Her ' remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery. On Sunday morning. ?th instant, Wm McLean, Sear , I aged 89. The relatives and friends of the family arc respectful- j ly Invited to attend his funeral, from the residence of I his son. John McLean, No. 44 Morton street, this (Won- I i day) afternoon, at 3>$ o'clock, without further invlta- 1 < tion. On Sunrlav. Oih Inatant Iftuw O ' j. im.ji, uniive 01 tvont, England. Ill* friend* are respectfully invited to attend hi* funeral, thi* day. (Monday.) at 4 o'clock P. M . from hi* late residence, r>WI Hudson street. (Abingdon Square ) Tin* members of the old Company CltUcns Volunteers. ' are invited to attend At Albany, on Tuesday evening. April 37th, Mr. John Rkrton, of Wheldrake, Yorkshire, England, in the ?7th year of his age. \t Richmond Va.. on the Ath instant, of inflamnia- j tlon of the bowels. Dr ArnttsTt s I. Wahxha. Professor of Surgery in the Medical Department of Hampden t Sydney College. Dr. Warner was for sevenil years Professor of Anatomy and Surgery in the University of Virginia, which post he resigned about nine years si nee. and removed to Richmond, for the purpose of establish- l ing a medical school in the metropolis of Virginia. ' ?????______. 1 (5 TO $20,000, TO LOAN in one amount.? ! ypllJjWl/ Ai?o $10 000, $B,<Hin. $6,000, $5,000, $1,000, i $il.0il(l, ii,win improved Real Estate in this city. Apply to < WM. CORP, No. 2 Hall of Records, r I'I 't?c or at No. 115 Walker street. 14">] CARPETING. 1)53. 100,000 yards of Brussels Thres Ply and Ingrain < III,nan yards of Oil t^foth and Marting. 10,0011 Window Shades, Rugs, Mats, Table (.'overs, and t every arti' le coniiertrd with the irsrie on sale < heap lor cash. ' WM . McORORTY, 155 Chatham street, ( all Imis'c First door abovs the Theatre. I / Wantkd?a Partner, with a small capital, in a safe and lucrative business, already established in a good location, and now doing a aood cash buaineai. Tina it a chance aeldom aire red lor an industrious young man. For particulars, apply at II P< ck Slip, cornet of South alreet, up stairs, front room mlOJt'c WANTKD?A |ierson that understands the care ol horses, and competent to drive iu siuglvordouble h aruess,U> take care of a earnage, and make luinaetf generally useful iu a smill family, in South Brooklyn. None but young men ol steady hahirs and good rerniiinrieudnLious, tiecd apply. KnI for reference at the otficr ,,f th?- Herald. ink tfrrc Fill N 1> ? Mr I. K. Dc in in'a lou id i Sit iwl in the street on tliei.ichtof the illuutinatiosi, wiiicli he has left at this office, ami which the owner can h ive by applying at the desk, and paying for this adveriisement. trO It re VT ASONlu; NOTICK ? The Dodges iu this city uuder the IT A jurisdiction of St. John's Grand Lodge of the State of N. V ..are informsd that the new Lodge fittiiiK up at 2S0 Grand street, will be completed for their reception, on Moudsy, the 17th inat., until which time thoy are recommended to suspend their i titular meetings. By order ? ? , chaklko f. linebagk, New V ork, .May lOlli. 11117. Grand Secretary. m 10 lt*r MEVTrTNO ON < AI 'I TALP UNI SI IM K NT.?T1i e AmcM ersary Meeting of the New York State Society lor the Atiolitiou of Capital Punishment, will lie held this (.Monday) eveninn, al the Apollo Saloon, 111) Broadway. Messrs. W. H. Charming, Wendell Phillips, John Pierpont, F.. H. Cliapin, and other emiueutspeakers, will address the meeting. Scats raiaryed for ladies. mio lt*r 'FHK I IIK AI'KST ST( )KK in the ? 11 y. 1 ti t * a Fullsm sheet. A lor Paper Hangings, Window Shades, Fireboard Prints manufacturer of the French Galvanised Spring Hair, Moss tod other insttrisses; Feather Beds, ( Materials, and . very article in the upholstery line at the lowest prices. R. D AVI KB. 101Fulton strest. Steamboats, ship cahius, and hotels, fitted up and furnished, my III 3<l(?r LM >K SALK?Just arrived in tlie In lit Sees, from Matanias, It JUO dozen Pine Apples, a lot of Pumpkins and Water Me ons. Apply at 39 South street, or on .hoard of the brig, near Wall street. mylll 3t*r K VV V'HKK Y AC HP CLUB.? I'lie meetiiiK of the Ynclit Flub, that was to have taken place on Salutday, lie Dili inst., waa postponed to Tuesday, the 1 ltli iust., at I i'clock, P. M., at the Club House, Hoixiken. Members inrndiug to dine, will leave their names with Jno. T. Brutham, No. V Wall street, on this, Monday, the ldtli of May, 1817. By order of the Commodore, in Mi it * >' I). L. SI I V D A M, Seeretary. EU.L.K COFFKK HOUSE AND BATHS? by .IA.MKS II. WHITE, frum London, 528 Pearl street, between Centre nud Klin street*? Warm, Cold or Shower Beth 12K rents; Single Beds 12Fs rents; Meals 12cents, or Board nnil Lodging $2 50 |>er week. The London, Liverpool, Canada and United States papers in- received here. RfBn'e Til SODA WATKirMANl K.\( T('KKltS .ioVl otToos. X ?Biff K Co eelehrated sirups, w holesale Slid imii Thesubieribers beg leave to lobnm tlie |iuhlic that tliey are |>rrpared to furnish tlietn w ith their sii|>erior Syrups in quautiii i IVom 1 to600.'gallons, of various llavors, viz: Sarsaparilla. I.euion, Ginger, Strawberry, Sir. Sir. The superiority of llapp Si I o.'s syrups is too w ell known to ured comineut ? Manufactory No. Ull Chatham stree, near Chambers street. N. II. Svrnpspnt op in (Use far espoitaaoo. invi03t*r CIOTHIC HALL BOWLING SALOON.US Broadway, * w ill he re-opened this Monday evening, May 10th, where liarles I). Stiles will he pleased to see his friends and patrons 'mm II to 10 o'clock, P. M. The Hall has hecn newly lelitted ivitll eight new alleys. Balls and pins, all new, and has lieeu ihroroughly renovated throughout. The walls have nil been minted, and the place refitted in, such style that it isnot only lie largest hut the most inaguiticeut establishment of the kind n the world my 10 lt*c WOOL.TWINK, NAILS,Sir.?3U.H00 lbs Twine, suitable fo> tleece tying. 100 hales Cotton Seine; 240 do Wrapping do. 7(1 bries London and Bridport Seine Twine, ass'd sizes. 80 do Shoe Thread, various ipialities. 3.000 casks Cut Nails, Brads, and Spikes. 