Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1847 Page 3
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Whig Ralllmtlwi Mf?tlng-Any thing else hut a Ratification Meeting?Graat Eultf mrnt? Tremendona Uproar?Hasting* Re jittnl Unvlil B. Ugden substituted pontile t between the Blunt and White Factions?Blunt and White shaking hands? Fun upon Fun_The Devil to Pajr and no Pltuh Hot?White Rejected and He-nominated. The whig* of the city and county of New York; assembled last evening in the Apollo Rooms, .for the purpose of responding to the whig nominations, for the judiciary, to represent the city of New York. For some time before the hour appointed, the room was pretty well filled by persons, and on entering it, we were struck with the appearance of those assembled. Here and there we observed little knots of men discussing and from the variety of opinions expressed, we augured that the meeting would be any thing but harmonious, and prepared ourselves to give a dagurreotype picture of the proceedings, for the benefit of the whig party here and elsewhere, and especially for the purpose of giving our country friends an insight into the manner in which election business is occasionally managed in Uotham. At eight o'clock the meeting was called to order, and the lion. K. A. Tai.madok appointed ('resident. After the call of the meeting was read, the President explained the objects for which it was called, and returned his thauks for the honor conferred on him by the meeting, in selecting hiin as the president.) He hoped that all assembled would take into consideration the importance of the occasion, and support the candidates whose names would be presented to them. The people, he said, have ofteu been called together to respond to the nominations fo<* aldermen, See : and great intererst was felt in the election. How much more interesting and importaut, therefore, is the election of judges of our courts, anil that of a district attorney?officers on whom the safety of life and property are dependent. He trusted the candidates would be looked upon impartially, but decisively, and bo depended on the meeting to sup pun nun in mo uiscuargc 01 ms uuiy ax prexiuent. The report of the nominating committee wus then rend. At the name of Hastings, much hissing was heard, but it was soon stopped. When the name of J. I.. White was proposed tor District Attorney, a scene of confusion occurred which threw all that have occurred in Tammany Hall completely in the shade. Hissing and clapping were so loud as to stun all in the room. Kor upwards of tiro minutes, the meeting might bo compared to Donnybrook fair when a tight was going on. Hats, handkerchiefs, caps, sticks, and umbrellas, were wared in the air. In the midst of the uproar, Mr. Joseph I,. White was regularly nominated whig candidate for the ofHce of District Attorney. ascended the platform, and as soon as he was recognized, he was greeted with about the loudest hisses aud the loudest cheers we ever heard at any meeting in this city. Mr. Blokt, the independent candidatu, ascended the platform soon after Mr. Whito did, and was greeted iu the same manner as Mr. White was. Cries for "Blunt, Blunt," "White, White, White," "Blunt," "White, White," ' Blunt;" were uttered in the loudest possible tone, and wo could scarcely believe, from the uoiso and confusion that prevailed, that wo wore in the city of New York. It appeared to us that we were transported back some thousands of years, and were witnesses of the confusion and disorder, which, we are Informed, prevailed at the building of Babul. Great as the uproar was at this time, it increased, when, to the amazement of all. Mr. Blunt, and Mr. White, the two rival candidates shook hands cordially iu presence of the friends of each. These two gentlemen then stood side by side tor a few minutes, and surveyed complacently the scene that was going on betore them, livery bat in the room was waved in the air by its owner, and those who carried canes or umbrellas waved them also, while the screeching and hurraing was absolutely lerridc. After the lungs of the meeting had got partially worn, and the voices harsh and buskish, there was a momentary silence, and all parties acted as if they wanted to take breath, and recruit for another outbreak in favor of their respective candidates before them.? The calm, however, was but momentary. Suddenly the storm broke out again with renewed vigor, and the various calls that were made for White and for Blunt, and the war-whoops that followed each name as it was ejaculated, were terrific. Mr. lalmadge was in a puzzle; he did not know what to do, and wh have no doubt wished himself at home; but to retreat from his position was impossible. Making a virtue of necessity, lie attempted to put a stop to the riotous proceedings of the two parties, and made several ineffectual attempts to speak. At length, there seemed a disposition to hear him, and he addressed the meeting:? . Getleineu,?[" Blunt," cheers?" White," cheers ? ' Blunt"?" Hurrah for White"?" Hurrah for Blant"? " White is a Clay man"?" Shut up"?" What the devil do you mean;"?" Blunt is a good whig"?"The h-11 he is"?"1 say he is"?"He 'aint"?"White's the man"?" Chair, chair, hear the chair"?" Hurrah for Blunt"?"Three cheers for White"?"Hurrah!" "hurrah !" " hurrah !"?" Order, gentlemen, order"? " Hurrah for Blunt"?" Blunt's the man."J Mr. Tauhauoz Hoeing the apparent impossibility of restoring order, sat down and let matters take their course, in a tew minutes he made another attempt, aud partiully succeeded. Taking out his handkerchief, and wiping the perspiration which was coursing uown iiih lace into small win streams. lie suiu fellow-citizens. ["Chair, chair, hear the chair; that's fair, let's hear the chair."] Fellow-citizens, allow uie to submit to you the nominations for Judges, and when we couie to the nomination lor District Attorney a fair expression of opinion shall be taken on theui. ["That ?s fair; go abend, that's the ticket."] I shall tirsl submit the names of candidates for the Supreme Court. The llrst is Samuel D Itoiuuiue. Carried. 't he next is Elijah Paine. Curried. The next is Levi Beurdsly. Carried The next is James Lynch. Carried. I will now submit to you the names of candidates for the Superior Court of this city. Johu Duer. Carried. David P. Hale. Carried, li P Hastings. As soou as Air. Hastings' name was announced, it was received with the strongest demonstrations of dislike All parlies joined iu hissing, which they continued for two or three minutes. Ti LMAUUK?Ueutlcmen, I shall propose the name of Mr. Hastings, and decide according to your votes. All iu favor of Air. Hastings being your candidate for, Sic., will phase to ?ay uye :?all iu lavor no : iNo?o-o-o. TitiiADdc?Gentlemen I cau'l decide. Let uh have another vote. All in favor of Mr. Huntings for, Ike., will say uye ; "Aye" rather weakly. All opposed say no! ? "No?no?no?no? no-o-o-o." Hurrah !?Hurrah ! unu cli -era and clapping of hands. [Halt of the usxeinhlagc danceii like maniacs at the result of tllu vote, aud knocked their hearers into every shape, in ecutacy ] Talmauuk?Ueutlmueu, David 1). Ogdeu is nominated as your candidate, in lieu of Mr. llasliugH Cries of " Decide .ho question,"?" the ( hair has nol decided the previous question"?we are not in order," &c. Talmadgk?Gentlemen, my opinion is, that Mr. Hastings is rejected. (Cheers?"Hurrah for our side" ? That's the way to do it?hurrah.") Talmauok?Gentlemen, will you hear me ? ((ireal confusion ) ffi/t you hear iuh, my fellow citizens .' I want to bo right in this mutter. If my decision is questioned. 