Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1847 Page 3
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fete file TtbUt Baaot dun tk* otf<rt ud [Boat approved article now in ux, having been before tbe public Tor tlt? imc tlurty yean, can ha hail wholcaala and ratatl at 'he subscribers. The public aud strangers are invited to call aud riiiuu* the variuua patterns. (i. SAUNDERS k SON, 177 Broadway, ' (a few door* chore Corllsuidt street.) Patent AlrtluM Cblp and Wood Uaker_.AU who are in want ul a Summer Baker are invited Ijo call aud exannua Coit k Carman'* Patent. It will stand iu the lire-plaee and make no .in It i* intended to huru chip* i* wood on the air-tiaht principle, nuking a caving of half the fuel used in any 1 u.hrr.^N ou cau hake, boil aud fry at the umt time, it having all the advantage* of a modern cook stove It i I warranted iu all casei to hike. The public are invited to ca|l and ttamiue 1 the arto le? brlore purchasing eUevahere. Sold wholesale nnd , retail by N.COKT. .0" Bowery, New Vork jj 3t Or. Wood's dartaparllla and VP lid Cherry Bittkhs.?Among the great variety of medicines which are coutiuually couiiug before the puhlic, there haa none found a I inore extensive u?e, in cases of Scrofula, Dyspepsia, Liver Cnmplai<.r, ( ostneuess, Morbid iluinors, and other imimrity of blood, ilwu the above i>?i>u 1 ir remedy. Bv llie operation of I ilieone. the morbid action i? cluuuod, while by that of the j other the irritation is allayed, and tone mid vi|p>r imparted to the debilt'.ited parts. Sold, *? liolesale and retail, by VVYATT . & KKTCHUM, 121 Kuiton street: at 192 Broadway;311 Bleeker street; N. St J W. Smith, corner Fulton and Cranbury atreeU, Brooklyn. jel 3teod ] The Married Wuman'i Private Medical I Companion?By Dr. A M .Mnurtresu, ProfeMor of Diseases i ?f Women. Second editiou. PlicaII. Tin* Krt-it demand for tliia inoat important work (of which ' thousands are sold) has compelled the issue of a new edition. , F.y. ry IV male ... gettwit a copy, whether married or uumairied. For eile at 222 Broadway, under the American Museum: 205 ' Broadway, and by Dr A. M. Mauricesu. at his Medical Office. ( ]'C9 Liberty street. New York: also. Zciber It Co., comer of Cln anut and Third ata., Philadelphia. On the receipt of SI, a copy will be transmitted by mail (free . of postage) to all parts of the United States. jl 3t The Wlgi and Seal pa manufactured by ' Ba'chelor are ccrtaiuly the greatest invention of the age. They ire so perfectly natural in appearance, that it is impoasi** j Ill's to detect them. We would recommend all persons w isli- . ion the best wi|a or touiwes, to call at Batchelor's, No. 2 1 Wall street, near Brsadwav. where tliev can alwavshasure . to tiiul a Urwe assortment^ and also Batclielor'i instantaneous luitinl nir Dye, for changing red or grey hair, without injury ' to tlie hair UI kltiu. , Ship Fever Is breaking out In different porta I of the city, Persons that are debilitated, and have poor blood, j appear Iu be most subject to the disease; all such persons h oild not neglect to cleanse aud strengthen the system. 'I he 1 very best remedy is Doetor Towusend s Sarsuparilla. It has be jo tested in thousands of cases, and never known to fail.? 'i'lir Kxirnct is put up in quart bottles, is six times cheaper, 1 lleasanter, and warranted superior to any sold. It cures w ith- . out sic ken tug, purging or vomiting, or debilitating the patient. Principal ollice 126 Kulton it l)agurrrcotypes. \Ve understand that a re- j cent improvement has been made in the mode of operating by f the Ijagin-ireorype process, which will require a sitting of s only live seconds, instead of thirty, to produce a line picture, | which eutircly overcomes the rigid aud grave expression which even a sitting of thirty seconds is apt to produce. One j other advantage is, that small children that can be kept quiet for two or three seconds, can be taken with perfect ease. We r learu Mr. Butler, of the Plumbic National DAOur.ithian, No. 2S1 Brond?ay, that this is the result of a long series of exeriments to which he hss given his personal attention. We hope that it may yield him a full reward.? Courier. Tlie Baby .lumper Jit vented by Mr. G. W. Tut'le, 311 Broadway, bei.,g introduced into general use arrangements have been made bv him with Mr. Chas. Unndyear, for ilie exclusive right to use his Patent India Rubber Gum, for the manufacture of the elastics. This will enable hitn to devote much care aud attention to producing a superior ] article, at the mew reasonable prices. The Boston Medical nnd Nurgo al Journnl,with oilier eminent works, have awarded Mr. Tujtle great praise for his ingenious invention; bv which the am illeat child in placed in an easy-position, when it*.natural impel* is sufficient to (tire it that delightful motion so healthfnl and pleasant to them. Navigation of tlie Ohio River. Placet. Time. State oj River. I Wheeling May 18. . .4 feet; falling. Louisville May 28. . .4 feet 4 in.; declining. Cincinnati.. May 29. . .6 feet; standing, Pittsburg May 21. . .3 feet 2 inches; falling. ^ MONEY MARKET. ' Wednesday, Jane 2?0 P. M. There was very little alteration in quotations for stooks to-day. At the lirst board Ohio 6>s wont up % per cent. Long Island Treasury Notes, Farmers' Loan, Morris Canal, North Ainerioau Trust, and Canton, closed lirm f at yesterdays' prices. Reading Bonds fell off >?, and Read- t ing RR ih? per cent. t At the second board the transactions were very limit- i ed, and prices about the same as those current in the > morning. a The receipts of the Erie Railroad company for May, t were (19,909 03, against $14,703 26 for the corresponding c month last year, showing an Increase of $4,906,37, equal I to thirty-three per cent. r The value of merchandise imported into, and export- f ed from this district for tho month of May this year, g and for the corresponding period last, was as annexed: l Commerce or the Port or New Yore?Imports aro i Exports, May, 1847. Imports. ' May I84ii. 1817. . Free Goods 1,300,751 738,755 Dec. 561 996 , Dutiable Goods 4.IG0.3C0 6,868 201 Inc. 1,707,901 I Total Merchandize.. . $5,401,1 It 6,007,016 Iuc $1,115,905 " Hpecie 27,280 1,326,698 Inc. 1,299,412 ? Totals $5,488,397 7,933,714 Inc. 2,445,317 I . Ex-ports. May 1846. 1847. Increase. Domestic .Merchandize, 2,529.096 3,073,393 1,144,297 Foreign " free, 85,850 97,711 11,861 " dutiable. 208 562 230.760 22.198 $2,823,508 4.001 361 Inc. 1,178.350 Specie 291,041 158 000 Dec. 133,04 1 Total export $3,114,549 4,159.861 Inc. 1.045,315 'iota! import 5,488,397 7,933.714 Inc. 2,445 3'7 Excess oi imp.overexp $2,373,848 3,773,850 1,400.082 The importation of foreign merchandize in May. this year.was about twenty per cent larger than for the same mouth last. The Increase has been confined entirely to \ dutiable goods. The duties on the imports for the month this year, were $1,467,172, against $1,268,952 for the P name (uuiibu iu icitu, ruuwiug an increase oi ^I9.r;u ^ this year. Tin increase in duties was equal to about gi fourteen pur cunt, wbile the increase iu dutiable imports 1 was about forty-two per cent, showing a decrease in the |[ average per cent. n Among the exports from this port for the month of May * to Great Britain and Ireland, were 39.869 barrels flour; * 21,141 bushels wheat; 61,773 barrels meal; 434,760 bushels corn; 53.314 bushels oats; 34.102 bushels rye; A 35.S1I7 bushels barley. J* I We are authorised to stato that it is utterly untrue 6i that any injunction has been issued ugainst the New S York and Harlem 11 abroad Company. It is true that a || stock jobbing bill was filed by a broker, who was not t< even a stockholder, asking for an induction, but laying n no foundation which could entitle him to such a pro- u cess, and which, from the publications which followed, b wxs evidently intended solely for the stock market. 