Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1847, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1847 Page 4
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( VS<3 LATEST MOMENT. TELBUHAFH1G HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM THE SEAT OF WAR. The Capture of Puebla, after a Sharp Skirmish. TLXOHf or BaVTA ANVA THE CAPTURE OF GUERILLAS, ft elected president. MORE TOWNS TAKEN. SUPPLY TRAIN CUT OFF. Affairs in the City of Mexico. Another Battle in Prospect. Jic. St. Ac. By the steamship Palmetto, at New Orlaam from Vera Cruz, we have advices from the latter port to the 93d May. Gen. Worth enteral P uebla on the afternoon of the lath May, after a sharp skirmish with a party of Lancers sent out to oppose his advance. Four Mexicans were killed?no Americans. Santa Anna had been in the city a moment before our troops entered, but left and pushed on towards the capital. It was reported that General Valenola was between Puebla and the Capital, at the head of fourteen thousand men, to resist the farther advanoe of our army. The reeult of the Presidential election was not known. Santa Anna, Eleslaga, and Herrera were among the candidates. Santa Anna is said to have had a considerable force with him when he passed through Puebla, variously estimated from fifteen hundred to ten thousand. Capt. Mayo, of the Navy, who is now Governor of Alvarsdo, started on the 13th ult.. for Laliaooya. At his arrival, the town surrendered to him without any resistance. On his return he was fired upon, and Passed Midshipman Prfngle, with five seamen, were badly wounded. Dr. Barton has been appointed the President of the Board of Health at Vera Crus. A party of guerillas was surprised and taken, close by Vera Crus. They were fifteen in uumber. Captain Mason of the rifles, died on the 15th. There U ft rumor ftSo?t thftt tb? Mexican! had captured a wagon train. t An extra Picayune,luued on the afternoon of the 37th ult., oontaina eorreepondenoe from Kendall at Jalapa, up to noon of the 21st. All wai quiet at Puebla; the people appeared satlifled under the preeence of (Jeneral Worth. Reports state that Santa Anna had halted at San Martin, 28 miles from Puebla, but It was not generally conceded that the main fore e of twelve thousand men at Rio Frio were preparing for another engagement at that naturally strong point. It Is also stated that fifteen battalions of the National Guard wero being thoroughly organised at the capital, and there was a prospect of another hard fight, considered by many oertain. It was rumored that Gen. Worth was In pursuit of Santa Anna, beyond Puebla. Mr. Trist was still at Jalapa, the object of his mission kept secret. The train from Vera Cruz, under the escort of Capt. Walker, had arrived. Gen. Shields had suffered an attack of pleurisy, but was recovering. Three guerillas were killed, one wounded, nine taken prisoners. A large number of horses, muskets, pistole and amunitlon, lee., captured in the affair heretofore mentioned. News from Vera Crus states that the prisoners brought to trial were severely dealt with. The town of Montala surrendered to the captain of the sloop of war Germantown, but was retaken by three hundred Mexicans. The schooner Fraternity, at Mantla, had been boarded by 30 armed men, stripped of cargo and burned. Major Dommerld, with portions of the 5th and 7th infantry. arrived at Vera Cruz from the United Status on the lBtb. Col. Sowers arrived at VeraCruz on the Z'ld with dispatches from Gen. Scott. Some fears are entertained that Uen. Worth's digD&tch?l WAPII nut Aff V?nnn kawa -i - lapa or Vera Crux. [Telegraphlo Cor. of tho Philadelphia Bulletin. | Krkdkiiii'kibuiki, June 3, 1947. The New Orleans papers have arrived here, of the 27th of Ma/, and contain later and highly important intelligence from the Southern Division of our Army. There appears to be no abatement of the " war feeling,'' and appeals are still made to the people to animate their drooping spirits. The report that (Jen. Worth had entered Tuebla is fully confirmed. No opposition was made to Worth's entrance into the second rity of Mexico. Santa Anna, in spite of his threats and boastings, instead of opposing Gen. Worth's division, made a precipitate retreat before the advance of our victorious army Herrera was elected President on tho 15th of May. at the convocation of Congress at the Capital. This looks as if Santa Anna was not as popular with his countrymen. as recent accounts from Mexico would have us believe. I tie not stated what vote Santa Anna received for the Presidency, although It is well known that he was a candidate, and that his friends were sealous in advocating his claims. A train going forward with supplies for Gen. 8oott's army, has been cut eS and captured by the enemy. (Our despatch does not say'which train It was, or what was its value.) This must be expected, until reinforcements arrive at Vera Cruz in sufficient force to protect the provisions, munitions, Ice., that may from time to time be forwarded to the army. "The departure of volunteers from Vera Cruz exceeds the arrivals almost as four to one. Tbt vomito has not yet made its appearance ; at Vera Crux as an epidemic, although the weather is insufferably warm. The health of the troops at head quarters is generally good. The wounded at Jalapa are dolug well. Ai.fcanv, Thubsdav, June 3, 1947. Charles H. Rugglae, Democratic nominee for Judgo of the Court of Appeals has Just returned from Florida in excellent health. V THK HA1UL Waihikuton, June 2. 1817. The news from Mexico gives ns no encouragement that we will soon have peace. The opinion prevails that more men should immediately be sent to tho relief of both Taylor and Scott. If the whigs were not likely to have a majority In the next House of Representatives, the President would to-morrow call an extra session of Congress. But as the whigs will deny supplies for a further " conquering of peace," this step is adjudged by the administration to be inexpedient. The work on the Smithsonian Institution is at a stand still. The masons have sued the contractors for a breach of contract made by their ageut. The agent engaged them at two dollars a day, and the contractors offered them but one dollar seventy-five cents. i .nl.u i i ' '1 n Wiiiraujr Ut i wiurtianiil mil lur UAlllinore to-.lay Th?y ware in high glee, and acted hh though they were going to a place of amusement, instead of to Mexico Uriah Hrown in here, making preparation* to teat his liquid fire, for warlike purposes. You aee the administration la reaortlng to erery meaue to "conquer a peace.1' HUB. alas of Stock! at PtUlaulelphla. Jrnx J?Fimt Bo*kd-224 Qirard, UK; gl6?i Lehigh C Scrip. ?lK'. ?'? do do, ??K; $13 000 Poena 4'., 70; $24,000 U M '?,*5d?. 104Ki $27,000 <10 Co V, 104; 24 FI.-minrtou, b 4 do. JOKi $!? ? Y.0,rK; $100 (Jirard, b4 di, 12K> 40 Heading, ( 4 d?, 21% " of HfuQiig 41C HmtiMio Jitnk t? 10?h? Western RR, I09K; 8 do, 109; 71 Boitnn and Maine Railroad Rights 2K< 2 Button and Maine Railrnad, ll?u|; 2 Northern Ho, 102; N Bntin.i Bk righti, IK; 10 New kiagland Bk, I01M;74 Norwieaand Wnrceeler Railroad, 40Ki gS do. 1 lid. 4PK: 24 Eaat Bnatoo dividend , No. 2, 12: 24 Knit Boaron Go. UK. 40 do IlK; 35 do UK; 40 do a OOd, UK; 24 do |SK; 74 do > Md. UK ?4 d ? b 20d. I?K At Auotiow?0$ Right* Boaton and Maine railroad righta, Stk; M0aha Boaton Bk. IK per or ad*; 19 Botion and Maine ML 17 per ot ?d?; 1 Boaton and Lowell do, (par 400,) 19 ade; I Middleaex Mannfjictoring. Co, - 20K per. rt ade; 7 Waatern Railroad, 9 per ct ade; 2 Tremont Iroa Go. (par too.) $210; Regie Bk. V P*r ct ade; 1$ State Bk. $57* Tor SO; I Wa.hington do, $9SK P"r *h*re; 2 do City do, $99K Per ilia re; 10 io ,pr et"";" War Intelligence. ?. _ .. PROCLAMATION. His Excellency the Commander in Chief of the Army of the Centre, yesterday addressed me the following decree HeAoei', Astir or the Cki?t*?, ) Mksico, May 6, 1S47. ) The federal district of this State being declared in a state of siege, It becomes my duty to comply with the 0th article of the law of the Jdth of April last; and in order to meet the anxious wishes of the pat/lotic citizens of this city to arm themselves to repel our uqjust I Invaders. I hereby, in conformity with the powers in me | Teste.', ordaia? I. That all Mexican citizens of the age of fifteen to I sixty years, residing in the federal district, will present I themselves for enrolment at the place in their quarter, j or section, which may be designated by the municipal authorities. '2. The Selectmen of the city, and those who in the I ? nf the district exercise their fnnntini.. I will, on the receipt of this decree, designate in their re- ! spec'tive quarters or sections the place where the enrol- , went is to be made, presiding over them either in per- i son or by substitutes. 3. The same functionaries will, within six days from the publication of this decree, deliver unto the chief of the staff a register, containing In regular order the age, profession or occupation, resi ience, and whether single or married, of all Mexicans of the ages of fifteen to sixty years, who may reside in their quarter or section. 