2.000 lbs first quality Oilling Twine, 2 and 3 thread. For sale by CHBUA & GUMMING, in It) lt*c Kill Pearl street. IV> MERCHANTS IN GENERAL-GENTLEMEN": We. the laboring classes, who have tilways been at your ervice when your interest required us, ate now obliged reipectfully, but most urgently and sincerely, beg leave to inWin you, that the enormous price of provisions actually comlei us to say, that we cannot work without an advance of wages. We would also beg leave to inform our fellow la>orers, that they must not work short of 2s. per hour. ml6 2t?r Signed by the numerous body of Laborers. GJ. u. CLAKKK?GKNKKAl, TAILOR.,?A new ami ' fashionable assortment of all goods suitable for gentlemen's wear, bought for cash, and therefore will be made to measure low. Best quality black French cloth dress Coat $2(1; lower qualities 16, IT, 18, $19. Other garments in proportion. Sack Coats of all kinds kept ready inade; Pant*. Vests, Ac. Call at 116 William street, op|Kisite the New Buildings. Famous forcut, t|Uality, workmanship, and low prices. inltl lw*r ENGLISH AND CLASSICAL SCHOOL, (near Union Square and Grammercvt Park,) No. 145 Third Avenue ? I lie rooms will he really for the reception of pupils mi the IDih'fof Mar. Terms?2.7 to $15 per quarter. Mr. Huntington refers to Rev. J. W. Brown, Rev. Dr. Taylor, Rev. Prof. Katnn, D. D., Prof. G. R. Perkins, Rev Prof. Hackley, Rev., li. T Debell, A. W. Brudf.rd, Es.| , Rev. H. North, L. L. D. Rev Dr. IV ny. mill It *c . All) TO 111FLAND. AT a meeting of the Standing Comiiillee, 7th May, 1817, at Prime's Binlilinir*. 41 Wall afreet? Whereas, sundry article* have appeared in the papers, inrnlviug this committee >n the atl'airs of Mr. be Kay ami llir M eedoiuan, i( is, UltNfoN, Resolved, 'I liac llie following expl uintion be publislieil for lie satisfaction of our contributors and tbe public. In one ol 111? articles allulled to, publislieil in the Sun, April !8th, Mr. De Kay said : " The New York committee, after CoatlHadnf llie niiplicatiou by me, thanking me for a tender if my services to carry out any shiii they might get, <M my arrival here declined receiving the ship from the Secretary of he Navy, who, by the way, never tendered and never could tender her to them, and for reasons of their own, which are yet unexplained, have steadily set themsrlves in opposition to ier( as 1 ain informed on reliable authority. 'I wo chaises are here made? First, " That the committee recommended the application to (Jointress for the use of the Macedonian," and when the teasel was granted declined to receiveand make use of her; and herondly, That they have set themselves in opposition to her I o reasons ol'tlieir own, which are yet unexplained. A sufficient refutation of these charges will be found in two resolutions passed by the committee, which seem to bare esraped Mr lie Kay's recollection. On the 16th of February a note was addressed by Mr. I)e Kay to Ueorge Barclay, tup, respectfully submitting the propriety of applying to government for the use of* the Macedonian, now Iylog idle, and not probably Wanted for immediate service, and offering his services to command her on tbe outward and homeward voyage. This letter was laid before the committee on the 17th of February, whereupon, after discussion, it was unanimously] llesolvrd. That the thanks of this committee he presented to Commodore De Lay for his olfer, and that he he informed thut we do not drcm it expedient to make the applieatiou he recommends to the government. The committee, although disapproving of the application ( Congress, did nothing to interfere witli it, and after the act was passed, and the Macedonian was again tendered to them "or the conveyance of provisions, the offer was courteously dedined, with an express statement of their objections; the . (lowing extract from their iniuules of llie lOlli having hern .lublishta in the papers of the 11 th of March:? AID TO IRKLAND. N Committee, Prune Buildings, ii Wall st. 1 New York, March 10, 1847. $ The standing committee having been informed that the United States ship Macedonian has been placed at the disposal rf the Secretary of the Navv for tbe purpose of conveying pronsions tothe destitute of Ireland, baring considered tbe propriety of sending by Iter contributions plneed in their hands. llut appropriations not having been made by Government for he expenses of tbe voyage of that ship. It is Kes lved, That ill view thereof, and of the responsibility old delay which may attend shipments DT tint vessel, the nilnmittre deem it inrx|iedient to forward by her the contributions under their control, and direct that the sub-corn mittrcs on provisions continue to invest the funds and send them forward by small vessels as rapidly as possible. Ordered that this resolution lie published. M. VAN 8CHAICK. Chairman Standing Committee. The chief reason which governed the committee, and one .1 ,?i i.. .i r ic .i- . . .. - - T...? v.t. ... .urn. ... linn mimcit-iitWin mill ine Secretary of the Navy had made 110 appropriation for the ex* [tenses of the voyage, which mini, therefore, he defrayed either by the British Government or by private! subscription tmoug our own citizens. The first alternative was rejected at nice. The idea of asking or receiving from the British Government, under any circuinstances, the expenses of the Unilril States frigate Macedonian, was one little likely to find lavnr with Americans; and in the present case it was unhesitatingly discarded. OSIMirssas that it would lie derogatory to our rational character, as blending an act of national generosity oward the people of Great Britain with a demand upon their Treasury. The second alternative was also rejected, on the [round that all moneys appropriated for the expenses nf| the Macedonian would be so much deducted from the amount to '?? expended in food, as the British government had offered to pay me freight of provisions given by tuivate individuals and sunt by merchant ve._-l?; and that offer could be accepted without impropriety. The responsibility and delay which might attend shipments by the Macedonian, for whose outfit and vipeuacs no funds were provided, were other considerations that occurred to the rommitsee and were referred to in their resolutions and