1 will eall a division. Ucnileuien, Mr. David 11. Ogden is nominated in lieu of Mr. Hastings. ("Hurrah ?hurrah ") Kiiom osk os tim Pi.atkohm.?Mr. President. I move that Mr. lllunt he nominated in place of Mr. Hastings Taimadoc, (aside.) ?He won't accept. Mr Talmauuk then put the question, and Mr. Duvid C. Ogdeu's nomination was carrted decisively. Talmadob.?The next names oil the ticket are those of candidates for the Couiuiou Pleas, 't he llrst is? J. L. Mason Carried. K. C. llenedict carried. A. W. Bradford Carried. Three cheers lor Bradford. ' The next is the candidate for District Attorney, Joski'h L. White. The uproar aud contusion which prevailed at the eouiuieuceiuent, was nothing to what occurred at the mention of .Mr. White's name The friends of tliut gentlriuuu kicked, stamped, threw their hats in the uir. waved their hats, (kc , as if they had just escaped from a lunatic asylum, while the friends of Blunt were equally as vociferous uud energetic. It seemed, indeed, that the two parlies were struggling to smother each other with noise and uproar. After surveying the spectacle for a moment or two, and all prospect of being able to restore anything like order seemed out of the question, Mr. Tallmadge sat down quietly and let matters go ou. " White"? "White'1?" White," resounded from all parts of the house. < Talmauoh rises? Gentlemen, will you keep order?? ..III ...II I.I tin. I 11II 1 r Mill,Ilk '" lull Kill A UI..I-.I I... nil.. ed ooulJ be heard two feet froui liiut. " (lentluinen? fellow eltlxKiiH ? I say. genlteuion, the Chair has a right" ?1" Hurrah lor White''? ' lluirah lor IHuut," Uto , lac., " tguextlou," "Question") Talmaimik iigiiio attempts it (ionUenien?Will you hoar we? (lluirah for White) (ieutleuien?I ray. (with iiiiiiiialiou) will you loarine? Oenllcuien? Will you conic to a fair vote, ami if you do. lllia business will be disposed of in one minuto. (Hurrah lor VV bite? Hurrah for Blunt ) (Ieutleuien?1 will put the question fairly to you. If lite vote lie nearly ei|Ual. we shall divide O hat's fair.) Let ua act like wings. Mr. 'I ai..Manor, then put the question. All In favor of Mr. White, will pleuse to say aye.' Aye, aye, u-y-e"? and tremendous cheering < riea of ' let's adjourn," were now uttered by one hundred or more voices, amid great confusion?Adjourn. ! adjourn. Tai.Madok?Let us adjourn; it is moved and seconded that we do now adjourn ( 'White!" Blunt I" ' White!" " Hurrah and great excitement, (ireuter noise if possible, than before. Talmadi.k oolts around, hut seeing no way of escape stys, Gentlemen, it aeema to me that there are some , here who came to this meeting for the purpose of creating a riot. I am disposed to think that some of Mr. McKeon'x friends are here, and it is those who are making this disturbance. We never saw this confusion in a whig meeting before I want to have this question on the acceptance or rejection of Mr. White decided, and I wilt ask a division [ Hurrah?hurrah !" by all parties] T?i.M*oor?Will tlie gentlemen in fnror of Mr. White . please go to the right hand aide of the house. Hereupon u division took place, and the two parties in ide fir their respective sides of the house. As soon as the two parties were iu their places, the friends of Ulunt at once perceived that they were numerically much greater than those of White, and they were not slow in manifesting their delight. Of all the scenes and confusion that we ever saw in public places, none approached this. The friends of Ulunt were actually frantic, and evinced thvlr feelings iu the most nnl |Ue and comical manner. Fifty or a hundred attempted to pull by force the liluut men to the other, hut iu vain, Doth parties stood distinct and separate, and wlnle th" friends of Blunt kicked and stamped, and screeched and howled, as If th-y were " possessed," the friends of \V hits were not backward In trying to overwhelm their opponents. There they stood for live minutes or inure, until It was apparent to all that the Blunt men were about two to ons to the White men, \Vhll? this work was going on.both Mr Blunt and Mr. White were standing on the platform, surrey lug the scene with great interest. White looked te his friends and Blunt to his, and there they were?a beautiful picture for a comic paper. When the decision was known, three cheers were ?lren lustily for White by his friends, and three for lunt by his friends On the platform there was nearly as uiuch confusion as in the renter of the room. Some person, there, in the exuberance of his joy, said?"I told you so" Hurrah for Blunt?Blunt is the man?down with White A friend of White took umbrage at there remarks, and a row would undoubtedly have taken place if the " Blunt man" had nut said that he did not attend the meeting for the purpose of creating confusion, but Blunt is the man !" " There is a Blunt mau", (said another.) Kick him out! Who'll do it?he's as much right to bo here as any man?who'll kick him out* I will! The h?you will 1 say he has a right to be here You do, do you ? Yes I do. &c. &c. Vociferous calls on White wero made by his friends to address the meeting Talmadge. ?Will you listen to Mr. White? Ho and Mr. Blunt are both here. ["No, no. no, no, no-o-o " Yes. yes. yes." " Not a word." 41 (fire us the decision," from all parts of the house. 44 Decide," " Decide," 4' Decide. Mr. Chairman." Talmaooe.?Will you keep silence for a moment, gentlemen, till 1 make a decision ' 44 Decide, decide, decide." " Mr. Chairman, we want a decision We're entitled to a decision from the chair." "Hurrah for While!" 4" Hurrah !" "Hurrah for Rl.,n> in Tai.maple ?1 asked you to give a vote on the nonilnation of .Mr. White. I then asked you to divide and you did so, and 1 now declare that in my opinion your vote was adverse to Mr. White. Another scene of turmoil and eonfusion here ensuod similar to those which we have described, it lasted for several minutos,and the friends of Blunt manifested their pleasure by waving their hats, caps, Btioks and umbrellas in the same manner aB they did before. Three cheers for Blunt were then proposed by a man with a pair of lungs that must be made of cast iron, because bis Btentorian voice was heard amid the din and confusion that prevailed. The cheers were accordingly given. Talma due : (Apparently much calmer, for be thought the riot was over ) Will you come to order now? ''Adjourn,1' "adjourn,1' from all parts of the house. Talmadoe.?It is moved and seconded wo adjourn. "The meeting is adjourned;'1 said Mr. Taluiadge, and the room was vacated by about two-thirds of its noisy occupants. 'Now we'll have some fun.'1 said ope of White's friends. Three cheers for White were given cordially by those who remained. A proposition to reorganize the meeting was then made and carried, and Mr. John W. Latson appointed prvBiucuit. Mr. Biiookh then rose, and spokeof the confusion that prevailed at the previous meeting, and attributed the confusion ihat prevailed at it to the presence of a number of locofocoB who had attended for the purpose of making it. If that meeting had been composed of wbigs, no such disorder would have prevailed. Who, said he, is Mr. White, whom the meeting rejected ? Is ho not a good and true whig? a Henry (Hay whig? Has he not been recognised always as a standard bearer in the whig ranks? has he ever committed any crime that he should be denounced in a whig assembly? He, the speaker, never saw any thing like this before in a whig meeting ? Is Mr. White not a whig?nominated by tho whig nominating convention? (Yes, yes. yes ) Was ho not nominated by that convention unanimously? He was, and 1 have proof of it here on the stand with me. Mr. Meigs, the secretary of that convention will say so, and I appeal to him to say whether Mr. White was not nominate ed unanimously. Mr. Meius attempted to support Mr. llrooks' assertion, but some confusion in front of the platform, caused by a dispute between a Blunt man and a White man, prevented his being heard. A nice little row ensued, and the proceedings were suspended about ten minutes. When it ceased, loud calls were made upon Mr. White to address the assemblage, when Mr. Brook* said?Will you come to order?whigs of New York, will you come to order ! Mr. White then rose, but we cannot give as full a report of bis remarks as we would desire. Our reporter was standing in front of the platform, and found it impossible to take full noteB. '1 be following, however, is a sketch of what be said: lie commenced by saying that he would not have intruded himself upon the meeting, were it not for two reasons?tlrit, that his reputation was at stake in the matter, and secondly -(our reporter did not hear the second reason, in consequence of the noise.) Mr. White continued?1 am here, gentlemen, to defend myself against certain charges that have been made against me. It has been alleged that I am an alien in the city of New York. Gentlemen, I had supposed that I was not altogether unknown. 