Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 31, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 31, 1847 Page 1
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TH] # ? r- "T" ?ir* Voi. XIII. No. I60?WlioJ* fio. *747. THk ft'BW fORE REIUL0 E3TABLISMMSNT, - <>nH-ive?t comet- of Kulton and tiaaaau ill. lAMES 60B00H BENNETT, PRQPRIETtlft 1 IKCH.ATKW! ?FOliTY THOUSAND. j.'.UL V >i> UALU?eivjry i!a)( Price ? ceeti s*r eoi >r? * ?iuk- in ?u\tun o. Wr. . [ L\ 11 l-.ttALD?Kvtry Siauirday ? Price ; ? ? ?' 1**7~i*!l 12W ec <Lj imr n'iiiui/1?imvable iu ailvaace. UU FOIl KUROPh'?Snvery Steam Packet day Price o4^ ? cots per ce|a-$S per kmiumj, payable in advance A V HKRALD?Published on the UtofJanuary an Is ' ti Iv of each tear?single copies sixpence each. AlJ v UK I ISKM ft NTS, nt the usual prices- always cash ?; a* ^ ce Adverti fmenL? should he written, ui a plain, letfiht mil* 1 he Proprietor will not be r?Mi>ouaibie for errora th* oiuyoc'- T . th?ra. . PKINTIV.. of all kinds executed beautifully ??d wit despatch. II let'ers or comnmuicntions by snail, addrecsed loth* * >l"hmeut. must br |?i; ;t paid, or the postage will h# d# <* ?# ' ..i is# inli?i*rintmi rmi'^v remitted, >j?J. TO LET?At Hoboken, thirty ai? smili houses, suitf I!n *" mechiiiici and laborer*. Unit low, and imine line possession given. Enquire at the office of the HobokiCompany, at the Kerry Lauding. Hoboken, of _n_5? 7 W. W. 8HIPPK.N, A gent. s.sri i L I'?Po* ** ion giv?i immediately?Others i? h-'lij ''i- liui d ?k N .74 Kutt" i strict Apply to JAMES LUL>! DeLVECCHIO, uuk-bu.ldi.g, or to BROWN, BRO i HERS Ik CO in'B llt?rrr No .'.9 Wail street JtAl A FURNISHED HOUSE TO L-.T. iu Bleetker F?u street, suitable for Iambics visiting New York_ for ihe JmhL umrner. A two-story house, in a central and fashionapieprt of the ei'jr, will lie let, furnished, from the 6rst week in .In r, for four months,' it $1110 per mo.nh, payable monthly, in nde nee. with security for the term, Can be ? en he tween 19 and 2 o'clock daily, by applying to Mr. Kichard Oakley, I NA.?RfA9.iit?>? n.30 7t+rrf atfi' SOUTH BKOUKLVN?Ast U' OF ROOMS,with ( 1j| 'titu'u tattle, to let to a family. Al?o, Rooms with UwimL ikfist and Tee to single Gentlemen. The sitnatiou ii.,, desirable, bei Kits* than live minutes svalkorthe ferry Applic inu t be m.tds to Nu ll Sidney l'lice, near State ?t.. South Urookli n. inv29 7t*rc Mlli.KK.tltN HOllStK. .No ill bcekinuii street. U?ie tlri Floyd's )?The proprietor begs leave to niniouiice to ni friends and aeqi-.iiitsiicev. that lie haa opened the a mivi jin d house and flitiers himself that, he strict attention to business, to merit a shire of public t>atronaire The finest liquor, tint can he procuied are at his bar, and the best flavor. d s-gars He will b? hsppy to see his old friends, and reapretlully solicits a call. Tnere are over thirty single lodging rooms which will .at least be equal to any in the city, iu |?jint of cie nili less and respccrful auction. Single meals at all hours of ilie day and evening. Oneu till 2 o'clock, A. M. jx I'tee lu icb served up every day at II o'clock. m2i 2w*rc JOSEPH WILSON. H.VtllLTON HOUSE, at the .Narrows iirar Kurt |;;;M Hamilton, L. I. The Subscriber begs to inform his sUaA friends and the public, that this favorite place of resort u no.s open for the reception of company. .-team ..its wi'l commence running about the lith of May Stages leave Fulton ferry, Brooklyn, at 10 A. 3d., and * THOMAS MEINKLL, Fnrt Hamilton, May 5.1817. mfi 2w*rc PAVlLlO.N, fc.VV~ 15KIG11 lO.N, State,7IslaudThr proprietor begs to inform his friends and the pnblic that lie haa made considerable alterations and improve menu it, this establishment since the last season. He has erect da large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogethei disconnected from the main body of the pavilion. Thesv rooms are intendrd for geutlemeu ouly; they are of a comfortable sire, light, and well ventilated, and superior iu all respectto thu is generally denominated single rooms iu the varieut watering places throughout the country. The proprietor is now ready to treat with families or parties wishing to engage rooms for the action. Letters addressed t< btm at the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive itntnt iliate atleittion. A steamboat runs between Naw York mid New Brighton, ai the following hours, rii:? From New Brigliton?At 8 and 11 A. M, and 2 and 5:?0 P. M From pier No. 1 North River, New York?At 9 A. M aud I? M, anil :il?, hand It P. M? and tnore frequent communication!, ' will be established as tin' season advances. The Pavilion is now ready for lite reception of Company. ap2.) tire F. Bl-AN' ARD. M MONTREAL CANADA.?TO LEI?v sp-ciounewly constructed Hotel, nearly finished, situated in be best and most accessible part of the City of Mo l v I. oi tile Custom House Square, overlooking the wlisrf, I<1 mil ul St. Helen* and the shipp'Ug. 'I I e river strfimbost* I mil i i the immediate vicinity mid it i> the first hotel of it* elm that present* itself to tourist*. The building is of cui rone, in the best style of modern architecture, and in the interior arrangement will he touniJ all the details of ail extensive establishment, including a spacious Dining Room, 1'arlor a I Sitting Rooms, with forty-five Bed Rooms, and overy other requisite of domestic comfuit For further pa ticu'srs, apply to the proprietor, Montreal, May ifl, 1817. WILLIAM DOW. m?t int?rc u?*h TO FOH&1UN Ota N TLt.M CM arris in* in the KjMgUuited States, or others, desirou i of purchasing a per i unit Country Residence in Pennsylvania ?The subsc atter offers for sale In* Farm, situ ited in Montgomery CO.. Pen uylvmia, II miles north of Philadelphia. It contains 308 acres of laud. 288 acres of which ere ill the highest state ofcult.vation, producing svh?at, rye Indian coru and hay,equal to any ii. ! l id farm? lie rein lining 20 acres being woodland. On the premie-i is a fi ieetou? mauaion, 60 leet by 45, with * ve* r*od h stticlied, 15 Pert wide, ex e ,ding the lengtli of the b u v. a d a large piaXSa Oil We MM, 'he w hole giving ampli accnm noditioua for ? f.m ly of twenty ;ier<o s The pleasure g uu.els surrounding the house are shaded with elegant eve gr eos. ind very bean ilull> laid out. 1 here are on the firm tlirer sto ie hoU* s I'o f riners or ten nits, together with thiee large stone bam*. Co itaiuing stabling auu convenience* for a M'idreti Husd ofcattle, aid for the *tucagt of 250 tons of pre du i ? i n coach hou,e, w igon house, grniary and coru tribe attached There are also the ailraiitag-s of a doe spring linoae ice lions-, fiah pond, a girdeo of I wo acres, orchards stocked With the fi ic.t fiuir, gri-e i house and grape wall, a stream ol spring water hi ever.'field, a daily wail, by* which the Philade phis ami New V'ork pipers of the same day aie received, and an inutbo* passing the gate mmuiiig and evening. In the immediate vicinity are LpisCop*!, Lutheran and Preebytenan churches Further description is unnecessary, as all persons wishing to pun Inse are invited to call and examine the estate. It may. however, be .i-'tled that fur beauty, hnltliful situation, end advantages, i: is not sirp ii sod by any is the United Stales. It m iy he ws II also to mention the price, which is $220 per acre Vpplyto OKO. SHLAFe', Whitemirsh, mJ38tSisv*rc ' ! ntgom..-.' ?j'jfi VIRGINIA LANDS FUtl a.itr, ? .iuu uiai ?cic? ui fjCvS-'nod Nod, in the ciiiituies of Ta/.ewrll and Logan. Writ. ..suciti Virginia. Th'se lands are well watered and heavily tim ierrd. he soil is rich and enduring, and snitshle far culti Tation. No selections having been from this tract, the wli .le is ofTereil very low; or, if desired by prrson* who wis', tu settle ii|i?i and nnpiovv a considerable portion of the nmt, lite will he |Hit eqnillv low. Terms easy, with perfect title These lands Can he approached by water to a point, wi hiu 60 miles through the Dig Sandy River, at an ex|ieuse of $8 from thisci.y. Apply In WALTF.R CUNNINGHAM, m?67t?r _ No J) H mover *t.. New Vork. *-.,? Full'SALE-WESTOHESTER LAN l> -To genJfyR leroe.i in want of sites for Country Seat*?To Market svgte. fo ileners in want of I mil for G irdetis; and to all persons Wio.i ig - I .c .tion in the uetghbo hood of New Vork 500 acres of Laud in the town of XVea'chester. within nine mile* of the I itv Hall, with right of |?jsing over Harlem B idge free jyf toll, are now offered t private sale, in lots, containing from five ro fifty acres each The lands are within fil'tec- minute* walk o( the rai road; front on good roads- are ic the neighborhood of schools, and churches of different deaominati , 'lie l iter IS good, and location ho.iithy. Title iiiiliapuialdn. Term, moderate. Apply to OOUVERNEUR MORRIS, Morrisanis, West hester Co.?or to WALTER RUTH ERKORD, t ounsellor, mt5*lr*r 70 N nssn Street, New Vork .. Ui liDts, litis .t> A Ml) I'llMI f.S ? A I' f KaTTION ?The rr"at attraction for the city is now at MyjETsV A ItiIHr.T'H. No 5 John street, where nature's song slS.' in us most select variety, is only to be obtained from the little Rubin to the Cock of the North. As it ii *1, hiug Charles Spaniels, Italian Greyhound*. Set ten, Pointer* Newfoundland mid every variety of fancy Dogs; also Shetland Poniea, Re. Itc Sic P S Letter* poUqwnlv will at all time* meet with f>rom|>t attention frnm A. GUI EVE, 5 Jotiu street. N B Four Isle of Sky Terriers, imported expressly, mi sin"i y-? LO I' OF ,viOi,KING BIRDS?Only bird is worth AQr? c?ge room, and sweeps all kind bird species song away xflr*Vdav of night toSww Aho very fine collection Long Breed Canary Birds. ALo.lot shortbread Oerma-? Birds;?