ujmiii these views frankly and courteously explained to Mr. DiKsv, and fully stated to the public, their action haa been based. By order of the Committee, mloQ M. VAN SCHAICK, hairman. CHaKLKS RIDOWAY. Ilair Cutter and Wig in iker, itc. (late of 21 Wall street,) 170 Broadway, corner of Maiden I. , up stairs. nil! It* r 'I'll M AM U YACTURfeiKH,?Btraui Tower to let, With A large and corntnodioua brick building, situated in New Haven, Connecticut. The canal and rail road pass directly by ?the engine is new, of very sti|ierior workmanship, of about 1<i iorsepower?the building substantia! and convenient, with a piautity of iron shading, pulliei, lie The whole will be let, eased or sold, and can advantageously be adapted to any kiuil >fmanufacture. Apply to Messrs. Watt Si Sherman, 40 Kill Inge Place, New York. a27 2w,rr FOit BALL?Receiving oil commission, anil constantly on hand, Butter, Cheese, Laid, Mess, Thin Mess and Prime I'ork, Smoked Hams, Shoulders, and Beef, Mackerel, Shad, Salmon, Dry and Pickled Codfish. Also, .Molasses in hogs eads, tierces and barrels; Sugars in hogsheads, boxes and barels; with a general assortment of groceries. Sold in lots to iccommodate purchasers, at the lowest cash prices, by CLARK, FIHK Be CO., 228 Kulton street. N. B.?A large quantity smoked Meats and Cheese, slightly lamaged, to he sold at low prices. all lm*rrc HATS! HATS! 11 ATSt ft KNOX, with his accustomed brevity, would call Jrf^fhe attention of his friends to Ins new stylesjpw* >f SPRING KAMI!IONS, wtnch are now ready at his store, No. 118 Kulton street. He would, with his usual philanthropy, invite strangers to his establishment, where they can obtain hats of anequal quality, and at lower prices, than at any KheT "tore in thecifv. myi 6tis*r RKMOVKIt I- Itt i.M CM I. It PNIi STUKKT ^ f% 178 Bowery. Mrs. M J), llodge, Kirst 1're-^By '' mill in Dress inakt i and lirst premium Straw hat wing manufacturer, invites the public to ins|*ct her^^*Silk aid Straw H its, Dicsses, blowers, Ribbons, etc., st 178 tmwrry. rruinnrri/ ye<*n? experience in inn cny, ana p??r rflorta to pleaae, ulii' Itopee to merit anil receive the patronage if her friend* anil the public. N D. Straw HaU cleaned and altered. rhe trade supplied with pattern!. . ?? i If y- Good millinere nml ilreaa makers wanted. m8 2w*rc MHVK DOLLARS RKWARD.-Loit.oa tbeeveniug of the tth mat, .a small black Don with Urge buahy tail, marked with tan about the breast, anil bitli ore ten while. Whoever will return smd Dog to A. thieve lohu at eet, will receive theebove rrwardi w8lt*e SSSONS ON THE PIANO PORTE. wWan MISS C. C. WKMYHS can now accoraanorriga ni1" or four more pnpila, if tinmcilinte ate fjT* plication be maile at her honse, No. JI7 Sialh I I 3P I I laurel, between Avenue* C and D. Will have 110objection, if deairnble, to attend bet pnptla at heir own reaidence. Terms?Twelve Leaaona for Ktve Dollara, or fiKeeu Oolar* |?t?r Qnsrlsr?fhrss l*?aon< web *13 lfn*rr WTosT Wilis'." STRANGERS and CITIZENS wishing a fir.t .p.ality Wig or Toupee, are invited to inapect the eatenaive aaaortnert of WM. BATCHELOH. where they can aelecl from ho largrat atock in the United Statea. There la alwaya a heat

dace to procure an article in every buaiiieaa, and the beat rdaee o buy a Wig or Tou|iee, ia at Batchelor'a manufactory, No. i lyall atreet, near Broadway. Private rooma fot fitting Wiga. yopy the nddreaa. al3lm*r AOCOKDEONS. rllE largest assortment in the city ia to be found at the Chatham atreet Bagnar, SS Chatham atreet; and, if yon vant to get one, that ia the place to buy it, aa every instrument a warranted in perfect pane and order They alao have anew uatrnment,called the Flutina, reaeinhlingthe Areordeon with >e tone of a llute. Their Aerordeona vary in priee from M tenia to Ml dollara. Cull rtamine, and judge for youraelvea. kernrdeon taught, tuned and repaired Don't forget the num >ci?36 Chatham, oppoaitf Chambers afreet. alt lm*e r AN ATT TO PREVENT FRAUDULENT, FICTITIOUS OK PRETENDED SALES AT AUCTION, P.???d May 8, lUtT. Tike People of tlie Slate of Naif Vork, tepreseutrd in Senate auil Assembly, <lo enact ?? follow? :? 8k . 1. All goodt, wares, and merchandise, and every other s|?c lea of property, except ships, resxela, real or leasehold ?>tate, wrnieli snail hereafter be exposed lor sale by auction in tiie city i f New V ork, and shall be struck off by the auctioneer exi o.iug the same for aale.or by any persou in liis behalfto the previous owner or owners thereof, or to any person or |>eisons, bidding in Ills or their behalf, or to any flctUlOW person or |ieisons or in any other maimer than so at that an actual sale and purchase and chance of ownershiii?o( and in the goods, wares, and merchandise, so st lick off, shall thereupon be effected and take place, hall be subject each anil cveiy time they shall be so s ruck off, to duties ut the rate of live dollars on every huudred dollars s hec. il. Whoever slnll offend against any of the foregoing provisions of this act shall he deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be punished therefor hy a hue uot exceeding one hundred dollars, or by imprisonment not elCeedoig one mouth, or by both such line and imprisonment. Sec 3. The semi-annual report of the auctioneer shall coutuiu a statement of all merchandise bought ill by the owner or owners, or lu his or their behalf, the time the sale was made and the amount thereof. ( Sec. 4. This act shall take effect immediately, 81ate of New Vork. Secretary's Office:? I have compared the preceding w ith an original law on tile in this office, and do certify that the tame is a correct tran script therefrom, and of the whole of said original AIK IIT>. CAMPBELL, Dep. See'y of State. Uim, May 1,1147. myN St A BR AH A M K AhTOIt, Fancy (ioods, mi Broadway, i nlorins his friends and the public that he has removed his business from 3'JJ Broadway to I'JI Broadway, two doors below liis former establishment. ink llt*rc The>if.s .amhp.vh.kmknuk new York and vicinity, are respectfully informed, that there is an office opened n tl i, city, (upon the Parisian plan) for the purpise of lici Luting pinions of both sexes, in forming honorable and well suited connexions for Marriage. That such a plan is greatly needed in toll City, must appear In llii iiundol every rational person. The youth (more particularly) of both sexes are being called, or come to this city, from all parts of the world, (lor |iecuuiary benefits or otherwise.) and wheu here, in the most of cases, are cuuipellctl to associate W illi strangers and strange customs?almost entirely without friends, except such as a very limili'U association gives tliem, the resr't of which association speaks in terms not to be misunderstood. This proposes to 0*01*4 all SUch persons in foiaung high and (honorable associations, and prepare diem lor noon me in hers of society. I irrulars setting forth th* plan, lornriou of office, Ike., can he forwarded to persons, by addressing " Con lidenee," Post office. (post paid). N. B. The strictest seeresy observe J. New \ ork. Vi .