Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1847 Page 3
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PI T/ v -.k ?eed, and to water It after It Is planted. ? The Bible. he said, ?u reprc<entud as light, and the world ;i in darkness in regard to it. It Is our duty to furnish the light, not that light used by wreckers to lure and destroy the Mariner, but the light to guide liini to the harbor of peace Hold up this light?let the world have it. The Bible is also represented as the bread l y which the world is to be fed spiritually There is a destitution of this bread in the city and United States, which is appalling There is a famine in the land Not for bread literally, hut for the word of Ciod. iilid It i* u mercy to supply it and stop the famine, lie concluded with the exhortation for the society to perse\ ere iii the good work. He also moved the adoption of the report. Hev. Mr. Stv.waiit, pastor of the Bethel church, In -eeouding the motion, said that the Baptist Mariners' Society had been mentioned In the report as one of the beneficiaries of this society. For the encouragement ol those engaged in the good work, he wished to give a history of one of the llibles presented to his church. It was given to a seamau named Henry Hummers, the son of u widow in Liverpool. Recently he received a letter from his mother, stating that she had reason to praise Uod for what he had dono for her son. After thu sailor's return, ho w as baptised, and then sailed for some port l-u the Last, where he went to church the first Sunday after his arrival, lie spent the day in religious duties, in company with several shipmates. At the close of the services, ho asked permission to speak, which was granted. He told how he felt when he saw sueli a large number of seamen in the port, nud so few in church, and not n prayer delivered in their behalf in that church. Wheli he concluded, they wore pretty well used up. The deacons and others confessed their error. In the course of six weeks the sailor returned, and found licit a man had been employed by the church to attend to seamen specially. He came to New Vork nnd shipped again for auotber voyage, after which, he said ho would go and see his widowed mother, lie went on hoard his ship, and as usual, interested himself for tho salvation of his shipmates, particularly the sicwaru. un lli? fourth any out, a gale of wind occurred; the vessel was un<ler roefod sail/; lie went below, and prayed with his shipmates, and bad some conversation, with a reckless fellow, natneil John Dustan. After talking with biui, he gave him his Bible und w> nt to bed, when at 11 o'clock all hands were called to take in sail. Henry went aloft to clear soine ropes, but hi the act of getting from the main rigging to the g:.If. the vessel lurched and throw him on the deck, lie aieil witlilu an hour, wedded to the eternal word. The captain /aid to him, (thespeaker.) '-that was* sorry night?the best man on board was a oorpse; ' but, he continued "he win the only one tit to dlo at the time." John read the liihle which Henry gave hint, and when the vessel returned ho was a Christian, through the Instrumentality of this Bible, and took the seat occupied by the lamented Huiry. and also partook of communion, lie thought the hand of Providence was in Henry's giving his Bible to John, the last day of his life, aud fn his recommending John to take the seat whioh he intended to ecupy at the communion table of the Bethel Church. Hut there Is more yet to he told of this Bible. John wanted to sec his mother in,.Michigan, and went there und instructed his father and mother with it, and also performed religious services in a log cabin for the benefit of the inhabitants of that region, where he has been the means of doing much good. Who knows how many t morn souls may be saved by that one Bible directly, which w is given to Henry Summer* .' Uev. Mr. Culver, of Bostsn, otfered a resolution that the meeting recognises, in the distribution of the Bible, an antidote to the vieo so prevalent in large cities. In rising to speak, he said that he did not expect to be called upon to address the meeting. Whenever he arose to /peak without preparing himself, ho was reminded ot the an icdote ofu Scotch clergyman, who made many apologies for u had delivered without preparing himself. One of his congregation replied to him in tills wise -" Wliy, maun, ye need not make so much excuse, we all know it.'' He then said, that the world was in a bad way. at present, and the means to be used to regenerate it is the bible He then eulogised the , /scroti work, and said that although there are many tilings in it that even wise men cannot understand, yet H tills ull tlnit unless they iiru holy they cannot be saved. There are many who say the Bible 10 impure,but unman can take hold of it without knowing that he ie in holy company. He related a scene that occurred at a private house between an infidel and a poor christian beggar. An argument between them on the subject of the Bible, which wan ably and successfully carried oa to the UiscomlUure of the intldel. by the poor beggar ?Christian. The reason why the Catholic priesthood and tho slave-driver refuse to disseminate the Bible and allow it to lie reud generally, is because the reading of it by Catholics, would expose the sins aud iniquities of those who keep them iu darkness, and would enable the slaTes to acquire n knowledge of their rights. Duriug the twenty-lire years that the speaker has been In the ministry, he has seen many instunces of the good effects of the Bible, in workiug the conversion of sinners. Unitarian Awsoolntton of tlto State of Sew York. The second anniversary of the Uuiturian Association of the Stute of New York, was held last evening at the Church of tho Divine Unity In Broadway The Services wero commenced with singing and prayer; when the Rev. O. \V. Hossnca. of Buffalo, preached from Matthew 50th chap, and 35d verse?'- 1 am abla to drink of the cup that I am to drink of. and to he baptised of the baptism I am to be baptised of." Mr. Hosmer, in his remarks, of weight and true Christian liberality, spoke of the mission of Unitarian Christianity. Unitarian Christianity was simple, such as taught by Christ, not such as considered iu the common acceptation of the term. The Unitarian Association was the exponent of Unitarian Christianity. Its genial influence, like tho light of the sun. spread over a vast expanse. It did not depend upon tho'acrirtcial death of Christ for salvation, but upon the truths us taught by the Son of God?such truths as were adopted and followed liy the disciples of Christ. The progress of Unitarian Christianity in this country had been limited; hut now was a time, when, in a spirit of self consecration, a groat work might be done. 'I hough rejected by thechuruhcs and denounced by the press as heresy, there was one consolation, that In the sight of God they were not insignificant. They could not admit that tue ancient forms and ceremonies of the church wi ro necessary aud requisite to Christianity, and la-cause of which they were small in number, but by s?lf-consecrution, in a spirit of humility, they might ana in to tavnr. Auot her object of the association was theological reform?a system of reform which would exclude many vicarious pigmies who now occupy the pulpit, and place lu thoir stead ministers who would show forth the troths and doctrines pr< mulgated by < tarist; ministers wiio would not make God a King and men hi* subjects, but show him in the light of a father and his prodig: I children. Ministers who. in the spirit that was in Christ Jesus, would point out the lore of the Savior. Error." like tiieso he would efface ; they obscured what to him would seeui like the true path He would put error aside The people of this world should have the truth, as contained in scriptures of Divine record. The business of the ministry was to go forth and preach i hrUt uuto men Take him. for example, when a boy; he conducted himself in a spirit of humility and selfconserration; when a man, he went forth, with his life in liis hand, despised and rejected of nten.aud the works which he wrought were by the power ol God. Paul did many wonderful works; hut it was not Paul, of himself, but the power of Hod dwelling in Paul, lie having consecrated himself to the work assigned him at the hand of God. Numerous other examples might be brought to show the great achievements gained by self-consecration, l-iitber, when before the dignitaries of the greatest nation of the world, refused to recant nnd throw aside the faith bo had espoused. When old if he would recant, and return to the bosom of the church from which he had seceded, his life should he spared, he refused. He explained his reasons, and upon the cause of truth, he would rise or fall. Here was a spirit of consecration. The hlood of the early martyrs had nourished the tender root of Christianity; It had ' pi ling up. No language is adequate to tell whut i brUtian example might do When would the world sec what Christ could do for It ? He came not to reconcile Hod to men. but that men might lie reconciled to Hod. So far aR sectarian feeling went, the I'uitarinn church had to stand apart Tlify were excluded from Christian fellowship. They might (the ministers) be considered missionaries, und the church missionary rtatious. There was a great work to be done, and the only reip-et was. that there was not a greater degree of i"al; ministers and laymen had their part in this work; a single day of Christian devotedness would have its Influence. ai d the life devoted to labor and love would have a salutary effect. The false idea of Chriatianitv was rooted in h? fishin s*. Selfishness might smass wealth, it would tight battles. It might enkindle genius to a fitful blaze, hut it could not perform the work of Christianity There was nothing selfish in the character of Christ ; his life was u life of love and mercy ; iijul though desflined arid rejected of men. he labored in love, and his suguag" wit.', with a knowledge of his fate. ' I am able to drink of 111'- cup that I am to drink of. aud to bo baptised with the hsptinm I am to lie baptised of.''