1 The company is now in a more prosperous condition than at any previous period. With a road running 64 a miles from the city through a most populous and fruitful region of country, abounding in all the supplios most ^ wonted by the city; it has now reached a point which " ??v ucouttuio ouu uoarcov cummuDira* ti tlon from the richest part of Dutchess county, the whole interior of Putnam, and the western part of Connecticut ns far cut as Danbury, Ridgefield, and the adjaount 'j towns, from ail which points lines of stages are already VI formed to the railroad. y 'Plic receipts of the Company last year were upwards ? of $1 S3,000, upon the road to White Plains, twenty-seven {j miles. out of which $1C0,G00 of profits were invested in the extension of the road; and those who are most con- ^ vcrsntit with the progress of the road, and the resources |(| of the surrouuding country, estimate the receipts of the le road, from Somers, 64 miles, at over $300,600 per annum. a 'J'hn new road from White Plains has cost the company ' over $670,000, and is not surpassed by any road in the It country, and the company has completely relald the ? double track to Harlem with heavy II rail, and repaired the residue of the road, which is also laid with heavy II di rail; aud the arrangements are now in progress to double ?' the track from Harlem River to a point one mile and )(] sixty chains north of Williams Bridge, where the New hi Haven Road is to unite with the Harlem. The company has, so far, complied with all the requi- 2S sltious ot their charter; and we have been favored with the perusal of tho original certificate of the Comptroller ui mo Buvnmg uiu ui ouiun iuu luuuwing r>t is a copy T Comptroller's Orricr., ) Alrant, May 31, 1847. $ * I heroby certify that the Now Vork and Harlem Hallroad Company have thin day rendered satisfactory "" oiicliiT-i of tho expenditure of more than Ave hundred w thousand dollar* In the construction of their road from It* termination at White Plain* pursuant to aectlon 3 ce of chapter 333 of the law* of 1845. and that an abstract el of said voucher* ha* been tiled in thl* office. a' In tcxtimony whereof I have hereunto sub- ?' ( ) scribed luy name, and caused the seal of my J L' < ofllc* to be hereunto affixed on the day above written. it A. C. FLAGO, Comptroller. It 1* believed that nothing can now retard the progress pJ of tbl* road. It Is in the hands of efficient, actlva, and wealthy men, who are perfectly aware of the advan- m tages it possesses over every other road leading to this f0 'city, and who are resolved to push II, forward withont ti delay to its terminus at Albany. It may not be amiss hi to state that the whole distance to be constructed be- ^ tween Homer* and Chatham (whore It may connect, If ol the Board should think proper, with the Albany and '-M West Stockbrldge Road), In only seventy miles, through a country better adapted to construct a good road than 7 almost any other in our State, and to which point the 81 road can be completed by the fall of 1848. 1 IIm mun VIM- I IIIQOUH COmpAlltlUn Or etcam bottty ami tow boati, an ran pay ton per cont upon the Inveetment by It* way Irngbt and paasengere alone. H(l The Harlem Company will actually make their road what the Hudaon Klyer < ompany hare promittd to make ?ti (Mr J}) The fioiton money market le repreeented aa being de- ot I s1./: oldedly easy. and daily improving Capital waa pUnty, at 1m* than the legal rata* of Intereet, on Aret rate seouritlee. The bauka weie in the market for loan* at (ix per cent, but good abort builnaae paper waa aoaroe, and fancy atoeka And very little favor with eaatern banka and oapitaliata. haatern railroad atoeka for inveatment were firm, and the preeent advanced ratea. Bank atoeka were not In favor. It la alao stated that a heavy amount of atate atooka, bald In London, have been purchaaed for American account, and brought home. They have paid a profit, and are a saving in the way of exchange. The atockholdera of the Lancaater Bank of Maaaaehuiett?, have acoepted the act of the laat legislature, auLhorialng them to increaae their capital from $100,000 or j>r^o,uou TUo directors have declared a dividend of nine per cunt, payable June lit, from the lurplus proIts. The additional capital waa to have been paid in, June 1. The Karmers' and Merehanta' Bank of Memphla, Tenn laa been run upon for specie, to the amount of from fifty .o sixty thousand dollars. The cause of the run was the return of some protested checks drawn by the bank upon a Philadelphia institution, and the bauk not opening its lours on the morning after until an hour after its usual ',ime. The protested checks were promptly paid, and (very bill presented redeemed. The cause of the checks being protested in Philadelphia, was that the bank in that city did not receive such paper to discount from the Karmcri' and Merchants' Bank as it expected to receive, when authority was flven to oheck. The amount of checks was very trifling, ,?t J..- U ? * dhwwivuw jnwuiivv nu ?uiivui'ai, i ne solvency >f the Farmers'and Merchants' Bank ia not generally questioned In Meinphla. but whether it can sustain itself igainat a heavy run, is very doubtful. Very few of the >anking institutions of the country can stand for any ength of time an unexpected run for specie from its bill lelders. The assets of the above named bank are large, ire dally maturing, and are deemed ample under all ordiiary exigencies to meet the liabilities promptly and in till. Stock Bxclxsuigc. JjOO Treas'y Notes 6's 104 V 140 shs Morris t'anals6ms IS 0000 do tCmi 104'4 100 do ?12ms IS 0000 do *3ds 41V 100 do il2mi 17 J000 IVnii's S's >60 77>, 28 Utica (k Schenectady 126 V 12000 do 71 300 Reading RR ill 47 V 0000 do s4ms 77V 40 do 47 jZ 1000 City 5'? 10 9434 300 Nor fk Wor 403, 0100 Ohio 6's '60 101?? 140 do >20 40V 2000 Ohio 7's 10334 24 do 4034 1000 Indiana Bonds 42 40 Erie RR full 60 V 4000 Reading Bonds 72V 140 Long Island s3 27 40(10 do SCO 7274 140 do b3 27 3000 do 73 100 do 2774 10 shs Manhattan Bank 9174 900 Harlem 46'4 40 Farmers' Trust 33?? 140 do 46V 100 do blO 33V 200 do s3 46V 40 do b 14 337k '40 do nw 46V 140 do 337k 300 do b3 46V 40 Morris Canal s4ins 18 40 do b60 46V Second Board. 11000 III Sp'l Bonds 43 40 shs Farmers' Loan 3374 4000 Penn'a 4's 24th June 77V 40 Illinois State Bank 14 40 shs Farmers' Loan 33V 40 Harlem RR 4474 140 do s3 37.V 100 Long Island b30 27 V 100 do s60 33V 200 do sS 27 V 240 do s60 33 V 40 do b30 2734 240 do - s3 33V 40 do b30 2734 40 do 3374 New Stock Exchange. unnn T.... \J~.? ... hi/ ?? 1 ? irj .w.j7. jji sm nut ot v* or caan aov 2000 do b3 105V 23 do 1)60 60V 26 aha Canton blSafop 37V 100 do b3 60S 26 do bl5afop 37W 50 Harlem RR reg 56 V 60 do bSafop 37>2 60 do 56K 25 Nor & Wor 1)20 60V ;.o do caah 66 V 25 do b20 60V 60 Earners' Loan a3 33V 25 do b30 50*4 60 do a30 33V 25 do b3 60,S 60 Reading RR a3 57V CITY TRADE REPORT. New York, Wedkkidat Afternoon, June 3. The four days' later news brought by the Rainbow, 'rom Liverpool, had the effect of stiffening the prices of | >readstuffs, and of depressing the cetton market. In be forenoon flour opened at $8 3d; sales were then uade more freely at $8 37V, and flnallv closed durino. change at $8 60 a 8 02%, including chiefly Michigan nd Genesee brands. Wheat was Arm, and sales of Gelesee made at $'2 12%. Home holders, for a good artl:le, demanded $3 35. Corn was also firmer, and sales of Northern yellow made at 112% a 114 and 116u. Sales of nixed were made at 108c. Rye was scarce, and held at irmcr rates. R,ver oats sold at 66o. The news gave reater firmness to rice, and sales were made at about 2%c. advance. Provisions were firm, and a sale of new ncss pork was reported at $16 75; a sale of new prime ras made at $14, and of old mess at $16. A sale of lard ras made in tierces at 10c. The receipts of butter were arger, and Orange county oould be bought for 16 a 18c, nd Western dairy at 14 a 17c. Groceries were inactive, ind sales light. Aihki?We report sales of 300 barrels pots at $4 75; earls were inactive at $6 37%. Bkkswax?Hales of 2500 pounds prime northern yellow rere made at 25c. Boots and Siioks.?The manufacturers are demandng higher prices on new contracts, which has caused ouiething of a stir among the dealers, and holders are ;enerally more firm in prices. The scarcity and high rice of leather, together with the high price of food, has perated unfavorably upon the boot and shoe manufacurers where contracts had been entered into before the is? in leather and food. As the consumption of boots nd shoes will be enlarged this year, there oan be but ittle doubt but that higher prices will be realised and ustaiued. BacADSTurrs?Floui?During the forenoon the maret opened at $8 25, and advanced to $8 37%, and eacbed by the meeting of change $8 60, at which rices, about 16,000 to 18,000 barrels were sold, oonsist}g chiefly of Michigan and Genesee, with some mixed rands of the former ; 1,000 barrels Ohio and Genesee 3ld at $8 56 %; 1000 do Genesee at the same price ; .(MM) do do, sold at $8 62%; 1,000 do sold, to arrive in ulv. at $8 12% ; 4000 do, to arrive in August, at $7 76 ; nd 3,000 do, to arrivo for September, at $7 50. The larket for fair Genesee on the spot closed tolerably firm t $8 60 a 8 62%. Wheat? Genesee in band was held at 2 25. We report sales, however, of several separate arcels, in all about 4 a 60(H) bushels, at $2 12%. Corn -Sales of y. How and mixed were made at an advance. ,bout 12 a 15,000 bushels northern yellow sold at 115c, icludiug a cargo in the slip ; 16 a 18,000 bushels northrn yellow sold at 112%c; and 0 a 10.000 do at 114 cents; 1)00 do. sold to arrive in August, at 102c. Corn Meat? ales of 870 bbls were made at $5 37%; 600 do. at $6 26. , small sale of 2 a 300 do. was reported to havo been lade at $5 60, and 2000 do. were reported sold on private jrms. Oats?Sales of 2700 bushels North River were tade at 06c. Rye?The article was scarce, and price ncertain. Receipts down the Hudson, June 1st?Flour. 