Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 17, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 17, 1847 Page 1
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TH Vol. XIII. no. 13b?Wliol* Ho. 4733. the new tore herald ESTABLISHMENT, ' ortli-wMrt inmer of Fulton and Nmwu Ma. IAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. Ctl'XULA'l'iMi% rti CI' 111OUSAND. DAILY HERALD? Every d?), IN-ice i ceuta per eopy?$" 80 Per Ki.ruin--payable ill alliance. wEKKLV HERALD?Every Saturday?Price cenu per cony?$3 IJld cenu per aimum? payable in advance. HERALD fOU EUROPE?Every nteam Packet ilayPrtce i)t< cenu per copy?IJ per annum. payable in advance. HOLIDAY HERALD?Puldi?l>ed en the l?t of January and I?t ot July ofrarh year?tingle copiea Illpvnce each. A D VCRTI8KMENTS, at ilie luual pncea?alwaya caah iu a i . ce. Advcrti?emeiiu ahould be writreu iu a plain, legible mi.'in Tbe Proprietor will uot be reaponaible for errora that lMyoc*nr _ them. I KlXH.Mi of all kiuda eieauted beaattlully and with de* patch. All leirera or conuaaaieationa by mail, addreaaed to the ft 'hli ihaieat, uiuat he post paid, or the postage will be ? APARTMENTS TO LET. Iiaudsomely furniabed, Fim unfurnished. at 31 North Mooie ltrect. c'-'JdL iol3 7trrt yj-jk ROOMS TO LET?Tf i let. to single geutlnne.i In Iw" 'ii" aiiy rooms, uiiAirnithed, with mar'Is mautrh 2. nid gwithin live aiiuutae walk of Wall *t. Ad dri?. J A. X.. Herald elBcw _ ml(i 3f rc OUTTAUE Siateu Llaud to let, aituated at Port Richmond; but a few r<>ds froan the steamboat landing d ..ear the hnek ekurcki h?. he?.. ...?lv .-.,....1 ...d pniutsd throughout; aud it In prrfeet order. Apply to Newton H >?. Krs k I in House, Broadway. mlJ 3t'r ^.wr-y TO Lr.T?A desirable location for a ui-.nufactorv, In' H ^ premises between 13th and 46th tree', ?n the bank < ilildA of the Kant river and known as the "Turtle Bay;" 1>I Id- consisting of 13 or lfi lota of ground well enclosed, a lsrge two -ory double house, ice house, a floe well of water, and a larae substantial bum immediately ou the wharf, which has been and can now be used a- astora house. The wharf, whieh will be rented with the premises,is bui'.t of stone and is now in good order aad ready for immediate use, and as vessels can come along side aud make fast, it renders the premises highly desirable. . These premises will be rented for a term of years. Possession immediately. Applv to EDWARD C. WEST, m13 lw?s No. 3b Well street, third storr. sCTjk HAMILTON HOUbE. at the Narrows near I-'nrt jijjm Hamilton, L. I. The Subscriber begs to inform his frieude end the public, that this favorite place of resort is now omq dor the reception of company. Steam Mam will commence running about the 13th of May. p M*** T* Eultoa ferry, Brooklyn, at 10 A.M., and 4 ' ' . THOMAS MEINELL, Fort H amilton .May 5. 1847. ^ mS3w*rc jmL PAVILION, NEW BKItiHTON, StateII Island.? V--W Die proprietor begs to inform his friends aud the public, .e'imShihat lie hna made considerable alterations aud improve incuts in this establishment since the last season. He has erected a large building, contaiuiug thirty-three rooms, altogether disconnected from the main body of the pavilion. These rooms are intended for gentlemen only; they are of a comfortable size, light, and wellveutiUted, aud superior in all respects to those generally denominated single rooms in the various watering places throughout the country. The proprietor ia aow ready to treat with familiea or parties wishing to engage rooms for the season. Letters addressed to him at the <'ity Ilotel, Broadway, will reeeive immediate attention. A steamboat runs between New York and New Brighton, at the following Honrs, via;? From New Brighton?At I end II A. M, and 3 and 3:20 P. M. From tiier No. I North Ilirer, New York?At # A. M. and 12 M. and 3%, i and 0 P. M., and more frequent communications will be established as the season advances. The Pavilion is now ready for tha raception of Company, aptttfrc K. BLANt till). mt at en Finland cottages to lkt or l-VjM LEASE?Three Cottages situated ou Castletoa Height*, .'VAL'iear Capo di Monte, atateu Island, surrounded by line forest trees, aad commanding an unsurpassed view of the city, the Bay aud its islands, and the Ocean, while the access is r.isv, the distance to each ferry being less than a mile. Tliejr contain as folio wsv viz :? Bagatelle?A parlor, dining room and 3 bedrooms. Crow's Nest.?A parlor, dining room, library, 4 bedrooms, tu:d 3 servants'rooms?attached carriage house w ith stable lor 4 horses. Oak Land?3 parlors, large dining room, 12 bedrooms, bathroom, snd 4 servants' rooms?attached carriage house, with stable fur 5 horses. These Cottages enjoy in common the use of 17 acres of beautiful woouland, enclosed, and in the midst of which they are er-cted. Apply to Madame ORYMES, at her residence. Capo di .Monte. all 2awlm*r "3Mt FOR^SACE?WESTCHESTER LANU?To"?im{yOflfctlemen ill want of sites for Country Seats?To Msrlret aMMw-tiudeuera iu want of Imd fo Gardens; and to nil persons vvi-long * location in tue neighborhood uf New York. Aln) acres of l.and iu the town of W'estchrtter, within ninu ruilow of the City Hall, with right of pasting oyer llarleni lCulgr tree of toll, arc now offered t private sale, iu lolc, Containing from live to filty acres each The lends are within fifteen minutes walk of the railroad; front on g >o<l roads; are in the neighborhood of schools, and churches of different doumniuation*{ the water ia itootl. and location healthy. Title iudispuiable. '1'erms moderate. Apply to GOUVKRNEUK MORRIS, Morrisariiu, Westchester Co.?or to WALTER RUTHERFORD, t ounsellor, mlAIOt'r 7!) \.i?eati street. New Vorl.. *tt TO h'<?HEION' GEN CLEMEN 'wiriiiug 1.1 mu sPGQI 'niteil States, or others, desiroiG of purchasing a per^.Aia nanent Country llesiileuce in I'eimtylrauiv.?The subserine< off, re for sale hit farm, .situated iu Montgomery ro., Poo isylrauia, II miles north of Philadelphia. It contains ;ui8 acres >f land. 213 acres of wli'diire in the highest state of cultivation, producing wheat, rve. Indian corn noil hay,ei|ual to -ny 11 I , id fsriu?lie remaining 2U acres being woodland, tin the iireiiiisee is a fine atone tn union, 60 leet by 4.1, wnh a veIiidrli attached, 1A feet wide, eiteiidiutc the ieiiKtb of the h iu?e,aud a large pun 1 on the east, the whole giving ample accDtninodatioiis lor a I'anil) of twenty persons. The picasure g oundi surrounding the house are shaded with elegant rve'greeus.and very beautifully laid out.There are on thefarin tiirec stone housrf Iu firmer* or tenants, together with three large etoue bsrue, containing atablmg aud coaeenieoces for a hundred head of cattle, and for the storage of 2A0 tons uf produce. with coach hou.-e, wagon house, granary and corn cribs attached. There are also the advantages of a fine spring house, ica house, fish j ond, a garden of two acres, orclurde stocked with the li test fruit, green house and grape wall, a stream of spring water in every field, a dvilv mail, by which the I'htlade'plua and New V01U pa|iers of the same day ate received, and ?n nmuibos passing the gate morning and evening. In the immediate vicinity sie Episcopal, Lutheran and Presbytenau churches. Kurt liar description is unnecessary, as all person* wishing ro purchase aie invited to call and examine the estate. It may. however, he added, thatfor beauty, healthful situation, and edvantvgnj. it is not surpassed by any in the United States. It tmy be well also to mention the price, which is $220 per acre. Apply to GEO. SHEAFK, VVhitrm.vish, mlf 8i2ssvUri; Montgomery Co Pean fl GENTLEMEN'* HATS?BUMMER BltLEeTJjAsBEKHE It COSTAR, Hatters, No. IAC Broadway, ?ill introduce on Saturday neat, lAth instant, their Kashiuus fur Gentlemen's Summer Hats. B AC will present 10 the public new anil unique style of White aud Pearl Beaver Castor Hat, Hinting beautv aud durability with 1 ghiiies* ami comfort to ths wearer, finished *ud trimmed iu a new ami elegant manner. Also, Panama anil Straw Hats and Caps for Gents, Youths anil c|. Ill en. inv l'i fli "r fl liUhfl'O illAXL vtONE tThsaiioiu Uiat" money >"> saved is mniie v made," is almost as old as the invention of money itself ; but the principle of selling a five dollar HAT for three dollars and fifty runts, wss first established and is now premised bv Robertson, at the I'henis Flat Manufactory, 69 Vulton St., N. Y., and 63 Kul'on tt, Brooklyn. This simple stitsment we believe will suffice to make known one way " how to inske miner." alb tm'rh HA Tin, SPRING STYLE. rfl BANTA, No 91 Canal street, and No. 130 Chatham at, S^wkvelL Moleskin aud Nutria Fur Hats at $3, and only charges $1 'i0 for his tint qunlity Moleskin and fine Nutria lists.? lie ln> handsome and durable Hats at $2 AO having the appear sure Co, I finish of the higher priced hats. Gentlemen wishing to economise, in this Indispensable article of dress Wlthoa| sacrifice of comfort or appearance, will please give hun a 01.? Also, a gkneral assortment of caps of various kinds at reduced prices. I"i*c 'a., REMOVE!