* cy Cage* and -ced; To be seen Al 33S Bowrry, bet wen 3d and 4th sr. mv?8 Wrc H WiLLI V^IS r # * L -l >1 rjK 11 VTS? r.CiMi 'my and Fashion ROIIKRTRON, of toe Pheuii Hat and Cap Mann factory, form r|v of No 103. but now of HO Fulton street, New Vork, and 61 Fulton street, Brooklyn, whose constant aim it his bam to pro luce superior article* ar the 'owest possible prices, has introduced his amine rat* I- of H'its consisting of beantifh' i?e ill hi I ?*rab as tors, triminel hi the peculiar e?ann? r which ha* hitherto given such universal *aria?-cti n.m ismu <h as it pre rents h** perspir-fiou from -taming: the outside oi the H it I'd at the s im?- ton** tunnies comlort and c<-olnesi. RhiDLf* TION IN PRICKh ?Robertson gives notice that ha h reduced the price of his Pearl Hats to $4 :0, a d his dr h H its to S3; a >d at the tame titn prices "lull*- g'* m*nu facturer? to produce a letter article even at 2S per night r WM IlObLRTSi.N. Jr. J. PI.ITVK ETT _ m2> 10; ?r KKLN? H F \ STRAW HA'l'V. f\T Vufacturod entirely of silk and straw, latest (Gl\ WJrcj^style and fashion to be had st 17 Division st., Mjkt; it rho o<t r?aaon?bie prices mtlJ^f^re ^ hM >1. W |LaUiN, ^9i Oinuil street, rnspnclltf II> informs her friends, and Strangers visiting the etty lwMrthatshe hxa n<iw on hand a large mid very hand to me assortment of Spring Millinery, to which she inntes their at rent ion. Mrs. Wilson s stock comprises au as.-ortment of the richest and most lafftionable Hits. sueh as Ch:p, Crape, Rice, and Shirred, with a choice a**ortm?ut of Straws, which she tl Pt-ra herr.elf can he sold more rwtsnriAb!' th.oi at any other "?t<thliJimeut in the city. Count// Milliners Will do well to call before purchasing. Mrs. M. WILSON, 291 Grand at * ^ between Allan and Orchard its Ten rood Milliners warned at bore oatablu hiprnt FKr.Ncll BOO i' 8 I OKlv-Thc latest Paris [W.tvle of French Calf Hewed Boots for ti M). equal to jM those usually sold for (Gaud (7; fine French Boots f >r ?. .TO. VII) IIIIUII-, rijnii in in'*!1 iimallv min inr p.l? />!? !, Cmigrrat Hook, with patent iptingt; Bn,.ta trailer- Iw .continuity on lin ,d. and made to order in the n.nice. wending, Ice. June in the atnre, corner of Fulton "nil N i?t?n ttrtat", oppotite ihe fir raid office, N York. mytl id' i'' _ _ ___________ " TO BOOT AND HMO . MANUFACTURER* & . AND DE A LER8 ?The patent "I oner ta Boor ami H I'tom Hhnn r?Licentet tn manufacture th?. Congreat Boott ami Short under Dm n:it <i HPatent, and nnmtrnut patent urant, d fllnrln ami ihe unilrrtiuued, are now offered in minnftciu-rra in tne Ci'y of N?w Vnrkj t nl other placet throughout the I nited fltiiet nut yet ditpneed or. Oil liberal H;mi, or ih? eielutire right without tariff, i> offered f.raale 'I In und. rsig .ml, owner of all the iMteuli.ten in number u<ed in ihe production of the*e hoota and, hereby i ntifiei til pertnnt both m.k> rt ami de ilert, that eeery p ir m r'e by tutlmriti it duly tt mprd with the uaine and date of the p<te t.accoidmg to law. Any infrineeme t, either in making or telling thete boott anil vhoe , will lead to the unplenaanl neee tity of prmecution. Till ting, however, that no honorable man wtthet to ileal or filch ihe pro|retlJI and eicluiive right of auoiher, licentet are offered under a imall tariff, until th? right thall Ire told, with I the """iiranee that licen,et and pnrchatert will be fully proteeted." . . horacf. h day, ntfi WH re AMtgnee and owner of the Patent. E NE C=3HiiHaBBaHHBaaBBBC3EBaMMBK: J M?W YORE AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. 8UMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON ATHE Cart will run a< follow*, until farther notice. Up train* will leave the Cil? Hall for For MorrUiana.Fordham. Willi*im Bridge,Tucli- For White Plain*, Yorkrille, Harlem, ahne, Hari'i < oruer, Pleawntville.New and Morrinau*. and White Plain*. Catile, MccliauC A. M. 7 A. M. icaville a'id. Cro A M. 10 A. M. tou Fall*. 11 A. M. 4 P. M. 7 A. M. I P. M. 5 JO P. M. 4 P. M. 3 30 P. M. Freight train. 4 P- M. at 1 P. M. 7 P. M. Returning to New York will leave? Morii?iaua and iiailem. William*'Bridge. PI?:uauivi]le. 8 20 A. M. 9 08 A. M. J 15 P. M. 9 A. M. 1 10 P. M. 1 P. M. ? 08 P. M. Newcastle. 3 t M- 8 A. M. 4 30 P. M. Tuckahne. 3 P. M. 6 P. M- 7 38 A. M. 6 20 P. M. 8 52 A. M. Meohanicsvills. I P. M. 12 55 P. M. 7 48 A. M. ? ? J 52 P. M. 4 48 P. M. Fordlram. 8 08 A. M- White Plains. * Croton Falls. 9 15 A. M. 7 10 A. M. 7 30 A. M. 1 20 P. M. 8 35 A. M. 4 *0 P_jM. 5 15 P. >1. 12 30 P. M. Freight Train 5 35 P. M. 10 A. M. Freight I rniii will leave 321 airset fur Crotou Falls aud in'erinediute placet at 4 A M., and City Hall at 1 I'. M. lUtunii .g, will leave Crotmi Falls M 10 A. 51. aud 0>? P. M. ON SUNDAYS. The trains will ran at follows, vis :? Leave (lily Hall Leave Crotoa Fills For Croton Falls. For City Hall. 7 A. M. 7 30 A. M. 4 P. M. 4 38 P. M. Laave City Hall for White Plains Leave White Plains and lutermedi ite Placet. For City Hall. 7 A. M. 7 10 A. M. 10 A. M. 8 35 A. M. 4 P. M. 12 30 P. M. S-SO P. M. 5 31 P. M. Extra trains will be run to Harlem, Fordhara, and Williams Bridge, on Su' day, when the weather is fine. The trains to ana from Croton Falls, will not stop on New York Island, except at liroome street and 32d street. A car will precede oach train ten minutes to take op passenrera in the eitv. FARE FROM NEW YORK : To Croton Falls and homers $1 OA To M.clianicsville 87 To Newcastle 71 To Pleaxantville 02X To White Plains 10 _m25jf r _ CHEAP AND EXPEDITIOUS TRAVELLING TO THE WESTERN STATES AND CANABA. f&zMm sssS: mm* BY TAPoCOTT'B EMIORANT8 PASSENGER LINES, Olftce, 86 South street,New York. The subscribers continue to forward Emigrants and ethers to all parts of the Western Ststes and Canada, at the eery LOWEST HATES OK PASSAGE, by Railroad. Steamboat and Canal, to the following plaees, ria Albany, Rochester, Buffalo and Pittsburgh :? Utica, Syracuse, Oswego, Auburn, Rochester, Buffalo, Erie. Pa. Clerelsad, Huron. Stndnsky, Maurnre, Monroe, Toledo, Detroit, Mackinaw, Ylilwaukie, Racine, Southport, Chicago, Green Bay, Pottsville, Pittsburg. Ps. Wheeling, Portsmouth, Ohio. ParUersburgh, Cincinnati, Louiarille, Ky. St. Louis, Galena, Dubuque, Bond Head, Darlington, Hamilton, Whitby, Coburg, Quueuston, Kingston, Toronto, Sandwich. Montreal, And all other intermediate places. Persons proceeding to auy part of ths West, or Canada, woold do w ell to call on W. St J. T. TAFSCOTT, At their General Emigration Office, 86 South attest, New V ork. Tapscott'a Emigranu' Trarelliug Guide nan be had on application, free. ml J0t*re OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. " JtSSi ^?5L JS&&L Jffii ^^27ir?AiiL STitkki. SAMUEL THOMPSON AND NEPHEW. Aoemts rott the "Buck Stab" Limb or Paukfti. 1147. Liverpool to New York 1817 Ships Captains. Tns Il<g Tnu IS'h. Sun, T. F. Freeman, 807 1IIMJ I.ibeity, P.P.Norton. 7 92 1300 Cornelia, K. M. Freucn, 1061 1710 Oliio, H. Lyon, 7o8 1371 Samuel Hick*. T. O. Bunker, >19 11011 Empire, (new) J.O. Russell, 1090 1800 Pautliea, W. B. Lane, 721 1321 Indiana, James D. Bennett, 710 130(1 Huguenot, g Uoodliue, 93*1 1660 Marinion, (new) VV. Edwards, 901 1600 Peter llatlrick, J. D. Post, 670 1300 Elisabeth Deutstou, V. W. Spencer, 806 1400 Devonshire, W. T, Thompson, 889 1100 Niagara, (now) H. Russell, 730 135A Atlas, (new) H. Collin. 