Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1847 Page 3
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6 story brick floor mill destroyed, with most of Its contents. sod throe other buildings Injured 24th, Sd district. 1st section, UX P M., alarm, from furnace In store 261 Water street. 2",th 'id district, 2d section, 11 A.M., alarm, cause unkuowu. 2tith. 2d district, 1st section, 12A* night, alarm, caused by fire at Long Island Farms. 27th. 1st district, 2d section, 9X A. M., 10th street, near Sth avenue, one story wooden carpenter's shop, slight damage. 27th lad district, 1st section, 1IX P. M .71 Franklin street. 2 ptory brick front dwelling, slight damage. 2Sth 2d district, 2d section, 8X P M., 46 avenue B, slight damage. tli. 2d district, 2d section, 9X P- M., 122 Fast Broadway. two story wooden shopaud dwelling, slight damage. 31at. 2d distriot, 2d section, 2% A. M.. 314 2d street, three story brick store and dwelling, slight damage. Common CouncilBoard or Aldkhmsn?June 1.?Morris Franklin. Esq , President, in the chair. On motion, the reading of the minutes of the last meeting was dispensed with. The President then stated that the meeting of the Board had been called for the purnose of considering the report of the speciul committee in relation to the reorganization of the medical department of the alios house. Hath House.?A petition was received from Richard Van Dyke, for the location of a bath house. Referred, with power. Fireworks for July ith?A petition was presented from Isaac H. Edge, in relation to furniehing the tire nvi?n iw uif till UI juiy. James i erreu, uiso, prnreuiuu n petition to be allowed to supply a portion ot the fireworks that will be used on the evening of the 4th of July next. Referred. Grade of Fifth Jlvenue.?Petition of tiarret Storms fir uu alteration, and the grade ef the Fifth and Madison Avenues. J Inferred. Sewer t'n William Street ?Petition of sundry persons to huve a sewer bnilt in William street, between John street and Maiden Lane. Claims fur Counsel Fees.?Petition of Alanson Nash, tor costs of suit against the late Public Administrator. Pine Street Jlwning Posts.?Petitions of owners of property, for removal.of awning posts in Pins street. Referred Lewis anil Columbia Streets.?Petition ot owuers of propeity, and others, to have Columbia aud Lewis streets lighted with gas. Referred. Grade of Maiden Lane.?Remonstrance of sundry persons against raising the grade of Maiden Lane. Referred. Jilms House Officers.?lie fort and resolution from the Board of Assistants, in favor of amending the ordinance previously adopted, relative to the power of the Commissioner to appoint his own officers, was taken up, aud concurred in. Forty-Third Street.?Resolution in favor of regulating -bid street, between Uloomingdale Road and Sth Avenue. Adopted. Church of St. George the Martyr.?Petition from the iriiktrhl of till* nhnrnli to h? r11ow*?<1 thirtv iIslvh to nor feet their title. Adopted. Report of Committee of Retrenchment 111 favor of authorizing the Comptroller to contract for the execution of the public printing, and supplying the stationary required fur tbo various departments. Referred to a special committee consisting of Aldermen Smith, Koily and Messerole. Expendituret of City Government.?A communication was received from the Comptroller, relative to the expenditures of the city government, from the 1st of Jauuary to the 31st of May inclusive. Laid on the table to be printed. More Rute Pavement.?A memorial was received from owners of property, ashing to have Broadway, in the vicinity of Waverly Place paved with blocks of granite, similar to the Rush pavement ; the petitioners manifesting their willingness to bear two-thirds the expense thereof. Referred. Coat of Jlmmunition.?Petition of General Storms to have the expensu Incurred for ammunition on the occasion of the great illumination, amounting to $412, paid by the Common Council. ocu>cr ? o.iui/i >r imam street?Resolution ill iavor of taking tho papers relating to tbo sewer in South William street, l'rom the tile, and huvo them referred to the Committee on Roads and Canals. Adopted. Bond and Second streets.?Petitions of sundry persons to Iiuve the mime of Second street changed to fioud street. Referred. Reorganisation of the Medical Police.?Report of the committee on charity and alms, in favor of ? re-orgauiZatiou of the medical police of the almshouse department. and recommending that the subject be referred to the committee oil ordinance, in connection with the counsel to the Hoard, to prepare a suitable* ordinance therefor. Accepted, and laid 011 the table to be printed, Aldcrmau 1'L HiKn, in couio'Ction with the foregoing resolution, moved that, in consequence of the contemplated removal of the children from BIhcIiwcII's Island to Kendall's Island, and the necessity that would then exist for providing adequate medical skill, thai the committee ou ori\juaucu be desired to modify the arrangement, recommended by the medical board, to meet such a state of facts. Referred to committee ou ordinance.? Adopted. Laiii/i i'rimmrrs?Alderman Crollus offered a resolution in favor of requiring the policemen to perform the duties now performed by lamp trimmers and wickers,ou and after the 1st July next. Referred. Ma Quarters for Hogs?Tho President offered the folio iv i g resolution :? Resolved, '1 hat it shall and may be lawful for any person or persons to luke and retain to his own use auu bi uetil, acy aud all swiuo lounu at large in any of the streets, lanes, alleys, or any of the public places in the city, within the lump aud watch districts, from and uf ter 1I10 1st July next. Referred to committee ou ordinance. 'i he Board theu adjourned until Monday evening next. Portable Dressing Cases.-_Tbe undersigned lisv i g flit greatest facilities 111 the lo.uiiil'uCiuir ol above, ar< enabled 10 oiler ihr same, at much le.s price tlinu the imported, wliitciu ma.>y respects they arc greatl) superior, each article co.t.iued being ol a size most convenient for use aud of quality wai ranted to render satisfaction. For sale at G. BAL'NUKKB fc SUN, 177 Broadway, opposite Howard Hotel. Metallic Tablet Uazor Strop, tbo oldest and inusl approved article unw in use, having been before the public fur 1 lie last thsity years, can be had wholesale slid retail at the sujscribers. The public and strangers are invited to call and examine the various patterns. O. SAUNDERS St SON, 177 Broadway, (a few doors above Cortlandt street.) Dr. Ilollrlk'a Lecture*.?The Pressing Dr. rna.ids of his p<notice compel Dr. 11.10 give Ins Last Lecture To Bay. He respectfully iuvites the ladies at 4 f. M. Bee ad. crtiseineel. Patent Alrti^nt Chip and Wood Baker?A11 who aie in want ol a Bummer Baker are invited to call a d examine Coit St Caiman's Patent It will stand in the tire-place aud male no 111. It is intended to burn chips or wood ou the aii-li.hl principle, making a saving of half the fuel used lu mi y other... 1 011 can hake, ho.I and fry at the same liufe, it having all in. . ol a modern cook stove It is warranted in all case. 10 b ke. The punlic are invited to call aud examine Ihea.ti habelore purchasing elsewhere, bold wholesale and retail by fc. COttl , ill Bowery, New Vork. jj 3t Fans, Purees, and Ret leu lis?-Tlie fineet quality aud lajgest assoituieut of the newest fashion, of pans Piuses, and Reticules, to be fuuud ill (lie city. Fine Fans in e, d ess variel) , from low price 10 tlic most Costl) styles, sold at as low, if not lower prices, thau by any imp ?rt. r 01 tins couutry. Union's, t'ia Broadway, opposite the City lull. WfcS The Great Dental Revival?Menara. Editor*, E. I'ARMLV.J I).D 8.,..seems perfectly rabid. All " (h. j iirsi \j* ut.sii oi r.urope, iinu iiiue-ienuis <*t tnose in tins country art* liars and knave* ! Docs not the public see rhrough nil this f U not theselfish malignity ol the man nbnur on a par with his chem cal blunders f I emphatically deny all Ins assertions, and renew my demand for and defy him to produce hi* .roofs, fii twenty-two years 1 have lilted 15,000 teeth with atmlgmi; amongst them patients of K Firmly and Ins ally, who ill move my amalgam to he " Letter than their gold "? Of these thousands can one he produced who has been poisoned? tit ill 1 admit it is u sad trial ol]patience and piety to behold a hti mess of Ave dollars for six cents worth gold, aud le.i to fifteen dollars tor a tell Cent tooth, melting away! Let us then not judge too harshly the jealous autics of poor Kiel/rr ! ii ii l in charity crush his rivals. A. C. CASTLF, M. I)., Dentist, 381 Broadway. Sonic very Interesting remarks and Information, which have proved mvaluartle to hundreds of pers *us, will tie found in a long advertisement on the last page of today's paper. Yankee Blade._Tlie Blade U edited by VV11livn Matthews, fc.ii|., a fiCrtiuiu anil able writer, though lurnmhat eccentric aa an e.litor * A catiiulw.ek|y?nue of ilie beat papers received at thia office.?iV. Y. Spirit of the limes. All e*' .eeil.n ?fly neat folio aheet. "The Blade" is of the true tuIf?hi|<lil> tempered. keen at a razor?and will cut its way deep into i ublic farnr We like the fresh, unlet endeut style of the editor.?Portland Transcript. J. A. 