4. In conformity with these returns, the persons enlisted will bs divided into two classes?one class containing the unmarried and widowers without children, from the age of fifteen to forty years, and the other class the married men and the widowers having family, and also bachelors from forty to sixty years. b. Krorn those enlisted will be formed as many battalions of each class as there may be in each quarter or Section. Should any remain over, they may he formed into one or more companies or squadrons, according to their number. , 6. The force of these battalions is to be in accordance with the law of the 13th June. 1840. 7 The General-in-Chief will appoint the person who, during the state of siege in which this district may find Itself, shall command the battalions and companies formed bv this ducree and whose functions shall cease as soon as the seice is raised. 8. Lvery enlisted citlxen shall receive a certificate proving his enlistment, signed by the commander of the corps to which ho maybe attached, and by the selectman of his qnarter or section, and countersigned by the chief of the staff of the General-in-chief. 9. Of the bodies which may be formed in each quarter or section there will be created, according to their number, one or more brigades, to be comman i ed by a person to be designated by the General-in-Chief. 10. All citizens will attend daily drill, and will perform nucu umrr uuiivn u may uc urixereu, unuer me penalties established by law. 11. Whoever, at the approach of the enemy, the beat of the drum, or at the sound of any other signal calling to the common defence, shall not present himself at the place to which he may be ordered, or shall Bhow cowardice, lukewarmneHs, or indifference, or shall abandon the post in which he may be placed as guard or sentinel, fail in respect to his superiors, or commit any other military crime, shall be punished according to the ordinances. 1-2. Whoever shall. In ordpr to escape enlistment, conceal his age. either by exaggerating or diminishing it, sball be looked upon as a traitor, and will be punished accordingly. 13. Thu uutbority or person who shall in any manner oover or aid in ooueealing the crime specified in the preceding article,will be subject to tbe same punishment. 14 Whoever shall hide himsul. and shall not have the certificate mentioned in Article No. 8, will be enrolled in the regular army. I', hsuliu., --..ntn., .. ... .1 1 i. ly and exclusively to repel the Invader* and to maintain order, and will render services to that effect according to the law of 36th April last IS. All who are enrolled and perform aotive duties as members of the National Guard, or who may be serving in garrison, will be exempt from serving In these bodies. 17. Owners of hotels, inus and boarding houses must make a daily return of the persons who euter their bouses and of those who leave, under the penalties established by law. All of which 1 oommunloate to your Exoellency for speedy publication in tbe capital and settlements in this distriot. God and Liberty. NICOLAS BRAVO. Ioivacio Tmnr kros, Governor oi the Federal Distriot. NAVAL. [From the Norlolk Herald, June 1.] The U. h. ship St. Marys, commander John L. Suunders. from Vera Crux, arrived in Hampton Roads last night?sailed 10th ult. The St. Marys haa been cruising on the Gulf Btation lor more than two years, during which Bhe haa been constantly employed in aotive and arduous service. The St Marys has brought homo thirty one pieces of cassnon from the fortifications at Vera Cruz, among them thirteen beautiful brass pieces, from 3-2 pounders to 1'2's, some of which are from 90 to 16.1 years old. Annuxed is a list of her officers:?John L. Saunders, commanuer; Charles 11. Kennedy, 1st Lieutenant: Chas. Stevdman, '2d Lieutenant; Joshua Humphreys, 3d Lieutunuut; JoshuaD. Todd, Acting Master; James Calmer. Surgeon; Stephen McCreery, Passed Assistant Surgeon; L. W. T. Waller, Purser: Johu D. Slmuis, Lieut. Marines; W. K. Mayo. J. H. Upshur, W. V. Gillissand Smith. Midshipmen; Fielding Doutbat, Captain's Clerk; John Bates. Boatswain; John C. Hitter, Gunner; D. B. Park, Sailmaker; T. Johnson, Carpenter. Commodoru Lawrence Kearney yesterday took command of the Navy l ard at this plac?, succeeding Commodore C. W. Skinner, who .hauled down his flag the day before. UimHIKHtllAlj INTKLLIUKKCK. State of the Flour Market. Philadelphia, June 2.?The market has been unsettled to-day by later dates from Liverpool, per tbe Rainbow. at New fork, and all kinds of breadstuffs are on the advance; 600 bbls Western Hour s old at AO a 8 76, closing firm at the latter price; some holders ask more; but buyers hold off until after the arrival of the steamer Corn meal?600 bbls I'enn'a sold at $6 37>?; now held higher. Rye flour?No sales. Wheat?We are advised of a sale of I'enn'a red at '206c., which price has siuce been refused, ami 210c. asked. Corn?We notice sales of 6000 bushels Southern yellow at 112all4c. weight. New Bedford Oil Market. (For the week ending May 31, 1847 | Hperm ? rue inarnei remains ine same as before noticed. We have only to report sales of oOO bbls at 9.> ots. Whale?Thero is a good deal of inquiry, and sales have been made of 300 bis N W Coast for manufacturing, at 3.1 cts; oSO bbls do. at .'14, 34J* a3.? cts. ISO bbls N W ground tier at 23,',' cts; 100 bbls South Sea. at 3'.'j,' cts; 363 bbls inferior at 3J ots. and on Saturday a cargo of about 1400 bbls, on private terms. . ^In Whalebone we have heard of no transactions. Tb Crops. A iriend. writing from Cabarras county, saysWheat sown in good time, and on first rate land, either fresh or well manured, will from present appearances, make a tolerable fair crop; but where sown late, or on old land, (and three-fourths are such,) it will not much more than make the seed again, ou an average. The cold, and cold rains that we hare hud. together with the Hessian fiy. and a prospect of being followed by the chinch-bng. will cat the whole crop short. Flour mast rise, as the old crop is nearly consumed, and the new will be light throughout Western North Carolina. Oats have the best oppearanoe at this time Corn came up very well, but the trust has kept it down, so that It is small and grows slowly. Cotton looks bad; it is too wet and too cold for that crop, and unless it turns warm very shortly, will die.?Raleigh (tf. C.) Register, 1st instant. The New Lisbon (Pa.) Palladium gives good accounts of the prospect of the crops luthat vicinitv. The wheat hit* been greatly revived by recent rain*. The Ohio Ocrmantnwn Jldvertiier Ntatog that recent rain* have greatly renovated vegetation in that section of the State. The wheat crop promise* more than an average one. It 1* the belief of many planter* in Maryland, that not more than one-third of a crop of tobacco will be grown the present season in the tobacco region?the high price of wheat, rye. oat* and corn, leading the farmer* to fill their land with these. We cannot refrain, in our notice* of exchange papers, from saying that those in from Virginia. Michigan, Ohio. Western New York and North Western Pennsylvania, there appears to be a local congratulation as to the improvement caused by the late rain* in the prospect* ot the coming crop The idea of a short crop of wheat!* generally looked upon a* being got up by both the timid one* and the speculator* short of supplies for delivery, and the Impression ha* had it* effect to the degree that all asked (or is, seasonable weather until harvesting time, ,-aud then all will be well "?V. S. Gazette. There have been fine raius in the vicinity of Fredericksburg and Richmond, which have greatly revived vegetation, and there is now a fair promise of an abundant harvest ? Charleston Cornier, May 31. Extract of a letter from Orange county. North Caroina. dated May 39th:?" Our crop of wheat, which Is our principal dependence, is likely to be ruined by the fly" , Tiir Cawi Ckor.?We have heard, says the Planters Banner of tneiOth lost. from a gentleman upon whom we can rely, that the crop of plain cane in the Lafourche parishes, is quite backward, and that the stubble was injured by froet. and will be short. While we have suffered from dry weather in Attakapas and Opelousas. they have bad an excees of rain in Lafourche, and on some part* of the coast At Bayou Bmuf, Berwick's Bay, Dutch Prairie and Bayou Bale, in this parish, there was a fine rain on Monday. For the last five or six weeks we have not been favored with a sprinkle in this central part of the parish; but above they h ive been still more unfortunate W# cannot aay that the cane in St. Mary has suffered much a* yet. Psssengeri lolled. Hotvn Kor?n. he.?Eliza Warwick, from Boston?Messrs llayilen Hall anil 8 Kisley.efNew York. l'uMiiK*n Arrived. Poncv, PR?Brig Henry Leede?8 Charlee, of Button ; N B Richardtnn, of Portland. ClKtrur.ooe?Sclir Uanget?9 Harnett, Ra?|. M**?r.n.i.?:*?Ship .Nrbraak*?Captain Char lea Upton, of Salem Gin*?ltah?Ship Nebraska?Franc it Franeier, of Gibreltar; Kdward Malone, of Ireland; Charlee H Uoiache, of Hallf.ii; and 1 in tlie eteerage. Foreign Importations. Rotterdam?ilark Dankhaalheid?3 caaei 8 Qill??1980 lithograph elnnrt?138 ea-oa do Kolker It Mollmau?I ca md?