790 14UU Chaos, (new) J. L. Wilson, UI0 liUO Sardinia, (new) C. K. Crocker, 002 1400 America, (new) Weare, 1180 1900 The subscribers would respectfully in form their friends and the public that they have added several splendid aew shins to rlieir line of packets between this |>ort and Liverpool.which hat oeen favorably known and eiteusively patronised for a period if more than thirty years, and have no hesitation in assuring those who may wish to make engagements for tl>e passage ol their friends from England, Scotland nr Ireland, that they will find these ships inferior to none in gtoint of comfort, convenience and safetv, one of which will sail from Liveriaiol, ever) vis days, throughout the year, making delay and the cousaincut expense to emigrants at the port of embarkation impossible. A free passage per steamer from the various Irish and Scotch ports, with bread stutTs, aud hospital money paid, may be secured all at the lowest ratsM; snd when those settled for decline coming out, the full amount paid will be promptly refunded a* usual. For further particulars, apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON It NEPHEW, 271 Pearl street. or to C. ORIM9HAW It CO.,10 <*>ree Pwtixm, LivVl. Drafts or exchange, payable at sight,tcre also furnished far any amount, ou H. C. (ilyn It Ca , Hankers, Lot,ilou; C. (Jrimtliaw Sc Cov Liverpool; tlie National Bank of Scotland. National Bank el Ireland, nud Nortliern Banking Co. Apply ts ahove. fr 1 Im'r p7w7bvrnes u t o.s new yokk and i'.ivehTOOL EMIGRATION OFFICE. jfc. A. MB V'RN36 W^^^^"^lond, Liverpool, ut desirous of informing the public of the United States, th .t they have found the importance of a direct Agency Ihr the purpose of placing within the power of the friends of the passengers coming out to this country, the immediate correspon dence with a respectable establishment, Irom whom they can rely fofHIWBW ?BWWWtowaiithwrtllrion le..viog (hr old COUOrT. Persons desirous ef engaging passages from Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Belfast, Londonderry, and Liverpool, direct to New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore or New Orleans, call do so on more favornhla terms than cm be obtained from \ny otlier house engaged in the buiiuess in this country; being the oldest aud largest establishment in the passenger trade in Liverpool. The many thotuand passengers that have sailed in the shi|>s which have been despatched from onr office in Liverpool, and the different ports of Ireland for the last thirty years, is a sufficient guarantee ofour ability to fullil with satisfaction any engagement for passengers that we may he favored w ith. drafts And BILLS of kxchanof. given for sny amount, payable on sight, at the National Bank of Ireland and its branches; and also on all the principal towns of England and Scotland without Hisconnt. A list of the Packet 8lii|ia with their days of sailing, and the address of the Agents who act for us, ran In. nail on application at tins office. Apply or address hy letter, frost paid) P. W. B\ kne8 Ik co., m2t Im'nro ?-j H,?,ihatreef tsIlK' wtiK ifflffi! BROTin!llS7k MA^W^StJN, KV dm Inne, having now completed their arrangement*. leg leave lo announce to their friend* and the public, that paa?*gei to and from the Old Country can he accrued on the nnut iea onable term*, in fir?t claie pncketahiiie, (ailing regularly from New York nnd Liverpool. Thee nlao guarantee that there (hall he no detention, nut that emigrant* w ill he forwarded on presentation of their ticket*. Draft* payablr on demand on the Royal Hank of Ireland, and on Meaara. I'reacolt. Orote. Ante* St Co., Loudon. N. B.?To prevent mietake*. we beg leave to any that we have no connection with the firm of Roche Brolhera k Co., No. '!') Fulton |L m , JJ Ht*H ion Ni;w O'KLKANH. LOUlBIAMfc AND EYV Y OUK LINK. m. m m m TO "All. e.VERY TTTuaYH. Ship OSWKOO, Captain John*on. Ship HUDSON, Captain Page. Ship CLIFTON. Captain lugeraoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, CaiH. Hunt. Ship SAKTELLE, < a plain Taylor. Dark OKNE8EK, Captain .VIinot. Bark J. E: WILLI A.ViS, Cafilnin Parker. Hark HEBRON, CaptaiifOrrlg. Tile above *hip* arrall of the firat ehae, of light draft of water, and commanded by the moat ei|>erieiiml captain* in the trade. Their eabina are handaomely furniahed. and every attention paid to the aoiafort and convenience of the paoHnigera. Neither the eaptnin* or owner* of the above ahipa will he r?apnnaihlr for jewelry, bullion, precioue atone*, eilveror plated wne. or for any lettera, |>?reel* or package* sent by, or rut on board of them, nnleae regular lulls ef lading are taken lor ti n aame. end the value therein expressed. For freight or paaaage, apply on hoard, at Orlean* wharf, fool of Wall atreef, or to E. K. COLLINS, Sfi Sonth itreet. Ager.t in New Orleane? John WoodrnIf It Co., who will promptly forward nil good* to theiraadrvee, I'AV-caOK to AMI HiOM LIVf HI'tliFl,, AND REMITTANl FH TO IRELAND, fce , BY TIIB BLACK IIA I.T, LIS* OP PACKETS. pTTHflNS wiafunin^'age to tliv^ioor by the apT^Tdid ( and cominodioua packet ?hip OX FOB 1), which naila n Tueaday, Jnne l?t, her tegular day, will plena* make immediate application to Captain 8. YEATON.on hoard, ntthe foot of Beekman afreet, or to the atibacriber*. Thoee wishing to send for their frienda, to eomr enr from Liverpool bv thla favorite tucket, or any of the Black H ill L me, tailing from thence en ihe tut >n(l I(5th of avery mouth, etui iccnie their pntiage by applying to n?. Persona remitftng money to their friends, can hare drafts for anj' amount, par hie on demand, on the ROYAL BANK or IRELAND, or on Prescott Grote, Amee It Co.. Louden, wliich will he paid a' the various hrancliea throughout Oreat Britain and Ireland. Apply to ROCHE, BROTHER* It Co. :i5 Kulton stret, New Vorlt, neat door to Kulton Uanlt Sole ''iisseiiger Agenrj lor the Biaeli Ball Line of Liveri.<ol Packet' ml?i DRAFTS ON THE NATIONAL HANK OP IK FLANIt m M M M TaW^^^T, beg to tulorm their Irieiuls and the public, wishing to remit moaey to Ireland, that they draw drafts for large or amall amounts, (payable without discount,) direct on the Notional Bank of Ireland, Dublin, or any of the numerous branches throughout the country. Alio, drafts can be obtained, payable in all parts of England, .Scotland, and Wales, on application to W It J. T. TAPSCOTT, a? M South street, New York. W YO NEW YORK, MONDAY IV REMITTANCES TO IRELAND. m m ^ 56 Broadway, and coiituiuta to remit money, in autna Urge oi mall, to peraoua residing iu any part of Ireland, iu the aaL?e manner aa he and hi? predecessor iu busineaahave done for the latt thirty year? and loure; idao to auy part of Euglaud or Scotland. Money remitted be let'.ej, poat-paid, to the aubacriber, or personally deiejsited with htm, with the name of the peraou or iwraoua iu Ireland, Englaud or Scotland, to whom it ia to be aent, and nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted uid paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or forwarded to the sender. j28 lra're 15? BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN MCkROVAL MAIL STEAM SHIP, 1300 tone and 430 horae power each, under eoulract ?=aa*^?*M?? with the Lords of the Admirality. HlBEItNl Captain AJeiandrr Kyrie. C A Ll'.DONI A, Captain Edward O. Lott. BRITTANNlA, Captain John Hewitt. C AMBRIA, Captain Cliarlea 11. E Judkini. ACADIA, Captain William Harriaou. The fourate?mshiiia now building are THE AMERICA. THE NIAGARA, THE CANADA. THE EUROPA. Veeacli appointed to aeil from Liverpool are the Hibernia, May It, 1047 Cambria June 4, 1017 Veaaela appointed to aail from Boatou are the Britannia, June 1, 1047 Hibernia June 10, 1817 Cambria July 1, 1847 Faaaeuger*' luggage must be on board the day prerioua to ailing. Passage money?from Boston to Liverpool, $130, do ilo to Halifax, 120. No hertLs secured until paid for. These ships carry experjsuced surgeons. No freight, except specie, received ondaya of sailing. For freight, passage, or any other information, apply to 1). BRIUHAM, Jr., Agent, At HAKNDKN It C6.'8, 6 WaJI aU (t"7"In addition to the ahove line between Liverpool and Halifax, and Boaton, a coulrart has been entered into with Her Majesty's internment, to establish* lina between Liverpool and New York direct. The steamships for this service are now being built, and early next year due notice will lie given of the time when they will start. Under the ne iv contract the steamers will sail every Saturday during eight montha, and every fortnight during the other months iu the year. (Joing al ternately between Liverpool and Halifax luid Boston, ami be twtsa Liverpool and New York* m23 r OClbAN" STiiAiVl NAVIGATION CUMl'AN Y. U. 8. MAIL LINK TO GOWKS, AND SOUTHAMPTON, AND BHKMKN. .... THK splendid new steamship WASHINOTON, 1750 toua burthen, Frederick Hewitt, C ommander, will start from New *'<y/lAlH-tW1.t York on the 1st June next, carrying the smSIjSSBBSKmw United States Mail. She will touch at (.'owes and Southampton to lnnd passengers and freight, and deliver the mailt for England, Fiance and Belgium, and will then i"in-eed to Bremerliaven. The Washing! u puilt in the strongest manner,with a view to being convert . d into a ship of war, and subject at any lime to iuspectiou b, officers appointed by the 1'resident, both during and after construction. Shr lias two engines of 1000 horse |>ower each, e.ud accommodations for M0 hrst class and 14 second class passeucr ra. Passage from New York to Southampton, or to Bremen? Fint elaaa $120 Second class 60 rnr.saga from Bremen or Southampton to New York. First class $150 Second class 60 She will carry about 300 tons freight, which will be charged according to the nature of tha gooda offering. All letters must pass through the poet office. Parcels, lor which bills of fading will be signed, will be taken at $5 each. For passage or freight, apply at present at the office of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company at K. Mills, Oeueral Agent, New York. No. 44 William street. Agents al Boalliamptou?DAY.CROHKF.Y A UOSS. " Bremen?C. A. HE1NKKEN A CO. Havre?WILLIAM I8KLIN. The second steamer ol the line is in due course of construe on. and w ill he in rradineas in the >muling tall s2Mm-r V'M PELI STATES M AIL STE AMER WASHINGTON. FOR SOUTHAMPfip*TON AND BREMEN?Passengers by ~*^4L^B??sIJ__this ?"amer, who have engaged their berths, but not yet taken 0"t their passage receipt!, am r-quested to call for the vine, at the Ocean Stcain Navigation Company's office, 41 William slieet, on or before Sinurday evening, 2fHh iust. 