^ There was an example of seit'-eonsecration. aud the cross, balIn.,*,..I lallli ?lio h!r..?l /I ?I -1 _ n.... ?MV * w? kH? .-ifii ui wm BUUVI II1U uc ccssity of ? submission to his divine will. l lis assemblage wis. at the conclusion of the remark* Of Mr llosmer, dismissed by n benedict ion Anniversary AleetInge to Take Place. THi'Minr. May 13.? American Bible Society? Tuber narlc. 10 A. M. 1'upds of the Deaf and Duuib .Asylum?Tabernacle, 4 P M. H Amorimn Temperance Union-Tabernacle. 7J^ T. M. American Society for .Meliorating the Condition of H the Jowg? Central Presbyterlun church, Broome street, American Protestant Society?Dr. Mr KIroy's church, e enter of Oread and I rooby streets. 7}? P at Unitarian Association of the State of New York ? Mooting for public discussion. Church of the Divine Unity. Broadway, between Prince and Spring etreeta, Fsioat, Ma* It ?American Board of < onimissioners for f oreign Misslone?Tabernacle. 10 A. M. Now \ ork Sacred Music Society - Tabernacle, 7\4 Scsdat, May II?AimlCU and foreign Sabbath Union?Reformed Dutch church in Lafayette place. 7?i i M Salmon by Praldnt Hopliia^ of wllllaiiu Col. lege. " On tlie importanee of the Sahhath to the purity and permanence of free insl itutions " Navigation or rn? St. Lawrrm n ? Strambolts left Montreal on Thursday for Quebec.? i omidarabla difficulty was anticipated in passing H through the lake, which was still covered with ice. So backward is the season that the 1st of May was nelebratod at Nloolat b* planting a May pole, Oeaoratad with faney eolorcil ribbons, in the Ico of the St. Lawrence. Such an event, It Is said, never before occurred within the n menibranca of the oldest Inhabitant. Lr" at -M,i.u me .Jin in r ih?-toba go l ictciA r.l II. McCr.icken, in Wiitcr Miret, was destroyed by fire The building belonged to 1? iljslop. of sew A i rk.and was not Insured The stork w.< in ured t.i its full smount The flames speedily aominnnh ateii to tha adjoining building owned and oo* , |.li.ll.v loseph Bagnell and (heme to tilt: cbsir and ' Nrwall It B1an> baid Both were d?itroyad MJarellaneou*. Ic The highest honor* of William* College, for this a TMt'i commencement, hare been awarded a* Ibllow*: ? Valedictory-John T Phillip*, Wind*or, Ma?*. Clan- 01 deal Oration?Isaac N. Lincoln. Pluinfteld. Ma**.? Sivlut torjr?Snmuel Sheldon. Stockbridge. Ma**. I'lii- $ loaophlcal?( harlca 11. Sheldon. Stockbridge. Ma**. * Mathematical?Samuel P. fcly, Rochester, N. V . Historical?Thomas N. North, Saratoga Spring*, N Y' It la estimated that the amouut received for canal i toll* at the Various offlces in the State, during the tirst " week in May, will be about $310 OiMi. 7 Menagcric._ltayiuond At Waring having ??>- '? taiued the large Llepliant CULUMfll'S to supply their Ion., '' will make a Grand Loire* into our city with their numerous '' wagons, horses, animals, #cc. oil 21 MONDAY', the 17th of May. ' and exhibit lor a lew days at Nllii.U'S, under a large ami commodious Partition. ,MH. NDISS, h most extraordinary and accoiii|ilished musician trom Germany, will, before each animal |*erformauce, to the ifieat .istoiiisbmeiit of the world, play several pieces on 1 n:* in* rauMetxTs at one time, forming a wholk iiv>d, each instrument having its distinct and full part; some lung never before attempted in this country, it needs only to be seen to be appreciated. Preceding the Menagerie, is the URKAT ROMAN CHARIOT! Literally covered with Gold. e 1 his Uoiniu model is complete and peifect, the inore so in j consequence of the i?arlicut*r pains and expense taken to ac- > quire inhumation from the xcat of Rome, bv Messrs. Rx>- j mom! St Waring, holding a communication with I)r. Debar, a j highly intellectual person, and of a correct and discriminating cli tractor, who has resided there for years, collecting all the particulars, reminiscences, Stc , of this great mother of all Re- | publics. It exhibits to the American people something of the splendor and glory ol Rome, and how far they were advanced ? in particular aits beyoudus. There iierliaps were only three i particular. in which they then could excel our present country l and age; the first, in some few styles of building; the second. 2 of embalming their drad nnd preserving tnein for an aye, and | the third, iu their great Funeral and Htote Chariot, id which this is a most correct ileliueatiou, costing some SbOIIU, being curved, gilded and nut togetner by American artists, supposed from heathen mytlndogVi and carried out iu true Roman style. ;,7** Open the first evening from 7 to 10 o'clock. The re- | mainiiuf days from J to 12, from 1 to I, and from 7 to ID iu the { evening. Admission 2) cents. Children half Price. 3t n Metallic Tablet Razor Strop, the olilent and ' most approved article now in use, having been before the pub- 0 lie lor tlie last thirty years, can be bad wholesale and retail at <| the subscribers. The public and strangers are invited to call ; and eaamiue the various patterns. O. 8AUNDKR8k80N, , 177 Broadway, a few doors above CourtUtid st. To those who itndy economy combined i i with elegance and utility, the subscriber* offer tlieir Travel- j ( ling Dressing Cases as tne most complete of the kind now manufactured. They possess all the merits of the imported arti- , ' cle, with theie advantages, being cheaper, more durable. , compact, and every thing coutaiued in thein made lor use,aud : ' each furuished with the subscriber's Metallic Tablet. i I U. 8ACNDF.R8 Ik HON, 177 Broadway. Uold Pen*?Tlic way to |(rt a Rood one in to i try a large number, and select one to suit your hand, lor scarce | any two persons bold their peus alike. Messrs. Joint W. , Oreatnn It Co. have, for tins purpose, established a wholesale | and retail depot at 71 Cedar street, up stairs, only one door t from the Post Olfice, where you can sir down and try pens, and decide theirrelative merits. Messrs. Oreaton A Co. confine ( themselves exclusively to the gold pen business, aud by so | doing they can offer great inducements iu the quality and price of their Diamond Pens. ; t Fame* DIcLearney, Passenger in the Peltorna I ' from Livrri>ool. is requested to call at the office of the consig- t nee of the vessel, J. T. Wymbs, No. 12 Fulton stre?t. ! ^ Great Rednctlosi?Olwiiond Pointed Uold 1 Pens.?J. Y. Savage, !>2 Fulton st. is still selling (Fold Pens for 7S cents, silver pencil included. The $1 7b Bagley'i Pen for $1 50. Also, a very superior Pen for $2, as good as the best, and much cheaper. Levi Brown's Pens at reduced prices. The trade supplied ou the best terms. Dou't mistake the number MONEY MARKET. 'Wednesday, May 1H_A P. M. The etock market is rapidly Improving; the reaction so far bus been greater than the decline, in all the fancies except Heading, which still ranges several per cent below the highest point recently reached. Pennsylvania 5's advanced to-day >, per ceut; Farmers1 Loan Heading Reading Bonds 1 '4; llarlem X; Norwich and Worcester Treasury notes. Canton, and Long Island closed firm at prices current yesterday. Transur ttons were to some extent, and then: appears to be a . very general impression that better times are coming. 