# JFK all?l K Kaup??II riiwa gin?I bo* mdaa to order. Pojce, PR?Brig May Flower?U)l hhda ingar H Sonthmavdlt Son?100 do I'to do molaaae P Harmony, Nephew* It co. MantEiLi.Ei?Ship Nehraaka?20 bale* blanket! Fitch k Co?300 hatkrr* nil I ollnmh It Uleton?130 bale* almond". I2<I0 baakeia oil. Chamberlain It Pheli a?3 halve ,i C Howe It co? 7ca?ka I b ? F Breinkler? I raae 8 M R Holbtnoka?20 |ka Ayri It Son?4 T Drnnj ?4 halea P A Brrithoni ItCImm?6 riali? F Bruechler?3 hmee C Dnrd?31 eaaka 10 bo*ea 620 haaketa U" ill It Couta rry?3 trunk" I bag Fitehkco?27 boxra John Mitchell?202 raaea 8 raaka Fletcher Aleaandep? MM baakett oil 75 balee P Balen It co?1 bote* Q C Henikeleaie?199 caaka wine 214 quarter caalu 10 half pi wa 106 raae* 6 hoxea 50hamper* F Orouactt? I case W C Smith, Philadelphia?10 hornet 65 eaaka 54 bale* 1 barrel 1 bo* T>i baakata oil I package*, to older. P IIt Cam*. WI? Sehr Dudley s Gregory?20 pan rum 113 hhda angar 73 do molaaaea B Do Forreat It Co. Port Au Platt?Schr J.ady Suffolk?70 crotchet 101 cam I I II ?a lo(* 1U fceloo tobacoo Ayaar <1 co?194 hide* C Roeaiere Havana?Schr Ann?990 boxea near J J Taylor?It hhda molaaaea to order. Pom?Tie 1?porUUIon*. Moiile?Bark Superior?900 bale* rotton, Center It co?100 do Deuuiitouu It co?379 bale* do U Dilliuger?120 I ahooue, Kinney fc co?171 Manton It Fisher?M Nichols It Richmond 07 B 1) Weeden?it Waterman It Arnold?II W J Kiug?IV O Collins. MARITIME HERALD. PORT OK tKW VOtUa. JMB M AM CM uiaua 4 32 noon aara... U 44 M WE SETS 7 24 HIAM WATU 00 19K Cleared. Ships?Adelaide, Adams, Havana, SnofforJ, Tilleaion It Co; Caroliue. (FrJ Grenier, Porto Rico, Bovd A Hiurlten; Fran Com lat, (not Fraud., aa reported yeaterd>y,) Mobile. ISaika?Roger S ewait, (Br) Begg, Liverpool, Buchanan, Harris It Co; Camilla, (Brem) Klevcvinto. Havana. W w?i.. ser; Peter Deinill, Pickens, Savannah. R M Deinill. Brigs?Richard Wataou, (Br) Williama, Sligo. WkJT Tapscott; Pampero, Berleaax, Coik, kc, Tlioa Hill; Elizabeth. Coming, Para. E (.online k 8ou; Richard (hr) Orriaa, Burnir. NF, (ioodhue k Co; Alabama Howard, New Orleans, St urges, Clearmau k Co; Philura, Thatcher, Sivaniuh, Dunham k Diinon; Protection, Hume, Lubec; Qumcey, Kemiuoii. B oifor, Brett k Voir. Sclira?John Br ght, (Br 3 masted, iron, 500 tous,) Walters, Liverpool, Barclay k Livingston; Duke of Cornw.'II. (Br) Phillies, Swa.sea, Wataon, Mark* k Co; Catherine, Brott, St Ja*o. Cubt, Jim Thompson. J K Smart, Wharton, Frtdericksburg; Whale, Bald win, Philadelphia; Nahaut, Howes, Boston; Veloc.ty, Smith, Providence. Arrived. U S ship Ohio, Com Striugham. from Norfolk. The O lava at & chor outside, waitiug foi high water, to come in. Miip Nebraska, Watson, from Marseilles March 28th, and Gibraltar April 27th, with mdse, to Chamberlain k Plieips.? 'X'. adMck Bull, a seaman belonging to the Nebraska, was asaassiuated at Marseilles, while on shore, ou the 4th of .Viarch, ami died in the hospital on the 10th. The police had arrested the murderer, who proved to be a Belgian seairan. Bark Providence, Vinson, and ship Mattakesett, both bouud to New Of * leans, came through the Straits in company. April 24. lying baakof the Rock of Gibraltar, spoke bark Ceres, ol Boston, from Coii.taiitiuople lor Holland; she came tkiough the Straits in company. May'JO, la 40 N, lou 65 W. saw an English ship steering E, showing a private signal blue, red aud black. Br bark Elizibeth, Mutt, 48 days from Slromness, in ballast, to P W Simmons. C passengers. Dutch bark Daukbaailieid, 1'ootma, it days from Rotterdam, with mdse. to Schmidt k Balchen. 136 passengers. Bark Superior, Sliumway, 16 days lrom Mobile, with cotton, toR L Taylor. Brig Wissahickoii, Marthrn, from 8t Croix, 14 days, with sugar, rum and m?la-ses, to Cul ert k Finley. Left no Amer. Sid in co with aclir Einma, Hotchkiss, of and for N Haven. Br brig Canada. Stevens. 47 days from Dublin, iu ballast, to Dutilli k Couainery. Brig May Flower, (of New Haven,) Stevens. 15 days from Ponce, PR, with sugar k copper, to H Trowbiidge, Sons k D wight, of New Haven. Brig Henry Leeds, Kinsman, 15 davi from Ponca, PR with 300 hhds sugar 60 do molasses to P Harmony, Nephews k Co. Br Schr Ariel Stewart, 59 days from Limerick, iu ballast, iu tiiaiiauau WV naitia. ./w |wJtugri?, ioui U1L. I? HID H, poke Br bark Henry Hooil, lor Bay of Shilmigh. 29th alt, lut40, Ion 46, apoke ship Imperial, hence for Europe. Schr Ann, Alley, 12 days from Jlavaiia, with sugar to J J Taylor. Schr Lady Suffolk, Tuttle, 8 days from Port au Plate, with mahogany, to Ay mar St Co. Left Dani*h brig Clara to load on the coast for New York. 27th ult, lat 28, Ion 72 44, saw a vessel bottom upwards, painted green and black top. Schr Ganges, Gibbs. (of Sandwich.) from Cienfueaoi, Cuba, 12th ult, to master. Sid iu co with schr J F Brognard, for New York. May 13th, off Cienfuet [<?, spoke herm brig Factor, Handy. 32 dtys from Portland for Cieufuegos. May 20tli, lat 23 12, Ion 83 39, spoke brig Historian, 23 days from Philadelphia for Island of Lobos. Schr Dudley 8 Gregory. Parker, 12 days from 8t Croii, (W Ind).toU De Forrest St Co. Left brig , (probably the Colon, from Norfolk,) just arr?the only Amer vessel. lir sclir Jersey Tar, .VlcCabott, 29 days from Newry, in ballast. to Richardson St Watson. 28th nil, lat 40, lou 61, spoke , Br brig Mariner, from Glasgow for New York. , Schr Leprelett, Sleeper, 12 days from St Marks, with 2C8 bales cotton, 10 do hides, to Holbrook, Nelson St Co Schr John Compton, Shark, 20 days from Braxos Santiago, , with 4400 hides, to J Jewett. Left schrs Gratilnde llinggold, ] Highlander, Elmira, Rogers, H S Stratton, all for NOrlean*. Schr Brace, Yovtig, 8 days from Danen, with lumber, to I Clark St Vote. Schr Michigan, Terry, Baltimore, with floor, Stc, to Johnson StLowden. Schr Lynchburg, Gould, Richmond, with"flour, to Allen 8t Paxson. Schr Velocity, Montgomery, 12 days from Lubac, with plaster, to Brett St Vose. Schr J W Smith, Prime,4 days from Norfolk. Be loo* French bark Ann Marin, from Bordeaux, with brandy. Br brig Maiiuer, from Glasgow. Also, 2 brrgt. Sailed. Ships St George, Liverpool; Adirondack, do; Francis Depau, Cuba; barks Howe, Cadiz; Claudine, Loudon; Edward, Charleston. Herald Marine Correspondence. Philadelphia. June 3?1 P. M.. Arrived?Brigi Zelica.Lorkeu, Londonderry; Hylas, Eustis. Wareham; schrs Geu Marion, Heeves, Fall ltiver; Julius Pringle,Crocker, New London; Llueen, Besse, Wareham; W 1' Williams. Rogers. Norwich; Consul. Rogers. Bridgeport; T H Thompson, Hicksou, Boston; Osceola. Ludwig, Providence; Umpire, Adams, do; W P Cnrbiit. Hewitt, do; J Rusliug, Wrscott, do; H G Mead, Smith, N York; Perry, bears, Boston: Armaria. Vv ass, do; Margaret, Board man, do; Charlotte,Wicks, N York; Andorer, Spars, do: Pacific, Sparks do; Free Trade, May, N Haven; steamer Vulcan, Green, N York. Cleared?Brigs Robt Williams, (Br) McDonald, Belfast, 1; William Davis. Handy, Boston; Hylas, Kustis, do; J as Marshall, Carney, do; schra C C Strattou, Vance, Charleston; Hedron. Ogdru, Norwich; Julius Priugie, Cropper, N Loudon; Osceola, Ludwig, Boston; Tahmorre, Hoxie, do; T h Thompson, Nickersou,d->; Ariadne, Bayliss, Bridge|iort; Umpire, Adams, do; Clatilda, Prentice, do; HCMead, Smith, Boston: Alleghany, Stall, do; Arinida, Moss; Consul. Rogers, NoiwhTi; W P Williams, Rogers, do; Queen, Besse, Ware ham; J Rusting, Wescoil, Providence; W PCoibitt Hewitt,do: (Jeorge Hotchkiss, Kelscy, N Haven; Free Trade, Way, do; Charlotte, Wicks, N York; George Klotta, Smith do; Audoter. Sparks, do; Pacific, Prescott, do; barges Dolphin, Yapp, do; Star, Longhead do. Mlaueilaiteoon Record. Smr Si'LTarta, of New York, was struck by lightning on the morning of the 25th inst, at New Oileaus, the fluid entering at the lienil ol the pviin-sky-sail mast and shivering it to atoms, then passing off without further injury. Sine Tvm*is.?'The following account we take from an Kug" lish paper, North Knnpdale, (by Lochgilphead,) May 5. On 'he Jittli, some portions of the upper works ofa large ship were found in the Sound between tnis place suil Jura, and on the two following days the sea was entered with wreck, empty flour barrels, staves and flour iu heaps; the I d of a small packing box, on which was painted iu italics " Capt. Jackson, ship Tyrian,"and a head board marked ' Tyrian," in gilded letters the last broken off, have been picked up. A great number of flour barrels have been found off the north west shore of Jura, ftii(1 nnrf of fh?* hull is kslmrt* thorp flip r/Mitwr .>1? which lias beeu stripped off. Grew supposed to be drOw ucd. [The Tyrian, Jackson, cleared at Baltimore, for Glasgow, on the 2itli of March.] Tobf.nmorv, April 26.?The Barbara, which arrived here Irom New Orleans lor Londnudery, lost part of bulwarks and sails. i Cardiff, May II?A bark, apparently North American, of about 200 or .100 tons, paiutcd black, was passed waterlogged, dismasted and abandoned, 4th iust., 2i miles from the Blankets. LirrRFOou, May 6.?The Lrman, hence to Baltimore, ra tlier leaky, but in want of no assistance. Was passed April 29, lat 46, Ion 61., April 29 ?Conradinc, Kosler, from New Orleans to Sligo. which put into Lochindaue yesterday, is leaky, and hid seven feet water in her hold. Falmouth, May 2?The Phenoinene. Peterson, from An" twerp for New York, which arrived here 29th all, w ith pumps choakrd. is discharging her ball ist to repair. 7lh. the Urania, Kainciigi. froin New Yoik to Liverpool, which put in here ou the 2d, leaky, lias commenced discharging. Oalwat, May 4?The Victoria, from New York arrived here leaky. Bark Oaivuki, for Boston, put back to Smyrna, April IS. Nottae to Mariners. IusTRrcTlona for entering Tablr Bay by night, by the plan constructed on the observations made by 11. M, ship Leven, November, 182}. 