Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1847 Page 3
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r ' name* of John Cunning hem and Patrick O'Donnell. on a charge of attempting to reeoue a priaoner. and Interfering with the officers while in the discharge of their duty. Committed by Justice Rooms. .frrrst on .Suspicion ?-Officer Candull. of the Ninth ward, arrested on Sunday night, a fellow a alio d Tom Lowery. on suspicion of robbing a man by the name of Henry IJonuert. of $66. while he lay in a state of Intoxication aud asleep, on the corner of Clarkson street.? Detained for examination before Justice Roome. .dstsuit with Intent to Kill?Officers Miller and Ogden. 1 of the Klesenth ward, arrested on Sudsy night a man called Henry Lurgrare on a charge of assaulting with a dauircrous weapon with Intent to kill Mlehael Hoffman. Locked up for examination Petit Larcenies.?A woman called Ann Gorman was arrested by policeman Steers, of the Thirteenth ward, ou a charge of stealing a lot of clothing, belonging to Ellen Miller, residing at the corner of Third street and Avenue C. Locked up by Justice Timpeou. James | Couroy was caught by officer Sevester, of the Fourth ward, on a charge of steading two pair of pantaloons, be| longing to Patrick Muller. residing at tbe corner of Cliff auil Ferry streets. Locked upfor trial by Justice Drinker. j Attempt to Rricut a Prisoner.?Amen called Mlehael I McDonald was arrested by policemen Cullen and j Nicholls. of the Thirteenth ward, on a charge of at- j templing to rescue g prisoner from thslr custody ? j Looked up by Justioe Timpson. Tjiw Intelligence. Decisions in Chancksv, May 17. ? Hon. Lewis II. Handford, Vioe Chancellor. ? Susan Simeon vs. James j ffimeon?decree for divorce, on tbe ground of adultery, with costs: complainant to retain the property in her possession free and clear of all claims, and the euro of : the children; defendant to pay almony.and to give security for the sumo. Mary Diendonne vs. John F. Dlendonne ? Proof of i marriage insufficient; causa referred back to the Master. 1 Johu Croes vs. William Patterson?Decree for divorce | of Mary H. Croes. alias Patterson, on the finding ot jury , tbnt she was mentally Incapacitated at tbe time of her marriage with the defendant, with costs of suit; defendant reitrained from intercourse with her, directly or indirectly, while ehe continues of unsound mind. L. Ahrenfeld, vs. C. Ahrsjifeldt.?Master'* report confirmed The child to be placed at the school designated; the mother to bare' her care nud custody, and to be permitted to have the child with her 011 Sundays. The father to have unrestrained access to the child daily. T. R. Lee vs. A. Mathews and others.?Motion to set aside order denied, without costs. Aaron Carter and others vs. T. C. Banks and ctlierd ? 1. Motion for receiver granted, defendants to transfer to him suflieiunt to meet complainant's debt and costs, receiver to sell same without delay. If parties consent, he may sell on credit. 'J. Defendants' motion denied, except that the injunction is to be dissolved, as to the rest of the property enjoiued. John Kurts vs. Oeorgc A. Dwight.?Petition to amend bill granted on payment of $10 costs, without prejudice to the injunction. Answer to be deemed as an answer to the amendments, unless defendant puts in further answer in 00 days. Circuit Couht - Is Ciumii:si. ? Before Jadge Kdmonds.?In ro Henry P. Wanmaker.?Decition.?Tho decision in this matter, which was reported in the Sunday Herald, was giveu this morning. The Judge said tile Public Administrator was appointed by statute. The question then before me is, whether that "statute is still In force. The constitution (new) declares that such acts of the Legislature as are now in force, shall be and continue as the law of this State, except fcicli parts as are repugnant to this constitution. It is not pretended, uor have I been able to discover any thing in the constitution repugnant to tbut part of tho statute which confers on the Common Council tho power of removal. The ground taken before me is, that the statute authorising the Common Council to appoiut. is repugnaut to the constitution, which declares that this officer should bo elected or appointed, as thu Legislature should designate. I cannot discover between the statuto and the constitution any such repugnancy. The Legislature tany make the office elective, or may direct thut it may be tilled up by appointment of such of the city authorities its they may dusignate; and they have already designated the Common Council as such authority; and thu constitution, which gave them this power, declares that their authority ahull be and continue, until altered by the Legislature. This intention, when so evident, must control all judicial action, and oompuls me to declare, thut Mr. Thayer is duly qualified to execute the ollioe or Public Administrator, and U entitled to the order be seeks for. Order granted. . United States Circuit Court, May 17.?Before Judge Nelson ?Jlndrew Thorpe tt al. vi. Comeliut IV. Lawrence.?Action to recover $l'Jd. amouut of duties paid uudor protest. The jury found a verdict for the lull amount, subject to the opinion of thu court in bunco, on thu construction of the act under whieh the action was brought. United States Marshal's ' Office, May 17.?Depute Marshal Collins arrested Joseph Johnson, first mate of the ship Garrick, on a churne of cruel and unusual punishment. Held to bail for his appearance, this morning. before the Commissioner, to be examined. Bufreme Court.?At the present term of the Supreme Court of this State, now in session in this city, the billowing gnutlcmeu were, ufter due consideration, admitted as Counsellors at Law, viz.:?William (J. llryan. Allan Melville, William J. Blake, Jeremiah Larouque John E. Babcock, John M. Mason, Arthur M. Beardslei', Alutuu C. Mousou, I'. V. Cutler, George Miles, Moses I Conger, JosephT. Mills, Frauds Dcminick, John Molfatt. Win E I urtis. Benjainiu K. Poller, Phoclon llollmau Thomas U. Rodman, John Huttou, If armau K. bburpe Frederick Ilughsou, Melaucton W. Perine, Alfred ti Junes, t bourns J. Powers, Win. C. Johnsou, Joseph VV. Wiuaiis. Loreu Wood. he following gentlemen weri aleo i.dmlLivd as Attorneys at Luw:?James Alger Esra B. ncCugg. Samuel Ames, Daniel Maxwell. John Alley. U'lintin <io Adam. Matthew Aherne, (Joorge VlcOriith. .Abraham Balterson. John E Morse. Hiruiu Beck mill, Stewart dorse. George A Bagley, Wm. S. Middleton W tt-Lnngiou Bissell. Chris John McDowell, JamuF. Bowman. Daniel McElwiiin, David P. Belknap. 11 a Mc ell. George K. Belts. Jacob W. Miller, John D. Burohard, VV a-btugton Necks, Henry A. Brady. Churle\iuleck. George b. Brown, George Olmslvuii. Edward L. lUilkley. Criuh U. Purls. Benjamin F. Browu John Purling. William A Caswell, r.dwurd Pierpout James .Vi Curtis, John D. Percy; Leudal P. Cazeneuux Nicholas Uunckenhoss, A. H. Cole. Julius K. Kose, Stephen 11. Dellage, Frederick 8. Hoot, Williuui Dewey, Amos l:ee,l. Charles A. Kldridge. ,N. P. Rogers. Richard P r.ighuio, Stephen Ramsdell, Henry V/. Eastman < iianucey P. Iteuu, Alexsuder D. i-ly. Oliver Kobbius Robert C. Emhrwe, William P. Hlrhiirdsoa, George P. j Forbes, J. It. biuith. Henry T. FulUer. Moses Muveus > Cburh s E Fdkins, Holbcrt Similes. William 8. Grolt. Moses Scb, riuei horn. Walter H. Grlswold. Charles Bwe. ney. k< yai a. Guinea, I homes k. Stewart, Frederick i. ilnlleit, John E. Sibley, Michael liotfuian. Jr , Chnrles St. John. John V Haws, Andrew O. Shaw, V. 1. Hortuu, o.Neil Seymour, Chnrles D. Judali. Wlllinm Vonvlile. .Nathan Johnson Jr . Charles B. Wright. Henry Kiddle. Daniel P. Wood. John H. Kedsle. John 8 It'll, lium 11. VV. Kirkham. William A. Wilson. Joseph Kershnm, George 11. Week, Nathan G. King. Westcott Wilkin, John Lewis, William 1). Williams, IvAllium E. Leete. Merritt Welton, Edward C. Lewis. Joseph fates, John A. Lent. Court of Genehai. Sessions, Monday. May 17?Before Recorder scott and Aldertneu Mc El rath and Purser?Jonas B. Phillips. Bsq , Assistant Distriet Attorney Trial for Grand 1. arc ell y.?At the opening of the court, this rnorning, Charlotte Fitzgerald