Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 6, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 6, 1847 Page 1
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TH Vol. xm. Ho. 1M?WkoU Ho. ?T58. THE NEW TORE HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, <r,rth-w?rt torn or of Fulton opd Nuuu t?j JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. CllWDLATIM-roRTY THOVBAJVD. DAILY HERALD?Krery d?y, Price 2 cent, per copr?H1 ,um?k*>?ui? iu tuivmnce. I EKkLY HKRALD?Krery Saturday?Price 6Jtf cents Pf.r.V:'J'V?$3 UK cents per annum?payable in advance DkKALD b OR EUROPE?Every Steam Packet day? rrice 6M cents per cepy?S3 per annum, payable in advance. HOXJUA V I1ERALU? Published eu the 1st of jauaary and in u. lolv of each year?single copies sixpence each. V v) y fcKi'lSEwE NTS, at the usual prices?always cash ia ' v ' 08 ,;VvvrB<eineut> should be written in a plain, legible ra?nn The Proprietor will not be responsible for errors that may occ'T lulheia. PRINTING of all kinds executed beauttfnllr and wit! despatch. All..letter, or enmmanioations by marl, addressed to the eriib.iibinent, must be jiost paid, or the postage will bo do "-" on r">tn "ho nhionpfionmonav remitted. MTO LET-THE GREENWICH THEATRE AND k? den, will be let to a guod tenant, on favorable terms. It could now be leased to one of the (i at t;? .a ical comp nica in the United States, lor two moullti durin* summer. Apply to J. T. FARISH, jc5 7t" ic No. 76 Broad street. M FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET- t hree upper room*, suitable fur single genilemen, to let in Broad* wav.opposite the City Hall. The rooms luve breuuete. ished with everv convenience, a >d pipered and oaintrd throughout. Terras for oue $1 50 to $2 each per week. For furtlie particulars, apply at \% Warren s'reet. }i :tt*rc MFOR 8 ILK-?THE VONKER8 MANSION H >u,e, outbuildings, and seven acres of land?the whole or a part, t? suit purchasers, and on the most accommodating terms. This extensive building commands. it ag lifietnt view of the Hu'son River, from 10 to. 13 miles in e ich tliieC'ion. ThS hmse is 90 feet square; carriage house 5 feet.on ire. with stibium lor one hundred horses; shed 6 leet 111 length; a'l nearly new. mid hi complete order. There p uka .1 fisli muid *ud water power, with a never foiling stream < I warer rn ming through the middle of the ground", as pure as Crutou. 'l'he Hudson Hiver Railroad is to run within three hu died yards in front of the property, and about the same dm ure south of ihe vill-ge of Yo-hers, where the denot is to he loo ted. There are five well conducted srhools. all wi hiu shall'mile. Two splc d'sd fast sailing steamboats ply duily to and from the citv-i and stages also run daily in counee. ion wi'h the Harlem Railmud For terms applv to William Kellinger, at the Williamsburgh terry, at the foot of Delancy street, or upon the premines. jH l<r?rc MinOUUL'TlVK PROPERiYT\ 1'j 111. \ IJ i L H til A for sale, or will be exchanged fir house and lot or lots, iu the neighborhood of S- coud Avenue, anil bete e 5th and 20lli atreeU. Any c nunuiii'-aliou may be tent to K. M. Id . b x I47D. Post Office, New York g je3'7t r .. MBEEKMAN HOUSE, No. 58 Beekmau street, (late Mrs. Floyd's.)? The proprietor begs leave to announce to his friends and acquaintances, that he has opened the a''ove.nme(l house, and flatters himself that, by strict attention to business, to merit a share of public patronage The finest liquors that can be procured are at his bar, and the best flavored s"gars. He will be happy to see his old friends, and respectfully solicits a call. There are over thirty single lodging moms, which will at least be equal fo any in the city, in point of cleanliness and respectful attention.. Single meals at all hours of the day end evening. Oiien till'2 o'clock, A. M. -a. free lunch served op every day at 11 o'clock. m'JI 2w?re JOSEPH WILSON. y>*s PAVILION, NEW uklOHl'ON, Staten Islaud.ptW The proprietor bege tor inform his friends and the public, ,&JJL'hat he has made considerable alterations and improve menu iu this establishment since the last season. He has erected a large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogether disconnected from the main body of the pavilion. These rooms ire intended for gentlemen ouly; they are of a comfortable size, light, and well ventilated, and superior in all respects to those generally denominated single rooms in the various watering places throughout the country. The proprietor is now ready to treat with families orpartiej wishing to engage rooms for the season. Letters addreised to him at the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate attention A steamboat mns between New York and New Brighton, at the following hours, viz:? From New Brighton?At 8 and II A. M. and 2 and 5:20 P. M. Froin pier No. I North River, New York?At 9 A. bj-and 12 M, and 3>?, 5 and 6 P. M? and more frequent communications will be established as the season advances. The Pavilion is now ready for the reception of Company. ?P?tfrc F. BLAN'ARO. M MONTREAL CANADA.?TO LEI? a sp cioui newly constructed Hotel, nearly (hushed, situated iu lit- be-t and most accessible part of the City of Moutre I, oi the Custom 11 >n?e Square, overlooking the wharf, commanding a beautiful view of the River Si. Lawrence, the Island of St. Helens and the shipping. The river steamboats laud i 1 the immediate vicinity anil it is the lint hotel ol it* diss that presents itself to tourist*. The building it of rut stone, in the hpjt style of modern architecture, and in the lyterior arrangement will he lound all the detail* of an extrusive establishment, including a spacious Dining Room, Parlor and Sitting Rooms, with forty-five Bed Rooms, auu every other rei|uiaite of domestic comfort For further pa ticulars, apply to the proprietor, Montreal, May 2G, 1847. WILLIAM DOW. ir.tQ lilt * r? iryog h'OK BALL?WLJi;-il;.oi!.K taASu-l'o ?. nJJKcTJltleiiieii in want of aitea for Country Sean?To Market ,4m '.linienera in want of land for Gardens; and to nil persona Wishing a I neat ion in the neighborhood id' New York MMI acre* of Land ill the town of Westchester, within nine miles of the City Hall, with right of pss*in>? over Harlem Budge I'ree of toil, are now offered at private sale, iu lota, containing from five to filty acrea each. The I iinla are within fifteen minutea walk ol the ral road; front on good road*; are in the neighborhood of schools, and chnrchea of different denoiniiutiona; the water is good, and locatiou healthy. Title indisputable. Terma moderate. Apply to UOUVKRNKUR .MORRIS, Morris.tnia, Westcheater Co.?or to WALTER RUTHKRI-'ORD,Counsellor, ml.1! 'iflf*r *a Nassau arreet, New York. .. ABCHY, THE OXL^ HE ?L~c vi^Ltt.? {r^JeThe Oreatest Attraction Yet?26 Bull Finches, with rom three to four tunes. Also, over 1.000 Singing 4-Ci annries, just imported via Bremen^ selected by his agents from the m >st celebrated districts of Europe. This variety for M ugs and plnmige, will be lound ou inspection, to eel |hp any Arch, his been enabled lo offer. N. 11.?On show ihe largest Cockatoo in America. Archy t ikei thia opportunity to app-ixe his friends at a distance, in anticipation of this importation, tint they may make e,rly application. I' S ? In consequence of the liinitsof hie old establishment, No 5 John street, lie h-s rented Bramble Cot cage, Bloomingd de. in o Bnruliaio'a Hotel, for that braiieh oflns business not CHI,..Ctrl with birds, via: Shell ind and Fancy Pomes. King (Juries Spaniels, Pointers, !tc , and every variety of * aucy Pigr us, li iru Dnor Kowls, Ike. As usual,letters post paid will at all times meet with prompt a tedtiou Irom A. CJKIEVE, No. 1 John at. jel J?t*r . UIKUS, UUU.l AJNL? ru.N I ( .?.?A1 I IC/H 1 IU.V. . {rff ?The great attraction for the city l? now at jtil^All'/HEY'SL No. S John street, where nature'? song in ra mo?t select variety, is only to be obtained from thr liulr Robin to I lie Cock of the North. Vt usual, King Charles Simuiels, Italian Greyhound*. Set trr.s, Pointers, Newfoundland and rvery variety of fancy Dogs; alio Shetland Ponies, die. fee Sic. I" S Letters post-paid, will at all times meet with prompt attention from A. OR ITVK, 5 John street. N U. hour