1st. To enter Table Bay from the Northward, meaning to passontside of Rnbben Island, a ship should keep the i igiu to the Eastward ol South?9 degrees bast, or about South and bybast Until she gets soundings under 20 fathoms, at a little inure than a mile from (lie Light House; she may then steer bast. Southeast, or bast and by South, nut to come under 10 or 12 fathorns uutil the Light bears West South West, she may then steer lor the anchorage, and may anchor in from 7 too fathom., as soon as the Lights are shutting in behind the Lion's Tail. This tract leada about a mile clear of danger on Green Point; but a ship need not approach it ao near, if she have, by seeing Bob ben Island, ascertained by its bearings, that she is clear ol the Wh le Rock, in which case she may round it at a greater distance from Green Point, il desirable, but the soundings in that case will not alone be a sure guide. 2d. In coming from the South West, a ship should not get less than 40 fathoms before the Light hears South b'st.or bast South bast, nor less than 20 fathoms belure it bears South and by bast, when the preceding directions may be followed. From the Northward?iuside of Robben Island?the Light should be kept about S- uth West and by Oouth, until a ship have jwssed that Island; in doing which the may have sum* casts from 8 lo 6.fathoms, and when ou that course the water deepena to 11 or It fathoms, she may steer for the anchorage by the plan as before directed. In beating round Green Point, a ship should never shoal her "water under 11 or 12 fathoms, antil ahe have brought the Light to be ir Weat South Writ, as before stid. In betting between Robben Island and the Main.toeuter Table Bay, the soundings inay be taken from the Island as it shoals to very regulaily. In standing towards ihe Main, it ai* pe ns prudent to tack at the first cast of the lead after the water shoaleus. In tb#se directions it is taken for grauted, thar a ship will always keep her leads going. By day, or when the shore; or surf can be seen, or indeed undrr any circumstances, the plan ought to he a sufficient guide, Thvre ?re two Lights at the Light House, which are in one about South Wrstand by W, tlieae ap|>ear to be of no utliei use than to asure the navigator which it the Light House, i( he should see other Lights. We have aeen the Lights clearly off deck at 16 milei distance; hut t-ey will not make clear as two Lights until within 6 or 7 miles to the Westward of them; and from the Northward one Light only will be seen. 'I he Lights on Green Point are the first of the fourth rises? lenticular. (Signed) W.L.OWEN, Cantain of H. M. ahip Leven. R~7"The bearings mentioned in tne above iustructioua are all byUomp s<, or magnetic. A L Kltt Home having been erected on the Mouille Point, with * l< B' eular light, (the tth of the fourth claas,) for he beiIter rniduice of tnifh entering Table Bay daring the night, thr follow ing trstiuctions are appended to the instructions by Csptiin Owen, R.N. In standing in from the SW, a ship should not pass the lights 01 Oreen Point nearer than a mile?nor should the course be a tereil from the Eastward to the Southward, with the intention of steering for the anchorage?nor should the ship be (nought no less then M or 1} fathoms water before the lights on Oreen Point bear SW by W, W, (they will then be in one,) when the light on the Mouille Point will instantly be seen (and not before) bearing nearly 8 by W. A ship may then nits X 'he course from the Eastward and ateer SHE, for the cent e of the am borage, and anclior whenever thebghtaon Oreen Point are shut in, (bv sind hills near the MoU'lle.) and the liaht on the Monille Point beara NW, diatuit about a mib , in from 6 to 1 fathoms water. Vessels of light draft of water mgy >teer M. by E )t E, for the sncliorage. and auelior with the Mouille light hearing NW, by N, in from 4 to J fatliome water. The ship's distance from the shore, when the light on the Mouille appears, may he readily ascertained by the hearings of the two lighthouses, au l the distance between them, which ! IS'5 yards; the i appendicular height of the Monille light above high water mark is 40 feet; and tha boriaontal distance above high water mark is 51 feet. In coming in fiom the northward, (inside Robben Island) the lights on Oreen Point will appear in one, (or nearly so) said the light on the Monille Point will also he seen?the distance between'he lighthouses being as above mentioned. The directions by C?P' Owen and the appended directions, will be a an r cient gnide to the anchorage. It i? earnestly recommended to strangers not to attempt to beat into Table Day at night, in squally or thick weather.? The strictest attention should he paid to tha sonntling, and the leads kept eonitintlv going, The plan of the Bay, by Oapt Owen, (npon whichthe instructions are founded) shoeld also be at baud for inference. A plan of Table Bey may be aeen at the Port Office. Signed,) J VANCE. Port Captain. Note?By his late majesty's order ia council, dated md Pebruary, IW, it is enacted:? That tha mamur of ovory ship arriving in this colony, whath? W r ladecor mballast,ibMl soma toactly, ViWon bulk be broken,to thsi Custom Rmn, and thare make a report is wrf* tug to the Collector, or other proper officer. of the arrival and voyage of each ship, fcc, under a penalty of ?106, ana the for* feiture of any good* not duly reported. Every master of a vessel should I lit r? fore obaerve, that it ia necessary that he ahonld bring with him to the Custom House the ship's certificate of registry, t aether with the dockets, clearances or manifests for the cargo, and also such other ship's papers as he may have concerning the ship, cargo, crew and voyage, and if a passenger vessel, the official list of the pas* sengers. , . Capt Uevereaux, of the ship Cora>ca, states that there has also been placed to the north of the Kommu Kocks. in Hiuum's Bay, a iloatiug light vcssrl. showing a bright revolving light. Licensed pilots are al wai s upon the look-out, who will atteud, ii the usual signal ia made. pol(?n. Ship Eli Whitney, Dyer, from New Orleans for Liverpool, May 2), lat 32 10, h>u 79 Ml. May 27,1st 30 01, Ion 73 19, saw a large ship belonging to Baltimore with painted ports, steering E. Bark Velasco, Currier, from Havana for Europe, Mav 23, iat 32 M, lou 76 23. Bsrk N W Bridge, from Boston for Havana, Mar 2i, no lat. Schr .Miclngan, from Caideuas for Belfast, Me, May 29, III IV Smith Sin,a . Wluilemen. Brig American, Lambert, aid fm Pouce, PR, 14th ult, on* cmiae, 200 ?pui. A birk belonging to N Bedford, 13 moa out, with 300 apm. waa at Pouce PR, ou the 16th May. A leiter from Capt Smith, of ahip Majeatic, of NB, reportr her at Sydney, Doc 23th, with 1300 bbla (250 apm) oil, all well; had rrnuiled lor 13 month*. Reported hearing Irom alii|> O'ti Pike, Pierce, N B, with 306 apm ami 100 wh siuce leaving Sydney in Oct last,and waa among apm whalea. Tne Clifford, Wayne of Fti, was at Sydney latnr time, haviug taken 230 pm in her laat cruise of 6 weeka?came ill for a pump. The Ocean, Aim,, waa off the Heada Dec 18th, had takeu 100 apm since leaving Sydney 6 weeka previous. A letter from Capt Swift, of ship Uood Return, of NB, reports her at Syduey Dec 32, recruiting for a 11 moa cruise; bad sold 12,000 Iba whalebone. At Callao, March 23d, Balsena, Dexter, N Bedford, oil not stated. At Talcahuaua, March 6, Barclay, Baker, Naut, oil not stated; 18th, Mary Mitchell, Lawrence, do do. At Marquesas, Nov 30, Harvest, and Lnterpriae, Nant, oil not stated. 8|>okeii, no date, lat 37, Ion 73 20, Le Ba on, of N Bedford, 2 whalea. Also spoken May 23, Int 36 20, Ion 73 41, brig Rodman, of N Bedford, 11 moa out, with nothing (so reported?was leiwrted Feb 19, off Porto Rico, 2 whs); 21th, lat 4U,*lou 73, bark Lxchaiigr, tm N Bedford for 1'acihc (bate reported by the Reehabite, at lilouceater, 1st inst). Foreign Porta. ?17" Our (ilea of shipping papers received last night, by way of New Haven, were very incomplete. Antwkrf, May 30? Arr Coluinbua, N Orleans; 11th, Jeankey, N Voik. Sid April 29, Boius Bridge, aud Karl of Livernod, N Yoik; May 1, Kiuigkeit, do; 3th, A&olus, do; Gth, S\ 1phiden, do; 7th, WHldcmnji, do; Commerce, do; 8th, Olnf, do; Am lis, do; lOih, Jup ter, Maria Key, Frederick Franz, < ecrips, Klizibeth, aud Fritz, N Fork; 13th, C S Forbes, do; Orief, do. Anoikii, Feb 18?Bark Cantlace, Gardner, NYork, (Nov 16.) AM'Tlmdam. M?v I?Arr Chatham, Boston. Belfast, May i?Arr, Thetis, Baltimore; 8th, Venice, do; Uth, Sea,do; 2d, Lady Arabella, N Oilcans; ith, Iluron,do; tth, Juliet, do ;tith, Mary & Jane, du, litli. Mary, do; 3d, Cleopatia, Norfolk: 14th, Autwerji, do; 15'h, Koyal Bailor, du. Bid, May litli, Verpaaiau, l.uba; 13th, Uluchauf, Haroua; 14th, Dana, do; Mary, do; 6tli, Hio Grande, NVork; 8tb, Tenu-ssee, do; Thetis, do; Olive, do; 14th, Vandalia, do; 8tli, Sarah Aon, l'hila; Gtli, Puritan, 'I homaaton, Me. Bombay, March 21?Sid, Bertinnd, Meaeorn, Calcutta. Bremkm. April 39?Arr, Orient, Charleston; 28th, Charlotte. NOrleans; May 10, Johanna, do; April 29th, Philadelphia, N York; 14th, Hudson, do. Bar it, May 8?Arr, Carih, NVork. Bkai maius, May 4?Bid, Richmond, Boston. Biiake, May 6?Sid, Allied, N York; Mar anna, do. Behokk, A|>l 37?Sid, Aiualir, Charleston; 23d, Lofsten, N Orleau# BBKME.THATErr, April 30?Sid, Magdalene, NYork; May 1, do. Biiistol, May 4?Sid, Golconda, NYork. ColtK, May 13?Arr Oen Harrison, fin Alexandria. Va; Washington, do; 7th, Charles Walton, Baltimoie; Cambrian, do: 13lh, Tartar, Boston; 2d, Overmau, Newaik.N. J. April 19th, Juliet, NOrlraus; Duke of Wellingto,, do. May 4th, Thus and Ldward, do; 