'i'lio rapid increase in our supply of bullion, aud its im- J mediate circulation in all the channels of trade, must, , before many months elapse, have a very favorable inllu- < ence, not only upon the market value of all public secu- ' rities, but upon their actual value. Railroads, properly j and judiciously located, cannot but feel immediate benefit from the increase of business the activity in all our , principal staples will give them. I The steamship Hlbernia, from Liverpool for Boston. < has been at sea nearly nine days, and may be expected ' on or about the 18th instant?Monday?with fourteen < days Inter intelligence from all parts of Kurope. Considerable anxiety is evinced by the commercial j classes, in relation to the character of our next advices, and much difference of opinion exists 1 relative to the state of the markets. Wc have not i the slightest doubt but that the next steamer j { will bring an advance in all kinds of breadatuffs; we j i look for an advance of at least two shillings in flour, and | from three to five in Indian corn. A close and careful | examination of all the accounts received by the Sarah 1 Sands, satisfies us that the movement of prices must be ' upward, in spite of all the financial restrictions and em- | barrassinonts the Bank of England, and all the other banking institutions of Kurope, can bring about. The demand for breadstuff's is perfectly legitimate? ' there is no other speculative movement than an extensive demand for consumption invariably creates in every * important article of trade, and a tight money market can have but a very limited influence upon prices I'eo- 1 | pie must eut, if food cannot be obtained at one price, it 1 must be at another; it is a fortunate circumstance for r tile nations of Eurnne that th?i? -i- i* ? - J ? ... ov n ii y . price. The course pursued by the Hank of England. In relation to discounting business paper, cannot, under | , the existing state of things, add one busLel to the home c supply of breadstuffs. or reduce the consumption a , ' pound. Breadstuffs must be had in some way. ? and they must be paid for, If not in manufactures or other merchandise, in specie. The Bank of j 1 England cannot prevent the drain of bullion by i , refusing to discount paper given in payment for imported 1 breadstuffs; and in the event of the next harvest being ^ deficient, of which there is every probability, on account j . of the uncertainty of the potato crop throughout j Europe, that Institution will have to suspend specie pay- I ( ments. Peel's new banking system is in a fair way of being thoroughly tested, nnd a few months will show I whether it is adapted to any nnd every emergency or J not. ' i We understand that teu dollar bills of a broken bank. I ' ; i altered to the Andover Hank. (Mass.) are in circulation. . They are readily detected, as the Andover Hank has the | check plate on the back of the bills?the altered bills I are plain. The receipts of some of the nvinrinul articles of nrn. Jure nt West Troy and Albany, since the opening of I ' navigation this year, to Hth May, and for a corresponding | 1 period In tho year* 1846 anil 184.1, have been a* follow*: j Canal. Kiirirn to May 8, in kacii os tiir vast tiibfk 1 i train. , 'MS. IMC. 1847. (.anal open April IS. A|>ril 18. May 1 Flour. lirU 231,366 116,7SS 31,186 ! _ I'ork " 10,662 2,987 1,183 ! " Beef " 12,443 1,387 818 Ashes " 14,226 4,678 77J , Wheat bu.h 2,980 26,0.12 4,664 Corn " 2,2111 26,300 128,936 llai ley " 10.891 44,713 20.410 " Cl.rese I In 347,400 IM.40II <?,0fl0 I I! Butter " 199,700 291,000 84,300 c Lard " 309,600 61.600 29,700 j Wool " 248,300 94 900 7,600 I " The above receipt* in 1844 were for twenty-three dnyn; ! In 1846 for twenty-two days, and in 1847 eight daya. In ^ 1844 the eanal opened fifteen day*earlier than till* year; | in 1846. fourteen day* earlier, notwithstanding which 1 the receipt* of corn this year via canal, show* an im- ( !l nmnae increase on previous years, and we have no doubt j ( by the 1st of June the receipt* of uli the principal arti- : I clow, will exceed those to the same dalos in each of the 1 previous two years. The official report of the State Bank of Tennessee and brauehes. for April, 1847, compared with those for j 0 June and September, 1846, was as annexed 1 ^ Rank or Tennesskr and Rmsuim. ,, Junt, Sri>t. 3d, .Ipnf, 1846. 1816. 1817. , Discounted note* $1,964,347 1,821,419 1,828,648 i P Domestic bills 481.108 916,190 903,316 Bill* Slid Mines insult.. . ... 624 911 609,363 614,342 1 I State bonds discounted... . 273,000 271.890 271,890 Kipense account 21,137 7,406 13,117 , Itral estate and branches... 212.282 211.749 204.269 t Interest on State hnuds ... 461,640 161,640 (, ' Do intrrnsi iinprovemeut do 434,619 472,911 $973,612 c Appn irintions to improve- a ment of rivers 147,268 142,482 161,130 S Dne from hanks 400,999 477,614 621,091 Note* of branches and othci ? banks.. 218 647 249.712 213.042 Gold aud silver 647,798 618,32 1 634,331 ^ Total $6,134,686 6,314,142 6,614,082 ' Totsl capital .. 3.166.223 3,174,836 3.189,989 f Treasurer of Tennessee... 60,191 110,078 98,141 '2 rublic offices ? . ? 1,371 222 o l HmU nitf nr rnnrincent fund . 223.710 920 ft9i. '? ' 1 Dividend account 4"I.|7R 556,727 556,727 i F.iehanice account 16,760 26,164 #7,740 Discounts leceived 69,061 25.636 ? Interest account 29,620 7,012 j '' Datn?|je? 4.507 2,006 2.26R n Profit anil loss account 06,632 657 (.2,027 . Discount off Htate bond... ? ? 42,417 1 s Internal Imp. dividend 7,956 7,956 5,2.56 Common school fund 49,726 53,674 124,07H / Internal improvement fund. 11,703 11,703 11.703 i , Due to other binks 253,020 312.751 210,1912 Circulation 1,320,(03 1,375.915 1,690,745 ludividuul depoaitori 239,400 201.556 215.091 It Total 6,135,606 6,315,152 6,614,002 J'ho abrogate movement has Increased nearly thren littndrcil thousand dollars, which In the liabilities has ,| lieen conflued principally to tho department of Issues, It I and in the assets to balances due from bnnki The 1 * I circulation bss increased a much Isrtjer per cent t than the amount of specie on hand, while the Une of b MM has barn exceedingly uniform The mother bank nd branch**, appear to ba on. tha whole, in a vary sound ooditlou Sleek Knhan|(< 100 TreasuryNulo G's IBlJI 100 sb? KsrWa Trust 14 '00 Alabama 5's 03 200 uo b.'W 31 ' wo r State* 6's '56 106 50 do 1.20 31 '0(11/ Indians bond* 31V 25 American Ks Bk 41% i 00 Penna5's 74V 5110 Reading Rlt 49 00 lllltloii8pel 39?, 450 do 58% 1)00 do 40 loo do >10 50V; '010 Reding M tg |tds 69V 50 do *20 58% 400 do 09V 100 do 58% 400 do 1)30 6'JS UK) Kast Boston Co 22,% 400 do 1)60 69% 200 do 24 3000 Reading Bond* 72V 250 Canton 39V 4000 do *10 72V 100 do b20 39V 4000 do .-?) 72.V 100 Harlem 5'% 0000 do 7 3 50 do b30 52 5000 do *30 73 150 do 52 I *b N York Bk 120 150 Nor & Wor 19V 20 Stale Bank 87 50 do *10 19% 6 Bk Com lull 92 125 Eri* RR scrili 81% 20 Karint Trust 33V 20 do 59 50 do 1.20 33V 50 do *30 59 90 do 1)60 34 50 Auburn it Rochester UK) 50 do 33V 300 Long Island 2H.V >0 do 33 V 350 do ?30 28% 00 do 33?, 50 New Jersey 103?* Second Board. 11.000 Tres'y Notes 2-5 10'V #00 ?hs Teuu Loau 31% 000 Teiiuesare C's 98 200 do 31,V 000 N York St*le 5's '60 100 250 do 1.30 31% 000 Reading Bond* 73V 50 Reading sill 54 000 do M0 74 50 do .15 59 50 shs Tenu I.oan bl5 34% -5l) do *15 54'. 50 do a3 34 V 0(10 do *60 59 00 do blO 311, 400 do ,90 58 V 59 do a3 31', 100 do 5II7* 50 do a3 31?, 50 do 1.3 59 00 do boo 35 350 Harlem 52 (10 do .00 six JO M?cou ? | [',0 <lo JO Long Island 1.10 3HX I no do b30 35 _ CITY TRADE REPORT. New York, Weovksuav Aeter*oon, May 13. The market for breadstuff* continued firm, and sale, if Geneaoo flour, on the spot, were made at $7 81 '4; to ,rrlve In a week, sales were uiado ut $7 75.and during the nonth, at $7 50. Sale* were mado, to arrive in July, it $7. A lot of rennHylvania. ou the spot. sold at 17 56X. Sales of Northern yellow corn, in tho city, vere freely made at 94,X a 95, OA]'a a 9Hc., and of mixed lo., at 93 a 93c. Kurther sales were made for shipment ,o Philadelphia, at 90c. A sale of Northcu white was nude at 94c ; to arrive in Juue, sales were made ut 83 a 15c., and in July, on terms not stated. Sales of meal ivere freely made at $4 75, and to arrive in Juue at M .50. Ilye sold at $1; Barley, ut 70 a 73c , and oats at Wc. A sale of rye flour was made at $5 OflU'. Provisions were Arm : but sales were not large. Old prime | mrk sold ut $13 Otl',; new mess do., at $10, and new .rime at $13 6'2}a a 7,5c. A lot of country prime beef, I lold at $9 133 2 a $9 36, and some barrels of beef bams. ' it $19. Groceries were rather stationary Sales of sufar wore very light; in coffee, transactions were also ather limited. Dealers seemed to be waiting for the >ublic sale of 3,500 bags of Rio, to come off on the folowing day. tho 13th inst. Receipts of produce down he Hudson, for the Uth inst., vis 6,194 bbls flour, 13,607 bushels corn, 'J.flOO bushels rye. 487 bbls. cornneal. Ajhes.?We report sales of 3.50 bbls. pots at $5. Pearls srare inactive and nominal at $6 AO. Breads rem.?Flour?IVc report sales of about ,5000 ibis. Genesee on tbe spot at $7 81'4.; 3000 do to arrive it a few days at $7 76 ; and 600 do to arrive Ids week at $ 1 t>8>?'.; 1000 (lo sold to arrive In all tlie resent month at $7 60 ; 3a400 do favorite brand Ohio, in the spot, sold at $8 ; and a lot of Pennsylvania at 17 6ti'4 ; 1500 bbls Genesee sold to arrive in July at $7, 11 lYheat, we heard of no transactions. Corn?Transitions were again large, which, including sales of all linds on the spot; and to arrive, amounted toabout 100.H)0 bushels, consisting of aliout 11.000 northern yellow, in .be city, at 9,5c., and about 41.000 do do at 9tJe..including 1 small portion at 98Xc ; 30.000 bushels do were reported old at 94Xr96c,; 3300 do Northern white sold it 94c.; 500 do do at 93c; 15,000 do sold to j trrive in Juno at 83 a84 a8.6c; 10,000 do mixed. 