/ FROM JJS GRAND STREET aef ft Attn 178 Bowery. Mrs. M D. Hodge, First Pre-^ficv miiimOress mskei and first premium Straw list aHy m.iuiiiafcinrcr, invites the public to inspect her-^**Silkud Straw Flats, Dresses, Flowers, Ribbons, etc., at 178 Bowrry. From her 17 years eipenenee in this city, and past efforts to please, she hopes to merit and receive the patronage of her friends and the public. N B. Straw lUts cleaned aud altered. The trade supplied witn psrtems. I(iooil milliners and dress makers wanted. mfi Jw?rc ,ff-, WlUJ 5T vv icsoN, jji timed (tract, nuMliWIy to form j her friends, and strungers visiting the city, uZ) she has now on htuil a large and very handsome assortment of Spring Millinery, U> which she invites their attention Mr*. Wilton s stock comprises km assortment of the rirhest end most fashionable lists, such as Cliip. I 'ml", Hire, and Slurred, with a choice assortment r I Straw,. vilcch alie flatters herself ran lie sold more reasonable than at any other esfabliahineot ill the city. Country Milliners will do well to call before purchasing. Mia. M. V/iT.BON. 201 Omnd at.. between Allen and Orchard sts. Ten rood Miliiuera wautrd at the above esinblialiineut. tWWtete ~1 tin. LAUltirt' l.'UMrK KM.S BOUT. A P. LABOYTEAUX. #41 Broadway, deairee to in . form hi* iinmaron* and fashionable lady patrons, that n|la> III lias inade arrangements for the rigl,: to manufacture Hh? tjie elegant rlaa'ic walking Boot, uow so fialiioimblr in the highc?t circle* in England and France. The recent tinnrovrtnent in ilia eh.aiic ?n?ft will euable him to mnke lum |, "ita and high shoes with all the eleyaiiee peculiar to Ins at', le of work, and yrt without tho trouble of lacing*. This mint valuable invention removes all the coiitlned rresanre from the arnh of the foet, while at the aatne time it a (Turds an ehatric spring in walking which cannot be appreciated without a trial. *14 lm#e L<K?t\ AT TH18. dfc. j Jl'ST RECEIVED, a large lot of (lantlemen'a <WUWFrench Boots, the !>? ( and handsomest ever in tin . i:it, and will lie sold at the low price off.') Also all kind* ul Irriitleinon'a <1 liter* mid rxteiit Leather Shoes, and all the different kind* of Boots and Shoes. Ladies, von will find in tins store i great variety of (Jaiter Boots, Slippers, Buskins, Ties lions# Slippers, white and hlnrk antin do, white Kid do, an 'all otltrr kinds and sizes, Aliases' and Children's Boots and htii s, Boys' Boots, (imtrrs. Shoes and Slippers of all the rarious kinds; all of which will be sold cheap, at M>7 Broad way, corner o( Kr.inkliu street. M. CAIHLL. N. U. ( ouutry merchants supplied by the package or doyen. ap2 lm*r . ... Ill it us, ix HstS A.mV n in l"ks.?AT'i'HAt .thin. ?The great attraction for the city is now at HraKf AIU'IIkY^L No. j John street, where nature's song TS-i - in it i most select variety, is only to be obtained from the little Robin to the Cock of the Ninth. As u ml, King Charles Spaniels, Italian Ore>honnda. Set ten, Poiulers. Newfuundlsnd and every variety of fancy Dogs; also Shetland Pomes, Isc.fcc. Ike. P 8. Betters imst-naid, will at all times meet with prompt attention from A ORIEVE, .A John struct. N B Knur 1,1# of Sky Terriers, imported etpressly. want*# 8 ? SAXO.NV C AN ARIK8, of the hell note and Night1 (3 ingale sung, long brerd. and other rare and valuable Allftr Birds; laney and other cages; bird seeds of all descrip tions. kc , he King Charles Spaniels, Knglisb and Se 'tcli Terriers, for sale by _ W. 8. JOHN7TO.V, 280 Broadway, one door ml Hl'r from \ P. Stewart A Co'? dry goods store. I aKhTaUK'MOK8KS FOR 8ALE. duetpair lel^"' Blood Bay llorset, long tails, Messinger Idood, ( I > A_qwii brothers, 'iand li years old, iii hands high; maybe see.I at 113 Liherty'street, for a <** days. Imiuire of mil 3t"rc J. W. MILLS, 100 Westst., New York. t t yap^wwmi m\ i1 iw^wwaaaaB E NE OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. C S MAIL LINE TO COWES. AND SOUTHAMPTON, AND BREMEN, r- THE anlandid u.w ataamahip WASHINU'J'ON, 1750 tout burthau, Fredauck Hewitt, Commander, will itm from Naw -^^ulSSiaEnfluQS Vork on tha I ft J out ntit, carrying tli* ^ UuitadSutaa Mail. Stir will trmrli it Cow*, ami Southampton to land paaaangara and freight, and tha mail, for England, France and lie Igiura, and will then proceed to Brrmerharen. Tii* Waahington i? built in thaalrougaat inauuar,witli a ri.w to bring ron.artad into aaliip of war. and auQjact at any time to inapcttion by olTiaara appointed by ibr Pr.aidaut, both during aud aftar ronatructiou. Sha hat two euginca of 1 DUO hurt* |iowar aacli, and aaaomraodatioiia for 140 Drat claaa aud 44 itaond rlata tiuaengeia. Pataaga from Naw fork to Southampton, or to Braman Firat claaa guo Sacond claaa tO Paaaaga from Braman or Southampton to Naw Vork. Firat claaa Jiio Hacondalaaa CO Sha will carry about kOO tuna freight, which will ba cliargul according to tha natura of tha gooda ottering. All l.ttara mint paaa through the poat office. Parccla, tor wlucb billa of lading will be aiguad, will ba taken at $J t-ach. rnno.Ui,.?ruLl.i I -- -L- -.M ?.L. Ocean Steam Navigation Vompauy at 41 Broad mart, and alter lat May to No. 44 William street. Agents at imtkampiou-DA V, CROSKEY It ROSS. Bremnu-C. A. REIN EK EN It COT Havrn-VftLjAM IRELIN. The second steauter o( lite line is m due course of construetion. and will b? in readiuees iu tlieensuing (all agl Im r BRITJBH A,ND NORTH AMERICAN XfJHncEZi RO V AL MAIL STEAM SHIP, I2U0 tons '-tUABfrAgfl end 4)0 herse power each, under coutract eflMHHiBBawiti> ih?(L?>rd? of the Admirably. i'.IUr.RNLl. Captain Alexander Ilrrie. CAl.EDONf A. captain Edward O. Lott. BRITTANNIA. Captain John Hewift.i C AM Bill A, Captain Charles H. E. Judkina. ACADIA, Captain William Harrison. The four steamships now building are THE AMERICA. THE NIAGARA, THE CANADA. THE EUROPA. Vessels appointed to sail fiom Liverpool are the Cambria April 4, 1847 Caledonia, April Ml, 1*47 Britannia, May I, 1817 Vessels appointed to sail from Boston are the Cambria, May 1, lf47 Caledouia, May IB, lg47 Passengers' luggage must be on board the day previous to sailing. Passage money?From Boston to Liverpool, $120, do do to Halifax, *20. No berths aernred until paid for. These ships carry experienced surgeons. No freight, except specie, received on days of tailing. For freight, )>asaage. or any other information, apply to D. BRIOHAM. dr., Agent, AtHARNDEN A cb.'S, ? Wall st. T/"Ii> gddition to the above line between Liverpool and Hnlifax. and Boston, a coutrart has been entered into with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool and New York direct. The steamships for this service are now being built, and early next year due notice will be given ol'the time when they will start. Under the new contract the reamrrs will sail every Saturday during right months, and every fortnight during the other months in the year. Going al Ornately between Liverpool aud Halifax aud Boslou, snu be tween Liverpool and New York. m?6 r - DRAFTS ON THE NATIONAL ^KOoSlBllBANK OF IRELAND.?W. k J. T. Tapscott beg to inform thair friends and the public, who wish to remit money to any part ol Ireland, that they draw drafts fo large or small amounts, (payable without discount,) direct on the Natioual Bank of Ireland, Dublin, or any of the numerous branches throughout the country. Also, drafts can be obtained, payable in all parts of England, Scotland, aud Wales, on application to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, 8S South street, alO rh Second door below Burling Slip. ?- FMR l.'lVk.HPnOlIJrbr^S,..?ee.,r new I Steamship SARAH SANDS. Capt. W. C Thompson, will sail punctually on the Uth of May, baring superior accuminodationa limited number of Second Cabin Passengers, who will be takeu at a reduced price. Persons desirous of engagiug second cabin passages for rheir friends in the Old Country, to leate Liverpool on the20lh of June next, for New York, in the above steamer, can do so at prices charged lor steerage pnasengers, by applying to m5 6t*c _ P. W. BYRNES k Co.. 83 South street. KOtt" LIVERPOOL?The splendid new steam- bin SARAH SANDS, 2000 tons. Captain vV. C.Thompson, will sail puuc tually on the 11th May, having excellent ac" *!