31,908 bis; Corn Meal, 100 do; Corn, 16.100 bushels; Wheat, 3.300 do; Rye. 800 do. Cofrr.r.?Hales were light, without material alteration i prices; 190 bags Rio, damaged, sold by auction at 5% 6c. cash. Cottow?The arrival of the Hibernla being so near at and. the news per Rainbow has prevented operations in ills article. We oould not bear of any parcels sold at iss than the previous rates, and but little at that. We, berefore, continue our quotations. LlVKHroOLCLASSinCATIOW. New Orleans Uplands. Florida. Mob. d Texas lferior none, none none. none, none none. 'rdiiiary 11 It U 11% U 11% liddling 11% 11% 11% 11% 11% 11% oori Middling 11% 11% 11% 11% 11% 12 liddlmg Fair 11% 12 12',, 12% 12% 12% air 12% 12% 12% 13 13 13 ulli' Fair... 13 13% none. none. !3% 13% oou Fair 13% 13% none. none. 13% M iue none. none. none. none. now. none Fish?The market was very firm. Yesterday and tony, the sales of old and new Cod reached about 2500 lintals; the old sold at $3 87%. and the new at $3 94, living none unsold utloat. Mackerel also continued firm; bout 600 bbls Massachusetts were sold at $10 76 for No. and at $7 50 for No. 2. FaiTIT?Ahftllt -MM) )m*n* hiinoh T1??.1,1 - ,,E 10c; 1/iOO boxes Oranges were sold by auction at $2 .00 he sale of Lemons was stopped after 300 boxes had sen sold at $3 62)? IlsMr.?We have only to report SO bale* American sw rotted on private terms; 100 bales of Manilla sold t $280 per ton Ikdioo.?About 300 ceroons were afloat, which was beig placed in store, but no price named at which it was did. Lead w s nominal at $4 SO. Molasses.?Beyond SO to 60 bbls of Florida at 20 a Ic , we heard no sales of importance. Naval Storks.?The market was iuactire.and dealers emed to be walling,for the steamer'a news. Oils.?Hales of Fuglish linseed were made at 63c., and ' 7 to 800 gallons American, city pressed, at 6,ic. cash here was no change in whale or sperm. Provisions.?Sales of I to 200 bbls. new mess pork ere made at $16 76; 100 do, new prime. $14; 200 do, d mess, at $16. Beef continued ilrin; 60 hlids. pickled loulders and hams sold atOXc. a 8>*c.; small sales also ere reported at 7e a 0c. Lard?Sales of 100 tierces were made at 10c. The reitpts of butter were large, and attended with some deine; Orange county fresh, could be had at 16c. a l*c , id Western dairy at 14c. a 17c. The receipts of new lease were light, and sold at 7c. a 8c. Hick?Sales of 200 tierces of fair to good were made at i 12K a $6 36, which showed an advance of IdJic. per 10 lbs. Tallow?No change Twine?Sales of 80 hales of India were made at 10)<o. ish. Whalebone?Considerable sales were said to be aking on private terms, supposed to be at about 27c. r north west. I w i"?t?A fait) or t ort ana Madeira were made hy aucon to-day. 4 qr. casks of 1'ort, of 1844, eotd at A4c.; 9 tide, and 17 qr. casks London, imported I848, at A7c ; IS qr. casks do., at die. a 84c., including 20 In brls ' I qr. caeka do, Tory heavy, at 01c ; 1 pipe and 30 bhda. d Port at 62o. a 87c ; '22 do., very fine, at 71c. a 72c ; I qr. casks, part superior pure juice, at 72)<e. a 75c.: qr. casks and 40 Indian brla. old do.. London House. at ' io. a H6e j 9 lihd*. do. at 85c.: 50 qr. casks do atOoc.; half pipes and ft qr. eke pure London Madeira, at #8c.; i qr. <'.iaka and Indigo brie. Malmeey Port at 88c.; 4 qr < take and 15 Indian brla. Lacryma rhrietl Malmsey at ' io.; 109 make Madeira, per Douglas Dec 1844. at 48c. 1 WmsKrv?Sales of 100 brla. were reported at 33c., and K) do. at 34o. *,Vool?Domeetic, of nearly all kinds, was inactive, ilea of 80.000 lbs. of Valparaleo (South America) were J Id on private term*. 1 KnsioHTi.?Rate* w#tc nominal to all point*, and tippers seemed to be waiting the receipt of the Hibera's news. A British vessel, it was said, offered to take >ur at 2s to Liverpool, without obtaining it. We heard no engagement*to Liverpool or London. Ti*i at Al-ctiow?Imported In tb* berk Oreften Tsnas Not? At aiz months. Hyson?10 double cheats at Sleets per lb; 10 do SI; 10 double half cheats 68; 37 ebeets 61; 10 do 47K: 10 <1? 40X; 76 do 46; 93 do 4&K; 43 do 4?X\ 118 do 43; 87 half cheats 40 Young Hyson?18 half chesU 74; 68 double do 73X; 60 half chests 40; 16 do 48*; 111 do 48; 30 do 4"X; 40 do 46X; 80 do 46){; 101 do and SO 61b boxes 46; 76 do and 93 half cheats 44; 160 do and 76 61b boxes 43X; 60 do and 96 half chests 43; 36 do 43.K; 66 do 43; 360 131b boxes 41; 113 half cheats 38*, 498 do 36; 63 do 34*; 63 do 34; 433 do S3*; 331 do 83; 31 do 33*; 130 do withdrawn. Hyson Sklu?33 nhests 34; 70 do 38*; 14 do 36*; 60 do 34. Twankay?30 chests and 16 half do 34; 140 do 33)4. Hyson Twankay?47 half cheats 33 Uunpowder?30 half cheats 70*; 19 do 68; 10 do and 17 Cases 63*; 16 half chests 60; 8 do and 300 61b boxes 64; 300 131b boxes 63*; 33 half chests 63; 60 do 61; 300 61b boxes 47; 31 half chesU and 100 13lb boxes 4J: 30 half chests 40; 70 171b boxes 18*; 100 131b boxes withdrawn. Imperial*?37 half chests 66; 17 cases 61*; 10 hf chests 60; 18do 69; 3 do 64; 46 do.300 131b boxes and 300 61b do oa*; /inchests 53:300 13lb'boxcs and 300 01b do44K; 45 171b do 36. Klowery I'ekoe?36 chests 30>?. I'ekoe 39 chests 18K; 70 do 17. N'lngyong Souchong? io hf chests 34; 610 do 33)i; 361 do aud 136 301b boxes 33; 60 hf cheats,488 161b boxes and 338 301b do withdrawu. Koku Oolong?100 hf chests 35>i, 103 do 33>?; 60 do 33; 60 71b bxs 31; 80 do withdrawn. Souchong-03 hf chests 33K; 370 do 33; 100 do 30; 313 do withdrawn. Orange Pekoe? 38 hf chests 17>{; 90 do withdrawn. Supoy i'ouchong?16 half chests 33>?; 106 chests withdrawn. Pouchong?39 chests 30>{; 43 do 33; 43 do 33>{. TELEGRAPHIC. Markets. New Obleans, May 30. The market for cotton was heavy to-day, with rather light sales. Breadstuff*, were steady, and sales of a few thousand barrels of Ohio, and other Western brands, were made at $0 76 a S 0 87 X. The sales of wheat amounted to 40,000 bushels at $1 35 a 1 33. Corn continued to move pretty freely, and sales reached about 10.000 bushels,at 63c for ordinary mixed a 80c for yellow. Sugar continued to be inactive. Baltimohc, June 2, P. M. The now* brought by the Rainbow reached us by telegraph last night, which to-day gave Increased firmness to all kinds of breadstuifs. Flour.?Howard street was hold firm at $9. without sales of importance, however, being effected. Wheat was also held at an advance, and we quote Maryland and Pennsylvania red at 200 a 204c. Corn was, also, held at higher rates. For white 104o, and for sound good yellow 110c was demanded. Corn Meal was very firm at $5 3ft. stocks of which oontinue light. Sales were generally rather limited, as dealers wero waiting for further news by mail. Boston, June 2?p. M. The four days later news, brought by the Rainbow,from Liverpool, was reoeived here last night by telegraph, and to-day had the effect of imparting increased firmness to our market for breadstuffs. Mlohigan and Genesee brand* were held Arm at $8 60 a $8 62.X; Southern scarce and In demand at $9. Corn was firm, and Southern win worth 100 a 108c.; Northern yellow we quote at 1'20 a 122o. at the depot. Sugar was dull and sale* light. Sales of linseed oil, English, were made at 61 a 03c., cash. Cotton was depressed by the Rainbow's news, and transactions were very small. Dealers seemed to prefer waiting for the Hlbernla's news. 9 r. M.?No news of the steamer to this hour. [Telegraphlo Cor. of the Philadelphia Bulletin.] Pitt tauiniii, June 2?12 M. There are seven feet two inches water in the phannul to-day, and rising. Sales 1000 bbls flour at $6 37 a $6 60, and buyers are moro numerous than sellerB at these quotations. There seems an inclination towards a heavy speculative demand, more from a general excitement of the market than any well grounded causes. Sales 6000 bushels prime white corn at 40 to 41 cents. Sales pet ashes at $4 26. Sales of beef cattle, on hoof, per 100 lbs, $6 to $6 60, the markets closing heavy, and prices rather tending downwards. The weather has cleared off delightfully, and our business men are looking to the arrival of tne steamer with great anxiety. The news by tho Rainbow, received through telegraph this morning, has had a general favorable effect, though we much miss the quotations for provisions. Died. On the 2d inst., Mrs. Euzaheth, wife of Henry Connolly, in tne 20th year of her age. Her friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to at.tnnri h?r fnnnrnl ? + 91^ #*?*!*** lw KJ- ' * ?? ... u/s v viuur tuipunj, iruio iiur late residence, corner of Greenwich and Charles streets. June 1st, Sarah Elizabeth, only daughter of James and Hannah Davis. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfullv invited to attend her funeral, from the residence of her father, 67 First street,at 4 o'clock this afternoon. On Tuesday, the tst inst., Mrs. Eleanor Phillips, wife of Robert ThiUips, aged 62 years, 9 months, and 9 days. The fHcnds of the family, and those of her son, A. A. Phillips, are invited to attend her funeral, from her late residence, No. 161 Madison street, this (Thursday) afternoon at a o'clock. In West Waterville, (Me.,) Thomas Stevens, ft soldier of the II evolution, aged 89 years and 'J months, formerly of Boothbay. In Readtield, Persis, relict of the late Samuel Mayhew, formerly of Martha's Vineyard. Mass., aged 92. In Phillips, (Conn ,) on the 17th ult., John Clouuh, a Revolutionary pensioner, aged 87. Democratic whig meeting?the whigs of this city are requested lo assemble at the Apollo Rooms, No 4to Broadway, near Canal street on Thursday Evening, the 3d instant, at 8 o'clock, to respond to the nominations for Judicial OIBcna. JOHN W. LATSuN, Chairman Committee of Arrangements. E D. HAlL, Secretary. j3 It"r Major general zachahy tavlor?a correct likeness of " Hough and Ready," drawn finm hie, by an officer in Gen. Taylor s stair. Engraved and published by 8AMUL, P. AVERY, 129 Kulton street, |N. Y.Price 12yi cen'a. 1 his it the cheapest at well as the most correct portrait extant; lor the truth of this assertion the publisher submits to the public the following overwhelming proofs. He has the kind permission to publish the following;? Letter from Major Gen. Gaines. New York Hotel. June 1st, 1817. Mr. Avery?Sir: In reply to your request that I should state ? in ]ruui inir imiiiuurc iirini, which yim have designed ? a likeueai ol Major General Taylor, accords with mv recollection of the Geueral, I reply tint your print struck ine at the first view as a likeness, not, however, without some imperfections. I have since studied it attentively in the hope ol being able to |>oiut out to you the supposed imperfections, without, h iwever, being ab e to designate them; and, indeed, the more I have examined the print the more striking I deem the likeness to be. The head and lace I think will hear the test of comparison with what the Ueneral was near two years past?when I was last with him?since then, I am not surprised to learn thai his complexion has become darker, aud his hair lighter than at that tune. His extremely hard service, his frequent privationof food and rest, and his constant exposure to a hot and capricious climate, could uot but produce some such changes in his appearance, though blessed as he is with an iron constitution. Yours, respectfully, EDMUND P GAINES, U. 9. Army. [From the Herald J Portrait of Oeivkhai. Taylor.?8. P.Avery, No. 129 Fulton street, has published a portrait of Gen. Taylor, which we know to be a lac simile of that great hero. It is admirably got up; the laurels which he reaped at Palo Alto, Rcaaca de is T'alina, Monterey, and Btiena Vista, being beautifully entwined into a wreath that encircles it. I ell It *t r|M> I O.N I'K At 'TORS ? Proposals will be received at the X office of the Jaines River and Kanawha Company, in Richmond, Va., until the litli of July next, for the construction of three stone dams across James River on the line of the Coinpant 'a Canal between Lynchburg and the month ol North river. The first of said dains will be about 31 fret high and 400 feet long and situated about 4 miles above Lynchburg; the second will be about 13 feet high and 300 feet long, and situated about 9 miles west of Lynchburg; the third w ill be about 22 feet high aud 300 fret long, and situated about 13 miles west of Lynchburg. The founditions of these dams are of rock, and the supersiructures will be required to be raised as high as low water level, during the present season. Plans of said works may be seen, nnd specifications thereof obtained, at the Company's office in Richmond, or at the subscriber's office on said line above Lynchburg, on and alter the 1st of July next. WALTER (JYWNN, Chief Engineer. James River and Kanawha Co. Bwhtmd, 14th May, I?i7. je3?awtl2jy*rc CJ, B. CLARKE, TAILtiK, lit, Willhun ttt?U-l have * on hand every variety of Sack Coats, from til to S2, which, in addition to a very large stock of cloths, caaaimeres. Ike., renders it a very desirnble resort for those in want of clothing. Clarke'a Sacks are proverbial all over the conntrt 1 for beauty aud cheapnesa. I make tlie very beat French Cloth I Draw ( (i.ii* lor 12(1, lower quality 16 and SIR, rvrrv iIiiiik rise in proportion. Satin and Summer Vesta, be., always on Imud. J3 3lis?r Marble vahi>, iu east iuu>\du w.-n,??r n hereby given iliat the copartnership heretofore existing iiudi r the name and firm of 'I liurp ti Anderson, is this day dissolxed by mutual consent. N. B?Tne above business will mi future be conducted by ui known as the lirm of '1 HOHP ti SON. ZEPHANIAH THORP, Sen. JAMES ANDERSON. I Dated. June I, IBI7 j>331*r MAMAPEQUA HOUSE, (loath Oyster Bay. L. I , ? in' w open Tor the reception of company.?The house is In*.nit fulli located; the rooms are unusually largr, airy and cons anient; a beautiful bay, excellent bathing, fishing mid I shooting are within a 'hurt dislsnce from the house. The c*ra leave Brooklyn at 9^4, A. M. and 1 P. M., daily, for FarmI* K'lale, where sUgea will be in re.iduieaa to carry passengers to the house. Persons can leave and r?turn the same day to , New V'( rk The distance from Karmingdalr is miles. , 'I he undersigned will do all he can to m ike hi* a deisrable house for a summer residence. I je'i np'r i IIARLES E MfEDECOE. Hoboken HOUSE PEARL 'street.'"No. m(.all in and see I This Night, Thursday Evening, Jur.e s 3 ?Grand altrartion of DISSOLVING VIEWS. Admittance 33 cuts;commence at B o'clock. jel It*r j EV E MJf MOTHER'S BOOK?An irF^hcnsT.m o7poverty >i and the pro*|>ect of too large a fsmilv ol children, prevent ' many considerate people from entering the married slate. but I here is a book that will tell jou many important secrets which I may overcome these nhjection* ' The author is not allowed to state more in detail the clisrac- I ter ol the work, hut he knows it will be universally approved j ol among married people. For sale in most oook stores, and of the author, No. 2 Ann street. jel30l?rc | BLI I*. LICK WATER.- rtie * bseribers have received i direet and fresh from the Spring, a large supply of the l i.nive celebrated Sulphur Water, handsomely put up in pints < Slid uuarts. wlnen ll.ei ,...,.,.^,C..II, .At... C... . ?l? , ? I. .1.... I.. , MdrcuH.M N.i UWjValfiirret. ' |t ?iif"' j Mmih. D?IIm k Co. No. 1 Pirk Pot and t <81 1) road way. ,,A'.wl,V'1in ftca, frrah from 'ha Spring*, Co. frfM, Parilion, I .1 VVUteanil Sim-on Sulphur Water*, bod* in glim liottlra ami I n*?. 1 I of which are carafuHy pui op for (Tupping, and di- I I ivered at any part of the city free of charge. DEEATOlIRk ?.'(). I3X Wall it , i tn . Soccaaaori to Wtn. P. Morn*, formerly my JO 1It rc_ _ Eyncli fc Harkr < REPACKED COTTON?1} biU|( of reiwcked < ouonlor PEflHSE k BROOKS, , 1 ??*? No. M and IT Naasao atraat | J _ --ji? . ACCTKM HOTIOKf. O. WARREN, Auctioneer. R0CERIE8?'Tina day, Thuredav, June 3d, at '0 o'clock, W at 43 Ann atreel, coueiating of a large and general aaaor'tueiit of white Havana. brown Havana and New Urinaria augar, green, burnt and around coffee, aoipcandlea.apicea, pepper, rire, aurch. winea and liquora, aeg ire, tobacco, ecalee. one auperior oeffee inill.lnnpa, alarui and eight-day clocka, mackerel, hams, lard, wire eeivea, tea camalera, mulaaaea cana. pipea, iiuunega. cocoa, Young Hyaou. Old Hyaou, Imperial, Gunpowder and Black Ten, ol auperior quality, with a variety of other articlea in the hue. 8de m nana!. rain or ahine j3 It*re AT AUCl'lON? Hie Uodciaigntd having diap-.acd f hie farm at Cold Spring, L. 1 will aell at auction Oo the premiaei.on Wednead ly, June S,h. hia entire a'ock, convicting in part of two thorough bred brood m.trea YOUNG UOVE .ud K.vllLY GLfc-.Vi WORTH, Iwlinee pedigrcea mat be aeen in the A T R , vol i page 186.) w.iti tlieir two y arling cola, and two Culta by their aidea, all by Treaaurer mwi ikiiii 'eiimrkainy Due thoroughbred Durham Cattle, together with all hit Farming Utensils, Household .ind kitchen furniture, pleasure and utln r carriages. WILLIAM JONES. NB?The above sale will commence at 9 o'clock A M . but the nock will not be offered until 2 o'clock P. M. Bould the 9tli prove stormy, the neat fair day jc 2 Stie'rc (CHOICE PLANTS AT AUCTION-A LEW will / .ell ou Friday morning at 11 o'clock, a( 293 Broadway, a choice collection of Oreeu House Plant., from the garden of Mr. D Boll, con.i.tiiiK of many varietie. of fine aorta, including Double Carnation., Dahlia, iu pots and root., and the fine.t of for garden and parlor. Paintings, he Saturday evening. je3 If r J. W. BROWN. Auctioneer. NEW AND SE'ON l> HAND FURNITURE, HOUSEKK.EPINO ARTICLES, lie.?J. W. Brown willaell ou Thursday, June 3d, at