was placed upon her trial for having on the I ith day of March, stolen money and clothing to the value of I. from Ann Wolf, V,-. Wot i. swofti?I live at No. I'J lloosevelt street; I bud HI v I i*i ||, lr .1..!..,. ?i-. > * I- - .March; I had eight dollars iu silver. unci eight fa gold | piee. in iny trunk: there were four frocks. four hand- i It ' chiefs, u |niir of open-worked stockings. four ohcniis . and two pair of drawer* in tuy trunk al?o; there w:i.j a large shawl in my trunk; the articles now shown li.'lonx to me: when tlio prisoner was arrested, she had oho f my frocks on. t >ti\,k < oi k. sworn I inn nu mHecr of the Ith ward. I a-rested priaoni r in eouiptny with officers liuldeu ?nd i'oaklcy; found the elotblug iu her possession; ?ho vftised to give up the money except to .Mr Coakluy. Thomas tio.iKi.Fv. HWorn.? I am an officer of the Ith ward: on the mnrningof the 16th of March. Ann Wolf came to the station house and asked for an oflteer; I told lier I was an officer; she said she was rohhed the day lieforc. by a woman named < Charlotte k'itzgeruld; I found the articles named by Ann Walt in hi'r possession Mcur Joh isos sworn.?I live at '1I Orange treet: prisoner rntne to my house on the morning of the I6t.h of Marc h; she said she had just arrived In thncity; she brought two trunks to my house; she had a good supply of clothing and eight gold pieces, and some silver coin; I uc-ver saw her before she came to my house. The ck.-'c then went to the jury. w ho. without retiring, rendered a verd ct of guilty, when she was sotitc need to the State prison for two years Trial for grand larceny?.lane Gibson was th -n put upon her on an indictment for grand lure my. in h iviug. on the 10th day of April, stolen ?.1i> from I haries Pitt I'iiiki.m Pit r sworn.? I live at the corner of nth streitimd.f i avenue; prisoner lived iu iny house n* n servant.; on tlie day in question I missed 1>S.'i; the i fflri r found *.10 of the money in her poso.'sion wlien hu aricsted her. \Viii icm 11. Masjiim.ii sworu.?I am su officer ot the 17th ward; I arrested prisoner and locked her up; she dinted it at lirst, and u Iter wards went and got the fijo loll where she had concealed it; the fill) hill she p ii.i lor her father'* board in Mulberry street 'I lie ilrtcoco was conducted by It. W Holmes, I'.sq.. snd li" prosecution by the Assislnnt District Attorney, w hen under charge of the court, the jury rendered a verilictof guilty larceny, when she was sent-pr.ul to thi1 penitentiary for the term of si* months. Tri 'l'vr litiritla'y.?Thomas Burdettl was put upon his ;. al'. ou au indictment for burglary In the second degree. In having, on the i3d ilay of P'ebruary, burglariously entered the house of < harles Copping. No. 611 hispennril street Corri?n.sworn.?I live at No. A.I Llspi.nard street ; on the night in question, I heard a noise, nud Went to see it what was; I found prisoner al the head ot the st.iirs, I asked him what he wanted; lie aslced if >r Kerguson lived there; thu oilier was ul the foot of Hi" Sta r' and ran off as soon as I spoke to Duidctti; ufn r seourmg nuidetii I ran after the other, but could not catch in iu. t.i.i.cs l homss sworu?I was present when the arrest. was made; all Mr. Copping hue testified to is correct. OiLnkRT M. HcYnsworn?lam nn officer Of the ftth ward; I arrested Uurdctti; I know him as Tom Burton, I have known him by that name for two years The ense then went to the jury, who rendered a verdict ii guilty of burglary in the third degree, when the court sentenced him to the (Hate prison for the term oi f nir yi am f ioi /n - Gianii Larceny.? Mary Simpson (Impleaded with ilattli -w llauen and George I hmnjuun.) was plaiad upon her trial for grand larceny, Iu having on ili ' I uli ol \pril. stolen J.O dollars iruin .lames W Benne t. ill a house In Wdliuin street i lie nihil ivit ol J-lines \ Bennett was then read by the prosecuting alt >rin y s tting t'irth that on thu night of the I'ltli o A|i" Bennett iu-t a female near the Ksuir llou-e >v h -IO -III de Weill Inline, to a house No. ,M 0 William Sl>e win re he Was rolibed I i i -? -i Kin.. sworn?I am an officer of the lower | P >> c 'our I itrrote.l M.iry Hluipifftl; I arrested hei from i lie u. seripiion ?r Mcun.-tl give me of her: ou seinhllig ll> r p. rson found the daguerrean likeness ot li i en; art .isteil Banen snd Thompson, d fhuad twentylive nod rs none of eh.cb was Ideutin* d by .Mr lfeiiu*-ii ou searching tfauou s house in Suliivau street. I found I seventy dollars, a part of which vu Identified by Mr. ' ' Bennett; I reoovered In all $164. Euantel Joseph (worn?I helped to arrest the accused 8 on the morning of the 30th of April; I went to the hooee with Mr. Bennett where he said he wee robbed; went up . stairs to tbe room; there were thfa doors to the room, one at the head of the bed; the door at the head of the bud made ho nolo when it wat opened; the hinges were well oiled; I helped to arreat Banen at No. 302 William atreet; found $24 on Banen. 8 Juki D*mi (worn?Mr. Rue ahowed me the Ukoneu c taken from prUouer, and asked me If 1 knew who It was; 1 I declined to amwer him; 1 do not know any thing of the money. f The caae here reated, when the oourt adjourned until c to-morrow morning. Court Calendar ?Common Pirai? lat Part?296, I 21. as. 25. 27. 29. SI. 33, 37. 39. 2nd Part?4, 8, 14,19, 34, j 26,80,33.34,36 , ) Common Council. 1 Boarb or Aldcrmkm. May 17.?Morris Franklin, Esq , I Prealdent. in the Chair. This Board aaeeinbled at 6 o'clock thla afternoon, and after the minutes had boon t read and approved, the following papers were aoted up- < on:? ^ Wnt Sid* Railway ?A petition was presented from . De Witt Bloodgood and others, for permission to lay J down rails in Hudson atreet and Eighth Avenue to Mc- i Comb's Dam. Referred. c Fin Jllarm Btll.?Petition of sundry porsous, to havo . an alttrm bell placed on the top of the U. 9. Bonding i warehouse. In Broadway. Referred Room fur Emigrant Commissioners.?Communication from Ex-Mayor Havemeyer, asking for the appropria- ^ tion of a room In the Old Alms llouse building, for the aocoiumodation of the Emigrant Commissioners and Agent Referred. Mad Home.?A communication was presented from Andrew Brady relative to the construction of a mad house on Blackwell's Island. Referred. Harlem Railroad Fare.?A petition was received from sundry persons asking the Common Council to cause a reduction of the fai e below 33d street. Referred. Claime of Robt. H. Morrie and others.?Aid. Oliver offered a resolution in favor of repealing the resolution adopted by the late Common Council, authorising the comptroller to draw his warrant to the amodnt of the several judgments against Robt. H. Morris and others, supervisors, he. Adopted. Sunken Lots.? Several communications were received from the city inspoetor, in relation to the filling various sunken lots. Referred. Sewer in Beaih street.- Petition of sundry persons to have a sewer built in Beach street. Referred. Communications from the Mayor.?A communication was received from the Mayor, in reference to a bill prerented by George Farley, for compensation ($133) for services rendered as street inspector?referred. Also, a communication relative to suits commenced against the Corporation. Referred to the appropriate committees. Free Academy.?Resolution in favor of submitting to the people at the approaching election, the question whether a free academy shall be established in this city i or not, and providing tor the election of school officers, i > he. Carried. Mine House Department.?A long communication was I received from the Alms House Commissioner, in which > ' he suggested the propriety of making various important changes in his department?such as a complete classification of paupers, so that the permanent inmates shall , be entirely removed from constant intercourse and in- t fluenee exorcised by others out of the institution; the I occupation of Bellevue Alms House exclusively by eml- < grants and others, who seek only a teanparury home; the ' establishment on Blackwell's island of a house of Indus- ' try or house of correction, nud the erection of new