^^^^^ mc<.mmo(latioiis for second cabin passengers and the greater portion of her berths being engaged Persons desirous ol embarking in her will please make immediate application (terms very moderate) on hoard, foot of Clinton street, oi to JOSEPH McMUHKAY, ml Corner of Pine and Sooth sts. AAA- UNION LINE OF PACKa-TS to and from Li ' hy splendid .fast tailing packet ship^M the l'itli or May, anJ from Liver|>oi>l on the lit of July, her regular day*. Her accommodations for cabin passengers are very superior; she has also excellent accommodations fort limited number of second rahin p vsscrigers, in airy and spacious rooms on deck;aud her between decks, for steerage passengers, are lofty and well lighted; all of which will be taken at reduced rates. Tli we wishing to secure berths should make early application on ooard, at pier No 3 North Rie-r, or to w.i J. T. TAP8C0TT, rnvfl r Rr, South at., 2d door below Burling slip, sArf tOK NEvV tlKLEANiv?Lotitspunt and Sew WrAyTV York Line of Packets?The last aailiuu packet shin JM&WeeW A HASH, ('apt. Hathaway, is loauiug. afid will sill on .Monday, May loth. Kor Ireiglif or passage, having bandsomr furnished accommodations, apply ou board, at Orleans Wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. ( DM.INS. M South street. Agents in New Orleans, J. O. Woodruff Ik Co, wlui will nipt I y forward all goods to rheir address aZO JtAo.-- KUli LIVERPOOL.?The tine fat sailing packet jSJH^ship SOUTHERNER. Capt. Alexander S Palmer, , JCMHAbisIMM toui burthen, liariug most of her cargo eugagsJ, will sail in a few days Kor balance of freight, or paaaupe, hating excellent accommodations, apply ou board, foot or Dover street, blast Riser, or to WOODHULL It MINTl'RN, a20 87 South street. Sdgr KOR SALE?'The hull of a vessel just lauurhed, K*S?Vn?l "",v lying at Rahway port. She ? ill carry about hmmm?m''A to 300 tons; 9ft leet ou deck, 13 feet benin. She will answer for canal, rarer, or coast service. Inquire of the subscribers, at Railway, New Jersey. JOS. O. LUKBKRY, afi tm-r H. R. SHOTWEI L KOR SALE? If ai idied lor immediately?'The KfjHfWBark CHESAPEAKE, 247 tons burthen, built in MMWweBaltimore by Messrs. John A. Robh It Co . of Marvla.oi w hue oak and locn?t, salted ou the stocks, thoroughly cop|irr fastened, and coppered on the marine railway, Boston, 8 months since: is a fast sailer, carries 33# tons gross weight, 1 220 M feet W. P. lumber, 6C.000 gallons molasses, or 23<K) bills; draws MX fert ef water when deep loaded; built under the superintendence of Messrs. Henrv Jones It Co. Vessel now lies at the south side of Lone Whsrl, Boston. Arply to HENRY JOVEBk Co. Cunningham's Wha.f. East Boston, or to PERKINS ?t DELANO, mt"i?r^ No 39 Sonth street. SufrdL' fA|/kr. I still' si'. NICOLAS, from Havre.? MtJwVf'oiiaigurne |>er thia slop will please aend their perJMUhtKasmitson hoard, at Pier No. 4,N. R. All gooda not li.>ri.iiii--<l in Bee <layx, w ill hf sent 'o die pssHBe store. SEE KOM~LI VKKl'OCL-Ne~w Lmt?Regular |- rknffV et ol 28th May.?The splendid, fast sailing paik't JMMHb ship oHEKIDAN, Capt. (Jeo. II. Cornish, will, poMiieelj' anil aa above, her regular day, Kor freight or passage, hsring superior famished accommodations, apply ou board at Oilcans wharf, lo?l of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS. 56 South st. Price of raa.sage 87V Ku K LIVERPOOL,? Ihe only regular packet of MEffVVthe 11th of.May?Tue new magnificent, fast sailing, JMMwSiiH favorite purge ship STEPHEN WHITNEY, burthen 1000 tons, Capt I'opham, will tail positively on tire llth of May. The acrommodationa for cabin. 3d eabin, and steerage passengers, are unsurpassed by any other Teasel in port: and as a number of her 9nsvengers are already engaged, those desiruns of securing bertha should make early application on hoard, foot of Pine street, or to JOSEPH M' MURRAY, ml Comer of Pine and South iirsm. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regnlar Packet MhJ-JV "f 'ke "* May?The superior, fut tailing packet Wll rr 1 I QUEEN OK THE W>!hT. Captain Vh.ltp Woouhouae, 1250 tout burthtul, will aail aa above, her regular Mr. i For freight or passage, harhtg aplendid, large and comfort*able stale rooms and rabiu, apply to the Captain on board, at Vtrest pier of Burling slip, or to ( WOOD HULL It MINTURN, 37 South ?t. TYare of passage 8 HO. 1 The packet ship Constitution, 1900 tons burthen, ('apt. Jno. | Brilton, will scccced the Queen of tha West, and aail on her , regular day, list Jane, a20 FOB NEW ORLEANS-LOUISIANA AND I NEW VORK LINE OK PACKETS?The new i JHMlKaand splendid fa?t sailing packet ship OSWKO0, t I apt. ii gersoll, will aail Thursday, May 20th | Kor freight or passage, having suiieriiir Airnished arcommo- , d.vtiniia, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS, id Sonth st. 1 Positively no good* will he receieed on board after Wed- t day evening, 19th inst. f i Agents in New Orleans?John O. Woodruff It Co., who | will promptly forward all goods to their add teas m!3 r I NOTICE?Pnchet ship OSWLOO, ima New .1 nMy Orleans, is now diarharging at Oileana wharf, foot of . jMCaiWall street. Consigners will please attend to the . rare pt ol their goods iinmediatel v, without further notice. in I Ir 1 Afo- UNION "LINK OK PACKET!*? PTMAOETO ! N^fVANI) EROM LIVERPOOL-By the fast sailing ' Hestl't'l'i SOUTHERNER. Captain A. H. Palmer, ' will positively sail on Satmday, IRth May, her regular diy. 1 II iring very superior accommodations for cabin, second ca- I bin. a id Steerage which will he taken at low rates. Persona I sending tor friends can hsve them brought out on this superior 1 packet, sailing about the 1st July, For te'tns of lms.tage apply , ?< , W St J. T. TAPM OTT, (teiieral Emigration and Foreign Erchange Office 1 rnyl3r R9 South at., 2nddoor helnw Burling Slip. * VNION LINE OF PACKETS to and from l,iv- I KCWVcrjKHil ?The splendid and fast sailing Packetahni v JiW SOUTHERN Ell, (apt. Palmer, will sail from New , York on Saturday, the 15th May, and from Lirer|*>nl on the lOthJuly. This ship baa splendid accommodations for Cabin, Second < shin, and Steerage Passengers. Persons aliont to pro- ? cenlto Europe, or those wishing to send for their friends, ran make the necessary arrangements, and hare them brought out ti in thiaapleuded packet, on Application to a W It J. T. TAPKCOTT. a Oeneral Emigration and Foreign Exchange Office, Br; South s'reii. _____________ m 13 . AFTERNOON LINE, DAILY. i EOR NEWBIJROH AND FISH nit*-, a r* js.cIL?^ Landing at Van Cortland's, (Prekakill.l West a Point, Coj.l Snnng and Cornwall. The Steam- ? er Thomas Powell, ''ant. Rami. Johnson, will leave the pier t fr.ot of Warren '[reel, for the above places, esery afternoon , (Sundays excepted,) at 4 o'clock, commencing April 10. Re- " opine?will lear* Newhiirgh crcrr morning at To'cloek. ' N. B ?All Baggage and Freight of every description, Bank t BilL or Specie, pnt on hoard of this boat, moat he at the risk of e the owner fh< rrnf unlets entered on the hooka of th# boat nr re- ,j cctpted for. * myl3 30t*rc |( NOTICE. ? STATEN ISLAND FERRY.?Ou and C?Ae*lL._> after SUNDAY", April l?th the atcamboatt . |T^ ' 11-' and 8+ATKN INLANDER wilt *> ran cs follows, until fnrther notice :? luvi ?T*T*"t isi.iku _ a At ?, I, 9, 10, II, A. M., and I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, P. M. a i.kavr skb roa* n At 7, 9, 10, It, A. M., and I. 2, ten tninutea past 3, and at 4, S, 1, 7, o'clock, r. M. i, New Vork April l*lt. ?IJ r l) W YC NEW YORK, MONDAY BWatgn CormpoiuUiiN of Um S. T. Herald. Lonucx. April 19. 1647. Thi ir, ton Mark*t?hulli* Education Afeaeure?R*ligiouo Soot*?Rut nan and Frtnah Jlffairt ? Qu'?n Christina and th? Jlffmirt of Sfoin?Tho Jlmontan Vxetoriot? Thratrieah. Tbe antieU of hietory furnleh no reoord of any thing Ilk* what bee occurred la tbaae modern timee. of the apply of food furnished by America to fiuniehlng Europe Great m were the hope* built upon America, for the tuppliei the might be able to aontrlbute. they have Iwun more ibuu realized; and highly a* American reeouroee were rated, it ie now agreed on all haude that they were underrated. The effect already produced In Ireland by the amazing in-pouring of American luppllo*. ie uioet pleuelug and iltifiuvivi J . IlillU urauvu 0|*VUUiJftllOU UHl luiiviru Just retribution; those who UuJ boardod up stores, waiting to briDg Ihuui out at exorbitant prices, looking anxiously for increased soarclly and yet higher rates, have taken the alarm, and for fear of a still greater decline. begin to bring out their stores, Even sound and wholesome potatoes, which hod disappeared from the market, hare begun to come in. This may be called a counter-panic Tlie speculators in Ireland are infinanced now by a foar of plenty, us they wore inllueuced before by a fear of want. In England. however though there has been a fall in the price of wheat, it lias not been such as toalloct. peroeptibly. the price of bread, or change the nspoet of things. I still believe that the calculations made in my last