Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1847 Page 3
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<ii")T*tioi?? roa Tiia rin?i>u Itmii in thx New VOM* MABSKT. 8ot. Mon. Tvti. fFed. TKi. Fri. Set Ohio 6's ? ? 10IX 10IX 101X 10IX 101V Kentucky#'* l?8V ? ? ? ?- ? 103 Pennsylvania 5'i 77^ 77* ? 78 78 78 78* lllofcfs. 1?3 ? 42V 43V It ? <3 liidi ina 6'*. 43 ? ? 4! ? ? ? Keailiim UK Bonds... 73 73 V 73 73 ? ? ? Headftia Mtc'e Buuda. ? ? ? ? 70V ? 71 Keaiiine lilt 57* 57V S7V 57K 57V 57V 57V Norwich fcWor 50 L 5(1.'* 50), 5U>. 50 V 50 V 49V Krie KK, old 60), ? ? ? OO1? ? 60)2 Km KR, new ? ? 02 ? ? ? ? Harlem HR 58.V 5?V 56>4 5?V *V 56V 56* L.i )X Island 26 27 V 27 27 X 28>J 28)2 28 ololnwk #9 ? ? ? ? ? ? Stouiuitoa 51 5IK 51V ? i'V S3 5# Kirmrr?'Loan 34 31 33V 33); 37V 31 3t>i* C.iutnu Co. 37 37V 37V 37)4 37)2 ? ? Morris Canal 19V 19V 18), 18 l?Ji ? 19 Viciubui* 11V 1IX ? ? ? ? ? V. S. mi ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Kast Boston ? ? ? ? ? ? ? N. American Trust... 9Ja ? ?V ? 9V ?V 9V A comparison of prices current yesterday with those ruling at the close of the previous week, exhibits an impovuuient In Kentucky 0's, of V Per cent, Penn. 6's VIllinois V. Krie Railroad (olfl) V. Long Island -2, atonington A, Farmers Loan Vi Harlem Vi North American Trust V? and a decline in Norwich and Worcester of 1, ami Morris Canal V per cent. At a recent meeting of the Board of Directors of the I'li enix Bank, it was determined to withhold all loans from fancy stock, and should any hereafter be made by the ollicers of the institution, they must be made entirely upon their personal responsibility. The hypothecators of the Norwich and Worcester, and Reading Railroad bonds were immediately directed to remove their deposits.? This is a good beginning, and we hope but the commencement of a movement, that will shut fancy stocks entirely out of our banks. It is a reform long called for> a-id much required by the mercantile classes, andshould the 'example be faithfully followed by the other banks of -this city, the money market would assume a steady and uniform character?the value of money would cuase to lluctiuite ; the rate of interest would be more uniform, and there would not be those enormous Inflations and -e-utractions to the banking movement of the State which nearly every quarterly report exhibits. I.pgitantatc business paper would have a better chance of being discounted, and the banks would confine themselves entirely to the business for which they were chartered. Ho long as our hanks speculate in fancy stocks, or even loau on such securities, wo shall see at one time mouey reduced below its intrinsic value, in order to lnfiuto the stock market, and at another time raised so high as to be beyond the reach of those engaged in fair business transactions. The value of merchandise imported into this district for the first four days in Juno, this year, was $883,747, against $612,083 for the corresponding period in 1346, showing an increase of $271,664 this yoar. The amount of li lit irtu frxr thn on,- 11..... thla n..?. - todj > ?I... 'f 168,173 last, showing an increase of $16,349. The Farmers' and Merchants' Bank of Memphis, Tenn. has suepended specie payments. The Mcmphig Eagle,of May 25th, says;? The President has gone to New Orleans to forward specie, and we doubt not that the bank's receipts will be Jj.rge during the coming thirty days. Its circulation, we understand to be about $436,000 while, its bill of exchuage assets are near $700,000. W e call the special attention of the public to the following notice of tho hank :? Farmer*' amd Merchants' Bans, 1 Mr.MSHis.May 24,1847. ) Resolved, That the Farmers' aud Merchants'Bank of Memphis suspend the payment of specie, temporarily, and until due notice of a resumption shall appear in the newspapers. Resolved, That note holders be and they are hereby cautioned against sacrifices on the notes of this bank, as her resources are ample and will soon be made available A copy. C. LOFLAND, Cashier. Stock Exchange. $1500 OIlio ?'* SCO 101% 450 slis Reading 57 V 11(1,0041 l'eini?5's 78% 400 do s60 57% S20U0 Kentuckyfl's 103 llOoHsrlem 56% $5000 Illinois bpl 43 50 do slO 56% $.000 Reading bonds 73V 50 do *30 56% 19.000 do M-;;gsge do 71 50 Nor k Worcester 49% 10 shs Manhattan Bk 92% 25 do 1.30 49% 50 Farmers'Trust *30 31 50 do slO 49% *2 <J? blO 34% 40 do s!5 49% "jo 34V 1?0 Long Island *60 38 # do *60 3'% 100 do bOO 28% 100 do *30 34 V 50 do 28% ?2 vt d" 34% 375 do 28 100 Morris *30 19 250 do h30 28 ^2*r P0. l9<% 100 do do 28% 17 North Am Trust 9% 30 Erie RR 60% 20 Mechanics' Blcg Ass 90 50 Stouington 54% 40 Ohio Life k '1 ru?t 10>% 150 do 55 100 Reading b60 58 150 do * 54% Second Board. $5000 Ohio S's'60 101V 200 shs Harlem *30 56% 21 shs Htnnington 55% 150 do b60 56% 40 do 56 50 Nor fc Wor s9fl 49 24 do b60 56% 50 do slO 49% 25 do boo 56% 200 Long Island 28 40 do U3 56 50 do bOO 28% ?!) Harlem 56 V 250 Farmers'Loan *60 31% *10 do *90 56% 400 do b?0 34% 100 do 4 ^ 56$ 50 do *30 34$ m uu u iu ao 7I? 30 ao SO do 56$ New Stock Enhance. $12000 Illmoi* Spl *30 42$ 50?h.NoracV;0t ,3 49V S10011 do *30 42 $ SO da * c*?h 49 >2 S >000 PenuB 5'* b30 78 V 25 Sto'.inirton 1,20 33 $3000 Trea* Ntt b30 103$ 23 do blO 53 $2 wa Ohio ?'? *30 10IS 3? Harlem ca.h 56 V 30 *h? Farmer*' blO 34ji 50 do Tuesfey 56V SO do bio six 30 do *10 36V 50 do ?nv 34V 30 do bl5 36$ SO do <U*h 34$ 50 do C?*h 36 V 30 do a3 J,V 30 do catli 56 V 30 do c*?h 34$ 25 Canton blO aft op'g . 37$ 30do b3 34$ 25 do blO do 37$ 25 Nor k Wor c?*h 49$ 25 do bJ do 37V 23 do cash 49$ 23 do blO do 37$ CITY TRADE 'REPORT. New Yohk,;8ati'bday Aftervoon, June 6. The'market for flour opened in the foranoon at $9 33 a $9 87$ for fair brands of Oanasee; but as the day advanced. It grew languid, and sales were made as low as $9. Si me,rather light sales of Michigan were made at f 4 94 a $9. The reoeipts of grain by the way of the the oanal, and at this city, continue large. Oeneses wheat was offered at $2 15 a $3 35, but no sales of moment transpired. Corn opened in the forenoon at 1250 for northern yellow, and at 130e for mixed. During 'chaugn. however, it grew heavy, and considerable sales of yellow were made at 130c. a 122c., and of white at 114c. a 116c. A sale of mixed was made for July and August, on private terms. Rye sold at 132$e. a 135c A m.Io n.4? ??II .1 ? " ?-?i pwuitai uircuuiBiiinow, was maao &l UOo. Oats sold at 67c. a 680. Sale* of meal were made at $5 BHJi a $6 76. rrovlaionl continued firm, with light Bale*. Groceries continued inactive, aa fhr as sugar and coffee were concerned. Asuxa.?tye report sales of 176 barrels pots at $4 75, with a few do. of pearls at $8 31V lii-.rvwAX.?Wo have only to report a sale of 1090 lbs northern yellow at 26o. BseADtTurrv.?Flour?During the forenoon about 2 a i;V bbls 'Jenesee sold at $0 18Xa9 37K; and 600 do Ohio sold at fit* I8\ As th* day advanced, the market became heavier, and 2000 barrels Oenenee sold at ft, i ncluditig 500 bbls strait brands Oenesee; 1000 bbls Mlehlguu sold in equal portions at|9 94 to $9. lVheat?No sales of moment transpired. On the spot, good Genesee was held pretty stiff at SO 15a$2 26. Corn?In the forenoon. 3000 bushels Northern yellow sold at $1 25 ; 2800 1 mixed do at $1 20. Afterwards the market grew less firm, and about 20.000a30.000 bushels Northern yellow changed hands at $1 20apl 22; 0a7OOO do mixed sold at SI 14aSI 18. und 25,000 do sold to arrive in July and August 011 private terras. Southern white corn was out of the market. A good article for the I.ondon trade would command $1 40aSl 45 per bushel. Cornmral?We report sales of 1000 bbls at $6 88J{n$6 75. Ryr?A sale ef 1500 bushels was made under some peculiarity of conditions at SI 40; 2000 do sold at $1 35. and 1000 do at SI 32X.? 100 bbls rye flour sold at S7 50. Oaf?Sales of 3000 bushels were made at 67a69o The market closed rather heavy, and if forced upon the market, they could only have been sold for the same money. fleeeipti via the Hudion, for the 3d and 4th June? Flour. 28 026 bbls.; Corn meal, 800 do.; Corn, 58,400 bushels; Wheat, 87,380 do. Cavdlxs.?Sperm were steady at 31o. CurrsR ?We report sales of 250 bags of Rio at7o.,and 100 do St Domingo at ?>fo. Coi toi*.?The sales yesterday and to-day amount to 1500 bales, at a decline of half a cent on prices before the si Miner's arrival The buying has been mainly by manufacturers, although shippers have taken a few parcels. ?s have also speculators Ki?ii ?The market continued Arm. Hales of 200 bbls. Halifax niackeral were made The No. 2's brought <,7 80. and large No. I's Fll 87X. Scaled Herringt? auiM boxes were sold at 87>{ a 90o . and 2000 do No I's and 2's. tha former at 65c . and the latter at 37){e. 400 & ow quiuvaii ury o<?u boiu at o 17%. Fruit ?Wa report eales of 680 boxen of bunch ralsina at >1 7? a $1 M IIkmp?VVe report sale* of 100 bale* of dew rotted at Jliii) per ton. llinre? 