'J he ship w ill leave pier No. 4, N. 11, on Tuesday, lat Jane, at 2>g P M. Pm eugers will please send their baggage on board on Monday, and hate all that is not wanted mi the passage marked " h?*l"W." All lutlero sud nidilaMe matter must pass through the post office. nil 29 It re ~~irmmS ACCOMMODATION DAY ' LINK lor ALb AN Y and intermediate places?The neve 4H5Se-to6SSb? Old splendid steamer A I.I D A, Opt. (>. O. Tui p. r. will leave the pier, foot of Robinson street, every Moodly, W'edueadav and Friday mornings, at7 o'clock; pas< ire AO re' ta: Prrulil%>t mnl dinner on h' ard. my'T *( re citizen'? new Day lineofoitusitiun iiuais FOR ALBANY AND INTERMEDIATE PLACES. Fair 50 cents? Breakfnst and Dinner on Board. . The new and elegant Steamer MKTA.MOr HA, Cant. T. S. King lit. Mondays, WedncadwulWiflJiMlvMi days, and Fridays, at italf-i>ast six, A. M., from .lie pier fool of Warren street, touching at Hammond street oier. The new and elegant Stenmer ROOF.R WILLIAMH, Cart. A. Degroot, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at half-post iix, A. M.s frern the pier foot of Warion street, touching at Hammond itrsst ajrr. For i?ussnge or frirght, apply on board the Boats, or to Geo Oobsotj, h? the office, 12G \Yamu street. Corner of West at. tot [Ty** All persons are forbid trusting tne above boafi on ac:ownt of the owners. mvl9 rh o; . <>M i ION r \SV\UK uFFii i,-i o Albanv, Utics, $1 5ft; Syracuse', $*?; Oswego, >ii>Vls'dt'4os8iio ?3; Rochester, $2 25; Buff do. $2 50: Cleve land. $4 r?u; Detroit, S5; Milwaukie, $8; Chicago, *8: Cincinnati, $8 Toronto and IlAiniltou, $4: Whitehall, $2, Mont* I real, $4; Pitt*burg. $8. Office, 100.Barclay street. Auy security equired will be giveu fur the fulfilment of nil contracts uiade with tliis cotnimny. ml8 lm#rc. M. L RAY, Agent, New York, 1817. MORN?N LlNk AT skVLN O'CLOI if fro*.. FOR ALBANY AND TROY and Intenne^i iPadute Landingk. iMflHsi Breaklast and Dinner on board the Boat. The low pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Oorham, will leave the steamboat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesday*, and Fridays, at seveu o'clock. Returning on :he opposite days. Forj-as * age or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hal), st omcs i i the wKaH. nKn t AFTERNOON LINK. DAILY. KOR NEWBUROH AND Lauding at Van Cortland's, (Pcrkskill.) West mSksthVsrfiniia Point, Gold Soring mod Cornwall. The Steamer Thomas Powell, Cam. Saml. Jolunion, will leave the pier foot of Warren klreet, for the above placet, every afternoon ^Sundays excepted,) at 4 o'clock, commencing April 10. Re.uruiu.g?will leav* New .urgh even', morning at 7 o'clock. N. B.?All Baggage and Freight of every description, Bank Bills or Spccte, put on hoard of this boat, must be at the risk of rhe owner thereof unless entered on the books of the boat or receipted fo? my 18 Mt+r? -Nn'j ji t ,.* ? 8TATKN ISLAND KKKKV.?On ar.d C,j^^'Sor? 1?* ttftrr 8L*N*DAY. April lBtli, thf .iramliuata ?BE*Jm8U 8\ LI'H and ATKN INLAND!R will run ?.s follow., uutil further notice :? LEAVE ITATliV If?L A> |> At ?, 8, 9, 10, 11, A. M., and I, 2, 3, 4, 5, f. 7, P. M. LEAVE !*KW YORK It 7, 9. 10, 11, A. M., 1, 2, ten minute* past 3, and nt 1,5, 0. 7, o'clock. P. M. Ni w fork April nth. * n r SxSflfr FOR LONDON ?The fi11o fint uiliac British STRATI I MORE, Meyerick Kiln. Master, { JHUIMm ' i II 1' ?ve immedi i''- drs; itch, for freight r p is- 1 ?h*. , ti*vitig eic'?-|l**Mt ncootntnooatioiis, tipi'ly to the capta*n on hoard, foot of Pike street, K**t River, or to WOODHLLL 4i MINTURN. m?5 r 17 ^ nth street. FOR LlVLRPpOL?Tht New Lim -Regular KRwJfV P*, ket ol 21sf June?The new, superior, faat JBUMMBoK^niluiK pneket whip i CONSTITUTION, Capt. John BriUoit. I'i'lO ton* burthen, will sail aa above, her regular d.iv. For freight or ; ->?/( , having splendid. lmgc nu cornfortu Me state rooms nd cabin, apply to the Captain on board it weat side of Burling slip, or to WO )DHULLfc MINTUKN, 87 South at. Passage $100 The packet ahip H f>TTIN< ?T FKR, 10. 0 ton 4 burthen, < apt. Ira Bur*lev. w ill mc< eed the ( on? titution. a nd >;nil on her iftal ir !. . mj IS I Mi INK OF PA' KKTSTO iNDFROM jdMWFV. LIV Kf : )OL.?The splendid and fist filing pack' Mmmrnr< ship j ORNKLIA. Cant. French, will positively iroin New York on Mouclay, 7V1ay 31?t., and from Liverpool 011 the 20th Jul''. Her accommodation* lor csbin, second and steerage passengers, nre superior to mo?t of the other packetships, and tin prict puuf( .. vtry TkON >- i?hiii; i lnTMiit, or fl.o ? veuhm;: lo send for their friends, -huuld make early application to W. ?c J T. TAPSfOTT, IP?* rr f? v, rif?t r? pf. ? ! <t<w .r 1.. i w ft n I ntf ?d? J> J < .i ? )KI. h LINK ()F lACKhiMrO AND lU)N1 UVKHPOOL-Tl.e side, did fiat sail'tig Atitltife* "id l?y?? packet skip ST.(ik)ORfiK, 1M0 to s i uitoM'i. Capt. Ferris, will mil from New Voik nu Tuesday, June 1st, her day, aud from Liveipoul on the 10th August. Her accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage passengers, cannot he surpassed lor comfort and convenience. Those ah lit proC-eding to Kurope. or those wishing to send f ?r their friend to come out in th * spin did packet, should make early application on hoard, at Pier 9 North River, or to VV. k J. T. TAPSI.OTT, mv ??? rc fd South strec M i!<>r I I< w iiu*! ing Hlip. FOK LI V i RPOOL?Only Re alar Packet ol'the Jnne.?The new m gmficrnt. fast sailing, and faJHUklHaavorire packet ship IIKNKY CLAY, bortnen l?0 to. ?. * apt. Nye, * ill sail Positively on the 11 h ri June. The accommodate n# for cahin, 2d cabin and st? erngc passengers sue unequalled by any other vraiel in port; and as a number of her passengers a^c already engaged, those desirous of ?eruriug berths should Irak* e rly application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOBEPfl MfMt/B It A V, intll rc comer Pine and Roarh sts ? FOR OLASUOW?J}eg?Jar Packet of tlif l.hl tier rrK<>Mr nay? i no mi* i *i on'is i?o * * JaiaUtiK?>hi|i HA II A' EN, 4M ton*,.Captain N. T. Hawkina, will Mil h* aliorv. Fur halaixr of fright or paaanyv, havii y ryfalla it accommodation* ?|iplv on lioanl, nt Jitdd'e wharf, font of Market tiaet, K. II , or to WOODHULL St MINTCRN, 87 Sonih at. Tha regular packet ?hip AUAM CAHK.4M ton-.' apt* in John Wright, will Micci-rd the Sararcn, and ami on nt-r rattular day, 1.4th June. myJJrc AjftAT FOR NKW ORLEANS?Lntiiatina and NVw NEFffV York Lmr of Pari at*.?Tin- aplaridtd fiat tailing Milfifa pack at ship LOUISVILLE Capt M. Huar, it now I wiling, and will Kill on Monday. .Inn* il. For ' i^hf. or P*?a g*. having hand?omw furniahad accommodation*. apply on hoard, at Oilcan*' wharf , foot ol Wall aimat or to E K. COLLINS It CO No .VI S 'itth aliaat. Agant* in Naw Origan*, John 0 Wo drnlf St Co., who will proTtlr f ran d *11 good* to thair adilra** fcfcfrT FOR. QUEREC ?To anil with dranateh, a firat vaaarl. For freight or p*?*<tgeyiij^lv M " &< 88 South *tra-1 for of Pine_?trart WANTF.Il.-A good raaaal to carry about icfl WryaV ton* fhaavy freight to New Orlrana. A sw ill one ; JBMKa prafarrad. Apply to m/>' E. K. COLLIN*. M Snath at NOTICE.?Pachat atrip LOUISVILLE, Captain KT3*3>M .II"?t, i? 