letter, will turn out. eventually to be correct, and that the scarcity uud high prices will continue until after harvest. For'eigu orders for breadstuff* continue to come in. and the exportation of grain to the continent of Kurrpe is maintained as brisk as ever This state of thlugs is likely to continue, notwithstanding occasional very great fluctuations in the market. rorliatncnt has again assembled, after the Foster holidays : hut as yet little of interest has occurred. It Is thought that the remaining measures for Ireland will be hurried through, which, with the government education scheme, will fonn the only subjects of general interest with which it will be engaged previous to its final dl??olution ?for this is the last session of the septennial parliament. Home excitement has latclr been got up among those who do not belong to the Church of Knglaud, supported and established by law. in relation to the government scheme of publto education. In the I tilled .States the government Is in the hands of the people; but In England it is in the hands of the church aud the aristocracy. Itcnce it follows, that while in the United States education may lie made a government measure without daugur?in England on the contrary, to put the education of the people into the hands or the government, is to put it at once into the hands of the church. .And this is what is virtually about to be done. The consequences of this measure seem plain enough. The wholo rising generation will receive a religious church education. The dissenters, already few, divided, and without influence of any kind, will be almost, if not entirely, extinguished; and when the Church of England is quite ready to pass over to the Church of will hand over at the same time the English nation to the ancient religion, and all will be settled harmoniously, with a due regard to the fortunes and interests of the great folks in the garlics concerned in the compromise. As protestantism as become a mere oold, naked philosophy, of which virtue and good deeds are hardly considered to constitute a part, it is easy to sec that almost any superstition must, eventually, triumph over such cold-blooded infidelity. The dissenters. a? a body, have in this day no moral iufiuenoe whatever. The world has discovered w^at their ultra piety amounts to. and holds It in the contempt it has brought upon itself, and the consequence Is, their agitation and excitement against the government plan, meets with no sympathy, and is hardly noticed, while the government plan will be carried with triumphant success. There is little of general interest to communicate since my lost. The monetary crisis in London is getting worse and worse ; thousands of traders in these days of competition and display only carry on trade by regular loans, in advance of their expected profits, and money is getting tighter and tighter. The effeets will bo disas iruus, auu exteuu widely oror a great portion of the community, for money can hardly be got now at any rate, and oren where It can be, trade Is no depressed that no dependence can be bad upon future profile to meet inevitable payment*. Affaire on the continent continue much-in ilalu qua. Russia aud France are drawing the bonds of union closer and closer; the I'arlsiane are shortly expecting to be honored with i? visit from ths Russian (.'car to the court ot Louis rbilippe; much excitement is the natural oousequeues. Queen Christina and her husband appear to have for- I saken Spain for ever, be has become naturalised us a Duke of Franco, and they have left the young Queen to herself. The poor girl has a hot place of It: it is subl that she has beeu so wearied out with tho cares of royalty, and the cabals and intrigues of the luterested courtiers who surround her, that she has almost contemplated an abdication of the throne, saving she would not mind giving it up to her cousiu. tne young pretender, son of Don Carlos. Meantime she has triumphed over the ministry, who at one time deAedber to brrface, and refused to give up their posts when she required it; and has thrown herself into the hands of the liberul parly. Espartero. it is said, has been recalled, and the aspect of affairs in Spain, it may be hoped, may now change for tho better, under a liberul ministry; lor the worse tliey an liardlv change. Tho Hibertiia brought out thrilling accounts of your doings in .Mexico, and of the heroic conduct of the troops under General Taylor It is tb# opiniou hero that Mr Benton acted wisely in refusing to undertake the projected mission, and that, with limited powers, be would have been a mere nonentity. I welcomed with high pleasure the sight of a Sew i'ork Herat J, Extra It is delightful to meet an old acquaintance from America on this sidH the water. During the Master holidays theatrical* have been in a state of unusual activity and splendor The immense and capacious building of Drury l.ane has been nightly filled to a jam. with crowds, to see the splendid Eastern spectacle of the "Desert," in which a whole menagerie of camels, elephants. Sic , have been introduced upon the stage at an euortnous expense. Movent Garden opened at the same time tho new Italian rival opera, with the I 'Semiramide," and so far promises to sucreed well. '1 he interior deooratious are magniflcont. and until ths arrival of Jenuy Lind, who yet delays her coming, will successfully compete with the Queen's theatre; that is, tbs old opera house. Mrs Butler Is still starring it in ths provincial towns' The other theatres, with one or two exceptions, are doing a good business. Rome. Feb. 31. 1447. Theutrirah?Mount l'tauviu??Jln Eruption?I'ieir hy Sight?The Carnival in Home, if-r. <fv. I now addross you from the imperial city, so far flamed and renowned lu history, aud tbs last that was left to me of Christian Europe. I might now. like Alexander, weep for more worlds to conquer. Through all climates anil different latitudes liavo I traversed, from th?) snows and ices of the Rtisslas to the runny and burning climate of the two Blclly's. I.Ike the Grand Emptrior, I too haTe sseu my Moecow, hut without it* defeat!. The lest time I had the pleasure of addressing you, wa* from tiio city of the musio-lovlng Milanese the Pari* of Italy?whero I ?aw the great Risley achieve latlifactory results at the Grand Alia Scala. I left for Turin, where theatricals were on a shocking leclinf. It being close to the carnival season ; and to nake preparations for which, they usually close a fortlight before ; besides this, the same artists bad been teen and heard f>r months past, and the samo operas revealed so often, as scarcely to be recognised business lragged dull and heavy?the manager losing money lightly; and those persons who did resort there, came n talk over affair*, and a horse or real estate could be largained for or purchased in the parlitrrr of the Royal Theatre, with as much facility as at the Kxchango. It leeded something n-w. that .they had.'not yet witnessed. ,o alter this statu of things. I.umley. manager of Um Italian Opera. London, was lere a short llmo since, engaging nrliutt for his Italian tpera for the spring campaign He has a host of talent lenny l.ind, whose sweet singing in the German lau[uage has entranced alt middle Kurops. stands Orst on .helkat; but Bunn. of rhe Ilrury Lane, will dispute her ilngiiig elsewhere than at his theatre, under a sontrart ixscuted some years ago. bnt it will probably end liku ill sueh scrapes In compensation " 1.umley Las also < n caged Madauir Frixxolina, the first prima donua in taly, who sotne five years ngb appeared in I ondon, but nadu a failure there. Klie will now attempt it again thai* now at the San Carlo. big I-rue bin I whom the f.pgllsh papers say is the best tenor In Italy, but some litler very much there.- especially the Italians , big darini Iguaxio, of the Alia Scala, tile first buss !u Ku ope. besides many others Among bis list of dancurs ire Tsglionl. and several who have every season ap>eared there. Among bis new ones is < aroline Itosati. vbo is dancing now at the Scala. and who is fast apiroiiching