41 M Tamplno hides hare been nold at about 10>?, 7 moi; l.MX) Maranham, 9H, # mm Several parcel" Soul h> rn hides at from 7 cent* caah. an they run, to : ei'Dln merchantable, with some noutheru wet-nalted hblet at 4. 4X and t^oeuta. No change In Rio Grandet since our lant report. Lcathcr?Messrs. J. M. Miller IcCo. will sell on Thursday next, at the ntore of Messrs Glee, Knapp h Palen, 0000 niden of hemlock aole leather. The demand at private tale continue* good at prevlou* quotation* There is considerable scarcity of ieather nald to exiat in the ( anadu*. and the nalen to thoae markets have somewhat increased tbi* year, in connequeuce thereof. Good hemlock tanned sole leather in quoted there at 30 a 31 cts. continued nominal at $4 00. Molaiim?The market wa* steady, no far a* price* were concerned ; but no sale* of moment transpired N?v ti. SToaxt. ? White ronln waa scarce, and could be sold at an advance. Common was worth 7Ae. Spirit* of turpentine continued to sell, In a moderate way, at 3V There wa* nothing new in raw turpentine Oils. ?The market for linseed wa* rather inactive today. 900 gallon* American city pressed sold at ti.'ic cash IV'.mkU-*!! **" dull, and offered "at 60e afl'io. with email null'*. M the fcrat. aparm waa held at #fte. N .W. whalo at New Bedford, aold by the cargo at 3IXe. No palm in market. PBOTimoni.?The market continued Arm: $17 waa of. fer.-d for prime new meaa pork, with $14 ?r prime do and refuaed. There waa no change In old aince yeater-, day. the market continuing ateady at the aame prlcaa H i t continued Arm and "old chiefly in a retail way at $).> J ia$l3 60 tor oily ineaa and $0 M) for prime do ( ountry m?t *? worth $|? 7*a$l>. Ud prlaHlo $# Lard.?So salea were rrported,' and we bar* no obanga to make In price*; 160 bbla. pork lum* (old at Ac. Rice.?Tm market ?ai rather quiet, though holders demanded the aamo price*, via: $5 iOaV> 76; but we heard of no (alee worth reporting. . Mcoab.?The market continued inactive. We have no change to note in prices einoe last report. Tallow.?Prime rendered, lelle in (mail lot* at 9o. Tobacco? We annex the ueual weekly etatement supplied by the broker previously referred to, showing the price*, sale*, receipts, and stock on hand for the week ending this evening;? Price*. Sold. Jlec'd Slock on ? , ... TkU week. Tkit week kand. 'srtosZaeti*10 im Maryland and Ohio. ? ? ? i j Connecticut Bead... 3 to 10 ? 40 c?. 208 c?. Pciuuvlvauia, do.... 7 to 16 ? 94 ?' Florida 3 to 40 S4c?. ? 120 H ? torn - - 712 bales. ^ubs IS to 28 40 bis. 17 236 bis. 930 " Jta ". ? to 44 - _ 404 ? St. ? ? 119 cars 119 cers. Uur news by the llibernia confirmed previous reports of inactivity in tobacco, in the different Kuropean markets. Whale boive?We report sale* of 20,000 lbs. N.W at 27c.. and 10,000 do South Sua at 28o Whiskey?In the forenoon, sales of 100 m 190 brls. woro made at 40c.; afterwards, it was inactive at that price, and we heard of no farther sales. Kiieiuhts?Hates were firmer; '2,000 brls. flour were engaged for Liverpool at 3s.. and 3,000 do at 3s. 3d. a 3s. 6d : in American vessels to the Continent there was nothing new. Died, On Sunday morning, the Oth Inst., of bronchitis, Jas. B. Archkh, aged 33 years. His friends and acquaintances, and those of his brother. Dr.'C. B. Archer, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from his late residence, No. 193 Third avenue. On Sunday morning. Oth Inst , Edward Robins, eldest son of Edward and Elisabeth Carter, aged 4 years, 0 months, and *26 days. The friends and acquaintances of the family, and those of his grandfather, Nathan Robins, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon. at 3 o'clock, from the residence of his father, No. '2*2 Rutgers street. The remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery. On the 2lst March, in her well known cavo, at Red 1 Bur. ou the northeastern coast of the oounty of Antrim, 1 (Eug) aged 100 years. Ann Muhiiav The cave is at | the base of Lourg Eden. It is low, dark, oold and damn: yet she ha* Inhabited It for 60 vear*, and enjoyed excellent health. She subsisted entirely on the contribution* of visiter*. At Kilborn Priory, (Eng ) in hi* 79th year. Admiral John Kordtce Matles, K. N., C. B. Deceased was in the battle of Trafalgar, and other battle*, with Lord Nelson, and had been in more than 100 engagements.? lie was an especial favorite of his late Majesty King WilllHin IV. At Home, aged 08, Baron Sianisi.aj Ki.icei, a Polish Lieut. General, who served with great distinction under Napoleon. At Upsala, Professor Kaic Gustaf Grijeh, the celebrated historian and philosopher. The decease of this eminent mau is much to be regretted, as he has not completed his great work on the history of Sweden. On Sunday morning, 6th inst., James Kini;, son of Mark and Pliebe K. Maguire. aged J years and 9 months. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at 5 o'clock, from 969 Elizabeth street. The friends of Dennis Bi i klv, laboring man aloug shore, will please attend bis funeral, this day, at fours o'clock P. M., from No. 91 Cherry street. MONEY LOST.?Lost, on Saturday, 5th inst., between 2 -ml[3o'clock, P. M, in oatiing from the corner of Pine al nig William st ret to the Plienix Bank, or from that Bank to Ml Wall street, $333 in c.ty bills, via: 3 of $100 each, the balance in small notes. A liberal reward will be given to the finder, ou delivering the amount at No. 12 Jones' Court, No. 60 Wall street. jeT 3t*m cenrial Hti.or Committee or the Society or J Friends, 43 Ki.ef.t street, Dublin, > 18th of 5lli month. iMay) 1317. ) M Van Schaice. Chairman Irish Relief Committee, N. V. RESPECTED FRIEND?We hail thia pleasure per last packet, uuder date of the 3d inst. and nave now to acknowledge receipt of thy further ailvire up to the 29th ult , the date of thy last letter |>er Cambria steamer?of theae lettera and their enclosures, it may suffice at present to say that due note has or shall be taken. The evidence furnished us by each successive arrival from America, of the untiring kindness of her benevolent citilens toward our poor, suffering people, whether ill their native laud, or when they seek an asylum on your hospitable shores, ns they are now doing by thousands, is indeed remarkable, and contributes not only to strengthen our.hands by your munificent and most seasonable supplies, but to animate us to pursue our engagement, in which, from the commencement of our labors to the present time, we have been surrounded with difficulties and discouragements, of which we are Courerued to say_ we can. as yet, see no prospect ofnu early termination. Care has been taken to provide for the due reception at Livei pool of your shipments per Liverpool and Hindoos. You are aware, we believe, that the aid we receive from our Government, renders it Comparatively unimportant whether your shipments are made to Liverpool or to any Irish port, though some convenience has doubtless attended your past arrangements, for delivering supplies at sundry ports in Ireland, and we are glad to inform you that, so far as we kuow, all your shipments, except those just named, which are not yet to our kuowledge arrived, have beru delivered in safely and good condition. It would be impossible for us to say at present what portion of these large supplies has bgsn actually distributed; but we may aafely assure that in the j course of the few weeks whi^,, have elapsed sim e I th- fir?f -rr.-.l ?.... .V .... - -r I """ii -"UWna barrels ol your ex| cellent meal have| be?(1 kllottrd in free grant* in *ome of t the mint remote e^u diitreued district* of the country ; and some ol ou^ correspondents do not hesitate to assure us th*t me i distribution thus inmW has been instrumental, under 1 ?evidence, in saving thouwgsof lives. The demands for ( assistance continue to be as Htt as at any former i>eriod, and, we fear, are likely to be MMSr some considerable time to | come. .1 We are obliged for the coptan furnished to us of thy judi] cirus letters to several partiesnMrrland applying to your com; inittee for a portion of your supplies, and have only to add that such claims, when preferred to us, uniformly receive careI ful attention. Respecting the district of Skull, in the county of Cork, for which an appeal was msde to thy sympathy, it is 1 among the poorest in Ireland, and aa such has been viaited by a | deputation of our Cork committee, and otherwise partaken I largely of their care?and, we have no doubt, will continue to I do so. We are, respectfully, thy obliged friends. For Jonathan Pitvc and self. Secretaries. Je? It JOSEPH BEWLEV. |Ngw Vokk, Jt rvE i, 1847. rpRlBUTE OF RESPECT?EXTRACT FROM THE JL minutes of the Borer Lodge of Free Accepted Masons, of the city of New Yerk, passed June 1, 1847. Whereas, Itliaa come to the knowledge of this Lodge, that Ond. in liia wise Providence, lias aeen fit to remove from among us, hy the hand ofd-atli. our very worthy and illustrious Brother. Richard