nursery buildings (seven in number) on Randall's t Island, for the reception of children lately accommodat- ] ed at the Long Island Farms. Referred. i House of Industry ?Resolution offered by Alderman 1 Crolil's, in favor of enquiring into the propriety of > erecting a suitable building on Blackwell's Island, or " eisewh ere, to be denominated flbe llouse of Industry. ? Adopted. Ruining Posts in Catherine street.?Resolution In favor of deferring the removal of the awning posts in Ca- ' therino street, uutll November next. Adopted. j French Mail Steamers.?Resolution in favor of di- l reefing the Committee on Wharves, Sic , to select and 1 report a suitable wharf for the accommodation of the ' French Government steamers.?Adopted. Another +1larm Hell.?Resolution in favor of requesting the Committoo on Fire Department to inquire into and report on tho necessity of a fire alarm bell being placed in a central position of this city?Adopted. Waitr Purveyor.?Resolution in favor or removing Josso Brush from tho office of Water Purveyor, and appointing Samuel G. Warner in his place?Adopted. Jlssistant City Inspector?Resolution In favor of appointing Charles Riddle Assistant City Inspector, in the place of JohnH. Chambers?Adopted. Jlssistant Superintendent of Whai-ves. ? Resolution in favor of appointing Phillip May bio Assistant Superintendent of Whnrves and Piers, and removing Wm. JE. Dennis from that office?Adopted. Keeper of Putter s Field.?Resolution in favor Of aprtdint i ti<r f * hnrl. u Hfirliura 1<Ai?ru?i* nf ITtaal.l f?? the pluee of D. McCarthy, removed. Adopted. R.-numbering of Streets?Resolution in favor of renumbering College Place, West Broadway, and Clintou street. Adopted. Ci'y Workhouse.?A communication firom the PrUon Ahsirelation relative to the establishment of a city workhouse. was presented, and referred to the appropriate committee. Keeper of the Penitentiary.?Resolution in favor of appointing Jacob Acker keeper of the Penitentiary, in the plac e of Mr. L. Mott. removed. Adopted. Magnetic Telegraph Alarm.?Resolution by Alderman r*rrAS, on taking the papers in favor of estabiisftiing a m iguetic communication betweeu the various tire alarm stations in this city from the tiles, and referring the same to tbu appropriate committee. Adopted Penitentiary Hospital?Resolution in favor of request!.i* Dr. Hosbrouok to teke charge of the Penitentiary ilospitul on BUckwelT* island, on account of Dr Sanger having resigned C ly Inspector.?Resolution in favor of removing Dr Archer from the office of city inspector. Adopted, lleaouli ioii in favor of appointing Dr. White in his sbead. Laid on the table Cleaning st< sets hy contract.? Resolution by Alderman Ol via. that it be referred to especial committee to inquire into and report on the expediency of contracting fur the cleaning the streets cither by wards or dmtriets Carried. Ibu cbair appointed Messrs. Oliver. Smith and Tappsn members of the committee. The botrd then adjourned uutil Monday evening next, at 6 o'clock. Board or Assistant evening. May 17 ?The President, Linus W. Stevens, in the chair, i and a quorum of pqemoers present. The President announced the following Standing Committee* for the year 1&47:? 1 Jlputicatio no for Offiits?Assistant Aldermen Robert- 1 son, Multtns, Lamb .7netsmentt?Assistant Aldermen Lamb, Herring. Mullins. ' .Irts. Sciences and Schools?Assistant Aldermen McKnight, Colon, Jackson. Charily and Alms House?Assistant Aldermen Cum- ( mlng. Hatfield,Coger. Finance?Assfttunt Aldermen Jamison. Gray, Allen. Ferries?Assistant Aldermen Sehulti, Herring, Hatfield Fire Department? Assistant Aldermen Coyer, Jamison. Gray. Lamps and Gas?Assistant Aldermen Allen. Suhultz. Carotin. Latei and Applications to the Legislature?Assistant Mdertnen Herring, Jamison. Kolder Mai-kits?.Assistant Aldermen Jackson, Mnlilns, Srhullz. Police. Watch and Prisons?Assistant Aldermen Allen Mi-Knight. Koliler. 1 Public Offices and Repairs?Assistant Aldermen Clark, i.obertson, Jackson. Ponds and Canals?Assistant Aldermen Cuuimlng, Hen inp. Robertson. Cleaning Streets?Assistant Aldermen < uiumlng. Hatfield, l.aiub. Public iMndt nod Pines.? UsiU-nt ll.l?rm..n I ( lark. Colon. ' H'hurrtt, Piers and Slips?Assistant Aldermen , Schultz. K older, Coger. Streets?Assistant Aldermen McKniglit. Jamison. I Carotin. Salaries?Assistant Aldermen Jackson, Carolin Colon < Ordinances?Assistant Aldermen Gray. Allen. McKnlirht. Joint Committee on Croton .Iquedurt?Assistant 1 Aldermen < Urk. lloberteon. Cummin);. Joint Commit hi on Publit Jluildin^n on IllaekwelPs i Inland. Randall'n Inland. l.on% Inland Farms, and Hells rue F.ntahlishmi nt?Assistant Aldermen 'oger, (Jray, i I n 1. j Petitions were presented and referred; from sundry perrons to hare the removal of the awning poets In Ca- 1 tlierine street, postjioned; from the lessees of the Fulton ferry to hare the construction of the sower through Fill- " ton street, postponed; from several persons, to have the . sewer in Md street extended to t he Kast river. A r."< lotion was adopted to extend the time allowed for the removal of awning posts from Catharine street to I November next. Ho- Motion to refer to a select committee t? enquire ' what, saving ran be elfeeted in the different departments . of tli" Corporation. Adopted: and Aid. Cuminlug. Co ger and ?Irny appointed such committee. 'J o postpone proceedings in the matter of opcuing Dry f Doek stre-l Referred To appoint William Hq'tires deputy elerk of Washing- . ton Market, in plaee of It II. Tate,removed. Referred . To appn nt John Kor-liny clerk of Clinton Market, in place of T. C Duryea. removed. Concurred in. I The Board here went to tea?were absent an hour and a half, and then returned to business. Papers from the Hoard of Jtldermrn.?Resolution to remove Jesse Brush from the oflloo of Water Purveyor. Concurred to To appoint Hamuel B. Warner to fill the office of \Vi- i tcrPimcyor. Concurred in. To remove William K. Dennis from the office of Superintendent of Wharves uud Piers. Concurred iu. ' To appoint Philip Mubic to till the office of Auperin- i tendent of Wharves and Piers Concurred in. To remove Dennis MnCarty from I bo office of Superlntendent of Potters'Field. Concurred in. 2S2 4 To appoint i hnrles Uarbary to till the office of Super- , Intcadi'Ut of Putters' Field, i oucurrod In. Tf> remove J. H. Cluimhors from the office of assistant ' (:|ry Inspector. < oucunel III. < 'l'o appoint ' harlos Riddle to (111 tli vacancy created t by the removal of J II. Chambers. Theuetlou of the other hoard was concurred In. Resolution lo appoint Jacob Acker to the office of < Keeper of the penitent iary on Blackwell's Island Motion to strike out the name of Jacob Acker, and Insert that of Auson O. W il'is Lost Motion to substitute the name of James J. Bcvins. Lost Motion to insert the name of William W. Lyon In | phu c of lecob Acker Lo-t. I 'I h" resolution of the B mrd was then, on motion, con- I curved In. (Several election polls were chung'd Resolution toappolut the New lurk Tribune Courier and Knquirir. < x,-res- I ommereial .dvertl-er Keening i'o?t and (Jlobc. as the corporation papers (.oncurred g To request D- II idimuok to take ohnr/e of the li tepl- ? Ul on il ickw Us i-l i id t i ti pi to* being ieft without 1 ' a physic an by the resignation oi Jr danger I I'o establish a tree Acad uiy in this city Concurred iu. Action of th? Board of -tlderateu, in relation to pro- : p test against the payment by the Chamberlain of the ilty. of the amount of fnM, ca?u, Jtc., Imposed upflb lobert H. Morriii and other supervisors in 1841. Laid i ipon the table Rrrtolutioo to establish a city work house Referred The Board then adjourned to meet on Monday eveong neat at aix o'clock. Mlacellan eoua The work on tho lUinoia and Michigan canal la pro reefing rapidly toward* completion. The trustees are onfldent that the work will be completed, and the canal i euderwd navigable by the enaulng fail On the 23tb ult. a small colored girl was kidnapped rota Salem, Ohio. Before the kidnapper could be . aught he had croiled into Virginia. On the 24th ult there was an illumination at Detroitn honor of the recent victories in Mezioo. Mr. Davenlort, an American eltisen, who has a store on the Canada ide of the river, lit up his building, as be"oouldu't | [cap down his Yankee patriotism for locality's Bake." j rhe connequcnoe was that he had his windows brokun n by the tories, who did notllko thespectaclo. A most atrocious murder was committed at Pltts>urgh on Wednesday night last. The unfortunate sub eel or wnicn iru Air. t-reUericK >u num?