Isle of Sky Terriers, imported expressly. niS 3fit*r ? Lot or MO> KING BlKIis-o ,ly bird IS worth 'fO c room, and sweeps all kind bird species sonic away yi^^Viln or night. T-?Vl.n very fine collection Long Breed Canary Birds. AKo, lot short breed Oerm ri Bird<;ia-cy Cages and steed; To be seej at 3.V5 Bowery, between 3d and 1th at. mv'8 inr're H. WILLI VMS. i v iv Ai'CHKBt *' wrinlaawJe mil v.? Louis Perret, No jf j-J|> fi John street, op stairsGwportrr and airrnt for seve-al &L& Ciwiss inaueliacmers, oSksa to the trades most complete aaso.tmeiit of Swiss Wdskss of every description, of this Spring's importation. * "entry merchants and dealers in iceneral will lied it g an ly to the.r advantage to call as above before pur hasiiHT -Lev. here stU'lTiar ?e VlR.N VI WILSON, 3*1 Grand street, respecLlully rl informs her friends, and strangers visiting the city, that she has now on hand a large and very haudsomr ?r*afc ueortmeut of Spring Millinery, to which shr invites their attention. Mrs. Wilaou s stock comprises an assortment of the richest and most (astiiouable H its, such as < hip, Crape, Rice, and Shirred, with a choice iwmruneut o! Straws, which she Batters herself can be sold more reasoiriMr than st an/ other establishment in the city. Country Milliners will do well to call bet ire purchasing. Mrs. M. WILSON, Ml Grand St.. between Allen and Orchard sts Yen good Milliners wasted at tbe above establishment. ( A iU m vll.R HATS?'Economy nod Kmuiiou KU " ".BERTSON, of the Pheui* liar mil Cup Manufactory, forin*rly of No. 103, bat now of 89 h'nltou street, New Vera, and fi I H'tilton street, Brooklyn, whose constant siin it has been to produce superior articles at the 'owest possible prices, lias introduced his summer style of lists consisting of heau11fuI tut irl anil rtrali Castors, trimmed in the peculiar msmier winch Ins hitherto given such universal satisjscti n,iuasmii< h a? it prevents he per ipir itio i from staining the outside 01 the H it ;t"tl at the samr tone insures comtort uid coolness. RKDUt.TION IN PRICEH?Robertson gives notice that lie has reduced the price ol his Pearl firsts lo$I MI, a d his dr-li lists to S3: and at the same till?e prices chslliogrs manufacturers to produce a better article even at 25 |ier cent higher. WM. RORKRTHON. Jr. J. PLUNKKTT mnn"r . L, W AL*H fc BROTHERS,Kreueh boot Makers, No If* A n strrrt, New York. Kronen t alt Boots of the latest ( fashion m ulc to order for SI 30, usually sold for M sud Jfk $7 ; line Krmch Call Boots $3 50, usually $5 Patent Leather Boots $7, usually sold for $1(1 Also. Congress Boots1 with pntrut springs, (ieutlemen's gaiters, shoes and slippers constantly on hand, and m ule to order at the shortest notice. Repairing; See., done in the store. L WALSH k BROTHERS, nu " Vim *r No 8 Atln ItTCgt. ^ koV'SiiJ ii JONr,8, 1 Ann street, are selling line ijpreicli calf hoots at SI Ml, eipial to any sold in thlr city 11 for Sfi or $7. Fine French boom at $3 U0, usually $.'? C?*?t JR patent leather lioot* $7,r<\ual to those usually soM a' $0 and $10. A grest assortment of shoe*. gaiters ana slippers always on hautl, nn<l made to onlcr at snort notice. All roods warranted to five satisfaction. Mending, flic. done in the store. Please call and examine our stock. in2'l Of* rc Y'Of iiVO At ,fO,\ KS, 1 Ann sr., nenr Broad way. Nh. W KIi,KSii'II Boor srORl?:?The latest Paris rWsfyle of French Calf 8ewed Boots for $1 60, equal to lE those usually sold for $0 and $7; fine French Boots for $3 50, city made, equal to those usually sold for $5.? /h<?, Congress Boots, with patent springs: Moots, Shoes flatter*, flic., constantly on hand, and made to order in the shortest notice. Mending, flic. done in the store, comer of Fulton and Nissan streets, opposite the Herald office, N York mx*?'' tn?#ie '***? Onion LiNEoF p il ketsto and from H JIV n ? . i ?*J '' "did, fast?wiling and firorte f a k.rahip M A R V| 11) N, ,pi. Edwards. w ill sail from New > ork, positively. on Ki iday, June 4t>>, mid from Liifrp nil on the 2Mli July. Her acrnmmnd it 0111 lor Cabin, BeCutid ! abm ind h'rerngr raai, gr s, arc unsurpassed lor comfort .old convene nee. I ho.c about proceeding to Europe, or tho.c wishing in send for their frteuds. should make oath application on hoard, loot of Peck blip or to ,r u W ft J T TAPSCOTT. jri , ?irci, %u uo ?r nflow tsiiriinj^ nnp . "xJRr I (IN.SIHNKKM PkTS III! BARK H\M>KFORI', from Olt>?nw, will |>lr??* ?*ml th'ir prrjUJuSmlm 'n>'( hnoril immr-iiitlrly. All (ihhU not permitliny* mil?t >* ty the |>?Mic UOODHl I.I. St OINTI-RN. S7 Sou'li ?t. ' xAsr \ 11 I ll V. ? All I'l-iniiin firr i:.iuli<ilir<l .i . nn?f tru?ti k iny of I lie crew of ill* Br. Iiark IIYNDKfU"'Vrw KOUII, from (llnrgnw, ? no debt# of tlieir'a will be l"le4Vtrc "'" ^OODHULl'STMINTURN, V South .t. 1 E NE NEW " Oars will ruu as follows, until further notice. i:n nam. will lease the City Hall for For Morrisiana.Fordham, ? , ... .. . Williams Bridge,Tack- For White Plains, Yorkville, Harlem, ahoe, Hart's ? oruer, Pleasauiville New and Morrisiana. and White Plains. Castlr, Median5 ?! 1 AM. icsrilie and. Cro1 A. M. 10 A. M. ton Falls. 11 A- M- 4 P. M. 7 A. M. 2 ~ I ?* 5 30 P. M. If. M. 3 30 P. M. Freight train. 5 f-.i. '' ' ,L Returning to New York will leave? Morrisiana and Harlem. Williams'Bridge. Plvuaotville. 7 A. Mi I A M. o 15 A. M. 8 20 A. M. 8 08 A M. S 14 P. M. 8 A. M. 1 10 P. M. 1 P. M. 6 08 P. M. Newcastle, s P. M. g A. M. 4 30 P. M. Tuekahoe. 5 P. M. # P. M. 7 38 A. M. 6 28 P. M. 8 52 A. M. Mechanics*iHe. 8 P. M. 12 55 P. M. 7 48 A. M. 5 52 P. M. 4 48 P. M. Ford hum. 8 08 A. M. White Plains. Croton Falls. 8 15 A. M. 7 10 A. M. 7 30 A. M. 1 20 P. M. 8 35 A. M. 4 30 PJM. C 15 P. M. 12 3) P. M. Freight Train 5 35 P. M. Ul A. M. Freight Train will leave 32d street for Crotou halls and intermediate places at 4 A M., and City Hall at 1 P. M. Returning, will leare 1'rotnn Kails at 10 A. M and 8>? P. M. ON SUNDAYS, The trains will run as follows, vis :? Leave City Mall Leave Crotou Falls For Croton Falls. For City Hall. 7 A. M. 7 30 A. M. 4 P. M. 4 30 P. M. Leave City Hall for White Plains Leave White Plains and Intermediate Placea. For City Hall. 7 A, M. 7 10 A M. 10 AM. 8 35 A. M. 4 r. M. 12 30 P. M. 5 30 P. M. 5 35 P. M. Extra trains will be rnn to Harlem, Fordham, and Williams Bridge, on, when the weather is fine. The trains to anil from Croton Falls, will not stop on New York Island, except at Broome street and 32J street. A car will precede each train ten minutes to take up passengers in the city. FARE FROM NEW YORK : To Croton Falls and Somers $1 00 To Mechanicsville 87>{ To Newcastle 7 i To rieasantville C2>? To White Plains 50 _m?5 tf r C HEAP AND EXPEDITIOC 8 TK.-YV ELLIN O TO THE WESTERN STATES AND CANADA. BY TAPSCOTT'S EMIGRANTS PASSENGER LINES, Office, 86 South street,New York. The subscribers continue to forward Emigrants and others to all parts of the Western States and Canada, at the very u ? LOWEST RATES OF PASSAOK, by Railroad. Steamboat and Canal, to the following placea, via Albany, Rochester, Buffalo and Pittsburgh :? Utica, Syracuse, Oswego, rvunurn, iiocnesmr, tlull.ilo, Erie, Pa. Cleveland, Huron, Suidusky, Maumeo, Monroe, Toledo, Detroit, Mackinaw, Milwaukie, Racine, Southport, Chicago, Oreeu Day, Pottsville, Pittsburg, Pa. Wheeling,, Portsmouth, Ohio. Parkerihurgh, Ciuciiiuati, Louisville, Ky. St. Louis, Oalena, Dubuque, Bond Head, Darlington, Hamilton, Whitby, Coburg, Queenstou, Kingston, Toronto, Sandwich. Montreal, And all other intermediate places. Persons proceeding to any part of the West, or Canada, would do well to call on W. 8t J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their General Emigration Office, 86 South street, New V ork. Tapscott'a Emigrants'Travelling Guide ean be had on application, free. _ m3 30t*rc sa HOTICK? - K w STAOZ ROUTE^53f"5lr?a^v&The subscribers respectfully inform their esvB?*=W~*?fricud* and the public that they will com meuce luiiuiug < ou Wednesday, June 2, a Line of Stages, from the cornero Avenue C and Ninth street, through Are uUeC, Houston street. Bowery, Chatham street anu Broadway, to South Ferry, and do hereby solicit a share of public patronage LENT it HUNT. WILLI AM C. LENT. LEONARD HUNT. jel Mt?rc MS _ A GOOD CHANCE FuR A SPECULAPL ?