P. O. Wright? Re-olved, That while we bow with reverence to the will of the Orand Master of the Universe, in the removal of our Brother from among us, we cannot withhold our unfeigned sorrow for the loss of one who was a* clnselv connected to us by the cords of fraternal love and fatherly affection. Resolved, That in the death of Brother Richard P. O. Wright, this Lodge baa lost a true and faithfnl friend; one who ever had the welfare and success of this Lodge nearest his heart, and who, in connection with his late lamented son, the Rev. Brother Theodore 8. Wright, were ever ready to give their best aid in furthering its interests, and extending ita usefulness. Resolvsd, That this Lodge sincerely and deeply sympathise with the family of the deceased, in this, their great bereavement. the loss ?f their father, and our dearly and faithful Brother, whom it has pleased Ood, in his wisdom, to remove from the cares and anxieties of this transitory world, to the enjoyments of a better existence in heaven. I Resolved, That the mrmbera of tliia Lodge, do wear the nutal badge of mourning for 30 days. Rcsolred, That the Secretary be instructed to transmit a I copy of these resolutions to the family of the deceased. Bv ordvr of HENRY CLARK, W. M. William i. Payer, Secretary. jse7 It**r^ SPANISH LANOUAGE? A gentleman haviug a few leisure honrs in the afternoon of each day, would be wil| ling to occupy thtm in giving instructions in the Spanish Iani gu ige, provided he could obtain sufficient encon'agetnent to I forma class, Gentlemen desirous of acquiring the language I can apply by letter, addressed to E. C- at the office of this paI per j6 3tec N7;w MANTILL AS. VISITS AND SUAWLS.-Jast received, 200 splendid Paris made Mautillaa and Visit* of entirely new and richly embroidered styles,in black and spring colors. ALSO, Plain Orenadien Shawls and Scarfs, " Crape " " " Barege " " All of which will be aold cheap, at m29 Vi?eod*r JAMES BECK U Co.'*, 3.M Broadway DAGUERREOTYPES.?Aa "discoveries" and " improve meuls" are the order of the day. Each artist claims that his work ought to carry the full sway, So WAL8H has now a "Process." of course the very best, At the Bowery, 141, yes?there they stand the lest. But brag and folly |Uit aside, his work invites inspection, | Then judges will decide his is a fine collection. Now making his arrangements to take snmr thousands more, He still " hangs out Ills banner" over the sugar store. m26 4l2aw*je HI BOWERY, near Broome. 2-ulV MUSIC REPOSITORY. 204 Broadway, New York. T#\ijThe subscriber Teturns bit most sincere acknowledge 'v'yjjy inenis lo hi* numerous customers for the very liberal ?J?~ patronage bestowrd upon liia Music Warehouse for the I last fifteen years; and in presenting the annexed pros|i*ctua, I would respectfully solicit your subscription to the " Beauties 01 me wnera," ucit(im<t arrangements Imr bern rntered into with a determination of producing a selection of ilia higheit clasa ofmusic, well worthy of the attention of yooraelfaud friends. Subscriptions can he sent via penny post. The firal number of the " Ueautiei of the Opera," ? Inch will beetnbelliahed with a highly tiniahed lithographic illuatrated Portrait ofthe celebrated Jenny Lind, it now in p'eaa, and will tie iaaued by the lit of July. JOSEPH F. ATWILL, Proprietor of the MUSIC REPOSITORY. TO 1 HE MUSICAL WOULD. pgoarrcTi a. " BEAUTIES UK TIIK OPERA," Published Monthly. The object of ihia puklieati n i> to offerto the minic pub'ic of the United Statea the " Gem* of the Operaa" now performing in Europe and America. Krom the development of mnaical taate which haa lately been exhibited throughout tlna country. the subscriber, who is eng-ged in the itiidrrtalmig, haa every occaaiou to flatter himaell that he will meet wnh a liberal patronage,and that he ia at II further led to expect, a* he haa engaged agenta in the prineipal European cituw, to forward tohnn the aucceaaful Operas. and all muaical composition ol merit, aa aoon aa produced, which will give him an opoortunil v of selecting for this work, tbe muatc iwrticularly adapted to the taate of the different achoola of the prolraaion, and of the amateur* of muaie. Tliia work Will be furniahed with original Composition, *> rangementa, and aelectiona, by the moat talented artiata of thia country. The Muaical Mouthly will be pnbliahed ou the firat day of each mouth, comprising twenty pagea, (of engraved inuaic, printed on fine paper.) including title pagea: consisting of Songs, Du'ta, Marches, Waltzes, Polkas, Maznorksa. kc.. with aelectiona from the Operaa, arringed for the Piano Forte, aa Fantazies, Melangea, Tot Pourria, lie. All foreign tonga will have an English rcraion oradaiitat on. Thia work will he emhelliahed with elegant anil appropriate deaigna curing the year, so aa to forma heautifiil and naelul volume, at the reduced price of 50 tenta per number, or atz dnllara |ier anuum. delivered; each number being complete in itarlf; thua a aubacriber will be fnmiahed with a collection of muaie, of the heatcomiMiaitioiii. which, if purchaaed otherwite, wonlil coat four timea the aum, and could not he obtained without imnortaliou, aa thia work will contain no reprint of American publications. .... . . JT7* Five dollars per annum, if paid in advance, at the time of subscribing. . ... 1 hp attl>acriber pan mane arraniiement* with the a(fnu of the Kapresa Routes, to hurt the work forwarded immediately tinon the day of publication, to tubacrihera, to every part of the Union. The " Beautiea of the Opera" may be obtained at the principal Muaic and Book fltorea,and Periodical acrnta throughout the United Sutea. And of JOSKPH F. ATWILL, Proprietor of the Piano Forte and Muaic Repoaitory. No. 201 Broadway. And Publi.herofthe" BEAUTIES OFTHEOFKRA" flENTLEMEN-S LEFT OFF WAft DR Oil-?TV* highest price* can be obtained by eeutlemen or families wlni aredesirous of eonvertiug their left off weeriug apparel into cult. ' bounties and geutlemen quitting the city, or ehaugiog reeldei.ce*, having any superfluous . Beets to dispose of, will find It much to 'Jinr advantage to tend for the subscriber, who will atlrnd thcutat their residence by appointment. , J. LKVKNSTYN, 400 Broadway, up ?t*ir?. Ladies c-B be attended to by MUS. J. LfcVENSTVN. JeTif je WOOL 'X' WI IN E, MAILS, Itc.?SU.UfO lb* Twine, tunable for lltece tying. 100 bales Cotton Seine; 250do Wrapping do. 70 do Loudon aud Uridport Seine Twine, aaa'd sizes. 00 do Siiuc Thread, various qualities. 3010 casks Cut Nails, li'ads and Spikes. 2000 lbs. first quality Oillmg Twine, 2 and 3 thread, bur sale by CEBRA It CUMING, J7 It'in IM Pearl street. OCEAN steam NaViOATION COMPANY, Office 44 William street. ? ? ? DlMKOToas. C. H. Sand, Conrad W. Faber, Edward Mills, Horatio Allen. William Chamberlain, Mortimer Livingttou. John A. Iteliu, John L. Stephens, Herman Oelrichs. C. H. SAND, President. Luiyard Mills, Oeueral Agent, Nrw York. ( E. Anderson, Secretary. In conformity with the provisions ol' (he charter, notim '? hereby given that the Booka for subscription for an amount not eareediug $310,000 to the capital stock of the Oceau Steam Navigation Company, will be re-opeued at the otnce ol me Company, 41 William, corner of Wall! street, ou Monday, 2lst June, 1UI7. Kive |ier cent of the amount aubacribed must be paid at the period ofiubacriptinii in specie or bank billa. The balance of lie aubacnptiou will be called Tor in iuatalmenta not exceeding 10 perceut.aa may be required by the operaliona of the Company', and iiikiii thirty daya previoua notice. The following ia the 2Jtli aectiou of the By-Law:? " Subacriptiou to the capital of the Company, after the amount may be $600,000, shall in preference be allowed to those who may tlieu be stockholders, and to the extent of their Uieu actual subscription." j8 30trc CJ B. CLARKE, TAILOR, Hi William atreet, opposite ' the uew stores.?Every description of summer garments that the imagination can conceive of, that ia not a violation of good taste, can be found at my establishment; consisting of Cashmeretle. Al pacha. Merino, Gingham. Linen, Tweed, kc. lie. A so. Black Merino Pants and vests. A good summer suit will he sold for from $0 up to $20. These articles are sold iu additiou to my legitimate busiuess nf making clothes of any description to order. A large stock of-cloths, caasimrres, vestnigs, Ac. lie. Jedftll*W LOST?A parcel containing about $176 in bank bill , all Bosteuaud other New England banks, supposed to have been droppedi a 67 the Park, ou Kriday evening, betweeu 7 and 0 o'clock. Auy perss.t re imrn'.ug the parcel to lie office of the Astor House, shall be liberally rewarded jUi 3i?m S*MP KETEh ANTIDOTE.?Dr.Tobiu' Venetian I,iuainent, isa certain preventive, if u ed aa directed, against the Ship Fever, as huudrrda of |ier*ons who have uaed itca , testily. aa ihecr busineu bavin* called them into paru of the city where thia diaeaie waa raging. For sale