the first rank of duncers. Had 1 i.oen visiting Italy for no other purpose than igbt-s< ng and cunosity. I could not have arrived at tuples lit a more propitious tiuie; tor shortly all r my .rrival. wo had an eruption of Mount Vesuvius Myself ,nd family, accompanied by Mr blgonrnev, of Boston. ,nd Mr Whitney, of Mew Jersey, mounted to the top in he afternoon, and returned at night by torchlight In he darknass of night, en the top of Vesuvius, within a tone's throw of the principal cone, during an eruption, rith the red hot flaming lava running like melted Iron t our feet, b a grand and awfully sublime sight. From he main mouth, at short intervals of time, burst forth he eruptions. Volumes of smoke and ashes, stones, 1 ?ige and small, ore thrown hundreds of yards In the ir, and falling down the sides oftho mountain, continue I B roll with aloud rattling noise, to its very base F.aeh < ruptlou is accompanied by a noise resembling that iiro- I need by a high pressure engine The red hot lava ulged forth from the sides of Vesuvius In four different laces anil ran down the mountain side like the iron I rom a furnace, until It reached the base, when it became old and resembled the euro of Iron after the metal had I eon extracted. In the afternoon we partook of a lunch, I Ith the beefsteak and eggs cooked upon the hot lava I tnd at night returned home by torchlight, pleased and I stsinlihed at what we had ss-vn, for it was a graud. mug- | ifloent sight Hern, in the Kternal Dlty, the success of Kisley has t een unbounded during the carnival. The Romans can i a - _ i f ?RK I MORNING, MAY 17. 184', fully appreciate bU ertrsordlnory performances. While I linwu creating a furur ai on* theatre Carlotti Grlsl who 1* ?uch a favorite with the Parisian*. wae at another The carnival la now finished, It commenced on Saturday the 6th. at one o'clock, and continued eight devc. i except Friday and Sunday, ending on Tueaday the loth February. The hnuaee along the Corao. "the inaln itreet. and the window* and balconiae, In fact, every available plaow. war hung with rich draparles. The carriage* puaa up one dde and doirn ou the ether, the luuia'v* exchanging dower*. Auuyucti, and uon bum, with those in the wlndew*. along the (treat, and on the aidewalk. This (port continue* until a gun flru* at fonr o'clock, when the atreet 1* cleared of carriages, and horsemen make a passage through the orowds to allow the horse race to go < u. Usually from sewn to fourteen horses run. without riders, decked with ribbons and pluincs. uud aro driven forward by means of ball*, with steel points, which beat against their tlanks. but the instinct of the animals gives the spirit of competition suf- j th-iuutly The prize is a rich banner, and a sum Of from I $40 to $00. as the judges award. After the race*, again continence the showers of Uowora and bun bum. some ! real, and Some ma le of plaster The last nlglit finished with au illumination, every one having a taper The , vivacity and enthusiasm of the Italians ?n?hl- to I pass at'oncv from the most solemn to the uioit Kay occupations On the -i'id. to morrow, the Americans in Koint celebrate the day by a dluucr. 1 have reeeivedan Invitation to b? there. Yeeterday we liud a fuuurul, attended by the Americans generally now bora, that of Mr. Auios Bid my of Doatou, who died of jdc-uj-iey of teng standing. Hi* remains. at hit desire. will ba taken to America. Viinra, March 20. 1147. I Pesrripiian uj tilt Carnival?l.tnl in I'it una? Tkt Musical Stason i In this far famed metropolis, the jolly beer-drinkors and merry sausage- ilevoorere among the " people," properly co called, sing a favorite song. the burden of whore ) rhyme is to produce the conviction that -'therein only | one Vienna ?only oue Imperial oity." "fit gicbt nur tin I I ft in, rt gi'lit mir r tCaiitrttadt." Familiarity with many things.mny. and do doubt docs, produce contempt; but a familiarity with Vienna and the Yienneae, serves only to induci- a profound report, for the truth contain- l ed In thin pcop|e> ditty. The joy* of ilia carnival have tolled their last peal, and the musical fertivities of Leut arc in the full tido of happy execution. The travelling Musselinan wan not far out of the way when he named the period of the Carnival the craiy scnaon of the people who live towards the setting suu. and related of tbcra tbe most wonderful things to his listening brother Mussseliuru. whose very beards shook with marvel at the recital. At a certain period of the new-born year, says he, the serious Franks are suddenly attacked with a singular mania. They tie black, unseemly masks before their faces, put on' the moat outlandish dresses and costumes, and in short, die flgure themselves to surb an extent, that the father knows not his own child, and the brother cannot recogutso his own sister. Thus attired, they repair to certain I gorgeously deowrsted and brilliantly illuminated placet of resort, where, during the deafening noise of numberler* instruments, they jump about as if stark mad, until the perspiration streams from the entire body. This lasts for some weeks, when finally the mania having risen to the highest pitch, the poor, deluded souls hasten early, ou a certain morning, to tbe altars of their churches, where their priests strew ashes on their crasy heads; whereupon they suddenly return to reason and quietly resume their accustomed occupations, ue if nothing had taken place. 1 do not pretend to say that this unlet tourist has done justice to the Viennese, and merely relate bis story to give a spool men of tbe Ideas of an incorrigible Turk in relation to the pleasures of our 1'arnlval Wo see In his opinion the very symbol of K.aatern Inactivity and lasy case, end canuot but pity the being who does not admire the wl.dueea of the gallopade?the life of the reeling waits?the graceful movements of the polka, and the poetry of motion of tbe usxurka. The present carnival season has not lieen a very brilliant oue in the court circles, on Recount of the death of the Palatine of Hungary, who was closely related to the imperial bousu of Austria, and whicli circumstance clothed tbe entire court and nobility in deep black at an early period of the carnival. There was hut one of the brilliant court balls, for the magnificence of which Vienna is renowned. The nobility have sympathised with the court, and their select bails have been less numerous than usual If we turn to the other side of the picture. | however the people wlo>. by the war. never set-in inel- I auchuly about uuylbing ? we flud that the billof-l.irc lues been every way worthy of the guests. W e have bad ball* of every bun and dye. Tho military officer* hiivc bad their dance, and the civil officer* have bad their* ; the wealthy citizen* have realized to their huait* content In their eeiact hull*, eud tho Hhylock banker*, the hull* and beat*, and their satellites, have for a moment forgotten their culling and joiued In the Kenentl gaiety. 'I'ho lukewarm professor* of the clateical school* have deierteil Virgil aud Homer tor Ovid and'l crpRichore.and the jurist* have thrown u*ide Ju?tiuiaii. ceased wrsoglug about the codu Napoleon, aud declareil their preference for habeas corpus, while the votaries of medicine have left the celestial pleasures of inhaling ether, find given themselves to the terrestrial Joy* of the ui?7y dance Descending a few step* in the scale of eiiitcnee, wc meet with the dandified, elegaut and perfumed cb-rk, with hi* beautiful mustache. waltzing with 1'urishiu grace with the pretty little milliner, to whom he has vowed his heart, and following in his wuke corns* the fashionably attired tailor, hi* arm gently resting on the waist of hi* fair Dulclna. the charming flower girl And then conic the plump and hearty cook*, for why should they not danee n* well a* their more favored fallows, whom fate has destined them to feed end fatten in luxury* Why should not the poor cookelcavn their market beskctsat home for once, and for once ensconce their delleatn hands and arm*, blushing with the deepest red, In Parisian kid of the purest white? Why should their well developed pedestal*, on which they live day In end day out, not for once be decorated a la CAiaotss? Aud then comes another class of ball*?the washerwomen of Vienna form a crsft cut olf from *11 the contaminating j neighbor* around them clean, tidy, and proud of their ; occupation ; and they have for th*ir exclusive *uitors th? common soldiers of the etly garrison Many of them are blooming and pretty girl*, and. as they make more money than their mala friends, the latter are always invlti d by them, and wo to the unlucky wiglit who has the audacity to intrude upon the washer-women's bail, without aa Invitation from a fair protector ' ill* fate is sealed?a soap-suds bath i* his inevitable lot ! The i hotel-waiters are not a jot behind the travelling public, whom they live to serve; and tho t'.uglish l.ord?the . Krcnch deputy? and the German noblemen can see themselves iu miniature, capitally portrayod by the children educated under their own personal supervision. Ths waiter's ball is nu fail in every thing tlint belongs to the haul Ian. and why should it not be. when this class hss the brilliant opportunity of learning refliieineut of manner* and critical propriety of etiquette under the most distinguished tntors ? And then come* the chimney-sweeper'* ( all. which i* by no means so sooty an