7th, Llorence, do; 13th, Ninon Liud>e>, do; Wolyart, do, (and aid lor Liverpool;) 14ih.Claremo t, do Co nulo, do. April 29th, hillip Hone, NYork. May 2d, William Pollard, do; 4th Buwarrosv, do; 7th, Brazilian, do; 13th, Waller, do; Btimham, do; George Shattuck, do; Thcetu-, do; 14th, Cntnbrrland. do: IJlh. Horinda, t.dla; Sockliolm, aud Swan, do. April 29lh, Union, Norfolk. May 7ih, ll irtause. do; 4th, Medium, Phils; Democrat, do; lltn. Bt George, do. Bid April 29tli, MarcelD. Boston. May ilh, Ueu Green, do; 9th, Cathariue Rogers, do; Montague, do; 12th, Boston, do; Gth, Thoa aud Kdward, NOrleans; 6ih, Prtnci|>e Rd'lah do; 8th. Free Trader, do; lltn. Calypso, do. Clyde, May 11?Art Colchis. Baltimore; lJth, Vermont, NYork. Sid lltli, Perthshire, NYork; Fa. ny, do; Verona, do; Barriugto , do; 13th, Hudson, do. Loading, Brooluby, for N York: Couwav Castle, for Boston. Calcutta, March 20?Arr shi|ia An,o, Thurston, Boston; 11th, George Hallet, Hollis do; 10th, Argo, Chapman, do; 7th, Cato, Plummer, do 8ld,7lh, Fanenil Hall, Hallett, Boston, t Cuxhavem, April 30?Sid Cuba, Hayant; May 1, Desirco, and Tully, N Orleans; C, It Heleue, N York; 3d, Washington, do; 9th, Fanny, do; 10th, Trident, do; 11th, Danae, do. ClSM'i'kooi, May 12?In port, scha Orator, Martin, I'm and for Boo 011, next day; Marv fl Chape), for N Vork, in a few days; Balance, Eldridge, I'm Barliadoes for Alexandria, do.? Going in, brig ("actor, Handy, 32 ds I'm Portland, bid scur J K Brognard, N York. Copkniiauan, May 3?Arr Janeth, Charleston. Cowes, May 16?Arr Emily, Matanzas. Deal, May 14?Arr Princess Victoria, N Orleans; 9lh. Margaret Evans, N York; 10th, American Eagle, do: lltli. Franklin, do. Sid 13th, Einma Isadora, Boston; 1st. StPauli, Galveston: 13th, Florence, Havana; 5tli, Hendrik Hudson, New Vork; 16th, Courier, do. . Dover, May 10? Off, Jason, fm N York. Di'BLit*, MayJ?Arr Eurotas, N Orlems; 3d, South Carolina, N Yark; 7th, Express, do; 3d, Allioth, Norfolk; 16th. Mercury, Phi In. Sid lith, Lucas, N Orleans; 10th, Victor, N York: 14th, Undaunted, do; Oipsey, do. Dunkirk, April 26?Arr Win Francis, Boston. Doneual, May 11?>ld Southers, N Vork. Drouiikda, May 1?Arr Audes, Norfolk; 5th, Percy, do. Dartmouth. May 13?Md Cases Ik Helena, N York. Elsinobe, May 8?Arr Zephyr, Boston; 2d, lugeborg, Cksar.and Janet, Charleston. 1 Li'sriiNO, May I?Arr, Jeran. Charleston; Sid from tlie Roads 4th, llovrr Iiride. Bengal, Kronprins, Havover, and Earl of Lirerpool, NYorlt; l>b, Wtldemar, do; 12th, Olof, Commerce, and Amelia, do FalMoi th, Off, May 13?Cores, fin NOrleans. Galwav, April 29?An, Maitha Sanges, New Vork; Benj Litclilield, do; May 4 begum, do; Lycullus,do; Valhalla, Norfolk; slit, Emilia. Uali.ith,; 6th, Hussia, Boston; 13th; Asia New Orleans; 4th, Josaphine, New York; Commerce, do; tith. Sailor, do; 12th, ColUatream, do; April 30th, Artnaj u. i'hila Genoa, April 24?Arr, Sileuziu, New Otleaut; 30th, Judson. do. Giiikaltar, April 27?Arr, Caroline, Boston; aid 30th, Helen King. Sao e,- Orient, and Ottawa, New York; 2l!ili, Britannia, Norfolk: eld, andariu, from Messina for New York. I ill May; Kriudeer, from Palermo, for New Vork, 5th May; Taruto, Com Palermo, lor Boston, 4th May. Ghavesend, Mnv 13?Arr, iieputilic, Baltimore; 13th, Seluia, Charleston; 15th, Zelous, do; lutn, Governor, Matanzas; 2d. Beaver, New Vork; ?ld Atli, Wellington, New Vork. Gloucester, May 4?Arr Grilfiu, New Orleans. Hambuhi,, April 28?Arr Leontiue,NOrleans; May 1, Fame, NVork. Aid viay II, Concordia, Boston; 3. .Viaria F.lizabeth, Galveston; 2d 11 Ik. Kebecca, N York; 3d Ida, do; 6th Fauny, au; iwn uanae, uo. Haire, May llth?Arr Erie, Baltimore: 7th, Apollo, Charleston; I2lli, Roger Sherman, do; 14tl>, Alliance, ilo; 1st, Hurua, Mobile: 12th, Magnolia, do; 4th, Thracian, N Oileam; 10th, Viola, do; Judan 'iouio, do; 13tli, Exchange, do: tith, Narracansett, do; April 30, America, Mariamia, and Herculean, NY'oik; Cth, Argu, do; 10th, Zurich, do; 11th, Architnrdes, do; W illiam U James, do; 12th. Powhaltin, do; lllh, Kensinar'on. do; Mth, Constitution, Ph la; Scotland, Savannah. Sid May 11th, J a* Gray, Oh rleston; 1st, Delaware, NO; 3d, Tusaina, do; 9th, Valhalla, do; llth,Ht '1 homaa Packet, do; 12th, Marcia < leaves, do; 1st, Crotou, N Yore; Ajax, dot 2d, Condor, Cainille, Ankoher, and Vischuoun, do; 3d, Plato, do: 4th, Burgundy, do; Louise Marie, do; 6th, Junius, Urania, and E geuia, do; 7th. Lioucourt, do; lOili, Admiral, do; 11th. Kate Hunter, do; Harriet 8t Jessie, do; 12th, Amelia, do; 13th, Seual, do. llei.vr.oT, May 3?Arr Manchester, Work; Sid 2d, Bancs, NYork; itli, J Maria, do; Pilgrim, do; Cth, Korteuear, do. Hull. .May 2?Arr James White, Charleston; 13th Royal Victoria, NOrleans. Kinsalk, May 7?Arr San Jacinto, Baltimore. Kilrlsh, May 10?8ld Wah-rga, Boston. Lisbon, .May I?SliI Felicidade de Povoa, NVork. Limerick, May 6?Arr Joliu Duiilap, Baltimore; 15th, Eleanor, do; 3d, Truemau, Boston; Atnil 29th. Ellen Forrentoil, NV ork; May 3d, Energy. do; Colerudo, do; 8th, Clarissa, do; llth, Ragle, do; 3d, Lydii Ann, Phila. Sid May 3d, Arion, Balttimore; 6th, Erin, do; 1st, B.oughton, Havana; Horatio, do, Liverpool, May 18?Arrived Chans, Wilmington; Belmont, N York; Liverpool, do; Arettnisa, do; Gaorge Stevens, Colombo. aud Iowa, N Orleans; 17th, Ganges, Birminghrin, and Sir C Napier,do; Ann Kenney, c)ia<leslon; ICth, Queen, and John 8 De Wolf, N York; Calliope, N Orleans; Hth, Ottawa, Mobile; Marchioness ol" Bute, do; Herman, Baltimore; Cha* Walton, do: Isabella, Hobson. Alexandria; Covenanter. Apalachicofa; Coinm (lure, Mobile; Broome, Kockshire, F.riu's Queen, and Edward Bonstead, N Orleans; Switxerland, and S.lvanus, B-Itimore; Caledonia, Savaun-li; Thetis, harlestoii; Clnisles Saunders, Wilmington; 13th, Georgia, Bal'iino.t; 12 h. Marnaro, and Ohio, N York; Perseve,once, Boston; scotia, anu C lumbiana, Bait; Manchester, N Orleans; Flint, do; luth. 'i'litmis, do; Agnes Oiimnre do; 9th, Abbv Sands, Savannah; Suff.ld, and Venice, Philad; 8th, Columbian, do; Excelsior, N Orleans. Sailed, 18th, Europe, Warren, Lisbon, Cynthia, and Roseiua, for N V ork; Scotland and Lucy Ann.Boston; Cor ovs, * ity Point, Va; llockall, NOileans; Josephine, Marstou, Gulf of Vlexico; 16th,; Frauconio, NYork; Ctnistiana, do; Hth. Siberia, do; 12th, Swan do; Abbott Lord and Richmond. B stoo: llth, Pa li, Statan Island; 12th, Mnnongahela, Phi a; Ilth, Aleiaudrr, do; ({ueen, N v ork; Idth, Bavaria, do; Spartan, do; 8th. North Star, Phila; Hanover,Charleston; 5th, Howland and Loudon, Phila; Kdwm, Savannah. LonDOMDtltRv, Vlay 17?Ait, Cutler, of Bnaron, fm ?; 7th. Selorii, Baltimore, Ann Stanley, do; 14th, Chenango, Favorite, and Higne , do; 7ili. Barbara, N Orleans; April 26, Father Malhew. N York; 217 h,; L Church II, d ; 7th, Sarah Warren, Fo e.t, ami Matilda, do; Hth, Philip, do; Sarah Benger, do; April 29, Allegheny, Phi lad; 7th, Unicorn, do; Flora, do. Md, .vlay 1 R H Douglas. Baltimore; April 30, Princeton, Cuba; May 4, K Church II, do: 1st, Azim, N York; 4usan; 2d, /elica, Philad; 3d, Ann, do; 4th, Montpelier, do; 6th, Hanger and Burmah, do. L'Orirmt, May II?Sid Robert and Margaret, NOrleana. MaLTa, May i?Arr Sophronia, Beaton. Madras, March 17?Arr F'lavio, Crocker, fm Boston. May 10?Sid Pandora, NOrleana; 2d, Ann Jenki> a, N V oir; tin, James, do. N'atvrz, M-iy 3?Arr Laura, NOrleana. Bid 3d, Ratberine k Elizabeth. NYork. Nzwr rt, May 14?8ld Harmony, NYork. Newkt. May 13?Arr Apollo. N V ork Plvmouth, May 3?Arr charlotte, Norfolk; 17th. Oen. Hewitt do Posct, PR. May 19?In iiort, brig Albertina, Mo dgotnery. for New Yo It 6 days; achr Josephine, hlldridge, of Bin oi for Baltimore, 4 days; a b>ig from New York jual arr, name not ki own. , .. Portsmouth. May 12?Arr Thomas and Mary, Cherletton. Sid 9:h, llendrick Hudson. NYork; lllh, Wellington, do. Kopziv, May 4?Concordia, Boston. La Onasnr.. May 20?Up the river, brig JEolns, Couch, for New York, ldg; ?nd others aa before. Bid, hr,g Sarah Louisa, for Charleston. .... , ? , SauooR, March 13?Sid, Ship Hercnlet, Madiran, NYork. Bhim.di, May 13?Sid,Harriet, NYork; 10th, Siiunk Barah, NAmerica. , Bai-comrf., Off, May 14-Pioneer, fm NOrleana. Hi icio, .May 2?Arr Creed. Baltimore; I. Maraellois, New Yo?k; 2, Governor Troop, do; 12, Adario, do; 13. Manchester, ilo; ?ail? d I. Employ, WandererJ^abot, and Am Bell, N York; 3, Anna, ao; jnwrnw, u?,?, ?? ? ?