at Knapp'a, 130 Fulton atreet, and at the priucipal Druggists?Also, at Dr. Tohiaa' office, 3 East Eleventh street, near tne Bowery. Price 26 centa and 60 centa per bottle.None genuine, unless signed 8 J.TOBIAS. jefi 3t*ni 'P1MOLAT'S 8UI.I'MrK BAIMS, No. 547 PEAltL A street, near Broadway.? These Bathr have been established for the last twenty-six years, and are the ouly Sulphur Baths in the city. They are highly recommended by the most eminent physicians, for the cure of rheumatism, salt rheum, chronic complaints, eruptions of the skin, Ac. Medicated Vapor Baths also given daily, from 8 A.M. to 8 P M. j6 30t?r ttOK REWARD-LOST OH STOLEN?A black' movP*"* rocco Pocket Book, containing about two hundred Upllars, in tens and under (including twelve dollars Plainheld bills) and sundry papers valuable ouly to the owner. The above reward will he paid to any oue who will deliver the said book and contents to the subscriber, and no questions asked. CH AS. M. REtlUA, 28 Burling Slip. je5 6t*re f AHAHLES RIDOWaV. Hair Cutter and Wig Maker, 170 vy Uroailwny, corner Of Maiden Lane, Up stairs, late of 25 Wall st. C. R having completed hit new arrangements, wishea to infoim those gentlemen who have so liberally patronized him in his former establishments, and the nubhc generally, that he will Be happy to receive a call from them at his new hair cuttiriK, ihessiug, and wig rooms, 170 Broadway, corner Maiden Lane. j 'i 71 rc Lamps, girandoles and "hall lanthorns, in all their xariety.?An extensive and splendid assortment of the above articles, comprising solar, lard, camphiue, chemical oil, doric and out-door lamps,rich cut aud plain globes, chimneys, wicks, French and American paper shades, i hose about purchasing would do well to call and judge for themselves. N. B. Lamps gilt, bronzed and repaired. je5 30f rc P. ?t B. HK11.LY, 133 Canalst. CHROME GREEN? 50 cases New England l.hrome Ureen; 20 do Trrmau's du; 10 do do in oil. For sale by schanck k DOWNING. j 5 3t is*r 108 Fulton street. THE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing under the firm of Mercereau k Auderson, was dissolved by mutual consent on the 1st of May, 1817. tii08. w. v. p. mercereau. . . JAMES ANDERSON. The business will hereafter be conducted by James Anderson, at the old stand, 4th avenue, corner 28th street. 1 llos. W. V. P. Mercereau begs to inform his friends and the public, that he has purchased the store corner Broadway and Fourteenth street, formerly known as Ruahtou's, where he will bejileased ?0 serve them satisfactorily. jc5 7t* in DAOUERREOTYPlST.?WANTED?A good operator aud a tmsty man, to take charge of an establishment in Baltimore. To one qualified and capable, the salary will be good. Address, Post Paid, GEORGE CASS, Baltimore, with reference, salary. Itc. je 5 3t*r GLASS I GLASS ! 1 GLASS I ! 1?5000 boxes ot German Window Glass assorted sizes; 500 boxes German Wiudow Glass, do. double thick; 10VO do French Crystal do do; 500 do do da do do, do; 350 do English Sheet do do, do; 550 do do Crown do do. do; 10 000 do American do do, from the Winslow, Melville, and Medford Glass Works; 300 do thick Glas?, for hot beds. For sale by j5 3tis?r SCHANCK fc DO WNI ,\Q. 108 Fulton it. Mils. J U11 IN MACIf AltKEIN, llruin Europe, |>u|>il ol Madame Dulchen.lpianist to the Queen of England,) tji vr? lessons in Piano Forte and Singing <>u the following terms: Two lessons weekly at Mrs. Macfarreu's rraidence, 120 per quarter; t' ree lessons do., 125; two lessons w eekly at the pupils' testdeuce $24 per quarter; three leaaoua do. 130. Mrs. Macfarren has the privilege of referring to Or. Elliot, Dr. Hodges,tteorgr I.oder, Esq., H. Mtiggs, Kaq., and the Rev. Dr. Waiuwright SI Orern street, neat spring. |e!30t*m SUPERIOR LARD OIL?Xnew article of TaRD OIL, suitable for the SOLAR LAMPS, for sale at 49 Carmine street. N.B.?Repairs and alterations of Lamps done at J. Rnlly'a, 49 Carmine street, je2*t*rc NOTICE TO T1IE PU BLIC.? I he t roton Water Swimming Bath. 000 Broadway, will be n|>eii This Day. There will he a teacher of swimmiug always in attendance, to give lessons free of charge School days, for boys, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 7 o'clock, A. M , to < P. M.; and for girls, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from A. M to t P. M. *. Parents, guardians and teachers are inrited to see Use arrangemenu for heating the bath. Respectfully, JJ 3tis*rc T. H. BvRIEB It CO. CARD.?HARTWELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, 223 Chesnut street, Philadelphia, (two doors abinr seventh,) having recently undergone re|>airs and improvementa, offers to travellers all the quietness and comlort of home, with all the luxuries of the season. * * Batlis fitted up, cold and warm, for ladies and gentlemen^ _ _j 130t* re C' Alii,TON HOUSE.?'The proprietor of this establish' in-lit begs leave to inform his friends and the public generally,that his house having been thoroughly repaired and considerably enlarged, will be re-opened lor visiters on Monday, the 7th of June. The whole of the ground-floor has been included ... the Iw.r.l ...d >1... I,.,,..- "... K.... 1 1 ..I. (autly furnished throughout. The proprietor tru?u that in the Carlton will be found all the comfort* and quirt of a private house. together with the living and attendance of a fashionable hotel,and solicits from his patrons a continuance of the favor hitherto bestowed, pledging himself to use his utmost endeavors to give general satisfaction. PRESTON H. HODGES. May 23th, 1847- je 2 Ht? r MAHSAPf.UUA HOUSE, South Oyster Bay. L. 1., is now open for the reception of company.?The house is beautifully located; the rooms are unusually large, airy and convenient; a beautiful bay, excellent bathing, flailing and shooting are within a short distance from the house. The cars leave Brooklyn at 9^, A. M. and 4 P. M., dtily, for Karmiugdale, where stagea will be in readiuesa to carry pasaengera to the house. Persons can leave and return the aame day to New York. The diatance from Karmingdale is miles. The undersigned w ill do all lie can to make his a tfeisrable house for a summer resideuce. je3 3flt?r CHARLES K. SNEDECOR SUMMER RESORT.?'The subscriber would respectfully announce to those wishing to eujoy a fine prospect iiLNew Loudon Harbor and surrounding couutry, that he can fWnish liirm with pleasant airy rooms, at the situation kuowu as the Stone House, on Bank street, W:thin five minutes' walk of the Steamboat wharf. As a Summer resort, where all kindi of sea-food, both shell and other fish, besides the best of sea bathing can be enjoyed' tliis place is probably unequalled. Visiters from abroad accommodated with tlie bettor noma and at moderate charges. HENRY HUGHES. New London, June I. 1817. mv3l 3Qt*rrc PAINTINGS, ENGRAVINGS, ANU BOOKs.-ll yon wish to purtbaM either, there is no place in the city of New York where ?o larse and raried an assortment can be found, and at more reasonable prices th in at I OLM AN'S, No. 203 BROADWAY, who has recently imported and received in store, several cases of Oil Paintings and splendid Engravings, and is daily expecting extensive invoices of all the new publications of the day. N U.?His immense slock of Books is going off at very reduced price*. HERALDRY. Coats of Arms furnished and emblazoned in the most sumptions style?or may be had in pen drawing. Gallery of Paintings above Ins store, in which Titian's Venus. The Misers Dying Gladiator, and ninety other choice picture by ilic old masters, may lie seen lor 2b cents. This is prnimiinreu oy loreigners one 01 [lie nest collections hi tlie country. je 4 2taw3wis*r tfS U4 CHALLENGE.?Notice to grntleineii who want their old clothes to look like new( call at tlir tailoring, l>>rniK, Cleaning and Hetmriiig Establishment, No 77 Gold atrrrt, corner of Gold ana Spruce, where orders will he punctually attended to at the aborted notice, and on the most reasonable terms, by J. B. NOAH, 77 Gold atreet. N. II?The highest price given f,)r gentlemen's left off wearing spp <iel m\27 Tti i?*r ?)1 TO KAMI I. IKS AND ,1N V A LIDB.-The follow? A OIL' article! have gained unequalled popularity from 21?the universal satisfaction they give to those who use them, 21?and are sold only genuine in this city, at No. Twenty* 21?One Gourtlandt street. 21?The Magical I'ain Eitraetor, for burns, sores, and all 21? inflammations, is too well known to need remarks u|>oa 21?its escellenee. 21?Halm of Columbia, for staying or restoring the hair.