1 liuyers option, at a week's notice, was offered at 93c. 1 Wye.?We; report' sales of 8000 a 8000 bushels at $1. Rye Flour? Sales of 130 bbls were made at $.5 OK1,', fnih'un Meal?The market whs steady, and we report sales if about 8000 bbls New Jersey, on the spot, at $4 76, uid 3500. to arrive in June, at $4 50; and 400 do Branlywine at $5 Barley?We report sales of 3000 bushels it 73c; and 700 do inferior at 70c. Oate?10.000 bushels u Jun<; aud half iu July, at 60c. ( andlls? Sperm continued to move at 31c. ( orrrr.?We report salea of 200 baga St. Domingoat >'.ic; and '150 do Sumatra at 7c; 40 baga nound Rio aold >y auction at 7Sc, rash; and 70 do damaged at 6l4 a >\c. caali; 60 baga Carthngvna. damaged, aold at auction 'or tie, caab. Cotton?The sales amount to about 1000 bale*, nearly ntirely to manufacturers. and at our Inside quotations. I,IVKRpool CLAIIiriCATION. \r w Or Imp i Uplands. Flor ida. Mob. 4* Texas Inferior none, none uone. none, none none. [Jrilinary U 1IX II IIV IIV IIV VI i del ling UV 1? ||V 12 Si IU 1J>4 Hood Middling ?? I2X 123? 12V 12V 13 Middling Fair 13 13V 13V I I1, 13), 13V f-'air 13 V 13)? 13?? 13X It IIS Fully Fair IIX It uone. none. IIV ICS Qood Kair It It noue. none. It)? 15 Fine none. none. none. noue. none. uoue. Fun?We report galea of 350 quintals dry rod at $3 90; 100 bblit No. 'J mackerel, and 500 do No. 3 gold on private lertna. Far it?Salea of about b00 boxes bunch raisins were made at $1 90 a $1 95. lot of new Cuba, in boxen, gold at 50c. Lkiuorick Pastk?35 cages, not. best quality, black. | told by auction at 10?,' a He. Lead?We report anion of about 1000 pigs at $1 50. Molaiiks?Salea of SO hhda Cardenas were made at !3c; and 16 hhdgordinary Cuba by auction at'JI.Se. four \ nontha. Naval 8tork??Salea of gplriti turpentine were retorted at 39c. There waa no change In raw or other Inscription* Oil?Sales of Knglish were reported at 63c. canh. and if American city pregacd at 68c. do. N. W. whale war icld at 33c. There wan no change iu sperm. Provisions?We report galea of 100 bbls. old prime pork it $11 MX! 10? do. new mesa do. at $10. and about 300 lo. new prime at $13 til,1, a $13 76. Baof?900 bbls country prime gold at $9 1'2X; '100 do. country do. were eported aold at $0 '26. and 150 beef hams to arrive gold it $19. l.ard, in kegn, wan steady with small galea at IOC, 110,Sc. Rick?The market continued firm, but aalcg were con tned to about 60 tierces at *4 60 a >4 87>i. Si/oar ?The market exhibited no material change I lineo last report. Salon of all kinds wort- light *40 hhds \ Muscovado sold at auction, and brought 614a67je, cash. Spiers?160 lbs nutmegs sold at $1 62. 00 Jays: H I vales and 4 bags of Ceylon ciunanton sold by aurtion at I6e. Whalmork?The market continued quiet. Whiikct?The article was held ait 29e. The stoek in !lrst hands was estimated at about 60o bbls. Kskiriiti ?A vessel was chartered for Antwerp on :erm? we did not learn, and another was chartered, it siis .aid, for Havre, at about 80r per barrel. To London s ilent, in bulk was engaged at 1 Id, and (lour at 3s. euiuaeing 10.000 bushels of wheat, and 6(H) bbls. Hour: 1000 bushels grain in bags were said to be engaged to Liverpool, on terms equal aboutto Od per bushel. It was laid 66.000 bushels ofg grain, chiefly corn, were engaged ,o be shipped aboard in nil June, on terms not made iiihlie. i inii. Toi ls. ICt/i tu%Wh April, 1st to 7lh ;W?p, 1816. 1817. Sew Vork Sli,930 21 tlb.niy $28,123 63 29.875 M iVest Troy 42,001 87 34,362 89 $70,428 10 $80,174 63 Hack Hock $1,08167 $6,273 96 iuffalo 22,646 68 30,07 1 38 $26,627 16 $36,346 34 Total at the live offices $97,065 66 $116,519 97 Last year the ( anal opened on the 16th April, anil his year on the 1st May. The comparison for the above lllces is of the first fifteen days last year, with the tlrst even days this year. The New York office was estabIshed last year,on the 1st June, and the whole amount oltected there durlug the season was $39,739. Married. On Tuesday evening, by the Rev. W S. Dalcli. Tiiomai Yoon to KramcBi Mosrok, both of this city. On Tuesday evening, the 11th instant, by the Rev 1r Bellows. Richard L. Crook to Carolisi. 8. Tavluh, II of thlR city At Columbia College, by Pr. J. McVlcknr. ( haplain 1 \riny. October 6, 1846. Lieut HlRIT B. SBAM.Sd S Artillery, to IIarhjkt Louija, daughter of the late Captain John ( litI, U. S. Army. DImI, Ou the l'ltb instant,, of consumption, in the 4wth year f her age. Sabaii KaRI-t., wife of l)avid K.arle. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited, rithout further invitation, to attend her funeral, to torrow afternoon, at 4 o'eloek, from the northeast coricr of 7 th Avenue and 'Jttth street. 1'hiladelphia papers ileHse ropy. On Tuesday, llth instant, of apoplexy. Wii i.iam Mi . a i oiiuii, (an old resident.) in the 89th vear of his age. Mis relatives and acquaintances, also of his sons Wm J.. Nicholas. Alfred and Henry, and son-in-law Peter I labcoek, and members of the "Thistle Benevolent Arsniation," are invited to attend his fuueral this afternoon to'clock, from iiis late residence, lla Klixaheth si it. Johns, N. B. papers please copy. On Wednesday afternoon the Pith instant, (amis Iki.mks, in the 48th year of his age The relatives and friends of the family, also the memiers of Captain Forsyth's companv ot Lafayette Horse fuard". are respectfully invited to attend his funeral. , roni his late residence. Oth Avenue, between 'Jflth and i 7th streets, on Friday afternoon, the 14th instant at I clock P. M OnsWednesday evening. Wii.iiam t)i enrsrirr. aged l years. * His funeral will take place this day. (Thursday) from lis late residence. R7 Carmine street, to which hi" friends nd relatives are respectfully invited In this city, on Sunday, the Oth instant. Jons Hi > sr. enr., In the 80th yoar of his age On Wednesday. l'Jth of May, of dropsy in the head. Ikorov. Hasvkv, son of James and Klisaheth leinarnst. aged'JI months and II days The relatives and friends ofthe family are respectfully ivlted to attend his funeral, on Friday, the 14th instant, t 4 o'clock, from his father's residence, 88 West iflth treet. At Troy, on the 9th, Hon Hrtsnrs WaRRXv, long one ft he most enterprising merchant* of Troy, and among tie opulent residents of that city?was distinguished for onorahle qualities of character and for a life of eminent ortn anil purity At Buenos Ayres. on the morning of tha llth Februav ( HASLr.i HAooratv seaman of the United states rig of ?er Balnbrldge aged ?R, native of Ireland The wm batbin* in tbo river not fur from the ihor wlieu It U supposed he stumbled and fell on rook, wi stunned by the blow and then drowned. IP.S remain were eouveycd to the Protectant burial jfrotfnd on th 1 -lb, followed by Joeeph Oruliiitu. ? ?}., V. 8. Comiul.eo* Captain Lawrence Pcnniugtoo. and other offtcejri nn< Siamen of the ttainbrldgc. a* we!! u* zuauy print oitlsens. Oil the /itLi instant. at his renldence In Upper Darby Delaware county. Pa., John b> i.lkm, in the bath yea of hin u^c. WANTED?By a respectable Young Woffiui, a litrf at ioi a* cook, cliamberiu ml, or lauudrt ?s. iij a re s|?ec table pri v ate Ltinilv, or as child's nurse ; his no objection* to go tra veiling with a lady. Toe best of city reference can he gi\eii and c m h teen for two du> s. Apply at lib Anion street, COJ ner of Hudson street, upstairs. myl3lt*rc WANTED K | irtnei i ih Intelligence Utficr, coutan iiig several other lucrative brunches, where a good an beneficial lucrative business rail be done, and which is situ: ted in one ot the most convenient places in the city. A lit. addressed "Intelligence, al the otlicc of this piper, will u 1 i i in no 1 ti tt? ution. oil i j- -1 A\ (>i NO LNUL18H LADY, foi tome time resident Paris, i> desirou * of entering a gentleman's family, whoi daughter? miKtit w ishto acquire the inoie finished branches < education, or to avail themselves of thorough musical instru rion. No objection to the South. Address O. L. H.,iNe \ ork post od my 11 ut* r H ElttS WanTKI' -Wilham lUn^ yictual indole comity of Perth, Scotlandt died on the Ittth dav of Jauuar 1817, leaving heritable and moveable property of the value jL'Jun sterling at lea*?t. Mr. Keinp came originally frotn tl parish of f nw le * We*h r i i this neighborhood. He died iutt tale, and I' ll no neaiM relatives in Scotland than cousinage mm. He 1.1 I ihrothvi, however, whose name was Jam moiPi who -ii ried Vflsi Taylor Aon KtntoclMur in tli neighborhood, and subsequently went to America, and had family. Jone of whom was named John,) and for many yea resided in tiie city of New York. He paid a visit to his fnen at Crieff about 20 year* ago, and shortly alter returned America; little has been heard of him since, and it is thoug be ?s dead, but it is belie* >d some of his family are alive ni still resident ill or about the city of New York. Any person persons, therefore, cl timing to lie the heirs and representative af tin* said William K? nip, or who can give information lea ing tothf di ooitrj ol men hoii i* vi mi please immediat< iv communicate either with the British Consul at New York, tin subscriber; the lat'cr of whom will afford every inlorii lion on the subject. J AS. M< I.ARKN, Writer or Solicitor Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland i ri< tl. 9th Mireh, 1841 my 13 lw*flfj | RKWAIU).?Cost on Saturday, 8th instant, Thi flvv Hundred ' nd Fifty Dollars, supposed to have be dropped at or near Dr. Klliotl's office, oriu parsing from Am street up Broadw ay to Tenth street. Three one hundred d ! lai * bills and one fifty dollar bill of the Merchants' Bank, B , ton* Whoever will return the same at 161 Tenth street, (seen door cast of the Bowery,) vv ill receive tin* above reward u tilUlk 1 the OWuei inl'l 3t n dA Pi RKWARD.? Cost, ou Monday last, the 3d inn'ant iftw brown terriei !'"