1 was born iu this State; in the county of Otsego I first beheld the rising sun, uud in the State of New York 1 was brought up, educated and learned my profession. I proceeded ?.,,l i ?*?? w?.? av so#. - wa.a.v, uustajg nuivu a was honored by a constituency that had seventeen hundred loco-fuco majority, with a seat in the memorable twenty-seventh Congress. After a temporary absence of nino years, I returned to the Stute of my birth, with the hope, that if fate did not allow me to spend a loug time in it, that I might at all events lay ray bones in its soil. It has been urged against me, too, that 1 am not a whig. My services in the whig oause disprove the assertion. The canvass preceding the. election of Harrison disproves it. In the spac e of nino months I made one hundred and forty-four speeches in different States; and exclusive of the sum of thirteen dollars and some cents. I paid my own expenses during that time. Yet 1 am told that I am not a whig, but it is not by whigs that 1 am told this; .t is by a parcel of disorganizing locofocos that I am so charged. Where is the recreant spirit in the whig party that says it ? Where is the man Let me see 1dm. or [A voice in the meeting?"A locofoco member of Assembly here says so "I White?It's what 1 would expect from such a vile source. I uauie here agaiu in 1843. and who is there here that does not know of my efforts in the whig cause in that year ! Ask the four wulls of National Hail.' Ask tile people of New Jersey, of Pennsylvania, of Long Island, of Connecticut ? Voick?Ask the whigs of the United States. :: White?Aye, usk the Interior counties of New York. Yet i urn to be told that 1 am not a whig Gentlemen, this is nut all. It has been charged against me. that 1 sought the nomination for District Attorney. The man who says so lies in his throat, and 1 will tell luin so. if lie dare make sucli a charge. I was waited upon twice by the committee, and twice I declined. The third time 1 was waited upon, and urged to be a candidate, in reply, 1 said, if 1 could serve the whig party by consenting. 1 would consent, and I did on that ground; but the charge that I sought the nomination is fitlsc. I never urged a mortal man to vote for me in the convention. It has been said 1 voted against V oung for Governor. That is untrue, and it lias been circulated to affect my stauding iuNew York There was between Mr. Youngaud uiysell u personal difficulty.and i did not vote fur him. 11 emeinbercd him when 1 was about to east my vote. 1 scratched his uaiue from my ballot, and did not vote for any cuudidale?lor. geutlemuu, when 1 forget to remember my enemies I will forget to remember uiy friends, au'.l when 1 forget to remember my friends, may God forget to remember nie. hut was uiy voice ever raised aguiust Mr. Vouug .' No, it was not. Recollection of a personal wroug urged me in the course I adopted, but 1 did not wish to distract the whig party by publicly speakiug against Mr. 1 oung. is there a man froiu the eleventh ward here? Yes there is one, ami 1 anneal to him if I did not go into that wurd and there advocate whig priuciples iu that election.? 1'hu very uieu who voted . H 1 Jul, now upbraid mo with not being a whig. They denounce the aiuner mid uot the mil, 11 it ia a tin, but they commit a greater tin uow themselves. Mr. Win rr. concluded by saying that he was the candidate of the Whig Convention, and would stand In the position which the Convention had placed him in? (Cheers) ?and no threats or charges could induce him to abandou it. He could account for the confusion that prevailed at the previous meeting, because it was the result of a plan concocted by tbe lucofocos, in order to distract the whig party and secure tbe elcetiou of .Mr. .VicKeon In support of the assertion, be produced a letter written to bun yesterday, by a prominent locofuco, detailing the plans, lie rcud the letter to the meeting If lie is to be sacrificed, lie hoped his services to the whig cause would be remembered. Ths CHtisMts then submitted two resolutions, containing a pledge that the wliigs of New I ork would vote for Mr. White, the regulurly nominated candidate. The meeting theu adjourned. Metallic Tablet Kaior Strop, tbe oldest and most ii|>|irovvd article now in use, bavins been before the public for tlie l ist (laity years, can be hail wholesale and retail at the subscribers. The public ami strangers are invited to call aud esainnie the various patterns O. SAUNDK.US k SON, 177 Broadway, (a few iloors a hove Cortlaudt street.) 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Harlem, North American Trust, Pennsylvania S's, Morris Canal, Utica and Schenectady, Norwich and Worcester, closed at yesterday's prices. Illinois Special, fell off X, and Long Island advanced XAt the second board there was an improvement on all the sales made; liarlum went up Long Island ?i; Stonington >4'i Norwich and Worcester with sales to some extent. The advices from Europe by the llibernia are exceedingly Important, and highly favorable in a commercial point of view. Our anticipations relative to the London Money Market have been realised, there having been a decided improvement. The supply of bullion In the bank had increased, and discounts were more liberally made. The crisis had passed, and all were looking forward to a rapid Improvement in commercial affaire. Breadstuff's were steadily advancing in prices, and the supply dlmiDUbing. Cotton was very heavy. 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At a meeting of the Inhabitants of Bridgeport, it was voted by a large majority that the New York and New Haven Railroad should take the southern route through that city, crossing the harbor a few rods above the old bridge and uniting with the Housatonic Railroad at the new depot. The routo through the city of New Haven has been settled, and the right of way throughout the line has been determined upon. This road will join the Harlem a little above Williams Bridge, a distance of seventeen miles from the City Hall, to which point the Harlem Company will lay a double track, ftom the Harjum Bridge, for the accommodation of the immenso travel on thoso roads when they are fully completed. It is estimated that the income of the Harlem, ftom this connection, will be increased from forty to sixty thousand dollars. The following table shows the <iuantity of some of the principal articles of produce left at tide water from tho commencement of navigation to the 1st of June, during the years 184ft, (47 days), 1846, (46 days), and 1847,(31 days) Canal llKccirTs. 104ft. 18IG. 1017. Canal open. ?9pril 1ft. *"tpril 10. May 1. Hour, bids 168,077 481,420 600,93ft Wheat, bush 71,277 120,714 3l8,ft40 Com, bush 6,181 213.614 1,072,114 Barley, bush 20,100 70,1 JJ 139.873 Beef, bills. 20,76 1 24,111 6,2ft5 I'orlt, bbls 23.034 17,549 12,141 Ashes, bbls 29,'JIO 16,437 7,423 Butter, lbs 509.700 851 800 80l,3ft0 Lard lbs 1.230.300 989.100 996.100 < liei-ne, lbs 8)0.600 1,048,200 1,468,600 Wool, lbs 610,600 360.666 266,200 B icon, lbs 168,000 667,300 669,600 By reducing the wheat to flour, the quantity of the latter arrived at tide water this year, compared with the corresponding period of last year, shows an excess equal to 166 .dt?