21? and k< ening the head perfectly free from dandruff and 21?scurf?the best article ever used. 21?llewe's Nerve and Bone Liniment and Eligir?Never 21?fails to cure aay rheumatic affection. 21 ?Hair Dye that will color the Hair and give it a heau 21 tlfnl gloss without, staining the skill. 21?McNair's Acoustic Oil, a certain curs for deafness. 21?Townsend's, Mauds', and Comdock's Eitraet of 8arsa|>a rilla. 21?Spohn's Remedy, an eicellent article lor sick or ner21?VOIKS headache. 21?fink Hyrup for coughs, colds, snd all diseases of the 21?luiisra. 21?Hays' Liniment will cure the most obstinate cases of 21?piles. 21?Vermifuge for worms in childten or adults, never fail21??d to cure. 21?Store, Grate, and Iron Varnish, superior to any thing 21?ever known to give a polish and prevent rust. 21?Roach and lied Hug Bane?will effectually do away 21?With these trouhlrsome vermin. ?i?i.orntiey a weatern Ionian Panacea, toe t>e?l mmiiy 21?pti\ aic in the world. 21?American Compound, a iiurc cure for pmate diaeeaea. jet Hit* re MKINIIAHDT'S It 8TOTV'SOIIJJf.D BIIA8S LKTTKR8 KOR 8JON8?Office 20 Maiden Lane, entrance Ureen atreet.?Thaae letteraare remarkable for durability, m a brilliancy of the gilding unequalled by any other article-in the city?which brilliancy ia warranted to atand eapoaure to the weather. They are alaojaiianned to any color that may he deaired. ?I V,m fh CARD.?The auhaeribera, pronrietora of the Kagle Milla, #7 and 6!) Waahmgton atreet. (rteatrnyed bv fire on the morning of the 3rd luatant.) reapertfullr girc notice, that nntwilh 1 atandiog their late diaaater. aie nfill prepared to fill *JI otdcta | u their)ma. WILLIAMSON, MANN It 1(1, j?tn*r Oflct ) Front it. - J . AuuTiui mmou. _ WM. W.HHIKLEY. Auctioneer. . ? I CALE OF CHOICE CROCKERY AND OLASS I ^ WARh, by J. M U. Bogerf, Tuesday, June 8th. 10 to o'clock, tit the store No. 93 John street, near Gold. a complete d< assortment of best light blue printed, diunlT. tea, coffee aud M toilet ware, to match, white gi ?mte and flowing blue ware. Itc. edged, delph and yellow waic. ( h in tea sets and pitchers, d? fancy toile- sets, >0<i dot . cut and plain tumblers and w iues, tea D trays, cutlery and fiucy goods, all in lota n.und I'roui the shelves, to suit retailers and grocers, at 4 u.oulhs credit. at je7 it*r L GfclO. b. KOLL1 NSJAuctioneer. ? OT3 Ok GROUND IN SOUTH BROOKLYN-Will I , eu . 1 aMCl|owrou Wednesday, June 9th, at 18 o'clock, Ji at the Merchants' Kichange, 2 lota of grouud each 25il00 leet? H fronting ou Smith street, commencing on the north-westerly N coruel of President street, in the uiidal of the great improvements now being mads by the Atlantic Dock Association. M je4 2teod*r | ? " v r r iii'" - ?T~ zs; -rvLi Q WAN 1*KD?By a respectable young woman, a situation to lake ware of children and instruct thern iu the t ad t incuts _ ol an kliiglish education. She is capable of innkiiiif children'* 1 dtesses, and would make hersell generally useful. A note ad- J dressed to A. B., 327 Bowery, will be immediately attended ?i to. _ j7 2t*r It COPPER MINER* WA.NTt.U-Tu go about siity nuU r from the city. Apply to K. D. WILLIAMS, je7 Jtisr in 2 ilauovrrst. I TO LAWYERS?A had of about 16 years ol age, is dean* . our of procuring himaell'a ntuation ai atudeut in a law ol- ? lire doing .t good business. lie can. through Ins friruda, bring . some capital to his employer. Address Kent, at this other, . which will be promptly attended to je7 lt*m GOLD ( I TTERS.?Two or three good hauda wanted? a To lb >e who understand the butiiieaa, constant employ incut will be giveu. Apply immediately at the Hold Leaf c Factory, 92 lleadc street. J. L. WAUUH. je7 lt?m _ ' WANTED?A situation by a young man, a oonlectioii*r, " ?ho understands the bu.inrtsiu all its branches. En- i quire at 61 Bowety. jc62f m i WANTED.?By a respectable young woman, to do the ' house work, plain cookiug, and washing and ironiug ol a ! family. Best of city reference can be given. Please call at No 79('hailton street, iu front basemen'. je6 2t*m ' WANTED ?A Tcacliei, for a Dislncl Mb ol at Manner's Haibor. near Port Hiclunoud. Stateu Island. Inquire of I 'IIAH1.E8 VAN NAME, one of the Trustees. J b 2t*m BOARD IN THE COUNTRY WANTED? For a family during the summer, within oue hour's convenient access to the city. A house where few or IIO other hoarders ?r? taken will he piefarrad. Addrcaa Boi 11X1 Pott Office j6 7t*r BOARD WANTKU IN THK COUNTRY, from an to eight milve from New York, hy two gentlemen with lli?ir ladire, two children 10 and 12 yean of ear. infant anil uurae. with accomrnoditiont for one horae and Rockaway. Any pvreou having a dwelling pleasantly aitnated, and deairoua of accommodating the above number of peraoua, can addreaa (>* ; 1.4711 I'oat Other, New York. jei 3t ia r '!>( SHADE PAINTERS?BOYS WANTED.?Two A boya about It or 17 yeara of age, having eome knowledge of aliade limiting, or thoae deairoua of learning the 1>rinciplra of tiie art; to auchaa auit, a favorable opportunity ia hare offered for permanent employment and valuable inatruction. Apply in |ieraon, immediately. WM. JEFFREYS, Tranaparent Oil Painted Window Shade Manufacturer, 29 Carmine it. Slntdea of any pattern paiuted to order, at wholeaale or letail. jc5 1t*je W-tNTr.D?A \ oilug Man aa Barber and iiairdreaaer, and to atteud hatha. Apply at Broadway Batha, 600 Broadway; J3 3t*rc WANTED-A aituatiou hy a young woman, aa chambermaid and waiter, orhnuae work, in a email family. Apply at her preaent employer1!, 774 Broadway. No objection to go in the country. jei 2teod?r WANTED.?The proprietor of that old and well ea'ahliah ed Saloon, called the ' Philadelphia Houae," 2il and 256 Broadway, New York, would offer a gentleman of the proper <|iialificationa an etcellent opportunity to connect turner If in buaineas w ith him, aa he ia forced to be abaent on buaineaa the . greater part of the auminer. 'J erura and condition! will be made known by applying at the above uumber, between <2 and j 7 o'clock. myi 3t?m | WANTED.?A few active young men logo South or Wcat, to act aa ageula for the anle of new and popular publication!?$300 over and above their expeiiara will be man red to them in writing, with an opportunity of clearing $1000 per year. Some men now in our employ will no doubt make over ^ 10410 per year clear, of all eipensea. Each mau will hava hie $10 :o obtain a good fitttug out. Apply at KRENOH'8 Publishing Hall, 293 Broadway, up Main, Office of the Flag of 1 our Union All letters must he posr-tmia my23 3fl*?r AN ENGLISH LADY, who hen had the advantage of acquiring the French language t Psris, with the addition of music, Italian, German, kc., wishes to euter a gentleman's family as Governess. Further juriiculars on addressing (prepaid) P. F. c? New York Poet Office. No oUiectiou to the South. my287t*r Notice to merchants and shipmasters^ Revised Statutes?Vol. 1, title 4, page 427, section 10.? Every master of a coasting vessel shall pay to the Health Commissioner, at his office in the city of New York, within 21 hi urs after the arrival of his vessel til the port, such hospital money as shall lie demanded from him tiuder the provisions of this title: and every master for each omission of such duty, shall forfeit the sum of one hundred dollars Copy 11 section of act to provide for sick and disabled seamen:? Sec. 11. The President of said Trustees shall demand, and be entitled to receive, and in case of neglect or refusal to pay, shall sue for and recover in the name of the people of this Slate, the following sums from the master of every vessel that shall arrive at the port of New York, namely: First, from the master of evvry vessel from a foreign port, for himself, one dollar and lifty ccuts; for each mate, sailor or marine, one dollar. Secoud, from the master of each coasting vessel, for each person on board composing the crew of such vessel, twentyrive cents; but no coasting vessel from the States of New Jersey, Connecticut and Kliode Island, shall pay for more than vie voyage in each month, computing from the first voyage in each year; and the said President may sue for the penalties lisinul 1,1 l.? nil ,n..l,n ??.l. f,? ..... any hospital money. The state tax int|ioae<l by the above act, includingthat part heretofore collected at the Custom House, will in future be l>ayable at the office of the Seamen's Retreat, No. 8 Old slipto take effect on the first of June, 1847. ROBKRT HAZARD, Jr., Collector, Under above act. Office hours, 10 to 3 o'clock. m20 I4t rc ABTOrrdLOTHl N Q A N D FURNITURE WAN TED?Ladies and Gentlemen having any cast off or superfluous clothing or furniture to dispose of, can obtain a laircash price for the same, by sending a note, or by calling on the subscriber, at his residence, or through the post, which will be punctually attended to. H. J)K BOER, 7l)d Canal at., up stain. N. B. Ladies can be attended to by Mrs l)e Boer. Old stock and job goods bought, of any description and amount. {my86 30t?r TO BOOKSKLLKRS?Published this day. four Aliauacs for 1848, all profusely illustrated with engravings, which are, with the reading matter, entirely original. Rough and Ready, Fisher's Comic, Davy Crockett, aud Turner's Comic Almanacs, for 1848. Circulars, with full description, price, Itc. of all our various publications, sent by mail, show bills accompanying all orders. In l'agss. Housekeepers' Farmers', and German Almanacs. TURNER Ik FISHER, 74 Chatham st, N. Y? je5 30t?r aud 15 North 8th street, Philadel|dtia. iSTj CARPETING. [156. 