I0>? o'clock, at No. Mil Broadway, by or'er of an administrator, a variety of Second Hand Furniture, comprising?Mahogany rocking, arm, and other chairs, pier, glass,Brus-ela carpet,wardrobe,wash stuids, lamps, girandoles, w ine bo tics, tumblers, wines, champagne glasses, etc. Also,, elegant New Furniture, French sofaa, parlor and cottage chair., divans, ottomans, French bedsteads, bureaus, card, tea and centre tables, Freuch bedsteads, hair, fkc. Also plated ware, lamp-, girandoles, (he., with a variety of other housekeeping goods. Catalogues now ready. je2 2t*rc ASblCJNEES' BALE OF LMNTNG AND EATING House, No. 118 W illiam street This property will be sold at public auction on Thursday, | the 10 of June, instant, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, on the mm - >c?i? icue oi ine tauie, unlets sooner sold at private sale The location is a desirable one. The dining saloon has marble doors, marble tables, bar table, steam table, lie. The kitchen is provided with a range and other necessary cooking utensils. The house is well furnished and contains several rooms desirable for boarders, by the day or week. The whole will be sold together or any poitiou of the furuiture separate, anil all at great bargains. j*2 3l*r AUCTION NOTICE.?Mountain Paviliouat Weehawken ?will be sold at auction on Thursday, the 3d day of June. 1817, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on the premises, at the above nmnfu house, all the valuable furniture of the house, consisting of hair mattresses, beds, bedsteads,'.bedding, wash stands,tables, bureaus chairs looking glasses, rnrpet.?. oil cloths, matting, &c. he., together with a large general una valuable assortment of Kitchen Kuruiturr, cutlery and crockery of all and every kind. Also, a fiue large Refrigerator, lie., presenting a fine opportunity for persons desiring any of the above articles, as every thing in the house was made to order, and ia in excellent condition. The building being also for aale, they will be kept open for transient company until day of sale. mil 4t iire IO. OK O. F.?HANCOCK LODGE, No. 49.-The mem btrs of this Lodge are hereby notified that the Lodge wjll meet nt their room. No. 38 Canal atrrrt, on Fiiday morning, June 4th, at 9 o'clock, preparatory to uniting with the R. W. Grand Lodge in the celebration. J. O. LEONARD, N. O. Alexander Blair, Sec'y. je3 2t?r ro OK O. K.-THE MEMBERS OF COMMERCIAL LODGE No. 67, and all other Brethren of the Order intending to unite with tliem, are requested to meet at the Lodge Room, Clinton Hall,mi Friday, June 4th, at9o'clock preeiaeIy, lor the purpose of uniting with the G. L. in the celebration 111 i in* ill)-. oreinreu 01 [ne vrruer visiting the city are cordially invited to unite with us on the occasion. By order of J. L. VAN BOSKERCK, N. O. W. H. Miiivti-I., Sec'y. jej lt?r NEW VOKiTLOUliK, NO. 10. I. O. of O. F.?The members of New York Lodge, No. 10, I. O. of O. F., who intend joining in the Celebration on the 4th instant, are Iiarticularly requested to be ill attendance at the Lodge Koom, at 8>a o'clock, A. M. precisely. By order Committee of Arrangements, n. HOOkNER, Marshal, je3lt?rc New York Lodge, No. 10. STRANGERS REFUGE LODGE I. O. of O. K.-The Members of Stranger's Refuge Lodge, No. 4, I. O. of O K.. are requested to be punctual in their attendance at their Lodge llnnm, 193 Bowery, on Friday morning, at 9 o'clock A..M , preaisely, for the purpose of joining in the celebration of the Ith instant. By order of WILLIAM O. McLAUOHLIN,) Committee JAMES BERGEN, > of JAMES EYRE. } Arrangements. je3 lt*rc Mercantile lodge'. No. 47",' l o7of o.'f.-The members of Mercantile Lodge are hereby requested to attend a special meeting This (Thursday) Afternoou, at two o'clock precisely, at the Lodge Room, 71 Division St., for the purpose of paying the last tribute of respect to our late worthy brother, Christian Schmidt. By order. d. H. McALPIN, N. O. r., Secretary. je3lt?r Knickerbocker lodge~n^ ?,T o. of o. F.? Bkothers?You are hereby requested to assemble on Friday morning nest, June 4th, at the R. W. Lodge Room. No. 71 Division street, at 9 o'clock precisely, forthe purpose of uniting with the Grand Lodge in celebrating its 24th anniversary, by a procession in full regalia, and assist iu laying the corner stone of OdJ Fellows Hall. By order of the Lodge. JOHN e. bliss. n. g. Benjamin J. Pr.ntl, Sec'y. je3 2tis?je Palestine k.n? "ampmf.'np. no?9. l o. >.1 o f. The members are heicby notified to meet at the Rooms, No. 411 Broadway, on Friday Morning, the 4th instant, at half past eight o'clock, punctually, for the purpose of joining in the procession. The members of Lebanon, Mount /ion, and Samaria Encampments, ns also the members of all other Encampments that nave decided not to turn out as a body on that occasion, are fraternally invited to unite with their brethreu of Pales tine Encampment. Brethren will be particular to dress in black, including cravat (or stock) and gloves. THOS.M. CLARK. C.P. C. Heisrv Edwards. Scribe. je3 2t*r TO THE I O OF O. F.?If any members from adi-Wnee should get the Toothache while visiting this city during the coming Anniversary, be may have it cured free f charge, by applying to Dr. COLEMAN, Dental Surgeon, 380 Broadway. je3 2t*r WA.NTKL) A SITUATION by a re?pectsble youuic man who is thoroughly acquainted with horses; is a carrful, steady driver; is acquainted with a garden; understands wailing on a table; is w illing to nnke himself generally usetul. He can |iroduce the most satisfactory discharges. The advertiser has no objections to country or city. I'lease address W. H. D , at llrs ollice. je3 lt?rc WANTED?By a respectaule Young (Jul, a situation as Chambermaid or Waiter, or to make herself generally useful- I'lease call at 343 Greenwich street, in the rear. Je3 It* r AVOUNI) ENGLISH WO.MAN, with good city referrences, wishes a situation as Chambermaid, and to assist in washing and ironing, or to do general housew ork iu a small private family; woulu liave no objectiou to go to Newark, or to any other neighboring town or village. I'lease address a note to Isabel, at the ollice ol this paper. I jell It re WAN 1 hi)?A situation by a rcs|>ectable young woman, to do general housework in a private family?no ohjectiou in washing Jand ironing. For further particulars, apply at the grocery store, corner of Division and .Montgomery streets, New York. _______________ J3 K*rc WANTS a siti ATION A finingrniiB.fa riper? able family, as chambermaid; would have no objection to take care of children, or to travel with a lady in the country. The best of city references msy be had at 27 Bridge at. second floor, back room. je32t*r 'I' Bill) WN. Stone Seal hugrsver and He aid Ha inter, 233 J. s Broadway, opposite the Hark.?Coats of Arms, Crests, Cyphers, Ac.,engraved on Stone or Brass; l.adies'Seals, Signet Kings, Pencil Case*, fkr., engraved with arms or any device; diamonds, amelhyila, topazes, kc.. bought m the rough, or cut to any form. Coats of Arms found, and painted in any style, from $2 and upwards, and forwarded to any part of the United States or Cannda. Books of Heraldry kept, with upwards of 200.0011 names.? Any information given in Heraldry. ji-3 ll"io A PUBLIC HOU8K FOR BALK.?The bar Axturea, furniture and lease of a public house, kept on the European plan, and one of the best locations in the city, the owner having other business which requires his attention, induces linn to offer for sale. Apply personally, or by letter, to U. Walker, No. 31 Park How, New York. _ je3 I4t*rc AN E W STEAM BOAT will" be launched about the litli of June, built for tlie express purpose of testing a new principle of propelling; and calculated to increase the speed and safety of steamboats. Any time previous to the 13th of June, one eighth part of the right will be sold for a fair compensation. Ml invention has been approved by over lire hundred scientific and practical men. Persons deairoua of encouraging an object of great intereat, and at the same time make a tale and good investinvnt may apply to SEWALL SHORT, Iflfi Vesey street. Wanted?A Steam Engine of from C to 10 horse imwrr; apply as above. JeS I2t* rc B().\ III) I.N ( UK I,.SKA,?Two gentlemen and their w ivca and two or tliree single gentlemen, can obtain good board and pleasant rooms, at a ?ery moderate charge, witna respectable pritate family, by applying at 217 18th street, near the 'Jib Aver ne. j3 Ifrc FURNISHED APARTMENTS to let to a tingle geutleinaii with or without breakfast. 