^TION ? A fine staunch Steamboat i? offered MnsaiMMttLaror sale on terms which will he tbuntl advantageous to those wishing to purchase. She has a lirat best ungiue, at the Novelty Woiks in this city, and it well furnished and equiped, and in good condition lor freigut. passengers, or rscursions. She is only offered for sale in causeiiuence of the business arrangements of the owner. To persons ol capital this offers a chance for an investment seldom offered, hull particulars as to boat, price, and terms of payment, made known on application to JAMES M. SMITH, jun.. Attorney, 8cc , j, 't 7! a rc No. 23 t'namoers street. T_? lil'IOsl'VlD N i'ASrsrtli". OhhTTh.? fO i Albany, Uticu, SI iO; Syracuse, S'!; Oswego, ; fiSQSBBlaSJ; Rochester, $2 ki; Buffalo. $2 SO; Cleve land. Si AO; Detroit, $S; Mllwaukie, $8; Chicago, $8; Cincinnati, *8; Toronto aud Hamilton, SI; Whitehall, $8, Montreal, St; Pittsburg, S8. Office, 100 Barclay street. Any security iequired will he given for the fulfilment of all contacts made with this coin nan y. ml8 lm#re. M. L RAY, Age-t, New York, 1817. aToKN ,N LINK AT ShVhN ll'l. LOCK.' n-saw. KOR ALBANY AND TROY and lutenne'fagP d ia'e Landings. tt*tjiMMmiu? Breakfast and Dinner on hoard the Boat. The low pressure steamboat TROY, Oapt tin A. (iorhsm, will leave the steamboat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven o'clock. Returning on the opposite day a. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F.B.Hall, at the ofltsOU the wharl. niyKllr AFTERNOON LINK. DAILY, FOR NKWBUROH AND FlSti*.^, r. Landing at Van Cortland's, (Peckskill.) West MNMfkkBsMai Point, Cold Soring and Cornwall. The Steamer Thomas Powell, Cant. Sam I. Jehusou, will leave the jiier foot of Warren street, for the above places, every afternoon (-Sundays eicepted,) at I o'clock, commencing April 10. Re .uriiing?will leav " Newnurgh every morning at 7 o'clock. N. B.?All Baggage and Freight of every description, Bank Bills or Specie, put on board of this boat, must be at the risk of the owner thereof unless eutercd on the books of the boat or receipted for. invU 30t*rc NOTICE. fMrjus. STATEN ISLAND FERRY.?On and r after SUNDAY, Apiil 18th, the steamboats AWAmim SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will run as follows, until further notice :? LEAVE STATKN IILAfTD At 6, ?, 9, 18, 11, A. M., aud 1, 2. 3, 4, S, ?, 7, P. M leave new tore At 7, 9, 18, 11, A. M., aud 1, 2, ten minutes past 3, aud at 4, 5, 6, 7, o'clock, P. M. New Y'nrk April 13rh. al3r ' A<Oer_ sntASaiTW BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN I ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIP, I20U tons and 430 horse power each, under contract " eSdEEafces with the Lords of the Admirulity. Ill lii'.HN'IA, Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward G. Lott. BKITTANMA. Captain Join. Hewitt. ( A.MBRIA,Captain Charles II. E. Judktnt ACADIA; Captain William Harriaon. The four steamships now building are THE AMERICA, THE NIAGARA, THE CANADA, THE KUROi'A. Veaaels appointed to aail from Liverpool are the Cambria Juue4, 1817 Caledonia June 19 1847 Britama July 1,1817 Vessels appointed to aail from lioatoo aie the Hihernia, June 16, 1817 Cambria July l, |8T7 ( aledoma, July |j. ||U7 Pss-.eiigcrs' luggage mutt be <?n board the day previous to ailing. Passage money?From Boiton to Liverpool, $180, do do to Halifax, $20. No bertha secured until |>aid for. These allipa rarry experienced surgeons. No freight, except specie, received on days ol sailing. Eor freight, passage, or any other in format ion. apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, At HARNDEN & CO.'8, 6 Wall at. ?/""In addition to the above line between Liverpool and Halifax, and Huston, a contract has been entered into with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool and New York direct. The steamships for this service are now being built, and early next year due notice will be given of the time w lien they will start. Under the new contract the steamers will aail every Saturday during eight months, and every fortnight during the other months in the year, (doing al ternately between Llverpool and Halifax and Boston, and be tweea Liverpool end New Tori mt$ r ROCHE, l?H() I'll RH 8l CO PASSAGE TO AND FROM LIVERPOOL BV THE BLAt K BAl L LINE OF PACKETS, AND REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, Re., m, m. M, Or.KMlNS wishing passage to Liveipool. hy the splendid I and commodious packet ship CAMBRIDGE, which sails on Wednesday, June 16th, her regular da v. will please make immediate application to Captain G. S. PEA BODY, on board, at the foot ol Beekmau street, or to the subscribe is, i hose sending for their friends, to crime out from Liver* pool hy the above favorite packet, or any of the Black Ball Line, sailing from thmce on the 1st and 16th of every month, ran secure their passage by applying to lis. Persons remitting money to their friends, can have drafts for am' amount, pa Me on demand, on the ROYAL BANK OF IRELAND, or on Me os. PKEgCOTT. GROi K, a\1KS Si CO . London, which will ,!?v paid ftr their vanoua branches throughout Great Britain ami belaud Afi-lv to ROCHE, BROTHERS It Co. 36 b niton street, New Vork, tint door to Fulton Bank. Only authorized I'asaeufter AjcruU for the old or Black B ill Line of Liverpool raekctr. rAs ? L'llli li IM-'IUII'I' mi I II .1 l( I'l u Zi'lI D.IC -E, DonnUia. Muter, am t,,..a jy*iWut)?rllirii. would accept a charter to any port in < Hritaiu. Apply on board, at the Serew Dork, or to PERUSE & BROOKS, ie.'i Vr No. ?S and tl? Naaa tn at met. aJt#- I'M KET8 FOR HAVRE-Second l.ine?The HA l/l I MORE, John J ohm ton, Jr., uuutrr, JHMMefawili tail on the lit ot July. JJ r BOYD & HINCKEN, Ajtnttr 1*^ WANTED?Veaaela to In ,1 with iron ij Dela MTlpyy wareCily. flu Eutern porta?Railroad iron for PierJaMUlhinoiit via Delaw are nil Raritin canal tTTTT MAXWKI.I. < I I.IN Ik t o. i&AT FOR BELF AST?To aail punctually >lh Inn,? wVlfV Till' well known I'aat aailinit packuf rhip Lt TITI A Mia HeVN, Captain Piriie.will .ail aa above, her regitlar day. For freight or paiaage, which will he taken on the Inweat term-;, pleaae apply On hoard the ahipfoot of Bei atreet, or to J. nicML'HRAY , cornei of Pine jell rc and South atreeta. tiA- Kill FRKIOH OR I iUKTER-Tu nny WiaWtVl'or' >u (Iteat Britain, the lital clue Bntiah brig JlfikbPERlf, Captain Carey. Apply to JOSEPH M< MI " H IT, WANTED?A to Miry 100 tona heavy I'reigh ?XxV'" New Orleana. A amall veaael prelerred. Apply JpHNaimmadiately to E. h. COLLINS, jel r JO South atreet. NEW YORK, SUNDAY IV GEN1N, HATTER, 214 Broadway. opposite 8t. Pagl's.? The ^subscriber his beau compelled, by tha eery liberal i"*'"'"*** ol the public to enlarge hi* Hat and Cap Manufactory and S*Je< R- ora, ?o a* to rnakr hi* cattbl <lim?ur the largest aai moat commodioua establishment of tha kind iu tha Cuitad State*. The aucceu of iha sv>tem upon which he commaucad business a few year* since ? hi* present locati'n, induces him to adlirre atrictlv to ilia following rules, which, wera than laid down, and which have bran everaince invariibly maintained. Every purchaser and via tar tray real a* ured that 1. No effort will ba apa ad to raudar nia pure haaa in a vary respect satisfactory. 2 No imimrtuniry will ba made to Induce him to buy an un bee..ming or inferior article. 3. Every article shall be, aa heretofore, of the vary beat style in J nuility. 