000 Vr'^* Three Ply and Ingrain 10,0841 yards of Oil cloth and Matting. 10,000 Window Shades, Rugs, Mats, Table Covert, and every article counected with the trade, on sale cheap for cash. WM. McORORTY, 155 Chntham street, ail lmis*c First door above the Theatre. A FINE LOT'oK" TtlK GERMAN SONG ifgMm BIRDS, Fancy Cages, Bohemian Bird Glasses, of va yfxjJYrious colors, just received. Bird Seeds, aud other art HBKcles interesting to the fancier P. S?The great rrd-crestrd l^ockatoo is open for rompetitibii to any bird, from the humming-bird to the ostrich, for great perform.uices of an extraordinary bird, je :n ' r W. S. JOHNSTON, 780 Broadway. V- VI PIANO FORTE, Sn-.-A variety of new '"gG: .'4 and second hand Piano Fortes for sale or hire. h~n A Also, a general assortment of Music and MilI ! f lis sical Instruments, at No, K8 Washington St., ear Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, mat)30t*rc J. WALKER. - - - ORAND PIANO K')'R SAl.K-Mt ARU'S M ANUFACTURE.?Leopold De Meyer j'Jj Jt *| a S will sell one of hit Orand Pianu'a, seven OcI I X II* Urn, from the celebrated Manufactory of Kmrd, rnria. It Iim been used only in hia Coneerta in tliia City. Tim magnificent instrument would coat $1200. imported, lint in consequence of Air. De Me> er'a speedy departure for Europe, it will lie aold at a compare!iTelv low price. It tmy be aeeu at Mr. Hoyer'i .Vluaic Store, 3(11 Broadway. j7 31 in rrc _L_l^i__a^~TfANO FORTE FOR SALE-A new and Ah?3BBMflelegarit rosewood I'iano Forte, 6!* octave, FYM $ I Imade by one of the beat manufactuieri in this Apply at 136 Spring street, over the Basket Store. jet 4t*rc PIANO FOR SALE.?A powerful but WJbicryySjjawect toned iiiatrttment of seven octarea, BusllA iTfton make; ia the property of a family lately lIX II left for Europe, and ia in every reaped a superior instrument. I< will be aold at grsatly Iras than it* real value. For particulars apply to jr3 ltt*rc Mil TIAKI, ISAACSON, ] Broad at r MUSIC?TIIK PIANO taught on very moderate terms, by a lady who haa had con|aide esperience in teaching. She profesII I I I aea to teach it in a acientiltc manner, with the theory which she undertakes to impart a thorough knowledge of. Terms three dollnra per month. A line addrtased to "Music," at the Herald office, shall be attended to. >ftyww**fc M country place and furniture for FOUR MONTHS-To let. at Bedford, Long Island, l miles from New Y ork. Conveyances at all timea by cars and omnibuses; a inoat delightful,, healthy and retired place, witli 4 acres enclosed, with stable, paaiu'e for a cow, ike.; will be rented, with or wilhont furniture, from 10th June till 1st October, the owner being absent for that time. Kent w itli some furniture $200, without tlMI. Apple to Je7 Iw fh JOHN IHJDEN, 116 Wall at. awl furnished apartments,without board, for WW gentlemen?To let, a parlor anil two bedrooms, together or separate. Apply at 91 Liberty street. je67t*rc TO LET.?A neat f wo Story < ullage, commai ding pjW a full view of the Harbor and Narrows. It is aituatrd on alaaULsn eminence, iu the neighborhood of Htipleton. Slaten Island Rent $13(1 I er annum Application to Theodora Frcan Slaten Island, or to Yv. Frean, Auditor's Department, Custom House. New York. j?6 3t*rrc ansa ST YTK.N ISl. YMi PROPER I Y'MiR SALE and iMm the vlUgeiof Tomkiiisvillr and Htapltfon, to Let ami tor Pale. Alto, * good Hotel and private Boarding Home, close to the a team boat landings. Apply to P. Wolfe, Wolfe's Hot*' I, Tompkins ille. je67f n< GAY k CO/S N KW VOMK ANIl BOSTON L^DAlLv EXPRESS, BY WAV OK NEWPORT and WVKALL RIVER?The Subacribera retpeclfully inform the i>tihlic that they will forward to and from Boaton, in thair own cara, merchandise of every deaeription; handle., package, specie. bank notes, ko. Draft, far acceptance, collection.. and all other htiaineaa entruated to them, attendad to promptly. Office. New York, 1 Wall at., corner Broadway. Office, I Boaton,7 State at. GAY k CO. | m?i lf)t f h I FOR FREIGHT OF CHARTER?The Aral JrJJW claaa. coopered and copper faatened ahtpJANE, MfUrnm '"apt McDowell, will he ready to receive cargo in , a few daya, and have immediate dcapatch. For further panicI nlar. apply to J MeMURRAv, I je7 7tm corner of Pine and South ate. FOR LIVERPOOL,?Mew Line?Regular |ackWr?JrW el of Milt ./tine?The aplendid, fn.t sailing packet EMmL .hip OAR RICK, Canlam B. J. 11. Traak, will poo'ively .ail aa above, her regular day, i Kit freight or paaange, h iving auperior funn.hed accommodatum., apply ?n board at Orlcana wharf, fool of Wall atreet, 1 or to E. K. COLLINS, J? South et. i Puce of passage |7A The pat kct alop ROS< H,'S. Cept. A.a Eldridge, will aiiccecil the Oarrick, and .nil the Mth of July, her regular day. mvH ST-GEORGE'S LINK OP PACKETSTO AND *fffyHtOM LIVERPOOL?Tha anlendid fast aathng MikMCjaO'd favorite packet .hip BT. GEORGE, IDOO ton. tiurtnan, ( apt. Ferria. will aail from New York on Tneaday, June lat, her regular day, and from Liverpool on the Iflth August. Ifer .lecommodationa for cabin, Id cabin, and ateerage pa?acngrra, Cannot be surpassed for comfort and convenience. Thi.e about proceeding to Europe, or thoae wiahing to .end for thi if friend" to mine out in tb'? .pin did packet, .hoeld make early applir?tio.i onboard. at Pier 3 North River > r to W k J T. TAI'St til I', | My N to MBoatheOMt, Id door belew Burling Slip | -- ' Ullt A:il( MK.UK.NTt>. ' TICKET NIOHT. >AKK THEATRK? Jm.*7. will b, form** iba Comedy ormt ROAD lO HIJ1N?Mr Don*u. Mr. But; Harry Dorutou, Dyolt; Uoldfincli, Barrett; Wiiw Warrau, Mra Vernon; Bopnta, Mr*. Huut; Mr?. Ledger, To ^conclude with the INVISIBLE PRINCE? Don I.enu>r. Mra. Huat; Sambo, Mr. Fuvev; the Kairy Uautilla, Miu j lJoor* open at 7 o'clock, and the performance will cuinmcuc* half-past 7. , Boiea. $1; l*it. J? cenU; Oaltary. M ceutt.1 ioWLHV THEATRIC.?A. VV. Jacato*. Propriator-H. J Sianc ManatlMMou^V Eaeniuf. ma 7. will be neifuiuird LAlHAKINi. HOWAHD eury Ylll, King of Ku|Uj)d, Mr. (.luki; Ethelwood, eafle; (,'atharme Howard, Mrs. Wilkinson. After which th. MAIL) AND THE MAOP1L?Awielte, To conclude with BEAUTY AND THE BLAST?John uill. Mr. De Bar. Buses 23 cents; Pit and Gallery l*S ceuta. DiHira open at G\; IVrfonnance coinmencea at 1% ^ JAHK THEATRE.?'ihe ITALIAN OPLKA CiJKlAPANV, from Harana, 73 in number, will com menus a eaaou of twelrr mithta at the Park Theatre, on Wednesday .ruio|. June ath. Meals for the season may he aecurrd upon applieation at the loi Oilier mi Saturday, June 3th. rc PALMOS OPERA HOJ HE? ( lumbers atrret?Mooday Evening. June 7th? ilrnrfit of Maralro Birili?Will e peifunntd Rossini's grand 0|wra of HEM I HAM IDE?He* airarnidr, Higuoia Banli. Araace. Siguora I'ico; Aaaur, Hig. leiieveiilaiio; Idreuua, Sig Di m drill; A nr ma, Siguora BoU* ard; Oror, Sig L Martini. Mitrauca, Sig Benettl. Opera Booka may be had at the boa </dice. lat tier of bexea ml parquette, $1. 2d tirr, 30 centa; Private boaea for eight pet ma, $12; do lor G do, til. Sean eau be aecurrd at the boi iftice, Irom 10 A M. till 4 o'clock P. M. daily. Doors open at half peat 7. |?ei Ii.mii one to roininence at I CARD.?CHH\ STV'8 M1NHTKELH avail thrmarlvea of tikis public mode of returuiug their gralrful ackowledg*nruts to the citizens of New York, for tlie kindness and libe* ality that has been ratendrd to them for the past four months, ind beg Irave to aiitiounre to their numerous iwtroua, that they inticipate the honor of returning to this city early the ensaicg fall; when they hope by theireiertious to merits continuation ill' the public lavor E.P. CHRISTY, iaIIUalM 1 ? * igynrnir, A ME lie A.N MU8KUM?PERFORM ANCE8 both Afternoon aud Evening. THE ORPHEAN FAMILY. OR KENNEBECK VOCALIST*. The most talented and popular Band in America are engaged at tlua houae, and will gire their Orand Concert* thia afternoon and ereuing, at lull-past J and a nuarter |>att 8 o clock, w hen alao other talented performers will a|>|>rar, including the Chap man Family. Mr.Cuunver, MiaaJulien and othera The Magnificent Moving Diorama of the FUNERAL OF NAPOLEON BONAPARTE. Will alao be exhibited at each and every perloruiuica. Admission 9ft cert* jel rc VAUXHALL GARDEN CONCERT 8ALO0N ? C.A.M' B LL'8 ETH'OPF.AN OP-. R\ 8ER1 NA DER8?On Monday Eveniug. June 7th?A ORAM) CON CERT of Vocal auil liiatmineiital Music, cousiating of Songs Solos, Refrains, Chauuta, Oleea, Dances, U.C., peculiar to tni Sou tin-m Negro. The Band la composed oi the following arista :?Meters H Mea'ayer, Violin; J. P. Carter, First Banjo; Raymond,Srconi Banjo; J. Bryant, Caatanett; VV. Donaldson,Tainboriue; Jaine San lord, Congo Drum. Tickets adiuitriiig a Gentleman end Ladies, 26 cents. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. jefi | 'ASTlK GARDEN?A Concert of Sacred Music will hi V men on Sunday evening, June 6, by Dodworth's ju?tl] celebrated Cornet Band, which will perform, ain nig ollie pieces, ' The Prayer," from Der Kreischutz; the "Daughter; of Zion;" " Death," from Lucia; " Mazuighi's Hymn;" and " Hallelujah," lroin the Messiah. Intermission of hall an hour during the ereuing. jed rre unu/iu w j\ i inr.Ain&.? 1 nis esuiDiisnment, now JJ erecting in Broadway, will be opened for Dramatic pur POUCH solely, on or about the brat of September, under the management of G. H, B ARRETT. Tenons of acknowledged talent wishing situations for the season, will please address biin (pre-paid) at 109 Leonard street. mJOtfrc A. MANN, sole Proprietor. A JU USKfll K NTS KLKKWIIKKK. WALNUT 8TREKT THEATRE. PHI LADKLPHIARe-engagemeut of the DANSEUSE8 VIENNOISE8. ?Monday evening. June 7, will be performed the admired and fascinating PAS DE FLKL'RS. After which the burletta of SOMEBODY ELSE. To be followed by the GRAND MIRROR DANCE, received nightly with the inott distinguished marks of approbation. After which the farce of the WINDMILL. To conclude with the .GREAT NATIONAL FLAG DANCE, hilapted lo the victories of the American arms. On Tuesday nil entire change of divertisements. Performance to cummeuce at 8 o'clock precisely. I NION COl'RSE, L. I.?TROTTING. MATCH FOR $800, willcome off this day, June 7th, at 4 o'clock. P. M.?Three miles and repeat to saddle?between the celebrated horses Lsdy Suffolk and Hector. D. Bryant enters. g. m. Lady Suffolk. H. Woodruff " b g. Hector. [t/~ The cars leave for the track at lialf-past 3, and leave when the sport is over. je 7 lt*je ~ CENTREVILLE COUK8E, L. |7-TRUTT1NU. JUH! f tk a. TUESDAY. JUNK 8th, at So'clock, P. M?Match for ?5W) between Trouble aud Sarmli Wiucli?Mile beau, each gc aa they please. A. Coukliu names sr. g. Trouble. H. vVoodruff " b. m. Sarah Winch. PACING, At 4 o'clcck, purse $ifl, mile heats, best 3 in 5, in harness, foi I1... int horses. Win. Smith enters gr. g. Tormentor. J. R. Nodiiie, " hr m. Village Maid. C. S. Bartiue " ch. g. Boss Butcher. jefi 3tje CENTRKVILLE COURSE, L. I.-RAC1NG. %3Z1?JL^tf92H^EMdC9S22E2s MONDAY, 'une ltth, the WMof $50 will be given ht the proprietors, free for all runniug horses, one mih heats. Entries to close Saturday, June 12th, by 10 o'clock P. M? at Green k Bevins' Hotel, No. 188Chatham street. T? or tuore to start to make a field.?The race to he governed h the New York Jockey Club rules. ' jc67tje _ matched huu8eb FOR sale-a pair c ' r? IH*1;r'" grey Horses, very spirited, aud beautiful i f ^ > a every respect, about 15 hands high, suitable for Y^riuity Place.' jei 3tis* rc -Tl_ DR. KKLLINUKU'S INFALLIBLE LIN jUU^MKNT is warranted to cure ?orei ami ulcers of e*< ' f >, rv uature in a few days. It acta like magic in remo' lag rheumatism, and all other pain*. On* or two doars la c* tain to irlieTe hiliuua cliolic, diarrhroa, itc., aa it ia taken, i* perfectly delightful in ita odor and ilaror. It ia uuireraall acknowledged to be the beat family medicine aver offered t the public. Price JO ceuta per buttle. Hold at 2)0 Pearl atrert; U, Ring, corner of John and Broni way ^corner of Bowery land Broome; 3d avenue nnd 10th at Jeffries'drug store; Dr. Burrett'a Dover, and Chatham. and i the II. R. olbco, I it, Hill ji30t?rc <1 KOR BALK.? An elegant lamily florae, ? yeai . LMr>old, bright bay, fine form, and large aize, sound an .Lj^J^kiud, well br< ke to single and double lianieaa, uae III stand in the atrert without faatening, and auitable for a phi aician. Alan, a family rockaway.with harneaa but little soiled will be aold together or separate. May be aren for a few day only, In calling at 33 Oaiial atreet. New Y ork. jl 7t*r MKOK BALK.?One of the beat King < lurk*' spai iela to be gut hi tin* city, lately imported from Loi dou. Also, a Newfoundland pup,10 weeks old, a heal ly. one of the largest breed in.the city; will be sold cheap, called for within three days. Can be seen at 210 Mulberrj street, any time from 3 o'clock, P. M., until fi e'clock, A. M. je7 if m ___________________ (1 a hat: a hat: a kingdom kok yiia i i"* KNOX, No. I2R Kill ton atrert, is now selling InsJ^m aplrudid and unrivalled variety of summer Hat* nun Caps, n* only adapted to rhe"foim and pressure of the age," but ol head also. He applies his iitlul and covering* to tin head, on phrenological principle*, with a proper regard ti w heir the blimps are. and where they should he Ho lliat al who favor Ilia establishment with their presence, cannot fail I he suited. His location lieiug near the Hnn, he give* a wart welcome to his customers, and by calling on nun. they ae their intriesls in llieir true light. _ J2 7tis"r ri " THhilK'H A MOOD HAT < O.MINU." CM JpsKNOX, No. 128 klilton street, has juatjrfi opened for public inspection an iiiiriiiiallrd stock nfHumrni Mats mid Caps, at his well known establishment in the Hu Buildings, oil the shady side of k niton street, just a ateii frot the heat, dust, turmoil, anil noiifuaion of Broadway, river] thing about his celebrated store is cool and cnmforrahle. hi Ins bats are remarkably so.ami in addition to these iudisrmsahl aurnmer .|iialitira, they unite in an eminent df|m, other <jui UHM MUMM at nil nrnaons, aa lighlneaa.c |?.,|,?r..,r|rS . , novelty, and heiilit-of-laahionahlriieta. The proprietor wil tnln unite n* much pleasure in allowing na in veiling lilt hrati tifill linta;although, for the anlie of the public, nnil from frel inK? of pure philaulfirmdiy, lie would be Kind to are every mai III the eitv " Ith one oftlirm on III* liend. mil 6(i*#rc rfft. KRKNCI! KAMI V STRAW HATS, MAN -w \\ ufactured entirely of ailk and atraw, lateat Stfm "MPfjlr * > I* and faahlon, to be hud at 17 l)ii itiou at the oat reaannable prices. mW Ht*re nmm*^ CITIZEN'S" NKW DAV I,INK (II r r IkniK^"""""' ' "1N1 BOATS KQR AI.BAN1 ir'Oi ISll ilhe AND INTERMEDIATE PLACES-K.r 10 cent*?Breakfast and Dinner on Board. The new and elegant Steamer KOIJKK WILLIAMS, Capl A. Degroot, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at half-paa an, A. M . from the pier foot of Warreu atrret, touchuiK a ILimmouu atreet pier. For passage or frieghf, apply on hoard the Boat*, or to <Jeo Dob.on, nt the ulficr, 126 VVarren atreet. corner of West atreel tT7"* All |>er*on*are forbid truatitiK the above boats on nc count of the owner*. mvlUrh |ML PEOPLE'S LINK STEAMBOATS KOI' -II ^"^M^S^AI-BANF, Daily. Sunday* KiceptedThrough Direct-At 7 o'clock, P. M., fron the Pier between Courtlandi and Liberty atreet#. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, ('a(*t. Win. H. Peck, wil leave on Monday, Wedneaday and Friday evemnfa, at ' o'clock. Steamboat HKNDRICK HUDSON. Capt. R. O. Crntten den, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evemnfa at 7 o'clock. At Five O'Clock, P. M.?Landing at lnlermediate Placeafrom (he foot of Barclay atrevt. Steamboat NORTH A.MKRK A, Captain R II Furr| will leave on Monday, Wedneaday, Kriday, and Sunday afltr iioona, at 1 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMKRICA, Capt.T. N. Hnlae.wil! leave on Tneaday, Thuraday and Saturday afternoon*, at ' o'clock. The above boata will at all timea arrive in Albany in amplt time for the Morning Cart for the Kaat or Wear Freight taken at moderate relet, and uone taken after ih o'clock, P. M. ... \T7~ All peraonaere forbid iruatinK any of the boaU of thi line, without a written order from the captains or taenia. Kor passage or freight, apply on board Uie boata, or to P. C 8CHULTZ. at the office on the wharf my II rh FISHING E.Yt 1 Blow TO THE s r.j r - BASS BANhS, outside Sandy Hook.?Tb WttUeBL new alrunrr JOHN ^MARSHALL, wil leave the foot of Tenth atreet, E R. on Tneadey morning, * I June, at 9 o'cloek, Oiand atieet 9*4, and Market atreet wharf a 9H'. P". No. I. N.M at 10 o'clork. and the foot of C.nnal atiee at 10)4 A.M. for the Kiahing Batiks, atoppjng at Coney Ulan' each wiy. Flatting Bait will he furuiahed gratia. Kate for the whole Eicnriioii VI centa. je7 lt*r FOlt GLASGOW -Regular Packet ol thtlsto 'nne^her^regular day?The fine fast^aaidin^ psjke H/Wl /!< r. .a , UV lum, J* H|>iiain * . ? . Iinnmin W ill ?!ill ?? ahove. ... . k'or balance nf r>r lit or paaaage, having nn-llrnl aernm modmiona, apply on board, at Jndd'a wharf, foot of Marke utreet, K. H., or to WOODHVLL It MINTI'RN, *7 Booth ?t. The regular packet ?hip ADAM < ARK. ?JA tom. I aptau John Wniclit, will aueceed the Saracen, and nail on her rego lar day, ISth Jnno. tnvttrc FOR QI'KHk <To ?<il wiiK d?ap?tch,? f(t> MHNIVelu, te.stl- Fot fit laht or | .aiu! r J34*L I MGMURR.V Y, M South tuaalcar of Pint atiaei, ' ' . ... " f TO fCl LATEST MOMENT. TBIiKOttiPUlC rHiLtDnrHit, Jun*(, 1847. 