-4 barrels of flour. When we take into consideration the fact, that navigation commenced this year fifteen days later than lost year, and sixteen days later than the previous year, the receipts this season have been unprecedented. The bull speculators in Wall street, have been entirely out of their depth in their calculations, and even their organs in the Wall street press, were so cau . tious that they required the Initials of thoso who were anxious to exhibit their folly in print. Tho object of these speculators was to convey the impression that the supply of breadstuffs, In this country, was likely to be short, and that as a natural consequence prices must advance. The receipts thus far. put at rest all doubts of that nature, and the short sightedness of those speculators is apparent. It has been asserted that Virginia coal cannot be used with advantage in our steam marine, and that the steamers in the navy prefer the Cumberland and Pittsburgh. The steumship Mississippi, on her last trip to thu ltulf, used some of the Black Heath coal of Virginia, which has been pronounced equal to any other. This coal bus been used on board the revenue steamer Legars, the engineer of which reports that it Is the best ijUHlity of bituminons coal. The movements in cotton in thiscountry. tliin season, compared with the previous ono, exhibit! a very groat falling off, both in the receipt! and in the export!. Movkment ok Cotton in tiik United States. Htcrivrd tinet Tot IFrpoils Stock lit Srpt. to Foreign onh'nd Port*. Fort i tiucr an it on lit Srpt. Shijip'd 1846. 1813. 1816. 1843. 1(117. N. Orleans, My 22 674,829 1,0411,332 461,320 621,234 103.160 Mobile, My 22 310,164 414,473 141.079 228,309 100.268 Florida, My 13 118.760 128,262 23,261 26,076 34,791 IVlu, Ap 16 6,029 ? 343 ? 3',0 Georgia, .My 28 228 606 167,109 111,373 38,322 23.022 8. Carolina, My 20 332,318 219,841 16.7,229 124,666 34,113 N. Carolina, ?y 29 3,814 8,631 - - Virgin! \ My 1 10,100 11,370 132 1,308 923 New Vorfc, Je 1 ? ? 96.863 124,780 96,412 Oilier Porta, My 29 ? 6,720 1,916 6,172 ? Total, bale! 1,606.120 1,060,778 913,633 1,191,076 313,212 Total, 1813 1,960,778 1,101,076 400,431 Incrraae ? ? ? ? 22,761 Decrease 264.638 ? 243,442 ? ? The falling off In exporta to foreign ports this season, was as follows :?To Great Britain, 169.800 bales ; to France 78,73-2; to North of Europe, 3,-249; and to other foreign pert!, 3,062 bales, making a total deficiency of 264,113 bales. The stock at the principal ports at the latest dates this year was ti trifle larger than that at the same dates last year. Our advices from the cotton growing sections of the country, relative to the crop now on tho ground, are far from being favorable. All the diseases, all the worms , and Inserts which caused so much distraction last year. , have already appeared, and there is every evidence of , their doing as much damage as ever, In some sections. , where the young plant Iihs been so much retarded by , the cold wet weather, the land has been plowed up and , planted with corn. A large breadth of land In the south- , ern States, which has iu previous years been devoted to | the cultivation of cotton, has this season been appro- . printed to the growing of grain, particularly Indian corn. ( The prevailing Impression is that the next crop of cotton , will be below an average. , Stock Kxrhange. $1000 AlabamsS's 69X 50 shsCsntoa Co b30 37W (9000 Peon's5'? 78 2 0 do org 37 J, 141X1 (III,,, r.'. v.n III I '2 Ml do .'HI 17 aiti'U Illinois Siifciil 42)4 30 Harlem RR ?I0 jJX , 7001) Reading VlIK 70)4 20 N?r k VVor 30 4 17 kits Pulton Bank 120 JO >lo alS J?), 13 Bank of Com full 9I'4 JO do ftflda 30). JO banner.' Truat 33)4 273 *j? . ? ? JO do l>IO 33), 1J0 do bio .0)4 , IJfl do hi J 33), JO Long laland blO 27 , 300 do 33)4 M d" 271* . 2J Morti. Canal 1HJ4 100 do 27)4 ' JO do tl2m> 10 100 do , 27 S 1 I Jfl N A Truat 91.,' JO do 30d. 27), , JO do 9), 100 do .10 27)4 I J Ohio Life It Truat 103)4 JO do a 10 27)4 40 do I0J JO do ,3027', 73 lllinoia Bank 13)4 JO d.) a30 27', 2J do 13 23 StomiiKton Jl'? ? 30 brie RR (0), 2j Kaal Boaloli Co 17), ) II I'tica It Schenectady 120), f Socoiul llonril. JO aha Firmer,'Loan b3 33)4 3.J0 aha llarlem 11H a3 5C1,' 30 do b30 34 ? JO do a3 J?)4 t JO do bIJ 34 JO do J0l, > 0 do bIJ 34 101 do l>30 36), . JO do bIJ 34 100 do blO 30 200 do ,30 XIU 300 do JC'a 34*0 do 33)4 200 do 30), JO do bIJ 31), 230 Lout Maud -a70 20 - JO do 1*30 34 30 do a30 20 ( 100 do ,00 33)4 130 do 28,a i 100 ReadniK RR J7N 100 do ?00 2H 100 < .. b3 37 V 30 Stiinioitou 1.10 32 200 Nor It Wor 30* 200 do 33 New Stock Exchange. Slbbe Ohio #'? H>0 ?30 101k 10 ih? farmers' Truu bJ 33k lUOO do ?JU 101?, M ilo *30 33 k 2000 Treu Note* bJO 1U51, 10 do bJ 33 \ 3000 do 1.30 10 do bli 33>, 10 ?hs Harlem RH cull Il?j 21 Nor it Wor l>3 10*. 10 do b3 11?, 1ft'iiic KK .30 17k 10 do cuh Ilk I" <!< >30 171? CITY TRADE REPORT. Nkw Vohk, Tiu'rioav ArTcRieoen, Juno 3. The news received by telegraph thin forenoon, brought by the llibernia. nod published In an Extra Herald. about 11 o'clock. A. M.. had tho effect of greatly exciting the market for breadstuff*, which (luring tho (lay materially advanced in price* Largo Kale* of Genevee and other brand* of flour were made after tbu receipt of the news at $9 3Sa$9 37'ia$y 60. The chief lalet,however, were made at about $9 35a$9 37%. Hale* were also made, to arrive in all June, at $9 36 Small sale* of Georgetown were made at $10, and It was afterward* held at $10 35. Wheat w&* also la better demand, and aales were made at $3 31. Rye olao, improved under the new*, and vales made at $1 60. Oats were butter,and sales mado'at 70c. Com advanced from 113)?c a 116c to l'Jic al38c , for northern yellow; at which considerable sales were made Meal was also in better demand. ami naif* were made at $670. Some holders demanded $6 for New Jersey; and fora small lot of Brandywine. $ti 'J6 was asked. Rice was also higher. Sales were madu at $0 00 for fair and good. Holders then asked $0 76a$6 for prime. Provisions were Arm. Sales of uew prime pork were made at $14. and of old mess at $1*1 'JO. Sales of old prime were reported at $13 00. The market closed firm, with au upward tendency. Sales of lard In kegs, actual tare, were made at I0>$c. Groceries remained In about the same state, with n moderate amount of sales. Ashf.s?We report sales of 100 bbls Pots at $4 76; and 'J00 do Pearls, ut $0 31V Brcadsti'Ffs?Flour?Before the news transpired, early In the forenoon, sales of Genesee were made at $8 70. MM do sold at $8 87',. and 10110 do at $'.?. After the publication of the news, sules of Genesee. Michigan nixed brands, Sic. were made to the extent of about 00 a 05,000 bbls at $0 l'JX, $0 'J6 a $9 AO. closing at $9 '35 a $9 37>i, with lirmnesH. About 19.000 bbls sold, to arrive, part in 10 days, at $9 35; and 4 a 5000 do. to arrive in all June, at $9 35, part Michigan. Small sales of Georgetown were made at $10. Holders, afterwards, demanded $10 35. Wheat was firmer?and we report sales nf* >?nnn hnahMlii t white t.n nrrivn in .Iiitim ut *0 26, and 2600 do, on the spot, at the same price Corn? The article advanced 10 a 13c per bushel. We report sales of 6000 bushels southern white, at $1 24; 1200 do yellow at the same price; 10,000 do. including 1000 do. mixed, at $1 26; 10.300 do. yellow, at $1 20. and 10.000 bushels do. sold to arrive in all $1 I2.'?. lie fore the new, sales of 1600 do. were made to arrive in June and August, at 100c. and 1600 do. on the spot, at 1160. (yellow.) Corn Meal- Before the news. SON bbls sold at $5 37>?, for which, after the news, $6 76 was refused.? During 'change, 2100 bbls were sold at $6 76. Some holders demanded $6. For a lot of Braudvwiue. *6 12,l? was refused, and 6 26 asked. Rye?We report sales of 4 a 6000 bushels at $1 60. feat?Marrowfats and white were held at $ 1 26 a 1 60 Heans were held at 01 60 a 1 76. Oatt?Sales of 3 to 4000 bushels were made at 70o ?afterwards holders asked 76c. Receipt! down the lludeon, June 2?Flour. 