> I. 1817. mO 7t?rc in )ARD I N THK C( 'i NTH V A FEW families can lie accommodated with board at one of the most delightfully situated and henlthv summer residences til Oiangr county, one inile from the Hudson River l.inilinic, at Cornwall?the best steamboats land daily to and from the city?every attention will he paid to make it a desirable home for those who wish to spend the summer in the country. Early application is desirable. For further particulars, please impure of A. I). Ik D Hindi, corner Fult<m and William streets; R. Sinclair, 435 Houston street J 0. II. Ring. 182 Broadway. aitoliii'rc HIDES?67 Dry Southern Holes, now lauding, per Brig Frances P. Beck, from Apalarlnrola, and lor sale by I'ERHSK tk BBOOKH, inv t 85 and 07 Nassau street, fro BOARDERS \\l> OTHERS.?A l.dy would he -I willing to accommodate a responsible griitlrmaii and Ills Inly with board, as ei|Uiv?lent to the rent of a house not exceeding $JM1 or $35(1 per aiiiiiitn, in either this cit y, Brooklyn or Harb in. Or two single gentlemen would be l?ken on the s itiie terms. < ommnnirationa, addressed " House," and left at the Herald (llfim on Monday, will meet with immediate attention. Children no objection. m0 2tis*c Music TAUGHT.?Kcmote.l to ins Broadway, i doom abuse Grand street.?M. Dumsdvy. Teacher of the (itiitar. Hinging. Pianoforte, Accoideon and Violin, continues to i istriict I lilies and tidies and gentlemen of New l ork. Ladies their owu lesidenees without estra eharge. jeims reasonable. Instrumeiits, Music and Strings, for sale Apply .it 14 I Broadway. mtSt're rjA|) I.N VENTORS ?A meeting of persons friendly to the X Inventor's Institute, as proposed lu a pamphlet recently inited by the subscriber, will be held at Clinton Hall, ill the city of New Vnrk, on the 19th day of May neit. The plan of operatians will he laid before the meeting, and free discussion will be expected thereon. An interesting address, prepared by a similar institution now established at Cincinnati, Ohio, will be read. The meeting will o|ieu at II) o'clock A. M. in the large lecture room. Mechanics generally are invited tn attend. SOLOMON ANDREWS. Perth Ainbny. April 30,1847. myl 4teod 3tdisfh A CARL)?Gentlemen leaving the city or going on excursions can have a suit ol"their soiled clothes renovated, tl i|m,Is taken out. and the color restored, and pressed ill at rate style, in a few hours, at the astonishing low price ol Also, military clothing, gold and silver lace, and carpi ' and table covers cleaned. Ladies'dresses dyed ami from 75 cents to $1 50. N. B? Blacks altered toother colors. T.SMI ! m8 3t*r 70 AI M" TO LET IN JERSKV' ClTV-On Moi and Vnrk streets, one |iln e fitted up nice for a rant; one for a fancy or dry goods store, and si rooms for privnte dwellings. Ennnireof JOSEPH CROCKER. ni9 3t*c Western Hotel. JfifL Tl) I.ET?Store 113 Broadway, with a large loom on ffrTW the second story. J^i&Store418 Broadway. Store 72 Lispenard street. Also, two large rooms on Broidway. Apply at 74 l.iipensid s>rret. up stairs. in7 3t* rr | JjpH. BOO ?l TO L>.T? In .? private lamily. fu rushed or unfurnished, Willi,breakfast, it" required; a desirable loi^ULcatinu Tor a single gentleman Apply at 28 White at. w7 3t?rrc M'J'l) LKT?Tu .1 family of undoubted respectability, part of ilir large and commodious three-story dwelling, Nn. IUII First avenue, next to corner of 10th atrert, consisting of bark imrlorou tirat floor, two rooma on arcond Door, and three rooms on third floor, with large cloieia and clothes presses in each story; bark kitchen,and half of counter cellar. I'rotoii Water in house. No objection to children. Can be seen from 9 A. M. to ii I*. M. Enquire ou the premises. m7 3t*rc jdg FARM FOR HACK.?An excellent Farm of 73 acres, jKtflllmlf mi hour's ride from the city, with abundance of fruit, ?*m.water and wood, delightful scenery, and very healthy situation. It will he sold very cheap. Apply 63 Chambers street, 3 doors from Broadway. nil, lw*rre HAMILTON HQUSK, at the Narrows near if Oft Hamilton, L. I. The Subscriber bras to inform his friends and the public, that this favorite place of resort is ho# open for the rrrrptiou Of company. Sienin boats will commence rniiniuK auoul the lilh of May. Stages leave Fulton ferry, Brooklyn, at 10 A. M., and 4 T. M. THOMAS MEINELL, Fort Hamilton, May Ii, 1847. m6 3w *rc Jsfj SODA IIISI C IT BAKKKV?To let,and lease I,, i ]?,- sale, Parr's celebrated Soda Biscuit Bakery, witl J^AL'team engine and machinery, now baking nearly twr hundred barrels of flour weekly. Will be disposed of and possession given immediately. Apply to ui3 7t*r JAS. PARR. 73 Mott street. PAVILION, NEW UlUUHTON, Suten lslandThe proprietor begs to inform Ins friends and the public that lie has made considerable alterations and improve menu in this establishment since the last season. He has erect cd a large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogethe disconnected from the mviu body of the |>aviliou. Thesi rooms are intended for gentlemen only; they are of a comforta ble si/.e, light, and well ventilated, and sufierinr in all res|>erti to those generally denominated single rooms in the varioui watering places throughout the conutry. The proprietor is now ready to treat with families orpartiei wishing to engage Vooms for the season. Letters addressed tr him at the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate at tenliou. A steamboat runs between New York and New Brighton, at the following hours, vix:? From New Brighton?At 6 and II A. M. and 3 and 3:30 P. M. From pier No. I North River, New York?At 9 A. M.and 13 M, and 3X, 3 and 6 P. M., and more frequent communications will lie established as the season advances. The I'.iv ilion is HOW ready for the reception of Company. 