<* iboat 26 lbs wieht. cropped ? ; and long tail ; is vcr> friendly, mid very handsome. Whoei will return him at Mr. Jones' stables, 139 Mercer street, sh meeiye the a boy# reward. nil 3t*r< POI'M)-A Purse containing an amount of money. 1 a owner can have it bv applying at 82 South Fourth sfrt Williniushtrg, pro vine property and pay inn for thisadverti vt i of. mint* f \1 MJNIFH ENT ENGRAVING -The Spirit of 78. ivl. str# 1, by 11. S Sadd, from Mattisnn's picture; size of t ojeture 19 by 2i inches, printed on fine paper, 21 by 32 inch Proofs each. Proofs on India paper $3. Published by JOHN NEALE, y? Carmine street \nt m uited. mi3 St*rc < m ri in. off XEV iRapo! VT an adiouided meeting of the Committee appointed the citizens of New York to make arrangement* to pi sent to Lie lit. < H AS O HCNThlC I . S. Sa* >, a milat testimonial of theii high ipptcittipn ofhu charactai a* American, as instanced in hi* heroic mid gallant attack a capture of Alvvndo Fla-ro-talpim, ike, held at Stelh Room., under the American Museum, ou Tuesday ev mug, tlth inst., II. Areulariu*. Jr., was appointed Chairm pro km and J.C. Potter, Secretary r?ro tein. On motion of Col. Cairufs, Aid. J. C. Stoneall was elect Chairman. On motion of T. J. Aguew, Aid. B. J. Meserole was elect Treasurer. On motion of Cupt. Forbes, J. C. Potter was elected 8e retary. The following sub-Committees were appointed:? On Selection of Teatimonial. Col. J. T. Cairnes, Aid. Kohler, Major W. W. Lyon, Aid. Feeks, Cupt. A. S. Forbes. On Selection of Place of Preamtatlon T. J. Agnew, J. Rose, Jr. Aid. ColuptoUi James Bard, John Dowliug. On Selection of Speak era. II. Areularius. Jr. Aid. Walsh, Isaac V. Fowler, Aid. Webb, Aid. Walker. On Invitation and Reception. Aid. Shaler, H. B. Connolly, Aid. Hatfield, II. P. Waumaker, James McNespic. Oil mm ion, the Secretary war authorized to procure a pri ed bending to ircord the name* of contriuutors, and that place in the hand* of each uf the Committee a ropy as ?nou possible. Voted. That tb*? ?.i. (until presentation takes place) nn Tutidty evening of ei vi eek. Oil motion, adjourned. 11. AHCULARIL'8, Jr., Chairman pro ten i. C. Pottkh,atc'y protein. inyia it L 'dToAN and BROTHERS, 8LATKRH,4:tlTBroo itiait, comer oi Broadway, New York, aw Roofs I on in the brut mallue,, old Roof* repaired and warranted tit Order* received at tlif above place and at Mr. P. ('laik's Henry street, will he punctually attended In. rn It I in * Bank coffee hoUil-tIm iwprfiwi wonid l>ectl'itlly inform liis friend*anil cuatoinrra, that liia n house is now open at No. II Pine afreet, between Nassau lirO 'dvvay; which lie has titled up for the accominodalioi gentlemendiningdown town, lie flatten himvelfthnt tin ramremeiita lie has made will merit a rouliniisnce of that to inn ith w lueli the house has been favored for many y? past; he vv ill lie happv to see his old friends and eustoiners nan II. JAMKfl FOSSETI ini II Iw'o 'IMII-s |,\i I I III.INIIi D. Price 12 cents, IIIK I,At J. LKOH, a farce in two acts, beiug of the Mil Drama. Aim, MACKBETH THAVK8TIE, by W. K. Northi Ksi|., as played Willi unbounded success at the Olymj Theatre, ['./** Mr M't 'ready lias proiiouiiced.this to be I best travcstie in the English language. BERFORD Ik CO. 2 Avtor House, successors t< mil It'c WM. TAVLOR ?t (JO ria (? DOt Kill I CD F. KS ? Wan led, proposals for bu Idiui 1 a. Bnlhhaad si the loot of CoHiers street, from Water I Fronts reel. For further particulars, a|i|dy ( within one wee '? (?. Fl lt.VIAN, Jr.. at the store of Brvdiier it Co., N'c | Nassau street, or to J. T. IKVINO, No. 7 Nassau street, I stairs. ntyll7t*tt BOARD.? view gentle men. who desire breakfast audi only, can be accominnditeil with hoard with a respectal I and private lafhily. The sinistioii of the liousc is iiuiiaual pleasant. The rooma are large and grounds apacioui. Chart moderate. F.iuiuire at No. 233 West ITtli street, near 9tli ai inie. niS3feod*rr MCXJI AN BATTLES.? At the N'orllierii F.irh*n|re, j Blercker street, on Wednesdsy and Thursday Eve iegs, May 12tli and 13th. The splendid moving Panoramic II presentation of the Battles of Palo Alto, Kesaca dr la I'alni Monterey, and Buena Vista, together with the Flight of tl Mexican Army. Also, a full and complete painting of Oenrral Taylor, iu fi Tlx- Satile Brother* will also *|>|iear in conjunction with t above magnificent exhibition. Also, ,\fr. Lynch, the popular ballad singer. Performance to commence 'g before 8 o'clock. Admission 12,Ls cents; front seats reserved for ladies, my 12 ft* rc RE5HEFHF(FoF THM'KOsT'KCT HALL,4th Am I' ll '.I2J street, over the Itailroail Tunnel.?1The subscrlbr would hereby give notice to their friends and the puhl ft tilV, that tM) have rircull, OMmA the shove nam Hotel, where they w ill be happy to funiish for parties a military companies, refreshments of every kind, in asuperi style. I, M HWAK.HAL, KRAN/ UEIUEH, i ' : in*,.- I'mprx lor 1i|MOLVl"S SI I.I'IH K B VTHS, .17, I'es.l street. in Broadway? Kor the cure of Kheum iti.ui, Salt Hhen K.ioptions of tlx- Hkin. Tally, Colds, So- (sc. So-. Nr.w \ ohu, April 1.7, 1817 MM. Timoi.AT :? Si a I feel it my duly to return yon my most sine, thanks for tlx benefit my daughter received from your Sulpl Baths. She was afflicted for t w o years with rheumatic pai and general debility, tad, in liirl, had no use of her limbs, was obliged to be enrried, as occasion required. Every rei dy that was prescribed by two eminent physicians was tri but to no effect, and I gave tip all hope of ever seeing her w again ; hut lining advised by a friend, I was induerulo try I Sulphur Hatha, and I now have the satisfaction to say tl after Inking .1 number, she is perfectly cured ; and I shall most happy anil willing at all times to give any further partii lars to those that yon may think proper to refer to. Yours, respectfully, JOSEPH DONALDSON, ill Mt*n In . I>i v ision street DISSOLUTION.?The co-|>artnership heretofore exisli under tlx- firm of Prince k I ukarf, is dissolved hy mute consent. Hubert Prince is duly authorized to adjust the t settled tin lilts )|a J if the (lrttt. lie will continue the hiisuiess Paper Hanging Manufacturing on Ins own account. Win house No. 'J 13 Pearl street. Franklin sijuare. ROBERT PRINCE, i HAS. <?. UNKART. New York, May II, IHI7. my12Jt*rc II. VAN I'ELT, tikes this method of informing I I\ . friends in this eitv. and also his fiienilsin Masaarhtiset of Bo.ton and New Bedford, and the public in general of t a. places, that he ha< Incited himself in his profession draper and tailor, at No. n Murray street. New York. 'I In great aueces. that has attended others from Ids laho induces turn t? believe that he e moot fail to receive a Hint ratr portion ol the patronage which has thus been bestowed, ni W 7t r Nethkki.and society?henurik luikep IIESSELINU, who letl I ollaud the Ifltli Sepiemh 1808, for Hamburg, and thence in IK72 to New York, alsot person of Van Snxlerrn, their relations or descendants, are i <|iiested to give information of their whereabouts, to the age of the Netherlsnd Society, 11-4 Orretiwich street, New Yoi when- very important information from Holland can be c tained by them. m!2 gt* i INBTRUsiTloSl i -N THE ' PI \NohoRTE ?Iti BERTH. CCNNINOIIAM takes this npimrtuuity mooiinciog to Ins friends nun the inhabitants of Brou lyn, that he intends giving lessons on the Pianoforte and I gan, eiilx-r it his residence in Sydney Plsce, near State aire, or at lite houses ofhis pupils. Scholar* in New York nttewded i uxual my 11 Itfli rpiiE MOST splendid ili.i STKaTLB wolt 1 in the world, will be published on Saimdav , Tub Ma No i North American Scenery, containing the follow! tiewa No. I Village of Essex, N V No. 2. View near < roton, N Y. No 7 Eslla of the Yanlic.ntxr Norwich, Conn. No. i Res-deuce of A. Mi Makin, Esq., Kounlain Tar near Philadelphia. The above views sre fovm original drawings taken on tl ...... n. v vvi,.,.r,.i,l l ?i _b 1? . _ contains four cnRintinga. printed in tints, and right p.i* illuntrative Int. Single miner ?.'? rent*. II. LONlJ ?t nnOTIIKR. .12 Ann afreet, N. V f\ S.