affair a* its name would indictitc. and the waterman's hall; aud Anally, when ail others are on the stool of rcpeutniirn. on Ash Wednesday, the poor cabmen, who have been on duty incessantly, driving ull and every night for week*, take ndvautaae of the few hour* during which their employer* deem It necessary to lie in suck-cloth and ashes, and dance with a fidelity which prove* them to be convinced of the necessity of making the most of tho only night in the year that they are free And now, farewell, oh (1e?h ' (tarnrvalr) ? for a time, farewell to the < hristlan saturnalia and sensual pleasures ! farewell--and let us fast and he meek. But in our season of humility we must have amusement; without that we Viennese caiiuot live; arid what I* more harm less, what ia more elevating and fitted to tlie ore rut moment than the harmony cf sweet sounds ' In leaving the (nddrtl who presides over tho ' light fanlustli* too" wu commit ourselves to her who guide* tlio harmony of tho spheres; anil lent la, therefor#, emphatically the musical season in Vienna. So far aa quantify la concerned, th# present season cannot. he called a hrilliant one ; Jenny l.lnd. the nightingale oft ha nori h. with her protector. Meyerbeer, hare frightened the smaller warblers awny. Lists, 'I halhcrg, ll< rlloa. David, and the numberless host who were wont to enliven the imperial eiiy. huve fled and given up the sole possess I on ' of the grove to the sweet singer Jenny l.lnd la performing an engagement for forty nighte. for which she receives twenty thousaud dollars It has so far been brilliant In the extreme. The main piece of I he season i# ' Vi#lka. or th# < amp of Silesia." composed expressly for her by M#y#rbe< r, and I shall reserve for my next a full Hceouut ot M and nil musical of the praient Dirt-oral season. O. P. (f Vltvsi, April 4, 1R47. Afuttr Olid l\r Optrn?M'yrhetr'i nttv Opera?Ji nny and her triumph' Urr Muvr menti? Th' Oprva ihrwhere. 4'"- 4'<". In areordance with the prumlsw in my Inst comiuuniration. I now take up the aubjvet of matters muaical. as fate lias guided them during the musical season of lent; which, hy the way, hns been uncommonly dull this year The great prima donna of vocal harmony. Jenny l.lnd, has hern the observed of all observers, and the brilliancy of her performances hns been so darxling as to hide the talents of less distinguished, though meritorious candidates for public favor. The hijeu of the season, hss been the new opera of" Vlclka, or, tho C amp of Silesia,' j by Myerb#er. written expressly for J#uny l.ind. A new ] opera, by so wond#rfula genius as Meyerbeer, is an event i nf no trifling Importance In the world of music; hut 1 wh?n It is known to be written with direct reference to his conception of the powers of an nrtiilt like l.lnd. It is , ilifDcult to conceive of circumstances more likely to I raise expectation and excitement to the highest, pitch i The style of music begun by Meyerbcor in " Robert the < Devil,' and raised to a tchool In tho " Huguenots." i? ' icon perfected and beautifully portrayed in Vbdka t In elevation, depth, and elegance It is as far from the s irivlal negligence of the present Italian school as It Is i from the heavy routine of the modem Herman operas Kvery part of the work discovers Its great msstri front T the enchanting ororlure to the "grand finale." tlie 1 {cuius of Meyerbeer breathes through every dot" and ends spirit and dignity to every chorus The crown of Ihc opera Is the second art, a rhr/ A'nuvri.which of Itself ivoulu immortalise the great eompoeer. had lie never \ IE R A r. written another not*. In cba midst of wonJarful harmonies. two fit*J stare appear transcendent. a quadruple chorus, In which aacb of tba four choruses forma of Itself an independent whole. and the/inalr of tba ??eon J aot. in which fonr different " motives,'' In four different styles. ara performed by four orchestra*, in such a manner m to produce one imposing tvttmbh 1 be grouping of the musical detalis, and the harmon'ous turning of apparent contradictious uutll the mighty gushing forth of lha power!ul measure*, resembles a pe rfect oataract of aoundi. which I* indescribable The third act is especially calculated for I.iud. and presents her with a noble opportunity of celebrating a brilliant Iriutuphi she perforins a perfect concert with two first flutes. In whleh her voice so completely rivals llio Instruments which sh* accompanies. that it is frequently itnpo alble to distinguish the vocal from the instrumental music The coloring Introduced into these efforts, together with the singular traiuing voice she developcs stamps her as 1 a genius of the flrst class, neither intituling or betug , imitatei \dded to all these wllraetious. the " Alisr in ' scc/tr" is SUUerb: the irrand ils^ ? ._i_ 1 .. , Infantry unit cavalry, canon* ilrawu by liorsva, mllilary baud* anil evolution*, battle*. tableuil*. and the most gorgeous decoratioua \loverbear bus led tba orchestra )u person several time*,and once by particular request of the imperial acinus of Ilia bou-e of llapaburg Th# operu differ* considerably from the one of the same name i 'ira-anled on tho board* of tna Royal Opera at Berlin. | many changes having been made to render It* cluo aster l aiore tilled for the powers of Lind. it la needle** to say I that "VIcUh" isali the rage The conversation of every | loirtt, 1* Vielka I.lnd. and Myaroeer. and even th* | fashion* have been modified by tliit musical phenomei non. "Vielka hati." mid "Vielka uiautUla*.'' resemI bling those worn by Lind in the opera, are lit great | vogue, and the gentlemen wear-'Vielka cap*.determined not to be a jot behind the New Yorkers and I'liiladelphiauft In their adoration for tho raps a la Ole Hull Violka melodies are sung in every street and performed in every drawing room, and in addition to the Robert Quadrilles." and Huguenot Quadrille:-." we now have the " Vielka Quadrilles," so that we can even dance a Ui Vielka. to say nothing of the Vlelka^walties, pot porrie. marches, nnd fantasies. As a testimonial of the manner in which the friends of tbo fine arts, and ths adorers of the Swedish nightingale, appreciate her wonderful genius, tliey have en used medals of gold, silver and bronso to be struck, in com memoration of her appearance on the Vienna boards ? The medal presents on Its face an excellent likeness of Lind. and on the reverso is a swan reclining on a laurel branch as the symbol of song among the Greeks. Above this Is the polar star, with the device of the . 8w dish North *tar order?" Setrit Ocramnm." Below the emblem is the inscription: "To the great arti its, from her enthusiastic admirers." t.ind has also appeared in " (.a Fills du Regiment,'' - Woniuimbula." and " Norma." On closing her engagement here, it is said that .she proceeds to London, to fulfil an engagement there. The latter, to nil appearance. Is likely to give rise to some warm sparring, us two of the greatest of the operatic lions of the "great city" are contending for the honor of her company Both pretend to have engaged her, but very generously propose to the " divine Jenny" to fight this mutter out among themselves. if she will only appear and do the singing On leaving London, on Hit. that Duponclu-l. of Paris, intends to engage her and Meyerbeer, on their own terms, to bring out " Vielka" in tue French capital A very popular musical entertainment In Vienna are the ' Concerts Spirituals." given by the most classical performers In the imperial elty : and it is said by judges that no eity in the world presents productions superior to these in every thing that teuds to form tlu- most highly cultivated and exquisitely perfect musical performance*. Among the usual selections arc from Huydu. Moxart. Beethoven, Von Weber, Meyerbeer, etc. etc.? Than we have the mat met# muticaUe?and. iudeed. the day-concerts are always quite recherche, as they exclude all but aristocratic Idlers, who have nothing to engugu their attention but the means of uioat effectually proving their superiority over their fellow men. by iudulging in amusements which eaanot but be exclusive These mutinies are celebrated for the performances of the virtuosos on the pianoforte, and the great number of those who play with cxquisltu skill is really surprising. Almost any drawing-room company will preueut enough to give a respectable matinee, or luirie musicalv. Some of the fluent performance* given during the winter take place after the theatre, it I* dangerous for any one of tne lions, whose popularity would clash with the opera, to give a concert during opera hours, us it would produce a collision disadvantageous to both, it | la. therefore, quite au fait to drive from the opera to the i ooncert saloon, and then to the headquarter! of some ! noted restaurateur, as the Viennese ulways lluisli a good . evening's nmuxemeut with a good supper, in which beefsteak a lit Jlnglaitt ha*of late become quite fashionable The taatc for classical music is by no mean*, however, j confined to Vienna, but seems much inclined to visit the j scenes of its flrat love " Antigone." by Sophocles, will j shortly be brought out ou the stage of Athens. with ! choruses by .Mendelssohn This master-piece of the | old Athenian stage has enjoyed au uniuterrupted repose | of more than two thousand years, and Is now destined to rise from its ashes where it once rose from Its crHiilu i What father Sophocles would say to au a-soclatb.u with Mendelsohn, it is difficult to ennfaive. The latter could 1 be called out. In pniuria psriona. to express his opinion. 