1)2.3 tfrc F. BLANCARD. M'l'U RENT?A I oiion Factory, of about 3,000 spindles, with a building for looms, Mausion House, Store House. Workmen's Dwellings, Saw Mill, Orist Mill, with an unfailing water power. The place and water power are well mlapteilto general manufacturing purposes, ana on a navigable stream, coiBseinent to New York or Philadelphia. Enquirenf WJSUtlNUTON k RICHARDS, ?28 2w*c 33 Burling slip. M ROOMS TO LET?Suitable for manufacturing pur jioses, in the bnilding No. 74 Fulton street, lately repair ed, and with all modern improvemenu. Apply to ' JAMES R. DEL VECCHIO, in the building, or to BROWN, BROTHERS k CO. 25 2w*re _ No.? Wall. ri HOW TO MAKE MONEY.?1The axiom that "money J^et tared it money made," it almost aa old at the invention ol money itself; but toe principle of telling a live dollar HAT for three dollars and lifty Cents, was first established and is-novr practised bv Robertson, at the Phenii Hat Manufactory, 80 Eulion st., N. Y.. and 63 Eulton at, Brooklyn, 'i'bit simple arntrinrut we believe will sutfice to make known one way " bow to make miniey." all) Im'rh HATS, SPRING STYLK. BANT A. No. 94 Canal afreet, and No. 130 Chatham st, J^^aells Moleskin and Nutria Enr Hats at $3, and only charfes $3 (rt Tot lot first quality Moleskin and line Nutria Hats.? Ir has handsome an4 durable Hats at S2 Ml having the appear uicr and finish of the liighvt pried hats. Urutlemen wishing to economise in this indispensa'uV article of dress without sacrifice of comfort or appearance, wii'. please give him a call.? Also, a general assortment of caps of various kinds at reduced prices. eH ltn*e tft FRENCH MILLINER! .?MRS. UNUKKWUOI) JVfA respectfully informs Iter f'ieuda and the puhiic. !&? * ffljRsiie has removed to 110 Hudson street, betweeu North \hiore anil EranUllll Mrcrls. aW 8W*?W MRS M. WlLsON, 391 Grand street, respectfully fV^linforftu her frirnds, and strangers visiting the city, mWtlnt she has now on hand a large and very handsome assortment of Spring Millinery, to which she invites their attention. Mrs. Wilson's stock comprises in assortment of the richest and moat fashionable Hats, such as Chip,.Crape, Rice, and Shirred, with achoice assortment ol Straws, which she tlatters herself can be sold more reasonable than at any ntber establishment in the city. Country Millinert will do well to call before purchasing. Mrs. M. WILSON, 291 Grand st. between Alleuaud Orchard its. Ten good Milliners wanted at the above establishment. al3 2in*re ~ THE LA DIES' CONGRESS ROOT. bP. LABOYTEAUX.64I Broadway, desires to in. form Ilia numerous and fashionable lady patrons, that lie baa made arrangements for the right to manufacture (he elegant elastia walking Boot, now so fashionable in llie highest circles in England and France. The recent im< i.rnve ine ,i I oi the classic stuff will enuhle him 1,1 m,Li, I.. In)..n and high shoes witli all the elegance peculiar to hi> style of work, and yet without the (rouble of lacing*. Tina most valuable invention removes all the cniiAncd pre*, sure from the arrli ofthe foot, while at the same time it afforih an elaatric spring in walking which cannot be appreciated without atrial aid If c IA)OK AT THIS. JUST RECEIVED, a large lot of (lentlemen'i Fieiich Boots, the best and handsomest ever 11 this city and will b? sold at the low price of %!>. Also all kind of (lentleinen's (sailers and Patent Leather Shoes, and all tin different kinds Of Boots and Shoes. Lndies, you will find ii ibis store a great variety of (iaitcr Boots, Slippers, Bnskiin Ties, House Slippers, wliita and black satin do, white Kid do and all Other kind* and, Misses' and Children's Boots am Shoes, Boys' Boots, < iailers, Shoes and Slippers of all thi various kinds; all of which will be sold cheap, at 367 Broad way, corner ol Franklin street. M. CAHILL. N. B. Country merchant* aupplied by the package or dozen ap2 I in r .SAXON V li AN A III ES, of ibe I,el I note ami Nig to &< ingale song, long breed, and other rare and valuabl. Birds; fancy and other cages; bird seeds of all desenr TSSt lions, he., lie. King Charles Spaniels, English am Scotch Terriers, for sale by VV. S. JOHNSTON, 280 Broadway, one door oil Iw'e from A. T. Slew art h ( n's dry goods slnoiAsr KOH HALEj? If applied for immediately?Thi hTjrJrVB'irk CHESAPEAKE, 2(7 tons burtben, built It JWMKsBaltitnnre by Messrs, John A. Robb Ik Co.. of Mary Ia.nI ? bite oak and loenst, aalted on the stocks, thorough!] copper fastened, and coppered on the marine railway, Boston II months since; is a fast sailer, carries SAO tons gross weight 220 VI feet W. P. Inmber, W.flOO gallons molasses, or 2.700 hnla draws 11If feet of wafer when deep loaded; built under tin aupsTiniendence of Messrs. Henry Jonas fc Co. Vesse now lies at th# south aide of Long Wharf, Boston. Apply t( HENRY JONES fc < o. Cunningham's YVhsrf, F.ast Boston, or to PERKINS k DELANO, nir, "t r No. W Snnth street. PV kKT Sllll' hT M' HI I m Ham l?QV Consign res l>er this ship, will please send their per JHHHwnaits on hoard, at Pier Nn. I, N R. All goods no parmittad in (Ira daya, will ba sent to the public store CITY AMUAKMKNTR. PARK THEATRE.?Monday Evanine, M.y loth.wdl ),e performed the romantic play railed the ttOUlO KB? Charles Df Moor, Mr. Anderson; Maximilian, Mr. BarryFrancis De Moor, Mr. Dyott; Herman, Mr. Stark, Amelia', To conclude with the farce of SOMEBODY ELHK?liana Montr, Mr. Barren; Ernest, Mr. Dyott; Minnie, Mra. Hunt: Louiae,Miu Horn. Boxes $1; |'u 40 cents; Gallery 25 eenU. Do?ra o|>?u at 7 o'clock?tiie performance will commence half-past 7. HOWrTKV THEATRE.