'tow diachajmna at Orlran* wharf, foot a"'. Wallatraat. Cnn*ia ,a?a will pleaat attaint to the raceipt ol thair goo da immediately. mlk rc RK E 10RNING, MAY 31, 1847. I The Mexican War. NEWS FROM SANTA FE. [From the St Loulr Republican, May ZJ J Yesterday. Mr J McKnlght. a merchant of New Mexico, whore arrival at Independence we noticed rome days ago. reanhed thla city. Mr MeKnlght came Into the settlements with the party of United SUtea officers and others whose arrival we notlcad on Monday last, but he left Santa Fe five days later than they did. He la accompanied by Mr Owena. ofthiaclty. They made the trip through In twenty-five days A flairs were quiet in Santa Fi at the time of their ItikAVirtf? hilt, thra nnml>..?i * " " ' " ?D- ?- -uuiurt ui prrnuns iriea uy int court 9X Taos, and sentenced to be hung. had created a deep aad wide-spread sensation among the Mexicans, in every quarter, and particularly among the Puebla Indians ? t.lcven persons had bevn tried and convicted of high treason to the United States, and seuteticed to be hung. | The execution bad been carried into effrct on the I ltli of April, and before Mr. ileK left the Mexican settlements. Whilst be was at express arrived frem the leading men of Taos to the people of Vegan to hold themselves in readiness to msrrh to Taos, if they were needed. t'roui these and other circumstances, the opiniou wan general that there would lie another attempt at revolution. The alcalde, aud other leading men at Vegas, were attempting to keep down the spirit of revolution. ho exasperated are the feelings of the Indians i aud the Mexicans, that nothing but the presence of a | strong foroH can keep thirn down. i Mr. MoK represents the Camanche Indians as very hostile and troublesome to the traders and government trains lis gives us the suuie account tha we have heretofore published of their taking the horses and mules of Messrs. Wood aud Sanford. at the Caches, on the Arkansas This is near where the llnW-a government is putting up a depot, or station fort. The 1 lununcheg caine within fifty yards of the fort, aud drove the stock off in eight of the men. They also attacked Mr McK. and Mr. Owens, at Walnut Creek, tired upon them eeveral times, and succeeded in getting off two mules. It is their intention to attack nil parties which they think they are strong enough to rob. A short time ago. ? Mr. llrown. a Santa Fe trader, with a train of wagons, left the settlements for Santa Fc. Nothing definite had been heard from them, until the day our iuformaut left Indcpeudence lauding. That day ono of Mr. Brown's men came into independence, and gave the information, that, at the crossing of the Arkansas. the Camanches attacked Mr. Brown's party, which, being few in numbers, was not prepared for resistance; took from him all his mules and horses, aud about half his merchandize. We do not learn that any of the meu had been injured, but Mr. B's expedition must be materially injured, or totally destroyed by this rubbery. ANECDOTES OK OKI!HO OOKDO. [From the Now Orleans Picayune, May 19], Mr. Kendall, in one of his lust totters, relates several anecdotes, current in the army, which Illustrate particular portions of the action at Cerro (iordo, and give individuality to the parlies engaged in them It is not to be expected that a despatch, however elaborate, can embrace all, or indeed many, of the acts ot heroin m which contribute to the success of battle; and It is only in the w?r of anecdote and army gossip, which grow inta traditions that many of the most daring acts of chi vairy are prcservea. i no following rule tie guerre give* us to understand that Col. Harney la quito a* fertile In expedient. when need bn, an bold in action With the Hiflen. a portion of the lot Artillery and one company of the 7th Infantry, thin daubing officer had in thu morning driven the Mexican* from two hills which j were overlooked by their stroug work on Ceiro Oordo, but which were (till important. Thin had b< en effected" with groat lone, and no many had burn detailed to carry olT the wounded and take cure of the dead, that In the afternoon tho colonel found himnclf with but a mere handful of men. to protect nnd nuntain the ponitlon he had won with no much difficulty. Abont 0 o'clock in the afternoon the Mexican* made a tremendous dcinonxtration. as if to ret ok o the heights. Happening to lie in a valley directly between Col. Harney and Corro Oordo, whither a fuw of ui? had gone, under cover of the trees and brushwood, to obtain a good view of tho Mexican* n tho latter hill, we had a most excellent opportunity of seeing the whole movement. A furioua clung of trumpet* tint announced that thu enemy was in uioliou, and soon we could see a loug line of Infantry marchiug down the sleep hill side, uud making direetly for thu height now occupied by Colonel ll. and his small bnt gallant band. With such tremendous fury did the trumpeters blow their instrument*, that one WHIimt to thein wutild have thought that they alone w?re sufficient to drive every Yankee completely fr"m thu heroic and sacred soil of .Moxico. Onward still they came, and onward; louder caino the blasts from the trumpets, doubtless to give themselves oournge. as they neured the spot where tbuy knew they would meet with war to the death The position was all-Important tothent, and n hoet was on the way to attack ll. hoon they reached a spot almost within musket range, and while they lisd halted a moment to lorm. to recover their wind, and collect and strengthen their nerves for the coming struggle, Col. Harney improved llie occasion to play iff a regular trick upon iheui His men were partially concealed behind the brow of the hill, yet he himself was in plain view of the hostile host; and ' now lie commenced s harangue which would have served lor an army of dOOOO men, appoiuted every way with ciinnon. with cavalry, with murlara and with all the applniurm of war "Don't aho?t yet !" shouted be to his little bund and his lungs are none of the weakest; "wait till they come closer, nud then give theia h?ll ! Don't draw a trigger. I tell you?double churge those caunous, there, with grape and canister, and wait till 1 give the word. 1 don't want one id ihcui ever to get back alive!" In this strain he went on interlarding his battle speech with a few more ot the strongest kind of adjectives than I care About repeating. The effect was glorious Not a word of the harangue, which iiMght have been heard a mile, was lost upon tho .Mexicans, not a quarter of that distance off ; and as some of thein understood Hngliidi. and at once Interpreted the speech, especially about double loadiug the cannou with grape and canister, to the nomuiaudiug officer, lie very prudently wheeled hi* men and marched back tho way be came without tiring a gun! It is needless to say that Col Harney had nothing in ine suape 01 n cannon wiui mm ?u was ine strongest kind of a "bluff game" be won playing, and the ae<iutl allow* that ho won at it. iJuriiig the same afternoon l.iont. Ileno, with t wo of Talent t's mountain howitzer*, did not a little execution liy pitching grape and spherical case iuto the Mexicans The latter are most destructive. and after one or two doses of them had burst upon the retiring column of the enemy; it was noticed that their puce improved materially Oil the following day. at the storming of I'erro Uordo. the leading men of the dd and Ttli Intantry reached opposite aides of the eireular breastwork of brush the Mexicans had ereeted to protect their main fortification on the crest of the hill The enemy had all been driven with loss from this outer work, and the victors bad halted for a few moments to collect their breath and wait for those who were more exhausted to noma up, preparatory to the uiiiin attack upon tile stronghold. when Lieut, t'litr. of the 3d. saw some of the men of the other regiment clambering over the breastwork ''Hurra' 3d !"' he ejaculated; " over and at them, or tho 7th will be in first;" and tog?th?r the two gallant regiuicnta went at tho .Mexican* It I* necessary to ssy that from hi* position Lieut, ( was the tlr.-t to notice the movement of the 7th. It is raid that ' apt tb-xander of the 3d. killed two or three Mexican* himself with one of Colt's repeater*. and that Lieut. (S W. Smith, who commanded a company of engineers at the storming of the same place, signalised himself moat gallantly, as did also Lieut iluell of the 3d Infantry. Well did both the 3d and 7th sustain their previous high reputation in this trying action, and I trust that all our readers may read the official reports of their dsriug deeds of valor. One more anecdote which Is current about town, and I have done for to-day. In one of the religious establishments of this city, and in a portion of it from whlnh it Is said females are most scrupulously excluded, a number of our wounded hrve been taken, among them An Irishman. a catholic who has a wife of the same persuasion The latter, anxious for her husband's well-being, on her arrival after the regiment, sought hitn out. and just as she had ascertained hi* quarter*, and was about entering them, she was accidentally met by a priest, lie at once, probably shocked at seeing a female entering prohibited ground, placed his haod gently upon her shoulder to arrest her progress, and pointing the other way. ejaculated " l amoi" literally " let ua go ." 