- | ilo citizen, of Now Lisbon. Ohio. He bad about bin j isrson, aa li auppoaed, when murdered, about *200 In ash. The perpetrator* of the horrid deed have not yet teen discovered The body when found had a bruise trer the root of the nOM. probably Inflicted with " a lolt " A rope watt around hia neok, and another bound tie feet. A breach in the leree of a very serious character took tlace about two o'clock yeeterday at Algiers, immellately opposite Canal street, Suon was the violence of .he water that a frame house was upset and others were nuch damaged. Several persons were reported to be lrowned. At dark lust evening the breach was about .wo hundred feet wide, and the waters were rushing .brough with great fury. The hull of an old steamer eas procured- and scuttled immediately abreast the rrevasee, which Impeded the flow of water somewhat, But the banks were evidently wearing away, and the appearances were alarming. The bank seemed to have saved in, for where the levee was yesterday morning the water was one hundred and twenty feet deep at dusk. The streets of Algiers were flooded ; and the water was three or four feet deep all over the Bingamau course, which is immediately in the rear of the break. The depth of the levee at the point broken is about Ave feet, to one may Itnngine the terrible havoo a volume of water of the breadth of the breach and the depth of the levee must make unless soon arrested. A great quantity of wood was swept away, and damage to property in the town must be sustained to a large amount. There was a number of horses and cattlo in the inclosnro of the Bingaman Course, which presented a piteous sight. The ferry beats were crowded with people crossing the river to see and marvel at the rush of waters, it was a grand spectacle to behold, but fearful in its ruthless violence.? AT. O. Pie. May 8. Dr. Ilolllck'a Lectures commence to-clny, and ihould not be forgotten. For gentlemen, onlv, in the evening; and far ladies, only, in the afternoon. The lecture to ladies to-day is free, and no doubt the room will he crowded? both to hear the lecture and to see the gold me<l*l given the L)r. by the ladies in Philadelphia. Hnlr Cutting and Wig Iflnklng.?Cltlteini ind strangers visiting the city are generally anxious to have heir hair cut and dressed so as to conform to the latest fashion. Ciilhert & Fletcher, being long ezperieueed in the above art. :ut hair, manufacturs wigs, Ac.., in tne latestand most approved ityle. Give them a trial?179 Broadway, oppoaite the Howard Hotel, up stairs. Diamond Pointed Gold Pens Lower Tel.?J. IV. Cireatou A Co. 71 Cedar street, are now selling a good Gold feu for,73 cents, a real diamond pointed pen for $1; and the inagiiiflceut Baglcy pen for SI 71 only, ailver peucil case always included. You can there find Levi Brown's premium veils (the genuine are now stumped I.evi Brown, A. D. 181") ind all cheaper, either wholesale or retail, than can be found dae where. Buy peiis only for whut they are stamped, is our idricr. Ba wars of counterfeits. Travelling and Toilette Dressing Cases.? The extremely compact construction of these enses does uot, in any maimer detract from the usefulness of the articles contained in them, and while they form on elegant addiliou to a toilette, ihey are aUmiaably adapted to the wants of the traveller, bring beautifully limshed, durable, of great utility, aud uncommonly cheap. G. SAUNDERS A BON, 177 Broadway, oppoaite Howard Hotel. NetaUle Tablet Razor Strop?The oldest and most approved article now iu u-?, having beau before the public for the last 30 year*, cau be had wholesale aud retail at the subscribers. The public and strangers are invited to call aud examine the vaiioua patterns. G. SAUNDERS A SON, 177 Broadway, a few doors above Courllaudt st. Diamond Pointed ttuld Pens?.Great Deduction.?If you want a good gold pen go to J. V. SAVAGE, 92 Fulton street?lie has them ?s low as 7j ?eiils, also for SI Millie s<.me pen sold elsewhere for $1 71. His $2 P'O h.s no superior. Levi Brown's pen's at reduced prices. The trade supplied on the best terois. Navigation or the Uhlo River. Placet. Time. Slate uf lUoer. Wheeling May 1.... 6 foet. Louisville May 11 . . , 6 ft. 6 Inches. Cincinnati May 12.. . . standing. Pittsburg May 11.. . . 4>? feet, falldg. MONEY MARKET. Monday, May 17?6 P. M. The ftoclc market opened Hnn this morning. At the first board, however, prices were not very steady. Compared with quotations ruling at the close of the market on Saturduy, Reading bonds want ap 1 per cant; mortgage) bonds 1; Long Island 1. K -riners' Trust fell off hi Reading Railroad J*; Canton 3?; United State fi'i, ltiifi, and Indiana, closed at Saturday's prices. The transactions were to a considerable extent. At the seoond board Reading bonds fell oil >4 per cent; Harlem >?; Reading Railroad >?'; Fanners' Trust h, Canton 1; Norwich and Worcester^. The Knickerbocker Fire Insurance Company have declared a dividend of six per ceut, payable on ths 1st of June. The James Mills, Newboryport, hare declared a dividend of flvo per csnt, payable on tbo 20th iuet The Bartlett Mills, of the same town, have declared a lemi-annnal dividend of four per cent. The advices from Europe by .the Britannia, arc, in a commercial point of view, highly Important, and buve had a very great influenoe upon our produce markets. Bread-stuffs of all kinds have advanced, and very large transactions took place upon the announcement of the European intelligence. The effect upon the stock market has been rather unfavorable; but such is usually the immediate influence of such news. Wo look for a reaction in a day or two. The Britanuia brought about two hundred and fifty thousand pounds sterling in specie. We annex the several monthly statements of the ] banks of South Carolina, for the purpose of comparing the aggregato movement In each department, one period with the other :? Bisks or South Carolina. July 31, ./on. 31, Mar. 31. Jip' 30. It'btl. 1816. 1817. 1817. 11.17. Capital Stock $3,992,607 3,992,607 J, >92,007 3,998,607 Bills in circulation... 1,'336,621 2.863,698 2,929,317 2.83I,'J7I Nrt profits on lianil.. . 296.914 223,119 3(12,902 331,633 Balance due lo I, inks in this Slate 1,600,393 1,892,683 1.831,210 1,733,032 Balance due to lianka in other Slates.. .. 194,063 269,433 373,601 323,314 All moneys due which bear interest.., .... 42,024 33,1711 27,033 73,728 Stale Treasury, for balance rtir.enl timil... 147,397 34,391 12.917 3,813 Spite Treasury lor balance sinking fund.. . 131,261 309,160 303,986 192,a80 State Treasury for loan for rebuilding tile city 1,810,2.33 1,010.233 1,010,233 1,010,233 I'ash deposited 1.080.312 1,731,470 2.074,314 1,982,866 Total liabilities.. . $14,317,802 13,396,019 13,863,012 13,623,824 Resources. Specie ou band 339,863 643,831 902,367 921,810 Seal estate 287,997 201,997 287,997 207,997 dills of other banks in this Stale ... v ... . 330,890 296,301 339,831 497,012 dills ol Banks ,n oilier States 1,003 605 3,180 4,018 dalanee due from b'ks in this State 69.989 87,778 63,401 10,711 (-dunce due from b'ks in other States 72.033 37,334 125.237 168,201 tfotes discounted on personal security.. . 6,136,328 5,001,394 5.379,03 1 5.517,435 .oans secured by pledge of its own Stock 201,261 279,336 213,977 210,746 .onus secured by pledge of other stock 396,368 413.890 305,780 377,006 domestic exchange .. t:i9.H9 1,999,330 1,332,047 1,132,046 foreign do ... 132,031 247.367 305,633 448,717 iouds... 