'j lie pariors are Inige and very pleasant. A very desirable location,only twoblocks front the Park, ami (MM door from Broadway, Easl side; will be let togetherOl ?e|?erate. vOf particulars,apply at 81 Duaue street. je33t*rc Hardware at ai.knt's pricks?750gross km>es and forks at S5 75, tic. (all steel blades); 100 do stag do, at $0 50; 500 pair guard carvers (stag) at 37W cents; 100 dot. heavy patent knob locks at $<> 25; 75 dot. hand and panuel saws at $5 50. Also, all sorts of best C 8 files, chissels, drawing knives. Sic.; a complete assortment of sii|>erior hair sealing!: anvils, sices, steelyards, curryroinba, violin strings, percussion caps and nipples, gun locks, bed screws, trace chains, tic. tie. JOHN A. NKWBOULD, in \ II is*r 55 John street (upstairs.) DAliUEllllEO'J'VPKS.?As "discoveries"and improve inents" are the ordtg of the day, Each artist claims that Ins work ought to carry the full sway, Ho W V I..HII has now a "Process." of course the very best, At the Bowery, 111, yea?tlieie tin y stand the teat. But brag and folly |mt aside, his work invnes inspection, Phenjudges will decide Ins is a line colleetiou. Now m iking bis arrangements to lake some thousands more, lie still " hangs out Ins banner"over the sugar store. ItlM ttSew'je III ll( IWKHV, near Broome . NEW MaN 1 I LI-AH, V IM'ls AND SHAWUS"-Just received, 200 splendid Pins in |di Msulillss and Visits of uitirely new aud richly embroidered styles,in black and spring tolors. ALSO. Plain Orenadien Shaw Is and Scarfs, " Crape " Rsifve " 11 All of which will be ?ol<l cheap, *' 111: ">:' iM'.nl r JAMKS It Kl \ icj'n.'i, 3W Bri'?(l**v. JfrtC VVII.I, HK f AIL) IIV Vie. loiuiy pernio who will Ijl/wW return In my poaaeaaion tliepapera taken thia day from he Athenaeum llntrl, room No. 44, and no nurationa a?ked.? would atitte thai aa I have nitrated cornea of trie moal impor* ant ol ihem their yalue la pteaerred. though the originala aould he preferable. And a? they can lie of no u?e to any one nit the owner I truallhey will he returned. H R. HAHTWKLL, jel Jtia'rc 1*1 Chamhera at. KOHKRT BINi.LATH reatiectfully informa hia friend* and patroua, that. " The WOODCOl'K," an eataliliahrieut lung anil favorably known to the lovera of good living, aa* removed on the lat of May to No. 4 Ureal Jonea atreet, ine door ea?t from Broadway, where lie hopea by continued it# tiim, ami i full supply ol all the delicaciea of the aeaaon. , ,, lai II IM thy Illicit repnanion maintained by him at (St Hon on >ti< et. The i , location has decided advantages in facility of icceaa, aiiineaa and intarior arrsagtnMats; mmmim will i if ? d in the part of the n oprietor to make it in fact the lr<t entnhliaiitnant of tlia kind in the city. i haa no connection whatever with the old at-ml I n Hoiiiton atreet. No. 4 (Ireat Junea afreet will he henceforth known a* " The , A ock." I Ni w Vowa. May 21, m<7. jI_3t ma*iC ( . ...... . cm AMMKMem. I HAM THKATEE.-THnrtdiy Keaainr. June J. will Wa 1 jierformed the play of the LADVOF LYONS?Claude Melnotte, Mr Wheatly; Col Dun*.. .Mr Ba?., B*?u.uit, Mr Stark: Pauline. Mrs Muriu; Mde Deschancll*., Mrs Veruon. To conclude with the FOUH 8IUTKK8?Mr Besui'lump Mr. Dyotl; Mr Moilou, Mr Andrews; Diana,etc., Mr* Hum'; Miluii, Mra Dyott. Boies $1; htM ecntt; Gallery H cents. Duors npaa at T o'clock?the perlormuts will commaMa 7; . L - KAKt. W'I.L,l Ba.Nh.KlT OK .Wit. ftlll.Nr.K. BOW HV I* Ilk \ I Mr ?A W. Jaia-?a Froprlelor-H JC. Stbtews, State Manager ? On Thursday Keaui Juu j, will be performed tlieflUNCHB.M K?Master Wilford. Mr. (J P. ?\ hillock; Sir Thomas Clifford, Mr. Clarke; Fatlioin, Mr. H*d*wft> ; Julia, Miss C. Weinyss. During tlie eteuiug Mr. Brooke* will dauce his celabr*lsd Hornpipe. To conclude with the drama of PL'TN AM?Gen Putnsm. Mr. Miluer; Tslbcrt, ;Mr Booth; btarkham, Mr. Hadawray; Ka'.e Putnam. Mis. Sergeant. Dress < irclc, JS cents. Pit sod Gallery. UX cents Door* oueu at bX o'clock Performanrr commences at TX. PALMO'8 OPnK-% HOU8K? <lumber* si?eei--??tu'clay Kvvuii g June 5th?Hrcoud performance ol Rotaini gnui! opnofof NriMIKAMlUE? Scmiramide. Signora Barili; Arsace, Siguora Pico; Assur, Nig Uenevcutann; Idreuus, Nik lJeuedetti; Axxrina, Siguora Boulard; Oroc, Nik L Mulia; Murium, Nik Benelti. Opera B wkt may be bail at the box office, lat tier of boiea and parnuette, SI; 2d tin, io criiliPrivate boxes for eight Per sous, $12; < io for i do, $10. Heats cau be secured at the box office, Irom 111 A M. till 4 o'clock P. M. daily. Mouday Benefit of Maestro A Barili. Doors open at half past 7, iierforinance to commence at S P~ ALMO'S?A CARD?BIO'K A. KAHILI respectfully an uounces to the |uUroiis of the Opera, and the public generally, that hisBeuelit will take place on Monday Evening, 7th init, Hoaaini'i grand and popular opera, HEMIKAMIDE. Between the acts Higuor Barili and Signor Beiiedetti will aiuK a Duo from Maestro Barili's Opera, " Corrado dt Monferrsto " j3 4trc MECHANICS HALL,472 BROADWAY, betweenOrana and Broome streets. MONDAY, May 'Jlst, and every evening during the week. CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. The extraordinary' success attending their Concerts, which fur a suceeasiou of fourteen weeks, have been crowded nightly with highly respectable audiences, and the solicitations of numbers of their patrons, has induced them to forego arrangements made elsewhere, and remain in New Vork FOR oKlC WEEK LONOER. Admission U cents. Concert commences at I o'clock. my'JO 7f re _ ___ A ME vlCAN MUBEUM?PERFORMANCES both Afternoon and Eveuiug. THE ORPHEAN PAMILY. OR KENNEBECK VOCALISTS, The most talented and popular Band ni America are eugaged at tills house, and will irive iheir I )- ?,! I v,..v.;. -c. and veiling at half-|iait 3 and a quarter pait Do clock, when alio other talented |>erlbrmert will apprar, including the Chap nun Family' Mr.Couoyer, tMiaa Julieu, and ollieri Magnificent Moving Diorama of the vifn^^AL NAPOCKON BONAPARTE, vv ill alio he exhibited at each and every performance. A dining inn 9f> *mntm jet re ,,,, WJW. MASON'S BENEFIT. Jt?Vp?M^LIMJCNTARY BENEFIT TO MRS. MAat the?&RK THEATRE? tl,e "e?in" ?",Wt' Juue **> Ticket! cau be obtained from any member of the Committee, orat the Boi Omce?at which place only aeatiare to beie cured. Boiei $3?Pit $1. Philip Hone. Wm. Henry Le Roy, Hamilton Wilkea, Thoa. Addu F.mmett, W. L. Laight. Bache McEvere. Robert Emmett, Samuel B. Rugglei, Ogden Hoffman, Beverlv Kobimou, J. PreicoU Hall, Oeo. Waihington ^oitar, Denning Duer, J. Beekman I-inlay. ?t'onl,on'. Samuel Glover, Nath I Blooduood. John T. Brigham, H. Le Roy Newbold, Herman Le Roy, Robert H. Morru, Wm. Edgar, Mortimer Litintrarnn in..... John Stewart, ft, H. (5. Le Roy, Chaa. A. Clinton, James Monroe, Geo. L.Schuyler, Chaa. L. Livingston, W.G.King, Uelancey Kane, Campbell P. White, Henry 8. Hoyt, O. Maurau, Alexr Hamilton, Jr., David Austen,Jr., Lewis M. Rutherford, David C. Coldrn, Anthony L. Robertson, Chaa. Aug. Davia, Heury Breevoort. m25 llt*rc VAIXHALL UAKDKN CONCKRT SALOON -On Wednesday Kvening. June 2 CAMPBb'LL'8 KTHIOPIAN OPa'RA SKR* NADKR8, composed ol the following artists?Messrs H. Meatayer, J. P. Carter, Raymond. J. Bryant, sud W. Donaldson?will give a ORANl) CONCKRT of Vocal and Instrumental Music, consisting of Songs, Solos, Refrains, Cliauuts, Glees, Dances, Ike., peculiar to the Southern Negro. Miss Jenuie Reynoldson, lite Scotch ballad singer, is also engaged. Tickets admitting a Gentleman and Ladies, 25 cents. Kree admission to Garden. m23 tf rc CASl'LK OARDKN is opened lor the season.?In the Kvenings Concerts of Instrumental Music will be given by the German Brass Band, under the.directioii of Mr. Monk, consisting of selected compositions from Labitzky, Strauss, Lanner, Gungl, Straeck, and others, commencing on Monday uext, May 2c Intermission of half an hour duriug the evening for promemadiug, refreshments, aud viewing the Cosinoramas, whieh have been re-arranged. Admi sion 12J{cents. Coucert commences at I o'clock. m'3 rrc ATI ON A L AC AD EM V 5? DESIGN.?The usual invitationa for Schools to visit the Kxhibition will be is sued on application, addressed to the Council of the Academy. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will Im appropriated for boys; and Tuesdays, Thursdays anil Satunlays for girls. By order of the Council. JNO. O. CHAPMAN. j2 3t is ?rrc Secretary N A. BltUAUWAV THlLATRK.?This establishment, uow erecting in Broadway, will be opened for Dramatic purposes solely, on or about the first of September, under the management of G. H, B ARRKTT. Persons of acknowledged talent wishing situations for ike season, will please address hiin (pre-paid) at 109 Leonard street. m30 tfrc A. MANN, sole Proprietor. AMUBKMKNTS KLSK VV II KltK. WALNUI 8TRKKT THKATHK, PHILADELPHIA? Thursday'vening.June 3, the |terformsnce will com met ce with LF. PAS RLCOCO?by til 1) nseiiseaVirunoises. | To be followed by the farce of SOMEBODY KL8K?Hans ivimiiz, .?ir *ynn|?inan; Aviimiie, .viisft ritnt r. To he followed by a <?It A NI > POT POURIMF., of ten | different national and chiracteriatic dancea, concluding with a finale by 48 Danaeusea Vieuiioitea. To which will be added THE LOTTERY TICKET. The whole to conclude with LK (iALLOP l)ES DRA- | PF.AU?by 48 Dautt-uses Vieunoises. Performance to commence at 8 o'clock preciaely. Prices? , Orrhestra and |>ru Or boa SI: Dress (nrele $1. BENEFIT OF Sill FllAZF.ll. fhPERA HOUSE, CHI- HNUT STREET, rhiladelnhin- I V/ Thursday Evening, June 3 will be presented the opera | of ZAM PA, Or, the Marble Bride?Zampa, Mr F'razer; Bruno Capuzzi, Mr. Scguiii; Dandolo, Mr. W. F. Johnstone; (iuiseppe, Mr Anderson; Camilla, Mrs. Seguin; Hitta, Mrs. I Phillips. Prices?Drass circle and Parqaatta. Ml caau. Family cireiae, IS casta; Private botes. $5. Doors open at o'clock?to commence at eifht o'clock. Saturday evening Mrs. Seguin'aBenelit. HARLEM TARK TROTTINO COURSE. I m i -aytfi-r A PURSE of thirty- dollars to come off THURSDAY June 3d. two mile neat* in harness. Entries, J. Bridges s. g. Trustee. H. Wot dritff. .tt. m. Mist. To come off at I o'clock precisely, weather permitting ! J* 1 'f.if H, WOOUKUKK. y For HALK.?An elegant fiirnily Horse, (i years /Wv*0!'