'i UTTLK Ik. CO., 110 Nuai street. l.ndles realdent of, or visiting tills City, tlcileanoiia of liavitig their lie uls dressed or nhamponucd, should call on Barker, t 3t?J4 Br isdwuy, opposite the Carlto hone His term, for ures.ii g are only ceut?, attain* pooiuij hi il dressing Jn_cents, ihua placing it within the reach of all tn line their hair arranged in a becoming maimer, nod the lie id kept fr e from acu f and dandruff < liilibeii'i hair cnttlog reilueed fiom 15 to I2K ceula. Ornamental hair work of all Hindi . oil colora at great It reduced prices. Unltl I'riM.?lite Cbeapont In th? City._ At the i void Pen Depot of J hu W. Oreaioii St < o. II Oder kt n . (up ?;nm, n- door froin the Post Other,) yon m y bu\ fori li SI 7.i ?u.:h Pena as otnera advertise to ai-ll for S2: and f . St tt i, y,.n can jj-t such 11 is as are sold else w here ro $1 fr\ Pu r.i? *? \\ i!l 111* *c li.*?! every description of pen*, frmn 7 ce ir.i uj?w ie(J iiiidev?oy conveni net* I?t trying, selecting .ir.d e*rb. umgpen.; ind tru> *.ive from 10 to20 per cent, by purshi g from thin tithtr by wholmlg of retaUL Idauiotid Pointed Unld Pen*?Oreut Redue* tion.?If there be diiy who doubt Miar J.Y. 8AV AOK, 92 Kulloii at, * II* good li -Id Pens ai the loweii* in the city, let them In. k nt the following price* and judg-* f.r them<el>es:? jteal Diamond Pointed Hold IVii*, Suver pencil* i -eluded. at $l,f itueily %! fr #; I horn SI 60, I rl-ew here at 52; and for wr t.e'1 good a fVti h.kI a* durable, at those fold elseW here Kt ai I i ?11 *1 ^edlral CfUd?'l'ltc MeinDera of the \cw Yorlc Culler ot iMed'Cme mid I'hniiii icv , O.t Numu afreet, Confidently promise %u person* sufTcrii.g from complaint* of any iMliur t safe aud $erm inent cure. Some of the most experienced phy?ici;<ttetn this city Are connected with thia e*t.?l?Inhale it, whose ch ?f object in associating together is to put down qii ickery. Invalid* re miring their service* will liud one of rh?- member* in attendance for consultation from 8 A. M to 8 P.M. N; H. For further particular* and a list of their preparation* see toiirth page of thi* paper. Office and consulting room* of the College 98 Na**au strert. Tli? Married Woman'* Private Medical Cnmpwiioii?By Dr. A M.M urice*u, Professor of l)i*ea*i* of Women. Hrcoi.d edition. Price Si. fh?- great demand(for this most important work (of which thou* .nd* are sold) h i? compelled tlie is-ueof a new edition. K? ry I male *i get'ltig a copy, whether married or in ma ried For * I 22c Bi-o o aav, iiider the American Mus< urn; 208 Df ? d way, i?"d by I)r A. M Alaunceau at hi* Medical Oflh e. I *11 I. b-iiy *tre? t, New Vork: aUo. Zeiber 8c Co., corner of C'lo ? tn d I lord *u.. Philadelphia. On ';? ' '??t I $l? a copy will be fannmitted by mail (free or (io-i '-? ) ell part* ni the l'nited Htitee. /' It Ucitllrmnn'i Hnt?_->uinin<r Ntyle?.Bcr1ir St i ..ntr, Haiiere, No. I.'rfi Brondwuy, will introduce on Halu.d iy nail. IJth imunt, their Kaaluona I'or <ieiitleinen'a bummer H '? .... , 1) X< will preaentto the public * new hoiI nnu)ne etyle ol While mill Pe tri Braver < mlnr lint, uniting beauty and durahilitv wuh lighmeaa and comfort to the wearer, Aniahed and trimineii iu a new and elrcaii! manner. Alvi. Panama and Strew Hate and Cape for OenU, Yontha and children. " MaTtgattM of tbe Ohio Blrtr. PUtet. Tim*. fUmit 9/ Jlsssr. WhMlint.. May 18. . .4 fact; filling. Louisville May 34. . .4 feet 11 inches. Cincinnati May 80. . .4 feat; standing. Pittsburg May 31. . .9 feet 3 inches; filling. MONEY MARKET. Tuesday, June Lj5P. M. The Stock Market to-day was rather unsettled as re! gards prices, and the transaetlnns were not so large as usual. At the first board Reading Roods fell off % per cent.; Reading Railroad, J? ; Farmers' Loan, >? ; Morris Caual, > ; Illinois Bank, 3? ; Long Islund, >? ; Canton went up %; Norwich & Worcester, % ; Harlem and Stonington closed at yesterday's prices. At the second board the market improved a little. Yior ris went up ; and Norwich, >>; Long Island, Farmers' 1 and Harlem closiug at prices current in the morning 1 The sales at the second board were limited. ...The Hibernia is now fully duo; she is in hcrfourteenth day. It is tbe general impression that her advices will ' be of ft very favorable character. We have no doubt all i the markets will show an improvement, both in aci iv tj i and in prices. This Impression is based principally upon the anticipation that the London Money Market has been very much relieved by the stoppage of the drain of bullion from the bank of Lngland, for shipment to the United States. An improvement in the money market would, of course, create a corresponding improvement in all the departments of business. The steamer is anx- > 1 ously looked for. We have four days later Intelligence from Liverpool by the ship Rainbow. Breadstuff* hare advanced and Cotton declined. Full reports of the markets to the 8th of May will be found in our columns. The Hibernia will bring but eleven days later. The North American Fire Insurance Company have declared a dividend of five per oent., payable on the 7th instunt. . The Register of the Treasury Department has given notice that the interest on six per oent treasury notes, Issued under the act of the '18th January last, which run two years, will be paid semi-annually, on the first days of July and January ; but it Is not likely that any Interest less than an entire half year will be paid on such notes so that the first payment of interest will probably bo on the first day of January 1848. This point, however, Is not fully deoidcd. The operation of the warehousing system in Boston, has been perfectly satisfactory. The annexed table exhibits the value of merchandise warehoused during ?ho quarter, the value of merchandise in warehouso at the coin inducement of the quarter, tho value of merohandiso remaining in warehouao at the clone of the quarter ending March 31st, the amount of .duties on merchandise withdrawn, and the amount chargt able on merchandise remaining in warehouse :? Warehousing Statement, District or Boston and Charles town, rua the Quarter ending March 31, 1817. Value of merchandise remaining in warehouse at the commencement of the quarter $603,761 Deposited during tiie quarter 120,323 $1,038,081 Withdrawn and duties thereon paid $193,(GO Exported to foreign countries and transported to other districts within the U. States.. 92,637 Balance remaining in warehouse March 31, 1817, viz : Iron 141,881 Wool 41,423 Sugar 3,008 Molasses 60,139 Spirits 21.317 Wine 3,270 lleinp Manufacture* 41,732 Fish 31.073 Raisins 20,930 Dry Oonds 21.470 Otnei 30.202 139,738 1,026,004 Dat , collected ou amount* withdrawn during the quai tor . (143,733 Duties chargeable ou nrnouiiu remaining ju warehouse 139,343 There has been a falling off in the amount of merchandise remaining in warehouse at the close of the quarter tl.ding March 31st, compared with the quarter previous, of? 100,003, beiug about one-third less. For the present quarter, up to the 28th ult., the amount of goods deposited in warehouse shows an increase of lOOperceut. it will be observed in the above table, that of the goods remaining in the warehouse on the 31st of March nearly one-half of the aggregate was in iron and wool. The annual report of the Susquehannah and Tide Water Canal Company, presents the annexed statement of the receipts and expenditures for the year ending Dec. 31, 1840 : ? Statement ok the Receipts and Expenditures or the SlSqUEHANNA and 'J'lOE WaTP.U canal companies, PUU THE x ear endino DECEMBER 31, 1816 Keceipt*. Balance on hand 1st January, 1816 $8,816 97 Tolls at Wriglitsville $80,438 6t Tolls at Havre ile Grace 28,301 36 Tolls at I'o.'iestoga 1,003 9'J Towages nt Coiifstoga 732 30 Subscription to Slock 30 0 0 Fines aud return interest 93 86 110,619 33 Borrowed lor ex'ra repairs in the spring, (roui hanks anmuuiviuuai* 21,201 S2 $110,1738 21 Expenditure!. Interest to the Stale of Maryland $11,550 00 Interest uu Susquehanna Canal | irlniul lionda... 