4. Prices are uniform, mo-e moderate than most, and aa moderate aa any other est iblishmeut u this city or elsewhere. By observiug these rules?keeping his unrivalled as-ortment ilw.ii a full and complete by close personal aupervisionof every branch and stage of miuuacture (the whole of which isdoue >n The premises) and by careful atteudauce to thet-atea mid wishes of hi* pa'rons, the subscriber confidently trusts not | only to maintaiu Ilia former standing but alto to conduct that branch of business with a satisfaction to (he public hitherto unei|ualled:?1st quality of Nutria, or llearer Hats, $4 Ml; Iud do., S3 10; Castor, Brush, Black and Diab Cassurierei, Leghorns, Manillas, Panamas, Canadians and imported (received monthly.) Mole Skint, from Me in st celeb rd miuiufactu'urs of Paris. Bilk Hals, 1st quality. S4; 2nd do., S3; for the superiority of which, he respectfully refers to the premiums awardrd to him by the American Institute, for the last two years. The celebrated Summer Gossamer. invented by tbe subscriber, which h s in aureat degree supplanted all other summer hats, being lighter cooler, and not liable to be at all injured by dust, rain, or perspiration. Gentlemen whose mates do not accord with the fashions nf the day,can at ull limes be suited Iroin the extrusive assort merit, or alum t every conceivable stvte, always kept lull y replenished. His stocls ol Caps, comprises clotli, lar quality, 12. Slid do., II 60; 3d do , $1. r'ur Flush, Vel> et. Oiled Silk, Lrghnru, Hair Cloth, and other Cam, ad >pled for vviii'eranu summer wear: Army and Navv Capa, as per regulations of the service; Youths and Infants' Hats and Caps of evrry style, (iurludi g beautiful styles from I'aris,) as per samples and Imoli of pattern*, which those interested, are invited to rvamine. Also, American and Krenclt Umbrellas, Carpit Bags, and every other article iu his line of business. The subscriber feels warranted in declaring hi* establishment able to inner any and every demand of the beau monde, the economist, and of those who Prefer to follow their own tastes, instead of complying with the dictates of fashion. J. N. GENIN, Hatter. mv27 2lt*rrc 2' 1 Broadway, opposite St Paul's. U~CAPITALISM AND MANT/KAC 1 URERSe-'ltle subscriber being far advanced in years is desirous to retire from the cares of business; he therefore offers for sale his valuable^ and productive property at Saugertirs at the mouth of the Esopus Creek, on the w est side ol the Hudson River, a hundred milrs from New York and fifty from Albany. It consists of a tjMmoai t of water power over and above what is now in ttfeWgether with 260 acres of land immediately around the stater power a large part of it laid out in streets and lots on which in my dwelling houses are erected: a large paper mill, a productive toll bridge and many dwelling nouses, will he included in the sale. This property will now pay seveu per cent per annum o<4the price at which it will bo sold. There are oti . ;all* of the Esi^is Creek within two and a half miles of the Hudson ltuer of si least an hundred feet all if which may be got lorn small consideration, and if judiciously improved would soon give rise to a city like Lowell. On these premises the m utnfactoriej now ill full operation, are the Ulster Iron Works, the New Yolk mid Saueeilics White Lead Works, the Saugcrlies Taper Mill, a gnat mill ami otlicr smaller w orks. A good iteumlinar rum regularly between these works and New York. Freights up and down, 75 cent, to a dollar per lon, taken from ami delivered at the mills. Tayiiicnts will be made very accommodating. If not sold before the lath of June, it will be disposed of that day by auction at the Merchants' Kxchange, at 12 o'clock iu New York, by Anthony J. Bleecker, Auctioneer. For further particulsra, apply by letter, or personally, to the suctioneer, No. 7 Broad street, Now York, or on the praini-es, to HENkY BARCLAY. m**r 27t BILL!AKUS.?The subscriber re?pccifully informs Ins pitrona Miid the public,that in compliance wi lithe wisluM ??l" many of his Ymtoin, he has concluded to open the Arcade (late Empire) Billiard Siloon, as a school for the teaching of Billiards.aim in order to secure t e hear talent iu that department; ho has engtaed Mr. BUI ST, commonly known as ANDREW. under who* - c if, in conjunction with thst of the undersigned, the school will be conducted. A* heretofore the withes of visitor, will be etrefully considered, and no pains spared to muler this Saloon fully worthy of the high and fashionable reputation it has arnuiied. AllCilAKL PHEL \N, Proprietor of the jel30t*r Arcade Biliard Hnlonn N". H.'?' llarel iy st. DAY'S PATENT HOSE? For sale in New York by the inventor and manufacturer, 21 Coiirtl.indc e.rect; James K. 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Any time previous to the l.'illi of Idk, one eighth part of the nyhr will he sol?l for a feir rnrn| eiiHdllOll. Mv hit em ion hat heen npproTed by over fire hundred selcutilic and practical men. Persons desirous of encouraging an object of great interest, and at the same time make a tale mid good investment may ate i ly to 8KWALL SHOUT, 106 Vesey street Wanted?A Steam F.ngrue of from C to 10 horse power; i p| as above. feStft're EVt:i< V MOTll KU'cTBOOK?An appiehenson of poverty and the pro*|*'ct of too large a firmly of children, prevent m my considerate people from entering; the married state, hut here is a bonk thit will tell you many .'.nportuut secrets which may- overcome these objections The author is not a lowed to state more in detail the character of the work, but lie knows it will be universally approved oTumm nrmg people. Kor sale in m >st book stores, and of the author, No. 2 Ann Street I* ! 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Inventors by this can judge iff the whereabouts of their letters, and if necessary can forward duplicates to the lustitute. SOLOMON ANDHF-WS. N. B ?A meeting ol the stockholders or the InventorsMnsti ule will he held at the Merchants' Hotel, iu Courtlaudl ?f , New York on Monday evening June 7, at 8 o'clock, to aie point their Board of Directors lor the ensuing year. mv'Jil rje7 re HHI.O .I >\ WHRFAVS. t L?r.*> I ? J'he niuoex prices uut.uiuco in large and small sums on gold and silver watches, diamond, plate, jewelry, furniture, clothing, dry goods, ttc., 4tc. JOHN M. DA VIES. Licensed pawnbroker, 9'1*1 Wtllum streel n..r Persons received in private office, bv ringing 'he hell. mvii 3flt*c ___ _ EllV A l-KN TA.?The undersigned 11 v <"i Iihi.iI i Irrsh supply of Krvaleuta, n valuable reinrdy in obstinate rases of constipation. Put up in pound packages. Kor tale, wholesale and retail, bv UKLLUC & CO., Apothecaries and chemist*. Sole successors to I'LACK St HMUILLARD, m2,130i*rc Nil 2 Park Host, and Ml Broadway. LIUIITNINO CON DUCTOKS.?This bciiig the season of the year when lightning rods are a anlutrly- neressary to every liuildi ig. the advertiser desires to call the attention of the public to his system of conductors. The roils mid, and put up by hiin are eater, handsomer, cheaper, and more romptct than any other in use. They are secured together with copper joints, which i* a gieat improvement, over the "hooked plan; it ^ive* a better?indeed a |iei lect connection. The public en i ibi.iin Inrther informstion on .ipplicarion to WALWORTH, NASON, St UUILI), engineer.,, \? 79 .1 of ill St., V Y. 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MOKKKT, No. Ill Prince atreet, third block west of Broadway, ia constantly manufacturing Oeruian Silver, of various numbers and widths, which he will warrant to be ei|ual to any other, foreigu or iloniesiic, lor quality, and which he w ill sell at w holesale anil retail at reduced prices. P. S. All gooda sold will be delivered in any pert of the city or Brooklyn, free of eipeine a|>l7 lm*r Ilk 31 IORNING, JUNE 6, 1847. Vhe War, die. j J AFFAIK# IX CAlIP , , [From the Now Orleaut DelU, May us ) Jai.ara, May 17. 1S47. 