1.122,642 1,141,863 1,129,470 1,121,951 douey insetted ill stock 1,383,969 1,363,829 1,370,106 1,376,636 Suspended debt and debt iu unit 642,809 777,191 826,647 809,135 State Treasury 8.743 83,0-12 96.4179 101,311 (ranches and agencies, 1,333,691 1,632,380 1,538,061 1,482.333 Inndt under law for rehtiildtug Cba liiton, 909,153 880,393 Vd),655 859,089 oterest and expenses of Stale loan 9?.04t 68,592 96,677 106,030 llonev ii,rested in < very other way than is specified in the foregoing particulars 173,289 122,683 136.713 127,781 Total resources... $14,317,882 15.396.019 15 863,612 13,673,821 I'll* hank* of South Carolina are noted Tor unirornity of movement within the pact two year* There hn* wen not a variation of five hundred thousand dollar* In he aggregate for the paet four month*. The leading icpartuienta exhibit the earn* regularity of movement. vlileh distinguish*# other brunches. The linn of die ounta of thoee hunk* slightly exoceds the amount of lapltul, and the amount of paper in circulation la equal >o more than three tlmea the amount ofspecie on hand. Tbo aggregate hank movement of the State of South Carolina for several yeur.i paat, haa been aa annexed Bank MertMinT or Sort H Cajjoi.itia. f.'?on> Sp"it. Cirt. Orpt. 817?Janniry 5 fl.tvi #1i I.664.7M 7,223.616 3.048,J77 ?I0? October 16,106,806 1,00# 537 3,000 #14 1,712.71.1 8 t?Novtm tr 0,073,201 901.173 2,13',MB I.V,0,001 84?December ... .1,1)90,'90 8:10.700 2.3* .012 1.810,301 8 6? May 6,111,081 161,711 2,060 9 9 2 1*1.1. 119 816?Septem er... . 6,017,8 6 <70.010 1,90:1,3; I 1,111.12:1 *17?J Hillary 1,801. <91 613.831 2.863,008 1,711 4711 817? Kebnury 1,26.) 100 772,129 2,1118,101 1 911 907 817? March 1,179.017 9.12,167 2.9 <9.117 2,071,111 817? April 1,117,411 921,#10 2,811911 I 982,8',6 The return* for January 1937. and October. IMO we iv* merely f,?r the purpo*? <>f comparison with more r?*< nit period* In October IH4u tho amount of apecie on nut a greater In propo t "n to the amount of , uj.t i Circulation, than at any per o,J elncn hicluib il in lite hove table T he paper currency of South Carolina npo*r* to bo steadily depreciating. The ahovu return* show the aggregate movement of all I the bauki wad branchae of 9<mth Carolina tor enteral yeara Tha annaxad return* exhibit tha moramant in tha principal department of each bank and branch at P four period*:? o Banai or Sooth CaaoLina. Leant. 1?M>- 1817. 1447. 1847. tl Bank of tha State l ica3! I . *f*r.ek- M* * Branch at Columbia. Vl'iou 1,068,740 925*49? ' 919 756 / a-atusw-aas s',,:? la >8? i teas"-*" ?? gg as? a? Skate Bank! i?j Mr ^ M ???.? ? R?nk ..ran 544,888 590.2U9 583 082 550 181 Bu,l,uf9<- wr.m 708.8U F $6,156,528 5.401.344 5.576.031 5.517,455 RS.j^cte.k:. ?? 1? J 280*735 135* 831 " Etf4*:** 1tT?'S ?$" *5$ Stat. Bank . ;fr" JJ4?4 ??.W9 77,861 J, Bwikofac...a %% 'frgg "Tj;% $539,8C5 613,431 908,367 981,419 gg as sill Ue.t- .*?!!!! 166,220 132.610 i ??,.? IM,nc JUJ.452 293.58:' W5 282 I Bank of S. C iUt>,J70 111),607 157,313 162,372 ' I $1,926.(121 2,86J,C9S 2,979,517 2,831,974 < Depoeitt. Bank of the Stale 602,781 .318.283 '.86,421 612 097 , Branch at Columbia.. 73,681 39,322 76,886 86,132 do Cttmdan... 31,103 16,8?. 37,357 27,731 ; Souiliuestrrn RR . . 420.474 2:16.044 26l.0.'i3 3oJ,44* Plantar.'k M#cb?. . . 216,602 261,001 227.404 209,i 17 Union Bank 164,949 1IO. 139 189.469 179,011 Stale Bank 166,326 233.132 329,011 217,807 Bauk ut'S.C 2V7.091 231,8IJ 266.878 287,074 $1,883,312 1,734,478 2,071,314 1,983,866 Block Exchange. $10,000TreiuIlls Gpr c 090 103)% 50 >ha Reading RR blO 56 V $1000 Slate 3'. '31 100 750 do *30 56V $9000II 8 6|>r c '36 106 100 do .30 56 C $10,000 Indiana bond. 39hJ ?'0o do blO 36V $3000 Peuiiaylrania 3'? 75V 5<J Canton 38 $2000 He ad in 8 uit'g bd'a CO V 50 do b ,0 38 $33,000 Reading bond. 71V 2. do 37 V $15,000 do .30 71V 130 do 77 V $3000 do >30 71V 30(1 Harlem 32 $3000 do 72 300 do 31 $8000 do hid 71V 1041 do 1)60 52 13 aha 8tat? bk hh 12j Nor Ik Wor 51 25 likofComin, l'ull 93 25 do )>30 51 600 Karinui.' Truat 35V 111 '1" 1>6C 51 250 do hJO 36 loo do 40V 130 do .10 35V 50 do .13 '<0,V 2)0 do 3jV 50 do alrv 50 V 50 do b30 35V 10 Krie KR .Crip 81V 100 do b!5 353. 208 Lous Viand 29V 100 do 1)30 33.V 2<K. do 1)30 30^ 30 do .20 35 V 2o0 da 29V 150 do 35'a 550 do 30 750 do blO 35 H 100 do .60 29 V 100 Moma blO 20 100 da 29k 25 do 19V flfl do b:t0 38 V .30 da .30 19V 100 do >60 29V IflO N American Tmit 9 V 100 do b6fl 30V 50 Rending KR 36V .30 do blO 30 130 da 56'-. 75 Planlogtan RR 17 V . Second Bon lit. $10,000 Me.'n Iiidcinuil)' 95 1..0 ah. Reading KR ?4m 56 $5000 Reading Void> b30 71V 200 Fanner.' La.n 34V $3000 Tree* Spr c nt* blO 103 V, j0 do 346, 100 sha Harlem >60 31j? 23 Canton Co T7V 200 do >30 ilV i" da 36* 200 do 51.V 50 do bid 37 30 da >10 51 50 do bio IT 1 100 r|a 1)60 51V 100 Nor k Wor >3 .30 I 200 Rending RR >60 36 200 do <60 49\ 1 100 d? 36V 109 Loug 20V 50 d> >90 56 CITY TRADE REPORT. I New Yobs, Moxdav ArTraNooa, MAY 17. -| The arrival of the Britannia. at Boeton, with two 1 weeks later news, wae announced by telegraph this fore* noon. The news appeared In an extra Herald at about 1 o'clock, P. M. The Information, an far as communicated. wua considered favorable for breadatuffa, and on the . meeting on 'change holder* demanded higher prtceR. In | the forenoon before the publication of the new*, Haley of Genesee flour were made, to arrive In June at $7 60a$7 0-2)*; and In July at $7 36; and on the spot at $7 94a $8. After the publication of the new* a *ale of Oeneeee wo* mode at $0 36, being an adrauoe of 31\e per barrel. Eight dollar* wa* refused for three thousand bbls. Corn before tho news sold at Otic for nothorn yellow, and to arrive In June, July and August at 90c. After the new*, sales were made at 100ul02al03o. Meal sold before the news at $1 76. After it* receipt, holders demanded $6. Hye sold, after the news at 105c; and ' oats, to arrive in Jun* and July at 60 cents, | Owing to the fact that parties In Boston en- j trusted with culling and sending on the foreign com- : mercial news by telegraph, having wholly omlttod any ! notioe of the Foreign Provision Market, dealers were i left -wholly in the dark, and operations wore in a measure suspeuded, except a lot of old Prime Tork at $13 I '7%'. Some new Mom at $16 13}$, and some tierces of Hhoulder* at OJ^o. sold before the news. Of this important omission, the merchants interested made considerable complulnt. Another class, interested iu Naval Stores, also complained that tho telegraph report made no allu> sion to their value abroad, and henoe there was no | movement in them to-day. A large bouse In this line, at its own private cost, sent to Boston and obtained the last quotation for Spirits Turpentine in Loudon, which proved to be 60s., and which was kindly handed to ua for publication. This. It wns said, exhibited a decline since the last news, In Groceries there was scarcely anything doing, and we have no change sinee Saturday to note In prices. Aihvi?About 300 bbls Pots sold at >6; Pearls stood ' at $6 60, but without (-ales Ur> AUtTurn?Flour?Before the news. ? We report soles of 1 i'00 bbls Gsnesen to arrive in July at $7 36; 3,000 a 4,000 do to arrive in June at $7 oO a $i 62S1. 3,000 Ohio sold to arrive In Juuu at $7 03}*; 2 (V0 do Illinois do in July and August, at $7 36. Ou the spot. 3,300 bbls. Genesee sold at$7 94, and 1.000 do at $7 07}$. After the news the market became unsettled, and $8 wa* refused for 3.( 00 bbls Genesee ; .Mill rlo on the spot sold at $8 36. Rome sales of do for fair quality, were reported at $8. The market closed very firmly, though in the absence of letters sales were not large. Whtul?No transactsons were reported. Corn? Before the news ?We report sales of 40,000 bushels, he. to ar- i rive in June, July, and August, at 90c., 10.000 do yellow, on the spot, at 90c; 4 a 6.000 do at 96 a 96c. Alter thn j news holders advanced their prices, and sales of 3.000 bushels of Northern yellow were made at $1 03. and 2,(K>0 do handsome do at $1 03; 6,600 do yillow at the 1 same price; 1.500 of it being New Jersey; and about , 1.6 o do yellow sold at $1 The market clo?ed at 102 a ! 