13,229 (1 3 Interest on Tide Water Canal priority bonda 4,070 Ui Expenses of the Line $10,311 21 Salaries 5,200 00 Office and incidental expenses 1,020 31 Profit and lou 60 41 Steamboat " Thomas Wilson," 2,801 44 $25,102 40 Tide Water Canal Comtrany Notes 477 85 In full ol an old judgment 1,000 00 Extra rr|>au> (spring freshet damages) 47,708 81 Coats ol eourl, sheriff's fees, Ilc., Haifnrd county.. 1,127178 Counsel fees and reimburse eut of advances made in various sun- 1,197 0?: Outlet lock ut Bell's Kerry 70 On Heiurned borrowed money 2l,23t 92 Balance in hands of agenls 201 63 " " ofTreaaurer .12.934 52 P..175 15 $110,030 21 The indebtedness of the eompuny on the 1st of Janu ary. 1HJ7. was $2.690,953 13, and the amount ot capital stock $1.'260.663 ; making a total of $3,940,616 13. The annexed statement exhibits tho indebtedness in detail, and the expenditures for construction, Sic.:? Si-sijceiianna and Tide Water Canal, Jan. 1, IS 17. Dr. Cost of Construction $3.073,.580 '34 Conestoga Connexion, ineluding Tow bouts. 190.410 '24 Heal '29,'21!> 90 .Maryland HtisquehaunaCanal Purchase. . . 120,400 00 Damages In Peunsvlvanla 310(16 62 Damage* iu Maryland H7.ti2'.l 04 Bond* held iu trust a* collateral 64,000 OH FloAt and loss 828.810 40 Sundry balance s due the company 6.834 Ms Thomas M. Abbott. Treasurer 12.034 64 $3,040,616 13 Cr. Bond* to the Statu of Maryland for interest on tlie million loan $102,300 00 Tide Water Canal Priority Bonds 60.277 6'J Susquehanna Canal, Preferred Interest Bonds 220,610 01 Statu of Maryland 6 per cent. Sterling Loan 1,000.000 00 Bonds redeemable 1642 $120,400 00 " " 1814 323,600 00 " " 1846 116 271 25 " " 1847 67,700 01 Small notes 126,604 00 $80 and $100 Post Note* 243 680 00 Bills payable 140.628 ?d Scrip at twelve months 14,467 20 Written scrip at six and twelve mouths 44,232 00 Post notes written at two years 18,2ld 01 Due bills for repairs of 1841... 2,171 27 Sundry units, due by the company to contractors mid others 2,714 00?1,207,664 60 Stock 1,507,8-16 00 Less amount held by the com- . paiiy 237 222 00?1,250,663 0#l $3,040,616 13 This is a very important branch of the works of internal improvement, anil we trust It will soon be in a more prosperous condition The expenditures the past year, for damages from spring freshets, have been largo ; and as this is an Item which varies very uiueh from year to year, much depends upon the amount lor any improvement in the duances of the company. Stusli Kxchange. : 23nn 1' S G?. v?7 slOttt 30 VieU.hurg 13^ 1'renj Notes, f,s 108 V' 130 do iii J,, 330UO Htale 5?, '40 till 50 Illinois Uk 1814 $0000 Ht.lte is, '5.8 101 201 Itrndl K ?H 3?H $.80(1 Illinois 8 Scrip .1744 330 do 57*. $5000 Alabama 3s, [,90 82N 1'MI do s'10 37', $20'mi do 5?, 62ki 12.8 Csnton Company op 37J$ $110110 Ohio 8s, 'hii 101'i iii. ilsilrin KK sfifl .80 $<,000 do 101 50 do 8614 $.8000 B- iding Bo-ids 71 50 da bOO V Lv 10 nhs -lull Bunk 9l>j 3' 0 do S6Jt | 6 Bscs of Am 1114 100 do bio .86'$ 60 Lit; Bunk 102 23 Norfc Wor RR 50^ | 50 Far Tru.t 33V 350 tin btfl 50'4 50 do 1)12 33 ? 75 do bin 50>i 350 do 3334 40 F.rie IIR ?crip 84 100 do ?R0 33'4 10 N Fork U N Hirm 03 '00 do 3)34 150 Long UUnd 2?>J4 50 do b30 33^4 50 do bSO 27 175 Morns Canal 1?X 151 Cinton Scrip 4'4 30 do '00 18 100 etomriKtou 5134 25 N A Trnit 9X 100 do 51* SeoAiul Boord. $3000 Illinois Spl Bond* 42>4 40 Ktrmerjl.owi 31*4 Loaf Uland *3 27 50 Nor k Wor l>?0 50K 100 do >30 27 50 do bSO 50V 50 Heading 57>4 :>0 do .60 5014 50 Vlorri?i^onol '? W u , " ... 50 do l?X ? H.rlrm bio 4?? 11,11 do ?cm 18 50 do 1)30 36,'g j 100 do '?l2in 17 Niiw Stock K*rl?angc>. $2000 Trea? Note ?10 10,34 50 ih? KarLort l>3 J1J4 $.,(,00 do 1,20 10554 50 do ?IJ 3-U 01000 do 1)30 10554 50 < 0 j?1 S3 , $5000 Ob io 4* reir 10IH 25 do cull 3 J A $2,i0l) III Special ?Jfl 42>4 50 do ?l" 3JV 50 ah* Harle.n DS 5hS? 50 do b30 3 ^ 50 do *10 56W 50 Nor k Wor . b2l 50 , 50 do rrg MX 50 do ! *3 50 <4 100 do cmK MH 50 do *3 4034 50 do b!0 50X 40 do *3 4034 . CTTT TRADE REPORT. New Vou, Tuiim* AfTiuiMi, June L The market for Breadstuff* varied very little from pricee current yesterday; Oeneaee flour In the city fold at f>H lj% a $8 23, with eeveral lote at $8 18Xc; Miehl- | gan sold at $8 Ofl.Hi a $9 12X; eomo parcels of Ohio sold i at $0 18J?; sales of Genesee were made, to arrive In all June, at $8. and to arrive during the present and com- | i ing week, at $8 25c. Sales of northern yellow corn were made at $1 and of mixed at $1 05; sales of Genesee wheat were made on the spot, at $2. and a lot of do, probably not so good, at ft SO; sales of Ohio were made, to arrive in all Juno, at $1 83. 11 ye remained about the ( same. Sales of ineal were made at $5 25; and oats sold at 03c. Provisions were firm, and sales of new mess pork were reported at $10 68\ a $10 73; in one sale at the latter price, the purchaser to pay the expense of inspection; sales of old mess were reported at $18, and old prime nt $13 50. Beef continued firm. A small sale of tieroe* was made at $19 50. Prime lard in bbls, actual t?re, sold at 10c. Groceries continued at auout v?* | same prices. Molasses II any thing, were somewhat j flrxnrr. though sales were moderate. A.ncs?Wo report fales of 150 bbls. pearl* at $0 50, and 40 a 50 bbls pot* at $4 75. Bkcsmax?The last aale* of yellow were made at ad cent*. Bkeadstucks?Flour?We report sale* of 2000 bbls Genesee at $8 12K. in the city; 1150 do Michigan at the same price; 3690 do. Ohio and 7C0 do. Oswego were sold at $8 l?X; 1000 bbls. Genesee sold to arrive uext week, and 1000 do. to arrive in June, sold at $8 25. About 5000 do., chiefly Michigan, sold to arrive in all June at $8, and about 2900 bbls. Michigan, part mixed braittls. sold at $8 00\? on the spot IKAtaf?Sales of 2300 hush, of Genesee were made at f 2. and 2400 do , not o good probably, at $1 90; 4000 do. Ohio sold to arrive In all Juno at $1 83. Corn?Sales wore rather light to-day, compared with those made towards the close ol last week, and the market closed with less lirmness; 0,800 bushels Northern yellow were sold at UOe; 2,700 do mixed at 105c. At the close of 'change 1000 bushel* Northern yellow were offered at 109c without being (old. Afeaf? We report sales of 900 bbls at $5 25. liyu was held at $1 23. Oat*?2 a 3000 bushel* were gold at 63c. Receipts down the Hudson on May 30th and 31st.? Four, 34.891 barrels; corn meal, 1214 do; corn, 56,315 bushels; wheat, 21,756 do; rye,'3,400 de. Candle*?Sperm were steady at 3lo. Corpse?Sales of 100 bags of Java were made at 9>ic, and 150 do St. Domingo at Fun?We report sales of 1100 quintals dry eod at $3 91. The market was Arm, and closed at $3 94. Mackerel was also very stiff, and sales of 3 a 400 bbls Halifax were made, the No. l's at $11, and No. 2's at $7 62>?o. About 500 new sold at $5 50 a $5 62,la for No. 3's. About 500 boxes scaled herrings sold at $1. Fruit?Sales of 300 a 400 boxes bunch Raisins were made at $1 75 u 1 80. A cargoof green Fruit was advertised for public sale the following day, by Messrs. Minturti & Co IIemp?The article wus ilnll for American ilnw i>>il and no sales were reported. Lead?Was quiet at $4 SO. Molasses?Foreign were in fair request. A sale of Porto ltico was made on terms not understood. We quoto Cardenas at 23c; Muscovado, at '47 a 30; I'orto ltico, at a?> a 3d; and Trinidad, at 'IS a 30. Naval Stores?Sales since last report and to-day were made of about 300 a 400 bbls Spirits Turpentine at 34o. In other descriptions, wo heard of no transactions Oils?Sale* of about 1200 gallons of Knglisli Linseed wore madeatCdc. cash; and about 1000 a 1.100 do. city pressed, at 63c. cash. Sales of Id a 1600 gallons N. W. Whale were mado at 31c; dOOO do. not considered the best merchantable, were made at a trifle lower. Provisions.?Sales 600 bbls new mess pork weroreported, half at $16 68^, and half at $16 76; and 180 do sold at $16 76?the purchaser, it was said, paying the expense of inspection; 100 bbls aid mess sold at $16; 100 do. old prime at $13 60. Berf continued firm. A few tierces were sold at $19 50; some holders demanded $d0. Ltu il.?.'