31,446 bbls; Corn Meal, 1637 do; Corn. 24,860 bushels; Wheat, 10,000 do. CANOuri?Sperm steady at 31o. Corrrt:?We have only to report about 60 or 60 bags Java at 0>,c. 6 months, and 26 a 30 do. St. Domingo at 6>?o. cash, ltio stood as before. Cotton?The market has not opened under tbo advices by the Hihornia. The probability is, that holders will accept lowei rates. Dauut.?40 tons soda ash, sold on private terms ; 36 bales sarsaparilla, Honduras, sold by auction at 16)? cts. 4 months. Fish?The market was firm for both cod and mackerel; but sales were light at yesterday's prices. Fruit?700 to H00 half boxes raisins sold by auction at H2 to 86 cts., utid 000 boxes lemons do., in bad order, at $1 26 to $1 43X- Whole box bunoh raisins were owi-nujr HI. 91 IU iwpi ov. Hemp?Nothing now. Lead?tjuiot at $4 60. Molasses.? Wu report galea 500 Cuba molaaaea on private terms. The market for all kinda was steady. Naval Ktoiiki?Dealers were waiting for letters by the lllberniu. Oils.?Sales of American city pressed linseed were made at 06 cts cash, and small sales English at fl'4 to 03 cts. No change in whale or sperm. I'hoviiiovs.?Wo report sales of '400 bbls new prime Tork at $14 ?afterwards $14 '45 was asked. Sales of H00 to 1,000 bbls. old mess were reported at $10 '46 ; 100 bbls old prime were reported at $13 50?$13 76 was afterwards asked. 600 bbls old mess sold at $10 to $10 l'4)g?some holders demanded $17 for new mess, Beef was firm, and 50 bbls beef hams, sold on terms not understood. Lard was also firm ; '.?!? kegs, actual tare, sold at 10)i cts. gwaa Rice? Sales of 100 tierces were made at $6 50; sellers for fair to good demanded $5 76; prime was held at $0. Tallow?Small sales good rendered wero made at 0c. St ..a h?Sales of 340 hhds. of Cuba Muscovado sold at 67(0 a 7c. Whallhqsl?Nothing new. Wiiukly?36 hhds. drudge sold at 30c for a good article in barrels; holders asked 40o; '400 brls. sold on private terms ^Khkioiits?Hates were firmer; in the fore part of the day puckagcs of peas and beans were eBgaged in American vessels at '4s. !?d ; and 3000 brls. were engaged in a British vessel at '4s. As the day advanced, the asking rales were stiller; 1,000 barrels were engaged by a Liverpool packet at 4s. Receipts at Tide Waves.?'The receipts of flour, corn and wheat at tide water, Albany,during the month of May, will bo about? Klour, barrels 660.000 Wheat, bushels '440.000 Corn, bushels, 030,000 TKLKHRAP 11IC. Markets. Nrw Ohlkaki, May 27?I'. M. The Britannia'D news having been received here yenterday,had the effect of giving more buoyancy to tbo Cotton market, ai) well an to that of Breadstuffs, to-day. Helen of Cotton were more easily effected, and the market cloned with greater flrmuess. Clour wiih alno in better demand, aud .ales of 1 to '.>000 barrel* Ohio and Illinois nold at,$7 'J,1). Wheat wan alno in better demand, and nalen of 'J to 3000 bunheln were made at $1 40. Corn, if auythiug, wan lenn firm, aud nalen of yellow were reported at 70c. The Sugar market continued dull. We quote Cuba Muscovado at about 0?i'c. The nalen of New Orleann were chiefly confined to domentic wants. I'rovinioun were nteady.witiiout change in prices worth noting., JuneS?P.M. The llibernia'n ncwn wan received by telegraph thin forenoon, and caused holders of brcadntuffn to make an advance in nearly all descriptions. Howard street flour wan held firm at $10. Susquehanna and city mills were in light supply, and prices nominal. Sales in all sorts were limited, an operators appeared disponed to wait for the steamer's letters, and the effect of the news on the New Vork market. Corn wan firmer, and Maryland and Pennsylvania yellow held stiff at $1 aw. wHeal wan also up, anuinrrn at pa in a a aw for Maryland red. Indian Meal advanced, and wan firm at (S 50; stock light, with limited sales. Whiskey wan also firmer, and held at an advance I'rlce uncertain. Provisions were firm, with symptoms of improvement. Ai.manv, June 3?P. M. The news per lllberula was received here this forenoon hy Telegraph, and produced a great stir among dealer* in flour and grain. We report sales of 1000 bbls Genvssec, at $9 50. Wheat also experienced an advance, and about 6000 bushels of Genesee were sold at (3 33. ( orn was. also, firmer, and sales of I a 3000 bushels were inaile at 133c. barley was also better, and sale* of 1000 bushel* were made at 77c. Oats und rye also improved under the news, and were held at an advance. Receipts In rounds for the preceding 31 hour* were n* follows -?Hour, 16,000 bbls. Wheat, 35.000 bushel*. Boston, June 3?P M. The nuwi received by the lliberui* was fully before our business men early this morning, and created a great deal of excitement. Holders of Genesee and other brands at flour materially advanced their terms, and Genesee was held firm at (10, and Southern do at (10 AO, at which sales were reported Corn, also, experienced an idvance, mixed and Southern flat was firm at (I 33, ind Northern yellow at (1 40. Rye and oats were also Better. Provisions were also firmer, but sales wore light. I'he news gave Increased firmness to cotton, under the mpression that symptom* of improvement were suffl iently apparent on the other side. Stocks were better. I with an upward toudenry. [Telagraphlo Correspondence of the PhiU. Bulletin J Pittsburgh, Juno 3, 1817. There are seven feet water In the chanuel, and the vcather still continue* wet. Hale* of flour at *7 'J3, and generally hold at $7 50. There is n great excitement here In flour and corn, ind everybody awaiting the foreign new*. Married. On Thursday nfternoon, 3d Inst., at the Dutch Re- i ormed i hurch. Washington Square, by tho Iter. Kd- j card II Fuller, of Somerset. Mas.. Joiin A Kisrk, of ! laltiniore. and (Jkoruiana F, , only dnughter of rapt ' ieorge S. Perry, of Providence, II. I. Yesterday morning. June 3. at K.inanuel Church, leuvtlle, ( onn., by the Kev. Sir. Hills. Mr John f d*i hay, of (Ireenwlch, Conn , to MImMarv W. itru:?:ui, of Boston, Mass. Boston papers please copy. On Thursday, 3d Inst , at City Hotel, New York, by lie Rev. Dr. Spring. I>??in Jony*. Ksq . of Springfield, s'ew Jersey, to Mrs llsnnir.t A Hatch, widow of < apt nines llaylls, Jamaica, Long Island. Died, In Brooklyn, on Wednesday evening. Jamvs Bknson I VNiki.. (son of the late James O'NIel.of New York,) n the 1'Jd year of his age His friends, and those of his uncle. Wm. J Benson. ! ire respectfully Invited to attend bia funeral, from hit I late residence, corner Witii and Dock streets on Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock. without further .nmation I On thedftthof May. who gave hi. nam. as CoSNKLH'i I- xHILLIM, find who lately ?rrlT,J at London in the capacity of carpenter of the nhip Friends of that port The deceaned atatod to some of hi? aci|UaUitaiiccs that he had a brother in buaiucaa in the city of New York, and other relutiees'residlnK at Troy, N Y ilia friend* may obtain information in reference to bia death by addressing C. J Jones. Seamen's Misa.onary New London, Uoun Weekly Keport off Lteattia, in the city and county ol New York, from iho 23d day ot May to the 29th day of May, 1817. Men, 125 : Wutneu, 87 ; Boy*, 68; tfnl?, 67. Total 347." Age?Under 1 year, 51; 1 to 2 years, 26; 2 to 5.24; 5 to 10, 16, 10 to 20. 21; 20 to 30, 62 ; 30 to 40, 49; 10 lu 50. 35; 50 to 60, 23; 60 to 70, 15; 70 to 80,(12!; 00 to 90,4 ; 90 to 100, 1; unknown, 8. Uity Inspector's Office, May 24, 1847 abti'iu.t huiitaih. H ) At till S PLATT. Auctioneer AUDWAKK.KA.Nt Y ARTICL.K8, GOLD JEWELK Y, H ABE ? DASllEKY, fcc.?Jacob 8. Plan will ?ell this day, at 10 o'clock, at the auction room, 23 Piatt etrret, 400 lota Hardware, rsucv Articles, Gold Jeweliy, Habrrdatliery. damaged(-rockery, 4tc The tale will commence with 100 lull 1,1 irrdmrr 11,.- I, ._ ,.f . L C I . I . I... ...I... the assignee; aftera which 4 valuable invoice of Fieiich Fancy Goods, viz:?'>00 line French bead silk f'ur?es and Reticules, Nilk velvet And cotton bead Bass, steel Tassel4 aud Kings and Purses. steel bur and purse I I up-, ivory and bone handle Fans with looking glasses, pearl and shell Card Cases, glass Peu Hoidir*. toilet brus ies and minor*, 4tc. Also,60 lots llaberd-shery, viz: til vcs, Suspenders, stay and i t er bindings, bed lace, silk fringe,lie. Also. 600,000 griiuiue Hemming Ik Sou's Needles,warranted. Also, at 12 o'clock, a large in voice of Jewelers' stoues?jewelers will please take notice. Alao, at 12>a o'clock, from luvoice, 100 lots city made go'd Jewelry, in l?