/'"? HMrm. April 17-Hld. Onnges, Boaton. Btockhoi-m, May 4?Arr Lady Ann, Charleston; 1, Ilvrmrtin. Bo ton; Aiigiiiln do; Vineeat Prieitnila, N York. Stontr, NHW, Feb 4?Arr, ahip Hubert Pulaford, Cald. well, fro Boaiun. ' Torouat, May 13?On, Bal'tmore, Irom Baltimore. Wa.i?i:* PoiWT.Mnv ft?Off, Eliaibeth, Philadelphia; 3d, Francis, 8ld lat, Jer-ey Tar, NYork; Vth, Leopard. a d Walter H Jonea, do; 16th. Lagrange, do. WaTgaroRD, May 10? Arr Oregon, Boaton; 7th, Oceaoua, NO'Irani; 13th, Lvly Ut. Roys Adelaide, N York: 3d, Flora, do: 7ih, Cnroli ie E Piatt, do; 13th, Alert, do. Sid nth, Eagle. Baton; lat, Tororllo, NYork; 3th, Haiabel, do; I h. Hannah Thornton, do; ?d. Florence, Phila. Wr.aTTORT, May II?Sid Vigilant, NYork; Ith, Montreal, Norfolk; Anna. Philadelphia. YoroHALL, May ft?Sid Mary, Baltimore; 10th, Maria, do. Home Porta. Apai.achicola, May 28-*In port, ships Rothschild, Cornforth, for Liverpool, Idg; Caledonia, Tillinghaat. for Boaton, Idff; Qoeen. Newland, for Liverpool, Idg; Davennort. McCsrver. from Livenrool, wtg: bark Sarah Sheaff, lor Havre, Idg; bnga Win L Jonea. Tvler, for New York, idg; Loniae Beaton, Robertson, from New York wtg; Delaware, Borden, fronffFall River, wtet Lawrence Copland, Baker, for Boaton. Boaron, Jntte ft?Arr brig Venrr.nrla, Fowler, Philadelphia; achr Ja"e (Br) Carey, Cork April 81 Ktnaale 8d nit; CltL ahip K.lita Warwick. Williams. Hong Kong and Canton: barks Maria, Harward, N Orleans; LJk, Nickerson. Phile; Mary, Whelden, do; eekra Hercnlean, Barker, Cape llaytiea; Mary 0?om. W?B?. CudmMs Charlpo* Bailey, Crowall, Belt; Martin, Brewer, rtiib; Croton, Chaae, New York; American Ball* (of thi* port lata of New York) Munaoa^Hawkina, do. - Id, *hip Periia: brig* Anuah, Chalcedonv ,Loul*a. Lion; icha Lrander, Mary George; and from Preeideut Rosa* bark Jbo I Craig. CHitlUTOD, May St?Air (hip Auaon, Burr, New York: eld Sitt. .learner Bolivar, McOlaughliu, New Oilcaua: (Id ah.n H Alleun, Wil.ou, N York. Holmc*'* Hole. May 31?Arr brig Harriet, Brown, from Hague La (hmude; brig Citixen, Brown, from Havana for Boc tou;*clu* Kowma, Young, from Poure, PK:German, Xeague, Ja< kaouvtlie, Kk: VYarreu, New York for Portland, Manilla, Albrre, Philadelphia for Bo. Urn; Argo, Kruici., Tar bom, New | York for Halluwell. Mobile, Mny 16?fid aclir Pompino, Oakman, for Brazo* I Santiago. Arr brig Bclma, Smith, I'm IN York; ?chr Alleglra- i n>a, McDonald. , New Oklkajm. May 24?Arr, brig* P Soul*, Thompton, I Hay.,ni; Ormua, Smith, Philadelphia; Baltimore, (Jill, Apal- , aclilcila; aclir* Creole, Taylor, do; Emma, Smith, l'ampa Bay; eld, thipa Raritun, Adam., Havre: Adami, (Jay, LiverPool: Mou.oon, Paine, Bo.ton; vclira Lniedo, Thornai; Bra- I to* Santiago; David Mou, Howe, Pea.acoU; ? S. Leiper, i Thomaa, Char'e.tou. Paoviccaev June I?Below, hne M.rinl. Inf Belfast) from Bangor; and a topsail iichr, with lumber, bid, schrm Mouterey, Appleby; Mexico, Tomliu; Equity, Eaton; Martha Jana, I Darling, and Mechanic, Roberts, Philadelphia; Tioga, B ack, do or Wiliniugtoii, NC, according to wind; Henry, Carter; Albert, Carter, and Clans a, Griflin, door Bangor, do. Richmond, Jans I?bid, ach' Grt-enwat, Couch, N York. ' U iLMiioTorr, Jons I?Arr achrs K W Brown, Kraucis, N I York; North Cnroliua, E idridge, Boston. Harriton Price, j Beaaton, N V ork; brig Sea Klowei, Crowell, do; .Vlay 111 bark J A Jesuruu, Lee, do. Lid, brig Triumph, Haley, 1 oit au ! Prince. Arrival Of Mtangeo III New luik. Junk 3. Amwuican hotel. A. B. Hose, Wut Point; Dr. shannon, do; R. A. Johnson, do; F. Rider, do: J. Jetikyns, Brook lyu; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thompson, Phila.: Mr. and Mrs Suangier, York, Pa.; two Mines bpauglt re. do; Mr. at d Mrs. Uemulh. do; Dr. Domingo Hier,Havana; Mr. Baker. N. Carolina; J. Pargau, do; E. V. Cow lei, Hudson; J. Livingston, W. Aid Keuuy.N rwicb. Anoa House. C. H. Newark, Halifax; F. Francis, Gibraltar; E Malone. H. North, 11. G. Junes, Nantucket, C. Hagar Lancaster: Mr. Abbott and lady, Mr. Eldridge and lady, Bostou; C. Pond, Hartford; C. W.Chapem 8 ringfield; J. Hayward, J. Wigglesworth. Boston; Mr. Crocker ant] lady. New Bedford; b Allen, Halifax; J. (. ouher, L'tica; P. Kenny, Mass; A. Johnson, Boston; Miss Hew?on, Con; G Cunningham, W. Winder, Mr. Welhrriil and lady, Phila; Mr. Owen, Cincinnati; J. Coney, Boston; K. Gregory, St. Louis; Uev. A. Lawrence and lady, Ky; Mr. Wyatt and lady, llanrisburg; J. Lapham, Indiana; W. Wbuinger. Baltimore; J. Sickle, New Orleans; U. Hait, t hicagi ; G. Kedtielo, Troy; Mr. Simpson and l?dy, Killiam, Uustou;G Wa'ter, Syr*cu?e; A. Farr, M. Louis; J. bhephiril. J. 11. Ailams, Thomas Gray, Boston; W. Murdoch. Mass; G. Ward, New York; S. G. Bates, Boston; Si. Pluinh, Albany; G. Clapp, Boston; J. H. Hall, Ky; it. Livingston, Poughkeepsie. City Hotel. W. Van Bokkrlen, United States Army; Ex-President John Outncy Adams, Washington; Mrs.J. Adams and Miss Adams, do; A. Webber, Hupkiniville; G. W. Pratt, Prattsville; Z. Pratt, da; J. Van VTeeck, Cattsktll; J. Atkins, Va.; VV.Boardman, Troy; H. Morrison, Kochrster; W. Cns .man, Bristol; A. Wolfe, do; J. W. Dewitt, do: J. Nona, d >; W. Whitrtdge, Norwich; Miss Dwight, do: Mrs. Tyler, Boston; E. Le.un. uo; A. Ashburner, Philadelphia; A. Hibley, Lake Superior: R. Rogers, Bostou; D. Michie, Richmo- d: H. Sillman, St heuactady; H. King, Pennsylvania; II. Erntirst, do; K. Klrmm, Pa; J. Harmstrad^ Philadeh hia; J. Read, do; A. nioiiiu, Long isi.tnu; ur. lu.u nirs. tying, sag narDor; u. van Nraa, Hudson; J. Waring', Massachusetts; R. <. I !>!>, Philadelphia; Mrt. Hanson, and Alisa Isadore Hai.iou, Puerto; W. W. Tumble, Arkansas; A. W. Brewater, do. Clinton Hotel. John D. Gardner, Sag Harbor; Wm. R. Prince, Flushing; Alfred Bedlow, New York; David Motinan, Bangor; N H Gould, Newport, K. 1.; J. L Crane and led)', Putnam county, N. Y ; Julia Sperry and lady, Sag Harbor; J. >1. Jeneka, Springfield, Man ; T. S. Moit anu two daughter!, Saratoga county, N. Y. Croton Hotel. S. Ward, Vermout; R. McNall. do; W. II. Hawkina, Illinoia; W. Little, New Bedioro; ftli-a M. Ward, Milton, Vt.; Miaa S. Waid, do; B. H. Bartlett, Genera; C. B. HotclikDs, Naugatuck; H B. Ames, do; Miaa Davia, do; W. Whitney. Milon; A C. B arsiow, Providence; T. Douglass, Mancheater; T. W. Hoakiua, 'Iroy; W. fluting*, Massachusetts; A. Eaton, New York; e.. H. Finn and lady, J. S. Smith, Ulster County; C. Treadwell, Union Springs. Exchange Hotel. M. Hawarth, A. D. Fowler, New York; J. C. Smith, Boaton; B. S. Williams, Utica; William Steel, H. Avy, Hudson; David McVagh, Philadelphia; J.G.Hatfield, New York; H A. Seymour, Ue .rge Hawley, Brivtol, Ct; Wm. A Smith, II. a. lleed, A. Terry, Pl> mouth; Johu Daniels, New York; M. Earle, Lexington; H. C. Tuttle, G. W. Thompson, H. B Lewi*, G oticki.ey, Mass; C. Brown, H. Snow, It. Tucker, N. H.; Samuel Kice, H W. Butter, N. B. Bailey, Boston; II. SttTeus, G. It. Hutchins, B. Hu cniua, Couu; N. Harris, K. Colli,, Geoige Barker, New Ilaveu, Ct. Eastern Pearl Street House. A. W. Randall, Long Island; J. Scotield and lady, New Milford; S. Scofitld, do; J. E. Thomas, New Haven; S llartwell, Bridgeport; T. Camp, Woodbury; M. T Finch, West Cornwall; C. Botslord, Bridgeport; Captain O. Parker, Essex; D. ' M. Ambler, Daubury; W.M. Oaylord, Connecticut; 1). A1 Hedges, East Hampton; D. Sherwood, New Jersey; It. Hoyt, Daubury; W. 8. Jonusou, Chester Factory; S. lugttll, do; S. Henry, do; E. Wilsou, Redding: John Mile, Merideu, Conn.; S. Snow, Deep River; P. Haskell, Essex, Ct.; P. Puud, Wreuitiam.Mass.; E. Jones, East lladdam; Georgs W. Webster, Worcester; J. B. Hose and lady, West Su (field; Miss Graham, uo; W. Foster, Cleveland, New Y'ork; G. Lincoln, Windham, Connecticut; Wm. H. Nelrou, Sag Harbor; J. Puffer, jr. Leominster, Mass.: D. Thornton, Oswego; Bu r Benham, N. Haven; A. Caswell, Danhuiy, Ct; C. A. White and lady, do; H. B. White, do; Miss L. YY bite, do. Franklin Hotel. A.Purvis, Pliila'delpnia; W. Van Deveu'er, St Louis; Mr. E.Brisdale. Texas; C Sherrill, Sandy Hill; M. Delano, N. Y ; S. Kei.dricli, iroy; J. Fitch, Prattsville: D. Owen, Baltimore; J. Shiptn in, Newark; E. Dorney, Va; J, Teuck. Fort Way e; W. Bruas, Pouglikeepsie; J. t.ruger, New Jersey: L. Chaudler, do; J. Lowell, Ohio; C. Quackenbush, Tro) ; J. Treadwell, Brooklyu; T. Bowdle, Philadelphia. Howard Hotel. R Dodge, N. O ; 11 Poiudexter, Baltimore; Mrs. Ames, Phila ; Mr. and Mrs. Ksrtsher do.; J. A. Jones, Boston; M. Jones, Bethlehem; Dr. Smythe, Brooklyn; \V. Trumbull, Arkansas; A. P. Brewster, do; M. Lee, Mass.; C. Banks, Boston; S. K. llatton, Springfield; H. Lainpkin, Lowell; J. Itichards, do ; C. Star., N w Loudon; W. Bullion, Albany; A. H. Cruiiwlute, Schenectady; M. Wilson, New York; F. Rider, West Point; D. D. Bison, Phila,; Mr. and ,vlrs. J. Tyler, Boston; Mr. K. Jones, Albany; W. Teunisoii, do.; K. Wheel r, .Montreal; 11 Kalian, Lobourg; P. Beainish, Port Hope, C.W.; C. Bradley, Burlington; II. 11 Woods, Niagara. Jui'Son's Hotel. B. We; mouth, Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. Porter^ Connecticut; W.Stanford,New Haven; W. Allen, New York; .Mr aiu| Mrs. Pitcher, Paw tucket; C. Converse, St,(fold; K. Rogers, New Haven; J. Kice, Springfield; W. Clarke, Norwich: U. Dewolf, Bridge water; Captain U heatou, New York; E. Colt, Uartloid; F Blunt, Springfield; A. St. Pierre, Troy; Hon. J., Hartford. National Hotel. O. F. Gladding, Providence; R. It. Field, St. Louis, Mo; A. Itecless, New Jersey; J. Lee Jennings, Montgome y; E. A. Townsend, Whitehall; J. G. M)ndcue, Snttgerfies; E. 8. For ,.r P II <1?.....|| I ,?,,.Hilla. I' U l?,? , I... iiiuiig Co., N. 1 ; A. B. Lalhrop, Lister; M. U. Gregory, New Hal tn; b. Budil, ttcrter Works. Pa; C. VV. Kale.