1 but It ts rather doubtful whether the modern i.;r< i will ever be able to call lorth the ghost of the lotlg-de parted Sophocles. O. P. q litiui*. March '26. 1847. ; T.'ir Venetian Slat- e General J'ruttian l'ulitir? The publication of the decree announcing the intention of llie King of I'ruisiu to convoke un assembly of tile Stale* General, has eauaed leas excitement bare than it appears to havodonc'abroud.pnrlirulariy in England. The reason is. that the Knglisb und souio of the j French orgaus of public opinion mistake the State* (ion- I eral for a Parliament, or n House of IVcr* ami fJoputl and Hie Royal decree for a constitution; whereas people in this country view the whole affair more in the lighter a measure of purely administrative policy. In fact. Die public mind had for some yearn been prepareil to expect an enactment of a mora comprehensive nature (lie I i* tablishiuent of a liberal form of governm' ot. with constitutional cheek* aifd constitutional guaranties. Independent of th? will and pleasure of royalty and i bureaucracy?and far from being satisfied with wlmt tbey have received, they are Inclined to grumble at tl.? . gift being curtailed of its nntieipnted "fair proper- , ttona.'' "We have aaked for bread." any a a Prussian writer of anme note, (whose pauiplilet, by the way. waa , aolled by the police uluio-i a:- soon as fasued.) auJ they have given us a atone I nfavorable. however a* were , , the drat impression* created by the document In que* , tion, they ate beginning C? give way to u more cheerful I ( ami wboleaoine slule of feeling; for after all. according to the trite old proverb, it is better to have but half a loul , than no bread Whatever lln* institutions may be. their written letter la of far less importance than the spirit of \ the nation. Thern are German kingdoms and pricipall tie*, aucii as Saxony. Bavaria, Hesse, k.c.. ivc . that ..r. provided witli conalitutiona framed and modelled on tin most approved priuciplea of the [lentham school ali i very fine and grand to look at, but to every useful intent and purpose very little better than so much waste pnpor The rhartf say* ohm thing, and the King and his minis- , ters do another the former proclaims universal toleration, and the latter pprieeuto the (irrinan catholics, the "Friend* of l.ight,'' and the .lews, (that ia to say. the poor ones)?the former guaranties hla-rty of the press, and the latter appoint a wbolu posse of censors, support- | ed by a guerilla of mourhnrdi And why Is all thin ' Hi-cause the bulk of the people are not sufficiently alive ! to the value of political rights lb* spirit of the nation. I of the masses. Is not on a level with their institutions If. then, the Prussians are ripe for political liberty, thej will have It if they are lit for a constitution. th<-y wd. get one; ami whether they are so. will be shown by tin- | step# they lake to widen the narrow sphere of aetiin . granted thetn by the decrees of February 3. But to Ima gine that the States General of Prussia will be a fnc I ( siuilln of the French i(u/? gfnrraur of 17s*P. Is absurd Tilers are no materials In tliis country for s Mirsl-. au or a Hiryes. and tliu national eharacti r is as opposite *possible to tliat of their volatile and inflammable neigli- , bors beyond the Kliine. Ft itinr Irnlr I* tbe favorite adugn of Germany and the t .eriuans, and whatever! done, is sure not to lie done quickly lint what of tbul routicai irceuoni i? not tin- growth ?r a day, anil tic , \ krrucbtrca of liberty which blossomed and here fruit ? ( soon u? it was |>lrttitt-<l. in. after ail. but a scurvy shrub t in comparison with the eld h.Dglili oak. whoa" hardy | strength and native vigor an- equally apparent in the ' time-worn frame of Rritain herself. mid the verdant and | lusty youth of iter trans-Atlantic offspring 'I nn meeting of th? (states ia to t ike place on the 1111> . April, and apartments in the HoyaJ Chateau are fitting i up for their rec?ption. It is BB Certain winUXT tie- pnb J lie will he admitted at the npeuing solemnity, or whether I , that privilege will tie eon fined to a farored few: as for the deliberatlona. they will moat prohahly he in Id in ae- j eret, and only extracts of thaw published in (hit Slnl' ' Ifusrttt. omitting tile nninea of the speakers, and all | ' other extraneous matter My in xl will five you fur- ( ther inforiuatiou on the subject A. II ' f Tiik FMt W'kst.?Tin1 SI. I.wii* /.'i it, nl tin- j t litli tiiHt., ei\>:- S' rely u hoot arrive* Irani , t the Ohio river without landing at our wharf n lurg> 1 i number of families who are emigrating to the fort 11, re ' > ginnsof Iowa and Wisconsin Not unfreunently do wo s- t I lifly or more families on a single boat. I.ast evening tin- 1 steamer l.ynx departed for tislsna. literally crowded ? with emigrants, their wagons. furniture firming uten i sils. fcr lr They are. we learn, principally from the i , enterprising Slates n| New Vork and rennsylv.inia and I jndglng from appearances, we are impressed with the r belief that they will prove industrious settlers 'I lie i settlement of the vast fertile and uncultivated sections rif Iowa nnd tViseousIn with a hardy and laborious population. will be of incalculable advantage to St Lonla, ind wc are pleased to see the tide of emigration tending that way. j ? . Fiuu at Itiiaca.?A lire broke out on die eve- 1 linj; of the llth in-1., nt which the ' ?m(e of buildlrin-froti the ( Union House, nulhtothe 1 'oruer. and two small shops on Oswego street. I whether with some out buildings of the ( tlntnn House, wera de- , troyed Tim buildings burnt were II K Hutih.ird's , tore, loss 1)3,1)00 insured tl.400 I aae bore's moat | hop. ami J. I.iwls' barber shop: loss *mhi Insured 4.IKI Selh trarner'a caWn' t shop loss not stat< 4 ? I'lie Cdloton House was sainl with diffb uity. A uian i ia- been arrested on suspicion of being the Incendiary I I i Nlaccllaneoiu. I < 'I'lie eitv of buffalo was brilliantly Illuminated on 1 A'eduii day evening, in honor of nur victories ju Mexico , 1 ? . "^f L D. t*fUw Imm twj.U. The Mexican War i.From lh? New Oilcan* rim*- V*tLk Che* April 34, IMF 1 am indaWd to \>?in*1eur I'. Cap-ran ujant ot Ota French Trampnrtatlon Company In for the fhllowing lilt of diatanc-c from point to point It ma; U> depended upon ti>r accuracy : From Pernio to TYpohualco 7 league*" or IS nallri. Trpehualeo to Ojod? *ftua.S 90 " (Ho do Agun to Napntuian. .5 " It ' ' Napnlncan to Amozoc....S ' tp ' Anionic to Puabla 6 10 * ' Puclna to Rio Prieto 6 " 1U w 14 i'ilo P/ieto to LI Pncnto. . .0 * !i " F.l Puenta to t'ordoTun. . . .d Id ' < oruevan 10 renui. i) " 14 " Fund to Muxloo 4 " id " Actu.1 dislauc* per carriage runtc l*U mile*. *1 estimate thu league at v>? mile* The ri>udl are ?till lule*ted with bands ut raJiabuXOSL ur "greater*,1' who tire upon oar wagoners aud small partita imy taw tulle*, and frixjumtly with fatal edesl. Two wuguu* pu-*cd mv hotel to Jav ea?h with a mortally wouuded mau in it. und 1 am told that two or threw arc killed in till* manner almoin dally, batwavu thla ally aud Jalupa (isueral ticott'a force 1* too small to pertntt him to detach proper guard* and eaoort*. and at ih# utne liuiu to move forward effectively; and idoTerttor WlUnu t. even weaker, in proportion than the Cootutandur-in-Chief. It I* surprising that ao few troop* arrive from tbe I nited State* ( ao they not be enliatad? Aritu. a/i -The squadron. or a part of it, will unit proceed to the kouthward. and take po??oB?lou "f thw porta between Tabasco utid l.agnna 'I be fret point touched. I fancy, will he t ua-roulro- Hut little reaistancc ia to be expected ; I ray expected, for oar sailor*, like the soldiers. desire- not dreud?thla kind of thing. They have chafed long enough, aud need aoma field Ihr due play If there he Mich a field, Terry ia the roan to Cud it and rday all hi? own part A train of titty wagons came in yeaterday. and one of two hundred, from the field to-day One of seventy