-A W Jac aaox, Pruprlglor-H. F.. NTRrtni, Stage Manager? Monday r.Tentng. May 10th, will performed OTHELLO?Othello, Mr. Murdoch; Ia2u, Neatie; Caaaio, Clarke; Roderigo Hadawav; Duke, Miluer; B.almiifio, Booth; Desdamona, Mra. Wilkinson; Lmelia, Mrs. Madison. . e-r vt?r/-> To conclude with the Nautical dram* of the rLi IW'i DUTCHMAN?Vanderdeckeil, Mr. A.Mia ; Captain Peppercoal, Vache; Licui Mowdrey, Clarke; Feter Von Uumrnrl, llt.liway; Leatelte Mrs. Sergeant; I.UCy, Mr* Booth. Itreaa Circle, 25 cents; Pit and Gallery, centa Doora rtpeu at til* o'clock. Performance coinmeii. es at 7j%P.VLMO'3 OPKKA HOUSE? Monday ErenuigT May W, ?Eleventh Night of the Second Season?Will he performed the Brst act of Rossini's operauf 11 B AH HI EH E ill SI VIG LIA, aud the third act of Doiitretti'a opera of LUCIA Dl LAMMERMOOH, let tier boxes and pamuetie, $1; 2tl tier, 50 cents; Private boxes for eight persona, (12; do for 6 do, $10. Doors open at hall past 7. performance to commence at 2. PAL.MO'S OPERA HOUSE.?A CARD.?Sig. K'. Pit7!) respectfully announces to the patrona ol the opera and the public generally, that Iter Benffit trill take place on Saturday fvcniiiir Mav l.Vh. at Ctlinn'a < Hipr.t Ha tnt? ii.'i Sr A ME tic AN MUSEUM-SPLENDID |>erlormance?, this Afternoon nod Evening. at 3mill lj to II o'clock. JOHN DUNN, "THAT RASCAL JACtt," Is engaged Tor a few days, together writli the celebrated CHAI'MAN FAMILY. MISS ORKENWOOD, Mr. HARRISON, trie Impromptu Singer, Mr.Counter, Comic Vocalist; .Miss Robert, Miss Julien, Ike. THE MOVING DIOR AMA OK NAPOLEON'S FUNERAL Will also lie eiliibited ?t each anu every performance. Admission 26 cents. Children under 10 years 12^ cents. myl re C^.VSTLK O \HDEN is now open dutick rlie day affording J those desirous of visiting these premises an esrrlleut opINirtunity. The room is the largest in the United .States, designed by C. Pollard. The painting is Al Fresco, by Cappelli The Cosmoramie Views hare been re-arranged, end can he seen at all tunea. The onter protnenedea command a tine view of the harbor aud Narrows, Willi the adjacent scenery. Admission 12X cents. Ou Sunday Evening, a Concert uf Sacred Muaic will be given by Dodworth's jnstly celebrated cornet bawl. a2Vfre MK.i II 1NICS' H ALL, No.<72 Broadway, between Grand and Brooine street, CHRISTY'S Immensely popular and original Rand of MINSTRELS Kc>|iertfiilly announce ibat lliev will continue their pleasing conceru lor ONE WEEK LONGER. Admission 26 cents, to commence at * o'clock < hangc of programme very evening. mti !* re \f INERVA ROOMS,. 406 Broadway.-Monday, Wedues1YI. day and Friday evenings, Ma'/lUth, 12th, 14th ?Immense success.?Last week of the Mysterious and Oriental Soirees of Mr. Aletander, in hia brilliantly illuminated Mystic Temple His extraordinary and incomprehensible Necromancy, is nightly received by fashion able aud crowded audiences, with overwhelming bursts of nnplansc, and every demonstration of wonder, astonishment and delight. Change of performance every evening. For programme see the small bills. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Prices of admission?Parquette 50 cents; Saloon 25 cents. Children accompanied by their parents, half price. m\9lw* SOCIETY LIBRARY, Conor of Broadway and Leonard O street?In consequence of repeated solicitations, from a number of highly respectable ftunilies, this celebrated hand of BELL RINGERS, have postponed their engagements in Boston, and will remain here another week, at the Society Library, commencing Monday, May 10th, anil every evening during Ill** WIT*. They will beassisted by Miss Maria ami Mi . Julia Barton Mrs. It irt<> will , o I. at ?1h | Ticket* 25 fn No b ill* i Doors open lock ' nunence <18. N. B. i osi thei. la Co hi tl" city, a thay open in Bo ' r.. 11. k npl In * rc HfHifK > \i. EXHIBITION < ePupiiaofti?Niw a. Vo.-k itution for the itlinil, will take place at the Bro.nlw:. i 'liernacie on Wednesday, the exercises commenc ingatt I'. M. precisely Tickets one shiiliim, to be had at the door. m9 2tia*rc AHHJSKMKJITS KIiBEWHRllR. WALNUT STREETTHEATMh PHILADELPHIA? E V. Marshall, Lessee?W. R. Blake, Manager.?First lit of Mr. FORREST.?Monday Evrning, May 10, will uned the tragedy of JACK CADE?Jack Cade, Mr. r; Wat Worthy, Mr. Jameson; Widow Cade, Mra Marianne, Miss Fisher. Inde with the LOAN OK A LOVER?Peter Spyk, pin?n; Gertrude, Miss Fisher. On Tuesday, Mr. F rrest's second night. HhSNlIT STREET THEATRE, I'll I LA DfJ PH I \. J Monday Evening, May 9 will he presented Weber i Grand Melo-dramatic Opera of DER FREVSt HUTZAdolph, Mr. Fraaer; Caspar, Mr. Beguin; Bernhard, Mr. McOowau; Kilisn, Mr. W F Jolinsfone; Xamicl, Moris. Brniiie: Prince OttocHr, Mr. Walt?rs; Wilhelrn, Mr. Bauer; Linda Mrs. Srguin: Rose, Mrs. Phillips. To-morrow evening, Aulier's Opera of FRA DIAVOLO. Prices?D*e?a circle > ,.) I'urnnette. an cnti; Family circles 2 i e.eats; Private boxes, $J Doors open atMi o'rloeh?m rommeiiee st eiaht o'clock UNION COURSE, L. I -TROTTING. TUESDAV, May llth, at o'clock, P. M. Purse, mile heats, best in five to Wagons, wagon and driver to we.gli JIKI lbs. C. Btirtine enters a. g. James Berry G. Spieer, enters h. in. Lsdy Ellen C. King enters br. in. Ssl, from Philadelphia H. Woodriiir enters. ,.,. hk. g. Jack < ade Immediately after, mile heats, best ill live miner saddle, for paciiur honei:? J. Wood ruff enters r. h. llonnoke J. D McManti enters s. K. Captain Wautth II. Woodruff enters. b. k Torunun The eit?a train of railroad cars will leave at 2 o'clock. The race will come off immediately ou the arrival ofthe cars. in9 3f chl G. 8P1CER. CENTRKVILLE COURSE, L. I. THREE MATCHES IN ONE DAY. i IH1 AT 2 o'clock on Monday. May 10, match mile heats, nnile the saddle, for $100 a side. A. <'onklin', names .. b. g. Sir Andrew. J. Whclpley, " g. g Enyieror. At 3 o'clock, match mile heau, under the saddle, for $400 i side. J. Brown, names I. c. Marengo. H.Jones. " ,..g.g. Billy Grey. Also, match, mile heats, to wagons, for $100 a side. JOF.L CONKLIN, Proprietor. N. B.?Admission to all parts of the Coarse 30 cents. In7 4t*rc t'eutreville, May 7, 1847. ^1 MATCHED HOUSES?For sale a pair of ligh . taOitrri horses, about 13 hands high, showy and sound /. ' ' ? be seen at Messenger's stable. No, 5JI Trinit' Place mIO lt*c " - " STEAMSHIP SARAH SANDS, FOF LIVERPOOL.?This ship will sail or TUESDAY, 1 Ifh inst., at 2 o'clock P. M from the foot of Clinton street, E. It. Pas seugers will please be on board with theii hay gage at I o'clock. Luggage not to he used on the passage to he marked " below," ana sent the day previous. Snippers will please clear their goods on Monday. All bills against the ship must he siit'ied in duplicate by the captain. Letter hags will closest the postofTicn, Gilpin s new room, and Ken yon* foreign letter office, at Ihs o'clock. Parcels must be sent to the consignee's office, 76 South street, on Monday. mStt'ifl PEOPLE'S LINE"STEAMBOATS FOR ?N ALBANY, Daily, Sundays Escepted? ?wBfiE?U Through direct?At fl o'clock, P. M., from the Pier between Cnurtlandt and Liberty streets Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON. Cant. Win. II. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 6 o'clock. 44Steamboat HENDRICK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Cruttenden, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 6 o'clock. At Five O'clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places? from the foot of Barclay atre.t. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain T. N. Hulse" will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday aftei noons, at 3 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. R. H. Furry, will leave on Tuesday, Thnrsday and Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. The above boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time for the Morning Cars for the East or West. Freight taken at moderate rates, and none taken after 4X o'clock, P. M. II /"All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without a written order from the captains or agents. For passage or freight, apply on hoard the boats, or to P. C. St HULTZ. at the office on the wharf. mylOc FOR LIVERPOOL?N?W Liiir-Rcgnbir peckM9W e> of 2Cth May.?The splendid, fast sailing lutckrr JlHfa ship SHERIDAN, Capt. Geo. B. Cornish, will voaitively sail as above, her regular day, , Hoi freight or passage, having superior furnished jfjeommo clationt, aivlv on board at Orleans wharf, foot or to E. K. COLLIM*. M South st. I'nre of passage $/ .. AAjjt Ft ?K Lj V H'.RI't J'l|,. _ J l,e oi)l) regnl ir picket . IflPflfJVthe llth of May?The ir>w. inngpihcent, fast sailing JUMMfiaand favorite packet ship OTV.VHKN WHITNKV , iiiirilirii 1000 tons, ( apt l'opham, will ?ail positively on tl>< llthnfMay. The accommodations for cabin, 3d eabra, ami ateeragr pa* aengcrs.are uusurpaased by any other ream I in port; ami as niinilier ot her passengers are already encaged, thoae He?imu of securing liertha should make earl) application ori hoard, foo of Pine .treet, or to JOSEPH M'Mh'HKAV, m4 Comer or PIm and Bovdi atmti KOK 1-1 VKKPOOC?New I,me -Regular I'arlie Kff*V Of the (1st May?The superior, faat sailing parln jKHfii ship QUEEN OK TDK WEST, Captain Philii Woodliouse, I2j0 torn liiirthen, w ill tail as above, her rrgulri day. ror freight or passage, having aplenchd, large and eomfortn , able atate room* and r ihin, apply to the < aptainon board, writ pier of Burling alii', or to WOODIIULL & MINTUR.V.r Booth at. Prire of passage UMi. The parket ship Couatitiitinn, IfiO tuna burthen, ' apt. .Inn i Britton, will srcrecil the Queen of the Weat, and aatl on lin I regular day, list June. agg AAg- FOR < ?LAS< ?0 W?Regular Jacket of the! afo May. The fine, new Hi po. kef bark ANN IIA ItMMm LKY, C"apt. H Srott, linvmg b?ru detaiugd. nil ? Mill hi h llrw days. > Kor freight or fmjwffe, having splendid afcommnditiOiis, p|? |dy on board, foot of street, E. rvofto a WOODHKLL k >1INTUN, 87 Sonfh at. t The regular trnekef ahif SARACEN, .'i00 tona, Captati ; N T. Hawkins, will aiieceetl the Ann Haile> and aail on he irgtilar day. _____ m"' . AAA.- H)K NEW ORI.KA.NR-OOl ISIANA \NI NEW YOHK LINE OK PA< KKTS.-Fositm gHUKaly firatand onlv regular packet to sail Monday, Via Ifltli ?The faat sailing |wcliet aluii WABASH, ( apt. Win Hathaway, ia now loading, and will imaitively aail aa abort hrr regular day. Kor freight or passage, having superior fiimiahed aeeommo t dationa, apt ly on hoard, at Orleaua wharf, foot of Wall atrrtt e or to E. K. f OI.I.INS, ys Smith at. J Positirely no freight w ill he received on hoard after fn-moi row. Saturday evening, 8th hint. Shipper* ma\ rrly upon this vessel sailing punctually aa ad rertiaed. p Agents ill New Orleaua?John O. Woodruff U (in., win ,, win |ir<imimv nnwnrii hi imnn?i infii amimi. mi i Iff- FOR HALF,?Thr hull of * ??ifl jn?t Iniinrliei! hV^.iiiiI now lyuiK il R*hw?y |nri. Shr will r*rry ahoti JttptlfcV'iA In 300 t nu; Wi l>rt on deck, W fcrf bum, HI' , w ill aimwrr for rnnnl, nvrr, or rn*?t ?rr?ir#. Inqnirr of tli ; nUcrilirri, *1 Rnhwny, Nrw Jomry JO* O LI'rBK.RY, I i? I in r M II. HHOTWK.I.L ' ~ FOR SALfc.-A HPLfcNDID Ytrhi. on? yn*t oU.tlonp ri(E"d, about ID tout, cr Uatrnril throufhuat. built witb wholr plank li ml buiti.m, iind for brnaty ot moor! anil for iprrd > in lot I ?nr|i?Mod liy iiny ??? ?! of hrrrlnt* iii At harbor. Hh? carri lai*r I'rrii of canraaa, ?nd it ojfcnd for nontlirr rr.non iht bring Inn largs for tlir ownrr. For pnrlicnlnrt rmiiiirr of ? . TOMPKINS k L1VINOHTON, tn?Jt*r IM Wriutrwt T ' TO TBS LATEST MOMENT TKLEOKAPHIC. FURTHER PARTICULARS Ok THE BATTLE OF CEBRO GORDO. LATER FROM MEIIOO. HIGHLY INTERESTING. Preparations for Kortifyin? the City. 4(c. Ac. A*. Drapclcli No. I, New Orleans papers, received at Philadelphia last evening. At six o'clock, contain further interesting particulars of the battle, but nothing later. The enemy's loss In killed and wounded was about equal to ours. Thirty beautiful brass cannon, and large quantities of ammunition,were taken. Some Mexican officers taken, attribute their defeat to the cowardice or corruption of Santa Anna. They ad mit he had eight thousand men in the lines, and six thousand outside the entrenchments. The Mexican infantry, who fought so well at Buena Vista, and all the regulars uud^artillerists. were present Several officers released by (ion. Scott, after the eapitu lution of Vera Cruz, without parole, on account of their gallantry, were found among the