1 Me, though some holders esked us much as I06o, ulral?Before tho news, 1,000 bbls. New Jersey sold at $4 7ft After the news the market beonme uus-tlled, and holders demanded $6. hut we heard of no sales of importance. Rye?After the news 7 to 8000 bushels at $1,06. Oa It?hales of 10.000 bushels were made to arrive in June ami July ut 60 cents. Candlks?Sales of spurm were made at 31 cents. Cosv ar.?The market was quiet, without change in prions since Saturday. We have only to notice a small 1 sale of 60 bags St. Domingo at 0'? cents. Cottos.?No business has been transacted to-day on the telegraphic information of the Britannia's news, holders prefer waiting the arrival of the letter mall. ; Tho 'imitations are higher than was generally looked for, which is unfortunate, as it would he desirable for the market to recede here, that shippers might inuke an attempt to execute their orders. We quote a dull market at prices aunexed. Livxaroot. Classification. Sew Or leant J Uplanit. Florida. Unit, tf Tucat luferior none, none none. none, none none. Ordinary II ID* ID, IIV ID* ">*' Middling Ill* Ilk 11}T IIJ* llC If Good Middling I3y 12$ 11$ 121$ 13}, ui* .tnuuiiiiK ruir UK i J.'* 11.-? ' n 'J Vt Fair I2J, 16 lj? 13W US' Uft Knlly Fair I3\? 16)4 none. none. 14 14.V Good Fair 1 3\ 14 none. none. 14*4 14)4 Fine none. non*. Hon*, bob*, none. none Full?We have no sales beyond retail transactions to report. The market for all kinds was Arm. There was nothing all oat unsold. Fbuit?lluneh raisini were steady, with farther sale* at *1 no u 1 96. llr.wr?There was nothing doing beyond a small lot at auction, which afforded no criterion of the market price. Lead?A sale of 600 pigs was made at $4 60, cash Mulimii?The market was quiet, and no selo? of consequence transpired. Natal H t o n m?Dealers were in the dark, andawaltIng steamer's news. Oim We report sale? of 6.000 gallons F.ngllsh linseed ' at 68)4 cents, and abont 800 to 1000 do city pressed at the same price. I'aot isioss ? Drillers were waiting advices ner steamer. 300 barrels old prime pork sold before the news at Fill 13)4. and about 600 bbls new iness sold at filfi ITS: 160 tierces of shoulders sold at 91% cents. We heard of no transactions In lard or beef III, i .?Since last report and before the usws, 160 tierces sold at $ Ia4 60 for different grades. The news 1 had the effect of unaettltug the market. nloab ?Scarcely anything waa done beyond retail transactions, while quotations remained about the same as at the rinse of the week On Saturday Tobacco.?Dealers were waiting for letters per 1 steamnr. 1 Wiialebose.?There was some morn enquiry, but no salee were reported, by which the stato oflho market oould be ascertained Wool.?There waso fair demand for American fleeces, i und ?sl"s inad? to a moderate extent at 36c to 36c, and I 4 c for handsome or choice FuriniiTS ?The uew? unsettled rales, and after Us receipt wu heard of no engagements. Bcforo the news, some e>gugements were made to Liverpool at 8s per barrel for flour, at 13d lor grain to Ireland, at 4? per barrel for pork After the news, one of the Liverpool packet llnoe a/kod 4a for flour, but no ? ngngement to any fo- * reign port was reported subsequent to the receipt of the news catai. Hgrs ifTiT?The receipts of some of the principal articles of produce at SVe.t Troy and Albany, since , '] the opening ol navigation this year to 1 >th May and for ni corresponding period In the years 1816 and 1"16. have been as ful ows: ? V ('aval receisti to Ma* 1?tm. s u 7 is 6 islj Canal Opt it. up I *ipril 14 *1prit li. Fl u . bid. Its,Hi it ?' !' hl.'ifl I'ora hbl, 4.IJI ... 'I iv.?lf Heel. Ul.l I u < 9 9'' I6"" A 111 b ll, . . 3.3JH 9,31'l 3 4'J ' Wheat, 13 0-1 314 1 JO.JIO | , Our ', Ini K iMtn 14.I'll Holey. 1/1.394 Ji.W) II.101 ' Cheese, Ins :;i?,4i.o 447,w'C 471,406 ? EUII?r,lt). 2*1,100 3tW,U6 336.200 Aid, lb. In),100 218,600 73S.7W ? ggggggg" , ..... _ Married, On tho 17th lartaut. by th? R.t Elijah i.'rawfnrJ aator ofthe John rtreet M E Church Mr lit >;H Ke? I f thia city, to MUa Mabuaiilt Douoiiebtt, of Brook 1 ro. L I. At St. Paul'* church, thl* morning, isth lu*tant. \<j u Bar. Dr. Park*. Wiltiii H. Hm,* J IrKcncic. both of thl* city On Sunday evening. May the 10th. by the Rev Nlr 1 kx>d*ail, Mr Jacob Tatluii, to Ml** Mabt Ellen Hike, LI of tin* city, # IMcd. On tho 17th inat. of a short and ?* ?r# illno**. Mabt KcNci i Hamiii aged 68 year* Her friend* and rolilfti o and alao tho*? of her rothor*. llunry, Jacob, and William, ar* respectfully iviud to attend her funeral, thi*. (i ueaday) utteruoon, I 4 o'clock, from the house of Samu*l O. baker. No 1. 3 fraud corner of Mulberry *troet. Weekly Kb port of Utalhi, i the City and County of New York, from th? tth day of May to the IJth day of May. 1H7. Men 79 : Women 71; boy* M : Oirl* 6i. Total 373. I dlteaik* Ab*ceu, 3; Apoplexy, e, Atpliyiia.l; Blreding. 3; Burned r Soeided, 1; Bronchitie, 1: Cancer. 2; CaeuaJtiae. 3; Cholera ... Ilium, 1 . e,iu icra Muruu., i; t-oiUUUipilon. 41 . v-uuvuilonv, IB, (.roup, 4; Congestion of Lungs. i, Debility, t: U*~ irium Tremeuv, 3; Diarrhoea, 3; Dropsy, 2; Dropsv in tlie lead. 12; Dropsy in the chest,}; Drowned.'; Dysentery, i; uryaipcUs 4: Exposure, t; fever, It; Fever Bilious 1; Kever ueroeral, I; Feier Remittent. 3; fever Scarlet. 2; Fever Ty dtoid, 24; Fever Typhus. 1}; Fever Congestive. I; Fever <ractur?, 1; Heart, Disease of. 7: lutlammeiioii, 2; InJJammaion ol brum, B; lulleintnstiuu ol bowels, 5; lntlauim.itiou of 1 'hevt, 2. hilluiinuation ol luilg i, 13; liillammaliou of atumjcli, J i; Inneintiiutmn of throat, 2; lullaiuiuatioii of liver, 1; Inlenipeauce, I; Jaundice, 1; Lues Venerea. 1; Marasmus, 7; Mea'las(6; Old Age. 4; Palsy 4; Pleurisy, 3; Mumps, 1; Scrofula. 1; Suffocation, 1; Schirrus, 1; Teething, t; Ulceration of hroat, 2; Lnkuown, 4. Ago?Under one yenr, 18; 1 to 2 Years, 22: 2 to 3, 23, 1 to 10, 14; III to 20. 16 ; 20 to 30. 10 ; 30 to 10. 10 ; 40 to 30, 26 ; '4 to 60 13 ; 60 to 70, 16 ; 70 b> Ik). 10 . 80 to 90. J .unknown, 4. count!. U., City Inspector City Inspector's Office, May 17, 1847. ^ WANTED?A situation by a respectable girl, to do chamber work or to go in the country. Apply at 4 Jacob St., second floor. _ mlblt?re WANT FA?A situation as chambeunaid or nune by a respectable young woman. No objection to go m the county. The best ol city reference. Apply at 213 West stre?t. m!8lt*rc TO TAINTtHS.?Wnnted?4 good Hou?e Baiute'S. Apply I to James Mitchell, 39 Montgomery street. Jersey Ci y. invlB 2t*cr Wanted?a situation by a resoeclahle young woman, as cook, chambermaid, or launnress, or to ukervrenf children. Apply at 9 Braver street, up stairs. She would have no objection to go to tnc country. mlt It * ic WANTED?By a vobbc Woman, i situation aa waiter, or to tin general housework. The best of city reference may lie had. on making application at 68 Sixth Avenue, mylt lt*rc Wanted?a >mnit boy or yotug Ml, who ha^ been accustomed to brass work or lamp making; also, a young man who is a good brass turner, who uuderstiuds the business geurrally. Tersous who are itallv good wnrkmru inay hear of a good and permanent situation by applying immediately at 187 Broidway. mlS2t?rc IT' or.VD.-At tlie American Nloteum on tile ci ruing X 17th, a wallet containing asmall ainonnt of money in bank I bills, together with papers o?various description!, which will | be restored to the owner on application ?t the office of the i American Hotel. mvl8 3tvji | f oil SALfc?fwo LunirsJ tone of tfie first An ml* lian'i i * Coal. Apply to joseph .Mcmurray, Ml? rc 69 South street. i^ok BALE?a iiglit wa<36n, but very str<>ug( wlili M. leathern lop, made by one of the first hands in this rily, nd nearly new. Will be sold very low, in eonsroneneti of he owner having no use for it. Apply at Dimond's livery itables. corner of Beaver and New streets, near the llat'ery mil 3r*ia rc Guide to the bprinok niaoara, vc.