11 The Southern telegraph bat been broken beyond Wilmington tinea laat evening No newa. BY THE MAILS. Affairs in Wuhliiftoii. WtiMinDToiv. June #, 1847. Position oj Qolvisnsis ?n regard to Ike Jidminiitrotion. In tbe Union of Thuraday evening, oocun an nntbo. rixed statement that " no letter-writer of tbla city baa any ineana of knowing tbe viewe and purpoaea of the ad minietration in advance of tbe public;"?and. further that the bead of the State department " never even converses with any person concerning diplomatic arrangements, either in embryo or in progress. except with those directly interested." So far aa regards myself, it is unnecessary for me to bear testimony to the entire truth of this latter statement?and it is further impossible that any man of ordinary reflection could seriously believe Mr. Buchanan or any other member of the Cabinet capable of making improper revelations on matters coming to their kuowledge, as members of the Administration. It is. then, I am convinced, unnecessary for me to declare, as 1 would otherwise declare, that ll I have ever been fortunate in laying before ths pnblie?as I unquestionably have done?the *' views and purposes of the Administration," in advance of every other souroe of Information, I have never been enabled to do so by a violation of the seal of secrecy on the part of any member of the Cabinet.or of any body else connected la any way with the Uovernment. from what I know of thsm, 1 am persuaded that no member of the Cabinet is capable of making unseasonable or Indiscreet revelations of Cabinet seerets?nor weuld I be guilty of the seeming indelicacy of bearing this needless testimony to their discretion, but that 1 desire to be fully understood as not excepting to any of the averments in the article, , a portion of which I have quoted ' I have never pretended to be the organ of the admlnlsj tratlon?official or semi-official. To be its champion I , have never ambitloned. But to be the faithful, truthful and Impartial interpreter of its policy?to put its acts in a clear light before the public?censuring unsparingly what .on sober reflection, in my humble judgment I deem ' to be unwise?commending and sustaining, to the best of my weak ability, what I believe necessary to maintain ' the honor of the nation, and conducive to its permaasnt Interests, and to give the earliest information compatible with the publio interests, of the administration's policy, Its aims and purposes?divesting that policy of all the extraneous, chimerical and extravagant covering that exuberant fancy, presuming Ignoranoe, and bigoted partisanship would attach to It?this 1 pretend to do? this I have done,and shall continue to do. I can sufelv declare that In no letter of mine has ever appeared a dingle assertion baaed upon oonjecture, or Imperfect information; and If any bare taken the trouble to read continuously thla, my oorreepondence, they can testify to the truth of this statement. The statements in the article to whlrh I hare reference, I cannot, if 1 would?I would not, If 1 could?gainsay. But as Car as It may be looked upon as a rebuke of the assumption of letter-writers pretendihg to be the oracles of the administration, I hare reason to believe the article did not i point at all to me; nor would I have commented upon It, its that those Ignorant of the reasons which called for the publication, might have inoluded me In the number of those whose conduct called for this authorised disclaimer OAI.VIENMH Washi*utom, June 4, 1847. Rumors from Mexico?Proof ects of Peace?Operations ? Commodote Perry. The rumor of Herrera's election a* President of Mexico, although uot Impossible, In still improbable; tho previous acoounta from the interior indicating a tone of feeling on the part of the people, eminently adverse to peace, and llerrera. us every one knows, has always been the advocate of a pacific policy. If bo has been elected, 1 and if he oun acquiro strength sufllcleut to enable him to treat, there Is a better prospect of peace than we have had yet. r A gentleman every way reliable, who has resided for a number of years in the city of Mexico, and has lately returned thence, represents the peace party as composed of the most Influential class. They desire a eesaatlon of hostilities; but they wish the annihilation of the Mexican army, as the principal element of a lasting peace. Every victory achieved by our army is clear gain. The army has, ever since Mexico became a republic, tyrannized over the peacably disposed citisens, and almost e every president has been a military man, forced upon the nation by the soldiers. The Castle of San Joan ds y Ulna has been the workshop In which have been foxged most of the numberless revolutions that have taken place since lB-i-i It is time this military despotism were a broken up?until it be, Mexico can enjoy no permanent '8 peace. The more intelligent Mexicans see thls.and they j" desire nothing more than the total annihilation of the t- army. It was broken up at Cerro Oordo, but the last \\ accounts represent Santa Anna at the head of another It large force, and doubtless, one or two more battles will ,y, take place before we can hope for peace, j Should Santa Anna be with his whole force In advanoe, as Is said. General Scott will doubtless proceed at once, " notwithstanding hi* iloflricney in troop* At the prerj violin advice*, he waa undecided whether or not to ad<1 vance with hi* diminished force, ae ho was apprehensive r of an attack, by Santa Anna, in hi* rear, should he do so. I, The clergy of San I.uls Polos! have evidently been ' frightened by the representations of Santa Anna. Their ? remonstrance to their countrymen is a stirring and en1 nrgetio appeal, but thoy have evidently been led to bei lleve that the Americans are cannibals, or something ' worse. Their words will work mischief, if the I'otoeino* have any valor in them Should there be a Morales among those reverend gentlemen, the war might last J longer than is generally anticipated. > Although the se.ntence of Lieutenant Hunter met the !i approval of the hxecutive, yet the manner of Commodore I Perry's reprimand is looked upon as wanting In dignity n and manliness His whole conduct, since he took tha * command of the squadron, has been In very bad taste, to use the mildest phrase. finding Commodore Connor L engaged in co-operating with Ueneral Scott, in the re*' ductlon of Vera Crux and Han Juan de V'lua, instead of n waiting until these operations, so well begun, should have terminated, be precipitately exhibited his eomnsls' sion and undertook the command. Such Indelicacy re! quires no comment. Without any labor he reaped the ' fruits of Connor's years of disagreeable lnaotlvity. His conduct in this instance, and In the case of Lieutenant II Hunter, has detracted in no small degree from hi* popularity. (MLVILNSIS. | Washinotom, June 1, 1847. /-? r Tt. n- ? n Thn National Intrlligrncrr of tbie morning, In an P urtirle upon the organ of the Occident- Incidentally treating of the cttlement of the Oregon <jueation? falia t into an error, which, aa a minntatcment of a portion of ' thn hlatorj of thn country, It la worth while to correct, i. Thn tntrlligrnrer aaya "A treaty having the forty ninth parallel for Ita haaia, waa arranged in London.'' Thla anaertlon although it wonld aeem to be aupported I I by thn high authority of Mr McLane, la certainly InH correct Mr Uuchanan never wrote a deapatch te Mr. ' McLane while the latter waa mlniater at the Brttlah J | nourt. thn tnnor of which could be at all conatrued Into an evidence of the wUUngneaa of the adminiatratlon to accept leaa than " fifty-four forty." From flrat tolaat. Mr Buchanan inaieted upon our right to the whole of Oregon, and no intimation wac at any time given to Mr. McLane that a treaty on the baala of thn forlp-nlnth j parallel would be aancttoned by the rreeidnnt. Both in ' ' hie deepatchee to Mr. McLane, and In hie converaation with private frlenda on the euhjeet, Mr. Buchanan again and again declared that the adminiatratlon would not i eonaent to accept leea than the whole of Oregon, unlece i under the oompuleory advlaement of the ftenate But what furniehee the moat atrlngent refutation of ??? ?- ai? ikat Ma Unl nna (n Ika Am mis assertion, uw ?? ? ^ Kpntch accompanying the /?r?y?f offered by the BrttUh government for the settlement of the question on the 1^ basis of the forty-ninth parallel, diaeauded the Sscretary t of State from entertaining It, as he did not consider It ,1 an ultimatum, but a mere naked offer to draw u? from the line of firty-four degrees forty minutes, and as the etrongeet dtssaustve to the Senate from eloslng with this t offer, thia very despatch of Mr. McLane was laid before ' j them with the offer itself?the President declaring In bis - message accompanying these documents, that his opinion was still unchanged as to the ralldlty of our title to the whole of Oregon. It was under the force of a twothirds rote of the Senate advising acceptance of the pro' position of the British government, that he afterwards it . his t motion to Ihe treaty If the forms of this iresty oe.e stiaug i iu L'td"u *rbj .-h ill ?' lL-uc iu ^ the despatch hecompanylBd the offer of tbs BritUfe

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