--To Poalmasfera and rlnba .1 ropir? will be forward on th* rmlpt of $1, pot paid. mil in NOT!' K?LOHT?The following Ktre T?r I ent Bon of the Si ite of Tennessee, were mailed a? I he New Vn I'oat Offir' '"I 'hi' frfh mat. for Philadelphia. A* they ha imt armed ( their destination, thf)' hare doiihtleaa been m mailed. All persons are hereby noiiAeil not to negotiate purchase the in, a? payment haa been stopped:? Bond So.9i. letter A. dated lat Nor. IMS, leaned to the I wa?eer Railroad ( o. or hearer. Bond N'n. %, letter A. name date, and untied to the eame Bo id No. 133, letter A, dated 3d Nor. 181*. and laaned the ( o|ntTihi*< entral Railroad Co. or hearer. Bond No. Ill, letter A, dated 3d May, 1819, and iaaued to ti Columbia I'ulaaki, Klktowu and Alabama Tnrnpike Co. hearer. Karli hond for $10(10. and payable 18 venra after 18.18. in 'i . *'bt J <i ORtOORY OA QCARTER< \HKS PORT WIN* Oa" *,< i do. do. Madeira do. Wineo of all kinds constantly on hand and foraale by MRH I' I KUJPMHA, MX edar.treet, widow of the late Paulo J. Klgurira, of 71 New atreet. mil tit*r PTT( II?.*>8 bhls of ?uperi"t iiialu), fcr tale inlotatn -i pitrrhaa,,. hv Jab. t. T/r?f otr, mv lfi Smith %i, iiccmor to Caokf * Ad*m? ? " > I III I I I .a ..IS.,,. I, , I II I I I I ?? e AUCTION NOTICKS. t EMNL PLANTS AT AUCTION _A" l.tVVI' V e A on Thdradiy Morning. at II o'clock, ?i *j Bi..?dw?y ? I a choice cnlleetlou ol Oremhouw Plant*, from iIm Garden 'of i , Mr. J. B. Mailt*!. comiaflng ?r Orange., in fruit and ilowrr; 11 1 h"?> ot varioita lint- ?ort?\ A?li?, Jxmiin, varum Hi d,", c I'.iphne*. (Jliandera. Arc., with iitiif other varietie*?II m ti,.,. o.cfer. Auo, a ijuautlty ol' Flower UrCtW, ju.t irueurd from \ Holland. _ mltltve* ' niM. PLANTS AT AUCTION?A L K V , n aalloa U Fiid.t) morning at II o'clock, at No. !W3 llrnadw ay, a h liandaoine collection of choice ffamU, cwaialiiia of Rote., ' . ' imatlonj. Change* aud Lemon*, Anlia", ?nporied D.lilia , | " KooU.WItha variety of other plaut*, all in hot order. I Al?". KloWer Seed*, u Imported. ml3 2t? re ' < JLANTI NV.#"i)K M ICli U> A N UOSKS. AT A Lit 3 : IliirioN?Will be .old at .To. 77 V\ II itreet. tin* day. at 1U o'clock, about one thouttild .Michigan Moan Storks, Jim re- ? reived from Michigan, they are in line order, lelerttd with treat judgment. It i? one of the moat heautilul ol Clumbers, ' u will grow aome :?i I'eet in a season, |?r?r*en11nif iimeiuerabl* ' ! clutter* of lloaet, iipcnlor from deep roae to w hit*. my 13 lt?c II VAN I)V KK I. . \iicf lonerr. - l^LKOANT SALK OK FRKNCH PORCELAIN. Va.e., A-d Cut (ills*, Uuaudolet. Krai y Plated Ware, Silver Ser- J ,f v,ce*. Ate.?V.iu Antwerp At Pine w ill sell on Tharaday, way j I 13, at 10 o'clock, at the ?tore of K. (Jrrardiu, No. 3li Broadway, j j up taira, peremptorily,to clote the aonceni, French f hina din- * ' ner, tea and Cutler tela, plain wniie and decorated, rich coffee I rupa "lid aauccra, lete a tela seta, ink stand*, cologne bottles, al ) Ate., Ate. ! I ol | AI?o, a haudsoma collection of rich Va*e?, Cornucripias and | y,_ Ornament*. i *f AI?o, Cut (llan Ware of the ricliaat style and pattern, at- J te sorted 0 't- i Also, Ivory Knives and Fork* in net* and dozeni. i- | \l?o, .plenum l'arixran mid I.miih XIV ttylf Gl*?? ami ! ? I I'liin* y*?r?i .upvrb Girandoles, rich ami elrgaiit style*. from ii* i 4 to 13 light*: I.uslies; Caid Vtses; Bohemian Flower Vases; ] * Uouiiuet Holders, lu\ ir? Also, *n extensive invoice of,ich Plated Ware, comprising a , il? j i'iuii|ilcti' assortment. ( to Atao, 2 solid *ili er ten and colfee acta, and numerous other ' lit j article*. For |iartiruUr* of which see auction head Courier ' nd , and Enquirer. Catalogues ready the morning ot .ale. or inv 12 2ti*"r I J ea I ? *" , ~ ~ ,1 i id- 1 ThTU'l'll 'K.?'1 he Journeymen Morocco hliaver. and Finishto IS er?" Association of New York, Brocklvu, and vicinities, or will meet tlii* I Thursday ) evening, at V o'clock, at the usual ia- piece. , Punctual attendance i< re<iue?ted, ?t business of itnportauee I will he laid before the meeting. By order of the President. JOS. D. HACKER. ml2 lt*e Recording Secretary, itv f^ARDNERM, FARMERS, PLANTERS, 1IOTKLANU ol- U PRIVATE HOUSEKEEPERS?The aub.cnher ha. o?- made considerable improve incut, in all hia preparations; his | Ciperieuce from the beginning of hi* invention to the preaent lid day, warrants him m aa.uriug those in need of hi* preparations id to arrest the attack of moths, bedbugs. Ike , that they are elfeci tual, and carry out the success to it. fullest client. For Gardner*' and Farmers' use?his various manures, such a' * Sulphate of Ammonia, Nitrate of Soda, Sulphate of Soda and *' Sulull. Magnesia. '" I The very celebrated Fly Paper, to he depended ou iu nil in- | statuei. Apply to Dr. LEWIS FEUCHTWANGEH. lie mhiim'c 8Libfty street 'tf' IJKADLKVS MAGAZINE.?Tha PARLOR MAGA *e" XX ZINK having parsed under the editorial cam of 1 c llradley, author of " Napoleon and hit Mar*hnli, to., Sg.c j on commences its fourth volume with .May, the f o t number ?d he which is now ready. We offer this Maga/.iiit: to the public, ; r&. with the greatest coufidciice. It has already received the huh* est testimonials from the highest sources, and under our new i bnd highly popular editor, w ith the improvements made and 111 tirogress, we feel 110 hesitation in offering this as one of the 1 est as well as cheapest periodicals in the country. All who i . | are desirous ol planus in their families a Mag i/oh of tl.r I highest character, neat and beautiful in it a appearance, rich | and chaste in its illustrations, pure and healthful in its tone ' j ami, at the same time, varied anu fiscinatiug, are requested to | . send their names at once to the office, 131 Nassau street. ,. | -Terms, $2 per year, if iii advance. K. E. MILKSf I ml3 3t*jc I u CUBSORIPTION to establish t tfHEEPFOLp of 191,000 I sheep upoii an estate of 100,00ft acres, situated m Western ed Virginia. Tp form this associations capital IS$130,000 ifl re* quired.loathe persons forming the asaociation?L Will reed ; ceive six per rentuin upoii the capital from the time of *di v oicing the same. 2. Will be reimbursed the whole capital j , i'* | during the course of the fifth, sixth and seventh \enrs. 3. ' : I Will receive in and after the eighth year su unusual revenue ! I of SOU ,000 ; and, 4th, will be possessed theu of au establish- J mailt oftiie vtlnt of $ioo,oou. ' I The subscription is open at the office of Herman C. Adams, ( j Ksu. 43 Wall street. New Vork, where all the information j niiu explauati. n desired may he obtained, and the survey ol 1 the laud, the flan and calculations establishing the above re- . I suits, examined. ' The title deeds of the estate are deposited with Theodore ; I Sedgwick. fcls<).M> Wall street, Neva York. I The undersigned, the owner ol* the land, subscribes for $35,000, and hj^refers to M I inr,uuunr. siuuirim,|. SAMUEL B. RUOULKS.Kau. , SIDNEY BROOKS, Esq. of D?vis, Brooks I Ic Co. HKNHY W. E. MALI, Esq. i A> soon as tlie subscription *11011 hi* filled up, a meeting ol hi- 1 tin* subscriber* will lie called to deliberate upon the form ami In- i t lie articles of (lie association, which may sn>m best to adopt. 1 in- n>13 17th,MtMnd Slrtfh LOl'ls CMl'll't. .... ' Ohio, hi thk. Odd Kkllow*' Hall AnoctaTION| J'f' ok thi: ClT* ok Nk.w York, May 12. 1817 S ?ru rpHK Aiiuual Meeting ol t'us Association will be held at i J- National Hall, Canal street, ou Monday, the 11th day of | June proximo, at 3 o'clock, P M., for the purposr of acting i , upon an aineiidmeut to the By-Laws, increasing the immlier of , ' aliarea of the capital atock, and for thr transaction of inch tin other huainraa as inay he h ought before the Association : and put at 5 o'clock T. M. of the seine day an election will be held lor (hi. twelve managers for the rustling year, also for two inspectors , UK 1 of the next annual election. c Extract ftoin the Bv-Laws of the Association " Article 8. ~ . In very share of stock snhscrilied for, and on which all tustalmeutsdue hare been paid, shall entitle the holder thereof, in ' . I peraou or hy proxy, to one vole at anv election or on anv quea" a , tion submitted to the consideration of the Association." By order, W. W. DIBBLEE, iii- ' mil It*law rc _ Secretary, n jjje CHARLES GAGNEBINi importer of Watches "? 