1 i Gen. La Vega. who refuted hit liberty on hit parole, it I now In thi? place on bis rouie to Perote. where he will probably remain lie waa In bail health in the Cattle of San Juan de Ulua. and baa perraitalon from Col Wilton. ai ? aria v rui. ru rrpon niiu?eir HI rerote. Where lie Will remain until discharged or exchanged. JiUTk May 18?11 o clock. Information ha* born received, which I think can be relied on. that Major tialnea. ('apt Camilla M ( lay. and othera. were in the city of Mexico, on the 8th inatant. on verbal pnrole. They had been confined in the priaon of the couvicta, and were at liberty only a few day* They Intended to return again to the priaon. although it was a loathsome and objectionable place of confinement, unless the authorities wot id give tbein a written safeguard that would protect them against the treachery of the people and the (jovernment. JrLiri, May 21, lt>17. I am really apprehensive there will be some more tinkering with the Mexicans on the subject of peace. Why we should continue to offer them the ' olive branch." or listen to any of their deceit and wilyness, 1 cannot imagine. They have spurned all our efforts to bring about a settlement of the difficulties between the two nation*. and even now declare they are determined aud prepared to contest every inch of ground with us. Hut this Is only the expression of the military leaders and politicians, who are nuling under the lorce of olrcumstanccb?It is not the opinion or feelings of the intelligent, or men of busiuessjind property; this class desire peace. They want to be able to lie down at nigbt with the I guaranty that they will not be awakened in the morn ing by the gun* of a revolution, and they called upon and compelled to support seme military aspirant and usurper. who has thought proper to assume the authority of administering tho affairs of the nation in tmch manner as will accrue most benefit to himself and his personal friends. Tho people want to kuow what amount of contribution will be levisd on the property two consecutive days. How Is it possible for them to build houses, plant t'neir crops, or import goods, without their haviug stable government of some sort, that they may kuow whether tliu taxes and military contributions that are continually being levied upon them, will not consume principal as well as interest in the course of a few years? The state otf affairs in this country for several years past, has been such that it wus impossible to transact business of any aort upon a permanent basis. Is it to be wondered at that the people have become indolent, and lack energy in the various vocations of life? Independent of the expressions of the people at large, does not common sense teach us that they are tired of their government and rulers, aud are ouly awaiting an opportunity to divest themselves of their shackles aud uutrammel M,nln..e> mil li. ,1 U..If.Coll - who desire, may engage in it without having taxes exI ranted from tlieni through the meant of a large standing army.' Therefore, in view of this state of uftuirs, with (ho military possession of more than one-lmlf of the country, and now ou our march to the t aplt&l of tho Republic, why should we hesitate to occupy it permanently. and establish a government which will make us a good neighbor, if nothing more.' I am satisfied that tills is the great difficulty in the way of peace, and that as soon us we strike tho hlow for conquest, the people will force their goverumont and army to succumb, us they are now forciug them to fight. In order that we may destroy the power that binds them to their misfortunes We are going on. step by step, and eventually our government will find itself In a position that it will have to pursue such a course, or withdraw our armies with diehouor and disgrace.without ludemnlty for past injuries Who is there to treat with ? Or suppose, for iustance. they are willing to come to terms ; what guaranty can ! we have of tho fultilmen. ef the stipulations of a treaty? One party, us the proper authorites and representatives of the people, with full power to biud tho country to certain conditions meet us. aud the commissioners agree upon certain terms, as soon as our armies ure withdrawn, in all probability, the government will be revolutionised, and those who come into power will declare that the first | party betrayed the country, and proclaim the terms of the treaty null and void ?thus leaving us to fight our battles over agutn. American feet are now upon the soil, and they will never h-ave It-republican luws and institutions will take the place of those now in existence the sooner the better. With a moderate American emigration, the hills and tho vslleye would bloom like a gurden, and the earth groan with its productions , a new era would be known in the commerce of the world, and trade and manufactures would find a wide field fur circulation. ANOTHER IIATTEE IN VIKW. [From llie New Orleans Delta, May 38 1 1 ii'." nuviucr ui "ur army iu I ueoiu lanes UK a Utile by aurprise. Kroiu the previous accounts we were led to think ilint Gen. bcott Und changed bis desigus after ihe departure .of the old volunteer*. and would remain in Julapa. with his vanguard at Perots lint it appears our ii.ut opinion, that he would push uii without awaiting for reioforceuienta. is the moot correct. Oen Worth has entered the large town of I'uehla. aud received the ) courtesies of the high diguitar.os of the church ?the | most potential authorities in Mexico. Santa Anna, iu I tin- meantime. Hhaodouiug iiis position at Urizaba, has j j pushed ahead of Worth, with his usual promptitude and i rapidity, on the road from Puehlv to Mexico. We thought that his object would he to h >rass the rear oi Oen Scott, to cut n(T his communications, and capture hia trains with guerilla parties. But it is ruinorud, aud the tone of the Mexican papers gives color t o the report, that his reputation and political Influence in the capital require looking after Besides, an election for the Presidency. and the formation of a new administration, are to take place, and Santa Anna has. no doubt, some ambition to take part in these important ufTairs. It is said he has 10,M)0 tnen with him. and will make another stand at a formidable point in the road?at Rio Krlo This is one of the most dangerous and difficult passes which our army will have to make. The road, for some distance beyond I'uehla, is excellent, but near < ordova it reaches the mountains, and passes through deep, narrow defile* and over steep and rugged heights. The country Is wild looking, thinly wooded with oaks and pines, and rendered very rough and uneven by rocks of lava and norohvrv. Near Tcsmelueos. n little villain, or hacienda, the road begins to wind along tin- side of tho mountain, in many places being nut through solid rock Ilcrn the road is commanded by the heights of 1'opocatapetl, which, if occupied by a strong battery, would render the parage ol an army orer tnis steep, rugged, and ex polled ascent, a task of eery great danger and difficulty Hut, even when the hoightH are panned, the peril* and obstacle! of the position are not entirely surmounted; for the road descends into a deep, narrow dell, where a small and brave force might operate with great etTect upon a large army accompanied by long trains and parks if artillery. '1 his dell is traversed by the Ilia Krio (Cold River.) where our brave soldiers may aitnuagu their thirst after the labors ot this di01 cult passage ? The Rio Krio is the only point on the road, between Puebla and Mexico, which is likely to give our army any trouble. It is midway between the two cities, when it is passed, the road to the capital is smooth and delightful. well watered and well shaded. In some places It passes for miles between parallel canals and rows ol l.nmbui'dy poplars. If Santa Anna makes his stand at Rio Krio with an adi equate artillery force and complete batteries, our army I will have to tight, perhaps, the most serious, bloody, and destructive battle which has yet been fought i'bere | will be no want of men iu this thickly settled part <>i the country to back Santa Anna in this last stand which , tbo Mexicans will have an opportunity of making 'l'here , will be some difficulty, however, in aruiiug all who may ' present, themselves, and in furnishing the works Willi 1 good cannon. But we presume that the commissioners 1 appointed in Mexico, with Almonte at their head, to suj perintend the defences of the capital, have probably sei looted the lllo brio a* the only available point of defence against an army approaching the capital, and have pro' hahly removed thither the cannon intended for the defence of the city. The account of another battle, therei fore, may be expected in a few days Of the reault we [ have no fears our only apprehension is. that another glorious victory will ba purchased at a great sacrifice of : valuable live!. rilE ARM V of TAVI.OR. (hrom the New Orleans 1'icayune, May 2d ) The schooner Sea. < apluin blander* arrived yesterday from the Unixos. whence she sailed on the 20|h inst Though no later from that port, she brough* a mail through from (ten Taylor's headquarters at Monterey, i Among her passengers were t apt J. M. Hill, of the , quartermaster's department, and Pr. J. W. Russell, i; *. A. | There has been no