'I he good woman not knowing him. ami conceiving his intention* any thing but honorable, fill to and gave the holy father a most unmerciful thrashing upon the spot, using both hands and feet iu the strange encounter; and the more he shouted tliw more she kicked and puuielled. Such is the story. Alt M V MOVEMENTS. |Krom the New Orleans Delta, May 3'2.] The ship Henry Pratt. Capt. Condon, from Vera Crux arrived yesterday looming, brought the p'jrst Regiment of Tenuessee volunteers. Col. i umpbcll commanding These troops number 3Ml rank and file, and are now quartered In William*' warehouse, in the Third Vlunlelpallty The I'. S transport schooner Maria Thomas, i apt. Thompson, from Vera < rux on the 13th, arrived here yesterday morning 'I lie Maria brought up two coiupuiiir* "I me 1111 regimeui. i*i 11 n<nn Tin mil hit* Thi?r e.nmpautes ?frn undiT the command of ( aptaln* I ugh and Hart, anil Mettle dglrahy. Froiuan. Toat nuii Brown. < apt P N. dulhrle. and l.laut*. M. Hannan and O. H. N1e( lellnnil with a company of the I lth regiment of Infantry. rnintcring 93 runk anil file. arrived hore la*t night lu the ateamboat Taglioni, fiom I'illeburg [From thii St Loula Reveille, May 99 ] ( apt. Knrponay* company of mounted men, about nighty, rank anil tile, parnded In the etroet yeeterday. with inspected by Col Wharton, of tin* 1? S Ariny and mustered Into aervire. They arc a flno body of man. moatly young man. well mounted, and hanilroiuely uniformed and equipped. They will goto Jefferaon barrack* this morning, to remain until tbey raaruh for Fort Leavenworth. According to La I'atna, of Now Orleanp. Dou lone Maria Mala, commander of battalion, who wa* made prifoner at OrroOordo and arrived here on the New Orlean*. haa been exchanged.and wa* to laav* yeeterday on hi* return to Vera Crua. We ara not Intormed for whom lie wa* exchanged. [From the Hartford Time*, May 99 ] Th* hark Antelope, Major Seymour and hi* command, railed from Newport II I , for Vara On* on Thornlay morning, tha 'J7lh lost, i aptain Webb* company wa* In till* divUloo 'I lie l?ark Kepler, with (jen Pierce and t nl Rauaom, and the la*t dt virion of the New Fngland Regiment *aUed on Friday morning, May 9?th The officer* and men were in the beet of aplrlt* Fvery thing had been made a* comfortabl* a* pn#?ihln dood provUtno* and plenty of them were on board 'I he rompanie* ral*ed In thta city and vlalnlty, and their ofllceri, IERA ?c=?at . =awfl?c: 0 iwoelved many oempliment* for their good appearance i and orderly oonduct NAVAL INTELLIGENCE. OtiRKAL Oboe* ?Purser* of more than twelve year* will rank with commander*. Purser* of le?* thun twelve year* with lieutenants Pursers will rank with surgeon* according to the date of commlsion. Commanding and executive officers, of whatever grade, when on duty, will take precedence of all pursers This order confer* no authority to exercise military command, and no additional right to quarters J. V. MASON. Navt Dehhtmint, May 27, 1847. The following changes and modifications in the uniform prescribed for medical officers and pursers in the navy are hereby authorised, to lake effect ou the lit of Juae. 1S47 :? Medical OrricKRl ? Surgeen's full rlrrts coat ?To bo the same a* directed for commanders, except that there shall be embroidered on each side of the collar, and on the cuffs, three sprigs of live oak, (aa per patteru.) No buttons to be woru on the culls. PasIld Assistants and Assistants.?full irmt j coat?To be the same as surgeons, except the embroldcry on the cuffs The lace ou the cuffs of undress coats : ot all medical officers is abolished JbpuuMfrs.? All medical officers shall wear gold opau letles, wuu worked sdgu and solid Urit{Ut crescent, and the Utters M. U . in old F.uglish characters. in solid 1 silver, within the present 'I'he bullion shall he of silver Kilt ; those of surgeon* of more than twel ve years to be half Inch in diameter and three inches long : those of surgeon* of less than twelve years, three-eighths inch in ' diameter and three inches long ; those of passed assistants and assistants, one-fourth inch in diameter and thre e inches long. The " surgeon of the fleet" Will lie ' designated by a rosette of burnished silver (as per pat- I tern) worn above the letters, on the strap. Shoulder Strap*.?All medical olflcers shall wear j shoulder straps of blue cloth.with gold-embroidered edge, and the letters M. t)., in old t.ngliah characters, in solid silver, in the centre. For surgeons of more than twelve years, the embroidery to be one-fourth Inch wide, and an embroidered acorn on each end. For surgeons of less than twelve yoars, the same as above, except the acorn F'or parsed assistants, the embroidery to be one-eighth Inch wide, and an embroidered bar on each end Fur assistants, the same as above, except the bar, (all as per pattern.) " Surgeons of the fleet" will wear a small silver rosette on each end of the strap ? Chapeaux ?Burgeons of more than twelve years will wear the same as directed for commanders, and all others the same as directed for lieutenaut*. Pl-Rscni.?Kpaulettei and Shoulder Straps.?Pursers Of more than twelve years will wear the same us surgeons f|f more than twelve years, except an embroidered oak eaf on the shoulder strap in place of the acorn, and the latter* P. D. instead of M. D, Purser* of less than twelve years, the same as surgeous of le*s than twelve years, with the same change of let tors. Chapeaui.?The same as for surgeonH. J. Y. MASON. 1 Navv DcrtiTNtsT, May 27, 1847. We understand that Com. Kearney is ordered to the command of the Oosport Navy Yard, in p ace of l orn Skinner, appointed the Chief of the bureau of Construction, Kquipment and Repairs. Beams, April 28, 1847. Inauguration of the Fruition Diet?Dilappointmen! of the People?Discussion* on the A'ing's Speech?The 1 - llreulf-*Materirl'of,the-Statei Ventral?Famine Riot, 4"r-> The Inauguration of the Prussian Diet took place on the 11th of this month, with all the pomp und ceremony befitting the commencement of so momentous an era iu tile national history. Tho royal speech has probably reached you before this, through the medium of the 'Hints or the Journal drt Debate, and its perusal will have prepared you for my stating that it sat far from giving universal satisfaction. it showed in fact still more plainly than the decrees or letters patent of the 3d of February, the slender grasp of the concessions accorded to the representatives of thu people, aud the circumscribed sphere of action showed thcui. tvery precaution was taken to impress them with the idea that Prussia was to ountinue an abmilute monarchy; that all the authority and power of government was to remain concentrated In the portion of the king and his ministers, nnd that no political rights were to be allowed the assembly, but the [tour privilege of advice and pelltiou.? You may imagine the sensation excited l>y such an announcement. nut! the sudden damp that fell upon (be high wrought expectations of the public, homo of the deputies, it is said, were for leaving the city iminedlali ly aud returning to their ualive provinces; fortunately, however, more moderate counsels prevailed, and without refusing the imperfect boon granted, they resolved upon mailing a mucu for ut Past a portion ot tho rights denied them Minec then, prospects have been gradually brightenfug. Au address, ostensibly of thauks. but lu reality of reinuostrsnoe. being proposed in answer to the king'* speech, the discussions that ensued were conducted willi a spirit, and displayed a d. gree of eloqueuce and parliamentary tact, very creditable to so inexperienced a body of delegates; nod although the original tenor of lheaddre?s wan ili/btly altered. tUu expression* of disaant modified, and a hanb word or two cancelled. anuugli remained to prove tliut th? unumtly. or at least a uiajorily of lta members. *nr? animated with a seriou.sause of their duties towards the country, and not disponed to shrink front tliwir responsibility. The king * reply whs in ore favorable than might have been anticipated. He persisted indeed in derlaring that the State* General had no right* but aurli a* were greats d by hi* latter* patent and reiterated hi* determination to insiutaln the prerogative)! of the crown unimpaired, without however, Blunting the door against all further reviial of tha present institution*?nay, ho even intimated in plain terui*, that they were uot to bo considered a* llnal. but open to future improvement