.O bbls prime, actual taru, sold at lOo. No change In new cheeso or in butter. Rice ?No sales were reported, though the market remained firm. Sugar.?We report salts of 000 lihds Porto Rloo, at 6>?u7o.; 170 boxes Havana, damaged, sold at auction, HI of which were white, and bi ught 71?a7%c.; and of 90 do brown, which sold at 6a6 31 cash. Tallow.?,cmall sales of New Orleans prime rendered, were reported at about 'Jc. Whalebone.?N. W. was held at 27, and South Sea 23a29c. W ins key.?The article wns inactive at 33o. $ heights?2000 barrels wero engaged by a British vessel fur Liverpool at 2s; 2s 3d was offered to an American vessel, and refused. A foreign vessel was taken up for London to load with oats at7d per bushel, and with flour to All in at 2s 9d. We heard of no engagements ot moment, to the continent. a juuxu vta% ar ix xv/* Markets* Albait, June 1?P. M. The receipts of (lour being large, the market was rather heavy to-day, and small sales of Genesee were reported at $8 1 -J. (lorn was also in less demand, and closed rather heavy at 106c. a 107c. for Northern yellow. Oati. ?Sales of 1000 bushels were made at 60c. Provisions were firm, without change in prices. The receipts were about 20.000 barrels Hour, 10 000 bushels of wheat, and about 2O.0U0 bushels of corn, for tbo preceding twentyfour hours. [Telegraphic Corr. of Philadelphia livening Uulletin.] The Pittsburgh line is interrupted by lightning on the wires. A heavy storm is raging on the mountains beyoud Chambersburg. N?:w Orleans, May 25?12 M. The Cotton rnnrket was heavy. Klour selling at $6 AO to 7 2ft; sales prime red wheat at $1 30. The tobajco market is active. Married. On Wednesday,April 26, at the Rutger street Church, by the Rev. Or. Crib. Philip Brisk, of Norwalk, Ct., to Mi-a ( athahine Andreas, of Darien, Ct. In Now Orleans, on the 17th of May, by the Rev. Pere Mam-bant. Mr. A. Euclid Perkins, to Miss Helena Ui wisos, all oi that city. On the 1st inst., by the Rev. Mason Noble, Mr. Jacob J. Kadclipfe, of I'ort Jackson, New York. to Miss Grace H. Laimhekr, of this city. lnllincityof Brooklyn, on Tuesday, May 1, by the Rev. Or It C. Cutler, Liout. Francis Bi.kekek Ellison, United Slates Navy, to Maria, daughter of the late George E Holt. Est], of Montreal Canada ()u 1 ufsday. June 1. by tbe Rev. Doctor Bangs, at the Allen street .Methodist Episcopal Church, Ada si W Turnm ll, jun. to Maruarct Ann, daughter of the late Peter Plnckuey, Est], ail ol'this city. Died. May 31st, Matthew W. Bird, ef this city, aged 61 years, 9 months, aud 17 days, regretted by a numerous circle of friends. The frlt-uds of his family, and those of hit brother, Wm. K. Bird, and James McCullough. and Asa Gardner, are invited to attend his funeral this day, ut four o'clock, P..V1. from the house of his brother, No. 36 Pike street, without further notice. On Tuesday, Juhe 1, James Joyce, aged one year and six months. The friends of his father, James Joyce, and his uncles, Matthew and William Joyce, and his brother-in-law, Patrick Murphy, are invited to attend Ills funerul, from thu resilience of his father, James Joyce. 23 Beaver st , on Wednesday, 2d instunt, at 3 P.M., without further invitation. |1 1>. I'LAIIKL, 1 AILUn, lib William street.?I have on hand every variety of Saclf Costs, from $11 to $2, which, iii addition to a very large stock of cloths, cassimeres, fee , render^ it n very desirable resort for those in want of clothing. Clarke's $acks are proverbial all over the country for beauty and cheapness, i make the very beat French Cloth Ureas Coats for $20, lower quality Hi and $18, every thing else iu proportion. Satin aud Summer Vesta, etc., always on hand. j2 It*r DCSIKA1JL& NbW LANDS.?Those who have been negotiating with the subscriber for farms on VVaidena Ridge, and waiting the result of other's examination,arc informed Mr. A. C. Kirlnrds, a Netherlander, after examining lauds in several sections of the United Stales, has selected and purchased a large tract on this Ridge, aud ia now engaged iii erecting a Saw and Grist Mill, with other buildings, preparatory lor the dairy business. Another gentleman has also purchased, and is now i reparing for the production of live geese feathers. Altrr their examination* and decisions, there cannot any longer be a d < !? as to the superior ndvaut igea of those lauds. Those who intend to consummate their negotiations with me for the lands they desire, will "all at iny office for that purpose as soon as possible, as the price hereafter will he advanced. NICHOLAS HAIUIIT, je3 3t*rc 51 William street, corner fine, up stairi. pOUWl)?.iu e 1st, on the counter of this office, a purse A containing $1 in silver. The owner can have it by applying at the desk, |a| || rt CONS <)f? TEMPERANCE, MICRC H AN T'B Dl V I ^5 HON, No. 188.?'The Odicers and Members of Merchant's" Division, are hereby notified to attend the regular meeting, to beheld in ilieir Hall, :w?o Broad way, on Friday evening, Ith | lust., at 9 o'clock, on business of the utmost importance. |ej If re By order, M.K\ VNDFR Aisri.%. II H Old rol OH and ready HOU??, So. t RooesveTt . street.?The undersigned would be happy to meet their ' fimuds and the public generally, this day at II o'clock, a. m. * rt ' KMH ?v. ( fl? , CHARLTON HOUHE ?Th? iutor of this e??bliri)- 1 J m'lit lieu. If ivc 1<> inform hi, friends and the public ucnerally,that Iiii hou-e haiini; been ihomui(hly repaired ami con- 1 aidertbly enlarged, will b- re-opmed for visiters on Monday, the7thnf June. The whole of 'he i"ound-Iloor Hi bri-n included in lib' Imtel, and the homo has buii. uc wly sti l elegantly furni.hcd throughout. The proprietor truata tliat in t'.,c Carlton will !>? found all the rnml. rta and quiet of a private hoo.o, together Willi the i lir.i,,- Hill attendance of a fashionable hotel, and nolicita fi im i Mia patroir a continuance of the f.aror hitherto heatoaeed. t iiledk'tiiit h.maclf to uae hia utmi'f eailearora to give ur. eial a aatial'action. FKKSTON II HOUOp.S. t May 2tth. 1817. je- 2 I It-r t H HUNT, UK THE HAVANA HOUSE, Broadway, n. think tint his friends and the public in tienernl, for the , liberal support fi* liaa received from them durintt .literal yen. r paat, heys to utaie that in consequence of ill health, he ia ahoul ' 10 relinquish business, and therefore wishes to diapoae of his .took iu trade, futures, lie., by privat* ?ale; consisting of ale i, wines, liquors, cigars, liar-room furniture, pump, atovea. lie. ^ lie. t or term., lie , apply to Havana House, 431 Broadway, Corner,of How aid street _ __ je2 3t-rC ICE CMEAM SAL)ION . ? Tile mtMeriber is now prepared to snpply hi, friend, aud the pulilir, with the choicest Ice t Team, soda Water, Confectionery, Kiuit, lie at 117 Broad way, corner Liberty at. J. K. HIIUTIIMAID. , je27t*r _ TO LBT?The upper part of li tne 51 Pike KKII 1 1 rooma ure in good repair, airy and conrenienl. amiable fir namall genteel family, and ro a good tenant will lie let low. Pnaieanim given immediately. Apply on the premiaei. i?23t*r SUVV.ltTun L aKIMJIL-A7e*w article of LAKDOIL, auitahle for the SOLA It LAMPS, for aale at t9 < armine atrevt N.B.?Repaira auil alterationa of I.ampa done at I. Rttlly'a, 19 t.aitm if atreet. je! t;t in THn8?l),AY ,PUBLISHED, Price l?X cents each, >1 M BH H, a Tragedy in J acta, hv Mm. Sii ikapearr, being No atl ot the M.nlern Standard Drams, edited by Kiwi Sameut Alio, I Sr.I) I P, a Petit < oimedv in 2 acta, by Charles Mitr thews, r aq , being No. it) of the Minor Drama. * je 2 It*re JJKHVOKD It CO. 2 Aator liouie. At'CTIO* NOT1C7KS. JACOB S riATT, Auctioneer. CROCKERY, CHIN AND ULA?h WAHE.-Af- , a.uaee, sale iu |?irt; alto 11 larne lot of Crockery froin the ( ' late aale under ili vVni'ilenS inaiection, in a wrt ?ta ?; also, i 103 lot* Cr ucJ Wire?? ub which the i?le will commence? I i lUdkniK lugellu . _o JI |0'l lull, to be aolil ill my quantity to luit purclidieii ; 1 Catalogue* will be ready on inomiug of aale, which will be It the Auction More, comer of I'latt anil Gold afraeta, Ht 10 . o'clock. _ jr2 It*re I 1 S. ? K. A 1 I, 1 iLb. Au iV lONOR VITO vnrs salL ok m \rblk and ! ALA BAST Hit CiOODH, Pai.iiiii*a, Stnt'ia-y. Sic., in 1 1 continuation, 'lbs Da,,at iUo'clock, at No 371 Brotdwuy ? J A. L. 'i'uttie will continue the above *??lf this <i,&), commenclug at lot No. 2Ut) oil catalogue.? i li h s.?le will continue the niu>1 valuable |u>itiou ui' in bltr a-id il.butt r v ue?, paiutine*, l. hue china anu cluck's, Kiriudolf*. l.tjjtp.i, Itc , yet offered. The 1 whole will he scjld without rise, ve N- 15?The |>iiutiugt will hi- . ?M at 1^ ?' 1 oU. many of J which wry v r> valuable, ami worthy atleuiio. j* l?*rc N J."w 15HO VV \ . Auction r.. 2 EW AND SK' OND HANDFUIIMTUBB, HOtlSKKttCPINO ARTI'Ml?. *c.?J \V firo*<t will ?ell n * Thursday, June 3d, a; lOj^oVloc!', M No. jr>. Virohdway, by or ?f r ol an atliiiuii op.afr,. . - .