conffrmalion received of the ru : mured defeat of Colonel Douipban; we are therefore ] more tbsn ever persuaded that there was no good foundation for the original report. We have a copy of the Monterey fxnnrrr of the 8th lust kroin It we learn that the Kentucky cavalry was i lu jirwtMMi iioinftrani in a ?w any*. I Major i hevall e had (join- ilown to ( adereyte with A part of tha ranger* to procure corn The Ptonrer *ay* < arvajal wa* mill luraing about that town, at the hi-nti of a hundred nieii. robbing on thr road and wiling bin plunder at a atari- he baa in the vicinity Thislucrative la the Texan* are very likely to break up t' a Mr vkah Moa (r.arr. May 7, IH47. Tho weather coritlnnea to grow warmer; but a* vet there la very little perceptible difference between tIlia place and New Orleans. The health of the army here continue* good, with the exception of the id Mississippi regiment, which In etill ?ullernig from the ravage* of the email pox anil loilng a good many men. I neglected to mention In toy la*t that Gen Taylor ! had been ill for a day or two but had recovered. I ol I llaintranck. who ha* been dangerou* ill ever eince the I Virginia regiment arrived at Monterey, ha* now reentered and i ante out to eatnp for the flret time ye*terday | I hate not nu iteui of new* to furuirh you. ARMY NICWS. [Front the Chicago Democrat, May '19 ] The following letter ha* juet been received from WaehIngton. by which it will be *een that the President ha* i consented to receive another regiment from lllinol* : Wa*iii!?otor Cut May iO MI7. Dr?* Sis?I'ndiTAtHiidiug that, the new reguncut lately called for from llltiioia ha* already been completed, and that several additional companies had also hern | raised, but too late for acceptance by the tiovernor *nd j that lhay were still ileeiroii* of having an opportunity , ... <> < it Mimiiij. i canon. m nay. 10 im- i re?idrnt nnd nonrotary of War. mid prevailed upon them l'> ronaent to take another regiment from our M*l?. for th? purpoaa of ralnforolng (ieneitl Hcott Th? order will go forth to-morrow from the War Department for mother full regiment.. whnae destination will ho Vera t roir to randaivoua at Alton?the companion to bo raised officered. and equipped in all reaperts a* tlio regiment j just raised All those who desire to go will thorrfora [ERA; onn themse'ves into companies ud tender their ssrrioee to the Oorernor. , . . I Se< retury Mercy ear*,''the tooner they ere raised, end it Alton, the better."' The Preeident end Secretary of War express themlelves hiichly (ratified with the patriotiim or llllnoi*. Very reepectfolly, your obedient servant. R. M. VOLNO. NAVAL. Orr Vitt Cevx.Mey IStto, 1847 We are now lying at the ceatle of San Juan, end a monotonous existence it it. after the past excitement. We ere "en lo'.itairt'' at regards our men of war, Com. Perry baring with him the entire fleet, with the few exceptions that are required for other coast duty, and a steamer or two that are continually passing from point to point The sloop of war G rmantown cams in here yesterday. but immediately proceeded to join the Commodore at Tabasco She was relieved frotn her station at the northward by the Saratoga. The English mall steamer lledway arrived here yesterday, from Havana last. There left to go home in the Ohio, from this ship. Lieut. Baldwin, who was wounded at his gun at the naval battery. Lieut. Humphreys. Passed Midshipmen Tattnall. Abbott and Smith, and bad this ship been ordered home, us was anticipated, or " rather hoped." at that time, there would muny a sunbeam look have emanated > from those whose M|>Ir?tlOM nre strong for a cruise ( ashore in northern latitudes; but 'tis now determined | that she will remain on this station until released by the Cumberland.which is under sailing orders, and expected to arrire here by the 1st of August There also went home in the Ohio, Lieut, (.'has O. Hunter, who, as commander of the steamer Scourge, must have a place in your memory, from hie eccentric und successful descent upon Alvarado. The I'etrlla steamer (this, the 17tlx.) has just eome up from Alvarado; she brings the information that auopeu boat, which was making its way up the river, in oouiuiaud of Passed Midshipman l'ringlc, | was tired into by a single person, the piece churged with buckshot, wounding Passed Midshipman Fringle severely in the neck; also wounding six of his inon, one supposed mortally. U. S. 8. SotTiuMPinii, ? Rio he Jaseiho, April 20, 1847. j You will confer an additional favor in publishing In your dally the following lint of otflrers attached to this ship:?11. D. Thorburn. Lieut Com'dg ; K. I). Reynolds. Purser; J. L. Wordon. Lieutenant, J. Mcl.elland. Passed Ass't. Surgeon; M. B Wolscy, Acting Master; H. K. Stevens, Passed Midshipman; C. M. Morris, do; S. 8. Harrison. Captain's Clerk. We sail to-day for the west coast of Mexico. Interesting front Canada ?Opening of Parliament. H'mmShu ll,,-,,!.! f..-? 9 1 Hit) Kxcellency tho Governor General attended by a numerous staff and several of the heads of departments, civil and military, proceeded in state, yesterday afternoon, to open the third session of the present provincial parliament, ills excellency was received by u guard of honor from the ride regiment. A* is usual, the whole of the space within the bar of the legislative council .chamber, appropriated to strangers, waa given up for the exclusive accommodation of the ladies, of whom the ilitt of the beauty and fashion of Montreal were present. At three o'clock, Lord Klgiu entered the chamber,surrounded by a brilliant staff. His Kxcellency wore the uniform of Governor General, and having takun Ills seat on tho throne, the Hon Speaker ordered the geutlemun I'sher of the lilac k Ro l, by command of His ExooUeooy, to summon to his presence the members of the legislative assembly, who,almost immediately entered the chamber, aud took toelr places below the bar. His Kxoelleucy then read the following speech :? Honorable Gentlemen of the Legislative Council, and Gentlemen of the Legislative ,'Jii'wMy. It gives me sincere gratification to meet you. that we may deliberate on tbe important interests committed to our charge. The representations which have proceeded from this and the neighboring Proviuces, ou the subject of tbe post office, have engaged the anxious consideration of lhelinpera Government. I am enabled to inform you that her :MaJe-tv's ministers are prepared to surrender to the rroviuci.d authorities, the control of that department as soon as by coucert between the several Logialatures. arrangements shall be matured for securing to British Nortu America, the advantages of au efficient and uniform post office system. By a statute passed duilng the last scsaiou of the Imperial I'aiiuuieui. the t oloinal Legislatures are empowered to repeal differential duties, heretofore imposed in the I domes in favor of British produce. It is probable that by exercising this power you may be enabled to benefit tho consumer Without Injury to the revenue. I commend the subject to your oous.deration, aud I shall i luy before you certain communications relating to it. whiib I have received from hi r Majesty's Secretary of State for tho Colonies, and from the Lieutenant Governors ol Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. .Measures will tie submitted to yau for extending more generally warehousing facilities to inland ports, mid for effecting other improvements in our commercial sveleiu, ail ui which wili, 1 am sure, engage your uKeutiou In pursuance of au address presented by tbe House of Assembly during tha course of last session, iuijuiries have be?u iustliuted with the view of ascertaining the practicability and probable cost of the construction of a railway between tjuebec and Hnlifax. A survey of the proposed IIue has been undertaken by the imperial Government, and is suit in progress. 