and extension. Of (till greater Importance was hi* promising to couvolte the Diet again at au early date, without waiting till financial consideration* should render It ueecesary. Altogether the tone of this document is so conciliatory, so different from that of the opening speech, as to make it clearly evident that the proceeding* of this new Hedged meeting, embodyiug as they do the first manifestation* of constitutional lite in Prussia, have not failed in produelngtheir due effect upon the royal miuil. Tha .State* General at e composed of very different materials to au American congress, or an Kiiglish parliament. There are four clauses of deputies, viz : tlie llerrcustand. or nobility, including the princes of the blood, and the great feudal families subjected to Prussia since the dissolution of the Germanic empire; the Kiltrrsehuft. or owuirs of lauded estates; the delegate* from the towns and the revtresrntaLives of the Mcriculturid (lis. triets. (I.nml (ieuieimbn ) '1 he deli here tiouH urn sonietiuie^earrird on eollectlvi ly. hut generally in nepurate bodies, or chambers, ol'very unequal nniiibers? the tlrst beinn composed only of the members of the llerrenstHiid, amounting to no more limn seventy individuals, and the svi'ond of the other three sections,consisting of five hundred and thirty-seven members A major ' v of I wothirds helm;required in each chamber th< f twenty-four magnates would thus lie suttb render tlie decisions of the wlnde ssseinlily |I ry ' 1 lie debates are held in private, no strange! i v n the carp* diplomatique being admitted, but a . and apparently impartial, report is published in i Stale Gazette, although the want of experienced sh hand writers makes this rather a difficult tusk Considering the little opportunity there has been hitherto lu this Country for public speaking, the deputies have displayed a very respectable share of oratorical talent; iu the " I.ords" I'rlnec Llkhnovsky and fount Arnlm; in the " ComiaoM." M. M. llanscmanu. Kraxersky. Merlssen, I Auerswald. < aniplisnsen, and Ueckerath, have taken a leading part in the discussions The I'rince of Prussia is | the only duo of the royal family who has opened his mouth; he is certainly a man of talent, though an "aril| toerute par metier" like his ancestor, Frederick the I Great In the course ol last week the good people of Berlin | were disturbed by an e ntente alter the Parisian fashion. I which ?t one tunc really assumed a somewhat threatening appearance The scarcity of food that prevails throughout the country, heightened as it is. by tlie nefarious arts of uupriuripled speculators, has been severely felt by the lower orders of society during the Ists severe winter, and the pricesof provisions continuing to rise iu spite of tlie approach of summer, they acre driven at length to desperation On Wednesday last a squabble in one of the market-places led to a general attack on the bakers' shops situated in the adjoining streets, and the mob proceeding to further violence, the police officer* were maltreated, the gas lamps broken aud wen some windows smashed in the Prince of Prussia's palace. The'next day similar scenes were enacted in ail the market places of the city; and after plumb-ring the potatoes greens, aud other eatables, breaking open ths butchers stalls lie . several thousand individuals marched through the streets iu grou|>s. emptying every beker's shop they name past and spreading general consternation tt believer a body of troops appeared they gave way, but collected again immediately, one continued their work of devest* I tson At length, about 7 o'clock lu the evening, a strong corps of euiiossiers, lancers and infantry *?? formed ' who aenured the streets iu all directions, overpowering all reaistanoe, and destroying some slight attempts at barricades, which the rioters had been endeavoring to throw up. By midnight every thing was over and though soma trifling disturbances oeourred next day. the measures taken were so eflectusl, tbut no serious consequences ensued About two hundred and lorlv |?-rsons wore arrested, and will have to stand tbelr trtul belore the I riininnl < uurt; ninny of them urn wounded by sa bre cuta hiid Iwyom te nm i "?" ?"i "?? m ?uy inln|( killed outright '1 be milttury ami particularly the grndarmf ruff'Trd a K'xmI deal too , eight oflirera mid upward* of eighty privane are "hi,I to be on the rick li?t I bx next market ii*y ixitxtoea ?ir? Mild by order of the rntgri?rlien? i? BMMtirt, (about I vX ceul* n peck) ibx duty on Hour wa* remit ltd. and a proclamation lanued inlnrmlng the people tlmt large euppllre vara expected aod a*?urlng ihem that there wae atery pros peetofprlcea roon returning to I heir former atamiard Three "tap* appear to hare had t hi deal red ?ITrrl; at thi" moment traaiijnllllty I* completely ra*tored It la 1 evident. nerrrtheleea. that there la a apfrtt < f <1 aatti rtloti abroad, which the elighteet ipark may Kindle Into a blare Kaay enough II may ba to fmt down a popular outbreak in a city * here vu MM) rrgiiJar a< Idler* can be drawn together at a few boura' notice, but when ao pi-arcalde and long-ruder lift a nation aa the treruiane )>etruya eucb une?|ul?oeal aynptomaof Irritation and lmpatience, one rannot help concluding that aomrthtng la rotten In the body politic, and that It wraa high time to enter upon the path of reform, and to adopt a lyateu more in accordance with the aplrtt of the age than that of divine right and absolute power To lay the found*tiona of anch a eyelem la the laek of tha preaeut Diet A. U LB. Mm Two Unu. St Th.iu.. MuobM, 1MT Jlpprmronct uf St Thoucat fromi the Stto?lho Chop Oovtmmtnl of St. Tkonm??MiUtary? Population? BuilJingt?Bluc Bemrd'i C a tilt and Block Baor4>$ Cattlo. I date from thla general mart of th? Wast Indira, tha capital, and Indeed ooly town on the DanUh Ialand of St Tbomaa. one of the irroup known aa the Virgin Islands After having bu?n out of light of land for listeen or seventeen dayi. aa we were from New York. I know of nothing more refreihlng and delightful, at l?Mt to u landsman, after Jtaving experienced in that apaoe of time, all varirtlrl of temperature and weather?the ley cold o ftbe north, the scorching sun of the tropica, severe gales and storina. and the eveu more unpleasant oalms of the ' horse latitudes,'' as mariners oall in these seas the space between Q3" and 80*. than the welcome sight of land once more, though it he the ragged and mountalncous heights of this chain of islands ; one of which, the Virgin Oorda. looms up clouddike above the horizon. and gives not lee to the mariner, while yet far off. of his approach to the dangerous rest and breakers near the Ancgardn Passage. Nor conld a more pleasant sail in- desired than that which the passenger lor 8t. Thomas enjoys, as his vessel "oasts along this chain of islands, of a delightful summer-like afternoon or morning, the balmy trade winds blowing gently, just filling the spread anils, and raising a slight ripple on the placid surface of this summer sea. which now rather resembled a quiet lake than the uiighty aud heaving ocean. And now, as the voyager is borne along off the shore off the little Da nish island of St. Johns. he fur the first time discovers signs of fertility and cultivation. In the occasional green I spots that pri-nvnt themselves along the shore. and In the I valley* or rather gorges between the h'gh hill* that riae abruptly In thu back grouud. and which the glaaa shows to bo field* of sugar cane, and also discloses to view the neat and surluded habitations nf the planters How happy, he Is ready to exclaim? still weak and feeble perhaps from the lingering effects of eea sickness?must bs the dwellers within these quiet abodes thus secluded from the noise and strife of the world. In a region where perpetual summer reigns with a mild beneficent warmth. Its tropical heat moderated to a delightful temperature by the ever moving currents of thu trade winds Soon the hold heights of St Thomas appear In view, and the headlands that mark the entrance to this harbor, on either side of which rises an eminence of an oral and slightly pointed shape, (like all the eievatious of this group.) which form en excellent site for the forts and marine telegraph station, with which they are i crowned This cutr.inro. or mouth, is about a mile wide, and as the vessel stands In it, I can hardly conceive of a more picturesque and plcHslng-panoramio view than Is presented to the eye Thero In front, or to the north, at the farther side of this spaoious and commodious harbor lies the city, stretching along the shore, and back over the rounded surface of three emlnenoes that riee, or more properly swell, out from the side of the overhanging mountains, that form a bold and