>ts. j \ ii i. By li. LEW18 k CO.?Store 187 CliAlhain street, corner Oliver.?J&WKLttY SALK.?Pawnbroker's sale 'IT&is Dajf, Friday, June 4th, at 10 o'clock, a large collection of un-* redeoinedlidedges,consisting ol'gold and silver watches,ch uus bracelets, piiigti ring . ke>a, broiehw.mrti tatud tabls spoons, tea pots, sugar basins, sugar Mugs ladles, music boxes, Ike. Ikc. By order of ABRAHAM GOODMAN, je4lt*r Licensed Pawnbroker, 31 Centre *t GEO. h. ROLL IN 8, Auctioneer. Lots of ground in south bkooklyn-w.ii be sold at auction, on Wednesday, June 9th, at 12 o'clock, I at the Merchants'Kicliange, 2 lots of grouud each 26i10m t.-.-t, fronting on Smith street, commencing 011 the north-westerly corner of President street, in the midst of the great improvements now being made by the Atlantic Dock Association. js4 2teod*r _ AT AUCTION?The uudersigued having disposed of his farm at Cold Spriug, L. I . will sell at auction 011 the premises, on Wednesday, June Dili, his entire stock, consisting in part of two thorough bred brood mares YOUNG DOVKaud KM1LY GLF.N'l WORTH, (whose pedigrees may he seen iu the A. T. R.. vol x. naire 486A w?th ii??*ir v. urlinv mi.I two culls by their sides, all hv Treasurer. AI?o, several remarkably line thoroughbred Durham Cattle, together Willi all liia Farming Utensils, Household and kitchen furniture, pleasure anil oilier carriages. WILLIAM JON KB. Nil.?The above aale will commence al 9 o'clock A .M . but the (lock will not be offered until 2 o'clock P.M. Mould the 9th prove stormy, the neit fair day. je 3 3tis*rc CHOICK PLANTS.AT AUCTIOiV-A. LKVV will sell on Friday morning at II o'clock, at 293 Broadway, a choice collection of Oreen House I'lauls, from the icardeu of Mr. D Boll, consisting of miniv varieties of flue soils, including Double Carnations, Dahlias in pots and roots, and the finest of Itoses for ftarden and parlor. Paintings Ike. Siturday evening. jc3 lt*r , AWJIONKK8' HA LB OK DIMNU "AND B ATI NO House, No. 118 William street This property will be sold at public auction on Thursday, the 10 of June, instant, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, on the premises; toitelher with 3 years lease of the same, unless sooner sold at private sale. The location is n desirable one. The dining saloou has marklc floors, marble tables, bar table, steam table. Ike. The kitchen is provided with a range and other necessary cooking utensils. The house is well furnished and contains several rooms desirable for hoarders, by the day or week. The whole will he sold together or any portiou of the furniture separate, and all at great bargains. je2 3t*r ' ? ? y __ii_aaaaawc - " ODD FELLOWS' CKLBBUATION AND BALL AT CASTLB (lAltDKN.?Drivers of carriages^ convey im < uinixii) in win auore place nils evening, will lot llirm out at Ilia sidewalk outside the Battery?returning lor them they will form iu sittifle order in Markellield, Ureenwicli and Stale streets. By order of the Mayor. J. HUTHWAITK, je4 lt*ITC luiuetw ol Harks. CllOTtlN LOUT,!:;. No. 7?,V O. OH I? ! '.- The member* thereof are reonfsted to meet at their Lodge Kooui, 1117 Bowery, (tills) F'liilay morning, Ith instant, at oeloeki fox the Jin riioae of celebrating the 24th auuitersary of the I. O. of O K. Bv order of N. <j. James Wat?om, Seo'y. je I lt*r I O.OKO. K.-TIIK MEMBERS OK OLIVK BRANCH LOIXiK No 3l,are reiiuraird to he imnetual in their attendance at their Lodge Uooni, 411 Broadway, this (Friday) morning, at ttn'clock.for the purpose of joining in the ceremony of laying the corner atone of Odd Kellowa' Hall A. L. UK CAMP, N. (1. K. Ci.Anan, Scc'y. jc4 lt*r 10. OK O. Kl-THK MF.MBKRS OK COMM F'.RC IAL LODGE No. 67, and all other Brethren of the Order in tending to unite with tliein, are requested to meet at the Lodge Kooin, Clinton Hall, on Kriday, June Ith, at9 o'clock precisely, lor the purpose of uniting with the O. L. in the celebratiou of the d iy. Brethren of the Order visiting the city are cur dially invited to unite with us ou the occasion. Bv older of J. L. VAN BOSKKRCK, N. O. W. II. Maiwei.i , Kec'y. je I It" r I I). OK O. K.-Ji vSt Ot'K LODGE, No. 4X?The mini hers of this Lodge are hereby notified that the Lodge sydl meet at their room, No 3k Canal street, on Kriday morning, Jiinet 41h, at 0 o'clock, preparatory to uniting w it 11 the II W Grand Lodge in the celehratuui. J. O. LEONARD, N. G. At?:*,tsrt>ra Bt.aia. Scc'y. je3 2t"r KNICKKRBUt KF.R LODGE No. 22, I. 6. ol 6. KBaOTHEaa? Vou are hereby re<|iir*ted to asseinhle on Friday inoniiug nest, June Itli, at (lie II. W. Lodge Room, No. 71 Ui vision strret, at II o'clock precisely, forthe purpose of uniting with the Grand Lodge in celebrating its24lli ainnvei.-ary, by a procession in full regalia, and assist iu laying the corner stone of OdJ Fellows 11 nil By order of lb* Lodge, JOHN E. BLISS. N. G. Bkmjami* J. r>:mtz, See'v. je3 8tta* jc PalEbTIne kncamKmen i\ No. 9.1. o. 01 o. f The members are hereby notified to meet at the Rooms. | No. 411 Broadway, on F riday Morning, the 4th insiaut, at hal I Pist eighl o'clock, punctually, for the purpose ol joining in the procession. 'PI.. .....i..., .r i .1...... vi...-. trt ....i c ... catnpmeuts, as alio tlie members of all oilier Kocamptneuls that have decided not to turti out as a body ou that occaaion, are fraternally invited to uuite with their brelhreu of I'alestine Kncampineut. * brethren will be particular to dressiu black, including cravat (or stock) and gloves. THOS. M. CLARK, C.P. ('. Ilt iat Kiiwariis, Scribe. je3 2t*r rI^(l THK I (I (IK O K? Ifauv members I ruin adi.tuiei A should |{et the Toothache while visiting this city during the coining Anniversary, he may have it cured free of charge, by npplying to Dr. COLKMAN, Dental Surgeon, 3l?i Umad, way. Jrt8*r Midi .N I Ml MAI fcMt a v. I' VUiM i , No.| l.O t< V ?The Members of this Kncampiiient are rei|iiealrd to attend at their room, Natioual Hall, ou Friday morning neit, at 9 o'clock, for the puipose of joining the R W (irnnci I.odge in the ceretnouies ofl.iying the cornerstone of Odd fellows Dalit also, the members of other jMicampineiits are invited to join with us, if then own Is not I to turn out \VM. U. SMITH. < . P. tiro Tirri s. In , Scribe Egyptian Ewi ampmknt, No. E 67 oi o. k.? The officers and members of tlie Kgyptian Kucampmeiit, are respeetlully reuuested to assemble at the room, No. 71 Division street, on f ridny, the 4th of June( at 9 o'clock, A. M , for the purpose of uniting with the 4>. h. in celebrating the 24th Anniversary of tlie O. I,, of N. Y., and laying the comer stone of the Odd Fellows' Hall. The kncampmeiit will mote pre iselyat 10 o'clock, A. v. , for its station in Hcade street, the right resting ou Hudson street. I there will l.e a Soecisl Me...on on Tl.ll rsilav .flee,won, (June 3(1,) at 3 o'clock. By order J AM KB C. STEPHENS, C. P. a* Joil-r MjCOOUK, Scribe. |d 3tis*VT<l INDEPENDENT ORDER OK ODD FF.LLOWH,Twenly Fovrtli Anniversary of the R. W. (fraud Lodge of Hie State of New York, June I, 1817. The several Lodge* and Encampments will n**emhlr at tlirir respective rooms at 9 o'clock, A. M., and proceed from thence to the place* hereinafter designated, for the formation of the line. The column will form in Hudson itreet at It o'clork, A. M. ?theievrral division.* will form in the street* running writ from Hudaou, (excepting the Ut.) at 10 o'clock, A.M., a* described in the detailed programme* of the day. The proceasiou will move precisely at II o'clock A. M., and proceed up Hudaou to drove, down Hudaou to Chambers, up Chamber* to Broadway, dowu Broadway to Chatlwiin, up Chatham to Eaat Broadway, up East Broadway to the jiinc tiuti ofdraud, down Grand to the Bowery, up the Bowery to Astor Place, through Astor Place to Broadway, dowu Bioadway to Grand street, where the liue will halt, and open to the right and left, close order. The Committee oi" Arrangements, Orator, Cliaplain. and the Grand Officers of the Grand Lodge will then move between the lines, followed by the Officers and Trustres of Odd Fellows' Ilall Association, with Car ; the members ot the Grand Lodge, with (:?r and Emhlrm* ; thr Officers, Car and member* of the Grand Encampment, Subordinate Encampments and Lodge*, and proceed to the corner of Grand and Centre street*, where the following exercises will be had, vis, Order of Extrciett on Laying the Corner Stone 1. Prayer. 