1 shall submit for your information a despatch from the Secretary of State, descr bing tbe course which her Majesty's government to take in orilsr to remedy the Inconvenience which the provinces ol British North America appear to have sustained from the operation of the imperial Statute for the protection of copyright. in view of the large immigration which inay be expected to take place this year, measures have been uuopiru wr providing aumiionai accommodation una medical attendance lor the sick ; and for increasing the inean* of forwarding tnc destitute to places where their labor may he required. An increased grunt has been made by the Imperial Parliament in aid of this service.? Although It is to be feared that there may be much want anil suffering among certain classes of immigrants who arrive this season, I have reason to believe that they will be accompanied by a greater number than usual of persons possessed of capital, wiio are likely to prove an acquisition to the province Omtirmen nf tin Le)(illiitive .lt$r ntbly1 have directed the accounts of the revenue and expenditure ot the past year, Willi the estimates for the current year, to lie laid before you I observe with satisfaction that there is an increase in tile revenue derived from public works. I rely on your making suuli provision for tile maintenance of tlie establishments and credit of the province as may be necessary to support the higii character for probity and good lallii which ( anuda tias at all times maintained I Honorable (Irntlcim n, and (Itnlltmrn We have reason to bless Providence for our exemption from the calamity ot famine with which another pact of the empire has been so sorely afflicted, and I congratulate you o i the liberality which the Inhabitants of this eolouy,ofali classes and origins. Iiave evinced in contributing to the relief of their sullering fellow subjects I cannot retruiu from adverting to liic fuct that aiuoug those whose generosity lias beeu??o conspicuous on tins trying occasion, are our indiau brethren The occurrences of the past year, though in some measure exceptional, indicate that there is a growing demand in Kurope for the produce of tbia cnuliinsiil. and render it highly important, that the inhabitants of Canada should improve to the utmost, its natural ad' vantages, and those which attach to It. as an integral part of uu J-.aipire. abounding iu wealth and population. i feel confident that you will duly appreciate the responsibility which rests on Parliament at tins conjuncture. and that you will endeavor by Wiae legislation to alford ail practicable extension and deveiopcmeul to the trade anil productive capabilities of the Province, and to give Its in tiiutinus that hold on the ulf?< lions of tin* people which is the foundation of public and private credit and the lead security for social progress In nil measures calculated to effect these important objects. I am prepared heartily to co-operate with you. ami I am authorized to renew the assurance of the earliest desire of our Gracious yueen, to promote the prosperity of i anada and the happiness ot Its people Ills Kxoeilenoy then rost. and. escorted a< before, retired. under a salute of nineteen guns The weather was extrem"iy propitious, and a large crowd of spent*] tors, cordially cheered His Kxcellency on his arrival aud departure from the Parliament House Urvom,tio> i.n iYIadkika.?VVe find in the Liverpool Mnl o|' ili I,dtu nit the important intelligence. received by n private letter, that the troops oil the island of wadeirn bad dec d d in favor of toe inula of Oporto This inoveiueut Comiueuced at - a vi on the dfbti of Apr.I. when the troops in K unehai. accompanied by lour pieces of artillery, proceeded to the gove/iior's palace, who. after some hour* delib- ration, tendered bis resignation; ami n pronuin inno mo in Is vor of the Juula was read by the Secretary to the troi p? hxieiislve emigration was going on f < m VI, d Ira cb My to the Wast Indies; more tiiau la.issl person* are r. ported to have left the Island since January la.-l The l.ondon Timn reports the arrival Mt Madeira, on the 1st of April, oraschooner iroiu 1 i'f? uwn'ii wim nreaiHtuir?. which wa< hailed with ([ri?t jo/, th?ri> Ihi1d|| i great rearoity of food Hour wa* retailing at plA a barrel. even alter I he arrival of I he American schooner ami another (train teasel from Lisbon CrKRAT Drari n i IkN AT Till: Maciiiai.en>*.?The Halifax Sun s.iya thai a letter received Iroin the Magdalen Mauds (ilulfof St Lawrence) represent* the people iii the settlement there ill a state of great dest itution Hour la ahl to be >i0 per barrel a veum I Iroiu that port. Iiouud to the Labrador, with provision". touched there on her pannage clown, ami wauld have disposed of a put of her carge to the famishing people. Inn the collector of I he custom* refused (very inhumanely) to all"* the captain to enter hie vew-e ,ind pay duties on part, an he desired to do, and the Couse- I i( lie lice wee that the vessel proceeded on her voyage, without being able to allord even temporary r> hel to ihe j inhabitant*. The number ol seal* taken at the Mauds I tliin spring amount" 10 about 3000 Ihmt.i ?h i\ i apc IIrkt ?-Anrrpin nt>fo 1 Fa mink ?Simmer i??t li mi ; <uid who at1 ih* . baebanduiau'* proapccUf The rut In erarywheie ?/"? In hundred* ? the farui hor?>* toil feeble fmui otarvalinu 1 to perform the latxir of ploughing?end Urn ly iimruthan ; three fourth* of the farmer* In tTie country wholly dc?. tllutn of potato) * or grain for urd 1 In- condition if j the ronntiy I# frlghtl'.il, nor la the aborc picture on tcolored or exaggerated The island I* menaced, if not Immediately, at leant pro*p> fttlrely, with all the horror* of actual 1 amino I'pward* of duo cattle, we are lnfornieil, have died from want of too.l. In the settlement of Middle Hirer atone Many farmer*, In other part* of the country, hare loot their lire dock.?Cup* Prilun Sptr laiui. L iJ. Prki Twe Oi? Th* iinttlMn Tariff, The following la a ?opy of a deepatoh from Mi Falun lam. bar Majeaty Mlnlater at Waahington, to Vlaoount 'nlmeraton. on tba auhjrct of tha cuatoma revenue of he United Statea under tha new tariff, printed by order .0 <v.. a- 'V?? "Was amove*. 3#tta Maroh. 1947 ' Mr Lose?Her .Majesty's government will be glad to n-ar that the session of Congress closed without anyadlition having been made to the rata* of import duty mablieht-d by the tariff of hut year. That n assure will, hen-fore. now reoeive a fair trial; and I am happy to eay hat there are already such indications of Ita almo*t eerain inoeeM. that it may be considered, a* it were.beyond he reach of danger; I apeak with reference to the amount >f revenue produced by it. It waa oonfeaeedly for the ake of revenue that tne exorbitant tariff of 1943 waa utroducud. and it waa on the aaaumption that the noIt-rate tariff of last year would not produoe a aufflient revenue that it waa 10 strenuously oppoaed by the idvocatvJ of the protection ayatem. Now, let ua aee vbat has been the far aa the experiment haa yet fone. ' The uew scale of dutiea came into operation on the 1st of December last, that iato say. not quite four months go. and from the unclosed statement, for whioh I am inueuieu 10 me Kindness or Mr walker, in* nsoreiary it th* Treusury. it will be ?een that th* receipt* under the reduced ecule of dutiet, during th* period embrmoed iu the return, exceed thote of the corresponding period of the year before, when the lilgh rates were in fore*, by nearly a million of d liar*; I think it likely that by the end of the presvut month the excess will amount to quite a million "Thia i*s matter of great iutere*t to Kngland at tb# prevent inoiueul, when it is of *o much importance that our export' trade eliould flourish, iu order to meet the heavy demand upon the resource* of the country, oecatdored by an extraordinary importation of food. "In this point of view, ir the new tariff had only produced the same nmouut of revenue a* th* old one, the result would lutve rtlll been very gratifying, because to create the earn* amount of revenue under a reduced scale of duties, it is obvious that a proportionate inereasa mual have taken place in tb* quantity of goods imported. in which tucreaae. I.ngland. ef court*, had her natural share But when we ? * that th* redueed tariff produce* at the rate of gSjo.htio a month more than thehigh one, the satisfactory result of the experiment beeomet more strikingly apparent "it may be said that the , ried embraced In th* enclosed return being that immediately following the re duet ion In thn dutu-e <i< r? not afford a fair criterion of what may h.