* * ? comprising?M-hngany ri cliu g, a m, u tl oi' er chairs, pier, . glass,Brus tls car; rt,wnrdrnbc,wash st m|?, la, | 1 wine bo lies, luinhirrs, wine*, tli,tn> eg < gin: U \ Is,,., 1 log tut New Furniture, Freuclisoi.i , psrF'r. idooi sgr ch.urv, 1 1 dliaus, ottomans, French U'd-'emls, burea ?, ra 1, Ira 1 anil centre tables. French brditt,*'11. Iiiir UnhCMili, ClI, Mm I plated ware, lamp, girandole on;, with h ruitM i' other | housekeeping goods. I jitalogiir now readv j, '> n'r ASSIGNEES' HALF OK DICING AND EATING House, No. 118 William atroi ( This pro; erly Will be told at i ullic auction on-Thursday, the lli oi June, iiiatimt, al 10 o'clock in llie forenoon, on the , premises; together with 3 year* lease ol" the sauir, ttnKts sooner auld at prtva'e sale 1 The location is a deairahle one. The dining saloon h.u marine Hours, ma.hie tables, bar table, stenin table. Stc. The kitchen is provided with a range and other necessary cooking uteiisili. The house is well I urn -lied and coutaius several rooms desirable lor boarders, by the day or week. This whole will be sold together or any poition ot the furniture separate, and all at great bargains. jej 3t*r AUCTION ISOTICK?Mountain Pavtlioaat Weehawkea ?will he soldat auction on Thursday, the :id day o( Juue. 1UI7, at in oi clock, A. M? on the premises, at the above nsineu house, all the valuable luriiitiire of tlie house, consisting of hair mattresses, beds, bedsteads,.bedding, wash stands, tallies, bureaus, chairs looking glissts, car|iets oil cloths, malting, Ike. tkc., together with a large general and valuable assortment of Kitchen Furniture, < utlery and crockery of all and every kind. Also, a line large Refrigerator, Ike., presenting a line opportunity lor persons desiring any of the above articles, as eiery thing in the house was made to order, in excellent condition. The building being also fur sale, they will be kept open for transient company> 1 day of sale. in J1 4t isrc Mount uinai encampment, No. 31. o.of o.v. ?The Members of this Encampment are requested to attend at their room, National Hall, on Friday morning next, at 9 o'clock, for tho purpose of joining the K. W. Grand Lodge in the ceremonies of laying the cornerstone ofOdd Fellows Hall; also, the members of other Encampments are invited to join with us, if their owu is not expected to turn out WM. B. SMITH, C. P. Oko. Tuprrtv, Jn., Scribe jUdt"!' E(i VI'TIAN "k.NC .AMI'M ENT, No. 34~ I. (). of G. F Tlie officers and members of tlie Egyptian Encampment, are respectfully requested to assemble at the room, No. 71 Division street, on b riday, the 1th ofjiine. at 9 o'clock, A. M , for the purpose of uniting with the G. E. in celebrating the 21th Auuiveisury nf the G. I,, of N. V., and laying the corner atone of the Odil Fellows' Hall. The Encampment will move pre.iselyut Id o'clock, A. M., for ita station in lleade ctseut, the right resting on Hudson street. T here will be a Special Session on Thursday afternoon, (June 3d,)at 3 o'clock. By order JAMES C. STEPHENS, C. P. IfJoiiiv Mr.noi.r. Scribe. je2 3tis*rrc NDETEADENT OHDEK OF ODD FELLOWS.? Twenty F'orrtn Anniversary of the II. W. Grand Lodge of tne State of New York, June 4, IRl7. The several Lodges and Encampment* will assemble at their respective room i at 9 o'clock, A. M., and proceed from thence to the places hereinafter designated, for the formation of the line. The column will form in Hudson street at II o clock, A. M. ?thesevernl divisions will form in tlie streets running west from Hudson, (excepting the lit.) at 10 o'clock, A.M., as described in the detailed programmes of the day. , 'Ph. win ....... .......;...i- - it ..'..I....i. * at --..i proceed u|> Hudson tu Orove, down Hudson to Chambers, up Chambers to Broadway, down Broadway to Cluilham, up Chatham to Kast 11 road way, up Knit 11 roadway to the juno | tioii of tlr;uid, down Grand to the Bowery, up the Bowery to Astor PI ice, through Astor Place to Broadway, down llioad- ' way to liraud sireet, wlieie the line will halt, and open to the < right and loft, close urdt r. The Committee of Arrangemen's, ' Or.itor, Chaplain, nod the (Ira id O.iicei of the liroiid Lodge 1 will then move net. em the lines, followed by the Olficrra nod Trustee* of Odd Kellowa' Hall AaaO'latlon, with Car; | the metnners ol the Grand Lodye, wit i Car and Kinblvina ; the ' Old" "is. Car anil members of the (ii "d Kuc >IP| nient, 8uborn.ti Kucainodents and Lodges, onl proceed to the c oiler of Grand unl Ce..tre stieeb, wltTe the following exercises will ue hnd. vix, O'dii rf Eirrcites on Lavive the Corner Stone. 1. I.a;.,. ' ' ' 2. Hinging, bjr the /vUetUnniaii. ] :i L"> hut 'il iii>- Co'inr htone of Odd Fellows' ILtll, hy P li St' John A. Km cdy. President of the Odd Fellows' Hall Assoc . lion, assisted by Joseph H. Taylor, M- VV, Grand Master of Ibe Grand ' 'lgo of the State of New York, and iJvniel P. Barnard, M VV. Grand Patriarch of the Grand Kutan nuut of New Tom State. i I (Ju. ivrilteuli r the novation, by Franklin Jos?i>U Ottarson, of No (SI,awl u,ig by the Alleghaniaus. j Benediction. Via ?i:iir Brethren who desire to join in the Procession arc respectful I < invited to do to and uuite with such Lodges aa they uny l'c 'I dispose In,, srl-ct. Visiting P. Omuls a re i ivitrit to meet iu Grand Lodgu Ilooin, National Hall, Canal street. J' 9 o'clock, A. M. The form iliou of tint Line is anecially delegated to the Assistant Grind Marsh ! , viz: Alfreil A. Phil lips, James W. Barker, l.ewis If VVmi. , an, i at.|rs F. Osborne. After the ea>'t ri n. e closed, the Lodges and Encampments will considei 'lieti, i ll t j a i dismissed, nud the same U.uids of Mnsic that conduct, t thcin to the I ue ill the morning wi I be at their disposal to accompany them to their several places of | meeting Members can obtain a detailed Programme at the several Lodge Rooms. By order of the Committee of Arrangements, KDWAII1) V. PRIME, Grind Marshal. Order of Evening Msmwi. The exercises lor the "veiling will lane place at Castle Garden at II o'clock, and will consist of .Music liv the Bauds engaged for the oce-non Hinging of original Odea and favorite airs by the Ani-taiiANiANt. Oral-mi by Hon. It. W Ht?*toin, of Charleston, 8 C., and Grand Representative to the Grand Lodge of the United States from that State. A programme of particulars will be issued on the morning of the celebration. Tickets Fifty Cents each, to admit one person?may he obtained at the following places, ni: office of Grand Secretary, till Barclay street; Mercer's I) no g Saloon, corner of Ann and Nassau streets; Hale's News llocin, 70 Wall street; office of Od I Fellows' Hall A-si-ciatiou, Actional II ill, < Isnal street; P. G. Gillev. 130 < iran-l si ,ect- Joe p1 Lf, 103 Washington street; VV. II. Llkeiri..n, so* r',1'1 lielh street; John Me Uru . u7 Wall Street; Hour' liirmi r, 94 ' 'ocotiea slip; James A. Collin, 291 llrnry strei r; Vd vin C. Le cli. cor. AVtuue C and Sixth street; James 11. IYiltius, tor. D-vision and I hryslie streets, New York; Salino i SKinuer, cor Montague Pl<ee ami lleurv street: anil P. G Reed, 113 Vnltui street. Brooklyn; mill alio lit Castle (Jardeu on the evculi'g. Should lh" weather prove unfavorable, the Pr,cession v II 1 be postponed to tin- first fair day, ami the eieiciies at Castle (jardeu until Monday evening the 7th. JOmKPII 1J. t>TKWART, Chairman. W. II. Bumiia,Sec y. jel 4f c WANThl)?By a reaiiectalde young woman a situation as chambermaid, or to assist in washing and iioning; the be?t of city references miy be had on apply lag l.t 443 4th street between lit and <d aveuuen, fag 11 * r BOARD h an T CD.?A single geatleiMui is in mat of a small room, w till pantry or closet attschril, within 13 or minutes' of the City Hall; either lull or partial Hoard. Terms moderate. Address boa 1170, New York. Jet lt*r MINKKS WaNTUD?Sis Consists M tears, and a good Captain for the gang. Ki st rate wages will be given to the right soil of men. The mine is 33 miles from New , York. Apply at the otlice of the R. M. St M. Cotnpauy. , JAMCSS. (rWYNNIi, | mv31 3t*rc Director. M Broadway. WA NT Kl II y a re periable young wotnno a situation as cook ill a privata family. The most unexceptionable city references giv i u as to character nnd capability. Aline addresseiUto Ii. A. at this office will receive immediate atiention. _ __ _J I 2t* r 7|3(J Till'. I'UBLK - < iivc my articles u trial and judge for J. yourselves. I warrant them all