3. Hinging, by the Alleghanian*. 3. Laying of the Corner Stone of Odd Fellows' 11*11, by P. G. Sire John A. Kennedy, President of the Odd Fellows' Ilall Assoc ation, assisted by Joseph K. Taylor, M. W, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York, and Daniel P. Barnard, M W. Grand Patriarch of the Grand Encampment of New York State. 4. Ode written for the ocoasion, by Franklin Joseph Otterson, of No 61, and sung by the Alleghanian*. i Benediction. i Visiting Brethren who desire to join m thr Procession are respectfully iuvited to do so, and nolle with such Lodges a* they may feel disposed to select. Visiting P. Grands are invited to meet in Grand Lodge Room, National Hall, Canal street, at ? o'clock, A. M. The formation of the Line is specially delegated to the Assistant Grand Marshals, nr.: Alfred A. I hillips, James VV. I krr, Lewis H. Walts, and Charles F Osborne. After the exercises are closed, the Lodges and Encampments will consider themselves ss dismissed, and the same Band* of Music that conducted them to thr line in the morning will be at their dis|?osal to accompany them to their several places of meeting. Members can obtain a detailed Programme at the several Lodge Rooms. By order of the Committee of Arrangement*, EDWARD V. PRIME. Giand Maralu!. Order of Evening Exerenes. The exercises for the evening will take place at Castle (farden at 8 o'clock, and will consist of Music bv the B inds engaged for the occasion. Hinging of original Odes and favorite airs by the Al.l.RriHAtviatvs. Oration hi Hon. R. VV Hi runt's, of ( harleston, H. ('... and (fraud Representative to the Grand Lodge of the United States from that State. A ,,f ,r iiI srt will lie lasnril on the mo,of the celebration. 'iVketa Kifty ( ante each, to admit one |wr on?may he obtained at tha billowing placet, vif.: office of (Jrand Macratary, ' * Uarrlay afreet; Marrar'a Mining Saloon, cornar of Ann anil Naaaan atraaU. Hala'a Nana Room, TO Wall treat; office of Odd Kellowt' Mall Ataociation, National Mall, (anal at real; I'. II. < lillr\, tin (fraud attaat; Joseph l? Sir wart. Itl"! Washington street, W. II Mikeman, 2f>B Klir.aheth atrial; John Mrllrair, 6' Wall street; Manrv Brrtnei, II ( oautiaa alio, James A I 'olnn, 2*11 Henry attaat; Adam I .Letch, cor. A?rnua I and Siath atraat; Jainra H. Parkins, cor. Mia iaion and I hryatie atrects, Ne w York; Salmon Hkinnar, rnr Montague i'laca and Menry atraat; and P. O Raad, 1(3 fulton atraat, Brooklyn; and alio at < aatla Harden on the evening Should the wrathar prove unfavorable, ilia Proeeaaion will ha postponed to tha lirat fair day , and the aicrciaaa at ( aatle Harden until Monday availing tlia 7th JOHM'M D. STKWAIIT, (hairman W. H. Diarvan, Ser'y Jaltt*'C ( i ARM ?The subscriber*, proprietors of the Kaglr Vlilla.liT J and liO Waalimgton atrael, (destroyed hy fire on the mom nig of the 3rd insrant.) respectfully give nonce, thai uoiwitn-lending their lata disaster, are at all nrrparedto fill Ml uiilira in their line. WILLIAMSON, MAN N fcC< , jet 7t* r Office it'i Front at. Si PhKioH lard OIL-A new articleof LAHOini. amiable for the solar lamps, for aale at (ft Carmine atraat. N .B ? Raiwira and altcrationa of Laui| * done at J. Rnlly'a, (9 Carmine atraet. ;aj it*rc crrr ANraninrm. ? O.V1PLI MtNTAKY BKNEFITTO MRS. MASON. Haii* t Mr..aTKr ?Friday June 4'n. will be iwrfnrmi-d the comedy ?f lite MAKHIKL) K ARE?Mr brnlrrichiKIiirtity, <i Barrett; Mr* Trictrac, Mr* Hunt; Mra Hi*lity, Mm Kate Ham. In conclude will, tl.e H L NCHB ACK-J?lia. Mm Mum; . f?' n ^Sbvtt; Sir Tliuinaa Clifford,Mr Wheatiey; Muff ?V alter, Baa. | Bote. 92; Pit 91; Oallery ? hallow V*" 'l1 " duck?the parformaac* wUI iianiui P VaN V H|r;?\.' li1,?1'"" ITATTA.N OI'KKA tOMPAleason of twJi, Ha\?i?, 7j 10 number, will commence a hveuiag, June 9th " "" Ptrk ??> Wedueaday ui-?? u UOWI.KV THKATKK^T w m .r -i *"* M**??,, ? <>n KnJay ICvrii.iu. ?u,'iW\ im 1 ft "* ??/,,ud caVharink 11UW AHIJ-Menry Vlll kiujt .,1 Kuslwiil. Mr. Clark*, hthelwood, Neali*; ? ?tharn,e Howard, Mr?. Wilkuuoa To lir lollowrd l?y WHKHt 1j(Sk.S Till. MONEY COME FROM?Mr Oratory, Mr Di Bar. To conclud* with the drama ol PUTNAM?Gen Putnam. Mr. Milner; Talbert, Mr. Booth; Surkhain, Mr. IIidaw ; Kate Putnam. Mia* Sergeant. Dress Circle, 25 centa; l*it ami Gallery, I2>? cents Door* open at t?X yk:luf-k. Performance commence*^ IK Paliwo'8 t ofkka llol/tte?-Chamber* street-?Satur day Evening. June 5th?second peiformnure of Ronsiiii'* grand operufof oemlkami de?brinirannde, Signora banli; Arsace. Sigunrt Pico; Assur, nig Bene veutauo; Idrenux, Sig Brurdrtli; asivum, Siguora Boulard; Oroe, Sig l Martiu; Mitranes, Sig Jjenetti. Opera Booki mat be had at the box office. l?t tier of boiea ami purquette. SI; 2d tier, 50 ceuU; Private boxes tar etahl Per rous, $12; do for 6 do, $10. Seats ran be secured at the box office, from 10 a m. till 4 o'clock p. m. daily. Monday Benefit of Maestro a. Barili. I > un open ?t half past 7, |terforvnaiire to commence at 0 Pu.MTs \ < \ It d- sj(?'k \ b a hi li respectfully in tiouncrs to the patron* of the Opera, and the Public Kensrally, that his Beiiefi: will take place oil Monday Evening, 7tb iuftt, Hossini's grand and popular opera, 8EMIHAMIDE. Between the acta Sigunr Barili and Signor Banedctti will sing i l?uo from Maestro Bar ill's Upern, '* Corrado ,di Mouferj:hiic M1 ( il JLNH 811 ILL,472 BROAD W A* , belweeuGrana and Broome streets. MON'DAY, May !il*t, and every evening during the week. CHRIST* 'S MINSTRELS. 1 he extraordinary surres* attending their Concerts, which lor t succession of fourteen weeks, have been crowded nightly with highly respectable audiences, and the solicitations o f numbers of their patrons, has induced thetn to forego ajrnuge I incut* made elsewhere, and remain in New York K>R ONE WEEK LONGER. Admission 25 cents. Concert commences at 8 o'clock. my30 7t+rr A "'- '"CAN MUSEUM? PEUKGIOIANCEB both Af ternoon nna Kvftnu|. THK ORI'HKAN FAMILY OR KKNNKDFsCK ti .... . , VolALlSTft, i ne most talented niwl popular Uaud ?n America are rnghgetl at this house, and will give their Orand Concerts thisaftenioru ml evening, at half-past I and ji luartr, past 8 u ciock, wh.ii alio other talented performer* will appear, including theCli?n man r .tmtly. Mr.Conover, 'Miss Juliru, ami others The Magnificent Moving Diorama of the k UN h.KAL OK NAPOLEON BONAPARTE. Will alio be eihibitrd it each and every performance. Admission V'? nenra jr] rr MK8. MAHON'8 BENKK1T. T HE COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT TO MRS. MA. SON, will take place ou the evening of Kamar, Jane 1th. at the PARK THEATRE. Tickets can be obtained from any member of the Committee, or at the Boa Office? at w hich place ouly aeau are to be ae curtd. Boxes ?2-p.t $1. I Inlip lloue, Wm. Henry Le Roy, Hamilton Wilkri, Thus. Addta Kmmett, W. K. Laiglit, Bache McEvera, Robert Kinuiett, Samuel B. Kugglea, Ogdcu Hoffman, lieverlv Robinaon, J. I'reacott Hall, (Jeo. Washington Cottar, Dinning Duer, J. Berkmau k inlay, James Thomson, Samuel Olorer, Nath'l Bloodyood, John T. Briihaffl, II. Le lloy Newhold, Herman Le Roy, Robert II. Morria, Wm. Kditar, Mortimer Lirmjtatou, Joseph Blunt, John Stewart, Jr, H. U. Le Roy, Cltaa. A. Clinton, Jamea Monroe, Oeo. L. Schuyler, Cliaa. L. Livingston, W. O. Kiua, Delaucey Kane, Campbell P. While, Henry 8. Hoyt, O. Maurau, Alex r Hamilton, Jr, Dand Austen,Jr., Lewia M. Rutherford, Dnvid C. Colden, Anthony L. Kobertaon, Chaa Aug. Davta, Henry Breevoorl. m2'r llt#rc VAl'XHALL GARDEN CONCERT SALO??N -On Wednesday Evening. June 2 < AMPBELL'8 ETHIOPIAN OP? It A 8ERKNADERB, compoaed ol the followiug artists?Messrs H. Mratayer, J. r. Carter, Raymond, J. Bryant, iiud W. Donaldson?will give a GRAN D CONCERT of Vocal ami Instrumental Music, conaiatiug of