-, New York; H. VV. Dai ii, C. Folk, Arkausas: b. Brown, Whitehall; J. Meirian, Pit'slield, Mass: Jamts Snyder, SlT ngfield, 111; 11. Jones, Bloonihrld; F. F. Douglass, K. Bristol. Saugertiea; M. T. Van Buskirk, Lansiughiirgh; VV. L'rnthingliam, 1'. Beckwitii. New York; J. Vadder anil lady, Utica; S. D. Winches . ler, Springfield, Mass; VV in. 11. McCnllough, Alida. Northern Hotel. J. 11. Green, Li. Stanton, ISew York; Li. Drayton, Philad; Mr. Livingston, Poughkeepsie; Mr Bair, Netv Jeisey; J. J. Kinclt. and son, boston: 11. Clark, S. < liatliain; K. C. Lewis and lady, lllino's; Mrs M. A. Lewis and daughter, do; It. Diiulap, Ibany; L.. B) one. Bos on; D. O'llliu and lady; Mr Keyes, Lancaster, I'a; b. Lester and lady, Ohio; A. Stratum, Uilvtus county. New Engi-anii House. L. Cutter. Dart. College; A. B.'P eston, Kllrniillc; G. W. Tiuelieait, Vs.; Li. K. Rockwell, North Carolina; 11. H. SimBins. L'oxborougli; W. L. Kist>er, Frovideiicr; J.jGoodard, Co inecticnt; 8. M Cady, Donalrisville; ?. Thompson, VV est Killiugly, (ionn.; C. Uidwvll aud lady.Michigan; 11. Hatch, J. K. C hlld, Spiinglieltl; VV. kuowlton, Massachusetts; M sa Kreeman, New York; J. J. Buck, Lesingtou, Ky.; J. Gray, Philad. Pearl Street House. Mr. Johnson, Maine; P: Crowell, Boston; P. Haggrton, Michigan; J. N Sioddard, Southport; J. Shepliard, Bi.stu; J J. Hopkins, P ris. Pa ; John -I'nrktiursl, VV. A. Ltndsey, Tioga co, Pa ; H. Wi.gate, Htralham, N. II.; 11. l-'taruell, Herkimer; Li. Merriain, Lewis; George Turner, Portland; J. W. Sliiukte, Philadelphia; Win. Roberts, A lb ley; H. W Church, Taunton; A. 8. Bralei, L. H. Htintly, Ohio; A. LDunbar, Philadelphia; K. L. Murdock. Providence; T. b. Bassett and lady, Boston: L. H. Conger, Albany; N. Rogers, Rochester, N. Y.; L, S. Lin, Canton; James Kellogg, Hillsville, Va ; T. 11. C'-nistock, Yates co ; N. L. Smith, Troy, N. Y-; K. 8. Hurler, Montreal; Dexter, 8. H. BlnOm, Boston; A. L. Pritt. Watetbury, Conn.: D. (J. (rnuld, Koxhury; 8. S low, Augusta, Me.; 11. Bryant 1,. It. Mnrkey, St. Crux; 1' b. Low, Baltimore; A. Craig, Boston; 8. D. Moon, Wiscuu>in; K. Ch-ae, Bndl'ord on, Pa Ratiiriin's Hotel. O. Eaton, Troy; 8. llaiiin, V a'atie; E. W. Mills, Beaton; W. R. Railibone. Valatie; O. Oifforn, Lowell; L. I'mii, Bultalo; A.J. Tryou,Lewiston; U.Twhill, Klinira: E. Morse, Eaton: P. Field. Chicago: Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Field, Lockport; (Jen. Pleasants. N. Y.; Mr.; A. Hayes, U. 8. A.; W. Beigeu, Somerville. Tayloh's Hotel. C. Tliayer, Cooperate wu; (J. Damar, N.J.; J. M. Arnold Haitford; .VI. Holit'ret and lady, New Haven; L. llolcouib, New Britain; C. Heaines, do; L C. Pitlinc, Bristol. Tammany Hall. , D. L. Hoeg, l'at*ktll; 8.8. Wells, fjtoney Brook: W. S. Peters. Phila.; N. 8. Jolinaoii, do; T. L. Newell, N. Hampshire: J. Asch, Phils; J. Ambott. Poushkerp.-ic: R. B. Justnor, (abut; A. Fav, Vlas*.; Mr. Kach, Ohio; O. Johnson, Iowa; J. II. Newiou, Cambridge; D. Careen, Albany: E. (Jriswol , Delhi; ( . B. Leach, Lyons; H. De Kerrell, do; P. Htorrs, Trenton, N. E-; J N. Bulkelay, New York; O. Fuller, do; S. V, Longley. Hudson;! S. T. Rhode, Long Island; J. Thwaoes, St I roix; E. Te-ser, do; O. Kagar,Jr., Orange Co.; J. 8. Congr , do; It. 8. McNeal, do; J. K. Lav. son, d ; C. Ball, Puughkeri sie; R. 8. McKean, do; Mr. Van Wycli, Fishkili. United Stat ks Hotel. L. Sherman, Crstleton; A Colt, New Haven; J. J. Hare an i daughter, Cubn; H. Finlev. Connecticut; J. D Hawes, New ll.iven; A. Jerome, do: E. L. Dunbar,; T. W Lonnshiiiy, Woodburn; D. Cadger, Boston: H H Dawson New Haven: K. F.. Brewster, Bu.tol; Cart. T. Smith. H'Howell; J. M. Smiih. Red Hook; J. Trowbridge. C mi.; J. 0.,k ley, New York; E. Walcott. Conn ; J. W>ncn?iter, P'oilad . E.J. Me iden, Boston; T. O-bo roe. Long Isla d; J. T l.atta I*o umbia, 8,C.: J. V,'. McKton, Boston; M. Lee, Philad . W. Cowper, Portland; J A. 8u"o,er, Middletown; D Atne? Jr, do: J. Rice, Providence; W. 11. Osborne, Conn; Vtjs Capt. Cresrey, Boston; T. Simpson, Maine; J. D. Byrne, Trenton; J. C. Merrill, Conn. Western H- tel. J. D Dile and lady, Lansingburgh: II. Bancroft, Jacksonville, lllino s; W. C. Foster, Hartford; F. E. Rank n, Charle-ton; R H.; A. V 8. Iiarkyett and lady, hchenectady; Charles P Htmug, Woodbury, Connecticut; II. K. Starkweather, Massachusetts; A. Pettiboue. Springfield, Mass ; 8 H. Clarke, Hartford; 8. F. Witherspoon and lady, Rochester; 8. R Fuller,"New York; H. Duboaq, J. O. Wilson, Philade oh a; W. Blackinton, Atlleboio; W. Metcalf. Provide ce; L D. Whipple, New Orleans; (J. M. Ctirran, P. Weeden, Prattsville; C. A. Hart, Ithaca; 0. W. Bnrbank, Boston; AndrewPrestnn, Cato, Cey uga county; D. R Conger, Westfury; J. A. Van Vrankau, S Butler, Wavnr county, New York: (i H Pre. ton, Red Creek; G. Holmes, A F Holmes. Vmon Village; Wm. L. Peck. Mrs. L. W. Olds, Pittufleld, Mam.; 3 1 . Burnham, Union Village; J. J Sumner and lady Mrs. Kinney, 8yracnst; A. Whipple, Lanainghuigh; A. B. ( haptii, Pittsfield; A. Shepard, C onway; Thomas D. Wini hester, Springfield; O. 1). Sevmour, Hartford; L. Lane, Springfield; C. Adams, Litchfiild, Conn. \f ARBLE YARD, lit EAST BROADWA Y.-Notke A*-"- II lierrliy given tnst the onnartiu',aMp ni-reioiore ?inline under the mine vid firm of Thorp Kt Anderson, in thii d.<y diaiolred liv mutn' I convent. N. B.?The above Imvinraa will in future be conducted by ant known ai the firm of THORP It SON. ZKPHANIAH TIIOUP, 8en. JAM KB ANDKRSON. lilted. June I. IHI7. je?3l*f I UK A.VI SALUUN.?The auhacrioer le uow prepared to innply hie friends and the public, with 'he choicest lee Cream. Bod* Water, Confectionery, Fruit, ke.. at M7 Broadway, comer Liberty it. J. K. 80UTHMAYD. j?? 7t*r TO LIbT?The upper i?art of h n?e Jl Pike atreet. The roomi are in good repair, airy and convenient, vmmhle for a imall genteel family, and to a good tenant will he let low. PiMimiioii given immediatily. Apply on the prrmiiei. je8 3t*r VliKV MOTHER'S BOOK?An apprehension of poverty I Mid and the proipect of too large a f unify of children, prevent many conaiderate people from entering the married atate, but here U a book that will tell yon many important lecreta which may overcome these objections The anthor ii not allowed to itate more in detail the character of the work, but he knowi it will be unirerially approved of among married people. For mle in meet book itoret, and of the author, No. 2 Ann street. Jel30t*ro lean la ut op*, at Humour Hail V CeBt* ** * ffl L wherc| Peraooa desirous of joining this ezpedition can J1L. *? aa opportunity of doing ao, by calling at the Rendezvous. 'J his espedit ion offers superior induceineata to farmers, mechanics, ruid laboring men, to aeltle in a fine, healthy, and fertile euuulry, under the protection and forte ring care of the United 8tatea JLiuvamnriit. Kor further iuformatioii. enquire of I-apt. JAMKH M. TURNER, CaliforniaReg't. ji 3t?rc Rendezvous, 17 Centre at., N Y. liSfALLIBLJb LLN1 iadi^ JlLNfii warranted to cure aorea and ulcera ol eveiiaiO-ry nature HI a few daye. It acta like magic in rumoring iiieumaliam, and all otlierpaiiis. One or two doaea ia certain to elieve bilious cholic, diarrheal, lie., aa it ia taken It ia perfectly d-lightful in its odor and flavor. It ia uaireraally acknowledged to be the beat family medicine erer offered to the public. Price uO cents per bottle Sold at 230 Pearl street; t. lling, comer of John and Broadway: corner of Bowery'and Biootue; 3d avenue and lOthat., Jeffries' drug star*. Dr. liurrett'a Do>er. and Chatham, aud at the H. K. office, I iiy Hall ji 30t?rc <1 KOK SALE.? An elegant liaiaily Horse, (i year* ia*A7*old, bright bay, tine form, and large site, sound and kind, well br ke to single and double barniM, used to stand In the street without fastening, and suitable fur a phy irin.". ais , a lainuy cociuwty.wiin names* i ut little toiltil will Li- nulii together or separate. May be -ten lor a few day* only, bv calling at 38 Cau-1 street, New York jl7i?r MHV t DOLLARS KLWAKD-Loit, a black and white Newfoundland Dug, auaweriug to the name of Urunu; had ou wliru lo-t, a collar with the owuer's u?i> > 1..11 address. Whoever will irturii liiin to 6 Maiden lane or G07Hoiut'>n st. wi l[ receive J hr ai'pve reward je4 It* re M'KanOi Its unacquainted with olaees in the city, jftsstwi-hiiig to spend two of their leisure hours, are informthat they cuiinot use it to more a vantage than to visit Mo.vK'S GARDEN,4th Avenue and 30ili street; it will be a li tie paradise of Ruses for the nest six weeks. To his city friend, the above hint w ill be sufficient. JOSEPH MONK. The railroad cars leave and retun to the City Hall and above Onrden ve-v 3 minutes. pare 1 *4 reipa. jet l ?rc MKOK 8 VLfc. ?THE VUMUs-Kb MANHION Hou-e, outbuildings, and seven acres of land?the whole or a part, to suit pup Lasers, and ou the most ccommodatiiiK terms. This extensive building commands a magnificent view of the Hudson River, from 10 to 15 miles iu ench direction. The house is GO feet square; carriage hi use feet square, with st-blnig lor one hundred horses; shed 8i leei in length; all nearly 1 ew, and in complete order. There .- also a liali pond and water power, with a never failiug stream 1 I water running through the middle of the grounds, as pure as Crotou. 