-h. h. TANNER, No. 237 Broadway, has iaaued the Travel Icr'a Hand Book for New York, Canada, and parts of ihu adorning Htates, with drseriplions of the towns and other oh- | leeta of interest, tables nf distances, he. The w hole arranged on a new plan, with imps. Also. Pocket Ms|is of all kinda. mylt If rc Thurburn k co.'b auction sale of French Tiee ftoips and superb double Dahlias?300 choice French atnudord roses of the same good qualities and kinds aa thoae sold last year, to he iold at anctio at their saloon, 13 Johu street, Wednesday, 19th May, 12 o'clock. Also,300 iu|>erb double Dahlias from their unrivalled collect ion at Astoria, embracing varieties to be obtained from no o-her establishment in the Cnioii. The plants arr packed in order to transport to any part of the United States. Descriptive catalogues at either of their stores are now ready'. mU2t*rc The cheapfbt store in New volit"i? Fa.risk's new hardware store, 73 Chatham street, second door from tha eoruer of Duatie, where may be found every article in the liue,at the smallest advance upon coat. Call in and see the pricas, and then judge for yourselves. Depot for Ame ican cooper's tools, mIt lt*rc IO. of O. F ?Tha Members of Mount Vernon Lodge, No. 73. are requested to be prasaat at their neir meeting, on Friday Evening, May 21, for the purtmee of making arra<gtmenls for celebrating the appror.Jih g anniversary of the Order By order of JOHN B. STEVEN B. N G . W. L. Brgveivsoiv, See. mylt 3t*rc INFANTS'AND CHILDREN'S CLOI HINO ?MISS JACOBS, formerly of 437 Broadway, announces to her triands, the ladies of New York and its vicinity, that she has ju?t opened at GI9 Broadway, first door fro in Hotutori alrtut, a or w and splendi d assortment of iof rots' a .rl children'sClollnuc of the latest styles and fashion- Mm J. received hi lirst |niiuin from the Amerienu Institute four silver inrdil-.'in lour cnusecnlive Ladies'own materials ma c and cut to order, at the shortest notice. Older* from the 8 urn promptly lltcudrd 10. Strangers will do well to call befnepn cii.uing. as nttr grsods are of rlie best, mid prieea tow mlkinrVic 0K SCllnlUI his isiiiuvrd lo in VV anrn ai.ei 110 *\o tell < h iinbrra street, urxt to the roiuer of < iturch strret. in IS 3t* rc BIVVLI.NU: IIUVVI.Ioholt SALE, u < .A ih. bed Saloons in the cut, contain U( four alleys, with ustures all ill order. Location good; 'rut moderate. Am p< r on with a una-1 capital wonld d w i It r.i rail on (J YVMr.ltI H Y.N 1.47 Laouaid street, wbeie ihe |> iticul.ra will be made known in. 18 It* rc TO ,N E \\ S.?i E.N? 1 hu publishers of the i'ublic Ledger, of Phila-h Ipliiu, having introduced into u?e in printing their papers " Hue's Last East Press," a I rintuig machine capable ut giving Ir m tan to twelve ih iusaud impiosions | ri hour, the lust and only m ichiue of the ko d r et mauilla- lured, are now prepared to uuply any number of copies of the paper which may be denied It is believed lint an eiirigeiic ai.d thorough newsman might make a lair business by seiviugaiid selling the Ledger in .New Yolk. Any rcs|>ectat.le newsman disposed to undertake the agency, may apply by note or personal I y, to the publishers. ni 8 3trr NEW SKKINli A.N II SUo.vIEK UUUUS ?. .eiitlrmen's outfitting.-? J Agate, formerly ParsrIN !c Agate, 2J7 Broadway, corner Park Place, now offers to his friends, customers and stiangrra, a full and earaed assortment of gentlemen's furnishing gods. adapted to the |rreaent and Coming season, selected or manufactured with great care, consisting of Cravats, Scarfs, Gloves, nuspeudcrs, blurts, L uder Garments, Hosiery, kc , hr N. B?The subscriber will pay particular attention to making Shirts, Stocks, Suspenders, Shoulder Braces, Body Braces, lie., having engaged a superior artist to attend the manufacturing department my 18 lm*rc JOSEPH AGATR. 237 Broadway. k t ooNTRY RESIDENCE l'O U.1' OK LitANE B A beautiful aud healthy aituatiou on J7th street, near l^tlie East River, with about twenty lots of grounds, o.Miirly laid our lu flower and vegetable gardens and planted, fruit trees, lie., with a stable and every couveuieucifhr the summer or winter residence of a gemlemnn doing busioesa III the city. Stages are poshing every few minutes fur et* cents. Inquire at No. l?fl 1 hamhera street, ht lw er u 'J and HI A. M., and J aud 4 P. M. Possession on Ihe tat June. __ in I8 3i "re MTU l.fc.T?Possession given immediately?Oihcea m the building No. 74 Kulb'ii street. Apply to JA.Ylt* II. LeLVECC If IO, in the building, or to BKOYVN, BKO 1'HF.KB fc. CO. mil Ut*iw No. J? Wall street jr KuKNlSHEU ROOMS? Dm parlor and bedroom pjW elegantly furnished for one single gentleman can be hail XsJoLat 119 Leonard street. Krlrrrncrt required and given. inlrt ?tis* rc Bd MelilaL PROKEMION.?Aapeciona baaeaaant, ffTTB with a separate entrance door in front, us the immediate JiyJL11' mity of East Broadw ay and Kutger street, w ill be Irl ably to a res|>ectahle practitioner. If a single gentleman should rent it* he ran if agreeable have also a good room ami board in the family, which will be found agreeable society. Apple at 10 Rutgers street, one door from Kast Broadway. By 13 lt*rrc I M TO L E 1The low et part ofhiiiiae No. Ilil Lawff?jB rence, ne;ir Bleecker st. Crotou water in the yard. EnJy^Lqiure mi the premises. mylll It ' rrc Jk ROOMS .TO LET To lei, to single geutlemeo |7T>W two line any rooms, unfurnished, w itli marble mantels XjJLniol grates, within five minutes walk of YY'all at. AddressJ A. S , Herald 'dRce rn|6 3t?re Ml OTTAOK on Staten Island to let, situated at Port Richmond; but a lew rods from thu steamboat landing and near the brick church; hat been newly papen d and painted throughout; anil ia in perfect order. Apply to Newton Hi yes, f-Vanklin House, Broadway ml} 3t*r aM NQTIj E. ? I'o Gentlemen w labing Oardena put in orMl| der for the summer, and likewise those wishiug Gardens auhw. laid out in a liandsnme and unique style. Boawood for Mtalb . ,.,,1 .1.-..1.J....; . .. atantly in hand, at the aubarribera, where all ordera for laying out garden" will be promptly attended to. limiting and btid Him of orange and lemon treea. Ala... Roae Ilnahta. A. STEWART. inia 2na*rc Oardeuer, 117 Chryatir atreet. CENTREV1LLE COUKHtTL. i-TKOTTlNU.' GREAT SPORT ! TF.N IIORSF.S IN THE FIELD IN ONF. DAV ! ! I WEDNESDAY, May l#th, at J o'clock, P. \| . aaill come I rome off. the Ureal Mateh for 12000, bet neen Saral. Wineh and Biiehw barker, mile heara, in liarneaa II. Woodruff narnea b. m. Sarah Winch W. Woodruff " b. I. Buahta hacker. 1 At 2 o'clock, mil# beat), in harneaa. II. Woodruff enters br m. Miaf W. S. Re. H " e.g. Orey Harry. W.-WKelan " br. m Lady Mark C, Bartiue " g. in. I,ad> At I o'clock, T. M., rurae. mile liem. beat 3 in 5, under the .addle. J . Whelpley enrera K g. Emperor. J D. Me.Marm " be. in. Reality. Or Fntrher " eh g Sir Walter. C llartiue " ( in Lady Angtiata. The Can mil leaee the Snti'h Ferry, 11 rook I ye. halt paat 0 >V|oek, A. M.. arid at I hi P. M.?returning alter the a(mrt of the Jay ia over. Dull Stand SI; P nnJOeenla. ml*2t?rc UNION COURSE L. I?TRWTTINO ICafctfec.atttfec. rHI'KflUAV. Maysmtli, all o'clock, p. M Pur.e, ?2uo. 'I ?o mile lieata to liaruMa. J Wrlpley, entera b g. .Moecow. H Woodruff, " bt.g Hector J.Edward, " hk in H|.a< k >faria lmtr.edi.feii aftur. Bweepa'ake for If n. two mile beat., to JO pound wayooa. H Woo.lrnff enter* a g Achillea W S Reed " h. g Telegraph. II Jonta " h | Tom Tne eara will leare at JW o'. |..f k. and r< in n aOer -he aporl ov. [ml* V*Je) It SPI I I' at I I"'It HAI.K. a I'ati of tin* Carriage II.. .a 10 ^ l ia I ...Ha hi,H, d > e >ra old. aou .1 a .1 ki <1, t.l . .1 b > . I ^ A I- ...a tail , go. d i art 'a?. 'I. tr* .aeh-g .1 -tr i r 1.1 i|. pair or a an.u1 horae. May be ten a T itle.a Tl\ ..I a Si 1,'e 1 pi " f M.. i.wt', in' '7 a'.. dl '' ?It I I ate:, Mi lit >ae.a r . iR A \ I,t. ? O e pa , I II. ..d liai II ra- . lo 4 > la, .|r,a . ?r b .a d. ' e i * . br 'h. ra .1 6 ee. ..II. 1C t.a da h gh . ma a .e. .t ItS L'beily arret , for \ f .1. > ? I .<t"ir of m'' St * r \ Va* all. l.W ?.e. Veal at \ t't.S r.tTl.LTRA'm \R.) i."? ~T eve ing a tehiie K .gliab Ter it ralut, treat . ra ., . h- . name ..f "V.aua'?had on a lee her Collar, ap| a uataae ,*raeei) n a a.lie ilita-. An pa re n .eiiirn ' K her tc. ?C ile atr el, (u,r awiu) c n rtceire the h re r I e nurd B.)W?*.C i ii. i . i i.L*~y . 