to he as represented or the money refunded. MY KAU LUST It AC HAIR RESTORATIVE. This universally approved and article, free from all urileut spirits, pungent essential oil, and other destructive materials, cleans the hair expeditiously, renders it beautifully bright, and imparts to it the delicate fragrance of llie flowers llair washed w ith this extract toon becomes pleasingly soft, and luxuriant in its growth, and it w ill positively bring in new hair OH liald heads by its use, and hair tnal has been insde harsh und is turning gray or falling out, by the use of spirit or other improper prefmratioK, will soon he restored to its natural color and hiilliancy by a few applications of the Kau Lustoil. It is a pieseivative against bildncss, and an infallible cure in all r ,l_ t._ i i ... .1 i c... in* the I'll ling off of the hair Aiid turning grey. i r.v11)v wf..?Nature is an inexhaustible mine, in which etperience and study always find room to cscavme; it is that source alone which produces all that man calls invention and which lie would do belter perhaps to mine adaiitatiou. For sale by Jules Haul, Chemist and Perfumer, Philadelphia. Sold ] w holesale and retail by A. D fct I). H AN DS, Druggists, 100 ballon street, corner ol Hrurv Johnson, 273 Broad- . way; and at retail of A. K. Artault, 119 Broadway} J. B. Jacrptevnod, 415 Broedwwy, New Y?>ra. je 2 -tot * r WILL UlC PAIL) lii ME to any person who will return to my |H>ssession the pipers taken this day from the Athenaeum Hotel, room No. 51, and no questions asked.? I would state that as I hate attested conies or the most impor* j tant ol them their value is preserved, though the originals y would he preferable. And a" they can he of uo use to any OOa < but the owuer 1 trust they will be returned. , 8. K. HARTWRLL, : i it , ? rr 111 t hamhers st. . BO Alt DING.?A gentleman and hi; wila e in !?? accommo* dated with good board, a d a pleasant rooin oil the second floor, nt No. B Ridge street, one door above Grand. Also, a young inin can be accommodated with board by the work < vr da ] I !r r . pAKD.- II WITWKLL'S W XSHLNHTON L J 273 ( litsiiut treet, Philad Ipbia, (two doors above leventh,) having reccniy undergone repair* and improveueuts, ntfria to traveiieis all the quietness and comfort of iomr. with all the luxuries of the seasor. h Baths litted up, cold and wann, for ladies and gentle* r wan. jl 30t*rc n PITCH- 500 bblt ol superior qtial?t).f I Mlf ID ! UJOsro x i , , . ? v k T\ ! ?' ??TT. ] ROBERT BINl LAVR respcrtfnllv inform* his friends and patron*, " The wl)Ob(/OOK,M in esrah'.ishrieut Ion* and fivon >ly k^nwn to the lovers of good living, ( v t? removed on thr I t of May to No. 4 Great Jones street. * lie door ?'ast from *?roadway, where he hope* hy coutitiued ? attention, and \ full mi.,4 Iv of all the deliraciea of the season, o tits: < ??<- 11ic high re, uihjoii maintained hy him at 131 Hou*- ? on street ' The ;?re*?,at location h;?s decided advantages in facility of icctas, airi'.es*, a id interior arrangements; and no pa ns w ill e sp ifil on the pari of the Proprietor to uiakc it in fact the fl ;r*t ??t' Mishinent of the kind in the city. N.B.?P. 8. has uo connection whatever with the old stool c ,i It-in ton srre *t. ^ No. 4 ( ? * Jones street will be henceforth known an " The j Vondcock." * Nr.w Voaa, May 21. IHC jilt insure | }' \ HAT! A HA P! A KiNOI ')\1 FOE \ II \ I Iff T KNOV, No. I2fl Fulton street, it now* selling hisj^* plendnl and unriv Ted vnr'ett of summer Hats sud Caps, no' a lily adapted 'o 'he To, in ?n ! pi?*?ure of the age," but of heads Iso. He a. pi t : bis n*enl and irn mental coverings to the iesd, ???i pnicii I 'g i d t illicit It s, with a proper regnd to r he re i he hump* r" anil w I. ere they should be. So thai all } / vho fhv>r Hih est ' ? ' .t with the?r presence, cannot 'ail to r esui'ed. Ill I r i<M it nr tin* Hiiu, lie gives a Warm I lelcome to bis ens -nris, d by calling nil him, they set ^ heir i'ltercsta in their true liglo jt 7ti<#r | * ~MA HTOKK AM" PAH I OK~l?>. I.UTNO TO LKI-. ! ' .If " deaeriptlow I j UJeL d business The sr< r< i* I2V#'eet 'roiit by W1 fret deep. ** t r> ut ractive and commo,di-g, <md li jirrbeeu finished re* i ? wiring. No persons need apply bu :1 se wh m reference ur , * eenrity is highly responsible. A| p /2 I Greenwich street, j J? ""re ^ | Jr-'t 'I ?) l.l'.'i' K-jr >lo .it .. I. r ini'i li.iiiifV wnrk?ti><p<, ?!?? lh? inl?Unti?l lirr-pi. if .i rc 111 iln* rur "I 2.'iti ami II r**H r'""' M BUKKK, k je2Jt*rtc -4j NatMU ?tt?-et 3?] itury, ?< j J - . 1 .. ? . J CTTT AMP?MMW. OAK* THKATKIC.?Wedneedny Kvenm* Janet, will be 1 I performed the tritely uf the GAMF.STKK? Beverly. Mr. Wheetley; l.ewena, Mr S?ik; Mre. Beverly, Mm Mv ion; Charlotte, Mr*. Abbott To coucluUe Willi tSlAll'SO.\ fc. I.O.?Mr. Simpxin, Mr. C*??; Mr. Bromley Mr Uyolt; Mre. &ini|? <n, Mm. Vernon; Mm. Bromley , Mr?. Abbott. oteatl; Til*) eenwj td*>lery 15 cen.i Door* open ?r 7 o'clock?the rerfiTrnmre will commence BOWI.KV THKAI'ltK.?A Vf'. l o|.,,e"..-n K. S-ntvriee, Ik w M iwrr-Oii M-,. lull* 2. will be performed the trig. dy of I A Til AM ?I riOWAUD?Hwtry VlfL Mr. < '.ark-; JLlMwoad.Ni .... Jjllmruio Howard. Mre. Wilkinww. riiiii Alio will be performed, the Drntn i of THr. DC MB Crlltl. if OtjfoA? sti-pado, Mr. De Bar; Deaperettn. | Jooth: Juliette, Sir*. Booth. /.fit., l'.rvioui lo which Will be presented the r, m.copen. oft e V 1.1*1 Nhi MAID?Bwnf, Mr. He Hw.iy; It ?*ttc, Mrs. Bootli. Uieu Cirflct ^cciiti? I'u and euu i i>our?opti at a* o clurt:. IVflofUi i' i t ?'? 'nwticn u .* ? MK(IIANI< S HALL, 471 DltlMII WAV . beltfern (inuiu and Brooms ntreets. , , . MONDAY, May 31st, and every evening during the week. CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. b Tlie extraordiuarv sueces* &i tending their Concerts, which or a succession of fouiteeu week*. have been crowaed nightly Arith highly rrtprcliblr audiences, and the solicitation* of lumber* of their pitro.j*, hat induced them to fort*go arrangement* made rUr w here. and remain in New Y?>?k FOR ONE WEEK LONUEIL Admission 26 cents. Coucert commences at 8 o'clock. my30 7t*rc ^ AMtu Jl AN MU~4t-UW?I'EKKUK.VIANLES both Alter not)" and Eve on. v. THE ORPHEAN FAMILY. OR KENNEBECK VOCALISTS, The most talectrd and popular Baud ?u A merica are engaged it litis Itonsc, and will givo heir Grand Com erta thisafteruocu ntd evening, at bill-past 3 and a iiuader past II?? clock, when also oilier talented perlotincrs w ill appmr, including the I. hip man Family. Mr.Conover, Miss Julirii, and others l'lte Magnificent Moving D:oram* of the FUNERAL OK NAPOLEON BONAPARTE. \V ill ilao be exhibited at e icli Hid r\? f perfbrOMUH . idmiwiAi* "> jel rc JtJENlIilT OE SIONOK. A. SANUTTUUCO. PALMO'H OPERA HOUSE-Chambers street?Wednesday Evening, June 2?First performance of Rossini's grand opera of SEMIKAMlS-^Srtiiiramis, Signora Birili; Arsace. Signora Pico; Assur, 8ig Ueneventano\ Idrenus, Sig Benedetti; Azzema, Signora Boulard; Oroe, Sig L Martin; Mititnes* Sig Icntttl Opera Books may be hail at the box office. 1st tier of boxes and panpiette. $1; 2d tier, 50 cents. Private boxes for eight ner sous, $12; do for 6 do, $10. Seats cau be secured at tne doi office, from 10 A M. till 4 o'clock P. M. daily. Doors Optfl at half |w?t 7. performance t<? commence at 8 MRS. M ASON'S BENE* I I . rpiIE COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT TO MRS. MAA SON, will tnke place ou the eveuing of Friday, June 4th, at the PARK THEATRE. Tickets can he obtained from any member of the Committee, or at the Box Office?at which place only seats are to he se cured. Boxen ?2?Pit *1 iiimfo'OUvi> n W">- Henry Le Hoy, Hamilton Wilkea, Tho.. Addis Kmrnett, W. E. Laight, Bache McEvers, Robert Knimett, Samuel B. Haggle*, Ogden Hoffman, Robinson. J. I rrscoit Hall, Ueo. Washington boslar, Denning Dner, J. Beekmau Kiulay, J? " J nomaon, Hamuel (Hover, Nath I Bloodgood, John T. Brigliinn, H. Le Roy Newbold, Herman Le Hoy, Robert H. M#rru, Win. E.lirar, Mortimer Livingston, Josenh Blunt, John Stewart, Jr, H. O. Le Roy, Chaa. A. Clinton. Jamea Monroe, ?f?;L 8chnyler, Chaa. L. Livii.g.ton, e u ,!"n'no. Delaucey Kane, Camube" P. White, Henry S. Hoyt, O. Mauran, Aln r Ha mi'tnn, Jr., I arid Austen, Jr., Lewis M. Rutherford, David C. ( olden, Anthony L. Robertiou, I ha* An?. n?via. u> n . m2*) lit*re A AlAHALL GARDEN COM Kil l H.