1 t' r^T hae removed temporarily from No. 66 Liberty ! ' 1yrn No. < John street. nuk're iRRTVEp FROM GERM ANT?A (mat JT ! variety of CANARIES, which will sing thr notes ol tor Nightingale, Woodlark and Titlark. ; "fas: GEORU SCHWARTZ, ill, 1 Emplirhlt sein neu eingerichtetes Gausthans ruin Krrischut/. rue : Pension Krancaisr, No. 161 Washington strssse, New York. :l,e myl33t*c M APARTMENTS TO LET, hmRomth fknttahcsf, or uiifnriiisheil, at 31 North Moore street. _ m!3 7t*rc ? . TO LET. hi Jerasty City, near the ferry, acreral - ' Storrs and Dwelling Houses; also, one place fitted up to Jja^uice for a Restaurant. luquire of *> JOSf.PH CAOEKEN, ' J i inyl3 3t*rc Western Hotel. DP - -- I - | . _ JmA TO LET.? A desirable location fpr a rnanofactors . pvTB The premises between 1Mb and 16th street, on the hanks a a JiJjL of the East river, and known as the "Tnrtle Bay;" place consisting of 13 or 16 lots of ground well einlosed, a large two story donble house, ice house, a fine well of water, and a *' large substantial barn immediately on the wharf, which has * " been and can now he used ai a store house. Thr whaif, who til will he rented wiili thr premises,is built of stone and is now in !73 good order, and ready for immediate use, a?d as vessels e n . ii- coine along side and make fast, it reudrrs the premises highly r- desirable. ia, These premises will he rented for a term of years. Posses- i lie siou immediately. Apply to EDWARD C. WEST, ill ml3 lw*c No. 31 Wall street, third story. ! M KOI1 SALE AT A BAH(JAlN-Tlie hiuldiiigsami . lease, together with tools for a inschine shop, anu al?o JJJLfor a sinilli shop, being in o|ienitinii. This offers a dr. suable opportunity to any person wishing to invest tbeir capital in thr above, or any manufacturing . business where lathes. slide-rests, vicea, shafting and pullies, and a full assortment of ' __ blacksmith tool* ran l?e brought into requisition, together tic with a twelve years lease on the premises, all of which ran >r* be bought at a bargain, if applied for noon at 86 Avenue I), lie between 6th and 7th streets. my!3 3t*c ! '! 1 JMl FARM WANTRD-The ulrfrthcr withes to bin WpiKsrm within three or four hours ride of New York. Ador In T H. T. Post office, Philadelphia, describing the property, si/.e of the house, {go. mil 3t/ 2tgM KOHEKIN UKNTLKMKN arriving in tl. iWflfcUiiited States, or uther-r, desivouH of purchasing a pe? p*' + ihi.inaii' nt Country Residence in ftVnii?> Ivani'i.? llir siib!,l? | senior offers for sale his Farm, situated in Montgomery r? , Pennsylvania, 11 mile.* north of Philadelphia. It contains 'JOU acres of land. 288 acre* of w^ich are in the highest stale of cultivation, producing wheat, rye, Indian corn and bay . equal to p,e any upland farm?the remaining 20 acres heitfic woodland. O.i ,,,r the oreinise* is a line atone mansion, 60 fert by 16, with a v? n'* r en ash attached, 14 feet wide, e*tend|ng the length of tin 1)111 house, and a large pia/./.a on the east, the whole giv ing ample m" accommodations for a family of twenty perso.* . The pleaj,' sure grounds surrounding flic house art* shaded with elc :j. i y" erergreeQMad yen beaotiftilly lata out* Thaw iri OBtninrm ''H* | three stone bouses tor farmers or tenants, together with tbr? '[,r* large stone barns, containing stibling and conv cnieiires for i lM* j hundred head of cattle, uud for the storage of 2*0 tons of pi. cu* dure, w ith coach house, wagon house, granary and corn cribs attached. There are also the advantages of a fine spring house. , ice house, fish Porid, a garden of two acres, orchard; stocked with tha finest fruit, green house ana gran*- wall, stream j spring water in every field, a dailv mail, by which t' I ni|.?- j n* dalidiia tad New York papersoftha same d... e ra tlvw, ' ml anil aii otnnihos passing the gite morning and evening. in- In the immediate vicinity are Kpiscopal, Lutheran and Pres- ' ot bytcnan churches. re- , Further description is unnecessary, as all persons wishing to purchase are invited to call and examine the estate. It mat. I ! bow ever, be added, that for heanty, healthful situation, ui 1 advantage . it is not surpassed by any in the United States. It j may lie well also to mention the price, which is $220 per acre Apply to UKO. 8HKAFK, Whitem trail, J1* ml38tUw*rc Montgomerj I o renn he FIV'K OOLLAH? KFWAKD~Lost on Moud h> VffOf moruiug. lOtti lust, between Washington .mil Fulton . jiJi mstUets.q blo>s'un colored BULLTKKRIF.K8LI. T rv, artsw* m to the name of "Blossom.M Whoever will iiluru her b - iq Drlmonico's Hotel, 26 Broadway, will receive the above reward 8he had *# collar. "i I ii r * ? I NI ON LINK OK i'AI KKT81< ud from I fS wFlWrWerpool ? The splendid and list sailing Packetslup rr, ! >WdlfaS(MTIIKK\KH, ( apt. Palmer, w ill sail from New he ' \ ork on Saturday, the l;?tli Maraud from Liverpool on the ( re- lOthJuly. This ship has splendid accommodations for < abi". tut Second f ahiu, and Steerage passengers. Persons about to prrk, 1 ceed to Kuro|)e, or those wishing to send for their friends, can ?lj- make the neces<sr\ arrangements, and havc them broughtoct hi fhivspleuded packet, oil application to I ; ! W. k J T T \PSt OT P. ] General jon and Foreign Ktehange Offiee, 86 Bout1 P straat II" )r* ' FUH LI VKKPfIOL ?The New Line- ItegalaT h?3l3^^npbet o| 21st Vfav ?Tha new, superior, fa-f JffHl&asi I inr packet ship CONST ITUI [ON, f apt. Job; BriHon. 1600 p im burthen, will sail as above, her regular dav \ k For freight or passage, having splendid, large and comfort hie state rooms and cabin, apply to the < aptain on board, a' 1 )' west side of Burling slip, or to \VOUl)HULL Ii MINT! RN, 87 South at. ' Passage $160. M The packet ship HOTTING! KR. !M0 tons burthen, I apt ! Ira Pwiitla. ia.ll .... ni /I I K* I . .11*! if UI IOt?. Allfi -Mil /HI hrr i I tegular day. ' $ , AA&r ( ONMONKKM . rr %?iif < ONSTIT1'TlON, 1 M9HrVfrnro Liverpool, will f?laa>e nfw\ ihtir parmiu m If 1 * ifhoaf ?M*v. *? w*?t tide Murium ?hp. All - ; sxrrrerm,.,H ,n ^noKhru.kS?fNlM??r,M,r mvlJ Ronth atrrel. KOli R \ LK-A .pLodM (entre Board V.rki, o- e JWfV"" l??r r,IK"l. oboul IS tooa, rop|>er I jgL?R?rlirmiiili"U'. hinll ? tth whole plank,tn|< anil hoftoni l rSXTTSi-Iv of moiri and fn, .peed emtnn, he anrnaaaed In ' i ?n ?r??e| of her claaa in the hnrbnr. She earriea a laree pre!r of canvaaa.and i? offered for no other reaaon than being no | ? large for the ownrr k or partirnlara enquire o? or K TONIPKINH St I.IVINORTON, tj. ml) St'rc 101 Weal at. ixi* ui.\< K ii va i.iN (?! n\ i un??i. i ?< ' ; KTS anil remittance, to Irelan.l ttnly regular parkIn JKfMfaet of Monday, tire- Ittlh May lie favorite |?icki t IhlTir^W YORK will vail at above, K'l irgular day Tli" < , lie n i.hull! piaaagc to Liverpool,will pie'ae i pply to f apt. T. II or I rnp|ier, on boartl, at the foot of Pre i man aueet, or to the \ ( aabacriber*, ROC HB BROTH KM St Co , 33 Knit on at. New York, Paa.en ar igonta to the Rlack Roll Line of Liverpool pai ken. myll tl re KiiIT. TaR?A ennatant NMiyof eeryMMeiorgaakl , on hainl, for tale in lotatoamt pnreliaarra. In I \K T TAPRt OPT, mIZr Hnccegaor to Cooke fc Aflatnt. 8# Routli if r,?' jaPIRITHTl KPt.N'IIM -In hhl, .ml hall'M.I ^ article fhr ?ale tn lota to tint pnrrhaaera, h> JAR T TArsr olT. snHomh.t | ml)r SveetMOt l* Cook* k \daat. CITY AJVtlKNKim. I >AHK THKA7 H^Thurt^ May l*h. will be perforraN (l?f Tmgtdy ? i OlfJIPPT 8?Oi?ip|>a?, Mr H iidrrxou; Tihi* i^uiuriu* I*ul? iu*, Dyott; Soptiroiiis, Mrs I uut; llrr<?, Mi.? Hynu. To conclude witti the coined> of HfMPION It CO?Mr. H Mr Bii??; Mm Htmi'ton, M? Vernon; Mr Bmmls), 1- i>y olti Mr? Bi ornlr > . Mr* Abbott. I Rotes $j-, Pit 'A cents; Usllery '?> cents. I Uocrv open at 7 o'clock?the ne.rformsfics will commmi ?lfrywi>t 7 I'HKATKK.-A W Ucftion, Prupricioe-H. I I i' I?u?? Manakfr-Thu raday Krenier, Mar kh, Iwill lb, performed the ( .uurdy i>f the INCONSTANT -Vu^iK Mirabel, Mr. Murdoch; Duretele, Clarke; Orian*, tfjn?. Booth, Biaarre, Mm. Wilkiiuou. i I f Mv AtNT-Uick Daahall, Mr. Mur ?rh; Klnmi, Mr?. Sergeant i'o conclude with 1 HK M VHTK.HILS OK PARIH?Th? .ItouriiHjur, Mr. Neafte; lance Hodolph. Clark; Tom Mrytoo. & U....1I1; I rtill.ui Uadaway I., I hourttc, Mr. Madi.itit. <? L>tPS. < irclr, ttceuU; I'll .till (Jallrry, 12>4 rruU JB Boor, open 11.'4 .., lock pirf irm .1.. . ttitt.i at 1%. PALMO'S OPKRA flUI Mi i ,.u, m ... f I ? I hirteenth .ai?hf of the SrroiwJ Srumi ? Will he pvi V I ormnl Vrrdi'. opei t 1 COM B A It IM all. Pnm. (reflate 1 I 'agano, big Bencvcntiiiio; Artn.o. Sir P.tty liwldl. Hiltia * I jarili; Acriaiia, 8i? Martini; Sofia N N , Oronle; Hi.. J I reneiletti; Prior of (In* ' - it v of Milan, Hi*. Benetti; Pirro. Sir. ' I tiiKJinrico; Hermit. Hut Heiieveiitann. < l.t tier liosei ami |wri|iiette, SI?; 2il tier, So cent.; Privet- I >o\ee li>r eight remoiiJ, *12; ilo for t> do, $ltl. 1 opdu at natf [Wit 7. performance to tonpH at t. M Pal.mou opfira house.?a card ?Sue. k. bk,\ k i VEVTAiNO rre|*etfully .uiiioiincca to the pat rout nl the I pern anil the public generally, that hia Benefit w ill *ake place I 11 Saturday evening, May 22ii, with Verdi'a opera of I LOM U.AHlJl. . I Sir Beneventano will, ou thi. nrcaaion, aing the "Oraml I lomania.'" from Verdi'a opera of Herman), ..... | Season srbscribers desirous to retain tlieir seals, win Please ill at the Box r.!*cc, on or before Mondar evening, May 17th nd take their tickets. No *?U are considered rettieed uub;.s .ii.l my 11 n Sir VMK .It'AN MUSEUM--XPLENDID performances, tin* Aft?riir>on and KvemiiK. land S fi> 8 JOHN DUNN, 'THAT HAW AL JACm," I* ane *# <! for ? few thy*. toKether %% fI??r>r?f?