started for Jalapa dhia afternoon, aiid another of threw hundred will probably leave to morrow or the day after. Tito Mole, and the squarua in front of the cuetom-housw and quartermaster*' offices, are rendered almoat impo**able by the quantities of government stores, impletnentn of war, If . piled up within them- wagon bodice and wagon wheels, bags of oats, boxes of wine, barrels of powder. pork, beef, dry goods, nud medical stores, lie around, and upon one another an high as houses, In most admirable confusion Almost all tbe laborers are Mexican citizens, molw, and full-blooded donkey* ; and almost all work at a disadvantage One Irishman would do more than any flvn of the two-legged Mexicans, and three good horsee and carte, more than twenty of their co-laborers. A Mexican carries tbe heaviest burden* by a strap, which piloses across* Ills forehead oTer his shoulders, and is lashed to the load on his hack, lu this manner many will currv four hundred pounds with case, while they would sink under half the weight, carried in the ordluary manner They are literally a stilT-necked people. Horses here, are verv email, and ireiierell? fk?i. the demand of our army had already had the fffett t* Increase their price about ?cventy-tlvo per eent. ( pots a recent contract the quartermaster procured a lot of prettv good one*, at twonty-tlve dollar* each For a larger lot. he ha* now to pay forty-dollara eaeh Mule* and jackasses are dear. Trade i* gradually Increasing; whether Improving or not I cannot eay. I will add the following statement, which is nearly an correct as the circumstance* suable me to make. No goverumont store* are Ineluded In th? account. Foukick luroai snows froui the 19th inat. to inclusive. ae appear per the Custom II oune hooka?(tlx day s) Per l>auikh brig F.clio (part only) (36.302 4B Per Spanish bark Veuua. do do 27 000 M Per Danish brig Wtlhelmluo, Tl.Wid 04. Per French bark Nouveuu Cuntabrc. do do... 0 010 AO Per Hamburg brig Margaret?aay 60.000 00 Per Hamburg brig Slrius (in part) HSJM7 70 Per llreiaen acboom-r Hermlne (in part) 3?,-'37 00 (300.060 u From UoMk.trit Point, during the taine lime, nay 1U0.0O0 00 Total invoices received In Custom lloute. eay (400,060 4fl Dutie* on the above, tay (100.000 There are laoclassis of dutie* collected from foreign vet-els One called the "import,' or " foreign" duty, and the otuer the "muuicipul" duty The latter is in lieu of tonnage due*. uud other mura port eharges, and is a* follow* On provision*, 6 per cent ad voluirm On wine, cider, ale anil porter, 16 per tent do On all other liquors, 76 per ceut do On raw cotton, 4 reuta |? r pound On all other merchandise 10 per eent ai aalartu American goods pay this " municipal'' duty only Foreigu goods pur both this and the dutlea of tin tariff of July .10. 18Ui. I ho rate of duties given above you have published before; but l thought it hcvt to repeat It here for th* better explanation of the matter HIT IT.'.r.V .".OV r.ME'.'TS. The J. M. White left on Wed net-day for N?w Orleans. She was to atop at lefferson Barrack* to tuke on board Captain king's company of s--:diura. destined for Mesleo Another coiupattv will bo ready to leave on oattuday ? y>l. l.auii 1*1 f . Sf*ju7 t olouel John \V. Tibbat*. of Kentucky, has already recruited H0U men. an-l will soon complete his regiment, and proceed to Mexico. tlcn Franklin Pierce ha* had a sword given to him lir the ladies of < uncord. N. II.. aud a horae valued at f-V-O, w;i* pre-ented to him by some of h'..- friend., but the uiiliunl o' -tin day or two afterward*. Ocs-nn Sh-ainrra and kfrcw Propulsion. [From the K.nglish Nautical Standard ] We have noticed the result of the first voyage of tha Sarah bands, a large packet rhlp built of Iron, and trading between l.iverpcol and New York We have alnca then Men the plan* of this vessel and her anginas, and tho wind" sutler I appear* *o interesting that we are glad to be enable-1 to follow It up by a ft w remark*. We have abundant proof Hint Me&m navigation cannot he maintained with distant countries without tha support of a Government cnutract for carrying tha mail*; rU< h vr**el* virtually tx-coine uiouopollea in the conveyance of pasv-nger*. and are at the same time l-ut of little service to the mercantile community In carrying cargo. H e may tliei cfori eoindder that ascent f!ir Km conveyance < r man* mj Jirt-t clara passengers. "steam bar not till now tmen *urcr*"fully employed on a lares .rale for lout; voyages anil tli?* merchants service Tha karsb Sand* 1* tho Aral in-tan..-, we believe. In which Lb? ijuestloii lin- b. en fairly toft*,1. and w* nra not wrong I lien-fore. In attuchiti;; great liiipoitance to tha ptprriuent '1 lie Sarah band* win built at Liverpool from the plan* of Mr i>r?ntlinrn. conmliiiig engln*ar. she ia about 1300 tnua. now men-ureuient, and 100 horse power, ller first voyage wns commenced on tha 20th of lanuary. uiuler the command of l apt Thompson. and having encounter. d moat si v. re galea, and a few delays, aha reached New York in 50 dry* 1(1 hour* To givu Millie idea of the Mata of tha Weather, we h?T? bean informed that tint Halifax ateatuar. which preceded thw Sarah Sanda was upwarda of IP day* to Boston, and mine of the flneal of the -ailing packet* wera upwards of 00 day*. Thta retal-lahei the -pi. rtion aa regard* tha failing <1 Hill it lea of Mich a vessel. Tha neat thing to Yw< considered U the amount of elowaga. lu addition to tho apace required for the mnchlnery and roal*. 'i h'-ae nccupy Irs* than one-fifth ol the length of the varael. leaving room for nearly I ,u(K> ton* of cargo bc-iide* large and magnificent cabin*. We have here then a cam- where at earn power I* Hi applied that cun?tderabie a peed 1? attained during ?i long voyage. with a tih-hcI Imvlug large carrying powera, tha object an dealred but not till no* fairly attained. U e may therefore justly m*rk thi* a* a new era In vteam navigation, exceeding in importance, if we are not mistaken, any preiiou? *t.p in tliia moat Important branch f our national strength There are other feature* ennuncteil with tlie Sarah Sanda that deserve notice, and add greatly t-> the merit of the experiment We have been asunriid that, contrary te all preensreived view* oa the ulijert of I he *crew propeller Tlx., 1 hat it wort be worked nt n lilgh velocity, that either s multiplying |><-wer unit h? applied, nr the esgtnee be worked at. a griater speed tliau la desirsbU (and *1llioiigh the nglm-a of the Sarah Sand* are coupled dl eet to the aerrwl. the piBtona never exceeded JoO feet nvr minute during the highest speed attained by tha ..rai l about I'i knot*, and that the average spaed wo* imo feet The machinery alao I* f-lace-t an lew In tho rcss.-l that it ia ninny feet b< low tlie writer line, anil act* n luilUal for tliv rhip About three yo.-ira ago Mr Oranthnm read a paper a opjr of wtneh la now before u*. at the Institution of ii il Knglneer*. in which lie stated hi* view*, and at the iitur time submitted plan* to the Admiralty ?ooh a* he ia? since applied to the Sarah Sand* It doe* not apicor that other engineer* agreed with him in tue .pinion he had formed, and since then large order* have >een given out by the government for engtue* for *cr?w te inner a S-uk- of these are worked by *pur wheel*, or, villi the Intention of driving the piston* at high velocll?*. both of which plan* Mr Omuthuin liar shown to >e unuroesaaiy. Thv l.ord* of the Admiralty now in - (flee, however In-iiring of the success of the Sarah lands. sent an engineer to In-pei t her, and hi* report im been highly satisfactory Had Mr (Irantham not in-1 opportunities of aceomplirhing hla In the -nurse of hla private business. the result* in- ha* ibown n'ght aintliave remained nnltnnwn, or other* mightbuvw tepped in to rv*|> tlie reward *0 justly due to him We ru-t li? will n--t stop here but pursue this important ubjvet. when we may hop* to * * gtdl further kuiprownent*. New Books. Kill "I IMI 111 inn Hal.l, K.xsr Ivwxvi*? an *c-,iunt of the wrsck nod the suffering* ol the crew and lasaengerr for six inontlia on desolate Islands Burgess . Stringer. New York This la on authentic account of h>< lo*a of thn above mentioned vessel It will be read vith Interest. llttuN *i ?n?. i. i?> to* tiii. Ti on r, Itur-rcf* .String?r k < o,-lhl? 1* the title of n nest little work, which ontsln* a vast fund of information on the most Important subject*. (1? mm l*u I VMi<ki ii. a > I ii inn i v. i il1 Hi ?* vivo OawsL*:*. Durge?a. Stringer Ii < o . Ilia isaworkuf ton)* t hree il u ii dr. -I page*. and i -mt ii>.a a rw. or-t ut l u# author's life and an exp-dtlou ol gmnMIng I' ''["k?" lie* many thrlllmg and -Uniting incidei.l* which will ba reoil with eagern- ? by all into who., baud-lh. boog may come C 4