killed and wounded The advices from the city of Mexico, state that Gomez Farias has been removed from power, a bill having passed Congress by 38 to 3, in favor of suppressing the Vice Presidency of the Republic. Previous to Santa Anna's leaving the capital, on the day of Iiis departure, Pedro Amnya was chosen substitute, receiving 60 votes to Almonte's li. lie took oath and entered on the duties as substitute, on the 2nd ot April On the 3d, he held a consultation with various military officers and distinguished Individuals, on the propriety of fortifying the capital. Opinions were gene- * rally expressed that the works should be commenced immediately, and government hnd charged the principal engineer to prepare, in two days, plans of fortifications. The inaugural of Amaya, and address of Santa Anna to his constituents and the < engross, are given in the firayunr, the first disclosing more fully his views of action in regard to the war ; and the second, one of Santa Anna's ablest productions, like all bis speeches and public addresses, breathes fierce and determined hostility towards this country, and excludes all thought of peace. A guerilla war, and attacks on our posts, are advocated by tliu leuding members of the Mexican Congress. The squadron under Commodore Perry has returned from its expedition to Tuspan. We have Draxos dates of the 2tth, from General Taylor's army. Resolutions of thanks to General Scott have been introduced in the Louisiana Senate. LATEST INFORMATION PROM OCR INVINCIBLE FORCES IN MEXICO. THE AMERICAN ARMS AGAIN TRIUMPHANT. THE CITY OF TUSPAN BOMBARDED AND TAKEN, Gallant Achievement of the Gnlf Squadron. NBWI FROM VERA ORUS. die., Ac., dtr. Despatch No. 9. By the arrival at Philadelphia.last nineo'clock, of an exclusive express from the south, one day in advance of the mail, we have been placed In possession of the newe received by the U. B. transport schooner (General Pattemon, which arrived at New Orleans on the 8th in?t. from Vera Crux. The General P. loft Vera Crux on the 34th ult., and by her the Dill a Riven the gratifying Intelligence of r still another glorious victory achieved by the American arms In Mexico, and of the capture of Tuspan by the k gallant squadron under Commodore Perry The meritorious conduct of the navy on this ocrasion. evinces the fact, that our brave and hardy seamen want but the opportunlties'wbich the army has possessed, to prove themselves, like the latter, triumphant and invincible in all they undertake. - The (ien. Patterson fell In with Com. Perry's squadron I. on Its return from the Tuspan expedition, on the 24th f ult., twenty-flvo miles north of Vera Crux. t She was boarded by an officer from the United States I _ti? ., I...... I <? 11.. V.?> ; C apt. Jackson, nnd informed him that on the 19th ult. " Tuapan bad been taken, after a fierce and determined opposition on the part of the Mexican troops. The Mexicans, after a desperate struggle, finding that, notwithstanding their most strenuous exertions, ail resistance would be in vain, spiked all the guns, raised the defences of the place, and then abandoned it. In the engagement four men were killed, and fourteen were wounded on our side, among whom were four officers, Tls : Capt. Tatnall, slightly; Lieut Parker, severely ; Lieut ilartstein and Passed Midshipman Lowndes, both slightly. Further particulars will be forwarded to-morrow. From the Picayune, we select the following ;? 1 Uen. Shields was still alive at last accounts, but it was thought he could not survive. ( apt. Johnson, ef the Topographical Kngineert, remained in a very critical state. <ien Pillow's wound is not serious. The Mexican officers on their way to tha Unite'* States, were sent over to tb? I 8. Juan d'U'liia, on the list ult. They in spirits Sergeant Tuckijr of the 9d dragoons, was shot at and wounded >u the hand while riding an express from Oeneral Scott to Vera ( rui. on the 90th ult On the list a teamster was picked up on the road, having been killed by some cowardly Mexicans. We annex a letter from a correspondent at Vera Cru*. which is the latest we have from that city:? ' Vr.s* Cat;*, Mexico. April 13,1847. ', Or.wvs - We have now been tour days without a word concerning the movements above, and are beginning to think. If possible, nn express lias been cut off?especially J as the last express which came through received a volt ley of about fifty rainki'l'. which only woinded one of the Ave dragoons, the sergeant, through whose hand a t musket ha" passed. An express lefthere with a mall on thefllst. and after proceeding twenty-seven miles, overtook our provision trsin. under a strong escort, the commander of which deemed it prudent to take charge of the mall himself, feeling confident that nothing hut n strong body of well nrmed men would he safe. In trying to make their way through to Jalapa ' This city appears to be tilling up every day with | both Mexicans and Americans The former are gainI ing confidence in the Americans, and the latter arw flooding the markets with Yankee merchandise, ' I'ncla Sam's warehouses were as full of provisions, as , his maga/.lnes were full of combustibles As yet the r business is confined to the city and suburbs, hut as soon as the communication haa been well opened between this and Jalapa. we may expert to sec Vera f 'rux the most ' active business place of its sixe on the continent The weather is very warn), and all we want to cool ourselves with is ire. There has been a little brought , on here and retailed at 1t> cents per pound." Destructive pire. Piiii.atiki rma, May 9. IM7 ? At on* o'clock, P. M., a fir* hrok* ont In Baltimore In J V J Williams'extrusive cabinet warehouse. South j. street, near corner Pratt, an 1 extended to James < hese nut's large grocery store at the corner. " Kernan's bakery. Meddleton's tobacco establishment, James's, Dowelle's and Hamilton's stores, were all de* stroyed. Total loss probably >100.000 >40.000 Insured. Dr iteorge Mcflellan died suddenly to-day In Phils* p oelphia of bilious cholle, he wss about his hu?in?-*e e* yesterday as u?usl uged .11. " Ai.*?sr, lo'dksltP.M A portion of ( aptain Wilder a company of the p'th