-di CHAPMAN FAMILY*. MISS (JRKENWOOD, Mr. HARRISON, the Impromptu bMtr< \\r C'ouover. ('omir Vocalist; Miti Robert, MiMViiliett, fcf. THE MOVING DIORAMA OK NAPOLEON'S FUNERAL. Will alto be exhibited at each and erery performauee Admission 26 cents. Children puder 10 years 123fi cents. myg rc (7 AS'l l.K ti XUDIvN i. now open during tl" U..y, allordu.k -> those desirous of visiting tliese premises an excellent Ofportuuity. The room is the I vest m signed by C . Pollard. The painting is A1 Fresco, by Cappelli The Cosmoramic Views have been re-arranged, and can he seen stall times. The outer promenades command a fine view of the harbor and Narrows, with the adjacent scenery. Adiniasiou 12H cents. On Suuday Evening, a Concert of Sacred Mnsic will be given by Dodworth's justly celebrated cornet band, atttfrc MK' II AN ICR' HALL. No 172 Broadway, between < iro.1 and Broome street, CHRISTY'S Immensely popular and onsinal Band ol MINSTRELS Respectfully announce that thev v?ill coutinur tlveir pleasing concerts for ONE WEEK LONGER. Admission 26 cents, lo commence at 8 o'clock. Change of programme every evening. m9 Iw're MINERVA ROOMS, 4Uti Broadway -Monday. WaSSe day and Friday evenings, Ms/lath, 12th, llth.?Immense success.?Last week of the Mysterious and Oriental Soirees > ( Mr. Alexander, in his brilliantly illuminated Mystic Temple His extraordinary and incomprehensible Necromancy, i* mgliilv received by fashionable and crowded andieuces, with overwhelming hursts of annlause, and erery demonstration - f wonder, astonishment ana delight. 4 Change of performance erery eiening. For programme the small bills. . Doors o|?u at 7 o'clock. Pricee of udmiaaion?Pamur cents; Saloon 26 cents. Children ncrompamed by their parents, half price. inv9 lw* S(>< IKTY LIBRARY, Corner of Broadway and Leonard street?In consequence of repeated solicitations, from a .timber of highly respectable families, this celebrated hand ol UKLL RINGERS. have positioned their engagements in Boa.011, and will icmaiii here another week, at the Society Library, commencing Monday, May 10th, and every evening daring the week. They will be assisted by Miss Maria and Miss Julia Barton Mrs. Barton will preside at <hr pianoforte. Tickets 21 cents. No half price. Doors oiien at 7 o'clock. Concert to commence at 2. N. H. Positively their last Concerts in this city, aa they open iu Boston the following week. m>9 lw* rc THE "DEUTSCHE LIEDERKRANZ" (tierman Bong Union,) WILL UIVK THEIR FIRST GRAND VOCAL CONCERT AT THE APOLLO SALOON. oy Monday erening, ITlh inotant. The " Li mil rkrisi Chorus" consists of nearly TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY MALE VOICES, urdkk THE DIRECriOtS OK PROFESSOR KRAU8KOPF, Doc. Mu. Late Director of the "Swiss Song Union," the " Khaniah, , Prussian," and "Bavarian " Union, and Chorus Master of the " Beethoven Festival." 4tc. The '"Liederkrani," will be assisted by FRAVLEIN KORSINSKY. .MRS L A JONES. HERR PHILLlPP MEYER. HEItR HECHT. MR. H. C. TIMM and PROFESSOR KRACSKOPb will preside at the piano forte. , Tickets, $1 each, to be had at the usual places, and of Pro lessor Krauskopf. at the Howard Hotel. mltr NEW YORK SACRED MUSIC SOCIETY?ANNl VERSARY PERFORMANCE AT THE T \BER NACLK 011 Friday Evening, May Nth, nil w hich occasion Haydn's celebrated and beautiful Oratorio, THE CREATION, will be jierformeil in compliance with a general request. Principal Solo parts byg \1 utiiACII Mr*, L. A JONF.8. Mr. M. ('OLBURN, Mr. F fl NASH. Tlra aplrndid choruses in flu* Oratorio will Ira performed in .1 atyle unsurpassed hi till* roan try by any musical assoeta 11on: mid lira Orchestra will Ira large and efficient. Mr. II. C.Ttmm will preside at tlra organ Tira whole will be iimlrr tlra dirertiou nt? Mr. T. Y. < liubb*. the popular conductor, who Ira* kern engaged eipressly for thin occaaion. Performance to roininencr a quarter before 8 o'clock. Tick el* SO cent*?For aale at tlra uniial place* anil at the door of the Tabernacle. Member* can obtain ilieir ticket* of tlie Secretary. inlUt t?KO WHITLOCK. 88 ("anal at J.-ffs; CHARITY UONUKRT?The artiataofthe Italian t ff\M ()|rara Company (with the permission of the Malta bkjbjjy grr*.) will give a grand <'oucert at tlra Apollo Saloon, "ea, " Tuesday Keening, May IBrti, 1817, for the relief of a worthy family in diatrea*. Ticket* SI?to be had at the uaual pi ice*. mil i AMl'HKMKNTS ELSBWI1ERK. C1HKSNUT 8THKF.T THBATKE, PHILADELPHIA S Tliuraday Kyening, May 13. will be preaented Auber ? Opera of the MAID Or CASHMERE?Th* Unknown, Mr Fraier; Olifotir, Sir Seguiu; Iraila, Mr* Scguio, Zelea. Mra Phillip*; /nine, Mia* Mary Ami I,re. Katun* Mad He Oceana. Price*? Drraa circle and Parqnette, SI eeau; K unity circlet' IS rata; Prieale boars, fS. Door* oorn at 7)S o'clock?to commence at rirht o'clock. WALNUT STREETTHEA'IRE, PHI LA DELPHI A? F. A. .Marshall, l.r??rr?W R Blalir Manager.?tth Night of Mr Forreat?THURSDAY EVENING, May ISWHi be performed the tragedy of ORXLLOOSA?Oralloo**, Mr. Porreat; Pizauo, Riehing*. Alcantara, Lemau; Diego d'Almagro, Jamison; Oeallir, Mia* Piaher. To conclude with SOMEBODY F.I.NK?Har- Morlty. Chapman. To-morrow, Mr. Forreat'a benefit. UNION i OI'RSK, L. I.?TROTTYNO'. M! Aftc E* RID AY, Ma) IMkj it 4 oh di him |M, twt mill r* under thr saddle H. Woodruff enter*. V?r.Hector. it. KdwanW.. . bk u' DlieL .Maria. Tha Kfilroitd ( ' it . will leave at 31* o'clock, .tud return after the N|aot is over. Thr rare will Come off immediately on the ai rival of the cart. /'Tin* race wag hitherto advertised for the 13th inat., I* postponed isnt. 1 Friday, May I tth. at 4 o'clock, in rouirqnvnr* of tin* I' not hemic able to furnish rar*. O. 8P1CKR. rxrw lork, >iny iiin. 1*47. inyu ?-rc CKNTKKVILLK COUHSK, L. l.-TROTTlNU AND WlaaM^^B&g JVTONDAY, May 17th?1'iirae $lou, mile heata, beat 1 in i, ivl. under the aaddlr, fur facing Horaea that never won a I'lirae over $100, twenty-five dollara to goto ihr arroud brat hone May IDtll. f'urar $30, mile heat.*, brat 3 hi S, iimlrr the saddle for I rotting liornea that never won a purse over $30. Same Day, I'urae $10 mile heata. in harnraa. for trotting bursas that never won a puree over $00. Tlir above |>uraea to clour on Thuraday, May 13th, by t o'clock, I'. M.t at (Jrren 4r If evine. Three or tnorr to make a race. myl2 2t ? ? * ? dl kOH SAI.K?A line aorrrl llorae. about liftecn JESE^oh.iiid* high, five yeara old. warranted kind in ainglr ' y ?"?, double harnraa, and a good traveller; ran be aeen ii T H heinie' Stable, corner of k.aat Broadway and Uonver neuratreet. mlS lt*c A IIOI.O MKDAL? By the Ame ricaa loatitute at their let '? kail lor the heat I ookuig Apparatus? the only (old me <1.11 awarded for that purpose in leu yeara. < ookinc Ranges Stovea, I Mt Iron llathiug Tuba. Oar den Vaaet, School anal Harden I haira, k'arinrra' and Dairymen'a Stovea, with nnmeioua othrra of the auharriber'a patented articlea. for which he haa been awarded, within twelve yeara. by acientifir sanitation*. Two Hold Medal*. f)ne Silver Tup, Twelve Hili rr Medals and aevrnty-niue diploma*, ean he aeen at hia ware room, where a atovr. made on the prinriule of the range, lor whirli the gold medal waa awarded, will be in operation luring the annin raary week. J. L. MOTT. myl I Hit*r 2H Water atreet, eaat of Peek Blip. HATS! HATS! HATS! rS KNOX, with hiaaccnatorred brevity, wonld call d^?the attention of hie friend* to hi* new etylesj^k f SPIIINO FASHIONS, winch are now reedy at hit item. No. 123 Fnl'oo ifreet. He would, with hit nana! philanthropy, uvite arranger* to hie establishment, where they caa obtain hat* of ar*qnal quality, and at lower pneea. than at aay ither atnre in theritv. invl3Ttienie AKTKHNOON LINK. DAILY. KOK NKWBI'RUH * Ml KINH K ILL. r Jp^'t |^l Landing at Van L'ortlaud'a, (I'rekak ill I Writ mmSmmrn Point, *old Spring and < ornwull Tlir Steamer Thimvia Powr II, < apt. Sanil, Johneon, will Irate the pier font of Warrrn mi rt, lor tin- abme placea, every afternoon (Stmdaya etrepted.) at i o'rlork, commencing Apul 10. Re truing?w ill leav Newbttrgh evert morning at 7 o'clock. N. 8 ? All Baggage and h retght of every deienpriou, Bank Bill* or Specie, put on hoard ol ihia hoat, mnat he at the nik ?>f (lie owner thneof iinleaa entered on the Imoka of the hoat or rw reipted for. nnlJ Jtt'u fp^aa The ipleitdtd imer TROY, Ctptaia A Ail, , ^ (tor ham, mil commence her regular trip, on .flHWBfca Saturday morning at hall'-paat an, from tii? Foot of Herein afreet my I I lie KOK NK.W OKLKANH?LOUISIANA AND rifftV NKW YORK LINT. OK PAf KKTS?The raw jNHMIfaaiid olendid fe?t ailing |.erl<et .hip OSWF.OO, apt- li geraoll, will tail Thiiradav, May With ror Ireight or lauiaage, having aitpertor furunhad aerommo lalionv, apply on board, t Orleaii. wharf, foot of Well etrret, ft" K. K. < OLLINS, VI South at. Po.itirely no gnoda will lie received on board after Wed lay evening, lltii inat. Ageuta in New Orleana?lohn O. Woodruff k <gj., who wilipromiitlv forward all gooda to their addreaa mljr UNION I IN e. i?K I'M K KTS-P t Ss IUK 10 tJJMfV AN I) KIKlM I.IV KRI'OOI. Uv the faat -ailing A&lbpa.kri HOI TIIKKNKK. < apt am \ S palmer. ? ill iniaitively aail on Saturday, Iklh Mat. her regular da Having very auperi r ?ec nioiodationa for cabin, aeeotid hin, and ?reerip;e. it ?i 'i -.ail |e I. Vi o at low i -tea. Pi m>" lid' ig t' P i< I c , ' ' ' ' I e'' I ek't. .!..i h T 'I,* ' ' .'a,I ' " <P. ..fpnaa |t ... w k ) r r \ i at o n Oent ial I migiatptn up) f champ OluC' m>Ur an South vt I . uel"-- B" *tty

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