!' bright bay, fine form, and large sixr, sou rid and i J*Ju2LJL*kinil, well br? ke to single and double lumen, used to stand in the street wi'hout fastening, and suitable for a j?hv aifian. Als , a family rockaway,with harness but little toiled, will be sold together or separate. May be seen for a few days only, by calling at 38 Canal street. New Vork. jl 7t*r | - NOTI. P.? - K VV HI Mir. ROUTE ? 5-rWaW?|The subscribers respectfully inform their ^ ' Bfriends and the public that they will com- I mence running , oil Wednesday, June 2, a Line of Stages, from the corner o' Avenue C and Ninth ,trect, through Are- ! nueC, Iiouaton street, Bowery, Chatham suert and Broadway, to South Kerry, and do hereby solicit a aliare of public patronage. LENT It HUNT. WILLI am C. LENT. LEONARD HUNT. jet Uf re j ll i A UoODCHANCE FuR ABPECl I. A r_wVSIlLi ^TION?A tine ataunrh Steamboat is offered flBaSHBfcefor aale on terma wbich will be found ad van- | tagenus to tlioae wishing to purchase. She baa a firat brat , engine, made at the Novelty Works hi this city, and ta well furnished and cquiped, and in good Condition for freigut, pataeogera, or eictiraiona. Slie 11 only offered for aale in rmiseipirnce of the liuaineaa arrangements of the owner. To per ona of raj ital this olfera a chance for an inveifmeiit seldom offered, pull particolara aa to boat, price, and terms of payment, made known ?<o application to JAMES M. SMITH, jmi., Attorney, Ac., jei 7t*rc ________ No. 23 Chambcn afreet. Tgi I'lANO KOK SALE.?A powerlul but WBB^Droeliweet toned inatrtimeot of seven octaves, BoarjTI f 1 f ton make; it the pr?|ierty of a family lately III II 'left for Knro|ie,and it in every reaped a anperior instrument. I'will lie sold at greatly leas than its real value. Kor particular* apply to i.-Illf.r MICHAEL ISAACSON. 3 Broad at | in i nm ** "i H -MUSiC?THE PIANO taught on o rr JpXEjfffEflmodriate terma. by a lady who hat had ron6tT* ? m Isiderable ei|ierience in teaching. She profea" I I I I "sea to tearh il in a scientific manner, with the theory which she undertakes to imparl a thorough knowledge ' of. Terma three dollarsjier month. A line addressed to "Music," at the Herald office, shall be attended to. my27 :jOtia*rc | {"g THE IMPROVED HAT, possessing tbe essential qualities of lightness fineness of form and durability, at the died price o< S3, will he introduced Thursday, June 3, by HOWELL, No. 5 Chambers atreet, JIR^rc Near Chatham. n| A HAT! A HAT! A KINGDOM KOR A HAT! t"R KNOX, No. 128 Kulton atreet, ts now selling lu-JpR splendid and unrivalled variety of siiinmrr Hats snu ( sin, not only adapted to the'Torm and pressii'e of the age," but of In ads also. He applies his useful and ornamental coverings to the head, on phrenological principles, witli a proper regard to where the hutnpa are. and where they should he. So rhsf sll who lavor his establishment Willi their presence, cannot 'ail to ] he auitrd. His location being near the Sun, he gives a warm I welc'ime to his customers, and by calling on him. they see , I their interests in their true light. j2 7ti?*r ( KKKN< H K AM V HTK AW II.ATS, MAN ^grv rev warm ren rntirety ol silk arm sirnvt, n"?re i Nf style anil fashion , to hr had at 17 Division I atths oat maannebie prieea. | ( jST STORK AND PAKT OK D W KLLi N GTUU a. i fTTsS?One of the best stands in the city lor auy description | iUJL'X huaintaa. The store ia 12!+fen front by HO feet deep, I ( aery attrsetire and commanding. and Iia# just hern finished repairing. No persons ns?d apply but those whose r*f*r*nc?or 1 security ia higfily responsible. Apply 2#< Ureenwich atrrrt. I jt 3t*rc _ _ ___ : 1 mA 'H* I.K.T -Kor .torse* or for mechanics' wiiilxhopi ' ffijl the aiibatantial fire-proof Store in th* r*ar of 2Af> and i I ?jJL 2?? Front atraet. Arply to M. HURKR, l*ill*rrr 41 Nasaan ?tf**t Id alory. , S W Id sst-|,|, FLORIST. < < , haa now in hloom th* moat Mr* and eleeant collection of Cinerarias,re- ] largoniums, Rnses.Ar.alia* and Rhododendrons in this or i any othai country. Plants and Bo<pi*t* for ?al* at ?*ry low prirra, at the 4 rardrn, Henry street, second block from Atlantic atraet, near the j South Kerry, Brooklyn. N. n. Ilia new rarirtira ol Pelargoniums, Oereral Scott, 1 Rough and Ready, Victoria, Washingtonis, Itc,, are perfect Rem. The whole colli ction are ne w prodnciiona raised from . seeds by W R i I It rre , ICR CRKAM SALOON.?''1 he subscriber ia now prepared i to supply Ina friends and I lie public, with the choicest Ice , Cream. Soda Water, Confectionery, Fruit, lie at 147 Rrnadway, comer Liberty at J K. HOL'TIIMAVD. 1 jel 7r r j ? 14 () LET?The upper part of h-use SI I'ikc street. The j rooms nr* in good repair, airy and eonvenient. suitable for ' i small genteel family, and to a good tenant will he let low. 11 Possession given immediately. Apply on the premises 1 Jellt*r I SUpkHIUK LARD OIL?A aew articjeof LARD OIL, 1 i? suitable for the SOLAR LAMPS, for ?a|e at 49 Car- i nine street. N.B ?Repairs and alterations of Lamps dene at J. Rolly's, I 1 if Carmina atraet. jsl ?t*re I TO TBI LATEST MOMENT. TBLESKAFHIC FatMMic.tauBo, V*, Jun. 3, JM7. *?.. man I rum Ai? Orleans baa arrived. but it ?M tains nothing In addition to what was brought by the Htrali Lxpresa MV I HK HAII? The Pr?ildciit') Juuruay to North CarollMU Ualsiou, May 'i0, 1M7. Tb# President and UU party bar a had a sucoeaaful ram through, a flattering reception ell the way by the peopla, and they err new in thia city In the wooda, resting front tha fatlguea of their journey We propuae herein a recapitulation of the lncidentaot tba trip. tmc at'it uown thc nutate. Fbidat, May it?Nine o!Clook, A. M.?Steamer Powhatan, Captain Kodgera. All aboard, and boat underway. Company : The President and lady, Col. J K. Walker, private aecretary of the I'realdent; Hon. John Y. Maaon, Secretary of the Navy, two daughtera and two boya, one, J. Y. Maaon, Jr., a young offloer In the service, and reoently front the squadron in the Chinese uas; Miaa Hacker, a niece of the President; Lieut. M. V Mtlirv ir H V ....? ?>- 1 - 1 ' ltr. -l.l__ ton, Mr* Jackson and daughter, Mi** Lynt, destined for Henderson, N. C. Of servant*, they had William, the faithful and intelligent body-guard of the President, and Llndeley Muae, the personal attendant of Judge Mason iu the Navy Department. A very modest and nnpretending turn-out, a* old King Louis Philippe or PriaM Albert will suppose, when they hear of It, for the ohief magistrate of the greatest nation, iu all the element* of greatness, upon the face of the earth. The morning passed off delightfully ? for the sun was bright, aud the river soenery soft and beautiful. Light miles below Alexandria we passed oloee under the guns of Port W aahiugton, a stronger fortress than the Castle of Ban Juan d'lThla, give the one three hundred Tsnkees as a garrison, and the other three thousand Mexicans. During the last war it was blown up on the approach or the British fleet whiob came up to levy "military contributions" on Alexandria, and which did so to a very large demand in grooeries. But then the place was weak, and the ufflcei in command was not or the right stuff. Now the heavy l'alxhans of the fort could sink an Armada in a few hour*. To the right, on a high wall, embowered In green treea, with a row of lombardtes immediately in front, stands the mansion of Mount Vernon, which is, and is to be in ail time tooome, the pilgrimage of Mecca to all visiters who advocate the principles of free government, or who venerate tne virtues which distinguished above all men, our " Paltr P*tria.'' There is a movement on foot to sell the Mount V ernon estate to a company of bwiss; but wt protest against it* ever being placed under the surveillance ol a Bwisa guard. The government ought to buy it, and bold it. aud preserve it, never to bo ornamented by oyster bouses or bowling saloons, tho necessary addenda, iu case it Is oonverted into pleasure grounds, under the oontrol of a company of speculator*. We bad a lunch onboard; and at about half past twelve we were tr?n?fw.J fn tli* ?