Bocga, Solos, Refrains, ( haunts, (Jlees, Daucea, fcc., peculiar to the Southern Negro. Mis* Jcanie Reynoldaou, the Scotch ballad singer, is also engaged. ... Tickets admitting a Gentleman and Ladies, 2i cents. Krec admiasion to Garden. m21 rf rc (1ABTLE GARDEN la opaaad lor the season?In the J Evenings Conceits of Instrumental Music will be giveu by the German Brass Band, under tlie.direction of Mr. Monk, consisting of selected cointmaitioua from Labitzky, Strauss, Launrr, Guugl, Straeck, and others, commencing ou Monday next, May 21. Intermission of half an hour during the evening for prometnading, refreshments, and viewing use Cosmoramas, which have been re-arranged. Ail in i mou 12). cents. Concert commences at I o'clock. tn'3 rrc __ _____________ 1ST jT'lllVSl .11 A US' II V OL- IIL SIOU an... IV vitatious for Schools to visit the Exhibition will be i? sued oil application, atldi eased to the Council of the Academy. Moiiday s, Weduesdays and Friday* will ho appropriated lor boys; and Tuesdays, Thursday* ami Saturdays for girls, fly order of the Council. JNO. 11. CnAPMAM. fg St 1S * rre Sr? retary N A BKUAUWAV liibATMh.? This establishment, sow erecting in Broadway, will be opened for Dramatic pur* poses solely, on or abour the first of September, under the management of O. H, BAKHKTT. Persons of acKnowlodged talent wishing situations for the season, will please addresa in in (pre-paid) at 100 LMMii street* m'JO tfrc A. MANN, sole Proprietor. AJUUHHMKNTS KIAKWIIKIIK. WALNUT STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA? Friday evemnic. June 1, the performance will eomtiieucr with tlie Grand Divertiaemeut LA TYROL1NE, by 2t Dau seiises Vieuuoises. To which will be added THE LOAN OF A LOVER. After which LK 8AUVAUE3 FT LK MIKROIR-by !o Danseiises Vieuuoises. To which will be added the farce of VVM. THOMPSON. The whole to conclude with LE GALLOP DE8 DRA PEAIJ?by 48 Danseiises Viennoise*. Performance to coinmeuce at 8 o'clock precisely. PricesOrchestra and private boi $1; Dress Circle $1. BILLIARDS.?The subscriber respectfully informs his patrons ana the public, that in couplience witbtlM wittM i of in inv of In i visitors, be baa concluded to open tni In idi (late Empire) Billiard Sal /on, as a school lor the teaching of Billiards, and in order to secure the best talent m that depart meutj he has engaged Mr. BUIST, commonly known as ANDREW, under who*- c tie, hi conjunction w ith that of thu aidini|ntd the school will be conducted As htfetofod he wishes of visitors will br carefully considered and no pains spared to tender this Saloon fully worthy of the high aud fash toiiahle reputation it has acquired. MICHAEL I'HKLAN, Proprietor of the je I 301" r Arcade Biliard Saloon. No. Barclay WANTED?A situation by ? t?|?cu!ilr ? omaii; it it good l>|iiin cook, and a good washer and ironrr; in a tin.,II private laiiiily. She la sober, quirt and liuuetC. The be?[ of city reference given. I'leatr call at 063 Houston alreet. je4 If r WANTED?A Cutter who baa a thorough eiperience in ruttling in a regular Cloth inat Manufactory. M I ly to A. W. CANFIELD. je I :it re I 0 Market speet, Newark. N I WANTED?By a reapectabla I'roteatant girl, a aitoalinn an chambermaid, or I do", pi nil sewing, sin lu no objection to take cliarite f rloblrr n in a geutceI family. Apply it SB Hands stn llr .l.lvu. jrt >t*r W.\ I'M A SI'J'I A I ION?A yOMg woman, in a myacl uiuly, n cliainbr imaid , would have no objection tn i I children, or totrnvel with a lady in the country. T1 I ' ity rrfrrriirrt may be had at 27 Bridge at. aerond I k room. jtllt'r 1 . i ?Lotl. near Maiden lane and Little tireena JLi sir,. In y to an iron safe. At it lean be of no ute to the finder. will confer a fayor, and he rewardrd, by leav intc it at earl hi tlie morning at |Mittihlr at David Meltrlle'a, 23 Maiden lane, up ttnirt. The key might have been lost between Maiden lane and Fulton street, or in one of the Fulton ferry tlaget j4 lt*r UV-KWS, NEWS. NEWS."?The foreign papers by the i a ateamthni Hib*mia: The London Pietorial Newt Timet ami Punch, ilell't Life in Loudon, the Material, and Douglass Jeruldt paper; alto the Dublin Nation, and Free nan t Journal: for tale at Berfurd It Co., No. 2 Aator Houte. where Dioy be bad all the new and cheap publirationt of the day H M*t STEAM ENGINES, warranted ro perforin with leat fuel, occupy Irta room, and coat leat to keep Stem ia repair, than any othert, for tale or to rent very cheap. One of one. one of four, and one of fifty liorte power. Ordera received for viiy power required at 112 Broadway, by jt It'rc A. k D. BUFTUM. PAINTINGS, ENGRAVINGS, AND BOOKSe-lf you with to purrhaae either, there ia no place in the eity of New Vork where to large and varied an aaaortmrnt ran b? found, and at more iraaonahte pricrt tliui at COLMAN'B. No. 703 BROADWAY, who hat recently imported and received hi alorr, aevrral catee of Oil I'aiuttiiga and aplrndid Engravings, and it daily eipectiug eileuaive mvoicea of all the new piiblicationa of the day. N B.?Ilia iminrntc etock of Boolta ia going off at very reduced prirre. iiekaldky. f.'oata of Anna furnished and einblaaoned in ilia moat anmptinm aiyle?or may he had in pen drawing. Gallery of Paintings above hit store, in which Tltian'a Veniii, The Miaerg. Dving Gladiator, and ninety other choice pictnrea by the old matiera. may lie tern for 2S centa. Tint it pronounced by fotiigiiers on* of the heat collrrtiona in lh? country. je 4 2taw3wis'r Ladies and gentlemen's left off wand kobe?Gentlemen or families Inying anyannerffaona ,tl'ecta, auch at Wearing Apparel, Jewellery. Fire armt, or Furniture, kc., which they drsire to ditpote of to the bettedvantage (fnriath I have He tie .1 upport iiiiltv "f i|. u gtn sending for the tlibaCriher, who will altrnd at their residences by appointment. If. LEVETT. Otficc No 2 Wall ttreet, corner ef Broadway. NB ? A line addretaed through the I'oat Office, or anil, a will recriye prompt attention. je 4 3t*re / 1 B CLARKE, TAILOn, Ilf. William street ? I haee 'I, on hand every variety of Sack Coats, from til to $2, which, in addition to a very large ttork of rlotha, raaamieiea, kc., renders it a very desirable retort for thoae in want of clothing, t lark. 't S.ickt are proverbial all over the country forbeauty nod cheapneta. I make the vary beat French Cloth Dieaa i oats for I2i>, lower quality 10 and $18, every thing rite in proportion. Satin and Summer Veata, kcalways on hand. jJ 3?ia*r DA* * I'ATI'.A i II wnr.?* t ??lr 111 ISew York by thr inventor 'nil manufacturer, 23 Conrtlandt atreet; Jam. , H. Walter, 29B Broadway; Joaepn H. Aah, 293 Ui^idw iy; J. k S. Philbtn, 3 Day atreet; W. V >4. C. C-hardneoyiie, 194 f'herry at reel, <ir?ir?r R. Ilowell, 32 Park Row; Karr A Briny*. 30 lienor ?treet; Iteorgr kiilton, J55 Broadway; Knti<Tit Ik Rhode*, 4431 Broadway; Thntnaa Han?on. 320 Broadway; \tilIri At l oiatea. ll'i Oread atreet; ( harlea Pitt h Hon, 17 Third amine, Natal. Sawyer, 239 Blreeker atreet; J. Craiu. 7 Broadway.J V J. Kmart, u>; Broadway; J. IV (Jninu, Ml Broadway ; K II. Trowt>rider, 21" Watrr atraet. MeKeniir k (I'llara. i Broadway: Jolm Hiidann, I'uioii Ninarr, corner koarternih vtreet; .1 Alien. 191 Siath areoue; Samuel I'ryor, Ml Third avenue, I'luinhera; and I). 111 ><l kiii a n. corner nl Maiden Una and Na*?att atreet, and iio wlirir t lt? m the city of New \ orh. jrl 301 re ANKW BTKA.M BOAT will bn launched abouit lie 19:4? of June, limit lor thr eaprea* parpoee of tnium ? new principle of I'miielljiif; and rule "laird to incrraae the apeed and aaf. ty of eteamhoat*. Any tuna |.rryiou? to thr liih af June, one riulitli |>art of thr right w ill br aold for a lair corniniaatimi. . My iiiyrniinn liaa brni approved by overlive hnnurrd aclciitafia and iwarlical men Peraona daairolia of ertrotirayinir an object of great interest, and at thr nam. time inake a a.afe arid rood inrr.iioriit may apply to SICWALL SHORT, 1 * mm. v'e?ev atrrer Wanted?A Steam KngiiiC of from I to III lior*e P*'*"' *P" ply aa above. jeJIIfm

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