lofty baok ground and which extending round beyond the city, form a circular mountain wall that completely girds the harbor, (except its mouth.) whieb is about fbur miles aeross In either direction, and could oontoin the whole British navy. * The appearance of the eltv Itself Is novel ami !???? to omi who ho* never Uit'oro Unveiled beyond the State*. The low buildings, generally of one or at most two short l stories. tlndr flm or pointed roof* covered with reddidit I tiled of burnt clny. their brick walls of a dingy white, brown, eg yellow color, their darkly yawning window*, i without Rush or glass. article* that are almnet though not quite unlvei-Rully unknown in use here?all remind the voyager a* he advances toward* the town, that he U approaching n foreign shore nnd strange city. On landing, every thing ?ach sight and sound-deepen* this impression ; the narrow, though well paved or gra' Tided streeth, the quaint architecture of the buildings, | their low aud massive walls, their broad and arehed 1 doorway*, with their black or dark colored, and oorre*, poudingly painted double doors, resembling for all th* world, lu dimensions and shape, those of the wagon and : carriage houses to be seen In our conutry villages, the llabei eoDfurion of languages and tongue* in the street* I ?for slmost every nattou under heaven Is represented j here ?and the crowds of the colored population. ohalt*rlug like monkeys in as many different languages as weii as in their own crooln patois, and In all kinds and degree* of dress, from the smallest brat* that can run alono, (and I never in my life saw so small thlugs on th* street.) up to those of sis or sevsu years old, running about, some actually as naked as they earns Into th* world, nnd a rust number with nothing but a shirt *n, and *0 on through all grades of dress, or to speak mor* accurately of covering to the ueatly and geDteeily dre**ed better classes of them As the stranger from our northern climu passes along through th* strmd*. h* ' is further reminded of Ids presence on a foreign soil and | also in a tropical cuutry. if the beat of the son ho* I failed to do so. by the appearance along the streets and I in the enclosures, of various tropical tree*, shrubs and ! plant*, such as the cocoa nut aud cabbage trees, th* date, the tamarind, tbo calabash banana*. Ice . whlah ; to me presented a striking and not unpleasant onutraat ' with the cold, the snow, sleet. rain, and mud. of your good city (which heaven ever prosper,) where 1 baa la*t before walked on ttrvafirma. 'i his city being the general depot of trade, and th* resort for that purpose from all th* West India Islands. , it* wbarvi h and streets present a very business stirring . nppcwrauiv i?r " niuaji nuu wiiuak a iruplCBl Oily. and buiug also u fr?? port (th* trifling import and export duty of oue per cent being tcaroely worthy of that ! name.) the priecs of all commodities. except provision*, arc quite moderate The government of the Island it vested in a governor and royal council consisting of three member*, all api pointed by the King of Uooiuark. and aubordluat* to ' the governor and council of Kauta Cru* in whom U vested the general government of all tna DanUh Waat : Indian possessions aud who make the general law* or decrees fur thU itnd the other islands, subject, to the supervision and approval or rejection ef tha Ring Th* internal |willco of this city la regulated by a council, by and ftoni among the hurghar* or citlcen*" The term* on j which burgherahip may be acquired by a forelgnar arc somewhat pecullur No length of residence whatever I* requisite, the candidate only having to pay tha faa of four doubloon*, or sixty-four dollars, to obtain all th* , rights of cltlxenshlp, undth.ssum he must pay at any rule hefore be rati engage in or practise any business, profession or calling, or sue in the courts, under a penalty for neglect to report himself to the proper officer for that, purpose. The military force of the city consists of a very small body of govern uient troops, etatiened in the In uar fort within the city, aud the organized citizen volunteer I soldiery, which is divided into two divisions or Section*, one composed of white ' pe pie." and the other of colore I gentlemen," to make use of what a waggish acquaintance said was a/ivorite expression among th* lntt'Te v- f worthies, who. I will do them the iostio* | i ay, ore a quite rcnpeclable lucking net of fellow* In I their uniform. I Thin inland, ii riot no much of a barren rook, u I, for odo at li'iiht. liad hu|i|><m< <1 True it* nurfac* la eno**d? ' mgly rugged tlio inland being tint a nuccetnion of motiB> tain* Hut. thru. I In- narrow plain* that. In torn* plaoet, in- between tho foot of them- and the nhore, tha gorge* j between their nlden. and In notne innlanree, tbetr numniitn. prenont on-aatonal ncenen of cultivation In tba ; form of field* or patch** of nugar-nano, tb* crop of which on the inland produce* annually, a* I am latorm! ed. about two thnunuud hngnheadn. hnnldei a traall | quantity of rum. 'I'he population of the city In about uln* or ten thouj *and. of which number the colored population eonatli tuten probably about three-fourth*. If not more About I one.half them- being 'lave*, though I bare not the mean* I of verifying thin ertunate ' The "Hon*'' of tliln city, (for like moot cltlee It ha* | I hem.) are two ancient tower*, known renpectlvely by i the name of - liliio Heard'* < antle" and " lllack Beard'* i ?ntle," no called from the name* of tho celebrated i pirate* who built and fortified them, long before tha i Inland wan Inhabited At that early period tbi* harbor waa a favorite renort of the n- a rover* ef the \Ve*t Indian neaa and thenc tower* or caetle* were denigued a* place* of retreat and refuge in cane of purnult and emergency I will give a brief dcncriptlon of Blue Beard'* eantle. which la apparently the older of the two. and In a much more rulnom ntate than the other It eland* on an eminence at the eantern e*tr? mlty of the city, commanding tin- harbor, in conntructed of rough roundiah atone laid in mortar, in a form la-twei-u ruuud and quadrangular tbo length of It* nulea about thirty feet and ; the bright of what now remaina of It about tho nam* number, or a little more The wall* at the lets* ar* abou even feet thick and four at top; are pierced at email Interval* along up with port hole* for cannon (of which four or five are lying halt hurird beneath the rubblab at the bottom Innldc ) and loop hole* lor munketry. The entrance to the innide i* through a hole In the wall, (the ' iilrnte* having their entrance at top by mean* of a rope ladder fanlenrd there, and let down on the outaide) and ! the a*r?nt to the top I* by a common ladder erected on the innide The other cartle la similar pnwnt that It baa an entrance at the ha>e, ant I* kept in itati of i complete repair 'l b" flag* of Aimoet ell commercial nation* are Hying In thi* harbor, which in alno much reaorted to by feaaaia damaged or auffertntc from etreM of weather. He feral Auicriuau vcetel* en- now lying lu-re from tht* aaosc I bare written thin on ship board in the harbor, amldat the confualon Incident to th? preparation* for aalltng; our vaaacl. the < Inra. only waIiiiik a favorable breeie to holet nail for St Domingo, from which ancient oity I expect to date my ne*t. until when a diet. g. . j ..... - mm?u ggg~ggab? JAI '111 lit! VIS'I I'.f) rranectfully inform* hu frirndt, end the public jfcm rdly, that lie haa conimriirrd the lien an I Agency and Cominiaaion Butinea* at the-atore of W. M. Bruited. M lleade atrcet, corner of Broadway Cla L# Fame Building*), whcir he will de rote hit tunc to effect tele a "a Ural Katat*. furniture, Oroceriea, and merchendiae la cane ral Holding an aneriorieeaia eomm talon, he ja prepared ta j attend to ont-door ailra of Reel and Perannel Tirate; *jao, an I the veiling of the Kunnrure of their own ho**#*, whi'h w- II at all time* reeeiee particaler attenboa. aofl punctual ieturut made H. tela or prirate dwelling! will be.appralted eorractly, and dupoird of at tlie ahortrat untie#. Liberal advance* will be made on each arficlea aa raa he conveniently atoredt and m-mey loaned on atock*. aotea, ana oth r rolliteral lecnrinea. for abort period* A rrgiaier will he kepi for the talc or letting of heaaea and Iota, and other teiicmcnta. To aafe lime and Iron hie to b d* landlord and tenant, a correct deacriptioa of the |ircmi*ea, with the term*, are *lwn> * no'rd. my I law-od*r WH. BRAIBTKD, KXCHANUK BROKLR, Laterg* llnilduig. comer ol Broadway and Reade atreel, eetre-iec >4 Readc Bank Bill*, Child end Silver Coin, Draft* and Note* of Hand bought and aold. New Yuba, May I. IM7. ?yl Ua ?od*i

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