-' 1 ^ - tK? i?Aii*k ot Acquis oreek. fredericxruoro receptio!*, Home ten miles on, we ''bore to" at Fredericksburg, an old style wooden town, and a place of some trade. Here two military companies and a crowd of people came forward to greet the {'resident and Secretary, who stood on the platform of the last car, and shook hands with soldiers and citizens in detail. The troops then passed in reriew, and the train passed on. THE Rl-ASHES OF JUNCTION?TUB DINNER DOWN BELOW. Kor sixty mileN from Fredericksburg we pass through a flat and poor country, thinly Inhabited, there not being a single hamlet in the whole distance. It is evideut, however, that the country is improving. At the junction or half-way house, the farmers ef all parties had come down to see the President; and on landing, be was introduced to them, as he passed along in advance of his company to dinuer. We descended a long flight of steps into a basement room to the table. There was nothing of your fashionable fastidiousness of preparation about this dinner; but there was an abundance ol " roas' shoal," "pot pie," lamb and peas, and such like substantlals. After dinner,for which our hospitable landlord was too patriotic to charge the I'residenl and company a cent?the cars moved on to the southward. And we passsed tile slashes of Hanover county within view, but tor an in', ervening forest, of the house where llenry Clay was boru, and in the neighborhood of the birth place of Patrick llenry. 'i he soil of these " slashes" is thin and sandy, the land lies low, aud is diversified with frequent pools of suie'iaut water, the banks and "old fields" .around these p,o,ds being covered with a dense growth ot chapparel, along the llats, but with old ileld pines, almost exclusively, ou the elevations i til!) lumen r?*Kloii lor im great men, merefore, Is famed for nothing elite, saving the hospitality of iU) people; and the general forbidding and pestilential aspect of " the slashes " Yet, with au infusion of practical hardworking Yankees, the whole oouutry might be be reclaimed, iu> is proved from ezperime nts already la progress INK SHILLIANT HECKSTIO* 4T RICHMOND. It will not be necessary to enter minutely into an aocount of the President's reception ut Richmond You will have already received the particulars through other sources. At the frontiers of the city, the President was uiet by the committee of iuvilation, aud with Judge ,\1asou, Colonel Walker, aud Cuplain Mauray, was placed in a carriage, and under the escort of a squadron of dragoons, escorted to the cnpitoi. beveral companies ot infantry lu gay uniform, a serviceable looking artillery company with lour hue brass pluses, aud a dense uiass of the people of all colors, sixes, ages ami politics, blockading the whole street, brought up the rear. The ladies, meuutime. were takeu to the Capitol in carriages provided for them, and there, lu the Executive chamber, Mrs. I'olk held a levee, aud was waited upon by a large proportion of the beauty and fashion of the metropolis The President aud his division of the party, were taken out to the tine portico of the South front of the Capitol, aud Introduced to the people in detail as they came forward. Around the green tawn below, the military were drawn up, forming two siJes of a hollow square?the artillery occupying the area in the centre? where under the eye of their distinguished visiters, they exhibited their skill US* salute of twenty-one guns.? After which tlm i'ruhvflttjoiued the company up stairs. A quarter of an hour i^^ptd, and the cor" soy descended, and returned under escort of the military to the cars. During all the time, save the low minutes la the saluto, the bands attached to liiu companies on the ground, rogaled us with national airs, winding up with " 1 fail Columbia'' and " Yankee Doodie," and the Live Not" quickstep at the depot. The. Ex ?cut ive and suite remained altogether aliout two hours in Richmond, which, by the good arrangements of the committee. and their line execution by the military and citizens, were appropriated to the very best advantage Apart from tne pageant of the day. the traveller, looking out from the portico of the capitol, could not fail to be impressed with the charming prospect before him. of the city. James river, its bridges and picturesque islands, and the broad plateau of fertile tields, extending for miles around. " Town and river, woods and farm. Each gave each a double charm.'' 1 IIE EXCELLENT ILrrVB AT PKTEasBVSU. Away up James river the great sua in his regal glory una irr.lnff liiiwn und fit that pnalvitril (has ftlll mrwu. In her modest confldence,of pleasing every body. was rising over the htlle, en we crowed the viaduct. 1 he Petersburg committee of iuvitation were aboard, and the ehlvatric conductor had a line banner streaming at the end of the Kxecutive car, in honor of the deputation from Washington. Along the way, we (your deponent) had the pleature of a conversation upon the moon, the evening star. poetry, and romance, and all that, a tort of pUHoeophy in which we are wont to indulge, when the atari light up their golden urni, and the aumnier winds from the eoutn are whiipering in the wood*, and the spirit it wideawake to catch the inspiration of the invieible. But. to the itory. Arrived at Petersburg, the Executive and company were provided with carriages, a military and civil escort. trout the depot to Jsrrett's Hotel, which was illuminated lor the occasion With the necessary introductions, Ac . the President, from the piazia was introduced to the people (who tilled the bouse,the porch, and the streets below) by the Hon. Francis K. Hives, in a brave. ofPhand spirited address, in the csursc of which Mr itives said that this was not an invitation and a welcome in behalf of any particular party; hut of all parties, of the whlga from reepect to the personal character and official station of the President; oltbv democrats, from these considerations, and also from the belief that his measures had contributed to the glory and prosperity of the country, abroad and at home As for Judge Mason it was not necessary to tell hiin that he was welcome again to Petersburg They all knsw him and esteemed him; and he was free to enter any house, without ringing the bell or knocking at the door, and he might take his seat in any of their parlors, or at any of their tables, without formality The President replied promptly, pointedly, and in the full, distinct, and well modulated voice of an old campaigner on the stump. He thanked the citizens of Petersburg for the flattering welcome they had given him lie was the more gratified that it was a welcome without distinction of party (Applause ) His was no poilicul journey To the earnest solicitations of his friends in North < arolina. lie had concluded to take the respite of a few (lays in a visit to his Jllmn Matrr at the inuual commencement. In respect to the discharge of hd ri'HiiiinmltilittKH nf t.hff liiirli nluLinti in which he liftd Ixsrn railed by hi* countrymen, ail that he hail to Ray ??? that ha had endeavored to dirt liaive hi* duty A ad whatever diflrreuce* of opinion there might bo in thl* regard, with principle a* hi* guide, the public good aa til* aim. he would leave the ronre'juences to liod and to 111* country. [This sentiment war received with hearty ipnlause j The President, with a few other remark*, having c< a eluded. Judge Maeou re*poiided to the romplimentary aliiuione which had been made in reference t? hia vi*it to the boapltable City of Petersburg. and *iKike of hi* notional knowledge of the hoepltality of it* citizen*, their i>rival* virtue* and public enterprlr.*, of it* being hi* lionie in past tinit w, and of the kindnena with which he Iliad ever been received by it* Inhabitant* 1 lie mu*ir *truck up anational air, when the military Ji*per*ed. and the company returned into the parlor, where Mr*. I'olk and the ladle* of her *uite were ra elvlng and exchanging congratulation* with tile fair laughter* of tht* ?piriled little city. In a rhort space iiir eiithu*ia*tic ami popular landlord led the way dt wn .o supper The table wax mo- sumptuously and elegantly furnished. Immense bowl* of straw l>. rrle*. of Ice -ream: an abundance of fruit* and vegetuhla*. ar<d nib- ? itautlal*. hot oollee. hot roll* and hot walh garnished ihe board. A large company of ladie* and geiitluuu n at down with the nfllclul deputation, and did lull juatlca Lo the mertta of the Inviting rt past Supper over, the company returned to the parlor, and -good evening a pleasant Journey,'' ?a* the speerh most In demand The \li*ae* Mason, of Petersburg, on parting, prwented

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