'lire Hudson River Railiotd is to run within three hundred yards in front of the property, and about the saine dial nice sodth of the rill ge of V01 Iters, where the depot is to be located. '1 heir are live well conducted schools, all within alialf mile. Two splendid fast sailing iteamboataplydaily to and from the city; niid stages also run dally iu connection wiih the Hurlem Railroad Kor terms apply to William Kellinger, at the Williamshurgh lerry, at the Riot of Del-urcy street, or upon the pretqiM a. jci Ufrc ikri. PRODUCTIVE PROPERTY IN PHILADELPHIA for sale, or will be exchanged for house and lot or JmtfL lots, iu the neighborhood of Second Avenue and bet??j 3th and 20th streets. Any communication may ba sent to R. M. H., b"x 14"0. Post Office, New Yorkf j?S'7t r ? flANO FORTE FOR SALE?A new and PPsfoaPMjTflelegant mrwoud Piano Forte, 6)4 octave, rV'A Tjf1 noide by one of the best manofacluiers IB thw Apply at 136 Sprint: street, over the Basket Store, jet 4i?re TflE IMPROVED HAT, possessing the essential qualities of lightness, fineness of form and durability, at the fixed price O' *3, will be introduced Thmsday, June 3, by HO WELL, No. i Cliamnera atreet, j3 3t*rc Near Chatham rl All AT! A HA 1! A KINGDOM FUR^AHATTrV KNOX.No. 118 Fulton street, is now telling hisJpL splendid and unrivalled variety of summer Hats sua Caps, not only adapted >o the"form an I pressure of the age," but of heads also. He applies his useful and ornamental coseriuge to the head, on phrenological principles, with a proper regard to where the Lumps are. and where they should be. So that all who favor his establishment With their presence, cannot fail to be suited. His location being near the Sun, he gives a warm welcome to his cuitoniers, and by calling on him. they tee their interests in their true light. jl 7us*r s notice? \ew stage, route''"he subscribers respectfully inform their CaSSiaww-wiOfrieud!, and the public thxt they will com meuce running j on Wednesday, June 8, a Line of Stages, from the comero Avenue C and Niuth street, through Ave nueC, Houston "treer. Bowery, Chatham street and Broadway, to South Ferry, and do hereby solicit a share of public patronage LENT It HUNT. WILLI AM C. LENT. LEONARD HUNT. jel Ut^rc A GOOD CHANCE F. .R A SPECULA", r TIO N ? A fine staunch Steamboat is i Br red WfeMklma for sile ou terms which will be found ad vant.igeous to those wishing to purchase. She has a first best engiue, made at the Novelty Works in this city, and is well furnished and equiped, and in good condition lor freignt. passengers, or excursions. She is only offered for sale in consequence of the business arrangements of the owner. To persons of capital ihis offers a chance for an iuyeatment seldom offered, h nil partic ultra as to boat, pries, and terms of payment, made known on application to JAMES M. SMITH,iun.. Attorney, lie., jeS 7t?rc No. 21 Chambers street. UNION LINK OK PACKETS TO ANit FnOM LIVERPOOL?The iplrndid, fast sailing and favorj?lMBa>te Pn ketship MARMION, i apt. Edwards. will tall from New Vork, positively. on Friday, June 4th, and from Literpool on the 25th July. Her accommodations lojr Cabin, Second Cabin and Steerage natsenge >, are unsurimsfed (or comfort and commit nee. Those about proceeding to Europe, or those wishing to send for their friends, should make early application on board, foot of l'cck blip, or to W 8tJ T. TAPSCOTT. je4 r 88 Pouth street, 2d door below Burling Slip. CONSIGNEES PER BK. BARK HVNDEMHsJJy. FORD, from Glasgow, will please tend their perjSmiIcm mitt on board immediately. All goods not permitted in live days must be sent to the public store. jet 2trc WOODHULL 8c WINTURN, 87 Souihst. ISO- NOTICE-? All peisons are cautioned avaimt KrjTXlt- trusting any of the crew of the Br. hark HV NDEFORD, from Glasgow, atno debts of their's will be pa <j o> either Captain or Consignees. jefS're WOODHULL St M1NTURN. 87 Somh ?t"t? PACKETS FOR HAVRE-Second Liu*?The Mm>VShip BALI IMORE, John Johnston, Jr., master, jhrntHt ill sail on the lit of Jnly. jl r BOVU it, HINCKEN, Agents silIP ST. NICOLAS, if' the wind ami weather MfVk permit, will sail to-day. The pRtsongert will emJmitL,lirLM bark at 10 o'clock, by siesmboat, from pier 3, North rive.. __ .re-d 1" fcSia vvA NTKD?VeaaeU PI lo.d with iron at Belt RfNrir"">c'' r.asierii ports?naiir.isu iron lor t',er. JraWM'nont via Delaware -nil Raritan canal. jr t 3 /. MAX WE'LL. < I'LIN Ik CO. 9 1 TO FAMILIES AND INVALIDS.?The followtm> J. ini{ articles have ga'ned unequalled popularity from 21?the universal satisfaction they give to those w ho use then), 21?.unl aie sold only genuine in this city, at No. Twenty* 21?One (ourllaudt street. 21?TlimMagical Psin Extractor, for burns, sores, and all 21?iutlammalioiis, is too well known to need remarks n|iou 21 ?its excellence. 21?Balm of Columbia, for staying or restoring the hair, 21?and keening the head perfectly free from dandruff and 21?scurf?the beat article ever used. 21?Hewe's Nerve and Bone Liniment and Elixir?Never 21?ruils to rure any rheumatic alfeftion. 21 ?Hair Dye that will color the Hair and give it-a brau 21?tiful gloas without staining the skin. 21?McNair's Acoustic Oil, a certain cure for deafness. 21?Tow nsend's. Sands', and Comstock's Extract of Sarsapa rilln. 21?Spohn's Remedy, an excellent article for tick or tier21?\ nus headache. 21?rink Syrup for coughs, colds, and all dUraaet of the 21?lungs. 21?II yj' Liniment will cure the most obstinate cases of 21?piles. 21? for worms in children oradults, never fail2 ?ed to cure. 21?Stove, Grate, and Iron Varnish, snpeiior to any thiug 21 ?ever known to give a polish and prevent rust. 21 ?R ouch and Bed Bug Bane?will effectually do away 21 ?with these tmulilescme vermin. 21?Lnngley's Western Indian Panacea, the heat fautili 21?physic in the woild. 21?A inerican Com|M>und, a sure cure for private diseases, jed 301 re A PUBLIC HOUSE KOR SALE-The bar fixtures, furnituie and lease of a public house, kept on the European plan, am) one of the best locations in the city, the owner nnv ng other business which requires his attention, induces him to offer for sale Apply personally, or by letter, to B. W..|ker, No.21 Pa,k How, New York. je3 Ht*rc FURNISHED APARTMENTS to 1-t to a single gentlein ill with or with ut breakfast. 'I lie parlors are laige and very pleasant. A very desir ble lucatiun.ouly two blocks from lie Park, and one door from Broadway, halt side; will be let tugellirr or seperate. For particulars, apply at 84 Duane street je3 3r*rc Repacked cotton.?12 tings ot repacked cotton for sale by I KHSSE He BROOKS, ml' 3tre Mo SI and St Mass it street. NO CURfc NO FAY?DR. CORttlTT, 19 Dttsne street, mew bar of the Royal College of Surgeons, Loudon, una .if the Vodieal Society of New York, may be consulted in the treatment of certain delicate diseases. Ilia lonK experience oid cloae attention to tliia class of complaints; lain pleasant, aale rod expeditious mode of treatment?Uta extraordinary success during a long and extended practice for thirteen years in thu city?and above alt tin legitimate medical qualifications, are a few of the Krouuda on wlneli he resta Ins claims Dr.C.H mode of treatment is safe, effectual and expeditious, not reluirinK either the use of mercury or restraint in diet or business. Strictures cured in oue or tw o weeks with scarcely any insiii. Constitutional Debility?Those individuals who have indulged in a certain loatlisomc and seciet habit can positively tie restored to health and society. Nlfld cases removed in two to four d.ivs. No charge made unless cured. I'ostpaid letters enclosing a fee of three dollars, will receive prompt at c tion. _ tnC 30t*r Un JOHNSON, 17 Duane street, near Chatham street, M well know n as the most successftil practitioner in New York in the trestment of delicate diseases. For the last 14 . ears Dr. JOHNSON enjoyed the most extensive piactice in . male diseases of any med cal inaa in New York. 'Hie Doc 'or's reputation for skill in those old haif-ctirvd cases that have -xisted for ye rs, is prew-raiuent. No matter bow long you my hare Gleet, Strtcltfr, Ulcers npou the body, or lit thu 'boat or nose, pains in #ir head and bones of the legs, effecually cured. Constitutional weakness, brought on by a secret ', indulged in by young men, causing lascivious dreams aid nightly emissions, imeitively cured. Rreent cases cured in four days, without Mercury. No alteration in diet, or pre vention frmn business. I'ost paid letters, containing S3 for idtii-e. attended to. No charge innde unless cured. tilts cklkuratlij BROWN klmjtuakyAptiroved ami recommended bv the faculty?a never failing remedy for nil affections of the kidneys; inflammation md weak, ess of the urinary organs, both in miles and females. I'his excellent medical preparation (suitable for Ml climates) has sever been known to fail in removing the moat obstinate attacks of a ceitnin direase. and can be safely recommended to the public, as its operations are quick, sure, and certain. It .-an be taken at all tones, w ithout regard to tliei, or hiudranee from business. Sold in boxes at 4s and 8s per box, wholesale and retail, by the proprietor, James Weir, 248 Grand street. Agents?Wyntt St Ketrhsm, 121 Fnlton street; A O. Ramsdell. Commercial street, buffalo: No. 4 F.xehsnre street, Rochester: Post Ik Willis: John G Howard. 49 Fulton street. Brooklyn, I. |l ; S W. Fowle and J. G. Whitwel), Boston; tnils'the drug storu, llelavsn Honse, Albany. mylJ3ftt?r the lew Tou a lit aid establishment ?y lorth-wt?t curntr of Pulton anil Nu?.m ft*. iAMES S0R00N BENNETT" PR0PRIETQR. t'l RCirLATHM WIHTT THOdHANU. DAILY HER ALU? Eeery day, Price 2 renr. re- rnr??J? IS I>?r n-minn?iin/nhle in edvmice. WEEKLY HERALD?Kyery Heturiley?Price CM mil .icr ccl'V?f l?)4 nenUjMTneiinm?mythic in advance. HERALD koR EUltOPK?Every Steam racket ilar-Price renU |>vr cepy?fS per annnm, payable in advance HOLIDAY HERALD?Pnblielied on the I <t of J ana .try and tun Jnlv nfench year?einnle enpiea tiipence each. AD V IbHTlBEiViKNTB, at the intial |inri'??at wave cash in 1 v i r.e Advrrwementa .lionld be written in a plain, legible nnan v The Proprieter wl'J not l>e reepoueible for error* that nay occur in them. PRINTINtl of ell kfndt etecated beautifully nnd with teepeteh. All letter* or eonmaniantionn by mail, nddreteed to the etablithment, maei be post paid. or the poitnge will bo dolooted from the abeeripuo* mooer remittod.

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