* the ultimr ;e working of tha measure But 1 do not think that tt> e argument applies to tha cum under consideration "In tha first place, haeausa we see that the month of December, the ttr?f month of the new system, was not, by upwards of ion tmn dollars as productive as the succeeding month ot January, thereby showing that there was no unnatural or extraordinary influx or foreign commoditina Immediately consequent on the introduction of a lower rate of duty, to be couuterbalunced by a falling off at a Inter period ' "In the next place, because it should be borne In mind, that simultaneously with the new tariff, the warehousing system was for the first tlmo Introduced lu the United States, yhich every body knows has a tendency to make the introduction of merchandise, or rather the clearance of goods for consumption, steady and gradual, and proportioned to the wants ot the market. "Upon the whole, my Lord, looking to the natural effects of an improved commercial policy, and to the state of general prosperity and well-being which pervad<- is country at the present moment, owing principal!> a steady demand for till sorts of agricultural pr ice at remunerating prices, I think it can scarcely doubted that tho consumption of foreign nierchandis st. fur the present year at least, excaed the averap *r years, and tints help to redress the bats n now. oariugto au unforeseen calamity, unfoi much aguinst us.?I have. ho. (Signed) R. PAKL. Religious Intelligence. imn'ti for Jusx?6, First Uuuday after Trinity) lltli, St Barnabas the Apostle; 13th. Second Sunday ntler Trinity ; tlOth. Third ftunumy aftar Trinity : 24th, '1 he Nativity of St. John the Baptist; 27ih. Fourth Sunday after Trinity ; 29lh, St Peter the Apostle. Rev II. M. Field, late pastor of the 'I hiru Presbyterian Church at 8t. Louis, sailed for Liverpool in the packet ship Sheridan, on Friday, the 2dth tilt. He expects to be absent two years, travelling in F.urope and the Last * A priest. Maximilian W'angviimullur, who had tho lie faiili tu become n preacher of lb? doctrines of ltooge, Ht < rellrlU. Lam recently li ft them. in order to be reconciled to tbe church Ho has published a pamphlet, entitled ' * I aitblul Picture of a Oermmi Catholic Commu- -urn nlty ; to nerve an a < aullon end Instruction to th-' Catholic People. by a fiertnan Catholic Restored to Mf * " * Reason" lie ban painted no truly, aud eo characterIntieally, the autl-l hrintian nature of tlie t?et of the Rougods, tlial his lit tle work ban made u profound lmprenmou in (iermany. Ilu the 71U inat . Iter. David t usbing late of Lookport, N. V.. wan initialled pastor of the tiret Presbyterian church of Portsmouth. Ohio, by the Freebytery 01 Scioto. Uov. I. S llowc. ot t btlicotbe, presided, pleached the sermon propone>1 the constitutional nuestions, and made the Installing prayer; Kev Joseph Chester, of RockvtUe, gave the charge tothepanlor, and Kev Auaustli-.e Bardwell, of Fine drove, llie charge to thu people. Heuedio tion by the pastor. On the 13th inst . Rev K Ss Howe was Installed pastor of the id Fresbytenan cburcb in Chilocolhe. Ohio, by the Freebytery of Scioto. Kev. Frederick Uorham Clark wan installed pastor of the Frenliyterian church. Astoria, I I., on Friday. May JSth. by the t realty tery of New i ork. At the same time und place. Mr. II. K. iioodman was ordained to t lie work of the gospel ministry Mr O. Is laboring in Buffalo I'l.raii al ChisuiThe Rev T. K. Wardwrll has closed his engagement an u-nint ant minister of St. Paul's, Syracuse, and bin preneut address in I'ierrepont Manor, I .1 elfernon co. N. \ The Iter. Walter Ayrault ban accepted tlie charge of St. Peter'n church. Auburn, Cayuga co N. V. The Hev. Adolph Kroflt has been received from the dioceao of Maryland iuto that ol New Jersey, and arts a* Librarian anil liegistrar of Uurliugtnn college The Krv. K. M. Van Deuean. trorn St. Ann g, Annapolis. Md . to Trinity church, tt llmlngton, Del. Tho Iter < . \V fitch. from Jackaou. Michigan, to St. James *. I'iqua. Ohio Tho iter. Richard Whlttlngliain. has acrrpted a call to the charge of' hrist i hnrcli. >?g Harbor. Suffolk co. I N. Y. The Iter. II. I Lay. from Lynnhaven parish Prinoeaa Arm t.o., Vu . to the i hurch of the Nativity. HunUvilln, Ma The He v. J. W. Ilneklns lias been called to the rectorship of St Vndrcw's < hurch. Jackson, Miu. Total \Vbf.ik ok tuk J.(\ Daws, awi? Loan j or Kiuht i'liksriNs.?'llii* painful news of the I total wreck of the J. C. Dann. was received In tbl* Til' I age on Monday The intelligence may ho regarded aa entirely authentic; and us the persons hmt are all residents of Jefferson county, we uiay expect that It will cause some ae.hing hearts The schooner J. C. Dann, Capt. L. Miner, lielougiug to Sackett's Harbor, cap ised during a squall, on the -loth May. at 10 o'clock. I' M.. off < onueaut. Lake i'.ric The crew consisted of eleven persona eight of whom were lost Capt Miner, I hiaoouiin. K. Miner; I'aul Dearer, end l.cxter Whipple, succeeded in gelling upon the bottom of the venae! During the night. Wnlppl.'. the conk, died from fatigue About t> o'clock in the morning, the schooner Uncle Hem t-."k th>< naHiata| thr ud lambd Uhm at \ahtahula The following ere the name* of thus* lost:?William Holey, Clayton, mate; Crenel* Oresne. Harket'a llarl*ir. JiniM llenloju. I layton; Jani"" Wood. Klltaburgli (tinrge Cry. I lajrton; < liarlc* Holes. Meiandria B?) , k'.dwnrd Ueuiunn, l lay ion. aeaiuen Dexter Whip pie. cook The teenier I ill tod Mate*. I apt Wttaker, li lt \*htiiliiile et If o'clock. P. V , with a Teaael in tow, j in search of tile wreck, but wa* unable to tlod It ?W"?I trrtuu-n Union. I Iks tb t'ci'i vk Km;: at ('iviwcn.?A tJnj stiiirtive tire iu'i'iirre.l nl Cineinnnti, on .Saturday. which oooaumed about >40,000 to >o0 000 worth of pr< pert jr. which wa* not iii-ured for wore than >10.000. It broke out in the planing factory of Hughes k Koeter, on Langworth street, which, with their window blind factory, and all the maehlueiy, wa* ronaunied. Their loan I*cHtimated at >I4imhi. iti*uratice >3.iu0 The tobaccoiji*i atore of ti W. Lowe, <|ueen*wate store of Mr. /ainliiinoti. the dwelling' of Nicer* Wright, liugbeaand other* were entirely ronaumed. and ravaral other* paiDally deatroyed The ltaiuilton House was damaged to the extent of tlM)il TwkVTV-SKVKN lloitSK* llt RNEI) IN ftoriSVIU.K TI|C In rye livery rl ihlea ol J. U. Ilcager, on fifth street. between Main and Market, in Loulaellle, were entirely rom-umed by Are on Huuday morning, between one and two o'clock. Twenty-ai'Ten blooded horee*. belouging to gentlemen of Lomavills, and ??ry valuable, perished In the flame* fifteen fine carriages were alao ronaumed. A la ge amount of grain and hay, aufllcletit for the season* auppiy. waa alao deatroyed ? The (Ire i* supposed to have been the Work of an Incendiary,? Cincinnati Com Jttnr'l. ]tllar?l alliumemigration to Cairlax county. Virginia, from lha Northern Htatec eontiuiu Large plots of land haya been taken by the new comers Uiia aeaeon. It la expected that the magnetic telegraph communication between New Orleana and Mobile will be open before the llrit of August next. During the month of May there have arrived at Boaton from foreign porta, !> afiipa, 31 bark*. 4S brlg?, and 14H *ch(*iiiera There cleared for foreign porta during the aainr period, 0 ships, '41 bark*. -Ilbrigaand ISA arhnoner* i rom coastwise porta there have arrived II ahlpa 43 barka. 04 brigs, (WVft achonnera and 13 aioopa ? l-ared coaatwlae during the aame period, 11 ship* 24 r>?i im, m Dritfrv. arrioOlutr* and 4 (-loopr William William*. Km) . of Alrxandor, N V.. com Bitted ?tiieid?' by nnfttnc hi# thro"' on the id ln*t 1#w liildlligrnri-. r-*iTrn Ditriicr l.orar? llefor* ludK? Betta j Jim* ft? Stmhbing a SMpmvtr ? Kredrriak La < oy late I a "Human on board the American arlmaTi^r Maron. waa eonxlctod this morning of "tabbing Jacob llorrh. hid I "hipmat*. in th? neek, with a"heath knlf*. while the ' t*?*hI layoff the roaet of Cuba. The particular*. aa they appeared on the preliminary lamination before the United .State" I nmmlMioiiwr. hart* been before ra? ported. Sentence postponed ' J ?

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