90 9wrm .ATE8T MOMENT HIGHLY IMPORTANT PROM THE ARMY OF INVASION. THE CITY OF MEXICO. BEGGING PROTECTION f BOM GEN, SCOTT. CONDITION OF THE NBSIC.IN PB0HB. THE POSITION OF SANTA ANNA. GUERILLA WARFARE. Probable Cessation of Hostilities. YTnvpmpntjj and Intentinna nf Gen. Scott RECOVERY OF GEN. SHIELDS. Arrival of Gen. Pillow, Lt. Ool. Anderson, and others. Ac. Ac. Ac. [From the Baltimore Bun. May 17 ] The steamship James 1. Day.arrived at tha, at New Orleans .-arly on the morning of tha 10th tnJtant from Vera t'ruz. whence she sailed on tbo 9th Inat By this vessel we have received. save the Picayune, ?ov Ira. our regular correspondence anil flies of Vera Cnta and Julapu papers. Apart from the intelligence eoutalned In oar letter*, we learn verbally thst an express reached Vara Crua a moment before the stilling of the James L. Day. with In formation that a deputation had oemo down from tba city of Mexico to request dsn Scott to take the capital under hia protection. This nows la almost Incredibia; bat whoa it U remembered that the system of guerilla warfare baa been sdopted by Mexico, and that the banditti who e.ugtge in thd service aro us dangerous to their own countrymen as to the enemy, the report gains some probability. The impression was gaining ground In the army that there would be no more fighting It was not expected that there would be any opposition thir side of or at Pu>. bla. and It was even doubted If the Mexicans would defend their capital. Expectations of this nature have proved decoltful so often (hat we Indnlgn them with much mlsglvlDgs. The Mexican papers continue their deelamatory stricture upon the ini-Hion of Atocha. It would appear that the sending of this miserable fellow on any Important mission to Mexico lias glren greater umbrage than all else that has been done by the United States. They regard him in the light of an official pimp, a treasonable pander, a perfidious miscreant, and, indeed, the concentration of baseness. They think that he was aent there by the American cabinet In mockery and scorn We have already copied tbe article of El Rrpvlliftis upon Atocho That paper -the very beat in all Mexico --the highest In tone, and tbo sturdiest defender of republican Institutions when tbe monarchical party was In the ascen ant? fter noticing llie arrival of Atocha. on a mission from this country, and recounting his past history In Mexico, exclaims: ? "O, God! this Is the greatest sign that thnn hast for gotten us Send upon us bombs rifles, grape shot, and every class of projectile and mlsfortnnc; burn us, reduce us to ashes, destroy us?annihilate, but do not dith.tior us Send tbo entire North to subjugate and rulr over us, but let not Atocha be the broker of a contlact of peace, because that, devolving upon lis the gr.utcct scorn, and tho greatest humiliation, would be [0. God] thy greatest punishment." 1 his, we are assured. Is a true reflex of the feelings of the better order of Mexicans In regard to the unfortunate appointment. Tbe whereabouts of Santa Anna Is somewhat problematical The last nutbentio intelligence located him at Orizaba with a miscellaneous command of I 009. Subsequent rumors report him a. having gens Snath to rwcruit his ranks in Oajaca It is certain that he hat not shown himself at tbo capital sines his defeat. 'J hero is a report that he Ues res to b-u?* the country, but Mr Ki-ndi.ll thinks ha mar niaku a <li..h nnun die. inched parties in the rear of thu uriuy. or upon wagoa trains. with a view to reinstating himself In the good opinion of the nation It wus the intention of Ovn. Beott. upon the arrival of lhu wagon train that was to start from Veia I run, about the Oth Inst . to cut off all cnunvctlou with the sua coast rely upon thu country fur sustenance, and push forward for the city The general order, dated at Jalapo. SQih April, lnll> mater, as much. But Mr. Kendall s letter of the 4th? the very latest news?throws some doubt upon tho speedy adoption of this plan. In consequence of lhu determination of thu twelve months' volunteers. In a body, not to re-cnllst. This may rutard thu advance of the army, uuloss, indued, the reported readiness oi the city to surrender be confirmed If thu rumor prove true, tho guerilla troops are raero marauders?a band of pirates, and should be treated accordingly. Gen Worth was gathuring up all the grain he eould, and has all the bakeries at work, as if in anticipation of breaking off communication with Vera Crua. It will be gratifying to all to learn that Gen Shields was thought to be in a fair way to recover We have always regarded him as about the best appointment from civil life yet made by the President. Maj. Gen. Pillow came passenger in thu James L Day ills wound is doing well. I.luut. Col. Anderson, of the first Tennessee regiment, name over in the Day also He has seen much service, both under Gen Taylor and Gen Bcotl. at Monterey and t erm Gordo, and now returns on acoount of ill health. TUB KIU.hD AND WOfMDED AT CEKJlo GOFIHJ. ikroin the New Orleaus Picayune, May 8 ] We yesterday published a list of killed and wounded at the butllu of < erru Gordo, as made out by the return ing officers. This list gave a grand total of HUH killed, wounded and missing The Adjutant General states thu loss to la- 4'i.i four hundred and twenty-five This discrepancy arises from the fact, that in the official report the loss sun la inod by the Tennessee and Pennsylvania Regiments, under Gen. Pillow, is not put dowu We have before us a list of the killed and wounded in that brigade, which we subjoin premising that it should have been published yesterday, but was omitted by an oversight, because it did not accompany thu copies of the official returns, which wu for the moment Imagined embraced the whole loss suatainod. Tho annexed lists do not comn to us in tho same precise and authentic shape as those published yesterday, but are dnubtls* corrupt. 1?( Brig I'alunl'tre? Under Brig. Utn. Pillov _ . ,r SILLEir?orrirtR*. hank. liegimtnt. R.-marke. I.irnr. KB. Allen Tmuimh do C. <i. OiII do r, . ... WOt'!?DM??orrtc*n?. Br. Oen. J. O. Pillow Iwhilr U. Col. D W. Cunnni Jd Tenneeiee .Vlejor it. h ari(uhar>on* C?i>t. Murrv do do Miulding |,t TenneMee lneot. lleitnui 'adjutant) do do Mm. Yen woo M Tenneuco do Jtmet horrnt do do J. T. Htithci Und do jniiriw. Rank. A am*. Real. Rank. Nam* R.rt P"v'to S Uuderdaln UlTou. Prir>? C. A. Bampaoo Mlfn . N.r^ ?! -V..ft'>"""? MTrn. do R L. do a" L^V11'* tJ J.N. Ountor <lo i n w fi Sr?r.n 4? io T.On?? do ( orpl \V. O. Kliehlintt do do ft Kirrw.ii do do h r.nk'n. Klhin do do C. Price da i ? Hymn*! Floyd do do M. M. Durham do j W tofllmid do do A. do do ti W hrrny do wovwprd? mni inn riLr. Rank. Name. R'K I. Rank. Name Rrg't ' orr'l Johnxin lit Pen. IVirite J Wood 2d. 1 en. I m te S O Steamer. do do J. L Deiirtiur do do M born* do do It. Biuioer do do W. K. M'Crory do <lo N. W. Keith do do S. W. (l.riiet do do J. J. I.uigitoti do Be *'t Cir?on M'ieti, do M. 8 Smi h do do T. Jl. Bradley do do J. f. Storm do do h. II McAtlue do do H Willunu do do O. A Smith do do J Mnir do do Jehu < "uirt do do M m t heeeon do do F- T. .Vochihei do do W.K. .\,utin do Trie'te II M"?ry do do T. Hum do <J" A {^ThVy 4" 4* t, H Bo^ do do P. VVIneler do do N Mor?e do do /-A "PP.*,. '1? do J. Lyi.dhurtt l?'P?. do i. O U Ilium* do do D Limhir oo d? C hem di do Albert Cuduey do do fi?-4? 4? J K Daw. do a" u ibh do do C F. do do W< Bennett do do John Shi lent ilo 1" Y U*T!* .. do do O Bat.on do do J N. Ureehmn do do A lut tr do do L L Jin.ei do do I', B K> chen do do > Boil do do D. It. N..rr-..n do do B. O H?irt do Cor|il Joh . 4mnii 2. fV do J do Put (e do do I, li Itohereoa do do J Min t* do do K i In.lot do do John, him rr do di J. N. I tier do do J?ruii Simoot 'In do A Hied y il l do l.d < in?r d d I Jl.ll y do do J .C li ll el do do L VY tin.tell do do l> ,Vi. l>i d. do do loh. Bum* do d H in Vt ihl n do do k. J h *.i i do i'o h * mere 11 do J W hitti'igton d . d I *' ? d d > I ii*.i Vt io .1 I H i d.. li|. ud d . ,1 l H . << M J M Ail ? n do Hiking a IniAi nf ki'l-l mil * i I 'n th> In 101. ?hich h.llid to 'Ot til I.I l- ll d> " ? direr -I11 1 lioec ure nil 111. (tilled no.I ? i?r?|. * " name* haftt he. n n*-prrtaint .1 'lit? i.i In m tilt ft. Iniloogcd to cujitoin iiu.ruo.r e o<.ni|>.ny ot l-t.- .U J

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