\LOON-On AkWedile-day Evening. June 2 CAMPBELL'S ETIHO- 1 *1 AN OP k R A SERANADEHS. composed of the following irti?t??Me?srs II. Mcstayer, J. P. Carter, Ray tnond, J. Bryml, rml W. Donaldshi?will give a GKA^ D CONCERT of /oral and Instrumental Music, consisting ofSo > *, Solos, Ro- , rains, (.'haunts, Glees, Dances* ike., peculiar to the Southern Slegro. Miss Jennie Rcyuoldsou, the Scotch ballad sinner, is nlao IMRIli Tickets admitting a Gentleman and Ladies, 2b ceuls. | Kree admission to Uarden. in23 if re MASTLJE GARDEN is openrd for the season.?In the ! IV Evening* Concerts of Instrumental Music will he riven >y the Herman Brass Band, under the.direction of Mr. Monk, oiuistins of select! d compositions from Labitzky, Strauss, hanuer, Gutigl, Slraeck, and others, coinmeuciug ou Monday I ie\t. May 21. Intermission of half an hour during the evening for promemading, refreshments, and viewing the Cosmoramas, which 1 lisve been re-arranged. Ad mi sion 12>i cents. Concert commences at I o'clock, m 3 rrc -? NATION 1, A i VDK.'viV OK DESK i.\ -The nsuafin- ' vitutions for Hclmols to visit the Exhibition will be is kiind oil s|i, !ic . ion, itd lri ssed to the Council of the Academy. \ .Mono \\n v> Uiie*d.<vs anil rnd*y* will be appropriated lor ' buvt; a?id J in- Iv/s, Thursdays and Saturdays for girls. By ndtr of ihe Council. JNO. G. CHAPMAN. j2 "f i* *rro Secretary N A. BUO ?I) t> A IHr.ATKE.?Tills rvmblnhmuiit. 110W erecting in Broadway, will b? opened for Dramatic purposes solely, on or about the first of September, nuder the management of (I. II, BARRETT. Persons of acknowledged talent wishina .itiiations for the season, will please address , him (ore-oai'i) at 100 Leonard street. tn3?) tf?c A. MANN, sole Proprietor. AMUSIiRHKNTg KLMKWBKKIC. W / ! NUT STREET THE f.TRE, PHILADELPHIA? ? Third Night ol I) uu?use*Vieuno'hcs?Wed esdayereu- j lug, June 2. the performance will commence with L ALLKMANDK SALON DANtE DE PARIS, I After which the NEW FOOTMAN To he followed by a GRAND POT POURIUE, of ten different national and clnricteristic dinCfts, concluding with a finale hy 48 U-m^euse* Vienuoikcs. To which will be added the comedy of DID YOU EVER SEND YOUR WIFE TO BURLINGTON. The whole to conclude with the PAS DE FLKURS. Performance to commence at C o'clock precisely. PricesOre lust maud private ho* SI; Dress Uircle $1. OPERA HOUSE, UilE.sNUT S I REEI , 'Philadelphia ? Wednesday Evening, June 2 will he presented the onern of LA MJM N AMBULA?Couut Rodolpho, Mr. Krizcr; 1 Klvino, Mr. beguin: Alessio, Mr. W. F. Johnstone; Notary. ! Mr. McGowau: Ainina Mrs. Seguin; Lisa, Mrs. Phillips; Dame Teresa, Mrs. Stickney. Prices? Dress circle ami Parquerto 10 ctats; Family Circle*, Vi certs; Private boxes. $Y Doors open at 7){Vclnek?Co commence at eight o'clock. To morrow Mr. Fraxer's Benefit. HARLEM PARK TROTTING ( or use. ] A PURSE of thirty dollars to eomeoff THURSDAY, June 3d,free for all Trntiiw; Horse, that never won , purse over thiriy dollars. two mile heats, in lioness. Koines to be made at (rrt-eu jit Beviiis', Wedncsd tV, June 2, on or before ten o'clock P.M. II. WOODRUFF. ,ie2 It'rc UNION CUUKSK.L. I.-I'.W I NO AND Tltllf I INti. I M T 11 - 1 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2. at 4 o'clock, P.M. Match for full, between thi' noted horse* Lady Pearl and H. Longfa id, mile heats II. Jonea names .a. in. I.ady Tear), by Clairion, dam, Alice Gray. A Concur nainea b b. Langford, by Langford, dam. Miss ! Vlatty. TROTTINO. Immediately aftrr, purse for CIO. free for hornet that never 1 ivon a purse over t.'iO?mile heata, brat 3 in i, in harness ? enriea locloie at John K. Hnedecort, on or before 3 o'clock: luee or more to make a field. Adrnittion to all pnrti of tbe Courte M cenli. jal Itja Q. SP1CER. , The ANM AI. RFOATTA **?-rjhJCUv?^of the New Vork Club not having VWWv iifaaMifTiTitiai en accomplished veaterday, ' "jitr lake place Una innrniiig nt 10 o'clock preciaely, from ott me 1 ('lob House, Hoboken. The steamer I'.l'HEK A ha* bean provided for the one of the tnetnher* of the Club. She will leave Barclay atreet pier at !l A. M. je2 lt*rc if$!v Uui nr. BHO'J HEMS, it MAair.KsON, No. n,s ,?i*iueii lane, having now completed their arrangement*, beg leave to announce to their friend* and the public, that passages to and from the Old Country can be aecured on the moat teaaonnble tertna. iu lirat claaa packet alnpa, tailing regularly from New Vork and Liverimol. They al?o guarantee that there aliall be no detention, but that emigrant* will be forwarded on presentation of their ticket*. Di*fl? payable on demand on the Royal Bank of Ireland, iud on Me**r>. I'rcscott, Urolc, Auiea St Co., London. iny2j 3?t rc 4*^ KOR BELFAST?i'o sail punctually Ith Jinn? The well kaown Imat aailmg packet ship LETITIA 1 MIMNb HhVN, Captain I'irrie.will sail a* ubuve, her ragu r day. For freight or passage, which will be taken on the lowest erina, pleaae apply on board the ihip fool of ?tre*t, ' irto J. McMURRAY, corner of Pine jeSrc and Honth street*. IMliN I.IM.iill.M ki-.i'HTO AND FROM koHMfVl-l VERPOOL ?The splendid, fiat sailing and fsvorfiHSbMSa'1' Pa' krtslnp MAK.MION.i apt. Kdwarda, will sail torn New Vork, positively, on Friday, June 4th, and from Li- > terpool on tlie 2bth July. Iter accommodations for t aliiu, Sc. "olid Cabin and Steerage passengeis, aie unsurpassed lor com ort anil convenience. Those about proceeding to Europe, or ho*a wialiiug to aentl for tliair frteiida, alMiuld in*kc early ?pdicjtiini on hoard, loot of Peck Mip. or P. W St J T. TAPSt OTT, . je2 'Ire ftti Ho nth street, 2d door lielow Burling Hlip. ArfyAr VVANTEI).?A good veaael to carry ikonl IM tons tf heavy freightto New Orleans. A small one BfifeftC preferred. Apply to ni.'7r V. K COLLIN*. VS Hotith at ev MT-m ".NOTICE?NEW STAOr. ROUTE- , d ti"5--J^ap?k'J'l'C subscribers rc*|>aclfull) inform llicu , soil tbe public that they will com neucc running on Wednesday, June 2, a Line of Huge*, ! rora the corner of Avenue C and Ninth street, through Ave- 1 ue C, Houston street. Bowery, Chatham street ana Broad- I ray, to South Ferry, and do hereby solicit a aliare of public tronnge LENT St III N'T. WU.U.UJ t:. LENT. > ~ A111 11 V , 'I'll K ONLY KKAL < A'l'KKKK ? Tiff, Th? (ircMi-tt Attiaetion Yet?20 Dull Ktncltrt, with ' jtp' from 111 ee to fnor tnnea. AN", over l,(M)0 WiiKina raXS* i mart-a. jii.t imported via Iticmrn, (elected by hie pent* freiri the in .*i#ul?hriited iliitricM of Ktirof r Tlii? rate ty fm k. nz< ai.dJto"11*''. *'oiind on in?p?etion, to r 1 rriae my \ ,rhy MATirrn ? n*bl?*il to ofte r. N. IJ?On ahcw ffl Inryrnf Cockatoo in America. Areliy t ikei thu Pimrtunity tn apprise hit friend* i?t * di?anee, in anticipation of thin lmimrtatton, tint they may arly application. I". H ?Iii e.ineqiienee of the limit* nf hia old eatahliihment, to. 4 John street, he Hi? rented Bramble Cottage, Blooming j ale, nan lint him'a Hotel, for that branch nfh'a Imiioeit not I onnectf,l with limit, tit: Shetland and Kaury Poniee, King Inilrt (*:->iiiel?, Pointert, Itc., and every variety of Fancy : igennt, Bant Door Fowls lie. At n a il, lettera poat paid will at all timet meet with prompt Itention (roin A. CJHIKVR, No. 5 JonO at. I JelH0t*r I ? FlIM svl>.. ?An elegant lamily Horte, (i yeara j I it* ' "*"' ' bright l>av. line form, and Itikte tire, toiind mid I ,12.^ Inrl. wall br ha In inclc anil ilonhlr lumen, uml i utiiiil hi tli' 'frrrt wiihnni fattening, mid tunable fur it phv j cnut. Al l , ? hmily rackiwi^wiih himtM tit litth Milril, 'ill b* nM together i>r Nimratr. M >y h? ?rrn for fe w iliyt lit li.iif ' Hi:?iil ilrtrl, Ytwk jl 7i*r ityjt ki~. H fiSr.Ll.. MAIlilHl dir., hut now ill lilmiin m Hi mrr and elegant collection nf < nierariat, IVW. I <ig niinnn, Rntn,Alalia* mid Rhododendron* in thl* or , .?in- r NMtnr f'Unti mill B..?|iin* for ?ale n' very low price*, at the < axlen. , Irnry ?treet, cennil block from Atlantic ?trcet, near the I nuth Ferry, Brooklyn. N. II. H<a new varieties n| Pelargonium*, Oetieral flcott. | lough and He vlv, Victoria, Watmiigtoma, lie., are perfect emv The whole collection arc new production* raited fi en ted* by W. R. jl Jt*rre J TO TBB LATEST MOMENT. TRLKUKAPHiri IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. The City of Puehla occnpled by the American Troops. .ike. By telegraphic ilcpatrh from KredertcK.burj, wo have later intelligence from VeraC rua It in now Known that Gen Worth hail enter ml the city of Pu.bln on th? ICth of May. without aiiy opposition from tliu Mexican*. Santa Anna was presumed to he in that noLihhorhcvol with a considerable force, and prowling about. further particulars we are prevented fioiu receiving, beoause the lightning had shattered the magnetic ii..-iruuieut In the Philadelphia office. Tilt* Departure of lite llrltuiMila. DotTflw, June 1. 1?4T The mail steamship Britannia left this afternoon fhr Halifax and Liverpool, with semi monthly mall and ninety-six passengers for latter, and eight for former port The mail consisted of about four thousand letters, and newspapers Innumerable. The largest semimonthly mail ever despatched from Boston. One principal reasou why the mail was not more equally divided between this ship and the Washington, also from New York to-day for England, is the exorbitant postage in tho Washington, dumanded by our goverumeut. Aliu.vv, June 1?13 M. The anti-runt convention, which met in this cUt res terday, nominatedtiorace Dresser, of New York, as their fourth candidate for Judge of tho Court of Appaals. Mr. Peckhaiu, the democrat!# rundidnto for District Attorney of Hi 1? oounty, has declined. ?? TIIM HAIUi. ^Tucra. , _?."s 4k.?Tairs in Vt/raauiirtouWashisutoii, May 50, 1547 Our Diplomatic Relatione with Home - Light Cavclry? The (tuerilla Syi/sia?Jldvantc on San Lull Po.'o?i. Well Informed persons, lately arrived from Europe confidently report that the Pope Una determined opoa opening diplomatic relatione with our government. The temporal sovereign of two millions of people, he haa a* undoubted right to employ a representative to reelde near our government, to attend to the Interest# of the pontifical states. The necessity for opening diploma tie relatione with other nntiona, will be doubtle## increased by tho effect of the new and enlarged policy pursued by the present pontiff, whose design appears to be, amoag Other wise schemes, to put the commercial Interests of his country on a solid basis. There Is no doubt the advances of the Pope to tho establishment of dlplomatla intercourse between tho two countries, would be eor>dialty received by our government. In this country bo has tho warmest sympathy in his noble efforts or tha uravlioratl n of the condition of his subjects, it flanoe of tho all-powerful opposition of despotic Austria Tha very best results to this country, and the pontifical States, would follow the establishment of official relations between them. The absurd prejudices, which, since tho reformation, have restrained the English go- . vemmont from holding diplomatic intercourse with Rome, do not obtain in our country. America is not, as has been erroneously asserted on a late occasion, a protectant country. It would not he more absurd to call It a caiuoiiG country, .mi uenouu nation in in mo ascendant. nor ever will l>e. There is, therefore, no bar to our intercourse with Homo, The regiment of light eavalry now on its way to the seat of war, is just the species of force adapted to Oene* ral Pcott's present emergency. They will keep open the communication from Vera Cms to Head Quarters, and protect the trains on their way to the main body of the army. If Congress had earlier autnorised the organization of the ten regiments, the communication between Matamoras and Monterey weuld never have s?f ferod a day's Interruption. Tho cavalry regiment ts made up of as good materirl ns any in the army, regular or volunteer. Among its company ofiloers are some of the most accomplished military men in the United States. Among these is Captain Duff. whose military skill and experience us a cavalry officer. renduriilm tit as uny man in the service for the commsud of a regiment. Light cavalry is an arm of the service from the absence of which has proceeded much of the embarrassmeut of General Taylor. To the sumo cause mav be attributed the successful attacks of the enemy on our trains, and on the stragglers from the camp, who have from time to time been cut oil by the stealthy band of the assassin. There is no truth In the statement that the gueftile system adopted by the Mexicans will also be adopted b us. We arc strong enough to forbear from its use. Our light cavalry will cliar the roads of the guerillas, bat it is beneath us to pursue their murderous system of picking off men singly or in small parties, when not strong enuugh to resist us. A dignified retaliation, recognised by the laws of warfare, will be inflicted?but the knife and the lnsso are not for us. At the same time, means will, of course, bo adopted for breaking up those bands of cut-throats and marauders?the Mexican guerillas have not yet risen abovo that character. I sco it stated that General Taylor will not bo suffered to proceed to Nan Luis Totosi. His delay will be bat temporary. The dispositions already made by the War Department, will place under his command thirteen thousand troops before the middle of July, and by tbe same time, General Scott will have at his disposal twenty thousand. General Taylor lias dissuaded the administration from sending the army into the Interior by way of San Luis Potosl, as, he says, it Is of no manner of use. Mr. Marcy has allowed him a large discretion since the commencement of the war; but as it was long in contemplation, Indeed from the beginning, to invade Mexico from two points?Matumorns and Vera Urui?end as General Taylor has since expressed his willlnfvieee, and even [iin ucsireio auvanre, mo expedition nan not Mn abandoned It will bo commenced an soon a* practiea ble. OAl-VIENSH Washiwotow, May 31, 1847 T/iingt in the Capital, W? took n look Into tlm department* this morning, but found nothing worth eotntuunieatlng. Many of tha clerk* were receiving their pay. In gold and sliver. On* of them, a few momenta afterward*, stepped ovar into a lottery ofllce and purcbaaed lararal ticket*, to try hta i luck. Around tho Treaaury Department wer* hawk*, or constable*, ready to pounce upon clorical debtor*. It 1* a nuisance and a disgrace to thn Government to retain men who have to be hunted up on tha last or first day of every month to satisfy creditor*. In fact, w* know of Individual* who lived within tha bound* of their incomes, a* mechanics, but who, a* clerks, find their salaries inadequate to their support. The only rvmedy, In such cases, is to go back to their former occupations As to Mexican matters, see are becoming weary of them Roth parties are anxious for peac*. You must pray that it may soon result. The lion. Alexander Ramsey, a member of tha last House of Representatives, is already a candidate for the office of clerk of the House. He is whig to the backbone, and stands im good a chance ol election as Nathan .Snrgant, M St. h Ur< larke. Major t rench, or any othar whose names may be presented. H The President * North Carolina Visit. lUir.K.M, N. C., Saturday, May ao, 1347 The President and his compauy. arrived in this " city of oaks," this evening, at half past flvs. Our lost brief sketch brought all hands up to Oaston. ou the Koanoke near the dividing line between North Carolina and Virginia. tor til A alw,l. .1.. .1 .n.r, mil., .till. wood and watering atatlona, tlie Prealdent haa had to go out and shake hnnda with a multitude of the farming interest, renowned for ineir powerful grip ; ami nt din ner, at one of these stopping place*, he waa nearlv suffooated by the pressure of the throng. The people of Kaleigli received him and the Secretary of the Nary, and company, with military honor*; and after racorting them around the town, and around the capitol, they were landed at the Ragle Hotel, In the portico of which. Mr Green, of Chapel Hill University. In a regular speech, tendered the President and fecieury the honora of their Jllma Mnttr, to which speeah the Prealdent haTing fellcltoualy responded. the people dispersed. and the military were dismissed To-night the main front of the capitol, and the main trcet of the city, through tta whole extent, are hril liantly Illuminated. Tlie President ia holding a levee in the eapltol us we write and M r? P..1U .......i, I.... f-i _.i? v.....I i iov Brunch, lion. I!, A. Ilaralcnn nfOcorfla. Rev. Mr Stanley. U. M. A , ll?in J Jl II Daniel. Major Oreeu, (brother of (len T J tireen) and others are among the numerou* visiter* to thi* city in the wood* Mr llarajHon in on hi* way to Went Point, n* one or the vi?it<*r? porty-elght hour* withont repo*e rut short nor cah illation* to-ni(tht In our next, we shall endeavor to give a statement of the whole trip. Incident*, parade*. ?pc*rhe*. committee*, dinner*, cupper*, *tran( character*, a* that will, we truat. he highly acceptable We r**t here a day or two. and the President Mp'1-*1 to be wittt hi* party in Washington next Saturday *re

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